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The B.C. Trades Unionist 1908-07-01

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;�������� , h^.,.��.,- f.iji -���>ytf---.fta,-;fpi   ,.
,.U,.,l;l  ,. iir;Vi.Ua-iii,    l     nt    lii'.itxt;,*
.��� ���������I ii   ���     , w       i .i ��� J��-   ��� ��� ������������...���.. i e ������ i   i   ���a.���, i ���.���    -
f.,   ���-.��; Tth'ltt ii) ,.* r,,; ?o*�� :-;{<: td ijit.. <xvltj I
 .__ ���,,,, i    , : ���
ii- :'iiiii_r..   _mmi ir i .
Y;h.^n ���
!     -.1/..
ft >..  ���
i       ���    ,-ea.��ee*aaa��aja��lai
'i   -'11 ���' ���'I ' ii    nil   nil        i ���     ���    i    *
h\   '<l   ��'/-        ������     ...   ..   ���/!���.*        ���.UV-ta .     ,-,,���.,.     *,.    f^,,    ,,w/i;
2| ���      |f   ialai    iJ^miT   I'hJff^iT    I/Ml   Mtsnf     , iTITfTUiJ nil   l.i>   Uli    IW ������ I.Selll .aa a   all
[vH.l     '      .     -   . ^rt^ffaWti U.   to   ,.,�����-.
JilM   ���
' i .
f ^eyaaju
Labor Hall, Vancouver. B. C. America,, Ifcocal, Jfo,_ fl^.and   frjja    dealing with the uusatUfactory eo^���   worthy cJtlgena^ *tf fr rfgM..M$L
Builder.; La>borer��, Local No. $1, T.,   Labor Hall, and, tl��e secretary ,F��fV    Prepared to fight the hattje^
Thursday. June 4; liW  Vl|||aja flriffhi and R. A,. Stalker of    ditto*,,of .Homer street   troatlog    ojace
f.JiW    iTr""* ,   "* *    "$    ^ L' C   of C" W W? ��*#*f<i -^tejlifo writhe CityCouncil and to provW
M^<fM����r>M^^                                                            ,.:^n(i aajjtli^^^ time a., they
^ S^SW^ " ��CHW add         A ^^n^ion, wm t^d livn, U^^y^^|t^^^??t and,        ^
*>>rj^.m*�� aecreury. In ii.e-    tne A A 0f;s,,��nd B. RallwayBui^, *W ^r~#��? $��� # ffl# ?' "^ "Wberoas. >he present jne^ �����
���HffWill?:1^^^^6^^..*?:'. ployeesotAmerlca,OlvlsioaiNo.l.iw WpkaW?|/
***** <?9WHh.-i ��.;���.,/!
, ^a^n^te^ .of nrev^ous- meeting read
and affirmed.
Credentials wore received from P.
W. DowIer,: of the TJnlted  l_}rother-
trff       Ir./
dealing.with children who me^.^
endorsing heartily the position tak*n Recommendations relative   to the mlschevlou. and   youthful   thought-
by the council relative, to the eneatr; Worjtyaj&ke Compensation Act wore lessneea, violate some of,theifcwe, pi
Isfactory conduct of the   Vancouver laid pve,r,_uio#l_ fur.l_her information the government 1. contrary^^m,
General hospital.                               ,, on the .object could be secured. , &e��t Interests of .ucb chUdrep and lst
Report of the executive comnKtr The following resolution was sub- C*1��*W��* to make criminals.of tbe^(
hood of Carpenter, and  Joiners  of     tee WRg rec0lved Md    ^e    ^^ mltud fop ^ co^a^yott Df the ratber>*** to d,re?t them ftrffb^
mendaUons concurred In. council:   .������������...,. "uch ** Retaining and trying, them
Chairman   p.yue  of the    special ..Wherea., we believe one of the !? 0pe" ^ ****   *^1^^
Hospital committee, appointed to iv flr8t dutie8 of tne 8tate u to ^^ them to^formatorle., which.^A,
vestlgate tbe case    of  1. . Squir*. and brotlde fo# ite children In ��eh i^T^JS   7!^,  72 I��?   *f
whose wages were   garnlsheed   by, a manner as will-give them the beat for *�� ^ oi? ^M1^. jgjr    Tor
the hospital authorities for account ^^   otovortwlty     to     become              (Continued on page 3.)
'��� .11    I'M I.'
Thoosands of Pleased Customers Testify to the Quality
nidi r.!<-.i of OaT' Work
���tu:u ��   ���
.'+ IS,'��1 >
lt��t*i'i    ;mli !'--<ii
>:.i ^> i:
.���*!����   *.��.  '����M1UIIM   i    i
Vt<��|j/.   aunt  '.-./i'
'%.'-��� oJ   '    ��
i*af fee ^;��aw:,
BqltiliU , ..i in   i    lluljiini*!
due them for service, rendered,  reported as follows:    your committee,
interviewed Secretary Sutherland who
stated that as the. matter had .been ,
placed in tpe hands, of the^r sollcltprg,.
he could do nothing, , In ;the course
of his remark, he said that the account was handed to Mr. Squires pi��
his leaving the hospital*,they -having
nothing whatever, to do with Kelly.
Bros.   He further   statedn ttj^Jj   no
step, had been ta^en to'"p*/",
n^ent of the account until they bad
ascertained that 'Mr] Squires own^d
property"and wai^' s/ell able 'to[]$$'
according to   information   received.
Hd had heard tha'r-afr. Stidire. hai
settled with Kelly'Broil and' had re-'
wjlved money, bar aTtet~ila1lin|f^itJ
did not.   He referred n. to the Hos-
ta��> \V*8 %&\ t\$tl Ji \��^W*J|rsWeainAVa^^ lr
a^>r7^1VVr^^te That com-
ntlnue investigation of thi.
��or walton
"** report n=* .t
Dowa   Town
At ifwiaiB mm
::������;'.       ���q.^\TrirTt<
lilM J
fit *&��� ,.W.>|��?,,  ^t.ih��U,   Tl'JRt   \irii;
. ':t��  " ���--:���( X-squii
:i(n : n! i    '-'i   iiuiti.  ���>
��r.'.vtf.. ���
i    - c
.'���<    .;i
'-{ f.o<7��e#'iii.*��   r-iJH'
-JLMllata'I .">d3    |>1    V.yo   ^ifjilt
mentary committee read    a repo-t
. da;-
���{*> U- ���   ���    ��� .;  '!(.'!   >
f>; ;*T   t^>! !���>')    . I-, 1.1'
(.    ;'i i( i!i>  -    '  .i .1
>i��i. >,:    /������-���un.-;
'"''   n?    .���::���.' '">   ������
'.'     V��      .id."<('��'*     ��-.0
?> ��y       d'jfif *    ��'H.(,
'   it ���> c. : ��� ���
: >   ;       ��� '' i i
.��;    �����?) -j-d'. I
i.'i;   itjtf   ,1-1(1 t
* 'Our aim ia to carry a stock'bf
all kind, of good Dry Goods, Jvo^
men's keady-to-Wear Garment., Mll-
. Unery, . <|fen,'^^ < PurnhdUngs    and
House Furnishings to suit the laboring   roan. .������'de*nj^f��e*.    '
We realise that through:-f the
medium of fair prices and best goods
bur business has been established-^
and that will  be our policy 10 the
IJAA^a&oJL- .li      ' ���       wf
;,.>/:.'*    ���-. ii.-ft: <>: ��v !;.(ii v>;*M;'
!��    ���(;!(/'        .f;-Wir."
��l��i*rj. .,;4rtvryfar,oJnfi
' n ���'  ��� i;.'i'*dtJ|u.i r
d.���-*'.!���      I    ,~.t.T{T    .   ��
%-'��n%ni40 .all
it.m&f>,''vtA>iS$��r> asl.MM -i| ;. ��� ...r ^
-ij-ji.J^r)^* JsifT :sn��JM^ .?rj..^irf^i ''i"^fflia9iaa*,^l*i*  'r}   ���m'^f    ''��� '     '^
s**irm '-Mil wp*^ &%*^Miiti%~M ' sti^o^^^^H^io -twit in Ui*iiw&
"'���'��   . 'am
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Oont' Forget to m
VllllUII   IIIV    VI
miifiri ,'"   .V *A>"-���������;  ���    .
���Y   ���
;     ��.   ::.,i-:      ��� m a. a ivasn
VanKOtmr Trades
*   -la^Baaet^awHHaw
aa       aa
I ���^BaaewwaT   PfllawaMwaU
aasa_ea��eaTSjwsj    wwwwSaa��VwFBia>
.... ... .
acaaaa naoai... vaaoor^.a^ooM^a.
T   fp       ���   �� sW
much by the mew-    giving the He to the Sah
11p, and he believed much good    and   other   labor-sklnnlng
had   been accomplished.   Bro. Rich-    with regard to the conditions of fie
mood had been e.eetod}^tiMr ^^rv|e)t>osaaa��aet In Taapaaver; this to be
iness Agent    Tbe outlook   n   the    accomplished by photographing lar^e
'   ������
�� a*;.
(Continued From One.) ******* IffdOf  was  a  Utile  1*01* groups of job-seeker, jamming round
��� ������   ���.. ��� favorable, bnt a large percentage of labor eployment agencies and lndua-
loreas. there haa been formed their membership waa working  ���.*> trial concerns applying   tor   hntnaa
In this city an association   for   ihe 9teadl,v     Recommended    that    the slaves.    Photos to be forwarded   t��
purpose of remedying some of the c,v,c   ��~-��tant    Building   Inspector; the Old Country, to the Trades
ftrlbj. should   be   a   practical   man. with Labor Congress of.Canada, and
Be it
.~a      >W .a       Ul
In his pocket. In
We, the Vancouver Tradea and Laeor    ****** ����� *** ***&*>
Council, pledge our hearty
and   co-operation   to   the
Protective Association,   and    reooia-
aaend Ue election of a delegate to
��^sa^w    ^^^ ^^^m^m o^^^w ^-^^^wa a      ana.^a^o     a^^w     a %��     m aa a aaa^ ���
picking ��$] gtt|asse��
berahl^ #ffl|#
campaign, and urging
Report back to their un
Hnrcj-eJmp Hntpl
S^tiV. MeELROTrProprietor
Nicely furnished room, and
dining mom la eon-
American Federation of Labor.
Payne���Comerford:    That a eom-
�������. be appelated to Inquire ..j I
at prison labor   j
resolved that copies of this resolution esaary of demanding the
be forwarded to the dally press, the on the box of all clga
Attorney General, the   Minister   of If this were done
Justice, and the Juvenile Protective could be doubled In a
Aasociatioa. Typographical    Un
Report was accepted, and DeleJ|ttt| the   continuance   of
J. A. Aicken of the ' StreetrallwaT- Vnkm ^^ ^m
men's Union, elected aa a delegtte, ed by the All!
provided with the membership  l,e Council,   and  naked
��* ���*��� urge the member,   bi
Delegate Pettipiece, the   eouuci.'S ive unions to collect all
representative on the Executive boArd printed matter they could JndW��        A it
of the  B.   C. Antituberculosis  Iv at    Labor    Hall, so thatd*la-4*eiV-     the secretary to write the Provincial
sported having attended    a could be need and the n*ttc$Pprn-    Attorney General, requesting that a
board meeting on  May  2��, ed  to  the customers.     Labels  ha /e     factory Inspector be appointed at thi
It waa decided to proceed with teen taken out of the office of  the    earliest possible date; also to write
irection of sanitarium budding B. C.   Printing   and   Engraving C>.     the City Council    aa    to    why   the
In the neighborhood of *"$.- because   no   member of the alll9d    Asiatic populace a. not compelled to
sal. of liquor by
awftjgf If
of baxea
Payne read a copy of a ""���" "���" g^iBeaV
under w hlch men are test .gainst the
to the. Yukon Terrl- *�� re.taawaa.ta.
' tpe Canadian  Pacific    Bra- Payne���Fraaer:      That
nent agency at the Instance of bet jawetacted to write Dr.  Pearson,
rakeh qold company.   Delegate Secretary of the a C Medical A.*o-
jkw thought it wa. about time elation, asking for their cc-operdtlw*
the worker. rjecognlsedUhe vulgarly In the matter of enforcing Federal
e l.tfOT market, and sought Us    Health laws on the
the ballot box.   Other
rred In this view.
adopted inatraetlag
Oread Trunk Pacific
Adjournment at 10:45
\ > ���
for "the prevailing rate of wage." to
all men employed, and contra:-..���>������ s
employing Union labor will be given
The specifications will pvovi to
the preference when the executive
meets to award the cent
- Trade; duUi���tlhlne e
displacing members!..;��.
urged the demand for th-. r
label, the only guarantee that their
clothes were made outside Asiatic
sweat-shops and non-union premise*.
j Street rail way men's Union: Delegate reported that their union���134
unions were employed. Two other
of flees were sjill on the non-un ..-.n
list, beside, a Chinese and a Jap n-
ese print shop, both of which were
doing work    for    "patriotic"    local
Labor Hall, Vancouver,
Thursday. **** "��� im
Regular meeting of ���,
Tradea and Labor Council held
evening, Del. Sellers acting as chairman and R. P. Pettipiece as secretary.
In the absence of
and Secretary Cowan.'
Minutes of previous
j Cook, and Waltere* Union:   Asiatic    ducing the
competition waa a continual menace    loaf of bread, a
to their organisation.   Complaint thn    referred to
comply  with  the  civic   Health   By-
Laws the same as others.
Delegate Dowler .poke very forcibly on the subject and gave the de e-
uch   food  for thought aai
Delegate.   Patterson   and
otiif^iiMumtofctoe?!^ th*   aadafllrmed.
placing tHelr printing order., aa the apparent discrimination in the abo.e
printer, had no authority to pU�� respect, and urged that prompt
It on without Instructions. j  measures be taken to see that    the
Bricklayer.' Union:    Composed rf j Chinese disease-breeding Bweat-shops
about 250 members of which about a    be at least cleaned np and made to
dozen were worming, and the proa-    comply with the law.
pects not very bright. Comerford���Sellars   That the   AI
Builder.* Laborer.' Union:    Lubor    lm printing   Trade.    Council    le
���Le***majT*L  i-T^a        ��^T       1     awutauwn,,   r.   as.    urapor,    ju
"-   %������'mM  V*-**^"-*   ^tX^UI^at ��� 12Sfia-a.?-5iaa
a etptg protest against | .-aTinent their Label camnaim fund.      ^v\. . I"M�����rmaoa "��� w. Btsott,
aatmaai lueir  ubuci camuauu   IUIKI.      mO- a^la#t^a^ aeJ  la.   .iaaa.n.a��h' aJt  ���* ���
Council In ro-       ���     ..      4l��. _  ' a,i reIatIre **<* to .raamamm4|. reee-
��|^han~Flake:     That   eecre-    lutlons passed at last  meeting.    A
tary be Instructed to again write tne   communication from the International
members���had subscribed for tho B.,   market very quiet;  men being laid
C. Tradea Unkmlat in a bod)
urged other unions to follow
���" '
Letter, wen received fr
ney-General Bowser, relative to appointment of a factory Inspector: Sir
Wilfrid Laurier; Acting Mir Minister of Labor F. A. AclalaPflaitellle
Robinson,; P. M.   DripW,   Ji
weight   of  a
Which     W'*8
. '���'
\:0Y:   ���
Acting Min-
Ottawa, re*.^
white cook, could not   be
waa due to higher wag)
rather than to causes generally   at-
trlbuted.    Many members    ont    of        (k^mni^^oav
employment; trade very quiet.
I Bro. Carpenter.* Union:
Bowler reported that during the
week they had received a n official    mentary Committee.
visit   by   Wm. D. Huber,    General Pettipiece���Sellars: That secretory
President of their organisation, with    be authorised to secure the aervlc��a
headquarters at Indianapolis,  which    of a photographer for the purpose of
���     lift
Room Fitted Up With the "Best Optical
Grinding Plant in the West.
aaa^���� m.      aa^H
yes Tested Free
aV ,
-  M '    .	
Bae     Wa
.M^a. a..
Mjas. fl
-M ��� ���'
********}. I
f���� :^ft|W��
ihhui ��� i��y<a^ii)Af>��'iii'wa i "ii 11 nani ���mi a   t%   .jjtij. aaaajia smaaaawaa    ara. ws^tawaaaa  i
���1 -  ���        : ���                >     *   Amw^w*m
'A*   i       ��� njcasaasssssas i , , <        ��� ,       ��� j    "ti    rr���
Labor Hall; securing
a bettor location, and erecting an up-
to-date Labor Temple; the delegate.
3 to return to the July IS
pared to voice tbe desire, of Hear     To tha
respective unions.    Carried.
atwawMaew.r   HMettfoaV  BW   taw at
l^a^wUBaT JpaV^mKaataa^   Vfw.    %*M*M
idea and Unor Connetl
ii^aTWeml yemr an-
km to take np toeqeeaUon of the
advisability of leftlawag of the aewewj
a halt
revenee  from   the sale of *k*
ent nronertv J
Where every tbiny a Smoker Went. Can be
Had. - -   Union Cigam a Specialty
>-..?-.     -a.
Ley-Curson:     That   tbe  Trade. At the
\ and Labor Council hold a big family ���janeon
picnic on Labor Day. In lien   of a
j parade.    Carried.
A committee   conalstlna of  Dele-
mm     >, ��� e�� iai ��� ��� ewejj j.^^e^*  .epa     wmmw
j and report nt neat meeting. *******& ********
From the trend of the dtaeusalon It time,
that the picnic will be held Thla. It la thought by the Council
..U. executive, can be accomplished with
for ju
tag   and   n   general    all-hands-get- preeent property
acquainted good social time. The hall fan unsuitable for present
needs and to make any change. In
the bu tiding seems tew d If tea It
The Mt. Pleasant band    and    the ********    to    warrant the
'national"   union   of   non-unlonlsts, iture
came In for a good deal of discussion There   *ro   now   fourteen
and criticism.    Some action will be J*******"*way tram the
taken to see that union men dtscon- ****** threaten to Withdraw
     tlnmvthtr association with the pres- ***** ******** ** ����� *** thi
ent aggrea^tloB. cupancy.             '  s
A committee from the Stage Baa- U te ���atlmatod that the property
pioyees- Union waited on the council ******** ** ��Wf *�����������������; a emf*-
TaUors:    Delegate Perry reported     ******** *> the new   Imperial   Opera ^/J^-*-** **���?',
trade only fair, and still    quite    a     ����*���. ��* *** ****** attitude   to- ��* ***** a��^P-to-dnte
However, nothing
offleevat Of the   Laundry   Worker.' A. F. of L., and they hoped soon to
union was mid over till next meet- have the universal working card In
HP.'- Y&c r.��u. .-it   .;;'.��� use here.   Trade still ddlL
iP^���    Ceeofeartiate. r :
Sta^ar^t* -air.*.��i n..
Journeymen Barbers- Union, Local number of their members    ont   off ********** organaantfcm.   A commit-
120���George Debolt. work. Urged demand for their Union tee of three. Delegate. Ley, Field and
Bricklayers' and Mason.' Union��� Lubes by ualoa men. ^ were named    to co-operate ^J"'/*! * j*0* **m ** *-*
aFartow,   J.   Greenwood. George cigamakera:    Delegate Craig re- **�� the Stage Employees m trying !?*"���*^LJoT^T^
and a Clayton. ported that their Label agitation was ����� ***** *** **nnronom with   the ^j��&?? "��M thwi * ***���
ever Civic  Employee.'  Un- lajlag kei��t np wlto good i^lto Had ***Z**mmmmmn*. tJm Iniwive.
ion���E. W. King, W. Cullen and J. placed a page advt. in the Council's *    Organiser G. Frank Garry, of the       '"���."���
Clarke. Tradea Unionist; Invested, in   bill- 1********��*** lW*Mjgjt ft **** 1JEZTL
Internatonal   Association   of   Ma- ^^3,   and   were   using   circulars. trlcal Wor*e���. Portland, was present ******* Sg
chlniata. Beaver Lodge. No.   1M- Work fair for present membership. *** St**fMJ*i ******* for a few ,1S~.��2"
A. Beasley. vice. C. White. ^t .to, ������� tor more cigarmakers ��toutee. which i^lted to ji friendly        *!**���"
Hotel and Reetonrant Tmployea.' u wUn m<m ^M brntet on   the 2* IWfltohm dammmlon   ea to the |"*J*"M*
AUIe.aa^- I^caJ  No.   It~<��ae,N. Bine I*** when purchasing cigars. f������t line of action for trade, nnton- 22nL  .^
,nM^I^I^klns. Bricklayer, and Itaaona:   Delegate ^atthtotlme. ^LtLf^J^
received and delegates Rothney reported that trade wa. sUll Rece,P^   *25.20;   disbursements. ^^^
��**!���< very quiet; and protested against the         /^_ ^  further actio.
��   ^m*e^#avamggW_ _ gasaamj
toad Ihe
i ��� . v.' '
KT^enii nawmlllfii aeneeta^        ***** * the Vanoonver Tourist An-        Adjournment at 10.40 p. at.
socialloa to endeavoring, by the eir- ,
Report received and recommenda-     ^^^ �� ^oto^pfc, ^ m9Mm _
tton. accepted, as follow.: opcmtteeaVete,. to create the .mores-        A NU <** ******** *��6 ******* �����    ^^ S JB*
��*        Tours,
Account.���Per capita   tan on 90    .loa eat **��� outside that there waa a.   i*tf*f***��� 8��*k*tehewan house from
members to the Trades and Labor    bnUdMln�� boom on here, tone lndodng    ,B *�� 40 hM bWB ****** ****** *** (8lgned)
Congress of Canada for the current     many tradesmen to come here to join    *1"s*tatnre.���^-- *^4.,IV ���"'I��|j^ja)l'>
term,; B.. C. B, R. Co.. light,    the long list of unemployed.
$10.40; J. A. Flett. hardware, Jt.***      fltmetaml BnUdlng
and A Welch, jprlntlna^JKkfil.   gate reported progreas
':HTY ?8*.w*.'Ctt
Report, of CoaaaalUeea.
SUtlonery Co.. tyiiewrltor.
it and anpnBee$M|i.t6. L
The tender of Mr. Stuart,  at  $1
gttr cord, '
i|awaM_%iOl\_a \T^
Attendance only fair.    Tenmetera-
f nton holding no n*a#aa*. j
Report. From Usvloaa. '   *S*_y^!^*VT***** W0*H *!
i sn��pHane.ted with the aasmtanee of
Cook,    and   Walter.:    Delegate,    trade, unionists.
terklaa and Arnaeon reported trade
duU. bat organisation picking up.
I Brotherhood Carpenter.:   Delegate
Craig���Rothney:    That the
Dowler reported that good progress    tary he Instructed to clreularise all
waa being made with the brganlaation    affUlatm| jaalons of the eooaetl reJhw
of the building tradea' aecttoa of the    tlve to the advisability of dlspo.
Sole Aflffftt
HT Kelly, Douglas & Co., Ltd.
* I.
awawafh ���
A   ��� '     V-.
aa ���.
itii i
Winn mum u < ini
Union Men Smoke
iteji . ^-nPhone 2001.
fallillnr   nff      'in
v ���
*     a ���   '
Higher    Dues;    More
east lMHlcal ArfJoa
JMaWeaw4ncanea aa a .rule drink too
ranch whiskey. Thi. la a blent state-
naent of a lamentable fact. We make
futb*adlewns>cwifor ladustrlsl conditions which impel men to drink to
exeees, but after all la said the fact
still remains that intoxicating liquor
le^a strong factor in keeping the
working class tn the-ehalns of wage-
��� ^e] are not discussing thi. issue ss
a "conventional temperance advocate
nor frohi motives of maudlin sentiment allsin.    In looking over the field
ment all the skies aro
t the labor qneatlon Is settled..,..
'    Only too Often workingmen
in saloons.  sometimes-   .Tile?
where they discuss the labor i'of
and transact their union affi
' is hardly necessary to
business so transacted
out to the interest    of
slaves. ' 'in    -tM'l   i..��i>;.J   ju    lawtq
Great Britain was for year, and is
today interested, for obvious reasons,
in keeping the Chinese people a ria-1
tion of sodden opium-eaters.   For the
same reason capitalism is interested
In keeping wage    workers    sodden'
with cheap whisky.   At or near every
coal mine, snd most other industrial
plants, are to be found the open grog'
shops.   The capitalist owners could''
wipe these but if they were   so lh-
cllned. for they are the masters of
the law; aad.aavAhey vulein other
things, so could they rule in this; but
they are hot so Inclined.
Young man. the lowest aim yon
ve In life Is *o be n    good
We are not advocating a temperance crusade, but we are calling the
attention of the working class to one
of the evils which keep It in subjection, one of the factors in its ignorance, and In Its slavery. Workingmen.
to deal intelligently with the great
issues which confront them, and
which will soon test them to the core,
This'Is what those ptetni
mtee you, by Inference:'
travel, hobnobbing with <
n month.
Till. I. what yon will get
enlist:    Drills, dirty worY*at
W^***^*ananr never trie, to
distinguish, light from wrong;    he
~lm$ ��hit   '���%.
to fire
only dboya. If he le ordered
on his fellow clBsensVon^ls friends,
oh his neighbors, on bis relatives, he
obey, without hesitation. If he is
ordered to fire down the crowded
street when the poor are clamoring
for bread, he obeys, and sees the gray
!?-V-JVn        I!   ^a Bhould   luave    clear  to^    steady    ^i,. 0f age *tolned with red. and the
iMi^1^*���**���*��l�����m*    n^ea^ and ahould be    clean    and    ,Ife m gushing from the breasts of
*^&*l**.***��" theIr rree*om     "***��"��* ���� their habits.    If they    women  and ^ feeIs n0ttfctr ^^
we ftadtoat whisky plays a consider,    are going to develop   the   manhood    nor sympathy.   If he Is tolled off ss
able part, and by whisky we mean all    which makes for freedom    and    a     one 0f n firing Sqdad to execute   a
of.>&***��� ,**<*>*��l*e ****** wh,<* **���    hi��*er clvllliatlon they cannot   too    beiTj> apatriot, a phHanthroptet and
*****M *****- d,s8|I��te wbat little    soon put the ban on an    Influence ' benefactor, he fires without hesita
s^bstjjnce remains to the worker, un-    which seises thousand, of their number and drags them   down to ruin
while thousand, of others are reconciled to their wretched lot Instead of
being up In intelligent revolt against
a system which degrades   them   and
their families to the level    of    the
drunkenness, body-lice and syphlllls.
���Young man, don t be a soldier; be
a MAN���W. D. Wattles.
J.y-.^-.  .wa4.^a.
dermlne his healt-k, and all. too often
drag hjpi dowp, to disgrace and a premature grave.
What workingmen need to. do,
among other things necessary to their
emancipation, is to drink less whisky
and read more good literature.
Whisky not only haa a tendency to
muddle their brains and weaken their
minds, but to make them satisfied
with their wretched lot     When the
���    H-i   r>.-, ' ���.,>  .,,._.  ,
The following Insurance Coov
panles with ;oJftan^jM Hartford.
Conn., have large amoaata of printing done tthder non-unlou conditions,
some running office, of their own,
and others patronising offices which
refuse to employ union printer.:
Aetna Life Insurance Co.,
er.  insurance Co., Hartford
Boiler Ins. A Inspection Co.,* Con-
tion, though he knows the bullet will    necticut  Fire   Insurance Cp.. HatV^
pierce the noblest heart that    ever    ford County Mutual   Co.,   Hartford
��� ,
merchandise.���Appeal " to
* /
Eugene   V. Debs was   nominated
for president by the Socialist Party
worklngman haa taken  a drink or    National convention at Chicago, IlL,
two of the poison that palate a land-    on May l(i, m*.-* w v,��i *..{ "�� oi
,fv,Vlf  TrrriiVi    i   .1.   ?   in..m ir"
.  .
The tea of
tinually for over 70 years.   Sold by good grocers
where, at from 50c lb. up.
,s\   aW
Wl^^lronizihg Our Advertlz
beat in human breast.   "
The' "good soldier" 1. n blind,
hearties., sbulless; mindless;' murderous madhtne. '*rle fir not'k 'man;
he m'not even a*1 brute, for brutes
only kill for food or In self-defense.
All that is human' In him. air that la
divine Ih him, all that really 'con-
stitute. ��� a man, he has sworn away
when 'he took the enlistment oath;
hid mind** hutcvittatlencCand *M eoui
ate in the ��� keeping' '��* hta*' officer.
No man can fall lower than to be a
"good" soldier; it is a depth beneath
which one'can net go. ��� v ���''   ^^ >-.I
���'i>6un?1^tM*My nave seen
some of the pictures which are hung
in every postofflce In toe-country,
showing-amactly. ��� dresaed,,,private
soldiers hobnobbing with ^thelr off 1-
you have noted the line beneath
latteittiH       "��� *" ^v,5.w������(.'*�����
****** *M|!i J#%��nii
Fire Insurance CO.,' National
suranee Co., Orient ' Insurance
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
Scottish Union & National Insurance
Co., Aetna Indemnity'Co., Connect!'
ctu Geeral Life Insurance Co.. Connecticut Mutual Life Insnraned CO.'d�����
Remember thiM^^mmt^^tnke
B.' T. Pfund. Secretary. P. O.
Box 856; 8. N Bartlett, President
Hartford   Typographical   Unio,   No.
lZ7.''-!    '"���������    :"'!;r     " y^-f   ->?   <r��v;.. >'ril
Y-ifWti > -v.-r;   m\   i j-   , Yl    ���
Brerythlng comes too late tor theenJ
who wnit;^��'^M fHr��
'L^JLLi^^a �� -
BWIwt WTi^mau* *#pe#' r*e
yon will never get to prto>
In large red letters.    This Is because the '*Cdn1akai4het-Ili^let-' fn-
slsU upon "a square deal for every
W*h. j t^jtioti^ ,,t '-.bMiupi :v( V   !- t > (
H*m:*<*{h   :.'t.'> ..;a,��
��� 9X06
$u   '&*>&& -Yi   .' ���       |'i
��� H'lstl
erythlng Neat and Clean
zers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
lllil'l1" *������!���'
j;i_ ��� r"""\ 11 'iTpTiM*v i i **���**V*^opja��� 'J'��*v I1 ^f��Ji?!TffB^ '       ���   ���' THE B. C. TRADES
ii r-lift.? _<Mi__-^ii      1 vj, ||, |||<<f> Hf   iMTillfy
%'��HV)S" j f i /:��____,,;ffV*jR5^_Lti^S ><;<
fa Flower Pot.
rfw"/. ������.-*�����: in , r-.'-'fitrmrraavw.;
���        Uirtw; ^nimY^mkapon
The   lCeweet   Effective   Methyl   of
��/*H  v��'*atle*srer. Seed.'  '-.v.-*
Vegetable Seed.
o... oewjwssmm  i
w~ lg|PI ���H^PseWnlw
'oreenhdhsw""' '
ay w    Fhoae Adiai
��� ��� i
*  s *
J -
Malntatatog Organ is. t ion
and Kdurntion.
every time he made a purchase.
And niter yon have reasoned this
out, start thinking What tbe results
would be If the wives and daughters
As a membef of organised labor    add sistera of every anton man were
alive to the possibilities of the Union
t^bel. nod werjjj aft. united In their
efforu to help improve, the oonditton.
!*; -:<p'"y,   .��.��� ������ ,���>���
A^At.fhte stage let us see where mo-
nopoly had Its origin.   A half century
dgo a hoy served his apprentice hip
and became master of his trade; the
jjTOajjjismto tool, with which work was
jlWWr^tW*.���faawwnily. owned ly
the person who uaed them.   The pro-
* himself reaped the harvest and
lite of bis toll.
There were no millionaires in the ��e
.   days, nor was there a tramp.    Both
of these are the product and    >ut-
growth of our present system, whi-h
had its origin and birth at the tin...
of  the Introduction    of machinery.
The application of machinery to our
productive Industry was followed by
. tremendous and far-reaching changes
.t;!n tne whole structure   of   soeiory.
First among these waa the cha.igo    his plant, with a corresponding en
In the status of the worker,    wh>    largement   of   his working , force
from an independent mechanic    < r
are you helping td tile best of ypur
ability to prop.^U,;^e>m. of
your organisation?
There' ar�� tnaoy ;'mp'V'wajea i <* the rater* by pueeheete* kooe but
The most, effective, an'<^ the j one { ���eTaU.aJpaaawaWitoftsnfrJ}^^
that wl.l' ;b^iagi|'the3^^!^iru]| ***** l****'***^,0*?** la a moat
in dollnrr'and.>ee^..h^.^'pt^^ce,> serious one, and one that no union
of asking for, end, ^Afbi^ng   upon man or woman can afford to Ignorer
baring,, the Unlpni, Label on   every It le the one factor that will help to
article that you spend your    money make the future of Organised Sabor
for.                              .     ,     mj.,.,1 brighter thaa to tlm peat. If the
In doing  thto you   not  only help tots themselves will only realise It.
yourself, but you help your fellow o   And It Je the simplest and
workmen a. well. I ��� easily applied ef all   the   mated!e.
In th. first plaoe, you help    the that a re available for   righting   the
cause of trade, unionism   by   show- wrongs of the tolling masses,
lag to the dealer that yon are a anion ������ Union men ahould seise on It and
man In more than name only;  that make It the potent   thing   that   It
the talk about union men purchasing should be.                          i ����������
only union-made goods is a reality if you haven't taken the matter
���not a mere theory. of the Union Label seriously before.
Secondly,    by    purchasing    only do so now.
union-made,   label-bearing   merchan- Self-interest  should prompt    yon
disc, you sre creating a demand for to do this.   Here is a way to insure
that particular class of goods, and yourself steady employment at good
increasing the output of the mill or wages, under fair conditions,
factory producing the name.      This Ton   think  >ou   die entitled to
mean, larger sales and increased pro- these  without  giving  a  thought  to
fits to the manufacturer.    It means the other side of the question.     If
that his business will become larger sn employer agrees to    the    terms
and will necessitate the increasing of asked  by your    union,    don't    you
ATTEND Tftt **!*-*&"
small producer Was reduced o 'he
level,of a dependent wage worker
The machine, as It^were, had leaped
te arena of laduetrlal ac.lviV,
had left little or no dim fov
le application of the workers skiil
l|rf(nne,of hla individual tools, u it
now man's muscles are made to compete, wth Iron machines that ne>d no
ire no affections and eat no
I. He who produces everything
I. not' only destitute of the luxurk
��� -* -^ifiii; s*��        > elm
interest fit the next
the Trades and Labor Congrea. .of
think It I.   necessary   for him   to    Canada which opens in Halifax. N.S..
aare a market for his product, in     next September, will be very greatly
There la a benefit to all    connected     order that be may dispose   of   hi.     stimulated by the announcement tnat
with the manufacture of that line of a price that   dill    enable    la all probability Kelr Hardie, M. P.,'
goods, and all because you were oon- , . htoi to tul&1 contract with yoj 'win be in attendance.' ���
sistent as a union man and bad. the ^and continue to business?        \. Word has been ies%fiftjp^
courage of your convictions.-,   ���4T Yon are the one who makes the    effect that owing to the
Don't you'thlnk It ia worth while?     **********   Ote^nyice.   It.av^ur    the British government
duty to create a   demand    for   the     autumn session Mr. Han
JM^tvM �� toe te^veinployer:; a.    be able tooi^^^^M^.
slbly. that the little label, pleased t ^ q   ^   ^ ^ who    tentibn to"npeU a'
such power, eh?
bui <fn>., ��� y-      t,is opposed .to - unionism and    en
Well. It is never to* late to   -got    nloye<r women   and' children....
ling of
started right,   ^eat h totok,( it, s orer,
and follow this line of thought to a
starvation wages.    You perform this
duty when you purchase union-made. etCT. was considering the p
label-bearing goods.   -,&���������� <>:*<�� *�� ** *cros. to Halifax tc
You expect    members . of    other ��omo important matter, while .the
trade unions   to demand   the  label ^^i^tM^V*
ftl; ^ur waft .whe*v�� makteg 4��r-        The Volce ** **
chase.    Then    be    consistent,    and ***** from ?r����Jll����_: ^^ #^
remember there are other labels Ito-r ^**1***%1**^*^m
. a
Let us all-��very trade unionist-
'"��Wr toW to UW*&* ^��le��
Pa _
' efforta i
W'Ul  {;��fW' #&r
ixYfi p.iPhirn ������\T^'
9f ig %nlnJfi*t^
'.'on bad vm.
that    our
in .ytup,^ -f-.
W^S. HAlO^tl).
t because   he   cannot
���    ' .'���'���   ij1" '���'- r*Y$WP\iMf *
i^^lhMk^'^rxmW'- [_	
.zing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
,. %.^ -III!    I       I. ���.������������������       II..
as nde^"*.'
Mk. Oatmei
' '
Is as
$1.50 per day and up
Special Rates by the week
American Plan BrlgH Airy Rooms
While hehe take a look at the
*** *P�� ;?# dtapmylng.
plotless of our collection, tre
falling high duality and th��
.a. moderation in price.   &_&
��� ���������aigaiii HuIhiij    IV
f':mmm   '(Paawl nfflDWoiC
gtt Granville
.^���^���waw. .^a^wawaifcWvSB^aaw/1
��� * 1"' ' -.'
Sfcvft     i
if yo��
at by giving
or something to wear  you
only encouraging aim to con tin
a tramp, but
Other tram
* o. m
g a tramp, for there
of work for everyone if
^|j to'work; but that
are too lasy.      ,-^; v/h';./*# t';'
we say amen.   Theto|pi a    good under
. ~;    atoms   by   premature^WaeWfwto
asset tew vaara     and
paai lee   ytmra,     ana
of the Job. which
ply of slave, mart |
to find It,
lt��aaa��9J��.Havat factory,     mill,
mine and store Is told there   1. ho
work tor Una.    He Zander,   from
place to place trying to find work.
and at last take, to the road to try the ,   t|| .       "f ^    .i"^,!*.    add
and find that akat Uto near toevery l���^\LZ jTm*J��^��tul    Bot *��� ��"owed to diminish. The vul-
man today-a Job: and being unable ��vy^uiZ^tndmTnZim   re-   ***** ot ** tabor m*Tk*t !i *"���
they are able to teaowotkm. Mav th- .ratal amve, 2 *** *** aeVtodck sense as Nsture generally provide, for little geese they
would set .bout to secure It. aboll-
self in an environment that he ca-inot l^toltmmT   Oct "to^e^'^hltn    ***'   T"e ******
raise out of for no one c^ to tie* Ue tolng, nndT^Th^rty ^ left
him. and I   they did It would do no. to ton rajik a��^ ffle to do toe right
of so- yg^ when the t|me comes
federation.    May tbe good work go
h���^l7*$*9���!V^^**' ��*-*** ***********************
reive.   8o afier swhUe he find. him.    M�� tlmmiaaionof both organisations
today who    clety; for if our
beUken ���������    .i-hn.f'i.i
only force another a,+��� ��� e   ..
:'������    '   ���   "���
ior constantly DaWIRBD BY
by women and
.    V''- ''j-.    i   ' '    m
tor something to eat; they nave tramp he would
eone else to ask for It for them, one down In his place,
this clsss of tramps are   today toe machine, operated
Ing thousands of tramps who are children who are forced to do
t what they will ask dork cheaper than the man are men-        Already the dally press is flaunt,    naffer with them or their .lavish
eat and will also beg Ing It herder for man to find a Job.    tog the awful "scarcity of labor" In    submisslvencss.   Thto   because   the
them a Job at   any Under the present system of society     the construction camps of the G. T.     worklngclass must rise or fall a. a
:*?U.       .
human. Urea should soon force Its
victims to act like men. And to
think that their own votes has mad.
this possible Is enough to a man Who
realises the stupidity of his clsss renew his determination to stir them to
such action on elect^ uay as will
reanlt in Industrial freedom for
themselves and those who have    to
other route.
of society tne construction camps of the Gv.T*
price so they may get something to In a short time the iforjtor. will all P. in the northern portion of Brit-
eat for their family. be forced Into toe clef^e lowly ��h Columbia. Tliat nil the brutell-
Bnt thai I. not the class of tramps tramp^M'*��� worker, wake up tie. of railway conation on the
wlaO^neTtra^pa It tethVtrnnS ���� W$f *** nonrt of ��� Anmrimm^tlnent Is to be re-enact- The condition, ot-^nlldln.
that I. too lasy to ask for a meal, but ���octet* and aa such they must tone od Is becoming 'painfully evident trades thi. summer is working oon-
who ha. a superintendent or manager part In the running of the govern- The truth of the matter is, there are siderable hardship to the journeymen
to aak for him. It Is the one who Is �������* ** that When they want to Plenty ot men looking for John, but of the various trades. M.ny of the
responsible for the tramp today, for work they will not hnve to beg for the price ot .fa tohowwer they men nre enT^eneteg the meat pro,
before the millionaire the tramp was someone to giro them a Job., Wneu^
unknown ,K the workers of this country, as well
^e^ptoln.  of  industry would *��� ��e world Orer. come to realise 4   dp north ton keep the
a. believe that people go on the th�� Indt, then, nnd not untlf then, rtotted.   Then,   too,   dub allowance    have so far started work.���Winnipeg
because R Is an easy way of *"* th�� ���"���"P attaw4Mtew'-fBiw^rawi^               Immnde for the    number   of    Vdlee.
getting a living.    Ye., It 1. foOhe (Stolen^ WWh^ter"    credit    from
one clan, of tramp.; but for toe class aome worthy writer.)���Ed. T. TJ.
that come, to your door and aak.
a meal It.Is a different proposi-
; he Is n
fallen to their lot in many years to
***rctty.    A small proportion only
.  '   ���
''���& -"";-'    '
baa     Of THE LAND   OP   THE   "FREE."
rid by the -*-	
r.*aaiai*.:\' MJk  ���	
forced out
Improved machine, and   Just   snch       During the
vanguard of the army of unemployed
have poured Into Tacoma ond other
U. S. coast cities and they-Are now
tramping about the residence districts
begging for bread, or era besieging
free employment agencies and charitable organizations for support. Portland police offIcera awoke, to the Importance ot keening the tramp, mov-,
t week, and hoboes who blew
town and applied for lodging at
the city Jell stated that they had not
been permitted to leave too railroad'
yard, la Portland, but had to catch
the flnt freight northbound.
why not ypm
SSS Hastings Street
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Donl Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist v   ���
. *.j
i -���'    ' -"*vv
*��*n��H OOUJefBu.
������ ,    I    men, -^ ow recogaite them
��o*l -C*irtonl��t��* who    have
'    tlonato *h!L,I^" ''."*���*   ��tema-
Hi    I j
_G*ft .ifW
Tlsjj*^ap /MaH'(eaprjfx ���'
' ���J!SWRif-\"- > ���
W��t the best a,^ sh<*_te rtoef
made onder the best m.oiifi,Pt���,i���r
���~r -bear the Union  s^"^
���fcwwii herewith ��*��wr  aa
Cjubp    UfaasaL f    II    ���
St Boston, Mass.
aWi.1?! ^ *** ***** *ow
aginary grievance aeaTnat *^ ._
national nt ....... ��__Z.
-0    0.ic��aun
national of their *
In conclusion I sincerely trust that
the labor movement   of   Vancouver
'    will do everything in Its power   to
tench thee, men the error of their
IfYuternully yonra,
P. If. DRAPER. Secy.
"��������   i.r-
DBLHOATfM Sfesawawaaaa^
Hew*?- #
tfaaae***.. ��uiicr    and    die    in quest on   of   "nru^  .. '      u" d    a. aJTi���      V* ""watt.
*aa,  wort���, ���,, B^J""'~; I nhea^S * ,0me *������������ TOt^ Cw�� anplem��-m W  Klo.
����e wall that .i.nH.T wtt" �� P"0^ system can��. c��>ke and WaJ����JLr^'       r
^l_?*i-,-^2- iS ����. *" ^Tie'l*'w-< 85 522^�����^
. It-
a. A*l-.-.v',
��... * '**.
'*����,>   r<
<* CA1MDA STANDS    Tallo^-j. H. ��^J _-_.-/..
-i������. erson. .7^     " P*"7' A- fat-
thin~ .      J"���   **������   ae��   those
aa��� ^'^-n7T��.8a!T:. Ca^S*lta:
M., Vaneeeirer. B. c. w   BaUdle. T��d��. A^r^" A< **"
O^ara..    Bretlt.,:      Tw       ��.. A,"-����-J. D.��aB.
���w o' the ssth ��ui_- ...-'��� TT^^^.. _
���J?L*��-    Brett.,:      T0>r      ^r,���W'A,,ta<-^'>��-��- S       *
*V ?"!:*" ����^  "T"^ Ta��^4   __. Vaai
��^..!m      .     P*tu��,,Me,     Western        HefHMtoa, T   -J��J^^Ai    N- ^^1
affret:,h"bMB"��������"��^    *���"���*Vt^ixl- Ban """^
u��n to me for reply                           ���������-*������                           l* A* H^IL ?.-. ^x�����������^-f^m^m
��ytte"S������.i��^c,,toch��rt*��^   wv..Pto^*",rt* �� aww.  ,._____.^^ atfBjpyf'
>a reply i a_^to ���, .     _.                      "V-taa*.-               ,     ,,. "wl JeafcaUtog b,
toatlon from ���-�����-     --v. JL ,f*
charter from
..." ���
Are yon but of a Job? If ao. ateal
moth tag, - gatttoi
]m   aa -
action m ^
iJTd0 n}V^a^Jne
^���a and Labor Conncll
trade, ^l T do *ot **** ��I��n
to thL^fMI!on m<m " ^ _^___
"or^^^ J    575 Granv��e
8,1 *** the general more-   ' ^"anjiiipe
Patronizing OurAdwrMw,, Don' Issued by the
r�� Coaafii.
Published first week in every moi
" a��
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Committee, R. P. Pettipiece,
man, elected by the Central
3-iiy.ifl (t\ rmuU >nni
Address all correspondence,
rounlcatldnsi'>ei*rtfanW^ ' for
aciiptlona, snd exchange, to R.I
Pettipiece. 2138 **7il.fniinster At
Vancouver, B. C.   Telephone 380
 .  ', i���	
rates wl
be supplied upon application at
l;  428  Richards Street    (upstaii
P. O. Drawm^JSI.^Telephone 2i
The  Trade.; Unionist   is   Ira
promptly   the   first week   of
month.   It alma to furnish tbe latest
and  most authoritative  Inform.
on nil matter, relating to the
Advertising pa*rorage in
. J. Gothard.    Advertising
1    I
p ���
Contribution, are   solicited   fi
conQetSafenti,- elebteoTWIheir
specllve, unions, to vW0g[|hey
be neia responsible for contents.
;T5f:-e,ny ���8$>Vit>
'Att   Oi<n)ifc>i   <     ....ii^i-
If ever there was * time   in -'the
f. VMtorV'oVtnVbrgani.ed labor move.
ment of Canada when    a   supreme
^'effott snould be made to send repre-
J wmtotlve* to the Halifax 1908 con-
* vention of toe Trades and Labor Conor Canada, that time is now.
Congress is the political expression  of the organized labor   move-
meat   It. leglatatlvo mouthpiece, aa
,  The trades iwfoutet. of Vancouver
will remember wttbpnt difficulty their , In
��� ^tovf*��ir�� (ox ��� Y,fn~
B. C.< Tel'
couver,    The union  operator, and
w^emew wei*hMahutN_1ei!&. .end   an
ion ask me if I am an Inter
��|i\rA   (fhatte/)tel^fciftaai
lolot &   Jl QJ^��L1 ogojrA Jmitt4
IfT SomT    on ainSandsTHbuCthlV onTTmeeu.
time, men ask me if I am an Inter,    under present
effort, to nmiAtoto an, o.**nteetlon j toli^me, -^, li^say��temTMby^ wh|ob    forth
have wy sSalW^lL^*'! T^fwsjm * mjF .i,^,
time. At the time the    Trades   and tar. from Moscow to Parte, and fro��n ������ AI
Labor Council placed itself on record Copenhagen to Bofctbtt;   can    cla.p currin
as determined , tp   ina^e, municipal ' hand, iti uhfan. Then I say* God upe-ad work
ownership of the telephone ayatent a to that or any similar movement. Sf-�� So fj
live issue ln;;toe,4908 aldermanlc j Wendell Phlllpp.. .J^ ,f,, ..',. po/ted
election.    A start was made, but the
question waa not made an issue. Just
now there are hundreds of Vancou
v��rltee hnpatientlyf awaitingI for the
installation of Instruments; many of
them for weeks end even months.
And the price pj^ha,$rceeat service,
after it is secured, Is so high that it
is almost prohibitive In a worker's
home. The B. C. Telephone company
haa a cinch and plays it to the limit.
The present seems to be, an opportune time to enlist the support of the
bourgeoisie in an effort to secure
municipal ownerehlp. And, remembering, the attitude of the present
management towards organized labor,
It might be advisable for the Trades
and Labor Council to revive the
agitation for a municipally-owned
system. This, not as an end, but for
what it would ultimately lead to In
other respects. r
���   h   ���
A bunch of workingmen who Will
submissively consent  to   go  hungry,
The Distrl
are   os-
cti< a
will o\
the railway when* it la completed,
fMleew  glwjBswawnt's
ginning to make a noise like a labor    wage" legislation works out
paper.    There is also   a   nbtlceaile^r .hlni'hke too i
Improvement,    typographically.   ,. A
little lea. Indulgence in kindergarten
twic)M'.Wlkne &&U W^on
become an instrument of power in
the hands of thecbhl-dlggeto: v
rJ��.Mf.1    Ir-, ifi/tfTjjn-j    :' *' i- '��� i. j," .''
The sm.H-debU court of B. C.,
provided by the petty bourgeoisie, to
hound toe Hie out of wage-earnecs,
at the expense of the government.
would not be tolerated by men. This
thins; of making the government a
collecting agency for a hungry,
skinny, miserafcle lot of peanut
vendors is enough to sour one on the
"majesty and dignity of the law."
< **������� .��l  in y ,f,. r*t w
Smitot Curtis baa hoen .nominated
by the Liberal party at Nelson    to
contest the Kootenay federal riding.
when there', lot. of nature', prjvis     ��m.. pa^on    1& , the    Socialist
ions on every hand, almost deserve     par^y candlda.C backed by crganteed
the  penalty.    God hates   a  coward,     labor, and should win��� '4 the C;n-
Sooner than .tarve yourself or your     servatlvos. oaly pi.  ap    a    .trjit'
despondent wife and crying babes go    ej^ugh  candidate .to .pllt  toe old ,
and help ^^^^^f.t >; party yotoa ri Her.', to Blil JJayidsen! i
you'll only be guilty ot hg^u* ntolen n    : *��� *       '      .������;;
j*i��tv- >tv:,{T_H7H:i      .i\     ��i
.,,  ^ iTj��4ea and^. Labor Council. In .
Allen Labor law,
its anU-Orlentol .^an^nrtaadl
The politicians at Ottawa must think
the workws of,Western Caaada Ua/e
extremely long ear-, w
~  _,
.'��:.i      .lu' (.. ������<   .. J.ef*j   v. 1,1,
, Well! Taft. by the same process
sausages are made, has been earned
by the industrial pirates of the United
State, for th�� presidency, vice Teidy
the I. A worklngman who would
vote tor .Taft deserves more than he's
getting;  leg-irons should  be mated.
.  '    .iJiSA
���> The bid political parties are unworthy of any other name than that
ot the it?, and onto, and it doe. not
make much difference how they
cbehge place., they look alike under
eUher condition. <hV  \,<ti   !?�� lb
The mineral produetic-��< of <h\#C.
lt?st year amounted to naarly ���4H4-
000,000. The por'.icn of UsVtlt/to
the homes of thres who produced it
CWW becftphldia..
good, to your poaseseion. A rebel is
preferable to a beggar. If your
position has not yet reached thi.
acuteness. for the love of liberty, join
the rest of your class in an endeavor
put an end to the whole thieving
swindle pepretrated upon them by
the consciousless rule of caoital.
_. ������ ��.a.. .,������
me iTaowe anu ladoit u��n|
a   for TOdepenufnt n?omicaT^ic1
The Trades and Labor   pjigress of
action hn
time in its history it must be gtewn vtoe part of Iti 50,000 affiliated union
it so    amply,   deserves,     members throughout    Canada.
in Canada, especially in    off leer. ^"wMmi JBTtrrt""" with
toWtnat1\|_|e l��>��tl< *}Q*JBwW ( Pat lfork.shj>p
September convention.   The time to    inscribed
toaWaaaVon Joe��am t��kan^en*to at^uwra
the very next meeting of the reepec    ed in i
every Trade. Unionist that the neces-
atop In the evolution ot the organized
labor mov/iwaeatV m}t**t��mmh%
other solution for the problem confronting labor, and. tote being   no.
Ontario exhausted a meeting, recently
discussing a dog tax.    And this just
after an election   day   pacsedt .over i
without a candidate,of,,tqelr.���e.wp, In |
t^e, field.    Organized . labor! ?  JTho \
things that are   committed .in... thy ���
fathe,^orkera received to eir, rjght- (
f^l.ahajrf tor creatlnjp tbte..upei$.bun-
i dance of visible weal^���,they could
*W *** *ack;the.thtog8flthey hav.
te ^J*W**H 0r\ **l**y* m* M0**6* mar-
���iMfoMJtm** **foP*jWt\o*�� W ^r- <
b ^WitlpnHi������*..axtee except taAhe
,mlTnntoge ^ito^^^h^jjir^iu^lt
'-" All President Gompers will ha /e lo
do to succeed in his prewnt polltici.
f^to^ure a majority in \nth
*W*9t***:i old wraaa, y tit. |
wlllalor^i<;the right,line
in leas than   four   jeora
��� , .    ,, _.
it will require the services of Wm^mm lament, tbe   in.
no  undertaker.    But then, let's be nnllyof A Chicago mUlJonjJ/e,   The
thf ha6f>ec.tfjefctt jnat aa well face    considerate. ..m.fia.^^^o^^Ma  has insanity of wage-workers per^etoat-
tho task without delay    and    thus    passed throuaJtfh.e same jtoa^o^e.e- ing a social system th.t create, mll-
haaten the day of Industrial    free-    velopment; and few of us can pro. Hon aires Is far more startling, and
added a  lrb< r  depprtment.  wlth(
rectrhtlcnsf 4ejHts> Interesting
r.Tina. and tbevllttle Joker" df
atc8 its mast-head.
Tho N^rrl8'ai>Roww^^J|tft,
Union Label. en    their   advertlsl
-.'**>�����...' sli><in/�� -OtS.
What a terrible thing, it would 1
if took a notion
nrtroTtlw liohTey^toeT
rompelled tu extei In?
"We ffiftHmi^TOeoTIhT^wf. t
wage^arimn^|aA��iaija. the limit,
the wageMrlfHw. ***mk should
imdcnt^^nw^ef '!
I. it to
---home   oi
;  r Tern*,
of Vancouver
teni.Utf<|^ T*tbo <M ..-ni'tty j
A strike I. too often a war upon
****Ti\*%*&**Mm ^%|a^c^tmoM^^^ ra||t)t^^f,01jev^ F|-g||Nottlat�� rather than the bosses.
When Patronizing Our Advertize Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist. '
>��|IIIH�� If
J' fa
' -
aaMtafcawlii 'n' mi' ���"-��**-���-������-*- ������fa.JK.ani....    .���- .    ___ .��
u **> MJaft \ eWVMhaV>��eA*Wa -...-^Iw-wU^'*"   -       .a,��*��s     aaav   --*W> ��� ���>   m Jii_aaaa_
e)_l^aia%t>^^a*��aa��yr��^!^ ������wf-""**"**''-��^*^V'NS'^?"l*"��*a|'*a"iai, ������'<e^a^ii��j��a^rww>%te*aai
(3<mabii' III.   ..��:?
urete of     rT���"'.*\
iJar^aOiian 'iH*f
_.        System. oL Water
Domestic Supply,
Y;vj?! \ -*��*rv Irrigi
...   Estimati
A local Industry using loci m
orks Installed for
ylng    white   labor
union   or central b
aenjdtoa: rfideaentatlyen^ t
by  a   union   or central body from
' .the Trades
[nana conventions Is the ".torch" It Instil, iu-
exchange views, and even Indulge In
Heated discussions doe. a world of
in ,mnj >ir or-ylw
question as to the appointees' qualifications for the position could be
taken up at a Inter date.
In the hope that you will give this
matter the consideration we feel
that It is entitled  to.
I remain, your, sincerely,
;     Acting-Secretary.
A Homey-Generals Office, Victoria.
^ v,       4nne Ith. 1.08.
���v $. P. Pettipiece, Esq., Acting 8ecre>
r~~$��tnry,.Trade, and Imbor Council,
-      /^Vancouver, B. C.
1 iDaar Sir:, I am to receipt of your
teeter of the 8th instant, in reference
tow'the appointment of an inspector
Havana hand-made Cigars.
Ask for them at all bar.: and
cigar .torea*   Made by ^tr
���   i
Boose may mometarlly make the
r world look bright;    butt    bar-room
iTT.. !he l^T Act* ! .^!y T wj^avWia: m *&*t^&j��ty'
that this matter la now receiving the /torn coufronttog labor
Mention of the department and we t\ppUfjt. ��i ****L
ene|_hortly,to. be. in, e poalUon to j-*"*-
me^B a deffujte. statement.   The only
difficulty In the matter te that there f
is no salary   in   the   estimate,    to
"W.  J.
General, Victoria,
cover such an appointment.
Yours truly,
U,.;  -
Dear Mr. Bowser:   At the test reg
good.'     Tbe enviranment Created at    ��lar meeting    of ���������tim/ Vancouver
^aonaVeeh^cotaVentt'on not     Trader* and Labor *Conu���il"I    was    WESTMINSTER TRADES AND
4^oti S\itfyni'l   ^nd the benefit   directed to write yoor department re- MiMutcorxriLMAV
and knowledge derived by rubbing
shoulders with ,.ien from all portior.k
! the Dominion must in the end ac-
latlye to tte necessity for one appointment of a factory'Inspector In
thte province, especially In Vancou-
For the first time in the history of
to the unions sending delegates.    ver- the city, New Westminster will, this
fvevent.'* and    circumstances In view of the evidence which has    year have a union demonstration on
prove that such expenditures wil!    been adduced at the recent federal    Labor Day, the first Monday in Se?-
Jnquiry  into  the  affairs  of   China-    tember    This action was decided up-
Car puts. Linoleums, Curtains, I
Blinds, Stoves, Go-carts, Baby?
Buggies, etc. 10 per cent. oft|
for cash on Furniture.
700-702 Westmlnatejrr Ar��Htoa>
Harris Street.        ^m'p
ure the meet effective results.   .a��
eie conventions the problem con-    town in this city, and   the   sworn    ��a ht a meeting of the Trade,   and
fronting labor   te   being   discussed, affidavits which go to show beyond Labor Council held, on, Friday even
^VVhat to do and how to do It   And. qneetlon that the Eight-hour    da.y _^r|in^ 19.   The matter was dte-
; after ail,  these questions must be law. of thte    province   'are   being cnaeed at toe tost regular   meeting
settled before Wtoluttott   can    -,e violated, It te unnecessary for me to ud   the   representatives   were   in
ip^Wed:   ^e^ l^fbutr^he way to give further   Information   on   tola ttructed to bring the question befon
^Uto inrfnatrnll rreeTlom. and that point
The wealth Of the property-owner
who does not work is the product of
the propertyless men who do work.
v j.
. ,������ --���-Si
bring the question before
respective unions at their !n-
11% fray.tor''It' Th olden daya 4t And, aside from these fact., the dividual meetings. The delegates re-
Hfu\a^"tW'bf flghi^bloodshed. Not    organised worker, of Vancouver feel
so tod*y.u The Worker has his Union     that there is not much use of having     was moui 1 res com
HlwlAcw'of fight���bloodshed.  Not organized worker, of Vancouver feel ported that every union In the city
so today.   The worker has his Union that there te not much use of having was unanimous and as a result a co
and  the   Ballot.     We  have  but   to Eight-hour legislation on the statutes mittee waa an-ointed to arrange'i
learn   how   to   use   them.   By   all unless some provision Is made tor Its detail, of the celebration.
mean., .end delegates to help pre- enforcement���In     Chinatown     and        The report of the chairman of the
'pjire the plans and specifications for other quarters alike. * ****���**<    j ^
the much-needed,  new  social struc- Should your department decide to    a       %*sOf satoifwctory^ v   aatur..\
t��re. ( make such   Vn'^WntoSeni.^toe   toof^Ckea?
MiPh^Cftfimi^'m.H^iTiHrf-if-;-- ' f/ it* ninm/?. ^.<Ht u.
r 'Jm,Wla.V'-ri
Mtt hVttiM   l(K ���,
wing the red Lateat No>elties In Men's, &ys* Innf
ting.    W*�� carry} tbe* largest stock in the Province
a.'�� i
'4)iS\'�� '
-th������ ���!     -.
��� t, .    ���'   -Ul'     ti'(ttlt%
kept, to aaect,-'^''-'
V..   :���        ���   '    '>��>R
*nn><   -ini.i/
.TTrnffr-n ���  ��� ���Jj,illi.,i, ������'��� ,; t, ^A
... V) ���;��;��>����� i'���'
������!   ���      -'.    ,    " ���'!
������:>Y\   ���   ���'  o'tr.f
.     l':���***',
Cor.  of Carrall & Cordova Sts.
. '-v-^a.W*%ea.��**r"
A. was to be expected. Governor
! meeting, the Barbers' and the Mach-
1 mists.vifid there la a probability that    ?��<*ta? ��>tJIay dtoreprleved,^Harry
its would   In   the   near
! tho
futore^gef together and organize   a
nnat��n.v4''' ' '",!
te&Xf- ��t6ney was appointed
official correspondent for the Tradea
Untoalaw'! ���" "'s * ��� ������ 'V* ** * ���:; v �� '*��� *
The secretary wa.   Instructed   to
^ f i v. t��'.��
write to the Moratory of the school
In the contract for   th
bdjMlffla ecejal Qy
president. J.J. Randolph,
phlcal and Bartender.
���  mm w jatfw^^wiWHaVaimviiA mwmfth *-^m
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist.
:;-* 5;' ;&i..;..;.'.,;..T��~*���'.���������.
w . ���.....���
���*---  I ���    ��� ������- m-L. 1 , a-     - L  ���   ������ ! . -     '   ' ���    ���    -  , . ! 	
62 3 64 Cordova
-��� ���' ; i .      ��� ,
Speaking of a recent meeting of the
Brotherhood of Carpenters, The Winnipeg Voice says:
"The one regretable feature of the
meeting was the resignation Of our
veteran president, Bro. Roe., who
left on Wednesday morning for Victoria, B. C. "Bro. Roe. waa la the
movement even before the Brotherhood was organized he being one of
the prime mover, of the old knight,
of labor and when the carpentoto
unions began to take their place in
the labor movement he was found In
the front rank along with our veteran
treasurer, Bro. Eggo as charter member.. Bro. Roes has served u. many
term, as president and all regret to
see him leave the city.
i.iiU   I.-..     .in   .a, 11,1.11 r. . . ni��Hf'!l ��'.   i" J��f' ''j***'11!'
Union Footwear
��� " ���'
������ ,.   ,
y...  ���  .   ��� *��� ���       ii i  ���   mm, |
.'am     '* r
women ar
Tbe following are the officers
elected for the ensuing term ending
Dec. 31. 1908:
J.   Fletcher,   president;    W,.    W.
Rurrough,   recording   secretary;   A.
% Taylor,   treasurer;   F.   A.    Hoover,
financial secretary; J. A. Aicken, vice    WHAT "LABOR MARKET"
president; HLA. Schofleld. conductor; MEANS to UNION-MEN
A.  J. Kaiglln, warden;  H. Leaney, IN BRITISH CO IAMBI V.
sentinel.   > ��� ljt-
We had a late meeting on Satur-
v��,^��4irtfar-�� afar
$mf Tbe Lowest
w?--   v
i i
.   .
H ,.('.
a        '
��� ����>^e.A^iU.'el
#aa�� ^aatv    -watfus <>m
OAe Oriple
��� ���
��� ^-^w
I". �����"��. "'el"    I'.
; w
.   .  ���    ���������-.���. imp
566  GranvOe St
 -'   I
mm to. j$m
-V*   ft
Chinese section men have become The Orangemen    are    ho)
day last 12 p. m. for    election    of scarce.   It takes too long to work off celebration on the l��to of July and
.                                            officers and   other   meetings.      We $500 as a section man. of course want music.
.   J. O. Davidson, an old-time .ocal    *****��**?** four  acting,  per Hindoos are not much good *. They have hired the Meant"
lere' Unh,,. who ha,, beee at F.rnto.    . chance t, keep % te.eb alth ualoa *,*hTto be the  Nuae ��"d tZ .Jatof eU��� ��dJ the ��-
f;?;'_��<>'��"����0��^-h�� ��*��">��>    affair..   l.t. and Jrt. WedB(��d-��� �� aTtt   a* aaatTaaaaliBuJ eun-Uaoe.. w. canoot be ��   tk*
i*v    u.*..�� liAaa^aaJi u. am.hi.i.a    ^'        W    M ������le**te   to   Juvenile as soon as the fishing    season    :. Weatntomter band. a. both are unh*u.
1  wo ��awaan^tofl^bra^S    Protection Association.    Any com- oyer. We toonght we would   let   yon
two branches of   toe Amalgamated    muulcation addrctaed to car bam. If the J.paneaa fail toe company, Jtnovf^aa the action of th<
lS.?waw5^ f0f *nr /f *# 0fflCeri Wm *���** U'    ^ It lool��M,f there wonM,^^   men haa nnt oulte a lot   of   good
top election of hla namesake.   Bill,     lt any time. nothing tor It but to try white men    mnaldana opt oi an engagement on
look,     like a  Cinch,    there    being Yours fraternallv.       ' S^St*1&J*Z? ***!^    %*Va*Z   ' ^^
enough Socialist votes In the valioy
alone to do the job.
W. W. BURROUOH, Rec-a����3.    right, but they wan tea too much real Your, fraternally.              jg��
ouver. B. C. July Slnd.. 130S.   money for their work, and vhey be- H. W, BENSON.
longed to toe union.���DnUy World. Secy., pro. tent
���k v V Veneonevr. ?. C. June 36. ltej.
_,        >' ���- ���''   ' m"     ....     .    . .;.*   -���..���>      .   ,   ,.
. ea.Mi^����.������*e��e��eeB��a��e����B����*e����BMe ���riaaaaa*aMaa��M
Mude-to-order, made-to-fit,
to-measure, made-to-satlsfy. Union
men should wear Union Made
Clothe., If they want the beat. Our
Clothe, are right, Our prices .re
rtarht     Leave your measure with us.
/-;. t- - ."
^j/s ..������;,^..'^;<y^i-ifp.  pf*1^
Tbe Scotland Woolen Mills Company
The Big Union Tailor.
688 Hnr*'ngt 8c
. m - ���������  ���
AT **^
,  ���     .. ^ .-.-*.   imrAvml -^r-*a.-    {��#*,
��� x.r-: ___j.i|ii;i
Wilton ln^toJt
572 Japanese
ii, .i i i ���  ei    ' i     ���. Sf*il
^^*^ea, esue.. ^we^^^^*.^^^mM^H^^wai^M^.^^M^E..ap^e^^���.
agee~4w^*aaie*,*aaWp^��wawasa>i-'-'-rso.    ^w
 ���   ' .   H . V
���      .
SI . j
as thai
. 1
ber is for In excess of that stipulated
** ���*
to HfjIaTto WlltoMi
abrogation of toHr��l4s^
cided to send the stoong resolutton
on the subject generally to Sir Wilfrid Lanrier and ^jaae^c^lMHaVJe
TZS^f^'mMmir *
to your
Clothing and rurnlshing
��� ���
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Oon't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist.
Y'^Yi k
��� l
i (haA ��t>Jw  bo�� t* rfl ai i ��� wj&W
,��.c ������> rf i    oi '* ylfeyf-*    Asrtr tut* , bo urn
Bulikefs, Foot ofSmy the St. ���
.pvjR'i :Htr
��� ���  i.inn
-*���'���������    ��� ���   ��� ������-���- -^* '^-'- ��� - ���
25 cent, each, waa levied as an annual subscription for the Trades Un-
' Ion 1st; and alBO authorized the insertion of a directory card. Sec.
'Benson was elected as press eorresr
pondent. The label advertising w.s
left to the Allied    Printing   Trade.
.     .wQUnCll. . . -      .    .    ,i��....    Ml. .W.....W~-m/^   ->-MWV~--���-MM �����������   M,
The proposal to dispose of the present Labor Hall, and build-anew, was
heartily endorsed.
...      1 / ai.vtH ;��.i \m n
K   To Mt the    trade mark
abetter em nay tool ia to know chat   ventlon of Vancouver TtodjO. IJnlon-
It I. the best grade In It, claa. that    **' ^^ by *���**!���< ********
It la possible    to    produce.
take   chances on unknown brands;
The car I. a common murderer.
He shoots More, of his subjects dally.
At a large and representative con-    The sand, behind Riga are red with
the blood of the best of   mankind.
StW Vaneonter.
if you    wish    a    first-class
* course  In  Bookkeeping. Com-
mercial      I*w,      Penmanship.
Gregg Shorthand, Pitman Short
hand.      Touch      Typewriting,
Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Telegraphy. ������....;'
Instruction Individual
' r.    Teachers all Specinlleto. >>y
R. J. SPROTT. B. A., Principal
H. A.   SCRIVEN,   B.A0   Vice
J. R. CUNNINGHAM, 8ec  ;
��� 1   .-?,        , ���������. 1    w.   |W-  ��� ��   -awe  ^y  1. , ,i��a   1   g
. ���
���    I
Council, on October l6,th.. f$0-7, ��hj
''*���  ' following resolution was recommend-
u:i .1 'V
i M.o-yor Sale:By
ed end, after a full and free, discus-
bny Keen" Kutter ' Tools^every one    .Ion at two meetings, concurred in;
Whereas, there Is already a jtabor
party in the field; and
Whereas, that party stand, for
exactly what unionists want���the
full product of their toll.
Therefore, be It resolved, tilst Vo
do not place any candidate in tha
field, but place our influence with
the Socialist Party.
The Socialist Party In Vancouver
has called its nominating convent'ozi
for Monday, July. 15.. _, ., ,
martyrs to the cause of constitutional
liberty. Russian prison, are full of
men and women whose only .crfme;
1. that tbey love freedom and .their
fellows. The cell, of ortresses hold
human beings In toe torture, of
oslitary  confinement  for  no   oth r
.*< ���?
'X-The convention of the Commercial
Telegrapher.' Union of America,
which has been In session la Milwaukee, elected the following officers:
President, S. P. Konenkamp, of Pitta* .
burg; secretary treasurer, Wesley
Russell. Chicago (re-elected); vice
president.   Harry  Saults;  Winnipeg;
a% a% '     '���
Spencer Sanderson
Granville Street
czar Is' responsible
don a Id. M. P.   T  *"
-Ramsay    Mac-
.: ;a��m      ,i      ij'".
The Common Sense  of. Socialism
By John 8parao; a aerie, of lett.?rs
a     addressed to Jonathan Edward? of
Pittsburg.' Published by   Charles
H. Kerr A Co.. Chicago. :
Stories of the   Struggle��� By   Morris
Winchevsky.   Published by Charles
H. Kerr A Co.. Chicago.
The stojpen Bastlle���By   Simon   O.
Pollock.    Published by Charles H.
rr * Co., Chicago.
Should you have occasion to enter
a restaurant where the union ca rd of
the waiters is hot displayed ask for
it, on the blue or green button.' If
you are not "shown" Inform the man
that you have some money that you
reason than that these men    have    amative board. James Jinan.    St.
thought. hav�� condemned autocracy,    Loote; ****rne Towns, Buffnle;r C
and have asked for popular govern-' E. Hill, Toronto; PercyTbomae, New
ment.   For all this bloodshed, for all     York^ *>*��� Worth. P��hver,
thla torture, tor all this pain,   the ��� v- '>���   fV
������'���������    ���..-������'
Speaking   recently,   Kelr   Bardie
made a passing reference to the celebration of Empire Day.    Children
The Asiatic,    keep right on com- to' schools,   he    said,   were    being
ing;  but at that the labor    market taught to wave flage and .tag that
here 1. not unlike Eastern    points bit of doggerel which had somehow
Where there isn't a Chinese or Jap- come to be known, aa the Natloial
aneee coolie within a thousand mile.. Anthem.-   It might, become necessary
Neither a head-tax or exclusion will for the Worker, some day  to   take
solve the problem before B. C. worK- action to check tola new and insidious
er..    Possession of the state by toe form of diverting   attention    away
workers must be the first step;  the from  actual  facts and    filling    the
other Issues can be dealt with whon minds   of   the   young people wifh a
we come to them. <Y bogus form of sentimentallty.,
. n
��� -Y
Social  and   Organic���By
a splendid series    wished  to   leave with   him  for li'a
goods, but inasmuch as he does not
desire  to  trade,   you   wilr lake' t
lectures to Garrick Theater,
Published by Charlee H
t t-^4.
 !"w";.r;t; .'W����Y
Dceaetlc Help Mechanics
Sawmill Heln..7f ��/* ;
1" liaraian   '
foa; ewery-;
write or wire when
"help. --'r"**,-*$*
Logger.. Farm
512 Water aHreeA^.
ii,i����ii >i'i>iaai ai ,^ui ..
..;. ������ -i
. \! ��� ���     ���   ] \ ���   ^    l.
Under the authority of toe American Federation of Labor, ud witoin
Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes, enrollment has begun In a local to
be known es the Moving PlCthre and
Operator.'   Protective
tM, a local of which. Kb, 10.
organised    to    Vancouver,
than Offer I. president, snd Arthur
rd, secretary-tre.
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mytlon the frit* tint
.        .M.-
Mf>i"tMii'iifH'agi' iv.
I'TBBI'  111
mmmm ���,���11.1.1.   .���.�����.> 1,1 I..
i ���! ,i..   �����.. ��i ii   i e.n
- ' .'     '       '
I IMP   ������Mill        ,>)fif _������ il. J  hi _.
<    ..
jn vrstjgate Mid buy your clothe, from the
��torp that bandies union-made clothes.
We carry label, oa all our goods.
Sole Agents for
3ol|nston. Kerfoot
|2S and 1ST Hastings St. W
' Keep a��ay from theatre-houses
which do not nse the Typo. Union
label on their printing.
/ nr
All "judge." look alike to the
working clam���elected or appointed.
In either case they Issue the mandate
of a brutal ruling claa*.
Orf. Pettipiece will leave for Victoria on the 8th Inst., In the Interests
of the Trade, and Labor Congress of
To got a line on the condition of
the labor market In Vancouver, read
the report, of the Trade, and Labor
.*on Jhat your union, or central
body at leant; electa ��� delegate to
the Dominion Tradea Congress September convention at Halifax. It
come. high, bat the West must lie
rwg reseated.
A conservative estimate of the socialist vote In the United State, in
November next is placed at 1,500,-
000.   In 1904 the vote was 442,000.
Support .11 union firms aad demand the label and tola wlji do tha
work more effectively than the boycott ever did.���Coopers* Journal.
Have yon ever, .topped to
think what It wetarn^ea*^
you were your home and its
content, destroyed by- tret
$600 to $8.00 per year will
i Insure yon for $1,000 should
* pnen a calamity happen.   Take
warning from Victoria.
Laurler and loot; Borden and
boodle. Profits tor masters; wagrs
for .laves. Mobiled to the votlug
booth by either or both. Verily, what
a lot of sucker, there are!
The Ladies of the Maccabees, an
organisation of women, well represented In British Columbia, have the
(Port Huron, Mich.) Typo Label on
their printed matter. Th. Knights of
Pythias' printed matter also bears
the label.
The "little Joker" decorates toe
title page ot the Calgary Dally New.
Also of that greatly family journal.
The Eye Opener.
W. S. HOLLAND, Agency
517 Reader St.
of that portion 'da? the worker
ilth equivalent which they wei
unable    to    take home���when. tt
wbletle blear.. - .fttftawaVan]
Vancouver Local of toe Socialist
irty of Canada announce, that It
There    is    a    bojus    musicians'
p nirat ion  In the city, and trade*
The police and court representative, of the government In Vancouver
are busy branding hungry, homeless
worker, with the mark of the con*
vict. the felon.
. . iiM-.V'iiV.
Are you a paid-up reader of the
Trade. Unionist? It can be made a
weekly if Vancouver trade unionism
get busy.
rill jtface ajrandldate In Vancouver    unlonlst8 m ^kefi  to ^   �����,..,,
Ity eaaafanUeUlng .at the'comlng    wn<M1 h|rIn, M hanA fop 80me DMrl>oae.
lemt^flectlon. ��� At least five other
constituencies * in -British   Columbia
11 be contested by the Socialists.
j The, dally press announces that tbe
marriage of Prince de Dingiswhopoor
tnd Mrs. Gould is merely '"form*!,"
i ot unlgtf^mmm **J**h <****���
when hiring a band for some purpose.
There Is but one bona fide union in
this city, and that 1. Musician.' Union No. ��� A. F. of M. B.?F. Agent
Warren can jjlve particulars.
The Edmonton Bulletin. cnntrol'ed
by Hon. Prank Oliver, an old print
himself, has no agreement with the
typos., having sidestepped .11 efforts
to sign up with the Edmonton Union,
so far.
One can't blame the old pa!ty
newspapers and politician, for protesting against the "contamination''
The book and job scale of the San
Francisco Typographical Union hat.
been Increased from  $22 to  $24 a
. '.-���
Cor. Hats tings and Abbott
Vancouver, B. C.
' Formal." But wha�� .blunt truhta tne    0f ministers of tbe gospel by allowing    week.   AH employer, have accepted
toe new .caje under an agreement
reached some time ago.
.allies do blurt out every once in a
them to Indulge In politic. Who
should know more of the unsavory
nature of the aforesaid politics than
its apologists?
The j.B.M.W.E. Is theonly organisation to which section men (oilmen
or laborers) aro, eligible tbat is af dilated with tho American Federation
of Labor and the Dominion Trales
Sell Everything
"The fedetnl government Is certainly strong on "bonusing." especially
labor-skinning agencies and religious
Sbylocks to still further flood the and Labor Congress,
labor market But the "cheap" labor; Imported has given the displaced worker, a splendid opportunity to do n little thinking. Their
conclusions will be . recorded next
election day. , ��
Write   for   Illustrated   Catalogue
We Sell for Less
aaeyaaaj, ��� ������ '������������������" **m ���*���*����� a
With the. certain vindication end
acquittal of Stove Adams, it will be
about time for the mine operators to
retire from the glare of the lime-
t and invent some other method
Sfcifh the dowafall of the Western
enn I* brought    about
troop, to destroy the militant labor
organisation of tbe West, and yet the
flag of tbe Federaton still remain,
unfurled to give hope and courago
to the toilers to pros, onward In ihe,
struggle for Industrial liberty.
"t * .v.
We Carry S&uc/r ffirand Overalls
.' ��   ' I    "ii sbssssssss ���   ii  ... ���
'.������.'.���. "JET". ���==
and Jumpers
���    '    :���'.
��� >���������
Union Made Hats and Gloves,  an 1
when we can bay with th.�� Union
Label on wrf do so. "* ->������--. ���'.���*
'      ������������.;   ' ���      .   f _____ta_,~. W *���
. ; j      :tmmm*H', *jp��*ivici ��� -'
prices (his moQth oil everytWng in Ih, (kii^
Furnishing line.
-    'ifrr    . 1 ���: .f;<W t
���   ML., %m"'i.
. ,       1,1 ,11
ing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Men
613 Granville St.
Trades Unionist.
. . ����� aaN
-- ������.--in 1 ���a-*"r-'1- *'n*-j��r
Socialist contestants In the On-
tario provincial elections were.    H.
Martin. Waterloo; Peters,   In  South
I  B. Drolet. president of. the  Cigar-
makers' Union, and president of the
Label. Committee: of   toe   Montreal
Wellington; Botly. In Temiskaming;    Trade, and Labor Council, delivered
J.'F. Peel, fn West York; W. Anger,    . lecture on the union Jabe|j|f^toQu^
East York; Phillips   Thompson,   in    National Blograph recently.   The lec-
West Toronto, claa. A;    Frost.,    in    tnre waa accompanied by pictures II-
West Toronto, class  B;  James Lin-     lustrating    the various labels   of or-
dala. In North   Toronto,   class.   A;    ganized   labor.   There   waaf a   big
James Simpson,  in  North   Toronto,   'audience present .am} .trtct attention! ->/��
class B; Wilfrid 'dribble.  East  To-    paid to toe argument, brought^ ont.   '    "
ronto. clean A; E.Drury.
ronto. class B; B. Tredler
ronto. class A and. L. Del Nyro,   in
South. Toronto. Leo. T.  English.   In
Port Arthur/
East To- This is oe of the moat aet|<* ^^aiafc ^^j.,, ^ m ���t^Smm7ali
. South To- paigns ever undertaken by to. Tradea n^\^n^T^ nwawsjaenm *��
I Nyro.   In    Council on   betatf   of 'tMott^mawe" "JSP **9'     \
._).  ���
���p. i'
A very pretty wedding took place
at the church of Our Lady of the
Holy Rosary, Tuesday morning, whin
Rev. Father Welch united to the
holy bond, of matrimony, Miss Ellen,
only daughter of the well-
Chrhi and Mre. Foley, formally
tola city, but now of Seattle, Wash.
apd Mr. 0. J. Pfltsemier, a well-
known business man.
The bride wm attired in a handsome costume of white chiffon taffet.i.
She wore a wreath of orange blossoms and carried a boquet of bridal
roses and maidenhair fern.
��� The bride was attended by Miss
Violet Chardon. who was becomingly
gowned In blue perslan muslin, and
carried pink carnations. Mr. M. Mc-
Govern waa best man.
After the ceremony the bridal party
adjourned to tbe Clarendon where a
daintily prepared breakfast w .8
served. The happy couple left 'n
the noon boat for toe sound citie;,
and on their return will reside n
this city.
The brides traveling suit waa of
town lady's cloth and white hat with
Judge Laropman has assoasod the
Victoria. B. C. Brick layers and Stonecutters,' Union $250 to the ease token
against then! by a workman named
Graham. It was shown that the
union had written to an employer of
Graham stating that the members of
the union would refuse to work with
the non-union man Graham, who was
This was held by toe Judxe to b9
contrary to law as it secured the dismissal of Graham, and he waa entitled to damages for Jos. of employment since that. time. An injunction was applied for to prevent a continuation of this, but was not granted pending action being taken by the
union to prevent his getting work.
Council on behalf' of Tnion-made
goods, snd is proving very beneficial
to membars of organised labor and
to those who are marking their goods
with the union label���the mark
guaranteeing good workmanship and
sanitary conditions In the workshop.,
with bettor wages and shorter hours.
��� ��� .->������ .    ���"    ..- ���      [��� . .
WAGE-EARNKKM PAY   .,.      ��� _
NOTAmUWAM     .....,,
No one can be said tox pay for*
anything unless, were the thing not!
paid tor, the money would remain In
hie pocket. In that sense, does labor
aa such, (not aa property owners),
pay the taxes? Would tbe money-
new paid in taxes, or any part of it,
remain in tbe pockets of labor If
those taxes could be evaded or materially reduced?   Think It over.
Labor ia taxed where labor is employed. There It Is that labor give,
up four-fifths of its product for the
privilege of being permitted to
create and retain toe other fifth.
��*�� -���       ���      a     . * ��� ] '��� V-*��a>* *"' "r W . *    '   '
���n���T* '
The Blackball miners are still on
strike against the Arbitration'Oaa��to��-t
���too of 75 pounds.    The Premier Is
calling aloud  for  improved  legislation; he nya they cannot conUnue
to have a law on the Statute
to prevent strikes    and
strikes going on.
Sixty striking moulders were before the police magistrate on a charge
of picketing and besetting at the
Buck Stove Works. All chose to be
tried by a jury at the session On the
second Tuesday la June: The magistrate bound each one in his own
recognisances of $ 100 to appear, but
. .; ���: ���; ���; ���.. V   '.;! j  iO ��� ,t r*' rj
AUG. BENDinT.���
334 Canall St.
reason Eugene V. Deb.
le target of the poisoned
newspaper o
inal upper clam a
dan    to publish toem toSno
'it&VYoZM   ':   ������>��!,:������ !-���
.       .i i
Short 0,dcts .11 Lonrs.
Vn&ol  '    '
plume. ��x fr\     < wan.e��them If   toe   aickeftoaroon-
e sM^lnWaTrests would
uv iiiaut; nad no ball accepted.   This
If there is an advertisement of a  . war_eing was Ignored last night, and
m "untol? to organised labor;!:     ^ dose* <of the strikers found picket-
under arrest,    Th~
workers' votes made the
u*m^M*y not ��
and has continually and eo*s-es_i
refuged to be either bought or bi
���Boise Union!
The Trades Unionist. bring* R
sttention of the Trades   and
Council, and It will be discontinued.
for    ,^1.
Workers of Canada Slnmld Clear Out
Political l'u^es; Also afahe      f
. Ottawa Poet of Wbnpnjft:r.    jrj
A dally press despatch eays bun- b^ *tW*j��_f$'�� their true
dreds of Polanders are arriving in
Ottawa looking for'work. The- Iht-J
migration department' haa received
many of therr requests. Not one of
them can speak English. Recently
three, hundred were shipped to Fort
William *nev railway * construction
work, and three hundred more will
go later. **fe*B ty* }xrtiifjri6 ���
*-] ��� :$: >*y--:|i 4Kttt*l -.'^ $*v. nmfc rtTO>':-
? t am constrained to believe tha
the ���fc3* htoaafallawtoiaWawjirfflhtilt i ' '
of the working class In
of any
political i party.    If one-sixth of the
trade unionists in America    would
band together aad use their political
������ a m ia a*
iaia> aiw paaaa
such   nj Pewer' to defeat any candidate   or
creature a soft political berth   aa a| any  political   parjty  that failed   to
reward for hla treason.    "The better carry out ita promises and pledges,
classes" vaunts Itself   as   the alone they could control the legislation in
respectable   element   la, toe   com every congress   to, thtot eonn��jf,
�������i.v                               H*--P�� From recent address of JohnTT
JitjBHlLiaila-U^ ' fiSiflBaa, UnMafilSTe ������'���"'������������-
1 .     ��� ' .       . .        ,...�� ,. .      BBS .     - ' . '
A.      . . .
�������� ia   - ��� '"
lwf pOral smhn    '����� ������������
* alderably    m
. ������ i
&W ���(;J-'v'/./
 V* ���
wWf?i^.;r. '
. . ��� ���     4w��'w(JUf(JfJU
��� ��� ���;    ���      ��� H in
Fire Branches In Vancouver.
Seventeen Branches in Brit-
Savings Bank
:   f',   ���   ������ j
At aM    Rraacbcs    ap^o-date;
. ���-.t.i-TK.iT
TU* ewtaysrrPreaapr atten-
tlon to the Smallest
a **-. Aaronem. ���
..������^vr.wi'; ���'    h    .������ ���   �����.
���r\y   liiJ-^        vmm********&**aii-ETr  f
Garment Workers" Un- ViaJLtLiX \L4*~
terahlp Is likely to be con-        Cowboy Philosophy���Live each day
augmented    during    the    an that yon can look every mm in
coming month.    Two new shops are     the eye and tell him to go ^J^
being lined up by the Trade. Council
organisation committee. At/
; '
j&j&lbb/:    aaaffiTB^aroaaawM.
-a  \
������in > ,��� ���������r--.
Label la your hat?
Label In your shoes?
Label In your clothes?
Label on your .cigars?
label oa your tobacco?
Label on your printing?
Union barber shave you?
Union waiter attend yon?
Union bartender serve yon?
The funeral of Into Bro. J.
Urquhart, 1811 Tenth avenue east,
Grandview. took place at 3 p. in.,
Tuesday,- Jung SO. members of Bricklayers end Masons' International
rmon being In .fteavmnre
Just as the Tradea Unionist goes
to preee a telegram advtsm.tttof toe
Are yon a Union Men st all? Or lo    very sudden death of Kempton Mc-
joi only cany a cnrd? Kim. a aajfelftewn typo, at Winnipeg.
-��� particular, of which are not at hand.
Is your union card carried around
In n non-union suit?
_ J. a O'Donoghue, solicitor for the
The probability of a by election In     t^-. **, i^,. Congress of Can-
the  Fern if  provincial  electoral di*
ad., sailed on the Adriatic, from New
Wearest!   Penes 4 T*\*mt
trict seems to have petered one Too Jork for ^^4 on June 17 to *>a-
many Reds up that country? d-ct   ^   .p^  More ^ prWy
council to the matter of toe judg-
To say that the morality of Daw- meat against the Sheet Metal Work-
son, T.' T.. is at least equal to that era' anion and members, arising o����t
of Vancouver   is   rsther   tough   .��n of the strike in Toronto a year or so
Cut out the boose and buy literature concerning the relation of politics to your bread and butter.
;f *��>���
(tfifr.f     mast
mi    ���
Mitr  ���!���,'������.    :  . ���.
ii         ���
The judgment rendered In the case
Allan Studholme baa    been   jv> of    ���.��,     Umm^t    ph,-^-,    and
elected to again represent East Ham. w^ber, rjajon at Winnipeg recent-
llton. Ont.. as sn independent candi- |y. .^ the Votes, is such as to bring
*fi**rf!Y>             .�� ��� ?.. very vividly before the workers of
A������hh~!���*-t , , i tf|6 Wejt u,^ e��rtel|t ^ whIch jajuejai
Remember this about Canada's decisions have gone in thi. country
Industrial Dispute. Act It mean, to take away from the trades union-
compulsory "investigation"���not ar- ists the rights which they hsve pre-
bitration.    The workers have noth- viously enjoyed.
Ton know idle people
very critical and observing of
, ������i^nlBI
Here are the right wearable,
to make a man feel sure of
himself and of the Impress!..!,
he makes. . .
Stylish  Summer  .Salts
Straw Hats
Negligee Shirt.
..��     ��"V:
Ik-Its, etc.
���   '���   s Y  ..
 .   (?*it*:YY:'i
a* a.     at'"''
erav   'at
A. iL. aU66S
The Casli CTkithier.
If the Masonic Lodge In England     Ing to lose by publicity,  and   wh��a
onto Itself It will keep out of (fie'   the "Investigation" is over they get
labor-market.    One social scavenger    what they always got���just what they   EVEN THE FARMERS
*���the S.
���<��� ���' "���"���'<�� ���
be enough.
have the power to take.
Even the Chinese ere giving some
trlking lemon, in the matter ot *>s
���boycott."     The   squ.wk   of   the
lapanese merchantmen wonld be as
rat's toll in a rain-barrel if the
rganiied worker, of the world were
become consistent lor three days-
id   nothing   but   Union
ibel goods.
''ifalil   i   ii 1.1*1 i ia if
'H1 f'i
���    ,���������
It wan stated at the recent convention by the farmers' delegates   ch it
An "election fund" will produce
more effective result, than a "strike
fund.'' ��� This- has been- proved to thi
hilt in British Colun)|la. * * <
:.$$, ��� ��� ��� x,: t 11 r���iV..:.^...,;;  - :���; '.
Try demanding'toe unlotf label-^lt
.   M  ..
M *
DO THE RIGHT Till\a    the  work Of the Salvation Army :u
u i
:.;-<:���-.   bringing ont Immigrants was Inim-   .'
~a.m '._�����        ��_^a     . _       m. .... .      ' ��    .�� ,*  ���-���..-'.       i ��� '*=. /��/
--   ��� '    i    ���-������
am���- a
ct Ion or Money R
Says Samuel Gompers, president of leal  to  toe interest of toe country
***AW*M*+'- Jnat new.   There ia, R wa.
"So congress haa adjonrned; R h w an abundance of labor available   f >r
turned a deaf ear to labors appeal tfj aejrmmiai at present, so that
for relief from  the
a i >m mi mm aa i
R. Sneer
Phone 18 2��.
Eagle Sign
BWaaaasaaaasamaanaaaaVja    aa^aawB    a^aaaaJaaaar
nBaavKlmawawNe  WtfamM   ^|wUCK
63 Cordova St. West
the worker, have been
i   s of their heavenly work. Tbe work-rg
of tn# nttJes are Hwd of toe potbay
mee of the officers and other tint ana been pursued In the seat,
natives of the laborers' and The workers of the country have had
farmers' organisation, presented   to enough; ao that we hoetioth the lo-
congress has been laaored.   ao   cou- ana boater, to torn again to their
temptuously ignored that oven those religious practices   end    leave   the
of them who were primarily rasponal- baalnaa. of Immigration   to others,
hie for the course punned., then, who might possibly ask make such
.elve. were astounded at their own a botch of the business aa they ha<re.
audacity, so brasen was their onduet. ���-I,abor Realm.
Stork    of   Imported
<toadt te Vancouver
Suits Made to Order
$20 Up
S22 Hastings SL IV.
VANCOUVER, "fl. C. u nw a a tsaww imioftiar, VAireovtm unman eouiMiu..,
��� ���
aV'; ���
���'* '���;
'  ���   -      3-.  ,|.f     .T'm''
Baker, and Confectioners.
1   '���"���    WJlXlGr     ������a��a#aa#aaaa��aaa*aa a
Builder.* Laborers.
,1790 Albert St.
H. J. Nagle .
Stone Cutters.
........ a. ^
. ��� ��� .
A.  Hamilton   .................
f ���
No. 1 Branch Amalgamated Carpenters���Alternate Tuesday.
Builder.' Laborers���Alternate Tuesday.
1 eats 1st and 3rd    Thursdays   in    h. Sellars.... ..
Labor Hall at 8 p. m. q. Payne.... ..169 I
J ���^SSawaW^        ; (PhoneAli
t J- Comertofd* .,��.,*,asia.
.. .1744 Ninth Ave* W.    Rt a Stalker.......76 Hastings *.    ����� ^w*nv;.;��� V :' i** ?ni;!l.!f St     Plastorara-.Flrat and Third Wednes-
HPresldent, William Griffin...... 220 Keefer St.    "' ******* ��� ^ ���*���* ���***** �����.      dayi- om,,,,             ��� w ,,   *., *
r^ .               '      '                        V                                                                                                                           ��   l  -                                                                              .     i<               ,                                                                                                          aa,                                                             .           .aaa                            a       �����������.     aa                      aa
Lansdoana Ave. ,<R. P Pattipiefle., J1S8 Weetmr. Are.    XrbeSa-tWI'Sw U^JSS&Sl^.
��� ���liBliffliad a.
lece..2138 WestinJj'^Ave
Building Trades Alliance.
Stereotypers���Second Wednesday.
'amn^SZSfiT j J. J, C^r^ton P. O. Box U>    J *^ / V/////////. $ W    ^^^^^ J?^ lf*g
4"* Cow^,^W��3o%er St.    J- Duncanson  --A. Peterson Unite* Bro; (mn��entora--Beeoad and
Secretary-Treasurer.                                ���      JtoPWery W-*rkers-^ ; ,, .������,                      Garment Workers. fourfn  Wednesday.
4 R. Burn.. Labor Hall     T- A- Be��    ��� ��� ��� ��.    Mrs. Walker.. W.J. McMaster ft Son Electrical  Wire Workers���.No.   *13
Cigarmakers.                         ���. Green well... .1141 Pacific Ave. meeta 2nd. nnd 4th. Tuesdays,   N'o.
A. Heuft  Crown Hotel                         �����i--i,-M.uaa- *21
1790 Albert St.    R Cra|g       n- Oeorg|a st                         Black^mlthe. days
. Sellars	
(Phone B1965.)
> Blacksmiths.
L.. E. Davis kurts Cigar ruc-ory    J- Hanafln       Leather <
A. Leo . ..
G. W. Fraser ���
Sergeant-At-Anns. Civic Employees.
j. H. Ley G69 Hornby    W. Cullen 269 Fr or
a* a.	
Executive Committee.
H. Hard
Cooks  and   Waiters.
Above officers   and   J.   Comerford,
Andy Smith and Thos. C Ryan.
I Executive meets  evening   preced- ��� C. Davis
ing Trades and Labor Council meet-     A. J. A mason
i^g in Labor Hall, at 8 p. m.
Parliamentary   Committee.
Messrs.   Sellars.   Kernighan,   Hays, Philips
Button,   Aicken,     King,   Field,        ' *
Matoson, Arnason, Norton., Dan-    A- J Mo*8*n	
��� Meet,  second and  fourth  Thursday, in Labor Hall.
Trades and Labor Council���First and
U:lrd ^rTrrrrtft^rtrtil
E. W. King 695 Cambie     Frank Heays..... 1836 Triumph St.    Garment Workers���Second Thuraday.
J. Clarke
1009 Burrard
J. H. Perkins	
Chas. M. Davis ...........v. 1
Commercial Telegraphers.
Electrical Wire Workers.
E. C. Knight 1333 Keefer St.
H. T. Fitzgerald
Angus Fraser 115 Hows St.    cigar Workers���Second Thuraday.
Laundry*. tWe.kem��rwixSecomt   and
l'our.h Thursdays.   ���
Tallors^-Pburto Tuuirsday.f$ *9%
Parliamentary Committee ��� Seconc
and fourth Thursday..
Bridge and Structural Iron Workera
���First and third Fridays.
A. N. Harrington      Pressmen���First Friday.
H.  Norton   	
J. Flnluyson	
P. Dempster	
R. Burnett 	
Theatrical   Stage   Employees.
���fa'    * fSmxaj        .aa>��*.a*a**a**��*   *������*.*
���i i
v: i'
Civic Employees���Second and
_ ��� %fiaaa*Btfa>. \iauy*.N
A Montgomery    '      UNIONS    MEETING    AT    LABOB    Granite C^attew--Thlrd PrTday.
a. S3��!K e y:::        : *:; - ���: *        ��ALL and bate op        lrnn UftJ^ " ^!TjSS!r
i        i ���-       -���   . ���-<��   .���   *%��a - �����**
A. Pringle
Iron Moulders.
Chris. Cropley   	
Drleklayers and Masons.
W. W. Sayer  687 Homer St.    ^ HUdebrand .. #..
\%A ~ V/iayiOn     ,,. a ..,....'...... i .....
D. Farlow ;���*
Geo." Rothney	
J. Greenwood  ................ ��� ���'.
Brotheriaood of Carpenters.
S. Kernighan . .820 Twelfth Ave. E.
f. W. Dowler. ...501 12th. Ave. E.
P. W. Sargent,.......... 738 Nelscn
iW. Schurman 2330 Cornwall
W. William.........541 Robson
. ..Lighthouse Motel
.   anyior .....................
M. B. Curtis ....... 891 Princess St.
Laundry Worker..
C. J. fen
Bartenders���First Sunday afternoon
and third Sunday evening.
Commercial Telegraphers ���Second
Sunday morning.
W. Roberto.   ., .,.. Cascade Laundry   Theatrical Stage Employees-Second
J. Scott....,.,..,.. Pioneer Laundry        Sunday afternoon.. ,
Mrs. Powell.. a..,,.rionenj Laundry    Typographical���Last Sunday
Machinists. ,�� Boilermakers���First and third Mon-
J .H. McVety . .1744 Ninth Ave. W.        day. �� 'iso.4 'f l���>.��*��-   ;HJ��
L. H. Coen  a.. .,��>���,.,,, Bro.   Railway1' Carmen���Flrat   and
C. Matteeon 832 Helmcken St. .> tolrfli Monday.        '    V*
A,   Fen ton   ...................... - r gneet   MeUi    Workers���First   and    Cooks,
A. Beasley .........................,        third Monday.
....'   Musicians. Allied Printing Trades-Council���Sec-
A. J. Malacord........ ..**/.!.!, K jw       ond Monday.
iron Mouldere-rrJmifhjajraday.
Letter CarrleiiB^lbedWsatunlay.
Baker.���Second and   fourth   Saturdays. ..
..'XX'-utj^ '.���-'d",Wii',.ltHi?f,fO     ./. ,*. :nii-���
Painters���Plumbers' Hull. 313 Cambie St. Every Tuesday.   <>,
Plumbers-313   Ca&BlW^i,
��� xi..!togn?��KW ^a-jt|rerjf Eriday.
Street Railway Employeea���Odd Fel-
m%!*^:^x&* Hot��i, w..j��eM,..::::iiiimSmm. *miaimyvmm *��a .������. "Z*^******?* Wrt-
T. Turner �� .��,,���.......,....,,��.. .,.,.^._j .Atr ���   ^Monday, *��?>   vju-.t \        \w       nesaay..
G. Lasburg
.JL 7 ^1 Keefer
. Queen*? Hotel
.hU, -:5.;s
/ ��e j      ���'"
jseir. onaw  viuwu-h��^i -^< -���'������    MachfnlSts���Second and fourth Mon-    Musician.
_^_. O. Johnson .^^^^..Tl^^      ��ex i
Boc*biiMiers. Plumbers.   ...(,^ M,t 1o
LMowatt .......��!�� Dnnlevy st) I. McWblnnie .M^aa%^ncea.,i|
r. b
������'-.{��� ~,.'_     *r^~- -     ��� ���-*���        MS^aTWaaa
Stonecutters (Soft)-^FIrst Tiieaday.4      vl   . b
m% tiy^todera- lrirat Tuesday.
Ickford  ....
Hastings. and Carall Street..
*. Jfitkto  .Baroy Barbe^ Shop j. A. sicken. 346 Barnar*V��t.
, . L. Cameron, Metr^jp^nje Barber Shop F. A. i Hoover. .613 Westminster Ave.    jna
leo. Dehalt    .. ���  ��� A* W**e * ��� ��� '���.oi^^S*W^^t'''' '���'        Tnesday
Amalgamated -^*r-
23���Third Tues-
. ��� ^_'\ ��� ���
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Tradea Unionist
**A**m*!>jt wmm *?**��#***
Granville St.


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