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The Kaslo Morning News Jun 26, 1898

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)ftnn It you cannot ne (\
> \UU tcjead wiltiont. /
} Ll I i IJ ��� l!^n1 thc'KY KS 0
) KJLJLi, \',u��lioiU(i have       ���      (I
��  --���- i��c fit the'ni Hi:h     ((
V a pair of kinases. O.SJtrntheani.
NO. 52.
Joint Meeting of tie Opposition and Gov-
Horace W. Buck Piles a Tcehniclial
These were tho most significant
words in the speech of Robt. P. Green,
the so-called Independent candidate
last night in a spooch at his first public
meeting in the Auditorium. They
Show conclusively that ho considers it
useless to longer wear the Independent musk, but hits come out squarely as
an Oppositionist. What tha few real
Independent* who wore in tho Sandon
convention wiil think of this, remains
to be scon,
Tho meeting was largely attended.
S. P. Tuck presided. Mr. Green was
tho first .-speaker. Ho reviewed tho
planks in his platform and arraigned
thc Government at evory step. Ho attacked the present redistribution policy, thc public works.policy,- the present Bysteui ul Iv-cc'i'iug tlio accounts of
tho I'rovince and in fact showed his at-
tltudo to be all that the most ardent
Oppositionist could desire.
The house was evidently quito evenly divided between Green and_ Retal-
luok suppi ��� , and and Mr. Greon re.
oeivod his share of the applause, al
though Buffering somewhat from the
uuibarasBtnuiit of stage frights
Mr. Roiullaek wm uext called  upon
and mado a very favorable Impression,
judging  from  tho    liberal   applause
that  greeted  him  throughout.     His
manner wus easy and straight forward
and suggested previous experience In
public speakini;.    Ho noted  that this
was Mr.Green's mooting and expressed
his thanks for tho courtesy of tho Invitation to be   present and   speak.   Tho
tlmownsso short,,  however, that he
would have to merely  answer his op-
iwnent's point.-'   Ho thought that there
was not much between Mr. Groon und
himself as to platform,   HI* own  having appeared first should receive whatever credit was due to originality  and
an eurly avowal.   Hut alter   all,   this
quostlon of ohange of governmont policy was greater than   thoso comparatively trivial Issues, important us each
might be In a sin gb> or Isolated   ��� t..' -
Tho Turner Government is Inclined to
u policy of progress nnd sympathy wltb
the public wants.    It Is not niggardly,
and it has Stood by the  Slocan ln  its
aid to the K. .7 S. and other railways,
when the slue.-, looked   vory  dark  for
us.   Mr. Retallaok's speech was warmly received throughout.
Then followed J. M. Kollie, M.P. P.,
from Rovolstolte; G. O. Buchanan, Augustus Carney, W. R. Stovenson nnd
Editor CllfTe of the Sandon Mining
of the will of tha poople, will place
his tottering cause so far beyond hope,
that the polling would become a mere
formality to determine tho unanimity
of Mr. Retallaok's election. Tho people will seo that such political boomer-
ands properly recoil on the heads of
those who throw them.
O Tuck !   O Tuck I
What horrible mnck !
ts this Id your new election truck?
This is demoralised literature, but
as tho Sun remarks, "Evil communications corrupt good manners.
To err is human, but give us human
sinners, with somotbing practical to offer and say for themselves, in preference to saintly shadows, with nothing
hut impalpable promises and ghostly
grievances to utter.   Vale, Opposition '���
A so-called party without policy,
platform or oven a leader���unless it be
all their candidates at once���this is
what the Opposition is now asking us
to vote for and have confidence In I A
pretty state of jumble and scramble
would follow their success ! And for
the noxt four yours tho Province could
whistle for necessary legislation and
Improvements, whilst they were fig it-
lng out questions of prec<
amongst themselves, and feathering
their own nests. "Not if tho court
knows itself, gentlouion���and it think
it do."
Tho nominations of Messrs.Retullack
and Green occurred at the Government
ol'iieo this city, yesterday beforo Returning Officer Flotchor S. Andrews of
Slocan City and W. J. Twiss as clerk.
Mr. Retallaok's name was proposed by
James Chisholm, seconded by Duncan
McPhail and assented to by John D.
Keenan, George Minnielly and Arthur
W. Goodenough.
Mr. Green's name was proposed by
G. Hartin, seconded by J, D. Moore
and assented to by Henry R. Cody, Augustus Carney and Neil F. Mackay.
After tho nominations were mado,
Horace Duck filed the following pro-
Kaslo, B. C, 86th June, 1898.
S. F. Andrews, Esq., R burning Officer
of Slooan.Riding of West  Kootenay
Electoral District:'
Dear Sir���I object to the Domination
paper of  Jobu Hoy   Retallack  on tho
ground that tha samo in si  nod by toe
eleotoi t purporting to bo electors of an
electoral district which does trot exist
and is nominated for an  electoral   iii��-
triet which does not oxist.
uEleotor of said Electoral District.
"if Mr. Duck is an elector of an electoral district, whieh he affirms does
.mt o.iIm','- s.'.tit a m;t,-:"or, "wnav is
he kioklng about, anyway?"
Returning Officer Androws says that
thc objection ia purely technical, and
will out no fifrure.   it. nros. from using
First Land Battle of Troops
-23 ll. S.
ar Santiago
The opposition appears tube having
a hard time to get a hearing in the
Kootonays. Possibly that is because
its adherents have so little to i ay that,
is worth saying or hearing either.
Key West, Juno 25.���The Amapala,
bolonging to Manuel Montesino Gonte-
res of Trugillo, Honduras, which had
boen lying at Havana sinse the blockade, has been chartered by Geromo
Ba/.o, a French citizen, who got together over forty people eager to embrace
any chance to escape from Havana, il"
is in charge of au expedition made up
of all nationalities. They expected to
be captured but the conditions in Havana were so dreadful for tie poorer
classes that tbe risk was an alternative
to starvation. The Amapala cutue out
of Havana uml offered no resistance.
The captured are confident of release.
Hardly any provisions were aboard at
the time of the capture) aud no cargo
nor contra band goods wore found and
Bbe may not ho sold for a prize. Tuoy
report that overy thing I. quiet at Ha- j s*nt lt at N Ict0��la   ' !     " i!l
ran. ^..d. 1..,...,, HI.., 0   aose.t-fl    ..ityj���'/th^vi-l^aofo,^   WHO    is    tm.i-
slnco business and tralllo is at a Btttm,.|oughIy familiar with tho needs et l.i-
.,,,     ,���, ,   .    . ,   ,     .-,..     .._ ,   ,.  f; entire constituency, when aid   for the
still,   rile stories regarding the relief j ���"
through southern ports is disclaimed,
as nothing has   one   Into  Havana  for
W. R. Wilson, Dave Wilson and
Harry Leahy passed through town
Thursday with a wagon and -team
bound for lower points. They drove
over the loop from Hull 7'ad, 100
miles beyond Ft. Steele, and state that
the road is so rough that they would
not do it again. They curried a complete outfit, and expect to bo followed
by other parties.
Borne old legal terms ths^t were printed the last month,   Mui-der and robbery
before an amendment hud changed the *-''�� ot *���*"*.*���'   occurrence,   which  is
form.   Tho form  road  "Electoral Dis- prompted In every caso  by want and
trict of Slocan Hiding of Wost  Koote- hunger
nay."   To   be   technically   corroct  it
' I read "Slocan Riding of West
Kootonay Electoral District."
Closo t>f School.
Tho public schools closed Friday for
tho seven weeks' sumrai r vaeuiion.Tho
rooms of Prof. Hislop and MIh* McTeg-
gart unitod for their closing exercises,
while tho exercise;! in the pri. IB ',
r04 m under Miss Moore, were held
separate^ A number of parents and
friends woro In attendance. School
Trustuo Carney gave tlie children a
talk and thou tho youngsters were rlv��
en their freedom until August loth.
Mr. Green may well ory, "Save me
from my friends ! " A few moro breaks
like the attempt yesterday to Interpose
a tsttobnlcality to prevent an expression
School Kloatlon,
The school election yestorday resulted in the election of E, F. Stephenson to succeed J. D. .Mooro as school
trustee. Mr. Stephotison is said to
have had extensive experience in this
Notloo tn the Publio.
Sprague, Wash., May 31,1898.
To Whom it may Concern:
All porsons are notified that I will uot
bo responsible for debts contracted by
my wife, Bonlta Davies. J. B. Davies.
Tenders Wanted for the New Civic
, . Buildings*
The city council held a sp<
ing Friday night at whieh the most Im
portant business was tb i oall for tend*
ers for tho construction of the now city
buildings, as noted elsewh ire.
A number of accounts were ordered
paid, the most important of which were
('. A. Carlson's final estimates on
street Improvements, of 11,106.80; J.
McKensle's sidewalk nill on A avonue,
Mttfi; and MoDonald >v Webb's sidewalk billon B. avenue, $*1-1'J.
Tho public works committee was ordered to complete the .sidewalk on A
Tho sum $050 was appropriated to
opon up CroFceut Btreet to tho sawmill.
A communication from Manager
Holland of tho Comique theater requesting a reduction of his daily license to $.. was refered to a committee
consisting of Messrs. Hartin, Mooro,
Archor and Goodenough.
Ministerial Crisis In Spain.
Madrid, June 25,   3   p.. m.���After a
yisil wili, h Premier Sagasta made to
the quoeu rogeot ibis afternoon, it v. a
reported tbat tho expected ministerial
crisis uud occurred.
It would be worse than useless to return a man who cuts Uttle or i figure
at tho capiti I no matter how much of
a figure he cuts at home.
Try tho table at tho Davis House.
See adv, *
A nice chicken dinner will be served
ut the Queen Restaurant, Sunday at 4
o'clock p. ra. *
First Ucrlon.   I.��n<l Hisht tn Cnl>���.
P laya del Bste,  Cuba,* June 27
There was    fight yesterday within five
miles of tiie city of Santiago betwoen
about 1,000 American cavalryman an i
.-,000 Spanish infantry. The cat
mon dismounted and attacked tha
Spaniards in the thickets, driving I hem
back into tbe olty. Tbe Amerloan
iossos ware 18 Killed, io mortal j
wounded and ,r>0 seriously but not fatally wounded. Twelve doud Spaninr.i.-
woro found ln the brush, but their tot".'
loss is unknown.
Temlcrs Wnni ��� .!.
Sealed tenders, so marked, will he
received at the office of tho City Clerk,
Kuslo, B. C., up to 8 p. m. July Mh,
189$, for the building of a City Hall in
the said city. Plans and specifications
to bo seen at the office of the CityClerk.
Kaslo, and at tho office of ISwar, ��*.-
Carrie, Architects, Nelson, B. C. Bids-
must be aecorapaniod with a oertiflod
check of not less than five per cent, of
the total bid. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted-
By order of
Public Works committee.
Sister Frances and Sister Anthony
came In on the Marion on Thursday,
uud left for Nolson the same bight.
They ere just returning from a trip
ah ng ihe line, having gone in by way
oi Golden, Sister Frances bad ' ��� paf>-
fortune to bo thrown out of a wa on
botween Ft. Steele and Swai . ��� the
wheel passing over her ankle, bul to
wlilch every possible attention was
given. Tho sisiers were en routo to
thi Ir bo o at the Ladj of < lhai Ity orphanage lu New Wc*tinini.-!t r - 7as-
S ��� ircbllgbt.
Ha/.iiwood Dairy leo Cream    . iho
Q icon Restaurant always on band
17 r baft rooms with or wit'a   ���     .rd
try the Davis House.   Soo adv.
Sam Schwander will givo a fold
ring, worth #20 to any one who can
produce a watch that ho cannot put lo
perfect order. He can b-3 foun������ st the
Knslo Drug store. Cull and see
Is This WhHt You Are t-ooklut Kor?
Comfortable, clean, well furnished
rooms by the day, week or month at
reasonable prices at,,-*he Victoria, A
avenue, near Sth street. No bar attached. Baths free to guests. A specially low rate ol irom $6 up per month,
to permanent roomers.
W| J. HALt, Propr.
Advertise la the News.  It pays, ��= Timely Topics. ^
The Klondike excitement seems    to
have been lost in the shuffle.
And even If thoy tailed for fifty years
to find any more material we could do
pretty well by reading Scott and
Dickens and ThucUerny and Hugo.
Then there is the further reason for
not worrying, Mr. Balfour, that the
great majority of the novelists don't
use now material anyway.
Spain ls now meeting somo most
crushing defeats ln the American theaters.
If American brevity can abbreviate
"ultimo" Into tilt.." why can't "ultimatum" be shortened into "git7"
*\Vns lt really necessary for the Nashville's crew to board the Kuena Ventura?   She was loaded with lumber.
In contact with Cuba's Spain saw
only one, but wheu it ran against
America's ting it necessarily saw more
When It comes to drawing on their-
Imaginations some war correspondents
know no check. They simply use large
Qf the fifty-two newspapers In Paris
only three���Rochefort's, t'lemenceau's
and Zola's*, and the Socialists' organs-
are favorable to the I'nlted States. Tho
secret of the enmity of the other forty-
nine is to be found in their corrupt
character. Zola, In his recent powerful
novel, "Paris," baa shown up the rottenness of these papers In a trenchant
manner and displayed an Intimate
knowledge of nil the ins nnd outs of the
transactions growing out of the Pana-
ma scandal, which in bis work figures
as an African railroad scandal. The
same Influences are at work now. These
papers have lieen bought up by the
Spanish bondholders as they were then
by the Panama stockholders. They are
never known to advocate any causa
for wliich they ure not puid.
By taking her cue from flint ultimatum Spain practically wanted to convey the impression she'd tight from the
Word "go."
A clergyman asserted in n sermon
the other dny thnt "there are only cloven or twelve real Ideas in the world."
That Isn't one of I hem.
it is natural that things should get
high during war times, hence tliere ls
uo need of surprise al the (act that Uncle Sam has got his back up.
In ils list of things proper for soldiers
tn take Into the field, the Army and
Navy Journal names "tape, black nnd
while." Heads of departments huve a
corner on all the red tape,
a Cuban war correspondent finds
time lo tell uliout n Spanish girl In Havana whose "eyes rest upon you uud
follow you���large, dark and beaming,
half-veiled with long lids and lushes."
On to Havana!
A Japanese has carved a   wooden
statue of himself so lifelike thnt when
placed side by side It is absolutely Un-
possible to tell which is which. There
nre lots of men In this country who
think like n wooden mun.
Verdi, the composer, has founded a
home in Milan for superannuated slug
ers. The great trouble he will have
tillimr ll Is Ilie refusal on  Ilie part of
singers to admit that they are superannuated before the audience becomes
The Spanish peasant works every
dny and dames half the night, and yet
ents ouly his black bread, onion and
watermelon, The Smyrna porter eats
only a little fruit and some olives, yet
he carries wilh ease his load of 200
A little good out of n grent evil Is the
Increase of geographical knowledge
brougbl aboul by every war or wnr-
scar'e. Multitudes of people have learned more about ihe West Indies, the
Canaries, the ("ape Verde Islands and
other regions within Ihe hist few weeks
than they ever knew before since the
days when, with the omniscience of
youth, they knew il ull.
To speak of the United Stales ns nn
uu warlike nation Is nonsense. We do
not keep vast standing armies, hut our
people spring lo arms when there Is
need with au alacrity that shows a
strong ami virile character that aspires
with good reason lo Die hegemony of
tin- world. To speak of a dominant and
Indomitable people such as ours as an-
wurllke Is lo commit an outrage upou
It Is suid thnl n rolling slone gathers
nu muss. As a matter of fact It Im the
rolllngstonethatkesps ihe world on the
move. The man who sit* down In the
spot where he happens to find himself
and goes to gathering moss contributes
nothing to the bustle, the activity, the
well directed energy that goes to make
the prosperity of a country. Inventions,
discoveries, commerce, science, art and
literature get no asaistanoa from the
stone that never rolls. It Is the rolling
stone that discovers. Invents, produces.
A sSt. I,mils physician, who Is a confirmed old baehelor, bus started out to
reform the habit that obtains of dressing babies In long clothe*. He says
that It Is necessary for the proper development of babies that they should
have plenty of leg room In which to
kick. The St. Louis doctor Is no doubt
right This thing of beginning at Uie
very start ln life to deprive a free
American citizen of the right to kick
Is In violation of the principle of republican government, and should have
un end put to It
A. J. Balfour has grown anxious lest
the novelist run auit of material, and
wants to know where new material ls
to come from. For our part we should
not be at all distressed If they would
run out for a while, so that we might
have time to catch up with what they
have Inen writing in the last ten yeans.
There are twenty-three Stntes wliich
maintain ltailroad Commissioners, to
wliich Louisiana will be added when
Ils new constitution goes into effect.
Of these all huve three commissioners
apiece, except Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, nnd Rhode Island, ouch of which
has one. A recent report shows that
the total expenses of the New York
commission are nearly twice as great
as those of any other State, amounting
to $58,825 per annum, of which $24,000
lor *f,s,ouo apiece] Is for the salaries of
the three cominissionerers. Other
States, in the order of their expenditures, are ��s follows: Texas, .f30,7UO;
Massachusetts, $27,430; .Illinois, $2.3,-
200. Rhode Island has the lowest aggregate of expenditures, amounting to
$1,021, of which ouly $21 is outside of
the salary list In every Instance much
the largest proportion of the expenditures Is on account of the salaries of
the commissioners and their employes,
the outside expenses in Illinois being
the largest, amounting to $(i,4S0. Massachusetts conies next with .f4,i)42 on
account of miscellaneous expenses;
South Dakota third, with f-LflOO; and
New York fourth, with $4,425. The
salary list of Illinois aggregates $10,-
720, of which $10,500 goes to the three
commissioners. Pennsylvania, although the second State lu the I'nlon
In railway mileage���coming next to Illinois���has no railway commission.
t'nllke the German Emperor, Queen
Victoria does not have a fresh sernp-
lhHik tilled with newspaper clippings
to rem! every morning over ner oorroe.
The newspapers are, however, read for
ber benefit, und she has means of knowing whenever anything unpleasant ls
snid about any member of the royal
family. This Is the one subject on
which she Is sensitive. She never has
cause to resent anything Unit ls suid
about herself. She commands the respect, affection and loyal devotion of all
her subjects. Nothing unkind or disrespectful is ever seen in print about the
Queen. Sometimes a critical remurk
Is liasarded in Parliament about a royal
duke connected with the army. The
Queen at once hears of It and calls the
attention of the prime minister to It,
asking blm to ascertain on what authority the statement has lieen made. The
prime minister forwards the letter to
the war office. The Secretary for War
sends a letter to the offending member
of Parliament, asking for Information
for the benefit of the sovereign. The
member Is called to account, and makes
such explanation as he considers necessary. His letter goes from the war office to the prime minister and the Queen
receives in due time what Is virtually
an expression Of regret for an Indiscreet comment upon the conduct of a
member of her family.  No public man
likes to be culled to account In this way.
He may know that no action will lis
taken upon his explanation, and that hv
will never hear of the matter uguln; but
he finds himself iu an unpleasant position, nnd Is not likely to repent his Indiscretion. Ills wife and daughter are
also personally Uncreated, for their
names tuny be dropped from the lists of
guests for court functions. It is a gentle, restraining Influence which Is exerted by the Queen Upon Parliamentary
debute and public discussion, but lt ls
none the less real and effective. It protects the court and members of the
royal family from thoughtless and capricious criticism, nnd to this extent upholds the dignity or the monarchy. The
Queen, lielng a wise ruler, does not Interfere openly with the privilege of fre��
speech, which Is the Briton's birthright
She does not expose critics of the royal
bouse to vexatious annoyance, but In a
quiet Way reminds them thnt she and
her family are entitled to consideration
nnd respect, nnd ought uot to be spoken
of lightly and uncharitably. The Tu-
dors, Stuarts nnd Georges had more arbitrary methods of enforcing respect
for tlie crown. They Imprisoned or exposed to prosecution those whose loyalty was suspected, sometimes cutting
off their heads or taking away their titles or estates, or heavily fining them.
The Victorian method of discipline la
mild and wholesome, and fully In harmony with the political conditions of
In love algebra one and one make one
1WAS called "It." Try os I would,
1 could find no patron saint In the
calendar who nuswered to that
nnme. and there wns really no excuse
for "it" but the negligence of the John-
sou family to christen its children.
They bestirred themselves early only
in the case of my elder sister, who wns
named Maggie. Even I. the youngest
of a batch of live never knew the second
child, u boy, by any other naine than
"Brother," Then came "Sis," the third,
and "Bflbe," another boy, and finally I,
the last of the Johnson brood. "It"
rang in my baby ears loug before I
knew what was meant. I suppose that
being tbe real baby It would have
caused confusion in the household,
where there wns already a "Babe,"
and so they substituted "It," for thnt
was my title by right of succession.
I never knew my mother. She died
soon nfter I opened my blue eyes to the
world. Perhaps if she had lived my
nomenclature would not have been so
slightingly treated. Maggie, the eldest,
a quiet, faithful girl, took charge of us
ut mother's death. Father was a tenin-
ster nnd away all day from the little
family, for whom he provided generously out of his iplender earnings. He,
too. called tne "It" when he took me In
his lap nnd rubbed his harsh, stulitile
beard over my baby cheeks or pinched
my little lists with his big, horny lingers. Maggie gave me n mother's care,
as she did I he tit her children, and 1 had
really no trouble about my incomplete
name until 1 went to school for the
llrst time.
"Your nnme is what?" asked the
teacher, when my turn came lu n long
line, stretching from the foot of her
desk to the lust bench in tbe room.
" 'It' Johnson." I answered promptly.
"'It' JohnsonV" she repented, wilh a
doubting shake of the head. "Little
girl, you must have forgotten your
ua uie."
"No," I gasped, for a lump In my
throat almost choked me. To be the
llrst In the whole room who had any
difficulty about her nnnie wus mortifying even to a little 0-yenr-olil.
"Have you any brothers or sisters In
this .schoolV"
"Yes, my big brother Is In No. 8."
"Go upstairs und bring him down to
I trundled off, perplexed, to find
"Brother." Op to the top floor I
climbed nud soon espied him In a front
scut of Boom No. 3. the door of which
stood wide open. He answered the
summons of my vigorously beckoning
finger and 1 confided to hlm the dilemma I was In ubout my iinine.
"Well, it,'" he said, "you are In n
bad BX, You never had auy other
"Hut Isn't your name 'Brother' nnd
nothing else'.'"
"No, I've been christened James besides.'
"James?" I queried. "I thought that
was father's inline'/"
"And it's my name, too���James Johnson."
Then for the lirst time I learned that
"Brother's" name wns James, that
"Sis" hud been christened Cordelia, and
that "Babe, the Infringer," was Andrew In the baptismal record. Only
poor, little, slighted me was "It" and
nothing more.
"Brother" mnde matters clear to the
teacher, and she laughingly Inscribed
the name of "It" Johnson upon the big
roll book of the school.
I passed through my school days as
"It." Then, tired of lrook learning, 1
went to, work in n shoe factory,
"Mrother" wos a teamster now, like
father.    "Sis" wus married nud lived
In the country. "Babe" had run awny
to enlist In the array, and there was nobody home but father and Maggie and
me, for James was boarding In another part of the city, where most of
bis hauling had to be done.
I hadn't been in the factory long
when the old phrase "you're It" was
revived on the vaudeville stage, and,
of course, the young  men  about  Uw
place tensed me by applying It to me, a
real "It," and "It" from her birth to
her sixteenth year.
"You're it," they shorted as they
came up with nie lu the street. "You're
lti" sold their mischievous eyes ns I
entered the shop and passed tho foreman to go to my table. The foreman
wns strict and permitted no noisy conduct inside the factory. He was a serious-looking mnn, with a young face
but the mien of one beyond his yenrs.
He called each girl by nnnie ns he parceled out the work and told her what
to do. "Mollis! Kosina: Genie!
Becky! Annie! You!" he said when
my turn enme.
"Her name Is it,' " said it saucy miss
who stood close by.
The foreman shot a forbidden glance
nt her, then looked rather pityingly
upon me, "You," he replied, "measure
these vamps and make sine thnt they
nil tally with the sample." And "you"
I remained to Joe I'lirkinson, the foreman, for weeks���months,
The factory hands all Called nm "It."
I was "It" ut home to father and Maggie. But, somehow, there was nothing
galling in It any more so long ns Mr.
Parkinson refrained from using the
family slight.
I had always been n frnll young
thing, though not 111, nnd the foreman
gave me the lightest tasks. Otherwise
he showed me no favoritism. I paid
my tine when late, the snnie us the rest,
and If 1 mnde n blunder I paid for tlie
damage. Withal, I felt sure that Mr.
Pnrklnson liked me the best of all, and
my Uttle henrt, craving affection and
only too ready to give It, went out to
him In the tirst flush of nwakenlng
He must hnve rend lt Ir. my eyes, for
his glances grew wnrin when he spoke
to me, and his hands often lingered
nround mine as he placed the work In
my outstretched arms. The girls nt my
table were all friendly but one. Somehow a silent antagonism had sprung
up from the first between Boslna Freoll
nnd me.   Rosinn was of Italian descent,
S'lltl.TCHKII   .virus.
a buxon, crimson-cheeked girl, with a
voluptuous figure, nnd a well-poised,
vain little head. She wns of a qunrrel-
soine uud jealous disposition, feiired
by the girls und relentlessly pursued
by the young men wilh admiring
glances, impudent Innuendoes In compliment to her beauty and Invitations
to all the parties In the cheap dancing
hulls of the town. To all of these
Hoslna went, and often more Ihnn once
a week she was lined for being tardy
the morning after. She stood her punishment with a saucy smile, for she
knew her beau of the evening would
make good her finuuclnl loss.
Awnre of Mr. Parkinson's hobby for
promptness, I had been Invnrlnbly on
time. Oue night Mnggle was taken ill.
I nursed her till dnybreak. Then I fell
Into a soun,I sleep at the foot of the
bed, nnd was awakened only by my
sister's anxious cry thnt It wns long
past rising time. I hurried away without a morsel of breakfast nnd reached
the factory Just three minutes late.
Mr. l'nrklnsou stood at the desk, noting
my time.
"My sister was III all night," I stammered, blushing to the roots of iny hair.
He must havo read ln my eyes the
penitence expressed for having crossed
him In his efforts to promote promptness.
"All right, little girl," he said, with
a kindly glance from his handsome
brown eyes. "I'll forgive you this
As I turned to go to my place I saw
Roslna nt my elbow. She had heard
the foreman's remark. An evil expression spread over her darkly beautiful
countenance. All day she pursued me
with her jealous, grudging eyes. At
noon she held a confab with three of
her stanchest admirers and their sneering faces, bent upon me, boded me no
"You'd better go home early," advised Becky, my particular chum.
"Tell him that your sister ls too sick
te get aupper, and hurry away' from
here before closing time. They mean
mischief, sure!" I dnred not offend a
second time by losing a quarter of an
hour at tho busiest season of the year,
so I stayed until thc gong announced
the close of the day. Becky and I were
not more than half a block from tho
shop when Roslna and her noisy escorts
came toward us from the middle of the
"There goes it!' Joe Parkinson's it!'
I'll pay de fine! There lt goes!" And
the rudest of the quartet picked up a
handful of mud nud plastered tny back
with lt. I turned to run buck to the
factory, wlu-u out of the darkness the
arm of a mnn shot squarely Into my
assailant's face.
"The foreman knocked hlm down!"
whispered the excited Becky. "I'm
glad of lt!" And we took to our heels
and made good time hi getting home.
As I crept Into my bed thnt night the
sweet thought thnt he had defended me
kept me awake mnny hours. When I
slipped Into dreamland nt last It wos
with his face bending over the, his lips
whispering Hint he loved me, me���poor,
bameless, insignificant "It."
Next morning I hurried to the factory long before the opening hour to
thank hlm for his gallant defense.   To
tiik ronr.MAM kwockkd HIM down.
my utter dismay a stranger was at his
desk. I gave hlm my number and
passed on. Soon the other girls arrived
in groups of two nnd three. Their faces
were grave and they seemed to discuss
with subdued voices a calamity.
"What has happened?" I gasped,
filled with noxious forebodings.
"Mr. Parkinson's been arrested," said
Becky. The blow he dealt the scapegrace who Insulted me was more effective than lie had meant. The fellow
was lying unconscious ut his home. It
was even feared that his Injuries would
result In death. His two companions
had sworu out n warrant nga'.nst the
foreman. Neither they nor Roslna
made their appearance at the shop thnt
Even now 1 cannot bear to dwell on
the miserable days that followed. Joe
Parkinson languished In prison, while
the victim of Ids gallantry slowly recovered. I wont to hlm with a breaking heart. He stretched out his hands
through the bars nud drew me towards
blm until he kissed my forehead. I was
a woman at Inst, and my cup of love
nud suffering was full.
"I can benr It, oil, little one," he said,
manfully.    "It was all for you!"
He was acquitted ot the trial. On
the dny of his release wo were quietly
married, and that night be left me to
go to the fur West nnd commence life
II. did not take hlm long to get a
start, nnd I soon Joined him In the cozy
little home he had prepared for me.
"Y'ou!" he cried, ns In the days of old.
Only now he clasped tne lu his onus
und kissed me. "Little wife!" he added.    "Dear little wife!"
And It was "It" uo longer.
Livingstone'* Old ('int.
The Charterhouse school contains a
relic of Livingstone, presented.to tho
Institution by Bishop Mnples. The relic
ls tho old, tattered coat given by Livingston In the course of his Inst Journey
to one of his native followers. The native gave It, ninny years after, to Bishop Miles. The bishop gave an account
of the Incident. The nai Ive African, he
writes, described Livingstone:
"A short man, with a bushy mustache and a keen, piercing eye, whose
words were always kind, whom aB a
leader It'was a privilege to follow, and
who knew the way to the hearts of all
men. ��� ��� * Then he showed me the
coat; It was ragged now, he knew, but
he hnd kept It those ten years. In memory of the giver, from whom It bad
been a legacy when tbey parted at
Matnka's. To no one but an Englishman would he part, with lt, but he let
me have lt as oue of Livingstone's
brothers (he said), and lt now lies In
the museum at Charterhouse school."
���London Dally News. <
Fall of an Aerolite.
At Delhi, N. Y., an aerolite recently
fell as a ball of fire and penetrated the
earth six feet. Steam poured from the
hole ln volumes. The aerolite id ln the
shape of a ball. It weighs two pounds
and fourteen ounces and measures a
foot and three Inches ln circumference.
It Is composed of white and yellow
stones, varying ln size. All the stones
are square, with a smooth surface, and
as clearly cut as If made by workmen.
Tbey are of various colors and resemble diamonds.
. j_ .
There are tricks In all trades with
tbe exception of the one you are engaged la. HOITT'S SCHOOL
l.iirlingame, Cal., accredited nnd limited
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Eighth   yeur   begins   Aug.   0.    Ira  G.
lloitt, Ph.D., Principal.
about spanisf Cities.-
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I'lis-iii  Son* of Somebody.
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Plso's Cure for Consumption has been a
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Mrs. Hoffman Describes How She
Wrote to Mrs.   Pinkham for
Advice, and Ib Now Well
Dear Mrs Pinkham ���Before using
your Vegetable Compound i was a
great sufferer. I have been sick for
months, was troubled withtevere pain
lo both sides of abdomen, sore feeling
In lower part of bowels, also suffered
with dizziness,
Headache, and
couldnot sleep.
1 wrote jou a
letter describing my case and
asking your
advice. You
replied telling me Just
what io do. I
lollowed your directions, and ernnot praise your medicine
enough for what it has done lor me.
Many thanks to you for your advice.
Lydia R. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound haa cured me, and I will recommend it to my friends.���Mrs. Florence
P.. Hoffman, SIS Roland St., Canton. O.
The condition described by Mrs Hoffman will appeal t-o many women, yet
lots of sick women struggle ou with
tbeir daily tasks disregarding the
urgent warnings until overtaken by
actual collapse.
The present Mrs. Pinkham's experience ln treating female ills is unparalleled, for years she worked side by side
with Mrs. Lydia B. Pinkham. and for
sometimes past has had sole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as a bundred thousand ailing
women during a single year.
In spile of the grand title of the Duke
of Ahnodovar del Rio, the new minister of
foreign affairs in Spain, there is iio blue
blood in his veins, nnd he is of bpurgcoise
origin. He is indebted for his title of
"Duke."' to his marriage with Dona Geho-
vefu de Cordoba, only child and heiress of
the lute Duke of Ahnodovar del Rio, says
tlie Washington Post.
In Spain in default of n son titles pass
to thc daughter, nnd when she ninnies,
her liusband becomes invested therewith.
They have a peculiar name for these nobles by marriage in Spain, nnd those who
are indebted for their dukedoms to matrimonial alliances are styled "duquesos,"
and nre looked upon with n certain
amount of contempt, which is perhaps, a
trifle unjust, seeing that tliere is "not a
single one of the historical dukedoms in
Spain that has not in this manner passed out of the family upon which it was
originally conferred.
In (act tliere is no easier way for a
foreigner to obtain u perfectly authentic
and ancient title than to wed the eldest
or only (laughter of some Spanish noble*
man who hus no son, und among the
many foreigners who have taken this
means of gratifying their ambitions in
this respect, I need only mention the
Irish hanker, O'Slien, uncle of Captain
O'Shen, of Parnell case celebrity, who in
this manner became Duke of San Lucnr,
while the brilliant journalist and author,
t'reiiville Murray, generally supposed to
have been an illegitimate son of Lord l'al-
iniTston, after being hounded out of England by the present Karl of Canington,
spent the latter part of his life in Spain
ami France, his identity concealed under
n sonorous and illustrious Spanish name
prefixed hy the title of "Count," all et
which he owes to his Miiilrilene wife.
The present minister of foreign affairs
is the son of u very wealthy wine dealer
and wine grower of Anilalusin. nnd having
been partly educated in Kngland, speaks
English like a native. He is 45 yenrs
of age, rather stout, und exceedingly good
humored and cheery.
As mercury win surely destroy the sense of
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Itase liall dates for Spokane are as fol-
fows: Portland will play with Spokane
July 27, 28, 30, 31, August 31, September
1, 3, 4, 5, 5. Seattle will play with Spokane June 22, 23, 25, 2(1, July 20, 21, 23,
���24 September 7 8, 10, 11. Tacoma will
play with Spokane June lf>,' 1(1, 18. Ill,
August 3, 4, 0, 7, September 14 15, 17, 18.
Barcelona is now the most populous city
of Spain, the result of n census just, taken
showing 520,000 Inhabitants to Madrid's
���iioiin.iiis isuosjtvt mo .-upi.iaj ipw || pus 'ma* nol )*m��
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iln nu-   "
dn ooit'
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 uiruj stlMii!! ,*.��![,w-|
������    III.UJ SJJ.��S4||    ,S.llpll'|
"tUUst)   K,)sillll.ll|ll   ,S.lip|l'|
'����,�� s.uajpunj
pus *iuHi" suiwiii[ loii 'nuns'sii!��.\n.i,u,s'JsMMiopaa sSa|p��1 joswtiiioai.iots jiii)
I |i.ll|.i||"�� KJopjn  11-uIV
���<|nf ill H��SM isan sip Siipup jsuojo p} jo BBsijajiid ua��a i|i|.n asAtl M ||i�� ��13|U�� miasn
V      11��|A  JHOA   AofllJ   HI ��   llll.V      1011   JO All.l  1104  J..l||.tl(j_ 'II v.i* Sll DAI*! |,ll��|1JO,I *I!|US|A
Mt|__    ��oj|id pus ��uo|id|j.isap aA|S ol pisi| s| i| uaiju 01 dnnlUMltW pu��M(<1_
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WWW WW WsTW W WW PVP-lrT*fVwWffa>ffff^^|
Hnlf-Mniit I-'Iiib un Morro CiimIi-
l��rlM,,,ici-H rl'iik,-n���(jermniiN May
l.nml nl Miinila���UriiuintU* Scene
on SniitliiK.i   WiiIIh.
On Hoard the Associated Press Boat
Dauntless, off Santiago de Cuba, Saturday, June 18.���Noon.���Via Kingston, Jamaica, Sunday, June 11).���A careful inspection of tlie fortifications along the
crest of the hills defending Santiago harbor fince the bombardment Thursday
morning shows the American gunners
spread wreck and ruin everywhere. Some
of the batteries were demolished beyond
repair. The vultures which circled the
hills as thick as swallows around a chimney for liours after the firing ceased furnished gruesome evidence of the fatality
among the Spanish soldiers. Hundreds
of troops could be seen from tlie ships
digging in mounds of earth piled by the
explosion of the projectiles from the
heavy guns for bodies, while their heads
were fanned hy the wings of the black
scavengers of the battlefield.
There were two spots, one on Ihc east
nud the other on the west of the harbor entrance, which were denuded of fol-
i*gc. Tlie hilltops seem literally blown
away. These marked the places where
the 200-pound charges of guncolton blown
by the Vesuvius landed.
Hut the most ominous token of death
Jlciv from Mono castle. The saffron Hag
Of Spain was ha If-mast ed for several
liours. The significance of this is not
known. It is not customary to half-mast
Hags, but possibly some Spanish leader
Was killed hy the heavy lire of guns,
though some oflieers of Ihe squadron believe that the (lag was half-masted as u
notification to the Americans that I.ieti-
ttmnnt Hobson nnd hit brave men were
(Tend. If such is tlie case they must have
been wantonly murdered. The Spanish
might seek to lay their death to tlie bombardment, but not u shot from the Americans struck the fortress. Neither Admiral Sampson nor Commodore Schley believes that Lieutenant llobsnn and his
party have been killed.
We have 17 prisoners taken at C.unn-
tanamo, including a lieutenant, besides
a numlier in tlie United States for reprisals or exchange.
Spinils.il  Troops.  IJciiioriillaciI.
There was evident demoralisation
among the Spanish troops during tlie
bombardment. Ollicers could be seen
with drawn swords driving the men to
the guns, but even then they could nol
lie ImceU lo slay so Ion* nn ,���,, fl.s- ss,..-,
directed at them. Fifteen minutes' night
work of the Vesuvius had shattered
their nerves.
lt is believed by some thut the 12-
iti. a projectile lireil from the Texas,
which was reported to have exploded the
powder magazine in one of the western
batteries, did not fall in the battery,
but went beyond and blew up one of the
ships in  Ihe harbor.
A dramatic incident of the bombard*
ment was the net of a Spanish officer,
who bravely run along the parapet under
a heavy lire encouraging his men to
stand by their guns. Shot and shell
rained about him, and after one terrific
explosion he was seen no more, and the
parapet disappeared,    lie could  not lime
escaped death.
(st-i-miiiis. >inj i.iiihi in Manila.
London, June 20.���The Berlin oorra*
ipondent of the Times says:
It seems probable that if Admiral Dewey is unable lo undertake the responsibility for the safely of the Hermans nt
Manila, Admiral Deidrichs may land a
force. Once a German landing has taken place Herman interests will doubtless
assume a. new aspect unit as the Marine
Polilische ..Correspondent! has already
pointed out, it is as easy lo claim a guarantee or guarantees I'm the future in ths
Philippines as it was iu the shun Tung
The Kulnisclie Zeitung. uttering a
warning to the United States Hint it "id
not lind'ioliiiiizing easy, proceeds to say:
".\u administration which i^ io corrupt
nnd so completely al Ihe mercy o( most
pernicious political  iiilliieuce�� n- Ihe  I'll
ion   will   hardly   repair   the   ravages
wrought by Spanish neglect and priestly
rule in Ihe course of centuries. The citizens of most of the free republics do not
seem to realize the enormous burdens
which a military occupation of these '"I
onies ami their protection by a mivy will
impose upon a state. The Americans are
not even prepared to protect their nwi.
coasts against a naval power of any Im*
porta nee."
Where  Are   the   Transport!;
On Bourd the Dispatch Boat Dauntless,
off Santiago de Cuba, June 18.���Via
Kingston, Jamaica, dune 19, 2 p. m.���
Hie horizon is eagerly and patiently
scanned for a glimpse of the long expected transports. The delay in their
arrival is inexplicable, as much favorable
weather is being lost and the hurricane
season is due in less than 30 days. Meanwhile from Kingston and Port Antonio
come reports that large quantities of supplies have been smuggled into Cuba.
Admiral Sampson is in daily communication with the insurgents under Colonel
Cebraro, who are investing Santiago on
the land side, and are continually skirmishing with the Spanish outposts.
(ieneral Linares now commands the
military forces in the town, where there
nre H000 regulars concentrated. Thc
civilians are iu a starving condition,nnd
their deplorable condition will he more
aggravated from day to day. ������
Spies report to Admiral Sampson thnt
the Spanish general Jural and several
officers were killed by the guncotton explosion nt the first trial of the batteries
of the  Vesuvius.
Shell*     Thrown     Into     the     Town���
Sii-unlsh MeKneiiKerM Cantiiretl
iiiiil   Shot.
Walked With Crutches
iiixi   Torrlbla   Potototi' eetee   Which
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out. I became discouraged, but I began
Inking Hond's Sarsaparilla and it affected
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now.���A. Y. Scherer, t'liebalis, Wash.
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Mole St. Nicholas, June 18:���0:30 p. T
���Xews from (Juantananio bay, up to this
morning, shows that naval operations.
there continue most active and with the
advantage on the side of tlie Americans,
Yesterday morning at 9;80 o'clock the
Americans resumed (lie bombardment of
(luiintnniinio town and in the course of
an hour throw into it 7.*i shells, a great
majority of which appeared to have been
effective. Six of these sheils were Kl-inch
boys, eight eight-inch and the rest smaller. The men in the tops could see ninny
of the shells strike in tlie very .midst of
the town, while others fell among the
shipping and commercial buildings near
the water's edge. Smoke arose in dense
columns from the places where the shells
fell and it is believed the damage, both
by the impact of the missiles and consequent conflagration, was very great.
On Thursday evening the ships had
thrown four lli-incli and nine eight inch
shells into the town. This bombardment
began at 4 o'clock and ended at B o'clock.
Much smoke nnd confusion was discerned
in Guantanamo during its progress.
Crowds of people nnd troops of soldiers
were seen moving about nnd the vessels
in port hurriedly changed their anchorage,
Texns   fluttered   Cimtle   ">*>.ni���i.
(In Wednesday night the Texas penetrated into the bay of Santiago, passed
Morro castle and poured a well directed
tire both on that stronghold mid on the
castle Socapa. This battle began about
11 o'clock mid ended about midnight.
There was little response from the Spaniards and such as there was. did hardly
any daniage. No one was killed on the
American ships in any of these actions.
The Spanish ollicers who were captured
on Wednesday at (iuantHiiamo bay are
reported to be on board the Marblelie.nl.
The news of the work on Wednesday
night by the Vesuvius and New Orleans
in Santiago buy is confirmed. The Vesuvius threw shells into the water to explode the mines, while the New Orleans
engaged the fortifications along the short.
The Marblehead has captured a Spanish
sloo|\, in Ounntanaino harbor and made
eight soldiers who were on board prisoners.
Hold   Guantanamo   Ilny.
The Americana aro now practically ill
full possession of (lunntananio bay nnd
the white tents of the land force present
a rather imposing spectacle. 'There is occasional firing from the Simnisli land
forces, but it is always inefficient nnd of
no importance.
Day before yesterday onr soldiers captured at Guantanamo B Cuban with dis
patches which he was carrying to tn��
Spunish general. He was turned over to
the Cuban couiinandcr and shot. Another
was also captured the same day under
���trailer circumstances. His fate is under
Last night tlie Texas entered Santiago
harbor and Inflicted much damage upon
Ihe forts on the east shore. It is the gen
Oral opinion among the naval ollicers Unit
the possible reduction of Santiago there
will be no more large operations during
the summer.
A shad, weighing nine pounds, caught
in the Columbia river, is on exhibition
at Portland. -
J.    For Infants and Children.
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Signature ot
The number of female clerks in the
United States has quadrupled within tlie
past 25 years.
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Anli street, I'hllailelpUla, IV
If we moved our legs proportionately
as fast as an ant, we should travel nearly
8(10 miles an hour.
A woman of Belfast, Me., last week
pawned her best bonnet iu order lo obtain money to pay the license tax on her
DInuuImciI     In     1*11 lass     Leave*.     The?
t'reep limn the Mucin, ss.
1 In.in- 111.mii,, June 4.���Noon (via Klnge*
Inn Janitilisi, Wednesday, June 17.).���However unpleasant Uie experience, Ihe landing of a small detachment of marines,
mostly raw men, tn the enemy's oountry
has taught some lessons t,i ihe office 1
and men here, nnd possibly also to the
authorities at WasHilng-ton. I; has shown
Ilie ISpani.irds lo be dirlna bush flghters.
and II has proven that .very Am*-rivSn
cninp must l��- ,-iiinpai-Ily bnlit and as well
protected to resist nlglii attacks as though
In ihe Ainu-he country. Ii h.is developed
sevaral small defects In the nnvy guns
i un.ler scivic- cmidki.ius. .111.1 i: lias shown
] Hint, given a tret rein wi:'h repoatl-l
rifii-s, nun nervous minus can wests lo.ow
rounds of iimniiini'l.in. killing shadows, ,11
11 single night, -and think even Ihtfl "'
they save don mii.ii .hooting. Though
the   IS   Spaniards    found    Iiy    I... 111 .-n in:
Neville's   men   wore   r.-gninr uniforms,
inns! of Hi,-,   ml) In the dayllgti! attacks
were scarcely anyt'hing except nig plantain leaves bound around their foreheads
In Hell of huls.     This acted us an ..(T.vtiv,-
disguise in ilu- bush. Others, stripped tc
a pin uf din-color, d trouaeit, tied
branohet around their w-uisis, raaohtim
Shoulder hlg-h, and moving cautiously
thay cuuid t ven rmss open ground without helllg d.tirl.l. Illsillgih sums' Of lilt 1)1
��������!,��� i,night at Un- game.
Another nrlck was lo make a moving
screen nf two or three big palm leaves,
almiwt Impossible to il��*ts'ct where stunt .1
palm everywhere rises out of the chaparral.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of tho combination, but also
to thc care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the Cai.ikoii.nia Fig Syrup
Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist oue in avoiding the. worthless
imitations manufactured by other (jar-
ties. The high standing of the California Fig Svni'i' Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine sSyrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy, lt is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does nut gripe nor
nauseate, 1 n order to get its beneficial
effects, pleuse remember the name of
the Company ���
KAN  HI IM'IM'II, < .1.
Million' ��    Ky, MM  TOUK, N. T.
I enlrul   Aiiit-rleu   In   Minted.
San Francisco, June 20.���The steamer
Newport, which has been chartered as a
government   transport,  has  arrived   from
Central America. According to stories
told by her (mssengers. the Central Americans side with the Spaniards in the present war, although the governments of the
several republics are strictly neutral. The
natives think that Spain is getting the
better of the war, ns Spanish agents
spread all kinds of stories nbout reverses
of the Americans, 'ilie news of Dewey's
victory was receive il with   great surprise.
A leading physician says that pepper is
deadly poison to the system.
The Italians always carry their money
together with thein passpo.ts, in long tin
is It Wrong?
Get it Right
Keep It Right
Moore's Kavaaled Remedy willdolt. Three
doses wilt make you leel better. Get lt Irom
jrour druggist or any wholesale drug bouse, ot
trom Stewart A Holmes Drug Co.. Seattle.
OS. .1.1'. Hoffman, 4M Isabella BMg.
Stopped atcnica
N. N. V.
l'uuLisuED Every moiimw; Except
Monday at Kaslo, B, C.
Bv Ke��ewsl^)7co7
'    b oiiption. $1 por month���Advertising: ral ��������� malo known on application.
'������"������������ ,.^;.:;:,   '���.. ;���$$��
1   S
' TiWITlFiS *
1   2
I-i I
10 11 ft
5   6   7  8  9
:}   7V7:; i~6 T, IS $
19 20 21\ 22] 23 24 25 ft
���   96 17\28\29\30\ ft
*,     . .   ��_r\-   JU   ..1-   .J*1-   , /\-   ��A#   _/.-.   ��� ' ,       \.   ,       , ,M i
��� Kooti ii.., as :i revenue
proi uclu I'icl   or the I n ; Incc has
nol ' ��� ��� ������ , i; ral treatment as it
should, is probably true, Thero aro
. ovi rail ri ��� is fo ��� this, and the Gov-
erni     . i        , a i suoh   is   aot   blame-
" i '- itiitlon.
m is that very rapidly de-
v elo] one In any  oountry have
i hi ir need i considerably In advance of
the actual I inefita received. This is
Inn in the nature of thing's, whether
(hi i bi oflts be derived (rom the gov-
i: nfi i] . a ot;. mere or from un-
tm       .-
'-.��� o is, that no matt' r
hot full n ay be the intentions of any
pari in ?-   .or, it oannot work
in tis fi      yinpathjyor as successfully,
oppi   lng its everj
gam Is thi Ir Indlvld-
.: ' ��.. ���        is it i an   wit",   th -si   who
itlng ������ Ith it.   i '��� passing,
ii ted thai fre'quontly the ory
"i i ��� ���        . i i  ;    raised  against a
ivei        .    ���';.   those   Oppositionists
who .  ted tor and   p; .tiaily ob
tained the ino^i extravagant estimab -
for their own ridings
But the third and greatest mason
why Wesl Kootenay has not received
what It d ���' i'vi i Is that It has not been
ropn unted by men of fois->-. A mi n
of fori ii. i tren though iu the Opposition
ranks, ;bt obtain more for his con-
tltueni '. tan o �� sk man il tho Gov-
ernmei     n   y.
'!',.        . . i ���       dative   iniul   b   ..
man i;    i ind ability,   I     im ���
be al resent his c.-ts    vlfh a d -
I i ee .' ��� ��� an 1 ouviclion thai niii
not fall to com incc the li glalature
wha'. remedial mi asurcs ure i tcrssary,
No acquaintance,- vi hothor friond oi
i neiny ol  John 1.. li jtallauk, ll ...
11. .t ho has force of chai in ter. Plain*
,-piil..-.'. almost at limes to the degree
of blunti i-1, ii   yot   wolgh    ������ i 11   Hid
caroful       .  .   .    ,   aud   tlrivei   th	
boini always with telling oil ot. ��*��� i
be can bo diplomatic, where the to*
im, imi requires, and can I) rdlli d iiskhi
in.i ri i���.|,i ,-ii any desired und, bj ut-
|Hj Bl       . i..    lori'i-.     luull   a   man
i mandi rqppoct from all parties ami
win'-i'i iis-i-.- is beeiliiae be compels it.
Thul i.i tho kind of man that Sh,-
.Mi, i Idln | '������ ants and will get to repre-
���joiif i* in tho Provincial legislature.
Falstaff's motley crow waa specifically
infant, for the staff of the Sun, and cannot be generalized.
To the Electors of the Slooan Killing of
West Kootenay Electoral District:
Gentlemen���At tho request of a lui^e
proportion of the community representing every section of the Hiding, I bog
to announce myself as a candidate for
your su If rages iu tho coming elections.
Jn respeotfully soliciting your votes
and support, I declare myself a supporter and follower of the Hon. J. H.
Turner as the leader of- the only party
in this Province -with a deiiued policy
and coherent ex isteubo.
During my eight years' residence in
this district 1 have been a consistent
supporter of his party in recognition of
their attitudeln meeting, and in eases
anticipating tho requirements and expansion of i.liis great, mining region.
I tun ln favor of tho following reforms:
i. Tho abolition of tho tax upon
working miners.
:>. The abolition of tho Mortgage
7 The distribution of seals in tho
Legislature in direct proportion to population.
I I do not approve of the policy of
th Late Legislative Assembly in using
their influence to exclude foreign rail-
n '-'.-., suoh as Uie proposed railroad to
Bi undary Crook.
5. I favor certain revisions in the
Mineral and Land Acts, particularly
si me easy plan by which tho holders of
claims can Advertise out their defaulting co-owners.
t>. in lining all government appointments I nm in favor of appointing bona
(ide residents of the district in all cases
where such can be found competent to
7. I believe that the Provincial
Legislature should bring nil the aid
and Influence at Its command to the assistance uf itbo lend mining' industry, especially in the direction oi
obtaining stronger recognition from
' .' Federal Government al Ottawa of
the Importance of this Industry ant; the
disadvantages under which it now
li you do me tho honor to elect me as
y iur representative, I  will nt all times
��� idi ��� voi to protect and further the inter*; its, nol only ofthe prospector, but
also of all those employed in and
around our mines, recognizing that our
entire community is dependant upon
the mining Industry.
I am, gentlemen,  your obedient, ser-
��� ��� "i. Joh.-j'L. Kktall.vck.
Of the foregoing, the following have paid dividends ss follows:
I'liync ?l,Mm.,K' No bio Five.  .
Slocnn Star....    4iH),��Ki HuodiinoUKh..
liuili    son.uiHi Washington..
Itcco     287,50c, Jackson	
Kiimbler-CarL.      40,000 Surprise	
Besides thc foregoing, other mines, uustock-
cil. have paid dividends as follows:
Idaho J   240.DIKI I.nst I'liHllcc...       37,1100
Whitewater...   lM.ooolAntuine     35,000
Blooan Boy....     25,000|Monitor      15,000
Following lis comparative statement of ore
shipped from ptrtlOi IhcMocan und Ainsworth
mining districts, paSSlllg through the custom
house at Kaslo to foreign smelter's for thu five
recorded, months of 1895, all uf 1896 andlSSW:
1895 (5 months)...,
1896 (12 months)..
1897 02 months).,
Gross Weight   (.irnss Value of
of Ore in ths.   Ore in Dollars
V:i 596,890
'.r.'. 1-in.Wll
I 114,541
Following Is stable of the leading stocked
mining companies nf the Slocan and Ainsworth
mining divisions:
If you're after the  news*-red
hot from the wires���read the
NEWS.       :      :      :      : .   :
No. ot
11   i,i
Noble Five	
Washington :.
1,1    1,000
Greal Western	
.im -son'Nortb'nBell)
* iiicricnu lluv	
1  100,000
1 000 1""
st. Kcvernu	
:l sr
London Hill	
Black tiiiinuind	
', 0,000
$No stock tin the market
Ho, Fishermen.
Will supply you
with Everthmg
Needful at Low
prices, Steel rods,
Jointed, or Telescoped;   Hooks,
Baits and Flics; Silk lines, enamelled and waterproof;
Landing Nets, Reels and all Kinds of Repairs. A full
line of Hammocks and all kinds id' Sporting Goods.
In the Grocery Department,.a line line of Far.
arrive.   Try our Klondike Deviled Crabs, now here.
In the Clothing Department, try our celebrate
Health Underwear for wanner weather.
fhte!'  weights   of
Kaslo,    Sa ndon,    A i _ i s worth
[1      ^^w^.t-\.-sa_n_.ri>��v'*^a�� m rvAjm
Jpor the <J
or the Jobbing*
The following table shows tho nutn-
bor   of   registered   voters   in   Sloean
Town. No. of Vote.-.
��� oslo	
New  Deliver....
Slooan City	
'i'iiroe Forks....
VI us worth	
Pilot Day	
��� "iy	
Bear Lake	
1  11 ,tn	
Di -r Park	
i .1 sebery	
1.1 Icanee	
Blocan Crossing,
New Yurls-, Juno JiL-Sllicr, 5��Juo
I ckd   BtruOg|t*0>SN' prion, W.75,exchange
'. I 0h.
I rum Inn. 1. ISM, to dst( Hi"   leading lnlnus
ui nio siscun region have stripped over the
in.', ilu n, 1   .:..��:'for water tiHusimrtn-
iimi .'innl ki' in, as 1. Hows:
ii deserted on the streets that H ls
i' j ii ntlon ut tomorrow's Sun to try
to distort the plain moaui.'ip; of un 1 dl-1
torial note in yesterday's Ne;wa to tho
''" . nd that it, tho Sun, may try to keep
alive tho prejudiee It Is endeavoring to
create among individuals from an International standpoint. But it will be
unsuccessful. The people know tho
\>UUi English wkon they see it, and
.hoy know that the allusion to Jack
Blooan star*	
Lucky Jim    	
Last Chanoe...
i.i. iji'iuiu-h	
Stiver neii  	
T.ni, Mini).
,   2SWI Km- Its
1647 Sovereign
iH'iiOui-Vii ���oss...
I** .in. Icaon	
BBS 1 ui.-ion	
(-.*" rliiui.-!i,li.  .
07 Ajax	
02 lllsicaru- ....
The following changes* In the British
Columbia mining laws should bo carefully -studied by those interested in
mining In this Province!
first of these refers to tbe location
of fractions. In all fractions surveyed
from now on, whether staked correctly
or not, the surveyor may adopt the
boundary lines of the surrounding
claims, provided no Bide axoeeda 1500
feet in length. In other words, the locator is entitled to the vaoant ground
that he claims, even if he does not
stake it ii. moh a manner us to Include
It all, whit 11 he seldom dooj,
Uy a recent decision of tho courts a
pi*ospector loot a claim beeauso of inability to seouro the post ni ssary to I
mark the location. The .amendment]
provides that In cases where olalms are
staked above tho timber line, or the
prospector can not seoyre the necessary posts, he may erect monuments of
earth or stone.
In staking an extension the posts aro
often planted so as to form a wedge-
shape fraction botween two ends of the
two claims. These fractions have often incurred great expense, not only In
recording anil surveying, but in cases
where they carry the lead, uud thus become of such value as to promote liti-
I'lttioii. The amended act authorises
the surveyor to include such fraction,
provided it does not cover more than
51.66 aoret, the aroa of a full claim,
and provided further that two location
posts arc together.
By failure to reoord 1 icntwork
within iii-- reqniri d p iriod of one year,
utthsr through oversight or the mlo*
understanding of partnoi ship interests,
valuable claims have been lost. Now,.
if a prospector fails to record tlie work
n ithin a year, ho has,')() days' additional time in which to mnko the record by
payment of an extra $10.
Another change regarding the as*
soasment work is ii, that particular
wliich culled for work in thu amount of
1100 each year. Now, a miner can do
and record as many assessments us he
pleases in a year by pitying tlio recording fen Inr each assessment ilone to the
extent of 1100.
Incase anybody should adverse an
application for a certificate oi improvement and crown grunt, the contestant
must have his claim surveyed liiiuni-
d lately and Dies plan made and signed
by an authorised provincial land surveyor with tho writ.
To obtain a crown grant in lHliii it
was necessary to do assessment work to
the amount of Jooo ami to havo the
claim surveyed, whloh meant another
*iut). In 1807 tne a��'t was amended so
a.- to provide that up lo May 1, lHDS.th.
cost of such survey should count a*;
work done on the claim, not to exceed
#100. In plain Kngllsh, It counted as
an assessment, and as work toward the
crown grant. A survey generally costs
���MoO. The last legislature extends tho
tlmoto May 1, 1S99.
Hereafter, in adverse proceedings in
>jj I connection with tbe  title  to  mineral
t* claims, before nuy court, each party to
-is I the proceedings shall   give affirmative
,151 evidence of title.  Heretofore tho burd-
"S enoi proof was on tho contestant,
Just Received, a Large Invoice ol CI >, 1 eluding liK
WEST, SYLVIA. OLYMP1 7 CORi . ' 7 Ui'.V. E
This is in addition to my alr<
adv w
llshed  GROCERY
i'! 1'iiirth,
KnsJoi Britiah Colombia.
'Oat-.. -.*, --�� ������
Grener*!il Hardware !
Paints, Oils, Garden food.
K&sl >>,
All Finds of I red/ and Qjired Meats,
' 1'ilu , ni 1 mi-...
The following is a r'sr'.inl statement ol oro
���btpmsnts over tbi! C t. It. Iroin blocan anil
l.ir'li'iin points since January 1st, not ini'luiled
in tlie foregoing:
Mine."            *   "fons.jMine";
Vancouver       40 Silver Cup...
.    440
t'tociui Star     lio|\Vaverley      SO
Payno   2160 Idaho   10W
I'.ni.rprlse        40 Queen Bess     610
The foe for record ini.' assossmcut
work has boon reduced from $2.75 to
$2.50. Heretofore, tho fee foi' recording
assessments-has lieen 25 cents higher
than other fees..
Anybody who pulls down a legal post
erected to mark a boundary or location
of a mineral claim, or any writing by
law required to be thereon, is liable to
imprisonment for six months or a fino
of $260, or both. This is supposed to
bo directed particularly towsrd preventing the nse of old posts by peoplo
who restake a claim and sometimes destroy evidences ot a prior location.
C ntral Hotel,
New Building.���Newly Furnished Throughout.
Best Rooms in thc City.
RBUTKR A tit:.
Adams House,
IIATK.-, .*! l'KK DAY AND I'.'W.
Adams Hros., Props.
Bolt ngi'iits (or I'AIIST BBSR, 5IUwaiil.iv
Nelson House,
Nirely IiirnlHlii-il roumsi. Bar wall Stooked, Spit-
l.i'.m, llt-iT un l)riiiij*ht hy SohOOUSf or ijimrt
lleni Iri'ii Itiiii'h lu the oity,
Tobacco, Cigars I
, Best in every line. A stock of fancy groceries is soon to be added to onr stork.
Carney Bros.,
front St., 0] I asi     R  ,,,    ���:, Kaslo, Ii. 1
J. Turner & Co.,
Postofll II     1 ��� 20.
Wholesale leal . 1 in liny,
Outs. Bran, I Shop .v Fruits.
Agem for Marshall's To��j,
Lmporters of Cigars and To*
baoco. .Mull oulei's iiroinnt-
Front st., near Xews Offloe, Kaslo, B.C
|^OTlTs^{F5xJ."v") |jAi;nj)wy'
Silver Kin^ Hotel
otto Ai-iif. Tis-i:, i>Kori:;i-   .1
Bar and Billiard Room
Rooms from IS per weok ud, Njwly rarnlshed
throughout, Klectrle Lights. Front st., m-xt
door id I'osi Dili.., Kaslo,B. C,
Lake View
BOSS&nsblS Prices nnd Good  I.lvtnr
Kalama Hotel,
OthMStise Armstrong's Lamling
and Goat River Laiuting.
Mrs. Wm. Middleton, Propr.
Wo cuter eupci'lally to tho Irnveliug imiilic.
White Lftbor.
Improved Machinery.
Best Vi ork at
l.v ;.;   Diablo   PriOCI
Kaslo, I*.. O,
For Freshest Fruits
W. Meadows,
Front Street, Opposite Stephenson's Drug Store, Kaslo. ..
Also Floe line of CONFECTIONERY,
PROI .:, (   UIDH.
I .B.J.F. 11. uo,..
Otsdusti  . .inii;  Uttlvt     ly, Tortjuto, Oi 1
MohiIht "' 1   II       ��� ��� ;.        tus and Burgeons.
��� contin ii bl in   h. c   1 i   null,   ute ol New
York Hosjiitala and  ''��� iy, in.le.    onlco on A
���'���  Hospital 1   r. 'i''   I. -ni.I Have., Kaalo.Il.c-
tiro/Iimto of American (.'ollcge.Chlcago
kaslo, b. c.
Real Estate and Mining Broker !
Vire, Uie, Accident and Guarantae,
-s^SLO, B. C.
Abbs, Alfred Cooper, Kaslo, Attorney.
Adams, Michael 1*..  New Denver. Miner.
Adams,   Murshull   Victor,   Kaslo,   Pollee-
Altchison, John P., Slocan City, Miner.
Altchlaon. David, Kaslo,  Bookkeeper.
Ailks-n,  George  Henry,   Knslo,   Druggist.
Aldons,  Nelson  W.,  Kuslo,  Salesman.
Alexander, Lorenzo, Knslo. Miner.
Allen, Alfred C Three forks, Miner!
Allen,   Alfred   William,   I'ilot   Bay,   Accountant.
Allen,   William  Russell,   Pilot  Buy,   Photographer.
Anderson, James, Kaslo, Clerk. ,
Anderson, Arthur B.,  Kaslo,  Broker.
Anderson, James A., New Denver, Miner.
Anderson,   William,   Three  forks,   Miner.
Anderson,  William, Slocan City, Carpenter.
Anderson,  William,  New  Denver,  Miner.
Andrews,  Fletcher Btimuel,   Slocan   City;
Burristc r.
Andrew.--.   William James,    Slncnn    City,
Angrlgnou, Nestorlus, New Denver,  Min-
Augrlgnon.   Pulmn.   New   Denver.   Miner.
Augrlgnon, Joseph Edmund. New Denver,
Annunce, I'eter, Three Forks, Miner.
Archer,   Frederick   E..   Kaslo,   Merchant.
Archer, John, Kaslo, Miner.
Ardi-ll, Thomas, New Denver, Miner.
Armlt, Lewis Napier,  New  Denver,   P.enl
Kslale Agent.
Armstrong, Thomas James, Slocan City,
Arnold, Charles I.lnney, Wntson, Miner.
Arnot, David, Slocan City, Merchant.
Ash, John Rowe, New Denver. Carpenter.
Ashby, Hugh Gibson,   Knslo.  Agent.
Astbury,  Thomas,   New   Denver,    Blacksmith.
Atchison. George,  Ainsworlh. Miner.
Atherton. Kilwin Robinson, Wntson. Merchant.
Austin. John  William, Pilot   Bay.  Miner.
Averell,  Luther David,  Sandon.   Laborer.
Aylwln,   Charles,     New    Denver,     Hoiel
Aylwln, Henry, New Denver, Clerk.
Aylwln, Thomas John. New Deliver, Ho-
Aylwln. eorge Sisson, Aylwln, Hotelkeeper.
Balllie, James, Kaslo. Butcher.
Baker, Charles G���   New  Denver,  Furniture Dealer.
Baker. John Jacob, Ainsworth. Miner.
Ralmaln. John Walker. Sandon, Civil Engineer.
Bennett.    Slocan    City.
Carnegie,   Abram   Flnehan,   Slocan  City,
Hardware Merchant.
Carney, Augustus,  Kaslo,  Miner.
Cnrrlnglon, William. Kaslo. Millwright.
Carpenter,   Erlck  Conway,   Three   Forks,
Hotel Keeper.
Carpenter, Ell. KaBlo, Miner.
Carscadden, John, Kaslo, Teamster.
Carscadden. John.  Kuslo, Teamster.
Carson, Thomas I... Knslo, Hotel Keeper.
Cawley,  Arthur,   Pilot  Bay.  Carpenter.
Cayser, Thomas R.. Kaslo. Farmer.
Chase. Ludlow Robinson, Kaslo, Miner.
Chatterlon, Thomas,   Kaslo,  Carpenter.
Chipman.  Elon Ezra,  KaBlo, Clerk.
Chlsholm, Alexander, Kaslo, Carpenter.
chlsholm, Archie, Three Forks   Miner.
Chishnlm. James,   Kuslo,  Merchant.
Chisholm. Joseph. Kaslo, Painter.
Christie, James, Sundon, Luborer.
Christie. Harold Piatt, Slocan City, Mining Recorder.
Clair, Martin, New Denver. Miner.
Clair, Thomas, New Denver, Miner.
Clack,    William    Harry,    Three     Forks,
Clancy, Charles, Kaslo, Miner.
Clark,.David, Pllol Bay   Hotel Keeper.
Clark, George. Three Forks. Engineer.
Clark, James,  Kaslo, Miner.
Clarke. John Wesley, Slocan City, Merchant.
Clarke. John.  Sandon,  Miner.
rlurke,   I'airli'k.  Sandon,  Miner.
Clement, William B��� Slocan City
Clement. Thomas Moyes,    New
dough, Walter, Slocan City. Merchant.
Cockle.    Joseph    William,    Kaslo,    Boat
Cockle,   Reginald   Arthur,   Knslo,      Boat
Cody. Henry R.. Ainsworth, Miner.
Ciilllson. John, Three Forks. Miner.
.1.1111 IV   'UOpUBgl   'BdtUVf   ���p.loji.lltlo, ,
MouiK 'J��Ati8(_ ia��h 'siiad  snquin|o,)
Condell.   HIchard.   Slocun City.  Miner.
Condon. Martin E., Kaslo. Cook.
Cooper. Sidney.  Vcvey, Miner.
Cook.  Willis. New Denver. Engineer.
Cook. William, Slocan City, Cook.
Copland,  William. Sandon   Free Miner.
Cormier. Stanley.  Knslo.  Miner.
Cory,  John  Henry,   Vevey,  Slocun  Luke.
Cusgrtff,  Daniel.   Kaslo, Miner.
CusgrlfT. John. Three Forks. Miner.
Cnsgrlff. ThomaS,   Kuslo, Miner.
I'otllnghnni, Thomas E.. Kaslo, Teamster
Coy, Elihu Embrec, Kaslo. Free Miner.
Crawford. Daniel A.. Kaslo. Carpenter.
"    "   George.   Duncan City,   Packer
Isaac, Sandon. Merchant.
William  Henry,   New   Denver
. Ranc'r.
Alexander,     Snndon.    Black
W.. Snndon. Cook.
New    Denver,     Brick
Barber,    Alfred     	
Barber.  Charles   Ellsworth,   Slocan
Miner. ,
Bartlel. George   Wtlllnm,    Lnrdo,
Barren. Patrick
Barker,   William,
l-uyor. j^^^^^m
Barney. James, Aylwln. Miner.
Beule. Edward W., Balfour, Post Master.
Bean, Charles Henry. Brandon. Cook.
Bean. Joseph James, Slocnn City, Miner.
Beauehcsne,   John  Ttefley,  Slocnn    City,
Beaton. Alexander T., New Denver. Miner.
Beaitte. Francis, Kaslo, Hotel Keeper.
Seattle. William. Slocan City. Missionary.
Becker, Edward. Kaslo. Minor.
Bedell,   William    Felix,    Kaslo,    Express
Bee.   Edwin   Leonard.   New   Denver,   Accountant.
Belirnisn, Charles, Kaslo, Miner.
Behrman, Charles. Kaaio. Free Miner.
Bell. James. Kaslo, Miner.
Bell. James Carrlck. Sandon, Cook.
Bell, James E., Kuslo. -Dairyman.
Bell, John.  Kaslo.  Miner.
Bellan. Joseph, Three Forks, Miner,
Bentley,   Richard    Irvine,    Slocnn
Bemie. Samuel, Kaslo. Miner .
Blghum,  James  Ephrulm,   Knslo,  Blacksmith.
Black, John.  New Denver, Cnrpenter.
Black. David. Kaslo. Miner.
Blanch, John W., Slocun City, Miner.
Blanchard, James M.. Pilot Bay. Farmer
Blani'hard.    Joseph,     Pilot    Bttv,     Hotel
Blandy, A. Poynty. Duncan City,  Miner
Blsndy, John Crane,    Duncan   City,  Laborer.
Boldaston.   Alfred   Ramply,   Slocnn  Cltv.
Bonson,  James  A.,   New  Denver.   Bridge
Bonyman, David. Kaslo, Carpenter.
Bowes.  James,   Silverton,   Hotel   Keeper
Bowen, Uaptice. Argenta. Miner.
Bowen, Colin, Three Forks, Hotel Keeper
Boyd, Daniel. Sandon. Miner.
Bradshuw,    Robert     Alexander,     Slocnn
City, Merchant.
Bragdon. Henry Thaddeus, New Denver.
Hardware Merchant.
Brandon, William H., New Denver, Mlnei
Bremner,   David.   Silverton,   Free   Miner
Bramner,  David,  Kaslo.  Miner.
Brewer, Frank A., Slocun Cltv, Miner.
Bremner,   Edwin   Phillip,    New    Denver
Brlndte.   Arthur  St.   Clair,   New   Denver
Free Miner.
Brindle, Ernest,  New Denver, Jeweler.
Brisbeis,  Samuel,  Sandon,  Miner. >
Brown, George Alexander. Kaslo, Grocers
Brown, George Nelvill,  Bnlfour, Carpenter.
Brown, John, Sandon,  Engineer.
James  Brown,   New   Denver,   Pncktrnln
grown, James  Robert,   Knslo, Teamster
rown,  Wllllum. Silverton,  Miner.
Brownrlgg, John \V ,  Wntson, Trader.
Broddy, Robert James, Snndon, Merehnnl
Brouse, Jacob Edwin   New Denver, Physician and Burgeon.
��ruce, George A.. Three Forks, Teamster
ruce, Samuel, Kaslo, Cnrpenter.
Brydon, Thomas Anderson. Kuslo. Builder
Buchanan, James, New Denver, Cnrpenter.
Buchanan, George O , Kuslo, Lumberman
Bucke, Horace vvalpole,Kaslo, Gontleman
Bucke, Maurice Andrews,  Kuslo,  MlnliiK
Buckley, John    Marcus,    Sandon,    Hotel
Burchell,  Edward,  Knslo, Telegraph Operator.
Burden, Oscar, Pilot Bay, carpenter.
Burke, Charles ll., Slocnn City, Miner.
Burnett. James,  Knslo, Contractor.
Burns,  Richard    Ronald,    New    Denver
Drug Clerk.
Burton, Albert E., New Denver, Miner.
Burchell,    Hrlmsley    Sheridan, ��� Snndon.
Busk, Charles  Westley,    Balfour,    Civil
Butler, Frederick, Three Forks, Packer.
Byers, Hamilton, Kaslo, Merchant.
Caldwell, James Thomson, Three Forks.
Caldwell, John. Kaslo. Miner.
Cameron, Alfred, Kaslo, Drayman.
Cameron, Don-Id 8., Kaslo, Teamster.
Cameron, Dougal Edward,  Kaslo,  Moulder.
Cameron,  Ewen A.,  Koslo,  Contractor.
Cameron, Ewen A., Bandon, Transfer Agl
Cameron,     Hawley    Alexander,    Kaslo.
Drayman. *,���*��___*.
Cameron, James C, New Denver, Loggei
Cameron, James P., New Denver, Miner.
Cameron, John, Kaslo, Miner.
Cameron, John A., Kaslo,  Railway Contractor,
Cameron. John  Randolph,  Bandon,  Mer-
Cimeron,aRod'erlek, Three Forks, Blnck-
Campbell. John, Brandon. Carpenter.
Campbell, John Joseph, New Denver, Kn-
CsmpSeil, John, Three Forks. Carpenter.
Campbell, Malcolm, J.. Kaslo, Miner.
Cran, Jntnes, Slocan City, Bank Manager.
Creech,   George   Richard,  Sandon,   Clerk.
Creech,   Robert   Albert,   Mandon,   Clerk.
Croft,   James   William,   Cody.   Miner.
Croft,   John  H.   McGulgan,   Pucker.
Cronin.   Dnniel  John,   Kaslo,   Cook.
Crook   Arthur.   Knslo,  Finisher.
Crowley,   Dennis   Martin,    New   Denver.
Cryun,   Michael.   New   Denver,   Miner.
Cunning,  Robert,  Three  Forks,  Miner.
Currle,  James  H.,   New  Denver,  Clerk.
Dull.hi.   Brimsley  M.,  Sandon.  Miner.
Darke.   Silas  Robert,   New  Denver,  Contractor.
David,   Albert,  Sandon.  Merchant Tailor.
Davidson, Edgnr IL. Three Forks, Teamster.
Davidson.   William,  Three  Forks,   Miner.
Dnvles,  Morris.   New Denver,  Miner.
Davies,     William    Cook,    Three    Forks,
Davis,   David Morgan,   Kaslo.  Carpenter.
Davis, Joseph,  Pilot  Bay.  Miner.
Davison,    \vnde    Hampton,     Ainsworth.
Deacon, James  A..   Kaslo.   Blacksmith.
De La  Iluye, Charles, Three Forks, Muster Mariner.
Deluney.    .lames.    New    Denver,    Hotel-
Delauey.    John.     New    Denver.     Hotel-
Dempster.  Thomas,  Kaslo.  Miner.
Dery.  John. Kuslo, Teamster.
Des Rrlsay, .Mexander. Slocan City. Merchant.
Deuchnne,  William.  Kaslo,  Miner.
Devlin.   Th.sm.is.   Kaslo, .Hoielkeener.
Dewar,   Duncan   Roderick,   Slocan   c
Free Miner.
Dewur.   James   Orant,   Slocnn   City,
Dickson.   James   W..   Ainsworth.   Miner.
Dick.   Frank, Slooan City.  Assayer.
Docksteuder,      Archibald     Bone,     Cody,
Dockstaedcr. Cody. Merchant.
Docksteuder, John. Cody. Merchant.
Doherty, Cornelius.  New  Denver.  Miner
John   Maxwell.   Sandon.   Free
Gaudroux, Peter, Three Forks, Miner.
George,     William    Benjamin,     Brandon,
Gerard, Joseph,  Robson,  Labourer.
Gethlng,  Cornelius M.  New  Denver, Hotel  Keeper.
Gibbs,   Joseph,  Slocan  City,   Doctor.
Gibson.  Duvld  Henry,   New  Denver,  Labourer.
Gibson.  John  I'\,   New Denver.   Miner.
Gibson.    Wllliuni.   Ainsworlh,    Miner.
Gibbs,  William Henry George, New Denver, Clerk.
Gillies,  John, Slocan City,  Hotel   Keeper.
Gilchrist,   Duncan,  Ainsworth,   Labourer.
Gilchrist,   Nell,   Kuslo,   Miner.
Gill.  John,   New   Denver,  Hotelkeeper.
Gillespie. Isaac Lulrd, Slocan City, Miner.
Gillis, John Archibald.   Kaslu,  Carpenter.
Gilpin,   William.   Sandon,   Cook.
Gillis.   James   Brown.   Kaslo.   Contractor.
Gillis, John Harris, Aylwln, Woods Foreman.
Gillis,  John M.,  Kaslo,  Miner.
Gillis, Malcolm, Kaslo, Night Watchman.
dishy,  Stephen.   Watson,   Miner.
Oleneross.   Sandy   R..   Kaslo.   Barkeeper.
Glover.   William M.,  Three Forks,  Miner.
Goodenough.   Arthur.   Kaslo,   Clerk.
Goodenough,  James IL,   Kaslo,   Harness-
Goodwin.    Charles  Hardenbrook,    Kaslo.
Goodwin.   Lemuel,   Kaslo.   Labourer.
Goodwin.   William,   Kuslo.   Contractor.
Gordon,  Thomas,   New  Denver.   .Miner.
Gordon,  William  Freeman.  Kuslo   Minor
Gormely. Frunk O.. . ew Denver, Restaurant  Keeper.
Grady,   William, Silverton.  Miner.
Grant.   Archibald.   MoKellar.   New   Denver, Prospector.
Grant, Donuld. Ainsworlh, Miner,
Giiint. James. Ainsworth. Miner.
_JTint,  Peter. Three  forks.  Miner.
Gray.   Thomas   W.   Kaslo,   Contractor.
'Iray. Aulden Samuel. Kokanee. Rancher
Gray.   John,   Snndon.   Miner.
Gray.  Benjumin.  Ainsworth. Gentleman.
llreen.   Frederick   Holmes,   Kaslo.   Baker
Ireen,   Robert   F..   Kaslo.   Merchant,
'reen.   Sumuel   ....   Kaslo.   Men-hunt.
Green,   William John.   Knslo.   Painter.
Griffith,   Henry,   Three   Forks.   Miner.
Griffiths.   George.   Kaslo,  Mason.
Irlmmett.   Martin   Luther,   Snndon.   liar
Irlmmett.   Martin   I...  Snndon.   Barrister
���"irubb,  Charles.   Kaslo.  Clerk.
r!uest,   Howard.  Slocan    Miner.
tluest.   Bryan Svtlnev.  Ainsworth,  Minor
lutllc.  Ernest Edward.  Pllol  Ba'-   Mine,
Innn.  Arthur Ernest.  Silverton.   Miner,
luthrle,   Matthew,   Kaslo.   Merchant.
Iwflliin, John Gore, Slocon City,  Minim
'lair, Thomas. New Denver. Miner.
[Tall,   Alfred   E..   Kuslo.   Clerk.
Hall,  George  Wallace,  Kaslo.   Farmer,
'lalpln.   Michael  John,   Whitewater,   Frc
Kaslo. Clerk.
Kaslo.   Druggist.
Theodore.    Deer Purl
Alexander W.,    New
Track   Fore
Douglas,  Henry.  Kaslo,  Miner.
Dow.   W-llllam  James,   Argenta,   Miner.
Drummond,  Alexander,  Snndon.  Labour
Duffy,  Thomas,  New Denver. Carpenler
Dunlop,  Benjumin, Vevey,  Miner.
Dtirney,   Edward.   Kaslo,   Labourer.
lOiistubrooks,    Richard    Rennle,    Vevev
iCaston.   fames. Kaslo, Architect.
:dgar. William F.. Three Forks. Packer
" '"    Frank,   New  Denver,  Contrac-
KaBlo,   Miner.
Herbert.   Kaslo,
Cdwards,  Joseph,
tllaoott,   Charles 	
'IlloU,  Robert. Kaaio.  Furniture Dealer
'���-tllot.   William  J..  Slocan Clly.   Miner.
ngllsh.   W .ilium,   Kaslo,   Teamster.
I'lrnest,   John,   Time   Forks,   Prospector
Kpworth. Alexander, New Denver, Mine
F.stabrooks,   George Ludlow,    New   Den
ver,  Steamboat   Master,
'thler.  Frank Joe,  New Denver,  Mlnei
.wen,  Robert.  Kaslo, Carpenter,
.vans,     William    Park.     New    Denver
Kyton. Edwurd, New Donver, Clerk.
Fauquier,  Arnold   Edwurd,   New   Denver
Mining  Broker.
uli-balrn,   David,   Silverton.   Miner.
Fallows,   William   Wilson.   Bandon,   Accountant.
uniuhiir,   Thomas,   Sandon.   Labourer.
uwcett,  Samuel,   Kusl...   clerk.
'erguson,  Alexander. Aylwln, Sawyer.
erguson,   Ronald  ('.,   Knslo.   Miner.
Teldlng, John.   Knslo, Civil   Engineer.
"Ife,  Harvey L., Sloean City, Carpenter
'Inkle,   Gilbert,   Kuslo,   Miner.
Flnueune,   Francis Joseph,   New  Denver
Bank Manager.
'inglnnd.    Allied    Raymond,    Silverton
''"Isher, .tames. Bandon, Teamster.
Filch,  Frank Leslie, Ainsworth,  Carpen-
"Itch.    John    William,    Kaslo.    Bawmil
;7,luger.     William     Alexander,      Watson
���'lelcher,   Andrew,   Three   Forks,   Miner
'���'leiebei-.  Archie,   Kaslo,   Hotelkeeper.
letelier.   .Install,   Ksslo,   Hotelkeeper.
Fleming.   Alexander,   Slncnn   City,   Con
Foley,    Thomas   Edwaro,    Blocan   City
oley,  John  A.,  Slocan  Clt*-   Merchant
oley, James Barnlce Brandon. Miner.
Foley,   William,   Slocon  City,   Miner.
Forun,  Robert,   Kaslo, Carpenter.
'iirbes. Duncan Seaton. Kaslo, Miner.
orbes,    Lestock   Reld.   Silverton,  Con
orreslcr, Robert, New Denver, Carpen
Morten, Joseph. Three Fork*. Labourer.
Foster, John llunyiin. New Denver, Res
luurnnt  Keeper,
foster. John. Three Forks, Hotel Keeper
'���'rands,  George.  Ainsworth,   Miner.
Fraser. Athol, New Denver. Miner.
Fraser,  Daniel  A.,  Kaslo,  Mechanic.
Fraser,   Herbert.   Sandon,   Mechanic.
Freeman-take.    CharleB   Fleming,    Bio
ran City, C. P. R. Timber Inspector,
'""urnlvnl.   William,   Sandon,   Auctioneer
Gagnc, Peter, Three Forks, Miner,
"nlbrnlth. Angus,  New Denver.  Miner.
Gullop,   Walter Joseph.   Balfour.  Trader
Gallop,  Walter Ross.' Balfour,  Miner.
Gallop, Richard S.. Balfour. Carpenter.
Gallop. William Nathaniel, Balfour, Min
^annon. Patrick, Three Forks, Butcher.
Gardner, Alexander, Kaslo. Confectioner
Garland,   Alexander T���  Kaslo,  Clerk.
Garner, George.  Knslo. Labourer.
Gates. John Roderick, New Denver, Min
Fellowes.    Deer    Pat I
New   Denve-
Sawmill Own
Joshua.  Cody,  Barber.
Wllllum,  Kaslo,   Musician.
Wilson. New Denver, Sawmill Ow>
l.nke,  Thomas, Slocan City, Miner.
Lambert,  Ulrlch, Aylwln, Miner.
Lane, Frank B.,  Kuslo,  Labourer.
Lane, Fred C, Kaslo. Contractor.
Lane, John, Kaslo, Contractor.
Langlll, Robert. Cody, Miner.
Lundrlan, Frunk. Sandon, Miner.
Latham, James P.,   Three Forks,   Team-
tiler. .
Latrace,      Vllllam,     Ainsworth.
Lawlor,    Wllllum    Henry,   Throe
Lawson,  William  Fallow,  Sandon.
Lawrence,  John  T'nomas.  Sandon,
Leake, Harry. Sandon, Miner.
Lean. Allan,  Kuslo,  Boatman.
Leask, George LL, New Denver, Clerk.
Leckt-e, John Edwards, Slocun City, Mining Engineer.
Lee, Benjumin Henry,   Knslo,    Real   Estate Agent.
Lees,   Archibald,   New  Denver,   Engineer.
l.emlcux.  Eric.  Slocun Clly,  Miner.
I.evusseur, George.  Robson. Cook.
Levi, Thomas, Cody,  Hotel  Keeper.
Levosque,   Louis,   Itobson,   Hotel   Keeper.
Lewis, George F.,  Kaslo. Miner.
Lingurd,     William     Mason,      Ainsworlh.
Ulster,  Thomas  W..   kaslo,   Miner.
Livingstone, James, Slocan City.  Miner.
Livingstone.    William    B.,    Knslo,    Shoemaker.
Lloyd,     Thomas    Jones.     New    Denver.
Logan, David, Kaslo. Gentleman.
Lotieiguu,   Thomas  James.   New   Denver.
Long.  Henry George.   Kuslo.  Packer.
Loll"   Samuel N..  New Denver,  Miner.
Lonsdale.   Albert.  Silverton,   Miller.
Looby,  Archibald.  Argenta,   Packer.
Lovatt. George. Sandon, Sawmiller.
I.ovail,  Samuel, Three Forks.  Miner.
Lovatt.   Wllliuni,   Sandon.  Clerk.
Love, James IL.   Kuslo. Clerk.
Love, William Andrew.   Kuslo. Clerk.
Lowery.   Robert  Thornton,   New  Denver
..ux, George, Cody, Miner.
Macadams,   Wllllum.   New  Denver,  Com
lac Donald
Alexander.   Kaslo,   Miner.
Archibald      Percy,      Kaslo
'tambly, George.
Hanson, Samuel.
'laiison,    Ernest
Free Miner.
Hanson.    Hugh
Free Miner.
Harris.   Joseph  Colebrook
Harris,  Thomas,   Kaslo,  Constable.
Harris,    Legh    Richmond,    Slocnn
. larrop, Ernest. Kuslo, Merchant.
Hnrtln,   Gilbert.   Kuslo,   Physlciun.
Harvey.  John A.,  Silverton,   Blacksmltl
Harvey,   John    ..nomas   William,    Kasli
Surveyor's  Assistant.
Harbour, Herbert  W.. Three- Forks, Tel
egruph Operator.
Hastings, Reginald W., Kaslo. Capitalist
Haverty,  Michael,   Kuslo,  Teamster,
llaverty,  Michuel,   Kuslo,  Miner.
Huwke, John Henry, Sandon. Clerk.
Hayes, John ('..  Kuslo,  Agent.
Heap,   Francis    Arthur,    Duncan    River
Henderson, Robert George,  New Denver
Henderson,  Silas James,  Cody,   Miner.
lenderson, dtlas Joseph. Kaslo, Merchur.
Hennessy. Thomas Edward, Knslo, Mine
Henry,  John  Jr.,   Ainsworth.   Druggist.
Hern, Henry, New Denver, Miner.
Iterlot,   Alan   Douglas,   Deer  Park,   Fn
Til; nm
Henley,   John,   Watson,   Blacksmith.
Hetherington,   Joseph,   Kuslo,   Farmer.
Ilickev, John.  Kaslo.   Miner.
llcka.   Henry  .ulen.  Slocan,  Prosnecto'
Hicks, Joseph Sleatn, Pilot Bay,
Hill, Alfred, New Denver,
llllman. Alanson Ewln, Vevey.
loben. Thomas Henry, New
lodgson. George II., Duncan River, Me
lodgson, John  Whltiam.  Knslo. Clerk,
iomlson,  John James,   Kasle,   Luboure.
lood.   William,  Bandon.   Mechanic,
lorn. John  Waller,   Vevey,   Merchant,
lorrocks.  Henry  F..   Knslo,  Broker.
lousioti,   Wllllum.   Three   1-nrks,   Miner
loughton.    John  Ellington.    Pilot    Ba;
��� loughton.    John     En-lngton,    Cruwfor
Buy, Farmer.
Houghton.   Arthur  fuse.   Crawford   Buy
towson. Hurry.  Kaslo, Miner.
nwson.    George,    Sandon.   Tailor,
'ughes. Andrew S..   Kaslo,  Painter,
lughes.   Felix.  New  Denver.   Miner.
ughes. James Franklin, Kuslo, Agent.
enter.   Charles   Declmus,   Snndon,   Met
i hunt.
unter,    William,    New    Denver,    Mer
uston,   William.   Knslo,  Miner.
urlburt, Norman D.. Aylwln. Lnbourci
ylund.  Thomas,  Slocnn City,  Cook
ngrnm. HurIi B.. Kuslo. Buker.
incs.   William  Ernest,   Knslo,   Miner,
i-vlng.    William,   Kaslo,   Cabinet   Mukei
:wln, Joseph, New Denver, Notary Pub
ackson.   Henry   Puterson,   Bnlfour,  Con
nckson,     William    Henry.      Alnswortli
ames,  Henry,  Kaslo,  Surveyor,
ardlne,   Andrew,   Kaslo,   Prospector.
aiillne.   Archibald.   Kaslo.   Miner,
nrvls,  Frederick  W..  Wntson.  Miner.
Coffers.   Frederick.   New   Denver,   Miner
lenks, Thomas I .nylon,  Brandon,  Tallin
'ohnson; Henry .Kaslo. Miner,
olinson, Herbert Oliver,  Kaslo, Clerk,
lohnson,   Samuel   Henry.   Kaslo,  Carpen
lohnson,    William   Steele,     Slocan   City
'olner,  Proctor,  Knslo. Clerk,
ones.   William A.. 8locan City,  Miner,
ornnd,  Henri Robert. New Denver, Btu
dent nt Law.
"ane,   Duvld  Prnsser,   Kaslo. Gentleman
Cane,     George    Thomas,    Kuslo,     Mill
urr,  Duvld. Sandon, Free Miner.
urr.  Wllllum. Snndon. Mechanic,
s'cellng.  Shirley.   Duncan City,   Miner,
'veen, John.  Knslo, Civil Engineer.
���Telly, Peier. Kaslo, Miner.
Celly, John T��� Slocan Lake, Bookkeeper
<emp.    Randall   Harold,    Kemp Springs
Mining Engineer.
Kennedy, John Alexander.  Kaslo,  Miner
Kennedy. John   F.,   Knslo,   Hotel   Manager.
Kennedy, Thomas A.. Knslo,  Engineer.
Kennedy,   William Elijah,   Sandon, Car.
Kennedy.  William F.. Kaslo, Miner.
Kerlns. Thomas, Three Forks,  Miner.
Cerr.    Robert   Bird;    New Denver,   Barrister.
'Censter. Gustav, Kaslo. Baker.
���'Ingsmlll. Harold. Kaslo, Miner.
'Clnnee. Calvin. Kaslo, Barber.
Clrkpatrlck.   Jacob  A.,   Silverton.
chanl'B Clerk.
"Irkwood,    Robert    Ira,     Three
s'lrlln,  Aubert G��� Sandon Creek,  Minor
"night. John. Three Forks. Miner.
Cnowles,   George   Bartholomew,   Sandon
'snowies.   William  Ersklne,   Slocan  Cltv
Presbyterian Missionary,
'���'urtxhals,  Rudolf.  Vcvey,  Merchant.
'Curtx, Donald Carl. Balfour.  Uookkeepc-
���s-ydd,  George.  Sandon,  Bank  Manager.
Lade, James A.. Ainsworth, Miner,
t.nde.     Vincent     Franklin,     Ainsworth
fjide.  William J.. Silverton, Miner.
Laird, Ossorge, Balfour. Farmer.
John,  Knslo,  Miner.
Cameron,   Kaslo,   chcmlsi
Robert.   Silverton.   Miner.
-lucEachern.   Stewart.   Kaslo,   Salesman
fnekay,   Adam,   Kuslo,   Hotelkeeper.
iackay,   Neil   l'*raiiklin.   Kaslo.   Barrister
.Iftckay,     Wllllum    Drake.    Kaslo,    Civl
tackean.   George.   Bnlfour.   Miner,
-laekeaii.  Grant   IL.   Balfour.  Miner,
lueken/.ie,    Alexander  A..    Kuslo.    M~-
fackenzie,  Robert.  Knslo.  Merchant.
'luCKeiizie. William  L.,  Kaslo,  Merohan
tact.cod.  Donald.  New Denver.  Ranch
lacNaghten,      Frederick    Fergus,     No-
Denver, Miner.
adden, John. Head Slocnn  l.ake, Motel
'inlisan. John.  Kuslo.  Miner.
.-ihone.v.. Michael  Joseph.   Kaslo.   Mlnoi
ulze.   William J..  Aylwln.   HotOMtecii.s
laloney.  Patrick, Khsto. Miner.
aim.   Alex   Robert, . New  Denver,   Cor
tractor.  ' -'������'
rnnn.  Hugo.   New ��f-nver.  Contractor,
'atihinf. ..John   William.   Sandon.   Mine
nrr, Gciirgo.  Mc(!tiij-nn. Miner.
ursden.  Jumes   DuVIII.   Kuslo,   Account
int. - -        -,
nrsh.  George Charles-.  Kaslo.   Broker,
���fartln,    Charles    William,    Kaslo,    Lc
Insurer. '!
tartln.   Donald   Molsehp,   Kaslo.   Clergy
man. -'''i
iiirtin,    Edward  C,    Three   Forks,   I.e.
bourer. *a
tartln, James Velotus) Sandon, Carpen
ter. Isi
tartln.     Honrl    Milton,    Wilson    Creel
Book-keeper. 'e
Slocan City,  Car-
City,    Boat-
r atheson,
Robert,      Lucky    Jim    Mln'e
, m
Angus,   New  Denver.   Miner.
H.ivld,    Now    Denver.    Mil
James,   Kaslu.   Miner.
Roderick.  Silverton.   Druprgls
athi'WS. George TnrA.1 Pilot Bay. Mine-
fnxwoll, William. New Denver, Lab
ourer. ��� "J
tenzlcs.  Alexander,  Kaslo.  Express Agi
��� erkky.   Walter W'.,.t!rhree Forks,  Mine
eyer.  Ernest, Sandoc. Clerk.
'ie.iiioii,     Stuart     AJi'Xundi'r.     Sandon
Per,  Alexander,. Kaslo. Cnrpenter.
Her. John James,  Kaslo. Teacher.
Hlnglon. SiisTitiel, iSaslo, Miner.
Hoy,  Archibald. Sandon,  Dentist.
Ilward.    Joseph    Henry,    New  Denve:
,Touse and Sign Painter. (
'no. Thomas.  Saiuliui.  Painter,
dne,    William    Alexander,    Knslo,   Pn
'nlelly. George,  Ksiislo, Carpenter.
ttchell,    Wllllum    Dickson,    New    Den
ver, Insurance Ag��n(.
oorc. David Wilson, Knslo, Rookkeepe
'oore. John D.. Kaslo, Miner.
oore. John  Th/iUTins. Sandon.   Miner,
'orphy,   t'leorgC Albert,   Kuslo,   Attornc-
iil Law. .,
orris. Walter'. D. Kuslo, Walter.
orrtson,  Daitfel,   Kaslo.   Labourer,
loi-rlson,    James    Alexander,    Sllverloi
torrlson.  Peter Duncan.  Kaslo.  Miner,
loulse.   W'UHnm.  Ainsworth,  Miner,
lountain. Frederick A. It.,  Kaslo, Mind
lowut, James,   Watson, Contractor,
lulr,    Alexander,    Three    Forks,    Book
fulvey.'Thomas, Slocan Clly, Runche
lunro, Alixunder John. Sandon. Miner.
lui)ro, Philip A.. New Denver. Teumste
lundilson. Colin A.. Knslo, Cnrpenter.
'nrchison. Martin. New Denver.. Mine
lurchlsiin. Mnrtln. New Denver. Miner.
Murphy. Charles. Kuslo. Miner.
Murphy. Edward. Kaslo, Free Miner,
sluiphy.  Michael.  Kuslo. Minor. I
Murray, Patrick R., Knsln. Miner.
Murray,  Patrick W\, New Denver, Mine
.ttirray,     Wulter,    Three  Forks.    Bri.lg
i 'iirpcnter.
urpliy.  Cornelius.  Slocnn City,  Miner.
IcAnilrcw,   .Martin.   Kaslo,   Hotcl-keepe
IcAndrew.   Michael.   Kuslo,   Miner.
leAnn.   Chillies   Whitfield,   Kaslo,   Bat
rlster at Law.
sIcArlhur,   Alexander C.,   Sandon,   Agen
C. P. R.
IcAulny,    James   H.,    Aylwln,    Sawml'
IcAullffe.  William,  Three Forks,  Mini ���
lellrlde, Jerry.   Robson,   Farm   Hand,
let'iilluin,   Daniel..   Three   Forks,   Mlnei
IcCalium,  Duncan.   Kuslo.  Carpontor.
iCallum, John Gillis. Slocan Clly, Mei
- haul
John      Dnugiild,      Snndm
i cnllum,
John,  Knslo, Miner.
John,     New    Deliver,
...  John.  Three  Forks,   Miner
iCnll.   Samuel TL,   New   Denver,   Cn-
leCrlmmon,      Roderick.      New    Denv.
Miner. ,
fcCuaig, Donald G.. Three Forks. Mlnei
'eCualg.   Ewen,   Brandon,   Carpenter,
IcDermlt. James D., Three Forks. Mine
'cDnnald.    Alexander,.    Ainsworth.   Ma
McDonald. Angus,  Knslo. Miner.
McDonald, Archie A.. Knslo. Miner.
Alexander D.. Knslo, Miner.
Angus  L.,   Knslo,  Contractor
Charles,    Three  Forks,   Cur
McDonald,   Angus A.,
McDonald,    John,    Slocan
McDonuld,   Harry  Allan,   Sandon,
McDonell.   Donald Alexander,  New   Denver, Miner.
McDooell,   Angus.   Kaslo,   Labourer.
McDougald,   Archibald.   Kaslo.   Miner.
McDougull,   Hugh,   Ainsworth,   Miner.
McFadnen,   Nell,   Kaslo.   Carpenter.
iVliIarlune. John S.. New Denver, Miner.
nlol-'arlano.  Robert. Slocan City,  Miner.
Mcl'udyen.   Ewen,   Slocan  City,  Miner.
McGllllviay .Allans,  New Denver,  Miner.
McGlHivrny, Archie, Three Forks,  Miner.
McGllllvniy,   Duncan   J.,   Kaslo,   Wheel-
McGlllivray, John Robert. Silverton, Carpenter.-
McGinty.  Anthony,  Sandon,  Miner.
-McGovern,   Phil,   Ainsworlh,  Miner.
McGovern, Thomas,  Ainsworth,  Miner.
McGregor,   Angus,   Kdslo,   Labourer.
McGregor, Duncan C, Kaslo, Contractor.
McGregor,  William Dawson, Slocan City,
Mining Engineer.
McGregor,   Edwurd,   Aylwln,   Miner.
McCillgun,  John  George,' Kuslo.   Miner.
Mclnnes, Angus.  New Denver, Merchant.
Mclnnea   N.;ll.   New   Denvor,   Carpenter.
Mcintosh,   Flnlay,   Kaslo.   Miner.
Mcintosh.  John Lawrence,  Kuslo,  Miner.
Melntyre.   Angus,   i\.-islo    Miner.
Mclntyre, Duncan,  Kuslo, Packer.
Melntyre,   Henry   Beecher,   Kaslo,
graph   Operator.
McKay,   Alexnnder,    New  De*nver, .
I factor.
McKay,  Alexnnder,   Ainsworth.i Miner.
McKay,   Hugh.  Kuslo,  Miner.
McKay. John Angus.  New Densrer,   Bartender. ���
Alexander,   Kaslo.   Teamster.
Daniel, Slocan City, Prospect-
James. Kaslo, Hotelkeeper.
Murdock, Kaslo, Carpenter.
Thomas. Kaslo. Curpdister.
Robert Munro, Pilot Bay.'-Car-
' Ii- Is. Iizie,
fcKerrow, Walter Howie, Kaslo, Gentle-
niun. Sr
tcKlernan.   James,   Three  Forks.   Miner.
i-Kiiinon.    Angus,     Ainsworth,     Hotel-
keeper.        ��� ������>.
McKlnnon, Archie.  Kaslo, Sawyer.������������;,
tcKinnon,   Duncan,  D over Canyon Sld-
Inij'. Mine:'. ���(_
John,   New   D.nver,   Mln-.-r,!..
James    A. u-inus,    Silverton.
IcKlnnon, Btrphen,
leKinnon    W ilMum
.yer,   Engineer.
cLachlln.    Donald,
cl.nugblnn.  Bandon,  I.iborer.
'cl.eun.  Angus. Three Forks, Miner
I' Lean.   Angus   L..   Silverton,   Miner,
, Lean.  David Rensselaer, Sandon,  Min-
Thro- Forks, Miner.
Charles,   New   Den-
Nev.-   Denver.   Caich
l.enn,   Lachlim.   Kaslo,   Miner. ���',-.$
i.e.-il  Nell.   Kasl".   Miner. ^
LeiiW Murdoch,  *\'ew Denver, Cnr|ien*>-
rLeon, Robert.  K
���|| ciiun.     William
slo. Clerk. .,. ,_,
Alfred,    Ainswort&i.
(el.cnnan,  Dan R..  New Denver, Hotel-.
ke:i>or. .,.���*;
cLennan.  Dougald Murdoch, New  Den-
���"*"   '-'������iiymtin.
Alexander,    Ainsworth,   Team-
Andrew.   New   Denver,   Teairi-'
ver. Di
Daniel,   Ainsworth,   Blacksmith:*
John,  Kuslo.  Harness Maker.
John  D..   New Denver,   Miner.
McLeod, John  Daniel. Sandon. Miner.
McLeod, John Norman,  Kaslo, Miner.
McLeod. John Samuel,   Kaslo,  Miner.
McLeod,  Roderick  A..  Ainsworth,  Miner.
McMahon,   Robert.   Slocan Cltv,   Barber.
McMillan, Alex. J., Kaslo, Civil Engineer.
McMillan,   Daniel.   Kuslo,  Gentleman.
McMillan.   Douguld.   Silverton.   Miner.
McMillan,   Duncan,   Kaslo.   Painter.
McMillan, Charles, Sandon. Miner.
McNaughton. James,  Kaslo,  Miner.
McNeill,   Jumes,   Ainsworth,  Miner.
McNeill.   John.   Ainsworth.  Miner.
McNelsh. Thomas. Slocan City, Merchant.
MfiKlyJiy11-   Charles.   Three . Forks.   Pros-,
McPhail. Duncan. Kaslo. Tailor.
McPhail. Daniel D.. Kaslo, Miner.
McPhail,  James.   Ten   Mile.   Miner.
VIcPhee.  John,   Vevey.   Minor.
McPhee, John M..  Kaslo, Miner.
VIcPhee, Peter Allen. Knslo, Miner.
McPhee. Peter Allen, Kuslo. Hotelkeeper.
McPherson, Donald, New Denver, Miner.
McPherson,   Robert.   Kuslo,   Miner.
McPherson,   George   Alexander,   Sandon,
Transfer  Agent. ,, .
McRae,   Duncan,   Ainsworth,   Miner.        3
icRae. John,  Ainsworth,  Miner. 7
McRae, John.  Kaslo,  Miner. *
IcRac. John L.. Sandon, Carpenter. .    -;
McRae,   Murdock.   Kaslo,   Brldgeman.   rg
li-Robble,  John,   Silverton,  Carpenter,    i
cWllllam,  Angus, Slocan City, Carpeii;:,
ler ���  <>
ash,  Harry,  Sandon,  Tinner. '    2
lelson, Edward O., Silverton, Merchant*
s'elson. Chnrles Frunklyn, New Denve/a
Icholson. Charles. Three Forks, Labour^
er. -ft
slcholson, James.   Kaslo,  Clerk. ^bbbbbbI
Sicks,   George W..   Kaslo.   Mlllman.
Icks,   Isaiah,  Kuslo,  Sawyer.
,'lven,  Hugh.  Knslo,   Miner.    .
riven. William, Kaslo, Miner,
oble.    William    Edward,    Slocan
Miner. ^^L^^_
oel, Celestln, Pilot Bay. Free Miner.,,
'ornian.   Sidney,   Knslo.   Miner. ,-,-.,
'orquav. Thomas, Kaslo, Real Estato,
\Brlen', Frank M.. Kaslo, Broker. *��_,
iBrlen, James. Silverton, Miner. __,/"
'I'.il.ii. Joseph. Enterprise Mine, Myner.
'Connor. Joseph, Vevey. Miner. ' ii. ���
'Grady, Michael, New Denver, Mlnsgf. .
Hare,  James  I,.,  Kaslo.  Miner.
liver, Thomas, Slocan City,  Mlnei-j'
liver,    llalbert   Buchanan,   Slocun' C
New Denver. Miner
Kaslo,      Charcoal
McDonald. Charles.
McDonald,      Daniel.     	
McDonald,   Dan,   Ainsworth.   Labourer.
McDonald,    Donald,    Slocan  City,    Pros
McDonald, Duncan A..  Knslo. Carpenter
McDonald.  Daniel R., Silverton,  Miner.
McDonald, Hugh. Wntson.  Miner.
McDonnld. tfugh. Silverton,  Miner.
McDonald,  Hugh D..  Kaslo. Miner.
McDonald. Hugh D., New Denver. Miner
McDonald, Hugh T..  Kaslo.  Carpenter.
McDonald.     James    Alexander,      Kaslu
McDonald. John, Knslo. Miner.
McDonald,   John   Archibald.    New   Denver, Teamster.
McDonald. .James William, Three Forks.
McDonald. Philip, Knslo. Miner.
McDonnld.   Randal.  Three  Forks,   Miner
McDonald, Robert-, Kiislo, Miner.
s-VeiJI.' John D..  Slocan City, M$**hant.
Itay.   Daniel,   Kaslo,   Miner,    .jy
Redly.  Joseph   Lawrence,   HloVfjm  City,
vuke.   Richard,  Three Forks, "Broker.
���use.    Edmund    O,    Kaslo, * Telegraph
eppurd.  John G..   Kaslo,   Lumbroman.
���erch'Hl.    John  Albert.    Bandon,    Hotel-
'erry, Churles Edward. Kaslo, Civil Engineer.
Perry, George Henry. Ten Mile Creek,
Min -r.
'���ettlt, George. Kaslo. Merchant.
Peters, Joseph 8..  Kaslo.  Miner.
i'hlppcn, Henry William, Brandon, Merchant.
���hilllpis, Matthew Lee, Sandon, Freo Miner. ��
I'llon, Joseph. New Denver, Miner. - ,
Pitts. Herbert IL, Three Forks. Merchant
I'lalsunce.  Harry W,  Kaslo, Carpenter..
laskclt. William Joseph, Sandon, Miner.'
illunl, Frederick.  Knslo. Broker.
ott. Thomas. SutcllfTe. Kaslo. Carpenter
���Iter,   John.   Three   Forks,   Miner,
liter. William Leslie, Slocan Prospect ir
.well. George Bnydin, Bandon, Commercial Traveler.
'ower, Percy Hugh. Sandon, Physician.
'ruin, Albert. Matheson, Sandon, Labourer.
"���roctor. Thomas G.. Balfour. Miner.
'rovost.  Frank. Slocan City, Contractor.
Provost,   Frank,  Three Forks.  Miner,
Frovost.   Andrew.   Brandon.   Miner.
"ryer,  William, Kaslo. Miner.
I'yman,  Harry. New  Denver, Printer.
I'vmtin. Francis, New Denver. Watch
Ormsby, Russell, New Denver, Clerk.
Owens, Alexnnder. Kaslo. Miner,
"aimer.  Albert  W..   Kaslo.   Miner.
Palmer.   Stephen.   Kaslo.  Confectioner.
Valorrln.   Nicola.   Sandon,   Shoemaker.
Papworth. William VIdler, Kaslo, Mechanic.
"aquln, George Horace, Kaslo, Restaurant Keeper.
Parent. Nepthsli Ahltophel, AlnBWorth,
Purh.im.  William  James.   Sandon,  Clerk.
Paris. William. New Denver. Miner.
Parker, Thomas E.. Kaslo. Mtner.
Parkin. William Howard, Kaslo, Electrician.
Parsons. George Mortimer, Ainsworth,
Mine Foreman.
Harris,   Edward.   Slocnn  City,  Merchaut.
Pasooe, John B..  Ainsworth. Miner.
p.iscoe, Thomas W., Ainsworth, Carpenter. Pascoe, William Henry, Ainsworth, Miner
Payne, Joseph, Slocan City, Hotelkeeper.
Pearson,  Albert C,  Kaslo,  Miner.
Pearson, Arthur Egbert, Kaslo, Electrician.
Quarry. John M.. Three Forks,  Miner,
Rae, John, Kaslo, Carpenter.
Rankin,   George,   George,   Kaslo,   Blacksmith.
Rashdall,    Charles,Savlle.   New   Denver,
Rashdall.  George Herbert,   New  Denver,
Rathborne,  Mervyn R. W., New Denver,
Read,  Alfred Albert, Silverton,  Miner.
Reld,  Albert, Silverton,   Miner.
Reld, John D.. New Denver, Cook.
Remlllard,   Louis Napoleon, Sandon, Mechanic.
Retallack, John I... Kaslo, Broker.
Reuter,   Sebastion  J.,   Kaslo,   Butcher.
Richardson,    James    Seymour,    Sandon,
RlddelL   David   Hardle,   Pilot  Bay,  Tally
Riddell. Robert William, Pilot Bay, Merchant.
Ritchie, Fred, Sandon. CK*rk.
Roadley.    Thomas    John,     Knslo,    Land
Robb, William George, Wntson, Miner.
Roberls,   Abruhnm   I..,   Silverton.   Miner.
Roberts, John  K.,  Silverton,  Miner.
Robertson.   Hiram   Joseph,   Slocan   City,
Robertson.   Hiram   Joseph,   Slocan   City,
Robertson,  John,  Three Forks,   Miner.
Robertson,   Norman.   Kaslo,   Bookkeeper.
Robertson. William II.. New Denver, Miner.
Robertson,  George,   Kaslo,   Master Mariner.
Robertson, Ben, Slocan City, Miner.
Roblllard,  Jeremie,   Watson,   Miner.
Roderick.  Thomas.   Knslo,   Miner.
Roger,  William George.  Rosebery, Clerk.
Rogers,  Alexander M.,  Slocan City  Barber.
Rogers,    John    Franklin    Bruce,    Kaslo,
Rogers.  William, Slocan City, Miner.
Rooney.  Thomas,   Sandon,   Cook.
Ross,   Donald   A..   Slocan  City,   Broker.
Rowse, Thomas. Kaslo, Miner.
Rowse,  William 11 . Kaslo,  Miner.
Ruvunt.   Michael,   Kaslo    Miner.
Ryan.   Patrick   Alexander,   Kaslo,   Hotel
Ryan, James, Kuslo, Carpjenter.
Salt.  Henry.  Vcvey,  Miner.
Sunders,    Wllllum    John,    Kaslo,    Hotel-
Sandllands. Evelyn Montague, Ainsworth,
Sandllands.    Evelyn   Montague,   Sandon
Financial Agent.
Sansum, Harry, Vevey. Miner.
Saunders,  Thomus  Randolph,   New  Denver  Miner.
Schlsler, Hiram Leslie, Whitewater, Sawmill linn.].
Scl)oley,  Herrlck Burns,  Kaslo,  Clerk.
Scott.   Alexander,   Kaslo,   Stajjedriver.
Scott. William H., Silverton. Hnrcksmlth.
Stwell,   Frunk Crompton,   Sandon,  Cleik.
Shannon. Edward New Denver. Baker.
Shea. Edward Eugene. Kaslo, Prospector.
Sheu.  Quin.   Knslo,   Miner.
Shepherd, Frederick Herbert, Cody, Miner.
Sheran, Harry. New Denver. Hotelkeeper
Sheran, James,   New Denver,  Hotelkeep-
Turner, John, Kaslo, Builder.
Twigg,    Herbert   Thomas,   New Denver,
Prov'l  Land Surveyor.
Twiss, Edward Day, Kaslo, Agont.
Twiss,    William James,    Kaslo,    General
Vallanee, James, Kaslo, Merchant.
Vanmoerkerke,  Constanten,   Kaslo,   Miner.
Vlck, John Trlstam, Vevey,  Miner.
Vlan,   Hllalre,   Robson,   Miner.
Walbey. William Henry, Kaslo, Real Estate  Agent.
Walker,  Arthur Robert.  Silverton,   Pros-
New    Den-
Mlnlng Ex-
New    Denver,
Real Es-
Knight, Martin
Robert  Duncan,   Blocan  City,
Three Forks, Miner.
Patrick  J.,   New
Denver,   Pros-
Kaslo, Assess
Sherwood, Arthur Robert,
Sherwood,   Leonard  E.,  Kaslo,  Clerk.
Sheill, Robert, Kaslo. Miner.
Shlllard. Anthony Kaslo, Miner.
Shook,    Francis    Emory,    New    Denver,
Sll ver wood.  Rlchaid. Sandon. Accountant
Simpson, John B., Kaslo, Clerk.
Simpson.  John  Segsworth,   Duncan City,
Simpson,   William,   Djncnn   City.   Hotel-
Slsson.  Edward, Sandon, Labourer.
Skinner, William A., Kaslo, Carpenter.
Sllnger.  Stephen.  Sandon, Jockey.
Sloan,   Elmer  Munlm-.,   Kaslo.   Broker.
Sloan,   ThomaB,   Blocan   City,   Innkeeper.
Small,    William   Herbert,    New   Denver,
Smith,   Alexander,   Kaslo,   Miner.
Smith, E.  Foyle. Kaslo, Carpenter.
Smith,   Henry,   Kaslo,   Carpenter.
Smith,   Hollla,  Ainsworth,  Miner.
Smith, John, New Denver. Miner,
Smith, Jethrow Adlngton, Sandon, Miner.
Smith.  James Wilson,  Ainsworth,  Miner.
Bmltherlngale,     Charles    Edward,    New
Denver. Journalist,
���pairs, James.  Kaslo, Teamster.
Spruit, John, Ainsworth, Miner.
Sproule, James, Kaslo, Miner.
Stafford.   George,   New   Denver,   Miner.
Stanutt,  Luther P., New Denver, Miner.
Bteel, Joseph,  Kaslo, Carpenter.
Steele,  Thomas M ,  Kaslo,   Dairyman.
Btenson,   Robert J.,  Kaslo,  Clerk.
Btevenson,   Isaiah,   Kaslo,   Lumberman.
Btevenson.   William R.,  Kaslo,  Engineer.
Stewart, James, Bandon, Miner.
Stewart, James Allen, Slocan Clly, Miner
Stewart,   William  Sam'l,   Kaslo,   Miner,
Stewart, William, Cody, Railway Labourer.
Stiles, Arthur, Wilson Creek, Miner.
Btitt,  John  Roland,  Slocan City,  Merchant.
Stothers, John, Kaslo, Laborer.
Stott,   George,   Cody,   Merchant.
Strafford. Patrick, Aylwln, Hotel Keeper
Strathern,   William   It.,   Kaslo,   Lumberman
Strong, Joseph, New Denver, Bktn Dresser.
Btrudwlck, Harry, New Denver, Bklndres-
Struthers   Thomas Francis Robert, Rosebery,  Merchant.
Btralngeway,     Reginald,    Three    Forks.
Cabinet   Maker
Sturch, Samuel, New Denver, Laborer.
Sulllvah, Florence John, Kaslo, Baker.
Sutherland, Henry Clayton,  Kaslo, Miner.
Boutherland.    Robert   J.,    New    Denver,
Spaul, Walter James, New Denver, Book.
Swift, Joseph A.,  Kaslo, Carpenter.
Tallmlre,   Joseph,   Three   Forks,   Bridge-
Target!, Arthur Henry, Kaslo, Clerk.
Tattersall,  James Edward,  Blocan   City,
Taylor, Daniel, New Denver, Miner.
Taylor, Ell, Sandon,  Mechanic.
Taylor,   William  Sidney,    New    Denver,
Taylor, George Wesley, Slocan City, Carpenter.
Taylor,' George   Llghtle,    New    Denver,
Taynton. John H . Kaslo, Plasterer.
Tegsrt, Edward. Ainsworth, Miner.
Thlbault,   Joseph,   Kaslo,  Teamster.
Thomas, Edward, New Denver, Teamster
Thomas, George,  Robson, Station Agt.
Thomlinson,   Herbert  Collier,   New  Denver, Free Miner.
Tomlinson,      William,       New     Denver,
Assistant  Postmaster.
Thompson,   Amos,   New   Denver,   luminance Agent.
Thompson,   Frank Tyrrei,  Bandon,  Laborer.
Thompson,  George  Foster.   Kaslo,  Cook.
Thompson, Howard Duguld, Sandon, Min
Thompson,  James  Henry,  Three  Forks,
Thompson, Robert Boordweil, New Denver,  Notary  Public.
Thompson,   Robert  Bordwell,   New  Den
ver, Clerk.
Thompson.   Erl.  Sandon,  Miner.
Thompson, James Russel,  New Denver,
Thomas, Sam C, Silverton,  Miner.
Thornburn,   Grant,   New   Denver,   Hotel
Tlerney, John J., Three Forks. Contractor.   _ '   . _i
Tipping,     Jesse     Thompson,     Brandon,
Todd. Langton W., New Denver, Architect.
Todd, William George Henry, Sandon,
Tinsmith. _..-���_. ���_
Todd, John Oman, New Denver, Free
Miner. '        __.   __
Towrijrny. T. L. Hector, Ainsworth, Free
Trafloante_ Joseph, Slocan City, Miner.
Trottler, Antolne A., Kaslo,  Walter.
Tuck.   Bam-lel  Parker,  Kaslo,  Civil  En-
Walker, Solomon   Theodore,
ver.   Mining Broker.
Walker,  Soloman  T\,  Kaslo,
Walker,    Henry    Milton,
Walker,     Marmaduke,       New
Walbrldge, Adam Henry, Kaslo,
tale  Agent.
Wallbrldge,    David    Stevenson,
Mining   Broker.
Wallace,  Andrew,   New  Denver,
Wallace,  Andrew,   New  Denver,
Walmsley.   Edward.   Kaslo.   Miner.
Walmsley,  James,   Kaslo.   Laborer.
Walmsley,   John,   Kaslo,   Blacksmith.
Walmsley.  William, Argenta,  Miner.
Warren, John, Koslo, Cook.
Watson, John A., Watson. Miner.
Watson,   Ralph,   Kaslo,   Carpenter.
Watts.   Edward.   KaBlo,   Miner.
Waugh, Harry f.. New Denver, Miner.
Waugh, James, Kaslo, S. S. Agent.
Weatherall. John,  Kaslo, Merchant.
Weir,  Duncan J.,  Kaslo. Miner.
Weir, James. Kaslo, Carpenter.
West. Gorman, Watson. Hotel Keeper.
West, Howard, New Denver, Assayer.
West. Charles W.,  Balfour,  Miner.
Whealler, Anson, Kaslo, Barrister at Law
Wheten.   Chales,   Kaslo.   Prospector.
White, John Edward, Kaslo, Cook.
White, John Ltllle. Slocan City, Druggist.
White,   Thomas,   Balfour,   Gardner.
White, William, Kaslo, Tanner.
V\ hlteley. Arthur Mordred.  Kaslo, Clerk.
Whltmore, James E.. Robson. Sailor.
Whiteside, George,  Kaslo, Contractor.
Whittaker,  Samuel.  New Denver,  Miner.
Whlttley, David,  New Denver,  Miner.
Wlddlcombe,   Harry Templer,   New  Denver. Mine Foreman.
Wilds.   Albert,     New    Denver,     Cabinet
Will,   William  Richardson,   New  Denver,
Williams .George  Herbert,  Kaslo,   Druggist.
Williams. Robert, Kaslo, Miner.
Willcox, Harvey, Kaslo, Miner.
Williamson,   George   D.,     New    Denver,
Wilson,   Arthur M.,  Kaslo. Miner.
Wilson, George Edward. Three Forks, Labourer.
Wilson, Samuel J.. Kaslo, Miner.
Wilson. Samuel John. Kaslo. Miner.
Wilson,   Thomas,   Slocan    City,     Blacksmith.
Wilson,  William George, Sandon,  Butcher.
Wilson. T. Harry, Silverton, Merchant.
Wilson.   Mathew  Anthony,   New  Denver.
Merchant Tailor.
Wilson.  John,  Robson,  Farmer.
Wing, Stephen Charles. Kaslo. Telegraph
Winchester.   David   William,   New   Denver.   Laborer.
Wlscon,  Robert.  Kaslo,  Clerk.
Wood,   Frank  A..   Ksslo.   Bookkeeper.
Woods   James. Three Forks,   Baker.
Woodcock.    Thomas    D.,    Slocan    City
Hardware  Merchant.
Wright. Alfred William. Kaslo, Merchant.
Wright, John,  Kaslo, Laborer.
York. Archibald, Slocan City, Meat Mer
Toung. Daniel Romatn, Slocan City, Journalist.
Toting.   George   Paxton,   Sandon,   Physician.
Tulll,  George M.,   Kaslo,  Miner.
Anderson, Archibald, Three Forks, Miner
Baker,   Frederick  Charles,   Cody,   Miner.
Band, James Donald, Ainsworth, Miner.
Beaton,  Angus,  Kaslo,   Free Miner.
Black, William, Kaaio, Drayman.
Bolduston,   Alfred   Ramply,   Blocan City,
Brodalle.   Arthur   Lionel    Tobln,    Ksslo.
Brandon,  Daniel,  Silverton.   Hotel
Brandon, Joseph, Silverton,
Brown, Arthur Henry,
Brown, John, Sandon,  Engineer.
Brown,   Arthur   Benjamin,     Ainsworth.
Brown. David Johnson, Ainsworth, Miner
Brown,    James    Benjamin,      Ainsworth,
Brooddy,      Robert   James,  Sandon, Mer-
Buker,   William  Taylor,  Rosebery,
Mlnlng Bro-
Kaslo,  Shoemak-
Bull   John, Blocan City. General' Agent!
Burdick,   Arthur   Charlton	
 -., Kaslo, Merchant.
Burns, Alexander Robert, Kaslo, Printer
Burrett. John Edward, Silverton.  Miner.
Cttllaghan.  William,  Silverton, Miner.
Campbell,   George  William,   Slocan  City,
Campbell, Alexander. Kaslo, Free Miner.
Cameron. John, Kaslo, Miner.
Carson. William H., Kaslo,  Miner.
Chlttlck, William John, Ainsworth, Mln-
Christle, Frank Livingstone, 8andon, Barrister at Law.
Clarke, John. Kaslo, Farmer.
Clement,   Frederick,   Blocan   City,   Cook.
Clement, Samuel Bruce, West Blocan
City, Miner.
Cliffe, Charles, Bandon, Editor.
Comstock, William Alfred, Ainsworth,
Coy, Bllhu Embre, Kaslo, Free Miner.
Dalton, Judson, Ainsworth, Mlllmnn.
Davies. Henry Bromley, Kaslo, Cook.
Davison,    Wade    Hampton,     Ainsworth.
Dill,  Albert James,   Kaslo,   Merchant.
Eccles. Willie. Three Forks,  Drayman.
Eldrldge, Arthur George, Kaslo, Luborer.
Fletcher. Hugh Black, Kaslo, Hotel
Fox, John Bernard. New Denver. Carpenter.
Fraser.   William  James,  Kaslo,   Miner
Frost, Charles Elliott, Kaslo   Watchman.
Latham,  Edward,  Kiuilo,  Bartender.
Leslie,   Alexander,  Kaslo,   Bank Teller.
Lind, Jumes Hardle, New Denver. Carpenter.
Linton, Thomas Burns, Slocan City, Merchant.
Lloyd, Evan Frank, Silverton, Accountant
Lucas,   Johnson,   Kaslo,   Druggist.
Macaulay,  Donald,   Silverton,   Labourer.
Macdonald, Alexander A., Kaslo, Hotel
Machan,   Gilbert.   Kaslo,  Teamster.
March.  John Gilbert,   Kaslo,   Free Miner
Martin, Jean Baptlste, Three Forks, cook
Markley, Walter Anson, Pilot Bay, Assayer.
Mason,  John Herbert,  Ainsworth,  Miner.
Melrose,   Thomas,   Kaslo,   Free  Miner.
Menzies, Alexander Dodds, Kuslo. Pres.
Miller,  Alexander, Kaslo,  Carpenter.
Mooney,   Robert,  KaBlo, Clerk.
Morrison. Philip, Ainsworth, Miner.
Mulholland, Charles Ralph, Kaslo, Laborer.
Mullen. Arthur, Three Forks, Miner.
Murphy, William Joseph, Kaslo, Plasterer
Mining Engineer.
Musgrove,    Edward   Christopher,   Kaslo,
McArthur. Alexander C, Sandon, Station Agent.
McCallum,   John,   Kaslo,   Dairyman.
Mei.'nlliim.   Archibald,   Kaslo,   Merchant.
McCualg. Duncan, Three Forks,  Miner.
McDonald, Alexander A., Kaslo, Hotel
McDonald. George Brown, Cody, Accountant.
McDonald. Nell, Kaslo,  Labourer.
McDougall. Peter A., Three Forks, Miner
McDougall,   William,   Kaslo,   Engineer.
Melntyre, Duncan, New Denver, Stone
Mcintosh,   John,   Ainsworth,   Miner.
Mclnnls, Richard Elliott, Kaslo, Free
McLean, Daniel John,  Ainsworth, Miner.
McLellan,   Ijifayette,   Ainsworth,   Miner.
McLellan.  John,   Ainsworth,   Miner.
McLeod,   John,   Kaslo,   Saloonkeeper.
McLeod, Donald William, Kaslo, Blacksmith.
McMillan.   Neil.   Slocan   Cltv.   Carpenter.
McNeil,   John.   Kaslo.   Miner.
McPhail, James Alexander, Kaslo. Free
McQueen,   Alfred,   Kaslo,   Merchant.
O'Brien.  Patrick. Ainsworth,  Miner.
O'Reilly.  Francis Joseph,  Silverton,  Civil Engineer.
Otto,   James   Blackett,   Silverton,   Miner.
Parsons, George Mortimer, Ainsworth,
Mine Foreman.
Pearson, Albert, Kaslo, Free Miner.
Pollock. Thomas Campbell, Three Forks,
Merchant's Clerk.
Power,   John  Wesley,   Kaslo,  Contractor.
Powers. Thomas Robert, New Denver,
Powers. John J.. Three Forks, Miner.
Pratt, John, Three Forks.  Miner.
Provost,  Frank. Slocan City,  Miner.
Rainbow.   Henry   Thomas,   Kaslo,   Cook.
Reld.  George  Donald,   Kaslo,  Clerk.
Riddell.  John.   Kaslo.  Carpenter.
Ross, Llewellyn, Gerald, Silverton, Miner.
Sandllands. Evelyn Montague, Sandon,
General Agent.
Senders, Charles William Henry, Kaslo,
Deputy Mining Recorder.
Scott.  John,  Kuslo, Tc-amster.
Shone,  John, Three Forks, Blacksmith.
Smith.  Edward. Silverton,  Miner.
Smith,   Edwy Lincoln,  Kaslo, Merchant.
Smith, Forrest Walter, Kaslo, Free Miner.
Smith. William. Three Forks. Miner.
Smith.  Holds.  Ainsworth.  Miner.
Splnks,  George.  Silverton.  Miner.
Spinney, George Van,  Ainsworth.  Miner.
Stewart, James Robert.   Kuslo. Tailor.
Stewart, James Allan.  Sandon, Miner.
Stewart. William Frederick. Ainsworth,
Stevenson. William Russell, Kaslo, Civil
CS, ... IM,nH..s.        ,J" _..��.., I-*-...,.-. .
Stevens. Harry. Kaslo. Cook. ,
Stiles, Henry Edgar, Three Forks. Miner.
Stiles   Arthur. Three Forks, Miner.
Strathern. David Samuel Osborne, Kaslo,
Sutherland.  David.  Slocan City,  Miner.
SutclltTe.  Ell,  Kaslo.  Barber.
Tnlt.    James    Donaldson,    New  Denver,
Taylor.    Charles   Davenport,   Ainsworth,
Vallanee.  George.  Three  Forks.  Miner.
Vallanee. John, Kaslo, Free Miner.
Vaughan, Arthur Knowles, Kaslo, Hotel-
Vrooro.   John   Pickman,   Kaslo,   Custohs
Walker. John. Kaslo,  Tailor.
Wnugh.  James.    Kaslo,    Passenger    and
Freight Agent.
Webb. John. Kaslo. Labourer.
White. John James. Kaslo, Tailor.
Whlttler,   uohn   Alexander,   Kaslo,   Free
Wood. Frederick William Arthur, Kaslo,
free Miner.
Toung. David Jackson,  Kaslo, Stationer.
Finucane, Francis Joseph,  New Denver,  Accountant.
Twigg, Herbert Thomas. New Denver, Surveyor.
Certified correct ss distributed this sixth day of
June, 1808.
Distributing Collector.
List of Voters���SspeieaKslsry.
Gardiner,   Charles
Gerrard,   George
Allen,   New   Denver,
Bentley,   Kuslo,   Bank
s  Ills,  Hugh.  Kaslo, Free Miner.
Glover, John, Silverton,  Miner.
Gordon,  John Gilbert,  Silverton,
Gordon,  William   Freeman,   Ksslo.
Hamilton,  George,  Kaslo,  Tinner.
Hancock, William T��� Three Forks, Mln-
Harrls. George, Kaslo. Laborer.
Howes,    Thomas    Edward.     Ainsworth,
Henderson.  Robert George,  Slocan City,
Hotel Keeper.
Hodges, Henry,  Kaslo, Cook.
Hodder, William Edwards. Kaslo. Book-
Howarth,  James  David.  Kaslo,  Machinist.
Hyland, Hugh, Silverton, Carpenter.
Irvine, James, Kaslo, Laborer.
Irving, Robert, Kaslo, Secretary K. * 8.
Irwin. Fred Llewellyn, Kaslo, Bank Messenger.
Jardlne, Malcolm. Kaslo. Miner.
Jeffrey, James, Kaslo, Accountant.
Kane.   John  Wilfred,   Kaslo,   Steamboat
Kay. George, Kaslo, Tailor.
Keith,  Waverly,  A.. Kaslo. Salesman.
King,  Frederick Ernest,  Kaslo,  Merch't.
The names in tlie following list ltave
been placed on the registration books
since May 20th and are supplementary
to the list transferred at Nelson to this
rMing. Together they complete the
Abercromhie, Richard Levi, Whitewater, miner
Anderson, Henry S.< Siocan City, miner
Ad cock, William J., Slocan City. shoe merchant
Alexander, laorenao, Sandon, miner
Alexander, Richard Henry,  New    Denver,   mining
Alexander, George, Kaslo, barrister at law
Alexander, Henry Drnen, Sandon, mine manager
Allan, Alexander W., Sandon, miner.
Allan. William Kits-sell, Kailo, auditor
Allison, William, Katlo, bank manager
Anderson,James M., Duncan City, mine agent
Anderson, lames. Kaslo, accountant
Anderson, James, Saudon, clerk
Arnot,   Peter, Lemon Creek, merchant
Bain, Allen, Sandon, miner
Baird, Adam S��� Kaslo, miner
Raker, Jetties A , Slocan City, mining
Barber, George. Robson, clerk
Baur, John Robertson, Sandon,   m
Hus tock, John, Whitewater, m
Beaulieux, William H , Slocan City, ni
Bean, Charles Heiiry Sic can City, m
Beaton, Kenneth, Kaslo, laborer
Beer, Reward Geo., Robson, merchant
Beer, Frank Robert. Robson, merchant
Uehrman, Charles Miner Kaslo
Bell, James Edward Kaslo dairyman
Bell, lohn Warren Whitewater mine owner
Bell James, Whitewater, notary
Bennett, Geo Cody, miner
slicntrum John Whitewater miner
Bethune Dan Whitewater miner
Bigger Thos J Whitewater m
Bishop. Charles Alder. Kaslo Ry Agt
Klaikie James G Katlo m
Black John A Whitewater m
Black James, m
Bleach. Then., Slocan City, blacksmith
Bouch, Wm W., Silverton, prosuector
Brae, Ernest Albert, Kaaio, stenographer
Brady. Peter Anderson, Cody, m
Bragg, Harvey W��� Sandon, blacksmith
Brice, Charles, Kaslo, m
Bordeaux, Jephin. Whitewater, m
Brown Thos, Sandon, m
Buca, Louis, Whitewater, m
Butler, Charles W, SilvertonC PR agt
Cair John, Kaslo Miner
Cameron IKmgald Sandon laborer
Camer-Of* Mai-comb Silverton. m
Campbell, Geo., Silverton, prospector
Ca&sidy, Sam, Sandon, m
l ameron, John Donald, Robson, tailor
Cameron, John Hilliard, Sandon. clerk
Carley, Thos,, Whitewater,
Cayzei, Benjamin William, Kaslo, architect
Chataway, Geo Herbert, Kaslo, m
Cbisholm, Peter, Three Forks, m
Chislett, James, Whitewater, m
Chisholm, Allan, Whitewater, m
Chisholm Barrard Whitewater, m
Chynoweth John Ainsworth, m
Clark Wm S Sandon, Ry agt
Clank Chas M, Kaslo baker
Clement Thos M New Denver carptnter.
Cliff, Charles, sandon editor
Cliff, Joseph R,    **   -      printer
Cliff, Chas Victor " "
Conniatie, Uominco, Robson, railroad man
Connolly, David, Kaslo, plumber
Cook, Benjamin, Kaslo, carpenter
Cook, James, Kaslo, assayer
Copp, Charles I-rslm. Si I v art on, m
Cottingham, Thomas Edward, Kaslo. teamster
Crawford, Thomas Joseph, New Denver, clerk
Crawford, Irwin Fernando, Sandon, blacksmith
Colter, Wm., Silverton, baker
Cross, James, slocan city, m
Dalgleish, Andrew William, Cody, carpenter
Daigleish, Thomas Johnston, Cody, carpenter
Davis, Wm Lightbody. Kaslo, merchant
Dar rag h, Michael, Whitewater, m
Day, Douglas, silverton, m
Delaney, Thomas Joseph, NewDenver, feweller
Dickson Wm, Kaslo electrical engineer
Dill lohn Slocan City milkman
Pm-hm .Lawrence, saudon, ch police
Dunsey Dan, Whitewater  m
Douglas Henry, Kaslo, m
Drewery Wm S, Kaslo, P L S
Drummond Edward Berkley, Sandon,   bank elerk
Dunn John } Duncan City, m
Edwards John Wesley  Three Forks physician
Edwards G H Whitewater engineer
Em brie Andrew     " caapenter
English lames, Kaslo teamster
Ewart Nigel B     " miner
Ewart, Cecil Kaslo, miner
Fan bairn Mm MR Kasto.   C   E
Farrcll, James M . slocan city, m
Farmer, James Thomas, slocan city, m
Fiood, John James, Kaslo, laborer
Fortin, Francis Marsh, Whitewater, in
Fraser, Findlay, Kaslo, carpenter
Fraser, John k., Knslo, carpenter
Futcher, Thomas Robert, Kaslo, bank clerk
Gallagher, John, (Casio, boiler maker
Godfrey, Wm., Whitewater, m '
Goldsmith, Matthew, Whitewater, saddler
Goldsmith, Alexander, Whitewater,
Goodwin, Isaac, Kaslo, laborer
t it.tut, John, Whitewater, miner
Grant. James, Whitewater, m
Gray, Pierrepont,  Kaslo, m
Grant, Robert Alexander, Kaslo, accountant
Grant, Duncan, s Iverton, m
Gray John H, Kaslo, C E,
Green Frederick H   Kaslo clefk
(ireen George E   sandon, m
Grimmet Ge.i W sandon ieweler
Griffin Patrick ���* hotel man
1.ninths. Wm H Robson laborer
Guillim, John C    Brandon   CE
Hall Wot J. Kaslo   hotelkeeper
Hacking Samuel New Denver, cook.
Hall, Russell Pnngle, Kaslo, m
Hamilton, Wm Moses, Kaslo, m   .
Hamilton, William Hendrick, Bear lake, prospr/r
Hanson, Samuel, Kaslo, druggist
Hanson, Wilhelm, Kaslo, m
Hanna, Leander. Kaslo, teamster
Hane, Edward Wilson, New Denver, grocer
Haute, Charles,    Robson, stable boss
Harding, Evan. Whitewater, m
Healey John Kaslo, miner
Hill Leslie silverton ry man
Hill, Frederick J, Kaslo book keeper
Henniger Johu B       "       blacksmith
Hobbs George Whitewater in
Hodgson M    Sandon bank elk
HorricJames  slocan city   ni
Kuwait McPhee Kasto mariner
Hunter Wm  south Fork   cook
Irwin Albert Kaslo, m
Jackson, Thos, Kaslo, Yoeman
Jenkin Thos silverton   miner
Johnston William S slocan city assayer
Keenan John Dool Kasto blacksmith
Kee. Wesley, WhitewaUr, engineer
Kuester, Chas silverton, butcher
Kuox, Herbert Henry, New Denver, jeweller
Kyle, Robertson, Deer Park* m
Lamont, John Reed, Whitewater, m
Is-amb, James Andrew, Kaslo, laborer
Latham, James, Sandon, clerk
Lawrence, John Scott, Kaaio, m
Lee, Edward William, slocan city, m
Lennieux, James Alfred, Thiee Forks, m
Lendrum, Thos lames, Ainsworth, teamster
Letcher, Win John, Kasio, boat builder
Lcvasseur, George. Robson, laundryman
Lighthall, Abram, Sandon, laborer
Lindsay, Herbert Levi, Kaslo, prospector
Livingstone, Herbert Kilgour, Deer Park, mercht
Louglieed Isaac slocancity, in
Lowes Geo F sandon clerk
Lucas Alexander Kasto, police magistrate
Lucius John It McGuigan  ry agt
Madigan Michael slocan city, m
Madden James Ainsworth hotel man
Maisonneaur Adoltih Robson woodman
Marshall James, Sandou m
Martin Joseph B Three Forks m
Mathews William Kaslo tinner
Matt ich Geo F sandon, clerk
Mather William   Kaslo m
Michols Arthur F, sandon, laborer
MicholsGrorge slocan city m
Michols David " m
Michols Russell " m
Middleton John H Whitewater m
Miller, Andrew, Kaslo, carpenter
Millaux, Elias, Kobson, m
Miller, Matthew, sandon. laundryman
Minito, J nines Alexander, New Denver, carpenter
Mitchell, , Whitewater, tu
Moir, Wm Kaslo, m
Monroe, Daniel, sandon, in
Moody, Waiter Hill, Kaslo-  clerk
Moore, John Thomas, sandon, hotelkeeper
Moore, Edward, silverton, m
Morton, Winslow Ernest, slocan city, diaymaa
Morrison, Phillip, Ainsworth, m
Mullin, Colin Herbert, Kaslo, laborer
Murchison. Wm., Kaslo, m
Munro, John, sandon, clerk
Mullen, Samuel, Whitewater, m t
Murphy, Michael, slocan city, rn
Murchison, Colin, sandon. carpenter
Murphy, John Scarsfield, Whitewater, m
Murphy, Edward, slocan city, m
Musson, Thomas, Kaslo, in
McCaskall, John, Katlo, ra
McCormac It-James, Whitewater, m
McCauley, Frank, slocan city, m
McDonajd, Hugh, Bear Lake, hotelkeeper
McDonaid, Donald John, sandon, m
McDonald, Duncan, Kaslo, in
McDonald. Geo Angus, silverton, m
McDonald, John .Dominic, Whitewater, m
McDonald, Wm James. Whitewater, storekeeper.
McDonald. Alex, Whitewater, ra
McDonald, lames. Whitewater, ra
McDonald, James Angus, sandon, carpenter
McDonald, Dan, Whitewater, m
McDonald. Alexander Angus, sandon m
McDonald, Wm., sandon, m
McDonald, Thos Dan y, sandon, m
McDonald, John Alexander, sandou, ra
McDonald, Alexander Ronald, silvertoa,  carpenter
McDonald. Dan A, Kaslo, bookkeeper
Mt lonald, D A, Kaslo, bookkeeper
McDonald, Gen, sandon, m
McDougall, Daniel j,  sandon, ra
McDonald, Angus, silverton, prospector
McDonald, Archibald D, silverton. prospector
McDougall, Donald Malwlm. sandon, ��
McDougall Albert Kaaio ���
McGinntt Patrick Whitewater
McGregor Peter Kaslo transfer man
McGuigan Phillip James Cody m
McGraw Daniel Kaslo m
Mclnnis John Whitewater ��
Mclnnis Neil B sandon carpenter
Mclnnis James P   Whitewater m
Mcintosh John F Kaslo customs collector
Mcintosh John Sandon m
Mcintosh A slocan cty teamster
MctCaskell Archibald   Kaslo m
McKay WraD.  Kaslo CK
Mc Isaac Berwell P Whitewater m
Mcintosh Wn silverton m
Mcintosh R W Kaaio hotel man
Mclaaac John Whitewater m
McKickman James:   Sandon  m
Mckenrie. Wm. Whitewater  ra
Mc Kin non Allan H Kaslo train man
McLaughlin James W Robsoq foreman
McLeod Harvey Whitewater prospector
McLennan Hugh D Whitewater laborer
McLean Malroln   Whitewater  ra
McLeod No?raan Kasto ra
McMillan Duncan  3* lid on merchant
McNeil Malcolm P Kaslo carpenter
McNaughton Ewen A Kaslo nt
McPhee lohn NewDenver blacksmith
McPherson Alexander D New Denver teamster
M< Queen Wallace Knslo carpenter
McRae Cecil D New Denver prospector
McKar Duncan Silverton tt
McVannel Duncan S Whitewater ra
Nivin Frederick C Whitewater merchant
Noel John D Robson wood cutter
Owens Albert New Denier prospector
O'Reilly Patrick slocan city prospector
O'Brien Frank M Kaslo broker
Osbtirn Alfred. Sandon plasterer
Payne Geo N; Robson Laborer
Pettit Frederick W Kaslo accountant
Peterson David Three Forks m
Pitts Herbert H Sandon metchant .
Potts John H, Sandon       "
Powell, Robert Newton, New Denver, clergyman
Power, Francis Desmond, Whitewater, ra
Power, Michael, Three Forks, m
Ratcliffe, Robert Frank, Three Forks, m
Rathburn, . silverton, m
Redpath, Edward King, Robson railway agent
Rieveslames, Robson barber
Robie, Harry James New Denver tailor
Robertson, Donald Duncan slocan city merchant
Robinson, Wm Orr Whiteweter blacksmith
Ryan Wm New Denver prospector
Sanford Albert M sandon teamster
Savage Robert sandon m
Schiller Tames George Whitewater laborer
Scovill E Jennings Kaslo civil engineer
Scovil) Elennings Kaslo clerk <
Sloan Robert Three Forks m
Sinclair Wm Henry Kaslo accountant
Smith Alfred C slocan city merchant
Sprout Alexander New Denver mining recorder
Stephenson Edmund F Kaslo druggist
Stell Herbert Roy Duncan City assayer
Stiritt Allan Henry sandon transfer agent
Stook James Conrad slocan city merchant
Strickland John Hepry NewDenver merchant
Sutherland Alex Whitewatci blacksmith
Sutherland Owen Alexander Kaslo bookkeeper
Sutherland Gordon New Denver carpenter
Sutherland George Kaslo blacksmith
Stewart Ernest sandon in
Tapanita Mathew Whitewater, carpenter
Thomas Reginald Wolferston sandon hank officer
Thompson Wm James slocan city m
Thompson Wm Wellington silverton team iter
Thomas, George Foster Whitewater m
Touiri Wm Joseph slocan city drayman
Twiss Edward Day Kaslo agent
Twiss Wm James Kaslo general agent
Underbill Samuel Ainsworth m
Urquahartjohn K   Sandon   m
Walmsley Charles  Sandon teamster
Waring Thos H  slocancity m L
Warren John Kaslo      cook
Watson Samuel   Silverton   m
Welch John A Three Forks m
Wcstaway Franklin Kaslo cook . <-
Whellams William        "      accountant
Wicks Charles E Whitewater    m
Whitaker Sammel  Slocan City m ,   ..
Willis Robert L Kaslo   laborer ...:.���
Winter Geo H   Sandon bank clerk n
Younghusbandjohb      Whitewater ra
The surveyor's chain made It the
ShortrstTranscontinental Route,. ������
It Is the most modern In equipment.
It is thc heaviest railed line. - -
I hMsrock-bsliast rosdbed. :
It crosses no ssnd deserts. .'
It w��s built without Isnd grant or go/t. stilt Is noted for the courtesy ot IU employes. -
It la only line serving mesla on Is carta plan.
Kuutensy connection st Bonner's Ferry.Tyos-
day, Wednesday .Thursday .Ssturday auiUjunday
Eastward .... 8.50 a. m | Westwsrd 3 i', jwo.
For maps, tii'kets snd complete Information,
call on or address I.N.A '*'��� Co.'s agts, K .A a Ky.
agts. or C. 0. DIXON,Gen. Agt., Bpokane.Wn.
F. I.WHITNEY. (1. P. AT. A���St. Paul, -linn
The Canadian Pacific Ryf
���AND- 1
Soo Pacific Line.   :��� :i:>
The cheapest, most comfortable arid
direct route from Kaslo to all points in
Canada and the United States. The
only line running through tou rat cars
to Toronto, Montreal and Boston, arid
through tourist cars to St. Paul dally.
Magnt8cent sleepers and dining cifrs
on all trains.   Travel by this line and
have baggage checked to destination.
Dally connection (rom Kaslo ovary
day, excepting Sunday, at 7.80 a. ra.
For Kuskonook and lake polnte, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.        ���. '
For Argenta and Lardo, Tuesday and
Friday at 8.15 p. m. ]lf 7
 .    'V'"     ' $.   ,
For lull Information, call on Or address
Freight snd Passenger Agent, Kaslo, B. 0. .
Or to W. F. ANDERSON, ,'.
Traveling Pass. Agt., Nelson, B. C.
District Passsnger Agent, Vancouver. ���
Write for Klondike Folder and Map.       '     ���
The Fast Line,
Superior Service.!
Through ticket* to all polnte la United
States and Canada. Direct Connection
with thc Spokane Falls A Northern Ry.
No.1 West....8:85p.m. | No.2Kaat....7*0us. m.
McLsllu Norasn s city merchant
McMichol Chas ��I<m-��h city merchant
Ms-Mills. Johu A Saudon merchant
McMillan Norman D      New Denver m
Tickets to Japan arid China via Tacoma
and Northern Pacific Steamship Company. For information, time cards,
maps and tickets, apply to egte. &t the
Spokane Palls * Northern .and its connections, or to F. D. GIBBS,
Ueneral Agent, Bpekaas, Wash. e=a=
Did You
See such a nico lino of
Fishing Tacklo as we ure
showing this mon tii?
i ilco ti look ��t it and
he convinced thut it is.
the bo^t in town, it don't'
co.,1 any thing to look,
an.l if you buy, you will
find prices lowest of the
Fine Watch Repairing.
��� ��� FRONTS?.,      -      KASLO,B.C.
Sporting Goods a Specialty.
Official Directory.
���I I.V
Member House ol Commons
ment, for West Kootena)
Ear] of Aberdeen
r Wilfrid Liuirier
lomlnion 1'arlia-
Hewitt Bostoel:
IJ6sTt.-sSo7.rnor . Hon. T. R. Mclnnes
Premies .... Uon. .t. ii. -Turner
Attorney-General . . Hon. D. M. Eberta
Com. of bund sndWorks lim;. G. II. Mnrtlu
Minister Mines and Education . rlon. Jas.Baker
President Execu I*. 'ounoll . Bon.C.K.Poioley
Provincial.'. neralogtsi
Members Lei Islatlve Assembly for West Kootenay���North H: ling . . .
.South" Riding	
J* M. Kellle
J. F. Hume
Aldermen- -A .V*
Moore, Q, Uartl
City Clerk
Police Magli Irate
City Marshal    .
a   Istant
Water Commissioner
Health Officer  .
City oounell meets c
t_-llR.ll, 4lh si
^,^^^^^_JS.\V. MeAllll
ii:, . i,l i. Archer.J.i).
W. Moore, Geo. Whiteside.
E. B, Chinimui
\le>; Lneaa
.  il. V, Ailams
VY. A. Milne
('. I). MeKenzio
B.H. Oroen
S. P. Tuck
Is. A. Cockle
Dr J, r. B. Rogers
iry Vti'iini Bdaj -i p. m.at
between Front st. iinsl A ave.
VOl.t'N: .
Ctiict      .      .
Firsl lu-1"!-'. ���    li
Beeond Deput / in., f
Third Deput   I I
Treasurer       ,      .
Hugh P. Fletcher
Geo.   Hi ill
. John Gillis
Geo, Whiteside
Archie Morris
.     .      Gus Adams
Mining Rocordei Assessor-Tax Col. . .Inn.Keen
Collectori 'Gaston        .     .     .). F Mcintosh
School TruBtaet -August Carney, J. D. Moore,
8,0. Buchanan. Principal -*Pro| Jas, Hislop.
Oeneral deliver] operj daily [Sundays excepted) Iroin 8. a. ra. until 7 p.m.  trofroro
1 ti. ni. l'.r.-.:o |i. in. Malls for despatch dose every everts)} except Saturday aud Sunday, at 9
p. in. Mails arrive from r lUod ateai id lake
points dally exoepl Bunday, ot 8.80 p. m. From
C. P, it. ana Blooan points, arrive .iniiv, tx.ept
Sunday, nt l p. nt. Registration offloe open,8.80
a. in., e.ao p. tn. Money order oir-e.- and t'��.,st-
offlc�� Savings Bank open 9 a. tn. in 5 p.m.
6, if. iikki-jv   Postmaster.
METHODIST CHURCH-'-Cor.C sr.il Sth st   Divine services every Sunday na. in. and7.90p.
m. Sunday sohool 8J90. Strangers welcome.
Rev. J. .'. tVooil, Pal tor.
PRESBYTERIAN CiriTHCH   Cor. 4th st. and H
nn'. Service:! evary sttndi    lit. n. and 7.:.o
n. in. Sunday I U!blecla-*t,2.?tlp.ro.
riiiyer meeting Wednesday evening 8 o'clock.
Pree seats. Stn   *������.'�� heartily welcome.
'   r, A   i>.  .lensl     Mfnlol ir.
OHtJROB OFENi I IND- Bouthw    I cor   of C
,i.-���. and .'TU st. Sorvlees every Bunday fttll a.
in. and 7.80 B. m. All ���are COtdlnily In ril  d.
Rev. David Richards, Mlsstoner in Charge.
CATHOLIC CHURCH���Corner C avenue  anil
inh st.   No tegularpastor ai present.   Occasional services by special announcement.
MASONS���Kaslo Lodge So. 26, A. F, A
A. M.j meets Ami Monday In evory
month ai Masonic hall over Croon
Urns', store.   Visiting brothers   invitee in nl .'int.      II. Byers, \Y. M.
K. K. t'liipnmn, Beoreta.y.
MASONIC CHAPTER���Kootenay Chapter, R.A.
M., holils regular convocations nil tne si otmd
Tuesday of each motuhin Masonic hall,Kaslo
Visiting comi nu i-ins are oordlaUy Invlli ���'..
I'lias. Triiiiiljull,.-'(-riue 12.       li. E. Cliipmuti, '/..
MACCABEES-SI "-an TetH No. li, Kiil(*lils of
the Maooabees, moot - second nnd tourth Mondays ofoach month al Uvlngiton's aall,Ka<lo
Visiting Knight; cordially invited.
v:. a. Davies, Commander.
Dolph .lohnson, Eeo] er ol Records.
FORESTERS���Court katlo Nu. 8887, Independent Order of Foresters.   Metis  1th Friday  ol
eaoh month   In Victoria   lions,.',    visit!
brethren iireciintlully Invited.
\V. B, Strathern, Chief Hanger.
vi. j. Hall, Rtoordtng Secretary.
The Davis House!
Apartment, forgoutlrmen.
Everything Ih'Bt-cliiHP. A
dlninc isioni in connection.
HUS. J. t DAVIS, Proprietress.
McPhail Woek, Fifth and
Front strei'tj, Knslo, H. ('.
Secretary's usee.
Sill June, 1898.
[L.S.]     THOS. R. McINNES.
nor has been pleased to appoint FI.KTCH-
KK B. ANDREWS, Ksuuire, lobe Returning OI-
fleer for the Sloean Riding ol West Kootenay
Electoral District; and
His Honour the Lleutenant-tlovemorXhas
boen pleased to appoint and d'"'lare the Unv*
ernuienl Ofllee, Knslo, lo in tho place Inr thu
nomination of candidntes forseleetton tn the
legislative Assembly in.thc Slocsn Riding ol
West Kootenay Klectoral District.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of Cod, of
tho Uuitoil Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, QoiSEN, Defender
of the Faith, &e., &c, &c.
To all to whom theso Presents shall
come���Greeting .
D. M. ICHEKTS, Attorney-General.
W'HIOREAS it is advisable to establish the following polling
places in the several and respective Electoral Districts hereinafter
NOW KNOW YE that, by virtue of
tho authority contained in the "Provincial Elections Act," the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council declares that the
following polling places shall be, and
they are hereby, established for the
several Electoral Districts, the names
of which are sot opposite such polling
places, respectively, that is to say:���
Polling Places. Electoral District.
Pilot Bay	
Argenta 1^^^^^^^^^
Snndon     I
New Denver    I        West
Silverton    i Kootonay-
Slocan City    j        Slocan
Robson    j       Riding.
J nbi ieePohi t, HouserLk
Whitewater Station....
Threo Forks	
Deer Park	
Slocan Junet,C.&K.Ry. '
In Testimony Whereof We have
caused these Our Letters to be
mado Patent and the Croat Seal
of British Columbia to be hereunto
r.liixeil: Witness, tho Honourable
Thos. R. McInnes, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said I'rovince of
British Columbia, in Our City of
Victoria, in Our said Province,this
lifteonth day of June, in tho year of
Our Lord one thousand eighx hundred and ninety-eight, and in the
sixty-first year of Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
[L.S.]     THOS. R. McINNES.
THE FAITH, A-r., Ac, _tO,
To Our Faithful the Members elected to serve
in the Legislative .Assembly of Our Province of Hritish Columbia,and In all whom
il may concern,���GREETING.
u,;.r,i... !w��ii J  VV     thouglilllt.byanil
attorney-Oenoral.j  vv    %vitll* ,,,e' afivir*.
i'.tuI eonsent of Our Exeeutivo t'ounell of Our
I'rovlnee of British Colombia, to dissolve the
present Legislative Assembly of Our said I'rov-
line, whieh stands prorogued until summoned
inr dispatch of business.
NOW KNOW YE that We do, for this end,
iiulillsli tlilsour Royal Proclamation, and do
hereby dlssolvo the Legislative Assembly ae-
i-nrillngly, and the members thereof are dls-
ebargea from further attendance on samo.
theso Our Letters to be liutde Patent, ami
���in i.i-"nl Si sii'i Hritish Columbia to be
hereunto infixed: WITNESS, the llonniir-
nble THOMAS It. MelNNES, Lk'iitemiiit-
(lovornor of Our said Province of llrlllsh
lolumbla, In our t Ily of Victoria. In Our
said Province, this seventh day of June.
In tho year of Onr Lord one Thousand
light Hundred and Ninety-Eight, anil In
thu slxty-llrst year of Our Reign.
By .'.'.iiiiuiii'l.
Registrar of the Eupremc Court.
Notice to Provincial Tax Payers,
that those persons who desire to
take titlvantage of tbe lower rate
for the current yaar   must" send the
amount thereof to me on or before the
30th June, instant.
Provincial Assessor and Collector.
Kaslo, B. C.
:���:��� ������'^.*.-*& ':���:���: .._.
[L.S.]    THOS. R. McINNES.
To al! to whom these fresents shall coin*',���
may be, to meet Onr people ol ciur Province of
Hritish Columbia, and to have their adviee in
Our Legislature, We do make know n Our Royal
Will and Pleasure lo call a new Legislative Assembly of Our said i'rovince; uud do fnrlher
declare that, by the advice of our Executive
Council of British Columbia, Wo hnve this day
?:lveil orders for issuing our Writs lu due form,
or calling a new Letrish-.tiv Assembly for Onr
said Province, which Writs are i" bear date on
tlie seventh day of June, Instant, and to be returnable on or before the thirty-first day of
August next.
these Our Lellers to be made Patent, and
the Public Seal ol ihe suid Province te be
hereunto affixed; WITNESS, the Honourable THOMAS it. McINNES, Lieutenant-Governor Of Our suit! Province of
British Columbia,iii Our City of Victoria,
in Our said Provinces Ihis sevenrh day oi
.luuo, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-Eight,
and iu the Bix ty-flrat year of our Reign.
By Command.
Registrar ofthe Supreme Court.
[L.S.]     THOS. R. MCINNES.
THE FAITH, _t0., <ic, Ac.
To tho Returning Officer of tho Slooan Hiding
of West Kootenay Electoral District;
teniint-Goveruor oi Jlriiisti Columbia
has, by a Proclamation bearing date
the 7th tiny of .tunc, 1*JU8, been j.leased to dissolve the' Legislative Assembly of the said
Province; and whereas it Is necessary to hold
Elections throughout the said Province to fill
the- vacancies caused by such iissolution, We
command you that,notice of the limonnd place
of Election being duly given, you do caU8e_s.ee*
tion to he mnde, according to- law, of One
Member to serve in the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia for the
.Sloean Riding of West Koolermy Klectoral District, and that yon do cause Ihu nomination of
Candidates at such Election lo be held on thc
29th day of .June, lew, and ao cause the name
of such Member, when so elected, whether he
lu' present "r absent, to be certified lo Our supreme Court, at the city ol Victoria, on or lie
lore the 81st dny ol August next, the Election
-<i made, distinctly and oi only under <".:r real
siuly Indorsed upon ;!.:. our '-v. rlt.
IN ii:si',.MO'.'Y WHEIt'iOF, Wa have cnusi 1
these our I ,-':���: - Ii ������ . Ii ':'- ��� -.1 under the Great t'ealoi Our said Proviaoe ol
British Columbia: WITNESS, tho Honourable THOMAS R. McINNES, at Our
Government House, nt Victoria, this seventh day of June, in the year of Our Lord
One Thousand Eight Hundred aud Ninety-Eight.
By Command.
Registrar of tho Supreme Court
20th May, 18W.
nor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned persons to be Collectors of Votes,
under tho provisions of section lit of the "Re
distribution Aot, l��an,'' namely:
JOHN D. HIBBAI.D. of Revelstoke, for tbe
Rovelstoke Hiding, West Kootenay Electoral
ALEXANDER LUCAS, of Kaslo, for tlio
slocnn Riding, Wesl Kootenay Electoral Dis-
RODERICK F. TOI.M1E, of Nelson, for the
Helton Riding, West Kootenav Electoral District. .   .
JOHN KIRKl'P, ol Rosr.hinil, for the Rossland Riding, West Kootenav Electoral lHs-
I sL-hL v_3 L-
A Seasonable Line of
Including Such Delicacies as
Smyrna Dried Fii?s. Preserved Now Orleans Figs.
Ram Lai Tea.    (.'haso ,,; Sanborn's Coffees.
Aud all Noted Brands of Coffee, Mecca, Mocha ami Java.
Cross s. Blaokwell's Pickles.
Patterson's Chutney Pickles.   French mustard.
Sliced Smoked Beef and the Noted Beef Extract, Bovrll.!
^^^^^^^^^ We can furnish almost any  thing desired in the!
Grocery Line.    But that is uot all.
Our'Men's Furnishing Goods.
Continue to comprise tho Largest and Finest Assortment in the city.   Call
and see them.
sR^JL--/ s-L-41 M       7'i^
Corner A Avenue and Third Street, Kaslo, L>. L'
�� V,
& U\y*ly
^%; '    '���      ;    - '       i     g^ff   B |
. i  ���     I .':      i    ��       U   u
��� ftj ll ,'   ���!   1    a *,
Subscribe For the
And Get It Fresh,
Advertise in
And Increase Your business.
Brightest, Newsiest Paper
in the Kootenay.
And his Honor the Lieutenant-Governor lias
been pleased to appoint the undermentioned
person to bePlstrlmithiK Collootor, under tlie
provisions oi section 17i>! thu said Act, name
In tlio former Eleetoral District of West
\.ii'ienay, QXORQX A. MCPARLAND, of
Does Jobbing Trade on Kootenay Lake.
Leere orders with George Hubor, Interna-'
tioniU Whmrl, K_slo. I
Wholesale Dealers in
,       and VEGETABLES
Also Hay, Feed and Produce.
Wo ship direct from California and are prep wed to quote
the lowest market priees on all kinds of fruits it. Mason.
NELSON, B. C. r +ts-  ���**- '_-*���*���
I 11,1 ill 11       Wll It |H       Ills       I.IINillKK       IlllCU ���
u, ii ilii 11 Hnll in Trouble���Slio-
slioiie County llonila to He Tented
���Stilelde From a Ti-iiln nt Allmnj
Before adjournment Saturday the
Whitman county commissioners passed a
ruling that the clerk and sheriff will
henceforth be allowed but two deputies
eaeh and that the board will pay for no
mote detective  work.
The board of county commissioners at
Colfax has on tile a letter from Governor
Rogers in regard to the Keech pardon
case wliich was written to \\\ W. Saunders of Spokune, attorney for Mrs. Keech,
and tiled with Auditor Tobin as a part
nf the record of the ease. The letter is
dated at Oluympia, May 11), and is as
follows: "Your letter of May lo at
hand. Eclating to the Keech pardon 1
can only reiterate what has been said
now a number of (Tines. The pardon
was granted Keech unconditionally, it
is a matter of record in the executive
office. It was, however, sent to Judge
McDonald to be by him delivered to
Keech. 1 do not desire to be drawn into
a squabble, having difficulties of my own
to look after, and therefore must beg to
lie excused from signing the certificate
whieh you enclose. Yours very truly,
J. K. Rogers."
Mrs.* Eliza MeClure Alexander, who
has been a sufferer for six weeks from a
paralytic stroke, diet! last week at Hill-
yard. Deceased was born March 4, 1811),
in Banford, Browne county, New York.
In 1842 she was married to Peter P. Alexander. In 18.1(1 the family removed to
Iowa county, Wisconsin, which was then
a wilderness, living for several years in
Avoca, and later in Vernon county. The
liusband died in 1881. Mrs. Alexander
came to Spokane in 1887, and hns resided in Hillynrd four years. Her descendants now living consist of six sons,
28 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Two sons and a daughter preceded her to the grave. Her sons are
Charles I), of Tamora, Xeb.; Y. W. of
Virginia, Wis.; Frank M. of Waterville,
Wash., and S. 1.., K. E. and Fred 'A. of
Spokane. Two brothers ami a sister in
Browne county, Xew York, survive her.
Indian Commissioner Snowdon has succeeded in saving for Sarah Wannochin a
balance of about $1800 remaining of
moneys for land owned by her son on
the Puyalltip reservation. She claims
she was influenced by the former commissioners to sign a power of attorney to sell
the land upon the representation that it
was a probate paper. The land was then
sold and $2400 of the purchase money
given lo Mary Taylor, who claimed to be
the wife of Joe Wannochin. The old
woman will get the balance left.
Abraham Sequa, an Indian living on
the Coeur d'Alene reservation, was in
Tekoa last week to see if he could get
legal aid to collect a gambling debt from
Louie Arupa, another Indian. The story
told by Abraham is that he visited Louie
Friday night and engaged in a friendly
game of poker. The former was lucky
and won a sum of money, a gun and
st saddle from the latter, but it appears
that thc articles were not delivered to
the winner at the time. The next morning Abraham returned to Louie's house
to get the goods he had won, but the latter refused to deliver them, and Abraham came io Token to get legal advice.
He seemed much disappointed when he
found he could not collect the debt.
Measles are raging in Colfax, and a
large per cent of the children who have
never had the disease nre down, but tliere
are no serious cases ami Ihe weather is
ideal for this disease. Pullman is anliot-
ed the same way, and a resident of Poll-
man declares fully one-half the youthful
population of the town have the disease.
Bent on rigid economy Uockfonl's
schnnl board employed but one teacher
for the summer term of two months, but
when at the end of the first mouth there
were nearly M names on the roll, Mr.
Brewer declared an assistant must be
furnished him, aud Miss llilga Hanson.
one of this year's graduates, was appointed to thai  position.
Chris Kmiis has just returned from n
trip to Ireland, whither he went to see
relatives and friends, says the Walla
Walla Statesman. He reports having
had a delightful lime, and was cs|>eclally
impressed with the beauty of the Emerald Isle. One thing particularly wus noticeable, being the profusion of flowers
that grow along the rondsides, making
the thoroughfares appear more like parks
than public highways. Mr. Ennis says
that there is a splendid prospect for
crops in Ireland, but the little fields looked to him like playing farming.
May, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
F>ank Lowary of Sprague, who are visiting near Walla Walla, ate several morphine tablets the other evening, and the
child's life was only saved after three
hours' hard work by the physicians. Tlie
little girl thought the tablets were candy.   She ate a grain and a quarter of the
Ida Iio.
Strawberries from the Old Mission are
in the market here, in Wallace, before the
middle- of June, and it accents the difference in climate between there and
here, for in this neighborhood the vines
are just fairly in bloom.   Tlie distance (
between the two places by the river is
only 25 miles, nnd considerably less in all'
air line, while the difference in elevation
is only some 0(1*0 or 700 feet.
As the eastbound express on the Great.
Northern railway was crossing the
bridge at Albany Falls ten days ago, F.
Schemelye of San FYaneisco, sprang
through the window of a passenger coach
with the evident intention of plunging
into the river. His body struck some of
thc timbers on the side of the bridge and
fell back under the wheels of the train.
Death was almost instantaneous.
E. E. Harris is a new arrival in Genesee from Oklahoma. Mr. Harris was a
"sooner" in that country during the mad
rush of a few years past, but like the majority of those who went there tired of
trying to eke out an existence. He states
that he has induced a large party who
are traveling overland in nine wagons,
to follow him to Genesee. He states
that "if many other settlers in that God-'
forsaken country knew of the opportunities mid openings for industrious people
in the Inland Empire they would follow
Captain Fenn has written home to
lioise that Company H is accumulating a
library to take with them which will materially relieve the monotony of their
long trip to Manila* The Whittier club
has sent them a donation of money for
the purchase of books.
Deputy United States Marshal Coak-
ley went to Idaho F'alls to serve papers
instituted in a suit against John O'Neill,
Hugh O'Neill nnd the Idnho Palls Canal
& Irrigation Company. The action is
brought to secure revocation of tt patent
issued for a large tract of land, which,
it is alleged, was obtained by fraud. The
affidavit filed io secure*- patent stateir"
sufficient water had been obtained to il*
rigate the land, which the government
claims is not true. The United States
also asks that the money paid by the
defendants be forfeited.
The report of thc enrollment and attendance of the Moscow public schools
for the past year reaches the high water
mark in the history of the schools. The
number enrolled wns 81)7, a record that
can not be approached by any city in the
state outside of Hoise. Eighty-eight per
cent of the census enrollment of the district attended the city schools, and combined with the number attending the
university, shows that over 00 per cent
of the children of school age huve attended school. This is an excellent showing and Moscow is proud of it.
The county commissioners let a eon-
tract at Rathdrum to Oliver Brothers of
Spokane to erect n bridge over the Spokane river nt Fort Sherman, Idaho. Sealed bids hnd lieen advertised for by thc
board, but Oliver Brothers were the only
bidders. They are to erect the bridge,
furnish all labor and material for $10110.
to be paid by (he county, and $147i*i by
the citizens of Coeur d'Alene City.
The matter of testing the validity of
the bonded debt of Shoshone county
seems about to come to a head. The
semi-annual interest is due ill New York
on July 1. and it is the practice here to
make the remittance here about the loth
of this month, in order to have it there
on time. The county treasurer has been
enjoined from making the remittance. It
is anticipated that when the county refuses to pay the interest the bondholders
will immediately take steps to test the
validity of the bonds. The commissioners evidently prefer to act on the defensive und force the bondholders to commence action. While the validity of the
whole issue of $280,000 is disputed, they
having been issued by the commissioners
without submitting the matter to a vote
of the people, it is scarcely hoped that
the county will be relieved from the payment of the whole amount.
Prairie schooners pass through Boulder
every few days en route to the Black*
foot reservation and Canada. They usually have plenty of horses, cattle and
babies with them.
C. Bachant of KaliipeU has received n
check for $2770 for wheat be hits delivered at Ihe roller mills here during the
past two weeks. This is undoubtedly the
largest check given to one man for grain
at one time in the history of the county.
George II. Tilly, night chief of the
Western Union office at Helena, who was
recently appointed by (he president as
tlrst lieutenant in the volunteer signal
corps, has received his commission. He
expects to receive orders to report to
General .Merritt at. San Francisco, in
view of the fact that General Merritl is
having dilliciiliy in the lilling of Ihe signal corn that is to accompany him to
the Philippines.
Two covered wagons bearing a family
of eight people balled iu Miles City th*
other day. These people haw been traveling since the spring of 1807, having left
Kansas with their wagon train in April
of that year. The elderly grandfather of
the party said lie was from Indiana originally, and had emigrated to Kansas in
the early 80s. but gave up agriculture
there after finding out to a certainty Hint
good crops were five to seven years
apart, which he said was too long an interval for profitable fanning. The party
wintered on the Rosebud in 1897, and
from there pursued their course westward to Idaho, returning to Rosebud last
Uriels. Fort nt Culmenera Fell Before
the Gdss of Three Warship*���
Mile* Wanted by Aluer���Lively
Time* ut t'liickiiiiiiiiiu'ii.
Camp .McCalla, Guantanamo Bay, June
10, via Kingston.���The brick fort and
earthworks nt Caitncncra, at tlie end of
the railroad leading to the city of Guantanamo, were demolished yesterday by
bombardment of the Texas, Marblehead
and Suanee. ������
The warships opened fire at 2 p. m.,
and the bombardment lasted an hour
and a-haliV The Texas steamed slowly
.up the channel leading to the fortifications, followed closely by the Marblehead.
The Marblehead stood off to the west
side of the bay und opened with her
five-inch guns, knocking down part of
the wall. The Texas then threw in sonic
12-inch shells tearing down the wall of
the fort and throw ing bricks and mortar
30  feet in the air.
After badly damaging the fort the
Marblehead shelled the earthworks and
barracks at the west end of the harbor.
She knocked them into the air and when
the Spaniards tied from the fort they
were shelled by the Suanee and driven
into the bushes. The Spaniards fired only
five shots, which did no damage.
After the ships stood out into the harbor, the Spaniards in the bushes opened
"fire on the Ma rbl eh cad's launch, which
replied vigorously. The Suanee then turned back -and shelled the bushes, driving
the Spaniards inland.
< omlnK Home for Iteernlt*.
San FYanciseo, ,Iune 15.���Sergeants M.
Corey, John Stringer and J. W. Cliilds
of ^.he First battalion, Washington volunteer infantry, have been ordered to Se-
j attle and Spokane on recruiting service.
Sergeants R. Drake, W. Darr and James
Keid of the Second battalion will recruit
at Vancouver, Yakima and Walla Walla.
Private John H. Stevens, who came
from Walla Walla with Troop L, First
cavalry, died at the Presidio yesterday of
The men of Company E. First Idaho
volunteers, have presented Captain Thomas K. Homer with a handsome gold-
mounted sword, a duplicate of the one
given to General Shatter when he left
this city.
Mile*  Called   Hack.
Washington. June lt>.���General Miles,
commanding the army, is expected to return here some time tomorrow.
The presence of Miles nt army headquarters is desired by Secretary Alger
and the president ut this time, as there
are many questions in connection with
i the invasion of Santiago and the projected
I expedition to Puerto Rico, upon which
it is desired to consult him. Miles will
also lie consulted respecting the investment of Havana and whether it is wise
to undertake that before autumn, when
the rainy season has passed.
it.-illooii   l''.\|H-dit ion.
Washington, June Hi.���What may become an important adjunct to the sSan-
liago expedition, which steamed out of
Port Tampa Tuesday, was the military
balloon equipment prepared under the direction of General Greeley of the signal
It was in charge of Captain Maxfield,
an experienced officer of the corps, who
will supervise all operations connected
with the use of the airship.
Itosli   llnli'ris   ��t   (lifeKiiiiinuuii.
Chictaniaiiga, June 10.���The work of
equipping the volunteer army in accordance with the rush orders from Washington is liow the main thing in Camp Thomas. Ordnance supplies of all kinds began
pouring into Chattanooga today.
Colonel Grigsby received notice from
Washington that all arms and equipments for the cowboys are now on the
road and will arrive in a day or two. It
is practically assured that Grigsby\s men
will be aiming the llrst to sec service.
Several hundred recruits ure now arriving nl the camp daily and the prospect*
are that all regiments will be recruited
to the full strength in u few weeks. Today is partly cloudy aud all eoinnuunls
arc taking advantage of the excellent con
ditions for drilling.
Moulin     Expedition    Given    n   Good
Time  at   Honolulu.
Victoria, B. C, June 18.���Advices today per steamer Miowera from Hono-
ln:.l   .Itine 10. say:
Thc United States transports City of
Peking, City of Sydney and Australia arrived here together on the 1st instant.
Thc voyage down was pleasant and the
vessels traveled abreast most of the way,
although it wus necessary for the Peking
and Australia to slow up nnd wait for
the City of Sydney.
Eight cases of measles broke out on
the Australia. The sick men were separated from the other passengers on the
ship by being quartered on the hurricane deck and the surgeons had the cases
well in band when the vessels arrived.
As soon as the three vessels were
sighted all Honolulu turned out to welcome the soldiers. The docks were lined
with people und as the vessels entered
the harbor thc spectators yelled themselves lionise. Such a scene of enthusiasm had never been witnessed in Honolulu.
When thc vessels docked it was late,
so the order was given to allow no one
ashore, but the next morning about half
thc troops were allowed to land. During
the day they were given tbe freedom of
the city. The men visited Walkiki and
other points of interest and had a pleasant time generally.
At noon President Dole and his cabinet received the officers of the expedition.
During the reception the steamers and
the grounds of thc executive building
were thronged  with people.
(In June 3 the soldiers were entertained on the grounds of the executive building. President Dole was on hand to welcome them. The utmost freedom prevailed, the affair being very informal.
To each man the chief executive gave a
word of welcome to Honolulu. An outdoor luncheon was served hy the ladies
of the city.
The transports left for Manila on the
4lh. The Charleston steamed outside and
waiied for thc fleet, which got away
about 1(1 o'clock, with the Charleston in
the rear.    While Ihe vessels were in port
they took in the neighborhood of 1000
tons of coal.
Of the 2900 men among the various vessels, but two desertions were recorded
and Ihey are from un Oregon regiment.
Two other men were left behind, one being discharged for disabilities and the
other is in a local hospital.
Second Lieutenant* From the Rank*
nnd From Many Stntes, None
From West Point���Name* of Those
From the   l'iu-llle  West.
Snntlimu     Fort*    Deairoyed    und    a
<;im.iI  Hnrhor  Secured.
Thomos Johnson, a young man 19 or
20 years old, died last Wednesday at
Soutli Colfax from poisoning, supposedly
from eating putrid  or soured meats.
Importers say that a revenue tax of
10c a pound on tea ought not to raise
the retail price.
Several   Hundred   < nhnn*   Join   the
American   Troon*.
Off Santiago, June 17. via Kingston,
June IS.���The week's campaign in eastern Cuba has resulted in the practical demolition of the outer fortifications of
Santiago, in anticipation of the arrival
of the troops, and the occupation of the
line harbor of Gunntauamo iu which today are anchored such magnificent ships
as the Oregon nnd St. Paul, together with
thc Marblehead, Dolphin, .Stiwanee and 11
other auxiliary gunboats, colliers and
press dispatch Ixiat-s, in an average depth
| of 17 fathoms of water.
The military resistance  to definite ac*
| enpution   is practically  closed  since  the
j bombardment of Wednesday.
All   intercepted   ollicial   report   of   the
; Spanish military eommuiider Indicates
I that his military resources nre exhausted. His soldiers are now on half rations.
There are supplies only for the remainder of June. The commandant has already seized all private drug supplies, in
order that they may be bestowed to the
use of the soldiers.
The insurgent forces, armed and equipped by Captain McCalla, not only proved
during scouts, but turned out to lie brave
fighters and good shots with the Lee-
Mctford rifles. Our own men are warm
iu their praise and look for unexpectedly stroing co-operatiOn on Ihe part of the
Cuban army.
Carried Fooil und ts.,1,1.
Kingston, Jamaica, June 18.-- A di*-
ly strong .Manlnnillo. province of Santiago de Cuba, received here today announces Ihe arrival there of the Spanish
steamer Purislma Conoepoion, which
sailed from Kingston about 2 o'clock
Thursday morning with food supplies for
the Spanish soldiers and rallying, it is
understood, $lo.ooo in gold.
Washington, June 20.���At a late hour
last night Gcperal Corbin made publie
the names of the 105 men selected for
appointment as second lieutenants in the
regular'army to fill the vacancies created
by the act of congress adopting the three
battalion organization of infantry and
the addition of one second lieutenant to
all batteries to be filled to war strength.
Each of the 195 men selected will be
obliged to undergo an -lamination that
will he a thorough test of his mental
and physical qualifications for the army
service. Those who pass the examination will be named by the president to
the senate.
To the selection of men both tlie president and secretary of war have devoted
time and consideration. Out of the 195
appointed, Kl) are known to be college
graduates, live of them honor men of
their classes���of colleges having military
instructors; in all representing 07 different institutions. Forty-eight arc now in
the volunteer militia service aud 13 are
enlisted in the regular army.
Never before has there been such vitality and new blood injected into the military service. Army officers view with
satisfaction���West Point men more than
all others���that (17 different college notions and methods are to be put on trial
alongside of West Point and army methods. More than TOtM) applications for appointments were filed at thc war department.
Civilian applications for appointments
as second lieutenants, U. S. A., designated by the president, include the following
from western states:
California���Charles R. Lloyd, private,
battery A, Connecticut volunteers; Geo.
W. Bauer, honor graduate, University of
California; James Malcolm Graham, color sergeant, First infantry, national
guard California.
Idaho���Alexander J. McNab, .Tr., private, Company D. First Idaho volunteers;
Joseph L. Gilbreth, honor graduate, University of Idaho.
Montana���Bryan Conrad, late private.
U. S. Fourth cavalry, lieutenant Montana
Nevada���Robert Brambila, honor graduate, state university of Nevada.
Oregon���William H. Jordan, Jr., Camp
H. Second Oregon volunteer infantry;
Hnlph \\*. Ten-ill, honor graduute, agricultural college of Oregon.
Hill I ii I rod need Supplemental to the
Recent F.ii-ctiueut.
Washington. June 16.���Chairman Dingley of the ways and means committee has
introduced a bill supplemental to acts relating to the internal revenue law.
It directs every person or concern liable to any internal revenue tax or having articles taxable but unpaid, and every
executor or other fiduciary, to file with
the collector of the district such inventories or returns. The commissioner of
the internal revenue may also require
statements under oath where exemption
is claimed on ground of any limitation.
It amends the war revenue act so as to
exempt from taxation all casualty, fidelity and guarantee insurance companies
Carrying OH such business solely for their
own protection and not for profit and
having no capital stocks.
It provides a maximum fine of $.50 or a
maximum imprisonment of six month-',
or both, for neglect or failure to affix or
for re-using stumps to denote payment
where there is no special penalty.
The gross annual receipts taxable under
any internal revenue law ure held to lie
for each special tax year, beginning July
I   and ending June 30.
Washington, June IS.���The navy department today posted the following bulletin:
"Admiral Sampson reports that he has
been reinforced by several hundred Cubans and that our force at Guantanamo
is in very satisfactory condition.
"The town of Aeceraderos has been occupied by troops under General Rabi.
Men under General Garcia are co-operating with the Americfi forces."
The   Spaniard*  Runted.
Guantanamo Bay, Tuesday, 7 p. m.���
The American marines and Cubans today
completely routed a force of 400 Spaniards. One American was slightly wounded.   The Spaniards lost about 40 killed.
San Juan island is greatly stirred up
at the fact that diphtheria lias broken
out on the west side of the island.
Tlie earliest complete clock of which an
accurate record exists was made in the
thirteenth century by a Saracen mechanic.
Twenty-Five Mm Wanted to Fill the
Rank* ut Old  II Company.
San Francisco. June 18.���R..-A. Koontz,
Spokane, Wash.���Enroll good recruits
for Company L. Sergeant Cliilds will be
in .Spokane Monday. NOSLER.
The above dispatch was received by-
Mr. Koontz on Saturday from Lieutenant
Nosier of Company L, formerly Company
Ii of Spokane.
"I will want 25 more men to bring thc
company up to the new requirements,"
said Mr. Koontz. "I already have a half
dozen men in mind for this enrollment
and others who may want to go will find
me at number 8 Front avenue.
"No, I da not know about Company A,
but presume Sergeant Corey will be
along to recruit for that company about
the same time."
Female commercial travelers In Berlin
make their rounds on tricycles, which are
arranged to carry samples of their goods.
Live    Stock    I'onipnny    I'latiux    the
l.and   Left    Dry   l,y   Ite.-edliiu
Washington, June 20.���A ease presenting seine novel and interesting features
has been argued before Coininissioner Hermann of the general land office. It involves the ownership of lands surround
ing l.ake .Malheur in Oregon and hinges
on the question of whether the owners of
the land down to the water's edge in IH77
can now hold lands-left dry by the receding waters of tbe lake. The French-
Glenn Live Stock Company is the appellant and claims under the surveys of 1877
and laws of Oregon possession of land to
the water's edge of the lake. Since that
year tliere has been a- subsidence of the
water nnd thiR company now cluima the
vacant land as a riparian right. A large
number of settlers have filed entries for
this land in the local offices of the department and now the question is as to the
title of the land exposed by evaporation
between 1877 and 1895.
Sold to an Kn��rli*h Syndicate.
Louisville, June 20.���All the coal mines
in the .Tellieo district, covering a total
acreage of 33,000, in Whitely and Campbell counties, Tennessee, have been sold
to an English syndicate.
A Catholic church is being   built   at
\\ iislilnutoii ut the Omnha I;vI,ii.lt ���
Oldest Coul Miiii- lu 1-lurope���
I.ckmI I'osts In llrltlNh Columbia���
New Road to Sylvanlte���Copper
Output in April.
E. L. Preston of Troy, Mont., announces
that the Troy-Sylvanite wagon road has |
been completed and opened to the public.
This road has been under construction
.since January, 1807. Tlie cost, including
the ferry across the Kootenay river at
Troy and a fine .bridge over the Yahk
river, is, in round numbers, $7000. It is
suid to be one of the best mountain roads
in the west. The maximum grade in
cither direction is only eight feet in 100
Sens   From   Kettle  Full*.
George Maghaughey of Rossland is
making arrangements to starj; a half-way
house between Kettle Falls und Republic,
The stage from Republic to Kettle Falls
has been already started and tuns 12
miles, where the transfer is made to saddle horses for crossing the summit.
Some parties in Kettle Falls who have
claims, which they nre anxious to get
upon, on the lower half of the reservation,
ure keeping saddled horses ready to make
a rush for them on the lirst notice of thc
ground being thrown open.
HeduciiiK'   Size   of  Ola-ma.
A movement is on foot in the house at
Washington, 1). C, to reduce the present
legal dimensions of a mining claim about
one-half. It is asserted that if a mining
claim is good, whether il be of gold or
silver. 300 by 760 feet is large enough finally one individual-, if it is not a good
claim, then it is more than nny miner
wants. The greatest foe to mineral development in any state, it Is asserted, is
the excessive number of claims held by a
few persons. A bill has been prepared to
compel every mine owner to work out his
assessment and to allow no man to hold
more than one lode or placer mine at a
time, and reduce the size of all claims to
300 by 750 feet.
Iliilnil    Assessment    Work.
Thc committee on mining affairs of the
bouse of representatives has had its attention  called  to  statements  made  by
prominent citizens of Whatcom county.
Washington, whose mimes for obvious
reasons are   withheld,  that   it   would   be
"liad policy to set aside that provision requiring assessment work to be done upon
mining claims. A movement was on foot
lo suspend Ibis work during thc present
year, but the statements which have been
made to the committee put a different
light upon the matter, and no action maybe taken. It is probable that such legislation will result mainly to the advantage of bands of speculators who have
tied up 'he principal mining claims in
each locality, and compel nil those whu
actually wish to work and develop a
mine to purchase it from them at a high
juice. It is pointed out that it is not
difficult for the bona lide miner, who has
but one claim, to do his assessment work
each year, and that in fact nearly all ot
these do more than the necessary amount
nl assessment work every year, tin the
other hand, it is obviously Impossible for
speculators, without Ihe expenditure of
large sums of money, to do the work upon
the large number of claims which they
are holding for the purpose of selling at
nigh prices to those who wish actually
io engage in mining. It is claimed, therefore, that the law is clearly a good one
and should not be suspended, for the reason that it compels these speculators to
let go the claims they are holding under
fictitious names, and thus permit actual
miners to Hie upon them.
Olde*t Coul Mine In Kurope.
Some time ago it was proposed to celebrate this year thc 7IMIth anniversary of
the discovery of coal in Kurope. which,
it was claimed, was made near Liege, in
lielgiiim, in 11118. Dr. F. Kuttgcnbiich
has now published a pamphlet to prove
that the tirst discovery was mnde So
yen Is earlier, iu 1113. in the basin of the
River Worm, north of Aix-la-Chnpelle.
He brings forward much evidence to
prove that outcrops nf coal were worked
in that year, and long after by the monks
of Kerkraile. who Hist discovered its
qualities as fuel ami utilized the mineral,
or "black earth," as it was called. The
word "kuhl," an old German term meaning a pit, was the origin, according to
this statement, of thc German "kohl"
nnd tiie English "coal." The generally
accepted legend has been that coal was
llrst used at Liege by a blacksmith named
Hullos, from whose nume comes tbe
French "houille"���coal, says the Engineering and Mining Journal. He found
that the "black earth" whieh outcropped
near Liege could be used in the forge instead  of charcoals    Coal, however,  had
'been used at Sheffield, in England, some
15 years earlier for the same purpose.
April Copper Production.
Copper production in the United States
in April, as reported by John Stanton,
for the chief producers, was very large,
reaching a totul of 22,0011 long tons of fine
copper, whieh exceeded by 2528 tons the
March report, and by 5455 tons the output for April, 1807. The reporting mines,
have increased their production, and there
has also been a notable gain in that given
the reports ns coming from "outside
fsourees"���that is, from small mines hot
iu the producers'list and from the smelters of lead, gold and silver ores. For the
four months ending with April the in-
create in production this yenr hits been
8103 long tons, or 11.7 per cent., over Mr.
Stanton's reported production in 1807.
Uusl |'ne Posts ut Corners.
Probably there is not a section in the
mineral act of British Columbia that is so
often misinterpreted as is section 1(1. It
relates to the staking of claims, and hus
been generally interpreted as meaning
that, where there is no timber nnd posts
nre hard to get, the locator may use stone
monuments to mark the boundary lines
of his claim. Such is not the case, and
as this is a most Important point it might
be well to refer to the act itself. Section
Kl says: "A mineral claim shall be
marked by two legal posts. * * *
The locator shall ulso place a legal post
at the point where he has found rock in
place." Then follows the paragraph relating to stone monuments, but it refers
only to the case of running the blaze line,
nnd mnkes no allowance whatever for the
same to be used as legal posts. It reads:
"When a claim has been located the holder shnll immediately mark the line between posts Nos. 1 and 2 so that it call be
distinctly seen, by blazing trees and cutting underbrush) and in a locality where
there is neither timber nor underbrush
he shall set legal posts or erect monuments of earth or rock not less than two
feet high and two feet ill diameter tit
base, so that such line can be distinctly
AVttHlilnK'ton ut Omflhii.
"The Washington mineral exhibit nt
Omaha is going to be a orai-ker'aek," said
Captain Thompson last week. "Mr. Armstrong is exceeding all expectations in
getting together an exhibit of which the
state may well be proud. Difficulties have
arisen in thc commission, due to the endless jealousy between Sen tile and Tacoma. The Seattle papers accuse Chairman Thompson of Tacomu of unfair
methods in turning down the proposition
to hnve n state building nts-Omuhu after
Seattle bad provided the lumber nnd the
greater part of the cash. I do not know
whether the charge is well founded. The
Seattle Post-Intelligencer roasts Chairman Thompson unmercifully. Some people have thought it was I who was under
fire, the initial not having been given.
The chairman of the commission is Hon.
George M. Thompson of Tacoma. I only
hnve charge of the mineral exhibit. 1 do
nol know how this building proposition
will shape itself. The Inst proposition was
to build a very plain, one-room building,
milking it strictly a lumber exhibit and
using in it bilge timbers which no other
state but Washington produces. This
could be built at a slight cost, and the
material was all to be furnished. It
would not have been a handsome structure, but it would have been unique and
attractive. A meeting was held at Tacoma the other day. The full commission was not there, and the meeting decided lo dispense with the building. This
is the cause of Considerable bud feeling in
Seattle. It is hoped that matters may be
harmonised at the next meeting."
S|>ii ni.-oli Are Halt Starved iiimI In n
State of 1'anle���CuIiaiiH Give Xewn
���Five 1'rinoaerH Taken���Marine.*
Are CirowliiK KeMtleaM���Uomhurdetl
u sliloeklionMe.
SampaMs'l Fleet Tun* Grent Holes In
the   I'ruteetlUKT   Nulls.
Off Santiago de Culia, Thursday.
June 16.���Noon (via Kingston, Jamaica.
Junel").���Rear Admiral Sampson's fleet
'bombarded the batteries at Santiago de
Cuba for the third time at daylight tlhis
morning. Por liours the jJhlps jsounded the
bauerles at the rlgjit and left entrance,
<;nly sparing El Morro, where Lieutenant
Ilobston und Mi companions are In prison.
The western batteries, against "which the
main assault was directed, were liudly
wrecked. One was utterly destroyed. In
the others many guns were dismounted.
At llrst tbe Spaniards replied passionately and wildly, bul Impotently. Then
most of the guns were deserted. Not a
ship was struck nor a./ntui injured on the
American side. . It Is believed the Spanish
loss of life was heavy. -
Though the gun captains had been cautioned not to wa��le ammunition, bul to
tire with deliberation the tire wa_ so
rapid that there waa un utmost continuous
report. The measured crash of ihe big
13-lndli guns of the battleships sounded
above the rattle of the guns of the secondary batteries like thunder claps above
ihe din of a hurricane. A strong land
breeze oft the shore carried the amoke
of the ship! M&wafd wihlle It left a thick
CUrUlfl In front of the Spanish gunners.
Their guns responded spiritedly at Hrst,
but their frenzied lire could not match
Ihe cool nerve, the trained eyes and skilled gunnery of the Americans.
Our tiro wns much more effective tthaii
In preee-lng bomiburdmontB. Tlie admiral's ordnance expert had given explicit
directions to reduce the powder charges
and to elevate 'the guns so as to shorten
the trajectory and thus to secure a plunging fire. As the shells In the preceding
bombardments dropped with the almost
straight 'trajectories <of projectiles, with
full charge's, 11 was almost Impossible to
plant them. They would shoot into the
air, encircling the batteries owing to the
���high elevation and fall far over the fortifications. The effect of the reduced oharges
was marvellous.
' After a while Admiral Sampson signalled the ships to temporarily cease firing
in order to allow the smoke to clear from
the batteries. When the order came at
6:30 to cease lining every gun of the enemy had been silenced Por 10 minutes, but
as title shjips drew off some of the Spanish
courage returned and a half dosen shots
were fired spitefully at the Massachusetts
and Oregon, falling- on their wake.
Throughout the bombardment the dynamite orislBer Vesuvius and the Porter by
direction of the admiral lay outside of the
right flank. The steam launch of the
flagship scurried among ilihe ships carry-
in* mesaaaes.	
Foreign   Warships   Muvlnir.
St. Thomas, June. 20. ��� Tlie Italian
cruiser Gio.vanni Itausuii left today for
St. Lucia. ���The Hritish cruiser Intrepid
has gone -to Antigua, in the Leevwytl islands.
On Hoard the Associated Press Dispatch
Bout Dandy, off Guantanaino. via Kingston, Jamaica, June 2(1.���Cuban scouts report today that the inhabitants of Cui-
iiianera have strewn the streets with
straw and oil, with the intention of
destroying thc city and fleeing to the
bills. Caimanera lies four miles up the
bay from Camp McCalla under the guns
of the American ships, and the situation
is desperate. Starving and faniiiie-striek-
en, convinced of the ultimate triumph of
the American army, and without faith in
the protection of the Spanish soldiery.
the people are believed to have determined to leave their houses iu ashes lie-
hind them and seek safety in the hills of
the north. The scouts declare that the
story is accurate, nlid say that every
building of the town is being rapidly prepared for the torch.
The situation of the besieged is a fearful one. The people are eating horses and
mules.and are scouring Ihe bills for fruits
and herbs. Occasionally brief bombardments by the American fleet leave the
helpless citizens terror-stricken, no preparations for defense being made, ll is
also stated  that the Spanish gunboat at
Caimanera has been loaded with inflammables and will be burned with the city,
her commander declaring that she will
never become an American prize.
The scouts also say the Spanish soldiers
are in almost as complete a state of'punic
as are the civilians and that they could
easily be induced to surrender. Some of
the prisoners taken by the marines al>o
say that they believe the Spanish troops
are on the verge of surrender, owing to
the lack of food. Captain McCalla of the
cruiser Marblehead and Lieutenant Colonel Huntington, in command oi ihc ma*
fines, are not so sure, however, of the
Spanish rout.
The coast in the vicinity of Guantanamo is dotted with bright-lined Cuban
Hags. Numerous camps of the insurgents
have been established along the beach
between Santiago and this place and arc
used by the admiral as means of communication with the Insurgents in the interior. The information which these men
have given has been proven highly valuable to the Americans. Their stories of
the disaster to the Spanish soldiers in this
vicinity have been corroborated by prisoners captured around the camp.
Another   body   of  live   Spaniards   was
captured by Ensign A. A. Pratt of the
.Marblehead. While cruising in a steam
launch outside the bay he picked up a
4(1 fool sloop containing a Spanish captain named Tores and four sailors. Thev
said they were on their wuy to Guantanamo lo gel a supply of coal for the
lighthouse at Cape Mays!, but the papers
found on ihe sloop proved that they had
been scut to obtain information relative
to the American forces.
There was a brief bombardment of "
61ockhouse up the bay by the battleship
Oregon yesterday, and it is oelievetl that
nt least a score of Spaniards were killed.
Scouting parties report that the blockhouse was completely destroyed, but that
they were unable to discover any bodies,
the remains of Ihe soldiers who had been
killed probably having been carried off
by their comrades.
The marines are growing restless, owing
to the delay in the arrival of the reinforcement of troops, but it is generally
believed here today that the transports*)
will reach Santiago noi later than Monday.
The Mi-iii-iiuiiii t'nntil.
Washington. June -211.���The senate committee on the  Nicaragua!!  canal  today
agreed to report a  bill providing I'or the
construction of the Nicaragua!) canal, but
on lines very different from those of the
bills previously reported, The bill authorized today practically provides for
the construction of the canal by the United States, and provides for the payment
of (8,000,000 to the stockholders for the
work already performed.
Austria Supplies Mnuln.
London, June ill. ��� A dispatch from
Paris says an Austrian agent has returned from .Madrid, where he delivered to
Spanish authorities, via the Pyrenees,
��000,000 empty cartridges and lit) tons
of explosives, derived from French, Austrian and Belgian sources.
StruosV   Iiy   l.lulstiiliilt.
Jacksonville, Fla., Juno 20. ��� When
about -lo go in bathing at Plabt beach
yesterday James T. Gatewood, private
stenographer of General Fitzhugh Lee,
was struck by lightning and instantly
killed. Gatewood was from Richmond,
Put  on  Their Good  Clothe*.
VIsiti I Iii   Third   l-:\|ie<llllon.
San l-'i'incis o, June 20.���lt is now definitely announced that the third expedition to the Philippines will be commanded by Brigadier Oeneral Arthur McArthur. Major General Merritt may accompany this force, though he had cxpeeted
to remain here until the departure of the
fourth fleet of transports. The various
commands foi" the third expedition have
been assigned to steamers as follows:
Morgan City���First Idaho and the Nebraska recruits.
City of Para ��� Thirteenth Minnesota
with the exception of its recruits.
Indiana���The battalions of the Eighteenth and Twenty-third U, S. infantry.
Ohio���First Wyoming batteries G and
I.. Third L". S. artillery and the Minnesota recruits.
Valencia���Fourth North Dakota.
The Seventh regiment of California volunteers will remain here for the present,
though they will probably go to Manila
In order to enforce discipline, First
Lieutenant Conrad of the Montana regiment last night beat Private-Frank Chapman of South Dakota over the head with
the flat of his sword. The private's injuries are severe, but not dangerous.
F11111I   Suiuuu'leil   to   llnvuliu.
On Board Associated Press Dispatch
Boat Dauntless, off Santiago de Cuba, via
Kingston. Jamaica, June 20.���Three large
cargoes of supplies are known to have run
the blockade already, and great quantities of food arc smuggled to Havana by
way of the Isle of Pines. Cienfuegos and
other ports on the southwest coast having
direct coiiiinuiicintion with the capital.
It is understood, however, that nothing
reaches Santiago from any of those
points. The auxiliary cruisers Yankee
and -"-Semite arc now scouting for the
Spanish steamer Purisltua Concept-ion,
which left Kingston on Thursday morning Hying the Spanish Hag with food and
ammunition for Cuba.
Munilii   ut   Their   Mercy.
London, .lime 20,���The Hong Kong correspondent of the Times says: The rebels
hold Manila at their mercy, but Admiral
Dewey is anxious that the American
troops should have the honor of receiving
the Spanish capitulation. The steamer
Yuen Sing reports passing the lulled
Stales troop ship City of Peking on thc
Aorning of the loth near Manila.
Spnnisli    iu   AiilllllNh   Ou    Shore.
Oil'   Santiago   tic   Cuba,   .lime   IS,   via
King-ton. Jamaica, June in.���Several at-
tempts to find landing places for the
United Slates Hoops within a distance
two miles west of Santiago have determined, with previous inquiries to the
eastward, that the shore for IS miles is
lined with Spaniards. While this 'will
nol prevent a landing close to Smiting 1.
it may entail considerable delay, as the
surrounding country must be thoroughly
shelled and cleared before troops can land
in safety.
Yesterday at daylight the launches of
the Net* York and the Massachusetts re
connoitcred thc shore between Cabanas,
two miles westward ol the entrance ,m
Santiago harbor, and (luayacabon, two
miles further west, both of which points
lie cast of the range of mountains surrounding Santiago bay. The launches
pushed their noses into a hornet's nest.
The brush was fairly alive with Spaniards, anil the lire was so fierce that the
retreat of Ihe launches hail to be covered
by  the  Vixen  and Texas.    Lieutenant
Sharp of Ihc Vixen and Lieutenant liar
low   in  command   of   the   launches   were
both complimented by Admiral Sampson
for gallantry.
The following is the abstract of Lieutenant Harlow's report to the commander
of Ihc Vixen datetl June IS: "The expedition consisted of the steam launch from
the Massachusetts in charge of Cadet
Hart aud a launch front the New Vork in
charge of Cadet Powell. I took passage
on the Massachusetts launch, leading the
way. Soundings were taken on entering
the bay close under Ihe old fort and we
were preparing to circumnavigate the
bay at full speed when the lire was opened
from the rocks on shore. The Massachusetts, launch was some distance ahead
aboul lit) yards off the fort. Tliere was
no room to turn and our I pounder could
not lie brought to bear. We backed and
turned under a heavy lire.
"Cadet Hart operated the gun as soon
as it could be brought to bear, sitting
exposed iu the bow and working the gnu
as coolly uud carefully as if at target
practice. Cadet Pow '! had been tiring
since tho Spaniards opened. He also
was perfectly cool. Both launches ran
OUt under a heavy lire. The number of
Spaniards along the shore was large. The
launches, as soon as was practicable,
sheered, to give the Vixen the range of
the fort. The Vixen and Texas silenced
the short fire  promptly.
"I strongly commend Cadet Hart antl
Cadet Powell for their cool management
of the launches. One launch was struck
several times. Nobody on cither was hurt.
A bullet struck a shell at Cadet Hart's
feet between a projectile nnd the powder
but failed  to explode  the  latter.
"Coxswain O'Donnell and Seaman
Bloom are commended, as also is the
coolness with which the marines and sailors worked  under Spanish fire.
LundliiK' of Troops Will He Slow���
I'ossds-i- I* I it 11S lllo��s 11 tp���Is .\*i\v
��� ���resident   AKulnalilo.
Beirut, June 20.���In view of the approaching visit of Emperor William to
Palestine an aide-dc-cump of the sultan
is examining and having repairs made on
all the roads in Syria and Palestine, and
all the troops have been presented with
new uniforms.
llnwalliiu   Debate.
Washington, June 20.���The quick disposition of morning, business and \]\e
large, attendance: in. the senate today indicated the intention on the part of the
senators to .press ihe Hawaiian question
to the front as rapidly as possible.,,.*'
Kingston, June 20.���The Steamers
Ilowdin, Jamaica and Brooklyn arrived
here today and report having passed, in
Windward passage last night, 24 American vessels heading southward.
Washington. .June 20.���No doubt is entertained at either thc war or navy department that Shaffer's expedition has
arrived safely off Santiago by this time.
As a matter of fact, it. is believed the
lirst transports arrived near the blockading lleet Saturday  night.
According to the'plans Arranged for debarkation, the lleet of transports wus to
lay in a safe position until Simpson
cleared the way for a landing. The selection of a landing place has been left
entirely to thc judgment of Shaffer and
The first business in order upon the
arrival of transports oil' Santiago would
be a war council between Sampson and
some of his naval captains on the one
hand and Shatter ami his staff on the
other, the purpose being to settle all the
details of the debarkation. Meanwhile
the lleet of transports would lie out at
sea at least 10 miles beyond the blockading squadron, in Order to be entirely
safe from attack of the Spanish torpedo
The work of debarking the troops is
not to be one of hours, but rather of
days, according 'to the opinion of army
ollicers. A great deal depends upon the
point selected for the landing. It is
thought that Aguitloros. cast of Morro
castle, would, be a likely landing place,
in view of the fact that it has a wharf
wliich would be extremely useful for
landing the heavy supplies and Ordnance
of the siege train.
IIIimyii   1 11 li?- Siiuiiinrtln.
Cincinnati, Ohio, .lime 20.���The finishing department of the King Powder Company, in Warren county, was destroyed
last night in a manner leading to the belief it was the work of enemies of Ihc governments The building, in which was a
quantity of smokeless powder, had evidently been fired by two men near midnight, one of them being bady burned.
The Injured man was taken into custody,
lie is apparently a foreigner, but so badly
injured he can scarcely talk. The company has a contract to supply the government, and this is thought the reason
the destruction was attempted.
l'reni��leiil   AkuIiiiiIiIo.
Chicago. June 2.��� \ special cable today
from a  Record correspondent  with  Dewey's fleet reads as follows:
"Hong Kong, June 20.���(ieneral Filipino officially proclaimed a provisional
government in outer Cavite June 12.
There were grent ceremonies, and a declaration of independence was read renouncing Spanish authority. Agulnaldo
was made president and Don Pirondo vice
president.    The   insurgents-   government
will not oppose American protectorate or
occupations The Baltimore sailed today
to meet the Charleston and the troop
ships. The French warship Pascal arrived
June IS. The warship Kaiser is expected
r'l.e   ThoiiHiiuil   1'rlNoner*.
Hong Kong. June 20.���C. S. S. Zilfiro,
which has just arrived here, brought
news from Manila, under date of June 17,
from which il appears the insurgents now
hold -1000 Spaniards and 1000 natives as
prisoners, together with their arms. The
insurgents also captured on June 14. the
town of Oalanga, the place next in importance to Manila on the bay. Frequent
lircs have occurred at Manila and at Ma-
Thirty carbineros who attempted, to desert from the Spunish forces June To were
arrested ami shot.
Agulnaldo informed Consul Williams of
the formation of ihe provisional government merely for cohesive purposj-s and
notified him of Ihe desire of the insurgents   that    the    Philippines   become   au
American colony.
The Spaniards have sunk the cruiser
Crbu so as to obstruct the passage of the
Pasig river.
\���   Hi-l.-n.se  for HoIimou.
Washington, June 20.���The following
dispatch was received today from Commodore Watson: "Captain Oeneral Blanco states that the Spanish government
refuses to exchange Hobson and his men."
The refusal of the Spanish ollicers to
exchange Hobson causes a disagreeable
feeling here. While there is not a positive
obligation upon the belligerents to exchange prisoners, yet it is the universal
practice in civilized warfare. In the case
of Hobson. his rank as assistant constructor, which is equivalent to lieutenant of the junior grade, should be the
sole basis for his exchange, yet it is obvious to the authorities here that the Spaniards hold him. not as a lieutenant, but
as a popular idol of thc United,Statess Tn
this respect his detention ceases to be
thut of a prisoner of war and becomes one
,-of a hostage.
Chocolate is used in thc interior of
South America for a currency, as are nuta
and eggs.
The violet was the Bonapartists' emblem and many duels were fought over
I the little blue flower.1. Short! ' " quickest routo to the
Coeur d'Alene mines, Palouse, Lewis-
ton, Walla Walla, linker City mines,
Portland, Si n Prancieoo, Cripple Creek
gold mini sam ill points oast and south.
Only 1 ii oa t via Salt Lake and Denver.
Steamer tickets to Europe and other
foreign ; ���'.'"'��� '���:".
Ooetn irs leave Portland evevy
three d San Francisco.
Leave j ��� ���  tie Time Bohcdpl.      | .tirii,1
(MM ') ia-- i .si vi, -WallaWaUa, Port-
pin.    land, Ban Francisco, Baker City
gaily. I aud 11 o t:,is.t.
s.iki  ; i.i iCAl, M Si L���coeur d'Alenes,
u.in.  j Parmtngton, Garfield,   Colfax,
dailv, I Pullman und Moscow.
R. 111.
p. in.
For through tickets nnd further Information,
apply to JAMES WAUGH,
Agt I. N. <6 T. Co., Kaslo, B, 0.
Or at 0. It. A: N.CO.'S ollice, 480 Riverside ave,
Bpokane, Wash.   II. M. ADAMS, (ieneral Agt
Or    W. II. Ill I.TM KY, ti. 1'. A., Portland,ore.
lim Falls
id N
Nelson <j- Fort Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
Tho only all rail   routo   without
change of cars between Nelson and   '
Rossland ___! Spokane!___ Rossland.
!.'"���>������ 1.20 a. m Kelson Arriv   5.3ii p. m
Leavo 12.05 a. m...Rossland,. ..Arrivetl.20 p.m.
Leave 8.80 a. in Spokane...-Arrive 8.10 p, in
Tbe train thut leaves Nelson at 6:20
a. m. makes close connections at Spokane with trains for all . . .
Passengers for Kettlo river & Boundary
ok. connect at Marcus with stage daily.
KASLO & SLOCAN IU Navigation^ Trading Co.
Train" Runou Pacific Standard Time.
lining W.
Going E
s.oo a. in
,Ar8.B0 1
. m
8.30 a. tn
.. .South Fork	
.Ar8.lt ]
0.3B a. 1.1
Lv .
.    . .Bjiroule's,  . .
'.'."il 11. la
.Ar.'.OO p
10.03 u. in
I.v .
....Beai Lake. ...
.Ar I.Wp
10.18 a. iu
l.v .
.Ar 1.88 p
10.88 a, 111
I.v. .
. t'ody Junction..
.Ar 1.1. p
]U..'.U n. 111
.Lv 1.U0 p
AND, Mill
, Q. P. A P. A.
N (! B T II  I* R
Tho surveyor's chain made it the
Shortrat Transcontinental Route.
li Li the most modorn In equipment.
It is Hi.' heaviest railed lino.
I im* a rook-ballasl roadbi d.
It orossi - uo sand deserta.
II was built without land grant or govt. aid.
It is noted for tha courtesy ot its employes.
It is only line serving meals on la carte plan
Kooieniii connection at Bonner'sFerry.Tue
dny,WcliHs'liiy,Tiiiir-nlny,Saturday andSundny
Eastward 8.IJ0 a. ia . Waal v 'in! 8.3fi p m.
Pot maps, tickets and 1 ompleto information,
call on nr addr   1 i.N .' 1  Co.'   agts, K.
ants, ore. ii. DIXON.Gen. Iigt., Bpokano,Wn.
I'M WlliTM'.V.ci. !' A r.A.,81   Paul, Minn
The Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo Pacific Line.
The oheapest, most comfortable nml
direct route from Koslo to till points in
Canada aud the United KtatitH. Tlie
only line running through tourat oars
to Toronto, Montreal anil Boston, and
through tourist, cars to St. Paul daily.
Magnificent sleepers and dining oars
on all trains. Travel by this lino and
have ba^a^e checked to destination.
Daily connection Iron. Casio every
day, exoepting Sunday, it 7.30 a. m.
For Kuslcouook and i  ';'��� 1 nir.t
day, Wednesday ami Friday,
For Argenta and Lardo, Tuesday and
Friday ut 716 p. r,..
for full Inforn atlon, call on or n,|,i.
Frelffbt nml Passi at ��� I An.   I  i;    lo, I: f"
(����� to W, 17 ANDEBSON,
Traveling Pass, Agt , Nelson, B. C,
17 .1. COYLE,
Dtstrlol Passenger agent, , i
Write tor Klondike Polder aa I Map,
    - -           '
killer,. Pacific Ry.
The Fast Line,
Superior Service.
' Through ticket? to all points in United
Stales and (,'anada. Direet Connection
with the Spokane Falls & Northern Hy.
Ko. 1 Wast      >t:'A.', p.m. I No.'.! East.     7:00a, m.
Steamers International and Alberta on Kootenay Lake and River���Summer Timo Card in effect 16th March, 1898���Subject to change.
(or Nel. on and wuy points,dailv except Sunday.
8,80 n. in. Arrive Norlliport 9.48 a. m.j Kossland, 11.20a. in. nid Spokane, 8.10 p. m.
i."iiv.' Nelson for Kaslo and way points, dally
except Sunday,6.00p.m.LeavoSpokano8.80a.m.;
Rossland, 8.46a. in.; Northport, 1.86p. in.
Five Mile Point connection with nil passenger
trains of N. .t F. S. Ily. lo and from Northport,
Kossland and Bpokane. Tickets sold und baggage checked lo all United States points.
STKA.MK��.\LUEKTA-lA-iwes Knsln lor kuskonook nml way points and Bonner's Ferry ,lda.
Tuesdays and Saturdasa ai o.oo p.m., arriving al
Kuskonook at 10,80 p.nr! and Bonner'i Ferry ut 8
a.m. next day. Returning lv>. Bonner's Ferry
Wi"l., Fridays and und Sundays al.'. p. m., arv.
Kuskonook s p. m��� Knslo l n. m, following day.
A ho i rom Muy Mh steumer uill make same trip
leaving Kailo every Thursday at it o'clock a. m.
Bonner'i Perry connection with nil posscug ;
trains of G.N. R,y���arv. westward at Bpokani
i> 10 p, iii , or lv. Bonner's Ferry for the easl al
1.16 p, in.   Men Is nnd b-rths not included.
Passi igersonBS. lulornatlonaJ from Nelson,
etc., for points on lake south ol Pilot Day, will
connect at Unit point with the 88. Alberta.
Passengers lor Nelson via BS. Alberta, from
points south of I'ilsit Bay, can by arrangement
with purser,have stopover at Pilot Ilny or Aims
wortbsOr conneet with International at Kaslo
Company's Bteamers connect Kootenay Lake
and Slooan polnts-with all points in U.S. and
Ci'imilii by way of Spokane and Kootenay river.
Q. ALEXANDER, deneral Manager
P.O. Box 122, Kaslo, H. ('.
Tickets to Japan and China via Tacoma
and Northern Pacific Steamship Company. For information, time cards,
maps and tickets, apply to agts. of .the
Spokane Falls & Northern and its connections, or to F. D. GIBBS,
General Agent, Spokano Wash.
Kuskonook and Bonner's Ferry,
Str. Ainsworth.
Ulaves Kuskonook at 12 I'elook noon,Monday
Wednesday and Friday, upon arrival ol Bteai i-
ir Nrlson with ponengera from Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay an   Nelson.  Arrives Bonn
)-err.i li p. m., Mondaj, Wednesday and Ftldi
,   ���-..-��� Bonner's Fi rry 2 p.m .Tuesday.Thut
' .���'.. and Saturday, upon arrival ol Q. ��. trains
���    land west.   Arrives Ku konook n p.
��� '��� ii  day, Thurs lay audSaturday,
17 ,1. MATHEWS, Manager.
D. CHARLTON, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.,
No. '26a Morrison it.. Portland, Oro.
Write ior Map ol Kootenay Country.
TRAVEL.BR'8 uttlllK.
Summary of Railway and steamor Time
Oardi Prom Kusilo.
I-'ni s\ intcwutci, Sandon, l.inly, etc,, K. ,'.
Railway trains leavo Koalo dally at 8 a.m.; returning, urrive at Kaaio at 8.60 p, m.
i"r I hire Forks, Now Denver,        '
Nakusp, takoK.AS. Ity.from Ki   ,
nu I thenco Nakusp & Slocan  Railway, leaving
Sandon daily at 7.-1 ~> a. m.; returning, arrive
daily al Sandon at 4,65 p. in.
For RovolBtoke, Vancouver, Victi  la  nd ��� h
cr main line points on ci1. u..  boal from
kusp to Arrowhead, cur, i,. Bevel itoke, i lienee
connect with east and west bound trains.
For Silverton, Sloean City, take Sir. Sloean on
E  lake,connecting with N.A S.al ROBober;
For Northport,Bpokane, Rossland und Qrand
fork", take (lie Str. international iroin Kaaio
dally at 8.80 a. m., except Sunday, tn'eldl
nt' lions at five Mile Point with the N.,v. F.S.
Ry., thenoe to Northport. From Northport to
Spokane con ti nne the railway, known south ol
Northport as the Spokane Falls A Northern, ai ���
riving at Spokane, Wash., at 3. Op m,
 r Spokane, take 1  ". ���    i. Co.'s sir. Al-
bcrtafrom Kaslo to Bonner's Forry, Tl)-sdayi
and Saturday! at B p.m. uud Thursdays al U
a.m., and oonnect at Bonner's Kerry with Gros I
Northern trains to Bpokane, arriving at 8.10
the following day.
For Rossland change at Northport t" the Red
Mountain ity., anlving at Rossland at 11.30a.m.
Or, itouland may be reaciu I fi  Ni
0 A K . Kv. to Robson. llienci by rivet   ' .
to Trail, thonce by C. & W. Rj Rossland. Or,
Ri    1'i-ni muy in- reached via Nakusp and Trail
1 Im i.down trrow lakes and Columbia river,
i "i-.irand I'nrks anil ll'iti.
take B, P, .v ..'. ity. from Noi thpnrt to Bo iburg
or Marcus, thonce by stage acrosi .. orvi
i "r Ainsworth, Pilot Bay, Nelson,oto., I.N. -v
T.Co.1   Itr. International leaves Kaaio daily,ex-
i' pi   anday.at 11.20 n.iu., roturnlng.lei
s it 6 p. in.,arriving at Ku-lu ulniitt B,80p  m.
U. P. R. Co.'s Str. Kol aee lee ��� Kaslo aslly,
except Sunday, at 7.80 a. u, . arriving ai Nm-
soi at ll a. to.: returning, lenvi iNelsouat tp.
m., arriving ul Kaslo nt 7.80 p. in
For Argenta and Ijardo, sir Kokanoe makes
round trips,->.-1 ry Tuesday and Friday,leaving
'��� it lo at 8.15 p.m.
For Kuikonook, i'i. Stoi le.el ., taka
kanee llonday,Wednosdajr and Friday m 7.80 a.
in. oi I. s. �� T. Oo.'a str. Alberta Tut   lay,
Thursday and Saturday at. p, m.; thence In,
stage to Fort Steele Wi'ilnis.lay an.I Baturday,
The following Is u table ol distances from
Knslo lo surrounding easiness points:
Wost or North.   Miles
Whitewater  17
Boar Lake  i.'ii
MoGuigan,  ii
Sandon, i boutt..    29
Cody     :il
Three forks  il'l
New Denver 38
Rosebery    -u
Silverton  hi
!" sit ' ity ii'"'
Nakusp  "a
Burton t'ity 9.->
Lardo      is
Argenta  90
Duncan City  :u
JlnhyonllolSprings ;���,
Arrowhead  Its-,
Laurie lei
Thompson's l.and'g.ns
Trout Lake city....125
Ferguaon 1:10*
Revelstoke, 31 hra..!:W
Vernon 'ill
Penticton '20'i
Kamloops 261
Asheroft :<08
Lvtton 260
Yiilc 400
New Westminster. Mt
Vancou ver, r,l hrs. .6V1
Vi'-toria. S9 hours. .590
Seattle, 2��) hours .. .580
Tacoma, ao hours. .020
Portland, 48 hours. .682
���-. .--.-
Bail or South.    Miles.
' 1      .,  'I'ii
' II   1  Bl .
��� 1
Ni : ..ii, -1 liours .
Northport. 7 hotar
Kossland, to hours
.1 ���'
Mai ui	
: Forks 	
.'��� '
1 "���'
Spokane, 13 hours
Goat i.h-cr	
, IVTi
Port HIU	
. vs
Iloiincr'-. Kerrv.13 hl40
Movie City	
Wardner. B.C	
1 SI
Huiiiil Flats	
"A indermero	
Donald ...,	
^^-.Ajid the   gateway to the Great Slocan With Its Soore or More of
Sno. the City ��f Energy!
Is Also A City of Homes.
Beautifully Situated on kootenay Lake, With a Delightful
Cliii-aie.   It has Churches, Schools, and Public Reading R
Well Graded streets.    A Good Local Telephone system.
1 1 id. of Electric Light and Power Plants. Daily Communication rd.'h
the Outer ii odd through two Great Railway and Steamboat Companies.
Large Pan Rolls from local Lumbering, Ore Sampling and Other Industries.
Is-being expended in Public
Improvements This Year !
of Trade!
O- Buohaiiaii, Pres.,
G. E. MARTIN, Sec'y.


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