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The British Columbia Retailer Oct 31, 1920

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'He Britis
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Published Monthly,
A M«>NTHI,V JOURNAL published in the interest of Retail atcrchan*
«h*»iisr* and the Development of Commerce in Western Canada.
SUBSCRIPTION RATE  Two Dollars tvr Year, payable in advance,
A<!v«*riif4tiK RatSS on Application.
Ed.tor: W  J   HUGO.
Telephone, Seymour 3*»6i.
Vol. XU . No, 2
OCTOBER, 11)20.
Vancouver, B.C.
The Bulletin reproduced elsewhere
of the Indianapolis Better Business
Bureau la one thai ean be of just as
much profit to the retail merchants
of n 0 a* in any retail merchants
anywhere, The avil in certainly i
great mi,- and it seems to grow bigger ever} day and like everything
else that Ii not itrictly above board,
ii \h hound lo re-act, and ■ penn**
made tode) becomes i dollar lost in
the time to eome. Some "markings
down" might be gennine enongn but
the man in the street with s fair
supply of i*1*''.' matter in lus cranium
in not earned awa) nor convinced by
a lavish 'is.' of red Ink, especially
when prices arc ent in a half There,
of course, accumulates odd lines,
damaged and out of fashion goods
from season to season that can be
Hold at  cost  or below   to clear and
there are occasions beyond the eon«
trol of even tin* most scientifically'
condnoted business when it becomes
desirable to move out goods at gen
nine reductions for reasons with
which neither public nor competitors
ran be expected to be familiar. These
sun be ho labelled and 8 ready sale
made because there are people not
s,» fastidious as others to whom a
las! Reason's straw hat, or eostume,
as the ease may he, is as good as one
just in. and to whom a little stain
or "fade" doesn't amount to mueh.
The retail merchant who is most res
peeled-  by  himself an well   as   his
customers and  others   is  he who
calls a spade a Spade and sells his
goods for what they are and at i
fair profit The other man may make
the more money at the moment hut
the teat of time will find the tradesman who toes the line of integrity a
rock amongst his competitors ami
townsfolk.   To such a man tradi
will Mow he yets the people's confidence and at the same time what is
greater than all. he is playing the
game fairly and squarely to the satisfaction of his own conscience and
lo   the   credit   of   himself   and   his
The address of Dr. W. J, Ilindley,
director of the Bureau of Education
of the Washington K.M.A., made to
250 retail merchants and friends at
the annual meeting of the Vancou
ver Branch R.M.A. on Oct. 4th, was
a speech that will live in the memories of those who heard it for a
long time to eome, for not only was
it an eleeutionary effort of remarkable brilliance hut it was so full of
ideas and thought, expressed with
lucidity and connectedness. His
subject was "The function of the
retailer in the community," and the
ovation that followed his 1(H) minute
oration was most remarkable and so
were the audience moved that Mr.
Stearman's rapid action in calling
for the extinguishing of the deficit
of the branch was followed by cash
payments "on the spot" and a promise of subsequent amounts for the
members present.
The fact that Dr. Ilindley spoke
for nearly two hours without a note
stamps him as an orator of no little
ability and one to be classed with
much better known Americans of
silver-tongued gifts. It was not a
successful and popular address because he flattered, for he handed the
retail merchants some hard but
deserved knocks and the deft way
he handled the matters affecting the
U. S, and Canada in such a manner
as to antagonize neither a countryman of Uncle Sam nor Jack Canuck
was admirable, for he welded the interests of both countries into one
and spoke of the Republic and the
Dominion as though to all intents
and purposes they were one. A few-
such speeches as his delivered in the
interests of friendship between Canada and her neighbor would do much
to overcome the doctrines and expressions of discord that at this moment
are propagated by enemies of both
countries. The best comment on Dr.
Ilindley's remarks is to say. "Read
them" as epitomized elsewhere in
this issue. But doesn't it seem a pity
that a good Canadian like Dr. Ilindley should have to seek his field of
expression on the other side of the
line. Why couldn't the R.M.A. of
Canada have a man like that to go
through the country with his inspiring message'
A report comes from Ottawa that
sweeping changes in direct Federal
taxation will be made in the Finance
Minister's next budget. Among
these changes, it is said that the luxury tax is included and that the
sales tax will take its place. The
tax is I per cent, on the turnover of
manufacturers and importers. It is
easily collected and is not noticed by
the average   purchaser   because   no
You Have Not Read This Journal, Until You  Have Studied the Advertisement*. 12
• *
invoice is supplied.   The    luxury
tax is not a vote getter in any case.
and votes are what the Government
wants at the next election.
In justification of its probable removal it is contended that one of its
designs, namely to encourage thrift,
has not   really   materialised.    It  i*
"Know Thyself"
Dr. W. J. Hindieys Great Address Before the Members of the Vancouver
Branch R. M. A
Before that, the most representative gathering of retail merchants
]m, (,onteml(ia tha1 if thl, co8, 0f ever brought to-rether in Vancouver
living decreases it will not be a rev- every man o   which  followed   1
enue getter and will cost more than H^'^r w«th stramed ***«^ !"
it is worth to administer.
It would appear that lhe "unworkable" tax has suddenly been discovered to be also poor politics. The
view point of the retail trade with
regard to the luxury tax will be presented to the Tariff Commission at
Ottawa very soon I possibly before
this issue appears) by the Dominion
Executive Council of the R.M.A.
Questionnaires are now in the hands
of the Association members and
branch secretaries throughout the
province, and Provincial Secretary
Hougham expects to have these returned shortly when the opinions of
B. C. will be indicated to Dominion
Secretary Trowern to form part of
the recommendations which will be
made to the Tariff Commission.
YY. .1. Ilindley, who is Director of
Education for the State Retailers'
Association of Washington, deliver
ed an address of nearly two hours
duration, which  Was  the most  mas
terly analysis of economic condi
lions, as they affect the retailer in
the community, that has ever been
presented   to   an   audit-tie.-   of   \ an
couver business men. Dr Rind It*}
combines the faculties of lhe anal)
tieal student with the compelling
power ^i the orator in s truly re
markabls degree, and the Vaneoi
ver Branch of the R. M. A, ar. eon
gratulating  themselves  upon  their
good fortune in having been able ?>>
secure Dr, Hindi'} s services, A
printed report, even though it were
verbatim, of Dr Uindley'i address
could hardly convey the spirit of
his utterances which were charact
Dealing with some ol the causes
which during the last five years bad
contributed    towards   the   present
mental attitude of society lo the re
tader. the speaker dwelt *» detail
upon the advancement «»! prices eon
sequent  upon the war,  which  )!»•*
public had cheerfully made, aa *»*•
ing  part  of tJour contribution  lo
what  '''    conceived lo he the *n
tercets ol! humanit)      when, how*
pver,   hostilities   ceased   wHh   the
armistiei   h reaction In the poMr
mind immedlatei) set in, and ever)
one looked for s reduction in the
cost of b-uig, forgetting lhal   for
U\e  yean  the   *'ntir«--   ph'< -4e(i!   :■.
material strength and retonreea of
western civilisation   bad   been   en
gaged in mutual extermination v ;»*?
areas uf hitherto productive teifi
torv, whole communities of hitherto
industrially   engaged   people   had
been devastated    Production of the
necessities of life   excerpt  for •'*»»»»
hatants, had atrooal ceased, and the
world was therefore  brought   iae<
"We hear a lot of the terribh
waste of 'money in supporting mid
dlemcn. The men loudest in tin
noise and those who are too "simoi
pure" to join the organization, who    to tin
ri/.ed throughout by a forcefulnesa to face with s condition of nhyaieal
and eloquence  punctuated  with   s exhaustion, with insistent demands
sparkling humor and delivered with for prod lets far exceeding lhe *"p
all the magnetism of a vibrant per p{\      To meet the tremendous *n>
sonality. aneial demands of the   AIIit-**.  an
In driving home again and again enormous)** inflated paper enrrene'
his argument for Btronger and more had been l<» loose m all routine*.
boast that they do not belong to the
combine but they are willing to tret
its benefits free. These men by their
individualism arc largely responsible for the support of "middlemen"
and wholly responsible for the debacle in prices when production is
fficienl organization among retail
■rs. the Boeaker paid s high tribute
effectiveness of organisation
creating   an
prosper) t'«
wherewith ?•» mer? the enhanced ',<4^
as represented bj the great l4ibor
and Farmers" Unions of the North
American Continent These bodies
said Dr, Ilindley, half s century ago
were ridiculed by business men who
looked upon their ideals as Utopian,
and then- schemes as impracticable
large.   Farmers should organize ami To day these greti  classes of the
cease to worry about  the middle community had swepl b) the retail'
men.   when   you   are   properly   or- ''•'.    Their interests were the direct
gauized he will die a natural death, responsibility   of  Government   D-
your produce will then be conduct- partments administered by Csbinel
ed by  your selling agencies  right portfolios.
from your gate to the door of the
consumer and all unnecessary overhead and middlemen will be eliminated."
Thus speaks the "Fraser Valley
Record." Is not this rubbing it in
and does not this at once take you
to Mr. Ilindley's speech at Vancouver. Read, again what he says in
the latter part of paragraph 8 of
his remarks printed elsewhere, he-
ginning with the words "With
apt illustration."
Diversities      included
reference to them in their curricula
Public opinion was swayed by them
From a teeming mass of competitive
individuals elbowing and jostling
"'"'I' other for .jobs and markets,
they had evolved into organic units,
while  the  retailer  intent   unon   his
own  business was now held
SCOrn   by   these   saiio
were not afraid to sav'tha't the re
taller was an unnecessary cog in th,
economic   machine,   who   could   In
displaced with advantage to thi
"f living, and in ereditor countries
tins tiring had been taking th*'
form of n Hot u» luxuries, regardless
of the fact that the world's stock
ol necessities stood al the famin*
mark Retailers who were the laal
link m the chain from producer to
consumer, had been the victims of
the economic law, as hnd all other
sections of society, but because Ihej
were closest to thi p ihlk and
easily reachable \>% Press and I'lai
form, thej had been singled out and
hehi up as objects of suspicion and
distrust, the whole business »»f r«
tail distribution being brought into
contempt, because here and there
individuals had endeavored to makf
i profit out of proportion to the
service rendered by them This su*
picion and distrust fomented by
to   political schemes and aspiring mob
l""I'l"     who    leaders   had   become   articulate   in
freak  legislation,  which  knew   no
geographical boundary, and exnreas
ed  itself with equal abaurditv al
Washington,   Dv,   as   it   did   at
Dea. With Our Advertise,    They Make Thi, Official Publication
Poiilble at $2.00 a Year. 1920.
The   Press,   said   Dr.   ilindley,
whose business is the retailing of
news was forced b) the very nature
of that business to feature the sensational    and   unusual,      its    front
page corresponded to the retailers
front window, but the retailer
through  his  advertising  paid  the
overhead, and for thi* privilege had
the satisfaction of seeing the busi
tites of retail distribution brought
under contempt both bj sensational
headline and misinformed editorial
While the Press should have utilised
its great power to educate the pub
lie mind, explaining the laws, whose
Inexorable operation were respon*
sible for the present condition of
affairs u* society, they bad been so
busj with Petrograd, Paris and
London that the) bad had no space
to spare for presentation of (sets,
which il»»" public should know with
reference to the basic causes for the
high cost of hung following his
theme step by step, Dr Hindley
drove 1mm** with tremendous ear
phasta  that   the  responsibilitj   for
tlo* public ignoraner was not wholl)
the fault of the Press, but largely
that of the retailers themselves, who
had been *<> s istomed io agree
with ibeir customers upon evcrj
po*n»jble occasion thst the) had
lost the self respecl which demands
justice snd asserts its rights, while
recognising I I i responsibilities
Trained by the wstchword 'The
etistomer is alwavs right," the re
tailer had been helpless and iuarti
eulate before the bar of public
• »pmion, whnh, said Dr lundle*»
was the I ourt of 1.4"?   Appeal, as a
result of which his verj position
in society bad been undermined!
and was now perilous!) insecure
Witlr apt illustrations, homo times
with    gripping    esrnestness,    and
again   with   flashes   of   humor,   the
speaker wen; on to emphasise the
paramount  nccessit)   for  organise
lion among retailers Twit hut* them
with sitting' Stipineh  b)   while their
laws were framed for them bj law
yen  unfamiliar  with   business,  and
interpreted by judges ignorant  of
economies,    Dr    llindle\    said   that
the majority of men who make our
business laws are as innocent of the
real principles of business as the
Babes   In   the   Wood       Who,   asked
the Speaker, introduced the amend
ment   \o  the  Government's   Luxury
tax proposals in the Federal House
at Ottawa) Was it a business man'
No'  Igld   he,  the  final   amendment
representing the viewpoint of the
retailers Of Canada  was  introduced
by the representative of the Par*
mora' Organisation,  which  was g
splendid   illustration   of    the    fact
The following it a synopsis of changes In Luxury Tax regulations,
effective November First, 1920:
1. All retailers selling articles subject to Luxury Tax to be licensed.
License fee, $2.00. Number of license to appear on all orders. Wholesalers
may not supply retailers w.ihout first satisfying themselves that the retailer
is licensed.
2. Stamps to be used. Procurable from Inland Revenue Department,
Customs Officers and Banks.
3. Purchaser buying taxable articles must be given sales slip showing
tax separate. Retailer must affix to sales slip sufficient stamps to cover
tax. Stamps must then be perforated—AFTER, not before the transaction.
Penalty, fine of ten t mes amount of tax not paid, with a min.mum of $50.
4. Perforating machine is loaned by the Government and serially
5. Each retailer must keep sufficient supply of stamps on hand to meet
requirements. Failure to have stamps available will be no excuse for nonpayment of taxes. All books and records are open to inspectors' examination, who have the naht to approach the customer as well as the retailer.
All records must be kept two vears.
Further information cheerfully furnished by Secretary, George S.
Hougham, Retail Merchants' Association, 424 Pacific Building.
thai retailers a* a class were political orphans     Dr,  Ilindley told the
stor) of the boy who was requested
!>;, his teacher to write a description of the cerebral column.   The
bo) s description was terse and to
the p«unt It stated that the ere-
bral column is your backbone you
think with one end and sit on th<'
other    Retailers, stated Dr. Hind-
le)   were the cerebral column of the
community, but the politicians evident!) regarded them as the sitting
In passing Dr. Ilindley made some
references to Cooperative stores
and said that the retail trade could
have n«i objection to the application
of the principle of co-operation, so
long as the .stores paid their dividend after it had been earned and
Make no mistake,'
said  Dr.   Hindley,    "unless   your
business and its methods measure
up   to    that    standard    of   service.
which is the heritage of a slowly
evolved civilisation, it cannot last."
A business which claimed the sup
port of a community merely on the
ground Of price might reach a certain limited field, and meet a certain want, but in the last analvsis
the public demanded more and better service, and if the conditions of
such service were properlv explained to them b\ the organized retail
trade, they would pav for value received, as no one wished to go back
to the business and social standards
Of his ancestors The luxuries of
yesterday were the necessities of
todaY, and the honest intelligent re
tailer a'de to interpret the wishes of
his community and relate hinv»elf
and his business to its expansion
could create a niche for himself
from which no mere competition of
price could dislodge him.
Dr. Hindieys final appeal was
for a rallying to the Association on
the part of all retailers and for a
broadening of its platform. If,
said the speaker, retail merchants
conceived of their Association
merely as an instrument for the protection of their special privileges,
and were content to make it function as a purely regulative organization, concerned merely with the
details of business administration,
then they had misinterpreted its
purpose, and under-estimated their
own position in the community. Said
the speaker in eloquent sentences
which brought the meeting to its
feet, "the principles of Christian
civilization are principles that must
be applied to business, and the
Kingdom of Cod on Karth will
never be established until its business standards are based on Christian ethics." "Apply those ethics,
co-operate," said Dr. Ilindley,
"with all the best elements in your
community, seek the wisdom of the
University, and tell the public the
truth about your place in the
scheme of things, and your Association will become a success in the
best sense of that term."
The speaker was tendered an
ovation by the meeting which was
as spontaneous in its expression as
it was full of sincerity, and the
opinion was unanimous that the
evening marked the definite establishment of the Vancouver Branch,
of the Retail Merchants' Association
of Canada, upon a basis and with
a future which will be a source of
personal gratification to every one
of the Executive officers who have
endeavored lovallv during the year,
which the meeting brought to a
close, to honorably discharge their
obligations to their fellow* retailers. 74
Canadian Hallowe'en Candy
By Ernest A. Dench.  Special to the "B.C. Retailer."   (Copyright.)
Hallowe'en is the first of the three
end-of-the-year events that may be
always relied upon to boost candy
sales'. You have probably been
taking things quietly all summer, so
now is your opportunity to jazz up
your business in preparation for the
winter's trade that is ahead of you.
People will have now settled down
after their vacations, with the result there is none of the spirit of
jmsettledness that exists right up
until Labor Day.
While in Montreal last October,
a number of effective Hallowe'en
displays attracted my attention, so
here goes—
Candy for the Party
One of the Laura Seeourd Caudy
Shops exhibited a card that resbul
on a blackboard and easel. r! be
white pasteboard card was written
in black and ran as below:
"The Complement of Hallowe'en
Parties would he assured by
serving Laura Seeourd Candies"
Small witches and cat figures were
scattered in between the boxes of
candy, while where dishes were used
these were lined with Hallowe'en
paper napkins. The trim was floored
with green plush. Another card
hung at the back of tin trim called
attention to the fact thi t   •
"These Delicious Candies are made
in our sunlit studios. Fresh
every hour."
Use of Hallowe'en Colors
Jassbys floored their trim with
orange crepe paper, squares being
formed by the introduction of twisted coils of black paper. Boxes of
chocolates were laid on the squares
so formed.
Pushing Taffy Sales
Goodwins, Limited, had a display
of taffy in a small side trim, half
floored with orange satin and the
other half covered with black satin.
Attached to the electric light bulbs
above were black and orange rib.
bons, hovering above the tray filled
with Hallowe'en taffy in the centre.
A Hallowe'en paper lantern was
laid on top of the tray. Down
front were pumpkins on stands.
MeKeown Ltd. had a display of
nickel chocolate specialities The
various chocolate covered bur* and
shapes were placed in individual
lace paper ettpa, adorned with typi
eal Hallowe'en designs
Preparing for the Hallowe'en Rush
To  take  care   of  the   I la lloWS'mi
rush. MeKeown a introduced a self*
service feature     Near lhe door were
two tables, laid with vrlaile linen,
over which wars stacked boxes ol
candy all  packed   to   carry   away
One   table   contained   lhe   lifty een?
special, wrapped in white, while thr
other table   eras   slacked   with   the
seventy-live cent special, wrapped in
pink Of course it would have been
luore appropriate had the boxes b«*eu
wrapped   with   orange   and   blaek
Pumpkin a Seasonable Accessory
Grants' ftoored their   *r,,n   **•*••
crepe pap«T, over which single layer*
of the different kinds of nut ebooo
lates were laid    Bach kind of cand*.
An Halloween Poem
Hacking up the foregoing displs)
was a newspaper advertisement   in
serted under the caption of   Tot
Pourri." The first part of the advertisement was devoted to a poem
on Hallowe'en, as follows:
"When   Witches  ride high   up   on
About   the   dimly-lighted   rooms,
'Tis  HallowenVn!
When goblins smirk and pumpkins
And ghostly stories pinch the skin,
Tis Hallowe'en!
When children masquerade SO gay,
And at bob-apple laughing play,
Tis Hallowe'en
When boys on window-panes "tick
And    pussy-cat    has    high -arched
Tin Hallowe'en'
When little boys are over fed
And little girls go tired to bed,
Tis Hallowe'en!
was separate
mould in h«
tween, a pump-kin being perched on
the top of th*' mould.
Several other llall«>w*-Vu window
Party Suggestions
Then followed a number of Hal
lOWe'en  party suggestions,   few   of
h are quote**
display* were arrange*!
treat stationery  and   fane)   foods
Stores       Thee*    can.    with    tumor
ehsnges,  be employed  by   eoities
t loners
The Witch s Cave
Locke Brothers arranged the rear
of their wmdow to represent •*
stitch's cave, which whs constructed
out of cardboard mould-*, covered
with Hallowe'en crepe paper "he
entrance to the cavs was guarded
by a wit* figure g«»t up gi i witch,
who held I broom in one band     K\
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    tending from the cave* entranee I
lowe'cn taffy-walnut,  35c  lb.    down in front WSW blaek and orang--
crepe paper streamers, The stream
ere served to direct attention to tin-
goods that were displayed down in
DdOW :
The Kiddies Wouldn't call it a
Hallowe'en party if there was
no taffy."
We've goi tons of special Hal*
plain. 'Aiy.
And, of course, chocolates "
And cakes! We looked into
our Pastry Department and
the    delicious    smell    makes
Now for the Ohostl!
ones    mouth
think of it."
water   as    w.
Effective Use of Hallowe'en Crepe
The Castle Blend Tea Store floored
their candy window alternately with
orange and black crepe paper. BoXCS
of party crackers were laid on the
floor at each side, with disl
candy in the middle.
Jassbys    introduced    ®    lifelike
figure of a gboSt filed in white flow
ing garments, al Ijbe rear of their
trim    At the opposite side a tire was
laid with real logs, plseed on top of
which were red electric light bulbs,
imparting an eerie appearance to the
Scene at night A cauldron hanging
OVer the fire made the effect even
more spooky, Down in front was1 a
of table set for a Hallowe'en party,
with favors and everything
You Have Not Read This Journal, Until You  Have Studied the Advertisements. !»20.
B.C. Merchants Who Have Made Good
2.   HARVEY  MURPHY, Nanaimo.
Mr Murphy's 81ogan for Success Is
An Unlimited Capacity for
Taking Hard Knocks."
Hsrvej  Murphy, the well known
Nanaimo   men-bant,    w«s   born   at
pi-mbrokc, Ontario, and commenced
his wag. .•.sriiHtg lift   by working in
'!.< nickel ntHir.-) al rtudbur) at the
age of It years; he pass,,! ius High
Kchool entrance wh»b- at tins oeou<
patnui and after   two   and   a   half
yesre work he earned enough to
pa\ feir a t< rm at college and when
funds giivi- out be r**t irn»*«' to work
-iii'sS I -   .,•• * anothi i staki
Mr Mnrph> got ius initiation into
his present line of business through
the   Hudson's   liai   Company,  for
.»fti<r sen ing ss dn\ • r of one of their
deliverns at  th*   nge of seventeen
and stesdilj rising in their estiros
(ton during his t««d.e yesrs' service
witb thi      lii '■■ - ■■ me bit)er, <» posi
tion i<  h< Id fi   n the sixth j car of
ins connection w it I   the o     At the
age i»t 18, he had b< ii  tra   ferre i
to Southern Alberta iror     Sudbury
and  >t   -;-• .   ■-,   ,s   ,'.,-.■;  f.nr  Mr   Mu>-
pir. as Uu Ha..' that he got ail
bis business training with this firm
I he earn da\ s ol
berts were indeed
woolly' and the principal calling
there eras In connection with cattle,
but ■ oung "Hsrvej and one or 'wo
more were opt must n- enough to believe that the great fertile ranges of
Southern Alberta would grow wheal
and he invested his spare essh m s
tract of tun sections near the town
of Macleod, at a rer) low figure an
Bt re, and he broke the land and
planted wheal on it and was one ol
the pioneers In the prairie wheat
business, an agricultural attainment
which     has    now     placed     Alberta
amongat   Canada s   finest     wheat
growing provinces
lie mid his farm at its greatly
increased Milne, and leaving the
employment of llttdaon's Bay, he
started in business in the Crow s
Nest Pass in the town of Prank,
Alberta, where he made a business
success and moreover was elected
Mayor for two terms,   lie stayed
In Frank for eight years, a success
ful business man. but when the (lis
turbaucc   caused   by   the   dangerous
condition of one of the peak-i of
Turtle   Mountain    necessitated    the
moving of  the  business  portion  of
Southern   Al
wild    and
is one of the eit> 's most respected
business men and citizens. He has
been there for eight years, occupying the same stand until October
1st last when he moved into the
best corner location in Nanaimo
(corner Commercial and Bastion
streets , and today has one of the
finest men's and boys' stores iu
B, C His store motto is "Quality.
Service and Value." and besides
having a very up-to-date store in
all respects he b'si*ts on strict integrity and courtesy throughout its
Mr. Murphy is a good Roman
Catholic and a member of the
Knights of Columbus. He is now-
acting for the second term as president of the Nanaimo Hoard of
Trade and his other offices include
vice-presidency of the Nanaimo
Rotary Club and president of the
Nanaimo branch of the R. M. A.
of Canada.
We welcome such men as Mr.
Murphy to our gallery of successful
merchants of B. ('. who, by honest
perseverance have surmounted difficulties and become highly res-
he  has been  there ever since,  and    petted members of the community.
V^ePresident  B.C.  Board.  R.M.A.
o' Canada.
tlo- town OUt Of the danger /.one,
Mr Murphy, like a wise man, came
to   the   good    ORI   Coast    and    hit
Nanaimo the very first thing and
B C Retailer'' Reproduces Bulletin Sent Out to Indianapolis Merchants That Can be Read With
Much Profit in B. C
The danger arising from the indiscriminate use of comparative
prices in retail advertising is stressed in an interesting and effective
manner by a report recently issued
i«\  the Better Business Bureau of
Indianapolis, which is affiliated with
the National Vigilance Committee of
the Associated Advertising Clubs of
the World, says a bulletin from the
offices of the latter organi/.ation, in
New  York.
"Comparative price advertising,"
suggested the Indianapolis Bureau in
a report to its members, "is again
running riot in Indianapolis. Mer
chants who Seldom use comparatives
have been usuing them recently.
Others who habituall*' use them have
been even more extravagant in their
statements. These range from sup-
nosed savings of one-half or more in
clothing advertising to $2lHI dresses
for 175,00;  $17.">  tailored suits   for
$50} $150 coats for $70; $22.50
dresses $9.50; $15 shoes for $4.49.
"We do not hold that the mere
use of comparative prices is unethical
or wrong. We do maintain, however,
that the use of comparative prices
and comparative values is subject to
great abuse and tends to undermine
confidence in advertising, as it tends
to educate the public to the belief
that a regular price on merchandise
carries an exceptionably large profit
for the merchant, and that it is not
omdent to buy until goods are advertised at a reduction. If tends to
educate the public to become bargain
'    • ' -s.
"The effect upon the department
buyer is to do exactly what the public suspects, place a high mark-up on
his goods that he may advertise them
at a reduced price and still make a
reasonable profit. The shopper
barns to look and wait for a reduced
price   before   purchasing   and   even
then questions whether or not she is
getting a real bargain,
"The whole tendency of the extreme  use of   comparatives   is,   we Tfi
Speeding Up on the Food and
Drugs Act
Administration under the Health Department u more vigorou. than
,mder the Department of Trade and Commerce    important amendment.
onuin d in IMO At require close attcnt.on of all merchant- dealin* »
contained miw n», ^ ^^ mcdjcinc
believe, to destroy confidence in
advertising. In the meantime his
department heads arc 'tempted to
make ever increasing claims of reductions to stimulate the jaded pub
lie appetite for bargains.
"The $200 dress advertised on
sale at $75 may have actually gold
at the higher price at the beginning
ably taking a considerable loss at       \ few months ago  the   Depart       Under this latter Act, an order-in
the lower price,  but  it  is hard  to    ment of Public Health  was create.I    Council has been passed    V  C   8010
make the public believe that  he is    at Ottawa, charged with the dut\ ol    of  1920    regarding tin* Itamping of
selling goods at an actual loss.   We   administering all laws pertaining to   patent  medicines, which   we   pnn»
know it is often done and that it is    the health of the public, as the name    mjow
good   merchandising   to   close   out    would   imply,  and   all   such   other
broken and unseasonable lines, but    measures us may he conducive to a
the general public does not.    The   raiaing of the level of the physical    DIGEST OF THE NEW POOD AND
women who paid the higher price   well-being of the nation    The good	
earlier in the season believe the mer-    u|u<.), ,.an ■„. accomplished by such
chant profiteered; and the merchant    a department, properly administer
suffers through loss of confidence am!    (M|, is obviously illimitable     No re
tail merchant will question that ss
peel of the case
"The Better Business Bureau asks
Indianapolis merchants, if they feel
they must use comparative prices, to
use them with care, that their use
may be more effective. The Bureau
is interested in creating more and
better business for all Indianapolis
merchants. It is interested in increasing public confidence in advertising. This is your bureau, working
for your general good. Will you
help us.'"
I   i   Pood ihal) be deemed to be
.'crated within the meaning of
this Act
One of the  changes  which   has
taken place in line with the creation
of the new department has been the
transferring of the administration ol
the Food and Drugs Act During
the last session of parliament an
amending Act was passed, which
was assented to June 16th and ii
now law,
Its passage has received very little
attention on the part of the rata
trade in general, although it affects
those interests verj closely iu man*
ways. Especially it affects the drug
gists and those who deal largel) in
i   it  inn   lubstanec  has   bee
mixed with it so <tH to reduce
*»r lower or injuriously effect
tin ffUatit)   Ol *tn ngth ,
If an) inferior or cheaper
substance has I * ■ n *','-«*;'"/»• 1
wholt) or in part for the
a r      '■"
••   If anv valuable eonstituent of
the article has m en a boll) or
in par? abstracted.
d   If il  consists  whotti   of   :':
part of an) "lis* ssi d "■ putrid
or rotten annual >>r VCgCtstm
lubstsnee   whether   msnufsc
lured or not...
e    It  it  is obtained  from a di*
essed animal, or from an ani
mat fed upon unwholesome
f   It !«, eontsins an) added pols
Onotlj ingredient,   or   an>   ifl
gredient which ma)  render ll
injurious to the health of the
person consuming it.  whether
added with intent   or  other
W isr j  or.
I.'   If its strength or purit) falls
below   the  standard,   of   its
Constituents    are    present    in
quantit) nol within the limits
of   variability   fixed    by   the
Governor in Council as here
after proi ided
 r ..,,     „,,,,, .   .......     .,i.  Ml,         ;XI|     o|      IVIV       \VI||C||
ic luxury fax  was put  into  force    >s UOW also under administration of        ''*"'    '" ""' iiiHr "■* ""'^ "">' '"'
here. the department   of Public   Health    ^ration shall be deemed to be In
.  whion requires attention along the   •,l,r,""s ,u haalth,
'-'   I   Kverv drug shall be deemed
to be adulterated within the mean
ing of tins Act if itn strength, tnial
The Merchant Tailors' section of drugs and patent medicines, but Its
the K.M.A. is approaching the Dom- effect on the trad.- in foods must not
inion   Government   for   a   further be lost sight of. and it is wise for
modification of the Luxury Tax ap- all merchants to give Home ttud)  Ic
plied to tailor-made suits. The modi- the new order of things, ho that the;
fications asked for are as follows: may place themselves in a position
to comply with the requirements ol
(1) An exemption  of $34 on  a the law, and avoid transgression un
coat; (2) $16 on trousers; (3) $10 t-nttinrrlv
on a vest and (4) $65 on a cloth overcoat.   They ask further that they To this end. are have prepared a
should not be subject to a sales tax short digest of the 1920 Act, which
nor shall they he classed as maim- is printed below, and should be care
factiirers, but that the retail license fully read
shall cover them entirely, ,,.,    ,        .
I lie Act   is Known as "I he  roO«l
A*   ,,   ,...+   *:      e ,i      m.._ i
i in-   ,\< i    is   iwiow n   an       I lie
At. a recent meeting of the Trades and  Drugs Act,   1920," and a
and Labor Council   at   Vancouver, may be seen at  the offices o
Delegate   McDonald,   reporting   for R.M.A,, also   at   the   office   ol
the Tailors' Union, said  that   only "B.c Retailer," or can be obi
about half of the  members  were by those interested by applicati
working and the other half were gen The King's Printer, Ottawa
erally on half or short time.    About
50 per cent of the local tailors has There   is also   another   A
been laid off and remained idle since Patent Medicine Act of 1019
f the
t     the
lot) to
same lines, particularly as  regards
The greatest  slogan of the  past,    the new definition of a " Patent Med
Kient and future: DO IT NOW!    j,.jn„"
Deal With Our Advertisers:    They Make This
Official Publication Possible at $2.00 a Year. 1920.
it) "i* purit)  falis below  the  pro
fcssed  standard   under which  it    is
sold, or if. wlu-u offered or exposed
for ssle under or by a name
a Recognised in the latest ,.(|i
tion of the British Pharmacopoeia, or,
b Recognised in the latest edi
torn of an) foreign pharma
eopocia, or,
e   Whirls is  not   recognised in
an)   pharmacopoeia   but is
found in some generall) re
cognixcd   standard   wore <»n
nati ria medica or drugs.
n   differs   from   the   standard of
Mrengl'      slit) «»r purit) laid down
2 I'nlcss .« drug ts sold in sucli
a manner •«s plainly lo in I 'ate that
its , ialit) K to h* }n<\^<-<\ b) an
authorit) other than the British
Phar i | ' i snd such authority
is named, st shall be deemed to b •
adulti rated unless it conforms to
*! >■ standard of strength, rjualit) and
purify for i n I ;" tg .»s these aw de
fined b\ (I i lat• it «"ditiot\ of the
British Pharmacopoeia
Kood shall be deemed lo be
tbranded within the meaning  ol
this Act
i If it is an imitatii u of, or *ub
stitutc for, or resembles sn a
manner hk«• Iy   lo th CC1VC, an
other irtich of fot I or dm i
under the nan - ol w hicb it Is
sold or off* red or exix
>s,,i no
sate and Ls nol platnl) and
conspicuoualv labelled so !*',
lo indicate its true character
b If it is stated to be the pro
duct of a place or r eountr)
Of which it is not truly  a pi"
,• h it is sold or offered for sale
b) s name which belongs to
another article.
d If it is ho colored or coated
or powdered or polished tbat
damage is concealed, or if if
is made to appear better or'ot
greater value than it really is;
c   if th-- false  or exaggerated
claims  arc   made   for  it   upon
the label or otherwise.
f   if in package form, sealed by
the manufacturer Or producer,
and bearing his name ami ad
dress, the contents of each
package arc not conspicuously
ami   correetl)   stated   within
limits    of    variability   to   be
fixed by regulations as in this
Act    provided,   in   terms   of
weight, measure or number,
upon the outside of the package; provided that this subsection shall not apply tO
packages the weight of which
including   the   package   and
contents is under two ounces,
pro\ ided also that nothing in
this section shall be taken to
require the statement of
weight, measure or number
upon containers packages  of
Standard size as  provided  by
orders   of   the   Govemor-in-
I 'otincil umb-r The Meat  and
I snued Poods Act, and  pro
' ided further thai the Cover-
nor m Council may make reg
Illations deferring  the  operation    of    this    subsection    in
whob- or in part for such per
iod as he may prescribe, up
to the Bret day of July, 1923;
M If sold as a compound, imitation ->r substitute, it is not
labelled   IU   accordance   with
lhe requirements of this Act;
h If the package containing it,
or the label <>n the package,
bears an) statement, design or
device *s false or misleading
in any particular; or.
! If the package containing it,
or the label on the package,
bears the name of an individual or of a eompany, claimed
to be the manufacturer or
producer of the article, which
iudi\ idual or eompany is fictitious or non-existent.
I Every article of food which is
a compound, mixture, imitation or
substitute shall be plainly and correctly labelled as Buch; and the
words *'pure" or "genuine" or
words equivalent to these terms,
shall not be us. d on the labels or iu
connection with such articles, and
such articles shall he so packed,
marked or labelled as not to be like-
h to deceive any person with respect
tO their true nature'
.')    1     Ever)   person  who by himself or his agent or employee man
ufaeturcs for sale, sells, offers for
sale or exposes for sale any article
of fund or any drug which is adulterated or misbranded shall be guilty of
an offence, and,
a If such adulteration is deemed
to be injurious to health within   the  meaning of  this   Act.
shall for a  first  offence be
liable upon summary conviction to a fine nol exceeding
two hundred dollars and costs,
and not less than lift v dollars
and costs, or to imprisonment
for any term not exceeding
six months, or to both tine and
imprisonment; and,
(b) If such adulteration is not
deemed to be injurious to
health within the meaning of
this Act. or if article is mis-
branded, shall for a first offence be liable upon summary
conviction to a fine not ex-
ceeding one hundred dollars
and costs and not less than
twenty-five dollars and costs,
or tO imprisonment for any
term not exceeding three
months, and for each subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars
and costs and not less than
fifty dollars and costs, or to
imprisonment for any term
not exceeding six months, or
to both fine and imprisonment.
(2) In all cases where the adulteration is proved to have been wilful
the penalties imposed by this section
shall be doubled.
(6) Every person who attaches to
any article or package of food or
drug sold or offered or exposed for
sale any label or mark containing
any untrue or misleading name, device or statement, or who neglects
Or refuses to label or mark any article or package of food or drug in
accordance with the requirements of
this Act, shall for a first offence be
liable, upon summary conviction, to
ii fine not exceeding two hundred
dollars and costs and not less than
fifty dollars and costs, or to imprisonment for any term not exceeding
three months, or to both fine and
imprisonment, and for each subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding
three hundred dollars and costs and
not less than fifty dollars and costs,
or to imprisonment for any term not
exceeding six months or to both fine
and imprisonment.
The following regulations have
been established by Order in Council (No. P. C. 2010), dated 17th September, 19201
1 All proprietary or patent medicines for internal use which have
heretofore been placed mi the mar
ket in coiiformitv with the provisions of THE PROPRIETARY OR
PATENT MEDICINE ACT, chapter (Ictober
1! -'
56 of the Statutes of 1908, and wtiicn
bear a departmental registration
number, may be sold or disposed or
a1 auy time prior to the first day o
January, 1924, notwithstanding that
such proprietary or patent medicines
may not haw been registered and
licensed under chapter 66 oi the
Statutes of 1"1!): provided, howevei
Auto-motive Dealers of Province
at Vancouver
Provincial Section of the K   M. A   Formed
New Selling Policy Enunciated.
Retail distributori of tires snd ac
that not lung n
this regulation con-   cessones and gasoline, .
'.»! lie: e
lings down to I ^nei d't*   -
Di 11,. r«att< rs *r issue, earning lhe
tuned snau oe construed to author-   Thursday, September  IMS,  in
TteZe of any proprietarj   or   Board R i of the Retail Merchan «
meeting,  which e\
Association at   Vancouver, to  give
n to lhe chaotic eon-
patent medicine which is or has beeu Association ai
found by the Advisory Board to be serious attentto               ^^^
not sufficiently medicated to make il dition  of  their  business,   resulting
unfit for use as a beverage. from   indiscriminate   price   cutl
and the polici  of certain manufac
2. All proprietary or patent medi turers of tires who have been s'
cines for external use on the market their product direct to the coi *
at the time this   regulation  cornea (,r ^gardi^ ,,f the interests ol
into force may, notwithstanding that |.('.t:ilj ■[v.u\,.     \> the outset ol ' P
they may not have been registered meetmg Provincial Secretary  I!     ■
and licensed under chapter 66 of the ,m)(;  was  ,.,.MUl.>!(.(|  !l( cmtiini   the
Statutes of 1919, be sold or disposed „,.„,..;.,,i„lls whjch bad led u| to ' ■
of at any time prior to the first day eonvent*on    a!j(i   ,,.-.,...   jescribins
of January, 1924, provided that the !h(.st,   and   BUg|fWrtjIlg   .•...,,   u|u;
written ! sent of the Federal l)e- (,li!1(!l,i(iI1> Ul.,v ,,,..,• ,:,; toi     Ihet     ■
partmenf of Health has been obtain- W|>p   noJ  |n       Me of r>..,..,,    .,.     |
ed and that a special stamp supplied thering ,- ipm,.t| lNr!f [ftto ; ,,,
by the said department is fixed   o ^^ Trade Section of thi  KM A
each, package so sold,   rheneeessap jt |g h        Rnd          u .......
stamps may be procured from the i^           ii
Federal  Department  ol   Health   ai .
1       ..     •     .              , strength  behind  Mm  movement   ioi
Ottawa upon application being mau •
,            '          '          i   ,          o„, hetter  merchandizing           linns  m
therefor at any tune between hep- .         .
1            1-*1               1      V    ,■   ,    I     ,.     1-,tl. these     lilies     o       hUsUless     t lljll     POllb
tember  loth   and   November   loir
i,r. «ed itself ntbsequenti^ m elect
hi* him to th*1 position ol ' ha
u tl
tV    ,
(t i I'      tilt'
\    '      s    ppj      ft]
forma) it ten  *i
Otf    I he   Hi" '
- -     - ■■ *    j' -
the   V biipouvit
-.  |)eatt rs   H*
«  m*ii    fa 'is'-'-rs
>' h of  «- h ••';   "," :g- "   '■''
ell   defined    ah l*<    in
being   * sd
h - . h    lit amend   ents    This
| ...   ng    |, <-n    n ,•.-.■'    tortb
af  tht» •.•.-*'•.» r,-!-.i v-l I
" . Iii»i#*i   lo sn   ■- ■ ' • w
-.-..■ ■ ,   |.,,r-.t  ol  (& attic,  who
-.--•' r»|   in   or
i   *'
The application shall be made   "",   "' s,';:iirr,! ]'? organisation coi
a form to be supplied by snd    lined to Vancouver and itn immetli
ate vicinity.   In adopting this plan    m***
the meeting followed the strong b*sd    "■ '
Bet by the Ontario Automotive Deal
ers who have been remarkabh sue     "!
cessful   m elevating  then- business    puhin
department which shall include a
solemn declaration that the firm or
person making the application has
in its or his possession the number
of individual packages of medicine
ifmii  ii -- >rl
1 oast  and has been
din • .-   ■ | -•   A
i..     P
,.   k.
1 *:
,      N *
if]    J»f
of the name or description  therein    from 8 condition of chaos lo OIK   ol
specilicd.    One  of  the  said   stamp!
Khali be affixed to the wrapper be-    !,"n to ;i" parties concerned
longing to each   individual   bottle,
box or package containing such me
dicine,    Where the hot tie,   box   or
package is not covered by a wrap
per. the stamp shall be affixed to the
bottle, box or package itself.
In 'Mr- r 11 i ;• • i I n greater ef
scientific marketing,  with  satisfae     Relent    smong retailers of tulo sup
VIr   l.«>rd   point■ ■•!   out
Hgnren published k\  111. ai cr     led
rating sgeneiet indicated ihsl ""•"'•
of I     rei.id''rs in 'bts tun* of boni
ALL CONCERNED will observe
by reference to the foregoing that
stamps must be procured for all external preparations subject   to   the
Among those present were the fol
low mil' : Messrs W \ Pon I, T
RL Simpson, E B Butchart, M l»
McDonald, fi, ( hamberlain, C D
MacFarlane, R  K   Koble, M  PVaset
1,1   M   Ramsay   .1   W,  Eva,  II   M     r    ,,.    ,,  i  . n   «* i^^« „w*ti
,,    ,.,       -    •:   ,, ,,   .    ...   ,. directiv Jittributable t«> loo«e  "•
Itotiltbee, I,   <    Hill.  I,   \\
failed  owing  to  lack   of  nyn
■    ittc business methods and ,',>
of these  failures were  more or  less
"Is in thr extension ol credits    11
npeaker gavi  neversl interesting d
Ktratiowi of incidents  \vhich  had
A. Ii. Iliggins, .1. I-' ilorfield, 0   I.
Pureell, J, W   Pitcher, Vancouver
          (!        l     f-'llle.     ■     I       .laudes,,,!.      I   ,,   _^^.^^^
provisions of THE PROPRIETARY   •l;i"k>-('".   A    .\    McGavin,   W    I-,    '',,m'   imdpf iitH "u"  pa«W»i  ,,f
OR PATENT MEDICINE At'T  as   Revercombe   -/ictoria . w m  Kerr    s"'Vil,,<m- in wpport  of I..-, claim
amended, and which have not been
registered and  licensed  thereunder ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
These stamps will be supplied upon Sampson, E,  H.   Wilson    Nanaimo),
receipt of a sworn  application,  in ''  "  Cameron, A   Kierstead   Cum-
duplicate, giving the description of berland), I*. Douglai Fisken    Mar
the( medicines and the number  of ,'"'" • rll(,s  Marsh   Kamloopa    Irs
individual packages, E. Lowe (Ladysmith . c. K  Anstie
Kings way
J. A. AMVOT. M,.  pi, ,  ,     ,
•*"■ '• J. Jamieson ol the firm of
II. I,   Gregg, B, /.. Gurnet    New    .       l'r'iiU"r efficiencj   was needeil
Westminster),  Jai   A   Irvine   \v     :!li',h''"* mattew
Deputy .Minister of Health.   «Tamieaon k Willis of Victoria
ornmg his attention to the matter
of discounts which certain Tire deal
ers had been in the habit of allowing
to certain   favored  customers,   the
upeal er heavily scored this lack ol
i olicj. remarking that In no other
'me  of retail  distribution    WOllld   fl
etistoiner ssk, or expect, a discount
rut       fi     i   a   L   i    «« ->       elected Chairman of the convention
Ottawa, Canada, September 22,1920    in which capacity he held the
was    it se-uied a singular thing, said Mr
bold,  thai    ounces   of   cars,    them
ielveu m mans* cases business men,
You  Have  Not  Read  This Journal,  Until  You   Ha
ve   Studied  the  AdvertnemcnU, 11.20.
should go from Supply house to Oarage, or from Garage to Dealer, or
from Dealer to Wholesaler, in order
to secure price concessions in  the
matter of tins, which they were not
entitled  tO,     The  blame  for  this.  said.
the speaker, lav at the door of the
dealers themselves, who bsd not ex
hibited sufficient backbone to refuse
to become parties to such transsc*
Arguing that the dealers' relation
tO the consumer of tires, and his
claim tu function, must rest on the
basin of service, which would be re-
ntemhercd long after price had been
forgotten, Mr Lord went on to suggest lome of the ways in which this
sen me could be improved, and *o
definitelv   relate   the   tire  -baler  to
the ear owner, as to build up for the
former a permanent connection of
Satisfied users.    Pointing out that a
very large proportion of ear owne-
ers were not technical experts, and
therefore relied exclusively upon the
fidvice tendered them by the dealer,
Mr Lord suggested that dealers
should inaugurate a weekly Or
monthly    inspection   service    which
would give the car owner continuous protection Such ii service
would include advice upon every
part of the ear. and while a charge
should    be   made   for   it.    if   such
charge were reasonable it Would be
willingly made by the car owners,
who would speedily become educated to the idea  that   it   was   sound
economy on their  part   to  pay   a
charge of that kind rather than run
their ear for an indefinite period, if
it failed them in an emergency
which might mean life or death, or
at the best involve them in a heavy
bill for damage and repairs. .
Another example for possible service whieh ean be rendered by the
the dealer was in the careful selection of the sort of tire whieh would
meet the particular need of the car
and the use to which the car was to
be put, and in this connection the
speaker emphasized the value of
placing the dealer's entire reputation ami selling service behind one
particular brand of tire. Mr. Lord
remarked that he was not concerned
at the moment with the make of tire
to which the dealer pinned his faith.
The    interior    of    the    store    01
Messrs.   Millar v\  Coc, on  Hastings
Street   West,   Vancouver,   exhibits
an arrangement which, while it may
be   fjiirlv    general,   is   seldom   used
to such advantage as has been made
in   this   case.     A   photograph   d»>es
not often convey as full an  iuiprcs
lion as the interior of a store view
ed  with  the eye,  but  it   will  be ol
served  that   excellent   use   has   been
made id' opportunity to display the
merchandise. China and glassware
are susceptible of artistic arrangement ; colors may be so blended as
to foenss the eye by their pleasing
contrast, lighting may be such that
reflections from cut glass and china-
is not detracted from by too dose
proximity of neighboring articles.
All these points have not been
lost sight of in this store, which is
a credit to those responsible for it.
The toy department upstairs is
gootl ; but, we WOUld judge, not
greatly   different   from   a   hundred
ware arc soft yet compelling* pieces   other   toy   departments   iu   good
depending  On  their  art   value  may    stores.    It  is the main store  which
be   so   displayed   that   their   beauty     pleases. 80
t let ohrr
All manufacturers of standard tires     tte, itio . and there.   every     U
in these days ol keen competition   tion   hat the objects which
were putting in to   their   product    tion have se out to   eac    are
their best knowledge and skill, but   in measurcable distance ol eoraplel
the dealer who divided Ins attention    success.
between   thr >r   tour   different
brands was at  a serums disadvantage when approached by the pros
pective purchaser,   for   the   reason    As TurnoVers Increase Interest an 1
that he could not give his unquali-        Selling Expense Decrease and
tied endorsement to any one of th'' Profits Increase
lines carried.   Selling tires, said Mr . „.  .   .,.n.,
,, „   f ,.,i- I lie relation <d turno> ei to »<
Lord, was not just a mattei ol taK- in»i*t™i<
, i    i      i •      -, , \ 111■ 11s,   Miiii tn moms is   i '.s   ti11
ing ;i tire from the rack, handing it * M ." I
r , ii. ,;,,,,   ti,„ in the Rceomnanvtng   s ■■•     ,N e -1'
to the customer and pocketing   tne
money.   The   transaction    involve,!
technical knowledge, and  it  should
,,,,...   ili.it    i   ,1,-iler's   tin    sales   Rf
k\(\ \m n .-• in all). his gross profit o
..,,,,-•   |   "J      and his     o\- •
,,r .Apeuse is   Is'.   of his  sales
As  he   inereaaOS  his  annua!   Ill
i, • f note how
l,Teal,  i i*  w    itg*
<-reas«'s i.'s  fiel   pr Hi
Wit        • ' '',»,,,
creas. .        tment ol her
li*4«,1    111*!    Hi
and in
or i. •
> | I'  HIMI
|fi s
16 I
''•'• .'■
16 "
'    ■
be the business of the tire dealer to
so cultivate that department of his
business as to be able to speak with
unhesitating confidence, which ui
turn would engender a corresponding confidence in the car owner.
Dealing with the matter of greater
efficiency in business administration
Mr. Lord submitted an interesting
chart, which is reproduced hereunder, illustrating the relation of
selling expense and net profit to
turnover, pointing out that the
quicker the turnover the less the
ratio of selling expense and the
greater the margin of nel profit.
These figures were used by Mr. Lord
as an argument Eor the concentre
tion of the tire dealer upon a given
line instead of dissipating bis energies over a wide field with consequent loss of effectiveness.
Mr. Lord's practical knowledge of      The repeal of the Luxury Tax and    p-     lenl    I lhe H   I    branch,
his subject was evident as he was   in its place a tax of one per cent  on    George K Tror* •' ' ■ ■
followed with <dose attention by the   the turn over was urged bi  Mr   M      tinted t!    rbaii     In thi  eveni
convention,  who  accorded   him   a   C. Ellis, president of the Britisl I ol    dinnei t th<  linn     I
hearty vote of thanks at the eon-   umbia   branch   of   the   Canadian   >»? «h
elusion of his address. National Jewellers' Association ai s    v>
■ -
Jewellers Meet at Vancouver
Among  otln-r  subjects  receiving general meeting of the B '
the attention of the convention were held at Vancouver, October 5th    Mr
the  standardisation   of   prices   for Ellis said that the proposed substi
lubricating oils and a resolution in- tuted tax   would   bring   a   larger
structed the Secretary to make an revenue to the Government at a mui
effort to secure a reasonable margin less cost of collection and would bi
on the resale of gasoline, more just and equitable    The sou'
A  very  successful   meeting   was '-estion was adopted !.;-,  the British
brought to a close by the election of Columbia branch and efforts to ic
officers for the ensuing pear, as fol- ,'1"''' l,v* adoption in preference to thi
lows: luxury tax will be made by the or
pi,,,;,.„,.,,,    \t,.   r>    i    j,   •    , sanitation
v iiaiiinan.   .ui.   n.  a.  ,jamieson,
"Gifts that last" was adopted as   b»  hard facta    1
1st Vice-chairman. Mr. J. Pound,   ;i slogan by the jewellers for the
coining season and a suggestion that
travelin /  - -   re*
n i
I*   ,-   mt* re*,' ij ,.'   ■.i   |   it(   II nl
oiieluaioi   reached h    I      \   «J   A
idc '   a I) in line     th I ■•• ri nolti-
ion   i       ■••-!'     tl     Va     ■ iver
to thi Prot ineial Com • 11
n Jut*i. and w inch «as referi
d ■ last issue
A    gOOd   Old    joke   is-   dead,   killed
of years everyone
he grocer about weigh
'   thfl  paper  with   the   sugar,   Bud
2nd Vice-chairman, Mr. II. B, Neil    ;i" advertising campaign along these   f,,i|1* snatching a little extra profit
son, Vancouver. lines should be earned on was adopt      Of late, however, the r-n. prS paper
Hon. Treasurer, Mr. E, R, Wilson,   ??, h\..t,.""(lm"l","'rs    h"1"-a,,'K !>,,,!1    |'atr ,,as coat as much as and loin
Hon.   Secretary.   Mr,  A,   .1    Me
Gavin, Victoria.
all over the  Province  were  present    times M,or,. •■„,„ ,,s W(*jght in sugar,
at the meeting, which was the first    and it is uiggested that if eustoM
|('M  Blnce  ,l"'  formation   of  the ers will taki  i eir own vessels and
Theooiievoutii,   ii   ,                  branch a few months ago   Mr. O M, be content with a pound of sugai
liu jolic) outlined bj   heconven     boss, secretary of the organisation instead of a  Pound  of suitor  and
tion With regard lo the distribution    of Toronto,  was  „, attendance   and nann-   ,!,          V                in   u
of tires, has since received executive   In the absence of Mr  OB AlUn tt^     "        *"*
Deal With Our Advertisers:    They  Make Thi.  Officii  Publication p0„,blr  it 12.00 t  Year. 1920.
«-, •  •■■■♦ »-♦•■-•*♦«■»-♦■-•-•
•   *   •—»* •   •-#•■ •••■-•■• -*■»-♦—»-<)-■>   ■   a i»ir*Snf niSjwiSiiSi MM-o---t^o-'*^«--•-♦-»•-•»••••*•-•*-•'"#
•|-*Sf--#HS>^W#*«S>>«^ra-**-n-a •-•-•-•"•-*-*-•"-»«#-«-«-♦.j»
Arthur .lohu Currsn    Cloverdale
It • *« r    has sssig ed  ■ • the I 'ans
diau  ' n dil   Men 'a   Association
I*   .1   i art* r • aa I    api oin • d
..:-o, iMonai
,--,-»■  | offi .
\ HiieotH er
Mills, Ltd , ol
\ ., • - . ia i Ivertised for
Sept '.' :< It in rrej eel ol lhe Iobscco
umj on', • oneri tusim us ot Soboi
6 I'sppai of Vai
Phe  I *""' ■    Milliners   Parlors   i
Victoria  I as di**ol ■ ed   pan m i "hip
Miss Mar)  1.   L      -"■'    ■   • ontinu
log as a ile ,v"A; c i
U    R   .i...   i      has *»\<\ I. - gro
■• 1 --■■-,(        • '       \        * i   T    11      *   ■        ■ I I "'
VV Johni
\|.h   w   ll   Res of 0     is is n
• .!,,, her   general
K    v    "A r
     A     I
SIC     I   o
Manning & I • aw ford ■  itiecl on
>- |   of   Ki itdittoki dissolved
,    I ■    .         J |       -             COtltt] litg
i,..,   Wooding "'  \ ftl ,: -'■ ■ "   v' '"'
i .
\ t
\ an<
w -   mi   (j, t ,,    I,* I    bstati
. hi Id s< pi i It 1   ai tl *■•  estate
• . I ",. 1' ■ w •  . ■'";   I •■• dtt
,    . | for Oct   ith and
UUJUIU "■"■   Hi Ivei   IK    I   lOI    M
A   I.   Bircl ' •'      uttj   ream
I  - ..->, | ant   al   Mount   I Hie  in  the
S'ortl   Tl ii   | »o«   ia dead
I        : |  ..cams!   the   late   I'n .]   RoO
,,s*   \{?\, |f«i ih<    i leneral   Mercl ant,
-i o    i have been filed by tl ia
i , .   ;       ,i ,„,(,., tinner)   of Van
.-■    -,   iaid   t..     ■
i; Ifanseu 4 < o of Langle)
Prairii have, we are t«»bl. sold out
their general '*'"■>■ lo  Anderson *.v
\ eorrespondent '"dU ua that   A
Almatrotn has discontinued business
at Phoenix and is opening a station
,r\ and lobs i store •■' Princeton
i ll Knight of South Vancouver
has sold out Ins grocery business,
,t, wording  lo  information  received
Mrs     i:     Rogers,    confectioner,
Vaneou\ er,  has  Bold  Oil!
ii c Rutiedge, the druggist of
Vancouver,  has sold out  to J    I
A meeting of the creditors ol the
Standard Cloak & Suit Co of Van
coiixcr    Nathan  Schwartz    was ad
vertised   for   October   13th.    The
business has been assigned to Alfred
r.   Uine
Tenders were called for by <tcto-
l er Snd for purchase of stock and
fixtures   bj   Canadian  'redd   Men's
Assoeistion, Ltd, of Gary's Central
I iotims 8hop al Victoria
T I' Voting of Freeman and
Voting Summerland Mercantile,
has nold his interest in the business
to A J Wilson who comes from
Msnito ia 1 he change became ef-
fecti\ c October  Isi
A repon has reached us that the
Stewart Mercantile Co Ltd Guy
C Austin of Stewart, has been declared bankrupt
Shrimp ton a grocer) at Vancou-
\ ,-r is repon - I sold,
Wm l"r.pinart has Bold his groat Vancouver to Terhnne and
v o igh,
Miss K. NT. Whitlaw lias sold her
grocen  at  V ancou\ er.
i,.,, McKcnaie of Burna Lake
Ims gold o ' his geueral store to
i    11   [meson vV. < 'o,
I,, oartm rshiu liet vt ecu Tassie
Uros  .i' Sv,-u  Westminster has been
solved, Chaa Taasie continuing
in the grocer)  business there.
Mrs i; \| Barber of South Van*
couver has >*'L1 out her grocery.
The Love clour v\- Peed Co. of
S'ancoUVer  has  been   dissolved.
II gentle) of Wyatt Bay recent-
h paid the Vancouver office a visit.
R < Johnston and B G Bray
y.t\, ;. iught the Armstrong Grocery
from G, C Lembke, Mr, Bray is
a former employee of McPhail
Smith Hardware of Armstrong.
(,, .- ...,- McKensie, ^\ Kelowna, ia
,..,, ,.;d again after hia sickness and
Ss receiving the congratulations of
his merchant friends
[I in reported that M 0 Stitch
of Bums Lake has- leased his meat
market  to A   Caldwell,
Claims against Chits Mallassis,
French Bakery, of Prince George,
should be filed with the Prince
George Real Kstate Co,
.1 w Voting of South Vancou
yp*»  js -aid to have sold out
We heal- that Mr .Crowe of CrOWO
vV    Sullivan,    tobacconists,    etc.,     of
Trail, bits sold his interest to hia
An auction sale of tl"1 stock of
Bent '> Lingerie Shop al Vancouver
has been adv crtiscd.
The B. C. Gramophone & Talking
Machine Co. Ltd, arc in Liquidation,
with   Philip S.   Marsden  as  liquidator.     A   meeting   of   creditors   has
been    held.
s. D, Carpani has sold out bis
grocery At   Vancouver.
Mrs. Martha B. MeVYhinnie has
sold "'it her dry .goods business at
\ ancouver,
Gary's Central  clothes Shop  at
Victoria    has    been    sold     to     W,
Frederick Lock has purchased
the Pernwood Meat Market at Victoria from Chas. Mcllmoyl.
M. Newell Spratt. dry goods,
hardware, etc., of Victoria, has
assigned to the Canadian Credit
M. T. A Ltd. A meeting of creditors was lodd in  Vancouver.
A meeting of creditors of the
Western Grocery Kstate of Victoria
was h>dd recently.
The Sutlej Timber Company of
Vancouver has changed its name
to the Williams Logging Company,
Geo.  C.   Knapp  has  succeeded   F.
II   Law, grocery at  1168 Hastings
street east, Vancouver.
K. Luxton, grocer, formerly of
Main Street, is now at 2335 Granville street. Vancouver,
.los. hen wick lias succeeded N,
Weicker, grocer, at 1-th and Main.
K. M. Barber has left 3500 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, and the
grocery is now owned by Mrs.
Mrs M Melbourne has sold ber
grocer) to A Moir, 1149 Burrard
Street,  Vancouver.
Mrs. Florence Downey has taken
over the grocery at Whytecliffe
latch   run  b)   Thorp" &   Downey.
Hunt & Shmbsnei, Ltd., of Prince
Rupert is now known as F. K. Hunt,
Ltd., grocery.
Ceo.   Caller   oi   Ardlev    has   sold
out his grocery t<> C. E. Summers,
The Penticton branch has appointed lis officers, who are as follows: W. T. Blair, president ; J, L.
Johnston, vice-president ; \\\ T.
Pope,   second   vice president ;   C.    \\ .
Nichol. treasurer, and Sydney
Clark, secretary. The membership
of the branch is increasing satisfactorily.
John l>ronton of Toronto, has
been elected president of the Dominion Bread and Cake Bakers' association and W. A Cra.v of Vancouver first vice-president, ' :*t)
i Ictober
TI1K CAREFUL BUYER feels thai he is running a grsve risk in pun basing
any brand of underclothing with whieh be is not fsn ilisi   Thi i ireit)
of material has forced so many inferior garments on the market •'
the wise purchaser has learned to let a trade-mark I i trs ■■ mark
that has ;i house with a sound reputation behmd it
The mime "Pcnmans" has been Byuotiytiious with quality undent   ir foi
so many years that you may. with a feeling of assurance atot k up with the**
well-known lines, knowing that tiny will meet wuh a read)  response from
your trade
Penmans Limited, Paris.
Also Make™ of HoKiery and 8woatcr Coat* H»20
A Smiling Valley
The following companies of inter
est to retail merchants have recent
h been Incorporated in Britisl
Columbia! By George H. Hougham.
Robert   McDonald,   Limited,   ll I Two years ago the writer made the old temporary ramshackle type
Hastings  street   West,   Vancouver his   first   acquaintance   with   the of  business  premises   which   have
|1()0,000    Taking over us *t going Okanagan Valley in the interests of been associated with some interior
concern   the Jewellery  business <d the  Retail  Merchants'  Association, towns in past years.
an acquaintance which has been mi- .                        ,              .1.1
\         .             , Armstrong is to be congratulated
prove,1 upon |,v two subsequent  VIS- «,                                  e                 .    i
,              .   ' ,    ,              i        i niton   the   enterprise   of   its   retail
it, the last ol which took place dur- ,              > •   ■
,,         l   *• a       io,   .   or,i merchants, and it is not surprising
mg the w.-.k of Sept. pith to 2otn. (       ,    .,'                 ,     , •    •    .,
.                         . to note that  its membership in the
A request for further organization *                                ,,    ,*»,/*/    e
'   .     .                ,        ,. ,, Association is practically 10095   ot
ried «»u its ?jie (nam  Motor   irucK    in the Southern end of the  vallev •,       , >»          .              ;. ,      ■ t*
...   , •. its retailers.   A successful meeting
was the prineip.il reason  which  led ,   . ,   -       .                        ,      ,. ,
,,      '       . ' .                      ,       , was  held   m  the  evening at   which
the provincial Secretary to lorsaKc ,,      ,,     •      ,   .,      .  '        .,■    ,
•           . the   Provincial   Secretary   outlined
th<   iiiHiKtenl  Association demands ot >■        ..    ,            ,.  ,,     \       • .•
,.  .         i       , salient   features  of   the   Association
Vancouver tor a higher altitude and i   ,           .                 ,               ,
.                   , work during the year, and answered
clearer weather <   .    «      *             •.,            ,
;i nninoer oJ Questions with regard
Arriving at Armstrong at noon on to the operation of Luxury Tax and
_'•!!., th.- writer found Mr Angus other matters, As evidence of Arm-
McPhail, one of the staunches! As- strong's belief in the Association
(Veston, It I |$O,000 Importers, v„.;;).M,n gtalwarta in the Province, idea, a committee from the Arm-
exporters .*n ready with a word of greeting, evi- strong Branch accompanied the Proof ji hospitality  whieh char- vim ial Secretary to Enderby on the
Robert Me Donald.
Giant Motor Truck Company,
Limited, 1391 Gram ilia 8tr« et, Vancouver    $100,000    Taking over as
a   going   concern   the   business   i ar
( ompfUt)
Hrow n   Garage,   Ltd ,   11 '■>  Gisi
ville   Street,    Nan- Otl> >-r.     *.'<i I I K.J
VtltOntobi lea.   Oils   and   gas.." .-,,-
Richmond Oarage Li i ited I oil :
),., , ii r tf20,tHX). A Unit ohiles
and set ess >nes
Staples  Fruit  ' oi Ltmitt d,
ni*   t am pan),
p. i     tio.ooi
'.. rs     Ul
ihmjs   i run*,   «' ■'
G   a Flcti   ■ •
Limited «Sow lens
(tcit* ral merv I snt n
musical tnstrttmi nts
Gregg   Ralston,   ll   kle)    L    it
. d  \. « yy. itminsti r  B I     $2*1!,,H
|*-;r.   ii iig  the  business  herel  I i
•;,d on   ' ■   ": ■•  ."Ugmorc   Molo
I   o
fixed thi becretsry 8 reception following morning, where several
everywhere Renewing acquaint- new members were added to the
ances during the afternoon, it was Association, and more applications
pleasant to note ;i spirit of pro-
gretrsiveneas and faith in the corn-
expressed by the handsome
\ brick building almost completed for the occupancy of Messrs.
Phillips  and   Whitehouse,   Grocers,
Thi  following partnerships of in-    Bitd Mr  A   D. Renault, Men's Fur-
terest   in  the  retail  trade  of  the   uishinga    The new building, which
I*:.,- i  .   havt
ti red
Veterans1 I I
Ford   English
Co    Lou in \ I
• •   '■     fegls
i nomas
\\ o>.
ii oiii of the handsomest and most
■ otti itodioua of ita Kind in the Vallev, stands on the site of the dices-
• roi i 'ie of April,  1919, and is elo-
iU♦ at Vancouver      qtiei.il   testimony   to   the  passing   ot
H'V   'I   !
n *
Falrplaj. Vancouver, B*C
rroiiteer:   "Now wat do you mean by lettin' the other fellahs go
off to bed    dust four of you to lei me in    'ow was you to know
I 'jidn't some friends vvith met"
could   have  been   written   had  there
been time,
Proceeding to Vernon the Provincial Secretary addressed ii meeting
in the Board of Trade rooms on
Tlieada)    evening,    and    discovered
that the Branch had been quite active since his last visit, some ten or
twelve meetings having been held to
deai with local, «is well as Provincial, issues Membership at Vernon
does not yet stand at its full
strength, and it is the intention Of
the executive to  make an  effort  to
bring it up to an adequate representation of Vernon Retail interests
at the end of the current year. As
ji mere matter of competition between towns in the Valley. VeftlOn
will need to undertake a systematic
canvas if it wishes to bring its representation on a par with that pi
cither Armstrong or Kelowna,
An interview, with a local retailer of unexpected duration caused
the writer to miss the train going
South, which subsequently turned
OUt, from his point of view, to be a
blessing in disguise, for the reason
that  in order to till an engagement
;u Kelowna, it became necessary to
use   the   Auto   Stage,   which   runs
twice daily between the towns.   By
this means a new view of the wonderful possibilities of the Okanagan
Valley was obtained, which conveyed an impression both of scenic
beauty and possible development
which will not readily fade from the
writer's mind.
You Have  Not Rend This Journal, Until  You   Have Studied the Advertisements. S4
11>-\ oher
f %
v I
At Kelowuii the Association gathered its members at luncheon, and
a session lasting until nearl.v live
in the afternoon followed, not a
moment of which was uninteresting.
Matters of purely local interest affecting seriously the standing and
future  of the  Grocery  Trade,  and
involving funda ntal principles of
merchandising, wider in its significance than the boundaries of the
Okanagan. received considerable attention. In this connection an unusual and most gratifying example
of Association solidarity was evident in a resolution which committed the retailers at Kclowna to a
definite programme of support for
their local retail grocers in the Association's effort to secure a remedy
for the grievance which was under
consideration. Indeed it is not too
much to say that Kelowna affords
a most striking illustration of the
practical application of the Association's theory that behind one man
stands the entire organization, that
it has ever been the privilege of the
Provincial Secretary to witness in
the whole course of his Association
experience. The Kclowna Branch
recently stood behind one of its
members, who happened to he a
hardware men, in a dispute between
this member and some of the most
powerful   corporations   m    Canada. foundings       Tied   down    as   he    is,
and insisted so strongl**  upon j is however,  to a  men-  narration  ot
lice for this mem! er tint the com facts he is compelled to limit him
panics in question found it expedi* lelf to the bald,  bul   neverthelctw
cut  to send  their managers all  the sincere, statement  that   he left   Pen
way from Vancouver to meet   not ticton on the return joume)  with
the   hardware   men,   but   the   entire a   feeling  of sincere   IIgnt      .\p
Association.    While the issue is still from   thi        Igl ■ '■<■• ' ml   IUf
pending, and complete satisfaction rounding*, the clean s loiue ail
has not vet been obtained, the vieu of   v-1 ?    prospei I
point   of the  Association  member characterises   the   town    and   the
ship   is   expressing   itself   in   terms prestige lent 10 !' bj  thi   solid com
which  the  companies   m   question fort  and  excelleM   icrviee   ol   the
cannot fail to understand. Incola Hot*    tber* ta an atmosphere
Leaving    ECelowna    the    writer of  friend I in****  sn I   •■* itutni
reached  Penticton  late  on  Friday, test  shout the plaei  that makes of
September 24th,  and  ^'.lA   the SatlS ISlP'-ss   .,,   ;       > .■'        >■   ,•
faction of meeting a verv represen ai     lintsi ■ ■   ori
tiitive gathering of Penticton m-u-        Pro     -   ' titled   with   I
chants,  to  whom  the   Association'a ! eul   of   IVnlictoi
programme and policj was outlined, in the itor    of ll     r *w of  Mesum
with the inevitable result     A uen VV   H   King a I
Branch of the Association  wai es si "
tabliahed   at   this   most   di lightful n   i
spot    Here again faith in the A- the
sociation's   idea   found   expression Ban  «   •   :■,'.■■ that lime to  it
through a local cotnn ittee, who a< on Kl is v*    rt a tmsl) fra ■ •  I
companied the Provincial Secrets! In thi   ;  i       •    *  ihc  nes
to   Summerland   with   a   Hen   lo town til     Kilts 8t It had   '*'
securing further nes mi tubers with I ■ isiness I   -
successful results «.is   kj       •■ ; ..   I   „.,,
Were the writer g p .;,;  ||, \[,,,, k,r„, -.   ., ...
ager   instead   of   a   matter-of-fact i   w -. , red  a
salesman of ideas, |. ,-.. dd so into i Main Hi
raptures over Penticton and it* i ir
i   win .*>»■ '   ' '...
i tt    I h«*
;        Vase.;
■S     of     |.       <
J. A. Tepoorten Limited
Telephone Sey. 4035
308 Water Street
Vancouver, B.C.
i i 11)20
concrete building was built in 1911
with it frontage of 90 feet, and a
d< pth of 100 feet The business
originally included hardware mid
grocer) departments, bul these have
since  been  dispose,!  ,,\  .md  the  en
tir*? attention of the Um, is uovi
concentrated upon in». Goods, Mil
Itnery,   Read,t to VV< ai    and   Mens
Furnishings, as well as Boots and
Shoes      U jth    il    lept i M | | .-."      .
of   HHimittire    Linoh um,   ' artietx,
ate "ii the 2nd Floor Thi .■• i eral
aj-p' arance of the iut* i ior ol the
il oi <   gives an      prcssiou of efl
•:.•■    and servtee which it would b<
hard lo '•■ at sn lhe ii t< rior of B I'
or t i  that     ."ler <s hard!) esc* •
|i d in the lat ;.■'■'■    ■ " s on the lower
ll hud been the < ! ' '    lion
of the i v..-. incial s- i tarj to | ro
,-'-e,, iu 11.   Boondai      -■   itn
ip    wtts   .•,'""'" •,{    in    " j
Oka   i -'•■    ' sd    r*<     inticipat
ed and it was ous< iti ; tl ne< -
-.-.•    to re-ai I      linersi    in
oi d< i  I ■    e  bach  sn  I    •   for the
v •   si  Mb eling of the  Vai
A stop oft a as * atti at Kai o*»p*i
»t w hich ii r< presi ntativi meeting
turned »<nt t.» hear the report of the
Pro. . '.,:-.       | on     iiwo lis
tton progn rs during thi • er Tl is
brought a most h i Ksfut and ett«
raging tour to ji close
I nquest totiabl t * I • Assoeiat ion
sentiment runs itroi .: m the Province   snd   so far as the f tkanagan
in  particular is co     niCtl, it al
with   Vancouver   Island  Ihi   distinc
lion of bemg the most perfect unit
of   Vssociation   Branches  in   B   C
While   in   thi    \',-. •     plsns   were
li ntative|\   dis, ,ss, i|  ;,,•   tis,- crea
tion of a district brand  ol ';-''   ^s
Roeinl ion    m    t hat    ten ll oi \      Slid
executive    consideration   will   now
be  given  to Buch  proposals  which
would undoubtedly mean greater ef
ticienc   in    \sm,  ni ion   w ork.   and
<• a Id also di finitel)  relate the re
lailera of this delightful part of the
interior to their cotliniunitv m ways
which would work out to their
mutual adv atltage
He who h\cs without folly is- not
Ko Wise as he tlrnks
It  ia profound ignorance that  in
Splrei the dogmatic tone.
Sober passions make cotutnonplae.
•-♦-♦-•-.#-.#-#-»~#-#-»-^. #..♦-.)-».•♦«#•.».•#•-
That your Uncle Dick would like That  there was no "kid" about
to hear from all subscribers. it.
That surely you have something That  "cheque artists" are busy
of an entertaining nature to relate in B. I .
from   VOUr  locality? Thai   retail  merchants should  act
Thai some joke" on a brother re accordingly.
taller    is    tOO    g i    tO    keep    to    VOUf- "^    ****   8ll0Vlld    ^    "   *****    **
self cheques.
riisl  the Vancouver Branch An One  of  Dr.   KCindley's  jokes  at
Dinner, election of officers, etc. the Vancouver dinner was as fol-
ivas a great success Iowa:
That   there   never   was   such   a An Irishman had been badly hurt
meeting and had been taken to a hospital
That  Har\e\   Murphy  came over where  a   nurse   sympathized   with
from   Nanaimo. him and remarked:
Thai  the  rest  ()f the  B.  C.  retail "My. but this is a terrible war."
■bants   should   envy   him   the "May be bo," Baid Pat, "but it's
Ireal a great sight better than no war at
rttal   "Uncle   Dick"   was   well all!"
oo ed sfter bj   Mr. Clarke of the
A vV I grocen and J, C Wood
nt   wood  *.V  Son's shoe store.
That anecdotes of the evening
waxed i. i - * and furious
That the ne*a  President got first
i   .it   ||   had   a  tine   '' ring     to  it.
That " The Tallyho," the caterers
for the dinner put up •> good ir^A.
That it gave general satisfaction
I   at    it    evidently    .agreed    with
Geoi .•<   I low ker
That    he   certainly     pleased     the
bo i"  with  his baritone  solos
rim! it is not generally known that
the  Secri tar*i   is a   tenor  vocalist,
Tim! he should give us a din-.
PJ ,.•   go   •  me   should   compose   a
!;• laib rs Anthem for uae on Btate
Slid   couv iv nil   occasions.
That Secretary Kougbain'a read
ing ^i the newspaper report of the
perforating machines Was a scream
That when he came to "that he
I the Inland Lev entie collector w hs
taking up with the Government the
question of supplying more than
one of these maeliiues to the large
departmental houses," the audience
That when he arrived at the
sentence, "the cancelling machines
are loaned to tllC retailers FREE
OK COST" the retailers simp!\
rolled around on the floor
That this was strictly through
i ilaril \   and  nol   from  the baleful
influence   y<\   near   beer.
That    l''r<d   t'ltitV   proved   a   good
marshal for the boot and shoe
forces at  the  Vancouver dinner.
That they supported him, heart
and sole
Part   o\   a   week's  routine  at   the
Vancouver office oi the U.M.A. eon
sisted of the dealing with 37 credit
ratings, 2 business locations, 11 positions wanted by retail clerks, and
5 retail clerks and drivers wanted.
I? perhaps is not generally known
thai   the   Vancouver  Office   has  a
department that registers employers looking for clerks and vice
versa. The service is free and already many happy introductions
lave been made.
Father objected to his daughter's
swain a fact of which the young
man was well aware. Put the lure of
love is strong and the wooer often
braved the wrath oi the father for
the sake of the daughter's smiles.
One evening the old man found
the young fellow iii the hall when
he   returned    from   the   club,   and
promptly  and efficiently  hastened
his departure.
"(Mi, dad," wailed the fair Phyllis
as the old chap limped into the sitting room, "I hope you haven't hurt
"Hurt him!" growled father as
he sank into a chair and nursed his
right to a. " No. 1 haven 't hurt him !
But if he comes here again with
bricks in bis coattail pocket I 'II kill
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Has been designated by the Government*! of Canada and the t'nited St il
But (Iu-NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL FIRE ASSOCIATION ,,. ... ,.,,.,,„.,.,..,., „„,, „,..
public to
Every Retail Merchant should Join in tins work, clean up, and watch out again**! Rre    Th,,, gel Ihi
substantial gavings to be had by insuring with the
Retail Merchants' Underwriters Agency
401 Vancouver Block
Vancouver Branch R. M. A.
Annual Meeting
Two Hundred and Fifty Retail Merchants and Friends at Great
and Glorious Gathering Partake of Dinner, Transact Business and
Hear Dr. H.ndlcy'l Magnificient Address.
A remark ihle meci -.*- w a*, the an
sua) meet in** and dinner <>f the
Vancou\ • r Branch of the R M A
on {letober Ith at Letter l 'nurt
Approxitnati' 250 men ml down to
dtum • and t<» listen to lhe sp< eches
unit buaiiit***** ^f tin meeting, and
the   proceedings   were   h,**hl\   a i,
thf incomirii) Prrtulenl of the Vancouver
Branch, r M a. of Canada
ressful and their arrangement evi
din , ,,f careful   i ilion, e*ier,>
ihini* going like clockwork.   Prest
d. nt R   m   Millar waa m charge of
the gathering and certainly handled
it with dignitj and diapatch
The New Officers.
Following iIn'1 report of the nom
inat inn com mi I tee b\ M r (»• org*'
11 McRobhie, the following were
iinaniinoush elected officers ol the
branch for the present years J P,
I 'rowder, president .11 d, Wilson,
first vice-president; W M Ricksou,
second vice-president i A T Bridg
man. treasurer, and J, I*. Mernlees,
Prominent Guests.
At   tbo outset   President   R,   M
Miller    introduced    Dean    Klinck,
Provincial Vice-president Harvey
Murplij nt* Nanaimo, G. F. Jennings nf the Hudson's Bay Com*
pany, liondon, and M. C. Ellis, pre
mdcnl of the Canadian National
Jen elers   Association.
Eastern Merchant's Views,
Mr Ellis expressed hia amazement al the wonderful growth of
the eitj since In- was last her •
• ■ • ■ ■ i ai s ago. I le said that
eastern people had much to bans
from the wesl in building up Buch
a ii a : flcenl metropolis, Touching
ipon the luxury tax, he fell that
: ■ " .oi'' i..i't ,','-u made the target.
It the government absolutely need-
■ I the mone) it should try to do
awa*< with discrimination, placing
all trades on an even footing. They
were uo\i agitating the abolition
of the luxun tax, introducing in-
Ktead   .'.   i   per  cent    tax   on   the
■ ti ,ver of ever) class of business,
this tax '■• be absorbed by the
mercl ant All Kinds of profiteering
.   I t**i asion, lie thought,  would  be
ihus done away with.
President in Good Form.
The President, Mr, R. M. Miller,
m the pours, of a particularly well*
prepared report said the work during the past year by the executive
o'■ • ei h had made a demand upon
thi'tu the extent of whieh could
ai dl> be realisi d by the individual
tin ruber The criticism that the
Association entered to bul one class
nf business was now dead but it
was not too much to sa\ thai the
ground work laid by the old Gro
cers' Associtaiou had made possible
the work of the past year and he
availed himself of that opportunity
t.i express his whole-hearted appre
eiation of the splendid co-operation
thai had been given him in executive  matters  by  the   repivsentat ives
of the Grocers' Section in the per
Ron oi Messrs  llarkness and Clark,
No Duplication.
lie desired to set himself and the
Association verj  dearly on record
as being in UO sense, either directly
or implied, an opposition Organisation tu the Board of Trade, "1
make this statement," he continued,
"because   occasionally   one   is   met
with the objection that there is a
duplication of effort whieh is unnecessary. The answer to that
statement is that there ean be no
duplication of effort in two separate
tields   nf   enterprise.
"The Power Is Yours."
'Where can you find greater potential power than that possessed
by the retail trade.' Stores are open
six days. The newspaper editor
reaches the public through the
printed w.ird. which is powerful.
but the retailer and his employees
meet the public personally and the
power of personality is greater
than that of the printed word. Combine the space used in the newspapers by retail advertisements, and
you have a weapon of publicity
greater than is probably realized by
either retailers themselves or the
public. There is urgent need for
such publicity in counteracting the
distrust and suspicion of the retail
trade based upon ignorance which
can only be met through organization."
"Your Duty."
I ask for the support of the
retail trade of this city to this
Association upon even higher
grounds, and submit that the function of this Association is to so
raise the standard, ethically and
economically, of the retail trade as
to make of it a profession which
its members are proud to confess,
and to which the public will give
its   just   measure   of  respect   based
the retiring President of the Vancouver
Branch, R.M.A. of Canada. 11
I» tube
-    #?
^,^_ *»..■..- -»(,-
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Manufacturing Company
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porary increase io profit,
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handling a wtoeiji known
md fugnly regarded urtM le
tll.lt  Wll lit! ,1« t   lo* j»c«»**|r
to \ an '~'."'*\ snd 10 bftng
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touch v»ith \<»uf entire line
ol merchandise^
CONTAINS   NO   Alt M   AM)   ( ONFOftttS    TO
THE MU.M 51 ANDAKD Of   GfLU I 1 S (;oot>*
Winnipeg Montreal
Vol i; i
' It . 1 .    -       \ | |(| I    \   5  J',
Or:ier Now From
Wholesale Produce
1057 Hamilton St.        Vancouver, k.c. ,,,,),)
up<»,» a Ktiowii    '•'•:•   ■ in v. |
tit  »■• nder its        imuiu  nen ice to
l hi*     CHtlHllUlUt \
The Treasurer Speaks
\jr .1  T «'rowder tl    I'■ •■■■-> rci
led   bin   report    which   indi-
l   that   i In*  Vaneo branch
had inln i ted a deft, I from th, old
tiro   m     A1" n   w hieh mi for-
itoly still r, I' -  ■- on, •
> i<oj' ived    for   dui*-,   had i \
(tended   in   rendering    - :.,'
w ln> '    .ill  . \     ; '
act     lie*       I  th<   Lur
within or without the city, which
violate the criminal eode m anv
l articular At first we experienced
■"'' difficulty in getting our civic
authorities to take action in tnattersi
«»t thia kind, as they seemed unable
in MM- the . K'M point of the Association, hut more recent happenings
I ave been more successful, and it
is hardl*, too much to na) that Van
►uver is comparatively tree from
pro - ot ion   schemes   of   this   kind
ti 1*01      ? he ifitl uence ol s our Asso
on brought to bear along legiti
ii it,  linos.
Early  Closing  Bylaw.
I he ima iter of ' he enforcement of
Karh   ' Iohuic  II• laws  is still one
Secretary | Report
Hilton* of Vancouver Branch
|J 1 \ H S , , ,
ntlppoii   fr
lines  of  h
■   •       ni
►I nrgaU' <
n .    \..- on ■
p II11V      • * s      ' *■ *«■ ^ *
-   i ol
,ti - | srt of \-s,.
OOlldlt  nji J,   wit I   '
aa to all >rd Vai   o
coi mion     will
tiiri»ni*bn!it   ■-
r<>\ i
11    ' I' .(!:s
i   ....
K\o~' mion upon an m
■ • a-am*   \arict '•   of   subjects   con*
KtantI\   hci "     '   ul'bni   the
i nuge of rela l< rs The < lroe< is
section had merged its identit* witl
the larger organi al on u it h repre
Mentation upon lhe executive, and
nf course, still carrying «»n its work
an  a   On r's   SCCtioil   with   i's  OWU
> xeeul i\ c officers
Doubtful Schemes Expose l
\ \er*, great deal of i";i>' Asso
eiation work is of 'in' kind which
can <>nl\ be handled by your ftxee
nthe, and included within this cat
eg*i"i  have been Kiich affairs as the
enforcement  of  Earl*,   Closing  B.x
laws with a close scrutiny   of all
schemes put  before the Vancouver
retailers  by   parties,   either   from
asi iiiin .■ considerable work with
expenditure    of    Association
mom   . which is thus dherted from
itn proper functions  Whatever ma?
th,    •-. i, w   point   of   individual
iieu   ers of t his Associl ion on I Ins
Iter, the fact remains that Early
► losii k i*>laMs are on the Statute
i'"   i as a result of petitions signed
.i  majority  of the retailers af-
■ ted   w ho  desire   to  close  their
itores s" as to give themselves and
r   • • plov, es   reasonable   oppor*
■ ■ ■ • - for proper real and recreation     Tl ■     ■ om ledge   that   while
are  endeavoring to create  a
- r -"•   dard of living for them
uelves    and   those   associated   with
others are taking advantage
ol   tl       is a  source of continual
irritation to large numbers of Ass,,
on ii'" ihers, and for that mat
ter to retailers who arc not mem*
rs   of   our   Association,   and   in
|, - to ensure a stricter enforce
Pill   of   Rllch   b\ laws   considerable
atl ntioii lias been devoted to thia
matter with results which arc as
vet far from satisfactory. It should
not be the business of the Association to look after these matters at
alt, but unfortunately the task has
been 11 rust ujmui them by ' be
■teeming inability oi our ch ic an
thorities to keep this thing checked
(|   would   seem   as   if   matters   q|
this  kind  should  come  under  the
il •■■ i|  control of the  Inspector o
Trades  Licenses,  who (should  have
sn officer in his  Department,   en
trusted with the enforcement of all
regulations covering the conducl of
retail  establishments,  as  it   is  more
directly the concern of tins Depart
menl  than anj   other in the City
Ibill    That the Early Closing Bylaws and also the Weekly Halt" Hoi
i.hi\ Act are being violated in spirit
and m letter all over Greater Van-'
couver is a fact which your Asso
eiation has evidence to support.
Reference is made to this subject
here, not in a spirit of criticism of
civic authorities so much as to indicate tn the rank and file of the
membership   that    their    Executive
officers have given more than passing attention to this issue.
Union Is Strength.
It is uf interest to Vancouver
Retailers to know that decisions
reached by committees of Vancouver retailers acting in conjunction
with the Provincial Executive,
largely influenced the memoranda
presented to the Board of Commerce at Ottawa and in several
cases modification of Hoard of
Commerce rulings were obtained
along the lines suggested by retailers of this city. 1 desire to avail
myself of this opportunity to emphasize by the foregoing illustrations the value of the connection
between Vancouver retailers and
Ottawa through the fact that they
are an integral part of the National
British Retail Drapers.
Vancouver has this year been the
scene of many conventions, and fraternal visitors. A feature whieh
stood out prominently under the
heading <>f u Entertainment of
Visitors from outside the Province"
was the visit of the party of British Retail Drapers, accompanied by
representatives   from   the    United
States Retail Dry Hoods Association.
Government   Budget   of   1920.
This  report   would   be   incomplete
without reference to the Government's 1,,'_>,) Budget which included
the DOW famous Luxury ami Sales
Taxes The sudden and Unexpected
responsibility thrust upon retailers
of Vancouver of being made honorary tax collectors for the*Government, placed upon your Associa
*' m office an immense amount of
work, particularly in the direction
of getting accurate information for
the guidance of retailers in all lines
f    of business..
Luxury and Sales Tax.
With no other notice than that
contained in press dispatches from
Ottawa, retailers were charged with
the responsibility of carrying out
complicated taxation regulations The
law went into affect on the morn*
big i\i May ISth, and for many
weeks business Interests were at a
loss tO know what their duties were.
Your   Association   throutrb   its  Ot-
YOU   HtVl   Not   Read  This  Journal.  Until   You   H.ivc  Studied  the  Advertisements. V
U    1
etuis from time    1st,
• lot oho;
tawa office secured official infonna-    the issuance ol btilje
tion and interpretations of obscure    to tm.c. covering tl peratiom oi
paragraphs which were published in    NT. S. P  cheque operators,
the form of bulletins, and were also    lection of delinquent accounts  i
communicated to interested part.es    iting of freight Mils   assists
direct,    For man}  weeks all other    the installation ol boo keeping - n
Association  business was relegated    terns,   filling  out   Income   rax
to second place, in order to render   turns, and a wide variet      '  -
service to retailers at a critical time,    activities which an aim
The    Budget    having   once    been    routine duties of
launched without previous consultation with the interests most directly
affected,   the   Minister  of   Finance
ami the Department of Inland Re;
eiiuc   became  suddenly   aware   that
much of their hastily-prepared tax
. - ■ th, earnest
Executive officer
late the iw ruber
ami ever*, wa*i p<>
though no claim ol
entered,   it    is   nil
|h rsonallt,  r<
ation   scheme   needed   revision   in    activel;
order to make it   workable, and a"
laton work thi
endear 01 ed ' o
nations, whet lo
opportunity   was  given  the   Reti
Merchants' Association to place the
views of its membership before the
.Minister of Finance.    Many of the     successful  u
recommendations made by the Van-    op< ral on   r
couver  Association   found   accept     from   the
ance elsewhere in Canada, and were    " ■ icl   I
contained   in   amendments   t<>   the    services are
original  Budget  which  was Finally    nol   used  ri<
passed by the Federal House
Routine Work of the Office
-■   illld   he
pons tl il
The  foregoing   resume   of   vour
Association's activities briefii Bkim*i    \   i*   c
the  most   outstanding   features  and
deals   with   fundamental   principles
ami policies which are at the has"
of Retail Merchandising regardless
of the particular line carried In
addition to the services thus rendered indirectly, a considerable volume of personal directed store Ben
ice has been rendered in operation
an up-to-date credit  rating bureau.
Oil,       V.   '    . I| .;
would  sav,
amo ml   ol
low  re a  ■
nsal *f
call to tl
i>'. wav "t eiosmv '   * i
follow ing stab   • ■ ■   • •>  •
ship will he «if inter, -•       V
WET FEET Make Irritable Customers
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Leather     Tested   and   Approved   by  the
Allied Armies.    N
ow Used by Everybody
Let   Me   Have   Your  Order  for  This
Profitable   Line.
c. W. COPP
323 Homer St, Vancouver, B.C.
[ni   1'ijii      i    v. re approxin al
., •.   - mdri I   ii I twent) I \ 9 tm
■ s       good  itainimg 111 tfie  va
diver   Braneh     1 be   membership
Htm ' " Q   hundred
iiinol    foui    show mi* an  iftel■» as<
;:.  I) '    lUt)   nilic-
Campaign   for   Increased   Member
ship  Dciinihlr
tie  ni,  ■
emhip fot  I
nf 1 * -* 1
v >»l
' '
. *
1      ■-      '. 1
'  1
'«»   *■•   '
t   ...
Dr   Hindley'*  Speech
mr\    1 ll
!                        1       '.
a u "■
A Quirk Response
iil      : tt,     thi  appla m follow
rig Dr   Hindi,   'i iipeeeh bad
mded Nfr   \v   1    Ktearman   jut np< l
appeal      ift,        h  a!! iddreiM 1
1"   liindlei   had  given ""  to  wipe
";'   the  inherited   deficit     •'   I
1  '   ai  - it and w as \< ar
"i'i"''«      ■ -i s, \ ...■.,! 1 in tiilli  ■ I -
''' '*   ' - .1  fair oontrihutmm
1 ,.   .  1
'"  '   ' ' Hoer    u, re   banded   in
■'' * "  was agreed that  the otlu r
lemhi rs nhoiild send In their otioi 11120.
bJ  "uul U1 ,h ,urs" of a ,in> w the proflta of .the Canadian company into the affairs of the ConllUiners,
s"..    |         f but m the total profite accruing from Association, wo have received a re-
******  |wra»«*   to   this   fine the whole activities of the N. C. R. port from the Crown Attorney, at
meeting will  be  round  in   'I ode m both the United States and Can- Windsor, stating that this concern
lh>h '  ' "ru'"r eda      In  addition,  the  plan  is   not has  (dosed   up    and    gone    ont    of
only effective immediately, but also business."
UNIQUE PROFIT SHARING PLAN mi,,i" retroactive to dan. 1, 1920. 	
\ pro?;* abating plan of sn oris
inal and liberal chart, ler has been
announced to the * ana-' .-- . uplov, i
of the Motional Cash Register I o b
Frederick   i'»   Patterson,   viee-preai
t\<in. who made the trip from Da)
|uj|   expreaal)   to  « the  mam
unnjno feat urea of tl •■ \ Ian   Briefly
sutntnafixed   the   plan   i sits   for   i
■   • fi   * ft    di\ ii in   of  prol • -
' ' ■ '';<   ' U ; md all efilpbi . •    ■
u ho  ar«-   not   members   ol   th,    Pom
pan*-, «itb the odds, sn a i   inetin
mi* in favor of the employes
During the seven months of the
finance year ended on September 30,
Retail merchants of Vancouver '"bind revenue collected totalled
■nt  on  record as of the opinion
it  statements made by represen-
ives of the Propert*, Owners' As-
at   thi-  (*itv   hall   taxation
129,541,813. Under this bead are included receipts for the luxury and
sales taxes imposed in the last budget.   In the corresponding months of
The profits "f *h<e i      panv are to
be deterratned b) an outside firm of   l"'"i"r5>   owners are askmg us 10
accountant*    !■><,, -., t0|a| ».«.«*■    I*--   !"r ■■■• th<" improvements Wu-y
udl be dedne'ed an amo int i . <al to
■is* per «,ej!r interest on the money
?n\rated by tin* co   pan)    b -'   I
investment will ink.- no account of
the thousands of dollars' worth ol
patents and th,     foo I will*' b,
ing to the eo • ; -.        Km a    dance to
i %i\ p.«-r   •'.-  return on tin com
pan*, s , apttal tl •■ employ, - g, I the
hiw*b' il wagi r paid for     ■ c a«i ol
Share Profit Equally
ting recently  to the effect that    iast year inland revenue collections
property  owners paid 90 per cent    wm 0,llv $7-065,268.    During   the
■ '•'. i.,\.-v uen- not correct. Mr. WM periods also income tax receipts increased. During the seven
months of this year, they were $6,-
585,418, during the seven months last
year they were $1^673,628. Revenue
from business profits tax showed a
Blight decline. For the two seven
month periods it was 1919, $15,884,-
293; 1920, $15,189,479.
Total ordinary revenue during the
month of September was $37,120,789
as compared with $26,698,840, the
total ordinary revenue in September,
1919, During the seven months period ended Sept. 30, total ordinary
revenue    was.     1919,    $159,085,559;
'•'       •!'.' the premises to pay for    p,.jo -#1990591]
th< -<■ things "
d \\ Poster upoaking at the week-
ly joint luncheon of the Retail .Merchants' Aaaociation and the retail
eau of the Board of Trade said
that 5' was the consumer who paid
tax en     I le   continued 1   "The
demanded a few years ago to en-
hauce the value of their property,
I ii unfortunate}*, the property owners «ere not aide tii realize as they
I ad anticipated and now they are
uskini; us, the consumers, and those
Keference   has   been   made   m   a
previous issue to the activities of B. C. Board
After this sis p«»r cent  interest is the Consumers' Association, a eon        President. M. .1.   Phillips,   Men's
dcduct.-d. the remaining profits are eem which advertised its ability to Furnishings, New Westminster.
divided  equally   between  employes reduce the cost of living.   Selling      First Vice-President, Harvey Mur-
ninl  npan\    The employes are to '-""Is at less than cost is not a pro- ^n   Men's Furnishings, Nanaimo.
be paid not in stock or bonds but in fitable business and the inevitable      Second Vice-President, j. H. Ash-
ipol cash as ch.se as possible to the has happened    They are qo more: we*j  pepartment store, Chilliwaek.
accounting date* which are on Janu They enrolled members throughout
an 1 and .lul> I   an unusualh gen | anads at >- per, each member be-   pjftno company. Ltd., Vaneouvci
erous feature as the company has t • ing made an "exclusive   agent and      Secretary, Geo, 11. Hougham
wait for its mone*, because payments it was no uncommon thing to find
for its product often extends over a four or five "exclusive ' agents m
period of time "!!'' lerritor*, !   "The endless 'chain1
While there U no restriction whal ensued,   each,   agent   getting   more
soever as to the use ?,. which em agents and  Bending  the  numerous
ployefl   may   pul   their  share   of   the 'two   dollars.-s'   to   our   friends   at
profits it  IS Stipulated that  the com Windsor,   Ont.,   who   in   return   for
pany'l fifty  per rent   of the  profits the membership fee, promised tlour,
may  Stay  in  the  business    to  erect sugar and other staples at  less than
new buildings, buy new machinery, wholesale The R  M. A. stepped in
for  inventions  and   improvements, and   the   Consumers'   Association
enlarging   the   business   and   safe stepped  out    Read  the  following
guarding it against unusual and nn paragraph from Dominion Secretary
foreseen losses    Thus all the risks Trowern'a letter to Provincial Sec*
and  hazards are borne by the com ivtarv  Hougham:
pauy, the employes themselves carrj        "You will be pleased to hear that
ing no risk. after considerable  effort  and  agita-
The   employes   Of    tllC   Canadian tion  on  our part,  in   which  we sin-
eompany have extra cause for grati- ceeded  in  induoing the  Board of
fi cat ion in that thev share not merely Commerce to make an Investigation
Hon. Treas., Daryl II. Kent, Kent
Branch Secretaries
Armstroni"    A.  I), Renault.
Cranbrook—W. M. Harris.
Duncan—R. A. Thorpe.
Kamloiips   .1. I\. Colley.
Kclowna ~ A. S.  Wade.
Ladner- -C, P. Chamberlayne.
Merritt—-C, B. Howse.
Nanaimo—.1. P.   Bdge-Partington,
Hon. See. W. K. Griffith.
Nelson -E. F  Gigot.
New Westminster   Walter F. Ing,
Hon. See. (i   II. Jackson.
Pentioton- Sydnev Clark
Port  Alherni'   A   I. Mind.
S.  Vancouver    L   K.  Fowler.
Vancouver   Ceo.   II.   Hougham,
Hon. See. .1. F. Merrilees.
Vernon   J. McGaskill,
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f 1
>      !
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..-•■■-1   - . | j      \?i \
mk for ?         \ I    liavi it Is "f-mtt «~
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LANKA Tl A t.. •,..-. t iih. ,i,.
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finest grades of the Ceylon
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suit both pocket books and taste
"f Hie ml majority of Tea
Vancouver, B.C. I «»20
(Sonera! businesi conditions in
ItrtttHh Col 11 mbis are bains so',
petr«J to sinmiflr influence* govern
Iflg trade throughout thin continent
I the World in general, vfat., tin-
- »Tect *»f n changed public aenti
ment toward the question of prices
.» psychological condition induced
i«v ihi* fall in price of one or tw i
butc •''ohuhmIiin-H, which has bd
i«» n general belief toil "prices '-ill
be lower all around
Whrth'T Oh* b«-hcf \n justified or
n«»t ii not efti) lo prove The mer*?
far? thai prices m general show a
falling tendency is in itself no
proof, for il may be oul) a lempor
si ■ phase ni the situati ■•■ There
ire mail) evidence!, however, thai
•; i   peal of btgh prices bis her,:
p<*-».*»-ed nod thai »i' are nOl fieed
wilh gradual decline m e»»«nni«»d»ty
Thai    the    prv-wut    wide    fi ictlll-
iton** are jntftinVd h> lower prod tic
tion costs j*. however, emphaUcali*,
not she cue    ,v lower cost of pro
duet ion i* the on I*,  solid foundation
upon    which   tn   base   permanent!'
b»w»T prs<'e*v  and it     moot  be Hid
that   production   ^o*\*   hlVC   sudden
I)   fallen
What   then   is  the  reason   for  the
s-iddes? "softening" In the price ol
so many lineal
Manv evpiils ' give many opinions, and the reasons which the*,
pot forward van greatly, The general   opinion  on   the  basic  cause   IS
however retnarkabt*, unanimous    M
-   tins
I |i   to  a   few   month'*   IgO   prices
continued riiiug because thee iris
a general shortage of n led i'oiv
modi ties  and   supplies,   and   uu-reli-
ants were willing to bit) »li the*,
eotlld k*<'    -villi the result that mar
ket pnees continually stiffened ihe
merchant found that he could make
a good profit on everything he had
m stock, beeauie prices were rising
all  tin   lime
As a result of this keenness to
buy,  niiiii}   speculators in  various
countries    made    \er>    l,eav\    pur
chasea, with the object of re*aelling
at   a   profit   when   the   market   ad
vaneed Huge stocks ware piled up
in the great centres and advances
against the security of these stocks
were   obtained   from   the   banks.
Early hi thin year the bankers of
the world, especially in the United
States, called a bah  to this pro
ccdure, and  it  became  practically
impossible     to     obtain     advances
Iglinit  merchandise for any specu
Intivo   purpose     The   wise   bankers
MtW  that  there  must   come an  end
to   this  ever-growing  pyramid  of
gamMil i\ and they put the brakes
(hll of the first results of this
was the slump and panic in Japan,
which country was one of the (•rentes! sinners m gambling in merchandise.   The slump resulted in a rapid
drop   in   price  of commodities  pro
dttced in Japan, and cancellation
of man) large orders for goods imported into Japan. This reacted in
the I'nitod States, where large
orders for the Orient were on band.
and these goods bad to bo disposed
of elsewhere, "Tight money" conditions wre followed by tile need
for merchants to reslise on their
stocks   in   order   tO   meet   financial
The normal basis of making a
selling price "How much did ii cost
met" becomes replaced when a
merchant   must    have    the    money
With "How much ean 1 get iu ready
i i ■ ■
The result is that for the present
the market has been turned from fl
"seller's market" into a ' buyer's
market." with the advantages inain-
|\   0U  the side of the buyer.
Noting the reductions which have
hen so general, the public is inclined to hold oil" buying as much
as possible, and this makes it the
more necessary for retail merchants
to make slashing reductions if they
want   to  force  sales.
While there is e\er\ reason \'ov
the   retail   merchant   to   reduce   the
selling  price  of his goods to  the
•lowest possible" level that is
both his duty to the public and bis
dutV tO bis own business there IS
no reason al all for cutting prices
below a "profitable" level. Losses
ma\ have to be taken here and
there toi stocks purchased at high
levels, but to cut prices in order
tO meet the competition of I neighbor who has thrown all caution to
the winds, just because   he   must
have money, and have it, quickly,
must   lead   only   to  one   conclusion.
The general level of commodity
prices cannot fall very quickly, The
reasons for the high prices which
have prevailed wore too deep-seated
to bo brushed aside all at once. That
is impossible. Therefore it is logical
to assume that once the speculator
has been eliminated, and be is being
eliminated very quickly, markets
will once more stabilize, and the
return to normal will bo a gradual
process, unmarked by any sudden
reductions such as we have lately
seen  in some  lines.
The cos! of production must come
down before we can see any permanent reduction in selling prices,
cue of the principal factors in coat
of production is wages, and wages
will not eome down very rapidly.
It may be that the workers will see
that in order to maintain their
present level of wages they must
work for a greater output, to give
more for what they get; if so. then
this will be equivalent to a reduction in wages, for it will mean a
reduced  cost   oi production.
During the readjustment period.
there  is  no  need   for  merchants  to
sell goods below the price at whieb
they could replace them wholesale.
which is what is in some cases being
done today. The only reason why
.some merchants do this is because
they  are  pressed   for  money.
"Reasonable caution in buying"
has been lhe gospel preached in
season and out of season during the
past year. Those who followed this
godd advice, have no cause to fear
any fall in prices today, nor, if
they continue the policy, will they
cause to fear the readjustment period which trade in general is facing.
So far as current conditions in
B, C, arc concerned, wholesale
houses report that trade is maintaining a very good level, especially
in the country districts. The basic
industries of the province are
sound and prosperous, and with the
exception of the bad feature of special sales at reduced prices noted
above, general trading conditions
are satisfactory.   Credit men report
collections are better than anticipated although requiring a shade
more work to effect,
' tii till
i-'ii ■
94                              THE BRITISH COLUMBIA RETAILER                          OtUA
j 1
■; ■
■! i    '
- Makers of
■ "
1 !
' ■ T
{   i
if   :
The "Standard" Paper
And of the following lines:-—
jl      ■
Greaseproof Paper Pie Plates
[j |  i
Ice Cream Plates
Oyster Pails
;   i; i
M' ■
1 ■ i
Phone Sey. 781
Wrapping Paper
Phone Sey. 781
11 I
Toilet Paper
\ )
"• !
Empress Tea
90 per cent of
is soldi nv
j- -
UNDERSTAND why,-  ,,, VT          *     j
1   '
FACT  MK.ws  to   HIM
Manufacturing Co. Limited
Phone Fairmont 227
R, B.C.
VANCOUVER,  B.C. 1920.
The reduction nt price of ,,-t. sis
is the o,,i<i!im,ltiii* feature ol the
Moirk--t.»   ,n   foodstuffs  during   the
j as"    iitotilli       The   bOttfttCOtlf   'Tuns
tit   Canada  and   th«-   tinted  States.
and nt nil tlo* grain growing eoun
tries with lis*' exception of lltiimiiji
inures for the first tijnr* in neveral
ynr* no ld£<|ttlt4   SUppl)   ol tjnjii,
f«*r  th*« world's needs  during  Ibc
eoOltOj*   )«'»r.   Million",   however,   ||
lowing for my c&rt**j  over   Rurop*"
*..-is Urtit. evef*j 4-iT«»r? to gron 14
much ii possible »»f ftMwUioiT* rod
,»-.   bttl  bm  apparent   fIii»t   a   lower
j'-.cl  of  pub)  price!  mu*t  I"*  toe
MRtlt  **f |'fr*< ni  conditions     Tl
niii-.iil of irtificial prices caused
01   government   control   has   soon
M******   itAh "'*>i   *•">   a  inluirp   '<<'vsi«tn
til  thr*  priCS  levels  of  ill  grains
It, a<i«itfi«-t;i to reductions in lhe
pmnar) prole-,'» of grain, Sttcll 11
nour, redoctiftfM ire «1*«» th<- order
of   tb«*   day    a   Jill   hn«*   produced
fr-,fm grain Several reduction* of
ihil nature hive ntreid) beta put
mio i :T. el rod others «re pending
I <'fr;   Starch   Km   been   rcdu<
Mle   |.rr  em   md  Com  S\rup  50e
j.r hum Other lines such ss liw
euili Iwivr no! *o far been reduced
to pnee, Hut tower unotiliom in
looked f*«r lo tlsH connection, it
t«» ifjit« j that English biseuitii ire
. -,■■*••: •• forward in lirger quant<
tka to I •; mI'ios* well, there *•« tnvr
«•■>  |.':,j  difference in price over
Utl »to.t |' .< it*  manufactured  Unei
It n* inticipated thai the reduced
level of ifratn prieej «iii ripidlj,
'•wet on other lUiej «»f farm pro
luce.   Bran.  Shorts,   1|j»\   ami  Other
feeds hiving gone eonsidersbl*t
Decontrol of food supplies in
virions countries is hiving the ef
feel of further unsettling the market* In general tin- situation as
regirda fouii prices demands cm*
lion on the pirt of buyers.
Sugar is a weak market. The
lower prices now in effect in the
l nited Hutel is causing a general
«!<•!,otiot fur a reduction of prices
of ('anadian refiners, who ire re-
MHiini*" on tio- ground that they
were forced to lay in large stocks
•»f raws ind were unable to export
owilg to the embargo imposed by
the government. Tin* refiner* ire
therefore asking for in embargo on
lhe importation of lower priced Am
■•man sugar, which is being offered
in Cinidl  It   several   points  below
Canadiin prices. At the time of
writing the situation is very indefinite, man>  large consumers stat-
Uii* freely that Canadian prices
must come down, as present prices
are not blied on the market value
of raws, which is an artificial position On the part of manufacturers
who use sugar in quantity the tendency is to hold off the market al
the present time.
Pending the final outcome of the
storm of indignation which has
greeted the order <»f the Board of
Commerce, prohibiting the import of
lugir, myth ing like i dogmatic expression of opinion  is inadvisable,
hut it i* UOl entirely out of order
to point out that this is the logical
outcome of the attempt on the part
of the government to interfere with
the laws of supply and demand.
Judgment  should   be  suspend,1,!   in
lofar as the  refiner  is concerned
until all the facts are ascertained
Canned |*ruits and Vegetables
IK!   a   steady   market.     The   B.   C.
pick of Peas is only 35 per cent, of
last year's pack, owing to floods in
the Praser Valley. Tomatoes are
B good pack, hut it is not expected
that prices will decline from pres
cut levels.
Canned Milk. An advance has
been looked for owing to increased
rail freight rates, and the usual seasonal conditions, hut as yet has not
been quoted, A reduction in Condensed Milk, owing to lower BUgai'
prices is  likely.
Canned Pish. New pack Salmon
is moving regularly at firm prices
and is good quality. The cheaper
grades are very slow. A quantity
of the 1918 pack of inferior grades
is being marketed at low prices, but
is not a good selling line, local grocers declining to handle it regularly.
Brooms may be dearer, as the
crop of broom corn has heen practically a failure. Merchants are advised to cover requirements.
Tea. High grades are firm in
price and in good demand. The
market is not very stable, and purchasers would be well advised to
cover requirements only a short
time ahead. At the time of writing
a fall in price is not unlikely.
Coffee is an erratic market, with
prices firm on some grades and
weak on others.
Rice, SagO ami Tapioca are weak.
despite recent  declines.
The Largest Wholesale Cake
Manufacturers In British Columbia
IWB StM.lt IT the trade of Uetailers.
These   have  been   Our  slogan   for  many   years  past.
66 Lansdowne Avenue West.
Phone Fairmont 1195
We have received several communications by mail and otherwise
telling us how the last issue of the
"B.C. Retailer" was appreciated.
These include such authorities as
Treasurer Kent and Branch Secretary Ing. of New Westminster.
Candidly we liked to hear this but
what we want to emphasize is that
we want YOUR help to make it a
bigger and better journal all the
time. Despite our appeal for news,
etc., last month, very little reached
us from the various sections of the
Province, Everybody write and say
something or we will be tempted to
start a beauty competition and then
the rush will begin. :lfVTWB?»*,H
■ :
rown Dpoom
, Manufacturers of the
Crown Broom Works Limited
Phone Fairmont 1148
Two Reasons
Why Eddy Products
Are Easy to Sell
1. QUALITY—The public know that the name
Eddy is a definite assurance of value for
money. And Eddy quality always lives
up to the Eddy reputation.
2. PUBLICITY—Constant consumer advertis.
ing develops the demand  and  makes
every Eddy display result fill.
Always have a good supply of Eddy's" Matches
and Eddy's Indurated Film-ware mi
hand. And lei you.fi customers know
you handle ami recommend these justly
famous products,
Tne E. B. Eddy Co.
The Famous High Grade
Hind Rolled Confecton
for the Bctt Retail Trade
Stole manufacturer
Matthews Candy Factory
824 Granville Street,
The Manufacture <»f
is superintended by an expert of 2d
years Feast Cake manufacturing »-\
Every Package Guaranteed
(*Utl 0*  from   I" tit  J.'i per ri-iii
in the coat of footwear for n*-\: sea
*m»m. .is compared w-jth list »pnn;*
figures,   baWl    )»«»•,»   announced   hv
Itcnr)  Vi*in, secretaiy treasurer ol
lhe MShoe Minufacturers'   Vnsoeia
I ion of * aruMii
Mr Vuiti pointed Mttt that the*
mltieitonti were th* lowest thai
could   I**   expected   owing   i«»  the
hsj*h  pro*** of Jmlt«»r. *he  increase  111
freight rates «ml the disappearance
of manufacturer*! «Mirptn* atocki
It. h..m4 {f.^i* i.o iu.- iait three
or foil j oi Ins, retailers havr he**ti
clwtrin** th**ir Mocks si  vvr\  much
lower prices t|iai,  «|H.\   ,.an   replace
the tame goods for today. Stocks
in the hands of shoe manufacturers
and retailers were ven low. as the
h taileri   have   not   bought   to   any
extent   for   the   last   three   or   four
Weaker prices in the wool mar
kets havi* been reflected in s lower
ing of quotations on yarn,
'loth,nj* manufacturers report
fntdr unieaaonabl) quiet in most
luies, trith a t/erj conservative tone
among   retailers      Most   wholesalers
express the opinion that prices are
nol likeh to drop very much until
the spring of nexl *. ear.
Tlnrc are .some instances of price
Cutting in retail stores, in order to
reduce stocks, which is having a
had effect on genera! trade.
Whatever the outlook may he.
the retailer is certain y very cautious sn placi g one r ll the present time, and appears i•>' he waiting
until   markets  Let nine  more  stable.
Retailers v< ho sacrifice their
stocks are merely Contributing to a
demoralization of conditions, as
they influence the public to believe
that clothing prices are due for a
slump, which is not deemed to be a
likely happening bated upon present costs of manufacture.
♦ *t>**,---*a*«^»»-**-»-#«**"»*"a
tUHMdMtl pOW IALI A'-O WANTED- We wrUI \limii announcement! under
*«"• »-«*4'i-«) ' *»l f O* CHARGE ts tuMCHbtrc To non.tub»criber» the
isj-rt »t V 4 m '<? mfmmum |l, cA»*. with order We am receiving many
tWHHtrrttM ********* UM *****Sl**m Hf iHi<M«e»*e* lit 8X. The only favor we a»k ,»,
t*»t ; > *- *«•*«« Hta-er* who m«kt vj»t of the atxsve offer let ui know when
IMy   ***  t..'t«*.  M "'■»<  •*!  w*-*  withdraw  tt««>   ,*dverti*ement.
*to«K*i TOO WENT; ARTiCLl* FO« SALE OR WANTED. ETC : Our charge
un<t«r Hli KwSlAf to mlMttflb#**f and non-aubic-'ther* alike) it be per word,
minimum   |,.   ca»h   with   BflSfi
Add**M iett*-t \t> "Oa«»IftcS  D#f»*    ' B.C.  Retailer. 20J London  Oldg.,  Vancouver.
» . « .*~-# .4 4^.*., ..#.»-.#.-• -»*♦.. •-«
General Store and Tool Room in
connection, Vancouver Islind; ex
rellenl developments going ,,H •
'tore doing ito,u\ turnover; owum
ttn-re gfa vein stock it valuation,
auouI |3,000    Building and 8xtui&
tl 500,     Pool   Room,   2   tables   aid
building $1,000    Hnc opportun ly
!<>r energetic man and wife     B SsO,
g . "H c Retailer "
Grocery or General 8tore wanted
by  man   from   prairies,  must  stain!
strictest investigation    Want to lo
Cite this Fall and will pay all eash
down.    Wants   some   centre    with
first-eliM    educational    facilities,
1U7. c o "B.C. Retailer."
Position in Hardware or General
Store, by man with 30 years general
experience; prefers  IMi.K.  district
if possible.    B18, e o "B. C. K<4
Position in Grocery or Hardware
Store; sixteen years' experience i:i
both,   B10, e o "H.c. Retailer."
General Retail Merchant is desir-
ous oi locating in "food progre-isive
community; preferably Okanagan,
Kootenay, or Vancouver Island.
Some capital; well known to Vancouver wholesalers     B 21, c -0 "B
c Retailer."
Silent Salesman, ti or 8 foot, square
type, h>   Victoria retail merchant
It 22, eo "it. c. Retailer."
Position Wanted by a man with a
genera] business experience of nineteen years, and three years' experience iu gents' furnishings and clothing. Can furnish best of references
from two of the largest houses in
Canada.    B23, c o "B.C. Retailer."
Experienced Accountant offers
merchants advice and practical assistance with hooks and correspondence. Enquiries invited. B24, "B.
C. Retailer."
Among the branches which were
reported by Secretary Hougham to
the last provincial Convention to
have lapsed were those of South
Vancouver and Knderby, and the in-
COming executive was instructed to
see if this condition could not be
remedied.   It is therefore very $*rati-
TMK person who says "Hello."
when answering the telephone smiles very condescendingly when he hears some one
els<» say "Are you there?" Ho
thinks such a question is silly.
What does the man who answers with "Mr. Blank speak-
inp." think of the person who
says "Hello?" Observing pnv
per practice himself, he in h's
turn thinks the hello greeting
is equally out of place.
Patronize Home Industry
Writing Tablets
and —
School Supplies
Made in B.C.
Wrapping Paper, Twine, St. Lawrence
Paper Bags, Toilet Paper, Picnic
Sundries and Stationery
Columbia Paper Co., Ltd
(ioliglitly Bros, Ltd,
m .■   '. ■ rsn sf
TMI   GREAT   V%t*T   W«»Mp   ANO
Laundry Miirliiiiery
'.art* am! *tr,\\: ?»•!'»■■«.« ,':',--^" r**tfS fWH
Mttipfntftl ItM *»ttf **tt. ■ •canl*\,n«4 »;',«*-trt* VW •*•,•-
Meter;   OfMHTTAUW   off   h*M   •warfc**,      Afvftta   W*ftt«-J
r» er jrwhere_
75J  Powell  8t-»«t l»h*n*.  M*-jft    V3
VANCOUVt*.   a c
St. Francis Hotel
Directly opposite C.P.R. Depot and one block
from  Post  office and the  business centre.
European Plan, $1.50 Up.  Cafe in Connection.
J. NATION & SON, Managers.
At   It"
The   Bu»me»i   Man's   $#*v<ce   Station   Announce   the
of our
New Vancouver Offices
Rooms 101 to 104 Riggs Sclman Building,
BulldhQ sale..    High CI*,. Sery.ce. New Flat Rate
Plan.    Four Sale* Now On  In Vancouver.
Write.  Wire  or  Phone   For  Our  Term,
Hand Style Type show Card,. Spwlal Sale Tagt and
Ticket*, Ready to Letter Price Cardi,
Mtnufsctartd lo Ow Own Ptaal   Bead for
* ataiofoi
Members National Assoe BptcUl Balis llaiifirs
PHONE R.P. 858. 319 PENDER ST. W. m.
Great West TEA
No Premiums    No Deals
No Price Cutting
Weslern Grocers Limited
iwiutt mm  ii«KA4 i (.
Now Is the Time to Patronize
Home Industry
iu   l»n)?ns*   Ramn) i pr*
duets j on ire n -   mis sup*
porting ■■- irst•-'■ 11     it man)
«4h«-f    It    «'     •'...• 5 .n.-»   from
si horn    w e    pur, hss<    o i
OUR   BHAMOi   ahe
niwmjr*! N<rt  ©•»**
CnMn*   0»*t
Famtfy Cream Se-Ssa
Ian*a, «  Cream   le*SM
Sweet Biacti '«
HHt>*r.   Wr-iHti
Mi  V     C.***!  ill
**>»♦«***   Ch*X6*«t-H
t«s#t}r C**sw*-'*t*«
<>* >.«.,, •   v a  j
ItWMfiel   TaSN   *>rwp
v. "..?#"»  iranS  PHmmwI  o * 11 * -
Ramsay Bros. & Co.
Bideiiffc I  l>wia, Agents
Phone Se\ mour 2885
315 8cymour Street,
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure.
Beat   by   Teat.
We will refund the money to any
euttomer  who   ll   not  satisfied
after using NAPOLEON OLIVE
A. M1QN1NO CO. ITO., top*-*
tl r.-.ll Street   VANCOUVER. I.C
GMMeti food Beer*) Mee***« MH
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation
I ipitil   Paid up
Reserve and Surplus. Earned (Over)
Investments Exceed
Established 185.1
•I'.  Paid on Deposits Subject to Withdrawal by Cheque.
432 Richards St.
Vancouver, B.C.
G. L Smellie
fying tn he ible to report thai the
re-opt*!]ing meeting of South Vancouver branch of the  Retail  Ifer-
•x   Assignation was held on Sep*
U sbef 24th in the general hoard
rooms, Pacific Building, Vancouver,
Sir Geo r Flndiiy presiding and
with R H Fairley, provincial or
ganiier, preient. Members present,
though few m number, were very
• nthuaiiatic
A resolution   lo   continue   as   1
South Vancouver branrh pa88Cd una
nimousit It was also resolved that
tin- former officers should retain their
portions until Jinuary, with the
exception "f tl"1 secretary, who re-
signed, and to appoint nn honorary
rtecretary, <J S Hougham, in carry*
ing on the secretaryfs duties The
secretary lo ssstsl the provincial
officers ire:   Geo, P. Flndiiy, preii*
dent . W -I .lanes and .1. A. Barber.
vice-presidents; T W Vincent,
treasurer, and Leslie K. Powler, honorary secretary,
In order to create s fresh inspiration for work, it was arranged thai
all members in arrears should have
these wiped off the slate    The asso
eiation trill meet "ii the second Pues-
da.V  of each   mouth.     A   deputation
consisting of all the members present
was  appointed  to wait   OO  ''ommis
■doner Gillespie to discuss the early
eloaing bylaw    In this connection it
was the opinion of all present  thai
the securing of this bylaw was the
iireatesl thing which had been ic«
c iinplished bv the association.
the end of it -not only for the
standing it gives the establishment
in the community but for the greater reason of all—the protection of
your estate not to mention borrowing powers and wider financial arrangements. Nobody would want
to put his savings into a partnership. The Retail Merchants' Association has s legal department who,
I am sure, would be pleased at any
time to go into the costs and other
incidental matters relative to becoming incorporated, and questions thai the members are not sure
of will be answered through our
legal  column  in  the  next   month's
isH,u'- B. T. G,
A friend of mine said to me the
other   da> i     "It's   String*   to   me
thai  so few of the retail trade are
incorporated    what  is the reason!
| gave i' up. It nevertheless
would be good business for the re
tailer to take advantage of the
more or less prosperous times and
get the old store polished Up under
ii brand new name with "Ltd." at
Scale & Cash
Register Co.
54 Water Street
Computing   Scales,   Meat
Slicers and Cheese Cutters.
Automatic Weighers.
Standard Scales.
Coffee Mills, Peanut Butter
Machines,   Meat   Choppers
and Bone Grinders.
Old Machines taken in as
part payment, and a liberal
trading allowance made.
Write for Catalogue and
Telephone Seymour 2747
Deal W.th Our Advertisers:    They Make Thi. Official  Publication Possible at $2.00 a Year. 1(1(1
t let >i|m}
No Alum
It is a pure phosphate baking powder, giving good results in every baking.
Order By the Case.
Tell your customers to save
the  certificates  for  Wear-
Ever Aluminum.
Kelly, Douglas
& Co., Ltd.
This service is free to our subscribers
for the purpose of locating old customers
and others. Send fullest Information
possible. We are local ng some every
month. It is only by friendly cooperation that this column can be run at all
successfully. Help those who may be
able to help you, by writing the off'ce
of the "B.C. Retailer,* 203 London Bu.ld
ing. Vancouver, if you know anything in
the nature of a due to the addresses of
the  undermentioned:
Dondeneau.   Russell    Home   KUtrtSS   t,»
Ktmloops,  bat  last   WOfd  heard  ui
him wss la tome MtUe Discs N
twees Kamloope tad Salmon Arm
Bo*ers. W. R.—Wa* In Salmon Ann
about a year ni*«>. but understood hs
left  there  for  Vancouver
Laughbn. S— Worked for the OkSBSjIB
Telephone Co. In Baderby, in till
Think he rame rroffl I hliiiwack
Smith, w. R/—Worked la Badertu Is
1918.   Horns i» in Vaacoarsf
McCullum.   Mrs.   E.   M.—l,h->d   at   UtO
Deamas Street, Vancouver    Believe
fttill in the dtj
Grogan, Archibald—Formerh of PtfiW I
Rupert Last known IdtlrSH Sum
for!   Rooms,   Seymour   Btiaot,   Van
convert B.C Bosteess, welder Is
nun hine tbop Probably located
around ioms madilas shop in rlda
it> oS V.m'ouv.r
Durstun, Miss K. Formerly of ,;>j
Sophia  St..  Vancouver     Believed  tfl
be in either Vancouver or Victoria
Rebelin. W. H.    Formerly of Saskatoon
Supposed to be In Vsncouver
Murray. Joe. Formerly nt ?,\'> Reattey
Ave. Vancouver Believed to have
DtOVSd lo IOIBS other part <>t lhe
McDougal. T. M. Lived at Stanley Court,
corner Hid well and  Man Say  S?re,-t*
Vsncouver,   Believed to   be   in  <»•
around  Vancouver.
Oeagle. J,    Was with C   P   |{,;  now  nUd
to be with  I'   <;   K   Hallway
Dwyer. jas. Teamster, Family lives at
Kitsna.no. Dwyer work* up eoatt
We wjhIi to learn where
McGinn, P.   LatS of PentlCtOB.
Pudney,  J.   S.   I.ate  of   Prince  Kuperl
Left  about  two month,,  aKo, nntt   In
Halt!  to be  In  the  OkanaKan     Ih a
theatrics] man.
Martin, J. F. Late of Prince Rupert
Painter;   now said to be  In  Vancou
Manning, Mrs. Wm. Formerly Penile
ton; late of Anyox, H. C
Whittington, Alfred   Sal,! to be with one
of the Vancouver or North Vsncouver shipyards,
Miner, Clarence DrUfgist Formerly
1707 41 h Ave   Bait, Vancouver
Aeeonlini* to an ufiiei il pruelami
i> oi is.Hiie«i by  tin* (tovernmenl  it
WOtlld  appear thai  tlurinj*  the  put
decide »n Canada, more than 2t»oci
[twenty si\ hundred pt*rttoni have
l..st tioir live*, and property valued
at ipproximatcl*, two hundred dol
lira, has been destroyed bj fife, a
!os-i which continue! without abtti
men! yur «ft«-r yenr Bnah • Ion
of life ami feionrcei ii irrevocable
it cannot be replaced, and when
human I * r«* ss !<»%* th*' l«»-u tu the
Nation cannot be estimated, as no
means are available of tHttmiAltnt*
what thai life mij*ht hav«* ultima?*!*
mean! t«» the ootntttttnitj    A move
men! t(H the pre.entmn of tlu* up
palltut* low is i;r*>*>vint* hut  it  u ||
tcuuding lo ousswpve how eriminall',
indifferent the rank md Hie) of iIm
public are witts r*'t*ar<! *<» fht-» :*v;<-
Both property owners and lenmls
share   this   j*«j»h   between   them
As.';.!?!   .i!::l   .i:,\.;,   -■;;«    *»,.-,   j il. *   of
uiDammible rnhlonh ->*>•:*»',: a' *■ •
back or in th» basement of busine**
premises, onl)  requiring » chine*
tpirk,  |  ei*s*ar«tt.   ur **tt*ar  en<l  «*r
hmo ethini* nf the kitt.l lo start *
which   mi)   bring  to   n«n**M   tiv<-
dreatm of « lifetime
Wc bivs fir** prevention o(Heeni
rtioi   tbej   arc   loyal  to  !h»'jr  tr il
bu  no oftlcer md no law can be w
more effective than pnhiie opinion
behind it   Betatlers hive a peenl »r
uiterest in Ibis (|ue<ti(m    t'arrvuij*
larsre stocki of merehandiac,
whnh thej must pai insurance rai
which in lh>- final inilyies **'<* baled
Upon fire rink,, spread our *tu ent»r<
ar-a,   tire   pr«'v«*ntion   ih   s   Itlbjecl
m whn-h thev are ritally interested
It would f>e eiajt u* submit Rftures
which would show th»> relition of
the I re men dons ftw i.*-*-* in Cmidi
to the Ilit'h Colt of l.ivmj*. hut with
oul going into details it should be
lilted, ami not mirth (dated, bul
driven home that Br* !o«,« does ""!
merely iffeel the parson or firm
whote premises are -pitted    K,nail>
the public pay the bill
Something ih heme .l<»n<' bj the
It C. Board of Retail Xfcrchants'
Associition m the direction nf re
dttclng fire Ion,    The eontraet which
Of\'j rtnac.fl«,6>HNt M/1NTLt^
t on h\ i  m vi i. 'j of   l m,m t •-,
>•   ><■    I'M    \/1MPLl '.    ■ •' QU<: TO ' '. N
K M H«o><> b6"l'»   ((jft^'-Tfl
I'/lCIf h'. (UAM MAum fA' fr7HY. 11>20
Thi\ the third issue of the "B C Retailer*1 lince it has been
edited md published bj the Progress Publishing Company Limited
reaches its maximum Rise This maximum speaks of the PAST nol ol
the Future md there ih no hunt tu its sixe ind its worth to the retsiJ
merchant if the co-o{M*ration of nli ih given.
The   value of such  a  journal,  not   onlv   ||  a   piper  of  interest   to
reid, hut as a force in hnittmi* together the virions sections of opinion
md lotion anion** th.- Retail Merchants ,.f B C is limited «• n I % by the
amount  of  >pcration the Publisher* receive  from subscribers an,I
,i<\\ eliim*****
> \i>'s  hctwicji the  Board   sn<l the
Vit-'h VY*stem Mutual Fire Vssocis
lion   ini sns much  i ore lo tin   r,
tail, • - "f tins IV"-. nice thai i men
• ii.id, 1 * •  policy  .villi the
North    VVeStem    Mutual    I'irc    As
no     * an   - ik**# nf its poli,     I • ild, n,
at,  orgsnixatiou  of  or,   prevention
pit,     Th,   Coi I - sui reaaon
"f it* excellent ina|HN*t ion ocrvice
aiol its careful selection of ■ * *
penalises lhe retailer who is care
lllnl    »v ItOtie    }►• mi*    ST,
ttdaril, instead of pei      ing 1
fnl policji holder '■• I•■■ ■      ■ ■■'
[>h^steal l      rds that d    nol     <*a*
ore   n and     I '''•  ■   I      lin*****
I I. |plti      ||ft
S'ortl   Western Mutus
of its unique ii'  ice * foi.'
in I       la, end it   i gral ty \\
note thai lhe initiator taken l»
H i    Hoard ol •!    Keta    Mi I
. ...i
Creamery Co., Ltd.
15 23 Alexander Street
Phones: Scvmour 50S6 7
Association m offering the service of
the 'North Western" as pari of
its Association programme has been
fulhiueif bj the Provinces of Manitoba vs< ■-.'. Brunswick an<t Alberta.
The action of the B I Board in en-
v!m'--'..'j ''.<■ North Western has been
amply vindicated by the experience
ol  its  i " rs   w ho li*ai e .o ailed
then selves ol >,fs sei*ice, and the
ihrei !*i""• HiC' s named are t<> be
Tal dated upon I hi ir ability to
r, ogniae a wise lead ami in following it, make then- contribution to
the • ■. w of ]■'}'■<■ Prevention.
- '■; is.a) ilaniace to the stock and
I i * ir, s ,»f 11*| onnell's clothing
store on Government Street, Vie
(oris, "as caused bv fire on October
in-■ \|r <»i ounell carried about
I { I o-■■■■   inmranee on stork ami ?i\
\ n sn nam, d L II Shanks, repre-
K4    Mii:"   Ii: •-•   I   as   an   empjO"    ''   "'
\l<  I, Haekii     I     n      tuoun \ at
pouver photographer, has been con
eerued   m   some   promissory   i'■: ■
transactions that will stand ones!;
s'.ttion.   Retail merchants arc isked
to communicate with the Vancouver
office when approached bj this man.
YEAST the food tonic-—
will help you. Eating Yeas'
creates vigour aiol energy.
■• Yeast \\>r Health"—2 or
3 cake-; a day.
At your grocer's -Flcisch-
mann 's, of course | Send for
the    booklet    "Yeast    fbr
[he fleischmann Company
1166   Burrard   Street
Toledo Computing Scales
< No Springs)
Special Charts for Grocers,
Pali hers and t'onfectionets.
Hobart Electric Coffee Mills.
M.-at Choppers and Hone Grind*
ers, Berkel improved Bacon
Sli< cr Sold on Terms or Discount for Cash.
Sales  Agent  for  111'.
424 Cordova St. W.       V.ncorjw, B.C.
In the Red
and Yellow
;,"*'    V,   Ii'-       ■ **j
Contains enough for four adults.    Made In the following styles'  Macaroni,
Ready-cut, Spaghetti, Vermicelli.
Packed 16 ox. nett.   Tested Recipes on Package.
Kelly Confection Company, Ltd.
II!    HKMTlSll   COI.I  MKI \
Our   M
otto  is
We cannot offer to sell vou
i   ,'A
llfraplRE^Sft  STANDARD Lrfrfl'J
pWWWWWfcii OVWWVWWi     V*x
Stands for the Highest Grade Butter
i'iir c
, i ,
•.       *-    '     I    « ■      .      V
\ MK< )l     , HK'.W ;)
P. Burns & Company, Limited
. |V ''W//
coi 11:1:
Sec   (
oupous for [»,.,
cap the benefit from our great ( nlfei   \<lvcrii>
ng Campaign by uo< king'WI \LkIN\S IU\S I ,"
1 vvl11 Provc ;1 sure repeater with your - iistnini i
Hie W. II. Malkin Co., Liiuilod
VANCOUVER     NANAIMO    VICTORIA Vancouver's Most Up-to-date Flour and Feed Mill
Victory Flour Mills, Limited
When a Customer Calls for
he wants Grape-Nuts
No other cereal like it.   No other can take its
place with the regular user.
Each  year finds many more  of these   regular
users in  your locality.    So keep well stocked.
Sales are Sure, and   Profits are Generous.
'There's a R
'~n     ■■■ -%   ■**».-
I i %j \ r i
Canadian Postum Cereal Co.. Ltd., Windsor, Ont. Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon
I     I
Swift Canadian Company, Limited
lljj  V\ V r
\ L C i 0


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