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The Armstrong Advance 1906-08-17

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and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
In Ad.aa
Bid Store.
Our    Great
and lasts for
30   DAYS!
25 per ceni
The  Lines Include:
Ladies' Silk. Linen and Cotton Blouses.
Chemises, Night Dresses, Drawers, Skirts,
Vests; White, Cream and Black Mohair Skirts.
Muslins, LaweB, Zephrs, Dress Ginghams,
Prints, Ties, eto.
Girls' and Children's Dresses, Pinafores and
Night Dresses.
Girls' and Boys' Linen Tarns.
Babies' Cream and Cotton Hoods and Bonnets.
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cotton Hose.
Men's Boys' and Ladies' Linen and Straw
Men's Ladies and Misses' Canvass Shoes,
Boys' Linen Suits.
Men's White Vests, Linen Coats and Summer
Suits. Men's Ladies' and Boys' Balbriggan and
Cotton Underwear, etc. etc.
In fact, Everything in the Summer Line must go.
now is tbe time to get Cbeap Goods
and prepare for tbe Rot Oleatber
^aiMtn if tart to last fcr «h mm two IRomim.
tic Big Store aiw«i$ Leads.
mood Cargill Co.,
Anniversary   of   Armstrong's   Destructive   Conflagration.
Our   Progress   Since.
Hardly one of the older residents
of Armstrong would fail to have
culled to their minds lust Friday
night the recollections of the eventful night of just five years previous. For last Friday marked
the fifth anniversary of the great
fire that swept with its wave of
destruction over the principal business portion of the town on August 10,1901.
To the many new settlers, who
have taken np their residence in
the district since thnt date a brief
reference to the tire might be of
It was at twenty minutes to 3:00
o'clock in the morning that the
presence of the tire fiend was discovered. As the present excellent
system of waterworks was not
yet installed and naturally at this
season of the year everything was
dry and burned like tinder, the
futility of all efforts of the citizens
to check the spread of the flames
until they had burned their course
was soon made apparent, and in u
space of time which seemed remarkably short for its work of
distraction the tire had wrought
the loss of nearly the whole of
that portion of the town to the
north of the railway, which included all the principal business places
of town. Among the heavy losers
were Hardy, Wright & Co., general store; Fraser & Patchett, hardware and furniture store; R. R.
Burns, drug store; Smith &
Francis, billiard hall; B. Francis,
implement house; A. F. & A. M.,
hall; L. E. Farr, residence; Wood,
Cargill Co., general store; F. N
Daniels and W. Buker, residences
owned by C. Addison; Hawkins
Bros., butcher shop; I, 0, F„ hall;
C. P. R„ freight shed; Dr. Van-
kleek, office and instruments; .).
M. Wright, implement warehouse
and contents.
The tire was of incendiary origin,
set by .lerry Eagle, then a resident of the district. Eagle was of
demented mind, and bore an imaginary spite toward some of the
business men of the town and took
this means of securing bis revenge.
Walking to Enderby, he carried
here a can of coal oil and a quantity of lamp wicking. The latter
saturated with oil, lighted and put
in Hardy & Wright's stere and the
dastardly deed was done. Stealth
ily stealing away, Eagle was not
seen and but for his own folly after
ward would perhaps never have
been suspected.
Eagle is now safely in custody
at New Westminster.
Being comprised of a list of enterprising business men and sur.
rounded by a district of rare fertility and productive abilities, even
so complete a destruction wns not
destined to prove nn obstacle in-
; surmountable in her continued
growth und development and today
. Armstrong shoWB little effect of
the blow of but tive short yenrs
ago—a living, thriving monument
to the integrity of its citizen nnd
the stability of its country surrounding. As will be noted a large
percentage of the former business
i Arms continue in business, while
I nearly every one in business then
is still a resident of the district.
— That we have a New Stock of—
Anti-Colic and other leading brands of Nipples,
Red Raven Splits, the Famous Aperient,
Manicure Sticks, Anklets, Wrist Bands, etc.
gat .tony Hair yen
Short Hair Long.
We  have all  the  Leading Hair Fertilizers.
eTfse Armstrong Pfiarmocy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist,   il
presents an attempted transformation of Mr. Bowetl's brand or is
the original of the Siwasb's brand.
'responsible for the arrangement
from time to time of the Institute
meetings were to exercise more
discretion in the selection of dates
Swindler Located.
"Rev." J. A. Day, who so sue
cessfully  worked  the  people   of 	
British Columbia and Alberta to I the value and benefits derived from
the extent of Bome twenty [ them would be enhanced many,
thousand dollars for the ostensible | fold. It occurs to many aB little
purpoBe of assisting orphan Ar-1 ghort of presumption to expect the
menians, hns been located in Per- j residents of an agricultural com-
sia where he is married nnd living j mrmity to turn out in the midst of
a luxurious life on his ill-gotten \ harvest and haymaking to a meet-
gains. As there is no extradition: ing the importance of which they
lawB between Canada and Persia; do not question but which might
there is no means of punishing the! to much better advantage be held
culprit unless the Shah seeB lit to j at an earlier or later date,
volnntnrily punish him.
Teamiter Monet Narrowly Escapes.
Sample of Armstrong Clover.
Some of  our  exchanges   have
While haling ice from Vernon j during the past week been boast-
last Saturday, Joe Monet,   in the ■ ing of the exhibition of samples of
employ of W. H.Murray, met with j clover, the longest we have seen
an accident on the hill near the; mentioned being   five   feet,  four
Pleasant Valley school which
might easily have proven more
serious than it did, but which as it
was has caused him to lay up for
several   days  during  the  week.
inches. The Advance can beat
this record all to pieces. We have
in our shop a bunch measuring six
feet, two inches. It was pulled by
Sam Reid out of his field at rnn-
Through something going wrong! dom without any special gelation
with the front of the rack the load i and the whole Held would have
slid forward and Joe was precipi- measured well up toward this
tated to the ground underneath the j height. The yeild per acre was
horses, afterwards being struck by four tons. This clover was grown
several cakes of ice and run over | on his recent purchase from Don-
by the wheels of the wagon. Thnt aid (Irahiiin.
he escaped with only injuries to
his back, about the body and one
foot which will not prove serious
is indeed a fortunate outcome of.
so bad nn entanglement.
Growing Grapes.
There   has   been   considerable
speculation among recent settlers
^^^__^^__^^^^^^__  as to whether or not grapes would
Institute Meeting. '. do well in the section.   From in-
  I formation   obtainable  it appears
Prof, Schutt, the soil expert of that few if uny tK8t8 in trieir cni.
the Dominion department of agri- tnre haVe ever been made in this
culture, and J. R. Anderson, the district, but in at least two in-
provincial deputy minister of agri-1 gtances they are this season found
culture, filled their appointment, to ^ ,i0jng successfully. W. E.
at this place under the auspices of, Hou|t llt Knob Hill and G. J.
the Farmers' Institute last Mon-, Wallace at Round Lake each have
day. Owing to the extreme busy i vine6 out wnich tnig year are bear-
season among the farmers only a I ;Ilg un,i have been proven to suc-
limited number turned out, and ceggfoUy withstand the winters
the meeting partook of the nature I without killing. Farmers who
of an informal discussion. Several | have a 8oii inclined to be at all of
samples of soil were brought in to 18 warm nature should at least ex-
be scientifically analyzed by Prof.
Schutt, which was done to the satisfaction of and  with  profit to
periment with a few vines and
thus ascertain at least to their
own satisfaction whether or not
those present.     If the authorities that fruit can be grown here..
An Unfortunate Mix-Up.
A case in which two highly respected citizens, namely, Robt. I If the former then Mr. Bowell is
Bowellandson Walter, of Knob entitled to the ownership of the
Hill, were charged with the serious j two aniniiils but if the latter be
offense of horsestealing, occupied: has no desire to retain either an-1
the justice court of J. I'.'s Donald | jH perfectly willing that tiny go to
Graham, August Schubert, and .1.1 their rightful owner. The ease
M.Wright all day Tuesday and against Walter Bowell necessarily
was continued until lOtllO today. I hinges upon that against the father,
The ease is a rather unforturate hence the decision of the wart
one becnuBe of the high oharaeter |was reserved unlil the termination
held by the accused, and is theL( the latter, It is extremely no.
outgrowth of a misunderstanding, fortunate for Mr. Bowell and his
The facts so near as gathered from I son that they should have been
the evidence so fur adduced are |nno0ently brought to face so
that Bome nine years ngo Mr,--wr|ous a charge and their friends
Bowell turned out to the range two hope for a successful clearing up
yearling colts brnnibd with his of the entanglement. The pro-
brand which which was EB on se0ution is being conducted by
left shoulder. One of these horses | Basil (lardmn. provincial constable.
was recovered some four yenrs ngo,' while W. P. Gooch looks after the
the second one never having been | interest of the Indians and F Tern-
got in and having been considered j,,],, Cornwall is very ably conduct-
by Mr. Bowell as lost until last Ung the cases for the defense.
spring, at which time the mare whb
brought in from  the range by Planting Shade Trees.
neighbors    of Mr.  Bowell   who •..
identified her as his lost animal,' At kst there ls an ir't(>r"st ■*
there being with her at the time . roused in the important matter of
she was recovered a colt fronl; planting shade trees about town.
eighteen months to two years old. Councillor Murray is entitle,) to *
While Mr. Bowell Identified the (feat deal of credit for bringing
mare as his as nearly as possible the "mtt,!r lnto «n>thln< '*kA
from her general description, the dl?ti,lite •h"Pe- He has 3on" t0
brand carried at the time of her the t,0ttble on his own ^P0-18"
recovery was seen to be PB in-|ibility of aseerraining from the
Btead of EB ■ Indications point-'■ residents an estimate of the nam-
ed to the tampering of the brand,! ber to b(' required, and hns sng-
however, and the mare was retain. Bt!stwl to the comlcl1 that th"-v
ed by Geo. W.Smith to whom Mr. del*'ml nP°" b,>in« solicited for
Bowell had given her in consider- 180""J ai(1'" tn,'ir P'""''^- Messrs.
ation of his bringing her in and Fi8nt'r * ^W- W'ts °f the
breaking her. Supposing the colt; Washington Nursery, have gener-
to b* that of his fathers mare, ;°"s|y °ffered their assistance in
which in his boyhood days had Be"»""K the trees to the extent of
been claimed as his, Walter Bowell throwing off their commission on
disposed of the colt to Alex. Craw-'""? B,ook ordered for this purpose,
ford, Jr. Some three weeks ngo Th'8 wi" •*,mble the residents of
Louis Bnptiste, an Indian from th''tow" to B(!cnre the trees ot a
tho Enderby reserve, found that nor,"al cost ml'1 of a uniform var-
the mare and colt in question had iety a!"1 siz<'- and il'» to be hoped
been taken in from the range by lnat l,ow einc,J 'he matter has
Mr. Bowell and brought about the h(vn s,ar,H'1 ll1*' good work will be
charges as above stated. Con- Prosecuted antil by another season
siderable time was spent in taking 0,ir town may be adorned with
evidence from a number of 8i. trees that will in o few years all
washes who sought to establish thousands of dollars in the hand-
Louis' claim to the animals and 60,ne appearance as well ns the
the identification of his brand, as pleasure that wiil be afforded by
well as the evidence of Mr. Bowell them. "Plant trees" should be the
re a peculiar defect of his brand- dootrine of every property holder
ing iron used at thnt time which ."' the town until every lot is front-
was claimed might easily cause nn j"1 wi,'J at least a row of orni-
indistinct impression of the tirst mfirials.
letter of the brand.   The branding' =sss
irons purported to have been used |       RICHARD & PRINGLE'S
by both parties to the ease were
placed in evidence and it wns to
allow a minute examination of the
brand by daylight that a postpone-
tnent was taken at eight o'clock j
Tuesday night    The question to UlCdltfSday, flllg.   2911).
be determined by the court appears i
to be purely as to whether or not 	
the present brand on the mare re-F.TIjL  ANNOUNCEMENT LATER.
Georgia Minstrels
Will twin Armstro The Advance
Additional Local.
Subscription sl.BO per year in sdvaw
If m t ,..i.. in wlvunot J2.00,
Miss VV.  Carr. ol Revelatoki;
8   a   guest of Mrs.   II.   \V    Kelly
, this week,
Ailvi rtistnii
,11)1! l'l:IN'i INIi A SPECIAL!
N   ,'i('l'S   ,i   l'l. II,I'll
tuiunii'iits whtiro no,
Iniortcd h-oo,    Other ni tic
rntos.   Cards 11 ti tin! a 11,
Mrs.   Young    return,'
1».me at Stuttler, Alta.,
"ay alti-r a   .isit  with  he
Mr... I
    _        I Ir.-.'lt,
ins tin- week.
r. icph nnd entor
mission is ri .im.'ii j   Mrs. Mi-Ni'i-. sister of Al<-x Mo.
rn i ■ unl Quarrio, arrived from New West-'
minster the lust ot the week fur a
visit with tin-
. Mead.
A. S. I.
berl bus
I by Mrs
new pair
to  her
i-r  sister.
had   her]
tills' 'Inr-
Stock Owners.
Having si-iiin-il the services of Mr. Qeo. Maundrell,
of ArinstroiiL'. to represent us tn the Okanagan, in-are now
prepared to buy idl kinds of Live Stock nt the Highest
.Market. Trices.
(inhitsinin leave mini ut the olfloe ol f Ishi r ,v Sage ur notify Mr.
Maundrell, when he wilt arrwige to o81l.
P. Burns ®, Co.,
GEO. Maundrell,       -     -      Agent. JJ
V*\r«\\\t Land ol me Big Re-TAppie^
We Offer a
on 97 Acres
Mile and a quarter from
The Advance spul
,»>tn nt the town mil
it rxisin ninl I', rdiall
■OQSge nt tit- publlo.
-ii.ii iii ilie Inter
,-1,1,'t in which     Mhw Smith, wh
»lints tbe pal   past few weeks tli
' brothers here, left
""™~—-^—""""—* : for her llllllie III III
B. C.'S Best Market.
's family.
lias spent the
- guest of her
cm Wednesday
ifrew, Ont.
Temporary quarters for the so-
oommodatlon of the high school
until the oompletlon of the new
building have been engaged In the
[.0, Pi hall. The school opens on
the 27th.
Contractor Bird has been unable
to as yet make any start with the
addition to the public school  ow-''
It  is   an   axiom  In trade that
"there is no market like the  home
market,"     and     lu   this   respect
British Columbia is Blngularly
blessed, for there is no country in
the world which offers such exceptional advantages In the way of
markets from farm products. The
mining and logging camps with I ing to the details of the letting of
which the whole country is dotted, i the contract not having been at-
employing thousands of men, the j tended to by the department,
numerous working mines and | W, Donnnn. M. A„ of the Royal
smelters with their large staff of University of Ireland, has been
employees, the railways operating engaged as principal of the Arm-
and under construction and the j 8tro„K public Bchool. Mr. Donnnn
lake and river steamers are all | possesses excellent educational
liberal patrons of the farm at j qtmlieoatlons and has hodconsid-
prices unaffected by competition I erab]e experience in teaching in
for imported articles do not disturb [jjB n.^jve home.
local trade, and in every case home
products are  preferred to those     A boarder at a "chop house   in
from abroad a neighboring town, after having
The established cities and towns j beans 8hm'ed at hinl for two
and the new ones which are con-i 8trai«bt wefB- aekwl thet wult"to
stantly springing up with the!™"1.!he el«hth ™™ °f the „thlr-
opening of new mines and th
establishment of new industries
afford splendid markets to the
farmer who deals directly with the
consumer or retailer for cash, the: summer visiting his old homes at
trvding system in vogue in the! Racine, Wis., and Crete, Neb., re-
older countries being practically : turned to Armstrong Monday, glad,
unknown. Fruits and early veget- i as he expressed himself, to get
ables not disposed of locally find | back to the Okanagan. While
an unlimited market east of the! things nt the old home are looking
Rocky Mountains and in the coast i most prosperous at the present
cities of the Province. Eggs, but-: time, Mr. Bilhorn hns become
ter, cream and milk are always at i thoroughly imbued with the
a premium, the local product I spirit of the Okanagan Valley and
falling far short of supplying the' prefers res idence here.
demand.   In   many   towns fresh      „. m   „ ,.,        .        ,        .
.„ .   ,     , ,       ,'   , ,.   . W. T. Holtby returned yester-
milk ib hard to get and it   is   un-   ,     ,       .,     a ..      t, ,.     •
, ,   ,,       . , , ,     ,       day from the Cotton Belt mineB,
known in the mining and lumber-     •    ■ .    • . ., ,    .
,        ,.     .        .  , where tie has spent the past six
ing  camps,   where the imported        ,    .      ,,       .... „ X1 \.    . ,
i       ?    t. a.a *  •        i    m,    ! weeks together with F. N. Daniels
condensed substitute is used.   The ]     ,,□?., •
All Kinds of Carpenter WorR  at   reasonable
sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
RlfT Plans und Specifications Prepared,    j-
wmU-JW^Mmfi&Wfrfi&&&&fr&tt I
I teenth chapter of Hebrews. Some
of our readers will now shake the,
; dust from their bibles,
H. Bilhorn, who has spent the i
Our line of Furniture it now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
Contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once. -:- (live us a call.
Your Meats
a a
WiH be Best that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
rrcrt Hsu TicsOjjs an {twigs.
ILSCnttMef.Prot.      ""oV
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14,000,000. Rest, 110.000,000
Balance Profit nnd Lobs account, $873,988.
' PRESIDENT, Klarfttt Hon. Loral Slralhcona and Mount Raral,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Cm. A. Dranmond, K.C.M.O.
and A. Shary in doing assessment
work   on   their  claims.   Messrs.
, ,.  , ,       ., ., ...   Shary and  Daniels were left at
year throw light on the possibili-! „ ,     ... .       ,
*.,,.. ,      ,,       . .     . oeyniour nml will return in n ilny
ties rordiiirying anil poultry raising
importations of these articles into
British Columbia for
an average
or two. Billy reports a successful
season in working the claims nnd
says everything gives promise of
being satisfactory in connection I
with the value of the ore to be
J.C. Ashton and  Robt Fergu-I
son ., returned   home    yeBkerday
in southern British Columbia.
They are: Butter,$1,179,611 ;con-
densed milk and cream, $165,000;
eggs, $3:19,000; poultry, $78,700.
If cheese, which is not made
greatly in British Columbia, be
ndiled, $333,842, we have a total of
over $2,000,000 sent out of the
province annually for articles I from a trip to their old home in!
which can be profitably produced' Alberta. Crops are looking excep-
at home. Again in the matter of J tionally well in their part of the |
fresh ments and pork, ham, bacon ' new province and along the new
and lard, the yearly importations lines of railway there is a big in-
aggregate $2,186,366, as well as flux of settlers and land values arei
$800,000 worth of beef cattle, sheep steadily going up. In other parts1
nnd swine, all of which should be, of the province where there is noi
raised by the farmers of the pro-: railroad building things are rather |
New Stock..
Just Received.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
quiet and land values remain I
much the same as for the past few
Although British Columbia has
begun to export fruit, the home
market falls   far   short  of   being .                .  ... .[
supplied, for we find that in the now imports over $7,000,000 worth i
same year (1904) the province im- annually, will be won from the!
ported $800,000 of fruits and fruit[ fertile valleys and hillsides ofj
products, viz., apples and other j Southern British Columbia. There!
fruits (not tropical) canned fruits, 119 no fear 0{ overproduction in any |
jams and jellies.   The importation  branch of agriculture, for in  the
of apples may be accounted for by
thedemar.il in the early spring anil
summer months, when no homegrown Btock is available, which has
to be supplied from Australia and
New Zealand.    The "other fruits"
future, as in the past, the farmers
will not be able to supply the ever-]
increasing demand created by the|
march of industry. Should a dayi
arrive when they find themselves
with a surplus, the great mining!
A. S. Elsom having withdrawn from the business,
we beg to announce that this firm will henceforth be conducted by Kirby & Kirby.     We hope by strict attention
to business and only the most legitimate methods to merit
a share of your business in our line.
Branches in all the principal cities nnd towns in Canada.    Also in
the following citieB :—London, Eng.; 22. Abchnrch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,59 Wall Street: Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wiwh.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from 1 upwards and interest allowed nt current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
Wlthdrawala   an   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers nnd country business given special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to tbe
handling of municipnl and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONG E. 4. Tayler, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. S. V.tMcCllntoch, Sub. Agent. P. DuMonlln, Sub. Agent.
Remember we are selling the...
A few Choice Locations left.
Agents for Great West Life.
represent berries and early fruits I oanvps of the north will provide a
grown in California and brought: mnrket for more than they can
in before the local fruits are 0ffer, While on the subject of
matured. The jams, jellies and: home markets, attention may be
canned fruits, however, should and, c.,ne,i to tbe fnct that of 3.181 ton8
will be produced in the provinceLf f,ujt shipped by freight over
as the fruit industry develops, anil tne Canadian Pacific Railway in
in good time all the other pro- 1905,1,669 tons were oonsigned to
ducts of the ranch, farm, dairy and . points within the province.—From
orchard,   of   which  the province j c. p. R, Pamphlet, 190(1.
Real estate
BECAUSE it helps to advance    your   district.
BECAUSE it is tho only means to get the news.
BECAUSE it is owned and ublishedin Armstrong.
Vou get all tbe Cecal news for $uo a year.
Jill kinds of Refreshing Dishes for tbe
Hot Weather
fresh - fruit - now ■ in - Stock.
=wlioltsile & Rei8li==
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo, Murray,   l
Poultry Wanted PrOli
\** */*W*WW**rWW*W*W*wa,W*TWWa,WW
i 7
D. A. Wright left TueBilay for a ' The Misses Voilet and Anna
visit to Bantf. i Hassard were passengers to Sica-
The new wheat has began to,U,0,,B Mo,ll1,,y-
roll  in at the   Okanagan   Flour     Tho families of Oeo. Murray and
Mills. |C. H.   Hardy  returned  Monday
C. Robiteile, C. P. R. relieving!from their oamP llt Okanagan lake,
agent, B|H-nt Saturday viBiting Threshing operations continue
R. W. Kelly and A. E. Armitage. throughout the dittrict.    A ton lo
A son and heir made its advent
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
MoQuarrle, of Lansdawne, Wednesday.
It is not too scon to cast about
you for something to exhibit at the
Armstrong fair. (X-tober 10 is not
far away.
0. A, Love left on Monday for
a business trip to his old home at
Bed Deer, Alto, Mr. Love hopes
to be able to close up his busini-SB
interests at that place on this trip.
Owing to the shortage of the ic
crop last winter that
the acre—88 bushels—appears to
be about the average yieltl for the
wheat this season.
Preparations are being begun by
the good people of Knob  Hill  for
the aniiiversny services in connection with their church ou the lost I Dnykin'B store, this week invested
j Sunday in September. | i„ fonr „f the lots being sold by
i    Fred Scott and family, after an Mrs, Geo. Inch.   He contcnipntos
the erection of a residence in the
Trice Ellison. M. P. P. spent
the latter pari of the week iu town.
Thos. Marshall purchased this
week, through Kirby & Kirby, two
more of the lots in the Inch addition.
A partial eclipse of the sun will
occur next Sunday afternoon. It
will be visible to Hi is part ul British
Mrs. L. B. Stokes returned Monday to her home at Estevan, Bask.,
after a few weeks' visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mre. C. T. Daykin.
Genuine Indian summer weather!
prevails these days, The immense
forest fires in various parts of the
province have caused dense smoke
to settle over the Okanagan I
Thos. Whitehonse.Vlerk in C, T,|
f      T.AFEw!.    ~^j
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Men's Working
a'.ln-r at a Bin
extended visit with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott, left
Wednesday for Manitoba, to continue later to their home in Ohio.
The home of Mr. and   Mrs.  C.
mmodity iw Hclli,% Wl» Messed by the
birth of a tine daughter on Mon-
is now becoming  very scarce in
Armstrong, some of the lim.B | cla>"m,rni"«- Tho m,w|y
whbh require it having already I Wk* "> accordingly much elated.
run entirely out, and several tons ] The high school and the public
having been huuluil up from Ver-j schools of the municipality reopen
non I after the summer holidays on the
J. E. Grnvette, who has been do-127th in8t- Tbo l)rin,,lry <livtaion
ing painting in town for the past jof $e Boho°l *",£*» wiil not °P"n
couple of months, left Monday for
Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr, Gravette
has been to that far away city before and owns property there,
whioh he has now gone to look
Fred Heathcoate returned last
week from Edmonton, Altn.
While there he purchased a small
until one week later,
V. J. Steedmnn had the misfortune to lose his house and contents
and his implement shed and a portion of his implements by a bush
lire thnt raged over a large area of
hie neighborhood last Tuesday.
C. H. Hardy returned on Saturday from Ontatio, where he was
Katie, for
convenience  in
general store business and will.called by the sad death of his
soon leave to take up his residence i mother and the serious illness of
these in hopes that a change of his father. We are pleased to
«limate will prove beneficial to
Mrs. Heathcoate's failing health.
Donald Graham on Wednesday
took home a brand new rig and
harness to be presented, together
with the family horse, to his two
state that tbe old gentleman was
left in a much improved condition.
A.  VanBuskirk and  wife,   of
Olds, Alta., spent a couple of days
here the last of  the   week.    Mr.
VanBuskirk has  recently sold his
the Misses Ada and Alberta real estate and like many
It is reported thnt a number of
cases are to be brought against
certain Indians on Salmon River
reserve who are charged with re-
branding horses found on the
J, W. Rippington has added to
his present holding of Okanngan
real estate by the purchase of
thirty-five acres adjoining him
from S. Fruno. The price paid
was $40,011 per acre.
The members of the municipal
council spent a goodly portion of
last Saturday in inspecting some
of the proposed new roads throughout the district and some of the
places where repairs are needed.
Artist Lapworth and assistant,
Lee Patten, returned to Enderby
Monday to put the finishing
touches on A. L. Fortune's new
residence. Mr. Lapworth has a
number of other jobs of painting
in that vicinity to do.
The weather the past few days
of this week was decidedly cooler
than it has been the past several
weeks. A dense smokey haze has
hovered over the valley which has
No two alike, all colors and Bizes
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Reductions in
Ladies'   Clothing.
Sample Braces
All PrioeB from 16 conts to $1.00.
\5he - Lowest  - Priced - Store^J
others contemplates  taking  -'re-
driving to and fro the Armstrong', tuge" in the milder climate of the
high school daring the ensuing
B. Francis not only won the gun
«tob button at Wednesday's shoot,
but also won the medal given for
-competition during the season by
the Dominion Cartridge Co. Sev-
Pacific province.
The work on the foundation for
the new Wolfenden brick block is
progressing favorably, though some
lelay has been caused by the inability to get stone fast enough.
The foundation, which shows some
•ctal of the members were well up. good masonry work, will soon be
in their aggregate averages in the! completed and ready for the be-
contest and it was only Francis'
■winning shoot of Wednesday that
insured him the medal.
Brock Robertson, of Victoria,
hue taken a position with J. M.
Bird ou the new school house job. the pleasure of speaking to well-
ginning of the brick work.
the power of the sun's rays.
D. Kingsbury, who recently purchased the residence property of
W. J. Armstrong in town, arrived
with his family from Hastings,
Ont., Tuesday. In addition to his
residential property, Mr. Kingsbury purchased ten acres of the
fertile bottom land adjoining town
on the north which each season
produces some four tons of hay
per acre.
An unusually large attendance! Another carload of effects and
was out to service in the Methodist another family ware added to the
church Sunday morning and in'■■ settlement of Armstrong the past
lieu of empty seats Rev. Miller had week.   It is another recruit from
Light overalls and jacketB—
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A new stock of stationery and a
lot of new material has just been
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Few boy's linen suits left at
your own price. Armitage &
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1.75.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
tea considerable extent!"bhecked|I*rkinestatelot*'now owne? by
Marshall Lucas—the most desir-
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Tan, black and fancy hose for
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Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Shuswap & Okanauas Railway)
Arrives Irom North daily except
Sunday  9:25a.n
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:2fi p. n
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—h. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam,  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. B. Main.
Mail Arrives—
North daily except Sunday      9;» a m
South    "      " " 3:30 p. m.
Mail Lkavks—
North daily except Sunday     :!:4.", p. rn.
South     "      " " 9AT> a. ib.
Spallumcheen, Hull Cur, Glen-
emma and   Falkland every
Tuesday and Friduy at 7 00 a. m.
.1. M. Wkiiiht. Postmaster.
Divine Serviea will be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.—Kev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Synopsis of Homestead ReftlarioH.
ANY available Dominion Land* within the Railway Melt in British
Columbia, may la? homesteaded hy any
person the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of aire, to the extent
of one quarter section of 160 acres mere
or less.
Entry must be made personally at the
"Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at I £»' b"d offlw <or th" di"t,'ic, in «hl0'>
11 B.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at the land is situate.
731 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Camp-,    The homesteader is required to per-
ball, Pastor. | form the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
11) At least a six months'   residence
upon and cultivation of the land in each
St. James' Church.   Maiming prayer
llaTOl Evening  prayer   7:30;   Sunday year f« three years.
School 10:00. Communion services un
first and third Sundays in each month
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
and forth Sundays in each month are
Early Celebration at 8 o'clock.
Rkv. Howard J. Kino, M. A., Vicar.
Mr. Robertson's coming to town
will materially strengthen the base
ball club of Armstrong, as he has
for the past season been catcher on
filled pews. The sermon too
proved to be one of the pastor s
most interesting and impressive
discourses, while the solo ably ren
the Fernwoods, one of the strong-! dered by Lee Patten added very
est teams in Victoria, and is spoken'largely to the musical portion of
of by the press of that town as the the service and was heartily en-
mainstay of that team. I joyed by the congregation.
■JohmMcNab, wife and daughter, I We heard a rancher this week
of Mosden, Man., after spending a I say some very unpleasant things
few days visiting with his sister, \ about the Wednesday half holiday
Mrs. W. Hallam, and family ut j practice. Without entering into
Knob Hill, left on Wednesday's ■ the merits or demerits of the prao
train on their return journey. I tice, it certainly does occasion con-
They will 6pend some time at;B'derable inconvenience to the
Banff, and later visiting the fam-, farmers, and when during their
ily of H. Boyle, formerly of Arm. j busy season they are brought to
strong, and other friends at Saska- town for some needed article and
Lacombe, Alta., in the person of
J. A. Warner Mr. Warner was
here some months ago and looked
around, and while he did not buy
property was sufficiently well satisfied with the place to return here
with his family. He expects to
find a location soon and has rented
a place in town temporarily.
Venerable Archdeacon Beer,
while on his way on an official visit
to Kelowna, stopped off from Monday to Tuesday with Rev. Howard
J. King, M. A., vicar of St. James'
church, Armstrong. While the
Archdeacon's visit on this occasion
had no particular significance in
connection with the work of the pipe for sale.
Sign muter and
laFAt Armstbonci Hotel.
Third Sunday in each moth nt 10 o'clock
Father Dorval.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -
Wood Cargill Block.
Cilice Hours: 9:30to 12 and 1:30 ton
(2)If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for, the requirements M to
residence may be satisfied by residence
I upon said land.
(3)If the settler has his permanent
• residence upon farming land owned
I by him in the vicinity of bis homestead.
j the requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by residenee upon the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands nt Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
j Coal lands may 1* purchased at (10
; P" acre for soft coal and S20 for anthra-
: cite. Not more thai, 320 acres can be
[ acquired by one individual or company.
B. C.; Royalty at the rate of HI cents per ton of
__. 2,000 pounds shall be collected on the
gross output
W. W. COR?,
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. li.   Unauthorized   publication of
his advertisement will not be paid for.
-   B.C.
Fraternal Societies.
Poultry. p,j™
toon,  Sask..   before    proceeding
Mrs. John HoiiBer, Sr., nnd her
daughter arrived on Wednesday to
join her son, C. E. Houser, with
whom they have now taken np
housekeeping in H. Schneider's
property on the corner of Okanagan street and Wood avenue. Mrs.
Houser went into the Cariboo
country in the enrly mining days,
in 'fiti, and until this trip has not
been out since. She was three
hundred miles from Ashcroft, the
nearest railway point, the trip to
that place entailing a four days'
ride in a stage coach. There have
been Bome lively days in Cariboo
during Mrs. Houser's long residence there and many of the pioneers of the province know of the
fortunes that were taken out ef the
mineral fields of that district,
are unable to obtain it their ire
can hardly be blamed for rising
considerably above its normal
While the apple crop is this year
conceded to be a comparatively
light one, there is yet being marketed a very creditable amount of
the early varieties at this place
and there are several orchards in
the district whioh are heavily laden
with fruit. One of the best instances to come to our notice thus
far is the well-known and excellent orchard of John Thompson in
Pleasant Valley. Mr. Thompson's
fine trees are literally groaning under their heavy load of excellent
fruit and any greater number to
the tree would in most cases prove
detrimental both to the quality of
the frnit and the vitality of the,
Apply to
church, he enjoyed the day with I Pelly & Pelly, real estate agents,
the vicar and some of the parish- or to F. N. Daniels, Blacksmith,
oners, and was highly pleased with j    17- Armstrong,
the condition of their church work'.- .  .   .      -       .        - —
at this place. j    pfJBLIC NOTICE
Eli   Wilson,  principal   of the' . ,    ——— :      .„    _
Armstrong high school, returned j Municipal  Water  Work..
home on Saturday.   Mr. Wilson's I To wATKIi Consumers:—
vacation has been spent as assist- j    Water for other than househoid
ant to Prof. Lambe, of the Domin-1 pnrpogeB ^ on\y be used as foil-
ion Geological Survey Department, I owg.
Iron Pipe.
1KXJ0 feet of J in. galvanized iron IT. 0. L.. No. 1807., meets in the
:-. t i.      a_„i..  ._  «„„_.   ~*   »••'• -fag- KiKim, the second
jmioont.  Saturday evening of each month at H Lansdowne.
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordiallv invited
Secretary. W.M.
horn and Plomouth Koc-k Poultry and
Eggs. Some exceptionally good {young
Cockerels now on hand.
OKANAGAN Blnck Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall. Arms-
full moon, at 8 p.m.
cordially invited.
Visiting brethren
in making surveys iu the North
Thompson, Nicola and Simalka-
meen   districts.     The time was
Residents of Town
Between the hours of d:30 and 9
a. m.; 1 to 2 p. m.; 4:30 to 5. p. m.
spent   in examining the various! ft 8te^ sP"nkling,only) and 7:30
geological formations encountered !    <*£ Consumers-
and the collection of fossils and
other geologicol curiosities, of
which some excellent specimens
were secured. Mr. Wilson; thoroughly enjoyed the outing and
that it proved beneficial to him
physically is evident from his improved appearance.
4 a. m. to ti:30 a. m.; 12 o'clock
noon to 1 p. m. and 6 to 7:30 p. m.
The Constable has positive orders to   lay  information  against
persons infringing these rules.
Geo. Murbat,
J. Hamill,
F. C. Wolfenden,
Water Commissioners.
1  McCormick   Binder,   1  Brantford
ARMSTRONG Circle, No. 372.. Mower.ll Fanning Mill, 1 Straw Cutter
HOME   CIRCLE.        -1 Horse. Power.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
ia the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELL.Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
PORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
V-/ I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood. Cargill
4 Go's. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
G. MOBERLY, Rec.Sec.
i. o. r. i
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
•ON The Swimmrnf Tank.
The iiiuiiici|al council met in
regular session Inst Saturaay. The
bosinesB was of a routine nature,
considering communlcittionB, passing   aocounts, ant] dealing with
Private Sale.
Live S-rot-K.
One yearling colt, one pure bred
Berkshire sow.
Farm Implbmbkts,
I now have the following articles
A Foil line of.
for Bale
!  llUllUf
i      ii r
at very reasonable prices:
drug saw, complete; one
mill: one ID-shoo drill; one
one four-furrow plow; one
roods and other public matters
1'.' the  publio Bwimtniug tank
the solicitor gave it as Ms opini
that the water coniniisoioners I   I
not the authority lo expi n I th
Burplus of tin' water works 1'or thut
purpose,     This does nol   imjily,
hi'wi .rr. that the swimming i ti Is
is not to become a reality; Cor il is
now proposed thut the sum to be
required for Its erection  be borrowed by the commiBslpners upon
the security of the waterworks, the
Interest and sinking fuud for sal I
loan being provided from the our-jdriviug
rent revenue of the tank,     This machine in good orde
plan will be in full aooordonoe
with the statutes uml quite as sat-
Isfaotory us the first suggestion of
tilling tne waterworks surplus.
The Bubjeot of n public watering I tnuohino; tX) yards [ineoleum, new;
trough in town was again oonsid- one sewing machine: two parlor
ered by the oounoil. It was de- stoves and other artioles too num.
cided that if the same was request- erous to mention.
breaking  plow;   one   louble , 1 ist-
plow; one  mat,lire spreader; ono
half wagon nnd raok; ono democrat
wugon; ono   1300.1!i   Bcnlos; one
BOO-lb steelyard;   one Woodyatt
lawn mower; one chisel-tooth  Inr-
rowjone rool purport one hay cutter with turn  and  table curriers;
one 3-roller grain cmsher; one Bet
3-horso eaveners: quo set double
irness:   one  threshing
r:   line set of
blacksmith tools; ouo  set of light
sleighs, miscellaneous tools, etc.
Household Goodb.
One barrel chum: one washing
Stationer y
... Also a Large Lot of.. .
New Type
Bee Hive store,
In this comparatively
Try Us for
Job Work.
ed by a petition from the farmers
it would be constructed,
The Kind to Tie to.
A Canadian exchange in speaking of the scarcity or laborers
enumerates the different kinds of
work and mentions potato digging
as one of them. Now if there is
any kind of work that induces
laborers to come to a locality it.
surely is not potato digging, and
we think that its advertisement
would hnve been more fruitful if
they had left the "spuds'
Mark Hill.
Painters Wanted
I will pny highest wages and
give Bteady employment to three
men capable of doing good house
painting. A. J, LaAWORTH,
If bo, it will pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. Simington
Wild Flower Collection.
The   Natural   History   Society
has under taken the work of establishing a Wild Flower Garden
in Victoria.   We  have   secured a
'"" ", most eligible site in   Beacon Hill
the deal. But we wish to add thnt '> Pflrk-lvml the city authorities have
those who dig the potatoeB are the | promised to make ub two small
fellows who the old farmers ought i rocky ponds. Our aim is to Be-
to introduce to their dnughters for cure a representative collection of
they nre the fellows who will' the many beautiful wild flowers
succeed in life.- Wagner, (8. D.,)' and Bhrubs native to thiB pro-
Lender, vince.   We now appeal to anyone
who is interested in the flora of
hie particular locality to help us.
We want this fall only those subjects that will thrive on rocks and
dry institutions, as we shall not
have water until next season. Our
funds are limited nnd we cannot
pay for plants, but will
gladly pay freight charges. It is
a labor of love on our part, and we
shall be glad to henr from anyone
able and willing to help us in the
good work.
Edward Alex Wallace,
Shop next Francis'
Curfew Endorsed.
Our remarks a couple of weeks
ago re the necessity for a curfew
bell or some other means of warning the youngsters about town to
return to their homes at reasonable \ offer to
hours at night have been favorably
commented upon by n number of
our readers as well rb by some of
our exchanges. It is hoped the
mutter will be ccn6idertd in th
serious light which it deserveB and
that some steps will be taken in the
matter, if possible. At least the
parents of children could do a
great deal by personal supervision
of the children and assure themselves that they are not in places
unhealthy for them after night.
Dr.  Vankleek's  Fine  Residence.
must win upon their
merits. The International
Dictionary has won a
(greater distinction upon
ms merits and is in more
general use than any other
work of its kind in the
English language.
A. II. gaffe, I.I-I>., !>.»., of Oxford
1'n.vtrn.l v, |.■,(,-!,.inl, i,;.s li'itiiUy will'
ol il: It IttimUcd'll im.i'vi-iinw wuji;; il 1:
.1 if'..culI toKUii-clveof u (lidMiliary mora
eximuflt.veuw. con plole. Every! liiuif i«
in It-uot only win,, we in.jrlit e.vt-cet iq
Una in piich h work*, but steowlint few of
un would ever hnvxtilioiiglttnf loo kititfi't'ii*.
A stij.plcniicnt io ttit new edition liat
i>i'-iii<.-lit it fully ui' to tlutu. I inivf \**>:\
looking through iiie-latterwitlia feelintf
iil'iKiKfiihii.jn.'m nt Its compli-tentf"!, fi-ia
tie itini,i,i.t tit h:Lx;r thut has been put
into it.
11liehlRhfBt awurdi wnn iiivcn to lie International at tne World's Kair, St, Loutf
■ s biMi'-H
Simington & Burnett have been
awarded the contract for the erection of Dr. T. D. Vankleek's new
dwelling on his fine five-acre Bite;
in Rosedale.   The dimensions of
the building over all are to be 26x
30 feet.   It is to be patterned after j
the modem colonial style and promises to be one of the handsomest:
ns well as one of the best appoint-1
ed dwellings in  town.    The cost|
complete will be near $2,000.  The'
plans nnd specifications were pre.
pared by (i. Moberly.
The Spallumcheen Farmer's Institute have ordered a second car
of stumping powder, which will be
on hand in about two weeks, and
can be had from the secretary, J.
B. Bird. Price of powder $6,60
per case to members of Institute.
Geo. Hbggie, Pres.
J. B. Bird, Seo.-Treas,
and   llllardHall.
The smoothest BhaveB, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 18o.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
For Sale!
80-Acre Lots
Four Choice 80-ncre Block four
miles from town will be sold cheap
and on easy terms. Inquire of—-
H. Scnneider.
\   FREE   "A Teitln ProminciaUn,'
latrnuth* mul i-.tiuritiiiiliii*
fur thenllulc, tamlly.  AIM,
llliialiiitecl |iiiiii]>liUit,
Sphinofieud, Mass.    ,*»v__^?'
■ ..... MiA.tam
i^a-.'iai i  V
new i
country people are working daily I
fur the upbuilding of the town nnd ;
district, and for the Improvement
of the conditions under which tlu-y
are oalled upon to live. Every act
of daily life thnt tends to bettering
one's surroundings makeB directly
of indirectly for the improvement
of society generally.     Ill  ail  this
the local newspaper plays nn Important part. .Among its looal
renders It stimulates an increasing!
interest in their home surround.
logs, keeping them posted on local
happenings, and becomes a wel-1
come weekly messenger. Among
its outside readers it fomiB a valuable advertising medium, making
known the merits, advantages and I
prosiH-ctB of the district it represents. In the upbuilding of a
town or district the local aVwspapi-r
is a inubt important factor.
tbe Armstrong
Advance.. ♦
Aims to do its full and com-1
plete share in the upbuilding and]
advancement of Armstrong nnd j
district. It is the only paper that
is owned and published here, hence
the only medium devoting its every
energy to the interests of the dis-,
trict; it is in no way handicapped
by any restraining obligations to |
any party, clique, creed or corporation, but has a perfectly free hand
to at all times promote the inter-
ests of the town and community in j
in which it gains its existence, i
No efforts are being spared to make
the Advance the class of paper the
people want—a good live local i
paper. Special attention is paid!
to chronicleing every item of in-
terest to the local resident and to |
the publication of such nrticles as I
will attract the interest of outsiders;
to our district. With thiB end in
view we aim to have—
A subscriber in Every
Home in ihc District. I
The exceptions of the homes
where the paper is not read in this!
district are now very few. which
fact shows that the past efforts of
the publisher have not been in
vain. In onr advertising department every effort is put forth to
protect the home merchant. Foreign advertising in not solicited,
nor will it be accpted from firms
who seek to compete with the local
business men. I
Special sa
Lines ol Shoes:
LADIES- DONGOLA8 -Hrloes range from $1.75 to-$2.60,
will be olosed out at $1.00
INFANTS' SHOES    Button and lace.Special J .76
INFANTS' SHOES—Button, Special $ .85 tl'
YOUTHS'- Butr and IVbble Bills, sizes 11 to 2. regular 91.25
to |l.75, will be sold at fl.00
BOYS'—Buff and Pebble Hals, sizes 8, -1 and 5, regular price
$1.25 to $2.00, Sale Price $1.00
MEN'S SHOES   Prices from tl.25 to $1,75, special..SI .IK)
MEN'S PEBBLE   $1,75 to $2.25, lo clear at $1,60
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
i    I
*•**»*>AGENTS FOR —w
jjgrjjjg machinery*
Feed Grains of All Hinds BOUGHT
J. It warren
mm tuner
Granule Nlles-lr jiu SckeM...
I am now prepared to receive
Yes, and we also sell the	
20th Century
• 0*
Host Machine made.
Wire Cable of nil sizes,
Hin^N' and doublt* blocks,
Horse Forks,
Churches' Hay Cars,
Champion Mowers and Rakes
Thomas Steel Hay Tedch*rs.
B. Francis
BulMhig Stone
Do you buy
BIRD BROS, beg to inform the publio
that the/ rn- prepare to aupyly
delivered in town   niuht and morning
MILK 18 irte for $1        CREAM 35o qt
Cbe Columbia College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
ratoB. In the regular course in-
Btruction is given in the advanced
Public School. High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Special Coarses include a thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Teohni-
quein Music: In Art: Sketching,]
Oil Painting and Pyrography; Also ]
Physical Culture and Elocution.
For Calendar, Address "Columbian
College, New Westminster, B. O, I
S evve
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high (rrade sew-
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.,
,      ,   - , - 8ALEI
orders lor piano tunui* and, Best quality of Stone in the ells-
guarantee satisfactory work trjot   Will be delivered at reus-
Address me nt
..Special oiler in..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye. Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass, Ensilage Corn. Mangel,
Turnip. Special quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soap,
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock of Ho.ME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or Inspection,
Let me price your list before
placing your order.
We do   business  on   o--,r  own
left at Advance office,
There uretwofiTeat<'litftge* of nut-door flower-
Injr idiint.i; the ANNUALS whjih ure trniwn
ficnm-«lt>nFh H'liKin.nii.I the HAltDY HKK
HAiXOl'S ilnntc which live from year to year,
Wu nre Inrge Rrowen unit cciu-i.-tori of both
rjiinwK—as year* experience—and we offer nil
tht- lot UAIU'V vfirletii*. Bend for our ifrflfl
Si:i:i) CATA1."U. which Include" also T.':*TI-;i>
VaQETjiBLB BEBD.   Remember we ura the
btrci-Hl pruwim nf STKIt'TLY   HARDY fruit
uml uTTiutiii-Niiii treen mill fJanW In the I'nlUtl
htiilim. tJHNit.Urln-dim*.   laiif. Acn^.tTT, FIIEB
CATAIAKIH.  (HTHdliUilc A'JiiiiUi Wnnted.
■ The Jewell ISnr.irricn, Boi c 1      Lake Cilj, BiriB.
enable charges.     Orders may be | grounds—no rent to pay. and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free,
1)010 Westminster Rood.
Vancouver, B. C.
(Inly half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom laud easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings. With the
land will be Bold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood bow, 3
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.   Price .ft'iOOO.
Scenic Artist.
Sign Writer.
Guilder, House
Painter (Q. Decorator.
Kalsomlning, Etc.
25 years experience in Europe;, Africa and America.
l^m Acres
Of Choice land in  Salmon
Arm Vulleyj 2 good houses and
outbuildings.   Will Bell in block
or in tracts to suit purchnsers.
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises to	
Jtto. (U. flritMro.10,
Siilfficn .Knit, H. C.


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