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The Armstrong Advance Nov 24, 1905

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3     NOV 2; 190b      ^j
 and Spallumcheen Advocate
^ ^n   <X
NWsits ii nt mtrttis «l «rasir«H 111 ilsirlti. lie CWccsi mMn M He funs ttuifii viilci.
NO 82.
o Same Old Story
'Didn't Know It was Loaded"
Yes, and so are we with those $2.50 waterproof Coats, which are going off
very fast, and nobody hurt,
not even the Pocket.
■ v,        ' lur Lender, Heavy Dm-!; waterproof and Btormproof Junkets lire exception.
■ ally good valiies.it $8.00 to 8-l.n0.
Swell llghl Coatings nt $10 to §15.
iirrr£$&       Tourist Overcoatings $1 I to$25,        Extra heavy Roofers, men's nnd boys'
"0l0tl{    snitnblc for all weather $8.50 to $7,00.
imsmim«n       All weights In Working Shirts. AI .(Hi to $2.85,
Cloves and Mitts in all MaKes.       Prices   50c  to  $1.75.
Remcfftder He «* seven" lor $iiso.
Get them lit,
The Leading
Gents' Furmishers
.,_ flrmitage $ mcCeod's^
Armstrong Pflartnacy
R. R. Burns, Oruggi st.
make your Selection and we will hold m goods
until Christmas Eve,
OUT GLASS that would make n Royal Flush diaay with brightness.
TOILET ARTICLES thnt the Queen of Shebn would have had dreams over.
PERFUMERY the odors of which simply compel you to think of the beautiful.
We simply request I hi- chance tit showing ymi
Stock, v.-lii.-h is tho moat Complete Stock
of Drugs sad Drug Sundries
in the Valley.
John Ha mill
Goods at "Live and let Live Prices."
Don't get NEXT
"     But get FIRST~"""
To secure our new Bhvck
Citizens of Enderby Do Themselves Proud in the Entertainment of
the Premier and Other Guests.
Other new lines just arrival.
■-■r""ll|->T   nrsaasaalaaaaaaiaasa-sssassaa.-
A lew 644 Alces i« Ladies' Rubbers
at2jtts< pmr Fair.
John Hamill, Armstrong,
xma$ Presents!
tbe Earnest and Best Assortment to €boose
from in Cown.
call and pick out what you want and we will keep ihem lor you.
A FFW WFfluMTIK      Fr«nch Lnvogis, Hand  Painted
a ilw aPLU/ania.     Chlna) B°M   (i|.lssw,„,,
llniniiieieil Brass (Indian   Work)   Japanese   Inlaid   Ware. Al-
li-inis. Purses, Cbatlaines, Music Cases.  Secretaries, etc. in fine
Leather, Cut Glass. Silverware. EuiimclwiiroPiiis. Belt Buckles.
etc. and a host of other Beautiful Gifts.
The Only Stock of Toys in Town.
Stationery and Fancy Goods.
Liberal commission fur sales of..
I urn ooilunissioned to sell these ftt TEN DOLLARS EACH for (I months
These Belts are made by the .1 t,Stevens Suns. London, EnglnnSnnd '
are guaranteed equal to a W0 belt ami JO times better than n.85
one.   The regtilnr price is 820eacli.
R. R. BURNS, -       .        Armstrong Pharmacy.
3ftere is ©nCy one paper owned in and  pu6-
Cisfted in tfie interests of Armstrong
^_U is m& ADVANCE
In their tour of the Interior the
[Hon Richard McBride, Premier
of the province, nnd Minister of
[Mines, nnd Hon. K. F. Green,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
'Works, waited the Spallumcheen
I the Inst of the week, nnd were en-
J tertained nt a most succesBSiil
| banquet tendered by tbe citizens
■ of o.ir neighboring city of finder-
i by on Saturday evening.
A number of Armstrong ci Juens
were in attendance and enjoyed to
the full the festivities of the occasion.
Elaborate preparations had been
made by the northern city and everything was carried out in n man-
ner reflecting great credit upon not
only those directly in charge, but
the citizens in general.
In the afternoon a reception was
held at the handsome new hostlery.
the King Edward. A large" gathering of residents had availed
themselves of the opportunity of
making the acquaintance of the
: Premier and Chief Commissioner.
Price Ellison, M. P. P.. was iiIbo
gladly welcomed by his numerous
friends as one of the guests of the
day, and by his genial good humor
did much to give the gathering
the air of friendly fellowship not
always so noticeable at similar
Nothing of a political nature was
allowed to enter into [the proceedings, and the fact was everywheie
i evident the Premier is held in very
high esteem among the people of
the province, not only within the
ranks of his own political party.
I but the people in general,
About one hundred guests snt
down to the banquet at the Enderby Hotel in the evi niiig." Landlord Wright did himself proud in
I the maimer in which hrcateivd to
the assembly, andthenieiiu would
have put to shame that of many
larger centers where greater things
might be expected. The large
dining room/which was tastily and
appropriately decorated, was
crowded, and great credit is due'to
the waitresses of the evening for
the excellent -manlier in which the
wants ot the guests were attended
Alaycr Bell presided ;\s chairman of the evening with a'l the
dignity of his office and displayed
his usual grace and ability in this,
In order to avoid breaking in'np-
[on the Sabbath, the toast list was;
comparatively short, being as fol- j
I. „"The King", proposed by thej
chairman, and followed by the
national anthem.
| •'< )nr Empire", proposed by the
| chairman, and replied to by Sir
Arthur Stepney.
"The United States", proposed
by Basil Gardoju, and followed by
the American national anthem.
'•Our Guest", proposed by Mayor Bell, and replied to by Hon.
Richard McBride.
"Our Province", proposed by
Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., and replied
to by Hon. R. P. Green, M. P. P.,
I and Price Ellison, M. P. P.
! "Our Valley and Milling Itidus-
I tries", proposed by P. C. Wolfen-
j den. and replied to by Geo. Mc-
iCbnnick and Donald Graham.
"Onr City", proposed by Goo.
Heggie, replied to by Mayor Bell
and H. W. Harvey.
"The Press", proposed by A. E.
Taylor, and  replied  to  by   J.  F.
Smith, of the Vernon   News,  and
Wi  l-'rasci- of the  Enderby Pro-
j gross.
"The Ladies", proposed by W.
P. Gooeh.nnd replied to by Alex
"Aillil  Lung  Syne".
We are unable to give a complete
report of the many   excellent am
: interesting speeches male.    How
ever, all were teeming  with  good
things  about  the Oknnngau.  nnd
foretold   an   unbounded ho|ie in
the milols ut' th.- speakers foi- the
| future prosperity of   the   valley
'■■ Premier   McBride and   Commissioner Green expressed themselves
ins exceptionally well pleased with
their visit to the   Interior of the
province.     With its almost limitless resources the development of
the wealth of the province,agriculturally, horticulturally and miner-
ally,  during the next  few years
will be remarkable.     As Minister
of Mines the   Premier has a deep
interest in  the mineral deposits of
I the province and is especially enthusiastic over its prospects in this
The people of Enderby werees-
[leeinlly glad to learn that the
funds for the Muble lake rend are
ti bo provided for in the next estimates. This is a road that is|
badly needed.
Fall and winter!!
DyRING the lust two weeks over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of New Goods have wane
into the store. You see to take advantage of a rising
market we have to place orders many months ahead. Since
contracting for onr stock the advances have been very noticeable, particularly in WOOLEN GOODS and COTTONS of
more recent date, but we are fully protected on nil onr kooIs.
By the way, we almost forgot to gay that in less than a
year nearly every kind of FIR HAS GONE I'P FROM
TEN TO FIFTY PER CENT, yet strange to Bay. we will
be able to show you BIGGER VALUES' THAN EVER.
Cfte new flrrieals are:DRKSS G00D8i v
Henriettas. Lustri-s.  ft
osiim. etc QJ
FURS; Stone Martin. Sables, Black Opposi
STAPLES: Flannelettes. Wrnpperettes, Shirtings. Flannels.
BEDDING: White English Mnrselles Quilts, Flannelette and
Wool Blankets.
A Generous   General   Assortment.
wood, carp co'y f
B. C
* ^ millers of a flour * «
^Peering Ulacftitiery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
AND SOLD. I for lie
o 1>*»>^r f-^ff*!*~i~n* sia ~-—._-ii_i^ia^.»,j--^ii    asssas—s  istqa—•*» .-.
i     I""" bbbW !35i ^ 8
111^ af"IElV*$*9
Home should be ih.- sp .» most
ilesii'eil by  every   honorable  man.
Ti. help make il so the home must
be |i!- asiinl and comfortable    You
• can make your lioiue attrfiotivii at
| wall Papers, Carpels, Carpet \
j Paper, Rugs, eie. >
]  !i«vt* pu seen our jpnesc gmss?
' (Serious, i jbles I "ii.. i"! ill ' latest novelties]
i     A whole case of Toiiei Sets almost     I
j at your own Price. S»lW?!Bfr»a*       !
4      Sjfewin£ Machines*     Ortfam       Ta(KopHones«      ^
4      ! _- .,_ _,..__!       ,
4 * .
I    >
J -a*"" Contractors and Builders.     J
Millinery ai cosi
Q   i
.-Ji.-SiJ-J*' - .. . £.'-C-
ISKOS «Ba3U=i.".'J-.
£ iaojLits. & SAGE
A> the fall millinery seas.'.. is, rapidly
drawing to a close, mid nol wishing to
carry any stock over, I  .ill sell nil	
Ready-to-mear Rats in Stock .lust at Cos*
This is ,-' rarfl opportunity if .un. have not
pnrclu'scd you winter hat. Some of the
prettiest styles are yet in st ok.
Utt owr Silk UWcts and Fancy Ribto.
*  CL	
gf   ReatCstate
■ > ■   Agents j&
"Land of the BIG RED
Reinpiiiberjwheii placing your .Order for   Fruit   or Oniii-
-  . -niniitnl Trees that WE SI-'.LL"
Wo seil as CHEAP as GOOD STOCK  can be   prettied,
.   I'l.-in- .mil Orilerearly and it will b. lilli-d c ui| Ii i-
Harvest.lis on
We nrenbw Agents foi  the LarKin   JT-sts-.te Lots.
Ciill utul !."'!; tin in hvi r with us und net I'i e -s
40 acres :,;
les  In in   .''.i r   If' - l-
, ;.  I!-,-..:-",    -J .,,-il|    |„t   be
_,       A" '   ...    ,...   ,  ,, Get in Line and List your Farms.
The     Advance      Itisgr.ititymgto   those  ..:   us , . •*
 l'" ^'S^iWHtt^^thirS^rf JJe;JC»03Qiieotio3QB with whole Valley.
H,   P.   LEE, Real Estate.
Insuiance written.
rc:-juiaa»a«ii»'rio>'.'iiJS^*»-.OTirr!B!rr?««a: c«r. i
PUBL1SHK11   EVERY   PBIBAY  iT  "■"■l>"™™<*«    ">« 1
\kmsti;.i\c. i;c Okuiimjnu to the .growtih  of  fmrt
—■ ■  i ■ ■ —— -— -  and are tryiaR to spread   this  in-
evgehe bhia*.   .    .    />.*««*»■. r,,,,,,,;,,,, „, Clt|„,. 1);irts ,,,  „.,. Vernon
Subscription «.fiO pc-r y-iw in .idnuw.   ' '"minion,   to   hear    the   deputy
[fn.il paid in ndvniwe 88.00. minister of agriculture. Mr  Antler-  -	
son. stal ■ that the soil oi the Stop-
lej ri ni-li is most admirably   suit
"I forhorticiilluial purixises    The
-i.'l':.'.v i inch '. bin  i fair  special I' oilier | ortious "i lii'- limn.
, N"ticM of church servi u! -.■!.„■   ,     tributary to \nnslr ng. and   ii
tommi-als ■•-. acri nuiuluii --i. :, i   el.nrui il   .
Imutt.-dtr.-i-     Oilu-r neti.-.-s m  innuil   ls m nh! '"' '■'" ' when  such   high
rati*    funis nt ihitnlts s! lUthorilies    us   Mi    Anderson   so
 .        highly r.Toinn i il   as a   inning
Tin- .-'■ iiu-i' ■■ . i id   ; ,: ■ inn t    fruit ci in try
Bank of
Advi-i-l ising I'tites given mi ;i| plicu.ii
.11 ii: I'lUNTINfl   \ Si'l-flAI.I'Y.
PHlH I'I [".VII 1111,1    '!■■:■•    Ill   V. Ill
ii ,-vi-'- h: il ci i-ilinlly - ! eili   Ih.- ;
mini."   1'iln I'lil.lic
—* .>—
I'll lie !    glm   lers   ill
in.- parts "i llie  in in.-.-  is   ---
miug ulnrining   proportion i mid
open mori
is warrunl
!-■-   » -.«, i-.... i ■     „, ,-.- ,i    "*  -'   ut loss i   being entailed bv   tic-
Ji EDITORIAL NOTES,    - ,, •   i i.-stnu-ti.,,, „r h,,™,.,.
ft)^..——-——          ,   ^——4^1 \t Peaelilaii'l    i
■  ,   _■_,      •• i" t wn have bee . kill. .1. ivhile   it
Tin- Xelson   Tribune   has   sus- *'   ii-ouvei tin   iis.-nae has nppeiir-
p.iideil i iiblieiition    Thus  ■ tin :. ii My U" I bepoi ! tie- eonlrol of the
shown another iiislai ee .-i the  i: " l-r:i   ri ••*■     '  som ■ ol the br.-w-
e.-itabl   result of ■ to.   .   trying ' ' ';- - '' '     !    ■ ;,:  -' '■'   'lowu    lie-
it,   |,-,.,i. e ■ —     il tile !   -..  of   IliUS '-       Il    is
lits.      Nowsimpeis    .'.ill hoped the authorities will exercise
■! ire toward thedeve|i>i in. ntol "'-vr>'   I1'"'"  n-'11    '"   I '''   ";lt   its
li town th.-ni tiny  othor ngoiiey. bnt ■; ]   id in ptli.-r parts of the vull-y.
when business men   undertake  to As yet :n  cases have  leveloped  ,d
divide iii'-ii- patronage among mole Armstrong, md if the peoiile thein-
pipers than the   coiiiiniiiiity   war-. selves will assist   the   depnrtiiieut
runts the support to  those  papers by a careful disinfection   of their
becomes   only   hnlf-hearted    and stables, possibly   tin   outbreak   of
they are rendered n burden to the the lisenf in be prevented here.
community. «'ii!i  the   result  that —<► ♦—
often the more desirable go out  ol It is highly satisfactory to note
exist.-i  that the municipal board of .health.
""*" J^"' fter investigating the conditions
Ii :8 nol lie- "I "t air" in the nil-
i-eitisenienl but the hot air u  good'
wnrni suit will keepal I you that
you want Cor ivinti r use. Let us
show you our goods No talk in-
cessary.       Simpl ■ examine tli.-m.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
\ - wm - order - MU
II.."I Office  Montreal
CAPITAL. .11 paid up .;l l.til I, l.'-M. 81li.OCn.000
J^W      ► PRESIDENT,  Rlfihl Hen.  Lord Strallxconn nr.st  Movnl Rrml,
. C.C.M.G.
t VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir C.«io. A. O  imond   V.C M.G.
I liraiii-hi-s in  ill lii    ; I'ii.i-i'i .1 citien mid towm  in Canada      Also ill
► the  following  cities      London,  ling.:  --.   Abchurch    Liuie,   E C.
► New  York..V.i Wall Street : Chicag-o, I ■'- I." S He Street: Spokane,
► W.   I.  : Si  John's S'i ivfouudlan.l.
( l!ai:l,,.i-s .n.11 I'mi: i-1 oi !i nl-- : Liverpool. I Sank of Liverpool.   Scot-
► land, British Linen Cos. Bank and Branches
► A gem i i! blinking bm iness tiansacted. Drafts sold  liable nt
* all points in ih-- i ■ ite.i Slates. Kurope ind Canada, ii. luding Atlin
' and Dawson City,
| S.W'INii's   BANK   I )l-:i'.\::'!'M !■'>"!'
. Il'i' -n   n ' "i- •.! ... iii £1 ii|j.viu-.1h ,.::il i
I » JL Ms, • JK Jl sk. ^J MLniff
Ll'CAS    ML' K K.
vrwrww^rww^Fww^wwwww^m tvtvtv twi
nt.'i-csl - iiMvcl ::i lb Junu, and ::!-• Di-cuinbui- -i,
Wlthdtwzto   en   demand    wUhcut    d.loy,
► Rani-h.-rs nnd iKiuntr   l.f.siiu-ss gi.-.n s|eciul tittcaticn.    Munii  |i'.l nnd ict.ol
'.iin'i.v*    |    district iiccimls ri-i-ciyi-d en [uvurnlih' lei-nis.    Spwiiil ntt.nti.n (liVin to'lhc'
> litindliiiK of iutuiici[ id and other pebyntures,
y ilANKINd   BY   MAIL.
^     ll>'P<.i,il.-: niiiy he ii udc mid u-ttlidrii.in by nii-.il.    1 fu1 ol town ucei tints i'i ccive
!     OKANAGAN DISTRICT: to&£*Sgg!&!''
^^7*, I Effti ERB Y
JtbS k ARMSTRONG E. A. Tz.rlcr, tub. #acnt, KELOWNA
.   E. S. V.tMcClinteclr, Sub, Jiutr.:. P. l}.:Manlln   S.ifc, Agent,
B. G.   I
... Leading Hardware
Onr esteemed contempornry, the 10f the   mi -ipulity,   have   found  \
Enderby Progress, last   week took  them satisfactory, and have report-
up two cubitus of space in an ad- ...1 to the .-ounci'l  that   they   Hud % Because we handle the best goods in
vocacy   of   one   eoi i   kitchen  nothing with which they  can   Hud
"yste '""'king.    Well, all  who fault so fur as the public heulth  is
desire the common   kitchen   idea concerned.   There are we venture
are welcome to it.    We'll  stay  by  f,.-,v pluces where conditions guur.L
the old-fashioned way in whichwi   ing public health are as   good   as
K'l "■"■   '■""king   done   ut   lionie   those found by  the   heulth   com-
Our wife is the best   cook   in   the   mittee here,
country (every mini  should  think
sol and we would nol give  up the
pleasures of a mi al nl  lioin ■ for
oik- Inrge "j ickpot"   where everybody  in   the   country   assembl   !
sim|ily to rill their inin-i niuii
As a result of the recent investigation into the uffairs of  the  Ver-
: brain h - f !-■■ hospital for the
ini on- a change bus been nia-le  in
In • stiporintendency of the Lnstiiu-
At the i-.'ceiil   c.niui.-il   meeting  tion,    Vims.  Mayes,   formerly- of
a requisition was make by  |iurties  New   Westminster,    is   the   now
interested in the mil bstw«en the | superintendent,
properties of  Geo.   [nch   and   C *  *
Hardy adjoining town to have the •'- 1!- Kennedy, late of New
rond opened nt once. The council Westniiuster, has now taken edi-
held the matter over For action ut toriiil charge of the Vernon Oka-
a future meeting, it is to be nngnii. The Okanagan is rapidly
hoped that in Justin- to those in- coming to the front as one of the
terested this mad will   be   plin ed ' L",st papers in the valley,
in a passable   condition  soon,   us      ,.■]   T       "*■ .*   ,' .
,, , ...        . L-ity mcorijorution has now been
those   people   residing     in    that   ,-      "    -,  ,. .. .,,
,.      . , . , ,    „ discussed tor some time with  no
direction certainly are m  need  . t      ,.     ,   •     , ,      .     .,
,. .      , ' . ,  action being tnken m  the  mutter.
better facilities tor coming to am   u-i       , .1       •   i i,,
„ ■ .»Jiv not those in favor ot the pro-
irom town. .    .   .       ,,    ,   ,,      ...       .
 ^_-p  hect start the ball  rolling- by get-
The high quality of British  Co- tnlg "V ll|r necessary petition.
Imnbia butter was attested by the .,,.    t,     ,   ^~CT?       ,       ,
,.,.,,,,,       ,,     .  .   ',. . the Kossland Miner   has   been
exhibits at tin-lute JJomniioii lair. M,   ,,.  ,.  ,, ,.        ,.   ,„
„. v   .   .....           .      .   ,        . sold to \\. h. Lshng, ol    laroina.
W. H. A. Wilson,   tin- ii.-lge.  hns -ri                 ■■■■'.    *     ,       .,
,            .    .  ,   ; 1 he new proprietor lias been ide-n-
wntteii th" inviuoiiil  depnrtiiieiil. ..a  ,  ..,,.-     ,,        „  ...   .         .
,    ,                      ,, titled with southern B, C.   lonrnal-
ot agriculture uersonallv oongrntu- •     ,
.B                 ,      .               * . ism tor some years.
luting the people ot   the   province , ' ,   „ _
on the excellence of both the dairy The agricultural hull is a badly H
and creamery products. Out of J needed improvement ami itis to be III
114 entries only u very few scored hoped will become an accomplished [ Mk'
below (K) per cent. I fact. '
all lines of Hardware.
Bakery conleciliicf
and Restaurants
Bread and 1'astry always in stock.
Careful attention given to Special Orders,
Fresh Fruit,   Choice Candies and Confectionery-
Tobaccoes and Cigars.
Ice Cream Parlor In Connection
Meals at all Hours.
•C. P. R.
s aaaEBaaaaassassas3HssaasB
I Now is the time to get your ■
stoves ready for winter.    I
Just Received   '■
A Carload of
Sleighs with both Steel and
Cast Shoes.
The Largest Stock of GUNS AXD AMMUNHTOK-tote
Big Reductions in all lines for Cash
J. McDonald*
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game m season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
>.«Anl..-, .*.   ..'
j r =%
TILL JANIIM1, 1907, for ONLY $1.75. CASH!
We have Just  completed arrange'
ments for this
:>-*1      Ml        .>■;:,
'   -.e.'lll.'    .--..-.>•»■«
■'--vl'iev,      il,'.
Send Orders to^
-    B. C.
1                                                                                                          ," . '       ■   ' •:':■•'■       ■ '";■.';- 9
IjL                                          .      , , II
a^_                  —_—^_^_. m tv
Cocal and general**
^a^. items ol General interest.
School Hoards ol the  Municipality strongly
IMmt Its Establishment.
Cftiial Directory     Lcadir.G Businew
,. A i.i.
ili, I. i
•  I
Wli ii -.1". i tin CI ristnmt i-nti r-
tllillUlPllts ':
Mr LiiTrai'i. si u in-law of \V.
II Konnun, arrivi . from Winnipeg yest. i lay ft r i \ isit here
A rim mnti-li i- In-.:,.  shol   oil
to lay  between   moinbers  .
rifle iissoointion mil ii  lean
pose.1 ..I outsiders.
I',     W,    St : '-..-.    "I    K
II--1    ! < IH'   It  'I:-   ; II
oil of sixtei i) ueres ..I apples
ini'l plimiH.   How    niiiiiy  of
friends In the Northwest oan
well on Kid ueres .villi   o-ils
oouts per bushel?
An agent from tbe other
the line, lilting mantles on
sene lumps "'.lid op'' a goodly
share of the local popullltii II a
couple oi weeks ago. We would
not advise tile sum- agent to attempt a second canvass of thin district.
Word has been received from A.
i    tin
Vou iii-
Mi.-. C. Christ!
i guest .-ii tlui hoi
"nl of othei 1 I 'i
.f Linn
1 Ii. 1;
in tie
> ale t'S|H-ee
n-livi- i-ileli
itiouul 1 I.ill. .
il .-ii... i)nnc'i
: tin  11   -1'  ..
ly glad
1  mini
...   b\
I sVho
.II..! I
.1   i
liday reports that
nil   bliiiiinitig on
ill   b
list di
('. W. lb
inlets are
1 rtli si leol his Ii. ns,-.  The 1:
lagan for 111 '. I climate,
Auuivi rtnirj   set.
'i-   hold 1- ii"-   M-Hi
mil-1 S:i:- lay. Dec. 10th.
.1,. iis   I i.i.l.  .-.1   !'. v.-lslo!;
ill   lii; both morning and evening,
titer notice will be given late
ide of 1    According11" tl mev
koro-l Ii 11 ri I of liorticnltui''
imported fruit are pi-
using tin
Wright on Mi 1 Inj
Out 1
of tl.
1.- •
nf 1
Mil Ii
si:   1
si 1
J the  a
: .      th.   ■
IIStl-1 I'.
A rms1
ol Mil
la i.1..  In  id,'
11   IrilSlees   w.
neeting      'b.
..   present:
1     Wi
'. tl. w
■I trust,
yl.  M
■i    Wee1,
ell,   W. S,
mli ngofthe
.   ileajprtj in
vented' from
fruit boxes for any  purpose other .than fuel.   All  parties
reoeivlng fruit   in  jimrked   boxes
aii- required to destroy tbe box as
soon as the fruit is disposed of.
.1. M. i'liul basin the lot lately
W. Hunter to the effect that since: purchased on Okanagan street of
returning home he has succeeded Joe McDonald a splendid site for a
in disposing of a  half section  of j business location, and we are glad
to note that it  is his  intention   to
assist the development cf the town
!•:. .1
0. Orotic
T. N. Hn
ing   tin-
only llidy
"     A. \ .- Jtrirrn
it   Valley     0. tlrahani,
r, H, Klinike.
Lake    M'i-s.   T,   Clinton,
yes. Mrs. Clinton deserv-
distinction  of being the
school   trustee   ill   the
his real estate at Lacoinbe. Alta..
and that he will lie on lined totals,
possession of his  recent  purehasi
by tin
in th,
K. Smith lias set bis season's
>f saw   Inst   0:1   tire  and   now
f a hiiildiu
from J, C. (Irint. 111 here on tho 1st
of March.
Winter is gradually creeping  in
upon us. yet. no provision lias been  the site of town is  marked   to   all I who had bi
made for   winter  entertainments, the surrounding   country  by the I ing the ml*
Surely there   is   talent   in  Arm- j high rising clouds of smoke, while
strong for  a   good   debating   and | the doninous of town will  at  least
literary society, meek  parliament
or other organization that will afford something of benefit to the
people of town during the long
Loid Abeideen's ranch nearVer
non this season yielded a bumper
crop from its twenty-acre orchard
of twelve-year-old Northern Spy
apple trees. Counting forty
pounds to the box and the price at
$1.50 pur box the total receipts
1 in the neighborhood of tin
enjoy a splendid preventative
against mosquitoes for the next
few mouths.
The Armstrong saw   mill   has
just completed its season's cut of
August   Seliuliert,   though   not
I one of tbe school trustee*,  but  ae
reeve of the municipality. was very
rittlegt,- voted to the chair, while
1 Eugene Rhine   ..'* chosen  seere-
' tury of the meeting.
The clinii 111,-1:1 opened the mooting le   .ailing Oil   J,    M.    Wright.
secretary of the Armstrong board,
-ii instrumental in call-
ting, for a few remarks
on the objects and aims of the
meeting, 'In a few well chosen remarks the speaker outlined the
advantages to be gained by this
coining together of the trusrees of
the various schools of the mnnici-
!i. Howell and (ieo. L'nrkiiison
each favored Hn- eetablishn eul of 1
th.- high Bchool and oonsi!-re ! the]
cost, in.-hiding the erection of a
gin-1 building, so small t. . .ieh
r't.|. nor thn! none should -i '•-.-(.
'he matter >vus fre.lv '<:•< nt.Ri«l
ibj others ot tin-   trustees,   nil   of
whom   expressed    tUoiusi .--    is
st,- mgly in favor of tin   11 t.il IUIi-
incut of tin- high school.
. h • innttci n-ua brtuigl I i> 11
h - il by .' unit ion by I' ('. Wolfen
dell,   see.'" 'oil by   A   . Mctjill ill. .
that iii the opinion of the trust"..*
pi 'thy se oh), of the anOifciptilfiy
ofSpull -he.-i tjjw OKSBmhled
prov ii." t-" iQ bf^iundu I -i the
establish meat la a hig,l'i K-hool nl
AlmStrong at jitiee. ami Ul.lt a
s.iit.ible Imil.ling K.li.ui't! be erected
its' soon us possible, "'hiw motion
was currricd llnntlimonsly, ibiif
clearly pn>vii>t> thut in Ui« answll
of the various trustees of t.l»4 ittun-
i. ipility there in grave Ravi fur tl.
establishment »f what trial gj*a
the children of this dwt-rm lb.
ill. nutates of high twhoui lailii-n
It watt, tin n moved by DooaH
(iiali-iin. seconded by W. S. Burnett, that the trustees of ti..- vtu-.
Ions schools of the mnjiictpulhy
bring th,-matter of the eslnliiisli-
nietit of the high school to t'..e attention of the ratepayers in their
respective districts nt the annual,
meeting in January for tbe pur-
1 pose of securing the feohYii.; ot tin
ratepayers on the matter.
Numerous other inaltcrv >! ui-
i terest to fhe trubttu* wA- ^liwiiK-
sed and the three member of l:|.-f
Armstrong district nppcunfa! ii
committee to draft a (esolnlkiu to
Xn-i .tolly
ghiitli     '
. 1.1 en .-
'.;, , .1.1,
in affair*
fli.li .-
-..-,: Bun,la;
-.11.1,1 i'.-ll Ci
li-.ui 0.
5.1X1 p. n
..10 I    1.
!.:'!!;.. I!
: iinsiiii-s firms. 1 '":
1 pie nt til.' sliri-'iineii
lll:llulllH'.'in--U-* " '. '
..•rlising i-.'hin.ii.
ArniHtrt.i.L-.   '.V.   .1
JJArinlUiu.-, A. I'1.''
IJHurns, I,'. !.'.. It ml »l
BJliliin.'Uiir.l, \.. ,; ---i".'
1 Uinl, .1. M., Centnnitor
Btriot." Their
n"| tn* our I..I-
lOl.llli'     M'.l
: :.l ihiOS
r. rirttiun.
. I -I-
C.  I,.
.11 iir
■•I- iiffi- -^
ami Builder
ipnrators  \
.111,1   S.:.'l-
■1-. I-'. N , I-ii-i i.'.ii.-rs anil Plumb-
R&2lM*ay T-m*^ Table
-  tl,
.I., V
.-    l)ji ,.-. UIAK   BAIL'
N. ill. .'.nl;. i-xi-ent
v Sllfie,
. Ii.. Ii
Gvnorol Moi-olnint
Ri ,1 Estuta
-, I - 1   :'-'
nth .'-ii, .--." |i
I1.-S I'.
'   -    : miner
. '..].'..:    ill 'i
.      ■■'        :.-
...   : ll ■'•■ : 1
unit 1
'. I' iisill'.'l- -t lit I
c< 1 iHlism
i;,-,'. M
S 1 ..mull, -
. .1 . Puh
... 1 ntton.
.1. M, Wright.
IfroterimelH Socirtie*.
Lii. L.. No. .11
•    I.O.I''. LoiIrc
*i.'.;iiiIii.\   r-.eililljf  1
1..H1,   Vlsiilnubi-ntl'
;-   \. IIANU-.LK.
, IlleetH in the
lent, lit.' Hi'cnml
lull month ul-H
i-nr.'ii.li. iavit.nl
"..   ni
: '   r.   ■"-
l!,'i:/i.-. ( lius
.    : I 'II
■. • :•".-. Kn
Lnpworth. .1
Moberly. O., Can
AI.-fh.-rs.nl .V Hi'l
MoDimnW, J . :l-."l,..ir"
Murniy, (It-.'.. Mnul Mnrltol
(Veil,,;.-, fi,.: :!-'i :-:.
Paul,.?. V .'. elcr.
Rtttludaj-, A. N., Hiii-hor
ati-ciittit-rii. 1;..
Shlir.v, V, llni-.i
Siaiiinitni).,)., 0'
'.'.'.ii'il. t'm-aill ('
i-'i'i-niiut'i- und
'iiinicU'i-.mil lluil.lnr
, 1 l.-n.-inl nim-chiiMls
OXANAtlAN Kach l'r.-n-|.t..ry.
Mn-U in I lit- BSmMtafS1 Itutl, An.ii.
lii nn
■*'++', I Ml  I I
'vU ustK'M, at K p.
HXlUolU   litvi1»*rt
laj, mi cr U-rort' fh**
Vi;*ifiiitf l!r*»'thrrn ,
-), IIAMtLL.
10 1
it's. S-ltti
liron 111'
. No.
-in!, ('ill
ATI ON Lodgi
H, o. O. F.
,  '.riiumi'iii I-..
in' .Mllll."..-!- V.
iv, ill Hi.'loeU,    Qnjouri
' -tllnlh Invllml a. nil.
II.C. 'VVATT.  N.li.
II. 1','KAJWJIH. I.'.:.-. He.
625.   These results, though quite; season's stock is on  hand.     This
pnlity in view of the coming into
lumber. From pr^Tba^ri^ I£(>rCe fl^ **&"*** ^ "eW; the department of edttesthmftshl,*
however, the logging season  nowy™ ci tb "™  BtclK:'1  J*   °"* < for information on  a   „UI„U,-  ,rf
„„.,,,,    -n  .        ,.    1     .      ot the most nniiortant subjects be- L   ■ .      . .. ...    .,
near at hand will  be actively  1111-;       ...       ,.     ,.      points    111  connection   will.   tb>-
.. ,    1       1 •,   • ,,   m ..     ,       fore the trustees in his estimation        ,- ... .
proved, and it is anuitteiloi only 11 . ., .,   ., workings of the new school ra-i.
short time till the yard will again > *J". th'; ^  f" *      f        g  i     T° "••» "^m™ of the ...ri,-..,
be Ailing up with logs.     The mill ^h **** ,ftt   ^Ttr°"g' f* schools It may  he  credit,,: diet
has had a.large'.demand U»< ibmr^Z^l   T       1 ^   ",\*»V •»«••■***•«-* 4a*rt-
prodnct and but little of the past ■ fh "'* tr'™U** **« th" T* of i li«eat H of tr^isa.
34:?!. I. O. F.
iUentingti nt tholr hall Inst Saturday in
mimiIimonth, Visitinff brothroncordially
Ktviled.   II. Hawkins, U.S.
ARMSTRONG! Circle, No. H72.
Oritur of (!ntwi.linn llonie t.'ii.-lt-s, ntents
iv the 1.0,1*', hull, st Monday 111 eauh
month,        P, N. DANI EI.L8, L».iuler.
Mm. It'RASKB. SwireUuy.
eleured. Obodft
and other buildii
hind will be,solil
cows, one sti'cr, .
< In '0:1 chickens, 1
farm ninchinary.
1-- m   I
fi 111 Am,
mil easily
'Use, stable
With the
ma, three
'I I   sow.   .'t
id full
). M I
are vou mm to mm
If 80, it will pay.you to see me.
Estimates given.
exceptional, are but another in- institution has proved a profitable
ilication of tbe possibilities of the 1 one to Armstrong mid is the means
Okanagan. | of tlistribating many thousands of
dollars throughout the district.
Auctioneer Frnncis scored a
splendid success in the big stock
sale at Sir Arthur Stepney's much
on   Wednesday.    A    large   crowd
the,   meeting.     The   matter   wiur
fully discussed, the feeling among
fest an exodfitionally acti w unen nt:
in the matters |iretaining u- Mm
Barrister and Solicitor. I
X Slmingion
the trustees    being   appomntly UM1^ai-JJ^E3l»«Ji«l *00D' CA8£,IDI' BMXat
A. N. Daykin. son of Mr. and
Mrs. 0, 'J'. Daykin. of Armstrong,
J'is been chosen by Wesley College, Winnipeg, as the representative of that institution in the international debate with tho tmiversi-1 was in attendance and first-class
ties of North Dakota. Mr. Daykin prices were secured for everything
is fitting himself for the profession j offered for sale. Price Ellison, M.
of Inw. and the fact that he basjl'-P-, purchased fifty-five head of
repeatedly scored successes for the cattle in a bunch for $1400.
himself ns an able debater speaks The twenty calves were sold   fi
well  for  his  abilities   along  this
The [irovineial veterinary in-
speotors, of whom there are now
three or four at work in the valley,
are causing the destruction of a
large number of horses at Vernon
and in the vicinity, because of the
prevalence of glanders. Fourteen
of the (ireenhow ranch |horses
have been shot, while the livery
Was in Veraoa aavc acea heavy
sssan. TWftateamasaaetadhara
witfcia a few daja, waea the Ann-
atsoBfr horse owaers will' learn
their fate. There are bo hauwa
sjissfitoiiis of the iliaease hate as
A. .1. Lnpworth, painter, 011
Wednesday completed n handsome
curtain for the I. (). h'. hall, The
scene is a handsome one, and the
Tabu- to residents here is considerably enhanced by the fact that it
is a reproduction of a familiar
local scene, being an October view
of a portion of Otter lake and sra--
ronnding country. We venture
that there are very few opera
houses in the Dominion that can
boast of 11s beautiful n painting
on their scenery taken from real
life in their own section of the
country. The mechanical portion
of tbe work will bear the closest
scrutiny of the   most   fastidious
$200, while all the rest of the  120
head of cattle brought satisfactory tne nuuucipallty for a   period
prices.    Horses sold exceptionally twelve years.
well,  notwithstanding  the preva 11„, |,n<] [eurnei
I of the Armstrong school that there
I were easily the . requisite   number
of pupils within the municipality
who had pnssiil the entrance ex-
leii.-e of glanders in parts of the
valley. The span of unbroken
geldings brought $280. Alex Me-
Qunrrle sold forty head of cattle
and several horses at the same
time and place at very satisfactory
unanimous  that  a  high   school
should be established.
Mr. Wright had taken the pains [
to go carefully Into the matter oC
cost, and ascertained that  a   high
school  building could   be  erected
und a high school maintained at an ;
annual   cost   to   municipality  of I
about Jjr'700 )ier year, or a matter of J
only about 70 cents  per thousand
Oil the  present assessment,    This)
estimate was for the erection of 11
building costing some $2ii(X), provided for by a loan on the credit of
He stated also that
from the principal
the municipality.   It is eepec
satisfactory to ru-ite the f
maimer in which tliey real:;
i importance    of   some   pn
being made for the higher -
i tion of the children of the di
j and whatever iiiny be the .1.
of the ratepayers as a hod..
the matter is placed!  before  Ui
for ratification it may truly l« n
j that the trustees of the solus is
I the municipality have placed the
.selves on record an being in fa
I of one of the most.linidiiUo tut,
prises that could have been brum;
to their attention'.    ,    «. SR tti.    TDPKS
W. F
Be li.'l-
i-gill HI
■dm e-
L'fflco Ih
.10 to 12
ninl t:30to5
.isi< Ii
B. C.
The priaeiaal hasiaeas  hsfaiw ™T«,-""«,y "™~ -«"»-•- smbs aaa»o>ataaimi,i,| t „f
the mueieipal  eauBCil  is  ips^nTf *!* k.W^H^lWW(W'lK*-**ft«W*
i-l-1--^l-i *Wf*i^^.fl'; «*W-«^aa*4^*jrfa»i*W.a*
Lsmnten mail anpiication.    The
road was gazetted and W. P. Hors-
ley allowed tl(X) for expropriation
of land on condition that the parties interested construct the road.
Reading of the electric light and
agricultural hall bylaws was deferred till next regular meeting.
It's Okanagan, "Don't You Know."
A parsnip sixty-one inches long
is on view in the postoflice. It was
grown by W. T, Hayhnrst and is
only another evidence of what can
be done in this part of tho Okanagan. If any of onr renders are dubious as to the truthfulness of our
assertion ns to the exact length,
Postmaster Wright will be. pleased
to show the parsnip.-- Advanck.
We ilen't believe it.   If this nip
amiiiutions, and who new demand
the advantages of high school
buaahl t-rmham being called up-
<m, rasgnntled m the statement
feast iKairwiKlj famwer] the
for the ii.-Jrt.year might be reduced
Churches j
Divlno Boi-viiio will bo hold ovoi-y Bun
.In/ as tollovvs: Armstrong, 11 a.m.:
Knob Hill. ,'S |> in.: EndBrby, 7-.80 p.ni.:
Snnday School ill 2.30 p.m.—Rov. A. N.
.UiHtir, I'nsloi-.
Armstrong   Barber
A. N'i-RATLEDGE, . Proprietor.
Services 111 S. Andrew's, Entlorby, at
FARMERS' INSTITUTE MEETING.L*»*m.'ovwyBaiidily,' Rev.B.fftinii
™'   ' ■" j .bell, Paalot-.
Interesting uul bifnctrVr Talks     .
by Meurs-ABdenona^UfML   QpTJKCE OF ENGLAND
- The. Spallumcheem fm-BM-re' iti- gt. Jnlll„s- ,,,„„,,,,, Sunday, Nov. 2»;,
stitute heM a nieetrag at. Hinlaihy ' KveainR Prnyor :i::«). Sunday school
oaTaaadayaf bat aa«4." lB'"|i»|*,a?*"-,i''v' ?—"- "i""
r.M.iaaam.atH.tlm,!"^11 '     "   -
All kinds of Cnrjienter Work.
Estimates furnished.
dairy.soar.   Mr. Asahsana
by making use of rented  bniMing'eqnally interesting awl insthielive
critics and speaks most fftvornbly were properly persml it woaid de
of Mr. Lapworth's ability as an velop that Wnght is wreng.-
*rtistof the brush. Pernio Ledger.
and not erect a building until the
scheol was well established.
T, N, Hayes favored the high
school, but considered that the
amalgamation of the schools of the
municipality with high school
would prove more satisfactory.    ' /
F. C. Wolfenden- thought -nl)
jinn-iits of the municipality saw
the necessity of a high school in
the very near future, and considered that the erection of a good
building would be the most satisfactory. By issuing bonds for its
construction the' people coming-
after would lie compelled to pay
their share of the cost and the
building could not but prove .1
■ paying investment for the municipality.
Muslim in. base you
<«o«tVr tn the-»tt»p«*« Uf tKs-'iV
Met f  The A«v«n«-b is your mil
BtMNM of reat.-hinjr tbe fieopht.
demonstration in grafting and bud
ding fruit trwis. At the evening
meeting a large am,ti«iice mm in
attendance. Mr. Logan s|mk« on
the ilau-ying btwitume, pointing
out thfe dcinand thitt exists and will
eiiist jfpr. b|/lter awl milk. Mr
Anderseii -ft'mlresstwt the meeting!
regarding the fruit industry of!
this province, and gave some
valuable hints upon planting anil
cultivation. Be said that he liad
that morning visited tbe Strpiiicy
niucirfor the pnrpoee of nsftirdiiV
4n the selection of an oicbanl lite,
mid that he did not know of any
better soil in the province that w.'iM:
more admirably suited for the production of first quality frv.it than
that of the Stepney tsach.
Armstrong MarKets
The following prices
are being
paid forpiotliice by the
farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
-   $14.00
Oarrots^      "
-     12.1X1
Parsnips     "
-     25.00
-     lfi.00
Turnips      "
-     1000
Cabbage      "
-     20.00
Hay        :   "
-     12.S0
Apples, per 40 lb.. -
-      1.75
Plums, per 20 lb.   -
Celery, per 60 lb.   •
Ponltrv, per doss.
Eggs     "     -
Batter, per lb.
All kinds of Carpenter Work  at
Reasonable Prices.
Picture-Framing. Turning,
Plans and Specifications Prk-
If you want to acquaint your
1000 friends in the east or in the stated
with the Okanagan valley, send
them .the Advanuk for a year. At
the end of that time they will have
become pretty well acquainted with
the country you live in,
Copies of the Armstrong booklet
for sending to your friends may
be senured free at this office.
One lady's gniy, plaid capejiiho
one gray shawl. Both found on
Knob Hill road. t>wner can get,
same by paying coot of this notice
at, the office of the
Advance ?•
i   ii      i   an
Cocal and General
liens il ftieni Merest.
(jet into our $12 to C-15 suits
while going at $7.0(1. Amiituge A-
H. Sneider was spending  some
time in the lower end of the valley. I return trip to his ranch at Nicola
Albert Evans  is  having  a  tur-i     Waller Wolfenden    occupies   n
key shoot in town   on December space in our advertising columns
2nd. this week.
W. S. Fisher was a passenger to      W. Needluim  is enjoying a visit
Veinon i n r.-id estate bns'nejs i n ; from his brother, who arrived from
Tuesday. j the States the first of the week.
Miss K. Evans arrive 1 Saturday     .1. R. Alliusou has taken up his
from Ebiirne to   visit for  a short residence   nt   Kninloops   for  the
time with her father, Albert Evans, coming season.   He expects1 to re-
Miss  Constance    Daykin   left '""' to   the   Okanagan   at  some
Monday for Vancouver, where she
Ofrn wen*di*T, v<> d i f »nr>w,«Hi
tinuw th» onler in the < (kuiiagar
If. Howell reports that he has
just completed another kiln of
The office of the Oknnngnn Flour      Portland Cement, plaster pons.
Mills Co. is  being  materially   in:- plasterers'   hair,   etc.. ut   W.  J.
proved by the erection of n oom-1 Armstrong's.
W. Hawkins left Tuesday on the' niodious addition. See our big shirt  far working
(ieo. Murray   hns   recently   in-  men. at $1.00.    AonAagDaud Mr-
stalletl in connection with his meat  Lend,
market a small steam engine with
which he now operates his sausage
grimier and other machinery.
Dry goals customers of the Bee
Hive store are glad to note the
prese me of Miss Ethel Day kin at
her p.'d post beh'n.l the counter
after her prolonged siege of illness.
Speciul price an Slater's iuvirtas
shoes, $4.00.   See the uscurtnieirt.
Aiaiibige A McLeod.
Something warm for $1.00 to
$1,50 per suit in iinthtwear. both
winners at sight. Armitaue & Mc-
enters the hospital for a course in
trained nursing.
Mrs. F, Beilham, sister of Mrs.
Herb Wnrren, arrived Saturday
from Dauphin, Man., for u visit
with her relatives.
is here from
Vnneouver und it is expected will
take up his residence here, assisting his father in the meat  market.
Chits. Wilson and .1. B. Hunter
went to Vernon Monday to close a
contract for wood, which in the
process of clearing their farms
they are to cut up this winter.
Rev, Tom Ol'.u TIlUUl, U Chinese
missionary fn m New Westminster,
spout several days in the valley for
the purpose of organizing schools
among the Chinese residents.
The Armstrong saw mill staff
has been busy loading shibs the
past week.   They are being ship-
order of
i.-iny   hilB
of tin
ped tr
large :
iding  slab
are being
the ('. P.
The Oknniignn 1
d "i'ini: the jmst week n
of their Machinery and
liciv from Enderby to 1
ness for the opening of
k   Co.   Iin-
:: ill rt'.-idi-
tlieii- yard
spring;     I he COinjjmyy
fi of their mi'ile'orhric!
st season.
has r
in tn
tin- i
The writer returned Saturday
froin Alberta. One thing the
people of that province can boa3t
of is very Hue weather at this season, the present November having
proven iin exceptionally line one
for that part of the country. The
farmers cannot, however, boast of
the prices they are getting for
their farm produce (hits, the
principal crop in some parts of the
province, are now selling for lii
cents per bushel, or $11,40 per
Mrs A. McQuarrio and children
returned Saturday from n three-
months' visit at the old home at
Renfrew. Out, Mrs. Mc'Qniirriel
was overheard to drop the remark
that sin- believed the Okanagan
bad the best climate iii the world,
and while it is very nice to visit
the old home occasionally she is
like all others, glad to get buck to
the one favorite spot called homo,
Alex met the folks at Sicamous.
The council held n brief sesssion
Monday. A few bills wer ■ allowed and matters of interest to the
municipality discussed. The reading of the iigri.-ulturnl hull and
electric light by-laws was postponed till yesterday when another
special session was hold after the
council as a body had visited the
site of the road applied for by T.
Hardy et III, Some objections hud
been tiled by parties in the vicinity of this road and the council
wisely decided to view the matter
personally before coming to a decision in the matter.
future time.
As we liHik around about town
one can see that the snow caps of
the mountains lire gradually descending and we may i-x|kc' the
white mantle to be spread over the
valley almost any tiny now.
Mcpherson .V Holtby were the
tirst of our business firms to present their customers with PKIti
cnlendarK. The design is a handsome reproduction of .Ins. Tyler's
painting, ■-( hitward Bound."
Col, .1. ii. Holmes, D. <>.C. 11th
military district, was in Armstrong
this week inspecting the books and
rlrlcs of tin- Armstrong Rifle Association.   Everything in connection
with the association here wnsl'ountl
in ti satisfactory condition.
The next of the quadrille club
dances occurs lonignt. It is ox-
lieetetl even a larger erowtl than
that of the last time will be present from the neighboring towns.
where tho fame of Armstrong as
an i-ntertaiiinielit center is becoming well known.
W. McKimdry and H. Stmt
have been awarded by the council
the contract of clearing the Young-
Schubert road .it §200, Other
tenders were: Levins & FriiseV,
8300;   Wilson   Bros,  and   W. B,
II, 8275, and R. McGoo, 8230.
„,,„,,,, The hits- Lnrkin estate Iota, now
W;!,.H,oltby returned Saturday 6wm,n,y Marshall Lncaa, are now
evening from his trip  to  Grande on the market   see Petty* Pelly,
Prairie.     This   was   Billy's   tirst ,w,ntH for th((|I,
effort as a piano  agent, yet   with
the assistance of the general agent      Pelly * ,V1|y """**""'* *» ht"
he succeeded  in   placing   two   of
these Instruments,
Ii was the privilege of a number
of the local citizens to make the
acquaintance of Premier McBride
nt Ihe station fn Saturday, The
premier is a pleasant and genial
sort, of a gentleman: the kind one
likec to nn-t-t whether belonging
to the same politicnl party or  not.
K. .1. Watson, an old-time resident of the Oknniignn of over
twenty years ago. of late years a
resident of Ontario, bus returned
to the valley and states that he is
here to make his home. He lias
oqtuined an option on a couple of
places ileal- Armstrong, one of
which he expects to purchase,
Miss I). MeCleery arrived Saturday from Bourne to join her
parents, who arrived here a week
earlier. Mr. MeCleery and family
have taken up their resilience on
his farm near Lansdowne, and are
now full-Hoik eil residents of the
Okanagan, with which they are
most highly satisfied.
The present November is proving un exception throughout all
western Canada, the weather keeping exceptionally open and free
from snow. Hen- in the (Ikanngan
the older settlers have been accustomed to snow before this late in
the month, while this season only
the mountains roundabout are as
yet decked with the white covering.
The following bills were paid by
the council at its late meeting:
F. Hnssnrd. rond work, 827.50:
.1. M. Wright, stump's. 82: W. .1.
Armstrong, merchandise, $1,25;
T. K. Smith, lumber, $42.75; R.i
Curtis, culvert, 82; S. Luur, culvert,
B. F. Young returned .Saturday I 80; W. J. Armstrong, merchandise, i
from the const where he has been} $3.00;.I. Docksteader, road work,
prolonging his visit since the Do- 81; R.McGee, road work, 81.25:
minion fair. This is the longest T. Hnssnrd, road work, $5; Turner!
Prank hns been out of the Okana- & Bigbyj road work, $14; R. R.j
gan since his residence here of' Burns, merchandise. 84.40: Gravel- '■
some twenty years, and he took i ling account. 8281.75; R. Ferguson,
advantage of his nbsence at the; cement culvert. 840.75; E. Scott,:
fair to spend a while in looking snlary one month. $5; 8. Fruno,!
over other parts of the province. I Bennett creek contract, $50; ,T. C..J
It is needless to sny he was glad to Cummins, gravel pit work, $5; M.;
get home, as are all Okanngamtes j J. McDonald, gravel pit work, $4;j
who wander outside the valley. H. Warren, two days with team..
Mrs Young returned n waek j $8; it" Warren, two days with team,]
earlier. $2.
S. Mel-iee has rented Frank
Poole's farm near Lllllsdownu for
the winter and has moved his family there from the MeC'erry place,
which he bus farmed for the pest
ten years. Mr. MeCleery. expects
to fnrm his own place next season.
Ladies' rubbers at two hits a
pair nnd judicious advertising of
th.- same in the Advance have
brought many customers to John
MauiiU's store during the past
week. He also has other special
lines Hint  will lie found   profitable
to the customer.
The interior of the Big Store
now presents u marked inipr. v --
in-'iit to its many customers. With
the completion of the ladies' shoe
parlor, new shelving and the tasty
arrangement of an immense now
stock this store is now one of the
best on the lino,
T. H. Hardy, E. Lumsden and
C, T. Daykin nre now engaged in
extending n water pipe from W. S.
Fisher's place t-> their properties,
which .vill now be supplied with
water from the Atlii&trong, s.yst.'in.
The total distance from town to.
the end of the pipe will be n mile
;.-.d a half,
Lnrkin ov'site lots, now owned by
Marshall ..liens- tine most desirable lots ..i town. :
There i»only, one-liuw or make
of "Famous" stoves made, in Can-
ndii. W...I. Armstrong sn-tls them.
Call and see them.
A meeting of the Armstrong
Liberal Association wiU beheld on
Wednesday, Dec, 8th. IS o'clock
iu the I. <).F. lower bail. General
business, and to dismiss holding of
meetings and forms of entertainment for the winter uvmlhs. All
Liberals are requested to attend.
J. McDonald,-      R 3 Brio.s.
President. Secretary.
Wood Wanted.
A few loads of wo d ...iii be received on subsi riptioa by tin*
.seasonable Goods.
Wooileu wu re
Limine   Nails
Building Paper
Daisy Churns
Barbed Wire
,       Fence Wire
Sheet Iron
Sheet Tin
Sheet Copper
Boiled Oil
Machine Oil
Coal Oil
Floor Paints
White Loud
Dry Colors, etc.
Iron Pipe
Pipe Fittings
Brass Valves
Cuttlery Al
Spades. Shovels
Manure Forks
Potato Forks
Carriage Bolts
Millers' Picks
Steel Ranges
Cook Stoves
Heating Stoves
Camp Stoves
Stove Pipes
Raw Oil
Furniture Polish
Stains etc.
..AT THE..
Armstrong Hardware
• •
my place on  nr about
a- ram two ('"threeyears
ei- plenne cull und  pay
S   Fnrs-o
Irons iimu wis i
.G   WAWnmMkWnwaumaAWiemem hWammBtmwaafiamMam    v
taMmmsB^^miemmmamam '*■■ tmiwwt&iimkyuRVMm
Cold weather is coming.
You wiH  need something in  Hcrse
>fi*   C. L. Christian
lit IK
Ii. Bourne has been confine
his bed during the past week b
rather surh
He has nol
for the past
the present
1 to
ns attack
enjoyed good hi
low yeiirs, and the
iittnck appears t<
R. S
held .-if
nervous  sys-
be a result of
tin affectation of the
teni. it is thought to
the former trouble.
J. M. Wright, of Vancouver, was
here several days of the past week,
installing pianos in some of the
homes of the town and district.
McPherson & Holtby are the
local agents and have on display
a fine instrument which they will
be pleased to show to anyone interested in pianos.
.T. L. Hnrtwcll hin recently completed extensive improvements on
bis tine farm north of town, and
now has a comfortable mid cozy
residence, good barn, etc.. and in
every way an attractive farm home.
As be is lit present living in a
stnte of single bliss bis friends
un- only naturally getting in readiness for a charivari party on short
C. T. Daykin, proprietor of the
Bee Hive store, has purchased
through Fisher A-Sage that por-
tion of E. .1. Treason's holding lying on the west side of the Otter
hike rond. The tract contains
about twenty acres and is just
three quarters of a mile from the
center of town. Mr. Daykin will
erect a good dwelling on the property nnd gradually transform it into a,fruit anil vegetable farm.
..,.Armstrong, Saturday, Dec
Turn out and get a Sots
and enjoy the best Band: rK sjiort.
Albert Evans.
All Kinds of Watch and
In Bums' Brag Store.
Fresh 1
;r>. 10
j mm meat mmn.
Is tile very best uhUiiitabli- in this
or imv other iitngrket.
Wholesale & mm
* ec Otnton. j
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Mt-nts nlwir
Fish nnd Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat Stock and Poultry.
Midi Orders a Specialty,
stove wwarui""'
i   Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted
Prop, i
Cbld weutihm- may come
at any time, (fthler your
wood now isiidllh-jm-iiuied
Dry wood $1.59.       Gr«ea$1.25.
Per Rick, any iragth.
Ph'iiw stabs lengt&i 'v-'li'irt -u-I.Tinir	
" T<i Tij^L*iiiEs i r Abmstronh ani> Dwtbiot.—
I take pleasure in unnouning that 8 am back in
Armstrong, and am again prepared to do Dresainakui|»; in
all its branches and according to the latest styles.
II solicit the patronage of my old customers also n««oues.
tm mmtto TWKf«$nA't R«i ttuit etnat.
There is
In Raising' Poultry.
If you have a Celebrated
Call and get Prices and Terms.
F. Y DANIELS, Agent.
Pipe & Pipe Fittings b all Hinds of  Plumbing.
Chas. Heinze
lummr r. a. /. WALLACE
Practical Herseshoer and
Armstrong GR.ILAT
special Sale at The Bee Hive supply store.
C. T. DAYKIN, Prop.
Ladies' Waists.
Fancy Mohair Canvas Cloth. Shades Reseda,Navy, Drown, Red
Regular WAV
Sale Price   1.75
Fancy Figured All-Wool Waists. Various Shades
Sale Price	
Tucked Flnneellette   sizes :I2 toll)
Regular $ ,75, to go at	
Regular   1.00, to go at	
Regular   1,25, to go lit	
Black Lustre mid Sateen
Regular #2.7") and $1.50, special	
Silk Waists in White. Black and Navy.
Cream Lustres at	
LALIES'    WRAPPERS, sizes M to 41):
Flunnellette. regular 11.25 and L75, Special.
Black Sateen.    "        2.00. Special	
 $1.10 and 1.1
,*l.7o, 2.25 and d.:
. I.CO and 1.40
Dress Goods Dept.
Melton Cloths in Dark (Ireeii anil Red:
Regular 25c a yard. Special 20c
Cashmere in Blue and Red, regular fide. Special 10,-
Fancy Costume Tweed, regular 45c, Special UK-
Union Plaid in Red and Green, regular 80c and 25c. Special  25c 20c
Cen per Cent Discou-iF for Cash.
grocery Department.
Mixed Peels, lemon, citron, or-
rnuge lib box HOo
Try the Beta Pie Filling, ready
for use, Lemor, Chocolate Mnple
Sugar and Cherry, i>kg 1.1c
Roasted Coffee, per lb.... 30o, 40o
Folger's and Chase & Sanborn's
speciul blend 50c
Green Coffi e 25c
Full Line of Pickles. Catsups,
etc. Mustard Pressing. Chowchow.
Heinz's C.-lery Sauce, etc.
The LeadliHi General Supply Store ol Armstrong.
^^n^^^^ 440S^L\WSa.A4.^m\Wm\WmMiA4WSmm\^m^AiS^S^a
Infants' Wears.
Fancy Wool Bootees ami Mittens. |ht pr 20e und 25e
White nnd Colored Hoods at 50o, 75c nnd (Kk-
Kine White Toques, only ilnc
Eiderdown Cents in White and Red $1.75 mid 2.25
White Swniisdowiie Carriage Robes 2.50
Nock Furs 4(K-
Cotton Bibs, lace trimmed Ilk- ii for 25c
"        embroidery trimmed 15c 2 for 25c
Silk Bilis, lace trimmed, each 25c
Extra Fine All Wool Knit Vests nnd  Waists, each 5tk-
Ladies' Gloves
Fine Kid and Suede Cloves in Black and Tan, guaranteed at... .$1.50
ilnraa (Itoves. Fleece lined. Elastic wristband   8.00
New Sneile. Fabric lining, only 60
Wool troves in Black and White 25
Rim- Elastic Double Mitts 80
Girls' Wool Gloves in White, Navy and Red 8Q
Underwear Dept
Ladies' Knit Underwear per garment H6o
Wool 1'iiderwear in natural and white, per garment (i6c
"   Knit Underwear, th-ece Iitied. while ilOc
Natural wool, guaranteed unshrinkable $1,50
Children's Knit underwear, per garment 20c and 80c
"        Priictieally all wool. ribl. weave 50c
Il■ yini will call nnd :
$5,000 per   Acre Tomato   Crop.
Tin- statement recently published in these columns thnt D. E.Gal-
latley & Sous, of the west side of
the lake, had made   u   portion   of ■ and noto how few part
.,    -    i      i-ii        ■       ...     , t-   i".     il  has.  Imw  ptTtt'clly
their land yield an income ot M.- aim),lu'it;iSr hoW ,,wy
000 per acre  has  occasioned  con-  it turns, how perfectly
sidernblo content, and  many peo- j j^X nndtw
pie have looked upon such   a   re-  strum; and durable it
inurknble income from land us  in.-  J^fitNi"^^^^?™
possible.    Mr.  (iellatley  has now  foryou.   No separator
i   .i      i- n „.;,'..    I,*.,:1c   overmado sucb rapid
given out   the   billowing   details. ^.^   ,„   popMlnI!]t),
which would prehaps  be  interest- as the Empire.      The
lag:    -Would say that we  believe jJH£,^»h«a£
that under certain conditions five     i ask the privilege nt,
thousand   vines   will   produce   nt I showing it to you.
least ten pounds of shipping fruit   _     -r-r-r    /^ci_    •   ±."
per vine.   These,   planted   thirty j J .    W .   LuiriStian,
by thirty-six inches, will tnke   rive ;        Kntterniuker at Creamery.
thousand on an acre.   At the  pre-  .
vailing price for extra early  tomii- /pi() <)(!!{_
toes, which lias been ten cents psr ^^ -
pound, you easily   ligusi- out        §   g   £X.6StQCI*S
the result from one acre, but   remember that could only  be done     Wo have just completed iirronge-
with very early stock,   and   could  incuts   whereby every paid sub-
only be done on some of the t-nrli- scriber to the Advance secures the
oat location along the westfside ofi „.
,v i , ,, ' Western
Cream Separator COllCflC • • •
n nl ntitf howfow oiirtl       flnsttaMh, *■*
..New westmlnsier, 5. €.
Instruction given in Music.
Art. Physical Culture, Elocution as
well as a full course for Teachers'
Certificates, a Commercial or Business Course, and full course for
the B. A. of Toronto University.
For fuller information write to—■
Rev..I. P. Bow ell. Bursar.
mi lake
This is'n splendid monthly magazine, published at Winnipeg.
stove wood!
Vancouver, B. C.
B. C. Grown Fruit fc*
Ornamental Trees.
Apple Trees, 2 nnd 3 year olds Sir. to
$20 per H'll. according to variety. One
year .this, -I to 5 l't-i-l, 81(1 to 912 |irr 100.
Lnrgi' importation of llulhs lr.nn Juj-
tin, iltilliinil und Franco.
Extra nlea stock of [Cherry, Peach,
Plum, Apricots,etc, now  growing  Or
full t rtlt-rs.
Noexponsc, lossor delay of fumigation
or iiis|ii-i-liiin.
Let mo price your list before piling I pk;nso state longth when ordering	
your order,   Catalog freo.  TERMS CASH
  W. H. WHITE.
M.J.HENRY, ——	
t'OlOWestmlDster Id:. Vancouver. |    The Advance  now   has  a   big
supply of butter paper.   Any me
Miiik'ii.g any quantity of dairy bnt-
er will t'nd it pcys to   have    he
butt r i ri up h; ti lit if'ntid wrap '
Men's high out, Inc.. boot,
black or tun, viscolized upper and
litriuiir sewn durnhle soles, Much
er cut, lii-llasi'.i tongue, nn ideal
hunt for Miners. IV. s] tors. etc.
A 1. value nl 87,00. ■ £A
Special *•*"
I Send for Catalogue. I
"      Dop.rtm.nl Storm
Vancouver B. C.
Cold weather may come
at any time. Order your
wood now and be prepared
Dry wood $1.50.       Green $1.25.
Per Rick, any length.
wall Paper..
1 have'on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
Samples j
frjm which I nm in n position to-]?
till orders on short notice.
Wood Wanted.
A few loads of wood will be received on si b (r j ti n by th
men's IjigHrade Shoes
at $*.5o a Pair
by mail
We will place on sale 1000 pairs Mens Highest Grade, Box Calf
shoes. Blunder tut. with extension soles at 8.G0 a pair. These goods
are made to cur Special order and have no equal at $(l. Some are
leather lined: some with rubber heels, and some with heavy thick lining, this ie the
Greatest Wet Weather shoe in Canada to-day, being made with extra heavy, oak soles.
Price to everybody for one week only	
$3.5Q a Pair.
Ladies' Shoes.     Special mail Order Sale.
For One Week Only.
'1HI-J WELCI MESHI E, mtde in Bcston, with intent
tip in d In avy i xti i:Ki n soil s This is a 11 until nl line which
■we will tell li r one week nt $1.06 a pnir.
have projecting oak coles, regularly eold lor 18x0, Our
price . . .' .' J-J.-.1,",
l'nr triinid, usually sold at $1 .,".0.   Our price '.Inc.
We Carry a $35,000 Stock of
Shoes, Send to Us for
Your Next Pair.
mmm m shoe house,
» A.J.Lapworth, I
r Sign Writer, Fa nti r ,-.nd Deci rater j VHaM
409 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B. C
Advance! pers


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