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The Armstrong Advance 1906-05-01

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 •   £ ■ ;
&/>e  Armstrong    Advance
          and Spallumcheen Advocate.
music* li lie Merest* it Arasirsif as lisiriei. lie Clelcesi iirilu si He rum Nihssi vuic|.
tuboerlatlon tt.10 In advance
VOL.   II.
^woem oo^ b. C'5 AID WELCOMED
i How Do Yoo Do n conditions«^x^w ,han
i    Without tbt Goods You Should be Buying Here.    Don't
Sj Get the idea that the
11       Warming' Up
Of (he Weather is Going to Cause any  Lessening  of  Our
Efforts to Provide for Your Comfort & Welfare.
Lois      of    SPECIAL    WANTS   in   Summer
Here Is   the PLAGE to Have Them   Filled
To our style of Hats ti Caps In all the latest shapes
By  Wearing   our  Special  Lines of tine
Neglige    Shirts
Ties,    Gloves,   Hosiery,   Shoes
Clothing'   to  Suit   the Very
Get    your   SUMMER    SUITS   made
Now and be in the Majority
The Choicest Assortment of TWEEDS  and
Worsteds to Choose from,
Get them at
^^flrmitagc *% Pauls,
to*   The Leading Gents' Furnishers JJS
^OOB=a **aWama\\m \mnmm\emeum\QOiy
... .... ... . ... » 1 ,.|ihll |    Tin'ship loud of supplies
Suiil-'rauolsco, April HO I sent by British Columbia anil I h n
Amur doi'keil unfitly this I west liy Mayor Buncombe was jnst
morning.    Cargo thankfully  i  tho class of goods needed most anil
r ivitl '     Newspaper    ro.   "  was most lienrtily received.
ports fail lo convoy iidcipintu   '.      Pni'tles who arrived  from  the
Idea of disaster,   The city is  j  mimic ol  tin   cnrtlupinke nnd  lire
destroyed. | state that the loss of life is much
I-'. Buscombe,      I  heavier than ,-ii lirst reported n n fl
thai tho lisl of dead will reach into
tin- thonsunds.
In spite of the tei-rible calamity
and in spite of the tact that n
score of minor shocks have 1. e e u
fell iii tint city sine,' Ban Fran-
elsi-it' is alreiidy beginning to recover ninl the work o[ i-ecoiistrni ■
tiouiHiilri'iidy under way, I lulyoiio
newspaper, the lOvening Post, has
been compelled to suspend puhli-
i-ation, all the others now appearing regularly,
. .      .   . , ,. There ant yet in the city iSKUKKI
ipialo idea ul tlu- nwluliiess nl   tin
*- - - —> ——~ •- 4
The foregoing message sent l>\
Mayor Buscombe after his arrival
in S.iii L'l'micisco with n shipload
of supplies which snileil from Vim-
couver lasl week may be taken asn
true Indication of the runic lition
existing in the sti'ickeii city,
While the newspaper reports from
time to time Bince the disaster
have been ne-sl appalling, in 1 li e
words nl' Mayor Buscombe even
these have failed in convey mi ado-
flrnmrona |7 Pharmacy.
We have been appointed
agents for the Celebrated
Eowney's Chocolates
End \}m on Display a Complete Cine.
3fie Grmstreng Pftctrmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -        Druggist.
I. 0. 0. F. Anniversary.
Indians  Remonstrate.
of the catastrophe, however, con-
ti'ibutioiis have ttowed in nponthu
iiufoi'tiiniite city sii freely from all
iiniirters that there is now said   to
people that have lo be fed daily
and hall' that number will remain
under public care for weeks.
UKI.IHH) people in the city hnve nothing but the clothes they wore ou
be no further   ueeil  and already their bucks when th
somecontriblltioiis have  1 ll   de.  took lliem.
Coldstream Ranch Sold.
The Coldstream Bunch, fornierlv
The bl-ethei-u of the  Oddfellows The Tndiuiis at the Hem I   nf tin
I'i-ali-rnity enjoyed i of the inosl Laki   Heserve are jusl   uou   enter
s 'i-ssful anniversary services in htK strong objections to what •
c-ouiiectiou  with  their order  hist consider an injustice being iuHiel
Sunday thai has yet been held un- ed upon them by   th.'  self  ,    cti
tterover- ,\..r  tin-   auspices   of t'orouatiou luted authority of the chief ol   th
j Lodge Xo. .IS,    The tlllth  of April Douglas Lake Reserve, by I    ring
   in the iiiitiiivi-rsary of the  founding oil'   a     portion   of     their
B. C. Lumber  to  Go Duty Free, "Mhut great fraternal  society  i ,H From  information gathered
America, and  each year on  the membersol the Head or th     I.
During the rebuilding of San- Sunday nearest thai date suitable Heserve it would appear  tha
services are held bv each   mid  ev- .loliunvChillichi
i Che Big
—^ will soon Be Here!
And ovcryhoily will require to shed their winter garments
mid |.rociiiv something light and CHEAP.   So the
place to get them is   at tlle
Big Store
i        .ill        I   ll        I h'.-nicisco  l-i.-it iuli    f'nlnmilili    Imn     Services lire Ill-Ill  I'V I'llCII     III V.    .lull llll V I   IIII llcll,-|ev..l  I Inllglll - I .a |... ■
ow I eiituvlv byLionlAberdee.il, cj-imcibco jDimsn  i oiiiiihii.i  mm- • , >
,, i    'n      • ■ .   .   i I...I-is tr, Iiii nrlnttftml fi r,f ,'ntv cry branch of the order, i" which   I utlinn has recently acquired  from
has been piirchaseil by a |oint stuck l"-i is in  ue aonuiieii nee oi  nuij > . -      '
., , ,i        ,,   |, .,|  (leit  unit 'I'll,,    siisliensinn    nt   11II tllcllinors HIV l-Xpi'clcl I til III tollll    lllll  IJollglllS   Llllie C I ll'f COUtttJ     I
coiupaiiv. registered as the Cold- ui 111111 poit.     me suspension  01 '
stream Estate Co.    The property the tariff provisions by the Tinted '»"•,l"  ll"1""' '" ,!l" '"""""'.' "'  " tract ol land neat I ull-ik
.  ,     ,.   ,     . v,™„ ', Kt.,t,.s ,.,,!■,.r nt InunFiii'  -,s  Un,  the   fo Ids   of  this  beui'Volitut  the ror i' reserve ami is now  hi-
consists ot about lo.tK.K) acres ami ©lines gouunmeni insniai  as  ine
,-,, ,.      • .   ,..,    , ,,:.„ nt SiniT'" nit™. ;s ,.,„ • i'society.    In this respect the mem.  gaged in letioing the same to the
■lid acres tormtng pnrtottlie Lav- '"J "' oinii lancisco is conceineo . < »« a
.    .      ,,      ,     .,;, ..  ,.   ,...., \,.,K |„„.ri ...... ,,„,„.,.,!        u -i n.unli   bersof Corolialion Loilgehave I n   injury ninl inconvenience  of   the
ington Kanch.   the capital ls.lMI,- ""*' u iinnoniiceii,     .vb a lesnn . ,„ ,        ,    ,   . . ,  ,  ,
mi,. Tl        I-       . .11-1 nt-nl-v mill nil tin.  nniiul     which     iu I (.'SlICl'lllUV tllltlltul.   Illlll    tlli-ir   Set-   rigllttlll OW11ITS.      All   1-HthnslJl.Stlc
IKKi.       I he ilirectors are the Karl ' \eiy nun un un- coasi   wniin   is      i . .....
 ^       ,   ,,      , i-     ii    t  oi ilnns,.  will  ,-ei   nhi.r   tlie  vide ast Sunday provedexceplion.  intlikiiation   iiieetni'' has alremh
.-in. I   t ininti'ss  ot    Aberdeen,   .1. coiiiiiui-iooso  \.ni gei  auer   un- .     ,. ,,  ,       ,   ,,      ,  ,    ,   ,
■fiS><5S)SS)«S)0   Buchanan, Mrs. A. Buchanan. W. business to be done with SanFrau- ally auspicious m this respect.   At  been held and the tudia.is are tsk.
V 0 Kicardo R   M   Palmer   (I    B cisco. and it is stated that the price 2:!IU their  loilge  room over the mg the matter up with the  Indian
Mauley and R. L.   Hunter.     Mr. "f Inmbur will advance, that many  U'""1 t';"'-1'1 ljlocl< w;,s """   ' '  IM>m-tineut. while it is expect
... ,'     ,| ,. ,, iiiillit will u-ni'r illiv mill   nil/Ill   mill    Willi  lil'et lllTII of till'   Ol'del'    111     tlle    lll'W cllil.'f will  bl
Iticurilo has  been malinger or the uuiis win woik naj nun ni^ni nun ,,,.,.
1   ,• .- M        li   I til-it tin.   ..-..... ..-•! I     niosneritv     nou-     OCIll   Ollgl! Illlll Ot SOJIU'lllllg   lllclll-   lleail ol  I hel r own tli l«
ranch tor some tune.   Mr.   I iiliuer inaiine  geneiai   |aos[jeiu\    now o *
§,.,.,       .      .   i     i, ,.ninii.il    111-    111..    Iiinilmi-   iiiilnstrv   bets ol t he district alul a Very    lib-    tllOSli WllO IlllVe Signed
is secretary ot the I rovinciai   Ini- enjojeo   uj   ine  imuuei   iiinnsiij ,-
,. .   ;. ,, , ,. willl,, I,.,,i,.,„l |.\.,.ru   craft   era   attendance Ifdin the neighbor-  Strillice lire .loseph .1111111110.     '.
rean ol Intorniatloii. Mr. and Mrs. win be eiiiuinceil.       i.m-ij   ciuti >
c\   ,,    , .    ,. ,i i      .i ftaut i-i-u liiiiiliev will   lie  out   liili lodges ot   \ eruoii   \ alley  and   Logan. Atitwine hly,   rear Lou
HL Buchanan ate steiilnther iiiiiI moth- mill can cany iiunuei will  ne put     k      " ' »       •	
Kf ITT   I)      111      i-.i     l into service In cii-ii    lumber down     Mirekll. of Euderby.    .lollll tJllllllll
yl er nt .1. I. fchirilolph.ot the Laving- mio scimcu io cauj   nimnei no«u
ton Ranch, null Mauley *  Hunter 'be coast.
ii ;, ,    t . ,i    I,. ,i   in The   remission  of   tin
are solicitors tot the r.arl ol Aber
•eled ns t h .-
. Amongst
the   ivuioii-
nter Bersit, IV.it Mitcneil. oima-
was appointed marshal of tlle day low, Alix Sininlow, Dankiii, Kana>-
per and under  his direction  the  line kite. 1'eter tjtiniikiii, Naive,-   I'm.
g) dee ii and .1. finclumi
Armstrong One, Vernon Nil.
thousand  duly   will   be   a   great  was   formed   ami   proceeded  from Dittoes  Andrew.    .limmie    Login.
tiling for the coast Inmberiiien and the hall   to St. .lames'  Church, Gasto Louise. Louis  Marchell. T
will brim; thonsunilsofd-jlhirs into there being at the head of the line Lindley, Old Batees. N'apeer. Su.ii.-
British Colninbi-i. ; Past (iriiml Master,T.C. (-1 raj and  ————
                 .           ,       .                                                              twelve Bast District Deputy (Traud . _.,,
Unit Armstrong is not  slow in                                                        ,.           . ,.      , .     , .       ,    , i»osi.
i                            •.        • i                       Snecia Council Meetin?           .Masters, tolloweil by sixty suborn- Somewhere   on   the  sir, ,i-   ,,i
lacrosse even   in   its maiden   year upeuai uiunm iucciuig. ■>        • auim.niii i    im    su,,i-   oi
,. ., , '   , mate   othcers and  third  ilegree   i..,,lstl.0 ,,
of tlie great gaunt was nirum   made      ,.,,              .. ,   , .             . .                    .          ....          ,           .      ... -1-"1 """--1'"
. ,    ' . ,,,.,, •   1 he council held a  siiecial   si'B-i niuiubers ol  the  order,     At   St.  ,l.i(  i„.ni.
evident tiv the res.lit ot   the   name     .       .     , ,       . ,.,..,., pot.ket    I k.
...       •     ...  ,      , ,'?., .,   sion last. biitnii lay.     I In-business James thnrch the service was iu  ,,.,,,., i it..,,i.
at \ rirnoiion Wednesday.     While    ,.       ...      , '     ,,    , ,,.        ,.    . ,. ,,        ,. ,   ,    ...       I 'I   '" ' n,lllk
..I   iiiklI   iiiI.  r —I   vi,is tin.  I,,11,11,r ,,  I     ..I .,, ,.!   II..,*        I I.,.,,,,', I     .1        k i.i.r ,..      ,
name,   tinder   [
lark  red.  leather
utainiiig   private
Ladies Corsets,   Drawers fa
Night Dresses, summer
Corsets A Canvas
iu the game on the home "rounds ,,         ,     , ,.    ,,          ,.       ,. ,, .,    '         ,  ,.
,       ,    ,             i the contract tor tl ruction or tho M. A., and  the service
three weeks ago the  "Led  Apple1      •    ..     , ,   ,,     ....             ., . ,      ,,
,         .               ■'      agricultural hall.   Alter consider- uouiicod by all present a
Boys   allowed the visitors to make          ,,     ,      .                     ,    .. .     ,                             ,.     .
ing the tenders  receiveil. it   waslthebesl   services   of   the   uiilure
one score and end the  name   in   a   ,.       , ,,   ,   ,   %.   ,,.   ,.   ,     ,      ,. ,. ,       ..        ,,.,    ,
.                           "                    louiid that .1. M. IiiiiI s tender  tor over listened to.     I he lessons were
draw, in the return Kiuile on I he   -.,.,,„■ iu,        .i    i        .        ■   . t ,       ,         .1             11       .■  . i
h                           J.l.ltHi.'.KI was the lowest   and   the taken   I rum   the   parable   nl   the
eiiemvs    iiwii   ground  I lev   were                ,                   ...   .   . ,.   .. .     , c,         .            , ,.      ,         ...  ,
„..                       ii.          ',             contract wab accordingly let to Illlll. (in id Samaritan and the  beautltlll
vtf shut out eiitirelv mid  our   boys;.      .M i         .1.1          . ,.t .1 .•    1      ,,   .,     ,,1  ...
-                                •                            •       As will be   noted  tlle  cost   of  tlie stuv   ol   .liiiiathau s   lnlelitv   lo
cirried away the  one and only               ii..,nn         .          1    .1 1,   '• ,     .    • •      .11
•                      .                •   pni|Misiil building yet exceeds   the David.    Applying   the   lesson   m.
bi-ore iniide.     the game is reported              .         ■ 1   1 1'   .1              .1 1        1 .   .1 '   1        1      ,,  n  .,
1            amount provided by the recent by.- culcated to the broader  held  Ihau
I"'"- Okiiniignii Hotel.
\V. Jamkh
A lady's purse containing about
>t..*ili in currency and silver illlll n
number of uews|)apor clippings.
Owner may recover same b\   prov.
bv those present   as  having   Ih-cii ..       ,      ..„,.,      ,..!      ,    . , ,     . . ... .      ing proixTty at AltVAXCK oltice.
1 " law  by fi.Mi.     the Agriculturalfsimply the member* ol   tin- onlur
Society, however, hasassiiuuil this present the sp,)iiker dwell  especl-
mid furious."  Vurtioii triwl to ring , ,,   ,  ,1     1    1 1.      ■    "n 1 .    ,.    ,     1   c
,H amount,  so  that   the  building  is ally on the common biotlierhomI ol
in a professional to assist tli	
To Rent—For Sale.
TaA-«v,c JCV T3«tto   Bolhv? «v,  „« O   ...a proteHsiou.il to assist t 1 1 n ll(nvll„ „BM„,,| fad. man and impressed uiiou his hear. Cottage to rent,   also  •' ,1,,,,.,,
MenS & BOyS   Balbnggan UII- ft wl..».n«tl.e game  but objections     A l:|!tiHcn fTom guV(,r(l| Qf |h0 (.rbt|„.„,,,1„ll|(|,,,,.ilh..,|u ,„„„ ,-,|i,,le.„.es|orsa|,, Jonathan and
«derWear   per SUit ffii!°a,l!,8.,"^"r.^."'S^.^'iMtiAmUoftlietowii   asking .I,,,, thy neighbor as thon wonldst ha»u Biiljxenberg.   Apply^
K. C.   McDonald,   they
a surveyor be placed on  the ditch I him do unto you."    Special  music
mip-lled tn play  their own  u,tW(,(i|)  (h(, )|)Wn  |H1(1   Kagtviow had been arranguil for the occasioi
team.    In the  lirst   half of  t h
111111.' neither  side   scon
but  in
addition was recAveil and  will   re-  and the .-iblc Ilia
«I,• manner in which  the  ' I "f^   tf~\f^
Kit feature of tl:.-service     * V-'    V1 *^*
Flannel   and   extra   light -:g,-.me„.-„ner »„,« score,,, ,m, ,„ n.vi. thi. ,.„„,■,,,,,,■„, 0,,,ieichoir
TweedSuits, White Btam&if^  •-«•.,,  _„ „   k ^,0''-7-^he p..^]^^^
. ' ft ( oiuiciHor lliillain  was author, nnniversary as observed by the  lo-   JT UIJ11L  -^.SBfc..
Yachting Shirts Canvas      jj.thu-wiiiiiiinjtiiHiio.iof*! ror «"'ji^,to-nxvt^fn5o.lt|ieBeiihiii.e0iuio.i8». ,
Shoes & Dusters. f "1« «- >. l.*. ^ ^ -^ ?<^i:^**ZS,^ iiS^B^
W number of spectnfors  and a keen  poting this  work  was for $125,  .       ,',,,,,• ,   ,.  ,     nniiersigneo win i. imki  ev..|\
f\X7/-\ar\T-i   r ADrTl   1      r*f~\'        <R »»«»■        ,        « .lug the fmul  lor tin-   relief of tlie' Wedn-sdav  ifteniooii dm-iug the
nvvlV   V^/TLIVVjrll^l-/   \^*^*'-"»    \\i interest was inunifest in the game which amount was more than  the 8ftri-ji-raU(.'t:tXj suferers .thi   mem-  s:-.-:    r-'-.-:• i.:.- .-.
©@»(^5^5 S©tE«3)@3>©:ri' ""',   "'   r,"isl''   l>-K.C.;council felt. justiH«lin  .spending bl,rs thn6 , dialing in  , prat-U- ya,    *^Cflan    MilU 0
|  '.McDonald acted  as  refcree.  for at the present time. led mm roneof tt..  < t,.:  iiinis  W t UUt.Ml(JlJ,  IT|Q§ I.
which position he is well qualified      K. C. Watson   was   appointed of tho society. :,    ..
BECAUSE d helps to advance your district
r.'iXeAI's-E it Ls -,i'l-< a'y il.i--.us to. get the wwn,
h ItiCe I le hi it ii svi-ued and , nbliflhofi in Arn stroi g
nnd then- was a noticeable lack  (f miiiiicipal constable, (!eo,   Levens,
Afti r ti., n:\x.-f r. thort I h el.
•    .',.-     I'l. ■■■ Cl'i
disputes or misunderstanding,  i f the former appofotee,  having  re- uig with ajipt :     '■■  < •      ' -  > ..
nny Wi.d. fntcd to accept tin pceitiou. \VM ai the In
'   N   DAS i ELS.
I     .     LAY" J*. The Advance
A Pl«»s.'ji{ Concert.
KMSTtti Ml    ■   <
"" Till      M..-     .  -I.lelli.llllillg      COIL
■•;  cert under the nnspiivs of the la-
Icrosseclnl on Monday night, not
_ withstanding the short advertising,
tJClMl RHIAH, Puell.h.r.    p'o'.eii II bllcecssf III   a nil    frOtll    tllU
pi.ni of la lent dibplayeiloue of the
Hi I"t i.tii.i. «!.:<■ 1.1 ti.n in Liivnnm.   best eittortniumolltsgiveil in   town
: tnr many   months,     As only   two
days' notice had boon given, I ll e
coi ti was  not  generally   known
throughout the district, hence tlle
Ailv, r: -'i u   i..:.
• Ifii-  PRINTING   \ Mi CI M.'l \
Thi   Wvanci i. |ii til -1ii.i
cuts ,-t :'. ii'iii . 11!  itintr
it id IhI. Hntl i-tirtliitllt   -> i
Will house mil) besaid tn have been
N, i ,-•-. I it, iroli st rvii-ft »r.d .<--i   satisfactory  lerthe circuinstuii-
toinmitRU. wlntn m. ailii issii, a i- i-'.i.ri-.-i: ees.      Madam   I i leiidenniug   and
uwtuind tni>.    ";i" ni.iii-.-s nl  ,-n.l \|,ss   ||, i,:   Mm,re,  |„,.|;   proved
'■''"    '"" ; "' " ""'" *'•  I hut the high  reputation and  I he
- coiiipliineiitnry notices given them
'h by i ther pluces  were iu  no wit)
,; exaggerati-il,  as the) are  Inula
_ musicians of rare ability,   .Madam
;-. i iloiiiieiliiiugi'B|ji chilly,despite the
-... »»•„»....     . ,. t. ..     fl fact that she is now a litdv of some
EDITORIAL NGTES. J urn ye,,,-*,, „«,-. is |nMH^«i m- „
l|»| swe, t s-,pr; I,,, vnice. and   tinne can
The  propositim    of  i   trowing )[iss Mmiro  was esp-cially pleas-
J/.'-I'l'i  for the repair of tit    mads j11({ i(|   |„.r |ris|, ,„id Scotch songs. I
"!'■  ' muiiicipi   t)   si-,, ,-.., by M,._    M(lU.rh    |V     ,i||(1|v  n „,,
the ,.'.' |     ,   ii in- it." vi'leiit- ■ .       '.          '
1,1.   ■     by the waysid    through ; m-oepliibly assisted in the concert {
tin. I t-K of "support .«m ug the rate, by playiiigtln   obligato i  n  tlie
payi rs.    Aft' : •  :- .. days canvass violin.
by tin se <■ .-,-. latii g  the  p tition
iwltiiiL the cm   ,-il t   submit  ' n .- Armstrong School Report.
bylaw it  was  I nnd  -; ..:  the  re- .,.,               .
.                                   . ,   .■ H" '■■   owing  is the standing
qu.r, e siguaturi s were   not  f< rth-
.         ,  ,   . ol tlie  onI lis   , ;   tie    Armstrong
coming and tin instigators ol   the ,     , '     ,                 „ ,    .,     ,
,    .,                 ■      ■.,     . schoo for the month of April,  the
nci.•■:...■ decided to drop It   Without .          ,     ,        ,
...     . llTsl   t.l.Iee  li.'.meS   III  , -I. I'll  I'llISS     kie-
goiug any furthi r.  vt i ... in ninny
,    ■        ,,        .          .' mg arranged in order of merit:
ways   we   believe   tlle  scheme   to .     ■ .
hllv* *'•" :| ■--■■■<   e. I lid without ..^vr^rt.l.pmlL'c, for April    l!!».
donbt   tin   reeve    and  councillors HitmSoiiooi,
wen sincere in their belief thai   it'    Skmu"   M.Daykin.
would havi  I- ■ n ■■ ndvicive io the ls'1'-'1 v,"-:
best interests of the  amnicipa-lity. \ ^ P^le-. B. ■'*»^"».  «• M""-'
ale -1 . we admire tin   inclination
Thai we tire agents for
De Laval Cream Separators
Thai we have,-mi      |      I'A I NTS. Ill L S. I(K I'SII KS. A X I.K
stock    of   '»•   ■• UHEASE ETC. KTC.
Thai inn stock ol I'.A liltKUWIL'K.CAIiDKX WIRE. KAMI
Thai «,  an  selling all kinds   of   11 .it. Iu .11.    i-lieiij.et   than   iter
(let Prices and s,-,  for yourselves
—— Jlrmstrotifl s Cwerington.
i ^'
ifli., t Nit ■ :
(i. Ili.-.r's. ;.. II:,'... \l.
i:l 11 •    |i, ,■; le tl     , . ■■      lib    i
ilii-.s   possible   ,-(,'•-.  for  any- Kktkani-kClass:
thing that is of urgent n I.     Tne'    H. Hiimill, D. McNhir. f. Mc.Vau.-ii
ro.i.3.   of the district  are in  any "'^   .^
l!;i:'-  ,::I   ;'   >'■'  <-ciidi1ion.  mid L"'m cGic P. tli--k.-r. K. i..-..-. ,-:■...
that the municipality • j. :,,.t have j.. jTH:
the:.-j-  ,:  bt   bunging  over   its W. Mi-Dtmuli!. W.fhuiiils. ]{. Iliiim-r
head '.:...! Wi w. : i avi   It'eii   i :■..■>-
ioi ed 1 y 1 he success of the   1 a , it,
undertaking  is   without  doubt  a s '..    ,.'
desirable sitntitkni.    As   was  well /.. n,,;. -..,■:
iinid at n late > nl lie .: eeting "di bt  .\fiin-i,)l.
lias i.'-< :: a cursi to ilidividu lis und iiiillnn C
Kinc.  lie
Our Trimmed A
Ready lo Wear
Now Ready
-jfte (atest Style in Veilings
^oerytning Ht?at in "jCaces & r.ecfiwea.*
"Land of the BIG RED
Confidence in the Growth and
future of Armstrong?
I; ho, in.'tf ii.ons-v t1!! yonr Oontiflanoe \:y socurins  figHt
now u l.v, Itits it: tfco D« w
Fairview Addition
These lots nre i rtVri,! tnli-w th- ir rotil valno, thoy are
exeeptiotuilly w. II located, and have splendid dndlinge, The
wal is the best ada | tod f, r Irnit anil garden ing of liny addition that has yet 1 |,mdi:|. We an-ass-lied by Councillor Murray that i goi«l stn^.1 will be , p-md up to I"A1K-
\ I E\V within the next month,
JW'WiM i "  t,, if mil pnalictions are comet,
Money to
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game in season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
MAIL   ORDERS,=--~=™
receive   mest   particular attention.
i'          s
1 but be the SI;    I- 1.0 CI ";" ra-
tll    s
rs> cert   ■  .it) it-
Mini iJavi.-. X' ;■.:•• Kt-lnieiiler, C
i itfii-e: Montreal
CAPITAL.i ,: paid np JUXKiO.tWi.
Balanci   Pn fit mid Less
Rest. $10.(Xi0.'i'J0
.V       PRESIDENT,   Rir:ht   Hon.   Lord   StmtHcona   nr.d   Mount Royal,
t G.C.M.G.
S VICE-PRtSIDEXT. Sir Gee. A. Drumraond, K.C.M.O.
s-,•diiiiiii J    Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
j ; I   Plans ami K|H'i-
l-IT J'
l.'l iil'iil.       e
.U ^:O'.'~C»0;s.-C;C-Ce>^C:V,:CvC,;t-.Cjl.;C/;t-.llsC^t-C-CsCwsjC. '.■ C, i. I. Q.-V; C; ,,; ^ l.-CC I.. 1. l^Cp V Cp C^C-0
11 Class:                                            J     ***
1 i.,!-.,: Il:.-.'.r...  Euna \\ hitinc. <i«i.   £     An  Kinds   of Carpenter  WorR   at    reasonable     S'  '■"     "   '
i-cfbilj Pati-bi-t!.. J Prices \       Branches   n all the principal citii f and towns in Caiiada.     Also lit
^**~ :  -ri-'.::. H.,,:-.....s,„ii.,. |      Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.     I x^^illa'w«Tiw^'Tchi^
3 .; Was),.; St. .Tohn'f Kewf. lliilid.
aiihi rt i ml Ci rr, spuiidents ; LivenK.s,l.B.-nil; ot Liverpool.    Scet-
J      A general bankiin. businesf traiiwictid. Di  its Bold available at
pi i:;s in tl i- I 'niti d States. Em i ;■ a-.ul C .iii.dii. inchidint] Atliti,
a.^a.^a^^o.A.aXm.a.^a.^i.A.a.^^^m.^a^^m.jmaaA.aaa.0 ^. ,., N(;> '"[^^^'|',|;,,;; RTJ| [.; vT
£ ' r-'i'.-n-s; ,''.i.i'.",': .:-,-.'-V:''.i';."'. ■":'-:"is- ii.i-i.'''''.■'
* Withdrawals    c/i     demand    without    delay.
r    Iinnchirs and (-(iiiiitry I usini'ss civic sjiicial atlcntiop..   Miniicitn! nnd schnol
^    district ;   ,■ .   :-    n'l-io-d en fnveriil,!,   linns.    Sjteiel ntli'iitiun cjven to tho
' li] ..'.'■: ■_• i ! la.iaii-i] a! ■ ::l . '1 ■ i' dei , :.': :   -.
hnrjKT)ii.ui I   the unfortunate suf-     live Pi.-imei J
.(',';• --    ■ San t'rancisi  , and while     (,r '■■■'■■ "• ;>l	
,,h"   ■■- ■-.  -: ^' "■ :ri'"::::vM,,,,.,(i;,,,'t
do i: •■ c -..,. r 1 .■ .;. suuill c   u-     ,s. prillll., A
pai      I        ■-■■ '   ; ac.-t  ii  it   t-nl     r; tfi,r..'y. W Wriaht. T Ki-!1>
1101 ■■ i e less cheerfi   y am] shows'    ISi Ptii - • IJ
(hft spirit   :   svn pat by   [.:   .-a!  ut      ,: •,i,'('-,■ <; ^niil.-y. V  IJiithe
for mifort . time XS  ^
'r'' ':■:'.-- ':■■:■• {(DISTRICTCORRESPONDENCE})
r- V  J
Annstroin; sav,-         i   a   sn
time ra si I a pi :■-■ ■ :' %m \ ' ieh
was s '.: \:.•'■■'.'■ thi L iinberineri'H
Assi ■ i iti< . Th - tin icnl
{rati rn il socities li ive in : ('< gotten their duty in tiim o! nee and
a: i (it ntial aiiio Hit! - '" i"
bbuI : r the reli.-f I'their breiln rn The
in tl'- stricki -   ciiv.   Ti •   ,■■... :-. iv ..
('oloiie! Warre i can! • in a u
Tusdey's stuije and is visiting his
s hi William i f (.rrand • frairiu,
He ci :: e( fr 111 the Ci as;.
ers nave v iiiiint.-nceil
the river with the aid
tie-i : ... :. by tla '■: r.v.-s at of the li iiinioti (ioverninent iu
their special  t.-rvic    last  Snndaj   |  i pariitiou I r the annual drive.
'V'IS : " ::;';   1 ;'--' " ■   "     '   :""      ThcC lun bin liivi-r Co's. river
Fori stett   : .-,-■   .'..'. y   refliotnleci
to ll i in eial ast'i ssan ■
':    '  "• ilriv, !■  ■ rrivi I i :i  Ti
'■   !.!'.'■ i i-ed   the drive  at   .1.
Wfirdi . tl     iirl tl-'  :   Hifl < cv.rt.' (,   r   ,
Ije, 11
:■■ tit-1 I  -lun bin In !     >   ;   (.1      .1. CaiiJn i.a^ jnst ;' dsl eil  l h e
lie: bug ■::.:;....   I   ■       -ery. I itl tc nitig ol   loirs ol  the season
p, mi re » .:. her i ssisti ■ -■   i     re. ,.■    ■. • to Kill ii u Amu.
lieviug tin  distri st an : t .-'■■ rini' in .. ,        ,,
.1 ii ii . .',   •_■,   .- .-:•.•,-,. froii. the
the    HI .-..- . , .:-.    - -  -  r -..--  sco.',. ,
. . ■ Kin . ■ i-t   .   .-- '.hit i i mmgiiiul
nn-] I . -.  r   ;s   ! -.    ,-    f i-.n-i  .-en
■■;•>:■..•..-.-   ,:i   Unit
proviSii it-, i.nd l      t   ■       : .      -t
7 il Jt V.
ill cusl    have         . '.-   i■,,. si til
from  •  .    ■     .-                . '    !: tr.ri'.ed frou   \'i rnon
mil : M  I--.-..--   -   - -         ''•   'k ■'-'  ■       ri 1"  Is  i,,isi-
(■Icv. I  ..- .  . -         ■   :• •   •    ■■■'■' -    '  ' '       Amongst
DM You say...
Finds us prepared with   ►
all the requisites to- make   ►
the home pleasant    >
►     OKANAGAN DISTRICT: ^;^0H^&?^?.N'
m* CMDIirWY.
|> AKMSrflONG F, A. Taylor, S:ih. f.ucnt. KELOWNA
|   tr. S. V.lMcClintoch. Sub. Aij'n!, P. ttuMcnlln, Sub. Ar/nnt.
Contractors and Builders.     J
• VW T»TWTt7nTWT»T»TW»»f^r»»ir|rTfT»l
Bakery. coHiccflonepy
All kinds of Candies. Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry,
We are   :■• -..re   tor .-   ■•   ■■    ■   .-   :• )t  'it    -: ■ ■ • -      (the
BHST haKl'-.i.s. EN TEH .UTLIIE d.i
lowing er.it.-f!        .' ." •■'■''■■'■•'•■ i,Ti- C9<^<^^<^t!©<I®G®<!J®e®«3S«SS8®B    _
n v... ...... ,..; .    :.,: :    i      ll    by    till.'   « —•      —• .      —. *—      .-^—        —js ,._       **,~~m^ «»atV*^aa.A.ffl.Aa«,^.«.A.«.at..«»../'..alll,Z.al!-.Art!.A*.A.«.A«.AraA^
:-'«;l SpPiflQ H8PleSS . • .11 Armstrong mfit HADHFT i
:,.le   il„,'WJ am^uumuMmmM^mu.iu^.mumimama^ua^mm.<m^,^ &    •    ->  WHIUM i      IFEntBMlBLI*    u
Wh ■  in
past : ..-■ : !
.'■    '   .:'      ...v
ti e    t . ■■ '
neat  'i i i     1       thin I
In-' ■ ...-.; :i;. . 1  l ;,  ■;.■   r< j"
uevB.   Wade.®
ti.'iriK ; :!:"■■:.•■ tit
:       .. ...   .,,..  „   „)■ I      .' i .:■.:. e-'Iitn:
fine,--' _ „.,„.
have just received ray new stools 'if
(1 can supply yen with anything  &
;■  n need for Spring  Work,       Ql
d!,,^ ;lih;,:f {E '^ ^rb^SSTll ^IBBTOc. l. christian, *
Hi.■ )«•: trnia s-r-.a-!- r,,is bmuil   Ti;-Man:►,.- tie-rj bnth«8 ^-ia'W The • Armstrong - Harness - Store.
the    fril.cipal   topic   ananit; tl.ejj.iii Wiam. „,., th«Kocatoiiu u "■'■'. a^^(^(^^!tt^^ttttt&G*fM^Q I
iltraujiers vi -..!,-   /niir.y, .-am I   ifiBlato numaiuantftinwire a a fwi1.tv1.be; ^Vj^   ^^w.vo^va.-'^'wwwi   _!____ '
h't»-Woi» ! tin  i'  J   1. -will  tlooi: ini-K'pe.al.iac forth'.he.it ofcool*  of I j._
.„.!,,,nte thi mum. «-.i,.,iui.-!v,«^:.*„■ tut*,-.-.^s..i t-«.r.tifti!|pa;fro»Kiize Ow Jrffpcitiicrs"tM Saw IHobcv. 2 p©«itryw»»«ed
Wholesale c lefulf^
All kiiidB of Fret-li wwl < ..:■ i 55 ,.1,i . .:.,; in f,i,-. t-i
Fifli and Fi v,    • ,. «;.. -.
BestFrices for Fat Jto-cK and Poultry.      ►
Mail 1 -TO- if :. h-;»„ li, tj P>
•   */
Mi it)l   U;lf    liHrt Irir'arMfj,
Prnp. I f
.. Local and General..
A. \V. Simington lett on Friday
for Victoria, from whence In- joins
li survey party to Kaien Island In
dn survey work for the li. T. 1'.
In an notion brought in Judge
llciiiliTsini's court.   Vernon, last
Our Stylish
.Mr. and .Mrs. T. Turner of Otter John Winslow hns made some week by H. Rieoke against C. H.
Lake, are the proud parents of a j material improvements in his resi- Hardy for S'.'T wages, judgment
stauilni-il weight sou bom to them.' deuce during tlle pist week. |*«S given f"r defcildaut.
last week. I    eropsof all kinds are nmv mak- ;   A large contingent of the  local
A. Ilarnes. late of Winnipeg wei-inir lllgooil growth, while  cherry jKtpiilace    iilteiid.il    the    lacrosse
,- mills   family   lu-re Monday,  trees am coining III  blossom  unci Id-tie   "•  Vernon  oil  Wednesday
Mr.    BlirilOB   has   purchased   the  everything looks favorable. and svntchod our hoys  carry   assay
I'lmtiototl   Hotel and lotl for .1,-,.      A ,.,,,, ,,,,,, ,,.„ .Mol„,:lv  ni(,|lt,  "'" »'«r«.s °f l,1,i *»*•
,> lint en Wednesday. While nothing is yet  BitlTerlng a     The revision of th,- volers'  list
Mr-. Annie liatledtf-left for h, i- heavier rain would be appreciate,I. for the OkllllllglUI Klocloral Dishorn.- ,-n  Morulngalde, Alta,,   on and with the threatening weather trict oconrs at the court lams.- in
Mondayi after a protracted visit of the present time tho indications Vernon In-fore (loveri ut Agent
with her sister, Mrs. A. N.  Rat- are favorable for moisture s       Norris next Moiidny, begliiiring at
ledge mid &«»%. Ti,,- Ladies Aid Snci-ly of I he  l"'"'l'"'k'
The anidversiiry service!, of Ver- Methoilist elim-eh will innel nest I'lngono Tthitiu has pnrchaseil ol
noil Valley Lndgu  1.(1.(1. K, ar,- Thursday at .Mrs. .foe. McDonald's C. IT. Hnnly the Wilson cottage iii
lo be held next Sunday, and  those This  being thu  i 'ting  f"i-  the  l-oseilulo,    We are hen- to  make
nf Knreka hrslge, of liiiderby, th.   election of ollicers.a full attendance onr home in  Armstrong and urn
following Sunday,    A   liberal  at-  of members Is es| hilly desired,     -1''"1  1" come  into  possession  of
«*•»» -   "'   »>"   '"""'1—   '' IT,- Ahvam-c has  recently  re- r,!l11 "slllt" >'™''
Vrmstroiig is expected to  be  pre. ,.,.;^,.,i .., |m.geshipineiil of all kinds A steam laundry  is among  the
sent at each.                                   of job stock, also i «   consign, near fnliini  possibilities of  Arm-
Tom   Marshall  in-rived  home mont of type mid material, ami  is si rone.    V,',-   venture   to   predict
fl  I'eiiticton   Tuesday,  -sing now better than  ever |irepared lo Hint the enterprise svonld  prose a
an Ihjim.il fool caused  i,s   having till all wants  in  tho job  printing IR1'"11'1 success hove and  hope the
I, en cniighl between a   couple o I' line.                                                           I11' "'''''   "ill    had   Blllficiont   en-
;..es.    T 1111 has Keen   engaged   a I
ih,- suss null al the lower lake town, n
tail will be obliged n, In)   oil' lor a
inonl h or so.
XHew spring Goods
Are being very much admired.    The ladies declare they
are irristible.    Added to this
they are priced moderately as
is our usual policy They cover a wide range both in stock
and price. In fact there is in
our collection something suitable to every age, figure and
purse. We shall be happy to
show them.
Come in and make  your
selections early.
I-' T. .Inekson has beantifiod his
residential   property during    lln
week by a new picket fence.     Mr
has already wrought some
couriigeniont to insure its establishment.
V, Stoodmail has lately i iplet-
ed a house and bam on his tract of
[ John HBinsII, price stroe. i
^lt IHIIHIUlim ff 1—■—' \f —_—_—I «~~> <f p«« sm*m tmammiwm mtaT
Bro,   l-'raser.   ol   the   linderby  very noticable impravemenU iu his  Im.i r„-i-„lls |mr,-lu«l h-nui 11,-rli
Progress, is now   a  "family  man" new protierty sin,-,-  his  purchase Warren three miles south  ol   the L0C9IS ludl tlCI UUSlllVOd
his home has ine !„,.„ Messed bytlie j only a shorl while ago, '",vn-    With ,l"1 improvements a:- 	
Official Directory
I-'. ('. W'oli'r-uden  has  spent   the
week in a   business   (rip    to   the
advent of a Hue daughter Insl week.
Here's Wishing III,- lilll    loll",
life and happiness, and the best of (.,,.lsl ,„, bnsinoss j„ connection
fhis world's goods alloted to those with ,hi, instl,i|atioll „f thooloctric
born of the newspaper fraternity
ready ndded  Mr.   Stecilhuin  ha
made an attractive  place
The Advance and tin- Winnipeg
ibis  p-,.,,,. pn.ss on,- year for only 91.75.
new purchase.
.1. Irvine. 1). S.C.H.. I. O.K.. is n your for S1.75.
Railway Time Tr.ble
ISlll-sn m- ,s- Ok.snaii.sn I.sii.wat)
Arrives fruin North dnils i xi'spl
l'ho Advanceand Free Press for _vrrJV'-h'fWjiti s-oi.iV.li'.'iiVi V.-.-i'.i
Biiiiilns  '■'.
newspaper trateriiity.     „\„,,i  Uv  tin,   Vnnstn.ii.r  li'l,.eti-ic spending tlle week hero in the   in-      _ , .   .. ,      . ,.
[Hani  o,\   un- Armstrong  lueum    ' " Buy a lot and build a   house ol mi sn ii-.si. i.oi m n..
\ i,i.,.,si,,i oi,.,,I,,!,i,^ ii-,t-ti- L, i fVi     W'., .,,-,.  1,,1,-is.sl  il,-,i   ..lei-,-   telestso  the order.    L: rostx'cts are -       ..... ,. ,, ,  .. .   ,
A pie.is.ini piciucillg pull) spent  i o.    we.iic  ausisiii  in,ii   eseis- __ _ i vonr own in Fuirview.     Save your  Reeve   A. Sohiihert.
t O •' ,        , .,       _,.. . I Clerk inn! ussc-emr    I.,. \V, Pill lull.
favorable for a  large iidditio
l-ist S-itni-d-n-   •ifiei-noiiii   on   the thin,, in connect Ion with  tlle coin, lavoraiile tor ii   llll'go  aiuiilii'ii   Io                ,                                 ,.       .     I Cler k mil assessor    li. W. I'lillun.           ..   ,.   , .,
i.isi Diimi-oaj   .iiiunooii on  in, uung in nn nou wnu iin   com- "   ,       ,     ,       runt and make money on  the rise ,..   ,     , .,,.,,.,„,.,,.  j   -a   u:,:.|,i. Norlliiliill
bunks of Otter Ink.-in one or 1 he puny is now progressing satisfac -1""1'1 Armstrong .luring hi- V18lt'I j      ■„,,„ '                                    "'
many beautiful   spots  so suitable toriiy. mid that  the electric   light Tl"'  fl'''s  for   JominK  lmv'-'   l"'''"
to an outing of this kind.   Besides and power will become a  reality reduced ns a  spi-c-inl  incentive  to
the people of the neighborhood a with al! possible hast.-. '"'"' '"embers at this time,
number from  town  were present;    Owin« to the counter attraction Mrs, A. Hooper and  family ar-
fisher iv Sage.
Cuii null Int-s
(I  Mlllla.. w, irniiu
lltlU-lwell, It, If. Mil III.
in the
if Cumuli;
I.O.F. li
l-\ \
n Ilea..-
11. 81  M.
. 11.\ N 11-
\. Sc<
illlll j
,.l  SURdo
a. a.
,. in.
M -a
S   1   s
,,! Siunln
i. in.
i. ni.
mil 1
i, rv
,. in.
and.-, most  enjoyable time  was t.ttlli)|g " of th(. ,,„.,„„,,., to rived from I ngoi-soll, Out.. Tuesday .,-„.„,,.„
..•>.» 4 " > ■'! I t 11 "\l illllt    ItJIn  III   HJ« it.
^l*"1- Vernon to see the lacrosse game. •" jolu her  husband  her..-.     Mr.	
The new residence being,, reeled only throe members of   the (1 u ll Hoop-r. who is a brother of   Mrs.
by Thos. Skyrme is now in  theIClub shot, ou  Wednesday.     They •'• '<• Smiley, was   formerly   fore-
1'clly iV Pelly are selling the Into
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall hau-as-   the   most  desir-
Simllumul i an,I Hull Car on
Mondays        .1:00 p. m.
I'ri,lats    '..-:,n.i. m
.1.   M.    \V|    ,   UT,   l'e-tfIli,sl,T.
1   DI\-lno Sevvl.'o will he held ovcry Sun
idiiv as follows i Arnistmng!  II a.in.il
Knoh Hill. II ti.ai.l Knilitrhy, o!10 p.in.! |
Sundiij- S-l I ul ".lie ii.ni.   II'-. A. N.
hands of A. .1   Lapworth.  painter,! were U.Francis, tt. Moberly  a ud »»»' "< the shops of the tilth Fur-     Ahidy's purse eon.„i,ii,,e about  Min,.,- ,,„„„,
wo niture Co.. but is  now taking np $4.«0 in currency and silver anil a  _
his residence in theSpnllnincl i. ""'"ber of   n.-wspapr clippings. ppESBYTEBIAl. CHURCH
, ., , ,,.,, „. ,        ..Owner may recover same by  prov- x
a neat ninl  cosy residence,  where coeded in getting the button w o ll      We lire pleased-to state that   all  .   f ,i-iv at Aovsxif office. Services iu 8. Andrew's,En.lsrliy, nl
Le willl soon take np his abode and  by Moberly hist week by a score of those of   this   district   who   had
settle down ami enjoy the peace'22. relatives nn.l friends in  San Fran-      _     _ —       ««!»»
and quiet of homo life. a,„,ii,„, ,,^...ii„„, .„„„„.i„„;t„ \. leisco at the time of the terrible °     *n ""   °r
from whom it is receiving the tin-  Dr.  Vaukleek.    The latter t
Ulling touches.   Tommy now  has .made 15 each, while Francis sue
11 ii.in.: /i.ni Cl.uri-li. Aiinstl-enc. nt
7:.'I0 [i.m. i-siM-s Sunday. Kev. I). 1'ini.p-
hell. Caster. '
;    Another OMcellent opportunity is Cttii"t    r.....   H|MJ
Mrs, B. W. Main left on Friday j to bo offered parties in search  of catastrophe have heard front them        "   «"'        '    •
* ' 1  it , * , II J- I fltJUIH tl't't'S    ()' 8     (',   »P01 IfllMilll    t\
for Luinsilen, Man., where shegoes I desirable tracts for fruit and vege-1""«'"'lit all, so   Inr   as   wo   have "II '      ^
t.. make her future home.   During j table culture iu one of the most do- j lenrned,  eseap-d.       Along   with sl" "'" " ''"•    " »L:
her brief residence in this section sirable spots in the Okanagiui  l,y m'tirly every other point, ill Amer
Mib. Main has won the esteem of the division of his valuable farm by inl1    considerable    loeiil    interest For Sale Cheap
and C
H. Hawkins
all with whom she has come in
contact, and ninny friends here
follow-   her   with    tin-    slncerest
DonaldHriihitni. ex-M. P. P.   Mr. •<'('",''lv'1'" ""'   'erribln   holooastj     ] Mellette cream separator. g.x«l
Graham now has surveyors at work because of the presence there of ,.,s new.   Apply to
St. iTiini.'s' Chtii-ith.   Morning Pmyur
an.I Itaalv Ouiuiiuiiiii.il ill  11 a.  in. nnd
Ks.-niiiir' 1'i-iiwi ami St-i-aiuii nl 7 :CHi |>. rn.
. vi-i-> Sllllllny.   Nieiilns school llt'illH)
It .1 Kisn. Vicar
platting his laud into 20-uere plats
relatives of local residents.
Mark Hii.i..
Armstrong M.rK.li
The full..wine pri.es
ore being
paid for produce by th
• Armstrong
Fanners'  Exchange:
Potatoes, p-r ton   -
.   *-_■--..■"
It ut>
Cabbage     "
.">o.t »>
■     12.50
Appl.-s. per 4(1 lb.   -
Colerv, per 50 lb,
Poultry, |K-r dor..
Eggs      -     -
Butt.-r. per lb.
tiyuipalhies io the lamentable   loss  in which form they will be  offered      Miss Nellie McDonald left '
Hot Spings, Aggisir., has purchas-
•of her late hnsbaiid. lilt reasonable prices to intendiugl day  for   Vancouver,   near   which-      Cabbage Plants.
Mrs. M. Atkinson, of Harrison I P««'l"'-™.    Mr. Graham's   line joity wo understand she will engage1    Early or late cabbage phu.ts 7.^
i ranch  is  well known throughout | in  school  tnaohing.    Pruvious  tol P"r hundred. Cauliflower *1.00 ])ei
Unit .Mies in I. O. I-'. Hull. Annsli.iiu.1
Third Siutdtiy In imcli niiifhnl HI o'clock
Ka'I'IIKII   llullVAL.      j
«1 through Pelly & Fully the   Bi)
i the district as one of the most vul-  her deyiirlure the members of the 10°    Oood strong plants.
born trad adjoining thnt of F.   R. u"u"*   '"    ,l"' sP"'l<i«loheen  for Presbyterian  church choir nnd a
(.lover, recently   aequircd  by .1. '''"'t culture, not only because of four of her intimate friends treated]
Simington.    We  niiderstlind it is the splendid adaptability of  I he  her to ll   surprise   party   Monday
soil but for the derirable   location.
W, T. H.WHllltHT.
Eggs for Hatching.
Singh- combed White Leghorns.
- Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
A XY iLvniliilili. lli.ininien t-unl- sviili
a li..- Knilssas l!..|i   in  Uri-i-h
Cultiinliia. amy Im lioiiirsteiiditd hy  ;,n>
Barrister and Solicitor.  I" »» ll'" *>^ '" "ll "r" (" !-<* •""
rnp . to III,- , stent
,n iif Iri.iu-ns mors
i- Is y
liter intention to have a  handsome sou out tor ine iienraoie  location, evening whfeh proved a  most  en-  p~r,',"'bm.7   Setting of tliirteon  WOOl'- C.M.HIM. lil.QCK. '" """'I '"'
residence erected on the s«me,thusjbu;»«".8 !t 7" 0,'« ut}.''" ^ W«W«  "»-'•   •«•  "» Present.   A $lm    ,„,„,,. ,,,,,„, a, ('. T. Day- ,_,   ,.....„...,.,........,. .       \ 'Zi I I, |w .,: „„
.siding one  more to the coming'ljal l"''""r",,lls "' l "! ,ll('"'l<',•   A smtable program ol   instrumental ,.!„•„„,„.,,                                        F_  1 l-.M I'LL ( OI1NW ALL.       ,,„,,, 1:,n!l ,„„,.,.„„.„„, ,u.„,,., h, „,,-„.!,
.itluielive dwellings of W.-stview.   eolnljletu w"1''1' wm'ks s.vli,l'»1 w ' " '"id vocal music was rendered nnd w Winmxii.                     barrlBtor-at-Law,               l!l"li""1'" -i,Uil1"-
soon be completed by  which  each  some pleasant  games indulged in. —---————————•*'      o,.. ,,    ,    i v i ,., l'„l ll            't'hn lioiai'siundi'i-Is n.-i|iilri'd to t«'r
.1. A, McMorlaud.  for the  past  tract will be supplied with an abnn- As „ token of tl steem in  which Wanted. '      N'1"'""'  '" '     "'' '     ' f Ha-.-oRdili,,,, nneet.-l th.-rewltl
two years employed on the Stepney ,]n|RV of  ,h(,   l)lls.t   „,,,,,,.   and   it  Miss McDonald   is   held    bv   her (iili to do light   housework   nnd  ABMBTRf »N( I.     .     .     -     B. C, ! Mllilur unu of Ihu folluwini; pluiis;
ranch, left  this wed; for  H o r t, wutllll 11]nJ),„r ,,„,, in  those tracts friends „  handsome  presentation to assist with children;good wngeB   lullntnilnTlliv.iUon'oVilwl-inTln^'l
isou.   Apply im- TfiT*. FBABER, D.M.D        j,,,,.,;,,.,,,, .,-,,„-'.
                            .,      ,   .                                                                 '           iif-v'l'lki'l-                          '     .J,Htli. (at]..-.-i.il-luelh.-r. il'lhi-li.lh
foremmi of his fi.rni there,    .lack firt,  s A. A. H.   The Ai.van.-k. UftHUbt. ,.,.„,, „..,,,„ ,,„. i,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,., r.
is  n    competent   and    Industrious __________——                Wood fill-aril! Block.                    sides ii|»m n fnini In lint vlclnlls-uf lln
young man mid wo havo  loubt     «'ork Is now being begun on thu     yy, T. Holtby wn gaged  the        Cottage for Sale Cm"" ">:!';:,(>l" '- ' lfl0,,,s    I m,i ,t,n-,-,i i,,.-..',. i-.i,i.ie >,...,:. ... i-
bnt what he will prove a  woH|iy jt-rwtioii of thel«aig.talk««l of agrl- |lltt0, I „f  last week and  Mon-     a u,-ai mid eumfortal ottagn IATMSTRONCL   ....   B.C   '"•i'1"' «y i„. sniWlml i„- r,*id,.	
t iimiuon.l. where he enters into ,|,„ prospectivu fruit grower  will  was  made consisting of a  purse to conipntuiit  purs
the employ «. H. Miuchester as||iwi 1|))1|0Bt .Buyu,iII(, |,„ could lie. containing four live  dollar   gold  • llately to
cultural hall.
i.uiploy.-e to his new employer
Knd.-rby is   preparing   tor   the! ,(„, ,,„„„,.
,      ,.        ,   rm'<,r''l,,''"',WIIK 'lay of this week   i ovine,  their nnd half acie of  ground   in  d.-sir-
I last Saturday to . I, .11, liinl and   ....uIiIkii.... frnin Its loan Hon nn tlnln ii   i      .-      -    i>    .  • iii.i
• ii sun in e iiom ns loiinion on .tinin noid location Iu liiiistview,   All the
ll II.SV have inell at    Work   sll-eet  lo ll.eil-     lil-olau-ls-    ills!    out 1   • i      .    I    .      i-     -.    .
sin. i loin 'ii   piop us   pisi em- K|.|,um| ,s planted to frnit trees,
Ill-Hi Kill,I la: I.
I.'lllt    ll„     •• lili-l     lii
Fr.t.rnal .Vocielies.
lit!!/    Ian,I osvnt-il
n«««da„< f the whole Ok, gat, ,„v,.,illu   , „.    lu  „,„,    ,    ,r »"»•»»»"   V "P-njr jus,  o   - gmm] ,, ,,,„„„„, „, r,,,it  ,,.,.„,   )(   ,, „, „s ,,„,,,,-.„.„„. d.
at their  celebration  of   Victoria     .?      it ■ ,,"""HI" side the   townslte   to tlle south. 8|irubbury and garden plants,   For Ll.   ,.„.|.-. b„iei- li,-,,,,. .1 ,,,,,nri th; r,,p I-,.i,,,..i s,,s..,rwidon any I,.
n„„ , . getting the prellinlitarles in   i II. T||e moving  was   done   by   block nartlcnlni-H l.ionli-o.it  or address Saturday eveiiliiit of ,.,u-li innnll. nt s' sutlsl >• n-sldci „,.,nil,.- snldlnnil
Day,   Armstrong espwitB to attend llugB for the building which  Con- ,,„| ,,(.u,, „„,... ..'„„.,  ,,. '""," "'' H " l"" nt ,""l,l"ss ,,.,„.   vlslll..«brelhri.,,..o.-di,,llyl..vin..d     Shv „,nnil,»' noli  writing should
here and assist „,„• neighbor (own ,,,„.,,„. Hi.,i .,„ .,   .„   „,...,,    ' ""' „k!''l'! ,"lotl,'! ',ott"  .'' "BnxH..   the Ai.van.-i-:       , k. x. iianiki.s.    A, SC'HUIll-   T.    i„-,ii,,,„, ,|„.,- „;,.„„„, ,-„,„	
iudoine credit   to lln-  "day  thev                        '   '   ,    ,.       '''",  ."" '"«  "• M,ll'llns  tmelloil   engine .                  K-'r-tur,. _M_ ,,    ,    ,
iu .loiug ciuiii  loin,     in)   tn.) ,,,  ,.,„,,     Mr.   Bird's  reputation , ,l„, l„,il,l ,,1, ,i „„ nu ,„..,   ——————~—!  ,,,.,	
i i    , ■■      i       i         ,i                                                     reputation and the building placed ou its new                 Mn-ririr i                  /\invwuv ni    i. n  i.lv fin- imlcnl
celebrate   and we hope llu-y may I,,..,!, as a builder  is stiHnnnl   i ,,    -.      -.,         .                 , NOTICE!                   Z^kKANAdAN Black Preceplory. '■
i    ..       ,-   ,      .iii. ,              ouiioei  ib sun oen    l o gitu without ilainiii/u   o house o r ...   .....,.,,. t> .. „.,                       v   Nfi'i.isliillii'Foivsli'i-s'Ifiill.Ai-aw- C.h1 Innds amy l»-   nin-luisi'd m 8 o
be more fortiu ate In having favor, insure the: municipality a goo.1 and       ,   ,      „  ,    5    . fa   „  '"« *'«' \"™ »™*\                  ,,r,,ne.',, ,la-TI,,uLl!o.,,:,,'!.,,,,-,.,l,,- ,-,-,,-,-a,-„„ „„d fairor .mil,,-,,
ible weather I him last year,  when workmanlike job ou the new build-              '         '. Street sprinkling and lawn tups lull moon, nt 8 fi.ni.   Visiting brethren ,. ■,,.    \otniorn iliiin!l"ii acres i -
thoir sports were twice spoiled  bv i»« "»d within a  very short  time   be owner to enlarge the building ,..,,, oll]y b,. used up lo II o'olwk, ™rd-!, "i,;''!.!'.';;!•      ,. „,.vv,..,..,.       iicpiin-d h- .indlvi. l..r i-oi„|,!lns-,
rain.                                             ' tlui "Krlcnlturnl grounds  will  be | by a large addition to the front   in ,,  ,„   ,„..„.,.,.„ |o ..-.-(.K-k noon nuili         iw,,,,           '        HeKlsimr.  Kuynliynt Hi., mte ..l ,,.s,,, i„n',.(
2.000 1 :,l-   shall he cilleel •!.,:. the
ailorneil uy a  tmililing ol  which their new and in many ways  -e .),.-„i„„i  .-..„„. a .„ u\ 2.(K
The Socialists who were sent up places of a much l„rgersif might, l1aiIrllblo |0,,(li,„,   'j-,,,. ;il(,   VM. -." ' x k-'' "V pOKONATION Lodge. Xo. 4«.     x>«
fori, month fonlrivinell.eCiiiuese  well be pr I.    Thai  the building ,,,,e,l by iheir-Uvllin" i u town   is '      ".      ?,' ,   n  , ^ I.O.O.F.
ont of Penticton   nhnni    i   is to bn erected  will    , .f; cateil U) limit .two ling in town  is      l„ ,.ngu 0f urtM,l| tnp« ahull be Mtots emy Thuwdiiy enuilni: In the
1  1 n, I ""•",  "'   '■■'"- "''    ,i"lBl1   "Otwitlt.   »' »nplo.l 111 tllH   near  future „, ,„„„,,.     ,-s„rs  ()f  _„. odd t'eUossV l„,l,,„s,-. Wood. (•»„;.!.    N
the last, of the   week.   The   boys,coeds the iiuiount provided by t he Phersou &  Holtby.   Tl
ion- ware-
WOMahappy lot and appeai-,-,1 'to'bvdaw is due to the fad  thnt  the I I          .      '  l",uls "■"' '"' ""v,•rn,■,,  "J1  fhr!*   '
take very good nuturedly the nmt- p„b>\" .. '.-;■!,,,, '■!,, 'l ,> ,| .,\„'.'    h°"8e ,,,;i- ",nv b,l"n  "",ml thlf' ruki and bifmetloH will U- dealt
tor of their   incarceration   for   ui   oultnrtil Soei.-I.v r-aii,. d ihe i -.  '" ,ron1 "' wli"'1' wl" b ',"'1''11.": with as |.rovi.|ed IW by th.- bylaw. ="
W.,I. SMITH. N.li.
11. KKANIIS. Kee. S
\V. \V. (,'ORV,
I.'- ; iii.s ol Minister nf Ihe Inl -::-,-
\. 11     !'■ .; ill iiri/ed    (itll ! entlnn  - [
rtij->lll'III will :: ,1 [tr. pjiil   ( ,...
offense which in their opinion was portance mid villus of th. building lm-'w ""'" W'L*'" '•he whole will
only iui exhibition of their princi- and cameto the rescue with t h e a Iford them well located ami con-
piesi ol mutual prot. n;,., !, (Le e.sfra,«:jH0 . «] foi it. - mpl'j.l'moilii.na n„uv f« the displnj of
working class of our own race. tion. their tin,. 1,-k of furniture '
Gun, MiaiiAi
.1. H.IMIU,.
F. ('. Vl'ill.HiMil.'N.
Vi'i tor Comarj'aBiouora.
\m> ,-Ksa.. I. O. F.
Meetings ul. Ih.ii  hull IwUSietiirds;
.-iieli mentl.   V'■■ ill    ' ri-llin
lr.vlt.ti'..   H Hi .hi   . :;a
T. W.KAR     ' Jas. TEWARD Mam
Stone  Mason,
Brick Layer,
Watch and Jewelry     tF^sss^tF^tf*^
; .. . pi, par.-.! to.lo all kinds of
\v rk in these lines and gnnruntee
IU VKARfl I.XI'KI.'IKMCK. I has-,-just r.c-iv
Rssiukm i iSprinuliill. half iuiU-north thi   Ka
Orders mil} I,. I. li ssiiliC. Addison
Leave s our . Inlers ss it:.. . .
Wan paper..   carr"«es
'■•"'• '"'S.   R.   ASHE.
Jeweler, Vernon.
Alin$lrw"     a ....aramm
!  Imyi' <<n I tilltl   tl   i-<Hh|i|i'ti
Wall Paper
i Barber
B- FRANC,S- ifgflj* ...Shop
and Billiard Hall.
J. ll. warren
A. J. Lapworth,      >   PIANO TUNER
fc (■'' Writer. I'n itt.-raial D.-cornto (jM)|U,|t NilCS-BPpM SCllOll...
The s Ih. si shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the <-l. anesl
Shave |.",c.      Ilairclll !>*1C.
A. N. KATI.KDi; 13. . Proprietor
*e»|.|M Tor Salem
,Mi6o Acres,
i ;ax mias
.','I Greatest    Nurseries
' l| Choice  land   in   Salmon
■'.    , Vail, r: -' o.i.n.1 houses and	
< itbui! [p.    Will s,-|| i„ hlock  (J()(j(j
. ■ in  ira.ts   In suit  pun '
I am now prepared to  recoil
orders   for  piano  limine-  .-
en,- rillltee SATIS.AI 'Illlll   WilliK
at iii:as.is n:t.u fun us.
1 ;:,,„,,,;,.,,;.„,. ALOCAL SALESMAN
]no. IU. Armstrong.
Salmon /inn, B. C
i Inly half ii mile fvoiu An
r.    In acres under eullivali
•lesell    llijih    Class    Nu,s,,|-i    SlUI'k    ill
I-'i-iic- nnil  Orniiuieiiliils.    Ul-!!.   i   lisl
ill \KSV SI'KCI M.TIKS  , scr ell'i-n-il.
STAHT SOW ;.i in a s, nine Mi-iii.
l,i,.,.a-,-,l lis IU'. Cos. man-ill in si-ll in
On the
•   •   •      —   X X JLLa- •   •   •
Bee Hive Supply store
Is still offering'
Untold   Bargains
To the People of Armstrong'.
Ste our Prices on $«ER (MM
Pay.   lln
I'm- Ouilll,  Ti
,i Hesiss-.-.l.   WHITE  l-'ie: TKHMS
 ,,,;,-,„,-,. e I   hen,mi   laud   easily ,|m| ,.„,.,.,,,„,,, „,„| , „,| a-„.  ,, ,. ,„„.
■a. m     ■»     i^.rm»nll'!'':""L    lioodli-ainc iaiuse. slal.le UjUM|,s,-l;.M     pocKKT       MlfltllS
M.J.   HENRY'S   |»«'l ol HT b„il. i,Ws. Mill   .he   ,-„',,„  I;    u„,:,l, f„r
g                 ,      i      ■               land will lie sold  <   Hum.  tliree „„r HANDS   SAW, jusl ihe ihini; tor
n'urseries, Greenhouse &Seedhouse cows, one steer. • I,rend sow, il iriintaiimrit s.cuis ii-.ni n* ssellnsssuo.l
... .,,!:. •keie.aiHJi'ull '^ip»"''>i Stone t_ Wellington
 .u.'ai"itc:hi-:ij, v"*m Nl"'SH"'"s'
Vancouver,    -    B. C.
Ill  IIIJK'llllU'l'V.
.1.cr SOU
IW'%&•?'i-ttTl    GET THE BEST
K.-\t i-roi.noss-in sloek iiiiiI   on   n-si in ^aattrttS.-wir**^
, ,„- I;,-,-,' ,..,-s.     Ask ,i„„- a„ ,-.•!,;    I p^tSp.'^-'-
fur till-Ill  ill  scaled   |a,-k;,!.-i-s. if he  ill aw
not liaiulli- ! hem   to-   ss ill   mail   lo   sum
bO Assarted packets of Vegetable or viMzv^m       /...
Garden seeds for $1,110 IvaJsWa.;     /Q
This  is, our spceinl sek-i-   for  I). <'.       htoSSU   l^f
B.   C.   Grown   Fruit   am!     \WLml\ ^
Ornamental Trees
".'el-, rends for spriiiii sl.i|.iucnt, o.ifrii
ni,-,- sloeli ni -J ,s :; s.-nr Ap|.le li-ora u1
K0.(KI |..,|- l(.(l; SlSU.lXI per UKKI
hlu.viuiril I'hiin s-l.wi inch. Uitiau.ii
j r.a„-,-' rear ..Id line si", mi per UK).
ku»iir prune \i sviu-ulil Iin,- s:;n |.-r ion.
Kail li-: or oilier sloi-ll al iv-ulaf |»'H-.'S
I.,.i ine price 111111' lisl lii-ram plm-iii-;;
your oi-iler. tlreeiiliiniH', Klonil ss-iu-li,
it,,- supplies, l-'riiil pnckiijrcs, l-'erliiiz
i,-.,li-.    Cnlllloaui, l-'l-ee,
-..Highest Award
|, ST.1,00.5.<(,
If Ml.  it   SS'ill  pay  SOU  tO see 11
Estimates gjivon.
I-'KLNCII    iMJCANIUI-:. « hiie and 1,1 u-1
lin'I'TLIi   SWISS   Ml'SLIXS	
id ::.!■  per si
 ll1,. .   la, . Lit),   end i-ll
■il Sl.oll. einliroi ler.il Sl.W
 S.1.2.1. Si ..111 and S-.tHl
 il.1i . eii-  und 7.1.
C. T. DA Yi
aOlOWcslluilister H.I. Vancouver.
ll you ssill cull nnd see I lie
Cream Separator
and note hnw few purls
il, Ims. Iloss- pi-rli-.-llv
pimple il is. IlIiSV ensj-
it nine. Lets 11 rfecllj-
Recently Enlarced
25,000 New Words
New Gazetteer of tho World
with inni-o limn !W.O00 titles, t ;is<.-i] «it tho
lutwt wmsu., returns
NewBiofiraphicnl Dictionary
enijtiiliilmr i tio nntnes uC-m it kuxiu uotfU
porauiw, tlittu-1 MrtMtoatli, ute,
Killtnl! v V.'. T. II AM!: IS, 1'li.D.. T.L.H.,
Ui.ileilt.tntojiCoraiul_Juiii.Tut Kilueuvlon.
2300 Quarto Pages
Ni-it pltter.      rrOOOJHuiinHloJii.      !::■). Illnitlfiif*.
Needed in Every Home
Ai.-u Webater'vCoiletrtt.te Dictionary
RoculnrEdition?rit>»   .Wm, iiIbnttust.
DeLu::e_UltIont>;.»i ..Vy.u.  rrlclvAifrcm
,:     .  I     ■     ■■■■■     :- j..», ►!"._: 1 „11..l 1.1.":.,-
*. G. d C. MERRIAM CO., a
Publishers,       Springfield, Muao.
Sliep nexl l-Ynneis'
' **i;^: >i*.. i ^r' "• I'-'i-" - .'l£ai
_9_i_L. :i^!^-^_Sci II
, pi
I'l-:-    I    • Illlll   il    sllli;
,.   i-svr.s   purchnsci
In. t U..- i.rivil.-iri ■
*^_W!r '
J. W. Christian,
Ga:^ERAL BLA«tSeilT9S.
I MrCormiek Hinder. I lli-unlfoi-il
;■ ., r, I I .iin; na Mill. 1 Slriiss- Chiller,
I ilorsa I'osvi r. I Si 1 Trucks*. Iii'sv, 1
',',-. la,.:.i I s.-- euiiini! Slelirlm. I
Killililini! Toiiiih. I'.-rn.-r Hind*. Heal,I,-
-I'.-, s. i 'nniliiaik, I I 'tillinilor,
CI-.'-up ini- eiwh er
nl fbn-e im.ntbs.
tired Date
F. N. DANIELS'",^...
4? L. a\ <b -l 111 ill <$fi- Swaa 'SSfi 3
City Property & Valuable Farms
X7a## a*ii# Seat £#s
i ma g
/QnQfTQn hlniir
^PlillFiil^l        Ell
RP* fffi I;
B. C.
ff'ii livB-i r-' K y /fflS,     15'
swiiiiP i fcp l-
D I I u i fi y    Vis;vt£J,'E   Etas; IL <£
millers of a flour
--— AGENTS FOR ■****-
^Deeriitg IHacbinery^
Feed Grains of All Kinds  BOUGHT
We   Have  a   Large   List   to
Choose From and Feel Sure
We Can Satisfy Yon.
Farmer® i
Dont forget to   call and
list your land with us.
Private Funds to Loan
ll       AgenLs for Stanley Pianos


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