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The Armstrong Advance 1906-02-09

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121906     M
Gfye   Armstrong    Advance
 and Spallumcheen Advocate.	
NMIiM Ii He UKrcsts il Anstriif im llsirlcl, fit CNlctsi pirtlii il lie fimk Muifii vilkg.
Sub.arl.thin St.SOInAdw.nc.
Oiborwl.. S2.10.
NO 48.
•What You Pay
■ m m flflCtf a • •
What You Get
These are Important Points for you
to Consider
We provide GOOD THINGS at LOWEST PRICKS in return for your good
money. We give yon Vulue for Value every time. That's the honoBt way to do
business that's the way we do business. A perfect Collar, a seasonable Hat, a Shoe
for Style and Fit, n Suit for Business, Working or Evening—nt prices to suit the pocket.
Special Values this week.   Regular $1.50 lines for 75c and $1.00.   Get your pick.
Waterproof Rain Coats 12.60
Waterproof Overalls  2.00
Boys' School Shoes  1.25
Men's Working Shoes  2.25
Men's Heavy Working Pants  3.(KI
Get them at	
lj The Leading
yk Gents' Furnishers
flrmttaae$ Paul's.*
Your Opportunity
The HOLIDAYS are over now, and notwithstanding
the large business we did. we still have some odds
and ends of the better class of useful goods remaining
on hand.   We have decided to have a—
Record Breaking Sale
and to sell them at about
And in many cases less. We tire expecting a large
addition to our—
Dry Goods Stock
And nre determined to dispose of the above goods
without reference to originid cost.
..   ..
John Hamill.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C
«   «
* « lWllm of a flour
fleering machinery
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Leading   Business    Firms.
1 Tim Advance commends tbe following
business linns of Armstrong to the peo-
! pin of tlie surroundriio district. Their
announcements may bo seen in our advertising column:
!   Armstrong, W.  •).,  Hardware   and
! > Armitnge, A. K, Gents furnishing
I    Ashe, 8 It, Jeweler, Vernon.
j     Hums, It. H., Unionist.
I    llliinehiird, A., Ili'essinuker
I   Bunk of Montreal, Bankers.
Christian, 3 W, Cream Bepiirntors
|    Christian, 0. L., Harness nnd Bud
I dlery
Daniels, V. N.', Inculiiitors nnd Plumbing
Daykin, 0. T., General .Merchant.
Fisher A Sage, Rent Kstutii
Knrneis, I!., Implements
Hamill, John, General Merchant
Hawkin's Bros., Butchers
Henry. M J, NurHery, Vancouver.
Lapworth, A. J., Painter
Moberly, ()., Carpenter
MePherson & Holtby, Furniture nnd
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat. Market
Okanagan Flour Mill, Klour, etc.
Kutlodge, A. N., Barber
Shary, A., Baker and Confectionery.
Simington, J., Contractor and Builder
Toward, Jas.. Plasterer, etc,
Wood, Cargill Co., General merchants
The members of the ladies' aid
of the Methodist church may well
be congratulated on the successful
outcome of the oyster supper .-mil
concert held under their auspices
Tuesday evening, Tho oyster
supper was served   in    the   lower
J. O, F. hall  from  6:30 to HtOQ
'o'clock   during   which    time   the
.numerous Indies in charge of the
tables were kept busy serving the
■ very large numbers of people who
j took advantage of their hospitality.
The supper served   was   all   that
could have been   desired   by   the
most fastidious on an occassion of
! the kind.   Besides a generous snp-
; ply of fresh oysters tho tables were
: laden with many and varied cakes
i and delicacies and other seasonable
viands.   After the supper the con-
: concert took place in the main hall
nnd was listened   to   by  a  large
audience, whose   liberal   aplause
spoke  the   appreciation  of   each
: number on the well arranged prc-
graiii.     While   the   rendition   cf
each number was most creditable
'. to those participating, the dialogue
i'-.Telly for tlie  Minister"  by   the
: Misses Marshall and Miss Perri-
ard is deserving of special mention
as having been exceptionally well
rendered and eliciting most hearty
approval from the audience.   The
following is the  program  carried
Boatman's Song, Messrs. Miller, ABSOn,
Wright and MePherson.
Recitation Mrs. A. N. Miller
Silo J. H. Asson
Solo D. A. Wright
Duet Mr. and Miss Asson
Address Rev. Campbell
Solo.. Mrs. W. Harry
Dialogue, Misses Marshall and Miss
Sleiohing Bong, Messrs. Wright, Miller,
Asson and MePherson
Bolo Mrs. W.Harry
Solo DA, WrlgKtl
Quartet, "A Jolly Good Time",.... Mrs.;
Harry. Miss Asson; Mesirs,  Asson]
and Miller.
A   supplementary    social  was;
held Wednesday evening for the
purpose of disposing of some of
the surplus viands of the evening
Fourteen More   Horses  Burned, j
Inspector Jermyn came he e
again last Friday and retested the
horses left in Murray's livery on j
the ocension of his Inst test. As a
result of this teBt nil the remainder
o" the original stock of Mr. Mur- j
ray's livery and two new ones were!
condemned, as well as Dr. Vank-j
leek's driving team, and Clarence
Daniels' nag. all of whom hod been J
kept in the barn, and two belong-!
ing to I). MoDcnald and one to
C. E. Morris—eleven in all. This
is to say that all the horses kept
iu Mr. Murray's stable have now
been destroyed, ns well as one hi
purchased directly ell the rangi
and three that were only recently
shipped in from Albertn and have
been under strict quarantine ever
since binding here.
lii Cold
Is Now
gAnd we are going to give
$ our  customers a chance to
buy anything we have in the
Mens', Ladies' and Childrens
Overshoes will also be cleared
At Cost
A few lines of Flannelette to
be sold for 10 cts. a yard.
Formerly 12 1-2 and 15 cts.
§ Ladles' Trimmed Hals.
ja The greatest chance ever
§ given in B. C. to have your
© head covered. Your choice for
t $1-00
§f   Cost from $2 to $10 each.
To  'tii'ate Spallumcheen.
Mr. Q-. K. Salvage returned
from Vernon nnd Armstrong on
Wednesday. He is investigating
the feasibility of forming n district
j municipality for Mission Valley,
exclusive of the city of Kelowna
' A meeting will be arranged short-
| ly nt which the treasurer of Spal
lumoheen  municipality    will   be
I present and give vnlunble information as to the standing of that dis.
trict- Kelowna Courier.
Ocean to Ocean in 72 Hours.
For  Sale.
I have a number of go. ' canary
birds for sale. Good singers 12.50
Mas. W. Holtby.
The Canadian Pacific, beginning
inext March, will semi n limited
j train across the continent in 72
1 hours, cutting off 24 hours. More
lical troins will be operated so
| that the limited can be devoted entirely to through business. From
Winnipeg to Calgary any spei d
'can bo maintained, also from Ottawa to North Bay.
Co Disinfect Stables...
1 part Crude Carbolic to   20
parts hot white wash.
Co Disinfect fiarnesu
1 part Creolin to 20 pts. water
Oil afterwards with No. 1 Neots Foot Oil.
Boil all hits and snaps in a 1 to 20 solution of Creolin.
The Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R. BURNS, Druggist.
Bear this in Mind.
Your frietids-'-K-ic-k home" aru
interested in the country in which
you live. There is no means of
acquainting them with your district as by means of the local paper.
Let us send them the ADVANCE.
Only $1.50 a year. The Advance
EUGENE NMIAN.     . Publlahor.
Subscription 11.60 p*-r year in advanee.
If not imiil in advani-t- fcl.UO.
Advertising »ates given en application.
slaughter of horses in the Okaun- ■
gan. Is the public to understand
that this same Dr. Gaddes is allowed u free hand in the destruction of horses which he alleges to
be affected with glanders, while
he seeks to sell the owners others
— at a handsome profit? The inference is easily drawn.
Fortune Ranch Sold.
Notiees of ehureh services anil enl.ir. j     Another large hind deal has been
toinments where no admiswicn Is ohorged consumiiteil is this the  upper
inserted free.    Other net ices at
rates.    Cards of thanks SI.
The Advance is published in the interests of the town and district in which
it exisls and cordially BolioltS the (lit-
roiiao*- of tin- public.
The Vancouver World, following
the exanple of Collier's Weekly
and the Ladies' Home Journal, has
begun a vigorous campaign against
the side of patent medicines, and is
now devoting much space in setting before the public the injurious contents and serious effects
brought about by the use of some
of the most well known "remedies."
So far at least one libel suit has j
been entered against the World,!
this being by the Chamberlain [
Medicine Co., charging, certain
libelous statements in connection i
usual ,,f tJ,,. Okanagan. We have ref-
erence to the sale of the A. L.
Fortune ranch, which wns lately
purchased by a Mr. Wylie, of
(ilasgow, Soothud. Mr. Fortune
is among the early pioneers of the
valley and has occupied his late
ranch continually for over forty
years, hence it must have been
with certain pangs of regret   that
he signed the document that took
from him that which has been his
home for so long a  time.   However,   he   could   not   endure   the
thought of giving up his old home
altogether, so he made a condition
of the stile that he retains a life
lease on ti residence   site  of the
same.   The   price   paid   for the]
ranch is, we understand, somewhere i
i in the neighborhood of   $28,000. j
The new purchaser is still a resi-1
! dent of the old   country  but  ex-
' pects to come out to take posses-'
I sion of his   new   holding   in   the i
near future, at which time he will
as rapidly as possible bring the
estate to a state of perfection as an
insive  fruit  farm.   Tho  lend ■
J. McDonald
with the  World's   report   of   the
alleged death of the Duncan child j ""*.".
at Victoria cnusiHl by opium poison- j ^ b  ^ omm rf ^ g
ing from Chamberlain s remedies.'
Thnt the World is not  shnken   in
its convictions of the  truthfulness
of its assertions   may   be   gained
from the following references mode
to the case:
"As a rule we do not court legal
difficulty, but in this case we are
more than pleased that the action
has been commenced, It cannot
be carried to a termination too
quickly for us. There is not one
word that we have -written which
will be withdrawn or palliated in
any form or manner. What we
have written stands, nnd upon that
issue we shall enter the court prepared to do battle in the interests
of the public nnd in our own defence."
In another and a later issue the
Billy, an  Indian from Salmon
River, was caught Saturday in the
attempt to make way with a bolt of
dry goals from the Wood, Cargill
store.   He  was  landed   in    the
, ,. ,     .,    , , "skookum   house"     till   Monday
coast paper publishes the terms of   ,. ,    ,. .    ..       ,     _
^ j , .„ . . .   .,       , , afternoon at which   time  he was
estate has evidently been influential in inducing other parties of
foreign cnpital to turn their attention toward the Okanagan, nnd
with the present start made, residents of the northern Oknnhgan
may safely look forward to a rapid
development in the formation of
large fruit ranches during the next
few years.
Sent Up for Theft.
a proposed bill to regulate the sale
of patent medicines generally, and
to many of the conditions suggested, no objection will be taken by
tbe general public.
Patent medicines have become
bo numerous and their sales have
grown to such an enormous extent
that legislation to strictly regulate
their production nnd sale has become a necessity.
given a hearing before Justices
Hamill and Bird. Tbe accused
pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to three monthB in Kamloops jail.
As an excuse for his misdeed the
Indian stated that he was in a
state of intoxication at the time
and was not responsible for his
actions. This being the case tbe
court set about to find out who
supplied him with the liquor contrary to the Indian act. The accused furnished the court with a
plain statement ns to the source of
j Household
j        Weeds..
j Iron Beds * Springs             $7.25.
j 30b lots in (Uall Papers per roll sets.
J Collet Sets at Cost.
j Cuban Bed Springs, tbe latest in Woven
] Ulire. Prices $5.to7.5o
j      I     fILL LINE UNIBTMHIW jtjjjj jjj 8WHIB.   [
^"Contractors and Builders.
The Real Estate
Harvest Is on
Get in Line and List your Farms.
Connections with whole Valley.
H. P. LEE. Re»i *•*•*••
Vernon      -      -    and     -      -      Enderby
ja   Real Estate
"   Ag'en' * &
"Land 0/ the BIG RED
Bo yob Need Money?
We have several Thousand  Dollars to loan on  good  Kenl
Estate Securities at the usual rate of interest.
We nre also Agents for	
British Columbia Permanent
Loan & Savings Co.
and can make you a loan on your home on easy monthly terms
of piiymi-nt.
Why not make   Your   Rent Buy a
Home 0/ Your Own?
This is the of year when fires are apt to occur.       Better get
insured,     We represent four of the best companies,
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up 114,000,000; Rest, $10,(100,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, f!l7!l,!IHM.
PRESIDENT, Rig-lit Hon. Lord sinlheaiM and Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Coo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Caniidn.     Also in
the following cities :- Loudon. Eng.; 22, Abchurch   Lnne,   E. C.
New York, 59 Wall Street: Chicago, 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
WiibIi. ; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general bunking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
mid Dawson City.
Deposits received from 11 upwards and interest allowed at current rsteB.
Interest entered With June, and 31st December
Withdrawal*   am   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
U V.mwwOlhmtewk, Smb.
r. 4. Tayaar. Smb. Agent.
P. BuNiowih., bwb. Agwnl.
The farmers of the upper ()ku-
nagan or nt any rate some of them,
nre complaining because the gov-. ,
eminent veteriunry inspector hue |»» supply of "tiro water which
slaughtered a number of horses j if true would seen to plainly im-
which he found to be suffering plicate a certain citizen in this
from glanders. Such a kick is un- B(,riol)8 viollltion of the liw. How-
reasonable    surely.      Ine    only ,,    T  ,.     .   , .     ,
ground on which an obj, c ion en- ,!V,'r' "6 the Imlian hml Prev'°"sly
titled ton moment's consideration miideuconflictiiigstatenient,equul.
could be based is that the diagnosis ly positive, implicating another per-
of the inspector was wrong. Fail- SOn, his evidence was very muter-
ing that, it is the height of selfish-; in||y Wllkem!lli mmco the court
iiess to protest against a course in ! ,    .,   , .
which    the  government  has  no (leoided not to P,u,h Prosecution
option once  the existence of the!
dssease is established. — The Week. Laundry at Revelitoke.
The farmers of this district have! 	
no desire to si* any of their horses A f«"y equipped and modern
when suffering from n dangerous, steam laundry is among the near| The fertile Okanagan can precipe of the glanders go niicon. future additions to Revelitoke. « (lnce nnything. It has just pro-
dimmed, on the other hand are1 this laundry proves its class of juce(j „ p^t, J, Forsyth 8mith,
willing to lend every assistance in; work satisfactory it will probably ^.^ o{ tfae Vernon News, has
the eradication of any disease that prove a boon to the people of th<-; jgBnHi n book of rhyme entitled
is found to exist in either a dan- Okanagan, since we should be able „V(,rgp \y„jfB", After rending the
gerousor harmful extent. What to send our "biled" shirts there 1^ through'the Star has seen
they have really kicked against is for considerably less express than one tM the mMet< yh. tmvt tne
the condemnation   of apparently we are at present compelled to pay t^ wftg  m^mea.   It  should
kinds of Plain and
Fancy Sewing'
ttisiiMiic Prices. All work cnrulcci.
VM m\ dwr to TMrtr« Un't Rtal t»l«e Office.
An Okanifin Songster.
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in this line for one of tho
Near C.
healthy horses on only the mullein
test when no clynicul symptoms
have been shown. A great mnny
of them are of the opinion thnt the
disease, if at all prevalent, exists
in so mild and harmless n form
that no serious effects of it will
nppenr for years.
to the coast.
Another Pitiable Sight.       j
Again on Monday were the
residents of town culled upon to j
see a string of fourteen horseB be-
ing led out to the buBh to be shoti
and cremated.   The actions of the:
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
tbe Postmaster OenernI, will be received at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the
have   been '-Worss Waifs".   The j 16th February, 1906, for the conveyance
Issuing of these spasms is a sad j°' His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed
blow to residents of the Okanogan,
for it is the unwritten poems that |
make life endurable.—Golden Star.
Railway Men to Meet.
I«™ v,.t„.„„.,..   .*„,. ..^..„..„ „» .....     it is reported that a big conven-
noble animals as they were being tion of Canadian Pacific Railway
lid  not  much   resemble men will be held in Field on Feb-
Dr. Gaddes left today for Spo
kane, Wash., for  the purpose of lad out did   not  much   resemble men will be held in Field on
buying two or  three carloads of | those befitting a death march, OB all | runry 12.   The gathering will con-
horses" for the    Okanagan   yal- went playing and rearing, thus in-; tinue throughout three days, nnd
ley.    Wednesday sissueof tho Ver-   ,,    ..      ,.   . ,,        . ,      . ...       ,     .,, , .,  ,       .... win.-. _
non Oknniignn, dicating that they at h-nst did not .will be presided over by William
Dr. Gaddes, it  must be known, feel any bad effects of the disease Whyte, manager  of the western
is one of the government inspect- fcr which they were being  led   to| lines.     General   Superintendent
ors  at  iresent  engaged   in  the'destruction, ' Bury will be in attendance.
contract for four years, twice per week
each way, between Armstrong and Falkland, from the 1st April, neit.
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed
contract may be seen and blank forms
of tender may be obtained at the Post
Offlw-s of Armstrong, Spallumcheen,
Hull Car, Glenemma nnd Falkland, and
nt the office of the Post Office Inspector.
Vuncouver, B. C.
5th January, MOB.
Post Officii Inspector,
Wholesale and Retail
The burnt steaks mud remote a apeolahy.
Flah and game bt season.
Live Stook bought at tap prion.
receive  most   particular attention.
The Western   Home  Monthly
free to Advance subscribers.
Wholesale & Reialh
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
estPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted
****** * ******■*%********'**■**
Prop. *
**> 1l
Local and General«*
^ete—^items ol General Merest.
The traveling calendar solicitor
for MOT has already made his advent among tho business men.
The annual meeting of the Oka
nagiiii Liberal association is cull
nt Vernon next Thursday.
Voters of the Armstrong school
district should remember the public meeting tomorrow night.
W.   Needhnm  was   nursing  a
11 scalded foot the last of the week hb
a result of a hot  coffee pot being
Hurry Logan is filling the posi-i til'P«l ov<* by hiB cation of porter  for the   Okanagan!    We regret to note that the family
House during the absence of W. I cf W. J, Armstrong is quarantine]!
because of an outbreak of scarlet
fever, of Which Master   Willie   is
T. Rogers.
St. Vati-iitiiie's Day next Wi
Bufforlng a light attack.
Rev. Roberts, formerly of this
circuit, occupied the pulpits here
Ehmke has been !'""' at ^nob Hill lust Sunday, the
past   week   from I "leuibers °f the congregations nil
nesday. Remember the gnu club's
uiasipiernde those who have received invitations.
Miss Martha
a  sufferer  the
being glad of the opportunity of
listening to his addresses.
Dr. Vimkleek states that he con-
iiiflamation in her eye, which  htisi
Occasioned her considerable pain.
The marriage is announced of
W. Hawkins and Miss Edith templates the purchased an auto.
Horsley, to be solemnised In St.! """bile sinc« tho loss of hiBdriviii«
James' church on Wednesday, the I team. in which case we may expect
21 Bt, Inst,
Thos. Ferris nnd family, of Port-
| to see 'Doc" covering the distances
I at a lively rate during the coming
! summer.
A successful rural dance was
; held at the home of John Hobert-
I son, three miles southwest of town
j last Fridny night. A few of the
! young people from town attended
and spenk very fnvorably of the
evening spent.
Tommy dray, of the Big Store,
\ Inst week advertised in the face of
Our reporter is a little snrdy in J 8ummerlike weather the coming o{
noting the advent of the^stork at aoold8naD,   If he will now an.
the home of Mr. andI Mrs .Geo. nounce inthe ^^ of ^ Ad
Levins on  January   21,  when  ajVANCE   the approach   of  a snow
storm with equal success he will
merit the  commendation  of the
Age la Prairie, Man., are gueats at I
the homo ol J. Robinson, south- j
west of town, and enjoying the;
mild weather here.
C. T. Daykin and family moved
on Wednesday into the burn built
on his property west of town, in
which he will reside until he gets
a residence erected.
bright baby girl gladdenned
Horses are, as a conseqnense of farmers and everybody in common,
the crusade against glanders,' Owing to the departure of one
decided y scarce ,n town and H 0f the leading musicians, the pub-
those wl:o when compelled to leave; ,.„ dnnce nnnounced in connection
town on business have to rely on | with the mmi of T gk
liveries, it is  difficult  to  secure -    1 Misg E(Uth Tun)er We(]nes
rjgs' i day night, had  to  be  cancelled.
Owing to the bad state of the • Mr. Skyrme wishes to apologize to
roads- and possibly the incidental i his many friends for the unnvoid-
scarcity of driving hoises—W. T, | able disapointment, and promises
Holtby proved the only person la similar event nt some future
from Armstrong to take in the, date.
Orange ball  at  Enderby  Friday!    H. Hawkins closeil the deal with
Kbio affair " e| W.H.White on Wednesday where-
joy    e a ai . i ^ bp repl]rCnage)j the  two  acres
Geo. Davis, for some time em-; sold  off  his  property  adjoining
ployed in the tonsorial department | town some time ago.   That to get
of the Armstrong bnrber shop and the property back cost the former
billiard hall, severed his connection! owner   considerable   above    the
therewith  on   Saturday  and on'original price  for  which  it was
Monday left for Nelson.   He will I it was sold is  significant of  his
be missed in  musical  circles of i confidence in the future values of
town, since his services as violinist the property.
and clarionet  have been in active     t, tt tt.,, . ,     ,        ,
, _    , j   .     .,      . , a. tt, tlill is soon to   leave for
demand during the winter. w L       ,
Vancouver,  where  he accepts  a
The Bank of Montreal the last | position on the reportorial staff of
of the week consumnted a deal
with F. C. Wolfenden whereby
they come into possession of the
the Vancouver Province.   During
his residence here  Mr,   Hill  hns
made many friends, and while to
property for some time occupied I some extent working in opposition
by the manager, E. S. V. McClin-! to the writer, we join in the esteem
took, and family. With the hand- in which he is held here nnd wish
some residence is purchased two! for him the highest success in his
nnd a half acres of ground which j better nnd more responsible posi-
makes the property as a whole a; tion.
most desirable one for a suburban j    R. H, Bourne returned Tuesday
"a""6"06- from  Vancouver,   where  he has
One thing for  which  the new Deon silic" before Christmns, dur-
conncil is to be commended is the "UJ wl"ch time he has successful-
imposition of a dog  tax  for the j'? undergone a delicate  operation
comingyear.   There are altogether lin the Sanitarium hospital.   Mr,,..,..   ...
too many worthless curs allowed to I&><>""> ««» "»w be™ Compelled to! t,ful|y 'ltewut[ m 'l W ■«»,
roam the streets  at  the  peasant reBort toat least  four  o^|f«. fe^JSL^J^',.,?.
C. T. Fenner arrived from Bum-1
merland yesterday to take a posi-!
tion in A. N. Ratledge's tonsorial
W. S. Fisher's family horse
failed to brave the mullein test and
is among those consigued to the |
Constable Scott left Wednesilay
for Kamloops, having in custody
the Indian, Billy, who was sent iip] tings.
for larceny.
A number of young men chartered a hand car from Section Foreman Long nnd took in a dance at
Vernon Wednesday night.
The Okanagan Flour Mills Co.
hns decided to add to the extent of
locus TMI Get Business •■»•
Nan, the Mascot'' Wednesday   *
February 21.
The Advance and Free Press for
a year for 11.75.
Start the  new year right  and
subscribe for your home paper,
(let prices on iron pipe, pipe fit-
All    kinds   of plumbing
lone to order on short notice. Tin
and sheet iron work done to order.
Armstrong it Leverington's.
Keep your dtites open for February 21—the date of "Nun the Mns-
| cot" by local talent.
Have you seen those knife and
"Your /mention Please"
their business by the addition of a scissor sharpeners at Armstrong A;
full line of farm implements, i Leverington's hardware storeV
More snow continnes to be the I The New Improved Low Down
universal prayer among the farmers Tj, S. Cream Separator, capaoily
of the district.   With the present i 4,10 ,)0niidB jX!r hour.     Price *!K>.
Armst-ong A; Leverington.
Sprayers' attention 1 Good oak
barrels at Armstrong & Leverington's hnrdwnre store, Armstrong.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the most desirable lots in town.
good "bottom" to the roads a fall
of snow would render logging
very favorable.
Several strangers in our midBt
the past week signifies a good business in the real estate line for the
early spring. The coming year
will probably prove a banner one
for the Spallumcheen.
W. H. White is convinced that
there is no doubt aa to the efficacy
of advertising in. the Advance.
He has had opportunities to sell
many times the number of chickens advertised in these columns
during the past few weeks.
Among the horses condemned
for glanders nt  Vernon  was  the Tenders.
celebrated stallion, Broadbrim, Tenders shall be received by the
owned by Price Ellison, M. P. P undersigned, up to Saturday, Feb-
This animal's destruction will be j ruary 10th, for 25 cords wood, 4 ft.
deeply felt by breeders through- j long, to be piled at back of school
out the valley, as he was consider-! house,
ed a most valuable stock animal. I J- M. Wekiht,
He cost the owner 15,000. i 8ec'y- Sch°o1 Bolml-
A real estate deal of more
Western Home Monthly
An Illustrated Monthly Magazine for home reading
published the first of every month.
We make a special offer to readers of the "Advance''
just to introduce our Magazine into the homes of the people of li. 0.
There is nothing cheap about the Western Home
Monthly but the price. It is easily the best value in
America for the  money.       Subscription price SO OtS.
per yerr.
dabbing offer
« Will pay for three
years subscription
(I 1A wm w •'
spleWVyears sub.
Will pay  for 8
years sub.
I would like a good active lad aa
an apprentice to leam bricklaying,
plastering and stone work.
Jar. Teward.
passing interest wus the nagotia-
tion by Fisher & Sage -this week
A high class family magazine
printed oil fine calendered paper with beautiful colored cover,
profusely illustrated throughout
with half tone engravings, containing new stories, editorial, a
talk to every member of the
family on various subjects of
special interest. The lady of
the house will find our fashion,
pattern, of invaluable value.
Each number contains suggestions nnd ideas well worth the
price of a years subscription.
Winnlsotf        .......       Manitoba.
Get busy. Sit) jour fHinds, get tin-in to elub
with you. Send nniiii-s
address, nnd money
Btnmis or postal note.
roms and blankets
Cold weather is coming.
You will need something in Horse
*   C. L. Christian
Came to  onr  premises  on  ori
of Adolph  Shary's   2(i-ncre tract ] about  Nov.   1st, 1905.   One red
half a mile west of town to' F. K.
Glover, of New Westminster, Mr.
Glover is manager of the British
Columbia Electric Boilway Co.,
and besides his own means represents a large amount of capital.
He will at once begin arrangements for the erection of a hand-
Some and costly dwelling on his
new purchase, and expects to take
up his residence here early in the
spring. He hns already placed a
large order for fruit trees to be set
cow, cut nnder right ear, also tip
of cur clipped; left horn broken off;
calf by side.
42-3 Heaed & Sons.
For Sale
One up-to-date Newcombe piano,
good as new. Cost f475, will be
sold for {285, Enquire at this
 & SONS	
1 McCormloU Blndor,  1 Bran third Mower,  1 Fanning Mill, 1 Straw
Cutter, 1 Sewing Machine, 1 Horao Power, 1 Set Trucks, new,
1 Set Logging Sleighs, 1 Skidding Tonga, Corner  Binds,
Double Trees, Casthook,, Set light Sleighs, Cultivator.   For sale cheap for cash or on approved notes
at three months. For information apply to above
Official Directory
., ,      .... One yenrling  heifer,  red  with
out on the property, which  is ex- white spots,  marked  with  notch
ceptionally well adapted for horticultural purposes. Thnt such men
as Mr. Glover are turning their attention to and taking up their residence at Armstrong should be one
of the strongest indications of the
favor in which men of information
and experience hold this particular part of the Okanagan, Mr.
Shnry will devote his attention to
thoir confectionery and bakery
above and below on right ear, also
one three-year-old steer, same
John Chbirtian.
Railway Time Table
(Shuswap Sl Okanaha.n Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday  9:25 a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:2ft p. m.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L., No. 1807., meets in the
• I.O.F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening ot each month at 8
p.m. Visiting brethren cordially invited
Came to my place in November,
1905, one yearling heifer, part Jersey, no brand or ear marks. If
not claimed within thirty days,
will be sold to pay expenses.
D. Matheron.
As ner previous announcement,
Mr. Thos, Skyrme nnd Miss Edith
Turner were joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony nt St. James'
church by Rev. F. V. Venables, j If yon want
vicnr, Wednesday afternoon.   The j BARBED ROCKS
ceremony pas performed no2ording: WHITE ROCKS
to the rites of the Anglican church PLYMOUTH ROCKS
at il o'clock and was witnessed by'
a number of friends of ■ the contracting parties,   The bride, bean-
CdlorwriteU/   U   U/hl|P
Early Chicks make Winter layers.
time and the public generally will
be glad to see the tax enforced,
Owners of good dogs do not object
to paying the required tax and will
no doubt be qnite ns willing ns
others to see the worthless dogs
thinned out.
W. T. Rogers left Monday for a
visit to his old home at London,
Ont. Mr. Rogers has not been
home since he left there some nine
years ago, previous to his experience in the gold fields of the
Klondike, and it is needless to Bay
that he will find rare enjoyment in
the trip at this time—though the
Well known spirit with which he
ib now imbued with western ideas
and ways will probably influence
him to return as soon   as at all
during tho past few years, but now I 'r"rni'r'ihe MiMe8 HflM,"',l ^'™ti
hopes to receive permanent relief the P"" of b™K»"»aidB, while the
in the delicate stute of his health.
He is now gaining strength rapidly
and is feeling exceptionally well
under the circumstances.
An evidence of what is apparently an importation of glanders is
furnished in the destruction of the
horses belpnging to D. McDonald
and C. E. Morris. These horses
were shipped here during the past
summer and since that time have
been in contact with no horses of
the district, have not been tied to
public hitching posts and have
been in only one stable, that at
C. E, Morris' property. It is evident that the disease was  either
groom wns supported by his broth
or, Ernest, At (> o'clock the wedding supper at the Hotel Arm
strong wiib served to a large number of invited friends and a most
enjoyable time spent. Tho dining
room being cleared several pleasant hours were Bpent in dancing.
The groom has been a resident
of the district fcr a number of
years and is held in high esteem
in his large circle of acquaintance
here- The bride, though a comparative stranger, has during her
residence in Armstrong won the
highest respect and esteem of all
who have formed her acquaintance, J
and like the groom, is followed in
her new station in life by the best|
wishes of n large circle of friend
watch am Jcwciri
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Fatten.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray,  Chas   Crozier, W
S Burnett, E   J Offerlinus.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters- Hall, Arms-
j trong, on the Thursday, on or before the
Divine Service will be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.: Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.—Rev.
Miller, Pastor.
full moon, at 8 p.m.
cordially invited.
Visiting brethren
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
& Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
B. FRANCIS, Rec. Sec.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, nt
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, lit
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Kev. D. Campbell, Pastor.
St. James' Church, Sunday, Fob, 11.
MonuuH Prayer 11:10. bunday school,
2:30 p. m.-F. V. Venables. Vicar.
Holy Mass in I. O. F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in t-iu-h moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval,
Leave your Orders with....
Agent for
Jeweler, Vernon.
imported from Alberta, contracted
possible.     He was'accompanie^ Mr. anrt Mrs. Skyrme were
by little Edna Whiting. I0?™?'1 froni  K<*ms  left  tn  the the recipients of many anil valuable
1 stable.
'Dan tbe maKOf
Will be presented by the Amateur
Drnmatic Co. on
Wednesday, Teb. 2i$t.
Barrister and Solicitor.
3429. I. O. r.
Meetings at their hull last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordialli
invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
Circle. No. M-l.
Order of Ciiniidiiiii Home Circles, meats
in tho I.O.F. ball, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELLS. Lender.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary,
Mail AnmvKS—
North daily eii'rt'f.t Sunday
South    "      "
Mail Lhavks—
North daily except Sunday
South    "
Glenemma nnd Falkland every
Monday ,"i:(X) p. m.
Spallumcheen nnd Hull Car on
Mondays 5KX) p. m.
Fridays 8:30a. m
.1. M. WaiOHT, Postmaster.
1I:.W a. m
3:30 p. m.
3:15 p. hi.
8)40 a. in.
Wood Cargill Block.
Office Hours: 9:30 to 12 and 1:30 to5
For tSale.PUH™D
Dealer in—
kinds  of farm   implements
wagons, buggies. ot<-.
horn and Plomouth Rock Poultry and | SLEIGHS NOW IN STOCK....
Eggs.   Some exceptionally good young <.
Cockerels now on haml
I Lansilowne.       i. W. MARSHALL.
I ^ The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1.75, ?■'
1# Ccmders and fKaCCeiti
Written 6y tne Veterinary Editor  of
American Breeders' If alette.
"When we speak of glanders it
should be ch arly understood that
there is another form of this dread
disease—farcy- affecting the skin
and lymphatics and always accompanied by Internal lesions indicative of glanders. Glnndors proper
affect tho Internal organs lungs,
air passages, nostrils. Both forms
an- due to tho Btune germ (bacillus
mallei), both are contagious to
' horses, mules and :issi-s and comm-
uniottblo to man by Inooulotion of
of a cut or a scratch, Both forms
may either be acute or chronic, are
more or h-ss virulent in either form
and recognized as incurable when
thoroughly established.
''The disease is spread by the
discharge of the affected animal,
The germs do not float adout in the
air of stables, bnt are found in the
discharges which are sneezed onto
woodwork, walls, partitions, man-
gers. harness, neck yokes, water
troughs, feeding troughs and hitching posts. Susceptible horses
coining in contact with such sources of infection nre liable to become infected, develop the acute
form of the disease and in turn
spread the contagion to ether
"In a typical case of chronic
glanders ti horse may be little if
any reduced in flesh or apparently
unaffected in health. A thin sticky
whitish, or yellow discharge comes
from the nose, adheres from the
artifice of tho nostrils and is blown
out npen such nrticles us have already been mentioned. Between
the jaw, feeling from below, will be
found grape-like clusters of little
hard tumors which adhere to the
bone and are not as a rule sensitive nor do they form abscesses and
discharge pus. Letting the sunlight stream iato the horse's nostrils the lining membrane of the
cavaties and of the portion between the nostrils(septum nasi)will
be seen of a dull, bluish cast and
covered with ulcers giving the
parts a mouse-bitten appearance
In addition to ulcers (chnncreB)
having rugged, inflamed edges und
depressed centres, healed ulcers
will be seen in the form of senrs.
Generally one finds in addition to
these visible lesions small tumors
under the skin (enlarged lymphatics) in the arm pit and in groin.
In ninny instances the patient is
emaciated, woebegone, fevered and
coughs, is lame in a hind leg or
has a permanently enlarged hind
leg. and harsh, staring cort. The
latter symptoms are more likely to
be seen in acute glanders which
comes on suddenly, is characterize!
by painful swelling nnd lameness
of hind leg, fever, possibly cough.
discharge from the nostrils and finally by appearance of nlcors as
"Suspect glanders when horse
has fie |Uent attacks of i 08B-bleod,
falls to thrive although fed nutritious ion], has chronic diui-hni'ge
from one or both nostrils which
docs not How from nistril Iu1
sticks nbout  orifice,  shows sores..
soars, ulcers or little bunches on
ining of nostrils and partition bo-1
tWOTu them, has Inim-lies of grape,
like tumors under jaws, chronic
cough-and   tendency to periodic
swellings of the hind legs. Bleeding from the nostrils, sudden
swelling of both hind legs and
Swelling of the testicles are often |
seen in advance of a sudden acute
attack of glanders.
"In differentiating between the
discharge of glanders and that of
influenza, distemper, strangles or
chronic catarrh, remember thnt in
these troubles ulcers are absent
from the lining membranes of the
nostrils and bhiuII tumors are not
fonnd nnder the jaws, which locution may, however, show large
swelling distended with pus (abscesses of strangles). Discharge
from one nostril or both nostrils
characterized by an offensive odor
Why  Osr  Hasty   Osrck EiiL
Onr esteemed local contemporary
takes a fling at us by calling public attention to our precipitous
exit from one of the local churches,
a short time since, during the offering up of prayer by the preacher
just because the gas machine was I
doing one of its Mount Vesuvius'
w  . gjU]ltB    ^yp p]eftJ guilty of having
usually indicates the presence of a \ left in the middle of prayer and
diseased molar tooth in the upin-r>ith a gait slightly faster than a
jaw. and bones of the face under! walk, not because others were do-
the eye. Where distortion of the ">g so but because the Borne
bones of the nose is observed in machine hay a few weeks before
connection with odorless discharge, narrowly escaped blowing the
glandejs is to 'be.SSraioted and whole congregation into eternity.
other symptoms shoiUiTjiswlooked and as we realized that the next
lor.     li   is   not  always   trne%tli.-it   week's issne of  the  ADVANCE  de-
glnndersdlsoharge sinks in ftal'dk)pended upon our presiding genius,
while that of oilier diseases floats, and that in its previous issue some
"As it is possible to decide by ,Ay unkind remarks about our
the hypodermlo Injection of tuber-"'''K'ibijrs had been made and not
culin whether a cow has tubercu. attoned forN-e^vished to rise to
losis or not, in the same way one the occasion inu^so made the
can readily decide whether n horso Move °"r Wend rorSfjks he would
has glanders or farcy by the use,'»nve lik(,d to have secured a snap
of malein. which is n sterilized ex- ishot »l- Like our friend we
tract from a culture of glanders believe in the efficacy of prayer
bacilli to be obtained from any |n" riSht- but under circumstances
firm handling veterinary supplies.'alluded to, prefer to do the other
It is best used by a qualified vet-! half at home. Safety, the better
erinarian. ] part of valor, has always been our
"A marked rise in temperature; mo"° an^ «>« motto of a famous
over normal, accompanied by u flat' American general, "Trust in Gal
painful swelling ut the point where; «"d keep your powder dry" hns
the needle of syringe wnB inserted; always been given a conspicuous
in skin and which remains for sev- hanging in our sanctum sanctorum,
ernl days may be considered surely! A»y ch"mP ™n heartily join in
indicative of the presence of :the chorus "()! Paradise, 01 Para-
glanders. I (''SP- wn0 would not crave for rest,
etc.," but it takes a mighty strong
Calvinist, or fatalist like our friend
while singing it to   believe  the
mullein   test,  been I sentiments to  be  other  than  a
and   after  repeated I Peasant contemplation of n rest
"Instances are on  record where
horses showing no visible symptoms of glanders or farcy hnv
acted *o th<
testing with mullein have failed to;for the weary at some remote,
react and been pronounced cured. *»toM l*"011 ot existence. We
No cases are on record, so far as are pleased to note thnt after all]
the writer is aware, where horses I the building didn't blow up and
showing typicnl lesions of gland-' that the fellows who stayed finish-
ers or farcy have been cured by :ed their prayer and as the preacher
the use of mullein. I intimated the machine would be
"Under the circumstances we i removed before another service, we
would urgently dissuade owners of !wiH surely go to church again,
horses from experimenting with I when we trust nothing of a start-
ma..v.in ns an alleged cure for  tho j 'ing nature will occur  to  disturb
glanders. The disease cannot be
safely handled on a ranch or farm.
The owner endangers his own life
the composure and dignified demeanor which we freely admit
should always and under all cir-
and surely exposes all his horses I enmstances characterize the repro.
to the contagion.    He should  at j seutative of the press.
lenst destroy every horse showing «fly Advertisi«| Pays.
plain lesions of glanders and then 	
have the exposed horseB examined ]    The uverage reader is accustom-1
First   Shipment
Of SPRING DRY GOODS including Muslins. Zephrs, Prints,
Linens, Fancy (I inghnms, etc. is now on display.   Prices 10 to 20c
Our Saturday Bargain sales
Each Saturday we will hold a Special Sole in out- lino of goods.
This   Week (February il) nil Flannelette and   Oanton
Flannel will be reduced.
Regular lac Flannellette for... ,12Jc Regular 12Jc CnntoiiFlnnnel for. ,10o
"     13c " for lie "    lac " for. 12Jo
"       8c for  lie "     17Jc        " for..l.ic
In all shades, white, pink, blue, grny. In both  Bleached  and  Unbleached.
Just the Thing' for this time
of Year!
Heinz's sweet or sour Pickles in Bulk.
U/A1MTFHY 5,000 Live Chickens
n/tnlLIf; Highest Market Price
C.   T.  DAYKIN.
Armstrong MarKets
.       ST   . "     The following prices  nre being
Narseriei, GreenkwitMeedkosse, paid for produce by the Armstrong
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
Head quarters lor
PaoHkt        '
Garden, Flower   A  Field
by a qualified veterinary     j ed to seeing in any paper he may j New crop now in stock and on •^"J
"It is doubtless n fact that an- \ pick up the practice of ailvi riisirg| j"/th^"n°BeSe4 packages, it he does
nnally hundreds of horses are de- j advocated,
stroyed as glandered or nffected j the   spirit
He often thinks that
which  prompted   the
waiter of that article was merely
one of immediate gain—that the
with farcy, yet are free from those
diseases.      Glanders is  properly
feared, and through ignorance of I writer merely intended to induce
its   characteristic   lesions horses! Borne mercantile establishment to
afflicted witn chronic catarrh, lym- give his paper patronage.   News-
not handle them we will mail to you
"*«««« WfJ"
This is our special selecton for B. u.
Special prices on your bulk  seeds.
B. O. Brown   Fruit
Ornamental Trees
Now ready  for sprint,' shipment, extra
nice stock of 2 &. I! year Apple trees at
820.00   lier  100;  8180.00 per  1000
r •       ----    ---*-      Italian
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton
Carrots,      "
Parsnips     "
Turnips "
Cabbage "
Apples, per 40 lb.
Plums, per 20 lb.
Celery, per 50 lb.
Poultry, per doz.
Eggs      "     "
Butter, per lb.
- $14.00
- 12.001
- 26.00;
- 16.00
- 1000'
.    20.00'
- 12.50
- 1.75'
.      3.00,
^ GOOd
f so, it will pay you to see me. |
Estimates given.-
j. Simington
Bhop next Francis'
phnngitis, skin disease ordiseaBed I papers often urge their merchants I ^X^yiwdVnro (M
molar teeth are sacrificed.     Evi-1 to advertise and in so doing often siu/ar prune 2 yenr old line 83
per  100.
830 per 100.
lently the condemning   of horses I justly contend that it will pay all I Full list 0,.0*Jciro»trookiB*tbXe^uMing
should be luff to the qualified vet-! concerned,   Bnt their is a deeper [y^™^08^^,^, Floral work,
erinarian. nnd he also should  be! meaning in this agitation for ex-
consulted in  seeking to  stay the j tensive advertising.   It  is nn  in-
spread of the disease in a centre I disdigpensible element in progress,
where it has appeared
"Hon supplies, l-'ruit packages, Fertilis-
! i-rs, eto.   Catalogue Free.
The Advance and tho Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1,75.
, .ItllJlK;-,! Awanl
]■': WOHl.D'.S I'AIN
Newspapers have discovered this
and taken tip the cry just as they
continue hammering at- any other
enterprising and progresive proposition. History, experience and
reason loach us that to be favor-
ablyjltnown is tho ohlof foundation
of success, As a community we
must uphold tin- principal of nil-
vertislng and all oilier progressive
stops, or In- relegated to tho side
of others thnt sloop, -Armour (S.
D.) Her iii
'tOlOWpstininstcr Ril. Vancouver.
Recently Enlarged
25,000 Now Words
Now Gazetteer of tho World
wit ll mom I turn !?>,000 tltlcD, bused on the
latent wj:,cu3 rctui-tic
New Biographical Dictionary
ctintnlnluir 1 lie nnnes of oviir 10,00(1 noted
persons, liu-.e of birth, ileoth, etc
Edited 1-yW. T. HAHI!I3,T'h.T).. LL.D.,
United SiiitcQCuniuilMlonei-or Education.
23G0 Quarto Page*
Sow PIMM.      £000 lllulmtloas,      lllch Blndlflf*
Needed In Every Home
Alto Waktur'i BB5C5 MtUaavy
1111IV* MM MlMUMfau.
Regular Edition fasoiaj la   ...
De Lii*. Initio* !)»i*l*US la. Ma
PubUakeao,    •■•iacfUM.MaM.
j Columbian    College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen tit very low
; rates.   In the regular course in-
'■ struction is given in the advanced
| Public School, High School, Colle-
!giate and University work.   The
Special Courses include a thorough
; practical Business training:   The
j Vocal, Instrumental, and Techni-
| que in Music:   In Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting and Pyrography; Also
Physical Culture sad Elocution.
For Calendar, Addseas "Gotumbiaii
College, New Westminster, B. C.
If you will cull uaii BCto tho
Cream Separator
nnd note how lew parte
it bits, how perfectly
simple It in, Imw i.'iisy
It (urns, how perlootlV
il Hkims. how finally it
in kept oloun, nnd how
nlnmu nnd (lumlili* it
in, yon will nt onoe cln*
oido it, is tin- sepnrntov
f»r you. No separator
ever nitido such rnpl(
strides in pop u Inr it)
im the Empire. Tho
renson is that it satin-
ti*»H every purehnser.
I nsk the privilege of
showing it to you.
J. W. Christian,
Bntterniiiker nt Creamery.
... Shop
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cli-anest
Shave loe.     Haircut 2iic.
A. N. BATLEDGE, . Proprietor
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
Rksidencb: Sprlnghill, tmlf niilc north
of ArinstronK.
Orders may be left with C. Addison.
Only half a mile from Ann-
strong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom hind easilj
cleared, Good frame house, stabh-
and other buildings'. With tin-
hind will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, !1
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.   Price $o000.
G. Moberly
All Kinds of Carpenter
Work at reasonable price*
Plana sltfpeciflcatlona
Estimates Given
wan Paper..
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decor ato
S avc
by buying this
reliable, hone**,
high grade Sew*
lag machine.
National Sewing Machine Co,


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