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The Armstrong Advance 1906-08-10

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and Spallumcheen Advocate.
PiiMishied at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
NO. 17.
Bid Store.
Otir    Great
ii ■
• •
.« •
summer mm
Tt'tove   ILbbic-s Include.-
Ladies' Silk, Linen and Cotton Blouses.
Chemises, Night Dresses, Drawers, Skirts,
Veiitu; White, Cream and Black Mohair Skirts.
Muslins, La-wen, Zephrs, Dress Ginghams,
Prints, Ties, etc.
Girls' nud Children's Dresses, Pinafores and
flight Dresses.
Girls' and .Boys' Linen Tarns.
Babies' Cream and Cotton Hoods and Bonnets.
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cottou Hose.
Men's Boys' and Ladies' Linen and Straw
Men's Ladies and Misses' Canvass Shoes.
Boys' Linen Suits.
Men's White Vents. Linen Coats and Summer
Suits. Men's Ladles' and Boys' Balbriggan und
Cotton Underwear, eta, etc
Un fact, EvcrytMnc hi A>- Simwbm Line mutt jo.
iw Cut.
Only. *
M is m iim to m Cfeeap floods
m ware for m lot tsucatfter     §
WW it im to M for fix wit CM rflwrtYl.
*t    :
To Be Competed for at 5pallumcheeni's
Fair October 10 and 11.
We dive below a list of the special prises offered for competition
at tin' forthcoming exhibition to be bold at Armstrong under the auspices of ihe Armstrong and Spallnmobeen Agricultural Society on
October 10 and 11. When ii is borne in mind that the regular prize
list provides for most liberal prizes in each competition, these specials
nive the prospective exhibitors an opportunity for carrying away some
very creditable prizes and will no doubt inspire each to make the very
best showing possible in the various divisions. The owning fair
promises to be the best in the history of the Spallumcheen. It will
be the occasion of the official opening of the new agricultural hall at
this place, which iB the best building of the kind in the province outside of the (-oust cities.
By Okanagan Floor Mills Co., Ltd.
Best two loaves bread made by any tion-professional lady	
     1st, }\ bbls. Hungarian Flour.
 2nd I bbl.
By F. C. Wolfenden.
Best loaf of bread made by girl under 16 1st prize $2.00.
"  2nd prize $1.00,
By F. O. Winters.
Best colt sired by Clydesdale stallion "Good-uB-Gold"	
 iBt prize 120.00.
 2nd prize  15.00.
  ,3rd prize  10.00.
 4th prize    150.
 5th prize    5.00.
(Only one enty to be made by any IndiAidUal owner of colte.)
By Geo. Murray.
BeB beef steer on exhibition $5.00.
By J. M. Wright.
Best specimen of penmunship by any public school pupil of the
municipality, the wonis to be written being the first verse
of the National Anthem $2.50.
By Eugene Rbian.
Best display assorted vegetables	
 1st prize 500 each printed fancy envelopes and letterheads.
....2nd prize 250   "
Best cake made by unmarried lady 50 best visiting cards.
Best pair White Wyandotte chickeiiB Weekly Advance 1 year.
"     "   Golden       " "             "
By Arms-mono Advertiser.
Best pair turkeys Advertiser one year.
Best pair geese          >' »     »
BeBt six tomatoes         " "     "
By Bank of Montreal.
BeBt boar on exhibition 85,00.
By H. B. Cambie.
Best collection of 12 Gravenstein apples 12.60.
By Armitage A- Pai-l.
Best collection of 12 Northern Spy apples ; $2.50 hat.
By Armstrong <fc Leverington.
To winner of largest number of prizes in division 7.. Kitchen grindstone
By B. R. Burns.
To lady winning greatest number first prizes. f]5 dressing case.
By Walter Lowkby & Co., Montreal.
To largest family paying admission to fair	
 Five-pound box Lownev.s fancy chocolates.
By John Hamill.
For best ii lb dairy butter Five ft, ^ wtfw
By Wood, Cargill Co., Ltd.
For the best looking buby under 1 yeur old jo ft, beBj ^
(A. E. Sage, H. B. Gamble and W. W. Wolfenden to be judges.)
W. W. Wolfenden,
To winner of most, prizes iu fancy work  l VUSf.
By Whiting & Rogers.
To winner of most prizes iu winter apples    $5.00
By Fabmkks' Exchange.
To winner ol most prizes iu fall apples 16X0
By O. L Christian.
Winner of moBt prizes in division 1 whip, winner's Choice!
By B. Francis.
Winner of most prizes in division 8 ] wheelbarrow.
H. Schneider.
For best ram lamb  *5 <*)
C T. Daykin.
To farmer's wife or daughter winning moBt prizeB in division 11
 1 toilet Bet.
J. B. Bird.
For best hand-made men's wool shirt  $2.50
By Farmers' Institute.
Winner of moBt prizes in division 1  17^
' 2 ::::....:::::::::::: 7w.
" " " 8  6,00i
" " " 4  5.00.
" " " -  5,OOJ
" .   " " 6  500.
" " " ?  7.B0
• ' *     s , BJ00;
"      " "        9 '• '7.60.
"      " "      10  i>.50.
"      " "      11  5.00.
A Positive
No Bmiti% Room Camplwtm without if.
Bfllfi Bm&lfiics,, Sponges,
Stoitfet Soaps, omfll
UU <5di(et R^pistes.
tJfte flfinffttreng Pharmacy,
R. R. BwmiS,     -        -       Shroggist.
Popular Dry Gc«cji; CU Eisdi Mis
Eartlly Eaittrore.
Our neighboring town of Vernon
wae the scene of a most tragic suicide last Sunday night, when R. J,
Holmes, the dry goods clerk in R.
W. Megaw's store took hiB own
life while in a Btate of despondency following drinking. That
the deed was premedinted was
plainly shown by the fact that a
rope had been so arranged that if
the shot from the 38 calibre revol-
ver failed in its deadly duty the
rash act would would have, been
completed by hanging. The
deceased was a young man well
liked/by all who new him, but is
6aid to have at one time taken the
Keely cure for the liquor habit
and Bince that time wan seriously
affected,by even vnry light drink-
inif. Two letters left on hiB table,
one to a lady in Manitoba to whom
be was engaged to be married and
one to an old friend. Wm. .lohn-
sou. a commercial traveller, who
happened to be iu town, briefly
stated that his people lived at
Orangeville, Out., and gave, instruct! onB to notify them and to
bury bis body at Venicn. Upon
advice from his people, however,
the remains were sent to Orangeville on Wednesday.
Two More New Families Welcomed
Two families with eat b a car-
load of effects have takon up their
residence in the Armstrong district during the past week The
first was that of H. Bolt, from near
Gleich»n, Alta. It will beremem
bered by many of our readers that
Mr. Bolt came to Armstrong early
in th.j spring and after spending a
Bhort time in looking around purchased twenty acres of the Jack-
son-Morgan holding. Returning
home he succeeded in disposing of
his Btock ranch in Alberta and at
once liegau preparations lor taking
tip bis residence here. Mrs. Bolt
ie'a winter ol Mrs. Bourne, and
with their father,Uev, J. Ferule,
all have tracts adjoining. The
other settler of this week was .las.
Sneesby. lute of Regina. 8n«k.,
who iB now here to take charge of
the Harold Fletcher farm purchased by him a couple of months
ago. Mr. Sneesflby has in this
farm one of the beBt locations on
tbe eastern border of the valley.
and with the good improvements
that go with the place he is at once
in shape to go right ahead wit'i
active farming, which we trust lie.
will find remunerative to the full
measure of his moat, sanguine ox-1
pectations. Onr district lB-gradn.|
ally tilling tip and that, too with;
the very best element of people
wbn are seeking refuge from the
rigorouB climate of the prairies.
Sudden Death of Lola VuAntwerp
The numerous friends of Engineer Van Antwerp, the popular
and highly respected driver on the
branch line for the paBt fourteen
years, sincerely sympathise with
him and his family in their great
bereavement caused by the death
last Snturdny evening of his
daughter, Miss Lulu. The deceased was Wi !1 known in Armstrong
and highly esteemed by all her
friends throughout the valley.
Only u bhort time ago 6he w.-is
visiting friends hi re and was in
the full enjoyment of perfect
health. A couple of weeks 113a
the family went for a camping trip
to the shon s c f Okanagan lake,
and while there Miss Lulu sustained a bite or sting from an insect,
thought to be a black spider. The
apparently slight wound was it
once given attention, camp broken
and the family returned home
where medical treatment could be
secured, yet despite all that could
be done erysiplas set in and after
an illness of jnst one week hej
yonng life was taken away. Miis
Lulu w;ib just fourteen years of
age, bright, intelligent and in
every way giving promise of a
noble and respected womanhood.
The funeral occured from their
home at Okanagan Landing rn
Monday to the Vernon cemetery,
where interment took place, the
funeral services being conducted
by Kev. Lambert, of the Church of
England, and attended by a ivj
large attendance of friends.
Water Record Decision.
An iittoresting application for
water record -.v.-is decided by Gov.
eminent Agent Tunstallyesterday.
Mr. Heggie, manager of the 8tep-
ney ranch, applied for a record on
the creek on which Mr. Hassard.of
Enderby, already holds an old time
j record. The city of Enderby had
also wanted a record on  the  same
creek, bnt Mr. Hassard's record
could in 1 in- attacked and Mr.
Heggie had to be content with n
record subject to the j.rior claims
of Mr. Hassard. J, 1). gwanson
appeared for Ibe latter gentleman,
Kamloops Ssntini 1.
Iron Pipe.
SOOOfeetoi J in.galvanissed ircn
pipe for Bide.    V; |y to Messrs.
or to P, ut. Danism, Bls< ksmith
:l*- Armstrong.
AraMoltpo n.g, $t h col.
AipplioaJacras w;!i he received -_-p
to AucunUf.. for the position of
oaTBtnker df the irlnBtrong sibo-d.
Applicants to state salary required.
3 M Wsraa'T,
-'• Secretary, The
fUGCWf Miuxa.
Subscription ILQO per your in iwlvu
It not paid in advanoe 18.00.
A*4l«Ta,-n,ar'at»'^li!'l!l^ ;'^ fitaairn and the Fann-
 /*tgTmnCe[ers' Exchange   it  Kelowna   i.   at
■ tii is  season   ui  be  witnesated  a
1'UBl.lsH I- ID  i'.'.'vi:,   :       i-vf AT | scene of. activity.     Both   places.
; havi many i".--: ei g igu I in  pack-!
I ing and getting   ready   tor ship-:
,-nt the large quantities of early
Iapples,plums, pears and peachesi
that are ni w being • inrketed from \
that point.     The quality of the
Advertising rates given on application, various narielieB of all thoBefrnitB
grown in the Okanagan is such <is|
to command the highest market
throughout  the   provinces
eyond the Rockies,    At   Peach- ]
'!•■■ ""'"" '"'  "  •'"        r'land imdS'immerlanlili. shipping!
I is oonfined principally to peaches,
I of which there are large quantities
exported from both places,    Peach
Th.. Ailv.'iiii'.- in published to the Inter ! growing to a  profitable and   sue |
%01 '. l'l J
' prici
Stack Owners.
B iving secured the services "I Mi Geo. Maundrell,
of Armstrong, to r«preBenl ns in the ' lkanagan,-weare no-.v
prepared to buy all kinds of Live Stook  at the Higlient
 Market Prioes.	
nt the i.iinf ef Fisher1 Sorb or notify Mr.
he -.i ill i:uiiini
taiiiu'i, utM where Qotultnlsston i-t obnrged .
. ,' ■
Inserted see.    Other notice ut usual i
rates.   Cterdsol thanks $1.
P. Borns <& Co.
ML   GEO. Maundrelii,       -     •
^1 IQ1——10E
Ageitivf..  M
,V,t,M l'l l,hn '.
il, exists un,
ronogs of Ui
uuiloit*  'll
'   pilt,
cessfn! extent is confined perhaps
to fewer districts than those of
any other fruit, und-of these the
southern Okanagan is rapidly developing into one of the most sno-
Icessfnl, When it is considered
TheADVAHi Bflilitoi md i^ thot ai hl^ m J*M pw aew may 3
III,! Hint of the   week   enjoyed   (Mir I t,.. ,:  t  ,...„;.. „   .;.,  H
Out Fiij'sJ Trip Down OhmngM.
Vmmmm^.m'^mm rm,y,m*:m&. rmm-myrlrr., Jr^.J.'mmm, A ,^lf«V|>,
week  enjoyed  onr
first trip down Okanagan lake aa
for ns Ebjitloton, the Bouthern port.
That the trip in an enjoyable
one frojjh beginning to end is but
a mild expression of tbe pleasure
afforded by an excursion of this
kind.   Okanagan lake itself Ib al
magnificent body of water, extend- L     . ,
* ,       i i. has been mad«
illgau.it   ines   JOT   a   diBtance  oil    -., •   ., .     ■   ,, ,,
j* I within the  past ♦■igliteen   mouths
uinty miles m lextgthat an average'
width of three miles, the depth of
All   Kir.tff,   cl' Carper.ltr   Wcrlt
t. iic •■•>
a.1      r«a..a<'.1.'a.'.'iil>t!
s<)sti, N*rs, iti«iM.»gj> ml urn.
Turttktf}, Bam. Sawing/.  Ph-taiir*' FRAMWIB:.,
Kjr- rtiuiH uml Bpeultlcatioim Propureil,
be realize,, Irom peaches in a  sin
gle season it may easily  be under-
stood that a rapid  and  extensive!
! development in the-culture of this |
|frnit is taking place. i
Penticton   is  located   at   the:
southern  extremity of Okanagan, Qg^^Q^gifjJg)td®tB§S)5®«S?)«®CS5)CSS)ti®»©
lake and for a town whose growth! - ■ ■ -
utmost exclusively
whioh in places bus been Bounded
to 1700 feet. From Okanagan
Landing to .Penticton le afforded a
boat trill of iihty-five miles, the
scenery on either side being among
the most ploturespue among the
many beautiful scenes for which
British Columbia is noted, and as
one in borne along at a lively rate
by the steamer Aberdeen the cool,
refreshing breezes from the lake
afford a happy JeBplte from the
hot ami dusty atmosphere of the
shore. The Aberdeen is a well
appointed steamer, and not the
least noticeable feature of the trip
iu the careful consideration given
the passengers by its officers.
li'roiu Captain Esterbrook and the
jovial purser, «1. A. McDonald, all
through the list of officers there is
seen the most apparent geniality
and accommodation.
The numerous stops made en-
route afford u .good opportunity for
gaining an idea of the production
at, many points along the lukesbore
where from a distance there appears to be no agricultural land.
At all of these unpretentious piers
there are taken aboard fruit and
vegetable products in varying
quantities.and casual inquiry elicits
that the owners of-these '-ranches"
are securing large annual returns
nud if they so desired could dispose of theii holdings at very good
prices. One instance of this; was
given os. A MSO-acre tract which
from the deck of tbe boat appears
to tie extremely bluffy and upon
which there are improvements to
the amount o£ perhaps sJntKIO ie-
nantlj Bold for $12000. One of
these calling parte .of special in-
terent. is at D. E.   Gallutley'e   be.
ict and the eon-! /»
Penticton made! w
Our line «( Fniairure is w* amir complete than even and we  will! supply  w5l.lt
anvtking you went in tke »;ny of	
Full Line UndertaRd'.ng, Go'Cdls-
presents a remarkable appearance.
The  Immense  possibibilities   of!
this part of the  'Okanagan have!
long been known,   but   not   until j
the owner of tbe large   areas   ex-
tending   into  the   thousands   of,
acres decided to sell was the  set-;
tlement of the district and th
sequent growth-of
possible.   During  the   past   two i
years immense .areas   have   been
subdivided into small fruit farms,
irrigation systems have been provided    and    an   almost  miraculous development in both the town
and surrounding district resulted.
Although only a few of  the orch-
unk have its yet come into   bearing, within   tbe   next   few   years
Penticton will be adding an  important iportion ito  the   enormous
fruit and prodiuce ei|x,rts of the
Cttttudl ILstifor New School.
JS., M. [Bird was the successful	
tenderer in the contract for thei _   __   __ _,       __    _.    __   __   __   __   __   __    __
a/kition.ofitbe^econd story to the i f>«®«§S>S5»C®«_®i<_5S__?)_^iC^iC«S.)C3S1«® Bi
Arjnstrong jurblic school building.
Obntracts taken for all kinds oi'
Carpenter Work.
tween Kelowna and Sumnierlunt
Mr. Gel lately engages in growing | trion in „,„ i]JS,;iu(,,
various varieties of vegetables for
tiiailet as well as fruit   but makes
liis'Otiieial notice from the com-, .
missioueriof public- works having \ttt
coime tlii'Hiigli iGovernment Agent|™
Nonris, iof Wernon, c,n Tuesday.
Mr. Kiird'S ;pirice, we iiuberstand. is|
iu the 'iieifjIiborliocKl of S-tH(K) for j
tin-. jjntu and ibis itender promises,
tin- omnipliitioii of:the job by the!
tirst 'of .Si'WHinber. We along with i
every natlher llojnll resident of the!
town .mre glad .to mote the contract.
bus fsllmi to iu local man ami we.
believe iwi- can with assurance
speak Cot- m sniooessfiil completion |
of the «].rin:lertit.kiiig .at Mr. Bird's
bauds. Hie huB bad,several year's!
experienoe i«i oarpentering and!
contracting, .and his success during |
this time is his best recointitenda-l
The task of \
raising the  {MiesKiFt  building mid
New Stock,.,
Just Received.,
Armstrong- • Ii_rn-ess - S'tcre.,
~" ;i__5)g_
putting on the new story requires
a specialty of  tomatoes,   and   is | g,,^ heavy and difficult work
this sour
iiaiidsoiae returns liroiii
Last season his crop
brought iii returns at the rat.- of
JBOOO j'er acre, This at lirst sitfiit
appears fabulous and to many will
no doui.t .-!|i|M.ar incredible. Yet
when one lakes Into consideration
that an m-r>- of ground will sup|ioi-t
5,011 > plantB and thai the tomatoes
are sow being marketedut 10cents
per pound wholesale it will be
readily seen that such returns are
by no means impossible, in order
to Lnoreasi bis facilities for supply,
ing the early and more profitable
market Mi Qtillately last spring
orooted hot houBBB over an area of
three acres.
Kelowna, Peaohland and Sum-
merland. the prinoipal shipping
pointa before Pentiotou is reat bed,
nre now all engaged in the first
movement of the fruit foi the sea-
tain and already enormous quantities are being shipped to the nnir-
ketri of Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and Alberta and points in our own
yrovlnoe.   In the, warehouses  of
work as
well as the placing of much heavv '
timber. .Much of the material
needed will have to be ordered
from the const, which Mr. Bird
has already done, and the work ofj
removing the present roof will!
naturally be deferred Iin- ii time ou'
this account, but Mr. Bird hopesi
to get started ou the job within a
Bhort tin,,, after which it will be!
pushed as rapidly as poBible. L.l
\V. Patten is the Inspector of the
new building and will look after I
its construction according to thei
plans und speci Heat ions prepared
by the depnrtmonl of public- works !
Tbe VVtather and Crops.       •
The weather continues warm
during the day with cool pleasant
nigh it. The dust is simply- well,
dusty— and a rain would be we|.
comeu, though late potatoes and
vegetables are about the only thing
to be benefitted by moisture, The
early apples, plume, etc. are showing np well.
A. S. Elsom having withdrawn from the business,
we I'eg'to announce- thai this firm will henceforth be eon-
doeted by Kirby  A-  Kirby.     We hope by strict attention
to birtiiiuBB and only the most, legitimate methods to merit
a share of your business in i nr line.
RsntMimber we nre .elillii-g: tl*»*\..,
A few Choice Locations It ft.
Agents for Great West Life.
Elsom £ Kirby.
BECAUSE it helps to advance    your district
BECAUSE it is the only means to get the mows.
BECAUSE it is owned and ablishedln Armstrong.
I1WHI «S le M| M Hpit""'
We Offer a
on 97 Acres
WKe and a tguarter from
We have n f tw tateuttad dulk"* to loin en
Cliintl Ieii.1 EstBleSctniitj It r«-*Komib!eratM.
We winh to plane this nt once. ■ .• (j Ive as u call.
?wgd«NtDe £-<>«8» news for $uc t mi
...  Real Estate
Your Hfeats«
Will h -Gest tbt tfit- Market affords-
K'.ttifj tut* bomntil at At	
Qkm.natjm.rf    Meat   Market.
Rctaiill Meat Merchant*.
Live S'tteR and Poultry Bought.
BifMli (j!li TMS'OMIS- »li( frHttfi.
.. E. »»IS»,
Bead Office: Montreal
CAPITAL; all paid up *14,000,000. Rest, *10.000.000
Balance Pfofil and Loss account. $87il.9S8.
ia. and  Mount Royal,
intond, H.C.M.G.
■arsiSEitWT.  Ri'i-k,..  Hon.  Lord Ilrathco
V]IC'Ii.a.r'KEJ.liD'EKT, Sir Coo. A. Sraa
Branones in all the principal cities and towns in Canada,    Also in
the Mowing cities :- London. Kng.: 2i, Abchnroh   Lane.   E. O.
New fforkfBO Wall Street; Chicago.188 La Salle Street t Spokane,
Wash.-; St. John's Newfoundland.
BimkeiB and Gon-eBpondents : Liverpool, B.-vnk of Liverpool.    Scot-
Intid. British Linen (Vs. Bank nnd Branches'.
A genwul banking iiusi;iess transacted. Drafts sold available -it
all points in tlie United States. Europe nnd Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Dcposltti rdOfiived from  1 upwards nnd Interest Allowed nt current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 81st Deoenibor
Wtthdrawale   en   demand    without    delay.
hWciii'iH and country business given special attention.   Municipal nnd achool
district ivooounta received on favoruhle terms.    Special nttention given to the.
luuidlini! ol munioipsl and ether debentures.
Depotdtti louy be wude upd wjtlidrawn by mall*    Oul of-town accounts receive
»amsravtrS. f. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. S, r.lMtceHnfecA, Sub. Agent. P. DuMenlln. Sub. Agent.
II! Mid$ cf Htlresbing Dishes for (be
Hot Weather
Init ■ How • in • Stock.
!     flwlesMc & Rtiaii=i= ►
All kinds of j''mnb nud Orji-el Meats alvrays in stork |
Pish and I'owl in seasc-n B
B'«'»'''.iPn-;ii-.*.-s; *©r Fat Steels-and Vo-'-ltry. ►
Mail Oiderii a Specialty. |>
Oeoi Murray,
F.mxMuT W»triitl;e«il
f. n  *
.. Eocal and General. J
!    W.  W    Bartiettf  resich   c    in
Eustview is being piiililed.
ll. Francis ana duuRUwr, Miss
Neljie,  nttondcd   tbe   fnnJrol  of
the lnt, Miss Lulu VtoiAntwerpat
fj* I Vernon Monday.
It is not too soon to cast about .1. Begg, of lnnisfail. Alia., has
yon for something toexhibit at the been looking over the Held here
Armstrong fair. October 10 is not j the jwsi week with a view to en.
faraway. Igaging in business in   Armstrong.
Local grown apples of the Trans-1    W. J. Shillington is enjoying a
H. Schi,eider has been laid up
for several days with a sprained
R. R. Burns and A. E. Armitnge.
attended the funeral of Miss Lulu
VnnAntwerp at Vernon Monday, i parent, Astrachan and other early | visit from a couple of brothers of
Mtb. C. H. Hardy and family
went to pkanagan lake Friday to
join the cniBade of campers for a
Mrs. Bohnbert is having irnprov-
ments made to the exterior of lier
resilience in town oooupied by A.
Hilary's family.
Engh Fraser liis ]
of the lots in the Ineli addition,
Several other of these lots are be.
ing held by an option by looal
0. T. Penner has Invested in
Armstrong real estate to the ex-
varieties are now being freely put his from Alberta, who nre here for
on the market.
Geo. Murray is having a new
veranda added to his residence on
Main street recently purchased
from H. McLeod.
Mrs. Wilson, mother of the Wilson BroB.. of  Knob Hill, arrive,
the purpose of looking over the
Thos. Skyrme has taken  a position as foreman   with   the  Armstrong Electric Liirht  and   Power
Co.. and is now  engaged   with   a
] I crew on Davis creek.
s •
Men's Suits
Piece Suits far Hot Weather.
Lustre Coats
No two alike, all colors and si1/--*
Special Hot Weather Prioes «V to 18.60
urolmsed one|Monday from California for an ex-
tended visit her,'.
Mrs T. W. Platted nud Miss
Hoe, of Hull ("ar, spent several
days of the past week visiting at
Kelonuti and Vernon,
H.   B.   Mc■rClliinney     returned
tent of a lot in Rosedale, which he i Tuesday from a trip to White Val
purchased throigh K irby & K irby j ley, where he silent a week
the flirt of tlie week.
The Enderby  Progress reported
on Saturday that the Oknuaguii
Hotel, of this place, was about to
b« sold. The proprietors state
thnt there is no foundation for the
We regret to note that Harry
Hwiiiiboii is again having difficulty
with his leg. with which he wns
laid up for a couple of months this
summer. A piece of the bone w.-.s
roinored during the past week.
Mrs. R. Strathearn left Tuesday
to join her husband who is now
located in Ontario. Mrs. Strathearn during her sojourn here has
made many friends, especially
among the congregation of St
James' church, who will miss her
presence in the work of the church
and auxiliary.
(-5eo. Murray sj,ent a couple of
days of the past week getting his
family established in camp on the
shores of Okanagan   lake,   where
after his land there.
Kirby & Kirby have succeeded
to the real estate business of
Elsom & Kirby, Mr. Elsom having
withdrawn and left for Manitoba.
Harry Patterson, manager of the
Winnipeg branch of Miller it Richard, Scotch type founders, was
through tbe Oknnagun on his tirst
trip in the interests of his firm the
past week.
MisB Florence Marshall, Mrs.
Stokes and the Misses Ethel and
Florence Daykin formed a party to
Kelowna Monday for a bout ride
on Okanagan lake. A very pleasant and enjoyable trip is reported,
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
B. Francis was seriously ill for
several days the last of the week.
We are glad to report that the
little one is now rapidly recovering and is thought to be beyond
all danger.
Old "505" the familiar engine on
, . , j the 8. it 0. is at present on a trio
thev wi 1 Bpend a lew weeks m the .   „ ,i       ,    .       ,
. ....       ,     , to \ anconver, where she is under-
eniovment of life under the canopy     . . . ,    .. .
J '. f * I going a complete overhauling and
of heaven. Mr. Murray going down
plunge in the
repairing process, and when again
occasionally for a
cooling waters.
A. E. Sage, of Fisher it  Sage.; polish.   It is understood she will
i brought to her old run will appear
in the full glow of new paint nnd
real estate, left Wednesday for a
visit to ids old home at Barrytown.
Mich. Mr. Sage has not Been the
old home for several year. He
will undoubtedly be called upon
to answer a good many questions
about Canada in general and this
part of B 0. in particular.
Dr. Vankleek returned Monday
from his trip to the coast, where I
he was in attendance at the meet-1 n.j_ '
ing of the medical association, and
also on private business. The
doctor was disappointed on his
return home to find that the
Fletoher residence had been Bold,
take the run of a daily freight up
and down the line.
It is reported that T. VV. Fletcher, Int.- of Armstrong, bus purchased the Y. M. C, A. building in
Vancouver and is remodelling it
into n hotel, to   cost   when   completed from (115,000 tbUQ,000,
A special feature of the service
ut the Methodist church this com-'
Hiking! '"* Sunday morning will be a solo
by Lee Patten. Lee's numerous I
! friends will be glud of the oppor-1
] tunity of once more heuring liim.j
An evidence of the increase of!
patronage ut the Armstrong post-
office lies iu tbe fact that Postmaster Wright has just received a
large addition to the number of
com bi nation lock boxes for the use
of patrons. i
The 0. P. R. has issued an j
eighty page booklet, descriptive
of Kootenuy. Boundary, Okanagan
and Vancouver island districts.
The book is illustrated and contains a large amount of useful information about the districts.
We are informed by F. C. Wolfenden, secretary, that the order
went in this week for the machinery und appliances for the power
plant and light and power systems
of the Armstrong Electric Light
und Power Co. Work is now to be
pushed on the work preparatory to
the final installation of the much-
inery, etc.
The local school board has engaged the iiew agricultural hall for
public school purposes during the
interim until the completion of the
addition to the Armstrong school
building. Owing to the absence of
vacant buildings some difficulty is
being    experienced   jn    securing
Stimmer Vests
eartiliil patterns, ■
Eot Weothi
ib.....Of to*S.60
l&fye - Lowest  - Priced - Store.i
Sample Braces
.All  Prims from 16 cents to $1.00,
Men's Shirts
An    Excellent   Range   of   Men's   Working
To be sold dnring the Hot Weather at a Big
.' 'riceB from ">0c to $1.30.
Straw  Hats
A good assortment still left to _>o at almost
yonr own prices-- 40*. to $1,80.
Come in end see our Big
Reductions in
Ladies'   Clothing.
Light  overulls   and   jackets-
$2.50 per suit at Aruiitagecfe Paxil's,
Outing shirts and collars at reduced prices. Got them at Armitage & Paul's.
Few boy's linen   suits left at
Official Diresfllcry
Railway Time Table
ISsuswae A Okanaoan Rul.vmy)
Arrives from Nortb daily except
Bunds)  «:'ir. a. a
Arrives from Smith daily Sxcept
Sandfly  ;j-.Sfi p. n
A. Murdoff, editor of the Star, temporary i|nniters lor the, high
Hartney, Man., was a visitor to school and this may have.to.be
the  Okanagan   during   the   past'provided for in the hall also.
your  own
•  • -.
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free PreBs one year for only $l.«o,
Pelly & Pelly aie selling the late
Larkin eBtate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the moBt desirable lots iii town.
Tup. black and. fancy hose for
nobby wearers, at Aj'initage &
We are tlie only Gent'B Furnishers in town. Bay here and build
up 'ii blink account by your buv-
ings.    Armitage it Paul.
Remember we are it. for Stylish
and up-to-date made-to-onler suit,
ings. ■ You need a summer
Get it at .Armitnge &
Rec\e— A. Sohnhert.
Clerk and assessor--L. W. IVlt,.n.
Treasurer and collector—t. M. Wright
Geo. Murray, W. Hallnnt,  ,1.
HatrWrell, R. B. Main.
North daily erc-eiit Sunday      SM u m
South    "      " " iJK p. m.
Mail Leaves -
North daily except Sunday     H:4H p. tn.
South     "       " " 9:45 a m.
Spallumcboen. Hull Car. Glenemma and   Falkland every
Tuesday und Friday at 7*0 u.ru.
.1. M. Whiciht. Postmaster.
Divine Sgrvlcfi will beheld every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, Jl n.in. t
Km* Hill. :> p.m.: Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.80 ('.in,.; Rev, A. N.
Miller. Pastor.
Service? in S. Andrew's, Enderby, ul,
It .a.m.: Zien Church, Armstrong, ul
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev: fJ. Ciunp-
oel!. Pastor	
as lie had arrangements completed
week. Mr. Murdoff is personally [
interested iii property at Kelownft; timber in the
and takes a keen interest in the I Tj;|l for Bey
development of the whole of the
Okanagan. The hot weather of
won of the year wns somewhat trying ou Mr. Murdoff, since
it was something not often experienced  in the   prairie provinces,
I yet this by no menus lessened  his
! admiration for the country, inso-
| much as it is  realized that only „f t|,
for moving therein this week.    Helthn^gh the waru, leather  is  the
has now decided  to build a resi
deuce of his own on
acre tract adjoining
his line live
Rosedale addition, and work will be begun on
the same shortly. His sisters who
are to keep house for him will arrive in a lew days.
The latest, innovation in the
train service on the S. it 0, is the
acquisition of a parlor car lo our
regular daily train. The new service was begun on Monday Inst
nnd the luxurious palace car Beth.
Icilieni is now making tegular runs
fur th,- accomodation of the travel.
ling public. The extra charge is
n nominal one of two bits for any
part of the. line and at this price
the car should prove popular and
receive a liberal patronage from tbe
public. A colored porter of pleasant mien and gonial nature is ever
ready to attend to all wants making for the comfort and enjoyment
of the passengers. The C. P. II.,
under the supervision of the popular assistant pnsserjger agent nt
Yauoonver, li. J. Coyle, is fast
coming to a realization of the importance of tlio troffio 'up and down
the Okanagan, and with the addition of a freight Whioh, we understand, will be begun soon, the pub-
Ho-will have about all they can
avusoiinbly esptjot in tin way. of
.riulway accommodation.
through the warm weather is
productiveness of the valley made
possible. He expressed himself
to the writer as exceptionally well
ploaljed with the prospects of the
Okanagan on the occasion of this
visit and he contemplates ut some
future date taking up his residence
A serious lire lias raged in the]
vicinity of Knob I
era! days of the pastj
week. The fire escaped from the!
Wilson Bros, while clearing Innil;
Tuesday afternoon. Considerable;
damage was done to timber and j
wood, principally owned by Harrvi
Swanson. but through the heroic
efforts of every resident of the I
neighborhood il has be
hay   meadows  ami  grain |
j. e. eftAVtrn
Pclkber ma
n kept out lo Years experience.
and  tiraiii Furniture finish n Bjpeciftlty.
J fields, and it is now thought to  be
well enough under control   that  it
i will be subdued in a short time.
John Phillips, the new owner ef
I tlie Sam Keid place nenr the
! creamery, is having some materia
i improvements made in bis proper-
j ty by the addition of a neat veranda to'the house find a complete
Lust week we intimated that, pointing of the whole building.
Murk Hill wns buying some msi-i.l.M. Bird has charge of the car-
dentin! property iu town. The penti-r work and W. .lames is
deal wiib closed on Friday for the' wielding the paint brush. Mr.
purchase by him of the T. W. Phillips has one of tbe beat places
Fletcher property in Eastview. the | in the vicinity and will with con-
deal having been made through; templiitecl improvements make it
Kirby & Kirby. By Hub triiiiHnc- an attractive dairy and hay farm.
tion Mr. Hill comes into posses*
Biou of what is conceded to be one
of the most desirable properties in i  ,i , u      a
1   ' i where are encamped a number of
JfirAti Abmstbong Hr/nto.
we Give
But only for
A visit to the set-lie of the l.llin-
oriitiB camps ou Okanogan  hike.
We leave paint throwing lor those
who can do it best.
Municipal   Water  WerRi.
Armstrong, consisting of live acres
of ground, including meadow and
good orchard and a fine commodious dwelling. The consideration
| was in the neighborhood of $4500.
I'u Watkk CppsuMDBR:
... ,     ...        .... i     Water fur other than household
Armstrong families, ut this season |     ""ier'"' "
1.,". .     -      li        .   nnrrvuiAft nun only be awed ns toll-
reveals thnt a most enjoyable out- .purposes utm u,„j
ing tuny Ih- spent during the warm' 0WSJ   ., , _
., .iii     ,-.i   ,i        I    Residents of Town
weather on the banks ol that beau-|    p,.,^,.,.,, .)it. horns of <':'U) and !!
,,    ,,.,,,      ,. ,    ,  .. ; tifiil body   of   water.     The  coolL m . j to 2-p. m.i 4:30 to 6. p. m.
Mr. Hill has disposed of las own, .^ fro1(, ,ll(, |nk,, ., ,,.M ,,;„.,,. ^ ^ Bp?mklingJonly)and 7:80
ed   ill   the simile of thp bordering l to !l p. m-
trees,   frequent   plunges   in   tbe|    Outside v
placid waters and one's forgetfu
ness for tiietiiiii
of business  or. home
residence and three acre site reserved from bis fine ranch to the
purchaser of the balance of the
farm, Q. A. Love, and will within
the flext couple of months take up
being of the cures
his residence, in his newly acquired | Wt and recuperation to both mind
property, where he and his eKti.|1!1"n"^>; Fishing and boating
ml,vil, j     -I   ,.'ni       „n  •,, are   txhuaraiuig   paSBtimeB    'and
mable lauiily will beniiabjodtocu.        ■   , ,        •     .-      , ..,„„
,    .,   ,/    „  ,   . ,      , I one n labors in   the  former  may
joy theiruits.oi then yimru ot toil!0fterl be rcwn,.dea with Home good
on the farm. utringe oi' trout.
t a. m. to b:80a. in.; 12 6'Olbol
inxiu to 1 p. in. and (1 to 7:;i0 p. m
The Constable has ptrsitive orders to lay information against
persoiiB infringing these rules.
'',       .        .HBO. Mi)3?.A7, p_
,1. Hamili.,
F. 0. 'WOLjTOBlrillllt,
Water Couiuiiuuiuiit-ra.
St. .linn's' Ohtirch. Mi.niinL- prayor
11:011: (Evening prayer 7mK<: Sunday
School 10:00. Comm'union services on
first and third Snndaysln each month
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
nnd Inrrti Sundays in each fnnnth urn
Early Celebration at B o'clock.
Rev. Howaku J. Kim;.M. A.. Vicar.
Holy Mhss in [.
'"tiru Sundtij in
Hall, Armstrong,
b moth nt 10 o'clock
Eatheb I/OKVAI..
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG.    .    .    .   B.C
M. D
Wood (lari/ill Blui-k.
fffic-i. Hours: 9:30to Uiand 1:30 toB
ARMSTRONG.   ....   B.C.
Synopsis of Homestead Refulatiou.
ANV iivniliililf Ojininion Uinds vvitjh-
in thq Rnilwuv Bait in Brttith
Columbia, mnv .»* hotnestouded itv on*
person th.- sole head ot a family, or any
mate over IN yearn of age. to thp ♦■tr.'nc
of one-(juiirifr si'ci ion of LWaotM m->rH
j or less.
I Entry inunt be made nersnnaUjt a' '!■•-
; ItM'jtl liind office for the district in which
j tin- Intid isHitinit.-.
The homesteader \e renulred Co p«i*-
' furm the'coiiditionaeonnexitad'thtrawfth
; under one oj the following plana:
(1^ At leust ii si.v ijiniitliM' reaideneti
upon nnd cultivation ol the lr.nd in toch
year for three years.        .
(2)If the father '»>r mother, if the f;t rh
or ip deceased) ol th*. homesteader r>-
8ides upon ;i farm in the vicinity uf *ii^
| land entered fur. the requirements as Co
i residence may be satisfied by residenee
. it|Kiit snid land.
j    filjlf tiie settter hns liis perniantrat
I resilience   upon  farming    land owriffd
1 by him in the vicinity of bis homestead,
the requirements a* to residence may it**
satisfied by residenee ii[n>n tbe said lan«i
1    Six months' notice in writing BhonJd
' lie given in th" Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to »p-
jiiy for patent.
j Cqal lands may hd purchased at 8(0
j per aero for ><>ft coal and |20,for anthra*
cite, Not more thim320 acres can b**
1 acquired by one individual «>r company.
Royalty a* tbe rate of 10 cents p»'>" *"" of
8,000 pounds  shull be collected on tbe
I i'lOSS on'put
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. B.   Unauthorized   publication «»f
s advertlseiuenl will nut l)<> paid f<-r.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No, 1809., meets in the
•    I. ,F   l>.,li.-i' Room, tbo lecond
Sstsrdsv evening of each rnpntb nt s
bain.   Visitlns brethren cordinih Invited
Beorelary, W.M,
Ilroivn L-i.'-
liorn und Ploinouth Koi-lc Poultry end
Bggs.   Some excetitiouully good Jyounii
Cockerels now i
Inind.   ^^^^^^
OKANAGAN Black Pwcoptory,
Meet* in the Foresters'Hnll. Armstrong, on the Tliiirsilnv. or, or Morn the
Hill moon, at, 8 pnao, vlniting brethren
cordlslly invited.
\V. T. HOLTliV.      K. liENNKT'l'.
J-receplor K* ji-'.rfir.
. F.
I. o. o,
Meets every Xhursdfty evening in tic-
O'dd FelloWB' Hall,over V,':«i, Cargill
,t Co's. Store, at 8 o'ejoek. SojonrnTnv
brethren are oordially invited toattencT
G. MOBEBiLY, Ree.Sec.
\S   8429.
i, o. r.
MeetilillH :sJ
their toll last Sftti rdaj ii
each month.
Visiting bj'etnren.o'ordiaUj
Invited.  H.
HSwiinfl, RiS- •
AEMBTBONG Cirole, Bo. 812.
Order ot Uiuiailiiui Bome Otrples, ineeti
in the .1.0 I1', tinll, Bt Mcnilay in eairt
tnontbj       PJ liAN.ll!,aa,.:i.*.id-r.
Wis. .I'KAilVlR, Ker.rntary
: i- 1-- li.
%5S T Tke IN. Frnit b*p m I. C.
•ft,    ,.',;; i  ;—?,      " J
-    Maxwell Smith Dominion fruit
*8ootirarn BAtUt'Oolnmbia," is
inspector, speaks very favorably of I the title of >i well printed and illus-
the prospects of the crop lu B. C.ltrated booklet issac-.i by ifci-O.P.R.
for this season. aa a means to direct inoomlng set-
So for ;is  hie  observations   nnd j tier to their lands in the Kootenay.
information go, he planes the num. Bonndarj an 1 < tkanasan districts.
ber at 7tH),«XX). nearly three-quart-
ere of a million, and that  includes
those planted last full.   From ibis
amount about 10 per cent may  b.-
dedacted for dead or .iseiess tree*.
Mrstsket ,Plil««tf ■>.
We beard ti young man remark
lust wt*k that, "Tbe world owes
me a living." It is hoped for
that youn^ man's good that he'll
get   thu  notion  out of h:6 head.
It's a mistake; a grave mistake
Though geographically inchnled in • He never entertained a more fool-
what Is known as Southern British {ieti idea nor one which will bring
Columbia, th* Kiiinloops district is i him a smaller measure of respect,
uot motioned in the pages of this The world owes the young man
pamphlet. Considerable space is' nothing; but instead te oweB the
The prospects of the fruit crop I devoted io biuging the praises of j world and society an active, noble
fcr this year he also ^ive6. | the Okanagan Valley, but its mate i manhood, a steady, honest energy
"Tbe strawberry crop,"  he be-]the Thompson valley is studiously |which will enable him to associate
giue, "could not be regarded as
more than a good half yield
throughout tin, entire province,
due to some damage to plants during the  past   winter   from   frost-
heaving, particularly where muloh-
ing was neglect.11, and partly from
late    frosts,   which   ,'tfeeted   the
ignored altogether, presumably be- with decent men and women in a
cause the 0. P. R. have no lands to I true manliness of character that
sell therein A big jump is taken, will make his friendship valuable
however, to Vancouver Island, a land his presence and companion-
large portion of whioh is now In!ship [desired.   Th,-   truly intelli-
the hands of the 0. P. a., and its gent activity, and this young man
charms   are set cut   in alluring should contribute to society's hap-
terms.    There is nothing eiagger- | pirn-bS and welfare the grace Vfliicb
ts early stages. I ated in the word plotures present-1 oomes through   study,-
however,Ied In the pamphlet and it should honest thought.   Ex,
bl'Mitiis and frnit
The prevailing prices,
were unusually high.which brought have ihe etteot desired, the attract-
tlie revenue up to thatol nearly mi  ing of settlers to lln- lands bald   in
average crop. jlhis province by this great railway
Gfooseberries and  corrants cut'company.   Kamloops Sentenal.
Hticih a small
tig nre in tbe commerce of the provinoe that they
need hardly be mentioned, but
what were produced, may be con-
iiidered an average yieW. and of
a fair quality.
Peaches and tomatoes will be an
average crop.
in oherries the euijy sweet var-
iotiee sufiered considerably from
the frosts, but the late varieties
nhowed a good average yield.
Plums and prumes have 6et well,
and a good crop is assured, with I
the exception of the Japanese vur-j
ieties, which may lie regarded as I
practically a failure.
Pears are very patchy, being I
practically nil where they were |
struck by the frost, and a heavy
crop where they escaped. This
condition in regard to pears I find
to exist in nearly all the fruit
growing districts, showing that
Jack Fro6t was rather particular
in tbe orchards to which he gave
special attention, almost destroying
the crop in these instances.
Apples will be a good average
oroo, though like tbe pears, some
patches were more or less injured
by the fro6ts.   Doubtless the re-
Afternoon Tea.
The members of the  ladies'
One silver cased  Waltham Ap-
pletou A- Tracy 16-jewel watch  on
road between Armstrong anil my
I place.   Finder will be rewarded at
society of the .Methodist church
announce an afternoon tea party! —
to be held at the home of Mrs. Joe
McDonald from 11 to 6 of the afternoon of Friday. August 1,. The
public cordially invited. Admits-i
sion 10 cents.
I Aiiv.ixc Kornc
■ or by
Private Sale.
Livk Stch k.
Painters Wanted
1 will pay highest wages and
give steady employment to three
men capable of doing good house
painting. A. .1. LaaWORTH,
Wild Flower Collection.
One yearling colt; one pure bred
l Berkshire boar.
Farm Implements,
I now have the following articles
for sale at very reasonable  prices:
One drag saw, complete; one
fanning mill: one 10-shoedrill;one
binder; one four-furrow plow: one
breaking plow; one double disc,
plow; one manure  spreader: one
Natural   H istory   Society!half wa«on a,l<1 rack; one deinoorat
l,«K).tb   scales
has under taken the work of establishing a Wild Flower Garden
in Victoria. We have secured a
most eligible site in Beacon Hill
Park, and the city authorities have
promised to make ns two small
rocky ponds. Our aim is to secure a representative collection of
the many beautiful wild flowers
and  shrubs   native   to   this  pro-
wagon; one Jittw-lTj scales; one
500- lb steelyard; one Woodyatt
lawn mower; one chisel-tooth harrow; one root pulper: one hay cutter with turn and table carriers;
one 3-roller grain crusher; on,
11-horse eave.ners: one set double
driving harness: one threshing
machine in good order; one set of
blacksmith tools; one set of light
sleighs, miscellaneous tools, etc
Household Goods.
One barrel churn: one washing
machine; 60 yards |ineoleum, uew;
one sewing machine; two parlor
vince. We now appeal to anyone
suit of the spring setback would'who is interested in the Mora of
have been more serious had it not: his particular locality to help us.
been   that   we   had   an    unusual  We want this fall only those snb-
nrnount  of  rainfall   late   in   the jects that will thrive on rocks and IBtoves Hnf' other articles too
season, which brought all fruits.! dry institutions, ns we shall uot erons to mention,
except strawberries,   to   a   higher; have water until next season.    Our MARK HlLL.
condition of development than funds are limited and we cannot j
was generally expected. This, offer to pay for plants, but will
however, has resulted in the ap- gladly pay freight charges. It is
pearance of more or less fungi in a labor of love on onr part, and we
the interior irrigated districts, shall be glad to hear from anyone
which is quite unusual, although able and willing to help us in the
the coast region does not seem to good work,
have developed an unusual amount. Edwahd Alex Wallace.
Do you buy
of this trouble
ing. the fruit
Generally  speak-
crop   this   year   in
British Columbia will be freer
from apple scab, plnm rot lira
other fungus troubles, than usual,
ami the quality fully up to the
Lewery't Claim is Barred.
Nelson. B.C.. Aug. i Once
mole has th,- versatile R. T. Low-
ory come under the sharp eyes of
the Oanadian |a,stnl department,
LoWery's Claim has been burred
from the use of Canadian mails,
The proprietor of the Claim, instead of lamenting, is joyfully
happy. He is paying his compliments to the government in the
current, issue of his pn|ior. ami asserts thnt he will have no difficulty
In delivering his paper, notwithstanding the edict of the department
The Calgary weekly, the Eye.
Opener, is also in lh,- bad graces ul
the department and it is stated
that the same article, which appeared in both papers, is the cause
of the trouble.
a Armsirtuuj
yL^       aaaShOP j
and Billiard Halt.
smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE. . Proprietor
111 h'll IIKOS. beg to inform the public
thnt they i re prepare to Blipyly
delivered in town   ni^'ht nntl morning
MILK Kl nte lor tl CREAM line qt
"Blue Jfty"
If so. it will pay yon to see me
Estimate* given.
J. Simingion
K1iii|i noxl Francis'
In this comparatively uew
country people are working daily
for the upbuilding of the town and
district, and for the improvement
of the coudittons under which they
are called upon to live.   Every act
of daily life that tends to bettering
one's surroundings makes directly
of indirectly for the improvement
of society generally.   In all this
the local newspaper plays an important pin.    Among Its local
readers it stimulates an Increasing
interest in their home  surround- j
ings. Keeping them posted on local |
happenings, and   becomes  awel.l
come weekly messenger     Among!
its outside readers it forms a valuable advertising medium, making j
known the merits, advantages and j
prospects of the district it repre,
sents,.     in   the   upbuilding.of  a
town or district the local newspaper
is a most important factor,
the Jirmstreng
Mum a  a  a
Aims to do its full and complete share in the upbuilding and J
advancement of Armstrong and
distrirt. It is the only paper that-
is owned and published. Lure, hence
the only medium devoting its every
energy to the interests of the dis-1
trict: it is in no way handicapped j
by any restraining obligations toj
any party, clique, creed or corporation, but has a perfectly free hand
to at all times promote the inter-!
ests of the town and community in
in which it gains its existence.
No efforts are being spared to make
the ADVANCE the clas6 of paper the
people want—a good live local
paper. Special attention is paid
to chronicleing every item of interest to the local resident and to|
the publication of such articles as I
will attract the interest of outsiders
toour district. With this end in
view we aim to have-
A suscrier to Every!
Home in tne Dlsrrict.
The exceptions of the homes
where the paper is not read in this[
district are now very few. which
fact shows that the past efforts of
the publisher have not been in
vain. In onr advertising depart-1
merit every effort is put torth to
protect the home merchant. Foreign advertising in not solicited,
nor will it be adopted from firms
who seek to compete with the local
business men.
Iit warren
Grtftilt NHcs-irfMt SdMl...
I nm now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
•>   •  •     4\ s\a\A\mf •   •   •
Bee Hive store.
Special sale of Odd
lines of Shoes:
LAD] E8' DQNCrOLAS- Hrices range from $1.75 to J2..A
will be close.] out at $1.00
INFANTS' SHOES   Button and lace. Special $ .75
INFANTS' SHOES- Button, Special $ .86
YOUTHS'-   Buff and Pebble Bids, sizes 11 to 2. regular $1.2.">
te 11.76, will be sold at *MK)
Bi )YS'—Buff and Pebble Pals, ni'/eg 8, 4 and •">. regular price
$1,28 to $2.00, Sale Price  .$1.0(1
MEN'S SHOES   Prides from $1.26 to $1 75, special..$1.00
M BIN'S PEBBLE   fi 76 to t. 25, to clear at $1.60
Okanagan Flour
ills Co. Ltd.
Ba    C.
lien®!a f n
THAT   18   A
**w~AGENTS FOR -*-*>-
jeering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
we sell Bugles.
Yes. and we also s,-ll the....
mi\ century
The Bas. MuchinP mnde.
Wire Cable of all dees,
Sin^h- a-nci (loiiii)e blocks,
Horae Forks,
Churches' Hay Cars,
Champion Mowers and Rakes
Thomas St**d Hay Tedders.
B. Francis
B. 0.
luiMiitg stone
Best quality of Stone in the district. Will be delivered at reasonable charges. Orders may be
left lit ADVANOB office.
The St
.•'il'.lL'll'.iv'.'II F.'ll
trier's In.
fltitllte hi
ve ordered a s
xsond car
of stump
ni; powder, whi
\b will be
For sale!
80-Acre Lots
Ot cmmi College S#M   ft      fc
on hand in about two weeks, and
can be had from the secretary, J,
B. Bird.   Price of  powder $0.6o|    Pour Choice 80-acre Block four
jper cane to metttbeiB of Institute.: milee from town will be Bold cheap
Gr»0, EnasiB, Pres. I and on easy terms. Inquire of -
J. B, Bm\ Sor.-Truae.    | H. Scninieider.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies nnd Creiitlemeii nt very low
rules. In the regular course instruction is given in the advanced
Public School, High Sohool. Collegiate nnd University work. 'Hi,'
Speciul Courses include a thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Techni-
que in Music: In Art: Sketching,
• 'il Painting and Pyrogrophy: .^Iso
Physical t'nltureaud Elocution.
For Calendar, Address "Columbian
Qollsge, New Westminster. B, C.
Only half a mile from Armstrong, K1 acreB raider cultivation
balance good i-otfcini land easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings. With the
laud will be Bold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, 'A
dozen chickens, und full equipment
farm machinery.   Price $5000.
Scenic Artist,
Sign Writer.
Guilder ,H©use
Painter CEl Decorator.
Pa-p-e-r hanging
K&llsO'itHviinitng,,  Etc.
. .Special Oiler in..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Full Rye, Clover. Timothy. Lawn
Glass. Ensilage Corn. Mangel,
Turnip Special quotations in
Spray Pumps. Whale Oil Soap,
Vegetable Plants.
Large   stock   of  Hcimij  (iiioNVN
Frnit and Ornamental Trees now
matured fur the fall trade.
Xo expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection,
Let me price your list before
j placing your order,
We do business on our own
grounds no rent to pay, and are
prepared to meet nil competition.
'    Catalog Free,
8010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver, B.C.
2?) yearn BXpeaenoe in  Ear-
ope, Africa and Airim-ica.
i2UU|«o Acres
Of Choice land  in   Salmon
Arm Valley; 2 good houses and
outbuildings.   Will sell in hick
or in tracts to suit purchasers.
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply ,„
tl e premises to	
3§8. We Arotroflg,
Mm nm, I. e.


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