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The Armstrong Advance 1906-06-22

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m   -'  mlmj
&f>e  Armstrong    Advance
  and Spallumcheen Advocate.
euCEMf RI1I.1M,
Published at Armstrong, in Ihe Garden .Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
SubscriqUon Sl.bO in Advance
Otherwise S2.U0.
VOL. 11.
>,'<>   10.
STRONG     '
Pine Cash mere Sox, iuf per |uiir.
Workinginen's Shirts. !Ky.
Collars, all Shapes and Sizes, 2 for 25)i,
Overalls, with or without bib, Jtl.tKI.
Shoes. Men's. Jtl.2(i; Hoys'. $1.25.
Hoys' Washable Suits $1.60 to $2.00.
Rainproof Couts $2.00 to $16.00
Pine Shirts of all styles and sizes, $1,00 to $2.00.
Neckwear in all shopcs. styles and quality.
Straw Huts. Kelt lints, Stiff Hatfl,  Linen lints
Caps in endless variety.
Hoys' I'unts &0o to 76o a pair.
- Also a new lot of—
Collars at 15c. each, 2 for 25c.
. Stylish but cut with a view
to comfort.
Armitage $ Paul.
Cbe«Heading«Gents* • furnishers.
l(from 2 to 6 in. in 100-lb,
lots for Cash)
1   per  Hundred Pounds,   i
The Best Garden Hose In Town.
(Uood Cargill Co.,
€) THE - BIG - STORE.   \
Mr. Justice Morrison Hands Down; Very Pleasant Service Had by the
Decision That it is Intra Vires.
Mr. Justice Morrison hns announces it us his opinion thut the
Dominion law relating to the
Stamping out of glanders was constitutional and intra vires ami
everything else that is good, Bays
the Vancouver World. The matter can,,- np on application in
Brooks vs. Moore. Mr. Hrooks is
a horse owner. I)r Moore is the
Dominion veterinary surgeon,
Sonic time ago Hrooks got out an
injunction to restrain Dr. Moore
from destroying his horses. This
|injunction Mr. Justice Morrison
continued in view of the foot that
Mr. Kappello, for Brooks, said that
he would appeal. It was Intimated that the manner of currying out
the law might be a ground for an
I injustice us well us the question of
the constitutionality of the law.
Mr. Justice Morrison said thut he
' supposed that the chief justice no
doubt had all the facts before him
when he granted the injunction.
Mr. Duncan, for Dr. Moore, said
[that the chief justice could not
i have had the matter fully before
; him as he would not listen toany-
; thing at all that Mr. Duiienn had
| to say. Mr. Duncan went on to
' point out that the government was
; not actuated by any desire to
slaughter horses as some seemed
j to suppose. The govemniekt's ob-
' ject and the object of the law was
I to protect the public from the
ravages of a terrible disease Mr.
Justice Morrison wanted to know
if there was any danger from Mr.
Brooks' horses at present. It was
pointed out that nt present access
was prohibited to where they were.
i In view of that Mr. Justice Morrison continued the injunction and
impressed upon Mr. Kappello the
advisability of getting his appeal
before the court as speedily as
Fruit Growers Meeting.
Mr. W. J. Brnndrith, secretary
of tne B. 0. Fruit Growers' Association, is making arrangements
for the regular itinerary of the
executive committee of the association.
Meetings will be held early in
July at Kuslo, Nelson, Oreston nnd
Craiibrook, and concurrently meetings will be held ut Fairview, Ker-
eineos. Siimmerland. Armstrong.
Enderby und Salmon Arm, und will
I be uddressed by  It. M. Palmer on
"Marketing and Transportation"j
J Henry Kipp on "Cultivation of the
Orchard", and W. J. Brundrith oi
; "Spraying" und tho "
The whole executive committee
will wind ii]i the   itinerary   by   u
I meeting at Rovi
dates of   these
Local Court.
Court Armstrong No, 8429 Independent Order of Foresters observed the 82llll anniversary of the
founding of that order last Sunday
by attending divine worship in a
body. For the tirst time in the
history of thu local court the services were held in their own hall,
and the sermon delivered by one of
their own number, Rev. Howard
■I. King, whom the members of the
court are glad to recognize as one
of their brethern. The services of
the day were most successful from
every point of view. The members
assembled in their lodge room previous to the hour of services and
afterwards marched in regular
order to the main hull. The sermon was delivered from the words j
found in St. Peter "Love as
brethern; be pitiful; be courteous," I
The speaker applied the lesson
especially to the members of the
lodge, who were commanded to follow out the teaching of the text
and in this manner exemplify the
noblest principles of the order.
The music was led by the choir
who furnishe,
the services.
Cowney's Celebrated Chocolates in Bulk.
3fie Armstrong Pfiarmacy,
R. R. Bums,     -       -       Druggist.
Vernon News Again Exhibits Itself.
Girl to do light  housework and
The Advance owes the members I to assist with ohildren;good wages
of the Vernon base ball club an | to competent  person.   Apply  im-
Delaying Work on School.
able assistance" to! ftP°loey for misstatement last week mediately to
| in reference to the default of the A. A. H.—-The Advance.
base ball game here. We stated , -—————^————-——
that a wire was received from Ver-1 Tenders Wanted.
non saying they were not coming, I Tenderr uddressed to the uniler-
when ns a matter of fact the wire signed will be received up to Sa:-
was sent from this end of the line urday, L'.'lrd June. 12 noon, for
advising them not to come on supplying and delivering electric
account of the threatening weather, light and telephone poles, as per
This statement was made in good j specifications to be  seen   at   my
The local school is within one
week of closing for the summer
holidays, and the department of
education has not yet called for
tenders for the additition to the
Armstrong public school building.
.       , • , t> •     wm       -km ii n i faith on onr part and according to ofhci
for which Price Ellison, M. P. P.. I. ,       ... , . ,    .    I
i • ...       i *- ,■>,! information given us,   which   in-1
secured an appropriation of So.OOOI,       ,.      ,
4. .i    ,   x       •       i ,l •    • 11 formation, howe
at the last session of the provincial
House. It is proposed by the department to add a second full story
to the present building, the plans
and specifications having been in
the. hands of the secretary for the
past couple of months. So extensive un undertaking will necessarily require considerable time,
and in order that the work con
huve been as nearly completed us
possible during the holidnys the
contract should have been let in
time that the contractor could have
had everything in readiness to begin work immediately after the
close of school. It is now thought
that upon the reopening of school
the new agricultural hall will have
to be used temporarily.
I. 0. 0. F. Grand Lodge.
F. C W_Ol,PENDEN\ Sec.
Armstrong Power & Lbt-htCo.
ever, proved to be 	
erroneous.   This apology we will-,
ingly tender to the ball players of: Tenders Wanted.
onr neighboring town, and trust TENDERS will be received by the
they will accept it in the spirit in undersigned up to Wednesday, the
which it is given. As might be j 27th .Tune, next, for necessary ex-
expected, our error was taken ml- eiivutingnnd the stone and brie'<
vantage of by the Vernon News ns work for the Wolfenden brick
an opportunity for another nasty block Plans and specifications
'"' I slap at this paper. The News is can be seen ,-it my house or at the
'ever awake to every opportunity, "*K''" rjt' F- c- Wolfenden. The
of however small consequence, to lowest, or any tender not necessari-
nttempt to bring the AnVANt-E into ')' accepted,
disfavor among the people of Arm-; .1. McDoxale
strong, but its efforts invariably
prove of no avail and no longer  Strawberry Festival.
attract attention.   It is hardly like-     A strawberry festival   or lawn
auspices   of   the
connection with
ly that the'-Armstrong boys" will  party under the
accept the  advice so  graciously I senior W. A., in
proffered by the News and jump on °'-
lames'church, will be held at
this '-contemptible mg" with both 'he residence of Mrs. T. C. Gray on
feet.   It might also be news to the Tuesday evening, .Time 26th, be-
  | back woods editor of the officious ginriintJ  al  (i o'clock.   A cordial
Hugh Cummings returned Mon-j Vernon   News   that  these   same
day from   the   I. (). O. F.  grand "Armstrong   boys"  would   thank
lodge meeting at Victoria.    He re- him   to "go   away   back   and   sit
ports a very pleasant time, ns any j down''and   mind   his  own   little
Oddfellows'  grand show when it  comes  to dictating
lodges will readily admit.   Some- their attitude toward thoir "iourn-
thing over 160 delegates were pre- alistic spokesman."    The people of
sent and the good people of Vie- Armstrong believe in fair s|mrt.
Istoke.    The exact j tor'n generally and the brethern of! nnd would like to see any  section-
meetings   will  be,"1''  order  there   especially   did i nl strife other than friendly rivalry  Kovisi'on. for the
announced ut at early date. | everything possible for the pleasure [quickly quashed,  but  so  long ns Ing all complaint
Work of the wno know of
invitation is extended to all to
come and spend a pleasant evening.
No charge, for admission, but light
refreshments   served   at   popular
of   the   delegates,     Besides   the
Armstrong Goes Down to Defeat. 'sr",'"l pleasures of the meeting, a
such Influences as certain  Vernon
newspapers and wouldbe sports are
I largo amount of business in con-1 allowed   to go   unchecked  this
Tim sporting element of Arm-1 unction with the order  was gotio would appour to be no Idoal not
strong wns last  Wednesday forced : through with.   The following olli- soon to be realized.
to one of the most signal defeats cers wore uluotcd for the ensuing'
in the history of the town. Tenuis, .voir:   Grand master, P, K. Simp-;
accompanied by a largo following son,   Craiibrook;   deputy   grand
of supporters, journeyed from hero master.   T.   Enibleton.   Rosslnnd;
to Vernon  to try conclusions  nt grand warden, H, T, Fulton, Lady.
I both baseball and Inerosse. iu both smith; grand secretary. Fred Davy,
of which the  self-Slime   fate  was Victoria; grand treasurer. Wallace
shared-  the base bull to tlie tune Law, Vancouvor;grandrepresentn-
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that  the
tlltittll]   sitting   of   the  Cur!   if
purpose of hear-
against the [assessment for tin- year WOO as mud,
by the assessor l,,r the Municipality of Spallumcheen, will ,be hi Id
in the Council room. Armstrong,
on  Wednesday.  July   18th   at  10
o'clock n. Ill,    Any person desiring
tn make a complaint against  th»ir
The third regular meeting of the assessment must give ten days no-
Ladies' Auxiliary Meeting.
BECAUSE   it   helps   to  advance     your   district
BECAUSE it is thejonly menus to gel  Ihe news,
BECAUSE il is owned and nblisbocl inArmstrong
i of 11-7 nnd the Inerosse even worse
at 8-0. Few excuses can be offered other than thnt our opponent,:
in both cases proved too much for
the Armstrong teams. In the
baseball Vernon seemed to play
"with n horseshoe in thoir pocket"
for aside Iron, their real abilities
they wore mot at every turn with
a stroke ol unprecedented lech. In
the lacrosse our lean, WHS "oh1
feed" an,i pill lip tli • poorest gatlia
■ or th,- sea-,a,.     ArmstrotiM
discouraged, howevoi. nnd "li      I
Bghl another day '.
live. D, McKelizi,
sler. S. A.  Shntfi
:s district deputy f
Ladies' Base Ball
rd. of Vernon,
r this district.
All exciting baseball
tweeii the ladies and lh
gun Inst night, will  he
on Saturday evening
lively   interest
play, ,:•   and   i
pii ..-ii'.'d  , " rci
a Ivuntugu of.
girls.   I
W. A. ill connection with St.Jnnies'
church was held nt the home of
Mrs. T. C. Gray on Thursday evening. June 11th. lit 7:110 o'clock.
A visiting committee was formed
consisting of Mesdnmes King.
Hawkins. Jackson, Wyatt, Gab-
ourel, Strnthearn and Morgan,
It was decided to hold n lawn
party nt the residence of Mrs, T.
l\ Gray on Tuesday evening, June
nl      The nexl regular meeting will be
a | held   nl   tin    residence   of    Mrs.
evening.   July
.   All Indii ■• , ■
tic to the clerk in writing before
said dote.
L. W. Patten, C. M.C.
Do you buy
is take,,   Ly   Iho Humill  Tlnirs : ly
a   mole beneficial   12th, al 7:110 o'cloi
I, : a   •
(     ','."   i'!,i■-..■'
I ,11 :
add   be   lake,,
111 idi'l Hi'
:   I ,• pn s lit,
.-'   !
II ql fhe Advance
EU-EA    .''..'• .       I
If no!
Ait'   ' rates |
en  :     . .   turn,
.1.,:: ...intim;
ii.  M, ['hereon   wears the g  ■
itt     i. i  .... ...     Sci ri -
W. il ass :-. 1. :;:,  , n [while res
' ■. t of tl     listri :. i- visiting n I-
!.       Ini
I arlj    haj ii .    has   I •. . nn, !, .
li the showery wcathei   is  ni I
vi-ry fuvorul le
Miss Lulu ViiiiAnlweri), of Oku-
Notioos of church w-rvi ,- and enter   n.tgnii, was the guest of Miss Nel-
kunments » here no admission is churned  lie Francis the past we, k,
inserted free.    Oil,,a- „■ !ices at   usual      ,,,,     . ,      ,      ,,,
the Armstrong blind   will   give,
an open air concert from the  bund I
_,.   , , ,,■,,.,.     stand next Wednosday evening
Tin- Advance is published In tlie Inter ' J
est* of tho town and district in whiob      All the available rigs in  town
It exists and cordially Bulioits the put jW(,ri, preBBeti ;„to »,„.;,,,. to carry!
l-ontMMi of tho public . ,      »    v m-i -i	
■" spectators to Vernon Weiluestlay,
 : A huge number of the ladies went I
TiD'i-V-T: .,".Tnt-i"rii;?JT>-'','i'TIEg-1 V^'"'-'■'     i":'-'^ZXSZSSSi!•'&'J8BBK3;j>   ^tuaux aaa!-si«»i
rates.   Curds of thanks i\.
LOCal cUW General.  j;    Mine Host Winters is improv-!
 ==" ing the appearance of his popular |
Band concert  Wednesday night,1 hostlery, the Armstrong Hotel,  by.
Friends of Conductor Lary Dor- j ^'ving it bedecked inn  new  coat
an are'glad to see him again on
duty on the branch.
H. Schneider has purchased of
Herman Koike the old A. M. Seed
property on Okanagan avenue.
Miss Martha Ehmke returned on
Wednesday from a two months'
visit with her brother nt Femie.
Geo. W. Smith is takinghis holidays from the Big Store and is
spending the time rusticating on
his farm.
It is expected that both baseball
und f
with Vernon teams  on  the  Ann-
of paint.
W. Harry and B. J. Watson arel
improving the appearance of the,
properties along the Pleasant Vol- j
ley road by painting their resi-j
Mrs. L. A. (ictt arrived from'
(',-ilgary on Saturday to join her'
husband here, who now has ill
comfortable home established on
his 20-aore tract south of town.
At least one of the bears thut.
have made their presence known,
iu the district this season ran foul
We are now Offering Cur Cniire Stock
Ready-to-\Near   Hats    at
Call - while - (be - Stock • is - Complete.
See our WiCings, £aces and 3ancy
IUrs. W. 8. Sftsfier.
' ft WbWW^^-^r^^W*1*^'1*^*
botball matches will be played ! „,■ the wrong m,m in thl) pt,rson of
W.J.  Bur'ell  Inst Saturday, und
strong grounds next  Wednesday. Bil]y Bflooee(1 in  e]ayillg   ., fine
The public kindly invited to turn specim(!n of Mr, Bruin's family,
out. I
A cougar was seen near Otter
b. Reid visited Vernon Wednes- 1(Ae l!lst weeki Rilpkl|y is the|
day and closed the deal for the sale | gpreml of 8ettlement drawing tho I
of his farm to John Phillips. Sam I ,im, abm]t 1h„ otlcefavorite haunts,
has i.ot yet reinvested, but states rf the wiM animalB am] foroirig
that he hopes to rind a place to,themollto thl, highwuy8 of civil-
hang up his hat soon. isstttion
Geo. Bowness and Dave McDon- School cl(1Bes next Frilky. The l
old have completed the erection of j pnp,,B ftM lirrmig:ng au afternoon j
the new belfry on the. Ore hall and L{ Bportg. which the parentB aud
the bell is now in position for any j {ri'nds ^ inyM to aUeucl, Th(j;
emergency. The tower is of neat L^n, TOquest that all pupils.
and attractive design and   a credit. Uy.     b(x,ks at the Bchoo,  tilk(,
to the buiWerB' | them away at the close of school,|
Manager Jackson, of the Arm- as there are repairs to be made to
strong Farmers' Exchange, now j the building,
has all preliminaries arranged for! ]t iB with regret that we men-
the opening ol the Enderby branch :,ion Ul(, critira, comiition 0f Thos.
and expects to have the building' HaB|1(ml Por some time past he
pushed to completion nt once. h(u) been m,tfering inm ftn attack
Simington «k Harnett have the con-1 rf ilir]airmtory rheumatism and for
tract for its construction, the past ten days  has  been con-
F. T. Jackson and A. B.Morgan fined to his bed. For severnl days
hnve invested in another 100 acres the disease has taken effect in the
of splendid Armstrong real estate, region of his heart nnd some alarm
having this week purchased of i has been felt for his recovery.
Mrs. A. Schubert. Sr.. her quarter i BnBt(,r Brown oc<,,16joml|ly guts
section adjoining the property for-1 ()ff B()U|() g00(1 reBOlutions. Here is
inerly platted by them. Hy a , om, which (,0,llllillB n|ori, real trnth
direct road this property would be ;than        t ..Begolvedi  There
just ii mile from town. j m jUBt m ^ Hsh in th(, Bea UB
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.'ever were caught, which  means.
James'(church are advertising  a don't worry over the past, but get
strawberry social at the home of T. busy nud try again.    Fuilure isex-
C. Gray next. Tuesday.   The ladies perience, and experience is the best
state that the object of  this and teacher.   I'd   rather   begin with
similar functions under their hub- an honest failure then an  unde-
pices is not so much one of finaiice served success.   One thing I did
as it is the cultivation and omnia- do. I wont fishing and came buck
tion of a spirit of sociability among with tisll.    Don't belong to the ex-
the people of the community, and cuse makers,   boys—if   yon   can't
the public generally is  invited  to return with   the goods, don't  say
assist in this laudable object. anything, but make up your  mind
There are tt number of the lad- to try again,   Don't mnkeexcuses."
Iob of Armstrong who would up- Mr. and Mrs, W. Hawkins arriv-
precinti! an  explanation   from  the ed Saturday evening  from   Nicola
editor of the Okanagan as to just for   a    visit,    with   relatives  nud
what  Aire li ih intentions in  refer- friends. Will   incidentally  coining
ring to ihe "Armstrong girls" as a . to attend the anniversary  services
possible rival for the Vernon  foot of tho I. 0, F., of which order he
ball team.   While that team might is an enthusiastic member.   The
not have the ability to  meet, any- abilities el Mrs.   Hawkins   as   an
thing more  defensive, respectable equestri,'lie is shown by   the   fuel
Indies naturally dislike to be pub- lln-trip was made   on   horseback,
licly classed as footbnllists. The distance is at least ninty miles
The school boys of the Arm.i,md"sthotrnil for " «O0llly P°r-|
strong school played lacrosse on | tieil of tho way Ib none too good.,
the home  grounds  last   Saturday :lll(; trll' necessitates two days hard j
ride.   Mr. Hawkins is engaged  in
All Kind*  of Carpenter WorK   at    reasonable
•j, Prices
I     sash. Doors. Mouldings and Gloss.
s   Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
j $; Pinna ami Specifications Prtpiirod.    %
©«L^)(^«®S©C®«®(SS'<!®fiL^)CE® 5^)^)0
Our line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
1 have just received my new stock
and can supply you with anything  BL
you need. Q)
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store. Jfo
wilh a junior team from ''ernon,
"While   tile     seme      '.I   to    I       was
largely in favor ,,l' Vernon, it does
not signify thai some good playing
was not done by the little fellows.
und the game wns luiartily enjoyed by a large uttendanci! ,,ls|icclal.
ois. The Vernon players wen
very ,,,,.,'ii heavi, ,■ than tlie Ann-
strong boys, at least two of their
nmiib, ,' run ; L in '"i." , nougl
to  piny   .'."th   .•:,, "-'.  any   t, i in
whirl iinls to ii large in,
let ll.. difeiit of I     hoiu,   ,: ;.
horse ranching in the Nicola country, where he has several hundred
acres of range, which is th ih season, because of thu unusual amount
of rains, in exceptionally good condition, and horses are thriving ill
;.   lirst   rale   mill r.    The   heavy
Ieinand for Inns, ; at this time
should leake this a profitable busi-
,e SS  and    He   litis.!    Air.    Hawkins
i ill, .,- he    :.,•   d,a,1,1    will,    111!  "
" siici - ss svith  Ins band,   Mr.
■ i Mrs   Hum ki is  lofl  on   their
. turn ,,.,. t, ■.,.',.
Ore coming in at a
?ocd Pace How.
9f you want to sett your farm dent forget to (ist it
witfi  us,        3tiis is att we asft you to do.
Don't forgo! our office is in  the   MURRAY    BLOCK,
next door to Murray's Mi at Market,
% Agents for Great West Life.
Real estate
Jfgen.i   []
BOal )L*m\m4W-UmMMmaWm-m .Ahoua1.. AteuE.-tiKJivn* vaA ifc«*WA.iijji-:tfsml.» i
"Land of the BIG RED
gonftdence in the firowft and
future of flrmsirong?
If so. make money on your Confidence  by  securing right
now a few lots In the new
Fairview Addition
These lots are offered below their real vnlue, they are
exceptionally well located, and hnve splendid drainage. Tho
soil is the best adapted for fruit and gardening of any addition that has yet been opened np. We nre assured by Conn,
cillor Murray that a good street will be opened np to FAIR-
VIEW within the next mouth.
1W Watch and see if our predictions are correct.
ri"»'"° ^-FISHER & SAGE.
Knight & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish and game In season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid np $14,000,000. Rest. *10.000.000
Balance Profit and Loss account, |378,!)88.
PRESIDENT, Right Hon.  Lord Slralhcona  ana*  Mount Royal.
VICE-PRESIDENT. Sir Goo. A. Drumtnond, K.C.M.G.
Lap Dusters
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:- London, Kng.: i!-. Abcliurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,oil Wall Street,: Chicago, 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St...lohn's Newfoundland. I
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.    Scot-,
land, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City,
Dciiosits received from  I ii|iwiirrls ami interest allowed at current, rutcs.
Interest entorcil :10th .lane, and 31st December
Wlthdrawala   an   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers ninl eountry business given sjiecitil attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Bpeclnl attention given to the
handling of municipal nnd oilier debentures.
Deposits ma)' be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONG C. A. Tayler, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. *. V.iMcCllntock, Sub. Agent. P. OuMonlln, tub. Agent.
Jill kinds of Refreshing Dishes for the
Hot Weather
fresh ■ fruit»new ■ in ■ stock.
Ciinfici i'l'IONBIIY,
i ajo?!« meai mmn. i
■WHolesale & Reia!i
j 4 All kinds of Fresh nnd Cured MentB always in slock f
« Fish and Fowl in Benson      ' ,
4 V
j BestPrices for Fat ■STtacl! and Poultry. i
5 Mail Orders a Speeiulty, I
Gee* IWi
(f   Poultry Wanted
Prop. \
.. Local and General..
Addilitional local on page 2.
Celebrate Dominion Day at Armstrong ■ .luly 8ncl,
Dr. Dillon, V. S., of Vernon, wan
attending sick horses for J. Mun-
sell und A. W. Hunter the past
Mrs. Edwards, who for some
time past has been visiting at the
homes of Roland and Mark Hill,
left Monday for Earl Cray, Si.sk.
H. B. Cambie, the genial and
obliging teller at the Bank ol
Montreal, is taking his annual
holidays ami is visiting his parents at Victoria.
T. K. Smith the last of the week
piirchiuied the half section of timber Innd near (titer lake formerly
owned by W. Downs. The timber
will be cut at his titter lake mill,
which will soon lie running in full
Wood, Cargill Co. are advertising
nails nt$8.75perowt, This should
la-a popular drawing enril among
those who nre engaged in building
at this time, since this price is
wry materially lower than has
previously been charged in town.
Tenders are being culled in this
isasiie for the erection of the Wolfenden brick block. The old
building on the site have been purchased by  Amos Hill and are now
(>. A. Lo
Armstrong's loth annual Dominion Day celebration will be held on
July 2.
Anniversary services ofthoL.0.
L. nre being arranged for .luly 8,
It is expected til lit tlle sermon will
bo preached by Rev.  11.  .1.   Kin^J
iove   has taken   up
abode in his temporary residence!    „. . • ,    ■■  ,      ivii
on his property purchased of Mark I    V^ " "? '" , ri't'"'1't ,"'   ,"'""U',    !
IjiU j advertising the special rates to the
112th of duly celebration at Salmon
Arm.   The rate from   Armstrong
|in Summer Goods--1
The public schools close on the
2!)th inst. The Armstrong school
children expect to observe the
occasion by their usr.nl sports.
(1. Moberly and F. Temple Cornwall visited Vernon Saturday for a
contest nt tennis with some of the
crack tennis plnyors of that city.
As usual, Armstrong came out |
will be 11.05 return.
Indian Agent Irwin, of
A. E. Sage and H. B. Cambie
have purchased of Mm. J, Moser,
of Mara, the Glnnsser farm north of
town. Whether or not Messrs.
Sage and Cambie intend going
ranching is not stated.
We are pleased to note that
Harry Swaiisou is steadily improving from his indisposition caused
by a diseased limb. While the
recovery from tho operation is
necessarily slow, it is expected that
I he will soon be around as usual.
i The ninth annual meeting of the
B. C. Teachers' Institute convenes
at Victoria on the 26th, 27th and
128th inst. Among Ihe papers will
be one on "Culture Aims in Education", by Principal W. Burns.
Among the leaders of the descus-
sion, iB Principal Eli Wilson, of the
i Armstrong school, on "Individual
being removed preparatory for the ingtruotion,"
new block. I
Rev. Father   Dorval   tilled   his
Kamloops,   visited the Okanogan re-'
serve the past week and we under-
Stand  satisfactorily adjusted  the
difference between the Indians   in,
regard to some fencing.
Councillor Murray has taken
steps to dispense with the practicing of games on the public streets.
This is as is should be. The municipality maintains a good recren-!
tion ground for the benefit of the j
young people and the dangerous
practice of indulging iu sports on j
the streets should not be tolerated.
Mrs. VanH.BC, late of central!
Florida, visited for a day the last
of the week with her old friend, j
Mrs..I. M. Bird. here. Mrs. Van-
Hise nnd children were enronte to
Summerlnnd, where her husband
has recently located. From
Florida to the < Ikanagan is a long
1 jump, but the difference in temper-:
ature is not so radical as to be
seriously effective, while the more'
healthful climate will prove highly
.1. R. Linton was down from Sal-j
mon river the last of the week. I
Mr. Linton now haB in the neigh
We are now mafting some exceptional offerings in
Ladies' Waists
Ready-to-Wear Hats
Children's Cloaks
Children's Caps
Men's Summer Vests
Two Piece Suits
Lustre Coats
I John Harnill,pmc¥
Locals Thai Get Business official p.reaory
'»"• "•»""   uuivm mien  ii ib, w ■'"">■ - * - -"_        ■■       tn values
regular monthly appointment here I near Salmon river.   He expects »|
last Sunday, and,  as usual,  was j make his first drive down the river ^
greeted by a good attendance of the
members of the Roman Catholic
faith in this district.   Father Dorval ' bears   the reputation among
good timber along the river and
his own churchmen as an intellf-i he expects to continue making ties
gent and interesting speaker, and for some time, and will in this way
among those outside his chnrch is'afford employment for a number
' of men throughout the year.
Harry Schneider has engaged in
the butcher business, having the
first of the week closed the deal
with H. W. Knight & Co. for the
purchase of their branch here.
only recently taken over from H.
Hawkins. Harry will retain the
efficient services of C. E. Hauser
as shop man. We wish him sue-
cess in his new venture. , known M a m0Bt ^ an(1 p]eaB,
The Sampson-haired editor   of! ant gentleman to meet. I    Jm. Sneeseby, the purchaser of
the   Vernon Okanagan gives us a j    ClltwormB are 't^arM aB bei    | Harold Fletcher's fine farm north
fatherly tip that the, editor of the I uml8ually nunlerow|   thlg ^lof town, left Saturday forbis home
Advance is in need of mending his | and conB-,erable damaKe has htm
ways that he may not see things".; reported k pkceg    The foUowj
recipe is recommended for their
destruction and aB it is both cheap
and simple it may be a good idea
for those effected with these pests
to give it a trial: Take 40 pounds
Miss .Tohn6tone, late of Van-1 of bran, four or five pounds of
couver, arrived Monday to accept; brown sugar  and   one   pound   of
your own in Fairview.    Save your
toho^lrf twenty men cntting'tles | rent and make money on the rise
—— Railway Time Table
The Advance and the Winnipeg      (Shuswah & Okahauan Railway)
Free Press one year tor only $1.75. A™'v*},rom North dllil> OX™P*0.
* Sunday  0:86 a. m.
Buy a lot and build a house o* AirrWesIron. South, dailyonsopt
J Sunday  3:2u p. m.
Circle, No. 372.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        P. N. DANLELL.Leader,
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
Fisher & Sage,
to Salmon Arm soon, when some I    Polty & Pelly are selling the late
twelve thousand ties will be taken ' Larkin estate lots, now owned by
down.   There is an abundance of j Marshall LucaB—the   most desir
able lots in town.
For Rent
Good cottage adjoining town.
Apply to H. Hawkins.
In other words we take it that his
advice is that we frequent the city
of Vernon less often than we have
of late—which we have solemnly
resolved in future to do.
Pigs for Sale.
„   , ,   i    Pnre-Breil  Yorkshire  pigs for
at Regina, Sask.,    o  prepare  for ( ^ ^ .^ ^ price)
n residence here.   Jn |.    ,   ,.    »    „ m„        ,       T,
his new pun:
farniB of the district and one on
taking up his resilience here.   ...,                     l;         $6  each
rchaseMr.Sneesebyhas,          JtZi^rU  *K
secured one of the most desirable ,mL   t   __
$.">  each.
These pigs are from select stock.
I and are tine ones.
A. W. Ht'NTER.
a position ar stenographer in the
office of the Fanners' Exchange.
The opening of the Enderby
branch, together with the increase
of business which the Exchange is
Bteadily experiencing, there is en-
Paris green. Disolve the brown
sugar in enough water to dampen
the bran, then add the Paris green,
being careful to have it thoroughly corporate! with the bran. This
may be spread broadcast over the
area effected or a spoonful may be
Girl to do light, housework and
to assist with children; good wages
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A. H.—The Advance.
tailed a large amount of additional
labor in connection with the man-1 put at the foot each plant
ngement   of    the   business  and     MeBBrB   K,Bom & Khh    to
Manager Jackson will be kept very {onm] fte (lietrict o{ Armst
busy trom now until the c ose of i  ,       .    .    ,, „    .r            .       »
,   ~ , , , alone too small tor the exercise of
the Bhippmg season. |.,   .            .      ,          ,                    ,
lr   s j their energies, hence have opened
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac   Heard,  of a branch real estate office in En-
Lansdowne, are   another  worthy j derby.   Mr.  Elsom spent several \ put in boiling wuter without
which he should experience no
difficulty in making his way to buc-
cess. We are «lad to report that
Mr. Fletcher does not intend to
leave the district, but expects to
reinvest here.
Here is a wuy of mending broken
dishes  which    should   prove  of
value to the busy housewives, all ^  _ —
of whom have   bits  of  cherished j rop Sale.
china   which   have   been  broken j    white ftnd m] oabbage plmitg
through accidents:   If the dish to; ^ ^^ ^ m_   elH1|irlower 7B
be mended can   be   tied   together I    ntg        ^ ^^ ^^ -,
with a stout string, then place it in ^^        m ^ (m(] b]wo,. %
boiling    ilk. and left one hour yon i
can never tell the dish   has   been ,       m)
broken nnd it can   afterwards   be;	
Reeve—A. Schuliert.
Clerk and assessor- h. W. Pulton. |
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright,
Geo. Murray, W. Ilallam,
Hartwell, R. ~
B. Mail
J.   J..
Divine Service will be held every Bun-
day as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, il p.m.; Knderliy, 7.110 i.m.:
Sunday Sohool at 2.30 p.m. Hey. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew'B, F.nderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, ArmSfrAng, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday .-'Rttv.B.'fc'aJhip
bell, Pastor.	
,St. James' Church. Morning prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:30; Ha May
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays in each month
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
and forth Sundays in each month art-
Early Celebration at 8 o'clock.
Kev. Howard J. Kinn, M. A., Vicar.
per  100; kohlrabi 7» cents
W. Winkler.
couple of the old pioneers of the I days there the past week in getting I pieces coming apart. This expen-
district, who are booh to enjoy the | the office properly opener], and in- ment has been tried and proven
fruits of their years of patient toil, stalling Russell Kirby, late of and many are the broken dishes
in a modern and commodious farm |Maple, Out,, ub manager of the which were thought to be useless
been'same.    Since   opining    in   Arm-
which nre now us good as new.
Last Saturday the deal was
closed between W. K. Pickford und
Wallace J.  Shillington, late of
Red    Deer,  Altn..    whereby   Mr.
Shillington purchased   Mr. Pick-
them to Ihe people of Enderby  US  for(Vg twenty OoreS and  new  resi-
dwelling.   Mr.   Heard   has
comteinpliiting the building of a strong this firm hus worked np a
new house for the past couple of | goal business and  have won  the
seasons, but never until this season reputation of being pleasant and
has he got his  plans  in  definite straightforward   gentlemen   with
shape so that he was prepared to; whom to deal, and  we commend
begin the actual construction.   The them to the people of Enderby us I
oontraot is   now let, however, to worthy of patronage in their line LBnca a mlle goilth of town.   Th..
McDonnld & Hardy for a modern      i u    to u r       i     •   ' .    , „ ,„„„i,,,»,.,i ),v  Mr   Pick.
J     ,        ,   , .lohn  nliarinan    before  leaving tract was pnrcli.iM-u uy  .nr.  inn
two-sory structure, and work h»*: th(. oklll    ,„ ,„st W(„,k ,vi(](„0(M| lm,| from C, J. Patton  only   last
already been begun  thereon    Mr. W| wft |n ti,iB diBtrlot by ,„,,„   f | flJ, im,l the new cottnge only  re-
Henri s   fine  ranch    is known       ... ,. .         .<      .„»,i,.i,„i    it ;u one of the
,              , ,,    .   . , , , another ten acres to his   property cently completed,    it is one or mo
throughout the district ns one ot ....   ,.,,,   .,,     ., ,.    „,         ' !        .    .   ,i„„ii,.„i.„i fmeluiullncfint
H at "Ardillie Place . Mr. Shariiinu most nicly situateil tractsaujnci ni
! now owns thirty ueres of the most I to town, and Mr. Shillington  may
, I desirable portion of   these   tracts, 'consider himself fortunate in being
mense crops  of  gram,   hay  »>"| ;rle li-ft for the coast Sat.mlny, from! able to so soon after his arrival
• j here pick up so desirable n home.
especially since the consideration
Do you buy
Holy Mass in 1.    . l'\ Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in tinch moth nt 10 o'clock
Ka'I'Iikii Dorvau
Barrister and Solicitor
Solicitor und Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG.    -    -    -   B.
Mail AnmvKs—
North daily except Sunday       9:.'X) a. ni
South    "     "        " :)::u p. m.
Nortb daily except Sunday     .-1:4a p. m.
South     "      " 9:41! a. m.
Spallumcheen, Hull Car. Glen
en,ma and   Falkland  every
Tuesday and Friday at 7:111) a.m.
.1. M. Wbioht. Postmaster.
Armstrong MtrXeli
The following prices are  be;.-.,;
paid for produce by th,.-Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange;
Potatoes, per ton   - -   |2S 00
Carrots,      "         - -     20.00
Parsnips     "         - -     110.00
Beets         "         - -     30.00
TnTtiips       "          - -     UW)
Cabbage     "        - -    50X0
Hay           "         - -     UM
Apples, per 10 lb.   - -       2.011
Pears          "          - -       :il)()
Celery, per 60 lb.   - -      3,00
Poultry, per doz.     - -       7.00
Eggs '    -     ••       . .        .20
Butter, per lb.        ■ -          30
one of
the   best,    which    reputation   is
abundantly borne ont by  the   hu
ll I It 11 BROS, bog to inform the public
thnt, tln-y rre prepare to mipyly
delivered in town  night and morning
MILK ll)qtsfor»]     OREAMfflSoaqt
vegetables which it hns produc,
from year to yeur. While Mr.
Heard has never engaged extensively in fruit culture, n large portion of his farm is known to be
ndinirable adapted for these purposes, and with the splendid location which il enjoys the subdivision ol his property would no
doubt prove popular with those in
search ol small fruit tracts. This
Mr. Heard may decide to do nl no
distant date, as ho will doubtless
soon seek lo lay aside the work of
conducting ho extensive a farm.     j
where he returns oust to resume
his duties ns canvasser for the
Nor'-West Parmer. Mr. Sherman's
investment in this district is proving of exceptional value as an advertisement for Armstrong, For
wherever he goes in his extensive
travels throughout the western
portion of Canada Mr. Shannon hns dnstrious and energetic citizen.
no hesitancy in stating that  he is who will no doubt within n short
well pleased with the district, and ti have built up  a   fine   ho	
his expression results in drawing Both families nro iib yet living in
the attention of many fanners to the house, although Mr. Pickford
this district, who might otherwise| expects to reinvest in propurtyi
hiio'.v noil,ing of the Okanagan.       here within the near future.
—$2800 may in justice ba said
to be very reasonable. M. Pickford. however, secured the advantage of the rise iu values und made
a nice little sum on his investment.    The new owner  is  an   in-
When Things
Don't go Right
With me 1 go on a
"bust." nnd forget
them. At other times
1 get ii move on and
mind my own business.
JM$, the Painter.
Wood Cnrglll Hlock.
Cilice Hours: (Kioto 12 and 1-JIU toC
ATMSTRONO.   ....   B.C.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1M17.. meets in the
•    1. . F. Lodge Room, tt,« second
Saturday evening of each month nt H
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W..M.
K. N.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall. Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or before the
full moon, nt 8 p.m. Visitinu brethren
cordially invited.
W. T. HOI/l'llV,      E, BENNETT,
Preceptor Registrar.
For Sale.
1 wagon:  1   Deering  mower:  1
stubble plow,    Apply, three and  ;
half miles south of Armstrong, to
John Robertson,
IRONATION Lodge. No. l.s.
I. O. O.F.
Meets everi Tlinrsiliii evening in Ihe
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cnrglll
& Co's. St •>■,■. „l 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren nre cordially invited to attend.
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
ANY available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in Hriti-h
Columbia, may be homestended by any
person tin- sole head of a family, r,r ar.y
male over 18 years of age, to tlie extent
ol one quarter section of 1IKI acres more
or less.
Entry must he made personally at the
loeal land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform tho conditions connected therewith
under on,- of the following plans,
(1) At. least ii six months' residence
upon and cultivation ol the land in each
year r,,r three years.
OMttlie father i„r mother, If the father is deceased) of the homesteader re
sides i,|«i„ a farm in the vicinity of Ihe
land entered for, tho requirements as t„
residence may he satisfied In
ll|K,n said land.
13)11 the settler bus his permanent
residence upon inrmlng land mined
by him in the vicinity of his homestead
lulroraents as to rosldei maybe
satisfied!)) rosldnnoe upon the said land
Six months' notice In writing should
be given to tho Commissioner ol llomln
ion lands nt Ottawa of intontion to
ply for paten I.
Coullands may be purchased nl #:y
per acri-forsoftoo.il and »20 for anthracite. Nol more thin. 320 neres can be
uoqiilred hy one individual or
Royalty nl tin r„ f it,,., ,„.
2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the
gloss out| ul
V.'. VV. L'ORV
Oa-pttlv of Minister of the Interior
N. H.   I niniiliormed   publication of
sal, no
n p-
K>r ton of
his iidvertisein ■;,- will nol bo |«i .'.
O. .Mel'lllih'SdX. V. (I
(;. MOHERLV, tteo.Sc,
COURT ARMSTRONG, No.     l""-''',>": i'l
3120, I. O. F. Eggs,   >-. ,..
I Moothigs nt their hull Inst Snturdny in  Cockerel
each month.   Visiting brethren cordiul v, ,
linviti'J.   II. Hawkins, R.S. '   Ulm    '■
Poultry. PS
K h '■■  !'■'..;■('. J und
; '.-       II; -.;   •,,'.■
Distric t Com ->[k mdepca
au eitemlod visit with b«r brotlier.
A FerguBon, at Falkhuvd. Mrs.
Curry at one time owned an extensive dairy business here.
The hay. grain and root crops of
this district are looking exception-1
W0» driven off Ihtltptttl   of  their I ally well this  season.    Some   pre-
fowling ground by the [ndiansnnd  '"'' that llli8 .->*• will bea record!
it took several ilnys to  koI them breaker in the Okanagan.
Otter LaKe.
The cattle on the range in the
vicinity of Blncktown, belonging
to A. Schubert nnd W. Horaley,
rounded up as they were Bcattere,
through ihe monntaius,   The ob
jeet   ihe   Indians   had   iu   driviui
them off the range is not known.
This season's cut of lumber ill'
ihe Kault mill wiil evidently be ai
big one aB their logs have only,
I been run down   the
Craftate Niics-5r|in sch«ol •••'//
1 am now prepared to receive
orders for piano timing nnd
river   a   few
T K. Smith is installing a Inni- uiiles and the mill has snffcient
r mill on Otter lake.   This move j '"k^ Oil hand to  keep them  busy
for some time yet.
Address me nt..
will bo greeted with pleasure by
the residents of this district as it
will mean a busy and profitable
fall and winter as all the farms
have inor, or less marketable timber on them, '!'he mill will be iu
operation in lln- course of a week
or two.
The recent refreshing rains hav
had their effect on  Salmon   river;
and water is still high.
Tronic tishing still good and
some line specimens are daily finding their way to the tables of the
B. C. Fruit in Manitoba.
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom land easily-
cleared. Goal frame house, stable
and other buildings. With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow. .'I
dozen chickens, and full equipment
',' I""',**00'I farm machinery. Price 15000,
berries from; '. D. MITCHELL.
F C. Wright of Kelt wna is spen- '
ding a few days in this vicinity the j
guest of R. S. Pelly.
Geo. Page is kept  pretty  busy!    Winnipeg,  June  18.- Cherries
these days raising chickens.      We , strawberries and goosel
understand he has nearly twenty the P,lclhc con8t P10™06 lire M- •
of which he is very proud. , »vi"B in . "jf1" quantities; and j
. by the middle ol the week will be
Arthur Grant, formerly of this fllirlv ,,|,,ntif„|,    Tljt! firgt ,hjp.
place but now a resident of  Pen-Uehte came from   Mission City; %
ticton, was looking np old friends tne geoona point to ship was Port S®TA,*S
week.      Jlr.  Hn„.„- .b.m riMlllWnAl,   „,„l  v..] I <%L^|j H
in this vicinity last wees. -'"r- Haney, then Chilliwnck and Kel-
Grant still thinks these ports «'"- ownil. Cherries were of a large.
perior to points down the lake. \m] Viu-ie€y, the flavor was fine.
Geo. Payne's new residenc is; but there is still more care re-
nearing completion and when fin-1quired in packing.   Some of the
ished will be one of the
commodious and modern dwt
in the vicinity.
Messrs Mellish and Payne contemplate cutting their respective
farms into 10 and 20-acre plots and
putting them on the market.
the land is admirably adapted
fruit they should have no difficulty
in disposing of it especially as
water from a neighboring creek
Will be piped onto the property.
H. Warren is adding a kitchen
to his residence.
F. Ledno, who has for several
weekB been the 'push' o n Swan-
uons road gang, has returned to
the paternal roof and is doing the
hoe stunt amongst a twenty acre
patch of potatoes.
J. H. Warren, piano tuner, etc.
is training his horse 'Toby' preparatory to the Armstrong races on
the 2nd.
Look out for Freddy Pickford; he
is lying iu ambush somewhere in
this vicinity waiting for a cougar
whose tracks were seen near Grand
Prairie heading this way. Freddy
is armed to the teeth with an old
blunderbuss which shoots in all
directions ami a superabundance
of commanding language and one
most, shipments came  in ordinary ten-
and Billiard Hall.
- smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave loo.    Haircut Uoc.
N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
pound crates,  nnd  these  were  in
very fuir condition when  they  ar-]_\,
rived.   Others were in small straw- —
berry boxes, and were considerably j 1' yo" will call and see the
bruised and looked unsightly. In
a I ten-pound cases is the proper
,     method of shipping cherries, and
one that will meet with most approval in this market.
Cream Separator
Bee Hive supply store
it skims, how easily it
is kept clean, nnd how
strong and durable it
Land Registry Act.   land note how few parts
_" _ I1' ba8, now Perfectly
Takk Notii'K that on the 23rd day of staple it is, how easy
July, 1906.1 will issue » certificate* of it turns, how perfectly
indefeasible title in the name of Fred*
eriok Taylor Jackson of lot 1, block 14,
map 408. Town of Armstrong, unless ini- -n   . .
the meantime a valid objection in writ- "-/ft *'«, . . t.
ing is made to me by parties having a','"'" " ls $8 8epRrB or
valid interest, in said lot. ,or >""'•, No separator
Dated the 19th June. 1908. ever made such rapid
w. h. eomonds,       ■ strlleV" ■ vm-^a
District Registrar of Tit,is.       as thc h,T'!\   ?"
U....I i  eason is that it sat s-
Kamloops.     fle8 every vnrehaset.
The |iart}- or parties having in their      I ask the privilege of
custody or possession conveyance in fee showing it to you.
of said lot  from   Robert  Wood   to P. I
Elliott, dated 12th August, 1893, nre re-'
quested   to  deliver  the  same  to  the
Ha'miis a Bull,
Solicitors for t he A pplical.
Our Grocery Department still leads
both iu the Quality of (locals and
Crosse & Bladkwel.'s Pickles, Blue Ribbon Catsup, Chili
Sauce and OtherS easonable Relishes.
Try our Chinese Preserved Ginger
Cool Drinks
The season for these is now here and
we have the best in town. A bottle
of one the following prepuratiiuiH in
the house during the hot weather
 will Ih' appreciated	
Fresh Lemon Squash at 75c per bottle. Eiffel Tower
powdered Lemonade 56c per tin.
(A Bpoonflll of either of I hew lllillies ii glass of the llest Lioinoniidn.)
Fresh Lime Juice, the Healthiest Summer Drink.
We have just received a handsome
line of Ladies' Fancy Collars mid
now offer the Latest, Designs and
Shapes in Chiffon. Lace, etc	
Fancy Chiffon and Lace Stocks 50c to $1.00.
Sash Stocks 35c.
io p. c. discount for €a$b on Dry Goods.
J. W. Christian,
Buttertnaker at Creamery.
To Water Consiimerr: -
Street sprinkling and lawn taps
can only be used np to !! o'clock,
ll. m., between VI o'clock noon and
2 o'clock, p. in., and from ti to 10
o'clock, p. in., daily.
» . i     , ,   ,, In case of tire nil  tups  shall  be
false step may land you -m a better, ,,t 0))Cfj b|m„ ()(,.     ^  QJ. mUa
land thnn tins'.     -Scotch   is the whether inside or outside the town
password. , limits will be governed by these
rules and infractions will ho dealt
l with as provided for by the bylaw.
(ieii. Murray,
W. White, from Ml. Bugonse,
was prostrated by the heat one day
last week while returning from
town and was unconscious for several hours.
Contractor Hudson bought a
new wagon Inst Friday afternoon,
'Haliliy' Cambie left Inst week
on a short vacation to the Const.
Doc Frnser of Armstrong, was
visiting friends in this vicinity for
n couple of days last week.
Farmers pay your dog tax us the
"dog woll,,per" is on the war path.
.1. Hamill,
P. C. Wolfenden,
Water Commissioners.
■I.e. .McKenzie hns been np-
fiointed government lire warden
for the district between Armstrong
und Ducks and is now busy tack-j
ing up lire notices.
Mr nnd .Mrs. Geo, Wilson, who
hnve Keen visiting relatives at Sill-
returned   on   Monday
•li,In,son ncccoinpaniud
s now innkiiiL'  a short
we sell Buggies.
Yes. und we also sell tho	
20th Century
'the llesl Mlll'hille nilltlo,
Wire I'llhli-of all sizes.
Sllltle Illlll lloulllO liloells.
Horse   I'erlls.
I'hiii'elies' tiny t'ars.
Champion Mow, is nail RiiIihh
Thomas S I liny Tedders.
B. Francis
Fa Ha
1 McCormick Binder,. 1 Brantford
Mower, 1 banning Mill, 1 Straw Cutter!
1 (Torso Power.
Team  Work!
Having taken up my residence in
Armstrong. I solicit all kinds of work
with   team   at   LOWELT PRICES.
H. Ehmke,pr°*-
If so, it will pay you to see me.
- Estimates given.—
J. Simingion
Shop next Krtincis'
mini An
last M
then, an
visit  he.
an.i r
If ol the settler
.',! Vernon on
porl ..
li, .  ;.    .-,, itll
hisi  .', i
brotlu r, \\ Hi:
business there.
M,'. Currv
Recently Enlarged
25,000 New Words
New Gazetteer of Ihe World
iv,,I, !,„,,(■ ihin SA,0 I tlllC*, I i.'Oli :i!!..,
butt uanui returns.
NewBlofjraphlcal Dictionary
'    il nl..] "■ ,..", in,  i, level- lc,000notiil [
. ■ ■■•,. iil.il   oCJ ."..        I,  ''.
! :'''-: i   •■-. ■,-. n '.     ' .-     ■  ii "
T      It'll      ,!,".,    ,11,   ...
.' 580 Quarto rne<:.
i. rlodlnEvory] '
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
Feed Grains of AH Kinds
Tarm for Salem
4JU^i6o mm
(if Choice land in Salmon
Ann Valley; 2 good houses nnd
outbuildings.   Will sell in block
or in tracts to suit purchasers,
EASY TEBMS.   -   -   Apply on
tho premises to....
3110. m. flrimtrona,
Salmon Arm, B. €.
i taa*a-*aaaaammaa**a*m0aaaaaaMmamammmaaaraeamaaaarmmaaaam-aaamamar-am
! Nurseries, Greenhouse & Seedhouse
I Vancouver,   -   B. C.
I Henri qiiurtera fer
Paciflo Ooast Grown
!     Qarili-n,  l-'lmver   &   l-'lold   Buocls
New crop now In stock und  on   test in
our Greenhouses.    Aslt your inorohiinl
' fur then, l» scleil puukllgcs. if lie dees
not  lliillille I hell,    «-0   will   lllilil   tl,   villi
, BO Aaapriqtt paekota ot Vegetable or
harden .cede far $1.00
I UiS   is   OIll'  s|reei„l SllU'lltOIl   fer   II. C.
i     sl inl [iriei-son your bulk  seeds.
\B.  C.  Grown   Fruit   and
Ornamental Trees
1 NWrciuh   r
 k of I
 r   I
,ird   |>li
.■ I-
[il nit
Sll! 1,1    'illlll.' L' V,
l-'iill list of oilier
Lej   „„' |„ iei    ..
.. ,!■  ' r, ,'.   ,.:
lie. si, i. I'r,
I'l i
■■'■■ ich.     Iinliiui
:', (,0 |x'i   lot).
Id fine .-:;,i per 100,
litre, elm | rieea
lisl liefor   j '.. .'.■
. riornl
ll^es,   l-'erliliz'
Patronize O^ir Hdvertisers and $m money.
UlOWt'i tiuiiiBtcr ',- . Vane c t


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