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 fJ2#Ujp ls&^'**&*^L<'uy���/^m.
,     ADS PAY
NO. 9.
Interviews Witli Mayor Charles &
McAnn and Others..
Justice Demands Regular Assizes for Kaslo-
Over Halt of the Business Originates Here.
it>a felony without benefit of clergy or
anything else to name a town Kushko-
nook, as a now one in Kootenay is
called. The name recalls a stanza
from an amusing poom on the Indian
names of New Brunswick, written long
ago by James Hannay, now editor of
the St. John Telegraph, if we are not
mistaken. It is as follows."
"Oh speak not oi M&gagu&davick
Or beautiful Hemaramcook,
But come where the Bkoodoowopskoosls
Flows down to thc Bkoodoowopskook."
Narrow Escape of Literals From
Before leaving last Monday for a six
weeks recreation tour to New Orleans,
Mayor Charles W. McAnn, spoke as
follows to a News representative concerning the desirability of the establishment of a county court at Kaslo.
Mayor McAnn went via Victoria where
he will stop a few days to render assistance to Kaslo's delegates to present
her wants to the legislature. The del-1
egation comprises President G. O.
Buchanun, of the Board of Trade,
Alderman J. D. Moore and Police
Magistrate Alex. Lucas, who will be
joined soon for a few days by ex-Mayor
Robert P. Green, while enroute to
Hawaii. The delegation will, among
other affairs, put forth an effort for the
establishment of a county court.
Mr. McAnn said: "I do not think
that you can quote me anyitoo strongly
with reference to the desirability and
justice of the establishment in Kaslo of
a count}- .court. In 1895, before Rossland hod a registrar's office and
all the legal work of West Kootenay waa done at Nolson, I made an
examination of the records there, and
found that 68 per cent, of the business
came from Kaslo and the Slocan. I
presented these facts to Judge Spinks
as a reason why he should hold court
here. He consented and came here
four or five times and finally refused to
return again for lack of a suitable
room in which to hold court. His sessions averaged from three to live days
here as against often but half a day at
"We should urgo at length upon the
government the necessity of a court
here with a deputy sheriff and regular
terms of assizes. The Ainsworth and
Slocan mining division should be made
a separate sub-judicial district. This
is a crying need of our eity. Its consideration is of more importance than
that of a sewerage system. I believe
a, present examination of the records
in Nelson will show at least 50 per
cent, of tbe cases as coming from Kaaio
and the Slocan country. Judge Forln
says|that he is willing to come to Kaaio
but that he wants the government to
take the initiative."
"Personally I think .the oity should
put up good buildings, when it starts,
something that it could sublet to the
provincial government for court purposes. I would be willing as a ratepayer to have additional debenture
bonds stand against my property,
sufficient to construct an $8,000 or
910,000 building. As the matter stands,
the subject will bo one of continual
reproach to the govornment until it
attends to it properly."
Knrrlster Wheallor's Vlewi.
A. Wheallor, the well known barrls-
ter.sald: "I oonsider this A vital question. We are entitled to some
consideration here ln this line in return
for the large taxes we pay. There
should be both a district registrar of
the supreme court here a^nd a county
court registrar. Both offices could be
filled by ono able man. The amount
of money and time that Kaslo litigants
spend in Nelson that ought to be kept
here is something enormous."
Attorney Martin's Views.
Attorney George E.Martin aaid: "Of
course, the saving of expense to the
Kaslo and Slocan public is the main
item. The loss of time in going to and
from Nelson is also a serious disadvantage. Among other inconveniences
may be noted that 'in case of getting
out a garnishee summons, before summons can bo obtain id from Nelson the
money sought to be garnisheed may
be all paid out."
i    i   ii ii	
������Who Said KsUhkonookT"
Victoria Colonist: "This legislature
MtbtMftto adjourn without making
The Ii*vlutlinu Gold Mining Co.
The Leviathan Gold Mining and Milling Company has an announcement of
interest to our readers elsewhere in
this issue, This company owns one of
the best and largest mineral prospects
in the Kootenay. It is an immeuse iron
capped ledge on Kaslo mountain,across
the lake. Assays have run from a
trace of gold at the surface to $10.'20
gold per ton at a depth of ten feet, with
3.8 oz. silver and 11-4 per cent copper.
A good pack trail has been built to the
property, cabins erected and active development work is in progress. Six
men are constantly employed. For
some time previous to the location of
the Leviathan group, rich float was
found along Campbell creek, about 3
miles from Kaslo, and was finally
traced to the lead which forms the
backbone of this group. The tunnel Is
now in nearly 100 feet with about 125
feet of depth. It is expected that the
ledge will be tapped within another 50
Considering that the group comprises
10 claims, the capitalization of 2,000,000
shares ls not large; and the further
fact that halt of these aro treasury
shares for development purposes
makes the project one well worth investigating. Pew companies place so
large a proportion of their shares in
treasury stock. If the early promises
of nature, with reference  to this big
prospect  are  realized,  it  will make
Kaslo another Rossland.
Cabinet Ministers Dryden and Gibson Retired.
The Conservatives Made Large
inept would do something to foster and
protect the home industry of the manufacture of lead and lead products, was
quoted as desiring to see an export
duty placed on them; when, what he
did say was that he desired to see an
import duty so placed. As Mr. Mathews has since staled to us, "Any one
reading the article careful'y would observe from the context the inconsistency and doubtless attribute It to an
error, but some reading hastily might
not observe it." We are glad to make
this correction, lt again calls attention to a very important matter which
Mr. MathewB has first called public attention to through the columns of the
B. C. News.
The Kootenaian Offers to Do it All
For Five Cents,
Kuutenay Mining  and   Protective Anh'ii.
At a reoent meeting of the Kootenay
Mining and Protective Association at
Nelson, the following officers were
chosen for the ensuing year:
Henry E. CYoaadalle, Nelson, president; Geo. W. Hughes and Scott McDonald of Sandon, vice-presidents for
Slocan mining district; J. B. McArthur
and Oliver Durant of Rossland, vice-
presidents for Rossland; Geo. L. Ratal -
lack and Geo. Alexander of Kaslo, vice-
presidents for the Ainsworth mining
division; Prank Fletcher of Nelson,
vice-president of the Nelson mining division; T. G. Proctor of Nelson, vice-
president for the Goat River mining
division; J. Roderick Robertson of Nelson, treasurer; John Keen of Kaslo,
Several suggestions concerning proponed amendments to the mineral act
were forwarded to Victoria.
Toronto, Maroh 2.���The latest returns on yesterday's elections show the
liberal government haa been sustained
by a majority of three. The figures
are 48. liberals, 43, conservatives, 1 patron and 1 independent. There is one
constituency yet to hear from.
Ottawa, Ont., Maroh 1.���The general
elections for the Ontario legislature
took place throughout the province
today, and resulted in the virtual if not
actual defeat for the liberal government, which has held power for more
than 25 years. Thet contest has been
exciting, the conservative leader, J. P.
Whitney, being a young tnan and a
new leader, while A. S. Hardy, the
premier, was the successor of Sir
Oliver Mowat, now lieutenant-governor
of Ontario.
The complexion of the house was:
liberals 53, conservatives 24. patrons of
industry 13. independents 3. The patrons have been a branch of the liberals,
so that the government has had a
majority of 30 or more votes. The returns to-night indicate a great revulsion of feeling.
In the 04 constituencies elections
took place today In 03, the other being
Two cabinet ministers havo been defeated- -John Dryden, minister of agriculture, and J.M.Gibson, commissioner
of crown lands. The result is a surprise to the supporters of the government.
The timber policy of the administration, which, is alleged, has favored
Michigan lumbermen at the expense of
Canadians, had much to do with
Premier Hardy's defeat. Toronto
returned four conservatives. The
final result <of the fight probably will
be decided at the bye elections, as the
house does not meet again until next
winter, and there sure to be many
contests in the courts.
Growth of the Flourishing Town on the
Crow's Nest Bond.
Council Endorses Appeal Tor Government Aid
From Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan
Probably as much improvement has
taken place at Moyle City, situated on
the Moyle lake at the base of the
mountain which holds the celebrated
Eugene group, Moyle groupe,and Lake
Shore group, as any place in the East
Kootenays. While all of these groups
are working, the forces are small, the
owners preferring the railroad for
shipment of ores. Several thousand
tons of lead and silver ore are on the
the dumpe awaiting shipment, while
across tbe lake on the west Bide Capt.
Sanborne and others have struck a
veirnof ore which runs higher than the
St. Eugene, although the lead is not so
wide. There are ten or fifteen other
locations on that side of the lake, all
showing more or less mineral of high
Moyle City now haB three hotels, two
general stores, drug store, blacksmith
shop, livery and feed stables, and with
the opening of spring will have a brick
plant, and now has two saw mills,
which find ready sale for all the lumber
they can cut for building a^nd railroad
purposes. Messrs. McMahon brothers
were the first to start business there,
and their trade has so increased that
they now have one of the largest mercantile Institutions in the East Kootenay.
A telephone line is now being constructed between Fort Steele and
Moyie, and will be in operation by
Maroh 15, and it Is the Intention of
this company to connect all the mining
camps with Fort Steele as fast as It Is
practicable to do so.���Fort Steele correspondence of Spokesman-Review.
New Hospital Headquarters.
Dr. J. F. B. Rogers' hospital having
outgrown its premises of the past few
months has been relocated in the handsome new Livers residence, corner of
Sth and B. The new quarters will also
be occupied by tho doctor both as a
residence and office. The Rogers hospital is a success and is especially appreciated by miners, who, when sick
or victims of accident, were formerly
compelled to move to Nelson for hospital accomodations.
The city council has held two meetings since the last issue of the News.
At an adjourned meeting held last Friday evening, the adoption of the following preamble and resolution, endorsing the request for government aid
from the Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan railway, was the principal business transacted.
It was moved by Alderman Whiteside and seconded by Alderman Archer as follows:
Whereas, The great Lardo-Duncan
mining country remains inaccessible
and undeveloped because of the lack of
transportation facilities; and
Whereas, It is directly for the welfare of this city as well as for the
whole district of Kootenay and the
province generally that the' said Lardo-Duncan railway have a provincial
and dominion charter, to construct and
operate a railway in the said mining
country; therefore, be it
Resolved, By this council, that the
provincial government be and is hereby by them, respectfully requested to
aid by way of subsidy, the said company to construct said railway by
granting to the said company the right
and privilege to locate and crown grant
a reasonable number of mineral claims
in the electoral districts, of North and
South Kootenay for each mile of railway constructed.
McConnell Will Be Carlvle's
Marriage of HIM Llndgren.
Miss Ingrie N. Llndgren, well
known !n Kaslo. {not Miss Sahr.a Lind-
gren, her sister, as erroneously stated
in a local contemporary) was married
in Seattle, Feb. 22nd, to Dr. George
Herbert Adams. The happy couple
will live in Spokane. Tho MIbbos
McLeod will succeed Miss Lindgrt n ln
the management of the dressmaking
parlors on Front street.
Victoria, March 1.���R.G. McConnell
of the geological survey has been
offered and will accept the position of
provincial mineralogist of British Columbia as successor to W. A. Carlyle.
who is soon to become the mining
manager of the Mackintosh syndicate.
Mr. McConnell is a science graduate
of McGill .university and for a long
period baa been connected with the
geological survey of Canada. His geological work has been for the last ten
or twelve years been mostly in this
province and duriug that time he has
travelled extensively over -British Columbia. He has dono field work in
Cariboo, Cassiar, Kamloops district,
East and West Kootenay, his last
three years being spent mostly in the
Kootenays. He is a man of thorough
scientific attainments and a good practical man, high principled and
thoroughly disinterested in his work.
Have  Arrived���Boy  To   Be Here
About Iflth Inst.
White Grouse Mountain Deal.
A deal is in progress whereby a
group of White Grouse mountain claims
is to be sold through Caldwell & Evans.
The property Is owned by Mrs. Jennie
Harris and S. Landecker. It will be
worked this season. Further particulars will be made publio soon.
Lead (Broker's.) Silver.
Saturday, Feb.. 26  3.80 65 1-4
Monday, Feb. 28  3.60 55 1-8
Tuesday, March 1 3.60 55 1-4
Wednesday, Maroh 2.-..., 3.60 54 1-2
Thursday, March 3  3.60 54
fTld��Y,M��roa4. 8,60    541-4
At a meeting of the Lardo-Duncan
Improvement association last Friday,
the Dominion government was memorialized to appropriate $20,000 for the
improvement of the rivers for the
coming year and spring of 1809.
The Provincial government was also
memorialized to aid the Kaslo and
Lardo-Duncan Railway Co. either by a
cash subsidy, or land grant, guaranteeing of its bonds or by granting the
privilege to locate and crown grant a
reasonable number of mineral claims
for each mile of railway constructed.
Secretary Hill was authorised to
telegraph ��� .Dominion Engineer Roy
that tho water is liable to rise at any
time in the Duncan river, that work
should therefore be begun without delay and that In tbe absence of Mr.
Gallop, Phil. McDonald be placed in
charge of the work.
Mr. Hill says that he Infers from Mr.
Roy's answer that be will be ready to
begin work In about two weeks.
The maps of theLardo-Duncan drawn
by Harold Rolph and lithographed in
Toronto have arrived and will shortly
be on sale at Lamont & Young's.
Typographical Error in the Interview
With Mr. Mathews.
In an interview with E. J. Mathews,
in last week's issue of ths News, denying the report that the Omaha-Grant
Smelting Co. was about to leave the
Kootenay, a typographical error which
escaped the attention of the. proofreader made the article read rather inconsistently. Mr. Mathews, in express'
lug th* hop* that the Dominion Parlia��
At Wednesday's session of the council Alderman Goodenough was elected
acting mayor in the absence of Mayor
A number of bills were audited, including the monthly salary roll of the
city employees.
The following communications were
From the Excelsior Wooden Pipe Co.
of Sau Francisco, asking for a testimonial for its pipe laid for the city.
From the civic commission of Slocan
City requesting the co-operation of the
city council of Kaslo to oppose an effort being made to obtain the rights to
all streams in East and West Kootenay
for a monopoly by a private corporation. The letter was tabled and the
clerk ordered to write for further particulars.
From the water commissioner, his
monthly report showing $300 collected
for February.   Tabled.
From the News Publishing Co. of
Kaslo, offering to do the oity printing
for 40 por cent of B. C. Gazette rates.
From the Kootenaian offering to do
tho same for the sura total of live
These tenders wero referred to the
finance committee to report on at next
From ohlef of Polite Adams recommending the establishment of a publio
pound, corner of 5th st. and A ave. and
appointing Walker Beatty pound keop-
er. The recommendation was ratified.
There are ISO   of Them   Registered In
British Columbia.
By an inspection of B. C. Gagntte
files to date, tt is noted tbat there are
150 extra provincial companies so far
registered fn British-Columbia. They
are from the United States, England,
South Africa, Australia and outside
provinces of Canada.
Another Surveying Party WIU Start Prom
Read the Neat and then wbtcribe.
N. D. Miller, C. N.Miller, G. Keefer
and H. Nation are superintending the
extension of the Great Northern from
Bonner's Ferry to the boundary line,
says the Nelson Tribune. Mr. -Nation
is the son of the financial backer of
the Nelson & Bedlington railway. Tbe
proposed line joins the Great Northern
near the depot at Bonner's Ferry $cd
crosses the Kootenay river below the
old landing. It then skirts the foothills above high watermark. Another
survey gang will be put on from this
end and two or three lines run, from
wbloh-a definite grade will be selected. A HUMAN ALPHABET.
Writer In the Strand Magaslne Tell*
How This JiiiccnioiiH mid l-witccttiiii-
iiiK Fcut May Be Ai-coinpliHlicc! -
Kcnlenccn Muy AIno Be .Made.
How It Ih Done.
The Idea ot building up each letter of
the alphabet unci each figure from 1 to
u out of the bodies of men is certainly
mi absolutely unique notions Mr. Wm.
ti. Fttcgerald tells how life accomplished this in an Interesting article In tlie
Strand Magazine. From this article
We ciuote:
All kinds of tlittleiilties sliinil in the
way of the successful accomplishment
of the Idea; nnd even when the very
last figure w:ts built up and photo-
graphed by our nrtlst, there came the
fear tlmt, after nil. tiie letters might
Opt sialic) the tesl of continuity would
not spell words when used its type.
"Wo were extremely fortunate ill our
choice of 'material.' We selected the
most Intelligent and original trio to be
'found on the variety stiiue. These K����n-
Uetnen are known ns the Three Dele-
vines,' timl in the ordinary way they
no through it ��� i mi i in entertainments
whieh they cull 'Satanic Gambols.' it
will be seen thnt. (throughout tlie whole
of tlie alphabet nud figures, the Dele-
vines retain their diabolical uniform.
"We found them Ideal men for ihe
purpOsW���splendidly formed, highly
intelligent, and full of helpful hints.
Now, :ts to the method of obtaining the
photographs. The letters ami figures
were built up separately and photographed iu ;i special slucllo lu the beiitt-
tlfnl lown of Plymouth, We give a few
specimen letters reproduced on a large
"Tlie .\ is remarkably simple, it
would form tin excellent deslKii for n
Christmas cttrd, with seasonable greetings printed below. The men merely
form   an  Isosceles triangle, with the
floor for a base and llielr heads for the
apex. The OTOSSiplaOO Is simply formed
by the men Shaking huiids. und, as It
ware, whispering Christinas greeting.
It Is Messrs. Harry und Sum IMevinc
���who form this letter,
The K. which Is the next to be reproduced lnrge us u Specimen letter. Is
elaborate nnd strenuous,    Few  will
doubt its claim to Ingenuity. Mr. Percy
Deleviiie may be called the backbone
of the letter; lie Is the tflllct��t of the
three, nnd therefore win be frequent
ly found doing duly In n similar capacity. Sum I* creeping between Uls legs;
ami Ham's own shapely tiieinls'i-a form
thelowex out-stroke of Uie lot��er. When
this wn ��� dono, Hurry climbed upon
Percy's shoulders und extended him
self down Uls back; then stretching out
his own leg. and arms In the way
shown, the letter wn* triumphantly
completed. It Is rather u pity thnt Mr.
Harry Oolevin.'a body is so prominent,
thereby ma King the, upper part of tbe
letter unduly thick. But what would
you? It was quite unavoidable. Be-
inuuiber the 'bricks' out of whlcb we
built our letters are huiuutt beings, and
occasionally   a   troublesome body or
limb was very difficult, indeed, If not
Impossible, to get rid of,
"The tetter K, which is next seen, is i
beautifully sharp unci clear-cut.    Mr.I
Percy Hevine is again the shank, while
Sum ls kneeling behind hint In nn attitude of touching devotion, Harry is
kneeling on Barn's shoulders, ami inclining himself buck at a perilous
'Poor Sum Is looking townrd our artist, an<l protesting in a choked voice
that 'he can ouly stand li a moment or
two longer.'
"The letter M, which is next shows.
is a particularly Que specimen. This
ilitie wc. wnnt the lull man in the middle,   it whs rather an onerous position,
but   Percy  said  he  could  do  il  ou  his
head; and he did. On the left-baud side
Harry Delevlne is k-cu. wearing a
qulMtioal expression. Tiie right-hand
support is Ids lirother Sum. Notice how
'ii* feet of the oliter men add tO 'I'*'
appearattce of the letter���a capital one
In two senses. Tlie ii ii fort una I e Percy
was obliged to remain upside down for
Ml. lectsl some twelve seconds.    Alinosl
("nils,  of  Chicago.   I"  ��   Unique   Reminder uf Oilier liny*.
Judge Gary, of Chicago, the trial
Judge 111 the second l.uetgert trial, Is
one of the few remaining Judges of
other times. Personally and Judicially
lie Is unique. In spite Of his years
Judge Hary Is alert physically nnd
mentally. His wit is quick nnd appropriate. When It is a part of u ruling or
a decision It docs noi Conflict with the
dignity of his office. A mini of few-
words, brusque in manner often, avoiding the public, seeking no upplntiso. literally walking unfrequented streets
when lie can, he is iu his home life a
lovable character���kind, sympathetic,
approachable, responsive.
lie likes to live as he did iu his earlier days. He and his wife constitute
the home now. There is an ugly dog.
shaggy and noisy at limes, which is
connected with the house. When his
sedate muster returns from the bench
this ugly looking dog goes out to meet
him, and if the weather is not linpi'O-
pltious the two stroll together. Long
ago, before there was such a convenience as a milk cart, Mr. Gary, before he
could ufford domestics, went to the
house of an old woman several blocks
distant, and purchased milk for   his
house.    This old habit Is continued.
lie has Im'I'U on thc bench nearly forty years. He is a natural Jurist. Hud
he ever Intimated such a desire, he
would huve gone lo the highest Judiciary of Ihe Si.lie. His present place
und several re-elect ions thereto, are
dut to the bar of the city and county ns
well ns Ills friends. He never mude n
politletil speech; he never sought a vote;
he never paid a political assessment;
simultaneously with the snap of the
camera a groan burst from the Interior
anatomy of our M. nud Mr. Perry Dei
evine righted himself, looking perfectly
purple in tlie fucc.
"The next Letter reproduced huge Is
P. which Is nl once simple and cfl'ce
live. Percy is ugain Ihc long stroke,
and he is holding Harry at his back iu
order to form tin. loop of the letters ll
wuss perfectly 'marvelous, by the way.
how still thM0 gallant followi- kept.
even under ihe most trying ciri-uni-
���tnuces. Like a pair of Greek wics-
tlers. Sam and Harry form ihe greater
purl of the letter Q, Which is next seen.
In order to Complete the circle with human material. Percy has extended
himself from one pair of legs lo another; nnd to form the tail of the letter he
thrust his own leg out of the circle in u
perfectly delightful manner."
Mr, Flly.geralil goes on lo show each
letter   ot   the nlpluiliot nml tbe ten
I he was never a political candldale. As
a judge he is revered.    Men who are
I not honest fear hliu.    Lawyers who arc
; tricky avoid hlm. Pew of Ids decisions
have been reversed.    When   Justice
j Ilai'lnn, of Hie I'nlted Stales Supreme
Bench, holds court in Chicago lie likes
to have Judge Gary dine with him as
often as he will. When Olilef Justice
Fuller visits his old home he usually
visits Judge liary. When the Bar Association of Cook County has Its nn-
nitnl banquet Judge linry hns the seat
nf honor.
Few criminal  trials In this country
'��� credited more Interest thnn that of the
i nnnrchlsts.      Judge    Gary    presided.
! There were Judges In Cook County who
shirked the responsibility. Public
feeling wns at high tension. Men walk-
; ed Ihe streets ami well! 10 and from
their business armed. Judge liary was
threatened nnd warned. A guard was
offered hlm. but he refused It Indignantly. A detective was detailed to follow
hlm. lie detected the detlctlve nml
ordered him away. He was tlie one
mun In the town who seemed to be
KnHlor tbun the Old Way
The inconveniences of   learning to
ride a  bicycle an- considerably   mitigated by Ihe use of un iippuratits now
adopted  by  severul   riding schools  in
primary nil mentis, as well us SDUtoncea
and mottoes made up from them. The
whole thing Is most Ingenious nnd en-
A Curious  Request.
The conditions attached to bequest*
of money arc often curious. .Vn Inter j
est ing Illustration of tills Is nfTordccJ ���
by an annual custom which takes |
place lu one of the cemeteries of New-
eastle-on-Tyne. Some years ago a gentleman left a sum of money for the ne
llpf of the rates on condition that cor'
tain members of the corporation should
every year place a wreath of flowers
ou hts tomb. So, annually, us the nn-
uiverssry of Ills death comes round,
the mayor and other members of the
corporation attend and hung a Wreath
on the granite obelisk which murks his
resting place. Thus his memory la
kept green among his fellow-citiaeiis.
-Uoldeii Penny.
Germany. A miniature railway runs
round the school about- twelve feet
from the ground, and from this nre
suspended several straps, each one of
which Is buckled to a machine, in this
way keeping It upright.
Paris Cabs.
A dtl/.on just returned from Paris
describes a very ingenious device thnt
hns been adopted, there for use tn cabs.
It is a register that Indicates tbe exact
distance automatically the cab travels
on a trip, and tit the end displays the
amount of the lejwl fare for that distance, foi- the information of the passenger.
Tho Lcssstk
The lasso Is of grent antiquity. It is
snid lo be depleted ln the ruins of Nineveh. An enrly Persian manuscript,
preserved In the Kscurlal, shows a
sportsman (whom 1 suppose roynl by
his Olympian expression nnd careless
seat) in Hie act ot catching a wild ass
with a nicely plnlted lnsso. The monarch bestrides a rather "stooky"-look-
Ing, dnrk-eolored horse, with four
white feot nnd a white face. A bow,
quiver, and a saber are hung from
bis saddle, ami a sort of housing'half
covers the horse. How the wild ass Is
to be restrained, even by the hand of
a monarch. Is not at tlrst sight evident,
for the lasscr Is neither fixed to the
saddle, sifter the fashion of the
gauchot, nor Is a half-turn taken round
the pommel, in the style adopted by
vaqtieros In Mexico and Texas. Apart
from this detail all is as realistically
set forth ns It would be to-day In a
photograph. The horse bears nwny
from the lienst lnssoed, and the King
sits a little to one side, exactly us a
Texan cowboy or nn Argentine gaucho
sits under slmlhir circumstances. Irises
and Narcissi spring up under the
horse's feet, and an applauding group
of angels peep out of a cloud, while iu
the middle distance another Persian
gaucho shoots nn antelope with an arrow while galloping at full speed.
The Laplanders are snid to lnsso their
reindeer, unci the Tartars and modern
Australians use a rudimentary lnsso
fixed to n long pole in order to ctiteli
wild or refractory horses. The Poles,
Croatians, and Wallaehians. with the
Hungarians, seem to have used the
lasso till about tlie beginning of the
present century. A-pleture by Hie Herman artis-t Hichler shows Polish remounts for the German cavalry being
lassoed in the /.winger at Dresden.
The horses look as wild as a Texan
"broncho" or an Argentine "gagual."
ami tlie attitude of men unci nniimils.
and the way the ropes nre colled und
thrown, nre identical with those 'adopted in Spanish America to-day. The
lnsso appears to run through a ring In
the pommel of the saddle, it li, however, In (Spanish-America where the art
hns boen most developed. This Is on
account of the open country und the
vast numbers Of Wild and semi-wild
horses which Up to the middle of the
present century overspread Its plains.
- Badminton Maga/.lne.
ilovernot '.cneral Karl nf Aberdeen
Premier Sir Wlltrccl 1-tturter
Memlier nl the House ol Commons, linnvinlim
Parliament, for West Kontennv 	
   Hewitt Bostoek
Ment-aovernor non.T. Et. Melnnei
Premier Hon. .1. II. Turner
Attorney neneriil lion.  D. M  Klicrts
Com. of Lunelle mid Works.     Heme;. II. Mnrtln
Minlmer ul Mines nml Education	
 Hon. .las. Maker
Provincial Mineralogist Wm. A. Carl vie
Member* nl legislative Assembly lor Went
North Hiding J. M  -.ellle
South Riding |, |.\ Hume
Mayor c hns. W. McAnn
Aldermen���A. W. tin<i-tcnniigh. F. K. Archer,
.1. ll. Mnore. li. Hartin, D. Vs. Meieire, Geo. \\.
��� I'Ity clerk
Police Magistrate	
I I'lly Mariehnl	
t Assistant	
1 Anettteir	
| Assessor	
Water I'diimlHsieiner
; Health Ollle-er.
, E. E. chipman
... Alex l.lle-as
,.M. V. Adams
....W.J.. Milne
��'. I). McKcn/le
��� S. H. cireen
 S. P. Tuck
...K. A. cockle
Dr. I. I-'. II. lingers
lirinlsioi. nnd HtnokliiK Seem to be c.
l.i nileiiK Occupation.
"Havana is the one place where the
chief occupation of the Inhabitants
seems to consist of tippling." sulci William Ryan, tlie well-known Virginia
journalist, tit the Metropolitan.
������it Is the drinker's paradise, nnd
also the smoker's, for lu these two habits everybody Indulges with a freedom
1 never saw elsewhere. People get up
ra then early iu tbo Cuban capital to enjoy the cool morning air, and scarcely
lake anything except a coffee and roll
before breakfasting at 11 a. in. Before
that period the regulation amount of
tipple for u Cuban gentleman ls six gin
coektulls. Thus fOrtlfled he can make
out  till  the tirst  meal of the day, at
which ii is ilu- proper aud customary
net to drink a bottle of claret and likewise a bottle of champagnes The latter costs Just us much, loo, lei It not
escape your mind, as lt does in the
United state's.
"Now, having breakfasted, our friend
is getting ready for the serious business
of ihe day -ihc consumption of olher
spirituous drinks.   His fancy turns to
brandy and soela ul this sluge. nml ere
the dinner hour arrives he must have
swallowed no less thnn six b, nud s's:
nt least lie is shy of the requisite quota
unless that many have' followed the gin
coektulls. There Is no limit,. though,
nt the linlf-dov.eii stullou. but It Is te-
tegardedasu minimum. Dinner,comes
on, ami with It another bottle of claret
and ditto champagne, Just us at breakfasts In the evening there Is uo regular program, but mixed drinks are Indulged lu ml libitum. I will say. Incidentally. Unit payments for nil drinks
tire on a cash basis.
"This Is no fancy description, but Is
just what the average Individual cuinui
will regale himself with In twenly-feuii
hours. With it all. It Is the rarest thing
In the world to see anyone Inloxlciitcd.
Tlie only drunken mnn l saw down
there was an American. Am fur ns the
drinking goes nobody In Havana considers Hint the custom of the island In
this respect Is tit all to be criticised us
excessive. The climate Is sueb thai
men citn stand a vast amount of drinking without uppui'ciit Injury."- Washington Post.
City e-nutee-ll meets every Thnrselay evening
! at the city hall.   Ith street, tehveen front St.
anil A avenue.
i chief Hugh P. Fletcher
j First Deputy e-hief Cienrge llelel
Second Deputy chlel lohn idllls
I Third Deputy Ohio) cieo. Whiteside
Secretary \re-hle Morris
Treasurer Clus Adams
Mining Kci-nreier and Assessor-Tax Collector
 lohn   Keen
Cnllector nf Custnins .1. K. Mcintosh
Schnnl Trustees- August  Carney. .1. D. Monre.
!(..(!,  line hniiiiii     Principal -Prnf. .las. Illsleip.
|    lieneral  delivery  open  dally (Sundays ex-
. eepted) Irom H a. m. until-? p. in.   Uililiy open
, from 7 a. ni. tn l*::tll p. m.
Malls for despatch closed as follows:   For
��� nil pnrls nl the world every   evening except
I Saturday and Sunday, at 9,'p, m.
Malls arrive from   Pnlteit Slates  mid   lake
points dnilv except Bunday. nt H:IU1 p. in.
From C. P. K. points nml  Slncnn  points, ar
rive daily except Sunday, at 4:1X1 p.m.
Keglstration nlllce open... 8:110 h. iii., 11:30 p. m.
Money order office and Postnttlce Savings flank.
open U a. ni. to .".p. in.
S. H. lillKKX. Post master.
mktiioiiist Church���cor, c. ami sth si.  iu-
I vine services every Sunday at 11 a. m. and
j 7:30 p. ni. Sunday st-hnnl at _-.:hi. Strangers
i    always sielcniue.
c. Ain.T Pkimisikh, m. a., Pastor.
I I'iikshytkrian ciiimiii   Corner -Ith street and
ll avenue,   services every Sunday nl 11 a. m.
and 7::lll p. in. Sunday schnnl anil'ltllile class,
'    2:80 p.m.   Prayer meeting Wednesday even
I    Ing at 8 o'clock,   Free seats: strangers aud
other* heartily welcome.
Kkv. .Iamks N.ukn. Minister.
! CiU'itiit of KNcn.ANn- Southwest corner oil'
j    avenue ami rah street,   Services every Sunday nl 11 a. m. and 7::!U p. tn.   All nre i-nrdlal-
ly Invited. lir.v. c. F. Vatkh.
Missismer In Charge.
Baptist chobcii- Services will beheld in the
schnnl hemsc every l.nro's day. Morning scr
viceu. Il o'clock! Bunday se-hnnl and pnstnr's
llttite c'nss tnimedlntely niter ninniing service: evening servle-ee, 7:in. All are cordially
I    Invited to attend.
Kkv. II. C, Nkwi eiMiiK, Pastor.
; C.iriieii.ie Ciitucii   corner C. avenue uml nth
!    si.   Nn rcgulnr pnstnr ut present.   Occasional
!    service* by sj-ee-ial uttnniiuc-ctiicnt.
.Masons   Kaslo lodge  Nn. 35, A. F. and A.M.,
meets llrst  Mnnday lu every month ut Ma
1    snnie hall over (ireen   Urns.' store.    Visiting
timthers cordially Invited to attend.
ll.lMH.Tn.N   IIYKIUS, s\ . M. i
; E. K. Cmi'MAN, Sei'tetary.
I MaminiiCiiaitkh Knotenav Chapter,ll. A. M.
holds regular convocations on the scenml
Tuesday eif each munth in Mnsntdc Hull,
Knslo. ' Visiting coiniianioiin uiccordlallv in-
I    vlted. I-.. F- Cmi'MAN, /..
| ClIAS. TllCMIU'l.l.. SlTillC K.
j Macc abkes Slncnn Tent No. B, Knights nf the
Mae-caliees, meets see-nnil nnd lasl Thurseiuys
of each liiunth at Livingston's hall, Kast'n.
Visiting Knighls cordially Invited"
1 Mosr Hot.LANii, W, A. Davies,
Keeper nl Records. Coininuniler.
��� FintKsTKits. -Court Knslo Ko,8887, lnelcpeuelent
i it-.ier nt' Foresters.   Meets :M and -Uh Fridays
'    of each innnlh in Livlngslnnc's Hall.   Vlall-
1    ing brethren are cordially Invited.
i Noiiman MciNTcs.ii, W. It. SnUTnSBX,
Kee-nrellug Secretary. Chlel Hanger.
Physician and Surgeon.
One io tho Tullor.
When Poole, tlir fatuous tailor, was
au old I1K411 he was at ltrlKlilon on a
vacation, mid olio afternoon went out
to walk upon the plot'. A yemiiK man
was nlso Himn the pier with n couple
of Indies, to whom lie said, ns he saw
Poole coming:
".Now, you wouldn't Into tlint rood-
looking mun for a tailor, but he ls.
.lust listen while 1 take hlm down n
notch or two. I'll tell blm my coat,
which 1 luive just hud from hlm, doesn't
As he spoke Poole sppronohed .ind politely acknowledged the snlutntlou of
his customer, who, walking up to hlm,
snid: "Here, Poole, now do take a look
ut me.   Does, this coat fltV"
Poole tcHik tn the Situation. "It eer-
talnly does not tit," said he, nud pulling
out n piece of French chalk lie proceed
ed liberally to mark nud cross the coat
nil over, nnd then observed, with the
Utmost urbanity: "Now, if you will
kindly send tlmt coat to my shop the
alterations shall be attended to.*'���Tld
i Uncinate Trinity I 'diversity, Toronto, Out.,
> Me-inlici nf college ol Physicians and Surgeons,
Licentiate of tho li. ('. Council, late ni Nev
! York llnspllalic and Polyclinic. Hartin bulld-
| lug. Kaslo, It. C.
Notary Public,
Arbitrator. Assignee
Conveyancing, Etc
liver I.uinciut & Young's Hook Store. J
Jeweler und Optician,
Reco Avenue, Bandon, B. C.
Mrs* J. S�� Johnstone...
Embroidery and
Mantua Making.
*'lKH'r-Cr.AHB WOKK.
A Avenue, west of Pacific Hotel,
The vnluntlon of Milwaukee hns increased In ten years from $88,!)72.1Hfl
to $144,��N..42.ri. or (12 per cent. The
bonded debt has Increased from $2,-
734.000 to tH.38.,200, or 13U per csnt
t_P_TKcw Nickel Tubs.   Tickets good
HOTKI.S    ANI)    1IKST.II  li VMS.
V Central Hotel.
_Front_ats Knsiu.
New   lluilellng nml   Newly   l-'iirnlshed
Clever   DelemloiiH   Once    I'ructlccd   by
Alexander   Herriiiaiin.
There nre four little tricks which nre
wild to hnve originated with the late
Alexander Ilcrrniun. unci which for
awhile buttled those who saw thcni per-
lilriiicd l��y hlm. Indeed, they continue
to be baffling, for their secret Is sleight
of band oa well aa knowledge.
The easiest of them is tbe putting of
a  bird in Its cage hy an optical tlclu-
twlrls the card by pieces of String, and
Ihe delighted audience sees two photographs side by side, one of tlie Voting
mau unci tins other of u pretty young
woman. Of course, the young woman's
picture  wus   mounted  ou   tlie  reverse
slon. Take a round piece of pasteboard
and on one side of it draw u canary
bird. If you Cannot draw you can cut
n small bird out of i picture and paste.
It on Ihe curd. (In the other side of tlie
pasteboard draw a cage.
When you show this curd to the uu-
dlence show them the side of the caret
only upon wbicb Ihe cage Is drawn, yet.
do it In such a way flint they imagine
Ihey have seen both sides of the pn'Ste-
Tie ti piece of thread through opposite sides of the curd and twirl rapidly
before tlie eyes of your audience.   The
THE Illllli IN ITS I'Al.I.
bird nnd the cage will move so rapidly
that the audience will see n bird In its
cage Where before they stiw au empty
The simple trick of putting a needle
through u nickel can be done without
private rehearsal. Take a cork and
run n needle through it, leaving the
point flush with the cork. Now place a
nickel between two blocks of wood, pul
the cork upou It and give the top ti
sharp blow with a hammer. Wheu you
have pulled the cork off the ueedlc the
point of the needle will be found to
have  penetrated  the  nickel.   This  Is
most successfully accomplished by Ink
Ing a masked nickel from anyone iu
the company.
Disappear nud return n minute later
with the needle driven through the
The very attractive feat of causing n
table to move can be done by means of
a thread attached to the trousers leg of
the skillful operator. Lot the thread
tie caught also around the leg of the
During the evening, as the conversation turns upon peculiar phenomena,
the subject of table tipping con be Introduced, 'rtie wily operaton, slating
by a table, suggests that lie can make
tbe lirlite move. Alt are anxious to see
him do It. He begins by nibbing the
lop smartly with u silk handkerchief
to generate the electricity. Then he
makes peculiar passes over It, and
tlnally, stepping backward, he commands it to follow hlm. Needless to
say, It obeys him, walking faster or
slower, according to hia demand. If
���tfis la practiced upon a dark floor with
b slender blaok silk thread the deception Is perfect.
Tbe bird cage delusion suggests another often practiced. A young man ln
the audience tells a story about going
to a photographer to get his picture
taken. He shows the card, a circular
piece of board with his picture upon tt.
li la mounted a little to one side, but
that makes no   difference.   He   now
side of Ihe curd, bill wheu twirled rapidly they seemed to be side by side.
These little tricks tire enough to
amuse a parlor full of people, and
when you have done your share of the
entertainment you can step aside for
the next one to take your place.
An  Kxtruordlnnry   Kxainple  of   Outward lleuuty and Inward Filth.
"Kor a nioiitV siiys Miss Lilian Bell,
writing of Paris-one of her bright letters of travel���In the Ladles' Home
Journal. "1 have lieen In this city of
limited republicanism; this cxtt-uorcllii.
ury example of outward lieauty and
Inward tincleanness: this bewildering
cosmivpolis of cheap luxuries nnd expensive necessities; tills curious city of
contradictious, where you might, eat
your brcnkfiis' from the streets���they
are so clean���but where you must close
your eyes to the spectacles of the curb-
stout*; thla Iseatit.lful, whlted sepulchre,
where exists the unwritten law. 'Commit any offense you will, provided you
submerge It In poetry and flowers;' this
c.\poii��.iu of outward observances,
whore a gentleman will deliberately
push you Into the street If he wishes to
puss you ln a c;ixvwd, bnt where his action Is condoned by lilt* inexpressible
manner of raising his hat to you, and
the heartfelt sincerity of his upology;
whore one simi. will run a mile to restore ti lost franc, but If you ask him to
change n gold piece he will steal Ave;
where your eyes nre ravished with the
beauty, and the greenness, and the
smoothness und apparent esse of living
of all Its Inhabitants: where your mind
Is MIchI with the picture's, the music,
ihe art, the general atmosphere of culture and wit: where the cooking is so
good but so elusive, and where the
sihops are so bewitching that you have
spent yecmr last dollar without thinking,
and yon are obliged to cable for a new
letter of treilit from home before you
know i'i   1*1* Ih Pads."
Uses CtUy Kagllah.
The klug of tcTrecce, wtnyi conversing with Uie members of his family.
never employs any lsit Hie Kngllsh
language. He seldom speaks French,
wid ouly uses Oreek when compelled
to do so.
More men are locked  iaji for safekeeping than for safe-breaking.
Daughter  of    a   Revolutionary   Hero
und Widow of u Veterun of 1812.
Mary Forbes Cobb, of New London,
Intl.. enjoys the distinction of being the
daughter of a revolutionary soldier and
the widow of it veteran of the wur of
1S1_. She was born ln Frankfort, Ky.,
.Inn. 11, 1808. Her father was an offl-
cer in the revolutionary war, serving
tive years with distinction anil being
several times wounded In buttle.
Mrs. Cobb's father wns Capt. Daniel
(iuno, whose father and four brothers
also served their country faithfully nnd
well nt thut critical period. The senior
sSiiember of this lighting family, John
(Juno, was chaplain of Washington's
favorite company of archers.
Mrs. Cobb's llrst husband, Louis II.
Bryan, the great-graudfather of William Jennings Itryuu, whom she married in 1820 In Clnrk County, Ky., wns
a widower, a veteran of the war of
181". The elder Bryan, was a private
soldier lu n company of Kentucky militia mustered by Capt. Isaac Ciiiinlng-
iinin. Louis H. Bryan died in 1884, and
n few years later the widow was married to Rllslm Cobb, who died In IM4.
Mrs. Cobb's last widowhood has extended over a period of fifty-four years.
Mrs. Cobb has lived In the times of
all  the  Presidents since  Washington.
Her Kentucky home wus near the Henry Clay homestead, and she was well
acquainted with the grent commoner.
She distinctly remembers the visits of
De Kalb and ..afayette to America.
She ls the mother of eleven children,
five by her llrst marriage nnd six by
her second.
Unique Celebration.
A highly-esteemed midwife at Slolfe.
In Oermauy.celebrated lately a singular
feawt. She had just assisted nt the
birth of her U,000th child to whom she
had given services, and, in honor ot
that event, she Invited all the children
whom she bad helped to come Into the
world to her country house to purtuko
ot a banquet. Very many Wg nnd Ill-
tie children accepted the Invitation,
passing a pleasMt afternoon. WlicA
they left -In the evening they iniicle a
torchlight procession past their bene-
factor's house, and then took the train
to Berlin.���Iiloyd's Isondon Weekly.
Sunday, the only day we have lo loaf
around In our angel clothes, is always
cool enough for an overcoat.
A resident of Salem, Ore., has Invented a traction sleigh which is intended for
nse on the Chilkoot pes*, between Dyea and the lakes, lt carries a gasoline engine,
mounted en a franewWP'ef wrought steel runners curved at both ends. Thc engine works ��� drum, aroutad which is colled 300 feet of %-inch steel cable.
The cable, which weighs Up ppuMs, Is carried ahead ax it unwinds, and is made
fast to a rock, tee* or auy other mttural projection. Tho winding of the cable
ardwicMhc drain by tl^.gasoKne eagine'oraws the sled, with u train of freight-
laden sleds attached to it, to the pora! Ahead. The sled Is expected lo average four
miles a day. It consumes six gallons ot gasoline a day aud teu gallons of water.
The sled is to be ahSgped from San Firnncisco, where it was made, to Seattle by
When a woman runs ii Is n menn
mun who will use his camera.���Somer-
vliie Journals
She���"Why Is it called tho 'silver
moon?' " Ho���"Because it comes ln
halves and quarters, I suppose."��� Chicago News.
Doubtful.���Spendley���"Well, If my |
money should go. dearest, you'd still
have me!" Mrs. Spendley���"Ddn't you
be too sure about that!"���Puck.
Walter "Diel Uncle Jack see Santa
Clans last night V" Carolyn���"I guess
so. They say he saw almost everything one could Imagine."���Yellow
What Kept Him.- "What kept you ln
the South so long'/" "1 was trying to
negotiate a raise." "What, money?"
"No, quarantine."���Cleveland Plain
"He told me to get off the earth.
AY hat do you suppose he meant'!" "He
seemed to think that you needed a
bath, evidently."-Louisville Courier-
"You may fetter my body," he shouted, "but my mind will wear no chain!"
In other words, the wheal In his head
was of the '1)8 pattern.���Indianapolis
Sloper (ns Miss Kastlakc, his intended, finishes a solo)���"What a voicel"
Duncan twho has been rejected by Miss
Kastlakel���"Yes, what a voice!"���Harlem Life.
Matilda���"Have you spoken to papa?"
Bertie���"Yes; I asked blm through the
telephone and he answers: i dou't
know who you are, biit it's all right.' "
���Pick -Me-Up.
Itaggs���"Say, do you believe that
story of the goose laying the golden
egg?" Jaggs���"Well, lt would be just
like a goose to do such a foolish thiug."
���Chicago News.
Not Necessarily.-Waller���"So Bilker
rents that forty-dollnr-a-mouth house
of yours, does he? He pays too much
rent." Landlord tslghlngi���"You don't
know hlm."���Puck.
A north of England paper says: "We
have adopted the eight-hour system lu
this otflee. We commence work at t<
o'clock In the morning and close at tl
Iu tbe evening."���Tlt-Blts.
"She has a great deal of curiosity,"
remarked Willie Wlshlngton. "Yen,"
replied Miss Cayenne; "it Is something
extraordinary. She even opens some
of the faney-eovored magazines to see
what is inside!"���Washington Star.
Mrs. (}.���"My dear, when will you
learn lo take your hat off In the elevator when your are with me?" Mr. (��.���
"When you learn to take yours off lu
the theater when you an; with me, my
dear."���Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
"Is he a novelist?" asked one young
woman, as she picked up a photograph.
"No, Indeed," replied the other, with
enthusiasm. "He's no novelist; he's
a story writer. You can understand
nnd enjoy everything he does."���.Washington Star. i
"I am told," remarked Miss Cayenne,
"thnt you said some very clever things
last evening." "Yes," replied Willie
Wishlngton: "lt Is very discouraging."
"What ls?" "The surprised manner la
which everybody ls talking about it,"���
Washington Star.
X Slight Inversion.���'There Is some
mistake," said the returned Klondlker,
as he crawled from the box car, "about
the fabulous amount of gold In Alaska,
As to there being an amount of fabulous gold���well, that Is different."���Cincinnati Hnqulrer.
"Have you completed your plan for
hastening the business of the I'nlted
Slates Senate?" "Partly," replied the
newly elected Senator. "I have prepared a speech on the subject which
It will take me three days to deliver."-
Washington Star.
Bill Yale���"That man Williams never
.lost bis head In a foot-ball game yet,
did her' Jim Cornell "No. I think
not. He's lost an ear, part of his nose,
eight teeth���but I do not remember
ever hearing of hlm losing hia head."���
Yonkers Statesman.
BUI���"Where've you been?" J1U-
"Down to the doctor's." "I'll bet he
told you to go South." "No, I didn't
go to consult htm'. I went to collect n
bill." "Oh, well, In that case It was
probably not the South where he told
you to go."���Yonkers Statesman.
Uncle George���"So you think Mr.
Caxton ls a literary mau?" Carrie���
"Oh, I'm sure of tt. When he wants
to find anything In a book he wastes
half an hour hunting for It before he
thinks to look at tbe Index."���Boston
Kitchen Chat.���"Ever notice," asked
the stove, "what a modest creature the
clock is?" ".Referring, I presume,"
said the wood-box, to her holding her
bands before her .face?" "Why, no,
not so much tbat as to her habit of
running herself down."���Indianapolis
A First-(ittwH p r in ('nnnei-tini
Kaslo, B. C
.Ratos $1 00 and Upwards.
ADAMS BROS., Proprietors.
Sole agents for Pabst Beer, Milwaukee,
Hotel and
Good  rooms and good living.    Restaurant in charge of Oscar Monson.
Front (Street,       -       -     KASLO, B. 0,
Silver Bell
Fourth Street,       -      -       Kaslo, B, 0
By Johnston Bros.
Open Day and night ...
Everything first-class.
Meals from 25 cents Upwards.
.__ ���!���_���_-�� .a. -..���������>��� .*���__������.a a a ___J._!____,____^__^_________t______
Finely Furnished Throughout: Dining Kuom
servle-e'.l'ncxc-elleel: liar Stocked With
Choice I.itjimrs unci Clgam.
The Revere, %** *ae
J. M. BLA1KIK, Prop.
Finely furnished rooms, hard tinish,
everything new, electric lights.
A avenue, Kaslo, B. C.       P. 0" 'box 44.
.   Telephone No. 3.
A Complete Hotel.
...Mrs. H. Y. Anderson.
Formerly of the Columbia Hotel, Ksslo.
Otherwise Armstrong's Lauding and
(tost Kiver l.inding.
MRS. WM. MIDDLET0N,       ���       Pne.
We cater especially to the
traveling public
By D. A. CARR,
Kuskonook, B. 0.
Formerly of Butte Hotel, Kaslo, B. C.
Finest table on the
east side of
Kootenay Lake. ���.
nst'-ui iMi
Published Every Friday At Kaslo, B. C.
By Thc News Publishing Company.
Subscription $2.00 Per Annum in Advance���Advertising
Hates Mado Known on Application.
MARCH, 1898.
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The Bill Fish   An emin*nt American statesman, a
F 'l t i n 11 til p      *ow day8 since, in a public address on
. U11�� UlC the "Obligations of Wealth," said:
KlttlC Olies. ''It seems to many that more and
"more small men, small stores and Btnall factories aro be-
"ing thrown upon the shore as financial drift or wreckage;
"that the pursuit of cheapness has coached a stage where
"only enormous combinations of capital, doing an enormous
"business, aro sure of returns." This is eminently true of
the United States, which seems to be the leader in the
movement to crush out individual effort; but it is also a
movement that is spreading all over the civilised world.
Monopolies and trusts aro invading overy single standard
country and rapidly supplanting or absorbing every thing
that they come in contact with.
Charles .1. Hobinson, a Cleveland representative of organized labor, who has been making a study of the trusts,
claims that IIO such combinations havo boen formed In the
United States within the past 60 days. These include a
biscuit trust with $00,000,000 capital; a paper trust with
116,000,000 capital; a beer and whisky combine of ��100,000,-
0(H); and trusts in sewer pipe, lime, fresh flsh, steel and
wire, bridge materials, pottery, steel beams, river coal,
���pianoH, stamping works, window glasB, bottles, flint glass,
axes and tools, cavo troughs, plumbing marblo, tlnplates
und 'p'6wdeti'.'
Where Is this to end?. Oqos it never occur to tho fosterers of tliis highly complex and unnatural system of interference with the laws of supply and demand that they
may be evolving a set of conditions that will prove suicidal
to themselves and murderous to the entire race? The nearer man keeps to a few of theSlmplo principles of nature,thu
safer and happier bo is. But load down society in the mass
witli false monetary systems, and abused protective systems, under which monopolies and-trusts flourish, and tha
end is apt to be chaos. But if- the people arise in their
might and assert themselves, social growth and order may
once more prevail.
The Citv   The people of tu0 olt,y ��* Kaf,i�� ����n
���.j   .    .. congratulate themselves that the pres-
" * riming. ence 0f the B.C. News has saved them,
among other things, several hundred dollars a year formerly paid for the city printing? The Kootenaian ln its desperation in trying to crush out a rival has offered to do it
for Ave cents. The city council will doubtless accept tho
offer and properly so. Tho Nows made nn offer in which It
thought that there would be, if not a small margin of profit,
at least living wages.
The Kootonalan's dog-in-the-manger policy will be remembered. .If it counts upon any gratitude from the people for Us offer it will Und itself mistaken. If a gratis offer
is right this year, why wus It not right last year? If the
Kootenaian also thus Insidiously sucks to earn the gratitude of the city oounell in order that they will see fit to donate to it tbe $250 asked for Its board nt trade edition, lt
will And that the council Is composed of high tniodod men
who will spurn the offer |u disgust. Perhaps the Kootenaian expects to make, tills up on the job work that It hopes
to get from tbe t-Uy, but it will find that others can bid for
job work, along with it.
Individual members bf tho council for the most part
were agreeable to dividing the business on the old basis
and giving the city the benefit of the combined circulation
of both papers. But no, nothing would suit Mr. King but a
war of extermination; unless ho expected tho News to fall
jVn with a whispered suggestion of hit, relative to "addition,
.division and' sUence." "Of course," said virtuous Mr.
King, as he winked the other eye and picturesquely spat
from between his teeth, "I wouldn't offer to do anything of
I hut kind, but then such thingshave been done, you know."
But if Mr. King expects acqulesence from this offloe In
either extermination or corruption, jm will wait until ho
has many more wrinkles and grey hairs than he has now.
People have long considered Mr. King as a five-cent
man, but they hardly expected that his jaunty self-assurance, freshness and conceit would ��> blind him that he
would voluntarily put himself on record as a five-cent man.
Arthur W. Goodenough ii now acting mayor.   Ho presides at the oounell meetings with ease und ability.
The Nelson Economist has a new force at Its head,
Messrs. C. Doll-Smith and P. J. OT.iellly succeed D. M.
Carley, who has gone to the coast. The Economist li a
good paper, and bide fair to keep up its -well established
In less than a month, Kaslo will bo ft >:ustoms  port of
entgy independent of Nelson. Is it t >t aisc abon* time that
��K<.hoshould.be released from its  riesala,;. to Nelson in,
Viiii matter of u county court?   Woav. ihu  ���.renehttut  intei-
viuws ire ih\* subject on our first pa> u.
Mr. McConnell has been appointed Provincial Mineralogist as foreshadowed by the News several weeks ago.
Help out redistribution and more legislative representation from Kootenay by getting on the voters' list if you
are eligible.   Books aro now open at the city clerk's office.
The C. P. P.. ls driving consternation to tho hearts of
its American rivals by threatening another and deeper cut
in passenger rates. They are even appealing to the U. S.
congress for aid to discriminate against it. We say with
Mr. Kellie, "Let her flicker." Competition is the life of
After this issue the B. C. News will pay as little attention as it can to the mental vagaries of the Kootenalan's
BO-called editor. We do not want to weary the public with
newspaper rows. Yet this row Is not of our seeking and
we certainly are not meek .enough to make no defense
when attacked.
Will the nautical editor of the Kootenaian inform a
curious public when the old time ceremony of christening a
newly launched boat was changed by "breaking a bottle of
wine over the stern" Instead of the bow? This is only in
line, however, with that journal's strictures on turbine
It is hoped that the strong endorsements which the
Lardo-Duncan Co.'s railway has received, as well as the
merits of tho enterprise, which are many, will cause the
govornmentjto grant the aid which has boen asked toward
pushing thc road through, this coming spring and summer.
Such a railway In operation would not only be a great aid
to Kaslo but to the entire Kootenay.
If the warning sounded by the civic commission of Slocan City to our city counoll ts not an error, that body certainly has demonstrated Its usefulness. All propositions
looking toward a monopoly of natural resources, such as
running streams, should be promptly nipped In the bud. If
Kootenay Is to continue to be a country where a poor man
can have a chance, the monopolies and trusts should be
headed off. 	
According to the Kootenaian, Waltor C. Nichol is
"onoof the cleverest paragraphers ln tho country," and it
proceeds to* quote approvingly from the Province some of
his "off-hand joshes." Last summer, according to the
same paper, Nichol was "an itinerant penny-a-liner," and
there was nothing too mean to say. Now it is different. Mr.
Nichol edits the Province. The Province Is tho personal
organ of Mr. Bostock. Mr. Bostock owns Mi\ King. And
there you have it.
The B. C. News continues to be a thorn In the Kootenalan's side. In Its issue of February 10th, It concluded a
very extraordinary article by promising the public that lt
would never notice us again. The Kootenaian kept Its
word as well as lt generally does. It has not omitted In an
issue since to testify Its regard for us ln Its usual peculiar
style. At flrst it was done in a sneaking sort of a way
through Its local columns, but In its last issue it ls doing
business again at the old stand, calling names and making
faces like a school boy, through Its editorial columns.
The Kootoualan pounces upon a typographical error In
the last Issue of the News and savagely worries it like a
puppy terrier might shake a stray kitten. The article is
oorrected elsewhere and would have baen corrected whether the Kootenaian devoted a half column editorial to it or
not. Any one less obtuse than the Kootenaian editor
could have told by the context that the error was purely
typographical. If every typographical error appearing in
the Kootenaian were thus treated, It -would take a paper
bigger than the New York Sunday Journal to contain the
We might say. "In Its usual blundering way, our local contemporary says that Kaslo will be a customs outport
on and after April 1st, and that Trail will get the same
honor." But we will bo charitable and merely mildly suggest tbat somebody in haste made a slight error. Kaslo
and Rossland will both .be ports of entry after March 31st,
with all the distinctions that chief or warehouse ports
have. Nakusp will be taken from Revelstoke and made an
outport of Kaslo, while Trail will be taken from Nelson and
made an outport of Rossland. "There is a vast difference,
Mr. Editor, between the wordB 'outport' and 'chief port.' "
That might have been an amusing story in last Saturday's Kootenaian, regarding the editor of the News and
Sir Charles Hlbbert Tupper. The climax, however.laoked
ono essential element���truth. Dave never allows a little
thing l|ke that, though, to stand In tbo way of what he
considers an opportunity to get even. Such a question as
he quotes was novel*asked. Sir Charles Hlbbert Tupper Is
gentleman���a term that evidently has no meaning to the
Kootenaian���and it Is unnecessary to state that he never
made the remark attributed to him. On tbe contrary tl��e
B. C. News has enjoyed pleasant business and social relations with Sir Charles since tbe Interview, which relations
were entirely voluntary on his part and not at all likely to
occur, It be held the opinions charged.
Loungers on the boulevards have been treated to a novel spectacle, which has created no little amusement. As
they were Strolling about, looking into the shop windows,
several individuals attired In frock coats and tall hats,malting their appearance on the scene, went up to any of them
and bowing profoundly stood before them for several moments with bent and bare heads, and then departed with*
out uttering a word. The fair ones were at first startled,
then smiled, and gazed intently on the men who had '���thus
politely and respectfully saluted them. What did it all
m ean, tbe men began to ask, for they had not been favored
in a similar manner. A little dodging behind a group of
women to whom one of the mysterious promenadors waa
paying bis homage, led to a prompt solution of the enigma.
Each of the gallant cavaliers was wearing a wig specially
contrived for the oqcasion.and on the top of the bead where
do balr was to be seen,..were printed in large letters words
announcing the approaching opening of a place of amusement. Tbe hare head was bent a sufficiently long time to
allow the ladies thus honored to read this novel and original ftdvertlsements���Lomion Telegraph.
All Winter Goods
In the Men's Furnishing Lane
to MAKE ROOM for  a Large
Call and See Our
But do not Get the Idea that Our Grocery Department is losing Us grip, even if we do not talk about it
much. Our usual fine stock of FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES will be kept to the highest mark.
Kaslo.      Sandon.       Ainsworth.
fGood Advertis[ng^Medium
riiai��a/'faH S TbeBRI?'f.8u CAtDHBlANEWS is the leading,
Price and Circulation \
moist carefully udltocl, moot reliable, beet limiting nevvn
paper in thu Kootenay Lake Country.
Price in cheap consistent
with circulation, which    ��.*
la the largest lu Kaaio.       wl
Paint YOUR House!
-Along With Your Spring Cleaning-
I Have all the Colors in Paints.
Elephant White Lead.
Best Quality of Boiled Oil
And Turpentine
Hamilton Byers, Ktl$>ON.
A Guaranteed Union Made Cigar.
Ask Your Dealer for It.
See F. E. Archer
The Pioneer Hardware Dealer
Front Street, Kaslo, British Columbia.
Largest and , . The	
BestEquipped    .
Lumbering      (  Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill.
In the
Interior of
To 000
A Full Line of Building Material Constantly on Band.
Lumber Rough, Sized, Dressed, Matched; Shingles, Laths, t)oors, Windows, Mouldings, Brackets, Turned Work, Glass, etc., etc.
On hand and to Order.   Agents in Nelson and SanddiL
till III  ���MltM>s��MMMSW--W-_����----��-��_-.-. ��� >||
Try a Good Smoke
and Nice Book
f Cigars by the Box a Specialty. I handle all the best brands
Holland Bros Kaslo
S. Davis & Sons Montreal
J. Bruce Pain Granby
W. R. Webster cV Co Sherbrook
Gw. E. Tudke.tt.5s. Ron.^ Hamilton
Booki aud Clgwa, Front Street, Kaaio, B. "Ogilvies
Just Keceived.     Price 80 cts.
Lamont & Young,
Books, Stationery and Wallpaper,  ���   -   -   -  Kaslo, B. C.
If you are "Out of Sight" have your
eyeB tested by O. Strathearn, the Optician, opposite postofflce. *
The recently reported stabbing
affray at Whitewater appears to bo a
Kvery one is Invited to visit the
Steam Laundry. See whore and how
(ve do the work, and get our new price
1st. *
B. E. Brown, accompanied by Iub
local business manager, of the Whitewater Deep, W. A. Boas, left for tho
oast this week. Mr. Brown goes to
London, England, and Mr. Boss goes
for a visit to his home in Michigan.
Best place to buy a watch, O. Stra-
thearn's. *
Preliminary work is progressing on
the Improvement of the big cut over
the hill on A avenue.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Tho place
where you get your money's worth. *
Mrs. J. W. Livers and child have
gone to Buffalo, N.Y., for a six-months
M Why send your washing to a Chinaman when white men will do it better
and cheaperV Try tho Steam Laundry,
and be convinced. *
Messrs. Montgomery & Gray will
probably launoh their new Uttle steam
boat, the Vixen, to-morrow. Little
Gladys Grey Is expeoted to christen the
Vixen by breaking a bottle of wine
over its prow.
Kaslo Brewing company's bottled
beer delivered to any part of tlje city
for $2 per dozen. *
v E. E. Stephenson, the druggist, resumes hia advertisement with the
News this month. He has something
to say about blood purifiers.
Eyesight tested free by O.Strathearn,
Jeweler and Optiolan, opposite post-
office. *
Hamilton Byers has an announcement of interest this week for those
,who are thinking of painting their
At the Milwaukee Beer Hall you
��ay always find good miners, mechanics and laborers. *
Miss Deasaleo Pearson, daughter of
A.C. Pearson, of this city arrived from
Hullett, Wyoming, Tuesday evening,
for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Pearson.
Mr. Pearson had nm seen his daughter
for 15 years.
The finest and most complete test
case In the country for discovering defects of vision is used by O.Strathearn,
the Kaaio Jeweler and Optician, opposite postofflce. *
E. W. Cummings, formerly city engineer of Kaslo, ls now In the employ
Of the lie Roi Smelting Co. at North-
port, Wash.
Remember the Steam Laundry Iwb
out prices. Everybody can afford to
have work done there now. *
J. P. Davis, the affable clerk of the
Slocan hotel, Is taking a vacation on
account of a recent severe illness. His
place is occupied by P. B. Johnson, recently from Boston.
See Walker, the Tailor, for well fitting suits of the best material, at most
reasonable prices; 4th street, Kaslo,
B.C. *
A fine line of crockery and glassware
atcoBtat J. B. Wilson's.
When Polonius advised his son,"cost-
ly thy habit as thy purse can buy but
not expressed in fancy," he had direct
reference to Walker, the Tailor. But
tlmea have changed and good stylish
suits may now be had at Walker's at no
great cost.
G. B. McDonald, J. G. McGulgan, T.
McGuigan, and J. D. McGulgan. all of
tho Noble Five, are registered at the
Kaslo from Spokane.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. For the biggest schooner of beer with the foam
on the bottom.   Ask for it. *
Among reoent arrivals at the Kaslo
are J.D. Giegerich of Sandon, J. Lucas
of Rossland, ��Ed Garrett, San Francisco, A. G. McKenney of Toronto, and
Howard Chapman of Vancouver.
Suite of 11 good rooms to rent cheap
second story, southwest corner of Third
and Front.   -Apply in store below.
Recent Nelson arrivals at the Kaslo
are S. S. Fowler, H. A. Hankey. Frank
Carling, and J. R. Robertson.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Three bottles of beer 50c. *
J. A. W. Bell of Whitewater, H. E.
Swift of Spokane, D. Douglas of Revelstoke and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hughes
of Seattle are among the recent arrivals
at the Kaaio.
Some bargains in silver plate at O,
Strathearn'a. *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Green left
last Wednesday for a pleasure trip to
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands.
Milwaukee Beer Hall, corner Front
and Third streets, Kaslo, B. C. Freo
lunch day and night. Excellent refreshments of home products. *
M. E. Hall of Sandon passed through
town last night to take his old place
with Mr. Wilson, the Sandon assayer.
Mr. Hall haa been visiting relatives in
Read the News and keop posted.
The Steam Laundry under uew
management. Call and see them. Only first olasa work and the price is only
commensurate with living wages.   *
Wm. McAdams of the Sandon Paystreak was a cheerful caller at the
News office this week.
The Steam Laundry Is the place to
have your work done right at a fair
Among Sandonltes registered at the
Sloean this week are Robert Cunning,
Mr. and Mrs. G. Kay and S. Campbell.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. It you leave
your orders for keg >and bottled beer,
it will be delivered free of charge.  *
A. T. Garland returned last night
from a month's trip to Toronto.
The beer, ale and porter of the Kaslo
Brewing company are pure and wholesome. All these beverages are manufactured at home. *
The Kaslo tc Slocan railway is now
operating again regularly and on
schedule time.
For best rooms at lowest rates, go to
the Colonial house, opposite the P.O. *
discovered valuable telluride gold
deposits in the Lardo last fall, was
killed in a snow slide about four miles
east of Silverton, on Slocan lake, last
Sunday. The slide occurred on tho
sleigh road to Comstock mine and also
engulfed A.Southworth and J. Harvey.
A large crowd of men from Silverton,
with shovels, dug the latter two out
with but slight injuries but Lade was
dead when found. He was aged 22 and
was from Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.
Traffic to the mines on Four Mile creek
is about completely blocked by slides.
Almost Dnlly Service Now Between Kanlo
and Kutltonooks
The steamer Nelson now makes
three trips a week from Nelson to Kuskonook���Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays���making close connections at
Pilot Bay with the steamer Kokanee
from Kaslo the same morning. This
taken in connection with the I. N. &
T. Co's steamer Alberta with its Tuesday and Saturday round trips, gives
daily service to Kuskonook from Kaslo
excepting Thursday and Sunday,
Rumored  That  the Price   of Gold  Haa
linen Advanced Also.
London, March 2.���It is said here
that tho Bank of France has advanced
the price of gold with a view to preventing the further export of silver.
The market is weak on rumors that
the Indian Import duty on silver will
be raised.
Family Groceries!
Seeded Raisins.
��w��*   Honey in the Comb.
���T I Famous Ram Lai Tea.
P- i Mince Meat in Packages.
We Pride Ourselves on Selling Nothing but the Best and at Living Prices.
Our Miners' General Supplies and Men's
Clothing of all Descriptions are up to the
Mark as usual.        Qreen BTOS.
Corner A Avenue and Third St., Kaslo, B. C.
Personnel    of
ltd    Membership
The newKaslo club has opened up as
a mutual social club for .gentlemen in
the rooms formerly occupied by the
Union club. John Keen ia president,
F. J. Bill is secretary-treasurer. Following is a list of its members: F. E.
Aroher, W. H. Adams, W. Allison, A.
C. Burdiok, M. A. Bueke, G. O. Buchanan, L. Borradai'.e, G. A. Carlson, J.
M. Cameron, C. Dickson, W. P. Dickson, J.C. Eaton, H. Giegerich, G. B.
Gerrard, J. H. Grey, R. F. Green, F.J.
Bill, W. MoP. Howatt, John Kean, D.
Lamont, D.W. Moore, G. E. Marlin, T.
L. Mitchell, J. L. Montgomery, B.P.A.
Montgomery, J. E. Mitchell, M. F.
Mackey, C. W. McAnn, R. McLean, J.
F. Mcintosh, F. M. O'Brien, L.L. Patrick, J. L. Retallaok, J. C. Ryan, J. F.
B. Rogers, 'Geo. Stoll, J. A. StUp, C.
W. II. Sanders, O. A. Sutherland, C.A.
Stoess, S. P. Tuok, W. J. Tretheway,
C. Trumbull, J. Waugb, A. Whealler.
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats.
hereby given,  ln accordance
thi '
with the StatuteB, that Provincial Reve
nue Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act, are now due for the year 1898.   All
the above-named taxes collectible- within tin
Nelson Division of West Kootenay District are
payable at my office.   Assessed  taxes are collectible at the following rates, via.:���
If paid on or before) June SOU., 1898:���
Three-filths of one per cent, on real prop-
Two and one-hall per cent, on assessed value of wild Und.
One-half of one per cent, on personal property.
On so much of the income of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates, namely, upon bucu excess of income, when the same ls not more than
ten thousand dollars, one per cent.; when
suoh excess Is over ten thousand dollars
and not more than twenty thousand dollars, one and one-quaitcr of   one per
cent.; when such excess is over twenty
thousand dollars, one and one-half of one
per cent.
If paid on or alter 1st July, 1898:���
Four ��� fifths of one per cent, on real property.
Three per cent, on the assessed value of
Three-fourths of one per cent, on personal
On so much of the Income of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following  rates,  namely, upon such   excess,
when the same la not more than ten
thouaand dollars, one and one-quarter of
.one-percent.; when such excess la over
ten thouaand dollars and not  more than
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-
half of one per cent.; when such excess Is
over twenty thouaand dollars, one and
three-quarters of one per eont.
Provincial Revenue Tax, $3.00 per capita.
Asseasor and Collector.
Kaaio, B.C., Feb, 5th, 1898.
Spring Is Almost Here.
Ask STEPHENSON for a bottle of Compound Sarsaparilla.   There is nothing
better for a Spring Medicine or Blood Purifier.
E. E, STEPHENSON  The Kaslo Druggist,
Front Street, Kaslo, British Columbia.
Legislative Sessions  Short Mid F���� Be.
Viotoria, B. O.j March 1.���The legislature had another short session today,
lasting only half an hour. Then
adjournment was taken until Thursday,
when the estimates are expected to be
brought down.
The statutes revision act, to bring
the revised statutes into force, was
finally passed. /
Among other bills Introduced today
was the Downle creek railway bill.
The Kootenay & Northwest railway
bill waa recorded by the railway committee today.
Wm's s-a-de Killed In an A valanche Near
-  Wm. Lade, oft. of three  brothers
who will be well remembered aa having
Application will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of Iirltlah Columbia
at lta next Session for an Act to incorporate the
"Kootenay Tunnel Company" for the purpose
of'buying, acquiring, selling, leasing, mortgaging, snd constructing and opera ting tunnels or
ditches with switches and branches therelrom
for the development and drainage of mines and
claims and the transportation., underground or otherwise, of ores, minerals, waste,
and supplies: dams, ditches, and pipe lines for
the Impounding and carrying of water for mill-
mining claims and the transportation,, under-
,8 or otherwise, ol orei   - ���       ���
piles: dams, ditches
Ing power for domestic and all other purposes,
power plants for generating power of any kind
or nature, electricity and light; trails, roads,
tramways and railways and drainage ditches
in connection with such tunnels and mining
and transportation operations; mills tor sampling, concentrating, handling and reduction ol
ores and minerals: smelting and reduction
plants; with power to build, own, equip, and
maintain telegraph and telephone lines In connection with said undertaking, and to levy and
collect to the firm, all parties using, nnd on all
ores, minerals, waste and supplies passing
through, over or upon said tunnels, ditches,
roads, tramways, aud railways; and also for
the purpose of conducting a general mining
business and all its allied interests including
the buying and selling of ores, minerals and
bullion; and also for the purpose of raising an.
for such money for the said purposes with all
necessary and proper deeds of trust or mortgage to secure the same on any or all the Company's properties, rights and franchises; and
also for the purpose of acquiring all kinds of
real and personal property, together with tbe
power of expropriating lands and rights of
ways; also tor the said Company to own the
minerals found In the course of tunnelling or
ditching through lands not located before, tad
where the line or direction of the tunnels or
ditches or any of them are or ia laid out upon a
plan to be filed with the Mining Recorder of
the District wherein the tunnel or ditch is
situate. 3. W. MOFFAT,
For Self and Applicants.
It is possible to be too diligent in business and too persistent ln advertising. An Engitsb paper tells of a lithographing establishment In Manchester which recently received from a London customer a circular note announcing
tbe death of the head of the firm. It was given to a clerk
with Instructions to write a letter of condolence in reply,
and this is what he produced: ''We are greatly pained to
learn of the loss sustained by your firm and extend to you
our heartfelt sympathy. We notice that the circular you
sent us announcing the death of the head of your firm la
lithographed by a London firm. We regret that you did
not see it in your way to intrust us with the work. The
next time there Is a bereavement in your house we shall be
glad to quote you for lithographed circulars, and are. confident that we can give you better work at less cost than
anybody else In the business."
More advertisements are printed today than ever before in the world's history. Not many years ago the "ad"
copy was prepared in haste, the work being considered a
disagreeable task, to be dispatched and over with as soon
as possible. Today the merchant that advertises���and all
successful ones do���seeks to put up In form and matter an
advertisement attractive in appearance and entertaining In
contents. The pains, the taste, the originality, the different designs, the interesting matter, and always and mainly
the bargains and novelties given and described, make the
modern ad one of the most attractive, entertaining and valuable features of every well regulated newspaper, and
which in every persistent instance Decomes a thing of beauty and a joy of succeeding days. This is the age of the ad,
one of the positive proofs that this is an age of progress.
Summary of Railway-Steamer Time
Cards from Kaslo.
CONGRESS hns awarded a medal of honor to Mrs. iMina Roberts of St.
Isoitis, who is credited with nets Of hruvery on one occailon during the- civil
war which won for her the ad-miration of thousand* nf soldiers. Ill lNli_
she was ii girl of 1". She hud n brother In one of the Iowa regiments innl a hrotli-
er-ia-law was engineer on the Government hunt lies Moines, due da; she went
aboard tbo boat ns it wus about to start from Fcrt Donclsou for n point em the
MisHeiuri river, being one of several limits which were tee transport several regiments of troops. There were some sick soldiers aboard and Ilie iiirl was permitted
tn accompany Hie soldiers, acting as nurse for the sick. The Journey occupied
three weeks and in that time she won the affection of all the men hy her kind
und unwearying service.
The acts whieh made her a heroine Occurred tlie night the voyage ended, it
was a beautiful moonlight night. The bouts hud tied up unci the soldiers hml gone
Hshlre to pitch their tents in a cornfield that bordered the river. Mrs. Roberta���
nt that time ber name' wus Delink Reader���sal on the deck talking to tlie captain.
Suddenly there was a succession of Hashes nud gun reports uml bullets cams
Hying ovor the boats 'in shore then: was commotion; the' soldiers hml been attacked by ii band of guerillas. Kor over uii liiiur the battle raged. Almost a*
soon as ii started Miss Reader hnd made her way ashore and began eating for
the wounded,    she picked up a wounded soldier, carried him aboard the bont
amid a storm of Hying lead anil returned for more. Iu nil she' curried 22 men
nlio.-irel the lieiut before (lie tiring ceased. Hud I hoy hi-cn left ashore, with their
wounds iinilresseil. they would huve died. A few days Inter she received from the
colonel or an   Inelinua  regiment  which hail been iu the tight a beautiful milk white
horse, as a testimonial of esteem.   Subsequently ihe girl was a nurse in various
hospitals anil on several battlefields.
Cody, etc., Kaslo A Slocan Railway trains
leave Kuslo dally at 8 a. m.; returning,
arrive at Kaslo ;i:5cj p. m.
Rosebery and Nakusp, take K. A 3. Hy.
from Knslo to Sandon, and theme Nakusp & Sloean Railway, leaving Sandon
dally at 7:45 a. m.; returning, arrive da.ly
at Sandon at 4:55 v. m.
Victoria and other main line points on
C. P. R., boat from Nakusp to Arrowhead, cars to Revelstoke, thence connect with east and west bound trains.
etc., take Steamer Sloean on Sloean lake.
connoting with Nakusp A Blooan Ry. at
land and Grand Folks, lake the Steamer
International from Kaslo dally at 6:45 a.
m., exeept Sunday, making connections at
Five Mile Point, near Nelson, with Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry., then to North-
port. From Northport to opokane continue the railway, known south of
Northport ns the Spokane Kails A Northern,   arriving   at  Spokane  ut  6:4c,  p.   m.
For Rossland change at Northport to
tho .".ed Mountain Ry., arriving at lloss-
i land at 3:40 p. m. Or, Rossland muy be
reached from Nelson via Columbia &
Kootenay Ily. to Robson, thence by river
steamer to Trail, thence by Columbia A
Western Ry. to Rossland. Or, Rossland
muy be reached via Nakusp anil Trail by
dally steamers down the Arrow lakes and
Columbia river.
For Grand Forks and Boundary Creek
points, take S. F. A N. Ry. from North-
port to Uossburg or Marcus, thence by
stage across  reservation.
son, etc., I. N. A T. Co.'b Steamer International leaves Kaslo dally, except Sunday, at 5:45 u. m.; returning, leaves Nelson
ul 5 p. in., arriving at Kaslo about 3:110 p.
C. P. R. Co.'s Steamer Kokanee. leaves
Kaslo dally, except Sunday, ut 7:30 a. m.,
arriving at Nelson nt 11 a. m.: returning,
leaveB Nelson at 4 p. m., arriving at Kaslo ut 7:30 p.  m.
etc.. take steamer Kokanee Tuesday and
Friday at ":30 a. m.. or I. N. A T. Co.'s
steamer Alberta Tuesday and Saturday
at ti a. m.. or steamer Halys Monday and
Friday: thenco by stage to Port Steele
Wednesday   and   Saturday.
It <lll.no ins AND STEAMBOATS.
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
Truins Knn on Pacific Standard Time.
Cioing Went.
Daily.               doing I'.asl
 Kaslo Arv. 8:ou p. in-
K:0(i a. m. l.v...
S::tr. a. m. l.v...
Seiuth Fork Arv. 8:1* p. en-
9:3d a. ni. l.v...
Sprevle's .     .Arv. 4:18 p. in.
V-.51 a. in. l.v  ..
Whitewater ....Arv. 2:00 p, tn.
10:11.1 n. in. I.v
Hear Ijike        Arv. 1:48p. in.
10:18 a. ni. l.v    .
...Medulgan Arv. lift, p, i:i
10:88a, in. l.v ..<
oily .1 unction.. .Arv. 1:1'- )���. u.
10:i"il>B. ni. Ar...
Sandon .Lv.   1:00 p. in.
ono. r. copkland,
a. r. ii. P. A
A TS' ��)
Cheapest, most Cotnlortab'
direct route from Kuslo
All   points
-T( >-
Canada and
the I'tiitcel
Navigation and Trading Co., Ltd.
Steamers "International" iinel "Alberts'' em '
Konlciiuy Luke and Kiver.
....TIMK CARD....
In effect 12th of Feb., 1SHH. Subject; to
change without notice.
Klve Mile Point connection with all Passen-
i ger Trains of N. it F. S.  Katlroad to and from
. Norlhport,   Kosshiuel   ami    Bpokane,   Tickets
sold and baggage checked to all I'nlted States
| points.
Leave KiihIo for Nelson and wny points, daily
except Sunday,."):l.'ia.in. Arrive Northport 12ill
p. in.- Kosslanel, 3:40 p. ni., Spokane. fi:00 p. in.
l.eave Nelson for Kaslo and way points, dally
except Sunday, 4:45 p.m. 1 caving Spokane �� a.
in.; Kossland 10(80a. in.,'Northport, l:.ri0.p. in.
lieneral Milliliter.
Kaslo. It. ('., February l'J. 18<JX
FOR KTSKONOOK and way points,
steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo Tuesday
and Saturday ut 8 it. m.; arriving at Kuskonook at 11 a. m. Returning, leaves
Kuskonook at 1 p. m.; arrives at Kaslo
I 6 xi. m.
Tlie only line running tlirouirli Tour-
lat cars to Toronto, Montreal and Hon-
l ton.   Through  Tourist  curs to St. Paul
1 daily.
T .111.1''. OF IHSTANCKS.
From   Kuala   to   Surrounding   llual-
l.S'HS   !*tllll|ss.
YVF.ST (lit NORTH.    I    KABT OR  BOLT!!.
Miles/ Miles.
Whitewater   i"i Alnswortli   12
Meter Lake   2DJlJllot  Hay    20
Mcdulgun   SS.Ualfour   k8
s.mil.,ii <:l Imursl.
Three Forks 	
New Denver	
How Hie Ohio Senator Paused His Hoy-
hood   lln.sH.
.lusi opposite the court bouse in l.is-
bon, Ohio, stands em old brick building, now occupied us n harness shop
und shoe store, nud it wns iu one of
these rooms on the second floor of the
building dim Mark Banna was horn.
"Tlie father, Dr. Leonard Hanna,
conducted a store in tlie lmildiiiir ut Ihe
time mid lived on Ilie second floor,"
says nn old resident, "but soon al'tcr-
vhi'iI ids business so Increased thai lie
moved ids family Into a huge one-and-
�� luiir story house nnd devoted the
lilace in Ihe store to business purpose*.
About. tiiis> time Mark began going to
"One dny. in the old log sclioolliouse.
tlie master gave its a di (limit problem
iu mental arithmetic, it went the
rounds, of tbe class without being answered until It came to .Mark, The
teacher repented ihe problem und Mark
listened Willi Ills usual close attention.
When tlie master tlnlshed he snid:
"Well, 1 tan do Unit on paper, bill
ll le test liard to solve menially.'
"But the scheme clliln'l work, aud
Mark was chocked down wltb tbe rest
of us. However, lie was unwilling to
let the matter drop, and at recess sev-
ernl of us boys got together and Mark
took the same problem that the school-
master had given us unci changed the
llgurew. We then Med up lo Hie tene'li-
���?r and told hlm we had a little prol>-
lem In mental arithmetic tbat we wished he would solve, hikI Mark read tils
revised problem.    The teacher looked
but we boys used to have fun with
that ancient boat: We were about the
age when yoimg jrirls had a strong attraction for u*, and Mark and Ihe
other boys spent all their spare change
In renting ii and taking their girls out
2'J Sancu   :is
31 N'elsein 14 hours)  42
��1 Ymtr  6H
3S Rohson     70
Rosebery  41 Trail    90
Silverton  4H NorthiKirt (T line)....103
Blocail city   MiRosslanel OO liours)..120
Nakusp to Bowbarg  U2
l-iiril   lNlMarcus  ISO
Aixenlei   20 Orund  Forks    1110
DUncan City ai Greenwood  192
Haloyon Hot Bpr'gs. 85]xnaoonda  nm '
Arrsiwheiiil  I""1 Boundary  200
l-aurle  UK Midway    KM
Theini|>sons Liinelliia.tia|8pokane el3 hours)..232
Trout lJike City Ut Kuskonnok     50 I
Ferguson  U0 Bedllngton (Kykerts) 77 j
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Red Mountain R'ys.
The only all rail route without
change of cars between Nelson .ind
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland. * *
Magnificent Sleepers and Dining Cars on All Trains.
Travel   by  this  line and have your Img-
gugc checked through to destination.
Daily Connection {rem   Kuslo every   day
excepting Sunday, at 7 :30 a. in.
Tor  full  Information  cull on or address
Freight and 1'ush. agent, KuhIo, B. C.
���or to���
Traveling I'ush. agent, Nelson, It. I!.
District I'ass   agent. Vancouver.
Leave Villain Nelson Arrive Mm pm
Leave 10:1)0 am Kosslanel Arrive S:40 pm
Leave H:UU am .-     Spokane Arrive (i:40 pm
Revelstoke  131 sirs)..!*!
Vernon  223
Penticton  293
Kamlooiis  261
Aahrroft    3M Moyle City
Lsytton  JM Swansea	
Yale  IM.Wanlner, B. C.
New  Westminster. . .*i03|crunbrook 	
Vancouver   (Til   hrs)*.r,12 Fort Steele...  .
Victoria   (iii)   hrs),....Gi>e Canal Flats
Seattle 12ft hours)... .580
Tacoma (30 hours)...trio
Portland 148 hours)..68.
���Via O.   P.   It.
Goat Htver
Port Hill   7S
Lucas  1D.S
Uonnen. Ferry c 13 h)140
Golden    230
Windermere 240
Banff    314
to ride.   One time we appointed Mark j
captain.   I handled tbe rudder and the i
other licys  took  turns at  the wheel. |
Mark shouted his orders In great fhape,
and I would flop the rudder an he dl-
reeled.   A contention sprang up among
im on account of ihe captaincy, which
some of the lioys coveted.   Mark gave
up his post and took a turn at the propelling crank.   Our new captain unfortunately ran ihe la>al aground, which
resulted In tt spirited rebellion of the
"wise, adjusted his glasses, and asked
to see the paper on which the example
was written.
" 'But that Isn't mental arithmetic,'
protested Mark.
"So he read It again, and the master
figured long and hard, but could not
get tbe answer, nud sharply ordered ns
all out of the school-room.
"J. remember very distinctly an old
boat owned by Col. Harper, a veteran
of tbe war of 1812. It was operated
by a hand-power paddle wheel.   My,
Dragon-Fly Dined on  Mosquito.
There are two natural enemies or the !
mosquito, the dragon-fly and the spl- :
der.    The latter, as we" know,  wages'
coiiHtanl  warfare iiihjii all Insect life, j
and  where  mosquitoes are    plentiful j
Ihey form the chief diet of their bally i
foe.   The dragon-fly Is a destroyer (if I
mosQultiH-s In al leant two stages   of
life.   The larva dragon-fly feeds upou
the larva mosquito, and when fully developed the  former dines    constantly
upou    the    matured    mosquito.    The
dragon-fly as a solution of Die mosquito
pest question  Is not  wholly uatlsfae-
tory, for while there Is uo serious difficulty to lie encountered In the cultivation of dragon-flies In large numbers,
yet It Is manifestly Impossible to keep
them In the dark woods where   mosquitoes abound, the hunting ground of
the "darning needle" Mug among'the
flowers and dry gardens where the sunshine prevails.    Kor this very Important reason, the scheme of hunting one
kind of Insect with another must be
abandoned as impracticable.
Raw Fur Notice*
I, the undersigned, representing' JOSEPH U M.MAN, of St. Paul. New York
and London. ICngland, wish to Inform my
friends and the public generally that 1
do not Intend to travel us heretofore.
Those favoring me with shipments of
can   rely  on   fulr  treatment   und   prompt
returns assured,   Write for price list.
O. W. HAI.UWIN, Winnipeg, Man.
Passengers for Kettle river and
Boundary creek connect at
Marcus with Stage Daily.
Inland Navigation
and Trading Co.,
Steamer Halys,
Capt.   W.   J.    Kant,
IWs Jobbing Trade on Kociienay Lake.
For pftMtnffer or freight trantportetlon aisuly
m beard.
Thousand I'.fTifn at a Time.
A single female frog will produce a
thousand eggs at a time.    Progs subsist on Insects, and are themselves devoured by a variety of other animals.
Incandescent lamps are provided with
reffcetors by, winding on the upiwr portion of the bulb silver, aluminum or
other brigur, non-tarnlshlng wire, secured ln place wltb soluble glass.
The day breaks but doesn't fall, while
the night falls but doesn't break.
Prom St., west of PoK'.ofllce,
KmIo,   -      -    ��� -      -      B. C
WII.l. (IREEN, Proprietor.
Table the best the Market affords.. Everything well and cleanly cooked und
served.   Meals from JB cents up.
and Real Estate
Correspondence solicited.
Address, KASLO, II. C.
To   the   l.ndlcK.
, Send ten cents to Womankind. Springfield,
Ohio, U. 8. A., and receive Womankind, a
handsume home masaslne for three months and
a free copy of the Womankind Cook Book. You
will be pleased with both the paper mui book.
The suveyor's chain
made it the chortest
transcontinental route.
It Is the most modern in equipment.
It is the heaviest railed line.
It has a rock-lmlliist roadbed.
It crosses no sand deserts.
It was built without land grant or government aid.
It Is noted for the courtesy ot Its employes.
,It Is the only line serving meiils on the
la carte plan.
For maps, tlekelg and complete Information call on or addtess International
Navigation & Trading Company ugents,
K. A 9. railway agents, or
C. G. DIXON. General Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
F.  I.   WHITNEY. G.  P. A ,T. A.,
St. Paul, Minn.
Shortest and (inlckest route to the Cerur
d'Alene mines, l'alnuse, Lewlnoni. Walla Walla,
Haker C'lly mines, Portland, San Francisco,
Cripple creek gold mines and all points Kast
and South. Only line Kast via Sail Lake anel
and Denver. Steamer tickets to Kurope and
uiher foreign countries.
p. in.
a. in.
Spokane Time Schedule.
K.st Mail- Walla Walla. Portland. San Francisco, liaker
c'lly and ihe Kast.
Local Mail���Cant d'Alenes,
Kannlngton, clartleld. Colfax,
Pullman and Moscow.
a ne
a   in
For through tickets and further Informatloa
apply to .lis, HAlKill,
Agenl International Navigation and Trading
c*(>iiipaliy. Kashi. or at tl. Is A N Company's
ollice    SO Klrereld* avenue, Spokane, Wash
a. (AMI'HKI.I..
eianeral Ageul.
Or.... w. ii. hi w.nrHT,
Oeneral Passenger Agent, Portland. Ore.
The Fast Line.
Superior Service.
ThrouRh tickets to all points In the
United States and Canada.
Direct Connection wltb the Spokane
l''iilla and   Northern Hallway.
No. 1 west    3:30 p.m.
No. Beast    7:00 it. in.
Tii'kets to Japan and China via Tacoma
nnd Northern Pacific Steamship Company.
For Information, time curds, maps and
tickets, applx to agents of the Spokane
Fulls A Northern and its connections,
or to   '
k. u. (.urns.
Oeneral   Aaeul.   Spokane.
A*Ht. Oen. I'Him. AM.,
No.  SCSI1  MorrlHon   St.,
Portland, Orexmi.
WrlU for map of Kootenay country. ill wm im
Mineral ( liilm In the Kntnloop* District Afford* nn IntereHtlnic Study
���Development Work In Park
County, Montana���A Strike by
Two Travelers In Idaho.
mine, the sume property in which their
first phenomenal Hnd was made.
Spokane Men In   Luck.
A rich strike is reported lo 'nave been
made in  the Cumberland  mine on Win j
muy be us rich its the mine which mude j
War Kagle mountain famous in thc curly
WorkliiK Placer (iround.
Considerable development WOl'k is going
on in the Independence district, in Park
founty, Montana, under the direction of |
15. M, Cowles. who has invested within the j
  i lust year several thousands of dollars in
,,..,, ,. :,  ' the  Independence and  linulder districts.
Ihc Erin mineral claim, situate on the , ,Jjs   ,������__ (, has ,���,       t() ,lrt ,,._,
north side of tlie Iron Mask and Copper I       ^ _Jm ^^^ M w(,��� n {]w ���
Queen  mineral  claims,  uhc.ut  five  miles ���,,.,���,, ,,e ,,       ni     ���p    .,.,���, fon.c he
southwest of ICnmloops, B, C, und owned i hM Wn work|ftg for the ]mst wllHOn luls :
by Messrs. Heattie, lii.xton unci Hluir. unci ; __t W)1 ,        ((| d((Z(in um) ,mt ,|e ,|fts |
Hon   tn  Prepare  the  "SlnOf of  I.lfe."
hy  u  Practical   Miner.
luken nut und treated considerable ore lit
em whieh development work hns been go
lug cm for some months put, is said to be  ftt |taJ)n|, nilj|   ,���.���,,,,���,,���,,   N(,xt 91inT.
proving itself one of U,,. best, properties m   )m,��� ,ip wi��� infrmm llis f()1(.��� t0 4() M ,-,0
the cninp.   On New > cur s eve nn Immense
body of oro wns struck in u crosscut mude
from the sliuft at a depth of 40 met.  The
vein of solid cue is nbout seven feet wide
and gives un assay from '$Hi In gold to :i<>
per cent oopper, us well as a proportion of
silver. Other assays made run in value
from $'2�� to $112 per ton. At Coul Hill the
I'citliueik 7x12 sliuft is being energetically
sunk by u force of six men, making iiii nv
erage of ubout one foot each dny of 10
hours. The sliuft has reached a depth of
4(1 feet, llll ill much shuttered uml decomposed rock, with the tissiues Ailed nnd sep
united by thin plates of native copper,
und, ns yd. Impregnated but sparsely with
rich copper glance, One cot iter, the southwest, is u sight, worth seeing, being plu��-
tered with bright native metal Altogether this ilu im is a most. Interesting study.
Just bow the unlive inetul mine to be deposited in such profusion throughout this
greal muss is u conundrum nut yet solved.
There is not much, if any. doubt, thut it
is a product of alteration, und it is not
likely to prove u normal constituent of
the dyke, even if. us seems probable, thc
fissure he found to be on a dyke. It apparently comes from the leniliing of the
gnty cue or glnnee. The rock itself is
either serpent ine or n mixture of that rock
with clorite, und this ulleriintes with tt
conglomerate of many parts. About $4 in
gold adds to the value nnd the plates of
nntive copper nre giudiiully becoming
thicker ns the work ol sinking progresses,
Struck   11   lllcli.
men. Mr. Cowles recently acquired entire
control of the lienrdsley plucer mines in
the Boulder district, and much of his operations next Season will !>e in developing
these placers. He is well backed by a syndicate of Connecticut capitalists.
Michael Quertin und his son. Abide,
who left Fort Suskiitchcwiin in Muy hist.,
with a mun limned Irish, to travel to Idaho by team, are said to have struck it rich
Representative Barrett of Massachusetts bus introduced u resolution alio" ing
' I the naval affairs cciiniuittec to incorpoi'-
nte in the niivnl appropriation hill uii up-
: propi'intioii  not  to exceed   $6.78BsjOQO for
j new dry docks or extensions to existing
, ones ul   New York, Norfolk,  Port Royal,
' New Oilcans und Mure Island, Cul.
It is announced that the woolen commission house of Sawyer. Manning & l'n.
of N'ew York is in financial difficulties,
caused by the failure ot the Burlington
i Woolen Company, the Wlnnooskl Worsted Company and the Colchester woolen
, mill, for which  receivers  were appointed
in Boston Monday, Sawyer. Manning &
Co. ure snid to huve Indorsed paper for
these concerns to the amount of $i,(mni.(kki.
The recent cold went tier in Arizotlii  is
unprecedented.    The river  in the Oram!
i Canyon of the Colorado was full of Hooting  ice. whereas the temperature in the
I canyon is eiedited with partaking of the
, nature of perpetual summer, regardless of
��� the temperature on the pliitenu nhove.
Ignatius  Donnelly   will,  no  doubt, in-
struct,hia bride in the art of ciphering.
Captain Oldrieve, who is planning to
| walk acre ss tlie Atlantic ocean from Boston to Havre. France, will begin his joiir-
ucv July 4. He will wear on Iii- feet a
pair of cedar boxes live feet long, with
tins nl Ihe bottom nml sides. Tlicy are
very liglil. but   strong enough to >n-<luili
Bread iu Alnskn means always baking
powder bread or biscuit, for no other
kind is possibles There is no yeast or
any oilier means of raising   dough.   An
experienced miner, one  who has been   in ,
Alaska live years, has Just given n- two
of his most   useful receipts.
Those who think of going to the Klondike  should   keep  them,  und  those   who
stay nt home will be interested in know-1
ir.g how a practical miner prepares his
"stuff of life."
Bread) Quart of flour, two tablespoon-
fills of Cleveland's baking powder, half u
ten-spoonful of suit; mix up with cold
wnter or milk until stiff. Grease the
pun. bake until cooked (al.iiiii half un
Biscuit: Quart of flour, two ti-.spoonfuls of Cleveland's baking powder, and
half u teaspoonful of suit. Mix thoroughly while dry with lard or bacon .
fat. Then mix with water or milk until still' enough to roll out. Cut into
circles with top of baking powder can or
cup; bake about fifteen minutes.
Several other Alnsku receipts together with list of groceries, clothing und
supplies to tnke with one are published ill
u Klondike circular. This circular, together with a cook book of four hundred
receipts, will be mailed you free if you
send slump nnd address to Cleveland
Unking Powder Co., 81 Fulton St., New
Be sure to mention the Klondike cir- !
cuhir if you wnnt it; otherwise' the cook
hook only will he sent.
According to a London dispatch the
Spanish legations in London und elsewhere
ure sulTering from long delay in their remittances, und diplomats have been forced
to privately defray the expenses of their
in that slutc through un accidental discov- i bis weight.    In these 111
cry of u rich quarts claim. The story
reads like Action. The putty wus traveling over it high range of motintnins near
lloise City, when  one of their horses be-
came exhausted und they were compelled
to cninp for the night on the' moiintiiin top.
lu the muniing  Irish wandered  a  little
is able to walk
hoppy   seas, and   even in heavy
of the ocean,    ('uptuin A.  VV,   All-
will accompany    him  iu u small
be in I.
The radical wing of tne autonomist party in Cuba hns resolved lo open negotiations   "ill.   Hie  insurgents   '���>   Hie   belief
A weak spot in a Piece of timber may
endanger g whole building, and certain it
Is that the mnn who suffers with Lumbago
lets down  the  whole  framework  of  hls|
anatomy. In case of the building', It Ul
shored up and made strong, and Just so
8i. Jacob's oil shores up the muscles of
the back, strengthens the muscular frame
Mini 111 n very short time- the sufferer Is
restored la his native strength. Why then
will a man go about on crutches for
mouths and years, when the stimulation
of ii good liniment like St. Jacob's Oil will
In so short u tlnie send hlm back to business and to the bosom of his family .i
strong snd healthy man.
Hawaiian annexation hus the right of
way in the I lilted States senate, und a
test   veite may he expected soon.
distance  from the  camp nnd chanced  to   that the revolution can not be suppressed      AN OPEN   Li_TTt.|.< TO  MOTHERS.
|iick up some fragments of peculiar looking rock, which lie showed to his conipun-
'���nits.    They examined  it. and, actuated
principally by curiosity, took a bug und
partly lillcd it with the broken rocks.    On
reaching Boise City they hnd the rock assayed, und the nssuycr pronounced it golel
quarts worth $Ho to the ton. On the news   The new strik
becoming known throughout tho town.; is a 12 inch
by force of arms. A number of propositions will lie submitted to the insurgents,
with n view of bringing ubout pence,
I'ugle mountain at Silver City, Idaho, The
mine, which is being worked by Sonne
man nnd ilruiiscombe of Npokulie. iius hail
un ore body tunning uhout $1(1(1 in gold,
is in the 200-foot level unci
trcuk   of  ore   Hint   carries
great excitement was aroused und
wns offered $1'2,imhi for his one-third share,
which ha accepted und departed for I'ott-
lund. The claim wns duly surveyed nnd
staked und active operations will commence when the snow goes. The Messrs.
Citevtin nnd their new partner, mimed
Carson, hnve been offered .$.',(1,11(111 for thc
Claim, but refused the offer.
Well  Kinilppcd  Party.
Sixty-seven men, comprising the Alas-
knn-Kiondike   Co-operative    .expedition,
Irish : >1200 in gold nnd WOO in silver.   The developments in the mine Indicate that it
It is reported from Brenjiom Hint tin'
agent* of McFndden Hros. of Philadelphia,
oiU' ill the world's g.cnl cotton linns, hnve
been instructed to stop buying cotton, Tho
same nntillcutie n is snid to huve been
���sent lo nil their hundred or nunc agents
in     Texas.     Inquiries ure   snid   In  have'
brought the answer that it wus because of
the' Cuban ciiiiiplicntiiins.    This bus ciius-
We nre nsscrtiiig In tlie courts our right lotlic ���
exclusive ussofthe word ' CAiVl'OklA," nud
" ITl'CHHK'.S CASTORIA," us our Trod. Mink.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Ilyannis. MauschUSCtiS,
wastlieuriciiisiloror " ITIVIIKU'SCASI'OKIA,"
the same that lias home ie:.el dues now hear tin'
lac simile sij;imturc of CHAS. II. l'l.r.TClllvK on
every wrapper. Tins is tlivu: ijfinul " l'l'l\ UIOCS
CAsToitt A " winch has been used In the homes
of thc mot hers of America for over thirty years.
Look Care-fully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always hiiughl, nail nasi the
signature of chas. il FLBTCBKR on the j
wrapper. No oue has authority from me to use
my nume except Ths Centaur Company of which
"has. 11. Plttcher is President.
AIa.,ch S, Off,        SAML'IO. PlTUIliR, M.D.
George Duffy, an 8-year-old boy, has
confessed to selling lire to houses in Ho-
boken. Ns J., with ninlicieilis intent.
cotton mi'ii.
hnve arrived at Tiicomu over the Northern cm! a considerable Hurry among the local
I'acifle. The party comes ninililv from
New York und Philadelphia and will leave
Tacoma (or Alaska with one of the most
complete outtlts ever taken into thut
country. They will carry n complete complement of the most approved machinery, two steam launches, a sawmill, and
aii assaying and refining plant, l'ifty
horses have lieen purcliHsed in Tacoma for
draft purposes. Three mechanical engineer*, two mining engtWeera, one assaye.-
and refiner, two chemists, two physician ,
unci one dentist are included in the party. [
Tbey will curry an outfit sufficient to las;
them 15 months.
To Control the Klondike.
Joseph Isaduc, recently from the northern gold fields, saysi "The North Allied
After behiK swlneilesl by all fithsl-S, sellel us
stamp for parlleulars uf KliifC Solomnn'H Treasure, the ONLY renewer of manly strength.
MASON Clir.MlCAL. CO., P. O. Box 7(7, Philadelphia Pa.
A tribe of Indians with yellow hair und
blue eyes has been discovered ill the
mountains of Sonora, Mexico.
Oared by Lydia B. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
4 " I have been a great sufferer from
Kidney trouble; pains in muscles, joints,
buck and shoulders; feet would swell.
1 also had womb troubles and leueorr-
hoca.   After using Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound  Blood  Purifier
and Liver Pills, I felt like a new woman.    My kidneys are now In perfect
can Transportation und Trading Company i condition."��� Mns.  Mxgoik Potts, 1124
in the only one now buying claims in the j Kauffuian St., Philadelphia, Pn.
Klondike.    1  understand* that they are ;     ���' My system was entirely run down,
acting as agents for the Uothschilds.   11 and I suffered with terrible backache
met Mr. Cudahy on the train from Chicago to 8an Francisco and he told me that
they had just received $400,000 in drafts
whieh  had  been  given   in  payment of
claims there.   He said thc compuny was
acting as agent in purchasing, and 1 learn
that   the  Rothschilds  ai-e  preparing   to
spend $2,000,000 for the purchase of mines.
It looks a little as though the great English banking house waa making stupendous efforts to control all the claims on the
Klondike."    ���
Control the Stem Winder.
A mining man from Kairview eanlp, It.
('., brings  the  news  that  Mackenzie  4
Mann, the well-known railroad contractors, hovC recently acquired a seven-eighths
interest in the Stemvvinder mine, in that
camp, paying for the name $100,000.
Found Another Rich Packet.
Thc Graves brothers, the Trinity county, California, miners, whose rich strike
several months ngo caused a rush to that
part of thc state, have arrived in San
Francisco with 02 pounds of gold, valued
at $111,000, the product of a pocket recently found in a lower level of the Blue Jay
Plso's Cure for Consumption Is our only
medicine for coughs nnd colds.-Mrs, ('.
Belts, 139 Sth av., Denver. Col.. Nov. 8,'85.
in the small of my back, and could
hardly stand upright. I had no appetite. Since taking Lydia E. Plnk-
ham's Vegetable Compound, I have
gained fifteen pounds, and I look
better than I over looked before."���
Mrs. E. Ft Morton, 1043 Hopkins St.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
LilxiANCiiiri'KN.BcHc'n, St. Andrew's
Bay.Fla., says:��� "Before taking Lydia .
E. Pinliliam's Vegetable Compound, I
had suffered many years with kidney |
trouble.    The pains in iny back and' j
shoulders wero terrible.  My menstrua- :
tion  became  irregular,   and   I  waa ���
troubled with leueorrhoea.  Iwasgrow-
ing very weak.   I began the use of Mrs. !
Pinkham's medicine, and the first bot-
Uo relieved the pain in my bock and
regulated tho menses.   It relieved the
pain quickly and cured the disease."
Allen's Pool-Ease,'a powder for the feet.
It cures palllful, swollen smarting feet und
instantly lakes the sting out of corns uud
bullions. It's the greatest OOlufort discovery of the age. Allen's, Koot-l-.se makes
tight-littliig or new shoes feel easy. 11 is a
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damn,
callous, and hot, tired aching feet. We
have over 10,000 tentiuioiiiaU of cures. Try
it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe
���tores. Hy mail for Me. iu stamps Trial
package FKKK. Address Allen ti. Olmsted, l.o Koy, N. Y.
Mrs. Louisa Stout/., a wealthy widow
of Portland, Ind., wns robbed und murdered in her house ut night, A postal
card written by one of the murderers and
addressed to the city marshal gave the
first intimation of the crime.
CITO PiTinmimilly Cured. Neilltsar nervociiMies
Mies nfter Hrst day's use of lir. Kline's lire-t
Nerve Restorer. Hend Tor Mti.;K Sta.oo (rial
bottle and treatise. DR. ll. it. KL1KK, Ltd., s.:u
Arch stres't, plilludelplila. Pa.
From nil parts of China come reports,
of attacks by natives on foreigners.   The
whole country1 seems to be in a state of j
They Can  Gnidc   Veaaele in Safely as
Well us Men.
Out In .San Diego, Cal., a 23-ye:ir-old
lass, named Miss Eli���ulx_>tb Pollieinus,
with a fondness for the sea and a de-
lire to earn ber own living. Is a plloV
for ocean vessels entering that barbbr.
sin- bus a complete knowledge of the
handling of �� ship, and knows thoroughly till the reefs, shoals, current!
and air currents of the harbor. Miss
I'olhenius bus a rival on the coast In
MM. ('apt. Hill, however. This woman, assisted by her husband and a
young brother, lengthened and converted a 80-foot sailing yacht Into a 55-foot
propeller, She used a cross-cut saw
herself, in dissecting the sloop, pur-
Chased n second-hand engine, shaft
and propeller, and while the Job was
under way lived lu n tent on the river
bank to save expenses. With this ;>ri-
foot boat the Hills started mil on their
lirst tradinj; trip, christening the craft
Minnie Hill, in honor of the woman
who hud shaved lumber, driven spikes
unci manipulated a pai&t brush Hint
the steamer might bo completed, in
less thun one year the business progressed so rapidly that n larger boai had
to be secured, und a still linger one is
talked of. Mrs. HIU Is the woman who
sent lo Son Francisco from Portland,
Ore,, unci paid for Inspectors to come
up and examine her for a license as
muster, which they did and passed
her. The name c>i' her present craft is
the Gov. Newell, and ls running In the
Cowlitz and Lewis Kiver trade. "And
talk or trade:" writes Mrs. Hill. "Why,
we carry everything and anything,
from a box of cathartic pills to an
Tliere are quite a few female captains nnd pilots mi Western and Southern   waters.      The   majority   of   IIn-ill
deny that they arc strong-minded women, vviio regret thnt they were not
created men. Hue of the best-known
pilots on the Mississippi River is Mrs.
Blanche s. Leathers, who is a woman
of charming personality and the wife
of ('apt. It. F. Leathers, who owns the
steamboat New Natchez, on which the
wifely inarliier stands a watch Mini
takes a trick ul the wheel like any of
the masculine turSs The New Natchez
piles between New Orleans and Vlcks-
burg, and Mrs. Leathers received n
master's license August 21, 1804, In
explaining her reason for taking a
la-rth on her husband's steamboat Mrs.
Leathers snid: "1 saw every unit and
rivet driven iii the New Natchez, l
know her from keelson to pilot house.
My husband owns the boat, nml 1 want
to lie a friend, a comrade and a wife to
him, i want the ntttiioi'iiy io command the craft when my husband Is
sick or iiiiscnt on shore. 1 would
rather do this than have hlm employ ii
stranger who would bo Ignorant of the
crew, the under officers and the peculiarities of Ihc lioul Itself. And
above nil. l desire to help my husband
lunko money." Surely these wore
sweet words of wisdom from it delicate, youthful wife. No gallant Federal commissioner could have denied
Mrs. Leathers her license, nud to his
credit be ii said iluit he made no attempt to do so.--Now York Mail and
l'n nn Hands in d'uba.
Many ncvvspiipcr writers have' re
marked cm the youthfulness uml apparent stupidity of the regulars in Cuba.
1 suppose To per cent of tlicin arc under "."), snys a writer iu Tbe Areua,
They are mostly ptowboys, freshly
cniigiit by the conscription, and shipped across the seas without any training or drill whatever. Spain has kept
her older lieiops at home lo protect herself against the Cni'llsls and the Ue-
publicsins, who arc supposed to he plotting against  tbe tiovciiiiiieut.
These   boys  ure  sol   down   far   finm
homo, lu u strange land, where yellow
fever uml smallpox prevail by turns
the year round. Tbey arc treated with
tbe greatest brutality by their oflicers,
robbed by Ihe i-oiiiinlsMliii's, Insiitrlei-
enlly clothed and fed. shot down from
nnii'ii-ii by enemies whom they ennnoj
sec uud cannot catch, anil arc paid Ir
regularly or not at all. Can such soldiers be expected lo prove ctttclenl'.'
I have seen a whole company crying
like children Ih'ciiusc one of their number bud received a loiter from home,
and the rest were honiesie-k. I luivV
seen a luii.riir general In the Spanish
army lash a private over his face and
head with a whip, because thc man did
not not ice his approach and failed to
salute blm quickly enough. I have seen
half n dosten of these soldiers scrambling on the floor of a coffee houses for
a few coppers contemptuously thrown
to them by nn American correspondent.
Are these the proud soldiers of Spain,
the descendants of the foot soldiery
that were the. terror of Europe a few
centuries ago?
Btrw.-ire of "cheap" bale-
ing powders.    Alum makes
good medicine but bad food.
Ask your doctor.
A race war is threatened between the
while settlers nnd a colony of negroes recently taken to Hlackwell, Oklu.
Tlie city coiiue-ii of   Muscatine, Iowa,
j hns placed $300,000 of city bonds with
the first National hunk of Chicago, their
| bid being 4.L
Robert Kenny of Dickinson county,
: Kansas, will tnke a trip around the world
I ns u result of a big apple crop lust year.
I for which ho received $5000.
There ure nbout 40,1X10 miners nt work
in the gold mines of eastern and southern
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
unci refresh tug to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on tbe Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses ilie system elTecttiiillv, dispels colds, head-
aches anel fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of 1'i.us is the
only remedy ol its kind ever pro-
eliiccil. pleas'intr to the taste and acceptable] to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the must
healthy ana agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all ami have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in no
cent hot ties by all leading drug-
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
We nre the inrgesl manufacturers in the
8iute ol
Prime California Oak Leather.
Immense s'ock ���>! saddlery UoodH. n
roar dealer eteicn nol keep liur uinke ol
Unman, semi direct (or them.
822 Sprajuc Av.       Spokane, Wn.
ihe iiunie ���' M. K. li.M is" siampeel ou
all ll��rnos*s; ecu ntjikc i. s guarAntee
en' exceilem-a. Look tor it. Tnke no
..IM':.  cCHliitii_uts upon tappliussvl tun.
\V,- wi-.l, I..^hin t. O.eHsO ns ,s ,'.',,.
demerit, unci hene's-offer
1  1'ki;   t'.Deu  llii,!i..li, t(l-
IFkit. Early Sprinti Turn.;i, Kki
1     " l'.r;e-.'��l  Ite-el Hki'I, Ilia
1    " Bi.eueirL'k (.'iiucimtse r, l(k-
I     " Unren Vlclisl.nI.uli.JLC, IS.
I    ���* Klunelykis Mrlein, Ho
I    �� stmubs, Gun Onion, * i&o
'.'. " linlliHul riuMt.r Ss-.'ilrt, He
Worth tl.SS. fur 14 s-s-s,!..
Abo.ee 10 ckiiH. m>rth SI.U0, tn will
rsmll y.'ii nm, teilellis-r witli .nir
irwssst PUnt einel Seise! ('amlnaeis!
upon recint. of thi* nut ice hud 14c.
poaUf e. We Invito your tried. And
know when you once try Bsvl.e-'.
esssesd. yiu, will nci-r urt sllout with- _
""tiffs'���. �����<���������*������ ��lf 1.60
sBblsOssUlogelaMto. flu. i c
JOSJ   4.   NIUIl   USD  CO.,   U   CtSSMS,  WIS. *
v Lamtterson
Portland. OA
A copy of the new eilltlon ot Miss Pi ���-
loa's Choice Ree-elpta will be sent
poKtpnlel to uuy of our renders who
will make nppllcutlon Iiy postal innl or
note> to Walter Bulcer A Co., I.tmlteel.
Dorchester, Mass.
Steve llillieitncr liu* heen tippointc-t
chief clerk of tlie railwuy mail service,
with headquarters nt liittin Rock, to sun-
eeed 11. I). Lydlck. The new clerk 1ms
been iu tlie service IS vesrs.
Curtail Their Privilege*.
The privileges of the young men ot
to-day are being: slowly undermined.
At St. t.cnils those who are bonded by
the surety companies are reported to
their employers if seen hanging around
a stage door or frequenting the society
of theatrical women. Taking a sou-
brette to eupper almost risks the forfeiture of a bond.
Is ll Wro.*!(i
Oet it Right.
Keep It Right
Moan's Betnlei liaiiy win do It. Throe
dosss will sssks 7<M tool lMMcr. Oot U trom
���ou diagglol at say wholsuls drag homo, m
C. E. AUGIB. PAi-oisK, wash.
��� travellmv man Is never a real thor-
ox gltbred until he Im able to carry a
porter around witb hlm, to pack aad
unpack his samples.
for tracing anil locating Gold or Silver
Ore, loet or buried trecsfluree. M. 1>.
FOW1.KR. nox 837. Soutblnirton.Conn.
ft, I.
s\o.  IO,   'l��H. '   ���'''-,'���'
Xelson Tribune Deprecates Chanycs
in Mining Laws.
Tampering with the mineral act is to
be at ull times condemned, and the proposed changes, originated by W. A.
Cjarlyle, affecting the life of a location
are not  favored   by   tho   miners, anil
should not be countenanced by the mining committee of   the legislature.   As
the  nature  of  the  changes becomes
mora familiar, the greater is tho opposition   evinced   throughout   tho district.   Mr. Carlyle'* idea of uniformity
in the tenancy of   all mineral locations
Is by no means modern, and  his pro-
I osuls are not in   tlie line of   improvement.   To the capitalist it would work
no hardship, but to  the prospector it
would mean his all.   Then can bo no
general fault found with the act as it
low stands, and it tends to greater confidence from the   prospector   than the
proposed amendments would evoke. To
ie circumscribed in the   scope   of his
operations does not encourage the prospecting  of   a    country's  mineral resources by the hardy   miner.   British
Columbia (loos not aim to be narrow in
ils laws, believing in the most good for
the general masses���a fact that should
be ever before tlie   eyes of the legislature.   There is need of amendments to
the act, but they follow rather the line
of equalising the discriminating burdens the coal barons have boen   instrumental in thrusting upon the precious
metal industry, and not in the  lessening of the few advantages possessed by
the pioneers,-Nelson Tribune.
[Where no consideration is mentioned the
nominal stun eif $1 is understood. 1
Feb. '.(i.���Globe, on west side of Kootenay
lake���Duncan (irnhiim to .1. M. McPhee and
Alex Cummings.
Victoria. Globe, Eureka, Yoscmitc, Home-
stake, Echo, Scottish Chief, Parrott, on Hear
Lake - Mortgage J. M. Mel'hee to E.H.Thomlln-
soti, |A85.
Agreement on the G last mentioned claims
aetsve:eu J. M. Mel'hee and C. H. Green,lor payment of tSTiU to first patty it he disposes of these
claims for |12,0U0.
Klondike, near White Grouse mt.���W. W.
Harris to Mrs. Jennie F. Harris.
Ualtouion and Grey Copper, near same-Thos.
Harris to same.
Copper Star, near same���Donald W. Harris to
Feb. 28.���Henrietta, Agues and Lulu, near
Redman's Point, east shore of Kootenay lake���
B. F. Shields to Mt.rg.iet L. Martin, & 11,100.
Last Chanco, on Desmond creek���Angus Pea-
ton and Jacob Kelsen to Andrew Thistert,^.
March 1���Mexico, Montceuma���Mortgage ot
75 tons of concentrates to B. N. A. Bank, 1:1,000.
March 8s���Total Wreck, on Blue Kidge mt.���
Win. Anderson to Frank Alstrom, J.J.
Hazel, near Whitcmater���Henry 0, Fowler to
II. Williams, trust deed, 15,000.
.ii-we-lrv  Store III New Quarters.
O.Strathearn has removed his jewelry
store into tho rooms formerly occupied
by W. J. Orr, with boots and shoes, In
tiie new brick front block opposite the
post olllce. The new quarters aro a
great improvement over tho -old and
will show off Mr. Strathern's line stock
to good advantage.
"Sad .News for Moyle City."
D. It. Young of the Slocan City News
lias purchased tlio plant of tho dceased
Slocan City Pioneer, and removed it to
Moyle City where he will publish a
paper. This will be sad news for tho
inhabitants of that young and beautiful
town.���New Denver Lodge.
V   Live Market Firm.
Tho firm of Hums & Co., the well
known market men, realizing the value
Of Uie B. C. Nows as an advertising
medium, toll our readers all about it in
tt good sized card in another column.
I'or Hargains in Groceries.
Co to J. B.   Wilson's.     Tie handles
ull staple lines, as well as line gradee
like Chase &  Sauburn's  coffees  and
Upton's and Tetley's teas.
furnishing Goods nnd Dry Goods at Cost.
Men's clothing, boots and shoes and
s line of staple dry goods at cost at J.
B. Wilson's, Front street, Kaslo.
A Social Tea and Concert Next Tuesday
Afternoon and Evoning.
Active preparations arc lielng made
by the committee in charge of the
social ten to be given on the afternoon
and evening of next Tuesday, 8th inst.,
in McGregor's building on Front street
���formerly J.J. Sehl's store���in aid of
the funds of the free reading room.
One very Interesting feature in con
nectlon with the tea will be the "art
gallery" exhibition which everyone
ought to see. A promenade concert
will be another attraction. Admission
\o the tea and concert only 25c.
Mr. D. M. Linnard, manager of the
Rossland Syndicate, and now in London, England, has decided to abandon
the real estate department of his business and devote himself entirely to
The St. Pancras hotel, erected last
summer, containing 40 rooms and litted
with all modern improvements, must,
therefore be sold before April 1st.
As to the condition of the building,
Mr. Wm. Goodwin, the city building
inspector, will give the required information. For priceSs and terms
The Rossland syndicate, Ltd,. Lia,,
Rossland, B. C,
March l.O. K. by Jos. Blanc-hard, on Lock-
hart creek, east sldo of Kootenay lake, uear
C. d: S, by M. Johnson, near Bamc.
Feb. 98���Last Chance by Angus Beaton.
March Is���Indication by D. W. Gooele,
Following are the ore shipments for ihc week
ending March 3 over Ihc Kaslo ,4 Slocan Hy:~
Mine. Destination. Tons.
Kuth I'ucblo and Everett  140
Payne Pueblo and Everett '200
Whitewater Everett; 90
Last Chance Pueblo  40
Montezuma Aurora  95
Ramblur Tacoma 75
Queen Bess Everett 20
Dardanelles Kaslo 80
Ajax Omaha 24
Bullion Nelson    '2!_
Isodes discovered in tunnels may bo held If
recorded In fifteen 'lays Irom discovery.
A tree miner may on payment of s<6U0, In lieu
of expenditure on claim, obtain a crown grant.
Any miner mav, at the discretion of eominis-
aioner.obtain water right for a term of 20 years.
No transfer of mineral claim or interest is enforceable not in writing, signed and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from unv act of omission or commission on the part (if officials.
No claim shall bu.open to location during last
illness of holder, nor within 12 months alter his
death, unless by permission of golel coininis'ii'r.
A mineral claim must be recorded within 18
days after location, if within to miles of office
of recorder. One additional day ls allowed for
every additional 10 miles or fraction thereof.
Tlie mining laws of British Columbia are designed tciafrorel the utmost protection to miners, and also to afford every encouragement to
prospectors to open up iinel locate mineral
properties. The prospector who has found mineral in place, must mark his claim by two legal
posts, each four Inches square and not less than
4 feetfabove ground, and are to be Nos. I and 2.
A legal post marked "discovery post" must
be placed on Ihe lode where it was discovered.
On No. 1. post must he written:
1. Initial post. 2. Name of claim. I. Name
oi locator. 4. Date of the location, n. Approximate hearing of No. 2 post. ti. Uingtli and
breadth of claim. 7. Number of feet to the
right and left of location line.
On No. _ post must be written:
1. Name of claim. 2. Name of locator. 3, Date
of location. The line of No. 1 to No. 2 must be
marked bv blazing trees or planting posts.
Locations made on Sunday or public holidays
arc not for that reasou invalid.
Wurlton each claim to the value of sSKX) must
be done each year from date of record of mineral claim, Affidavit made bv thc holder, or
his agent, setting out a detailed statement nf
the work done, muBt be riled with the golel commissioner or mining recorder, and a certificate
of work obtained and recorded, before the expiration oi each year from the date ol record of
said claim. A free miner holding adjoining
claims, may, subject to filing notice of his intention with the gold commissioner or mining
recorder, perform on any one or more of such
claims, all the work required to entitle him to
a certificate of work for each claim. The same
provision applies to two or more free miners
holding adjoining claims In partnership. In
lieu of above work the miner must pay $100
and get receipt and record of samo.
Total tons.
New York, March 1.���Silver, MMo.
Lead-Steady ; brokers' price, 13.60; exchange,
From Jan. 1, 1SSH, to elate tne   leading mines
ofthe Slocan region   have  snipped over  the
Kaslo Si siocan Hallway for water transportation from Kaslo, as follows:
Mine.                    Toiis.lMlnc. Tons.
Payne    1800 jEurekn  42
Ruth       (>-C!Fideltty  15
Whitewater   1430 Sovereign  20
Reco     lsll-Queen Bess  125
Slocan Star*     -OO'.Iuokson  16
Rambler-Cariboo     180|Qibson  16
Lucky Jim     9001 Montezuma*  286
Last Chance     714 Charleston  30
Qoodenough      JQlAntoine  49
Dardanelles       30 Ajax  10
��� Concentrates.
Tho following is a partial statement of ore
shipments over the C. P. R. from Slocan and
Lardeau points since January 1st, not included
ill I lie fore-going:
Mine. Tous.lMliic. Tons.
Vancouver      40 Silver Cup     IDS
t^looaiijtar.; ^.. '.iKllWaverley      60
Following Is a table of the leading stocked
mining companies of thc Slocan and Ainsworth
niluiug divisions:
Payne  ...
Slocan Star	
Noble Five	
Great Western,.. .
sVmerlcan Boy	
< lib-oil .... 	
St. Keverne	
London 1I1U	
Black Diamond	
No. of
Par   '
I Market
(JNo stock on the market.
Of tho foregoing, thc following have paid dividends as follows:
I'a7ne7~r7T~7WsWJNo^Tle Five.... 40,ikki
Slocan Star.. .    400,000 Goodenough.. 32,500
Ruth     SOO.OOOIWashlngton... 20,000
Reco     287,5��0iJacksou  20,000
Rambler-Cart..      40,000 Surprise  20,000
Besides the foregoing, other mines, linstock
ed, have paid dividends as follows:
Idaho % 240,0001 Last Chance..
Whitewater...    154,000 Antolne	
Slocan Boy....      2B,OOo| Monitor	
Foil owing is a comparative statement of ore
shipped from partsof the Slocan and Ainsworth
mining districts, passing through tho custom
house at Kaski to foreign smelters for the live
recorded months of ISpiS, all of 1896 uin 11 s'.i?:
1895 (3 months)..
1896 (12 mouths).
1897 (12 months)..
Gross Weight
of Ore In Lbs.
73 f,9fi,390
Gross Value ol
Ore in Dollars
*   114,541
Any person over 18 years of ago may become
a free miner on paying J5 to any gold commissioner or mineral recorder and obtaining a certificate good for one year. A new certitieate
may be obtained for one lost, by paying tl.
A free minor's certificate is not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held as real estate without license, maybe fined $25. Mines become real estate after
crown irrant has been Issued.
Should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner's cartltlcate his interest goes to his co-own-
urs pro rata according to tliolr interests.
\ free miner may cut timber on crown lands,
and kill game for tils own use at all seasons.
A freo miner may obtain a five-acre millslte
upon crown lands, In the form of a square.
A claim may be held from rear to year by doing work to the valne of one nundrod dollars.
Two claims ln each mining division nqt op
the same vein or lode, nay be held, and more
than ono on tho ����me vein if held by purchase.
Following Is the list of letters remaining un
called for in thc Kaslo Postofflce since the last
ltstlpiiblishvd over date of Feb. 24,1898:
Albright, J.
Bache-r, Chas.
Brown, Jas.
Campbell, a.m.
Damey, Kd
Davidson, N. H.
Fitch, Ed
Genson, J. W.
Gray, Mrs. J. C.
Hooker, Joe
Johnston, Joseph
Kelly, Jno.
Merchant, Alice
Merwyn, Mrs. J.E.
McArthur, Jas. C.
Mclscan, Archie
Ncnilcuhall, F. R.
Olson, Andy
Pelkahu, Henry
Smith. Mrs. Ida
Wooelfred, Vi. A.
S. II. GREEN, Postmaster.
Kaslo, B. C, March 8, 1898.
Ileugey, A.T.
Bumsldc, Chas. L.
Burns, J. J.
Chandler, Pcrlcy
Dunn, Jno. S.
Elmore, Paul
Goode, D. W.
Grunt, Herman
Gatward, Mattlc II.
Irvlngton, Robt.
Johnson, Ed
Linnnott, Alex
Murray, Jas. A.
Mowatt, Wm.
MeKasliiger, .1.
Mclnnls, B. K.
Neal, Wm.
Pelton, Forest
Stamen, J. A.
Thorudlke, Bell
�� Kuskonook j
���End of Lake."
It Is   Now Surveyed and
The Only Fonsable Teraiuus of tlie
On Kootenay Lake.
Or J. H. Gray,
Qold Mining and Milling Co., Ltd.
Offices nt Kaaio, B. C.
Capital, 12,000,000.
This property comprieea 10 claims on an iron capped lcd>_e
over three miles long and over 50 leet wide.
The tunnel Is In nearly 100 feet and still progressing.
Surface assays have yielded trora J5 to 110 per ton in gold.
A limited amount of Treasury Shares for sale.
This property is likely to be Kaslo's Le Roi.
Comfortably Furulahed Booau.
For comfortably furnished rooms by
the day, week or month. Apply to
Mrs. Thompson, ou A. avenue, near
Third street, two doors west of Green
Bros' store, upstairs.
Notice ls hereby given that the plant of the
Kaslo Transfer Co. has this day been leased to
L. Hanna, and that all accounts owing to said
Company must he paid on or before March 1st,
after whieh they will be placed ln suit without
further notice.
Kaslo, B. C, February 1,181)8.
Proprietor Kaslo Transfer Co.
To ths Public.
Take notice that I have leased the Kaaio
Transfer Co.'s plant.aud will carry on ln future
under the name of thc Kaslo Transfer Co., and
will dual ln Wood, Hay, Oats, Whoat, Ice, etc.,
and do a general Cartago Business. Terms,
cash to accompany ail orders except where arrangements are made at tho office, ln uo case,
however, will accounts be allowed to run longer than tho end of tho current month. Reasonably low charges.and small profits with prompt
payments, win be our motto.
Kaslo, B. C, Fobruary 1,1898.
!.. Hanna, Manager.
Confectionery, Tobacco
and Cigars.     v
A stock of '���'ancy Groceries is
Soon to be added to our stock.
Front at., opp. Kaslo Hotel, Kaslo, B.C.
���Real Estate and Mining Broker.���
-Front St., Kaslo, B. C,
I  have sold my  building
Feed Business in Kaslo to
Messrs. J. Turner & Co.,
Who will handle and keep
constantly a large stock of
Flour, Rolled Oats and all lines ku it in
a first-class Feed Store. 1 can recommend the people of this city to patronize the new linn for honest values for
their money.     W. G. NEELANDS.
r     House,
NELSON & BOSTRUsM, Proprietors.
Nicely Furnished Rooms. Bar well
Stocked. Spokane Beer on Draught by
the Schooner or Quart. Best Free
LunQb )n the City.
Bar and Billiard
Room in Connection
Rooms from $2 per week Up.���Newly furnished throughout. ��� Electric
Lights.���Front st., next door to Post
O��09, Kaelo, B. C.  "T


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