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The Armstrong Advance 1905-12-15

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 and Spallumcheen Advocate.
NMsm h Ik Merest! M krwumt, in WMrki. ft* Ctoktsi ntm-* * I
no as.
HM\ $m I Get
Why, when in town call anil see our lines of
Holiday Presents
In Men's and Boys Wear
Mosl acceptable gifts for fliiBband  Lover, Son, I'nclu, Nephew, Grandfather, or Friund
Our lines of Silk Ties. Miilllei-s. Suspotidei's, Kerchiefs, and Shoes are benutii-B ninl  inisitr-
pii8st'il     Host Shoes anil Slippovs   serviceable presents,
J AD. Lines in Gents9 Toggery. —«*-
.^ata^ Satisfaction Guaranteed. O
See Our Window Display
'      r
Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R.Burns, Druggist.
KemcmDer the -BIG SEVEN" for $12.50.
V   The Leading
VL  Gents' Furmitheri
Get them at.
>* 0
ftrmw $ lMeod's.
al..jo. <&vrf- ©.- A..!. & Ot vS   %a«S
«LA »3 /»
mm Wit
istias €w.
OUT GLASS that would make ti Boyu] Flush <lixxy witti brightness.
TOILET AKTICLKS that tin- ytieen of Sheba would have Luul dreams over.
PERFUMERY ti"1 odors of which simply compel you to think of the beautiful.
W'v. simply r«*|U«*si the ohwHW of nhowiritf you our
Stuck, wh'wh is tfou most Gompleto Stuck
of ! >ru;.rs und Dnitf Sundries
iu thi* Valley.
HOr 0OI//7/1 ON TAP.
Perhaps you hadn't tboiiifht of going to the Furniture Store for them.
'We have just received another Carload and can fix you up with some of the most
serviceable and acceptable gifts jiossiblo
►Mcpherson <sl holtby.
John Hamill
■" -*-•   -'■ -■■-■——" •"•■ -   ni-fL-" t ■■"-■-' - -"lin'-'i—jr-^-'.—^.p-^..^,^^^^^.^^
i ■iiiiiiiii
Goods at "Live and lei Live Prions."
„    Don't get N E X T	
^^^"     But got FIRST ■>
To secure our new Bluc-k
Other new lines just arrived.
Special (or a Short Time flnnj.   ^
We are clearing out about 70 pairs of LADIES' FELT
HATS nt half price.    No two alike.
John Hamill, Armstrong, B. C.
I Okanagan Flour
B. C.
*« millers of a Tlour • •
"During machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds SOUGHT
Liberals Gain Another Victory in
New Provinces.
A epeial from Vancouver says:
Vancouver, B. C. Dec. 14—Tho first I
| election in    Saskatchewan    yesterday
closes one of the most bitter political'
campaigns in  the  history  of   Canadn.
Both parties went into the campaign
; with a determination to win.   No effort
,  for success has been spared by either.
, From the returns available at this date |
I it seems probable that the government!
; will have thirteen seats which will give.!
them a majority of one.
! Mr. Haultain and the Provincial
Rights party have put up a stiff fight,
and tisa result the elections have been
very close. Hundreds of ballots, however, have been spoiled, so that  protests
; are probable, )
Canadian Immigration   for 1906.
Toronto. Dee. 10- W. T. R.
Preston. Dominion immigration
agent, of London, England, who is
in that city, says   immigration  to
1 Canada from Great Britain next
year will reach a hundred thousand,
and predicted a time when it will
reach a quarter of a million niniuul-
| ly. Austriiilia, he says, is a serious rival to Canada.
Another Loop.
C, P. R. engineers nre now en- i
1 gaged in making the final serveys
'; for a gigantic "loop" in the main
'• line in order to reduce the objee-
J tionable heavy grade at Field.
Tlie proposed loop will be about
; twenty miles in length, nnd will
reduce the steep grade on what is
I known as the "big hill" to a uiin-
l im u in.
Santa CCaus' Headquarters
Uoubtlcss you are surprised ami disappointed nt not receiving my order for Christmas
Goals before this. Well, to tell yon tee truth I had an idea your prices were too high, so I tie.
termined to find out for myself.
I have just returned from an extended, trip to London, Paris. Berlin. St. Petersburg, New
York, Chicago, Bostmi,Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and even Vernon ami Enderby
and after tsimuithiK tlieir prices 1 have come to the conclusion that the "BIG STORE" knocks
the spots off everything that 1 have come across for Quality, and Prices, and I have decided to
give you my order, which I want you to rush, us there is very little time left to yet things in shape
for my dear friends before Christmas.      1 want
7i Tons Potatoes  $20.00 per ton.
if, Ton .Assorted Vegetables at  Lowest Price.
1J Tons Okanagan Creamery Butter at ij'i per lb,
4" Tim Dairy Butter in Tubs at 27   "
1   Ton Eastern Cheese nt 31   "
10 Case     "       Bggs at 85 per dozen.
10   "   New Laid Armstrong Eggs ut 60
!   Tim Sniyrina Pigs at 2"> per lb.
I   TV™ ««ch Walnuts, Filbert's, Brazil & Almond Nuts..
I will take all you have of those beautiful Moditeranean Layer Valentin and Sultana raisins
and currants.
I guess you'd hutfer put in two tons of Assorted Candles, ns all my dear children like candy.
Send all thet Dolls and Toys you can spare because your prices nre away down low.
I wish I cimiIiI find out where you get those beautiful Ladies' Collars and Ties.
And I will! haw to have two dozen Choice Silk Cashmere Blouses that 1 see you have.
1 must have-» coaple of dozen of those Up-to-Date Ladies' Kid Oxford Shoes at 82.75, and
thuee dozen Natty Patent Leather ones nt $2,50,
Include fear pairs each of Boys' and Girls' Slippers und don't forget a gross for my dear
little Babies.
I caruiotaffcml to ignore the men, although 1 haven't much use for them. So send only two
dozen of those Yetlkw Slippers. And you hud bittur put In two dozen suits of CAMPBELL'S
1 guiiiss you'd better make up a couple of crates of Dii r and Tea Sets., also two crates of
Vmises, Fiiucy Ftoiwr Puts, and Decorated Chinuware.
Now my dear friends, I haven't time to order any more now. Don't be surprised if I duplicate the order nnd 1 assure yon I will send in my order early next yenr.     Send bill to Pike's Peak,
fUcofas Santa.
Council Dotftft.
' Special meetings were held by
j the municipal council both Monday and Tuesday evenings. The
Immediate cause for the specials
was to give the Electric. Light ami
Agricultural Hull bylaws the readings required before the preliminary steps for presenting them to
the vote of the people, which it is
proposed to do at the general election for reeve and councillors. No
other business of speciul iui'tort-
ance was transacted at either meeting. A communication was read
from the Canadian Westinghouse
Co., offering the municipality the
sale of an electric light plant,
Isaac Heard protested against the
condition of a culvert near his
place which caused damage to his
property, .Mayor Stevens, of
Kaililoopu.. president of the union
of B. C municipalities, wrote the
council, asking tbr-a list, if any. of
the grievances this council desired
to have brought to theattentionjof
the union. J. M.. Wrigjht
pointed retraining officer
annual election.
The following bills W€i»'
Armstrong Saw Mill, liutr--
J, McDonald, hardware.
Wood, Curgi I Co,, nutse...
A. Marshall, road work..
F. Billings, legal services
Amos Hill, read work...
Armstrong Livery	
T.N. Hayes, powder	
E. Lumsden, road work. .
M. McNuir,
R. Bourne.
W. Norman,
Geo. Patchett,   '"
A. McQuarrie
D.  McKay.
B. P. Young,
J, Wade,
P, Smith.
J. H. Lindsay,
Geo. Patchett,
D. McKay. Davis  creek
[.Heard it Sons, culvert
W. G, Pringle, rond work
who up-
for  the
$ 21.97J
Xmas Presents!!
COe Drgai and Best Jfssonmcnt to €boo$e
from in Cown.
call M pick «n wlai yea w«i nd we will keep lien i»r g»i.
AftWI ^PFflAITIF^      Fr",Kh LimogM. Hand Painted
lilt JMT.VIHI.lll.Jf.       Vhim    En ,igh    cnaggwarti
Hammered Brass ilmlinii   Worki   ijapanese   Inlaid   War-. Al-
luiiiiK. Purses, Chatlaines, .Music Cases. Secretaries, etc. in tim-
Lenther. (.'ill Glass. Silverware. Enninelwait- Pins, Belt Buckles,
etc. and a host of other Beautiful Gifts.
The Only StocK of Toy* in Town.
Stationery and Fancy Goods. r
TK«»   ArivAnrp Klo':i !iil" ::"'!:;'"1 ,l:,'n' ra" '"'
111C    ^lUVailltC iiule cause for complaint as to  ir-
~ •■" regular packing.   None other thnn
PUBLISHED   EVERY   FRIDAY AT 10 lb boxes are used  for  paekini;.
ARMSTRONG, B. 0. while the fruit  from   Ontario   is
^^—■««^~—— paeketl in liarn-ls   in   most   cases.
EUGENE RHIAN.      .      .      Publlahcr. \^ (^ M|.   pfty  cougiaerS, ,,.,.
„...,.              .      , superior, and are tho most desir-
Subscription*! .,1 r>v,„- ,„ advance. ^_ iMum^   ,„.   Wfm|(|   hy   „„
If not paid tt. advance82.00. amm K, .„ Pnvor  ,lf   eumill(ltiug
tin- latter entirely from use."
,-n en upplumtmn.
Advertistag rate
esUol lit-- liiwn .it'-l district in whlol
tl u.vlst» itlitl nirdiiillj -.li.il- :l u pill
rttniiu't- "I 'In- public.
We give space   this   week    to   II
——__^— second communication from W. S
Notices of ohurch aorvices and ent.ir Burnett on   tlle   ipiestioil   of   th
tolnment8wherc.no admission IsotuirKi'd high Bohool.
iu»ertcdfi     Other notices at uaiuil      \|,. [jnriIQtt, while In- does  nol
''""-     l'm-.l-..flliaiiU-.--l.    c.iimi, nl||  j,, iv.n opjjQgitioi, „, ,|„
_ establish tit of a   high school, i
'''■  x     "      ;i"1   ' ■ '   uotfr the drift of  his remarks;
altogether fnvonihle to  ll stn
lishmeiit of tlti- means of  highei
— uduciition al Armstrong       In llii
respect we believe thai In-   is  nol
"El hauling his support t.. one nl' tin
■■'.'il   NOTES,    i,  st important projects that couli
In- brought in the attention oi tin
parents of the   rising generation
That Ontario frnil  growers are As expressed at  the   meeting   re
becoming alar, 1 al   the   serious °f% »f "^   !"'¥»  "'.goritj
,,    . I    , ,, ,    o   the scion   trustees ol the lllttlll-
opposition to their market through    .    ,. ,        ,
., ,   .        ,. ,, ,.   ,.   ■,       , oipulitv   recognise  tin-   value  ol
tin- production ot I! ( . bruit, ami . .',   -,    ,       .,
     ,.,,    ,., •    high schoo  privileges.
esiH-cmllv that ol the Okiiiingan. is      $* '    ,     °,     ,   ,, .
I he cost ot the school   ll   estub
becoming   well    kiiownj    No   iu-
hnbitant of the province,  however. . , .
. • .   i    -,t ,i     i-   ,    so nearly insignificant to the mill
who 18 acquainted with the   tacts.    ,,    ,   •'       B     ,,       .,
agree with the reports so   I'll
lisnetl along the lilies proposed IS
io the iliili
vidua! ratepayers that   it   appeal
irueutly sent out that   tin-   B.  C.
fruit is inferior in quality to that
j for mc BTome
Home should be tlle spot most
desired by every honorable man.
To help make it so the home must
be pleasant ninl comfortable. You
can uinke yoiin home attractive nt
small expense with our new lines of
wall Papers, carpels, carpet
paper, Rags, eie.
nave pu seen onr Japanese Goods?
(Screens, tables, and other of ibe latest novelties)
A whole case of Toilet Sets almost
at your own Price. ?g5j5r«?S*-
Sewing Machines.      Organs.       TalKophones.
i !
Contractors and Builders.
jf   Real Estate
"   Ag'ents j&
The Real Estate
Harvest is on
almost unreasonable to   our   mini
that a  voice of  opposition shoul
,,, . ... i have been raised,
ot Ontario,    lime was when  pus-       " ,      ..,,..
.,,   ,, . ,   , ,        Jlr. Burnett s principal objection
siblv there existed   some   grounds ,.   .     ,     « i
,.'.,. ,      ■        ,   , ,,      appears to lie in tlle lancy thnt tin
tor   this   contentlOll, but   us   the    " .     ,.  ,      ,     ,   ,
,.,.,,,       , ,      ,       ,   lorination ol a high school   here If
truit industry lias been developed      ,       ,    , ,   .
,,     , .   , ...       ,. ,.    .,   ,       to bene it the town   ol   Aruistron
the high oualitv ol   our Iruil   has
, '       i'i   i i mi v.   and   that   the  surroiiiidiii
become genorally Known ami con-      •
,   ,      ,,,, ;. ... ,   ilistricts   are  to   be   called    111
ceded,     the     billowing    extract   , . .
,. ,   ,   .    ,,     ,,,    ., ,,        tor nn   linpist   proportion   ot   th
troni an article in tin- St, Gather- • '
,, .,    o,      i     t       .i       ■ -.    t- cost.     I his we believe will not ill
ines Daily olnndnrd on the visit ol „ .       .,,.,.
.1, ' ,,        ,-,!,-. ,i     lien  to any   lair-iuiinleil citizen a
alderman rny, of that city, to the •
■   .',        . '   .      .       being the case.      (iranting   that
province, is interesting as showing , ,,.
,, ,        ,        . . .    ,,     ,,  ,    .    high schoo  would ndi   in a murki
the extent   Io   wbicli   the I lntario      °
,        .      . ,      ,  , degree to the importance and dig
growers are   becoming interested    . , ,
,, ...     ,.     ' ,, ,.,    ...    mty of Armstrong usn   town
in tin-opposition li-oiii   B.C.    We I.   •       .        ,, .    .   ,
...    ,, ,.    ..       is a   universe  y   recognizetl   tact
can nol llgl  with   the   lvlleetlou    , ,.-,,.
.... . .  ,       ,,  that the standing anil   prestige ol
oust on our irmt, as   in   points ol ..... ,
our towns affects in a correspond
ing degree tho   value of the  fun
size, coloring   and   freedom   from
blemish (Ikuiiiiguu easily surpasses   ,     ,      ,. ......
... i-t   ■    ,t .   anils   li-oiii which   it   derives its
Ontario, while in flavor we now  nt
least equal their fmiti mil'1,ort'
"While the sale of I lntario fruit ,   ** t0^ ™'»l"'n.tivc benefits t
is very lively. Mr. Pay  lays great be derived directly   by   the tow
s ress' upon tlie fact that competi- and surrounding districts in   prt
ton from British Coluinbin is very portion to their share of the cos
great.   Not  thai   the   I'ruit from Ul, (|n „„(   consider  the   ninth
this province cannot compare I'av-    t     it t -t     . -    ,,   * . - .
,. I,      I,,  ,i   ,   ,. ',' sum tl be cniisn t-i-ei   in that ligh
oralily with thai   from   the   coast.  ,„,    ,      ..        ,,.,,.
Such is   nol   the  ease.   For   the   l ho benhits to be derived  from
Ontario fruit the wcsl   proves  an  '''B'1 school should   be   regurdi
excellent market, bill   the market  from a view of the municipality n
must be well mid  faithfully looked mvhole mid not from any  mirro-
atter to prut nee I he   abiiudiiiil   re- .-      t     ,      i     •   ,        \- .
.„i,. i   ;,. i i      ^   , or sectiomi   stauilpoint.     5 ot
suits tli-sn-.-tlile.    bo far as flavor is . ,    , ,
ci rued, the Ontario   apple is "»y please to look at   tho   ninth
far superior to the British  C'oltim-  '1',,ln thnl viewpoint it ought to hi
bin fruit of a similar nature,   Tl usilo seen that Armstrong schoi
Okanagan Valley of the  province district receives lore,orindei
ol the coast is the prime I'mit ore-      , , ,-      ,     r
dnoing district, '       uotasmuch, proportionate dire.
Tin- apples grown there are "Oiiont than the other flvo distrwls
shipped to Winnipeg in Im-ge proposed to be included in tin
quantities, und from thoro sent miion, Armstrong district will
broadcast over the whole of the noconling to the assessment, bom-
provinces   ol   Miuutobii,   Alberta        c     ,t ,t i      ,     ,
and Saskatchewan. They are of ° "-'-fourth the proposed cost. (
a particularly large nature, m„li "i''oloven pupils now taking higl
their color is brilliant and has a school work four lire from this din
very pleasing a pp.-a ran,-,-. Tlie trxt, while of tlie twenty-two i
sale Is ready, and the Fruil brings tnu ,,,,,,,;,.!,,.-,Htv prepared for oi
from Sl.io toS2.0U pur box,   The, ., •     ,-',-,     .,,   ,
prices  obtained    for   the   locally      " ""S  ,I,S"'"''   wl11   1",'"ls,
grown fruit is from 81.50 to 31.Ho. '"'"''    Mr'   B"rnott's  contentiot
The discrepancy in   the   price   is 'hat the high school pupils   n
due purely to tho size and   color, dent in  the ilistricts Immedlntol
Throughout 1 In-   whole   west   tlie surrounding Armstrong could
tact that    I lntario   Iriut   is   mort,        ,. . ' .    ..
juicy au.l „f  i,   richer ^^-eislly ink economically atten.
pleasing taste is conceded by all  high school elsowhoro will  hardly
who know ought of fruit, but the boar tho light of reason,   We vet
oomniiBsion men  ugreo  thai   the turu that Mr, Burnett would sooi
British Columbia fruit, having the rQlili/. i tho difference in cost   b,
better appearance to persons un- . ■     i      t     t ,  ...
aoiiuainted with tho different tastes, ^ee" paying board and tultloti at
is the nn.re eagerly  bought, und B'ty Vuriion, mill bcumllliK his ohi
hence the better prices are obtain- dron al home, even though he hn
l''1-    Fr specimens of the Spy. to provide a  horse for their coi
the Baldwin, tho King, the Rnssett, veyiuiee to and fro,
the Greening mid the  Ben   Davis     ',, ,-, ,   ,     ,    ,        , .
brought, buck by Pay, tho truths of ,," <'"lls"1"1"1'"1 w'l"»'ls- «'lnc
tlle statement are bi-oughl to un Mr. Burnett houls tip iw tho Idea
absolute cei-taiitly. The coast provided it has high school equip,
fruit is all that is said of it, It Is hient, Consolidated schools in
still inferior to the Ontario pn- country where population is suit
duct, but Mr. Pay is authority  for    i    ,,     , n ,,..
the state nt that color  and  size. '',"""-v ,lullS0 ,""1   ;l11   ,'"»'lllll"'(i
counl for coiisidernble mine than,'"'1' "ivorudle have proven Bttccesi
quality, ami th nirseuess of the fttl, but for this district as yet  w
fruit   from   British   Columbia   is fear tho suggestion Is in iidvanc
seldom taken   into  consideration. 0f tho times.     Let us not depriv
One gooil p.imt t.i tin- slop nl ol I,, ...
apples from the oka.lagan Valley l"'P'"sullt l'ls"'K generation i
is the uniformity in packing, 'nil education that is their duo I
Tin-re the shipments are not made calmly wailing for the consolidate!
by the individual The fruit is school systom to cotuo into vogu
privately packed nnd forwarded to .Ml. |'-„III1(.U-H „t|,,.,. „M;„di,,li
a co-operative company, sun llnr in ii...- i- i it t i
workiiiir end im-ll-oil i    tl- ■   ■ M '   'lllvlng high school work done n
storage conip.-ii vo'f this P;tv.   ma! :i!l ,l"' l"l,lir M',K":s is ;'ul!-,,"t '
miy und   varied objactipbs, afli
Get in Line and List your Farms.
Connections with whole Valley.
H.   P.   LEE, Real Estate.
-r - «>_««_       PRESIDENT,  Hlp;ht  Hon.  Lord llrtilhcona nnd   Mount Royal,
Vernon       -      -     and      -       -       Enderby        vice-president. si/feS^A*. Drummed, k.c.m.g.
"Land o/ the BIG RED
Do You Need Money?
Wo have several Thousand   Hollars to loan on good  Heal
Estate Securities al the usual rate of interest,
We are also Agents for....
British Columbia. Permanent
Loan &. Savings Co.
anil can make you ii latin on your home on eusj monthly terms
of payment,
Why  not  make   Your   Rent  Buy   a
Home ©/ Your Own?
This is the of year when lires nre apt to occur.       Bettor get
insured.     We represent four of the best companies,
Bank of Montreal
Head otiiee: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up JMKXW.OOO. Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Protit and Loss account, $878,088,
Yon never make II mistaki
] Caking no
I Chances
in what you get from us.
j When you take chances you are always
I    fortunate if you get the best end of the bargain.
J The beauty of dealing with us is that yon take abso
lutely no chances,   Whnt you get from us is sure to be the
3 Everything we sell hns the virtue of value in it.
m      n - Trial - order - Solicited.
j Merchant Tailor j&
i   Armstrong, B.
_    Branches In nil the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
the following cities:    London. Eng.; 22,  Abchuroli   Lane,   Ii. C.
•   New York..V.i Wnll Street ■ Chictigo,lB8 La Salle Street; Spokane,
Wash.: St. John's Newfoundland.
Hunkers mid Corn Bpondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.    Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Brunches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts soitl available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Caiuidu. including Atlin
nnd Dawson City.
Deposits received from £1 upwards nnd Interest tilloWod at current rates.
interest entered .'Kith June, and Hist December
Withdraw*!,   en    demand    without    delay.
Ranchers nnd nmintry business given Bpcciul attention.   Municijnl and school
district Recounts received on fte.-tn-iilile terms,    Speoial attention glvi n to the
handling ot municipal nnd other debentures,
Deposits may be matte and withdrawn by mail.    Out of town accounts receive
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent. NELOWNA
E. S. VAtAcCltntcck, Sub. Agent. P. OuMonlln, Sub. Agent.
... Leading Hardware
Because we handle the best goods in
all lines of Hardware.
Christmas ft
We have nol overlooked the wants of our customers
at Christmas time and now have
FANCY TOYS Filled with Candies, Bon Bons and all kinds of
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in  this line for one of the
Near C. P. H.
Now Is the time to get your
stoves ready for winter.
J. McDonald
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game in season.
Live Stook bought at top prion.
receive  most   particular attention.
imp.-u y of this c'.ry,   an
d graded by dii
ll'e fiel thai   it    has   never   heei
Is tin re packe
mteristedp-irties.  nnd   s-rted in adopted iBStiffloicnt eviderico of th(i
piles  ol   griules   N-s.   I   und  2, impricticnbility of such a schemi
Wholesale $ Re»
=s ;
)        i^>*    Dl^AWi^il/Vtxtl Q                   AIUimlH„fr„-fhan.lC,ir.d)|.als.-,lw,-1.vsi., stock |
DressmaKer. f| i                Fi^imi1 Fow|'» b«isou \
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry. I
I'n nn: Ijaihes t f Aiimsti.-i'ni'. and Distkict                          I 2                             Mail Ordorsin Specialty. ►
I take pleasure in announlng. that I am bad in      I I            gwab                    kMAW k
Armstrong, and am iifjain prepared to do   Dressmnkiiu^  in       I 4           M*Mem9mfat       m\Wm MMW^WPSkm'\K
ill its branches nnd accortling to the latest styles. H|             %mH 4\»4\Wm   MWM%\Mm   M   Cm IfJ ►
solicit, the patronage of my old oustoniors alee new cues. Q'4 0     ..      w««#«»i                              m»\ \
Sftep next dew tcTHftsr *$«««'» R«st»Mi«««lct. \\ »'ou»r'r WBnlea                        Prop. I
»i MEAT MARKET, f (Supplement to
Armstrong'   Advance
Friday, December 15. 1905.
Metkodiit Cknrdi Hold. SkcckM
The anniversary services last
Sunday and Monday proved among
the most successful fuuctioiiH yet
held iu connection with the Methodist church here.
Sunday's services consisted of
sermons both morning and evening
by Rev C. H. M. Sutherland, of
Revelstoke. Mr. Sutherland was
here about a year ago. so was not
a total stranger to an Armstrong
audience, though perhaps the greater portion of the audience listened
to the speaker for the first time.
The sermons were especially in.
terestiug and instructive, tho
speaker bavins; an eloquent delivery, and the tost of his ills-
courses containing many thoughtful points (or the consideration of
his hearers. The first sermon of
the day was on the subject of
"What We as Ohrlstains Need
Most," and was listened to by an
audience that taxed the seating
capacity of the church to its fullest
extent. In tho evening the church
failed to accomodate the Immense
crowd that gathered to the service,
and those who were fortuuiite
enough to be present enjoyed another address none the loss in.
strnctive than that of the morning
Monday evening was occupied
with the social feature of the yearly service, and the evening was
meet pleasantly spent by the
large crowd present.
The first number on the literary
program arranged for the evening
was a duet by Mrs. W. Harry and
Rev. A. N. Miller, which was most
heartily enjoyed, since both parties
enjoy a flattering reputation in the
musical line among the congrega
tion of the church.
No Armstrong entertainment
would now be complete without
the appearance on the platform of
Johnny Absoii, and he was brought
on in the second number in a solo.
In addition to the piano accompaniment Mrs. G. Moberly accompanied with the violin, which made the
number of special interest, and the
hearty encore accorded told the appreciation of the audience of the
rendition of the number.
Rev. Sutherland next entertained
the audience with a brief bnt moat
interesting address, after which
Rev and Mrs. .1. H. Wright, of
Vernon, sang a duet. Though this
was the first appearance of Mr. and
Mrs. Wright before an Armstrong
audience it is safe to state that
they will be gladly welcomed in a
similar capacity on any future
occasion. Despite continued applause, Mr. Wright's modesty
disallowed of their response to a
hearty encore.
"An Address to an Egyptian
Mummy" by Mrs, A. N. Miller was
the next number and was listened
to with rapt attention by the large
audience.. Rev. Sutherland impersonated the imaginary mummy
and proved himself a veritable Mr.
Caudle in the quiet manner in
which he endured snoh a lashing
lecture fram the tongue of a woman.
The rendition of the solo, "The
Rivulet," by Mrs. Geo. Bell, of
Enderby, established for that lady
a flattering reputation as a soloist.
Mrs. Bell has a beautiful voice,
which by careful culture, has given
her exceptional abilities as a singer. - In response to a hearty and
prolonged encore she rendered in
an equally acceptable manner the
"Holy City."
Rev. Campbell wus called upon
for a few remarks and responded
iu a brief bnt acceptable address.
The Armstrong choir next rendered one of their popular glees,
which receive.) a well merited en-
encore. The choir was composed
of Mrs. W. Harry, Mrs. Violet
Dickie, the Misses Nellie Francis.
Maud Murray and Sarah Mathcson
and Messrs. Asson, Fraser. D.
Wright and Elmer Harry.
A recitation ably rendered by
Miss Marshall was followed by a
solo by Mrs J. H. Wright, after
which Mrs. G. Moberly rendered.
with her well-known ability, a
violin solo, also responding to an
enthusiastic encore.
Another solo by Mrs. Bell
brought the literary program to a
Miss McDonald presided at the
piano in accomplished manner
during the evening.
Refreshments were next served
and nil present furnished with
an abundance of the good things
provided by the ladies of the
Great credit must be given to
the committee in charge for the
very successful carrying ont of
this the thirteenth anniversary services of the church. The committee in charge of the refreshment
feature of the entertainment were
the Mesdnnies 0. H. Hardy. T.
Ball, E. Wilson, S. Reid and L.
Main, and to them perhaps belongs
special credit for the successful
manner in whioh the gathering
was cared for in this respect.
From a financial point of view
we are informed that the services
were satisfactory to those directly
interested and that a considerable
amount was raised for the application on the church debt.
•  T
Local and General**
^^ Hems of central interest.
, rial  announces  ho.
I   O. F. ball   -n-
The tleer shooting season closes
today, day.
Mr.   Crankshtiw  and   daughter A.    V.    Rolins,     representing
left Monday   for   their   home   at Clarke it Stuart, was here Wednes-
Chilliwack. day.
T. II, Wilson left Monday for A drama staged by home talent
Kumloops.   where  lie    expects   to is   among   tlle   proposed   coming
secure a lioinesteail. events.
A Christmas tree entertainment Sleighing is good for
gather  i>,
mass   iu tin1
!{. Tiltou and Tommy  Winters
left Saturday on a  horseback  trip
to Princeton, in  the Siiuilkunieeii.
Henry. Kilhorn  left Wednesday
for a visit at his old home ut   Hull. Francis drove to Mitre jester- olne, Wis.     It hns been about ten
yours since Inst   he   saw   the   old
Somewhere  in history we read
of the streets of  Jerusalem   being
swept clean. We might mildly
SUggesI that some of our business
men would he serving their Lord—
and their friends by applying
ight  rigs this principle to their snowy walks,
> S7S3S ffi SSS -9
rries iu s
it  Shnrv's
tine stock
every    de-
$16   suits
Armitnge &
i takei
hut more snow is nee
Miss Pearl Murray
position iii Walter
stationery store.
Harry Siltlile. representing the
Socialist part vol' British Columbia,
was liere the last of tlle week.
•I. II. Warren hns recently com.
pleted a course   iu    piano   tuning.
and Boon after tho opening of tin-
new year expects to start out iu
this profession.
The Kelowna Olnriou has
changed its name to the Kclownn
Courier, lire. Hose is stolidly
showing iuiproviueiits in  his  new
Herman Bhmke came down from
Enderby the lust of the week and
spent ll few days with his parents,
the saw mill at that place having
shut down for the season.
Last Friday night's dance was
none the less successful thnn the
previous ones of the season. Forty couples were present, und "mer-
The annuo] meeting of tin- Armstrong and Spullumoheen agricultural society Is called for Tuesday,
Docember 19,   This is n meeting
in which every member of the society, or indeed every citizen ought
to manifest a deep interest, ami it
is to lie hoped that the 1. <». l'\
hall will lie well filled on tlle above
■I. Siniington nnd W. .1. Unroll
returned on Saturday from a week's
tleer hunt ill the vicinity of .1. X.
liyt-r's ranch on Shuswnp river
Mr. Burial! was taken ill while
away, and this combined with the
warm weather which took tho snow
off, rendered the  hunt  not   very
successful, nntl only two tleer were
H. P. Lee. the Vernon and En-
tlerby real estate agent, last
week consuiiinteil a large deal in
the side of the Whelan property
near Kelowna, The ranch consists
of 3,800 acres nntl the price paid
is $6O,00P, the purchaser being
W. H. Cross, of  Winnipeg.   The
W. Wolfenden has a
of Christinas carls.
Christmas cakes of
script ion at Shnry's.
(<<t into our $12   to
while going ut $7.00.
See our big shirt for working
men. ut $1.00. Armitnge nnd McLeod.
Shnry's have the nicest assortment of Cliristmus toys in town.
And they are all filled with candy.
Special price on Slater's invietlis
shoes. $4.00, See the assortment.
Armitnge A McLeod.
Merry XtlltlS to all hoys and
girls! Buy your toys from us nnd
get double use of your money.
Hlnelu.nothing of   nil   kinds   ut
lowest prices.   Wallace's old shop.
Puff paste, and all kinds of English pastry. See samples at
Shnry's restaurant.
Something warm for $1.00 to
81 "ill per suit in underwear, both
winners at sight.    Armitnge A-Me-
Armsirong Hardware f
..Plumbing worhs..
hns been arranged by the Sunday
schools. See further notice iu nil-
other column,
Ii. II. Burns left Saturday for the
coast and the dispensing department of the Armstrong pharmacy
has been under the dlruotion of
Dr. Vankleek during the week.
Rev. if. Ferule, who hns spent
the (lust few monthshel'0, has been
assigned to a church at Cascade,
but owing to the illness of li.
Bourne, has buen detained from
taking charge of his new post.     .
We regrol to state thai If.
Bourne's condition is buoIi as to
necessitate another operation tin-
third one he hits been obliged to
undergo, lie leaves to-tlny for
Vancouver to enter the hospitnl.
(•. .MePherson was obliged to
turn his hand to nursing for severnl days the past week. All his
children ami Mrs. Harris, his
housekeeper, were ailing at the
same time, though we nre glut! to
stale he brought them all to health
again. •
J. R. Smith, of (ileiiemina, was
down Friday. Mr. Smith is one of
a number of people up Salmon
river valley, who until lately have
seldom or never been to Armstrong,
<tiit as the town grows and the fact now improving from his serious
becomes known that our merchants illness and it is thought he will
do quite as well by them ns those | 800n be "P and around again. He
of any neighboring town, they ire iis in Vancouver,
gradually getting into the habit of; MePherson it Holtby have corn-
doing their business here, this be-; pleted the addition to the office- of
ing the logicnl business center' of i the Okanagan Flour Mills Co.
the district. The new extension   is  a  marked
The weather ut present is typical improvement to the business head-
of an Okanogan winther, except quarters of this institution, as well j
that there have been of lute rather j»» another weditable job for the;
an unusual number of foggy fay..,Contractors, ! meeting of the   Okanagan   Black    -1   am
The mercury ranges from 20 to iO p. Johnson, after spending some preoeutory with the following re- kmds of blacksmith work. Bring1
above,there is no wind  and   the | weeks visiting his sister,  Mrs,;A-lBultsi '•>-- "        ■    •
weathe to one accustomed to more! N. Rntledge, lest yesterday nn his     ^y'  fji    H0)tty    WP-   F N ia sPeciulty
severe winter weather is strikingly return trip to his home nt Dawson,! Danie]s D. p^C.Resoman/Cniip.!
peasant. An occasional light fall Yukon, Mr. Johnson is extensive- B; Bennett Registrnr; M, Levor, A. Shary has completed arrange-
of snow with subsequent thaws ly interested in mining; having a Tmis j, Hassar(li Por.. j. mouts wht,reby they are able to
keep the roads in good condition claim on the Bonanza creek, which HamiU rj le T. Hlmter ,m(1 a 8npply „„ short notice nil kinds of
forlight sleighing, although those he is engaged in working with con-; DlmieiSi Lecturers; H. Ehmke nnd fancy pastry from one of the best
with heavy teaming to do are ask- siderable profit. j H Hllnson, CWr8. c. Godwin   bnkors iu the lntorior. A       ialt
ing tor n foot more of biiow. m, ,    , , ,. .    „,   , ,,        ... ...   ,     ,,,   „,       ,
The new school regulations, to! Chairman Committee. of the finest hnglish pastry.
The annual balls under the nus- ] come into force  in   tin
rily went the dunce-'  to the  music property will  be   subdivided   and
of Mrs. Strathearn and Geo. Davis, sold in 20 und 100 acre blocks.
Friends of Conductor Lurry
Doran, formerly of this branch,
will be pleased to lenrn that he is
Fraternal Society Officers.
Cornntion Lodge No. 48,1.O.O.F.
The late Larkin estate lots, now
owned by Marshall Lucas, are now
on the market   see Pelly & Pelly,
agents for them.
Horseshoeing n specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed.
F. Clayton
Our toys nre all rilled with the
finest candies. After the candy is
gone the toys may be preserved
for the amusement of the little
folks. A. Shaky.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the] most desirable lots iu town.
Common Sense Business
Buy your Hardware ol a Hardware Stoic
I pay you.    1 give till my lim
■ t<
business Olid what belongs to it     N
three or four trades or businesses.
Tinware than you can buy at any (I.
B.C.   I have tho tools to do it with
lots of people  trying to start  new
Armstrong or talking of doing so, but what is tin
gum I of doing so, when th" general run of the pub-
the Hardware
lonecan know
I make better
nernl Store iu
Then- ore
industries In
lie Will go to i
oil their goods
your Dry (ion
erics ot
le of the so-collei
in every lino?    Sly od
Is at u Dry Woods Ston
(iron-r\' Store, your   DrtlgS
Store, and get your Hardware am
By doing so you will make your town  om
best to deal In.     Everyone will then hav
to-tlate stock to choose from.
1 general stores for
is to get
tv t i roc-
a Drug
ire  nt o
of  the
un  up-
• iSEE.VnSSlf'S.*
special   Notice
No more tools whatsoever will be loaned from my work
shop Io anyone. 1 have been compelled to make this rule,
us some think that once they have tools outside lie-store they
belong to them.
01. % Armstrong.
Cold weather is coming'. St
You will need something in Horse «
*   C. L. Christian
Get in lino; they are all coming
at its annual meeting elected the'thig wny for hardware and stoves.
following officers fcr the ensuing which way * Why, to W. .T.
year: Armstrong's!
W. J. Smith, N.U.;H. Hawkins,; ■■        ,     . , ■    _     ,
V.G.;  tt. Moberly,'B. S.j   A. E.     By leaving your order nt Shnry's 	
Morgan, F. 8.; C. 3. Becker. Trens. *™™1 f' anything you want ini-j. -
the line of Christmas pastry—even II:    _, mm— _^ _m. ..._.   ^mg.
Black Pki^ptorv. exactly whnt you wonhl have if you     ,  ^# ffm        BAN I ELS
The annual election of officers
occurred at last Thursday night's
were spending Christmas at home
in the Old Country.
now  prepared  to do all
your sleighs to me.   Horseshoeing
F. Clayton.
cheen Lodge, No. 1H07 L, O. L..
pices of the various fraternal soci- with the new year, do not seem to
erieshnve come to be . regarded j be meeting with the universal
by the dancing public among the simotion of patrons and trustees of
most popular-social functions of the province. The people of Rus, Ioccurred Saturday night. The foi-
each succeeding winter. Those, kin, on the Fraser river, have pro-.lowing officers were elected and
who have been looking forward to tested in public   meeting   against | installed for the ensuing year
A. Schubert, W. M.
vitiitions are now out for the For '     ,"'""1"'1
-♦* SONS-
BlacksmNhs and Plumbers
mm       Hnr«e«hninrf our Specialty.
Pipe & Pipe Fittings 6. all Kinds of Plumbing.
Agents for Celebrated Chatham Incubators.
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(towiiii s Kent genuine cut glass, - Arrives from North daily except
Standard silverware are the very
The annual meeting of Spallum- j best Christmas goods in town; call
1    Sunday
Arrives from South dally
these events nre promised no dis-, the provisions of the new act.
appointment for this season.     In-!
Norris, government
agent, was up from Vernon Monday and inspected the work on the
Bennett creek ditch, toward which
the government has expended the
of fnU).     Mr.  Norris  was
esters' bull on New Year's night,
while the Oddfellows have chosen
January 111 us tneir date. It is understood that both the   Masonic
ondL. O.   L. orders contemplate!8"'"    ,,,.,„. , . ,,   ,
holding similar events a little later! P,W^ * h*ld1thut \*™] Job "I"1
in the least n. ' b,!"" mtu'u "' *"e wor'i ('0"" °" tne
; creek, and it is hoped that much of
The calendar season is on and the difficulty encountered through
some-attractive designs are being' the overflow of the creek will   in
distributed by our business   men, future be averted.
The Wood, Oargill Co. have one of j   _   .    .,        ...
the most unqiue to come  to  our,  During the next few days many
{letters, postcards and parcels will
; lie mailed to (treat Britain and Ire-
notice.   The   sketch   represents a
bad  entanglement   of  a  thrifty,.    ,    „ ,,      .
farmer and family with an obstin-!'""''     *™n* , »<Mr™9»l«
ate mule on a railway in front of j!""!."I..00"' ? t "
an approaching
train. It is significantly labelled "A bad Hx on
the S. & (). Ry." The liberal scattering of the many varieties of
farm produce becomingly represents the productiveness of tho
district. Joe. McDonald is giving
a iient cilenler in which is shown
"Too niiich of a good thing," the
significance being in tlieropinsetn-
tion of an overheated room by one
of his furnaces.
keep these facts in mind:   Letter
rate is 2 cents for every half ounce,
W. T. Holtby, Deputy.
F N. Daniels. R. S.
T. W. Marshall. F. S.
Jas. Leverington, Treas
R. Bowell, Chaplain.
John Hunter, M. C.
Besides the election  of  officers
and see: it will pay you. The
gboils are up-to-date and the prices
are right at W. .1. Armstrong's.
Christmas Entertainment.
The Christmas tree under the
auspices of the Sunday schools,
will be held in the Pit sbyterian
church on Friday evening, Dec.
22nd. The program will be rendered   by  the  cbiMnii.   A treat
!):iri n. ill.
8:25 p. in.
Fraternal Societies.
LO.L,. No. 1807,, meets in the
>   I.O.F. Lodge Room, rhe second
Saturday evening of each month at B
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W.M.
ReavB—A. Schubert.
Clork and assessor- L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Goo. Murray, Chun. Crozier,  W,
S. Burnett, K. .1. OfferhauB.
.Divine Service will la- held f
day us fnllows: Armstrong,
t-t-ry San
in uch buwness i'lVc'onnoc'tioirwith wiU *• ^i',H', *» ■*• ,tm}n'a I \t^^Wl¥SS^\lM V%
present.   Uifts may V placid on, gM»*iy ,•*<">«•■llt *» i'-w.- R'-v. A. N.
f,    ,       - L«t i        i     '      ' MiHw, i'aslor.
the tree for liny cniMn>n by any - ^^^^_^__^^___^____
trong. on the Thursdii
full moon, at $ p.m.
cordially invited.
ack Preceptory.
esters'Hall, Anna
.y, on or before rht-
Visitinc brethren
No. 1-
I. O. O. F.
.Meets every Thursday .-v.-niatt in -he
Odd Fellows- Hall, over Wood, Carri!]
i Go's. Store, tn s o'clock, SoJonrnTng
brethren are cordially invil.-tl -.. ittieiid.
11.(1. \VVATT.  N. O.
H. FRANCIS. Boo. See.
the affairs of the lodge was gone
through with ami we are advised
that the local lodge enters the new
year under very favorable conditions.
Donald Graham on High School.
Donald Graham was among the
visitors to the city in connection
with St. Andrew's banquet. Mr..
Graham states that the project of
desiring to do so.   11m- true will
not be open for |n»*Mit» for any P
except children.    The entertain-;   Services ih S. Andrew's,Endorby, at
„,„,,, ...in i„. fn». tn id,, ehil.ln.fi i ** »•"'•! zin" Churi-li. Armstrong, at
meiitwill be tn»- lr. me on'W«'n,|7a0p<m ,eVerySunday .Rev. I) .Camp-
atlults will be chnrge.1 25 cents.       bell, Pastor.
Committee.       |. ■
■II'JI. 1. O. F.
! Meetings st tln-ir hull hut Saturday In
j each month.  Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins. R.8.
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. 872.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, moots
in the I.O.F. hull, st Monday in h
month,        F. N. DANIELLS, Loader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary.
Armstrong & Spallumcheen Agri- O
cultural Society.
postoord rate is 2 cents, and parcels providing a high school  at  Arm- above society will be held at the
St. .lames' Church, Sunday. Dee. 17. -
. Morning Prayer 11:00, Sunday school,
The    Annum   meeting  of   the 2:30 p. m.-F. V. Vonables, Vicar.
must be sent subject to parcel postLtrong hy the cooperation of the
rates, IB cents for. the lirst pound L^i 8eotions seems to meet with
and 12 cents for every odditionol genertti approval, and will probab-
pound Up to 11, the limit, and |y bH lirrmigwl. The consolid.ited
further, all parcels must bear a I gohooi ide„( whloh wng lllg0bronoh.
| customs declaration procurable on | al) js not so feasible, us it would
application at the imstoltice. At, hlv()|V(, „„,,„,, e*penditare» On the
j tentionteth.se details will save it! ^ of thli rurill commiinities.
AsreproHentutiveilotof disappointments to friends; Within a ra.lius of eight miles,
of the hustling proclivities he pns- ill the old country, for uiilil matter' however there are some six school
♦esses in going after basinets the inipioperly stamped  goes   to  the '■ ,?*?"'' T/tT 7. u .
eJilenderofW;.!. Armstrong is a dead letter  office.    Letters   and 'Iwtncts. which might be expected
most littii.g gjt up, as woil us  an pmcels can be weighed at the post- to furnish pupils for the prospec-
I. O. F. hall on Tuesday the 19th
Dec, nt:J:(K)<>clock, p. ill.
.Fmnx B. Hiuii.
Teams for logging for half price
of logs.    Logs are piled  close to
roud.   Two trips ti ifey per team.
E. Winklbb. Knob Hill.
Barrister and Solicitor.
Dealer ill
ornamental cue for the house,
1 0ffc'09
| tive high school. -- Vernon News
Copies of the Armstrong booklet
for sending to yonr friends may
be secured free at this office.
Wood Cart-ill Block,
Ctlli* Hours: SKIOlo 11! and li«) tor.
: All
kinds   of farm
wagons, biiggi.
8, Oto.
I    The AnvANTE nnd the Winnipcff
-  B.C. Free Press cno year for only $17,6, ../.•^Sfifc-' -.-
--.iasEi: ^iKasefcL^fiSEtG.. -'^*v ■**w"*^ ^-ww^^a^^alsm. j*y«>. .-..-i^ v ..rtwatM"•- ^wm-   jfiMS:*.
for Christmas!^
C. T. DAYKIN, Prop.
A Treat for
Children  ^
Until Xmas:
One box Japanese Oranges and
2 lbs. Royal Mixed Candy for $1
There are only a limited number of oranges, so come early.
Muscatel Raisins 20c lb.
Fresh  Peanuts, Walnuts, Brazil
Nuts, Almonds and Filberts.
Dates 2 lb 25c.   Figs 15c.
Currants and Raisins 2 pkts. 25c.
Pound box mixed peel 30c.
Shelled Almonds and Walnuts.
Icing Sugar, Cocoanut, Chocolate.
Cimplr^^ gash.
A Merry
io our
suitable Gins lor le
In Handkerchiefs:
Lace and Embroidery trimmed,
12, 15, 20, 25c.
Embroidered Linen 50c
Silk 10 and 15c
Ladies' Fancy Collars and Ties:
Ladies' Collars from 26o to $1.80,
Silk Ties, white and Mock, 8Sc
Laoe Ties line
Crompton Corsets, in white and
gray $1.75.   Tape Girdles.
Ladies' Black Sateen Underskirts
With ll ico and ruffles nl si.cn. $1,25, $1.78 and $2,25,
Ladies' Tarns, all shades.    Cloud's
Fascinators and Shawls.
Cape Shawls, Honeycomb Shawls.
The Leading General supply store ol Armslr
Mr. Burnett Presents His Views an
the Matter Again.
To Editor Armstrong Aiwaxi B.
Dear Sir:
1 ask Bpuce in the Advasi B to
reply to Mr, J, >i, Wright's, com-
[gtnguts iv the high school question,
'nni'l particularly in the mallei- of
starting n one-horse high school
and saddling the cost largely on the
rural community, who would derive' comparatively little benefit
from it. Mr. Wright says it will
perhaps surprise me to know that
the Armstrong school district will
pay one quarter of the assessment
of the whole six districts, leaving
three-cpiarters to be contributed by
the other live. It does not surprise
me ut nil to know that, but I also
know that the number of pupils
attending the Armstrong school is
a hundred and thirty-two, each and
every one of whom, if they desire
to avail themselves of a high
school education, stand to benefit
by a high school being located at
Armstrong, while tho number of
pupils attending all the Hvo rural
schools will probably be from
sixty to seventy, none of whom
stand to benefit very much from
It being located there, for reasons
that I stated in a previous hitter.
Mr. Wright or anyone else can see
at a glance that the rural districts
are being invited to contribute
three-fourths of the cost of a high
school, while the whole live county
schools could muster up about
half, or less than half, of the number of pupils who could attend,
even though they all determined
to have ii high school education,
Mr. Wright may slill think there
is not UlllC'h   saddling  about   that,
bnt I  imagine if the rural i i-
muuity permit u burden like thai
to be imposed on them, tlu-y will
feel like kicking themselves all Unrest of their lives, und the time will
surely come when they will "buok"
In order to get it off, and it may
not be very easily done,
In reply to what Mr, Wright
has to say about the co.-isolidat 1
school. I contend that they would
not be distinctly different schools
us he claims, but would be one
from kindergarten to linish, nnd
with facilities provided for all to
get there {the want of which is
the greal objection to the present
antiquated high school system: (ii
syslein Hint sin-i-lil not be given a]
fool hold iiert'. for the I'LilStfU that,
it is almost sure to put the day
farther off when we are to get a
Remember 1 don't say thnt the
consolidated school is the best in
my estimation, what I would prefer would be to see every public
school permitted to do the work
now done by the high school, ns is
doing done so satisfactory iu Armstrong at the present time, nnd is
thus a practical exemplification of
the method, and next I would
choose Iin- consolidated school,
with the present high school
system nowhere. I would like to
say n good ileiil more, but will re-
fruin myself, us I presume I have
trespassed sufficiently on your
space already.
Yours truly
W. S. Kiiixktt.
If o.ii will cull nntl st-ii the
Cream Separator
nnd iini" bow few parte
ii him, how |)GiTautly
siiiiplf it is. bow litisy
it lurns. Low li.'i'fivily
il skims, how easily ii
is kept cli'tui. and now
Btrong nntl thimble it
is, you will ;it onoo do
oldo it Is tho separator
for you. Nn separator
rvi'i- made  8nob   rapid
strides in popularity
as tho Empire.      The
reason is I hut it  satis
lies    every    plU'eliasi'l'.
I risk tho privilege of
ahowing ii to jv u.
J. W. Christian,
Bullei-inaker atC'reamcry.
Advertisers, have you anything
o offer Io the people of this district V The Advance is your only
means oF reaching the people.
news of tbe District
• from our Komspendents. «
A New Institution.
Only fourteen montuB ago tho former
Vogel College of Vancouver wus purchased by Messrs. S pre ft and Shaw, of
Toronto. Biuca taking- over the old institution, the new tiM'iti'cs haw completely ohanged its nature by adding to
its courses of study such subjects hk arc
calculated to lay sound foundations for
good C'ontinereial. Short hanrl py Ti'{
Stgrtipliy courses, (t fs needless then to
say tlml the Sprott-Shaw Business
University. 338 Hastings St.. W., Vancouver, has more than doubled its attendance in tho pastyear, and it is the
desire of t he principal, K.J. Sprott, H.A.,
to announce that it is his intention to
make a number of other additions, which
will put the school on « par with the best
Eastern institutions. Watch this paper
for further particulars*.
Stove wood!
A contract  hns   been   given   to
John Bell, of Falkland, to obtain
anil drive to Salmon Arm all the
logs he can procure, consequently
the settlers of (ileueuiuin nui,
Falkland are patting logs on the
bunks of the river at 82.50 per
A bright young ludy enme to the
valley recently and will be found
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. (t.
(ieo. Wilson recently shot a
grout grand father blue grouse,
which tipped the soales ut 1 lbs.
•Iiimiiy .Morgan killed a tine doe
on Sunday lust, thus making two
tleer for Jimmy this season,
\V. Smith hns recently completed the erection of u tine house,
anil has moved his family into the
same, It is n well lighted, warm
and durable two-story building,
John Smith hus also erected a
line two story house, and hns
grently Improved the appanrauofi
of his place by grading a road from
his house to the main road. ,
.1. Smith  and  son  Harry have M.J. HENRY'lS
each secured a line tleer. Mr. (HI-
less and Shaw also previously shot
one each.
\V. Iloiil.li is with us again. We
are all glial to see your bright fnee
once more. Hilly.
Cold weather may conic
nt any time. Order your
wood now and be prepared
Dry wood $1.50.       Green $1.25.
J'er Rick, any length.
Plimsu state length wl.t-n ordering	
R. C. Brown Leghorn cockerels
for sale, or will exchange for R. (.'.
Black Minorcus.
Armstrong MnrRets
The following prices are being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Farmers'  Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton    - -    814.00
Carrots,       "         - -     12.0(1
Parsnips     "         - -     26.00
Reels           ••          . .     16.00
Turnips      "        - -    1000
Cabbage       "           - -      20.00
Hay    '      "         - -     12.B0
Apples, per 10 lb.   - -1.25,1,86
Pours          "          - -       J.To
Plums, per 20 lb.    - -          ,7."i
Celery, per 50 lb.   • -      3,00
Poultry, per doz.    - -      o.OO
Eggs '    -     -      . .        ,io
Butter, per lb,        - -         80
wall Paper..
Only half n mile from Aim-
strong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance gootl bottom laud easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one (earn, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow. 8
dozen tilii-k.-ns. anil full.-i|ili|inient
farm machinery.    Price SaOOQ.
Vancouver, B. C.
so. it will pay you to see me
Estimates given.-
J. Sfmingion
Shop next Francis'
B. C. Grown Fruit &
Ornamental Trees.
A pplo Trees, 2 and "fi year oWh 815 to
820 per 100. Recording te* variety., Otte
year olds, -1 to '■> feet, 910 to »12 iter 100.
Large im perflation of Hullw from .I»]i-
nn, Hoilftt'.l nnd Kronen.
Extra nice stock effChcny, Poach,
Plum, Apricots* etc. wwr growing  for
full ordera. ,
No expense} Io86>oc delay of ftnntgatlon
or iu«{.i'Hic.o.
Lf.t me price you»  list  Sivfwrc placing
• your braeir.   Batataytae.
."OtuWtslniir.s;™Ujl Vancouver.
1 have on hand   a   complete
- range of...
Wall Paper
'from which 1 uni in n   [position to
|       till orders on short notice.
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decorator
G. Moberly
>—  Contractor
JBr   & Builder
All kinds of Carpenter Work at
Keasonnlile Prices,
Picture-Framing. Turning.
Plans and  Specifications  Pre-
& ^ Armstrong
£%\fi Barber
g^P  ...Shop
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave Inc.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. R-ATLEDGE, , Proprietor.
Leading'   Business    Firms.
Tin- Advnnce commends tho following
business tli-ms of Armstrong to the ji<-<>-
pic of Iin- surrounding district. Their
nnnouncoinonts nitiy bo seen in mir advertising coltrhim
Armstrong, W, J., Hardware nnd
Armltage, A. IC, Gents furnishing
Hums. R. R., Drngglst
Blnnckni-d, A,, liiissniiiki'i-
Bird. J, M.. Contractor nnd Builder
Christian,'J W, Cream separators  -
Christian, C. I... Harness nnd Sad-
Daniels, 1-'. N., Incubators ami Plumbing
Dnykiii. C. T.. General Merchant
l-'ith'-r ft Snge. Reiil Estate
,   Kiinii-is. I!., Implements
Henzie, Cans,, Blaoksin*tb
Itiiinill. Jtilin. Genera) Morphnnl
'    Hnwkin's llrtw.. Iliitt-lit-rs
Lapwoi-th, A. J., Painter
Mobei-ly, G., Carpenter
MoPherson & Holtby, FurniUiro nnd
.Mclliiualil, J,, Hardware
I   Murray, Geo., Meal Markot
|   Okanagan Klour Mill, Flour, etfli
Paul,' 3. M., Tailor.
Kiitli-.'i'f. A. N„ Barber
i    f;i "'•        , linlifi-nriil C'tinfi-t.-lioncry,
Slniliiglua, J.. Conlrnotni-hnd Bulldc-r
Wood, Cai-gill Co., General merohants
Wulii iiilen. WW, Stntlonert.-, oto
If you went to acquaint your
friends in the east or in the states
with the 'Okmingnti valley, send
them the Aiivantu for a year. At
the end of that time they will have
become pretty well acquainted with
the country you live in.
Copies of the Armstrong booklet
for sending to your friends may
be secured free at this office.


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