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The British Columbia Retailer Aug 31, 1920

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Array •WillTH YEAR
AUGUST, 1920
Dry Goods   -   Groceries  -   Hardware  -  General Merchandise
Bflim (5
-.    n
i in i ■■my
i j
■ >
-tl in Ihi
>V   •-•:   Canada.
|V* &0M SAL
The  Best in Outing Shoes
F. &  F. HE
PI   ni * B< •
Bl '■ :.        :
416 422 C rd< v i Si   W
VANCOUVER   B.C Eliminate Error
Save Time
Save Worry
Retail Model • Price only $185
Ttrmi If 4«nlr«4
Expressly   Designed  and   Built   '<>r
Our representative will be pleased to call ftttd di i    "
strate this Machine, &od Iu fcppUcaUoa to  j   .*
particular requirements
Drop Us a Line, or Phone, Seymour 4*6
Burroughs lidding Machine of Canada, limited
Factory at Win Itor, Oat
E, C. COLEMAN, Aftxy Mu*i»r lot Bfitna CnlwaAu
119 Pender Street W.       VANCOUVER, B C
rhone S"vm>"ir iff.
Dominion Matches
Give Satisfaction
taei M  |
UaUhei tiki D      •   ■■ *
mi •   Mttnoytftn I*
I .■:,-,        ■).:.
.,.-..:,.•• *     '  %     i * i   ■ ■ *" f HI      |    |
DOHtankn Match* Cats Helj» Ymt aWnra IttHl
Smith, Davidson I WrigM, lid.
Whol*«ai« Dtftnbttton
The Martin • Senour Co., Limited
High-Grade Paints and Varnishes
British Columbia Factory: 1505 Powell W* V
w weu ^reetf Vancouver
I^one HIKI, 422 'IU2H.
Fill out this coupon
and mail it to-day
1*1* 27
laa N»in>onl t •*!«
Rcguler Co, ol
("an*<l.».1 id.
97 IMhatn Ave.
Tomnlu. OniaMot
I'lean* five ro* lull par
hruUri    ahoul     the
NCR, CftdU hie way
ol    handling   cmht    accounts.
F7 if / ^fl ^3M7 \ ^h* record made at the
r 7 '#/ 4 g3f ^^ J=**\ »«   »**  «e<l»t   file.    No
1*   /   AWl^K^ll'f >cV^ further  recording  or
bookkeeping it necessary.
__...      \^|    B^*aH L^Lm kW\W^m\\W^^LM
One writing completes the record
of a charge sale
by the N. C. R. method of handling
credit accounts
After lhe cltrk makes lhe original record at the time of the
sale, no further recording, posting, or bookkeeping is neces*
sary until money is paid on the account.
And every account is always kept up to the minute—ready
for instant settlement.
Thousands of merchants in all lines of business age now
using this up-to-date N. C. R. Credit File.
They find that it is the safest, quickest, and most economical credit system they could use.    It saves them time and
The National Cash Register Company of Canada, Limited
r,i—ri "I* Sew*!strc*t \v Leaden  a:*.* Deaaaa Strttt
i .i.«.»iii«m 5 McUed Wdi <>iu*4    KM Bank Strtet
lUiil"" »W IU3 Cunnvllk Strw< Kjurhc ■     133 St Pttul Sunt!
.,„„.,,,! 183St  CatBcbtt Street VY K«ghtn       IH20 CocuwnllStiert
h...,.ii„» H Main Street »•: Vaaeottver  5J4 Ptndei Street W.
V*  „«'          W AdekUU Street W Bt, loan      fMPriart WillUro St
aftaabctt ;t.i McUnmut Avrnu.- E^tkaloea  Ii Third Avcuuc &
flMadc from fines! flavour* »1 caw
flPut up in all sizes of oaekagi ? to
pu packages designed to beautify
:. i special (fmdo of which is imported fol U*1
' incut*
, •{.
si. .i-i
2-lb. tins, 24 to a cgM 10 ft  lmi> J l0 a **
5-lb. ti is, 12 to a ctae, W lb  tin*, I to a out
Perfect Seal jars, 12 to I aaj|
The British Go
J. A. Tepoorten Limited
Telephone Sey. 4035
308 Water Street
Vancouver, B.C.
* '/>
'is. «* -'
,£1,1    ■
in your
National Milk
Summer Displays—It Pays
More »«in(>ii earb <lay ire learning that Borden ■ Milk is an absolute necessity ami that its use, especially <irir»ny: hot weather, it mot! eeonomioal. Its great oGnvenienee for campers, pieniekers and at
rammer resorla or for general household ust> has made ii a most profitable and active Belling summer
line, and worthy to ho featured BaOii prominentlv in all your summer displays.
The Borden Company, Limited
Leaders of Quality
No. 2, Arcade Building, Vancouver, B.C.
Head Office: Montreal, 6
• iMpi v KITULKR
We are creating "Consumer Demand"
for you, Mr. Grocer
\ \{ newspaper (ati■.    - ttr.
ami carries bright, r ids leeon
demand for these produ ts.  If you w
of this increased business   R
Rose" advertisements   the\ *lw
Sack from your Grocer.
w - arc •
, m
,   ■
. |W I
And '*":
of the soft-lternelled whi si
good1'—or arc trUl.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Limited
Mam Office and Mills   Vancouver, B C
Branches. Victoria, Nanaimo, New WeatOal wt*r. Waaaflal 0H|
Agencies: Duncan. Courtenav. Langley Pram*, Cbmdalt. Udft«r
lAYS ARK(IKTTlMi SIIORTKH   KKTTKK K ' r \>>* l« >T° t
iM   KAMI'S W!> LAMP 0O0 I       "    •      '" K  ID  HtBI
Gasoline Lamps, Coal Oil Lamps,
Lanterns, Chimneys. Burners.
Wick Shades. Btc.
Martin, Finlayson & Mather, Ltd.
41 Alexander Street.
VANCOUVER. »C I! 121 >.
Advantage of Supporting Local Industry
President of Manufacturers" Association of B.C., Gives Well-Reaaoned Address Before R.M.A. Convea-
tion at New Westminster, July 19th.
Ii. .1. raiconsT) who had I sp!<-r,
did  reception,   made   the   foUowing
fisanrks whuh wen- followed with
keen interest
«t wiiK with urr.*ut pleasure and
|U||pr« ria?!nji tltitt my colleague, Mr
C|||»tHtiyhiiIli  and   |ll>H(>|f niM'Cptfd   th'
HfitiUum «m» kindly extended 10 us
V:Jgr yair t\,<H!svi- officer* to ad.
j;;iateo» the Convention of the Retail
Ipr-r.-lutnl.tk" A*M»eutl!on of B.C
|The subject being left to our-
peh'**, and wp bring deeply inter*
\,fttc>t in the manufacturing business
ipSjf thi*  Province,  wfl  naturally  felt
|p ntniiltl Im* i»io*i anitabie to m* to
pilk manufacturing «nd tin- relation
Between the manufacturer and  the
pfrtflii merchant.
h li not often that lhe msnufeo
Borer gets the opportunity to ad
Brest *nt-h i repretentatiTe body of
■ten as there is here today, and «i
■wetally men who come Immediately
jlti contend with th* genera] purchasing public, and who have. the oppor*
■unit) to say to Mrs Jones or Mrs,
Brown when the cornea In ami asks
per Smith'* coffee thai lhe might In
■hompeon's  coffee,   made   in   th*'
CTOVitteO, and equally good
H |s nol necessary for n* t«» tell
*ou of the wonderful possibilities o»
hk Province in the way of manufacturing, n<»r ii it neccasar) for us
to tell you of th*' WOtlderfttl asset?*
\u ha\«-   iti our natural  reaourcea;
these possibilities and assets are well
known to every British Colunihian
nnd it is nrgenl thai these poaatbui-
!!•*«• and assets he exploited to Ihs
Utmost of our ability
Paramount Essentials
The hvit great faelors in the bttUd-
mi* up of anj countrj ar«- ntanufai
It tiring and agriculture, and 08C can
not   thrive mi   ■-«*sfull>   without  the
The agriculturist develops ths
country, be or she growsrerops, rears
atook, and gives u* our dairy pro
duee, and look; to the city for a
market. The • -it> cannot gTOW nor
have population to purchase agricultural products without a payroll,
and n payroll ean only he proetircd
by the establishment of mannfVtur
lug plants.
Prescient of the B.C. Manufacturers'
The manufacturer depends on the
city population, and the agricultural
population, for the consumption of
his products, ami unless the manufacturer ean procure the support of
Ins own people, it will not be long
before be goes out of business.
Appeal to the Retailer
Bvery business man knows that
ihosl manufacturers started on a
small scale and grSW with the country m which they established their
business, trusting to the local mar
ke? m the first place, and to the ex
I ort market for the consumption of
their surplus goods. It will prob«
ably be news to many of the gentlemen here to know that Vancouver is
today the fourth manufacturing city
per capita in the Dominion, and that
our products are gradually finding
markets on the Prairies. Some of
our plants and industries are finding a market in countries outside of
the Dominion, and it is to you,
gentlemen, as retail merchants, that
we, representing the Manufacturers'
Association, appeal today to assist
the manufacturer by trying to place
his goods before the sympathetic
A number of these manufacturing
plants cannot afford to advertise in
an extensive way, and they have
products which are as good, if not
better, than any imported product,
and only require a helping hand to
put them in such a position that they
can ultimately advertise in eompeti
tion with the importing firms.
The Glad Hand
In the past there has been little
co-operation between the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer; our
problems are to a great extent allied, and I am here today, gentlemen, on behalf of the Manufacturer's
Association to offer to co-operate
with the wholesaler and retailer in
every way possible for the furtherance of your business, and our business, and the result will be an increase in the prosperity of this fair
Province of ours. Let us do all we
can to buy and trade in Canada, but
at least in the British Empire.
Owing to pressure on space in this issue, due to the large
amount of important .matter, worthy of being printed and commented upon, in connection with the recent Convention of the
R.M.A., we are forced to omit this month several new features of
general interest, which it is our intention to introduce, to improve
and enlarge the journal.
The subjects under discussion at the Convention were of importance and value to every Retail Merchant in the Province, and little
apology, if any, is needed for printing reports of the Convention,
even to exclusion of the monthly reports of markets, and other
regular features of real, live "dollsrs and cents" interest, which
will be included in our next and foUowing issues.
improve it!
Deal With Our Advertiser*)    They Make This Official Ptiblicaton Possible at $2.00 a Year. 10LUMB1A KI'TAU>lf
Progress Through Difficulties
the   las*
Manufacturing du™*e
two or three years has umae
derfta strides in B.C in in
report   of   our   MM -,
roefl ttdr2«lfor themselees m
permsnenl bonu •
their families
'H1K BKJ 11™ f§ . is the iniMiiittw *r wSir *****
^d § Convention somtdi
m tki fill and ll It *■»« «« **; ;
tidsiretf ** «w «^**J*
MMtfctlt* lo poi « -m' h!m*
,.  nublteil)  et»P««0 •* !llttl
;,/,!,>« il^gmcralimblKpisI*'
iodttitrisi  m have  »n  iu . a
„»,».  ihfM indualnr* make,, am!
«.          tl      f  .!lirm      ma, ^ ,h.t «r will ha*r «me j
»:•;; -"„f over 1200,  5 tt3,, ro« that *j «»»[■ ,;, .«  Sii* ui ■»*• i» >- 1* •-
,ial ou,p       oloycd be    £ iatioo of W    «*•»* ^   Lis wW   i H *** ,,mr °n "
rfe,on   »*   .....        ,      :     „f tins       w,.  have •>» ■»  ■«-
shown  that   the  unit     " .   lus(ru,s K u,, -not •
. r.» unr with tin  u.ou ...i,u.      . 1 hat nur a!
B.C  Goods Ptrtl Claw
We   have   of»en   heard   that   QUI
^^      ^"^aaaaaaaaaaaaa— '*   ntUt^   l"   B**'
dealing -'"","1 ivsourcesann,,,,,^^^^^^   alamler. and
had an ann^  ^^
000,000 in 1919, ami employed do- \M)^^
twoen 90,000  and  100,000  hands, -^g"^ts members milh a mone)
This moans a payroll of at least *h<>, ^ wmMH and a ill re*.      ' "
000.000 spent in the Province ^^ ,hat ^ rtljr..t.i«»,
Our British Columbia inanufiu'tur- nature be immediate!
* -' ,v0!i .., ta thr
mmuni';i' i
l»mf mint
er has a great deal to contend with. , ,\ (q the nxsoet
In the first place he is up against \lv rectified or
a discrimination of rates on the rail- withdraw its it
roads, in favour of Eastern Canada {\nv\    \^,,\ u,.
In the second place, he has to com- retail merchant
pete with the factories of Eastern Qa l0 aUrn,t »„),„ j,nM„, |0 ,„, l%y
Canada, which have been long cs- products   pointing out  thai  r   U
tablished and look to B.C. and other mwn,flCtttred bj our industries
„,rt from
mild SSI
nd" av«oir
parts of the Dominion m the pwu
tion of B.C. to market their surplus
Thirdly we have only a small population in comparison  with  Hasten
Canada.    Fourthly we arc dealing
with a population which has been
recruited from the large industrial
centres and who have been used to
certain products, and naturally endeavour   to    get    these    products.
when they make their home in this
Reciprocity Means Victory
This can all be combatted by en-
operation and 1 am sure that you
gentlemen here would  like  to  see
this Province the foremost manufacturing Province in the Dominion,
and when I tell you that it only requires the assistance of your good
selves to make it so in the next 2o
years, 1 am sure you will be heart
and soul with us in any effort We
make toward this end.   We are having a good deal of tourist trade Si
the  present  time,  and   while  sm-'i
trade is good for the Province, the
Province cannot be buill on it bul
must be built on that  trade which
comes with smokestacks, tall chim
neys, etc.
Our unsettled labour conditions
have had a lot to do with the com
paratively  light  advance  made  bs
i * I I
■x: ■
equal in everj   "•>.-
goods, and that the pfl CS II *
he procured at see less thai
ed goods, and that it s* to U i;
of every purchaser lO SUppOCt
industries an the bioi * fftf n>
chases  goes  into eireulatiof
every ritisen obtains his   share   w
that money in one waj   »t inothet
in his business
Assist B.C.'s Industries
1 could gire your statistiei th< ■
ing the number <»f plants Ihrougl
out the Province and paid numbe?
of hands employed, eU . but Ihest
would onlj weary you and i am sum
that b greet man) of | d i sn fasn
iar with them, bul I wttl ssj that m
1919 in the eit) ol Vancouver all
tio-re were 125 neu industries start'
ed, and m 1920 out records shou that
by the end of tin- year there will bi
at b-ast as many more    Ottl Provil
'■'at  Government s  Depart)     •
Industries at Vi.-tona is doing won
In   IcHSl
fassps gn
ol \*ai     ivst   has b*"*"*? **^ I*",.**'"
* si i bi sod Oi  si Hfltnin fw *«"11
I «i t»onth« ihts latussset «i**l repew*-*
«rh >    ■ '-'.>';■ i« tn^ltnetjl lo hi ligl
iu the I'M I I ountry, thefs ^* «** si
rtv    )| sol slmrtosje and liMnt u
see ihers *»"** tufpinst*'
IU rmtd ib«  ptsusl o( Rownln
*? VwI      rrnng !»*'» neffa\ * ■•:
* - *'*■<   . ■ ■ .  <:•.-■ i     lit   jgotgal*!^*
;h*t the 111   manofawtufefs in lb*
■■• ■ ■ i \    "* •  iiiw were *eii! in
fore tftd XksA \hr ttfiUah matiufi
!  -■ t% sr«rc ;' -»■     nahiug aftet I
■   i<|e   nhi ps    '-»=»:!!*'•!  wii
'he     !.;, *'     «4     *Uf*?     Irtf     » :'
'"••Tr    |MkMU«t    M»r     I    BMSSJHStl
*    *hs -«•    '.:    5---*v^l*-    !«»f   th<e'
11 11 pod  is * loads    I "hoeotaJ ■ -
re sold   *s   fros  ** lo it *•
dntn %!•'■'. I ^ pti i -» a* i>
leu      IV.*'-'*   -.n   III"    *»•
20*£    loWet    to   f*rt   *-*j|_
kind* la^rr eheoper h*-r*> ihsii *5;
as he hmn  of    H*n>  of !-f
Basiftm   faetorics   were   piftid
elostd down »nd asoal of the sjidd
p»l   tdaitts  had     f^tm^farsl^    *"
ih a nrll
Ai  of all
11 r k^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Many  ol  us bavi •     tiottl  Ifl
paittuvnv   u^iiii   outouug   uiauc   wj     tin-   hast,   and   a   little   missinnarv
manufacturing in the last twenty   work done by us when writing srfl!
years, but the day has come, when    hear wonderful fruit in the future,
p*ndfd speritiotai  wbil** lb*1 m««'*;
derfui w..rk! and Rssisti   |    duslries '   *■"■'* >A )u    *•** *':!l "r.r'x
in evcrj wsy, espceislly Rnaneially( '"*    Kssteru mennUriur^re h«*i t-
and it is s dnty wc owe as ettiteni "nlh   ad»eu«r.|   ihnr  priees ee
of the Pro-, • ■ •   ;•■ ■ behind thai stderahiy, b«i it  *»«» not ihougb
Department ami KMttsi them in their tnft! l*sw pritsi wotdd go up nni*
^^ presenl ran sloelti artw txtottste1
      ias comi	
^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Laaaaaaaal
through closer contact between employer and employee, suspicion and
mistrust have to a great extent been
eliminated. Our workmen are gradually being educated to the tact thai
more industries in the Province
means more prosperity in the Pro-
vince, and means more nettled env
ployment, better living conditions
and an opportunity for the work-
A  creditors'  meeting  ha*  hee
held in rasps ■« of the P l*. Mm
iton •'stall* || VleiOrieV ■ * omprtim**
offer   made   and   BtfOtUltlntlS   pf
ceediny for n*le of tbr gr»M»cry bn«
Bimon Leiser's store st Wetting
i do not think I can sa) anv more
at the present ttmi bul would | %
very pleased to extend to yon sen
tlemcn, individually, an invitation
to look through some ol the factories
in our Province, and set for yon-
selves   the   way   our   products   ITI
manufactured, and what itddw the   ton. wan brokefl Into and a rsjtoifti
manufacturer has made m th. iul   i dip of cartridges, a shirl md *«»»
u y"i,rs ehocolstcs stolen on Auguai Tib 1920.
Accounting as a Factor in Merchandising
Mr John Cowan C A. (Scotland), Treasurer Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Tells Retailers at B.C.
Convention Advantage of Understanding Principles of Accountancy.
Mr, Cowan, who addressed r
li r board of tin- R M a ij vm
Westminster on Jul) t!»th. gave his
heorers mueh food for thought and
the following will give i een close
idti of hi* advice
Accounting Knowledge Vital
Accounting »* no! oolj s factor
m  *nece**fut   retail  merchandising,
bul !* a factor eontributini to the
aw--**-*» of nuv uefnidital or firm,
and i knowledge ol the subjcel is
in my «ipinn»ti. essential i»* indii
oat* m every walk of lif* In other
word*.. I maintain lhal s mans edu«
ration i« u«»t Complete unfd he '"an
rr«*i and digest a profit and lo ■
»ee*m»lt   and   blalaUiee   si I el       f<l   A
•hi* he inuti isavs a knowledge   if
lhe fundamental* of act onniitiv; To
mr H his been appalling lo mi uc»*
the neftleel of tin* all hnportanl sun*
Jtet    The   out fibular)   factors to
ins* r.' ■ i "  '■• >.-.-. mind ^r< as fol
low I
I     lieeattsc tin su ;■ I  k Irv?l-'
«d lightly «nd people who beVC but
:*.   •Oljo-rl '««' 'ill   knott   edij«'     thllli.    t!'\
know it i oi aefiuei llv, a stud) of
she *nbj< | js deemed untie* essary
b        The   (fin tl   derived    frOW   th<*
knowledge ol the subjeel is nol sp
parent to th<* unitiated
e       Th<!  efnplmet   of  accounting
s.rvi.-e* iu»s tvecn so easily bluffed
in by> gOtll days bj individuals pos
ui(j «* aoeountants who *houhl have
been themselves lhe recipients of >n
structions in lhe si
Outline of Requirement*
I   take   it   lh*»   i   am   e\}»ect©d   t0
deal with lhe subjcel  in a general
and not m a particular manner, be
Ctttse even m this gathering of retail merchants, the Individual needs
from- the accounting viewpoint tit
m» varied that it would be linpoesible
for  me  to  particularize.    That  be
mg so I  will endeavour SO far as
possible to generalise*
Accounting i* the art of correctly
recording the transactions of a bus
men* In a Complete, convenient and
permanent form.   The chief objects
aimed at In my system t>t accounting ar«v
1 To as crtain at any time th"
position between the company and
its debtors and creditors.
3     Preparation     of     statements
i    Progress   made   during   <\
given   period.     Profit   and   loss   SO-
b      ITn- financial position as at
a particular date.  (Balance sheet.!
.\ d i ission of those two Slate*
incuts follow s
i    Profit and Loss Account
This should be prepared m com.para<
live form, the correct form of eon:
pariaon being carefully noted, which
,s it* follows    Where th,' period i-ov
.red by the statement  is less than
one yen*, the comparison should he
made between tWO similar periods.
e.g. If the profit and loss a count
covers a period of three months ending March dl*t. 19$0; then it sboufd
be compared with the three months
ended   March  31st,   1919.   In   my
opinion the following is the correct
order in Which the items should appear on this statement.
( 'tis*  ol  sales.
Selling  expenses- Travellers' salaries, travelling expenses,  advert is
mg. shipping, etc.
Bstsblishmcnl charges - Rent.
partners'  salaries, insurance, ete.
Financial items Bank interest.
I ash discount, etc.
Sabs discounts, if any, should be
deducted freun the sale or purchase,
as the case may be.
Reverting to the matter of comparisons, l »m convinced that in the
matter of the profit and loss account
the best comparison obtainable is
offered by the use of percentages,
which are calculated by applying
llHl basis tO the item of sales.    The
corresponding  equivalent   for  the
other items being obtained accord
ing to the ratio that each bears to
the sales.
(h) Balance sheet This statement should also he prepared in
comparative form, and as in the ease
of the profit and loss aecouut, the
method   of   comparison   should be
carefully noted. The eorrect form
is to compare the balance sheet under review with the one immediately
preceding it.
With regard to the form in which
it should be prepared there are two
schools of aecounting thought. Both
sre agreed that the assets and liabilities shown therein should be marshalled in such a way that the financial position of the concern can
"be clearly indicated by a perusal of
the statement. The two methods
advo-ated are:
1. Arrangement in order of real-
*2. Arrangement in order of non-
As the one is but the reverse of
the other it will only be necessary
to discuss one or either of them.
Taking the one which represents the
order of realizability. the assets and
liabilities would appear in the following way:
Assets Cash, accounts receivable,
inventories, investments, plant, good
will  (if any).
Liabilities .— Accounts payable,
bills payable, any liabilities the payment of which is deferred, capital to
The main object which should
never be tost sight of in the preparation of a balance sheet is to have the
information given, presented in such
B manner that an intelligent grasp
of the position can be obtained without difficulty, and ean be easily comprehended by an individual who is
not an expert in aecounting matters.
Important Advice
Mr. Cowan also outlined in a brief
way the method of maintaining ?i
cheek on inventories. He also
strongly advised those present who
were carrying on business under
partnership arrangements to avail
themselves of the facilities offered
by the "Joint Stock Companies Act-1
and become incorporated as a private limited liability company. The
advantages to be gained by so doing
more than offset the disadvantages,
which arc exceedingly few. rl
association 01 * »**»*
Published Monthly.
GENERAL MERCHANI>1>K     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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ad*a» *•
Vol. XL. No. U.
AUGUST, 1920.
\  . ' «■ r J I
With this issue the B. C. Retailer
comes under new editorship. After
many years connection with the Retail Merchants' Association, and latterly as editor of this journal. Mr.
G. J. Corley resigned last month, a*
announced in our previous issue.
Mr. W.J, Hugo will edit the B.C.
Retailer from now on, and we plan
to enlarge both the scope and nsc-
fulness of the journal, adding new
features from time to time, until we
make it a live, snappy, looked-for
paper, a "necessity" to every r> taller in British Columbia and a "1h\
ury" to read.
With the considerable growth C#f
membership and importance of the
British Columbia Hoard of the H
tail Merchants* Association of Canada, it has been deemed wis.- to take
the opportunity of extending and
improving the journal which is their
official organ, and the co-operation
of every retail merchant in the Province is sought in making this, their
own paper, both useful and interest'
ing; more so than in the past.
With this object in view we have
retained the services of Mr. W, J.
Hugo, who is an experienced journalist well qualified to produce 8
journal which will meet the needs
of the case. In addition to considerable   experience  in   England
well-known   dail)    ■■ ••;-
known in i ii eda   s
burj s Magsxine, pu
gars. and bas   * ■ u -H* '■■
snl position! M itl  "
We beOJftOj   <*»»mmeiul  the  SOI
»}«•* of the grocers' auttloii ol i
Vancouver Hraocb of the H M V
i ,.,:,. in ssi lo seettw posntge
bj !.i«  at the c sty Halt srh
«dl  bf   pif«te prmif     OfOOSfl  a
i\°.   •.r% tug to makr a living bet**-.-
• «..,,■ ^oura M "» »**d "», Ibu* permit! I
rafflves and iheif auffa opt
it% fm leisure, baWS isstal Malpi !
. \  i ■.,   •♦•-•  ">.%*),<■ pirat*  its*.*- ft;*
ambition spfNWUi to he i«» fil«*h i
•  .- . i  tra*!*1   ttbrit  he  ta t
looking    "   *   stople spend i
i and tngeoutt) in finding a • •
bctl lhe u% with reftfd to soj
closing than would «** ntssSBWafj *
l   up  *   niwerftaful   bttannvw*
tsreen *• sod *;   And inmsj Psij i
haled  befoff   lb*   po$ie*  eestrt  t
tstksti of III* eofij rloasog **■» ,**
ii law pet dssv ivets thai io Ofe
,,*  |hej  Should Srl- * living th
moss at speu truss » as ** oet*>
-.til lo vr 1„* al Right t*ofaftoisei*
ihi off! %%\ attitude **f xh* null i -
•■■* attsss lo *     mm ha ithi-fh lb*
it-.*. »-.;«>?*• rroanun **« Whalf of "
dMfi mn    thil    luf   *h*   Hf*JnM,4t$
The ci SSi ;''-r' N ll kaaH llMl sffH
tali gro eiri#i hove eosne *« r*g«"
thi        lOVStibu nf SCMrif eleoti I
M    ST.   • rut     ':.f'*A     A     fsfWB '1|ln*,     SSilj
t»    ■ •    *»k'    «n    all*-fti< - -"     H
inp   ihrtfOfthool   OrwiU*
■ ,'»■'-»   le   .|*vfiuf   lbs I   tb*--*'
■ - ■ U >.'!•>,*<* at* vinlatinf no< on ■
; -.,   rloaDAjl   bj Ian    bul   'i '
w^kh ball holiday **i    Th* Irm
part   ' ■' ■* 'h' "W ,\«*■■-''i**-
i  I i   <--'  up«n lo *t*eod
■" •      i ista n| wooer to ohlai1
itn^   thl    ivMenrn    In   rnttviet   Ih**1,
Sthleh t! should Isl tb*1 do"
ol  lh«  fntmirnpaS  anlboriftra In i
Thi   ■-     •'« irr tletrrssinod, the'
fore,  thai  thai bj law   shall  OS
■ esf pirsu proof «« H sji fcs) i
and havi retaUied lhe ssfi'iossj of •
R<*>   l.*»Uk*   v• a.rri«S-er.  who i« slta
nig the pr«>blrm itt a \rty ayalVtna'
ana thoroufrh nunaot    The fli
reading of lh« by4oi should h»--
lahsn place before thss bane «
,er, \Clin l, jfivei bin       m	
msinesB conditions in tin4. Provin
Both as th«
an mm^hl
i    till!
i.mii   urn   iii»-   luuuinpieec   oi   IOC
B.C. Board of the R M A and at s
trade newspaper representing the
interests oi the retail merchant I
B.C., the B.C. Retailer wrill go for
ward until it is n strong, forceful.
recognised medium of expression oi
lhe view?, of the lUCrchsnl  and  th"
on   aims ;tnd ideali of \m* business
Whether von are a big msn nr
little man don not depOM nvwi '
sill Qtf VOW More Qf ita loestton, b
upon ffhnl yon dstirasISM *rt be
The man who i% hofV ■»• only 1
eSttSS it ix thi t>«-«l policy loea n
ippea) M being anv t w 'lUatwrtf1! 19*20,
The third annual Convention of
the li.c. Board at Neu Westminster
marked a distmet atop forward in
Retailer* (oiivi-ttttoiiH in this Pro
vtnee.    The programing Qpoo winch
much etreful thought batt been »v
ponded w«* well btloneed and the
tune table worked out smooth!) It
w»»   the   Ik-might   of   lb.-   «\<-«UtlVc
officers thai retailers needed sonie'
thing more than the attraction >,
routine bttsineus to bring them Iron
ill *»*»-r the Province and with this
object in *i«*w feature* were included which were Interesting and edu-
-*\ti»-nal    A v«*r> high level of cxceL
leu ( u«i reached bj Mr Harris in
1 is talk *m advertising, It \% always
refreshing t» cone into contact w.th
* pctisonatity that believes what it is
Iking about with whole souled en-
ihueiSSm     Mr. Harn* \%&% NSSSUtisl
' j such a personality,
The Knik and demonstrstion on
v tentifie window dressing by Mr
Greer, ami In* capable assistant Mr
i,e« It Msteheli,. was lhe work <»f an
.irt«*i    li em probably unfair both
to   ,V|r   QfeCf  and   lhe   audience  to
rowd nmh * doomoatration into the
•tj'ftee Of 20 tttlhutr*      I*   :o» itlit  very
faSt work for lhe dc»no»s?rat«»r*» and
i courtesy on the pari oi lhe Hud*
sou i Boy ( o in loaning equipment
eii    which sns widely sppreciated
(Considered apart from the pro
gramme, the Convention ***'»h ii!l
4uestionahly a suei ess and an eu
couragemeni lo reach oul after still
bigher conception* Home branches
were unjrepreoented; thai writs mot
fortuni b«>th to the branch and the
Convention, god it should be tw
work of the provincial esjpcuth •
iduHnf^ths next your lo capture the
««ithu*ta*in of the branches to *ueh
liU extent that the membership from
tail over the Province will be even
more idsQOitely represenled than
was th«> poos fl? \, w Westminster
The   individual   member  ban   got
[the faintest conception of lhe no
[mense field of gotivity covered by
us   Assmnation     Were  he Oltee  W
lealur thi* be WOUid unquestionably
Ibeentue a ntissioniry for it    The
llonveution in hiH opportunity to be
|« "Uic  acquainted  with  the  work  «>t
[the organisation and his fellow r,>
pailsrt at the urns time
The 1H0 Convention ««.i very
hood; the 1981 Convention should
the excellent m|
A curious thing after the drafting
of the new Vancouver by-law which
1 onsoiidited existing by-laws covering early closing in that the City
Solicitor wan informed by the
clothiers, the department store* and
Others that they alrca.lv had by-laws
affecting then- our particular line
which were the result of their own
initiative, requiring to (dose at o
o'clock on Saturdays and not 9 aa
Suggested by Mr. .Jones in his at-
tempi si consolidation.   The City
Solicitor wan asked bv the Citv
Council to make all early closing bylaws into one ami m the effort the
foregoing quite unsolicited chance
Was made. His explanation was
that be <li,I not know that there wan
a l y-law f«r clothiers and he apparently classed them with the grocers
who closed at 9!
The business of administering
early closing by laws is not regarded seriously at the City Hall or by
the public, who do not regard the
matter aa important. As a sample of
this. City Prosecutor McKay informed Mr. Hoy Long recently that it
was absolutely impossible to deal
with these infractions as he had his
hands full of more important matters. We are not blaming the City
prosecutor, who very likely has his
hands very full, but we are saying
that as Ion; SS a bylaw is a by-law
it is just as* important aa any other
by-law. It would seem to ua that
the retailer who pays a license for
the privilege of doing business is
entitled to some protection by virtue
of that license. The proper thing to
do is to detail an officer under the
direction of the City license inspector and make it the duty of this inspector to see that all by-laws relating to retail store administration are
carried out.
While learned counsel argue before the Privy Council in England
as to whether the Board of Commerce ean do the things it says it
can do. the lioard takes a trip West
and holds public sittings. To hear
what? Why. that potatoes and coal
are too high and that "the system"
is wrong. Probably! But why a
Board of Commerce with most undefined status and restricted powers
to ascertain these things! The pub-
lie point of view probably found
correct expression through the lady
who appeared at Vancouver and
stated that people did not wish to
appear before the Board as informants, but rather looked to the Board
to institute its own investigations.
From such investigations conducted
impartially by competent individuals, the legitimate retail trade has
nothing to fear!
Merchant Tailors Secure Amendment
Forceful Presentation of Their Objection to Original Luxury Tax Brings
Relief in 8hspe of AmendmentsAction and  Result Demonstrate
the Value of Association of Effort Among Retailers.
"Trimmed of all technical details
the position with which the retailers
of this Province are today faced is
a position in which their very existence is challenged. It would perhaps
bo too much to say that the process
of elimination that is taking place
i    i i r-«.«    is the result of a conscious and di-
to be learned from .. . f .
reeted eflort on the part of the pub-
lie or on the part of their commercial sections. It is probably the process of evolution that is taking place
and the watchword of evolution appears to be "The survival of the
His   argument    for   organization
  among  retailers as a  necessity  to
In the secretary's report read to' them to preserve their identity is
the Provincial KM.A. Convention borne out strikingly by that section
there is a paragraph which we take of the luxury tax proposals which
tin' liberty to quoTes relate to merchant tailors.   The ori-
. ,     .!..,..    Thav Make This Official Publicaton Powlble at 1200 a Year.
Otal With Our Adv*rtit*r§:    »ney wane «n.a v
The fighi put up by the merchant
tailors aw'rtiust the original proposals
f..r luxury tax. which would have
put the majority of them out of business, is now a matter of history. The
amendments desired have been made
to the regulations.
But the lesson
ihe  well-reasoned  and  forcefully*
put arguments laid before the Finance Minister on dune 26th, should
not be allowed to drop into oblivion.
It is that "organization is neees-
xary" to meet such eases as these,
when they occur; and who knows
when they may occur and recur?
A* thought and knowledge broad
mi nnd as narrow-mindedness de
ireojSat, agreements and understand
jngt become more OSSy to reach,
natal In one    -s
the ent n
ginal proposals made bj the Government were that any custom-tailored
suit was a luxury regardless of price
and because there is a personal skill
and training \n\\ into the business of
making suits to measure which is \\^\    ol
called for in the machine-made gar*   to do. r*n
ment. the merchant tailor is bound    frot   v l
to make a charge for his goods which   than I i
exceeds that of the suit bought al
any of the ready-to-wear stores  His   hundreds
claim is based very distinctly upon    whatever
personal service.   Personal service,   theeffi '
however, within the meaning of the   isati
Government   proposals,   became   b   such cast
taxable luxury and  the  immediate    and   u '
effect was alarming. Finan
n the
,. with I
tft* nothint
.. nothing *a
ii   i
,1 i
k% A ouuibel   "I  rilisem of
'    I   W" ? a
. *, UfeM BMA   gfOsj
,  U,  III  mrml-rahtp a  g
....... tailors  scot***  lad Htm
fforti of this * •"'"'- p«I '
Sii | -. | \  i m I*. *'■•   *•
,.,..- M totowttdg*
at   \\ »t»ini' ;<   I*
11       '      *»>
and  tb«"  pr« *'  *
-., ,'      -, j,\      \%»*» JA?!O0      "
'     . n soon «*ih<   uod
. . .  . r „-.   i b| ibr n
t m       ,
« -. , lid  bapi*M  "J   * '
wo Retail Merchants' Conventions
*. i   or.  remised    Those Who Did Hot  Atund »bo«!d
information of Benefit to Tr.de M^^
The excellence   of   the arrange    retiring prcs    ni
mentamade by the New Weatmuij   Brhis   (
2-   mar,   for   the   cutcrtalllinent   Of        .       rj ...    |
.■•    :■
\* *n ess
itul •?.- mahout*
v nr mi
 [on     , <nSn*'5
ster'menlor the entertainment of thi. Dominion EseeuUec Council.               \           ,          ***
"the visitors was moat pronounced .              f|                    ..-■■■* IJJil "
President Phillips of the Weatmit .     ^ .,,-        •   *   th*   ■jw>   *'
Bter branch, Secretary Ing, togetl ■ »                                      rnuithci   ■                  -
er with the committeemen assocmt- •  •■'                                                ,                          ..•     \»* -   ■
ed with them arc to be congrat
,.,1   /.ii    ricinir   to   tile   occasion.       I h" ..-,-•        rttf        ills* r%P*,0*r*
Kiwanis dub's hospitality m ante*    PRESIDENT S  ADDRESS  GIVES     ^ ^ ^ ^^
■•-     "'- '-, -■♦wbnnth*        VALUABLE INFORMATION , : ,v       lM I
\|r.  j|( j;, ring pi        soil    A " " ■' «'**";;1* I     J
!s report ol thi  i •■• '   - »f lb*   Armstrong   K ■ *u
during his term of offte*.    V.       -•* «••«>■ -   •'"■''  m
■     - - -•;, no f**" aocee*«   •  ■  |l '*
-   •   - nnlj the llmllalioi * if ilssss pt
pd        from aw epting *o ,n%
i . ' •  l*«  * I        ■"
•• null  wa« ti-    •     <■ was »»i   b
"' ol th' i*»n .I ,      .:
,„l   ,1 *! •■)*    "l    l«TTll    I '     *U
up • i  • bcra «'»l<'h
• « it    i   i
- . u.-r ha* wnec been aweiieo f,v ■
.. ( - -, «,' Kamlo-op*
|    .',
taining the delegates at lunch on tie*
second day was noteworthy.
The  Convention   itself  was  put
through with an entire absen I
friction. Mr. MicRobbie did lus work
as chairman like "silk" and the
whole    thin'/ was    most  earefu
planned and nothing went wrong
Tile    presence    of    tin-    Doillil
president   and  secretary   and   man,
of  the   Dominion  delegates added
zest to the proceedings.
The publicity and Bervicc givei
. the Convention by the "British Co
luiiibian." New Weatminaters spli n
did daily, must not be overlooked.
Mr. M. .1. Phillips was elected pro- M U
vincial president. Mr. Phillips is no fi
president of the New Westminster
branch. The other officers elected
were: First vice-president, Harvey
Murphy. Nanaimo; second vice-president, -I. II. Ashwcll. rhilliwii-k:
treasurer, Daryl ll. Kent, Vancouver,
These executive officers, together
with Mr. (i. S. Hougham, the pro-
After re!
■ •   ■   nutscl
. /11 i.- th<  Pi
'''til'. itll(|    |
and con mention ied el
I e 11 ■ 111 •'.      r'
ur an the A   •
eerued, wan
S Cull
t I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^lied, had i
d b t"'  ter measuri of regard and
t'steera foi thi  A-       I on.
M r Mcliol   ie touel  il on th
ious matters dealt will
some detail on thi
Fra^ht Adjustment fcWvue
■ ..hi ■•   brief!) *-;
ncrvi m svsilsjblf lo n
freight   adjuolmenl   **■
.,'. -.,-   intiiiitrl i   moi •
bul like Ib\i Itw
't<-  up thoif   fn »k'bt  bills
icm  into  lhe  office      «'
other to writs a letter   j»»«t i
■us maiiers tieait wim  gou - ml liotbci lo wriie a letter   jn««
,"11" detail on the more important them In This costs the tssi
nailers.    The following ill I pntiihl ah*fl dbing  and  b«  fTl
' l""' ,,f al* remsrki w»rl i    i lam i    for   hoi   *r
it 1 1920.
rharget, both the rate and extension
being checked (in, Instance will
show y»ii the possibilities for you
si a rosttll of this service. A certain
member of the Asoocistioa is savuu
more than one.third of his freight
charges nu I certain line of goods
tn consequence of s suggestion by
our freight adjuaiiio'ut department.
l.et nie again urge jrou to t^*k<- ad-
vantage of tin* service
fire Insurance Service
Mnr nre iu*u»ai»ee icrvice is gradually winning lis vv.^v  in ftpitc "f or
perhap* t»r«'aus«' ««f ■<."■■. >.<.•'' ,:ts (tt
tcrested and si     -■■ ant to ir cs   1*
-» niler<*»ltng to note thai  thi
' .• - A saving of those members par-
iteipaling amounts lo   onb   ghoul
ll ooo less than th.- uhoi. offiet -x.
pentes **t  I hi   H.I    Hoard  for th
crnmenl has some to regard our Association as the medium through
which to receive and transmit in-
forroatioo regarding retail trade.
Government Recognition
One striking illuBtra/tioii is the
SCtion of the Finance Minister in
saking our Central Office to secure
suggestions as to emendmertts on
Hinltfet proposals,
Sales Tax
Another illustration is that of the
Government asking our Association
as to the feasibility of collecting a
ISles tSS of one per cent or similar
amount from the retail trade, a
reasonable supposition with regard
t<> this j- thai the levying of a sales
las on retail trade was contemplated and that out Associations efforts
sion and your B.C. office became a
veritable public service institution
for the time being, Enquiries were
received from all sources, manufacturers, wholesalers. Boards of Trade
and retailers, both members and non-
memhers of our Association. The
promptness of our national secretary
can best be illustrated by the fact
that Secretary lloiiifham had a bulletin in the mail three days before
the local Inland Revenue office was
able to publish anything. The efficiency of our Association officials
was gratifying to all and numerous
expressions of appreciation were
Meeting! were immediately called
of the various sections affected by
the luxury tax, throughout the Province and the resolutions submitted
were forwarded to Ottawa together
*om* $1 t*« 4»i»jatt* and fruftdn **o attended the Provincial Convention at New Weatminater July 19th and 20th.
same period, itameh September 26lh,
1910, to June 30th, 1930 One Kam
loops merchant saves over f-pai m
premiums while numerous cases are
<«n record of members saving three
or four times their Association dm i
Ottawa Connection Valuable
i cannot overstate the case when
I sa> thai our Ottaws connection n*
[hi  far the mOSl valuable of Our ser-
[vices,    lii f§et the fundamental rea
[son for our Assoc ation is that thro
jUgb it we rue articulate as Hctaileri
[Through it we can bring our whole
influence to bitr io protecting us
prom governmental persecution and
[interference with lhe ordinary ehati
pels of trade     Through it  also in
[formation necessary to the trade is
■Uppliod  US at   the curliest   possible
juioiiieikt,   Unquestionably the Qov*
showed M many valid objections
that tin- Government abandoned the
Luxury Tax
\\ \s not lOO much to say that the
luxury ta\ as originally proposed
teas perhaps the most poorly devised
and ill considered piece of legislation ever attempted. Nol only was
the scheme illogical, indefinite and
incomplete bul the offices oi Inland
Revenue throughout tl*v country
were without one word of information    from    headquarters,    had   no
machinery set up to collect the taxes
ami could give no help to the hundreds of merchants who asked for information in their respective districts.
The value of our affiliation with
the Dominion Hoard was never better demonstrated than on this oooa-
with a resolution unanimously adopted by your executive, assisted l>y an
advisory committee of representative merchants, the resolution reading as follows:
Resolution B.C. Executive Re
Luxury Tax
"Whereas the general public show
an intense antagonism to the suggested taxes and method of collecting same, And whereas we as retailers emphatically object to being
made tax collectors. And whereas
the proper inspection ami collection
of these taxes will employ a host of
officials tending toward the bureaucratic system prevailing in Uerniany
prior to the war, mid would materially increase the cost of civil service which is already a burden on
the country,    This Association goea
Deal With Our Advtrtlaers:   They Make Thla Offlc'al PubUcaton Possible at $2.00 a Year.
i^^i^«^^-riswwaaiWjB^e^ All;
,-ruil »>d Con(*cU«t>»ry 8u>r
.rfirniin-' our pre^
lously stat« o " gales rma ,
ateatheim.-*";;;-:;;v»«S«hi -'■-
*« «**?££ I believing tW «    .
-     I    If I
i       .1 luni
i i r * i' ■ -■■
requiring  11
1 O .v      .
transaction in Canada di
this will produce a larger revenue
■e easily collected w iih CXISl
111f I.
the m
le more ea.-M...
ng machinery at no additional ex-
lease.   Further, it* it is the titnt-rnj^BBBBB^a^a^iP^^^^^^^^
ment's intention to force- this scheme Member ah,p
of taxation on the country for the
onrnose of cheeking extravagance
i \ *'I   I I   i||      V '        111
.   . . ,,.   . aaal)
U    n Of truil  and
,,..,, remoining "g***-
' ■'   ;:' h" ■ *
, utores alfeeied *»
ii  i sras I; -' ; 11 8
,    ihf    S an
New  Brutvhe*
Ts^t that the nunimum oi
lu^able be raised and   heUX
be collected on the excess only,
iTthis connection our Associat^u   M
was of great benefit   0 us m obtWU
^relief and  certain a.i.endiu-
Vitc of the fact that the mass of
"i; ran,   irom   nidiviuna, ■    	
all kinds of conlheUn,adv.5 ^        ,,    ......
Government  ^decidedIMetn    ^
instance of this, one of our B.C-       ^^ of Vancouver Bratwh
members of Parliamenl stated that
among the mass o! protests received      Seventy »     ^
bers of one Brm giving exa    .
posite advice.  Let us by all means th-  A.     .
in our power impress thw lesson «n Sectoi
our fellow merchants.  "In units > Bug,, ■■■
nower." ai   Dealers    h
Board of Commerce h,.r.
The Board of Commerce also has ben
proved the necessity for and the Jto   ni
value   of   the    Association.      ims r      •
Board started of with methods akin
■    I  -1
* *       »• ', 0           "
■ t ^ %      , >. *■ *
:'.           i,»            ',          "
g,    ted bi   ft
ft it t^^^l
i .**$t>i** a*>
■ tae
,»a» '| ■*' *'
,(imn«l     «'
•■.■■■■         IO}   !
,        * jf;: »MK    *
\ II
al re*l
8 ;d'«t»   aWttitment
'■•. • i
to those of the old fashioned Btar
chamber and had it not been for the
persistent pressure of the Association, there is no doubt that thi n - I
lations would have proved much
more onerous than they are.
Commercial Education
Your executive regards it aa verj
important  thai an early start ha
made in offering facilities for re
toilers and their staffs to study thi
basic principles  of  merchandising,
the stress of modern business beii g
such that  only  genuine efficiency
can survive.    In conjunction  with
wholesalers and the University, your
officers are discussing plans for the
establishment   of   courses   in   the
were ut
to the fins '   n*'
Iocs! Km ' si nos
Low of Three Branches
Thn •' bronchi
.,   durin '   " i ■
Prince Itu|
Bulletin Borvios
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to tin
m  i   infor
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..ii  ,,i ...
Secretary's Report
for §om<
bring the
members  notiei oi
port what action d • n
■    ■
,  •
The report of Mr. Hougham, the
Provincial Secretary, proved admirable and interesting.  The followina
Resume of 4ssoCiaU0B Work
Sin i Oct obi r I SlU •: - fol
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        resolutions  pa----
will give a very accurate idea in   executive from thi 1919 eonveni
had colli d for. nooi i  ! lian ordii
atti ii' ion
condensed form of his annual statement
• , i    ... -    *4»;-«" ■*
!   mi
<,% i d to iJm ©too
tiling i ■■"■' !• I** ***
.    . ||.   .r m, lid artrv i
Whole^Un Stlllnf to favored
• i*   reaolu' »• furred   "■
ltd   of aliened di«cnmm*'
i r* in aelltOS Irt iSVOt t
i    ll   ll at   I
. t \ with lhal ,:
i n   •■    •   - - a**'* w«'re -'it«*,i«
,rder!,, n off ill ueoessmrj
•■ the office loofe lhe H»«?i*"r
with individual members gnu v
sceri lories    lAHhough
i is   referred   i°   **"s'
lime*     f|0   Specific    eaaea   were   '"
cited at»«l s? was therefore ImpOS*
rocved furlheri \*M\
Oarntihment of Employees
Thi* resolution   dealt   witb   the
iiucstion of exemptions foi garnish
ioe.nl of industrial and othei
,ecs snd had been tha sub
attention   of   the   Asa    ition   for
three yeors,   A deputation bsd wail-
d on ihs Attorm j tlem -1  ii Vic
:-;a but foiled '«> h. . ir«   in)  re-
u   sltho igb   ce
., igfd
Coastwise and Lake Sh ppin#
This dealt sriil   * -       posali ■ •
,i .■      >a*l w  -1- | ■ i i
.■ lei  ll i  lloord ol Hoi *aj  I
''Coastwise    s> .; ping    Hill.'
■ | ICh   had   be- <,   i*',\ en   th
• it of the Dominion Eh ird   Powi r
• ii  if the Bill snd it wa* i sii
.-1 it fa I thai Hoards ol Trade gei
rail? bsd lined up against it,  lei
'..    * '■.    '    \   that   itsasiv   <»!   !);'
.'..■■■:        ■ * ..- m
* - «  ■■ - • *  • .«* * h oae
I 111  iransj   rial ion and shipping
1 utile * who had put 11    I ■
of buaineaa
Affr.cuUunU Journal
Th«- sttaeh on the rei     u 11
lhi» journal ..a H*   Oovemmcut |
i al on ha-! been verj  vigoumu
resented bi *'■.*   V'omriainoi and '
Uovemmeul bail aettnowledg I ihat
thi sitae) ol its publication was uu<
The    foregoing   summaiise*
Action of the Provincial executivi
leavouring lo give exj " -
lhi wishes of thi Convention of 1919
Wholesalers Selling Direct to
Tin* proeticc was carried on all
over the Proiin< • sit I "*s against
the   aisled  selling   policy   of  lhe
wholesale distributing
Nuhjeci was gg eitreuv j difficult
O&S to handle     The whob M   "IU *\*'
niad they did ihia, or thai If lhc>
lid not do it. lhe other fellow would
gel tin- business    The injustice dOUC
10 retail merchants in country msec*
wsj« grave one and threatened their
existence     Temporary   machinery
had been Set  up lO secure a reined."-
land a )omt committe« of wholesalers
land members of the Vsoocistion had
[been formed to discuss lhe mstler
but the secretary did nol think this
committee would gel |lt '*"' fi*n*l*
ffnentals of lhe difficult) and he
thought that 1920 convention should
flv« won than ordinary considers
lion :" the question,
In Conclusion
The bnilding op of the Association
' as next the secretary's heart am!
this "nd the membership as u
whob- and the executive officers of
'' *  rai io is branches in particular
,! '■-'   " ■■;m rate with the head of
ai *ai    i\ ■ r much more dose*
ihan  • itherto.    He commended
'  rnon, Kdowna, S'anaimo, New
BSSfttary, BC Board; Secretary. Vancouver Branch, connected with the R.
M A for teven year*; Secretary of
Cranbroc* and N,inaimo branches at different I'met. then Provincial Orcjaniier
lltd now Secretary. Active member of
Vancouver Board of Trade and Rotary
Westminster, Duncan and Port Al
herni branches particular!) for their
■ • ■ in this direction in the past,
In! n istion desired by the secretary
on Important issues   nol   supplied
When asked for. placed the Association si i serious disadvantage. The
■ |i port and co operation of sll was
a;Sl, mosl I sscntial if their trade con
ditions were '<> be bettered.   The
s.   retarv   expressed   ins   very   keen
ippre dation <^' the support of the
executive officer! oi the 1U\ Hoard
and Vancouver branch ; lhe Provin
eial prcsidcnl bad attended at Ottawa si the requcsi of the Association at his own expense end other
members of the Provincial executive
has also met some of their expenses
out of their own pockets, Without
such public-spirited men as these it
would be difficult to carry on the
work of the Association and the
other officials and members throughout the Province should be stimulated by their example in {riving of
their best to the Association which
after all was to themselves and
their own interests.
Mr. II. 11 ill Fairley. Provincial
organiser Of the K.M.A. in his report
t< the BC. Hoard for the past year,
pave an account which discloses
solid work and good results. Mr.
Fairley"s report was as follows:
"The greater part of this period
has been spent in the City of Vancouver. On account of the executive
committee of the Vancouver branch
having decided to double the membership fee it was deemed necessary
to have your organizer call on all
all those members who had not as
yet paid their dues in response to
notices sent direct from the office
of the Vancouver branch. jMuch
dissatisfaction was found around a
iarge portion of the membership on
account of the increase of the membership dues, and also from a lack
of information as to what the Association was endeavouring to accomplish. Over sixty per cent of the
membership had to be resold on the
new basis. Results have been very
gratifying as only a small number
persisted in their determination to
discontinue membership. Over $1.-
200 was collected from old
members. Seventy four new members have been secured since the
first of April, representing an additional income of one thousand dollars to the Bj5, Hoard, and slightly
over this amount added to revenue of
the Vancouver branch. This result
is based on a year's membership. Tn
addition to the regular duties of
your organizer, sixteen income tax
returns were prepared for the members and eight accounting systems
installed, with two others vet to in-
stal. The interest in the work of the
Association has increased one hundred per cent in the city, We do not
take all the credit for this change of
heart, for the bulletin service inaugurated by your very energetic
secretary has kept the membership
well informed as to the various activities of the Association. This has
helped very materially to maintain
th*- greater interest that has been
manifested. There are still many
retailers in  the Citv of Vancouver 1*1
. v.Pi\ 8ETAll*KW
All;    I
who take bo in t**J*»". J,.,",	
work of our A--- ^    -.,..,,.
sulls M»apbacd tat     vu.a „,.,
to contribute an ytlunS <
if they can he Sam to nav ,,
to be "Let George do it.
The report then covered m dett
J^sation work in the n*
ious Provincial districts.
. ,   .   photograph   ol
u. M   )   Phillip* '" ■"!
M'' ,'-   JtheV.'      B
'*£!   ,„ot being svaiUblc.
n N'  » ,        ,„ omii
Wt. regret we navi
from this name
In our nexl sasu* m
• .:.,,,- «iti     ,!*nt
ileal imu     ,        ,     .
,, ceding! whil h
,    until(hI  few   th
/ ik« ntilill
The Dominion Convention at Vancouver
110   HI
11 i ml*
; I     9
I    I
What a task the officers of the askt I
B.C. Hoard had in looking after Iwo tempteo i« »"»<
conventions and in such short order oihei - lass, bul ll i m
Thev were repaid by the expressions est effort lo I
of delight for the hospitality ex- best and   mo
tended by   their   guests, many   of They nisi
whom came to the coast for the Rrsi retail trade a
time and went away highly plessed live or nnetfe        bars
Mr.  Chris  Spencer  certainly   did were the ideals wbi
splendidly   in   entertaining   them, the great  in I  x of retail mer
throwing his house   and   grounds chants in Canada were aiming I
open in lavish hospitality, and our achieve.   lbv sugges Bta
prairie friends particularly apprcci- tion of s new fund of from *     •'
ated the lovely surroundings.   The to (dOO.OOQ lo be known u lb       i
trip up the inlet and the other pleas-    [nuusstioo  and legui itii
ures provided all went well, and    fund    to fight injunous I gitlat
gave great delight. and  helporgl   isatiofi Bgb
Seeing that the official delegates ,,u5 Ganads
to the convention were limited to Y\Uy  representative  retai
five from each province, the attend chanls from all parts of the Dos
ancc showed a bigb percentage of ion, comprising the Iks
possibles, and some came from so far ol the B M A  ol I     ids   iltei
east as Montreal. N.I', ami Ontario, the big Iv    lay <  -   ••.'      it ">
Lack of space alone forbids our men- couver* and thei wen
tioning several old friends amomr the   h,.--d „n            . • . ,,    y.
tncm- Dale on behall of -;      I     •
The outstanding feature of the givei        '*       ' ' - -
I .,. . ten ban «
•     »n.   r. tailor*  ah»«»«"
I f*d«'      "*' •I** 'hrt
m and lhe nfflstw "' "
• .    . ,      i yai    stivef or«c
ef «h« *»*»**« i •' ■•"■ m
m rtt»resnt4it«w*«i«
| rawerti   mad«"   a   i
lff«s\ eomptni*
lrl.,     , |  i ed upon I
... .... i of I otosscrte ** •■
*r*r*riallv  ar***
"     -f        I
■    Thej  ! • ■'
, ,   r«,verutneo1 bad ds-totei! m
I   a   lAMfltUI
.. , H p<siltsH, rs^ssssosJ easel I m
, | |    its**! *ir:
• • ,.   ',,-.• it   - cents  bol  !
,rni tta red f«* I	
.     |     - ■ |   dbtrihotini    %m
>■    \ ■■      Mtintl I   *
a   *y
.L*..     *Sl     nlhrf     ft a ft* HS
i   k» .v.lji   *natt   ■•«  winr*   *
convention was the address ol Dr.      The K;
W. J. Hindley, formerly mayor of in things sff<
Spokane, now director of education fare, cnterti I
for the Washington Slate Etetailer'fl lunch. ||   • | .
Association.    His remarks electri-    M.P.P., wss ll
fied the audience and gave them q       tu„  .i„t,i,f.r
conception of the dignity oi their
profession they never had  before,
and it was freely stated thai his ad
dress was worth coming to tin- eon
vention for alone.
Many lukewarm members regis
tered their intentions of doing mon
for the cause in the future and th<
keeping of thei
fts*   Ii
I tl      ;   •,' '.'4»  f,j
m- i, if m n•■-
i\ >\\ ipi
j »j    ■  x" a** »•*! Thoto ■
hi i»a« the disafttssooii w
...    .   , Ivomhilti      ' Inwsesiing >
;;..i »h*- Morthsrsitetu M«!
V in Insursiiet t*omp«») nl s
tion on thi second dsy plainly shi
ed thai Ihey si d for
all to gel rid ol th<- itigi
word   " profitei r     and       omb ■ ■
classes,    which had been fs
mi them through m   fi     ol their
The B.C Hoard
itM*ml ■ ■*
A   fir.-    ; '    ■•    '
it M A nf '
.» 11
•', A ft
..^r...ft  dr promises has be.-n i,i;|lil,|    j,.^,,.,.   -..,,.. ■, ..   ,,
felt in the local office already prcaentativcs ol the press rert  es
President .J. A. Banfield charact- eluded from thi I onvcntioi pro   •
rised the   past year   as the most ings at   Vaneo ivei     Thi ii   idenl
Lrenuous in the history of the retail happened  %q quieki)   si !i   lent
radp. and how lhe situation  could them nn tinu- In uL-,1, i* .,,,»,.   .;.
sircnuono in                  •>• in> I. ..,>■ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
trade, and how the situation could litem no time m which to entci thi
have been met wilhout such an IS* ' •    •	
^^^^^^^^^ «•    protesl which they fundi', did
sociation as theirs it was difficult to   al the conclusion of the C'onvi nl
l.        >ei  . ....
BO'lUlI'Ml    n.l    III'   1 1 ,->   ll     ,>ii:-l   willli   nil     in (|l     I 111"    ■
comprehend.    Their  aims  and   oh- The>   are quite unable to find mi
jects reached out towards the higher justification for the ate
,'  thai  lb*  eiuac  of  to**
 ,»  ,J   hf  te>**iranee    '
f experts   i   '"■   W     NV
•■tprri* had been   eagpluyen,
rale* were deej'tiised    Ituainr**
Itni «' lull** |he ll fits M»»oran<"-
mg to » lai system.   If 1il*1* n
the   financial   niter.*!   Ol   the
companies to keep thi lrt**'r*
nor WSI 11 lo the futanctal Ini1
ol the igcnt    Insuranes ^,r''
in proportion to tiifturanee loiSM
pr cent  loss rate* being thi
oi.iisi   v.hte|»   rate.*   were   now   *
The   ftgettl   got   «   letter   cotntn'
 p   ii** there    from a poor rods than from a
was absolutely nothing throughout   risk   Some yours ago »«» <'el»'*
in retail distribution.    Thej
Deal With Our Acivcrt,&cr&:    They M«UC Th„ Official »»ubl.«alon SMSlbtS »l V?W a
-, J II *:'<».
the  rule*  »»f  insurance  no   lumber
iisk* were reduced from *> Vi {,, sf,
icnta.   Regarding tin- (question if ii
WOttld HUt to* heller for tin- Av»<»*-,a
UOO t0 f'O-m it* own fire iu*ur.uc
company, it was pointed out that
many mulila* Rri companies had
laded The e<uft|tatiY named would
not lake- a ri*k ovtf 11,000 until
they had 1,1*00 pidieir* '• •, gg g
matter of volume and cops it)      ii
matter eros referred In sn     .-..    -
The coutinittec Intel bn ighl in -»
reimirl   which   uuggeafliwl   || .,-   i .-,
l*r*»v metal   boa ft I   "■•■ twered   I -
ihe such srrsngrn ci is ia     then
itidgmen!    filled    their    itsrtii I i
Die I ■•'<••• * on adopt-d M
rrr..U:njetjdallon   Whirl    v» a*   tb«-   Ul«
MloV    |  ■ I (lid do      It might  ' |    || ■."
■ il al I lhal v* Mi  nesnl 1    tl       v i
lltllofl was that lh«" 10   <"**,,, r i   i ill
Ij thai wit* req liri ! by the col ill
tuitnti nf an)   Provtoetel  I      I lo
tttiki   arrange n cnli of that
■ • i    w a*   thercbv      infti no-d   * ll
i ■ tal)   the   l*onvi   lie     rotild  no*
tak»- the reopemaihtltt) <<f endonsi !
an) particular eompatt)      ■  ?m ■
* Heme   as ii h  Provii    i
a oold hai '• thi   ■■ gl *  ■       '■ rmihe
»la  .inn   p. in   ihh)   " V*
tbr aaine lime it tmgb' ' i   stated thai
ih« It £3 memb< ;■* ol Ihi K M A  wl -
experiencing ih<  great bencfus
I   ihi    ftSas> ill ■ *>     ■ sngemei
«itb thi  Nforthw • it<    M '
■ ■ ■ noire furtlm r comment,
Fhi ihrei  in portni I n s lul ions
passed hi Ihi   Iciegsles were is i,,;
I owe
1     That   w *   n an   .%   gr«-at       any
*taleti)rot.a are being made  b)   mi ,_i
publle life representing «H wrts
•d   ♦•elijfirtna.   agriculture 'ttUg
and piofcswcMial bodies, and slso
home section* of lhe publi prets
settjng   forth   lhe  enorn    •«•   >-\*'-'.v
to which iii I hell opinion, profiteer
mg i* being curried <>ti *n Canada
bul who so far have failed to name
lhe guilty parti, s or lo I ike in)
definite cor legal setion lo prevenl
?i i tunc.
And whereas we believe lhal get
erol statements of lhe shove chars
eter made without knowledge ^" tne
eiistenee of the same have i bad
moral and commercial effect on the
trade of Canada* as it tends to dc
preSS trade conditions instead Ol
stimulating Iheui al lhe present
time     In  order  that  some definite
lad praetical action can be taken
to stop profiteering If it does exist,
«* Stated by the above persons, WC,
tia members of The Retail 4tsocis
lion of Canada, ash the aid of our
customers, who are the public, to
issist us b) sending to the secretary
or to an> officer of our Association
m any city, town, village or province
throughout Canada, or to bead office of the Association in the Banquc
National* Building, Ottawa, Uny
complaint the) may have, no mat-
lei now small, of any profiteering
or over c|iargiii-.\ or any fraudulent
practices they may know of which
Ihej  may charge any retail mer«
u»t in any line of trade Of being
guilty, and we, si an Association,
will appoint 8 committee, uf well-
known, honorable merchants, and
allow the sec user to appoint a similar committee of an) persons he may
rhoose to exsmine fully into any
charge that is made, free i»f all COStS
to thi        iscr, and if we find any
rase of profile! ring among any re-
11nls    Hon -members,   or
members of our Association in any
par?  i»f r.kii.ida. v.e will undertake
Dominion Secretary.
-,  Iiios!cuti them to the fullest «-V
tent of the law, with all the public-
il\   that   such  action   would  entail.
This st lion on our part will now
give  those  persons  \\ho claim  that
profiteering or over-charging exists
among retail merchants to come tor-
ward and prove their charges or forever hold their peace, and give them
an opportunity of directing their
thoughts 10 the service of building
up Canada, as retail merchants arc
. ndeavoring to do,
g, That whereas a ipiestionnaire
was sent out by the lhnninion executive  council   to   our   members
throughout    Canada    tO    ascertain
their views regarding the collection
of the l.iiMirv   and Sales Tax, and
the great majority opposed the present system and favored the following resolution:
We recommend that instead of
placing the collection of the Luxury
Tax on the retail trade that it should
be collected at the source of supply,
namely, from the manufacturer and
importer, and in this way it would
be absorbed in the same manner as
all system! Of taxation are absorbed."'
3, That it is the opinion of the
members of this convention that the
time has arrived for the establishment of 8 publicity bureau at the
head office of our Association at
Ottawa, for the purpose of sending
out noti«-cs to the trade press, and to
the daily and weekly newspapers,
notifying them of our activities and
submit ting to them articles which
would educate the public Vm the
necessity of the retail merchants.
The receipt of the telegram from
aetini.' chairman White of the Board
of Commerce that it had been decided to suspend the questionnaire
sent out to the retail trade by the
Hoard was greeted with enthusiastic
applause, and it must not be forgotten that the credit for this particular decision is largely due to the
position taken and maintained by
the grocers of B.C., who made it an
Association issue, fighting it right
through to Ottawa and winning a
decisive victory.
All the officers of the Dominion
executive council were re-elected.
FoUowing is the list of names: President. .1. A. Banfiebl. Winnipeg;
1st vice-president. .1. (J. Watson,
Montreal; 2nd vice-president, W. V.
Ball, Assiniboia; :lrd vice-president,
A. 0. Skinner, St. John; 4th vice-
{resident, T. A. Oaetz. Red Deer;
5th vice-president. W. .1. llopgood.
Halifax; 6th vice president. 0. H,
McKohlue, Van-ouver; treasurer,
Henry  Walters. Ottawa; secretary.
B, M. Trowern, Ottawa
After the noise and tumult of the
Convention had died down and the
captains had departed, a gathering
met in Secretary llougham's office
at Vancouver which probably means
as much to the future of the organization in the Dominion as the entire
convention proceedings. For the
first time secretaries came together
from all parts of Canada in formal
conference for the purpose of exchanging ideas and learning from
each other ways and means for in-
w*w»wwm*mMmmnf«m*»*mw0mmhm>'<mm*'**m* IF
18 J^^^
ference together .» tarf* *,.
credit of Secretary ( urie, of .   «
tarv. while the B.\ - * Mr
0 •„ |   provisional   .-bn.rn.a...    M •
Trmv,-rn led the diMUMOn at  &
first session. ,' , ( „_
The business of administering an
association successfully  has pass  1
ont of the classification of an occn-
Jin into that of a P*»« **
he qualities that arc called for to
organize and  keep  organized hi   -
oreds of retailers who are naturally
competitors,   keeping   ever   before
them  the  fact   that   li.uda.i.e.italh
their   interests   are   identical.   CVCO
when seemingly competitive, calls for
an c\e lutive Sbilil) and I knowledge
of human nature which in any other
walk of life commands opportunitj
and reward    The Association Seers
tary to be successful iiiuhj m addi
tion   tO   these   qualities'   have   more
than s passing knowledge of goon
Omies and  must   have  the   tvp,   of
mind which is capable of asautnlat
UUg  the meat  of any  problem pre
sented  lo  him   while  others  ire
groping in the dark to? the SOlulioU
Further, if he is really  100 pel CCUl
Buccessful he will vm manage that
the solution never appears to com *
from him but from some other m
cutivc officer or even it at one of
the rank and fib- who is persuaded
that bis was the remedy    The beet
wa> of limnaiiting tkm »*<*r*t«r
ideals into praeiieal working poll*
occupied the teerclanea lor a «
rfgt  and a  bolt,  *>»*i  •though
resolution* passed hj ihesawillw
prohahl)  sue the light « day
rcsoluttoos,  their  dcl»b*rai.«i»«  »
mean much to the ««rk «f Ihr A«
eJattou before attotlst Pernio
i onveotion roll* around ll ii «h
Intention not sad) l« ««»*-** 5hj»
ftjrCOCS  a*»  annual  IVOSTt,   Hal   I
time they purjsMst   having   sap*
leaching iviiliMs in liwiy so I
thry <sng*lhrr from otilmdr »• ■■'
ranks neo ideas sod now mtten
wherewith  l«  nte**!***  lhf   '"'
ii Tracing «Mig»i'«»«« jnhstssj «s-
them bj 'he noturtl tUn|mnsoon
ih«*tf Asaoeialiou seuvttieo
This is Your Journal and il ichiet* its lull ttbjfeHi
!>v vour eo*operatioe    «> wsnl **■•   tv.:'.<-» ttthawrihers   lhe to-
s large one and s word fs*s>«*». vou «di \
publication we an getting out no that I ho wi   »tiha
again   send us by the 10th ll ii ll i
interesting from -...  r .»■*•,-..•   «. lfei   *tj  ftj nr««
■ . ' *      ■' t      ••   "    • •      *, ' ! i
'A',-■*?   *,-?i',ethU*g
. risd I lo bear fi
• r »• *
A^ van I
to know v<>u all.
Should be on the mind of every merchant in this Province   You cannot affoni i los*. no matter
how well protected by insurance.
Northwestern Mutual Fire Association
plan of insurance is the only one which seeks for the total elimination of fire lotses
The Northwestern gives expert inspection and insurance at coit to policy holdert
Savings to policy holders p»:d in cash,
over   $3,500,000   since   organization.
401 Vancouver Block.
Retail Merchants' Underwriters Agency
..-   ar-
id  '
if   the
From Seat Yorb lhe b««i
*r window   drew ng    ■ n en
'* <"   st, <* %a.a jtc  ol  lhe  val'
I -pieal'     ;*-,'.'.-I'v       Man
belief rfa«* ».!or«» there. cooiiihuhit
M«t.<r;   of   lhe  |tl« a  ol   ■ ■  .
*i?h tb-rsr wind s  sdvertuung lhe
,v   Of   even!,,   atUSg   m   the   poblit
• ind at ll      otnenl
"J   i     .    I ROWU firm of Kranklm
-      •• and Co, displayed, during the
hi rare week s clever window
n'tng a* s background a well
executed  oil color  picture  of  the
•   ,.   jraehts,   and   the   for*
,. m$ .: ,..-■ ,! lo represent S
%,,,•„,- The Whole was used
i-ii    •  i    liisnlsj    'Regatta
Costumes;" but it will be noted the
mistake of placing too many in the
window was not made. In the whole
large window there are only four
figures; five would have been :i
crowd and six or seven altogether
too many.
A photograph gives but a poor
idea of the beauty of this window; it
serves only as a general idea, and a
poor one at that, for not only is the
color missings this is one of the most
important features) but the figures
look I(in a photoi "wooden" to a
painful degree.
But the point we wish to bring to
the fore in publishing this picture IS
this. The most highly-paid and generally considered to be the cleverest
window dressers on this continent
—those employed by the high-class
New York stores never fail to uao.
the "topical" whenever they can.
In every city, nay in every small
* a    * r •
town, the "topical" ean be used,
and is an unfailing "draw." No
matter whether it is a grocery, a
drug store, a shoe store or what not,
it is seldom indeed that a "topical"
window fails to attract *at tent ion
Further than that, attractively
dressed windows bring people out
to the shopping districts, "to look
at the windows,"
&     <
Shoe Convention a Success
Prominent Vancouver Retailer Enthusiastic.
The ?»«>  Vancouver   *K-'-'   *«"'-vu<'T*
i bo decided »i worth *»■ .'<  to at-
d th* seeond sonual eoavejittun
al the National time* Retailers' Ms
nation of I'anada, held In Monti
■' re  days  during duly,  are  boon
.tgatn delighted u lb lh« I  decision
" -make Ihr trip, for the ConveUtW
"Inch  included  »  ihOI  and
fair, proved f«r beyond iheir ei|
■ itioni
,   i , f
We  m)|  put  a  neceosui       >n*'
description in the word* of Mr •'
W   Cofftett,  of lhe  firm  of ( *   '
Urns I i iarhe whom we found   on
•hi- job" al  theii  Hastings v>"
More, jintl who wan t-ag»-r »o tell US
ibout thr affair and the big lutprci
sion tl bad made on bun
Trv au.i imagine a e«sl building
like  the  rink    ii     Montreal,    With
flooring,  and holding »!  »*••'   ■ ,
separate   exhibit*,   and   fitted   *nUj
•very  convenience   f<«r  the  CUmjOn
and information of those sttcndingj
including leeture  hall  and   restaur
-al    Then imagim   them actmUi)
i > -. rnhhcn rubber boots,
il lace* right on the spot, and
*i,h H re windows ipecially o>es*
,d everything bearing the splenduJ
htHrotrk of   Made ,n Canada      11
om simply wonderful sndlcon only
•    sr^llktfc  -hothoud,-
.   ., ihe convention wsj to oc mrg
,     manufacturers' affair and did
L  thins  lhe tunc end expense
wild be repaid    ™*f^*S
,,,,. n,.tt president, himseil said that
., ; , Uw such things as he had
i. ...a adhibited there were
Hccn mane ami   ^>" .    ,
[Lin »h« Domnon   And the lee
made >!i ,,i' \ . ■ .  ,,..t..,, ,m.
„„ ,, beard eertainl) plae ■ »
"„L h, fore -."-I anaj «•» >»" ''
S m lo m in la. h**-
i .ti i i i»i u about
,Kti!.  inH.lin,e.  don t    aiu
i   i, . m *oinu down     1*0"
•affaSfti 8.***
dine, the cost of manufacture and
overhead   has   more   than   counterbalanced  this.    And.  by the  way,
they had a 'styles show' there in
which ladies and children displayed
not   merely  everything  conceivable
in shoes, but also in clothing from a
fur coat to a bathing costume! Fact!
And the street parade they had for
the Ontario and Quebec travellers
was something to remember—each
Province having its own distinctive
cost ume.     The   whole   thing   must
have cost a mint of money, for no
expense seemed to be spared—there
were souvenirs of all descriptions,
banquets, bands, dancing, entertainments in addition to the serious side
of the convention, and the retailers
were given  the preference all  the
time.   A daily bulletin was printed,
a very ambitious publication.
"The next convention will be held
held iu Winnipeg. You can
say that what impressed me as much
as anything was the fact of the
Made iu Canada' slogan being so
much to the fore, and I am sure
thai Mr. Sam Wilson, of Hudson's
.,..,.,.„;,      .,■..■..<-..■      ■   ■/.■';•" i
'    ■
!    Ll
i       81
Is Your Guarantee
Manufacturihg Company
Wholesale Manufacturers
The Famous Restmore
Woven Wire and Coil Springs
Steel Beds
Sanitary Couches
All kinds of
Furniture for the Home
Aak Your Dealer to Show You
the Restmore Line
oepaktmcnt or outuc w©»"»
Kottal  ** lnSS<lOj   P1*-***  ''Sal  &*  *r****<i*e*'*  »lr?s
Um (Nsertstoai si 'a»  lUsfcwsj h i   <■>.* n*«i« •' ,v
raaS :* .** follovt
In Traffic District Ho  i
H Trsific Dstiict No 1
on sod after July 15th. l?30
Th' **> | tnafft    Siaif   J« aw nwat» |>*fil    fa
Sea ?!'•*-1 la •*-■ < ■.-•  i   i t&«    ?;' sS •«*.   Irl   Ian****
. -■• id tita ' *?v* isswi so
StSfN petted  in  ;*. JialtSaSS
ll*   • •■-■'>•
, ?
.1   il   KJVi    H sbtt'.a*
DtOSItSnSlI     '  I • shs   hnfU
'.   soria   Bi     "    *  ' "■■   1*3
? r
■ft .**..
Wriling Tablets
School Supplies
Made in BC
Wrapping Paper, Tuine, 8t   Lawrence
Paper Ba^». Toilet Paper, Picnic
8undnen and Stationery
Columbia Paper Co., Ltd.
liav,   Will   feel   iiuirlt   thi   Hjun.-   U   I      Olilv   thin*   I   . ,
do about .he who!, thing, also h     J! ,      ",   W *M W **■
Vaneouvei traveller, prieul    The   IcamicH there!''      ^ ^W
l ♦* ♦'♦•♦Mnw**«»"*>**"-****♦-
-*>- ♦ - S>aSjHe>aaSa • «
, ♦>♦♦'*•♦.♦♦••♦•♦**-*■♦•*■♦•••♦-«.•..* • .*.
-»-»-»...,,« t , »„„,, ,.t
Th*- ^sitOrofl lee Cream Parlour*
hove sow out to F lh h ber.
Trtunweiser a. Beach hav«- di*
sotvtd portw*rahip m the h»»iM Business) »?> Orund Fork*.
Whilly Bros . Lid . ol Nanaimo,
vrho4eSatie and retail tobacconists,
hare *<**bl their retail business to
Josephine F   ;Mr»   W   A     K«»lhn*
\hc\  i>ini»j»,  proprietor of ib«*
Uland Vulr-aiumiiu k (*ycle Works
ai Victoria, eontcssptntet discontin-
irun and rem Hi g in Rngiand
The business of lb** Windsor Lro.
The Uanej Ileal Market, of Pori
iieucy,   has dissolved   partnership
tl Geo w Hisjhmoor is now sole
I'i Hull, of Prince George, has
* a bjn r-tuir depart m»-nt in connection srttli hia garage, auto and
i • pair business.
Western Glass Co.. Ltd., 156 Cordova Street West, Vancouver. $25, •
oi*(). General wholesale, retail and
commission glass business.
The Auto Works. Ltd., 707 Bank
•if Nnvn Scotia building, Vancouver.
% 100,(100. Dealers in automobiles
and accessories,
Vancouver Commission Co., Ltd.,
208 Alexander Street, Vancouver.
120,000. Qeneral importers and exporters.
Robert Efford k Co.. Ltd., 422
Standard Hank Building, Vancouver.
120,000. Wholesale and retail fruit
and produce merchants; commission
agents and brokers.
Aunandale Supply Co., Ltd., New
Westminster, B.C.  $25,000.   Taking
h-   Devonshire Bakery al  Vic-   over aa a going concern the business
I out to Jos Stevenson,    now carried on under same name;
wholesale and retail grocers.
F. k F. Henderson, Ltd.. 422 Cordova Street West. Vancouver. $150,-
000, Importers and exporters, manufacturers.
\ rhangc in ownership has been
madf   in   th--   Rose   Candy   Co.,   of
rtt\ i in   I ' il   ol Vietorts, »*
R   r   lOUttg, grocer of Victoria.
baa sold oul to Geo. Qammili
Mr*    Sarah   .1    Hill,   of   Mnvne
r   it  RottosVi Ittueer, of UcKa)
Station,  rvcettUj   *'if'-r' I     m  b)
!?r.- of hi* trues: and farsg* Tl''
wa% n«» insuraoei
I*   L  limit well, of Salmon, Arm,
vnlconisin| et< . has sold nul lo vi
K liunn
li«^r >   II   Browo lailor of Vic
(oris has sold nut toOsnneil k Her
man    The lallrr firm i« BOH Solely
;n the hand* of   I   ll»-rn-.:\5-,
tVe^itofV   elsiina  on   Hutchison
Bros  & i o   Li*l.    n liquidation
msehinia&s, etc . should be received
hj  the hi|uidal< r   W   Corlis Samp
Son   al Vielorta. l»>   AUfUSl 80th
*"  Hiamatarr*  confectioner, etc.
of Victoria, ha* sold ,Mi? '° '   *
T   Rdwwrd Cltrl is lhe Irust
of thr» Western Grocer? Co of Vie
loria\  sod creditore' meeting has
been duly   h<ld
U   1>   Prefer   who owned a V «
eral stOTf nt Franem* Lake, ii d«»ad
The Rome Fumiluie ('••  of Van
cOuver, has dissolved
Win Rcunie I Co  E#td  have dls»
continuod   then   retail   h'""   "1
Granville street
lobsters, etc.
T. Parke, of lhe Brotdwa) Gro< r    1(1   aft1 .....
\' til   I,,.   Ima W     \   hrji/er I O., Ltd, OOl ItlllU-
«crv. Vancouver, has *"M b>s nuei        "   " .. .,     am/wi
.,-,'. l» .I,.,,,,-, i-.m.,„w,   Mr fcrlw   vill. Street,  \»r»»v".   *.  ;   „
ItkN hli Ortl holl.l.5  In fiftwr.   .'„„f,,„,.„-„. btk«N,  dslwltwen
Storey    &   Camphell,   Ltd.,   518
ieatty Street. Vancouver.   $500,000.
Islsnd, has told ber genera] store   Taking over as a going concern the
to Bertram A   Km-ry.
T    11    «I rant,   of  Grant's   White
Lunch & Bakery, New Westminster,
- en unable to secure suit
abb- nen premises on Columbia St.,
ha* gone oul of business there and
purchased a grocery and seed business st Port Coquitlam.
The annual piente of •'   H   Ma!
pass and the atalpaas &  Wilson h
It iff, beld August Ilth, "ii Mr, Mai
iiass senior's farm, Nanaimo Kiver.
proved I big success. The staff and
their relative- plus Ed. Devlin'-*
staff, bad s glorious lime. The
gresl  excitement  was the football
'    i'. '      M    ,V   W   "s   'lieordies'"  will-
: over M si pass' "Seotties," 2-0.
Sportv  dsneing  and   variOttS  other
form* "f enlertainfment,  including
■s  .■ |ood - .t»s. left H" time for
melntn Ii "1^
The following companies of inter
est to retail merchants have recently
hern incorporated In B.i • •
Pacific Coast fish & Oyster Co.,
Ltd Gore Avenue, Street end, Bur-
rard Inlet, Vancouver. 125,000,
t^shcrmen, dealers in oysters, clams,
bumness now carried on under the
name Storey & Camphell; saddlers
and haruess-niakcrs. leather workers, etc.
The following partnerships have
been registered this month in connection with the retail trade of the
Burnaby Transfer. A. F. Dalrs.
C toe, P. Dakin and F. Thompson,
at  Burnaby.
The Buttery Shop. F. Rush,wort!i
and 0. K. Thomas; at Nanaimo.
White Grocery & Meat Market.
G, F, But nam ami W. W. Suit; at
North Vancouver.
Northern Supply. Mary A. Sib
ley. II. Sibley ami F. 0, Sibley-. at
Prince George,
Canadian Dry Goods Co. Rhone
Petersky iMrs. Alex.).
Consumers Tire Supply Co. Anna
James and H. .1. Beck.
Bailey Siirn Co. K. Bailey and J.
M earns.
Mowat Reo Transfer Co. A. Mo-
uat. D. Mowat, W. Wright, .1. Will.
The Scale Shop.    \V. K. Walter.
Last five items all of Vancouver.
City Coal Co.   ft. N. Ferguson and
W.  Peterson.
Grant Fleetrin Co.--(J. II. Grant.
Last  two items of Vancouver.
.     »     Tha« Maka Thi«  OWtslal Pwbltcaton Po«*<ble at $2.00 a Year.
Deal With Our Advert.»er».    They WSSI   "o» m
i!  '   <
Makers of
The "Standard" Paper Bag
fwnwaWa»Maan|naMaaaa*na*aa«WM^aWa**MMaa^ ""'" *' '" m^^mmmHwmmmmmtmmmmyimmmnm}^ ■""«
Phone Sey. 781
Ami oi tin* following lines:
Greaseproof Paper Pie Plates
Ice Cream Plates
Oyster Pails
Wrapping Paper
Toilet Paper
Phone S*y 781
ft .-'"I
Canadian National Exhibition
2)    und
YOU lire cordially Invited to nail our booth, situated in Manufacturer!   Building {No
Grand Stand) Nos. 62 and 64, where the following Rrms an rxhihttinf
OUR REPRESENTATIVE will be pleased to jranl Interviews, iboo samples si    ffvi  nuolalion*
and other general information in connection u*ith above produeti
Branches: MONT UFA L, WINNIPEG, LONDON, BNG., 8TOCKHOLM, BWBDRN, sA\ dnsj;  i \\t I92&
^ »,».*•♦*♦•*•*"
Thing* on Which I Would Not Mini
Paying a Luaury Tax
1' :' Goi Ion's, l.td.'s representative of Victoria, who has i keen wit,
The Usur* Of Irllmsf it* landlord    ^M^ M' ,! '•   *********
'«! | think ml bun i verj I imc I ■
aises lhe rettl
th* l,«\wry «d "saying things*'
. bi b   lims   a eustomer   remarks
Whj    that's Fifteen   rents  n
Shan I ran »**■! it at           »'
i  Luxury «< foretbl)   rjeelio&
iruvetttnj man who persists in
irvins u> ***H u* *■••■ U »*• do nol
Thai itrangelj no one hinted at
That Seoteb Jews were referred
to during she Tuesda) efternoon's
I * • ■ ■ lings
'*-4f    "   ''■•.*.•»   hard   lo  nay   whose
mgi wi -    the most hurt!
Is we do n«>t Tnatt Mr Greer, in demonstrating,
I  *\   a  hi-fi-"   Jii.-jr.   :>. *>..  :>::,-y referred   to   is dies   Wishing   to   see
srorlo, sod h«-ir|*a ox bonj srhal ««* inside a nurse,
. u     \i»''    Mhf!       i»l      ' ;* ar ' mm        i      »         .     ■
»ha? tats brinijfhi forth an em
■ siting ,  ,     tv     i . "*
* poeti*     ion net
| uturj si writing    paid in That Mr Kitchen was a very able
v     '      ?   "''   *     '•'',   »barjf. '     , ttp,..1   5i,r   v,|r   <;r,.,.r m  arrany.
■ J» hag thi displays
The Lttsorj at re siviug i stall j*oal Frank Harris excelled binv
«.  fcj aoCU  .1 UsOSn-  sUmliuc «< w\t with hit advertising talk.
.   Ii I a* i   uiarX' d    5 ■■■■: t      *' ■ ■■ «.        .   . ,                        ,
iha? what ne ssid eertaml) open
11 Lstxur) of ' ivit sc * i istomer ed lhe eyes of many presenl
\'n   \ kn«.w  prists Tlmt the reeeijit of the rooult of
«»i    ! **f* ; «" !*«* ****' ihi yoeht race banished all thoughts
This was the very first time that
all the stores of Vancouver and New
Westminster had acted as a unit and
recognized this as their one big picnic and also dosed up tight In past
years the grocers have hail their little
outing, the butchers have had theirs
and SO on, but here was a brand
new combination.
Mr. Bertram, of the Western
Grocery, on Main Street. Vancouver, with the co-operation of the
representative of Heintze's, went
one better than a good many stores
in advertising the picnic He had a
very effective window display, with
streamers of a variety of colors
reaching to a central point, where
1 ii
sn   .v  big   *l business for lhe moment
I  si Mr   Pakoner'i dog biscuit
ttOTJ  had S moral.
Thai   lh«-   menu     card'    at   New
crown* drawn by lhe BjSVfly^fs^ssrd
. <:«
Th*- Leutttr? "f l*n*lw# I had mad*1
tight «n %%%% hmik badaoet, ihere    Westminster eras verj novel
,• ■>/■ «< )V(,»fr ;,, ,-., ,-t*a:- than 1
. rt wb*»« ihr booh pb   • a to saj
i< • f-.jni tn overdrawn sod there
v 0     *« lo mi eredii lhan I:
m btw4 thovrs
In Utstirj of f-ndinj? my peolli
tin Vfof greotfj in * xeess of I**'
sr, and mors tb«» espeeletl
• it \\ai fashioned out of three.
y\\ ipruee veneer donated by lhe
Laminated Materials, Ltd
Thai  on the last  day of the 1>°
■ son Convention the fuel came
ooi thai lhe farmers sold their but-
«cr and used "oleo" tbcmselvesl
Thai the general opinion arouiul
both conventions was that ti U sifl
Bobbie showed gresl form    Turn
Tie Luxury  ol grooebtng when   AK.am,     Whittiugton,"   Dominion
That   our   eougralulations   are
Luiurv  ^t  refusing  *» lw   roterb extended to Matt Phillips
Ineotni T»\ Asnewsment i* more
• ■ui i|  wa* last vear
• <
to r.d oith the loxuri luxes
rhc LuJtur) ol reatling   l*hs ll<
U lailer
Convention Gossip
si    I'.iri    Albemi s reprvoen
live besiutod be!ween lhe Whle
>1 Hhakespeore
I hat hi wasn't smt it the inec
»1e of lhe beam and the mOtlP WXS
HptUrtl «r penned b\    'Bill
on his elevation to the presidency
of the in'   hoard.
That we are glad tO welcome one
of ihc oldest pioneers in retail mer-
ehandisittg in the Province to so
rxeeutive position on the B-C BoarUj
friend   Ashsroll, 0« ChiiliWaUK,
Treasurer, Vancouver Branch and Chairman Resolutions Committee at Provincial
Convention.    His business connection In
Vancouver Is the Cunningham Drug Co.
the words •Wednesday, Aug, ltth"
appeared very conspicuously.
The picnic called for a mighty
effort by the Vancouver branch,
which    was   justified    by    results.
which, though not very tangible,
were nevertheless very real. The
principal result was the getting together of the retailers regardless of
their classification and location, for
8 day's play in each other's company, The splendid spirit exhibited
by the retail stores in dosing down
for tlte day and advertising the event
at their own expense was a feature
which greatly gratified the executive officers,   Many closed who did I
The Bulla of Superior
==  Quality  ='■
Only the vcrv best quality -f pur-, pasteur
iied cream is selected for msking Edenbank
Butter.   This is ripened by the best processes
known to dairy science and bandied with I
most scrupulous care, ensuring thai dell s1
flavour so greatly appreciated,
Edenbank Butter will give the Utmost satii
faction—every pound can be depended nj
for  finest   texture  and  colour  and   delicious
Supply your customers with Edenbank
Butter—it will ensure yon their steady
Phone a trial order to Fairmont  1244
Edenbank Creamery
17th Avenue and Ontario Street.
TIIK   increasing  demand   for   whob w
summer   beverages   by   diseriminstine,
housewives who Order
By  the  dozen  necessitate  your  having  so
adequate supply always in stock.'
This is a profitable trad.- which you should
help to build up.
Phone Seymour 281
and we will prevent you disappointing your
customers and increase your profits.
PackeU Only
No Premiums
No Deals
No Price Cutting
Western Grocers Limited
Vancouver   Rshsou,  Cranbrooh.   B C
•\'' S*   hi  ,■   -^joimUh   «»t«««lK   tw
LANK \    II   \   !.-   inert   the   il«
uiaixd with thi iuuiuimitce that
I- \M\ \ liriiigi hui k . \.w trial
pttatiiiner for n repeat order,
LANKA TEA ii pmiiUve)) tin
finea!   gradi*   of   the   Ceylon
< lafdeiia,
M 1« Hold al ,i popul&U pure to
MU' ,,,th 1 kd I |rj aial tante
°* "'" v;^' majority of Tea
i onguniem,
Vancouver. B.C. ►rjo.
• eosas to the pfattie, »»m «»( r,
I to the w'tahca of ihi* msioril
bonour to Ibem    Worth) of
■ polar meniiah bi it,,- ii% x i\mi
i Vancouver dnii?j»>*u bad a nor
• nnderttsiidmi   between   each
and  that  «»nr  dnitftfovi  ahm-
I open bj} iuuiuaI xrvangetm ■ I
■ | pnsnvenisfiee oi th*- public
i *tits*f booours fox las grand sue
.   [)|  tbr   tlicnk   nh.rtujSd  gO  I I   Mr
• T    iriittt|«r    '.li-'   pi  -,:.
,«*«!> allnrd lo bias era* h.vv; •*...■.•
«   the   Miiisiesi   eommilt
/*  vi h*»  JM-pt   up  lite |   .
p i
n .1
- score aerc George s.
' '     '' " ■   ^'   '■'•'■»ry. and K. M.
Millar, ol ih, ipon, committee, -I.
"irtneas, -l K liemlees and D.
Snanti were other doughties,
Hru,ti>- the picnic at Queen's
i srk, NfD Westminster, on August
Ulb, with its iwenty-olght iporting
events, its 3,000 people, its band
eoneerte, dancing and last, hut by
ii- means least its Vancouver-West
minster bull |sme, in which the
Terminal City merchants triumphed,
was i gtgsntie success, and there is
httll do ibl that it wdi be an annual
rvi nl for s long lime to come
Board of Commerce Meets Retail Merchants
in Ottawa
,f-«;   **■'**;«'•-
i ins neu ■
i ■,.:'.  Hoard of * ems ■ r -   * **l
•  al Ottawa r*    I -  end **♦
raed by  ?x|WT*aioos of mutoal
■ I •'<■ nr«   if mm   a rs   al
•-t and  a  d'i illation from the
M \
:>  v         '  1 *
smiilM ■ 1 m*"!*-
i ■«
w sa i
1 .    i fri with
i   tsxia.1
| ol staff, with
lo si
I L , .
tg toe moolbly
cat rvtuf
n i ■ ■
) Mined   f|   '     ill
' ll)
si* rvoxnti
t km
. •■ i
(   1 k|
n m a .
||      '       -'*;.<■       Oft
■   *. a .» .       '
v the
las    11 i a 1
ll       |1, |fH
1   ->*
1    nmerei   and
IS art
1   1 11   l •
{ ;, , .     0
final lb*
f ■   H    |
Its ol lu« inves
p n.» made Ity the Hoard <*f Com
■ ■ ■ ■  i s.' ••■• ting rrutl merebants
o .'-   nol dnawtoaetl an) cow
t»**sj .'.r i*X'«N*falvi profits among tl»^
1 retai'i mwebant* of Canada
2 Thai  th," element  ol < oinp«
n among rv-iAit merchants pre
its undue profit making
I      That jo xl    ondit>-' -       mef
distug m iIhp dilf'-r. u? parts of
anadi see so different «nd va
*»t no ^ener«i regulations a* lo
srgins of profst » #»n. m our opinion.
t made that would OS fait 10 UnX
reaants and the-eonsumers, oi
hut sf itrietl) Interpreted «"u!d be
1      Thai the order* of ihc Board
Ireadj promulgaleil have resulted
1 ft ureal deal of disturbance Jn re
'-til   trade circle*,  and  that   the  iin
artaitttj ft* to what further order*
V'H US made from lune to lime i*
*ul| more disturbing, not only to re
-ftil mercbanls but t*> manufacturers,
wbolessleru, bankers, Ibe labouring
fixates sad consumers
*»     That, in view  of the above,
am xsk lax Board "<> suspend us op-
rrstioiiK insofar as the fixing <»f retail priee* and profits ii concerned
6 That the Hoard undertake
the dutie* appertaining to an inland
trad'- commissiont such as has from
time to tin •« been urged upon the
Government !<> The Retail Mcr
chants' Association of Canada, i:>
tooJunetion srith other nasses ol
business interests
How It Should Work
"in ordef tO present our views as
to boi ere Uiink ^r Board of Com*
merer rould l»e of greater service I I
Canada, srs would suggest the following
» fh« Hoard of Commerce
ihonld meet propert) appointed com-
miltees from the Canadian Manufacturers    Km ■-lation. the Retail Mcr
chant*  Association of Canada,   the
Tinted Kiu-mcrs Axxoeixtion, and
other organised eommereial bodies,
and secure proposals from them »h
lo how the irxdei in which they arc
ioterested could be unproved by
proper regulation,
h That instead of the court endeavouring tO dictate 10 the coim
mereial elasxes as to how they should
conduct their sffxirx il could be-
)(ltn,, | os.fui court to decide on the
,suWn^ thai is laid before it on any
commercial matter,
Opc:i Agreements
That   all   agreements  thai
iir,- made, either by i group of man
ufaeturers among themselves, or between the wholesale trade and the
manufacturers, or between the manufacturers, the wholesalers and the
retailers, or any other persons,
should he laid before the Hoard of
Commerce, and the parties thereof
should appear, if necessary, and j?ivc
the reasons why the said agreements
are made.
(d) That all price contract agreements regarding trademarked goods
should be laid before the board for
final ratification.
(e) That charges could be mad:*
to the hoard by any person who was
suhjeet to unfair and unethical
methods of trading, and the same
could be investigated and a remedy
(f) Persons could be dealt
with who arc engaged in unfair commercial practices, whose methods
are contrary to the public interest.
I g) That if it was found that the
operations of any commercial legislation that is now on the statute
hooks is operating unfairly and not
producing the results aimed at, that
the effects of said legislation should
be laid before the Board, and if the
hoard decides that the complaint so
laid justifies a change in the act
they could make a recommendation
to the Government.
"Avoid Interference"
(a) The Board should strietlj
avoid interfering with the regular
and natural channels of trade, ami
devote their time to seeing that the
proper channels of trade are not
interfered   with.
(i) That all classes of the cont-
ntunity buying or selling merchandise should come under its operations.
(j) That all agents and subsid-
larv  agents in connection  with the
Hoard should I"' abolished,
(k) That all statistical reports
iu connection with commerce should
be under the direction of the Hoard
of Commerce, ami be removed entirely from the Department of Labour or other departments.
There are other important matters that could properly come under
the direction of the Hoard, and we
feel sure that every retail merchant
in Canada is only too willing to gM
every possible assistance to raise the
standard and elevate the commercial conditions of Canada.
«M»|lM*»«l<*--rt*<»t« i    1 ;;
5.   ;; i
MuKK    and    more    »-»■ '      *****     "
8HKI.M 3  5*  liRKAB    *l l* a^Neeiiai I
• \*»r  aod  til  lb*   trtibllf   |»^*»      •'
I      I "        '    ' !»'«••■
v  . ,-. . .   .,. rot flllt&M It    Man  1
in void  ->
s'tKl n - IX MKR U«   1 '
Wrli   "  a»
":    I
// AM« "Come /I^m" Customer for You
Saturday, Sept. 11
Monday. Sept. 13	
Tuesday, Sept. 14 ...
Wednesday, S«-pt. 15
Thursday, Sept. ll]
Friday. Sept. 17  ...MANUFACTURERS' DA>
Saturday, Sept. 18        TRAVELLERS' DAY
(Knights of the Grip)
For information and Premium Lists apply to
the Secretary)
H. S. ROLSTON, 130 Hastings St. W,
90 per cent of
Kl I \ I URlM K&K
i'ii; wise am vm \yiu.
i M'Klisrwh what  ril\T
l A* 1   mi; \\<   j,» mil
Phone Fairmont
Let the Retailer B
\ reiallor »s responsible for th
iirmeots be mjtk>« »« in tax qua!
nl  gO0C$S  be  Betls  • bt-ther  bi
rrh repeating the statement of .*
daeiurer «»r not     It behooves
ud«T*  therefor*-. i»» l»<- pertain as
s     ihf   aeettraej    ol   deaeripi ■■• t
■•. ire given nj  manufacturers
as*   integrity  mt^b'   ■■     :   ,' '■ ;
-   | warning **"** t''"*'-•' •    ** »< >
If    J     Keimrr.   »*   rctan    -d   {*
V*8.j»i!»n«-*-   i Ommtlta    ■■''
\*.n->> -1 sn *,«--• |   ,\d ',o!u;    (,'   <     ,'' *
I-    lb'    •■ &*#  m  j*»»it»*.   a   irtsi ■
*..>.■ o.   *-«--!nf* -  ;   ■ ■      - v- .
** .   |*<»<rw!<*  h#   bs-i   A-fii'* ■>■   '
..-oi   |ftfftr*J*ftWXXtf*ll   lO  I
Vigilante  Oaejiailltee      is h«d«l re.
minis nxorelh 'rA'^   ?"'■
•   " -      snufaeturer without
••■•   rion lo cneex up, the
1' Id   responsible
'"O    The retailer is looked upon
R ' iblie aa r speeialisl
lhe rarious kinds of
»ndi*  which he sells and the
K(    •   ss    on bun to set out all
is Ii ' ■ ,"■ fullj witli respeel
in   -  and holds bio re.
"     '        and 1 si     right to hold
bin respoi 11 -    The public has a
fhl   ■••  I. lirti   exactly   what   it
'■■'■'" rtiaiiig ai t to act upon
■f i
III   tin
If Jo"
hta   sdsfrlia
Iftf f\
- .
in J*   aj-
n heiher
j I - .
'   4    HI, ad*       t>K
'".   i* b«t»   b«-   •■-•'" lam*1
■■■J id tan*        We    h*d    ao.    ■:!■*<• T *■■%?.;■;. h-
tm hn exattf »** atlnneapolii wo*'
• .>. wtvtori ol lhe Iteitrf Ho«
.. *:« Horeuu t h*- r*- m 1915   We »r
"'•*"*"•«! a »-t**lhi«rr f«r «dv«-ri**•!$£
«<w>! ' &biris whi**h    wrr*    not «!l
bat arete olonasi poiir*!*. e©i«
avid aM * itr|e}jw' r. -      •      s" " into
Brl   b»*   bill*   frOXX   lhe  tnsmtfsr
'   '-r-n,   ahoYHtltf   pi sinIJ    (lull   lh*s
"* had been billwl lo bin ss all
anal he sxef'rty <nlvrriivf! iv^o-
ih* aaxxi *»**    The eouri held
■ laal  irssj ao nVfrtts*    lhal  I
sild nave kaoxru wn*taei  ll
■•    '<    a-il    u**nl    And   nUi-'M   Ik-   **;*■«
=» ■'■-5*<-U   %ur»- of it,, bf aboiild
sdvertisesi ib»*w is suea,
«>f esjurax »f tin   retailer bs*
iwte«t|Ri th«i tax taaaufseiurer ?*
tsj   itsd Ik goes ahead «'tb a
• iti nooi taat ** i fraud etearty.
■ '! eeea «f s retailer hasn't know!
that la* ntaaafaeturei hi «»
i and should be
for all of the itxte-
.• '-1,si bis lignsturv
If be does nol know
iniftaiatetiiPttts,   he
bis   business   ?■
w. would m\*\ (hat tl should he
not- ■ o this eoni i lion thai the retail m« ■    i ■ ii sol only responsible
I        ■ . *■," Ill.   •'.< - *<*   Mi   lo   (lUSl il ^^   IU
I so ': tfo^dv but he is
•     I -<»:••«,' .   '-    th,- law of '';»''-
ada  i<>r nhortWclxbl stnd sulistund
it ,- In put up bj manufacturers
of I ■ • m Inspection of Sric
\ * qoo In forts throughout Can*
itrtctl) aeeountable,
*%1 is it  mar sound, tins is
dri I . -•• n " j isl beeauac the re
- • - > mt Ii the eonm cting link
bctvrecn the xtanufactttrer and the
m   lor   sad   be   should   know
of bis business lo sell only
m somls behind s I   h he is pi
s m .t to r»la • ll - * ■ putation of ha
if you go ahead with an operation
thinking that plsns will unfold them«
gajroi hefon you as you go along,
pi to be confronted with
lit lattons cisffv nil to handle.
The Largest Wholesale Cake
Manufacturers in British Columbia
\VK BOLICIT the trad.' of Retailer*
Thr„   ha m '    -       '"   f'"'   '"""■    *****   ]"W
66 Lansdowne Avenue West
Phone  Fairmont   ^'9*
•lack Curie, the genial secretary
from Manitoba, hud a remarkable
adventure when away from home.
Alter the convention he went to
Beattle and on his return went with
some friends, dropping his grips ai.
tin- Association offices at Vancouver Leaving his friends' hoUXO
when all was dark and still, he remembered two th'iitfs i yes. he was
quite able to remember things), one
that In* hadn't registered at the
Hotel Vancouver, and two, that bis
grips were in a business offieo tbn*
u;ss closetl sonic seven hours o-^o."'.
Still, with that "never sav die
spirit   which   has characterized  the;
family since the battle of Ooalu>
-lush, he went to the building iu
whteh the grips were resting to find
the office locked up tight. In his
distress he tried to get some aid
from a Chinese attendant who hat-
peocd to be around and who wms
connected with the Turkish hath proposition below, which was in full
working order at that time. The
upshot was that he was beguiled into
a Bath <lc Torque and liked it so
well that he stayed there all night
and had a sleep to the bargain, and
when   be   got   out.  feeling  like  he
could conquer a few worlds with
Ireland thrown in. who should he
bump into hut the Secretary, who
naturally enquired where the young
man had been all night and then the
above all came <uit.
The High School entrance examination, 1920, of the consolidated
schools of Vancouver Island, held at
the Duncan Consolidated school re-
eenfly. was not SO inindi remarkable
lor what it was, but for what it
evoked from the branch at Duncan
of the KM.A This enterprising
body organised a luncheon to all
the entrance candidates, footing the
bill and carrying OUl all arrangements from A to Z. including, bv
the way. the printing of an attractive menu. This was a splendid bit
of enterprise and community spirit
by our very good friends at Duncan
and ll IS hoped thai other branches
will keep up the good work and good
name of the Association by doing
like thingi when oecasions arise.
Dial With CM A*lv
SftlSSrS     The, Make TWl   Off.csl Publleslon
There is one quality that produces immediate results in the way
of increased sales and that quality
is u'«»<,<l salesmanship.
Possible at $2.00 a Year. \    I l-i!
Manufacturers of the
Crown Broom Works Limited
Phone Fairmont 1148
The Famous, High (haste
 .„....■■ _ I.,,,. '" ■ .      '" ""■■■
Html   Rolled   Confection
 -ii--itij.nl > ii" -t-i-l.j-.'i i nic. sax sas ti —asxs
for the BssA Reisil Trad*
; i iktrv?
Matthews Candy factory
824 Granville ttrtXi
'.' ;Mi I
i i
* Ifl
Customer satisfaction is a necessary pre*
ludc to profitable repeal selling.
Eddy s Indurated Fit
always n-p.-at because the QUALITY thai sal
isfies is pn-seni in unstinted measure,
You will 1'iinl it advantageous to keep a
good stock of Eddy Products always on hand.
Our consumer advertising helps make even
Eddy display resuitful.
Tke E. B. Eddy Co.
The Mftuttfartu! •   I
i- ittperiiitended bj m rxpeti •>( 25
yean j'a*! ( uki  mnmifacturittg «•%
peril nee.
Every Package Guaranteed
Th** organisation al Uw 01 H  Vie
torta braiirh is in the haUils of Mi
H Hill Fsirfev, Uha ataaafer «>( the
Freight Anajuataieai Departineoi of
(D<« iir Board of the n M a sad
, provisioaa] eaairtnaa is ooos
h,r limn Mr Herbert R. Kent,
father «»f thsi admirable hooorary
■ usurer ol lata B C branch, l»«r>i
Ken!    The feaaiatioii ol t ti«- oca
- r.ui'ds j* a*.*ur«'d and OtU  weXBOOrX
Rre   dash    lidded   to   "■•      *f   <"   *"
formally x4opt«d trawi tl»«- "rgaius-i
Don * sctnail) exitttat Orx^ixsv
- .•<: -,!>>**; i* afoeeediai eerj salis-
fsetorilv    Toe  Vleloris  Board of
.... i^\ before il the s sites oi
in retail seetiou joining the local
raara   bui   »i   «*■<  oVs ided   lhal
,, i,;i*? tf»«   Hidinnluft! w r»nl • ■ - ■
vi,,  section »» S * •  : ■        '   I n»l
Hi aetlaa la * otiretj e«n**st« ol 1 -
'; a'  s*  i* »tttj*«**tMs  foi  8 I■■■■' W    ' I
., board ol trad* to I •      ■   A   -,5!>
rtffcd Hith stteh aa org 1    n*o«
11| 1 K M A of * itsaila Tin n saoi
:, oh%inu*  !«»  an*«*n«"   «• ■    : a*
il {blest haan l#dgi of 11 •  woes •
".he  t»*«  org ant rations     Tae  arors
nig thai of 1 i-iti/en. interested in
all thinn that make for the development of hi* partieular eommunity.
tin- moment, however, that a matter
amies which affects th* principles
of retail merebsndising tae board
of trade eaaaot fuuction for him
lifauw" it bus not the machinery
when with to function. For example
lake the luxury tax no board of
lr»d< ean Speak for S body of r-
laileiX 01) S matter that is national
in scope. And that is just where the
H M A of Canada comes in because
ii ha* taxi anXchinery and is officially reeognixed by the Government
as being th*- mouthpiece of the retail
bade of Canada, The individual
members ol the Victoria Board of
Trade have epparcotly reeofjnited
ll uric ol the situation and are to
) i eongi itulxted upon then- support
al   ihi   K M A    which  is  fighting
The executive body of the Drapers' Association of London, Eng.,
has sent invitations to drygoods associations of Canada and the C.S. to
make a return visit to England next
Spring.     The   British   Associations
recently returned from a tour of the
0 S. and Canada, and this is the return of the compliment and sn acknowledgment of the hospitality extended to them when on this side of
the ocean.   The tour will include all
the   chief   English   manufacturing
• entres ami cities where there are
large   retail    stores   and   drapery
establishments.   At present it is estimated that at least 25 Canadian and
50 l\s. merchants will accept the
of irs
• "i - ;.V
<-ftmmumt>   matter,  tin   relal   n ol
ih«* r*-'sd«'r i«» bi» w**t«! of iraai
n-nt  to have a branch
in Vi torix ut sn important one for
lhe B C Board for th<- reason that
jt gives il representation in the cap*
ital cits aritboal which it could not
rsvi thai its organisation was com*
I;,", in thi Pitrviuce of B.I -
v, one ret has ever lost any of
!.;> owu light bj kindling another**
S      NAVY CUT   ^
The merchant who is in the future
going to KM't aeeotnntodations at hin
hank is he who ean prepare an intelligent statement of his business
for t he Inspection of his banker.
The freest Government cannot
long endure when the tendency of
the law is to create a rapid accumulation of property in the hands of a
few, and to render the masses poor
and dependent.—-Daniel Webster.
•    *    a
The truth is always the strongest
*    a    *
Who deemeth small things beneath
his slate.
Will be too small for what is truly
•James  Russell Lowell.
The future will be just what we
make it. Our purpose will give it
character,   One's resolution is one's
prophecy.— Q, 8. Harden.
Hallo Is Obsolttt
The Use of "Hello ln »s
obsolete in proper telephone
practice. The eorrect way
to answer the telephone is to
site the name of the firm,
80 that the caller will know
Instantly who is talking it
sounds    husinostf-likc,    too.
and saves tune.
111 I
S.L. Brand Goods
U/E are carrying a complete stock ol
" Ladies', Children's and VLw?%
Ready-to-Wear. Our travellers are
now showing the Fall range. Orders
promptly filled ou all lines,
Smiths Limited
Dry Goods, Ready to-Wear and Manufacturers
136 Water St.
Vancouver. 1><
St. Francis Hotel
Directly opposite C.P.R. depot and one block
from post office, barge Writing and Lounging
Rooms. Free Storeroom for Baggage. All
Outside Rooms.   Steam Heat.   European plan,
%\ and up. Families welcome. Cafe In
J. NATION, Proprietor.
I.oliglitly Bros,Ltd.
VMS   <♦««*■*    A In?    .M|»itn   **»0
I^iiindry Machinery
-     ... J>l>"»fci     **•    ;,     ■    *■*■'
aStStt)   aa*M Hn»    S    *'
f \   J.   I    ■       t -t   | '   "    I
VAttCOl Vi S    * C
DEALERS :   »'»
ji":*^Js V"*ji tystoenrtt   *'* l1'
jj "I yr " ihrv UKsn (.5
|o  HiiMtttutr  s "ft***   '
Sfwwl   Usml mar f*!i'"
■Ol lo Imr a g**** iu'
I' inrt
"Make ll  My.-   'Chaw ll"  r>r  " Make It Run
Of make it do any r*l the things that M»ror ol o<
wcusine cnawtfxou rrrrs^snaind \\\m "aejl 1
good" kind* *ill do. Gillrii'* l.yr 11 lhe Origin
and Standard Lyr r,| Canada KrW Substitute
They are never «ati«(ariory.
Winnipeg Montreal I'll
Now I* th© Time to Patronise
Home Industry
buying   lut?--.*,v. «  pro*
- j- |S  I OU  lSf»"  0«|  «iiK   i   i
■ i 'tig oUfSSH i*s, l»nt ii; -.
'  . |   it   »    Factories fi
mil - * l*V     our
ana attaatoa sag
M**»,»*y #    *•«!     0.#*'«
*' *.«•■  ' jr    C #-» #<*•    i.s #**
Xaaf ■*   €.<•*»**>   SOSSi
SWNlt   8HSS9ftS
wmissi stsassssi
!' ■        ttl   c *■;-, * *<<»
§44 ••#«y   C M« 11*!**
n mi §•] » Has »■•'***
y»*j*'inr   SV»*•■#   **»♦■«»<   fun*-
***** ojooos maoi mh
Ramsay Bios. & Co.
Extra Virgin
tWdr*nt»ff(l Abt0iut«l<r Put*
Utit   fev   TOSt
W# M«fi rrfvjna an monijf lo 8HJ(
cunlomtr   wfio   m   net   *al»tf*sd
A. Magnano Co. Ltd.
SS ra.*U Sirnal       VAKCSUVtl, IC
i'«i%U |**m»| |%«ml I *•<' *'■■♦* <*- tVS
The uoncj ui tin- bank« belong
to the people, It linn money in loaned to soeculxtors, s/bo are thereby
enabled to buy op surplus products
bi  lo«  prices and  hold them  until
lbs people are forced by shortage
and neccexttj   and greed---to pay
exorbitant   prices,   the   banks  have
n ids  unquestioned  injustice  po*
*^"b'     It* the  iiiMiiev of the people
i loaned on long time u> merchants,
who bj Its use hold their stocks until
the people have to pay the profiteers' pnre*. it i* the same. The
bank* xoi 8X081 tO realize this.
Legitimate line* el credit should
never be restrieted, except by nccce>
**t>    Credit for productive and con-
ll furtive enterprises should  be  by
aieans provided. Bul credit that
at axed In exploiting the people who
supply the money ought to be cut
-; isrrly off
There   ar»-   always   people   who
ise legitimstc privilege,   h is not
ihlli-'uh at preaoat to locate such
mm    w    I.   Drununoad,  Agricultural Review,
In a certain store, placed in a
prominent position so that almost
every cuatoaiei1 bi oertain to see it.
i» i "Customers' Suggestion Box
A large *hp goes »nt«> every package sold,  this reading as follows:
Please make any suggestions you
think helpful and drop them in the
Suggestion Box.
TeH gs boa vie can better our service
fall ax what ere are out of and
"1Y11 n* how you think we ean improve Hie arrangement of the store.
Tell US what you consider our
weafc spots, and Hi shall try to
etrcngthen them
We would appreciate any assistance von can give us. and believe
that with your cooperation we can
make a still better store/'
Tr\ speaking I word of sympathy
and "encouragement tO your neighbour who has not been so fortunate
sj vmi bam H will make you feel
better and help him XX Well,
The Coffee
Thai lives up to its reputation for purity, wholesome-
ness and superior flavour.
You. ax the dealer, can recommend it strongly to your
The  money-bach   guarantee
is proof of its merit.
Km press Coffee is preferred
in thousands of homes for
the reason that it is 100 per
cent efficient as a beverage.
Put up by the
Manufacturing Co.. Lt ?.
Canada Food Board Licenses
14-184, 14-185, 6-733.
I. E. WllTER, LTD.
54 Water Street
Computing   Scales,   Meat
Slicers and Cheese Cutters.
Automatic Weighers.
Standard Scales.
Coffee Mills, Peanut Butter
Machines,   Meat   Choppers
and Bone Grinders.
Old Machines taken in as
part payment, and a liberal
trading allowance made.
Write for Catalogue and
Telephone Seymour 2747
ThM m-l. TK|g Official Publicaton
Ota' With Our Aitv«rt».tr.:    Th«y Mak« mil
Possible lit $2.00 a Year. 32
• •••**•»*.•...,
asses '^« y,-\>t :..*«.! •   «  *   * *
A ft ?   '■■:.   ..
STORES FOR  RK    _ ,,. .  „
mtnlmw. t    Me* *-»* «   »
*»* «■ i ■      ''
a «
■ ■.-■■   *■■,**«**■♦*■*»   |»
.ti ro» SALS  00 a*st|o   gTC
ft* I »''i«*
.*«*► a ■■•*•♦
V *#.i i-., • «
QLD Mother Nature protects her
fruits with a skin, husk,
shell or pod. Thus she
safeguards their flavour,
freshness and fragrance.
"MABOB Coffee is
by an exclusive process
which seals in all its
freshness, flavour and
fragrance. Nabob is
packed after Mother
Nature's example.
for sale
Old Established  Bakery,
f   k1 "*"!»*i    tbr*!
titmovei   ' *      "
hiores, i,,',,! location
ivpi ptiien;. nxi u i ai a
voice .  ou uer  wisnii :
Pdi. c o "11 '   Rsialnss
Stock of General Store
agsn al invoici   * •   '
fixtures. >*.>*» , ash .
or will sell • - il -'   '*'
and fistun I ' i  U fr
$2,250   month    ue   I    «
.'• .» UB I   Rel
RitccUeut Location avaital
I   -..' D' •'   San |*fo*|wr*-    I
" '     ■■ * ■      ■ 111 It     «
G<:;<r*l Slor*.
titrart »f |
I '    |Sf»gn*.  *'*      I
Uftlll -    * * '   I ■ "
S    It r   H-'>
Grocery, in v*e
• ■ i oughlsn ; stock
>i).00O; fixtnn i
02.54 0; rcitl isOa
I)  re eipts *?  - ■
r. C  Retai   •
Wa.'dcd    ».
j -j ? ■ i
J •') 3
Ml   I- I
a     It   I
Boot  and   Sine   Busvicss,   near I ssatlsa aril
Van uuver; iiock   HJtOQ   H K'    -     ■■' '  I   ■ I      »   '
$150.   Three peari     u    k i  - ...   ^ gr»s
aboil! ■*''' ''    • -"    !> -   -    :'. *
i;,.-,, -, wi hither as aswtf jhl
General Store,  ■...-•.-• I       U N* *•»«
per   nn-nth.     •■ ■ i " v*   !   '
with   apart men l   ovei   itoi        im * '  *niJ*r
,,   .    a houses, fi i M ■  -  -1    Ihil "" suashtte, wbde
side ,.,,,,_• cji j,    j-, ..   ,.    .-       '■•'■' •  at sis »»ut lhe hjfbi
000;   Iti £1,000      •..
for   w»!     •    i'T.   r <>     It    I     K
tsib •
«   l at
HOUttn Importrn tfjportm
VANcouvr* a c.
llllil 111|[f
Portal le Ovn,   ■.  Uiddleb
power w i t        •    bester  attach
ment, pulley i, belting si - *
'•,,':'i»!'-t«-. 'A -,■ together oi
separate. B12, i o B C It.-
Partnership   in   suburban   rel
grocer) Uore in Vancouver in good
residential neigbbourl I   Hu*im m
will htaud close iuvesligation    N
partner must be well up m busim
and willius lo wort    ComCc
!|V"^-   One ol  best opportunltiw
available for |4,000 Investntcnt hill
particulsrs on application,   n   n
c o "1'. i'. Retailer."
•  ■    . ind fa  go  WW -
'' all  lb*-   hme
w ill  ■       .*s  bumilmg thr*
K*: |   ibffi  * trotilde  br« "'
-Sod th«      ■' Id's sti tune,
i.ike |       in j una,
And the floods all Rttlt «»«}
G(\; *n.toa'.(>LlNt MrtN tLt
f OH   Iu i   \1 y i | % ,  >    , >•-*<
a \p r i. u   s/impi t \ . • •'  j-     r o " "•
ivtcin  rc»4'»t MdMu f/1 f'^
Deal With Our Adverti$en:    Th
ey Make Th„ OffloW Pubilcaton Pou.bl. „ |X00 n
J \m.
TROCO is a delicious, nutritious
table economy.
TROCO is the
pure fat of fresh
cocoanuts churned with pure pasteurized milk
1 KULU is made
appetizing by a
special process
which insures a
perfect standardized quality.
Insist on THIS
BRAND, don't
accept substitutes.
See that you get
COa   Ltda
T>»» service it free lo our iubs;riber»
for the purpose of locating old cottomera
and others. Send fullett information
poss-bie we *r* locating «ome every
Mlsrs,   ir»ina—Psiatsr     I sma   from
Sa»»atr»ir*an and probably |n ystv
Beatty, 0.~~lWt HOOM Jaw, S,ti*k . for
B I      O/si <5rl> Ujk a df ,t>
Uses, James D.—r*««t*nVrl> <>f Rutland,
lir. »h«*n< ty* opsrsiad i dsteXsr
for tas (krjNfsuasiii
/M'ft' 11 the woes of all classes of
people are either imsginxry, nr ire
self inflicted, or are the result <>f
sturxl or economic conditions. Few
i an be remedied by agitation, legta
latioUi or eomplxint.   Self-reliance
!« the beat armament and the beat
armour. Salvation in within us.
Bight     Nothing 80 weakens a man
or a cause as to admit that outside
is  needed    The quality of
tnrr } Rtxy not b<* sdramed, but the
rjtialttj ol eharit) ia A prop he*
mes reall) indispensable finally.
rhd rx ■ Is lo tin* strong, And the
strong become so by their own Of*
fattS     Nuto- are 80 weak that they
cannot become strong if ihey try.
Sone ar«- so strong that they wilt
not become week if tiny do not con*
liiuir 1.1 try No man has failed until
i:. gives up.
nut of Buffering comes *» serious
mind. OUt of lhe BSlvatiOU the grate*
ful heart, out of endurance, forti*
tude; out of deHveraneo, (mthv
Ttie   talent   of  SUCCCSS  i>  nothing
more than doing what you ean well.
and   doing   WOtl   whatever  you   do
without a thought of fame   ts>ag
Mr, Grocer
Fleahmann's Yeast it being
prescribed and used with splendid results as a treatment for
common  ailment*.
Your customers will apnre-
CtstS our booklet telling all
about it    Taej are free lor tie
lhe fleischmann Company
1166  Ourrard  Street
Toledo Computing Stales
(No Springs)
Special Cbartl for Grocers,
Hun her* and Coolectloners.
Hobsrt Electric Coffee state,
Meat Choppers and Hone Grinders, Herkel Improved BSCOU
Biker. Sold on Terms or Dls-
coast tor Cash,
Safoi kftni for tl r.
424 Cnraans St. W.       Vn.ct.Ter, 8.C.
, aetata- eaouxb for four adnlU   ktaae Is tUe rotojvmi itytw Macaroni,
Head*-ml.  BpSgbSttl,  \eriulcetU,
Packed 16 01. nett.   Tested Recipes on Package.
Kelly Confection Company, Ltd.
I 11
y,-.. :■ bed 189
Our Motto is "SERVICE
bat are CA s
We omot offer to .ell you good.^J^ £ ^ m
to deal with
Stands (or the Highest Grade Butter
A is our oiidcavmn t«> nn    tain tl    11
i;i ( ON
Ii \MUtM   , M, vNti
P. Burns & Company, Limited
ilh fn ab fruits
II I   *|fl|H*f
■ shinu «li ii
i *
See  C0Up0I18  FuT   I'l I'lllilUHH
the W. II. Malkin Co*Limited
\ VNCOI \ VM, I iVN'AIIA Vancouver's Most Up-to-date Flour and Feed Mill
with machinery Installed radicals) different from any other Mill in Canada.   Inaugurated to supply the highest grade of
find till < 'lassi s ol  I
' us m • nig desired m this community for Poultry
il the highest <.j tality, and has always given satisfaction to
the trade in the past.
i nine in and gt»t acuiu
r mutual benefit
Victory Flour Mills, Limited
Phonos: Seymour 3242   3243   3244
Post Toasties
The superiority of these flakes not only insures
present sale but continued popularity,
The demand is sure.      The profit is good,
The same square treatment which has built our
business will always bark the trade from jobber
to consumer.
Canadian Postum Cereal Company, Ltd . Windsor. Ont.
Posi -i
Toasties OLE(
i 1
i,      s
EVERY PRO! I >** IN Till   M VKlNti  OF  Ol
CANADIAN liOYKRXMl S I    v«^"  ' 1 loN
(ALoHl     VAl.l'l    Ol     W
f A S' H    \ \ !» M   I i; I 1 11 »i
11 ■   \   •   '   :  !       IS  I * N11
Mil   l'\ i
\ \
•  : v   ...;
! I    I
Our Swift's Premium Ole marg rim    a II    Own Harit   Will
Build for You ;i Cr> lit ible Volum<   ' B . ii tte
Swift Canadian Company, Limited


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