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 If You Sec it in thc
NEWS It is True,
KASLO, B. G, FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1898.
NO. Ifi.
K. IS.
Bill to Parallel it Favorably Reported at Ottawa.
Kaslu Board of Trade Instructs President Buchanan to Defeat the Bill if
-Strong Resolutions.
Last Wednesday Vice-President Ger
rard of tho Board of Trade received a.
telegram from 1'resident 0. O. Bueli
anan, now at ot'awa, saying that tho
bill for the extension of tho Nakusp &
Slocan branch of the C. P, K. railway
from Throe Folks to Whitewater, had
passed the committee, but might yet
be successfully opposed if the board
desired him to tight it.
Viee-Prosident Gerrard immediately
called together tho council of the
Board of Trade, and tho situation was
discussed. A committeo was appointed
that drafted tho following resolutions
which were laid before a meeting of
the full board yesterday morning and
unanimously Adopted!
'���Whereas, Tlie K. & S. Railway Co.
is a company working under a charter
from the Province,and capital lias boen
invested on the faith af that, line being
not paralleled; nnd
"Whereas, The building of a parallel
line from Throe Porks to Whitowater
will cat into tho moat profitable portion
of tho K. & S. traffic and leave tho balance Of the ruiU.ay of comparatively
little value; nnd
"Whereas, Tho strangling of this
railway by thoC. 1'. R.wlll destroy the
hope of getting capital interested in
Independent linos here in British Columbia and a'! competition with tho 0.
P. R., and leave the Provinoo at its
its mercy Jam! under its dominance:
"Whereas, The Slocan district has
beon developed by the building of tho
K. & S. Ry., an't ii" requirement* are
satislled by s.iid railway, and It is li.s-
lteved that the building this yoar of a
line of railway into tlio Lardo-Duucan
country and other enterprises tending
to develop tbo country will be defeated
if this charter be granted; therefore,
"Resolved, that tlio President of the
Board of Trado be instructed to oppose
tho granting ol said .chartor as strongly as possible."
In accordance with the foregoing tho
following dispatch was wired to Mr.
Kaslo, B. C, April 21,181M.
G. O. Buchanan. Ottawa! Ont.:
Full meeting of Kuslo Board of Trade
Instruct you to oppose charter to
Whitewater as strongly as possible. It
moans the strangling of tho K. & S.Ky.
and destroys every hopeof getting capital Interested In independent linos
here, and destroys competition with 0.
P. R. ln British 'Columbia. See Tramway Act, 181M, prohibiting paralleling,
not disallowed. Resolution mailed.
A MO. !.t'<AS, I'res. pro loin.
The allusion to tho Tramway Act of
1894 ls explained as follows: It was a
Provincial act prohibiting the paralleling of the EC. & S. ity. by any other
line. This act, It is said, not being
disapproved at Ottawa during the first
year of Its life, is in effect now a Dominion act, and tho Dominion ls thus
forestalled from nullifying It.
In the absence of Vice-President Garrard at yesterday's meeting, Alex Lucas was chosen president pro tern.
There were also present Secretary
Martin and Messrs.Cockle, Allison,Irv-
ing, Twisg) George T. Kane, Whiteside, Byers, McGregor, Young, King
find Tumor.
amended by reducing the capital stock
from $2,500,000 to $1,500,000, Tho question put to the house last night was for
tho second reading of the bill as
amended. By a majority of 20 the
house negatived the motion and the
bill wns accordingly dropped from the
order paper. The officers of tho house
state tbat this is tlie lirst time since
confederation that a measure has been
rejected in this particular way.
A bill so disposed of, however, can
be revived and placed on tho orders
again for a future day, if the house
should decide to consider it again at
tho stage at which it was dropped. Mr.
, Blair had with him in favor of tho bill
Sir Richard Cartwright and Messrs.
Dobol, Fitzpatrick, Mulock, Paterson
and Sifton. Mr. Tarte carried only one
member of the cabinet with him
against the bill, but he carried tho
movement to kill it. Of the British
Columbia members, Messrs. Bostock
and Morrison supported tho bill, and
Messrs. Earlo, Maxwell and Mclnnes
voted against it.
President McKinley Calls fop 100,-
000 Volunteer.
Will Try Again.
Ottawa, April 16.���While tlio Kettle
Rivor railway bill was thrown out by
the commons last night, it is understood that it will bo restored to tho order paper on Monday and another attempt made to pass it. A large number of friends of tho bill were away
last night. If the bill passes, the
Grand Trunk would not only be able to
got into British Columbia but also to
the northwest ovor the Crow's Nost
I'ass Railway.
Some of the Litter Detail*.
Ottawa, April It).���Mr. Bodwell, the
representative of tho Kettle River
railway project, is quietly preparing
for another attempt to secure the pass-
ago of the tyill at Ottawa. Members
coming in from the country say public
opinion is docidodly in favor of the
charter! and thoy urgo that as thero is
nothing to lose and everything to 'rain.
an effort will be made to secure the reinstatement of the bill on tlie order paper. It is said that if Mr. Corbin does
not got a chartor ho will build a mail
lino just south of the border in the U.
S. and construct branch lines at various points along the main lino that
will run to tho border at points where
mines aro located.
Diplomatic Relations Suspended in Both Couii-
trics-Cougress Passes mid President
Signs Resolutions that Cuba
Must be Free.
.Madrid, April 21, 4 p. in.���The queon
regent and cortes now in session havo
just declared war against tho United
States. The people aro wild with patriotic fervor. U. S. Minister Woodford
has been handed his passports and lias
left for France.
send passengers and freight by a neutral port as well as by vessels Hying a
neutral flag. In the event of the Spanish fleet defeating the United States
fleet, a thing which by somo authorities at Ottawa is considered quite possible, t*Jow Vork and other important
harbors would bo blockaded, and Montreal, Halifax and St. John would bo
called on to handle all the trans-Atlantic trade.
[Tho following letter was received
the day after our last issue, having
been delayed en route.--Kds. News.]
Ore House and Jlacliinery Burned
Wi Loss of MO.
Occulted Last Tuesday-Will Lay Oh" N
the MrK-_i_l Stop Shipments for
the Present.
\ Ice-Pi-.-*.. ttliuiiKhiU'8*sy KenlleH to Kohh-
lHilit Hour.) of Trail.'.
President J. B. McArthur of the
Bossland Board of Trade lias received
the following lottor which is solf-ox-
Montreal, April 11, 1808.
.1. Bs McArtliur, Esq., Rossland:
Dear Sir���Many thanks four your letter of recent date, upon the subject of
tho divorsion of the Crow's Nest line
from the foot of Kootenay lake to Trail
Instead of building via Nolson as contemplated by our agreement with the
government. 1 do not think wo would
be inclined to consider any departure
from our original plans, nor are we of
tho opinion that, any practicable route
for a railway can oe found between the
south end of Kootonay lake aud the Columbia rivor viu the Salmon liver
without goin^ south into IJ. S. territory. .Meantime, I have requested our
engineers to make an examination, so
that we may have the necessary data at
hand If at any time in tlio future wodo-
cldo to build a branch lino through
there.   Yours very truly,
T. G. Shauohne^y.
In vlow of the foregoing, the following from the Kuskonook Searchlight of
April 20, becomes significant:
Burn's party of engineers left the
other day to run a line through the Summit creek pass six miles south of
here to the Salmo, thence on* to
the Columbia river. This is the route
the Rossland board of Trade petitioned
the C. P. R. to adopt to get to Rossland
instead of by way of Nelson. If the road
is built'through the obove pass Nelson
will be communicated with by boat with
Kuskonook as the transfer point.
Havana, April 21.���General Blanco
has called for volunteers to support the
Spanish flag. The United States naval
fleet is now hourly expected to block-
ado tlie port aud bombard tho city.
Washington, D. C, April 21.���Great
excitement exists in Washington ou
receipt of the news that .Spain has declared war. President McKinley will
call for I00,(w)l) volunteers. Tho U. S.
squadron at Key West has beon ordered to proceed immediately to Havana and blockade the port. President
McKinley yesterday signed the resolution of congress declaring that tho
P'oplo of Cuba aro and of right ought
to bo free and independent. s*.t tho
samo timo ho forwarded an ultimatum
to Spain to evacuate Cuba by Saturday. Spain's only reply to the ultimatum was tho declaration <fi war. Sonor
Bernabe, tho Spanish minister, requested his passports today and loft via
Canada with his entire logation.
War News as Itcreivi'd in Kanlo.
Tl'..' bulletin*, in front of Lament & Young'l
iHK.k store thnt nre Svtroil dally l>y the Bpokane
Spukesman-Keview lo stimulate Ihe sale of its
papers, forms the eenler of attraction on Kaslo's
slni'ts IhiH week. Placed above the bulletin
board nre two Hags, the Cnion .lack nnii the
American,   This pair is  rapidly being  ilupli-
caini nil over town,evincing the sympathy of
Britain wttb the Americana in the present
Neutrality Ol>aervetl--lT. s. I"..i,-luii Trade
will Seek Canadian Channels.
The Kettle River Bill May  Be Re-
*    Introduced.
Ottawa, April 10.���The Kettle River
railway bill was rejected in thc commons last night by a vote of 64 to 44.
The bill was disposed of in a somewhat
novel way, although strictly within
parliamentary rates, in committeo of
the whole a few nights ago the bill was
Whh Not niisell of Sandon.
Amongst the names of tho people
killed by the big slide on the Chilcoot
trail In Alaska appears the name of A.
D. Blssell, of Seattle. It has been reported that the man was formerly man-
agor of tho Paystreak, but there is no
foundation for thc rumor,as the Sandon
editor', initials were E. C, aud ho was
at Fort. Wrangel a few days ago with
no Intention of flying the banner over
hard trails.���Sandou Paystreak,
Toronto, Ont., April   18.-A   special
to tho Globo from Ottawa says:   The
decision  of  congress  to    wage    war
against Spain, brings up tho question
of tho relations of  Canadians   to the
combatants while   the  conflict  is in
progress.   The attitude of this country
will be entirely  gqvornod by  instructions received from time to time from
the colonial ofllce.   Hon David   Mills,
advisor of tho govornment on constitutional questions, states that the sale of
coal and similar supplies to war vessels
ol either Spain or tho United Statos in
Canadian ports must bo governed  by
the decision of the imperial authorities.
If coal Is declared contraband of  war
by the colonial office the ruling will
apply to Canada as well as to Jamaica
and Other ports of the West Indies.   It
is not expected there will be any difficulty experienced in maintaining strict
neutrality, although in the event of naval operations in tho North Atlantic
tho warships of both   countries might
be compelled to uso tho harbor at times.
If the war bo long oontinued and Spain
goes Into the  business of preying on
United States commerce, Montrei 1 and
Halifax will become for a time most
important sailing points for  European
traffic.   Even if the  Spaniards should
be beaton in pitched battles at sea and
their navy scattered, there  will   be a
disposition as long ai hostilities last to
The No. 1 mino has still tho regular
force of mon at work. Thoy have lately put a boiler and hoist in'tlio mine to
haul loaded cars up the winze that is
being sunk, lt is down about 100 foel
and the ore is as good as over. This
property will no doubt pay well this
summer. Leander Shaw, superintendent of the No. 1 mine, has gone oast
to visit his relatives. Ho will not return for a month.
L. J. McAtee is expected from Spokane about May 1st, and will put a
force of men to work at tho Twin mino.
A concentrator and tramway are to be
built in the near future by this company.
I). F. Strobeck has bceen doing some
development work on tho Hope, one of
his claims. This is an extension of tho
Twin and promises to bo a good paying
proposition in the near future.
T. J. Lendrtim and wife arrived home
tonight on the Steamer -Kokanee from
a visit to tho old country. Their faces
are again welcome sights.
James McK. Anderson of Kaslo was
an Ainsworth visitor this week.
Dan McLean was recently taken to
the hospital in Nolson, sick with typhoid fever. At latest reports ho was
some bettor.
On Monday, April   11th,   death   entered the home of W. A. McLellan and
took away his Infant sun.   The funeral
services took place on Tuesday.
A Christian   Endeavor   Society  has
been formed  in   connection   with   the
Presbyterian church. Thoy havo taken
hold of the project   of   establishing ;i
free   reading  room,   which   is   much
On tho morning of Good  Friday  tlio
pioneer citizen  of   Ainsworth,   G.  B.
Wright,   passed  away.   His  remains
wore taken to Now  Westminster for
interment, accompanied by  his  widow
and son.   The services  were  held  at
the home on Friday evening   by   Kev.
W. 3, Inglis, the Presbyterian missionary stationed hero. Tho funeral procession took  place  nuxt  morning to
meet tho steamer Kokanee. Tho casket was carried from the house  to  the
wharf by six pall-bearers,   viz:   Chas.
Olson, Alox McLeod, Chas, Taylor,Joy
Holland, W. B, Drummoiid and W. P.
Freeman.    Deep sympathy   is  felt  for
the sorrowing  family.   Mrs.   Wright
and son are expected   back   tho   early
part of next week.  G. B. Wright was a
natlvo of Vermont and was horn sixty-
soven years ago, but spent  tho greater
part of his life west of the Hooky mountains. In tho yoar 1S4II, when the California gold excitement broke out,  he
crossed   the   plains  and   engagod   in
placer mining at Marysvlllo, California, since which timo ho had a varied
career.   In 1800 ho followed  the  gold
excitement to Cariboo and was  one of
the contractors  on   tho  old   Cariboo
wagon road.   For several years ho o|w
���rated a Steamer on tiie  Fraser river
and was engaged in mining, freighting
and trading  at  Barkervlllo,   Llllooet
and Quesnelle mouth.   He was through
the Cassiar gold oxcitomont of 1870.   In
1878 he went into the salmon  canning
business on the Fraser, but was burnt
out in 1881.   Ho afterwards went   into
business ns a contractor on  tho Ondor-
dnnk section of the  C.  P. K. between
Uevolstoke and Shuswap lake. He also
built several wagon roads under contract for the  Provincial  government.
Ho has boen in tho  Kootenay  district
continuously since 1880, locating   lirst
at Illecillewaet snd afterwards at Ainsworth whore be engaged in mining and i committee
commercial operations up to the   timer   Tho following
of  his death.   In   all  his operations pointed:
The fine $-1,000 ore house of
i'ayne mine was totally destroyed
lire with contents last Tuesday ovei
at ti:.'io, just after the day shift had
come off and were at supper. The Causi
of tho firo is unknown, but is tin ighl
to have been a defective flue of the
stove at tho brake station. Tho whole
building seemed to be in flames from
the start.
From H. M. Richardson and Robert
Pollock, who, with several other Payne
employes, aro at tho Adams House.'.he
following details wero learned: The.
machinery destroyed included the gasoline engine, ore crusher and hoisting
machinery. Tho tramway is uninjnrcd
excepting'the hoadwoiks. There were
also 10 cases af dynamite No. 2 and 20
cases of gasoline burned, which all occurred without explosion as them was
no concussion or condition that would
generate gas. Tho total loss is est!
mated at $10,000.
Of tbe 110 men employed, 50 have
boen laid off until repairs are made and
machinery replaced. This will take
SOVeral weeks. Tho ,'! 1-2 mile i ol
wagon road to the mine is blocked bv
snow at present, not having been used
since tho tram was put In operation. In
another week but for this accident, 50
more mon would have been put at work.
Was Hantjcd  at Nelson at H O'Clock
This Homing,
(Special to Ihe B, C. Newi.j
Nelson, B. C. April 82.���Doyle, a
Sullivan,  alias Davis, who   murdi
Dan Connors at   Kuskonook,   Feb.   i.:
was hanged this morning at 8 o'clock
lie mado a statement yesterday to Sup!
Hussey and Sheriff Redgrave In v. blah
ho said that ho was a native of ( i, tin
palgne, Illinois, whore his rolath  a 11
side.   Doyle passed a quiet night, and
ate a hearty breakfast.   He went  ������.
the scaffold without a tremor   and   appealed indifferent to the proce
The body was buried in the prison yard,
Wll.l. NOT Slll'T OCT AI.I1AS
Victoria, April 10.���An attempt ��_s,
made in tlie legislature today to instruct the mining committee to Insert
in the proposed amendments to the
mineral act a provision excluding
aliens from the privilege of holding
mining property in British Columbia;
The mover was Mr. Braden, the work*
Ingmen's member from Victoria city,
who in past sessions also has move.I [n
tho same direction. Tho suggestion
met with little favor and was disposed
of by being ruled out on the
that to forbid tho Illinois' license to
allons would affect the revenue, with
which only the government may deal
To C.slel.ral.s die Q men'si Hirtliil.s .
At a meeting held as announce.!. hist
Friday night to t'onslder the celebration In Kuslo May 24th, the Quean's
Birthday, it was decided to oelebrate
Aldorman A. W. Goodenough pr. ddfl I
and .las. Anderson acted as secretary,
The following were appointed to act as
an executive committee to make all
necossary arrangements; A. VV. Good-
enough, D. P. Kan>), ���Archie fletoher,
Dave Young, D. C. McGregor, .1. W.
Cockle, Alex Lucas, Sam Hunter. ii.
Strathearn, A. T, Garland, Jas. And;
son, S. O. Trothowoy and Ernest King,
The flrst four mentioned are appointed
a special committee to solicit funds
among tho people of the city to make,
tho demonstration a success.
At a meeting of the executive oom-
mittee for the 24th of May celebratli n
held last Wednesday evening, Mayor
McAnn In the chair, .Tamos Anderson
was chosen permanent secrets -y and i .
! J. Young, treasurer of the celebration
committees   wore ;.:���-
,   ... i.i        ,.      i   , ... ,i    Caledonian sports. Messrs. MrCrescoi', Mr Vim,
nice 18.o, in which year he was mar-1 Ymini5 ftl���, aefSirtj g,_, rtccS| R.V c,��� if.!
I l>. Stvalhenrn ami D. P. Kane; mufclc and dune,
j lutr, A. T. Garland, B. King .-.nit  fi. P, Groan:
1 horwraeing, Messrs, Gnodenoagh. Lticaii nml
1 Trethewe; ; ikvoratlous, 8. Hunter, A. Fletcher
ninl Gus Annuls; advertising and  transr m.
tlons Messrs. Waugh, Anderson and Tuva; reception, Messrs, iicAnn, McGregor, Uoftard,
Goodenough and tt. F. Green,
ried, ho was accompanied by his wife
who is said to be tho lirst white woman
who over saw the Columbia river at
Revelstoke, OCCASIONAL.
Ainsworth, April 19. p Timely Topics* ^
tt will be observed thnt the.Atlanta
protests against kissing do uot come
from the girls.
We presume that nt that vegetable
dance In Now York tho geriiuin was led
by situr kraut.
A freethinker litis lieen sentenced to a
Week's Imprisonment lu Australia: tint
won't his make hlm think more freely
than ever?
Silotl, the great successor to I'iide-
rewsl.l. wears no niiine, so his Bltccesfl
cannot logically be called a case of capillar}' attractions
An a pleasure Investment a boy may
lit lrst think coasting down hill all
right, bnt eventually the returns an*
II. C. Prick, who attained some mien
Viable notoriety during tlie big strike it
Pittsburg a few years ago, has just paid
*ioo,(KMj for a picture.
Maybe the habit of girls marrying
veterans to enjoy n pension ns their
widows comes under the hea.5 of ull being fair in love nnd wiir.
Geographically the Chinese queue is
located In the game direction as the
British Llou's tail, but the powers tnke
care to handle it In a different way.
Thnt New Jersey man who has tried
Seven times to commit suicide and fulled might do worse thun to visit Skaguay this spring wearing a sack coat
and a silk hat.
The San Francisco Kxamlner prints
nu account of several men being carried
over Willamette Walls In a boat, under
the cnpti Swept lo Perdition."   Why
lake so gloomy a view of itV
A Lockport I.V Y.i paper says: "Miss
Minnie Powers of this city is eight feet
tall, lacking one Inch." That young
woman evidently stands very high ill
the estimation of nil who know her.
"Why." nsks the New York Evening
Sun. "will n woman wear a feather boa
a lound her neck and run-down heels to
her shoes?" Because there Is uo belter
place to wear either a lenther boil or
run-down heels.
It Is now claimed Hint nil the cheap
comic valentines in this country are
made in a small town iii the Interior of
New York. In order to save the place
from total nud Instantaneous destruction, however, ils nnine Is nut given.
A Loudon sciential says lie has carefully studied BU0 species of microbes,
uud finds ihut ouly forty of that number have vicious tendencies.   "On Un*
whole," he snys, "Ilie microbe helps to
make life pleasurable."   The eai'bolilleil
rosewater will have to go.
A pluk-tlnteil note from "Alys" brings
the Information thai she has "eiimpDseil
about twenty poems on spring and kindred subjects," and asks: "Siinii i consult an editor about this, and if so. bow
shall 1 go about It?" It will uot be
necessary to consult nu editor at all;
Just consult a physician.
The American navy hns �� glorious
past, traditions rich lu valor und genius. \V cluive the snine valor. ei|iuil
genius, but while we are boasting of
OUr better tools nf warfare we seem
yet to be Inadequately possessed of Ihe
gift of using Iheui. We shall learn, hut
It seems thai the sehiMilinuster i���
charging n merciless price.
Some doctor hns discovered that
Women who wear !<>��*. shoes nre in
grave danger of having I heir feel madn
tint and unshapely by the Inek of support for their ankles, Thut explains.
nf course, why women of times and
countries lu Which only sandnls were
worn or the feet were left unshod -fur
iilshed  so  many   bountiful  models  for
painters uud gculptors.
The AttoSiu-y General of Massachusetts has siiggoslod tbat trials I'or eer-
tnin criminal offences be held in se-
cret, thus shutting out prurient Idlers
nnd making It dittlcult fur cheap newspapers to gather the tilth on which llioy
fatten. In such nn event, the criminal
would miss his notoriel.v, the loafer his
scandal and the newspaper its "sunsa*
lion"���but to decent people the aggregate of all these losses would be a great
The railroads of the fulled States
expend in a your a sum more thnn *100,-
(NMUIOO in excess of Hit* total expenditures of the I'nlted States Government,
and this computation docs not Include
nearly $250,060,000 paid in thc form of
Interest upon railroad bonds or guaranteed stock nud from 180,000.000 to
* 100,000.000 paid In the form of dividends to stockholders. The railroads,
Indeed, nre thc great disbursing agencies of the country, handling never less
than a billion dollars In n year and disbursing It ull, or practically all. for
rnllronds na n rule do not keep lnrge
bank accounts, and do practically a
cash business, turning money rapidly.
lt Is neither the eusc wlilch wealth
gives���for riches ns often bring ciirkitiu
cures with them���nor yet asceticism.
nor yet athletics, which enables men
to reach advanced yenrs. While the-
controlling Influence Is so obscure thnt
we muy not confidently assume to point
It out. we think it will be found Unit
the possession of n clear conscience
goes ns fur ns anything to prolong a
man's life. The worries of life, whieh
wear out nervous force, lose their grip
upon one who is al peace with ills conscience, and as a general thing those
who live the longest have possession of
this \ltal resource.
We are apt to laugh nt Russia for so
lung persisting in the use of the antiquated calendar which wus prescribed by Julius Caesar, and which
is now twelve days behind thc calendar in use by other civilised nations,
tint ltussla Is now going not only to fall
lu line with tlie rest of flic world in
her mode of reckoning time, but to lake
another Important step in advance���a
step from which America, progressive
in most other things, shrinks with all
the timidity of a Child urged lo take his
lirst dip iu tlie ocean. Russia hns de-
elded to adopt the metric system of
weights and measures, thus leaving the
Dnited States and Great Britain thc
hist of Civilised nations to retain tho
old-fashioned arbitrary method of
weight and mensuration. It bus taken
Russia 81fl yours lo adopt the Gregorian calendar; let us hope it will not be
(Utile so long before the United Stntes
adopts the metric system.
The candidature of Prince George of
Oreece for the governorship of Crete
is a striking Illustration of the personal
relations of tlie reigning houses iu
Kurope. lie wrote a letter to his cousin, the Emperor of ltussia. asking liim
to support his claims. The Kiuperer
at once adopted hlm ns tlie Russian
candidate, They are not only cousin;,
each bei��ig a grandson of King Christian IX. of I��eiiinark, but ure also In-
liuiate friends of nearly the sumo age.
They were companions in a journey
around the world, and I'rlnee George
by his cookies* and courage, had Ml veil
Ids cousin's life from nu assassin's attack in .lapiiii. A personal appeal for
support could not be disregarded. Tbo
governorship of Crete has remained nn
unsettled question since the war between Turkey nml Greece. Tile Bll.'O-
peun powers, while pledged lo protect
ihe island, and to reform iis govern*
ment, had been tumble to agree upon a
candidate for governor. One name uftm
another bad been proposed, only in b*
rejected. Tbe wily Sultan objected on
general principles to every i-umliihile.
When Nicholas II. ordered his illluls-
ters to propose  Prince George's iiuine.
Uie significance of the nomination ns
the personal choice of the sovereign
was perceived throughout Kurope.
France, as Russia's closest ally, at one.
. uppoilid the candidature. Lord Salisbury seconded it gladly, especially as
the Prince was the nephew of the Princess of Wales. Italy acquiesced. The
attitude of the Kaiser Is not yet fully
known. Greece hnd plunged into war
lu order lo liberate uud annex Crete,
uml hud been disastrously defeated,
The appointment of u son of the King
of Oreece us governor of Urate would
be a considerable victory for tin* prostrate little kingdom.' The Sultan refused to consent to it, and appealed
tn tin* German Bmperor. ltussia at
once applied pressure by demanding
ihe payment of arrears of interest on
the unpaid war Indemnity contracted
by Turkey in the campaigns of 1STV-H.
Whenever the Sultan Is obstinate, he
is forcibly reminded thut Turkey owes
litissin n great deal of money. This
candidature, which will ut ou lo
much   to   retrieve     the     fiirtuiies     of
Oreece, nnd will offer a practical solution of a troublesome qnestlou of Hiiro*
peun diplomacy, is the outcome of Ihe
lllllltiiili* relulloiis of Ihe two iiiilsius.
who were together In the fur Hist, iu
the same way the lieruiuii Umporor,
III entering upon n diplomatic uud n;i-
vul campaign In China, commissioned
ids brother W visit Queen Victoria ut
Osborne. Prince Henry is u favorite
among tho Queen's grandsons, mid lu
consequence of his visit more friendly
relations between England ami Germany have been established. Whatever nuiy be the rival policies of ltussia and England In China, tlie family
relations of tih* iWO courts tend to pro-
mole compromise i�� .���<-.! pence. Nlcholnt
II. has married a granddaughter of the
Queen, and is strongly Influenced by
his mother, who Is a sisler of the l'riu-
cess of Wales,
t'eaelies Once  I'olsuil.
The poach was originally a poison
almond. Ils fruity purls were used to
poison arrows, nml for thnt purpose
were Introduced into Persia. Truus-
plantatlou and cultivation have not
only removed Ils poisonous qualities,
but'turned It Into thc delicious fruit
We now enjoy.
Killed in   Kahwajr Aouiilents.
The proportion of killed to the limn
bor of railway travelers Is in France
oue lu nineteen million, Knghind one
Id twenty-eight million, and In the
United States one In two million four
hundred thousau*
"Now, pnpn, dear, when Mr. Ttmmons
calls on you, don't be hasty." "Hasty?
I guess not. I've been thinking what
I'd do to him for more thnn a month."���
Clevelnnd Plain Dealer.
"Stebbins's wife Is going to make him
go ln for geology." "What's that for?"
"She can't make him keep himself tidy,
nnd she thinks If he is scientific, it
won't be noticed."-Chicago Record.
She���Here Is such a pretty little story
In the paper about how Kdlson came to
marry. He���I wish some of these
bright young journalists would explain
how I came to marry.���Indianapolis
"Here, my denr," said the far-sighted
husband, "put this money in the stocking for a rainy day." So she bought a
pair, and they really looked lovely on
Chestnut street yesterday.���Philadelphia Record.
"Is lt superstition that makes you
burn the feathers after cleaning a
chicken, uncle? I have noticed you doing so on several occasions." "No superstition, sab; jes' wisdom."���Indianapolis Journal.
Friend���Poetry Is a drug on the market, isn't it? Poet���I should say not!
Friend���Then 1 nm misinformed. Poet
���Your Informant probably never tried
to sell poetry or buy drugs.���Buffalo
"I'm troubled nbout thnt draft from
the West," snid tbe head of the tirm.
The ollice boy hurriedly closed the transom and then looked ns If he expected
nn Immediate advance In salary.���Detroit Free Press.
"Bridget, you've broken ns much
china this morning ns your wages
amount to. Now. how can we prevent
this occurring again?" "Oi don't know,
mum, 'unless yea raises me wnges."���
Pearson's Weekly.
"Mr. Showman," said an Inquiring Individual nt the menagerie, "can tho
leopard Change his spots?" "Yes, sir,"
replied thc individual who stirs up the
wild beast; "when he Is tired of one
spot he goes to another."���Tit-Bits.
Stranger��� I notice that when you announce your text your congregation all
make u note of the verse nnd chapter.
Parson���Tais; (ley takes down de number of de verse and chapter to mako
policy combinations out oh.���Puck.
Employer���YOU were late this morning, Henry. Office Boy���Yes, sir. Employer���Did you forget to mention it to
me? Office Boy���No, sir. But 1 didn't
want to deprive you of the pleasure of
being tlie lirst to speak of It,���Boston
"I'm proud of you," snid tlie bond of
the Arm; "I hnve letters from all over
Kansas saying that they hnve seen our
samples. How In the world did you
manage IIV" nnd he patted the traveling
man on the back, "Cyclone."���Detroit
Free Press.
Wife���Wbat'l the matter, dear? Husband���I hud a chance to bet ten dollars
on a "sure thing" this afternoon. Wife
���And you didn't do It? Well, no mutter.   Getting money by betting Isn't	
Husband���You don't understand. I did.
-Chicago News.
A Georgia man who went to Alaska
to dig gold writes home from Dnwsoti
City: "You muy expect me ln Georgia
ns soon as my clothes thaw enough for
me to get my hands In my pockets and
reach the money to pay for my ticket."
���Atlanta Constitution.
Mrs. de Temper���1 am not happy
with my husband, shall l drive blm
away? Lawyer���BIB life Is Insured iu
your favor, Isn't It? .Mrs. de Temper-
Yes; I mnde hliu do that before we married. Lawyer���Wall, don't drive him
off.   He'll die quicker where he Is.
"You will marry a tall, dark gentleman," sal'd the fortune teller, examining the lines lu the fair hand. "That
doesn't help me itny," despulrlngly replied tin- lovely blonde who hnd called
to consult her; "all six of them ure tall,
dark gentlemen:"- Chicago Tribune.
In the Klondike: First Citizen���That
lady journalist who just came lu from
the Stales seems to be nu authority on
economy. Second Citizen���How is thnl?
First Cltheen���She bus an article In
the Chilkoot Courier on "How to I.ivo
on Twelve Hundred a Week."���Puck.
"I s'pose you got a Bible you'll let a
guy look Inlo," snid one of the two
tough young men who had colled on
the minister. "With pleasure, my
young friend. If I can be of any assistance to you "   "Nab, I got to see fer
ineself: dls Is to decide a bet."���indlau-
no'.'Hi Journal.
Miss Mngg���1 don't sec how it Is your
sister fulled to find me at the station.
You said you would describe me to her.
Infatuated Lover (who sees a good deal
more In Miss Mngg than others can)���
Yes, I told her lo look for a beautiful
girl, with the fare of a Madonua nud
the form of a sylph. It's queer she
missed you.���New York Weekly.
Is Life
Pure Blood
Is Health.
Without blood circulating through your
veins yon could not live. Without pure
blood you can not be Well. The healthy
action of every organ depends upon thc
purity and richness of tho blood by which
it is nourished and sustained. If you
have suit rheum, scrofula sores, pimples,
boils or any kind of humor, your blood is
not pure. If you take Hood's Sarsapnrillu
it will make your blood pure and promptly relieve all these troubles.
"My daughter was afllicted with liver
trouble and had a sallow complexion. She
has taken Hood's Sarsaparilla and her
complexion is clear. Another daughter
had eruptions on her hands, hut after taking Hood's Sarsaparilla the eruptions are
all gone. We believe Hood's Sarsaparilla
to be an excellent medicine."
MRS. M. E. HILL, Brookfield, Wash.
HOOd S     apariila
Is America's Greatest Medicine. Sold by
all druggists, $1; six fur $5. Get only
Hrwl'c Pills are thfi onI>' P'"9 to tttke
flOOO S riU> wiUl IIood.H Sarsaparilla.
The average speed of a carrier pigeon
In calm weather ts 1210 yordB a minute.
With a strong wind in tlie direction *>f
flight, some pigeons have covered 1��80
yards a minute.
Established 1780.
I Baker's
lovernor-deneral Karl of Alierdeen
Premier  sir Wilfred Uuriei
-Member o{ Ihe  HoUW Of Common", Dominion
l'ttrliMiiient, for West Kootenav	
   Hewitt Bostock
I.leul-riovernor lion. T. K, Mclnnes
Premier , ...Hon. I. II. Turner
Attorney ueneral Hon. 1). M Kberts
Com. of Lands and Works. ...Hon. u. B. Martin
Minister ot Mines and Education ~..
 Hon. Jas. Baker
Provincial Mineralogist r.-ii. McConnell
Members of Legislative Assembly for Wen.
North Hiding l.M kellle
South Killing j. |\ Hume
Mayor    chas. NV. McAnn
Aldermen���A. Vi. Hoodennngh. K. K. Archer
J. 1). Moore, G. Hartin, li, V,.  Moore, (ieorse
City clerk   E. K. Chipman
Police Magistrate Alex l.ucas
City Marshal ..Ms V. Adams
Assistant W, A. Milne
Auditor c. D. McKenide
Treasurer 8. II. Green
Assessor s. p. Tuck
Waler Commissioner K. A. Cockle
Health Officer f)r. .1. F. H. Rogers
City council meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m.
at Ihe city hall, Ith street, between Front .St.
and A avenue.
Chief Hugh p. Fletcher
First Deputy chief George Reid
Second Deputy chief lohn (Hills
Third Deputy chief Geo. Whiteside
Secretary Archie Morris
Treasurer Uus Adam*
Mining Recorder and Assessor-Tax Collector
 .lohn Keen
Collector of Customs J. F. Mcintosh.
School Trustees���August Carney, J. 1). Moore.
O.O. Buchanan.    Principal-Prof. Jas. Hislop
General delivery open dally (Sundays ex
eepled) from 8 a. m. until T p. m. Lobby open
trom 7 a. m. to l��:.'sU p. in.
.Mails (or despatch closeil as follows: For
all parts of the world everv evening except
Saturday and Sunday, at  9. p. in.
Malls arrive from I'nlted Stales and lake
points daily except Sunday, at 9-.m p, m.
From c. p. It. points unci Slocan  points, ar
rive diily except .Sunday, at 4:00 p. m
Reglsl rat Ion otllce open 8::��ia. m.,6:80p, in
Money order olllce and Postolllce savings Bank
open 9 a.m. to ,    ,r> p. ni '
S. II. (illKKN. Postmaster
Mktiihiiist CHURCH��� Cor. c. and .'ith St. DI
| vine services every Sunday at 11 a. in. and
j    7:110 p. in.   Sunday school at 2:80.   Stranger*
always welcome.
c. Ari.T PiiocisiKii, M. A., Pastor.
. Pkknbvtkh.ian Ciniiiii Corner 4th streol and
I B avenue Services every Sunday at 11 a. m.
| and "::��! p. in. Bnnday school and Bible class,
I 2:90 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday even-
!    ing at 8  o'clock.    Free scats: strangers ami
others heartily welcome.
Rsv. A  D. Mksziks, Minister.
( in ... li op Kniii.anis-Southwest corner of c
avenue and .'ith slreel.   Services every Sun
day al 11 a. ui. and 7::��l p. m.    All arc cordial
1    ly Invited. Rkv, David Huiiahiis,
Missloner in Charge
| Baitist t n i-in ii-Services will be hold ln the
'    school house every Lord's day.   Morning set
vlin. II o'clock: Sunday si hiiol and plater's
Bible class immediately alter morning ser
vice: evening service, 7::m. All are  cordially
fnvlied to ""end.
I Rkv. H. c. Nkwiiimiik, Pastor
i Catiioi.ii Ciiiiii it-Corner c. avenue and Kth
��� St. No regular iiasii,rat present. Occasional
'    services b> special iiniiounreinctit.
 __________  _ I MASOSS- Kaslo lodge No. 88, A. F. and A.M..
!    meets Hist   Monday in every month a! Ma
mnf-n-r    . r . r.    m    i-na    i H. m. i    sonic hall over (,rccn   Bios.' store.    Visiting
BEST   LEAD   IS   THE   LEAD      brot_i-OT00rdl.Uvinvit.d Intend
I ���    |j II .Mil.I,.*.   IIYKIIS, W. M.
1 K. K. (in cm an, Secretary.
Masonh ciiaitku- Kootenay chnpter.lt. A. M.
holds regular convocations ou the second
Tuesday of each month In Masonic Hall,
Kaslo. Visiting companions are cordlallv invited. K. K- cm I'M an, _.
Chas, Thimiui.i., scriiw k.
MACCAKKM- slocan Tent No. fi,  Knights of the
Maccalsees, meets second and last Thursdays
of each inc.nib at  Livingston's hall,  Kaslo.
Visiting Knights cordially invited,
i Moss Hoi.LtND, Vi. A. Davies,
Keeper of Records. Commander.
Fokkstkhs. ���Court Kaslo (Jo,Ml, Independent
Order of Foiesteis.   Meets Al and llh Fridays
!    of each month lu Livingstone's Hall.   Visit
lng bielhrcn are cordlallv Invited.
Norman MoIstmh, Vi. B. stkathekn.
Recording Secretary. chlel Ranger.
celebrated for more
than a century as a
delicious, nutritious,
and flesh-forming
beverage, has our
Yellow Label
on the front of every
package, and our
Chocolatiere,"on the
MADE only by
Dorchester, Mass.
It la lion ee
Write to nt about it  Oar hook est
palming SENT FEU.
H����eM Oil I Piirit Iff. Co.,
In Barrels Weighing from '26a lo .12-. lbs.
Physician nnd Surgeon.
Cut this out and scud with order.
Ill Occident I Av*.. iHttll. Wait*,.
UradnatcJTrlnily   I nheislty, Toronto, (int..
j Memlier of College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Licentiate of the It. C. Council. Late of Ne\"
York Hospitals and  Polyclinic.   Ollice ou  lb
I street, oospltol, cor .",th and It, Kaslo, H C.
Notary Public,
Arbitrator. Assignee
Conveyancing, Etc
Over Lamont & Young's Book store,
Jeweler nnd Optician,
Reco Avenue, Bandon, B. C.
 nrWOTE THE MA ME. ���
Heore'a Revealed Binnflj will dolt. Thres
Soaea will nekt you feel better. Oet It from
rear Srugglst er ��njr wholeuli drug hotue, o-
tt.m Stewart a Holmer Drug Co.. Seattle.
for tracing and locating Oolit or Sliver
Ore. losi or hurled treasurer, It. D.
VOWIsKK. Box 3*7. Hmiihlimts->u. conn
N. N. V.
No. IT, 1>H.
Ooiigh Srrup. TsWts**Qood7 0*t|
In time.   Sola by orewim.
( . (I N     UMI'TH  ��� N
Miss Mattie Violet,
SuccesHor to 1.. MOKKS.
ji-lEiiD Fruit,
Cigars and
Reading Matter*
Wilt open Ice Cream and  I.iinch  Parlor later.
Fourth Btreet, Ksslo, R. V.
GrandBarber Shop'
ff_P"Kew Nickel Tubs.   Tickets good
(or three baths, |l. FEMALE OFFICERS OF LAW.
Two Oklahoma Girls Are United States
Deputy Marshals.
It Is not infrequent these days for
nn officer of the law* to name a woman
as a deputy. But she is nearly always
what In known ns an office deputy. She
performs mere clerical duties and never
takes to the held. But Oklahoma has
net the pace. United States Marshal
C. H. Thompson, of (iuthrle, has appointed two women as deputies for
Held work.
That a woman Rhottld choose the vo
���cation of professional thief taker in the
most civilized portion of the land would
lie strange enough.   It is infinitely mors
*o when she chooses Held duty in 'lie
worst territory in the Union. Criniln
% Is in Oklahoma and iu Indian Territory, the district wftero these two girls
���for they are maidens���must operate,
are of the most desperate and dangerous class. More lives are lost among
.Federal officers in a year there than In
nil tlie rest of the nation together. So
It would seem that these girls possess
metal of exceptional kind to willingly
undertake such duties.
The young women are Miss S. M.
Burette and Miss Mamie Fossett They
are of thnt adventurous class of females who Invaded the newly opened
territory in search of homesteads. They
lire young, fairly good-loi��.;lng, wel.-ed-
ucnted, fearless nnd Independent. Their
duties are by no means confined to
keeping Marshal Thompson's books.
Whan they took the oath of office and
assumed their duties It was with tlie
distinct understanding that they would
serve the Government just a* would
any other deputy marshal.   They wete
tlon of city garbage, and other waste
products. The Inventor, Charles W.
Smith, who has been working several
years on the scheme, claims to have
discovered a process by which he can
convert soft coal Into a superior Quality of hard coal. From one ton of common coal he can, he asserts, obtain
1.300 pounds of anthracite coal, 300
pounds of tar and from six to nine
thousand feet of Illuminating gas. The
process, tested at the Mollne police
station in the presence of the city officials and professional men, showed
great results with ordinary garbage.
One quart of garbage, placed in a retort, yielded a quantity of hard coal
and tar, besides a sufficient quantity
of good illuminating gas to turn over
two liours in an ordinary burner.
It ls estimated that a plant costing
��20,000 will consume the garbage of a
city of 30,000, and yield gas sufficient to
run the water works system. Such a
coal converting plant would be especially valuable to large manufactories.
Sawmills would thus be aide to utilize
sawdust and other waste products to
nn extent sufficient to run their plants.
The inventor says he will establish a
plant In Mollne.
Claims to Be  a   Hebrew,  and Writes
Language of Moses.
There has been ln this city for the
last few dnys a young Afrlcnn negro
who claims to be a Hebrew. He came
here from New Haven, nnd Is trying to
accumulate money enough to go back
to Africa. If he is what he represents
himself to be, and if what he claims is
true, he ls quite an Interesting character. He carries a pad of paper with
him nnd a pencil and answers all questions by writing them ln Hebrew aud
Loschen Khodlsh. What incites tho
most wonder is that he writes Loschen
Khodlsh very rapidly. It Is the language of the books of Moses, and ls
made a special study of, Spoken and
written with ease oujy by the rabbis
and highly educated Hebrews.
This negro was sent to one of the rabbis of Hartford, who is perfectly satis-
fled that he is a Hebrew. lie says that
he came from n large town lu Africa,
where there is a tribe of about twenty
thousand black Hebrews who speak
Loschen Khodlsh aud are quite prosperous. He also says that his father Is a
rabbi lu that town, and that is why his
father took the trouble to tench hlm to
write tli^se languages, which needed nn
extra amount of labor on account of his
being dc.i.' ind dumb. He says his people do uot i'ii' write Loschen Khodlsh,
but lt ls their s, "aklng language as
well. He left home n few years ago,
nnd has seen n good deal of tlie world.
In each town he hunts up the Jewish
section, and tliere they give hlm clothes,
food and money. He is now homesick,
and Intends to go back to Africa as soon
as he gets money enough. He showed
some money which they had collected
for him at New Huven. What surprises him, he writes, is thut no Hebrew'
knows of bis countrymen lu Africa.���
Hartford Courant.
Central Hotel* ?
am. grout St. Kaslo.      *r
-���- J
New   Building and   Newly   Furnished   W
A First-Class Bar In Connection.
iti;i ti;i: a Co.
Kaslo, B. C.
...Rates $1.00 and Upwards...
ADAMS BROS., Proprietors.
Sole agents for Pabst Beer, Milwaukee,
Hotel and
mss s. m. ncnciiE.
to take the field, serve writs and warrants and make arrests Just as any
rude man might be called on to do.
And they have been dolug this with
���exceptional success.
Free Passes for All.
It was circus day; the ordinary large
crowd was there, standing round and
listening to the music aud loafing generally. The small lioys were tliere
waiting for any possible chances which
might offer of "getting In." A man
went up to a group of anxious urchins.
"Want to go In, boys?" eatd he.
"Yes, we do," came ln a chorus from
tbe lads. Tbey marched up ln front of
the door-tender.
"Count these boys," said the man;
and the guardsman of the great exhibition checked the grinning lads off with
his linger as Ihey rushed by hlm, and
scattered on the Inside.
"One, two, three," counted the doorkeeper, and finally announced "eleven."
"All right," said the man. "All right;
that's all," and he turned away.
"Hold on there," said the circus man.
"Are you going to pay for these boysV
"Pay for 'em I" said the stranger.
"Well, I fancy not. I said nothing
about paying for 'em. I just wanted
to know how rasny there were. Ton
circus men are good at figures, and I
ain't. All I asked you to do waa to
count them.   Much obliged."
And away he went, astonishment at
the surprising cheek preventing the
door-keeper from making any further
effort to stop him.
Coal from Garbage.
A telegram from Mollne, IU., says:
The announcement haa been made of
an Invention which promises revolution ia fuel, lighting and the dlspost-
Tlpptnjt Very hike Gambling.
A New York caterer, wheu speaking
of the tipping evil the other day, said
he would like to abolish lt in his place,
but that this couldn't be done.
"I give my waiters $25 a month and |
their board," he continued. "If I were
to offer them $110 with tipping prohibited they would one and all go away.
Yet I doubt whether they average $1
a day, which Is less than the difference
In tips. My place Is a modest one, you
know, and few tips are higher than 10
cents. Many of my customers, too, are
women, who seldom tip at all.
"In my opinion the attraction In tipping to a waiter, that Is, thc reason he
prefers It to higher wages with lt prohibited, Is the element of chance. He'd
rather have $1 a day aud the possibility
of making two or three dollars more ln
tips than a certain $2, not so uvuch because of the nddltonal gain Involved as
because of the uncertainty. It has the
zest of gambling. He cotmtp each dime
he gets during the day, and when the
aggregate reaches the higher figure Just
named If not the lower, he feels nil tbe
triumph of a gambler who has broken
the bank. Take away tipping and you
remove this stimulus which has added
Interest to his day's work, and deprive
him of what has made his toll a comparative pleasure. Even when he gets
less than the sum I think my waiters
average, $1, he feels like the gambler
who considered that next to the pleasure ot winning was that of losing."
Rapid Decline of (Ine of the Ugliest
Beasts on Karth.
Florida tourists note a sharp advance
ln the price of alligator material, and
nlso In the raw material in life. This
ls owing to the large decrease In the
supply. Diminutive live alligators have
advanced from 25 cents each to 50
cents, and larger ones In proportion; In
some Instances a greater per cent, is
charged for the full-grown reptiles, for
they are much scarcer than are the
baby alligators.
This Is oeennse of the sportsman and
his deadly gun, who shoots the saurian
out of mere wantonness nud n desire to
make a record. The Seminole Indians
also conduct a war of extermination
ngaitist the alligators, but as they kill
for revenue only they are, in a measure,
excusable. They also trap the smaller
ones, from the tiny bain* 10 or 12 inches
In length to the "youngster" of two,
tliriH* or four feet.
The baby 'gators are boxed by the
curio dealers and sold to ladies who
affect grent interest lu the ugly things
for pets. As the 'gates only live on air
and muddy water and an occasional
chunk of meat every three or four days,
they are uot troublesome. The Indians,
knowing of the scarcity of alligators In
all of the Florida streams, have imitated the paleface curio denier nnd
charge more for their 'gators.
The baby alligators, while not valuable for their small hides, are killed
by the hundreds and mounted.    Some
next Legislature will come to the rescue of the friendless alligators.
Two Acres Enough   In  Belgium.
What many an American farmer falls
to do ou 100 acres, the thrifty Hollander In Belgium easily does on two acres,
namely, support a large family and
lay by something for a rainy dny. He
does it by making the most of every
inch, by heavy manuring, allowing no
waste places. His two acres are surrounded by a ditch of running water.
Tlie typical two-acre Belgium farm
contains a patch of wheat or rye and
another of barley,'another fair portion
grows potatoes. A row of cablmge
grows all around ou the sloping sides
of the ditches with a row of onions
just Inside, leaving bare walking room
between them and the grain. The
shade trees found the house are pear
trees. Every foot of land is made to
produce. He keeps pigs and chickens.
We refer to this as Illustrating the possibilities of laud production. In Bel-
glum ti,iK)0,000 people, chiefly farmers,
live ou a piece of laud the size of tlie
State of Maryland. They furnish au
object lesson on successful farming.���
Colmau's Rural World.
(iood rooms and good living.    Restaurant in charge of Oscar Monson.
KASLO, B. 0.
5111 Kl 11
Bar and Billiard Room
in connection.
Rooms from $2 per week up.   Newly
j furnished throughout,    Electric lights.
j next door to Post Office. KASLO, B. C.
Stone Holes.
An inventor has hit upon a method of
putting stone soles on boots nud shoes.
He mixes a waterproof glue with a
suitable quantity of clean quartz sand,
nnd spreads lt over tbe leather sole
used as foundation. These quartz
soles are said to be very flexible and
Kaslo, B. C
NELSON   .t   BOSTRUM,   Proprietors.
Nicely Furnished Rooms. Bar well
stocked. Spokane Beer on drught by
schooner or quart. Best Free Lunch in
the city.
The Revere, <�� <��
J. M. BLAIKIE, Prop.
Finely furnished rooms, hard finish,
everything new, electric lights.
A avenue, Kaslo, B. C.       P. O' box 44.
Telephone No. 3.
Argenta, B. C.
New House,       Newly Furnished,
Good Accommodations.
W.H. BELL,    -    -    Prop.
" Stay Where You're Happy."
I remember once listening to a sermon preached by Dr. Talraage. It la
now twelve years ago, but 1 never forgot one sentence of tt: "Stay where
you're happy." It sounds trite to say
that a contented mind ls a man's or a
woman's greatest possession, but It ls
as true now as the day It was first uttered. And we would all be happier If
we believed lt more than we do. We
always show our own Incapacity when
we envy the capacities of others, and
this ls true of -other people's possessions. If we had them we would not
be a particle happier; we only think
we would be. No matter how little we
have, we always have plenty to be
thankful for.���Ladles' Home Journal.
A man had arrangements made to
commrH ���uictde, bat growing more d*��-
peiwte got married lnertead.
serve as thermometers���the tube running up the back. Another eurlo Is a
baby alligator standing upon his hind
feet nnd playing a violin with Its forefeet. Others are nrrayed as waiters
offering some article for sale or holding a lamp to light visitors to a tank
holding a 10-foot or 18-Toot live saurian.
Alligators three or four feet In length,
mounted serve as grotesque advertisements and appear to be "so natural"
that the stranger Is frequently lu doubt
whether "the tldng ls alive" or not, and
make a detour iu order to be on the
safe side.
Very few colored people are successful lu catching large alligators. There
seems to be a mutual distrust and antipathy on both sides. While the alligator Is not always looking for a fight, but
desires to be let alone, he will fight a
"darky" on sight. As soon as he spies
a negro he will dive and rise at about
the proper place and land him, or rather
sweep him In, If within reaching distance. Not so In tbe case of white
hunters. The alligator will swim away,
unless Its young ls attacked, and then
lt will crawl out on shore and use lta
huge tall as a battering ram. One
stroke will knock a man senseless.
The scarcity of the alligator crop ts
now a live Issue, and as this ls one of
Florida's attractions It Is urged that
something be done to stop this wholesale slaughter.   It Is possible that the
..MLflNIn HUi tl	
Kuskonook, B. C.
Otherwise Armstrong's Landing and
Goat River Landing,
practically Indestructible, and to give
the foot a firm hold even on the most
slippery surface.
German Emigration.
Of the 32,252 Germans who emigrated
In 1896 only 1T4 went to Australia.
Most of the rest came here to assist ln
Germanising America.
It will be Jt*t our luck, when we get
to heaven, to have to sit behind a high
No man ever dyed his whiskers without being caught at lt.
The world Is full of yellow people to
read the yellow newspapers.
A man who leads a fast life ts often
slow in paying his debit.
We cater especially to the
traveling public
By D. A. CARR,
Kuskonook, B. C.
Formerly of Butte Hotel, Kaslo, B.C.
Finest table on the
. east side of
iT-tisisiiKii Kvwn Friday at Kaslo, B. c.
By The News Publishing Company.
Subscription  *2.00 Per Annum  in Advance���Advertising
Kates Made Known on Application,
APRIL, 1898.
# S  m  T   w  t  f  s ���$���
1 j   2
.5     4
5 !   5
/<?   //
75 : 20
f* 17 ' AS1 : 2.9 ^ 20
17 12$ I &? J
$ 24- I ��5 ! 20 I ��7  ��S I ��0 130 �����
\ Peril  llcn'iC'ilU'    The action noted elsewhere
.1 of the Kaslo Board of Trade
*;. ,-.       Is timely and appropriate,
KaslO & SlOCail Ky. Thc Haslet Sloean By. is
Kaslo's great stand-by. Any attempt to crush it or freeze
It out of existence is very properly resented.
It cannot be conceived Unit tho Dominion Parliament
would deliberately over-ride an act of our Provincial Legislature, especially when tbat act lias previously been rati-
lied at Ottawa. Doubtless nil that will bo needed is u proper presentation of the case at Ottawa, which will now
doubtless bo given. The Canadian Pacific Ry. is becoming
very bold in its demands of the Dominion Parliament, but
that body will certainly draw the line at such action as this,
that would strangle competition and kill towns.
The octopus appeared considerably surprised when tlio
railway committee at Ottawa struck out its blanket charter
provision, a measure that would have permitted it to build
branch lines any where in British Columbia without even
��� he formality of asking Parliament's further concent. It
may be equally surprised to learn that there are oilier
I dings that even so great a monopoly as thc 0. P. 1!. may
nol have for tlio asking, when their refusal or granting becomes a question of life or death with other smaller but
nODO the less important enterprises.
The United States
It does not take the eye
of a sage to observe that
.,,. the  United  States, un-
I oward Imperialism. der ���.,. rule of th0 poW
republican pur-ty, is rapidly drifting toward imperialism.
Chore would perhaps be nothing meriting especially adverse criticism in this, if that dominant party had thc courage to come out plainly and say what il apparently thinks,
viz., that a monarch, or at least a very strongly centralized
government is the form mostly to be desired.
Tho tendency of that party is to unduly exalt those
vested witli ollicial authority and lo unduly retire the voieo
of llie people. Which their forefathers had taught them was
'lie Voice of Cod. Whenever Speaker Reed, the czar of the
1: B House of Representatives, suppresses or over-rules
the will of the majority, which he commonly does by the
party lash and his east-iron disciplinary met hods, all the republican press straightway applaud him as a "strong man."
When President -McKinley succeeds through bond in-
t.M-sts unci Wall street pressure in. getting both liouso and
senate to forego their very evident desiro to see the present
Cuban republic recognized, bis admirers exclaim, "Why,
that surely is righl. Ought not thc president's views to bo
recognized?" As if his views are of any more worth than
when he was a member of tlio same congress that he now
seeks to overshadow. The tendency to exalt the executive
to a monarch's place is clearly shown in the following brief
extract from last Saturday night's speech of Senator Hale:
-"The chief executive is tho nearest approach to a ruler
that this country knows. Shall he be opposed?'' And why
should he not be opposed, if wrong? Are rulers infallible?
In the minds of many, ex-PresldeQt Crover Cloveland
btands ont as an illustrious statesman, because ho deliberately ignored OOOgl'esS and every body else, and did or
rather attempted to do whatever his .irmy-mule nature
prompted him to dOs Their thoughts logically followed
out, would load directly to soma ; uoh conclusion as tills:
Why go through the form of electing a senate and house of
pn*jTOtatlvc8 at all? Why uot let the president attend
to it *U? At least tho president uud bhs courts might, with
an occasional Injunction from tho latter.
Aa a matter of fact, there is moro freedom for debate
today, und losK crushing of Individuality in the Canadian
Parliament than in the United Slates Congress. Canada
lays no claim to being it republic, but It is rapidly coming
ion position where tho voice of its people ls moro regarded
than in the so-called republic of tlie United Statos.
The Corbin Bill H'v ���i*���<*> *�� "����� '^patches
I ���  IVfit published elsewhere,  it will   be
YI f i. i 1 observed that by a shrewd.bit of
Vet liCtcaiCU. parliamentary maneuvering the
Kettle River railway bill for Mr. Corbin's proposed Boundary Creek road, has been retired at least temporarily by the
_1oub6 of Commons. It is probable, however, that tho bill
will be reintroduced. Other accounts btato that tho
French-Canadian members from Quebec, opposed the bill
al'Sjjst unanimously, and that the C. P. P.. ran a special
train to accomodate those who voted against the bill.
Mr. 3. Rosa Robertson, member from Toronto, nald,
Hiat despltt tl��*-' protestations of tlie C. P. R. that they d*>
17 ' 1 l.'.'eii U'ai'O in Cnnacla, ho ex peeled to be in the
. ..< iu;i��� i'M'-Mii'i W ��oo ilium ouiiu a Hue h'om Kootonay
j : ;jji:;'s.u... By i-heli'iH-tlQU In l��avl::g tho people of the
UoujHlai'J' Creek dUtflht to the lender Utm-dlei of tlie U. P.
11., he thought tUo leaders of tlie opposition were throwing
great discredit on the good old tory policy of protection. If
the bill was defeated, it would show that it was no use for
people to come to the high court of parliament to secure
justice when it better suited the interests of the C. P. R.
to havo Injustice done.
Messrs. Bostock and Morrison are entitled to much
credit for tho **,ble stand that they took in behalf of the bill
ia the house and it Is to be hoped that  the  other  British
111   _""        .    _ ��        .__        '*_<__   !_._    U....... *.!. tt*   + .-.   __.��__ f Vin nmisiU 1**. $ fVinln
Columbia members mly be brought to see the error of their
oosHion and give tho bill tho support that lta merits de-
MTT*, should it be brought up again.
It is a fact worth noting that out of 330 applicants the
other day before U. S. authorities for enlistment in Spanish
war, ���!.'), or over 13 per cent, were Canadians.
Ho, Fishermen.
We aro in receipt of lirst issues of Hie now paper started at Cranbrook, East Kootenay. It is named the Herald,
is under the management of H. T. Brown and is a good acquisition to Kootenays journals.
In 189(5 when Mr. Uostoek defeated -Mr. Mara as Dominion representative from Vale-Cariboo, including Kootenay,
.'1,29.') votes were cast. The same constituency now shows
O.570 votes on the list, which well illustrates thc growth of
the district. 	
Here is what Peter Cooper, who died worth millions,
said of a newspaper: "In all the towns where a newspaper
"is published, every man should advertise in it, if nothing
"more than a card stating his name and busiuess. It does
"not only pay the advertiser, but it lets'people atadistauce
"know that the town in which you reside is a prosperous
"community of business mon. As the seeds are sown so the
"seed recompenses. Never pull down your sign while you
"expect to do business."
It is said that Judge Irving in sentencing Doyle at Nelson recently, announced to him, out of the kindness of his
heart, that bad as the crime was, lie would be as easy upon
him as he could. He then sentenced him to bo liaugod.
Judge Irving might be loaned across thc lino occasionally
with beuolit to our adjoining country.
To fill a short space in the editorial column, just before
going to press last Friday, a paragraph was hastily prepared criticising tlrB Spokane Spokesman-Review for assuming that tho alleged $9,01)0,000 output of the Coeur
p'Alenes for IHilV, exceeded that of British Columbia for
tlie same po'dod. In attempting a comparison, Professor
Carlyle's table for the mineral production up to 1897, was
Inadvertently consulted instead of tho table for 1897. In
tho meantime, the eagle eye and massive brain that oceas
ionally presides over the Kootenaian, and defends trans
boundary affairs with so much vigor, saw tho item, pounced
upon it, and wrote a criticism which mado tho best news
item that that issue of his paper contained. Thanks, Mt'.
Kootenaian, for calling our attention lo the error. We will
try to do as much for you some time.
A Correspondent who Administers a Genteel "Koast" to
thc Spokane .Spokesman-Review.
Editor B. C. News:���Permit mc to reply through your
columns to an editorial in last Tuesday's Spokane Spokesman-Review. "Has the Dominion Govornment entered
upon a policy of non-intercourse with the Unitod States?"
asks that pa ict anetit tho failure of Mr. Corbin to secure a
charter for his proposed Kettle River railroad, i, for one,
do not think so, but 1 do believe that it is about time something was dono to awaken the American peoplo lo a proper
conception of what constitutes equitable international trade
relations, i should liko to onqtiire of tlie Spokesman-Review if it is not a fact that ever since 18G4, whon tlie Reciprocity Treaty between Canada and the United State was
terminated by tlio latter, if it has not been the policy of
the United StatiBS to curtail all trade relations with Canada
as much as possible, except where tho benefits redounded
largely to tho business Interests of the former country?
Who, more than our smooth-tongued friends to Hie south
of us, havo played exclusionist? You have closed your ports
to our trade, your lands to our farmers, your minerals to
our miners, aud, in more extreme cases In the eastern
states,,your industrial lists to our workmen. And now, because an American road seeking to enter Canada is refused
a charter, you play the "baby-act"; you, a nation of "Infant industries" grown to trusts and monopolies���a nation
where lh'; rich aro growing richor and tho poor poorer, to
use an American homily. You oven nft'eet surprise that
Canada should pt*i some to refuse your moneyed mon privileges f 1 om whj.cn they expect to amass great fortunes at the
expense of Hm Canadian people.
The failure of Mr. Corbin to secure his charter is due
1,0 thu actioii of American railroads and American cities.
Did not your ti atiwontinental lines lower their differentials
contrary to agreement with our transcontinental line? Did
not your cltioK belittle our trade abilities that they might
control tho Klondike trado���a section of our own domain?
I believe, Mr. Editor, that I voice tho sentiment of
nlnn'tenths of our people when I say, we do want equitable
bualhOBs rotations with thc states, but will tolerate none
other. We want to ��ec nvonuos of trado between the two
countries and nball net fairly and honorably to bring it
abuUt, but wi. also Wish to servo notice that one-sided trado
reluUtius will, bo tolerated no longer. And it is hopod that
Hm Corbin cliu ���tor failure will sot the American poople to
thinking, Ar.HFsiiT Letts.
Kaslo, B. C, April 20, 1898.
The Lndjes Cuild of St. Mark's Church of England will
givo next Vtidtiesday evening at the Auditorium, accord'
ing 60 the advertisement obsorvablo elsewhere, what prom'
ises to be one of the most delightful musical entertainmonts
ever given In. Kaslo. Those who take part in the program
are from amc 01, the best local talent. Part I will be a miscellaneous con'scert program and Part II will comprise selections from 'The Mikado", given ln full costume with al.'
the usuiH actin g and stage Accessories.
The costuit es are Bald lo be very elegant, Thero will
lie *s*v_.-��4 ercheei vl music. Rev. David Richards' line voice
��� ntl hi-fmoiiica lillty will appear to good advantage In
'���.tiisVitrt. Tho ���'Three Little Maids from School" will be
t.pl'bsenieu 'oy iJ.tesdames Hodder, Limning and Robinson-
tnd no one don.lis that they will be winsome and sweet-
voiced creations, .the eKStsutive department of the work is
being well looked after by Mrs. 3. H. Gray. Beats are now
On sale at StephensOsTs and are said to be going fast.
/">��� *   1   Will, supply you
I llP0"Pflf II with EvertMng
V>lv��Vl lVlI Needful at Low
prices* Bteelrods, "
Jointed or Telescoped;    Hooks,
Baits and Flies; Silk Lines, enamelled [and waterproof;
Landing Nets, Reels and all Kinds of Repairs. A full
line of Hammocks and all kinds of Sporting Goods.
In the Grocery Department, a line line of Fancy Groceries will soon
arrive.   Try our Klondike Deviled Crabs, now here.
In the Clothing Department, try our colcbrated   lighter woights   of
Health Underwear for warmer weather.
H. Giegerich
Kaslo,    Sandon,     Ainsworth
f Good Advertising Medium
CXT /"���l. ._ ____. ���._.^��� 1 The mtiTisii COLUMBIA nkwk i- tbo leading,
fei* sL_/n_-J.r_-lCTer > mo*t ni,,'r,,Uv e^iteA, moil reliable, beat looking news-
,J,    ^ ����**�� w��*-fc^��   1 paper In the Kootenay iikS Country.
I Price and Circulation \ iESFS'1 3
Paint YOUR House!
 Along- With Your Spring- Cleaning	
I Have all the Colors in Paints.
Elephant White Lead.
Best Quality of Dolled Oil
And Turpentine.
Hamilton Byers,
A Guaranteed Union Made Cigar.
Ask Your Dealer for It.
(Kurt essoi-H to F. E. A roller.)
Dealers in General Hardware,
Front Street, Kaslo, British Coltllttbis.
Tho Kaslo Grocery, which has of late been rapidly Com**
ing to the front in the t ���tlination of the people Of the town,
Is branching ont nomew hat.   .Manager Kickers has added a
Jobbing; trade in'crraft'V-d his aii*etfoy flourislng trade. He
ias haa to enlarge nls 8| moo by the addition or an adjoining room. Read his adv. Vtlsement elsewhere and observe
Ills specialties,
Gold Mining and Milling Co., Ltd.
Offlce.-j at Kaslo, B. C.      ���       ���      ���   ' Capita), 12,000,000,
This property comprises 10 claims on an iron capped lodge
over three miles long and over 50 feet wide.
The tunnel is in neaidy ISO feet and still progrofBing.
Surface assays have yielded trom $5 to *10 per ton in gold.
A limited amount ol Treasury Shares for sale.
This property Is likely to he Kaslo's Le Rol.
President. Vice-Pros.   - Secretary.
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats.
���___���____ *=:IN:=
immL II'
At all Prices and to j
Suit tlie Country,,
Wiil commence soon
and in view of this
we have imported a
big line of Tackle of
all kinds.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Lamont <St Young,
Hooks, Stationery and Wallpaper,  ���   -   -   -  Kaslo, B. C.
**T*CTSM1S hlsTirlE normal vialftn will bo ftbl. to TMil tMl
print nt a .lisUncC nl II lii-hes frs'm th* oyca Wltb case nnd
w.afortj '.i'h.. will t.' c'.lo to read it stitli cvih ��ye separats!/.
If unable to do so yi.��r e/ti arc defective and abould hats
Immediate uUssaiiiti. WliaD tlio oyia lawo&ie tired fton read-
Inf Of anrlnff, o.if the lot'srs !.,.ik is'-JiTCs. and mn torethcr,
it If a Blue iii'!i..atloii tl.:si. ^lajses aro necsU'd The Icnj.c8
ts.ld in the QhWfl fOMl an of unequal density and has-a
impcrfaetly formed Mfftdc*. Continued use of these poorel
Is-' .1 v. i;h'��� ;' r poftttvo injury f:om the constant strain
upon ''.- ..iu,.; . ui ae.'-;umvxlaiiuo W engyly Uio detect* i.
11 your eyes are not working O. K.,
consult O. Strathern, opposite 17 O. *
Note H. Giegerich's new fishing
tackle adv. this week.
Milwaukee Beer Ball. Call and see
Bob it Tony and get some Wienerwurst
and sourkraut free with your beer.   *
Ever; one is invited to visit Ihe
.Steam Laundry. See where and how
,ve do the work, und get our new price
ist. *
The Nashville Students who played
at the Auditorium last Monday and
Tuesday nights gave a very good darkey show. The best eard was the basso
who had a really remarkable voice.
Why send your washing to a Chinaman when whito men will do it better
and cheaper? Try tho Steam Laundry
and be convinceds
The Milwaukee Boer Hall has the
best and coolost beer in the city.     *
Vice.Presidont Shaughnessy of the
C. P. R. is expected in Kaslo within a
few days.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. If you want
good minors, mechanics or laborers,
thoy make thoir headquarters with Bob
S Tony.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Bob and
Tony will always treat you right. Give
them a call. *
Hector Sproat, chief ongineer of thc
Kokaneo, has been transferred to one
of the five big now C. P. R. steamers
to be. launched at Vancouver next Saturday for tlie north trado. F. Moore,
purser of the S. S. Nelson also has
been transferred to one of those boats.
Remember the Steam Laundry has
cut prices. Everybody can afford to
have work done there now. *
Seo Walker, the Tailor, for well fitting suits of the best material, at most
reasonable prices; 4th street, Kaslo,
15. C. *
S. S. Tartar will start north from
Vancouver _*<tli inst., and S. S. Athenian on May Hi. Socuro all particulars
from agent C. I\R.
At the .Milwaukee Beer Hall, Bob
and Tony will sorvo you tho flnost
schooner of Half and Half and the best
of roagt beef free with thorn: *
In a recont bicycle race with R, Nee-
lands, O. Strathearn fell from his
wheel and badly bruised his face.
For best rooms at lowest ratos, go to
the Colonial house, opposite the P.O. *
Alex Smith of the Surprlso mine has
returned from Ontario.
The Steam Laundry is tho place to
have your work done right at a fair
prico. *
Col. H. J. Budd of Knoxvillc, Iowa,
a member of tho U. S. Sliver Republican National Committee passed
through Kaslo to Sandon and return
this week.
The Steam Laundry under new
management. Call and see them. Only flrst class work and tho price is only
commensurate with living wages.   *
,T. Lucas has gone to Vancouver to
onter the drug business.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Bob and Tony
' run It. Open day and night. They
* sorve you the finest free lunch in the
Slocan with each schooner of beer. *
A snap in 1847 Rogers Bros'. .liver
plate 1-2 doz. tablespoons. 1-2 doz. dessert spoons and 1-2 doz. teaspoons, all
for $6,   0. Strathern. *
For Kemp Mineral Water, call on J:
A. Swift, at the Bodega. *
The Leviathan mine is estimated now
to bo within ten feet of the ore body of
tho ledge, tlie tunnel boing in about 120
feet. An additional claim has just been
deeded to the company by Gay Resder,
the No. tl, which gives water rights
on Campbell creek.
II. Trewick of Tacoma and T. M.
Trewick of Sprague registered at the
Slogan last night. Theso gentlemen
are said to be relatives of tho man of
the same name who was caught in a
snowslide near Three Forks a short
time since and whose body has not yet
beon recovored.
Milwaukee Beer Hall, Boband Tony,
proprietors. The biggest and sharpest
mug of beer in the Slocan country. *
Wm. Meadows of the cigar and book
store has been ill for several days with
The Kemp Mineral Water, a home
product, cool and refreshing, always on
tap. Call for it at the Bodega. Try
it.   ,T. A. Swift. *
A. Simpson, traveling inspector of
banks, is in town from Vancouver.
When Polonius advised his son,"costly thy habit as thy purse can buy but
not expressed in fancy," he had direct
reference to Walker, the Taiior. But
times have changed and good stylish
suits may now be had at Walker's at no
great cost. *
Avery W. Labereo registered in from
Argenta last evening.
For indigestion, dyspopsia, kidney
tiouble, etc., drink Kemp Mineral Water.   J. A. Swift, at tho Bodega.      *
A social gathering of the Masons took
place at the Kalama hotel last Wednesday night. The banquet was held for the
purpose of getting members of the fraternity together, and get better acquainted. T'nfortunately very few responded
to tlie call. The spread, which was gotten up by Mrs. Middleton, was complete
in every detail, and reflects great credit
on her as a cateress. Mr. Charles
Wright presided: Tlie affair broke up
at li o'clock, all having spent a very enjoyable evening.
A committee now has arrangements
in hand for the celebration of the 24th
of May, tho Queen's birthday. An ox-
tensive program of athletic and ac-
quatic sports has been gotten up. A
dancing pavilion will be erected
in the grove south of town, where
those that don't care to tako part In
the spurts, can swing their partners to
their heart's content. Arrangements
aro boing mado with the steamboat
lines to run an excursion on that day
from Nelson and Kaslo and way points.
This will give the people of the up-
lako towns an opportunity to get out
and see tho liveliest little town io Kootenay, and the 'construction of the
great Crow's Nest Pass railway. The
people of Kaslo and Nelson should
avail themselves of this opportunity.
You can all come, we can soat you.
Our hotels can acommodate severalhun-
dred, and we will Croat you decently.
Everybody come and bring along your
best girl or if you have no girl of your
own bring somo other fellow's girl.���
Kuskonook Searchlight.
The Tug Hercule* Launched.
The new tug whieh has been building for somo time at Bogustown, was
launched on Tuesday morning, last.
Mrs. Angus Campbell christened the
craft the Hercules as the trim little
vessel slid off tho ways into tho water.
Tho launching was a success in ovory
way. Mossrs. Halo, Elliot and Camp-
boll aro tlie ownors, and they have ln
Hercules tho most powerful tug on the
Inland wators of British Columbia.
She is 80 foot long and hor engines are
of 200 horse power.���Nelson Tribune.
Mnri'lud In Tneomit.
Miss Catherine Agnes Kelliher, well
known in Kaslo, was united in mar-
rlago on the 12th Inst, to Mr. Sidney
Drake, formerly deputy U. S. marshal
for the state of Washingtoh. The wedding occurred at the residonce of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M.
Kelliher. Mr. and Mrs. Drake expect
to make their home In Tacoma.
A Quiet Game.
Tommy���Can wo play at keeping
store here, mamma?
Mamma (who has a headache) -Yes;
but you must be very, very quiet.
Tommy���All right; we'll play we
don't advertise.���Ex.
A Serious Mistake.
It,,island  Miner Says That the C.   F.   It.
Will KrectOiie.
The Miner learns on excellent authority that the O. P. R. has decided
to erect a large lead smelter at Trail.
At this writing it is impossible to say
just when construction work on tbo
plant will be commenced, but there is
evory reason to believe that no great
period will elapse before ground will
be broken for the foundation and that
the furnaces will bo ready for operation
before the close of the present year.
This lead stack will be erected on
Smelter hill and adjoining tho works
recently purchased by tbeC' P. H. from
British Columbia Smelting & Refining
company. The smelter will have a daily capacity of 150 tons, at least. The
galena ores of the Slocan and Ainsworth division will be worked in this
smelter with pyrrhotlte ores of this
camp. Manager Aid ridge of the Trail
smelter, will superintend the construction of tho plant.��� Rossland Miner.
JL    ilraw thu attention of   the public, nml ol
those more Immediately concerned,to the duty
Imposed upon monthly nurses, hy tlie new see-
lion 10 of tlie "Mirths, Dentils and Marriages
Registration Act," of giving notice of every
birth to the District Registrar; ami also lo
point out that such notice oy the nurses does
not alter the father's duty of registering Ihe
birth within DO days ns heretofore.
lender section 10, every nurse present at the
birth of a child is bound' under a penalty of $2i>
nnd Upwards, to send to the Distriit Registrar
of Births, etc., for the District, within 10 days
after the birth, a notice stating:
1. Dato of Birth.
2. Place of Birth.
3. Sex of Child.
4. Nnme, address nnel occupation of Ihe father, and signed by tlie nurse.
Then, within sixty days after thc birth, the
father, or if he be Incapable, or absent, the
mother must register thc birth in the District Registry, under a penalty of <i"i and upwards.
Form of notice for nurses and for registration
by inirents will be supplied gratis nml hy post
to all persons who will apply for the same to
District Registrar.
General Express and
Transfer Business...
Dealers in==
and Feed 1
Special Facilities for moving���
Gardens Plowed, Manured and Made
Ready for Seed.
L. HANNA, Mangr.
Tolephono No. 9. Front st. Kaslo, B.C.
A district is known by its newspapers, and when they are not healthy
the outside world Imagines that nothing
Is right. The public make a serious
mistake when they fall to. back up a
good journal.���New Denver Ledge.
I have sold my building and
Feed Business in Kaslo to
Messrs. J. Turner & Co.,
Who will handle and keep
constantly a large stock of
Flour, Rolled Oats and all lines kept in
a first-claws Feed Store. 1 can recommend the people of'this city to patronize the new firm for honest values for
their money.      W. G. NEELANDS.
IV A Large Stock of
Boots and Shoes,
From Best Canadian and American
Makers.   Prices to Suit the Times.
. Hen's Furnishings .
Are Also Fully Represented.
All the Lilies of Staple and Fancy Groceries
are up to tiie Mark with Us, as usual	
Cornor A Avenue and Third Btreet, Kaslo, B. C.
Spring Is Almost Here.
Ask STEPHENSON for a bottle of Compound Sarsaparilla.   There is nothing
hotter for a Spring Medicine or Jjlo.id Purl fior.
E. F, STEPHENSON   The Kaslo Druggist,
Front Street, Kaslo, British Columbia.
Tlie Coining Light!
Tho Best  Artificial  Illuminant.    Absolutely
safe.    Approved by Canadian  Underwriters.
Niagara Falls Acetylene Gas Macliine Company, Limited.
S. C. WING, Local Agent,
Front street, above News Office, Kaslo, British Columbia.
To be given under tho auspieos of the Ladies' Guild of St. Mark's Church of
England at the
-Real Estate and Mininj
Front St., Kaslo, J
I. C.
Fart 1 will be a miscellaneous program.
Part II will consist of Selections in costume, from
The Mikado.
Seats Now on Sale
At StephensoiVs.
Admission, 50 and 7,5 Cents.
por the Jobbing   | rade 1
. Just Received, a Large Invoice of Cigars, Including KEY
This is in addition to my already well established GROCERY
ntUT?  V il O Tn /I T>f\/^VP X"    Front Street, between Third and Fourth,
IRL KASLU GKUCLK1, Kaslo, British Columbia.
JOB WORK Every ton of Atlantic water, when
evaporated, yields eighty-one pounds
of stilt; n ton of Pacific water seventy-
nine pounds; Arctic and Antarctic
waters yield eighty-five pounds to the
ton, and Dead Sea waler 1S7 pounds.
An electric company proposes to run
b trolley cable along the Cliainplnlu
l'anal, between West Troy and Whitehall, for tlie purpose of driving ennal-
l>oats. The power is lo be supplied to
motors. Which Will take the place of
mules or horses In hauling the boats.
Photographs have recently been successfully taken under water at a dis-
tanee Of ten or twelve feet. Tlie camera
was carried by n diver, the light was
supplied by an electric lamp carried in
the diver's headpiece. The experiments
were carried out in tlie bay of Rio de
Janeiro. Brazil.
A German firm, it Is reported, has
placed upon the market samples of
pure iugoHn, derived from coal tnr,
Which promises to supplant the vegetable indigo, as other dyes have lieen
supplanted by tbe same sources Vege-
table indigo is consumed to the extent
of 110,000,000, chiefly derived from
T1k> number of asteroids discovered
up to the present date Is 423. A numlier of these small planets have not
been observed since their discovery and
are priietienlly lost. Consequently It Is
now ii matter of doubt, until the elements have lieen computed, whether
the BUposed new planet Is really uew
or only ;m old one rediscovered.
Wluil Ls believed fo have been the
biigest gnake ever contained in the rep*
tile house of the London Zoological
Garden died there last November, after
having lived more tlinii twelve yenrs lu
captivity. It was n python from Mn-
laeca, nml measured a trifle more than
twenty feet in length, lis principal
fund was thicks, and It was fed. usually,
once n week, although sometimes it recused food for a month.
As a rule the scent of flowers does not
exist iu lliem as iu a store, or gland,
lint rather ns a breath, au exhalation.
While the flower lives It breathes out
ils sweetness, but when It dies the fragrance usually ceases to exist. The
method ot stealing from the flower Its
fragrance while it is still living is no
new thing, and it is not known when It
was discovered thut butter, animal fat
or oil would absorb the odor given off
by living flowers placed near them, and
would themselves become fragrant.
Vice President Sclioon maker, of tlie
Pittsburg and Lake Erie Railroad, lias
B private cur which is fitted up In a novel milliner. All Ils cliatr cushions and
lied tnulresses are constructed on the
pneumatic principle. At night the seat
cushions are emptied of air, folded nud
packed snugly awny, and the larger
cushions for the beds nre brought out
of their place of concealment in the
sides of the cur, und pumped full. It Is
said tlmt these pneumatic cushions
greatly reduce the Jnr of a railway
Journey, and tlint In time they may
cause a revolution In the building of
palace nnd sleeping ears.
Most of us no doubt have experienced
the discomforts of being sel7,ed with a
fit of coughing or sneezing at the most
Inconvenient times and places, nml it
Is not cumaliy supposed that any exercise of the will power can be made efficient lu checking either n cough or a
Kneese, Dr. Hrown-St'<niur<l, however,
in one of his lectures, snid Hint i*ougli-
Ing can be stopped by pressing on the
nerves of ihe lips iu the neighborhood
of the nose. Sneezing mny Is- Mopped
by tlie snine menus. Pressing In the
neighborhood of the ear may stop
coughing. Pressing very hard on the
top of the mouth Is ulso u menus of
��� lopping coughing.
A Flouting Home.
Practically the captain and his wife
make their home lu the cabin of the
bark; and u comfortable home, too, says
New York Sun. l'|Kiu the walls of the
main room Of this cabin, which Is a
room of spacious dimensions, there are
two pictures of the bark Itself. Theso
nre distinctly nautical; but, aside from
them, tbe furnishing of the room Is
such as might be seeu In any room devoted to like purposes ashore. In an
alcove on one side Is a piano; upon the
other side Is a sofa. In the center of
the room Is a table, upon which there
are books and sewing, and here ln port,
where the ship stands on an even keel,
a vase of flowers. The room ls lighted
at night by a lamp like a piano lamp,
with a broad, spreading shade, but
���which, Instead of being upheld by a
standard with feet resting on the floor,
Is here suspended from the deck beams
running across under the skylight overhead. There are here deep upholstered
armchairs and other easy chairs, and
there are rugs on the floor. It ls a
homelike and attractive room.
Forward of this room Is the forward
cabin, which ls also the ship's dining
room. Tbe mlzsenmnst comes down
through that end of tbe fixed table, giving to this cabin a decidedly marine
touch. Opening off the main cabin there
are a number of rooms. Including the
Captain's room, which Is of ample size.
There Is here also a room for tlie captain's  daughter,   who  sometimes  sails
with lit in. As Is customary on American deep-water ships, tliere are two or
three staterooms for passengers, who
ure carried wheu they ofTer. On her
last voyage to Africa this vessel carried
three passengers.
The captain sailed for many years;
he is acquainted lu ports nil around the
world, and wherever he goes there Is no
lack of social life for himself and his
wife. They have more invltntious
ashore than they can accept, nnd Ihey
entertain guests aboard the ship, which
ls Indeed their floating home; but that
they do not forget their home ashore
may easily be Imagined from the fact
that the ship's name Is made up in part
of the name of the captain's home town.
The   Nine   of   a   Familiar   Article   of
Household Use.
The first American clothes wringer
produced, which wus put ou the market about thirty-five years ngo, wus n
substantial and serviceable machine,
but Its price prevented Its coming at
once Into common use.
After some Improvements the price
was reduced, but it Is only within the
last twelve or fifteen years tlmt the
clothes wringer has come to be the article of common household use that It
now ls.
The price now is nbout one-fourth of
the original price.   The present output
of American clothes wringers is about
750,000 annually.
Clothes wringers are made with rolls
of ten to twenty-four inches In length;
wringers larger thnn thnt are made to
order. Ten, eleven and twelve Inch
nre the sizes commonly operated by
ha ltd, though fourteen, and even sixteen. Inch wringers are some!lines used
in that manner. Larger machines are
operated by other power. American
clothes wringers are sold In many foreign countries; though lu some, owing
to natural or other conditions specially
affecting the use of such appliances,
comparatively few ure sold.
Thus, while many articles of American manufacture nre sold in South
American countries, there are not many
clothes wringers sold there, owing to
Climatic conditions, which are such lu
most of the countries that clothes dry
quickly there and wringers are uot
much needed.
Few American wringers nre sold In
France, where washing is done commonly iu wash houses, and few wringers of any kind are used. In Germany,
Russia nud all the Scandinavian countries, nml in Great Britain, American
wringers 11 nd a market, and they are
sold ulso iu Australia, South Africa nntl
other foreign lands. They cost more
than German or Hritish wringers, lint
they sell In competition with them, us
many other manufactured American
products do, because of llielr superiority of workmanship and better adaptability to use.
Kaslo & Slocan fy.
Trains  Run on  Pacific Standard Time.
lioing Went.
H:U0h. in. l.v.
s:;��ia. in. Lv.
!i::iii a. ni. Lv.
y:r.l ft. in. l.v.
10:0:lu. in. Lv.
in Is n. iii. Lv.
lll::isa. in. I.v..
10:"s0h. m. Ar.
<;. k. &. p. a,
tlolng Hunt
.Arv. M:.10 p. in
Arv. 8:1.1 p. m
.Arv. 2:15 p, m
.Arv. '2:00 p. m
Arv. 1:48 p. in
.Arv. 1:88 p. in
.Arv. 1:12 p. in
.Lv. 1:00Ip. in
.. .South fork.
. Whitewater..
...Hear Luke ..
. ..McGulgan...
.Cody Junction
... Sanilmi
Dinner Customs.
We nre so accustomed to indies and
gentlemen going lu pairs to the dining
room that we are astonished to learn
thnt this wns not considered good form
by our grandparents. The custom ls
of comparatively recent origin. Even
now In miiny homes the lady of the
house, true to the old fashion, lends the
way to the table, followed by the other
ladles In single file, the gentlemen
bringing up the rear.
A writer buck lu 17SK) tells us mat his
mother wns greatly shocked, on board
a man-of-war. when the captain asked
her to "tnke his nrm" on the way to
dinner. She spoke afterwards of the
"fellow's Impudence"  lu so doing.
Another writer, In 18H2, speaks of n
hidy who died Iii.1H.0--whose daughter
was born lu 1788���having "the horrors"
when she llrst saw a lndy "hook herself
to the nrm of a gentleman in n ball
room." She remarked with Indignation:
"If my daughter did thut I should
take her home luiinedlnlely."
Navigation and Trading Co., ltd,
Steamers ''International" and "Alberta" on
Kootenay Luke and Kiver.
In effect 15th of March, 1898. Subject.to
change without notice.
Iseaves Kaslo for Nelson and way points,dally
except Sunday, ,1:45a.in. Arrive Northport 12:68
p. in.*.   Kossland', 2:55 p. iu., Spokune, 6:40 p. in.
Leave Nelson lor KiihIo and way points, daily
except Sunday, 4:45 p.m. Leaving Spokane 8 a.
m.; Kossland   11:45a. in., Northport, 1:00 p. m.
Five Mile Point connection with all Passenger Trains of N. it F. 8. Kailroad to and from
Northport, Kossland and Spokane. Tickets
sold and baggage checked to all United Slates
Leaves Kaslo for Kuskonook und way*
points und for Honner's Ferry, Idaho,
every Tuesduy and Suturdny at 6 p. m.,
arriving ut Kuskotuiok at 10 p. m. and
at Bonner's Ferry ut 8 u. m. following
day. Returning leuves Bonner's Ferry
every Wednesday and Sunduy at 2 p. m..
arriving at Kuskonook at 8 p. m. und at
Kaslo   nt   1 a.   ni.   following   day.
Honner's Ferry connection with all passenger trains of Great Northern railway,
arriving westward at Spokane 2:45 p. m.,
or leaving Bonner's Ferry for eastward
points nt 1:15 p. m.
Meals und berths not Included.
j    Passengers   on   SS,   International   from
! Nelson, Spokane, etc., for points on Konl-
tenay luke south of Pilot Bay.  will con-
|iicct at that point  with  the SS. Albcnn.
Passengers for Nelson via SS. Alberta,
from points south of Pilot Buy, can, by
arrangement with purser, have stop-over
at Pilot Bay or Ainsworth, or connect
with   SS.   International nt  Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay Lake and Slocnn points with all
points In the I'nlted States and Canada,
by way of Spokane and Kootenay river.
Tickets sold and baggage cheeked to
all points by pursers on steamers or at
our  office. O.   ALEXANDER,
General Munnger.
P.   0.   Box   122.   Kaslu.   B.   C.
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
_jfc^^___Red Mountain R'ys.
The only all rail route without
change of cars between Nelson and
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland. ** .*
The Cheapest,  most Comfortable   ana
direct route from Kaslo
All  points in Canada and the United
The only line running through Tourist curs to Toronto, Montreal and Boston. Through Tourist cars to St. Paul
Magnificent Sleepers and Dining Cars on All Trains.
Travel  Iiy this line and hnve your baggage checked Uirough to destination.
Daily connection from Kaslo every day
excepting Sunday, at 7 :S0 a. in.
Kor Kuskonook and lake points, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
For full  information cull on or address
Freight and Puss, agent, Kaslo, 15. C.
���or to���
Traveling Pass, agent, Nelson, B. C
District I'ass  agent, Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and map.
Summary of Railway-Steamer Time
Cards from Kaslo.
Two Opinion*.
A well-known novelist delivered a lee.
ture recently lu u New Jersey town.
After the lecture, when the people met.
It wns the proper tlilug for one to ask
the other:
"Were you ot the leclure?" and tho
answer ln every case was: "Oh, yes!
I was there, but I didn't hear a word.
Did you hear the lecturoT"
"Well, no! I was there, but I couldn't
hear, either."
A friend, who met the novelist, asked
blm what kind of audience be bad and
how he liked tbe town.
"It's a fine place," was the reply, "and
I had the most attentive audience that
I have ever spoken to. No one made
a sound, aud I didn't have to raise my
voice above a whisper."
There Is no fixed rule ln life for the
benefit of mankind. Samson got Into
trouble because he had bis hair cut,
and Absalom got Into trouble because
he didn't.
Did you ever notice how bold you
are la suggesting what another man
should have done trader critical circumstances?
A woman's heart Is a small affair, but
It hus upset tlie biggest men tbat ever
adorned this world.
Leave 9:20 am Nelson     Arrive 6:M pin
!.en.ve 11:4.1 am Komiluiiil .  ..Arrive'2:5.1 pin
l.cnvc nudum Spokane Arrive ti:4U pin
Passengers for Kettle river and
Boundary creek connect at
Marcus with Stage Daily.
Inland Navigation
and Trading Co.,
Steamer Halys,
(apt. Vi. Vi. Weil,
Does .Toliliing Trade on Kootenay I .nke.
Leu vi- orders with steam r International.
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
It la the most modern In equipment.
It ts the heaviest railed line.
It has a rock-ballast roadbed.
It crosses no sand deserts*
It was built without land grant or govornment aid.
It Is noted for the courtesy of its employe*.
It ls the only line serving meal* on ths
ia <-arle plan.
Kootenay connec ion at Ronner'ii Ferry Ids ,
Sunday and Wednesday.
Eastward ������������ ;. 7.00 s. m
Westward 2.41 p. in
For maps, tickets and complete information call on or address International
Navigation A Trading Company agents,
K. * S. railway agents, or
C. a. DIXON, Oeneral Agent,
Spokane. Wash.
F. I. WHITNET, O. P. A T. A,
St. Paul, Minn.
Str. Ainsworth
LeavesKnskonook 12:00 o'clock noon.
Monday, Wednesday ami Friday.
(Upon arrival of steamer Nelson with ptisH.n-
(jcis from Kaslo, Alusuorth, Pilot Bay, Nelson)
.Arrives Bonner's Ferry 11:00 p. m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Bonner's Kerry '2:00 p m., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
(I'pouar ival of i.roiit   Northern trains trom
east ii nil Weat.)
Arrives Kuskonook 11 :00 p.m. Tuesduy,
Thursday and Saturday.
Shorten! and quickest route to the Cimr
d'Alene mines, Palouse, Lewlsion, Walla Walls,
Baker City mines, Portland, San FranelHeo,
cripple Creek gold mines and all points Kast
and South. Only line Kaat via Salt l.ake and
and I leu ver. Steamer tiekets to Kuro|*e and
other foreign countries.
Ocean steamers leave Portland every
four days for 8an Jrancisco.
Spokane Time Schedule.
Kast Mail���Walla Walla, Port-
laud.   Han    Kraiiciseo,    Baker
City and the Kast.
a. m.
Local KAiti���Canu  d'Aienea,
Karmlngtiin, (iartleld,  Colfax,
Pullman anil Moseow.
p   m.
Kor through tiekets and further inforniatlnu
apply to .1 AS. MAI't.ll.
Agent International Navigation and Trading
Company, Kualo,
OratO. It jfcN. OompMUr'l olllee, 80 Kiver
side a\eulie, spnkaue. Wash.
H. M.   ADAMS'
lieneral Ageat.
Or.... W. II.   IH'Hl.lH'HT,
lieneral Passenger Agent. Portland. Ure.
The Fast Line.
Superior Service.
Through tickets to all points in tht
United States and Canada.
Direct Connection with the Spokune
Fella and Northern Hallway.
No. 1 west   3:00 p. m.
No.'.east     7:00a.m.
Tickets to Japan ana China via Tacoma
and Northern Paclflo Steamship Coftipany.
For Information, time cards, maps and
tickets, apply to agents of the Spokane
Falls A Northern and its connections,
or to
F.  D. UIB8S.
General Argent, Spokane.
Auut. Oen. Pass. Aart.,
No. SIBB Morrison St.,
Portland, Oregon.
Write for map of Kootenay country.
Cody, etc., Kaslo & Slocan Railwuy trains
leuve Kaslo dally at 8 a. m.; returning,
arrive at Kaslo 3:50 p. m.
Rosebery and NakUBp, take K. * S. Ry.
from Kaslo to Sandon, and thence Nak-
uhp A Slocan Railway, leaving Sandon
dally at 7:45 a. in.; returning, arrive d&sly
ai Sandon at 4:55 p. m.
Victoria and other main line points on
C. P. R., boat from Nakusp to Arrowhead, cars to Revelstoke, thence connect with east and west bound trains.
etc., take Steamer Slocan on Slocan lake,
connetlng with Nakusp A Slocan Ry. at
land und Grand Forks, take the Steamer
International from Kuslo daily at 5:45 a.
m., except Sunday, making connections at
Five Mlie I'otnl, near Nelson, with Nelson A Fort Sheppard Ry., then to North-
port. From sNorthport to Spokane continue the railway, known south of
Northpoit as tlie Spokane Falls A Northern,  arriving at  Bpokane at 6:40 p. ni.
Or for Spokane take I. N. & T. Co.'s
steumer Alberta from Kuslo to Bonner's
Ferry, Tuesdays und Saturdays at 6 p.
m. and connect at Honner's Ferry with
Ureal Northern truins to Spokane, arriving at 2:45 the following day.
For Rossland change at Northport to
the Red Mountain Ry., arriving at Rossland at 3:40 p. m. Or, Rossland may be
reached from Nelson via Columbia &
Kootenay Ry. lo ltobson. thence by river
steamer to Trail, thence by Columbia &
Western Ry. to Rossland. Or, Rossland
may be reached via Nakusp and Trail by
daily steamers down the Arrow lakes and
Columbia river.
For Grand Forks and Boundary Creek
points, take S. F. A N. Ry. from North-
port to Bossburg or Marcus, thenco by
stage ucross  reservation.
son, etc., I. N. A T. Co.'s Steamer Inter-
national leaves Ka>lo dully, except Sunday, at 5:45 a. m.; returning, leaves Nelson
at 5 p. m., arriving at Kaslo about 8:30 p.
C. P. R. Co.'s Steamer Kokanee leaves
Kaslo dally, except Sunday, at 7:30 a. m.,
arriving at Nelson at 11 a. m.; returning,
leaves Nelson at 4 p. m., arriving at Kaslo at 7:30 p.   in.
Btc., tuke steamer Kokanee Monday,
Wednesduy and Friday at 7:30 a. m., or 1.
N. A T. Co.'s steumer Alberta Tuesday
and Saturday ut 5 p. m.: thence by stage
to Fort Steele Wednesday and Saturday.
l'rom   Kaslo   to   Surrounding   Haul.
iu'mx Points.
Miles. | Mllea.
Whitewater  1?|Ainsworth   U
iO|l'llnl Hay    2i>
H.llalfour   i3
29}8anea  38
Hear Lake
Sandon (3 liours).
Three Fork* 	
New Denver	
Slocun City 	
I lull on  City  	
Arfcenta  jo
Duncan City 84
Hali'yon Hoi Hpr'gs. 8<"i
Arrowhead  lor.
Louie    10|1
TluimiM4ona Loading.113
Trout Lake City..
Ferguson  180
itcvelstoke (31 lira)..133
Vernon  123
Penticton   293
Kamloops  261
Aaheroft   808
Lytton  85<i
Yale     409
New   Westminster...50.1
Nelson (I hours)  42
Ymir  (to
Robson  70
Trail    90
48jN'orth|surl (7 lira)....103
w. Il.issliin.l (10 liours)..120
TO Ili.sslnil'K    J__
1*5 Marcus  130
Urond Forks  Uio
Greenwood  19*
Anaconda  }(��_
Boundary  800 '
Midway 204
Spokane (13 hours)..232
Kuskonook     4a
lioat River  65
Ueilllngton (llykerts) 77
Tort Hill   78
I.unas   108
Batmen Ferry (13 h)HU
Moyle City 12S
Swansea 135
Wanlnttr, U. 0 140
CranhriHik  tw
Fort Steele 1611
Vancouver   (51  hrs)��.512 Canal  Flats    l��o
Victoria  (59  hr��)'....696 Windermere  210
Heattie (28 hours)....580
Taioma (30 hours)...620
I'ortliui.l (48 li.,11 !:���)..iiv
���Via O.   P.   R.
Donald    218
Golden  no
llanlt    311
Raw Fur Notice
I, the undersigned, representing JOSEPH ULLMAN, of St. Paul. New York
and London, England, wish to Inform my
friends and the public generally that I
do not intend to travel as heretofore.
Those favoring mo with shipments of
can   rely  on   fair  treatment  and  prompt
returnB assured.   Write for price list.
O. W. BALDWIN, Winnipeg, Man.
Best in every line.   A stock of fancy
groceries is soon to be added
to our stock.
Front st. opp. Kaslo Hotel, Kaslo, B. C.
and Real .Estate
Correspondence solicited.
Professor    Llndeman,    After    Whom
Lake Lindeuian Is Called.
Lake I.lndemnn, often erroneously
spelled I.inderinnun, murks one of the
stages on the overland route to the
Klondike gold fields. It Is there that
the gold hunters stop to build limits
with which to navigate the Yukon.
This lake wns named lu honor of Prof.
K. O. lMndeniuii, s veteran scientist,
mineralogist and explorer who Is now
living, ns he has lived many yenrs past,
ln Denver. l'rof. Llndeman Is 07 years
old. Forty years ngo he traveled extensively In Alaska and British Columbia, visiting many of the localities
which are now swarming with fortune
hunters and whose names have within
the last few months become familiar
to every newspaper reader ln the country.
It wns In 1850 thnt he first saw the
Yukon. He was then n member of a
large exploring purty, ninny of whose
members left their bones In the frozen
desolate wastes. For seventeen months
he traveled about the country, reaching
a point nearly 1,000 miles north of the
lower Yukon navigation. Even nt Unit
early day lt was known thnt there wns
gold In Alaska and a noted Russian scientist had so reported to his Government, but It seems that his rejiort wns
given but little attention. Prof. Llndeman himself found many specimens
and picked up nuggets of gold at the
foot of Kntrln hill, fully six hundred
miles north of Klondike, n spot which
It Is doubtful If any other white mini
ever visited. Subsequently he made
other trips nbout Alaska and knows
the country thoroughly.
The professor advises prospectors to
carry with them enough condensed food
to Inst for a year, and he says that It Is
possible to prepare food In such a way
that fifty pounds will be sufflcleut. He
always prepared his own provisions and
Is willing to give any miner directions
so that lt can Im* done ��t home: Prof.
Llndeman hns also visited the gold
fields of South Africa and Australia.
He ls a native of Pennsylvania, but acquired his education aud his knowledge
of minerals nt European universities.
Seven Wonders of the World.
It may be that our renders have never
seen the following lines, In which are
enumerated the seven wonders of the
"The pyramids first, which in Egypt were
Next Babylon's gardens for Amytis mnde;
Then  Mnusoliia'   tomb  of  affection  and
Fourth, the temple of Dinn, in Epliesus
The Colossus of Rhodes, cast in brass, to
the sun;
Sixth, Jupiter's statue by Tliiilins done:
The Pharos of Egypt, last wonder of old,
Or palace of Cyrus, cemented with gold."
You remember when <;n Bins reached
tPennnflor, a pnriislte'canie lo his room
In the Inn and after due approaches,
hugged hlm nnd called liim the "eighth
wouder of the world." When (ill Bins
replied that he was not aware ills name
and fume hnd spread so far, his affectionate visitor exclaimed;
"We keep n register of nil the celebrated names within twenty leagues,
and hnve no doubt Spain will one da*/
be as proud of you as Oreece wus of
the seveu snges."
Of course Gil Bins, after such a
flattering statement, could do no less
than Invite his visitor Io dine or sup
with hlm. Delicacy after delicacy was
eaten, bottle after bottle disappeared,
and when the expensive dishes hnd all
been consumed nnd the parasite was
gorged to satiety, he rose and suld:
"Signor (ill Bias, don't believe yourself to be the eighth wonder of the
world liecause n hungry niiin would
feast by fluttering your vanity."
Then he walked off, laughing, leaving
.Oil Bins poorer In pocket, with food
���enough, however, for reflection.
In    the    Astronomical     01o.erviit.ir>
Tliere Ih Always Peace,
I suppose nobody can be so detached
from mundane troubles as the man whosu
calling it ls to investigate the other earths
of the universe, says Julian Hawthorne in
Collier's Weekly. In the astronomical observatory there Is always peace. In our
churches we offer up prayers for the political welfare of the country, and listen
to sermons advocating or deprecating war.
Sitting at home, amid wife and children.
In the security of our firesides, we read
the newspapers and discuss the chances
of battle and the horrors of famine. But
In the observatory there ls no mention or
thought of these things. The nearest the
astronomer gets to this planet is 240,000
miles ��� the distance that separates the
moon from us. He does not, however, linger there long; lt ls too near; he is like
the old frontiersman who began to gasp
for breath when any one came wilhin live
and twenty miles of him. Our astronomer
is not*_atlBfled with miles; he wants diameters of the solar system; the speed of
light vibrations Is his yardstick. Mars is
the nearest spot where he can sit down a
bit and feel at home. He begins to smile
and open his shoulders at Jupiter or Saturn; he ts striding along at a round pace
by the time he passes Neptune; and then,
with a sigh of relief, he bestraddles the
awful gulf that yawns between us and the
nearest fixed star, and disappears chee.--
fully from view in the mists of the Milky
Way. What is the uso of talking to such
a person about the war ln Cuba? "How
soon do you think it will be settled?" you
Inquire. He replies that it will require so
many billion ages for Alpha Ceniauri to
alter its present position. "But think of
those starving folks ln Matanzas!" you
continue. He refers you to the fact that
a thousand million years hence 'the sun
will have cooled down, and all the inhabitants of this solar family will have frozen
into icicles. "Have you pictured to your-
Bclf the terror of the moment when the
Maine was blown up in Havana harbor?''
you want to know. At this he smiles a
fearful smile, and saying something
about a recent collision of two plane:s ad-
Joining* a nebula of Orion, ls off toward
the north, probably on a hunting expedition after the Oreat Bear. Sometimes 1
feel Inclined to go home.
Yea, lt ls healthy once in a while to remind ourselves of the relations of thln<js
in this creation, to breathe Inlinite spuce,
to cool our little fevers In Its absolute
zero, to set our watches by the 1'reeesslon
of the Kuulnoxes, and to seek a quiet corner for meditation somewhere behind the
back stars. Hitch one end of your hummock to Sirius, and the other to Arcturus,
and compose yourself for a nap of a few
stellur periods; when you wake up, the
matters that so concerned you here will
have adjusted themselves.
To manufacture a cheap kalsomlne
stuck on the wall with glue, claiming it to
be the "same thing" or "Just as good" as
thc durable Alabastlne, or to buy and sell
such goods on such representations would
seem a cheap trick. Some resort to it. To
be safe, buy Alabastlne only in packages
and properly labeled.
He  Cannot Escape  Her.
"Henpeck  isn't   nearly as  enthusiastic  about
p joining the army as he was."
!    "No,   he   has  given   lt   up.    His  wife   says
! that If he enlists Bhe will go along as a nurse."
! ���Detroit Five  Press.
We are asserting in the courts our right to tht
exclusive use of the word ''CA&TOK1A," aud
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
was theoriginator of " PITCHER'S CAS TORIA,"
the same that has borne aud does now bear th*'
facsimile signature of CHAS. H. PLKTCHKR o��
every wrapper. This is the original" PITCHER'S
CASTORIA " which has been used in the homes
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
My name except The Centaur Company uf which
Chas. H. Fletcher is President.
March S, :X9J.        SAMUEL PITCHER.
Tramps have one redeeming quality;
you never hear of them getting mixed up
in labor riots.
$100 REWARD, i*tloo.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there ls at least one dreaded disease
that science has been  able   to cure in  all   Its
stages and that ls Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is  the only  posltlv.  cure  now  known  to  the
medical fraternity.    Catarrh being a constitutional   disease,   requires  a constitutional  treatment.    Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood und iiiucqus surfaces   of   the   system,   thereby   destroying   the
foundation of tlie disease, and giving the pa-
I tlent  strength  by building up the constitution
' and  assisting  nature In  doing  Its  work.    The
proprietors have so much  faith tn its curative
powers,   that   they  offer One  Hundred   Dollars
for any case that It falls to cure.   Send for list
of Testimonials.
Address:   P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold   by  Druggists.   75c.
Hall's Family I'llls are the best.
The longest lived people have generally been those who made breakfast the
principal meal of the day. The stomach
Tins more vigor in the morning than at
any  time.
An old womnn who had sat down to
tako a rest on the steps of a residence
near Nineteenth and Master streets yesterday afternoon, was surprised hy being
shaken by tho policeman on the beat.
"What's thc matter here?" lie asked,
grujy. She gave no answer, and, after
a sharp look at her, lie ran quickly to
the corner and rang up the patrol, which
came dashing up a little later at breakneck speed. The unwilling passenger was
summarily bundled in and the driver
raced to the German hospital and one
of the physicians was hastily summoned.
"VVlnit's the matter?" he asked of the supposed patient. ".Matter!" she said. "Yes,
what nils you?" "Me?" was the reply.
"Well, I'm a little tired, an' I'd be obliged
if you'd let mc sit here till thc gentlemen
get ready to take ine back. I was sittin'
on tho steps waitin' for my daughter to
come out of the store on thc corner when
they drove me off so quick. I wondered
what they were about, but I guess they
know." The physician turned to tlie policemen to make some inquiries, but those
officials Mere looking very ill, indeed, so
nothing  was said.���Philadelphia Record.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for ths feet,
ll cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes
tight-litting or new shoes feel easy. It is s
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damp,
callous and hot, tired aching feet. We
have over 10,000 testimonials of cures. Try
It today. Bold by all druggists and shoe
���tores. By mail for 25c. in stamps Trial
package FREE. Address Allen 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
A LETTER TO WOMEN,    mines of the northwest.
A few words from Mrs. Smith, of
Philadelphia, will certainly corroborate
the cla m that Lydio E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is woman's ever
reliable friend.
"I cannot praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound too highly.
"For nine
weeks I was in
bed suffering with inflammation
and congestion of the
ovaries. I
had a discharge all
the time.
When lying
down all
the time, I
felt quite
comfortable; but us soon as I would put my
feet on the floor, the pains would
come bock.
" Every one thought it was impossible for me to get well. 1 was puying 81
per day for doctor's visits and 7f> cents
a day for medicine. 1 made up my mind
to try Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It has effected a complete cure
for me, and I have all the faith In the
world in it. What a blessing to woman it is!"���Mrs. Jennir L. Smith, No.
824 Kauffman St., Philadelphia, Pa.
silr  In  the  Coeur  d'Alene  Distrlet-
Il<-\ elopmeiil on the Republic.
Platonic love is a sort of prologue to
the real thing.
C|T8 Permanently Cured. JJo fltsor nervousnes
lllO after drat day's use of llr. Kliue's Ureal
Nerve Restorer. Send for KIli.K BS.00 trial
bottle and treatise. DR. It. 11. FUNIS, Ltd., 9i��
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa.
A  horse never gels to the front in  a
race if he lias been badly reared.
After being swindled by all others, send usstamp
for particulars of King Solomon's Treasure, the
ONLY renewer of. manly strength. MAHON
CHEMICAL CO., PJO. Box 717. Philadelphia, Pa
The baby in the cradle evidently thinks
this is a pretty rocky old world.
Plso's Cure for Consumption has been
a God-send to me.���Wm. B. McClellan,
Chester.   Florida.  Sept.  17.  lSKi.
The pulling of a sound toolh Irics the
aecoustics of the dental chamber.
In   the  spring cleanse  your system   by  using
Dr.   Plunder's Oregon   lltood   Purifier.
The woman who fails to say "because"
has some other excuse.
Farm Telephones.
Here Is an idea for the hoys tn think
of. If It ciiu be made practical. It would
be very convenient In a nolghliorlioo .
where Hie houses were not near each
other, and would bring one of the
luxuries of clly life to tne Inuiiiles, says
American Parmer.
To make a good and serviceable telephone, good from one farm house to
another, only requires enough wire and
two cigar boxes. First, select your
fco.ten and make a hole about a half an
Inch in diameter.In the center of the
bottom of each, and then place one In
each of Mio houses you wish to connect;
then got live pounds of common Iron
stove-pipe wire; make a loop In one end
and put It through the hole in your
cigar box nnd fasten it with a nail; then
draw It tight to the oilier box, supporting It, when necessary, with a stout
cord. You can easily run your line into
the house by boring a hole through the
glass. Support your boxes with Blats
nailed across the window, aud your
telephone Is complete. The writer has
one that ls two bunded yards long, and
cost forty-five cents, Hint will carry
music when the organ is played thirty
feet away In another room.
Use only one heaping teaspoonful of
Schilling s Best Baking Powder to a
quart of flour.
%m UK me lem ttaspoonfult ef other baking powder.
Among the colored diamonds there is
one of a green tint, now in Dresden, and
formerly owned by Augustus the Strong.
Tlie grand duke of Tuscany possessed a
blue one, and the famous Hope diamond
was also blue and remarkably beautiful.
No account of diamonds could omit
mention of the great Braganza ,the Portuguese crown jewel, which is said to
weigh 1880 carats, and is valued hy the
jewelers of Brazil, where it. was found,
at $1,395,000,001)! But it has been sug-_
gested that this diamond is a white topaz���in which case the millions vanish.
The Portuguese government refuses to allow thc stone to he examined.
The crown diamonds of the Brazilian
empire were valued at. more thnn $18,-
000,000. One of the principal stones wa9
set in the handle of the cane of .Tolm VII.
Still more remarkable, the doublet of
ceremony of Joseph I of Portugal hud fur
buttons 20 diamonds, aggregating the
neat sum of $40ft)000.
Brazil, which produced the diamond
handled cane and the Briigtinza, where
diamonds are found in the crops of fowls
and adhering to the roots of cabbages,
and were formerly used by the gold hunters for counters in curd playing���Brazil
must he allowed to he a country of marvels. Though modem scientists, denying
that diamonds have snuls or power to
cure toothache, agree that they may be
smelt, and tasted, it has remained for the
officers of the Brazilian .Junta Dhunant-
inu to assert that they produce music.
Hy rubbing the diamonds together close
to the car these experts declare that they
can distinguish the true from the false.
Riveted letters are a decided novelty,
and are the outcome of a desire to have
un absolutely safe envelope, says the
Philadelphia Record. These envelopes,
which can be secured by rivets, are per*
forated in one or more places, and before
closing the letter the stem of the rivet,
���which possesses a Hut head, is pushed
through the small holes from the inside
of the envelope and the Hup then struck
down. Over that stein u small net with a
conical hole is placed. This hole is wider
at Hie top part where the stem protrudes.
All the parts are made of lead or some
other equally soft metal. In order to secure the rivet a head has to he liunimercd
out of the protruding stem. r\,r this
purpose n steel mold or shield is placed
over it and driven home with the aid of
a hammer or with the Bat of the hand.
The stem then fills up the conical hole
in the nut with which it forms nne solid
piece showing the cleur lliipreaalou of the
shield or seal.
Lute ��� transfers  give  the agreement of
sule of the Blue Grouse group of silver-
lead claims by William  Williams to W.
F. Zumhoff for $20,000.   There arc four
claims in the group, and they lie on the
south aide of Carbon gulch, on the southwest   side  of  Sunset   mountain,  in   the
J Coeur  d'Alenes.    The  principal devclop-
| ment work has been  done on the Blue
Grouse, and this claim had a fine showing
hist fall, which has been improved since.
j If the sale is consummated there will he
| a chance for all the claim owners in the
Blue Grouse territory to get together anil
build  a wagon  road  from Dobson  sum-
I mit to the Blue Grouse, Manhattan, Amazon and Parrott.    Such a road would be
I about two miles long, hut it would be a
I splendid grade, and afford the best facilities for ore hauling.    It would put the
j mines within eight miles of the railroad
at Walluce, ami teams could easily make
j the round  trip  in a  day.    The  cost of
; the two miles of road would not exceed
j $2500.   It would open all the territory on
! the southwestern  part  of Sunset  moun-
| tain and force a railroad to follow in its
The Iron Colt.
The representative of an English syndicate   has  obtained  an   option   on   the
Iron Colt, in the Rossland district, which
; is the property of the Iron Colt Mining
1 Company, Limited. The price is withheld.
I The chief shareholders are P. Burns, the
j wholesale butcher;   William    Mackenzie,
, the Toronto railway man;   J.  Ferguson
j and McCrae, the local agent of the Moii-
; treal Townsite  Syndicate.    Tlie  sum  of
I $30,000 has been spent in this property
j in development work, hut it shut down
j three  months  since.    There   is   a  huge
j body of  ore, from  six to 35  feet wide,
\ that is said to average from $0 to $10 per
ton.    The property i9 in good condition
for a strong company to go iu and make
! a mine of it.   It is cpened up to u depth
;of 300 feet, and about 1000 feet of tun-
j nel work ha9 been  done.
it.'Piii.nc Mine Developments.
The development at the Republic mine
Js said to continue satisfactory. The
j wonderful high grade ore chute in the
Republic still continue?, with a six-foot
��� vein. The chute now crowds 200 feet in
: length, and promises to continue indefi-
! nitely. Three shifts have been put to
' work on the drift north of the tunnel on
! the 200 foot level, and good rock is now
! being taken from that drift. The lower
! tunnel is now in about 100 feet, and
; running through hard syenite, which
j makes slow work. Three shifts are be-
| ing run on the Republic in all the drifts
I and tunnels.
A   HIk   Flame.
Tlie new flume of the Anaconda Copper
' Mining Company ut Anaconda runs parallel with the old flume, which was built
: when the first smelter was erected, about
! 13  years  ago.    The   new  flume  is four
feet  deep  and   eight   feet  wide,  and   is
constructed to last for years.   Over 2,308,-
000 feet of lumber were used.   Some idea
| of its magnitude can he gained from the
fact   that  its  construction    cost    about
The Lost Lode.
F.  II.   Oliver of   Rossland   is credited
with having paid $25,000 for a half in-
j terest  in   the  Ixist  Lode claim,  in  Stevens county, Washington.   Assays made
from  ore   taken  ont   during  the  recent
, strike in the 200 foot tunnel go $02.50
' in gold per ton.
What the Hints. Say.
Do you ask what the birds suy?The sparrow,
the dove.
The   linnet   ami   thrush   say,   "I   love,   and   I
In   winter    they're    silent,    the    wind    Is  so
What   It   says   l   don't   know,   but   lt   sings   a
loud sons;.
Hut   green   leaves,   and   blossoms,   and   sunny
WHnn weather,
And singing and loving, all come hnek together.
Hut   the   lark   Is   so   brlmlul   ut   Kindness   and
The green fields below him. the blue sky above.
Thill  he  Mil.,:-  and he  sings, and   tul'ever sings
I lov.etny Love, and my l.ove loves me.
���"Answer   to u Child's  Question/!  by  s.   T.
Coterhssfo, in "Iis'i'iiiihs- i Love Vou."
Ills Hunk.
Twynn���You addressed Hist mun as general,
didn't you:
Trliilett��� Yes.
"How did  he acquire that rank?"
"I conferred It un  hlm."
"What  for?"
"Ileeause he ta a general nuisance."���Up-To-
It is only in accord with the eternal
fitness of things that miss, kiss uml bliss
rhyme together.
Why  Isn't  courting an heiress a check
., hy aren't stenographers' notes ligures
of siieech?
Why Is It that we scldsm see an auburn
haired old maid?
Why Isn't a graveyard thc last BUMUre
it  man  resorts  :o? ���
Why doesn't a man lead a double life
when he Is beside himself?
Why Is It that all the rogues manage to
set into the other political party?
Why does a man usually show his wife
more courtesies abroad than at home?���
Chicago News.
"I have heard," said the young woman who ls improving her mind, "that
sometimes lt requires a great deal of
art to succeed In not doing things." "It
does," replied Seitator Sorghum, "unquestionably, especially If you are being paid for It.' ���Washington Star.
Alabastlne   ls   a   durable   and   natural
coating for walls and ceilings entirely dtf-!
ferent from  all  kalsomlne   preparations,
made ready  for use In  white or  twelve |
Is. aluir-.il tints by the simple addition of
water (latest make being adapted to mix ���
with cold water), put up In dry powder
form, In 5-pound packages,  with t\i\l Instructions on every package.
whiting, etc., are stuck on the wall with
decaying animal glue. Alabastlne Is a cement, which goes through a process of
setting, hardens with age, can be re-coat- j
ed and re-decorated from time to time I
without having to wash and scrape off Its
eld coats before renewing.
Kalsomines are cheap temporary preparations manufactured from chalks, clays,
Particularly throat and lung difficulties,
wrongly Attributed to other causes, la the
result of unsanitary conditions of walls
and ceilings. Think of having bedrooms
covered with layers of molding flour paste
to feed vermin, with paper to hide them
and to absorb the moisture cf rasplrutlon,
and an animal glue culture ground on Its
face for disease germs; this having strong
colors added, like a colored shirt, to hide
the dirt; then think of "the nasty practice" of repeating this papering, without
moving the old, and a number of times *ht
that, as many do. Then think, of a room
coated with pure, porous, permanent Alabastlne, which Is retimed with but little
trouble or expense, and Is purifying and
sweet-emelllng and fills cracks. Wall paper free would be dearer than Alabastlne
If cost of removing paper is considered.
Alabastlne is sold by paint dealers
everywhere. Ask your dealer for card of
Do not buy a law suit or an Injunction
with cheap kalsomines, imitations
of Alabastlne. Dealers assume the
risk of a suit for damages by selling
an Infringement. Alabastlne Company
own the right, covered by letters patent,
to inakcand sell wall coating adapted to
be mixed with cold water. Alabastlne Co.,
Grand Rapids, Mich. CITY BUG SITES
Ie Committee Favors f. J, Twiss'
Offer of Lots.
Alderman Art! or Offers New Wafer Kate By-
Law���Coorl of Revision Meets
Nexl Monday.
loi'inan Archer and
1 committee on city
iciul   favoring the
VV. J. Twins on the
avenue,   Alderman
g.   Mi*. Twiss had
��� i ���    'if   these   luls from
0.   I BWfft   T.  Kitiio had
ie ol  i he tour lots
������ head of Front si.
��� 1,500.      Alderman
the   purchase   of a
abonl seven lots, belong-
,v .-���   Ry. on A   avo.   and
i I'stood to bo pur*
,250.   Tho   report of
-   tabled  until next
All metnl he uitj oounell wore
present at li udnesday's meeting,
except Alt' ������ Moore.
Account-   aggregating  .$17.'1.47  woro
ordered pai !
A report       n
Elastic of ti ���
let purebat
four lots or- ���
south   side   ������
Whiteside diss
reduced th i pr
$2,050 to $2,000
also reduce I
offered by
from  $4,00(
tract equal :   .
ing to the
5th st, which i'
chaseable for
the commit ���
Alderinai .. iv Introduced by-law
No. 53, which provi ������ u reiKijustment
of water rn:' ll was road the lirst
time by titl
Tbo com''
plications f
pointed, coi
cil exceptln
J. D. Mot
Monday, 2.r>
The chiel
post notioet
soil from publi
ion of rock*' ���"      ��� '
The conn ���     i   i
copies of the ���
the Kontenc
vided that t'
Communh    ii ��������� v
Jiled from A   '      I '���
Goodwin as!, ii
on street work
A eomniu
,   municipal c
, ioning   1he.     ci    i'i
Attorney-Gi -
license port  ihe municipal clauses
,u:!. by inoo ig In   it  a  section
"  tlie Ontario act,anil
���;t<' Qounoil to co-op-
[Where no consideration is mentioned the
nominal sum nf *J1 is understood.)
April 16.���Early Morning, Sunrise and Vii-
torln on Lrti'ilo river, W. B, .Strathern to II. B,
Bcholey and O. A. Sutherland, l-P, *hk).
April Ui.���Wisconsin uml Lucky Strike, Is in.
west of south end of Kootenay lako, Win. M.
lleiinessy and   Mury Heucssy to Shirley Davis,
i-s, tm.
Crow's Nest, sear Outlet, Martin Knight to
Hull Minis.
April 21. Kinarcl. lligli Book anil Custer, O.
ti. I.uiieivo to O. t". Johnson, 1-12.
Copper Nugget, .lohn Peterson to same, 1-12.
No. ii mi Campbellcreok, Gay Reader to Leviathan (i. M. st M. Co.
April IS.- Lakeside, 10 miles from Kaslo, being relooatlon of Due Bill, by J. w. Peterson,
o'lliggins, on Lardo Jack creek, D_ miles
from Knslo, by Jus. J. Godfrey.
April 19,"-Boulder, on Bouldet creek, 2 miles
east of Kuskonook, bv O. ll. Eriekson.
Belfast,'! n ii'mile slide, 1-2 mile north of !_,<_
S, ity., by N. A.Cameron and John Mitchell.
April 21. Deserter, near old Lardo townsite
boing relocation of Lake view by a. t. Adams.
April iff.   ;;im by L. A. Lemon.
Iron Unnd by G. Walker.
April 111. Last Chance, Itay nnd Little Ike by
Win. Itnywnril.
Heather Hello by A. Milton.
Elated and Surprise No. 2 by V. A. Johnson.
Hoots by S. Weese.
April 20. -Linnet fraction, Robin, Wild swim,
Humming Bird und Sky Lark fraction.
Oneida and Roy by J. It. Hurdle.
B��y View by 1>'. K. Strobeck.
April 21.���Black Jack by Vi. A. Skinner.
Hamburg,Ladv ol the Luke nnd Little Mamie
by McLeod (... s\.S. M, CO.
fijnrdan and Copper Nugget by A, I.nbercc.
Following nre thc ore shipments Ioi ilieweck
ending April 21st over the Knslo A Slocanliy:
Mine. Destination. Tons.
Ruth Pueblo nml Everett    20
Dardanelles Tacoma   19
Totnl tons.
-���  ri. to consider ap-
etions  was ap-
��� he entire cousin 11 ti Whiteside aud
will   con vena next
al 10 a. ni.
is  instructed to
biting Uie removal of
or tho deposit-
ifi st   hereon'.
d ti   purchase 5,000
��� Trade edition of
5cei tn por copy,pro-
.ittisfactory to
������   ' ���  received   and
r-     ion   and  O.   IT.
" -ii ion of foreman
ts read from the
!<ti 111 loops, potit-
int through the
1 11 nd the liquor
From Jan. 1, 1W>8, to date too   lending mines
of tlie Slocan region   have   snipped over   the
Kaslo it sloean Railway for wnter transportation from Kuslo, as follows:
Mine.                     Tons.iMInc. Tons.
Payne   2850 Enrelca  42
Ruth     1290Pideli.fr  15
Whitewater   Ifi90|8overeutn  20
Reco     280 Queen BOM  140
Slocnn Star*     217 Jackson  32
Rambler-Cariboo     :ssn Gibson  16
Lnckv Jim     900-Montezuma*  483
Last chance   lii'iiicharioston      so
Qoodenough      20!Anioine     110
Dardanelles       (.7 Ajax       34
similar to Si
asking the 1
The Ootat
as follows:
der this act,
'.V p.
���eferred to reads
.-���'ii licensed un-
di'iinkcnuess or
any violent, quarrelsome,riotous or dts��
orderly Condi 1 I 10 lake place on his
premises, or lollvers intoxicating liquors to any drunken person or permits and suii' re any drunken person to
consume an\ intoxictu ing liquor on his
premises, 01 permits or suffers persons
of notorious';, bad character to assent
ble or meet on his premises, or suffers
.my gambling or any unlawful game to
be carried on on his premises, hothall
be liable to a penalty of not less than
*H) and not exceeding $.",<>."
Delegate Buclianan Outlines Course
re Lend Industry.
Delegate (i. O. Unchatiiin, who loft
last Tuesday foi'(il liwa, went by the
city council and the board of trade, to
lay before the Dominion Parliament
plaii�� foi*fostering tho had Industry,
outlined tho following course to the
Nelson Miner:
"As a solution of the question It will
be urged that the government assist
the lead smelting industry (I) by a substitution of a bonus to be paid for tho
successful operation of a leal lolinery
in Canada, instead of that now paid for
I oad smelting; ,2> by an increase of the
duty upon lead coming into Canada: (3)
iiy the appointment of a commission to
ti'avel and investigate the subject of a
foreign market for lead, nnd the conditions under which said market may bo
made accessible to Canada."
Mr. Buchanan will have the active
co.-operation of a ninnboi' of mine owners who are at present either in Ottawa
or in other parts of eastern Canada.
Among these nro Byron White of the
Slocan Star, H, GiogricUof K-M-o. f ��������
ander-Shaw of Ainsworth ft��d Bwt)*1*
flrot. of New Vorlr.
�� I'oinentrtttes.
Thc Following in n partial statement of ore
shipments over   ho C. P. K. From   Slocnn   and
Lardeau points since January 1st, not Included
in the Fryegotng:
���Slocnn Star
Tuns. Mine.
40 Silver Cup.
. 2U0|Waverley..
.    fi7U Idaho	
.. .  10S
New York, April 21.-Silver, SMfp.
Lead���Dull; t.-okers' price, J.l.."��j; exchange
|3, ��� ��� ���' 1.60.
Following in a table of the lending  stocked
mining companion of ihe slocnn nud Ainsworth
mining divisions:
No. of
Sim res
Slocan Star	
Noble Five	
Great Western	
Jaokion(North'nBell)|  l,000i000|
American Hoy '  i.ixhi.iuki
KHslo-Montez'unin '   1,800,000
Iiiiislnnelles j   1,000,000
Qtbion i      tiutl.tKKi!
Wonderful       fcOOO.OOO
St. Keverne  '   bOnti.lHXil
Idler I   I.iiimi.iuxi,
London Hill         600,000
Black liliimond       l.am.uotii
Par   IMarket
Value   Value
I2.B0 t>
.."sill $..00
CI i
si.ouj l.IKI
Pel lie
l.uo 1
.1)71 i
SNo stock on the market*.
Of the foregoing, the following have paid dlv-
i.buiN ns follows:
I'll VIM-         ..   .     **l,MKI.ll,KI  Xobli!   EivC       . I0.IKKI
Slocan Star        400,000 Ooodenougli... xudo
Uutli     :iOii,tioo|Wu��liliiglon   . _*ti.ras.
Reco        287, W0| Jackson.... 2o.otH>
Rambler-Carl,,     40,000 Surprise  .11,0110
Uotldei Ilie foregoing, other mines, unstuck
1, im v.- paid dividend! m follows:
Whitewater..,    IM,000 Antolne... BStOOP
Sloean Boy       28,000'Monltor       lfi.OOtl
Knlloivliig is a rouijiiiriltlie stnleuietit of ore
���hipped from parts of tho slocnn nml Ainsworth
mining districts, passing Uirough tl nstoiii
house at Kaslo to foreign smelters for Ihe five
recorded months of 1MB. all of tsmi and 1807:
s-,lr Cross Weight   liross Value 01
1<ar' of tire In Lbs.   Ore In Italian
ist'i (A months). ... 2,202380 *   114.M1
IH'.m (p.1 niontliH)....       2:i.:U4.ri24 l.lll.llil
ls'.i7(lJniontliH)....        Itjmfin H.oiKi.HSil
��I.:I2S. -I'M
Load (Broker's.) Silvor.
Saturday, April 111  3..">0     Cm 7-8
.Monday, April 18".  3.50     5��
Tuesday, April 19  8.50     60
Wednesday. April 20  3.50     58
Thursday, April .21  3.50     50
Friday. April 22 .7 . 3.,ri0     5o 3-4
Following Is the list of letters remaining un-
e:illid (orla the Knslo PostoBice since the last
list puhllthed over dntepf April It. 18118:
lllen, .lohn M.
Armstrong, \\. P,
Brown, w.
Colwell, John
G llll land; Oliver
llniiiia. Frank
.tllillls'OU,   K'l
Is'iilstrom, A.
Lindsay, L, H.
Meiibn'nt. Miss Alici
McDermont, J, B.
Mi'Plierson. John .1.
Park. o.
Poaeopk, J. Vi,
���imli!i, B. C.
"���itrningowsy, ItogtnuPt Willis, L. R
wii 1 to, j. k;
��. If. OllEEsN, PdStmsiiter.
Allan, Miss Mabel M.
Brown, Jas.
Beaton, WW.
Eastiiuin, ('. A.
Gardner, Walter
Bottle, W. R.
Johnson, Kisack
Kennedy, John A.
Liverpool. Miss Lei hia
HcAndrews, 11. p.
McKothnle, Dan
Olson, e.
I'utiiain. Chas. I.
Potter, Mr.
Steele, VV, B.
..And the Gateway to the Great blocan With Its Score or More of
Kasfo, the city ��f Energy!
Is Also A City of Homes.
Beautifully Situated on Kootenay Lake, With a Delightful
Climate. It ha.s Churches, Schools, and Public Reading Rooms
Well Graded Streets.   A Good Local Telephone System.
mm cm
The Best of Electric Light and Power Plants, Daily Communication with
ihe Outer World through two Great Railway and Steamboat Companies.
Large Pay Rolls from Local Lumbering, Ore Sampling and Other Industries.
f OVER $20,000
Is being expended in Public
Improvements This Year !
Caldwell & Evans,
Mining Properties, Stocks and Real Estate For Sale.
Correspondence Invited.
Address: C. F. CALDWELL and C. 0. EVANS,
K��nhi, B,C��� April %\i 1W8,


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