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The Kaslo Morning News Jul 3, 1898

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{fs&Z^tt-e**^   ~
\ Not only docs the bent watch re- <
V pairing In town, but finds healso��
Kdoes tbo best that is done'n lownlt
1)   OPPOSITE: POSTOFrll E.   t{
)aT!t\~\ ti you cannot see (\ <i
r\ H M to read without* / c<
*>, i\ I'i I'I! tirlnRtheKVES; 0 ((
1 KILlLlj you jihould have!      ���     it,
V      ' mo fit tlirm with        *"    it
)t a pair of glasses, o..strutlicurn. <
NO. 58.
Editor News���Now that both sides
havo been fairly heard from at their
own meetings it is possible to draw
fair and just conclusions as to what we
have-to choose between. What have
wo seen? X)n the one hand the Premier, most undoubtedly a very able
man, as even his opponents have had
to admit in their local organ, has euinc
forward and given a plain and full account of all his actions, and the reasons therefor. DTho small details and
dilliculties arising on all sides of all
questions, and of wliich the public,
which does not closely fellow parliamentary debates and reports, nevel
oven hoars or conceives, have been
fully shown to us v. itli the con Hie*, ing
bearings they have had on each case,
Mr. Retallack has spoken on all occasions as a sensible and forcible man
of sound business ability. Thu Premier, his supporter, and friendly organs have pinned and exposed lie after
lis of tbe Opposition fault-finders. Mis-
representation, exaggeration, misleading and cowardly Insinuation���these
have been prove! beyond, doubt to be
the weapons upon which they rely to
cut their way to c Bice and thc gratification of self-interests
Mr. Clill'o has been marie to look absolutely sick upon tiie very platform
from wbicb he gavi forth his baseless
and fraudulent statements. Mr. Kellie
has beon taught that his was not a
a three-eard-Mnri- -man's chance of a
lifetime to dupe I he public; whilst Mr.
Carney, with tan s of blighted social
ambition and cowardly iiuiondos, has
l��ft an evil taste in the mouths of hit*
auditors wherever he has been, an?.
proved to all lovers of decency and fair
play tho excellent discernment displayed by Mr. Retallack in refusing to
associate with blm in the past.
Mr. Green, the c'uiof, has given such
a display of weakness, incapacity to
rise to'the occasion, inability of competent criticism of his opponents, together with such sinister llashos of unami-
ahility, petty malice and narrow-mindedness of a most significant and unpromising nature, as to stir more to
pity than to disgust.
Tho gang���thore is really no other
word for them���that havo followed liim
and thoir barbarous behaviour and
Whitochapol manners havo done him
no good either, and his decent well-
wishers have sat shamed and silent in
their midst.
A man is known by his company,
and Mr.Greeu may well exclaim,"Save
me from my friends I"
And those!���theso are the men to
whom wo are asked to entrust the government of our Province and tho special interests of one of its most important mining districts!
Kaslo Citizen-
An Error in Judgement Caused Heavy Aiiian Losses���Th-r
are Unknown.
Siting Was Probably fail. Yesterday, bat No
���France, Germany ,iiid lte!< \;fm
Report iire at Hand
Washington, .Inly 2.���Gen.  Shatter I ���*��� ��������"��� Hae* in Old Quarter.,
yesterday estimated the low of Ameiv The water of the lake has sufficient-
leans at about 100. It seems from the , ���,��� ,..,.._;vli s0 that after thc train leaves
following despatch from Shatter today t_,t_ morning, Depot Master Walsh
that the estimates given in later de-- j wiU ho moved back t0 hU ola ,_lUirU,rs
patches as 1,000, is nearer the mark.      j iu Ule K, & g. do|)0t^   where  .,;; tn|iiD8
"Ifearl have  underestimated yes- wlll thereafter arrive and de] irt.
terday's fatalities.   A large hospital!
ship BhoUld he sent at once   t,o care for
Gaiidanr still Champion
the wounded.   Tho ship surgeon   lay ���
that be has use for 40 more medical of-
Boars.   The Spanish Hoot did heavy execution :<n.ohfe loo .uneWcan Li'oo;.*'.      jtpn   Iw.the   world's    championship,
The war department iifcofrIn posses- Cftuawv    won,    Johnson    becoming
sion al this hour of any information to!f0l,lei1 in dl'ift ��J^ nnd  *3��wS��i��  ->��
show that. Hub t:n_- at Santiago has been | isbed aloiio, awaiting the   judge's   de-
resitnicd today, but believes Mich to be ' cl*l0n*
the fact.
Concentrator Resolution Passcd-Mfcet
Again Tomorrow Night.
At a called meeting last nlghi of tbe
Lardo-Duncan   association,   President
Buchanan presiding, I the srg.'i.'.-'.t'an
Vancouver, July 2.-In   the   rowing | ()f .].lmes M,,K- AnJ,,��,,���,   t;,,   ronow.
ace today between Gaudanr and John- j in(.  Bel.-e_*planatory    preamble    aad
resolution wore adopted:   '
iWboreas, Large bodies of
Ktiinorotl liitoi'l'oi'eiict' nt PhiliiapJuea.
Berlin, July 2.���From reliable
sources comes the statement that Germany, Franco and ltussia havo reached
an understanding to interfere at the
Philippines, whon hostilities cease, to
prevent the 17. S. or Groat Britain
from gaining possession of the whole
of them.
Mr. KetallucK'a Sleeting Tomorrow Night
Remember Mr. Retallaok's  meeting
tomorrow night. This will he the last
time he will speak in Kaslo before the
Does to Whlti'wut.r.
Sam Schwander will give a gold
ring, worth $20 to any one who can
produce a watch thnt he cannot put in
perfect order. He cm be found at the
Kaslo Drug store. Call and see
bim. *
Advertise in-the News.   It pays
Wm. Meadows, tho fruit dealer, goes
to Whitewater this morning and removes his stock and business tliere.
Tho Whitewater poople will lind Mr.
Meadows to be enterprising and ac-
accotnmodatlng, and worthy of thoir
Mr.  Rotulliirk's Whitewater Meeting'
About 00 people attended the mooting at Wbitowater Friday evening at
which Messrs. Retallack and Buchanan spoke. They each occupied about
forty minutes and were listened to with
much interest. Whitewater will be almost solid for Retallack next Saturday.
At thq, Methodist church, Rev. J. A.
Wood will speak morning and evening.
Tbe evening subjeot wlll be one appropriate to the times, viz: "Man,
Money and Politics."
Items of Interest (o thc Citizen, of Kaslo, 0t>
wrriog Here mid There.
Alderman D. W.  Moore's condition
was decidedly improved yesterday.
Lt. L. Rickcrs of the Kaslo grocery
is confined to his homo with an attack
of rheumatism.
Try Wm. Letcher's boat house at
foot of Third street today if you wish
to enjoy n good row on the lake.
An itinerant violinist named Rice,
mado up to impersonate Icabod Crane,
is doing Kaslo, giving street performances, a
Tho only Kaslo winners at Nolson on
Friday wero Mrs. Alexander and Mrs.
Leslie who won tho Indies' doubles iu
a private tournament.
Mr. Kctiilluck's Muetlngs.
Mr. Retallack will attend Mr.
Green's meeting tonight at Whitewater, after which his dates will be as
Kaslo���Monday, July 4.
Ainsworth���Tuesday, July 5.
Pilot Bay and Balfour���Wednesday,
July 0.
Slocan City���Thursday, July 7.
Sandon���Friday, July 8.
Advertise In tbe News.   It pays.
lead, ill.-
vor, copper and gold ore suitable to.'
concentrating aro known to exist within tho limits embraced by tho Lardo-
Dunoan Association: and.
Whereas, There Is an abundance of
water power for operating   conci
ors in any part of the region, espec illy on Howser, Bear, EaBt��Hall,   0 tin"
ill, Glacier and Summit creeks; and,
Whereas, Larger capital   wc li
required  to 'develop  these   localities
separately than by co-operation; therefore be it
Resolved, That (his association looks
with favor upon the proposition of
Hugh Sutherland, representing the
Oro Reduction Co. of London,England,
to erect concentrating works, tramways and other facilities for handling
and concentrating ore and entering into contract with the mino owners lor
the same, and believes that there is a
profitable field for the employment of a
largo amount of capital in such an . n
terprise in tho Lardo-Dunoan region.
It boing desired by some to have arrangements mado for expenditure of
more money of tho present government
works on the west side of tho river, the
following resolution moved by Mr. Mi-
Ann, seconded by Mr. Anderson, was
Resolved, That a meeting of this association bo called for 8:30 p. m., Monday, the 4th inst., and that tho chairman request Mr. O. G. Dennis, gold
commissioner, to be present to hear
members of the Association in regard
to the expenditure of a certain amount
of the appropriation lately made by the
Government for the Lardo-Duncan
Capt. Rogers of the steamer Duns-
muir, plying between Vancouver and
Victoria, is in town.
Our Boys Get tlie Worst oF It Again
at Nelson.
A disgusted lot of firemen returned
from Nolson last night, sorry tha'. they
hadn't returned Friday night and sorrier still that they had gono down to
the Nelson celebration in the lirst
When the time came for the wet
test race yesterday the team drew for
order of racing. Nelson drew ticket
Xo. 1, Rossland No. 2, and as there
was only ono ticket left, Chief Fletcher
didn't take the trouble to catch it us
the man who held the hat turned it
over nud let thc ticket fall to tho
ground. This was afterwardjAaken
advantago of to enter tt r^ against
tho Kaslo team's 'I ���
t1 hoys didn't know il -^^mW\
all standing in position to run, when
the i'ooh Bah of Nelson informed
them that they were out of V. On boing asked why, he   said that the Kaslo
team* had refused to draw for place and
that tho only kind of a race   that  th
could be permitted, to givo was ao
nibition one.
Several   prominent  Nelson   cili sei
immediately got up a purse oi WOO an '
offered it to our boys to give un   exhibition run but tho olfor   wus   dttclll
with thanks.    Tho Nelson peoplo as  a
whole arc said to feel  very   soro   over
the   black   eye   that   this offiolal ha
given their city for a   good   name   for
fair play,   much   less   for  hospitality.
This  gentleman (God save llic mark.:,
is said to have been angry, beoaua ���   ui
b ]    questioned tho  propriety  of   hit
acting alone as time  keeper, and
took this revenge.
Rossland won tho race, gctti Ig ���: .;'.
in 33 2-5 Beconds.   Nelson's   tlin i   ���>
34 1-5,   Kaslo's time here on May 34l
was 33���at least that was the  tie
given that day with the Nelson
although first -iaid to have boon  ':.';
al ',:'.*-;}.
Tho Dill-Thompson race was ao. i
eithor, Thompson Still staying back
Tenders AVantetl.
Sealed tenders, so marked,   trill
received at the offloe of the City < "���
'aslo, Ets O., up to 8 p.   m.   '
1806, for tho building of aCU.   !
the said city.   Plans and speolflci
to bo seen at tho otlice of tin l !itj' I
Kaslo. and at  the   office of   Bwari
Carrie, Architects, Nelson, B  '���'    '���
muBt bo accompanied wilh  a   ceri
check of not less than fivo per  nam.
tho total bid.   Lowest or  am   tt
not necessarily accepted.
By order of
Public Works Committ--
Try the table at the Davis  Ti
See adv
%U     ._
For best rooms with or without   i.   * '
try the Davis House.   See adv.
A nice chicken dinner will be
at the Queen Restaurant, Sund/i
Cfinifirtl .tn 111m Wuy to Mnnllii, Spuln
Kendy   fur   1'iiiiliee   slii|ts.
Tii.' OrfKon on,* of the snips to Start
for flit* SpiiulHli Count���W'utNOii in
t'oiiuiiuml of Ills- "13iiNtei-it Stitintl-
ron"���Si\ slif|iH nntl Three Colliers
Washington, June 27.���The navy department at 11:13 posted the following
"Commodore Watson sails today in tho
Newark tn join Admiral Sampson at San-
tiago, where he "ill take under his command an armored Bquadron uf cruisers
mid proceed at once oil' Ihc Spanish
Thc squadron is designated as the
"Eastern squadron," and is as follows;
Flagship Newark, battleships Iowa ami
Oregon, cruisers Vosemite. Yankee nnd
I *Ni<*. and colliers Scandia, Aberenda and
Alexander, The advance will he made at
once from Santiago.
Bulletins also show- the following
changes in the designation of divisions
of our war vessels: North Atlantic Heel,
Hear Admiral Sampson commanding-
First squadron, Commodore Howell commanding; Second squadron, Commodore
Schley commanding; naval base. Key
West, Commodore Remey commanding.
Camara at  Port Bald,
Madrid, .lune 27.���A dispatch has been
received from Admiral Camara announcing his arrival at Port Said. He adds
that the ships under his command had a
"capital voyage." and averaged a sjieed of
10 miles per hour.
It was announced here (his afternoon
that ('annua had been ordered to proceed
through the Suez canal with the warships
under _is**4ammand.
*HU.n Bluff,
New   v"'bB| BL   ''      The Journal's
��� mi.-|...ii.|i-H H.iini cables thai the
Spanish jiiiHB to Italy said today
Ilii- cruise i.l^bwt ,,,\i/ lleet ill llic Mediterranean is only a ruse and thoy will
soon return to I'adi/.
Uets **<. Coals
l'ort Said. June 27. -Upon application
of the  United  Sialic  euiisiil  here, orders
have been issued forbidding tho coaling
at this port of Camara's fleet until further orders.
Km pi   Hel'iiNcd.
New Vork, June 27.   A dispatch to the
Tribune from Cairo.  Bgypt, says:   Admiral Camara has asked to be allowed lo
purchase 10,000 Ions of coal for the Spun- j
Ish   licet   at   Port   Said,  lint   the  Egyptian!
govornment refuses to permit the ships
to coal iu Egyptian waters.   Pending de-1
liberations,   which   are   likely   to   last   a i
long lime, the lleet intends to remain at1
Port  Said.
Bound im- lan  PronoI*co.
New Vork. .lime 27.    A dispatoh lo the
Tribune  from   Port   Said   says;   Admiral
Camara has made extensive arrangements
lor coaling  his ships In  ihe  lied sea and |
Indian ocean.   Trustworthy information!
leads in the belief that the true objective
point of Camaia's Heel is not .Manila, but !
Hawaii and finally San Francisco.
Proceeds Today.
London, June 27, A Madrid dispatch,
say- the minister of marine made the1
statement that Admiral Camaia's squad-1
roll   will   leave   l'orl   Said   today   lor   Ihc ,
Philippines.    He  believes  the  squadron
powerful enough to defeat   Dewey.
SiimiNtn'H  \e\v   Selieiiie.
London,  .lune  27.    A   special   dispatch
from   Madrid   says   Premier   Sagasta   Is I
planning to provoke a crisis, form a mon-1
archical   ministry,   proclaim   tha   whole
peninsula in a state of siege, and appeal J
lo a friendly nation, probably Prance or
Russia, to secure terms of pence.
Rein force Paerto Rico.
London, .lune .7.    A  Madrid dispatch!
thin afternoon says  the  Spanish  government is actively preparing t��� dispatch re I
infoieeinents lo Puerto Hico by me first!
available tran-tmrtatioii.
Port Said, June 27.���Admiral Camara's
squadron is in the harbor awaiting orders. It consists of the battleship I'elayo (Admiral Camara's flagship), the
iron clad Emperador Carlos Quintos, two
armored cruisers, three torpedo boats and
five transports carrying 40(10 troops.
(l'ort Said is at the northern entrance
to the Suez canal.)
London, June 27.���Lloyd's agent at
Port .Said telegraphs that the .squadron
consists of thc    battleship    I'elayo,  the
armored cruiser Emperador Carlos Quin*
tos, the torpedo boat destroyers Osado,
Audaz and Prosperina, the transports
Patriots, Buenos Ayres and Isla de Spana
y Colon, and the auxiliary cruisers Cova-
donga, Rapida and San Francisco.
Xo Surprise nt .Mmlrlil.
Madrid, June 27.���5 p. m.-���The arrival
of the Spanish fleet at l'ort Said causes
no surprise here, Admiral Camilla having
announced  that  he  was  going    to     the
The threat of the American government to attack the Spanish coast has had
no effect, A third squadron is prepared
for the defense of the coast. A memlier
of the cabinet, in an interview today,
said : ''i^'t them come. We will receive
them as they deserve.''
Captain    lieneral     Blanco
President    of    tlie    Ves    Perec   Tribe
Demi���baffffe   Cheek   Closes    Famous.   .Mlllliiyr  t'UHC���Vru   IlolldN  ill
llcniiinil���Settle iii Fruit Trees.
Seattle carpenters have taken steps to
unionize all carpenter shops in that city.
J. W. Batcheller has named a new variety  of strawberries the  Admiral  Dewey.
(In Tuesday the Baker Buyer bank of
Walla Waiia had tails amounting to .$:)(!,-
000 for war bonds.
The ordinance to prohibit cows running
at large in Port Townsend was defeated
in the council by a tie vote.
Kev. (i. W. Morrison, pastor of thc
United Presbyterian church of Oakesdale
will preach his farewell sermon Sunday
morning. He has been transferred to
Northern India.
Fruit Inspector Chew reports finding
many trees infested with lae scale in
Walla   Walla  county
A respectable young woman of Walla
Walla was assaulted on the street at 2
o'clock Tuesday morning. Two men attacked   her,  but  she   managed   to  break
. , ,     away from them. She was going lo call
telegraphs !,',____, ,      ,    ,   ,
,       n ______    , ��   r     a  doctor tor her sister, who had  been
fnun tulia that the American troops en-I,,        ...
gagetl  in the Santiago combat  were the I      .   .  , .     ,  , _ ,,..,
"Twelfth     and     Seventh   infantrv,   four I     A   ���"'"���f*'.11 "f ,","   iTV,
mounted squadrons of the first cavalry, l10"  by United fs,a,,'s *U"'sl'"1  Idc ll"'
four squadrons of tha Twelfth and eight ?,oun(:ea ,lml  ""' -"',">,al 1'I'l*'"I"i'*t"*�� :
bodies of regular troops." biu l'im"'s 'vltl* il "" allowance of 96000
The Americans, Blanco's dispatch Bays,  for n'lmi's ��" the United Slall's P*W��t����-
had 12 killed, including a captain.   The' twr.v "" McNeil's island.
Spanish losses are not announced. ',"1""  Powell,  formerly   school  clerk  oil
Preparin** for BventoallUes.        I Mount v|'���<m- ha* 1"','�� *���<*���*��� '������" ���>*''������ '���' j
$15110  bail  for raising  a   school   warrant
Madrid. June
-o p. m.
the  American   threat to  send  a   lleet  to
the  peninsula,  the government deems  it :
advisable to be prepared for eventualities,.
The lights at certain ports have lieen extinguished, torpedoes have been prepared
and additional guns have been mounted.,
Tlie government has prohibited Ihe dis- '���
patch of telegrams from Cuba announcing the arrival of vessels which have i
"forced the blockade."    The queen regent!
from   (14.30  to  $04.30,
: bonds  he   went   to jail.
I u default of
Powell  was  ar-
rested  ill  Michigan.
The long-lalkcd-of road from I Ira ill's
Pass to the (lalice creek mines will probably be an accomplished  fact before long.
The citizens of Grant's Pass have contributed sufficient funds, so that, with some
assistance from the county court, the
thoroughfare can be constructed.   It. "ill
has   .sanctioned    the
measures prove of much advantage,
which  were adopted by Ihe eortes.
Cairo, June 27.���Admiral Camara has
not yet asked permission to coal at Port
lloiiHon  Palled  to Cork  the Bottle-
Hcssitrtls   tiii.l   Tliniikss.
New York, .lune 27.    A dispatch lo lh
Herald from Port Antonio says:
While ilie dynamite cruiser Vesuviu
was making observations along Ihe inner   wagon and  horses were precipitated  into
the   waler.    One   horse   esciipeil.   bul   Ihc
.fter Ihe ball game in Seattle Sunday
ii bile standing on a sheet corner talking i
to a  friend,  Umpire  Mclneiny  wa.s assaulted by a well-dressed man, who hud'
been drinking, and  was  evidently angry'
mer the  result  of the game.  Mr.  Meln-
emv defended himself vigorously, and had
S shade the best of Ihe argument. No arrests were made.
Phil   Dressier and  Hav  Whealon   were,
riding in a lumber wagon across the Wilson creek bridge al   Willapa one day  last:
week, when   the stringers broke, and  Ihe
able amount of camp equipage. Mr.
I'ayne and crew will spend the summer
between Pend d'Oreille river and Priest
lake iu the work of appraising such portions of thc Northern Pacific timber lands
as are surveyed and accepted. With this
work completed tlie valuable timber on
these  lands  will  he  available.
Charles P. Egan has been appointed to
a generalship in the army. General Egan
is the man who for some lime past has
advocated the enlistment of professional
cooks as a part of the army service. General Egan was a pioneer of the Inland
California volunteers in 18(12, being a lieu
tenant, ln the early '00's he was'married
lo Miss Emma Johnson, daughter of Captain Johnson, then proprietor of the hotel
at Lewiston, Idaho. During his slay in
the northwest General Egan aided in
quelling   several   Indian   uprisings.
Hon. Jumes Reuben, one of the most,
widely known of the Nez I'erce tribe,
died last week, at the agency at Lapwui.
A few weeks since Mr. Reuben left Genesee en route to the agency, when his
horse threw him. He landed in a barb
wire fence, horribly lacerating one of his
legs. He was, during the Nez I'erce outbreak in the '70s, a scout for the whites
during ihe entile engagement, and received several wounds. At the time of
his death he was what is termed president
of the tribe. He was educated at Carlisle. Pa., and was the best educated full-
blooded Indian of the tribe. He was 44
years of age anil during his career has
figured prominently in all happenings on
the reservation -both good and bad. His
death raises to the position of president
of the tribe. Billy McFurland. Judge
Stephen Reuben will succeed McEailaud
as lirst vice president.
Contractors    Dolan &  Hanunel   have
been awarded the contract for the erection of the new Deer Lodge county court
house anil  jail, fur the sum  of (96,760.
Perry Silvey has purchased the Helgate
ranch three miles east of .Missoula for
$1000. II. consists of 20 acres of well
Improved land, with line young orchard
and a good  house and outbuildings.
Deer are quite numerous and  iu  some
places are damaging gardens near  I.ibby,
but  the  law gives them the privilege of
roaming at will and  they  are
molested.      The game law  is being
Roosevelt** HoukIi  Kldern nnd l.eic-
itInr   (iivnlrv     Charge     Into     the
���iruxii���Put  Spaniards to fiikIiI���
Ten    Wounded    Will    Die���Society
Men Killed.
On   Hoard   the  Associated   Press  Boat
He came to Fort Lapwai in the j Wanda, off Jtuugua, June 24, via Playn
del Este. Cuba, June 25.���This morning
(Friday) four troops of the First cavalry,
four troops of the Tenth cavaliy and
eight troops of Roosevelt's Hough Riders,
less than 1000 men in all, dismounted
and tittaeked 2000 Spanish soldiers in tin.,
thickets within five miles of Santiago do
Culm. Thc Americana beat the enemy
back into the city, but left. 1.3 dead upon
the field. Of the .50 wounded 10 will die.
The dead nre: Hough Riders-*!"aptain
Allyn K. ('apron, Troop L; Sergeant
Hamilton Fish, jr.* Private Tillman.
Troop L; Private Dawson, Troop L; Pii-
j vate Dougherty, Troop A; Private \V. F.
j Envin.'Troop F.   First cavalry��� Private *
j Dix,  Private  Vork, Private  llejork,  Private Kolbe, Private Berlin, Private Len-
) mock. Tenth cavalry���Corporal White.
At least 50 Americana were wounded,
including six ollicers. The ollicers wounded were: Major Brodie, shot through the
right forearm| Captain McC'lintock, Troop
li, shot through the right leg; Lieutenant
.1. R. Thomas, Troop L, shot through the
right leg. His condition is serious. All
the foregoing ollicers are Rough Riders.
Other ollicers who were wounded are:
Captain Knox, whose condition is serious; Major Hell. Lieutenant George L.
Hiram. These officers are of the First
The   following are among  tne  so
who were wounded: Rough
Troop P. Privates M. Hill,
Fishier.      M.     s.     Newcomb,
N*.      Brale.      Corporal       Rhodes;
E ��� Corporal      Bean,     Privates
Booth, W.  Bert, Chartley, Dalit
v,   Hal-
o. Atherton, Clifford Heed. Ser*
*\V. Arringo:  Troop (.'--Sergeant
F.   Ca va na ugh.   Corporal    L.    L.
Privates (ieotge. Rowland, H. J.
-Michael Coyle,  R.  M.  Reid, M.
served to the letter in this section. i nusselli Troop L���-Privates J. lt. Kean.
in payment for'1"1"1 ''��� Dei nap. Thomas F. Meagher, E,l-
the   famous i "aid  Culvers,  Nathaniel   P.   Poe.    Tenth
vers.   E.
jgeant G.
n..t being;Stswart,
,1,. I Haefner.
! Hus
A cheek for $41,222.22,
judgment  with  Interest
Itlackrock-Niagara mining suit, has been
cavalry:     Troop     I!
\enrl>   Rends   for Sen.
San Francisco. June 27. -All the transport* of the third Manila expedition ex
cepi the Valencia are now in readiness
to sail al a moment's notice, having their
troops and supplies on board.    Work on
the Valencia is not yet completed and
she may delay the departure of Ine of her
ships until Tuesday. That the vessels
will all leave together was made evident
when the First Dakota regiment was ordered to break camp .Monday morning
lyul march on board the Valencia. The
exact time of the sailing of the lleet will!
not be known until after a conference be-1
tween Generals MaeArthur and Merritt.
when they expect to have positive orders
from Washington.
Mnnllii   Heller   Overdue.
Manila. .Tune 83, via Hong Kong. June
27.���Up to the time this dispatch is sent,
the trans|>orts from San Francisco having on board the American troops intended to reinforce Admiral Dewey have not
arrived here, and there is no change in
the situation.
The insurgents nave not, made any further advance, and the Spaniards have
been continuing t|fe construction of sand
bank fortifications und the planting of
sharpened bamboos around Manila, for
the purpose of stopping the insurgents'
Tho papers here continue appealing to
the natives to come to the assistance of
Toronto printers have made a demand
for th eight hour day.
harbor of Santiago a few nights ago. ample evidence was discovered thai the
sunken collier .Merrimac does not cum
pletely blockade the channel.
Further  information   develops   (he   fad
thai two battleships can enter tlie harbor
abreast, one  passing on  each  side  of  the
Merrimac. 'this will be of great advantage to Sampson when the final attack on
Santiago begins.
Lieutenant   Hobson   and "his   men   are
still  in communication   with   the  fleet.
There is liltle prospect that they will be
exchanged before the attack ou Santiago
is made.   ���
Promotion   uml   Timo l.s.
Washington. June 27.���The president
today sent two special messages lo congress, providing fur recognition of Ihe
services of Lieutenant Hobson. the hero
of the Merrimac: -of Lieutenant New-
comb and the crew of the revenue cutter
Hudson, which rescued Ihe torpedo boat
Winslow at Cardenas: Captain Hodgson
of the dispatch boat Hugh MeCullough.
who figured iu the battle of Manila, ami
Naval Cadet Powell, who held the steam
launch under the bluffs al Santiago harbor searching for the crew of Ihe .Merrimac.
Authority is asked of the senate for the
transfer of Hobson from the construction
corps to the line of the navy.
The Hudson's CJ*ew are to be given a
vole of thanks ami medals of coinineui-
oratioii. and Captain Hodgson is to be
suitably recognized.
The message states thnl Hobson's companions have already been promoted.
Powell will be advanced to an ensign.
Another  PueiHe   Inland.
San Francisco, June 27.���A special from
Honolulu says:
The I'nited Stntes possesses an island
suitable for a coaling station, and even
for a naval station, in the Pacific, nearly
27(10 miles west of Honolulu and in the
very doorway of Manila. II is known as
Marcus of Weeks, und is 2700 miles from
Hawaii, more than half way In the Philippines. The Island belongs to Captain
Foster, commander of a sailing vessel plying between the orient and Sun Francisco,
He found it. while out cruising and took
possession. II. was at that time unclaimed
and unoccupied. Ry consent of James (I.
Blaine, then secretary nf state, the American flag was hoisted over the island and
still remains there, the saniq being sanctioned by Great Britain. France and all
the powers.
other was drowned.   Drlssler and Wheat*
on escaped w ith slight bruises. The wagon
Chased li> a Spanish Warship.
New York, June 27.���Captain Turner
of the steamship Maylands, wdiieh arrived
here from Algiers with a cargo of sulphur,
reports having been chased by a Spanish
warship on June 11. four days after she
had cleared from Algiers.
lias   not   loaded   when
cm red.
Contracts arc being made for this season's hop crop around North Vakiina, at
11} and 91 cents. Only a few in the valley have as yet made any contracts. Louis
Lachniund has recently contracted with
Pet-field Hint hers of Puyalllip for lllll
bales of '08 hops, anil with Swamp .Miller
of the same place for 250 bales al 111
cents, it is reported.
Squirrels are bad west of Tekoa. The
farmers are resorting to all kinds of methods to get rid of them. Summer fallow
ing drove the little pests into the winter
wheat and they have multiplied rapidly.
A safe way to get rid of them is to
poison some wheat in the early spring
and place il at the holes. All other methods appear to be unsatisfactory as well
as expensive.
One span of the railroad bridge across
the Clearwater at Kendrick. has been laid
and the piers made ready for others.
0. O. Watkins and T. C. Hensel, well
known reservation farmers, were in Lewiston soliciting funds to aid in building
a new road over Ihe reservation to Soldier Meadows on Craig mountain. The
proposed road will run to the (ioodnight
fartn, near the head of Tammany Hollow, across the Sweetwater creek to the
Henry Owens, the freighter, escaped the
destruction of his entire outfit and a load
of freight, through the breaking of a 20-
gallon can of sulphuric acid thc other day
while en route from Tsewiston to Orange-
ville. He discovered smoke issuing from
the wagon and by hard work saved the
team and wagon from destruction.
James .Swensen, an old citizen of (Jen-
tile valley, was found dead in his wagon
near Georgetown, Hear Lake counly. He
had started to mill in his usual good
health. A traveler met his team with tlie
driver apparently 'asleep, but when he
stopped to awaken him, discovered that
he was dead. Mr. Swensen was "8 years
Judge Mayhew held court in chambers
at Murray last week, and made perma-
ent the temporary injunction grunted
i short time ago restraining the county
.<.:surer from paying the semi-annual
interest due .July 1 on the bonded debt of
Shoshone county. It ia supposed that the
next, move will be an action o*. thc part
of the bondholders to compel the payment
of interest, whieh will bring up the case
on its merits in the district court.
E. C. Payne, with a crew of nine men,
left Sand Point on the steamer Hustler
for Priest River, taking along a consider-
depordted with Clerk Clark uf the district j ���j"""'*'.  MHler,  Cn
court at Butte.   The action was tried in Troop [���Privates Ridd, Mayberry.
1805 and  has once been  to  the supreme       Edward    .Marshall,    correspondent    for
court.  So ends  the case. ,l,e  -V,"'v   Y,,lk  Journal   and  Advertiser.
The  managers of the  Cascade  OoUhty   WM seriously wounded in 1 lie small of the
Fanners'.   Miners'     and   Mechanics'   Fall��� : back,
and   Racing   Association   have   completed i      " "��� I""1'"'''���' **hsl at least   III in the list
arrangements for the fair, which will be|"f ""' wounded will die.
held on September 20, 21, 22 and 23, at 'Pwslve dead Spaniards were lound in
Great Falls. ' ''"'  brush  after the fight, but. their  loss
Major  Luke C. Haves, of the  Belknap | was doubtless far in excess of thai
Indian  agency,  has under his care about j An  H"ur <���' r'leree H'IkIiIIuk.
1,300 Indians, many of them making! General Voting commanded the expedi-
good progress toward civilization. Major. ���>"��. and was with the regulars, while
Hayes has in hand an irrig-.ition project U'ohmel Wood directed the operations of
that promises big benefit to his wnnls.! "le Rough Riders several miles west. Both
He will build a big rock and dirt dam parties struck the Spaniards about tht-
across Milk river, at the agency, and se-   same lime, and the tight  lasted au  hour.
to     irrigate     aboul
si land on the reset'*
cure enough water
5000 acres of Ihe tint
Major F. W. Adams, surgeon of Hie
First, Montana volunteers, has been promoted to ti place on Ihe stall' of Major
Ueneral Otis wilh Ihe rank of lieutenant
colonel, and Lieutenant Louis P. Sand
ers, adjutant of the second battalion, has
The Spaniards opened lire from thc thickets and had every advantage of numbers
and position, but the troops drove them
back from their station, stormed the
blockhouse around which they made ..
linal -land, and sent them scattering OVoi
Ihe mountains. The cavalrymen wen;
afterwards reinforced by the Seventh,
Twelfth and Seventeenth infantry, part of
Ihe Ninth cavalry and the Second Massa-
also   been   promoted   to   a   stall'   position
Dr.   Adams  was formerly  in  the  LTnlWi I ohiuetta and the Seventy -first N
Slates service
stationed a I  I
as army surgeon and was' ''"' Americans now hold the position at
nl Assiniboine at the tiinej11'*' threshold of Santiago de Cuba, Willi
that General Otis was in command there.: mo1'*' troops going forward Constantly,
The men were warm personal friends.       ! '""l Il'*'.v '"*���' preparing for a final itss.iult
During tlie storm the other day C. R. \ "I*"�� *ll*! '���'>>'���
Jensen,   the   Montana  Central   telegraph
operator at ITm. received  an    electric
shock  that   he  will   remember.    He  was|    Spokane. June 27.  -This afternoon Cap
tain Adams, tha recruiting officer of thi-
Fiist Washington volunteers. Sergeants
Corey. Stringer and   llawson. and  54 en-
knocked from his chair unconscious, nnd
a lamp which was sitting on his desk was
thrown to thc ollor. No other damage
was done.
That the new government bond issue
is popular iu Helena is evidenced by the
fact, that, up to June 23, $271,000 had
been subscribed for bonds by residents of
that city. The stale treasurer in addition has asked for .$150,000 worth of bonds
and will ask for $100,000 more.
The annual meeting uf the Montana
Society of the Sons of thc American Rev-
Spokane   Volunteem  Stnrt.
listed men started for San Eranciseo to
join Companies A ami L of this regiment,
Sergeant Chillis has been tpiite sick since
be arrived in the city and was not able to
accompany the boys, but hopes to be able
to go tomorrow or the next day. He. like
the other boys of the regiment, was vaccinated since they arrived in .sail Francisco, and his arm has not. healed, but
has given him a fever. I^ist night ho
was delirious a good pari of the lime.
The soldiers who left Spokane today
olution was held in Helena the other day.
The officers chosen for the ensuing year!make more than 2011 men whom Spokane
were: Cornelius Hedges, president: An- \ has contributed to the present war. They
thony H. Barrett of Butte, vice president:*j are all good, strong, healthy looking men
R. H. Howey. secretary! H. R. Palmer,! and will make excellent soldiers. Most
treasurer; E. C. Russel, register. Those of them come from the two military com-
present were Compatriots Cornelius panics of the city, the one at the head of
Hedges, O. A. Southmayd, 1*. H. Howey, j which is Captain Lyons nnd the other the
C. T. Perry, A. J. Craven, J. U. Sanders, | sSons of Veterans company.
L. A. Walker, Frnnk H. Crowell, C. J.
Brackett, H. B. Palmer and E. C. Russell.
He Wlll Koi (io to Manila.
London. June 27.���The Madrid correspondent of the London Times says: Admiral Camara's fleet will not go to Manila, but another port in the Philippines
to land troops iu order to hold a strong
position. Tlie licet will then be ready for
action, and if Admiral Dewey wants to
fight he will have to leave Manila bay.
Admiral Dewey will thus either leave the
hay unprotected or divide his fleet. This
move has made a good impression here.
Printers were on strike on    the
I.ouls Star three weeks and won out.
Aretle Expedition  Snlln.
Tromsoe. Norway, June 27.���Tlie Arctic
expedition under Walter Wellmnn sailed
yesterday. Mr. Welbnnn's expedition is
undertaken with two objects ��� flrst. to
find and succor Prof. Andree; second to
discover the north jmiIp. He is accompanied by a corps of scientists and a competent explorer.
Internal   Revenue   Collector.
Washington, June 24.���Senator Wilson
has appointed Ralph K. Nichols deputy
collector of internal revenue at North
Vakima. Three other deputy collectors
in various parts of the state are soon to
When   ('mil.   Fleet   Pnmiea   the   Suet
Canal llouftil for Mniiihi.
Washington, June 25.���Tlie war is to
be carried into Africa, metaphorically
speaking, if .Spain is foolhardy enough
to send the Cadiz fleet through the Suez
canal to attack Dewey in the Philippines.
It is announced on good authority that
before tho last Spanish vessel hus passed
through the canal an American squadron
will lie steaming ut full speed across the
Atlantic, straight for the coast of Spain,
to bring the war home to the Spunish
people. There is no doubt that Dewey
Call take care of himself against tlie Cadi/, lleet, since his own squadron will he
reinforced by ironclads long before Camara's ships sight the bay of Manila, and
lie will have the shore batteries witli him
instead  of against him in  the struggle.
It has been concluded by the administration that nothing save the most severe
measures will suffice to bring' tlie Spanish people to a realizing sense of the
hopelessness of the continuance of the
present war, nnd even kindness, it is held,
will dictate such a blow as that which
"it is proposed to administer if tlie Spanish insist in this last project.
Alter the fall of Santiago, and capture
nr destruction    of    Cervera's    squadron,
Sampson will have an abundance of vessels tn spare for the task 3ct furth. Probably he will constitute the attacking Seel
in two squadrons, the first a flying squadron, to be composed of the swiftest vessels of the fleet, such us the Columbia,
Minneapolis, Harvard, Vale, St. Louis,
New Orleans and such craft. This will
be followed by another command, either
under Sampson or Schley, the battleships
which Captain Clark's voyage around the
Horn with the Oregon has shown, can
easily he counted on fur the voyage across
the  Atlantic,   With  the Iowa,  Oregon,
Indiana,   Massachusetts    and   Texas,   .ill
battleships, supplementing tha New York
nml Brooklyn, armored cruisers, and the
less powerful vessels of the Hying squadron, the Spanish const would be speedily
swept clear of all commerce, all Spanish
-hipping would be destroyed and some
of the best ports bio: kiuled or bombarded,
iMu-iit    (tuiitatlon.,   Wool    Flvurea,
��� nd   the   Price  oC  Pruduce.
Following are the Spokane quotations.
Wholesale prices ure given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse���Count iy
points: club, bulk _5o, sacked 4tk;
bluestem, bulk 47e, sacked 50c, At Spokane: Club, bulk 50c, wicked SSoi bluu-
Hteni,  bulk  B3c, wicked 55c.
Oats���-At Spokune, f. o. b., $21@22.
Hurley���Country points f. o. b., 7.">fi)
80c per cwt.
live -Country points, f. o. b., $1 per
Kl..ur���Per barrel���Gold Drop. $4,25;
Hig Isoaf, $4,115; llanner, 14.00; I'luu-
sifler. $4.601 Superb, .$4.i"5: Spokane, $4;
Snowllake. $425; whole wheat, $4.25;
rye, $5:  gnthuiu, $4.
Feed���Bran and shorts, $11 per ton;
���.hurts, $12: bran;$111; rolled barley, $20;
chicken feed, $1H(�� IB.
Hay���Timothy, $8.50 per ton; baled
timothy, $10.50; wheat hay, $8; oat hay,
$7; alfalfa, $10.
''4*""���Hunch, $5.25@5.50.
Corn���Whole, $23; cracked, $24.
Wool���Fine medium, t)@7c per lb; me
diuin, 5(�� (!<: per lb.
Produce��� Kancy creamery butter, 40
and flO-ft tubs, 21c per lb; 5, 10 and 20-lb
tubs, 22e; prinU, 22c; California butter,
2o(a)2tJc lb; country butter in rolls, 20@
23c per lb; cooking butter, 16c; eastern
creamery, prints, 23c; cheese, twin, full
cream, 13@14c; cheese, twin, skim milk,
l) l*2@10c.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 40@50c per cwt;
cabbage, $2.50 per cwt; turnips, $2.50 per
cwt; cucumbers, $1,50 per do/.; beets,
$2.50<��>3 per cwt; onions, $2@2.50 per
cwt; beans, l.@ljc per lb.
Poultry���Chickens, live weight 10@
lie per Ib, dressed 12@13c; spring broilers, $3.50<&4; turkeys, live ll@12c,
dressed 12@13e; spring ducks, dressed
$4(ffi4.i50 per doz,; geese, live 10@lle,
dressed  12@12 l-2e.
Meats���Beef cows, live $2.85@3.10 per
cwt; dressed $0(��)7; steers, live $2.8i>@
3.50, dressed $8(5)8.50; hogs, live HMfii)
4.75, dressed $0@8.50; mutton, live 4@
4 l-2c, dressed 8(��'8 l-2c per Ib; dressed
veal, 7@8c per lb; lamb, 121-2 wholesale.
Portland, June 27.���Wheat���Unchanged; Walla Wulln, l)0@01c; valley and
bluestem,  03c.
Tacoma, June 27���No change in wheat
market:  no quotations.
San Francisco, June 27.���Silver bars,
581-4c; Mexican dollars, 4(11-4@40 3-4.
Lake copper���Quiet;  brokers', $11.75.
Lead���Dull: brokers', $3.60.
Ofllflnl   Report   of   General   Shatter.
Washington, June 20.���Tlie following
has been received here:
"Playa del Este, Adjutant General,
Washington) Baiquiri, June 23.���We
bad a very fine voyage. We lost less
than 50 animals, six or eight today. Lost
more putting them through the surf to
land than on tbe transports. The command si as healthy as when we left.
Eighty men are sick. The only deaths
were two men drowned in lauding. The
landirig was difficult. The coast is quite
similar to that in tlie vicinity of San
Francisco and covered with a dense
growth of bushes. Tlio landing at Baiquiri was unopposed. All points occupied
by the Spanish troops were heavily bombarded by the navy to clear them out. I
sent troops toward Santiago and occupied
Juragua City, a nuturully strong place,
this morning, tiie Spanish troops retreating as soon as our advance was known.
I had no mounted troops or could have
captured them, about 000 all told. There
is a railroad from there in. 1 have cars
and an engine in my possession. With
tlie assistance of the navy 1 disembarked
0000 yesterday and as many more today.
1 will get ivil the troops off tomorrow, including tlie light artillery and a greater
portion of the pack train, probably all of
it, with some of the wagons. The animals hnve to be jumped to the water und
towed ashore.
' "I had a consultation with Generals
Garcia, Rabi and Castillo ut 1 p. in. on
the 20th, 20 miles west of Santiago.
These ollicers were unanimous! v of tlie
opinion that the landing should be made
east of Santiago. 1 had come to the
siime conclusion, (ieneral Garcia promises to join me at Juragua City tomorrow
with between 3000 and 4000 men, who
will be brought from west of Santiago
by ships of the navy to Juragua City and
there disembarked. This will give me
between 4000 and 6000 Cubans and leave
1001) under Oeneral Kubi to threaten Santiago from the west.
"The assistance, of the navy has been
of the greatest benefit and enthusiastically given. Without them 1 could not
have landed in 10 days and perhaps not
at all, as 1 believe 1 would have had to
lose boats In the surf. I want nothing.
The weather has been good. Prospects
are for fair weather. SlIAl'TER,
".Major (ieneral U. s., Commanding."
Peed Not  Mutilated.
Washington, June 25.���In response to
a telegram from the navy department re
question Information concerning the alleged mutilation of the bodies of the
marines killed near Guantanamo, Admiral Sampson has wired Secretary Long
as follows:
"Pluya del Este. June 24.���Replying to
your dispatcli I have to report thut a
careful investigation has been made and
it is reported to me that apparent mutilation was probably due to thc effect
of tmuill caliber bullets fired at short
range, and I withdraw the charge of
mutilation. SAMPSON."
Spain's.    Account   of   Piirllt.
Madrid, June 25.���An' ollicial dispatch
from Santiago de Cuba lias been received
saying that General Linares' column was
attacked on the heights of Seville by the
American soldiers and a band of insurgents.    The dispatch says:
"The enemy was repulsed with serious
losses. The Spaniards had seven killed
and 27 wounded, including three officers."
��� Bay View Mills, of the Illinois steel
mills, find the eight-hour day lately put
In force there working grandly.
New York now has that no printing
shall be done ln any state prison, penitentiary or refermatory for the state except such printing as may be required
for or used in the building where the
work ls done.
The dally papers of Detroit are accused of having formed a combine and
closed their columns to organize labor
and mean to destroy unionism ln that
clly. The Traders Council threatens to
start a dally labor paper.
A Pittsburgh paper announces that
the laundries of the city, which have a
total value estimated at $1,000,000, are
likely to go into one company. The promoters of the trust figure that at least
$100,000 can be saved by the new arrangement In reducing the number of workers,
rent, taxes, etc. Thus the grand work
of mobilizing capital, destroying competition and centralizing human effort goes
on nationally and locally.
You Need It
And because of that need it is your duty
to take  Hood's Sarsaparilla in order that
you niav enjoy  the good   health it will
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equaled   by any other   medicine.   Try   a I
bottle now'and realize its great toning and
strengthening power.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is Ameriea's Greatest Medicine.   $1; alx for to. j
Hood's Pills cure all liver ills.   '16 cents.
Tlie gum trees of Victoria are the tallest trees in the world. They average 300
feet  high.
Tlie debris left from coral nude into
.articles of jewelry, etc., is crushed, scent-
ed and sold as a tooth powder at a high
price by Italian perfumers.
For Infants and Children. .���
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the   /^^OM^ZT
Signature of 6*��s:-*V2fA&_2^_W
Women Everywhere Express their
Gratitude to Mrs. Pinkham.
fin. T. A. WALDEN, Olbion. Oa.. writes:
" Dear Mns. Pinkham:���Before taking your medicine, life was a burden
to me.    I never saw a well day    At
my monthly period I suffered untold
misery, and a great deal of the time I
was troubled with a severe pain in my
side    Before finishing tlie first bottle
of your Vegetable Compound  I could
tell it was doing me good.    1 continued
Its use, also used the Liver Pills and
I Sanative Wash, and have been greatly
| helped.    I would like to have you use
i my letter for the benefit of others."
As mercury will surely deHtroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole system when entering lt through the mucous Bur-
faces. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do Is ten-fold
to the good you can possibly derive from them.
Hull's. Catarrh Cure, manufactured by P. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.. contains no mercury and Is taken Internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hull's Catarrh Cure be sure
yqu get the genuine, lt ls tuken Internally,
and made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney &
Co.    Testimonials  free.
Sold  by  Druggists,   price 75c per bottle.
Hall's   Family   Pills are  the   best
In Germany peroxide of hydrogen is
said to be mixed with various drinks, in
order to give them tlie mellow flavor of
A Hartford woman gathered 11 four-
leaved and 2.*i live-leaved clovers in her
yard in a few minutes tlie other dav.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous, and hot. and get tired easily. If you
have smarting feet or tight shoes, try
Allen's Foot-Base. It cools the feet anil
makes walking easy. Cures swollen ana
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
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all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Sent
bv mail for _5e in stamps. Trial package
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Arch street, Philadelphia, Pu
Russian families, when moving to new*
homes, kindle the fire on the hearth with
coals  brought  from  the old  residence.
The river Nile has its rises, but those
that do mischief are not frequent. During
the last 1.000 years tliere has been only
one Midden rise of the Nile, that of 1821),
when '10,1100 people were drowned.
"A Perfect Type ofthe Highest Order
Excellence in Manufacture.
t\n. PLORENCE A. WOLFE, s>3 llulberry
St., Lancaster, Ohio, writes i
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham:���For two
years I was troubled with what the
local physicians told me wus inflammation of the womb. Every month I suffered terribly. I had taken enough
medicine from the doctors to cure anyone, but obtained relief for a short
time only. At last I concluded to write
to you in regard to my case, and can
say that by following your advice I am
now pefectly well."
For lung and chest diseases Plso's Cine
ls the best medicine v.-e have used.���Mr/.
.1.   L.   Nortlicott,   Windsor,   Out..   Canada.
run. W. B. BATES, nansfleld. La., writesi
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the lower part of the bowels. Now my
friends want to know what makes me
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about this great change. I cannot
praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound enough. It is the greatest
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Milwaukee   and   Racine.     "Wis.,     have
j city   work    and     without     reduction     in
The fad for burnt orange is carried in
Paris  to   the extent  of  having  roses  of
| that color on hats.
ln   (lerniutiv   ''von''   implies    nobility,
i and all persons who belong to the nobility
prefix "vun" to their family names without any exception.
The sunllosver is cultivated in many
European countries. In Russia the seeds
are parched and eaten like peanuts in
the United Stntes. The oil is used for
illuminating, and often for culinary purposes.
A saloonkeeper in Springfield, O., who I
was thought too poor to support his fain-!
ily, informed his wife on his deathbed;
that he hud buried money in the side of
the house. After the funeral she found '
One of the novel ideas of decorative
effect in Japan is to catch fireflies, keep
them in a cage or box of wire until guests
arrive, and then release them in the garden.
It is said that it has been decided to
have the entire country of the South
African  Republic surveyed  geologically.
Bricklayers Union of Philadelphia
has put Into effect the rule of 46 cents
an hour, eight hours a day, and a half
holiday on Saturdays,
There ls a molders' strike on at Cincinnati.
liova  lliillilliiff Dedicated.
Omaha, Neb., June 24.���Iowans put on
their best Iiib and tucker and came across
the river by the hundreds to take part
in the celebration of Iowa day at the exposition.
The state building wns dedicated yesterday morning with interesting ceremonies. Tlie formal dedication was by
Governor Leslie XI. Shaw, who in a felicitous address accepted the building from
the president of the state commission and
turned it over to the, exposition. Other
features of the dedicatory program were
musics, selections by the Atlantic Oity
band, a quartet and school children's
chorus, and an oration by Hon. John N.
Baldwin of Council Bluffs.
The Iowa building is one of the most
imposing of nil the state buildings, tlie
interior being especially elaborate in its
decorations. Adorning the walls of the
main corridor nro ten large tapestries,
painted by Carl llurritt, the well known
artist, and which depict tlie leading industries of Iowa.
Absolutely Pure,
Costs Less Tftan OUE CEUT a Cup..
Be sure that you get the Genuine Article,
made at DORCHESTER. MASS. by
Established 1780.
Last Land OIHce Awarded.
Washington, June 24.���Senator Wilson
yesterday secured from thc president the
appointment of W. .1. Reed of Clc-Klum,
a strong republican and an old citizen
of that locality, ns register of the land
office ut North Yakima. Ity this appointment the senator has recognized both Kittitas nnd Yakima .counties, comprising
that land district, Miles Cannon of Yakima having already been appointed receiver. This closes the lund office appointments in the state.
San Francisco printers seem to be
winning: ln their nine-hour fight, as a
number of the larger plants have signed
the scale and fully $16,000 worth of Jobs
have been taken from the Typothetae
The nine-hour day la enjoying a boom
Just now. Unions from all oyer the Uni-
tlons of levying an assessment to help
the cause along, and when the time
comes nearly every union will be
Why not try NATHAN'S reliable inks]'.'
Any kind, quality or price,  .stock of
Type, Ink and Supplies
on hami at Spokane American Type
 Branch ol r .        , A
Founders Co.,
10 Monroe Street. "
t_r.vo.-B Tne namk.	
..Great Removal Sale.,
A Half-Million  Dollar  Stock to  Be
Closed Out.
Work will soon be completed on our new five-story building we
etc to occupy, and as wc intend to place only new goods upon its
shelves our present immense stock must be promptly disposed of.
\kf �� I1_IV6
To such an extent that it is to the interests of everyone to buy now.
All mail orders filled at Removal Sale Prices.
Bishop Scott j
��� Founded
A HoardlnK and Day School for boy*.
Military dlBOtpllne In c)iftr��t�� of V, H.
Annv onVtr.    Primary,   preparatory
in! * 'iuli'in c ilepartnisftit-t. Manual
Training or t$lo>'d has recently been In*
NUlii'tl. Bbya of all Hue* received.
Hpevli.i Instruction In munic, in...lent
language!*, stenography. Tlirougli college preparation a specially, t'atalm* *������
on application to tlie principal, J. W.
H 11.1.. M. li , 1*. O. Drawer 17, Pon-
liui.i.   Or.
Is it Wrong?
Get it Right
Keep it Right
Moore'n Itewealed Remedy will do IL Three
Com. will make you feel better. Oct It Iron
jour drugglit or any wholesale drat home, or
tram Stewart A Holme. Drug Co.. Seattle.
'ii*. I.e. Hoffman. 484 InabellaBldg, Chirm-
I, .l'I> AM II
Stopped atoni-e
���   Pl.ln.isr   11<
No. 27, '08.
 j WHlHt UA tlSt MILS. _    .
t Cooith Syrup. Tartaa 6sh��1.  0��e |
In time.   Sss'rt by nrsiRKlpt*
Hercttlea Special
ttH eetm
Price, oafy HISS.
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���take yon money. Hercalea Fiafaew
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Gasoline er Distillate Oil; ne evoke,
fire, et dirt Per pumping, runatag
dairy or tarn ���acBinery, they ha?e no
equal. Automatic La action, perfectly
sale and reliable.
Scad for Illustrated catalog.
Hercules Gas
Engine Works
lay It, San PrsadtsM, Cal
"WEfle  	 TI KASLU |M|11E
MONtDAI   AT liASU),   B, C.
The NcwsPil?soTCoT
ription   -I per mont h���Advertis-
,;���:��� matlfi known on   application.
- ;-.dddd^$^&&i$
S :M TjW|T |F| S ft
1   'll  3   4f
7 o ���;~8~~;di7i77\
i:   ��� d )7)7777778^t
. ��� il d2 2 3 2d,25\
��� iddd29 37)        "I
fl \'i "���, '  , , OF O )NiriDENCE
has  .'Mr. Green boon
nswer,   by  Ji is  op&pn-   "
I     | th
ilatform, to the
ion,  "ii ease of   u  vote of
To the Electors of the Slocan Riding of
West Kootenay Electoral District: .,.
Gentlemen���At tho request of a large
proportion of the community representing overy section of tho Riding, I beg
to announce myself as a candidate for
your suffrages in tho coming elections.
In respectfully soliciting your votes
and support, I declare myself a supporter and follower of the Hon. ,1. II.
Turner us the lender of the only party
in this Province with a defined policy
.and coherent existence,
During my eight years' residence in
this district I have been u consistent
supporter of his party in recognition of
their attitude in meeting, and in cases
anticipating the requirements and expansion of this great mining region.
I am in favor of tho following reforms:
1. Thc abolition of the tax upon
working miners.
2. The abolition of the ,Mortgage
'I. The distribution of Beats in the
Legislature in direct proportion to population.
4. I do not approve of tbe policy of
the late Legislativ< Assembly ih using
their influence to exclude toreign rail-
die   platform, to the ' roads, sueb as the proposed railroad to
Boundary Creek,
5. I favor certain revisions in the
Mineral und Lund   Acts,   particularly
n   .in   the   .Turner afl- Lome w. plan ***>,, whIoh'thl'e holders /{
would you, if elected':  claims can advertiso out their default-
| ing co-owners.
(i.   En filling all government appointments I am in favor of appointing bona
question, : fide residents of the district In all casoi
Ir    i   -       ignored   tbe
:   I
��� where suoh can be found  competent in
nnoticed,     i ho same   .,,,.
���hii.��� an! ..,:ing twice'    ������   '   believe   that   the   Provincial
Legislature should bring   all   the aid
������1. to him ni   Sandon,   and influence al it  command to the assistance    of   -i!n'  lead   mining,   in-
i   ���
I   this jiiciji'i'
���      ���    111:-,
'. ���      ; .        ; l ���  Turner  govern-
am prepared to say
' ��� ������ iu ��� ���" a  notion of  want
Green   iVul  cqm-
dustfy, especially in the direction oi
obtaining strougi :��� recognition trom
tho Federal Govornment at Ottawa of
tbe Importance of this industry und the
di snd'.liii ta"'.- under which It now
If you do me the honor dq elect inoas
your representative, 1 will at all times
end ivbr to protect and further the interests, nut only of iac prospector, bui
also of all those i raployed in and
around our mines, rcooirulzlng that our
NUMHltll CF VOTKUli KMilSTEIilill.
tl      .- ii Bandon   the   ques- entire community Is  dependant  upon
I the mining industry.
sistently   ignored In     [ am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, John L, Re r \ clack.
hi        on is imi   itir to Beek.
mi has ti Led  bv mas*
���- ' ���������.'.' pondnnt-Govern-
> atferai I   suoh voters
v. irove all tho past
, of   ��� i:.���-���'. 1 and yet would
���e obstruction under
. '71111.   in  Sandon,
was nominated by a,
' opi       i"    convention,    be
tied in i   their   face full  uc-
i seem . hi    '. lows   of   his   most
���'��� a       i   " "-rs ul that town.
Mr. Keri llooan  'nke barrister,
        i     .\r(".l   his   support of
���   Governm n1   candidate^ although
,'iewa, in consequence
Mr. Green? and what
iv sti of his acknowledged sup-
- lovernment nnd Op-
will   now   tnke of it
plain to him at the. polls,
mi pre*s them.
cy nf hardy and  inde*
I. hi tl wi   fire   much   mis-
s and   vacillation are
j    From Jan. 1,1898, to ilntc tue  leading mines
1     m their confidence and | 0[tlie giocau rcgion nave inippsil over the
'������ <-in.   i Knslo A Blocan Railway for water  transport-*
TM. C AN DI DATES. | *?from Khb'��' m Iollmvf
I i ot. Opposition, i MliieT
The follo��
ber  of   roglstei
I bows tii
ed   v iters   in
No. o
e  n
5 s*
Pilot liav	
i lody	
Bear Lake	
Doer Park	
Slocnn (Irossing
New York, July 1.-Silver, VM.c
Lead���Strong ;l"o���crs' price, 1:1.80, t
mining -bidets, passing through tint, custom
house :it Kaslu to toreign smelters for the live
recorded mouths of I89S, all of 18% andl897:
1805 (5 months)..
18W) (U months).
1897 (12 mouths).
Gross Weight
of Oro in I.ds.
Gross Value of
Ore iu Dollars
t   114,541
Following is a table of the leading stocked
mining companies of the Slocan and Ainsworth
mining divisions':
Blooan Star.
No. of
Par   j Market
Value j Value
Noble Five	
I i real Western	
American Boy	
St. Keverne	
London Hill	
Mlack Diamond	
l.ooo.! too.
��1     I
��� IX
i)No stock on the market
Mm! Neill   Payne.
Cariboo  Klnchant  &?${_���  ,
ntt-Clifford. w_i*w_*
inn-,    'i air McAllan
tson Herd
oy Higgins
in Harris
Neilson Wells
Ton.-. Mine. Tons.
2000 Eureka  42
2122 Fidelity  1*
.   1707 Sovereign  20
Reco     MHi Queen Hess  170
SlocanStar'     548,Jackson  48
Rambler-Cariboo     asoillbsou  16
Lucky Jim     900 .Montezuma*  878
Last Chance     880 Charleston  80
Goodenough      20 Antolne  135
Dardanelles      07 Ajax  49
Silver Bell      68 Bismarck  68
.*i in Baker IiaiHie
i -
��� 'Hind.) Hume
V, hits Kellie
fiossli I .alio Martin
i.    i totatlack Green
I :i!..i 11. i..i .i   .-'.locldaii Prentice  ,..
I  Hooat, Wesl   Smith  GaUa^er &���.��, ���5Bl!Sro��...
MeGregot', .McKechnie! tSJooanStar    820iWav��rley     oo
Hilli.sc ! Payne    2160 Idaho    1009
��� Concentrates.
Tho following Is a partial Btnlemcnt of ore
Bhlpments over tho C. P. R. from  Slocan and
Lardeau points since January 1st, not Included
in tho foregoing:
una Imo, won h���JBrydon.
40 Queen  Hess
.vis. i.  11   i i i i'.- i i.. ii \ ,,-u ( j :uui' f i.nw.uw   v nu   rise.,,, ^s,,ws
\ ;. MH'ia,  North���BOOth lJatereon|BI<��'an8tftr....    WCWGoodenough... 82,50(
.,      .   . m���,.. , I Kmh....     aoo.UlO Washington... 20.01X
i ouver���Garden MartmiKeC0 ���    wjobj_*4��o_  20,001
.in.".iiiiu, SSouth  .WulkciTi  Smith
er-Henderson..'Brown    ttonoemrates.
iriJ City���Turner Belyeaj    Of the foregoing, the following have pniddiv-
Helmcken Gregory ; ,_en(j, as toUnwB.
Hull Stewart j	
Mc Phillips Heaven 1 Payne $1,800,000 Noble Five...     40,000
1 P.eco ".     287,500iJaekiton      20,000
Carroll   Cotton I llambler-Carl..      4Q.i��H)Surprlse       20.01X1
I li Donald Mticpheriion i
.; r \ Tisdall      Besides tho foregoing, other mines, unstock-
i/t^gfnjll   ii . ' ed, havo paid dividends aslollows:
' **:k~JamCr ^Z��d I fnaho I MumTSoEiuiiUsV.rnLgjia
Delta���Benson nomtei   Whitewater...   m.ooOiAiitoine     95,000
Dewdney���Mclb'ide Whetham 1 Sloean Boy....     25,000|Monitor      15,000
HUifemond   Mi-Qneen... Kidd \
1. .iuKav* Somlin , 	
1 ii'tiu,,.,, Deatw    Folluiving Is a comparative BtRtement oi ore
i, on ., 1., Graham, iUippodJrwapBrtsoiihsuiocansndAinivforth
The following changes in the British
Columbia mining laws should bo carefully studied by those interested in
mining in this Province:
First of these refers to the location
of fractions. In oil fractions surveyed
from now on, whether staked correctly
Or not, the surveyor may adopt the
boundary lines of the surrounding
claims, provided no side exceeds 1600
feet in length. In other words, the locator is entitled to tho vacant ground
that ho claims, even if lie docs not
stake it it, such a manner as to include
it all, which he seldom does.
By a recent decision oi tho courts a
prospector loot a claim because of inability to seeiuv the post necessary to
mark the location. The amendment
provides that in cases where claims arc
staked above the timber line, or the
prospector can not secure the necessary posts, he may erect monuments of
earth or stone.
Iii staking an extension the posts are
���ifteu planted so as to form a wedge-
shape fraction between two ends of the
two olalms. Those fractions have often incurred great expense, not only in
recording and surveying, but in casus
where tbey carry the lead, and thus b>:-
come of such value as to promote liti-
gation. Tbe amended act authorizes
tbe surveyor to include such fraction,
provided it does not cover more than
51.65 acres, the area of u full claim,
and provided further that two location
posts are together.
Ry failure to record assessment work
within the required ported of one year,
either through oversight or the misunderstanding of partnership Interests,
valuable claims have been lust. Now,
if a prospector fails to record the work
within a year, he has 80 days' additional time in which to make tho record by
payment of an extra *10.
Another ohange regarding the as*
aessment work is in that particular
which called for work to the amount, of
$100 each year. Now, a miner can do
and record as many assessments as he
pleases in a year by paying tho recording fee lor each assessment done to the
extent of $100.
ln case anybody should adverse an
application for a certificate of Improvement and crown grant, tho contestant
must have his claim surveyed immediately and file a plan made and signed
by an authorized provincial laud surveyor with the writ.
To obtain a crown grant in ISiHl it
was necessary to do assessment work to
tlie amount of J5Q0 and to have the
claim surveyed, which meant another
$100. In 18117 the act was amended so
as to provide that up to May 1,1898,tbe
cost of such Biirvey should count as
work done on the claim, not to exceed
$100. In plain English, it counted as
an assessment and as work toward the
crown grunt. A survey generally costs
$100. Tlie last legislature extends the
tpne to May I, 1899.
Hereafter, in adverse proceedings in
connection with the titlo to mineral
claims, before any court, each party to
tbf proceedings shall give affirmative
evidence of title. Heretofore tho burden of proof was on tbe contestant.
Tho fee for recording assessment
work has boen reduced from $2.75 to
$2.50. Heretofore the feo for recording
assessments has beon 25 conts higher
thBn other fees.
Anybody who pulls down a legal post
eroded to'mark a boundary or location
of a mineral claim, or any writing by
law required to be thereon, is liable to
imprisonment for six months or a lino
of $250, or both. This is supposed to
bo directed particularly toward pro-
venting the use of old postB by people
wno restake a claim and sometimes destroy evidences of a prior location.
Tie Davis Hob !
Apartments for gentlemen.
Everything first-class. A
dining room in connection.
MRS. J. C. DAVIS, Proprietress.
McPhail block. Fifth and
Front streets, Kaslo, B. C.
Ho, Fishermen.
Will supply you
with Evertliing
Needful at Low
prices, Steel rods, *
Jointed or Telescoped;    Hooks,
Baits and Flies; Silk lines, enamelled and waterproof-
Landing Nets, Reels and all Kinds of Repairs. 'A full
line of Hammocks and all kinds of Sporting Goods.
In the Grocery Department, 11 line line of  Fancy Groceries  will soon
arrive.   Try our Klondike Deviled Crabs, now here.
In the Clothing Department, try our celebrated  lighter weights   of
Health Underwear for warmer weather.
Kaslo,    Sandon,     Ainsworth
J*������������^"pr^ **
obbing   I 5
or the Jjobbing   | rade !
Just Received, a Large Invoice of Cigars,  Including KEY
��a\\\   $t^       1-ANOisA. TIUUMFOiMONOPOLE AND SWELL!
This is in addition to my already well established GROCERY
,dv well established GROO
Front Street, between Third snd Fourth,
1. u lo, Hritish Columbia,
'    '���,
o lucks -177, Screw
and Dies v ���'���������.;,.,,, , v  ;  Plates
Greneral Hardware !
Paints, Oils, Garden Tools.
Hamilton Byers,   Kasl��
1 "niri'Ti   nnrrr -Tr-ir-*��� -
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meals.
Central Hotel,
Now Building.- Ni'.vly Furnished Throughout.
Best Rooms in, the City.
Itl-'.ITKK it CO.
Adams House,
KASl.O, 11. 0.
Adams Bros., Props.
Snlc fluents for PAB8T BEER, Milwaukee, Wis.
Nelson House,
Sli-ely furnished munis. Bur well stocked. Spo-
kiinr I'.i'i'r on 'Draught bv Schooner or quart
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Tobacco, Cigars /
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PtMtOfflce Hex 2!).
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Oats, Bran, Chop & Fruit*.
Agent for Marshall's Teas.
Importers ofCigarsand Tobacco. Mn.il orders promptlytilled.	
Front st., nt v 7'ews Office, Kaslo, B.t'
Silver King Hotel
Bar and Billiard Room
Rooms Irom ��i! per weok up. Newly furnished
throughout. Klectrle Lights. Front St., next
door to llist Office, Kaslo, B. C,
Lake View
Reasonable Prices and Good Living
KASLO, B. 0,
Kalama Hotel,
Otherwise Armstrong's Landing
and Ooat River Landing.
Mrs. Win. Middleton. Propr.
Wo cater especially to the traveling publte.
White Labor.
Improved Machinery.
The Best Work at
Reasonable  Prices.J
Kaslo, B. C.
Graduate Trinity University, Toronto, Ont]
Member of College of Physicians and SurgconsI
Licentiate of the B. C. Council. Late of Ne��|
York Hospitals and Polyclinic. Office on Al
av. Hospital cor.Sth st. and II ave., Kaslo,B.t'��
For Freshest Fruits
W. Meadows,
Front Street, Opposite Steph-
enBon's Drug Store, Kaslo. ..
Also Fine line of CONFECTIONERY,
Graduate of American College.Chicag
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Real Estate ami Mining Broker!)!
Fire, Life, Accident snd Guarantee.   Frontl
K-iSLO, B, C.
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See such a nice line of
Fishing Tackle as we are
showing thiB month?
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be convinced that it is
the best in town. It don't
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and if you buy, you will*
Arid prices lowest of the
Fine Watch Repairing.
��r FROSTS'!'.,      ���      KASLO, B.C.
Sporting Goods a Specialty.
Official Directory.
iloveriior-Gcitertil      . Earl of Aberdeen
PremtDi    ....     Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Mo ui ber House of Commons, Dominion Parliament, for West Kootenay   .  Hewitt linstock
Lieut.-Governor . Hon. T. K. Mclnnes
Premier . . . .' Hon. J. H, Turner
Attorney-General . lion. D. M. Bherta
Com.of Lands and Works . Hon. 0. B. Martin
Minister Mines and Education . Hon.Jus. linker
President Executive CountiH . IIon.I'.E.Pooley
Provincial Mineralogist
Members Legislative Assembly for West Kootenay���North Riding . . ' . J. M. Kellie
South Riding I. K. IInun:
Mayor Chas.W, McAnn
Aldermen���A.W. Goodenough, k.k. Archer,J. D.
Mooro, G, Hartin, D. W. Moore, Geo Whiteside.
City Clerk .... E. l;. chipman
Police Magistrate  ...     .        Alex Lucas
City Marshal M. v. Adams
Assistant W. A. Milne
Auditor    ..,...('. l). McKenzie
Treasurer S. H. Green
Assessor S. P. Tuck
Water Commissioner  .     .      .     ll. A. ruckle
Health Officer   . .      Dr. .1. V. B. Rogers
ciiy council meets every Wednesday ���; p. in.at
tyiitill. 4iii-i   '���.' tivoenFront st. and Aave.
Vlil.l'.N Tl-'t P. i IRE DEPARTMENT.
Chief Hugh P. Fletcher
First Deputy < litel . . . Geo. Reld
Second Deputy Chief. . . . JohnGiUis
Third Deputy Chief     . Geo. Whiteside
Secretary     '. ArohieMorris
Treasurer Qui Adams
Mining Iteeuri ;** \ iseraor-Tax Col. . lno.Keen
('..lie. im of Customs     .     .     J. F Mcintosh
School Trust       August Carney, J. D. Moore,
(i. o. Uuehnmu . Prluelpal   Prof. Jm.Hislop.
Oeneral delivery open daily [Sundays excepted) from8 a. ni. until7 p. m. bobby open (ruin
7 n. in. to&so p. m li Eli I ir despatch close evory evening except Saturday and Bunday, nt I'
p.m. Maitsarrtve from I uiteil States nml It-lie
points daily excopt Sunday, nt 0.80 p. m. From
C. I' Et. ana Blocan inn'-, urrive ilaily, except
Sunday, at i p. in. Registration offloe opcn,H.:ni
a.m.,0.80p.m. Moneyorder olliee and Poit-
niiiii' savini,' Bans   oei Dtums too p.m.
s. H. GREEN, Postmaster.
[L.S.]     THUS, R. McINNES.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of
the United Kingdom of Groat Britain and Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &0s, &o.| iSs'c.
To all to whom these presents shall
come��� Greeting:!
Arthur O. Smith, Deputy Att'y-Gcn.
VLTHEREAS it is desirable to estab-
llsh Ten-Mile, Slooan Lake, as
an additiomil polling place iu tho Slocan Killing ol' West Kootenay Klectoral
NOW KNOW VI'. that by   virtue or
the authority contained in  the  "Provincial Elections Act," and of all other
powers ami authorities iu that  behalf
enabling,  thi    l.7'.Uonant-Governor in
t'lium il declares ll at the  place known
as Ten-Mile, Sloean Luke, shall be and
is hereby established u polling place in
the said"Slocnn Riding of thesaidWest
Kootenay Eleetora' District:
in   Testimony   Whereof   We   have
caused Onr   Letters  to  he made
patent, and Great Seal of the satd
province to   he   hereunto   affixed!
Witness, the Honourable Thomas
Robert Mclnnes, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said province of British Columbia, in the city  of   Victoria, in Our  said   province,  this
twenty-first day  of  June,   in the
year of   Our   f.ord   one   thousand
eight hundred   and   ninety-eight,
an.l  in   thc   sixty-socond   year of
Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,*
Sth June, 1898.
nor has heen pleased to appoint FLETCHER 8 AKDRBWS, Esquire, to be Returning Officer for the Slocnn hiding of West Kootenay
Electoral District; and ' ���
His Honour Uie I.ieutcnaiit-Oovernorjrhas
been pleased to appoint and declare the Government OiKce, kn*lo, to be the place for the
nomination of ni'idiihites for selection to the
Legislative Assembly in the Sloean Riding of
West Kootenay Electoral District.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of tho Faith, &c, &c, &c.
To all to whom theso Presents shall
D. M. EBERTB, Attorney-General.
WHKREAS it is advisable to establish tlie following polling
places in tho several and respective Klectoral Districts hereinafter
NOW KNOW YE that, by virtue of
the authority contained in the "Provincial Elections Act," the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council declares that tlie
following polling places shall ho, and
they are hereby, established for the
sevoral Electoral Districts, the mimes
of which are set opposite such polling
places, respectively, that is to suy:
Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay, Argenta, Sandon, New Denver, Silvertonfl
Slocan City, Hobs m, Jubilee Point
Houser lake: WhitewaterStatlon,Three
Forks, Deer Park, Slooan Junction of
C, & K. Ry.
J.N Testimony WiiKin*ik We have
caused these Our Letters to bo
made Patent and the Great Sea1
of British (lolumbla to be hereunto
affixed: Witness, tbe Honourable
THOB. 17 Mr! .\'NKs. Lieutenant-
Governor ol Our said Province of
British Columbia, in Our City of
Victoria, in Our said Province,this
fifteenth day of .lune. in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred uml ninety-eight, ami In the
sixty-first year ol Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
���'��� .~, 5-ift
���st-ssR'-* ;-.-*',���'.: ������).,<
\i % - ���' >. ��� .\
[L.B.]      THOS. P., McINNES.
THE FAITH,del ���_:C.,-I0.
To Our Faithful the Members elected to serve
in the Legislative Assembly ol our Province of Hritish t'nluiiiliiii.Hiul lo all whon
it may concern.���ilHKKT'I*,'<;.
i,,',,' v , ,, 'i t VV thought fit, by and
Attorney-General.} VV with the advice
and consent of Our Executive Council of nnr
Province nf lirilish I'liHiinliiti, tn dissolve Ihe
present Legislative Assembly of Our said Province, which stands prorogued until summoned
for dispatch of business.
SOW KNOW YE tlmt Wc do, fur this end,
niilish this our Royal Proclamation, and do
. t'leliv dissolve the Legislative Assembly accordingly, uml tin* members thereof tire dischargee* from further attendance on Bamc.
these our Letters to be made Patent, and
the Groat Seal of British Columbia to he
hereunto affixed: WITNESS, the Honour*
able THOMAS R. MoINNES, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of, Hritish
Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our
���aid Province, this seventh day of June.
in the yenr of Our Lord One Thousand
Eight Hundred nud Ninety-Eight, unit in
the .sixly-lii.il yenr of Our Rolgn.
By I'oniTimnd.
Registrar of the Supreme court.
... ���i|KiV
rti.i*.'?'. $-.*._�����...; ���s7i.
vmi�� ���'< d'd'J
[L.S.]     THOS. R. McINNES.
To all to whom these i resents ahull come,���
[   yy     desirous   nnd   re-
���) solved, us soon us
may be, lo meet Our people of Our Province of
British Columbia, and co huve their advice in
our Legislature, We do make known Our Royal
Will and Pleasure to cull a new legislative Assembly ot Our Bald Province; and do further
declare that, by the advice of Our Executive
Council of Hritish Columbia, We have this ilny
given orders for issuing Our Writs in due form,
for calling a new Legislative Assembly for Our
sniil Province, which Writs nre to bear date on
the seventh day of .lune. Instant, and to be returnable on or* before the thirty-first day of
August next.
in testimony WHEREOF We bave caused
these Onr Letters to be mado Patent, and
the Public Seal of the >n!<l Province te be
hereunto affixed: WITNESS, the Ilon-
ourableTHOMAS It. McINNES, Lieutenant-Governor ol Our suid Province of
British Columbia,In Our City of Victoria,
ln Our said Province, this sevenrh day .>:'
June, In the year of onr Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-Eight,
and In the sixty-first yoaro! our Reign,
By Command.
Registrar . ���:' the Bupn ine Court,
[L.S.]     THOS. R, MCINNES.
THE FAITH, .tc., Ac, ic
To the Returning Officer of tho Blocan Riding
Of West Kootenay Electoral District:
tenant-Governor of British Columbia
hus. by n Proclamation bearing date
the 7th day of June, 1808, been pleased to dissolve the Legislative Assembly oi the said
Province; and whereas lt ls necessary to hold
Eli" tlniis throughout tho said Province i" llll
tbe vacnncii's caused by such dissolution, We
co mm And you thui.no'ice of the time and place
of Election bei in: dnl; given, you do cautoEb i
tion to be made, according to law, of one
Member to serve In the Legislative Assembly
of Uie Province of British Columbia for the
sloean Riding of Wesl Kootenay Klectoral uis-
trlct, uud that you do cause the note inn lion of
Candidates at such Election to be held on the
2&th day of June, 1898, anddocause tho name
of such Member, when so elected, whether he
be present or absent, to be certified to Our Su
nr.mc Conn, at the City ol Victoria, on or before the Slst day of August next, the Election
su mado, distinctly and openly under Our Seal
duly Indorsed upon this our Writ
those Our Letters to bo made Palcnl under the Greal Heal ol I 'ur snid Province ol
llrlllsh Columbia: WITNESP, the Honourable THOMAS p. McINNES, al Our
Government Rouse, at Victoria, this seventh dav of .lune. in the year of our Lord
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sine
Hv Command.
b.h.tVrwhitt drake,
Registrar of Ihe Supreme Court.
The Government of the
secretary s umce.
20th May, 1898.
nor haa been pleased to appoint tlio un-
dermentloncd persons to bo Collectors Of Votes,
under the provisions of seel ion hi of the  "Redistribution Act, 1M18," namely:
JOHN D. SIIIHAI.D, of Revelstoke, for the
Revelstoke Riding, West Kootenay Electoral
ALEXANDER LUCAS, of Knslo, for thc
Slocan Riding, West Kootenay Electoral District.
RODERICK F. TOLMIE, of Nelson, for the
Nolson Riding, West Kootenay Electoral District.
JOHN KIRKUP, ef Kossland, lor the Rossland Riding, West Kootenay Electoral District.
And his Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased to appoint the undermentioned
person to bo Distributing Collector, under the
provisions of section 17 of tho snid ,\et, nnme-
In tho former Eleotoral District of West
Eleotoral District, West Kootenay,
Slocan Riding:
To Wit.
Publio notice is hereby given to the
electors* of the Slocan Hiiliny, district
of West Kootenay, that in obedience
to Her Majesty's writ to mc directed,
and bearing (late the seventh dry of
���lune, in tho year of mil' Lord one
thousand eight hundred !V,|<! ninety-
eight, 1 require tlio presence of thesaid
elootors at theGovernruent office on the
twenty-fifth day of June at 12 o'clock
noon, for tho purpose of electing one
person to represent lliem in the Legislature of this province,
The mode of nomination of candl iati
sli ti 11 be as follows:
Tiie candidate shall be noi ''���������; In
writing; tho writUm *���������.'. i  ���
ei) I'.v i.o'ii rtigl iteretl voinrn	
trlct ::s proposet' Kii'i perm i er. ,
tliree oll.cr registered von is of ill*
gald district as Msenting to thonoini-
nntlon, and shall be delivered to the
returning officer at any time between
the date of the proclamation and one
p. m. of the day of nomination, and in
tho event of a poll being necessary
such poll will be open 00 the ninth day
of July, 18DI-1, at tho following plftcei:
Polling Places. Electoral District.
Pilot Bay	
New Denver	
Slooan City	
White wator Station ���
Three Forks	
Deer Park	
.Slocan Junct.C.&K.Ry.
Of which every person is hereby requested to take notice and govern him-
solf accordingly.
(Mven under my hand at Kaslo the
iifteenth day of June. 1898.
Fletcher S. Andrews,
Returning Officer.
Just       4
A Seasonable Line of
. Fine Groceries .
Including Such Delicacies as
Smyrna Dried Fisrs. Preserved New Orleans Figs.
Ram Lai Tea.   Chape & Sanborn's Coffees.
And all Noted Brands of Coffee, Mecca, Mocha and Java.
Cross cc Blackwell's Pickles.
Patterson's Chutney Pickles.  .French mustard.
Sliced Smoked Beef and the Noted'Beef Extract, Bovril.
We can furnish almost any  thing desired in  the
Grocery Line.    But that is not all.
Our Men's Furnishing Goods.
Continue to comprise the Largest and Finest Assortment in the city.    Call
and see them.
Corner A Avenue and Third Street, Kaslo. B. C
.iio' njiai
ette & Co.,
Wholesale Dealers in
Also Hav, Feed and Produce.
Wc shin direct from California and aro prepared to quote
the lowest market prices on all kinds of fruits in season.
Sloean Hiding of West Kooienay Klectoral District.
To Wrr:
PUB7K' N< ��TICE is hereby given to the Electors of the Electoral I'i-
trlct aforesaid, thai u Poll has become necessary at tho Election now  pern
for the Ban e, an i that I bave granted such Poll; and further, that the pera ".
duly nominated as candidates at tlie said Election, and for whom only votes" :i
be received, nre:
Green Robert Francis
Retallack .lohn Ley
Of which AU. persons are hereby required to take notico and  to go*,
themselves accordingly.
(liven under nivhand   at Kaslo, B. C. this twenty-flfth day of  June, is
the yew 1898. Fletchbb 8. s&nobfwb,
Kootenay --
The following persons have been appointed Election Agents during-thi
���ontimuineo of tho present election:
Green, Robert Francis
Hetallack, .lohn Ley
Bated at Kaslo, B. C. 25th June, 1898.
Geo. Stott, Merchant, Kaslo, B. C.
O.T.Stone, General Agent, Kaslo, B.C.
Fletcher S. Andrews,
Returning Officer.
Is This Whit You Aro Looking For?
Comfortable, clean, well furnished
rooms by the day, week or month at
reasonabhJ prices at the Victoria, A
avonue, near 5th street. >'" **���*"������' attached. Baths fret to guests. A siiec-
ially low rata ot trom $H up per montn
to permanent roomers.
W J. Hall, Propr.
0. I". Rs Halcyon Hot Spring* i:\siu >iims.
The following round trip rates have
been arranged to Halcyon Hot Springs
and return, tickets being good for 30
days: Firm Ratio, $10: Rossland. $8.80;
kelson, #8; Trail, $7.50.
Nelson, June 24.
... IIM.-I    ��
1 i nm hi wn �� Timely Topics. ****]
Tlio rnln.v season In Cnba, we infer,
begins it little later than the Dewey
season in Manila.
Tlio taking of a few more islands
will change the Spanish estimate from
pigs lo hogs.
Spain's wisest course is to begin over
again Iiy planting a schoolhouse iu the
shadow of every chureh.
"We are a degenerate race," snid a
memlier of the Spanish Cortes to that
body.   Agreed lo without debate.
"(lood morning; have you had a crisis to-day?" Is gelling to be ihe proper
form of salutation in KiiHipeaii countries.
The average length of a whale's jawbone is seven feet, which proves that
he was originally designed I'm- a politician.
Though our soldiers arc most patriotic, many would rather kiss a sweetheart's cheek in camp than smell powder in the field.
It cannot be said, however, that Admiral Dewey has reached the highest
pinnacle of fame until H 5-cent cigar is
named after him.
The firsl ci'i'cci of the .viir will be to
extend (he source of supplies so that
henceforth a colonel need not necessarily lie a Kenluckian.
Since   the   cotfee   and   sugar   trusts
have combined to furnish thosestaples,
nothing appears left for the country
bin to find Itself In hoi water.
If the yellow journals of New York
ever get Into financial straits they can
take their headline type ,m'l Be* "l>
complete job printing establishments.
Any European nation desiring anything Iii the island line alter the pres-
enl unpleasantness Is over should address thu United stales state Department��� island bureau.
We have the distinguished lienor and
pleasing satisfaction of belonging to a
nation thai has about twelve times as
much light lng material as could possibly be used in almost any Borl of war.
According lo a New Vork slool pigeon for the police, a "criminologist" is
_ student of human nature who knows
how to extort money at both ends of
his Jobs. "Criminologists" have uo business this side of Russia.
A great struggle arises fib a woman's
mind when she Is asked what her ne.w
gown coat. She is always in doubt
whether to trai rlie price In half and
make you envy her the bargain er double !l and make you envy her affluence.
Tlirougli his naked eye man sees less
than 0,000 stars: through a powerful
telescope he may see a hundred million, is there not a similar exaltation
of all his faculties as they expand under nil' culture'.' The realm of truth
ls deep and vast, like Ihe starry heuv-
The more closely Admiral Dewey's
victory in Manila Bay Is studied, the
closer becomes Ihe evidence Unit It was
due not so much lo Ihe peculiar possession of courage ns to high scientific and
professional training, An experienced
English naval ottieer recently said that
the conlesl at  sen  was   less   between
shiiw than between men a comment
strikingly borne out lu the Uutle off
Cavite. .
The world moves, but It does not
move so fasi as to carry the human being away from the things that are human. Call il atavism or what not, tills
Civilised man Is just as ready for light
n,s were his barbarous ancestors. More
thnn Ihey he has courage and endurance. The only (inference between hlm
and l.hem Is not In desire to tight, but
In bhe reasons which he recognize! as
worth u fight.
The rapid progress of invention ls
making war too deadly and expensive.
The tendency of war Implement Inveiu
Hon is toward peace. Nations will continue to Ir* prepared for war and, after
one or two more deadly encounters, tne
civilised nations wlll conclude that Ihe
game is not worth the candle. Not that
tliere will be disarmament. As long
as the weld lasts there will be armaments. The stronger the armaments
the greater the peace of the world. Von
Moltke was right. The millennial condition of entire disarmament has not
yet been reached.
So finely are the scales of nature ad-
Justed that lt ls probable every defect
has Its compensation near at hand.
Man's part ls to find it. In Kansas and
Nebraska the rainfall ls Insufficient to
supply the needs of agricultural vegetation. Nevertheless lt has recently
ben ascertained that an inexhaustible
deposit of water lies directly belor ail
tbe arid region; while the wind, na
ture's agent lo lift ilie wnter. blows
during tlie whole summer. It was from
air registering otic hundred degrees lie-
low zero that Nansen. by means of a.
windmill, wrested Ihe power lo light
and heat his ice-bound l'rani, The
Kansas farmers should not lie slow to j
conquer nature as Nansen dlU.
As regards tlie need an I practical
usefulness of a ship canal across Nicaragua, ihe country had an Impressive
Object lesson ill tlie case of the battle-
ship Oregon. If the Spanish Meet had '
started across tlie Atlantic at the beginning of hostilities tlie lesson would
have been still more pointed. If Hie
Nicaragua canal had existed the Oregon would have had to go only otie-
thinl as far. and ii would quickly have
been reinforcing Admiral Sampson's
lleet, Instead of being nn object of worry. Tlie waste of time, coal nnd service was great in Itself, bill lliis was as
nothing compared with llic predicament we might have been in if we had
been depending upon n Pacific squadron io protect or strengthen our Atlantic interests. Tlie Senate foreign rein-
lions committee did well to get Senator I
Morgan lo reintroduce his bill for a
commission to Inquire further into the i
Nicaraguan Canal project.
An Interesting Investigation has been
made 1'eOently in one of our cities, as to '
Ilie reasons why children ol' equally
good capacity should rank so unevenly
iu their studies in the schools. I'ains
were taken to lenrn from one class of
fifty-five pupils enough about their habits out of school In enable judgment to
lie made. Tiie investigation showed
thai thirteen boys were permitted to
be mt the streets at night as late as half-
past it o'clock,   Nut one of t in-in ranked
as high as thirtieth in the class. Another grade class of lifty-tive was tried
in ilie same manner; eigbl boys were
habitually on the streets in the evenings. Not one of lliem ranked as high
as fortieth in the class. Another cias-i
of thiriy-iive Investigated showed Hint
six wore allowed the freedom of the
streets at night, and every one of lliem
had spent two or three years passing
the fourth ami fifth grades, due boy
of fifteen years of age had spent nine
years in gelling four and a half years
of schooling. Investigation also showed
that in these classes examined. 83 per
cent, of the girls remain al home and
read good books, and aboul oiic-lhird
ouly of Ihe boys ever read al all.
The so-called bread riots that lately
look place in Milan and other cities of
Italy Indicated a condition of affairs
that was more desperate than appeared on Ihc surface. It Is true (hat
the people were suffering for bread, for
It so happened that In every great
wheat-producing country In the world
the crop of 1HII7 was a short one. lu
Germany, France and Kngland. where
a considerable portion of the wheat
consumed is usually of domestic production, almost the entire consumption
had to be obtained abroad. The storehouses, besides the I'nlted Stales, from
Which those countries have depended
for their wheat have been Russia, India, Egypt and Argentina, but last
year ltussia hml no surplus to export,
India had very little, Egypt next to
none, and Argentina harvested only
enough for home consumption. The
result was that bread was dear and the
people were hungry. Italy was in a
worse situation than any of the countries importing wheat for domestic
consumption, she had Impoverished
herself by attempting io maintain a
standing as a military and naval power that was beyond her possibilities.
What Germany and France did. Italy
Strove to duplicate, she wished to be
classed as one of the great powers of
Europe, and she drew Ihe life blood out
of her people in the attempt, realizing
only failure. She entered Into a triple
alliance with Germany and Austria,
and tiled to maintain a position of
equality with each. With a population
of about 80,000,000, she kept a permanent peace establishment of 210,280
men, with a compulsory reserve of
1,911,000. The members of this reserve, while not COUStantly in service,
were compelled lo spend from three to
nineteen years In the army, which was
a fearful drain on the productive energies of the country. Besides this large
QUmber of soldiers tIn* Italian navy
had -l.T'.M men on the active list and
18,000 on the reserve list, making a total of nearly 2,200,000 men who were
not only withdrawn from Ihe various
industries of the kingdom, but had to
be supported In Idleness. The result
was (hat general stagnation In business and enormous taxation were universal in the country, laisir was unemployed, and those who found work receive starvation wages. The increase
in the price of bread, even though
small, brought want and hunger to
people who nre always on the verge of
starvation. The high price of bread
was only an incident that drove tho
people to riots which showed the really
intolerable condition of affairs all
over Italy. Thnt country was attempting to do what the frog did when lt
sought to rival the ox, and possibly a
similar result may follow the attempt.
|       mm hero,  m m
ll was a pretty scene! The trees had
the abundance of verdant foliage that
belongs to happy .lune; the grass
seemed more than usually rich and
green and ihe wild flowers more abundant than ever before -there was a rural
bridge   over   a   deep,   rushing   stream
thai fed a mill dam some distance beyond; ami roses clambered over the
broken rails of the bridge and twined '
their  wild  tendrils  about   an  old   ti	
near by. against which was a rustic
seat. <in the rustic sen was another
rose ��� very sweet and fresh ami lovely
rose in while uiiislln. witli a Marie Antoinette fichu ai-io.ss her bream and
knotted at the waist, and a wide leghorn li.it on her head that shaded her
eyes so cleverly that uo beholder could
guess that tears were rising tliere from
time to time and dropping on the white
mull kerchief, And this had happened
SO often that tiie rose might very well
lie said lo be washed iu tlt-w.
Her name was Kate, and she was
very angry with herself because the
tears would fall despite all the Indignant things she was saving to herself
iii the effort to slop their flow, till .it
last she started to her feet In a dreadful pet ami began to walk up and down.
Crushing Ihe wild flowers under her
feci. Kut that could not continue, fori
she was a very sweet liltle woman and
could not even hurl a flower without
regretting il: and presently she bent
her graceful figure and pulled the wild
anemones aud the few late violets, and,
having reached Ihe rustic seat, she
added a rose or two and sal down.
"It's a perfectly lovely morning!" she
murmured,  and    pinned    the    flowers.
among the folds of the mull kerchief.
"I   wonder  where  she  has  taken   the
ehihl, because "
She   stopped  and   looked   anxiously
alwul till she saw. in Ihe distance, the1
maid and Ilu* little boy rambling among
the trees ami apparently absorbed in i
gathering wild flowers and chasing but-1
terllles: and the  music  of  tlie  child's I
laughter was borne to her on Ihe soft, j
perfumed   summer   breeze.     It  was a I
heavenly  sound���a  sound   to   gladden i
any mo*" t's heart: bin  Kate Belden
sighed and drew from her ltelt n closely-crumpled piece of paper, which sh"
had  thrust  there in fierce impatient"-:
and as she looked at It the tears, which
had not ltitrented very far, again rose
lo her eyes.
"Oh. I'm Just a dreadful fool I" she
thought: "a silly, silly liltle simpleton I
And I'm glad he Is late, for I wouldn't
have hlm know, for anything in this
Home for Oats.
The forum of Augustus lg used as
the cats' home of Home: All the superfluous tabbies are dropped over Into't,
and they are kept alive by Uie charity
of the people, Who take them food.
world, that 1 cared enough to cry "
And, smoothing out the eniniplei!
paper, she began to reuid the written
words once more, though she already
knew them by heart:
"If you will see me on Wednesday wc
can talk the uiatier over. I have s]>okeii
���with my lawyer, and he has consulted
with yours, nnd a separation can be arranged without any public scandal���at
least. I hope so. I would call at the
house, but I know your mother hates
me worse than ever now, and It would
only cause a scene. So, If you will
come to tiie old riisllc seat close by the
bridge���you know where we us*2d to
meet In the old, happy days���ai, Kate,
If you would only let me tell you everything you would find that I am not so
very much to blame���but I won't speak
of that. Because, of course, I know you
wish to leave me, and I will make no
defense. Yes, you shall keep the boy,
though I believe the law would give
hlm to me if I chose to fight for my
right. Kut I don't care lo call it my
right���no, In that I yield to you enflre-
ly, I believe a Child lmlongs lo his
mot her tlrst nnd before all others.
Therefore. I give him to you without
asking what the law might say about
il. Kut 1 do ask Thai you wlll let me
see him as often ns I may wish, for I
love hlm. dear���yes. though you may
not be-lleve it, Kate. I love him next to
his mother, who Is still the dearest on
earth lo inc. There, I didn't mean to
say that; but It Is written, and let t
stay so. l will not offend yon again:
int he tiiere nn Wednesday, any time
before noon. I won't be later than 11.
and we can arrange all Ihc business details   the lawyers wlll do ihe rest."
And by this time rhe tears were brimming over, but she wip-i them softly
away; and. Instead of (rushing the
]>n per ns lief ore. she folded il rorj
smoothly and Slipped it Inside her corsage, where she couhl Ice il rise and
fall beneath the hurried beating of her
"I'm glad he's lale," she repented;
"I'm very glad he's late." Anil then she
looked al her wnleh and found it was
not quite 10*80. "O, he isn't late, after
all���1 must have been very early���I will
go and find Annette and the child."
And as she rose tliere was Ihe crackling of n twig under n hasty footstep
and Kate Seidell stood face to face with
her husband, He was very pale, and
his lips looked pnllld and drawn with
the effort to keep from trembling. She
had flushed deeply when their eyes
met, but now the color eblied away
from her girlish face and she said COB*
*I am so glad!���I mean not to keep
you waiting. You see I am here
"Vou nre very good." he said; "but
yon are ulways good. You got my
"O, yes, or I wouldn't have known
you were coming here." She moved
backward a step and was very glad to
drop Into the old rustic seat. "It Is
very generous of you. Sidney, lo agree
to everything, aud particularly about
"It Is all I can do, now���to try and
please yon," he answered, weakly; and
the perspiration was like dew on his
brow. He took off his hat and stammered something about Its being "awfully hot."
"Yes. perhaps you have walked fast-
It Is very warm and you look tired.
Won't you sit down?" She moved a
little further away to make room for
liim, and he dropped Into the place beside hel.
"We used to sny tliere was Just room
enough for two," he added with a smile,
and she turned her head away -perhaps to pinch a rose, for she
snapped one off short aud then threw
lt awiy.
"Am I to see baby to-day?" he nsked
after a few minutes of awkward silence. "I haven't seen hlm, you kuow,
since "
"Oh, yes," she answered hurriedly,
and, looking nbout. "there they are, he
and Annette, yonder In the woods: they
are coming this way; oh, Sidney,"
she cried, suddenly turning toward
hlm, "how could you? 1 cau never,
never forgive you." r
"I could never dare to ask you."
They were almost the very words of
Pauline and Claude. She remembered
in a moment thnt It hnd been the flrst
play Sidney had taken her to see after
they had nintried; and how often they
bad laughed at that pair of lovers,
each dying to forgive und be forgiven,
and neither daring to say the right
word. She used to think she could
never be so foolish as that, aud now���
It was getting very awkward, for this
was a far more serious matter, and she
knew that she could never, never forgive.  What woman could ?
And then she heard the laughter and
shouts of little Sidney, who bad Just
caught sight of his father nnd was now
running wildly to welcome him.. It was
a fortunate Interruption to a scene that
was Hearing a painful climax, and she
was very glad to take a step or two
towards the laughing boy. who waa
already flying across the bridge, followed by his nurse; then there waa e
crash, a shriek; the side of the bridge
was gaping outward; tbe maid stood
wringing tier hands; the golden curls
that had floated a moment above the
running waters, were gone. '
It whs no sudden, so inexplicable that
the frantic mother could not realize at
flrst what had happened. When ihe
did. ihe air resounded with her agonized criess, and It was the nurse girl
who was the first to see that .Sidney
had already reached his child Just iu
time. '
"Courage, ma'am, courage:" the girl
whispered, while she supported her
mistress. "See-be ls safe! His father
has hlm���look, look! The darling has
his arms aliout the master's neck, an'
he's hoggin' an' kissing of hlm just as
If nothing had happened at all:"
The girl assisted her mistress back to
the little rustle seat, and when the
father and child had reached the young
mother, little Sidney was already
laughing with delight; and as he put
one dripping arm about her neck, he
drew ber close till her face touched her
husband's face.
"Kate." whispered Sidney, "Kate,
may 1 beg forgiveness uow?"
"0, Sidney: I hnve been so proud
and heartless! 1 wns Jealous and vain
���and���and- selfish and unfair: I
wouldn't listen to you, and al! the time
I knew you neyer cared for that
woman:   Can you forgive me, too?''
"Just give tne a chance, that's all,"
and then two pairs of arms met and
clasped each other close about the con-
qnering hero, who seemed to And himself quite suddenly an object of secondary Importance.
It then occurred to Annette that Master Sidney would have n dreadful cold
unless his dripping garments were
changed Immediately; so she carded
him off In pursuit of dry clothing.���
Popular Monthly.
Thc Kaiser's Stenographer.
It Is not generally known that under
the present Emperor a new ottlee has
been created, that of personal stenographer to his majesty. William I. bnt
rarely delivered a speech, and, when he
did, the text was always decided on beforehand. In consultation with Prince
Bismarck, aud the monarch either
learned the speech by heart or read lt
from a manuscript, He knew that he
possessed no gift of language and had
no confidence in his ability to Improvise
in public. William II.. soon after he
came to the throne, gave orders that a
stenographer should always in* present
during his speeches, whether at home
or ou travel. This duty is fulfilled in
Germany by one of the official stenographers of the relchslag, who took down
the speeches of the K.mperor and Prince
Henry at Kiel. The Kmperor himself
supervised Ihe shorthand writer's transcript before it was transmitted to
Wolf's telegram bureau���the German
Keiiler. The speeches of the Kmperor,
sent over the official wire, are therefore
Ipslsslma verba. A different shorthand
writer accompanies the Emperor
abroad, where the s|>eeches are, for the
most imrt, delivered In a foreign language, nnd could not. therefore, be
noted down by a German stenographer.���Pall Mall (Jazette.
Holty-Tolty.   .
Selden in his "Table TaJk" writes:
"in Queen Blbtabeth's time gravity
and state were kept up. In King James*
time things were pretty well. But In
King Charles' time there has been nothing but Frenchmore and the cushion
dance, omnium gatherum, toiiy-poiiy,
This phrase iu modern French is haut
The late Dr. Brewer, In his "Dictionary of Phrase and Fable," says:
"The most probable derivation I
know ls this: What we call 'hoity-toity,'
holty iH-Ing connected with holt (to leap
Up), our 'high.' 'hlght.' nnd tolly being
't'other holt,' I. e., first one side holts,
then the other side."���Notes and Queries.
The  Only One.
Miss Wellwood���Yes, I Iwlotvg to the
Daughters of the Revolution, and pride
myself upon lielng the most distinguished member of the society.
Mr. Hnrgrenves���Indeed! I suppose
you brace your lineage bock to some
man who was a lion ln his day, eb?
Miss Wellwood���No, my great-great-
gramlfather was only a private, but
from oil that I can learn he seems te
have been the only one ln the whole
army.���Cleveland leader.
Ostriches Hooded at Pluck in*- Time.
Wherf the ostrich Is to be divested of
Its plumage a long hood Is placed over
Its head, and lt la then confined In a
railed Inclosure about three feet
square.   Tbe birds rarely show fight.
We know a man who has enough industry and ability ln his line to make
a conspicuous success, if bla fool ways
didn't keep him down. Ki      MINOR NEWS OF THE WORLD.
The IIiikIh.'ss ."roarresii���Facts for
the Curioua���Accidents an,I Crime
���.\otea uf I'rnsiinis- Ch urs'lis-H and
Itellffiuna   New*.
Korea has 8,0110,000 inhabitants, though
it is no linger than Minnesota.
Signals used by ships at sea date from
1608,    They were invented by the duke I
of York, afterward Jumes 11.
The common soldier in Russia receives j
three rubles per annum���about $2.25. The
duy rations consist of two pounds of such-
ary, which is a very coarse kind of breud
made of cracked rye, baked hard at fust
then cut into smull pieces und further
dried in a heated oven; a small quantity
of salt and some soup.
"Klunfiiir-pwllgwyngyU" i9 the nnme
of a villuge in Wales that enjoys the
privilege of being counted us one word in
Antwerp has just been the scene of un
important art sale, the pictures in the
Kums muleum having been sold lor
I,3.*i0,000 francs, about $270,000.
The islund of Key West is of coral formation, contains ubout 2000 ucres nnd
hus a population of sonic 2,">,000���Americans, Cubans, negroes and Chinese.
A cabinetmaker nt Krankenberg, in
Saxony, now 84 years of uge, boasts that
he helped build Goethe's eollin in 1832,
and saw the poet's body laid away in it.
in Palestine the swallows nre allowed
the freedom not only of the houses nnd
living rooms, but of the mosques und
tombs, where they build their nests and
rear  tlieir young.
A centrifugal gun, discharging 30,000
lnillels ft minute, hns been invented by
an English engineer. The bullets are
poured into a ease from a hopper nnd
guided into u disk, three feet iu diameter, revolving in the case nl the rate of
15,000 revolutions n niinutx. They ure
discharged from the edge of the disk.
Dr. Chun, n Chinese physician of Cleveland, Ohio, offers to organize in this
country u regiment of Chinamen nnd to
convert the Chinese of the Philippines into allies of the United States.
The value of agricultural products exported from the United States for thc
yenr ending with this month is larger
thnn for uny previous year in the history
of thc country. It amounts to over
The president has authorized canned
salmon to be added as one of the army
rations. Fresh beef will be issued to the
troops six days in ten, suit meats three
.lays ih ten, und canned salmon one day
in ten.
The miners of Colorado are changing
the names of many of their mines to those
of famous men of the present wur. One
of the belt-paying copper mines is culled
Sigsbee. It is claimed that it, never paid
until now.
('eronimo. the noted Apache chief, who
hus caused the government so much
trouble in his time, is DO years old. He
is still physically uctive, and his fuvorite
amusement is hunting, in which lie indulges whenever he cull get permission
to leave the reservation.
According to the Financial Chronicle,
this year's cotton acreage is practically
the Mine us lust year, insuring low
prices, Government estimate, however, is
of a 0.8 per cent reduction in acreage and
correspondingly higher prices.
A report thnt wild dogs ure creating
havoc among cuttle und sheep along the
border of Arizona und New .Mexico is receiving u good deal of attention, lt is
corroborated by the deputy sheriff of
Navajo county, who recently returned
from un extended trip through the mountains nlong thc border.
Testimony in n contest to nnnul the
will of a deceased Maryland former hns
developed the fact that he wus in the
habit of digging holes on his farm for
the purpose of filling them with water
of the Atluntic, so .thnl he might empty
the oceun and enable the fanners to plant
potatoes on the dry bottom.
The price of beer has been iidvuriced $1
a barrel und ice 25 cents a hundred
pounds in Chicago.
Tliere hus been a sharp advance in the
wholesale price of cheap teas, on account
of the wnr tux.
The queen regent of Spain has offered
to abdicate, if such u step will ulluy popular discontent.
The British government is preparing to
store 100,000 tons of coal at Ksquimalt,
British Columbia.
Lord Wolseley, coniinnndcr in chief of
the British army, hus been offered the
governor generalship of Canada.
An Knglish traveler reports 1,000,000
acres of marvelously rich unimproved
form lund in the Philippine islands.
There is a treasury deficit so far this
month of $11,000,000, owing to war and
navy department expenditures.
The navy department has reliable information that the Spanish fleet at Cudiz,
Spain, under command of Admiral Camara, is totally unlit for sea.
The senate hus passed a bill authorizing the appointment of a non-partisan industrial commission, to recommend laws
needed by laboring, agricultural and capital interests.
A Chicago doctor claims to have cured
consumption by compressing the lungs
with nitrogen, permitting self-healing.
The state department Is now issuing
only nbout GO pnssports a duy, which
shows that the tide of foreign travel from.
the United States is very low.
Fearing that congress will not mnke an
appropriation for the Paris exposition,
France is now loudly protesting ber
friendship for the United States.
The United States furnished one-half
the imports of Mexico lust year; Kngland
one-sixth, France one-fifth, Germany one-
tenth und Spain about one-fourteenth.
In Koine it is admitted that the Philippines ure lost to Spain, nnd the Spanish
government is advised to submit with
resignation to that accomplished result.
Searchlights are such good targets for
un enemy's guns that the Germans are arranging to t.'irow the light first on a
mirrOr und thence on the enemy, thereby
concealing its real source.
A woman's idea of making a name
for  herself is to marry well.
The Venezuelan revolution ended hy
the defeat and capture of Hernandez, its
A patrol of the Spanish const in contemplation by the United States governments The extensive truflic in contraband
will make this course necessary.
A mass meeting held at St. Louis by
French residents und a resolution adopted favoring a demonstration to counter-
net the antagonism ngninst France be-
cause of her alleged opposition to the
United States.
Tommy Ryan defeated Tommy West in
n 20-round contest at Syracuse, X. Y., for
the welterweight championship of the
The largest granite plant in -Xew England, situated ut Bane, Yt., burned;
loss. $100,000.
Thc Austrian reichsrath dissolved on
account of the disorders over the language ordinance.
A bund of eleven negroes mnde nn unit essful  attempt., to wreck  the  Queen
uud Crescent limited pus-eager train near
New Orleans, l.a., June 11.
Edward Montisi, who wns arrested on
suspicion of being a Spanish spy as lie
wus about to board a steamer at New
York, has been released from Confinement
on Governor's island for luck of evidence.
The gunboat. Wheeling has left Seattle
for Alaska with u government surveying
party on boards
Madrid papers continue to insist that
Spain docs  not desire pence.
Princeton University hns conferred the
! degree nf  LL,   1).  on Admiral  Dewey.
Senator Aldrich hns heen re-elected
United Slates senator from Rhode Island.
The naval repair-ship Yulcnn has been
ordered  lo  join Admiral Sampson's Heel.
Kngland hus acquired 200 additional
square miles of Chinese territory adjacent
to Hong Kong.
Many relics of the war of the rebellion
have been found by the soldiers now in
camp ut Cliickaniiiugu.
Chicago has invited President McKinley
nnd ex-President Harrison to make addresses in thut city July 4.
The vulue of the corn crop iu Mexico
iu 18!l(i was $77,000,000, which is ten
limes the vulue of the coffee crop of that
The Cuban allies of our marines nt Oai*
j inuucru. Cuba, fought well, going right up
| lo the Spanish  lines  without the  slightest  fear.
Ituts gnawing matches have caused no
less  thun  forty  fires in  widely  different
parts   Of   the   United   States  during   the
pasl  w eek.
Japan has no desire In interfere in the
Philippine matter, Formosa having furnished all the territorial difficulties now-
It Is scnii-iitlicially announced that Kngland  will send n huge licet  to  Manila if
Germany attempts a naval demonstration
It is reported that a number of Philadelphia coul dealers will be proseeutcsl
by the government  for selling coul to the
Spanish government.
A number of Georgia moonshiners huve
hnd their sentences modified, so ns to be
ublc  to join  u  moonshine regiment  now
The Cuban junta will send u ship to
Culm with supplies for the insurgent m-
iny. The vessel will be commanded hy
Capt. "Johnny" O'Brien.
Over 6000 Spanish volunteers mc reported to have deserted to the insurgents
in Cuba since the beginning of Snmpson's
blockade of Santiago,
Five hundred farms have been sold ill
Center county, Pa., for unpaid tuxes, the
majority going for just the amount
charged  against   them.
The senate committee on foreign affair*
reported favorably nnd without amendment the Hawaiian annexation resolution
ns passed by the house.
Hugh \V. Williams, who wus mysteriously shot recently in San Francisco, Cnl.,
wus an English baronet nnd u fellow of
the Ueogrnphicul society.
Nearly 400 Oatnolic men of Scranton,
Pu., have organized a Holy Name Society.
the object of wliich is to discourage the
use of profane language.
The Itcpublic llomleil for Three
Million Dollars*���Bxcltll-at Times
Over the l.e Itot Sale���.New Etouds
tu the Cauii.H���I'eilnr Canyon Xeivs
Spoknne. June 27.���An option for 30
days has been given on the Republic
mine This is no longer a tumor. Patrick Clark, the largest holder of Republic
stock, admits thai such is the case.
"We gave a 30-duy option on the Republic about a. week ugu,'' said Mr. Clark
when asked for a statement on the subject. "1 am not at liberty at this time
to name the terms of the deal nor to say
to whom we hnve given the option. I
muy say. however, that the option is for
30 days for the purpose of permitting nu
examination of the property, and experts
are now making the examination on behalf of the parties interested."
Mr. Clark declined to discuss the deal
for the sale of the mine further, ll was
learned, however, from a most reliable
source thnt it is the British America Corporation which hus tied tin- property up
for 30 days and thut $8,000,000 is the
price. Hector Mac Hoc nnd other experts
in the employ of the big syndicate ure
known to be in Republic. Parties bearing close relationship to the Hritish
America Corporation iisscrt that tliere is
little doubt that the deal will go tlirougli.
Hon. C. 11. Mackintosh, managing director of the British America Corporation, came down from Rossland late Inst
week and was asked about the option on
the Republic.
"1 am much annoyed." said he, "on account of these reports thut either I or the
British America Corporation have bonded the Republic mine or taken an option J
on  it.    There  is  no  truth   in  Ilie  state- |
meiiis to that effect and no foundation j
for the rumor. 1 want ulso to enter nn
emphatic denial that Whitaker Wright
or any of the parties with whom lie is
interested iii mining iii the northwest is
concerned in any bond on the Republic
mine. 1 know that such is not the case,
und you ran say most positively that
neither the British America Corporation
nor any ollicial of it is in any wuy concerned in any bond or option on tlie prop*
erty. <bi the contrary, I may add that 1
am iu receipt of a telegram from Whitaker Wright advising me that the corporation will not buy uny more proper-
lies for nt lenst seven months So it will
be that length of time nt least before we
eun begin to consider properties in Bu*
I reka camp."
Governor Mackintosh is evidently right
in staling that the British America Corporation hns not taken the option on the
Republic mine. It is well known thnt it
is not the intention of the corporation to
operate under that name und organization   on   this
boundary lim
drove out to Mead, a stution on the Spokune Falls & Northern nine miles north
of Spokane, to avoid service and intercept a special train that he and the representatives of the British America Corporation, the. prospective purchasers, had
chartered to go u> Roscland.
At 10:30 o'clock last night this train,
which consisted of a special engine nnd a
private car, wns all ready to start. Just
before the moment of starting Deputy
Sheriff Blirch appeared at the depot with
the restraining order, 'llic men he most
wanted to serve it on were inside the car.
Thc blinds were drawn and the door
"Open the door," demanded Burch,
"Oct off the car,*' yelled the conductor
in reply.
Then (ieneral Manager Austin Corbin
II. wa.s sent for. He arrived, looked into
the situation, thought for a time and
finally nt 11:20 p. m. gave the engineer
orders to go ahead. The deputy mude
another attempt to stop the engineer, but
ii was of no avail. The lust seen of the
deputy sheriff he wns still clinging to the
front platform of the cur.
Senator Turner arrived in the city at
4:30 o'clock yesterday morning in tlie
delayed Northern Pacific. He was busy j
all day with his associate* in figlit'ng the
proposed deal. This morning he left foi
Rossland. It is expected he and his adherents will tap the wires curly today
nnd try to invoke thc aid of the British
Columbia court to prevent the deal going
i in 1! Bit
Details, .,1   the  l'iuht��� Two   lti. 111 ���.  nt
II ���Death   (if   Captain   ('apron���
Mule   Stampeded    With    <;tui���\c\v
Men   FiiukIiI   I.Ike   Veterans,.
<l uie Is Trip  From  Kurt  Steele.
James K. Dolan. United States inspector of customs, arrived in Spokune last
week, having made the record trip up to
date from Fort Steele to Spokune. He
left Fort Steele at 5 p. m. Sunday and
arrived ai 3 p. in. on the Great Northern
Monday. If uny one ever made the trip
in that time before it has not been recorded. Mr. Dolnn's duties keep him going
up and down the Kootenay on the busy
little steamers that ply the stream.   As
might   be guessed,   he  has   hud   exciting
Colwyn  Wagon Ituad.
The Colwyn, near Wallace. Idaho, .s
now building ils new wagon road to conned with the old road from the Silling
Bull road to the Futlier Lode. As soon
as it is completed, shipment* of ore will I through his body
commence, The work of sinking on the
ore chute had to be abandoned, owing to
wnter coming in  faster than it could  be
handled. When the attempt to go deeper
wus abandoned, a drift was commenced
from near the bottom of the shaft, running eastward into tlie mountain, and
two feet of ore is now reported in the face
of the drift.
Xew Hand  to Spring-dale.
Engineer Roberts, of the Spokane Falls
A Northern, and his men surveyed a
route for a wagon road lo the Cedar Canyon mines last week. They report that n
first-class road with only a slight grade
eun be made for a small outlav of nioiie,
Near Juragua, Cuba, June 23, via
Kingston. June 2(i.���Practically two battles were fought nt the same time, one
by the rough riders under the Immediate
command of Colonel Wood, on the top
.(if the plateau, and the other on the hillside several miles away by the regulars,
with whom was (Ieneral Young.
The lirst intimation had by Colonel
Wood's command that there were Spaniards in the vicinity was when they
reached a point three or four miles buck
from the const, where the low cuckoo
culls of the Spanish soldiers were heard
in the bush. Finally B place wns reached about 8 o'clock, where the trail opened
into a space covered with high grass on
I the right hand side of the trail and the
thickets. A barbed wire fence r.in along
the left side. 'The dead body of a Cuban
was found on the side of the road, and at
the same time Captain ('apron's troops
covered the outpost, the heads of several
Spaniards being seen iu tlie bushes for a
Hardly two minutes elapsed before
Mauser rifles commenced to crack in (he
thicket, and 100 bullets whistled over tlie
heads of the Rough Ridels, cutting
leaves Irom the trees and sending chips
Hying from the fence posts by the side of
the men. The Spaniards had opened
lire and they poured in a heavy lire.
which soon had a most disastrous effect.
The troops stood their ground with the
bullets singing all around them.
Captain ('apron stood behind hi- men,
revolver iu hand, using it whenever a
Spaniard exposed himself. Hi- aim was
sure, and two at thc enemy wire seen
to fall under his lire. Ju-i as lie was
preparing lo lake another -hot and
shouting orders  to his men  al   the same
time, hi* revolver dropped from his grasp
mil  lie  fell   to  the  ground   with   a   ball
His troop was badly
nnd muscle.   This load when completed
ide of  the international I will put the Cedar Canyon me about 2<i
ll  is asserted by parties I miles  nearer   the   cars  than   the  present
position   to know  the I route   by   Davenport,   nnd   the
in  Spokane   in  a
facts  that   it   is   the
crowd that  is seckin
While   this   is   mil   the   British   America
Corporation,   the   deal   is  suid   to   be   inspired by the men ill London who uie Ilie
i head und front of tlie corporation.
The sule of the Republic for $8,000,000
is the biggest mining deal ever contemplated in Washington, and if it is closed
will be the biggest mining sale trade in
the western pail of thc United .Scutes in
Whitaker   Wright ; freighting will lie only aboul one half the
to buy  the mine. | price now paid.
The Stevens Peak Region.
The trail to the Stevens peak region is
nearly completed, and soon there will he
considerable prospecting in tlmt pnrt of
the Coeur d'Alenes. besides a number of
parties who already hold claims in there
will be doing development work.   It Is
disconcerted for a moment, but wilh all
the strength lie could muster, he cried:
"Don't mind me, boys, go on und fight."
Colonel Wood also order his Hotcli-
kiss gun into action, but the trooper who
rode Ihc mule upon which a part of the
gun was packed had been Stampeded. His
animal broke into the woods iii the opposite direction from the Spunish lire,
and the gun consequently could not be
As soon us the position had been
changed the American* poured a more
terrific lire than ever into the Spaniards,
us they got them into more open country and could see lliem better. It was
not long before the enemy gave way and
run down the sleep hill and up another
hill to the blockhouse, with the evident
of I intention of making a final stand there.
Colonel Wood was at the front directing
the movement,.and ii was here that Major Brodie wus shot.   Colonel Wood nnd
Lieutenant Colonel Roosevelt bull) led the
troops in pursuit of the Seeing Spaniards
nnd a hnil of bullets was poured Into the
blockhouse. By the time thc American
advance  got   within  600  yards    of    the
blockhouse the Spaniards abandoned  it
the last quarter of a century. Consider . ,��� ������,������,. ns ,mmm���,. ls ,���Wur,|s til
| ing the fact thai the mine wns located j si. .|,���.. which has had n lendencv lo di-
| only u little more thun two yenrs ago. in   eourage  prospectors,  ns  it   was doubtful
'February, lsoii. nnd thai il is developed obe^ getting transportation,
only to the 200-foot level, (he price is a A Kniuher of New shippers..
lnrge one     But when the fad  is taken |     T|l(> ,),.,,,. -,.,.,,��� ���,.������ ,j, ,,,���,���,. ^
into   consideration   that   the   piuvbasoi'S
risk  nothing in buying ihe property at
that figure, as it is conceded by conscivu-
large country, of which bul little is yet and scattered among tbe brush up anoth-
knbwn, although it lie* within a few ra:le*i Ier lliM' '" ������"' direction of Santiago, and
if Wallace,   lis drainage is toward* thc
the battle wns ended.
(ieneral   Youiik'k   lint   Positions
During ull this time just us hoi fighting hud been progressing at General
Young's station. The bailie began in
much the same manner as the other one.
tive mining men that there is almost if
not quite enough ore in sight to pay the
price, the figure is not astonishing.
j HMD      HOT      OYF.lt      TIIK.      l.K
I ii..in side., KlK'htluu (or Kverj Point
i Stevens county, is sacking aboul  30 tons and  when the machine guns opened lire
j per day from Ihe dump.     The ore is not the Spaniards sent volleys at the gunners
sorted,but is sacked just ns it comes from from llic brush ou the opposite hillside
the mine, and smelter returns arc said to Two troops.of cavalry charged up the hill
be satisfactory. and other troops sent r storm of bullet*
Some choice ore is being tuk   il   by ut   every  point  from   which  the Spunish
the  Flepliuiit   Mining Company,  .mil  the shots  came.    The  enemy   was gradually
mine will shortly join the list of shippem forced buck, though filing ull the time.
111   the   (.nine.
Spokune. June 27,    t>BSl  Thursday suit
was tiled by Senator Turner against the
I other stockholders. The senator charge*
Lthefca parties with trying to dispose of
j his Interest  in the Le Hoi mine and oilier
until Ihey, ns well ns those confronting
the Rough Itiders, run for the blockhouse,
nnly lo be dislodged by Colonel Wood's
General Young stated afterward* that,
the battle vna one of the sharpest he had
ever experienced.    It. wus only Ihe quick
from I leer Trail camp.
Fifty   tenuis  nn-   reported   engaged   iu
hauling; fv trom i'-- Legal Tender and
Deer Trail No. 2 to  Ihivcuport.
Mclcalf ,V   .Mien   are preparing  to  ship
from the Victor, joining the Legal Tender on tlie north.
The   lllue   Grouse,   a   copper   properly   and  constant  lire of Ihe troops, whether
assets of the Le Roi Mining and Smelting   near  here,  will   sinil   up  us  noon  ns  the   Ihey  could  see  the enemy  or  not,  that
Company at u price fur below its true wagon  road  from  Springdals  to Cedar.caused the Spaniard* in retreat so soon.
vulue.   and   lie   prays   for  an   injunction canyon  is completed.    The Silver queen.li	
restraining the eompuny   from  holding a owned by \ anion u brothers and situated | Hull  Storm   Unlimited  Wheat.
meeting  for  the  purpose of disposing of about a mile southwest of Deer Trail  N'o. ]     paloUW   June 88,    S.   \.   Davis, chair-
the stock.    Judge I'ruMier issued a  teni- 2. will also resume work. I mi f t|���. |)(X,ri| ���f ,.���������, v coiniiiissinn
porury   injunction   returnable   .lune   2S,       The  Chloride   &    Rattier,   near   Fruit-]-,.���   js im���.|,  discouraged over his recent
nnd bond  wus furnished  by the plaintiff lands, will begin active work ut once,    ll   s(,,.,,,.,,   |n<s   (|1-  grain   caused   bv   n   hail
There are quite 100 ronds of one kind
and another over the Pyrenees between
France and Spain, but only three of these
nre passable for carriages.
A Kansas man is the owner of a floral
freak in the shape of a geranium plant
that is more than 12 feet high. ' It grew
nine feet iu one season.
Four fifths of the member* of 4he
Amumgamater Association of Iron and
Steel workers work on the eight-hour
system, and the rule has been gradually
put Into effect since 1885.
in the sum of $10,000 with himself, Col
onel W*. M. Itidpath uud 17 1>. Sanders as
Events in the attempt to prevent lh"
sale of the l.e Roi mine moved quickly
yesterdny. At times they approached the
In the early hours of the morning Uie
books and records of the company went
speeding northward to Rosslnnd on a special engine over the Spokune Fulls &
Xorthcrn railway,
Last, evening Senator Turner and the
other members of the opposition, learning
that the transfer of the property would
likely be made today, procured from
Judge Richardson of the superior court a
restraining order restraining Colonel Turner. (''Olonel Peyton/ L. F. Williams nnd
1). W. Henley from transferring the property, and the papers were put in the
hands of Deputy Sheriff Burch for service.
netting wind of this, Colonel Peyton
Mr.   Davis   lost   200   acres   of   fall   sow l
n  head and  promise,
tin immense crop.    He estimates his loss
at 14000.
The hnil storm   was severe.  Hailstones
as   large   as  hen's   eggs   fell, cutting   the
is ,, silver-lead property and recent tests s|()���M ���..-,.,, vi,ilP(i his sc���.ti(,n )as| wprf.
show  $27.all  in  gold.     I he   formation  is
'"'!.'���?. \'.. .   ,       . 'wheal, which  was in  bead und  promised
Webb l-ians ut Ihe ( levelnnd mine suys
the   Cleveland   is   looking  well   and   thev
have resumed   shipping  lo Taeonja.    The
property  is being equipped  with  boiler,
engine, pump,  hoist  and  Burleigh  drills.,       ������.,,���
The Cleveland is ,he property that caused iff:;"1" ,,,r."ml l"':'t,mVt '" �� *_ (rro,,,,,)*
so much excitement four vears ago when P'���_  VMt"'1  _? ""' ?tonn  Tf
24 feel of solid'galena we.'e ������.���,��� ���,, the ."��>'��"���   ��f!   s"*   <l'mr,,r   *nUom   Um*
U1.fa(.(1 nflccled, but. Mr. Davis has grain on lour
of these.    Mr. Davis lives ori Union flat,
uhout 10 miles southwest of Pirllmnn. He
is very much discouraged bertnlsc of his
loss, and says u mun unlucky enough to
have grain on four-sixths of the country
visited  by hail    should    quit    farming.
.Spring wheat was not injured by the hail.
but winter wheat was totally destroyed.
Hulls,us     Ituiiadhouse    lluracd.
Coulee Citv. Wash.. Jum*' 27.- -Fire destroyed the loOinlhouse of the Central
Washington railway at this point yesterday morning between 2 and 3 o'clock, together with engine-Xo. (107. When discovered it had gained such headway that
all efforts to extinguish the flumes were
unavailing. There having been no fire
around the building, the opinion is that
it was of incendiary origin.
The Independent whiskey distilleries
have combined and will be known as the
Standard Co.; capital $30,000,000. I^sII.KOADS AMD  STEAMBOATS
w.sau.a.jjMr-iasj'gin-ii.v^   -CT��gg_rwiiii���� �����
Shortest and quick I route io tiie
Coeur cTAIer.e mines, Palouse, Lewis-
ton, Walla Walla, Baker City mines,
Portland, Sun Francisco, Cripple Creek
gold mines and all points east and south.
Only line east via Salt Lako and Denver.
Steamer tickets to Europe and other
foreign countries.
Ocean steamers leave Portland every
three days I'or Sat: Francisco.
Leavej       Spokane Time Schedule       | Arrive
' 7.1'.
5.00     FAST MAIL   WallaWaUa, Crl-
p.m. : land, Ban Francisco, Baker City
dally. ' and the Kust. 	
' 8.00 , I..ii' i'L MAIL -i beur d'Alenos,
a.m. : Farmlngton, Garfield, Colfax,
dniiy. > Pullman and Moscow.	
a. in.
For through tickets and further Information,
apply to .IAMF.S WAUGH,
Agt I. N. AT. Co., Kaslo, II. C.
Or at O. H. A N.Co.'*office,480Riverside inc.,
pokane, Wash.   H. M. ADAMS, Oeneral Agt.
Or   \v. ii. liri.ni'itT, o. v. a., Portland.Ore.
Hid Sortei
Nelson $ Fort Sheppard,
Red Mountain   ailways,
Tlio only nil rail routo without
chanpo of cars between Nelson and
Rossland *n,i Spokane H!!1? Rossland.
Leave 1.20 n. ra Nelson .. ..Arrlv   5.88 p. ni
Leave 12.05a. m.,.Rossland Yrriveii.iO p.m
Leave s.tio a. in Spokane Arrive 3.10 p. m
The train that leaves Nolson al 8:20
n. m. makes close connection* at Spo-
kanc.witli trains for all . . ���
Passengers tor Kettle rivet' & Boundary
ck. connect at Marcus with stage daily.
KASLO tk .SLOCAN ^NavigationsTrading Co.,
Trains Rut on Pacific Standard Time.
1.00 ....
. .
' a i ii
51 a.
���>o a.
111. 1.
111. I.
111. I.
in. !.
in. I.
in. I.
in. A
Ar i.l.",
 Kusiti. ,.
.  .South Fork
. .Whitewater .r2.00
.Bear Lake \r 1.48
,.W iCiutgan \r!.;'"
Cody Junction. ..Ar 1.12
 Bandon Lv 1.00
p. ni.
p. m.
p. in.
p. m.
p. in.
!������ >"���
p. in.
p. i.l.
OEO. I'.-CI.'l'Fl.ANIl, Sill
IRVING, Q. F. d I'. A.
N o li t ii B n :
Tho surveyor's chain made it the
Shortest Transcontinental Route.
it la the moist modern Inequtpi lent.
It is the heaviest tailed line.
I has a rook-ballast roadbed.
It crosses ao sand deserts.
it was built without land grant or govt. aid.
it is noted tor tho courtesy ni its employes.
It is only Un    erving meals on la eun.- plan.
Eootenaj connection at Bonner's Ferty,T_ei>-
day,WednBSday,ThurBday,8aturday an II mdaj
Eastward ..   .*.*>u a. m i Westward 3.85 p.m.
Por maps, tickets and complete information,
call on nr :i Id v ia I.N.A: T.Co.'s agts, K, .'s: . By.
ugis, or it. ... DIXON,Gen Agt,, Bpokane,Wn.
1.1 .Will I'NLY.ti. I'.s.T. A.,St. Paul, Minn
The Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo Pacific Line.  ���
The cheapest, moat comfortable und
direct route frotn Kaslo to all points in
Oa&ada and tho United Stales. The
only line running tbroustb tourst cars
to Toronto, Montreal and Boston, and
through tourist oars to St. Paul daily.
Magnl I ten! sloepc s and dining oars
nn till trains. TYav. I by tliis line and
liave bafTiffige checki ' tn destination.
Daily conneol ion trom Kaslo every
day, excoptlng Sni    iv. .t. 7.U0 a. in.
For K iskono il nn ��� te point*, M in-
day, V7- inos lay and -   I laj,
For A '.'.-���:' ardo, Tuesday und
Friday at -.1'- p. m.
Fur full Informi Hon, call on or address
Frcist'i and Passi  Agent,Kaslo, B..C,
Or to W. 17 ANDERS! IN,
Travelihi." Past, Agt, Sol 0_>, ll. 0.
i:. .!. COYLE,
District Pusengor Agent, Vanoouver.
Write inr Klondike Pol Icr nml Sfap. .
Steamers International and Albertaon Kootenay Lake nml River- Summer Time Card in ef.
feel l'.tli Mnrch. 189S  s'.lijei t to change.
ir Kelson and way points,daily except Bnnday,
S.H0 a. .n. Arrive '���' irthport 9.45 a. n:.; Rossland, iL'.tuii. m. and Bpokane, 8.10 p. m.
Lease Nets.,;: for is"*ln nnd way points, dally
exi ept Bunday,6.00 p.m.Leave Spokane 8.30 a.m'.;
Rossland,8,45a.m.; Northport. 1.85o. m.
Five Milo Point oonnectlon wltb nl' i s ���
trains ot N, _: F. a. Ry. to and from Kortlip n
Rossland and Spokano. Tickets sold and bag-
rage checked to all United States points.
BTP VMEfl ALBERTA   Leaves Kaslo for K I
_ noi >: and way | ninl  and Bonner's Porry.Ida.
Tuesdays i nd Saturdays al 5.00 p.m., arriving i I
Kuokonook at 10.80 p.m. and Bonner's Per yat -
a.m. nextday.   Returning !v*. Bonner's Ferry
Wed., Pri l v.-. and and SundayBAt 2 p.m., irv.
' Kuskonook *�� p. ni.. Kaslo l a. m. follow
Also from    ay 5tli iteami rwill mui a
Leaving _ asli i i ei y Thursday al Oo'i ioi
Bonner'ffFerry connection with all  pa
train    .' ���'. '.. '������., an . westward at  -,���'
8.10 p.m., or iv. Bonner's Ferry tor the east t
1.15 p. m.   .���,...' i and 'ths ni: Include l.
Passeng. onSS. Interna Ion : Irom "��� '���
ri,-. for ," otsOD lak outli oi Pilot I ay, n
conneel at iliat point .with the SS. I Iberta,
Passenger! for Nelson via SS. Allierta, In
polntt south of pilot Uny, can by an mge
with t'utM r.havo stop-over at pilot Bay oi '
ivi   I .   ii tn ol " 1th tn ernatlonal al Kai tn
Company's steamers lonnecl Kootenay Laki
and Blocan | ilnl with all points ln D, S. and
Canada l.v way ol Spokane and Kootenay river.
G. ALEXANDER, GeneralMani
P, 0. I Oi 122, Kaslo, B. C.
rn��*"i*��r��si*a'r-g".^'i��i��'*m��( ���
8   nook and Bow's Ferry,
Str. Ainsworth.
i    i                    ..        i I'i o'clock no :i '
Wodn is 11. "I"'. ���   Ida:     pon    rival ol  it
er N I nn v Ith  pi issenj ers trom Kaslo,   \ ���
wortl . Pilot Bay and Nelson. Arrives Bonner's
Kerr; Up. na.  Mon li i. tVi dn y audi
f.  i. ��� - lu.oils r's Ferry 11 ]        :''
day and   attu-di   ��� t , ��� *. ���.     alof fl.   -  trains
Irom east and weal    Arrives Kuskonook ll p
m (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
v.. .1. MATHEWS, Manager.
The Fast Line,
Superior Service.
Through tickets to all points in United
States and Canada. Direct Connection
,vith the Spokaue Falls & Northern Ry.
No. 1 West....3:35 p.m. I No. 2 East....7:00 a. in.
i-SHiusssasnnss gjrsu i imIii.ii.. hiss iss,
t-'iiiiiiiiaiy of Isiilli, ;iy an-1 Mleallicr Tims'
Oardi i'':'oin KaalOs
For Whitewater, Bandon, Cody, etc, ��. dc.8.
Railway trains leave Kasto dniiy at Sa. te.; tt
turning, arrive al Kaslo nt" 50 p. m.
For Three Porks Ni w Denver, Rosebery and
Nakusp, take K. A B. Ky.fr. -in Kaslo to Sandon,
and th noo Nakusp A Slooan Railway, leaving
Sandon ilnl'.v at  7.45 >:   in.:  returning, arrive
daily ��� ' Sana n at 1.66 t> m.
For ttevolatok      anc   ivet   'id iris - ��� l.oti
er main lino poltrts on cr.it., boat
kiisp to Arrowhead, ears to Revelstoke,
conneel     lh east and wost bound trains.
ForEllvcrton,Blocan City, take itr.Sl   :aii    >
Slocan lake,connecting with s.iS S.atR
i   r Northport,Bpokane, tt. ssland and Grand
Forks, take tlio Sir. international from Kasli
dally at S.t'O a. m., except Sunday, making con
neetionsal PI ' ��� Mil i Poinl ".:>*! the N._  F. I.
Ity., taoDoo to Northport.   Prom North] irl to
eontlune tho railway, knon a       th ol
-.'.,! i !.,.,��� rl "" the Spokane Pails A S'orthi rn, ar
rl. In   ������  Bi ol am .Wash,    ttl  0 p. re.
Or For Bpokm   . tal    t,      '   r. I  i'       r,   H-
.        ���   ���... *" ii ������.(.- fry, Til
irtin sat 5 p,   i, i ml   rhun a1
I it mnei tin H mm     Fi .-:��� v I ���
��� n trains to B]   .���������.��� Ivir     il
Hewing day.
.   ... ill .", ehaiiRc i - S'orthpoi t to tho
.......   >ilvingi      i   anil s i   "( i tn.
Or, llortslauu may ho reached from Nelson via
c.., is. Ry, to ii        <:��� ������ by river i ti aim i
to I',.'.;:, inenec I���. ��� . a '��� ��� to Rossland. Or,
Ltossiand.may ha rea lv t ���:������' Naknsp and Trail
i ���,��� -i i;     li wu Arrov  akl - and Columbia rli er.
Fi . ..���ninl Fprks and Boundary Creek polnl
take 8. F*. A N. Ky. from Northport toBi    ijurg
irM  'ii- n���"��� by -i�� " bi ro n reservation,
For Ainsworlh, 3'iI<>t Bay, S'elnou./etc, I. N..'s
T.Co.'s Str, Inn unci,mui leaves Kaslo daily,ox-
ccpt Suuday, al 11.20 a.m., returning,leave Ni I-
son atoii. in., arriving al Kin.toai.oni 8.30 p. in.
c i'. it. co 's str. Kokauee leaves Kailo dally,
except Bunday, at 7.80 a. m. arriving at Nelson at 11 a. ia.. returning, leaves Nelson at I p.
in., arriving ul Kaslu at 7.80 p. in.
PorArgonta and Lardo, Itr. Kokanee makei
round trips every Tuesday nnd Friday, taavtag
Kuslo at H.K' p.m.
Por Kuskonook. Ft.Bteelv,��tp_, take Str. Kokunee Morirtiiy,\>'('diu'S'lni nnd Friday nt 7.twin.
or I.  X. A T. Co.'s s'tr. Alberta T'liesdnv.
thence by
Thursday and Saturday at 5 p, m.; Hi
stage to Fort Steele Wednesday and Si
The i.ilL,Mills', is a table of dlslanees from
Kaslo to -in r.nm.tin-��� liiislnessi>olnt��
Tickets to Japan and China via Tacoma
and Northern Pacific Steamship Company. For information, time cards,
maps and tickets, apply to agts. of the
Spokane Fulls & Northern and ltn connections, or to F. D. GIBBS,
General Agent, Spokane Wash.
D. CH"1!.T("    '..-"'. Oen. Pa��s. Agt., I
Ho. SPiC Morris   l St.. Port'and. Ore.    i
Writ"-    - Map oi Kootenay Country,
West or North.   .Miles
Whitewater  17
Hear Luke 20
MoQuigan 23
Sandon, 8hours   .. 28
Cody. .  . ,. ��1
Three F,,rks ��� lltl
New Deliver  88
Koselx-ry 41
Silverton 48
Slocnn City  68
Nakusp 70
Burton City  96
Lardo  18
Argenta 20
Duncan City  84
HaleyonHotSprliiRB 85
Arrowhead 105
Laurie 109
Thompson's Land'g.118
Trout Lake City... 125
Ferguson 130
KeveUtoke. 31 hrs.. 183
Vernou 228
Penticton 288
Kamloops 281
Asheroft 308
I.ylton 850
Yale 409
N'i'iv 'festmlnster, ,508
Vnni-i liver, 61 h"'!. .512
Victoria, od hours. .59f.
n: . ttle. '���'' hours . . .58 0
laoams sa*��: ��_
j* -tlttul.48hours. .<"'��
.... 12
KH-t or BOOth
I'ilot Ilny....
Bancs 88
N'.'lsoii, 4 hours 42
Ymir 00
Hobson 70
Trail 90
Northport, 7 hours.103
Kossland, 10 hours. .120
llossburg 122
Marcus 180
(I rand Forks 180
Ureenwood 192
Anaconda 19��
Boundary    200
Midway '....204
Spokune, 18 hourR . .232
Kuskonook ........ 45
HoaLRlver  66
Port Hill 78
Lucas 108
Bonner's Ferry, 13 hl40
Moyie City 126
Swansea 185
Wardner, B.C 140
Cranbrook 150
Fort Steele 180
Canal Flats 100
Windermere 210
Donald 212
Diilden ,.' 280
HftnP...        M
.And the  gateway to the Great Slocan "With Its Score or More of
the City ^ Energy!
Is Also A City of Homes.
Beautifully Situated on kootenay Lake, With a Delightful
Climate. It has Churches, Schools, and Public Reading Rooms
Well Graded streets.    A Good Local Telephone system.
The Bed of Electric Light and Power Plants. Daily Communication with
th OuUr World through two Great Railway and Steamboat Companies.
Large Pay Rolls from local Lumbering, Ore Sampling and Other Industries.
Is being expended in Public
Improvements This Year !
Kaslo Board of Trade!
Gr. O. Buchanan, I'res.,
Q. E. MARTIN, Sec'y.


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