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/V /j
If You Sec it in the
NEWS It is True,
IN THK  M. C. !*!*.*'��. (
VOL. ��1.
NO. 15.
of Trade Notes.
and Resources of Ainsworlh Mining Division��� Transportation Facilities���
Description of Kaslo.
[Upon representation to the B. ��'. News by
prominent members of the Hoard of Trade thai
the co|,v for the annual report prepared to H.
II. Kempuid0. 'i Buchanan i* incomplete
and unrevueu, we Uava decided t�� condense
the remainder of the notes on hand and linish
the publication lor the time being in this issue.
We had understood from President Buchanan
that the report was complete and had been
laid before the < ouncil of the Hoard of Trade.
and .while'this appears to have been tlie case
as lar as Messrs. Kemp and Buchanan were, concerned, it alsoa|.pours that the report hint not
been formally ratified. While Ihe Xews, then,
has published whai will doubtless be tile substance of the Board oi Trade report, it appears
that Ihe notes furnished to us were not strictly
speaking, advance sheets. Their publication
will, however, work (rood iu various ways, not
Ihe least of which will he tlie opportunity for
members to see where the report might be amplified and Improved and to make their sug*
geirtlons accordingly, for the benefit of the
complete report when it appears,  -lids. News.]
Scattered over the region described
|in lust week's B. C. News] and at convenient places to accommodate those
engaged in the various pursuits connected with tho raining industry, are
towns of more or less importance.
Kaslo is the chief.a full description of
Which appears in Part II.
Next comes AInsworth,13 miles south
of Kaslo, and ott the west side of tlie
lake. Several hundred poople mako
Ainsworth their abiding pln.o, and the
town among other features of interest,
has a number of beautiful residences.
Pilot Bay has heretofore been thc
lend, smelting center of Kootenay lake.
It is situated ou thc oast shoro eight
miles southeast of Ainsworth. The
population is about -iOO when the smelter and concentrator aro in full blast,
and it is also the outfitting point for a
number of prospectors. Two genera!
stores and three hotels do an excellent business.
.-, Sanca. 18 miles south of Pilot Bay,
also on tlie east shore, is tho entrepot
and outlet for tho White Grouse mountain mines. Several hotols and ono or
two stores Comprise tlie business and
tht population will probably average
two hundred.
Kuskonook. This is a now town at
the south end of Kootonay lako on tho
east shore. At present it ia very lively on account of work being carried on
on tho Crow's Nest Pass nnd tbe Nelson and Bedlington railways. The
population ia about 600. It will doubtless be the termini of these roads for
two or three years, or until thoy aro
built around tho hike. In the meantime connection will bo made by transfer barges, ferries and steamers.
North of Kaslo at the present writing there are no towns of importance,
but there is no doubt but that in the
near future there will be several villages of more or less Importance.
Seventeen miles west of Kaslo, on
tho Kaslo and Slocan railway, is the
town of Whitewater. The business
from the surrounding mines supports
three hotels, two general stores and a
saw tn iii. A telegraph olllce is also
located hero.
(iooloiclcnl uml Mineral K.-iitnrca.
The geological features of the Ainsworth Mining Div ision, liko any othor.
are difficult to describe without the aid
of a chart. Tho following formations
oxist more or less throughout the division: (iranlte, porphyry, schist,
<liittrt7,lto (the latter generally occurring in "bands), trachyte, serpentine,
argyllito and plumbaginous slates and
the different forms of lime.
Tho mines are many and varied,some
being contacts between different formations and others true flssuros. Such
metals as gold, silver, coppor and load
have been mined at a profit, but as a
rule thc ores are combined by nature
and a mine produces gold, silver and
copper, or silver and lead; yet in the
division there aro a number of mines
which havo produced immense quantities of "dry" silver ore.
The White Grouse Mountain and adjacent claims are gold, silver and copper bearing, each metal adding its
value to the product. The claims
worked on Goat creek, as far as development has progressed, produce free
milling gold ores.
Tbe Grey and Crawford oreek claim*
produce principally gold, silver and
copper and some are valuable for their
lead contents. That section opposite
Kaslo is being developed entirely for
its gold values, but with (Jepth it is not
improbable that copper or nicklo or
both may oxist in paying quantities as
a bye product.
At Ainsworth camp, where claims
have been worked for ton or moro
years, three classes of mines exist, viz:
"dry" silver, silver-lead and load
mines, the latter carrying such a small
quantity of silver that its value is not
Westward from Kaslo there are no
developed mines until tho South Fork
of Kaslo river, five miles from tlie city,
is reached. Three miles up this stream,
on Montezuma creek, is located the
Montezuma group of mines and concentrator, the mine and mill being connected by the Sackett wire cable tramway over 8,700 feet in length. This
concentrator has been running for
some time, reducing from 80 to 100 tons
per day of crude ore which produces
about one car load daily off silver-lead
Farther up tlie South Fork are the
following groups of silver-lead claims
which have shipped quantities of ore
during the past two years: Gibson,
Bismarck and Silver Bell. Excellent
showings aro made and considerable
development work has been done on
the Silvor Bear, ii. N. A., Black Fox,
Ben Bur, Liberty Hill. Kimberly and
others, but thus far no shipments have
been made.
On Blue Ridge creek, 10, miles west
of Kaslo, aro a number' of silver-load
claims, ulso on Twelvc-Milij, two miles
farther west. Quito an amount of development work has been done on these
two streams, but shipments to any extent have not boen made.
At Sproule's Station on the Kaslo &
Slocan railway, Bear creek comes in
from tlie north and Spring creek from
the south. On the former stream the
principal formation is trachyte and serpentine, although many locations have
beeu made and several aro considered
valuable. The Eureka is tho only one
which lias shipped extensively.
A number of galena claims are located ou Spring crook. Some are huge
concentrating propositions and two
have shippod clean ore, tho Texas and
Carbonate No. 2.
Whitewater and Jackson creeks en-
tor Kaslo rivor at Whitewater station
17 miles from Kuslo. On Whitowaler
creek, one mile from the railroad station, is located tho famous Whitewater
mine which has been a phenomenal
producer during the past lew months,
having paid 8194,000 in dividends.
Farther west, but tn the same belt, are
the Wellington and Charleston mines,
also producers. On Jackson creek are
tbo Jackson mines and the Stranger,
both producers, the former having sent
large quantities of oro to market during the )iast live yoars. A largo concentrator is now being erected.
Besides those mentioned, thero are u
number of others more or less developed and ready to begin shipping.
Bmeltlng nud Concentrating Fluuts.
Already thoro is one silver-lead smelter and four concentrators in the Ainsworth Mining Division. The Kootenay Lako Smelting Works at Pilot
Bay with one stack can reduce over
100 tons of oro per diem, and there is
ample, room to add two more stacks of
tho samo capacity. Connected with
this smelting plant is a concentrator
which handles 100 tons of ore every
twenty-four hours.
At Ainsworth the Highlander concentrator treats 100. tons per day and the
Canadian M. & M. Co.'s plant at the
mouth of Woodbury croek, three miles
north, can handle 60 tons per day. The
No. 1 concentrator at, tho No. 1 mine
has a rapacity of 00 tons n day.
Fight miles west of Kaslo the Monte-
/.limit concentrator has a maximum capacity of 100 tons each 24 hours. The
Washington concentrator in Washington basin is callable of handling Su
tons per day.
The sampling works of the Kootonay
Oro Co. are situated at Kaslo ami have
a capacity of 800 tons per day. Ore Is
sampled hero for $1.25 per ton and paid
for within a short time after delivery.
[For a full description of these works
soo thc British Columbia News of
January 7, 1808.
TrHllsportKtliin FHCllitli-st.
In the matter of transportation the
division is well supplied, having connection with the four great transcontinental railways. -
Plying on Kootenay Lake the C. P.
R. has two largo stern wheel steamers,
the Kokanee and Nolson, while the I.
N. & T. Co. has two steamers of the
same pattern, viz: the International
and Alberta.
The Ainsworth, also a steru-wheeler,
belongs to the Braden Bros, and plys
between lake points and 'Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.
The Halys and Kaslo are screw propellers carrying passengers and
freight. Outside these are a number
of pleasure launches and tugs.
Cotinued on eighth page.
? M
War Probabilities Strengthening at
Wasliingtoii, D. C.
The House of Representatives Passes Intervention Resoiutions-A Disgraceful
Brawl Occurs.
Washington, D. C, April 14.���Tho
foreign affairs committees of both senate and house reported intervention
resolutions yesterday, differing but
slightly and each accompanied by a minority report, The majority reports
recommended intervention, the restoration of peace and the securing to the
Cubans a stable, independent government of their own. The minority report in addition recognizes the present
republic of Cuba, which recognition
the administration opposes. In the
house the minority report was rejected
by a vote of 117 to 190. The majority
report was then adopted by a vote of
.'122 to 10. In the senate the reports
went over a day before voting,although
speeches were mude on them. An unseemly brawl occurred in thc house
over a dispute between a republican
and a democrat which threatened at
one time to become a fist light.
West Kootcnuy to Get Only One Additional Member.
A Victoria, B. C, dispatch says that
the redistribution bile in expecM-
down today. It adds four mombers
to the house. Vancouver, which now
has three members, gets one raoro;Cas-
siar is increased from one member to
two, the bounds of Fast Kootenay are
moved a little west and she gets another member and West Kootenay also gets
another memlier. West Kootenay will
be divided into three ridings, north,
center and south, the last being composed of the Kossland and Trail district
with the Boundary country added.
This is tho forecast and is understood
to bo about correct.
The following is the return presented in thc legislature of the number of
voters in the province the 31st of January last:
Voters. Applicants.
Comox  r>47 52
Cowichan-Alberni. . 669 20
Esquimau  478 34
Nanaimo  972 70
sN'anaitnoN  702 12
Nanaimo s  314 18
Victoria City  ".,702 292
Victoria N  357 16
Victoria S  636 40
Cariboo  568 33
Cassiar (Stickino).., No returns.
l'assiar(Skeena).... 190 97
Koofonay|F.(Donald) M0 10
Kooton.iy K(Ft.St'le) 133 22
Koot'y W.il'.evelstk) 600 714
Koot'vW.(Trail Ck.) 312 280
Koote'nny S  1,383 181
l.illooot E  273 16
LilloootW  208 21
Westminister City.. 1,493 12
Vancouver Cltv.  ... 3,9.9 81
Delta  1,136 7
Chiliwnck  713 11
Dewdney  818 52
Richmond  964 ll
ValeN  068 109
YnloF  1,480 52
YaloW     502 80
The trial of the pals of the Frenchman Deroscher who was arrested at
O'Leary's camp for breaking into a
box car at Robson last November, took
place at Nelson last week. Thoy wore
defended by Lawyer Gallagher who
had them almost cleared, as the Crown
had a very weak case against them,
when they turned around and confessed to the whole affair. They were
committed to stand trial at thc next
While workmen wero engaged in
making an excavation for a building
near the Union hotel, last week, the
skull of what is presumably that of an
Indian's was uncovered. It is in the
last stages of decay, tho lower part being gone. The supposition is that it
belonged to the body of some poor fellow that was killed as the skull was
found in a very unlikely place for any
one to have boen buried. The skull
now adorns tho desk of Mr. Frank
O'Brien the  totyn site agent.
The mounted police under Sergt. McLeod made a raid and captured last week
a couple of moonshiners who wore running a still near tho 20-mile house.
The men captured are Joseph Gagnon
and John Lachasseur. All their paraphernalia, consisting of a couplo of tin
kettles, a worm, bottles of yeast and
other mixtures, were confiscated. Constable Forrester has known of the existence of the still for some time. In
fact he knew about the exact spot
whore it was located, but had not time
to attend to it before. Tho stuff they
made was sold around Die camps and
along the line of construction. They
wero taken to .Velson, yesterday, by
officer Wilson, where they will have a
"In my opinion," said a man prominently connected with tho Canudian
Pacific railway.to a Searchlight representative, yesterday, ������Kuskonook is
the coming town oi Kootenay lake.
Our company has pretty thoroughly
considered all tho possibilities and
this is tho only feasible place to get
out of unless the road around the lake
is built, which if not quite uncertain
is at least about two years distant.''
"The large 15-carbarge already buili
at Nelson, and tho powerful tug about
to be built to draw it, will be able to
make two round trips daily thus transporting .30 cars which is as many per
diem as tho tonnage of thc Crow's Nest
railway is apt to justify for a good
while to come.
"It is also a fact,'' he continued
' that the C. P. R. would very much
like an interest in the Kuskonook
townsitt in addition to tho right of way
that the Kaslo .t Slocan people have
offered us. If I am not very much
mistaken, you may look for overtures
to be made in that line soon, if they
have not already begun- Thero is
bound to be a good town at this end of
the lake, and Kuskonook is practically
the only possibility in that line that I
can see."���Searchlight.
Total .
in .ill, ���m.tanoe CommutoH.
Everybody in tho Kootenay will v<
member the efforts made last fall to
find the whereabouts of a miner named
Jack Quiticy, who it was said, could
provo that HenryCrticmordid uot commit the murder of a woman and a child
in Seattle. Craomer was sentenced to
be hanged on Thursday of last week,
but an hour or two before the time set
for execution, Governor Rogers commuted the death sentonco to Imprisonment for life.
Hhsu'I I.ont Its Urlp.
Kaslo is coming to the front with a
building boom. Those who labor under the impression that the "City of
Energy" has lost its "grip" will please
take notice.���Tho Nation,
Tl.ey ni-u Si.Ll 1" lie Hi'iKlliie for llio Tro-
vln.'liil !>���,,'is.lal ;u-c.
This country will soon belong to .Mr.
Bostick altogether, if the connections
will only connect���an important condition, Not content wilh owning the Grit
pro's of the province, if reports are to
bo relied upon, all his little editors ftri
to run for the. legislature���Deano for
Kiiinloops, Atkins for Revelstoke, Hag-
get) for Golden, King for Kaslo, and
Baillio for Fori Steole. Mr. Bostock
must be laying his pipes to play the Cecil Rhodes of British Columbia.���Revelstoke Horald.
Mr. li.i-i.i.'is. "Joorn%U��t", Satirized.
Wo must not forget to congratulate
the Canadian Press Association on the
privilege it enjoyed of listening to Mr.
Bostock. It must have been the opportunity of a life-time to behold in all the
fullness of his success as a publisher,
the man who had been "connected a
great deal with tho press of British Columbia." Au interchange of experiences, such as Mr., Bostock could narrate, should result most beneficially to
the press not only of British Columbia,
but of the whole Dominion,��� The
Kaslo's First Newspaper, Tlie Kaslo-
Slocan Examiner.
Vol. i, No. i, Appeared October 22, 1892-4
Summary of lis (Ments-Gid Tim ers
Who Are Still Here.
Through the courtesy of Mrs. Thos.
Kane, mother of the several Kane
brothers, who are still leading citizens
of Kaslo, the B. C. News is granted the
privilege of examining a souvenir copy
of the first issue of tho Kaslo-Slocan
Examiner. This enterprising and
newsy little paper was begun Oct. 22,
1892, by Mark VV. Musgrove, who
printed a number of extra souvenir
copies op satin, silk and other rich
cloths, one of which is now before -us.
Kaslo was called "Kaslo City" then,
and like many other frontier towns, as
soon as it got to be a real city, it
dropped the affix.
An interview with Mr. Musgrove,
the editor, is reproduced from the
Portland Oregonian, which says in
part! "The Kaslo-Slocan district is
situated about 140 miles north of Bonner's Perry, Idaho, on tho Great Northern, and is reached by steamer on
Kootenay river and lake. It bids fair
to he the leading camp in British Columbia. Tho ore is unquestionably the
richest silver-lead in the world. The
citizens of Kaslo City, a town of about
600 inhabitants, subscribed $10,000 for
a road from Kootenay lako to Slocan, a
distance of 30 miles. Tho road will
cost $33,000'and will greatly facilitate
the shipment of ore."
George T. Kane and David P. Kane,
the original townsite owners, appeared
to be the leading real estate dealers
and mining brokers. Among the deals
recorded for the provious month are
noted two lots to Cameron Bros, for
$150, two to C. H. Goodwin for$350,ono
to O. T. Stone for $175 and 08 to Jim
Wardner for $17,500.
Among other real estate developments was noted an offer at auction of
_71 lots in Nashville, now familiarly
known as South Fork station on thu K.
& S. Ity. W. A. Jowett, now owner of
the Nelson Minor, was auctioneer. Th"
prices of remaining lots after the sale
were to be advanced 25 per com.
In its mining review tho Examiner
gave news from mines that aro still
well known, such as the Whitewater,
Lucky Jim, Northern Belle, Ajax, Slocan Boy, Surprise, Ruby Silver, Last
Chance. Washington, Great Western,
Freddie Lee, Payne, Noble Five and
Dardanelles. A transfer of 9-18 of the
latter property to John C, Davenport
for $100,000 is noted.
Other mimes of still well known old
timers are found iu the advertising
columns as follows: Green Bros., gen-
oral merchants, Kaslo City and .Vins-
svorlli: Grand Central hotel, by A. and
I. Fletcher; Dardanelles hotel,'by Mrs.
E. F. Coy; The Leland house, by Devlin & Maekaj; Ottawa houee, by Mo-
Andrew .*; Murchisoii: C. 1). Klnneo,
tentorial artist; Horace Walpole Buck,
law office: Kootenay Lake Saw Mill, by
G. O. Buchanan: and tho Noble Five
Hath Bouse, by A. C. Pearson.
The following interesting personal
comment appears:
"D. J. Munn. secretary of the Kaslo
\   Slocan   Railway   Co.,   arrived   hi.-l
evening and will remain n few days."
"The recent reception here of Mr.
Kellio, our distinguished M. P. P., v.a.
certainly all which that gentleman
could desire. The whole town gn DM ���!
Iiiiit on his arrival. -We unoerttind
that be will move to this city a: hm
oarly date."
A review of business matters it. AID -
worth speaks of both II. Giegerich and
Croon Bros, as having opened stores
there in 1890, and speaks of tlio pli -���
neer store of Kootenay hike tl: ro >f
Fletcher .*.��� Co.. "the principal ili: tnei
being thut well known old tuner, G. 1;.
Wright, who hold tho fort thoro aloiro
until the summer of 'Su." [This Mr.
Wright is the same "Father of Atns
worth," whose death was noted In 7-;.
Week's issue ofthe B. C. News.! Gtbi r
familial' names aro T. J. Londrmo..government recorder: A. Stalbor���\n.--:;,...���: ;
and Ainsworth hotel by Chas. Olson.
Among tho mines of the Hoi S riug.
cmnp wore mentioned tbe Skyline,
United, Numlier One, Neosho, Little
Donald, Highlander. Mtestlo, Tain
O'Shantor and Bluo Bell.
Lead (Broker's.) Silvor.
Saturday, April fl  3.50 55 3-1
Monday, April li  3.50 .v.:. i
Tuesday, April 12 8.60 66 7-8
Wednesday..April 13 3.50 SO 1-8
Thursday, April 11  3.50 M
Friday, April 16  3.5a) 55 7*8 >J
ed from tlie statement that when the
j works start up this season thoy will be
jable to handle almost an acre of ground
1 per day.
Little Slate croek  gold   deposits   were
SILVER BOWS IMMENSE OUTPUT  discovered by Robert Koyal in 1878, but
  ; he did not develop the claims and they
attracted no attention until two vans
later when Captain J. Wilson discovered
a gulch that yielded 25 cents to $2.50 per
pan. Foekler gulch was discovered the
same fall by Joseph Foekler, 0, .'. Cone i
und the late Andy MeQuade. It yielded |
$4000.    lluehanan gulch,    another    rich |
Discovery In Oregon of Hlch Gold
Bearing Qnarts on a Islniextone
ana 1'orpliy.ry Contact���Olrt Idaho
Camp���Lnteqt       Stampede       From
Dowtos.       '   t
This Manner of Giving Orders Is Now
a Matter of Silence-Meesastea Cun
lie Sent at Mjht lilnlric Lights
tlint Talk.
,,   �� ���     __��_,_�� ���f! proilucer, was found thc same year.
As showing the enormous amount ol j i
It is estimated that theso gulches yield*
produced ii.  Silver Bow  county, f_W.flOO.Wi
*>jsh fi:gmr���rp.rlb,ii,! son's ,__.<.. I sU. to _** ^^
gene B. Braden, in charge of the United, ^ ^ ^ day fo_ fiye ^    N(mc u
orked f'""      '   " ''
the entire output of Silver' Bow" county | ^^..f0^ ^
Si��inils of Ships.
Of all the things that went down in
the Maine, nothing was more vital to
the navy lhan the safe recovery of the
signal books from the captain's cabin.
Should they have fallen into the hands
ot the Spaniards, our secret codes
would be common property nnd n whole
corps of Spanish spies, right in our service, could scarcely embarrass us more.
can dispatch message* ls truly wonder
fill. With our blue-jackets they look
upon it as something akin to marine
railroading, and are not complimentary
lu their remarks. With the thirteen
principal flags iff our day code, supplemented by a half dozen designating
pennants, it Is possible, to make alsjut
12,000 different "hoists" or combinations, varying from one to two, three,
or four flags, not counting the i*n-
nnnts. These hoists Indicate tlie numbers of certain established orders or instructions carried In the "key" books of
the service, and, with very few common exceptions, these orders nre not
memorised. Bach ship carries a number of signal liooks or "keys" for various uses���all arranged in tlie same
manner and perhaps many having duplications of the numbers, and it is necessary flrst to tell In which "key" the
answer is to be rend tiefore thc signal
can Ik* properly translated. In one book
"4138" may mean "Attack," and still
something else In the cipher book. On
going Into action covers weighted with
lead are slipped about the-m, and lt becomes thc signal officer's duty to cast
them overboard aud beyond the reach
of a victorious foe.
Mates assay ollice in Helena   are of th. . ft ^ ^ d fa ^^
greatest moment  Mr.B ^n has ��jd       *
from .��* t.1*7  inclusive, at thee, or ^^lll^^e^^
Tntenv'^'S^ttSTlSl SI undertaken" It is about four or
*.i83,080,777.Q7.   Ihe total of MOjBSS.lW f _nd ^ d
tine ounces of gold W^hwl ����������.,��,- | ^     ^ t���      ^      .
075.74.   The product of silver, 113 Wo 00II completed in July,
ounces, would he w'orth at coinage ., le. , w .^
$146,883,234    Mr. Braden ha. esttaateti ^ J, of Florence are in*
the value of the copper outpuby coue; ^ erprlse.   Uttle Slate
put.ng copper at 12 cents a pound.   As a | ��       ^ ^^ ^
matter of fact the estimate is probably an  )'        f **
exceedingly conservative one, the average ���"'"''>��� *1C m *"���������"���
price   of   "that   commodity   having   been Klondike  From  Colfa*.
during the years 1882 until 1897, inelu- A lnrge pack tram has left Colfax for
sive, 13.470 cents, making it probable that j Dawson City, via tlie Spokane overland
Mr. Bmden's figures ure duly low. But i route. The train is owned by G. W.
even at 12 cents the product, 1,875,402,242 Cole who, assisted by two hired men, is
pounds, is shown' to be worth the enor- ! in charge of the outlit. Mr. Cole is a
inous sum of $225,055,467.04. The most pioneer of tlie Pacific coast, is ."ill years old
remarkable thing about it all, as it will  and a bachelor.   He recently sold a farm
strike the average student, is that all that j near Pendleton, re., where he has lived I nnd before every ship could be notified and began a series of tactics lo annoy
has been taken from within practically a | for 21 years and is well supplied with j and supplied anew with oilier "keys.' her. He punched her In thc ribs, yell-
radius of three miles the city of Butte ! money and a complete outfit   One of his1 months of priceless Mine would be lost   ed In her ears and dodged around her
snd its immediate vicinity. ' Mends here made the statement that be- | and our service severely crippled.   Slg ' legs.    Occasionally  he  fell   back  and
stampede to Swede Creek. ! sides his outfit Mr. Cole will talic $6000 ��� naling between ships Is as old as the > taking hold of  her tail,  attempted  to
Thc latest stampede from Dawson was ! in gold with him to tho Klondike couii- hills, almost; but only within recent j make her tow his bicycle. The cow ob-
the one that occurred February 16 to ! try. Mr. Cole has heen in and around years has It become the scientific lie- ! jet-ted and kicked viciously. This only
Swede creek 60 miles above Dawson, ln j Colfax for three weeks buying and break- eesslty It ls to-day. A BftUp without amused the rider, and he directed his
the rush four men whose names could not j iug pack horses for the trip. So quietly ] some means of distant signaling ls even I attention to an annoyance that would
be learned perished from the cold. While j has he been at work that lew knew of worse on" than a dumb man without Induce her to continue kicking, liiean
.n route from Tanuna river to Dawson, | his intention until today when he left i ,M'nis, for she Is not only pitiably, mute.
ex-Mayor Wood of Seattle, who lately re- j with 21 pack horses and six saddle horses but dangerously so as Well, lt s sel-
turned from .Alaska, paid particular at- ] for Bpokane where he will push forward
tention to the mineral district on the at once. Leaving Spokane the party will
American side of tlie line, and his obscr-1 take the overland route and travel by
vations have made him enthusiastic over I easy stages until thc grass gets good.
its prospects. There has been a great They will prospect along the route if;
deal of prospecting along all the creeks I good ground is discovered this side of,
from the Tanana to Forty Mile ereek this | Dawson they will stop and locate claims.
winter, and the results obtained are en-1 If  not, they  will  go  to Dawson, where
tiootl for the Cow.
l'he other day a bicycle rider found
|a rare chance for sport. He was near
the suburbs of Worcester. A farm
wagon appeared, with a cow trailing
behind, patiently submitting herself to
,1k* led by a rope from the front sent.
New books would have to lie Issued. IThe bicycle idiot rode up to the cow
.iovernor-iicneral Karl of Aberdeen
I'remler : Sir Wilfred Laurie;'
Memlier 11 the  House 61 Commons, Homliiioii
Parliament, for West Kootonay	
   Hewitt Bostork
I.leut-dnvcrnor Hon. T. B. Mclnnes
I'remler Hon. J. H. Turner
Attiirney-i.cnerHl Hon.  DM  EtMTts
Com. (if Lands. And WoritB... Hon. (J. II. Martin
Minister ol M iocs and Education	
 Hon. Jus. liaker
Provincial Mineralogist K. O. Mct'oniiall
Members ol Legislative Assembly lor WSM
Nort hHiding 3. M Kellle
South Hiding .1. K. Hume
Mayor I'hns. W. MoAnn
Aldermen���A. W, (loodenongh. F, K, Archer.
J. D. Moore, (i. llnrtin, D. W . Moore, lieorge
City clerk E. E. chipman
Police Magistrate Alex Lucas
City Marshal M. V. Adams
Assistant W. A. Milne
Auditor CD. MrKenzle
I Treasurer    S. II. (ireen
i Assessor S. P, Tuek
Water Commissioner lt. a. Cockle
Health onieer Dr. .1. F, B. Rogers
|    City council meets e\ery Wednesday at 4 n.m.
at thi'city hull,  4th street, between Front Pi.
��� and a avenue.
i Chief Hugh P. Fletcher
: First Deputy chief Oeorge Held
��� Second Deputv chief ...lohn l.illls
I Third Deputy chief  (ico. Whiteside
secretary Archie Morris
, Treasurer (Jus Adams
I Mining Recorder and Assessor Tax Collector
 lohn  Keen
j Collector of Customs .1. F. Mcintosh
School Trustees���August Carney, J, D.Moore,
! tt. O. Buchanan,   Principal - Prof. Jus. Hislop
Oeneral   delivery  open   daily {Sundays excepted) Irom 8a, m. until 7 p. iii.   Lobby open
Irom 7 a. m. to 9:80 p. in.
Mails lor  despatch closed us follows:   For
I all pans of the world every   evening except
Ssturdav and Sunday, til li, p, in.
.     Malls arrive from' I'nlted States  and   lake
I points dally except Sunday, al 9:1*1 p, in.
From ('. P. R. points und Sloean points, ar-
I rive daily except Sunday, at 4:00 p. ni.
] Registration office open BtSOa. Dl.,6:80p, ���
Money order office and l'ostoillee Savings Bank
open9a.-in, to .ip. m.
s. >i. GBKKM, Postmaster,
While keeping out of reach of her heels.
Finally thc animal stopped kicking and
lom possible, even In times of pence, at   appeared to become Indifferent.    Some
eouraging.   There seems to be a general
movement of prospectors lo this section.
Hie lower Rampart and the Koyoknk are
especially promising.    There is a revival [mined nml ambitious, and is ci
in interest around Circle City.
Ilcccut Oregon Discovery.
The recent discovery of rich gold-bearing quartz on a limestone and porphyry
contact near Applegiitc, in .Jackson county, Oregon, is worthy of more than n passing notice, it used to be the prevailing
opinion among competent mining authorities that this formation was not favor*
Mr. Cole will probably buy a claim.   Mr.
Cole, whose hair and heard are as white I
as snow, is   still   strong, hearty, deter* j
miident he
will meet with success in his undertaking. -\s the train left Colfax this morn*
lng with Mr. Cole at the head it formed
ii pretty picture und reminded the old
settlers of tho early days when all pro
visions used in this country were brought
in by pack train.
Center  Slur  I.Ultratlon.
George Haldorn and other prominent
able to auriferous mineralization until the I citizens of liuttc ure interested in the out*
discovery in recent years of tlie extensive i come of a suit thnt is being tried in Van-
and almost inexhaustible  gold fields at j eouver.    The Center  Star  claim,   which ,	
Mcrcur, Utah, in a similar formation, joins tho famous Le Koi mine at Rom* tea lo hall a passing vessel by speech,
This limestone'dyke, in which the dlSOOV- ! land, and which promises to outrival thnt and iu times of war lo do so would be
cry wus made, is of a inctainorphie chat- j famous property in time, followed its vein practically denied by the conditions of
acter, or what be culled in common par- j down under its side line only to find thut service. Some sure and accurate means
lance'a blue black marble, and is mineral- j ore to the value of of perhaps $170,000 1 of visual communication must serve
ized to a greater or less degree through- had been taken out by the owners of a Instead; and wilh ns we have recourse
out the entire muss, but ns a rule thc gold j claim lying alongside.   Suit was brought j lo colors, form and sound.    At present
we have no less than eight means of
sigunllng; and. paradoxical ns It may
seem, we are most In the dark by day
light, for then we must depend for
the greater part niton the doubtful llut-
terlng of our tings, and the questionable interpretation of color and    form
Methodist church���Cor. ('. and .sth st. lu-
vtue services every Sunday at 11 a. m. afid
7tfs.p.m, Sunday school tit 2::t0. Strangers
aliiavs welcome. '
('. Ari.T I'lt'Ktkif.k, M. A.. Pastor.
PiiKsiivTEitiAN Ciii'iicit-Corner 4th sttcel and
B avenue. Services every Sunday ut 11 a. in.
and 7:!sl> p. in. Sunday school andHtlile class.
'2:80 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing at s o'clock. Free seats; strangers and
others heartily welcome.
Rkv. A  D. Mkn.if.b. Minister.
CHURCH or F.mu.asu-Southwest corner otc
avenue and "'th street, services every Kun
���lav at 11 a. m. ami 7::'.0 p. ra. All are cordial
ly Invited. Rsv, liB\ld Richards.
Missioner In charge.
Baptist Chcrcu���Services will beheld in the
school house every Lord's day. Morning ser-
\iei-s. 11 o'clock: Bnnday school and pastors
Bible class Immediately alter morning service: evening service, 7::i(l. Allure cordially
Invited to attend.
Rkv. II. ( . Nkwoomiik. Pastor
c.vriiiiuc CHl'i'.cH���l'oruer t'. avenue and Oth
I    St.   No regular castor al present.   Occasional
services by special announcement.
is found in a black, cherty, impure quartz j and tlie issue will soon be determined
extending through oxidized lime or mar- i Snle In Emit Kootonay.
ble over on Jackson creek, about two | vy, j, (J, Wakefield, Joseph Morris, J.
miles from Jacksonville, which has proved | rj Farrell and Charles Thics have sold to
to be highly mineralized in both gold and j an Knglish company a hulf interest in the
silver,  as in  the  Ileekman   and  Hufl'er   Hummer,   Rebecca,   Silver   lteef,   Nettie
mine.    Below this onlcitc dyke the early
placer miners in tlie 50s used to pick up
Point Levi, Montreal, Quebec Bnd Ottawa
claims, in Kast Kootenay, for $15,000 cash,
some wonderfully rich gold and silver ore I fe three annual payments, and $.'10.000 to | easily to confuse.   At night, backed by
in the ground sluice, and it was u mys- k, expended in work on the claims within  the deep setting of gloom, ll Is an easy
tery from whence it came until the dis-1 iiiree years. I matter to flash for miles our messages
cov'ery in recent years, as above slated, in i With accuracy  and quickness and  lie
the Beekman and lluffer mine.                  'THE   WHECK   W.AS    TERRIBLE. i-'Ure of their proper reading.   Kor day
  Texan uutrlct.   ' use���setting aside thai  polyglot  inter-
One of the oldest mining camps (Texas   Train K��*ll Throaarh ��� lllirh Tre��tle- 'national flag code common to all luurl-
distriet)  encountered  in;this northwest |        Ton*-of Dynamite Exploded. lime nations��� we have the service flag
  code, the wig-wag or single-flai: code
Great Kails, Mont., April  io. ��� The familiar lo nearly every modern school*
spectators on a passing street car observed, however, thnt she had turned
her head so as lo keep an eye on her
persecutor, Ii took her a few minutes
to get the range, and meanwhile the
bicycle Idiot grew bold and reckless,
encouraged by her quiet behavior. Suddenly the animal darted forward, so
as lo get a slack In the rope, stopped
short and let both heels fly. Her aim
was sure ibis time, and the bicycle went
out from under the Idiot's feet. The
street car spectators raised a shout,
the motoriniin rang a chime with his
region is situated at tlie headwaters of,
the Lemhi river, Idaho.   In thc 80s it at-
whlch distant* and refraction ten I goug and the farmer and his boy whipped up the horse. The Impassive cow
only Wiggled her ejirs and gave an Im-
aginary fly on her side a triumphant
ship With her tall. The wheel was so
twisted that ihe rider hnd to walk
home as helplessly its the cow was being led. He will not sue the owner of
the cow.���Worcester (Mass.) Gasette.
traded considerable notice, and attained j breaking through of S 120-tOot trestle, fire boy. the semaphore code, au eliiliora-
a very prominent position as an ore pro-1 ami an explosion of 23 ions of dynamite. {tlon of the railway hIkihiIs. and the
ducer. The camp was one of thc best watered and timbered of any locality in Idaho, and its accessibility and natural advantages were unsurpassed. Ils natural
outlet is through the fertile valley leading past Spring mountain, N'ieholiu, and
down along llirch ereek, thence ft) Dubois
all did their fearful work in the wreck of j Whistle code to Ik* Used either day or
a freight train westbound on the Urcat j night In foggy weather. The use of the
Northern road Thursday evening 63 miles speed code, hoisted on the yard anil lo
cHst of Great Kails at what is known as ' rrlve the gradation of concerted speed,
Dry forks coulee. Twelve of the 21 ears'fan hardly be called a code. Aside
were on the trestle when the explosion | from the flag code, consisting essen-
cuiiio. Kight of thein were >plil into stove*
Idaho. Upwards of $50,000 were taken ' ���0(Ki The engine hii.s completely wreck
from one of its mines alone*, and sltogeth* ,.(1 ,. i)n|,, WB1 fog \n the earth which is
er it has produced in the neighborhood ��'���" I <l,... iil,(..l as l.Vl' feet h ng, T."> feet wide
$75,000 worth of bullion. Something like nml .,- |(1),t j^ Telogmph wires were
_00 mining claims were located within ,jen,���|j,hed s.i that commuiiicition wus not
the district. No great depth was everi^^^ lmtil Kl.i(lllv m(���.,iMj;. Engineer
attained on any of its properties, and the , 0l,-l(.iin< Ki��� .iin.i'i Charles Coekroll and
shipments were confined to surface depOS-   ������,,.,,,,���,,,  A   K   ,,   Mll,.lin  wm. kill(���|
'<*��� �� '���"���'������������* " ���,",,rl' "' r'*"""-v ''""MTheir remains wee cut mid terribly burned. Sum Bennett, a stockman, was badly
cut and one of his eyes was Injured, (has.
D. Bluipsoa's shoulder was broken and he
was cut uhout the face. Conductor Jenkins wus slightly int. The survivors immediately set to work to secure the remains of   the   killed,  which  they  accom
25 to 35 miles in length, conipiirahle
all respects to the Sawtooth range in the
Wood River country. Wnnt of capital
nnd the high charges for transportation
that at thut. period governed, held the
country in check until it. was overtaken
by thc warfare on silver, since which time
it hns Iain dormant ns a mining section
nOORKT ANI> SKAtU 111.lOllT.
tially of ihlrteou elements or Hans rep*
l.aylii' Alie.l III  the Mornlii'.
I don't believe, when it conies to sport.
That I'm a hit backward or lazy;
When it conies tu hikiu' nnd things "' that
There ain't H".v '*'d more ci',i��y;
Bul ahead of all sports in the world they'i
And I want to pive you wnrnin";
In nil creation there nin'l ini.v Inn
l.il��' l:i > in' ilho'l in Ihc nioriiiu'.
You lay half asleep, and your listen they
Masons- Knslo lodge No   26, A. F. snd A.M.,
meets  tit mi   Monday  In every month at Ma
���onto hall over (Ireen iin.s.' store,   visiting
brotbsrs cordially invited to attend.
Hamilton BYSBS, W, M.
! K. K. Cmi'MAN, Secretary.
Masonic i hAllkii- Kootenay chapter.It. A. M
I    holds tegular convocations on the  secoiKTV
1    Tuesday ol each month in   Masonic   Halt,
Kaslo. ' N'isitinn comnanlons aiecordlally In-
i    viied. B. B" CBIfMAK, 'I.
('has. Till nnt'1.1., Serine K.
Maccaukks-SIociiu Tent No. Is. Knights of the
I Maeeiitiees, nieets secoml suit inst rhursda>s
|    oieach month at   Livingston's hall, Kaslo
Visiting Knighls cordially Invited.
; MOSS lloi.l.ANU, Vi. A. Davikh,
Keeper of Records. Commander.
��� PORKSISRSs���Court Kaslo No. tlnsT, ludepcnileiit
I    order ol foresters.   .Meets _d aud tlh Fridays
I    oieach month ln Livingstone's Hall.    Vlsft
iug Ineihren are eiinllally Invited.
Recording secretary. (hiel Ranger
r\R. J. F. B. ROGERS,
riivsifiun and Surgcun.
\    liradnatc Trinity   liihersity, Toronto, (int.
Member ol notiege ol Physiolansandtfurssoiu,
1 Licentiate of Ihe II. C. I ouncil. l.ale ol Nev
York Hospitals und Polyclinic, titlicent II. s-
1'itol, cor  ">th and 11. Kuslo, li. ('.
Notary Public,
Arbitrator, Assignee
Conveyancing, .Etc
over Lamont & Young's Book Store, \
f*.    W. ORIMMETT,
.lewder und Optician,
Iteoo Avenue, Bandon, B, C.
Ami it siiunils like the SUgels S-Slngln'.
Anil they pound the door, nml rap on the
And keep up n ileal o' (lingui': \ ������������������������������~-������������"���
s\tul It nil just helps to put ,von to sleep,       wjr T     C     T    1-
And sweetly blends with your dreambi';  JVlrSt J�� D��   lOnnStOllC..*
And the sephyrs over your eyelids ereep,
And the sun in your face is u-lieaniin'.
Then sfter a while you hear in the hall
Your father** boots ii-stiunpin',
Aud vou know Hint sumi'thin's u-goin' t*
Unless yon git to luimpiii'.
But when wc go tip to heaven to stay���
The place our spirits were born in���
llnntstM the M.iln-roj.
New York, April 10.���A dispatch to the
Herald from Rio .Janeiro says: Thc newspapers announce tlmt the government has
sold the cruiser KicthSroy to the United
Hut lavin' n-hed iu the tnornin'.
���The ruthfiiider.
11    HUS      il   11    .lOlHlt.lH-   .1"   <s     mil....;;    r��.s.s......
ts ores have ranged nil the way from *->(> \ P��tou��  " "' &*?*���   ***&* "\ **
to $.500 In silver lo the ton. principally :''''^l'*'^-1*   -^  *"*  <"  fe"  *T
chlorides, Which, it is urged, is against it   ��^��*J  threcpuirters ,.f a  nnlc     1,,e
ns a concentrating product.   Galena and �����>** ����� Ml '�� ,">t J5"ntu��' 2,) n,,los
carbonates  are  much  in  evidence.    But  "Way.
one or two properties are now being actively worked there and these arc piling
their ores to one side in wait for an improved market.
Little   Slale   Creek   Plneern.
Preparations for developing thc placer
diggings on Little Slate creek about 10 States-    it �� staled that tlie price P��*d  ^ ���,.��� ,���.���,,,���,���.,  ,.,,.���,..,,..w,
miles west of Florence, Idaho, nre being : &* tins warship was $5��>��,l)00. reading W.    In the British service, the | turn up by hundreds on the top of the
made on an elaborate scale by Florence " " T-,   xt .      ; .eninphore Is one of the most tried day-1 water.   They nre then gather,^ up and j
narties who control 400 acres of virgin |    There are 53 sardine factories in Maine    0m_ uieUlodg of 8|g���allng; and Ihe ra-1 placed In vessels containing clear ir- ���
ground.   Some idea of the magnitude of which an English syndicate i�� desirous of. pM,ty gnd accumcy wm. which they ,
their hydraulic operations may ha gain-1 obtaining. '
resenting the numerals from 11 to 0 and ihey won't be uolliiu' lo do all dny
three repeaters���subarifuM in place of
duplications, and the semaphore covering the same numerals and nil thc letters ot the alphabet, the two remaining
���the wlg-wng and Ihe whistle are
based upon the familiar telegrade codes
of dots and dashes. The semaphore in
our service cau hardly In* counted upon
In time or war. for Ihe New York is the
ouly vessel so lil.tod, nnd the rest of the
How Chinese   Catch  F'lah.
The drug used by tho Chinese In
catching llsh Is t.'oculus Indlcns, which
Is powdered and mixed with dough and
Scattered broadcast over ihe water
after the manner of sowing seed. The
tlsh seize nud devour it with avidity
Inland Instantly become Intoxicated nnd
Embroidery and
Mantua Making.
A Avenue, west of Pacific Hotel.
Qf^Q^ Barber Shop,
flflTXew Nickel Tube.   Tickets   good s
for three baths, |1. At that moment three shots rang out,
clear and lstinct, from the detached
train. The man at the telegraph instrument sprang to his feet and ran to
a side window In the waiting room and
looked up the track.
Now wns her clmnce.   Hardly tlilnk-
lnk what she did Polly sprang to the
engineer's cab. threw back the reverse
lever and opened the throttle steadily.
The big steel  wheels liegiiii  to  turn, 1
very slowly at first.    Farther anil further the throttle opened and faster and j
faster turned the wheels, and yet thoy'
did   not go  half   fust   enough   to   suit.
Polly, who wus now glancing fearfully
e e e e
KANE   CUKKK was a  railroad,
crossing   ou   the S. & C. Rail,
road, about two miles from the
divisional teruiln.il nt Mercer.    It was ]
in the midst of a scrubby pine forest,;
with a sandy road crooking out from
the trees on oue side and Into the lives
on the other.   There were ouly two or
three houses, a little general store with '
a porch like the visor of a military cap,'
and a schoolhou.se, all arranged In a-
scraggy row along tho railroad track. I
A dozen trains whirled through Kane I
Oreek every day with only a shriek of i
greeting aud a whipping wake of tine
���and. Only two of them paid the slight-
eat attention to the girl in a blue g'ttg-
hani dress who sstood lu the little oh-1
S��TaUon window.    One of them  was:
the   way   freight,  which stopped  at.
Kane every time lt came along while
the conductor handed the girl a bundle
of yellow patters and received another
like il In return.    The other was the
night express,  westward bound, from:
St. Paul, and running at forty miles an ]
hour.    It was a  splendid    train���ten
oars, with the finest engine on the road. ]
Idg No. IMXi.  As Its glaring eye Bashed
around the bend In  the   direction   of
Mercer the girl tn the gingham dress;
often thought of the great train ns a
Itowerful aud ferocious boast snorting
nud roaring westward on a race wilh
the aim, and she knew the hand that
trained it.   When the train wns a mite
away there were always two blasts ofthe    whistle.    Every    one    In    Kane
thought they meant simply "Wake up,!
look out'." for that is what all Iocomo-j
tives say at every crossing, but tlie girl
In the gingham dress   heard    "Hello.)
Polly!" and darted out on the platform
and waved her handkerchiefs   As the
great  train   thundered nearer n hand;
waa thrust from the engineer's  win-,
Uow, and. although It was usually dark,
she could spe the flutter of something
white, and oftentimes as the engine
darted past the station she heard thc
blurred sound of a voice and caught a
glimpse of a grimy face aud a Mae jean
Jacket, and then she went back to her
place ln the little -station with a sigh of
For lt was a moment or great Joy to
Polly Marshall When her father's engine went through. Polly was the station agent at Kane Creek. Any one
could have told that a woman presided
iu the little depot, for was there not always a bouquet lu the window nnd
dainty pictures'surrounding the grimy
lime tables ou tlie walls anil a kitten
curling upon the doorstep? At 17 Polly
has gone in as assistant to learn telegraphy, and when Clark, the agent, was
colled to Mercer the company had left
the Independent girl In charge. (She
and her father lived In one of the
wooden houses a stone's throw ltaok
from the depot, and since Polly s mother died they had been everything to
t*aeh other.
Engineer Marshall wns a big, silent
man, and his companions, some of
them, thought hliu gruff and Ill-tempered, but to I\>Uy he was always as
tender as a kitten. Often wheu she
was a little girl he took her with hlm
to Mercer on his euglne, aud while she
sat on his black ieaether seat at the
cab window, clinging on with both
hands, lie explained to her how the big
l.hick creature under them was started
and stopped; what this brass crank
was fer, ond how, when the engine
squeaked here or squaeked there, a little oil wns needed lu this cup or In that
crevice, and Polly had learned to know
an engine as well as she knew the neat
little pantry In tbe house at home. Indeed, she had more than once managed
the levers and throttle, although It was
very heavy work for a girl to do.
It was one night late in the fall tbat
Polly Marshall bad need of all her
knowledge of engines. She was sitting
at her desk ln the little observation
window, a shaded light throwing Its
rays down on her telegraph Instruments and the sounding key clicking
sleepily. Suddenly she was startled
by tbe call of ber number. Instantly
ber Augers sought the keys, and she
gare the answer that signified that she
was all attention.
"Look ont for " clicked the sounder, and then It suddenly ceased, and
try M she would Polly could get no
further communication from the station next to the eastward. What could
the trouble lie? Polly sprang to her
feet, remeiiitiering that thc night express of whieh her father was the engineer wns the next train due. Could
anything be the matter? She ran out
on the dark platform to see that her
lights were all ln place and that the
switches were properly se*, so that the
express would slip past the station
without an accident. Then she went
back and called up Mercer.
"Can't you get PInckney?" she asked.
PInckney was the station which hod
sent her the warning dispatch so mysterious Interrupted. She knew theo|te-
rator at PInckney well. Every utght
he told her of the approach of her Turner's train and whether or not lt hnd
left his station on time.
"PInckney quiet. Can't get answer."
was the report of the wires. "What's
the trouble?"
Tolly answered as well as she could,
and Mercer made another attempt to
arouse PInckney.
Her father's train was now due. It
should be whistling cheerily at the
lower bend. Polly stepited out on the
platform and peered up the track. Yes,
there was Ihe fn miliar headlight. She
would have known It among a hundred. Then came the Whittle, "Hello,
Polly!" and Polly ran back into her
ottlce much relieved, and sat down to
warn Mercer. At that instant she hoard
a peculiar cracking sound that sent
her heart quivering deep In her bosom.
Then there was tlie shrill scream of the
locomotive whistle, suddenly Interrupted ns If the hand thnt hnd drawn the
lever had been struck from Its place.
Polly know it was a cry of distress.
II seemed to say "Help;" In a long,
tremulous trails Instantly Polly darted outside nnd flew up the track. Already the express should have thundered past the station, but she could
see Its headlight a hundred yards or
more away.
With a hundred terrifying questions
flashing through her mind, Polly ran
on through the gloom. When she wns
almost within range of the big headlight, she saw half a dozen arniod men
Hwnnnliig around the engine, she heard
fierce oaths, and then the engine started up again. She saw in an instant
that It had been cut free from the train.
In the cab window, where her father
usually stood, there was a big, unfamiliar figure managing the lever and
throttle. Terrified Polly sprang to one
side Into a clump of bushes. As the
locomotive passed her on Its way up
the track she saw tbat the man lu tiie
cab wore a black mask on his face, and
then sho knew what had happened.
She understood why PInckney had
tried to warn her ami failed. Itobbers
had held up the train and were preparing to rob the express car.
Por a moment Polly was torn with
doubt and terror. Had they shot her
father? She knew that he never would
submit to hnve his train captured without a struggle. Should she go to him?
Then she remembered her station and
the telegraph, and, without a moment's
delay, she wns flying down the track
toward the depot. She would send for
help to Mercer, but squarely ln front of
tbo little depot the locomotive stopped,
and the black masked man sprang from
the cab window and darted across the
platform. Hardly thinking what she
was doing, Polly ran up on the other
side���the fireman's side of the engine���
and, raising herself up, peered Into the
cab. She bad half expected to see her
father's dead body lying on the floor,
for she had heard much about the terrible doings of train robbers.
Through tbe cab window she could
see the robber sitting at her own little
desk ln the depot sending a message.
It flashed over her all at once that he
was wiring Mercer that tbe express
was delayed, thus preventing any
alarm. The robber had pushed up bis
mask, and she saw him plainly.
What should she do? She dared not
enter the office, and she, a mere girl,
could be of no service where the rob-
ben were making their attack on tbe
train. If only she bad the little revolver that lay ln the drawer of ber deskl
She set ber teeth as she thought what
she would do wttb it
Harvey���George said he kissed you.;
Did    he?    Flora    (ambiguously)���Not
Woman Lawyer���How old are you?
Woman Witness���I think 1 must be
alxnit your age.
She- I've seen twenty-two summers.]
He    (the    brulei��� Since    when'/���San
Central Hotel, ��
^m *������ * St. Kanlo.      #
-��� J
New   Building ami   Newly    I-m nisiheil   T
A Flrst-Clnns liar in Connection'.
��   li
111 I TKH. Se to.
over her shoulder. ^^^^^^^
Suddenly the depot door was thrown
open, ami she saw the robber darting
up- the track. He had a pistol lu his
hands He was intimitis: It at her and
shouting for her to stop, but the engine
wns now going nt good speed, and, run
as he would, the robber could not catch
It, but he stopjied and tired, the bullet
ripping through the cab over Polly's
The engine wns now tearing down
the track nt full Speed, Polly knew
tbat lt must be tired or lt would not go
fnr, and so, leaving the throttle open,
! Francisco Examiners
He���My friend Is opposed to everything Kng Ith. She���Yes, I uo.ieed that
In his conversation.���Yonkers Statesman.
No Deception.���He���The young lady
doesn't look like a singer. She���Doesn't
sing like one, either.���Detroit Vtee
"I suspect uhere has been some crooked work going on here," he said. And
he was right. His wife had been driving nails.���Puck.
Parker���How do vou Hke your roomi
4 111 IT
Kaslo, B. C.
...Kates $1 00 and Upwards...
ADAMS BROS., Proprietors.
! in    your    new    tint.    Pleehlelgh���Oh,
she sprang to the i-onl jilt, liung open!
tlie flrehole. nnd with the heavy sliovei; they're a good fit.   A little tight acrosi
In her smnll white hands threw lu load
nfter lond of coal. When she returned
to her place she could see the tlrst signal light of Mercer already blinking
the shoulders, perhaps.���Life.
"Aud your wife aimed at and struck
your head with a cup?" "Yes, sir."1
"Well, tlren, all I have to say Is that
Into  view.    She pulled  down on  thej you should be very proud of her."
whistle cord and the engine shrieked
Its distress.
Five minutes later Polly strained at-;
the heavy reverse lever, turned hard
on the airbrake and brought the great]
Iran horse to a sudden standstill.   How
She ever managed to stammer the story I
she never knew, but In a few minuses ���
the engine wus headed  back  wltb a!
half dozen armed men aboard of her.!
Behind them came another loud of men
On a switch engine and two men were
racing up the street of Mercer calling
tbe alarm.
They  heard   the  firing  before  they;
reached Kane Creek, but lt ceased soou
afterword.   The   robbers   had   gone
"1 daresay some of the comforts ol
civilization are already appearing lc
the Kloudlke?" "Yes; they were Just
getting iiuggei-lii-l.lie--*lol machines al
1 came away."���Tuck.
Neighbor���Does your father rent that
house you live In? Boy���.No, Indeed.
It's his own house, every bit of It. It's
lieen bought and paid for and Insured
and inorlgaged nud everything.
Henry jeUowby��� Aftah we's mar
rled. we'll hah chicken for dlnnah eb
ery day, honey. Melltulii Jr/hnson���
Oh, yo' deary! But I wouldn't ask yo'
to run sioh risks fob mall sake.���Puck.
Good Friend���I have reason to sua-
They bad taken with them much plun* I pact that your husband Is flirting with
der from the passengers, but they had
not been able to get Into the express
snfe, nit hough they were at wor; drilling lt open when relief came.
from the time thnt the engine;
stopped Polly wns missing. When the
rescued and excited iKtssongers nnd ex- j
presM messengers began to crowd
around and Inquire, thc Mercer men j
remembered her. A party of them went j
out to find the girl who had brought;
help to the beleaguered train.
In a Utile clump of bushes they heard ;
n  man  moaning, and an Instant  later ���
they saw Polly kneeling In the sand j
with her father's head iu her lap, cry-
lng bitterly, and they gathered up the
brave engineer nud his daughter und
carried them down to the train, cheer- j
lng nil the way.
Engineer Marshall was not badly
hurt, and he was able to be In Mercer j
wheu the general manager of the road
thanked the blushing Polly officially
and offered her a new uud hotter position ln Mercer, and, of course, nil tho
passengers and express messengers
heard about Polly's brave deed and
sold a great, many pleasant things
nbout her, but Polly, being a sensible
girl, ouly blushed and said that she had
to do it, and that any other girl would
have done the same uuder like circumstances. Which no one believed, of
Later, when the robbers were captured, Polly was able to Identify one of
them positively���the oue who had run
the engine���and through him the eu
tire party was convicted and sentenced
to tlie penitentiary.���Brooklyn Stand-
Sole ngents for Pabst Beer, Milwaukee,
Hotel and
Good rooms and good living.    Restaurant in charge of Oscar Monson.
Front Street,
Some Tested Point* In  Diet.
The fact that milk has become extremely popular with all classes of phy-1
siclans of late years is emphasized by '
a recent writer In the North American !
Uevlew. Formerly a fever pntlent wns
forbidden to take the article, while In j
modern practice It Is about the only
food allowed, and a well-nigh exclusive diet of thnt liquid Is snid to be very
eitlouclous in diabetes. At the Herman
spas, Carlsbad, Wiesbaden, etc., u very
little bread ls allowed, the diet being
mostly made up of milk, eggs, grapes
and lean beef; a non-starch diet ls the
rule, bread, starchy vegetables and cereals.being almost excluded. Rice Is
easily digested nud an excellent food,
except that lt abounds In earth salts.
Fruits are not only digested ln tbe flrst
stomach, but tbey have a large part of
the nourishment already ln a condition
to be absorbed and assimilated as soon
as eaten. Tbe food elements In bread
and cereals have to undergo a process
of digestion ln the stomach, and then
be passed on to tbe Intestines for a still
further chemical change before being ot
use to the human system, showing tbe
advantage of a diet ot lean meats and
Sign* of the Times.
With a single break about fourteen
miles ln length It Is now possible to go
ln trolley cars from Providence, R. I.,
to Nashua, N. II., a distance of considerably over 100 miles. ThSHs a striking reminder of bow the trolley has
spread over New England during the
lost ten years.���Boston Journal.
��� colored philosopher says lt Is foolish to count your chickens before daybreak.
other women. You ought to follow
hlm wherever he goes. "Great heav
ens! My husband is a postman."-
Kliegeude Blatter.
He���The sight of an old schoolman
is���er���well. It might be called both
meat nml drink. She���Yes, that's what
you men usually do under the circumstances. He���Eh! She���Meet an.
drink.���Indianapolis Journal.
"AVnnt a situation as errand boy, dc
you? Well, can you tell nie how ttu
the moon ls from the earth, eh?" Boy
���"Well, guv'nor, I don't know, but 1
reckon It ain't near enough to Interfere
with me running errands." He got the
"1 often wonder Just what she thinks
of me," said the young married man.
"lt is easy to find out," said the elderly
married man. ".fust sit dowu on her
hut, and she will tell you what she
thinks of yon In less tiiun a minute.���
Mamma���Has Mr. Dorrance given
you reason to believe that he means
business? Clam��� Business! 1 should
think he did mean business! I'm sick
of the word business. All he has talked ubout the last three times he has
been here was papa's business.���Cleve
land Lender.
Parson Johnson���I Jes' stopped ln a
moment ago to see de wldder Jackson.
I found her quite unconsolaWe. 1 told
her dat weeping would not bring her
husband back, and  Mrs. Persimmons���Humph! Kf yo' wanted her to
stop eryln' yo orter told her dat tt
"Sadeye Is a man I admire. He and
Butts hnd been trad friends for a year:
but when he heard that Butts' wife
was dangerously Ul, he went up to hlm
and offered his sympathy." "Uml You
arc probably uot awnre thai Sadeye
has gone Into ihe undertaking business."���Philadelphia  North  American.
Edlttli���She lost Freddy through her
own stupidity. A glri should never
penult herself to appear more Intelligent than the man who 1s talking to
her. That Is the rule I always follow.
Ben lie���But then It Is so ��nsy for you,
you know. You ought not to tie too
harsh upon poor Hettle.���Boston -Van-
"Ah!'  said the    Mustering    lawyer
whose client had Just been acquitted.
"Now that It's all over, would you
mind telling me how you reached your
verdict?" "Certainly," replied the Juryman. "We felt sure that If be had
been guilty be wouldn't have hired you
to defend blm."���Philadelphia North
A certain Benedict was ln the habit
of troubling bis father-in-law with
complaints about his wife's behavior.
"Heally, lids Is too bad," cried the
irascible old gentleman one day, on
hearing of some of his dangler's delinquencies. "If I hear any more com-
plaints 1 will disinherit her." There
were no more complaints.���Household
Hotel Proprietor (to guest at breakfast)���Did you enjoy the flute playing
In the room next to you last night?
Guest (savagely)���Enjoy It! I should
any 1 did! I spent half tbe night pounding on the wall for the fool to stop.
Proprietor���Why, the man told me that
he played every piece he knew four
times, and the person ln the next room
applauded after every one.
Bar and Billiard Room
in connection.
Booms from f_ jkt week up.   Newly
tarnished throughout.    Electric lights.
next door to Post Office.  KASLO, B. C.
___.��. _���_.��_...... .1. .a. .a.....���_ .���_ .1. .1. J-.!'..!-,_..���_-..I��__L_____L_____L-1
Finely FurniKheil Throughout: Hilling Room
Hervirejl'nexrelled; Bar Stocked With
Choice l.lquom and Cigars.
The Revere, *�� &
J. M. BLAIKIE, Prop.
Finely furnished rooms, hard finish,
everything new, electric lights.
A avenue, Kaslo, B. C.       P. O' box 44.
Telephone No. 3.
A Complete Hotel.
...Mrs. H. Y. Anderson
Formerly of tho Columbia Hotel, Kaslo.
Kuskonook, B. C.
Otherwise Armstrong's Landing and
Goat Kiver Landing.
We cater especially to the
traveling public
By D. A. CARR,
Kuskonook, B. C.
Formerly of Butte Hotel, Kaslo, B.C.
Finest table on the
east side of
Kootenay Like. *>
Published EvebyFbiday at Kaslo, b. c.
By The News Publishing Company.
Subscription $2.00 Per Annum in Advance���Advertising
Rates Mado Known on Application.
APRIL, 1898.
# s   M   T   \v   T   P   s 4ff
1     2 %
.11  5\  6    7 1  8 ���9 1
tlo'TFU iJ1T15'~io~^
Vj? ' : IS?
: 7; i<5 "./# 20 2/ 22 wf
$ 1 !  _
'������' 24 '20 ; W  27 \28\29   30 :k
_. $& J^HjHjHjf l^m*^ fr$r&i�� $ $ $
W'lr Situation      '^10 me*8fttte ��'  President
��� , McKinley reached the U.S.
ti ��T '4- i ��_;*i- f - congress,after much delay,
I IlC United Mates. iMt Monday. It justifies previous strictures on his policy, that he wits simply working
for do!ay and it. tbe interests of the bond-holders. The Last
postponement, to enable Consul General Lee to leave lla-
vana in safety, seems ludicrous now in the light of the
message Itself. II Is as favorable to tlio Spanish as to llic
Cuban .. The message starts out clearly and dlre.tly,Bhow*
lng what the President can do in that line when be tries,
lead- logically up to a wise conclusion, and then begins to
Bounder among-tho pitfalls of his customary ambiguity and
nvqlda the conclusion.
Congress has been wrestling all tbo week with certain
parts of the message, Irving to "Interpret" thom. The
message States clearly enough that the war on llic island
must stop, not quite so clearly Uiauthc insurgent government oi the Cubans should not be recognized, leaves one
In doubt as to whether the United States forces should
fight Spaniards or Cubans to socuro tbat poace, and linally
suggests that Spain proposes an armistice and intimates
I hut the United states should force the Cubans to accept it
nolens volons,
The attitude of the President indicates that the war, if
declared, is to be one of conquest and aggrandisement on
Ilie part ofthe United States, or that it is entirely to protect the holders or Cuban-Spanish bonds by overthrowing
ihe present Cuban government and tints causing the United
States to assume Ihe responsibility of these bonds. Either
or both conclusions may bo drawn.
The destruction of the Maine by the Spanish in Havana harbor with 268 United States seamen, is treated as
an incident. No one doubts that if the Mainebad belonged
boOrest Britain, Spain would have yielded ample reparation bcioi'o this. This chief cause that tlie President has
for war, is almost entirely overlooked, iu his anxiety to
protect his masters, the capitalists. If war does come on
other terms than his, it wll] prove that American manhood is still superior to tho money power and the party
Contracts Let for Street Improvements���More Ttnilci*-
for Lots for City lSuildinys.
At thc regular meeting of the city couucil last Wednesday uf tern con, ull were present except Mayor McAnn and
tho two Aldermen Moore, who aro both absent In Kossland
on business.
. The finance committee audited bills to tho  amount of
Water Commissioner Cockle reported that the D avenue extension has boen laid and is satisfactory, showing no
sign of leaking when water was turned on. Tho Commissioner asked authority to place a man on the work of protecting tlie uncovered 10-inch main on A avenue from
danger of fracturo from street improvements. lie also
asked authority to issuo circulars to water consumers asking to comply with rule 28 of thc water rates regulations
by-law by coming to thc office to pay the water rale, as be
bus no time to go around collocting. Tbe communication
was referred to the water committee with power to act.
VV. J. Twiss offered to the city, lots 7, 8, I) and 10, block
10, for %2,('5t) for new city buildings. Theso lots, arc on the
south side of A avonue, west of the Adams bouse.
The public works committee reported contracts let for
Stumping and leveling streets as follows, all work to be
dono by May lo: Center street anil three alleys in block
-!��, to Prank Rossi for fttO.: north half of I! avonue from Oth
to cross street, to M. Grothe for &2.50; C avenue from 8th
street to city boundary west, to John Vallanee and Isaac
GOodwln for $104; Sixth street from A avenue to south side
of C nvonuo to John Webb and Neil McDonald for $05:
Front street from west line of !ird to 2nd street, to same
parties for 840'j 7th street from railway right of way to 175
feot north of north line of A avonue, to Hugh Gillis for
$79.35; ono aero ou A avenue west of Sth street to John Mc-
icenzie for 874; Sth street from A avonue to Powers tor $70:
and Washington street to 150 feet south of A avenue, to
John Marsh for $70.
A Verj Interesting  and Attractive Program Delightfully Rendered.
YicioUS Measure    The news  comes from   Vic
1 era jnaf toria that the mining com-
A. _,___,?       ��*��� mitteo has recommended to
merican Miners. thc lM^^ the passage
or a measure that will shut out any but British subjects,
present or prospective, from looating'tnineral claims or-re-
ceiving crown grants for them. The law is to be retroactive in so far us the claims located and uow held by aliens
by virtue of their free miners' license, cannot be crown
granted under this proposed law.   Such a policy would be
- totally ut variance with the wise and liberal policy Which
has resulted In the mineral development of Hritish Columbia. It is a narrow and vicious measure and should
promptly be defeated.
lt Is, of course, directed against citizens of the United
States aud seems surprisingly In apropos at the present
time, when the world Is ringing  With the good will Unit is
1 being expressed between thc Hritish and American nation-'. Its strongest supporter! will bo forced to concede tho
fact that bul for tiie enterprise, faith and sagacity of prospectors and miners from tlie I'niled Stales,  tlie Kootenay,
'which is the mining section of Hritish Columbia, could not
have received One-third of its present development. The
best interests of Hritish Columbia demand that this
measure should bo defeated.
If tho news of the proposed   redistribution   bill   notod
elsewhere, is correct, the government is doing extremely
scant justice lo West Kootenay by   according   it   only one
additional member. ^
The Spokane Spokesman-Review seldom makes so
egregious a blunder in mining matters as it did when it
'gOUOrunced the 89,000,000 output of the Coeur d'Alenes for
1*".I7 as equal to tho entire output of British Columbia. Mr.
Carlyle's report shows that in 1807, Hritish Columbia's
mineral output of gold, silver, lead and copper was $74,-111,-
900, of wbicb Kootenay alone produced nearly $7,000,000.
Thu chief test of the recognition of the prominence of
il u ���'������.!__. !'. s, t'cngiefkiniiii tte..*< to bo Ills ability lo
���:.:-. iicte t'.ini i,,.*ii'.tip,y Bhakipoate. Grosveuor of Ohio, I
"ibe president's mouthpiece", last wook made himself rH
dicitlous by mixing up tbe two Dromios ln tbe "Comedy of
Errors", with the jester in "King Lear1' in his reference
to "two Idiots full of nothing." This week comes Hendor-
son of Iowa, another republican, and with a vague recollection of the passage from Othello about "loving not wisely but too well," and the other from Macbeth, about "if it
were done,, it were well lt were done quickly," he proudly
declaims as follows: "That has been done wisely, and If
done wisely and well, it is well it was quickly done." But
perhaps he bad been fuddled by the excitement of the at-
Wrapted congressional fist fight of a short time previous.
The concert for the boneiit of tho Ladies' Aid Society of
the Presbyterian church, last, Tuesday evening, was largely attended and was an artistic as well as financial BUcoess.
The program was rendered Substantially as published in
the Last issue of the Nows. Uov A. 1). MenzleB acted as
chairman and announced tho various numbers In an entertaining style. From the opening vocal quartette, Hobby
Burns' "Green Grow the Rashes, O," to the closing double
quartette, rehesrsing the old Scotch lay, "There was a Lad
was Horn iu Kyle," interest never Bagged.
Kev. David Kichards, in his lirst appearance in Kaslo
as a vocalist, made a most favorable impression in "Ora
1'ro Nobis." For an encore ho gavo tho old favorite,
"Rooked in the Cradle ofthe Deep." -Mr. Richards has an
unusually rich and sympathetic baritone voice,well trained
and under perfect command, In the readings of Miss Mo-
('allum and Iter. C. A. Procunier, Ihe audience were treated to a choice bit of French-Canadian dialect recited with
excellent humorous effect, and the talc of woo of a parson
who attempted to palm off Welsh for Greek and Hebrew on
an unsuspecting congregation. Miss Carney gave a splend-
did exhibition of club swinging. The. duet, "Matrimonial
Sweets," by Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Cook, was very funny
and much enjoyed. Miss Wilson's piano solo was in that
lady's usual linished style. Tho vocal solos by Mrs. Boll,
Miss MercieT'.vlss, Mt's8lnolalr,Mrs.Lanning,Mr.Twiss,Mr.
Cook and Mrs. Robinson were nil highly appreciated, and
as ;t rule, encored. A very pleasant addition to several of
them was found in tho llute obligate accompaniments of
Mr. MlUington, who appears to bo a master of that instrument- The song, "Killarney," of Mrs. W. O. Robinson,
organiser of the entertainment, preceded an encore, "Tho
Fairies," in whloh her birdlike tones produced a melody
that lingers in memory. Thc rich contraltos of Mesdamos
Limning and Hell and Miss MeroieTwlss wero also heard to
excellent advantage. Mr. Cook's tenor solo, "Sailing" and
Mr. Twiss' baritone, "The Uuglor," wero both most favorably received. They eaet. -ting with much expression and
feeling. Kaslo music lovers will wait eagerly for another
entertainment as good.
Alter an Absence of SU Weeks in the South and Post.
Mayor Charles VV. McAnn returned last Wednesday
evening from his southern and eastern trip, having been
gone since March 1st. Mr. McAnn spent most of his time
at Hot Bprings, Arkansas, although after leaving there, be
visited St, Paul, Montreal and his old home atMoncton, N.
B. Ho returns refreshed and improved In health. He reports good timet, cant, with the Klondike boom fading ont of
view and many Inquiries from Investors regarding the Kootenay in general ttod the Slocan in particular. Ho thinks
that ihe Klondike rush will soon re-act greatly to our
Mr. McAnn is much pleased with tho news that the
govornment is to contribute $2,000 to the erection of Kaslo's
now civic buildings in order to Insure county court sessions
bore. He thinks that a large logal business naturally con-
tors hero and that tnorc might uoinc. As mayor ho will
endeavor to pee that steps for tho erection of tho public
buildings are begun forthwith, upon the selection of tho
site, and pushed to completion as rapidly as is consistent
with good work.
Custom House Matters.
John S. Clute of New Westminister, inspector of ports
for British Columbia, spent several days in Kaslo this
week, relative to the change of Kaslo to a full port of entry. Collector Mcintosh has received his cofnmission as
colloctor of tbe port of Kaslo. S. P. Shaw of Nelson has
been transferred here as an additional clerk,
SHOES==Black and Tan.
A New Line of Fancy Dress Shirts.
Outing Shirts, Night Shirts and the
Latest Styles in Collars und Cuffs.
These are Some of the Indications in Our Men's Furnishing Department.
Is also Complete in Every Detail as Usual.
Kaslo,    Sandon,     Airiswortli
Good Advertising Medium
*C    /"*!_. -- __.- ~4 ���-_ .  Tl"' B-UTISH OOHTMBIA NEWS la Hit* li'mliii**,    !:
���8?   (L/tlfl ti\C\&.Y ] mostcareXoUveaited, most reliable, bust looking nawi.  *>������>
X   *���'**���*��� ��-**/i.��vi   J paper ln the KooUnayUke Cot itry, X
% Price and Circulation I ^psssffi�� 5
���,V   ���   ��� *W   cailVI VllVUiailUlI    ��� i, tho larRost In Kaslo.     "Si
Paint YOUR
-Along With Your Spring Cleaning'-
I Have all the Colors in Paints.
Elephant White Lead.
Best Quality of Boiled Oil
it&W1*"''^^^' Ami Turpentine.
J^V;';1 .*;;'���   7"!
Hamilton Byers,
A Guaranteed Union Made Cigar.
Ask Your Dealer for It.
(BUGCaMOri to F. K. Archer.)
Dealers in General Hardware,
Front Street, Kaslo, British Columbia.
Gold Mining and Milling Co., Ltd.
Ulllces at Kaslo, 3. C.
Capital, $-.000,000.
This property comprises 10claims on an iron capped ledge
over three miles long and over f>0 feet wide.
Tho tunnel is in nearly 160 feet and still progressing,
Surface assays have yielded trom $5 to $10 per ton in gold.
A limited amount ol Treasury Shares for sale.
This property is likely to bo Kaslo's Le Roi.
Presideut. Vice-Pros. Secretary.
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats.
At all Prices and to
Suit tho Country.
Will commence soon
and in view of this
we have imported a
biglmoof Tackle of
all kinds,
iepairing a Specialty.
Lamont & Young,
Stationery and  Wtill-
���   -   -   -   Kaslo, B. C.
���TMWW9 Url-vr Mrr.rt srltlnn will l�� atils to rolJ IMS
print s\tn dltUnaeof I-I inches frr.m tlw cvi-. with omo .ind
t,cunl'o.t| alio ntll Is; MifosUnad itwitlictu'tiuTo Miittm'-cly.
If uhstt I�� lo iio U ycmr I'VUt win (trfeoliYB anil .liiilllil hart
laiain'li:-'" .so. Dtiott.   Wins Ul. tjvf btOMM Misd friiln red-
inear wring, �� If tho Ifltten look blamd nnd run MoUht,
llll smirn tiiillnntlnii Mint nlniim nro ne.'.lo.   Tho leu-*.
Kid in tit. ehcapguods nre of nnoqarJ drasHr nnd Im;.
iiupnrfwti,'lonscd s.i-.'a.-uj.   CcnttnUM u.3 ol Ltteso jtiHmtf
hnwfl VlillMVlt in js.silivi.ir.jnrj :,-:,. thecon.taul stroiQ
1:1 -ii c i'......... .tuccouDkssUUca to supply tin delect, ia
It your eyes are not working O. K..
consult i). Strathern, opposite I'. 0. *
A team drawing a large load of empty beer kegs took fright and ran yesterday, tho wagon colliding with a tel-
graph pole near the Kaslo hotel and
losing a wheel.
Milwaukee Beer Mall. Call and sec
Hob).*; Tony and get some Wienerwurst
and .-ourkt ant free with your beer.   *
Rev. Father Poitras, the Catholic
clergyman heretofore stationed tit Nelson and occasionally officiating in Knslo, lias been transferred to the Northwest Territorials His successor is Rov.
Father Forland from East St. Louis.
livery ono is invited to visit the
Sleam Laundry. See where and how
V6 do the work, and get our now price
At the annual meeting of St. Mark's
Church of England hibt Monday, Samuel Hanson and George E. Martin wore
chosen as wardens and .Messrs. Stoess,
��� Tuck, Dickson, Stephenson, Goodman
and Allen as vestrymen. C. A. Stoess
wns appointed lay dolcgato to the New
Westmihister synod.
Why scud your washing to a Chinaman whon white men will do it hotter
and chopper'.- Try tho Steam Laundry
and bo convinced.
Bead tbe Nows and keep posted.
H. Giegerich, tho enterprising mor-
chant, expects to loave for an onstorn
trip next week.
Thc Milwaukee Ueor Hall has the
host and coolest boor in the city. *
-Married, in Rossland, 2d inst., Wm
'AJibott of the Kuslo hotel and Edna
BradiHh, formerly of St. Pancras Inn,
They have returned to Kaslo to live
and are receiving tbo congratulations
iif their numerous friends.
Milwaukee Bear Balls If you want
good miners, mechanics or laborers,
tbey make their headquarters with Bob
and Tony. *
Evans & Butt of the Olympic restaurant are preparing to re-open the old
Silvor Bell restaurant under thc name
of Tho Gem.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Bob and
Tony will always treat you right. Give
them a call.
W. S. Orowry of tho Arm of Drowry
.V Twlgg, provincial land surveyors,
1 has returned from wintering in Victoria and has re-opened tho lirm's of-
Qapi here.
'-'Remember the Stoam Laundry has
cut prices. Everybody can afford to
have work done there now. *
Foreman K. Matheson of tho Duncan
rivor clearing expedition is in town
awaiting orders concerning his Skecna
river trip. He says that tho Lower
Duncan is now well cleared of obstructions and work Is proceeding on the
Upper Duncan under the foremanship
of his successor, Dick Gallop.
Soc Walker, thc Tailor, for well fitting suits of the best material, at most
reasonable prices; 4th street, Kaslo,
B.C. *
It is rumored that John Keen will
get the gold commlssioncrship, put in
tho provincial ostimateB as for Duncan
lake, and that the headquarters will be
in Kaslo.
At the Milwaukee Beer Hall, Bob
and Tony will serve you the finest
schooner of Half and Half and thc best
of roast beef free with them.
For best rdonte at lowest rates, go to
the Colonial house, opposite the P.O. *
Capt. C. H. Cameron of the steamer
Idaho, in the course of d recent call at
the News office, said that he will begin
navigation on Duncan lake and the-Up-
por Duncan river about the middle of
The Steam Laundry is thc place to
havo your work dono right at a fair
price. *
A card from C. J. Loewen of tlie
Idaho mine, says that their February
shipments wero 100 tons and to March
28th, were 590 tons; total, (il)0 tons.
The Steam Laundry under uew
management. Call and see them. Only lirst class work and the price is only
commensurate with living wages.   *
Malcolm Lamont of tho B. C. bank,
has been elected secretary of thc Kaslo
Club, vice l'\ J. Hill, removed to
Milwaukee Boer Hall. Bob and Tony
run it. Open day and night. They
serve you the finest freo lunch in the
Slocan with each schooner of beer. *
Tho ladies of ��St. .Mark's parish,
Church of England, expect to give a
concert on the 26th inst., made up
largely from selections from "Tho
Mikado" in costume.
When Polonlusad>lSed his son,"costly thy habit as thy purse can huy but
not expressed in fancy," lie bail direct
reference to Walker, the Tailor, But
times have changed and good stylish
suits may now be had at Walker's at no
great cost. *
John Scott, who has for several
weeks past been confined to tho hospital at Nelson, with pnoumouia, has
returned convalescent.
A snap in 1847 Rogers Bros', silver
plate 1-2 do/., tablespoons, 1-2 doz. dessert spoons and 1-2 doz. teaspoons, all
for *j.   O. Strathern.
Word from ex-mayor Robert F. Green
and wife says that they aro onjoying
themselves greatly In the Hawaiian islands. Mr. Green's health is much Improved.
Milwaukeo Beer Hall, Hob and Tony,
proprietors, The biggest and sharpest
mug of beer in the Slocan country. *
James McK. Anderson has returned
from the oast and yesterday sent half a
dozen men in boats up to his company's
claims un the Lardo, to press develop*
tnotit work.
President D, J. .Munn of Kaslo .V Sl< -
can railway has been inakinghis monthly visit hero this week.
R. T. Loworv, the sage of the New
Denver Ledge, has been in town for
several days.
A new fancy goods and millinery
store is to be opened next woek by Mrs
J. Turnoiyicxt door to the Ne\VBOffice.
Hugh .McKay, arrested last week for
refusing to return an overpayment oil
a cheque by the B. C. Bnnk, was acquitted of any criminal intent. Civil
suit was then brought and afterwards
Chas. Burrit, a pressman on the Nolson .Miner, was accidently drowned last
Monday at Nelson.
Tho new ore barge of tbe International Navigation and Trading Co. is
approaching completion.
Tho Now I ��� ..i ���-1 ul  Argnntu.
W. II. Bell has leased the now McLeod hotel at Argenta. Look out for
his advertisement next week.
i;usiii<-Hs TiHiisifisr.
L. Moses has sold   his  fruit, confectionery and news stand on 1th street to
Miss Mattio Violet.    Look out   for her
advertisement next week.
Ktuiiiuei- Aliiswnrtli*** Kuiim.
The Steamer Ainsworth, owing to hor
reoent renovation shines rasplendeotly
with gilt nml new paint. Sho started
hor regular runs from Kuskonook to
Honner's Kerry last Monday, making
connection at Kuskonook about noon
with the steamor Nolson, Monday,
Wednesday aud Friday. Returning,sho
leaves Burner's Forry, Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday at 2 p. m., connecting with Great Northern trains each
Following Is tlio list of k-iters remaining uncalled for in tho Kaslo I'ostotlle.c sine.' tho last
list published over date of April 7, ISflS:
Byorklmid, Anrlro Bovver, Henry
Campbell, Samuel
Kriritson, ''has.
Fftlk, P. A.
lludl, .laeob
.losliiiK, It. A.
Baton, Mrs. Nellie
Pixon, Wm.
Ferguson, K. N.
Garrison, E. IV.
Hothei'ington, J.
n, .vug
n a j- M.
Lahineo, A. W
McIiobhIcI.D. A.
Nilson, B. O.
I'oupere, J.
Sutherland, Alex
Seholl, Louis
Sehollerics, Mr.
Turnbtill. Win.
Wieland, Chas.
Westman, Mm. J.
.t DeV.Co. Krtise, Henry
.Meli.iiialil, John 1).
.Mrl.illlirhlill, II. L.
I'ieo, Frank
Robertson, John ��.
Sill Ion, David I,.
Smith, Godfrey
Tilbury, It. J.
Tlsdale, Jan. 0.
Voglit, Mr.
Williams, H.J.
s. H. UREEN, Postmaster
Knslo, B. 0i, April U, 18'JS.
Meeting To-Klght for Queen'* Birthday
A meeting is callod for this evening
at the city ball to consider tho celebration by Kaslo of tho Queen's birth
day, May 24th. Every one is requested to attend.
Tho Nashville students Coming.
See the Nashville Students next
Monday and Tuesday evening at tlie
Kuslo Hotel Auditorium. Theso singers and players come highly recommended and will doubtless give a very
pleasing entertainment.
Special Salvation Army Services.
Brigadier Howell of the' Salvation
Army, the chief divisional officer of the
Pacific province which includes Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington,
British Columbia and Alaska, will lead
a two day's special demonstration at
Kaslo, Wednesday and Thursday, April
20th and 21st. Brigadier Howell will
be assisted by Lieut. Arnold, the German violinist. Both officers are very
musical. Thc meetings will bo held in
the .McGregor building. Fvcrbody is
Says There Was No Knee.
An employee of the International
Navigation Co. desires us to statu that
thero was no raco lust week botwecn
tho steamers Kokaucn and International as far us tho latter was concerned.
He say*; that the International never
altered her.sppod aftor leaving Woodbury Point; that she was improperly
loaded anil trimmed to show her speed:
and that instead of being beaten into
port by four minute.- she was only
beaten by ���! minutes and ii -seconds.
I'll Be There   Njt.
When beneath Ihe blue ski,", arching
Yon behold our tin,; once more.
Ami you see the soldiers marching
To tlie .'ico.ies of bloody wilt;
When the drums are loudly Bounding
Anil tlie shrili;ilfes rend the air,
When the horses' hoots are i tiding.
You can bet I won't be there.
Lincoln Journal.
"I'waH Ever Tim*.
Life is queer, and I will hero
Remark in this connection,
Tlmt a boy and a bran band never take
An opposite direction.
��� Truth.
IWhere no consideration is mentioned the
nominal sum of fl is understood.!
April tt.-I.:ike View on Hamill ereek, J, N.
Ilorton to S. J. Xewbauer,,'_.
Last chance on Desmond ereek. A Beaton to
Thos. llulsizer, '-���.
April 13. Kenneth near Pilot Bay, J. A. McDonald to Henry Rose, tSOQ.
April 18. -Silver ne en. Kootenay, Ontario,
Vulcan, Tekoa,'.'. K.. Big Chief, Groat Northern, Blue Bird and Primrose, 0, tl. l.iibel'ee to
A. E. Korean ami Jai. Hanson,!..
Hlaeicluiwk, on somli side Kootenay lake, J.
McLeod '." o. A- Batberland,'...
April ll.���I.ubock, Kingston, Ibex.SllverPioli
Bturdao, Eastman, Copper Nugget, Emarel,
llighroek,Custer, Primrose, Bluebird, 'treat
Northern. Bear Crei k. Erie, 0. K.. T( koa. Vulcan, Ontario, Kootenay, Stiver queen BlgChlef,
Clin, Colby, Crown, llomastako, Uood none.
Sunny Bank, Northwestern, North smr, White
lu 11 und I in nea n. <'. ';. I.ulieree tOtj.Woueter.H.
Silent Friend and Boodler on Goal ereek, A.
Craig, Robt. irvitiK, ,i. ii. Gray, J. Jeffrey, K a.
Dcveroanx and it. A. I nrlson to J. Rurrldge, ',.
Aspen. Lily fraction and 16 to is J4, l? nod S
respectively, 8. Wilson to J. E, Btgnara
Asp.ii and Lily fraction., J. B. Blgham to Jas.
W. Moffutt,'-.,.
April Y2. ���No. 11 on Campbell creek by Gay
April 1:1.���Aurelinu. about one mile northeast
of Kuskonook, Vi. ll. Tinner and R. Williams.
April 11.Lone Star, Milford Slur, Ilnnkei' Hill
Kiel Liim Chance by A. P. Adams.
April P.'.- .Kenneth by Henry Rose.
Lost Paradise, Easter, Hidden Treasure, Imperial Cheese and Waterfall bv U. a. Buck.
April 18. -International bv w. i Stewart.
I.e. bv Roderick McLeod.
No. '.>v traction und Jeanette by s. L. Williams.
iron Clubby A. Fletcher.
ori: shipments.
Following are ihe ore shipments Ioi iln'iie, k
ending April nth ovet the Kaslo .t siocauBy:
Mine. ,    Destination. Tone.
Until Pneblo mid Everett.. no
Payne     Pueblo and Everett.. .      .Uu
Rambler       .,       Taoonta    w,
it,to Denver       3n_
Antoine    .iirnra I'
Total tons  **
From Jan. I, IMS, lo date tne leading mines
of tlie Sloean region have snipped over the
Kaslo A sloean Railway for wafer transportation from Kaslo, as lolimvs:
Mine.                      I"'    "Mine! "Tons.
Pftyne  '>'���" Eureka I'i
Ruth        1-7,' Fidelity  I'i
Whitewater.         .   U��'Sovereign     '20
Keco     -jsi'sjuccn lies-  Mil
slocan Star*    il7|Jack��on   82
Rambler-Cariboo     :l*��i ..iilison  16
Luck.'Jim     UOOjMontesunia*  488
Last Chaneo    1091 Charlosion  :��
Qoodenongh      ���-" Antolne  118
Dardanelles       is Ajax  IH
�� Concentrates.
the following is a partial statement of ore
shipmonts over the c. 1'. K. from slocan and
Lardeau points since January 1st, not included
in the foregoing:
Mine. Tons. 'Mine. ~ Ton-.
Vancouver      40 silver Cup     108
fSlocauStar     '.'imAVaverley       HO
Payne     210 Idaho     olK)
New York, April LV -Silver, 3fi,fyt.
Lead���Firm; Vokers'price, $8.a0; exchange,
Following is ft table of the leading stocked
mining companies of thc Sloean and Ainsworth
mining divisions:
A Large Stock of
oots and Shoes,
From Best Canadian and American
Makers.   Prices to Suit the Times.
o -       ���
. nen'5 Furmstimgs
Are Also Fully Represented.
All the Lines of Staplo and Fancy Groceries
are up to tho Mark with Us, as usual	
Corner A Avenue and Third Street, Kaslo, It. C.
Spring; Is Almost Here.
Ask STEPHENSON for a bottle of Compound Snrsupu; ilia.    Thciv is noLliiii-.
bolter forti Spring Medleine or Bloo.l Purl Her.
E. 1\ STEPHENSON   The Kaslo Druggist,
Front Stroot, Ka-lo, British Columbia.
Tne Com
The 13est  Artificial  Illttmiuaiit.    Absolutely
safo.    Approved by Canadian  Underwrite! s.
Niip'ii Falls ioetjfeie Gus IkdiiiivCiiiiiy, Limited
S. C. WING. Local Agent,
Front street, above News Ollice, Ktislo, British Columbia.
Sl.ienn Star	
Noble Five	
Rambler-Carl buo*.
���;rent Western	
.lnckstin(Noi ih'nUt1
Aiiurieiiii Hoy	
St. Keverne	
London Hill	
liliiel; Hiiiiniiinl.
Belli ��� 	
No. of
1,000 .Olio
Par   Market
Value   Value
* l.IKI
1,200,000 j
(Y\o Htoolc on the market.
(if the furt'goliiK, the tollowtng have paid dividend i as follows I
Payne     ...    ��� .(1,800,000 Soldo Five ... .10,000
Hlocnn Star ...   400,000Goodenough.., xvioo
lCaSs.li..                  800,000 Washington .. 80,000
Keen      287,500|JaokSO!l  20.01H1
Ramblor-CsUi..      lo,iKKiSur|irl.se  80,000
Bolides tIio foregoing, other liilncs, unstock-
od, have p.ii.i dlviiunids as follows:
ldniio ...��   2IO.IHIO Last t'hnnee...      117,00.
Whitewater...    I'.u.ooo Antolne      U,000
sloean Hoy .  .      25,000 Monitor       15,0(10
Following!. a"i iparatTve statement ol ore
���hipped trom parts of the Sloean and Ainsworth
mining districts, passing through the cuitom
house at Kailo to foreign smelters tor the H\*e
reeordeil months ol lK'.i."i, all of ISWi nndlSil":
.. dross Weight   (irons Value ol
''''"'��� of ore in i. be,  Oro In Dollars
IWi (5 months)  2,303,8110 I   111,511
I8W (12 months)...,       28,nM���VM l.lU.no
1WI7 (12 months)....       78,M��,890 8,0M,88��
H .326.498
NELSON & BOSTRUM, Proprietors.
Nicely Furnished Rooms. Bar well
Stocked. Spokane Beer on Draught by
tho Schooner or Quart. Best Free
Lunch in tbe City.	
���Real Fsstnte and Milling Broker.-
Front St., Kaslo, B. C.
I iiave sold my building and
Feed Business in  Kaslo to
Messrs. J. Turner & Co.,
Who will handle and keep
constantly a large stock of
Flour, Rolled lints and all lines kept in
n lirst-i'lass Feed Store. I oan reeotn-
moiid tho people of this city to patronize the new lirtii for honest values for
their money.       W. tl. NKK.LANDS.
Kaslo Transfer Co.
General Kxpress and
Transfer  liusiness...
Dealers in>
aud Feed !
Special Facilities for moving���
Gaitlens Plowed, Manured and Mado
Ready for Seed.
L, HANNA, Mangr.
Telephone No. 9. Front st. Kaslo, B.C. >
g Timely Topics, =2
Ever since Nellie Ely was made a colonel the Tennessee tnllltia has been
ready to spring to arms at a moment's
Zola goes to prison'. Well, he can tii
least emulate John Banyan. History,
at nil event*, will give the novelist a
fairer trial.
Slang is quite ancient, but it's still to
be proved thai when the wooden Steed
was dragged Into old Troy, the Trojans
said:   This Is a horse on us.
Philadelphia has developed u beggar
who goes about soliciting alms on n bicycle. Perhaps he wants to raise
enough money to buy a '98 wheel.
Thieves nre snid lo be almost unknown In Finland. Curiously enough,
there arc many thieves In Ibis country
who contrive to remain entirely unknown.
A desperado arrested iu Boston had
a copy of Browning in his pocket, of
course liis lawyer will plead a certain
lnlcllcclu.il disturbance, due to a prolonged struggle with obscurities.
.*\n exchange says: "The hair on the
head of most of ihc hundreds of thousands of dolls exhibited in shop windows is made from the halt- of the Angora goal." Thai's probably why the
kids all like dolls.
A gun tested near Washington re*
cintly threw a shell over ten miles,
which moans Unit n hostile ship would
be under life for t Weill,v miles in passing ii battery. Such target practice
will make it Interesting tor the ship.
Mrs. Wii. wife of the Chinese minister at Washington, has the laugh on
American women. Whenever anybody
says anything to her uliout Chinese
girls binding their feel, she retorts thut
no   Chinese   woman    is   bar1>arous
enough to wear corsets.
KAii.Itu \us A��tl> STEAMBOATS.
Susan B. Anihoiiy says that "th"
grievances women have against tbo
common enemy���mau���to*day arc as
many it* the colonists hud against
King Qeonge," Then why not follow
the example of tbe colonist*���fight for
!iido|!<'iid; nee flrat and tor the union
The Pal! Mull (iu/.ette seeks to agitate US by disclosing lite fact thin :i
genuine prince is a waiter lu a New
York hotel. It would really agitate New
York to learn that any of our "palace
hotel" wallers Is less than a prince, for
that Is what llielr manners have Impressed upon us.
A pleasing incident of the cotton
mills strike in New Bedford was the
"Idle hours" recreation furnished to
strikers through the efforts of one of
the city pastors. Beading, guinea, music and (.titer forms of wholesome entertainment were provided in two
halls, nml all were welcome who would
refrain from discussing the strike or
other labor matters while present.
'Ilie grent Isothermal line of baked
beans Includes Dttwsou Oity in British
Alaska. Outfitters In Scuttle and .Sun
Ft'AOClSCO complain bitterly of the In
creasing scarcity of thc most succulent
of    Intellect-nourishing    vegetables.
There has not yot been any rumor of
organisation In Boston of n society tor
the promotion of canned beans in Alaska, bul it would be a good neighborly
act. IOvery family In Boston could give
n pol of beans and never feol It.
The Introduction of bills for the removal of the charge of desertion from
iitcu who enlisted lu (he armies of the
l'ulou iu our greul war, aud who failed
to put in an appearance when their
com ma nils were mustered out, has been
going on for n third of a century. 1!
is thc general opinion of honorably ills,
charged soldiers thnt this thing hus
gone far enough. They assert, and
they kuow something uliout the mat-
ter, that most of these deaerters are
men who enlisted for bouuitlca und got
out at the llrst opportunity.
that her machinery may be broken, but j
experience has taught them Hint her
Chances nre good for making port, despite the handicap. Our great warships
flounder about In culm harbors, strike
a sandbar or nn Insignificant lug and
promptly go lulo dry dock for repairs
costing thousands of dollars. There is
a le.--soii lo this for somebody, possibly
the builder of modern liattle-cslilps. Trains  Run on  Pacific Standard Timo.
Kaslo & Slocan %
The course taken by the French ministry In arbitrarily forbidding discussion of lta acts was foreseen. It ls the
course that has been taken shortly before Its faM by each of Hie French governments that has been overthrown by
revolution during Wie pest seventy
years. The precedents do not warrant
the Inference that a change ls at band.
Tbe second empire and the citizen king
both went on for several years after
the policy of suppressing criticism had
been adopted. But this sort of violence reveals a weakness that had been
veiled, and by that disclosure luvltes
and encourages assault
(.rent Britain's policy of opening up
to the whole world whatever markets
she herself wins by her shrewd diplomacy is about to triumph In China, to
the advantage not ouly of herself, but
of all commercial nut ions. The result
will be thut American ships will soon
be permitted lo penetrate the very
heaft of the richest part of China and
American commerce win be exceedingly shortsighted unless It Joins ln the
exploitation of this land of great commercial promise. This triumph of Kngllsh diplomacy may lie looked upon as
of Immense value to the whole English-speaking world, ourselves as well
as Ureal Britain.
it has been prophesied that the high
price of wheat would result iu causing
Ihc farmers of the Northwositorn
states to pm lu an Increased acreages
which would mean a larger production
and consequent reduction in price. But
the high price of wheat has Incited the
farmers lo sell every bushel of wheat
Ihey bad, and there Is s��ld to bo a
scarcity, especially In Minnesota and
North   Dakota, of wheat for seeding
doing West. Dally. flolng East
S:Uiia. in. Lr .Kaslo Arv.SlN p. in
8:86s. in. I.v Bouth Fork....Arv.8:18 p. ui
9:86s. m. l.v Sproule's Arv. 2:15 p. m
i   9:61 a. in. l.v Whitewater Arv. 2:110 p. ni
10:U:t��. m. I.v Rear Ijike Arv. 1:4S p. m
10:IS a. in. Lv MeOulgan Arv. 1:1)3 p. m
W:SSa. in. Lv...Cody .1 unction...Arv. 1:12 p. m
10:60a. in. Ar Sandon .Lv.   l:00;p.ni
ROUT. IRVING, Superintendent.
OF. *_._>. A,
Navigation and Trading Co., Ltd.
Steamer*. "International" and "Alberta" on
Kootenay Lake and River.
In effect 16th of March, 1898. Subject to
change without notice.
Leaves Kaslo (or Nelson and way points,dailv
except Sunday,5:46a.m. Arrive Northport 12:18
p. in.'   Kossland, 2:t6jp, in., Spokane, 6:40 p. m.
l.cnvc Nelson lor Kaslo and way points, dally
except Sunday, I :���!.'. p.m. Leaving Spokane 8 a.
ui.: Kossland   11:45a. in., Northport, 1:00 p. m.
Five Mile Point connection with all Passenger TraiiiB of N. & F. 8. Railroad to and from
Northport, Kossland and Spokane. Tickets
sold and baggage checked to all United States
g Leaves Kuslo for Kuskonook and way-
purposes Hhose two Slute��i require points and for Honner's Ferry, Idaho,
about tN.OOO.Os'll bushels for seeding, every Tuesday and Saturday at 5 p. m.,
nnd It does not unpenr to be In Hip arriving at Kuakonook at 10 p. m. and
.Hindu of the farmers, The quality of *��t Bonner's Ferry at 8 a. m. following
the    Wheat     In both  those States  hOS Iaay'    **��tU"dng   leaves   Bonner'a   Ferry
been deteriorating for several years.
nnd If the farmers nre this your obliged to Import their seed from Mtitiltolm
there Is n prospeot thai H win result
ilia better pru in than they have recently produced. It tuny lie. therefore.
that the avidity of the Carmen lo pot
the highest price for their wheat may
result lo their advantage In tbe ends
The Cheapest, most Comfortable   ano
direct route from Kaaio
All points in Canada and uie United
The only line running through Tourist cars to Toronto, Montreal and Boston. Through Tourist cars to St. Paul
Magnificent Sleepers and Dining Cars on All Trains.
Travel by this line and have your baggage checked through to destinations
Daily connection from Kaslo every day
excepting Sunday, at 7 ::K) a. m.
For Kuskonook and hike points, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The conclusion Is forced upon us that
the builders of warships ml��bt collaborate with the architects of the great
commerce carriers and combine speed
with safety. The sgents of the Atlantic
liners never lose much sleep when one
of the ships Is overdue.   TJ��ey admit
A million bobolinks killed hist year!
Four million other birds slaughtered In
ihe same year���and to* whutv That
their torn nnd distorted bottles might be
daunted in the headgear of American
womankind I There nre no guess-work
figures, but the official report of rtic Au-
ilulxm Society of Massachusetts, And
what does it mean) it means five million voices Kiiiied In Nature's avian
choir.    Five million Hushes of eheerl-
ness nml gladness taken from human
life; und millions of oilier young live*,
(loomed to starvation or prey In order j
that the piuniaged corpse of the mur- !
tiered mother bird may be rent by h
milliner nud jammed In hideous shapo-
lcssness |n milady's hat!   Ah, milady,
is there no eflicncy In these desolating j
figures?     Is there  no  mercy  lu  your
heart, uo conscience in your make-up, j
no sentlnioii't in your soul"'    (Jan you I
enjoy the finest opera when you think
that the killing of the birds with which i
you and your sisters nre crowning your j
lu'ituty ls gradually silencing the grand
oratorio of the forest und the fields? A '
binlless country!   a voiceless forest!
What a desolation It would tie!    And
yet that is just what this country Is
coming to If the song birds of our land
are to be killed oft' ut tilie rate of live
millions n year In order to gratify feminine vault*'  and  keep    womnn    "In
style."    What   a   gre-wsome,   btdoous,
conscienceless "style" It Is that murders melody nml silences the lark tlmt
slugs from Heaven's gate!
One remedy for '.he dodging of taxes
ou personal property suggested by General Harrison is entitled to something
more than casual consideration. It Is
thai a meeting of the tax commissioners of n considerable number of States
be held, to consult ns to some plan for
the taxation of personal property that
will secure a uniform system. One of
the embsrrassmejrts at the present time
Is that when n Stute undertakes to
adopt ii phin which will Increase the
taxation of certain classes of property,
It becomes a serious loser by Ilie re-
movul of those who nre taxed under
such a system.  New Jersey i�� said to
be the paradise of New York tax dodgers. Ohio is said to have lost a number of wealthy clH/.t'iis because the
State undertook to lux them. One wus
so Incensed, not long ugo, that he disposed of nil his property In Ohio and
left the Suite In something of a huff.
Tax commissioners, like Insurance aurl
labor commissioners, could meet, consider plans and finally adopt some one
of them. This plan they could recommend to tfhe Legislatures of the Stntes
represented, and thereby a uniform sys-
tern for more adequate taxation could
be secured. Taxation ls not one of tbe
topics which the people generally die
cuss. They complain of local taxation,
but when the topic Is dlscuesed It I*
Federal taxation, usually the taxation
of the poor to pay for bonds. This mnj
be Important, but, compared with local
taxation, It Is Inconsequential, 'llic
agitation of the topics which Ueneral
Harrison has brought to the front In
neighborhoods, in village or township
meetings for the purpose would call
public attention to the Injustice ln a
manner which could not fall to be generally beneficial.
! every Wednesday und Sunday at 2 p. m.,
arriving at KuBkonook at 8 p. m. and at
: Kaslo  at   1   a.   m.   following   day.
! llonner's Ferry connection with all passenger truina of Great Northern railway,
urrlving westward at Spokane 2:15 p. in..
or leaving Bonner's Ferry for eastward
points at 1:10 p. in.
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on SS. International from
Nelson, Spokane, etc., for point,, on Koot-
ieiuiy  lake south  of  Pilot  Hay,  will  con-
jnect at that point with  the SS.  Alberta.
!    Passengers for Nelson via 83.  Alberta..
.from  polnta south of Pilot Bay, can,  by
arrangement with purser, have stoi*-over
.at   Pilot   Bay   or   Alnswortli,   or   connect
with sb. International at Kaslo.
I The company's steamers connect Kootenay l.ake and Sloean points with oil
I points In the I'nlted Slates and Canada,
by way of Spokano and Kootenay river.
Tiekets sold and baggage cheeked to
all points by pursers on steamers or at
lour  office. Q.   ALEXANDER.
Oeneral Manager.
;    P.  O.   Box   122,   Kaslo.  B.   (J.
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Port Sheppard
Red Mountain R'ys.
The only all rail route without
change of cars between Nelson and
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland. �����*  >
For full information call on or address
Freight and Pass, agent, Kaslo, Ii. C.
���ok to���
Traveling Pans, agent, Nelson, B. C
District Pass. agent, Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and map.
shortest and quickest route to tbe Ccsttt
d'Alene mines, l'almise, revision, Walls Walls,
loiter City mines, I'ortluml. Han Francisco,
Cripple Creek gold mines and all points Ksst
mid South Only line Kast via Halt iJii.e and
and Iienver. steumer tiekets to Europ* and
other foreign countries.
Ocean steamers leave Portland every
tour days for Han I rancisco.
I.eave 1     Spokane Time Schedule        [Arrive
Summary of Railway-Steamer Time
Cards from Kaslo.
Cody, etc., Kualo A Sloean Railway trains
leave Kuslo daily at S a. m.; returning,
arrive ut Kaslo 2:50 p. m.
Rosebery and Nakusp, lake K. A 8. Ry.
from Knslo to 8anuon, und thence Nakusp & Slocan Railway, leaving Sandon
dally at 7:45 a. in.; return.ng. arrive dasiy
ut Sandon at 4:55 p. tn.
Victoria und other main line points on
0. P. B.. bout from Nukusp to Anew-
head, cars to Revelstoke, thence connect with east und west bound trulns.
etc., take Steamer Slocan on Slocan lake,
connetlng with Nakusp A Slocan Ry. at
land mid (irand Forks, take the Steamer
lnt.-rnatloiiul from Kuslo daily al &:45 a.
rn., except Sunduy, making: connections ut
Five Mile point, near Nelson, with Net-
son A Fort Sheppard ity.. then lo North-
port. From Northport to Spokane continue the railway, known south of
Northpoit as the Spokane Falls A Northern,  arriving at  Spok.uie ut do p. ni.
Or for Spokane take I. N. & T. Co.'s
steamer Alberta from Kuslo to Bonner's
Ferry. Tuesdays and Saturdays ut 6 p.
m. and connect at Honner's Ferry with
Great Northern trains lo Spokune, arriving ut 2:45 the following- day.
For Rossland change at Northport to
thu Red Mountain Ry.. arriving at itoss-
land :tt 3:40 p. m. Or, Rossland may be
reached from Nelson via Columbia A
Kootenay Ry. lo Robson, thence by river
steamer to Trail, thence by Columbia ..
Western Ry. to Rossland. Or, Rossland
may be reached via Nukusp and Trail Iiy
dally steamers down the .\rrow lakes and
Columbia river.
For Grand Forks and Itoundnry Creek
points, take S. K. A N. Ry. from North-
port to Itossburg or Marcus, tlienee bv
stage across  reaarvatlon.
son. etc., l. N. A T. Co.'s Steumer later-
national leaves K.islo dully, except Sunday, at 5:15 u. m.; returning, leaves Nelson
at 5 p. m., urrlving at Kaslo about N::!0 (i.
C. P. R. Co.'s Steamer Kokanee leaves
Kaslo dally, exeept (Sunday, al 7:30 a. lh.,
arriving at Nelson ut 11 a. m.; returning.
leaves Nelson at 4 p. in., arriving at Kaslo at 7:30 p.  m.
etc.. take steamer Kokanee Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 a. in., or 1.
N. & T. Co.'s steamer Alberts Tuesday
and Saturday al 5 p. m.: thence by stage
I to Fort Steele Wednesday und Saturday.
p   III
. m
Fast M Alls-Wall* Walla, Port-I 1:M
Inn.I. f-.'in Francisco, linker a m.
City and the East. I Dally
Local  Mail���l.'ieur   d'Alenes,    4:40
Fariiiingtoii,  (oirtield,  Collai, p   in
I Daily
��� ���      ....       s  sst. ............. ...........
Daily   I'lilliuiin and Moscow.
For through tickets and further information
apply to .1 AS. WAI OH,
Agent International Navigation and Trading
Company, Kaslo,
Or at O   K  4 N . Company ��� office, W River
���id* avenu*, spok*n*. Wash
I_>ave��:J0��ni Kelson. ...    Arrlv*5:85pm
I.eave 11:45 am Kossland Arrive 2:86 pm
1-esve K.Wjaiu     Spokane Arrive 0:40 pni
Passengers for Kettle river and
Boundary creek connect at
Marcus with Stage Daily.
From   Kanlo   lu   Murrnuudlnrg   llu��l-
sni I*..liits,.
Allies.', Miles.
Whitewater  17j Alnswortli    It
Heir Isdke   20 Pilot Bay   10
Mciiuigi.il  Bl Balfour  u
Sandon (3 liuurs)  :���:��� sm��-i    >H
Cody   MHtolson (l hours) U
Three Forks    33: Ymir   WI
New  Denver   38|ltob��on   tl
__ | Unsebery  41 Trail   M
Silverton   48|North|M>rt  (7  hT_)..���lN
Kloean City   6l>.KohhIhikI U0 hours)..!*��
Nukusp TOillossburg    IU
[lurton  City    WMarcus  IJ��
l**rd.i  IS Grand Forks   ISO
Arsjenta  20'Greenwood  it:
Duncan City ��'Anaconda     IM
Halcyon Hot Hpr'gs. H-">;ltoun.iury  800
Arrowhead  ���"���''Midway    80A
!*?urla ������ ������ M��Hpokane (15 hours)..a*
Thompsons Landing .US Kuskonook 46
Trout lsakc city 125,Ooat Hlver .'..'....'.'.'. K,
Ferguson  >30:il.>,|llnBton  (Kykerta) TT
Revelstoke ,31  lirs)..1.13| port H|ll   7��
Vernon  *&>lMvu   IDS
Penticton  iKIInoniipra Ferry 113 h)H0
H. M.
lienor*! Agent.
Inland Navigation
and Trading Co.,
Steamer Halys,
Capt.  W. J.  K*ne.
Does .Milting Trade on Kootenay I.ake.
I    For paaaeng.r or freight transportation apply
| on board.
A good ninny i>eople make hay while
tlie sun shines, mid tben let lt spoil.
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
It I* the most modern In equipment.
It is the heaviest railed line.
It haa a rock-ballaet roadbed.
It crosses no nam! deserts.
It was built without land grant or government aid.
It is noted for the courtesy of its employes.
It I* the only Un* serving meal* on th*
la carta plan.
Kootenay connec Ion at Bonner's Ferry Id* ,
Hiuidav and Wednesday.
Eastward ��� 7.00 *. m
Westward 2.46 p. m
For maps, tiekets and complete Information call on or address International
Navigation * Trading Company agents,
K. * S. railway agents, or
C. Q. DIXON, General Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
F. I. WHITNBT, O. P. * T. A-.
9t. Paul, Mian.
Or..  . W. H. HUBLBUKT,
tieaeral Passenger Agent. Portland. Or*.
The Fast Line.
Superior Service.
Through tickets to all points In th*
United States and Canada.
Direct Connection with the Spokjut*
Pal l* aad Northern Hallways
No. 1 west   1:00 p. m
No. least       7:0*a.m
Tiekets to Japan ana China via Tacoma
and Northern Pacltiu Steamship Company.
For Information, time cards, maps and
tickets, apply to agents of the Spokane
Falls A Northern and its connections,
or to
r.  D.  GIBBS,
Qeaeral  Argeat, lyokue,
Aaat. Oen. Pas*. Apt.,
!��o. BUS Morris,... ft.,
Portland, Orago*.
Write for map of Kootenay country.
Kamloops 261
Asheroft    SOS
I.ytlon   864
Yale  4M
New   WeHtmtnster.. ."s03
Moyle City 185
Swunsea 185
Wnnlner, lt. C 140
Cranbrook  IM
l*orl Steele 1��0
Vancouver  (U  hr��)".MJ Canal   Flats    l*>
Victoria  (68  hrsl��....r,WWindermere  lu
Heattie (88 hours)....5*11Donald    M8
Tacoma (30 hour��)...��80iaol(l��i   BO
Portland us hours)..8821 tlanff   311
���Via C.  P.  R. ���        I
Raw Fur Notice.
I, the undersigned, representing JOSEPH UI.LMAN, of St. Paul. New York
and London, England, wish to Inform my
friends and the public generally that I
do not Intend to travel us heretofore..
Those favoring me with shipments of
can   rely on  fair  treatment  and  prompt
returns assured.   Write for price list.
O. W. BALDWIN, Winnipeg, Man.
Best in every line.   A stoek of fancy
groceries is soon to lie added
to our stock.
Front st. opp. Kaslo Hotel, Kaslo, B. C.
and Real Estate
Correspondence solicited.
Address, K.vslo, b. c. 1
*d I-stub en tor a Deer.
Boundary, B t'., April 10.���Alined Myers! of Seven Miles, on the Pend d'Oreille j
river, wus shot Thursday in the left side
by l''riink l.tsslev, or Frank Johnson, as ;
he is generally known. ,t is claimed the
shut wus accidental, Lassley claiming lie
mistook Myers' movements in the thick
woods for a deer.    Judge Adie, tlie Wa- ]
nets stipendiary justice, is Investigating
tlie affair. 'Myers! wound is not neoessar*,
ily dangerous, being a deep flesh incision, i
lint not penetrating the intestines.
Ordered   to  Tlieli*   It estin,en Is.
Washington, April in. ��� Army officer*
now on duty al the various institutions of
learning throughout  the country   have
been relieved from duty und will proceed
to join their regiments at "���: stations ;.
which they are assigned.
There  are   more    than    2000    German
waiters in the hotels and restaurants of
Mrs. Pinkham Declares No Woman
Need Despair.
There are many curable onuses for
sterility in women. One of tho most
common is {fcneval debility, accompanied by a iroculiur condition ot the
Write frcoly aud fully to Mrs. Tinl;-
iiuin. Her address is Lynn, Mass. i-ho
will tell you, free of charges, tlio cuuso
of your trouble and what course to
taku. Believe rne, under right conditions, you have a fuir chance to become
the joyful mother of children.   Mits.
LVOV Lyti.e, SCSlIenderson sSt., Jersey
City,Ks J.,certainlythlnltsBo. Ghocoysi
"I Ma more thun proud of Lydia II.
Pinlcham'a Vegetable Componnd, aud
cannot find words to express the good
it hui done me. I w:is troublod very
badly with the .cnoorrlieja and severe
womb jiuiiis. From the time I was
married, in 1SK2, unf.l lust your, I wns
under tho doctor's caro. V.'o had no
children.     1  huve   hud   nearly   awry
doctor in Jorscy City, ntid have been
toBclvin llo ;.ltal, but all toco avail.
I biiw Mrs. IHulchata's advertisement
in the paper, and have ui od five bot>
ties of her medicines Ithna dono mors
for me than all tho doctors 1 ever had
It has stoppod lay pains, und hus
brought mo a tine little girl, I have
been well ever since mylml'" wns lio.-n.
1 heartily reoomuiend Mrs, Pinkham's
medicine to ull women nurfeiiuy from
It I* Known ������
Will* to us about lt.   Our book on
palming SKNT l'ltKK.
Clevelan. Oil I Paint If;. Co..
WITHOUT   KNtl'K.    HV1UXO   .    Rt.ltCTRTO
MKRDI.K nriottTruiMi Till MtK*. no m��tt��r
liow IniiK Rtftiiiltuff, lnvi'->iU-Hii- ibli tr.rili.Hl, n im*
���toml (he ti'-t IW ftfAtH. I'mlni<*<*"( by iht* Ipwrfiitf
pliynle.nrm uftlltf t'n.tfit m Hie*. *ml Klirdpe, -VOUti
IiittirulH Hiici��Mfli))y  iri'ttw-ri.     Met),  wnmn   ttinl
ottlldnii aural wltlioirt harm nr ttiuift-r nr Iom *>r
lim*. II uml i id- t rt-iil *mI ;it lionii* It* our
��� yNlfiit. I'hI! or n rlt��* fur t!i'<MilHi' hihI .|iu*stlnn
hli.uk.     RxttlulDnKton   un��l   i-><iiMiliKii��iii     I l;KK���
Allllfl'*H tilt*
Anato-Mechanical Treatment Co.
��31-2 Washington S��., Poitland, Or.
[lay be *sv*U or poprlr turnlahtil ��coor_-
B| ai you rnals* n.r oi your opportuuU
Id In buy lng your supplies.
Vom local Staler hall more than yos
ought, aus)  thun do without hall you
need, or you csn utll u* your order ami
live in the fat o( th* land for the nm.
amount you would lnvelt ln th* other
Bend for our big PRICK LIST Just cut.
How Indian* Mokel'ecof the Deadly
\ cnoin of tlie Hattleenalte.
A venerable Iudiiui arrow-maker explained how bis arrows were poisoned
In tin* following word's:
������First we take u blouled yellow rattlesnake in AiiRiist, when lie i�� most
poisonous, and tie him with a forked
Mick to a stake; then we tease him until he ls iu a pi-eat rage. This ls done
by iwissinj! a switch over his body from
Ills head to Ills till. When he thrashes
the ground with his tall and his eyes
glow bright and sparkle like diamonds,
we kill a deer, untelo_M* or some other
small animal, and, tearing out the liver, throw It to the Miake while It is
warm and the blood still coursing
through it. Tin* reptile will strike it
again and again, and pretty soon ii will
begin lo lut'ii bluck. When he tires, the
snake la tensed again, and he Is Induced to sink his fangs into the soft flesh
until all ihe poison has 1mh*u extracted
from hliu and the liver Is reeking with
it. He Is then killed ami the liver lifted with a sharp |Mile. fur so dangerous
Is it no one dares touch It. The liver is
let lie for about an hour, when ii will
Ih* almost Jet black and emit a sour
smell. Allows are ihen brought and
their Iron heads pushed Into the liver
lip tO the shaft. They lire left sticking
there for about  one  hour uud  a   half.
Spring Humors
Thut pimple on your arm. those crup- j    "I have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla for
j lions, itching and binning hives, just us ! shortness of breath und dizziness, and it
j hns given mc so much relief that I recoiu-
[ mend it ns un excellent medicine.''
MRS. K. JOHNSON, Colfax, Wash.
surely  indicate  impurities   in   the   blood,
\i hell should hnve prompt and careful at- j
i tention, as do boils, carbuncles, ulcers, I
I salt rheum nnd    thc    severest forms of I
scrofula. Hood's Suisapurillu cures all hu-
' mors of Ilie blood of every form and
j degree.
Tlinl tired Perils*.
1 So common in  the spring, is also due to i
| Ihe weak, thin, depleted condition of thc
blood.    Make your blood pure hy taking!
Hood's Sarsaparilla, and you will be strong
and ready for work, will huve a good appetite und good health,    Try Hood's Sar-
i saparilla this springs
".My daughter  was afflicted  with  liver
trouble and hud a sallow complexion. She!
has taken .Hood's Sarsaparilla  and  her ( iphit.i, )( ,i,  n,,,,
complexion   is   clear.    Another daughter Uxo express my thanks for the gieat good
j hud eruptions on tier hands, but nfter tak-j [  have derived   Irom   the   use  of  Hoi d's
ink Hood's Sttrsaparills the eruptions are ISarsaparilla,   About a year ngo I became
all gone" t    AMIS. M.  K.  llll.I.. perfectly worthless.    I could sleep but   u
Hrooklield,  Wash.       few minutes nt a time during the whole
night, and when 1 rose in the morning 1
felt worse than when I went to bed.
I   It.-.-i. it,.-   Very   Wr.ous
And had sick und dizzy headaches.   I tras
almost tired of life and did nut care for
anything.    1 went on this way for a year
: or more when one day a friend advised mc
to try Hood's Sm-sapni ilia. 1 procuri-d u
bottle of this medicine and began taking
it.    Finding the tii>d. bottle helped mc  I
, got the second, nnd  kept on until 1 had
taken four bottles, when 1 was eompletelj
cured." SAMUEL WHITE,    .
Uirch Buy, Watt.
Ills-    I   I.I,ills      II.-| t     I  |M,n    It.
"POUt years ago 1 began usitif' Hood's
Sarsaparilla iu my family and the results
were so satisfactory that, wc have since
depended upon it us our family medicine.
It has kept us in good health most of the
time, and we have had little need of any
oilier medicine. We believe Unit for diseases   of   the   blood,   Hood's  SursU|Hii ilia
bus no equal" GffiO. HARVEY,
Fori Simcoe, Wash.
K.   It. ���If  you   decide   to  take   Hoods
Sarsaparilla, do not be induced to buy any
I substitute,   He sure to get only Hood's.
Is America's Greatest Modi
A microbe that lives and multiplies in
Strong aleliohol hus been discovered by
Yeley. 11 is believed Hint this accounts
for the fact that rum lometimes deteriorates oil a sen vovuiie.
���In t Couldn't  io.,.i I mil She n<->-��.
it   Wife
...    ������ ������., |
III*    I it ( roil im< i-d    I ll tn   liii'   (MMi'ril*
mill I   Nrrv _�����<*.
< <>\MH.ATIO\   \M> COMFORT.
Moan's Revealed Kenedy will do It. Three
dueea will make you leal better. Get It Iran
jreur druggist or any whnleial* drug house, ei
from Stewart ���_ Holmes fyuf Co., Seattle.
Is it Wrong?
Get It Right
Keep it Right
vmF health restorer.
��� ��� ��� USEIT!
T)AT\C Ibf tracing ar
KIIIIN Or*, loot or
fir tracing ami locating Oo1<1 or Silver
or hnrlfl tti'if*nni*t. M. D*
l. Boj ;t:t7. H.iuihhiL'i<in.t.'oim.
PlSO'S 'CUR.-  FOR    is,
I CBlttS ttHtRE AU ItSf 1AIIS. ca
I Beat Coui'li Svr.ip. 'fails*! Quod. UM m
I        In time.   Sold br onifiitltita. r^l
IONS UM P.TION ���**���*
llo��   1\ IM ANs  |
h hen thev are withdraw ii ami dried In
Uie vim. a iblii.gllateiilnjEyellow eciim
adheres to the arrow, uud If it bm so
much a* iiuiciii'v raw Hush it is certalu
TO liiilsiiti l!  tn death."
ilie (Irani   I'iiiiiIIt.
lt ean be claimed for ilu* (Irani fnin-
(ly. wllliiiut fear of coiilinilli'iiiiii. Unit
ihey liave kept lliciiiselves more piiini-
ineiitl.v before the public thun the chil-
llren of any of ihe other Presidents.
The  three v.mv  of  Uelier.ll   ll.vsses   S.
Grant are now iii the prime of life.
First In the family stands <'o|. [fretler*
ick li. Grunt, He isn West Point graduate it tit I served some liltle time with
3ii>' father al the front .lust before tin*
close nf the war. lie was prominent
dining Ids father's occupancy of tlie
White House, ami he has been more or
less lu the public eye ever since, having
held some sort oi' au ollice iiimost uninterruptedly since ins father's retirements
The. home life of the It milt family is
thoroughly American, ('ol, (.rant married a sister of Mrs. Holier Palmer, of
Chicago, a Miss iiniioie, and she has
made a typical American home lu Ihe
heart of the metropolis. They hnve
t wn children, ti Ihi.v and a jjlrl, .Pullu
Hetit (Irani, the eldest of the two, I*
now a llllle over IM years of age. She
lias been lu society I'or a few 1110111lis,
and has become quite popular bmh in
: tills city uml lu Washington. She began her social career al Newport. She
is a beautiful young woman, well educated ami entirely aide lo enm her own
living, if thnl  shall became necessary.
She speaks  half n  dozen  languages,
ami has developed very satisfactorily u
talent for   painting.   Khortly    before
lieiteral (Irtiut's death he left a letter
directed to the President of the lulled
states who should be serving III  the
year  IS!Mi. asking hlm  to appoint   tIn*
1 Ind to the military ticinleniy.   This letter was not  presented    to  President
Cleveland because of the necessity for
more preliminary study, but it has been
turned   over to President   McKinley,
ami when the term til  West  Polut  lie-
gins riyssoH S. Uranl  11.,  will lie entered as the personal appointee ol' Pros-
! Ulent   McKinley.     Young  Crant  Is  an
enthusiast    on  military  matters.    He
, has  inherited  Ids  gramlfallier'R  taste
! for a soldler'H life, and Is looking for-
! ward to a great career In the artuy.���
i riinutaiKpian.
Island    Moves n Mlie an   Hour.
Floating Islands are not so rare as
| may lie generally supposed,   They are
! largely a manor of locality, ami the
I one sighted three limes in 1892 In thc
| north Atlantic ocean was not only au
j unusual occurrence, but also of peculiar
; scientific interest.      On the three Instances the island was seen It was moving toward the Azores at the rate of
about a mile an hour,   lis extent was
nenrly 800 feet each way, and It contained much forest growth, many of
the trees being thirty feet high.
South. Carolina Cattle.
There are In the southern part of
South Carolina cattle ranges as lnrge
as many ln the great West, covered
with cattle as wild as any that ever
roamed over the prairies.
Who Is It that does not wlsli to be out
in tho open ntr or ullve In some field of
sport, whether it Its Kith the bat, rod or
Klin; whether wc go boasting over the
bills nnd vales on the wheel or Balling
over rough waves or Into serene coves. It
is   all   sport.   Htul   the   springing   muscles
seem to need it. it ts bound to happen
thnt some mishap will occur, Thus it is
that we huve sprains In abundance, Light
sprains, sprains that orlpple, sprain* thut
Hive (treat pain, sniiitns that rob us of
sleep, but sportsmen of all kinds have
come to know that there is nothing better than the old, reliable, s:. Jacob's oil.
Move it with you for use; you may rely
on its cure of tlie worst sprain and restoration to the comforts of life.
The Itussiiin
three feel long
ornaments '.Jiis
lo emeralds.
scepter    is   of   solid   gold,
uml contains among  its
lintnonds. 30.  rubies unit
Wc me Itfertfug in tlie courts our neJU lo the
exclusive use ol the worn ' CASYUKIA,'' and
"I'lTOHEK'SCASTORlA," as our Trade Mark
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, ol iiyiiiini's, Massachusetts,
wus the originator uf " I'I I'CIIKK'S CAS I OKI A,"
the SSttt* that bus borne nud does now bear tin
facsimile signature of C H AS, II. II.liTClll.K oa
every wrapper. Tbis is t tie original " l'l'l'dlKR'.
CA-s'l'oklA " which bus been used iu Uie lioiiieu
of the nioltiers of America for over thirty years.
I.ooU CiuefuUy ut the wrapper and see that it in
(he kind you have always ioughl, and has the
signature of CHAS. li. 11.STCHBR on the
Wrappers No one hns authority from uie to use
niy name exs'ept The Centaur Company of which
.has. ll. l-'ieteher is President.
March i, .'"97-        BAMUitt, PITCH-tR, UJi.
Ihe London Gazette hits awakened to
the fact thut Ihc Queen's Jubilee took
place lust .liine. uud has just published an
elaborate account of tne oclebTutlon.
Adolf JTuengling, who .-, father is ti
wealthy butcher of Berlin, arrived here
Saturday on the Bt Paul, seys the New
York Times. His faille,- -,.ve him I.V
0(H) marks to come here und stint a butcher's business iu Chicago, Adolf brought
with him iiii attractive young woman to
be his house keeper,    lie wns much  pei
turned when the Immigration officials told
him that he inlglll land, lint thnt Into
)imi Kriiniliach could not unless lie iiuulc
her his wife. Adult' -aid thnt -lie hud
been his housekeeper iu Berlin, and so
good a one that he hnd determined to
bring her with hint, but, as she was quite
beneath ins social position, he could not
Uliti'iy her. lie did not leave to go to il
hotel, however, hut hung about the Barge
Ollice, loath Iii pint with her. She hml
s.tltitl marks just before she left Berlin,
but sonic enterprising broker prevailed
upon her to .accept in exchange some Mc\
lean bonds, which Ot) nniviil heie -lie
found were not easily convertil* Into
cash. She said she hud un uncle in Mem
phis, and the officials said thut ii he would
become     responsible   for  her  she     might
land.    The uncle was telegraphed to, and
lie wired back:    "Send iny niece here.''
This apparently   settles  matters,  but
Adult now came forward and said that he
loved Ihc young woiinin and they did not
J wish to be separated.    There was some
tulk, a walk across Battery Park to the
house of Pastor llcikheiincr, and when the
party, Including Adolf, Carolina and government inspectors, left the pastor's house
there wns a new bridal couple iu town,
und Carolina will continue to be Adolf's
nous this?
We offer One Hundred Hollars Reward for
any cum* nf Caturrli that can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHBNBT & CO., Toledo, O.
We. the tinderslinieu, have tuuiwn F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, unit believe htm
perfectly honurnlile In nil business transact ions
and llnanelally utile to curry out any obligations  mude Ly  their arm.
WKST  ft   TltfAX,   Wlioleaale   nrusgista,   Toledo, O.
WALD1NO,  KINNAN  A   MAItVIN,  Wholesale
liniKRlsts,   Toledo. O.
Hull's Culurrh Cure In taken  Internally,  act-
In* directly  up,in  Hie blood nnd  mucoiM  sot
faces of tlie  system.    Testimonials  sent  free.
1'rlce 73c per bottle.  Hnlsl  hy all  Druggists.
Hull's Family Tills uie Ihe beat.
��� A special school for backward children
has been established in Philadelphia, and
two mine ure contemplated.
BIIAKK  I Mil  Hll.lt  SHOES
Allen's Pool-Ks��e, * powder for th* feet.
It cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
instantly iul.es the sting out of corns and
bunions. It's the (,'rcuicst comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Kase makes
light-lining or new shoes feel easy. It is *
certain cure forohilblsius, sweating, damp,
MtloUS and hot, tired *ching feet. We
have over 10,000 testimonials, of cures. Try
it today, bold by all druggists and sho*
stores. Uy mail for Mc. in stamps. Trial
package FHEK. Address Allen 8. 01m.
sted, Ce Roy, N. Y.
Ileellllse    II    Was   Ih    tlie    Sermon    He
Huu it'll t.
Many yenrs non un English clergyman
iu n small town preached as his own u
Sitlinon thai he hnd bought, und which
had been originally preached in London
when the plague was raging in thai city.
Alter reproving the vice of the people the
sermon wen! oni
"Kor this vice, it is that Hod hns visited you and your families with thnl cruel
scourge the plague, which is now spreading everywhere in this town.''
Al his ut I oring these winds the people
were nil so thunderstruck that the Chief
Magistrate was obliged to go to the pulpii .
and ask him:
"I'or God's sake. sir. pardon the Inter
nipt ion. and infirm mc where Ihc pluguc I
is, thai I muy Instantly endeavor to pic |
veni its further spreading."
"Tin* plague, sir*" replied the preacher.
"I   know     nothing    about    the    plague. ;
Whether it is in this lown oi uot. it is in
|my homily."    Chicago   Inter (leeiin.
CITJ I*eriiii��ii.*v.l!y cured.   No lltsor nervouanes (
mo   atler tlrst ilsy's use of Jir,  Kline's ureal '
.Nerve Iteslorer.   Hcnd lor  ra��li   Ma.OO   mat
i hod I,, ami treatise,   int.   It. lt. KLl-sK, J.U1., !i.��i
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Lynde Bradley, an expert electrician ol
Milwaukee. Wis., has perfected plans for
the Use of the X tny on board wax vessels and mi the field, uml iu case nf war
will Immediately enlist iu the government
service. Mr. Bradley says thnt while})
would be a simple matter in bring the .\
ray into use on a warship considerable
difficulty would he attached tn the lit*
traduction of the machine in the field. 'A
-mull engine, boiler and dynamo would
have l.i   In* mounted  on   wheels  for Held
use, and tlie X-ray machine mounted im
a carriage. The apparatus, however, will
he mip h lighter uud more portable thnn
may be imagined, nud hi- Held apparatus
could be furnished in a week. "I have
been thinking of this matter for months,"
snid Mr. Bradley today^'but have waited
for hostilities to begin before taking any
active steps.   The great help thai the X-
niy would be lo surgeons lies in the
quick, easy und painless method of locating a bullet nr splinter in a man's body,
n find uie of u buna or other serious injury.''
In sjiitc of the unfavorable yoar the
Italian budget for InuV-h shows a surplus
cf between 2,000,000 nnd 3,000,000 lire,
i'I'll**  value of  the  lira  is I!) .') HI cents.
There are 695 Bible elaasee and 838 Bible training classes oonneoted with the
Voting Men's Christian Association in
lu Japan every workman wears on his
cup an Inscription stating his business und
his employer's name.
The remains of a Roman military hospital have recently been found near Zurich.
The wren often makes a dozen nests,
leaving ull hut one unfinished and unused.
Every German regiment has a chiropodist in its ranks,
lu Alabama there nre 4,li(W white
Schools, _,_8;i colored schools, 4,704 while
teftohers, 2,'itiU colored teachers, Ml4.8!l_
white  pupils  and   113,010 e. hired pupils.
A Lady
There is a club in Penang, on ilu* west
eoait  of the   Malay   peninsula, composed
iof Chinese, who hold debates in tSngltsh.
AOor hebiM swindles! hy all others, selul usat*mp
i for |iH��'.ieiil.irs of King s.slomoit's Treasure, ihe
1 OX].' I. newer ll' lilHIllv si ,,.mall. makiin
I ( II IM H Al. CO.. I'. II. box TIT. I'llilailelphla, l*a. )
���     Holland is the only country in Kurope
that, admits coffee free of duty. I
tried Schilling's Best tea and
did not like it.
She tried it again and
made it accortling to directions.
It's her onlv tea now.
j Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump-
I tlon cured nie of a bad lung trouble.���Sirs
| J.  Nichols, Princeton,  Ind.. Mar. M, ISM.
Postage stamps    came into    existence
���about 00 years ago.    In  1800 there were
ubout 500 varieties iu existence.
In  the spring  cleanse your system  by  using
Or.  Plunder's Oregon  Blood  Purifier.
A silver coin  is usually  in currency
for about 27 years.
Both tbo method ami results when
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is ]>lciisaiit
iml ivi resiling to tlie ttiFtc. niul acts
oeiitl v yot promptly on tlie Kiiineys,
Liver and Howels. cleanse-, tbo system effectually, dispels colds headaches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to tlie taste and acceptable to tlie stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
affects, prepared only from tbe most
healthy nnd agreeable siibbtaiiecs, its
many excellent qualities commend it,
to all and have made it thc most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60
ien\t bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on band will procure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not .accept any
lOutSVUli. KY. NtW YMK. H.t.
N. K. I.
Xo. 1��, '88. y
Continued from first page.
Tho Kaslo & Slooati railway extends
trom Kuslo to Sandon, a distance of 29
miles. A spur connects w ith Cody, a
milo farther On. Over this lino llic
(;reat bulk of the eras produced in the
Slocan Mining Division arc transported to Kaslo. At Sandon this lino connects with the Nakusp o: Slocan railway, which in turn, connects with the
Canadian Pacific railway transcontinental system.
Ore shipments over the Kaslo & Slocan railway are given as follows!
Prom Nov. jo t" Doc. 81,1896.
For th" venr 1SW..	
I'or liii* "y.-iii 1897	
11 ,S23
The average value of this oroperton
was 970, or a total or nearly $3,500,000.
From June 80, L89fi, to dune 30, 1897,
28,301 passengers were carried.
The proposed transport at ion facilities of the Lardo-Duncan section will
be told in the appendix devoted to the
report of that dlstriot.
The Crow's Nest Pass railway will be
eompletud lo Kootenay hike during the
present year, also the Nulson .V Bedllngton railway will connect with a
spur of the Great Northern railway
from Bonner's Feivj. Idaho,
Mineral Prospects,
The mineral territory described In
the foregoing, although some big paying mines are being operated, has as
yet scarcely been prospooted. Tlie
finds which will lie made in the future
aro beyond conjecture, Now strikes are
almost oontlnnously  being  reported.
The opportunities to acquire interests
in prospective mines for little money
are many for a wide awake person on
the ground.
Matty of the great mines already discovered were easily found, as snow
slides and the erosion of nature had
Stripped tho surface. Then' is no
Doubt but just as valuable mine yet
exist, lint, to brine; their riches to lie-Ill
will require more systematic pros*
pee ting.
There are so iniiiiy bases of supplies
ai this timo convenient to teotions
which may bo prospected that this
business does not present the obstacles
it. did in the early days.
Unexplored Ten-ilory.
In reality bttt a small scopo of the
Ainsworth Mining Division haa as yet
been explored,   Heretofore In this af-
tie'e somo allusion litis boon made to
Hoetions of the division which ure practically a terra Incognito, but to Imprests the reader with the possibilities
of new and rich camp.' being found, the
following Information is given:
At and iiear tlio southeast corner of
the division is plenty of ground which
comes under this head, and in the vicinity of tin.- southwest corner there
aro thousands of acres on whieh the
foot of man has never trod. Trappers
and others who have followed up the
large creeks emptying into tho south
end of Kootenay lake, havo brought
book reports that the whole uountry
gives every evidence of being mineral
bearing and some state that the Toad
mountain belt, on which is located the
Halls mine and others, passes through
that section.
Heretofore, remoteness from a base
of supplies bus prevented extensive
prospecting there. Now, however,
this Is overcome, as two towns, where
ample supplies can be hud. exist on the
east shore of Kootenay lake.
Across the lake east of Kaslo is a
large area only awaiting the prospector's pick. This section really extends
north lo tlio Duncan river. Northwest
of Kaslo is an Immense tract of land
evidently mineral bearing, which has
scarcely been touched.
Politically, tlie Ainsworth Mining
Division is a portion of the South Hiding of West Kootenay. which, together
With Bast Kootenay, forms the county
of Kootenays    The whole of  Kootenay
with Yale, Cariboo and  Ldllooet form
the   Dominion  electoral   district  of
Yulo-( larlboOs
it is not the purpose of this report to
cover the Sloean, Nelson or Trail
Creek mines, which lie contiguous to
the Ainsworth Mining Division, al-
thouuli the most noted of them may be
mentioned. They are in the Sloean
division tho I'ayiie,   Slocan Suir, Until
and Kceo, selected for mention from a
scoro of other dividend payors around
Sandon. In the Nelson division the
Malls .Minos, Fern, Doorman, Athabas-
ea and others are prominent, ln the
Trail division the moat noted mines are
tho Le Rol, War Eagle, Center Star
and Iron Mask. There are large smelters at Trail and Nelson.
bay for the Davis-Sayward Co. However, they subsequently chose a site
at Pilot Day, but Mr. Kane held his
On account of thc mineral discoveries
made in the Jardine camp,   west of the
place,   in   August,  and   the startling
finds of tho Sloean  district made later,
the townsite was laid out in the fall of
1SIM.   When the snow   disappeared ini
the spring of 1892, Kaslo   boasted   one'
frame house and tho original pre-empt- j
ion cabin.    Building operations began i
early In the spring and the   town soon
spread over a large   scope of   ground.
Every necessary business  was  rente*
sented; and during the winter of   ';!_-!),
it wus one of the liveliest boom  tow
in the Northwest.
In 189:! the city was incorporated,tbe
first in West Kootenay district. Robt.
P. Green, Esq,, was chosen as the first
mayor. George T. Kane tilled this office the seeond year, and was succeeded by .lohn Keen. On tbo expiration
of Mr. Keen's term, Hobort P. Green
was again elected, and succeeded him-1
self at the next election. Chas. W.|
McAnn. Q. C, is the present incumbent of the office,
On the 21th of  February, 189
a  number of buildings along
Front street were destroyed by fire, in- 'kSj?-,
volvlng a total loss of 91.0,000. ?%%
Early In -I une of the same  year, on ; [fSoii
account of the   unprecedented   rise of ' V_sfei_j
Kootenay lake and   of   Kaslo   river,  a
number of bouses standing in the wnter i
at the oast end of town, wore destroyed j
by a high wind whloh swept over the!
lake, [ttid an additional   number   were]
undermined by  the   river and   washed
away.   Notwithstanding these disasters, and the hard times occasioned by [
the depreciation in the price of silver. ||
the Olty went steadily   ahead.    Streets ! j
wero graded, sidewalks built,   etc.    In
the spring of 1897.  a complete  water
system was constructed,   One of the 11
finest electric light and   power pi tints
in Canada is also   in   operation.   This
plant is callable of (transmitting power
and light for a  distance   of   30   miles.
The works are within the   city   limits
and the swift waters of the Kaslo river
are harnessed to furnish motive powers
The government offices for tho mining division and   the assessor';-   offices j
are located in tho city.   Tho following
ligures are from the assessor's books at
Real property assessed ��� *l,"'23,42-1.00
Tax on samo      12,197.89
Wild land tax 4,:tl)2.t2
Personal property     871,760.00
Tax on same.
PART 11.
Kaslo, properly termed "Tho City of
Energy," if not ontlroiy, is at least ono
of the chief towns of West. Kootenay. It
is located at the mouth of Kaslo fiver,
on the west shore of Kootenay lako,
distant 20 miles from the north and
50 miles from the south end of that
boautlful body of water.
Tbe site of Kaslo was pre-emptod by
George T. Kane In-1891. The selection
of this point was made for the purpose
of erecting a saw mill plant in  Kaslo
Incomes      263,472.00
Tax on same        3,168.40
As a place of residence few indeed offer better inducements than Kaslo.
! Realty is very cheap and the taxation
j quite low. Residence lots In Kaslo
range from $-���"> for uncleared lots In
the suburbs to WOO for residence lots
on the principal streets of the city.
Land is assessed at   lis selling prico,
i but improvements are taxed  at half
I their value.   The climate of   Kaslo  is
not excelled by that of any part of the
i Dominion, except the southern   part of
I Vancouver island  and the   Niagara
peninsula of,< intario.   The winters are
mild, tbe thermometer seldom going to
BerOs   Spring comes early and garden-
; lng operations are everywhere well ad-
1 vanned   by   April   1st.   The   markets
furnish every necessity and luxury re-
, quired by the most humble or extreme-
i ly fastidious.
i    A new school  bouse   of   four   wings
was erected ou a commanding   site   in
1S97.   Of the wings, three arc occupied
, by as   many   departments  employing
throe teachers.    Under the   liberal oc'-
; uc.ational system of British Columbia
tho entire expense is defrayed   by   tl o
j Provincial government.   The manage*
i ment of the school is in the hands of a
; board of trustees elected  by   the   rate
I payers and the married women of tl e
j school district.    Teachers aro qualified
by passing an examination held at Vic-
l toria, Vancouver and Kamloops in July
! of each year.   The salaries of teachers
! range from $'i0 to ISO per month.
A hospital, free reading room and
| other necessary feature* for a well reg-
i ulated city, exist.
Kaslo is also a port of entry  for Her
Majesty's customs.
Kaslo   is one of   the   best   outfitting
j points In southern  British Columbia.
i Everything required by the miner,prOE-
pector, lumberman, boatman, pleasure-
seeker, etc., can be procured.
Il Is thc most, central point for mining managers for a largo section of
country and for capitalists and investors to make their bead quarteri-, as the
mail service from British or American
points is practloally perfect. Tho outside world and interior points may also
be reached by telegraph and telephone
Ore Trent inenl Works.
All persons ol experience in mining
or metallurgy,who have given the matter any attention, agree that Kaslo is it
very advantageous point for tbe establishment of an extensive smelting plant
nnd a refinery.
A sufficient quantity of land covering
a splendid site for such works has been
sot aside for that purpose whieh no
doubt will be conveyed to tho party
meaning business.
Thero is little doubt but in timo
largo concentrating works will be
erected in tho immediate vicinity and
the crude ores carried to the same by
rail whero the tho separation of the
valuable from tho worthless will take .
[Here  follows an account of  Kaslo's i v. .
industries, several of which   were pub-1 ��3jj
lished out of thoir order in last week's j r��(
L'sue, aud including  a  description of1 '
the ore   sampling   works   noted  elsewhere in this article, and a lengthy de-1
Boi'iption of Buchanan's sawmill Indus- j
try which iB omitted as being to a large
extent duplicated in an article descriptive of tlie same published in the B. C.
News of Nov. 5, 189". J
A __
^And the Gateway to the.. .Great S Clean With Its Score or'More of
Kasfo, ^e city ��f Energy!
Is Also A City of Homes.
Beautifully Situated on Kootenay Lake, With a Delightful
Climate. It has Churches, Schools, and Puhlic Heading Rooms
Well Graded Streets.   A Good Local Telephone System.
the Best of Electric Light and Power Plants. Daily Communication with,
the Outer World through two Great Railway and Steamboat Companies.
Large Pay Rolls from Local Lumbering, Ore Sampling and Other Industries.
���f OVER $20,000
Is being expended in Public
Improvements This Year !
Caldwell & Evans,
Mining Properties, Stocks and Real Estate For Sale.
Correspondence Invited.
Address: 1.1 CALDWELL anl Ci IE


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