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 1* BritishColumbia
Vancouver. B C      nrrCMDrD   100C 10c per copy; $1.00 per year.
Vol XVIII. Ho 4    ULLLMBLK, 1943 Eighteenth Year
waw^iwaiw^ imm mtiw^m*
our sincere
|i/[AY we express
good wishes for a very
Merry Christmas and a Bright
and Prosperous New Year.
We have many new lines in Watches and
Clocks, in regular and novelty shapes
(Banns* aos, atr.a.. Manoaaay ***** M*M" cmk
NOW   Style  Empress
•WMe  or Green)
7 jewel   WeUh.-igion
IS Jests) •« Odd ruled. While and Oree«
I Western IPholesale Jewelers
y*\ *m*HSiA\*\
jl    mi conoova iTRliT w ,. ,, *• > f^J>l% A True Statement
CANADA is such a new country, It is almost incred; le that
paper bags have been made here for a period of over 50 YEARS.
—IT 18 nevertheless TRUE
It is EQUALLY TRUE, thst by no other policy than that of
maintaining at all ooati, the high standard of quality in our bsgi,
together with efficiency of aervice could we have retained the
reputation of being manufacturers of the moat dependable paper
bags on the market today.
Manufacturers of
for   Wholesalers and Retailers.
Phone: 8eymotir 781
The same price
at every store in
our British
;.**£■ *"'?'"*'
•The End of s Perfect Dsy"
ymrn ** mm —* - m*' **- •* " *"* * ^'" *
IA, Un, N a» MM. Mb. tbi S to » mm.
Mb. UU, It w . ss^ m ^ „ „ , ^
The British ColumbiaSugar RefiningGo. Ltd.
(^std dont think iat a minute,
just because Del Monte fruit
advertising is So sfomg.that me
are neglecting oOiep items /
fteadjtwm uns special
Then it more mtheHising support been) of DEL MONTE
Fruil* then ess other *wwt**1 e/osoaW /rvlta on lot merajft
Wo want you to know this I But just becouee we
emphosite it so often, don't think for o minute we're
neglecting other items.
Look ot tho advertising oo DEL MONTE ASPARAGUS I
A aeiy cotattJereM* putt oi our present appropriation ia
devoted to making thia product one of the easiest sellers in
the whole DEL MONTE line.
Thia winter and
for instance, we're running o
in lending women's magoiinea for tho nest five moot-hat And
in tho Saturday Evening Post — sbmb color advettiaementa
—to remind vour customers again and again about thia
tempting food.
Why not get near share of thia buaineaa*) There ie no finer
quality of Asparagus on the mar kel then DEL MONTE. It
has been a leader for
little extra work—will
on its own merits. Our edvcrtieiog
A close tie-up n
big results io new eake.
OfCfarea* soccijnoos
l»Kr. MnNTi: atlr«4 1-vMrhfS
ar* ala.. rfernlvlim mom* lit Ml*
Ir nit. .rt •lurin* lHH»nili«r Th*r
.night Im tm «mm» nl i**ss» laailtn-f
liattn* tot IH* nasi lie* m»nlh*
lUm-fnlMf. mlm*. lhal •• ot*
aim ay a raoOf »Mp|»*» tram .!!•■
|.l*-»l   ••> el*. Id I (tat  your «••   Till*
ii».iloBsa Mimkisr sn i*«i..r* «n«*
|.U* lai'lei. ti»««|M|i#r sml mul<
t»« •i«li   ruts,   wIMfciw   |w|M-t*.
• <||  «.Mla   e>*flMl*»    Mil-    II Ml   SMI
lim» >o»i n*om surh malarial.
oMtaoa frumadea Itoeartintat.
Cm.ut**nitt l*titSlaB I'ttrpiratlrss).
Sun Kranrlaro. iVBfurnla. mtm
rt> will ••nd || Oo*. IMS
**'Hh ahifh !• .nrf>'pn-ala<\ lb| |   r   THAI-F. HKVIEW
Published Monthly.
onocntrot. wtTooot*.
harpwaiul rooTivgan.
OfPtCUt organ or bc. board
k MONTHLY JOURNAL published in the Interest of Retsil Merchsn-
diaing aod the Development of Comm-re in Western Canada.
arnncJUPno-H katk on* natter N» v»»r psyafela In adrasea
A-Jtsrtialftg Balsa oa AppH'-atton
S««U IOI4 aiaf-casHs* Cichsngs Building
T*i«Bl*«» **t  ««l V*hw XU,rt* •SWBpUK-A11 Codei
W„«,. I B Uosn*m W H Caaa, Builm-u Manner
Kftt*t«-4 st OUSUS s.1 «*«*<*o?;d <•!»*» SttUSI
Vol XVIII, No 4
December, 1925,
The following riprnint B. M. A. Brinchu
in tht Province of British Columbia:—
Armitrong J. Z. Parks, Sec.
Cranbrook C. J. Lewis, Sec.
Kamloops A. C. Taylor, Prea.
Kelowna T. G. Griffith, Sec.
Lytton II. Rebagliatl, Sec.
Nanaimo , N. Wright, Sec.
Nelaon „E. P. Gigot ,Sec.
New Westminster	
and Fraser Valley..,D. Stuart, Sec.
Revelstoke W. A. Sturdy, Sec.
Vancouver W. F. Ing, Sec.
Vancouver, B.C.
A Dangerous Selling Policy
Whrrr is this instalment boytef pUll ROini lojead!
In ihe past «e«k oik ot the lar* ********* *ewa»
this eJStf mm* o«l  with thr annot.n.v«i.«la    1
'Midget plan" wherry ,n,^
nn regular areonnta or read) *esh  o pay «
of rlulhre or OWreOBt ean \*a} |W »»J J ™    menll
sue, i,f Ihr parrhav »rl«   fe> WJJ^JJg ta the
\»l. the JwUti   was mfon-1 ^"^i™lo«a»
Hfjj sa to «*H hii>rrs sn.| enarf« •><**   * • kmi|
Immediately   aCtrr   iMllstf  MOW  0JW fe
flB.h«Hhr»M«rriaplan    J^P^ |* pay
anything in its StOW and ls\M * * ll
If ptiee* are not B&ratwed •>•"" J^ ,     b ,M
then the adoption «f Uw *»rr'?! ,w>" ,"o! ,, inert
imposition upon lhe patternwho pa.
their bills in :» day*    It mU«rt,.nV n
eftpwar to handle these oeekl)  p»>»»        •     u ,
laKikkeeping and restiH In |Wtter «j>*"*. .
nr-sN twain* of lhe very Winre oi ' ,
»<ill have lo lie borne hy the cat* *";' ' ' .    v(S
regardleasof whal the mnn»tM>"»< »«       ;v,
eontrary.   People who have to W '
a neeeaaitv. on the lime paynfml M"
Hatty patina to have on the doom
Mo leeutte «rtHi ■* £^"££1 on
variety of Items whieh may W P«    ,; , js   ,
tnenta, nor of the vaat sum of noni. , .* .
waffe.eamers who have inotlmu""
ip ini'i
i or<?
iiics for several raonthi in advance, One authority has
i-sliinatfil ihe« amount at $3,1)00,000,000, but other statistics a****.,, that this is more in tho nature of a guess
than an actual estimate, All agree, however, that the
volume runs into amasing totals.
It is bad enough to soil washitiR machines, radio
M-ts. pianos, automobiles, etc, through this method, but
to extend it Indiscriminately as one of these depart-
menj stores has done is about the limit.
l-ikc all things that are indulged in to an excess, it
lead* \o destruction in the end. That would seem to us
lo l><* tin* ultimate outcome of this partial payment
t raw ami the wide* application to whieh it is being put.
Merchants arc simply going mad in their desire for
"volume," but at the sacriliee of a prudent business.
To buy on tho plan of a dollar down and a dollar a
w,-, k may be helpful to someone temporarily up against
,. |ni| to' encourage such buying of anything a depart-
im,ni store carries, or even elothes, is wasteful. That
s\si<nt makes people pay much more than the mer-
chnmliao is worth, whether in higher priees at pur-
fhn-jtt1 or in carrying charges.
•oom business and sooner or later will
ig.   It is wrong in principle as well
n thi "iv, is uneconomical and will ultimately prove
«.ia .a ffood
li js nutsflt
.is a
v, is uneconomical aim wm un.......... ,
People are employed, ns a rule, nt good
'   »..,„ v.et,„t thev actually
 SSSfiSw »■"""*
Prevalence of Wholesale Grocers Establishing Private
Bands Raises Important Question in Retail Dislribn
tion.  Unprejudieed Discussion to Determine the mora
Economic nnd .Satisfactory Qualities between Private
or Standard Brands
Then* is a very pronounced tendency nowadays on
the part of wholesale grocers to establish private
brands in ss many lines as possible. This is said t»
lie the result of complaints by jobbers that the margin
on standard brands is insufficient. There is something
more lhan the mere selfish Interest of the jubber ami
manufacturer involved in thia issue, and for Ihis reason we should appreciate heing lhe medium through
which all factors concerned may air thier opinion.-*
The best interest of the consumer ami the retailer
who serves them is greatly more important, for it is
insist thai he will handle his own brands, ahhou
there ean be no denial lhal atteh ia his privilege
The consumer*   demand    certain    foods for f i * t
tabu*, nml the retailer* must be prepared lo H»rv<
those requlremonta to a reasonable eaten* if the) si
to remain in huffifnftfl They in turn place orders wit*
their jobbers, and if lhe laller say they .1.. imt hsmih
whal is wanted, the retailer* will he forenl lo arch
distributor* who do lhitibile%s thfy mil have InnnI.
trouble, as there are always jobber* yl-ol to », t (Hi
luisinc**. failing whieh. new ones will Im- sl.irlnl up ...
cooperative hooaea among retailer* will appear I.
reliance must be plaeed »n'irvly npo i private bratul
outlet, will it not mean a **.\*tv curtailment of ^1, .
volume, and a still higher operating cost*
This phase of the situation is rather Important   |
Ni'i-ina to us, for manufacturer* eannol lie expe*   -I to
lay flow it and a-ce lloir sale* dreltm     If th  msnufar
turer is shut  out  frt»m  one  source,  attothir  will  b.
built up. and it is qucstionahetc whcfhtf BOO BVennen
Sip m*x\\v»\\ (Columbia lUtaiUr
extends tbe Season's Greetings to readers
and advertisers, wishing them joy at this
festive season, and a full measure of
success throughout 1926.
Ptf&MP&gP&t *W*^*W*WfcW
they who hold the decision in the last court of appeal,
and their attitude ia the controlling one.
The It. C Retailer does not take any stand al thia
time, aa it doea not wiah to prejudice the fullest con-
side rat ion of this important problem, in which the
wholesalers and manu fact ure rs are involved, with the
retailers and consumers occupying seats on the aide
lines, and who are vitally interested.
We recognise the fact there are good points on
th sides, but the balance of power ia the thing that
ust In* considered      Are private brands or manu
faeturera' brands the more economical?    Which give
the better sat isf set ion. all things considered!
The future security of the wholesale grocer in the
protection of his business, as at present conducted, is
merely an incidental phase, since evolution is the prime
It ia nol going to benefit the jobber, ultimately, to
will not do more harm • Mutually |.», .»i,I.||nI.. .1 eh
salera than  lhe  advantage,   real  or  fancied,  !*.»•«>•
through the exploitation of private brand* nliiiic     \
wellknown economist has claimed tlml ll.. nilotkni •'
the Jobbers' problem i Iocs not ht iii the dir.elion nl
wider margins, but rather in the InlrodnrtloO of eew
liomies. as the only effective no alls by which whob-
aalc grocer* can hope for long to meet •he competition
of the chain More companies nnd r„„p. rnllve buying
eonecrna.    It would appear that    the   lonuiifnctiir. i
would do well to make an intensive effort lo rival-
ii decently profitable busim** for the wbolesao r. Iml
Ihey should certainly not l«  iilleil upon l» play WH
nurse for the wholesalers.
Changed conditions in the grocery bttsiltaaa IflttBl,
of course, Im taken into account, and since wholesalers
must have retailers for an outlet, gome hard thiiikintr
is necessary on the part of the Jobbers, manufacturer*
mid wholesalers. :•/.•.'■
. I
Thr sale ol tan Aanl Jiailns Mill* Cowpsoj   .        I
\|,i   «rll snows thf*auslK»ui thr Vailed At        lor It    \
;,mlna Paoeako floor, io thr Qusirr Oal   Cotnpa
uto    va* rwoaamenOi'*! hs Ihs h«>» l ■-'   llrw
-,m atwid'i's of thr Aunt lamlai Ceonym
Thr iraaaarilon intoiri-r. % laanclal «<>
4U.Ha    TBe IjaaBet »»•«• I'Mapae*   »s4*
rf hss* th* aasnta **< >'».» bbssBbi r at a i
trrin ih«* prafawod * teM o ni" * *
\ooSm and is rip-act-sO to art in Hgaklallaa
i »h*r* oa coaimon stork    Th«* fBNBpai i I cap
Mali «»l MH aaa is* °* ft'*' gi«terrad rssivlai
n»;j share* oo |*r «slo<- BSSBBaBS MB I
j-  ■;•
.» ;i
*' |v
•■ <   i',,kr• •> a!.«,
al, l. TWASunv eta-ss new dollar
ft Mial CeaMn-sane* Cats a**0 DifBf Ititatitwt* for ft B
A4aiHilas leilar* to swjwiU-ti* i
fit    9-     n i"
ll anil itve<
!'.', >> nur.i ti
Uu   l>.*i»^i* ol
ii«> appearance,
I -arlll *■.<• ilia hi
•i    1        •!
e f
|l  ||   ■
»,.    ih
i: BUI. Haa ar) otlktsli urmsili »;».< >«..,
*«•• coin, a cisatBlnsthnn fol4 snd ilhrf ,)<,
ih* »*i»44 a**** tor attain of papal Bs9B#)
The anoisnaseil nr« renin will h* <v •♦;.*
• i*lBlf a f»'4 r«*trw *.'A> o »jm af »U»«?   •»*
l| Iai****? tBaa a q**fi«»    lUnfcu.j; iad •
• .■*• «BlrB 11*0414* t*fi«* «mi <>' >x> - < ■.     ■>.
• i<"!i a *BB*iMatr  'o*   thr  itnlUr   Sum I't   Bi    '
Tho**  «ho  ff»'r»   then  4«U»r   hi!!   "iii  *l
'iiut ttwea.  Nt o*tlrt*t* !»»"•  oal  lasoi   '
• H'r  Ur| OOtf   »U  lo «rr« fit'*-  " •
oonnto locnt tooar hsib cupbcb sales
Itartottas st Boaar •»«,.{•<»»» ib h* wf> ihi lamea* nn
featfB of a*oaa#a with WhW4 kwi« la h«-. ^ the backi -•'
tBsH aacfca a»atli trt«*i**4 *• respsaeikh fat H The.*. <>*
IBs lare*s» awll *%**%, hm «*« baft r-apori lec-rea***
ii «o Tl ptr »«"*» i» <*»* **J* <»J h**r tttasjett dorti« tai Isa
ram aad a half
ICnoien for Flavor!
Orange Marmalade
Pineapple Marmalade
Tho Demand Increases
Drifting or Racing?
That's the question this
picture asks of you
IP you're in the first dais, if you're juat drifting
along while competition shoots paat you'in a racing
shell—take a survey of your buaineaa.
Perhaps you are overatocked with alow-moviag
brands, merchandise which a few people want often
enough to give you a yearly turnover. If you restock
with quick movers—you would figure turnover and
corresponding profits not once but many times a year.
Merchandising experts say that there'a no room on
the modern dealer's shelves for anything but beat
•od!ers. They say that you have a right to demand
that each manufacturer advertise hia products ao well
that people know about it and want it
a   a   a   a
This argument is especially applicable to your toilet
soap section, where the bulk of buaineaa ia done by
three leading brands, although many atorea carry IS.
These 12 non-producers usually atick around until
the mark-down sale at the end of the year. You're
lucky if you break even on tha inveatment
No such trouble with the other three, they aell themselves Protit per sale ia leaa, but how they pile upl
Every quick turnover compounds interaat and little
of your capital is tied up.
o    *    *    *
Palmolive is the best known, moat popular, atrictly
one purpose soap in the world. It haa firat call—
everywhere. Palmolive billboard and magaaine advertising is as famous aa Palmolive quality. One wina
the millions, the other keepa them won.
You, the dealer, profit by both. The only selling
effort required is Palmoliva diaplayed in your windows and on your countera. It doea the reat.
3037 8
Kt rvr*
Chloride of Lime
Ntw Style Waterproof Package
•upplteai By all wholesale grasses
ks iritis* CalvmBla
Maaufarturad By
vANcouvtn. a c
Prolit b only profit
after you sell the
merchandise* A
large margin does
not pul a dollar In
your pocket if the
goods set on your
shelves until they
are bespecked and
Try our spcelal packac* of oaa pound cat paal-Uteion i »ndtod *„., lm „   *** £•&
Oraag* and Canadian Citron, rack peeked iTlndlvSuai        S?2lJ5S ,    * VM ? * 9"*
Glasslna bags «w"BBBl %w *P*«ielia«. in vw |vi tm IB* Um,,
aa4 ao Ik  llosra
— and —
PecBed By
VANcouvtn. a c.
tr*4» la r» IB
|(U   mm, i ,*~*m    m*>-m«m
^^ ^^       ___ IS'i^iw an m wind}    ^gfem**—.—7*0
We P.U*. ., it mn, for . moenrnt, („ mm, t„ (lllr fri„IM,, ,,„, w<„ ^^
* Joltrtf» t*r< »t*«» an* a
D**MW en* »roaj|)croniB Beta Wear I
1M$ AUUUmUL atTlllT * *  MVINUMTON, Manag,»r
•■WiiliwawurHWai^^.^,^,,,^   mw%mmami3m*   fcVJ
1 •■■■' h vkOsosm <rj:»
Van-fouii r, Deeember 12, 1923
It. tail f*r.i«*i rs ar« mi** entering Into ilial h"*> sto*
hiftl.l. period jn»t botow ifee Xmaa HolWaj Display*
i «r«MmiaMr Him s air th* order nl llu day, and won*
„t thr rotallefi arltniowa *rr ,\.«.<iinv'U stirartirs
*i»«l ap|sn»|n»air IMail groeers nil) Rod a good ven-
enfr tn lumkiiig ofdew foi X»a* lurkej prrtrloua io
♦ br aftwal runlet-went ttmn rliminntmi: over-buyin*
Th.rv arr tnanv oih.t Unea BB« rostoiaaril} hendled
as rrtail trofota Inat nan I* mid ii iMi a-eason wlin
o.,mm\ |iri.|»!
h t» writ I.. noU ihr *JBiee«* snd wpport Mi
» n.a.lrr 1'rrat.lrnt si Ub fcrtail Merchants' A*w*w
.,.,« m rwletng bt Ini differenl •>'"* ^^ *> "t*
thn.u«h..nt   AlUrla   HaskaLk-*•*..  ■»■ ;l  Maml..l..i
spenlta writ l-*r tbr fOinn at ill iruil itoeet ss sreii
,a imm l«» othrr Mnaa nl Mail *£**"£ ^
...rklne «itk tl" todnlaje on Mr. ^fTn
IVilikms Tnoii la not saottbi lhat Net Mainlett-
iims is mi Of ihr Btfongril oeapeiia lhal ran »
to Aght I'ha.n ami Cash and Carrj «■■' Potion  nweii
h«» been thr ilrath knell ot ibt h w *! *
to Rifttom Ctnnda and ttmi      > *   ^"* °. fair
Intled Slate,    tn aider lo b    , rnsUrr     air
x I * -r      i'     Will     M      |< . I Wf)      ""
amount **( mseeeSt nowetei  ii wm '
thr retaUeri te bind tototber>*m\ *»* £*"$
-^liti*  line* than  th.,     ™   ■-  *J^ *
past     AU. IW rrta.lrr must n ill*  J»Jt
gtir ami lakr    Ko ..ik* tvlaih-r ran esneei      g      ^
nmrr oul sst ihr Priee llaittlrnanct man       ■
Input tmo ihr tight forll    11 »«    .";..„,   ia
lailrr intrrvstnl. am! *    *****  IM* *     . ^
Merges!  ,n nnrhmg: ft|f • Wr^ ,   /J,	
shollWIrr lo Ihr  wfcffl  ami  e*   ||W
sstth a hrart ami r-ml l'«" **?!£ /(S((M!i(, aboil
ahrrr A vrry go**l burtanei ol >» ^ ^ ot||
In Vaneimarr wiiMn the post tew sre. ■ ^ ^ ^
Mnallrr whnlraalrrs IflBWlU) "^,T'n brand ol
ing too much profil BO ■ «***«" wei • ^ {y
raminl SOOP ami rut Ml pHB  ta f'       »,        ,(| ,(l,
rrguUr wnolaaak pi<w being H-J   \'       vvr!i, ,,.,
BOtting of a t*W .lavs a num'., or   •
luring thr BBOtf brand at 2  •" «"t    ,   , ...,,.•   i    !
prirr Mug Ife par tfs, »W«| *W m ||( s„
At thr now mail pri ii - '"' "Th.  kim| „t |,m
small that It «•««to \» • |M»»     ' m| ,,.„!.,
rutting gpalU dlaaalsr lo i-th «h '        ;j    .,
ami rrrlalnly ia not »00d "»n«^   »   |( (  iMil hi, ,x
he hoped that thr efforts of M
eeuUnwUl brtog meem wd mi««
Sn^r 8inee our \^ '^''   'J.'V^m-  whw
alitrralde flurtuation in the P>"' '      N u Vork
at one tiittr waa as low Bat*}' •    '      *(u, -„ JI I.
kelaiulwrntashigh^M-J.*' "    „,,„„,,. H  *
whlrh ia today's prirr    *tmn\ q«
Nttuutlsted in 100 Ih. sm-ks is $6,25.   No change is ex-
peeled during itn* balance of the month.
Brooms. Be prepared for a b'm advance in the
price of liriMiius rarly in the m-w year. Retailers
ahould buy their apHng roquireraeirts now.
Rauina. Haisins have advanced again. First the
in"* tariff, which became effective early in October,
ahol priees up about 2,2e per lb. Now the packers
have- boosted their pricea so that a higher range of
priees ou till varieties will be in effect very soon.
'hi.* well-known brand of seeded raisins in 15 oz. pkgs.
introduced a few months ago at Uf/oe per pkg. will
v»etii In* quoted in (he neighborhood of 17c Spanish
Isble raisins have been delayed and did not arrive until
December 15th, which is rather late for any Ing volume
t»f business.
Whole Nuts.-A general clean-up is expected in all
lines of whole nuts, notwithstanding higher priees this
year N«\\ **!i<'llul almonds and walnuts are now
available at slightly lower prices than last year.
Rice. -New erop Calif. Japan rice is slightly easier,
millers having reduced priees :f>,00 per ton.
Date*.—New Halowi dales arrived late in October
and went to the retail trade at "4c per lb. The first
bl was quickly cleaned up . A further shipment arris ini; Deeember 10th sold at the same priee. Prices
heing quoted for February and March delivery are
mueh higher. Announcement has been made that
the- (Quaker Oats Company have taken over the Aunt
Jemima Mills, manufacturers of the well-known Aunt
Jemima Pnneakc riour, for a consideration of some-
-hue over -13,000,000. This organization will no doubt
,!n lllU,|, |o „uike Aunt Jemima more popular than
. Vt'f
Beans. White beans remain steady, and are being
quoted nt the vrry low figure of 4 eents per lb. Speckled Kayos have been short for some months, but are
due now. and will sell at 5^ eents per lb. Other
cereal prices remain steady, bul is is well to bear
in niiinl that wheat priees effect most lines of cereals,
and consequently higher prices on beans, oat products,
• li* , MM)   l)C expected,
Sardines.   Norwegian sardines are lower again,
popular brands now being quoted at .tll..r>0 per ease.
I,, mi  Brotheri* Vancouver branch establishment han let
* contract to J D, Jaynei to supply 25 carloads ot carbonate
ui node from Soda Springs, at Seventy-mile, on the Cariboo
road, ai ilulit dollars per ton delivered at the Pacific Great
i:,isi.-iu Hallway (rack. A terles of shallow lakes are fed
bv -jprlngi carrying carbonate of soda, which crystallises
.mi durlttg the dry season and can be harvested similar to
unit Several attempts previously have been made to utilise
■h - material, but. up to now, demand for It seemed to be
lacking. 10
Lake of the Woods
Milling Company
Makers of
The World's Best
DnOy Oapndty 14,100 BbU
B.O. Offlnaa
U0O liekards Stnai
1614 ttore Itreel
tin* iiiiptirtanrr Iii thrin **t thr    t'siwub   \j-j.
legend whirl* sll i I.Wth m-rat prwtlurt* *mti}
Muusrke apt r% likr lo ksxnw lhat ihr mrni** need
brrti eerrfull*! iitsprr|i<«| snd arv fiismnlml ot **
*»»mr i|u«lt-*%
H*>1| r|.\UK  ' I'AtuiU  Apprwinl" |V pmn*\ A
and "1^1 thr 1*1. \KK Kitrhrtw hrlp °* »tt tn Urf 1 r m
and morr profits "
is     *
W. CLARK Limited, Moelretl
lrrtjBlifBnst«.ia   «|   Btoiresl.   M    k Oami    P  Q    ..«
ate now Packed in New Thtee-Colot
Counter Display Cartons
of 25 tins each
^^tnT^^"*™™**   *»l*«mm**sm*T
Paokad by
oomrou brob, lootbd
Blaek s Haxbonr, V. B.
  ..   ._. ..
"■"»"--■'    *■   ■ „	 m
!,,. iiumlirr of   mifrnious  srhrmrs ( r  PSlrseliiii*
»iuniB>#ra dollar tor gimbandn* nhieh ihaukl »••
i,> rights through mail rhanurls is becoming i
a<4 to the rrtail imdr «f Canada   Mannfaetureii
(heae fnoda, oral anj r*t* ih«\» sr. obtamed bt
no  or t*Sm%*%t** ha**iii|?  *   minimum <»< overhead
who .i|wra»*- and o-l»rrnsr mi i Banner, srhieh »'
rbeek-Mli wdl ha%r a *rtj  serums t**e\ mi Mail
\ inrrrhaiit in \rlson mnentb reeeivrd
. mitmiimf four ravou «iU kuittr<| :,. • Iti
lerona pamphlria .1 !•*•..ur*»-.fc« upon ihr  merit* o
«rt*wl*»s enrio^.1   ami ihr    genu tne" wanner in
.  hH  thr  tot-toiler  had  been  for  >«*•*% doing  )<ti"t
mi ni t ana«la undrr thr stUr .,f    Canada'* tlngtnal
Mad «»nlrr  lions* rsetuaivrh   |q  |h<  Cons*!  ON
UTHOTAU sml ihr lars^t and MOHT MODKRN
utrtbtttnfl of turns nsefrweni "TV <(»alit) of the
I «di is tiothitif In It* asharor«| ..' *n4 bj fntflbi r j>ur
Kanea. thr peter to ihr rusto»»-**r \s aotomat trail** t*
.•r.|, until teretitv lira are abtaittSbtt (or IflM Ot
i\ rrnla epirer Thr ptHtflBBrT M WBtftded that the*
rdef ts fi*ir« taiih a ittstinrt understanding lhal sii
* t»a ii rmn l*e rrloritr«|      'Thrr*.* »* no eateh in ikis
jfon rati
tl ,•
mn risk nothing    *»« I—- l,c,thm*
moon , ' farther a
Hie!    **•**
I hrl,» Hul   aot** mouri       lunnrr  »■
.tti-Wa ofTrp »*lt »* tekrn cots* of in »''•; ■"
.    Klth   Ihr  WlNh.eiirl.ssr.1  -Hh Ihr  |	
ft** mrthoils of HBHnb.iti.if *tf»*r™"
*       ..*  ,„.,|,ri   Imt   Ihi'    '■ *  i ■'
t   so*   mraus nrw   t«» our  rr*.t< r**
,Jar  mnrrftt   shooM   mak«-   •U'h   *
„«**t U* a rrputaldr mrrrhai.t doing bUSinrss       >
t.uialr way  in this pWb»*  i   l« ■}
Aholhrr UOtrl   srhn»r   In OttBt  <*•   r
his  IrgitimBlr aphrre  ha.  BOM*   In  <™
foTW «t     Tuslowrr t'ham Salrs
it l   ~  .■   onrLi nut      t'ustom-rs   *f*
Mrrr t« how il oorM oui
ed through snM-n and ate* who in»en
Tl»r original purrbasrr depnstts U < •
jn.motrr  and   rrrr»».-*» thrn   .ou|-»*
at   » rmls rarh and  rrtauis  tan   - %
lha i**n«»n* «o ***** >" *** * mT*l  ' ,
t„ thr salr, pmmotrr    Thr ortftnal     i
a« thr rrrript holdrr .^^ »^ „" t1
of #t t-0 whieh hasr«si him»l'"'
of Ihr iWdlar hv Ihr rrsiui* « • «'
OOttpoM     Kneh nf thr |«in-has.-rs-i
thr rrrript holdrr in l««n» n^'*
salr   and  Ihus thr "«'l"»"'r pWJ"
This mrlhml of srllm* •? ,;
Ihr I'mtrsl Mates, and is •*■»»» I ,
in many Imra anrh as bnaljfj h« *
other .-lasar* of mrrrhaiulia*"      B
Srlliiif mrrrhan.li'-* "•»   nw '
Ihr rrtailrr and re.|iiirra OttlJ   P
whirh lo oiirrate
Thr Krtail M« rrhanls   r\ss»
matter up with thr tlflt*"**[J
irrvrnl its o|»rra«ion  In  ' •»'      ,
haa aaknl for anff««»«"* |n  .   ,„
form of tradinif    ^JSl«ntn
hr rradv lo start Itt M ^ft]
prevent ihe^- idiotic srlutms
of thr relall trade, and rver>
tion should mdomr thj al^n
tbeir Anht for fair trading
Ik  111
For the
Quality and Satisfaction
Because of their steadily main>
tooted superiority Royal Baking
Powder and Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder have been stand*
fot over a half century. Both are
made in Canada.
For the
Prompt Saleand Fair Profit
Always Recommend
Christmas Cooking
Its tvpUl
ation la cstabljahed In
ItC. Homes.
Milled In Vaneonvtr by
Vancouver Mfflinfud Grain Co.
a mils     VANCOUVER, B. C.
*,,ad Oflca and MB*-    w 12
Buret yon time whan cnatoman ask for ' Froah toasted
OoffseV* Thati ainctly what Nabob is. Tha racnnni tin
katpa tha fUfnr in—yon sail il "fraah from tha ronatar.
Kelly Douglas & Co. Ltd.
Our Motto is " SERVICE
Wa onnnot offer to sail yon gooda cheaper than nay other Una ia tn n poafttoa to do. bnt wa OAK
-lira actual facta to Brora that it Is
to deal with na
Wholesale Grocers
•^■■aMMBBBMMHMBMHB Mm*^*mW ■ ^—~—.
First Quality packing houae produets put up hy P, Burns A Co.,
viTiuL .     ***** Jft* *rlthf hl|ht,t *ri,,i* i,Wiy» wWnMt,
and without equal on this market.
P. Burns & Company, Limited
tmmmmmmmmmsmxmmmJHmmmMmOsmaaamia     **»*^'-^**mmm****. „
■■■■i -rinfii.il *■-- rmrtiir-r *- -' -■ ' ' '"""ll III IITIIIlTin t||*n—|—|——Ma—I m
How the Individual Retailer Benefits Through
the Efforts of the Retail Merchants*
Association of Canada.
Addeti by N  B Dou-kUi, Secretary Manager, Dominion Office, Ottawa.
I ban rhosrn as tha* subject matter e.f n.> iddress
Thr Valur «t thr Kriail Merchants' /Usoelation ot
i mndl t« thr liulividual Merehanl U lhe Assoeis-
.j,ptl l-iufiu «r imprn*.!* t*uti tra.hng conditions
ibronibottt tha mnntiy. sb conditions »r< Improved for
m.lmdnai ihrrrhani This Is i rtrj l«n*. subject
tod i« t»H f** in^y Ju*! *ha1 *m" in sssoelation
is tn >oll, it   *S««ld  l»r  linear*,   lo  r*X**W   thi  werk
„hirh haa hrm dom* ami to glvi ynu sob * infwnBstlon
»( Ihr policy  «(  thr   fuluM*      ki  H   WOllW ''"   UBpOBfi
Mr within ihr limr ggfottfd ti* enrol .nil this wort, W
fact ihr Btthjeela upon which I »".*h »« ?rt!k rA,t 8,!k,v i,r
brief!) dealt sasfb I will ttadcrts** lo d*al with a few
n\ ihs •llff.rulties of thr retail tradi u rsperieneed
h) tbt mrirhant in ihr indiniduall) osTlted snd oper-
tied atorr. ami ihm Nhm *W *** P"ir Aiaoeiarton
ketitV* lhal Ihis mrrrhsnt BBB oVeftolBe -»«. ol ih. «
difnoaHiaa ui w uj *« w»*y* * ;i,5f,,,,! b>;;
tni-tii* t» ih. rrUiHmship r*is!u»r lodaj Between Hie
bum and -lire This k sttt ol she greater factors
v„ "thr distribution ol foods TJm n a * * **»* »w
and pnotMHl) betsreen both partk*
New Bra In Eetail Distribution
As ,..« know, laatn taa bees going on for th. pjjt
„utur,    and  morr  partmiLrl,   tin   ^ .»;   > ^
war,, a gftmrnl ehangi nl iriain; mBtb- •
aakllr BBS ttaoriftO *»&« Hunt ihis is h Ml «
inohiiiousrv p**e« of eeojKNoi* «thers belli • «■
thrsr  condition* mil   HOt   tart   bll     ta    « "'»£
ir»nd Of httt*M« to wewhre M»W tato hif»J*JP"»
uoos and inailmtims will -SnnllJ $e* w  !   ■ j,
point, sml ihr Imliudually owned ?fW y™   .   th,
rdotnt wilt thin hate an opportunity   o
public thr srrnnv whkft ll **»***£ InKi render
iiitriMl-esi rfnee inch nccptkni thai     >  ^ ( ^
10 ihr consumer public      I win  * vxl| M
lrir*| to kcCP Up •** Ita ■p1"1.,,   .V, ihould try to
IMiaalldr. aud am full) ronrtneeti ihi)  !hiH
l.romoir anvlhini? which »•* protr*^ |n busi-
retord Ha-growth >•' Itan w»«u>     ; . ,    rt „,* ;l
o.m ami inoiir ||l4n| lhan men I) « , ,
maehlnc and wnrhN fn? fM** »,M1 jww
Thr oriitiunl trading rnndltkwM j» ':,,,;", lh; ,„,ls<
thai lhe store, which >•>«« fiw« p»linu*
at thr stori*. which >»*»■< ■" ""' ,.,,* ^(hin
n.la or ai the genera) mwjln* pi.»" *      t  uhi,h
at district a union tt( ylHl and en« ^.^  ^ w
a grown antl) today weftndoui tanr       ,niW„n|ty
.       .    . .,     .    ll   Kkliilitlldlt*. ,   . ,
Mill nf thrs.> fti-sl small tabljajl         ||m  ,„,,,.
Kfe, the pemunal t.meh. the W™     ^mim\^
in everything that ^.^''"jhlng iHaal «
Ihr interest by thfl pWJ"* "',    .,'   (|Ulri        l^
iHfieflt the mcrehnnt and thc-*'"> j „.,,!, v.ih.
places have grown much fMtci '«*»   |{ *,!i(, ,,;i„m I or
have bOOT equally lung in •x^""   ;      ,,„.., u na'
their rapid development hti* l»«» '
JjiPWjal conditions, as well as the spirit of the
origins) aetlers I believe that lhe greater application
m thai principle to the various districts outside che
larger centres will, in itself, have a tendency to not
only bttild ap the district, but increase the prosperity
o all Classen until we have a satisfied, rather than u
dissatisfied people.
Cultivation of Community Spirit.
A great many things must he done in order to ail
or bring about that collective personal Interest o\ the
affairs of the community, which is so necessary for its
siicicvs This can be accomplished to a groat degree
by th. retailers in individually owned and operated
■tores getting together to show the public tW, they
hav, chosen retail distribution, which is an absolutely
necessary part of modem life, as an occupation, be-
cause they arc interested in that clas.*** of work from
which tiny expect to get a fair remuneration, rather
than being in the retail distribution busii.es.s to make
money fur the shareholders of larg*.* corporations, living away from and outside the community, with no in-
leresl therein, other than the money which they can
make OUt of it.
Some of these corporations iiavc been sueiessful in
netting concessions, such as special rates, exemption
irom taxation, etc., and they go on doing business, en-
joying the public services which the people pay for,
and contribute little or mthiiig towards their maintenance Why not get together in your village, town
or city and have a better understanding with all tho
nt her classes represented thew. You and they will
benefit thereby.
The retailers of today must increase thai personal
•contact with their customers by greater co-operative
interest    There should be a '• »U»»r attitude on tho part
of lie public towards the Individual retailer, and of the
n taibr towards the public, and the time has now come
when  I  believe that  manufacturers, financial men,
fanners, labourers, professional men and distributers
musl realise that the success of any one or all of these
proups, which make up the greater portion of the population of Canada, depends upon the success of OV -ry
other group, and then cannot work independently. Before going p.^i this point, l would like tj suggest that
,n economic conference should be held within the next
siv months at some central point in Canada, at which a
nnmber of representatives from each group would be
jn uttcndanee, with a similar number of representatives
fn,m the Dminton Government, at which conference
„,!,!!, ueneral piinciples would be discussed sueh as
taxation, immigration, fair wages, cost of distribution
.ml „iv other general economic problem which afiects
.,„ ,',,; Clflg8ea of Canada today.    The government,
whether liberal, conservative, progressive or labour.
vvould then within the limits of its finances be bound
In carry OUt tho suggestions or decisions which might 14
Points of Superiority
The Toledo Sure-Reading Device
• Wa>-
aw.\*\0** eiALii
Persons of different height*, and even
persons of the same height, may read the
same values differently. The near-sighted
man leans forward, lowering his head, and
the far-sighted man leans backward, raising
his head, the result being the same as if the
first were short and the other tall.
Eveiyone knows that there must be two
sights on a gun.  Just as the mar sight ou
enables the marksman to draw an ex-
bead on the mark, oo does the use of the
ting line force the eye in the eorreet
tion for reading the weights and values
Neie ike rtomlts:
(1) Old problem of Ihe "tail drrk ami short
clerk'* solved
(2) Kyc  brought  lo atishetttutrly eorreet  level
•with the ehart lo ■r-rrr;1 QSSM
(**) Operatic warned, and gMOgptlM t% rvad ihe
welgt* ami money valu♦* rurally.
(4) Monry hmr* due to misreading atoppeit
(5) Quleker reading   Is^aoise operator b neter
confused or doubtful
(0) Healer. In testing tbe srale. rvad* -he «hart
from tbe same eorr-ret level at Ihr merrhant
and his elerks.
Although thr aralr may lie ffttgtaflf eorrrr
Ihr "nailing lest" may reveal sun»rwiig lotar*
JoxokbhMenrs putpou and h fit eoety pone.   J*Jt for Je+tiU
OaiHADIAK TOLEDO 80*11*1 00., LOOTIO, Windsor, Out
BtsBsfaetarers of AatossaUe SeaJea for start Panose.
Sslsereewa and Seretss ttatisfis TBrewjBeiit tlie Oamfolo*.
•a  s n a i
a s
5 %ALc *)
^m* ^^^BV*
|MW»W<~W>U»HW.I.IIIIi °—1', • V *,,!•.*•
Ths fellesvtcaf see atl*** quota-* far pnn-ciaai iin«a of Isadlng wholsaals firms.   Priest quottd art nacassarlly
twbjtel to marktt fluctuationa.
B. *t. OitlSTT CO  c*0 '..•-.«  .-niii, <i<»i                         .. l U    Klondyka (wrapped) imx of 25  6.25
—  I'apnk*.  SSMl Sal                                   Ml     Kl.en.lyk.. (unwrapped) Imix of 26  6.1*0
« .«e ytoaa*—                                !"•* '*••    )»»«'> si-..*  i ui. doa i II    ...     ,,,.          , „   . .,.                  km
"*•*■    »»■*"•» KU-rei «llyi-erln*», Imix of HI    J.S5
I *m*   *OS*   IB SBBS I "         »*.«*iif)  tWaa-Jag   Sat*   SsWfJ. Th>mr,
T ,„„,,„,   ,,„.,,.., i.m    Uses (sSwrsppsd) bos of IM *•»
••»..« eiaaa tpw— ivsnna BpMa -Jot So I  It    LBquld Ammonia. 2 doi. qtH. box of 24 4.io
, a«a i» ***** l n       Har>»r*m, Mint. itr»i*r                 ~ 11*    liquid Blue, 2 dos qU. box of 24  4.10
i  «•••• "'       WWia PSBBW. torn Sm  »»•    M**hanlo'i Plna Tar, bo* of 100 5.60
it mooo, t Os**  i* *-* * »        <*»»«» .* I SS  do.                             . 1»                                THr               50  i|#
l**»W    IHI,    I   Ol    lui m*    -  ••••
matjs Oasssf *••#•*•- |f-oni g^ ^ ^ ... m   61    Ollvi Castile, oaku, Iwx of 2W 4.75
« «a   • Bs*   ... *M         PTSB   OSBWB   I  •»»   do"                       * !■"     PHmrOil (wrapp-wl) box of 25  4.75
6 m*   * mm* *• J        tdses (Caec-stats. Ko«». Pink. Union              Ui().b1 (Vown Lye  tol of 48   5.35
i at • a*e *iX         Vsatts. Watta SBaasA or»n|f> dm   l.ll    |Vn<im>'ii powdered Ammonia, box 24 s.ib
;| IB 6 Osa    • M **       IsBj i\»«4«*. Bib     *J      Kpscial prices on S, 10, 25 snd 100
%% t SBBS is** LsBsanBi nsoisr* doi —.—      - •■■     boItt.
a,^ Saoa. la* **   .- ££j */!                            J*    '•"'"" "'»' G""' "" ^^
- am HI Wh. gaatapBl \*      mohiN. «s sea                             •   o*a. m nss ssr ss*            -~ «*
i «»«• at Basra ll*      M-tas.d. J i Sat                          l*°   rioj-ai uundry i-Vhm, tv„ m bbta .ills
SiiBOsf.  Hs\ A«S  '!* (Spscisl pries on contrsct)
b> caftaaaBi at a»«a- TM ,;f«#B um. v- $*-* a            •     IloyBl rroWn *wp<-.»144a mo
HI » *«** pai •*•*«•* ;*!"J      t«» «-***>« Ubsl la pw a. ***     ^     ^^ ^^ ^.^ b9% 24 on,y f>0J
♦*» a hawala sot **»*« -           i m no* ^_                     _ tt   |{o)(|| (%rown PowdWi ,„, ,WJt 0( 5o 4.25
Ca-«* gBlB i^^.wi- Ne a       J^SJT                              S    Ron! Crown annasr,   OsUUetlasl.il
is B>   tasia«s* «tw» n-s IS mm, 'AS*     rss   «»* »y«*- anorsoos, l »   -—-   J    Royi, CYown powderid Ammonia. 1 lb.  185
,« S«   im  s#*s»s ''I*     Tr» is Uss W*" H* **         '   s%    wblle Wondar, box of 100 5S0
_ . - ^. Ps* *'*     T#" * '*U" *■ ^                          Mu    Naw Whit, Swan *mv, 100  "0
BtaBSi *Bf Ta*far- •*,-.,,*»•  las                                                             M   ..    . v ilf lm)        .5.00
" 1 .V" ""** "'"' '' - »"         tn*. ■"-■  * ""*  "  " «              "I CANADA ITAieCH CO. LTO.
:£»» -: :^:-':vvvv,...^ r,»,siftf^=*
—*—rr"' =        "=    'S 5:       »       omsmZmsTmTwAT 2
nasiao I^.S^. tJ »jf   <f in      //.  *   „,a   pra   »                    ?(5            ^  ^"^
OUiat IH«S*. »J^** li II  ..,,,, •* ' « -W IJ "' 65      cu(,ntry sisrsM-
J!,"i H?SB f^sstJ *}*     M-l CNsa* H '- -rt              1.10         BtnWI-. cslsbrataa Pr«*r* •»
nshiso BsOa. *• t* wm w                 uf ^ ,■„                     15                          ^r ,b   *** .»
n.ais« luoa ss laa. a.«s n    IsWj »     ,, ,„, ^               |§ ,0          so* ^ 8uroh |Mb ^^ ^
Bwfaa. *aa <*a      •• n*    '    ,  v.  • ■ ■» «***                      :jw        |b       '
Mm*  Pnase,  u**^   Wk* |«S      "                      '**                           ..*         chullenss Cora Starch 10-lb boaia
Csla*f 0*W owm So* ,,                       .,,.,.     >•                   ,.,,                „, 2T ,'a
*«.WB l*«Ot*.  -«sS  imr.  ssch (,      U.           ^     ^ ;>    .. u,     ,ut.   P*           ^           ^ ^^ ^^ 4#.ft boiss. ft   .0
CBSan is n» ■>■   " . ,.„,, 1-^1 n                  . ,40
.'•4.UH iMt4r  *• i     ,^,.. p-'"   .   „,,,. ,„.,* n-   u     Mssoia on—                               TM
i-Mi.fc   Tse*-**    •!»• «.     '        ,   ,,,   rf, wllh dr*w"j*,:            U             Msiola Oil. Ii       7 «|
HUB e^Ntof. -assail •*»* r,  ,.        ,,•-.*' »' "' U     ..    It ..        «  Is - I;;;,
iiMMsma i «»• nan ass , ,„    ",,,:.*.■   ;,>       ,              . •'•           ••      " is *	
Carsaaa V**Af*t   I ««ns SM #     «„..m ■ -'   '" ^' "'
^•saa aaaalt. **** ,t,              -   •   "       Corn »yru^                 M
■Vn in.«^   . ... am- *- ,                              "   »                              crown 2-.       »  »J        4.10
rt—. .* TifUf   I. 4I   chown *o*\e%. ^°                   6il 12 to cass               J70
Ctaarn at Tat**'* 1 , ,,         TH| SOVAU CSO               v,nCouvsr,               l0i Sta caaa.     ,60
CrawaafTarlsf.Hs.nn. u,,""f,0.;.r                                Ca 8 to cssa ''l
\ #.«cov**r .. ■i(inlflllor< •w' * 14,05
Oswa .1 Tartsr ^ .                     tt MSB ^»                                        |fc „ t0 caM -^
UHiaar,  aanall,  *»a T«*** N"' W        k„  ^ 410             5a. II to caaa        <M
IUU.ru. IH i^s  ***** a „ nsHM  H I * »       boj( , „,             ioa. 6 to csaa         IJ5
aamwta I as. ass '   ,,      «ao   Ksre. isMWSssi 4,,o
,..M.    '•^"'•' &0 H,1I100SSI    S.70
i:«i'tti-t*   4 •**   BSB , ft-4I--                                                             io.  6 to csae 	
K-lf».U   •  i>s   AH VI                      ,g ,,A   >( '.I*
lUlrarli    l«   «S   •»•••
M«r«   s»»MiH.   4SB ll
lie obtained from such a conference, ns they would indicate the definite expression of nil the groups represented.
Returning to the retailer, because nt this meeting
•We nre pnrtieulnrly interested iu the solution of soma
Of his problems, the condition* of doing business today,
as previously stated, nre vnstly different to what they
were a few years ago, nnd I think that W8 must look
around to get our ideas nml discover how that personal
touch, whieh is so necessary for a permanent successful
business, can be regnined.
Peraonal Interest
The local buyer is always ready nnd willing to pat-
ronisc the local seller, provided that the local seller can
give him the same or nearly the same value for the samr
money, and even the question ofvaluc*. while it is one
of the paramount issues iu thc minds of thr purchasing public today, yet it is not the major problem, ns
even in spite of price, if thc local man can develop the
personal interest of thc public, not only in his business,
but in himself, the public will be prepared to support
him even provided thnt on some lines of good* he may
require to get a higher price than good* can In bought
elsewhere. Thc pubKc, however, an' willing to pay
this increased price, provided that they obtain the service and have the good* delivered when they arr inquired. Now that we have come to thr point whew
we believe that the individually owned nnd oprrnted
store is the starting point of community life, and that
thc success of thc community depend* upon thr Interest
(Continued on page 24)
Peter Rabbit Peanut Butter
Ndy Wecbm Co. ltd.
1100 Mainline Street
VANcouvtn. a c.
St. Charles
Yon can aa easily sail ail tins aa
one to the a wag a bonaewtfe Sag
•U*»wn    ness-w    nFWo%**aBspaB^-v   *ws)    obb^fuw    aamaan
one Un and get so mncn estrm
turnover—nnd profil
°f I TTiniWf IT    m%*Arimmmj
Vanoouver, B. C
A Quality Product!
Whole Wheat
The Dr. MMetn's food Products
Company Limited
Vancouver, B. C. •4
Proposed Turnover Tax
nrevmatal Oesarnmam Waul* Ravis* Taaai.sn in »n Effort to Collect From Every Individual in the Pro-
vine*—*** PtaaataS \* Consider Bemov«i of Ptrion*! Property Tax Until Adequate Substitute Is
Sotwiihsiaioluig tlo- effort* nf tin- provincial oft
r» of ih'* Reiail Mrrrhants' AsBoelation, the govern
,-nt is adamant in its diti-rmiuatioti to refrain from
<»iiog th*'* nofinaal propertj tax. untaasaome other
nn nf tatstM'li is iiitrodiM r.| ss huh will i.r uitf in an
..iiial rrvrimr from lh«- pOOplB of lb*' province Thi
uoiistrr of ftnanrr has •ugifi-st.-.l a form of TuniOW
fa* on gr**»-*»s salr«, **r rash rBfistef receipts, lo be let
At one tetfttl «f ****** \*rr eent an th«* **b°* ut earning*
,f pverj firm. partnrrahip or individual in tin* nrarinee,
Thf K* M   A.  haa, hi ihr past   not  liNikrd fafOflbl)
UpOfl thr wuggrttioii of a Tumour Tav BU the ground
•hai it *** inadr«|uatr as primarily drafted, bul >'
»rnns rtrar thai thr provincial government is deter-
mined lo have lh»* re%«*nu.< ami undrr tshatrvr name
thr las is inlrodured. it is going to haw lh« n«nal
eSeeA m|*«u ihr poekets of llw r*ud merehanl
Thr  rfTort* «'f ihr provineial aaeretarj  st las
h vi   \  tn h****' Iks loeome Tax **> amended «» la
•ake rarr nl Ihr U*sm in revetltW ea«i*e.| bj ti»« -»boli.
non of ihr Perneaal Pwtjfrtj T«v were una.aiiuu:
Thr Qafwramaai '»<**' ml would »»«t concede tins
for the rreson thai  r,r„ aup|--s>ng  lhe   IWHM  }>"
wa* amnidrd lo thr fullest extent K would notI refrtaw
,hr rr.mor tout through the ibtttltieo of thi 1 ttWSSi
Property Tai Th- Onvtnunfol eJt*d the ;*•* or two
iiuMnr*^ of ihr samr kind in the aame bit**, wftew
,.«r would hr mahmg • net profit dur to (road msn*
agem-mi. while ihr othrr ttougfc indkwnej would
h« showing a net U*** ,. ,
Th, ei„.,n..»*..« tak* *> •*«*"■ "'! " ,*","",
maso io •« stm •■* •*' • ■•"* •":''; ,„
,»,(IW„»t m.n «r Hrm -ell** d»W je* W« •
*..,,. «u-*> «»..m k. .h' -- •< "■•t;*'"it"; :;:
,n.m,«l Mtat* thai wm« -**' " ? '    ,' ,
p« •■'■"•k"'V',,;^U»i''-M''"-
tnhutr  In the *upp»r1   M   l,,r   * ,
loiainrasi aboWs « iirl protit UT net Idtf
P.r. Tat AdmitUd Inequitable
It la admitted by the 0*™^%^.* L
•onnl Ptwf-rty Tn. to !■*■»■"• and «»•  ^
realitnl that .1 ««rk. I hsrd.h.p JJJ^Jherr the
Bf firms. parucularl> tnuae line> ol ^  ^ lha,
storks do  mil   move  as ijttleljW   •« ' |in|fll on
thrreforr thr tax »• «ft'« P** '"° ' , u u ,„ m and
Ihr same s!^k.    The Ijo.erum.mtS -  • - *
tax onee and oner onl? ntt the «im art
aj) ftnns tn be licensed
Hence their auggesl.on of « tax on 9
■JSw^ijiJ^tf         ,
Province    Another feature nf I »» I" ' (i| rtU, in ihe
bo a tai on all payrolls and ■ ' ,,  ,,,,., ,.:
IVovinee,   with   B  possible   ******
month . „   .u   *nin   *\sit%
II to amieMad m„*JTmo SS|<  ^5
la  tho   Fm-fiaat  ba   Itooaswd.   w lUUl
mad.  by   tha  Onnrnmant  foi   ™      h
that a ittam  ^ «nadn °»T
Oowamoal fnr thU Ui*    W   ( , .,
Ileemieil the government WU onw ,,
of ofmyono doing httHnoao tn m
0 >,»'.**« •"'
in tin1
;,niki   |"i'
•it'll v
their W y penodlcally Peking up
Monthly Returns.
If 'i should so happen that any fir,,, or individual
;• make enough profit to come under tCopwi
Y,f,,,,' I«Wf Tax, it is proposed that such firm
^.Scp•?*" amount of tax whieh thS
hw«b i ready paid to the Government by way of the
Tnrnorer Tax In other words, the Government main-
,a,n Ml IB 'Ins my a firm will make twelve monthly
installments of their Income Tax instead of paving in
«BI lump sum at the end of the year when perhaps
they find it difficult to raise that amount of money in
one payment.
!t j)JW ! n variously estimated that no more than
Ifl or :><) per eent. of the people in this Province who
are --ntitli-cl to pay taxation are doing so, either on
(neome Tux or Personal Property Tax, the trouble
being tin- inability to keep sufficient staff to keep
traek of everyone and every firm doing business in
the Province from month to month.
By a system of rigid cheeking of licenses every
few months, the Government expects to be able to
overcome this difficulty.
Will Not Affect Ultimata Priee.
It might be thought that in the case of goods
manufactured in the Province that this method was
a little* unfair because the manufacturer would have
to pay. then the wholesaler, and finally the retailer.
Tbe Government s idea is to make this tax so small
that even if the goods changed hands throe times, tha
final tax would be so small that it would not affect
the ultimate price of the article.  It might be reasoned
tbat this might be a detriment to goods manufactured
in British Columbia, but it is the idea of the Govern-
m.nt to exempt no one, putting everyone on the list
for returns, and that the turnover or gross sale tax
would he so small that it would practically make no :
difference in the price of poods to the ultimate con-
The trouble with most kinds of taxation is that
there are so many exemptions that approximately 60
per cent of those who should pay get off scot-free,
while others known to the Government have to pay
everj tax ai it eome along.
Montreal l^""1 MawhaaU* Aaoclatlon Intends to ask lhe
, |iv council to discontinue Issuing Hcelses to pedlers, with a
vloi to .111111111111111: their t note entirely.
Thl, ,!lt (m on silk stockings In England will have a tend-
,       ,  "Lhan skirts Is the latest Information from Leeds.
'   , ss   itsMtct is?" the Yorkshire manufacturers Have been
• i'h -\ , J     Proposal! to make longer lisle thread tops to
"      •; khi   and so reduce the quantity of silk par pate.
■;„••. th cotton top would be most unsightly, it to*
I'1,:!, 2*5, membaN of the trade, andlt so, on thai account,
*, would have to be longer.-Drygoods Review, IS
No rem be i
The Dominion Government haa amended the "Food and
Drugs Act" by sddlng thereto Ihe following regulations r«\
gardlng Ice cream manufacture, aald new regulations forming
Section SO of the Act:
XX (let Cream)
(1) Ice Cream la Ihe Iced producl. free from taints and
objectionable flavore. prepared with cream and sugar (sue
roae) with otr without milk or other milk products
(S) Ice Cream may contain fruit, fruit Juice, nuts, color
Inga. flavorings, thickeners, stabilisers.
(S) Thickener* andn stabilities, such as slarrh. gelatine
and gum tragacanth. rhall not be employed In a proportion
higher lhan 2 per cenl.
(4) Ice Cream ahall contain not leas than 10 per cent of
milk fat Fst other thsn milk fat ahall not be employed in
Ha manufacture.
(5) All milk snd cream uaed In Ihe manufacture of Ice
Cream ahould, If possible, be previously pasteurised and
(<)   When sold In a package prepared by  the roanufsr
lure the outer container ahall be labelled to Indicate th«*
name and the address of the manufacturer and shall bear a
atatement aa to whether or not the contents havr been pas
(7) When told or dispensed from tanks, ran* or other
containers, auch receptacles shall be labelled to Indicate the
name snd the address of the manufacturers and shall bear
For Profit and Health
Flelachman's Yeaat la helping thousands of people
lo rid themrfelvee of constipation, digestive and
akin disorders, and thus bringing them health.
Remember that yeaat will benefit you too. ao eat It
for yeur health ao you sell II for your profit.
2 te S Cakes s Osv.
The FleiKhmtnn Company
a statement ss to whether  or not  the content*  have b*<
(ft)    lee (ream whlrh ha* nteliei! and been refrOBefl nt*
be injurious to the health of the ron«umer and.  Iheitfoin
•hall not be of (.red for sale nor sold (tee IsottBB % U\ *,
the Food Mini Progs Act)
Harry      "How long hate you ***<*>n ro*rrtr«|»**
Harold       Let's •*■*•    I bought this suil Im wearing ', ,
y i«ars sgo *
—-Aossi 11
4X Christmas Leaders $
Attractively escSeS in aeec>a> carta**.    R*c<e**s»*M***l
ina«n to* \**n ttmttf fee*****
Pride of possession Is so strong an Influence; as to be sometime* siell t» !■*»>. rigtBUSBBI    (juesiion the BferBfS motor
car owner, even yourself, If you happen to be one. why hl« or your rsr i» •*» staunch, and thr answer will r|»her b*
Insincere or else not a tlKiroughgoing etplaiiaMon All other things bring eousl. we tend to
Justify our own Judgmenl In msklng s purrhasr, particularly If 0 l« one the cost of whlrh runs
up Into real money.
But Pride of Possession may be and is BSBd ss a ■eiimg Influence even where owtiershl|>
doea not real or, at least, haa not as yei pa*«d You r«n look, but you musn'i touch, would
be Just about the moat abort-sighted type of sign for a merchant to hsng up Hather the thing
to do la to gel the goods In Ifig prospective customer * hands, even If he or she Is not over
Inclined lo lake them, because Pride of Possession begins to get In its fine work right where
Ihe Henae of Touch begins to • agister Indeed It rsnnot easily apply until that Bense of
Touch doea go Into play
A hammer lo Ihe customer's hands is worth many more than two on the display rack or
. •THL? »• ■•J"™ hsnds.   It Is only then the Heme of Touch begins to demonstrate that ham
mar's fiaer points of weight sod balance and finish that It can de Justice to Itself at the point of sale    And at lhat
Inetant the possessive "our In the teller's mind begins to be eclipsed by "my" In the customer's mind
Let them bsve the goods In their own hands   The vastly Increase-) resultant Safes] will far outweigh the costs
of a few flBger marks on stock which mty, but probably will not result 1925
Drygoods and Clothing
pinrrtD silks to be ih oood demand
All thing* aecm to pobl to am.th< r vear in printed
Mlks The vogtie f„r th.s*. p«u.run bn* continued to
»- strvmg thrviughmil the winter buying, ami mring
nrtlcrv, arv suit fevoring ihb* lm.   Those prints are
mOW r|*eW ami alai-lling than «s> r before Tin* futur-
tslic tmid in an t, „f e.mrs. refleeted in ihe design*
■Tulie*. irianglew. ami dots *,»rm pyramid* ami broken
ctrrlrt in allovir patterns Others show na regularity
whatever, sml ha*e hamlfuts e.f diamonds flung iii-
rlbeHmlnatrly acn»**» the p\w Still soother group
ear-rim *ueer«-tful denlftta whieh resemble the waves
of a fli.wing sea
In ihe plain, r materials the* panel effeet i* being
itwevl l*y n great many manufacturer* \\%em panels
are trxnn four to *a\ inches Bride In an sB*over design,
sml each Dtttil i* exnrented In soft, harmonising pastel
c«»lors    Whervas the   brilliant colors an* vm in th<*
printer.} <|c*ign*. in iheae panel and self-striped weaves
the color* all trml lo th.   psstel group.
Widths continue ?«» be 4" Inches and 54 inches, although CanaiHan dealeil BlUI find n Inrgr call for the
U» inch ntati rial The rv arv many new color* to be
■seen in ihe silk* «»f plain weave Beautiful non greens
have been developed snd new ghades oi pose sre in
steady demand
Among the mw materials being shown in Canada,
a new rayon weave ba* entered the field, nnd bids fair
to bMMM s Useful addition to tin* stock In appear
anee il is simitar t<» « *>ft, heavy taffeta It has nei-
ther the smooth finish of the satin, or the hard finish
of Uffrta and eombim-s the oilier features of these
two weaves to make a practical material f<»r linings-
prince^ slip*, ami lingerie* Pastel shades in this
weave an' particularly good, which, along with its
heavy wearing qualities, should make it  a staple as
aoon as the public become acquainted with it     The
trade name \* "Silkosheeu "
Along with handpainted scarfs some firms are showing hea\y silk scarfs with velvet flow.rs appliqued on
the borders This is nn Interesting innovation and
should blend well with the frocks trimmed with velvet
ribbon «»r appliqued work.   Printed illk scarfs are
still In gnat demand and are shown for afternoon and
evening yoar In «".v',r n,,ors "••*1 ,nrk"r ^fcns ,han
ever before.
Next spring promises Interesting developments in
artiatie silk hosiery From dress fabrics a hosiery
Ann hns borrowed the idea of printed materials and a
special machine baa been Installed to apply geometric
design in fast colors on silk hosiery
As yet. these designs are very simple, but more
elaborate designs will be arranged as soon as the simple ones become known on the market.
The first samples of this printed hosiery are being
shown in Toronto nnd are made up in rayon thread,
but it is expected spring will find better grades of
printed silk hosiery available for the trade.
Some shirt manufacturers report that while they
nre selling a certain amount of plain shade broadcloths,
the greater proportion of their business is being done
on small mnt figures and cheeks on fancy dark
grounds, and that they believe that theselatter goods
will be iti demand to nn increased extent in the spring.
These fancy shirts nre being sold with collnrs to match,
both starched and soft, with preference very largely
for tin* soft collars. The opinion has also been expressed that the collar attached style will be considerably
stronger next season, not only in white and plan shades
but also in neat stripes on white and colored grounds*
Christmas ribbons nre much the same this year as
they have been for the last two years or so. There is
B greater demnnd than ever before for the gilt ribbons
and these have a new feature this year in that some
an> edged with red or green to give an even stronger
Christmas effect. This year there is a 100-yard spool
available in these gilt ribbons, which will be z saving
for some purchasers.
Since the wrist watch has become a staple article
in the ribbon department, some interesting developments have taken place in its make-up.   Besides the
new nnd heavier metal specimens for this use, some
unique designs in thc ordinary black and grey bands
have appeared.  These consist in dainty embroidery in
the flour de lis pattern interspaced with diamond shap.
ed design done in metal threads.   The other colors
used in these patterns are for the most part pastel
shades, nnd along with the flcur de lis patterns are
several others whieh use tiny forget-me-nots and daisies with the snme charming effect.
A popular novelty for the fall rugby season nnd one
that will also hold its own in next spring's racing season is a plain crepe de cbeno handkerchief with a print-
ed ligure in the corner. Rugby players, horses, joe-
keyes. and other figures representative ot popular
sports are being used. Short scarves printed to match
tit complete the sport costume nre shown.
An interesting development in men's handkerchiefs
is shown iu heavy white crepe de chine with white
satin stripes to form a border     This will be available
r 20
Herein It*
in different shades for spring selling and should take
well with both men and women purchaser*.
Chiffon handkerchiefs each with a rainbow range
of colors are novelties whieh will appeal to some pao*
pie. There are also s few dainty samples of this pastel
coloring in georgette. In other handkerchief novelties
single flowers, boutonniercs, snd corsages still make
dainty favor*; while tiny silk parasols made of good
crepe de chine handkerchiefs are being used extensively in handkerchief displays.
Most of the better known line* of shirts arc now
being shown for spring; some complete lines, and some
as hs» been intimated previously, showing lines Ihnt
will In* added to practically every month between now
and the spring season. Of course atl line* will make
additions ss new gooda arrive, but those referred to
have stsrted out with notieeahly fewer number* lhan
i* usually the ease.
Some manufacturers report that while they have
considerable preaettt demand for white broadcloths,
they have practically no call for plain colors in this
fabric, and that what little call there ia is from the
trade outside the big cities. On the other hand other
manufacturer* have s demand for plain colored broad
eloth and they have a prominent place in their spring
ranges. At the rime of writing it is too early to know
mueh aboul placing business for spring, or the char
sctcr of goods heing favored. What few reports have
been heard apeak of advance order* well up to expect*
ations, snd also that the big check patterns being
shown for spring sppear to Im* meeting with consider
able favor from retailers.
Colorful as the present neckwear is, reports an
at lines for nest spring will be even more so.    A
jaw York exchange says that advance exhibits of
ks are colorful and fantastic to a degree not attained by anything seen during the past summer.
Futuristic, cubist, architectural, and every other
"istie" or "isl" design* an- shown, both large and
small, everything except thi* conventional are to he
paraded in the glad Npring romp The colors an* al
lowed to fall where they may. These effects nre produced ill prints. Crepe* nre expected to Im* very good,
and linens, introduced Inst summer, nre expected to
get well under wsy. Silk and wool ia again slated for
high popularity, according to this authority, which
states that the fabric makers will show practically
every kind of material on which a design can be print
Aa far aa can be learned, the neckwear craft ia paying no attention whatever to what is doing iu color in
other items of men's apparel. Neckwear men are not
inquiring as to what shades of suits, sock* or hsts are
going to be worn. Imt they are proceeding to execute
ideaa with utter disregard for suits and other things
that arc worn with neckwear.
"      As Bern By
Th, two piie. cost time l«e nt ill
outstanding tu the preen,it
mode, and is Horn on all oc
catooii*, 'imply carrying its met
tcrial lo suit (he occasion ha
*ha, flamii-l, jersry and halhrig
trail are th.  notaries! materials
. h.»*.» It   she Ik   this   fn.i'k   li  Wort)
for sport or street Wear giving
way to vrhi Is and soft silk
crepe* for more formal orca
aitm*. which In turn gtte ua>
to lam** and chiffon for evening
wrar Tbem two pirn frock*
give ft Straight up and down effect, skirts of etr
enlar cut or pleated insrrt* which give a mate flaring
line by reason ol (be jumper iwing vi%y tight at the hip
It   would mem strange  that  the   ensemble.  Intro;
dneed a year ago, should not hate long ago dropp**!
from sight after" its so great popularity, but it mac
times happens that a style   for its adaptability   will
remain smart for an an ai.nglv long pcrie**!     Certain
Iv th*  ensemble ..»sttun.  b neU it *. \i to a great deal
o m
of invention and individuality   and  it  i«  hoped  will
continue to In- a leading note ,>. thr mode
Outstanding, among the glittering frocks that «lt%
tinguish the cveiling mode ar. tho**- simple of cut
nml unadorned, «»f velvet or crepe in cither black or
white liold and siller lace like eobwebs. coin bine«I
with flaring chiffon draprric-s. are also a lighter touch
among tbe beaded, encrusted or metallic frock* nf the
more elaborate order
Father:   "Do you think allk stockings DSOSSSSn'•M
UaBghler.    "Certainly, up lo s certain point"
In lln   spring. RebottX inlndueed his hat of the
high crown, which created stub a furore, and imined
lately became -*.. very popular thai is was, as is always
the en*.-, whh instantly popular modes, dropped Hut
recently he hns brought out a new model high of crown
bill Creased so as to give nil Up nt the back effect, with
a lower front The brim is small, turned down at front
ami up nt back 1925
Hhm-ft continue   to  carry  out   the  general  colour
-heme of the costume, ami tg eombine many differ
, nt materials    • lm- smart combination Been recently
Now that the Christmas season is at hand, women's
attention is distracted from the old cry of "What
shall I wear" to "What shall I give."" Hut that
shouldn't be so hard when the shops are displaying
so many attractive novelties. One gift, that cannot
help but phase any woman 'is a pair of brilliant shoe
buckles, or one of those attractive little brilliant pins
for the hat. Then one unfailing gift is a pair of stock-
mi's, a woman can always do with another pair, and
om* doesn't have to bother about what shade would be
suitable, since gun-motel, Im'is-de-rose or blond arc
worn with everything.
was  Of   gri-v   *uede   ami   black   paleiil   bather.   WO
wtth grey Blockings   Th. Oifora ipcuh In be greatlj
Broil) this season
Imtrfoncy Legislation Effective at Once, Also
Racjntrs Local Representative to Obtain
License Costing $50 00
The Ikioiutiie.it nfnee of the Retail Merehanta1 As
*ee»« tation has forwarded lhe following description
of lhe methyl liemg used b> tin- merchants of Toledo
lo e-uiLat the . pnlemic of "I'ham Selling
TOLRDO, Kovenber 2£    Kiucrgcnc,> legislstion,
effective «i once, *»ill require nil , ham selling orgsni-
Mt una tn tht* ..<:-, lo i*,*t a h i of |10,000 with the
eity Annuel  director, in sddilion to having *t local
feprea* nl»' who   ,n»t*t   Like   e>nt   a  liceltSC eOStWg
The co*. council hurriedly passed the legislstion,
unantiuoush. on request of local merchants and repre-
Bentatives «»f the Better Husiness Bureau, who found
II or 14 of th«* ebatu irlling organiiations doing bust
lie**a here   principal),*!  is hosiery, d*u ng the last two
Of three  weeks
Already the saturation point on contracts is be-
ing reached to judge by the number of complaints
e* ming in to tin- Better Husiness Bureau.
'Any person engaged in toe husiness of offering
for sale merchandise under a contract, the term of
which provides that the title tit or possession of such
merchandise shall not pass to the vendee until coupons or similar devices are sold, aud until the vendees
therefore enter into a similar contract with other persons," is made subject to the ordinance.
Violation of the ordinance imposes a penalty of
$10.00 to 1800.00 for first offence and $100. to ir>00.
for subsequent offences.
The bond to be posted is "for the benefit of any
aud all persons who may or shall suffer any damage,
loss or injury by reason of the breach of any eon-
tracts for the sale of merchandise."
Merchants recently found in some cases that their
own clerks were selling the contracts, and in others
that women shoppers made so bold as to come into
the retail stores aud approach customers in the vicinity of the hosiery counters with the coupon proposition.
Down seat Atlanta la Oed'n ■»*» country, si thi real Southerner li wont to call it. man lo creating, little by little,
on eighth WOBdet Ot the world, constating of it giant bit* relief, many times life lite, cut out of the solid side of great
gloat MosBtala   the noted isolator, Outset) Bodglum, is in charge of tills almost superhuman undertaking.
The difficulty, ai the beginning, was to lay out the plan Of this bas relict' on the rock. But
thin M-i'iuiiud) Impossible task WSJ accomplished In SO Ingenious manner. The clay model
«»■* photographed ami ths Image on the resulting photographic negative was projected at night
In mean* ol tot} powerful light* Igalnil the mountain's side, thc latter having first been so
treated chemical!) that it wan made sensitive to light In other words, a mighty photographic
enlargement was made against the toweling granite wall Itself.
The one gnat difficulty with the older type Of merchandiser, who happily is passing before
the ems aril WSVB of modern merchandising methods which thc based on advertising nnd Quick
Turnover, has been his lack of objective, of plan. One day's work was as much like the next
day's IS IW0 peas are similar. Or else the difficulty has been that .having a plan, such an in-
1 em-clem merchandiser lacked the ingenuity to And the meanes of projecting It upon
the next day's, or month's or year's work.
v business particularly a merchsndlslni business, which has no definite Plan, so projected as to be feasible and
Workable, faces a mote difficult task IhM Borglum did BtthO beginning.   It Is like a motor car without a sleeting
wheel or a ship without a rudder. 22
Western Conference of Automotive and Tire Dealers' Trade Section
of the Retail Merchants Association of Canada, Inc.
DeBnita Methods Advocated to Eneure tetter Under stand"*-*-:   With   Manufacturers  snd   tOnalnatien  of
Price.Cutting Tendency in the •usineee—Resolutions Paeeed for nreecntatten to gaetern Manufacturers
By Tire Deeiere of Western Provinces.
Far reaching results are expected from thc important gathering of automotive ami tire dealers, who met
in Saskatoon at the end of November. These trades
were well represented, the following merchants lieiug
registered at the conference:
A. N. Boyd, chairman. Saskatchewan Assoeiation
Automotive Committee; J. J. Oliustcad, Saskatoon;
R. R, Seaman. Edmonton; W. M. Rand. Vancouver;
•I. T. Oowder, Dominion President R.M.A., Vsncouver; R. W. Carmichael. Saskatchewan provincial
oftlec; and W. L McQuarrie, secretary, Saskatchewan
branch of thc R.M.A.
Mr. Crowder was elected chairman of the meeting,
and discussed matters pertaining to these branches of
retail trade, with a view of ascertaining the opinion
of those present regsrding a trading policy whieh
would eliminate thc present unsatisfactory method*
in force between thc manufacturers and dealers. During the meeting thc delegates were asked if they were
prepared to favor full discount for national accounts,
and 10 per cent for other "so-called" commercial ae-
counts; if they favored working in conjunction with
thc tire dealers of all the western provinces to outline
a uniform trading policy for presentation to manufacturers.
"Seconds" were fully discussed, and the following
resolution waa carried regarding same: 'JJhat the
Annotation recommends that all tires sold to tkalers
at more than regular dealers discounts shall be%c*ig
nated aa "seconds," and shall bear a distinguishing
mark over thc serial number, and that the sale price of
such tires shall be set by thc manufacturers st not
less than 35 per cent, off thc regular consumer list
Mr. Rand, of Vancouver, spoke of thc deplorable
mdition of thc business in British Columbia where
.olesale prices were quoted by "back alley" gar
\en snd gss pumps in an attempt to bid for their own
Tusiness at the expense of the tire trade. He claimed
that anyone owning two or more cars can obtain
wholesale prices, and in addition to this, wholesale
dealers are Belling direct to consumers at wholesale
prices. Retailer*, stated Mr. Rand, arc cutting each
others' throats by unmerciful slashing of priees. He
maintained that local effort in the direction of a workable poHey had failed, and a plan of national character
was required to offset such unfsir conditions.
During thc meeting representatives of the Goodrich Tire Company and the Dominion Rubber Company, at Saakatoon. in the persons of M. K Roller snd
M. Bergeron, testified that thc wholesale trade, was
entirely in accord with the necessity for s better trading policy, and Mr. Roller gave a short talk in which
he maintained that the present was thc time for a move
in auch direction.
The following resolutions were drafted fur pre-
eentation to thc manufacturers conference to lie held iu
Resolution No. 3,
"That "dealer" shall Ite defined aa a pur
son or firm with a place of business, who main
tains service, said service should consist of pro
vision for free air, tire repair, ami mount-nit;
service, and who storks a sufficient number of
tires for resale pur|n*art» in adequately srm-
the community in which said person or firm is
lorated, esc-ept in such rases as may Im- agreed
upon by the local joint committee, represrnta
lives of the manufacturers and this A*»»ria
The etccptiott was inserted into this particular re
solution in order that a square ileal should he given
Imth to town and country dealer*
Resolution Nt* 4.
"We are of the opinion that National ac
counts buying tire* at dealers' discount shall
In- confined to as small a number as possible,
and if feasible, to the following Railroad com
panics, Ki press companies, and the Federal
Government, and such other eoneern* a* may
be agreed upon by a joint committee represent -
ing the tire manufacturers, thead of fire of ft
rialss, and this Association "
Resolution No 5.
•"•V gee t.( opinion lhat commercial ae
counts should buy all lire* from the dealers
only at a discount, not eseeetling 15 per cent
off consumer list.   The list of commercial ae
counta ahall he aa amall a* possible, ami shall he
issued {orally by a joint committee, represent
ing the Rubber Companies ami this A**»etait»n
In the event of commercial aecounla violating
the privilege granted them by the rommereial
aceounl list by supplying any other than its
own individual or corporation's neetla. the of.
fending firm shall lie removed from thr com
eerelsl account list "
Resolution No 6.
"We are of the opinion that all tire* ami
tubes not bearing a factory aerial number, or
in any way with name and number defaced,
and known to the trade as "•seconds." when
offered for sale ahall lie st all times sold ami
advertised as seconds."
It   wss suggested thst   the time of  payment  for
"Pring dating be attended »i days to .lune 10
Resolution No. H.
"Thst delegates of four western provinces
hereby decide to ask a conference with Tire
Manufacturers of Canada to In* held at Toronto
as early as can be arranged, to lay More them
the findings of this conference."
Before ndjornlng, the meeting It was suggested
that President .Ins. T. Crowder, who is lining such es
cellent   work   in   connection  *ilh   the   Association*
/ 1P25
eampaign for a fair trading policy, should so tt, Ontario, and meet Hh- dealers th.r, ami arrange for the
.oo|H*ration of Ontario tsijh the w.-Ht,.ni delegation
nt a coiifereure with the mantifactur.M
More am! more attention is being given, inewnrfag.
ly Manilla fears Un,*- entertained . .ml growing severity
am) .!• iiuiieiain.il indulged tn over the bogey of install,
mini nuauri Hankers and ihottghtful credit opera-
lors tf*uerall> aland agha*t at the prospect    The credit
worm has benoma callous t«> Lhe eaten penny phrases
thai are being adopted as slogans in this field of ou ■•
strauir.l rmllt Rv. ry differ, nt dealer, in practically
**sry   h,,r   „f  ,|rfrrfM|   j^yioen!   eh'dit,    iintalltiicnt
funnture, installment wearing appand. Installment
jewelry,   Inatallment painl contracting,   installment
custom tailoring, radio, phonograph, piano, dental
work, etc . He , ha* a cmfll watch word of Id* own.
Me rries it at you from the honartops, h.* screams it
a* y«n from lhe lull boards, be barks i? nt you from
the fence Imard*. until vour nerves coUansc and vour
*t la
brain swim* And the buying publfe goes merrily on
lo lis rresln ilemeiitta, mortgaging ti** future or ".cars,
easliing in it* prospective |i,,i check months or years
in advance, ami deliberately digging credit pit falls
around ll   onward   pathwat   up t«»   the   verge of the
Many a strntorlan voles Is bemg raised it) remon*
strain« fhe keenest BUMPit, nnd Steadiest credit
judgments of our time are being lurned directly upon
this weak spot in our organised world cf credit, The
symptoms of the dbsrssc ar. being dlagonoaed Inteili*
genlly and th. warning** given forth intelligibly.
tine of the must searching erirtsmi that has gome to
our attention recenti)  in written by Wm   H, Sliner,
Ph I), ami appears In .» recent number of the Savings
Bank Journal     III* indictment charges a clearly de-
fttsrsl tendency le overdo the sm of credit: slso that
it "roU lhe Installrocnl iqrstem of any justlllearton
that it may appear to have " And here* ar.- n few
iirms in his  bill oi complain! "
The system encourages reckless overbuying    rite
pct.pl. acquit, a considerable mass of **• -miluxuries,
and because t« i* m easy In do. run up sn iccumula-
lion of debts which Ihey ma) not And it possible to
oav In short i weakening of moral fibre results.
Buyers uneonaelouali drift Into the habit and. oucc In,
Ihev hav. a house burdened with eevcral mortgages,
a car pledged t.« tl.. finance eompany, s phonograph
ami radio likewise pledged, and a fur eoat bought on
time Thev never are "caught.up." bul are eontmu-
„ualv in debt, and always eapect to be. Furthermore.
they skimp on neeeaaariea, to meet their oh gallons
-'.luxuries bought on time, Purenaa-
 i*l-«   In   dlS-
time wan lit per cent, greater than to the buyer who
paid cash.—"Northwestern Merchant."
I Mially a look of pain crosses the face of a dealer* •
"""""King space taken in a church, lodge, or other     ■
spcsmodlo advertising  programme.   Mont  merchants
lake space m stich only because they feel they have to
do so.   If they profit in any way they consider it is in
Q purely negative respect.
A western company takes an exactly opposite view.
Seldom, indeed ,docs the man in charge of advertising
turn down a solicitor or committee Nor does he re-
wrt to any of- the subterfuges which harrassed merehants have devised in the past for this "nuisance,"
as many term it. Following the policy for years, the
company has sccufed large known direct results from
it    There is a secret involved.   This is the secret:
Tin* company is not sold the programme advertising space -it buys it.
A recent Incident will illustrate what is meant by
this .V committee represnting a church organization called on tht*|Atlvertising man and proposed that
his company take large space in the projected programme The advertising man looked the dummy
over; he inquired under what conditions, the. affair
was to be held, how many programmes would be
printed, what the likely attendance would be, and
who. Then he sized the whole proposition up—what
the committee was a^ing $75 for was, to his company, worth about $10.
Tactfully, he said that if 10 was all the space was
ttofljj to 'him. He pointed out why, in a friendly (nan-
ne-rlfanifesting his desire to tlo all he could fur the
organization. Tin1 upshot was that the committee,
which was composed of amateurs in advertising work,
swung around to hi* view, and with actual thanks,
took his order at the $10 priee.
That's what we mean when we say this company
is not sold space in programmes, but buys it.
Sometimes, gootl buying consists in picking out the
best adveitising position connected with the enterprise,
antl making an offer for it. A representative, selling
advertising space on tickets, for example, was met with
the offer to'buv. at a eertain sum. advertising space
on the stub, k contest was involved, and the company
man saw that these stubs, carrying a number .would
have life aud usefulness from the customer's standpoint long after the balance of the ticket had been
out of his hand.  So ho took space on the stub, and
made a proposition.
If more dealers would adopt this attitude toward ■
advertising enterprises commonly regarded as char*
•«  ■* i .. show of getting some pro-
th-*> Mat ''" "    SS, bout))- on tm n "•■»-       grilling W-^ ,  , w ,( Ratting "- K*
tot iii**)'*-'.'".;'". ,T™ Mund neeewltte* lo -h |t ,. „„.,. would .   '-• « *        „,uri* Ot mm
,„„ poerir "••'ur,'.'iJ   „,|,   ,   pemplc »""•■'•   ■" pjrtlonalo return  .      ' ]J   Mm „.,,„ ,„*«,«
^fiAteS"    "'" ',,",,    ,i  I    To »MtteM,l7?;btwrtttaSod, ono of tha r~
Mnnd o body of etuacna »       i,llHinevs methods,   to ..      s1nking degree- •* v»
" Th -v. * ;«?.,     • JS I ** 2VZ      io - for their m.roan «e»« <-            „ M
...  .mMKtmMt   I" "m*  ,.i nired COlt* ..,.., ,,. n.lvvrteMieiir ot u»» ,   ...      •.,„,
,,„,„« smasssosSmtsA J '        .si,,„ r, iui,,,l .*,
„, ol the ».".'-«'   f"r   ,,, U« Involved, priee" an
™ i Iv taflited.  Tl, P^Xtlon In Ibj «*•*
&»w #&&?£«*«
the cash price     in.
„Whon we use Bdvertising o.     -      |hili wrltorf
toW&ooTm^  ,Wetl
'we are. In effect, bying R«     ^   (m H profttaWe
,k justly ol»     1 wW,h la in ....«•.
dtlona nnd pay th,> PrH
(Continued from page 161
taken by thc people in one another*' welfare, the next
question that cornea to our attention is "How enn this
service and thc personal element Ih* acquired!"
Systematic Advertising.
One way in which it can be established is by greater
publicity.   With thia inmiud. as a result of our repn
sent at ions the Post Office   Department have recently
helped us on thc mad to success by passing regulations
permitting the distribution of Drop batten to house
holders st a half-cent rate.   This magna that if you
retailers wish to come in closer contact with the pur-
chasing public when you have special lines to offer, or
when you wish to advertise seasonable goods, by getting out circulsrs snd having them distributed, you
create an interest amongst the buyers, ami provided
that you send out one thousand or even five thousand
circulars, which would only coat for postage from l-f»
to $25. the amount of Increased business which would
result from such ap ractise would far more than com
pensafe for thc expenditure, as on each circulation I
feel confident that you would get orders from several
customers, to whom you had not sold previously, and
then it is up to the merchant to retain that trade by
thc service snd the good-will of his business. It would
indeed lie interesting for any merchant to keep an accurate tally of thc new customers which were obtained from time to time as a result of such systematic ad
vertising. and at the same time o compute the tnercaa-
ed volume of business which would In* done Immediately subsequent to the distribution of the circulars.
Business to day is such thst it must be created, ami
unless you place your name and your business In-fore
the purchasing public, following along the aame line
aa Mail Order Houses and other firms arc doing, when
thc race is run you will be in at the finish, if you sre
fortunate, but not amongst thc first. Husiness can In*
treated, business hss been created. larger (Inns in
"anada have shown clearly and distinctly what can be
p-lone by putting in the possesaion of the housewife the
nsmc o fthe firm and thc class of good* which they are
selling. You probably cannot do the same aa extensively, but it is not necessary because you are in a
position to have your customers make an examination
of your good* by inviting them to come to your More.
Mall order firm* an* doing the same in another way, by
telHng their customer* that if they are not satisfied
that they can return the goods and have their money
refunded. Surely we must copy, if necessary, some of
thc busines* method* which are being adopted by firm*
who have built up a big busines* within a few years
When your customer has the interest of your com num.
ity. and they all have ,how much easier iii it for you to
sell your goods, where the customer has an opportunity of examining them and can get them whenever they
are required, than it ia far the mail orner house, who
is undertaking to sell good* from long distances Then*
is no peraonal contact, there is no interest. The buyer
is not interested in thc firm, and thc firm i* not interested in the buyer.
Your Association, with your support, enn do a great
deal towards building up better trading condition* in
Canada, by suggesting such method* of merchandising
Tripl* Stitch
"Always om lhe Job"
On farm, in factory, const ruction
and railroad work sml wherever
overalls are worn UOHTHOUII
BRAND are giving honeat wear and
saving the workman's dollars The
triple stiieh mean* triple wear at
the scams, and no puckering No
skimping of material, - LIGHTHOUSE BRAND are made roomy to
allow of easy movement.
Sill LI0HTH0U8H BRAND, - the
triple stitched overall*, ami sell
ROCK -sub ovum CO.
Rock Island. Quobnc
R. ** Foeter, SS44-SU Aveane feet
Yancenvefd RC. 192*
to your fellow merchant* and getting |hem lo eo-opcr-
nfc together to Ine-feaaa Intereal in local buying
What Merchant Co operation Can Accomplish.
I want tt» teltyou •»( what bas been non.  hv coin.
inunity interval, and what wa* done in thi*. lowji can
In d«»ne hen* and cUrwhen-
(iridley is a tman of alMiut sevcnlccn hundred pen
plr with a  in-ttspAp- r ami »«i formerly similar in
every other raapeel nnndmis of our t<»wn*. i»uti- larger
ami smalbr. all BefOBI Canada
The stores vsen- endei| twenty ..r mure yearn ago,
and had bectime to* alhi rlnat. n and unattractive
Time* tarn* changing The automobile, mail Order,
chain stores, etc . all cam. along Bverj family who
etnibl afford lhe pric.  bought I ear and utO0k a little
journey "   A m w world ma* opening t.» tlo buwera oi
dint rid     New  storm, bright  -Ainelow*-.   ehei-rful people
ami will iliipla)e«| merehandbw were discovered   IW
pie began to fe**| that Ihe country store didn't Umasiirv
up When tnej e«ubl n..? ae| nwai ihey sent iwsy for
ihiir giMwl* The**!- littb- Journeys and these orders kepi
increasing fmm •>nc« a month to two*, a month, and
once a with and oftrm-r The merchants rv sen ted the
fate! that there ftm>MU'«l lo bf little town lovallv   Tin v
9   * » t •
tried a ""Trnde al Hoon Campaign" in the local press,
but this was i.e.t \*rs sueceejtful .lust what happened
In this (own has happen.-.) e>r i* happening in many
other smaller and larger (owns, which you snd I know
very well
While thi* practise was going on one of the fitt-
sens of the town, who began lo notice that business
sias -.lipping ns.it that people were going elsewhere,
that there wa* no longer i reel In*-' interest -in tlo-
eommunity that t.*.v* «-** Increasing rather than de*
creasing. ami thailaml values tcre depreciating, realised that flrklley imt*! *A* up to (he new eondition
of thing* and meet th»* competition or go out of busi-
ne**   Tht* thoughtful Mlnw went to the Secretary of
Th.* |{. t,nl lt.reh.int*" Association, nml together with
Olher men ..f the dislnet they worked out their pmb
lem*. and tht* i* how  they diet it
The> made an analysis «-f the business which should
W done* iu the eommunity, and th.-> found that almost
thirty thousand dollars worth of business was going
out of the town per t ith, that there wns a great deal
Of unfair competition and that merchants were spend-
ing about threc-fourths of one per eent. on advertising,
when they should have been spending at least three
per cent. Many slow turnovers were discovered. Suggestions were made on buying, marking goods and
modern methods of merchandising. Plans were made
for co-operative advertising and to improve the appearance of the stores, and interest in these problems
which was considered vital to the eommunity was
created, The merchants met to diseuss financing, buying, model stocks, turnover, margins, advertising, selling, salespeople, merchandise display, etc.
Ah a result of this co-operative interest, stores were
remodelled, stocks were altered, buildings painted and
the place took on a new life.
The local paper took up the spirit and all joined
hands for better times in (iridley. The merehants
established through the printer a little "Shopping
New*" paper, as it was called, whieh went out to the
eoiiMimers in aud about the town twice a monteh. The
paper boosted this Shopping News, as the merchants
contributed their advertising to the paper as well.
This bulletin was not introduced to take the place of
the paper, but rather to supplement it and give all the
merchants an opportunity to reach all the buying pub-
lie The advertisements appearing in the Shopping
News were censored by a committee of merehants to
ace that they were fair'to all who were selling similar
lines of goods,
Tiny are selling goods and selling them on their
nn tit. They went out after business and theey got it.
Thev now have a strong branch of The Retail Merchants' Association in that town. They are not satis-
,*„.,!, but are continually planning for better merehan-
The measure of success and the accomplishment of
this work depends absoluteely upon the interest which
the merchants take in their Association and their wil-
lingneM to co-operate. They had an Association in
(Iridley, bul it did not function properly until the
merchants themselves got truly behind it
Attention la lofinlla eletalU seems always to be an outstanding accompaniment or genius.   Indeed It may be the
foumlstl'itt of ae-nUi«
In areparaUoa for her appearance In what u to be an operatic role new to her. that or charlotte In the opera
WottloM     Mm) Garden hit*, bten taking lessons In the culinary art. since Charlotte ts sup-
posed tn be ii food Cerinati tutu who *.■*. thoroughly familiar with cooking.
One Bight think that Star) (tarda0. With all her many yearn of wide experience on the stage
st tier back  would be able to tHrry out thltt new role without any such special preparation.
Hut she feels that the end thoroughly Justifies the means,  For that reason, she is wining to
Kiie sueh Infinite aUenUon to the details of her business.
Hut the number of merchants who, though they are playing the role of selling the same goods
almost iUiU will not lift then hands or go a step out of their way to gather some great, worthwhile Information relative to these same aoods. Is almost legion.
They never have the time to visit tin* factories where those goods are manufactured, though
their path-* may lie almost past the very doors.   Life Is too short for them to study the underlying principals of window and Store displays.   Scientific merchandising?—why. that to them Is
just a lilghsouiulins t'hra.«•    They'll let their competitor   waste his time fooling around with It; but they guess
that the M'tlm-c methods which kept their fathers isotttK will certainly more than suffice to keep their heads above
Hut "Ut well enough lone," Is not a motto either to make a successful grand opera star or merchant prince. Mr.
•tietrp and tilt' hss the curiosity ot a child and the determination of a football player.   He leaves no stone unturned
which can In any way contribute to the sum total of his selling ability.
*   -"*»* Una.   Bs thirsty (or selling Knowledge.
He a genius In ><>«' »
(femttotfl to tlir flrtatt iffrafa
Travellers at British Columbia take thia opportunity, threufti tha auapicaa of tNtir Aeeociitien, IBa U. T.
C. to extend personal greetinga to thoir many moroBant frienda wrBo are resdere of tms journal, an* to wish
thorn ono and all a right Morrlo Christmas and s Happy and Broeperoue Now Year.
Eaeh aignaturo Is sn Individual token of that toy aity and good fellowship which to tho past have created
an Ideal relationship Between tho repreeentativee of Vancouver'e Wholoaata Housoa and tho rotail merehanta
of thia Provinee, end tho **•. C. Retailor" is proud to act as tho medium for thia apentaneeua eepreeeten of
goodwill from tho travellers to tho merchants of •Htish CelumBia.
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vans •tMiaseo •-» . • *•«»• tm
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»*«•<».     I .««•* rt,
••#1»..L    ■«.    .»•    .«   <.«••»•   It*
•Mti.il>! DMM
SlIWWSSi •... It*
• ..*«#*«•.« •», >n,
• >e««r.«i.( ... .ft.
SI t*»* .••***•»• « ooam it*
|*tte>   H**b B Co    Heporti-d told out to Itstid -tp<-n
tag (Vanantvar), m«* ti*partrrn-nt stor*)
I rO'UO   fife      HoW SI et«  to  Rei i •?«•
Ciayonuot snd Nootha-
Massard    W-sa    M'Buridalr   Pharmar))        Assigned
NoicmlKf S    C   C   M   T   A   IpSOlSted rutiodtan
iiaii, a ii   Hit»*«**-*i »°w am Oi H »
Ueh* ***** itSWm "»»!•••*«> r«ntr«iplattns rommearlr.g
•e |f mSS rt est*} *—
Mann. John     OpBBlBI brsnrh In ( haSBSlBBJ (bsk-r, I
OJ jj -a rn I as,mm
■yitlter*    J«h»    imSftel  comm*«i<»ns  t»eaU)
n.rfo«d — , .
fmm\+ iism   •jBBertea* «>w bbi (Q*J
Dtrnv J*h   iBBBHsd eBBMBeaeed tOfsail form >'«»•
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""SET »,« a l a   Mailed .Uatflvee P-HmMp
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thlj*   (•bO*«»
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m l   l.thti- I*    CoBUaeaeed ts»**f*,'r'
ftladi*   J   II    ,0romrnfwM        ,   i ,noulre at nfMce.
UndM,  Motor. W    H ******** "**  *'
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New weetn-oneler- ,
!,,,«-* li   Resorted ieWesi    (JJ-w
|r*ln«. 0**    «omntmcnl is*' MSU
""•ySTTJi "•■ • ■ **'	
*l>r4d ,*»mt\"~£mrma -iftwi
\i. Sdtiotr*. »'•»•" •* .
*,fU, 55iuaen   CeanaBaeea*.
"S3 SmR»- *" •""*
fWVir*" ut-  Woollen   Mltti. WJ.   PU
Brttah CelBBiBls Woouen g m
in. Ltd.  riant reported
<l> 0.)
.j liquidator;
Ilcuderiwm. F. & Son.   Reported commenced (whol.
It. It S.)
Motor Tools Specialty Co. Ltd.— Reported opened
branch at Calgary
Partridge, P. E., Rubber Co. Ltd.   Adjudged bankrupt;
J  II. Robertson, Toronto, appointed custodian.
Scott, It. J    Commenced confectionery.
TborpB, Jott.   Reported In financial difficulties (con.)
Wood*. P. Keported In financial difficulties (Cafe, Arc).
BlfBlel Hroa.   Bailiff's sale advertised (gas station).
Robinson ft Warren.   Commenced (It. ft 8.)
Smith, J. I). Commenced (furn.)
The* Him ft Co.   Dallff's sale advertised (D. G. ftc.)
Wooding. tJeo.   Sold out branch store (D. ft S.)
Burgess, Donald.   Commenced (fruit and gro.)
Devonshire Grocery.   Change In ownership reported.
Garnet. T.   Reported sold out (butcher).
Jordun, G, P.   Reported sold out (grocer, Ac).
Pacific Rubber Co. Ltd.   Ballff's sale advertised.
Ranuge, II. R.   Reported sold out stock by auction
(Jewelery ftc.)
Green Jewelry Store.   Advertises retiring from busines*) on January 1. 1926.
Nathan. K. P.   Reduced stock by auction sale, contin.
ulng business.
Hargreaves, R.   Sold out to C. Isherwood (butcher).
Acton Bros. Kstate.   Tenders called for purchase of
Mock and fixtures (grocer).
Love, Thos.   Commenced (butcher).
White Rock-
Beaumont. H.   Reported sold out to H. Fowler (G.S.)
stock s line o" hardwrs;
stock s line o' paint;
Stock a line o' knlcknacks.
Curious and quaint,
mock a line o' groceries:
stock a line o' MsgMtnesT
Stock the latest   ncos.
Stock a line o' gents' wear;
Stock ft "ne «' b00k8:,B
Stock a line o'sport joojf.
Fishing line and hooks.
Sunk a Hne o'Candy:
Stock a line 0' "ctBOkeS .
Stock a line o' cutlery ,
Fountain pen.', and   toquts.
Stock a line o' flowers:
Stock ft line o' seeds.
Stock s line o'"soft itnlf.
Stock a Hne o' 'feeds.
Stock a line of houseware.    .
Stock a line 0 frulls.
Stock a UM o' camera .
Saxophones and flutes.
stock a Hne 0' radio;
ine o' balls and bats;
atSlfsllne aP Jljene^f.
Trousers sweaters    al.
Stock a bit of everything,
i.i.i » tittle more
A.uuou'l. have the making of-
A real drug store!
Iffl ma. r» am ^JmiL. * '""^
he cent I
cent he|-
Held at Saskatchewan Provincial Office. Saskatoon,
November 28, 1925
Suggestion* for augmenting the present meagre
returns to implement dealers, many t»f whom elnim
that their business provide* little more than an average salary, were placed before a conference of implement dealers of the western provinces held in Sank
atoon, November 2tfth last, the following members
attending: 0. **** 1-indlie, Prince Albert, chairman;
\V. J. Keller. Shaunavan: A. J. Humphries. Raymon •;
A. E. Hamilton. I'nity; A. T Anitlt. Ithica: A .1
Powell. Alberta j T. J. Wilcox. British (olumbia; W
L McQuarrie. R. N. Carmichnel of Saskatchewan
provincial office, nnd .Ion. T. Crowder, Vancouver
Dominion President, R. M. A.
The Chairman. addressing the meeting Initl partie
ular* stress upon the present high coat of doing business, and claimed that thi* eost to the larger dealers
ran from 16 per cent, to 20 per cent . antl since the
discount   allowed was  not   higher than Hi per cent
there was no margin.   In the majority of eaten, Mr
Lindlie said dealers were not making more than n
living wage, and after years of effort were naturally
dissatisfied   with   present   conditions.      Nothing has
been done to alleviate this slate of things the speaker
declared, and it was thought the only means of effect
ing a remedy was to instigate a national policy, cm
bracing all thc dealers iu the country.    As a coin
indictment it was   suggested that till implement dealers of the western provinee* get together in ji ImmIv and
place their  grievances before   the larger   implement
companies of Canada
Among other suggestions, it wns decided that the
following should be presented by the western delegates to implement houses of Toronto.
1. That competitive prices ft na the basis of price
2. Cse competitive price* spot cash fob. factory
to the dealer who wants to take gootl* from the branch
house instead of from the factory, and still on cash
basis. The manufacturer to make a reasonable charge
to cover the eoat of transportation, plus Warehousing.
2a. To the dealer who buy* from, cither factory
or branch house, payable October I, the companies
should make a charge for credit so extended.
3. If companies handle farmers papers for deal*
er, he should be remunerated accordingly
4. Companies enrrying any or nil of unsold slock
should Im* entitled to a reasonable charge for doing so.
It was resolved that 25 per cent, on small implements and 45 per cent, on repairs f.o.b. Hranch House
Ih* asked for, and also lhat repairs be purchased outright.
At adjournment the committee went on record a*
considering that the commission allowed by implement
houses was inadequate to thc cost of doing business,
and steps should be taken to remedy such a situation
Depart no lit stores which follow the polity of lur-
ing patrons into their establishments throiigb advertising well known grocery product-* at a loan are enter
...**   strenuous  Opposition   lo   lhe   Williams   Hill   citn-
ot In r legislation com ring reaale price maintenance
now before congress
Practically every wholesale groci ry interest is ne
lively supporting such legislation in connection with
retailers all over the country, and in BOae snttons or
gnni/ations of retailers and wholesaler* ari alfcadj
preparing for the light that t» certain lo r. suit before
the fate of thr question is deckled ComuM reiat |tul
I. tin
One reward for the strong efforts made i.i   the
Provincial office of the It   ,\|   A  !•• ha\* the IVrsoiial
Properly Ta\ abolished la # ten j»er cent   reduction
which will only apply   to firms whowe  IVrwoual  Pr»»
pertv Ta\ prt)in<"iit amounts to more than those firm*
would |mi>   if tin--,   were (my ing tun* tenth nf one p.-r
cent, on their gross sabs    The gotrrumiiit »s aim. ml)
ing to .Iss. us.s a fairer method of tatattott. and mer
chants nre asked to communicate their *uew* mi lit
proposed Tunm-icr Tax. whnh has tieeii -oigg.-stnl to
replace the |i*rs«.iiai property tax, to the n-eeretarv «»f
the  association     Rome brilliant reader  may  |»erhaps
supply  an  ideal  form  *-f UUUltloU  lhat   will embrace
every resident of the province, al am  rat** merehanl
member* of the  Assoeiatmn shiiubl apprise the sec re
tary of their \i**ws at an early .late
Annourwrttiri '  I* madi* tit th«* merger  Bl ••» wall known
VSBOBtSVBf   Wb«|i-S«|en   ir*   ImhM#*    M*aat*    W'»     Utatd   S   ' •*
• .Id. sml Me«tr«   M   A   Turk A Co. l.«.t    Into * com?*"'"1  tn
ts** known s* llraid. Turk a ( o   I.M
A fri-i-sii! of mini* purrha»«.«t * »rsm«f*bone
l*i»r r    ImlUr «lo*n ami o dollar a s«-k
Ha>ing   'Tht* I* thr e*«o.e graft I »i» known
Tlil*   l*»llsr down snd \**llot a week"
Ho lie bough! a rhalr and a fountain |» •*■
A runabout   snd a sitise   and then
A se| of thu " Ute* of th* <*r*-«f■ •"   M<n
For s dollar down and * dollar a we*-k
Hi* didn't ron«!d«-r IhBBS esl'ri  d«*b»«
Of a dollar down and a dollar a WSBfc,
Ho In bought two million cigarette:
For a dollar down and a dollar a w**k
He |iurrhaaed a rlns thai wa* lair lo IBB
For the lily-white hand of hia Bride lo be.
And after Hie wedding the minister • (<*«.
Was a dollar down and a dollar a week
Tlo-n he bought a house for his famllr
At a dollar down and a dollar a week.
And when sicklies* came. ih« doctor* ts***
Was a dollar down and a dollar a week
Then his wile eont|dalned "I must be free.
These wii-kl)  payment* are ruining me"
Ho the got her divorce, and the alimony
Wa* a dollar down and a dollar a week IM
Torches and Mnpnte-Th.* ts« tune ..f yrar Bfben
retail dealers are pushing sales ..f lorfbel ind ItrepoN.
mh * reported gnud
Ataa —Csirly g-i-wl movement **i ft\"« b reported
by Ih. holiday trad.      PrlfSB BW linn
•s^oo-Un-H* tailed mv ordering  nalderaWt
volume for ih. holiday tank    Mesa an Una
Win Onnda.—IVie. s an- firm **»»*• demand goo,l
OoJvnntied Wan- tfannfacinnw bave advanced
their pl«li «n falvaniirsl •an* and jelj**■* *££
nally  sdvaiirr  theirs tn pn.,w.rtn.n I BllUfaelur
phers already in c fferl
—   ..       <•.. i   ■   •/ r  rik.iio ttarta  nets   horns.
Radio—The   market   li«r   ra«tt"  P-'f>
earphones, etc   ei.nl inu«-s bn*k
gWHrt, „d I** BWWssSjJj-jWJ ih.; >«'
udlMiIti «..ry..ii.} ' •• ;   .;
„,.„'(....II mm**tt I.•,m«l .ll-'"	
T^   U,ki« .1- »* I .Mr H* for	
sn-ason.. i ..   I.,r
Tori. S«e»-ei....l «l-• jn r l
hollw,   QbouUom "■ '"""""'
.  ri  business stresuj
arjkiv amm-iM^      «"-,,	
a.».—1 Ur h.r *».•■ -I*-*""      JJ v„i„„„ -"Ll ■■ •l*i«
ir.rt. k *m ****"r *wl *****
lim<- laM >*•' , .    .„,,„., in he
i(.,ive w.ih bn.bitng openiions mm
of n.lder westhcr h(,r is
M - I-;-; ,;X   . " redely-
,llf pniuncefor Anttlr..* J ^nias
Heas.*,, St hand the ,.lrs 0     '      J      repotted by lOfttl
3   An enHlef demand tna« ■*«
,W,lfl v     tMe*. LoWCT-l.-'«* ^UcrS report
Uoe Leather Prices www
tow* prtc n Uec Uate . (lt,    w
CwadlanOttUeryNowOntt•■        >u k
eluding Bttle^ Kntvea,
ehen knives ..^   0|,auge to
|„r.l Ire... »'<;> »"^    X ee-er f..l«r-.
tvmMa ****** *" „.
awrt W*|" JMC3 * Km**v*',"',,
noeeeec*,! ... Sl.r S...a,«.| < r ^
Coleman Lamps—There is nn excellent demand
tins fall fur Coleman Lamps and Lanterns,
Lubricating Oils Decline—The extent of the decline is imt uniform varying from four to eight per
cent  in different eases.
Advance in Ammunition— Manufacturers have an*
noutteed advanced limitations on Dominion and American Ammunition. These have just reached the whole-
gale trade ami as yet the new retail prices have not
I e-e-n decided upon.
Automobile Accessories
Auto Tires—According to the various sizes, Auto
Tires have again advanced iu Price,   New priees range
from five to twenty per eent. higher.
Auto Accessories—Sales are considered fair. The
Xmas season has stimulated business on various articles iu this line.
8,ftCh,nt-l»s'sn«l to meet the demand .or an easier
JlZLoxi* client s or strung flour.  H« «»
Qp-arsiBd br aaa hsad.  -just squeese the handle.    Made in
^ .„., matter the Hour, sifts tho*
- »crWn » 7 Tar ar 0?W&*» i- Pretty
WfeHr. *•< "f:  iZtZ the belt material obtainable
Oh* mmZ»aU Br I torn (m** ""»>"
MMwi now wooi ,  ta.
„„.,! sh..» new Bel)|„gi
Wnd« T*to*-i:"^.;;   „,,. s »"•
Ttow.^-l...crl *M«   Juili„,,
"*';:«"ss • - r"-
I;    ■
1 i
Every year since 1860 it has been
our privilege to extend tne Seasons
Greetings to our friends.
Sixty-five years—a long time! Yet
repetition has not detracted from the
pleasure this fine old time-honoured
custom has given us through the years.
Rather, time has accentuated the
pleasure, because the years have taught
us that the greatest rewards in work
are the goodwill and friendship of those
with whom we deal.
Therefore, in offering greetings we
know our many friends will reciprocate our good wishes on this, the conclusion of our 65th year.
Thos. Davidson Manufacturing Co*, Limited
Sjy*m*\l*mm*0\*n *
Established I860
Head Office and Factory: MONTREAL
Toronto Winnipeg Saakntoon Calgary
WtmamamatmmmatamamtmaatwKtmaamaawmmamKamm .25
The l*a*# now being *yi *."*■. shewing *t decline Ready Mixed Paint Prices Firm—Ready mixed
/V-   cents a keg    Holes hold up well at new lower       paint prlc-es ar<* considered as being firm and are(held
il th.. i* ti! advanced prices,
* tees
Unaaod OU—A decline «»f Bvi edits « gntluit ii Turpentine-Tim Turpentine market is considered
orTTon hoM' ran and boiled Unseed oil Head) snd prices hold si *1.80 gallon, barrel lots.
Selling Goods Through Window Display
A LABOR pnrtlon nl Ibe i*nl nakl i»t sit) s*ell
loetted store i% spent foi snow windows     A
wolWroown di*pU> superintendent my*   Kwni
Mllwwf ami mil »ht.ul.l b<  charged lo yourj|g.
do«V   Uk» any ntner adverting snaee   he n urn
ihrsa     While  sTfodca   inn.. IJ«  »*"      ^   "
b «ril*p.hl fee of wet* i^"^J£ 2
mft!> «h<» ramlurta a stow rannoi dn    «P
,iims lhal will srll merehsndis.
.**        ti £     *..   AlMM.Iiite   isvn'.l.kl   in   lh<    pri»|«'t
llratililMsm t*  »•»  BBBOIUII   • * h(
i *tkrt« «in.l..M»   clean twaa insith sntl oui   i <
frame* whieh hold thr gtoaa ol ' 	
tion than the good* Th.            > fw|||
e«nstsl of pmrtieatl)  Ud N-  •■  »»      '
and side  glass**  »»C  J***'     TU*  *
view of *»«!• i» <*«   "»  WW ihal
interior of ihe tt*n    This -       ,,,,,,„,,( ,„d pre
t*»n «f pa-T*1;? T"\ m from staring at ih 1";
veill* people inside «»»•* *<"r .    •       ,,„.   |,a,k*. of
arv looking I" »^*~lh, -nods In the wind	
tffakw* endoaed also arc pe «■  *
(rrr front tlu*t
in in*. ••>-" "'"•;; ;h,„, ,..i..hi. *»»**
,»,„ll....l.. »•'«<>••"       ,„„„.-.•(•-"»-■■
ToB mn aimji im**" *»    , •** jtmi-K
1 I ...irklv «Hh "I"-"1 »"■*•*■■""* ' ... hM m	
rrnw.l "I"1' -'■ ,  „:_.iv if  your  s'11"
„, ,h,..reli».*->.  '-I*-''"1 (1 '„*,„„, „hi..|. >.-«»•■""
, i In H »'<*''< '""*71|H'2 2.i< Ml) ■""""* l"",,,,f
M- rWff ""'"'	
SwwtUnot tojjrjJJ »lrtW-ta front «■»"<"
„, lhr |ood»   11» •    k  , „„. window.
.rtlrlw I"*-"1 ,l" , ,,.,.,;„,   CoIowIHkW"
.... !>■ «i*..l " '""• '* ''*    I   . ..ill. ..nlinnrv Ugh** »'
diffleiilt to iee «»• t»00dH
to roiunili with your local electric light company when-
fv«M yon desire to t\o BonuMliing out ol the ordinary
wilh your lights, •
Show Advertised Ooods.
It you are advertising in the doily papers it is a
c«"«l plan to pul some ol thc goods you are EeaUiring
•n thi show windows and indicate l»y signs that these
tin the goods you an advertising. ' People who sec
your advertisement and then sen the goods on display
Mm* window .'in- Immediately interested,
Waleh your local newspaper for the advertisements
oi articles which van <*am in stock. These advertisements an nlaced In the papers by manufacturers to
h< i|« you m II these, articles, and you should in some wav
or other He up your store as the place where sueh advertised articles may be obtained, People have eome
to have confidence in the worth of well-advertised
goods and seeing such goods in your windows gives
ih* m eonfiih nee in your store.
Keep Display's Simple.
No motler what class of trade you are trying to attract, it is usually liest to show only a few articles in
the window The merchant who pays a high price for
his show window space is apt to th'ink that he must
crowd almost everything he has for sale into the window in order lo gel his money's worth. Kvcrything in
your **ton may *!c e ve a place in the window, hut the
best results will come from letting the various items
lake turns In getting into the space. Decide what you
wish to feature each day or each week and allow that
article and perhaps a few associated articles to hold the
centre of the stage.
Naturally, there are exceptions to this rule. Stores
selling a ureal many different I'ines of goods usually
try to get some artiele from each line in the window, so
that people passing know oi the different lines carried.
When a show window is very large, it is better to
have it divided into sections by means of low partitions.
Ise each section for the display of a certain artiele and
things associated with it. The partitions serve to focus
the attention of passers-by upon one thing at a time.
In arranging window .displays it is absolutely nee
essary to know H'hat class of customer your store is
catering to. It is impossible to lay down hard ami fast
rules regarding good arrangement. A beautiful display that would attract attention and arouse desire in
a district were high prices are expected would shoot
v\m 0ver the heads of the trade in a section where
pennies arc counted closely.
Vol even a display of the lowest priced goods, with
prices shown prominently, need never bo ugly if a m- 32
tic time is taken to study it out, and customer* will ap*
preejato the compliment to their good taste.
Displays Must 8eU.
Whatever class of goods is displayed, however appreciative your Customers may be of artistic thing**.,
never lose sight of the fact that the purpose of the tils
play is to attract attention to the gooits you have to sell
You do not want a window display whieh makes pen*
pie stop and remark about your eleverncs* or your artistic sense and pass on without the slightest recollection of what you have for sale.
8bow Cards.
I'se  well-lettered, eaay*to-n-ad  card*.   It  doesn't
cost much to have a card writer who knows his busi
ness letter the few eard* whieh should Im* in a window,
Hut even if this expense i* loo high, there are several
practical stencilling outfits on the market.
Potting Prieaa on Qeoda In the Window.
There may be excellent reason* for not putting
priee* on certain lines of good* whieh nppeal to people
who have plenty of money. The*e people are few and
far between. Many a thousand dollar* hss been thrown
away trying to reach them, when a prosperous busines*
could have been built up with le** effort by selling to
just plain folk*, who outnumber tin- wealthy a thou-.md
to one. To these thousand*, price is a very iiitprotnnt
fact which they weigh carefully before deciding to buy
If a price is plainly marked they are more than apt to
decide that they can afford it.
t'nleNN there is some rvnwnn why price* should not l*c
marked on lhe good* shown in your window, nml thai
reason stands out ao plainly in your mind lhat there is
no argument about it. Iietter play safe nnd show your
prices boldly. If you have never tried marking jiriee*.
try it and see how it works.
Remember that when no price is shown, most peo-
pie assume that the priee is ao high that the me.*, haul
is afraid to show it for fear of driving people away If
your prices are fair, there is no danger in showing
them on goods in the window.
Change Displays Often.
On an average of onee a week the display* in every
show window should be completely changed no matter
what line of gooda you are selling.
There are several reasons why displnys should be
changed frequently:
1. It keeps up the interest of customer*.
2. Customers become better ncqtiniutcd w'.th the
large and varied stock you carry.
3. Kverything in the store worth displaying gets a
ehaneo in the window at the proper lime and season.
4. Goods left in the window too long become badly
soiled, rusted, or faded. This causes a money wnate
becauac they ean never lie sold as first quality.
5. Vour window is Ihe moat conspicuous part of
your store. It is the faro you show to your eommunity.
Keep it looking apie and span.
•pedal Displnys for Spedai Irate.
It ia good, aound business lo dross your store win-
dow appropriately for holidays and public events of all
kinds.   For instance, some prominent organisation in
your town may he holding a carnival, or a convention
or something cine which is outstanding iu public atteu
tion. With a little planning n store window can be nr
ranged which will mark your StOW ns om* conducted b)
n man who knows nnd Wires what ll g»ing on in his
community This i* a good reputation lo have, aakli
from the imnieilinte benefit to Ih* gained from selling
timely goods lor the or melon tit course thu enn i-
carried uhi (nr     Por example, your *iore ndndowa
should never Ih* used as n place lo advertise sueh e.enU
ns a professional  theatrical  performance or n  etieus
Succe%ful merehanta nre all etpeiieneed in saying "No"
tnetfully but firmly to the many request* thnl some t«»
In dealing with those who are conducting purely
loeal affairs for charily or some i.t her worthy cause, a
generous contribution will be morn than welcome »n.t
will take ihe sting out of your refusal to put card* in
your windows Of tonne there are . \e. pi...ml ease*
In these, use your own judgment.
Who Should Dms tbe Window?
If you tlo your own window dressing he sure to gift
the matter sufficient lime and thought ll is *\*.* a
good thing to unit %uce»*sfnt *!orr* iii your town and
iu otlur low ns to sec what merchant* arr doing tn re
gnrd lo their window display** Hatch your trade*
paper* for trainable window display ideas Man) nor
chants have OM of th.tr elerk* act as a window .|ri **« r
In this ease it i* a gi**l thing lo allow this elerk to take
an OOOBatonal trip onee in a while to smite nearby centre
so thnl he or she can bring back new ideas
BneonragC the   elerk lo enter  the many   window
I'isplny contents which are often conducted by tmrtnns
merehandising maga-rims l*>- everything iu your
power to encourage him to produce the finest window
displays of which he i* capable \ pat qq the back aiol
n little financial reward to such a elerk will mak« your
vVndow Iriuimer neeomptish remarkable results
I     To krep « Hll!* .tn»*M«ft««! otlh lh# bMt *•*
do in ofilenr lo msk* li britrr
3    To stm at ••ill 100*01 srtaal casta Bul to main
lain ijaalt'i at all ro*t*
3    To put service into actusl iwticilre  ln*l*ad of
roriBnins ll >o ronterstilloo—•
I To rlaim LIM lhan •«• |*-rform antl never to
perform less lhan we claim
& To cultivate court's), for Hs own ale and not
a* s »perle« of boslnea* running -
S To value a ru»«omer for his conBilec.ee and noi
I> the amount of his purrhaae
? To sell a man whal he romes in lo but nod
not whta we want to sell him
* To lose a sale. If nee* aary. In a a-jdrli of
s|Mirtjtmanshlp and not with s disgruntled air
I. To welcome both buyers and lookers snd lo
treat both as a host treats his guests
10. And lo remember every da) Ihe greal debt
we owe to Ihe nubile and lo dlaeharae lhal debt
honorably nnd to the best of our ability r
Tba fBllBwnaf art pr*aaa o**a%aO tar B""«»B*sl "**♦•• of Itadino wholtaatt firms.   Prices quottd are necessarily
subject '.o market fluctuations
— »,iv...u        .    i .    Mi..   llM*r   utrrtO    t VISKS   eil.t-nrv Solid   liox.  M II)*,  112.00
AMMUNITION. J    .V    * -« V        RS   IIJ     in   If*' **ct\   > Ibi ItIM each; 100 Iba 122 i-m-h.
I I - -*-■*   ***«■-«   |M|u It     It  I.      *  In     l«   '        *   1"     a* v.    •   ee.     **
ksuum ***** **** m ...hhi ..tirte   n.i;  i>-  Soscn  pairs- paints and oils.
um.msom                                                         n ,^   ^ v,   4,.,,   |Mrt   i.in |<e*»i. i:-in I!.-.. Brandr*m.Mtnd«r*on
*a***m                                                  ,a u H..II4I- SlloEB   Iran, K«   " to I. g •- r*r Gallon
l (I st* a in w                           ..»» **- iss*iN   noa  Bos  : and nnrw* p.M mi "faillsh" ordinary color* ifti
•     .   «   JS   •   S>   «** #f   ^    p| „ „    e.g^jH,!,..   wh|,0      HO
■-»******                                               ur jhmm.   hu>   '<'M\i"V   fi"*  t™ IBs- ii.ii Baiertor oil Shingle Stain—
10 SJSSIO tm                                    ' . nt      4   ,,, .      j  4 and s Ibi *S*. Ordinary colors, in t gal. can* Illf
j-; « i* » IH «*                                 ** ' IU,,N   mv.   i,-   IM-Bx    l-sj-l"   M-Wi Or ten* nn.i Qrtyt, In ' «*'  can* 1.0
*»•#«*-*•                                    ...   .iti u* i«'lie*   :*i«  M""                           ., hh Anchoi Bhlnfte Statu—
it 1*  %ti»t, Owl* II 0 * » » lw «■■  -*• ;} *   # ■   H* M K  uintrr   por ItOtO* - tl ftrdlnar) colors, In ' a«l can*  lit
1 •i.««ll«s CB«                                        ;, ■ *a*   fa i"    :t   ttttS*   I* Vt\   I**10  *Ui,*'v 'Jinne, nnd liie-y*. In 4 gut. can*   I.M
.   mi'   M-fvu u *■'•»• i»s **•       *';; fT*.f *,«*•« MM
*«*..« AswsaasMMsW »•*•««   lasetuwa «t  i:«e««»h «: «'• w .     .    .„.         Gt40
Oommtm                                                ... 'mSJni    i-l   rust. |t!3       ...t Ordtnsn colors. ...    «... .cans IJ.JJ
»***•«* JMOMIMB                              ». S kv.i.H   ium t«"'»   'spanned, H7I per Martin Jenour porch i>«int *■«
t* ..trot aoommmmmm 111 mm. .   j. .        Martin    * 	
ri l. tuts* *»«**»*»•*• nMl. fftlsfttKVI  k, p" •**•* * d"1,
st I.   lotv UvsmmB •  * 11 n mt doi   a  mt doi IMS: *\ -per ««
teMIMI* .   M <   ,J„l    •'■  M   PSI   '!*•      "    »v'f   ,U"    '    'J  tl!lin
U  u.*h«  BMBislwai '" luji ,{..»    IsMsatd. in*-* t'•,l
m.   ium  *-».•<• , ■ ,uv w-■writs )« I Wed*    Trr-i" """'"  '        Per 100 tba.
?iv.tsn,^rs.^M*..,,,. jraiawals?*iUn^ ■ ffi^t.«. * $
mm*m\t Zo^a** ih n. iiim »» ^ « R ;,/ flff i23   i saifiB. «en.  it-ta gg; Wi^WL=Zl-.  sso
Sio iSi   kS-^s ss.*  ••:*> *■••   ♦'** '  \t 1     i in f.*>». i«'n 1"°"     ..„,„• Tins, lib ■ n..*„
iuj Tiv.i   Ia»#. »*»fcvA# •**•-•  i« •■'   V.        sin,**   ntRI    HBs«   h *•''  ,V.P lu.iu-ei. i toi os rrei*             i»«r ioo Its.
I it.* tJ •» ^ ;«• f.*t   v si It tt •« »• ,„S \ '',  NM tl M to «. J «r*o£W , ,;A|, WH TB IN OIL-         »« "JJS
JaffSanSnTSToi *&*%?£ J?Vff fes 11M i*r «• H, "KSKSJS?'        *«-
«••••# «u i*o«^s ■■•«• I* •* -<  s'" „,vifrs AM) jW^i^Spptre-d rlvstf i barrel tots                         aa)U)B
t«.« Brtsss t» oOmt* hat IT*   K°; Lffi »iS?rtveu »nj vaunmsmks-                              u.r,m
aotTS B4<-iiim:    S sad •»••<•« *W «• n..   «    '^S^iTwi^K BasUs, Ko. I ;'?40
.  . wl-   torn tt «*  to*    ,v,#*  ,(        . barisBI*   N"  *   7 v' « rV'*1 Nr:" PTsstlc No  2    110
iVl TlflVod  ^    •     " " iSborts;ll« J52-5J^^raOiMc  per B; [v unoteutn     \\\
BI'IU»IJ<a jATUn  Tm.  l   >u|r r|€ „ IJJ          m* ** » M. mSORBBRS SHOCK-Float A Ford ho.
^zsrBM i*TJ&*i ff-HsTst'*fe^ k. « ■vMV^issriS'^s?
aS% i^ P«{' »**• *H "   H n.  « siu        »ttrri:tui.-    N» twl Mo woh; Bet wwiw «•        h
*Mti2*****   I-"***' 'm,\   ***** *"«OTI1W«    I'.'*"",";.' .,",'.<   ••' >.*-."" CARBOBUNCMW-V.IW I
SaVs ;:. «s»' • ■ ^ :;:;, S«rsrtt .*.,:.. ■ • d^-« ff«*vft
lw©iCtH?A^«sS . *r^?i*ws«* »»•*- afes'iSfcSJlfl p.", »«»•*
•ei^sKuss. Swass^ss *ac —■-
Pl.iiTiirs t ^'uxn                       ii .       BTAKna-^nlwnHjJJJf^Jtri n»<t,n*'    pair. ,  lB, ,„c moo do. i l-os
mi^mi* afi*^«* i^iii^r
fisfe-Ps'    1.   P*r
It Hi • hh
• I
I 34
Continental Paper Bags
Are recognised everywhere for their dependability.
Consistent maintenance of quality and perfect manufacture have made CONTINENTAL a standard of
comparison in Paper Bags and Paper Bag Specialties.
Manufacturers af
QE0C8E 8 BA08
Vanoonvsr   \
Calgary      j
"Using a 'Continental Bag9 is Bag Insurance*
"KTAi m*m\
 Ai!i'ii""i if
.• •    'C
Haw doea thia city impress lha
tnnti who arrives as s stranger*
Good lighting gives a Bright
wide.awake appearance that
stamps it ss s livt-Busiasss city,
•tars^indow lighting and sign
lighting play an important part
in ths cheerful apptaranea sf
not eity.
Advertise Your Business
By Ot*s$
Counter Chock Booko
•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■»      MBBMMBMBHMMMS    SBBM^HHBBHHBBiB
With Sam* llrrrBaatllsr. Mtr##« A44r<r*s a»«l l*h«nr
Suits I* r i»r-.n»lnmt|) and artistic-all-* 4i*p3a*trd on
tout I'otinirr I'hrcl Hook hra-ling which Is oar af
thr btsi adtrrtlsrsimis imt ran has**
Thr t'otinirr i hrce is lakm homo • l«h IB* SS.r
rttandisr, nail t»*«*r rarrfall). IN asray  for tatat*
rrirrrnrr.   thus  k«-*s*tiir.*   ftrnt   llusinr o  nanslanilf
U-for." tour Cti*Uim*r*
a sr«*si faaiafs of ihr aevtrinsng »al«» of foan
trr ihierh Hook* I* thai ihr tarnr*. id earh ', both ran
hr ws-r.1 for a largr .|i«|.Uir<| a4««*rtlsr>m«*at af aonti*
s|M*rlal liar of mrrrlianittsr thai in* M* sprc laliilns
Ul our ri-wrii-nm! staff Om of *$*t*Ut* lo -job Br
hrlpin* you adtrrilsr your ISaalnr.it morr rronomlr
all> bt tarnlns toot fov.nirr Chrch ItonB ripens*
arrotiM Into an advertising «s*n
Counter Chech Boohe of Quality
vAfscouven. n c
«ai ►25
Tact in Business
iu ii R >i.\ir><»\
oil  lu . antni
ie|l  I |
ii*l bit- i ii
i i lli-r:
FIKTY ftwfi os** and before, in Uif debalina ■ firlj
i ra of Ihr rouniry .fulks Iia-I * »tttt-J iwplloi
human value* in busim ■
■ j i        . ll
| eomS U* Ihis rt»nr|ti*|e.it silci rratlllig   '" ■" j'"'
simii iMNik. a repnii «»<« de-heii on »h«* *-i-'y*
U.,|. lhal  larl  Is a nn*r<   VBluabli
i.-r«-«a III Kfr   lhail |a»*wM|.ni ..?-   .t  Ial"'1
u »,»ih.r failr*l. I»ui «i is .-un* Heal ibW asrtieui
i 'i- d mOehsty |»*«* toei Hi*    I* na* i » laovi r I
ifflimative   nwtlKMr, I Jeafnwl il
,(ih. t|iir^iiiui found ii» mm*m ?* ill) '
In ImmiIis on boainnn m*yeboU*0   *
o'sibm   upenlBcHy.     BiBfrtsi
...ii-r^n.ro  aiorr mensem  snd m
un\ aaalu.   iir tnttfnl     I •■»!-
mgly link l»y »■>' «*l "nalymis
lui iti Irarh «sl-*fski«»»*shi|i  *»
■whirh   t«*««"Hrs   la<rl     Turn   !
luttsi Ami rnteenia and i»»«
•for him*s*lf
In bu)ittd  srlHni   wni
K.|j»    in farl   in t**r)
loWtfti arr num«r«»ti» sMusIh"
•llrsl lhr»nifhr*4--refi*» st U
ut a mmpeHtlvi dlnatl i
inrrrhatu ami ..II lhe p*'"'
eoMelneonflH   Isiariofii
arr rrl oilers who SSt*
ipyvei gr limit btyonil «
larl   Ami Ihr re.  a»»  W ■»>* '
•tsmling nl  IBM   l»Hntr
,.   in
* ijlilfi '•
• m, foetal
, ,»,.., iihost under
,,(   ,,|»s, I VflllCt    •»!
« Mull)  !" ihelt
tml bmlste some" "'
I hrm on polb*)   h/**
largr -meceBB    If«> 7alusblr nnalli)   hc«lnnlmi ">
m . i ainint   c* h |
1        .f  I 11•J   I ll
tl. s   i'i   l«ri    ne
ihr  lifiurtlili s  M
nulling lnt« Ik* nprti
btis|»r%« .        j.i. insialmoni
a I tail cl % ll  "        "
0*     N   j"*1   ,H  i^£n^ la an awkwaixl en.
mtjets .whk-Y; ;   ,iillf t(,((ui,,i      «
U a rtalrmfnl *< «!'« f " n.! i. »H«s     ^ iwusi
mii«rif»l wan »*'; ,vW   _1,    fitis msj>  -« ' l!!-'
order In
• nut
h'Ii ini
prn.tfsssfamH ***** IJJS ',, , ^ In
HilmmBB -wns • "" "    "'   „,,.„„, ,*
litf UmniHi the nainral pnivII^
,|',"n,!l' 'n" Burclianl was nol at a Ions for a second
*■■ Pulled ""' hia personal "roll," and loaned thc
money personally, to the minister,
Three* Advertising a spet'ial bargain sale, n
-'""•. as varinus points in the advertisomont, request*
iil, ".No phunt! orders   please!"
Four Spoliating with the landlord for a new
li un Jones & Jones eould have declared of the fljturo
• s^"l ll >*- -I hold up! It is entirely out of line
with all rentals in this block, at least 35 por cent.
more lhan any self-respeefing landlord could ask.
V.'ii'll have to eome down, o rthe deal is off." What
"■> s.ii-l in effect was i "Our volume last year was
150.000 We raiiimt possibly afford on that basis to
paj mon  than $125 for rent,    The business won't
stand it '    A deal seei I out of thc question, but the
situation null 'I with one made.
Pive Turning down an application for credit,
Jones ."x Jones tell the applicant that they are handling all the credit business they can finance. Mueh
,*i\ th.\ regit*! it. ihey cannot add more charge ae*
. -.iints
Si\ t'onverxatlons with workers who have
rhanged their place of employment rather frequently
will elieil the information thai ihey left Blank Corn-
pan) because the force had to be cut. Smith & Co.
because business was poor in their department. Jack-
Bon's beenusc an old employee had unexpectedly returned from a distance. In confidence, the stores
would probably inform you that the employee was let
oul or discharged
Seven "Buy otil-of-income," advertises a com*
pany offering payment terms. This particular store
has matle Ihe discovery, as numerous others have, that
l|„ -divided pavment plan appeals to classes of pen-
.,), ,, connection with whom at firM i! was not con-
vj,!,,,.,! 'Your credit is good," may be a good ad-
vertising npnroaeh lo certain classes, but you must
fallj otherwise lo more Intelligent people. So this
Ptunpativ advertises, "Buy out-of-income," and, developing tin- idea, suggests how in this manner more ro*
mn* ,.,,„ |)(. ^d for the quality factor, maknig the
buying the most Intelligent and satisfactory.
•Right. Some merchants, in the privacy of their
homes refer to a eertain class oi people os '•bargain
hunters," "penny-sqneesers," and rimilar quite do*
*....  ...........nliim.iUarv terms,   in
t i..,.,..."-.''-;:r;;,vvv,i„Mi„. i«ni«.,,"{3; "«; pii rvm\Xl
5T*E^*, ;;;v:: SffV-ti $M .-wv-s^* •»»£*.>>
«i..».. i-> ;;•".',"down ...v...""* -»*•""*;;■
r.dfft     "' ''"V It? til-m."**?*
Hi, ,,(...•"•■•-..," ", .':',.. i, M ihougli «
qnlme ii     ""* ""**,    H» „for* lo " "**
'•,v'"'"7'\„    ..' » "careful l>»y«™.
ami so on. ,     . ,.
Inlend to *jw* 1*22 'Zj thing., ibout »
tliinus more man i>
ltm * small Mm                          mh slor, was tllillUs more tnan         *    *              ^^      wllj
Twil   A merenani ruwrt«« t *n                 innn, (hp oUtli „, (.ns« s          ■      ,^ YW}Y{\
p^rSrf"?,S »»r-;" —	
lliniliee* **..**   ■ lili.'lli'i
policy wiih fanalle dUienei THE BRITISH COLUMBIA RETAILER
lit'rem Imt
ment reader. With great eare, the merchant has
avoided utterances to hurt »Mother's feelings, or aroint**
antagonism, or an unfavorable react ion of any kind
Very tactful men will be found invariably to be
sensitive men too. They put themselves in the platv
of the person with whom ihey are dealing. They know
how they would feel in the name circumstance*, and
ihey aet accordingly, with eoiiHideration.
It is an advertfoil** truism that skilled presenta
tion of a poor propoatUtw will get more returns lhan
poor present al it M« of an evellent  propMtion.      The
tactful tnen-ha-".! i:i a genni* at prrscnlallun.
In husine-ot, in ninety eases out of one hundred, it
pa}* lhe uierehant to be eoiisitlerslc of the feelings ni
others It pay* him to lie considerate when he dnea
nol have lo Oft- just so he acquire* the habit
Handling the Telephone Inqnirias
»1IKN a voiee. unknown, calls up. antl you,
friend elerk. answer, what are your tactic* if
you are confronted with a bald request for
the priee of a slated article? The inquirer has imt
given his time, and quite likely doe* not intendto.
Do you quote Ihe priee, Ifoten to the inquirer saying more or lea* polilely. "I'll call you if I decide to
buy." and let it go at that?
Of course, that ia one way to handle phone in-
quiricK. but it i* not practicing telephone salesmanship. The party who calls up and asks for a price fo
usually a "shopper." Aa a buyer, he intitule* to collect several prices with the idea of accepting the low-
est one. All that he may lie asking for fo the price.
The fact that he is out to lie a "buyer" doesn't pre.
vent your being a salesman Instead of letting him
manipulate the telephone conversation, control it
yourself.   Ask. "Who fo this speaking. plcaac'V
You want this information for several reasons. If
the caller knowa you know his name, he usually will
let you talk more. You can use his name, always a
piece of good salesmanship, in the conversation You
have some evidence, too, of the bona-fidc nature of the
inquiry, ami unconsciously will find yourself in better selling trim.
A series of questions, of which the one mentioned
is thc first, made as thc reply to the inquirer's first
question, arc generally best telephone tactics.
"What do you wish this for?"
"How large a quantity are you thinking of buying?"
"When would you wish it delivered!"
"Have you ever tried Blank's make! Did you
like it?"
Bruises       Sores
B-totBa IBs sort imisslss or li§a-
msats by rvbBIng in Minar#s Lint*
rnsnt It psnatratss, rslisvss on4
Basis. It sssss iK-ftammatlsn at*4
rsstoras tBs injurs* pari ta beauts.
BpUndiB far outo ami aerae.   It
stsrlllssa ani Basis quickly.
"Is your heart sit on lhat brand!"
One or more such t-tiestitui* as the Ion going %*r\*
twin purpose*. t\r*l, they draw the inquirer out, and
give the salesman iuformalioti on whieh to base an
intelligent soles premutation With the need* of thc
inquirer before him, he can urge forcefully purchase
of an item whieh. perhaps, lhe More alone handle*
Me ha* an opportunity to soggcM the purchase of an
itrticle which the enquirer had not had in mind (Jue*
tion*. too, ii nd to shift the inquirer from his original
mental attitude to one much nearer the actual git ing
of an order They *ct the %tage for a real selling effort, whereas the clrrk who answers an anonymous
price inquiry with a price, ami then starts to tell, i«
at a gnat disadvantage
If a visitor enters your store, walks up to the counter behind which you are standing, ami ask* for the
price of an article, you don't let it go at that You
try to sell, all the way along
So it i« with the telephone inquirer When you
article .make a real effort to get a favorable buying
have made your little selling talk on behalf of an
dcefoion. If the customer e-iprvsnes indecision, may
1st* it fo practical for you to soggcM that the More semi
two or three different article* out for an etamination
t'nle** the customer has etprrsMrtl a negative, use
sueh a queattn as. "Would you like ns to deliver this
If Ihe artiele fo one the store stand* baek of, a sale
can sometimes lie matle by declaring willingness to
deliver on a "satiafaetionor money back" haai*
We sometime* hear a More man say, "Phone in
quirics aren't any good They never result In sale* "
Photic inquiries are really just a* good a* the More
make* them, ami no better Something more than the
asked for price must he given, though There must
Im* real telephone -.salesmanship
SOS WntnrSt
Mn. UK's In**
UU  ein Avtk. wtn.
*y***a**a   Oej IIS
ons ******** -ex i*'<*»'
Vatssasf**'- nC
*>toa**a   Oar tO*i
OAVTON    otoiti
Bitcsr*   Msat   <*•"£
BMI*.    C*etM    Cutters.
BrssS I'-ce**
.MTtnNAViONBi Bus."iaa
g, c. avnicatn.
loco* *J*****^*L
eee aar*^*" •'•
I. H. nOWNTnil. RtprtttnUtivt
IB? Hostmgt Wtst. Vsncauvsr.
Phont:   Bty. SB
B. 0. HadQS
li C RantaseataUve!
HO nicBarBt Bt. Vsncouvsr, B.C.
Phont Ity. Ill
DOimnOlf CAHHTO, B. 0
VANCOUVtn. t. c.
Phont. Isy. Mil
Owr Wholesale Department Carries
* Complete Lint of
Phont **f. 6131
Me • i »:.:! s omnia hosiery knitted
oniftofit *r..J hstiil knit litis yarns
ftopreatelod in linush Columbia
J'l Moire  St. Vancouver, B. .C
Phone: Sty.
Rock Mand, Quebec
R   M   Totter. m-i—Und Avt.  W.
Vancouver, B.C.
P**or*9. Bar  W30V
PftBiT bss**. frspPlM V*9St-
for sll requlreaients.
,0|8 Hamilton St. Vaneouvtr, B.C.
Phont: Sty. 8822
Kellogg's^oni Hakes
Local Agtnta
L. P. MA80N & CO.
510 Hastings Wsst.
Sty. 290S
pam* co. LTO.
VJvtex Paperj
ISM rwy».      t
Phont*. Ity. 3112
E. S. CHAMBER8. Agtncy Managtr
424 Cordova St. W. Phono. 8ty. 3911
Show Cards
of 196 pagtt tltgantly bound in
battleship grey cloth, with ovtr 200
illustrations. Send for it today.
Prict $2.00... Monty rtfundtd if not
Prsfrtu Pabliikisf Ca., Ltd.
101-2 Merchants' Exchange Bldg.
Vaneouvtr, B. C.
Caaastu Posttn Ceteal Ct.. Usritd
Htad Office      -      Toronto
Local Agents:—
739 Hastings St. W.
Ity. 9337
Phont:  High. 3889
Manufacturtra of
Purtst Madt     Coat Ltta
Vaneouvtr OHIef
332 Wattr Strttt
Phont: Ity. WW
Scales, llietrt, Cutttrt and Cabin,
eta—Ntw, Rtbuilt and Iteond Hand.
Cash or Ttrms.
Ity. 2881
385 Cordova It. W., facing Homtr.
10BB Homtr Street,       Vancouver.
Phono: loy. 711
Mauuiiuturett In British Columbia
and guaranteed.
-improved Oem" 4 "Perfect Seal"
Local Repreeentativt: K. 0. Mooro.
Deausiea Glass Compear Ui
810 Hastings St. Weet   Sty. 813B
n. C. Dletributors of
Meeero. T. M. Pressor 4 Sena Ltd.
Manufacturers  of   Pressors'  Celebrated Lino of TINNIS and
CRICKET Supplies.
Associated .Agencies
•IS Pender St W.        Venceever.
PBono: Soy. lit
Western Wholesale Jewelers
Cordova snd Cam-bio Sta.
PBono: Soy. 27H
PROOUCTt LTO„ Ottawa. Ont
Local    Ropreeentstlvoe:
Smith, Oavideon 4 WrlfBt
Oavit snd Homtr Sta.    Sey. SMS
McCormick Mff. Co. Ltd.
1180 Hamilton Street, Vanoouvor
C. H. KINNEY, Manaaer.
PBeno: Sey. S412
Tba •cRIeb Columbia Rotolltr will
be plaaasd le furnlsb subssrlbaiB
tne names snd addrsssss af repre-
oontetlvoo er asonta af eastern
manufooturoro In Vanoouvor. Wa
will alaa advice wbere tbelr
modltloa ean be parabasal
Western Glass
Co., LM.
I8B Cordova Storet Woot
Vancouver, S. C.
Wttttrn Gists It at naar at your
PBono Soy. SoSI
Hams & Bacon
Swift'o "Premium"
Nsrftik Papr Ct. Uti.
Phono: Soy. 7SIS
At thit time wo like to oay than*
you to our moist cuotomoro e**S
fntndo. one to with tht feed eld
«th A Morry Chntsmat and a
Happy Now Year.
R. A. SIME, aC Diatnfe-j«er
Sll Homer St       Vancouver. S C.
121 Powell Street Vancouver.
Phone: Sey. 4MS
I. H. Walsb 4 Ca. Ltd* Afentc
IIS Homer Street,       Vanoouvor.
Phone: Sey. 4SM
fill .1 .FTPS
L. Macfarlono. ROBrooontottvt
tohint Suildino. Vaneeev
Phono Soy. I IBB
E. H. Waith 4 Co. Ltd. A fonts
Sta Homer Street Vancouver.
Phone: Sey. BBS?
J. J. MACKAV, Atom
BBS Be-wer Rldf.   Phono: Soy   JOS'
Local Oakc   IIS Homer Street
Phone: Sey. Wl
T. 0. STARK Telephone
P. W. STERLINO Sey. lit!
stake * mauM
10SS Homiiton Street.
Made in Canada—from Canadian Papers
SIMPLEX"    -   Light Manilla
MAPLE LEAF" Ligkt Kraft
"LION"      -    -    Heavy Kraft
A Bag suitable for every kind of Merchandise—
Made by St. Lawrence Paper Bag Co.
Whether it be the dealer or the consumer—
"Quality First" is a safe rule to follow in buying food products. Swift's "Premium" hams
and bacon will measure up to the highest stand,
aids in every respects thoroughly cured, hard-
wood smoked, parchment wrapped, superior in
flavor snd with the quality that distinguishes
them from lower grade stock. As a dealer you
will find it to your advantage to stock "quality" products, as you will be able to build up
a good volume of business, and on a profitable
Swift's "Premium'' Hams & Bacon
are a Made-in-B.C. Product
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