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The British Columbia Retailer Nov 30, 1924

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Array NOVEMBER, 1924
V British Columbia
Vancouver, B C
10c per copy; $1.00 per year.
Seventeenth Tear.
Our Advertising
Pork & Beans
(With Tomato Sauce)
a popular seller this winter
Order From Your Wholesaler
Dominion Canners of B.C. Limited
Vancouver A True Statement
CANADA is inch a ntw country, it tt *l»oet incredible ti ai
paper bags have been made here for a period of over 50 YEARS
-IT 18 nevertheless TRUE -
H is EQUALLY TRUE, that by no other policy than that of
maintaining at all costs, the hifh standard of quality tn our bnfs,
together with efficiency of lemce conld we have retained th*
repuution of being manufacturers of the most dependable peptr
bap on the market today.
Manufacturers of
for   Wholesalers tnd Retailers,
Phone: 8eymonr 781
I :\
lototttsi *W $»o4*4 Set*
o%ntn on  t*t ***««* t  *•*-*
•-»»*', /*«**l -f»*Nff fttmt)
*Muk*4, $os osd tooip   to
pain 12Hm CM(
Ihe whnle world enjoy » Brunswick Brand Sardines. Tasty.
Meal* JWrdi nee packed fresh from the cold waters of the
North Atlantic
1 Htee ou! of every four Una of Sardines sold in Canada
lot year wete packet) by Connors Bros. No Sardine yielda
tb* grocer a better profit nor anything equals the turnover
of Bmnswtrk Brand
St Ui test fish ootk'J 'a
Solotl Oil. Ktyoptfnirg tin
in olttottfXf cattar, so con>
ami tut to sis**.
You add to the established reputation you
already   enjoy   when
you use
Continental Paper Bags
This is the season for
Oysters. In stipulat-
i n g your requirements for pails, mention CONTINENTAL
They are so dependable.
The Continental Paper Products
Manufacturers of Grocery Bags and Paper Bag Specialties of every description.
Vancouver    i
Calgary \
"Using a Continental Bag is Bag Insurance."
That   is  thc  outstanding
point   in   favor   of   Eagle
Brand,   and    you   cannot
emphasize it too strongly in
selling Eagle Brand. Highest
medical authorities endorse
it, calling Eagle Brand thc
best food for l>ahics   when
mother's milk Fails, because
ol its uniformity, purity and
easy digestibility.    You cannot too strongly recommend
Eagle Brand. I
"Th* lad of a Perfect Day"
1M.de from -Snort flavoured .-an.* supar. a special prade of whioh is imported for the
IPut up in all sizes of packages to suit your customer* requirements.
fin package* denized to beautify your store.
2 lb. Una 24 to a cait
Mb ttnt. 12 to a caae
101b. Uns, 6 to a caaa.
201b. Um, 3 to a cast.
Farftct Seal jut. 12 to a caaa.
The British Columbia Sugar RefiningGo. Ltd.
Nov.   bos
Saves you time when customers ask for Fresh Roasted
Coffee." That's exactly what Nabob is. The vacuum tin
iseps the flavor in—you sell A "fresh from the roaster
Kelly Douglas & Co. Ltd.
Established 1890
Our Motto is "SERVICE"
W. caaaot off* „ 3ell yoa goods , ^ h^(
pve actual facts to prove that tt is
to deal with us
Wholesale Grocer*
J-irst Quality paclriag home „,, I    ,
Itoited whieb meaj   ,.", 2   'V | P •**> '* Hum. 4 ,*„
vakco™R BUfnS * C°mpany, Llmited
With »hK*» le lacarsarsttS tae I 0 tiude hkvikw
published Monthly.
oRocRRiKt. PHraoow*.
A MONTHLY JOURNAL published fan the interest of Retail Merehan-
dim § and the Development of Corotncrec tn Western Canada.
St BfcCRiPTtOH RATI:   im* J*»ti«r tvr »»-?  i,*jjife!«  m Advance
AdwtrtitlAf Hafaa oa Appm ats^n
fwilt   tttt 3 Mtrthtnlt*  CRChangt  Bu>«|mg
TohphtCttSO tt*}'   Hit taSSomt  Add? «•»■*■    $hiW>lng--*-AU CodPS
K4Httf, $ H HafflNgt W  N. Cod**,, Um'MvM IfanagSf
I**?****-*! at CHta-aa *,* *Woi»4 rlaiw matter
^;y^g»g«iBS>s^ ~—■       —— -
a-ecretariet,  Representing tha following
Branches R. M. A.
Agttmli W. A. Jones.
Armstroof G. H. Smith.
Chilliwaek     A. Knox.
Cranbrook J. L. Campbell.
Kamloops. A. H. Muirhead.
Kelowna...— A. Fraser.
LyttOD     B. Rebagllatl.
Merritt C. J. Mills.
Mission F. C. Llghtbody.
Nanaimo ......W. F. Norria.
Nelson E F GlfOt.
Nt« \Vessmin»ter    1). Stuart.
RaTelstoke J. P. Hume.
Vancouver W. F. Ing.
Victoria C  Siraker.
White Rock K. H. Hardy.
\ 2   XVH   No   |
Su\vti\b*'t, I***-!4
Vancouver, B.C.
The Maintained Price
Were manufacturer* enabled by law to fix individual prices for   Cash and Carry
Systems, advantages of Utter would be fully realised by Buying Public.
and   "Service"
In making tu* report to the chain stun  assocta-*
tion  u-n*,.!!iiun  recently,  the   **<■*,,'nry   in  »li.*«*ti.v^in*j*
itaudaftiiaatloii h utslnlion, Ktatcd thai i"1*
t idxatioii was opposed Xo such laws »»•■ ctaimcu
In had been Ifiaistinn that i caah and carrj customer
rai atitlcd to i lower price -'s;>!> to* patrou enjoy
ii | llu advantafca oi iervie<! Then ia logic In 'hat
position, a-* is doe* -not seem jhh! the right thing fo
havi i customer who pays cash '°r what ah* ~* '** •a"
then carries ihe purchaac iwaj arilth h«*r should be
called upon to pay the nut* pri« is tha pttrou who
•i-M her goods delivered ami then bas the secottnl
< barged
Hut. thai srgumenl doe* no! rteceassiiiy bwrii lhai
priee maintenance legislation should not be become
la*   Should n manufacturer be **'>*• n the right by law
along thc line* nf proposed legislation] io nam* hi***
rice, there i* nothing thai ahould atop Mm from ■**•
'«"« i atandnnl price for service itorca and another
nd lower price for bob wtrrlei rtorw Thai wut« w»og
s" i»'in»» dotu al thi prwicnl <«»«*• by aomc manulac
' irera without i pri«v maintenance law aud ippeaw to
Ih working oul natUfactorily   And, whal In "■•"'  **
" Inclined i<» think thai two prlcca   caah a»».l carry
•i H,ru,v   would be a good thiug for thc trade  o
"ii'»u since tln-rv art* *on>. very decided advantage! to
* gained therefrom In -»»» educational ";i>
li" thc mannfacturcr named Iwo orieca Jo covet
'"'!> acrvicc ami non«aerelcc atorei and thc aifrcrenn-
attou waa «iUiii5 reasonable limits and based upon tin'
difference In coal of operating tin* two kinds ol bua>
nesses, thc spread would be comparatively small
Moreover, thi** practice would have a tendency to show
housewives whal a small variation there actually
j\ between ptiees Of tin* cash and carry store and that
ol (he dealer rendering service. Would that not do
more to educate the public to realize the advantage was
not what b has been cracked up to be, when she carried
?h< goods home herself and that the labor, time ami in-
convenience <li«l nol justify the effort
The two priee svsti ni. it" maintained hv the manu-
facturer under the purview of the law, would certainly
stop tin chain store or other price cutter t'rom establishing an arbitrarily low price lower than the cost of
doing business warranted in addition, the differential
between   the   two prices would scarcely average ten
p< r cenl as there is not that difference between the
actual cost of opraling a cash and carry and a service
store Thai being a fact the housewife would readily
s.e ihere was no particular advantage trading with *he
chain store as against the service store run by an in-
dependeni dealer, Nationally advertised products are
un, .1 bv the chains as a bait. They make prices at
times that *io not show enough margin tO cover over
Im.'iI. b<it If the manufacturer named two prices, the
rash Rnd carry price would have to cover a protit which
i "hi necessarily narrow the difference between that
and the service price.
'■" T1,,.: BRlTtSfl roi.rMHlA RBtAltia
tfm   y
Trade generally, so far as the retail grocer is cot*
eerned, is showing a steady and healthy improvement,
and merchants arc confident of b good holiday -wason
Prices an* steady, with a tendency for several ln»«s
to advance, a condition tending to Strengthen the « "
grocer's inclination to buy.  Seasonal tines are cod
in almost daily now   and   rapidly   moving to retail
The wise merchant  will dtsplaj   Ms  \n.. -  gp
early, not only that he may increase his profits by on
doing, but an early showing will give htm n     *      p
portunity of cleaning up.
Flour. Flour prices are very line* rtain, man*f Sue
tuations having occurred during thc past thirty days
Thc rising tendency of the wheal markel hss been •■-'
reflected in flour quotations, and th»- general opil i
is that wheat will continue firm with the probability OJ
reaching the $2 mark. Retailers with adequate rd. *
of flour on hand are in a fortunate position.
Sugar.   There is a very marked weakness in lha
market, raws having declined 36   points   in   recent
weeks.   Refined stocks registered a decline ot \'> <•* nts
November 13.   Today's (Nov 18 . price hi $~< B5 pet
cwt. for granulated in 100-lh. bags.  The future i
will depend principally on the crop estimate for 1924 '■
season.   If the estimate it high, priees will natui
continue weak whereas low estimates will caust     iharp
upward movement, it j8 interesting to note that tod ■'-. '•*.
price is $2.35 lower than a year ago, and $10 low |
than quotations for November 1920, whereas fiour
$1.35 higher than at this period !a^ year and $420 ner
barrel lower than the 1920 quotation.
Dried Fruit.   Prune prices have advanced consid-
- since opening Bgurea, particularly on thi rery
gnd small sizes.   The presenl unsold tonna* of
«4 crop is considerably less than it WM Bj thi„
ast year.
Apricots and Peaches. Quotations on these Unci, m
f also exceedingly firm owing to the -short 1924 crop.
Currants.   A very fine shipment of Australian eur
rants is moving into retail channels at thin   ',.
pound for hulk.   Grecian currants ,*• "'
rapidly. Retailers are warned aMow   p^d   G^
ian cuirants, a shipment of 50,000 lbs havinTl   1*1
eently been torned down bymcalwklS:
Figs. Thc first shipment 0f Smvrnn t«hl   .*
on the market.   Prices rang"Slyts^T
prevailing last year. '     "s ,,,;,u ,!"
Table Raisins. California and Spanish tahl
are now available.   Stocks are J   ?   "'" l;i,sl,H
vised to lay in good supplies.   The \T" ''ul
fornia variety are $2.90 and *:i2a peMnVo,!;;   ll"
pkgs, wlnl<   :.V  Spanish stock tun* #a.tio U>t   I *
,fn T"» fox '* *i  anil p* **» for i el
Chmuliied and Olacv Fruit and Chtrriti
itutv. 1'mm*-- srr nt»*» to h.?*tid. With bs*f grade* ps ■
*>> the |fad< .'.* II '*' a j»tiM*d tor n*ntsftir*\ fruit* **.'
for ehrystalised *od oOe wot Oisec •eawrric* In * «
eontainCrs    Olae* pioeappli rintt* paehedl Wall) a
im'tr.,: ►fferrd this year for tho Bul time   fl*  i
$«,   t-iiuv.tb-ti   *.<■» )«■ sn\t* rtuf its the im parted pr*
I'ith  lm  l'"x>'   tl ry   5m»- B  MmH
Canned Vegetables,    (^petting prices ot   lm
nurd b) tht focal canners, and an
ium ■ il mi Aittt<**ij)4t-<tt *,;> wlailciHMcra   T-m pa<"i
i  l i * *   ip to cspretatfcMts in Ihhi provine*
* *-•■■ r. m-m.  i.r I    S   park**, sso*\ ittPPfttttO 'h*
Dried Fnut    fli Um **1sfym*M u{ |f$$ <r,
>*dd ■* i *» oa tl* starta I priced »i ■§!§ #*nu * j»
ll W ttnder^.Hrtl V .-•  p*?»»*. *  .V*- r JUmf-*r«   I, *»<•
■ ■■ -  *"'   *   i ■ • i at i pound
Salt Fwh.   \% ftrsA idttpcsent mi Eastern dried
* ' :<. ■ \?\. •   \ .. ■. \m * \n    Acadia   c
pacaeo ti  12 2 o, »-. H\ e.■■*,, % ^ -uniting at W p*t - ;
mpi   i-»sth th« prtet laal ytariif#4 2*i »5?:
Miitches f..M, h*r«   been levcral advam
'■'■' " ," tmi **'•*? Ittftst'. the 8 H K*i«!y 1*001
''"*' «1 thrli    Sraqni" litw fr«WH st'*'-'
'■■ -' fi •"-* ■ ah* t, and th** "Owl" not
" '•■• '  El! « * SMiffi^m a* -twrfwrv      .\ei
nfaeitift*fa« ,.i «.,»»,... a it,
mi t*** i>] ma!«?i«*** ma«S>r  *-<»rr»-*|w>»ii«itnif  ml-•■.
* 'A ''•'' '■   " lines
Rlce   '  !:'':" b Ispas ri.*, idvaneed *i*Mw'
" -    «iH** ■; 11 during tin month   The advai
*      ■ Psrtlsil) rencetcd tn locaj price* a* >*•* i
Nap iv?, Maptha map advanced 30 cents
1    •  ■   pnei fi io in ^tftts**** »-,♦,* *»,{*    '
prcutcti I hi other lin»*.«* ,,f laoodry aoa|
„    *'   !,u^ srroeem of th* I'nhed Htat.* bav.     '
t ■ 1 r i
'.. .    assinai th- bisettll eontpanie* *»n «pi*j
.   !'!i;'"! stsies Bupreme Courl is thai tribunal
'   J ■ '- jran? th. r»«ht of A|i|h-aI frow tlo* deHsi
:    /"      » Cnorl o! Appeals tot th.* Bastcm N »
mm  w!(i«h lower e,»urt reversed ti>* •*
^lH'™' °f* r j I the Kcslernl Trmie Commlssloi
a-bsaln m|        lrU,! ,uo*|»'»«dci, to r* fr^iis frum a))o*    -
,';'J *v"" i the maximum quantity discount on p
-,,   ]" ««» alnrw and denyina Ihi saine privileui
i(it sr
|M .......    >.|.||,    V',,1.   r n
•v .Jei 1      "f,,," r s s,n,r*"»"' tlottrl WrtH !i
asthi |!«"' "ri'1 'hr N,J,'i"'K',! Bbenil Company
 " NSll", Bisevll Company was also lnvol< vet
;n g simitar complaint filed More the Federal Trade
Commission, nnd in which the Mtti action was taken
i„ ii„. Commission, whose order -wai also reversed,
that ease Is likewise disposed of hy the action ol thc
Supreme Court.
Thi* finally determines the ease whieh has attract*
.,{ addr attention throuk'h'.ut the country, not only
anions retail feoaani who *aw eompiainants, but also
imoUH wholesale grocer*, who iSHn Ui W« in thi* tic
rydon « r^«'k n«ntn»t     buying    . changes,    an    also
D10nS mfluufaelurrr*. who ha*«  Uen COnceriJed from
standpoint ol laka pott® Th* deeleion definitely
titles the right of * manntaetturer In the Cnited
s. t.» i to eekel bis own customers and to decline to sell
| combination of Mailer* desiring Ui obtain th»* aame
pHees or trade dbcOUntS a* art granted to chain Stores
the wholesale grocers oi thia country owe it to
ihrmaclvc*, it not to thefcr retail grocery euitomers, la
,,, that Ihe Iftttei are In i position to progress and
?s,4d their own m the fees ©I competition.   Tiny 0W«
It to !h-*-«.M*hc« ami tlutlf retail patrons to Me to it
lhat the gfoetr i* »lde u% buy at Ihs hail advantage,
and un*lrr no rtrrumatanrr* ahoold any Jobber follow
-  , |d«« that he ran get hl««l out ot a turnip hy filing
eertain relume bttycrs al praetiealiy etwrt with only the
i lifa discount aa bk msasl? pw>ft I I), and then expect-
p | the rank and fik of rrtailm to pay him I real pro-
•    The faei that *uch a polity WM undermining their
own brndneai M welt aa that ol their most profitable
rustomon never wemed to enter their minds, yet that
fai exactly what happened
The'chain *t»*re *a» largely the OOtffOWth of this
itystetB.    A dealer who wai an outlet for n oonsid-
•abk quantity waa always to I position to gel replcm
bhmenta al ilntogt the Jobber*! seat  The latter were
• don* to bave i plate where they could dump some ol
their Htrpfaa   Doobtlewi, thi* led to the establishment
ol SOOtber .tore, and thu* gradually sprung up the
ehain store   These  ** railed   volume   buyers are m
every large e»tv    Tloir order* are MUght after uot-
wiihstandln« the fact that the "horns*" does not make
a nickel on the    brines*    in   an   entire   month   OT
year «»( coarse, that add* to overhead which toe
other go.nl groeera are expeeted to i>ay. hut winea
many of them are declining to ^ and naturally tae
"jobbers are feeling it
Thin situation ought nrv.f to bftfC COmi about.
bttt it is h< re and the only way to correct it IS 10 be.
gin atl oxer again bv striving to the utmost to render aid to the retail grocer* along the lines ut showing them how thev can improve their bOStaOW aXW
methods    The jobber can act as instructor, and he ih
in a position to reeognlsc Instances where i dealer »*
(dipping, from the records iu hi* own office. Aside from
this, his sab smen have still a more intimate contract,
aw in a position ui observe the weaknesses of a giro-
eer*S policies in the store, ami they also have a wider
range of experience as to what thi* o«* that grocer has
done to Improve hia buaineaa or system. It i* strictly
up to wholesale grocer and hi* salesmen to go w(extremes to cooperate with the r.tni! grocers if they
know- on whieh side their bread is buttered.
Pick out
the biggest bat
Then you can't miss
good profits
T It ERF. are no rules* to limit the site of the
"TURNOVER" bat in retail Belling. It's
up to you to choose the site you want.
Thai's why successful retailer* carry' the big-
R«.m "hai"' they ean Ret—the leading brands-
wit h most turnover*.   Then its easy for them
to Ret good profit*.
But nianv retailers Invest time and money
In unknown brands with long "mark-up." The
brands are slow sellers and the large profit
comes In only once or twice yearly. These
retailer* are swinging away at every customer
with unadverttsed goods and missing big profits
-because their volume of sales is small. While
wise retailers handle only brands with big turnover and keep registers busy ringing up profits.
It all comes down to this: A leading, well-
advertised brand with many turnovers and a
fair-sited profit on each turn Is many times
more profitable than the big mark-up kind with
n single turnover. m
Three out of the 8 to 17 brands of toilet
«oap carried by the average retailer are leaders.
These 3 bring In S5% of alt the toilet soap
trade. And turn over many times a year. They
are the big "bat" and never miss good profits.
The other 5 to U brands turn over once or
twice Their carrying-cost is tremendous. They
miss profits by a mile. Fire them! They're an
expense every  minute they remain on  your
Display and push the fast sellers. Palmolive ts one of them. It is the leader among
toilet soaps. It has the lowest carrying cost
and biggest turnover. in
Some National Advertisers Who Used
Poring the Past Year
Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Palmolive Company, Ltd.
California Packing Corporation.
Holbrooks. Ltd.
Hein* A Co.
International Business Machines Co. Ltd.. Toronto.
Canadian Toledo Scale Co. Ltd., Windsor.
National Cash Register Company. Toronto.
Caandian Postum Cereal Company. Toronto.
Kellogg Corn Flake Company, Toronto.
Royal Crown So«ps, Ltd.
Dominion Canners B. C. Ltd.
Borden Company Ltd.
Fleischmann Company.
P. Burns A Company.
W. Clark, Ltd., Montreal.
E. B. Eddy Company.
Carnation Milk Products Co, Ltd.
E. W. Gillett Co. Ltd.
Beech-Nut Company o fCanada. Ltd.   Hamilton.
Swift Canadian Company, Ltd.
McCormick Manufacturing Co.
Lake of the Woods Milling Co.. Ltd.. Montreal.
Connors Bros.. Black's Harbour, N. B.
N, K. Fairbank Company.
Hedley Shaw Milling Company.
A. Macdonald A Co., Ltd.
Tuck & Lightfoot, Ltd.
Canada Starch Co., Ltd.
Thos. Davidson Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Canada Colors A Chemicals, Ltd., Toronto.
Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Meakins A Sons, Hamilton.
Dominion Oilcloth A Linoleum Co.. Ltd., Montreal.
Brandram-Henderson, Ltd.
Martin-Senour Co., Ltd.
Beach Foundry Company. Ottawa.
Minard's Liniment Company.
Canadian Paint, Oil & Varnish Manufacturer*' Ann,
Dominion Cartridge Company.
Marshall Wells B. C, Ltd.
Peerless Underwear, Hamilton.
Chipman Holton Knitting Company, Hamilton.
Monarch Knitting Company, Ltd.. Dunnville. Ont.
Circle Bar Knitting Company, Kincardine, Ont.
Atlantic Underwear, Ltd.. Moncton, N. B.
■C, Turnbull Company, Ltd., Gait, Ont.
penmans. Ltd., Paris.
continental Paper Products, Ltd., Ottawa
Interlake Tissue Mille.
J. C. Wilson, Ltd.
Woods Manufacturing Co.. Ltd.. Winnipeg
Northwestern Mutual Fire In,. Co., Hamilton.
The Recognized Medium for
covering British Columbia,
Alberta and the Yukon
^J Suggest-
Canadian Boiled Dinner
tu   v-:;.    - uttttttu'f"*   «H»>  m&%   tmi   «*afr   to   h
i    j.r. p
trrgftaiitea and -vales Iai
?m Vm?-**   requires! la tpn^ttet; s (P*od boil
* *■* ,vV w$* laKIr »lt*fe
Uu- <'*Urk <li*h i* V.*-^ ,- a,2-$4      %\*ny  » :•-.
v*  afford  tin   afifMirtttttilf   £«r  iHe  (Tari
Kit  '   m la belp ***«{ to larfe? titles Ufd
EaUbttabitt-raUi at Montreal P   Q. Si   lust,
P Q. and Harnm, Dat
A Quality Product!
IDr rtSSSCfOTiB   1^
Whole wntat
a JAiu nxKM mom
* Dr. Middleton's food Products
Companj Limit. <i
Viuii*ouv-r, H r JI
Store Neighbours
Hy ||. k Simpson
K\m when one** Itorr neighbora art competitors,
there  ran  Ik*  shown  toward  them   a  sportsmanlike,
ighborij spirit   Nrighborlloem and store profit mak-
„* don't BeccsMrlly conflict
Thi* recently happened in n ombtstft community.
The openifig day was heralded t f a bsei store of a
Mii national chain    Never n tnd it* name, but
.-ry  r-»a«l»r of thi* ia familiar  *ith sin *fi«t.t«>uiititn$?
*rowth thr pa*t eight year*    A neighbor {SMS oi that
iuly utotaltx termed "Independent,*1 and sotnettNtfi
pitied, though they wed m*t oe), ran thr mse mil ol
lih atOf*   Wi 11 rail him Hharpaeek    When thr news
spread among hi* twishl******** tl*y lympttthised with.
Hied or "rassedM Sharpmek   Neeaf before had bo
ttj resJ rofnpctttlott, they ssld lf«>%* would h«* take the
i n eondHmO of affair*?
Sharpocrk. it ran be stale i With '"inside*' SttU&Ott"
■a\. tint SOUK) puwiing h*f •*rl£     This, SNSI what he
rrieed at, and evvc»tt*r«|.. .*  bis? page advertisement
rrleotsittg thr chain U* thi   community with eompli-
taeniae? atfaskHM t« thr i«i*aa known to dominate the
hai&'a f«A5ns|rr» followed b* thr. "independent" store*!
*#arn *preial*  for thr  Sat irday,  whirh wai o|»rning
ia; for the chain   And t iff srew sesae special*'   <>f
ix \lttm al«m«* ■riling ittftftti 8 dollar, 1,600 were sold
H.tt Sat order!
"tht  community on "opening day" wai* convine-
V **h»wn that the neighbor* Op thr atrcet had 00
* iff un thr howrjown BtOlt
TW unusual wcle»»ming sd-r-ertbemenl  found its
i   > to th* chain headquarter* and a high official tWSt
neighborly" letter of acknowledgment    Tlo writer
•I ihb read that letter*
In contrast to thi* Indent, I think ol one between
>w« neighbors in widely separated! trades M«rrhaut
\>< l Peterson, opened packing boxes im entes on
\k Mill walk in front of hi* store at in thr center Ot
*v Root within   Rs swept hi* store to th* *idewalk.
I hen  %**«j*t   the Mdrwrdk  to  thr  *tre« ?  gutter     His
M*fhl»«*r, Merchant No  2. Hnrhank, opened boxes in
ta basement   Peterson *oid nearly wholly to sldowslk
Iraflk    Hnrhauk had much automobile trad*    hi* best.
oat desirable customer*
Now, in the litter which l\len*on iwept Ittto th'
fx,t\   ihin  wa* an ocea*ional   nail   and   thr   plot
i sickens I
11 may have happened morr than oner    Hurbank
deatans m    An automobile pulling up to the curb in
front <>f HurbankV picked Op a nail    Hurbank th*
lares it happrncd levefsJ timr*, and hi* BOto tradr.
settlnf aequaintcd with the ponetttre danner, began
" drop off
M any rate, he stepped into Peterson*a and
'bowled him out " Peterson talkrtl bark about Hur
Hiik\ laxity in charing   thr   walk   j»rtiii>j»tly   after
ooi stoma,  The Interview ended with both fighting
Next day an officrr eallrd around to Investigate the
"nil Mtnatiun    Itnrbank wanted n proj*<;eution.   None
►vaulted, but PHeraon wa* waived i<> be rarrful with
Ma nail*
Now, when Peterson and Burbsnk pass each other,
tiny don't vyssk*
All human enough, and typical enough, but neighborhood relations on a tow plane. And how regret-
abb | No man lfker meeting with his neighbor who ia
not vocal. Ho merchant but enjoys life more if he haa
a friend in the store beside him, and he is quite apt to
make morr money under sueh conditions.
Sharjmeek's attitude was the right one. It isu'i
entiuiih -for s merchant to learn how to get along happily with hi* customers. He should also learn how to
get along with hi* neighbors of the retail community.
Thr rule is simple, laid down years ago.
If yon would have good neighbors, be one!
Mrrrhants are better neighbors than they used to
l« at least, it appears that way to the writer. One
ot the most int* resting luncheon clubs I was ever told
alnuit. illustrate a spirit which is in growing evidence One of (he members, a dealer in a suburb of a
fairly large rj.v, described it.
I OSSd t» jump a downtown ear and take lunch
at the Algonquin Tea Room,n he said, "but I have
something ?i great deal better now*, The bunch of us
around this corner have lunch at a private home up the
Street, We*te the only guests, we eat there every
day in tin busim**- week. Proceedings are as informal
as anyone could ask for them to be. We tell fish stor-
ic* or we swap credit information. We have hatched
there a doxen schemes for bidding up the North Side
Let me tell you, the business men of this part of
thr town are a bunch of mighty good scouts.
When merchants have the neighborly spirit, genuine desire j.nd determination to be a good neighbor,
it ifl surprising how many ways they find to co-operate.
\tlvertising is an important one. A small retail community ha I 00 advertising medium, yet stores in the
nearby city constantly advertised to local people, and
pulled local trade, as a byproduct of their regular
city newspaper advertising, in dailies whieh covered
the small district without a home newspaper.
Store neghbors of a few years ago did not handle
such problems, but present-day neighbors are learning
to do so.
In the instance quoted, one retailer took the initiate«. going to neighbors up and down the street with
I proposal Kach week all the stores would eo-operate
mu\ get out a big handbill. It would be distributed
Friday for Saturday trading. Kach store would offer
"special*" as attractive as any advertised by the competing city stores. The handbill would be distributed
to every home in the community.
The merchants grabbed the idea. Immediately it
was launched it was highly successful, and it is still in
n*e. This same group of merchants has used a Saturday night band with success. Divided among all the
merchants the cost was not prohibitive, and thc music
dhl draw people.
Short check artists cause the merchant* of the
country enormous losses. A neighborly plan is used
to check these in one city.   Merchants are divided
If 12
Chloride of Lime
16 oz. Package
Supplied by all -wholesale grocers
In British Columbia
Manufactured by
Toronto Winnipeg Vaneouvtr
against variation In
quality. Stick, to th*
products whoa* quality Is uniformly High
grade* with nstvtsr a
bad lotjo injure
your  store's
^TI^^   reputation,
[\\UM   And lose your
a* t-
m        .
E   W   Gil L E T T  CO MP A N V  t I Ml T t 0
The following ,„ priM, qu((ttd fof
XT-iir^r *» -• —
Royal Yeaat— r«*r case
3 doz. pkg*. in ease ! 10
Pure Flake Lye—
4 dot. In case   MS
5 cases     , r» U
10 cages, 4 doz, in case X |Q
Magic Baking Powder—
4 os. 4 doz  ;, v;,
6 os. 4 doz  ..       7,7|
8 os.  4 doz [i 2f,
It oz. 4 doz     )2 tt
5% 5 case tots.
Magic Soda. Case No.  1—
l case (60 l-tb. packages) 5.J0
5 eases or more  f, <■*-,
Bl-Carbonate of Soda—
112 tb. kegs, per keg  |*jo
400 lb. barrels, per barrel 2 is*.
Caustic Soda (Granulated)— p(| tb
JO tb. canister (100 lbs In mn*')  jju
100  lbs.   iron  drums          32'4
Cream of Tartar— IVr doz
% tb, paper pkg«. (4 doz. in rs*.*-) ir,
Vj lb. paper pkg». (4 doz. In Case)...J.80
4 tb. cans with screw covers (4 doz.
In case)   3.60
1 Ib. cans screw covers  (3 doz. In
case)    625
5 tb
•quart eaatetsf-s   u <-***,<•
sat) »  **v«
i .»»**
■* II ■ ..*,..-.
•* ji> wood*
'•*" ;?   Ha«d k»
SH   Rl     '.A.. A.   >B„
Nabob  Produ* te
Al!«t*t'->,  N"   I.  ttM  •#(*
Baking Powte*, <* II m . ton
Hakinx  Powder,   4*   11   Ml
Hakin-**-*  rowd***.   H  *■•»«.  tOf
I?;ikiiig  Roda.  *£'•  It.   w
fkikinx Soda, 34  H», "*••*
Borax,  ',*, d«-t
Hla'k   Pepptf,   Hn».   iM
OU-ry  Bait  ftMfc  tfOS
Nabob Coffee, *n*»nll tin* each
Coffee, la fl*.
Coffee, Is tt>
Custard Powder, dos
Quick Tapioca. ii'»».
-"ticn-olal**   I'uddinf.   do*
chili Powder, smatl, d"*
Clntuuson, *■ on tin*. -i>»»
Cayenne Pepper, 2 tins. Out
Cloves-, Kinir-.il, dot,
Ctirry I'owder, 4 *>t   Kli»«». d*M
'Jinffcr,   Kiiiitll,   doi
Jixtrm t« lixn-xA vaMlla*- 2 OS   faff
Kxtract* (except vanilla) 4 M   d<-*
Extracts (except vanilla i * ot d*>r
*•.*«.■*#*#  (aaxttpl  t'asutfef.
i n
* n
n 10
I h
i •■*•
i •***»
t oo
I m
l *w
i ii
> n
i *.**
1 40
* **-**{*-* r*»»•»•**<•*. j oo,
* **«»::-*  *****».?»,■•«    «   ■,
"antita ir.ifff**-*!   i M
*v*fet% ftirtrutt   :-,d . |
N ItXMfi   * • |      :  ,
I I    »m«K    *   |
''*•■*■'■/ v*^   i um   im
'"r-7     l'-c-wft4f      ***f»      «*«     -y
Tfcjn'   r *Mtrf|   ,.,,»   ,v,t
;( * m iplea   <v.»   \»   j
H*f>nr»M     Mini.    !<%»•!« v
Wu-M   Ac^    u,   ^
Hhi'» t'tpMr.  ||M   ^^
« *#f«t «-n   j m  ,|,,.#
•J Mfftot «»t:   | ,,t   ^^
J^wll   '-■'  »■*    J   m    4«S
Magi  «• lMK«t»u    «•»•   flak.   U-»»«-
"•Mtift,   Wh*,!,    Ahno«v4    o*f»fvfei    S. »
Itay t-,-*».j*,.   ,v,t
^*»v ostnSn fAstms**?, &«*
Kttn^i, bi in
HtttU-fti    h».   .f,„#
tfiMCattd, \» &>t
J'». Qf*MJ, LrAlNll,  1*,  pm  IS
}* ft'., pe«*ttjig«.«
_T*«. •!•• Una, Afttrttomi, j tt»
Tad id Lttttft. *ut«tnw»M H« »>*t »'-
Yteggtp,   (tog 4
7 AlUS ut  JW-iclJ.  i inb  with  it  badef      .\t   t||i*   h«a«l
iti k 9 eafitlta    The tfi-HUin! ft bid I'hi-fk beeot&es
,u»   th*   affected un*r«hiint   photo s all particular*
•m   i .tj»t«in     The «si|itniii photti% all team leaders
•... in turn, notify th*- ntemhen of their several team*
I   )ig.tltn< ill tneretwwiii ftw on tbeif guard against
i, check erbalnal    Ht*» awwil b facilitated* ami fur-
•■ ImfirM^i ar*   stopped.
[*h<   noril ©I Om* retail credit liaoeieUon rapidly
..!,;.,.% iiiorv «*ftl«"i« i>t a* at ofr* *"«■*}»ij* in" information
I fa  jfulk«kt eXtCUl
Humor in tome ittuaUon*
N» !sH-rrhan*li**ini* cMf-^irreiiee, perlmpi, bo quickly
I (•ntHnjdftitieftttjc "gets*' • eotmlfy poblk a* the
-, I.,. i if Ji- of two tjompetitors on opposite (does of toe
• *   pi rompctinfg from mtwt to h<»ur on i Riven Item
price RoittK »i**wnv down to ttftBeitrd«o! depths    I
tyed Into i eountrj town trhefc tins wss occuring
; %j«« »-ijl.At«-t| nit thr lack *»( business ieme of th»*
; Mj»ri«'!»>r«   until I i«t«-r*ilewed on* of tbem QetUnpE
him wa* difficult   iHi  atom  **■»«*» packed    "Stop
for nuppee,*' Im  laid, h be eaeused himself,
|*Vf  g«»l to cist  two »* fit* «f£ that  <jtji«tation "    ni
POW StS a wink
J pond red llw wink, until the light camr    At
oper if proved ftB 1 bi\>l gu|niIm d       it*! ftt&t a way
■V. rtbluy '   ♦"ipUm«-.| out hxr*i      lW< "-"'H l«e
lt*rtn »i  eti! a* a I****,*, l«-nt w«- make it up on other
■  ,■.     Ths*.  ** ill bi  out  biggtcatl dajf'a bttiincas tu
* ra! ttiontbi  and 00 OfM  »Ir**^"%*- to th**-*- eitf lo trade
I    i stopped at nome^,
l tn %, r have 4t*#*ti**<M*«f ih«* matief with the stow
MD |bi   %!rrrt, hut I ttoatfinc be !'i$?urv*% I1*?1*' M 1 U©.
i'V  ,i  Mirce%**~ul  way   to huihl  tnoje   iu the  foU«tr>.
mt)i m.u don*J find ll -wftlten up"
! ; *.'V rather a n»»*«l way of Iwinj,* *good n-fignbow!
i     ii |inn this «It•*«**«*•**»»'tn lo h elooe, 1 innf lo cn«
Itrnlion !.» 4  ml*   ii*.« ntMHo-t] *r-arl»* r       U you WOQld
m bfooU ncittbbors, be one!"  KotbSnf It wrer tbin
"■ utlii   **. B^nfeeiiilion ol tbe *nei*fbbor -irbo ,*l<»«',»!s I
' '  * th< otloT man to HlOV-6 fiwrt
•*"in< o*.««u?!j* ago in a w«'-*trru «*itv B no-rchaut who
b *v«h'npu*uou,**tv Kood npinbiior f«»r jrenw ,*'i''•,,*
■  pletelj burned out    Instant); bUi *ix eompetltow
iilttallv f*.*n«l»Tr*{ htm thr UK! o! llwll ftllUtleil nn«l
stori    '*We'll fiu*l rooni Pol yotiV th«y ^t*!      hill
OrdetH  ir-otn  our  niook  jU*t   «* though  it   w«i*n*
-room   When yon're iu ftbsfM* «« U lettle up on th«v
mx nj v«»y reeordu
NVighboriy thlnipB llki tbti RUkbi pptail bniineiai
'    ttrhlk
V etofn ftrm proven w\s,l\y ol technical breaches of law.
FrOBPCUUOB   un4«-r   Ho-   DOtttuSOll   FafX   MftHlilli   U«'«ul*
i!   \tH *«» lutUfttted In Vtetorlii elt) poWei eowrt ppctnUy
'gainai lohn it Hrou Bnd Wltttea Ptddii ol lb* fl"'*1 o4 Beott
PrdPB     The   arr«iio«|   |.|« «rt«*«l  xulllv   tO  BOftO   U-rhnlral
**!)«•*, ,»f sj„, ja,  |g£ pg^j A ^,„, q| }:,»»   in lotrtt     It   W
I******* adit Qofdoti Ctmpbell »t"i"»rvtt tor Ho- proBPeoUon
1 W   P  Murthaai for UtP dgfened
Th* pltHUCUttep rlmre«il Hint Ho- «l»fr*iot«nii Arm ha«l been
K-ailt) ol Bitea oottnti in Umt loiy« ll *** «***«*fi«*«i. kepi os?
rtaaatflao °$ms *%iHttm\ tor Bftle; #xpoitd Bftmi te #t*b* m IB
"nmarltPd *««»ir*; delleered nneiiadlwl ind oBgridwJ ifgt lo
■tllO Htn»| CtntdlrBB N«*»;»l BtUfTtCkl *hai bBftBI i'KK** fOf
;V (U   *bi\  ulij,   HKiihoHt   mnrklttg;   «liil   Bitty)   *«   lb*   R.CN
"!»rr(trk« tjsfffo tmproppHj   p«cklkl lit unsanitary <*«««*»•.  and
'bit ttippjj Qgp fo ll)r ,u-N>   B^rnrioki ihtt were, according
The world's most famous
baking powders
To the hou&cwives they mean purity,
trholesomenett and reliability.
To the dealer they mean satisfactory
profit, satisfying turnover and satisfied
rti^tomers.   It pay* lo carry them.
Made with cream of tartar,—no finer
baking jmwders can l>e produced. Order
from your wholesaler.
Made in Canada
to tlo- Act, "unfit tor human food"
Tlo- «M«'tui»ni* plcaiVnt guilty to a technical breach of
all Beets COttBtf, arKing. bOWtVtMT, that the seven aro»o out
nt MM tfSBSMttOB
For Ute prMeCBUott, William Ha*ft»*r. inspector under
!h«- Art. *U!*hI that h»* had visited the premises of defendant ftim to Elv»« Instruction in th»» operation of the sctanderds
*sei b> Oi*' sol
Wiint-ss said bv w»nt to tlo* Royal Canadian Naval Bat*-
Mi*k» and tlor«* found fifty odd dOSSB ckijs supplied by de*
fetMlaBl firm In this lot be picKwl out about two doten egjts
with Mood ipOtS, which h«- said, were unfit for human use.
The   essetl w«-r in a dirt> condition with newspaper and straw
Btammiot up for the defence   Mr  Marchant held thatThe
hr»srhes w.n- nor«l> technical ones, against the terms of
an Art that had onlv just found itself, and in which the public had not yet begun to co-operate with the dealer. It took
thv cooperation of farmer, dealer and consumer to keep within lhe bounds of tlo- Act Farmers were impatient for their
moot? and -aould not wait until their produce had been
ETSded. COndled and "what notted"
The defendant firm had tried Us best to live up to the
letter ind spirit of the Act. but without the cooperation of
the Humeri this •»'».■•• Impossible. He would submit with particular refereaee 10 the charge of supplying eggs unfit for
httBtSB fmul that these eggs were not really so, but were
eggs with blood spots, such as In former days everyone had
Ml ten without notice or complaint. There had been no complaint In tl»i-4 case from the Navy Yard.
In oloslnjt, Mr Marchant said there was at most a technical breach, freely admitted, and a light fine would satisfy
the law
Mr Davey urged lhat defendant firm had disobeyed the
ln*» in this regard. That despite frequent visits from the Inspector It had failed to live up to the Act. That lhe eggs In
question were not only supplied to the Navy, bul had been
exposed for general sale.    This was denied by the defence.
Magistrate Jay Imposed a fine of $80 on defendants on the
count of supplvlng eggi technlcallv unfit for human food,
and » fine of $5 on each of the other six counts, making a
total of $r>n.
Witnesses called by the Crown ffom the Navy Yard were
not heard I
^,r  tak
"RAVEN" Manilla
"GARRY" Light Kraft
"RUPERT "WeacyK^
Brands of Paper Bags
Represents the best in
Sey. 7868
163 Water St.
Agents for B. C.
Woods Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Shelley's 4X
Xmas Cakes
and Puddings
Vow Ib th*- tmWS !*> fcwt post
e«%!omrf*-*   plate   tht it   order*
Utt       >\W,\.\JS%       IX        mmmsSS
Cakes and Row FNtddinfnt itttt
riteitsivi    advertkdnjg   poUcj
'* moit*"*.    MnM    14.**) M    wfc$f*k
means   tn^rr4*ct.j   prttftu   v*--
v ■« >t
Wt could not  improve tht t*yrup M  WS hl«l
""P'ovtd th« csfitsintr.
Kelly Confection Co. Ltd.
11» Milol.nd St
i«-,»»oinooA tests pnspt If)
•-M«U>in"t SooV   Ptt>4ut\o
i  owyssI <st  Viaosat)
.J   I   (M   ft ft*,    .   XMU..V. '; in., i m       t* ***       ! •*
I i p| pst isa   I H
ti sj as Ota Sn   J Bl
,;:'.,* p*t   d***     > If
: |« j1*? 4*»f.  t* n
i klAf BsdB
| i   rt».   MSS SH ■***■"* **»
poi ii   ii
M I Ol
Sto 11 • "eoat Psfftt)
: tO I m
■r*!T-,   «:•;   *T«H*f    »*»%    p'*»#>
j  i   ..■!    ■ in* p*>* QM      t Ji
: *   .-'»   ftSS I** ASS      3. *:*
;  *.s   tin* .. |«;«- 4*»#.      % ■«*'?
«',*j-,t  tv »•*!«*
t> ■•».   «?•**•* ft* *«#*r *aSS    5 ***
| ot   ttJtm 9*0 SM     I BB
pant   4**0. **»
JW»l    51 I  **»
■ i<*. •'-■.     4,*H«   .'{    i   *«#     rim**
n.;,: *-.*   *    : I   t f. t   ft »*•
II  |   ■*-*•
I   • *
.'y tot .*.'••
13   J   Ml   MS
ti * os ats
'..ft  !
' I   I   OS     fa.ua
pst ass      -$•
All oth»*
VOStttB      ItsSSffS
ft** sjoa   I *** i w
|Mf 'Aw*.     MS n't
•*-**•># *».#   It *«•# * #»
j,«..* ,»>,,,* ;:.- s» m
gmt 4t*0,   S* *• 1* N
BM las   I **•'
. .   {>«<f its t M
$*#.» ass
!t '52  Bl    }af*
I* to  tin*
ll/to   Un*  .«»_«
j«»f Posd-m tan tuvort)
11 t oa.
t.#«»»h*»4*»   I'owder;
ll *) si ttai
11 I c*g  rtna
M -attar 4
sj li ass
li l« on  Us.»
H/ti Un
:: '*• tt&S
Spt-oMi *nd tt*i**ic»fiifi*»
AU«t^l"»  11 I  um
CftBSSNSSS   It/I   51}***
CUsso *J j Oss
**uttf   f^QttSw   ll  | ?!?>*
can  i*'"» loi
CMafif is i ass
Ha***  II l tin*
Msijsissi n 4 Hss   ■
*t'M   ;il  *£hM
Usttsss •>* '* ttai
PSdSfel  IS/I tSSS .
PStllOl  tt 1 OM
i'rtif.   MttSMl,   t« 1  Un»
Nssas. Miskt '3 i issss
t-^SeeSfi   SI j ■#«**•»   Si |   tint
PiSfSSi   *?«{.*,.   33 |  on*
iviis-mf  tpSeq u-.-s
!V.*it*-»   I•.•■-*•**,n*t  IS 3  tsn*
H Up
H.i j*.
ifiimtu} IS
•.: p. »
i   11 m
tS/t    '■ A'.«
H 2   lltta
ssi ■«   U
IB******    13   ■
ff fs*
t>«*r <tot
p«f rtoi
ji**r d<»*.
Sor dos
l>«r dot
p«r IsS
$»«r fat.
V*t dog.
t>»r tkit
pat tti
p*r dOS
PN  dot.
J«wr dos
pit  d*t)t.
ir*f di^t.
BOS 4«*
IMT   4r-»i
t*-pf «l«t
pn d*o«
por das
pif 800
ptf dt*.
psr dot
pmt dOS
pSf  dot
t«-r  dOS
!-**» dos
pot dos
!-. r dos
pi dos
poi doc
jwr il.it
poi doi
pst dos
POI  ■!"«
: 4o
S ¥i
1 !0
1 10
I 34
1 ««;
I to
! 4«»
1 U
t II
1 <0
; ii
i il
t u
I to
l to
i n
4   '*V
t N
j H
*.   *■*:.
Whnlo rtcktinf 13 ctnt .
Otiory Salt, taper tota. ..
Curry Powder, taper tx>t».
—por dos    .SO
-per dot.     ISO
...per dot.    1.7-i
100/la   ....
«/M»» .
30/la and
13 rU
 - pertb . .11
 per tb. .17
20/Via lUMorted  pertb M
  per tb. .11
34 qt»,    .
12/4 litho Una    .
ASOorted  12/4  tin* 	
Apricot 12/4 tin*	
Htork  furrant  12/4  tins
Qooooborty 12/4 tins ..„..
Lofanborry 12/4 u»n 	
lUs»j»l»,-rr>    12-4   tin*
per dot.   2.40
per dot.   I 40
per dot.
..per dot.
per dot.
per dot.
per dot.
Sftamrock Producta.
\>r»hirp rotted *hould,T» per tb 17
Ita-ron,  Sh«mro<-h,  0-8,  per lb    ., 38
ttaked ham. with dre»*in*f. per Tb.... .40
«*r*&m*ry   Hutter.   Hhntnrock,  cartons   .42
• To.**---.,  i'uruidisin.   Urge,  t>er tb     .'IS
<*h,Mi-!u-\ Canadian, twin, per lb 22Va
I '(-impound, t'arroitJon. No. 4. 12-case lw 14
OOBqMWnd, i"afnation No. 2. BS-SSSS 1020
Cortdtod lu»m*» HHamr<H-k. per tb.„-„._...   .28
I vuninlfin   hunui,   12-t6n'!i      .      — 2S
DomiokM t»rt*ct»n.   8-10 tt»-*-   per tt» TS
l».mOnk»n hweon. 10-H tt>a.  per It*  .  .    27
Domtntoa ihOUldorSi  IWBod and rolled   .IS
(ConUsttod on p»^e IS)
THROUGH    newspapers
from coast to coast we're telling thousands of housewives
to say "McCormick's Biscuits."
Year after year we've hammered
home the reminder of McCormick's quality and this year we're
at it again stronger than ever.
Sales of McCormick's Biscuits hy
name are steadily increasing.
Let's keep them that way.
McCormick'0 products well displayed
Bring in big profits and new
Brsnchei: Monlresl. Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kmgolon. Port Arthur. Winnipeg. Calgary, Edmonton,
Vancouver. Halifax. St. John. N.B. 16 i
(Continvifd from pftfG Vo)
Dripping, beef, Mb brick***
Hams, Shamrock, pot lb
Hams, boned and rolled, per tl*
Head Cheese,  5-lt>.  tins,  each
Jellied tongue, per tin	
Lord) No. 3, 1-2 ti» eooe
Lard, No. 3. 20 to COM
Lard, carton, 15-tt's
Lard, No.  1, cnrtons.  H>tbl
Mincemeat, kits, 26-lt', net. per Tb
Meat Loaf, per ltv	
Pork Pies, per doi	
Pork, roast legs, with droning, th
Smoked fish, kippers. 20s per It)
Smoked fish, kippered salmon, Uw
and 20s, per tt) 	
Bmoked Cod,  30s per !b
Selected fowl, per lt>
Selected Chicken, per lb
i M
4 M
Vineouvar   Prlco   Utt-F.O.B.   Vancoi/vei*.
er Naw Wtatmlnatar.
Tar-ma Natt 30 Daya.
"Apex" Soap Flakes. 24 1 lb pkts. box 4 Vt
"Apex" Soap Flakes. 12 1 tb pkts, box Ltd
A La Francaise Caatile, box of 15 iM
Blue Mottled, box of 20  - i.V>
(""Town Oatmeal, 24 6». box of 144 „   .... 4 IS
Climax or Montreal (wrapped)  box  25  •*.'.«>
English Blue kottled, box of 20     ... J.SJ
Golden West, 5s box of 120s t II
Golden West Powder, 3 lb. bux of 24 . I.SO
Golden Bar, box of 30  2 55
Klondyke  (wrapped)   box of 2& ,  |.M
Klondyke (unwrapped) box of 25        . S ■»'»
Unen  (SSSffSSfSt)   -OS!  Bl   IH * **
Liquid Ammonia. 2 fat   «!«»   b»>x of H  *-II
li.psid l-Su*. 3 fat, q«»  bSS Si M *i#
Mrvhanu-'a   PbM  Tar.   BBS  Sf  IH  ■
kfeefetak * MSS Tar,  bo*  Sf M
OUtO CSltflOi BSkH   BOB If ■)**♦
ItimnnH*-   iWfUMHrd'    ■»'**   «f   3*
t!xtra  UnJ  SUfWfSSSld,  tM   ll M
I'erf-M  (SSSISSPSl)  "■»»* *«" I**
Wrti* f«r To4i*t oo4 Ratal t-kaap*
Sp^-sal f»n.-** OS •>.  H   N MMl t*0
Pendray'a Ly*. b»i •*•" tt
■Tosdesy*! Powawid a
S incial prr »'*■** on  i, 1
Pen-dray's   Water  G»»t    tfo   PfSNfSff^"
'"a*** 24 Um f-*t com
v.ni OtttotOt Ns o Bi
itoyal  |«aun*.try  KU **■•*-*.   Mm   in  b»r»»
(Ssoofsl prtot os sssOssil
Ut*yal Crown i-Wp la ',*t»
Hoyal   <"•;■>» n   Jv.w <*.••',   u»a   54«
R..yai Qnsra Powdw, I tb m *** u
HojaI «'r...*:,   OMnw,   it  aider   '■'*.*
fioyal Qmi  ;,;. |   u>% ot St
Royal Crown N*p!U t».« ,-.*•> ; *.,
Royal (Wn iVw'•*■■,>*a   *, nm; nt
Whst* Woottrr, tag ot *M
Whu* Bvp-sa SosSi 5* u*»» »* 12*
White Htnfi Nipsfu.  Om q| j«
Wldto Bints WsjiWm i*<j*4
twx <>< it   .
mm 1  t*»i H I4H
■ Bad lm
< 4r
t ♦-".
ft Hi
I Ji
5 a
Laundry %t*tx*ao-~
Klero Glycerine, box of 144. {,*,;        Guiadl  Whit' Qkm%   Utt
ft Bss
•I «
A<tt»* Wfe»t# itkmm.  t'ttt pkn*
No 4 Vassal Ma*fc sags
|:«|*«s»n*|»»»ttff   nitttai  i}hmo^  \,fh  pOgt
|>.tw*r-4«fc«<»s    StN'-af    «Sk»«t    t t
"#*!»-y  u«   -r-afti-atce-t.   H ft,*
M«ir4ibii'f   **»»*«*   <«k*#«  4 i  dt%v
m Ssasa iwi
ti*H**tia*-.t<i*.«m''t    IM****    *»k>*#,    {#•?.. a
-fat)*     .."*•«?
CM8s-*»»-'*y  a***«'*#o—
|4#«!it».«k   a      OS*1!!******!      t't*f*|l*»4      *',;v-
♦* 1 ft*  |m t «.*.  pmt  tt
CiiSasa OBta HBsai H a> aaassi n
IB   a
n^toM^o* *'mn Utaita ts%**M lasoo
•J»*#  tt*>.
Caass t^naia Ussb •»* St ottsts a
Usssii o*»™«
■"" 0*
Sam Sf*»*♦••*•
* ■ . » a   *l<*i.   J'i  t » r ■.-.j;*
.;,.*    : j   !..*!  n -»aw
!'*t    J   ■ .-   * -aaa*
lm.   Jit •' -- * «*
W.    t J   '      ox •#■*
tOA  I IS •::'***
k i»«   ,i»  ; l 11 s ioa
I*    -. ;   I a  * MM
; «     <{    *....     'tat*
* ■
tt a
I    1^
« "
Commission brokers triumphed o?er the WlMlsssJl OfBd-
ers after a most interesting golf contest at Um Shaujth: <
Heights Club October 30 last. The competition wa* so ciosn-
that the result vas in doubt until the la«t pair arrival at lhe
a^Khteenth green when it was found the Urok*-r» had a on*
lint advantage through winning an extra game.
Four-ball foursomes were played with eight tOStdiSB deciding the outcome and the Grocers were d*-f«-ated in four
games and one match was halved. Despite th«- rain and the
wind Charlie McDonald succeeded in getting ever>bodj away
in good time. The participants entertained at dinner at do-
clubhouse after the match.
Braid's Best Tea
The Outstanding Success
in Western Package
Om. Brai*J A Ca., U^ Vascaam. B.C.
>\u % us r
E. Stark 	
Geo. Markle
J. A. Cram	
T. Stark
M. Oppenheimer 	
D. Jones
P. Sterling %
C. Crawford
A. Marshall
L. Jarvls	
P. G. Evans
Abe Givin	
A. Stewart
H. A damn .
Chas, Btsirsrt
T. Wyndiiatn
J. Hose
P.  Malkin  	
J. Foster
P. R. Stewart
T. Wliitfonib
Roy Mcintosh ..
W. E. 0. Jones
F. Kelly 	
H. Klrkland
J- a. Thotnpioij
An Aid to Sales
ekL 1 JUS ,fm*':>il*''oiK a tan  for  br»»»«  onA S0*Ot
ZJZ ll* f bq,Wr» "? oif-stih. aad aa Aid «>
•or. V!'o\%,uT* V(mi>^  l*  *****  ^  "® "
JJjl taaltH rood will bring >0„ nu,tr otul Wtut t*U
vour ordet uaiai BMaai nan Baka for Qm (utm*
The FleUchmaim Company
Kvrrt where there  ««*«   indication-* that conditions
fgvm th«- Fftafl iit«*t*'hfflr*t
Slow placing by thr trade ba* reunited in aecumu*
';„,!; »**•' stottia tn th«* bands af naa^nufacttteefi, which
-:..>, iff u&tursllj enxiowi lo lkjuldate Prices arc for
iij, it mo twloa holding b»w Cottons and ttoolletta are
nwviin in an itwataMi market, with advaue*--* forecast,
.....\ t? *»'*.»«I*l appear liwelj advice; ta eover ordinary
.*•.: .nts nou
rh*- liitra market Is th*-»«!*•■■»H) unsteady, nMuited
.■..■:; bfiMtiti «f*"*'«rr>4 during the pSJSt ftjtt month*.
j'..rttin»i!« h  I *"arti»«lj:'ait Stl cltl IH   In  fall ***hapr. OU ing
•.:-, | lam having been ma*h during i period of hm
,   ...-.4, (hes*  at* not yet exhausted    No**  i* a
 I ?in.«- ia b*ny,
] I...     RMNNtfs lo ta i dcHkled upward tendency
A ,..   .     Vi<»,4*     TIN!   market   tl RfWI-  and  buying
.   ji. .,,   ilu    |ff-ft*jJt    hre-tOOtl I ■ *    pCttllOUUCCd      ' ''*'''
* us*** Aa.»ut»i*  *'.< it Msttittitti }»is'r*** ma** iMvancc
Then  isofawi no IlkUhood al anj wdttflJan is*
-." Bp|r» wool fawn* *
Th* knitted goo*!* »»**.»rk«t ;* 'ddlng Hrm, and law
Spring underwent prices bu not mateeinll"j ««»*
inml a* yet itui tH«- pre-scnl atrotiai tendency •»( thr
w.h.I ntt4 cotton markets* losjcthet wt'** Increasing de«
sod tin  uneertaintj al  ***U»erican production,
•   tl to thi supposition iluif there »dl i* «n upward
.**. ■ •*-,,.?*. A downward lendene) la theae eonifiM&ait'
|t t"%
then k talk ol tht m i **dk fcbrieea la <)»«- spring,
'- n*M% i reduction ol nflecn pet real under loday'a
quotations   Tbeat  material* *w beeouiini decidedly
tmpulat ^«>r nmlergartnenta and bat*** become • ***t«p**"
it for melt teottii*,emeoti
Tb thi'UMiird vogue for knitted witarwaar oaa
tapflN namif-iciorrr-** i« .u.h« n w*«Ia^> ,,( «••»"•
NniH *«*tyI»% and «*fr«'«*i*«
Th.%. itra iwwilcr offarinpt aw moatiy of broah-ed
al  Ittd  Mint roc tb*   three-«|uarlcr clTcct
Th. thr.r quartfi eoat whlrk bai bwn piophcaiwl
for many months la Inalj eatabHanwl, **"•' is »»},{;i»n*
bh in inmiv imm«lions 90lontt|fl
Ow |.n ly model »■* ol broahed ilpa«a • ^JW]
lion af iadt |wtn «i»»*i «i'»!" Rbrt*a The thick
MM collar and rnffn nr* uh,«I nn trimminga, and tfo"
in i novel bar effect In tomato red th-o itripea tne in-
*»«!♦ eloaina at both ^i'l*** The oamer maj wear her
•■out Upoli lurne.t baek, Tux*?do faablon, if rfw no «i«"
4ran A tlouhU sirijt of th« nam« t©ia»«t4S ml ruiw
ihrottfh the ee,„iv „f the eolim and th« jmffa, ami
'•nmbtrtPB with jn.le wool to iiutkc n long «i»«li« wiw
laaaolitid endi ,,
Th, eoats that eomi ]*»•*« belon RngeMiP lenjrio
J"** Hinnrt. too,   They may he jmaluecl directly "»» »
knitting machine, hut a growing tendency seems to be
i» cat them from fulhtl knitted fahrie-lprefcrnbiy a
jfiequa rd.
On« thai is striking and ultra chic has a deep V
neck, outlined iu white and rust, and the entire body
of rust eolor is heavily brushed. Narrow white stripes
band the lower border, and the lonj?. ti-irht fitting
sleeves Somt? of the slijwins feature the round neek.
but whether round «»r V. the neckline is invarialdy
outlined in one or more stripes harmonizing with the
Tapestry Effect Introduced
A lapestry aff-eel is given to a group of imports
which havr coarse woollen yarns worked on a mesh
background. The upper sections are generally mono*
lotted, whth the lower ball shows large floral designs
it convenient patterns. The tan and brown tones are
combined In theae models, with the warm shades ot*
tan and rust Introduced.
This srasois. jersey knit slipons with tailored, man.
nfath collars an- favored, aa amplified here in plain
types with eon-straating hands marking the turn-over
iollar thi* cuffs and the hem border. There is no in-
dication of tbe waistline in this group.
f'ur trimmings are exploited t*«»r the Fall season.
utilised in tbe development of two-piece knitted suits.
where leopard, beaver, pahmi and mink dyed pelts are
•seen in short back collars, and oeeasiouaiiv in cuffs ami
borders, This mod,- i-*. said to have met with a decided
response durinjj the past weeks, with the short haired
j»»l?s in special favor.
Several fur trimmed knitted suits have been seen
recently,   lu tbe ensemble mode a beige model com-
blued 8 three-quarter coat with a one-pieee frock. Beige
dyed anulrvel termed the high choker collar and bord-
. red 'h,h h<*'!i of the dress.
Leather Trimmings Again.
laCather SCema to be playing an even more im-
poitant role in trimmings,   as   was   exemplified iu a
smart knitted suit observed on upper Fifth Avenue.
Kid *-»kin leather was used in the collar, cuffs and novel
liuekel fastening, which extended into a half belt In
lhe front
One of the Maarteat coata recently tailored from
hilled knitted brown an titan jacquard fabric was
liuiri*•*' tip length of almost military simplicity, its sole
trimming touch consisting of a wx^v brown leather
Even  the  rejrulatton  hip length sweaters have
taken 00 a new style and pattern; and they, too. revel
|U lhe luxury of brushed wools in eolor harmonies.
Three quarter  length   circular  capes  are  slipped
over sports costumes,   Three-quarter coata also are
said tO be In prominence.
Coat frocks of tweed with full length buttoned
front panels are sponsored, Fabrics of the kasha cr-
dor follow thin mode iu natural eolor,   Mannish vests
.No*.! fjihrf
I   ;
■I >
1 *lr*!:
*'l I
Monarch dealers report that Chriatmaa
hosiery selling is getting Kg^ ^
more proBtable every year-thanks, they
say, to color page advertisements of
Monarch-Knit Hosiery.
tlo v.. •■■."
-.1  .•■'.*;* o-<M f
« K-24
,,nd co I Ian* arc the only trimming note, md a bright
ilower bl usually worn on the left shoulder,
,b r%cy cloth jumjMIII in paste] colorings or beige
•aith horizontal stripe in contrasting color are favored
There bai been considerable talk among Canadian
manufacturers who bave Halted New York thi** month
ut tht sudden revival of the ****** piece combination gar-
no-tit It Is rtaM| s* result of the very illm, moulded
ailhouette of the pr-e^-ut season, which requires a mini*
HsUin of garments     Most Of the UCW garments of this
lypi have a (Sited waistline and a flare at the side of
---.. lower portion of tin** garment The front and back
I rv* UKUaUl  VeW  straight and the waistline lowered.
Bandeau Brassieres
Many smart shops are featurini the bandeau braa
si« r»- Models for evening wear are developed in heavy
.*•*.}■» dt Chine, ot radium silk %pd trimmed with laee
Tht little bfaaali res are of pouree, entirety without
hones   Bt ra pleas ot srhh Ihe nareowiid of it raps, they
hs-*,  els*tit at Ottff j**"inl Of .« not lor t«> tosun* Staving
»" pkee. <bie model noted has elastic run through the
top hem under the arms; another has elastic loops for
the buttons lhat run down one side, an elastic piece for
the hooks is sometimes introduced. Both side and baek
fastenings are offered. They are shown in pink with
orchid, white with flesh, coral with orchid and blaek
with cherry. Garters and step-ins are furnished to
The Basque Brassiere.
A novelty which may be of importance later in
the leaSOtt, is the basque brassiere which extends down
over the diaphragm and the waistline. New York
house** are also featuring the side hooking brassiere.
1 plifta are still a most important number in the smart
Straight  lines are emphasized with a slight bust
shaping, reinforcing tapes appear at the waistline and
elastic gussets are placed slightly to the baek on both
sides to giw diaphragm ami waistline control.
Italian silk Skinner's satin, striped sat in-finished
*ilk [eraey, fancy batistes in a multiplicity of lloral
geometric and Stripe*! patterns are the materials chiefly used.   There is a tendency toward the larger and
more showy patterns.
" Dress Well and Succeed."
Old Time Maxim Again to the Fore in Campaign to Promote Clothing Sales.
i fact thai no-it of the present day do aot place
-tnffietetti \aUie «»u their apparel bas been reeogniaed
!'„r several years past by thorns Interwdeed In the cloth*
n»s and men"* furnishing* trades     During thc past
Keore *»i ve-sr-% then bas been a truly tremendous in**
m im In tht numbei ol things that clamor (or a ware
at tht   consumer1! dollar, and it  t* but natural that
ot who bave painted tht It claims in the most attrae*
llvi manm-r have Urn most successful In scouring a
ihan of thhi dollar, while those that have been under
lbs Impression thai Mr Consumer could not get along
sdthout them have found that while their main conteit*
ibn was true thev ha*\e been educed oa lomewhal short
■ o
Tlo   family   purs,   hit** expanded during  th«  past
I went) years but lhe demands on thin purs,* bave ex*
panded at i still greai«r rat« and ■■*tt<r the , \p«ndi
lores for such things a* automobiles, radio, "ttwn Tour
intra Rome,11 ami amusements bavt been provided *,,r
there has been a dc^reaaed amount available for such
"•ssiti.s as clothing   and CVCU food
Previous Campaign*
Various means have been adopted In the paat to
"Wakm in non s greater aupreciatloa of Ihe value of
uood elothina    in thc Pulled States there ha^e been
•1   'lb-en*,Vp"   campaigns that   hav,   met   with
tarring sueeeai   These -were Inspired bv the success
! the "Paint rp" campaign sponsored by tin* paint
interest*, which has been in outstanding success    lu
"Mo localities th«* '°itr«%sTo" eatnoaigns have been
"ueeeusfal, that is to say  stores that featured the
DressTp" idea strongly throughout the season have
*pn"ed that they have havt done s better business
'ban would llhel) have boeit Ihe caai had the) no par-
•Mir idea on which to bang theli selling arguments
Another idea that has been tried oul »» order to In
duce man to place g greater value OU clothes has been
the uPride ol Industry" idea.   The argument here was
lhat it could not be expected that the public would
place a great deal of value on clothes, unless elnthiers
and haberdashers took a real pride in the industry in
whieh tlnv at* engaged aud showed this pride by always being well-dressed, as well as by having their
Stores always attractive and up-to-date in every particular, and by silling merchandise that would reflect
credit OU th m. "Pride of Industry" would also impel
the merchant to adopt business methods that would gain
the confidence of the public and inspire respect and appreciation for himself and his merehandise.
It would be very difficult to trace results from a
campaign of this nature, but it has been pointed out
thai the outstanding successes iu the clothing and hah-
erdashery business have been conspicuous examples of
merchants who take a proper pride in the business in
which Hoy are engaged.
This fall season the uDrea»TJpn idea is being approached from s new angle. In Canada a great many
of th«* leading clothing manufacturer*, and In the United States thc National Association of Ketail Clothiers
and Men's Furnishers are sponsoring a movement
whieh is deaerihed by the slogan that has been adopted
for it "Ibvss Well aud Succeed." This slogan is self-
l-Milaitatory. It adds the motive of self-interest to the
•"Pride in Appearance" idea that was behind all previous "Dress rp " campaigns. In fact it takes this
idea of self interest, which was a minor feature of previous "Dress l"p" campaigns, and makes it the dominant idea of the new campaign. In doing this it is following along the same lines pursued by the paint people The paint people said "PainU'p." but they also
said "Save the Surface and vou Save all."
The paint people have demonstrated thai -SO f&T us THK BRITISH COLUMBIA RETAILER
N-m* label
paint is concerned, the idea tha' it is real economy to
keep a building well painted, that it adds to its \alu.
and prolongs its life is a compelling motive in inducing
people to use more paint, thai it is just as strong an argument, or a stronger one. than is the appeal to "Paint-
Up" because bright new paint makes g building men
Your Part in the Campaign.
The "Dress Well and Succeed " campaign, therefore
is based entirely on the idea that the man who dretaces
well has a greater chance of succeeding than the man
who is careless about clot hes—t he well-dressed salesman is more likely to get a hearing lhan the man whose
clothing does not command respect. The teacher, the
preacher, the puhlie man. the business man. alt depend
for success on the respect in which they are held by
their fellow men. and one of the biggest factors in gaining respect is to be properly garbed on all occasions
The clothing manufacturers behind the movement in
Canada are offering prizes for the last window displays
shown by merchants this fall, ami the beat advertisements inserted by them in newspapers, in whieh the
"Dress Well and Succeed" idea is featured licrchanta
are urged to base their selling talk, to has*- th* tr adver-
tLsimr. around this idea, to feature il in all their pub-
lleitj ami to UU it H a mean* for breaking awav fitiih
lhe priee merehatnl»*»mg tha? has *l«ot«imi!r«| ?h.   •■
• *' *»* a
\-A fevrral seasons past
The mceeas al thk movement reals entirely i. ifo
bands of th* lodlvklual merchant    Por no matter wi
support thr\ ur* i*n-n by matittfaettHtCta Of tt,\-l
i» V the t«oVfluent esnnot «Uee«**,| unless th*- tmh-tsdo*!
BtCrehantS |r? I«himl v   .•  I fa-fttort- "  Utt-ma \\V !'; ;v •
SuvtAAtl'* in a in.ann.-r that  will implant th* |
firmly in tin minds of th»ir customers
In tht t sited States tht National Aaaoeiatloti   fib
tat! (lot hi* rs M\*l \|. to'* Fnrsiislor* t* gitmg '.lit
paignatrong supporl    In iuft i*. $* iwtr.u -*«*.»?,*,.-...
thai    \^oaia7-'.   .Vol   A\\  *7    -. v.'l'e,» *,f  'b*   A*,*}   :   \
are bring tum.-d m to pot H avtw la | kli Wai    !*•:■
iiaoeiation is supplying tt* v, -      t-* »*h>> .-».{--,,»•.,,
ttleas and dlspisv sdi-**-**   tnd .%*-* *K. «-»o ',,0*,,, ....
Uats latloi  ■ • Nl In Bi pti - U 1 H a ia n port | 1) • •*  ■
that tlfiie ! h»* ritiif*uil:*      I ,,..M .»**«>«« in     -        1, 1*
1     ' »:       *       *  -» r, I'   *'■   ■ - '' * *       ' '  '* *
nam net *».^* strodiij ff-fowii g
I hi   liewsisipers h$ •»■.*• l**»-*-i*i sto»"***. '■> I
*'''" 1 *:" 1 " •      :; B wtpport to tht* campaign ao*| t»,
is lik-'ty ths' tht* BtppOtl will -W    *
p,.j;|* r*s .u:<»j  *
Iti r,*
*.-!*.    !;    :-. m ;
•■-*■■«-        -   *-  *■!   l!     mm   s-.V'"  -!!■<    *»:.•*'   *       ■
newspaper* in f< ti . ■  ..    |e,,* -ftvt} snd Ko n V
The Position of Wool
Raw Material Prcdomiaate^Annual Production Um Prov.de ,8r AnnM, Co,™,,,*,,,
The November issue of "Commerce .Monthly.'" pub
lished by the National Bank of Commerce, Hes York,
contains an interesting summary of the wool market,
which we reproduce for the benefit ol our readers
"The recent extraordinary appreciation in tin-
value of raw wool both in the primary markets and the
chief manufacturing countries has directed attention to
thc situation underlying the advance. Continental,
Japanese and British buying has hem largely responsible for a situation in whieh thc raw material predominates.
• I r-r-raoning K-u*. pi v.
in curl) W* th.- plrll * *
oa pj m ••*. upriftj
lm th mand foi «<■*.! •  Iti
iMll   v» h« r»    ti       ! ,
Prices   iBoutt ' ;
August IH] wen
\ ih-     ■;.    us  g 11 1 *   ,«•■
llapseq    l '•■   a   *«,..... |j   ^ hxt
OUt   «io^»   tu  ilhttMMM   of stoi I
Hhifl  fio«   <t, laijH     -|« *n  I*,
thlftf   off   !hi**r   *in>>r*-
'For more than a yoar Hi,- United SUtea hai l„,„
unable-to operate to the in„,,;„i„,,, SSSth
domestic marlrM    Tl. manufactures 111 tht
Wfl»t above three ,,„,:„     ,      '' ';>'-;--
certain farsighted observers were  *,,, » f,,,,,
ftiture of suppHes beeau«^oTLrl^^V of ^
J«tion and signing wm 1 i T,",r°!*1,1 '"•',"
^ of wool garments in The F^ S°WeV<'' ,h'
IV Hndted and the w,,, t,!*-; :tn"^^^
almost without remark i„ the L*hl 1 ,,;,n p6m*
The end of the war found tKWAiU
ix.,-...  1 .,   ,. .'  m,,"<ni)e govenunents of tlresl
\|0*ll       i'0»        ||k.„     2 ,, |      C   ^WHH^^^^KiH^—
-. "'        t   '»Ot»M|  f|rtip|M-«t   prtipantiio!  itf-l
''V'^  ^'^dl. ni |«o, lK.   I nurd v4.„ i;0vrriii
^Mdai«| sn haportant pan 0! Its wool hut 1
iWtrtrd   S'urk*-*,   Ifl   llai ,
..., ■'' coumrj o« Jom   K)   1920 «•--*
!vUIS eiiiom 1 tuldi    Ini ■ill,,-  A|   -. .   * »,       tin 1
.. f'■ -»'*-■-.ong ,**»»,«mi .»,jii i«ilJhtj> non 1
'01 !h«   Siiui,  ,!.-.»    , ...
.,()t t . ,*'i' o«*sri) -Mw* niiii«,n pf»uiK|s ol 1
'     m tht bands or IMtbh authoritk^a    Th«
X, '     ^Nrhot the moat shOlful msrkellng
, in '" !i" formation in Januan   1921 -
„, ;,;;.:'."■■ f',"- ^wiht Mm ustutu.nw
,.    ; ''      '"' swat   1 Id   ki owt   to I hi  ImU    *
\      \   >    *   I tf       I a
of ihtn -, '    !''*^n« ! ■ ~'   otWna   11 ;*■ ii
w-fwil ...      iV   ,!,lra,,",* • odr.f iihi-ii ihe l«*r hal**«
*       *l**Ml*| la's It »►
I,.,,     .. .. ., '    ,,-i'>tf*i*    Ml umirr thi  suctlonwi
i" Alt) ol ihis rest   Ts.. 1 ......   1 <# .    i
I  d   '    " JJ-" «tew cleared two ream earlier    Tl
 "      •**    UOU     IOiolOr.IL II I . .
Anmial 100,1,0-, ",1   f>w    ^"i''*   haA
iton ,,0« »aal pmvkk rot annual eonsttmt>
World Production
Britain and the United States u-ni?'!"""',,,s ,,f Oreat u* ,11       .     wwwswo.
m of wool on their Hands as T^Zi^^t »**?* 2?     ""?  bwm^ ^ **^ »W^
pohcies unnoted in 1916 in the ,- it     E°    h" ^ntcol 1(1, J» »" '"" .H,,N,, ,}" P™*' Mod    ThS ^«
1918 ,n this country,   Of the toUl SMV*i" *M     2fl| S lh" *«* notewnrthy when en
taewrt ■Part belonged t0 Great lirit ,i,   J,", 2 "'i ft* the ,-ai ^Sft?**" *il>' ■« sxpandlng wiesi ft
thfi^ted states and i„ Argentina.   '    * ,,,•,,,," li TuX h   ™ k' *•*■ *«^to little seeth
»n*s« of weatertf I?      M""1 ,,h!,,i"«     ^*«,' »»»•■ I"
btF«»g demand f0       ;,,", eMllt<Mn" »" ,,'• ,'"i*' v-:l'1
• °« *eool has sii iu   Japan particularly
■  K«  111111,1,
boom period" of Iflioon .
mm Postponed the day ''2*1
1,0*0 asserted itself iu world wool channels, notahly In
Kuatrails, and has heen absorbing increasing quantities
ut ihe ran staple
During the last yejir the wool requirements of the
wer eonsiimers ami the demands «»f Continental bnv
, x% have tended to i mphii%i*»  lhe curtailed SUpph p<>v
it ton Brit-lab operation in the ran material has been
ictivi st limes but tt has been limited hy the dHReulty
experienced by Ihe mills in securing prutits on icmi
j ntshed and fully manufactured goods, partleularii the
lattcr American dealers and manufacturers bave
shared in thht dilemma and havi greatly rednerd their
Mr )i |t UcKetvk  sometimes known ss "Chink"
tie Kel vie oi among polite society as ju%i ■"■Harry*' is
iii ..( ib** ol«i members of Vancouver Council N«» 2M.
i nited (*©nMaec*elal   Travetlera  ol   America,   having
mined tb* (Inlfi rtbisi**! swrni* e-raex ann
Harry was Benlor Counacllor ia 1918. Past Coun«
• h»r in j*i|«i ftt„| hnbK the oflBet *d (Stand (Chaplain of
* Mrand jurisdiction **i Oregon,   Waahlngton   aud
;,"tsh Columbia tot tb* year IIWMkfifi having taken
roec last .luiu
"here probably htn*l any better known traveller
inongal the grocery men than Hanry who has worked
»* -aa) up by peracrveranee and "delivering the
nods*' in tin* iirm «,? Kelly Douglas I Oo Md. until
,,u he is in charge ol the tobacco department
lo addition t«» his business ability Harry hi one of
ie b,st (oca] entertainers in that pari ol Ihe world
'»d many of his friends will tell yotl that he has no.si
lac profeaalottals "hacked oft the map" when «i
 ** lo real talenl   lb is one of thr p-romlnenl meut-
N of the I   C T   concert part! lhal has don,* so
. i
MANY men would pay more for a
suit of underwear with this label
sewn inside the neck band than for
some line with which they were less
familiar. They've worn it before and
they know that each auit of Atlantic
will live up to its past reputation for
quality, comfort and fit.
But they don't have to pay more; and
that's why Atlantic sales are constantly
Be prepared — order your supply of
Atlantic now.
Montreal and Toronto
Salting A-jf im for Qu«t*c. Ontario and
Wcatcm Province*
»5 rrp
"Ot elut
A *
much to entertain and bring some cheer to the "sick
and afflicted." Harry does not stand six feet in lm
Stocking soles—hut he has a heart as big as a house, as
all his friends know and appreciate,
Kelly Douglas -$ Co. Ltd., boast the proud distinction of heing 100$ r.C.T., as far as their travellers are
In addition to thc men on the road. Mr W  K  \V
Mcintosh the managing director, Mr. A   L  MeWil
Hams, credit manager and Mr, \) M  Maedonahl. Riles
manager and many other former travellers are still
members of the "'t\ C. T,"
The cotton trade continues to make steady progress, tad
some of the developments during the week have been af »
gratifying character. This is chiefly due to the bfoadeeiafj
of demand form India markets, which it is evident are fotCf
mined to make more provision in cotton textiles than for Mit
eral years part.
It is in the best standard type*? of iblrttap that a con
siderable business has been arranged ihis week, chiefly for
Calcutta, but also to some extent for Madras an well. Apart
from the general demand for shirtings there ha* bees a
plentiful inquiry for various classes of light fabric* tinlin
ary dhooties have not moved with anything appronrhing freedom, but they are still in request and occasionally a fair Use
is booked. Some fair quantities of mull dbooUSi have feces
sold, and there has also been business in Jsceooetl Ol tKMb
the low and belter types. Advices from Bombay and Karachi
have shown improvement and a certain amount of bastsm
has been arranged.
The decision of the Federation of Master Cotton Spinner*'
Associations to recommenit increased producl ion from Um be
ginning of November did not come as a surprise io lhe mar
ket. Probably the increased output will not much more than
satisfy the growing demand for cloth. The turnover lo Am
erican yarns has continued on a fairly itesi!) scale, with pro
duction. or rather over, being sold day by ,}a>. not norelv m
ring, but in cop yarns as well. The Egyptian weUon u rtrj
busy, and enough business is coming forward to keep order
lists fairly full. On the export side, there is demand from
India, the Near East, an dthe Continent, and in om- Wij or
another a moderate trade Is being arranged. DotwIUttUDdtflS
the fact that some of the offers are to begin with, a pesos
per pound or so below quolalions.
«.  .  .    , NORTHAMPTON
There has been a slight decline in lhe he
boot   nnH   ol.-."   *-J	
.... .„.,, a niimni decline in the home lectlOO Ol
the boot and shoe industry during the last few treekl At
this period of the year there is. however, always I lull, and
while manufacturers would- be glad to have a more even flow
ot otwOfs tteej la tnti attaeJi asstas tossaiaaea «»* ia* i
rllne nbfrh !♦ BOl Hk«4**>  lo |w mo?* than taflQNVafS
Beta aaa ur4«* i* betid laaa It was s reel aaa a «.-*
firm* vtUi naataaital ettlars **•** their beaks ban mtn
latacd * tii$h land al aeiivtij. ataara aai si aaaftfy stsm
IIS «U«I at **»***> tlvatWihsft* «* t**rb «lv»-m imm 4a?     >  <,,
Thia "pstcfclafss* Rakes aa aseuaia esflhnau o< sk* {*>,,
tion iKftBratt. but. aa llHi *hc»s«\ th**** i* &« r«9*# *.,. ^
»ponii«-n<--j     Th** t»M»*  firtua «$»j*r*r to h**- tim**- rns*tr,\
she   pr-tktur**!(.» '■   *>'■   h«*a*i«*»   fftt4«"**   »**   {«*»?•»«■**   'off   « *.<. "... :*.      j    J
fftatSf  BSS   »hitr  tflf drvlluu-   h*«  twa-tl   molt\t)   rtp#f|»a«*»4 k'!
ths asuMtfaetann al on^t psrfs
,v tsstan at rscani *«'«,ik* &** w*n *.hr h**** **.v,
o%oVS*t j»air ecien    Th*"**1 afi HUrf f*o*»»***,ri--*,u«** Ui-.-et is.*,
!he BSaSlSCtSTff aa*$rf-?#S#a Jh«*f** Irs 5i»«* ha fur-- th*'  thr*  ».,
load ta ssantbtai boitn % «,«,fi*i-» aasaaat «*t boato—i u
betas booked Na am? •»■»** nasi •iat*i iw»«i» *»4 o*.#s<»**4*
tann ar** iafk)|wtaaa * saiiataeiaci <•*»*»*•$*•#«*•*•••••■•&'. .*
*apHnc tr*4«*. I*>? aamffiiMt '* sWOs-t r*-*-*rf*4 •»■« al*«4stf     I';***
ne» 190000*1 gassta am <"iH»«it*t» too? a *t*#8 li freak sad **
traettn lasi maaafactum a?w *saaaa ■q***!!*? ia* tan na
lm»  who b<«- h-oit-M   Itwfr  r*|M»!!.*«'.h»*?i  *»*  a«>^fe4 |ss-<*»  *
have  RO?hl*S*f -o '«■■*■■-?
The  trtS^lbMit)   "*lsl<h  b,**  IwwS  *tp*t§<txe#4 In *ls*  SlMM
*•   *»oj!i>  'r..irl«'»* hot*   btn%e*s*t   hw*n rw^ftt*--? Is#I**r.«-«-*! b -   -
nvases sn ofts**! dlfx-HtMu  4.ft4 tasfv ia ^siffi nmstMi '■■* Is
UeVe    fh*l    lh#   rtfatiftt    !*?-#4**    Will    «*«>: **    *«*    t&**l&'*rs    111
• '*<-«<}*,   f»lr «:,.''   p*«iS?iraa  «!   lhe  l*.«*t   ?•»  fSmfO
oasatav ano clotmiko
WstrHanaiif Uaaft$Kiaa si ttaetia,
K JS-jjjf *?a:?-psc :l     (.>
ItKfn >■* * *te**4*  !»*£»*»*rus-ptfisS fi^ft •**'*■!*» IS •<*■«*»
VOhHUi o" r«-«*S§ Hmi4t#S#. Nit It <■»»•&*« »rt W a*ii4 *^*''  ■**-■•''
h#* h«.*«»f!, reaU) bf$«* .\'?h*Mssh **!«' rpsatis ta *AMW ***** **-i!*^ii
Miinisetof**   tits atnilMf ot rutitRv-nB*** »h*« 11*1* a»-*4*   "-'
IStanS  J*yf«■•**}•*»*•-«  |» r«.»*t»|)«»r*'!H«-It   amnil
In the What*SalS  hf'*».*h  «hie 4*!.f?   tfllal «* f*f4<-*'*  ' I   'SW
welt   mA)n!«ir-,rt|,   Sit!   tjatetlifl   fj|SI*f1   fcSliitBiiSS   m%%*n
«.****yre \j>.*r;    fvo-:    >v\.-    frnws.h   nJ    rntfc |:»cf IU-st-     an    ■    i.
fhaftia   j»rv inrf»*.*»£n,f  ntstnOft  nf   amoO  m*k*i*<op    J   **
J,i.*.'.'    (frwxta    ji'vj    jv'    f« rift*-Ma
hum retaOeis  »hn
«  double   |,roft*      I-   aA-o  .......    n.ti.
"ah   rststitlitiawals   m   MOI !
eoostisgi tnasn «h*» «h*» nto as
den *» ?heir **o<*t* tori bmm il
BfSO  St   ihla  e«fl»   4*4««'   -*#>lt*«e   fef*l!   h«**>r*   e*|'«*V''   !<>"*"!
10 diapote oJ {hejf a<-A*»on »!tork» *t * a«|fci«f#ifiH*»i lUSCWaSl     '"'
tbl  mantle ptsj eOSt«Bi  *r»4e  M   h**   b**«*r,  aan»Sl   Ifcai
etrtlesi isti for "jobhisia'1 *^ni4 *> tftlfiSSlil *'>   a*S*^ ,J
»-»riv becawM ntafltn aialaiala tb«*i? f«-s»ur -»«-is8r* »■*
Until   f'hrialft-,4*   pjni   ftm   %t   ih*   wtolrr     aal*«"   1«°' *: *'    '
rnajaeat]) remain laattsnsl
Maaaiactann »ho ■>?,- fto» -unopitoa tm mtt **ot
a*?**   a|*f**aitr**r
"4*   ha»r   el'
«•    «>p-|»'ts *' '.;*' i'i      .      >. ■■■    .- '
'    '!'!t*.-'tne?,'   h^*frr«
>    **"*&»***} 1     rtJtltttHtllri^     hi     *
1 aatf 'o atn 001 nasi
('« *h huMoea. «
r«*  Its  tttw   otwtl  qUol«*|oiia    »rr  ijlalnr|in,r«|   So fl*"'
earrooi Minn boptas «i»»t h» ih« ^Rje Utrj
*»!it*»bl'",M",U'a '" l"Urh*'*" f»w"*  'avoyt ■»»»!*  trrm*  W\t\  0* Ot
tester) »r*a#t
wosnav ANO laci.
retnuini dolt, stttioaab «h«-re la note*
iacresw ot »r. r,"wl,!' "«»•'  »i«houth there ia **>
kH    Doitn-Hu    f>r,>"f* for sartf stiver) to the home a
wrttas to ibTbtZi! v,n *i,,,l> ,n '"ffrr»»>« esatraa
"'•* hrm., eator   1,   e.0<MU ">A,5, »m» ft«e autrktli for tts
forwHrillrifr o a.n I      Wsalal bOOSOS  for InstSOCS   are I
'•««»*»*i,„ah. o.    1    ,   °r>  ,m,,,b,f ,,r "r«,«*^   »»'» fl^»" irWfl
ttltttl other,       ,*'nt"*•»■*"> 'taile have tasa ,ftUtf. f„r romplalt'-'
•""ii noM- *a,lA. I i          ""ai'   ««iii«miiiH»-i»,   "<   '•■"
"r,f"*" In  order IV   "M"      '"** ""'"rtde.J  here ai   leaa  lhai.  •'.
iihhamtiiii,	 04
Vi$ gdvetiJaemetil «j»i*<«r*»i in th«- morning paper
< other day, which read aa fotlowa:  "Agenta, sell
,!(v shirts and English raincoats (mado-4o*meaaufe)
; ,,i trots manufacturer* lo wcaror    Bxpcrienee tin**
mrtaiari   Ba-sj la r«»r,> $10 ia 126 j*r day,"
Thi** fai ** ("tot ot «*«»iiij« fiti«n with whieh lhe re-
tot) i-li»tht« r and furnisher will have !«» rnmpeie durum
iIh in-\t («*w year* He hai always bad i eertain
smottnt ol »v. ,,uJ *,r mmi * Mwr' t« see more «»f it in
tin* near future, for Indications an that a number o!
innfaeturers aw experimenting with thi** form ot
,$ia!rii»uii«iit Mention bas already been made ol
ihb l»ut it bi something that cannot be passed
pvei with t»ut passing comment The *«i*ly rea>
why IJbi beJI rlng-eia, or bomse t«> bottst
.i.i*;4 office te ofllee •annvaaaers*, can make sales, is W-
rouse she* create list bapwssiioa that they give batter
ratue md charge knear prices than »l*» merehanta who
ittdnct retail storm Whether they do thi** or not is
■, itdf '»*■*■ point M^wy retail merchants asy that they
•i„ nnt and tba I when a man baa onee mack s purchase
■ ■h: otot of Ikeai pcddtaw be Is eontca! to resume
mykoM at toe retail fllon   Thi* may be ***, bat *'*o ibe
m, j* band it ** *»'H known that the puMtc an very
aeof ladfes ol vaim »o*i if thej get fair valur on a
■,* '*;.. < id« from s bona* to boost canvasser they
-.   Ottltl   UOifcatled      It   ta  the  aamr .fcltU&tion  SS PSlstS
rben peopk buy gootbi dlred from s wholesaler or
inttfaetnm at their trannonse   They Imsgtn* they
are letting wholesale priee whither they are or not,
and they obtain an exaggerated idea of the saving they
ace making hy doing so.
Retailers must hi- prepared to combat this 'from
factory to wearer' idea, as operated through canvassers. Tiny must In- prepared to show their customers
that they give as good value as the canvasser ean possibly give, and thai hy maintaining stores in a community, they confer a benefit that is deserving of ihe
ytronage of the community.
Bronse patent leather is a new shoe wrinkle.
Several times in previous seasons bronze patent has
been brought ont, hut with little success. This year.
however, with the rage for brown shoes, it will un-
doitbtedl? be worn.   It h claimed that this brown
patent leather wears quite as well as black patent and
it is decidedly good looking.
Blond satin is the newest thing for the evening
slippers. It is madi* up in sandal effect with small strap
buckles of topaa seta. Blond colored hosiery matches
tin* shade of the slipper,
Suede purses of envelope style match the shade of
the shoe, gloves and hosiery this sason. Suede has
nev.r been SO popular as it is now*. Band hags and
purses of SUCdc may he cleaned with the game powder
that i** Used to clean suede shoes and thus they are
always kept in unsoUed condition.
Showing of Exclusive Imported
This is a xtty complete
line lhat oill ptove stylish
jot the coming season.        k
=^^ f \
We extend a cordial in-
vitation to the trade to
inspect these goods at our
Phone So*. 131
These Are the Messages
That Are Bringing in the Business
de.ii*   ThevlrerZin,*-*Tf.H    ^ ? <ml'*d "* * w»"* Uttl nma "arlrtloa *u,d tmk,
-na. They .re nuuung thi, fall »„„ „,»„„ Wm »re on .he ,ob «, re.p.n, ft, br**
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Display Dominion products in your windows and on
and in other ways indentify yourself as the Domini   7 ,       FeftUlrf ^m in *mr loc*1 ******
way to realize on every prospect our advertwT? " ***** 1°T mr dlrtrtcl    ThU h lh*
you are anxious for the business. cr*ating~~meet the prospect half way by showing
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""" '"*' or< -****•* I" Canada /or lhe Canadian 7W* ■ M
The Salesman of the Future
Travelling 8alesman   must give way to 'Travelling Merchandise Man" whose efforts will consist
in coaching retailers in Buying, Marking and Displaying goods.
By Arthur Freeman.
That the future of tie   wholesale salesman rests
bit own ability t*» evoloUotiise blmscll along with
"..- profgieai "f l»u*iii* sa, by becoming a travelling
rthandisa man, rather than «n ordinary taleaman
m u strongly emphaalsed hy the writer ot thi* inter-*
Mttng eddrcsa, doUvewd belore a convention ol tra-
ing salesmen recently,   Mr freeman Is well versed
•'.. subject he dtacttssfa, having been advertising
lager for some ol Sew York'-* lar-****'*? d-jpartmrnt
ps, and his rriuark* will prove of valuable a-vatst'
ia i section of ow readers.
Mr Ff-emsu tnk**** the position that tb** salemaan
fueied with the aftcaslly ol helping hi* retail etta-
. m || the knight ol the grip is to perpetuate Him-
u\i and In outing what the future igleaman moat be,
Uuvk    big    been    dorse    already    to help the
til r-ctailct to b«l«l hi* in*n. but mueh more Ss yet to
■ '.. :;t    |J   he   is   10  *«ifvh*r       Who   IS  to  do   tht*  JObf
pun whom falls the tnmt<"ti of helping the *maH re*
liter to bceoesa & fottgf merchant!   Wh«.«. but jwsa
ih   en   the connecting link between big btaaneai
MjajOr ha
Must be Merchandiser
v, Qrst blttati tt would appear a* though t take the
• wriomdy that tbs days ol ths salesman are num-
In otic acnaa t do. but In inothetc scam 1 do not
i  il it hi b going lo pass away, but rather that be
is v.-v  rapidly ehangtng the entire oomjde&ton of hi**
lititiea, as-sd Ids future depends Upon how  quickly,
how thoroughly he make* the change
rhls change I **alt thc transition from talesman to
rrehanti fat if the travelling salesman U to survive
I prosper, in my opinion, it will be In direct ratio w
extent lo whieh he follows the fftadamantahi ol
■ •■•-*«A!*«di*tojj and gite* up the obaolets name of tra*
ng saleaman and adopts the mow honotif-ed and
■ Important one ol travelling merehandlac man
Thii-% 1 hring you to the challenge that you must
uracil beoome merchants In all 'hat the word fan-
i   In fact «, are beginning to see ta buiineas, that
b Imperative for everyone from the head of the
« to Uh telephone op.r«t»r to Imbibe ind practice
rudimi nil of merchandising
How what are thane rudlmental I wish 1 had time
di Velop them hut let me leave with VOU what I think
thi cardinal principles ol merchandising with the
I* that t mav route in von sufficient Interest In them
pursue the matter further
Five Elements Essential
'We all know that tin object of business Is protit
Wi all know thni profit i* baaed on turnover   turnovt r
' Sfdtal and turnover of merchandise   Five elements
iteecsaary to bring about these successful objee«
H Ot turnover ami profit, and 1 believe these five m
'■■ all there Is to sueecaaful merehandlslng
Hie Bve  me  Buying  Marking, Stocking,  Dis
Pwyinf, and Presenting. "No man ean be fl good buyer
without also being a good seller, because to buy with-
OUt the selling idea, is to huy wrongly, since the oh-
Jeet i* turnover, A man may be a good buyer in the
mnae that be knows sources of supply, is in touch with
;h« trends of taste, and can tell a good value when ho
a > 1 om, But no buyer has a moral right lo make a
purchase, until he has first planned how he is going to
<!is|M,H, (if ||„ merchandise when he gets it.
"The big weakmss in buying is that it is considered
apart from the other tout elements of merchandising.
Tin result i* the average merchant overbuys, buys
at the wrong time, pays thc wrong price, or buys from
too many sources. Nothing would cure poor buying
a* much as a better understanding of selling and the
other elements herein enumerated.
Too many prices and brands.
\ty markup and mark-down. I mean the proper
pricing ol merchandise and a right consideration for
the proper time to change prices.
"One of the big weaknesses in marking is that the
average Itore has too many prices, or in other words
too much variety, This results in overstocks and poor
values because it Is Obvious that a line of merchandise
representing s few priees makes possible better priee
offerings than 8 wide list of prices.
The question Of stocktaking and store-keeping i.s
jus? as Important as any other part of merchandising,
but »*» vary much neglected by the average merchant.
Being s good storekeeper is a most serious consideration The hig point in right stock-keeping and store-
keeping which is just as important as any other part of
merchandising is a constant knowledge of what you
hav, to Sell Many a sale is lost because a sudden need
arose OU the part of the customer and somebody did
not know that they had in stock just the thing to meet
the need
Clerks Don't Know Stocks.
* The weakness in retail sales people is not that
thev are dumb or that thev lack interest, as much as
it is that thev do not know their slocks. In my departmental store experience the buyer I respected most was
the <*in* who came to the advertising department with
his stock sheet in his hand.
*The slock sheet is the dope sheet of merchandising, and a man who is a good student of the stock
sheet is one who knows when, where and how tu huy,
when to mark tip and when to mark down, when to
push sales and when to sit tight.
"!n the last analysis, salesmanship could be summed up by saving, study up what the people need aud
want, know what you have in stock to meet those
wants and needs, then bring the two into relationship.
"Display is an element in merchandising, particularly much neglected by the small merchant. It has
to do with the display of merchandise on the counters
and in thc windows.   We can never quote too often the
old saw that "Goods well displayed, arc half sold." 26
Display is vital.
••It you only knew it. tbe Mggeat single idea in
chain and department store movementa, is the scientific
display of gooda
••This Miltjed of display ia s complete story iu
itself and ii is surprising the lark of consideration thai
subject gets.
"The store windows of the retail merehan; are the
best avenues he has tot promoting sales.    The chain
More business and the department store business have
developed during the last ten years, methods for window display as scientific and sure as there havi been
in publication advertising.
•'The manufacturer who can get his goods properly
displayed in retail stores is about 9091 sure of results
""The live principles in window display have been
enunciated as follows:
(1) Frequent change.
(2) Sales appeal.
(3) Timeliness.
(4) Advertising hook-up.
(5) Imagination.
Weakness in advertising.
"The fifth element I call presentation which embraces those means that have to do with Sidling the
goods over the counter, involving advertising and retail salesmanship.
"A man may be a shrewd buyer, a good student of
pricing, have an excellent knowledge of his stocks, <Us>
play his goods well, and yet not be a successful mer*
308 Water St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Old Reliable
Minard's Liniment
Co. Limited
Ysrmouth, a, ~
■ Unless he transmits these four elements to hi*
vertising and OV6I Um counter selling, he has n I
plrted  the fhc  necenAAry  element* of SOrtviwi-fn'
-Th-- weakness in retail advertising tenia..
lack of understanding on the part of retail ad** rl
of the  fundammtaU «>f merrhan«li%ing     A  gw
,■ iber should be s man in touch frith the btm
mcrchandis**',   one   who Is a stmhwal of mere! i
price** in hi** market, a man wb« ta tn rvmattan' *
with the stock sheets of Ms •tor*** ng w*M m thr *•
themselves, and on** who kaowg the tine art of **m* -
mcrehandbe display
"Th>- wM\kv..-*,* »n «ste* rta-rks, a** I have sir-
mentioned, is thi failure of the nsrrrhsnt t*» lev* •
im-rehandiving instead *>i ju*t selling \ elrrk -*
know  h ia go I sw bought, why. and from a
they are UmV *   I ■* nut*! kUOW why Ctrtiin pn.'. | ;
call and must  hu»***"H  he %#4d mi  the  Itlca  thai
pric- i* right, a* Hffil a* ta in r»»n*»t*i*il t*>u«V   *
price fluctuations; the clerk mum know hot* •
.'I*. n!i   with proper mrrrHsnd»..*«* «li»|»li»y, and
hims*-H know how to diafday hi* mi*edbamllsi *•■
:" spj* iltng to lhe preenec-l
Should study merchandising
l- "7*i 7 'he mmh most be la eta**** tott-rh ***»•'.
gtotre's sdvertldbag in ordrr lo tfgMgg&l Ifl ?^**
tomer ?h<   iam<   v'hog imprr**a,*i»t*>rs% md advert**
tmed ia bringing h**r mi® th**' glaea
M) nesaaigt to eon i* an spi***--*! u> mafcg It >
btuinc^M to leant mon aboul th«-*r mffffbAndUn ..*
Profit in
Toilet Paper
l*tit up I display of Tilitriim y»\\*ri V*o*t
with s eard explaining lhal it i* pnnltie N» '
Manila, thst h madi tretvtl loft by the origins!
double rreplng procoM Then M th* selHag
■*t' *
inis ion u{ ,i»^j,|A> i, {{„ mueh Tulicuai
Snd Ms }„y}» ,,|,aJ,ty l.rmit* |. |»-At  Mib*
Have you flocked TUUearo yet f
Soil, Davidson I Wright, Ul
•    ''i
, nt*. to study what the au-m-saful merchant* are
j,,! |n the way of sdentiile huy ing, stocking,
?king, displaying and presenting in order that
u may be a eoiMrtatil source of information f*»r the re.
. r> with whom you c**m«- in daily contact
Wlon our tratellmg %aU-.mu<-u. <m» catted, become
•i.r merehanta and iwaJbte that their lug work »•*• to
. ij» retaileni merrhsndUe to better advantage, the
nl mica will take cam-* of tbcfnaelvcn, beeauei what
ii have to offer tb* utevehunt In the \mt analysis, m
ul goods hut s*%[m,
ind your value to your houm more and mom w
g to be m proportion to the extent th«l you show
it trade, not meanly how to buy your f mds but how
merchandise them
iv»viurUl 8eeretary Ing has Juat completed s eery
mpr-ebetudvc trip through the* Interior during which
-rhdtcsJ the following branches   Revelstoke, Cran*
oo|    Nrlwn,   Pentieton,   Kelowna, Vernon,, Arm
itSrang« Kndrrhy, ICamloopa   Af most of them places
i -setlmgp sreee held which wan attended hy & majority
I the lea-ding merchants in   each   plnrr    At   tVan
■■■k a dinnrr WSt hckl in th** V  H 0 A when about
;jV merchants -were- present   Seeretary Eng addreaaed
tht meeting and ga*» an outlin* of thi various ictivv
'a■>, of the Association, after which a cen fttll discus
moo took ptnee an the vaiiotts matters touched noon
- Mr fug
A meeting of Ihi merehanta of Kelson wan held
in th- ltoatd of Trade Rooms which was  very   well
Prtdmiily the mrmt ri»tbiv«A*iir meeting of she CU-
■  tHp wil held nt ICeiowna where | dinner «;»< ar
ii ged >n the Lakevlew Hotel and shoul 50 merchants
•• I dow/n   The muAte for tht* event was lupplicd by
- Ight piece orchestra from the Oyeo Club
IVnttetntt wa** »!■*•* vtaitcfl but owing tO thi  fact
il no k»r**l aceretarv was on the iob no general mei I
i was held. Imt Secretary Ing peraonallj called upon
H many Ol the merchant* .<*«*•« |ww»tldr during hi* Stay
I h ( J- 1
Comdderable time wa* spent   with  tbe  Vernon
much and a meeting of Ihe merchants was held al the
Ifd of Trade mama, and it \s hoped 'bn? through lhe
'Vou nnd vUit of Secretary Ing thai thi-* branch will
functioning actively in the very near future   The?*
a been same difficulty in arranging for a part time
•f'tary hm it \% understood that the Vernon mer*
rhantS will «ngagc s*»oo »oo   in do thi** work on B SOl-
ry basis, h*. jt |« befatg found lhat so much time Is
needed Ut properly look after ths work of the Asaoel
Hon that the average business cannot afford the tune
'-* do mercurial work in places the lias of Vernon
A meeting wni also arranged in Armstrong at the
' Hv Hall ami | good number Of merchants turned out
'■ hear S*«rrHarv Inir   aiol a** a result of his visit and
'He nersonal calls which were made the following day
'hia hrniieh !s now liNll',  pnid un as far RS membership
'lues ar,  concerned nnd Draetteatty EOCHN ns *nr ns
rmherahip of merehanta In that city ean be obtained
r-ds was one of   the   most   enthusiastic   and   active
branches visited and every member of Um Association
fully realizes ihe importance of maintaining its identity
with the National organisation.
Persona] visits wen* made on the merchant* at
enderhy with good results.
A return visit was made to Revelstoke hy request
oi the local members then*, and a good meeting of representative retailed was held in the City Hall at
Revelstoke, snd it is expected that as a result of Mr.
lug's \isit this branch Will again In- working actively
in the interests of the Association in the near future.
The annual meeting of this branch is expected to be
held on November 20th, and Mr. T..!. Wilcox of Kam-
bopa, the B. C. Board member for the Interior, will be
iu attendance.
Kamloops was the last place visited and considerable time was spenl there to unlet them in organizing
a credit bureau service which apparently was one of
the outstanding needs of that particular branch. This
branch has engaged the services of Mr. Ratehford as
pari time secretary and the future looks very bright
for the Kamloops local.
Ik all of these places it was found that there are a
great many local questions which are badly in need of
attention, many of them being of Mich a nature that
cannot be settled by the retailers themselves in
r particular locality.
There is no question hut that the periodical visits
of fame of the officials of the Association to these various branches will undoubtedly strengthen the ties of
the locals to the Provincial and National Organization.
It is hoped that it may he possible to pay similar visits
to all parts of the Province during the coming year.
Personal Property Tax.
<>ne of the most outstanding questions whieh was
aaked Of tin Secretary was what action the Association is going to take in connection with the elimination of the Personal Property Tax. This question undoubtedly is om that every retail merchant without
, veeption throughout the Interior is vitally interested
in. and by the same token, entirely opposed to.
A great many instances oi the inequity of the payment of this tax was submitted to Secretary Ing. proving conclusively that the retailers are feeling very
keenly the injustice oi this particular tax. and will
consistently do everything within their power to protest against same
Secretary lug arranged with each branch visited
that they should personally interview thc local member of She Provincial House, soliciting his full co-operation and supporl in the efforts ol* the Association to
have ibis tax abolished during the present Session.
At this writing the Provincial office is in receipt of
a large number of telegrams, copies oi which have been
>eiit to Victoria, requesting the local Member to support any movement looking to the abolition of this unfair tax.
It was pointed out by Secretary lug that in view
of the statements made hy thc -Government at thc last
Session that thc business men of the Provinee have
every right to anticipate that this tax would be taken
off the Statute books and that the Association was
therefore using every endeavour to have the (tovern-
ment live up to their promises to have this tax removed.
S   M; 28
Batching It J
1 admit 1 'in ftOt mtteh   ,w' I i;
lolkl 1 Was xi.*iT* ,»r l< %.*■ «sj» a;,'.
Hut pottering around ti - ;   *
the Davidson lim it n v i |
When i picked ap i pall I wm
on righl   H look* ■ : rigl I   it I
* ■■ • *.-*»
i i*v
H ;*| f **  |%  i     .•     ■; *'
I  ,   ' -     *
'■.   • • , ■   J ■,   vi   , ,
"   ' t ■*»*,!*       Tb.
oi oi i  thing   ami that is
sing wt ee*j it Is  and ll ■
I '■■ : woi  p ii     The handh
i ippUed to '
•sur*-*    }
'1 here's b good w ',>«.» nf
hoi galvanising process whi
And every one is inapt ■«. a k .,,,   , ■
Your customers will appredati thei   I
to them
l ■        <■ M*        >-:.     ,, £,,.,    %       t\      ,       .•_    M ,
■ s» a-ms and helps keep ll i
*•■*• *;    f*< ion
II   yo||  <,»... S  thej      i nd rail   ■ "
TA* $au%4+* So/ttsft
36 ^Baru&n Kfy flc.S<»,M
Established I860
H«»d Offlc. ,nd F««<,r,   MONTREAL
7 7
Colder weather has keyed op retail trsde. and sales
from all parts of the province show a decided im
proveroent over a similar period last year
Ituitdlng hardware demand ha* been keen »p to the
bill at the month, and it at expected that thai trade
will eonftntte active for a longer period than nana)
linn ten' and trappe-ru  geeeasonei havi  been in
-   2 demand, 'be favorabk weather during the duck
ling •season accounting ior h%f^ s.n\,% ui  shells.
rntppets *^r*' now NiyiC'^f   $*?•** pgralorj to their win*
iri i work, niul l«>cai asleu are reported toe      ivier
n for somw scaaoui pant
treading wholesalers report that Fall busines* i*
'*nd%   At  0  Jaotnt  a}w\  to ks!   y*A"   »  ?.-*»*'.sr--*■      Ship
A-* gtaer-sillj  tfsss factories in   prompt    tollea*
I | jtff in»pn»"l  siu| th    « h.u*. »!• n-.'fng bad «!« ht*
cicing to s downward dlreetlou   Fsilutaa «**- ':' s
iheit Is na doubt that crop returns from Okana**-
W.hy h-*»*«■- favorshl> initio n-rrd n Sail business In
' I <,»tn»tv
Automobile   Aceessortei    galea fair,   demand is
i ittgittg oier !«• cold w-«A*Jo-r lUpplies
.:.:  .Or,
Builders Hardware Manufacturers an announcing
,■'*>« iower prices Sale*-* continu* good
Nail* Demand continues to i* g»od, pried sn un«
Traps Bales ate vary good with tin app
>.o :;   **i
Sash Cord. Sale* are good Slid pi let I f»«n.
Uim Mowers and Onus Catchers    Putun orders
ii but somewhat behind other seasons
i. :m_hu«m«hh • • nt
Solder and Rabbttt MeUl     1  * del ind >* itcady,
i an unchanged
Interest tn Door Check* .lol.Uts in th. b-eal ares
' continued Interest m door cheeks prices on mate
ki n have heen revised
Roller   Skates    Bales eolumi  fbt both Christmas
nlc and spring delivery t*«*od
Lanterns. Fall demand fain stocks In *.«<»«»! shape
I prices stead)
Oun* snd Ammunition.   There continues ft fair d.
>d for gum and ammunition   Stocks are In good
b*  and prices unchanged
Electrical Merchandise Heaters an In good demand
■" electric irons and curling t»uc"- Holiday trade
prospect! better than ever. Prices unchanged, stocks
in good shape.
Aluminum Ware. Demand fair, stocks adequate and
priees steady ami unchanged*,
Galvanized Ware.   Tubs and pails iu fair demand
with no change in price reported.
Batteries. There i* a very steady demand and prices
an holding linn.
Manila Rope bas been advanced two cents a pound.
Axes. Demand is good with prices unchanged.
Piles. Demand is good with no change in price.
Stove Boards. Along with the improved demand for
air tight StOVCS comes 8 better side for stove boards.
Stoves Air tight stoves are moving very well, the
reeenl "'sappy weather having put considerable punch
into business
Garden Hose. Trices on garden hose have been apparently pretty well stabilised at the low prices re*
cently adopted by some manufacturers, A good volume
t-i orders ar, being taken for spring delivery. Prices
are unchanged.
Coaster Wagons. These are moving fairly well for
the holiday trade and a good demand has also sprung
op for Ktddk Kara. Priees are unchanged.
Oarage Hardware is apparently tinner with fewer
n-ports of any shaded prices. Prices are steady and
stocks satisfactory.
Buck Saws Selling. Buck saws are particularly ac
in*   Prices are steady and stocks fair.
Roofing Paper. There has been a very good demand
for roofing paper at firm prices. Stocks appear ample
and it i* thoughl that S good trade will continue for a
Carpet 8wecpers. Jobbers are Belling carpet sweepers [tl fair quantities This is always an active item at
Christmas time.
Radio Ooods. Continue one of the brightest spots
in the shelf hardware field, Everything from complete
Beta down to the smallest item are movinir in good
volume and retail sales are tfond.
Wire Cloth. \«w Prices on wire cloth are now out
for IS25. Jobbers are booking orders   for   delivery
April Is'    Prices remain unchanged t'rom last season. 30
non ui\:m,. MM j
stove Pipe and Elbows. Business U leaaonably good
.hipmeiits against contract* an going out in good
Psints snd Varnishes. There b niill a good demand
painta snd supplies with priees holding well.
Sheet  8teel    A ^*mm! hmdm m is n ported out of
with price* holding at  recent levels
then hi always smnethstig more baportani than
king the *ab*   ami thst i*. t« keep the confidence
I 11 .  eti»tou»rr.
\ hw- t*u»rk rsiiiiiit Warn t«*»» early thai, to om
Si»*»«-r who wi-a-hc htm t« ir|| by fair means Ot foul,
i   sn  a thommnd who espr-et him t*» W  ttrietU*
o *
w%i in dealing with the ctEHrtomer   Tbe truth is ihe
*■   eteto ti it hurt*
\v» recently had a demonstration ol boa progre-S"
rm players fed on tht* point   Tht wif* ol tho mer-
u * aeeidentall"* o%rrh*ard a new clerk make a mis
"  *. ent Us a eostlo-flBer.    lie* .sr-ettn-sl the -wile tlorvby,
v..*.iitngty wrapped up the pore ha.**.*   She reported
!h« . ■ ridefll to her htthand.,. who related what follows
The new dark wmi « prosnisiog l«>y." he said.
• Ami to ti* with best of el icier references
i'roha-bty he had bmocJeally Hir-^utuJ. i iig*.ir>*s Va*
i-«ib»»tng «)a)   when  sever.*,! ol  lie- ?*•»)-,  u<rc  in
■■'.M*  | gave outlet jo ft.»si,- ohscrvati'ins on ihe
Mih^et *,i at tray* trllini* the en.loi.   r the truth.    'A
I  ■ ta ir It a etsftoigef sttaosl anything in thii
**'■"■• ' I sskb\ 'm%*l the e-ftttotuet will belkvi  him
whyt   llceauasj  ws have -religiously respcetc***"! thc
m eonfidamee "   I »aid m«rc ahum ;h- *..nioe lim
i ilklng dlteetly to the new sleek, st ewtiw . through
*•*:$.* wholly fr*r his boHaftt   1 hop d he had taken It
heart ' if he needed the counaet
I followed up. ot course ami ol my fr-k nch scted
rk*ttp lie um- she clerk a chanm la make $
• tsh by lying, the certainty of lealitg the tale
:* lold the tiwth The hay mlaieprewntedl
I catted bit« to ihe olfice, panned him good and
*aa ready lo fir* hue*
Wh%   did you mean tha! **Uiflf alwuil b«oos*\
ICUlated    *1 thought H wa* all pious hv -si'*
rhi merehanl convinced the younjgstee that giving
puhlie an ihaolutf tquntv deal wasn't   pious boi
but gw*p«*l store principle    wc teen  told
ks tales fell (,ft lomewhal temporarily, but artth
'■" months Weft larger than ever* thanks to the
»nal following he developed
Then- ii sharp dealing in business as \xt all know,
everybody who shouts, "Honwrty bi the heal pol-
doevn't   practice  It      Kothlng   is  more  eertain,
Igh, than that  strict  regard   fllf lhe  truth  i* the
IWpi usable basis on whieh clerks and stores build
rutsnent clientele    A following ean't he ^\h in
other way
Show us n ebrk  who numb* rs his "regular ens
"*" in lhe seorr. and we'll show you on* who tells
ft*i i gr.nt t»rcn^i of retail salesmanship for you
!**>* this down      You can  fool ft customer one
yotl can't fool him manv times    .lust ns surely as
he toon will discover out rust worthiness, so also will
be soon discover reliability. And when he docs, he
sticks   fo,- he is ,,„ j,,,!,,,.  ,,,,,-j j1r knoWS jt   0£ many
of the things you sell.
We never yet knew a clerk who adopted a "truth"
slogan and practiced it with true regard for the well-
being of his customer, but who quickly built a personal follow inj* wherever In* went. As a recipe for
success, it is nearly infallible.
Armtlron**) —
CSapefte,   \V  K -Reported   incorporating   as   Armstrong
I'm* Co US
*M*t*»«*H k .Sons 11 art! war* Oa. 144--Reported selling out.
lieJOaaaa. J a —Coaoaaoced (grocer).
John»on, J   A    -Tonum-need   (grocer).
CumbfrlanS —
VtVbi-rb-j, «;   It    Assigned t© C.C.II.T.A.  (gen,  store)
Mohotm DntS & Rod Cfe,-~R«ported Raftered fire toss.
Dee, C A M   Sold ou? m 1. c Stspleton. (meats).
H!ttlK>tt»*r S  Font   R^orted sold out. (arocer).
j j n*N,t!  Cmaatf-aeeC (drumi).
Ml   Tolmit—
Bkw* st Roberts -Dtasotvsd partaerahtp. (grocers).
NolOO* —
wilaon ptaao Woct Ud.—SoM out.
SAlmon Arm—
t'tmt* & Boa   Itgpwrted la financial dllticultles (Raker & C.)
RetiagUSta, J    R^awtedl sold out to F. J. J. Burroughs,
tgea »?or» t
Cafe -Suepiy Co —Reported sold out to Vsacoavsr Supply
g^fHS, t.   A   l»    Reports sold out to Mrs  8. Fisher,
tiehbie   M   A    Ke|s>rOHl oouuiiencluK;   (Mens Furn.)
Qrsndvtes Paper sad Point more—Dissolved partnership.
V  A   Ktedte] continues.
Rob«on r,rorer>    Reported sold b>  auction.
Dodda Hsrdwars  Oeanaeaelag,
Grose] Crsaiaen Co -Coarmeneiag, dairy, etc
Kesua   Heiu>    Keiwried »ss!>:ncd   (tirocer)
ROOBC).  Ml.ss J     HeiHnied seeking extension.  (Milly).
Sains   A  VV     U« ported sold to It. W. IX»dd. (Butcher)
Wat ten. S    Commencing. (Grocer)
H,»\\le-* Qroeery-   Bailiff's sale advertised
Charkow, H    Sold out to K strong. (Qrootr).
QOOdtor, Sam —Reported sold out. (tiroeer)
Kemp * 00 Ud Opened sales otliee In Whuiipeg, wholc-
shIc woollens, ••tc)
Biown,  R   A   I  Co.   UlscontlnutHl business.  (Hdwte and
croekec] t
CbsUOB'l   I*  Woolaston apinilnted cuslodlan   (Clothes and
Mr ns* gara)
riwoe  W  J   A Son   Sold to J   Balchelor   Ulioccr).
Mth-e   Herbert    Solt out. (Grocer). 32
Value of Temperamental Display in
Christmas Card Display
N«*% a-tnt*.
By Ernest A Ihneh      Special to l{ C Retailer
We havt often wondered why you don't go befOI d
grouping Christmas greeting eards according to prtej i
One store last year made quite a hit by Opting    A
Christmas Miscellany of Temperamental Girts Tfte
gifts wore classiM under different temperament*
The same could be done with your Greeting Cards, ion
could have a selection for those of artistic Icmpctt*
ment. Other temperaments that might be considered
could include the aristocratic epicurean, re^r.iol
systematic, nervous, thrifty, athletic, studious, pessimistic and optoniistic It would save thnc in selection
and intelligent people would 1»<* really sure of getting
what they were after, to say nothing of giving JfOUI
store a lot of worth-while publicity.
This temperamental angle can be played up in
some of thc display suggestions we arv about to iti**"
Screens as display features.
Screens arc the best window display see* ason* s
for greeting cards, for to show too many Christmas
cards would require more than the stork would allow
The Bookstore. Olympia. Wash . uses screens made from
discarded picture mouldings at very little outlay, The
screens are about four feet high, with mounting board
for thc center, but the height of the screens you should
use depends on thc size of your display Tie serectni
are hinged together in pairs, so that they may be easily
taken in and out of the window. The combination used
is black picture moulding and grey mounting board
Thc screens arc placed near enough to the window
glass so that the greet ing cards may he read.
Selling Christmas cards in October.
The Fritz and Hawley Co.. Inc., Bridgeport, Conn.
encouraged the early purchase of Christmas greeting
cards by putting in their first display by the mkidli of
October. Another inducement wa.s th* discount offer.
as announced on a window card:
An early selection assures you a choice of the
most desirable designs.
A special cash discount of He; extended ofl
all holiday greeting cards purchased by
November 1st."
This concern could afford to make the diacount
sacrifice, for it meant that their stock was turned over
from a month to six weeks quicker and that some of
lhe eleventh hour rush was avoided. A few eholei examples of the Christmas greeting cards were stood
upright along the sides of their stationery display
but a little later a full display of the cards was arranged :
A commendable holiday example
The Christmas card display by Alson Brubaker
advertising manager. Walker Brothers. Pargo, North
Dakota, was executed in red, green and white. The
entire background and sides were papered with white
crepe, with a green frieze of frolicsome Santas along
near the top. Above the frieze were hung red paper
Christmas bells, each inside a red wreath. A square
shaped panel of green crepe over the white at the ecu-
tcr leaf was encircled with « Santa elm***' v
projecting from -**» Christmas medallion, oo a    s »*«
■ ,\ Hern t^rlatmaa*' greeting    Behind Hani. *   .
Hash-4 an eiee'rn- light,    M* low Santa areri
sprm * of lodiv. the ends of whieh rv-at-**! m   ■ -,
circular   mound   on   the floor directly be!       v
mound, eoi red sHIth gfeen crepe, contain*- I
choice greeting cants   Rung mi the wall at cai i M
of Hants was s large framed board «*n whl I  i
greeting cards »****« mounted   hi well rent mrnirwi*
ihe cardbo^nl cut ont s%( i% I'httsitr-.A* ttw   lrimised
pri til tinsel and trinket.-*     ,\ large ftumbef of l
titon greeting  cards,  shoit*  with t"hrt.*»??:.,-«*  ;■■
Using! sferi grouped n\mot thr eipanslvt red ?f*-*p
Boor   Ptcntji of sppropHatf sign* sihI pl*»e«r*>U ■■**"
in * \ |[|«'isc
Thc iua*htnc effect
i aaagt        >,-.!«?, r Snn.*hin<
r'ir>K " *»* I''- l    "-! bl S Kififcittglj imctiial
hy Km.! >  lt.tk.-r   Wsthmglmi, D D,   Whiti «doth **«
-    I'm the f,oir r*»»rner-a oj Jhr window   « '
iJsl ■§.   »■ ■     S i
urrs patnieu ofl ine sheet delivered the mewsag
,hf'*,!;'*1   f: " behind iht krttct s ot tne word s h *
srhieh was painted hi i red circle to reeembh il
■ red ritaded electric light was placed    Thia pro I
a striking i (feet   On ih« gooi»» fiont ol the ah,.. • i
skewpk" doll who ffra»p.-d « numbef of red din Mm
lhat parted In divers directions to the greeting ■ ■- ■*
• Xbibtted OU .ill part* 0{ the fWr     The red and I    '
inallon proved   extremely   striking    Idapti %
'■"■ »o< i to Christmas ** in etay manner, maki
itcmagi read  Bcattet Chriatnias Bunshitw with (l
jng tarda, • or    Scatter Sunshine   with   Chrferfi i
Making eards easy to get at in store
1-•'■*■ h is ^t in displaying ran stock ol grrel
"UJ <av*u MK.de the store: it should be systematical)}
| r^W no that the eardi eta hi gotten "at eaaitj
J ?;"!!t wuerlng dun**- m the pan of the cuslon i i
vv*3 ret*^has bb oho pet Kyatcm but t< yon tl ■ ■■
""■'i''"''" naproved here hi in interior dlspl
^tnwe From \.a Haven, Conn, branch of the 1
Mo       J "(",,i,nv    u roo enti r this stow, din
:•     fear right yon Rod it eaaj to i saalne «b< gn
a r«rus   a Reries of ihelrea along the wall ar-
;;;   "l ;,:{,, ®™&om by a narrow wooden ledge   '
' ^«jon rr, birthday card,, In another Invitati
th, Ht; IftnoU;r" ^ding eards The gmngemeni
and event '[ ""UM'' UirUi* «rror«i'»« lo 'j"' H,J,(V
with an.n    i ''u,,1!r ,,f ,mU ,lnl«u °f,nr<u ,g *
'     ^'" Wuid. and with one enrd placed upnV
siven    :;:""a,!iu1u,,i»»    Th.   price of inch dcalp
low L I) ,H m i>ln,,", n,,« loo high or '
' "'* sveraga ,M^<m to rnich fhrm
a|(ii; -   nnperauiental au«h- we Marled out  to '
u.e,ii,ltf     , tUeal f,H P^«Ueal mn he for Chrlitm
■ Short tn rh 1S" ,T,,M'lt,<W Hell i„ Urge nuinhcr. 01
an  J, J.i;;;;;;;'t'^V0l,  lmVe ,he display space   for M! THK BRITISH COLUMBIA RKTAILER
TM f«lf»wnnf set prion* quotad tor pr-nop*! linoo of Itadmg wholtMtt firms.   Pricts quoted art nsccssarily
•ubjo-ct to marhat fluctuationa.
LiliDtS ****-«» »*»*'!'*
I ti | 1 %
i  H *  III ft*
I *-< s IM SI
; t : * *  I W   ■
i - *    i«
N ■■*ra    ' .'.   :: ** a ii  *   ' '-%
I   •    I    I    4 '     * ■     '
i m c  Aftes II 0 * H * IH »h
M*t»tti*  hm.muMl%om
In a
t> M
if w
It   ■***
t: ».i
U i»
W 7
'. x a
a ti
4  li
E %
i .
| 4-4
* Ml
1 t*
I «.-».
|- J I I
l*  -,.      ■     ■ tun *■'•#■*»
•:   \ja*m   BflOaSjSflOO
\ii$m  mm;&*****
J <   | **»**.,'«*
* ■, i    »i
* ... *    fc^'v, ,^| *^*r**tt
:;   ...*<i   *«»»■»*.*!*!**
f;..ft«   BMOlMiKNM
-     «c     I « ,-■   ElS
-tS'vil I   ffl-lof  W" *****,. S»'W*   -*"■*
:,      ■.■.':»'*»   g&
iti r« *»»*. ts «.** |il «■-*
; ■ . ,    VM    *■*«*.**.     •,i,a^.**4ie.,3     §H $|
t ■   »     *■.*•<•* a  «. * m    I j}. ** •*;:■** .   «***§'•■*
iu ■ *. m   |ij <■* $***- ;« IBs
i   •*■> |* m pm wo ****-   v **-* H •■'
r    m e«#i   *v *« i, t» pot im f*4*'5
*". .;.*,«     CAliatA-Ua     *>*    **S    laMfcOfa**
■., t   - trnmOot mt* io O'to,   Ot&tt   ttxmt  •'   :   *
$       ■•»*•* t-w nt r$*n n«a .«"   '■ ■' •- -"•
j t*5jf "*.*    htt-jaa   '7;   vM  ';;■,*,.;«     N   ' |   SOOI
>    .'   m j a *ff#** *
fe»l TS   M-ACiltWSI  '  % **4 SMSSaat «•*(► t**
■-i     io$M    to    nM   IS**     SflMP    i ■*-
e»   «*,,   *. "■■,,   imi    *»    Sum    K     ■"
,'    -•. * t ?-. «* ■.*».** trfeauB :**- oSt##i
m rr1 i'vw J*-** j;: **a wi
ITS "Jinn   !,*«#  tl  MM   tea   m   t
IStl    !*#»*»*' !*»   I.**1*   *<»   t «*4   «•»*«
H    -' put*  ' MP o**!
- ■   "■■ ■   |i ■ iai   |-#   H|>i   lit   '<•*■'•
v<t r^rmff  T*?*-«*i t: w •• it w
•v    -«s4ir-«    M    t| ■'.*;:. 1.1       111   ~     ";"     "  -
ri |   v*.,j«,*   ||t   itttla»o awsf***  *" *
i.t9   *"v..t"     t%S    *    I H    |MM    |MO    a      :    :
i  m    ».<*  ;„;»  m%«    1%  a  l*o fr* »'*'?  *!'
?" Mr*.*   Wn-^ot-i   ■*«•#■;,    *»■•    I'i    H*afVk
I   ■      **   * *    *»**» «  !«.»  i; K  |»*  m.«     « <(  a
i ?tT  ITKt.t    -ri   -a     •-'   **      H «     •
- '  ^ir,*   tn-rt**. ui:>   . *•.*   • ■ ■■■*■■   *■ *
* -  $m$sm   t', at  %■<*• tt
<:.-, |-»   *t«wlf-W   otomt   I II   I"'**
' ***•   :'a   III «'* »■*    IM 0 *   -  ••<   *:* I*
i - ■■    i a •
Ha IN    l*a*}M~o*m   *••*  * tt   ll *-> -•■   '     ^
'    *    I! ">  tuath
eenaii v*mt* if* tot* to  i it; t-
ftOm-fflftl N*i    $    |j" M   |»l     «•■•.«'*•«>:
* ■    !    in u   ♦.. |     {..,,,*»*  N...    |    ft! ♦     * ■   »
n**   u   tr *»  *■*■ h    it *?»•*    s«   ti
U.\S   n\ni>.r.t,.   s***   *   IM
III ii oteS   lis *  III ** **'"
r .     S
\i iiii;iw.r   rr, -•
Turn i ?vr,   wiHt;   \ *f «*.
' i    |tt ft   M n
'■■'■.        ***■ ...    --M      -,      ;,      ',
(     Ml       >» -.- *.        i *    !       .ta
S.'     |
• n .....    ,.,
M M    I]   |   i- M
I I    'i*.**!   H •■»«»»«
'    ' I '*:      • -    l|«*
111) .1* |?       ( n
f#*s     I IS
Si ***
»t   in*** i
I ■     I *
'-»>■«       *»
It  I ' >,.     • |
|* «    Ifl
ptn   a ,«   |s |i
rotuttuuTirr) tsx r-ar 4«*»i> piin
* ■*' t't '<■■■   <   it)   || {S    ,  l(: |« ;      -, ,r. Ju -,„
HO|«ffC.   «HiiM    Ifwft,    S..a    y   »..,   |    |I0W»
t/mt   '.'.miia      if-»«.   No*   |   an-1   t*.t**r    l» li
|Sf   I'-*'8  B a
tHo.SH     flAl*'    v* iMM'-S*   ttr    JM   *ft>t™
♦ SM   SSI SVSf  Ur    I   I,  ar. {  «   ||.a   !lr
JlOtS    m.M>    r«r   ey,  Jt^a     lV«h    •« ■»*">-
l-W'ia  li is.  rift   l< K
i«<».s. m,A«,K SHKctrr • -pot iom*%~ i*
* «t«  in*    M gtutsia  ini*   '»;*" Rims*.
isoti, «♦**, vani*/.w» i*nKirr   i*rr :«sti»»
;♦   latMnKa   AMk#a*k-4n   m   tCtKjtthdi   I* II;   21
■ Mffa  I* ;■:    ll ***« «*,.***  t* W
aysoaa am door j«pft»iM*$ as p+t
utwr cwtnitivs a mi <*«•« i ***<»■».
It- J* 5-"*    $■•*•»      "i    t"**   *   s    I'  <*    |t   |««f  c-aa*
I Sm    I   IS trm   '   t     I     pat  A-.t   tl ~.'i
tJtWTIfmi*?**   tththi;   .-   - »-.*t   «-i«.   t»u-.n.
|;« **  i;..*     ^tafaMfs.,.*-,*!    | : .*;    *  j
|«iVk %  iksstn l*3W»
H».a\v«     pfl#4|   ■"   h   »'«**-*■    m-^  •»-,.*.    eftSjOO*
ott   i  I ■  i i t   was *    ' *   *    191 *■     ' I   *    t"f>
| l:*;  M    I fcHHrMi   m       !?♦*«   W   It-li
■ui. ; I*,; .     iii    r».. i*     * -  "   !■.' :-
I      !   |KM   «
*(*f •v.!*. •>'*»   «"<    i »* ■'*■'■•*   wwa   u»i»
| |   ' | } 1 '. *    . K    | '■ M »     ». .     5 I»      '.I-
,?•     |:.*    ...      |4   i        t    M"       *+     *     f *   **■■■        i   i -fti***
il  * tits   ii   *  * ; *    '• * i'• 11i ~i
II 1-fTl « ~K .*    I -■ •■* *       I*.. »*     ** - ?s     >• \ti t at
1 * |   *i|   CWf -Ijts.
S *»M    Wttli:    l*aaai   MS   t»0    Vastcoti'
tern), Oo% baa* ft.ll tsl   VlBfiNW
rtsja rXa    p   m '***•- a p*^ sse
rt»ASTi~H ' *r t»Atun  li i   iw *.** Br*i
Rtvwrs nttv to krs msk* ijwtshpi iw
\.   i  ;*.• a    Mil •••■' * on*"■    **** "****•**'
■ s *.*,,■*      %      *    ;«» -'i '    •'-■'. p+i*n   ! irra
IT-*-*   imm   is     *'..:■$.?•*• r-j  riirou  ftk   r*r-r  ^*
.••«t-*4 tmiTt l»« S1*** 0>
:     ,     ,       i , , •■  .        I*     •   ,        rr .•*'..       X.J. **       >
;;.„,■.**       *■• • i *   . .:; « ** M     '
aitnut^a   *>• Ml M I    N*-   •'  %
%*  I  %,-  \ omi   «■•' :<• • *■ ;:    4*,,(
..,-:,,..>     '. .,.■«»    «    I*  1*1    *
f,\;   •   r **■■ '     SSe»e4«-w
•   • ||4KaHtn(:
< i \   Ko   :■*"   li I*
Orontrom • Htfldt r«on
Ot lion
14 M
4 10
11 I'
.... Ml
r *
»"*'.*-.-.      ..'«*      \fll	
lAWS   MTK    IUppi  ««-IHmi   ISIS*:* .lot
H*P5»t I4»* I'll   i a   MflflSOttfl N«>  * -SIS.M
I •
•schkws   Orwat   Sot   SosS   STlg ll <*n
. *'.    W||M  *-"■■* I Omti   tt "II oa tat!  brnwa
ft*I ha-attd |Y%|  '.''. ^tt Pot.  bfoorn i\*\ir»X v.**-**I
■   -a sol
H'lunvj* CAT   M oS :..«
Si UVA t.   SCT   X bS1 t*«!
Sttovittji  as»> ii'iMm om, .,, r«t
III I* *,:*-  -Aoft   S  .?''*.<•» ■*-  Hull' »i ||] tl |x*r
li a
«,i*,r'»t   M-mmni N--   •   HVll Soa    H*>  t
I1** <4 <|.»».    n-    »   III *-*• riot; Ko   IS, IIS.M
SUt-^RO   *|tH.   'W**1*   •"*•   *J»*   r*f  Bl -
re*   ad.     j-*f   |1K
srtKita raaasan c*r u*** n>»   v in-?**.
f H    I '4    t* M     l|   in    I- N
!♦-•   St!  f«M l*<»0*    RfttVOBlflOl  pOwtT)   n«tl!nf.
I* Ifl   MI   '•'      Ivfl    ;!    tSU  Kr<*
TACKS   CflrriMM   tAr off na* »*!
WlllK.   niUHIfl-   Car r«I>    4 t>i**ltal. «-»lll*.
a* f*.*«i   li 4«i   i !-»>!ni ho*, io t.*!» ft M
wnir o a » ,'/f *v *■
\..   I*    I**.*"    s". "   **, *   ft1     ,%,.,       Haf«iv
I . ■   u   ,|„g      |Iu-«*e,*    l*: *'    ""-*
V- 'Ill's
mei"   Trtnw
!,.<,*   IS   per
I'll    I >i«(   of   ItlM 1     V I0CIH1INM
ti   ft...  OolVOOlflOa  o,»|  uf sttK**t»
'Vu    tv,,,   >,,    «M»,f*    t'.«r'    »<fi>»«     I
I ;c   i: to   * !»»   f** -*■•   « <♦-.   »«   '
..v.J aiai^lllVKJl    V#l«»t am«-»r P«w'
»,.(    ,>  «*»» »•/.Irt.»t      I!" W   ft*1
ititsMtn is aw »!5^ •*
l*-H  * Enf llfth"' c»rdln«ry rolom
B-H   "I->iKti*ah"" white
M'll  Rit«nor Oil Shtnt!« Stain—
'W-liniry cttUtto, In  4 (al   caaa
-ftrSSSS and (Irtyt.  in 4 gal   can*
H H Anchor Shlncta 8toln~
■ordinary colora. In 4 (al can*  M 1,J».
firrana tm* Oraya. In 4 (at. cans   Ml
,   fc Oalloft
"nllnary oubrii. in  t (al   cam |4.S0
Martin Sanour porch paint         4.10
VUrtirs  Karwntr  StvAo^o whit*    ."__ 1 |i
Marim  lanonr Ntulcm-e color  S TS
Martin  Bflaon  fk*»r  (Mint    . 4 11
SBorwta   William*,   whit*   .   4.IS
Sharwta WUtaim, e«**r»r  —_~.  4.10
SSorwta  WUBamo,  porch  .      ......    4.jo
Sf.rrwtn   WlBtOBS,  MOV 4 15
n m— f«r iw ib*
Hulk,  barrel* |M)tbi „ II10
i'aUk.  iron* \w Iba  f-rt-n^m, , I.TS
»*4lk. If,*m» U Iba..__„......._.      HO
Vtoo, S tb*. p«r Ih      ,   |*t
Tina.   Jfb     „...,.. .,..._ , .11%
USSIKI) ('IU Gallon
Ilia   1 {<» 2 harr«*4* | MS
OoOsttX   I   10  2   t«arreb Ml
U:At».  WHITE IN' (Mr- T*r 100 tba
I MM torn  to l  ion        ...      ..... 414.10
KiflSfl 1110
Hrandram'*  ttSS-QlBS    .   _   -.   till
TfRP^Wrmfr-                                  CalSon
I   harrtl  k»?»  f 1.10
VaHN-SHKS— Gallon
MssOe, No i   _.. ... ..| s.jo
Battle,  No   2       ~, ,     7.41
IV   U note urn .   Ill
IV   Marin*   Spar „,.,, ...    .   7.10
IV   Furnlturf . -       III
IV   Mi  Hard  Oil               4 #4
Ui* 31 : J p«r cent.
Locsfoa**^  W.13 le«« 40
Automotive Price List
1 *l i:. &o
al |! tl each
AHS'iltTMiaa-l* -Ctrtt-w* pin He toctt. Cap
•OrOVfl Mil (No**, Srt acr«w» 30c Mtch: Ma-
ehlne arrow Ho fach; Machine nut ?lc aach
ttATTKaiEH— Hot Slu>t 12 H each; l>ry it
IH Ik each
BOOTS Tire 4-in   |t ti each
WMIKK.-* -Hoover  Twlnhar.  Ill) 40  each
t'AI'S    Itadlator.  I1.M each
• ■.illBoHrNCLl'M-Vatve (rlndlr»( l-oa  |4
,'VltUlF-S    l.umta(e. collapalble 12 25 each
CKSKN'T   lUdiaiw,   S Tb  Wotidar Work-
* r  !*>♦') dot
CHAINS -Wool J»*3S ISSS each. KilH
tlM eai'-h. 3UI I* TO each. S3x4 1120 each.
>l.al I* M *«eh     l-c-w 30r',
HID O SKIIv 30«IS |3 7S pair; IISlH
|!H pair. U%S\o H 10 pair. )0i4 S3 SS pair.
Mil |4 hii »w»lr   l^aa WW
ri.KVNKHK     \V1N1»SIUKI.I>    I'reato  |1 ...
aaeS   ium*K*l>ay, It ■*>»» «-in*i<
COILS   Spark    »ln«!e    IS 46    each; Spark
.loiib'e |lli>rt *»i«cb *»•••
DBFLBCTOIl^Wltf     adjustable 115 20
KNAMBI#-H P«. -I't tjtc l«*0 dot : 5-oi
Wonder Workar N M dt»« ! Martin Senour
uulck Drylnc,  1 <4 13c each;  I 31 IM «*ch
I |l Sic each.  \ 54c each;  «i  lie each; so
II 7ft each
HORNS-Klectrlc  15 75  each 'anam
JACKS—NO    tm   *! !>0   **lh;   No    4   12 26
•»ch:  No   41 |4<V> each
I/lCKfl     WOTOHBTSIV-Nft     2»<>    •* f*
•»-*.-h   No  **l IH*1 each: No  212 |7 50 aacn
MIRRORS   Rear view |3 0<* each
oil,   Hommobtla, ll(*it ll 55 (al ; medium
It M ml ; heavy |l 70 fill .
PVTOHFS   IU.OW   OUT--J-^lUa    No    I
«»• each;  No   J SOc each;  No.  5 78c aacn,
No   4  17c each
Pt.ATKS- BIOS   W.W  **ph,. K.   .    r
IM.l'nS- Spark Champion 43c eacn,  A. V.
Titan ty ooch. Hel-FI, M« each 34
Bakery, Confectionery and Catering
Retail Bakers Should Advertise
The   Reason? Why   expained and the methods avail sblr dt*cut*#d in detail
lo Klati r C (*li m
Advertising is thai force in modem i   r nandtsuig
that acquaints vour markel with whal you havi  lo
sell: that educates your possible customers as la
merit of your product and its uses; thai builds up
you and your business a prestige, good ai n
Like the automobile, the devclopmi al   I
ing and advertising methods during thi  pasl Iwentj
years has been one of the greal phenomena ol    isti  ■-*
Xo more adequately does the "benzine buggy*' ai
decade ago, with its paten*) leather dashboard aftd
whip holder, express the luxurious touring ears •** "
day. or tin* great eommeFeial Beets lhal an moving
our merchandise from Coast to Coast, than does "
simple definition of advertising of the nineteenth ten
tury express the great business   fortse   advertising
stands for today.
In Webster's Dictionary you aril! find this definition:
"Advertise—to give notice ot information; lo givi
or make statements, requests, or the like, in printi I
While, if you will turn to a mure modem work,
The New International Encyclopedia, you find under
'*Advertising," this:
'The method by which the producer of eommodi*
ties disseminates information regarding them. The
mediums for advertising are as follows: 1 The news
papers, magazines and trade journals; (2 occasional
literature, such as catalogues, booklets, circulars, a]
manaes. calendars, or handbills; (3 streel advertising, including billboards, stereopticons, signs and stret
ears; (4) salesmen-, and (5) personal advertising."
Advertising has become a real and recognized tai
tor iu business today. Advertising does nol alway
make a business micnAwrfnl  i.... ..
mif  a part
1 Itll^lllfl Ic*      It*-*? fl-l
ad  ip rt : - -
i»«i b ,-.*  m eoi
jfl ... ,k   | j
SO     1
i n i ■■->■■ rs thf fsem oi ■
"tto.o |ull% ^jm bagowf s j"
Ur   tn* Trho.lhf\l*\ttltj£   rf!*»f
i ■! iuois ol advertising
j iHrt^fl laerfHaoitlalita i*r
a ith   And as a !*$!** ■ ''
*.* '.. ,i„ » 7.0 *'h.   iti-xtkft.iUii
prrlifniosn iH»isikl«"ratl*nti
■ ■■'"   ||i   it   t*\lT*K*\t<t?)k  10
1   IV
■ :
2 r
**     "Mi'M
** add
I   hire,-;
i ax«»v**ai
frttrr** sn*l bsn4i     •
••*•   r^tueailoiiiil a>tvrriisln*s  *
6 \\ j
H kpfn
9 Art • |
10      l H*1 i-        t    .  m       I « •    *4   i .
, -     ' l,r*"''**'! »»1htn thr at.«r*<
l hAT\,A. r ;i,v.| aj,,^ ,K. t
1 !  V. ■
lt*il 5  ;j*»    ,
ma and *i> llt^rj irtteta
!-;-   ."m '--...-f  «t,»r» .
** 5 *" * *
■  J'*|* r luge*  ■
*Od rl if |i li r t*i *mU*S tswph
- rU<*v.io- v.. *•„,.».* |n aiib-o \» «*\y
In*w i organization advert lainjc lo edneal
pi«yp*es and tHmugh thnu aorralata and
top .ui tr..*,iiim,,% rtf advertising being
•*♦ ":: I lim jrou will ass that advertising
U blankets praetieally tin entii   I
With thf e&eeptiou of ih»  greal
rs who, beeaoiK **i thi iskk aad i
V>f fli*,r products and tH* ir app
** eotintrj a population, havi I
n«iii!t.H for sdv< rtWno on (be Urjfest m
>»<**o« ousiness successful, bul verv   fo* V        '
succeed todav wittir.m -.1..   .- •       *. '"-isiiM-.sses
Ml(1\ wiinoui advertising   Wi*i, ,i, ,
velopment and growth , t    i    .- '"' L',v•',, '••
r^^theT^i :;,; v;vrM;v s
*» -• -HoW Si ,i v,;„ •:,.; ;',1:1 b«« •*.	
Too man, „,   V od™    f,f,"' wh:" ** wt*.       -11 ** Um ■. ,   SJl,' ,"" ,,*"*,,'i,i','» ?f'
Noah Wcbator' ,1,       „ '" fe » tWr mm, lha       lha. ;„, ,,,,;.,    .«j •**!*-• »««««. ■-"•> ■
ii m^ tnh
,.* ■
1       I "   - .     M        ( ,
i   :   id
liottal dK
1,1 gri il massea of tl
ineai i
..     '' '*■'' Rdvertk r rannol uan to advantage il
* iihi-» uj  a>Iv. rf ^^^
g    I hi*, applies partlettiarl] lo
^ti,e.butbv'n;M!;:.;;:;;!;;::;;-''-- r-««•-
To many people advrrtiainTk ? ^ "ttbjw| ,,,,|;iv
Ibre, mediums: "'L  tt '"I"'-",,,! |,v 1lj(.;r
Scone of Advertising
'• i nnted announecments •,.„     •
Papers or periodicals. ftPPc«Hng the the news.
2. Painted s^.s and billboards
J^Wted yr* hantdng in stores
Ihis conception of advertising is ,,h, agf8PMi(
hi- i,\ i '   '"'    !   "pO'^ablf   tO   hi.*  1,.,-jil   j.n.blet.1  a-
M,H '"■, ii markel    i« i.   i . .     .  ,
.,-!,,,,., j [»■ as das not made n stod't ni
■ ■•«> call it) pjtpppt r„ntiH,\ „,,.,» vU».» hi
ciin ,„! *tn ^of?rlv^Wngaorof«ailoii,andw!
tisinirhl t'"   ,,U"  *Wj   Hl,nl  RtOfhods 0<
•* *"' "an itesf u*,e
The Baker's Case
V*,',i^'^i'n!!i^i'n1|tr,,|71 UP"M ,lM   SU,,j"■,  Dfs,i
M,()|)), l '" rsl waj i„ ulu. VMU Hn|llr uU.n „f ji
particular^^ i'i'" " PU-?* ,,,H aH *• today have ih
P^cw of the remil baker and his ad^ I".V
before ua, I believe there are lotnc feature**? th-:
diaCHSI lo n«lvntitag«* that apply direeflv to ail
.. retail bskif1*! wtawas b measured by bis abib
■ ..l«t she patronage a! ■ reatHetJwl locality   if a
■ ihei fails to fit hai soars of thi patronage in
bttriet iottaediateii surrounding his bakery h«-
on plctelj   if a wbolcaale baker toaas Mil in thi.**,
i neighborhood, beeausi ot the large area h«-
«    • ,   a!lli   h.isa   thi  »«lb*vr  N> ,»f  gQ  jW f  ,-, n\  uf ?jj,.
irkrt in *bi«*h i»» talks tip bis loss
Im focal bakers sae*e*iBi then depends la s ten
atesaare upon 'He patent to srhieh bts market
um him    There i* ?<■•?» II* n<« « ■>< -!1"  for anv retail
rf  ?*..■'   taking   th)    pain*   *«*.   kio--A,    •-.<   ■■    MM.-'   *•-  "V
)legre< of etiiafnetenesa    He operates in i small
, eoiapaHion vrith lm   whole*aiei and iobbcr,
;-\*o,;%* .s.iH e...ijt*^**i of posts n  ■    al W\M cos
>   ;,' a, hU pwSKM»h eitslotu-prs    The ki»«»-»l«dii.'.  he
. -,*,-;' ;;.,.• ,-„«», <• u* o.   nsmtst talks wi'.h bb ffii i ii
■ .%k.,\tItn from watching th* |»***«i|»l« srhe t om into
■ *. *'.     |i i* th* j*«'»»|*!e whet do not com* into hi*
M** Is*   fU «■*!* lO k»i»i»  ih**- most .ni-^mt, ai»«l thi*
j ui fttfoftaailoa ?*x,. onlj he leeored bi sfming out
i* !»?irf;-t«*.*| s?- s ?*■   i «■ ■• ting dMttel  sue]    * we
srs«? of out larger fiti*** bttsiti s* • • •■** rs kmi ***
■'...   ||t  »!■>  |l?rir ah*«pps? ■„-   m*'   :•  r,rk«!l'  ,;   ftMlttl
m,1|(„m|    within    & ?a*;m
•  -,    I ft ■ I \ -1 ■■ I
|)*a.a   .' **. *
lit    Si* \%t*   fb*    tO*\
ui, sxtth him yet •«h*» aw ali possibh ettstmi * rn
*■-<■..-„  ;m.f ;..'«?.= Mn, <j,,»,,,. ,,if hia it "- ■ - ibef
* '*'   j\.. {•*■■■!?* aUf-re   III   Sl'f a*' *;' 7*   ,'77n'-,.,A    "..   *.. >.
Lake of the Woods
Milling Company
Makart of
The World's Best
Daily Capacity 11800 Bbls
BC Of floss and Warehouses
l*00 Eiahards Street 1614 Store Street
A periodical house-to-house canvass conducted by
'junv it. or his ell rks, I venture will be found more pro-
Stable than spending all his time behind the counter
or in his bake shop, The thine he wants to do is to
■find oat bow many people in his neighborhood do not
mob- with him, and why they do not trade with him,
and a canvass of this character will be most illuminating
Know These Pacta or Learn Them.
Al S guide f«»r Mich a canvass, here are some of the
hings you should know aboul your market and your
imini-vf ■
! Prom what section, and from what class of
people do you attract yooi patronage.
2   What do the people think ol vour store, vour
* * * *
prieea, your ierviee, and the eourte^ of your sales
-5 what character of goods is it you make that is
attracting people t<» your store! What are ihey going
elsewhere to !»uv *
I l- ihi display of your goods as inviting, and
'—• buying as easy, as those of your competitors!
2   What other linen are there you ean add to your
*'**r» to ineel tht requirements of your neighborhood?
o Da youf windows make as ^o*n\ impression as
ihotn of your competitors?
T Hoa many people are ,cknoehing" your store
beeaaae ot some utbuinderstandingl
** Rfou many people are '*boosting" your store,
1 is'hy ire they boosters!
!* What kind of advert bung are the people in
-..■."     -.;*hb,*rho«Ml responsive toi
l*i K i neigblKirhood paper published in your
Noikbtg liista half so good as bread orJ butttr
Fleischmann's Yeast is
Bread Flavor
M. k< up a regular dough without yeast.   Its
flavor ariU be that of wel  grain.   Bake this
iugh and it will taste like baked grain.   The
',<'  - ittsfying, true bread flavor will be totally
n\v*4 |l|
N,.«  pul som« Pleiaehmann's Yeast into the
noiiei   the  real  Bread aroma     Fbiselt-
v \ . ssl indeed, is bread tlavor.
pjeis v* ,(-uVs Feast i** the soul of bread   the
nriman cause of bread tlavor.   And tlavor is
th«* biggi si Bellini: point oi your loat
II u importanl il ia, then, to use Pleiaehmann'a
VpssI  and  plenty of it.    Practically every
iak. r does know how important it is and uses
Fl, UehinannV Yeas? because it is so perfect, so
Panomalt     Service     Arkady
Tkk i, une of tht ftaluits 0/ Fleixltmann Stn'ite 36
district, or church or lodgi  papers'
11. Do the people in your neighborhood notice
window displays!
12. With how many people is your rtow thi Srat
choice—-the place where they begin their shopping
13. With how many is it second choice, or last
resort—and why?
The retail baker who kDOWl Wtch facts as these is
well on his way to give his market the consideration
and service it wants. He will find, with such informs
tion ns this at hand, the ways ami means of advertising
will unfold themselves and ofTer. nol a difficult probteta
as it now though! by many, but one thai follows ifi I
logical manner.
You will Had. as I know i? has been found by
some retail bakers, after such market analysis as han
been suggested above, that the best way to advertiai
for the reail baker, aside from having quality products
—this we take for granted—is to begin with the tnakb
of your store; gel the right kind of fixtures, dixplaj
your goods well so they are easy lit buy Trail' your
sales people to be courteous and pieaaant Train them
to not only be satisfied with the sab of the goods ■
trade asks for. but by word-of-raouth advertising *
suggest, and develop through suggestion tl
many other items you have in stock ' look well to
your front window display.
It is not enough to haw your goods alwavi ..ii
display   in   your   window,   but   tak-    a   lesson from
any• -of  the  large  and  progtmive   ,,.ai|   depart
ment   storaj-pul   variety   fa,   yMU   ui„l|iiW l
things.  It is not necessary to always show your si,
and sell out of the window.   Voo lr2 ■
a Story or-create an impression fi     !,,:,,
Wi mow display in a retail bakery shouK be
Pletely changed in character and rtyl       I   .
every week, and preferably every ds I   - S*
^w to show and  tell vmu* c Lo    - ' W"    "'ff
Powerful medium of ad^ertisiir "'   '
Make the outside appear.,, „,* v<lUr Mnr  . „
t!^\ Keep it paint,(, Hereiswh,;; "
sionismade upon many of yomr^ll?* ^»"*
coming in to bin-    i\,,.i,        , '"    ",)! !i"»
front. * '"'> I,nss by your store
ft^e£ftC»*arfe ,,,,
Place An Extension
'Phone on His Desk
If you have a member of vour ,.,*
a telephone some distance aw-J S ,on^"">' «ata*
making it necessary SIlm in i     " P*1 h" Hi"**
JBS, have an 1^';? ** **
the existing line and riJI-. <*a»setsd win,
charge for'this s^SaS^ulpTaaM **   Th*
time and footsteps will be save,! Rma" aml
buying from >**n. and who perhans »l«.» imt , ....
1*0111   SlOIt   front        rite   l*as*-|%   tlrHVefey   tHtW
one of the  most  ilnJHirlnill  |»04«m <* ft  h.,.,,,.,,.
ing and t regret lo na)  on« ol th»- trt«**t *... gj
Definitely lay out thi territory you eoiw
narkel and at pfgnlai intervals iai that ...
.     '',:! *>•!!*•; -' le'  "*.»"*. I»« a a  ?o» *»*nf»   s f**lo   t, >".»    t
through letter* or eirctilars »»■** even hsndhtlU     - ■
yoat isarkei what yoa havt to wflftr tb***,,.        „ )(
your gton stands foi   Inviti them u*. yout n
wi     Ihej roast in main good *»n -ali yotti »*
. > i .„k;;■.„' *' -7. % i*i? viiiK yoa pfotttabh ■ (I
from thi point of service rendered
Taki     ■'■ imagf-i    ot    jMcasonablf    upimrt
sp, r$f,i! -<..,.!.       md s|mrial seiYifS     Theft  i* I   i
n, « f..   nsttpt   m    lhal   *<*   ••**'   |H*l   {*frllr   wm,
mWo part 11 Mir titji asking na U sn mak<
* ikes    Host*   retail iiaki  i in otti eilj  iri
J«,iV»I ■•■**'    ,*.<   .*.   ',* «■?*  $ef(||)   unpai."'. ..il:!' 1    to   t* t\ 1
lo *',>:•■ iH'itthborhocMl in Vi?.* Mrtte^tliii lim
L**to the Cotnbtnatvtio
Tm urays to adrerths ih sla ast innni
'   v  =*<  '■■    *   ii.v     \j« riejie- V:,;»"  *l,   di^to V «   a.   *
*o 1"*», f -; l*w* r -*,  J a  I tint  IhtS  , I*ii  lo **',   ^ l^jxra-*-1.^* *    *m
■ ' '',* ' ■ s"    i *> ' * ■      "    ' '.     ; | .Ml    " '.:', *    x7: ■   " ' •  ■-     .
o my-Alrrtuiia*    iNunirlhtntf'" tht-i  h/*»«**»  jsotiitas
••' ■*,i^ n %m k la   ahl I   il '; • | rottld bul d
-soul 1 Sf-ors tits*^if l»i ihrji  ' iMsiiifr-j-n     *\i|vr*rtt*i  •
kflf»W », d-jf"*    ■'•"'    :'.•<'*«     ;.e,,.|    ...    I'liU*.      i;;,-.l>;.       *,,v:..
*r:'      ''   Rri  llff  ish •*» if-flfoft  »|V«i  Scfertrr »lia*«*Jv. j;
"•"'"'    miRl    IS   tS   ai   Htlpltr^i   to   ttsOt   I*H|*,II!■*-*%;%       I
iraet t* hk« i isfi    nrrbspn vou ran -»*"*3 '
It la eua|«-f (o 1Si
PROriTS  or   f\.gi*tt>*******  COMMAS'*
ih.  HfiseinBiuia Comasai im Um «i!***t"'r-* i "■'•■
' '■ -    ■• 7o   .-   |«      -    ..-. ,      •  j; 7'7 7 t   )A  ■ '
'    ':    f '    " ISltl     *;*.;'    ||   * •■*    jwrfrjf f«*4   s|i *•!'•♦*"".'*--    :  l   I
'•"''   *'*'".'•     '   ,m  *   •   .. ■    latfia «»' .'*«■ pal etJtr.tr.
5     " *-; •»■•' i sua t: 1*1103 ." || (9 a *!*-**1 n -f**'
;' • \V   "    J* "" " * w llvlla Mmn ts thi latrl tan
JV  '    "'"'"'   'l r '■■■:■ 1 ta till ihi "*•■ laeasM
1. ■-*♦.::.-.. whtrh u sam-iatcai la i*« i siMsrs ai
f:V . ,s''    ;*"* 'Vt  I ■'■•.!.-M,  r,,js»|^i(.*-«i p|th l*:"'>'*
'■''?"*' ,**M*;rjj(-**   t*e<-'   n ' ;.
1 -
[8(       ;   H     "
nA»hiy frritinn l«»i
* 1 lism, Ms*), laek*1' si
1   1
li* •
;-N ,*"',t uses 1 1  *;,t old hIa*h»IIi%. s li«
,M'"a*   fill ttiKtrestloiis    Tb.* idta ih ss old a<
111,*    It    l>    <, rl.        ' »
-   ■■      ■ 'm hmtitir-r* it  weak  nd
mi ?!
'•   *     * d not    The snswi t i** lo
,...       . ""> m Ipful and eomph ••
•ru   ,, •    '"'" r';H!"*i 1 Person^ ChriMmsji k-i!? rhoi
,*,... .   1 ,,       '* nu*     '" i»* reaon Ihe alfl U Inti
,|, f*   ;,   j      ... '"«>li«y   thr r|«i|t«tr h^a tttOft «r I"
?™JICJ? ^^ to spend "on" the rreblrnl    Tl
'""  laclnm    h    .!•   n   f  , 1, a il 1        11
eonven th  i (,f,!«^« ♦»! Un- wmjfcstion lisl
' mint mto worthwhlk advertising
lions in twof «  8<lveHWng elawdfies mis
roniino   »V'    ^^    ,,,rM   h" !,i,H t'»fu elaaaifled
v1„11,k(,,u;,|;""l|,,""N   ^^.   mother   yotina  p
;;   ■ - *i«rttar mreetheart, He    The,,   r elaasi
ber ofCC-Sll2fV M fhiH ,,|i,n lH «*nW out, the
lvi|| p™«" »*"•"— and tha advartits
in need ■■Wntfcm, beeom« a eerltabh
■no n
frii • I
Buy in British Columbia
• s
*fS.   Illilllt 5    SJ*mwWtm\*\
Wtsssmm ta WotMm
e*$sa a to yntsfttot.
'•ARTNfV.     t*0p*0*1*Ul a*
■ '  P*t, %.■  O'Sf. Vs*Mt*vvtr,
«■■  I .I:W-1.   ..- ;.;.,/..
Tbe Finest
h nowNTacc. Htpesaaatalta
NsMin^i v»'ttt. Vaaeaavsr.
Milne fr MiJJelton
l »m t«d
,1, •
iisssii Mllilseey, Noi'o«i «,*
afataf strt«t
M i i.
•' naah trust aad ma***** ths
' al lafretttaati   wm natisfy
* moti ttatttaf
vANcouvia, a c.
Maas ami ramrai hoalefy kolttsd
oyfr-rwesr *s.4 hand knitting yotnt.
Refwassatsd Is British GottHabts
1   O   STEWART.
J?S  M«mtr   H,  Vaneouvtr.  fi,  .C
E. Chrystal & Co. Ud.
s*•»*■*,  DaseSi Store  Ptxtsrsi ind
iaj Qeargla Strati &   Vanaaaver,
ti /TEAS'
..'4i     «•      a* mmaatatTmm   "
Ps|m i tag •
•a-x %\.\Av.t   (*ifM»l
'on HsmUtsu Si. Vanese-vsfi 8 c.
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Ueal Agt«u
§io Hastfnfi Wast
■Iimii lay. 2S08
pAPtn co   I io
0 %\t bu!»-»«  AfSRl tot  8. C,
Vstas Paper Specialist *~S
ioss MAMofON ITpast
V*N*COUV «•»   M   G
10.9 Ham.lton  St Vancouver. B, C.
Ph«nt   Stv   3112
E. S. CHAMBERS. Agency Manager
424 Cordova St W. Phone. Sey. 3911
(audita Pistil Cereal (•.,
Head Office
local Agents:-—
739 Hastings St W.
Sey. 9337
Rhone:   High. 3889
Manufacturers of
Purest Made     Cost  Lest
Wt have ttttn appointed Selling
Afltftte fcr tht "BEAVERPUF." a
leather   compact   in   many  colo-'S.
The   fiateat   selling   Powder   Puff   on
tht British Market.
WhcUsait on!)'.
Sey.  131
Associated Agencies
615 Pender St VV.
Vancouvei  0*fi« r
332 Water Street
Scales, Slicers. Cutters and Cabin.
ets-~-New, Rebuilt and Second Hand.
Cash or Terms,
Sey. 2881
365 Cordova St. W„ facing Homer. 38
Buy in British Columbia
•   0
1068 Homer Street       Vancouver.
Manutactured in British Columbia
and guaranteed.
CO.   LTD.
1505 Powell  Street.
804 Bower Bldg.
W. S. DUNN. Manager.
1166 Burrard  Street     Vancouver.
McCormick Mfg. Co. Ltd.
1150  Hamilton   Street, Vancouver.
C. H. KENNEY, Manager.
The British Columbia Retailer will
be pleased to furnish subscribers
the names and addresses of representatives or agents of eastern
manufacturers in Vancouver. We
will also advise where their commodities can be purchased.
Carnation Milk
B. C   Rep'tae-tat *e
134 Abbott St Vancouver.
Hams & Bacon
Swtftt "Premium"
Norfolk Paper Ca. Ltd.
Water Repcllant Clothii
R. A. SIME, B.C Dumbuirr
iammlata Ha**) aa aaai
SOS Mercantile Bfdg . Vi«c»u»f'. 6   C
tattUatai U«4t • hfrnOt
123 Powell Street Van,„
E. H. Walsh & Co. Ltd., Agents.
318   Homer  Street.
TU Pnrattttit o( Quaint
m   2nd Art M    Vaaiourer
t, N   tojoith a c*   lis., nsstm
HI Hans* moot        Vsjtmomt
C. Ha Jooei & Sod
JobtiOtts   Ot
God  Mtda! Camp  FansHsfS       _
Cotlo* dw*fc. an tt*WmS ***S SrttfSU |
Vaaaaasan a, c.
T   O   STARK T*»lep»»«"«
'04J H»tn,Hott   Si'eet.
8        Mall        %
K Advertising »
jjj Bi Yom> christsw TKd» y
ft    < «mpiei« t Saaapataai     |j
IUm.iuj ttliti »,,«»i il
» • <*«» t*aia taot'iittt *»■•»»* *i«k    a(7
'**<"**• a.h'l i Hrtt ata Vtwnt'tl       "I
| Wrigley
-   7
Directories, lid  ff
I" IU«it, s« vi        iwt   J*?»      M
Made ia Canada—from Canadian Papers
"SIMPLEX"    -   Light Manilla
"MAPLE LEAF"  Li^t Kraft
"LION"      -   -    Heavy Kraft
A Bag suitable for every kind of Merchandise—
Made by St. Lawrence Paper Bag Co.
The Sausage that brings pictures of delightful anticipation to the
mind of the World.   Noted for its flavor.
Swift's MBrookfteldM Brand Pure Pork Sausage is made of pink
and white morsels of pork, delicately seasoned with pure spices.
That, and the fact that it may be purchased FRESH, in clean, at
tractive cartons, gives a concrete story of the tastiness and convenience of this product.
Swift Canadian Company, Limited
% •^■^
Buster Brown*s
Sister's Stockings
are knit from a
two>thread English mercerised
lisle and are most
suitable for girls'
wear. Black, tan,
camel, sand, pink,
blue and white.
Fewer Trips to the
Mending Basket
—that's the big argument that clinches sales
for Buster Brown Stockings. That fact appeals to the busy mother. And besides, these
famous stockings have neat appearance and
comfort embodied in every pair. They have
two-ply legs and three-ply toes and heels— for
long wear.
The rapid sale and steady profit involved in
handling Buster Brown Stockings have led
nearly every worth-while store in Canada
catering to needs of boys to carry a complete
range of sizes.
Your wholesaler has Buster Brown Stockings
to supply you.
Chipman-Holton Knittinjt Company, Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
Mill* «t Hamilton otid ttflUnJ


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