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The Armstrong Advance 1905-12-01

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 '.3    DEC 4-1905
-'/h    ■  '-    ■
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Published in tic Interests ol Armstrong and District, lie Cieictst portion it tic fimm Muajan valley.
Sub.crl.llcn S1.BO In Adv.nc.
Otht       ■     — ""
Ofhcrwl-c S2.I1D.
Nil  38,
Same Old vStory
"Didn't Know It was Loaded'*
Yes, and so are we with those $2.50 waterproof Coats, which are going off
very fast, and nobody hurt,
not even the Pocket.
Our Leader, Heavy Duck waterproof and stormproof Jackets arc exception. *
ally goqd valnus.it *i.<H> to R50. g
Swell light Coatings at SID to $15, H
Tourist Overcoatings $11 to$25. Kxtra heavy Reefers, men's ami boys' I
snltablo for all weather $8,60 to $7,00, JJ
All weights in Working Shirts, $1.00 to $2.25. Q
Glovea and MitU in all MaKei.      Price*  50c to $1.75.
Rencnber tie *K sn/f it for WM.
Get them at.
)   The Leading
' Furmishers
H   Gents'
^Tlrmitage$ IMeod's.S
ipaoi—ioi        iOm*r
Ortnstrong Pftartnacy
_ ^~
R.R. Burns, Druggist.
Christmas Goods!
make your Selection and w will hold tbe Goods
until Christmas Be.
OUT GLASS tbat would make n Royal Flush dizzy with brightness,
TOILET ARTICLES that the Queen of Sheba would have hail dreams over.
PERFUMER'? the odors of which simply compel you to think of the beautiful.
We simply rwjiirst the chsmcv of showing you our
Stock, which is the most Complete Stock
uf Omits and Drug Sundries
in the Valley.
John Ha miII
Goods at "Live and let Live Prices."
 Don't get NEXT
""^But get FIRST~"^
To'secure our new Block
Other new lines just arrived.
special m a siwri Tine «mi.^a^
We are clearing out about 70 pairs of LADIES' FELT
HATS at half price.   No two alike.
John Hamill, Armstrong, B. C.
xims Presents!
Cfte Largest and Best Assortment to Choose
from in town.
Call and pick out what you wail and we will keep mem for you.
A PEW SPECIALTIES. Fwh Liw ^,Pllinted
" (lima.    English     Glassware.
Hammered Brass llinlian   Workic Japanese Inlaid  Ware, Al-
buniK, Purses, Cliatl'-iines. Music Cases, Secretaries, etc. in tine
Leather, Cut Glass. Silverware, Eiiiuuelware Pins. Belt Buckles,
etc. and n host of other Beautiful Gifts.
The Only StocK of Toys in Town.
Stationer?/ and Fancy Goods.
C. P. R. Gives Reduced Ra.es fcr
Western Provinces.
The C. P. R. has arranged three
excursiods thnt should be the
means of bringing II lot of people
to British Columbia and to the Okanagan for the whiter.     On   De-
; cem,ber 1 und 2 nnd 15 und 1(1, and
January 5 and, 6 tickets are to be
["sold .lit all Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and-Alberta points for British Co-
lunubia at single fare rate, good for
three months. It is expected that
this most favorable arrangement
will enable many t" .upend the winter in the milder climate of the
Pacific province. It is Confidently
expected also that as a result a
large number of new settlers will
be induced to settle here. The resources and advantages of British
Columbia are becoming widely
known throughout the prairie districts and year by year many more
residents who have made successes
these are preparing to spend their
reclining years in the milder clime.
Preacher Upholds Monopolies.
A wise skypilot of the east has
■discovered that the sole aim of
John 1). Rockefeller and Andrew
Carnegie in holding n monopolistic
cinch on the necessities of life has
been to make us all diy up to the
goal things instead of spending
our money on tine clothes, booze,
etc. Lots of people when they
rend the following will nt once fall
in with the trust, idea:
Wilkes-barre, Nov. 12 "The increase in tin- prices of oil und steel
by Kockefel.'er and Cm osric   is ot
irfiurtieular benefit to the people",
suit! the Hew Dr. Mogg, of the
Central .Methodist Episcopal
church of tliis city inn sermon to-
,' .1
Coming City of the West Celebrates
Advent of New Road.
The Canadian Northern Railway reached Edmonton in the construction of whnt is claimed to be
a .transcontinental line last Mon-i
day. The event was celebrated in
a suttuble manner by the Edmoii-(I
ton citizens, who under n leaden
-5ky iiiuliimid fulling snow turned
out to the ceremonies. Hon. G.
H. V. Bulyeu drove the silver;
spike that marked opening of n
new ern for the coining city.
Fall and Winter!!
The Rifle Match.
The "Scrubs'" muter the captainship of Frank Hussurd were treated
to a crushing defeat in their attempt to outclass onr country's
brave defenders on the rifle range
last Friday. The following represents the score:
Shary 21 19 Clayton... 19 19
Francis '24 20   Kelly 27 17
Smith 31 25 .trniitime.. 19 10
Skvi-ine 16 19 Tilton .... 31 27
Sllge l!l 12 T. Hlis-sard 21 21
UIFI.E mm.
Dr. Viinklock 25 -57 Oeo. Levins 2» 28
E.Scott 27   111 Strathcam.80 27
MoPhersbn. 25   25 W. Holtby. 27 211
F.Wolfonden.23   111 G.Maberiy.iW 27
T. Lfilue.... 23   28 A. Evans..27 22
Pursuant to contract the losers
bore the expenses of a banquet,
wb ieli was entered to ill a most successful nnd satisfactory manner by
the Armstrong Hotel.
A Two-Sided Newspaper.
A unique paper is soon to lie
established at Vancouver. It is
to be founded by  a  company of
local men of that city, nod will be
launched with a view of giving expression to both sides of the political questions. The paper, which
will be launched  with   tho new
IDRING the last two weeks over THREE THOUS.
AND DOLLARS woTth of-New Goodn have caste _
into the store. You see to take advantage of a rising fiL
market we have to place orders ninny months uhead. Since (5J
contracting for our stock the advances have been very noticeable, particularly in WOOLEN GOODS ami COTTONS of
more recent date, but we are fully protected on all our goods.
By the way, we almost forgot to say that in less than a
year nearly every kind of FI'H HAS GONE I"P FROM
TEN TO FIFTY PER CENT, vet strange to say, we will
be able to show you BIGGER VALUE8 THAN EVER
€bt new flrrtoals are:
DRESS HOODS:   V,.,,,..
         tians. Henriettas, Lustr.-s
FFRS: Stone Martin, Sables. Blun-k Opposuin, etc
STAPLES: Flannelettes. Wrapporettes. Shirtings, Flannels
BEDDING: White English Mnrselles Quilts, Flannelette am
Wool Blankets.
A Generous   General  Assortment
I wood, carp co'y §
Libcm) commission for sales of,,.
I am .- missioned to sell these nl TK.\ I Kit. LANS EACH tor 0 month's   1
These Belts lire made by the J L Hteve'nB Sons, London, England, and     '
ni-egiuiriintoecl c.ptill.to n 84(1 belt and dO times hatter than n $n
oni".   The regular price Is 820 click.
R. R. BURNS. -       - Armstrong' Pharmacy.
y. year, will be appropriately named
He   said:     "Whatever   people the "Two Voices" anil  its lenders
sny about Air   Rockefeller,   he  is will be written by two men, one  a
the greatest passer of the  hat in Liberal and the other a   C'onserva-
the country for the extension   of live, each giving   his   own   party
education.   When he wants n mil- view"; though neither will  be nb-
lion or two for the Chicago Quiver- solutely hidebound.   An effort will
sity, he simply [nits another half be made to avoid tbe expression of
cent on the price of oil, nnd we id
contribute for the good work,
mil gljid he does this and uses  th
money as lie does. If I w
I would do it too. so long
method was within  the he
3nere is onfy one paper owned in and pu6-
,    Cisfted in tne interests of Armstrong.
^_It is me ADVANCE
extreme party views, mid so further
delineate both points ol view, the
best editorials appearing during
the week in the papers supporting
both parties will be reproduced,
with the best speeches from [>oth
"Andrev.-Carnegie is another man sides of the house when the legits
for whom we should be thankful, latum is sitting. No udvertise-
ns he collected money by charging merit's will be solicited iuhI it is a
ns a gootl pr.'oj for ste;l. and is fundamental piiueiple that it is to
now using it fcr the establishing of be free ti criticise- everybody, | J
libraries all through the country, even those contibniing, to its snp-
ujid is doing good in this way",     port.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C
ts   ts
ti    ti
millers of a flour
jgegjjjg machinery
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Subscription $1.M1 per year in atlvance.
It nut paid in advance 98*00,
Advertising rules i^iv.-n un application,
JOB PRINTING \ sri-.rl.W.TY.
Nittii'i-s of t-hiirt-h sorvtoes nnd enter
tiiiiunt-iiis v, Ihti- iiiiiiiltiiissiini In uhiirged
Inserted free. Other notices nl usual
rates,   Cards ot thanks 81,
'I'lit- Vilvancit i« i Iwli.-il In tlie inlei
f>lsnl III,- liii.ti mill il'-.lt-ii-l 1:1 Willi l:
il i-o-i- ii,i] coiilinll} -ulii'ils iin pn
ronoge "I the pulilie.
There is .1 ■■!■.' ill        -    the
bellel ! hul   i   - ■   i
for lh"ii. ■     . ':'
this ii. :!:■■:    ,     , .      ■   !i i    i.
BOlIIe '. ■ -i    been more or I ■ :
capp • I by i!i ■ . ' ■.    if      [i-r i
way i   dlil
cnmpetiti hi, 1   i of the
railwi -. -\ item    -   th"
lire no-.-,- being   II     'ted It
ere I' ng ' .          Ii!     'mi itn   .
Ulises ; - b          red u-l ,vo -It
of railways.    The '.'. I', !. is i    It]
ing'-iii from the   north,   west   and
south'.   Tin  Midway  and   Vernon
is being pitched   into   the   valley
from Midway, and it is bill reasonable i" snppi that this company
Intends to cover n good   share  of
tin- rulloy  with   its  f lers.   The
Ureal Northern is building through
to the .-nasi from Midway, and
both the Okiinngu!) and Similkn-
nioen valleys will bo tupped by
J.J. Hill's system. The Okmm-
gnn lake is one of the finest navigable sheets of water ill the province and will within the very near
future be bordered with splendid
orchards on both the east and west
shores. One of the principal drawbacks to the more rapid advance,
nient of the valley in past years
has been the holding of the lands
in large tracts by the early settlers.
but now that these are being subdivided the heretofore limited population is being very largely in.
creased by the advent of farmers
from the provinces of the east of
the !{-.ckiis who are finding here
the advantages of a milder cli'mulo,
a fertile soil and n country suite:'!
to the abundant production of n
large variety of agricultural and
horticultural products. One aero
of Okanogan laud will raise as
much as from ten to fifty acres of
the prairie and the possibilities of
the district are rapidly becoming
Lund boomers in an over-zealous
endeavor to advertise their districts
sometimes resort to the farthest
extremes in their attempt to place
thegcod points before the public,
Judging from a special despatch in
Tuesday's Vancouver World Winnipeg is mil without this class of
boosters. The aforesaid despatch
purports to contain ii li.-i of farmers who the past, season grew wheal
of the nr.reag - and yield si it«-d. fn
the list given we find John Smith,
Ponoka, Altn., S2U bushels-, yield
55,10 bushels; A, NcKenaie.' Po-
noka. 12115 bushels, yield 15.20; A.
11. L. Stnnnl hi, Ponoliit, i 3711
busholu, yiuld IO.M), These arc
bad enough, but the imaginative
reporter reaches the climas in the
statement that Dolpli   Cyr, of the
same pli  raised li,(MH bushels or
an average pi r acre of JO.illloff lull
acres. Now there happens to be a
number of i x-residents t !' Ponoka
here and all state that to their personal knowledge u i such men us
those stated in the despatch reside there, and that no such yields
of wheat as those claimed have yet
been produced there, though with
a rapidly developing adaptability
tor fall wheat, future years may s:t
tin so yields reached, Alberlu has
ninny inducements for prospective
settlers but we do not believe that
fictitious reports will prove beneficial to her welfare. No doubt the
object in sending such reports to
Vancouver papers lies in the hop:;
of checking the trend if immigru
.t:on to this province.
lu WptiiK with a spirit of fair-
mas we gladly tfivr »|woc thin week I
to a communication  from   W.   S.
Burnett touching on onr-report of
the school trustees' meeting lust
week. Mr. Burnett possibly "rubsj
is into us" n little hard in convey-!
ing the impression that oar onds-j
sion of that part of the report of!
the meeting refeired to was inten-j
timed on our part. Such was by i
no means theoase, Partly through
an oversight and principally
through the pressure of space Mr.
Burnett's remarks  and  those  of
others nl the n ling who rather
sli-'tngly fnvon -I ili nsollduted
sel ! system i-t connection   with
the high school were not given the
consideration thill they probably
shoul i have had. However, Mr
Hurnetl gets his "say" this week
anil states plainly the position he
bikes i-t the high school ipiestiou,
I-', a- our '« ii part, if theconsolidut.
, il school plan fan be shown to be
I      -.       ■   I lho ] res ml lime
■ onsi ' i' line 'tion
,i 1111 th Ii rh s ho tl ivould I"- one
III ire sti j   foi-M   :    than tl     .estnb.
il ol ih   ii gh   i Iiod!   only.
.    .  iow    e'en    fcr   othei-i
;n, ! we invite those  intern ded   in
-       nitter to    u.-ike     se   ol   onr
IIS ' 'I       JellerOllS   'ii-.. II II
f the   .::■   rl ml   lii i
The A   . -,-.. .: h is been   i, t-
. I : state il p isitinn «ith regurd
in city iiicorporiiliiiii The An
■>■ ixi i is liere for the purpose of
furthering anything and every-
thing we belii v • to be ill the best
iul 'rests of Hill- town, nnd in this
instance due. nol go around the
bush to sny that il is in favor of
the incorporation of the town into
a city. We do mil. however, want
to see incorporation thrust upon
the people hurriedly and carelessly,
nnd believe the matter should first
be weighed carefully und the pros
and cons of incorporation considered in an open and intellrgint man-]
hit. so that before the adoption of
city government the ratepayers
may be fully convinced that the!
time is ripe and the town sufficiently advanced to be ready for the
new order of things. There may'
possibly be got it I reasons why incorporation should be delayed n
while longer, though for our own
part we do not see tho wisdom of
continued delay, One thing we
will venture is that when Arm-'
strong does incorporate its mnnicl-
pjil nfiiiirs will 1?" Bo conducted that
incorporation will prove (i splendid
The Golden Star came to us only
■ half si/.- last week and upon reading its columns to find the cause
we learned it was all because of the
arrival at tho editor's home of an
8-pound boy. Tho Star has shown
n wonderful improvement in the
past few months and now with the
aid of an additional member of the
staff the editor will do even greater
things in the future.
Th"   Week,   of   VlctOHn,    is    piV-
paring for extensive improvements
in the I'.'ipt r. A new Lanston
monotype is being installed for the j
setting of the type, ami an office is
being opened in Vancouver. This
will be in charge of W. W. Clark,
v. ho is ipiitc well known in this
part of the Interior.
The final result of the Alberta
elections has at last been ascertain,
i-t I. < Inly one member was elected
by the <• msurvatives onl of the
twenty-five, that of Rosebud con-
stitmmey, and this member is said
tu have I ti- -ii disqualified by reiiBon
of his u 'I being ii iinluralized
British subject.
Tho Ashcroft Journal is threatened with a libel suit by the Mutual Insurance Co.. of New York.
Thus. Law-son hits promised to
buck lie- Journal in its defense
against ih - big company, for whom
Air. Law-son has made matters
quite interesting during the past
few months-.
i for nit Home...
Home should be the spot most
desired by every honorable man.
To help make it so the home- must
be pleasant and comfortable, Vim
can make your home attractive at
small expense with our new lines of
j hiihui cajh-iihc Willi onr new iinegoi
; wail papers, carpels, carpel
Paper, Rugs, ele.
Have you seen our Japanese Goons?
(Screens, tables, nnd other of the latest novelties!
A whole case of Toilet Sets almost
at your own Price. iSSiSTSifi^
Scwinn'Miichini-s.      Organs.      TalKophones.
gf   Real Estate
**     Ag'ents j&
►     Insurance
"Land of the BIG RED
Ki'inenibeijwheu placing your  Order for   Fruit   or Ornu-
inentul Trees that WE SELL
We Bull as CHEAP us GOOD STOCK  can be   produced1.
Place your I Inlet eiirlv nnd it will be lill. .1 complete,
V      ii :
:i -y" Contractors and Builders.
We are now Agents for the LarKin   Estnte Lots.
C:il I a in I look I li.-iii over with us and gel Prices.
E>   ' IF WILD   I. \\l>   ::
miles   !■ nil     \t III  :
All I. ■    Inn ' do ilK.   !.    Th,-      a |l.-,i-g   ■   ni.1    ill    10I   be
..-I ll    uiiirki t Ion
Insiai ance written.
it nwoMB-injir.; aoBuiTire v jit ■wrrmx.aw WSSS msa M «mriBWV.mT .-j i- eaf
Get in Line and List your Farms.
Connections with whole Valley.
H.   P.   LEE, Real Estate.
Head OthYi    .Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up SI I.CIXUHX). Hi   t, $J.O.(l(X>,0Q0
Balance Protil and Losi act I, s.;,:;,:"--.
j Appropriate Clothes! E
It is not the "hot air" in the advertisement but the hot air a good
warm suit will keep about you that
you want for winter use. Let us
show you onr goods. No talk necessary.        Simpls examine them.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Trial - order - soikUel
]   J. M. PAUL,
j Merchant Tailor j& \
i •
i   Armstrong,        ...
„„       - . PRESIDENT,  Hlg-hl Hen.   lord   Strathconn  ;>n«l   Mn.irvt Royal,
Lnderby g.c.m.o.
* VlCF.-5>REAl-r.i:,VT, Si-.- Gee. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
 BriinoheB in nil the principal cities ami towns in Caiiiidn.    Also in
the following cities:    London, lijig. I 22,  Abchurcli   Lane,   E. C.
New York.all Wall Sin-el : Chicago,lb'S Ln Snllo Street : Spokane.
Wash, ; St   John's \*,->vf,,midland.
Bankers mid Com Bpondents i Liverpool. Hunk of Liverpool.    Scotland. British Linen (Vs. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. I bafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
mid Dawson City,
Deposits r.'.'.-ivt'.l from $1 upwards nnd Interest allowed nl ourrent rates.
Interest entered 30th June, und 81st December
Withdraw.I.    en    dem.itd    without    dml.y.
! Ranohers and country business givon Bpeelnl attention.   Municipal and school
! district accounts received on favorable terms.   Special attention given to the
bundling ef miuiioipal nnd other debentures,
Deposits may be made an.I withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Ag.nl. KELOWMA
E. M. V.McCllntock, Sub. Agent. P. DuMoitlln, Sub. Agent.
?. e. |
... Leading Hardware
aai—wMmam i u..hb-.iix-s" wmmm—   i i hss—h» M——
Because we handle the best goods in
all lines of Hardware.
Bakery confectionery
and Rcsiauranr.===
Bread anil'Pastry always in stock.
Careful attention given to Special Orders.
Fresh Fruit.   Choice Candies and Confectionery
Tobnccoes and Cigars,
Ice Cream Parlor In Connection
Meals at all Hours.
Scir C. P. R.
El 3SSS3S333gS8SSS£QHH333aS3 Ei
Now is the time to get your
stoves ready for winter.
J. McDonald
Just Received!
A Carload of ~~"*&>"
Sleighs with both Steel and
Cast Shoes.
The date for the Saskatchewan
elections has been fixed for the!
18th inst. If th-.i result is any-,
thing like that in Alberta, 18 will j
surely i rove i n unlucky uuuibei
for the Cinscrvutives. I
To the Ladies or Akmstrono anu Disthiist—
Itake pleasure ill nnnouning thnt I umftaek in
Armstrong, and am again prepared to do Dressmnliag in
all its branches and according to the latest stylje.
I solicit the patronage of my old customers also uewi
Shop next door it Tisher« Utt't Rul t*«M Otfke.
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game In season.
Uve Stock bought at top prion.
receive most   particular attention. t
Z&ttggt     j*
*fr^r*^-" -■ ■*•!•».>4.<»-r»-*■
Hlmjm   tmwWm*aM%mtat
ocal and General«*
^^Jienis il central interest.
»ohn Christian is visitiup; with
relative*.it Luinby.
Ira Daniels succeeded  in   landing a tine deer on Sunday.
' Sa» • /fe'feMtifaVSmr.
'"'.'Iw.ltmyefB. nl the faniH-rs were
iibundiintly answered on Snturlny
wlu-n'the elements favored this sec-
Christ mas is only  a   lilt It
three weeks distant.
nil attaek of 1 In-
over     J. LaTrace left Tuesday for  i
i short trip to the coast.
(1. Moberly was detained from.   Good sleighing has given u wel
the shop a few days this   week   by  come impetus to business.
M-s. .las. Roid Is suffering nn ut
We regr.-t to notothat Rex W.
Main, whose health is very dellottte,
is now e -nl'iietl to his bed,
Fied Honthconte has ihis week
moved into Mrs. II. Hawkins' rosi-
tl"iii-e west of town,
has put i
1 cutters i
■the a.
• I'll
of the sii.t.v.
il. Polly returned the llrst  of
. In
ilhs he Ins   I..
llid tl
■ pn
, 'iii.'iiii.aii
lie ill oil-.
We  hopi'
iv put unto us on
the wei
three ii
helm ol
Counterfeit •
mill Am< I'iciin,
dilution in ih>
Wl' Will It'll   eel
Cfirit-lni.-is gooill
on displ.'u by our
und -.villi lhe .five
through lhe (jpo I
ness is generally
considoi'iibly inipri
The ('. P. R, is eiiiitiiiiiiii
improvement :il lilt- station now
by treating Hie Interior of the
residential portion of that building
ton now coat of plaster, and other
Improvements to make II habitable
fir the agent's family.
Henry Johnson und family, late
of Listowel. (Int.. are new arrivals
and Intend to hco.-iiii mri inent
residents of this district, They
urn bui
local mei-
ii nl' In-ill
Ig put
i- roads
. busi.
to   be
f the grip this Week.
R. Bourno has nearly recovered
from his attaek of illness noted
last week,
Tho jingle of  the   Bliogh  bells
adds a pli'iisiinl eliariu Iii the pursuit ot both business and pleasure,
A Huntley the lust of the   week
arrived h e with his engine from
iie.-ii- Enderby where In- has been
operating .a saw mill
I) Malcolm was here Wednesday in the interests ol his loan .and
investment company, of which he
bus placed shares with a few loeal
business men,
R 'StrnthiMirn, who for tho past
several mouths occupied a  window
in tin- Armstrong Phurinaoy I'm ii
jeweler's shop, suspended business
here lust Saturday to accept a
lucrative position with his brother
at Slllllt St. Marie and left for
there the first oi the week.
Thus. Wilson, for some time
holding ii | osition in the office of
the flour mill, who left here for
Moose daw, Sask.. last, spring, returned here Saturday with bis
wife. Tommy hopes to find employment somewhere in the province as be prefers this to life on
the prairie,
Supt. .1. X. Niblook, of the west-
E. 8. Watson hns a deal niiih-r' Hon with a generous
wny for n portion of K.J. Patten's The snow ciuno down
hind south of town.
Provincial Constable linnloin.ol'
Euderby, was here this week
rounding up the mule population
for their poll tux. Few of us ilinil-
ugod to keen shy of his eagle  eve.
■las. MoOrnoken, lately over from
bonnie Scotland, is a new resilient
of Armstrong, lie is to have the
handling of Frank Winter's stallion, he bavin.; known the horse in
Armstrong horse owners an-
nwiiitiiig with more or less anxiety
the iirrlrnl of the veterinary inspectors for tin- inspection of tho
horses in the district. It is reported lh.it the inspectors will he hi
in -i couple nl' weeks.
snow   fall.
in earnest!
from the start mill continued a
good share of the time till Tuesday.
About fourteen inches fell nt Arm-;
strong, and though it is very light
und dry sleighs have been brought
Into general use. One peculiarity]
of the storm is its lix-nl nature, for
within :. few miles of town there is
reported only il light snowfall.
The temperature bus at no time
come within twelve degrees of euro,
while there bus been a total nh-
sonee nl wind and the weather has
been in no way unpleasant During tl.epitst few- days the mow bus
settled very considerably und with
indications favorable for more we
ni-ty hope to soon have good ronds.
LttiMGci Business
Common Sense Business
liny your Hardware at a Hardware Store      It
I pay you.    I  give all my tinu
I make bettci
business ,-tiitl what belongs to it
three or four trades or busiiiessi
Tinware thnn you can buy nl any Geuernl Sto
I!, ('. I bine the tools i'"l'. il with. Thi-r
lots of people living le sl.il'l new illdllSl rit
Armstrong!.!- talking ol doing so, but what is
good of doing so. when Ih- general run of the
lie will gn In "lie nl' the sti-calleil general ston
s for
eiiii- Gordon hustid-
sccretiiry of  the  school
ii the  municipality thnt
e in Armstrong tomorrow
1 hopes In moot nil
the  municipality
have rente
the winter.    Mr. Johnson is un old
time friend of W. S. Burnett.
The formal opening of the new
King Edward Hotel at EnderbyI
occurs tonight nnd a cordial invitation is extended to the Armstrong
public to attend a social tlance
there. An elegant supper will be
served nnd there will be no charge
for admission.
Friday night's dance proved an-j
other successful function under the
auspices of the quadrille club.
Several couples from the neighboring towns were in attendance
nnd with a good
vised till
he Will I'
at which lime In
the   trustees   of
on mutters of interest to the schools
of tho district.
Roman Catholic church services
will be held ill the I. <). F. hall at
10 o'clock    next   Sunday   morning
by Rev. Father Uorval, who Is assisting Father Roy, ft is understood that hereafter mass will be
sa ill here regularly on every third
of the mouth,
A sudden death occurred at the
Enderby saw mill Saturday afternoon when the operator of the
etlger. doe Lisley. died suddenly
while at, his work. The deceased
was troubled with heart disease,
and a smttll piece of board flying
back from the etlger und striking
him over the heart caused his
sudden death. As only a slight
bruise wits inflicted it is cluiined
death resulted from the disease
and not from the injury.
Three of the  futilities   that   accompanied Charley Addison from
Ijpjg[.England during the summer this
W. Wolfe.
•i Christinas
;i   line  stock
Get into our $12 tn 115 suits
while going at 87.(Kl. Armitnge &
Portland Cement, plaster pnris,
plasterers' hair, etc., ut W. .1.
; shirt   for  working
Armitnge und Mc-
See our bi.
men, at $1.(10.
Special price on Slater's invictiis
shoes. S-I.(X).   See the assortment.
Armitnge A- McLeod.
Something wurni for $1.00 to
$1,50 per suit in underwear, both
winners at sight. Armitnge A- McLeod.
all their goods 111 every line': My advice is to got
your Dry Goods -it n Dry Goods Store, your Groceries at a Grocery Store, your Drugs nt n Drug
Store, and get your Hardware and  Tinware  at a
By doing so you will make your town oin-  of  the
best to ileal in.     Everyone will then have un  tip.
» to-date sto.-k to choose from,
Special   Notice
No more tools whatsoever will be loaned from  my
shop to anyone,       1  have been compelled to muki
as some think that once t'.ey have tools outside tin-
belong to I hem.
! Armstrong Hardware \
(..Plumbing works..
my work
this ml.-,
it ire tie v
(U. 1 Armstrong.
week purchased property at Arm-
cm division of the C. P. R„ ex-
Su ift property for tending ns fur west as Luggim, was
on Friday's train on the brunch ill
his private car. ■ Supt. Niblock is
interested in real estate in the
lower valley and was on his way
down to look after his holdings
This tlistrict has not of
years laid much stress on its reputation for the production of j atrorg. Jas. Teward purchased of
numbers of big hogs, yet Geo. Inch T- K- Smith the five-acre block
shipped one the first of the week- «»d residence half a mile north of
raised by B. F. Young that would tow» recently taken over from F.
compare quite favorably with those , s- Bliss, John Wade and Fred
of almost any country. Wilis par-1 ^"'''l11 purchased forty ueres,inr
ticular porker dressed an even 400. ''lading the buildings, of F. Heuili-
pounds.," 1 route southeast of  town.     It   is
pleasing to note these families are
young p. or- ail excellent crown i J. K. Smiley has been meeting n0* established on good homes,
of well-behaved young people were with encouraging success in bis Lnd are quite content with
present nnd an enjoyable evening canvass for the nursery stock of |:move from th
spent by ull. j the Washington Nursery Co., of
We regret to chronicle the fact' wjiich Fisher & Sage are the gen
thnt John Daykin, whose improve
oi me tireseni. tune nt-xi. season win
! ing the serious illness of his   wift
in this section quite ns large us
that of the past, season, when this
one company alone placed over
$8(X)0 worth in this section.
tni'iio'it of
Will |
crowd I
old country.
Holmes Murray was hastily en
The late Lnrkin estate hits, now
owned by Marshall Luc-is. are now
on the-market see Pelly it Pelly,
agents for them,
Pelly & Pelly are selling tho lute
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the] most desirable lots in town.
There is only one line or make
of "Famous" stoves made in Canada. W. J. Armstrong sells them.
Call anil see them.
. From my premises some time in
August, a blnelk -Jersey cow, head
brand W-l.    Snihubfr reward.
. ; ...in, .mi 11 i'.i.,i,i e   jft ii. i   t n   i    t, jpl
All parties owing book accounts, (
! to the Armstrong; Meat Market or
to the Armstrong Livery Stable1
are requested settle the same by (
t December 15.   Afl  accounts out-
6   mammmmmmwmmkfmmmmbmmmmmmmm
Cold weather is coming.
You will  need something in  Horse
*   C. L. Christian g
ed home to Vancouver last Thnrs-
stnuding at that date, will be placed
eralagents,   From the  prospects I e1",K""f'lo v ""c°"™'' «"« *"«">-; i„ the hands of a collector.
of the present time next season will! dll>' .eTOm"? hy a message announc- j Qm M(,BHA¥
witness the planting of fruit trees
The message arriving   here   after
the  departure  of  the   afternoon
train, he was  driven   to  Salmon
Arm in the hope of meeting the
main line train  there.   From the
time the start was made from hero
just three hours time was allowed
We are informed  that  tin
selected on the Stepney  ram
h  on
ment we noted a couple of  weeks |
ago, suffered a relapse   Inst   week
and for some time was in a precar-l
ious condition.   Mr.  Daykin, Sr.,1
went to Vernon Monday to obtain
the services of a professional nurse
in his care.   He is now gradually1
improving and is   thought  to  bi
safely on to road to recovery. | advice of the deputy commissioner j for the drive of twenty-four miles,
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bird and son I Pf agriculture for the planting of the I and but, for  on   nccident  onroute
Herbert, loft Wednesday for Ci'l-prst orchard there-is on the higher the train would have   been   made
gury. from which point they take 'portion of the cultivated land near toll right, but  unfortunately  they
advantage of the 0, P. E, holiday tne    Armstrong-Euderby     road, arrived at tbe  Arm  just  as  the
excursions for u visit to  their old ?hfB may prove interesting as a' train was pulling out  from   there,
home in  Nebraska,   from   which  guide to others who may be un- consequently he was compelled to
place they have now bseti absont decided us to just the best portion [ to lie in suspense  there nntil tin
five years.    It, is their intention to of their farm to select as the site arrival of the next evening's train
stay out the HiNO-months limit of l'"r their fruit trees.
their tickets,  though   we  venture      Some of our local residents have
that after a residence In the Oka- been out rabbit, hunting the past
nagan they will soon get their fill|weBkand have  come   home   well
of the   wintry "Nebrasky" winds hn]t,n    The rabbits have come ln-1
linil be glad to return to the "valley  to t)u, v(|||(.y with |lmazraR rapidity
of the mild clime", this season, nnd  any   who  enjoy; „
Jas. Rairdin, of Chesterwold, their meat for 11 change have had The ladies of the Revelstoke
Altn., arrived here Saturday and-no dlffioultity in getting their. Catholic church during the past
spent several days in looking after tastes along this line satisfied', few weeks have instituted a unique
his real eatate interests, the old I Their abundanoe here has caused; means of raising money for the
Buker plaoe six miles northwest [ some of the former Alberta resi-, church of that city. Two ladies
of town. Mr. Rairdin is better; dents to become reminiscent during were placed in the field to solicit
than ever pleased with this country '-the past week and entertain their! votes ut 10 cents each, the lady
and is preparing to move here with hearers with the interesting tales'winning the largest number of
his family in the spring. The; of the "rabbit days' of Alberta, votes to be presented with a hand-
writer has known Mr. Rairdin for when for a number of years the some gold watch. The counting
11. good many years, both in South residents of that province were of the votes occurred lust week and
Dakota and ill Alberta, and is glad forced to depend for their existence it wus learned that, Miss McKinnon
to note that lie is to become a on their meat. In fact so whole- hud won the coveted watch, while
resident of this district. He is a sale did their slaughter become Mihs May Knox, the competing jBthHVery best obtainable in this
steady,  sober    and    industrious that the rabbits finally dissuppeur- cinididato, was the recipient   of a or .„,„ 0t|ler market,
citizen and will be found of that ed altogether, and for some years vuliwblc gold  bracelet.   The sum -
sturdy class that go  far towards j they were almost  extinct in that of 88b'5 was raised fcr the church OhjaU* <   £7*.       Tl<»u.m
the development of a country. province. by means of th? contest. I\HIJJIJI flf  tOv«»    VffROfl.
=*—WMesaie & Reiali==
All kinds of Fresh ami Cured Meats always in st.x-k
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders 11 Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted Prop.
Later advice conveys the information that Mis. Minify is steadily
improving, having suffered a serious attack of pneumonia.
Novel Money-Raising Scheme.
Liberal Association. Meeting.
A meeting of the. Armstrong
Liberal Association will beheld on!
Wednesday. Dec, flth, 8 o'clock,
in the 1.0. F. Imro-r hail. General
business, and to discuss holding of
meetings and forms oi entertainment for the winter mouths. All
Liberals are requested to attend.
J. MiDoNAi.i.. R. H. BiiiNK,
President. Secretary.
To In- held ot-
....Armstrong, Saturday, Dec. 2,
Turn out and get a fine -
and enjoy the best  kind  of sport.'
Albert Evans. \
There is
In Raising' Poultry.
If you luive n Celebrated
Call and get Prices and Terms.
1-'. N. DANIELS, Agont,
Pipe 81 Pipe Fittings &> nil Kinds of  Plumbing.
Chas. Helnze
Su.coo.tr toO. I. WALLACE
Practical Horseshoer and
HERE VOli ARE! is/icrt
Fiiesii Pork Sjotmkibs, 10c
Hiit'io:-. -  5c.
per lb.
■:■. -   iic.      "
"   '  ■ Feet;    -   3c.     "
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 1U acres under cultivation
biilunce i;ood bottom laud easily
cleared, Qoodframe house, stable
and other buildings. With the
hind will be sold one ti -am. three
cows, one steer, one brood sow. S
dozen chickens, und full equipment
farm machinery.   Price :'.'-o(HX).
f bo, it will pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. SiffligioR
Shop next Francis* r
k   4
Special sale ai The Bee Hive supply store.
C. T. DAYKIN, Prop.
Ladies' Waists.
Fancy Mohair Canvas Cloth, Shinies Reseda. Navy, Brown, Rctl
!.'■-'iihir $2^5
Side Pri'i'eV.'.'.'.V.'.'.'."..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'''.!.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.".'.''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 1.75
Fancy Figured All-Wool Waists, Various shades
Sale Price    2.60
Tucked Flai Ilette   sizes H2 to 10
Regular J .75, logout 8 .50
Regulnr   LOO, to go at 7.*,
Regi Inr   1.25, to go at   1.00
Black Lustre and Sateen
Regular 52.75 nnd 81.50, special SI.in and 1.15
Silk Waists in Whii.-. Black and Navy.
Cream Lustres at SI .75, -.25 and '! 25
LALIES'   WRAPPERS, sines 84 to 10:
Flunnellettc. regular ijl.25 and 1.75, Speciid l.OOand I 10
Black .Sateen.    " 2.00,Speciul 1.60
(Dress Goods Dept.
(Moll,hi Cloths in Dark Hreen and Red:
Regular 25c a yard. Special,.' 20c
Cashmere in Blue and Red. regular 60c, Special Ille
Fa ncy Costume Tweed, regular 15c. Special 10c
Union Plnid in Red and Green, regular 80c and 25o, Special  25.- 20c
j ten per Cent Discount for Cash.
grocery Department.
Mixo I Peels, leini a, .-itr. n. or-
I'nuge Lb box liOe
Try th.- Beta Pie Filling, ready
ft r use. Lemor, Chocolate. Mil] le
Sugar nnd Cherry, pkg      lfio
Roasted Coffee, per lb... ..ilOc, 10c
Folger's mid Chuse A Siuiboru's
speciul blond 50o
(irei-ll  (Mlie 2,*ie
Full Line et I'it-kli s. Catsups,
etc Mustard Dressing, ChoWohow.
Heinz's Celery Sauce etc
Infants' Wears.
Fancy Wool Bootees ami Mittens, per pr 20c ami 2no
White and Colored Hoods ut 50c, 75.' ami '.Hie
Fine White Toques, only Hon
Eiderdown Cunts ill White ninl Bed $1.75 and 8.25
While Swimsdowne Carriage Robes 2.50
Nook Furs    III •
Cotton Bibs, Uioo trimmed It''- :i lor. 25c
embroidery trim 1 15c 2 [or 25c
Silk Bibs, lace trimmed, eiioh 25c
Kxtvn Fine All Wool Knit Vests and   Waists. t-.H'li 50c
Ladies' Gloves
Fine Kit! and Sin-de (I loves i.i Black and Tan, gnariinl I nt.., SlsTI)
Mocha Gloves, Fle.t-c lined, Elastic wristband  ..tin
Now Suede. Fabric lining, only.   . . ."ill
Wool Gloves iii Black mid Whit ■ 25
Fine Elastic Double Mitts :«i
Girls' Wool Gloves in White. N'aw and Bed      HO
Underwear Dept
Ladies' Knit ITuderwenr per garment H6c
Wool I'liili'i-weiir in natural and white per garment 65c
Knit Underwear, fleece lined, white ilOc
"   Natural wool, guaranteed unshrinkable $1.50
Children's Knit underwear, per garment.- 20c mid BOc
Prnotically all wool, ribb weave 50o
The Leading General supply Store ol Armstrong.
I news of the District
1 « jm (Mr CcrrwpwkMt «
Silver Creelt
Jay TTdines gave a honscw arming in his now frame house on the
20th iust. It was one of the most
successful affairs ever held in
Silver Creek, the evening being
spent in dancing, singing, etc,,—
mostly the former.
The young folks und some of the
older ones are now practicing for
a Christmas tree entertainment to
be held during the holiday season.
.1. L. Johnston is now working
at Mb contract taking out logs on
,1. Bolton's property.
The latest arrivals in Silver
Creek are Mr. Biichart ninl family,
formerly of Owen Sound, Out.
They have purchased the J, W.
Haines homestead and are already
making marked tinprovomouts.
The eldest sun will start a blacksmith shop here soon. We would
be pleased to welcome many more
such families to the district.
Win. Dalrymplo is inakii g
thine,.-, hum oil his ranch these
days. Tin- Blushing which he is
milking alting the road adds materially    lo   the    looks   of    Ills   anil
neighboring farms.
Alt'. Johnston and others are
putting in nn irrigation ditch
from Allardice's creek tn furnish
water for domestic and  irrigation
W. Elder, of Kamloops, canvassed the district for tin- Pelhtttn
Nursery Co. Inst week and secured
many orders,
The Week's View.
The Armstrong council will submit to the ratepayers of that municipality n bylaw granting an
electric light and power franchise
to n local company, it would l«
much wiser an I un re iii keeping
with modern ideas if the municipality were to submit a bylaw to
raise mon'y t.. d i th ■ bimitetfl
itself.- The Week.
: In Favor of Consolidated School, believe they will commend them-
slves to the majority of the rural
; To the Editor Armstrong Advance.
!    .Dear Sir:
community as being the best solu-
,.       lL .    ,   ,.     tion of the high   school  problem.
In reading   the   report of  the T .       ° .  *\.   ,   i
,.    :,(,_j      _f7Li .hi. ,. In regard to the   remarks  thnt  1
am not supposed to have made at
nil. according to your report. I wish
to say that 1 favored the consolidnt-
i ed school system ns being the fair-1
est. and as being the system th.it
came the  nearest  to  giving  the
I r',irul community equal advantages
with the town: that if the cunt y
districts were compelled to contribute equally with the town in the
building and maintaining of a
high school and after that had to
pay the board of their children in
town or keep a horse and rig for
them to drive to school with, it
would bt manifestly unfair and so
costly that it would resi. in
very few of the country children
getting n high school education at
all as in the case at. present time;
that it. would be well to go slow in
the mutter of ii high school building, us a building that would be!
quite sufficient for today might be
found quite inadequate to our
needs in n few years; that it would
be all right enough to secure a
high school teat h -r and rent a room
it the meantime, but always keep
consolidation of all the schools in
the municipality in \-.i'w. Now I
presume I will be denounced in
some quarters as b'sing an enemy
to the proi ress of Armstrong for
not allowing your report to pass
unchallenged, but I think iiIbo I
will get credit in others for having
1 as broad views on the subject as
they do who advocate the starting
cf a one horse high school in town,
and saddling the greater part of
the burden of the building, equipment nnd maintenance of it on the j
rural community who  would  not |
j benefit by it to uny   great   extent
more than if it were in any otheri
part, of  the   province.   There  is'
nothing in   my   opinion   thnt  we
could  unite in doing that would
mid so much to the beauty and the
I dignity and the prestige of our
town, nothing that would ninke the
name of Armstrong known abroad.
and thus operate as nn  udvertis-
1 ineiit, its would the establishing
of a consolidated school.. Thank-'
ing yen in anticipation, I   remain,j
Yours truly
Btitterniiiker ut Creamery.       j W. 8. BntwiTT    ''
j meeting of trustees of the different
I schools of the municipality 1 con-
; not help noticing what I consider a
j manifest unfairness, and which unfairness, as I take it. 1 ask space in
j your valuable paper to I'Oi.e.-t, even
if   I   should be blamed for being
1 simply disgruntled at not having
been reported as having taken any
1 part in the  discussion   whatever.
i Your report certainly conveys  the
impression that no voice was raised but what was in favor of establishing a high school in Armstrong,
such high school to be maintained!
by the   town   and   rural districts
jointly.    Your report reads:   "Mr.
Bowell and   Mr.   Parkinson   each
favored   the establishment  of  u
high school and considered the cost
1 including the erection of a building
so small   to   each   ratepayer  that
none should object", while ill   filet
the gist of Mr. Parkinson's remarks
were in favor of Increasing the effi-
i eieney of the    public    schools,   SO
I that the work now done in the
high schools might be done there.
1 Now I dun t   wish   to   think   Mr.
[ Parkinson's remarks were purposely ignored, but they were ignored
all the Biime, and I think they were
lesi-iving of special notice us i
II ."ti ..III cull nnd Bee tlit-
Cream Separator
niirl nolo bow tVw parts
it has, how perfectly
simple il iS| how easy
i il Minis, how perfectly
j ii skims, how Dually it
; is kepi elotin, nnd how
strong und durable it
is, you will nl once de
i aide il is tho separator
f r ybti.   No separator
ever made suoli rapid
strides   in    popularity
m llm Empire.       Tho
reus m is that it  sulL*:-
fU'H  f very   pitrchajieis
I ash tint privilege of
showing if t i you.
J. W. Christian,
Canadian Supremacy b Admitted.
Sunday observance in the United States and across the imaginary
line in Canada are directly the
opposite. This statement would
hardly be believed by one who has
never been "over the line", but it
is a fact nevertefes, aitt! the
Sredit Joes not belong to us, by a
long ways. We have been there
and know. 'Gene Eh fan draws n
comparison in the lust issue of his
Armstrong Advance, published
away up in British Columbia,
which contains more truth than we
like to acknowledge. He says: "A
few weeks ago the writer spent a
Sunday in Seattle. To one accustomed to the comparative quiteude
of a Canadian Sunday, either in
the rural districts or in the cities,
Sunday in Seattle seems more like
a day of celebration. Things un-'
known in Canada, but. miming
with n free hand in Seattle are the
Sunday street cur. the Sunday bar,
the Sunday theatre and the Sun-!
day ball and Sunday sports. In
fact the only thing we were unable
to get in Seattle on Sunday was a
shave, the barber shops being
recently closed by « state law.
With all its advanced civilisation
ami business mil commercial
activity, in the observance of Sunday at least the tfilitad States
must acknowledge the supmumcy
of Canada".   Armour K.-r.-il<l.
Vancouver, B. C.
B. C. Grown Fruit &
Ornamental Trees.
Apple Trees, 2ivau! 3 year ditto 815 to I
620 per 100) according to variety.     On«|
year olds, 4 to 5 feet, $10 to 612 per 100,
Large importation of BttltiB from Jap-[
nn, Holland aw) France.
Extra nice stock ef[Clmny, Peach,
Plum, Apricots, ete* now  growing  forf
Tall orders.
No expense) lesser rii-Say tif fumigation
or inspectfen.
L»tm* price your list  heforO rlacingj
your order.   Catalog free.
OtOWi'sttmitisUr Kit Vancoa
Stove wood!
Cold weather may come        i    Potatoes, per ton
at any time.    Order your        I Carrots,
wood now and be prepared        I .Parsnips
j    Beets
Dry wood $1.50.       Green $1.25.     Cabbage
Per Rick, any length. Hay
!    Apples, per 40 Hi.
Please state length when ordering       Pears
TEEMS CASH '.    Plums, per 20 lb.
Celery, per 50 lb.
Poultry, tier doz.
Eggs '    "     "
Butter, per lb.
Armstrong' MarKets
The following prices are being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Fanners' Exchange:
- -   $11.00
- -     12.00
- -     25.00
- -     16,00
- -     10 00
- -    20.00
- -    12.50
- -1.25-1.85
- -      1,76
- - .75
• -      8.00
- -      6.00
- - .40
- - 80
0,0/  Leading'   Business    Firms.
I have on hand n  complete
range of...
Wall Paper
The Advance commends the following
business firms <>f Armstrong to the people of the surrounds!:;; district. Their
announcements may he seenjn] our advertising columns
Armstrong, \V. J., Hardware and
Armituge, A. E., Qontsfurnishing   ,;
» i • t   i • <■      i   i    Burns, K. II.. tfrnggist
from which luni in u  msitiuu to     ...     ,     ,   .    .. °*    .
1    . Blnnobnrd, A.. Dressmaker
till orders on short uotice, Bird, J. M., Contractor and Builder
Ohfistiatii •! W. Cream separators   $
A. J. Lapworth, Lcrh/istl"n' a L-"'"'"""'""'Sl"''
Sign Writer. Pointer and Decorator     • innicls. P. N.. Incubators and Plumb-
___^_______________ i inn
I   Union, ('. T., General Merchant
G. Moberly; "****»* m	
FafnoUi, M.. tmulenu nts
Ui-J- J---1.- ,-.'■'jv Wwiisij.'.tPl.w..' Blui'k'ifflili    •-  -
Contractor  '**$***' Ow*J*«tt*<
I.   R    "l«l '    luiwkin I Bros., Biitobevs
& DUliaer     ■    rjftpwortn, A. J., Painter
All kinds of Carpenter Work at    Moberly, Q., Carpenter
MoPhorson* Holtby, furniture and
MoDonnld, ,T.. Hardware
Murray, (Jen., Ment Murltot
Oluinut'iill li'liim- Mill, Flour, etc,
Paul, J. M., Tnilnr.
Rutledge, A. N., Barber
Sbnr.v, A., Bolter and Confectioner}',
Slmlngton,.).. Contraotorand Builder
Wend. Carglll Co,, Generalniorehants
Wolfendon. W W. Stationerp, etc
Reasonable Prices.
Picture-Framing, Turning.
Plans and Speoificationb  Pre-
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| the country you live in,
Armstrong   Barber	
Shop. Uopirg-of the Armstrong booklet   j,
n.   „  .wmtinan     n      -.      for sending to your friends may
A. N. RATLEDGB, , Proprietor, bo secured free at this office.


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