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The Armstrong Advance 1906-07-13

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and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Published at Armstrong, in Ihe Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
Suboerlmtlon St.SO In Ad. a
Some Valuable Hints Given by Experienced Speakers.
The meeting under the auspices
of the British Columbia Fruit
Growers Association, in the I.O.F.
hall last Saturday, was attended by
a number of the farmers of the district who showed a lively interest
in all (matters of benefit in the
pursuit of fruit growing in this
section of the province. The
meeting was to have been address-
the matter of the inspection of
citrous fruits coming from other
points was spoken of by Mr. Bran-
drith, who stated thut considerable
compliiintjhnd been made by dealers throughout the province against
the inspection, which the Fruit
Growers' Association believed
should be continued and enforced
in the interest of the freedom from
NO. 13.
Revelations Cause Its Refusal in A Few Reasons for the Pride of
British Navy. i Its Citizens.
Some of the revelations that are
Residents of British Columbia
«l hv W   I   «,„., l.-.i. ,            "••ww. oi me ireeilom from
etlby W. .1.  Brundnth, secretary pfcfc mnol      the f   ft
.,    ho  ,»soc,at,o»   Henry  Kipp  the province.   A   ^InwTwa.
..fChilliwackiind The*. .Cunning, passed asking that inspection  oe
ham, provincial fruit  pest inspeo. continued
tor,  A letter of! explanation read     Tho meeting   ,iiB,wrs,(]   wi1h
t., the meeting, however, conveyed \ Gixl Save the King
the information that the latter gen- j  .	
tleman was unable-to bo present as j        CuiA,   ImmisratJ0||1
lie hud been called  away  to give
MfZudrith spoke at   some CzfSS^jT " ?<*
ength on the sub>t of "Vurities ! £ Z^Zy VtSTZ
SarEra^ -A- ^tory. -s
being brought to light in the ' have been accused of possessing a
course of the investigations in con- ] most noticeable air of pride in
nection with the American pack- their chosen province. The fol-
ing houses are almost beyond be- lowing few facts may help to fix-
lief were they not supported by, plain this pardonable spirit on the
the Bworn testimony of the wit- • part of British Columbians
nesses examined. The packing in- British Columbia is Canada's
dustry is naturally, aud quite just-' largest province,
ly, suffering immense injury in British Columbia is 400x700
the light of the recent startling I miles iu area.
As the result of the refusal of
one of the ships of the British Atlantic Heet to take on American
tinned meats during the recent
nuval manoeuvres, the admiralty
Iiiib directed  that the ships corn-
British Columbia is as large as
24 8witzeilanil6.
British Columbia has produced
lOtl millions in gold.
British Columbia's gold yield
1906 5J millions.
British Columdiu's fishery yield
to all who are setting out young
The most   important consideration of the prospective fruit grower should be the selection of the
varieties that are best suited to his
particular district an 1 out of these
choose those for which there is a
demand upon the  markets  upon
which he has to rely for*   tha sale
of his products,   The adaptability
V    of the various varieties, to'the pe-"
culiar soil and climatic conditions
would have to be learned largely
from experiments   made with   a
number of the |niore popular and
saleable verities.   Of the varieties
that were in most ready demand a
few were named.     Cox's  Orange
was mentioned as one of the choicest of the early winter varieties of
apples and was one of the most
profitable to be grown for foreign
shipment.    Did not  succeed except in certain portions and   was
not a heavy bearer.     The most
profitable generally  of the early
winter apples was  the Mcintosh
Sed.    Of the late winter apples
named in (the order in which in
the speaker's opinion they should
be considered were mentioned the
Red Cheek Pippin, King David,
Wealthy,   Baldwin,   Gruvenstein,
The point most forcibly brought
to tbe attention of the growers
present was the fact that there was
no profit to be obtuined from a
selection of poor varieties and this
matter should be carefully investigated before setting out u new orchard.
At the close of Mr, Brandrith's
remarks several questions were
asked regarding a number of varieties al) of which were satisfactorily
Mr. Kipp's remarks were confined to the matter of pruning which
was demonstrated by tbe use  of
several trees.     The speaker was
strongly in favor of the pruning
which produced  the low bearing
tree.   He claimed a low tree was
Justus convenient of cultivation,
was more substantial and wus less
subject to injury by wind storms
while the amount and   quality   of
fruit was equal to that  borne on
thu upright tree.   Practical illustrations were given how to prune
a low tree and at the  request of
members   of   the   uudienci,   win
preferred the high tree,  he  also
explained how they could be  attained through curefnl pruning.
Before the close ol the meeting
„    , wj. J.UO
largest increase was from Britain
and the United States There was
a decrease of arrivals from continental Europe.
Delayed for Wait of Material.
Some delay is being experienced
by the C. P. R. in the construction
of tneir new modern lake steamer
for lake Okanagan because of their
inability to secure material. Since
the   San Francisco disaster   the
coast mills have been busy supplying material to that city and others
have been obliged to wait, Though
several cars have been taken down
the line lately there is yet needed
a large portion of the material for
the new boat which the company
is unable to  secure   at   present,
Meanwhile tbe traffic on  the lake
is increasing very rapidly and the
two boats plying there are worked
to their full capacity.     The Aberdeen has all she can do to handle
the passengers, express and baggage, while the York by the aid of
several barges endeavors to handle
the freight.
Invasion of Hop Putt.
Regret will be felt  generally at
the  presence on the Sir Arthur
Stepney ranch at Aggussiz of the
hop fly beetle which has this year
totally destroyed forty acres of the
250 acres on this ranch.    As soon
as the presence of the insect was
discovered the provincial  author!-
tiesjwere notified nnd Thos. Cunningham, fruit pest inspector,   was
soon on the scene for the purpose
of discovering  if  possible  some
remedy for the cradiotion of the
pest.    Mr. Cunningham believes
he has found a spray that will be
successful and that further damage
will be prevented.
healthy beeves shall be slaughtered
for food.
Enderby's Initiation in Lacrosse.
The Armstrong lacrosse team
went to Enderby Wednesday evening to play a practice game with
the newly-organized team of that
town. It was the first time Enderby had ever placed a team on a
lacrosse field, and while the score
of 9-2 shows an easy victory for
Armstrong it must not be taken to
indicate thut Enderby has no good
lacrosse players. On the contrary,
with the development of the material at hand, we venture that onr
neighbor to the north will be able
to place ih the field a combination
that will travel with anything in
the valley. The only unfortunate
feature of the game was a lick received by Billy Murray which (inflicted a nasty cut to his upper lip.
With this exception there was little or uo semblance of rough play.
Enderby and Armstrong have
always been on the best of terms
in all kinds of sport and tbe home
team is glad to see them make so
good a showing in their first effort at the most popular game and
will be glad to ussist them in
friendly practice. To this end the
shouts of some of the Enderby
spectators encouraging rough play
and "slugging" are to be deplored,
and it is hoped do not represent
,   — ,.HHI    WIUUI'IHI  B   ,11
punies be supplied with Australian j iu 1905 was 6J millions,
or Argentine brands in lieu of Am- Of this itj millions in Salmon;
ericon. The supply of American' l,lb"7,46Q cases packed in 7"
tinned meats now ou hand are be-; canneries.
ing returned to the victualling j British Columbia's Alpine re-
yards. Winston Churchill, under gions cover 200,000 square miles,
secretary for the Colonies, in un SwiBS Alps cover only Ifi.OOO sq.
official communication says he is j miles.
informed that special care is exer-1 British Colnnibia has 7000 miles
cised by the New South Wales ' of coast line- equal to thedistance
government that only  absolutely j ucross  Canada and back again.
British Columbia's population is
estimated at 280,000.
British Columbia received first
prize for fruit at the Lond on exhibition 1905
Drowning at Sicamoos.
A young man 17 years of age, of
Revelstoke, named Robt. McRury
was drowned off Tunnel Point,
near Sicauious, last Saturday. He
wus in bathing in company with J.
Carmichael, a C. P. R. fireman,
The body had not been recovered
at last report.
Another Okanafan Convert.
E. Pugh, late of Golden, father
of Mrs. Hugh Cummings, after
spending the past couple of months
here, decided to make his future
home at this place and has accordingly clhsed a deal with A.
Hewlitt for his residential rroper-
ty in Eastview into which he expects to move his family from
Gelden in the near future. Mr.
Hewlitt is undecided as to his further actions. This property comprises a most desirable bome for a
smalll family.
The seven siimeriand f
beg to announce that they have made arrangements with
R. R. Burns, Drut'gist, and will give daily demonstration for one week, commencing on
MONDAY.   JULY   23rd, 1906,
Regarding treatment of tbe Hair and Scalp.   They respectfully invite everyone to call and consult with them.   Come and see
tlie Long Beautiful Hair (frown by the use of Seven
Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.
fShe Armstrong Pftarmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist
On a Lon( Walk.
Nicolas George, a Greek, who
started from Budapest a. year ago
to walk 110,000 miles in  Europe.
--E          .....    ...Tp,r;r>ni,.    — ,«....     .........    ...     wmu|aj,
the attitude of the better class of Africa and Americu within three
Growing More City-Like.
Another Manitoba Referee.
years ami u half for a wager, is in
Victoria.     From there he goes by
steamer to SanFrnncisco to walk
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     to New York.
Armstrong now presents u  met- i
ropolitiun air through the ilistribn. '•        Sunday  Bill Will Pus.
tion of electric light poles in   the j
town by Armstrong Electric Light' Ottawa. .Inly 10— At a mucus of
nnd Power Co. The |jo|„» will i Liberal senators it was decided to
soon be set in position on the var. | put through the Lord's Day Bill
bus streets as well as the right, of! this session. The measure was
way leading to the scene of the I read a second time in the senate
power plant ou Davis creek. i yesterday,
Big Store.
25 PER
kaPlLHef  m m m
""On tbe following lines we will  give the above ,1
count during the month of .Inly:
idies' Whitewear,
(Night Gowns, Chemises, Skirts and Drawers)
Boys' Linen Suits,
Ladies' and Mens Straw
Hats, etc.
Now is tlie time to get Light Clothing at—
Rock Bottom Prices.
He lesi 555 jjjjjjc ii. Town.
mood Cargill Co.,
—  Daiied.
Walt and See.
G. VV. Rush is the latest to provide a home for one of the refugees
from the rigorous climate of the
Northwest, having yesterday sold
his fiO-acre farm at Knob Hill for
a consideration   of  about   $4,500.
Mr. Rush will now devote his entire attention to bis farm   half a
mile south of town.   The purchas.-
er is Edward  Petur, who arrived
the lirst of the week with his fun
ily arid car of effects from Stonewall. Mun.   Mr. Petar is a former
neighbof of J. C, Gaoourel, upon
whose recommendation it was thai
he shipped here,
Wednesday, July ism
at 8 o'clock p. nt.
Miss ^ecnic McCoy, soprano,
Miss Maude underfill., Elocutionist,
IN 1.(1 P, HALL.
Dnder the auspices of the Presbyterian Ladles Aid Society
Reservi n t-', at« 7fn.   (■■ i era! Admission BOo and B"«.
Painters Wanted
A great surprise awuits you. I will pay highest wages uud
The Seven Sutherland Sisters are give steady employment to three
coming to R. K. Bums' on .Inly 211, | men capable of doing good house
They have the longest and most painting. A. J. Laaworth,
beautiful hair in the world. — -       :
-_—--_-____--_--.    PUBLIC NOTICE
A Conundrum.
What is the difference  between
R. R. Bi;rns. Special Agent.
Municipal   Water   Work*.
a bald head and the Seven Slither. T° W*™« C0N8UMHB8:
nnd Sisters!'   It is before and af- j    Water for other than household
ter usingSeven Sutherland 8isters purposes can only be used ss  foil-
Hair Grower and Sculp Cleuner.    iows:
- - - Kesiclents of Town
Between the hours of H:80 nud y
u. in.: I to - p. 111.{-J to 6. p, in. and
: 7180 to 0 p. in.
Outside Consumers
I 11. m. to 11:80 a. in.; 12 o'clock
noun to 1 p. 111. uml ', to 7:110 p. tn.
The Constable hns  positive orders to   lay  information   air.-iii.nt
person* .' fringing these rules.
Ghso, Miihkat,
if, W/.M.i.L,
v. c Wi 1 •■■"-.•>•,
le ... ii Commissioners.
Watch for Them.
' Watch the window at Burns'!
They are coming! The ladies with
the longest and most beautiful hair
in the world the Seven Sutherland Sisters   July l!l!
Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair
Grower works wonders when your,
head is bald or nearly no. i The Advance
akmstimm;. l:.r. The Bennett Creek Ditch.
Armstrong, 11. ft, July,'.'. '06.
Subscription tl.o0 per year in ad\-ance.  '|-|1(. Editor AUVASI E,
U„,„ raid In advanoe 88.00. Armstrong, B.C.
Dear Sir:   Will you kin.My allow me space iii your valuable pap-
Advertising ratosgivenon applioati'
er to say a few wokIb in regard to
tho report published two weeks
go in your contemporary about
Had enter-
sion isoUargod thu recent trouble  over in
Notioes of ohurob. servn
(ainmenU whore no sdmlsi
inserted tree,   inlu-r aotloes ai usual uott creek drain, in  which rnyseli
ruli-s.   I'linlsiif thanks 11.
The Advancols published In
,-stsi'f tho town and dlstrlot
il. exists and cordially BulloiU
ronage ot the publio.
the inter
in whioh
the pat
Another Rich Strike at Seymour.
Interest among local owners of
mining claims at Seymour Arm
is again stimulated by the news
of another new discovery there.
The new strike is about half a mile
from the famous Cottonbelt group
owned principally by Armstrong
parties. The ledge is represented
as being ten feet wide and the ore
ami certain others were concerned.
In the tirst place I may state
had the editor of the Armstrong
Advertiser shown a disposition of-
fairness ami reported the settlement of the matter in the same
manner that the Aovanuk did, this
long ooutiuned discussion would no
iloulit have been settled and the
waters of Davis creek would have
flowed on untroubled. This, however, he did not seem willing to do
anil makes certain comments on
on the matter which are neither of
interest to the public or Inst to
the parties concerned,
His first assertion that  we  (the
ranchers referred to) took exception to tin- work done by the coun-
were   of
such a  narrow minded and sellish
[  We are now Offering Our Entire Stoek
| Ready-to-Wear   Hats    at
i Call ■ while ■ tbe - Stock - is - Complete.
See our VeiCings, traces, and 5ancy
ITCrs. W. 8. SRsfter.
contains copperpyrities,|zinoblond
and galena and is said to be very
rich"   Then-is now a   large camp ell would imply   that w
of parties at the head of Seymour E
Arm doing assessment work and callow that  we did not  support
prospecting throughout the district
The owners here are most bouyant tempt to drain the lands   adjacent
over the present prospect of their
claims and we hope they may turn
out as favorabl
us at present ilull-
the council  in    their   honest at-
ipt to drain
to the creek. As a matter of fact
tlle only exceptions and tlle only
complaint ever made was that the
work was never completed according to the specifications of the
consulting engineer, and this we
believe cull easily be proved by an
, , , .,, examination of tlie work after colu
mn   Sunday    observance    bill
, . ,     .„ T     ,.        .  . i      pletion.   Neither mvself nor oth-
hich will passTparliament takes, * •'.
 .... L-,1, .„ .i,„ i Lit,™, I <=r parties interested refused to pay
the assessment for tlie work.   pro-
Back to Bays of Blue Laws.
The   Sunday    observance    bill!
the country buck to the inquisition
and the Blue Laws of Connecticut. I
m,    tt    ,iu •»     -ii „„.,„ s„ vidine the work hud been properly
The Herald hopes it will pass in I h
the severe form that it was present-. .
,        .   .,   ..        .    mi,     uu    contract of the parties in charge ot
ed, as iu thatgway it will teach the| . '  6    ,
people what true  liberty means.
No man who is u radical in any way
should be permitted to dictate for
the whole people. Sunday is a
day that should be observed and
every man should have one day u
week for rest, but the people should
ba allowed to cIioobb their way of
resting, and the people who spend
six days a week slaving their lives
away at the hurdest kind of toil
shouldhave a chance on Sunday to
enjoy the beauties of nature and
all that God has given to the rich
who can go to the parks during
the week and to the woods and the
streams and lukes. Liberty is u
great boon but fanaticism is the
curse of modern day civilization—
Craiibrook Herald.
Modern Charity.
The announcement is just sent
ont from Paris of Mrs. Guggenheim, of New York, spending
$1000 on the wardrobe of her favorite Pameooniun dog. This outrage on public decency has been
freely commented on by the press
of the day, but the most sensible
opinion is expressed by Editor
Simpson of the Craiibrook Herald
in the following words:
It is this kind of Wnmplioolcry
that makes a lot of people on earth
dissatisfied with life, discontented,
revengeful, meun at heart and low
spirited. There are thousands
needing food iu the world, und yet
here is an idiotic woman spending
money like a drunken sailor, on a
poodle dog. There are millions in
in the world who have not proper
clothing, millions of human beings
in need throughout the laud,
yet this pampered canine is paraded around In purple and linen, It
hardly seems possible thut God
would create such u creature who
would flaunt her weulth in the face
of tlie poor hi this manner. And
what was more this wealth was
wrung from the people by the unlimited possibilities of tlie smelter
trust. When the millions were
being piled up to buy a $1,000outfit for a dog, there were honest
miners in BritishColumbia striving
their best to secure u fair wage for
risking their lives underground
shift after shift. There should be
u law of some kind that would restrict such unjust accumulation of
wealth and another law where justice tempered with meroy nntl
sympathy could be administered
to the distraught brain thut would
indulge in such crazy ideas as is
Illustrated in the above announcement.
lIoiu- ; onr contention being that the
contract of the parties in charge of J
the work was never fulfilled and
until this was done we should   not j [
be held responsible for an exhor-
bitant expenditure for an  inferior i
piece of work.
I challenge the would-be editor
of the Advertiser or tiny member
of the council to show wherein I ,
have ever in  any shape or form
tried to repudiate any just oblige-
tions.   As for the present editor of
the Advertiser, it would appeur to
me that he would serve the public j
almost as well by attending to his
own business mutters, (that of sell-
ing whisky) as endeavoring to stir!
up strife throughout the neighbor-
hood in a profession for which he |
is so utterly unfitted.
Thanking you for space, I re-
Yours truly.
Isaac Hkakh.
Our line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
compactors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
Noxious Weeds.
The Editor:
While coming to town to-day I
was amazed to see the dense mass-
es of thistles growing by the rood
Bide. Is theie no authority here to
look after the destruction of weeds
onjpublic roods V. In a very short
time they will be carried all over
the country while now they can be
destroyed easily und cheaply.
Yours tmly
A Story with • Moral.
The story is told of a certain
church congregation who were obliged to solicit subscriptions for
thu erection of a church in their
town. The merchants donated)
liberally and the Bum was easily
raised. The last man to sign was
John Brown a clothing merchant
whose business had been very
materially injured by the practice
among the chut-cb people of sending away from home for their goods
He signed as follows:
John Brown $10
T. Eaton 0
Robt Simpson 0
When the minister read the list
of donors to the congregation the '
point was easily seen. Since that
time there h;is been u noticible decrease in the volume of catalogue
house, business in that town.
Lap Dusters
1 have just received my new stock
and can supply you with anything
you need.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
Qrc coming in at a
Food Pace flow.
t*f yeu want to sett yeur farm dent forgot te (let it
wftfi us,*       3fiis ic aff we aift ycu te de.
Don't forget our office is in the  MURRAY  BLOCK,
next iloor to Murray's Meat Market.
Agents for Great West Life.
Elsom & Hirby,
Real estate
"The Land ol the tP ** lr?te »
List Yeur
Our Mr. Fisher will leave on  an Advertising Tour to
ami other Alberta (mints next we:-k.        List your lands with
us at once if you want to make a i|iiiek sale.
{ G. MOBERLY... j
!,'     All Kinds   of Carpenter   WorK   at    reasonable $
«£                                                     Prices *
I     sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.
|    Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING. |
-*                                                   Sir Plans und £»pocificatkins Prepared. %
S $
wi^(>C^C^C;C-(>(>0jl^^C^&:l»t.tl&;O^;l^,li;1C^t5C^C..C.:C-l.;iI..C.C_.t I-V.,C^I>C^1C^U1C/^l*&;&3C-,,J;0
We have a few fhoisand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once. -:- Give us a call.
Your Meats.
Will be Best that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
Fresftnsb Tuesdays and frldags.
H. Schneider, prop.
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14,000,000, Rest. $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, §37:i.t»88.
i PRESIDENT. Mtfht Han. Lord Slralhcana and Mount Royal.
I C.C.M.G.
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Goo. A. Drutnmond. K.C.M.O.
Branches in nil the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:—London, Eng.: 22. Abchurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York, 51) Wall Street.: Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash. ; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers und Correspondents : Liverpool, Bunk of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general bunking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from 1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
Wltbdr.wel.   am   damend   without   May.
Ranchers and country business Riven special attention.   Municipal and sohool
distriot accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
F. al. Taylor, Smb. Agent. KELOWNA
E. S. V.imcOllntook, Smb. Agent. P. DuMonlln, Smb. Agent.
All hinds of RefrttMna Dishes for tK
Hot Weather
j =Wholesale & Rei8li==
All kinds of Fresh nnd Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StccK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specially,
Win  m   &t>,iwm
Poultry Wanted
■    •»«,      *; I   ■ ^   ■ Of-
Concert Wednesday evening. i McCoy-Underhill concert next
W. Warren from Grand Prairie. Wednesday evening.
was in town Monday on business. ! A gang of men arrived from
The weather contkiues to hang; Vt'rno" °" Monday to put up  E.
around 90 to 100 in the shade these J' Tronson's hay.
$25 Reward!
The above reward will be paid
to the party or parties lining information leading to the conviction of
the party or parties ringinr tbe fire
alarm on night of July, 10th. 1906.
By order
r\Mq speciaisTor July rail?
these days.
Bird Bros., dairymen and market gardeners, drive a brand new
delivery wagon.
The current issue of the Victoria
Week contained a  tine  photo of
Arii.s'.iong labelled ns the town in
"the Laud of the Bi« Red Apple"
on its front page.
The Misses Effle  Batho. Nellie
Francis   und   May    Hardy   went
down to  Okanagan  lake, Friday,
where   they   enjoyed
holiday until Sunday.
H.Martin has begun the erection of a modern and commodious
residence on his property in East-
view. The demensionB are 2\ ft. x
!)2 ft. and two Btorios high,
Mrs. Aino
for n visit at
W. E. Pickford moved to Vernon this week where he lias rented
property for the present.
Dr. Fraser, dentist, left Monday
for Hedley to Bpend a couple of
weeks at professional work.
Yesterday was the Glorious
Twelfth, ami the local Orongemen,
at leant a large number of them
celebrated at Salmon  Arm.
11. MoElhinney and A. E. Mun.
drell returned the tirst of the week
pleasant I from  White  Valley.    MrMoEl-
j hinney secured a hoinent.euil   there
1 near that, of Mr. Maundrill's.
J. A. McDonald  leader of the
Opposition in the provincial House
has issued instructions to Liberals
throughout the province to organ-
Hill left yesterday I ise and prepare for an early gener-
ier  old   home  ru-ur j »l election.
Ottawa. Mrs, Hill has bean here
fourteen years without n visit, t,
her rolntives, the most of whom
are now quite aged.
R. W. T. Kirby left on Monday for a few weeks visit to coast
cities.    While away he will   spend
Now thathaying ha3Commenced
it is found that men are very scarce
nml in spite of the high wages
otl'ered no hands are forthcoming.
Thirty or forty men could tind
immediate employment in this
neighborhood.    Ab high as $2.50
all his spare moments extolling the and $8.00 a day is  being offered
advantages of the Okanagan to any ! ror haymakers.
prospective immigrants that  may
be found on the coast.
We would call attention to   the
The Vernon News lust week re.
ported the score of the ball game
there on Dominion Day as 12- 9
change in the water rules which j when the actual score wus 22- it
may be seen on another page. The j in favor of Enderby. Of course
commissioners have given  strict j the loss of ten scores wasn't much
orders to the constable to lay information against any parties infringing these rules.
W. S. Fisher returned yesterday
from his trip to Alberta. He re-
]K>rts that a number of people in
thatjprovince are interested in the
Okanogan and there will continue
to be a steady immigration here
from that section of the country.
Armstrong is at lust on the map.
In the past by some peculiar occur-
for the Enderby team, but then in
the light of the News' previous
pleadings for fairness their attemp
ted "whitewash" looks a little bail.
The Armstrong gun club has
arranged for a shooting tournament to be held here on Wednesday next. The teams that will
participate will represent Revel,
stoke, Kamloops, Enderby, Vernon and Armstrong. A $25 cup
has been provided for competition,
Besides this will  be the  contest
ence this   town   has   never   been
shown on the published  maps of:fo' the sweepstakes  and b   con-
the province.   But a new map of! mMum  matoh'      8hootln8   *""
western Canada   now being sold
begin ut 9:110.
contains this town with  equal  im-1    A    steropticon    entertainment
portahce to  other   towns  in   the' was given in the I. O. F. hall Mon
An exchange tells of u newspaper reporter who interviewed thirty
successful business men und found
that all hud been governed strictly
and frequently threshed. He also
interviewed   thirty   loafers   a n d
day evening. The pictures were
for the most part supposed to be
illustrations of San Francisco
before and after the disaster. The
pictures themselves were "not too
biul hml tlie machine been in the
hands of some one who knew   how
i , .1  . .      . t.,      I to operate it, but  the long del ws
learned thut twenty-seven of them and awkwardness of the operators
linn   tu.PI, "miimma'o ilut-linr."    (iit.l ... ... ...
bad been "mamma's darling" and
the other three hail been reared by
their grandmothers.
The annual departmental examination for high   sch ool  grading
made the entertainment irksome
to the spectators. The singing
"brought down the house".
The tirst lady commercial "man'1
to canvass the town was here this
und for teachers' certificates was j week in the person of Miss Eleanor
held at Vernon lust [week under
the supervision of Principal Shaw,
of the Vancouver high schools..
From Armstrong those who wrote
were Miss Muggie Daykin, inter-
mediate; Miss Elizabeth Cringle,
junior: und Miss E. E, Marshall.
third class tench ir's certificate.
Robert Hockley, of Edmonton,
representing the Crown Tailoring
Co., was on a business trip here
tbe tirst of thu week. This was
Mr. Hockley's first visit to the Ok-
uiiagun und he was somewhat surprised at the forward condition of
crops here und expressed himself
as believing in u prosperous future
for onr valley. The tremendous
immigration into Alberta at present insures a ready marketjfor onr
fruit and vegetables.
Armstrong is rapidly becoming
favorably known throughout western Canada as one of the leading
and most promising towns and
districts iu the Okanagan. We
believe the AiiVAM-Kisaiiiplyjusti-
tied in claiming a liberal share of
M. Johnson. Among the lilies
represented by Miss Johnson
were steam pumps and steam specialties, brass goals, electrical supplies, dynamos, electric motors,
water motors, automatic pile
hammers, saw mills etc. and other
lines of machinery. Miss John,
son is an expert saleswoman, well
posted iu the lines she handles
and took several good orders from
town. As a side line she represents the International News Bu-
reuu und expects to write up the
Okanagun for a number of coast
That our town is .1 live town is
easy of demon strut ion. More business !b done here now ut thie time
of the year than ou the corresponding date of former years. We
are not desirous of having the public think we are suffering from a
boom. We are enjoying a natural
increase of business and prosperity
Our streets are busy, people and
teams are bringing in produce and
money to exchange for goods, and
the credit of having the town [so pur merchants are paying the very
favorably advertised among out- j highest price for produce and are
aide points and we are glad to note selling goods at "live and let live"
the hearty manner in which tlie1 prices, and the people are not slow
people of the district appreciate I to take advantage of theopportnnl-
and support our efforts for the ad- ! ties in bargains offered by oni
vuncement of the community. merchants und business men.
C. T. Daykin was a business vis-
iter to Vernon on Monday.
Thos. Whitehonse, late of Win.
nipeg has  taken a position   in the [
Bee Hive store.
Miss Eva Oarswell, the "angel''
of the Vernon Okanagan office is
visiting Miss Mae Hardy thi6 week
Locals That Get Business
Armstrong's fall fair Oct. 10,
and 11. Bear this date in mind
as a fitting time to visit the Bpal.
('. H. Hardy lias been awarded
the contract for the erection of the
Wolfenden briok block. Work
will be begun on it immediately,
The Adavnb "devil" is visiting
liis parents at Suninierlanil this
week. P, B, Pelly is lending able
assistance in the "shop" in the
The   installation of officers of
Coronation lodge No. 48,1.O, O, F.
will occur in./t Thursday night.
D. D. (i. M. S. A. Shutford, of
Vernon, will officiate,
For the next few Sundays, during the hot weather, the morning
services in St. .lames' church will
be suspended and only the evening
services held.
The stores of town were closed
yesterday, to allow those who desired to take in the celebration at
Salmon Arm to get away. The
weekly half holiday was not observed this week.
Miss Queenie McCoy, concert
soprano, and Miss Maud Under-
hill elocutionist, give a concert in
the I, O. F. hall under the auspices of the Presbyterian ladies'
aid society next Wednesdny evening.   Admission 75V1; 50/ and 25(J.
A. J. Lapworth, the sign writer
and decorator, has received an invitation to attend the master
painters and decorators convention
to be held ut Windsor, Ont. Mr.
Lupworth bus been connected with
the Master Painters' and Decorators' Association  for several years,
Some miscreant turned in a false
alarm of tire Tuesday night. The
fire wardens are offering a reward
for his apprehension and we hope
the offender will be brought to
justice. There is no punishment
too heavy for would-be "smart
Alecks" of this class.
The anniversary services of
Spulluiiicheeu lodge No. 1807, L.
O. L. last Sunday afternoon were
attended by a goodly number of
the members of the order, althongh
there was not a full attendance out
The services'were held in the I. O.
F. Hall, und u most interesting
and appropriate sermon delivered
by Rev. Howanl King.
Friday's train near proved a
"through" express for Armstrong.
Owing to improper working of the
air  brakes, Engineer   Van   Ant- I gmeWMULTraf
wei-p wus unable to check the speed I mjm    fc,    Utterm oft § I
with   whioh   he  came down the I ~—^™ i ■—~        "**""
grude  and the train    was    not!
brought to a standstill until she hud!
goneseverul hundred yards beyond
the station.
Mrs. (ieo. Inch has had some of
ber land adjoining town surveyed'
off and now offers it for sale in
quarter acre lots. Kirby, Elsom ■
& Kirby have churge of their sale 15 Y«urs experience,
and have  already  disposed of a! Furniture finish a specialty,
number of them, among the pur-     mjfAt Armstrong Hotel.
chasers being T.  Skyrme,   Hugh'    _ _ 	
Fraser, A. Shary, Russell Kirby
and W, Mason.
Elsewhere in this issue  wili be
seen a communication from one of j Fcf|||)j|||aV*?
onr farmers re the presence of nox- LwlllHllVe)
ions   weeds  throughout the   district.   The remarks of the author, | H„. only for
I Call and See Other Big' Snaps.
.John Hamill,lISc?^j
White Duck Pants at 75c per pr.
Moreno Coats at One-third off.
Ready-Made Suits at 20 p. c. off.
Official Directory
_____ Railway Time Table
The ADVANCE and the Winnipeg  A (Shuswao & Okaiimmn Railway)
Free Press one year for only «.75. | ^l™. .   ??. ?%*.a. ,
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late j *^**™m^^.^%m p. m.
Larkin estate lots, now owned by —-ssss———-—^———^—
Marshall Lucas-the   mostdesir-| MUNICIPAL COUNCIL,
u,   i .   •   ,~.™ Reeve—A. Schubert,
able lots m town. | clerlt ttri(] MBesBor_i,. w. Patton.
ti .      i w.,,.,.,.1  v,.... Treasurer and colltctcr-J. M. Wright.
Buy now. our celebrated hn.g Councillol.8_
Geo. Murray. \V. Iliillam.  .1.   L.
Circle, No. :I7:!.
I Order ol Canadian Home Circles, meets
! in tho I.O.F. hull, st Monday in each
I month,        P, X. DANIELL.teader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretnr)
overall—one dollar at Armitage &
Keep cool, by wearing a row's
breakfast straw 25(f st Armitage
& Paul's.
Summer shirts, all styles and
quality 50</ to $2.00. Armitnge
& Paul.
Try our 25Y cashmere hose. Get
them ut Armitage & Paul's.
Our "HarveBt Shoes" at $1.15
are "cracker jacks". We have
them.   Armitnge & Paul.
Boys Pants, 5lty to 7ity at Armitage & Paul's.
Remember we are it, for stylish
and up-to-date made-to-order snit-
ings. You need a summer suit.
Get it at Armitage & Paul's.
For values in all lines of gents'
furnishings call and see us. Armi
tage & Paul.
For Rent
Good cottage adjoining town.
Apply to H. Hawkins.
Plrf* for Smlm.
Pure-Bred Yorkshire pigs for
sale, ready to take from sow. Price,
including pedigree $0 each. If
taken without pedigree to each.
These pigs are from select stock,
and are tine ones.
A. W. HllNTEB.
Polisher and
we Give
The remarks of the author,
we believe, lire uot altogether un-',
called for, for surely there is an
abundance of thistles and other
noxious weeds along some of  the   „, .... *    ..
public highways that should not We leave paint throwing for those
be allowed,   There is   yet   plenty who can do it best,
of time for their  destruction and
the council will no doubt act up-!      %¥7      I AfeflT^fc
on the suggestion and see that the ▼» •   J**" *.a\mr%Jp
proper action is taken in thin '"'   paivtitr »-«* »»»'»>
portant matter, rv-i«»«.«v      ._,»,
Hiirtw.-ll, R. II. Main.
Mail Arrives—
I North daily except Sunday      Qi80 a. m
i South    "      " 330 p. in.
!   Mail Leaves—
| North daily except Sunday     3:1.', p. m.
South      "       " " 9:15 a. ni.
Spalluincheen. Hull Car. Glen
omnia and   Falkland every
Tuesday and Friday ut 7:00 a.m.
.1. M. Wriuht. Postmaster.
Divine Service will l,«- li.-ld every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.:
Knob Hill, .1 p.m. i Enderby, 7.80 p.m.:
Sunday School at 2.80 p.m. Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at.
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, n£
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.-Rev. I). Campbell, Pastor.
St. James' Church. Maiming prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:80: Sunday
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays in each month i
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
and forth Sundays in each month an-
Early Celebration at. 8 o'clock.
Rev. Howard .1. Kimi. M. A., Vicar.
Armstrong MarKeta
The following prices are   beint;
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   - .   $2.">.()li
Carrots,      "         - 20.01)
Parsnips     "          - .     90.00
Beets          "         . .     3OD0
Turnips       "          - .     14 00
Cabbage       -          . .     50.011
H.-,y                        - -     12.50
Apples, p-r 40 lb.   - -       2.00
Pears           "           - .       H.IJO
Celery, [ier 60 lb,    - -       H.OO
Poultrv, |j,r do/..     . .        7.00
Eggs       "     "       - .         .20
Butter, per lb.         . .          :«)
Holy Mass in I.    . F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval.
Barrister und Solicitor.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG.    -    -    -    It. i
TXT   F. ERASER, I). M 1)
Wood Cargill Block,
Cltloe Hours: 0:1)0 to 12 and 1:110 too
ATM8TRONG.       ...   B.O,
Fraatarn-l Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1H07.. meets in th„
• I.. F. Lodge Room, the wi-ond
Saturday evening of each month nt H
p.m. Visiting brethren i-ordinllv invited
OKANAGAN Black Precoptory
Meets in tbe Foresters' Hall. Arm's
trong, on the Thursdnv, on or before the olt
full moon, at 8 p.m.    Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Preocptor Registrar.
1. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in lln-
Odd Fellows' Hull.»i>r Wood, Cnrglll
A. Co's. Store, at. 8 o'clook. Sojourning
brethren are rordhilly invited lo attend.
G. MOBERLY, Reo.Sec.
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
ANY available Dominion Lnnds with
in the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may la- tuunestt-aded hy any
|s-rs,,n the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of age, to the extent
of one-quarter seatlon of 160 acres more
or less.
Kntry must Is- mnde personally at the
local land onion lor the district in whioh
the hind is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the oondltionsoonneoted therewith
under one of lln- following plans:
III Aliens! a six months' residence
upon nml Cultivation of the land in each
year for three years.
ilMf the father 'or mother, if the fail,
er is d need) of the homesteader resides u|a,n n liirm in the vicinity ofjth,-
land entered lor, the requirements as lo
resilience may bo satisfied by residence
upon said land.
illlll the settler hns ins noruianont
resident pon (arming   land owned
by him in Ihe vicinity of his homestead,
the requirement*- as to reside, may Im-
satisfied hi residence upon tbe said land
Six months' initio In writing should
bo given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to apply lor |iHtent.
Coal 1:,mis may be pilrcbiuwd ni (Hi
per ai-re for suit, I and *2o f„r anthra-
Not more than 810 acres can be
acquired b, one Individual or company.
Royalty nt the rut.- of 10 cents per ton of
2,000 pounds shall Is- eolleotad on tho
gmss output
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. li. Unauthorized publication of
his advertisement will not he paid tor,
IMiSI. I. O. F.
iMwtltitTH lit  11,.'!!    ll
each month.   Visit!.
invited.   U. Havril]
Ul last Saturdaj in
ir brethren cordiallv
ih. R.S.
Brown Leg-
ind Ploraouth  Rock Poultry and
pxcmhit*unity ,■'-". young
■ D   Ul ; I'.
ionsdcwne      T.W. MARSHALL
j Imr
.   sonie
■ f- I- ■. <1
Otter LaKe.
li:n ing is in fi il swing ad the
cropproi - ■• ' ■ i . ptioi :'-
heavy this Bene m     Both Schi     rl
id B    sic;      ■'....
of the li io haying w     I :
.   .. :. large 1 irce on.
H. W irr "i >■•   sal      1 ami
thoi e    it's    boj     nd ho
rived   ti Tl m-s lay las
und chi d are wi 11.
ing the sto -ui i n Tl arsd \
ovei ing some bail lightning
ourred and u tri •■ on the pn n iscs
ol !•. Pelly w: - st -i uk ami tl ough
nearly u hundred yards from the
house the i conpi tits rua i., I
;l severe shick
11 S. Pi 'ly, '■■' '• S. left i ii  ii
4th, foi Luml y win n he has con
Biderabli s rvcy wi rk to  lo.    He
gxpectc   to '. av,  j   ibi   I tei il lys
Owii g to ii:.' i isy season nol
many tri ul tl hsi | irts tool  in tin
Orangi    celel ration   at    Sn mi
Arm to-day.
The hi I tl ys hi vi I n i gl i [uite
■I number i i p < pie from town to
indulge inn swin in thi laki
Frank Eden -.van thrown ftf m n
horse! st wi i and bj ri ii ■ I his
hand, Frauk Bays he was throw
o .,■ hundred feet by actual . as-
nruient and Is cougrati Iting I im-
si If iu esca] ii l with so ligi t u
,. jury.
Provincial Constable Gardom of
Enderby, visited friends in this
district lust week.
George Page's family of chick-
ens is increasing and the latest
authentic report states that he Ims
two hundred and fifty and several
places to hear from.
Your correspondent is indulging
in a few days of city life but can
still find time to Bpend a few hours
in the country "rnbberiiij,' to' see
whnt the folks lire doing.
"I'd be :i country editor and
chase around for news, before I'd
In- :i millionaire with wealth I
could not use: I'd rather'ben printer with patches on my breeches,
than be a master of finance with
all my thoughts on riches. I'd
rather eat my modest meals, digesl
the same with ease, than sit down
to a royal feast with a stomuck
like John D's. To romp and frolic
with my kid nroiinil our cheerful
hearth, with its mother for the
audience to help enjoy the mirth,
is better thnn to move about in
high society, wheredresB and jewels, false display make life a mockery. "J'is true the printer's cusli
gets shorl lllld duns come in n
hurry, but the happy fellow does
not fret: he lets the"dunnee"worry
He always has u conscience clear
and disposition sunny: ho knows
that life has other joys besides the
chase for money. Lo the moulder
of opinion is a happier man by far
than the man who owns a palace,
a yacht atnlii private car. A n il
when he goes to his reward he
knows that all is well, while Ihe
ni,ui who makes his wealth his god
may tome day walk in
Have You Seen It?
l'i IkviIIi- (lows) lleview: The
latest thing in headgear is a liiiiu-
ilingurinoiiK. It looks like a straw
stack hammered till the peak hit
the ground nml tlie sides Dared up
all around: then it looked so like
thunder the Inventor hit it a kick
on the backsides to make it rare
up. ami dropped dead. Dome
Fashion picked it up, put on a few
posies a 'raft of ribbon and n
Dummy-diddle or two, labeled it
'made iu I'liris'. priced it fourteen
plunks, and the thing noes, It'sj
awful but it's the style.
Building Stone jj
West quality of Stone in the district, Will be delivered at reus-
ramble charges. Orders may in
it-it nt Advani e office.
Miss .1. S. •' ihnsti .- prepared to iccept pub ic si ography o
typev, riting,     n ■   ■ h   same
to any p irties   ii I ing to take it u]
M ybeseeii icrs  Eichui ge
I ;    - ight housework i    I
to us '        en; good wages
toconi]        . '
11 ;   :
Court of Revision
Notit b hereby gi that the
annu J sitl ng ol the Court of
He-.-isi: ri, for the purpose <! hi-ur-1
ing all complaints against the [ass-
ess : r the year WW s rnada
by thi es ssi ■ : r the M nnicipal-
ity t f Spullumchi i, wi be held
in the ti ui cil rex Armstrong,
on VY sdu; • 'ISt .at ;10
o'cl,. . i. n v.y i erson desiring
•■i :-.:. complaint against th lir
tissi ssi ■ ist give ten days i <-
tic to the clerk in n itii g b : re
aid di'
..  W. Patten, C. M.C.
80-Acre Lots
I Four Chi ci -i- ■ re Block f< ar
miles from i . n I be bi } ol eap
ami on easy t - ms        aire of
H. Scnneider.
RB*. *.-• Ef       "'.I-'r-"-'.-.l,--,l
Scenic Artist,
Sign Writer.
Painter (& Decorator.
Kalsomining,   Etc.
l'.'i y, ii-s . xpi rjence  in   Europe, Africa and America.
Land Registry Act.
Takk Noth k  t-hibl on tl i -'".... day ul
July. 1006, 1 w !1  issut   ;i ■ • r     ,   -.- , [
indofcasihlo title in the name of  Fred '
erickTayl* i Jackson - (lol I,  hi cb 14,
map 108, Town of .Armstrong,  unless in |
the meant imi n valid objeol u n in  writ \
iii- it- mat e to me b;   ; art ie='   I u\   ...  a
valid inter, si   ■ said l« t,
Dated '.-   L9tl .lun**, 1806.
w. ii* i- ■'■■■-■■ ■. -.
District Registrar oi Titnls,
'fl ■  !:■:'•   01   parties 1..'  rig in  their
custody or i ■■>-■ -■-■<    • e in ft e
of said lot from Koherl VV"od to I'.
Elliott, dated 12 I w._ -t. *■;;. are requested to di livi r thi sn . ■ to the
undersign* d.
![   ' i;:s &   Bl LL,
Solicitors for the Applicat.
Do you buy
BIRD BROS, ben to inlorm the public!
that th,) ; ii | n pure tc Bit| \lv
delivered in t< wn   nichl uni   nn nihil-
MILK IH ,;i- li i tl (
... liiE...
special sale of Odq
Lines of Sloes:
LADIES' DONCK I ,G   Hricea range from $1 7? t-   $2.50,
will be closid out at ?!.(»'
INFANTS' 8IK!1<>'   : . n.-r, and laos Special S .75
INFANTS'SHOES    B tton. Special t 86
YOUTHS'   Butt and Pol bin Bals. sir.eB 11 to 2. regular $1.25
to II.75, will be sold .it $1.00
BOYS'    Butfnnd Pobbli Bids, i --s.'. 4 and 5, regular price
}■' 2 • lo$2.(X),Side Price     $1.00
MEN'S SHOES    Prices froi i i) 25 to $1 75, Bpei ial..$1.00
MEN'S PEBliLl    fl .75 to $2.25, to cluar at     •' 50
IARDV liult
111 lln 111 iU'd
I ,!■:• < 1U£K
> ""  o ArmsiroRg
A. !"•'■■ Nuserin, B«« Bl     Ul, tin. mlmi
... Sisrber ESAHIELS ^^r<-^^oo^^s^^^^
^'Im-       aaeC.nOp
RiaBaRnHBBHHiiar: Tamoem/imam
The smoothest shaves, tin- neatest
hiurcuts and the cleanest
Shove 15c.     Haircut 2"ic.
A. N. RATLEDGE. . Proprietor
tbe Columbia College. w-Acre
Provides hoard and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given in the advanced
Public School, High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Special Courses include a thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, nnd Ti-chni-
I que in Music: In Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting and Pyrogruphy;Also
i Physical Culture and Elocution,
I For Calendar, Address "Columbian
College, New Westminster, B, 0.
Keep Posted
On Matters That Interest You
Your local paper is a necessity
to you, financially nnd socially.
iiifj- the latest news of the world,
is equally necessary to you. The
"up to date man" will provide
himself with these two essential
features of progress,
kune, Wash., will be found the
very latest news of the world, its
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I'l-rliali. yi.ti ln,v. .iimfthlna lo .all—a
farm, a Ham. turm marhlnfry. Tou ma.
wl-h I., tiny aomttrrina*. Th« b.a, po.ilhl'.
way ,„ oommunluata win, p.opla who »i«a
to buy or m-ll i* Ity lo..rlloit a .mall art-
Vartlaatnetll   In   Thf   Hpnkaanino-R.vl.w.
H-nrmara, stockman, lumbarman ami mln-
.,. Ink. »h<- TWIOB.A.wnDK.
It yon wlal, ,o r.at-li liu.lo.aa man anrt
newcomer.,   un*   ih.   DAILY   or   SIINOAT
T. n cent, per line .ach Inaartll.n ,-oun,
all   wi.iii.   to   a   line.
24 Words | E-iEi; S
Tffi  ct»nti   pri   n no li   lnn«i-Uon   Cflrnit
A I 11 ti ECUS
H|M>t>iinr,  HiiM).
1 McCormicli Hinder. 1 Unuiitun!
Miiiv,-r.'l Fanning Mill, 1 Straw (.'utti-r
1 Horse Power.
Only half n mile from Ann-
strong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom laud easily j
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings. With the
land will be sold  one  team,  three
cows, one steer, one  brood   sow.  81 ,,,,.[■      i     i   •     c  i
, ,. , >. n      .        ,i Of Choice land  in salmon
dozen chickens, nud full equipment
farm machinery.   Price S5000.      I    Arm Valley: i good houses and
..I). MITCHELL.     outbuildings,   Will sell in block
or in tracts to suit purchasers,
EASY TERMS.   -   •   Apply on
Team Work!
Having taken up my resideuce in
Armstrong, 1 solicit all kinds of work
with   team  at   LOWELT PRICES
Hm Ehmkeap™£
for Salen!
iw Acres
If so. it will pny you to see me,
Estimates given.—
the premises to....
3no. Ul. Jlrmstrotifl,
Salmon Arm, B. £.
J. Simington
Shop iioxt Francis'
If you will (Mill and see the
Cream Separator
nntl mil.' bow lew pni'ta
It h»H. how perfectly
rjhnjite ii is, bow easy
It i urns, how perfectly
it skims, how easily it
is l.i-pt clean, ami how
strong and durable it
is, you will nt once decide it is tin- st'jiiiinhir
for vim. .Nn separator
t'Vir made such rapid
strides in   popularity
us the Km ni iv.       Tin-
I'll son in that it satin*
lips every  purchaser,
I ask tlu> privilege of
Hhitwirij- it In yon,
we sell Buggies.
Ves. ami we also sell the....
20th Century
The Best Machine made,
Wire Ca.hl.-nf nil si/.-s.
single itnil double blocks,
llorsi' l-'oiks.
Churches' Hny Cars,
Champion Mowers and Rn>kes
Thomas Steel Hay Tedders.
B. Francis
. .Special Offer in..
B. C.
fillers of a flow
Peering mac
Feed Grains of All Kinds  BOUGHT
Takes water
direot from
Butter maker nt Dreamery,
J. n. warren
lr yfni,  ndv
y. uni
Hi    'Inn,in
ir   mini
dm  r
lnn< m
I'll"!       1
I'll Milt?
J. W. Christian, £'' "y,u. (!|;,v"r- ',;:,,""h-v:1 LawHoity Mains.
' (JliiBK,   rjjtisiinge   Corn,   Mangel,
Turnip     Special   quotittloiis   in j oheripor tban
. j iimit.it y. |
Spniy Pumps, Whale Oil Soap,\Qhbor
Vegetable I'lnuts,
ljii.r({i.' stock   of Homii Grown    Eleelricity.
■ Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
mature,! for the full track PE..T0N
Dl/IIVafl  TIIIMFD      No i-xpi'iise. lossorileliiyofl'iim. W
rittlW   I tlllLKI iKati0Ii or inspection, Water Wheel   %
Lot im-  price your lisl   before V
placing your order. Co.,
We do   business   on   onr   own'.
grounds   no rent to pay, ami  an- Sanrrancisco
prepared to meet all competition
Catalog Free.
8010 Westminster Rood.
Vancouver,, B. C.
Graduate Nlics-Brpni school...
I am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
giiarnutee satisfactory work
lit   IIICAKON/,1 I.K   I'l.ll BR,
Address n.c al....
'*■'' '""-'SPifc,
6-Inch Pelton Motor.
ElluBtr&teil BooElet Free,


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