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The Armstrong Advance 1906-03-23

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&/>e  Armstrong    Advance
  and Spallumcheen Advocate.
MAR 26 1901
rlMUM II He UkrCtlS »l HTMlTMi iH MSfTlCt, Ut CMkCSl HMH #1 Ut FssMK MWfU Vettt.
'vromK. ° >
NO 49.
0sn't it time you were tninning of
JJeur Wearing ClppareC for tfie coming Spring and Summer;
There isn't any doubt about tho
Beauty or Fashion you will rind in
thoseiGoods in our Store. They
are just opened and are the Best
Products of Mills of National reputation, and yon ran bank on the
See our lines of Hats and Cap6,
Shirts and Hose. Our $8.00 work-
sng Shoes are the Best Value on
the market. Boys' School Shoes
$1.40 to $3.25.   Overalls $1.00.
Men's. Youths' and Boys' Clothing in all Shades and Styles $5 up.
M Tat leadiag Gtalt' Fanuhere
You ought to see our Spring Stock of Mens, Youths and
Boys Clothing. We handle the best in Canada. W. B,
Johnston of Toronto and the Campbell Clothing of Montreal.
They certainly are up-to-date in Style and  Workmanship,
fence in Chicken wire
just arrived in car direct from  Montreal, also Nails of all
sizes at right prices,
BlNC stone
Direct from Manufacturers and the price is O, K Dont
make yourselves old men digging out stumps but call and get
s box of Thos. Hamilton Stnmping Powder which will Wow
out more stamps in one hour than yon could dig out in six
months,   Fuss and caps also on hand.
j We can knock the Bpots off anything in tho Valley in Mens
Ladies, Misses and Children* Shoes,    Just call  and have a
look at our Ladies and Misses Oxfords in black and tan.
We are also handling this year Mens,   Ladies & Childrens
tennis canvass shoes.
, All kinds at rock bottom prices,   Everybody knows that our
Crockery stock is complete and at prieeB within reach of oil,
Residence of G. J. .Wallace Damaged Saturday Morning.
The first call of "fire" to resound
Armstrong Capitalist in Vancouver.
Mr. T. W. Fletcher, a well
known Armstrong, B. C, resident,
evidently has great faith in the
commercial possibilities of Vancouver. He came down from the
on tho stillness of the Armstrong ihterior ft few dny8  ogo with „
air for a considerable time i f_t ro„ of hmk noteg Now he j8
was occasioned by a conflagra-1 „;„„„ the mogt of the rol, hnt he
tion at the residence of G. J. Wal-, bw the utlo (Wlg of „ „,„,.,„,._
lace at 1:30 last Saturday morning. |ny„ amomt o( Vancouver real
Hjw the fire started, is, as is often U^ In all Mr Fie,cher has
the case, a complete mystery. The j _,„,_„. (luring the ^ wwk OTOr
starting place was evidently on the,,gO]000 ,„ bnginM8 nmi resijentlll
outside at tho rear of the kitchen, property,
near a kerosene can setting just|    His first pnrchases were several
outside the  door.   Mrs. Wallace
days ago when he secured some
first discovered the presence of the; ongin(,gBt property on the west side
fire, which she thought to be in the 10, Granviile 8tm;t ^tyma Robson
blacksmith Bhop near by. Mr. 8ml Smithe Since then h(J hng
Wallace immediately hnsteneil to . bnying ohoice regWentnl lotg.
the door und upon opaning it *H He likes thecity so well he may
knocked to the Hoor by a mad rush deciae to remove here from the
of flames into his own house.   The I ■^Brim,   Mr Fletcher 8uyg there
, household was soon alarme.1 and|(1Te  _  number of npcountry men
| the fight against the fire hend be-jwho intend  inveBting lftrgely   in
jgun.   Apparently   with the aug-1 Vancolm!r renhy< n8 they belieV(,
[mentation of an   explosion from it nn excellent investment.-Pro.
I the kerosene the fire gained very
j rupid headway, and the interior of
i the kitchen was soon enveloped in
: flames.   Owing to there being no
j steam    at  the  flour  mill—upon
| which dependance is placed as the
only means in town of spreading a
j fire alarm—there was no means of
j giviutr the alarm, except by spread-1
iing the news to such of the in-l,       ,      ,     .
, 7..    . ,        , .   ■      _ i    try where he intends residing  in
.habitants as chanced to be awake'.-' TT       .      ...        ...
Off for Spallumcheen.
New Westminster, March 20.—
(Special)—Local Manager F. R.
Glover of the British Columbia
Electric Railway will leave in a
few weeks for the Okanagan conn-
at that hour of the night. Despite this fact a number of willing
hands were soon at work with the
fire equipment, and once the water
was applied the conquering of the
blaze was a short task. This was
not done; however, until- after the
kitchen had been almost completely burned and the contents badly
future. He resigned his position
with the Electric Company some
time ago, but he has not yet been
relieved of his duties.
Mr. Glover haa proved a most
popular and efficient official, and
jus many friends in this city will
regret to hear of his intended departure  from   the   city.      Mrs.
damaged.   The.loss to Mr. Wal- 0^and her nephew left yester
*-* rinii     fain *Vii>i>> fiitiii.ii     .•i-.iii,i     in    thi
lace will be about $250, which
however, is fully covered by insurance in companies represented by
J. M. Wright, who readily adjusted the claim and the damage will be
replaced without delay. That the
fire resulted in no greater damage
is indeed, fortunate, and Mr. Wallace owes the saving from the complete destruction of his dwelling
and contents to the water system
of the town—not forgetting the
heroic efforts of those who were on
the scene to apply the same and to
render every assistance possible.
Armstrong  Power ft   Light Co.
day for their future home in the
Okanagan Valley.
Signs of Business.
Appropos of our remarks a
couple of weeks ago re the number of commercial travellers making this territory, we note that
from last Saturday to Wednesday of this week there were registered at the Okanagan Hotel
alone no loss than twonty-four
different drummere. When it is
considered thnt perhaps a dozen
more visited town betweon trains
and did not register it may rend-
something Must Be
Business is nol Good! i
We must have ***-       ___
So   fer One Ween wltt sett wltat le (eft ef ear
cut Class al cost.	
and a targe fine ttaiftcr* Soaps  at Xaff Price.
CUt .fancy Feeds at 1-3 eff regular price.
Sfte Armstrong Pnarmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist.
ily be seen  to  whnt   extent  we
The Armstrong Power and Light ihave be,m besieged with the grip
Co., have during the past week had fraternity of late-and   thus  be
n survey of Davis creek made by al'Sained ° f,Ur idea ot the ttmomlt
civil engineer, nnd taken other pre
of business done.
liminnry steps for the installation
of their plant, The creek nnd the
amount of power which it is capable of developing has been found
satisfactory, and the installation of
a complete power plant on Davis
Hardwares Amalgamated.
An important deal was closed
in town yesterday whereby was
amalgamated the   two   hardware
creek near the "present intake of 18Ttore8:      Me88rB' ■Armstrong &
Leverington  arc  taking over the
stock carried   by Joe   McDonald,
the village waterworks is an assured fact. As soon as snow hns all
disappeared from the timber, roads
wilt be made for the purpose of
who retires  from   the   business,
Mr, McDonald   expects   to take
getiinglumberforthepowerhot.se, uPthe ™"«#>°>e«* "f the Arm-
piping nnd other supplies on the 8tro,,« E1,,ctrlc L*ht & Power
BECAUSE it helps to advance your district
BECAUSE it is the only means to get tbe news.
BECAUSE it is owned and published in Armstrong
Creamery Patronage Growing.
Bnttermaker Christian reports
already a noticeable increase in
the receipts of cream at the Okanagan creamery, and aInisy season
is foreshadowed for that institution
during the coming summer. The
creamery is an institution that has
never yet received that measure of
patronage to which it is entitled
commensurate with its advantages
to the community, and it is pleasing
to note that the farmers are now
apparently coming to a realization
of its benefits and under the satisfactory management and operation
of tho past year it is now promised
the most successful season of its
Co., the duties of which it is expected will demand the greater
portion of bis timo.
Arrangements are under way for
a lacrosse team in town during the
summer. A mooting for the purpose of organization and preliminary arrangements is called in the
I, O. F. hall at h o.clock next Monday evening, to which is invited
the presence of all interested in
Newspaper for Pentkton.
A correspondent from Pontic-
ton says that Louis Gould, of Vernon, will establish n'newspaper at
that place, to appear In May.
Our Member III.
A despatch received Saturday
from Ottawa says: Mr. Duncan
Ross, M. P , was taken to the Contagious Disease Hospital that
morning, Buffering from diphtheria.
On reaching Ottawa, a week ago.
from British Columbia, Mr. Ross'
child was sent to the hospital with
diphtheria. Mrs. Ross is in the
hospital nursing the child, nnd
now Mr. Ross has had to join them.
The child 1b improving and Mr.
Ross getting along as well as could
bft expected.
Okanagan and Glanders.
The protest of the Okanagan
farmers against the wholesale destruction of horses supposed to be
suffering from glanders has received some justification in the action
of the Dominion government in
withdrawing the veterinary in-'
spector from Vuncouver and recalling him to Ottawa, This only
took place after horses to the value
of $75,000 had been destroyed in
and around the Terminal City.
This action is said to bo due to the
fact that close scientific inquiry
tends to increase the doubt us to
the absolute reliability of mullein
as a test for this pestiferous disease. It seems that the process
adopted is the injection of mullein
into animals supposed to be suffering, nnd if the result is that the
temperature riseB two degrees the
horses are destroyed after three
tests. This is altogether too technical a subject upon which to speak
with any degree of assurance. The
law muBt be obeyed, and so long
as the mullein test receives the
approval of the expert government
oilvisers, there was no alternative
but to accept its conclusions.
Now, however, that a reasonable
doubt has arisen, the matter should
be authoritatively dealt with. The
Armstrong Hockey Club.
The frosty nights of the past
couple of weeks caused the return
of good skating on the Enderby rink
and n number of our young people
havo spent some of the evenings
there. On Monday night some of
the boys attempted to meet the
Enderby hockey players in a game.
Some of our boys knew a hockey
stick when they saw it and some of
them didn't, yet their undaunted
nerve would not suffer the refusal
of a challenge, hence the attempt at
playing. We are ashamed of tin-
score made by them, However by
next winter Armstrong hopes to
have a rink where practice can be-
inc1ulgedji.ii. and we will then have
a team that will meet on the ice
anything in the valley.
A competent engineer of fifteen
years' experience requires situation in the Okanagan. Stationary
engine preferred.   Address
"Engineer." care The Advance.
For Sale.
A new, fifteen - jewel, 8- day
watch. Guaranteed a good time
keeper. The H-day watch is the
latest novelty anil will attract wide
attention.   Inquire at
This Office.
Eggs for Hatching.
White    Leghorn    or   Golden
Wyandottes.   Per  setting   of 13
eggs, $2.00, delivered at Armstrong.
Leave orders with Mrs. A. Shary.
E. J. Wilson.
For Sale.
An old established butcher business.   A rare opportunity for someone looking for a business opening
in the famous  Okanagan  valley.
For particulars apply to
H. Hawkins,
Armstrong. B. C.
A Meeting of the Spallnmchcen
Farmers' Institute will be held in
the 1.0. F. Hall. Armstrong, on
Tuesday, March 27th. to commence
at 1 o'clock, p. m.. when there will
j bo lectures given  by Mr. W. C.
i McKillican, of the Seed Division
i of the Dominion  Department of
'Agriculture, who will speak on the
I pure semi question, weeds etc.. and
Mr. Robt. Thompson, of St. Catherines, Ont.. on nniiill fruits, fruit
' trees and cold storage.   All cordially Invited.
(G. Heuoie.        John B. Bird,
President. Secretary.
THAT A Meeting of the property
holders of Spuliumcheeu Municipality will be held in the I. 0, F.
1 Hall, on Saturday, the 24th day of
'March, at 2:00,  p.m.    For tho
pur|iose of considering and causing
u petition to be sufficiently signed
authorizing the municipal council
. to pass a bylaw for a loan of $2o,-
| cicui.oo on the credit of the munici-
|pality. for the purpose of gravel-
! ing main roads, and that the by-
! law will be voted on by the property at an early date.   It is not
proposed to increase taxation in
any way, but to use the $l,2oo.oo
now annually   set  aside by tho
council, for graveling roads, to be
applied    in   paying interest and
sinking fund, for a term of 20 years
or less, on the above mentioned
A. Sohubebt, Reeve. MILLINERY
Our Trimmed A
Ready to Wear
Now Ready
3fie fatest Styte in Veilings
Goerytrting Heat in £aces & fiecftwear
We are now located in Armstrong and    open   for   business.
We have a few wants of which the following are some:—
WE WANT   every Farmer in the   Municipality   to  call  at
our affice the first   time you we in town.
WE WANT   to meet you personally.
WF WANT   a list of the farms yon have for sale.
WE WANT   a list of everything for sale in the Municipality.
We WANT   every farmer whp wishes to Bell to   give  us  a
chance to dispose  of your property nnd leam
how quickly we can do it
WE WANT   yon to come in and  have a chat.     We would
like to explain our method of doing  btiBinesBS
0       EJ       0       Q
Office in Francis Block
K. P. ttW, Vernon.
Q. 8. &Uom, Armstrong.
The Advance
Subscription $1.60 per year in advonc
If not paid in advance 82.00.
Advertising rates givea on application.
Notices of church services und cnt.ir-
toinments where no admission is charged
inserted free. Other notices at ustutl
rr.tes.   Cards of thanks 81.
The Advance is published in the interests of the town and district in which
it exists and cordially solicits the patronage of the public.
At the public meeting called by
Reeve Schubert for tomorrow afternoon the ratpnyers will be given an
FRIDAY AT opportunity to express themselves I
____| ! on the proposition of borrowing I
820.000 on the credit of the municipality for the purpose of making
[the main roads according to  the
1 the most   improved   ffiethdos   of
mad making.     This idea has been
advocated by some of  the prominent citizens of the municipality
for some time nnd it is mainly for
the purpose of having the matter
considered in all its phases that the
reeve has brought the matter out.
There are some features of the
proposition that appear reasonable
and lead us to favor the   scheme.
By putting the highways in permanent repair now the use of the
roads would certainly be enjoyed
during the   time the debentures
were being paid   off,   while  those
residents that  follow the present
population would   be  required to
contribute toward the roads of the
Booster clubs appear to be the municipality.   It is doubtful,how-!
popnlur rage with the towns and ever, if $20,000 would be adequate
cities of the. province at the pre-1 to complete the roads of the muni-
sent time, and every place of con- cipality,   Should this sum be bor-
sequence is coming out with   its rowed and work not completed   on!
club whose object is   to increase at least nearly all the main roads;
their population to ten, twenty-live the revenue for current expendi-
or a hundred thousand, according turn during the 20-year term of
ns the aims of the respective places the debentures would be material-
demand.        Possibly     Armstrong  ly reduced by the payment   of  in-!
might join the van and organize a terest and sinking fund.     Yet   it:
club, not having ns its beacon light is an established fact that the ex-
any particular number of people penditnre of $1200 yearly for grav-1
but simply as air-Armstrong Club", elingasat present is little morel
of which every person interested i than a system of patching, and the
in the advanoment of the town expenditure of a much larger sum !
would   hold    membership,    and is required to put the roads in  a
pledge  himself  to work for the permanent condition.
good of the town and district, and      ml —..**..  .1
to assist in every   laudable  enter-
v«   Real Estate
Insurance ^    Agents 0
"Land of the BIG RED
Do you Need Money?
We have several Thousand Dollars to loan on good Real
Estate Securities at the usual rate of interest.
We are also AgentB for	
British Columbia Permanent
Loan &. Savings Co.
and can make you a loan on your home on easy monthly terms
of luiyiui-nt.
Why not make   Your   Rent Buy  a
Home ef Your Own?
This is the of year when tires are apt to occur.       Better get
insured.     We represent four of the best companies.
! Bank of Montreal
J. McDonald
Head Offico! Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up !*l 1,000,000, Best, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, $378,988,
PRESIDENT, Right Hon.  Lord Sirnihcona and Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
Brunches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
the following cities :   Loudon. Eng.; 22, Abohnrch   Lane,   E. C.
New York, nil Wall Street t Chicago. I88 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. Johns Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.    Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe nnd Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from 81 upwards und interest allowed ut current rates.
Interest entered .10th June, and 'list December
Wllbdrawala   on   demand   wltboul   delay.
Ranchers and country business (liven special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable, terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made nnd withdrawn by ninil,    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
4HM4TR0HB C. A. Taylor, tub. Agent. KELOWMA
E. 4. VAUoOllntoob, Smb. Amomt. P. OuMonlln, tub. Agent.
prize that seeks to advance their "le  A™6tr°"« distriot  is called;
The attention of the farmers
interests.   One"of~the~be~s7waysto J0.*6,.™^"?.0'^ Inlilitl,t'' kl
do this would be for each  member
to pledge himself to as nearly as
possible spend his money  for  the
advancement  of  home  industry.
beheld in the I.O.F. hall on
Tuesday next at 1:00 o'clock, Addresses will be delivered by W. C.
McKilliean, of the seed division
Hie dollars at present spent with of the Dominion Department of
Timothy Eaton, Robt, Simpson Agriculture, on "Pure Seed, Weeds,
nnd others of their ilk would go a eto"' "m1 ht Robt- Thompson, of
long way toward the  development St' Catherines, Ont., the subject of
"Small   Fruits.   Fruit Trees nnd
j  Spring'.. •
i Housecleaning
i Finds us prepared
prepared with
all the requisites to make
the home pleasant	
of the institutions ami
.that are in our midst am
pay taxes to the support of our
political, educational and religious
institutions, while the dollars Bent
to eastern houses are never again
seen or their power felt in the
community. Armstrong is fortunate in that the number of "knockers", the most dispieitbli! of liny
class of citizens, is almost  ulisi-iil
in tho community, yet we, like all
othes places, are burdened with u
few such human parasites, who
might well bo spared to other
places should any desire their
presence, Let every business man
of Armstrong and every resident of
the Spallumcheen consider him-
Belf'individtially a member of nn
"Armstrong Booster Club'' mid
avail himself of every opportunity
for advancing the Interests of his
district, Life will bo made the
Bweeter and citizenship more desirable, The residents of no district J limited number pf people who were
of the Okanogan or of the province apprised of its presence. Only a
havo great-r opportunities than l few of the regularly organized tire
those of the Spallumcheen, and it department knew of the fire, hence
,,, ,, " , ,. , those expected to be able to render
rests with the  people  themselves the bes{   H„r,.i(,.s   with the flre
whether or not  they   improve  to equipment WBre not on hand, simp,
the full advantages offered them,      ly through the lack of needed alarm,
which *'"''' Sleroge." Both these are;
I subjects of vital interest to this'
' district, fittingly selected from a
long list, and every farmer in the
district riiuiiM make it a point to
be iii attendance if at all possible.!
The speakers are both strangers
to this district, but are men well
versed in the subjects with which
they deal and no doubt their ad-;
dresses will prove instructive.
The fire last Friday night impressed upon the   minds of the
townspeople the need of some nde- j
i junto fire alarm,   That the whistlei
at the mill, which answers very:
well when the mill   is  running,  is
not to be relied upon, was demon-'
strateil by last week's experience. I
Had the tire been  in   some larger
building or even had it gained further headway it is doubtful if it
could have been comptered with
the same success as  attended  tl:
••^Contractors and Builders.
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We nre prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
spring Harness.
• •
I hnvo just received my new stock
and can supply you with anything
you need for Spring Work.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
Rkhiukncr: Sprlnghlll, half mile north
of Arinstrong.
Orders may be left with 0, Addison,
Dealer in—
kinds  of
farm   implements
buggies, otc.
"Wholesale and Retail
The beet steaks and roasts a specialty.
fish and game In season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
■Wftolesale & Rei#
eats always In stock
;in season
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Me
Fish and Fowl
BestPricea for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted PrOtt,
*****************************> <
John-Winslow returned to Arrowhead Saturday.
A. Wallbridge, of Vancouver,
was a guest of his cousins here a
few days.
J. S. Asson is now engaged as
checker for the C. P. R. at Arrowhead.
E. J. Watson is engaged in the
erection of a new residence on his
property south of town.
Where is Armstrong to figure in
the holiday celebrations of th? valley this year? victoria Day is not
so afar off.
The enclosure is now completed
on Thos. Skyrme's new house. He
expects to take piiBsession about
the first of May.
.T, R. Allison arrived Saturday
from Greenwood enroute home to
Kamloops. He has been at Green.
wood for some time taking treatment for a case of iuflniaatory
Mrs. R. S. Pelly left Saturday
for a Visit with her daughter at
Fernie for a few weeks.
The an ti mil meeting of the Armstrong Liberal Association, called
last Friday, was postponi-d to a
later date owing to the fact that
the officers have received word that
.1. A. McDonald, their provincial
leader, expects to visit this place
Last Saturday was
Day in the morning,
brated by the   usual
green ribbons and an occasional
sprig of shamrock  adorning the
coats of all who  could, however
remotely, claim   connection with
the sons of Erin.
Bert Fletsher, of New Westminster, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. C.
T. Daykin, spent a couple of days
visiting the. latter this week while
on his way to Alberta to look after
some property interests. He is [a
conductor on the New Westminster
street railway.
The members of the council are
to be commended for the material
interest in the local fall fair shown
by the increase of their grant to
$175 this year. With all things so
auspicious as at present Spallumcheen looks forward to one of the
best exhibitions of its history.
Men of note and prominence,
not only of the province, but of the
Dominion, are fast coming to realize the advantages of owning farms
in the Okanagan, and a number of
such are now in possession of tracts
in the valley. Among the latest
to become thus interested is Premier R. McBride, who has lately
purchased ten acres near Penticton,
which he will have set out to
peach and plum trees at once.
Geo. M. Denver, of Lacombe,
Alta., is among the new comers to
the district. Mr. Deaver arrived
the last of the week, accompanied
by his son, and after looking
around here for a short time pur
Station Agent Kelly and family
are now domiciled in the rooms nt
the station, which have been thoroughly renovated and replastered
for them.
Newton Pippin apples are now
selling as high as $3.50 per box on
the eastern and London markets.
This variety of apples may be
successfully grown in this district.
Who knows what Armstrong may
yet develop in the arena of pugilism V We understand thnt at some
of the nocturnal bouts there have
already cropped out some "strik-
ing" exhibitions of latent scyence.
C. H. Hardy has changed his
mind as to the location of his proposed residence and will stay by
Armstrong instead of removing to
Vernon as reported a couple of
weeks ago. He is now preparing
to build on his property just out of
town, the Bite for which is now being fenced. Armstrong people
generally will be glad to know that
he and his estimable family are
not to leave town.
L. W. Patten, municipal assessor, will soon begin   his  task  of
completing this year's assessment.
St. Patricks A feature of the assessment this
It was cele- > season, differing from that former-
presence of ly practiced, will be that the assessor will visit every residence of
the municipality, in this way se
curing a complete list of all assess- ^ only lnst
able property within the municipality. While considerably more
labor will devolve upon the assessor
it is expected the municipality will
very materially benefit through a
more complete listing of prpperty
subject to taxation.
E. B. Herman, C. E., of Vancou- \
ver, spent a few days here during
the past week, being engaged by
the Armstrong Power and Light
Co. in making the survey of Davis
creek and the location of their proposed power plant. Mr. Herman
is recognized as one of the best
civil engineers of the province or
of the west, and the fact that his
report on the capacity of Davis
creek as a power generator wns satisfactory to the company should allay the lack of confidence among
those who have questioned the successful installation of an electric
power plant here.
F. R. Glover, the recent purchaser of the Bhary farms on the hill
west of the town, is now a resident
of the Armstrong district, having
arrived from New Westminster the
beginning of the week with a car
packed chock full of household effects. Mr. Glover is a man of wide
experience, and is giving up a
good position as local manager of
the B. C. Electric Light  Co., at
j'New Westminster to become a resident of our district, to which, it is
Moss was said by Rev. Father
Dorval in the I.O.F. hall last1
Sunday. A good attendance was
The convention of fruit growers j
of the Dominion opened at Ottawa
Wednesday. The Okanagan has!
no representative,
Geo. B. White, of Ponoka, Alta.,
having recently sold his interests
there, is looking over the Armstrong district with a view of locat-,
Mr. McDonald, of Ebnrne, arriv- j
ed Wednesday for a visit with his
old neighbors, Mr. MeCleery and
family, and a look at this part of
the Okanagan, in which he may
decide to locate.
E. A. Scott last Friday disposed j
of his Eastview property to Thos.,
Holliday, who owns the six acres j
adjoining. Ed. left with his family for Kamloops Wednesday,
where he will probably find a loci-
C. L. Christian, the harness
maker, has this week added a large \
new stock of spring goods to his
store. Farmers will find anything
they need in the harness line nt
Charley's and at the lowest prices
in the Okanagan.
T. W. Fletcher, while in ! Van-
couverlast week invested in two
vacant lots at a consideration of
$15,500. One year ago these lots
sold for $6,300, which may be taken as a fair criterion of the phenomenal advance of real estate
values in the Terminal City.
The popularity of suburban residential lota is evidenced by the
fact that all the lots in the addition of Rosedale, which were plat-
July have now been
New Spring Goods.
Just Arrived
We have just received our immense stock of
Spring Goods which we are now placing on
I ctfty include
Dress Goods in all the very latest lines.
Swiss and tace Curtains.
These goods are direct from the
I leading Canadian ®> European
jt/offff Hantill,™RicESTROE.
Official Directory
The cable to span Okanagan
lake in the extension of the long
distance telephone hns arrived and j       RaUw_y Tlmo Table
is now being laid.                                 (Shoswap k Okahagan Railway)
t    ■»»     -iit • l»   it.    \r                ' Arrives from North daily except
.1.   M.   Wright, the Voncouver     Sunday  9:2!) a.
piano man, spent   a few days of! Arrives from South daily except
the past   week   with   his   local
agents, MePherson & Holtby.
Spring weather is now the order
with slightly   cool   nights.   The
3:25 p. m.
sold.   Many of them will become
the Bites for good residences to be j warm sunshine of the daytime
erected in the future by parties' tends to give one the spring fever,
havintr businesses in town or deir
chased two lots in Rosedale divi-! needlesB to say he is extended a
sion, where he expects to establish j moBt cordial welcome.   It is his
his home at some later date. For
the present he has found employment in Vernon. Mr. Denver has
had considerable experience as
foreman for railway or other large
gangs of men, and hopes to find
something in this line iu this province.
The ladies have had their innings the past week. Last Thursday was spring opening day at Mm,
Fisher's millinery store, and as a
consequence many of us who are
unfortunate (?) enough to be mar-
ried have had to "dig up" for" the
new Easter bonnet that forms the
headgear of our better half for the
present season. While we are quite
incompetent to judgo or name the
latest creations— that's all a man
can call them—of the season, we
may say that the spring stock displayed by onr local milliner includes   some   handsome designs,
ing a retired residence.
O. R, Warren and family left
Tuesday for a trip to Saskatchewan, having rented his place here
for the present season. Mrs. Warren will visit relatives while O. R.
will spend some time in looking
over the country along the new
line of the Canadian Northern, and
if he finds anything to suit him,
on which he considers room for
speculation will invest in a piece
of land. He will return here to
reside in the fall.
The lady ball tossers now have
their organizations completed, with
a full complement of officers, managers, etc., as well as fully supplied
list of players. Practice has been
indulged in during some of the afternoons of the past week and if
the feminine courage holds out we
may reasonably look forward to a
good exhibition of lady ball playing during the coming season. The
initial game of the season will be
on Easter Monday—ladies vs. high
school girls.-
E. J. Wilson was in from his
ranch on Six Mile creek, on the
west side of Okanagan lake, Wed-
Attention is called to the hour
of the evening services in the local
churches. Beginning with the first
Sunday in April the hour will be
Otto Clinton returned from the
coast Tuesday, having successfully
passed his examination as an
engineer. He will accept a posi.
tion as night man at the flour mill,
W. H. Tucker, late of Lacombe.
Alta., has been pitching in with a
spirit of vim and energy in clean,
ing up his Rosedale lots the past
week that is bound to spell success.
He haB three lots near the railway
track, and already has nearly nil
the down timber disposed of and
will soon erect'a substantial dwelling thereon, into which he will
take up his residence with his
family, yet in Albertn.
We desire  to publicly express
our hearty appreciation to  those
who so nobly rendered assistance
on the occasion of the tire in our
residence last Saturday morning
Not only were their efiorts to ex-
,       ,,    ».,.,       . . i tinguish the fire most heroic, but
nesdny.   Mr. Wilson is  engnged ., °,   ,c....   „       ,     .,    '
,      ,   . ,    . i       w     the fact that all our furniture was
argely m gardening and poultry L^      Q.   fc  b
raising, both of  which   he  finds  , .        ..     .      ". ,
quite profitable vocations here.   It I *™* *     "^ '
was he who supplied Armstrong | lon■    Mr nm] Mr8 G j WttUooe,
people with the most of the delic, j     	
ious watermelons of last season, ■   —. . Ill      •
and preparations are already being I  "WssWaMavTiV Plants.
mode for raising them on a still!   A large number of Clyot.Mogoon,
intention   to  erect  a   handsome
residence and otherwise materially
improve his purchase, including a
large fruit orchard, and it is safe to
say that in a comparatively short
time the imposing site on the bill j larger scale the coming summer. W. Belt and: Henry strawberry
will be one of the most attractive• In poultry, he has succeeded in plants for sale, »?|B 00 pur 1000, or
•being uble to supply eggs dnringlOcts.perlOO.   Apply
the winter senson, and by   next! E, Winkler,
Benson expects to have 500 laying Armstrong.
places in the district,
Poultry raising appears to be
receiving extensive attention in
this district just now, and in a
country less fortunate in the way
of markets, preBent indications
would lead one to believe that the
future supply was to greatly exceed
the demand, since the residents of
the district on all hands are engaging extensively in chickens this
season. Incubators are in extensive use at this time and it is becoming common to hear the farmers numbering their prospective
flocks by the hundreds, However,
with the present large and ever in-
W. H, Norman has lately  made
a marked improvement in his prop-
For Sale
A number of Magoon Strawberry
und ns they are fashioned after the I creasing demand for poultry pro-
peculiar notions of the artist in I ducts und the adaptability of thiB
Paris or New York who selects the district for their production there
styles of the season, we have to I will no doubt bo good money real-
lulmit that they are "simply lovely" ized by those at present engaging
"awfully nice'etc, in the industry,]
erty two miles out of town by the P1""1*8 ® 75ctB- P"  hnndred  or
erection  of a  handsome   picket t60° •** thousand.   Apply to
fence around his building Bite,
which will be still further improved
by the application of paint to their
residence. Mr, Norman has a fine
farm and realizing the rapid advance in real estate values and the
future of the district he has
W. T. Hayhurrt,
Armstrong, B. C.
Girl to do light housework and
to assist with children;good wages
n0 J to competent person.   Apply im-
hesitancy in fixing up a good com- < mediately to
fortable home.   Though   he has! A. A. H.-Tho Advahce.
owned his farm but a few years,:==s         	
he could now disposa of his prop-1        For Sale Cheap.
erty for over three times what it:    1 Mellotte cream separator,good
cost him, but he has no desire to ns new.   Apply to
do so, even at this substantial profit)       40-tf Mark Hill.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright,
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam, J.
Hnrtwell, R. B. Main.
j    Mail Arrives—
North daily except Sunday      9:.I0 a m
' South    "      " " 3::ju p. m.
'    Mail Leaves—
North daily except Sunday     "A7> p. tn.
South    "     "        " 8:40 a. m,
■ Glenemma nnd Falkland every    .
[    Monday .-,:0n p. m.
j Spallumoheen and Hull Car on
Mondays 5:00 p. m.
I    Fridays 9:30 a. m
,T, M. WaraBT, Postmaster.
Divine Service wiH be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.:
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.:
Sunday Bchool at 2.30 p.m.—Kev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
730 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Campbell, Vaster.
St. Jnmes' Church.   Morning Prayer
and Holy Oommunion at 11 a. in. and
Evening Prayer and Sermon at 7:30 p.m.
every Sunday.   Sunday school at 2:30
H J Kiwi, Vicar
Holy Mass in I. O. F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval.
Barrister and Solicitor,
Wood Cargill Block.
Cftlce Hours: 0:30 to 12 nnd 1 ;30 to !i
ATMSTRONG,   -   -   -   -  B.C.
si Societies.
LO. L„ No. 1H07., meets iu the
•   I.O.F. Lodge Room, the serum)
lay evening of each month at 8
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Saturday evening of each month at 8
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory,
Meeta in the Foresters' Hall, Armstrong, on the Thursday, un or before tbe
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
Armstrong Martlets
The following prices
paid for produce by the
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
Carrots,      "
Parsnips     "
Turnips      "
Cabbage     "
Apples, per 40 lb.   -
Plums, per 20 lb.   -
Celery, per iiO lb.   -
Poultry, per doz.
Eggs      "    "
Butter, per lb.
are being
- tu.oo
- 12.00
- 23.00
- u;.oo
- 10 00
- 20.00
- 12.50
Leading   Business    Firms.
The Advance commends the following
business firms of Armstrong to the people of the surrounding district. Their
announcements may be seen ic our advertising column:
Armitage, A. E., Gents furnishing
Ashe, S R, Jeweler, Vernon.
Burns, R. R., Drnggist
Blanchard, A., Dressmaker
Bank of Montreal. Bankers.
Christian, J W, Cream separators
Christian, C. L., Harness and Sad
Daniels, F. N., Incubators and Plumbing
Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher & Sage, Real Estate
Farncis, B., Implements
Hamill. John, General Merchant
Hawkin's Bros., Butchers
Henry. M J. Nursery, Vancouver.
Lapworth, A. J.. Painter
Moberly, G., Carpenter
MePherson & Holtby, Furniture and
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Okanagan Flour Mill. Flour, etc.
Ratledge, A. N.. Barber
Shary. A., Baker and Confectionery.
Simington. J., Contractor and Builder
Teward. Jan.. Plasterer, etc,
Wood, Cargill Co., General merchants
Public Auction.
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
I. O.O.F.
Under instructions from Wm.
Gregory. I will sell at Public Auction at the Armstrong livery barn,
on Saturday, March 24, 1906, at
3:00o'clock, p.m., the following
Meets every Thursday evening in the' estray animals taken up by the
Odd Fellows' Hall,over Wood, Cargill „..:.] w... (4rp.,nrv nnrannnt-tA+ria
& Co'a. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning B,L ' " U1' ""V>r> -Pursuant to the
brethren are cordially invited to attend.' provisions of the "Estrav Animals
W. .1. SMITH, N.G. *„♦>'.
H. HAWKINS. V. G.        *cl '
B. FRANCIS, Fee. Sec.    |     One   red     and     white     pinto
I mare, branded indistinct brand,
■ B •! or B L, on right hip; also
j yearling foal, dark colored, with
' white face and one white hind foot.
ses\ Tbi- above described animals
»*•'' will be sold, without reserve, to the
3129. I. O. F.
Meetings at their ball last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, K.S.
Order of Cnnndinti Bome Circles,, meets I
in the I.O.F. hull, st Monday in each
month,       F. N. DANIELLS, Leader
Mm. FRASER,Sooretar y.
highest bidder,
Auctioneer. Locals Thai Get tuishicss
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1.7:").
line of hoes, rakes, spades, etc.
Don't overlook them.
Armstrong it Leverington.
The Advance and Free Press for
a year for $1.75.
all sizes: A good lino of birdcages
in stock.
Armstrong & Leverington.
Pelly & Pelly are Belling the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas- the most desirable lOtB in town.
Get prices on iron pipe, pipe fittings. All kinds of plumbing
done to order on short notice. Tin
and sheet iron work done to order.
Armstrong & Leverington's,
Have you seen those knife nnd
scissor sharpeners at Armstrong &
Leverington's hardware store?
carpenter's tools, building   hardware, all kinds —the right place.
Armstrong & Leverington.
The New Improved Low Down
U. S. Cream Separator, capacily
450 pounds per hour.     Price $90.
Armst-ong & Leverington.
and Churche's Alabastire in   all
shades, paint brushes, kalsomine
brushes.   A good place to deal.
Armstrong oi Leverington's.
Sprayers' attention ! Good oak
barrels at Armstrong it Leverington's hardware store. Armstrong.
B.C.     ,
"*■"*«*    |g. Moberly
Leave your (inlers with....
Agent for
S.  R.  ASHE,
Jeweler, Vernon.
All Kinds of Carpenter
(MTorK at reasonable prices
Band Sawlnng
.   Picture FRAMING
Plans (^Specifications
Estimates Given
wall Paper.. yjWjjcn
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decorato
I am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
guarantee satisfactory work
Address me at....
RailCll      M.J. HENRY'S
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom land easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow. ii
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.   Pi-ice S.'itKK).
Nurseries, Greenhouse & Seedhouse
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
|If so. itVill pay you to see me.
-Estimates given.—
J. Simington
Shop noxt Francis'
Is whafyou want if you are
Ht'iui quarters for
Pacific Coast Grown
Garden, Flower & Field Beeds t
] New crop now in stock and on test in
; our Greenhouses. Ask your merchant
■ for them in sealod packages, if he does
not handle them wo will mail to you
BO Aaaortad paakata of Vagatabta ar
Cardan moodm far $1.00
This is •our Bpeoiai selecton for H. C.
Special prices on your hulk   seeds.
Bm Ge Grown   Fruit   and\
Ornamental Trees
Now ready for spring shipment, extra!
nice stock of 2 & 3 year Apple trees nt;
820.00 per 100J 8180,00 per 1QQ0
Mnynara plum $1.00 each, Italian |
prune. 2 year old fine 825.00 per 100.'
Sugar prune 2 year old fine 830 | or 100. j
Full list of other stock at reguli r prices |
Let'me pried your list before placing
your order. Greenhouse. Floral work,,
Bee supplier", Fruit packages) Fertilizers) etc.   Catalogue Free.
K010 Westminster Rcl. Vancouver.
Hifllieil Award
wWliCS FAIfi '
v, ST. LOWS/ft
fe§» DICTIONARY «s,*?
Recently Enlarged
25,000 New Words
New Gazetteer of the World
with more than S.1,000 titles, based on the
latent census returns.
New Biographical Dictionary
containing tlie names nt over 10,000 noted
persons, d.iteotlilrlli, dentil,etc.
Edited liy W. T. IM ItltlS, Tli.Tl., I.L.H.,
TJ in tlxlStiitcs Commissioner ulKdueutiun.
2380 Quarto Pages
Raw Plat...       GOOD lllu.tr.l Ioei.      Rich nintllncfc
Needed in Every Home
Stock that is \ HEALTHY,
We solicit your patronage for
this kind of stock. Onr stock
Write lis, or Mb, H, HAWKINS, of
Armstrong, B. C, for Illustrated
Ontnlogue or any information,
Salem, oregei.
q, .. Barber
jULr  ...Shop
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shows, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave loo.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
House Cleaning Time
Spring House Cleaning ie again at
hand with it attendant desire in the
mind of the housewife to make her
home more attractive.     We have an
exceptionally fine line of
House Cleaning
and as a special inducement for one
week will sell as follows:
Regular dOfll.OO, $1,60tt 92.130 LACE CURTAINS for 25f 75<J, I1.15& $2.00
Regular $4.00, $4.60 and 15,00 SWISS CURTAINS for *:l.fiO, $11,95 and $4,86.
All New and Just Received.
Linoleums &0La$isl5.
The Greatest Bargains Ever ottered In Armstrong.
Bo sure to bring your BUTTER AND EttttS to thoBEE HIVE STORE.
, C.  T. DAYKIN.  u
If you will call and see tho
Also Webiter'i Collegiate Dk-ilonary
1110 I'iibh. 1100 lllustrsiloui.
Regular Edition ?i IOiRM tabu, k binding*.
De LUXI Edition e?;ii;«<i;i In.   Prln.01. from
Mine plftjWj Cn blblj rmp.T. 8 kmiHfnl liimllnint.
FREE, "DktiourjrWrliikltis." IlluslrmUiil pMnpLk'ts,
G. 6 C. MERRIAM CO.,».
Fubll.h.r.,      Sprln.fl.ld. Maa.
1 Cream Separator
and note how few rmrts
it has, how perfectly
simple it is, how easy
it turns, how perfectly
it Skims, how easily it
is kept clean, and how
strong and durable it
is, you will tit once decide it is the separator
for you. No separator
ever made such rapid,
strides in popularity
as the Empire. The
reason is that it satisfies every purchaser.
I ask the privilege of
showing it to you.
J. W. Christian,
Biilteriiinker at Creamery,
Columbian   College
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given in the advanced
Public School, High School, Colli;-
ginte and University work. The
Speoial Courses include n thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Technique in Music; In Art: Sketching.
I )il Painting and Pyrographyj Also
Physical Culture and Elocution.
Eor Calendar, Address "Columbian
College, New Westminster, B.C.
12 PACKETS 25c.
12 SUPERB VEGETABLES FOR 2S CBNTS.-Beots, Carrots, Onions, Lettuce,
Cuatinibora, nadMhwi, PuanlM, Cabbage, Colory, Tomatoes, Musk Mi-luim una
water Molom.  Ro.ulai* Pplc* 76c. for 25
12 ATTRACTIVE FLOWERS FOR 25 CENTS.-Aster*, Phlox, Sweet Mil-
ponottc, Pansy, Double PJnkR. Sweet Alyeemu, Poppy, Potunla, Nasturtium, sivout
Peas, Salsaiu, und Morning uiory.   Regular 70c, fop  .26
Cuouinuer.BoeU Lettuce, rnrroi mid ltiidl»h; A8terg,Swoet Mlgnonotto, I-uumy,
PotUlllll, Sweet Teas, and Wild Uurdl'ii.   Regular 66c., fop	
Should the weather be cold, do not he impatient if the Bulbs and Plants arc not forwarded
(fc__v     immediately, we assume all risk and guarantee everything to reach you in good'condition.
^ cllow Ciiilit Lily. I I'ri;:" Tiiliorntir.- Hwonia. 1 (ii.iiit (Jli.xiim, 1 Beautiful H|ioLlnd
('alia, ih Maui Summer Hyacinths, fl Superb (liililsj Gladioli, 7 Boro Montbretias,
una 7 Pretty OxuIIb.  Regular $i,40 for 60
8 BEAUTIFUL DAHLIAS FOR 60 CENTS.-Six Grand DahHtw(floltl-ffrown
root*), notwoallko.  Regular Prlo* $1.08 for 60
8 RARE PLANTS FOR 60 CENTS.-. NOW Kvnr-BlnominpTpn Hone. I Prornno
Bloomtntf i nebula, l ^^'«>»*I.^nL^ Lunuwii., 1 AKparncur. BprontyerJ Ferrt( l New Ajrer-
ai viiu. 1 l>ii:,ifiil ficiHiiiiiKi, 1 (liiitil. C'liryHuiiiWinnm. ninl 1 Sweet I'lirnalioii.
RfgulnrSl.lQ, for 60
If your order ntuountH to 11.Wi or over. NOVELTY
order wii.h you.   Remit Cash with Order.
Ever-Bloomln? Tea Rose.   WE SEND FREE
Wm. RENNIE CO. Ltd., Vancouver.      *      v»
Prom my place. 1 yearling heifer,
red with white spots, marked with
notch above nnd below on right ear,
and below on left ear; also one 3-
year-old steer, same murks.
•Tohn Christian.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Go. Ltd.
ARMSTRONG      -      -      -       B. C.
* * millers of a flour * *
F. lit.
1 McCormick 1 Binder,  1  Brantford
Mower, 1 Fanning Mill, 1 Straw Cutter,
1 Hurso Power, 1  Set  Trucks,  now, 1
Top  Uuggy 1 Set Logging Sleighs.   1
Skidding Tongs, Corner Binds, Double
Trees, Cuntbuok, 1 Cultivator,
Chenp lor ensh or on   approved notes
lit three months.
Bering machinery*
For Sale.To™
horn and Plomnuth Rock Poultry and
Eggs.   Some cxcciitiouully good young
Cockerels now on iiuiiil.
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
I fef?.per   &he Advance. |
Is tho Centre of tho great Fertile Spnllnmcheen Valley
—tho Garden Spot of the Okanagan. This district is admitted to be tho Choicest Winter Apple Section of the Oknniignn, and because of tho substantial backing of its sur-
rounding country Armstrong is destined to become one of tho
very Best Towns of the Okanngan.
Knr further vainnhlei
nfonuiition send for sample copy of


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