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The British Columbia Federationist Oct 24, 1913

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Array -";'-..^.:*- ■'"'::■ \■.X~>~X_*}$$$$&§■
fifth yease y&ilft
flu* fetfm'alt wu.fc Here, lap
. * Joseph nosbstls of fittem-
■" tioi-o-a j»rwss7W*xAsrs. .
fit-sat Meed iter Men OoanleU Or.
;'* ganissM(«(>lthiWork»rgIi-
Joe. Proebotle, general aeeretary of
the' International Union of United
Brewery Workmw of America, with
headquartera at Cincinnati, O., who
bin been In Vucouver for the put
wuk, left for Victoria yesterday to
visit the noutly-orgulsad loesl in
thi capital,dty, before luvlng for
Beattle to attend an exeouUve ueelon
of the libel department of the American Federation ot Labor, prior to the donore ud in iarnut plei
Merritt Warn Load, Off TMs
*   WsekwltVHsa-lsomsDone.
"•'-•-.'"• ' tellmtO, ".,,-■,
• --Way. .
Mr. Farrington Returns From Board
Mieeting W& #ftWe Strflte Rinds
In. |i"i)|iii;<i'«i|i.
. The   hearty aad etttbulaatlc
ieoa*epttta~ulm^ unionists
oall for HiM; as.:|t-.(jhriataiu Box
'jW:.tyaicm:'mlaM:fm—a» tote of
yaacouver Ulud Mriktag mlnen, to
be upended u the efsoers -of DMtrlet
U dum lti givu much emu for grit-
iflcatlon -'■-; ...-£'■, ■.,-„„,
; That more than 11,068 «th»«mouut
Is already available Is a tqkota or the
big convention, which oonvinu   .
■' November 10. 'J ■
Mr. Proetartle, while ln Vucouver,
held a number et ebnferoheu tilth
executive committee, memben ot the
Tradu aad Ubor Council ud aln
look preliminary itepe toward! the
orgututlon of a local among the
brewery workmen In thla elty. On
Wedneaday he also vlilted New Wutmlniter with a view to Initilllng a
looal Injhe Royal Olty. .''-
Mr. ProebiUe It very much lis-,
pressed with the poulblllttu ot Wut-
ern Canada from u organlted labor
viewpoints ud In eonvenatlon with
. The Federationlit yuterday uld:
"From the standpoint of a working-
man who hu to nek employment In
order to initaln .life, there li no
-boundary line on the Ameriun continent The mister .due, or employers,
hen, u well u la Amerioa icrou the
Canadian line, want! to get the
worker u chup ss- possible, ud
want* to sell his product u high u
poulble, bother words, he doei not
Intend to give to the worker more
thin. a bare existence.       .      .,-
"OrgMlutlon alone kai enabled the
worken all over the world to: better
their condition!. The brewery worken, whou flnanclal inretary I have
the honor to be tor the last' tea
yeara, bava lucceeded |n doing this In
a moot ramsrkabla minner.
.-•"TWeBty-BTe yeen igo the brewery:
workera all over the world were 'aot
much better thu peons, In
placee not u good. They were actual
money, to -buy at
clothes ud big water-tight   bootee
Bueday oesaM tau set neceeury be-
 unfc,jT*'    '" '
any other day,
8 p. m., work
is round.
has brought
ud today we
worken amonget
of  workera  In
ciuee Sum
"■ work fraaa
and aleep«ae
about human
find* the  bro
the.but paid
Ameriee. .-->-■■-■.
"Hera. In Canada the province ot
Ontario ie but oifinlied. In Weitern
Cgnada we have, la a few locilitles,
u good condition! u over In the
"In the unorguind cltlei, however,
tbe men ere not getting anywhere
neir the wagu and condition! they
ihould get, ind thlt IS principally true
-where the brawen Ud hotel men
hive combined to hold up the deer
publlo with 10c ud Ue bur.     V '
"I have found all through Western
nuada, trom Winnipeg te the cout,
that houte rant for the workert li
prohibitory, out ot all proportion to
hip earning!. I have found rut for a
. ihack of two roomi u high u $10 per
month. Six.monthi' rant would pay
for the hovel. I have sun workera
with their famlllu paying 150 tor a
ili-room booiei sub-renting three and
living with wife end-live ohlldren In
the-other thru, ud thue mm earn
|1« per week in a trewery where beer
ulli at til per barrel, aad the hotel
keeper maku 700 per cent, proflt
"I found that the real ettate thirkt
of Vancouver have left the olty to get
new victims ln Edmonton ud Calgary,
and the sharks from then placee hav*
oome to Vucouver to betray tbe
workeri snd imill. buitneu men.Into
buying it their exorbitant valuatloai.
"The average buiineu awn Is uk-
ini, why la money io nircef Small
wonder It ihould hot be. Everybody
ha* butt ipuulitlng ln land, Rome
made good by getting out In time;
ume will have to lit tight for yein
to keep up payments on what they
may Sever get back.'
Not the lulldira ef Canada.
"The Asiatic laborer ti not a con'
umer. He sends 75 per out of hli
wagei home, wblch In consequence'Is
lost to the notion ud the community.
"I ne In Canada the graateit and
richut country, with a '-most enjoyable
ctlmste,  gradually  tailing  prey to
tentlon thst unions ara
more, thu • bulwark agali
uny of oorporatlona.
Though thi dally press. wMieet ex.
ceptlon. bu totally- Ignored Tka IM-
eraUonlet'a effort! to cheer tea bamu
of the itrtkera' children on CbrlstSHS
morn, it now uemi certain that the
amount uked for will be forthcoming.
The unorganised mlnen of Merritt,
B. C, through Mr, 8. Gibson, head the
lilt tbli wuk Ud lend along 1410.60,
with a promise to make It 1500. -
A number of central labor bodlu
have, voted a donation, but returns are
not yet to hud, New Weitmlmter
ind Victoria Tradee and Labor Council! are railing fundi. Other unloni
are coming along line, and when the
results of the next few weeks are announced It will-be found that the
15,000 wanted.will be ready to hand
over to the mlnen' committee.
Acknowledgement! to date follow
Mlnen' Committee, per B. Oib-
. nn, Merritt   4J0.60
P, Tarawia, Merritt -'-. ,.„ "i 1.00
Stum Engineers' Int. Local No.
No, (.MiN Vucouver-._..	
Quatave Francq, Montreal	
T. C, Clinton, ud W. Murray
(raffle   among   T.   Railway
employeu) - ~ . ..
Pattern Meken' Aeeociatlon	
Bro. of Loco. Firemen ft Enginemen No. 65S- .._;....	
Vucouver Journeymen Barber"!
•"Oaloa No. 110.<—.:__£_—
Wutera Federation ol Minora,
No. 6, Saadoa 	
Bt_m' Uatea Nov U^^ajtit*.
Vaaeouver ....i~.„....._.......„
Joe. Proebetle, Cincinnati, 0.......
Klmberley Minera' Union -No.
ISO r... „™..™,i /.„
Uthera' Union No. 131, Vlotoria
Int. Union of Steam and Operating   Bnglnun   No.   510,
Prince Rupert ...... . ...	
Bartenders' Int League No. 814,
Victors .,..,......„™ ,„"„.,.r),i
Oeo, Heatherton, Vucouver.	
Int Alliance of Tbutriul Stage
Employees, Victoria —-■
A. C, Cummings, Ferguson, B.C.
Clgarmaken'  Union  No.  486,
New Wutmlniter...........;..:.	
Pnvlouily Acknowledged
Tradei ud Labor Congress.... 1600,00
Strut Rillwiy Employees .100.00
Vuoouver Typo Union.... ■   M.00
Int Longihoramen'e Ann., W-
41, Prince Rupert...-.......V......
Tile Layera' ft Helpers' Union
No. U ..... . ;.;V,„V;...™
Tile  Layers'  Local  No.  71,
Vlotoria . „;■.'_-.'; ,
Mr. frank Farrington, who hu
- Charge' of the minora" etrlke on
Vancouver dfand, wu Jn Ven-
eeuver Wedneediy en route from
litdliltualli to Nanelme. Aakt*
by the Federallenlit for laferme-
tfew- retSBve to «• etr*e ettea-
tlen on the Island, Mr. Farrington
■  Mi" .'■,';   "•■-.••*,■;■'.'■*•
li have Juit returned,
uit, where I attended
Brntal   Psrssontitm   of   Islsnd
Striken Qataksos DetwmUia-
ttoii to fight to a t__\
i Hired Help Cannot Imprison the Right of Woddaf
,:..      Men to Organise       '
At noitage of the game, since the
Itrike "fa-Vancouver Iilind bogus,
more than a year ago, have the
striken been endeavoring to deceive
themnlves. They have recognlted
from the beginning what tbey are up
agalmt. They knew that when they
u minen demanded that the provision! of the Coal Mines Regulation
Aot be enforced by Brewster, who li
Supposed to be the custodian of "law
aad order". In thla province,, they
would have some difficulties to overcome. They, knew, too, that when
Bowser sent the flnt batch of "ape-
clali" to Cumberland It wai but the
signal for a linking, up of governmental forcei with thon of the eoal
baroni, When, later, .the striken
demanded protection from tbe Insults
of scabs and scab-herden, unt there
by Bowier to help the mine ownen to
break tbe etrlke, but ware compelled
to protect themielvei and their women
folk, they tried their utmut to keep
within the limit! of decency  If not
'. >■♦■'»»»«!>;.
of. eur   IntirnDMenel
boerd, end took up ether work In
eeninetloh wlta eur unlin.
I Workera ef ArSeriea, In ee»
..lea with the Vaaoeavu Iilind
riki, he Uldl.-"■:■ .'>«.. .-'•■."
•The itrike eHaetlew wga thu-
m dleoueeed at the meitliif
The chief argument lit favor of a
protective taril la' that It erkWu employen to pay klgtar wigu. 'The
chief argument uafist It le that em-
ployera dw^W/A pocks Riglni.
Well, of coone the
Italian!, charged wldt^
er at Ladyimlth, do
were let off.' Way nor
the conrta, anywayt-.]
Already the. city council »t Ladyimlth li wondering who li going to
pay the bills for Bowssn pet notions
of preserving "law ant order," ud at
tbe same Ume providing aeShe for
work in the itruek coal mine tone.
Surd, whieh body maalmeeely
rufflrmed He prwtoui endone-
niiiit of the etriki ins* deeMod to
- furnish the Peeiuiry ftiwneM to
oarry the etrlke easiHIl the right
of the VaitoOuVar toisnd mine.
weekeee to Join the enjaaiutlon
- of thfli' oholoe has heen ther-'
- Ottrthrael an pafi <<ShL   -
Beimr't IpeeleJe BaUaee QaHt
■H»7 Os ta.W$s%   ■'
mnaa *aaWt nWMMB Tak
■ l-md »y OtaMhHredeejWI "
F* - * MrtaikSirvlei.   !.W
The charges agaluit Mr. Rublnowltx,
a lawyer, and two striken, of intimidating mlnen a few week! ago,* after
.a: bit of horaeplay on tke part of Bow-
eer'i hired help, have been found io
trivial that the grand JUry threw out
the Indictments. Oivu One nme idek
of the flimsy "cam" worked up by
over-energetic "ipeciale," Unt by Bow-
nr to uilit hit friend the coal bironi
on Vucouver Iiland In thie their hour
of need.
Int Longshoremen"! An.,
Unlted Ass. of Plumbers, etc,
ttoa, -a.-PeJjera Of ILB. ft C .„.,.„..•'
*W buttling *fta*6»Cfl*afa;-..-;=::-
y. B. of Carpenten No. (17	
3. H. MoVety:...™.;......................
J, W<WUUnlon........„... _■
Rt P. Pettlplece ....■...._;..„.
M. McBeath .
O. ft P. ,..	
Carl Jorgenaen .
A Lady Friend...
William Smith .
W." Foxcroft
greedy, Insatiable corporatlone, which
are responsible tor thli undulnble
Immigration, the degradation ot the
white .race;' or A change ra the part
of tbe employing claw.
-"Hera ero great--tnuticontlsentsl
treniportitlon , companies reaping
enormoui proflti on exorbitant freight
and puienger ratei, employing Jipi
Ud Hindu, not only In construction
work, but on every clui of maintenance work where organlutlon of labor
doei not prevent tt Nothing will ever
come back to the railroad corporation
ffom the permanent Improvement of
then people. They ***M not be the
builden of Canada.
*: "The njne hold! good In the lumber
induetriei, the fliheriu, the mines,
now on itrike, and many merchant!
and hotel men who know that this
■hould be i country of white men, who
know thit tbey ihould support white
libor on a itudird of a white nun's
'Until thue two great problem!—
actual valuation of land and the maintenance of a itandard wage for white
labor—are solved, Canada, with all lti
natural resource!, It not one minute
more attractive to me than truit-
owned ud controlled America."
Van. Jour. Tailors' Union No..
178  .'.	
Van. Clgarmaken' Union No.
Hoimer, B. C, Local Union,
No. 2485, U, M. W. of A	
R. D. Reardon, Ottawa, Ont	
Mlii H. R. Outterldge.....	
strictly within the bound! of the
"law." That needldes numben of
mllttlamin were ruahed to the.scene
wss. by thli time, to bs expected, u
Bowiet. had become exasperated that
the strike wu ttill Uabroken deiplte
hli alleglince to the coil baroni.
Tbat Bownfi hire* help would do
their utmost to luitlfy the sense
expense and display -Of governmental
force In the etrlke sone waa alio a
logical method of reanntng. Bui that,
the aestencea handed out yesterday
would be io brutal, n ridiculously severe, no one, In their right mind, for a
minute anticipated.: Two-year
te.noei   for.  whatT/For   daring   to
yer Iilind, the other reason! being
merely Incidental.*  Of course the real
How Bowser's
Mookarjr of Boasted'
-  ' Jttstiee.'
Bxtesaioii Dasghtsr OrapliiaeJIjr
-' Describes atatUewTaetksol  '
Wand S-wb-Horden.
EXTENSION, V. I;, Oct 17.—I have
al'wayi understood that a inan'ihouae
was his cSstle, a pl^ce In which lie
had the right to receive or refun id-
mitunce to individuals, u sacred to
the worklngman as a palace U to a
king. It la home, where sll his Joys
and sorrow! are held deir, where he
finds the truest consolitlon In tlmu
ot adversity and the alocereat rejoicing! In tlmu of plenty, that law of
nature doei not seem to be respected
'here.- !;>
A month ago two of the ipectal police came to our home and-uked for
my father. I (jailed him ud one ot
tbe specials made known hli errand.
"We hsve come to irreit you;"
^."AU  right" aniwered my father,
"have you got a wirrutt"
"No," uld the special.
"Very well, then, you cut take me
out of my houie without a warrant."
Continuing; my father uked where
the warrant was ud wu told that It
wu In the company'! office Snd that
he—the special—would go for It However he remained In the house—u tf
he had every right—ud the other
special went for the warrant" Presently be returned ud said that lt wu
In Nanalmo.        ""
Durtpg this time, my father wu get-
- the workera  MaaywMtaM W«
In the old days la Bagknd were thesa.'
Tost Mana laired tor two lamil,
» the Ooatoku hall lut Friday east
t6 ea aaSMee o(«rfte a tteasMtfW
ale-  «e eppeenau ba the pWtorta
to go with the epeolili.
noae had come, the ipeclal, who wu
the ipokumu, left the houn, but left
the other on guard—ind went toward!
the mine.
> school of experience ii a tough «£Vith'titt_£i_BTa. „mS
.; but lt lt hai taught the^ workert 0^1^ ittLKSf'm5 f^S
■aaon th« nHne win Mt h... ha,** .~j J™1!??. ■■JWSfJ nere.   My rather
law-breakera, the primary ipuie of the
whole trouble, go scot free. Thli because of the previoui criminal political itupldlty of the wotMng cleat.
The lobool '
&oe5S5. 'Meutta.^t'uuk-S.e'lSS ^'^m »> IMS chair when this
laoor, tne u. m. w. or A. will take at m-eatneaa hut nttarlv falls/ ».iv^i
good can of the wivu and famlllu u !jjre"Be,,• ~f -"3?^ MM- '"W*
na__i^_KTe^S_^tS:i   He wen* *$&&*> ">y 'sther and
Si ?J£f   XLSKL ^SnJLZ w£f roughly out of his chair, saying, "Tou
toe itrtKet   despite   Bowsers hired Mfnu tn nnmA tin vmit  iv vah u*.
help, indutriil hell ud criminal per "£" Sit^
locution ot the strikers. j (Continued on Page. Bight)
LADYSMITH. Oct 11^-Al tfo Of
the itrlklng mlnira were oat tak
their coeiUtntloott It *ed these to the
proylnolal govemmeat wharf," where'
one can bare the full advaatagi ot the
"osone ot the ooun," when they wan whloh.saoke <AluatS for ale M
zz^oZatZAs^jtai **-^-***?a£--:
wire trespaulng, It beug previnelil
governmwt property for the benett of
the publle at large for sUntng (?)
purposes, Under the "pluuat" coo-
dltlont that prevaUHi the dietri4t ther
had so alternative but to rettace their
itepi ind cime np town where' they
comuRed the kind-buried maswtraU
who uld thit he did not think they
hid been tretpaulng. It being gpveta-
meat property. Not being quite sure
on this "technlul" point he advises*
them to coniult Chief of Police Hemp,
who told them that he hid orden to
"protect all private property," but *he
alu thought they were not treipauing
whu on> government property In thit
vicinity. It appean that the bluff of
the "plug-uglies" did not work, u they
hare not. been seen since in that vicinity ud now tbe public have aeoeu to
the wharf at In former days.
Keep Away from Ladyemtth Till Fe^
ther Notice.
Tour corrnpondent la informed on
reliable authority that the Canidlaa
Collieries Co. it n hard up for scaba
tbat two of Bowier'i plug-ugllu are
stationed at the two ends of the town
to capture all "out-of-wo'rki" and ac-
cUn them of treepauing, after which
they take them to the colliery company'! ofllce, at the wharf, where they
are given the option of either going to
work it the mlnu or ot going to Jail
for seven diyi with hard labor. Such
are the tictlci adopted by Bowser's
government lacklea f> asilat ■ colliery
compiny to enforce a ayetem of peonage In B, 0. similar to that.' which,
exists In the "convict" itate of which
their general manager la a cltlren.
Sam Hughu' "Toy" •eldlere Rnterteln
On evening recently tbe "toy" rot
Becauie of the muy counter attractions at preunt being ottered
by the local dally preu, In the form of pritu, circSliUon oonteats,
etc., and the general Unemployment ot an lneraulng number of wsge-.
workers In the cout cltlei, The Fed. hu decided to poitpone the
drawing announced In recent liiuu to some later date, when condition! are mora fivonble. '    ,    ' '
• Meantime those who have; already purchued tickets will be
written to personally, offering a return of the extra subscription price
charged or an extension ot their, time on the. mailing Hit covering
the amount
Subscribers win pleue" note, too, that the subscription price of
The Feda his been railed to 11.50 outside tbe lhnlti ot Vucouver
City and to II where thl city, pottal delivery cuti one cent per luue.
The- rate to Onions subscribing lb s body li railed from 75 centi to
|1 per year. Thli chiage ll made neceuary because of the increase
In else of The Fed., Wltb the additional coet pf production.
The Fed.'i circulation li lneraulng it a very satisfactory rate,
but is still much under the total number of unionists located In B, C.
With a government In power determined to cruih organlted labor
ud a general election due within two yean It Is clearly up to every
uhlon to ne thst The Fed. reaehu every wage-worker In thli province.
Every dollar received by The Fid. will be upended to make tbls a
bigger snd better champion of thou who make proflti and civilisation
possible. To secure the beet raiults The IM. needs a plant of lti
own,  Will YOU.helpt ?: '
   farewell entertal^rir% tbsT "Ood
speed" to a contingent of their fellow-
dupu Who were to be traneferred to a*
more strategic- point.   The entertain-
• ~2ir^,     ...a  a.     .      .. j ment must have developed Into a de-
S, *«,!? "mJrTl!?tui?*e?vm IfS v—'b »s it midnight the citlsens of
the town were itartled by the drunken
condition of ume of the toy soldiers.
Some ot tbe older Inhabitant! were in
a itate of terror u they thought It
wai u uprising of-the Indians on toe
rerervatton across the bay. A number
of ladles on their way home from a
dance in Union hall were so dliguited
with the language used by the toy Midlers thit tbey informed the city chief
of police, lln the nlghtwatchman, of
the state of attain on the main itreet
ot the town. After a very aerioue consultation between the two city offlcen
of the law, they thought It advtuble to
coniult the officer ln command ot the
mllltla, with the ruult that a military
eicort wai unt to protect tbe poor deluded drunken victim!, who, from their
utterance!, appeared to be on their
way to a houn ot quutlonable chsr-
acter, but the etcortt unt out luckily
overtook them ud they marched along
Third avenue back to headquarters, n
kindly lent by the Cuadlan Colliers
Co., alwayi ro careful ud thoughtful
of the hulth of the toy loldlen that
they did not deem It advisable for them
to live" In tents—on one dollar a day
pay—u nme of their number are suffering from rheumatism Id various
forms. On the Sunday morning the
officer ln commend muit have been io
filled wltb remorae at the way event!
had turned out on the previoui even-
,>.-> t,n hid a full church parade nt
all able and nber enough to
nttriid divine nrvlce ln the Presbyterian church. After the nrvlce wu
over the compiny wu ordered to fill
in ind to the angelic itralm of the
bugle hand of the gallant Fifth, marched down High atreet on their way to
the railway station, where another exhibition took place, ihowing how well
tho amateur human butcheii ire under
Some day the A. F. of L. newsletter may discover thit there li i
strike on at Vancouver Iiland,
"The mlnei are oura," uy tho coal
mine operators, "we will run our buiineu u we pluie." Untortunitely,
"their busineu" is aln the busineu
of nme ten thousand miners, albeit
then have nothing Invented but tbelr
lives ud their livings; the welfare of
themnlvei and of their families. And
n, "their busineu" becomes also our
business; snd before the men again
resume tfbrk they will have a say u
to how tbst part of the busineu that
affects them directly shall he conducted.—U. M. W. of A. Journal.
eaadtQMia aae
eon-ales machinery of
try. that the. moat ben-
You pay for it  You support him.  How about cutting out his "Job" In the name
of efficiency—and also of comfort?
aa4 it wu aoted that m wit* of m.
■ttyuvu yura of more thu oriiav'
ertly tfreauoui me. he did aet look «i
day elder tha* forty-uven er flfty. "■' '•'*'
Buy dOabtleii wut s^eettat to
mt i.ramslafc nuiat revolutloaary
Ireeater, i^o wsold luve behind hbn
a trail of verbal dktarbeaee which
would keep all the local "leto" busy
ehowlni each Otiter'a ears ot for the
nut aU months, be} they mutt have
'b^-sadly.Tt^ann^StoST   '.'      ■
The lecture, instesd of betas tha
long string ot tanmnologloal twaddle
used by thou who dont realm the
factttet thoy have a ml-Moa la life '•»":
tell tbe worid what syndlaUIsm la aet.?
wu one of the moot delete ud at tta,.
•ame time _tm expoelilons of trafts'*
unlonlim which bu ever delkthtod tho
eara of tbe faithful in toll dty!
Betaking of Ue Old Country, he uld
hat tsaai people named to be under
the Impraulon that It was played ont,,.
lut he inured Mi heeran that inch
wu sot tbe can, for the imount of
wealth produced by the. Individual
worker ln thit country today wu
greater than It had ever been before
—ud so wu hit poverty,-; Whilst the
•aggregate wulth of Orut Britain had
Increaaed enormouily, yet there wen
mtlllou of children who wen never
properly clothed, hound, or ted. He
contracted condition! In England l»
day with those aeven centuriu ua
when, he declared, the worker wu better off Innfar u the neceultlaa of
life, were concerned thu he la today.
The purchumg power ot money wu
flfteea tlmu greater thu ao*. the
worker was able to ealoy all aeoee-
wttheut   the
!ano^'li-«iiifyr;l _-. .
UM buildings and architectural t
terptecu were produced. He contended thst tbe thlci of modem commer-
clallim had tot the mark of the bout
on. all popular conception of art la
our time.
Referring to working,bouts In the
United States and Cinida, be said ha
had been a member ot hli trade union
for thirty-live yeara ud during that
time had never worked on Saturday
afternoons, ud when he came to thla
continent and found the so-cilled advanced Canadian and American workingmen working ilx ud even eevea
diyi a wdek, he came to the ooaclu- -
lion that England wu better In that
rupect thu thli country. As to thou
workmen who had been und to Batur- .
day afternoon holdaye la the 04 Coon-
try, and wbo ume put to Canada ud
worked Saturday afternoon!, In hla
opinion* they ought to be kicked.
' He uld the day bad gone by when
the workere' light could be fought by
the old-iuhloned method! of trade
unlonlim. ud that whit wu aeeded
wu "The New Unloolun," whieh
munt all worken In any one lnduitry ihould he memben ot one ualoa,
and thit all worken ihould be members of the union covering tta ladua-
try ln whieh they worked. The ultimate object of such organisation would
be that ths worken Should take poe-
■euton of the machinery and eourou
of raw upply ud operate the ladna-
trlei in the Interuts of the worken,
ind by mutusl arrangement between
tbe varioui groupi their commodltlei
would be exchanged. Al proof of the
value of these methods of organisation, he cited the ipectaculir niceen
of the transport worken of Oreat Britain In 1111, ud the preuat itruggle
In Irelind.
He laid thlt parllimenti and poll-
tlu hsd proved tain to tha worken
ud were a ghutly failure right from
the flnt day that the Mu of lending
workmen into houses of legislature
wu conceived. He .hid made It hli
buitneu to travel ud live. In thou
countries where , politico had bun
tried by the workera, ind In no can
did hli observations furalih him with
one icrap of faith in rack method!.
From start to finish hli criticlim ot
modern trade unlonlim wai vigorous
■nd iluhing, and the perfect English
of s practiced and polished orator WU
UluminsfU from time to time by de-
llghtful lluliwi of good humored u-
tire which earned him well-deserved
appreciation from an attentive audience, which wu not by any meim
composed entirely of people who
thought he had the right remedy for
the evils which oppress the working
people of our time.
On Tuesday evening laat a number of unionists ueoaiMod st the
Labor Temple for the purpoie of dlnuuiog ihe advtublllty of forming:
i libor representation committee with a view to participating In the
coming municipal campaign.
Upon motion, Mr. H, C Bennn wu elected chairman and Mr. G.
Harrison, secretary,
A general discussion of the proposal wu indulged In by the
unions present, resulting In tbe election of Meun. Beneon, BOardmu
and John Davidson u a committee to draft and forward a clrculir to
the varioui local unloni, aiklng uch ot them to nnd two accredited
delegitet to stteid a meeting at the Ubor Temple on Tuesday,
November 11.
After arranging for the hall for Nor. 11, ud taking preliminary
measures to emura the iucodu of the convention, the
adjourned. JS?
m SAQB two
Kirks'& Co.
Victoria, B.C.
British Columbia Land
- Splendid opportunitiet in Mixed Finning, Diiiymg
Stock aad Poultry
British Columbia Grants Pre-emptions of
160 Acres to Actual Settlers
TERMS—Residence on the
land for at leut three years;
improvements to the extent
> ■ '  ,     cultivstlonat least five acres
For Further Infotmition Apply to
Deptfty MMster of Lands, Victoria, B. C.
Stcretary, Bortaa if Prsvincial Information, Victoria
Mmtseaa Sheas Ar« *Fri»q'uontly
Mad* In Non-Union Factories
no mstter whst lti nsmi, unleu it bean a
plain snd readable impreuion of tbii Stamp.
All ahau without the Union Stamp in
alwayi Non-Union.
Boot da Shorn Workere" Union '
246 Summer Stnet, Boston, Mass.
J. F. Tobin, Pros.    C. L. Bline, Sec.-Treas.
—**-.-   •' -
DeL Trotter Submits Able Beport
to Vancouver Central
Labor Bod;.
Policies Approved at Montreal and
Splendid Increase in Member-
ship Recorded.   \
Even at this lite date The Federationlit feeli Justified In reproducing
the Tradei aad Lahor Congreu of Canada convention report, made by Del.
Trotter, to Vincouver Tradei and Labor Council lait week.
Said Del. Trotter:
'-When the 29th annual convention
of the Tradei and Labor Congreu of
Canada wae''declared open for buiineu at Montreal on September 22, it
wai felt by many of the delegatee who
have heen ln attendance upon theie
gathering! over a number of yew,
that in Important point In the history
ot the Trades Congreu had been
Congreu Policy Approved.
The remarkable progreu ln organisation annually recorded hai not been
accomplished without lome opposition, and then are in existence some
few people who have expressed the
hope and opinion that a convention in
Montreal would lee. eome revenal of
policy. It II a matter tor congratulation, therefore, thlt the largeit convention of Canadian tradei unionists
ever held should hive demonstrated
their desire for a continuation of thole
pollclei which, over a period of even
the lut eight yean, have seen the direct dues-paying membenhlp grow
from 22,000 to 80,801.
Many attempt! have been made to
create a lufflclent divergence of opinion between the eastern and weitern
sections of the Dominion In trades
union matten, to atem, at least for a-
time, the growing sentiment In favor
of the Dominion Congress; but Montreal hai Indicated that any hopea of
that aort ara not now likely to be re-
allied. The re-election for the second
time of the executive committee chosen at Calgary In 1911, two by acclamation and the third by a declilve vote
of 183 to 88, may be accepted ai some
evidence In thli regard.
Oyer 800 Delegates.
Credentials to the number of 338
wen received and declared to he ln,
order. Will Thome, M.P., represented
the Brltlih Tradei Congreu, and W,
McSorley, of the Lathers' Union, the
A. F. of L, u fraternal delegate!,
Two delegate! came from provincial
federation!; 28 tradu .council! lent
49 delegates; 24 International unlona
availed themselves ot the privilege ot
being directly represented by a Can-
adieu member; while 168 local trade
unloni were responsible for the remaining 282 delegate!.
. Beside the' regular delegates, a number of International offlcen were pros
ent to dlipley their lntereat Among
theie were Meisrs. Klrby and Duffy,
preildent and lecretary of the U. B.
of Cirpenten; Meun. Kugler, of the
Brewery Worken; Wall, of the Photo-
Engraven, and Dixon, of the Paper
Mill WOrkOn.
Riporti of Ostein.
_4 feature of the convention, wai the
nature of the report! preiented, Preildent Wattere' report u parliamentary representative coven aome 48
pagea, and that of James Simpson on
technical education 12 pages of Interesting matter, while tho renilar"*olfl-
c'efi' reports .fill a pamphlet of 28
pagu dealing with condition! throughout the Dominion,
Two Languages.
Owing to the fact that all the bull-
neu of the convention had to be con-
ducted In both French and English,
theie report! had to be placid In the
hand! of delegatee and taken aa read,'
Thla method li not In the belt inter-
ute ot the Congreu, aa valuable discussion generally arises from these report!, but no other coune was possible unless the time of the convention
were to be extended.
The same difficulty wu in evidence
in dealing with the resolutions, which
thli year, ln number, exceeded ill precedent It has been apparent for two
or three yun that tome chinge In the
method of transacting buiineu wai
becoming necessary, snd the, reception of 119 resolutions with considerably less than the uiuil time to deal
with them, provided sufficient reuon
for the Unanimous acceptance of a reiolutlon requiring all resolution! at future convention! to be In the lecretary 'a pollution at lent one week
prior to date of convention, and the
appointment of a resolutions commit
tee to tike action one day previoui in
order to have regular consideration
provided for from the veny flnt day
of future convention!. Thli reidjuit-
ment will not only tend to conelderable
elimination, but will render possible
an Intelligent grouping of lubject!
with a concentration and saving of
Ume whieh wilt afford thst opportunity for discussion wblch was lacking
it the recent convention.
Of the 119 resolutions, quite 80 had
some relation to Individual trade matter!, while I uvea dealt with "fair
wage" cliuiei, eight with workmen'!
compensation, ilx with the uie ot the
militia, and seven with Immigration.
Thui the litter tour lubjecti alone
had 28 resolution! ln relation to them.
Theie figures will Indicate how a live
committee could save time to the ad-
vantage of all concerned.
Committee Work.
Tour delegate found hlmielf on two
committee!, the flnt half of the week
u cbilrmin of credential! committee
and tha latter half on Special committee on Immigration, He contented
himself personally with securing the
adoption of two reiolutiom—one affirming the attitude of the Congreu In
relation to the employment of white
girls by Orientals, nnd expressing lit-
lafaotlon thlt Manitoba had followed
the lead of Saskatchewan ln legiilit-
ing on this question; and the other
was a revival of friend Pettipiece'!
production affirming that u "the capl-
talliti of tbe world cauie all war they
ihould do their own fighting," with the
addition of the opinion that "newipaper edlton end writen loitering the
war spirit should be among the flnt
called upon to take the field ln the
event of war," ' _
Oppoaed to Unionists Joining Militia.
The Introduction of the Brandon resolution on the mllltla Indicated how
wideapread a desire there wae on the
part of delegates from every part ot
the Dominion to get a "grand alam" at
militarism and th«j use of the mllltla
In strikes in particular. Two adjournments of thli debate were taken and
the' reiolutlon wai eventually carried
with only three dissentient!, after a
call for the previoui' queitlon had
ihUt out a number of the notable!
from expressing themselves with a
view to formulating a definite volley
on the subject. Our "Jimmy" (Slmp-
•on) wu •■ very wroth at the abrupt
termination to the discussion, and undoubtedly much more remained to be
uid, although there waa never for a
moment any doubt about the adoption
of the reiolutlon. The 'reiolutlon
"Be lt resolved: ,That In view
of recent event! on Vancouver
' Iiland, where the mllltla li being
used to coerce the worken Into
submitting to the condition! Im-
poied upon tbein by the mine
ownen, the Brandon Trades and
Labor' Council
"Heaolveii that It li entirely
opposed to militarism and re-
quuti the Tradei and Labor Congreu of Canada, it lta convention
In Montreal, to place itself on .
• record aS being opposed to union
men Joining the mllltla; and that
It approve! the action of certain
International':unlona that fcrbtdi
membenhlp to be members of the
mllltla."   Concurred In.
- The lalatid Mlnen' Caai. .
Very early In the proceeding! Delegate Wllklnun of the Brltlih Columbia federation of Labor, secured a
hearing for the caw of the Vancouver
Island mitten aa a special order of
business. The presentation was all
that could be deilred. Wilkinson did
hlmielf credit and the mlnen as undoubted.Service. The attention ot the
delegatee never wavered, and thoie
who knew the fact! and knew alao
how wideapread hive been the lying
press reports of this trouble, are ready
to admit that, over 890 delegates from
every nook and corner of the Dominion were placed In possession of a true
atory which will live with them. One
Immediate result waa a spontaneous
desire to "do something," which eventually took shape ln a vote by the convention ot 8600 to the- "Kiddies'
Chrlitmu Fund" and the lending ot
a telegram of lymps thy to Oeorge
Pettigrew, who ihould have been
delegate to the-convention, but wu
"detained'' In Nanalmo Jail on one ot
the many charm whloh are doing duty on the Island.
On After Minister of Labor.
Closely .allied with thli subject wu
the reiolutlon preiented by tbe Toronto photo-engraven, .calling for the
resignation of the Mlnliter of Labor,
complaining chiefly, however, of hie
attitude while aoting as Minister of
the Interior, and ln connection with
the Introduction of strike-breakers to
Toronto. Other resolutions also afforded an opportunity tor criticism,
and It wu alleged-that Mr. Crothers
had held up to ridicule the eecretary
of Winnipeg Trade! Counoll (Mr.
Rigg) aa the man who had earned a
number ot miners to be stranded instead of going to work. This having
reference to the Durham mlnen Intended for Vancouver Island who were
informed of condltlona on the Island
by Mr. Rigg while on their way West.
There was no doubt aa to the temper of the convention on this subject;
but the reiolutlon calling for the min-
liter's resignation waa not concurred
in, as it was felt thlt any other per-
ion in the same office- would possibly
be controlled and directed ln much the
•ame manner-and the remedy did not
He In merely changing poreonalltles
while  leaving other  conditions the
The Lemleux Aet
In regard to the Lemleux Act, the
Congreu adhered to the Calgary de-
otalon that unleu very materially
amended and better administered, lt
hid better be repealed. ...
Election Day a Holiday.
The executive council was authorised to urge that election day be declared a general holiday. A resolution in favor ot oompuliony voting
wu also adopted—It to to be feared
Without ai much comideration as
might have been given. ■
Permanent Hildquortere' Fund.
It was deolded to set ulde 38,000 ai
a nupleui to a fund for the provision
of permanent headquartera at Ottawa.
Libor Day.'
A motion favoring change of Labor
Day to flnt or May was defeated is
wu also a motion calling for a completely open door to all Immigration.
Other Resolution*
Other resolution! declared agalmt
the employment ot women in iron
foundnei; in favor of the removal ot
Asiatics from mlnu and calling tor
their total exclusion from Canada and
favor of legislation to render unlawful the retention of aimed forcei
by corporation!,
The executive li Initructed to preu
for a reyliion of the lentences on the
Uepremo brother!' of Port Arthur, one
of whom received five shots and the
other leven shots In hli body (lever
al of which have not been extracted)
during the itrlke at Port Arthur
dock!, and who were patched Up In
the hoipltal and then sentenced to
ten years on a charge of attempted
murder of a policeman.    - ■
Want Seder*! Investigation.
The Sydney delegate! again urged
the necessity for an Investigation into
Induitrlal conditions in Cape Breton.
Among other thingi It wai itited
that men In the iteel worki there
were working tlewve houn. per day for
14 cents per hour,
.   Remember Labor Papers.
Affiliated unloa) were urged to nib-
icribe for their local labor papen In
a body. .
The dealrablUty tor freedom of ac-
ceu to Immigration building! waa
brought forward by St. John delegation, and the executive council ni;
Initructed to obtain thli If pouible.io!
that Immigrant! can be supplied with!
needed information upon their arrival
to the country. It wai alio declared!
to be undesirable that any coroner!
ahould have the power to withhold an
enquiry In a cue ot fatal,Injury.anil
urged that an enquiry ihould he made
compulsory in every case where a
Hoped   tbat  Previoui   Friction
Among Workers Will dive Way
to Unity of Pnrpose.
Safe for Electors to Believe What
. Present Aldermen Bey About
Bach Other.
VICTORIA, Oct 22.—The time for
the municipal election! muit be drawing sear aa we hear that the city
council hu taken up the Joker again—
the working man, They bave ipent
quite a few. night! arguing on whither
lt would be better to have the Sooke
water work done by contract or day
lsbor, and I expect that the queitlon
will hang fire until after election Umt.
Naturally they would not decide on
such a good election labor casvauer
as that would make, and It Just goes
to Show how euy lt II. to get the
worklngman's vote —hy promlsu
which- the candidate for ofllce knowi
quite well he will not be forced to
Now It to time tor ui to get wtoe u
to our need! and how to get them, not
by electing any Conservatives or Lib-
erali, but by seeing that the men-from
our own ranks, who offer themielvei
for election, are the men who lie
elected ind with a good poll, lait
year there happened to be two faction!
of labor candidates In the field and
before election! they itarted to knock
one another, which naturally disgusted
the people who were Inclined to rapport them.
Now I hope that thli yur will lee
a vut change in their programme ant*
that the organisations ot thli town
will take a little more Interait ln thli
'lection ind after selecting the but
mett for the different ofllcei, make lt
their buiineu to tee thlt they, ire
elected. Thli yur will be one of the
beet opportunities, I think, as the public li getting tired of the ume old
crew, yur tn and year out and now
that the aldermen are charging
one another with graft, It will give
ui in opportunity to flnd out If the
electon hive any faith In the working
man u an office-holder.
' I think the central council ihould
tike hold of thli queitlon aa won Si
poutble, decide what aetlon Is necessary, and endeavor to get the support
of all the local-unloni. N. B.
Victoria, Oct. 22.—The International
Seamen's Union has been very successful ln organizing the marine lire-
men and otlen of thla town, and are
now waiting for their charter, They
have a charter membenhlp of fifty-
seven, which Is remarkable fdr a port
ot thli lite.
Their organlied! Ii now In Vancouver, linking up the firemen of thit
town, and when that organisation la
complete they will have all the men
on steamers of .the northweit organ-
lied, ai well aa one of the itrongut
organisation! of the world—ind that
is uylng something.
Red! Went Compiiiutlon,
-The loclillit! ot Buttle whou headquarter! were licked and their content! destroyed by a band of drunken
sallon and hoodlums during the Pot-
latch celebration on July 18 have put
their claims for damages airtight up
to President Wilson.
medical certificate of death wu not
To attempt, however, to cover all
reiolutiom In a report li Impoiilble,
and after thli owar'a experience your
delegate certainly welcomes the proa
pect now provided tor future convention! of possibly better-developed material, and mora time fOr 'lte discussion, s. s
Tbe various committees, needless
to uy, were kept working laborlouily
and In many cases had to be abient
from the convention for boon at a
time ltt order to complete work. It
the new arrangement even enable!-ill
delegates to be present at sll'ssa
steal It will be well worth the change.
Secntiry-Treiiunr Dripir*i Report
The report ot P.''It Draper u the
flnt Canadian fraternal delegate to
Britain and the pretence of Will
Thome, M.P., u the flnt Brltlih Con:.
greu delegate to. Canada marka a
very definite itep forward.   •
The lecretiry-treiiurer'i report
•bowing an lncreue of 14,000 ij> mem-
berehlp from 88,128 to 80,801, and an
lncreue ln receipt! trom fl6,6M>> to
119,871 need! little comment md lt
eloquent of the Standing of the Congreu. While the Congreu wu In les-
slon, a telegram was received trom
the convention of the Brotherhood of
Railway Carmen then In session at
Wilwaukee announcing their decltlon
to affiliate their .entire Canadian membership, wblch afford! another lncreue In membenhlp and bring! the
total of International unloni In complete affiliation from headquartera to
48. ■'
Offlcen Elected.
Mr. Alphonie Verville, M.P,', wu
elected to attend, the-next British
Tradei COngreu ' and Mr. Oustave j
Francq to attend the A. F. of L. In'
Seattle In November next as fraternal delegate. ' i
Place of next-meeting, decided by
icoluhmatlon, is St. John, New Brum-:
Wick.' Delegate Wilkinson announced
that Vancouver would claim the 1916
convention, while Delegate Mason ot
Windsor, Ont, also, put ln a plea for.
that city for the inme yeer..
Almost toj Muoh Entirtilnntint
Tbe Montreal tradei unionists certainly excelled themselves ln hospitality and providing for the comfort
of the delegates, snd eveyy credit Is
due to them. The prevailing feeling,
however, la that Congress will have,
to place a limit somewhere and St.
John will be well advised to consider
ably ourtall the claims ot their reception committee ln deference to this
feeling for next year'i convention,
THe Popular Priced, European Plan
Hotel! R  I  T Z
C. J. Lovejey, Mir., i -B-a-|iMsmpsjmMggsBBMMMisga*e*****B*e-i
FreeAiitafus fcag *$*__ •$
Situation at South Wellington,
Editor B, 0. Federatlonist: * We
would like to cell your attention once
more to condition! at South Wellington. Thingi are not running quite as
smoothly for the P. C. Co. u they
would like outside puttee to imagine.
There wu ilmoit a itrike amongst
the itrlke-braiken themielvei on pay
day, owing to great dluatlifictlon
among the Mliiourlini who wen
brought In to work the mines, through
the compsny not keeping their agreement about wages. Mut o, them have
quit work aad gone away, having
mide the remark thit they bad never
done any tcabblng before and did not
wtah to continue. Then mi too
much hoow In the bull-pen on pay
day aad gambling wu itarted, and u
a coniequence aome of them got
■trended end could not icrape enough
out of the wreckage to travel on,
What doei the publlo think of a gambling game going on on property that
li protected by twenty;flve soldlen
and thirteen special police, to which
the boarding boil.could, gat' fleeced
out of 3190 in three bandar It trill be.
only a matter of A abort time before
all the English-speaking icabt will be
gone, according to their own itate-
menti, The balance of the icabi are
moitly louthern Italian! who have
been working on the right-of-way,
near Alberni, tor 31.80 a day and
found, ao they think they have got a
bonania killing time around tbe mlnu
nt 32.60 a day,
U. M. Wi of A. Local 872.
South Wellington, Oct 17,1818,
Vincouver Pkttirnmeken, HO.
- Editor B. 0. Federationlit: Pleue
flnd eneloied with thie note a money
order for 340.00, contributed by the
Vancouver Local of the Pitternmak-
era' League of North America for the
Nanalmo Minen' Kiddles Chrlitmu
Box Fund. With best wishes from all
the boyi, hoping you will succeed In
your object to help the mothen and
children ot our brotben who an fighting tabor'i battle over oh the Iiland,
lam, youn fraternally,
Fln.-See. Pitteramaken' Auoclatlon.
Building Trtdet Convention.
The "cell" for the uventh annual
convention of the building tradu department of the American Federation
of Labor hu beea received In thli
city. The,convention will open In
Seattle, Monday, November 24, In the
assembly room of the Wiihington Hotel. A meeting of the executive council will be held In Buttle, on November 21.
iiufOBie, a. o.
Council—Meeta-first and third Wednesday, Labor Hall, 711 Johnson atreet,
Ht I p.m. President A Watchman, secretary, ■- H. Norrls, Labor Still, Vie-
tertla H.C.
and Jolnera—Mut! every Tuesday,
I p.m, at Labor halt 781 Johnston St
President J. 8. Bryan; recording aeon,
tary, .Oeo. L. Dyktmani business agent
and financial aeeretary, W. A. Parkinson, Box III,.
—*    Federation: of. Miners-
Meets Sunday evenings, In Union Hall
Preaident W. Fleming! aeeratary-treaa-
uwr, M. p. Vllleneuve, Klmberley B.C.
No. till. V. St. W. of A.-Meets
Wedaasday. Union Hall, f p.m preeldent, earn Outhrle: aeeretary, Duneaa
Mcfonsle, Udysglth, B. C.	
, —Meata every Monday at 7:10
the Athletic *"
aua»v awvaw  uaaauai   u.a.n.., a,
Heats every Monday at 7:10 p.m. In
Ithletle Club, Chapel Btreet Arthur
in, Box 411, Nenlaroo, BV a
JIM. U, M.^WoTA—MieU even
Sunday 7p.m., In U. M. W. of A. hall
1389. U. M. W. of A—MeeU every
_   iday 7 p.m., In U. M. W. of A. half.
Preaident job. Naylor; seoretary, Jamea
 .  .---,  wry.
Smith, Box 11, Cumberland. B. C. _
Union, NO. 111. W. F.
i Monday at 7:lt p.
'. Perrln:  secreUry,
hell. Box 88. WSJ; B. 6.
*•• W.
p.m.   Preaident
~  Frank Camp-
SWOB BVa*-B*8*f. mc
Union No. 411—Meet! last Sunday
In month at Caipentsn' Halt. Preeldent D. MeCorklndale; aecreUry-treaa-
urar, Harry R. Potts, P.O. Box 848.
Ladies' Hair Dressing and Shampooing
Hair  Work   Done   In   all
Branches.    Theatrical  Wlae  ..
hire and for aale.  Electrical Face
_.   1U
Viae  for
and Scalp Treatment
Pompadours, etc.
Successor to
Phone 1178
Vlotoria, B, C.
Dominion Hotel
-noNxoa,**. a
' iw Roqnp—110 BATHS
Comfort   without   Extravagance
AaMtttaa maa . esse Vp
iea» onto ■or
Vlotoria Lithen 110
Editor B. O. FederaUonlst: ,Bn-
cloud you will find a money order for
310 M a small donation from Local
832 towards the smount yon are trying to raise tor the wlvu sad children
of the itriklng minora of this Island,
It la not a very large donation to und.
-There has-not been much work about
Juit lately and tlmu are beginning to
get nther .hard with our memben,
though we are only too pleased to
give whst little we can, u we tolly
reallie that the money tl going to a
good and much-needed cause, I have
been Instructed by thie local to remind the oommlttee, through you, that
when they are ipending the -money,
upeclally It they spend lt in the different localities where the trouble hai
occurred,, to ipend It with lympa-
thlsen and lupporten of the labor
movement, and perfectly ignore thoee
who are backing the icabi, though no
doubt the committee tbat will be ee-
looted will be the mut active and
capable men that can be found and
Will have full knowledge of where to
ipend the money, how to epend tt anil
distribute the goods to the utlitae-
tlon of all concerned. We wlih you
•ucceu In your efforts and we hope
you will get the 88,000 and more. I
remain, youn'fraternally,
Sec. Local 332 Lathers' Union.
Victoria, Oct 18.
THE strike ia still on, at tha
1 Queen Mine and Silver
Dollar, at Sheep Creek, _ O,
All working men urged to etar
away until thli itrike le eettleo*.
Order This Miniss' UHiox
Coal mining rights of thl. Dominion,
n Manitoba. Baskatcbewaa and Alberta,
he Yukon Territory, the Northweet Ter.
torlea and In a portion of thl Provinoe
  ibla, may be lei    *
..     .-one yean at at ,__.
renUI of 81 .an aora   NOV mon than
of BrIUsk Colombia, may be leaaed for
a term of twenty-one yean at an annual
1,111 aorea will be leaaed to one applicant '■
Application for lean muat ba made by
(hi applicant In penon to the Agent -or
Sub-Aient of tbe district la which the
rlihU applied for are eltuaUd,
in aurveyed territory the land muat he
described by aectlona or legal subdlvll-
ISSL?' !f""?!!h. *?*J.9. unaurveMd tar*
paid on the merchantable 'output of the
rltory tha tract applied for
aUked by "- ' " ■
but not otherwlee.    A royally ehi
iked, by the applicant himaelf.
Each application i	
by a fee or
the right*
Each application must be accompanied
a fee of II. which will be refundsd If
'   " for are aot available.
mine at the rats of five cenU par ton.
  1 mined and nay the royalty thereon. If the eoal mining rlghu
an not being operated, iuch returne
ahould be furnished at leut once a year,
Tne laapi will Include the ooal mining
sary for_ the working of the mine et the
._ leaae will lncludi	
ita oaly, but the laaaee may be parted to. purchase —-—
'ice rlghu may
' for the worklt
ralfiad *lo "purchase* whatever 'available !
— _.-t.- 1j#1-t.
may ba conaldered neoea-
rata of 810 an acre.
FOr    full    Informal
ihould be made to the
Department ot the Int	
to any Agent or Sub-Agent
Deputy Minister of ths Interior.
N,   B.—Unauthorised   publication   of
this advertisement will not be oold tor.
hade to thi SecreUry of tha
: ot the Interior, Ottawa, or
>t or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Use Electric Irons
The cottfot contmuoui opentioa it only a few emit pet hour.
The iron it operated from an ordinsiy household tocket.
The iront told by thit company are conitrucled on the betl piinciplet,
«ce which it hotel the point and aool at Ihe hindle.
m an t lis it *!■««•' a  ■naeantu '
thit meini an appliance „..    .. .„,., ..„ r
The iron bent ihe manufacturers guuintee.
Carrall and
Hutlngi Stnet
1188 Granville Ht,
near Davie, art——, nm vAseoura
TSAati am uaoa eotntca.
' - .  '      vtsaWik'
-iif:»-..' —v „ »«    s-_Ms,
M-yrgrfear* ImW.
Are You Looking for Better froceries ft
Our groosry departmeBt helps yon to better things to ett,
aad no: more to pay. Tke aataral iastbet of people il
for good tUafg to eat,' Ov groovy ihpertinent tseobss-.
- - • vr--*»- -- -'-- '^st'ajaaistf i. ~^_^^^^^
a lesson to toeoounneal housewife, ft show) her how
edibles are rifhtir kept to aulntain perfect sanitatieii
and health priiperties. It kfiu|s to herthe best tttnis to
eat, at no added eost. Oct good many things all this
bettemess tarings her a ttvingi
GRBAMKRY BUTTBIL_3 lbs. for.:..!.; JH.00
HUDSON'S BAT *LOTB-Per saofc,.-...':.......: .....».»
KELLOGQ'S COBN FLAKBS-3 packets for...: 26c
m.8 *JA»CT^ IMAPt-4 oak^
FINEST J'^TOEfr-Pe*' sack ......"......... ....._..v..T8e
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KEjU^'SAiffi—Regular 28c; special Mor.:.........3l»
PUBE IiASJ>-4tpeeial, per tin. i«o
JpA—Special Wend, regular 86e, for..-.:. .............810/
TSwBEEB MUdC-2 tins for.: , „.. 36c
- WJtDBB'ff CATSUP—Per bottle.;,■_..;ui.- .*- ...Me >*
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TOMATOES—Large ting, 2 for   Me
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BREAKFAST BACON—Per lb. „;...„.:. JMo
HARRIS WILTSHIRE BACON—Per.lb..-.......: ...sOo
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MAPLE SYRUP—Pure, 50c ting for ..:.......;..„...„.:.........«0p
CAMPBELL'S SOUP-Per do-gen .tins..... ..;........|li6*
LUNCH TONCHJES—Per tin...:.... ...:;.„ -,.... _.'JBe
PUBE HONEY—Begular 26c, for   20c
LIBBVS OLIYES^Bemilar 26c, for     16o
Hudson's Bay Stores
We mauutaoture every kind
of work shoe. And specialize
in lines for miners, railroad
oonitruotion, logging, eto.
Stanfield's Underwear
Blue Label, Suit H-Red Label, Suit ftJO
- Bed Label Combinations, Suit SS.00
Headlight Overalls of »n kinds
Dr. Reed's Cushion Sole
• Shoes, $8.00
18-20 Cordova St West
- lm-cuskion
mu mut was
We keep the lsrgeet stt.d most
complete lino, of Men's, todies',
Soya', Olrie1 ana OMMron'o Poet-
weir st pricsi which eennpt lie
Everything IS to be found bore,
Cinidi'i Snip Sptolillit
104 AND 108 CORDOVA ST. W.
ttWDm^HEM OUti
Bmm If m &Cs»
te sutiiga at.    none ear. ns
«0l MaavUle at    noaaSar. WST
W eraavllla ai ■ 9*aat Sir. SS1S
sut AVI ami stain at.   TioTosua, ■. a     usntoaa, a. a
Phone Fairmont 711.   ■•--;'. Long Pittance Phone 17
bsaitSaartliaaS. Trswritla«.ltlsMt<niBla|. MaltUnpUat SteaaStaibnaSapiliaS
—Courtesy Milwaukee Leader.
There Is Nothing Uke Beginning iVith the _______f. Are Easy
Would Msen Added »ayroll of
$480,000 Yearly to Our
OitJsens.    '
Put S26 More Men to Work sad
Add 1876 to Our Population.   : .
Tbe employing prlnten ot thli city
have addreued a timely letter to. tho
Vancouver consumers of commercial
printing, which ii a dignified appeal
for- a better, display of the "trade-at-
home" spirit In the purchase of printing.    -,'
On January 1, 1818, there waa in-
•Veited In the printing lnduitry in thli
city. In 86 establishments, the lum of
11,766,088.03; payroll of 81,286,466.7*
to 1811 persona, and an output Ot
82,976364.74. Tha above figures were
carefully oomplled -and sre substantially oorreot
Tbe local Typo, union fully raallied
itoree-and factories. •■'■.  -,':
"How many -Vinoouveh *rmi can
ny" they receive orders from Baitern
printer! or their employee!? ~
the feet.more than' a.year ago that
there wis something tho matter—that
a great deal of work that could bo
done here wu being done In tbe Bait
and wime In the United States md
Oreit Britain—and appointed a committee to vlilt offending Brmi—whenever known—and Induce them, with
oommon-eenie, argument, to patronise
home lnduitry. They met with partial luccen, but the following excerpts from the ibove mentioned letter epeek for themielvei: :■
"On behalf of the Printing lnduitry of
Vancouver, we beg to cal) your attention to the following-facta:
"Vancouver buiineu homes are
purchasing annually from Eastern
printers more' than 8760,000 worth ot
printed matter.' ,Yo.t the printing
plants of thl! city are fully capable,
with probably one or two exception!,
of producing, at a roaionible colt,
everything that li made for Vancouver
business flrmi by Baitern printer!.
"There is, therefore, no reil excuse
for buying printing -Outside of Vincouver. Aside from patriotic motive!
of loyalty to Vancouver'! induitrlei,
the buiineu men of the city have a
narrow view of the subject If tbey
believe tbey gain by sending printing
orden to the Bait
"The removal of 8760,1,00 cash eaoh
year from thli city represent! an actual Ion, became there Is no exchange of trade on-the part of the.
Eastern printers with Vancovuer
Arms can say they receive orden from
Eastern prlnten or their employee!?
"The vital point of thlo lubject is:
If Vincouver business men hive ill
their "printing dose to Vincouver, 626
more workmen would be needed by
local printing' plants tb turn out the
work. ■' -
"Five hundred and twenty-live extra
employees In the printing tradei
wqpld Spend their wigei of 8490,000 a
yesr with Vancouver time. The
printing plants would be put to other
expense that would total at least 8216,-
000—all representing Juit that much
more business for Vancouver mercantile and manufacturing concerns. '•
"Population would eventually be In-
(By JoteDb W. Dorr.)
There la a sewer wide and deep which
; toils Its ilugglih stream   -
Among the denlte.ns ot earth where
counties! millions teem:  '.-,'..-;-
Its itenehful tide li turbulent with
garbage-dead md fool) "'"'■-
And on It mlorobei,  revelling,  are
feeding cheek by lest;";.   ,
These microbes are a crafty crew, and
each with ichemei is big,
Ai squirming at their itenehful feaet
: they IS the garbage dig,
And ae they stencn for stench oppose
*      ud burrow day by dsy     ** '
They think, to win the Bght for life,
there Is no other wiy.
Thli wwer Sowi through all the World
-    where itrivlng mortal! are,
They think the fumei of lte ferment a
•',    • needed evil are;   ?-L
And io toe. creaturea that lt breed!
lncreaae from diy to day,
And fatten on lta reeking tide while
ln lti depths they play.
These creatures are not vile entire,
,      for eome there are who dream,
To eat away the growing SIth, and
purify the itream;
And some there ore Who fatter grow
and bigger than the reit,—
As   squirming  o'er  their  struggling
mites, they  seek the reeking
--    ..oreet, -;,■..'.
And chuckle while they trample down
'. Js the weaker mltee below
They think upon theie timple onel,
ho,w .little, that they know.
Thui, "cuned li the man who truiti
, upon the arm ot lleib,"
And thinks to overcome, the vile by
* puny human wlih.
And thui the putrid itream will flow
while mortal man is blind,
Until with willing hearts snd meek
the source of trntb tbey lind,
Then, when hy faith veto striving msn
obedience has learned,
Thli aewer will be closed for aye; tta
garbage will be burned.
Some Rite.
J, W. Knowlton, the sailor man (a
member of the Seimeiv'i Union), Is
hick In port after en abience of some
yean. "Jack" Is a somewhat romantic "cun" In telling tales of the eea.
He lays that "you think the rats are
In plenty around the C. t. R. wharves.
And they are here la goodly numbers,
too. But when It comet to rati Brit,
lib Columbia la not In lt with the
Orient for a minute. Sometime ago
while I waa at Kigoihlma, Japan,
wild rats swarmed by the million on
the Ten riles group, eipeclally on a
•mall Iiland named NakaJIma. In one
day the down families or io wbo live
theie killed about 8,000 of the rodent,
some ot them being ai large aa cati.
The cropi have all been deetroyed by
them, and they have already turned
upon thb' live stock, Ths, authorities
have been compelled to supply the
residents with rice md barley to live
them from iteration. - The climate
snd foliage of China anl Japan are
particularly adapted for rats, snd
they recruit their numben with mar-
velloui rapidity."
A large number of bartenders are
out of employment In thli city.
craned 1,876 by the* coming to Vancouver of printing trades worken with
their famlllei.
"Thli la a big thing—big enough to
enlist tbe aid of the blggut men of
the city. Because It muni the lime
reiult, It li surely of ee much Importance aa the endeavor to bring 1,876
moi-e people to Vancouver; It would
be the nme tf you brought to Vincouver a factory employing 616 workmen of the highest type—a factory
whoie payroll would amount to 8<90,-
000 a year, With additional Vanccuver
expendlturee of 8126,000 a year.
Baa Organisation of Borne Forty
Budding Printers Under Its
Watohful Bye.
Has Competitions Ones a Moats
and Oivse Prises to Successful Ones.
:.  By la. E. Dennlson.
During hli repent vtiit to Seattle
the writer had the uonor of attending
the "Big Eat" of the Apprentice Club
of NO. 208. Thli affair wai Under the
direction of the union'! apprentice
committee, ud wsS s success. There
were about forty memben of the club
present, as well ai visitors-employing prlnten, some of them—from
home and abroad, Seattle Is to be congratulated upon the class ot prlnten
•he will graduate yearly from now on.
Every month there U a competition
held ln eome offlee during the evening.
Every boy bring! hli stick md apron,
li handed a piece of copy—unpunctu-
ated and ell lower-case—and told to
go ahead and set up a Job, may be letterhead or card. Every conteitant
carefully corrects his own particular
effort until it li marked O.K. by the
committee, then the prises ire awarded. They consist of Subscriptions to
ihe trade papers snd books on technical subjects connected with printing.
So well do the bosses of that town
think of the Idea that they have declared their willingness to put In dollar tor dollar with the local union toward furnishing a club room and library fOr tbe coming generation of
Tbls striving after greater efficiency
for the- budding printer on the part
of aome of our lister unloni is good,
sound, economic business seme. If
every union In the Jurisdiction would
take this up ud .follow lt to Its logical conclusion, then In i few years
only we would be In a stronger condition to demtnd better termi In our
scile negotiation!,
Tbe better the grade of goodi one
offers for ssle the higher the price be
can safely aak for them. And, oh the
other band, mcthlnki the boss would
be pleased to see the high-priced machinery md material of bis ofllce In
the hand! of thoroughly competent
and up-to-date help.
What do you think of the Idea, you
gentlemen of the varioui employen'
and employees' associations of Greater
finpftoBTOtcm vtttf toir.
TMe Is 'tne* po-talir
''gqiiain-'Wit. Allsises
 for mien and' bajiaX•■''-.
Made of first quality
gloss finished oilskin;
lined to the waiat; elssp
fastenerli all rises.  . -*-
Full, length coats, ssme
;V," sg above X-.-.^...X..$S3ii:
—Black,  tiuil finished
., oilskin, jihort   jackets
and overall panta, $1.60
per* garment; per
suit ...■.,:.L.-.i;...$tM
-atABT C^-thtis"tos'
clasp   fssteners,  flrst
. lined with rainproof lin;
> ingi pltmh-faaad eoflaiav
-•jBality giqes  alnliisd.
Lengths jtr$>-totr^,
Mess- Ha-sftolKfl
standard seatrmade in
Fieh quality dull finished oilskin; fall length
;. ,apjll:aay.a^,^iaato\'n
A flrst quality gkwr Bn-
ished blkek oilikto;
msde full lengths with
clasp fssteners.
Sises to 10 yean...U,80
Sises to 16 yesrs...|tTO
David Spencer Limited
«■"-• "*
DAvmwEmaa, united
F O W Ti E ll!' S &*» M^rtoceWm
l»J.«ii!wL ~ BaaqaetSidcV- Orchestras
ORCHESTRA **^/^. Dances a Specialty
M16 McDonald Street Phone Beyview Vim
wish to announce that Mr. Frank-
lin-and members of his orchejtra
are not members of the Musicians
Union. When engaging m-%\t for
your next dance or social, make
sure that your Orchestra is composed of UNION musicians.
For full Information Phee* Nualdaae' Dalaa
Sey. T818.  M0 lebeoa Street
of Hebtsuah A Oo. Pianos, Player Pianos^ Orand
Pianos. Also our entire stook of Violins, Mandolins,
Banjos, Ouitars, Autoharps, Aeoordaons, Ooneer-
tinas and ell musical mnrohandlsc.
38,000 Sheets of Popular t_%
Sheet Mule at 3 copies «"u    .
KM Hutings Street W.
• -
Stoves md Ranges
Mount Pleasant headquartera tor Carpenten' Toole
and all kinds of Builders' and Contractors' Buppliee   v
Two New Orginlntlona
Active organisation effort! among]
the Pullmin car conductor! ind pop
ten ill over tbe country hive now
been begun under the auspices of the
Federation! of Pullman Car Conductor! and Porten of America, leparate
organisations, which were recently
formed and Incorporated at Springfield, III. A large part ot the membership of the two new federations
will come from tne Paolle Northweat
and the Plclflo coait cltlei, hence It
li itated that aome of the orginllen
for both will he eloigned to thli lection of the weit within a comparatively short time. The two federations anticipate i membenhlp of approximately 18,000.
Mackay Smith, Blair & Co.
Vanoouver, B. O.
T, O. Woodbury, an ex-delegate of I
the T. and U council, hai returned to
Winnipeg after a month'! sojourn on
the oOaat
Overalls and Gloves
We carry a good itook of Carhartt Overalle. blue.
blaok and Striped —-  • ~,-81.50
Kentucky Jean——.-——~ --...-—U'litt
Buck Brand Overalls -—■-• „......-...: 1.00
Carhartt Gauntlets, |1.60 — -Z00    .
H. B. K. Oauntlete, 76o to -  J.S0..
sse-is suatiagi at. w.
aVMt V>jT• TM
Incorporated 186S
CaplUl and Reierve....88,7(KI,006
85 Branchei In Canada
A   General   Banking   Busineu
<        Transacted
Sayings Department
At All Branches.   Interest "Allowed at Higheat Current Rate.
Bait End Branch -
A. W. Jarvla, Manager.
The Royal Bank
of Canada
nie-np capital.
Total Aaeete
S ItalSSilSI
esuiov at.
Oae Dollar win opea
the eeeoaM, eaa rear
haauass win he wn- .
-   tt r
The Systematic
—of smiill lamr will  help 'a
of   small   lumi   will   help   a
great deal In time of I line** or   •
accident   Thla Company pay
Compounded Quarterly
And Deposit Regularly.   One
Dollar is sufficient to start.
National Finance Co.
Limited, '"'" i
(Corner Pender and Hamilton.)
Paid-up  Capital   and   Raeerve,
Capital cVReterve $11,176,578
In the BANK OF TORONTO are proving to
be a great convenience to
many of our ~" friends.
With these iccoantiiith-- "
« of two persons of the
houwhold msy deposit or
withdrew money. Interest ii peid on all balance!
tsrlee a year. In eveat ot
death* of either party the
survivor mey withdraw,
the money       . r~
m Haetinie Street West
Cor. nestings ft Carrall, Sts.
New Westmlnater    Vlotoria
I If a ■-III
. c.
even Friday momfiv
a iWa*i«iit, ate
ar tat
R. Parm. Pettlplece •
DIRECTORS: Jaa. Campbell, preaident;
Christian Slverti, vlce-prealdent; J.
Kavanagh; J. H. McVety, secretary-
treasurer, and R. P. Pettlplece.
Advertising Manager'
M. a Bhrader
Subscription: fl.EO per year; in Vancouver
City, 11.00; to unions aubscrlblng
In a body, 11.00.       .    .
"Halt* ef tadhor; tht ttat ef the world."
FRIDAY........... ..OCTOBER 84, 1813
It has been' more than hinted a
number of times ln several Quarter!
that the, dice were loaded on Vancouver Island for the striken, but
that the attorney-general would bra-
senljr confess to the charge waa rather more than one generally looks for
from even a near statesman. It will
be remembered that the arreit of some
two hundred striker! took place nearly two monthi ago, and that lince that
date they have heen treated aa desperate criminals and denied the rlghta
whloh wet* io pateht that lt shocked
the federal mlnliter of juitlce, Mr.
Doherty, who recently vlilted the Pa.
cldc Coiil, when the fact! were made
known to him by a delegation from
Vanoouver' Tradee'and Labor Counoll
About the middle of September, at
the Instance of the executive committee ot the B. C. Federation of Labor,
several "petition!" were forwarded to
Attorney-General Bowser, , covering
the Iilind traveity on "Brltlih Justice," asking (or the releaie ,on bill
of the lmprlioned itriken.
Evidently the first one of these to
be received "by Mr. Bowier wai from
Victoria Tradei and Labor Counoll,
sfor since that date each union lecretary Is merely forwarded a copy ot
the letter sent to Victoria unionists.
The reply of the government official
charged with* tho responsibility of enforcing the lawi ot B. C. ind administering "Juitlce" could not have been
more pungently penned had It-been
the work of the coal baroni them-
aelvei. It Is addresed to the secretary
of Vtctorla Tradei and Labor Council under date of Sept. 88th, and readi:
"I beg to acknowledge receipt
your Council ta connection with the
of petition algsed by the officers
of your Council ln'connection with
the proeecutlom now being undertaken by the Department agalnat
IN THE STRIKE AREA on Vancouver Island.
"I regret that 1 cannot iee my
way clear to meet with the suggestion that the prisoner! he released. They will be prosecuted
in the ordinary way by the Department, and lt will be tor the
Court to decide whether the prosecutions were properly brought or
not The first duty of thli Department ii to in thai-law and order <
ii upheld In the country, and
while it may be unfortunate that
the controversy taking place between the mlnen and mlne-owneri
on Vancouver Iiland ciuied iuch
over acta of vollence TO BE COMMITTED BT THB MINERS., Mill
at the ume time then le nothing
left for this Department bu to
lee thit the criminal lawi are en-.
that the Courts of the ■ country
will see thit the accused are
given every opportunity to make-
forced, and you oaa net mured
a proper defence to -the charges
that havo been made." -'
There It la:    "   ...  .   mlnen
wham we believe committed offence!
in  the  etrlke  ana."    And . again:
.  to be committed by the
minen."  Remember thli wai written
un Sept 88th, over a month ago, and
long before the trill! of the itriken
were even commenced. Attorney-general, proiecutor, defender of the coal
baroni and scats, procurer of Scab-
holding special!; tbe witness, Judge,
Jury and Jailer all In one. Ia lt any
wonder then that with auch an arrogant tyrant ln auch a position thlt the
wofken of B. C. have lost confidence
ln "Brltlih Juitlce" and their reipect
for the. law. On the contrary, the
wander la how the official! of the
union have been able to control the
membenhlp ai they have under iuch
trying olrcumitancei.
If iuch sn admlulon u la made by
the attorney-general above will not
convince all right-thinking . persons
that there Is and alwayi has been
from the start a determination on
the part of the government to break
the etrlke. and drlvo the union men
to violence, as an excuse for Jailing
and hounding them oft the map, then
what will?
Thia, coupled with the fact that the
aociallit member for Nanalmo riding
bah been Jailed among the number,
to be convicted and disqualified as a
member of the provincial legislature,
along- with any other political possibilities there seemed to be In sight,
makes the damnable plot all the more
doipicably apparent
The time for mincing word! with
Attorney-Oenenl Bowier hai pasted.
He ll determined- to serve the inter-
eiti of Sin Bill and Dan, who have
the McBride government bought and
paid for, and there U nothing he will
•top at, to accompllah the destruction
of the minen' union on Vancouver
bland.. ;"
There never wu any trouble at
Cumberland until Bowier'i specials,
mounted ind otherwise, . were sent
there to create It ud Intimidate the
Oriental! Into going back to work un'
der pain of being deported, and to
browbeat the white itriken Into sub-
mission to flagrant violation! ot the
Coal Mlnu Regulation Act,-which
eomewhit. reflected upon pet mine in-
ipectore, pieced then because of
their pliability In the hand! Of Mackensle * Mann'i hired help at the
Phonea Sey. GS94-65I6
Loans Without
heoo per moath
For th'e- purpose of Building
Homes, Paying off Mortgages or
Improving Seal Batata.
Repayments 112.60 per month
on each 81,001, without lntereat
Seven Per
Cent. On Your
eft Ml ea ntpssttt Bakjut to Oaegai
StMS earns.   SSS SPMtbgs Bt Weet.
' Viiiurni aVa."
WtaMA BanasUy  Samel asaugar.
-Bring yonr Savings* Account up to not less, thsn
$200, and it will earn 7%
if you transfer the amount
to a Fractional Mortgage.
Through the Fractional
Mortgage system of Canadian Financiers, Limited, •
the small investor csn acquire exactly the ssme
rights snd rate of interest
through his Trustee ss the
large cspitslist with his
many thousands.      *
-■ Full information and
explanatory pamphlet on
request. '
Bowier'i every action from the iee-
ond diy he became acting premier
haa lent more than a inipiclon thlt
he hu a cloeer affiliation with the
coal mining Interests on Vancouver
Iiland than will permit him taking an
unbiased part in the admlnlitratlon
of the law. But hi! letter to Victoria
Tradei md Labor Council reveal! a
itate of affairs that would not he per
milled In Russia. ■■' "   .
Thue things, along with the whole-
sales theft of public lands by friends
of the government make lt Imperative that the worken Unite at next
election to rid the province of a publlo lervint Who hu Suiter backed oil
the map,
The preient retention wir upon organlied labor ill over the province
must be itopped. The flnt step to
that end is to get rid of Bowler at
any price, He Is a menace to any
community and ihould be squelched
tor good.
Thon who had the privilege of intoning to the lecture delivered ta thl!
olty a week ago-tonlght by Tom Mann
will no.t readily forget either the man
or his menage.   -
The sources from which the sub-
stance, of the lecture wu drawn, the
method and manner ot argument by
which lt was presented, -and the.
abounding enthualum of the speaker
hlmielf, all. contributed to the production ol on! of the moit scholarly ad-
dreaaet which haa ever boen heard
here.       -       •
Having voiced thank! and appreciation of the Intellectual treat provided,
and not forgetting that Tom Mann haa
devoted hli Ute o itrenuoui effort and
Sacrifice for the working class, and
that during that time he hu acquired
a vut amount of valuable experience,
we are not able to agree with hli
opinion u to the way ln which the
age-long problem ot working clus
emancipation Is to be solved,
He contend! that experience hu
proved, beyond the possibility of a
doubt that political representation of
the Working dui, by memben of the
working clan, In parliaments and legislature! li a (allure, and thit In oon-
eequence, all. the time, energy, argument and money which hu been ipent
in that direction hu been waited.
Tom Mann Is too Intelligent aot' to
peallie thit inch sweeping criticism
places him, u the critic under the ne-
canity of supplying i substitute for
tfeat whioh he, would abollih.
HIS remedy li the complete Induitrlal organisation of the worken for
the ultimate abolition of capitalism,
sad In the meantime tor the extension
and protection of their economic or
material right! and interests. All the
worken ln the building Industry ere
to be members of one large building
tradee union or syndicate. All worsen Is every branch ot industry are to
be organlted in like manner according to the lnduitry In which they ply
their craft or trade.
-Then, by Gradually using that economic power more and more, to force
the employen to give higher wagei
and Improved .condition! ot labor, the
employen will finally be brought to
tbe condition where the profits accruing to them from their ownership ot
capital and exploitation of labor power
will be io fir reduced that they will
no longer deilre, or be able, to remain
in buiineu.
The economic power of the worken
having annihilated proflti, .the possession of capital ln tho ihipe ot machinery, lourcu of nw supply, etc., will
no longer be an advantage; and the
correct relations between capital ind
labor being thui eStabllihed, the taking over by the! varloua Induitrlal
unloni of the machinery of production
and distribution which ll required In
■ny particular Industry will only be
a formal matter.
After that, the, worken In each lnduitry are to operate that lnduitry
eolely In the interaiti of themielvei.
The mitter of the worken In one
lnduitry exchanging tbelr products
for the products of the worken In
•ome other lnduitry, li to he adjusted
by what friend Mann calls "an equitable and commonsenie bull' of exchange."
The theory would be very line If
men were mathematlca Initead of human. But the aoltd faot which confront! ui li that man li man, with all
his goodness and all hli hadneu, all
hla itrength and weakneuei, and the
path of hlitory li one long record of
the deilre of the itrong to dominate
the wuk.
Supposing that thli Ideal of io many
Induitrlal combination of worken
could be attained. What would there
be to prevent a syndicate of overpowering numbers ind economic strength
from dictating to a weaker ayndlcate
the termi upon which their reipectlve
product! ihould exchange, without the
leut regard for either "equity" or
"commonesnie."  In face of the power
to take, auch terms become the mere
Babble of altruistic - weaklings, and
the oommon weal ot the community
at large would be submerged in the
itrife of the varioui group! Mch fighting for lti own economic Interest regardless of the effect of that strife
upon the body social.
To those who have hid experience,
the teak ot convincing the whole work-
tag class that it muit organise u one
•olid body Jo not entirely free from
difficulties. The worker can only live
by being-able to sell hli working ability In return tor the necessities of
life, and with a growing and iconitant
element of unemployed ln ill lnduitrlil countries the competition for
Jobs—whloh mean the bread that
men muit have or die—tend! tout
worker agalnit worker In the itruggle
and to make the tuk ot organising
no easier.
- Opponents of that argument will
point with glee to iuch an upriitag-as
that ot the transport worken In England two yean-ago, and ln Ireland
today.- But neither ot thoee Struggles,
are examples of that continued organising effort which comu from- dissatisfaction with wigei and condition!
whloh repreient the price of the hue
necuiltlu of life; They are both the
itruggtoe of desperate men, oppressed
to the depth! of poverty aad starvation by years ot capitalist Imposition.
Given a lufficlency of food,: clothing
and shelter, end knowing the working
clui u thoee who have hid practical
experience of organliiiig work do
know tbem, It it highly likely that the
splendid militancy which animates
their ranks would be idmewhat modified. <
The ordinary effort of the workere
ta their attempt! to go forward li not
illuminated by the Spotlight which Ii
now upon Dublin, and lt Is queitlon-
able If the iplrit which makes for
steady and permanent progreu li the
ume. u that which Is abroad today
in that city. It lacks that calmness
which ll essential to an analytical
study of our problem. -.-,
mend Menu* derived much support
from what he countered wu the failure of the working class repreeiate-
tlvee In the varioui houies of legislature to which they have been elected.
All of which may be true, but It does
not by any meani prove, became lint
attempt! and experiment! have been
disappointing, that the Idea which lay
at the back of thoie experiment! It a
wntag-Ides. If the men who are elect-,
ed and also thoie who elected them,
are not correctly Informed u to the
true relation of capital and labor It Is
little wonder that flrat trials have not
brought the. co-operative commonwealth,      :■'. -, ~
At the ume time It would not seem
wire that the workers should depend'
entirely upon political action and the
mere fact that a law li on the statute
books. The Coil Mlnei Regulation
Act of Brltlih Columbia ll on the itat-
ute booki but experience hu proved
to the minen thit unleu they have
Induitrlal organisation recognlted u
effective by the mlne-ownere, the Jaw
li of very little avail.
Induitrlal action alone requires'that
agitation ihould be railed every time
an ittempt Is made to Impose a new
Iniquity on tbe worken, ind iuch agitation cannot be produced In an hour
by a word or the snap of a finger. But
If by political representation of the
working dm we can Initiate a polloy
of law making hiving for lta ultimate
ldul the abolition of the exploitation
of the worker for proflt aad have
that political effort backed Up and
supplemented by efficient Induitrlal
organiutlon for Uie in cue of need,
then it reem* we can have genuine
hopes of permanent progreu.
We enjoyed Minn thoroughly. He
It great among nffin, he la a great
teacher, with an.obvloui and sincere
belief In hli mission ind. hli clui—
but we don't think hli' proposition
yould solve the riddle of "What muit
we do to be lavedf".
..OCTOBER 14, 1818
Better to flght battlei thin bottles.
Economic condition! create igl»
taton; aot agitators conditions.
Of coune' you enjoyed a Thanksgiving turkey—many yean ago.
Patron! te Fed. advertlien and demand the union label.
"Reformera" ate tbe biggest humbug! on earth.' They will do anything
for the worken but get off their
haoks. :.. v
Prince (Rupert, Vernon and New
Weitmlmter Typo, unloni have sub
scribed fOr The fed. In a body. Get
that?-       i     j
The Fed. welcome! communication!
from Its readen for publication; but
make them ihort. The ihorteit one!
alwayi receive flnt claim to our limited ipa.ee.
Correipondeflti Will do The Fed, an
overtoiling fivor j by making their
contribution! ihort—the ihorter the
better. Give the other fellow
The Fed. la now securely on an
eight-page hull, and If iubi. continue
to come ta u during the put month
we ahould be able to make It twelve
pagei by the end of the year. Come
on with the jubi.
With a revenue ot nearly 880,000 a
year from the trade unionists of Canada the Trades ind Labor Congreu
will won be In a poiltlon to assist
the worken to leoure repreientatlon
in parliament.   Tlmei
When thingi don't go right tn the
Ubor world be lure and blime it on
your union offlcen, the editor or anybody but younelf. Bellyaching about
what the other fellow ihould do- Is
so muoh easier thin doing anything
It li to be hoped that u a remit of
tbe recent vlilt of Mlnliter ot Juitlce
Doherty lome radical changes will be
made ln the preunt method of handling "crlmlnali." The preient eyitem
ll a disgrace to civilisation and would
not be tolerated were the true condition! known to the electorate. .
Strangely enough all the advertising of B. O. applei ll done In the
prairie province!, while the. coait
cltlei, adjacent to the Okanagan val-
grown, practically the entire local
market Is supplied from the same
place "foreign" union! come trom,
plus duty.
Who owns British Columbia? Thi
Fed. will tell the ilory, blied on land
registry office figures, at an early
dite. No worker In B. C. ihould mill
reading The Fed. a itngle luue during the next few monthi.. Some revelation! will bS made that Will let
the Bowser-McBrlde aggragitlon of
pirates thinking.
The preildent of the Federation of
Labor at Saginaw, Michigan, wu removed trom office on account of his
doing itrlke duty In the coppet dlitrlet u a member of the itate mllltla.
A union man never Shoulder! a rifle
to ahoot down itriken who are making a brave itruggle. to wrest a living
wage from the Iron grasp of greed-
Miners' Magaiine.
With Conservative! in Canada putting trade unlonlit! Into Jail whole-
ule for daring to demand that their
ohrn lawi be enforced, and Liberals In
the Old Country doing the ume thing
—not to mention the treatment of
suifragettesr-lt should not take long
for the workent to decide to leave
both old parties severely alone and
Join the International party of their
It' never occure to theie imug open
■hopperi that they csn obtain voluntary conciliation and arbitration by
treating the laboring people fairly and
like human beings, by recognising their
unloni, and by having a decent regard
for the rights of the public as well, tor
lt ii the public that li Injured aw
when Stubborn and tyrannical employen coldly declare that "there la nothing to arbitrate."—Cleveland Cltlten.
Hearst's mlnei ta Mexico are being
filled with Chinese coolies, displacing
the "greiufs," Which, hitherto have
been conitdered the lowest paid labor
on the continent. Vet, gentle reader,
thli li being done by the ume newipaper Hunt who for a long' time
bilked many trade unionist! Into believing that he wee a "friend of labor." Hearst is alio erecting a scab
building in Log Angelet.
It's about time some bf the local
unions decided to but tha undertaker
to- It. - Were It not tor your: union
thingi would be wbne. ; The dayi of
making a living by selling each-other
-real estate have drawn to a clou ta
B, C. Harufter the .worken will get
what-their unloni. are able to lecure
for ind hold tor them—nothing more,
Better out out grouclng and try putting a little more lite Into your union,
it will pay you. Stirt now.
:i The so-called Canadian "national" la-;
bor movement appears to have gone
up the flue, it leut In Montreal, Its
stronghold. The Winnipeg Voice uyi
that the "notlonali" now have only
about 1,800 memben left, while the
International unloni have 81 local
unloni with an aggregate membership
of 84,000 th-Montreal. The nationalist
movement wu Inspired several years
ago by'Ctnadian cipltallkti and politicians ror.tbe purpose of dividing the
labor 'force! ind lucceeded ta some
placet for a time.—Mix Hiyes.
The Nanaimo Scandal.
The penalty of lavishly handing out
■pedal privileges to company promoters, to exploit tke country'! national
reiOurcgi, and luue watered itock to
an almost unlimited utent, li now being paid In the form of itrlkes at home
and discredit abroad.  The mine work-'
en of Vancouver Iiland   have  been
kept In ldleneii for over a' yur, while
effort! were being made to imish their
international   union   by    Importing
strike-breakers.   But the-mlnen are
supported by fundi from-the  powerful United H|ne Worken of America:   itrlke-breiklhg   method!    have
failed.   Utterly a thug element hu
been Introduced with thy "web" labor
and rioti have bun "provoked.   The
provincial forcei ot liw and Jill hive
been applied vindictively igiinit the
striking mlnen: even their lawyer hu
bun united and   lmprlioned   ta a
high-handed manner. Now the minera
have cabled to Keir Hardle, u follow!: ■      \ '    .
. -"Two hundred minen under arreit here on a charge of unlawful uumbly and other charges :
ta connection with.the itrike, de-
- nled bill, bun' held ln prlion ilx
'  weeki, no trials yet.food lniuffi-
_olent, very bid quality,  cauilng
sickness.   The authoritlu refuie
permission to feed them and right
of peaceful picketing li denied
pleue mske this public."
Canada will be advertliM throughout the United Kingdom ai an undo-
ilreible country for union worken.
The but type of wealth producer will
not be attracted to Canada By iuch in
objectionable idvertliement—Ottawa
' Vou un he as sure of the quel-
ity of the Soott Hat ao you un
be of the value of l bank iwti.
The "SCOTT' le the beet $8.00
Hit on the market
Their Chrlity le the beet 88.00
T. B. Cuthbertson
SU Hastings' VV.   It* Oranvllle
•19 Hutlngi W.
i XxeeuUve boerd: - K ft BwmoilpnSi-
%Mi.iXh H. McVety. vlce-prealdent: J.
W. Wilkinson, xeneral seoretary, Boom
Timber Worken* Union,
the recently-orginlied International
Timber WOrken' union, Including
■hlngle weiven, woodsmen and nw-
mill workers, practice the rule of admitting to membenhlp without any
Initiation fee uy perun holding a
card In good standing In any other
union afflliated with the American
Federation of Labor, Thue tbe cook
or walten ta a camp who le a member of the Cooke and Walten' union
can Join by presenting their card and
paying their duet ln the. new unton.
The ume appllu to engineer! and
firemen on the logging roadi and
every other line of. work oonnected
with the lumber lnduitry. This mssss
thst sny penon who may be, a member of any union afflliated with the
American Federation ot Labor who
may change hli vocation by entering
•ome branch of the lumber lnduitry
thereby becomei eligible to member
■hip In the now union end hy virtue
of the membenhlp In my other union
ii entitled to be admitted without any
it uiy for. any member of any union
who enteri the lumber lnduitry to
continue membenhlp In organlied Is-
G. Be Kerfoot
Peabody's Overalls
Union Label Beta Glewe
• Bte.
166 Hastings Btrbet K.
Opp. PantagM Theatre
Vancouver Realty 1
Business Exchange
IS Hutlngi Street E.
Meata ta annual convention In January. Executive o.„cers, 1111-14! President ChrlaOan Slverti; vlee-presldenta,
J. Krvanash, J. Ferris, A. Watchman, O.
A. Burnaa. 1. W. Gray, Jaa. Cuthbertson,
£J. Taylor; aee..treaa., V, R Mldgley,
a>» 1011, Veto—yet. *   •
_ jlklnaon,
tie Labor Temi
urer; Miss ~ '
Mldgley, serajant-at-arma: R P.
Piece, J. H. Burrougna and H. Mi
trustees. '...'
-   pjreeton: "Pred ATwmtr. 3. B.
MoVety Jamea Browo, Edward taMea.
James fcamyitlt. J. tf. wilkloeoa. R. P.
Xeiim F. Blural>
Ina dlraclor.^J.
 , Murdock Mc
. B. Prae, Manae-
-  mtn.
McVety, Boom ;
CJL-M_«ts .Ind MondayTa month. -
emlng. P.o^
Mowat; Seoretary, V. R.
■£'. *&&* -Aaf Jolnera-Room lit.
S», tict. Bualaeaa a«ut J. A. Kay;
aefce hours, I to I i.m. and 4 to I B,ni.
Sacreiarr of manaaemenl oommlltee.
Jaa Bltcon. ttt Hornby atreat. Braacbee
meet every Tuesday and Wednesday In
Room. Ill, -
and Jolnera, Looal No,
Monday of each week, I _\. 'Executive
8 p.m.
tary, Thos. Lindsay, Ml
pie; flnanclal seoretary, *
108 Labor Temple,
. Uonara' Local No. 41—
Statu second and fourth
rTTarapl-     ■ - -   '
remple.'  Hours;   11 to 1; I to i
Local IT—Matte f—— — -
*ll Btmlln Drive, ptoae Sey.
Developing, Printing, Enlarging
Pkturet ind Picture Framing
noae Bay. TSS.   BetaMIUaS lass
aus ernoa an t
itea aaooits ava. -
Phone Bay. ltt    O. D. Ford. Mgr.
KitsUano PlumWnj Oo.
Forbes k Ven Berne, Limited
aad Fine Cutlery
Signs jfWiar »i Tnr
High time to look winter even-
tagi to come.- A comfortable
rocker, jm eaiy couch, a bookcase ot rug, can mike a lot of
difference to one'i comfort Dont
go on buying furniture winter
.after winter—buy here where
furniture li selected to withstand
' tbe round of seuon after uuon,
and many of them. Come In and
su the new arrivals—they will
bring; many houn ot comfort to
some lucky persons.
Hastings Furniture Co.
      _     _.»pe.
IM4 Oranvllle St Phone Sey. S48C
North -Vaneouver—OIBce .. and
rl>apel, 111 Second St H,    "
Watch-- Jewelery
00 TO   *
Geo. G. Bigger
143 Hsstings Street West.
rheaaSaraurflll       DayarNIgh
888 SMiaida Stnet     Vaaeeavet, S.C.
Phone Fairmont Mil
Prompt attention will he given;
the General Furniture Store
Mew aas ssnoathsal rteattmte
call, Tel or Mall Poitoard
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Near llth Avenue
We carry everything
fir the office
The most successful business men are die
largest users of office equipment
Western Specialty, Limited
881 Dunimulr Street     Phone Exchange Say. 8888-8887
... —&£r\*V*K —
107... Pneidaat Jamea
Int secretary, W. B. •
- I»I—Meauftlrt      	
month; ln< Room   ill   LabL    	
Preeldanl, T. 3. MUna; vlee-praeldeat B-
Perry; aeereury. Oeorge Mowat 811
Dunlevy avenue.
and Iran Ship Builders and Hainan
of America. Vancouver Lodge No. Ill—
Meats Srsl and Ihlrd Mondays, tp.m.
Preaident F. Barclay, III Cordova But;
aecnttry; A, Fraaer, 1181 Howe Street
Meeu Srat Tueeday each month, I
p.m.  Preaident OeavOenard; aeerstary,
Robert 3. Crab, Kurla Clgu Factory
cookb;, Waiters' and wawMsshs'
Union.—Meets Snt Friday 1n. each
month. 1:10 p.m„ Labor Temple., w. S.
Walker, businsss rsprasaautlva. Offloa:
Room III. Labor Temple. Houn: I a.m.
to I0:l0j I p.m. to Mtand 1p.m. lo 1:88
p.m.. Cempelanl help furnished aa short
notice.  Phone Bey, UllT
. British Columbia DIvlslo" -f--1» «»■-
tem. Division No. 1—Mf -
     ...   Room SOt; Local
chairman, T. O'Connor. P. O. _
thM Sunday la month, Room 881.	
chairman, T. O'Connor, P. 0. Bu III, -
VanMuw. Local aeety. and treaa.,
H. W. Withers, P. O. Box 411, Vancouver. •
tll.-Maata Room 111. avarr Monday
t p.m. PrMllsnl. VrtO. Puller: vlca-
PMUdent D. Wnk: reoardln* aecreury,
Room I
.... i\k <I"ilde.Men)-ileata Snt and
third Mondaya of each month, Room 881,
I S.m. Preaident, R. p. MoCoyi retort-
ini aacnury, Oeo. Albjra; trsasursr —
business agent F. L. Betlofha
Room tot,  gay, tttt.      -    ■   ~
ir and
:IATI9N. no."it «i':—liiVt;
ilng, ltt Alexander st
aeeretary,   Thoa. •
Ml Ml, I.A.T.aE.-Meata every aecond Sunday of each month, Labor Temple, I p.m. Praaldant J. H. Fletcher;
aecretary-lraaaurer, A. a Hansen; busl-
neaa aaent, O. it Hamilton. Offloa:
Room 100. Lao Bldy.   Tal. Say, tut.
UAl'lll-VleTD'.  NO   Itl— MKKTS SBO-
ond and fourth Thu —
President Chas, Hat
th Thuradaya, T:U p.m.
Mattlnaos;    raoordlag
Ikes; financial saoretary,
w Union, Local No. 148.' A. F. of M.-,
Meats .second Sunday of each Month, 111
Robson atreet Praaldant 3/ Bow
vlce-prealdent F. "■SB"'"'	
sioani.   4.   avmyer;
--Jgllah; aaenUry, ft
Hoaratt; traaaorar, W. Fowler.
Mrat. Jrat and third Wedneadar. Qf-
Hall. Iia   Preaident O. Dean
,mdlnf eecretary, r. SumpKr:
•acratary, n. Scott; treasurer.
rsapondlni eecretaryl
''laTaaacratary, D. Scott; traaa...
ton; bualneaa aiont, Jo* Hampton.
Sey, 1114,
•I Snsn-
', I- Ty-
I Phoie
days at Labor Teniple, Dunsmuir and
Homar at, room Ml. Robert C. eamt
son. Proa, Mf Duntavy ava,; /oaeph (
Lyon, Fin. Sac, nil Orant it; Vol
Smith, Rec, Sac., 141 Broadway wait
NORTH AMBRICA.-Vaneouver and
«lty.  Branoh meet! lit aad ltd Fri-
Branch—Meeta second Tuesday, 1:00
p.m.  President, JT, Marshall; corresponding, secretary, wm. Rowan, Box 1141;
dnani-ial ltentary, K, MeK
.. Decoratore*. Local  118—Melt even
Jhiirfday,. T:l« p,m.   Preaident  J. f
Phlllipa; flnanclal sacratary, J, Frackal-
••% iv,_aa-_mJH1Brt_v-mR
' Nagle, Room
otorla—Meata sscond Wl
li month, 4 p,m.. Labor
J.  ers*
and Vl«.^._   _
of each month. 4 p,m.,
"-   '^Sa, Bayley
President. Chas. Bayley: recording Secretary, Ohrla Homawood, III llth Ava.
Employee!. Pioneer Division No. 101
—Meeta Labor Temple, second and
fourth Wednesdays at ! p.m., and flrat
and-third Wedneadaya < P.m. Preaident
Adam Taylor: recording eecretary,
Albert V. Lofting, till Trinity Street
phone Highland 1171; flnanclal secretary,
Fred, A,-Hoover, 1401 Clark Drive.
al Local 111—MeeU flrat and third
?-edne«day,  I  p.m.;   Room  104, Labor
empM. Flnanolal aeoretary. SV Reader.
gaat Boom tit,  -.   .. •
_ cal No. II—Meet! Snt md third
Weditsedaya each month, I p.m. Trail.
dent 3. Kavanagh: secretary, A. Jamie-
sop, 14 Fifth -AveJ Kaat
Meata laat- Sunday each month, I
S.m.   Preaident- A. E, Robb; vlca-pnal-
rnt, A. H, England; leeratary-treaaunr,.
BOX II,.   ; ■      '
.Irnt, A. H.Riixiand;
R. H. Neelanda, P.O.
Oee.>MaCiaeeu A.M. Harper
Omeeai SMS Imperial Meek
^ raiDAt...„..„.„.-OCTOBBE M, 1118
. These are new. Have been hen bote very-fcw'llajfl,*
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moira,. aide with gill, «l«sr aad Mas ia teal.   Thaw an ia vaiy
guamalal (nan, aiid. have coia aaw tfupn, add bava separate
pane aad ajiiror aackaad,     -• -pane aad rfami~-:'     "' ■■-
X '.'■'    AT WJO-Variow goad Hyles ia teal,     -
- ■ : - Meco^ »sda,woira, alc,:'u}aBia<«aw'-   ;--;   ■
■hapas, wild |ill tad Mhre^lnaai. Thaw        -
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nsv   ---■
SMIteS by MISS tt n. QirrtntRIDOE. noon SIS. Lahor Temple,
The law regulating the relations between . mother and child, the law
whloh iayi the mother JU not the parent ot the child or children ihe haa
given birth to, the law which says a
woman H not a peraOn, the law which
hss hew io carefully prepared aad
framed to protect the property rights
of- man in his. wife and children, la
Pitt of 'in act, pawed In the reign- ot
Charles the Second.'
A gentleman holding an offldal po-
tltton In Victoria uld recently with
reference to ifche "Lord's-Dsy Ami"
"I am taking no chahces under an Act
passed in the reign, of Charlet the Second." ;' .., •'., ■■ -..-.;>-
* The feeling of the women today In
Brltlih Columbia li that they are no
longer willing to lake chancel where
the-welfare of their children and the
Intereiti of women are concerned.   ■
This obsolete leglilatlon hu to be
removed from the statute book, and
mbdern up-to-date leglilatlon pined,
to luit the neeoi and wlihei of ihe
women ind upraised by the women
themselves as voters, to their elected
repreiiBtitlvu In the legiilature.   .
Women sre tired of taking chances
snd whin from .time to time, women
from Seattle, Washington, come here
ind fell of the work of the women vet-
en mere add what.they have accomplished, the-more, determined are they
to have the right to certainties, not
chancea. —H. 0.
One. election dgj> forty yean igo,
Susan B. Anthony walked toto a polling
booth ln Rochoeter,' New Tork, and
put a vote ln a ballot-box. She-did tt
to test the Conititutlon of the United
States, which define! cltisemhlp as
"ill peraont born or naturalised* In the
United States, and subject to the Jurisdiction thereof.'1
She wu tried for Illegal voting and
fined one hundred dollars and coats of,
trial. ■...'.."*..
Thus began one bf the flnt conspicuous effort! to gain political etpres-
ilon for woman, a movement that has
gained'followers every year, while cal,
umny and ridicule have but Inonaled
lta teal, and lt will continue militant
and couregeo.ua till thli -Conititutlon
which cm be Interpreted to suit any
whim of authority shall, have an amendment that-will declare women to
be "persons" with a right to vote.
The spirit of revolt u shown in the
action' of thli splendid women li
abroad In the land.  *
A new generation of women is Imbued with Susan B. Anthony'! purpoie
to vote fOr the right u they iee lt,
ind help mike the lawi that rule, the
lives °f their children.—Arthur Young.
It IS pleasing to Oote that Preildent
Wilson is sane enough to distinguish
the difference between i criminal md
the greatest woman alive today, tin.
Pankhurat, In iplte of glaring headline! to the contrary, hu entered the
United Statu,- and not under a bond.
It looked for a few houn as though
the descendants of the people who
thntw the tea into Boston harbor,
when rebelling at- the authority of
England In the matter of the right to
Impose taxes without their consent,
were foulllsed. It li good to tee that
the spirit ot freedom is still manlfeit
Oct 17-18 *   Matinee Sat.
IN   ,
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October 18, 14, 15,  16, 17,, 18
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Over Maatu'a Shee Stare
Stoves Ranges
and Heaters
.      Our Prices are-lpwer than
the City.   See our
Onrnsy F Oxford Bangs
It Is without an equal
Henry George Wu an earnest advocate for votes for women; In hli
"Social Prohlemi" he wrote:
"I am convinced that we make a
great mistake In depriving one ux
of voice in public matten, and that
we could In no way so increase the at
tentlon, the Intelligence, and the devotion which may be brought to the
solution of locial problem! u hy en-
franchising our women. Even If in a
ruder itate of lociety the intelligence
of one ux suffices for the management of oommon lnterato, the vastly
mora Intricate, more delicate, and
mere important questions, which the
progreu of civilisation maku ot public moment, require the Intelligence ot
women M ot men, and that we never
can. obtain until we Interest them in
publlo attain. And I have oome to believe that very much ot the Inattention, the-flippancy, the want ol conscience, which we ue manlfuted ln
regard to public matten of the great-
ett moment, arise from the fact that
We debar our women front taking their
proper' part ta thue mature. Nothing will fully Interest man unless tt
alio Interests women. There ere those
who uy that women ara leu Intelligent than men; but who will uy that
they are less Influential*" .
' The gnat problem of today Is the
•oclal problem md lt Is the problem
women ire anxious to flnd a solution
The ume well balanced reasons of
a mm like Henry Oeorge piece the
vapid, Impractical outpourings of Sir
Almroth Wright beneath1 notice, ex-.
cept for their absurdity.
-H. Q.
The regular monthly muting of the
B. C, Woman'! Suffrage League will
not Uke pltce on Wedneeday next
owing to the dince arranged lor that
A dmoe and card party hu bun
arranged for Wednesday, October 88,
8:30 p. m. till 18, Tickets on uie at
headquarters of the B. C. Woman's
Suffrage League, Room 818 Ubor
The speaker! it the next regular
muting,, October 87, Of the Mount
Pleasant branch of the B. C. Woman's
Suffrage League .will be Miss Arnett
and Hlu H. O. Outtrldge. Theu
mutlngi are held erery Monday
evening at 8 p. m„ Lu Hall, Main
itreet, nur Broadway.
Thue Who obey lawi ihould have
something to. uy ii to their miking.
Thau who pay taxu to support government ihould be repreiented ln government
Thue who hive thehomu In eharge
ihould be able to aid In the law-making which protects ud relates In sny
way to children and the home,
It li thi mut womanly, economical
and efflclqnt way of influencing public
Government li a question of the
people, for the people, and ihould he
by the' people, not by men alone.
It has been eminently successful
wherever tried, both In New Zealand,
United States and In foreign countries
Women themselves waat It and
ahould have It.
Working women need, to vote to regulate condition! under- wblch they
It li the only method of government
thit li moral Snd Juit.'
While in the old country reoeatly I
met a lady from New lulled who
told me of_ a» Incident aj which I
wu much: Impramed.
She said that la a certain village
then wu a little boy who had never
seen an latmlegted person snd he
ssked' his mother what a drunken nam
wai Uke. This, tl* lady uid, wae
owing to the temperaau leglilatlon
the women.
Tas.j*aian;ta vnw
It ii Kuuewtit difficult to get antj-
suffnglSU to sliotr, their light to thine
md Illumine the worid.
Sir Almroth Wright Jul however pub-
llehed a book, ihowlng why women
ihould-apt votty aad that the movement Ior woman'! freedom "lathe reeult of the fsilnra of woman to recognise that maa ll Urn muter, oM why
hetottemaater" „
. Sir Almroth Wright Is a phyildM
md a ipeeiallat for aervous disorders,
and on Inquiry It lr found* that, ths
greet bulk of hli patlenti ire nuara-
tle wclety women, with nothing to do
and ell the time there it to do It la.
If this Is thi only kind ot ..woman
Sir Almroth Wright hu studied aad
baud his argument! on It account!
for hli limited outlook.
Sir Amnupth partleularly ohjeote to
the Opening, of professloas sad public
offlou to women on the grenade of
their Inferior Intellect, and hu evl-
deitly never heard of, women paulna
the asms examinations u men ana
coming out on top u so often happens
"Tbey era hysterical, laeUng In
balance, have a verr Incomplete un-
denundlng of the resUtlu of life,
hsve no unu of. proportion!, for
whieh phyiiologlcal eondUlone are n-
iponalble, are lntolersnt of ill the
reitrilnu of perioral md donwatic
The nuerotlc patients of the doctor
are obvlouss here. "Admitting that,
ume women have to work, alto thlt
ume women prefer to play their part
in the affairs ot the world, either hs
profession or slong some other line,"
—the wDjpra out In the lnduitrlil
world IS quite' beneath' this eminent
gentlemen's notico—he only dull
with the middle and upper clui women—the following amy be of Iniereot
tb those who are trying to grapple
with the problem M emigration and
an over-crowded labor market:
"Admitting that in view, Of the
urgeacy of the muiy itirved md true-
trated Uvea it it Impoulble to olou
one'e eyu to the urgency of the woman problem, the woman who Ii ln
physiological or economic difficulty,
hu a way open to her If ehe hu the
pluck to take lt.     ,
"She cm emigrate; She em go out
from the social clui ta which ihe Is
not a self-supporting member Into a
humbler social clus In whloh she
could earn a living; md she cm lot:
use conditions In whloh die must remain a spinster (or conditions which
she may perhaps become a mother."
It li now quite obvlou that the objection li not to women earning their
living, but to earning my thing mora
than a living wage, there never hu
been any objection to women going
out toto the labormarket The trouble beglni when ..Women not only say
they will, but do eater well paid pro-
fusions, and demand the ume pay for
the ume work u men.
Suppose the point of view of a mm
whp worked' for the good of all men
and all women la taken, a man when
observation of every clui and kind
ot woman la responsible for all vtewi
md not confined.to the nuerotlc so-
dety woman md her lnmglnary dlffl- i^^rM^elght
twins to tl
ibtafied by ._..
Tha Alcoholic Liquor Bale Control
Act of IMS, provides that the electors
bfiay local area ahall have the right
to deelde by raferendfim whether the
exlitlng number of Uceaeu shall con-
Unua, or be radund .tor whether all
Ueensu shsll be abollihed.
In 1808 wu passed the Hibltuil
Drunkard Detontlon Aot
Ia 1888 tho IpebriaUi' IniUtutlon
Act *'
The fiot thafNew Zeitond hu been
a plonur ln aoclil leglilatlon miy be
to.eome extent due to tho womm'l
vote. The attention paid to leglilatlon for the direct benefit of homes
and of the general well-being ol the
people Is remarkable. Ia addition to
the temperance legialatlou already referred to, the following laws are u
looted u among thou whou passsge
may reuotiably be supposed to have
been facilitated by the women's vote*.
1888. The:. Infant Ufa Protection
Aet provtdu for the reglitration of,
houie! in which children ire boarded
and Iayi down penaltlgs for child neglect It haa. been Several tlmu amended. .   :' w    .
1884. The Married Womm'i Property Act glvn married,women the
right to make contneoi with their
own money, etc., mdopviatee the necessity ofth married woman re-exeeut-
Ing her will etter her husbmd'i death,
1881. The Gaming Aet provides for
the punishment of thou who bet with
minors or who send them betting circulars. '.
1884. The DuUtute Person! Aet
maku a huiband liable tor maintaining any children, legitimate or illegitimate, his wife may have at the time
of the marriage, boyi up to 18 and
glrli up to 18. A- married woman
with separate property is made liable
to maintain her huibiad and ohlldren.
The father of an Illegitimate child is
made liable to pay from 4s to 80s a
Week for lti maintenance up to the
ege of 14, and he may be made to,
pay in additional £80 for Ue education.    :',,-•
1884. The Legitimation Act provides that the marriage of parent!
subsequent to the birth of a child
legltlmatiiet It.
1884. The Criminal Code Amendment Act raises the ago of consent
from. 14 to IS.
* 1884. The Shops md Shop Assistants Act regulates the houra and
conditions In shops, There are mmy
later emending aeti.
1895. The Adoption of Children Act
pro'ldei for their legal adoption.
1885. Animal's Protection Amendment Act.     '•
1885. The Adulteration Prevention
Amendment Act provide! ior pure
iread and full weight.
' 1895. The. Family Homea Protection Act secures homes md prevent!
their sale for mortgage or. debt
1895.   The Manual   md   Technical
Elementary Instruction Act    .
.1895.   The Servmti' Registry Office! Act provide! for the licensing of
servants' registries.
1898. The Female l*w Practitioners' Act enablu women to practice
1888. The married Penoni' Sum-
miry Separation Act provide! thit in
innocent wife may get a lenaratlon
from her huiband for aggravated assault.
1898. - The Old Age Pensions Act
gives pensions of £18 per annum to
men ind women over 86.
1898. The Slander of Women Act
maku tt actionable to Impute unchas-
tlty to a woman without having to
prove special damage.
(To be continued)
The fruit government cannot long
endure when the tendency of the law
tl to creite a rapid accumulation of
property In the hinds'of i few, and to
render the masses poor and dependent—Daniel Wabiter.
Makera of Fine
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Large airy rooms with steam
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attaMSn aWtVf TBIT TO »OW-
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The Minen of Calumet, Mich,,
Bravely Struggle Against Fearful Odds for Shorter Houn.
. j   *    •
Unquutionable Syidenee Obtain-
'  ed from Amongit Striken—..
Newi Suppretaed.
To AU Organlied Labor: Bach new
advance in human betterment iuvu
lis furrowi of pain and suffering
•crou human hurta and Htu. Thete
Ii uircely a worker la all America
who dou not know the meaning of a
•trike, during whloh the worken and
their famlllu have suffered and endured In order to obtain luitlce; or
who hu felt the terrible fear for the
physical safety of loved onea In the
thick of the contest, or the heartbreaking nam because bt Inability to
•apply even the barut neceultlu of
life for thue dependent, upon him. To
you, memben of organlied labor, the
brave itruggle of the oopper mlnen
of Calumet, Michigan, will appeal with
greatest effut.
i After exhauitlng all other meant of
securing the Juit demand! which they
made upon their employen, theu
minen laid aside their tool! on July
23, and went out on a itrlke. They
had been working a to-called ten-hour
day; which ln reality waa
._ An Eleven-hour bay
tor wagu' that would not permit
American itandardi of living, Hlhen
have been forced to handle Individually heavy drilling' machine! which
hid formerly been operated by two
men. After considering all.mitten
the men decided to demand an eight-
hour day, three dollan as .the mini,
mum-wage, aad two men to handle
drilling machines u formerly. All requests for conferences or consideration of thue Juit demands were ignored and treated with contempt
Despite the foot that the etrlke wu
Inaugurated peacefully and hu beep
conducted by the mlnen without even
the slightest show of violence, seldom
hu tbjire been such a display of arbitrary methods on the part of the
mine operators and governmental authorities. The morning after the itrlke
began hundred! Of deputlei were
•worn ln; the employen imported
companies of Waddell-Mahon guard!;
finally State troops were lent to the
mining dlitrlet that the mine ownen
might be. enabled to operate their
mlnei and
The Voloe of Libor
ta lti appeal for Juitlce might be il-
lenced. All ot thli display of force
wu under the pretence ot protecting
property (when the minera did not attack It, nor contemplate attacking It);
when the miners attempted to protect
and promote human righti, they were
ridden down in the itreeti, 'clubbed,
(.red upon!
Though there have bun the uiuil
effort! to foment strife and to itlr up
violence among the itriken, yet no
property hu been destroyed and the
minera have remained steadfast In
their determination to win their rights;
and ln their determination not to be
forced Into- lawlessness.
Tbe officials of the mlnen uked
for in Injunction restraining the appointment of additional deputlei to
lerve the mine operaton—their re-
eueit waa refuted. The mine opera-
ton uked for an Injunction restraining the strikers from picketing, "mo-
lutlng" men going to or from work
and from parading ln the vicinity of
the mlnu—that order wai granted,
A Fight for Justice.
Such ire'the, condition! under which
thue copper mlnei are waging their
fight for Juitlce and a life somewhat
bettor worth living. With all the
forces of capital and organlied io-
clety working against them, they have.
maintained courage, determination and
good iplrlt. There ire 11,000 mtn
engaged In thli itruggle. A Urge
number of minen and their famlllu
were evicted from tbelr homu owned
by the corporation!. The llvu, ufety;
and welfare of something like 60,000
men, women, ind children are bound
up with itl fate. The itrike hu now
heen tn progress for over two mouths
■nd atlll the mine operaton maintain
stubborn resistance and unreasonable
refuial to consider the demand! of the
men. The long, hard winter ot northern Michigan li approaching, and
theu. brave men, women, and children
who are bearing the brunt of thli
fight for-lnduitrlil Juitlce for American worklnpmen are In need.
Two memben- of  our   Executive
Wbolahefvr    ..■'-''.   -r
The agitator li one who puts hli
flngeivon tke sore spot in economic
condition! and proposes a remedy for
thallli *wnrch the worklngman suffers.
He goes after the wont flnt
Any man who doei that li could-
ered an aglUtor-the moot opprobrious epithet that the capltaliat* and
their henchmen can apply to one enlisted In Labor's cause.
When they are unable to reply to
chargei or defend condition!, their answer li, "you, are in agitator," ud If
you happen .to come from another locality your offense is all the more
helnoui in their eyes.
In the «yu of thinking men lt le ao
longer a grime, lt li not evra an offense to be called an agitator..
/ Intelligent men reallie that human being! suffer wrong! whloh
ihould be remedied.
It la the .agitator who points them
out* who arouses men to protest
agatnit conditions, who helpi them to
unite their energlei.   '•
It li he who point! out the Path
which working men In other tlmu and
plicu have followed,
He ipeaki a word of encouragement, and when hie tuk li done he
goes where other wrongi call for re-
dreu, and Will continue to go to long
■• the workeri suffer Injustice.
So long u there li a wrong to remedy the voice of the agitator will be
hiard.   >
Tou may kill him today but If you
do not remedy the wrongi, tomorrow
hli menage will be on the lips of
thousands.  .,
Once they put agitators In prlion,
tied them, to the staVe, nailed to the
emu, but tbey did not silence humanity's protest by my iuch muni ei
The wrong wai remedied or the nation died.   .
That li the lesion taught on every
page of the world'! hlitory and every
great movement the world, haufcver
knows bad ume men wpo gave voice
to the people's protest, who Incarnated
their meeeage,-who pointed the way
to tbelr Meal,   .
Sometimes he hai aroused hli countrymen agalnat foreign oppruiora u
Demoithenei irouied the Athenian!
agatnit Philip, aa Patrick Henry fired
the Americans agalnat King Oeorge.'
They were trouble makers ln their
tlmu'but posterity blest their memory.   '   '   ' x
Sometimes the agitator hu given
voice to the hopes, the anguish, the
wrongi of a thouiand yean, as Mlra-
beau did when he wakened the loul
of France at the -beginning of the
French Revolution.
Sometime! he haa quickened the
conscience of. a"nation, U Wllberforce
did when he began the campaign .that
ended in freeing of Britain's slaves.
Again the agitator has taught ten-
derneu to the outcut, u HOWird did
ln hli agitation for prison reform.
Sometime! he hu flung the gauntlet
iquarely In the face ot tradition* and
law u Wendell Phlllipi did hli era
sade against African slavery, he denounced lt u a "league with duth
and a covenant with hell."
No man wu more ilncerely hated
than he.
Some were n foolish u to Imagine
that the crimes, evils and Injuitlce of
ilavery would never haVe tound a
voice, had tt not been for him and
such u he.
That Is where they mike their mil-
take.     . ....
. 'A great wrong Ii alwaya founded on
an economic injustice.
The great mui of people are Injured by lti continuance and.ii eoon
as they undentand the ciuu of their
euffertnga they bind together to remove the cauu.
.  The agitator limply hastens that
day. ■■:.''   ■
Social crime la a cancer that eats
at the vital! of society.
When the agitator potato it out and
Indicates the remedy, he Is acting aa a
surgeon. Tou dont get rid of cincen
by killing or deporting surgeons.
Tou don't get rid of low wagu, long
houn and uuhealthful condition! of
labor by chuliig out orginlien.
Yu. ln every* nook and corner of
Christendom, wherever the worken
are suffering, you will tnd ume voice
railed in protect 'agalnit thue condition!, and progreu li meuured by
tbe rapidity with whloh thoee wrongi
ire remedlec.
Nation! move from the feni of dlv
ttae. Ignorance aad opprouion Juit in
proportion-al thi people are free to
voice their protect and, enforce reme-
dlee for the improvement of conditions.
. The proudest bout of tomorrow will
be the realisation of thoie hopes
which the agitator voiced today.
The agitator li the voice of progreu.
He speaks, and sooner or later humanity cornea to heed his call.     •-
They may burn him but the "hooting
mob of yeiterday tn illent awe return!
.Council, John Mitchell and John B.
Lennpn, have beep.      '
Among the Striken
and preiented to ui unquutlOneble
evidence of the condition! there. After coniideratlon of the oondltioni,
the need and Importance of the luue!
involved, the Executive Council maku
thla appeal to all the memben ot organlied labor ior prompt and gener-
oui flnanclal autitince to aid theae
needy and lufferlng fellow-worken,
their wlvee and children,
We appeal In the name ot all labor
and oommon humanity that each local
union at once make an appropriation
from lte fundi of not leu than Ave
centa tor each member;1 tbat ucb
Central Labor Union select a committee to appeal to ill wofken and
frlendi to contribute promptly and as
generouily u puilble, end to uie
every honorable muni by which fundi
may be lecured. The men otU women and children of Calumet Michigan, -muit not be starved Into lub-
mllilon. They muat and they will win,
If the tollers of our country will but
do their duty.
Nawa Suppruud.
Remember thlt the splendid loMd-
arity of the workera of America largely aided In lecurlng the magnificent
victory e*f the anthracite minen a few
yean ago. The newipapera have iun-
preiied nearly all reference to the
Calumet minera' i itrlke. In thli appeal we hope to reach the mlndi,
hearti, and tbe coniclencei of our
fellow-worken and frlendi, and thereby lecure their reiponw to the call
for aid,
Send all contribution! to Frank
Morrison, Secretory American Federation of Labor, Ouray Building,
Washington, D. &., who Will return
receipt for the same and promptly forward every dollar to the Immediate
aid of the struggling mlnen of Calumet,.  Fraternally youn,'
SAML. OOMPERS, Preildent,    -
Adviiory Committee ia Aiked for
From Looal Sheet Metal
Worken' Union.
Vanoouver School Board Haa Eg-
tabliihed Same For Winter
The offlcen of the local Sheet Metal
Worken' Union ire taking a good deal
of Interest In the sheet metal tradee
classes every Monday and Wednesday
evening, October to March, in the
King Edward High School, Jairview.
■ The problem! to be worked out by
theu evening cluui are u follow!,
and are very practical: ',
Practical pattern problem! divided
into live gMUpi. Groupi 1, 8 and 8
subdivided Into three sections, I.e.
parallel development radial development, and development by triinguli-
Group 4.—Squire mitres, return ind
lectloni, i.e., parallel development and
radial development.       /
Praotlul  Pattern  Problems  Workid
.    Out In the Shop.
Group 1.—Tin ind ihwt iron ware
Oroup 1.—Pattern's for pipe work,
and furnace work.
Oroup 8.—Patterns for article! In
heavy shet metal.
Group 1—Pattern! Incornlce work.
Group 6.—Pitterns .for skylights.
Oroup l.—Pattern! mostly used ln
making tinware iuch ai pans, palls,
funnels, cans, measures, coal hods, etc.
Group 2.—Pipei, elbowl, teee, bolti,
transition pieces, etc.
Group 3.—Boilers and boiler parti,
smoke stacks, ship ventilators, etc,
Group 4.—Spuare mitres, return And
face, ingle mitral, circular moulds,
eto.  '
Group 6.—Skylight, curb, oommon
bar, Jack, hip, crou bar, ventilators,
etc.   --.'.
Mr. K. V. Martin will conduct the
senior olus, while Mr. J. A. Matheson is taking on the Junior
* Aa all the tradei an becoming more
and more ipeclallted errery year, the
trade school!, whether conducted by
the organisation Itself or by the loul
ichool board, 1» doing a vut amount
of good to the atfprent.ee and youn*
Journeyman.' The union officials want
to iee large classes enrolled, so also
doei the loul ichool board, and to
thli end have uked the union to name
a committee "to act with them In an
adviiory capacity.
Active Organlutlon Planned.
General Orgulier Robert Byron,
whO wu here the litter pert of September, li expected baOk thli week
and will work In the dlitrlet' tor the
next two monthi.
J. Hamilton hu been elected business agent and will attend to.local
to gather up his scattered ashu ln
history's golden urn."
There ire many people'Who are not
ashamed to have, committed a crime,
they only regret that It wu found out
io there are employers ind communities bick of them, who have no shame
for the long work day they enforce, Or
the robberiu they inflict upon employees; tbey are only Indignant that
the' facta ihould be given to the world,
That to the meuure of the people
who decry and denounce the agitator.
It li fortunate thit humanity hu
aome. uch frlendi, uyi the Minera'
Bulletin; for when the truth hu once
been ipoken ibout a wrong lt li like
laying an. axe at the root ot the tree,
deoay and death begins.
Working men have long llnee learned the necuilty of an organlutlon, of
having map its repreient their Inter-
eiti whou; living would not depend,
upon a bou'e favor.
That li the reuon why the agitator
la so sincerely hated by every oppree-
■or of labor.
He cannot be olltjneed.
He cannot be driven out by the ilm-
pie expedient ot a time check.
The advantage! of organlutlon have
been proven by many yesra experience In muy tradea aad industries.
Back group of workera-have their
own ipeclil problem! to be solved and
difficulties to be lUrmounted.
They lelect'men whom they believe
capable of repreeentlng tbelr cauu Intelligently and aiding In the ulutlon
of their problenu.  •.
If their official! and repreuntatlvei
fall ta oarry out their wishes they do
Juit what the whole people do with
their political urvanta, they turn theft
down and chooae othen.
Tbe official! of a labor organlutlon,
(their enemlei and tbe enemlei of the
working olui ull them profeulonil
igiatora), are the lervinta of their
fellow memben, not maetera.
Every age hu had lti agltaton.
Their menage —* depended upon
the need! of the particular time In
whloh they lived.
Woe to the people who have no
votoe protesting agalnit the injuitlce
of the time, no eoclal propheti, no
bardi of liberty, no hope that Hu be-
vond the horlton, depending upon the
earnett efforto of homwpun souls for
lti reallutlon.    . ,f. .-
The people without a virion perlih.
•     TfttBCSTOf
^137 Cordova Street W.
"^'-'Baeement Hotol Cordova
to The
Latest AdtBttoa to V«acottver'B ilp-to-Pate Hoi
Abaoluteljr rireproof-Loeal and Lottay-Watanta Phone i
Every Boom    ,
AbuadiauefButandUiht   , Cafe ln Connection
1ATE8 $100 tltt DAY Uf
Attractive tatuto Armaaent
...    Quote   .
Fully Modern and 11
• *--*: »-a   .  *
Cor. Fonrtk Street ^
liver load    j
Auto Partlu Catered ta
-auum a punAMaa. n*
Abbotsford Hotel ■
Vanoouver, B. 0. '    "^8
821 Fender West      Phone Seymour 6860 J
Firat-Olau Grill in Connection *
"     Ff-L.  WALLHtOFOHp; Manager 3
in raavma aranr waar
New, Modern, Flrst-CIu
Steam Heated. Electric Utm
American and European PI
Televbau aeyauu 1U*
Rates. 11.60   par   Day   andc
Palace Hotel Bar and Ca^
iTta^mlt-1 Union Help Throughout I ^feK
Meals in the dty, at Popular Prices. »WU Cooks only employed.    ■
Rooms Rented by the Day or Week.      Pint-Clau Liquors end Clgi,
John Snidir, Prop.     .    Corner Cotdevi ind Carrall Sta.
81P^?t   Complot. Ho«e FumUhtrr.   Phoh^^
Get. Your Money's WortJ1
"S'l   iliBC' J
t vc^f
Canadian Brewing & Malting t
Limited    T PAGEElGfli?
 ! WITH THS!— ! :——r-
Old Folks at Home?
The Nortbern Pacific Railway
The Route of the famous Great Big Baked Potato
Pullman Touriat Sleeping Gar, 16 Sections, Bleotrio-
lighted from Vanoouver, B. G, direct to PORTLAND,
Maine, the neareet winter port for Canadian!, oonneoting
with the White Star Line Steamship ■"-TEUTONIC wiling
Demmber IS, landing the pauengere at the Steamer
Dock, thue earing Hotel and other inoidental Expense*
CeanaeHoae abe made with White Star Steaauklp "Olympic"
turn Hew York. Deumber llth.       ■■.
Prat, Cameron Elected at Council'i
Bepresentative on Induitrlal
207 Hastings Street W. Cor. Cambie and Hastings
Whole Wheat Bread
Cbolea Family Bread,
Wedding and Birthday Cakes.
Wa Vm Mu flaw.
Cskes and Pastry and Oon-
Hot Drlnka ind Lusehu
All Goodi Freih'Dilly
' mi nuamui ar.  .-'"
-M.se* net !
The Famous GODSLAY
Pianos oan be purchased from
ne at $25 down and ten dollars,
per month. Thie it the houee
that pr»teoto the' purchaser.
in oase of lou of employment
the paymenta are poatponed.
Not one diuatiafled porohaaer
on our books, and most of our
busineu is done by '
Ill Sienvllle Street
Continued from page one.
At     •
514 Pender Straet
28 Haatinga atroot
City Auction and Commission Company
Cub paid for hooase and aultaa
of furniture or Aucllea imaged.
•-■-  -*-           mat
guarantied,   prompt
Still Open to Conviction.-—
Continuing lair. Farrington uld:
"While we are determined to force
thli right, onr poiltlon ihould not be
Interpreted u being one of obitlnate
belligerency. We. are still Us a eon-
dilatory frame of mind and are willing to mut the mine ownen any time
they deilre to do io for the purpoie'
of trying to adjust our difference!
through the medium of Intelligent conciliation.
'If we cannot conciliate our dim-
cultles the United Mine Worhere of
America have no other choice than
but to flght, and flght we will until
the mine ownen concede the Vancouver Iiland minen tbelr Inherent
right to belong to the United M.__
Worken of America, whether it tokei
ui a day or a year to establish that
International Growing Rapidly.
Speaking of the flnanclal ability of
the International Union, Mr. Farrington uld:
Our union waA never u strong,
numerically aad financially, u lt Is
it the preunt time. According to
official report! our paid up membership li a little more than 410,-000.
With the ipeclel uaeument Juit
levied, our: revenue will be approximately 1100,000 per month,-and uide
from the expenu ot earning on the
.VahcOuvOr Island and Colorado strikes
the demindi on onr reeOurcek are very
light   -
'During my vlilt In.the cut I met
muy Influential leaden ln the. labor
.movement, and many Individual memben of local prominence, all of whom
expressed a keen Interest In the Island
itrike and the deilre to eee the mlnen
win,.whloh lndlcetoe that tbe efforts
><t the provincial government to break
the etrlke by aa lnvulon of military
forces hu given ui a tremendoui volume of publicity, which we could
never have hoped to have gamed had
the government been Impartial during
the etrlke, io that we feel, considered
at a whole, that the effort! of the.
government to defut the men, aad the
Injustice! Imposed upon them by the
McBride combination,- have huh helpful rather then Injurious to ua."
Lucky Number "IN,"
Not wUifled with the handsome
donation made to The Fed.'i Chrlitmu Box fund by ivhdon 101 of Vancouver Street Rallwaymen, Meun. T.
C. Clinton and W. Murray thla week
purchaeed a handaome thernme bottle
and lunch ut, and hurriedly pulled
off a raffle, wiling ticket! at'Mo each,
with tbe remit that yeeterday alto*
noon the earn of M6.60 wu turned
over to The Federationlit. At the «•
quut of Bro. Clinton, a lady member
I of The Federationlit staff wu uked
to draw the lucky ticket, and the winning number le 160, If the bolder of
No. 1(0 Will call at thla offlce the
prlu awalto him.
California State Federation of Labor,
The California State Federation ot
Leber hu made marviloui progress,
according to report! mode to the convention by 8eeretary-Treuurer Paul
Seharnnberg. On October 1 of thla
year the membenhlp wu 17,000, aa
lncreue of 21,000 tlnce October 1.
1(10, when the membenhlp wu 54,-
000, Then are SOI local unlona affiliated, in lncreue of 71 over October
11, lilt, Fifteen labor -council! ara
| how ifflllitod.
Ths ute of the label on your printing (no extra cost to you)
will help ut do our duty in fighting: tuberculosis
Decided to Organum a Building
Tradu Council and Put on
Organising Campaign. .
Regular meeting of Tradu aad Labor Counoll held ln Labor Temple,
Preaident Cameron in the chair, Mln-
utu of previoui muting raid and adopted.
From Tradei and Labor Congreu
of Canada; call for per capita tax.
Ordered paid,
Secretary 8, D. P., re Atkinson
meeting,   Filed.
Report! of Committees.
Committee on wall decoration
ported progreu.
Committee to confer on affiliation
of Vancouver looala reported having
met uveral repnuntatlvei of Vancouver unloni, ind ai a remit the
Machlnliti will aid ui In organlilng
The Bollennakeri and Patternmak-
en win affiliate here.
The Baken will alio affiliate with
thla body.
The 'Longihoremen.wlll upd a man
over to organise what men they hive
here ind lt not enough to form a local will get them Into the Federal Labor Union In the meantime. Ai Boon
as polilble an effort will be made to
organise the fishermen. Report received.
The committee to call public meeting reported having a fairly well at
tended meeting on the 17th, when four
aldermanlc candidates were lelecteJ,
W. Dodd, D. S. Cimeron, T. A. Barnard and A. Hogg.
The lelectlon of ichool truiteei wai
left to the permanent committee which
wu.then elected, and called a meeting tor Oct, 23rd. Report received.
" Committee to meet B. C. Aiioclatlon of Engineers were not allowed to
attend the muting, but belieVe" the
matter la to be'referred to tbelr Grand
Lodge.   Report received.
The committee oh Smoker reported
the date Ut u Wednesday, 19th, and
hopea everyone will bout the function and iwell the fund tor The Fed.'s
Mlnen' Chrlitmu Fund. Report received.
W. L. Darling, Induitrlal Commissioner, was then given the floor and
gave an Interesting talk on the work
being done by the Progressive Association to bring Industries here, and
stated that he wu only concerned in
getting the lnduitry and It wu up to
ui to organiie them. He gave, figures
to show that New Westminster li the
third largeet manufacturing olty wut
of the Oreat Likes, ind hu a gruter
percentage of working population
than any other city lh Canada Stable
Industries are tbe only Onu they con-
elder locating, u a boom lnduitry that
fall! li wone than getting none at all.
An Induitrlal commissioner Ii a lifeguard against tike propoeitlons. Agriculture, with lie' allied Industries, were
considered and condition! have bun
found deplorable. We had large quantities of the finest land on earth, but
it might u well be mountain topi for
all the au it ti to the people. B. C.
lut year paid halt the total duty collected on firm produce. B, C. piys,|
IM cento per hud duty on foodituffi.
(Something muit be done at onu to
remedy thli itate of affilre. -A cooperative market would be of help.
Chinete have lolved tbe problem In i
way hy hawking their goodi, and the
people get a better article and cheaper, and If we buy from the grocer he
geta Chinese goods Just the ume. The
Progreulve Association wanted the
working community to have a delegate in tbat association, v/lth a view
to getting t more hearty co-operation
of organised labor. Mr. Darling wae
extended a hearty vote of thanks,
Moved and seconded that thli council elect a representative to the Progreulve Auoc!atlon.   Carried.
Delegate D, 8. Cameron wai elected
U: representative of thli council on
the executive of the Progreulve Association.
The Poltlcal Panorama.
The audience In the Dominion
Thutro did aot hear the lecture on
"The Evolution of Coniclnce". lait
Sunday evening. The subject had to
be postponed until next Sunday on
account of the ludden Ulneu of the
writer. For' three hours I Bad a
struggle with the grim monster, end
but for the prompt acUon of Dr. T. P.
Hall, there might have been one leu
agitator to worry about   As It wai
ay bedroom, wae suggestive of a
body revolution. The plunge of the
instrument into my body hai made me
all the keener to plunge a knife to
the hurt* of modern society. Eipeclally that part of lt repreunted by
such mental prostitutes u the men
who form the Bowier and McBride
Having failed to Beonre Limitation from Old Partial, Decidu
to Oo Into Polities..
Convention Prooeediiigi Disclose
Splendid List of Meainret Af-
footing Wage Workers.'
The Rand Dally Mall of South
Africa contained the report of a
Bpeech In a recent luue, delivered by
W, 3. Latto, orgmltlng Monetary of
the South Africa Manufacturers' Alio.
elation that ia very Illuminating,
"When he wu ln Canada," uyi the
report of hla address, "be had bun
Impressed with tbe magnificent organisation of their .Manufactureri' Auo-
elation. The government iwould never
drum of legulitlng without consulting them."
Later In We address Mr. Lalto,
•peaking of South African affaire,
said: "The. government will feed' us
every time we bark, but we must bark
In unison."
We have that Und of a government
here, and when the working clan
learn to "bark In unison" we un uy
something like thli;
"The wage earnen have a magnificent organlutlon representing their
economic Interest!. The government
would never drum of legislating without consulting them*.
-Two Salvation Army leases uw
Harry Slbble hoard a itreet ar.
"There goes the devll'i press agent;"
uld one ot tbem. Thli wu a stab at
Harry because he sells Socialist literature to any kind' of a crowd. To
prove that he ii not quite u bad aa
all that, Harry recited to me the 23rd
Psalm. True lt ta changed a little.
Here It la: ,     ,
I "The' politician li my shepherd;
II shall want no good thing during the campaign;
I He taadeth me in the saloon for
my vote's uke:   He' fllleth  my .
pocket with good clgan; my glut
of beer runneth over,
f He' prepareth my ticket In the
face of my better judgment.
f Tea, though I walk through the
rain and the mud to vote for him
and ihout myulf hoarae, straightway when he Is elected he for- ""*
getteth all abbut me, and lo, when
I meet him In his own office he
knoweth ihe not
t Surely the wool hu bun pulled
over mine eyes all the days of my *
life', and I lhall dwell In the Houie
of Poverty for ever.  Ah-men."
. The mut significant fact In tbe
worklng-cliu world of the put few
week! li that W, & Trautman, one ot
the founden of.me I. W: W', who,—.. ,
recently reilgned ua a member of thai union.
nkl«--« #«»»,-.-   a.'..-"----—-.-   ..     .. —
Chicago faction, has mtde application
•r membenhlp In the Detroit organisation. Another good man has come
to Ui unui aad recognlted the
necuelty for political aa well ai Industrial action.
The Social Democratic Party Intend! to conduct a campaign In the
next municipal election. Lut Tuesday evening Mr, Braut BUrni opened
a very Interesting dlicusslon on "The
Municipality and. the Unemployed."
Next Tueeday the discussion will be
continued ln Hamilton ball, Dunsmuir
ind Hamilton streets, at 8 p. m,
The Women"! Auxiliary of tbe
■Social Democratic Party believe tbat
Soclalliti ihould be loclsble. They
are going to "trip the light fantutic"
oa Tueeday evenlag, November llth,
'■a the Labor Temple: The dance will
■to preceded by a concert for the benefit of wall-flowera like myulf. Tou.
Have heard about the proverbial bull
in a oblna shop. Watch me that night.
Refreshment! will be provided.
Ticket! miy he obtained from any of
the ladt.es. The prion of admission Is
IB cents. .   3
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct 17,-
The convention of the State Federation of Labor Juit eloped In thla city
lucceeded to electing an tmueuaUy
strong list of official! and haa made a
really remarkable departure by en-
donlng uclallim and urging the
worken of the itate to itudy It
The endonement of socialism waa
directly due tb the report ot the outgoing pruldent A. H. Kempton, who
recommended that after an uniuooeoS-
ful experiment of the State Federation to get eighteen labor meuurei
through the lut legislature, that iff,
ganlied labor enter tha political arena
u a comtructlve and clui oomcloui
force electing their own representatives to offlce.
The convention, which luted the
better part of the wuk, succeeded in
accomplishing an unusual amount Of
buitneu, of which a partial hit la: ** <
Endonement of Industrial unlonlim
u the proper form ot labor organlutlon.
Inaugurated a movement for organlutlon of women worken of the itate,
Began war on violator! of Nine-
Hour Workday Law for women worken.
Condemned'Boy 8cout movement;
Condemned' military drill and uniform! ln public school!.
Aiked Samuel Oompers, preaident
of the A. F. of 1j., io get out bf the
Civic Federation or the A. F. of L.
Appropriated I1IB to the Inter
Mountain Wferker, the beat toclallit
and labor paper of the itate:
Endorsed the Michigan -strike and
appropriated $50 for the mlnen.
Bndoned the A. F. of L., campaign
for uniform school books.
Endorsed the A. F. of L. plan of unl-
venlty extension to" benefit workeri
The lait buiineu of the convention
wu the election of offleen. No contests were developed, except for the
offlee of pruldent for which Kempton
declined to run. After dole balloting
tor three aspirants, 8. H. Moore of
the United Brewery Worken wai
choten for the eniulng yur. "The
other offlcen held over from the yur
before were elected by acclamation.
They are:,
Flnt vlce-prealdent, Robert Adam-
eon, Eureka. Of the' Weitern Federation of Mlnen; ' - ■
Second vlce-pruldent, Maud Weit,
Ogden, of the United Garment Workeri,    "' -: ' \V
' Third vlce-preeldent W. M, Knerr,
Salt Lake, of the Laundry Worken'
FRIDAY.........: ..OCTOBER H, ltll
Recommended by Every
Woman Who Uses It
•THAT is the but thing we oan eay about the O-Cedar
* Mop. It takea but a few minutee to duat your entire
home, and when finished yon have the duet in your mop and
not again ipread around the houee.
Saves Bsokashe, Headaeho and Heartaclia
The People'e Hardwire Marehont,
Fourth vice-president, W. F. Qulnn,
Park City, of the Western Federation
bf Mlnen,
Secretary-treaiurer, W. M. Plggott,
Ogden, of the Barben' union.
Delegate to- the American Federation, of. Labor, A. H, Kempton, Salt
Like, Of the Amalramated Assocls-
tlbn ot Btreet inif Electric Rallwav
Employee! of America.
My old grannie uied to uy, "The
—r- ...    .oonilcence Is the *ofce of Ood." Poor
Mr.   Joi.   Proebstle,   International old Ood.   We blame Him for every-
hoard member of the Brewery Work-1 thing.   He must have a very contra-
en, wuthen given the floor snd gavel■"-»-——■-- •-^-J--^-----
hla vlewe bf labor condition! In.Weit-
(Kenneth Grant, Manailni Director.)
New Addreasi.    _.'__     tow asn otsmooax VAauaa
eaat ooasova eraaar waa* aaaotaa
Between Abbott and carrall, alao mrmnan
rr aaanaae eraaar ttat
Corner Columbia Avenue
Wa'ya pioked winners in Men'e Fall Shoea We're at the servioe
of every than who deoiraa the but ehou hia money oan buy.
       ~ 204 MAIN STREET
Oppomie the City Hal
era Canada, and itated that he hi
about to close a contract with Vancouver and alio New Wutmlniter and
withes the council to ulect a nim to
go with him to due Weitmlntter con-
On motion, Del. Knutsen wu elected
to attend to the matter.
Report! of Unlona
Typoi—All working, Expect Pruldent Lynch to vlilt New Weitmlmter
next month.
Clgarmaken—All working.
A. 8. Carpenten —Fifty per cent.
U. B. Cirpenten-Half Idle.
Palntera—A few more at work. Depot Hotel being done by non-union
Lathen—Proipeoto poor at preient.
Heat Clitteri—All working,
Barben—All working. Magee It
Walker yet unfair. If we get early
doling by-law they will both become
fair. ':-..-m.
Shingle Weaven—All working,
ISnglneeri—Taking In new member!. Have rearnnged the Male on
harbor worka.
Grievance Committee reported:.on
non-union Job!..
Johnston's Shoe Home laid it wu
immaterial to them whether tho men
were union or not.
Occidental contract Is ln hradi of
Miller A Jewhunt, the lime men ai
have the: Johnston fob. One union
mm on Depot Hotel.. Lytton old the
Job would be done by union men.
Holbrook contract not yet let, Liver
pool Armp Job let to Bloin ft Harrlion
with a union -clause, to contract
Your committee reebmmende* that
a Building Tradei Council be organized. Report received and recommendation acted on.
Moved and ucpnded that Johnston's
Shoe House, Occidental Hotel, Depot
Hotel be declared "unfair" to organized labor, and that' the lecretary be
Initructed to notify all unloni to that
On motion the lecretary be Initructed to. call a muting of the building
trades within a week.
dlctory voice.' Conidence, tolls Bowier that he muit have, the police and
the mllltla on Vancouver Iiland.
Oeorie Pettigrew'! conidence tells
him that he must fight tor- the right
to organiie and go to Jail rather then
bend the knee to Bowier. We are going to discuss thl! quution on Sunday
evening next ln the'Dominion Thutre,
oranvllle itreet  Any defence of the
'under dog" li Interesting,  The meet"
mence at 8 o'clock, i >
Int will commence t
It may be a little premature, but
Mre. B. M. Burns hu already eon-
tncted spring fever. Here Is the flrit
sign: i
Soolll Democrats Awaks.
Are movlat on toward! unity,,
Tour help they crave, and herewith uk
A little bout it thie big talk—
To. put the capltollit lyitom out '
And all lta cruel tins to rout—
The fob Ie big and can't be done
Till all the worken work w one.
A get-together time there'll be,
November 'leven, one nine one three,
In Labor Temple, Dommulr itreet;
And there 'tip hoped thit ill will
' "meet *      -■*.    ■ "-..-
Who wlih to lend a helping bind
To thli great cauu ot every land;
Puruuth Received Appointment
Andrew Furueeth,. pruldent of the
International Seamen's Union, hai
been appointed ai one of the commissioner! by the President o( the United
Stltei to represent tbat government
at the London conference an safety
at aea.   ■ ■■', S<k'-:
■irewiry Worken Ornanlie.
Under the miplcei of Builneis
Agent J. W. WDlklnion of the central
lahor body a muting of the men employed In the local brewerlea wu held
at Labor Temple on- Tueiday evening
to discuss the advisability of organlilng. After a general dlicuuion, it
was decided tb organize a union Immediately and make application for a
charter. Ju. Plggott 534 Keefer
•treat, and Frlti Ourtner, 218? Scotia
atreet, were elected provisional president ind lecretary respectively, of the
new organlutlon, which will be
known ii Loul Nb. 281.
A two-year agreement, to he pre-
unted tb the -local breweries, wu
drafted, covering wage scale and
working condition!, with the uilit-
ance of tbe central libor body hull-
nnu agent No serious obstacles
are expected on the part of either the
brewery management or employees to
prevent an amicable understanding.
Were It not for the strike* Of the
put the worken would have no wagu
to loie.
Men who know—mer2 who appreoiate GOOD
Olothu are oomtantly being attracted to thia etore
We'd be diiappointed If we couldn't trnthfully aay thia Fall tbat
onr SUITS and OVERCOATS are "better than over." Th«»
ie why ao many well.dreeeed nien patroniae bar atore.
"*:'"'    rOverooate 2*? to E*f    ;
We also make olothu to your ordir and will forward
Style Book and meaaurement blanks on application
Sia-4 0ranTilia Street
I   Vucouver, B.C.    I
Lounging and Smoking Room.
Special rate! to permanent
giium -
Brltiln'i Shame HL_
In a speech tn London a few days
ago Bu Tlllett the well-known' labor
agitator, declared' that there are
8,000,000 famlllu tn Oreat Britain who
are dally In need ot the bare necessaries of Ute,
Continued from pane one. :
Now Westminster unfontlti promtn
The Fed. 400 new subscribers during
the   coming   week.   Come on, let's
make The Fed. a twelvpipager by tbe .       _   _
end of the year.   TwO thousand more > brimming over with god nature ind
My father; Ignoring the question,
Id, "I certainly do, unleu you can
produce a warrant I expect the ume
Brltlih Justice here is I would hare
got In England,"
Mr. McDougall'i aniwer to thli. wu,
I'm warrant enough;" which I quution.
During thli talk he waa dragging at
my father to get him out ot the home.
My mother, who wai watching all
that wai going, on, uld, "Here, you
can't take him without a warrant."
Thla ohlef turned to her and waving
hli hand In her face uld, "I'm: aot
speaking to you."
But In iplte of all thla opposition
my father wu taken by thli Bowier
thug without the ueceiuny wiitant,
to the company'! offlce, the fint Mage
Of hli Journey to the Nanaimo jail.
I have always hurd that before a
man could be arreeted on any charge,
unleu for murder, that a warrant wu
heuiury. It does not- appear as If
that* wag the uie tn thla place. Te
aik.for "Brltlih Justice" Is like uklng
for the moon.
I miy add that my father Is still In
the Nanalmo Jail, among many othen,
wbo'fiuppoee were treated to a liko
manner. .
Can TOU wonder at the women-folk
feeling bitter agatnit theie lo-ealled
lervanto of Juitlce, when fathers, hue--
bands and abni have bun dragged
from tbelr homes like so many telonl;
trey-halred men and laughing boyi,
1487 Mlnert Killed In Seven Monthi.
Fatalltlu In the* eoal mlnu ot the
United Statu during the Int seven
months of the yur numbered 1437, u
compared with 1418 In, the ume
period lait year, according to reporto
to the bureau of mlnu here. Pennsylvania lead! the Hit with 788.
MoMlllin Reooverlnj,
Friends will be glad to hur that
"Jack" MoMlllin, an active member
of the Painters' Union and recently
vlce-pruldent of tbe central labor
body, Is rapidly recovering from a •er-
loui attack of typhoid fever. After
45 daya in the General Hoipltal he li
now putting In a period of convenience at the home of Ju. H. McVety,
Steam Engineers' Union.   "
The Stum Bnglneeri. meeting -last
Wednuday week wu well ittended.
Preildent Nlcholion ln the chair, all
the other offlcen being preunt. The
new road scale took up a good deal of
time, and a portion of the routine
buiineu wu laid over.
The new road scale, which wu pined, ulle for 18 per diy for ill outilde
work for holitmen, time and one-half
tor overtime, Sundayi and bolldiyi.
Commencing wltb October, the union
will mut every Wednuday evening
In room 204, Labor Temple,'
. The delegate! to the Tradei lad
Tabor Council reilgned, and Meun
O. D. OuSiy, W. Byatt and F. HIicOx
were elected io fake their pluel.
For the Ant time lu. a year there-
were no Initiation!, there being three
oandidatu accepted, but they did not
rhow up.
Secretary Victor T. Mldgley, of the
Brltlih Columbia Federation of Labor,
delivered en address to the union on
the quution ot retaliation with the
B. C. F. of L, He Said the Steam Engineers were' among the fint to am-
■Hate'with tbe B. C. F. of L. and pointed out thit the executive of that body
had In the.put ipent much time In
tiklng up queitlom iffectlng them
with the provincial government. He
also emphulted the fid thit the body
be reprennted ni non-partlun In
politic!: thlt It WU a lource of
itrength to all unloni In B. C. to belong to the Federation, ind urged the
re-afflllatlon of the iteim englneen.
Kifle Sign (one Untie beaair)
B. T,.Klngiloy (hud Mil* 8000)
Admlaiton Uckett (100e)„.„.w
Preu adverUiing ..„.™„. ;
Three telegrami ...„.....„
Carrying banner (two dayi)......
Paint for: baaner..™^.......,.,	
facke ..-_-_:.„..,„„.„„-
Total .„ ^i
Bile of tickets at door-..
Collection . .	
Total a. i;
~    1.80
...    115
...    5J5
- JO
- ■»
...   4t,T0
Receipte  -"....,.-..-. 1188,70
Bxpenditurea -  - 184,55
Balance for. detenu of U. M, W,
of A. itriken of Nanalmo. f 84.15
Haas Uvaser 4Mt      MutwrStt
. - omes Phone Say. Ill
11! »4 IllVancouv.r Bit
•Ubl.' will do It.
Painters diked if Tradea and Ubor
Council had any Jurisdiction over the
candidates for aldermen. They were
Informed that the council hu no jurisdiction over thp candidate!, ai they
were lelected by m open meeting of
organised end unorganised libor,        I
the world before them.
Their aireit and being Jailed doei
not make ua think any the less of
them, and we shall be Just u proud
of them when they come home to us
at we were before they were token
away from thou placei which we call
Home.       '       ■-.■■
' The Tom Menn Muting.
Editor B. C. Federatlonltt: Looal
Unloa No. 888, Induitrlal Worken of
the World, Vancouver, under date of
Oct. 18, herewith givu financial report
of meeting held In Dominion hall, Oct
17, 1918, by our union, ln behalf of
the U. M. W. of A* detenu fund of
Nanalmo, B. C:
- Expindltureia
Hill rent (Dominion Hall) 8 50,00
Tom Mann, ipuker (fee).......    85.00
Begle ilgni (double banner).... 9.00
Wagon for .banner (18 hours).- 11.86]
Cloth for two ilngle burner........     .60
SayiMUWSI     .
OAsumimins, am
with the LABEL on it
Cowan & Brookhouse
aahot Temple     ff-a. Sep. 44N
Sawmill Workers, Woodsmen
Take Notice
All interested in organisation are re-
" raoeoall
at Room 217, Labor Temple,
or communicate with
A. P. of Ij. General Organiser
626 MAIN SHEET    \
•The Workingmen's Store"
ail colon, ihtpet and lizet. ' '
12.30 to COO Vsluea
Gents' Fumishinas, Hats, Clothing


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