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The Armstrong Advance 1906-01-05

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and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Punished Id liic Iclcrcsis cl Armstrong m District. Ike CMcesi portln il itc Fmms Htiajii valley.
Sub.crl.llon SI.SO In fi.'i-.-ncm
^^^OTborwl* S2.O0.
NO 88.
What Difference
Does It Make
Whether you are young Or Old?
Yon still   want   things   that   are   becoming   to. you.
Thai Is what we arm here fori   To suH you.
And when you give our Furnishings a trial your
opinion is fit) per. cent better. A little bit of sunshine
goes a  long  way—Your  smile  is  a  broad  one  when
——~ dFitted out 6y us
A Mans m Man
When his clothes make him so.    we outfit men every
day and they go away pleased with what we have
Wo org up-te-dotg in f1W» Jogyru
in ott Branches.
Get them at—
We have pleasure iii
taking this opportunity of wishing
you a Prosperous
New Year, atod look
forward to a continuance of the past
pleasant relations.
John Hamill.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
ARMSTRONG]^     -      -       B.C.
v« lWHett of a Tloiir««
THAT  18  A
Peering machinery^
Fee<Grain. of All Kinds BOUGHT
200 Farmers out to Hear Discus-
-     sion of Glanders.
One of the largest meetings ever
held in Armstrong was that yesterday afternoon addressed by Veterinary Inspector Tolmie, Tho history and growth of the glanders was
carefully dealt with, after which
was given tbe reasons for the present "tringent measures'1 for stamping it out. The meeting had the.
effect of bringing about a -more
satisfactory feeling among local
horse owners,   More next week,
After tbe conclusion of the address by Dr. Tolmie there was held
the business session ef the annual
meeting. The report of tbe delegate to the last central farmers' institute meeting, D. Mathcson, was
received and dealt with, together
with the treasurer's report, wbioh
showed a balance of (84.46 on
hand. Several matters in connection with .the workings of the organization were given attention,
among which a resolution was
adopted denouncing the new school
act and instructing their delegite
to ttse his efforts toward securing
a repeal of the same. The annual
election of officers resulted in the
selection of Geo, Heggie, president
and delegate; W. T. Marshall, viie
Freiident; J. B. Bird, secretary-
treasurer: directors, F. H. Hassard,
D. Matheson, D. Graham, Wm.
Owen, Geo. Parkinson,
Santa £lau$ ba$ come and gone
The "BIG STORE" was delighted
with the Christmas trade nnd
would now take this opportunity
of thanking our many customers
for their liberal patronage during
the past year and would ask yon
for a continuance of the same for
Onr aim is to make the "B I G
STOKE" one of the best stores in
the Province for goal goods and
low prices.   The more business we
do the cheaper   we can  sell, so
make up your mind  to spend all
your cash in Armstrong for the
next   year  thereby   making   us"
happy and yourselves also,
Wishing yon   all a very happy
New Year.
mood, Caraill Company, Limited.
Nmta Annual Evt* On* tl n
The I. C. F. ball held on New
Year's night proved a grand success both socially and financially.
There were gathered there to trip
the light fantastic all the youth
and beauty of Armstrong, besides
a number from Enderby and Ver-
ncn. Great oredit is due the managing committee who exercised the
best taste and judgment in the
successfnl management of the af-
snir. The hall was prettily decor.
ated with evergreens and bunting,
this work being due to the lady
friends of the members. They ol.
bo provided the supper, which was
something out of the ordinary, and
all who participated in tho dance
highly appreciated the bounteful
repast of tempting viands placed
before them at midnight. The
music wiib excellent, being provided by Mrs. Strathearn and Mr.
Davis. Armstrong may well be
proud of having two snob uocom
plished musicians. The management of the dances won conducted
by Mr. Wyatt who acquitted himself in a creditable manner in spite
of the immense crowd.
The program consisted of twenty
sight dances, and in addition to
these there were a number of extras, it being after four o'clock
before tbe dancers left the hall, all
declaring they bad spent a moat
enjoyable night.
About two hundred were present
and participated in the dance, but
owing to lack of room we are unable to publish the names of those,
Portfolio for B. C
Hon. Mr. Templeman, of Victoria, is booked for tbe portfolio ef
Inland Revenue. Mr. Brodenr will
get the department of Marine and
Fisheries. Vancouver Libera* an
making a fight for Bobt. MePherson, M P., and suggest that Senator Templeman be lieutenant-governor of B.C.
I Sicft Room Comforts.
you would not borrow a Tooil
Brush. Why borrow anything lor
the Sick Room?
Do not make the excuse
you cannot get it. w"ml
Always in stock
Rubber Sheeting '%k Hot Wafer Bottles
Bed Pans ^ftw^w *'0% Catheters
Urinals \!N3§§IF Air Cushions   '
Sick Feeder Wlwkf£ Invalid Rings
Douche Pans i; V^Sr*    J Sanitary Towels
Syringes ^i£|i*lp** ^tc- ^tc#
The Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R, BU RNS, Druggist.
I 1
I Bear IMS in MM I
Your friends-'-bnek home" are
interested in the country in which
you live. There is no means of
acquainting them with your district as by means of the local paper.
Let ns send them the ADVANCE.
only $1.50 a year. | The Advance
ri':;i.isiii-:;> ::v : ;v i-'inn.u at
Subscription 81.50 per year in iidvanco.
If mil paid in advance 62.00.
Advertising rates given on application.
Notices ol ohuroh services nnd
tolniuenta where no admission is a
insorted free.    Other notioea nt
rntOB,    Curtis ut lliiinUs.il.
Tin1 Advance i* published in tin
in t i-r-
ostsuf the town and  district  in
It exists nnd cordially solicits ti
e pat
rpnage <<f the public.
With this, the lirst issue in tin-
new year, the Advance deeniB a
lew words about ourselves in order,
As is known to the people of this
community, nt least, the paper was
established under somewhat peculiar circumstances, nnd there has
been more or less speculation ns to
itsjsticcess and progress.
Just about a year ago now the
writer first visited Armstrong.
The people, and business men
especially, were at that time quite
dissatisfied with the manner in
which the needs of the district
were being met in the way of local
newspaper service. There existed
among the business men a desire
for the establishment of a paper
hero that should be owned and
conducted in the interests of tin-
district and one that would from
week to week publish the local
news in full and at the same time
work for the unpredjudiced development of the immediate district, in which a live local newspaper is everywhere recognized as
one of the most important institutions. The business men voluntarily assured the writer that were
such a paper established here it
would be accorded the loyal support of every business interest of
the town, while the representations
of the community at large assured
us of a circulation that easily
justified the establishment of the
Upon these assurances and
guarantees the Advance was established, though through unavoidable
delays the flrst issue did not appear for some time afterward. How-
well we have kept faith with the
community in the discharge of our
duty is best known to our readers.
but that our course has been quite
satisfactory to all is evidenced by
the cordial support accorded the
paper by, not only the business
men, but the people of the community in general. The success
of the venture was assured from
the start and the Advance . long
ago re iclied the stage where it
may with perfect safety be classi d
as one of the permanent institutions in the development and up.
buildingtif the community, Without exception, tin- venture lias
received the support and assistance
of the business men of Armstrong,
who are ever alive to any enterprise in the advancement of this,
the favored portion of the Okanagan. Not only has the paper won
the support of the business men,
bnt our subscription list has grown
almost magically during the comparatively short time of the paper's
existence until our liHt of readers
now numbers practically every
family in the community, so that
to the advertiser we are now in a
position to give value received for
their money and the paper is now
progressing on a firm business
For the future of Armstrong we
believe there is a bright hope for
still more development than even
in the past year, and in this the
Advance hopes to serve no small
part. The paper is here to stay
and to labor in every legitimate
and fair manner for the advancement of the district in which it
finds its existance. It is our ambition to in the near future make
Improvements in the mechanical
appearances oi iin- paper that will
bring ii up to the standard of tin-
leading papers of the Interior.
To any who might have been
Influenced with the suggestion
that ill.- AdVAXI E is in any danger
of not being ii permanent enterprise of the town, we.hnve only to
say that then- is no foundation
whatever for even the suggestion
of such a thing. There is a field
in Armstrong for a good, livo, wideawake local newspaper, and such
an organ the ADVANCE hopes to be,
and to remain, Iii politics, in the
future as in the past, we will take
no part, believing thai the province of a local paper is to publish
the news of the district and further
the interests of ils i-rtnstitueiils as
a whole rather than attempt to ex.
tend tlie scope of any organization,
either political, rellgous or otherwise,
Thanking one and all for the
support of the past and hoping we
may merit a continuance of the
same through the year before us,'
we wish happiness, prosperity and
progress to one and all,
The Publisher,
We publish this week another,
letter from W. S. Burnett dealing \
with the high school proposition.1
II r. Burnett's arguments may appeal to some, and in fact his contentions do no doubt contain a
measure of truth. Yet we are of
opinion that his contention that as
satisfactory high school work can-,
not be done under the direction of
of one competent instructor as in
the case- of individual class instruction will not be borne out by the
actual results of the two methods.
The best authorities on education
of the day are inclined to favor the
system of general instruction by
I one instructor rather than that of
class instruction. Mr. Burnett
proceeds to point out the expensive i
equipment .that he claims to be indispensable in the teaching of high
! school subjects. The complete
| and expensive accessories referred
' to are no doubt of great assistance
j in high school work, yet their ac-
1 hud value may be easily overrated.
; Satisfactory progress in the high !
: school studies may be attained j
' with only the equipment that can
be simply and cheaply provided in
a one-tencher school. In support
of this we need go no farther than
our own school room, where with
an equipment that represents a
very slight expense Principal Wil-j
son has taken his eleven high
school pupils of the past year!
through the complete high school
course of study, each of whom has
successfully passed the examination in each brunch with creditable-
standings. With this done in con-;
nection with his duties as principal
of the school the results that might
be obtained by Principal Wilson, j
or other competent instructor,)
when giving his  whole  time  to;
high school work become evident.
We trust that the ratepayers of
the municipal school ilistricts will'
place the affairs of their  districts
at the approaching election in the
hands of trustees wbbarefavorable
to the union of the districts in the
establishment of a   high  school.
Educational facilities   should be
given the first consideration of an
intelligent citizenship, and the ris--
ing generation of  our own midst
should Dot be neglected  in   their
efforts to secure the bebt education
the   parents   can   furnish    them.
There are now and will be   in  in- ■
creasing numbers children  in the'
municipality who are ready for en-,
trance into high school.   In many;
—and wo venture in the majority—
cases the parents  are   financially
'unable to  bear  the  expense  of;
sending these children away from;
home to Bchool and unless a school
be established here their education
will necessarily be sadly neglected. I
Aside from the financial difficulties
to be encountered there are many
other reasons why a school near
home is to be preferred to the necessity of  sending children away
from home, even]by those financially able to do so.     The cost of  n
high school established conjointly
by the six schools of the municipal-
ity would be so small to each individual that it seems almost unrea-
A w!
Borne should be the spot most
desired by every honorable man.
To help make it so the home must
In- pleasant and comfortable, You
can make your home attractive at
small expense with our new lines of
papers, carpels, carpel
Paper, Rugs, ele.
you seen our Japanese Goods? \
•ens. tables, and other ot the latest novelties)
ole case of Toilet Sets almost
at your own Price. ElSJfcSSiW
Sewing Machines.     Organs.      TalKophones.
'Contractors and Builders.
gy   Real Estate
^   Ag'ents j&
"Land of the BIG RED
The Real Estate
harvest is on
Get in [Line and List your Farms.
Connections with whole Valley.
.   P.   LEE, Real Estate.
We have several Thousand  Dollars to loan on  good  Real
Estate Securities at the usual rate of interest.
We are also Agents for,...
British Columbia Permanent
Loan & Savings Co.
and can make you a loan oil your home on easy monthly terms
of payment,
Why not make   Your   Rent Buy  a
Home of Your Own?
This is theof year when fires are apt to occur.       Better get
insured.      We represent four of the best companies,
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up JH,flOO,000, Hcst. $10,000,000
Balanoe Profit and Loss account. J87B,988.
Leading Hardware
Ifet Excited, 3ftis  is Qnty an
PRESIDENT, Right Hon.  Lord Slrnthcan. nnd Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Ceo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
1/A|a kPAp THE HIGH SCHOOL and your children
If AtA Fa» AGRICULTURAL HALL and have room
1/AtA FA|»  ELECTRIC LIGHT BY-LAW and see the
Bug your Hardware at McDonald's
and note your savings at end of year.
Tools.     Builders Hardware.     Logging Supplies.
J. McDonald [
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:—London, Eng. | 22. Abchurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,ail Wall Street : Chicago, 1,88 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.: St. John's Newfoundland,
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.    Scot-
hind, British Linen Co's. Bunk and Branches.
■ A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from $1 upwards und interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered :10th June, and 31st December
Withdrawal,   on   d.mand   without    delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.    Municipal nnd school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. M. V.lMoOllnfck, Sub. Agent. P. DuM.nlln, Sab. Agent.
■am "'*
Q    I solic
I take pleasure in annonning that I am back in
stifong, and am again [in-pared to do Dressmaking in
its branches and according to tho latest styles. .  .
the patronage of my old customers also new ones.    Q
next door to fislw « $W$ Real fcstato Office.
Christmas Goods!
We have not overlooked the wants of our customers
at Christmas time and now have
FANCY TOYS Filled with Candies, Bon Bons and all kinds of
mi u""ntv CONFECTIONS.
Fancy Pastry.
We ure prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
it i
suitable that
us keep up to
by providing
tion   ami
lines of
facilities for
erne nt  in
Burnett this
ture of fiiOOO
rink" as he
What the
porting tho
erect is a
poses, and the
made that it
use us a skating
with which
certainly be
that the need
this nature is
believe the
procuring its
should strongly
cation of the
ny should oppose its (Jf $;j,()00 naked for by the bylaw is I
on that score. Let ■ mevp]y ft ,hnit to t,|0 mi . ^
the van of progress ratsed and alipnld a smaller amount
be sufficient for the erection of the i
°""'r, building the municipality will in
| no way be bound to borrow tho full
amount. We believe almost every
progressive citizen not only sees
the need of such u building as is
proposed, but realizes that with
every public improvement of this
nature is enhanced the value of the
agricultural land of the municipality. A few no doubt will contend
that the town of Armstrong will
reap the only benefit from improve-
, ments placed here.     Such a con-
suggestion has b.-en;tentionhoTOVer) wiU haid]y ap.
might be   leased for j ^ fo the Dromi_minded nnd j^.
and curling rink, gresgive oitizen.   It should be evi-
uggestion there can j a£$ to every right" minded' oitifen
made  by   W.   S.
week to the oxpendi-
for the  erection of
agricultural hall—or ''skating
pleased to call  it.
council and those sup-
project   proposes   to
modern building
agricultural  exhibition   pur-
T flwlt- Jt i8 evident I that whatever adds to tho value or
for a suitable hall of j importanCe of a town as a center
a grave one and wejj^eojjggpondjngjggjgggnh^jggg
M|tion of the council in i the value of thf) ^cultural ]and
erection by debenture from which that town draws its
receive the rntifi- j support and to which it owes its
ratepayers.   Tho sum existence.
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specialty.
Fish endgame In season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
•Wholesale & ueialt
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Pish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geom Murray,
Poultry Wanted PrOtt. //
Cecal and General
items of General Merest.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist church, will meet next
Thursday at the home of Mrs. I.
Mild and pleasant weather continues to be the order.
The Advance "devil" retnrned
from Sunimerlaiid Saturday. I
*    The town school reconvenes on
Mrs E.  S. V   McClintock and the 15th. inst.   The teachers will
children returned Saturday from I beiin attendance next week at the
their holiday visit  with her sister convention at Kamloops.
at Vernon. '
Herman Ehmke and wife return-
Wild Aleck, the murderer   of   a j CH1 to their home at Enderby Wed-
fellow Indian at the head of Okana- nesday, after some time spent a«
gan lake last duly, was  banged  at the former's parents south of town.
Kamloops today, i
upon the doings of | munioipal nomination and election
that august body of l.iwmiikt-rs for W9te oorreoted.
the next few weeks. i
u    u   r.   ■ i        . •    i   i  J    A. E. Mnundrell, lately   in the
Mrs K.   Daniels sustained What ,       .,,      ,. J
. ,i      .,    , ,   employ ot lieo. .Murray, was over
might easily  nave proven a liuicli  ,.,,,, ,
...      ,,        , , ,,.      from Kevelstoke a couple of days
more serious injury through falling '
;    Geo. Holtby is here from
| coast visiting his relatives.
! O. LaTraoa returned home to
i Winnipeg Friday after a visit/with
\ relatives here.
1 Some of the younger generation
are enjoying the evenings on a skat-
I ing rink at T. C. Gray's.
The installation of the officers
of Coronation Lodge I. O. (). F.
occurs next Thursday evening
A large number of Enderbyites
interested in glanders were down
the   CUM Suffers   IkrriU* Death.   •«§•<
I )ne of the saddest deaths brought
to our notice for some time was the
case of tho thirteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cadden, of
Mara, last Saturday, The little
girl, while iilonn in the house, attempted to light the fire, and iu doing so uer clothes caught fire from
the head flying of a parlor matcn.
' A ter vain|y trying to extinguish
the fire through her own efforts
she hastened to the assistance of
, ,.      ,   ,,,     ,.„.,.    her elder brother who was in th'
to the meeting held by Dr. Tolmie ,
' i ban
"On Summer Seas" is the scene
of one of the most artistic calendars of the season being given out
by the Okiinagan Flour Mills.
T. K. Smith and wife returned
l, Naturally [upon reaching
the air the fire in her clothing was
qiudkly fanned to a flame and before the brother could renilei any
assistance the girl's clothing was
ajinost burned from her body and
the unfortunate girl badly burned
A special session of the munici-
provincial   legislature   as-1    , oomo{]   WM   M(,   SninnUy
sou the 1 lth lust. The pub- Light, at which the dates forth'.-
lie eye will  bi "
Armstrong Hardware
.. PlumMngjvorks..
A Good Resolution
That in Future*
I shall buy all my goods in MY OWN TOWN:
That I shall buy my Dry Goods at a Dry
Goods Store. My Groceries at a Grocery
Store- My Drugs at a Drug Store-  My
Toys. Fancy Goods, Hooks, etc. at the Book
Store: All my Hardware and Stoves at a
Hardware store and get all my Tinware
made in Town, To have a good live town this
must be done
Yours Against Monopoly,
, . .        .      i ...  renewing    acquaintances    among
tlown stairH a few days ago.   As it,......    '
I his friends here.
was she was not] seriously injured.
W.   Murray   returned Tuesday
from Woodstock, Out.    Billy has
given aphis course in college for
the present, his presence being re-        ..   ,   ,
.    , .   .,      ,,    ,.     .   ,.  i    .   applied   to  our  entrance upon a
quireil in the attention to his busi-
" We are saved hf hope," was
the subject of Rev. D. Campbell's
discourse last Sunday evening, the
context of which was most fittingly
HI. I Armstrong, j
new year.
..       ,  ,,     ,,.,      ,, Anniversary services are to be
Mr and  .Mrs   I hos. Oummings ,  ,,. J..        ...   ,,   „
. , ,        ».,.,,.,! held m connection  with  the Pres-
lavoureil a number of their mentis ,   ,        ,       ,        ,_     ,       _■
bytem church next Sunday. Owing
to to some later arrangements the
box supper at lirst advertised is to
be cancelled.
with a bountiful New Year dinner.
The 'AnvANOE was fortunate enough to be Included in tho number
and can speak for the sumptuous-
ness ami tastefulness of the many
seasonable viands,
The Enderby Progros states that
the Kamloops Lumber Company's
mill at that place is not to be removed-all of which for the good
Cold weather is coming.
You will need something in Horse
Next Thursday occurs the regular election of trustees of the various districts of the municipality.
In the Armstrong district we hear
it whispered that there is to be
somewhat of a contest for honors,
, .  , ,      .      ,       """ ?""" some candidates to be brought out
of our neighbouring town we hope  in A«,*,i,i«,.   i    ,i ,\      ,
to be true.   Time alone, however
; Friday from a week spent at theiabout the limbs, waist and chest.
' coast cities. They were glad to | A message was duicklo dispatohod
i get home again -" out of the wet" I f°r Or. Yankleek, of this place, to
»n .     r     i ,     come to her   rescue,   but  through
Peter Lamb, u young mini  who ! ,    . , ,
,     , ,   .    i      .      ,    i some miscarriage of the telegraph-
has been engaged  m   logging for.. ,     " . .,  ,.
|T   t., . ...  ,       J     .   •      t lc system -he message fallen to rea-
li. Main, was on Wednesday injur-    ,  ;,     ,   ,     , .„.,     , .    ,    ,.
, . ., , ,, , , .n, i ch the doctor t ilEtoo late for him
ed in the shoulder by a log  falling- , , .,      ,.     ■      ,    .        ,,
,.       XT   , u   i to catch tlie afternoon train, anil he
on him.   No bones were broken. ,,,,,. ...
was compelled tn drive up in the
Our daily train due from the evening. Though everything the
north at I) :i!0, started the new year: BurgiPal BkM could do was done for
by not arriving until after 2 o'clock i the suffering girl, all efforts to save
The delay was owing [to the train ner life wure futile and her intense
on the main line being delayed by, sufferings finally found relief in
the wreck of a freight in the moiin-: deatn. Such adenth as hers must
tains. ! have been too horrible to contem-
A public meetingof the voters of iPlnte nnd the most sympathetic
the Armstrong school district is fellings are felt for the paremts in
culled for next Wednesday evening. thdo siul affliction. (The remains
The business will be the consid-! WCT1! brought to Armstrong on Til-
oration of the school requirements! e?dfty morning and from here confer the ensuing year and the estab- veyed to the Roman Catholic cem-
lishment of a high school. j l-tery at the hwld of th(! 1,lko whuri!
- in torment took place.
We have heard it suggested that: _  —■—■ ———
it would be a good plan to secure a, I (IPajC That Qfl R||SlflCSS I ©<^S<Ss<S!>^;S©i3)<SsS3)^®(^®^s^I)(£§s©
visit grom a Iprovincial health in«;
spector.   Thero are no doubt some
places in hhe community that are'
Blacksmithing of  all   kinds   at
lowest prices.    Wallace's old shop.
^   C. L. Christian |
Cranberries in stock at Shnry's.
will prove  the correctness of the
various rumors afloat.
Gordon French, of Deep Creek,
in opposition to the present board
J. C. Ashton, who with his wife
came here a couple of weeks ago
; from   California,    has purchased
not in just the best state of siuii
tary condition and it would be at
well to have the matter looked in
to by th e authorities.
F. Clayton
Horseshoeing a specialty.   Sat-
was brought to town   last Friday ™i T™^ 5 *"
suffering from an  injury through ; F-K Poole eighty acres north east
a heavy log rolling onto him. Up. I °f ^ ^fj °™d \ [^
on examination Dr. Vankleek foundjPeme; °f Edmonton Mr. Ashton
the patient's spine to be quite bad- i eXpecta to make hl8 home here'
ly crushed. He is now at the- With the new year came into ex-
Armstrong Hotel, where he is j istence a new carpenter and con-
gradually recovering und is able to j trading firm in town. The mem-
walk  about   with   the    aid    of ; be™  are J. Simington  and  W.
isfaction guaranteed
F. Clayton
All heating stoves at cost  laid
The editorial ax has not yet
returned to this shop, and several
other parties complain of evidences
of petty pilfering by some person down in Armstrong for thirty days
or personB who are apparently in- only- Spot cash only, at W. J,
clined to be a little "light fingered".! Armstrong's.
If caught, some of these unscrup- J peuy & peiiy are Beiijng the late
persons will no doubt be j Larkin estate lots, now owned by
lean example for others sim-! Marshall Lucas—the! most desir-
 & SONS	
Blacksmiths and Plumbers
^^^_ Horseshoing our Specialty.
Pipe & Pipe Fittings & all kinds of  Plumbing.
Agents for Celebrated Chatham Incubators.
ilarly inclined.
! able lots in town.
Official Directory
The proposed opening of the
Young-Schubert road by the municipal council has been deferred
till the opening of spring. W.
McKendry and H. R. Sturt had
the contract for the clearing of the
same but as the work can be more
satisfactorily prosecuted after the
disappearance of the snow no work
•will be done thereon at present.
Geo. Maundrell, of Winnipeg,
spent some days of the past week
in Armstrong. Mr. Maundrell has
for some time been deeply interested in the growth of the Okanagan,
this being his second visit* here.
Upon this occasion he has invested in real estate and now contemplates taking up his residence here
in the nerr future. He will »eturn
home in about a month,
At the last general meeting of
"Court Armstrong Mo. 3429,1.0. F.
held on Saturday, December 80,
the following officers were elected
for the ensuing term:— C. L.
Christian, 0. R.; H. C, D, Pelly,
V. C. R; H. Hawkins, R. S.; F. C.
"Wolfenden, F. S.; J. M. Wright,
Trees.; J. Asson, O.j F. J, Becker,
8. W.; W. B. Norman, J. W.; R.
B. Main, 8. B.; F. Pickford, J. B.;
F. 0. Wolfenden, J. M. Wright,
Trustees; Geo. Murray, W. T.
Holtby, Finance Committee.
There appears to be in Arm"
strong a dearth of social gatherings of the various kinds that are
in many places a valuable aid in
the encouragement of friendly and
social intercourse and go far toward
making life sweeter. Not to be
critical of present conditions, but
we should like to see the strangers
made to feel a homely welcome,
and commend such a duty to the
pastors and leaders of the church
societies, under whose domain this
work might fitly come.
Barnett, both well known to those
who have had work in their line
during the past few months. They
are improving the lull in building
operations by many taking designs
in inlaid tables, which may be seen
at the shop next to Francis implement house,
About ten members of the local
lodge I. 0. O. F., journeyed to En.
derby Tuesday night, where they
assisted in the installation of the
officers of Eureka Lodge No. 50.,
for the ensuing term. The "boys"
report most hospitable treatment
at the hands of their Enderby
brethem and a most pleasant
evening spent. The following
officers were installed:—J. Gaylord,
N.G.; W. Mack, V. G.; R. E.
Wheeler, Sec; J. C. Metcalf,
Treas.; A. L. Mathews, Warden;
D. Hendrickson, I. G.;.T. MacMar-
The Misses Lily Young and
Pearl Murray have lately received
the encouraging information of
their having successfully passed
their examinations in chemistry
and physics respectively; the last
of their matriculation examination
taken during the summer. This
completes the successful passing
of this examination by all the pupils of Principal {Wilson's high
school for the past year, all
five of whom are now eligible for
entrance to university or entitled
to second grade teachers' certificates. No more tangible evidence
than this can be procured as to the
sncceBsful work done by Principal
Wilson, even while operating a
"one horse" high school in connection with his regular duties.
This is quite as good a record as
can be shown by Vernon or other
properly opuipped high schools"
and should strengthen the demand
for the establishment of a high!
school by the municipality here,    j
Rev. D. Campbell, of Armstrong,! I am now prepared to do all
I was in Vernon, the first of the \ kinds of blacksmith work. Bring
week looking   up  talent for the
Presbyterian church anniversary
entertainment to be held at Armstrong on Tuesday, January 9th.—
Are we to infer from the above
that there is no home talent that
can be brought to the surface for
local enterta nments?
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Bartlett and
family are new settlers who expect
to make their future in Armstrong
They arrived last Saturday from
Ohilliwack where Mr. Bartlett has
resided for the past twenty years.
He has become tired of the excessive humidity of the coast and prefers the semi-arid climate of the
Okanagan, They have taken up
their residence temporarily in F.
C. Wolfendens place half a mile
north of town,
your Bleighs to me.   Horseshoeing
a specialty.
F. Clayton.
I wish to announce that my forge
and shop have been thoroughly
disinfected and patrons will be in no
danger of their horses extracting
glanders in my shop.
F. Clavton.
All graniteware at net cost for
spot cash, for thirty days only.
Don't miss it as it is no fake, at
the Armstrong Hardware, Tin and
Plumbing Works. W. J. Armstrong.
A. Shary has completed arrange,
ments whereby tbey are able to
supply on short notice all kinds of
fancy pastry from one of the best
bakers in the Interior. A specialty
of the finest English pastry.
Hallway Time Table
(Bhubwai- He Okasacan Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday      .        .        .        »:2Ti a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday      .       .       .       3:25 p. ni.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, Chas. Crozier,  W.
S. Burnett, E. J. Offerhaus.
Divine Service will be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m. |
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.—Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L„ No. 1807„ meets in the
•   I.O.F. Lodge Rutini, tht- tsoond
Saturday evening of each month al. B
- p.m.   visiting brethren cordially invite*!
Secretary. W.if.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in tht.- Foresters1 Hail. Arms-
! trong, on the Thursday, on or hefore the
j full moon, nt 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
oordiallv invited.
! W. T. HOLTBV,      J, HAMILL,
Preceptor Registrar.
C~~ ORONATION Lodge. No.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood. Cargill
& Go's. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
H. G. WVATT, N. G.
B. FRANCIS, Rec. Sec.
An  earthquake  shock at  5.30 ■ For   Sale.
Tuesday morning caused a novel j I have a number of good canary
break in the usual quiet of the I birds for sale. Good singers 18.60
town anddistrict.   The shock con- each.
tinned for fully half a minute and
crockery and furniture was badly
rattled about the houses, while
those yet in peaceful slumber were
awakened and startled by the peculiar antics apparently being pursued by the bedsteads. Various
and humorous were some of the
causes to which the sensation was
attributed by those who had not
previously experienced an earthquake. Nine years ago a similar
but less violent shake was felt here.
Mas. W. Holtbt.
Election Day is Coming
Get ready for Nomination
Day.   Put up the most pro.
gressive men for all elective
offices. None should go in by
W, J. Armstrong,
To Fruit Growers)
Walter Robinson, of Enderby,
begs to announce through these
columns to his many patrons at
Armstrong and Lansdownethat he
will be in Armstrong on or about
January 26, and will take orders
for planting, pruning and grafting.
Anniversary Service.
Anniversary services will be held
in  the  Presbyterian  church  on
Sunday.    Rev.   E,  Patterson of
Embro, Ont., will preach morning
' and evening.   On Tuesday evening
1 a concert will  be  given  in the
church by local talent  assisted by
Mr.   Geo.    McKenzie  and Mrs,
Bruce  of Vernon.     No refresh.
ments will be served.
Admission oOcta.   Family $1.00. j
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Churoh, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Camp
bell, Pastor.
St. James' Church, Sunday, Jan. 7,
Eveniun Prayer 3:30. Sunday school,
230 p. m.—F. V. Venabtes. Vicar.
Holy Mass in I. O. F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval.
Barrister and Solicitor,
Wood Cargill Block.
Office Hours: 930 to 12 and 130 to 5
ATMSTRONG,   -   -   -   -  B.C.
For Sale.1
Brown Leghorn and Plomouth Rock Poultry and
Eggs.   Some eioeptioually good young
Cockerels now on hand.
I Iansdowne. T. W. MARSHALL.
3429. I. O. F.
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
eaeh mon'.h. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
ARMSTRONG Circle, No. 372.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELLS, Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretory.
Mail Arrives—
North daily except Sunday      930 a. m
South    "      " " 330 p.m.
Maii Leaves—
North daily exvept Sunday     3:45 p. m.
South    "      " " 9:45 a.m.
Glenemma and Falkland every
Monday      ... 5:00 p. m.
Spallumcheen and Hull Car on
Mondays      •      ,        .      5:00 p, m.
Fridays      . 930 a. m.
J, M. Wright. Postmaster.
Dealer in—
kinds  of farm   implements
wagons, buggies, otc.
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only if 15 THE    "ONE-KORSE"   SCHOOL.
Burnett Seeks to
Justify Hr
Editor Armstrong Advance.      j
Deal-Sir:   As I havobeen attack->-
ed from all quarters for the stand
I have taken on the  high   school
question, I ask for a shorl space to
defend myself,   Without attempt-:
ing or  deeming   ii   necessary  to'
reply  to  -ill  of Mr. Wolfeiiden's
reasoning on the subjeat, 1  would
like to justifj  myself I'm-  having-
called it a '-one horse school", ami
shall  ondonvor Io   oouiparo  the
proBpootive high  Bohool at  Arm-!
strong with what I would consider
a   properly   equippod, up-to-date,!
institution   I'm-  preparing   pupils
for tho teaohlng profession, or fori
entering n university, as this proposed Bohool  is  supposed  to  l«-
qualified to do, and in making the
comparison, 1 will havo Columbian
College in view, as bolng the one
I am most familiar  with   in this
province, anil one with which you
will always be in competition.   Mr.
Wolfenden is aware that there aro|
a great ninny subjects taught in a j
properly constituted high school,;
chemistry,   beta n y.     history,;
languages, (three or four at least.)
mathematics, etc., and in a proper- i
ly equipped school, such   us the
college 1 have referred to, each of
these  subjects  is   taught   by   a
teacher who'is an   expert  in  his
particular   subject.     Now    how
would your school compare with
that?   You would simply hiive'one
porfessor for tho  whole range of
siibjects taught, who would have
to be a "Jack of all trades" and probably a master of none.   Surely
anyone  with    ordinary   common
sense can see that in that respect
at least your school would be but a
one horse affair.
Now in the matter of equipment, those in favor of the high
school should be aware that in
order that the pupils be "properly
grounded", it requiries that they
have more than a text book. It requires in the teaching of chemistry
for instance a tolerably expensive
outfit, by way of laboratory and
chemicals, as well as an expert in
the manipulation of them, to accomplish that end, and the same
thing applies to other departments
vole lor Hkjh school
al (he school Meetings
oi. January nth.
Von \v,i
to give
• children
the lit-st
1 cheap
The prest-nt cost will consist
only of the toaoher's salary, rent
and incidental expenses, amounting to about 81 UK) per annum, of
whloh $380 will be contributed by
the government, and (if decided by
a committee of one trustee from
each Bohool district) a tuition fee
of $2,00 per mouth can be charged.
Allowing for twenty pupils, this
amounts to another $480, or a total
of $1060—leaving only $3-10 to be
raised by direct taxation.
The sum required to be raised
by direct taxation will not amount
to one-quarter of one mill on the
dollar (25 cents on the $1000) on
the present assessed value of real
property and improvements,
Non-property holders must pay
their proportion of taxation, in
that personal property and income
are to be taxed.
The establishment of a High
School is the greatest inducement
for laudseekers with families to
purchase laud and make their home
in the municipality.
and substantial improvement and
progress of both town and country.
We all know the streets of the
town and their needs, and we know | ures at the coroner's inquest show-
Fatal Results of Patent Medicines.
In consequence of  the disclos.
A New Institution.
the country roads and their needs,, ing the  infant  son  of  William
and the need of new roads in many j Duncan, of Victoaia, to have died
places to open up the country for j of opium poisoning as a result of
settlement, and I leave the people' the administration of a fractional
judge as to who is advocating that part   of   the prescribed   dose  of
as well as the one I have mention-, which ig for the best mtere„te 0f; Chamberlain's   colic, cholera and j stitution, the new owners have corned.   Now how   would your pro- j the ^^jty. j diarrhoe remedy, the attorney-gen-1P1"4* chan«ed its nature by •ddu,g *°
L          *       There is  no occasion  for Mr. end's department has directed Dr.
During the short time we have been
in business here we have enjoyed a
most satisfactory business and we
trust we shall merit a continuance of
your confidence during the year to
"The Bee Hive Store"
c. T. Daykin, Prop.
Only fourteen months ago the former
Vogcl College ot Vancouver was purchased by Messrs. Sprott and Shaf, of
Toronto    Since taking over the on in-
Stove wood!
posed school stand in that respect ? j
Cold weather may come
at any time. Order your
wood now and be prepared
From what I know about the cost
of these things you would
have to
and out of date, in all  respects
would lay sentiment aside and
send them where they would be
thoroughly grounded by doing the
work as well .is studying
book. Mr. Wolfenden
doubt hoard of a book farmer, and
he also knows that a kid of fifteen
who lias been   brought  up  on   a
Its courses of study each subjects as are    .
calculated to lay sound foundations for | fjfy wood $1.50. Green $1.25.
Per Kick, any length.
Please state length when ordering	
burden-of debt at the present time, I containing poisons with a view to I ™» S£K3F» * *■ W* H ' WHITE.
for any purpose whatsoever and to|the introduction, if  necessary,  of | desire of the principal, BI    Sj.iott,BA,i    R. C. Brown Leghorn cockerels
to announce that it is his intention to! for sale, or will exchange for K. C.
make a number of other additions, which; Black Minorcns.
will put the school on a par with the best j      ._..   .       .    .    .        .
Eastern institutions    Watch this paper
for further particulars!
I Wolfenden imputing   to me the | C. J. Fugan, secretary of tho pro-
simply motives he does for  rushing into; vincial health board, to investigate
stand forever outclassed i priut    j    am    oppo8e(i    to   the] the conditions   attaching to  the
111 municipality  assuming    such   a| sale  of  all proprietary remedies
sue horse affair,   and  I   dare  to'
wager Mr,  Wolfenden  a  niokle,
although I am not a betting man.i prevent them from doing so, if
that the parents of the town even j coul(li WQB Bnmcjent motive.
who wished to fit their children to
compete successfully in the  struggle for position and prominence,
good Commercial, Shorthand or Tel
ography courses It is needless then to
say that the Sprott-Shaw Business
University, 336 Hastings St. W, Vancouver, hns more than doubled its attendance in the past year, and it is tho
Yours truly
Young-Stinson Nuptials.
At the home of Herb Warren on
the text New Year's evening there occurred
has   no a pretty home wedding,   the contracting parties being Mr. Arthur
Young and Miss  Alvino Stinson.
sister of Mrs. Warren.     The nup-
legislation safeguarding the public
in their use in British Columbia.
Apple Borers.
Prof.   Fletcher, Dom.   Experi. .  T «.»^
mental Farm, wishes specimens ofj Tae " 1" I*".. ^A* "^ K I *
apple tree bores and the wood in j
which they work. If any of the.
farmers know of any of above in
their trees please leave with thel
teacher in Armstrong who will for-
ward it to Prof. Fletcher.
Armstrong Market*
The following prices are being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton
Carrots,      "
Parsnips     "
Turnips      "
Cabbage     "
Apples, per 40 lb.
Pears "
Plums, per 20 lb.
Celery, per 50 lb.
Poultry, per doz.
Butter, per lb.
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
|lf so, it will pay you to see nn
Estimates given.-
j. Siiingion
farm and has plowed and harrowed I tial knot was tied in his usual
and mowed and fed stock, knows; f„st and binding manner by Rev.
more about farming than the man. Campbell. These parties are both
who has studied text books on it! wen „n,i favorably known to the
from his infancy till he is gray | community and the congratulations
headed, nnd he knows also that and, good wishes of their numerous
3t is being recognized the, world friends go with them. They are
over that in order so achieve the I comfortably domiciled in th
Start the new year right  ant";
subscribe for your home paper.
Notice  of  Dissolution.
idence   in   town,   and  may
greatest cares be little ones.
best results in education, practice
in actual work must go along with
tho text book.   Now the cost of 	
this thing is being represented as j,, you will ,,„„ ,lnd SM tl„
a very trifling affair, but it
NOTICE  is hereby given, that the
partnership   heretofore subsisting  be-
eir res- i tween tho undersigned as Gents Furnish
their ing Merchants, in the  town of Arm
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
I Residence! SprlnghHl, half mile north
of Armstrong.
Orders may be left with O. Addison.
Shop next Francis1
nudity   no   such   thing.   At the
meeting of trustees, referred to by
Mr. Wolfenden, the sum of three I rjrfifl TTI flarka VQ frtv
thousand dollars was suggested as j Kjl i3a'ln OQyV>TaT>OT
the probable cost,  but the  four
■walls and a roof does not constitute
a fully equipped, up-to-date higV
Btrongt in the Province of British
I Columbia, uafe been this day disssolwd
; by mutual consent All debts owing
i to the said partnership are to be paid to
i A. K. Armitage, at Armstrong aforesaid,
I and all claims against the said partner-
{ship are- to be presented to the said
{ A. K. Armitage, by whom the same will
be settled
Dated at Armstrong, this lftth day of
December, AD, 1900.
1 To make room for a new stock of mould-
ings, I will do
| nnd note how few parts
■ it has, how perfectly
I simple it is, how easy
it turns, how perfectly
school by liny means, and I would. it skims, how easily it
,    .    ,.    ,..,.,    ,.   .   ,. is kept clean, and how
be inclined to flunk   that   five  or strong and durabla ft
six thousand would be nearer the is. you will at once de-
,       ,  ,,   .     -ii oide it is the separator
sum required, and   that  piled   on  f„ryou.   No separator
top of tho three thousand dollar ever made such rapid
,   ..       ... , .„. .,      strides  in   popularity
skating rink is not a trifling matter as the Empire.     The
either, and I ask anyone and every-  reason is taut it sntis-
, ., ,   .,       nes  every   purchaser.
one to seriously consider whether     j agk th(i^ .of
fhe  spe !- ing oE so much money showing it to you.
iri this way at the present  time ]
would  be    wise,  or  whether  it J,    W.  Christian,       ^     «.*•<«
Sidtud^morf SlPsefnl!       Bnttermaker at Creamery.       j G.  Moberly
At a Big Reduction for one Month
A good assortment of
mouldings to select from.
Vancouver, B. C.
B. C. Grown Fruit &
Ornamental Trees.
Apple Trees, 2 nnd 3 year olds til) to
920 per 100, according to variety. One
year olds, 4 to !i feet, $10 to $12 per 10(1.
Large importation of Bulbs from Japan, Holland and Franco.
Extra nico stock of Cherry, Peach,
Plum, Apricots, etc. now growing for
fall orders.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation
or inspection.
Let me price your list before placing
your order.   Catalog free.
8010Westminster Rd. Vancouver.
Only half a mile from Ann-
strong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom laud easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, 3
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.   Price $5000.
Leading  Business   Firms.
lho Advance coniinonds tho following
business firms of Armstrong to tho peo-
I pie of tho surrounding district. Their
j announcements may be seen, in J our^ad-
i vertising col-imn:
I    Armstrong, W.   J.,  Hardware   and
Armitage, A. E., Gonts furnishing
Burns, B. R., Druggist  •
Blanohard, A., Dressmaker
Christian, J \V, Croiini separators
1    Christian, C. L., Harnoss and Saddlery
Daniels, F. N., Incubators and Plumb-
!    Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher & Sage. Until Estate
.   Farncis, B., Implements
Hamill, John, General Merchant
Hnwkin's Bros., Butchers
Lapworth, A. J., Painter
Moberly, G., Carpenter
MePherson & Holtby, Furniture nnd
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Okanagan Flour Mill, Flour, eta.
Ratledge, A. N., Barber
Shary, A., Baker and Confeotionery.
Simington, J., Contractor and Builder
Wood, Cargill Co., General merchants
Wolfenden, W W, Stationerp, etc
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave lac.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. BATLEDGE, . Proprietor.
wall paper..
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decorator


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