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The Armstrong Advance 1906-07-27

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 (Jw ^"'7
Sa* ^wtt«M '   *■•**■
2%e  Arnfefrong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.	
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden .Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
Subacrlnllon SI.517 in Advance
Othcrwlee 12.00.
VOL. 11.
ARMSTRONG. B.C.. FRIDAY. .ll'LY T>.  1906,
Nt). 15.
Our    Great
a a tJnILL • •
Saturday, July
and lasts for ■
30   DAYS!
25 per cent
Will He Given %£*■
Tke   Lines Include:
Ladies' Silk. Linen und Cotton Blouses,
Ohemises, Nighl DreBBPs, Drawers, Skirts,
Vests; White. Cream and Black Mohair Skirts.
Muslins, Luwes. Zephrs, Dress GinghaniB,
Prints. Ties, ,'tc.
Girls'and Children's Dresses, Pinafores nnd
Night Dresses.
Girls' nm) Boys' Linen Turns.
Babies'Cream and Cotton Hoods mul Bonnets.
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cotton Hose.
Men's Boys' und Ladies' Lirieu und Straw
Men's Ladies and Misses' Canvass Shoes.
Boys' Linen Suits.
Mhu's White Vests, Linen Com* mul Summer
finite Men's Ladies' unit Boys' Balbriggan and
Cotton Underwear, etc. etc,
In (set, Everything in tbe Summer Lint must to.
tlw it ito time to get Cheap Goods
and prepare for the Rot leather
. uiWth ti iin i» nn lor th* wxt twe mm*.
- D*»icl-
Some Useful Suggestions  lo  Amateur Fruit  Growers in
the   Okanagan   Valley.
Maxwell Smith, Dominion fruit'! varieties in close proximity so ns
iuBpeotor, was on an official trip to render effectual the operation
through the Okanagan tin- last of of interpollliintloii by the action of
tht- week, and favored tho Advance wind und honey-gathering insects,
representative with u short talk i >n the accompanying diagram
on general fruit conditions of the it will be observed that the long-
Okanngan nnd other parts of the lived trues, Stayman Winesapand
province. Sneaking of the many Johnathun, are designed for the
new orchards being set out, Mr, I permanent orchard, Tin- first-
Sinith kindly offers tho following| named are planted 10 feet apart on
which should prove of value to I the square, und the second, in the
many in this district! diamond in   between,  while tho
"I am so frequently asked what) Wealthy nnd Duchess of-Olden-
varieties of apples 1 should recoil!- burg are used as tillers, reducing
iiiiind planting iii the Okanagan the whole plantation to 20 feet be-
Valley and other ilistricts in tween the trees, When the tillers
British Columbia having similar are removed after serving their
climatic and soil conditions, that I term of usefulness it leaves the
have prepared the. following list, I Stayman Winesaps and, Jonathan
mid while there are, of course, a in the diamond form with a little
number of other good varieties, I more than 28 feet between the
can with a reasonable degree of trees in every direction. Of course
confidence, recommend the follow- tillers should never bt? planted nt
ing as money-makers: 1, Duchess all unless the owner is quite sure
of Oldenburgh; 2, Wealthy; 8, Mc-; he possesses sufficient courage to
Intosh Red; -I, Gravenstein; 5, remove them as soon as the other
Cox's Orange Pippin: li, Fameuse-, trees require the room.
7, Northern Spy: 8, Esoqus Spitz-
eubnrgh; !t. Jonathan: 10, Delicious; 11, Stiiyiniin Wlnesap; 12,
Yellow Newton Pippin.
Of these twelve, eight are highly colored varieties of rare beauty,! n
viz: Duchess of Oldenburgh, d.o,
Wealthy. Mcintosh Red, Pameuse,
Esoqus Spitzenburgh, Jonathan,
Delicious, arid Stnynian Wlnesap:
but the other four, viz.: Graven-
stein, Cox's Orange Pippin, Northern Spy, and Yellow Newton Pippin, poRsi'BB such excellent qualities; >, j
nnd ureso well known in the markets of the world, that 1 hardly
think we could afford to leave them
out of the list. I should like to
point out also, that the keeping! We would suggest that our read-
qualities of these 12 varieties are ers who contemplate setting out
fairly well indicated by the order new orchards preserve this diagram
In which they are named above; for reference at the time of plant-
beginning with the Duchess of ing. No doubt in later years those
Oldenburgh, which docs not keep who observe a system in the tirst
successfully longer than the end of; planting of their trees will reap
September, mid ending with the! benefits over their less prudent
Yellow Newton Pippin, which.j neighbors,
under proper conditions, may he
held over until May.   Then- are MIDWAY & VERNON.
four of these varieties, viz:   Cox's 	
Orange Pippin. Esoqus Spitzen- Duncan Mcintosh Bring! Encourag-
bnrgb, Stnynian Wlnesap and Yellow Newton Pippin, concerning
whioh particular cure should be
exercised to give thu proper name
when ordering, as there nre other
The seveiisutiieriand
>g to announce that they have made arrangements with
R. H. BurnB, Dmt/gist, and will L-iv - daily demon-
stratione fcr one week, commencing on
MONDAY,   JULY   23rd,  1906,
awarding treatment ol tht? Hair and Scalp.   They respectfully invite everyone to eall and consult with them.   Come and see
the Long BeautifulHftir grown by the use of Seven
Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.
rjfie Gra string Pharmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist.
The Provincial Fair.
Distressing Accident at the Coast-
• 1
. w,
Tin- Advance has received al One of the most distressing ac-
copy of the prize list of the pro- cidents in the history of the west-
vinc-iai fair to be held at New I em coast of our province occurred
| Westminster from October 2 to <i Inst Saturday, The C. P. R dyer
inclusive. The pri'/e list is an ex- Princess Victoria, while pass-
tensive one, and tbe list of at true ing through the narrows overran
tions will be so arranged ns to in- the steam lug, Chohalis. the latter
sure ii pleasant time to .ill who can boul being completely cut in two.
make il tonvenlent to attend, The Kight persons wore drowned. An
fair of tin* present seuson will no investigation is to be held into the
doubt be in many respects one of matter to ascertain, if possible,
tin-best in tin-history of the pro, where the blame for tbe onfottnn-
vince. The rate from Armstrong ate occurnnce should be, although
will be $12 return i the high tide tit the time was prj.
warily tho'ennse o. the accident.
Tenders Out for School Addition. The cantuin of the Victoria
aptuin nl
the meantime  being   held
i charge of manslaughter.
Proof Positive.
•Ill   is  III
Potts-MacDonald Nuptials.
ing News from New York.
Duncan Mcintosh arrived In,tne
this week from New York, where
he, with Ralph Smiiiles,  has bei n
inferior varieties bearing similar] negotiating with eastern capitalists
names: that is to say. there are with reference to the building of
Orange Pippins. 8plt/.enblll'ghs, Uno Midway & Vernon railway.
Winesaps, ami Newton Pippins, He expressed himself as being sat-
which are a very inferior quality islied with the result of tin- m-got-
to the Cox's Orange Pippin, the! iutions so far as they hml gone.
Esoqus, Spitzenburgh,    Stayman| H'' would not say that the chnrter
Winesap, anil Yellow Newton Pip. hail been disposed of either to tlle
pin, C. P. R. or Great Northern, but he
While I submit the names of stated emphatically that the line
twelve varieties, 1 should not re- would be built, but by whom he
commend any .one grower to plant would not say. It was learned,
inure than four of tin-He and fori however, that the parlies With
convenience I should ndvlsedivid. whom negotiations have been earing them Into three groups, about I rietl on are apparently Independ-
as follows: • lent of both the railway  eompilllies
(Ironp No. 1 Stayman Wine-' most directly interested, From
say, Jonathan. Wealthy.ami Duch- other sources it was learned that
ess of Oldenburgh. ' Mr. Sniailes is at the coast and
Tenders fur the addition of the
second story to the Armstrong public school building are called and
are required to be in the hands of I ^^^^^^^
the deputy commissioner of lands Dog Tax 18600. Chieago-R.F.C,
mul works by next Wednesday, wns found in a can of beef opened
The sum of #5000 has been uppro- nnd partly consumed at Roxbury,
printed for the job and it. is prob- Va., says Chicago paper, a few days
able that close to this amount will'ago. The reporters are now hunt-
be required to carry out, tl on- ing for the dog that owned the tag,
I tract according  to  specifications. |or rather are tracking up the own.
'Local contractors are putting injnr. As the same numbers are
tenders, which will probably be issued every yeai and the shape of
broutrht in competition with figures' the particular tag is not known
from outside workmen. the exact year at present cannot oh
stated that the tag was given ont
So far  three dogs   thut   had   the
VV. (.'. Potts,  of   Armitnge   & number have  been   located   still
; Paul's tailoring department, re- alive, A fourth, however is returned    to  Armstrong  Tuesday, ported missing.   Canned meat is a
I bringing with him his bride, form- drug on tin-market at Hox'ouri.V,,..
lerly jMisb Gertrude MacDonuld, of jjnst at present.
Victoria.   The happy event occur-!
red on the 1Mb inst., at Victoria, Prof. Schutt Coming   August  13.
Mr.   Potts   spending  some   time
thereafter   in    visiting   tlui coast
Icities before, returning hpre,   .Mr.
[ I'otls.  daring    his  residence   of
I several months in Armstrong, 1ms
' mode many warm friends, all of
whom extend him tlu-ir very best
wishes und hearty congratulations
upon his venture upon the matrimonial sea. Mrs.Potts is unaccomplished young lady, who lias every
appearance of n most desirable and
worthy life partner, and is g.
welcomed as n residei t of t -.r
town. They have rented fi B.I-
horn's house on Wood avenue,
where they will at once taki up
their future residence,
A meeting tinder the auspices
of the Spallnmohden Farmer's Institute of more than usual interest
is promised for Mondny, August 18.
The speaker of the day will la-
Prof, f. T. Schutt. chemist, of the
Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, who will give advice on soil
conditions and such other matters
UB come under tlle pnrviow of his
department,   He will   be accoin-
(ironp No. 2    Delicious. Esoqus
Spitzenburgh, Faineuse, Mcintosh
(ironp No. II   Yellow   Newton
Pippin,    Northern Spy.  Graven |
that lie is not likely to return for
some ten days. It is understood
that his ret urn will lie an evidence
of an adjustment of the matter.
Speaking of the attitude of the
Stein. Cox's Orange Pippin, | New- York financial world   toward
Id planting nn orchard I should| British Columbia. Mr. Mcintosh
strongly advise against planting ti
large block ol any one variety, but
would recommend a plnn similar to
ti :!_■ it ineil (n thu attached diagram, 11. ,, ;_■ nn i rchurd \ i tilted
will )\i.- v.'i '.ti ii umed ii group
No.Jl.v Thi ri isoi ■.'- t) i . the
advisibilify  ol   getting    iiffereut
said:     "No on.     ItnOWS   the   sitllft.
lion In re better limn do the Wall
Street nabobs of finance. They
have reports on this country and
know just what is being done. It
would be an ffity matter to interest New York capital iu a-;, good
11 0, proposition."
ladlv PaD't*' *■''• ''■ "■ Anderson, dept
minister of agriculture.
To H?.ve Swimmin? Tank.
New Brick Block Begun.
The residents < 1 the   ti wn   of
Armstrong at the irablic meeting
las; Friday night and the eontinu-
lion ol thesame Tuc-Bday i vening
The first active work on the con- strongly i :pi -       tl iir  decision
struction  of the new  Wolfenden   in favor ol  t! Btrnction   o£ a
brick block  was begun  Wedne6-  ,..,      ...        ■ „• •• ...      .   .-  the
day morning when men an   toams        .        ■ ;, .,
wen- put at work on t n ■• t ival t n  A . .: ..     .•        -   ■ .T eom-
n  --   ■■--..   •■   •     ,'-,-■' di-
t • I   .- • ■ ■■ jcrity
for the cellar,   Rock isb,   it b .- •
ed for the foundatioi   i . It) ■■ ■•■ i ;
'' now be push id I : wui    ■■ '
will now tie pnBneu i i wui •
out   further del y.   OLas. 3
has the contract   for   the
work, but during !.> abi    oe .thi
work ii- in thi nan e oi lrn, ones.
of Eudi ii •'■ ao loi ,; " ''; I1- '•■'' ,:
of JoeMcDoi aid. wl • hw ohargr
■I 'J'-
.. i! .-    ■ .- be
i    •   Lh    •   :•'  '.il
'. iin i E %
Thfc AdViMafc*
f*t Ekk »f Dkttn*. fet*.
An evidence of the output of j
' fruit from the Okanagan at the
, present time was shown in the.
! running of a special fruit train on .
"' ~~ .        ., .„ ,, . „   the   brauch   last   Sunday.     The,
Subsi-npticn 11.00 per y.nr in advance. —. »      ,.
II not i«.id in sdvanoa *2.O0. Itrain went to Okanagan Landing
j in the morning ami returned in the!
Advertising rates giren on application, afternoon with flva ventilated ears
       I loaded   with  fruit.     The regular
dally train has been heavily loaded
     during  the past few  weeks, and
„ ,.       .  .      . ,    ... .   has almost invariably been delayed i
Notices of churi-ti servioes ana entsr- J J
toinruent. where no admission Isoharged oy the amount of loading of fruit
Inserted free.    Other notices at usual; and produce at the several sl.i-ts;>ns.
Stock Ownersa
Having secured the services of Mr. tieo. Maundrell.
of Armstrong, to represent us in the Okanogan, we are now
prepared to buy all kinds of Live Stock  at  the HigheBt
 Market Prices.	
Owners n,i,v leave word at the olHce ol Fisber .V Saae or notitv Mr.
Miiundn-tl. wlu-n t,e will snauge toi-sl).
intea.    Curds of thrinkH $1,
The Advanoe If published lo the inter-
eatB ol ibe town and district in which
U exists and cordially solioiti the i«t
tormjje of the pabllOi
Off to the Fitldt of Wealth.
Kaeh season sees a large increase
in the amount of shipments Irom
the (Ikamigaii ami the present output is but an indication of that
which may be looki-d for in future
years, when ihe Okanagan will
have become the principal source
of the enormous fruit supply of the
J ureat and growing prairie provinces
inims | to tlle east of the mountains, whose
will in n short
time create a demand which will
insure a good market for the various kinds of frnit and early garden products which the Okanagan
is capable of producing.
P. Burns ®. Co..
GEO. Maundrell,      -    -      Agent,  tt
The Armstrong owners of
in the Cotton Kelt miniug group at I millions of peopl
Seymour Ann received word the
last of the week which  took them
to that place sooner than  they an-1
tioipated leaving, consequently left
on Friday of last. week.   In   the i
party were A. Shary, P.   N.  Dan-!
iels. W. T.  Holtbv and Clarence! Signs of Discontent.
. m
Daniels.   They   took  with them
tour pack borees and a  full  com-1    In the last few issues of a cer-'
plement of mining tools together tain   Alberta weekly paper well
with  provisions  enough   to keep'known to the   writer   there   have1
them  for    near   two  months.    A appeared    weekly    the arinomice-
Bhare of their time will be spent in ! ments of no less than seven auction
doing assessment   work on   their i sales.    While   the   influx  settlers
present claims, while  some  atten-1 into the new provinces is certainly
tion will also be paid  to  prospect-\ very great this season the number
ing some of the promising   indica- of sales among  the  older settlers!
lions in the immediate neighbor- foretell that a   number  are  also,
hood.   The government grant of .leaving then-.   A goodly number
$400 toward repairing the trail  to of these are  moving  westward  toi
the mines   will   be  expended   at to the Pacific province where they
once which will   materially  facili-j find a  climate more  agreeable  to
tat.- the acc-ss to the mines.    Tlie j them and where the revenue to be
Cotton Belt group have attracted ' gained from the pursuit of agricul-
oonsiderable attention among min- ture is equal  if not in many in-
ing men of the province and from stances greater   than that to the
all   information   available   are   a east of the  mountains.   Many ofi
valuable group, the only question these are finding their way to the,
confronting the owners at present'. various parts of the Okanagan and!
being the mutter of getting the! securing new locations here, where j
ore out with a minimun of ex- are to be found advantages not pos-,|
pense that will render their work|sessed by   the  provinces  of  the1
profitable.   With the assisstance prairie.   Auction sides here are a
that, is now  being rendered  and] thing almost unknown, which is'
with  the interest  that   is   being j self-evident of the contentment of
manifested in the  mines by  men i the people who have been here for
of capital this difficulty now ,-ip-! some length of time.   The Okauu-
pears to be  near a solution, and | gan holds out a welcoming  hand
the owners are now most sanguine j and will be glad to receive any and
over the prospects of their future I all who desire to cast their lot  in
stake in the   property.     As the this valley,
bulk   of the group is   owned in
Armstrong our citizens watch the
progress of the owners with  considerable interest and hope for the
successful    realization    of     their
Kind,   of Carpenter  WorK   sit    reasonable
Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Class.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMINB.
Eg7*P|snfl and Bpeoifioations Prepared.
I ^M^^M^MM-Jr^rfrMfifi^M^Mf^M^
Our line of Furniture  is now more complete than ever and we  will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
Contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
Look After the Hydrants.
The meeting of the fire department Monday evening brought to
light the laxity of the proper control of the bydrunts ami other mutters in connection with the proper
protection of property in case of
Fire Department Annual Meeting.
At thi-regular annual meeting of
the Armstrong tire department on
Monday   evening     the   following
officers were elected: i
Chief    1,. E. Farr.
Asst. Chief-A. E. Armitage.     i
Secretary   R. R. Burns. \
Captains—.1. M. Wright and F.;
C. Wolfenden,
To induce the members of the
brigade to more diligent practice,
it was decided to offer a prize of!
tire. The difficulty appears lo|*10 t0 jNoB- ] Hml 2 reelB to °™m
have been principally through on on f"tlay "ights, beginning with
indetiniteness  of   the,   respective i l°night.
duties of lire wardens, water com- i Tna lwo captains were appoint-
missioners ami tire department rf acommittee to wait upon the
chief. Though Armstrong has for' monioipal council for the purpose
some time been fortunate in hav-: ,,f soliciting a grant to the departing no occurence of tire, to be pre- i ment- Tt is confidently expected
pared for a Biulden battle with this
worst of all Hands is most important and th,- Improper condition of
any part of the 8re*f)gbting appar*!
atns at the critical moment might Keep Up the Cows.
easily prove disastrous.     We b .j
lieve the best satisfaction would be | Cows running at large on the
attained by placing the hydrants streets is one of the things that
and other iic-coshorieB of tbe tire' should receive the early attention
department under the direct super-j of the council. This nuisance is
vision of the chief of the tire do-1 made doubly provoking when the
partment. With one competent owners of these cows persist in
man at the head of this as well as hanging to the neck of each ami.
most other public matters there everyone a cow bell which during
will be closer attention paid to it the Beason of flies and mosquitoes'
than if left in charge of a larger is kept melodiously (?) ringing at]
committee. However, it is plainly I all hours of the night. Hml these
unfair to multiply the duties de-lpoor cows the sense of speech, we
volvingupon the chief nud make|venture they would themselves
him personally responsible in easel indulge in a portion of the invec-
of fire without providing for some lives being raised against these
remuneration for his services, seemingly unnecessary append-
The property owners should see ages to their necks. The cleardi-
th.it soine arrangement ib madei nes6 and health of the town de-
th it will secure reasonable pay- mand that it be not made a herd
jBient for the work of the ohief.       yard for the cows.
New Stock..
Just Received.
Armstrong -
Harness - Store.
; that the council will assist the tie-1
, I
j partment to the amount of at least'
I $50 yearly,
Everybody morks
but fatber?
Because a few days ago be listed his fro-m with KIKBY
ELSOM & KIRI1Y unci they did the rest
Remember we are selling the...
A few Choice Locations left.
Agents for Great West Life.
Elsom si-irDy,
Real estate
BECAUSE it  helps to advance    your  district,
BECAUSE it is the|only meonh to get the news.
BECAUSE it Ib owned and nblishedin Armstrong,
Vou get all toe Cecal news fer $uo a year.
-TIC 11* JC MjICl Igg
List Your
Our Mr. Fiaher will leave on   an Advertising Tour  to
and other Alberta points next WB3k.       Li6t your lands with
ub at once if you want to make a quick sale.
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security af reasonable rates.
We wish to place this it once.
Give us a cull.
Your Mgg*g • *
Will be Best that the Market affords
if (bey are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
fttsh mil tucsiHiis am wm%%.
n. SCANWIT, Prop.      ""&..
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14,000,000. Rest. $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Lobs account. ir'37.!.!l88.
! PRESIDENT, Right Hob. Lord Str.lhcon. and  Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Gao. A. Drutntnond, K.C.M.C.
Branches in all the principal cities nnd towns in Canada.     Also in
the following cities :— London. Eng.: 22. Abchurch   Lane.   E. C.
New York. 59 Wall Street : Chicago. 1H8 La Sidle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. .John's Newfoundland!
Bankers ami Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bunk and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available ut
ull points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received Irom  1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered .'Kith June, nnd 31st December
Wllhdrawale   am   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given Bpeclal attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable ternig.    Special attention given to tbe
bundling ol municipal and other debenture,,.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention,
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. a VMAoCllntaob, Sub. Agent. P. DuMonlln, Smb. Agent.
Ull Hinds ot Refreshing Disbes for tbe
Hot Weather
TresD • fmit ■ now ■ in ■ Stock.
^^Wliolesuie £ Reuit==
All kinds of Fresh and Cure.! Meats alwayB i; slock
Fish arid Fowl i. i season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mailorders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted
« mr*aa*W*?*r**V* ▼* ▼'"»' V <" \ * V>
uTAW.     * ■'.* -.
.. Local and general. J
i l.vili;!i_'|ili peaches are   HOW
sale on tin- liS-al market.
Mr. and .\Jrs. A., '.Hewlett ;l
Tuesday tpr.a three weeks trip
tlie coast.
Mrs. Young, of Steltler, Alta.. is;    Alfuu&o   Enioiid  , an<
visiting her sister, Mrs. BT Mead. left Monday for their  mines
Goo Murray wns on a business i8^'"10'* A™-
trip lo imiiii line points lor several
days the past week.
W. .T. Bowel] left for Penticton
Monday, where he will accept a
position in the sira mill   at   that
•los. Koss, of Calgary, was
among the prospective settlers who
were looking over this district
during the past week,
A fire set by A. K. Huntley's
engine did considerable damage to
the timber and wood on H. Si-litiei-
der's forty asres of the Schubert
place laft week.
Simington .V Harnett are this
week finishing the new church at
Enderby forth,- Presbyterian body
nf that place. The formal opening will be announced shortly,
——-*      Miss Babbitt, of New Wcstinin-
partner I star, is on a visit here to herstster,
it Mrs.J.M. Wright.
Armstrong's fall   fair Oot,  10,
Mrs. Chas. dwistlen, of Lumby, j und 11.    Bear  this date in   mind
returned   home  Monday   after a as a fitting time to visit the Spnl-
Dan Matheson returned Wed-
nesday from n trip to points on the
main line west of Sicamous in the \
interests of the Okanagan Flour
Mills Co,
visit of a week with relatives here.
Thos. Ouminings spent several
days of the past week in a trip to
Kootenuy towns for tie Farmers'
Robt. and Norman Fergus'th left
Monday for Alberta to close up
some business matters in connection With tbe sale of some real
estate there.
Miss Queenle McCoy and Miss
Maude    Underbill    visited   for
r——p mma\ ——i aaaa mmbbmp 9 cumhi varay- che gt^
;.A FEW.. "
The instruments have been received for tho Orange band being
organized in town, and we presume
some music from them muy b
looked for in the near future.
Mrs. Alex. MoQuarrie, of Lun
Murray after their concert here
last week. They left Saturday for
Grand Forks, where they give a
Camping is popular at this sea.
0. L. Christian lias big trunks 8°": n"° " .m,ulber of Armstrong
and little trunks, cheap trunks and
dear trunks, trunks arid valises of
all shapes ami sizes. He got in an
•inormoiiB new stock this week and
invites you to call and look them
Mrs. Christopher Wood and
daughter.Miss Kate Wood, mother
and sister respectively, of Mrs. F.
B. Poole, have spent the past
couple of weeks visiting at the
home of the latter, from Greenwood.
This section was visited by a
heavy ruin Sunday night and for a
lime the water cuuie down in torrents. The rain was gladly wel-,
corned and as it cleared up right
away afterward no damage was
done to the hay that was down.
The hot weather of the Okanagan the past few week6 appears to
have been general throughout
all of western Canada, and in the
new provinces to the east of the
mountains where hot weather has
been  noticeable  by  its  absence
during the past few years the pre- team '" an ^optionally fine one
sent season has witnessed some|an<] are by those competent to
very hot weather. I BPeak on the subject considered
„, cheap at this price.
We are m  receipt of a letter
from jack McMorland, late of the I    iMr- and Mrs- ThoB- M are en'
several tlays at the home of Geo. j downe, is enjoying u visit from her
sister, Miss Brown, of Renfrew,j
(Int., and her niece, Miss Diintield.
of Calgary, who arrived last week, j
T K. Smith received the biiiI
intelligence Tuesday afternoon of1
the death of his sister-in-law, Mrs.
.Iiib. Smith, of Regina. He left on'
the train that afternoon for that
Mrs. A. E. Armitnge is enjoying
a visit from her two Bisters, Mrs. 1
•Ins. Grassick and MisBBeattie, of
Regina, Snsk. Mr. Armitage took
the Indies and family for a drive
to Okanagan lake Wednesday.
E. J. Tronson is contemplating
subdividing his property bordering the townsite and placing it on
the market in small tracts. Mr.
Tronson was np from Vernon yesterday for the purpose of considering this proposition.
The first ripe apples to come to
onr notice this season were brought
to town by H. Schneider from D.
Matheson's orchard in Salmon
River valley Wednesday. They
were of the Yellow Transparent
variety and were well matured,
The Enderby lacrosse team came
down for a return game with the
home team Wednesday evening.
The game was too much one-sided
to be interesting, the score being
12-0 in Armstrong's favor. Here's
wishing Enderby better luck on
future occasions.
residents will spend next week on
the bunks of Okanagan lake. During the hot weather a couple of
weeks spent at the lake is certain-
i ly an agreeable change.
j Trout fishing in Davis creek ap-
I Dears to he quite n popular pass
itiuie of late and uiimy pleasant
hours have been 6pent by the locul
disciples of Isaac Walton in angling along the shady nooks of the
creek with good success, some
tine catches having been reported,
•I. M. Bigger, of Calgary, a
friend ol W. Cavers, spent some
time here during the past week
with a view of purchasing land
here. Mr. Biggar appears to be
favorably suited with the district
and will probably decide to locate
either here or in some other portion of the valley.
T. Skyrme has purchased for T.
K. Smith a new team for teaming
in connection with the saw mill.
$500 was the piice paid, and while
this looks like a good sum, the
Men's Suits
Two-Piece Suits for Hot Weather.
Hot Weuthur Price... .$4.n0and {5.60
Men's Shirts
An   Eiivllent  Range  of Men's  Working
To be sold during the Hot Weather at a Big
Prices from 606 to 13.50.
Lustre Coats
No two alike, all colors and sizes
Special Hot Weather Prices HOy* to t§.60
Straw  Hats
Summer Vests
Beautiful patterns, no two alike.
A good assortment still left to go at almost
your own prices   H)<? t.c $3.50.
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Hot Weather Prices... .'.Kit,' to $2.60
Come in and see our Big
Reductions in
Ladies'   Clothing'.
Sample Braces
All  Price6 from 15 cents to $1.00.
• &/>e...» Lowest  - Priced - Store^J
Sterjney ranch, which conveys the
information that he has now found
his way to Alaska, being at present
stationed at Ketchikan. His
friends here hope Jack will be fortunate enough to strike a rich gold
lead in the far north and be able to
return here a rich man.
Mrs. J. CnsB returned home from
(lentralia, Oregon, Monday. Dp
to the time of the disaster to San
Francisco Mrs. Cass wus superintendent of the St. Francis hospital
in that city. This hospital was
badly damaged by the earthquake
aud tire, Mrs. Cass having suffered
the loss of the greater part of her
personal effects, but fortunately eB-
caped injury.
•T. M. Bird, the contractor in
charge of the erection of the new
agricultural hall, completed the
carpenter work on the building this
week and as soon as tbe painting
is finished and tbe clay bottom put
in the rink portion the building
will tie ready for acceptance by the
council. The official opening of
the new hull for exhibition purposes will be on the occasion of
our coming full fair on < Ictober 10
and 11, when Armstrong will show
to the public an agricultural hall
not equalled by u town of equal
size in British Columbia.
D. Kingsbury, of Hastings, Out.,
is among the latest investors in property ut Armstrong, having the
first of the week purchasd of W. J.
Armstrong his residence in town
nud the ten acres of meadow north
of town jointly owned by Mr Arm-
'strong and 8. Gray. The consideration for the house was $11500 and
for the meadow f2000. The deal
was made by G. S. Mohr, of H. P.
liee's real estate office, Mr. Armstrong will we understand purchase
another site and erect a new residence. Mr. Kingsbury intends
to tuke up his residence hero ub
hood as arrangements can be made
for doing bo.
joying an indefinite visit 'from
friends of Wingham, Ont., who arrived Wednesday. They are Mr.
and Mrs. John Tate and Miss Lib-
bie Ball. The ladies are sisters of
Mrs. and Mr. Ball respectively
Mr. and Mrs. Tate are elderly people and expect to make their future home here.
Thos. and Chas. Hardy received
a message the lirst of the week con
veying the news of the illnesB of
both their aged father and mother
at St. Mary's, Ont. Charley at
once made preparations to leave for
their bedside, but just before his
departure on Tuesday's train re
ceived a second message announcing the death of their mother that
A laudable effort has been made
on the part of the property owners
during the past week toward cleaning up the back streets and alleys,
The work is one which should be
liberally encouraged und emulated
by others. We regret to state that
the dirty condition of some parts
of our fair town have been the
subject of comment from strangers
in our midst, yet. this is the case.
Pride in our town should alone
inspire a cleanly spirit among our
residents, though the proper sun
itation of the town is perhaps even
more imperative and should not be
Lee Patten returned Monday
from Woodstock. Ont; Lee had
the pleasure of bringing home
with bim a diploma from Woodstock College, showing his honorable graduation from that institution. After spending the balance
of the vacation period at home he
will early in October enter Toronto
University,  where  he    begins a
Arrangements have been  com-
Locals That Gel Business
Light overalls and jackets-
$2.50 per suit at Armitagecfc Paul's.
Outing shirts and collars at reduced prices. Get them at Armitage & Paul's.
Few boy's linen suits left at
your own price. Armitage it
The Advance und the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1.75.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the most desirable lots in town.
Tan, black and fancy hose for
nobby wearers, at Armitage &
Paul's.    .
We are the only Gent's Furnishers in town. Buy here and build
up a bank nccount by your savings.   Armitage & Paul
Remember we are it, for stylish
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Bhuswap A Okanagan Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday  9i25 a. in.
Arrives Irom South daily except
Sunday  8r2fj p. m.
pleted by the vicar and officials of Imd »P-t°"lttte made-to-order suit-
St. James'church  for  the earlylinS8'   Y^1"**1 a 8ummw Bmt-
erection of their vicarage on their Get lt at Armita8e & P,ml"s
site overlooking the town from the
west.   A road will at once be made
up the grade to the proposed building site, after which the material
will immediately be placed on the
Local fishermen have been attracted to Salmon river during the
past couple of weeks, where trout
abound in almost unlimited numbers, and where cutches number,
ing into the hundreds have been
reported, Some of the fish caught
in the river are of good size and
make delicious iuting at this sea.
One of the Seven Sutherland
Sisters, manufacturers of the widely-known huir preparations bear-
ing their name, is spending this
week at the Armstrong Pharmacy
giving practical demonstrations in
Polisher and
15 Year* experience*
Furniture finish a specialty.
$■8° At Armstboni; Hotel.
we Give
But only for
„ ,    u.    .      , GOOD MATERIALS-
the care and cultivation of thehuir We leave paint throwing for those
and tbe results claimed for the use wno C|lH ,]0 jt best.
of their remedies. Many have taken advantage of the opportunity of
seeing the long, lieautiful huir
possessed by these lailiers of a
reputation known over the continent.
A case of some interest to Arm-
stong people was brought before
1 Sign
Municipal  Water   WorKi.
Reeve—A. Sohubert,
Clerk nnd assessor—h. \V. Patton.
Treasurer and collector-J. M. Wright.
Geo. .Murray. \V. Hal lam,   J.   L.
Hartwell. R. B. Main.
Mail Ahrivto—
North di-ily except Sunday
South    "
Mail Lxaves—
North daily ,:.\,..,.p*. Sunday
South     '!      "
Spallumcheen, Hull Car. r»!en-
einma and   Fulkland ever?
Tuesday and Friday at 7.00 v.m.
.1. M. WntOHT, Postmaster.
P.TOn m
Zm f m.
3:46 p m.
ier, a m.
• I
I Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
| A NV avuilalile Dominion Lamia with
Divine Service will be held every Bun-1 ** in t,W! MN B"u in Bfit;*h
day as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.: Columbia, may be bomenteaii-ii by -.-ny
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.: Enderby. 7.30 p.m.; person the sole head of a family, or any
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.   Kev. A. N., mti^ ov„ ls y„l{v: 0,.lsr_ to th(1 ^^j
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's. Enderby, at
11 a.m.: /ion Church, Armstrong, at
730 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Campbell. Pastor.
St. James1 Church.   Morning prayer
of one-quarter section of lflO acres mere
or less.
Entry must be tmtde personally at rhn
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
(1) At least a six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in ench
Holy Mass in I.    . F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Fathkii Dorval.
11:00;  Evening prayer   7:30:   Sunday jeur [or thr»e years.
School 10:00.   Communion services on'    (2)1*1 the father lor mother, if th* i.ith-
flret and third Sundays in each month er 18 deceased) of the homesteader  rest the 11 o'clock service, on the second    .. ,       .   ..     . . .
and forth Sundays in each month are fld" uP°n a'""" ,n th* """""J °'M»
Early Celebration at 8 o'clock. I l»nu entered for, the requirements a« ta,
Rev. Howaiid J. Kind, M. A., Vicar. I residence may te satisfied by residence
upon said land.
(8)B the settler has his permanent
residence u|a,n funning land owr.ed
by him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by residence upon the said Und
Six months' notice in writing shoi.ld
be given loathe Commissioner of Dominion landSpt, Ottawa of intention to »p-
ply for jflfcent.
Coal lands may te purchased at flO
per acre for soft coal and 130 for anthracite. Not more thuu320 acres cat be
acquired by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rute oflO cents per tor. of
•2.0WI pounds shall te collected on »he
grow output
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. h.   Unauthorized   publication of
his advurtise.Tvnt will not te jnid tor.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
Armstrong!   .   .   - b. c.
Wood Cargill Block.
Cftice Hours: 9:80 to IS and U'K) loi
fraternal Societies.
LO.L.. No. IrKV... meets iii the
•    1.. F. Ixidgf Kikiiii, the sfitintl
Saturday evening of ,-ac-h month at H Lansdowce
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordiallv invited .^^^^_^
F.N.DANIELS,    A. SCHUrlERT.     "=^^~
Secretary. W.M
* *a»\IIiry. Brown Leghorn and Pliimoutu RA^k Poultry i.nd
Eggs. Soiim eiceptloually good,young
Coc-kereN now ou band.
year's medical course. Wb| decision of the court wns thut the
many friends here are glad to note | action should have been brought
his nattering bucobbb thus far. and! as one for damages. A postpone-
will hope for a continuation of the mehi misgiven to permit amend-
same in his oontinued efforts to fit|meu1 of claim. P. T. Cornwall for
himself for his choBen profession, claimant, F. Billings for defense.
Judge Clement at Vemon Tuesday. I To Wateh Consumers: -
This was an action brought by H.j Wuterfor other than household
P. Lee iu which he sued H. Ehmke'. purposes can only be used as foil-
for real estate agent's commission I ows:
on the sale of his farm some time Residents of Town
ago. Mr. Lee claimed thnt he Betweeu the hours of tiiTO and !)
held un exclusive agency for the 1% "'■; X ," 2 P.' '"v 4J;'01to1 8' Pi ,„
sale of the property, and although' 'f"(r st'"'"' sprinklingjonly)and 7:,!0
the sale was made through Elsom jt0 ' P' m'
it Kirby he held that he was1 Outside Consumers-
entitled to the commission. The! 4 a.m. to (1:80 a. m.;12 o'clock
efense was that Mr. Lea's agency j nmj" l" J P- nl- a"1',; t0 ';Si0 p. m.
waB not an exclusive one.' The I The Constable has positive orders to   lay  information   against
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall. Armstrong, on tbe Thursday, un or before tbe
full moon, at H p.m. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
W. T. HOLTBY,       K. BENNETT,     ,
Preceptor Registrar.
persons infringing these rules
Geo. Murray,
,1. Hamill,
F. C. Wolfen-den,
Water Commissioners.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the  (|f\FDAI    lit KCKQMI1HS
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Woodi Cargill W'wJWf*"   H*L«w-n*»llIIBd.
& Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock.    Sojourning
brethren are cordiallv invited to attend.
H. HAWKINS. N. G.       I
0. MoPHERSON, V. (;.
(1. MOHKKI'.V. Kec.Sec.    I i
34%. I. O. F.
Meetings al their hall last Saturday i
each month. Visiting brethren cordial]
invited.   H. Hawkins, U.S.
Circle. No. 372,
Order of Canadian Hume Circles, meets
in tbe I.O.F. ".ill, «t. Miimlav in each
mouth,       F, N. DANlEltL-Leftder.
Mrs, J'"K.'. BEh. Secretary
1  McOor-i
Mower,,! ?«
lliV-s- Kw
r '-'.il.:, Stn.vl
F. N. DAV:;r:j.- -• CANADIANS  IN  THE STATES, bishop of Chicago; Rt. Rev. Pete*
 — T. Uow,. of Toronto, a graduate of I
A Few of the High Positions Held Trinity University, bishop of Al.
There by Canadian. I nska; Bishop Soadding, of Oregon;)
andRt. Rev. Chas. H. Brent, of
The Political Science Quarter. Newcastle,  Ont.,  bishop of  the
ly, 8. Morley Wickett, of Toronto, I Phillippine Islands    Among the
oontribntes i statistical artical
Canadians in the I'nil.il Stat
Time was when this subject was a
painful on,- to ns. Canada felt
somewhat ashamed of tin- faolthat
so many of her bo.uk had choBen t<>
go abroad  and  contribute  in the
prosperity of a rival, though friend, j
Painters Wanted    I
1 will pay highest wages and j
give Bteiuly employment t" three
men unpable of doing good  house
painting. A. .1. Laaworth,!
 ' — -——-j
Girl to do light housework and
to assist Willi children:good wages,
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A, H.   The Advance.
bishops are
Kev. Oharles K. Smith, of Col.
borne. < bit. now t if Detroit; Kev.
Oharles Fowler, of Burtnord town*
ship, lion-   of   Buffalo;   ami    Rev.
Frank W. Ware, missionary bishop
to India.    Other celebrities of
Canadian origin are Kev. Frauds
ly, nation. Now that the tide has [E. Clarke, a native of Ayluier, Que.,
tnrnad and these expatriated Cm-1 who founded tht- Christian En-
adiansare Hooking hpme by the deavor movement, and Rev. John
thousands, bringing with thornl^. Ferguson, of Lonsdale, Ont.,
Americans, who ire to beoome who is president of the Nanking
valuable Canadian i-itixens, we can university, and Ihib oharge of the
afford lo be interested In the ftp- Central China mission,
ares Mr. Wlchett presents. I   Dr. Bell, the telephone inventor;
In 1800 there were 1,181,266 Jas. J. Hill anl S. R Calloway,
Canadians in the United States, the railroad men; President Sohur-
rather more than 11 |ier cent, of roan, of Cornell; Montague Cham.
the total foreign-born population, berlaln, the greatest of American to any parties wishing to take it np.
More than 760,000 were of Eng- ornithologists, are a few  of
llsh stock, the remainder being of Canadians living in  the llnitedj office
French  extraction.     Figuring, on i States, and a  score of   successful:  	
i probable loO.OOU chiltlren   being; novelists    might     be   mentioned   DO VOfl afrlfV
Progress  |
Conundrum. '" this comparatively new,
•   ,,     ,.«• u . ! country people are working, daily
ib the (linereace betweeni, ,     , \\
for the upbuilding of the town and.
district, and for the improvement:
of the coudittons under which they
are culled upon to live.    Every act |
It. B, HNS. K,»,M„I .Vent. I "'''l""* lif'' tl"'t tem1' J° l»'«'™*
lones surroundings makes directly
I of indirectly for the improvement
Stenography. of sooiety generally.    In nil this
Miss .1. S. Johnstone is prepak the local newspaper plays an im.
ed to tccept public stenography or! |)or,allt  ,Kirt      Ammg ils   ]„,.a\
typewriting,   or to  teaoh  same readers it stimulates an increasing
" "P-j interest in their home surround*
the j May be Been at Farmers' Estohnngej inggi k,,(,pjll(, tH.-m posted on local
happenings, and   becomes   a welcome weekly messenger.     Among
a bald head and the Seven Slither-1
and Sistersy   ]t is before and after using Seven Sutherland Sisters
Hair Grower anil Scalp Cleaner.
. c. THE...
Bee Hive store.
Special sale ol 0<M |
Lines ol Shoes:
LAW KB' DONG' ILAS- • Hrices range from $1.7.*,
wili be closed out ut	
Buff and Pi
?.',. will be si
Button and lace, Special
Button, Special	
bble Bad
to *2.50,
....f .75
....« .85
s .'.Ito 2, regular 11.26
. regular price
born to these Canadians, the total, The Canadians in political life are
becomes almost a million and three; numerous. One of them iB I'nited I
quarters. Of American children States senator J. H. Millard, form-1
who have one Canadian parent erlyof Hamilton, now the repre-;
there are 818,sl60 more, but these sentative of Nebraska at Washing.
are not claimed for Canada, Mr. ton. He has a colleague Thomas!
Wickett calculates a grand loss of Reariis, of 'Woodstock, Out., who
2,200,000 citizens to Canada, rep-j sits for Utah. In the house of I
resented by $1,650,000,000 in real representatives  there  nre James
HI HI) HKOS. beg Iii inlonn the public
that they rre prepare to supyly
delivered In town
light i'
ml morning
J'.IOl shows 127,899 American-born
citizens living here, whose value
imist be deducted from the bill
Canada has   against  the United
member from Minnesota; Phillip'
P. Campbell, of Cape Breton, representing a district in Kansas:
•lumen A, Hughes, a native of On-1
States. This leaves $1,600,000,000 tario, sitting for West Virginia,
to be collected either by arbitration and Alfred Lucking, of Ingersoll,
or arms, whichever the Americans representing tbe lirst district of
may choose. I Michigan,     The   assistant post-
The article goes on to locate the master general of the I'niteil
Canadians, most of whom are to be'States is Edwin C. Madden, form-
found in the. New England states, erly of Montreal.
This is especially true of the It is well for the national pride
French - Canadian .Americans, 77 of the United States that its con-
jxir cent, of whom, live along the
North Atlantic,   three-fourths of
MILK ISqtsforil        CREAM!
For sale!
80-Acre Lots
other way to keep some Canadian
out of the position.
Wild Flower Collection.
The Natural History Society
has under taken the work of establishing a Wild Flower Garden
in Victoria.   We have
the number being found in seven
eastern manufacturing cities,
This holdB good, to a lesser degree,
of the English-Canadians, although
there are just about as many of
them in the Northern Central
states as in New England. More
than half of the Canadian-Americans live in the country, and in tlie
smaller towns, less than 40 per
contriving in the 100 largest cities. | most '-]i£ib,e eite in
Nevertheless BoBton has 65.000,
Chicago 55,000, Detroit 46,000 and
Buffalo 30000 citizens of pure
Canadian stock.
Mr. Wickett giveB nine reasons
why the Canadians who go to seek
their fortunes in ihe United States
enjoy high reputations. Everyone
of them is good, and all might be
summed up in the tenth re.-iBon,
which he fails to mention- because
Four Choice 80-acre Block four
stittttion prevents an alien from miles from town will be sold cheap
becoming president.   There is no and on easy terms. Inquire of-
H. Scnneider.
If you will cull und see the
Cream Separator
secured a! and note how few parts
t, TT., : it hns, how perfectly
Beacon Hill j simple it is, bmv easy
Park, and the city authorities have Iffi/tw ^A
promised   to make ns two small Il8 keI>t ol*?n', "nd how
, ,      .. I strong nnd durable it
roefcy ponds. Our aim is to se- lis,.you will at onco de-
cure a representative collection of; Side " is ,.nH SHl»'ro,"r
.. ,       .... ,      .,,   „ i for you.   No se|»irator
the many  beautiful  wild flowers | ever mnde such rapid
shrubs native to this
vince. We now appeal to anyone
who is interested in the flora of
his particular locality to help us.
We want this fall only those Biib-j
jects that will thrive on rocks and
pro_ i strides in popularity
I us tbe Empire. The
I  eason is thnt it Balis-
every   purchiiser.
1 hsIc the privilege of
showing it to you.
they come from   Canada.   Their t dry institutions, as we shall  not
have water until next season. Onr
funds are limited and we cannot
offer to pay for plants, but will
gladly pay freight charges. It is
a labor of love on our part, and we
6hall be glad to hear from anyone
able and willing to help us in the'
good work.
Edward Alex Wallace,
Victoria. President.
occupations are varioriB, not fewer
than 145.000 being generally classified as engaged iu trade and transportation. There are only 781
journalists, although at the same
time there are only 780 journalists
in Canada, Then- were 2MSI bartenders of Canadian club origin in
the [United States in 1891, and
only 1568 left to minister to the
wants of tln-ir fellow-countrymen
in Canada. < If lawyers there were!
1.891 ( clergymen, L'lKKi; wholesale
merchants, 900s physicians, ilKOO:
teachers and college professors,
18,000; literary und scientific peo.
pie, 528,
"Who's Who" throws a good
deal of light upon the careers of
Canadians next door. It is interesting to lind from it that the Do-
minion has given to tbe United
States two archbishops of the Roman Catholic church, six Protest-
nut Episcopal bishops, and three
Methodist Episcopal bishops, Tlle
archbishops are the most Rev.
James E. Qnigley, of Chicago, and
the most. Kev. Patrick Riordan, of i
San Francisco. Mgr. Quigley wusl
born at Oshawa. Archbishop
Rionlan comes from No?/ Brunswick, The Protestant Episcopal!
prelates are Biehop Niles, oi New:
Hampshire, n oative of Hatley,
Qne.;Rt. Rev. Arthur Williams.!
of Owen Sound, coadjutor bishop
of Nebraska: Rt Rev Chas. P
.Anderson, of Kowptville, coadjutor!^
W. Christian,
Buttermaker ut Creamery. JJJJ;
its outside renders it forms a valuable advertising medium, making
known  the merits, advantages and
prospects of the district ii repre.
seats. In the upbuilding of 11
town or district the local newspaper.
is a most Important factor,.
Cbe Armstrong
Jktoai.cc ♦ ♦ ♦
Aims to do its lull and complete share iu the upbuilding and
advancement of Armstrong and
district. It is the only paper that
is owned and published here, hence
the only medium devoting its every
energy to the interests of the dis.
trict: it is in no way handicapped!
by any restraining obligations to
any party, clique, creed or corpora-1
tion, but has a perfectly free hand
to at all times promote the inter-;
ests of the town and community in
in which it gains itB existence.
No efforts nre being spared to make
the Advance the class of paper the
people want—n good live LOCAL
paper. Special attention is paid]
to chronioleing every item of in-1
terest to the local resident and tol
the publication of such articles as ]
will attract the interest of outsiders
! toour district. With this end in |
view we aim to have-
A subscriber in Every
Home ir ihc District.
The exceptions of the homes j
where the paper is not read in this'
district are now very few. which j
fact showa that the past efforts of
the publisher have not been in
vain. In our advertising depart-
I ment every effort is put torth to
I protect the home merchant. For-
: eign advertising in not solicited,
i nor will it be aecpted from firms
who seek to compete with the local
business men.
ll< iYS'   Bull and Pebble Bals, sizes it, 4 and 6
$1.25 to $3.00, Bale Price	
M EN'S SHOES   Prices from $1.26 to $1.76. special. .$1.00
M EN'S PEBBLE   $1.76 to $2.26, to clear at $1,80
B.    Ca
IWkn of a fmt
*p*-AGENTS FOR -**-
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Che Columbia College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates.    In the regular course in-
<,. BOt*lta9t*   struction is given in  the advanced
" | Public School, High School. Colle
giate and University work. The,
Special Courses Include a, thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, mid Technique In M"s!u; In Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting and Pyrography; A1bo|
Physical Culture und Elocution.
For Calendar, Address "Columbian;
College. New Westminster, B. 6.1
WWL -Shop
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothes! shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 16c.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
J. jj. warren
^ mm wm
GrMNle Mies-Bryan sckMl...
I am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
at KKAsoNAiii.B i-i.'tc i:s.
Address me at.
we sell Buggies.
Yes. and we also sell the....
mw century
The Y.vs\ Machine nut-de.
Wire Cable of all sizes,
Single imtl double blocks,
Horse Porku,
Churches' Hay Cars,
Champion Mowers and Rakes
Thomas Sieel --*. Tedders.
B. Francis
Building stone i.,,
Best quality of Stone in the district. Will be delivered at reasonable charges. ' rulers may be
left at Advance office.
m m go m to bum?
]|If so, il will ji.-:y yon to Bee mA
Estimates given.—
J. Sifhingion
Shojmext Frauds'
I Inly half a mile from Armstrong. Id acres under cultivation
balance good bottom land easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable [
and other buildings. With (hej
land will be sold one team, three j
cows, one steer, one brood bow, li
dozen chickens, and full equipment j
(arm machinery. Price $6000. j
Scenic Artist,
Sign Writer.
Guilder, House
Painter (Q, Bee-
Kelson-iining,  Etc.
25 years experience in Eur-'
ope. Africa and .America.
..Special Offer in..
BEE SUPPLIES. Buckwheat,
Pall Rye. Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass. Ensilage Corn. Mangel,
Turnip Special quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soap,
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock of Ho.MK GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, Iobs or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before
placing your order,
We do business on our own
ground.B' rj0 rent to pay, and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free.
8010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver, B. C.
M fft», B. £.


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