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The Armstrong Advance 1906-02-02

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and Spallumcheen Advocate.
FEB 5. 1901
PoMlsM Ii lie Mcrcsls tl Amlrm ai< District. He Cltlctst »riloi ol lie mm Okingw Valley.
Subuerlgtlon SI.SO In Advene.
NO   12.
What You Pay
What You Get
These are Important Points for you
to Consider
We provide GOOD THINGS at LOWEST PRICKS in return for your good
money.        We give you Value for Value every time.       That's  the  honest  way  to do
business    that's the way We do business.       A perfeot Collar, a seasonable Hat, a  Shoe
A    for Style and Fit, a Sail for Business, Working or Evening—at prices to snlt the pocket.
Special Values this week.   Regular $1.50 lines for 75c and $1.00.   Get your pick.
VkGents' Furnishers
Waterproof Rain Coats $2,50
Waterproof (Iveralls  2,00
Boys' Sohool Shoes   1.25
.Men's Working Shoes   2.25
Men's Heavy Working Pants   8.00
The Leading
Gel tin-in at....
Armitage $ Paul's. »
Your Opportunity
The HOLIDAYS are over now. nnd notwithstanding
the large business we did. we still have some odds
and ends of the better class of useful goods remaining
on hand.    We have decided to have a—
Record Breaking  Sale
and to sell them at about
Cost I
And in many cases less. We are expecting a large
addition to our—
Dry Goods Stock
And are determined to dispose of the  above goods I
without reference to original cost. i
John Hamill.
Demands    of   Citizens-   Secure
Needed School.
J. M. Wright,
Armstrong, B, C. :
Minister allows Armstrong \
: High, School.      Go ahead. ;
Everything satisfactory. '■
Price Ellison. •
The foregoing telegram received
by the Secretory of the Armstrong
school board last Monday conveyed
to the people of the town and district the welcome information that
their efforts for the establishment
of a high school had been crowned
with success.
No Official notice of the establishment of the high school has as
yet been received, but a letler from
Mr. Ellison confirms the substance
of his telegram, so that the establishment of the school may now
be relied upon.
To Mr. Price Ellison, M. P.P.,
is due the hearty thanks of his con-
I stitnents in this part cf his district
;for his successful efforts in bring-
i ing the demands of the people to
the attention of the authorities in
i a manner that 60 promptly brought
1 about their favorable action in the
DsathofR. W. Main.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C
%   ft
«• millm of a flour
'ff?*rAGENTS FOR^^
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Leading   Business    Firms.
; The Advance commends till- following
business firms of Armstrong to tbe peo-
! pie of tli»- surrounding district. Their
[ announcements may be seen in our ad-
| vertising column:
Armstrong, W. J., Hardware nnd
*\ Mintage, A. £., Gents furnishing
Ashe, 8 K, Jeweler, Vernon.
Burns, It. It., Drnggist
Hlanebanl, A., dressmaker
bank of Montreal, Hunker*.
Christian, .1 W, Cream separators
Christian, C. hi, Harness and Bad
Daniels, P. N., Incubators and Plumbing
Daykin, 0, T., General Merchant
Fisher* Sage, Real Estate
Farads, 11., Implements
Hamill. John, General Merchant
Hawkin's Urns., Hatchers
Henry. M .1, Nursery, Vancouver.
Lapworth, A. J., Painter
Moberly, G., Carpenter
MePherson & Holtby, Furniture and
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Okanagan Floor Mill, Flour, etc
Katledge, A. N., Barber
Shary, A ., Baker and Confectionery.
Simington, J., Contractor and Builder
Teward, Jas.. Plasterer, etc,
Wood, Cargill Co., General merchants
"For  Sale.
I have a number of good canary
birds for Bale. Good singers $2.50
Mas. W. Hoi/ray.
We are called upon this week to
note the death of Keg. W. Main,
; which tal event occurred Inst Sunday morning. The funeral was
conducted on Tuesday by ilev. A.
N. Miller, the large concourse of
! people attending attesting the high
j esteem in which the deceased was
held nnd respected in the vicinity.
Reginald W. Main was born at
! Elora, Out., Sept. 2)!. 1879. was
educated at Elora, passing through
I the high school at that place and
[also the Model school, finishing
with ii lirst class teacher's certificate for the province of Ontario.
At the Model school he obtained
the highest marks that hud ever
been taken in the county up to
thnt time. For a short time he
was in the collegiate at Owen
Sound but returned to his native
place to complete his .work. After
teaching school for a short time he
entered the probationership of the
Methodist ministry and preached
for a year and a half. His health
failing he came to British Columbia in October 1901. The
bracing climate of the Okanagan
had its effect upon the delicate
'constitution and health seemed
completely restored. Mr. Main
became active in every good work,
pursuing farm life in company with
his brother Leslie with characteristic energy. He often filled the
pulpits of the local entireties with
i much acceptance and journeyed
several times to Vernon for the
same purpose, On one of the return trips from the latter place he
was caught in n severe hail and
rain storm and contracted a heavy
cold which never seemed to rightly leave him. In March 11)04 he
went to Ontario foT a visit, returning in July of the same year.
Last spring he settled upon the
Hoult farm at Knob Hill, and on
May 24th was married to Miss
Maud Purdy. The last Bummer
brought many disappointments, bnt
all were met with unflinching
j courage and simple trust in tho
I divine wisdom of Qcd. The
| last illness wns brief but not accompanied by any severe pain.
He paBsed away on Sunday, quietly breathing his Lust at 9:45 a. m.
THE BIG STORE        8
A Cold Snap
Is Now
And we are going to give
$ our customers a chance to
buy anything we have in the
Mens', Ladies' and Childrens
Overshoes will also be cleared
At Cost
A few lines of Flannelette to
be sold for 10 cts. a yard.
Formerly 12 1-2 and 15 cts.
ladies' Trimmed Hats. I
~ The greatest chance ever g
f given in B. C. to have your §
j| head covered. Your choice for ©
$1.00 a
Cost from $2 to $10 each.    ®
Co Disinfect $»k$...
1 part Crude Carbolic to   20
parts hot white wash;
to Disinfect fiaram...
1 part Creolin to 20 pts. water
Oil afterwards with No. I Neats Foot Oil.
Boil till bits and snaps in a 1 to 20 solution of Creolin.
The Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R. BURNS, Bruggist.
r 1
I Bear mis in Mind,
Your friends-"back home" are
interested in the country in which
you live. There is no mentis ol
acquainting them with your district as by means of the lor-i-l paper.
Let ns send them the ADVANCE. A
Only $1.50 a year. |
was *m*wswm ohbbbd ssessBsm *ms The Advance
growth for the future makes it imperative that additional accommodation be provi led during the ensuing year. In 1898 the school
was opened with Oil enrolment of
ltl. In 11KI1 the second teacher
wits added, the enrolment being58,
The third  teacher was   added   in
1908 when the number of pupils
had reached 104. and the present
term opened with 110, while  it is
    expected that by   next  July  the
Notices of i-hiiri-h Bervlcea ami ent.ir- i number will reach 175 and by next
tointiu-ntswhrreni)admission Isohargad January exceed the 21K) mark —in
Inserted free.    Other notices at nsnul' which cub.- a fourth teacher and
another room will be required.
Subscription $1.50 per year in advance,
If not paid in advance 93.00.
Advertising ratesglvonon application.
Curds of thanks tl,
The Advanee W published In tin- Interests of the town and district in which
It exists and cordially solicits Hho i«it
lOnage of the liulilie.
That the glanders Is ll vital subject, in the minds of the farmers
was again demonstrated by the
large turnout at the public meeting
culled by the reeve Inst Saturday.
Tlle subjoot was freely discussed "
from various points of view, th
deoi6ion finally being that a eon- --.      —* *■
dltionttl   petition   be   sent   to the:     Armstrong may be
governmi nl   praying that the test 'on its prospect for tl
The marked suecsss that has
attended the promoters of the
Armstrong Earmers' Exchange has
inspired other places to move for
the organization of similar institutions. The suggestion has lately
been mode that all   the towns of
the valley combine In one general
association, thereby doing away
with competition, increasing the
market and reducing the expenses
below those of several separate associations, and in this way secure
the farmer better prices for
their fruit nnd produce.
J. McDonald
ejs   Real Estate
v    Agents j&
"Land of the BIG RED
po Yon weed Money?
We have several Thousand  Dollars to loan on good  Real
Estate Securities at the usual rnte of interest.
We are also Agents for	
British Columbia Permanent
Loan & Savings Co.
and can make you a loan on your home on easy monthly terms
of payment.
Why not make   Your   Rent Buy  a
Home of Your Own?
This is the of year when tires are apt to occur.       Hotter get
insured.      We represent four of the best companies.
in this community be delayed until niter the spring work was done
it was voted to send a wire to the
department Snturdny evening requesting tho detention of the test
in this community until after the
receipt of the above mentioned petition. In response to this wire
the reeve on Monday received a
wire from the acting veterinary
general stating that the government could not interfere with the
descretion of the inspector. In
view of this, coming as it does
from the head of the veterinary
department, the sending of the
petition has been abandoned. In
the light of this information it
would appear that any steps taken
by the people to bring about any
abatement of the present slaughter
of horsrs is futile and that the better method would be to turn in and
help the inspector in every manner
possible and in this way materially
assist in hastening the complete
stamping out of the disease in this
The loss of horses to the fanning community through the
slaughter for glanders is after all
not 60 serious a matter as muny
might lead one to suppose, or as
might be indicated by the number
that have been killed from the
local livery barn. Five per cent
jjo far covers the loss sustained to
the farming communities in which
tests have been made, Although
the loss to some farmers who have
only two or three horses nnd be
so unfortunate as to lose all will
will suffer serious losses, the loss
to the municipality on the whole,
reckoning on this basis, will really
be very slight.
Now that a high school is an assured fact for Armstrong, the question of accommodation comes up
for consideration. The Armstrong
school trustees have under con
sideration a suggestion which
believe should meet with
approval and will  if adopti
admirably the requirements, not
only of the high school, but ndili.
tional accommodation for the
public school pupils. The suggestion is to raise the present public school building to a two-story
building, renting a portion of the
second Btory as a high school and
retain the balance for use of the
public school. The fact is now
evident that not later than a year
hence an additional room will be
needed to accommodate the increasing number of public school
pupils, and by following out this
suggestion this room can be easily
provided, while the rent paid by
thi high school.- even nt a moderate
rental, will go far toward paying
the expenses incurred, A public
meeting for the discussion of tht
subject next Friday evening should
see a good attendance of rate-
payers present.
The rapid growth of the public
Bohool during ih; past  thrt-e  cj i
tour years with a [corresponding'
of an electric light plant in the1
near future, The members of the
company to whom the franchise
was grunted at the late election inform us that they have already
taken the preliminary steps and
expect, to be actively engaged in
the work of installing the plant
(luring the next few weeks. Watch
Armstrong grow when we get elec- i
trie lights.
The Ladies' Guild Ball.
The dance given under the auspices of the ladies' guild , of St.
James' church, in the Foresters'!
hall on Wednesday evening, was
perhaps the jolliest affair of the
kind given this season. Although
the attendance was not ns large as
at the Foresters' ball a few weeks I
ago, the crowd was large enough to
tax the capacity of the large hall, I
which, by the way, has become
altogether too small for dancing!
purposes. Armstrong hns become
noted throughout the valley for;
successful entertainments ol the
kind and the large "attendance
from outside places goes far to curtail .the accomodation wh'c'i the
home contingent require. The
ladies of the guild nre to be coin-;
plimented on the manner their
annual dances are carried out.
Their suppers nre perhaps their!
long suite, not so much for their
elaborate nature but daintiness of
everything, iu connection with
them. Wednesday night's ball in
this respect was no exception to
the rule and the tables so daintly j
laid con'a'ned fruits and jellies:
that just seemed to touch the right I
place. The ball itself was admit- j
tedly the ball of the season. The;
costumes of the ladies were very
pretty and so varied that detailed
description is impossible. The
orchestra of five pieces supplied j
the best music that has ever been!
produced ill Armstrong.
The Cotton Belt Mines.
Robert McAllister, of Glasgow.-
Scotland, spent a couple of days of
the past week in Armstrong. Mr.
McAllister represents extensive
Scotch capital and was here on
business in connection with the
Cottonbelt group of mines at Seymour Arm. He is figuring on a
purchase of the bond on the claims
and came here   to   interview   the
owners of the mines.
FFriKlItTI Bank of Montreal
Home should be the spot most
desired by every hoiiornble man.
To help make It so the home must
be pleasant and comfortable. Yo'i
can make your home attractive at.
small expense with onr new lines of
Wall Papers, carpels, carpel
Paper, Rugs, ele.
Have you seen our Japanese Goods?
(Screens, tables, and other of the latest novelties)
A whole case of Toilet Sets almost
at your own Price. i£iiX?3irwr~
Sewing Machines.     Organ*.      TalKophonee.
Head'Office; Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up 114,000,000, Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Prolit and Loss account. $878,088,
Right Hon. Lord .Vtrnlhconn and Mount Royal*
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Coo. A. Drummond. K.C.M.C.
■♦^"Contractors and Builders.
Branches in all the principal cities anil towns in Canada,    Also in
the following cities :   London. Eng.: 22, Abchnrch   Lime,   E. C.
New York,.")!! Wall Street i Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash. ; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : LiverpooLBiiuk of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen C'o's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted, Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe nnd Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from f 1 upwards and interest allowed nt. current rates.
Interest entered .10th June, and 31st December
Wlthdrawela   an   demand   without   May.
Ranchers and country business jtiven special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
Virata, M»Mtf*r.
r. 4. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
'.IMeOltntooh, Smb. Agent. P. OuMonlln, Smb. Agent.
The Real Estate
Harvest is on
Get in Line and List your Farms.
Connections with whole Valley.
H.  P.  LEE, R«*» Estate.
Vernon      -      -    and     -      -      Enderby
All kinds of Plain and
Fancy Sewing'
Rcasoioabie Prices.  Ml work (united.
Shop next door to Titrttr« sages Real fcstatt Olfkt.
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
«^a^—...n.ii !■ a»»a»^a»»a»a««»»»»-
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
Grande Prairie
Will give un entertainment in flic ———
I. O. F. HALL |   BKAIiBD TKNDKUB. addressed t<>
the Postmaster (li-nenil. will be receiv-
Thursday, February sift i ««»"»«"••■»« «■».•■ m****
Wholesale and Retail
Tbe best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game In season.
Uve Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
at H o'clock sharp.
- in the
10. ?. w\
— antler the auspices of—
Catties' flld Society of
meibodist eiwcb
Tues'ay Eveniig,Feb. 6,5:30 to8.
Admission r:0c.
— The program will conist of—
Vocal and Instrumental Quartets,
Duets and Solos, Speeches
and Dancing.
Reserved Sents	
General  Admission	
Children 25c,
i lfltb February, 1006, fin- the conveyance
of His Majesty's Mulls, on a tmifKMed
contract for four yenre, twice iwr week
enob way. between Armstrong- and Falkland, [rum thi-1st April, nnt. '
Printed notices contaiuiui: further information an to conditions of proponed
(•entrant may be men and blank forme
of tendermay be obtained at tbe Poet
Offices of Armstrong, Bpallumcheen,
Hull Car, (itenemma nnd Falkland, and
at the office ol the Post Officii Insjn-etor.
Vnncoim-r, B. C
nth January, MPS.
Voni Office Inspector.
50c.     The Western    Home  Monthly
free to Ahyakl-e  subeciilcts.
j mm MEAT MARIttT. [
==Wuolesa[e & Rewil=
All kinds of Fresh nnd Cured Ments always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
estPrices for Fat Stock and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,   \
Poultry Wanted
****** ****%*% **•*%** *w
Prop. \ iA
Local and General
**wJ.ens ol General mitrcsi.
W. J. Armstrong wnB a business
visitor to Vernon Wednesday.
Grand Prairie Minstrels in the
I, O. F. Hall next Thursday evening.
Mrs. Jas. Ratledge, of Morning-
siile, Altn., arrived Wednesday for
an extended, viBit with her sister,
Mrs. A. N. Ratledge.
Alex Cornel, one of the well-
known pioneers of tbe district, lie.
A. Schubert, Sr , left on Friday
for a visit to the coast cities.
Miss Maggie Dever, of Olds,
Alta., is visiting Mrs. Arnold
Miss L. .1. Crosier was ill a few
days the beginning of the week
with another attack of rheumatism.
One of the most pleasant rural
dances of the winter is reported to
parted for Ontario Wednesday. H. j have been one held at the home of
Schneider accompanied him as fur E. Lumsilen last Friday night. A
us Sicanious. I large  crowd   was  in attendance,
According to Brndstreefs Arm- l««d «*** furnished and a most
strong is to lose one of its extensive wholesale   fruit and   produce
J enjoyable time spent
j present.
by all those
Mrs. (lourlny returned from the
hospital    nt   Vernon,    Saturday,
where she has been taking treat-
J ment for dropsy since  Christmas,
i She has somewhat improved, bnt
! is still far from complete recovery,
though it is now hoped she will be
among    the      most   prosperous I gradually "»»ored to health.
fraternal societies of the town.       I    "Pat" Armitage was down town
The   largest   crowd that   h a s | Mon,,fty ,or the   finlt   ttae  *ince
graced the streetsef Armstrong fori nii two week'" nine";   From. *he
manner in  which   his  condition
merchants, who  will  shortly  remove to Vernon.
Two now members were 111111111111
into the mysterious depths of
Independent Forestry here Snturdny night. Court Armstrong now |
baa a menbership of eighty and is
some time was in town Saturday.
Evidently nn anction sale and a
glanders meeting prove a good
combination for drnwing the people in from the outlying districts.
Rev. A. E. Roberts, formerly in
charge of the Methodist church
here, arrived Wednesday morning
from Nanninio. Rev. Roberts wns
to have been here to officiate at
was drawn down in so short a time
"Pat" must have been a pretty
sick man, and his friends nre glad
to know that he hns so successfully
Mr. and Mrs. L. Farrjentertnined
about thirty-rive invited young
people last Thursday evening ut a
card party given in honor of Mrs.
the funerafof thelate r7w. Main I Farr's con6in-Geo- Holtby> befor<'
on Tuesday, but was unable to get■ his return to the coaBt-   Pr°8reBi*-
here by that time. jive *hi8t was the feature of the
■ evening and all present were  most
An oyster supper followed by a ho8pitllbly alMi pleasantly   enter-
concert is being given in the I. O.F. tni,le(]
Hall under the auspices of  the
ladies' aid of the Methodist church
next Tuesday evening, A goal
program has been arranged and a
pleasant evening is assured to all
who attend. Admission to concert
and supperuO cents.
[alike are therefore anxiously hop-
The ocal dramatic troupe have. ing tmit more snow   may   fall   in
selected Friday evening, February older that the balance of the logs
About one million feet of logs
nre now in the ynrd of the Armstrong buw mill—or only about
half the number that are expected
to comprise the next season s cat.
The proprietor  and   the  farmers
may be got in during
10, as the date on which "Nan, the
Mascot" will be pnt on the boards.
The members of the troupe are individually striving to have each
part as near perfection as possible,
and the public may depend on a
thoroughly enjoyable evening at
the opera house on the above date. I
A crew of surveyors laden with j
their instruments got off Monday's | iaiiitoba friend"s we
train and speculation was rife «***»* dot* the
the coming
Locas Tlat Gel Mstocss •■»•
Friday i
Miss Wilson, of Knob Hill,  left
Wednesday for a visit at Kamloops.
Miss Maggie Daykin  is   again I    'Nun, the Mascot'
able to be arround nfter her attack  ini;. February l'i.
of typhoid. Tlll, A,lVAXtEllmi Fri,L,pjgg, for,
Mrs. T. P. Hill returned home to. a year for $1.75.
Kelowna, Monday, after her visit |    g,nrt (he  new ypnr rfgM  nm,
at the home of Mrs. J. Crozier. subscribe for your home paper.
i Armstrong Hardware
Joe McDonald reports having
seen a robin Tuesday morning.
Spring is evidently near ut hand.
Enderby Orangemen nre giving
their first annual regalia bull tonight. A number from here expect to attend.
Clement Ehmke is up and
around, so that the typhoid
patients of the community are now
all being restored to health.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Baird, of
Enberby, well known in Armstrong,
mourn the loss of their infant babe, I uj,|e jotg m town
who wiib buried last Friday.
Geo. Holtby and Donald McLeod
left Saturday for Vancouver to
Jesume their duties ns brakemen
on the C. P. R.. after spending
pleasant vncation with relatives
and friends here.
H. B. Mausette, of Lncombe,
Alto., arrived last Friday. He is
taking a position as tinsmith with
the Vernon Hardware Co., at Ver-1
non and dropped off here for a visit
with friends. Mrs. Man e'.t? is a
niece of Mrs. Eli Wilson and spent
a few days visiting her.
The writer extends to M. J,
Henry, the well-known Pacific
const seedsman nnd nurseryman,
our hearty thanks for a generous
nssortment of garden and flower
seeds. Henry's seeds nre warranted  "seeds thnt  grow"  ond
Keep your dates open for Febro-
nry 16—the date of "Nan the Mascot" by local talent.
Have you seen those knife nnd
scissor sharpeners at Armstrong &
Leverington's hardware store?
Sprayers' attention 1 Good oak
barrels at Armstrong & Leverington's hardware store, Armstrong,
Pelly & Pelly nre Billing the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas-- the, most desir-
Tendefc shall be received by the
undersigned, up to Saturday, Feb-
" | rimry 10th, for 25 cords wood, 4 ft. I
long, to bo piled at back of school
J. M. Wbiqht,
8ec'y. School Boanl.
Came to our premises on or
about Nov. 1st, 1905. One red
cow, cat nnder right ear, also tip
of ear clipped; left horn broken off;
calf by side.
42-11 •   Heard & Sons,
.. MumWngjryorks..
In future this firm will be known as the firm of:
Armsirong &
01. ]. AinBtrong.
For Sale
One up-to-dnte Newcombe piano,
good as new.   Cost 1475, will  be
any | sold for $285.       Enquire nt this
some time as to whether the Arm-
One of our subscribers s t'a t es
thnt he had a letter from a friend
in Manitoba this week which said
it wns forty degrees below zero
and the writer was s hoveling snow-
to get to his barn. How different
here in the Okanagan! To our
can but say
cold".   It is
j now past the first of February and
strong Electric Light and Power; the cokleBtweather we h(ive exper.
company were beginning their tram
line. It was soon learned, however,
that the surveyors were here at the
instigation of the C. P. R.   though
ienced this winter has been two
degrees above zero.
Joe McDonald, president of the
for what purpose no one seemslo Armstrong  Electric   Light   and
be quite sure. J Power Co., spent some time this
_, ■     . 1'week with men in taking the lay
The present spell of continued Lj the ^^ on the ^er. of
fluid weather has evoked from I Dnvig creek „„d selecting the pro-
some of the old  timers  the pro-;        , gite  for  the ^
pheey that this is the beginning of The company state that they are
•nearly spring.Thirteen years ago going in for business and it does
one old timer informs us the win
really look as thongh Armstrong
was to have an electric light
system much sooner than many
people have anticipated. Here's
wishing the company the best of
success iu their noble undertaking,
| and the townspeople will generally
the comple
ter was very similar  to-this  and
farmers began plowing on the 10th
day  of February.   It  is   hoped,
however, that this will not be the
case this season, as there are yet
many logs to be  brought  to  the
mill and the farmers generally nrei ,,„„    m]em(l
depending, „n some good sleighing; tio„ of iMt     ,„„,
during February.
_, .       , The Grande Prairie   Minstrels
The marriage is   formally   an- Lre blUed here for   the 8th'.   of
nouiiced of J\ Skyrme anil Miss | February. This troupe appeared
Edith Turner to take place on in th„ ,ml, ,a Gnmde pmiri(j hlBt
February 7th. Mr. and Mr.,,^,,,,,,,,,,,,^,, regular ova.
Skyrme will celebrate the event by tio„ in th(, m„|lner of whioh evCTy
giving iidnnce to their many friends
in the hall on that evening and
we are requested by Tommy to Bay
that everyone is invited to attend
and have a good iithe|at His expense.
Ho hns begun the erection of
a cosy residence near the Advent-
number on the program wns up-
pluudcd n u d n number of them
enthuinsticully encored. As the
troupe is composed of young people resident ut Grand Prairie and
have gone to considerable labor
and expense in the preparation of
ist church where the happy young! tneir prognim they are mMtM to
the best putrouuge their perform-
couple will nt once take up house
keeping,   On behalf of the   inuny ., . ,
friends of the contracting parties Innce ments' uml we ""P8 to Bee
we take this enrly opportunity of; them treated liberally on the oc-
extending our hearty   congratuln-, casion of their visit here.   Printed
tions and very best wishes for a | programs of   the  evening show
long and happy journey o'er life's | twenty-four nnmberssoHie of which
sea. are most popular selections,
parties can make  no  mistake  in
placing their orders with him.
B. Francis hns his new building
well near completion and by it is
added a noticeable improvement to
thnt vicinity of Railway street. The
jeweler who was expected to occupy
it when completed has not lately
been heard from, but as Mr.
Francis has other tenants in view
•there is no question of its not being occupied should the jeweler
not materialize.
Those places in town which
have heretofore enjoyed the service of electric lights will now have
to await the installation of the
complete system. The Hour mills
people find that they require all
their power and have to discontinue
supplying any out side light.
Among the places affected is the
I. O. F. hall, where the loss of
light is the mote noticeable during
the season of public gatherings.
The miction sale of merchandise
held in the I. O. F. hall Saturday
by the Wood Cargill Co. attracted
a very large crowd, not only of the
men of the community but a large
number of the ladies being in attendance to take advantage of any
bargains in the different lines of
goods offered. Auctioneer Francis
put in about nine hours steady
work and succeeded in disposing
of a large amount of goods. The j
prices realized in some cases were'
most satisfactory, ' while other ■
goods were certainly sold at real
bargain prices, Taken as a whole
the buyers succeeded in getting the
better end of the bargain in that
the goods on the average were sold
at very reasonable prices even considering the wholesale prices only.
The nscetylene gas plant, of which |
there has been considerable bus- !
picion among
its actions on
Christmas tree, was the cause of n
large portion of Sunday night's
congregation leaving in the midst
of prayer. At the sonnd of escaping gns all those who were frightened of the machine arose as if
instinctively and rushed in a body
from the building, some leaving
portions of their evening's wraps
and others taking their hymn
books instead, while those who
succeeded in contrbling their
nervous systems remained
throughout the service. Rev.
Campbell later announced that the j
machine wonld not be used again I
until placed in a building by itself, j
so that we may all go to church
now with a feeling of comparative
safety. J
Cold weather is coming. A
You will need something in Horse a
*   C. L. Christian
One yearling heifer, red with
white spots, marked with notch
above and below on right ear, also
one three-year-old steer, same
John Chhirtmn. .
Came to my place in November,
1905, one yearling heifer, part Jersey, no brand or ear marks. If
not claimed within thirty days,
will be sold to pay expenses.
D. Matheson.
 & SON*	
1 MoConuick Binder,   1 Brantfurd Mower,  1 Funning Mill, 1 Straw     f
Cutter, 1 Sewing Machine, 1 HorsoPowor, 1 Set Trucks, new,
1 Set Logging Sleighs, 1 Skidding Tongs, C-irner  Binds,
Double Trees, Cnsthook,, Set light Sleighs. Cultivator.   For sale cheap for cosh or on approved notes
at three months. For information ap ply to above
Official Directory
School Meeting.
A public meeting of the voters
of the Armstrong School District
will be held in the I. O. F. hall,
Friday evening February i)th, at
8:00 o'clock. To consider the
question of alterations to the public school building.
A large attendance is requested.
By Order
Boabd of Trustees.
Notice tO Boys
The boys who disturbed the Ep-
worth League meeting on Wednesday evening of this week are hereby notified that the law imposes a
severe penalty for snch an offence,
Although some of the boys are
known no notice will be taken of
this, provided no farther disturbance occurs. The disturbance
referred to ocenred outside of the
Pfkridbnt or the League,
Railway Time Tabic
(Shoswaf & Okanaiian Railwav)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday      . 9:2Ti a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday      .       .       .       835 p.m.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, Chas. Crozier, W.
S. Burnett, K. 3. Olforhaus.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1H07., meets in the
•   I.O.F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening ot each month ut -i
p.m.    v isiting brethren cordiallv invited
Secretary. W'.M.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall, Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or before the
j full moon, nt 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
cordiallv invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
Divine Service will be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.80 p.m.;
Sunday School ut 2.30 p.m.—Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev, D. Campbell, Pastor.
WlM jM JtWCtfj
I Bt Jan*'Church, Sunday, Feb. 4.
I Kmouig Player 3:30. Sunday school,
j*30 p. si.-F. V. Venables. Vicar.
CORONATION Lodge. No. 48.
every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
& Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning
brethren nre cordiallv invited to attend.
B. FRANCIS, Rec. Sec.
3429. I. O. r.
Meetings at their hall Inst Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
Circle. No. 1172.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month, F. N. HANIELLS. Leader.
         Mrs. FRASER, Secretarv.
^—^amMmmmmmmm^ammmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm      II,.!.
church goers since Lenve 0nl(,re with
tlle   night  of   the!
ft. ft. BURNS,
Agent for
S.  R.  ASHE,
Jeweler, Vernon.
Holy Mam in I. <). I'. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in enc-h unit li at IU o'clock
Fathkk 11(1111 ai..
Barrister and Solicitor.
Mail Annivni—
North daily except Sunday      9:30 a. m
South    "      " " 3:30 p. m.
Mill. Lkavks—
North daily except Sun,lay     3:15 p. m.
South     "      " " flsifi a. m.
Gleiii-nimn and Falkland every
Monday ,-,:00 p. m.
Spnlliimchccn and Hull Car on
Mondays     -     .       .     ."i:00 p. m.
Fridays      .       . 11:30 n. tn.
J. M. Wan.ut. Postmaster,
Of Poultry
A Trio of R. C. Brown Leghorns.
A Trio S. C. Brown Leglwrns.
A Trio White Ply»cnjthrcoks.
About fit) hens, common stock.
To be sold cheap. Write for prices
Wood Cargill Block.
Cffice Hums: 11:30 to VI and 1:30 to5
ATMSTRONG,   -   -   -   -B.C.
For tSale/Sf^
Dealer in-
kinds  of farm   implements
wagons, buggies, otc,
horn and Plomouth  Rock Poultry anil I SLEIGHS NOW IN ST(K^K.,.7
Eggs.   Some exceptionally t^^ young I
 T w M1D0U11I rTheAnvAh-c'EnndtheWinni,^
1. ff. mAKSHALL. Free Press one year for only 11.75,
Cockerels iu v on
Lansdowno news of tbe District
Tree Our Ccrretpcndttm.
•• I ren than any   other  medicine
Harry Bhutan, trapper andjhunt.
ing guide, of Mara, has been visit*
ing for a week at; the home of J,
Kneller, his old hunting nnd trup-
ing partner, and they much enjoyed talking over old times together.
Harry left for home Inst week, and
intends to make for the mountains
again in penult of martin.
W. Kelly, of Falkland, has purchased a sawing outfit nnd is now
doing good work cutting for the
Atn meeting held nt the hall on
Thursday, 11th inst.. for the election of school and hall trustees.
J, Smith was electeil ns trustee
for a three year term. A. Ferguson
for two years and Thomas Smith
fir one year.   J. Pierce WOS  elect-
ed secretary-treasurer, with J,
Kneller as auditor. Mrs. J, Smith
and Mrs. A, Fergnron were also
elected as hall trustees.
Mr. Robins, of Grande Prairie,
■went through to Vernon Tnurs-lay
with his cart, but the heavy snow
storm in the afternoon made it almost impossible for him to return
the following day and he was compelled to exchange his eart for a
outter nt Glenemma and went on
his way rejoicing. He reports that
glander eases are numerous in
Grande Prairie.
Mr. and Mrs. J, KneHar's little
daughter, Edith, has been suffering
with tonsilitis but is now rapidly
A flock of wild geese were seen
flying in an easterly direction on
Sunday. Unless these weather
prophets tire misleading 6onje
warm weather may be looked for
although it certainly hasn't been
really cold yet.
In ' oners' jury believe that this was : n:
use. extremely dangerous medicine, and |
The following Words appear very the dose given in the directions
plainly on the label: "He sure and would he certain to prove lata1,
rend     the     directions     wrappefl and if that were   true   about   ten
around each bottle." These direc
tious under the heading "For child-
reu under two years of age,''   rend 1 graves
per cent of the  population of  the
United States would   be   In their
as follows:
"Mix one teuspoonfnl of the
remedy with one teacup of sweetened water and then give one or
or two tcaspoonfuls at a dose after
each operation of the,bowels more
than natural. For infants under
one year old never give more thnn
one tcnspoonful of the above mixture nt a dose.''
An infant under  one  year  old
There is not enough opium in
three drops of Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and diarrhoea remedy to
produce any injurious effect on a
child of that age. As conspicuously stilted in the directions for ns -,
there is 1 grain of opium in ench
ttaspoonful. One tcnspoonful of
the remedy; that is. one fluid drnm,
contains 190 drops. This statement can be  veritud  by  anyone
would get not to exceed the l-!Mi j who cares to take medicine dropper
part of a grain nt each dose. This i and try it, so that in three drops
is a perfectly safe dose as has been, the child would receive 1-125 part
shown by more than thirty-three' of a grain, while 1-40 of a grain
years'experience in the sale and j would not be nn over dose for a
use of the remedy, I child of that age.
The following is a review of the , For more than a third of a cen-
father's testimony before the cor-1 tury Chamberlain's colic, cholera
oners' jury, and will certainly sat- and diarrhoea remedy has Wen in
isfy any unpredjiuliccd person that, use and for many years the stile of
this remedy had nothing whatever! it has exceeded one million bottles
to do with tho child's death. annually.   It is largely   used   for
review of testimony. ; bowel    complaints    ill   children,
A careful rending   of the tosti-  particularly   during   the   summer1
nioiiy beforethe coroner's jury in'months, nnd during all this time
this is the  only ease that has ever;
come to my notice in which it  has I
been claimed to have  injured  any |
child, and in this case it is unjust-
ly blamed IIS 1b plainly  shown   by
the  father's  testimony.   On  the
other hand I   confidently   believe)
that the lives   of  more  children j
have been saved by  this   remedy
than by any other preparation   in
nee.   In 1879 there  was  an   epidemic of dysentery at Center Point,
Iowa, children  from two to four j
years of age  wore   the   principal.
sufferers.   During  this  epidemic I
fore tlie coroner'B
tin-case of tlie death of the oil!
of William Duncan, of Victoria,
shows that I Jr. Frazer was called,
found the child Buffering from
symptoms somewhat similar to that
of opium poisoning, found that
Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
diarrhoea remedy which had been
given contained opium, and jumped at the conclusion that the child
was suffering from opium poisoning, which was ll mistake as it had
precisely the same symptoms before the medicine was given.
The testimony of William Duncan, the child's father, was ns follows:
"The rirBt thing unusual his
mother and I noticed was on Sat-
Grande Prairie.
On Friday night, January. £b\
the Grande Prairie minstrel trotpe
achieved a tremendous success,
their annual performance beingtthe
best given in the upper country
for a long time. The audience
wns in raptures of applause feom
start to finish. The hall was well-
tilled but many more would have
come from a distance if the Kinds
had not been 6o bad. After the
performance a ball was given, and
everyone tripped the light fantastic
toe till 5 o'clock next morning.
The wife of Fred King presented
him with a son on January .23.
Both are doing well.
Dick Smith left for the east tihis
L. Jones and family are expected
on the Prairie the end of the week
to take over his ranch, which lias
been rented for the past few y«ars
by his sister, Mrs. Clemenson.
Everyone is sorry to lose Miss A.
Jones and Miss N. Pringle, wiio
leave this week for Oregon.
The Chinese of this place weie
quite energetic in their hospitality
in celebrating their new year.
An Open Letter to the People of
On December Kith a press report was sent out from Victoria j
• tating that Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Reuieby
was held responsible for the death |
of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
William Duncan at a coroner's
inijuest. Doctors gave evidence
that tlle child had died  of opium
poisoning. Coroner's evidence
was given that fifteen drops of the*
mixture was inlsoliitely fatal,       j
The evidence before the coroner's
jury was published in full in the
Victoria Colonist, It shows conclusively that the child did not die
of opium pblsoning, but the child
had the same symptoms before
any medicine was administered ns
when the doctor was called and
found it suffering from what he
called opium poisoning.
The statement that Chamberlain's colic, cholera and diarrhoea
remedy Is dangerous ti infants it
not true. Not only that, but we
believe that it has been the means
of saving the lives of more child.
First   Shipment
Of SPRING DRY GOODS including Muslins, Zephrs, Prints,
Linens, Fancy Ginghams, etc. is now on display.   Prices 10 to 20c
Oar Saturday Bargain sales
Each Saturday we will hold a Special Sale in one line of goods.
This   Week (February :i) all Flannelette and   Oanton
Flannel will be reduced.
Regular 15o Flannellette for 121c       Regular 12Jo CantonFlnnnel for. .10c
"     18c " for lie "     16o for.12k
8c for  Ilo "      17Sc for..15e
In all shades, white, pink, blue, gray. In both   I'leaehed  and  Unblencheil.
Just the Thing'for this time
of Year!
Helnf s Sweet or sour Pickles in Bulk.
U/ANTFHY 5,000 Live Chickens
If Ull 1 LII; Highest Market Price
there was over twenty deaths from |
irrday when the child slept heavily 1 that disease, bnt not a single death
all day, so muoh that his mother Iin any case in which this remedy
aroused him towards'evening."       | wns 118ea, and Mr. George B. Dun-1
Here you have the symptoms of ( bar, the leading druggist of the
nn over dose of opium before any ; town, sold 108 bottles of this rem-1
medicine whatever had been ed-jedyduring the epidemic. He is!
ministered. ■ Bt,iH in business there and will cor-
Mr. Duncan further testifies-. "At i roborato this statement,
about eight o'clock  p. ni.  it J£the |    In lsg8 ^ WM „ epidemio of
dysentery in Pope nnd Johnson
counties. Illinois. There was as
| high ns five burials in one day of
children   treated  by   physicians, j
n ....     .   Sta. ■"u: During this  epidemic  over four I
Duncan says:   "About   mrfmight ,     ,,,.,,. „,      ,    , . ,
on Saturday night, or early Sun- j hundred bottle of Chamberlain s
day morning I poured out »o the' colic, cholera and diurroea remedy i    Paotfkf  Ooast Brown
child) became irritable." That]
too is a symptom of opium poisoning, and before the medicine hail j
been administered.
Continuing his testimony, Mr.
C.   T.  DAYKIN.
■ i
Nurseries, Greethoue k Seedkowe
Vancouver.   -   B. C.
Hcud quarters for
Armstrong MarKet*
best of my Knowledge, about three | was sold, half of it by the firm of ^^'io^ta stock ^
o'clock Sunday morning it slept
apparently easy for several hours,"
It will be observed that it was
rops of Chamberlain s colic rem- j Walter Bros., of Walterburg, Pope our Greenhouses. Ask your merchant
edy and gave it to the child. The j „„„„.„ Tn „,i,„ „.„ „*;n i„ u„=i 'or them in sealed packages, if he does
medicine seemed to have no .effect!comlty-IU- *b° are atill in busi-1, handlothemwe will mallt» you
at all on   the  child, but at eight "ess there, and state that to thej «»*X?*».*JSi*'« »Wo
best of their knowledge every case This is our special selccton for B. C.
in which  this  remedy  was usw|.     Hl*ci»l prices on your bulk  seiids_
recovered.    There   is  not    physi- *   SV»s£s*ta/ Trees
twelve hours after the medicine i cinn in this country that can show Nowreudy for spring shipment, eitra
was iidmistered before any symp-! a better record than this prepnra- nice stock of 2 4 :i year Apple trees nt
i. , u, ,        ,,  i    „        „, .,        ,, . , W0.O0   per  100:  S180.00  lmr  11)00
toms was apparent that conlol  be. tion after more than thirty years Mayunrd   plum 8UK1   eaoh.    Italian
sole ond use. grnne, 2 year old line «ffi .001 per  UXj.
, ,.      „ , Sugar prune 2 year old fine WO per 100.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have my Ku„ ,|gt of utbn atook at rBi!lll„ ^-^
list liefore placing
"loral work,
pplles, l-'rult packages, l-'ertilin
it [ era, etc.   Catalogue l-'ree.
The following prices
nre being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Fanners' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
-   114.00
Carrots,      "
-     12.00
Parsnips     "
-     25.00
-     16.00
Turnips      "
-     1000
Cabbage      "
-     20.00
-     12.50
Apples, per 40 lb.   -
Pears          "
Plums, per 20 lb.   -
Celery, per 50 lb.   -
Poultry, per doz.
Eggs       "     "   -   -
Butter, per lb.
If so, it.will pay you to see me.
-Estimates given.—
j. sm.inq.0B
Shop next Francis'
attributed to the remedy.   Dnring
this twelve hours there was natural
sleep for  several  hours
nervous    irritation,    wli
poisonous dose of opium had been [ that according to his testimony
        " "■•"•   *•""•" ■ "V   Full list of other stock nt regular
•s  and   no sincere sympathies ill  the  loss of Let me pried your list lierore p
hile   if  n their child, but I can asnre themjfcXfe^cT^'t
mlminiBtered the effect of (the i wns not caused by Chamberlain's
opium would have been apparent | colic, cholera and diarrhoea rem-
within thirty minutes, and the: edy, but by n disease the symptoms
most serious consequences occur- of which are somewhat similar to
red before tne end of twelve hours, j those of opium poisoning.
Medicine that was so slow as that When these facts are fully con-
in taking effect would be worse sidered we do not see how any
itjban useless in a case of colic or reasonable person can reach the
cholera morbus, for which this i conclusion that our remedy wns in
remedy is especially intended. any way the cause of the child's
Xlr. Duncan further states, "that death.
at twelve o'clock noon on Snndny
the child was fretful as it was on j
Saturday night."
This was twelve hours after the
opium WOS administered, and by
the em! of that time, had the child
lived, all effect of opium poisoning
would, as a rule, have dissapeared.
Il will further be noticed that this
n-Tvoin irritation was the same as
occurred befovn the child had been
given any medicine whatever.
Mr. Duncan also testified I "That
the child had a bad turn about
three o'clock and revived at about
seven o'clock. If the child had
been Buffering from a fatal dose of
op.'ttm it would not have rallied.
it will be noted that the child
died at 11 :(K) o'clock, twenty-three
hours after the medicine had been
administered, and it is well known
that if a person survives the effect
li. Chamberlain, Sec.
Chamberlain Medicine Co,,
Des Moines. Town
HO 10 Westminster Kd. Vancouver.
If you will call and sw tho
Cream Separator
and note bow few parts
it, has, how pi-rlectly
simple it is. how easy
I it turns, how |ierfectly
it skims", hnw easily it
is kept cleitu. and how
strong mill dumlilt' it
| is, you will at once decide it is tlie separator
| for you. No separator
] ever made such rupit
1 strides   in   |ropulnrit>
ns the Empire,      The
reason is timt it satis-
llcs every purchaser.
1 nsk the privilege of
showing it to you.
Columbian    College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given In the advanced
Public School, High School, Collegiate and University work. The
fcp cial Courses include ii thorough j
p acti al Business training: T. e:
vocal, Instrumental, and Techni-I
W. Christian,
Bnttermitker ut Creamery.
To make room tor a new stock of mouldings. 1 will do
pieiu Music:   In Art: Sketching,
of a poisonous dose of opium for j 0il J'llilltiuB:,n!l Pywgraphyi Also
twelve hours that  the chance 0f Physical Ottltnre and Elocution,
recovery is almost certain. For Oi lendar, Address '-Columbian
Dr. Frazer would havo the cor-:   College, New Westminster,B,C,
At a Big Reduction for uu
A good assortment of
moulding to K-ici-t fnuu.
G. Moberly
... Shop
and Billiard Hall.
I The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts und the cleanest
Shave 15c,    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE. . Proprietor I
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I inn prepared to nil kiues of
I work in those lines nnd guarantee
I satisfaction.
; Rkhidkmk: Kpringhill. hull mile north
of Armstrong^
) Orders may he left, with (', Addison.
wan Paper..
I have en hand u   complet
range of,..
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decor ato'
...f OR SALE.
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom laud easily
cleared. Goal frame house, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, 3
dozen chickens, nnd full equipment
fnrui machinery.   Price SatXJO.
•     ...D.MITCHELL.
by buying this
reliable, honeit,
high grade sewing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.,


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