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British Columbia News Nov 26, 1897

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���*���   Prosperity's Path.
Advertise in The News
KASLO, B. C, FRIDAY, NOV. 26,1897.
NO. 21
An Average Cut of $1 Per Ton
On Ore shipments.
Welcome News io Kootenay.���An Interview
Witli Agent Irving of thc K. & S. Ry.
General Freight and. Passenger
Agent Robert Irving of tho Kaslo k
Slocan railway returned from St. Paul
Wednesday evening. Tho object of
his trip there was to attend a confer-
once of tho traffic managers of the
various railways doing husiness in the
northwest. Tbe result of that conference wns a readjustment of freight
rates that is distinctly beneficial to the
Mr. Irving was seen at his olllce yesterday by a Nows representative.
While guarded aud cautious In his
statements as to his opinions, he was
even more affable than usual, in the
knowledge that ho brought a pleasant
Thanksgiving day message to tho people of Kaslo and tho Kootenay.
"Tho freight rates on ore shipped to
foreign smelters will be reduced by an
average of $1 per ton, as a result of
this conference" said Mr. Ir��ln_r.
"Or to specify more In detail it will be
as follows:
"To Everett,Or��at Falls and Helena,
from 911 to $10 per ton.
"To Pueblo, from *18.25 to $10.50 per
"To Omaha, from $111 to $18 per ton.
"A differential will also be made iu
addition to this in favor of -ore shipped
in sacks, sufficient to cover the cost of
sacking the ore. in'othor words the
railway companies practically pay tho
Shippers for sacking.
"For instance, where tho charge
would otherwise bo 116.60 per ton for
ore shipped in bulk, it will be $lo.-o
for ore in sacks.
"As to merchandise shipped into this
country, rates are placed on a firmer
basis but are not raised. In some instances they are reduced and the effect
as a whole is favorable to tho merchant
and consumer.
"This meeting," continued Mr. Irving, "was attendod by representatives
of the 0. P. R., Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, IUo
Grande and Western, Denver & Rio
Grande, Oregon^Short Line, O. R. & N.,
and Spokane Falls & Northern besides
diii' own road, The printed rates are
not yet received and 1 bolieve that the
li. 0. News will be tho llrst paper to
make any of them public.
Kaslo's Future llright.
"I return to Kaslo with renewed
faith in It and the Kootenay," said Mr.
Irving. "As a rule business matters
ln the States continue dull. I found
St. Paul very quiet for a city of its
size. If I should tell .'all I now know
about future pay rolls, etc., It would
mako you feol very onthuslastic, about
Kaslo's future. Drawing it mildly, I
believe that in two years or less, Kaslo
will bo tbo leading town in tho Kooton-
u'y In material Interests if not In population." . .   .
light dynamo of tho S. K. C. system,
which ls later to be duplicated. It is
technically 'known as a 75 kilo watt,
2,400 volt dynamo, of the two phase
system, alternating. It, with most of
tho other machinery came from tho
works of tho Royal Electric company
of Montreal. The main generator is
excited by a 100 light, 125 volt straight
curront machine. Ahandsomo marble
switchboard 5x7 feet with, the latest
appliances completes the list of tho
more important apparatus. All is the
best that could be bought. Everything is new and of the most improved
patern. Tho entire system includes
two and a half miles of triple wire.
There are bIx transformers down town
with a capacity of 250 lights each,
which step thc current down to the required voltage for local lights.
Power will bo supplied as well as
Tne building was designed and constructed by Frank Steffi, an expert
timberman. It is 30x50 feot aud considered to bo ono of the best framed
structures in the country. E. C. Cummings, 0. E., designed and constructed
the bond gates and Hume.
G. Alexander is president of the
company, W. P. Dickson is manager
and W. R. McRao is chief engineer.
Walter S. Jones a local eloctriciun has
rendered valuable service in the de-
tuils of getting tho system Into operation.
Intending Voters Must Register Before December 2.
Street Talk About Prospective Candidates for
the Mayoralty.
through a hole in the pocket into tho
coat lining, it is said and has just been
discovered. Pitts was a farmer who
had been confined on somo trilling
charge and was afterwards acquitted.
Tho confession, which has been clearly
identified as in Blanther's writing
states that he not only killed Mrs.
Langfeldt, but also lllanehe Lamont
and Minnie Williams and hopes that
this confession will clear Durrant.
This document will doubtless prove a
powerful weapon in the hands of Dur-
rant's attornoys.
siocnn city it in n .ii  Railway  win  >''>t
All Vet Tun.I Vlu Kuslo mill Snnil	
A now Bystem of time cards
C. P. It. steamer and rail iines
in effect, with the exception
new Slocan Cltv   branch   road
on the
is now
of  the
Kaslo  to  be  Well Provided   With
Llyht and Power Hereafter.
Last Tuesday evening the Kootenay
Electric oompany started up the machinery of their new plant about half a
mile up the river, with excellent results. Yesterday afternoon a News
representative visited and Inspected
the .new works. He was courteously
received by Chief Engineer McRae and
all details were pointed out and explained.
To haginjvilh,, a Solidly built dam
and head gates, divert the water Into
a wooden stave pipe* plume, 45 Inches
In' diameter and hooped with steel
bands eight inches apart. There Is
about 1,660 feet of' this flume which
leads the wafer into the building
housing the machinery, where It operates upon turbine wheels, producing
a force of 250 horse power.
The principal machinery  Is  a 1,600
will go into effect next Wednesday,
December 1. Locally it affects us but
little, the only change hero being that
tho Steamer Kokanee runs on her old
schedule to Nelson daily except Sunday, Instead of daily except Monday,
as heretofore.
Just how the Slocan City branch is
to benefit that city at Kaslo's expense,
as it has boon heretofore claimed it
would do, does not appear from a study
of these tables. For instance, a traveller from Spokane bound for Sandon
now makes tho trip in 27 hours, including an overnight stop at Kaslo.
Iiy taking the Slocan City branch road
he will reach Sandon in .'111 hours Including an overnight stop in Nelson.
A double daily sorvice, Sunday excepted, of tbe steamer Sloean on Slocan lake will make close connections
with all trains leaving and arriving
nt Slocan City and Rosebery. Slocan
City's new branch railway will help
that town by giving it connection with
Nelson in two hours and 20 minutes.
ily obviating tho main-line delay as
heretofore necessary at Revelstoke,
of lying over from 4:.'10 a. m. to 0:15 p.
m., the change gives a 27 hour service
between Vancouver and Sandon.
The following condensed schedules
will pay to preserve for reference:
Rnsislnnil uinl Nelson Itoud.
(ll.'IO p. m, Lv...Nelson. ..ArlOr.'lO p.m.
11:00jj.m. Ar...Rossland....Lv. tl p.m.
Columbia  silver Hel'vll'H.
10:00a.m. Lv..Arrowhead. .Ar. 2l80p.nl
1:00 p.m. Lv...Nakusp. ..Ar. 11:80p.m.
8:30 p.m. Ac. .Robson.. .Lv 10:00 p.m.
Nakusp * Slniiiii It.mil.
1:30p.m. Lv...Nakusp..Ar. 11:15a.m.
2;45p.m. Lv.. .Rosebery
���1:55p.m. Ar.. .Sandon.,..
Nelson & 81oct.il City  lload.
0:00 a.m. Lv. ...Nelson.. .Ar. 2:20 p.m.
11:30 a.m. Ar..Slocan City..Lv. 12noon
llevelstoko and Vuniniiv.i, Main I.Iimi,
4:00 p.m. lv...RevelBtoko...ar. 8:20 a.m.
1 p.m. ar Vanoouver ly. 2 p.m.
.Lv. 7:45 a.m.
All voters who wish to bo recognized
in tho next city election, are notified
that next Wednesday, December 1st, is
the last day upon which they can appear before City Clerk Chipman and
get their names placed on the municipal voter's list. So far, over 500 names
are on the list. Voters must re-register
each year.
Interest ls arousing in tho personnel
of the probable candidates for the ollice
of mayor. On the street corners, talk
may be hoard of several prominent citizens whom people would liko to see in
the race. Genoral regret is expressed
that Mayor Green seems determined
no! to enter the lists to succeed himself, lie probably thinks that he has
earned his exemption. All, as far us
heard from, agree that lie has made an
excellent mayor.
Prominent among those talked of,
upon whom tho honor is likely to fall,
are the following, none of whom have
heen interviewed, however, upon the
subject by the News: so that tho mention of their names here does not necessarily imply willingness upon their
Alderman G. O. Buchanan is recognized as an able man for tho position. His large holdings in tho lumber buisness here, closely idontify him
with tho materlul Interests of the city.
Olty Solicitor Cs Ws McAnn is also
prominently mentioned and seems to
have quite a following. It is urged by
.-onie that being a municipal officer already,ho is not eligible, but that condition could of course bo easily remedied,
F. E. Archer, the hardware merchant, who made a strong race last
year for the same office, is again being
talked of by lii*(^iumorous friends for
tho position.
Alderman .1. D. Moore is having quite
a boom worked up by various admirers,
who consider that if the city wants a
level headed, conscientious man at the
head of affairs, "Jack's" superior can
not be found.
Alderman A. T. Garland,, the merchant, is being spoken of very favorably for tho mayoralty, although some
of his friends suy that this is without
bis sanction.
There may lie, and doubtless aro,
others, but a casual inquiry developed
only tho foregoing. Aldermanic honors seem to be going a bogging. It is
reported that nono of the present aldermen will consent to run again. But
It Is thought that later somo more self-
sacrificing patriots may bo found.
To bo eligible for tho mayoralty, in
addition to citizenship, one must be on
the municipal assessment 'roil for at
least $1,000 worth of realty; for an alderman's seat tho qualification is reduced by 1600,
The campaign will bo short but probably lively, if last year's is any criterion. The nominations will bo made
Monday, January 10th, ..ud the election
will bo hold Thursday, January 13th.
Unison to hi' Frond.
Tho British Columbia News, of
Kaslo, feels proud of its success as a
newspaper. Well, it has reason to.���
Wardner, B. C. International.
Tim Miner Denies it.
Tho Rossland Miner denies the report that Ex-Lieutenant Governor Mcintosh of the North westTorritories is to
assume editorial charge of that papers
(sl.ADSTONK'S M i: ll  i li.
Old Man   Is
London, 'Nov. 20.--An alarming
rumor regarding (Hailstone's health
has booo widely circulated in the city
and this evening formed tho principal
topic of conversation at various clubs.
A dispatch from llawiirdeti has been
received contradicting tho rumor and
saying that although he has been suffering from Insomnia tor a week past,
Mr, Gladstone has been able to take a
considerable amount of out door exercise. Today lie and Mrs. Gladstone
drove from tho rectory, where they had
been guests for a few days, to thi)
TO I1KKAK li' liiuilii us I'ltll is.
The Western I nlnn To Dlsieontliiiiu
���Quotation* After Dei-emlier.
McUlboon's Body Found.
The Spokesman - Review's Sandon
correspondent reports ��� tbo finding of
Jos. McGlbbon's body from the snow
Assay Offloe Removed.
Stevenson & Beeker, assaycrs have
removed to the new Holmes building
on A avenue between Fourth and Fifth
streets, where all their customers are
requested to look them up. '���
' ' Clly Council.
At the regular meeting of the city
council last night no business of Importance was transacted, beyond a
resolution authorizing the clerk to pay
the day laborers working on the
Startling Discovery of the Confession of
a Noted Suioldo,
San Francisco, Nov. 24.���News has
been received here of the discovory of
the written confession of Joseph Blun-
thor the suicide who was charged with
the murder of his bethrothed, Mrs.
Langfeldt, in San Francisco something
over a year ago. Blanther had disappeared and was finally located in Texas
last March, where, being an educated
man, he had been teaching school. He
obtained poison in some way whilo in
jail and took it with fatal results. On
the night of his self destruction, it ls
alleged that he wrote a letter to a
prisoner named Pitts ln an adjoining
cell, who bad befriended him, and slipped the letter into Pitts' coat pocket as
it hung on the wall.   The letter went
New York, Nov. 20.���On
1898, the Western Union
company will discontinue
system of New York   load
January I,
its present
After that date the quotations .will be
forwarded as private messages only.
This announcement is caused by tho
rivalry between tho eastern smelters
and western oro- producers, tho latter
claiming that the figures sent out did
represent the actual sale or real market valno of lead. After the first of
the year tho transaction between lead
miners and smelters will, therefore,
be based on actual sales in Now York
as reported through sourcos to be mutually agreed upon.
Views   of    W.
II.   I viiili
On   Kootenay
W. If. Lynch, a pioneer of Kootenay
has been spending a few days in Kaslo
during the past week. He has recently como from London, England and is
planing to return there soon. Being
asked what is the put-look for foreign
investments in Urttish, Columbia, Mr.
Lynch said:
"It Ih very good Tlie British investor goes with n tide, afid'you will
almost always find an investment tide
running in the London market. At
one time it may bo the Argentines, at
another time American rails, or Industrials. British Industrials huve
had a high How. But whatever the
tide may bo,one must swing in with it If
he would open the purse strings of John
Bull, Latterly tho high tide has been
in "Kaffirs,', "Wcstrallans." etc. It
promises next to be Klondlkes. Incidentally, tho interest in Klondike is
drawing attention to British Columbia
and you need not bo surprised at an
early boom in this direction. Early
last summer it was not easy to 'get the
ear of the foreign investor when one
talk.d of raining in British Columbia.
Later, after Klondike struck the
world, a new tide set in and its flow
takes in this whole northwest with
moro or less force."
Mr. Lynch requests the mine owners
desiring to exhibit their ore in London
to leave specimens'at Archer & Go's
hardware store ir. this city, properly
labeled, as he Intends opening up a
general Kootenay ore 'exhibit in London. Any ore specimens left as directed within the coming fortnight will be
forwarded and exhibited without
Alderman Buchanan to a Vancouver
World Reporter.
Interesting Description of Kaslo's Greatest U_.
developed Resource.
Alderman G. 0. Buchanan has 'just
returned from a business trip' to the
coast. While in Vancouver he gave a
very interesting description of the Lar-
do-l)uncan country to a World reporter which is partially reproduced herewith, After detailing the work of the
now Lardo-Piincan Improvement Association, Mr. Buchanan says:
"The united Lardo and Duncan rivers 11" w into the north end of Kootenay
lake, about 18 miles from Kaslo. The
townslte nt Lardo, overwhelmed by u
slide in the convulsion' of 18!i4. is on tbe
west shore of the lake, and the town
site of Argenta where a Stopping plncr
is maintained, is ou tlio opposite shore
From Argents a pack trail goes to
Duncan lake, 12 miles, and from Lardo
a foot trail goes to Trout lake about 110
miles. At about 8 miles"above the
hike tho fork of the riven occurs, the
Lardo coming from the northwest and
the Duncan from the northeast.
"Immediately above tho fork, the
Lardo is filled with an immense timber jam and at frequent Intervals above
it is obstructed to such an extent thai
prospectors do not attempt to take up
their boats. On the Duncan tlie oil
lake steamer Idaho, a propeller, drawing live foot of water, has gone to a
point about -10 miles above Kootenay
lake. Of this distance, 10 or 12 miles
consists of the broad water of Duncan
lake, which is open except for a few
weeks in tho heart of severe winters.
Above tho lake the Duncan is a prairie
river, drawing the links of its long red
chain backward and forward across the
valley enelosing horseshoes of meailov.
and hushland.
"An appropriation made by the Dominion government of 18,000 was partially expended under the direction ol
Mr. Gamble, last winter, in clearing
out jams, snags and sweepers; and an
appropriation for the prosecution of the
work also of 18,000 stands in the estimates of tlio present year.
"A railway charter was obtained
last winter by a local company, authorizing thorn to build r in both of these
valleys, and intontions to apply for
similar powers aro now advertised by
two other parties. The association will
be prepared to show, when they have
collected their datn, that tho mineral
in sight now in this new country is
equal to all the showings in tlie whole
Kootenay lake country, when the
Kootonay and Columbia raihvav was
���'A subsidiary consideration, bui one
that will count for a good deal -11 'he
long run, Is the fact that great wealth
of timber and of ranching and agricultural lands will be opened up. dome
Of the bottom lands alorg tho river,
and somo of the bench lauds on the
slopes, are of the highest grade of fertility.
"The mineral so far discovered has
been chiefly galena ores of somewhat
lower grade in silver than are the mv,-
of the Slocan camp, but in bodies of
unusual   size.    In   the   midst   of    the
eiiibarras de rii'hesse. [a which tbe dominion and provincial governments are
now struggling, the Lardo-Duncan As
sedation does not intend that they shall
be allowed to forget or to neglect this
kingdom of wealth which lies so desist hand and in connection with which
so slight an effort will produce so vast
a return."
A Toronto
Firm oiv.'i-B ��8 1-2
For Them.
There hns been some delay in the
final disposition of the $12,000 debenture bonds recently voted by the people
for street improvements. The committee on public works has among its
other offers, received one bid of 984 per
cent that it has been favorably consid -
oring, but final consummation of the
deal has been delayed by the slowness
of the parties having In hand the lithographing of the bonds themselves. I u
tho meantime the ground is freezing
up so that it begins to look as if contracts might not be let and oarrlod out
before spring. Center S��nr Winn Ita Fnmnua C'ou-
i.-mi With the Iron 1lii��l�����< siralns
War Between Lend Miners, nml
Smelter   .llcll.
solid  ore thut assays  us high us $1700
in gold, silver und copper.   A quantity of
rich  ore is  sucked  reudy  for shipment,
  ; but us the  freighters ure    otherwise en-
' gaged it will probably be some time bc-
IN  THE  PEND  D'OREILLE   DISTRICT.   fore the sucks can be" hauled to Marcus.
j Mr. Hamilton says the Nhuft will be stink
to a depth of Kit) feet uml then a 400-foot
tunnel will be run to crosscut the lead.
The    llolll.'sttllLc.
The Homestake   Mining   Company of
South Hutni,i reports that for the year
ended May 81, 808,580 tons of oro were
milled.   The total produot wus 110,861
ounces nf bullion, the gross value of
which wai $1,840,786 in gold and $13,112
in silver, a total of $1,863,786. Deducting
bullion charges, $10,285, there wus left
a net return (if $1,848,681.    To this is to
be added $4.r>.!i.'!H, the net proceeds of concentrates, milking u totul of $1,880,489.
The average return obtained per ton of
ore wus $4.78.
The   World'*   111 e lien I   Mine.
The richest (.'old mine in the world, lie-
cording to the New York Tribune, is lo-
cutcd under the thriving town ol liul-
larat, Victoria, Australia.   The town has
One   of   the    richest    discoveries   ever;
made in the Pend d'Oreille district is.
said to have been thut mude by three
prospectors lust spring. About three
years 8g0 I'. Welch. Howard Shipley und
Al Stnull. nil old lime mining men, found ;
some line copper Boat while on a hunting
expedition iieur Uie mouth of ('lurk's j
I'ork   river.      The ore  wus so  rich   that
much excitement was caused, and many
prospecing parties endeavored to And
the source of the float, but without success. The three miners went, about it
systematically, organised a company and
about '.'.i.oiin   inhabitants, nearly nil of
whom nre employed in the mine. Tliere
ure more than ltlll miles of tunnels under
the city, some of them being ut  n depth
begun to thoroughly prospect the region.
Several thousand dollars were spent in
open cuts und other work, but not until
this  season  was their  work  rewarded,
when  they   struck   the  lead  and   located I ���f 2000* feet.    The entrance to the mini
thr ilalms���the   Paystons,   Lookout whMl is controlled and is known ns the
and June Hug.   Development work has Band, Barton and Albion Councils, is out-
been started on a huge scale.   The vein! si,i(, ,1,,. ,.itv    'pi,,, n.j,ion around Bulla-
of the Paystons was crosscut on Die stir-    ,.,,,  )ias ,���,,,;, ()V,,|. M.V(,n,| (),,���,��� by min-
fnce for 40 feet to B depth of 20 feel, und , ,.,.s     u WM formerly covered by u dense
with    copper   und    (orMt, but Ihe  tree's have  been chopped
The  owners  nre | ,\OKIU am| t|10 mBrJ, ���f __0 miner's shovel
| One Romantic International Wedding;
Which Turned Ont Happily.
When Miss Florence Garner, of New
j York,   married   .Sir   William   fiordon
, Ciimiiilng. the central figure land in the
opinion  of  inuny  the  victim)  of  tlie
i Tranby Croft   baccarat  Bcandal, her
' friends were almost unanimous lu the
belief that she hnd thrown away her
happiness.    Subsequent   events   have
[ proved  Unit   she  wns  right nnd   they
wrong.   No happier couple lives in Europe than sir William nml Lady Gumming, who puss most of their lime ou
the Scottish estate which hns for ceu-
| luries belonged to thc family of tbe
former.   When yet si child -Miss ('.tinier
1 was left tin orphan, her father, Commodore Garner, of the New York Yacht
(Tub. her mother nml several other society people having drowned off dtateu
Island by the capsizing of a yacht. This
' wns In lMTti. Florence grew up ii bright
nml pretty girl, and about seven yenrs
ago. while traveling In Europe, met sir
William Gordon Gumming, Sir William wns al the height of bis popularity,
lie was the bosom friend of Ihe I'riiire
of Wales anil wns considered iu London to be rather "the mold of form."
lie proposed to .Miss Curlier nnd wns
accepted. Then Came the Tranby Croft
episode .'i in I  the  virion! conviction of
Summary of Railway-Steamer Time
Cards from Kaslo.
strongly   mineralised
currying   some  gold.
driving n tunnel to cut the vein ut a
depth of 1(H) feet, and work will Im- car-
lied on all winter.     Cabins, blacksmith
��� hop nud other buildings have been erect
cil. und the coinpnny liiu. the necessary
funds to keep the  wink  moving.      The
formation is slate und quartette,   On the
June Hug they have u fotu foot vein of
solid ore currying huge quantities of purple copper uml assaying $ls in gold dear
-��� ins.-- the ledge.
I.i-n.l   Miners and   Smeller   Men.
Great interest is manifested nt  Lead'
\ ilie, Colo., iu the reported fonuution of a
und pick is visible on all sides. Not one
of these workers struck pay dirt and the
work was all done in vain. The rock in
which the gold is found beneath llallimit
is not so rich in the yellow metal, It
yields but hull un ounce of standard gold
to the ton, und yet the I'm ml. Hiu Ion and
Albion mine bus yielded more thit)��� $160,-
000,000 of gold since it wus opened, 30
yenrs ugo. 'Ilie work is done so systematically und so thoroughly thnt it is
enormously protltuble in spite of the low
guide of the ore.    'Ilie supply of paying
quarts seems   practically   inexhaustible
���melter trust to regulate the price <,f and as the vein U extensive, being spread
smelting ores. etc. One ol the largest "v,:r """',1 t^'"��'���>. the mine bids fair
mino managers   of   the   district  saysi
"The   object   of   this   smeller  meeting   is
known to Ihe mine owners und mine mun
ugcrs, nud us a result there is u prospect
ol u bitter light with the smelters on one
side und the mine niunugers und mil*'
owners   on   the   other.       This   light   was
virtually stinted ut Leadvilla hist Wed-
ncsduy night at a meeting of mine owners nud mine managers  of   ihe  camp. ���
They thoroughly discussed the question
und decided lo oignui/c un association to
protect their own interests against llic
���melton intended lo do, one oi' the mine
managers stated thut  Im hud been  re-
quested by a smelter to enter in a contract for the Sals of  his ore  before the
trust went into sect.    At this meeting in
Laadvllls    we    decided    thnt    u    ciiculm'
should   be  gotten   up   to   be  sent  to  ull
of  the mine  owners of   the   west.    This
circular sets forth the objects of the association, nud also culls for suggestions us
to the time for holding a meeting of ull
the mine owners.      The mine  managers
insist Hi,ii  Instead of allowing the smell- ;
ers to regulate the price, they ought to,
do it themselves.    They also object to the
smelter  getting  tiie.  benefit  of  the  low
rates und the reliates from the ruilrotids, j
which it wus claimed that they ure now I
receiving.      Tliere  is  certainly   u  bitter '
tight  in sight"
Center Star Ulna.
.Justice Wulkeni, at Nelson,  B, ('.. has
rendered  a  decision   in  the ruse  of  the I
Center Star vs. the Iron Mask, from Komi- I
land, continuing  the  injunction  uguinst |
the Iron Musk and releasing all obligation j
against the (Voter Star,   .lustice.  W'ulk-
em delivered the judgment in  the pros- |
SMS of both  the Center Slur and   Iron
Mask  mines, in  which  he extended  the
injunction   issued   by  Justice   Korin   re-
���training   the   lion   Mask   from   further
sinking upon  the tunnel constructed by
the Center  Star.   Justice  Wulkem  also
released the Center Slur from the injunction in  Forln'S order  to the effect,  thai
they Should not proOSSd further in their i
ouii ground or run and sink in defend-
ant's ground.    He said the evidence was
all in favor of the Center 8tar.   Ho would j Vegetable Compound, and relief cume
almost Immediately. I have taken
two   bolties  of
tho Vegetable
three boxea
ot 1'llls,
and have
also used
the Sanative
Wash, nnd
must say I have
never hod anything help 80 much.   I have  better
health than I ever had In my life.   I
feel  like   a  new   person,  perfectly
strong.   I give the Compound all tho
to lust, for centuries.
The   B�� s-nlnst   Star.
It is probable thut u shipment of ore
from the Evening Star mine, in the Rossland district, will be made within the
next fortnight. Tliere is eonsidcruble ore
of shipping grade on Ihe dump, uml the
management hus not decided just, how
much it will huve treated nt present, but
2,') toiis und probably mors will be sent.
The assays from the dump indicate thut
good returns may be expected. A crosscut hus been Started from the end of the
upper level to catch the shaft, 47 (set
awny. The crosscut is now in nearly 16
feet, 6 test of whieh is in ore.    II  is now
apparent thut the shaft toward which the
present workings ure being directed is on
a scpurule vein from the ledge in which
the upper drift wns being run.
IiIiiIiu'sj (.,,1.1 Output.
Idaho is Ihe fifth state in the Union in
the output in gold und silver, having produced in round numbers .y.i.iiiiii.iiiiu in
the year 1800, says the Qrangsvills Press,
California, far-famed for its mineral
wealth, produced only $16,000,000.
The largest number of cattle ever received in one year was that of Chicago
iu the yenr   IHH4, being  1,874,98. beeves,
80,828   calves,   6,640,625   hogs.   74ti,!ii7
sheep und 16,086 horses. It required 11000
trains of III cars each, which, it coupled
together, would  reach '2146 miles.
The largest producing fnrm iu the world
lies in the southwest corner of Louisiana,
owned by a northern syndicate.   It runs
Inn miles north und south. This immense   Intel   is   divided   into  convenient
pustules, with stations of ranches every
six miles. The fencing alone cost nearly
Cody, etc., Kaaio & Slocan Rullway trains
leave Kaaio dally at 8 a.   m.;  returning.
arrive at Kaaio _:50 p. m.
' Rosebery and Nakusp, take K. &  S.  Ry.
; from  Kaslo to Sandon, and thence Nak-
, usp & Slocan    Railway, leaving   Sandon
: dully at 2 p. m.;  returning, arrive dally
, al Sandon nt 11:15 a. m.
, Victoria and other main lino points on
C.   P. R.,   boat from   Nakusp  to  Arrow-
i head,  cars to  Revelstoke,  thence connect with east and west bound trains.
i etc, take Steumer Slocan on Slocan lake.
connoting with Nakusp A Slocan Ry. at
i Rosebery.
' land nnd Grand Forks, take the Steamer
International  from Kaslo daily at 5:45 a.
I m., except Sunday, making connections at
Five Mile l'oltit, near Nelson, with Nelson & Fort Sheppurd Ry.. then to North-
' port.    From  Northport   to Spokane continue   the   railway,   known   south   of
Northport as the. Spokano Fulls & Northern,   arriving   at   Spokane,  at   6:40  p,   ni.
For Rosnlnnd  change at Noithport   to
' tho Red Mountain Ry-, arriving at Rosm-
Innd at 3:40 p. m. Or. RosSlSno muy I,a
reached from Nelson via Columbia &
Kootenay Ry. lo K.ilwon, thence by river
steamer to Trail,   thence Iiy Columbia Ai
I Western Ry. to Rossland. Or, Rossland
muy bo reached via Nakusp and Trull by
ilaily steamers down the Arrow lukce und
Columbia  river.
For Grand Forks and Boundary Crock
points, tuko S. F. A N. Ry. from North-
port to Ilossburg or Marcus, thence by
singe acroHs reservation,
��on. etc.. I. N. A T. Co.'s Steamer International leaves Kaslo dally, exeept Sunday, at 6:45 a. tn.; returning, leaves NelHiin
nt j p. m., arriving at Kaslo about v:;u p.
C. P. R. Co.'s Steamer Kokanee leaves
Kuslo daily, except Monday, at 7:30 a. in.,
arriving at Nelson at 11 u. m.; returning.
Iwavea Nclnon nl 4 p. in., arriving at Kaslo at 7:30 p.   m
during navigation season the i. N. & T.
So.'h steamer Alberts leaves Kaslo
Filduys nt ll p. m. for Honiicr's
Ferry, Idaho, thence by Great Northern
Ry. to Jennings, Mont., thence by river
during navigation season. Or take steamer from Ooiden, on C. P. R. main line.
Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 a. m., up the
Columbia und down the Kootenay river.
Baptist CHURCH   Bei'TiOSS will be held lu the
nehuol   bonne  every   Lord's   day.    Morning
j services, 11 o'clock; Bond*]-school and pastor's Bible class iiiimedialelv niter morning
service: evening service*, 7:30.   Allarecor-
,'    (llally invited to attend.
Kkv. II. C. NSWCOMBS, Pastor.
I Catholic Chckcii���Corner C. avenue and ��th
St. No regular pastor at present. Occasional
services by special announcement.
Masons- Kaslo lodge No. IS, A. F. ami A.M.,
meets first Monday in every month at Ma
sonic hall over (ireen Bros.' store. Visiting
brothers cordially Invited to attend.
Hamilton BYBSS, W. M.
E. K. I'mi'MAN, Secretary.
I Maccabms- slocan Tent Ho. t. Knights of the
Muccnbces, meets second mid lust Thursdays
!    of each month nt  Livingston's hall.  Kaslo.
Visiting Knights cordlallv Invited,
Musk Holland, w. A. Daviii,
Keeper ol Records. Commander.
I'liuLKiKiis. court Kuslo No.8887,Independent
I Order of foresters Meets _d mid 4th Kridnvs
]    ofeiii-h month lu Livingstone's Hall.    Visit
ing brethren ure cordlallv Invited.
I Norman MclNTosll, W. II. SuatHKK.
RecordingSeoretEry, chief Hanger.
I'KOPKSSIONAI.    < 'Alius.
Physician and Burgeon.
(IradiiHte Trinity   I Diversity, Toronto, tint.,
Member of College nl Physicians and Huriienns,
 iiinell.   Late ol New
Licentiate of the II ,
Vork Hospital, and Polyclinic
big, Kntlo, B. i'
Hartin build-
Mining, Heal Estate Broker.
Insurance and Oeneral Commission
front Street, - H.sln,;il. ('.
GradnStS of American College, Chicago.
Hsilu, H. 0.
\A/    J.  H. HOLMES,
From    Kanlo
.    to    s,irr.iii(i(!l�����    lloai-
�������� I'nlnta.
l.ADV   tiOltllO.N   Ct'HMlNO   AMI   MRU.
( Illl.IHtKN.
sir William of cheating ut cards, Keeling himself a disgraced man, he wrote
to mihs darner, who won then it Pan,
in the Pyrenees, releasing her from bet
engagement, Her reply was to hurry
in London, declare her belief lu the in
 ence <>f sir William nnd marry blm.
mighty-two Yenrs. of Age nnd Itciniirk-
nlilc in Mnn.i  Other Respects.
Harrison County, Missouri, claims to
lie the home of tbe oldest living twins.
They me ��HI.   II.  I).   Nevlll, of ltldjre-
way, uml Ool, .1. M. Nevlll, of Blytbes-
iluie. mui are remarkable in more ways
than in being twins. They were liurii
lu Barron County, Kentucky, June 3D,
lsir>. mui ure therefore, H_ years old,
They timrrietl sisters, Itliodn nnd Lily
Ann lirooks, UilU of whom nre deceased, in 18B0 fuey moved to Harrison County, Missouri, sen line; upon
farms near where Hlyllicsdiilc uow
At thai time of life they were band-
s nne, distinguished looking men, mui
��i lunch alike Hint strangers could not
tell one from the Other,   They have nl-
wnj'H exerted a marked Influence on
the affairs of Harrison County. Moth
have served as indues of the County
Court, ami both served In the BtateLegislature, Henry <��., from 1KM to 1850,
nml James M. from 1808 to 181)0, and
from 188(1 to 188_. On the breaking out
of the civil war both went Into the
Whitewater   17
Bear l*ke   jo
McOlllgan   ^3
Sanitun (J tinura) tt
Cody   St
Three I^.rka   U.
New  l.ienver   881
It,.sel,er>-       41
Sllvnton    48;
Sloean City   H1
Nuliusii   11,1   hours)... 70
lialcyim  lint Hiir'gs, ttl
Arrowhead  inr,-
l.iuile  lie
Thompaoiii LandlnS' llSl
Trout   Lake city 12rs'
Persuaon ���.  130'
llevi'lsmke  (11  hra)..IM
Vernon  223
I'entidi.n    2B3
K-jnloopa  Ml
Ashiinfl    301
l.ytti.n  aid
Yale  4N
New   Westminster...Mil
Vanaouvar (H hrs)*.6il
VlOtorta iSf. hrs)��....6M
Seattle (H hours).. .Ma
Tacoma (10 hour*)...620
I'ortlaml '��." knmn e '.'
���Via c.  f.   R.
Ainsworth   II
Pilot  May   30
llalfour    it
Sanca  M
Nelson il hours) 43
Ymlr  10
Itotison    70
Trail   90
Northport (7 bra)....101
Itoselnml (10 houi-s)..!20
ili.sst.urK    122
Milieus  ISA
(Iraml  b'orks    ISO
(IreenwixssI   192
Annconila  ....191
Boundary  too
Midway  104
Spokane   ,13   hours)..2S2
Coul   nicer  st
11. .111111:1,,11    iHyksits 77
1'orl  lllll    71
Lucas    101
Itonners ferry  113 h)H0
Jsnnlncs, Mont 20t
Wardner.   B.   ('.��� IM
Port Rteele'   400
1  mill ,K    411
(lolilen   S��0
Windermere'     IN
llann*   314
���Via  trail   about   1-5
aliove illnt.iiis,oa.
Provincial LandTSurvevor
and Civil Engineer.
1'. O. Hoi 8S, - - Ka.lo, B. 0.
Civil and Mining Kngineer.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Uindencround Surveys. Surface antt
' Aortal Tra-nwaya. Mineral Claims ��ur-
i veyed and reported upon.    K*��l<>, H. C.
K. ('. UamhlS, M. Inst. ('  B. M   (an. Hoc c. K.
(Late Ucs   I niv Hep ol I'uh. Wks. ot (MUMS
in 11 1.) Nelson, ll. I'.
Francis .1. O1 Itelll). Assoc. M. lust C! K., I'. I
S. lor 11. ('. 14 Columbia a\e. east Kosslaml.
Civil    KiiRlneero.    I'ruilnrlal      I ass*
Surveyora.   AcciMiuiaiiia unit
l.eneriil   ttriita.
IKIMSIIM)   ANi)   >i;i.f*(li|.
The IIrat steel  pen wa�� iniiile  iu   18:1(1.
1 ��� ��
' " 1 miffcivd for eijfht yearn, and
could Hnd no permanent relief until
oue year ugo. My trouble was Change
of  Life.    I tried Lydia E. i'lnklium'a
K K. I'hliiman
J. II. McKlfllgan
 H. V. Adams
 W. A. Milne
,0, W. McAiin
J. M. Nl.vii 1..
11. O. NKVII.L.
not lie justified in discrediting in any d
greo the atatenients of JoVQS or Diiiriint
in behalf of plaintiff.   Coata are to abide
Ihe event of action.    Mr. Hod well moved
lor an order asking hia honor to appoint
K lime for any full court to hear the ap- j
|��3ul.    November _2  waa aet.   The deei- \
-sion ia lengthy and involves many legal
points.   Justice Walkcm   held  that the
apex meant what the statutes described,
namely, a top, and not its higueat point,
nor its muthematicnl pinnacle.
The  (...Idcii   loeptsr.
Judge Henry N. Hlukc. master in chancery   at    Philipsburg,   Granite   county,
Montana, has sold all the property of thc
(.olden Sceptre Mining Company at Quig-
ley   including   mines    lOO-stamp   mills, I �����'  f ^ t^.Sd'it to MT-
el��'tnc tramway, water r,gts and town- j e,.a, of {ri(.uds who Bre uliing ,.
site to J. M. Keith o   Missoula, as tins-   wilh like resultg.   It has cured me of
lee of the reorganization committee, for
$450,5'2!).    The property will he operated
service of the I'lilon na captains and
came out colonels. Kneli raised a family of seven children, all of them being
now living exeept two, and each bus a
large number of grandchildren and
Tbe old veterans still retain vigorous
mini Is and, considering their uge, are
1 fur above the average In physical
! strength and endurance, wlilch fnct
, they ascribe to having Inherited aplen-
i did constitutions uud to having lived
i temperate lives.
several female diseases.   I would not
do without Mrs.  Pinkham's remedies
by a new company recently incorporated.   ior anythinp..    There ta no need of bo
composed  principally of creditors of the - mUch femulo suffering.    Her remedies
are a sure euro."���Mns. Ella KiUNiiu,
-Cnightstown, Henry Co., Ind.
By the way, tho lending druggists
toll us that the demand for Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is
simply beyond their power of understanding ; and, what ia best of all, it
does the work promptly and welL
���Id corporation. (Irover Cleveland, Will
iani C. Whitney and cx-Unitcd States Senator lliggings of Delaware were interested in the old company.
Sitkn Claim.
James Hamilton, one of the owners of
the Sitka claim five miles west of Grand
Porks, B. C, reports that the shaft is in
Aa to High Heels.
If you value the good appearance of
your feet do not wear very high heels
on your boots or Bhoes. The result of
the habitual wearing of high-heeled
boots Is to cause the feet, to become
very wide. All tbe pressure comes from
the fore part of the foot, thus broadening 11. The best and most comfortnble
shoes are generally those made to
measure; they do not get so easily out
of shape as ready-made shoes, and, as
a rule, they have a better nppearance.
Uovernnr (ieneral .     ,,...     Karl of Alierdeen
I'remler Sir Wilfred Uurler
Memlier of Ihe  House of ('(iniiiiiiiis, Dominion
Parliament, for West Kootenay	
   Hewitt linstock
I Llent (iorernor Hon. T. It. Mclnnes
I Premier Hon. J. II. Turner
Attoriiey-C.oneral      Hon. li. M   Kberts
I Com. of lands and Works      Hun. Q. II. Martin
Minister ol Mines and Kducallnn	
 Hon. Jas. Maker
; Provincial Mineralogist Wm. A.i'arlyle
1 Members of I��glslatlve Aisemhly lor Weal
North nidiiik J. M Kellle
South Hiding J. F. Hume
Mayor itol.crt K. (ireen
Aldermen���A. T. Oarlaud, A. W. lloodenough,
.1. D. Moore, O. (I. Buchanan. II  A. Cameron.
cltv Clerk 	
Police Magistrate	
City Marshal	
City Solicitor	
Auditor (,'. 1). McKcnr.ic
Treasurer I   II  McKllllKan
Assessor    8, P. Tuek
Water Commissioner  R. A. ruckle
Health oilicer Dr. .1. P. 11. Kogers
city council meets every Thursday evening
at the city hall, Ith street, between Front St.
and A avenue.
I t'hlaf Hugh P. Fletcher
First Deputy Chief    (leorKe Held
Second Deputy t'hlel.  . John 1), Keenan
Third Deputy chief lohn Flsk
Secretary Arrhle Morris
Treasurer (Ins Adams
! Mining Heeoriler and Assessor Tax Collector
 John Keen
collector of Customs J.F.Mcintosh
School Trustees���August Carney, J. D.Moore,
0,0. Buchanan.   Principal���Prof. Jas. lllilop.
lieneral  delivery  open  dally (Sundays excepted) from 8 a. 111. until 7 p. in.   Lolihy often
from 7 a. 111. to !l::m p. in.
Malls for despatch closed as follows:   For
1 all parts of the world every evening except
1 Saturday and Hundav, at 9. p. m.
Malls arrive from United States aud  lake
points dally except Sunday, at 9:!�� p. ni.
From ('. P. It. points and Slocan points, arrive dally exeept Bunday, at 4:00 p. m.
Registration ofllce open... ,8:80 a. m., 8:30 11. m.
Money order olllce and Postoftlco Savings Bank
open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8. H. (iKRKN, Postmaster.
Office with Henry Croft  -   Kaslo, B. C.
Notary Public,
Arbitrator, Assignee
Conveyancing;, Etc
R ft K Block, ��� KASLO, B C
Jeweler and Optician,
Reco Avenue, Sandon. II. I'.
Teimsters, Miners and Everybody!
Hhnuld know that
(Successor to (ieo. Sutherland)
And Wheelwright, can do your work aa
well aa the best,aa u,ulrk as the quickest, and as low aa the lowest.
Next to Lake Vlfiw  Hotel   -   Kaslo, B. O
Cyr^llA Barber Shop,
gl^New Nickel Tuba.   Tickets  good
lor three baths, |1.
School Hoof Playgrounds.
Lund Is so valuable In New York
tlint space cannot be afforded for school
yards, nnd it In proposed to have playgrounds on the roofs, which will be enclosed by a high ratlins.
Methodist Church���Cor. 0. and 6th St. Divine services every Hnnday at 11 a. ni. and
7:31) p.m. Hnnday school at'.:;��). Htrangen
always welcome.
C. Aui-t Pnoi't'Nir.B, M, A., Pastor.
Pbkrbytkrian CHURCH���Corner 4th street and
H avenue. Services every Sunday at 11 a. m.
anC 7:80 p. rn. Hnnday school and Bible cIbbs,
'2:30 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Free seats; strangers and
others heartily welcome.
Kkv. .1 amkb Nairn, Minister.
Church or Kniii.ano���Southwest corner ofc
avenue aud 6th street. Services every Hun-
day nt 11 a. in. nnd 7:30 p. in. All are cordially Invited. rlr.v. C. F. Yates,
Mlsaloner in Charge.
Stevenson & Becker,
Front Street,        -        KASLO, B. C.
All assay anil analytical work carefully done by the latest laboratory methods.
ResultB guaranteed.
Prices made on application.
yet, considering uie hard timet, he had
done very well. Once a month he had
lii'i-ii  able to send ii  little money to his
mother, who needed Ids help sorely. For
six mouths past lie hud bi'cii employed iii
Ilie shop of ii manufacturing jeweler. That
day twenty valuable rings Slid some other article* luni disappeared from a showcase. They weir missed just after the
noon hour. During thai hour Ihe workmen were always out nt lunch, and Prank
nnd another young   mini   named i.cirii
were usually in charge. Hut to-day l.erch
was sick at home, and Frank was in the
shop alone.
"Did you see no one about the premises
durlug that hour?" I asked,
"No one hill  Ilui.Mii, the jauilnr."
"Was he in (lie room r
"No. I inn sure be was nol."
"Did you fee him at all between twelve
and one?"
"Yes,'' said Frank, "ho onino to tho rear
door and called uie In go back and look a I
a team of line horses in the alley."
"How long were you oul of the roomV"
I asked.
"Not  more than two minutes."
"Could ii pel sou cimic from the front
hall durlug that time without your knowing il '.'"
"No. indeed," said young <irr. earnestly!
'j j "I   locked  Ihe dour before I  ran  out. to
ance by the pence. I went to the saloon
named, but learned that the men had
only been there a few minutes earlier in
the evening.
"They had no money and wero sober."
Ihe bartender explained, "so guess they
ain't been into no crooked work of late."
Tho fuel that they were not spending
money made ine believe iliat if these men
wero really the thieves they had not yet
sold their plnnder, So 1 decided Upon a
bold movements Securing the aid of a
trusty detective who had once served me
in somewhat similar case, I went to Ho-
Kan's house. A red-faced woman admitted us. "Mr. Tingle left some rings and
Other jewelry with you for safe-keeping,"
I said in confident tone, purposely refrain-
Ing from giving any hint that suspicion
also rested upon her husband.
"The property is nol .Mr. Tingle's, and
if you wish to save yourself from trouble
you will deliver it up to this officer al
once." I added.
The woman turned pale and hesitated.
A threat to place her under arrest b rough I
hor lo a decision, and a parcel containing
Ilie plunder was placed iu my hand.
Al the police court ItPX'l day llogiiu anil
Tingle were confronted wild the evidence
of their crime, and Frank Orr's eyes iliuic.
isl with joy when the .indue expressed regret  thai, so serious a  mistake had been
I inline Chiefs Were HoHpitnbly Knter-
tiiined by Pilgrim Fathers.
Tho lirst Thanksgiving was appointed
hy Gov. Bradford, at Plymouth, Mass.,
in 1021, (lie year following the landing of
the Pilgrims, in order that the Colonists
in a more special way could rejoice together al having all things in good and
plenty, writes Clifford Howard In tho
Ladies' Home Journal. In preparation for
the feast "gunners wore sent into the
woods for wild turkeys, which abounded
there iu groiit numbers; kitchen were
made ready for preparing the feast���especially the large one in Dame Brewster's
house, which was under the immediate
direction and charge of I'riseilla Moliues,
she who afterward became Ihe wife of
.lohn Allien���while a messenger was dispatched to invite .Massasoit, the chief of
the friendly tribe, to attend the celebration.
"Early on the morning of the appointed
Thursday���aboul ihe lirst of November���
Massasoit and ninety of his warriors 'ir-
rlved on (he outskirts of the village, ami
with wild yells announced their readiness
lo  enjoy   the  hospitality   of   their   white
brethren. The Mule settlement, which now
consisted   of   seven   dwellings   and   four
Central Hotel.
,_ Front St. Kanlo.
New   Building snd   Newly   KuruJsheil
a First-class iiar in Connection.
Kaslo, B. C.
...Rates $1.00 and Upwards...
ADAMS BROS., Proprietors.
We iidnk of Thanksgiving nt seeding time
In the swelling, unfolding, Iniilillng Iiin.-.
When tin, tion 1-1 ef in.I ii 1'*' jtii.l hearts of hum
Hejolce Iii the eiirili grown yniiiig again.
\Vl> ilreillll nl  Mil' IllllloHl. nf llelil  mill   line.
Ami griiintrli'K full, ni Tbgnkaglvlug lliue.
We think of Tlisuksglvlng in growing time:
In   the   time  of  Bowers,   nml   the   Vintage
When Ihe iihIuim nf the year's strong hands
sre  tllleil
wiih fruiiiiKc with grain, and with sweets
When the dream "f hope l�� ii truth sublime.
our hearts make room for Hie iiunikriii
Then i
11 111���
We think of Thanksgiving In lamest  lime:
lu ilie vieiiiiug, gathering, golden time:
When the sky Is fringed wilh n hazy mist,
Ami ihe i.iii-in,iu- maples by frusl lips kissed|
Wheu  the barns are  full  wllh  Ilie  lisrvssi
And Hm crowning, thankful dsy draws near,
Wo think of Thanksgiving nl   resting lime:
The circle completed Is hm a I'hliue
In Ihe Ming "I' life. Ill  Ihe lives of men:
We barvesl ihe lull of our years, ami Hicii
We wall  al  Ihe gate "f ihe King's highway
Fur  Ihe  tliiwa   nf  oar  soul's  TQanksglvlng
Ituse ilariwlek Thorpe,
A si nil from some noted criminal
prosecutions   which   1   conducted
several years ago,   tho   Incident
which  1   am about   lo relate  wns one nl
ihe most interesting chapters in my professional life, It had been a storni) No
vomber day. Muring ihe morning the rain
had come down iu torrents. Toward tTootl
Ihe water began lo crystallize as il de
wended, and all aI'lorimon ihe snow had
been blowing and drifting iu h very uncomfortable way. It grow dark curly.
Perhaps it was because of Ibis I lull 1 decided to go homo un hour earlier than
usual. I say perhaps, because I have always thought that providence had something to do with my going out on to tho
street nt that moment. Passing up Broadway l turned Into Ifonrteenth street to
cross (0 the elevated railroad slalion.
Near the corner I encountered n crowd
of men and boys, iu the renter of which
stood a bitiocont with a prisoner,  Stuiul
ing on tip-too. I saw that the prisoner
wns n young lad wilh a remarkably liaud-
S.0111C face nml gentlemanly milliner. A
call had been sent hi for a put nil wagon,
nnd tho policeman was waiting tho response. Tho hoy looked thoroughly frightened. Ah I reached the sisil he was protesting  his Innocence und  hogging to  be
"I tell you honestly, sir. it is a mistake.
I know nothing of the jewelry. I inn innocent, sir; I nm. Iruly."
"That's nil right, you young rascal."
the policeman replied, "Nobody that's arrested over steals anything. Hill when
wc get our clutches on 'em thoy don't
generally turn out such Innocents as they
.lust then the patrol wagon (limited up.
two ollh .a- alighted, and the boy was
quickly hustled up the slops of the wagon
and driven oil'.
"VVluit Station?" 1 asked its they drove
oft toward the south. There wns no reply, but by walking rapidly In tho direction taken by the officers 1 soon brought
up at the Mercer street station, where, aa
an attorney, 1 soon obtained an Interview
with the lad whose face had so greatly
Interested me. When I was shown lo his
cell he was weeping bitterly, and appeared to be in absolute daepair,
"I saw you at tho patrol box," I snid by
way of introduction, "and thought I would
like to find out a Utile, more about your
iime. 1 am a lawyer; and if you are innocent, ns 1 think you must ho, 1 will see
what enn be done to get you out of -his.
My name is Lawson, what is yoursV"
"Frank Orr," he snid promptly, as a
wave of gratitude an,| hope swept over his
face. Then he added: "This is very kind
of you, sir. The whole miserable business
is a mistake. I never took u bit of thc
jewelry; not a bit."
Then 1 snt down on tlie cot beside
Frank n.nd nsked him to tell uie all about
his trouble.
His home was in Western Vermont, he
said, aud he hnd been in New York about
B year. He had come here to get a start
fat the world. While his success had not
been aJ< that his faucv used to paint it,
Sole agents for Pabst Beer, Milwaukee,
Hotel and
(nunl rooms ami good living.    Restaurant in charge of Oscar Moiihoii.
Front Street,
KASLO, B. 0.
Columbia  Hotel,
J   P. BEELER, Prop.
Clean and Comfortable Rooms.
Best Bar in Kaslo.
A well conducted
In connection, managed
Front Street,
__L__L__L__L-_L---------------fc--Lsis-----L i______i__J_|_i l....il.J
Finely Furnished Throughout; Dining Room
Sorvieo Unexcelled: Bar stocked With
Choice Liquors ami Cigars.
4. ..."I. _"t'_��_"l"t"l..t'l"i. _������_._. ."i"..."!1.' _. _��� _>
E. C. Wkavkk,   -    Proprietor,,
Clean, homelike anil comlortnlilc, llarlier
shop lit connection. Free Killsou Phonograph
concert every evening.
look a I the horses."
"Tlii-u if the jewelry was taken while
yon wero in chnrgo It could have boon
taken by no ono but yourself," I snid
snniewbiit severely to see whul effort the
conclusion would hnve on the prisoner,
"It looks bud fur inc. sir. especially us
oue of tho rings wus found in in.v oven-oat
"Thai liiHt fad counts for nothing." I
remarked, ami added) "Tell n andldiy,
Orr, have you no theory upon which the
thing can be explained?"
"No, sir, 1 huve not; Il seems very
strange; I can't understand it," ho said,
his voice trembling perceptibly,  nnd   his
ayes iignin tiding with tears,
"It is a trirlo mysterious, my young
friend," I suld, rising. "But I somehow
believe you nre not the guilty party. I
will ask tho Kcrgcnnt to give you n more
comfortable place than this for tbe night.
in the morning i will sec you again."
When the case caine up at the Jefferson
Market polios court next dny I secured un
adjournments Then I w^t to wxirk vigorously to hunt down th#Thief. I started
out on the theory of t rank's innocence.
Then, it whs clear that the janitor could
not himself have stolen tho goods. He
might have had nn accomplice, however,
who may hnve hoen concealed somewhere
iu tlie room, and carried off the jewelry
while Frank was taking his two-minute
view of the horses in the alley. This fliief
might have dropped the ring into Frank's
pocket so aa to point suspicion toward
its owner.
My theory proved correct. A guarded
talk with some people living near the
home of Hogan, the janitor, made me acquainted with his character nnd habits.
What I learned was uot to his credit. I
also came into possession of the fact thnt
he hud been seen the previous night at a
Bowery so loon in company with a fellow
named Tingle, who had done time at Sing
Slog, and who was now under surveil-
inade, nnd told him lie wns nt liberty.
11   was   now   I n   of   the   dny   before
Thanksgiving day Ihe dny townrd which
I'mnk Orr hud been looking forward joyfully for ninny weeks. Itul since his unjust arrest ho hnd nbnudoiiod all hope of
going, nml n meaesge hnd been wired to
his mother, announcing that unexpected
circumstances would prevent his being
then1. "Now, off for Vermont," I said ns
we came out of Die court room together,
"Vou will not have much time to lose,
hut you can make your truin nnd reach
home in time for dinner yet. (Vinie buck
as soon ns you ciiu," 1 snid, when We
parted, "and come si might to my olllce.
No more work iu n jewelry shop for you,
In this Utile sketch I hnve told you of
the remirknble circumstance* under
whk'h I became acn,iMilnted with my present law partner.   The neut sign over our
office door now resdsi
* ���
* LAWSON & Olllt, ���
* *
* *
* ������***������������������
Frank Orr has spent many pleasant
Thanksgiving days since ho came to New
York, but he still declares thnt none have
lieen half go delightful us the day ho ruin-
bled over the snow-clad hills of Vermont,
ran up the old Inne under the apple trees,
greeted old Nero witli a shout that woke
the echoes, and hurst into the denT old
home just in time for dinner.���Lawrence
The sluules of night wore falling fast
As ii.iki'Vs fnt wont Hying pust     .
To Mini tlie iiocs where they could stay
I'ntll the night hml grown to dny.
They rsnKe<l ahuiif the lower limbs.
According to their various whims.
Except one ohl one.    "All." snid he.
"I guess I'll also climb a tree.
For since Thanksgiving's come unloosed.
You bet your life I'm going to roost
public buildings, wns soon astir with men,
women nud children, who guvc tho Indians n hearty welcome ns thoy tiled into
the large square in front of the Governor's
house. Soon Ihe roll of u drum announced the hour of prayer, tor DO day was begun without thin religious service.    Thou
followed a holiday of (easting and reeres-
tion, which continued not only that day
but during the two succeeding iln.vs. The
usual routine of duties wns suspended;
the children romped nbout In merry piny:
tho young men indulged in athletic sports
und games Iii friendly rivalry with tho
Indians;    tho little American army of
twenty mon, under the leadership of Miles
Siuiiilish, went through Its drill nud manual of arms, to the grout delight and astonishment of the natives, while the women busied themselves In the careful preparation of the excellent inenls, which
were en ten in the open air."
���lust I tic Season.
"Where nre yon going, my Turkey ninhlV"
"1 am going a-walktng, sir!" she suhl.
"You hail hotter bo eareful. my Turkey maid,
Or some one will ax you, miss," ho sahl.
Canned Salmon,
it Is computed that 80,000 tone    of
canned salmon arc consumed annually
iu ihis country.
YMIR,   B. C.
Sew luiiiiliiig ami newly furnished throughout. Meat rooms in thc city. First class bar In
... Proprietors.
and Real Estate
Cnrrcspontlein'O nol i<-i tort.
AAlrcM, KASl.O, B. C.
o�� WHERE? ^
Why to the  Sloean Beer Hull, where you
can get fresh draft beer by the schooner
or iiiiart.
_ Avenue, .... Kaslo, B. 0
This paper is kept on tile at the advertising agency of Alexander & Co.,
Suite P. First Jsational Bank Building,
Spokane, Wash., wkere contracts can Is?
made for it.
To   the   I.mils-*.
Send ten cents to Womankind. RprlngOeld,
Ohio, IT. S. A., and receive Womankind, a
handsome home magazine for three months and
a free copy of the Womankind Took Book. You
will be pleased with both the pa|ier and book. I*
Published Evbby Friday At
Kaslo, B. c.
Subscription $2.(10 Per Annum  in Advance���Advertising Kates Made
Known on Application.
\ Sun
Mon Tuo
Sat |
i; 2
0 |
)          1
8 '   9
V 14
15    Ki
The dispatch published elsewhere
relating tn the discovery of allowed
new evidence in the form of a suicide's
confession oonoerning tho famous Dur-
i ant case, revives the ciuostion of the
advisability and justice of the death
penalty��� and especially incases of conviction obtained upon circumstantial
evidence, There is something shockingly repulsive in tho legal execution
nf uu innocent man. History records
many eases where such executions
have occurred. Tiie fact of the execution itself is secondary in such cases
���o thc outrage upon the feelings of the
victim and his family through most
cruel injustice and the ignominy of
undeserved death on the scaffold.
Durrani may .'or may not, be innocent.
The evidence against him while
.-iron"' was purely circumstantial and
lull of weak spots. As strong a case
could probably have been made against,
I lurrant's pastor, Ilov. Gibson, if the
police had centered their effort:,
against him as strongly as against
Durrani The public clamored for a
victim and the police were forced to
demonstrate their own right to exist as
in.v part of the machinery of justice.
If this alleged confession should bo
proven to be true, Durrant's coolness
ami   unmovedness,   which    has  been
��� ''.ed against him for brazenhess would
lien be cited as evidence of a mind
. Dspious of Innocence.
A purl fiom il.e ethical questions in voted in the administration of justice,
1 lie Imprisonment would Serve equally
practical results with capital punish-
iu ;h in the deterrence of crime. The
lainorallzing effect upon the public
would bo lessened by half. Criminal
��� lals would not be Buch long-drawn-out
��� nl bitterly contested affairs. The
feeling would always be thnt in case of
newly discovered evidence after conviction, at least partial justice minlit yet
be dune to tlie supposed criminal who
had not been forced to meet violent
legal death. Legal executions stir up
all the morbid and savage instincts in
the mind of any community and causo
the people to retrograde in every in-
stanoe towards barbarism,
I f you read 1 he News you will
.t the
nThe Wardner International is one of
the best examples ol what a bright enterprising newspaper can accomplish
toward the upbuilding of a town, that
wo have soon in Canada or elsewhere.
Without it, the Kast Kootenay* town
nf Wardner would not have beon nearly as far along in the race for metropolitan honors as it now is.
(lolil   Commissioner   Unilinin or   |to\ el-
Itoke Killers Mining,
t. strong evidence of his confidence
Iii tho groat value of the Wav.rley
mine near Albert Canyon, West Kootenay, is the resignation of J. D. Graham, of tho responsible position of
oold commissioner of tlio northern
division, for the purpo,e of taking the
general managership of the VVaverly
company says tho Victoria Colonist.
Naturally Mr. Graham has bad special
facilities for acquiring a knowledge of
tbe mine, and being an ex-member of
the Royal Engineers, and a practical
minor, was also capable of forming a
proper ostimato of Its value. Up to
ihe present tir.io Mr. John Grant of
ltuvulstokc, a largo owner in tbe Gold-
'.iilCs of British Columbia, limited,
i. ,..��� parept company ofthe Waverley,
has managed tbe business of the latter.
Mr. Grant has resigned and will visit
Detroit.his home; aud afterwards go to
i.ondon lo consult with his associates.
Tlie Wiiverly is u remarkable mine.
It is of great width, 74 feet, and carries
pay ore from the surface. There is at
least 17 feet of shipping ore, rich In
grey copper, galena and gold, averaging from $200 to $2."i0 per ton in all
values, while it is expected tho average value of the full width of tho large
vein will be over $100 per ton. Tho
development so far has been carried on
in a practical way. There are over
300 feet of tunneling, altogether in pay
oro, and this wiil bo followed by the
running of another tunnel at thc tiuO
foot level, which will block out a stupendous quantity of pay oro.
New Fruit smiul.
Win. Meadows lias opened a fruit and
confectionery stand at his quarters on
Front street.
I'ny For Rescuing Drowned Men.
The government has sent a cheque
for 863.60 to pay for recovering the
Swedes drowned near town some weeks
Keep Warm.
Good fir and tamarack wood delivered at shortest notice and most reasonable figures, to any part of tho city by
Lucas Bros, of the Kaslo Transfer
For Flection of OBIecrs.
The annual election of officers of the
Kaslo Fire brigade will occur at the
regular monthly meeting next Wednesday, December 1st at 8 p. in. All
active members are requested to attend.
llargiiliiN In Hay ami Oats.
The Kaslo Transfer company have
purchased 100 tons of hay and 6,000
bushels of oats at a low figure and are
prepared by thus purchasing in large
quantities and paying cash to give
their customers tho bonetit of these
bargains. See them at their ollice on
Front street.
I want you to come and room at my
house. You may not bo ready to come
today, or tomorrow, but 1 want you to
come, sometime. I want to keep my
rooms full all the time. I have nice
rooms and I keep them nice. I
board no one. 1 put in all my time
keeping the rooms fresh and clean and
neat. I want roomers who appreciate
that kind of a room. I have large
rooms and finiill rooms. Kooms upstairs and rooms downstairs. All heated by steam beat, lighted by electricity
and hot and cold bath privileges free.
Remember they're all frosh and clean
nnd comfortable. You will look no
further if you come and see them, as
they are the most desirable rooms In
Kaslo. I'd like to have you come and
see them. You'll bo glad yon came.
Come today if you can. Come any time.
Come to The Langham, corner A avenue and Fifth street. Como upstairs
and ring tlie bell, (.'all for Miss Case,
who has entire charge.
Head the News and keep posted.
Ladies Macintoshes at the Crescent.
Read the News and  then  subscribe.
W. S. Norman of Spokane was in
town last evening.
Try the Sunday dinner at the Occidental restaurant.
Some lino diamonds in rings,earrings
etc., at Strathern's.
High (rrade underwear that don't
shrink at tho Crescent.
The Occidental Hotel can give you
all the comforts of homo.
Kxtra quality llanelott.e at lOoentS
per yards at the Crescent.
Laoo curtains oan be done up nicely
only at the Steam Laundry.
Strathern tlie jeweler has In a now
lot of clocks.    Price, right.
!!. McLean has returned from Halcyon hot springs Improved in health,
Don't forget the concert at, the Methodist church on the 3nd of December.
The program is a good ono.
Messrs. J, W. and U. A. Cookie received tbo sad news this week of the
death of their mother in England.
Should a man be judged by the coat
he Wears? That depends on whether
Walker the Tailor furnished it or not.
Make yourself a Christmas present
in advance, of a good suit of clothes at
J.Walker's Tailoring establishment on
Fourth street.
H. N. M.cNorton, a carpenter working on tho roof of the Kaslo brewery
misted bid footing Wednesday and fell
20 foet to thc ground. He was badly
shaken up and bruised,but ills thought
received no serious injiu^.
If you want to keep yourself posted
in everything up to date, read the B. C.
J. A. Mara of Kamloops ox-member
of parliament was at the Kaslo, Tuesday.
Sewing machines. The loading
makes sold by It. Strathern Tho Jeweler.
Get your woolen goods washed at the
Steam Laundry. We guarantee not to
shrink them.
Try the Sunday dinner al the Occidental Restaurants The bill of faro
will please you.
How about th-at overcoat? Don't
you need a better one? Walker the
Tailor can furnish yon.
Toronto registrations at the Kaslo
this week are John D. Parker, W. J.
Bourke und John Darner, jr.
Your soiled suit or your stained dress
can bo cleaned without damaging the
material, at the steam laundry.
J. D. Keenan is back again at his old
post in the blacksmitliing establishment on  Water street near Fifth.
That Kangaroo calf mountaineer
boot is the favorite among mining men.
You can see them at the Crescent.
Secure you 'room at the Occidental
Hotel for the winter, with plenty of
heat, bath, etc. at reasonable rates.
Prospectors, call at J. B. Wilson's
and get your supplies. You will find
everything needed for prospecting.
A. McC. Banting, mining engineer of
Toronto, who has been spending'several weeks at Whitewater, is at the Kaslo.
McCallum it McQueen are getting
ready to start a dairy and produce
store on Fourth street between Front
and A.
K. H. Fletcher of Victoria, postal inspector, accompanied by his deputy .1.
Q. MeLood of Vancouver wore In Kaslo
for several days this week.
Among the arrivals at tho Central
during the past week were J. J. Collins of St. Paul, W. Reed of Nolson
and .1. C. Moody of Kossland.
Nelson arrivals at the Kaslo for the
past week aro W. II. Grant, K. T.
Cooper, Thos. Parkinson, Wm. Reed,
I'M. Ferguson  and and It. J. Hamilton.
Among the arrivals at the Central
this week are A. S. Crawford of Alnswortli, Win. Ford of Sandon, S. Keys
of Antoine mine und William Jones of
; I Henry Brooke who lias been working
the Ophir mine iu the Jackson lia.-in
all summer and full, returned to his
Spokane home this morning to spend
the winter.
F. Iiiffle of Victoria, ono of tho mining engineers connected with tho It. K.
L. Brown syndicate was at tlie Kaslo
last Monday, and went up tho road
witli Mr. Boss.
Tlio Langham, corner of A avenue
and Fifth street, is now under the en-
tiro control and management of Miss
Klenor P. Case, Mrs. S. S. Warner
having retired.
R. Strathern's Christinas goods are
arriving and as his stock this year will
be so large, he finds it necessary to
put in n large double wall case, also
another counter show case.
Among recent arrivals at the Kaslo
are J. M. McGregor of Kossland, Thos.
H. Ingram of Calgary, T. B. Linton of
Slocan City, Geo. Ruid of Portland
and Geo. A. Campbell of Montreal.
Sandon arrivals at the Kaslo this
week are A. M. Hunter and wife, B.
Wilson, K. II. Tomlinson, Geo. Ii. McDonald, D. S. Wallbrldge, Scott McDonald, ii. j. Werner and A. w.
Dan Mathiot of Portland. .1. BS. Martin of Chicago, K. }(. Polserof Victoria,
J. P. Martin and N. Martin of Montreal and F. .1. Proctor of Balfour
wore among the past Week, arrivals at
the Kaslo.
A. it. McDonald was down from the
Lavimi and Ruthie Bull group of
claims OH Hamill creek this week and
reports them looking well und devol*
mont work progressing finely. Twelve
men are employed.
For elegantly furnished rooms, with
or without board, apply to Mrs. Mc-
Kon/io at tho cottago, n. w. cor. of 3rd
Btreet and A avenue. Fino private
dining room attached, with best of
board at reasonable rates.
E. C. Hughes aud Maurice MeMieken
of Seattle and Win. D. Smith of Blaine
Washington registered last night at
tho Kuslo. They are leading stockholders in the Montezuma and are here
to Inspect the new concentrator, etc.
Among the Adams house arrivals
during the past week are Jas. McKlnnon, Chas. Thompson and T. L. Franklin of Sandon, Otto Nelson of Whitewater, JVR. Hayman of Priest River,
Idaho, Rlnard Wheeler and family of
New Brunswick.
The Miner's Friend,
He has plenty of Good
things to wear as well
as to eat.   .   .    .
SEE H!��
��� IHITHf I'll'll     Kaslo
'WlLVUVlla   sandon
We will
Make it Hot 1
For You !
ii.cooK: YOU
With our fine cooking
Stoves and Ranges!
Prices to Suit all pursesj
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Heating
In all Its Branches, by the Pioneer Hard-
ffll ware Dealers of Kaslo, B. C,
--Vi_. HUM
i|||i Prepare
There will be
send away for
Presents this
year. We have
Vflint Soma l.eiulioi; Citizens Have Ciiuhc
to lie Thankful For.
Thanksgiving Day was quietly observed in Kaslo. As far as tho banks
and public offices were concerned it
was a holiday. Numbers of the stores
closod in thc afternoon. Thore wore
no services ir. the churches. Tho Kaslo
and other leading hotels thnt advertise
in the British Columbia News snt their
usual full Thanksgiving Day spreads to
a largo number uf customers. Family
and friendly reunions wore numerous.
A goodly number attonded a public
dance in the evening at Olympic hall.
A number of citizens wero asked
what they had to be thankful for. Borne
of the replies (that might have been)
given were as follows:
Mayor (Ireen - That my term of office is so nearly expired.
J. C. Katon���That tho Whitewater is
making such a great rocord.
Police Justice McKilligan���That I've
had no plain or ornamental drunks to
sentenos this wook.
Cookie & Papworth���That our hotel
trade continues to bo so good.
Archie Pletohar���That it was a hoy.
Postmaster Green���That I gut an occasional holiday like this from my usual 16 hours' work.
Customs Collector Mcintosh���Ditto.
Government A gentlveen���DlttO,dittO.
Marsh Adams���That I'm losing flush.
City Clot'k Chiptnan���That I'm gaining it.
.1. 13. Ferguson���That my family is
Charles Caldwell���That we'll yet
havo free silver; and that's no josh
Archer & Co.���That our stpvo trado
is so lively.
Dr. .1. F. Bi Rogers���That my hospital now presents a havon for all the
L. L. Patrick���That I   turned down
the jumpers.
Dnvo King���That I wroto such a
corking anti-Klondike editorial.
H. Giegorich, Green Bros, and ,1. II.
Wilson (in chortiB)���That our grocery
and general merchandise trade ia so
Holland tiros.��� That so ninny of our
customers lot their troubles go up In
Owen & Stevenson���That our Clearance Sale is resulting so satisfactorily.
F. M. Cagy  -That I'm alive.
W. P. Dickson- That'we now havo
tho finest electrical plant in British
All tho rest of tho successful business
men���That we advertise In tlio British
Columbia News.
A Kimi we 11 Kliiner,
Thanksgiving, 181)7, will long be re-
momborcd by llvo Kasloitos. Mr. and
Mrs. Kopplor, with real Gorman hospitality, gave a private feast on the occasion of their going out of business, to
Messrs. Stenson, Cook, Meadows,
Scovil and Becker. The banquet was
follawed by songs by Mr. Cook and
speeches by the rest of the company.
It is to be regretted that Mr. and Mrs.
Koppler have decided to leave Kaslo.
Their good fare and cheerful service
will be missed.
Square Dealing
Is what has built up the mercantile
house of J. B. Wilson to its present important position in Kaslo. A large
stock of groceries, crockery and hardware selected with care and sold on
business principles, has brought successful results.
Presbyterian  Church   Con��ert--Personal
aud l.ociii Mention.
Ainsworth, Nov. 23.���The members
of the Presbyterian congregation held
a concert and gave a supper in tho
church on Friday evening, November
19, at which a very enjoyable time was
spent and $40 raised for church purposes.
Tho following programme was successfully carried through:
Address of Welcome Kev. Ingles
Music Ainsworth String Bund
Quartette. ."See Our Oars wtth Feathered Spray." Church Choir.
Recitation Ethel Vipond
Solo ''List to the Convent Bells"
Mrs. Anderson.
Duet.. ."You Can't Play in Our Yard"
Ethel Vipond and Hazel Fleener.
Solo "The Old Sexton"
Mr. Briggs.
Recitation Gertrude Holinan
Solo "Love's Old Sweet Song"
Miss Priest.
Solo "Tho Waterfall"
Mrs. Wright.
Kecitation Miss Stillwell
Solo "The Bridge"
W. P. Freeman.
Music String Band
After the above program' the good
things wero passed around and a most
enjoyable hour was spent in satisfying
the inner man.
Leandor Shaw has returned from
Spokane where ho has boen spending a
few days on business.
Maxwoll Stovonson has gono oast for
a few weeks to attond to business in
connection with the concentrator.
Tho Black Diamond ore which is being concentrated by Maxwell Stevenson's Highlander concentrator, is turning out far beyond their most sanguine
expectations, concentrating ubout 6
Ions into one. Tho tramway in connection is running in tho best of shape
L. J. McAtee of the Twin Mining Co.
is in town lookiug after the assessment
work on tho Monarch, ono of his prop*
Horn, last week, to the wife of W. A.
McLellan, a son.
Vt (SOIIIII 111 OBEBE   TO THE front.
A HurkphI ion to  the r...i;i.l of Trade Concerning ti Wagon  Iti.iid.
FergUSOD .v. Caldwell, tho mining
brokers inform the News that tho peop-
orty known as tho Swede group purchased by the Salisbury-Jones syndicate through their agent L. A. Scow-
don, is looking lino and that the
second payment of $11,000 was made tho
lMth inst. A few handfuls of carbonates recently brought down, containing black sulphntesrand brittlo silver,
assayed three ounces gold, 5,480 ounces
silver and 10 pur cent load or an average of 11.65 cents per lb.
Messrs. Underhill and Grant are also
reported as having mado a line now
strike on Woodbury, having located a
vein containing from six inches to two
feet of ore, which has boon traced for
(i00 foet and runs from 200 to 100 ozs.
in silvers
It is suggested that, a wagon road
connecting with Woodbury creek
would bo a good subjoct for tlio new
board of trade to consider, to turn that
trado entirely this way. It is said that
four miles of wagon road via Fletcher's
ranch would accomplish this.
IMniiH For Nllver-I.ciKl   I'nrniiooH   In   the
11 ii ml-, of Workmen.
The plans for tho silver-load furnaces at the Trail smelter are now in
the hands of the workmen, and the
construction thereof will be begun this
wook, says tlio Trail Creek News.
When completed the Trail smelter
will bid for tho ores of the Siocan
country, and as the present freight
and treatment charge is $.2 per ton,
thoro is no doubt hut the Trail smelter
will bo able to secure all tho oro it
can treat.
Tlio establishment of this now industry moans that tho present working
force of tho B. C. S. & R, company
will bo doubled ln the spring, und tho
pay roll correspondingly increased.
Trememlou. Rise   in  Kootenay River at
liomier'a Ferry.
The thaw of tho past week has caused the water in the lake to riso several
feet. It is said that the Kootenay
river at Bonner's Ferry rose 22 foot in
24 hours. Such a rapid rise has never
been experienced before. Even tho
Kootenay Indians, who have lived in
that vicinity for generations, say they
have never seen anything like it before. 	
A limit Advertising.
A business man can not daub his
name and business on a fence or rock
without getting some good ont of it;
neither can he:run a stereotyped ad in a
paper for a solid year without some returns. Even if he does not think he sees
any benefit, it comes, nevertheless.
What then must be the results from
u real live advertisement? If a business man will simply give to his advertising the same thought and care
and tho samo application of business
experience that he gives to buying his
stock, the selection and training of his
clerks and tho miscellaneous details of
his business, there is nothing more
suro under tho sun than that he will
then no longer complain of rates, or
"that thero is nothing in it," but will
bo an enthusiastic and thoroughly convinced advocate of the effloaoy of printer's ink.
Work Again  Resumed In   the  Nmtiggler
Denver, Nov. 22.���A special to the
Times from Aspen says that the fire in
tho Smuggler is fast subsiding, and the
gas decreasing in proportion. Manager
Hallett thinks that by tomorrow afternoon ho can commence tho working of
tho mine. He looks upon tho danger
as being ovor, but will continue to
force steam into tlio stopo for a week
at least. The shaft is being freely
used by minors who aro suffering no
Premier Mollne   Says   Farmers Need the
Double si ii ml ,-i nl.
Paris, Nov. 21.���In tho course of a
spooch yesterday in the chamber of
deputies during tbo debate on the subject of tho agricultural crisis. Mr. Mcl-
ino, the premier, expressed the hope
thnt tho day would yet come when bimetallism would triumph as a solution
of thu agricultural dopression.
Silver  Rises   During  Week   und i.cml Is
Lead (Broker's.) Silver.
Thursday, Nov. 18  :t.oo r>7 7-8
Friday, Nov. 19  3.60 58
Saturday, Nov. 20  3.50 58
.Monday, Nov.,22  :i.50 68 11-8
Tuesday. Nov. 2:1  3.50 58 3-4
Wednesday, Nov. 24  3.60 58 1-2
Thursday, Nov. 25  11.50 58 1-4
Friday, Nov. 20  11.50 58 1-4
sehl's Furniture anil Undertaking Store,
.lust received direct from the manufacturers a carload of low priced furniture, carpots, otc, suitable for hotels;
also, a full line of Undertaker's Supplies. Mr. .1. May, who has had considerable experience In Chicago as a
funeral director, will have charge of
this department. .1. J. SEHL,
Kaslo, B. C.
Itiillroad to llciir Lake.
Superintendent Marpole of the C. P.
H. stated to a reporter of the Nelson
Miner last week that engineers wore
then on tho Hold making the filial location of the road from Throb Forks
to Bear Lake, a distance of about six
miles. It is tho intention of the C. P.
R. to construct tho line as soon as the
engineers havo concluded their work.
Owing to the shortness of tho line
only a short timo will bo required In
which to complete it. It is hoped to secure a portion of tho output of MoGuigan basin whore many fine properties
aro located.
Offices or Cottages For Rent Or Sale.
Tumor & Brydon, Buildei'8,.on Front
streot.havo a good business officii, hard
finished cottages,or unfurnished rooms,
entrally located,for rent or sale. Thoy
will also build to order. Soo them at
their olflco in tho News building, Front
st., Kaslo, B. C.
A Hi lef Ohltiinry.
The morning after the doath of
Charles A. Dana, of the Now York
Sun, that paper published the following anniiunouniont at Die bead of its
editorial column:
Charles Anderson Dana, editor of The
Sun, died yesterday afternoon.
This brief notice was in accordance
with the wishes of the famous editor,
who disliked anything ln tho way of
display, so far as his own personality
was concornod.
%H$^%Ws% $-%-^%sfr^3^^^&&&
rHold the Mirror
Up to Nature!
When you stand  before the  looking-glass,  doesn't some  inner
voice whisper to you to go and *n��
McPhail, the Tailor,
See tho Pioneer Grocer
And genoral merchant, J. B. Wilson,
for anything you need in the housekeeping line. His stock is compluto and
lirst claBS. A lino liue of crockery and
glassware is also carried. Front streot,
opposite the Kaslo Hotel.
J. M. BLAIKIE, Proprietor,
Finely Furnished Rooms. Hard Finish.
Everything New.   Electric Lights.
A avenue, Kaslo, B. C.    P. O. Box 44.
Telephone No. 3.
And make yourself feel like a man, again?   There  is where the
finest and be3t of suits are mado to order for very  little money.
Or, a largo and fashionable stock of ready made fall and   winter
clothing altered to fit, for even less.
Merchant Tailoring and Gents'
Furnishings, corner Front and
Fifth streets, Kaslo, B. C.
D. HcPhail,
Tliere is no
doubt that
we have the j
largest stook
Irom finest Worsteds to Heavier
working clothes���from dress suits
down. Also Mackinaws to fit all
sizes of Men and Purses.     Also,
our usual FALL LINE
of Groceries and General Merchandise. Kaslo, B. C. Branch store
at Cody, B. C.
Largest and . . The	
BestEquippcd    ,
Lumbering      (   Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill.
In the
Interior of
0 0 0 0 0
Now Running in All Departments.
Lumber Rough, Sizod, Dressed, Matched; Shingles. Laths, Doors, Windows, Mould'ngs, Brackets, Turned Work, Glass, etc., etc.
On hand and to Order.   Agents in Nelson and Sandon,
���_������i_���^���_.���i���i   i��� _.>i_���.������������ iiiniint.���*��.����������� -���������.���u i     iimi. j   i ���_������-���     ��� ^>^y< ,
The People Say_^_
That the Kootenay is the Best   District in British Columbia.
That Kaslo is tho Best Town in Kootonay.
, Slocan Cigar Factory, | *��i^aS2P*i f
��* UNION MADE GOODS! kaslo, b. c.
| Butte Hotel |
I m Restaurant f
Moals at all hours between 5 a. m. and 9 p. m.   Short Ord- jlT
W.    ers a Specialty. Business Men's Lunch from 11 :."I0 a. ra. to 7:30 p.m. i-p
<$&     D. A. CARR,"formerly of Columbia Hotel  Restaurant, south  side ���$$>
vu     Front st., bet. 3rd and 4th, opposite Steamer Landings, Kaslo, B.C. j^
!��&&&&& &-��-&-& jjjjSHgHfc __f_JHJHft JJJHSHgHft��-&4\
| Good Advertising: Medium
���:.     /*j.   ,'.   ���_, _, ,.-_i__-1__,... (  Tll�� BHITISH COLUMBIA NEWS If tho leading,    X
��� ������s   L^flfll clCiesT )  m���'oaroliillv edited, most reliable, host looking new*-   y-'y
paper in tho kootenay I.alteCountry
Price and Circulation j
Prico is ehcapeonststeut    *���"'"
with circulation, which
Is the largest iu Kaslo.
il �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_
Indiana is conceded to be the home of
the White Cap. It is In the Hoosier
State that the organization and practice had their birth, and, although both
have since spread to ninny States, the
people of no other community have
been so afflicted wilh them as have the
Indlaniitis. How or by whom the first
White Cap organization was formed is
not known, but early In the 80's It began operations, and its success In rld-
dlug certain localities of miscreants
led to the rapid spread of the organization in many parts of the State. These
men, wearing white pillow-cases over
their heads nnd shoulders, witli holes
cut through to enable them to see, began switching belter living Into the
lawless element Armed with switches
they would ride silently up to the home
of an outlaw, and. taking hlm unawares, would switch lit in nearly to
death. In several enscs death did re-
null from the beatings which were ad-
ministered usually to the outlaw and
his whole family Irrespective of sex.
Thc White Caps were regularly organized and governed with great sternness
nnd secrecy. No one was admitted unless his character for honesty was
above reproach. A sitting was held
where it was thought desirable thnt the
organization tnke up some special case.
Wheu It had decided that punishment
was necessary it was meted out with
terrible sternness. In the earlier days
the visitation seldom miscarried. The
victim hnd no warning, uutll some
night a score of men broke Into his
cabin and whipped him almost to death
at his own gate post. He wns thert
given twenty-four hours to leave the
country. The death which In ninny instances followed refusals to obey this
mandate hnd a salutary effect.   In some
a pronounced sentiment In favor of
drastic measures on the part of the
Governor to the end that the organizations may be broken up and their leaders if not the rank and Ilie be brought
to respect the law. In certain counties of the State regular White Cap
organizations are In existence. The
members are known to many citizens
who would gladly give evidence against
them but for the fear that the local authorities Would not be able to protect
them against the violence which might
Many of the recent outrages have
been characterized by exceptional brutality. Some of the victims have suffered without any cause being known
to those who were In a position to
judge best of their lives. In Brown
County a man and a woman, tl" latter
sick at the time, were taken out of their
cabin at night, the cabin, with their little effects, burned and themselves
driven from Ihe county with threats of
hanging if they returned. In another
instance in the same county u man was
unmercifully whipped because he
would not work, though a physician
was attending him at the time aud testified afterward that It was Impossible
for his pal lent to perform any kind of
labor. This mini was receiving aid
from the township trustees and the
reason for attempting to drive him to
work wns that he might not be a burden upon the taxpayers of the township. After the whipping he refused to
accept further old on account of fear
of another beating and his immediate
neighbors contributed to his support till
he was able to return to work. He Is
reported to be a quiet, Inoffensive citizen and was never accused of crime.
A ease In Monroe County that excited
What She Would Do If Klected President of the United States.
Mrs. Josephine K. Henry, who, if she
were elected to the Presidency of the
United Stntes, would stand for the re-
nionetlzatlon of silver, for prohibition,
for universal suffrage and agnosticism.
Is a Kentucky woman who has already
been mentioned as a candidate for the
Presidential nomination in moo. Mrs.
Henry for ninny years has been pronil-
ueut in Kentucky as a reformer and
she is one of tlie lending women of that
State. She Is a native of Newport, Ky.
Her father was Capt. Euclid Williamson, a steamboat man lu the days of
the floating palaces of the Ohio and
Mississippi. Her father died when she
was very young, but her mother looked
after the child and was careful that sho
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
Trains  Hun on   Pacific Standard Time.
doing West.
8:00ft. in. I.v
8:86 a, ni.
9:30 a. in
9:11 a. in
10:0.1a. m
10:lHa. m
10:38 a. m
10:50 a. in
. Lv..
. Ar..
11:00 a. m. I.v.
lliVMft. ni. Ar.
(i.V. A. P.
 Kaslo ...
.. .South Fork.
. Hear Ijike
Cody Junction
.. .Sandon	
rnnv link.
doing Kant.
. .Arv. BloOp. in.
. .Arv. 3:1.1 p. in.
.Arv. 2:11 p. m
.Arv. 2:00 p. in.
Arv. 1:48 p. in.
Arv. 1:33 p. in.
Arv. 1:12 p. ni.
...Lv.  1:00 p. m.
Arv 11:45 ft. m.
..Lv. 11:21a. in.
sins. joiKpiiiNR k. nsNnv.
Navigation and Trading Co., Ltd.
Steamer "International" on Kootenay Luke
and River.
...TIMK CARD....
In effect 1st of Nov., 1897.  Subject to
change without notice.
Five Mile Point connection with nil  Passenger Trillin) ol N. A F. S.  Railroad to and from
N'orthport,   KoHsland   and    Spokane.   Tickets
sold and baggage checked to all United State?
Leave Kaslo for Nelson and way points, dally
except Sunday,5:4.1 a.m. Arrive Northport 12:15
[i. in.; Rossland, 3:40 p. m., Spokane, 0:00 p. ni.
1 .en \ e Nelson (or Kaslo and way points, daily
exeept Sunday, 4:45 p.m. Leaving Spokane 8 a.
in.; Rossland, 10:30a. in., Northport, l:50.p. ni.
lieneral Manager.
Kaslo. B. O, November 1.1897.
A IS' I)
The  Cheapest,  most  Comfortable   and
direct route from Kaslo
All  jioints in Canada and the United
The only line running through Tourist cars to Toronto, Montreal and Boh-
ton. Through Tourist cars to St. Paul
Magnificent Sleepers .and Dining Cars on All Trains.
Travel   by  this line and have your baggage checked through to destination.
Daily connection from  Kaslo every day
excepting Monday, at 7 M0 a. m.
was given a liberal nud a good eduou-
tlon. The child evinced a genuine talent for music, nnd she Is to-tlny ln no
menu way a capable musician. As a
poet Mrs. Henry has made a good success. Her verses have the true ring
nixl have been widely copied In the
newspapers of the country.   "Prisoner-
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Red Mountain R'ys.
The only all rail route without
change of cars between Nelson and
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland. *  *
I.ou\0 .��. lo am Nelson  Arrivei!:U0 pm
Ionic In no am        Rosalftlld Arrive 3:40 pm
Leave 8:00 am Spokane Arrive 6:40 pm
Passengers for Kettle river and
Boundary creek connect at
Marcus with Stage Daily.
Inland Navigation
and Trading Co.,
For  full   information  call <m or address
Freight and Pass, agent, Knslo, B. C.
���OR to���
Traveling Pass, agent, Nelson, 1$. C.
District Pass   agent, Vancouver.
Shortest ami quickest route to tbe t'u'iir
il'Alcne mines. I'alnuse, Lewiston, Walla Walla,
linker City mines. Portland, San Francisco,
Cripple Creek sold mines ami all points Kast
anil Smith Only line Kast via Salt Lake anil
ami Denver. Steamer tickets to Kurope ami
other foreign countries.
Spokane Time Schedule Arrive
instances where resistance was made
the White (laps shot the victim full of
bullets. Cabins were usually burned
after the whipping had taken place.
This went on for years. The authorities made some feeble attempts to
prosecute the White Oaps, but it was
impossible to get the slightest evidence
against them.
When It wns found Hint they were as
Immune from Hie law as the outlaws
hud been Ihey turned their attention to
those guilty of minor offenses and became themselves the victims of a
moral laxity. They took to regulating
domestic difficulties between husbands
and wives. They punished petty
thieves nnd the victims of vice with the
same barbarity they had mooted out
to murderers nnd the larger criminals.
Neighborhood (|tinrrels, petty hates nnd
personal dlsllltps were made the subject of white capping nnd politics began to play Its pnrt In the outrages.
Scores of Innocent men nml women
were whipped and submitted to tortures unspeakable. In still more eases
the property of the victims wns confiscated by their persecutors. The organization became lax and admitted
members who used It to wreak their
personal spite. Men In twos nnd threes
began to do White Cap work on their
own nccount and the parent organization found itself charged with crimes
and persecutions of which It had no
knowledge. White capping ceased for
a time under the stern rule of the late
Governor Gray, but It again raged under Governor Matthews, although he
strove his best to put it down. The
evil has again come to the front, and
Governor Mount has ordered a thorough Investigation of the terrible affair at Osgood, thnt the guilty men may
be brought to Justice. The sudden and
apparently general revival of white
capping In Indiana is causing much
concern ln official circles, and there is
great indignation among Ihe order-loving citizens was that of Ihe whipping
of a widow on account of alleged Improper conduct. Her husband had died
a year before, and bIic was trying to
cultivate a piece of poor land and make
a living for herself and two small children. She was Ihe associate of her
uearest neighbors, regularly attended
the country church, aud no one hud
ever breathed n word against her character. To the surprise of all her friends
she was taken from her home at night
and threatened with a whipping if she
did not leave the neighborhoods Ouly
her piteous pleading saved her from the
paiii unit Indignity which the White
Caps intended to Indict. It Is said In
behalf of the White Cup organization
of the county that It wns not the mover
in this outrage, ami that none of Its
members were present, but the citizens
who have appealed for relief point to
this fact as nn additional reason for
the disbanding of the organization, for
It Illustrated what may be done In Its
Hit, but Not Killed by �� Cannon Ball.
A unique distinction belongs to Sir
Robert Hawllnson, K. C. B��� that of being the only soldier who has been
knocked out of the saddle by a cannon
ball without being killed. The identical forty-two-pouud shot ls preserved
by Lady Rawllnson as an Interesting
relic. At the Crimea Sir Robert was
riding with a group of artillery officers,
when he announced his Intention of
turning bock. At this moment a shot
from the Russian linos came whizzing
along in front of him, cutting the reins
and pommel of the saddle, and wedging a steel purse with terrific force
agalust the rider's hip-bone.
of Kate" Is especially well known. Her
husband, ('apt. William Henry, wns nn
officer in the Confederate army ami
served with distinction on the side of
Ihe South. Six yenrs ago Mrs. Henry
lost her only noii. This event east n
gloom upon her life which she has tried
to lighten by her work for womankind.
She does nol dream even of being elected President, but her Ideas of what
should be are Just as vigorous as If sho
had some hope nt some time In tho
future of being the nation's chief mag
Hypnotising by Telephone.
The wonders of the telephone never
cease. The latest brought to the attention of the New York Klectrleal Kn-
ginecr Is the hypnotizing of a young
boy through the medium of the telephone at Houston, Texas. It Is need-
lesti to surmise, adds i lie l.nglncci', thut
the subject wus a pronounced cataleptic; but the fact brought to light would
seem to indicate more strongly thnn
ever the necessity for u Stringent law
against the promiscuous practice of
hypnotizing. The Engineer does not
Imagine that many persons could be Influenced hypnotically over the telephone, yet It believe* It will be Just as
well to guard against such practices by
prompt and effective legislation.���San
Francisco Chronicle.
Steamer Halys,
p   lu
a. tn.
Kast Mail Walla Walla, Port-! ":l.r>
land. San Francisco Haker a in
city ami the Kast. Dally
Local Mail���t'cur d'Alenes, 6:45
Karmlugtoii. ilartlelil, Colfax, I a. ni
Cullman ami MOSCOW. I llally
Capt w. j. Kent,
Does .lobbing Trade on Kootenay I.ike.
for juissenKPi- or iivlnh! trans,lortalion apply
on tiounl.
Special excursion from Kaslo to Lardo anil
Aravnta at north end of lake every Sunday at
FKT- ^���ern .mfxT
Lttul RAILWAY        HLUi
Good Skaters.
Laplanders think nothing of covering 100 miles a day on their skates.
It'll riiiiiHil.le.
May���I wonder why Cupid ls always
represented us a baby?
Jack���Probably he catches cold and
.meets with au early death, owing to
nn Insufficient amount of wearing apparel.
Women may supersede men In many
pursuits, hut the field iu wlilch a brlu-
dle cow grazes is barred to the female
In red.
Tbe dude ls very often the living picture of an unpaid tailor bill.
The surveyor's chain made it
It Is the most Modern In  Dqulpment,
It Is the Heaviest Railed  Line.
It   has a  Rock, Ballast   Roadbed.
It crosses no Sand   Deserts.
It was built without Lund Grunt or Government Alii.
It Is noted for the courtesy of Its 10m-
Tt Is tbe Only Line Serving Meals on thc
Ja Carte Plan.
For maps, tickets anil complete Information call on or nddress International Navigation ��nd Trading Company agents, K
& S. Rallwuy agents or
C. G. DIXON. General Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
V, I. WHITNEV, G. P. & T. A.
St. Puul, Minn.
For through tickets and further informatloa
apply to .(As. Hin.ii,
Agent International Navigation and Trailing
Company, Kaslo, or at 1). K A N. Company's
Office, 4 HI) Itivorsitle avenue, Spokane, Wash.
oeneral Agent.
:it Kast iiiliimliia avenue, Kossland, 11   ('.,
Traveling Freight and Passenger Agent.
Or... w. ii. nt iti iiritr,
oeneral Passenger Agent, Portland, Ore.
The Fast Line,
Superior Service
 Through ticked to all points In tbe        \
United States and Canada.
Direct Connection with the Spokane
���rail! st Northern Hallway.
No. 1 west 8:25 p. m.
No.'., east 7:00a. m.
Tickets to Japan anil
China via Tacoma anil
Northern I'acille Steamship Company. For information, time cards, maps
and tickets, apply to Agfa,
of the Spokane lulls A
Northern and Its couueu-
tlons or to
Oeneral Agent, Spokane.
Assl. (ie,,. I'a.s. Agt.,
No. SB5 Morrison St..
Portland Or.
Write for unj. of Kootenay countrr.
U--i..~.ffl.J".S..r nam
The swallow has a larger month. In
proportion to Its sise, than any other
bird. He needs a scoop-net mouth,
for ho docs all his feeding on the wing.
Place a snake on a smooth surface,
us a polished table, and  it  makes no
headway, because it finds no resistance
on the smooth surface to aid il in push
lrijr ahead.
An attempt to acclimate ostriches in
Soulh Russia has proved successful.
The ostriches born In Russia are much
less sensitive to cold than the imported
ones, nnd their plumes ure equally
7.'he wave length of Roentgen rays,
according to Prometheus, has been ascertained by l��r. Kroiiim of .Munich to
i��cfourteen mllliouthsof a millimeter,or
about seventy-five times smaller than
the smallest wave length of light. The
determination was based upon Inter-
A powerful anaesthetic, which volatilises on exposure lo the air, has lieen
Invented by a Polish chemist. It Is believed that bombs tilled with this chemical, and thrown Into the ranks of an
opposing army, will in a few moments
make Ihe foe utterly helpless.
Condensation Is the result of chilling
the air. The ascent of the lower strata
of the atmosphere Into the higher regions and the consequent expansion
and loss of beat is the most probable
cause of rain, and It is not impossible
thai the air near the ground, being
made lo rise by being nrlllielully heated, might tend to produce the desired
downpour of rain.
There Is patented ii useful addition
to the typewriter in Ihe shape of u pallor small mirrors, measuring each nine
and one-half inches by three and one-
half Inches, so mounted as lo afford a
perfectly clear view of the writing to
an operator sitting erect and using It
table height. The mirrors can be attached to any machine, ami do not interfere with any of lis uses, while they
call be tlulled aside iu a moment when
It is desired to brush thc types or insert
u fresh Inking ribbon.
It Is not often that estimates are given In years of the time thai has elapsed
since the appearance of early races of
men. Such an estimate, however, has
recently been made by Mr. Jacob
Niieseb concerning the ancient Inhabitants of Switzerland. According lo
Dr. Nuesch man llrst appeared on
Swiss soil about :.',s,imh) years ago. Me
dwell there during S.tHHl years, when
great changes occurred, and for 8,000
to 1_.0<ll�� years man seems to have been
absent. He reappeared at the beginning of the Lake Dwellers' period,
which lasted t.tKMI years, and closed
4,000 .wars ago with ihe Introduction
of bronze.
Much attention in Scientific circles
Iihh lieen attracted by a recent lecture
by Prof. William Crookes on "Diamonds." Prof. Crookes made a special study of the diamond-mines of
South Africa, and his conclusion Is that
the gems found I here have been crystallized out of molten iron containing
carbon in solution, and at sufficient
depth below the surface to give great
pressure: but this is doing on a large
scale what Molssan. the French chemist, bus succeeded in doing ou a small
mule. Moisson makes microscopic diamonds by dissolving curiam In Iron,
and causing tbe crystals to form under
pressure. The chief difference appears
to lie ill size ami capacity of the laboratory, iu which regard nature has a
vast advantage,
Dr. Von l.lebig of the University of
Munich calls attention, III Science, lo
some of the curious effects of rarefied
nnd of condensed air on human respiration, on high mountains some
persons experience distressing "shortness of breath," one result of which ls
that they are unable to whistle. Precisely the same effect Is sometimes
produced by (he condensed air in caissons and diving-bells. Laborers working lu compressed air frequently find.
however, that their powers of exertion
are Increased as long as the atmospheric pressure Is not more than double that of ordinary air; but beyond
thnt point unpleasant effects are experienced after the men have left the
working shafts and returned Into the
open air. On the other hand high atmospheric pressure In the case of persons not doing manual labor lias been
found to act us a mental stimulus, increasing the Impulse to talk.
Klectrieal Power in America.
John Ilognrt, one of the American
engineers connected with the work of
completing the Niagara Pnlls electrical
power works, fives to tbe Pall Mall
Cassette of   London   some Interesting |
facts in regard to electrical power In I
America.    The Niagara company furnishes an electrical horse-power of 10,-
000 with a cpnclty for 10,000, and possibilities of increasing lo any extent
needed.   The works cost {0,000,000, It
having been necessary to construct a
tunnel 7,000 feet long ut it considers- |
ble depth and through solid rock.    Of I
Ihe Utility of the work the fact that j
Buffalo nnd Niagara City ure supplied
al the rate of $20 per horse-power per
annum, while   In   souk-   cases    nearly
$100 per horse-power has been paid, is
sufficient evidence.   Next to the electl'l- ���
cal works at Niagara are those at Sault j
Ste. Marie, and according lo Mr. Hogurt j
Ihe greatest of all are In construction
about sixty miles from Montreal, near
the town of Musseua, N. ��., close to j
the St. Lawrence River,    The power
will be obtained from a full of forly 1
feet  between the southern  brunch of
the St. Lawrence River aud a  small
placid stream known as tiruss River.
A canal of a little  more than  three j
miles iu  length is in process  of con- !
struction   and   when   the   works   are
completed n  total of 75,000 electrical '���
horse-power can be furnished. 11 seems
a pity thai the attention of engineers I
hail  not sooner been directed  to this ;
point on the St. Lawrence, as In that ,
case probably the vicinity of Niagara
Palls would not have been given over
to manufacturing and thus become ti
grent  Industrial  center, as II   will  in ,
the not distant future.
A piece of machinery run by steam and
overworked will become cranky, creaky
and out of gear, owing to some expansion
Of metal from heat and friction. Stop its
work, rub and brighten and let tt rest.
In u short while, it will be restored and
will run smoothly. The human system Is
a machine. Too much work and worry
arc thrown upon it, too much of the heat
of daily carea; too much of thc tsteam of
dally business: the nerves become
cranky; they are restless, sleepless and
twitchy, and a. neuralgic condition sets
in. Pain throws thc machine out of gear
and It needs rest and treatment to
strengthen and restore. St. Jacob's OU
Is the one remedy of all peculiarly adapted to a prompt and sure cure. So many
have so freely testified from experience
anil use to its efficacy in the cure of
neuralgia that it passes without saying
that It surely cures. It will be a gracious surprise to many after a free use
of It to llml bow easily pain, cares and
worry may be lifted, and how smoothly
tlie human machine goes on.
The largest empire iu the world is thai
of Great Britain, being 8,557,61)8 square
miles, and more than a sixth part of the
A Wild and Warlike Tribe on the Hrlt-
tah Indian Frontier.
A few weeks ago a strong body of
Waslris beat back a column of British
troops and native auxiliaries, on the
Afghan frontier of India. The Wnziris
are a tribe on the borders of thnt frontier, and are oue of the wildest and
most war-like tribes 011 the frontier.
Their character lias long been established for murder and robbery.    They
,   $200022    ;
Schilling's Best baking powder is such baking powder as
you vvould ask us to make if
you knew the facts.
_. Schilling & Company
baa tr-ncisL.
Free to Our Readers.
it Is a good thing to have a man help
his wife around 'he house occasionally;
he gets mud at the dull knives and scissors, und they are sharpened as a re-
When a new minister arrives in u
town, the experienced people do mil
turn out to hear hlm until he has hud
time to exhaust the string of anecdotes
he brought with him.
There Is a belief among roinn.itic people that money can buy everything but
love. This may be true, but it can buy
a substitute article that Is as good us
love, nnd thai wears better.
An Atchison woman is such a great
believer in Christian science thai she
culls ber blue glassware, which she received us 11 prize with baking powder,
cut glass, and has convinced herself
that il is cu! glass.
After the proud and pretty girls In a
family gel married, there is nothing
left to sustain tlie pride of the family,
and the father uml mother close the
parlor und resume their familiar Intercourse with ihe neighbors who cut In
tlie kitchen.
A real pleasant time doesn't begin at
a party until some oue breaks the Ice
by saying something unfavorable nbout
one who is absent. The gnosis look for
a moment at each other ns if lu doubt,
1 hen all plunge inlo the hole, and 11 good
lime follows.
Speaking of chaperons, society
should Issue a rule thai a mun iniisl lie
chaperoned, and that unless his wife
Can do It she should have the privilege
of naming her substitute,   A man who
is  chaperoned by his wife is us safe
from temptation us If he were a li-yenr-
old Im,y asleep In his cradle.
An Atchison man who visited In
western Kansas recently found the
family sleeping without pillow cases,
and using 11 tin bucket for a teapot. He
expressed Ills surprise and wus told
that the banks of that country refused
to lake any more money on de|sislt.
and they were keeping theirs In Ihe pillow cases und teapot, The family were
much worried for fear I hat when the
corn uml cattle are sold, ihey will have
to take oil' their socks and stockings lo
hide their money in.
Our   readers  will   be  pleased  to  learn
Unit   the great   discovery of  Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root has been so universally successful iii quickly curing nil forms of
kidney and bladder troubles, that those
who  wish   lo Prove for    themselves    its
Wonderful merit may have a sample bottle and n lunik of valuable information
Lot ll sent absolutely free by mail. Nothing could be fairer 01' more generous thnn
this liberal oiler, and we advise our
leaders lo write, incut inning this paper,
and send their address to Dr. Kilmer ii
Oo., Blnghaniton, .V. Y. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root is the discovery of a great
physician and as such is not recommended for everything, but will be found just
what  is needed   in  eases of kidney  and
bladder   disorders���-or   troubles   arising
from weak kidneys, such as gravel, rheumatism, pain or dull ache in thc hack, too
frequent desire lo pass water, scanty supply, smarting or burning in passing it.
Swamp-Root stands the highest, for its
wonderful cures. The regular sizes are
sold by druggists, price fifty cents nnd
one dollar.
The highest range of mountains an
Ihe llimulaycs. the main elevation he
ing  from   lti,(KKl  lo   1K.0OO  feet.
hnve  In  former yenrs  received   more
than one exemplary lesson for the Improvement of their manners,   in Ihoo
Sir Neville Chuniberluiu  was sent  to
1 punish them, and passed almost right
, through   Wuzirlstnn.    11   was  in  1879
: that they again became troublesome,
I and this led to lieneral Kennedy being
���sent: among them  witli  a  retributive
, force.    Sir William  Lockhart  hud  to
be sent to Wazlristnn only three years
ngo wilh nn expedition, and at Ihe end
! he made arrangements that  were ex-
1 pec ted to preserve law and order in the
locality,    from these previous experiences it seems likely that these natives
will probably receive n severe punish.
ment for their most recent outbreak.
MN OPEN   l.,-TT.-ti TO   MOTHERS.
Wc are asscrtlnjj in tlie courts our right to the
exclusive use ol the word ','CASTOKlA, and
" I'lTCHIvK SCA.STORlA," as our Trade .Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls, Massachusetts,
was the orujiunior of " PITCHER'S CAS l'OU I A,"
the same that has borne and does now bear the
facsimile signature of CHAS. H. I'l.ETCIlUR on
every wrapper. This is the original " ITTCHIvR'S
CASTORIA " which lias been used ill the homes
of the mothers of America fur over thirty vent's.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of C1IAS. II. FI.IVI'CHKR on the
wrapper. No one has nuthority from me to use
my name except The Centaur Company of which
.has. H. Fletcher is President.
March S, ���������"97.       SAMUliL PITCHER, M.1X.
The largest school iu the world is the
.lews' free school of Spitalsfleld, England,
which has a daily attendance   of   2800
My doctor Bald I would die, but Plso's
Cure for Consumption cured me.���Amos
Kelner, Cherry Valley, Ills.. Nov. 23, '96.
The term,"Alinighty Dollar" originated with Washington living, us u satire
on the American love for gain.
They Joined Together Fifteen Feot
Above the Ground.
A remarkable twin tree growth is
shown in the accompanying cut reproduced from tiie Scientific American.
The original photograph wns taken by
Prof. William Werthncr. of the Dayton high school. The tree stands near
Waynesville. I). It is a very symmetrical coalescence of two blue ash trees,
five feet apart ul the ground and at fifteen feet above joining to form a perfect trunk that extends to a height of
some seventy feet.    Bach tree is from
Try Schilling'! Best tea and baking powder.
The first  balloon ascended from  Lyons
Kin nee. 1783.
The < Im re li Maid.
The Up-to-date churches now employ
11 church maid, One who enters u sanctuary 111 New York nowndnys may see
a slender figure lu n plain black gown
with eu|se ami apron moving around
among Ihe pews. She Is. perhaps, dusting tbe hymnals, arranging Ihe tussocks or putting notices In Ihe rucks.
She will, however, come forward, answer your Questions, direct you to the
sexton, tell you the minister's hours or
advise you lo whom you should apply
for oilier Information than she may be
able to give. It Is a pan of her duty
to remain respectfully near visitors, for
strangers have iteeu known to "lift"
anything Hint strikes their funcy and
walk off with ll. The maid also cures
for the minister's study and gives to
the edifice ninny touches of which tile
junltor is Incapable. The church maid
bus her hunds full.���Pittsburg Dispatch.
Origin of "Tip."
Here Is an Interesting bit of philology. It concerns the origin of the word
"tip." and throws a little light on the
origin of the custom. In old English
taverns a receptacle for small coins
was placed conspicuously, and over It
was written, "To Insure promptness."
Whatever wns dropped in the box by
guests was divided among the servants. In the course of time the abbreviated form. "T. I. P." wan used.
'   Wasps. Kill Files.
An   Irish   observer   estimates   thnt
wasps captured between .'{(Ml and 400
files on two o. his cows iu about twenty minutes.
"King Solomon's Ts-ruare," only Apbrodlilacal
Tonic known. (Be* Di-Uonary.) tv,.ou . box, 1
wsselcs' treatment. Mason chemical Co.. P. o. Box
747. PhiUsdulp-l.. P��.	
Australia yearly ships to England <i.-
(MKI.INX) rabbit skins.
DAnO f"r IracliiK ami location (lolil or Silver
Mill IIS "re,   l"sl   or   hurleil  treasures.    M.   I).
uvi/M Kowi.Kll, Box Mr.suiitiiiinnoii.conn,
Mutt's heart beats !>_*. 1 ���><> times a duv.
Kill a bottle or common glass with
Urine and let it Stand twenty-four hours;
a sediment or settling indicates un unhealthy condition of the kidneys. When
urine Stains linen it is evidence of kidney
trouble. Too frequent desire to urinate
or pain in the hack is also convincing
proof that the kidneys and bladder arc
out of order.
Wll VI'   TO     IIO.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often      expressed,      that    Dr.    Kilmer's
Swamp-Boot, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills every wish in relieving pnin in the
buck, kidneys, liver, bladder and every
part of the urinary passages. It Corrects inability to hold urine nud scalding
pnin in pussing it, or bud effects following use of liquor, wine or beer, und overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to get up many times during
the night to urinate. The mild and the
extinordinary effect of Swamp-Root is
soon realised. H stands the highest for
its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. If you need a medicine you
should have the best. Sold by druggists; price fifty cents and one dollar.
So remarkably successful has Swamp.
Root been that if you wish to Prove its
great merit, you may have a sample bottle und pamphlet both sent free by mail.
Mention this paper und send your address to lh-. Kilmer & Co., Bingliuniton,
N. Y. The proprietors of this paper
guarantee the genuineness of this offer.
Strikes Often Successful.
Figures nre seldom entertaining, but
there Is food for serious thought in the
bulletin recently sent out by Commissioner Carroll D. Wright bearing upon
��� the labor situation iu the United States.
From this otliclnl document it appears
that more than 1,600 strikes have occurred in the United States since 1879, involving nearly 40(1,000 laborers and
costing several millions of dollars.
What  is  even   more  significant  than
: the above figures, however, Is the per-
1 centnge of these strikes which have
been successful. In a tabulated statement Commissioner Wright sets forth
the exact number of strikes which have
occurred annually in the United Stntes
i since 1870. It .appears that from only
thirty-two    strikes In 1870, Involving
1 some 4,000 men, women and children,
j the record hus grown to a yearly aver*
: age of 1".0 strikes, involving some 25,-
000 operatives.   In other words, the dls-
1 content of the laboring masses of the
country has Increased sis-fold during
. the past eighteen years. As to the result of these various strikes. Commissioner Wright shows thnt 11 large ]>er-
centage of them In recent years have
either succeeded In whole or In pnrt.
During the first three-quarters of the
period, however, tbe demands of labor
secured but little recognition nt the
bands of capital, and only 16 per cent.
i of the strikes occurring between 187!)
and 1891 succeeded; 43 per cent, being
only    partially    successful and 41 per
, cent, total failures. Since that time
belter results have been achieved.
Co-operative Wholesale Society.
A new department has been opened
' by the English Co-operative Wholesale
1 Society for the purpose of making ad-
! vunccs of capital to its federated so-
, cietlcs, to be lent by them to their Indl-
vidua)   members  for the purchase of
cottages, the deeds of the property pur*
chased to be deposited with the whole,
sale society.   Advances will be made
to the extent of throe-fourths of the total cost of the properties, nnd the so
cletlcs will lie responsible for the repayment of the advances    by    equal
quarterly Installments of principal and
Interest, spreud over a period not exceeding twenty years.
Sometimes Benefit Employer*.
Rays the St. l/ouls Globe-Democrat:
The ussertion that employers often designedly provoke strikes ls undoubtedly true In some Instances, Charges have
often been made that strike leaders
were In the pay of employers, and ba'd
Incited a strike for the benefit of tho
latter. This would account fop some of
the labor contests of the past dozen
years, in which every reasonable person could see that strikes were certain
lo fails Strikes often bring profits to
employers, who are thus enabled to
���lose their works in dull seasons and
avoid  running at a loss.
fifteen to eighteen inches in diameter,
nud each trunk, as well as the upper
bole. Is perfectly normal, nor does tiie
fork show any signs of it flattening,
ridge or one-sided coalescence. Hence,
the union miisl have taken place when
' the trees were saplings.
Is this 11 'natural graft," or did some
India 11 possibly use the supllngs ns purl
of bis wigwam support, and tie them
!��o tightly us to induce a conlesceueeV
The site of the trees (considering the
slow rate of growth of the blue ashl
seems  to  make  them    antedate    the
white settlers in Ohio,
dc-fal ���pplUncr aud ��elenllHe remedies, went on trial to any reliable
���nan. A world-wide reputation hack or
t Ids offer. Bvery obstacle to happy married
life removed, lull itrength, development
nnd tone given toovery portion of tne body.
Failure ImpoMlble; aire no harrier.
No 0. O. I), nchcinc.
State I'apei'M Mutilated.
Itl the Hies of tile  lloii.se  no slgnut-
j nre.s of Webster.  Clay or  Lincoln  remain.   While there should be hundreds
i uf   letters    from    these  distinguished
men In evidence, all have disappeared,
und there is no trace of their whero-
ubouts.   President    Lincoln    in    the
ICOUWeOf his official career ill Wnshing-
! ton sent hundreds of original documents bearing his signature   to  both
I House nnd  Senate,  but on nil  these
I original paper* tiled In the House the
signatures  have  been cut oft*.   There
jure other Important documents in the
House files whieh have beeu similarly
��� mutilated.
Catalog Fukk.
Send your name
Portland, Ore.
and we
Pay Freight.
Patent Medicines
at Cut Rates...
Wholesale anil Retail PruirRists, Portland.
OettIt����� nt th- I'oot of Urn -s.
1    Lea (sadly)- -I don'l know what to do
j with that boy of mine.   He's been two
: years nt the medical college, und still
lie keeps a I the foot of his class.
Perrlns (promptly)���Make a cbiropo-
1 41st of blm.-Tld-Hlts.
N.   K.   I .
Ko.  4K,  '07.
neat Cough Syrup.  Taste* Good. Vt*
In time.   Sold by arumilsta. 	
The Leading Commercial House,
Special Protection Against Fire
Electric Lights!   Electric Bells.
by Furnaces!   Bath Rooms.
Modern Sanitary Arrangments!
/   4
The Only Hotel in Town HeateJ    )    j
COCKLE & PAPWORTH, Proprietors,
Kates $2.50 and $3.00 Per Day.
\ i
Free Sample Rooms.   I
Following arc the nre shipments for thoweok
ending Nov.iWiOver the Knslo & Slocan Ey:
Mine.                   Destination,                  Tons.
Kutli   ruelilo  60
Payne Pueblo 450
Whin Uhut Everett 234
Ktith Everett  '.Iii
Slocan Star Omaha  90
Lucky Jim Pilot Hav 480
Last Chance..!.. I'neblo  20
Last Chance Aurora  20
Keen        Denver  19
Texas Kaslo  IH
Itcil Pox  ..Kaslo    6
Total tons  1497
From July i, 1B97, to November25,the leading
mines ut the Blocan region have snipped over
the Kuslo ,V Slocan Railway for water transpor-
liilinn from Kitsln. as follows:
Blocan star*	
Noble five*	
Washington**.. .
(treat Western..
Lucky Jim	
Last chance	
Thus. Mino. Tous.
0,982 Surprise      fm
4,280 Sloean Hoy       7.i
���J,3s? Aiux.
680 wonderful	
.Vis American Hoy.
46G Red Pox	
812 Aiitoine	
IDS Freddie Lee....
ioj Qoodenough....
080 Best	
07 liceo	
* Concentrates.
The following is a statement of ore shipments over the Nakusp �� glocanbranch of the
Cf P. R. from Sandon, Three fork" and Rosebery since July 1st, not Included in Ihe foregoing.   All was shipped to Omaha:
Mine. Tons. Mine. Tons.
|Idaho     806 Reco  |.'i07
islncunjjtar     l,',nu|Entorprl8C ��� 100
New York, Nuv.'.r>.���Silver, 68W5
Copper���Pull; brokers' price, $10,05(910.76.
���Lead ��� Strong; brokers' price, fS.GO; exchange,
.Following ts a table of the leading slocked
"lining companies of the Blocan and Ainsworth
mining divisions;
No. of
Par   j.Market
Value    Value
1'ay nc	
sloean Star	
Noble Five	
Great Western	
American Hoy	
St. Keverne	
Idler I
London mil i
Black Diamond	
$No stock on thc market.
Of Ihe foregoing, the following have paid div
i fiends as follows:
slo'ciin Star	
.shmski Noble Five..
fio.oiHi Qoodenough.
200,000 Washington.
In.nt in Surprise
Besides the foregoing, other mines, unstock-
���il, have paid dividends hs follows:
Idaho s5~l.'i2jiiHiiLast Chance...      to.uou
V\ bitewatcr ...      M.OO0 Autolnc       85,000
siiieuiiHov,    .      _____ Monitor       16,000
Following ls a comparative statement of ore
shipped from parts of the Blocan and Ainsworth
mining districts, passing through the custom
bouse at Kaslo for the five recorded months of
ixii.'i, Hllof IKtsi mui the llrst'.) mouths of 1807:
Y���s,r Gross Weight   dross Valueof
lB of tire in Lbs.   Ore In Dollars
1895 (6 months),.,,. 2,_o_,HW) t   114,641
lHiHi (IJ months).,..        28,844,624 l.llt.lir,
1897 [9 months)         47 18.1.1105 1,888,440
IWberi  no consideration is  mentioned thc
t>ti|nlnal sum of ��1 is underslood.l
November 20--
Crown Point south of Pilot Bay,'., interest,
Wm. Dun iy to Geo. Doyle.
November 28���
Lucky Find and Diamond Jubilee on Woodbury creek, II. croft to J. c. Flanders, trustee.
November 84���
Kootenay Queen and Blocan Chief No. io on
south Fork.Hilnt.sF. LoOastoto F..i.Finuoanc.
Permit oi Gold Commissioner to Victoria M._
D. Co. to relocalc .Moonshine, nr town of Lardo.
November 17���
Monarch by LeanderShaw and fl. M.Parsons,
thn west of Kootenay lake.
Black Hear by C. Noel at head of La France
Pilot by D. Grant on Woodbury creek.
November 22���
Ce-il Rhodes by M. Dcs Brisav on Boulder
ereek, being relocation of Lake View.
Black Bear by T. H, Mcl'herson near same bj-
iug relocation of Royal Arthur.
November 23���
Home fraction by Robt. Forbes,  Im  west of
Alnswortli, oeing relocation of Bright.
November 24���
Swamp Angel No. 2 fraction byT. J.Lendrum,
'., m west of Kootenay lake.
"Moonshine by Victoria M. Si I). Co. near town
of Lardo on Kootenay lake.
November 1(1���
Emerald Hill by R. E. Brown and R. Ewart.
November 22���
.Morning Star by J. H. Byrn.
Falls View by B.C. Wing.
Parrot by J. C. Ryan.
Katie L. by J. W. Quinn.
Coin by E. C. Dumas.
The News Is  read  by  all   well  informed people in Kaslo,
Parlor Furniture
Bed Room Sets. Dining Room Sets.
Kitchen Furniture.
Window Shades, Portiers, Ftc.
Roll Top Desks
Office Chairs.
And in order to get it wo wll). sell at a Sacrifice for one month a'l articles
at cost and some below.   .
New Rattan
Goods Just In.
Actions speak louder than words.   An examination of our prices will prove
tho truth of our assortlon.
Owen & Stevenson, Kasfo, B. C.
A Correspondent  Urge*  the   Attracting
of Pleasure Bookers Iliilicr.
Editor News:���If you can alTord the
space, permit me to call thc attention
of the public at large, or rather that
portion which reside in West Kootenay
to the importance of making some
preparations towards diverting the
stream of tourists'whieh annually cross
the continent on health and pleasure
bent, this way.
A little agitation on the subject and
way and means may be devised whereby a considerable portion of these
sight-seeing and money-spending people would pass over the different railway and steamer Hues, visiting the
many towns and points of interest.
There are few sections of the globe
where grander scenery can be viewed.
Few places can be found where the climate is better in the proper seasons,
and as for health, where can the life
giving force of nature to bo found hero
be eclipsed?
From a financial point of view, tour-
iKt travel, through a country liko this
is not only a mine of wealth but a mint.
Every one participates in the benefits,
from thc humblest boot-black to the
wealthy merchant.
Many tourists are liable to Investigate the resources ol a country through
which they are traveling and make investments.
Surely there Is overyt hlng here for
their amusement or diversion that a
beneficient nature could bestow.
Should they tire of scenery they can
can visit mines, concentrators and
smelters, all of which would be instructive and entertaining.
The matter of transportation Is settled. The country is now almost a net
work of railways. Palatial and swift
steamers ply the lakes and rivers.
Handsome and well furnished hotels
exist in every town and city, so wha t
Is to prevent the proper effort being
put forth so as to secure this floating
population and profit by its wealth each
The method of securing It is simple.
Advertise by the proper means���pamphlets and folders distributed at
places where they will meet the eye of
pleasure seekers.   Kaslo  now  has  a
board of trado���should they not take
the Initiative? There is sufficient literary talent in the country to prepare
the descriptive matter.
The expense, oh yes, the expense,
this matter must not be overlooked.
Tho transportation companies get the
first and last benefits from the tourists.
They bring them into the country and
they take them out. These corporations would most assuredly "assist if approached properly. Hotel proprietors
are the next beneficiaries, they are
naturally helps; bo on along the  line.
I offer these as suggestions and start
the ball. Will others koop it rolling?
Randalll H. Kemp.
Takou, Not Yukon.
A typographical error in Charlie
Wright's Telegraph creek letter last
week, which escaped the attention of
the proof reader made a sentence read
the "Yukon route strikes the Teslin
lake at the samo point as this trail, but
from what 1 can hear, the Yukon Inlet
will give a good doal of trouble." The
indulgent reader will please substitute
Takott for Yukon, in the above and thus
straighten out the geographical kinks.
Tlie proof reader has helped load ice
on a steamer in Takou inlet In July
and ought to be sent below to shovel
coal for his ogrogioiis blunder. Our
informant furnishing the correspondence says: "There is no Inlet that I
know of called Yukon Inlet. A great
many routes exist to the< Yukon: the
Skaguay, the Chilcoot, the Dalton trail
and the St.Michael's,(whichcouldmoBt
properly bo called the Yukon route,)
the Fort Edmonton, and tho Takou following up the inlet and river of that
name. This latter one has beon examined by a company of railway engineers and favorably reported upon. . It
is however unfavorably spoken of by
Mr. Ogilvle on account of the number
of living glaciers, which often extend
to the foot of the mountains, soraotimes
discharging into the salt water, and
render the construction along their
foot  an Impossibility."
Have Been Well Treated Notwithstanding
Reports to tlie Contrary.
Toronto, Nov. If).���The Mall prints a
special from Lethbridge denying the
truth of the charges of unfair treatment of navvies on the Crow's Nest
Pass railway. Only a few men from
the neighborhood i f Ottawa claim to
be in any way misled, and these were
apparently misled by an unauthorized
agent. Some English immigrants of
the clerk class, atiJ unused to manual
labor, came there and being overtaken
by sickness, Manager of Construction
Planey sent them back Kast free. The
correspondent denies lhat there is any
truth in the story of slavery and oppression.
Read the News aud get the news.
K.iiic.  csia'I'i.ta   tl'l.t'lsC-
HIS HONOIK the Lloutciiant-Covernnr has
boen pleased to  innke the   following spit mollis:
'.".ith October, 1S97.
.IOHN F. II. ROGERS, (if the  City of Kiwlo,
Enquire, M. II., to be n Coronur within and  fur
the Ainsworth  Mining   Division   of  the Went
Kootenny Electoral Dlntrlet.
fith November, 1H97.
HAMILTON BYERS, of the (.'Ity of Ka��lo,
Esquire, to bo a Member of tin) Hoard of Licence Commissioners and a Mum ber of the
Hoard of Commissioners of Police for the Hald
lyLucyMiueral Clalm.sltuate In theAinnworth
Mining Division of Wont Kooteniiv District.
Where located: On tho west side of Kootenay lake Joining the west sldo line of the Spokane aud coincident with tho name.
Take notice that I, S. P. Tuck, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 97,38., acting as agent for E. R.
Wlngate, Free Minor's Certflicate No. 44.r>8A, Intend, hixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,tor the purpose of obtaining a
Crown arant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of October, 1897.
\j King Solomon Mineral Claim situate ln
the Ainsworth Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: On the west side of Kootenay lake In the vicinity of Loon lake.
Take notice thai I, 8. P. Tuck, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 97,382, acting as agent for The
King Solomon Consolidated Mining Company,
Free Minor's Certificate No. 97,842, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of suoh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 21st day ot October, 1897.
189(1" (SECTION 101),
\TOTICE Is hereby given that His Honour the
ll Lieutenant-Governor in Council Im* been
pleased to repeal the regulation of Ihe lit, day
of December, 1896, with regard to relief ti.llllst
forfeiture owing to tho lapse of a Free Minor's Certificate heretoforo in force, i nd to
make the following regulation ln respect
thereof, such repeal and now regulation tn
take effect ou the iSth Hay of Novenf.
oer, 1897.
Any person or Joint stock company, lielng the
holder of any nifiilng property, desiring relief
against the forfeiture of his or Its Interest in
such property by reason of an omission lo obtain a new free miner's certificate on or before
the day following the expiration of the
certificate, shall observe the following conditions:
1. Forthwith upon ascertaining tho uxpirv
of his certificate obtain a new one:
2. At the time of obtaining such new certificate file with the Recorder Issuing Ihe same,
and post In the Record Office, a notice of his intention to apply for relief:
3. Within 30 dayB from such filing, transmit
to the Minister of Mines tho following ilocu-'
inents and fee:..
la.l A statutory declaration setting forth
the circumstances   of   such   omission, wiil,
full particulars of tho mining properties held
by the applicant which would lie affected wilh
lb.] A certificate under the hand of the Hold
Commissioner or Mining Recorder of each division wherein any of the said properties Is
situate, that notice has been posted, and that
no records [other than those mentioned In the
said certificate, if any) i.dverse to tho appll
cant's Interest In the said properties have been
made by hlm during the time lu which tho
said applicant was not in possession of a valid
existing free minor's certffleate:
[c] A declaration by tho ajipllcanl, or his
agent duly cognisant of the location on the
ground of tho applicant's properties, and thc
other facts affecting tho case, that ho has
searched thc records of claims recorded
during the Interval the applicant was ln
dofault, aud thai such claims do nol [except as may be therein stated! cnnlilct with
or overlap any of tho properties of the applicant:
f.d.1   Tho sum of live dollars.
Tho Minister of Mines may thereupon< give
Instructions for tbe alteration of the ijate
of the applicant's freo minor's certificate so as
to conform with tho date of the expiration of
the lapsed certificate, and may also give instruction, for suoh amendment to be made to
the reeords affected as may bo considered
requisite, and any such relief maj- be partial as
to properties in respect whereof relief ls given,
or so as to save adverse rights acquired during
default of the applicant.
'        ,    , ,��� _JAMES UAKER,
Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines.
Five Advertising Points.
It ts as easy lo spoil a good ad as It ls difficult
to write one.
Poor advertising succeeds oftencr than good
advertising fails.
Genial warmth ln an advertisement will thaw
out the purses of readers.
Change the advertisement often and each
time let it be a change for the better.
Time Is economy, but the people who have
most time km least money, and those who
have most money have least time: so concentration is necessary in an advertisement.


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