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The Trades Unionist 1908-02-01

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..^trf/T- -w
SB ��W �����. T I
1Yi >t
.    -
���.^W*T e
..     .  - ���      - A-~  -'     - ���- Mf.it.-        ���     .....^  ^.J.
���"'   ���K*ti'.1      ' t����!'! 'f.    "^'"'.Ijii'ff r-^-1^
'l    ��-��..'
��> h��14 VANCOUVER, B. C.f F-fBRUARY,
jMjkffcf Ail
W Ivfl ^ ��8
V^waaaa��a��ae����a�� ' ����������� ������������� ������.!�����
' >**�����������
5     ae^-Vl^ \- iff; ^a^irrbial-
*-^t>*-.gijJirw+ ��dii, W ay
;,rw.Hie4aA^mk<lt>h% .Miiussu jurnu ���
->:.    ���
,^AI|owen>r^ g . -.j.
pej^a U>   .<��*> ��Tl.<f-.^a�� he. a a��
*;>v ��-���
na^SfeMlM   <**��������. '
���   Our aim is to carry a
flood Dry.OnniU, Woni
���>rf*  !��> ^^A^^'aJL^^^^^'ilj/l*^tiil*
establishcd--nTid flwtln
end. -^o^htww^f
'1 .������"'���
Wc rcaliw Via tfco
of September of thai' year the first
organised Labor Congress of Canada
began ita sessions in the Trades
Assembly Hall fn Toronto, there being forty-three delegates la at*
tendance. These delegate : represented trade organisations in Toronto, Hamilton. I London. Ottawa.
St. Catharines, Seaforth, Bowman-
viiie and Cobourg, ellin Ontariev.u
That the "labor men/' who met
for the first time In    Toronto    fa
1875, were felly named of the needs
of the time Is evidenced by the nature and scope of the subjects upon
which the Congress went upon record on that occasion, and among the :
principal- of uYeeo wor* neolsttoas
in mvor of a^hrw agaiast - <the'employment of ohHdren<of ten years of
age In flactorieev mUls , an* other
manufacturing eetabUahments where
raachfnery la need; the enaclsaeot of'
as equitable and lost lien1 la W? arh>
tratlew !��� law disputes? a ahAirday
batf-holiday; a i regular system of
labor organization throughout tbo
Dominion; a more stringent appren-
tlce^aaKi the appeal of tiwCManlnal.
Law Amendment Act; the abrogation of the contract system 10 connection with the Domlnloi. and Provincial prftonsY i nine-hour w^l
lng day. and tno^featioh ot'n^hnr^^
eaife-'Of atwA' and sfatlstWa. f ItfeelW"
ttons eondemutng ^ve��th#^w^fi ^o��W����'f��^a,,l>f^>*$lp*Wh
and imported cheap' labor'(labor ihlhv Cttft?s4l Torontnv   Taking advantage
ported under contract),' wOlro aide' of the oceaaion. the'stalwarts" *f    ei��?ispjsitlng
concurred In. f '^ tluu^ mhaiiMlpaJliy    called a public.- thor^|san|vjpi
The Canadian Labor Union met at n��eetlna>i of   wortlagnieetv u anddat    lamf ejants.
Ottawa <UB^nelpfta] 01 the Uemtn- wh,ch thoaoat prtawaent and ole^/ nhpgf alaV^to. collesjnh
itntii��j;��''j .��HP  ��&i % -4,^jrr'     .��������>]
,o^��i��l> i.-cw u ifjyjqaft A
(;-1*v��^(fb ".^.iE'.tf -iedjr-' pi ho^(
��" '     "       *-naaaaaaataOananaSlj
lugh the
r, the pret
trict Trades
who jWorili
In 1878���tblr
J   Idri),-W lt74v' ami through timffceurt- ^eent anaahers were delegatea to the    piece work,
eafw'the Piomler-~thew%��he'^iglrr' InUrnatlon%ttTyima^aphlca^ f#jap|��H I��herj dstputes,   o
Honorable Sir Johir A^Macdonald��� copvan|inju^; The i>as^^ bureau of
held't��'thr>se duya^ s^lon in reem tiohm^ad^nml^i^r^ tha^|e^p��riiare,^
lt^f^'IIWal* hf Comihons? glHP Coupm^^jianas^
during which It changed the tHkf'W and haa ^pW��P(SA,4olng admlraWf,   MtfAMK^f^ *0
tlnrt Mat xt?Jhe Caaadian Labor I Oon- "^l^r^^^^au^pm^ ytiit "^oolt '
gwemtiut :MMi^^ii^^^ fe    tDespiaoytso^mmti that ^The^uuu** ��sll agala by the
The <nlrd at Aognat. 1871* foaad aeaaO Labor Ceagreaa" haA net haid-
the Congress.mealing ewtp*;*^ at. a^seaahs^ajlnos^
St. Cothartneaw^lt
���^^Psj^"^'^na��g(Savaa t In^-saafpiP t'
of timMod>najigentlyt l^ma*,^
und    choaep as the
a|gW|cauae of;  l|J^eflP��eWJ
sr years ago   [ tamjrerda^.^1 sm^^ Indus
Trades Aase/nbly of Jbe city of    preaslon was severely    In
to lasuet  It call for the hold-    during these years, and all for
being hon-
Bpoaalhlllty of lauing a call for    a     ored In the nerrojt^at^. UnuW
Trsdes and Labor Coogrees ts��ephA, i w|io represented Local Aaaembiy No,
December,   1883.     On  this     4M.S. K. of L.. of J^Sl
tapme  forty-five    delegates    wpre no leas than one hundred and
In attendance, and Mr. March    nine delegates at tale Congress Ja
of a convention Of representatives    labor organisation suffered nms^pr    waf.afac^ed president.    He **\$gfA l^f-^Meagl^B principal subjects
the tqswas unions of the country.    less as a <��nsequenc��~evej|^^e-    presideut of the subsequent Congress    considered and passed upon at the
appeal was well responded to    ropto Trades Assemly became dor-    of  1888 and  1887.    The principal     1886 Congress were labor represent-
Ontario, and on the 83rd    mant.   In 1881, however, the Inter-    subjects which called for resolutions    atlon in Parliament and the ������"���"'' ", -' ' ���      m'
" ���
. ��    * ...   ���
of Omy the 6ti
\<> khaii IU
OFFICE 2292.
Enclosed. find for: publication
copies of resolutions passed at the
last convention (annual) of District
Association No. 6, Western Federation of Miners, held at Greenwood,
B. C, Jan. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th,
19#t>.     !X>1 ' * ..it
Briefly. aneLit muat be briefly, aa
igle Sign
��� ���,.'-"
the mall closes In ten minutes. The
convention was the heat ever held
a/    by the district.   The attendance waa
..i.iai^ii iir  -friiii-in   i- -i Him ������     -iissii ���   ,;������ ���   ai-.iii ���  j larger.than at any.��� previous conven-
spread unity behind it, and,the will- * tion and the business conducted with
Ing and  steadfast support accorded ���  credit and dtapatch.    Frat. Delegates
for alderjaaay .Amendments to    it.    Granted   ti.ese   essential   ad- \ Peter Patterson of the United Mine
Municipal Act, the publication of    Janets, there can be no doubt but j Workers of America, and Bdgar efa~
lent lists In cities and towns,    that the Trades and Labor Congress    son of the Nelson Local* I. W. W.,
le raising of the exemption of in-    of ���Canada will Always be found a ; were also there and took part In the
tax from M0.O.  to, MOO, the    vigilant and valiant "sentinel on the j deliberations.    The new officers of
ir enforcement of existing fac-    tower," watching    over   and   safe- j the association are Charles Bunting
laws, and the abolition of the    guarding the rights and the/Interests ) of Grand Forks ,  president;   B.  E.
branch of the Parliament of    nt the working people of the whole ���  Taylor of Moyie, vice-president, and -
A resolution was also con-    Dominion. ',  A. 8h!ilaad   of   Sandon,   secretary-
.^, Siencil Cntti
.���jiPHs ���>**
Kalaomining, Paper Hanging,
W.4T, ntaSttmC m OjWCa
63 mHUnPmWf1^
Convention recognise In this
other  Instrument in  the  hands  of
e employing class for the euhju-'
tion of the working class, and wet
erefore press for ha rejmeL
frm. Da
Mclnnla, sT. B. Auj nhv ht Taylor,
Chas. Bunting, peter Patterson,
'^ternV MMpHMltil aftno
In "that It la the duty of the
THU tfNTOSf VHtHTttftiP HOlttU.
Ite the hours of all workers in the
.ptoe^nant*f the Bute, aa well as "InTl* #1
and    companies   and* Vmbirh*mwS0smK   mbre *thlsT a
.era Obtaining contracts or con-    mere organization for raising wages. ]
Imum time    ��lck members.���^tSpfi
In such cases."    Home at Colorado
name of the body    heen quoted as a )
treasurer.   The next place of
ing is Moyle, B.C.
iBewvCawnaMof District Am
(on,   No. f, W. F. of at.,
tion BoertMlBe *-fttrf eftne^byie
Report of Committee on the Lesatewx    libers' Union and The Consolidated
Act. kilning and Smelting Co. of Canada J
���r ��� ,    ��� '* .   on the grounds that In the last an-
Wf. ,our ����*��!    commute, .p-    .^ lt MBttaneX ��Uow a. oM '
, at    the    most favorable conditions, and many
in 188ft, the    is the printer who has title home to
pointed by the Tenth Annual Conven- 4                             M   d       4
ti^ti District Aa^Ution N* 6, W. J^ggg** with the i
"i�� tcioW dltional dimulvantage that the Imme-
The Industrial Disputes Inveatiga- JLfa-g* ofahaffcnwansl.Mlnn au-
rTradeS    of Its IWd.   There tht fight against    tion A*M��07." beg to recommend JOtfjfjne st  Eugene mine man-
Dominion    tuberculoala is carried on under the    the adoption of the following reso- jL^^^'^^^-^^mng^jmg
lut,on:                                '<��� *'���' "*��������*<>'" men on#lfiia sFlf.
Whereas, The Industrial  Disputes 1          e^^m^^
this    thank for restoration to health.            Investigation Act���commonly called
Labor Con-       The Union Printers'    Home waa    the Lemieux Act���waa made law by
it still re-    founded fifteen years ago and rep-    the Dominion    Parliament   without.
resents  an   investment   of   about  a     giving the workers sufficient time to
ngress    quarter of a million In land, build-     examine  Its provisions and express "       at^naLS the wiw-ria e th��
regularly.    Inge ind eejutpment.    Its mainten-    their approval or disapproval of the
and widened its scope of delibera-    atteesince the beginning has cost    same, and        ^^>.   ^4^ ^��;r m
tion and action as the exigencies of    about the same sum.    Union prin^        Whereas, A careful  consideration B||rtIfi &
Inst the action
v t"
time required.
So as to be In    full
both the-British
and the   American
.Labor, the Trades and Labor
grew of Canada, at Ita a
in Berlin In 1808.    exch
word "compulsory" and su
the word "voluntary" In cla
Ita platform of principles. As
sequence, the clause Is now
era who are not in
! old to work
of their local union.   Notes
,��� ever te charge* an* the bounty of
using their position to reduce   the
workers    not
me Is
The home has   been
^m"^^m>^^^   .^mw^m" *^*���       mmimmmm*. ��� ���**
vement Is     ^^^
In question.
r *%*������*-��
library of 10,000 volumes which has
Voluntary arbitration    been collected, and also give room
of labor disputes." for more Inmates.
Being an acknowledged necessity.        A pension scheme wis also adopt-
the Trades, and Labor Coagrem of    ed at the convention of the Interna-
Canada has come TO STAY, and Its    tlonal Typographical Union held in
future usefulness and    power    for    August last and all aged members
in proportion to the    hereafter will receive a fixed sum
reposed In It. the wide-    per Week.
I ci nee ' i
effort to ImprOVe his con-
employer can evade the
of the act by closing down
his property prior to no attempt being made on his part to reduce the
wages efhto employees, as was clearly shown by the recent action of the
Granby Co. In the Boundary district
of British Columbia.
Therefore be It resolved, that we,
the delegates In attendance at this
Good Clothes
for Moil
Union Label
I Hats Furnishings
�������.��*'.��.�� m\m>m��m>m��m>mT<m^>m��m��m��m-m-^mamm-m����i
a fly i
at*.*< v. ������SB*- ;** i3*'. * ��17184. J.fO ���
���A-~ ' '     '
if"* S _        )':   . ��� y.  .. '.   ���     '    ���     .     ���   ���      .  ���,.    -'
r-^A^ttU w*a*^.A^kj��;1.J*I'*..Jtt'Av.'.;
Mb* �����
1 )
*%    '.   b iselt ft.
,a?r. #flh1Wai#? ^0J��?-
ami ,
jWfV'' ���...
afi   '
��� ���' ' .     '     , ' ' '5.'
" bwin**!
n i��i i $ �� Li esj| m I f H.
"IHH||i   I ii,|> wnj|.
sent to the NaUl Act, and by cea- Ik
tracting to bring Aaiatics Into Brit- ftlv��
ish Columbia in violation of the let- fttH
tor and spirit of existing legislation, {Ing centres in each of the following
and; vadm to.*eieA"vs. \**frwq***i jdiatrfctftiOoa viaAM 'Hut*-/,* *;i,j,tiK��*l ft%J
Whereas, His unreasoning antag- f   The Crow's Nest District,
oalsm toward organtaoff labor makes }���    The Slocan,
it impossible fer him to deal   out        Nelson and Rossland,
even the commonest*  Justice    to a Thefft&M*MJ\ Jw**t9t)  tfA   ll!   2*
large section of the dtkens ed the f *>��t first In the opinion of your com-
province?.      **��'�� *y**.ti.i#9Ft ***..* Imlttee, must come the retail store, |J*
.    Ttoioiwrn^��e I* Resolved,   That fthen afterward, to supply tee o*ejder, t
we, the delegates to the Tenth An- [that tt^<*^
nual Convention of lWstrictAsaoela- ftbe  Co-operative-Owned .j Wholesale
tionvMO. ��; Wi>. of  H.   pretest |House will come into existence.       ,.
against the Immigration policy of the        T��jy��M?8tlll,&*. W!r^55'CBffl^f M
Dominion and  Provincial    Govern- j?th^fyfipHe"a&r<a*yOC3MUft0ilVl '%
ments, and store oflnta Wnd oommun^U pd^
Bo It further Resolved. That we Grand Forka, where an enterprise of
condemn the actions of Lieutenant-
Governor Dunsmulr, resent hie attl- etion.
'��� 11
���^ j;
tudo toward organised    labor ' and
This Convention further   protests    consider him unfit for the present
���    n r,'
��s -
.' -.,,'���   dc>.-
���' fc*  t
^^vle"  have . imeni-
against the award on the grounds of    position and Incapable of dlseharg-    B*P��*i r*<*"P"*W.*�� President's y^   foV Cgu^
������:    :
Its injustice, for since it was admit-    ing the duties incident to so high an
ted by all parties to the proceedings     office.
coat of living had Increased
- per cent, this
ii;  ���.������-���'���
Board of Arbitration not only made Resolved, That this,    the    Tenth
neither   provision nor recommends-    Annual Convention of District No. 6,
tJ^ for an Increase in wagencom-    exBrees Ita continued confidence in    "WW******* recommend that an
1 rmmect^ *mWimd?.#i*��
rar^th the
Institution of a t nome^pr Ohr
sick and indigent^ tneml
assessment be levied and.the amount
so realised form the   nucleus of a
mensurate with even the lowest un- John MclnnIs, Parker Williams and
contested   ratio of increase  in   the Jas. H. Hawthornthwake, the Social-
cost of,Rvtog, *ut actually   **eom- 1st membera In the 1 Provincial Par-    '*** /orthta Purpose,    but before
mended a reversion   to ia   scale of Hament of British Columbia
wages less In some   Instances   than Resofutfim.
the schedule formulated to meet llv- ,
Ing Conditions   that   existed   eight Resolved, That we request the So-    ���^fom be aubmltted to the local
year. ago. clallst members of,;,the uProvincial    -nlons for a referendum vote.    :r.
Resolution Legislature to bring to the notice of
> v           w    ^ the Provincial BoSk' of Health the
^minion and Pro- matter of sanitary inspection of the
- ,    17 ^ ���>  *'*n:''
final action bq taken by this convention, yopr committee would further
recommend that the question in the
brated Clothing for saen, ao4V
the first conalgnment U aurtt
I* here. hp : ^Vi&onv
We have good reason to>
ildve that CsmpbeU'��Cl
will please   every   mail
buys It.     -;W)����;   ;,l^x
A  It makes a man look
dressed.    ���'' <* ��*���'���<-*��**-����;
^^ilnita "mm*Wm)tia** * ***
-����� '������ni:
According to capitalist papers the
��� , ^_ t��ip,a*��pl' ti
ents are at Oie,pres-    boarding houses In and around the    dnraken ^^ Mnl^ tt on New
r linmlgrattpa mto    mlneav mills and smelters   of   the    I'TTL "*^Tr3 ^w" ^ S^^^^g^
u.arly the Province     province, and If It be necessary, to     Years by the 8WeH ^omep of New   .#MW!fl|, anj u^f
o^Br^^Coiumbla, id^ eire^icting    nave legislation placed 00 tho^ eta-    *p&; W f����l��t��lnaT A^es^,   In all
ttWts 'aw' tln'^'mns^oni    tute boots'that will effectively'deal     the fashionable hotels aad>cafes they   '' ifl n -f ^''a '" 'r,fl ^^1-^^ ��SWJi
were scattered promiscuously about        Has your   "
operating Ip titia country. an^r with this question,    J 'x^
^W^ereas^;|ie.efect,:o^jS��h��',policy ����������n    ��� >�� m��� ��e-^mt|oi]/       "' v^'
is to reduce the wages and lower the ����;��wh    n.   ���   ���>?���     .<���''-��.��
^Ithe working ^��W�� To*,mma^ry;rtof pro-    beastly Intoxication.    Their
the- premises m    various stages %t ^i^^etf ^ >,
class,'and duction^has reached such % degree leas drunken lords and masters in      ^gsOp
Whereas. The Ueut^Iovernor of    ��* Afficiency that it Js aoaslbliM   for ���������!, eaaop ea*iar^ John   P.   Leheney, a
#^ a^^J^r^^af!^!,10 eolty teaortlng their personal, fern-    **** *.**#���**
violated the pledges of hi. office byt   *mr*****w #���***** with a        ^ ^^^ the job-ldt that  "S^JS*
using the same to advance hi. prl-    8horter  ���k d^;        ^L^if hnnni'S^^ aWIWferfc
by his refusal to as-     :<Jfr*m*v &,<&**��*#&�� That l>oose^ip|^^
.^iftfe*?**?^ ���^��nd��We At in mai^^lns^^
th^ti^^^onvention^f ln> wa^carte*,away. tU mhltaka, WT^gK
M^raUon  ofMln0      d     ^'tA1 '���**'m)-0m**m*i'*^ *f^52?^
���iragiwHaa; jawmpsae ss^assnt
* e*     r iful
. wf !��� 4��^,. ��� *m*��it. 54U^Sf matter. _ 1
^���ji'w, ,��� ^1 ' ii^N^W-    tom^pi
. e>^"
.., ^^to^
������   .'*������''. 4 m.,'   mi...-   *���.'   |*airin.i|    ana��T aPW��'^*.**IW: '**111 -yltMl^Ur-w.
w; hdis .;
lo-^ ^uipS^^^o^Bi^ ;J8$W '��d?^f
:ve store   '.Whai ->,m. ��oriasalstsy V. iiuW^i -" i
SnT the success of the    ����m����   another   panie-^ho
tvement depends largely on each    pang of a new civilisation!
Siaii'a ia)iaVa m
ponizing Our Advertizer* flon't F(
rades Unionist
���      iih������immmmm ���
    #tltfatft<y�� n*nwn mjrun >^*/,,**&*&*im>umj**2
���   T
��� M-i ���T^fTjTTnry
t>.iO^M����Jfft:bjUta S��*-t'��-$
la AD (kw'ftranekes >
<�� "i��o"tkio.ri*4'*��(*?u;" sjda ��4 ?*��jj. *m
a VaY.fhSBM*'   U"atXlr,-t*���>.!*  *y��*0'i ffrinu   >m,1'K.
for FIHCK8 ft AIL&OAD KINO v v"'
Vcr -ViiinV .dfjoH I^'tsTi
aetment of laws to prevents them
from entering this country; aid Anally the breaking Of a fstnt^ndows
tuf the Oriea^-ejuariers^V 0
��*>��<*?>memory serves me correct w
the employers of Astatic labor, chief
^ramoogwhean^ were the hotel and
willing to employ white labor lfnthoy
conks aeenre lL->Naw wlif' do not
those employers make g^eA^ their
promise by discharging tie. Orient-
���njnaw   *nrSBuau> gonanjanan;   gjantuaaunf * ^ss^ssnnnnw "^sTta^ao   sjannw.
* mmw^mmmm*^*m+mmmi��umm***9^  ��� \ ^Ba^ssow <:pmmmmw}0immvmy
walking the street, of this city idle
and who are only too willing to work
If they could. #u.. t��.J*j ���' ��?*< I
No, the facts show only too plainly
that they employ! Asiatics because
they are i the. rhcaacst labor. the, em
.,. ... mi.  i��-   ������!   m>* .+~��mnv)k ij_*
hxLt<i-   ,n
���T^lasr hteuusnana.
wi^^i.i,,-.  ���i���      b /
Clgarmakers-    Local    15T Is
at the    same
���although   we  have  not
from for some time.
. Bee.  6th,  1107, we held
mfa*-T.MKh.B.��. um ���,TJaa*aJ?" r"*":
la difficult to purchase goods with    ploying elans can And I* the market,   'junportem
the* Union Label attached.   Not so And no Aonbt ther are willing to wer shoirsnjg sjftmn Tr dafpllTirIn
with cigars.    The cigars    made in find room for.mojre   Orteuu& .and or near slwooas of the bareor shops
vTLneolrver Are ta�� auperiW to1'** displace white labor It ^Salting below, who dose their shops at 7:30
non-union product, of-the* Beat, and class.of Canada will stmnjdv.by and p. m,: igj(|
there are many brands to select from, see the bread and butter taken from        W. Burke's���200S Granville, Fair- ^-p
I am sure that If the smoking pub- them and thefjr. fantiihw' mouths, for view,
lie only knew what conditions non- the sake of swelling the pockets of        Cascade��� 865 Granville street.
union cigars were made under they the capitalist class with a few more
wonld refrain from smoking them, paltry dollars. \/-'.''''''''6'r
and It would be the best advertlse-
at      *W     *
Let us hope that   the\ working
inerade ball In Pender, hall,
waa a decided success.    Ever
rho participated enjoyed a splen4
Handsome . .prises
light fantastic.
All meml
rklng at
they will work all wlnti
j^jjjssj, Mr, Union Msa, why not -be
class, in the near future,
And just so with    all    non-union the remedy for this evil In
goods.   They Are made under condl- er place���the Ballot Box. ,
tlons that we ourselves    would not BfiJRT KBUF+A
stand for, and that Is why most of Press    Correspondent    Cigar makers
us are In the   West   today.    After        Local 857.
moving away from those conditions
some of us seem only too willing to
buy the non-union products of the - ���h-a^
East. '  ;' '* -'*'-i^l&:-
Let us get together and demand I* ��Pite of reports and rumors to
A. Ai Gray's���Ceraer Robson and
Granville street. c^,,
Coat's���McKlnnon     Block,   Gran-
1  seek     vllle street.
,:i'->i .����� M'*f' ���'���'*������>-'' '"''f';
7. ^/-v.^.
������������-, ������-���< A"a>.
,      ....      TT~
Grotto���Granville street. w
Post Office-' Pender street
Savoy���Cordova street.     -^ '
Gem���Cordova street.
Smiths���Cordova and Carrall.
Metropole���Abbott street.
Dominion Hotel���Abbott street.
the Union Label on all the gooda we f*e fOOtrnry. the Barbers'
purchase m the future. 4*0 la stCayfUi^bat surety
Permit me to quote a few statis- * gneeter, strength ihml^ts��gawi��.
tic. Uketi    from the ClgarmakerB ��.Pwi inembersblp ia now a. Urge
Official Journal, which    proves the �������������*the timeof the barbere* strike
more consistent and create a better    Biftht.Hour WOfk    dfty h beneflcU1 some eighteen months ago, the ob-
at^of know the Teuton UnelTAe    t0 *#* ���** ***** ��* ����W* '**> ** 2 ^M*%***   ^
as yon know the Union LAhel is tne    ^ working class: On May Mmely. 7:*ft p. m., dosing of har-
only weapon with whlc^we can sue- .'J^jjJ^ c^^ aeenrod ������� toope excetWng ^tnrttA> iitght.
fr0m *    the ftlght-Hour worn day:   lE%at . whle* U, jPJ^^J
. .w *f   'Wh nf^Nono pOt cent of the deaths        Local 1H.
There are many instances when it . * . ^ ��kj��iaM^
of our .members   were   canned by ted ;osl**s
���uiiJiUl'iu .oiivL";
Oyster Bay
Oxford Hi
OMnMf 1
Scatlgnos���Mt. I
Wills 8hop-80^
Waverly  H.
cessfully fight our nmaters,
trade union standpoint.
of'; our*; msmbeta.- ��� ��� wer
twentr-fonr   oer    harher shops, ^jk
t.    This shows that in
w -
l^iaav^M '
been ai
7** w.j �� fjiy.i4.. iipjuja ���'-tfWgif,
ies and loca-
ln the
of The
Labor Hall, Tf
It! ^R., �����#D ��
a8 am *
After all there. are hut two wa
��� wl sjr-    on thelr hmmhers for this offence,    of making a living���working for It
lug the financial crash of last Octo-    *e lntwld e1^0* them the oppor-    and working ooft^sQly for it
her, and which has placed so many    i    ��� "..    ������" "' '"" ���     .'i1 "' ���       "' n '<
ed^the working claas oa the
ployed list of Vancouver, my memory
goes back to last   September
the cttiesn. of |hls   city
against toe Influx of Aalatica to this
province by trying to
When Patronizing Our
zcrs Don't Foroet to Mention the Trades Unionist .*���
I have also sent ' out   notices to    Incoming Organisation
unions asking them to furnish a list    look janathf sjftjoi
of wages, members and hours;  and     ati
have received replies from 15 unions.        Ali^aaa-waPdan ata f
I would also like to recommend    mltted*
that the addressee of ell delegates
be kept on file, so that delegates appointed on committees can be notified.
The following is the Hat of attendance for the last twelve meetings,
and the possible attendance aa shown
by roll call:
5> J Gir.Vimanotgf
Vancouver, Dec 7, 1107,
������   l ���:��� }-- i' S'.'.r- **>fuc\
if r      . ��-t>;i;
^W'V-v; -^tm^yr
July 4
July 18.
Aug. 1.
Aug. 15.
Sept. 5
Sept. 19.
Oct.    3
��� ���   '..
��� ��� ���
..   .. i
Wat��� a'����"
Nov.  21
Dec.    6
... ..38
��� ���  ������..42
��� ���..   ...3 7
���������      ���������!
������   ...41
��� ..45
... 35
Some trade unions rarely think of
Attd. P   Attd     J^"* **   ,Wttl   �����**��*"   where
���        ' AW d     tttoam other than "nanas" are    dm-
87 cussed.    There Is such a sameness
87 about trade
87 occasioi
87 rule c
87 life.
88 Some local unions do not even take
91 advantage of the- "good������- end we>
���8 rare" order and discuss matters of
t4 paninu��.nnaXi *+*���**-**���** ������-
Dec. 19 35
~v vieam-Aiiuu. xne
'4 meeting, are frequently taken* up
9* discussing some p^JsJa^Jjalr,'
I would like to point out that this or a misunderstanding -Wtween two
Is not 50 per cent of the delegates members, etc, and when the hour
on the roll, and something should he-    arri
�����a.��,,-i'��M^a: ���T��^t*^^^--^*tbttnao* ��*��.����a
The foUowtag I. . ����� of attend-       7.0^^1.^ "Z*"���- 8WWl ��"te* ���-�� �����
ons>�� k..  ��__ ��� rtH   open   meetfne     fr������   ma^k.       Kulnc *h�� r>..i* .���__ .       _
 __ wumman, samuel Gowley, who was
The following Is a list of attend-        An open meeting    for member.,    �����ing the Gulf Lumber Company for
ance by unions: '    ^n-members  and  friends,  an'��A*--
'   n^aJLaZm: ^    w membera.    "*��g me oulf Lumber Company for
ca^naT1, ^ k^ ""^ ���" **    **��� ^ ��f h!a *��� ��" toToinV
?    ��    *    e^ry^lj: IT ��f SB* ^   ^*** * ** ^**ent?l��
-    ��.     eiejiy outalders from    the    central -^ktimed for the full ftn.n���n.  ����aa
& 5 Z              e   ��f the oIdw M m *�� tlle �������*���� olW th*-Mgeam
g n unions, a song, a musical eoloT an of damages,    an.   00-10*^3
ft     * I .^tIon to ^ the union, etc., such Judgment.    Cowley  waa   running
I     ��� I un^rsUud^^
*    .c, understand each other better and get ���� 8* main drum and waa draei
L                                                  ::    : g ��c^alnted  with  the objects of our ^de.    Contributory negllgaacTwut
I    Brlcklayert-^^aaomi     5    50 60 f^TO1N��#,lt-���u^ ����� W.-of A. ueged hrthe defence,   AitoaotsMetvA
^Of  Carpenter.,. ;;g     g ���0 *��� ZaSg?'* ^ ��***����� *��
Bartendera..,   ...... 6    27 f0                  ~~         ^* ��� oiwntlomv,^ .,At?i,,.
1      a ;���              eornjapondenee   Intended  iOr ^
Bookbinders... .             i 8 ,,        A" e��"Mpond.nce   Intended   for           ;    <-**���  '    lilmScB
Barbers   .... .,"   "�� ,1 ,,     ""Wlertlon In The Trade, Unlonltrt KXOHANOn. CaX��4***lM
^ And    ManTtfwra of    Teamsters                   ��� !             eorrespondents: are   elaetad, to re- warn ^��4X*t^    S2i ��      T^-*
ondLrtmr.OouncU:     Iron^tOn^ ��^��^ of While Inter^conoa^ Ifp '^^^:*^^
^i a* to .��^tt Rir>|10rt of that  isaKEj^;
D1T kaA/iMi laa�� ^iM^a..  -w-^��*a��B-w,.   ,     a%��|t^fg   iii*ft:.,aj|t;ifO
my ��Wfl*
lltve affiliated,
During my term of   .
sent out 28 notices to unions of
-ten not attending m
i ihad to state that
have answered
mere    Painter... 5 jieV  At
Te?m     ^f^waymen,   .   . A ^gM
-ST    naS2St*^   -  v>Ja?��4
S -^S SatK^S.
* ^*��jA , siflfc ^%i*aV?M%^pkejTM'
" lAII..  ..  2    12    22
��.. ��*     ....     _    m
k.   .
^**efs,-. :/v%rf;
��M��et ft>Mrnm,,,^
. J waB,d W~ to ncommond that
����^��rt of the report dealing with
l��Alvidnal union, be referred to the
s^rfaaarswraann flnaaft ��,u<'.-
That the host made shoes���the shoes
made under the ^best manufacturing
conditions, the shoes that best stand
wear ���bear the Union Stamp as
shown herewith.
Ask jroar dealer for Union Stamp Shoca, and IT he
cannot supply joa W.ITB
f4*.  _% r.: ;��>J ��&��. tsu^ _t >-
���it. il;'g-     II
given to him.   But It waa explained     unions.   Several delegates complain-
that It was an old copy, and before    ed thgligy tM-fbsiW4tt|*Pere..
the Trades and Labor Council took    This was explained  and  would  be
over the paper. altered In the future.
It waa suggested that the Label
Committee meet with the Typographical Union.
Roll  Call.
altered li
The ^Council inferred back to
The following were nominated for
officers for the following term:
J. H. McVety���President.
A. W. Von Rheln���Vice-President.
W. W. Sayer���General Secretary.
A. R. Burns���Secretary-Treasurer.
H. Sellers���Statistician.
H.   Kllpatrlck���Sergeant-at-Arms.
Board of Trustees ��� Delegates
Commerford, Watkln, Sayer.
I'nflnlshed Business.
Delegate Sellers moved the second
reading to amend Sec. 2. Art. 4 of
the By-Laws. After discussion the
amendment was lost.
Delegate    fufleh
Delegate Fisher,
were appointed auditors.
DelegateiAlckln asked
After 8om
out" that it cou
Nomination of Officers.
I  President |Ic
Delegates - Pettipiece    and    Von
Rhein were proposed for Vlce-Presl-
ofef/t? ; m*.
r Council.
Vancouver, Jan. 2, 1908.
- President McVety In the chair.
Minutes of previous meeting
Credentials received and obligated
by the president: J. J. Welsh.
Bricklayers and Masons; H. Sellers,
0. Payne. J. Commerford, A. H. Dut-
ton, G. Doctor, Builders' Laborers;
S. Hermlngham, & W. OBrian, A.L.
McLeod, Geo. Green, A. Lanley,
Brotherhood of Carpenters; Ed.
Foley, Wm. Kelley, Joe Randall, Ed.
Carpenter to assist Chas. Davis,
Hotel and Restaurant Employees; F.
Crulckshank, K. Brickford, J. A.
ftJsh;an,,F. V Hooper, B, Fasgnson,
Amalgamated Association of Street
and Electric Railway Employees of
America. ������eliti,r.
Letter read from Secretary of
Board of Works as to appointing of
scaffolding Inspector. The same waa
Bill from Martin, Craln A Bourne,
for $10 was ordered to, he paid.
Letter from Trades and Labor
Council, Victoria, asking for certain
contract between the President of the
Wellington Coal Company and a certain Japanese agent for 500 Jan-
anses. The Secretary was instructed
to write and explain the matter to
the Victoria Trades and Labor Council.       ���       >
Delegate Sellers read a long manifesto from the Parliamentary Committee on the referendum. After n
long discussion It was proposed that
it lay on the table for three months
so that the delegates would have
time to thoroughly understand the
working of this movement.
It was moved that a copy of the
resolution asking for the dismissal
of Lieut-Governor Dnnsmulr be
sent to J. H. Hawthornthwalte.
Statistician Sellers gave a very full
report of the delegates attending for
the past six months. This waa accented with best thanks and nronos-
^���^������gja^^^B^BaB"���^ar w/Vaan   ^aaa^aaaa^ay - vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMW fcwuna^nn    J^ar^^^^^S^W^
wan���eal^thatr-the same he printed m the
yead asking Information aa to what next Issue of the Trades Unionist A
the 8aJvatton^^f|a^e^ng MftOjNks rwipinmendokthTl a file be kept
with the men coming out to British with all delegates' names and adr
Columbla. The " 8ecreftyxj��jaa. law ^djeaaes^ae Jhey can be notified of
structed to get an lnfsjjjliia| anetl
Vancouver, Jan. 16, 1108.
President McVety in the chair.
Minutes of previous meeting
Credentials were presented and
duly obligated by the President
A. Smith, Bricklayers and Masons;
J. M. Whinnie, J. G. Morgan, Plumbers; C. Mattison, Machinists; W. Von
Rhein, Taylor, Smith, Lasbury,
Shaw, Bartenders; C. F. Schwartz, R.
Chraig, R. Pursehouse, Cigarmak-
ers; A. J, Malacord, G. W. Field, J.
McDonnell, Musicians; G. White, P.
Smith, R. Matterson, B. Baker, Wm.
Lennan, Painters.
the Gen-
dent,    Delegate     Pettipiece   being
The General Secre
next for election, "
asked for a prl
eral Secretary's election lay over
til next meeting. After disci
It carried by 18 to 14 votes. The
remainder of the officers were laid
over until next, meeting. . The present off leers * to act until ��� new ones
were appointed.      - ���
Delegate Dutton, speaking on the
subject of the letter from R. G. Mac-
pherson as to the dismissal of Lieut-
Letter from R. G. Macpherson with     cen fQr tfte ^ai^ term?    Well,
reference to the    Council's    protest     why nQt send ,n a report?
concerning the dimlssal    of Lieut.-  i
Governor Dnnsmulr,   left until new \ ~~ttrt: ihivi
business W** not n*Te your unkm *e*aertbe
Letter'   from     Asiatic   Exclusion    in a hody for The Tradea UiilonsitT
Introduce a  motion  at   next  meet-
League aaking for delegates to attend the convention at Seattle. The
same waa filed.
r j Letter from P. M. Draper re action
of the Trades and Labor Council, referred to new business.
" Statistician Sellers asked for 500
printed notice, for absent delegates.
. w
ing;  pass ft, and have your secretary send In your addresses.
* '-.-���-.<-
.     ��tfc*1 -     ��� e&l
Delegate Pettipiece reported progress on disarming of Japs and the
u *���
forming of Trades and Labor Council at New Woatmlnster. '���   --4it Wm-tl-^a*'^.lm..>i ���    n r
Waa filed
: |isma|^f^|n,{-8e^aamny
resolution respecting
gratlon, waa filed.
Letter from Cigar makers'
&.. 48f an to
bor Council i
ell at New Westminster.
Secretary reported that he had
visited the Salvation Army and inquired into their Immigration
scheme. They piomlsed to bring
Only Hen for the r
new business.
niece reported
he had not received any
ence from delegates for    the
tha issue, and hoped the dele-
would make It known in their
!. i,ii;^i
M..^     .... -'-���SI
a first-class
Commr trial Law,
. Touch Type-
, Mechanical and Civil Bn-
all Specialist.
R. J. SPAOTT, h\A., Principal.
IVBN. BJi.. Vice-Fioa^V
- ���
-��� - : dpsm
��� ���    -
���  ���
%aja��^���   gri^tiaaaakJaWaar Aaia.  naaalaj^Hraaaaav
��� l|0n' weWPWaw y UUi A      rOZoTo
to Mention the Trade* Uroonist.
^      "_ i i-^M^MMawimiaimimmm *>
*��� ��� . ���.
������ I I,     *���
���   ;. *>':
���   "'
���*" ���
���   -
. VAHCXHTlliir
-. ���    ���'
��� ��� ;. ���  -     ii.i        .1 ...ii ��� ,��.ii ��� ....-*,        . ��� ��� .   ���
��� ���;-. i
. w    gennallvtf
Ulbft JQmo-j ox
HyaciotbfT-all kinds
Narcissus���all   the  leading
Lilies, etc, etc. at
. & Ce. Ltd
Telephone 988.
the delegates ought to have taken
this matter up before the election,
not afterwards.
It was ashed who was the scaffolding inspector, and who was responsible. It waa explained that
the present building inspector was
the scaffolding inspector.
A delegate asked If all the men
that worked on the contract at the
Auditorium were union men. The
Secretary-Treasurer said that every
man had a working card.   : >
The President explained that the
Parliamentary Committee would continue to act until a new one waa appointed.
Treasurer Burns wanted to know
ga^ Pettipiece suggested that   the    if the cheap food scheme waa still
seven  members be approached  and
that the letter ao sent to the Parliamentary Committee   to . act.   This
wag concurred In..
Delegate Commerford asked for information as to the advertisement In
the Belfast Evening News for men
and women to come to British Columbia. Delegate Pettipiece thought
that the Salvation Army did not want
Oar side of the question. But they
had been stirred up by the statement
of Mr. Trotter in England. Coroner Coombs,    in answer to s
going on, as he had several Inquiries.
The President believed that Delegate
Watkln was still alive in the matter.
���  11 ��� .i I H   .i.r..��'
i'.h      foi H   ,* :-:na*
msantzxr^ + r
��� ��*���
���JJ.mHJ!    "��� ".'..l!1,^.^!1
(/lit Jlo S
<��� n
���"���ii aaitJ i m     ��� , ������
Received High eat A warn for Qnality Wherever Exhibited.
���   ! ttMf\XJ*$TttK}   bit A  ****.
��mmi��ai��� �� m aanaaalili Wia*.
Sold by AH
.i    Sole Agent, for B. c.
iiau,r, DocoLAa �� oa. un.
':���' v
cable from the Salvation Army In
England, told them to send them
over as there was plenty of room
here. It was suggested that the Secretary write to all the papers with
the advertisement in. But it was
thought better to send all the Infor-
mation"'jp air. Trotter; which the
Secretary stated was being done
every week.
The Secretary-Treasurer was instructed to purchase matting for the
Ten dollars Were donated to the
Dominion Trades Congress.
Secretary read a letter from the
Garment Workers' Union referring to
the action of the Trades and Labor
Council. Aftr considerable discussion the whole matter was left In
the hands of Delegate Pettipiece, who
would answer   P. M. Draper's   let-
was asked if the city
pledged to nay -union
on dvic work, and as
With the Bricklayers and
Tour correspondent finds it dtffl-
cut to write this month because he
has not been able to attend the meeting of the union.
Work Is still slack, but we are hoping for better times. Still all shoold
be done by Individual members to
write to friends and relatives to
keep away from Vancouver, aa there
seems to be enough men here to do
all the work in the building trades
for some time to come. This every
member can do and it will eventually
greatly help all worker. In this city.
One great difficulty- here Is the cost
of bricks. I do not know If any notice waa taken of my remark. In the
last Issue, but there seems to me to
be a good opening in this city for
thi. man', contract. Do not let this
slip by you, but try and do something in the matter.
I trust that .our. alteration In receiving pay every two weeks Instead
of every week will be an advantage
to the builders of this city. And the
move we took in the matter was for
their benefit, and not our own, ahow-
'ig that we wish to act In harmony
In the tight "money time. And when
good times come again, as we hope    them why.
t ***���<
nor Council need a paper.'
the paper. Tberefora it Is np
to p^a-ranise It.
'V 'When you are fn tfttfnntft"
on   ati   UNION   nwo^to'saUnH
yon.    Ton .1^ iwnh ^^e^'^M
Unionist to have yon*feaWn11W��
ed. and then roar.
Come In With your
they will soon, if we want to go back
to weekly pay that the same good
feeling will exist with the employers.
I see that newcomers are beginning to come into the city. Now
don't forgot my suggestion of last
month (get into shape). I have
had a talk with one newcomer who
And get into the union
this paper with n card,    <><��
this naethoaV .    i>,.o!>'
Try to show that
you* principle* and btiauin anxi ahnfJBj
lftOS we wm have a snbeesnetihatW
Of 10,000. :sA��jfifisO^-
<ii. i.y.i My
bricklayers in particular to take np     will sign, up as soon as he gets work
��� ���*sswnA**w^n�� ��� Oasst j
for an artificial made brick, such as
cement and sand and lime and sand.
Now I am told that the machine for
making the cement bricks la not a
very costly one, end aa the writer
haa seen cement bricks of all colors
it s3ems to him that it would bo a
good chance of helping to get work
by supplying a cheap brick, and also
a good investment for capital, with
aa good a chance for Interest aa the
present buying of real estate. You
could have in this city then nice yellow brickft wftii red ones for band
courses, etc, or vice versa, which
retty.    Also    all
ks   for    cant
le which would
Improvement In the building of small houses,' aa well aa large
oneavt I should like to hear what
��t|hf hsembera think about
1 feel sure" fAAt sdmethUg
would come out of the making of this
and I hope he will strike a union
job first, not a scab one. He haa been
here some little time and has not
struck a job yet. This Is only one
case; there may be more.
Be cnsistent; if yon are
living wage, now yon should not he-
The Winnipeg
union Is prosecuting an active label
campaign. In this connection it will
issue on Saturday next a Union
Label Bulletin, which .Ml J<tir distribute to the uniop pan4oA.|am4lpr.
It la: the intention to get out a new
Issue once a month during the campaign.���Voice.
���   ih.'rf jWnTi
i ii, i \*
The only way that you
a labor pawer is aw
for K and
tion does not go to a private indlvi-
It goes to yonr central body.
Look, aa though the 19
'hag    tion of the L T. C
ean    Dy Seattle,    the nj
will be held at
t ��� .!���,�� , ,M . ,,. , . , ...��a.��.., , |
������-    M,
If anything has
^���^v.^^mr^faf-^ma^mm-^.-.aaa] ^ m-^w
Job. aa
rklng.   I believe that   the
wagea clause wan passed over a yi
on I use i iea in
to realise
progress, in existence.
e want you, aunt of sdLtO
scribe for the paper.  .That b
��rtoj��tfST: hfym
ft t? &^ ji^^^j^fjftjfaSaJ
win show      *n IWIftOl
& Mk;.'- *���' j*timmWi
, m
't Fc
. .iu.��Miamaa
��� '
The Trades
... .   jw-ri-
-      ���
*   v  ^fts"
irtno nods*, wn-o^.ave~iuc-
Published first week In every month,
'���'      ii
ceeded In securing considerable legislation or much interest to 'wage-
earners, such    as    the removal of
fnpm rthe* fran-
-*'-1 *** *>
d for
n Act, tne equal or wnicn does
not exist on this American    contl-
n^boerimtuu Prt^Ww-per annum;   afcj* f.V fiKafU promclffng life
to formniate.oathayu^
and requirement, and hand them
ovOr to the political party that is
willing to present them to the law-
making powers, and see that they
are placed upon the etatutee and enforced, ...... ���*���
That we, as trades unionists, must
spend more money on education and
legislation and less on the strike-
roll, seems Inevitable.
:    85c to unic^ subscribing in a body
���        i ��� i   i it r    i not necause tne employers love tneir
News and correspondence columns    employees, but because It now costs
h> charge ofl^eeaWin^tue; elect-    money to IrRh them, ~
* .
ed by the Central Body.
\>   .ii  ti.i  ��ta.���<*.���/.
This awakening on the    part of
British OorninblaUWejAere,  coupled
with the Industrial development in
the Far East, has put the ruling
class of this province on the defensive���and the white wage-earner. In
the soup-houses, kindly provided by
the municipality here. ~-
The Importation of these Asiatics
i^.Adrertlatog pa^iaage ^ charge l�� but a> Incident to capitalist pro-
^��,J.0Po^rA. Mrertlsifg rates    auction,.;
This lino of action Is "delivering
andlUnb of the miner and mechanic, ^        ^
notWause the employer, love their    ^^ ^ ^^   -J   ^^
policy elsewhere    will    accomplish
like results.���R. P. p.
adores, all correspondence, communications and^ exchanges to Busi-
rrades and Labor
<��,''&��ber    Hall, taeouver.
'W ���JP^^.Vsi'...
y m ������ i    i     11.ip
���   'Ow'.'Jj
Ii   litfi)
(.be supplied,upon Applanation, at
!-*���_4a.8 Wcharda Bt.. (npstalrs)
O. Drawer 1889.; Telephone 2258.
ii iil.ii,l(ii. V iii.it i,' !���>.�� i��   ��.i> ii.   nil umiiI
TH' *he Trtdea Unionist>*lW- issued
promptly the flret week of each
month, it alms to furnish the latest
and most authoritative information
tWuirtiidUefe^ lftbor
movement. Contributinaei'ure solicited from correspondents elected by
their ieepaetive   noienau rto   whom
>��they aanet be held responsible for
contents. '.��***.��.
 ..'���  ..���-������
Even where there are no Asiatics,
back east, the same problem confronts labor���the more wealth we
produce' the less of It we can buy
The only solution I can see is for
the workers of British Columbia, as
elsewhere, to elect men to the halls
of legislation with the mandate in
their hands to make the thing, we
use collectively the collective property of the whole people.
This to be accomplished by legal
enactment; and production thereafter
to be carried on for the use and sat-
As an evidence that the function
of present   day    government,   are
<   ��� ��� *   i .,,, t -<*' rr^ ,        __
constantly changing, and taking on
an industrial complexion, it may be
noted that the Conservative executive of the ruling class in, British
Columbia are now dealers in stump
powder. It is supplied to the farmers for clearing land at cost and has
been taken advantage of by a large
number of farmers scattered
throughout British Columbia. By
the arrangement the farmer Is supplied at the two magazines, one of
which is in Victoria, the other in
$J .05A %
Union Made toiuns*a#lA^ftU
j*H  j^AfcH'-"- mm,
"i<a.-- -. ~^-^��*-M^.^��ln^BtfBm|^feflAAAflMVB^aafl|
Tke present epoch   in,, Ue. tenor  -
of the
movement is the most interesting
In all history. Despite the fact that
at no time in the worhA economic
affair, haa the productivtt.
workers been so great, intense poverty among the manses has never before been SO widespread. Never before were the forces of nature so
harnessed and human g
piled in the form of our present-day
modern machinery of production.
Yet with all thht the workers have
.!'! JJIl'...').. '
RUARY .miytvliS... .u\ ..1808.
-JMBBnaatc,'tu> ������>$*��� &*������*': ���������*������
0#! ^^ut^ltrTlBH- COLUMBIA.
_ &S*0#	
In further reference to the great
number of Japanese In this section
of the American continent: It Is
pimply a case of IMpfmWnb^I, n6t
,mI��T1L., he^*r��,c r-
ployers of this province, having se-
determine by whom and how these
Industries will be operated.
I fully appreciate    the    gigantic
task this will involve/
First, It must be sought and
fought for in a political party, separate and distinct. from the trades
union- mo leasee t.i , jo.i.t-^- ,��
nt Therntistute a tiadee union v<goes
into politics, as such, it ceases to be
a trades unJoftw  <-:-<--   ��� '��'     .-������,-:(, n
Economically, the interest, of the
1 workers are  not identical,  but  po-
JitieaUy there Is no conflict what-
everv r,umm �� ���*!>%i!'n i-.^.
If  a] 1 the   workers  were  to  sud-
denly become membera of one in-
,4|uatrlai union ���**& succeeded inuen-
cured "peeaession
�� workers -hnverto glre them, I. e.r she
natural resources^ of    the country,
they are now det^mfhec|^exer
that ownership. &jfo
And in ordpfftbtf^^^ forcingf��.ItA^^y w.4^the w��rk.
ly rob labor, and manipulate the p|o-    era weuW be no better off.
: Auction of lumber, coal and fish, #o  ,;as; the employers OWN the
* as tStfWt&V-tth^iai* they Sre ^4hau> toRfw^?4he whlstto,
setting aheatp|03sn>care    CHEAP        The subsequent
| NON-V0Tlri��rtATftm;    which Will ,.^;eommedtties
{net, nor cannot, exercise Its polttl-    this statoment,
t cal power to question the *ght \6t .^^opjtiieae.and other reasons,
* the industrial bosses to BULB and     organised workers must stick to the
[BOB tbAhty-'-^��^ '��� ^ >V '      ���. r        trades unioa. as a means of getting
The hoatn of labor In this province w��u they can out of the labor market;
i have already placed three ropreaeit-    but In future we will be compelled
..on of human heeds, rather than
for the private profit of a^ useless    ~^ ^ the oatiafylng   of   human
owning class.
Having done this, we can
Nanaimo, with stumping powder at only learned how to produce
the wholesale,  price of $5.25    per ���for an  Industrial    ruling
case.    The ordinary retail  price is Some day they may learn to
$6.75 per case,    if the British Co- ,^<salti^ as well as make It.   The
lumbla Government can sell stomp- step in that direction will be to ae-
ing powder to the farmers at cost, cure the reins    of government;  so
why not adopt the    principle,    say that they may write the law in such
with school text books, coal, lumber, a maunerMand sp plain, that It '
fish and other commodities no neces- conform to their needs
needs and requirements?
Ii .5
��� i i
:   ,
-The local labor market 1. glutted
with unemployed; and on the top of
this the Salvation Army 1. shipping
another   consignment   of   "property-
��� leas" human cargo on Feb. 2 o th,
which win still further intensify
the competition for jobs. And.this
With the assistance of the Provincial
��� Government.���R. 'P. :#v m?tt  v.-. ��� > -, - ��� j
ments-R.(P^ ^,
The Scotland   Woollen, Mill, controversy Jias at jaat   l^i^A^tlafAC-
torlly adjusted.    Organizer    McKay
of Victoria, acting tor the t%&^*~~~
of A-, and Qrgnnixer PetUplece, representing the local  Trades {t^unoU,
have succeeded In aa��tyn*,nU
at Issue.   It is likely
before the Council   "mixes"
more label disputes.
���.;:���{��. <;;&%;::&#%
VVc are showing tt   very Latett
1^angd TOE PRIC
ir..-aJi- a�� !
in the province for   ,
���       .    ^''MaiiBai*.  ���   t
3-5 Haatwaj. ��t W.
���WW* -a-waaaansu
am wu^imwxm* **#qov\ksl bjui
The Trades
����'M I...    '' N.';'.*>i'nu >���
. anaaaaa?
a^ftiw-aaawian'T .f^��i>,;'~"^7" ���"
maa-m-i i mil nwmiumi m. ��*��������� .����� ���>
Published first week in every mouthy
to formulate our legislative    needs
ceeded in securing considerable leg- and requirements, and   hand   them
Illation ~or muelr ititerear to^agi- over to the political party that is
earners, such   as    the removal of wilUng to preaeat them to the law-
frad- making powers, and see that jthny
ik to are placed upon the atatutea end en-
hour forced.                   -                   .^,
d for That we> M trades unionists, must
> ���  ���
1 ii   .I       in ,i    i      i ���
���"      ������������:���-r-rm
i's Compen-    Bpend more money on education and
, f^, -h���,. wa which does    legislation and-jess   on the strike-
not exist on this American    contl-     roii   ������m�� in��vi����hi�� >>�����-.. /
certain the -adoption    of   the name
. mame* eolamiia   epP'oJ���". *��t baea-ae it now ecu        ���     ahewhaw    wall    aeoomplbh
Body, This awakening on the    part of
; '- ;^-,'>.'..jf:^i^.--.^     ... rt British Columbia WaiAeee, coupled ���w��������i ��� ���
���*>���  ������   - ��� 7H7    with the industrial development in       <;aj ^ eTldenc6 ihmi ^ futtCtion
in charge p:
ed by the
fini [ITT
awiiiifti      ii I
20 roeoovA w. I
Gents9 *��^��*i*^"
*   �����.
Union atade>Ovei
���    -.   -K
commu- the par East, has put the    ruling -"^-i ��� <, ;*The present epoch   in   the 1
Buri- claum of thl. province on the defeu- of *���"-*   **' ^ornmeet.   axe ^^^ ^ ^ Jg   ��
_���    Labor etve���and the wWtnwrage-eerner. in conatantly changing, and   taking on ln   .. htatft_    .^3! iai-onmuMmsH^
^anoouvor. ^ .cup-houses, kindly provided by �� industrial complexion, it may he In ����� ���*���*���   **>"��� PJ �����* ***
ttW ' tha mnr.iMr-.Hfv har* noted that the Conservative exetu- at no time in the world's economic
the municipality here.
V!     ^.^ The Importation of these Asiatics    Uve ��* *��� ""N**   ��**�� *V*Htlnh    affairs has the productivity of the
i**!^^ ^^an incident to capitolist pro-    J^*^^
'"   '-ifW-'iV.:
,.#��������,,. *��� .Oo^hW*. Mprtl'l-S *#�����-    ?"^-c_..     . ��� . .i        era for clearing land at co.t and has     ' ' T.^
JtoW,l���(ltRW,��J,K,(,||,Uin)    back ��a.t. th����me   proMam   coa-    ^J?   ^     ��L.     ��iit��d    for. were tha ton*, of MttW4*
P. 0. Drawer 1239. Telephone 2258.    fronts labor���the more    wealth we
produce the less of It we can buy
The only solution I can see Is for
number     of     farmers     scattered
throughout British    Columbia.    By    harnessed and  human    genius
, mnim.ilij.n liiilo �� -|i4iVI'fiii>a.����'..a|a pain
"ft* Trades  T^kmhrt'hi   Issued
the arrangement the farmer Is sup-    plied In the form of our
plied at the ��� two magaxlnes, one of    .modern, mach 1 nery    of
erty among the masse, has never be-
*-j��. in�� uui; soinuon l can see is ior     - -       - t "&&*&
*S52FJ^*&^M'?* th�� worker, of British Columbia, a. wWctt te io Victoria, the other in Yet with all this the worker.
^UiOOtt'. -It aim. to fern iBh the latest    elsewhere, to elect men to the halls    1fMl��!mo: \** *ta��Pl��5 Powder at  ;ionJy _A^^ft-iiBK
of legislation with the. mandate in
their hands to make  the things we
and most authoritative  Information
^/��nT^mftttat% Ubor
movement, CtontributleaaVAre solicited from correspondents elected by
their re.sec��lve  nniena, ,to   whom    *VZJl ^^f^BSSb
j^they-aanat rbe fhehl, responsible for
eontenta. o^m.t ....
" i ���
1     -. '��� .J Jl. ���.'... ' ',     .    ""     '
1 ���     - ���   ��� .-.-, ���-   ;    .-
riPe. .14 t'*w#-*��nui/.'. afjj> t;i    . ii .Hjni..'' '        >A<     aiaiauutalt   nU' *tu��    ***
mi*&   r-      lanft     determine by whom and how these
m     i        i    ,       industries will be; operated.
the wholesale   price of $5.25    per ���for an industrial,    ru
cone.    The ordinary retail price is Some day they may learn to
use"coirectively ^rcollective"proiH    **U ** ****    U �������� Br,dril ����- "*** HJ>1 M m*k6 I   ^ '
lumbla Government can. sell stomp- step in that direction will be toi(njs-
Tbls to be accoiipfished by legal    *���� D?ird,,r to ����� tormer�� * <"*' ^^ ^ ^lmj    of, forernment; so
enactment; and production thereafter    **f ��ot:ndopt the   principle,   say that they nmy write,the law lit such
to be carried on for the use and sat-    wt* "hooi text book., coal, lumber, apanner.anj ap ^.that It will
Isfactlbn of human needs, rather than    ������� ��nd other commodities so necee- conform to their needs and reauire-
for thft private pron* of a useless   '�����'*�� the aa-Mtafylng   of   human ment,.^B,P^^     ^n ^
owning class. ***** **�� rea^m^t jimf,rh^^.
Having done this, we'can readily   hn"  "' l-'-^ *��" ��__ ' ^^m**
The Scotland,, ^ool^ .^Jh^oon-
needs and requirement.?
��    'The i local labor market Is glutted     troversy has at last    been,
I fully abpreclate    the    gigantic with unemployed; and on the top of .tortly adiuated.    C^^iitee^,
���^���,, ,-.i1x.;i..,,,.,;      w^^isw(ri^��,ve- *"���'*���8a,fmtlMIArmyte8hlppllllf pt,y^*��^*teui**i
O0#n&tmm LABOR                   Firet   ,t mugt    be    gougnt    and another  consignment of  "property- o&A., and QTg*-MW PetUp|eo*,
*X��;?WW&Bmm-mfmVHM*.    fougnt for,4n a^ltical party, .ep- leas'human   cargo  on. Feb. Ifttb, resenting the local. ?&#**
-���^                    srate and dtatincTfrom the trades *hleh.w1H  ***** ��*��*���  *"***��* '&/** 8��CC^^J�� ���#�������� 1
In further reference to the great   ;(��Mlonr moiemeftt.i  , .,���    i   n   ^ *"*��� ��>��P^����on for tone.    And this at issue.   I*fc "  *
number ,of JftpepS^LlIUl*4f, eectlon .'fi ^fceiin^eistto^ *ra^e.4iution^oes ***** the assistance of the Provincial before the Council
^te'jp#sh> politic^ M;snim,,^ceasei to be Government.-*. P. ^    ,i      - more label disputes.
of the American
<6% not
jw tmdea^ori.fon ,��� ttff,. -H?t''.   ..ff*js^fr
'*fr-t ! 1 ' ��� f     ������   'jji'iei." 'ii uojifi-'aWp
W$c em* ^jidlsimftwoti^ly^ of^e **
, having ro-    wo
^wePlr.a case of I
Immigration; the
f nur.ei. uare ui
* natural resour
��� they are now de
^^^Ws^a^e       ' f-    ^
j that ownership.      ^
And In oi^f t^ir^mi^
; ly rob labor, and manipulate the production of lumb^/Jloal and flsh, Jso
! A. to mfflWifrflti**. tbey are
1 not, nor cannot,
���ffiwi.f xvti ������; rim
^ *��"��������� ti-a .>v i,?f?-^ ^fi,,- ������.��,�� ,M ���, M,iu1>i- ,,-e ,MltJrt)liJ,
which v��I 0|h^t<mnmaaAttM com^oerate W
^^^^^^^^^^rclse its polltl-    this statement. df^ vrr^,
cal power to question the right of     .^otitlr^vAAd other reaaons,   the
the industrial bosses to RULE and    organised workers must stick to the
bob jSM^    A, 2 *��*- w**wMm*mpti$<m* "
The host, of lah|k in ^lt#rovlAce ,n|l they^n out of the labor inerket;
have already placed three represent-    hut in future we will be compelled
*I daf    ^^Tesrc showing tL   very La
Ml* n
!',.������ ' ftll'U   IW1IV
-.-j  _, i ,
Urn. '
' ^^flh^^i^jw*.^
BSV-'     ...     'r
Ing power of this class of-labor and It
di?tt0��#in]��^ of west, either Mongol labor Is a feil-
thelr earnings from the country. ure or Mr, Haan. Jhsa^n perverted    .   TNE NOVELTY THEAl
AtiujuhAwyhjm^a^imjmnaj^ conception of ti^word perjury. ** #ft* ^isAnftA ��to the Exhibit
tion companies, sureptltiously aided        Let me say, further, that fifty per    !   ji
by Lieut.-Governor   Dunsmulr   and cent of the meo .mploweAf W'the   A
Commissioner   Preston,    of   Japan, lumber Industry on the 8ound    are
1    with apparent approval of the ill- (JanadUn*, eriled by Aela^d conJIpe- <k ^tMmnn^
Cor. Haatinnfaand Abbott    eral Government, succeeded Jn creat- tition. and who    Invariably staffer   , if r r   r-nsnammii
ing a Klondike rush of coolie labor to intending emitfi&IWU r%*Kfah
to British  Columbia,  the advance Columbia, "Steer clear rfthat moon-
3ady   drlvpn eyed province," whkh Ihet CnVJlPfS-      ^Effi* ��7; 7^>"leWp'm"
our fishermen from British Columbia ly answers the queettoh Often aaled    }       .
Vancouver, B. C.
���&// GtrerytAm
t Illustrated Ca
m   in British Cormbu: ****|*4S�� we
rta%ivlng;-s^'^^lt.' a^poroentoMge'^f  ^"^
the emigrant, now1   pouring   into
**�� J��d-f Jttflb .^liU-a\UL.��i
Sell For Less
USB POLITICAL POWER.    ���oufces of Americaf"
rivers and white labor
the mills; and who are
In eliminating the
robes left in these a
Right here, the question
gested:   "If Asiatic labor Is n
to develop the natural wealth of
lab Columbia, why haa it fall
Asia, while high-wage labor
ormously developed the natural re-    thus enabling them to execute
to rob
ia a tUa^orous
- jU<jlv>
I-    have the g.rt^W^
ry ;'teetive AuVe^ i  &ercb�� your righto of citisen-
it-    largely of Q*T*fafm&W^^    **P- openly if you can. secretly if
fin    tngion, In flvWWW ffwautfef   ^'ant!    But use yonw ballot to/,
Jm-   Asiatic labor in British Co^iiibia,  JeJUaUiliU^
tnui enabllhg them to eX^tTtbat r^^^i t^Jd^.economU^ly
mystifying feet of busineAf legale-   ifaf^M PolIticaUy, their   naftaW
To the British Columbia merchant,   tnaln which robs the Canadian while    for once,
who a short time ago treated this    exploiting the Asiatic.*     m ^ech them that If y<w must be
"��"er with indilference or con- Staling Astatic labor on the robbed to pay them for their ��er>
tempt, the outlook is hardly eucour- j^r river a few year, ago led to vice.; that if you must endanger, or
a^n*- depleting that river oif*0*Mt* ftacrillce yonx Ufe^tf j&eceesary. to
i-^afe ���\f3��&^MSflMMMr
V ?��**!*
With our industries operated by a
<����� ������<
,     protect an Industry
.employment: "*fTai.      "iiipii
you protection, that you proem-'
tUiHng output or closing down. And    Purchasing power, snd who export,    'Jccoan^ ^��^ent 0^ ^H^ustries,  and
tthe  workman  of   British   Columbia     say 45 per cent  of that to Asia, and    othqr demand for more Asiaticlllr,     ^t*0�� ^o^
and his family, are once again face   , spend another 6 0    per    cent   with    t0;**ggdepiete Xe rIvw orWush    that governmentr-if necessary to so-
to face with that    old    nightmare,     their own mercb^ts; leaving Jut,��    to be again restored at the expense   ,$*** ^^ MEM
and this in spite of the    fraction to be divided among    the   -|H��   Bajgffi1 W?   w ^And, further, th.t *ok W tho
..,k.a��u ��#n.f��� ��#     white merchants    and    nrofeaslona!       ^><   ~��"
country .with these
Andatic iHrc^notors ofc CaaadUn . industrial-espaiiaion,    who   are   now     fMue ago^tmh
^srlfflo Canadian mbor^ls>i!soding at
flfthe municipal apup trough), operat-
plenlsh our deplatod forest., tohe    ^^
ngatn depleted ^^^ Jgsmla^^^laj^mr,    ~* ;     |"TJH^        ^  ski
an a%da^vRJ Tto "^n* ��f wlrom reft,���� to leeive>ovon    ; ^ ^ ;��W lllyHI^SIPl***
ihe government'aVb^^^ *��* bone8 to fertlllse the soil they    *��** ��0;^ W^at
feet that'UmPlia&'wnl^inV ^ lB onler to ft^tlfy thegreedof ^T"^W ^ ^Jf?^
iini^ouri^lha^ -lr nectary; to tne^^^tTof Atewctodu.trial hyena, fwho^nmglne    ^ A   ,?at 4   Ji
rnaxrnrng. and ��poi��iit^Ao their    the lumber Industry mBfitishtJo- tht^^n*^^; ^^^  1_-	
*tive hvnd, tht�� creating tiiar ah-   '1W"*W. '*���� this tt facoof the fact    munlcitml ientalation^nnet +&<**��- / ^coordlnrto-of^^
condition toT^af* eepnomlc    thathlmseif and his eoileagoee hive. ,*��*on Ao further i ta^dn^>|Mirtlcnlar ;^t*Ai<JrOwf. Neat -'tMbaMkaa^re are
that  certoin    industries in    ��h��fAnd again, stote^tbit British    endsti ; mmr> -^.i. - ^^eje^hulidrfeInteJnmiiHBlSat
do not contribute their    Columbia is;surpassed   M;'unS*ral *?t��o#^In conclusion, let ma Sppeal ^���WK;^|[^^J^^rfHM
Is the support jof other    wealth, timber, minetalft ann^nah;;by to British Columbia    laboir^iw^he ^strongly aj^^^j^^gB
in other localities,   and    no country on-the^ face of theearth,   hame'of Ood adopt ..^ piwetieal v,^,^    HeMiJBv ^dr, comn^ntmiea^
merchant and professional     If so. what then is the matter with    mean, of^-doimj Something, i-r ##       f^o^afj. jjf thu lMtatium AlanfJJhnly
I their Income.dwindling, as     British Columbia?    There is a negro Banleb for<Che timent least, these -i^Wwrwh- '
aAresnlt of the InalgnlAaant purchas-    ih the fence somewherl#fl��#;* this    moplan dream.,    wWch   eo.a* no
-^jS; ;r   ''immmW* &^mmmmkM^m^-^ .ebftmetn floweir^flight, of oratory.
*wa OOv- butwhich^are so meanrhglnu to 1m-
rtlme    mediate practical results; dmte^Dur
are to go
either source
* logs,    force, at the ballot bo   nd tea
^mm^*0i^i g#fA - ���; ty%t$$x
��$m*$n jrj^<%i��iKir
^territpr^w-^|N      m
SB   n
b ..
t -, fiSfiS
ballot enables you to remain
atlc labor, and a consIderaMO^tlffer- ���JpsflE to your clans, your country and
ence In the cost Of transportation, your Ood; And you are justified in
and then successfully compete with deceiving these political Jacob, who
the Mongol  product of British Co-    would take advantage of your ne-
i i .>'
-mm-^TJi im ...I tv.^.. i'i  ,. ;���   ., ; JT;.   T
t c^^iurMOsatf tphh
;tr��ttly |^^j^ji��fc
i^ghffea}' awi Clean
IfTfli .'    .;4
.���lymaxmai ����<��.
list -w-aaw..w4mannaunaua
^ -   taJVaart Ja-if-i   .;.,* k .(*<*   Vinifliafayaa n'ia fttiiaai'i
������ I.   ���
1     '
rCOOKB', WAITBR8'    AND    ��
������ ;	
Chae. Davis, Secretory and Business Agent, 155 Hastings St. E.
Hall for rent suitable for social.,
dances and societies.
��������� ' i B- ' !��� i      iin' 'di,       ii     a
; The child labor problem is not
vexing the American alone. In England and Germany' and France and
Italy the same question is tormenting the mind of the reformer, of in-
*W\ an^evtmilCAL    WORKERS,
Local Uaien 213���Meeta 2nd aid    dustrial   condition.,  and   legislators
J. Labor Hall. 8 p.    are besieged with all aorta of measures for the alleviation of the condition of child toilers.
But nowhere in the world is child
labor so cruel, so grim in its ugU-
ness, so despotic as in the factories
of Japan. Not that the Japanese factory owner, are more crue| tijaq are
those of other nations, but because
awakened to the necessity of looking
into the question of child labor there.
B.  DUbberly, Pres.,
II 9th are:; Vancouver, B.
0.;  Geo.    Jenkins, Rec.-Sec., 31;,
n averrahcdifver. b. c
Meet. 2nd and 4th Wednesday.
Labor Hall, Homer St;; C. H.
Lewis, President; Frank M.��-
, Secretary. 214 Cordova St.
as It has In other countrl
**������������      -'i-rj
��� rtw
*JI/ *
UNION, Vancouver Local No. 195
ent, J. A. Scott; ; Secretary,
W. Robert.. Meet. Labor Hall.
2nd and 4th Thursday at 8:00
p. m. each month.
.'������Vr��":.   m   ,-i!a, ���n;  - 	
ftA^COUVBR     TRADks     AND
>^LAB0R COUNCIL���Meets 1st and
v  18rd; Thursday    in\ Labor   Hall.
Pre.., J.   H. McVety;   Vice-Pres..
R. P. Pettipiece;; Gen. Sec., W.
W. Bayer, Labor Hall; Sec.-Trea...
~tt( A. R. Burn., Labor Hall; Statistician, H. Sellers; Sergeant-at-
Arms, O. A. Kilpatrick; Trustees,
R. R. Pettipiece, J. Commerford,
C.T. Ryan.
���    ..��"    i
faDBB^ bl*VOM NO. is.
in Labor RAIL Homer St., every
alternate Tuesday, at 7^45 p. m.
Headquarters, Louvre Cigar Store,
<2�� 1-2 Carrall St. Agent's hours,
7:30 to 8:30 av mi, 11. to 1 and
8:8ft p. m. O. Payne,
John Sully, .President.
���VI      .1""        'jl  U.4LI
eA^S*~~RoSm T'tmjpaSnn
Rooms, 313 Camble St. Dan Mc-
Dermott, President. 213 12th
Ave.; B. H. B. Arnold, Fln.-Sec.
and Treae., Box 232. Frank Ma-
honey, Rec.-Sec., jit Cordova
St. West.
LEAGUE NO. 676. Vancouver, B.
 0,   Meet. Labor  Hall,  every al-
���**-*" ^PwWaPs)ww"af  -a��aAMMaa\if-      *�����      ^tJHRP'v^* .--���^���na _____ r-y-jR^-.-,. ��� - -������*>    --���
mmm? mfifiSmm^^ employee of the factory,
hjAVslal. O,   Box^AIfc^one hnt tew men who act a.
vm*. ������*- and
lee,, where
modern Industrial condition, are
older, and the people have learned
their way. and methods.
Organised labor baa not reached
the* point where it make, demand,
of such a nature that will protect
women and children workers. There
are np factory laws, save those Which
exist for the good of the factory
owners. The employes are never
considered in these laws.
According to the official statistics for 1903, there were 41,450 Children, male and female, from eight
to fourteen years old, employed In
various factories of Japan. This
estimate we may regard as rather
conservative, since there are no laws
and no persons to compel a truthful
report about the matter. These children work from twelve to seventeen
hours a day. Twelve hour. I* the
regular working day, but this day is
often stretched into fifteen and seventeen hours. !!*.���*�������������> \tedj  ���
The wages of the children vary according to the kind of work done, the
average wage being from seven to
ten sen. In match and paper factories the wage la from four to Ave sen
a day. The moat miserably paid
workers, however, are in the glass
factories, and the conditions under
which children work there are no
less miserable and cruel. --
>s In the largest glass factory in
Japan, In the City of Osaka, for Inst ance, wII1 be found young chil dren
of from eight to thirteen years of
age, who are veriuble slaves to
their masters, the employers, and the
apprenticeship and serve their masters as faithfully as waa in their
power. In the glass factories they
are apprenticed by parent., who
trust to the wisdom of the employers,
and never doubt their ability to care
for and teach a trade to their children, nor do they question the employers' rights In their method, of
forcing the greatest amount of labor
possible from the young toilers. On
the other hand, the children are'too
young to know anything about organisation, and the Idea of rebellion,
Thft children work with nothing on
but small, sleveless shirts, and for
the smallest error In their work are
struck  on  the bare flesh  with hot
i'ffaati.   indeed, they are praet
covered on face and body wl<
made  by  this   burning  glass
comes In cruel contact  with
tender  flesh from the hands oftyft
harsh and unfeeling overeeer.    <>i
In the days when the glass factories were new it was an easy matter
to get employment from among'the
aps    In    Individual eases    hood:
stern    discipline    usually
children of the immediate nelgaaor-
It waa not long, however, un-
til parents discovered the cruel
bring, the youthful rebel    to    his     ment of the child employees,
senses, is not In their minds.   They    ally refused to let their chil
are  tought to accept the life of     W*fhe factories at
hardship and toll as theirs, and they
expect nothing else.
T|ns story is told of two little rebels who recently took It upon themselves to escape from their unhappy
came necessary to gath
from the outlying districts,, an
grew up the method, which
lets; of sending agents
country and
servitude in the glass factory.   But    dred. of mile, awny, with fair pro-
the questioning to go waa a    ����**������ nmnyinduCemehta for the
*W. T^4A��a-a��. ���--��. ��� I nin  l.i. .a-al
so very young at the time, that they
tad np data!.. Id- a. * wta�� tM,    t^tTta! ^atm CTrt.
"���'��� i
���0 they
.��� w��W*V? **
* they had no money to pay
Bajskft ,vV>'-,
all the way", since^
ILimd. '    ^ _ ���'   In ft:   ' ���'  Y    -ah
east-     r ��� .   HW," P.'.1" "i   i MP
almost   entirely  th
' n- -~n    of rOun�� rhUdren.
Unionist to Trades    CouacU ^t- il4I_ fc
Agent. Uahor Hatt, Vancon-
It  happened  that  their
several hundred miles    away,    and
existence  the Oaaka glass factory     long before, they could reach It they
have grown from small, individual^-    were overtaken by one of the over- ,
the factory and led back to
tic affarlrs to great modern co
This condition has
sible through an ancient custom
apprenticing children for a number
of years to a trade, where they were
forceed to stay out the limit of their
happy place.       When they
there    they  were    cruelly
end beaten on the back with
-if fF
burning hot glass. They were made
an "examuple" of for the benefit of
any other children who might have
aspirations to running away.
Llwjnnmjported and
t#sjad Retail
0��aaa^a^nakaSaa}aa��"    flma
MlpannTP)    SUlaV
Hasting. St, E.
.tfaMada^BSaSaaai        .E.        afS
Vancouver, o. c.
ion the Trades Unfonist.
PR -i. ���' ���' *
n_nHsa_mma|inMnw^llr/  ��______________________���
^���Ha^WPPJWnaa?*Wf&k *����� iJnyP'" *��
f'eAsja* eft'i
on .mall paymepU   In   Heatings
lift' each-r$25  cash-Bajance..��,.*��
���a gj *.'H*^jjj^_n^��^'^*fT**-,,v'' ���-   - ' >
AIsoa fewJota left in ItewsingtonMose to car, linefl |JA$ ,cac*---onr   r
:,.   -<nP-'-f'l   itf*I'     .jJv.'*
^hfton |iHfi value.
.^'���Uf' 'TWligMJ
f ���* ��� ,!     '-j    i.' ! I'*-' ���:��� ������ .*i\*i4fO.<0"
'���OIW .JrV.
j. ������ .'v- ^!*^:-^^ ;^^<' ;^i^ijf
���v>4i Mama,
. a a
-��� ' V ���' ���*   *t   3-JO* ��f.
. \ ? ��� ���
let no man
ask, is God tan anther ���
miserable  botchwork, confusion and
the mistakes    of
i iiaii miiii ��Miim��Nm��iMaia��i>ypmaaiiiaa|pa;
to follow the agents to the!
factoriest .where only too late
jatlanvVaY Hair nnhajuMdbndl-
see the   trade
so-called    "mar-    Kntter" on any tool is to know that!
riagef"   Are you willing to lay Ue   te to the beat grade in It. class thatj
blame upon Him and hold Him ap;   tt to ^boaatble... to    nroduee.    Don't!
countable for the universal sorrow,    "J" -h~"_L. l '���*
j_._ - _. w aJ    take chances   on    unknown brands;
misery, suffering,    unhappiness and .   vwjt,
disappointment, that   arojJfM|sl|s| ri!l^rVlBefwyiltter Tool��������**����� ono
upon the million, of patienVaWsnTF
missive women���and men aa well���
while they are,avmfcAatojrupd
cruel bondnJTi
Can God ifiaYe a
"Join" that couple whom the laws
of our land (and. the old unwrl
law, which I. rapidly booming obs.
leto) say on. huahaad ; and J wife;
even though they live   In , constant    j1 ajjj    B
For sale A;
n are
Thw^aWfltrhn <are na^anliyild to
Write direct to parents, hut all let-;
iter, must pass under the eyes of the
��� iftt the same time letters are written
from. timCto tiiae by the. employers,
number of boys playing on the street
like scoundrels. They had a trumpet    mtoerj uniavimtoWsnd cOntentiosav       --'-���?- I.
and marched up and    down    quite     wlTLa*!buS aS2* m^*��5ZSi
proudly, blowing their horn.    The    l0J|fJ||ii, J* noWng wliatorer   In    ?** * ���J*. **<**��� * **
desire at once struck the glass work
ers to possess a trumpet also. But
trumpets cost money, and they had
so little. The Idea of co-operating
struck them, however, and they decided to each save what he could
from his holiday fund and contribute
orjsmp^qyers' aa_nn^, ,to.^ families    " toward buying a trumjwt   At last.
of,the children, In which, only glow
9HP*f*9f7f' ' f^sitlft*��:!/...! . t ;:.
Under the ^apprenticeship system,
such as prevails in the Osaka glass
factories, none of the children are
paid tor their labor.: They have only
two holidays a month, making twen-
ty-four for tho year, end on ^ these
holidays ure given, the pewef hands,
- seven sen, and these who have worked linr--*�� ov_r toi^ yeaaa, ton sen.
This makes for the highest 240 sen
n-v-year, which in American money is
about 1124ft. 'Rice and vegetables,
in 11 m 1 ted quantities,. Is the everyday
with very little meat on holi-
There are no beds, but the
He on straw matting spread
floor in one en*.of the room
after months of weary waiting, the
rvceasary amount was raised. But
not for a new trumpet There was a
second hand store, however, where
they were able to buy cheaply an Old
tor*, ita the case in which LewrmW
cotton �����^nonlaw^^rv^ 0tMm' t*rm*t^    of    <*-**& tt*
^kaan^muam^ ���*""�� " ******* ******'* ��*
Does He sanction the perpetuation fmmn9M ^^ v     d    ^      -^
so^leo^n^^ ���^'-^e*:��S   ItoomiZ
so-called   marriage   * Is the recog- p^v      b*-.*-!  Qi,rtr.   n,.t1,a.r^
nixed form of "marriage" the "Join- ���J*J^J���
Ing" brGod of two souls aa one, or ^Tm^\^ ��
is It simply and purely a legal, clvfi t^,1*6 *S* ?Tmmtt*i^ a
contract whereby a man gains the.
legal right to
man's person.
bonraffine��    ^ the defendant
change for her, rkftope?" And If this    J^f*^6
be true,  is  not   woman's condition, '
hie use-
trial he
one.    After that on holidays they sat uafl>r ottr pre��ent unequal ewmoinjc    ST*,7 Ta^���""?1 ���L5
down in a circle, and each boy took eZK that of a real slave, even   ft1^1LlS,,,Mltomi   *? ^^
bis delightful  moment in  blowing thongh JJg. ��>me choice of man-    fc^f ^^ J**g��*
wonderfhl note, from the horn.' -^^^ H. Cow^ea^;^
i i.
Llent.-Governor   Has   Bad
The factories are unsanitary, hot
and close, the extreme heat under
which the children must worktrfeWg
unbearable to grown men who visited
theml "^Tet the children mnst toll
twelve and fifteen hours under this
heat, and there seems to be, at least,
no help for them. '   ' ^
1 ' * ,-' 'a,
A bright side has been recently
added to the factory system, due to    the session of the Provincial
Harold Roeoitaou to strike out
tondSt. <!|^ar|^tne lo#8n^
only be aned
MhT'.; > -  .
With the usual fuss and feathers,
> I HA I M ��� '
. -���
this way.    WheO AhW^ar* ^^tosra
is :an^ajm.cia|tw^
^H^^m    ����^k��a>.i^aai
era never
when they have
For JnfrttnW<Ose
the fire en
hadlyv   Imt
: chemical vuenjtl 10
wa�� put on the b
allowed to lie do
���with hi. burned leg
box.;     Theoe P\ no
traduced an evening
.. ..
T^ejy^eon   1ng school, so long as
the    feirearyf
TJke Trades Unionist will be
,the untonlsto n|ak<
Lee tit roatedWl
#m    waa the action ^pml'mym^
ri^ ahop, un-
of placing a large number of
tlves and plain-clothes men
the guard of honor,    for the
protection of the sacred peri
the delegated representative of
m that grave
J��j8 *^**>'0m$L,
ip^fin^^iio^^ smppenodJ^'^.,
incident of note    sake tt ahort,^
������ t
awoaw. rr    **i   a* ...������v
unfortunate..���The Socialist Wo
That these chldren are very hu- t?9Cvo '*ehafn-gangM will   not solves being a corporation
man ttlihiaPlntlh^ tie problem confronting labor. But tlty doing business within the j
story: One day some of them saw a It's what the worker, vote for. diction of the court.
��� *.i..w..��.^i��ain4iiii^aw^*l��i|i!i',i|a"".w iwt'inw^iaii>w��MiM^^aai'Mi   i .. ���
s*0'h-aA .
lafr-nn P
^Tf^PP ,...  ���: .   ���
MtJ la~ I aWa.   ^^MtiX
aaaaaaaaaanaVWP^' '   '?%$*%
-*��� rvi^'
WehavwA work-room fitted np with  the best Optical
,.     tin the West:
���<\,rt_ftft ii fg��
S.a>u waa iia f macv W��M* I
>�� IPfOloOVn
Ark.,  the organliatloi
plan waa In i-fect with enccnea, but at
IHoi|8p rings,
dVldecf to
submit a referendum vote to the
Cnttre;^n^oeion1p for the adoption
of a pension fwhd by the general or-
ganization for member, over sixty
years of age. who have been.In continuous membership for twenty '
mw: the amount payahlff to he fti
a week. The returns are in and the
proposition carried by a very large;/
A trade u
members a
amount paid by the United    States
Government to its old ���uMftMsAnw
movement, considering that philan-
P/W.P��^^^ *T*an(_pn
P^ftfP^PP*    ���
a part of   trade   JMMPify jeoaoft��T,
though it is an exa^eslonof the un-
*��� *^*****W**Wf\
The railway brotherhood, come In derlying principle, of trade upionf*un
Pf The    for a great deal of praise tor their to ,trive for justice to labor ai.jfar,
Council    conservatism, the United Mine Work- aa possible   and to relieve    human"
Vaacon-    era for their numerical strength, and su-terfng.���Sam. L. Landers,
their wise    direction    under    John
Mitchell; the ctgnr manor, for their ���T,,; ';;'r"'    /'T"''' '""
,:     ���
fr.ftfflfral      .ft
Com.     thorough organization and their be-       PEDDLERS   Of'WAGE-SLAVES.
A  ��� A
m mi'
fin .in in .ii
I.: J\�� * ' - -A    trt   M + l    ^     jn]
, Sells Tailored X.
L. Clothes for men.
Your Fall   Suit
II   Ml ���III .1. in  iiyaW
���^IPIsLMvUttMi -^Ww^iial'SW'iai 'Ur.:
*   fv
'   h^
��f> .    ! 1
iijfc (n*>.* UliSa^...
���lotf^'.dXi      *���
'..-:..:    Sjfflp     UiMai'
ing the father of the   union   label
movement, etc., but there is ho or* guii persist in Unloading Their VJc�� 'JBW' "' '."���
ganization in America, or perhaps in tinM ijp^ an Overstocked ^,r-'   -          ������    I     -r. ' '
the entire world mpfe proa^esslve. Labor Market. GOVERNMENT Tfl*
more conservative or advantageous to ��� ' , uWtm ��    CONTRACT
Ito membership than' the   Interna* ���^loneV? Lamb, the head of th* 1*%-PLY OP OIVE THC
tlonal Typographical Unionv^f AW Bmla^tton Department of the Sal- SaOLLRD      laborers
erica.    It was    organlsodjh tM, yeiion Army, when seen today   re- JUIW 24 OF   NEXT   YBA*V>< Mr.
under the title of the National Type* > g^^ ^ j^p,.   Pwty,v proteat Bruce Walker. I who repreeento*lta��
graphical Union, which was amend- against emigration to Canftda. rtabr Domlninon in -emigration affairs to
ed in 1862 to take In Canadian^ aAAhalvhi. work would not be check- London, assured me today that Mft
Ion. and called    the    IntornatiooAf ^ oy y^ "rev^tiona" which have OOvernment had not for some
Reave Fund 4
guneWauf P isenam Wf
lc*" been mad. qf sUrving emlgranU in    had  anything whatever to do with
The organixation ha. about four ^Jf^ft^^s,)^^^ f^i tiny emlgrfttlonNpt Sltilled artiaan. to
hundred aoborxllaateunieast* with an ^��^^>a4^ ropaived private $- ftMaypdH of Caimda; aiiA tA^osfthi
aggregate membership of some llfty ft^g^m^^ people wishing to occupy the' lanUU.
thousand., its   JWnteraV ,Hen>h.**/ wto^fbore; the Salvation Army waA Birmingham Post; Bee; WIftOf;
Colorado Springe, is a- credit to the giylng   relief to unfortunate    emi- ������o��..nfi->r-,,.'f. ..t if-.ii
I. T. U. and the aabor;rn|oveoient In slants who had been sent out money- > A significant vote.
"9(i  til ���\Sau
general.    The ..writer    visited    the     less and on speculation by other or-    *.&&'     ^^^!^%^^i^
Home a year or so ago and found a    gnnlxations.   All emigrants sent out       Hull,    England,    Jet.     SS.-^The
number^ old .P^-^/^i^-   by WSalvation Army, h^I^lfore    delegate, to the ��mferenca af^
Each Ynr
days taking their ease nt
of the organisation they
*m*> &w*$*; r1^ % m
gM�� ^'T^^^^rV1^1 out
by the Salvation Armlr, WTiMtd, were delegatea to OJe* oMMm
carao tor by the amy   intil   ��nW tabor Parcr. *b��a�� now
^ maMrtaaSa^at&t, *��d    the he��. ^ who rote, down
ment that the  army is responsible yneessxiayjpenewe? a motion
market "in
the definite objective
Of the party.     Delegates repreeent-
huTOver half a mUlion members of
*>    ��� -in- mf^>^ id?
.iWhUe.the Hoihe1 mefr a lona; felt
��� i
to curtoil    his    plan, for . <H* party favored    the    resolution,
three months hence, but    which -iwuo' panweA" amid a scene of
^STurmy's commissioner there, who     the greatest enthusiasm.
haa 'lust' returned from a tour from     -   r.i, ������ ��� Yr ,./������'���
in the world*!
in," In
���all out*    &p
k found
, near his old friends ^^J?i|f^.,to* ���������,
and yet be independent responsible in this work, ' ����%
of them, as far aa support was con- subject to the approval of the Ceil*
earned.    For year, a pension    waa adlan Department of the Interior In
discussed for those who were entitled ftlrtts methods, and WAS ACTING
to compensation, and who JsananS ASAGnWT Rf ENGLAND FOB THE
want to go to the Home at Colorado H^ViifC*Ali   QQ^TONanRatT   OT
Springe; In some cities   a pension ������   <^   wwn   wnwn   LATTER
6�� Grwvfe SL 7     *"
.' ��� ���   ��� ��� ���          ' i
mMMmi^MkmMmWmmmW hi
^���j vaivammaansaiSnuswa in-
province, refused to assent to the
pnnongeof .Kie^hWli sand041* <-'o*s*r
Jv--MWaerees, thw1 Hott.* Rlehuvtf'Mc-
| ^    Bride,^ Pronator's* British Columbia,
hasv publlelr stated that tewLPawt-
Ooveraor WaP^ho^iftidvhied   hr'^Ws
Government1 to45'i%fna%"1*-0 llve'sno
to said hill,------
-  "Whereas, It has transpired during
an investigation by the Deputy MIn
later of Labor, Mr. Mackenale Xing,
acting under instructione from the  ; ''.^������MU-voii f*ni
'   inwVm.im.nft   fini fihir'8   Kl?*10* "'���' !"
nature Of  th<e *wtr*nrril- 'kw����b. W
anry Immigration of
ers into this pmoftsa., that the I
Jaanon ��nawmwlriln Ma afhnaajf.ah-
in thla province, had on Of about the
time of the passage of said hill entered into a contract with the Caa-
silstllrfppnh'fTdl.iM.at T oflVhaVdnn
ver to procure five hundred  Jap-   of aaujurehawJe agitator,   and   from   reprimand   freed'  ha
anese coolies for exploitation in his    those who spend ftl.ftftft a yoortft. sav   bsfea^apfaed ro^tne
coal mines, and kmna and   not a cant   in   church.    Chief, *ReA^ to re^Uri'
Whereas, the passage of the afore-    Hardly anything more then aneh a    twelve laborers   try <
said bill would have had the effect    misconception ana be expected from    dent"   Bank came the laconic
of delaying or preventing the coming    those who hold their Ban Plugs    on    patch, "Do yott need any*.
Into this province    of the laborers    Sunday in aaleou.   or S.sa.. cf an��    namitoT^ ~-i>;jsiSpfc*ad o*
aforesaid, and loons. .'-, ���-    ���.���'���,��� ",.      .-tin.,.
The full tort or to* resection in-
treduced by Mr. Hawthernthwalte,
M. L. A., in the House, asking for
foe removal of Lleut.-Gov. Dunsmulr    netmont of said bill without the
actions hi connection with the    *��* or nuJ ro.pon.lhle ministers, and
Whereas,     the     Lieut-Governor
has not acted in this matter in he-    crowded to the Itsalt/ Dr.
cordance  with  constitutional    prac-    declared.     If this thing keepc   On
Local lift; Joui
Union, has i
Unionist in a
tice,  In refusing assent to the en-    much  farther the    breaking point    rotary Frank  Underwood.
ad-    will certainly be reached. n^ three cent, per  m<
! S'M
*WAy, brethren, I could tell you     member, but It mean, considerable
Act of the lent seanfon,  and has further laid himself    open    to things that have happened right here to the Central Body.    If every ui
his private acts, as shown    at   the grave suspicion    as to the reasons in thla book concern within the past in Vancouver were to fOtlOw thw'e*-
wftvestigation recently conducted  by && induced him to refuse his an- fifteen months that would open your ample of the
Deputy Minister of Labor King, 1. as Mnt to niA bill, and opna.    The Saturday nights work Is The Trades Unionist
ngood liro'weetly   *bvtcftt*iufcW
vci-i *ij_5
a           m.
'���Whereas, hi. action in thee, mat- oot half an hard en the
during the last, session    tort mnwt lnevltably tend to destroy aa are his Sunday night'.
bJJI wen intaoduoad    itlch confidence as the people ftf (hi. I toil yew rlnht awwtthrt titiaum ore
P��P>    province have in constitutional and being crowded too hard in this
-wlf*    tosponalhle government, try.   There has got to be a limit,
anting      -Therefore,   be R reeolved,   that      �� Jlf>tkoworltinguian doea nojt (
���inee    thhr Hotise    emphatically condemn, to chorea R is because the woi
eertafn    gneh   unconstitutional    WutoeelMga, nSan doe. not want to go to chi
BP��W Map-    and hereby appeal, to the Governor- 1 won't see that he gbes to chnrln
M9*m" > General of thla, Dotnlalon; to lavsetl- any' moro when he get. his
11 as amend-    gate into all of the aforesaid mat- half holiday for recreation
through tlje * torn and cbargea, and should the ones^ #neh he has! fp"
stages in this Legislature,     fact proy# * bm so   stated    in this Attorney.   It si the wl
of the    reeohattoa,   dismiss   forthwith   the the woraingnmn pay. that is hi. riiln-
ie prop-    Honorable Jams. Dunsmulr from the ation/"
office  of  Lieut-Governor    of    the        Whom thO fact^^ to taken into con-
Province of British Columbia." sideration that the   Western    Book
+��u*tiii .uv'iirinrtff ,.-i? #1t: Conce^.o^to^.��*.. Chprch has
j?!? M n. hi * church   ��� m^i!**wm*>0mm*P*
hAuid   1 AlTO<rJftGAinHa�� LABOR. to ^ ��Ptfojojp> .p
atead of nmathty.
��ff-.-Nrl  ikJ
the power of
E. Chu:
is a heMsf^ii the
worklngman that the ehetoh
projudleed against hfm.    This Is    J.b h.d the misfortune to lose some
not so.    This Idea   has   orlglaated    native woihmen    throaurh an aect-
largely from the hoarse mouthing,    dent with g| ninwls.f ^Waarfnl of a    B.VNCROFT       McKINNON
f��   IB!-*! M^idL, i3.*--^*JA*.    *a=,wr'       *   ��   ���     i-A.a
-class.   Pricks
All union lank
the Ti
m a%aiiiai.i'��>.��Ma> rn.mnit.im ���***. 1*4, ^
m Mm St w.
"; 1 pT. % m
ww <rwj3ft
Otiora 'fton
?tt< .v-*
-ftaiorsronion made
 '       ii:
*) edi ���      ��� ���sinuL*
jtppp .avps. punnnii: swfunnaaan.
, tfuarly C.ftftft.ftftO.
eighth of all the women of Ainefief
are wage .laves. Ih New >|p*;
City .lone 50.000 women are .deporting their hhntnttnvi *��. ChWago
every year ��A.wew* dtoetrod wive.
take np the burden of providing
alone for a family. Another vast
SEwtTpfof petty criminals
Curing the periodic Incarceration of their husbands to provide food, clothing and shelter for
their tittle ones. nftiieu. of4 women
are forced during tAe peVtoAlcal la-
naUanTf snCnaawawX
npUfr  vfllVII
Stamp Are Not Sold at
ass vtf* .*la*wsi
-oft'jifcj*!) ton/*ioh~xQiian% dg��� '��� ��� "7    .   ~
:, ���, '  ,,:>  ���  , sr  ,rr ,. .   j '.,, , ' '      , a- n   inJWi��i��>l*j;mrwftx
*u ca rrv the laraest amt most i
Ty" w*i:'*aw^^rnr��nnnnsnaanrw��^
rafso^rSn^^ :e��
Weiieo4^iyOw out UAdy'style of shoe
���Jiff*Hrwfno ��:>2pw * 3M***** .
Children's)  for
v    . ��� *�����"
rawlj^jwy* .SrorY.
ftfJPhV of union .tamped
. Ad a^fweenA amvpnthm ��>fergaa~
m iimim \*wwjm\ in....* ^ a hoasaV1 .udj corning a
TW .?���*,  >ver^|wh_riv-* %mmmmWy^T mlSm^mX^i^
home.    Women are bought and sold
"-sx?i ���     ���; ->- ^e*r-~
���ed  laboi   tbroughont Alberta held    ^^.^ fiPsjtffJfcf
and shipped to all
taenia*/   ��t|��-      _���.,.__    JUiiMAfi
��� traatsa. In*    ft*00*- *����� .PgppHuT.!
eluding    the   farmer., a rsaajnlloe
waa pa ami, aa follows:   , JS?* ,
JlPhevoaWa thero * In the poBttcni '^kimm. ':^^mmT pe^nTto
haftd^at aewawan an ea^njanttoo ten* rfh^tnTOva urn WrtiaJA' aSt they are
fleeting the interests of the working    deiltod .��� -j-t... ,n m.wlB, or Mft.
^^ ^^ **^��at����^^^��     aii|      ��� *s^ ^^ *aa     ****** a m^     "a       ��*av
class, the Socialist Party of Canada,    ^tf^jjaa tfW^y mmi}t^ff
it is the sense of   thin    convention -r:,^ i\i"i>i   -���:
thai*thw- taanowactioa    of- another .   n.wwv    ii��    ���    I
pitied p^Aijf?. aoe?
>eierW^ ,*e>t. ���T-rwfe
Inhoo partpj wawld-oaay^ a^ The Labor Hall    Auditorium has *��,.��� ������\k' teaA^vfrd-Wfakfrv
vide the worker, and Introduce eon-    been generally overhauled during the      .rThoheet weapon tap latoroaaVnpll
ranks of labor, he R    past few weeks.   It is now more In    TypoaTaaoJoUrffJamtOA ��
THE i-atanpr.
label is by far the m<
effective weapon    hi the hand.
raaolron. That tola convention adopts keeping with'the needs and require- uoioo aaeei. Atot the>Pbajijanaat;��e ��� trade unionists today. If union m
aa it. own tiro ptotforw. of the So- menu of organised labor to VaAeeo- ae>ertlneC. If * le id he ao.-ejbeetivev hod their families would buy on
Party of Canada. -   ror.   Two tncreaseAcrovena^allA re-    wnnnmi.   ,   Ta^r^aOro .^.lapmnwver    such rfooda^a| .how the label.
The vote stood S9 to ft. aultf'ahowld aftftn^Pftpny> the H.Oftft    Tynonju**inni Ofdon ;ronnent.   tho;   r^Peiit would he far more helpful
Already  nsverol   branches  of  the     borrowed to pay for the work. union men of the city and all those     the cause than aay strike could 1
ha %*t*Bk*HiU* t*��tfe M-rdiftvtog .....    who aro U syasnnthjr with the prin-    to be.   According to statistics, chl
a result, and   the    workers -^^i^^^JwlJ!^ ' AMp- fP>*pV do^qptPP^Pe^to aee     labor has increased thirty-three ai
will go actively lato ton coming pre* THB TYTO V**** i***^ ^fV^i*?**** ,abel ��^^   OM~thlrd Per cent i     the past
in the prairia priv-      .'j-jjjf ^Vv^^SST^ff*.?  "5   *C      ***&**��� ''^^mWM^mm yon^lg^V years.    This fact alone   should %
S3'-   ��� 4 �� *'
The Alberta ,
,ons1 anaftal     ��� ^MUUI      V/vun^snssjaap _^_^#   as^snWl
is alno urging upon the Alberta Gov-    ^.^
ernment  the  necessity of adopting
too labor legialntton of British Columbia, secured  by    the    Socialist
William, and Mclnnis.        ||l&^ ���������
Organised labor in Alberto is on
the right rood, and that they may    a^
more.   It wtii help jrpnf R.n^Ajl* mj^ women to a determined efto
����� <��* 'gA^to^eneare^ to do their part to prevent the es
on your printing,to ^'^ka, ptoyment Of children.   They can 4
union lahnlt: oa your copy wtun^apn. this by iM^steAWWandlng; ��
anad It Aft tlm-.printer^ mwWtmW
or**** m Prininr to fPt ^ "WB&i?
label on all your printing.    All em- Jjjj, that .fl/nm,..! i      to Tl
Ploytoj^ printij^ aattoa^ Unionist Is
ver can toiwtoh, the label, ^^hftjsna Business AgenVfSfm
& yon toll tiaanv,tijny^%maot_  know ^ ,j c.      T
aa any In Canada, and there
necessity for work going out of the
The label d ��m-
a^.1     --       -nse ayawtP-waar
r M.^y^W>#dr *|jOfe^-.. .��>*iSSf��r��J
* wpie  till
myanK^ ga^awanwann>    nna^    n*n.vnx^>asra.^o    ^/a     Otasv    aaaaawaa
laAwlrnnAheir printing:    That la the
fault of the printer.   All the employ-
are union, and union
on the label."
A. . matter of fact If the custoftsp
Winnipeg ap old party potttj
can still be inveigled into ad
a labor meeting. Brltisl
Columbia passed through that stog
of the game nearly Ivo year. ago.
er anythlag--only   tiro   trou% of �� ^ ^ ^ un the Imb* om m*
m��kln�� for lU printing, the printer is taking a eor-
Write VUnlon Label-oa your copy tab. amount of risk in putting it on,
hen you send it sTpT^arv There are aosse  men    in tie city.
Telephones   1CSS   and   lfttl
very few, we are happy to say, who
.Army    would object to the label oa their
The    printing,
ey *nt       Write "Ualon Label" on your copy
the con-;   when yon send It to the printer and
B. C. Government, is    be'11 be snro about It���so will you.���
x._ jinn- ' -' i...--^--a' . OtoPJf evtoence or   nia ract.
A.    M.     ��.
" '
to 1
We cater
BtSflOP ft
^^ananmA^a^aahaaA ;
 ii'  �����
ades Un -
;tii r��
; TAB*
/ ,T^i<��r|jpiMis|ri/
iBPaTrtaSt BHftWaQWBf
In order to burn coke satisfactory, .mild your fir* even and deep, and
111     ;���;���
think, he will be coming back soon.
u oiucr 10 uara cone sanstaftory. nnim vonr nre even
ber you cannot get or keep a gopd Are *hh coke ���
to Its peculiar fracture and rough grain it doc. not pack
[Coal and leaves more air spaces; to
utile** joudo.
After the coke is well ignited shut off the dranght; if you do not want
much heat yon can regulate your fir. perfectly with damper.   Be sure to knap
. a good supply of coke on the fire: you are not using as much weight la coke as
you would with coal.   When leaving the fire for tb^nteht, put on plenty of
it off the draught entirely, leaving a bcVofaahc. on the grates to
/*M     �������/   '/A. I   -?��<i.l
...    K    ���   ,
11    -���'-  ���    '
���*: ft
ii    isawamawKpaanwanawanaaasjii
���emselve. most
He  tells  how  the     farm    laborers    Ifttickt than    "els
roughout the Canadian West, hav-j
represented the Conaroas aa or-j
territory  until  the
sction of *~P W%j*e��.Taai Sep.]
ber.   Upon the return of Organ-
Trotter some four months hence,
will take, np Congress work In
all    Canada, In the
years in  which ho holds the
Jftf stotkwtktsxt^a^ont aat pfa wail.
election of officers    the. first    co5we?!vwHe* *** tkm ���**
to January, a very eJetoW����*> ***** ew �����*' h*tm
place between the can-    body
Qazxy, 8eUexi'T^fcaMtwbrldgw
and Arthur Dntton; retiring President John 8ully refusing nomination
this terny oaylng that to wanto4 to
see some one
that he could toka a
held office^ too oW ftternetfeaal
Union hero some yearn ago.   Fred la
a'poo* man for the position and Is
quite n favorite with the ooye.   -**U?
G.  Payne, elected by acclamation
aft  recording    secretary.     The    old
four     8t*ndbT' Jimmy Coagrove. still 1
23     on to the bank hook.    He has)
union o
he haa
any council or
acted on and when there la
aPawnfhliig   like acja.
years and a better one we could not    The
got:   An Irtshaaaa and a be
er.3 'Jlntiny; :MbkWmM^ hhl.
talk   save.
a^n^ from
naflRnaunanEntrlng time and ability    expenuituren.    Me*yjn?nnjy
?ZTMa Bnllv       ������* ** ** WOA AA�� ht fcOld to high
����� m,W�� <W* ���� Joh* I""*    ^^ sm. at,, niemanra for his busl-
��,ected lWr*W ter thla year la '      '     hA.       .Bft,w Af tlM,
2*?^ e^retu^toS^
where he la are working for lft
lingo nor week or lsss than $3. That
doesn't  suit   Wally.     Members   are
specially requested to roe the agent
and give him their addressee to. paujft,.
so cios^Tv as        of wmmoner meetings.
Wo now have the telephone In.sA,.
headquarters. Owl pool rooms. 124*
124 Hastings street eee���� Headquarter, will be known as the Labor Ex-
cuftPftP* ,-ftpesni^ *vo��. ays-aia^,. .nuna)^
tern will plean. renaanipe^
her ami try their host to help one aa^
*** **P wmJ�� a*. - .'wwrfRMw'*    ,B * l6U<r ***** "*������ **��� lHT-
Britiah Columbia e^mmidh^nn^to^  te^Pdlow -colleague I. crime." Mr.
city one month    ana    aro   wjsnljfc,   ***���* �����*���!  '^-Pilvation Army
W-i" ��. ifcW ���m^n^�� *&   " ���� th* *'������->���     They aro ad-
enlAUe4to��rotoln.llparli*menMtoMry,   vortislag for ftftft to sell (en route
���W*.% ^mOm^x ^ *** Ortombin) on the 2ftth
wake an.frt1 **4 out that yod O^ft, of<lPweVuery:    They claim that they
^'fifc^rtrPW-  pVIpMpV.iM hnro ft contrenft PI* tt^
election day.    Read a little labor or lembta Government to supply 1.000
socuihrtlc llterotnyn, tt.^^v^W -men 4nraOP..J��08.   They deny that
���* t^^&sJW ,>WMM *���* �����"���' ����� *��**��� the cities.
rftto8��*-  wala^isl^njai.^^ bnft.ahat they are   all    sent to the
agent  for further particulars. lSPa.jj.ii Pis,  that they have no dfa$
Meetings    for    February,    lftftft: tieaft ���mung people whom they
11U fob.. tothFeo,H,i   w*.\ ..dT' ana��iw^    l^towtiig avp>
O. PAlTiW,      . ., I���������& 4hoLondon otttetols of
. <Agent.,^. Salvation Army ^wired to Oommia-
������> b'u"i iL.U'"..s..ad*''iny>'T^��if^4 stoanp Cnomb. ftonehj if they naHaoafi;
fasOTTJanr ���               t&t caapeft the next ntatiaupynad Coomba
ITRRING THE WORKERS wired  back   to send    ilftaanlPnjBl
i        OF effiRacY ENGLAND, take no notice, an taOOO'h^tw.a.yn|^
,)(.ov''.'i ai.. V-.-         b^fjafoo roomr4n BrRhu> Columbia.
��� -I T^Tav^^it ^ ^x^PiownnOJ    w-aa^PaanaWPn^^a-P^ .IfgW.
Trnfllekers an Human I
ii   ' i
feire man who always wants to know
why and wh
looks goodm
and take.
good man for
lanced Idea, and he is onejamo will    *��.
talnly try hi. best to push    the
nlon ahead.   He has held office a.
president of the union
been delegate to the
Labor Ctoun&Wqufto efS
financial secretary, whose book keep- expect to find upon their arr.,
!r^.hrh     ��ng Is a credit to any one for neat- this land of     'glorious    opportuni-
U   .isnriil s^Pinh 'Ti saniii ii itiaWt" ttitf!*'������''
hoMthe tife
BOW  .
wage-slaves to further Intensify the
ovnrstoohod.Ubor   market,
uld by all mean, get their
;^s^*AIP .votar.j ^Ufa f^anA to e n .
^^PP"^. Jwlr^^aTPPJrW.* ��� J ��� lWPn*aP4pa^Bl��^pB������P,
claaa hae> Ae the halto,
Of the
e   and at firat das.
m.    We can count on Jim
to look after those members of the
union who may meet with en acci-
but at the same time let u.
has committee  will  not  find
to do.
President Sellers    appointed Jack
warden and J. Faulks
tor.   In all we have a very good
entire and no doubt will he kept
thtn year.   Work to oar Hae to
.   a number of aa kmklng tor
Bro. Watford,    who    te in the Ohh
Country, writos the    ae_Ca^tory and
liiiiias ��� unf nuiifii
Canadian workero n*��nt tik. ^ be-
on each election day.
���   i   "
Suits M^^t^MkJSB
Ma<k-to-oriler, t made-to-fit,  made-to-measure,
madc-tc^satisfy.   ^Inroo ni�� shouM wear Union
Made Clothes, if wbetowPAe host. Ops Gkikm
are right.    Ohr bHcts PAl^l|glt%.eax-e your
,      ����, X     ,-*e��ai���m��'|"��i�� ' �����,i��.M��Mie-������a hi  ".   'iiiimjii in ii<.n>pWimi T  ���
_    measure with us._
..ff   f.ta.tf   Wfft


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