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British Columbia News Jan 28, 1898

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IN    THK H. 0. HEWS,
KASLO, B. C, FRIDAY, JAN. 28,1898.
NO. 4.
The K. & S. Will Survey and Rename
the Townsite.
xNew Stage Line to Kt Steele���I! TiO Men Em-
l on the Crow's Nest Line
Within '10 Miles.
H. Loughry of Kaslo Is also putting
up two buildings, a carpenter shop and
a store.
Robt. Green and Hamilton Byers of
Kaslo visited tho new town recently to
Investigate business matters.
Captain Kane is now making regular
trips to Kalama at least twice a week,
and is mooting with vory good success.
Every trip ho takes a barge well laden
with merchandise and his full quota of
passengers. In tho trip last Saturday
night, thoro was a blinding snow storm
ami the lukc was unusually rough, hut
the Halys rode the waves as steadily as
could be desired.
It is said that Frank O'Brien, Dominion express agont of Kaslo, will accept tho position as agent of tho new
Goat Hlvor Landing, Armstrong's
Landing, Kalamu und perhaps more to
follow! Will the new town bo naiiiod
to drat If.' That Ib what tho people of
tho bustling burg at the south end of
Kootenay lako wunt to know. They
do not like tho naino of Kalama that
somo non-original person fastened upon
it, probably In iiionioi'y of the old town
ocrosB the line in theststto of Washington, and arc willing to tuko almost
any other old thing rather than that.
l'rosldent Munn unit Chief Engineer
(iray of the Katlo & Slocan Hy. Co.,
owning tho land, visited tho town recently and decided lo have Its site surveyed and cut up Into tovn lots. They
will also give the town another name
than   Kalama   just   what  ts   not yet
New HlHge I,Ine.
Munyan's ntnv stago lino recently
started is called tho Goat River and
Fort Steele Transportation Co. Eleven
dollars is tho passenger faro charged
to cover tho ll'l miles from the new
town to Eort Steele, and $H to Moylo.
Trips are mado twice a week, leaving
Kalama Wednesday and Saturday, and
about throu days is consumed In the
passage. The rood follows tho railway's "tote-road."
Men lOiuplos.,  I lo Ni'ur-by I'aiaiu,
In the various construction camps
stretching eastward for-10 miles from
Knlaiuu are employed at present 1,860
men and over JUKI horses, and the number Is Increasing rapidly. Tho supplies
for most of these come from Nelson.
Could thoy not it* well come from Kiis-
lu? Following is a statement of tho
camps aud men as aforesaid in the order given:
Camps. No. of Men.
Welsh's Camp     160
McLean's Camp    200
Punoro & McVeigh's Camp    ;i()0
Keith's Camp    160
McClollan'sCaiiip      150
Murphy A Carlson's Camp     100
Brewster's Camp    100
The Wages Paid.
The wages paid In theso camps Is not
restricted to tho low rato of $1.50 per
day as generally supposed. Good axemen and rocknieii are generally paid
$2 and mon who can uso carpenters'
tools got 18.60. Americans and Canadians Mini employment equally and no
, I in ni inns asked. The law Is construed
to discriminate only against non-British contractors.
News Ileum ol tlir Town.
An application has already boen
mode for a iKiMtoiHue with Charles
Wright, recently of Kaslo, as postmaster.
Tho Anderson House and Kalama
lintel life selling tip  ubout   500   meals
per day. The Anderson House bar
opened last week and quite a celebration followed.
Two now hotels aro In process of construction by Captain Woscott and An
draw Monson.
It Is asserted that the Great Northern will surely build in from Bonner's
Forry this coming spring.
Provincial Constable Jarvls says
that a gaol will be constructed soon, although the order has so far been good
aud there Is not any pressing demand
for one.
Dr. Ryan, C. p. R. physician, is kopt
on the road most of the time between
Kalama and Wardner.
Porter Bros, have about 60 .-horse
teams on the road. McBeath & Peters
also have a large number.
Tbe raft of .100,000 feet of lumber
sent down by G. O. Buchanan is In
charge of C. E. Doty and is selling for
���13 per M rough common. Mr. Doty is
constructing two buildings���iv billiard
hall and a dwelling,
Capt. Coy Talks with n  News Man
About His Trip.
of "Afp
Capt. E. E. Coy, whose return from
Dawson was noted in last week's News,
arrived at his home in Kaslo last Monday evoning. A News representative
culled upon him and learned somo additional particulars of his trip. He expects to return Fob. 20th. While not
advising any one to go to tho Yukon,to
those who intend going any way he has
a few words of advice about outfits:
"Take as much prepared footl as you
can, if not too heavy, especially for
uso on the trail. A mun does not fool
like cooking very much after u day's
work with a sled. He wants to eat and
get to bed as soon us ho can; and ho has
an upiietlte like a saw mill. Take sea-
blsctut, crackers, granulated (dot evaporated) potatoes, rolled oats, plonty of
sugar and corn meal. Tho last two
aro the most heating foods and worn
more appreciated than anything that
we had. Sloeping bags are a nulsanci
gotten up to sell. All who had them
that 1 knew, tore them up. Only one
person can sloep in a bag, and two persons can keep warmer sleoplng together under blankets.
"Another Important part of every
man's outfit should bo a rocker Iron. 1
never soo it mentioned In advertisements of outfits. Hut a man who has
one can easily lit it with a frame and
llnd plenty of opportunities to wash
gold bars in tho rivers as he goes
along. At some seasons of tlio yeur
thoBe yiold from $5 to $12 per day per
man, and one need not come out broke
even If ho does no mining near Dawson. Thuse bars Beem to yield equally
well, year after year.
"Dawson Is quito a town now. I discovered that there were 35 children
thero of school age before I loft���mostly Americans, so they will soon havo a
school. There are four churches there.
Lumbar is worth #130 per M, wood #30
per cord. Sugar advanced thero from
30 cents to #1 per lb, after the stores
hod sold 3,000 barrel", and flour from
$1! to $.50 por 50 lb. saok. Many who
left, sold the provisions of thoir outfits
for from $1.25 to #1.60 per lb. and did
bettur theroby than they could have
done at mining. I think that thero
are provisions enough left for those
who aro there till June."
In answer to a question as to whether
ho considered that there was room for
every one up there, he said:
"It is the history of placer mines
that tho rich diggings aro generally
confined to a few urooks and I see no
rouson why this should be different.
Still, the conditions aredifforont there
from any camp I was ever in except
Casslar. In 1874 with a party of 12, I
wintered 500 miles north of Cussiar.
We were then just over the divide
from the Klondike and would have
been there In the spring of '76 if half
of our party hadn't sickened and died
of scurvy."
Asked as to his choice of routes,
Capt. Coy said: "The Stickeen river
and Teslin lake will be a favorite summer route, but for winter there Is 150
miles more of sled pulling."
Capt. Coy has located a claim on Bonanza creek and expects to take his
two sons back with him when he goes.
Bint New Building of the Year.
August Carney Is putting up a new
building on Front street, opposite the
Kaslo hotel for a fruit and confectionery store for his sons, It will be 24z
84 feat, ground plan aud will be com.
platt about February 10th,
by Dr. Emmens.
May Solve
allism���Now is
tkc Problem
the Time to I
of lii-met-
procoss, aB they consist of  almost pure
"While tho diamond can be manufactured out of charcoal, It can only, by
the present methods, bo done at a loss;
their cost of manufacture exceeds tho
value of the diamonds. By Dr. Emmons' process there will be a good
profit. Every ounce of silver produces
three-quarters of an ounco of gold,there
being 25 per cent loss in weight. Tho
process of manufacturing at present
coBts $10 an ounce. With gold at $20
an ounce, this leaves a profit of about
$10 per ounce. With his now and enlarged apparatus ho expects to turn
out 50,000 ounces of gold por month,
thereby making a profit of $500,000 per
month, or $0,000,000 a year, which is
quito a respoctable income."
It Is reported In the dispatches that
an English scientists, Dr. Stophen H.
Emmons, is making pure unalloyed
gold out of Mexican silver dollars by a
process known only to himself. His
field of operations at present Ib Now
York city and so well does ho do his
works that tho experts of tbo United
Statos Bureau of assays have accepted
eighteen ingots for tho national mint,
each ingot weighing about seven
ounces or 120 ounces In all, having a
value of about $2,520. It Ib said that
the BubBtance has stood the severest
tests spectroscopic and otherwise.
Professor .lohn MeKen/.ie of Spokane
is quoted as commenting thus upon
this report.:
"The attitude of scientists to-day on
the question of the transmutation of
substances Into one another is vastly
different from what il was some years
ago, and is not what it was even live
year! ago. The greatest chomlBts of
the present day publicly state that
transmutation Is theoretically possible
I could quote you a dozen great chemists to this effect.
"The general principles upon which
it is done aro no mora wonderful than
conversion of charcoal into diamond.
This is dono by tho application of immense pressure aud heat. It is no
more wonderful than making certain
kinds of steel from iron.
"Dr. Emraen's discovery does not
claim to turn any substance Into gold,
as some cranks have claimed; it Is only
silver that is thus capable of transmutation, as silver and gold both belong
to the same group ln what Is called
the periodic law of the elements.
"The periodic law of tho elements,
advanced by Mendeleof, the groat Russian ehomlst, In 1871, is the universally
accepted laws of chemists. It arranges
tho elements in tho form of a table according to their atomic weight in rowa
of seven. By this method of classifications the elements arrange themselves
Into seven groups in all, each group
having chemical characteristic* In common; certain spaces appear blank in
the table at presont, but theso spneos
are being llllod in as new elements are
boing discovered; it is possible to pre-
diot beforehand tho characteristics of
of an element before It is actually discovered, and this has been dono in
many caseB.
"If wo examine tho table we find
that there Is a vacant spaco between
silver and gold. Silver, gold and copper belong to tho same group. It la
generally held by chemists that each
group has a common basal element,
from whloh all the elemonts In tbe
group have evolvod, and the problem
Is to discover this common basal element of each group. '��� If wo can discover this, it is only another small stop to
produce from it. by chemistry any of
the elements of that group.
"Now, It appears that Dr. Emmens
has discovered the basal element, of the
gold-silver-copper group, and this he
names "argontaurum." It flllu tho gap
between silver and gold. The remarkable properties of silver when subjected to a state of fine sub-dlvlslon have
been known to chemists for some time,
and his work Ib a continuation nlong
the lines of Prof. Gary Lea's investigations in producing exceedingly One
sub-divisions of the silver molecules.
'���It Is understood that Dr. Emmens
subjects the argentaurum which he
produces, to mechanical treatment by
pounding or hammering, to increase
its density, at the enormous pressure of
about 500 tons per square inch, in the
presence of an excessively low temperature (nearly absolute zero), to abstract
the beat generated by the blows, and
chemical treatment by nitric acid. He
treate Mexioan ill ver dollars by tbU
} nvri
To Be, witli Rossland, a Chief or
Warehousing Port.
Extract Prom Recent Speech of Senator Wolcott of Colorado.
In his speech on the financial question last week In tho United States scn-
ato, Senator Wolcott, Colorado chairman of tho International Bimetallic
Commission, spoke aB follows concerning tho silver situation in India:
"To us, tbe India situation is inexplicable. Millions of people, most of
them extremely poor for years, have
invested all their earnings in silver.
TheBO accumulations a fow years ago
wero worth a thousand millions of dollars and today they are worth Iobs than
half of that sum. By the closingof the
Indian mints and the artificial value of
gold given toBilvor, India is at a disadvantage with the neighboring countries, the export! of which are stimulated by tho higher premium on gold
and they are robbing India of much of
her manufacturing and export trade.
"The present policy inflicts upon India, as well as tho evils of an insufficient and steadily lessening currency,
evils which tho vicissitudes of that
country during the past 12 months
have served to emphasize. Tho world
has heard much of tho famine in India
and of the groat funds subscribed for
its victims, It has not been, however,
so generally known that tho famine
was oue of money rather than food;
that the contributions wero chiefly forwarded to India in the form of money
and not grain, and that during the
whole period of famine, rice was
abundant whore men wero starving,
and-lts price was but a trillo over a
cont a pound, less than the price of
wheat in England."
Thought   They   N1.1l.1l   MIUmvHlkH Mori,
Than lllusl rut Inn-.
The publishers of the book "Canada,
from Ocean to Ocean", will not receive
$1100 from tho city of Nelson, ln this
matter tho membors of tho llnance
committee, to whom tho matter was
referred, showed good sense, sayB the
Nelson Tribune. While 9000 is not a
very largo sum, there are many ways
In which it can bo expended which will
add more to tho convenience and comfort of the citizens than Investing In
illustrations of the city. Citizens who
have neither sidowalks nor roods to
their promisee would doubtless prefer
to have all available money spent in
this direction.
IIKKK'S TO Viil , mill.
The I'urser or the '���International" Married at Victoria.
The marriage of Mr. Robt. H. Wil-
liamB of Kaslo, formerly >of Hereford,
Eng., to Marlon, the seventh daughter
of Mr. Frederick Pauline of Oak Bay,
was solemnized in Christ church cathedral lost evening, Rev. Cannon Bean-
liuids officiating, says the Victoria Colonist of last Thursday. The bride was
attended by her younger sister, Mies
Nettle Pauline and by Miss Rita Gardiner, the bride's little nephew, Master
Fred C. Pauline, acting as page. After
tho ceremony the young couple repaired to the residence of Mr. C. F,
Gardiner of Labouchere street, where
they received the hearty congratulations of their numerous friends and
many presents. Mr. and Mrs. Williams left for a tour of the Souud cities
before taking up their residence at
in Effect April 1st���Nakusp
Taken from Nelson ami Given
Kaslo and Kossland.
and Trail
An Ottawa dispatch of recent date
states that an order lias been made by
tho Minister of Customs whereby Kaaio
and Rossland, will from tho first of
next April Vio made ports ef entry, oi
chief and warehousing ports of ens
toms. Tho outport of Nakusp is to be
detached from Nelson and placed under Kaslo, while the outport of Trail Is
to be taken from Nolson and put under
This is an important matter for Kaslo and ono that sho Ib to be congratulated upon. Realizing the interest
thut attaclios to it. the News has asked
and obtained expressions of opinion on
it as follows from a number of lending
Wmit i.i'iiiilni: i'itl/i'iis< say.
Collector of Customs J. F. Mcintosh
���Yes, the ordor httB been made and
Kaslo will soon be a chief port. Tbe
new books have already arrived. The
work will require an increased force.
The principal prospective benefit,
apart from the prominence that the
report! will give the city, will bo the
probability later on of getting a fine
government building, combining custom house, postoflice, etc.
Mayor Charles W. McAnn���it will
give ub our just standing abroad as u
business center.
Alderman F. E. Archer���it will
bring us to the front in thc eyes of the-
world. It will tako the showing that
has boon unjustly credited to Nolson
and place It whore it belongs.
Alderman George Whitesidus���We
should have had the port of entry Ion,!
ago. It will place Kaslo before the
world In a correct light. This move
gives us good standing and shows that
tho aim of the present government and
of Mr. Hostock, our representative, is
all right.
Alderman .1. D. Moore���This will
give us a good business standing before
the country.
Alderman A. W. Goodenough- I am
glad that the business that should be
recorded hero and credited hero will
not hereafter go to Nelson. It will be
a good advertisement for us in tho oast.
Alderman D> W. Mooro���Curling is
more in my lino. Let mo tell you about
our last match.
Alderman G. Hartin���Instead of Nelson getting credit for all tho business,
wo will get credit for what belongs to
Ex-Mayor R. K. (ireen���We will
have a chief collector and more Inspectors here and Kaslo will gel full credit
for all her exports and imports. This
will show absolutely where the supply
point of the Slocan country is.
President G. O. Buchanan of the
Board of Trade���This order will great-
ly enhance tho business stunding of
Kaslo In the estimation of the world,
Wo will now have a high rank among
tho ports of the Dominion that wo
would never have had as an outport of
Nelson. It Ib also tho entering wedge
for a government building.
Police Magistrate Alex Lucas���It
show to the publio gonorally tho importance of this town as a business center and will strengthen the hands of
the city officials whon asking government aid, by their being able to show
from the records tho importance of the
City Auditor C. D. McKeuzie���Kaslo
will no longer be a mere suburb of
Nelson from a customs standpoint.
A. T. Garland���It will be an excellent advertisement for us at government expense.
J. W. Cockle���This will knock Nelson out of some of its supposed wealth.
As it depreciates in outside opinion,
resulting from this move, Kaslo will
rl��e aooorolngiy. ~t���'
puny, Jnmes It. Hnggin and thc directors
oi the Anaconda company from nclling the
| Sullivan  and  Snowbird Hopper  mines nt
Unite,  Mont.,  to Augustus  Heinze  and
the Montana Ore Purchasing Company,
says a  New  York  dispatch.    There  are
  lut present 31 lawsuits  awaiting trial in
_,_.-__-,    ���   ���., ,,    .    the state of Montana between Heinze nnd
SpokHiie Mini  Merit. Ileutli While on
the Boston & Montana    ( oniimny.    I)e-
Ihe   Klondike���Prop- '      J
Ihe  Way   to
������riles mill  I'rospeela In Ihe Xorlh-
WSSt     Country���Notes     From     All
Charles W. Thompson of Bpokane ex-
deputy United Stall's marshal under .Ins.
0. Drake, has lost his life on thc trail
between Skaguay and Dawson (Sty,
The sail  intelligence was conveyed to
his relatives nnd ninny friends hy Messrs. I k" Peyton, W. It Ridpnth," J. M. Annual .1. Cole and W. U Lulm, who hnve I ���,,.,������,, \y. J, Harris, Valentine Peyton,
i Frank II. Graves, w. J. 0, Wakefield und
oiaion wns reserved.
The    l.i'    HoI    Company.
Nearly 4(I.">.(M)0 of a total    of    5IMl.UtH)
shares were represented at the    annual
stockholders' meeting of thc I.c Hoi Mining and Smelting Company, held at the
company's offices in Spokane. I.ittle wns
done except to elect officers fur the ensuing year. These were chosen its follows:
Hoard of directors, \V. W. 1). Turner, I
just returned from Dawson. They received the information from the commander of the northwest ununited police
stationed at a point near the mouth of
the Bootalinqua river.
Mr. Cole said  to a  Spokesman-Review
reporter) "Charley Thompson nnd 1). W.
Simmons, cx-sheiiil' of Yakinin, were pnrt-
laparhecber, Chief of the Nation, and
Ilia Isonic Career.
One of the most remarkable full-
liloodcd Indians now living Is Ispar-
hecher, chief of the Oherojtees. There
nre probably other public men among
the Five Nations who are more learned
than be, and while most of them have
8 portion of while blood In them, yet
none may Im- compared to him as a
statesman.   Not a drop of any other
blood BOWS through his veins save that
of the Creek Indlnns, and his integrity
has never lieen questioned.
Ispnrheclier was liorn In the old
Creek Nation, In Alabama, more than
seventy years ago, anil when <|uite
young went west with the Creeks. Little was heard of blm from thut time
until the civil war. when he enlisted in
Summary of Railway-Steamer Time
Cards from Kaslo.
D. W. Henley. President, W. W. I). Turner; vice president. D. W. Henley; treasurer, .J. M. Armstrong; secretary, L, F.
Williams) manager, l. N. Peyton, Thc
chief changes arc that Colonel Peyton becomes manager in place of Senator Turner,
Is. F. Williams becomes secretary in place
neis.    They  left Seattle for Sknguay on I ,,f J. At. Armstrong, and Major Armstrong
the iteomer Willamette, and arrived uhout j becomes treasurer In place of Colonel Rid-
August 13. They were engaged in pack- path, who retires from an active part in
ing over the trail when we arrived on the ninmigenipnt of the property. Mr.
the 18th. They had not linished when we j Williams retires from the board of direct-
passed them, und proceeded on to Duwson | ors and his plucc thereon is taken hy Viil-
City.    i ��� entitle Peyton.
"It has been reported that trouble arose The Largast simri in Montana.
between Simmons und ('hurley on the I The largest mining shaft in Montana is
way, but I can nut say as to that. The'on thc West Cohen properly of the BOS-
harilships of that trail arc enough to try ton & Montana company in Unite. It is a
any man's soul, and it is not surprising three-compartment shaft with end pieces
when the best, of friends disagree. At any j nine feet in llic clear, and wnll plates lfi
rate, Simmons came into Dawson City feet eight inches in the clear. The sluift
November B and I Immediately asked him is being sunk from the 8(H) to the lftOll
uhout Charley, Be said they had dissolved i foot level.  Mules me to W Introduced ill
partnership, nnd hS did not know where thc mine for hauling ore to the shaft in
Charley was. He manifested a disposition I long distance levels. This is un innovate suy ns Little as possible uhout the suh- j tion in Butte mining, and the success of
jeet. I tlie venture is deemed prohlcinatical  by
"When   Mr.  Lulin   and   I   left   Dawson ; ninny.
city December 6 we began making in-1 ���	
iiuiiics along the route for Chnrley. When     PARTICULAR  AS  TO DETAILS.
we got to Stewnrt river we met a purty j 	
composed ofC. 11. Pond of Hlleilshurg ami i *���""'"�������'   Milker Telia of Ilia   Actions
others that he had been with. They said
that he wns in Duwson City, hut ns we
hud just left there, we knew thnt wns
not true. We made diligent Inquiries
from time to time, and met a party thut
infoinied us they had passed him some (lis
tunce. hack hound for Duwson. Hut us
Ihey were not definite in their statements
we concluded that they were mistaken.
Upon arriving ut. Hie mouth of the Huot-
alinipin river, where  there is u mounted
on    the    I nlnl    M|tIII.
Chicago, Jan. It, When Lustgert took
ths stand yesterday he was apparently
much linn!��� composed uml answered the
questions propounded to him hy his counsel in a Him voice. The defendant was
Inclined to go into mors details than his
attorney, Harmon, dastrsd.   When asked
to pay less attention lo detail, l.uetgett,
will) some show of anger, snid he would
police station, we received the Information !"'" hiH *"7 thoroughly or not at nil.
that as had died at his osmp six miles up I    """ m,M ""l��''t��"t feature of l.uet-
the river, and the conmniiiihint who fur-  s���"" ���dtal ""K hta ��Pl"n8tion of the
nished us the facts put his statement into   l"<,H<'n'"'  "f  ���*��,"sl'   '"  "'"  ��"���'">���     "''
writing" '*"''' 'l'"'"-'"'''" '" ""' stoUny nearly two
"Is it a pretty rough trip going in by months briws ths day of his wife* dls-
wbv of IkamiavT" ' ["PPeS-Vance,     Hint it  hud  not  heen  eon-
"Well, all I can nav is Hint nnv one who j rmM' "l"1 llmt he WttH '" "",k'" sofl s,HlP
has not made the trip can form no con-i""1 "' '*��� ��� P'"*""'1 ��h�� told of bis
ception of the trials it presents.    I  MW Kt8Pln�� '" ,Ih' f'"'<"r>'. which lie explain
horses fall  over  precipices and  roll   for ' ��� ""* n"'"-*"y ��� ause I here were many
several hundred feet down the side of a I ,ll,",iH wl1"'1' '"' ,""1 *�� ****** U' "�� ,,i��l,t'
mountain. Perhaps the horse nnd puck ! "j***** ,ol(l "' ,1IH t!"",�� homa "" tn"
would both he ruined beyond redemption *����_ ,,f M">' '' ",ul ,I"'M Kal,l: "' H,,w
snd perhaps neither would be much Injur-��� n'y Wl''' *"*_���' '" u,p k"1'1"'" reading a
ed. 1 have also wen horses fall .lead from l>">"'1'- ' ('"llm ,mt ,lmi U"' "'" l""1 ""k,,(1
overwork, and strong men have broken ! P* *��"_�� * w,lM' ,S1"' ""',1 ��l"! *" ,,ot
down nnd cried like children in their Im- J-T1 J.** 'l'" K"'' ttlwa>'H ",',,,,(1"<1 <"
potency to overcome the dlfflculttSS that ****; tTPt] WUS '" *___: lJmM t1"'
beect them. The annoyance* will sour i __* m ,he b',w"����'t Pant'.V and went up
the sweetest temper, nntl a party must _***", T1", l"','�� l "'"' *?** "ml '"y
be composed Of cool-headed nnd forbearing **! Luetj*Jlt told next of speaking lo
members,oi strife and dissension will soon ' "'l"1'"ml ���''���"\v>��K the lantern, which
be rife among them. We found the trip i "' "'""J"4 ,1"1' ,n "",n�� to *��� fu,',ory'
.���oroing out over the ice much easier thnn ' '" "��*���__to," 1'",*t>''1' '"* �����l- "' turn-
the one going in. und it was no picnic ~ UI"1,'''"' ""' _?u,f bv "'* nmtU ,1,M"'
making our way over those ice floes in   *���'   *?* ?'" ^Jtf U",V '  ""* '"y
Ihe lakes and rivers, either." ! wl,c'     *��***&* *" ">'m Rx,"i ��" ,he
���. JZ  , jury as he said this.    I he imv leaned for-
Klorenc.   MID|nK   Note. , ���.������,   .��� {Mf ^ ^   *A
The Poorman    at   Florence, Idaho, is ��� Ul_l|(lll ,��� th_ ,mrl,lUoI1.
��sid to bo prislucing richer ore than ever |	
More and a mill is much needed. It will j v-itvon HTVPR TBAVTT STftPQ
probably be erected in the spring. | xuxow   ��*Y��II  TRAVEL  STOPS.
The tunnel on the Senator is nearing
the ledge at Ihe rate of live feet per day.
The shaft on the I 'uiiduli tin U down 411
feet with three feet of solid ore in the hot-       .., ,,   ,       7       ,.
skaguay,  Alaska, .Ian.  I". \ ia Seattle,
.inn. 85,   Thirty parsons have arrived bsrs
I,Hie     Its,.,si I     I r.siss    the
UIiiIiih   Hearlon,
torn steadily improving with depth.
'Ilie U. K. mine haa considerable ore on    ,
Die dump with  the shaft  down over 40|'l,"mK "'" >mst "^ f,'"m g" KUm'Uk'[
feet on a widening ore body. ' "'"""f  '''V""-     ' "','  ?��  "',"'," 'vK ,,'H"1
The  west slope on the    Waverly  has   _W "> *****_tolMMIDtfl the Yukon
s. _.   _.    .*__,        . ������ i     liver is open for niiviga inn nexl  snrllUT,
been abandoned owing to n cave-in.   This   .,      ..      '                      .     .          .     ���      *
,             ..           ���      . .                    . i Supplies must he received hv  that t mils a serious mutter ns the richest ore vet, .,       ,            ���   .      .        .   ��� '
.       j i    ,,                           .        __.__*.    tliougli, is mi lertiiu is lo   ,e incited     In
found in the mine came from that slope.      ,   *            ,,       "         ,               ���'   '"
s-s   i      ..         .              i   ,    as.                  s   relereiice to Ihe proiioscd L'oierniiienl  re-
Owing to water, work in the crosscut,,. .           ,.,,        '     ���          R   .  :	
near the shraft on the Spokane has been    ^ !3SM?"s        ��" "!'"   >l Wi"  ta
discontinued.    A  crosscut drifted   is  he-   ".��l����*'hle ��o forwanl suppUss ilown the
, liver on  the ice.    In  the lits.1   place, the
Yukon river hetween Duwson und Pelly is
I SO rough thut dog (ruins cull haul  hut n
.small    amount    of    provisions        lintel v
ing made from thc lower tunnel to tap
the vein at a depth nf SO feet.
Operation* In llosslnnil Camp.
I (msiihci    (IissdmI    for    llulldlnic
The double compiirtinent shaft on the enough for the party accompanying them
Deer Park is down 200 feet and is sinking | '|'i���. ,������t(. ;H ninpussuhle for horses Then
at the rate of two feel per day. A crosscut I the Lewes, or Thirty Mile river is still
at 200 feet depth is being'nin to determine , open und it is with c'misidciuhle difficulty
the width of the ore body. The Deer Park ! ||���i| dog tenuis and men on fool eun make
machinery consists of a hoist and a pump. ! | heir way along the shores.
A shaft is being sunk on the Modern {
near the Der Park.   Four men are working and are down 45 feet.
Five feet per day arc being made on the
main tunnel on Sunset No. 2, which is in
420 feet. The shaft has lieen sunk to
150 feet, 25 feet below the tunnel level.
Twenty-seven men are employed.
A rumor is current that the British
American Corporation is negotiating for
the Center Star. Interested parties vigorously deny the report
Montana Mine Companjr  I'lirlil.
The fight between the Anaconda Copper Company, the Boston A Montana
Company and the Montana Ore Purchasing Company was renewed today before
Justice Daly in the superior court when
Lewisohn Brothers apf.lied for an injunction to restrain the Anaconda Copper
Mining Company, the Central Trust Com-
Tni-onia. .Ian. 25.-The Northern Pncillc
railroad has closed a contract with Ociger
& Zahriskie of Tacoma for the building of
n branch line 21 miles in length from
���liiliaetU to Lewiston, Idaho, the road to
be completed ready for truffle hy dune 1.
This extension wi(l tup a rich territory
in the Net Perce Indian reservation.
A pnlr of gloves passes through nbout
-IM) pairs of hands from the time the akin
leaves the dressers till the gloves retich the
hands of the wearer.
Asia comes from the Sanskrit "Ushaa,"
signifying "land of the dawn."
ilie Federal army, and became a member of tho Indian Home liiiards. He
served until Ihe dose of the war. when
he returned home ami at once became
the acknowledged leader of what was
known as tlie Loyal Creek party, which
was the name given to those Creek ln-
tlluns who refused to Join Hie Confederacy. After his return home. Input'
hecher was elected as Judge of one of
the district courts of the Creek Nation
and held Hie position until 1KH3. when
Sam Cheeotah. one of his liltlereel ene
mles. was elected chief of the Creek
Nation, and Isparhei'lier was removed
irom office. lie believed that he hud
lieen unjustly dealt with, and, gathering his forces, he attempted the overthrow of the Creek governineiil. Al the
head of about r><m men, with the Stars
and Stripes as llielr banner, he
inarched through tbe Creek Nation, and
lint for the timely Intervention of 'he
United States troops, would doubtless
have lakeu possession of the capital or
the nation. This Insurrection is known
throughout Ihe Creek Nation as the
"Isparhivher War." Smwi after this
war Ispiirhecher was elwtes;! as chief
Justice of Ihe Supreme Court of the
Creek Nation, which position he held
until he was elected chief of the nu-
liim In in'.i:,. over the combined opposition of the Porter ami Perryman parties, He Is strictly honest and has un-
cnrlhcil a number of frauds ill the
Creek Nation siuce he was elected
Ispai'hecher Is six feet tall snd
weighs about 2(MI pounds. He knows
nothing of the Hnglish language. His
bomO Is sit na nil twenty miles west of
llkinulgee, and Is located lietwceu two
mountains. lhree-i|uu.rters of a mile off
the main road. He has no children snd
lives with his wife, a full-blooded
Creek Indian, in a little box house 14_
HI feel, wllh'ii smell shed-room lu the
hack and a porch In front. His hum-
Ide dwelling is luclosed with a rail
fence and the yard Is adorned with a
few cellar trees, There In his bumble
wiiv  he entertalnn his friends 111 I "tie
Cody, etc., Kuslo & Slocan Railway trains
leave Knslo dully at 8 a, m.; returning,
arrive at Knslo ll:5u ]). ni.
Rosebery und Nakusp, take K. A S. Ry.
! from Kaslo to BatiUon, and thenco Nakusp & Slocan    Railway,  leaving    Siindon
i dally at 7:15 a. m.; returning, arrive ila.ly
nt Sandon at 4:55 p.  m.
Victoria und  other  main  line nolnta on
| C.   P.  R.,   bout from   Nakusp  to  Arrow-
j head,  cars to Revelstoke,  thence con-
i nect with east and west bound trains.
j etc., take Steamer Slocan on Slocan lake.
I conneting with Nukusp A Slocan Ry. at
laiul and Grand Forks,  take the Steamer
! International from Kaslo dally at 5:45 a.
I m., except Bunday, making connections tit
j Five Mile Point, near Nelson, with Nelson & Fort Shcppard Ry., then to Norlli-
port.    From   Northport   to Bpokane  con-
i tlnue   the   railway,    known   south   of
Northport as the Spokane Falls A Northern,  arriving at Spokane at i!:4o p,  m.
For Rossland change at  .Niithport  ii
tho Red Mountain Ry., arriving at Ross-
, land nt 3:40 p. m. Or, Rossland may bu
reached from Nelson via Columbia &
Kootenay Ry. to Robson, thence by river
steamer to Trail, thence by Colombia ,V
Western Ry. to Rossland.   or. Rossland
I may be reached vii Nakusp und Trail by
dally steamers down the Arrow lakes and
Columbia river.
For Grand Forks and Tloundary Creek
points, tako S. F. & N. Hy. from North-
port to Rosuburg or Marcus, thence by
stage across  reservation
son, etc., I. N. A T, Co.'s Steumer International leaven Kaslo dally, except Sunday, at 5:1.1 n. m.; returning, leaves Nelson
ut 5 p. m., arriving at Kuslo about 8:.'I0 p.
C. P. R. Co.'s Steamer Kokanee leaves
Kaslo dally, except Sunday, nl 7:3(1 a. m.,
j arriving at Nelson at 11 a. in.; returning,
leaves Nelson al 4 p. m., arriving at Kaslo at 7:30 p. m.
during navigation season Ihe 1. N. A T.
Co.'s steamer Alberta ISSVSS Kuslo
Fridays ut 9 p. m. for llonncr'B
Ferry. Idaho, thence by Great Northern
Ry. to Jennings, Mont., thence by river
during navigation season. Or lake steamer from Golden, on C. P, R. main line,
Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 a. m., up thc
Columbia and down the Kootenay river.
Baitibt Ciu'iif'H- Services will tie held. In the
school house every Lord's dny. Morning sei-
vloce, 11 o'clock; Sunday school anil pastor's
llllile class immediately nller morning service: evening servlcee, 7:30. All nre eiiriltsllv
Invited to attend.
Kkv. II. ('. Newcomiik, Pastor,
Catholic Cut'itcii���Corner C. avenue innl tith
SI. So regular luistoralpresent. Occasional
services l>y spcclul announcement.
Masons- Knslo hslge No. _.',, A. P. and A. M.,
meets lirsl Monday lu everv mouth at Mu-
minlc hall over I ireen Urns.' store. Visiting
brothers cordiHlly invited lo attend.
Hamilton Hyksh, W. M.
E. K. iltii'MAS, Secretary.
���Masonic i'iiaitru-Kootenav Chspter.K. A. M.
holds regular con vocal Ions on ihe second
Tuesday of each month In Masonic Hall,
Knslo. Visiting compiiiiious are cordlallv Invited, E. K- CHII'MAN. Z,
Chas. T utMiiii.i.. Scribe K.
Maci AliKKs-Slocan Tent No. li, Knights ol the
MHccnbees. mcels second and Inst Thursdays
oieach month at Livingston's hall, Kaslo.
Visiting Knights cordially Invited.T
Mosr. Holland, W. A. Davies,
Keeper oi itei'onis. Commander.
I'otiKSTKHs.   Court Kaslo No. :I3K7. Independent
Order ot Foresters.   Meets Id and 41 h Fridays
of each month lu Livingstone's Hall.    Visit
Ing brethren are cordlallv Invited.
Itecnriliiig Secretary. chlel Hanger.
ritllKKSSION Al.    lAUIIS.
Physician and Surgeon.
Crndiiale Trinity Inlverslty. Toronto, lint.,
Meiiilser ol College ot Physicians and Surgeons,
l.li'onllnte of Hie II. C. Council, i.me ol New
York Hospitals and Polyclinic, llarlln building, Kaslo, II. c.
From   Knslo   to   Hnrronmllni
III'..   I'.si,l|��.
Whitewater  17
Hear Lake   SO
MciitilKan  HH
Hullilnii Ci linurss)  39
i'�����!�����    31
Tlii'ce Vorks   33
New Denver an
ItoHehery  41
Sllverlon  44
Slocan Cliy   m
Nskusp 70
Halcyon Hot Hpr'its. H5,
Arrowhead  Ustl
Laurie  HS
Thompsons Landlas.US
Trout  Luke clly 135
Ferguson  130
ItevvlHtokts t:il l.rsi.m
Vernon  123
I'enllclon  193
Kamliuiim  Ml
Asheroft  son
l.ytton  366
Yale  409
New Westminster....103
Vancouver (SI hrsl'.SIS
Victoria (M hn.)��....5M
Seattle l'2X hours).. ..SHO
Tacoma 130 hours).. .fl:"
Portland tin hours)..ok.
���Via  C.   P,   R.
Ainsworth  n
Pilot  May   JS
llalfour  a
Hanea   38
Nel��,m tl hnum)  12
Ymlr  to
Holtson  70
Trail    00
Northport (7 hr��)....10>
iioih.Ikii.i (in hours). 120
llosHhurff   IS!
Marcus  130
ilrnnd  Forks    1M1
Oraenwood  itl
Annconila  lull
lloiiniliiry  100
Midway    301
Spokane il:i hours)..332
doat River  w
BedllnStOO    lltykerls 77
Port Hill  7S
Lucas    108
llonners I'Vrry (13 h)H0
Jennings, Mont 303
Notary Public,
Arbitrator, Assignee
Conveyancing, Etc
Over I-ntiiniit A Young's lhsik Sture, J
Jeweler and Optician,
Iii Avenue, Sandon, B. 0.
; Mrs, J. St Johnstone...
Embroidery and
Mantua Making.
Butte Hotel,      ���     ���      KASLO, B. C.
Front Ktreot.
Wnrdtier.   B.   C.^.-.-SSO
Fort Steele*  400
Cranbrook   413
liolileii   330
Windermere*    380
HnniT   314
���Via   trail   about   1-5
above distances.
Hovernor-i Ieneral   .      Karl of Alserdeen
i I'remler Sir \\ lined Laurier
Memlier ot Ihe House ol Coiiimous, Houilulon
I'arllanienl, for West Kootenay	
  Hewitt Bostoek
I l.lenl-lioverniir Hon. T. II. Mclnnes
Hremlor  Hon..I. II. Turner
j Atiorney-i.eneral Hon.  1). M   Kberls
| Com. of Lands and Works.     Hon. (I. 11. Martin
j Minister of Mines and Kducatlon	
 Hon. .in,., linker
| Provincial Mineralogist Wm. A.Carlvle
Meintien of legislative  Assembly for West
I North Hiding  J.M Kellle
| South Hiding J. V. Hume
j Mayor ChHs. Vi. McAnn
Aldermen���A, W. (ioisdeiiough, F. B, Archer,
J. 1). Moore, (i. Kartell, ll. W. Moore
B_f*N0V7 Nickel Tubs.    Tickots  wmi
lor throo liatlis, fl.
City Clerk
I'olIce Magistrate     ..
City Marshal	
city Holli-ltor	
Assessor .       	
Waler Commissioner
Health oillcer.
In   .1
Lt, )���:. i hiiiiuiui
.  .Alex 1.uens
M. V. Adams
..W. A. Milne
c. VV, McAnn
'. I). MeKenxle
...8, 11. (Ireen
.S. 1'. Tuck
K. A. Cocklo
I''. II. lingers
imtiiin style and with true Indian hospitality. Not far from the house ls the
barn and orchard, and s small farm,
all of whk-h Is presided Ovw by his
faithful wife.
Isparlieclii-r Is working to consolidate the live civilized tribes Into one
Indian government preparatory to
their being admitted Into the Union as
a Htate.
Happy Australian .Shopkeepers.
Shop assistants In Australia do not
have a hard time of It. They work
only fifty hours per week. In Bnllnrat
every shov> excepting those of tobacconists, fishmongers and halr-dressers,
close at (i p. m for the first four days
of the week, on Friday at 1 p. in. and
on Saturdays at 10 p. m. The majority
open at 8 a. in. to be swept and dusted
by the errand boys, the assistants ar
riving at 8:80 a. in.
One of the most disgusting sights lu
the world Is another fellow on a tandem with your best girl.
It Is always well to obtain what one
desires, but lt ls better to desire only
what one can readily obtain.
City council meets everv Thursday evening
nt tho city hall, 4th street, belweon Front SI.
and A incline
[Chief Hugh 1'. Fletcher
I First lienotv Chief    (ieorge Held
! Second lieimty chief John Ulllls
Third IVimty liiiel (ien. Whlleslde
Secretary Archie Morris
Treasurer (.us Adams
Mining Recorder and Assessor-Tax Collector
 John Keen
Collector ot Customs J. F. Mcintosh
School Trustees August Carney, J. D. Mwire,
O.O,   Illli'hiillKll.    Prlllt'!|ia!    I'r'nf. .Ins. Illslii|i.
(ieneral delivery open dally (Hnndayn excepted) from 8 a. m. until 7 p. ni. Lobby open
from 7 a. m. to 0:110 p. in.
Malls lor despatch closed an follows: For
all parts of the world every evening exeept
Saturday and Hnnday, at ll. p. in
Malls arrive from I'nlted Slates end lake
polmi. dally except Hnnday, at 9:110 p. m.
From c. P. R, points and slocan points, arrive dally except Sunday, at 4:00 p. m.
Registration ottice open... 8:30 a. in., ft Stop. in.
Money order olllce and 1'oslotllce Havings Hank
open 9 a. in, to lip. m.
8. H. UKKKN. Postmaster.
MSTHomsT CmtacH���Cor. 0. and r>th St. Divine services every Hnnday at 11 a. in. and
7sin p. in. Sunday school at -Ski. Strangers
always weleome.
C. Aui.t l'BOCl'MKB, M. A., l'antor.
Pbksbvtbbian CHOBi'll���Corner 4th street and
II avenue. Services every Hnnday at 11 a. m.
and 7:.'I0 p. in. Sunday school and Bible clans,
���.slop. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday even
Ing at H o'clock. Free seals; strangers and
others heartily welcome.
Rkv. James Naibn, Minister.
CmiBCH or En��lani>���Southwest corner ofC
avenne and 8th ntreet. Services every Sunday at. 11 a. rn. and "SKI p. m. All are cordially Invited. Ritv. C. F. Yatsu,
Mlmloner ln Charge.
and Real Estate
Correnpoiideiice solicited.
Address, KANLO, It. C.
To   the   I,mile,!.
Send ten cents to Womankind. HprlngAeld.
Ohio, II. H. A., and receive Womankind, ,,
li.iii.ixomc home iiiiikuzIiio for three months and
a free copy of the Womankind Cook llisik. Vou
will in- pleased with both the paper and book.
M���lm   nl   AlKlera   UUpereed   by   Ihe
AlgitfS, .Ian. 25. ��� Anti-Jewish roaU
have lieen renewed here, 'llic moh invail
ed the .Tewiah quarter and pillaged the
shops in the line linrlm/.ouni, driving the
Jewish nicrlicuiils out into tlie streets. A
sipuulrnn of chasseurs wok ordered to the
scene nnd charged the inoh with drawn
swords, hut the mob reformed further on,
cheering for the army. Revolvers and
(luggers were freely used. One man who
was stubbed in the. buck and shot in the
head died, and many seriously wounded,
one named (,'uyol dying from his wounds.
The crowd hearing of this, became dangerously excited, shouting "They're murdering uh! Death to the .Tows!" and resumed pillaging.
The fronts of six shops were destroyed.
The police repeatedly charged the rioters,
biit were stubbornly resisted and were
powerless to restore order until the troops
arraived. Several policemen were severely
Many arrests for theft have been made.
The .Jewish authorities recommend their
co-religionists to remain indoors. Both
the men killed in thc riots were Christians
and their companions have sworn to
avenge them.
Dancing as an  art antedates   music,
ainging and sculpture. THE ORIGINAL MARKS.
r.onlalnnlan Whose   Name Wm  Used
In "Uncle Tern's Cnhtn."
Judge Abraham Murks nf West Ke-
llclnnu parish.  Louisiana,  whose surname HltWlet Beecher ...owe took liberties  witli  iu  "Uncle
Tom's     Cabin."     and
who     is     familiarly
known    ns     "Lawyer
.Marks"  throughout    n
large section    ol'    the
Bouth, recently visited
In    Chicago,      Judge
Marks is Kl years old,
anil In tlie conrsc of un
eventful life 1ms been
on terms of intimacy
with ninny celebrated
people, the list including the names of Kd-
���hk si'AiiK.MAiiKsgiir Allan Poe, Ohief
Justice Marshall, "Sinn" Houston.
Henry Clay und Henry Ward Heechcr.
His memory and all his mental faculties ure perfect, notwithstanding his
advanced age. and he can talk enter-
tiilnlngly of the giants In those days.
.Fudge Marks when a boy of 8 or 10
used to hunt robins with slingshots
with Poe, who wns neiir the same age,
ln the suburbs nf Richmond, nud the
Judge still bears mi his forehead the
near of a random shot Bred by his companion. Ills recollection of the chief
Justice Is perfect, One day. he says.
he wns playing marbles near the court-
house with another boy, when the Justice came out, nud, after looking at
them for awhile, went down on his
knees and solemnly knuckled down
with them for the space of half nn
hour. Judge .Marks says Unit he witnessed the Inst game of cards played
by Henry ('lay. The giinie was "brag."
snd ��S. W. Prentiss ami Anderson Miller, the United states marshal who lost
his voice cursing Andrew Jackson,
were of the party.
Judge Marks Is anything bin the
"Lawyer Marks" nf "Uncle Tom's
I'ttliin"    lu    appearance, and  he says
How to Take Care of a Volume Lent
In spite of Polonlus' fatherly Injunction to Laertes, "neither a borrower
nor a lender be," most of us borrow a
new I ii >i ik now or then or receive It
from the generous owner who insists
upou lending It. Some people take the
book carelessly, others do not rest until
lt ls road and returned to the keeping
ol its proprietor.
The flrst thing to do with a borrowed
book Ih to cover it witli thick paper to
protect  the  covers   from    accidental
splasher  or  from   fingerlug.     Do   not
wait a day or so, but cover lt at once
as soon as you receive lt.    Write the
name of the book plainly on the paper
cover, also the owner's name.   If you
arc one of n large family nud the borrowed book Is likely to be ia,id on a table where any one can pick It up, write
on cover, "This book Is uot lo be left
on the library table," for In spite of
! dainty davenport  arrangements   the
1 library table often means close nssorla-
: tion with an inkstand, a vinaigrette, or
I flower vase containing water, or some
receptacle of fluid which may be accidentally overturned and sixit the borrowed liook.
I    Ho not rend a utile in the borrowed
Issik and put It aside while you read
three or four oilier more Interesting
books. BeglQ il and get through with
it, reading as steadily a�� you can until
; li Is finished, ami then return It promptly, Dp noi wait until Thursday or Sunday  "because you  will surely see the
! owner then;" return ll al once and Ihen
ii will be safely off your hands.
11  Is provoking to have a  book lior-
i rowed and kept for an Indefinite time;
1 ii prevents others who may bo awaiting the book from the opportunity of
enjoying ll. If Hie borrower llndx herself noi likely to lind time lo read it,
she should return ll  al  once and ask
, for the privilege nf burrowing It  an-
! oilier lime.
Never, never, lend to another n book
j Hun you have borrowed.   Let nol that
j piece of superficial dishonesty he laid
! to your charge. Never periull your
pencil to make any mark nr annotation
��� in a borrowed book. If you think a
dale Is mls-HtSsted or any piece of in.
formation likely to be of use In collateral reading recurs tn you. vou are at
liberty In write li nn n slip of paper and
to leave it In tbe book at the page
where 11 belongs. No one should ever
���(core a passage nr a word In a borrowed
bnnk.    This Is Inexcusable,
Ffcw of us could subscribe In Charles
Lamb's suggestion, advising possessors
Of bunks In be shy nf shew lag lliein, but
If you do lend lliein lei ll be to one who
will return lliem "with usury enriched
with annotations tripling their value,"
Return a borrowed liook In the eou-
dltlon in which II was lent, unit as soon
as possible.- Philadelphia Record.
A Warning to Lovers of the Buccalent
The death of Count Achilles de Vee-
ehl from linuliroom poisoning in Washington lias attracted much attention,
and the Secretary of Agriculture has published a circular
on the subject of dangerous funj/l.
Every year ninny lives nre lost in
consequence of tlie ignorant gntheniug
of the.se deadly plants, and lt is hoped
t hat accidents of the kind will be iunde
fewer by the dissemination of accurate
information among the people respecting them. The circular lu question Is
illustrated with half-tone pictures of
the principal varieties that are to be
avoided, it was not practicable to include them all, inasmuch as no less
Hutu K00 poisonous torts of mushrooms
are known to-day, while inuuy more
doubtless e$Ut lu the world.
It Is unfortunately the f��u-t that poisonous plaints can only lie Identified as
SIKh through trial of their properties.
laughingly that anything like (lie character depicted is un absolute Impossibility, He never met the novelist, bul
says that he wus well acquainted with
Henry Ward Beecher, who told hlm
that his inline was used at the suggestion of some Louisiana friends. In Sun
Antonio, Texas, when a Probate judge,
Mr. Marks fought a duel iu defense ol
a Jewish peddler.
the  Ottawa
the   words:
Prince    of
A Doubtful Compliment.
The London papers ure telling an
amusing Incident of the Prince of
Wales' visit to Canada thirty-seven
years ago. Ou his journey through the
provinces a large number of petitions
aud addresses of welcome were presented to hlm from every class and ho-
clety. One address sent by the lumberers and raftsmen of
Valley concluded with
"I.ong may you remain
This very doubtful compliment was
no slip of the pen. for when the foreman of the raftsmen was questioned
ou the subject, he declared that the ud-
aress meunt exactly what lt said:
"We are perfectly satisfied with the
queen, and want her to remain on the
throne as long as she can."
lu view of the queen's Jubilee, this
former raftsman. Mr. Alan Maiisnii.
wrote the other dny to the prince, reminding him of the incident, and received tbe following reply:
"His royal highness perfectly remembers the Incident to which you refer.
His royal highness greatly appreciates
and thanks you for your klutl hikI loyal
sentiments, uml lie will not fall to make
them known to (he queen."
Unlit malilc.
Tinning of the shrew  Is a  insk for
I which some men are not litted. I'm oue
j Of them." Then the hiiiiest-spoken man j
; had to be urged before he entered upon |
i a personal explanation.
"In some respects matrimony may lie I
a lottery, but  l made my own choice j
j and lols of the buys envied my 'prize.' I
She was pretty, smart and full nf push, '
| and hnd as much ambition us the lirst
; NapolWU,   But what a temper: Whew:
i She llli rally made my hair stand nn
end Just as though It  were cut pom-
' padotir, and without touching li, too.
Fifteen years ago 1   left  her.    A< ls
often the case, our quarrel was over a
trivial thing.   I had carried some mud
on to the hall curvet, when going ln
sfter a roln.   8he took ive to task about
It, I talked back and pretty soou she
was doing thut hair raising act In a
way that mnde It Impossible for me to
get lu one word to her hundred. I stood
It. tor a little while lu hope she would
run out of steam or material, but she
gathered  force as she weut.    lu  the
midst of the tornado I took my list aud
walked out.
"Teu years later I weut back nnd snt
down before the sitting-room grate as
though I had only beeu out for part of
the day. There had lieen no noticeable
change, and everything Indicated prosperity. When my wife came In upon
me she neither started, screamed, looked surprised nor turned pule. And
what do you think were her first
"Give It up."
" 'Well, did you wipe your feet this
timet Yes, sir, thut wus her exact language. I left without a word. When
the second teu years are up, I'll go
again aud I'll bet odds she'll ask the
same question."���Detroit Free IVess.
Man's knowledge of the values of vegetables, cereals, etc., has beau obtained
by experimentation necessarily Involving danger, iimi the mail of hiiiiian progress lu Hiat line may be said to be
strewn with tlie skeletons of victims.
Kven ai the present time hundreds of
people die annually from eating tond-
ttoods ���the word "toadstool" ls'lng
merely a popular term for a dangerous
kind of mushroom,   iu this country
only I wo or three species nf mushrooms
nre cnmnioiiiy used tor the table, but
there are many more edible varieties,
ami some of the latter so closely resemble the DO-t-edtble onvs us to deceive
even persons Who consider themselves
fairly expert. It wo* only an accident
that prevented quite a lumber pf
deaths from fallowing that of the
Count de Veoahil. The dealer who sold
the fatul mushrooms to hlm brought to
market the next day a busthel of them.
Happily, the health ottiiWB humid him
down and confiscated the supply,
Yet, t>e it understood, these mushrooms were of ii kind rather rare. They
wo.ro of the species known lo science us
Amanita innscaria.  They grow in tbe
woods, or ou tbe lionlens of woods, arnd
their tops are brilliant r��"d or orange
yellow. Bui by reason of tiled r conspicuous tints ihey are frequently gathered and eaten���practically alwayw
with fatal results. They are popularly known as the "fly mushroom," because they nre extremely attractive to
flies. These Insects are very fowl of
them, and a single specimen has lie��ii
known to kill a pint of flies In a day.
So poisonous Ih the fly mushroom that
a piece of one that Is only as large as a
pea will kill a man. One of the worst
points about lt Is that it lkrodm-es no
symptoms for some time after It Is
eatSO. It has no had Utste, and no uneasiness Is Mt by the Victim until
from mine to fourteen hours ufterwurd,
wheu vomiting ami diarrheal   syt__p-
t; lads tone's Career Equaled.
Mr. Gladstone, who celebrated his
87th birthday ou the 2tnh of December,
ts younger than n former AuierY'tll
Congressman and Cabinet minister
whose old age Is as vigorous a*, that of
the great English statesman. Col.
Klehard W. Thompson, of Terre Haute,
lnd��� who was a Whig leader in the
days of Jackson and Clay, who was the
close friend of Lincoln, and who served
as Secretury of the Navy under Hayes,
will be 88 if he lives to the Oth of next
New View of the Matter.
Mamma���"How hot you are, Tommy;
your clothes are wet through,  I  de-
Tommy���"Can't help tt, mo. The heat
me cry all over."���Plck-Me-Un
Sea Otter Becomlac Extinct.
The sea otter Is au animal which Is
fast becoming extinct. So precious nre
their skins that the otter has beeu
hunted with vengeance, and only u
few, comparatively, remain. There Is
one fine speclraent in the National Museum which ls mounted in a most lifelike manner. The institution bought
tbe skin and paid $250 for it, which is
not deemed an extraordinary price. In
a few years, It Is thought, they will
have disappeared altogether.���Washington Star.
men ln as small a space as possible, tt
assumes the defensive. Two of the
hive bees pounce upon lt, and, sely.lng
It fiercely they seek to find a vulnerable
I>oint between the rings of its body to
sting It to death. The attacking bee
Just as determinedly struggles to cover
every unprotected spot. If sufficient
time can be gained and the attacking
swnrm Is large enough to force an entrance, the bndly mauled bees that
have not been stung to death will suddenly assume the offensive aud pursue
the tactics of their enemies.
Should the battle go againRt tlie attacking liody, tho balance of the swarm
flies away to seek safety, and the dead
carcasses of their companions are
thrown contemptuously out of the hive.
Bill In the event of an opposite termination of the struggle the poor Inhabitants
are Slaughtered. When their fate has
been practically decided, many of them
turn traitors to their cause, and In order to save their own lives they Join
the forces of the attacking party and
display great vigor In killing their former Companions. But there Is honest
patriotism even among bees. In every
hive tliere are some who tight to the
last aud prolong the struggle.-London
Yonuk Man Tried to Heat the Muck
...        man and   l.osst   UU (.old.
The young man who Is willing to be
*he butt of his own story lives In Detroit, and subscribe! more heartily than
he ever did before to the sentiment that
honesty Is the best policy.
"I've paid these night-hawk hnckmen
a fortune," he begins by way of letting
Ills conscience down easily. "They've
given me Hie worst of It at every angle,
ami I had no "���oiiipunotlon In trying lo
give one of tlie craft some of his own
medicine. It was In Huffalo. I had
alxiut reached the end of my financial
siring and concluded to come home because tliere was nothing else In do. r
had a Jlti gold piece and some small
change. There was nothing to waste.
ho I determined to try a trick that has
more nltnu once been worked nn these
nocturnal hnckmen. Boldly hailing one
of them. I asked what he would charge
to have me at the midnight train. When
he Innocently proposed u double fare I
offered hlm the gold piece, He couldn't
Change It, and time was precious. No
matter, we cnuhl lix It at tbe depot.
"Away he went with a clatter, fur It
was a good tiling.    When he brought
up with a band-wagon flourish In from
uf the station there were just five minutes in spare, Running my band Into
my pocket, I hastily sputtered:     'By
llenr.gi', I've dropped Hull coin In the
hack. Walt Jusit a minute llll I gel a
lantern aud we'll And ll.' Turning a
i-cciiiid later, I saw thnt Hack gnlng up
the Mrect like an express train, and set
my valise down that I might double up
to relieve my laughter. This dodge
had worked. He would go home In
search an empty hack.
"Then I hurried to the ticket office
and called for a ticket, still laughing as
I imagined what my victim would have
lo say. Bnt whan 1 run my thumb and
flrst linger Into my ve��wt pocket my face
weht lung Slid rigid. I had lost the ten
lu the hack, and I walked about till
morning before I could telegraph home
for help,"���Patrol! Kree Prcus.
Central Hotel.        5
Front HI. Kiuln.
New   liiiililliia unit   Newly   Kuril Uhert
A KlrM-l'lnsm Bat In I'onnet'tloti.
i .trilll a-
Furnished Rooms*
Com) lifted by MIhh ( uni-.
Klwtric light)*,  Imihs mteinn  hett'eri-   livery.
thing first clam..   Corner A avenue ami
Fifth Htreet,   Kaaio. H. C.
Kaslo, B, ('.
...Rate's $1.00 and Upwards...
ADAMS BROS., Proprietors.
Sole agents for Pahst Beer. Milwaukee,
Hotel and
timid  rooms and good livings    ltestau-
raiit in charge of Oscar Simmon.-
KASUi, B. 0.
Columbia  Hotel,
J   P. BEELER, Prop.
Clean and Comfortable Rooms
Best Bar in Kaslo.
Front Street,
Silver .Bell
Fourth Street,       -       -       Kaslo, B. ('.
By Johnston  Bros.
Open Day and night...
Everything tirst-elass.
Meals from 25 cents Upwards.
She���"I'm sorry to hear you've lost
your patient, Dr. Jones."
He���"Bnt he waa 111 a long, long
toms rascmihling those ot Asiatic cholera set In, It Is then too late to administer emetics. Ooma supervenes, and
the end soou arrives.
How Been Unlit a Battle.
In battle the movements of bees are
so rapid that It ls difficult to follow
them through all their evolutions, but
the plan of battle seems to be very simple. Two bees from the hive are sent to
kill one Ini ruder, and the latter always
tries to force an entrance, even at the
risk of Uk life. Once inside, it makes
room for others of Its companions to
enter, and then, gathering up Its abdo-
The man who Is good lo Ids wife wll
be good lo his mother.
Love gets burlml In marriage lot.
oftener than It does Iu the grave.
No man ever gets tbe reputation of
being a fool till sfter he gets married
Lots of men marry women tieeausc
they sre too tender-hearted to hurt
their feelings.
...   .\--ss ���
A girl always reserve* her opinion of
a man's looks till she knows whether
he has a wife.      ,,
No wonisn ever think* her picture
does her Justice unless It makes her
eyes look trigger than Is natural.
Yon very seldom see a man who can
be a Christian snd IsmI'porous pIhh-
ter off his chest at tlie same lime
Bullies almost iilwn.v.s laugh wheu
their mothers talk Uiby-talk to them,
bin the women uever seem to catch on.
The average woman never really be-
lieves In a personal devil till some one
of the neighbors begins to talk nbout
A girl's Ideal of a photograph Is one
of a woman with a baby in her lap and
n man wltb his arms spread out around
them both.
X woman will always act kind of Intensely Interested whenever she sees a
book with s name thnt begins with
super, psycho or hypto, and ends la
ology or Ism.
lt Is useless for a self-made mau to
waste money In taking out a patent on
his creation.
A decided blonde Is a falrdialred
woman who always lulsts upon having her own way
Finely I'lirnlnheil Throughout: Hilling linos*
service Inexrelleil; H��r Mesksd With
i tinier l.li|iiom suit ('.gar*.
**�����11 H . H t .���N. + .im**.-*
The Revere, <* *g
.1. M. HLA1KIK, Prop.
Finely furnished rooms, hard finish,
everything new, electric lights.
A avenue, Kaslo, 11. ('.       1'. 0' hox -M.
Telephone No. II.
$2 a week up.
Kiiquire over .1. 11. Wilson's store.
Front Street,       -       -     KASLO, B. C.
j* WHERE *
Why to the Slornit Beer Hall, when, yon
can icet frvah draft beer by the aeWaoaer
nr quarts
A ATenuj, Kanlo, B. C. Published every Friday at kaslo, b. C.
By The News Publishing Company.
Subscription $2.00 Per Annum in Advance���Advertising
Rates Made Known on Application.
JANUARY, 1898.
S   M   T   W   T   P    S
' 2
| 1
1.0 1 11
Not Yet
Socialism Tho theories of economics as set forth
in the utterances of the Opposition
press of this Province havo 110 place in
WailtCU. the government of a country whose resources are undeveloped. Until a commonwealth hits
reached that stage which marks the highest point of its
material development, the theories of social ism can never
be practically applied.
What is required at this stage of British Columbia's
oareer is a fair Held for overyono to pursue that line of action which in the very nnturo of tilings is the purpose of
his every efforts To hedge a pioneer about with socialistic
lant with whloh lie can have no sympathy, is to retard his
every movement and consequently keep back the material
prosperity of a new country.
The bold and vigorous policy of the Turner government
has been along lines calculated to afford the freest movement of both capital and labor, and the result is evident on
every bund. During the life of the present government
the advancement and prosperity of British Columbia has
no equal in tho annals of western push and progress; and
this, too, in spite of tho demagogues who have sought by
every moans in their power to harass and retard honest
and offloient government.
Tr'insmutintl   Every great eQlenfclfto invention has
,,.��� to pass through the stages  of doubt
and ridicule, before linal accopta-
llltO 11 Old. tlon. The human mind is often
exceedingly credulous upon mattors of superstition and
exceedingly incredulous upon the possibilities of science.
Swallowing camels and straining at gnats is not couiinod to
the old Bible days.
The account published elsewhere in this issue, of the
reputed success of scientilically transmuting silver into
gold, will doubtless provoke many an incredulous smile,
perhaps justly so. Yet, as Victor Hugo once remarked,
"Hv! who uses the word 'impossible' in scionce comes very
near being an idiot." The remarkable strides of science
within the lost decado make ono less and less skeptical of
what may yet be accomplished in the realms of the seemingly impossible.. The cathode and X-ray I have greatly
assisted in theso investi[.rations.
Commenting upon the recent lectures of Profs. Thomson and Fitzgerald of Ixindon, before the Royal Sclentltlu
Association, the editor of tlie Electrical World recently
said: "tf 'those two physicists are 1 -iglit, we urn within
measurable disUuco of the dreams uf the alchemists, and
are iu the presence of the method of transmuting one substance into another." Boi'thelot, the great French chemist, recently said: "Seionco Is today creating a new man
within a new earth.'' It may be expected that tho Wizard
Edison, who, by the way, U a great Bi follower ol dews
than an original lnvestlguloi', will soon turn his atlentiou
to this matter and help evolve something more, substantial
than theory. His recent applications ol electricity to mineral reduction; bis schemes for heating our housos from thc
llres in the earth's Interior; his proposed utilization of the
rising and tailing of the tides for motor power���all those
could profitably be held in aiioyance for a while, to perfect
an invention that would bring a thousand Klondikcs to the
Slocan country.
Tlie startling eit'oct of such an invention upon the commercial world could hardly lie estimated. The entire race
of gold bugs would lie exterminated. In their downfall,
however, they might produce the greatest financial cataclysm in history. But lt would not be the first time that
science has produced an economic resolution. This one,
would, however, surpass all of its predecessor in its suddenness. The problem of bimetallism would have nothing
left in it to grrtpple with.
Doubtless, if the present race of gold bugs havo their
way and this alleged discovery is proven to be authentic,
they will immediately seek to head off thoir fate by having
gold demonetized and some other more valuable metal substituted for a standard of value. The most likely candidate
for its place would be iridum, a white, hard metal of about
the same weight as gold and about one and ono-half times
OS valuable. Its briUloness. however, would be against it.
Perhaps uranium would be chosen, an iron-like metal of
like weight with gold, and one-thiri1 mere valuable. But Its
inflammability in a powdered state would be against it. Perhaps palladium would lie the choice, a malleable silvery
metal only two-thirds as heavy as gold but two-thirds more
valuable Whatever is chosen, however, you will hardly go
amiss for a long time if you invest in a Slocan silver mine.
That dividend of $100 declared by the city council for
tlie boys of the fire brigade, was a happy thought. The
council will also do well to hoed tho request for lessening of
danger from live wires during fires. We are not yet ready
to have any of our gallant fire fighters electrocuted.
Tho old city officers re-elected by the city council, including clerk, assosBor, water commissioner, auditor and
treasurer, deserve congratulation that thoir services are so
well appreciated. Tho city also deserves congratulation
that it is so well sorvod by such an honest, ofliclent and
courtoous set of gentlemen.
Tho News acknowledges receipt of the Official Hand
Book of the Dominion of Canada, published by authority of
the Minister of the Interior, for 1897. It is a well compiled
and well illustrated Immigration pamphlet of 115 pages.
That its maps spell Kootenay, "Kootanio", however, and
gives Kaslo only 1,000 population, bIiow that it is weak in
The new set of regulations published elsewhere governing mining on the Yukon, were not issued any too Boon.
They relievo to some extent the somewhat onerous exactions previously existing. Many American minors���who
constitute the great majority there���were planning to go
across the line into Alaska. As ono said: "I think that I
shall likely change Ileitis in June and go into American territory unless tho government repeals the present law which
cuts claims to 100 feet. No one will prospect on that
amount of ground while Uncle Sam offers from 500 to 1500
feet which may prove just as good as that on this side."
The only criticism so far heard on the new regulations, is
the fear that too liberal provisions aro made concerning
subaqueous claims, that are .likely to encourage monopoly.
When it is understood, however, that theso are operated
by dredging the river bedf, the probabilities aro in favor
of the regulations being all right.
Among the most amusing things in Sloean journalism
is the spirit exhibited l>v which the average local paper
claims for its own town a sort of proprietary interest in the
mines nearest to it, and jumps on any other paper that
dares to talk about theso mines as though they bad any
connection whatever with any other town. A newspaper
correspondent of Silverton recently calls down the Now
Denver Ijodge for daring to refer to the Galena Farm, the
Thompson Group, Fidelity, Vancouver, Wakolield and F.n-
torpi'iso as though they^wore tributary to New Denver.
The Ledge would like to dislocate tlie Mining Hoview of
Sandon, for Its presumption in daring to claim the Idaho,
Queon Bess, Monitor and others as tributary to Sandon;
while the Mining Review turns lirst red, then yellow and
nearly expires, every time tho British Columbia News refers to tho Payne, Huth and Star. What's tho matter with
all pulling together for the entire Slocan region''
People do not ro about looking tot advertisements, a DiWsipftper
is 11 bettor arivcrtibitiK medium thnn tt dudtfer Or hnuduill, because tin*
newspaper, hiuinp intrinsic value, tippeals to the render and interests
him, while the (lodger doesn't. If a mun Is dying of consumption, and
hasn't l��oon fooled too ninny times by jmnaeens, he may watch for advertisements of consumption cures, but tho averaRt1 man doesn't hunt
for advertisements of any Mud, Ho titkesn paper for tho news, and
the ad must get in its work IneldenliiUy. .N'lne limes out of ten the reader who i�� Influenced by Ihe general ud, couldn't tell for tlie life of him
when or where the good impression was made. That's why tiie general
advertiser has to keep everlastingly at it. and that's why u good paper,
the kind a man reads and carries home with him to call his family's attention to something in it particularly good, pays the advertiser better
than the sheet which, having no Influence nor standing, Is hastily
glaneod at, dropped, und forgotten. -Push,
Don't expect your advertising to do it all, and don't export the first
ad you use or, the second, to sell you out. He persistent and suoeeaB
will come, not in Alpine i��>rrents,but like the growth of the sturdy oak,
slowly, perhaps, but surely, and like oak when it reaehes maturity, H
will stand tlie storms oi" iiges.���Business Maga/ine.
.Marked   Progress uf the   Entcrprisc���0uti|ruwing the
Present Small Ouiirtera.
# A Full  Stock on #
rHand for Moun^
tain Climbing. . .   J
Kdltor Ui'ltlsh Columbia News -The business meeting
culled in the i'You IJeudlng Rooms yesterday, though not
largely attended hy other than active members of the committee, proved a success, and gave encouraging signs of
progress.    The offlctm remain tho Mame as before.
The present room proving too Binall, a change was declared necessary. The tables .ire already crowded .to overflowing with reading matter, and a circulating library is to
be started as soon as a change can be made.
I* The financial condition of the reading room ��� Is good,
l^ecoipts have been as follows:
Special services in Presbyterian church 4 $12.85
Subscriptions collected by Mrs. Hislop  31.00
"Private Secretary" benefit     7.50
Gift from the children of the curling rink    5.00
Prom Montreal a large stock of Men's Health Underwear.
In the Grocery Department try our Saratoga Chips and Postum Cereals. A fino
Assortment of Fresh Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Apples, etc.
H. Giegerich,
Kaslo.   Sandon.   Ainsworth.
Wiat?   Why the Hockey and Acme Club Skatos for   Ladies   and   Gontlemen
sold only by this firm.   Just in receipt of a lino lot of White Fsnamellod Ware.
Cull and see lt.=.��� .���:������---____;	
Hamilton Byers, "Son.
A Guaranteed Union Made Cigar.
Ask Your Dealer for It.
Butte Hotel |
���?. Restaurant
.Meals at all hours between 6 a. m. and i) p. m. Short Orders a Specialty. Business Men's Lunch from 11 :30 a. in. to 7:30p.m.
D, A. CAUll, formerly of Columbia Hotel Restaurant, south side
Front St., bet. 3rd and 4th, opposite Steamer Landings, Kaslo, B.C.
!��$$-$��� *JH_H$H& $$$%
Klectrle Light and Power Plants.
. Private Telephone Lines.
Wiring in all its branches,
Fixtures, Shades, Bell Goods, F.tc.
Headquarters in Keenan Bid., $&&��&&,
Good Advertising Medium
\ Character \ \
I Price and Circulation j
Tlie IIIII'I'ISII < til.I Mill A NKWH In tlu> leHiliiiis-.
mont t-Hts���fully iitits'il, mod rdliilili', brat looking iiuwh-
Itpei I" Hi" Kooluiisty Laku Country.
Price u aheap contliUnt
wilh  I'lri'iilmlnn, wlili'li
U llic '.iii-sii'M 111 K 11 sin.
See F. E. Archer
The Pioneer Hardware Dealer
Front Street, Kaslo, Ilrilish Columbia.
Total 856.35
Expenditures for rent and caro of rooms, furniture, papers, etc., amounted to 941.25, leaving a balance on hand
for thc first month of $15.10. ' '
The attendance up to date has been 280, giving an average per night of over 12, tho largest number for any one
night being 25.
With such good results for three, and one-half weeks,
Kaslo may reasonably oxpect that its .public library and
reading room has come to stay. ity
Albert Letts, Librarian.
ind Got tie Money!
I  have sold my  building
Feed Business in Kaslo to
Messrs. J. Turner & Co.,
Who will handle and keep
constantly a large stock of
Kalama (Goat River), B. C.
Flour, Rolled Oats and all lines kept In
a first-class Feed Store. I can rocom-
meml the people of this city to patronize the new firm for honest valueB for
their money.     W. G. NEELANDS.
A Complete Hotel.
Mrs. H. Y. Anderson,
! Formerly of the Columbia Hotel, Kaslo.
ing E
Front St., Kaslo, B. C. WE
Have a full line of
Office and Pocket
Diaries for 1898 on
Hand, also Whit-
aker'sAlmanac for
Whon opening a new set of
books, don't forget that we
carry a complete line at reasonable prices	
Lamont & Young,
Books, Stationery and Wallpaper, ...   - Kaslo, B. C.
Bead the News and get the newB.
Uest place to buy a watch, O. Stra-
thearn's. *
Nelson arrivals at the Kaslo this
week are R. A. Grant, W. H. Grant,
R. T. Cooper and M. P. Thompson.
The Kaslo Dairy Produce and Provision Co. aro receiving finest freBli
creamery buttor weekly from the Dominion government's creameries, and
aro selling it at reasonable prices. Give
them a call. *
M. P. Thompson, representing the
Thompson Stationery company of Nelson made this ollice a pleasant call last
When others fall, try O. Strathearn
tho now Kaslo jeweler. *
Among the recent arrivals at the
Slocan are W. R. Wlnstead of Whitewater, John R. Barrof MoGuigan, Geo.
Matthows of Pilot Bay, Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Miley of Spokano and Thos. E.
Jonos nf Sandon.
Kasla Browing company's bottled
boor delivered to any part of tho city
for $2 per dozen. , *
C. M. Arnold has gone to New York
or a visit.
Tho beer, ale and porter of the Kaslo
Brewing company are pure and wholesome. All these beverages aro manufactured at home. {,*
Harold Rolph, secretary of the Lardo-Duncan Improvement association,
and Barry Parkin, book-keeper for
Burns iv. Co., expect to start for the
Klondike about Fobruary 1st.
Laco curtains can be done up nicely
only ut the Steam Laundry. *
G. A. Carlson is home from the
Crow's Nest, beginning to got work
started on his city contract of street
Seo Wilson the grocer for anything
needed in tho grocery line. *
The police department reports the
quietest time in criminal matters in
the history of the town.
Your soiled suit or your stained dress
can bo denned without damaging the
material, at the steam laundry.       *
Thoro is more snow so far and longer
sleighing period in iKaslo than for
soveral years.
Suite of 11 good rooms to rent cheap
second story, southwost corner of Third
and Front.   Apply In store below.   *
The Bobby Burns celebration last
Tuesday night simmered down to a
plain dance.
For line jiortieres and window shades
bco Owen & Stevenson, tho furniture
dealers. *
At the special election last Saturday
D. W. Moore was chosen to llll the vacancy by a technicality In his own
previous qualification.
Got your woolen goods washed at tho
Steam Laundry. We guarantee not to
shrink them. *
Among recent arrivals at the Kaslo
hotel are Guy R. Balled,- of Now Brunswick; R. D. Trevor -of  Pilot Bay; W.
E. Davidson, Geo. E. Jasquith of Toronto; Ralph Harron and Yale Gleason,
San Francisco; J. R. Miller, Montreal
and M. A. Whiting of Berlin, Ontario.
Milwaukee Beer Hall, corner Fourth
and Third streets, Kaslo, B. C. Free
lunch day and night. Excellent refreshments of home products. '
Sandon arrivals at the Kaslo this
week are .T. M. Harris, F. T. Kelly, G.
O. -Fobs, Frank C. Sewell and John
Some bargains in 'silver plate at O.
Strathearn'e. "    *
��� Read the News add then subscribe.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. For the biggest schooner of beer with the foam
on the bottom.   Ask for it. *
The Payne's machinery is repaired
and the old stand-by contributed 450
tons to the week's shipping record of
1295 tons over the K. & S. railway.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. The place
where you get your money's worth. *
The Lardo-Duncan Improvement
association will meet at 4 p.m. today.
Milwaukee Boor Hall. If you leave
your orders for keg >and bottled beer,
it will be delivered free of charge.   *
J. M. Harris of Sandon was in town
this week returning from Spokane
He says that the Reco will pay anothor
$100,000 dividend about April 1st.
At the Milwaukee Beer Hall you
may always find good miners, mechanics and laborers. *
It is reported that Dr. Hartin has
sold to R. Weinstein for $2,200 the
property on 'Fourth street, east side,
adjoining the alley.
Milwaukee Beer Hall. Three bottles of beer 50c. *
j D. W. King of the Kootenaian is ex-
pectod back from his eastern trio tonight.
Kuslo   Team  Defeated by   a   Scratch   ut
Last Friday night's curling match at
Santlon between Kaslo and Sandon
rinks was for the district medal, entit
ling the winner to compete for tho
Tuckett trophy, at Winnipeg, as stated
in tho B. C. News.
Thero wore four .competitions���two
rinks playing both afternoon and evening. The result was that Moore of
Kaslo tied with Hood of Sandon on a
score of 14 each, while Waugti of Kaslo
lost to Hall of Sandon by a score of 11
to 111, making the total record of 30 to
27 in favor of Sandon. After tho mat-
dies the victors invited tho vanquished
to an oyster supper and proved them
selves royal entertainers, which was
very consoling to those whom thc San
don Mining Review referred to as
"Kaslo's cracked players."
Saturday morning the Kaslo boys retrieved themselves by tlofeating in a
friendly gnmo the Sandon banner rink
since sent to Calgary to participate in
tho bonspiel. Following ls tho list of
players and scores;
Calgary ., Kaslo.
Griminett lead Easton
Moffat 2nd Moore
Remillard 3rd Rae
Hood 7 skip Waugh
The Sandon curlers are threatening
to send down two teams next week for
more competition. The hostile Invaders are "green curlers" and "old terriers."
R. McLean said yesterday,"Just say
will you, that G. O. Buchanan's rink
got a terrible licking Wodnosduy night
for its audacity in daring to challenge
ox-Mayor Green's rink."
Nine l'uople I.ose Thnlr I.lvc�� by .turning
of Ureut Eastern lilocks
Last Monday night in Spokane, the
Groat Eastern block, a mammoth live
story brick structuro In tho heart of
the city, was burned at midnight in an
Incrodlbly short spaco of time. The
origin of the firo is unknown. Nino
people���men, women and children-
were sacrificed. Among them were W.
B. Gordon, well known In ' tho Kootenay, forme: superintendent of the Pilot Bay emeltor.
Hill IntroiliieiMl by the rinanee Minister
Ia Adopted.
Calcutta, Jan. 31.���The bill'Introduced by the finance minister of tho
council on January 14. providing for
the issue of currency notes in India
against gold, wns adopted today.
Following Is tho list of letters remaining uncalled for In the Kaslo Postoflfioe since tbe last
list published over date of Jan. 19,1898:
.Vckluy, L. W. Burns, J. J.
Carlson, Miss lluldn E, Colin, L.
Cook, J. D. Colyan, W, H.
Derby, Chas. Deans, J.
Dec, Jas. Dohnoy, Hugh
Erwin, Mrs. Lucy Forbes, Frod W.
Fossom.A. Fisher, W.
Goodwill, Geo. Gray, Chas.
Graham, H. Humbly, Chas.
Hougbston, C. J. Hlekey, Jas.
Houghton, .las. Hanley, T. F.
John, Wm. M. Kurta, C. C.
Kaly, E. Kurta, Mary
Klopaeh, Ed Lynch, J. J,
Lambell, W. J. Malm, A.
Mattson,Jno. Martin, Nols
McKaakell, Jno. McAaklll, Jno.
McKay, D. O. Newton, Geo.
Putnam, C. I. Piper, Jas.
Porter. Peter Pfelfor, Win.
Rtchard6, E. J. Roy, Honry
f enklor, E. C. Swanson, Herbert
Steele, Joseph Thomas, Jack
""i-anwell, Wm. Vint, Frank.
Walob, R. Willis, Roy.
& H. GREEN, Postmaster.
Kaslo, B. 0��� Jan, ��, 1896.
Dominion Govern incut Mod ill is lis Stringent Utiles on the Yukon,
The Dominion government has announced new regulations governing
placer mining ln the Northwest territories, of which the following is a sum
Every miner and employer of a min'
er will require to take out a miner's
certificate, the fee for which will be
$10. In case of a company it will be $50
or $100, according to the amount of the
capital stock.
A miner's license will confer the
right to the miner to fish, hunt and cut
the timber necessary for mining.
Provision will be made for obtaining
miners' certificates at a number of
cities and towns, such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary,
Vancouver and Victoria.
The general size of mining claims
will bo 250 feet, and discoverers' claims
500 feet.
Every alternate ten claims shall be
reserved by the government  of  Can
Sub-aqueous mining leases will be
issued in live milo sections with a foe
of $100 per annum and the usual royal
The fee for recording and renewing
mining claims will be $15.3
Any number of miners not less than
five nor more than 100 miles from the
office of a mining recorder, may appoint a recorder, who will record
claims, and owithin three months
transfer the record and fees to the
nearest mining recorder.
A royalty of 10 por cent on the gold
mined shall be levied and collected by
tho government officers appointed for
the purpose, but provision is made for
exemption on the annual product of
any mining claim up to $2,500, so that
claims that do not produce more than
$2,500 a year will not be liable for royalty. Provisions are made to prevent
speculation in claims by throwing a
claim open to entry which has not
been worked a certain number of days,
unless rousouable cause is shown, and
by providing that a record shall not bo
Issued for more than ono claim to any
miner in tho same locality.
There are i ther provisions regarding tlio public interest and revenue,
and at the same time affording the
most ample facilities for mining the
enormous wealth of the Yukon.
From Trail to Teelln.
It is reported that W. F. Thompson,
proprietor of tho Trail Creek News,
published at Trail, is preparing to go
to Fort Wrangel, from which point he
will tako a trip up tlie Stickeon river
and possibly establish a paper at tho
foot cf Lako Teslin.
Coder tlio  New  iIiiiiiiK.'iii.'iil   of Messrs,
Moiiiilniii st Green.
Messrs. Monahan and Green having
purchased the Occidental hotel from
E. C. Hall will aim to make it ono
of tho neatest and most comfortable
hotels In the Kootonay, the proprietors
being thoroughly acquainted with the
hotel buslnoss. Board and lodgings
from $1.25 to $2.00 a day according to
room. Bath room in connection free of
extra charge.
New rresbyterliiu Piistor.
Last Sunday tho members of the
Presbyterian congregation, ratified the
previous business meeting of tho sos-
slon and extended u call to Rev. A. D.
Men/.iosof Vancouver to succeed Row
James Nairn as pastor of tho church.
Mr. Menzles is a young man, unmarried. It Is thought that ho will accept
tho cull.
Ho is to occupy the pulpit of Row
Robert Frow of Nelson next Sunday,
and Rev. Frew will nllldato hero. On
tho following Sunday Rev. Men/Jus is
expectod to oHIciato in the Kaslo
Keep IVlinn.
Good fir aud tamarack wood delivered at shortest notice and most reasonable figures, to any part of the city by
Lucas Bros, of tho Kaslo Transfer
Otherwise Armstrong's Landing
and Goat River Landing.
Mrs. Wm. Midflleton, Proprietor.
We Cater Especially to the Traveling
a      On the first of the year that bad habit of wearing any old
*" thing?   Remember that "The Apparel oft Proclaims the
iyi _ pU ail k'an fit you out properly. A fine stock of
ilUvrllall Ready Made Clothing and Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods constantly on hand.
Also Fine Clothing Made to Order.
D. ricPhail,
Merchant Tailoring and Gents's
Furnishings, corner Front and
Fifth streets, Kaslo, B. C.
Having Consolidated our Cody
and Kaslo Stocks at Our Kaslo
Store, "We are prepared to Offer
a much larger Stock from which
to choose. Our Line of Men's
Furnishings, Mackinaws, Boots
and Shoes is especially full.
The usual full line of Staple Groceries and Provisions.
Green Bros.,
A Avenue and Third St., Kaslo, B. C.
Largest and
In the
Interior of
.. The_
(  Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill.
0 ff 0 0 0 "
A Full Line of Building Material Constantly on Band.
Lumber Hough, Sized, Dressed, Matched; Shingles, Laths, Doors, Win-   ]
dows, Mouldings, Brackets, Turned Work, Glass, etc., etc.
On hand and to Order.   Agents in Nelson a/id Sandon
And Commercial work in
all its branches promptly
exeoutod and in the highest stylo of the Art.
f Prices Low, ^f
Consistent With Good Work. J[
Givo us a trial and be
convinced that we aro
away ahead of any firm
In tho Kootenay country.
nn mi
Try a Good Smoke
And a Good Book.
r Cigars by the Box a Specialty. I handle all the best brands of
Holland Bros Kaslo
S. Davis & Sons   Montreal
J. Bruce Pain Granby
W. R. Webster & Co Sherbrook
Geo. E. Tuckett s& Son '. Hamilton
Books and. Cigars,        -      ���      -      -      -     -       Front Street, Kaslo, B. C. ^^-.--^^^^v s^-s^^v^-v^
For the Next Thirty Days!
On account of 111 Health, J. B. WILSON will Begin Closing Out on  FEBRUARY  1ST,  His Kntire
Stock of Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Gents' Furnishings, Shoes,Hats,Stationery,Notions,etc.
JOHN B. WILSON, Kaslo, B. C.
Review of tiie Week-Ore
'I'raiisl'ers, Certificates of Improvcmenl���Sumnmry
of Laws Governing Mineral
Following nre the ore shipments lor ihcwcck
ending  sfan.'sff nvci the Kaslo A Slocan Hy:
��_, Destination. Tons.
ou._ ,Pueblo and Everett axi
Payne Pusblo ami Everett ..480
W littcwaler  SV��*}tt Ml
l.itikv Jim Pilot bay  so
Slocan Slur Pueblo  W)
Last rliaiice..I'ueliloiiii'l Aurora	
Reco ...i Denver	
Queen Bean  ���Ji&aln	
Ramble     Tacoma	
Honteauu a  Aurora	
Total ton -
(tew Vork. Jan. at.-Sllver, Wfia.
bead -Hull; l-okers' price, *:i.;iO;  exchange,
From Jan. 1. WK, to ilntc tne leading mines
nl tlie Sloean region have snipped over lie
Kaslo s. sloean Railway for water tranipoHa-
Hun from Kaslu, as follows:
Sloean Star*... ,,.
l.uekv Jim	
Last chance	
Tons. Mine. Toint.
UnO'Eureka       18
..    SOO Fidelity       18
..    B19 Sovereign     20
loo Queen Hess     so
uOl.lackson       ID
."snuiMontei'.uma.. ���
doner or mineral recofdor and obtaining a certificate good tor one year. A new certificate
tuny be obtained lor one losl, by paying 91,
A* tree miner's certificate in not transferable.
Any person or company working A mineral
claim, held as real estate without license, may
be fined fclii. Mines become real estate alter
crown grant lias been issued.
Should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner's certificate his interest goes to bis co-owners pro rata according to their interests.
A free miner may cut timber ou crown lands,
ami kill game for bis own use at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain a five-acre millsile
upon crown latuls.'in the form of asiiuare.
A claim may be held from year to year by doing work to the value of one hundred dollars.
Two claims in each mining division not ou
the same vein or lode, may be held, and more
than one on the snine vein If held by purchase,
LodeS discovered in tunnels may ne held il
recorded in fifteen days from discovery.
A free miner may on payment ol 1800, in lien
of expenditure on claim, obtain a crown grant.
Any miner may, at tlie discretion of connnis-
slonor.obtaln wnter right for a term of 20 years.
No transferor mineral claim or interest is enforceable not in writing, signed and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission or commission on the part of officials.
No claim shall beopen tn location during last
illness of holder, nor within 12 month ��� ufter his
dentil, unless by permission olgnld ciiminis'n-r.
A mineral claim must tie recorded w ilhin IS
days after location, If within 10 miles of office
Of recorder. One additional day is allowed for
every additional 10 miles or fraction thereof,
Work on each claim to the value of 1100 mast
be done each year front dale of record of mineral claim, Affidavit made by the holder, or
his agent, setting oul a detailed stiileincnl of
the work done, must be filed with the gold commissioner or mining recorder, and a cerlitleute
of work obtained anil recorded, before the expiration of each year from the date of record ol
said claim. A free miner holding adjoining
cIhIius, mav, subject In filing notice ol his intention with the gold commissioner or mining
recorder, perform on any one or more of such
laims, all the work required to entitle hint to
, certificate of work for each claim. The same
irovlslon applies to two or more free miners
mlding adjoining claims In partnership. In
den Of above work the miner must pay *100
and get receipt nnd record of same.
The mining laws of British Columbia arc designed to afford the utmost protection to miners, and also to afford every encouragement to
proipouton to open up and locale mineral
properties, The prospector who has found mineral in place, must mark his claim hy two legal
posts, each four inches square and not less than
1 feet'above ground, and are .0 be Nos. 1 and '2.
A legal post marked "discovery pott" must
be placed on the lode where it was discovered.
On No. 1. post must be written:
1. Initial post. 2. Name of claim. !l. Name
of locator. 4. Date of the location. 6, Approximate bearing of No. 2 post. (1. Length and
breadth of claim. 7. Number of feel to the
right nnd lcll of location line.
On N*<>. 2 post must be written:
1. Name of claim. 2. Name of locator. 3. Hale
ol location. The line ol No. 1 to No. 2 must bo
marked by blazing trees or planting posts.
Locations made on Sunday or public holidays
are not for that reason invalid.
��� Concentrate!.
The following is a partial statomeut of ore
shipments over the t'.l'. It. from slocan and
Lardeau points since January 1st, not included
in the foregoing:	
Mi���e Tons.Mine. 'ions.
Vancouver        w|SllverCup     108
(BlooanStar        paiiWavcrloy  ....     ">
of the foregoing, the following have paid dlv
idenils as follows:	
Pavne      ~~t  700,000 Noble Five...      40,000
Slocan Star ...     1110,(100 Goodenough...      ;��,;i00
Kuib :t00,tiuo Washington ..      20,000
itl.,.0 28TJH0|Jsckion     '-'O.ooo
Rani bict Carl..      to.oon Surprise       20,000
Resides Ihe foregoing, oilier mines, unstuck-
ed, have paid dividends as follnwa:
l,l���li,, .? Mo.OOOILaal i'nance...     fio.ooo
Whitewater..     IM.OOOlAnloiue       H5,000
Slocan Hoy. ..      2.1,000,Monitor      U/XD
Following Is a comparative statement of ore
shipped Irom pans ol the Sloean and Ainsworth
mining districts, pas-ing through the custom
bouse at Kaslo to foreign smelters for the five
recorded months of lKJBi, all otlSlW andlHW:
Dross Weight   Gross Valucof
VSSTs of Ore In Lbs.   Ore In Dollars
iMii". (5months)	
IHtttl (12 months)....
1HU7 (12months)....
7:t W6,s��0
t 11I.M1
I Where no consideration l�� mentioned Ihc
nominal sum ot ��1 Is understood.)
Jan.21-Uis��urgam. Lydia  A,  Dunragen, Island Hoy, Athol, Silver Six, Yankee kid and
Silver Plume, all on  Blue llldgc, near Kaslo
Richard Roberts U> Walter Stead, !4.
Inn 22 11. II. B., Florence It., Bed Brick, Silver Ward and Aucharo, near Whitewater \.
McC. Banting to Florence 11. Banting.
Jan. W.-Noblo Friend and New Chum, on
south fork of Kaslo creek-Chan. Bostrum to J.
llcrron.H, ����00. _ _, L_
Jan. 2ri.-Kootenay Queen and Slocan Chief
No. 10. on Kaslo creek-Withdrawal of lien by
Burt Pearson va. the Interests of F. LoCesto, A.
P. HeaeiO'i and AlexSproat. .
Katie L, on Hooker creek-0. C. Spearing lo
J. W.Qutnn,!4 ,  , ,, ���
Bonlta and Good Link���Permit ol Hold Commissioner to credit ��n<KI of |1,160 work done on
llonita to Hood Luck for crown grant purposes.
Jennie, In Hot Springs camp-Mrs. A. McKlnnon. quit claim to Chas. Allmen.
Kloosh.on Jackson creek���M. Lainont to J.
M. Miller,".. _     _
Noble Friend���Charles Bostrum to C. 0.
Johanson, Jt_.
There were no locations recorded this week.
Jan. 21.���Tccumech and   Pontlae  by  Martin
Porcupine by HobertSrHcll.
Jan. 24-Klng. Solomon by King Solomon Con.
Mng. On.
Lucky by E. R, Wlngate.
(llcngaryby W. H. Franklin and A. MeLcod.
Anyperionoverl8ys��r��ofs_fe may become
s free miner on paying V> to any gold commit-
Thc    Hosslisuil     Hookey     Team    Pluyi
Kuslo To-Night
The Rossland hockey team defeated
Sandon last night, by a score of 4 to 0.
It will play Kaslo to-night and
Nelson to-morrow night. A large
crowd is expected at the rink to wit
ness the encounter between Itossland's
and Kaslo's crack players.
The game last Saturday night be
twoen the Kaslo hotel team and local
bankers was most amusing. No one
has yet been found who knows how the
score stood.
(Hold Commissioner 1). mil* Returns,
W. 11. Smith of tho local government
otllco, who lias recently returned from
his holiday visit to Victoria, Informs
the News that Hold Commissioner
Dennis has returned from his trip to
the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. Smith met
Mr. Dentils In Victoria and reports his
health but slightly Improved by the
New Hotel.
Welln & Augustine expect to open
their new hotel, abovo the postofficenn
Front street, noxt Monday. It Una fifteen guest chambers and will be con
duoted without a dining room. The
managers have every thing In excel
lent order and will doubtless register
a good trade.
Lot There be Light.
The new 50 candle power incandes
cents mado their flrst illumination last
night along Front street, giving a very
welcome light. A avenue is expected
to follow suit to-night.
Try Kaslo Dairy Produce & Provision Co.'s fresh creamery butter received weekly from the Dominion Government Creameries. They are making contracts to supply fresh butter to
their patrons (or tbe winter. Give
them a trlnl. *
Oivideods for thc Fire Brigade���"Canada Iron.
Ocean to Ocean" Sidetracked.
The city council met regularly Wednesday afternoon, all members present
including the newly sworn iu aldermen, F. B. Archer and D. W. Moore.
An invitation from Speaker 1). W.
Biggins of the Provincial House of
Parliament, Victoria, requested the
council to be present at the opening of
the Legislature February 10th. The
clerk was instructed to send thanks
and regrets.
The following bills wero referred to
the linanco committee:
B. C, Gazette, publications $ 2.50
S. P. Tuek,'returiiing olllcer   12.60
Burdick & King.iire ilpt. supplies 39.00
Waterworks time shoot  46.50
Complete Htaiiilliiff CoiimilUisoa.
The mayor presented tho following
final duaft of tho standing committees:
Finance���Whiteside, D. W. Moore,
Hartin, J. D. Mooro and Archer.
Fire and Light���Goodenough, Hartin
and Whit .side.
Public Works���J. D. Moore, Good-
enough and 1). W. Mooro.
Sanitary and Water���Hartin,Whiteside and Archer.
Fire Department Mutters.
Referring to a communication from
thc chief of the fire department requesting that the Kootonay Electric
Co. be required to provide a signal bo-
tween the fire hall and power station to
be able to close down in case of fire
and avoid danger from live wires, the
fire and light committee was instructed
to investigate ond report at the next
The sum of $100 was granted to the
tiro brigade to be distributed on July
20, 1898, among the members, according to their attendance at fires, practice and alarm calls during tho six
months ending July 15, 1893.
Alderman Whiteside suggested that
the stringers iu the proposed trestle on
A avenue were not heavy enough. The
mayor asked the public works committee to confer with Contractor Carlson
about it and see if matters could be
properly adjusted.
Alderman Whiteside also wanted to
know what had become of 8600 worth
of city tools.
The wator commissioner and chief of
police wero accordingly ordered to  ro-
port at next mooting all tools  In their
possession tho property of tho city.
"Vanailw, from Ocean to Ocean."
J. Lawlor Woods, representing tho
publication "Canada, from Ocean to
Ocean," was present to get his answer
In regard to the olty illustrating in the
new book. Alderman Whiteside moved
that the city take two or more illustrations at *50 each. Alderman D. W.
Moore then presented an amendment
that the matter lay on the table until
the council could interview some private citizens about it. The original
motion was then withdrawn and the
amendment took precedence and was
The city assessor was Instructed to
begin assessments Feb. 1st and complete by Mavch 15th.
Old Offleera Ke-Eleeted.
City Clerk Chipman, Assessor Tuck,
Water Commissioner Cockle, Auditor
MoKenzle and Treasurer Green were
all re-elected for 1898 with same salaries as before. All are required, to
give bonds ln $1,000 each, excepting
treasurer, whose bond was tixod. at
Kaslo's Only Furniture Store.
Notwithstanding the fact that all
competitors in the furniture business
in Kaslo are now out of tho field, Owen
& Stevenson will go on serving tho
public in this line us before. Prices
will not be put up, but a full stock of
good goods will be sold at moderate
rates as before.
Cliungo of Firm.
W. G. Neelands has disposed of his
feed und produce business to J. Turner
& Co., who will bring it to the front
rapidly. Head the announcement elsewhere.      	
1 utile Ware at n Hnrgalu.
Lots of fancy crockery, stand and
hanging lamps. Toilet sets, dinner
sets, knives, forks and spoons. In fact,
any kind of Table Ware you -mayiwant
at ,1. B. Wilson's.
Ila/.s'lsvoo.l Dntry Hotter.
.1. B. Wilson, the grocer, is handling
the colebrated Hazolwood Dairy brand
of butter. If once you uso it, you will
always use it.
Ftmcy  I pi,ol<s! cry.
Owen ��fc Stevenson, the furniture
dealers are doing a lot of fancy upholstering for the new year trade. Lounges, footstools and ottomans thus embellished make attractive and useful
additions to household furnishings.
Llptoii's'ttnil Ti'tl?y's Tea*.
These noted teas, among tho finest
brands on the market are to be had at
J. B. Wilson's. Lovers of "the cup
that choors but not Inebriates," should
remember this.
A Klrst-Clmis Kilting Hoimc.
The Davenport Cafe on 4th stroet,
conducted by Messrs. Ross & Wilson,is
a credit to Kaslo and would rank high
in any city. For a first-class meal call
and try their menu. You will not be
disappointed in the fare and will find
their prices reasonable.
Bracing Up SI. Pnncraa Inn.
Workmen have been busy for the
past week in bracing up the underpinning of St. Pancras Inn, also in bracing it from side to side by passing iron
rods completely through, and also
bracing up the roof. All this is sup
posed to bo preparatory to reopening
it, Steps have been prepared for the
entrances and plumbers have also been
occupied ln repairing bursted water
Dan  McKay Itenits of Ills. Medal Award
anil Secures It.
Dan McKay of Kalama, for whom
Mayor Groon recelvod a medal to be
awarded for servlcos In the Northwest
Rebellion, saw tbe announcement ln
this paper and has communicated with
Mr. Green and received tho medal.
Moral: Advertise ln tho British Columbia News.
To Be Hail at .1. B. Wllaon'a Great Clearance Sale.
Attention ls called to the largo advertisement elsewhere of J. B. Wilson,
the general merchant, who announces
his retirement from business in Kaslo
on account of ill health. Mr. Wilson's
many friends hope that he will succeed
ln finding some climate and business
that will restore him to his to his old
time vigor. In tbe meantime, however, he ls proposing to push his clearance sale with all diligence and is offering his large and varied stock at remarkably low figures.
Muat Be Sold.
If you are looking for bargains in
hats, shoes, etc., don't overlook J. B,
Wilson, as his stock must be sold to
make room tor other lines. Prices to
suit the purchaser.
HargaliiH in Hay and Oala.
The Kaslo Transfer company have
purchased 100 tons of hay and 5,000
bushels of oats at a low figure and are
prepared by thus purchasing in largo
quantities and paying cash to givo
their customers the benefit of theso
bargains. See them at their oflice on
Front street.
Lead (Broker's.) Silver.
Saturday, Jan. 22 ,1.50 55 7-8
Monday, Jan. 24  3.50 55 ',1-4
Tuesday, Jan. 25  3.50 55,5-8
Wednesday, Jan. 26  3.50 55 3-4
Thursday, .1 an. 27  3.50 55 3-4
'Friday. Jan. 28  3,.ri0 55 3-4
Road the British Columbia News
Application will be ninile lo the I.cKisIativc
Aiwembly nl the Province ut llrlllsh Columbia
nt Uk next Session for an Act to incorporate thc
'���Kootenay Tunnel Company" for the purpose
of buying, acquiring, selling, leaalng, mortgaging, anil constructing anil operating tunnelH or
ditches wllli switches aud branches therefrom
for the development and drainage of mines anil
mining claims and Ihe transportation, underground or otherwise, of ores, minerals, waste,
ami supplies; ilains, illtehes, and pipe lines for
the impounding anil earryingof waste for milling power for domestic ntul all oilier purposes;
power plants for generating power of any kind
or nature, electricity and tight; trails, roads,
tramways ami railways ami drainage illtehes
in connection with such tunnels anil mining
ami transportation operational mills for .sampling, concentrating, handling nit'l reduction of
ores and minerals; smelting and reduction
plants; with power to build, own. equip,and
maintain telegraph nntl telephone lines In connection with snlu Undertaking,and to levy nml
collect, to the IIrm, all parties using, ami on all
ores, minerals, waste and supplies missing
through, over or upon snid tunnell, illtehes,
roads, tramways, and railways; and also for
the purpose of conducting a general mining
business mui all Its allied Interests including
the buying and selling of ores, minerals ami
bullion; and also for Ihe purpose of raising ami
seeuiingot money for tbe purposes of the t'or-
porHtlon, of executing and negotiating tbe sale
and delivery of notes, bonds, and debentures
for mieb money for the said purposes with all
necessary and proper deeds of trust or tunrt-
gage to secure the same on any or Silt t'om-
patiy's properties, rights and franchise ; and
also for Ilie purpose of acquiring all kinds of
real and personal property, together v.itn the
power of expropriating lands and rights of
ways; also for the snid Company to owo the
minerals found In the course of tunnelling or
ditching through lauds not located before, and
where the line or direction ol the tunnels or
ditches or any of them are or Is laid out upon a
plan to be tiled with the Mining Recorder Ol
Ihe District wherein the tunnel or ditch is
attuate. 1. VY. MDFKAIs,
Por Self and Applicant!.
Notice la hereby given that sixty [flu] days
after date I will maklng>pplication to the
Chief Commissioner of bands nml Works nl
Victoria to purchase the following descrlbod
lands in tho West Kootenay district and Ainsworth mining division: Heglimlng at a post
planted at thu mouth of Woodbury Creek on
the shore ot Lake Kootenay, thence north
eighty I80| chains, thence east forty 1401 Chains
thence north eighty ISUI chains, thence east in
the shore of Kootenay lake, thence following
the shore southward to the point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated Decomber IS, 1S97.
[I.. S.)
VICTORIA, by tile Grace of Hod, of tlie I'nlted
Kingdom  of Ureal llrllaln  and  Ireland,
tjl'KKN,   Defender of the  Faith,..��., dtc,
To Our Faithful thuMeinbcrs elected lo nerve ln
Ihe Legislative Aiwembly of Our Provlnc
of British Columbia, at Our City of Vlcto-
A. G. SMITH.       j
Deputy Attorney-General. |
WHKRF.AS, Weaie desiruiis and resolved, aa
soon as may bc.to moot Our people of Our Province ol British Columbia, and to have their advice ln Our U-glsllltllle;
NOW KNOW YE. that lor divers caiiHua and
considerations, and tnlcInn Into consldeiatlon
tbe oaae and convenience of Our loving subjects, We have thought lit, by and with the advice ol Our Executive Council of the Province
of llrltish Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by
these presents enjoin you, and each of you,that
on Thursday, the Tenth day ol the month ol
February, one  thousand eight   hundred and
ninety-eight, you meet I's In Our Legislature
or Parliament of Our said Province at Our City
of Victoria, FOR THE   DISPATCH   OF BUSINESS,  lo  treat, do, act, and conclude upon
those things which ln Our  Legislature of the
Province ol British Columbia by  tho Common
Council of Our said Province may, by tho favour of God, be ordained.
these Our Letters to be mado  Patent, and
the Great Beal of the said  Province to be
hereunto affixed:   WITNESS, tho Honourable THOMAS  R.  McINNES,   Lieutenant
Governor of Our aald Provlnco oi British
Columbia, In Our City of Victoria, ln Our
said Province, this thirtieth day ol December, ln tho year of Our Ixird one thousand
eight hundred   and ninety-seven,  and In
tho sixty-first year of Our Reign,
Iiy command.
Provincial Seorotary,


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