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The Armstrong Advance 1906-05-25

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 p£e   Armstrong    Advance
 and Spallumcheen Advocate.
lucemr hmiah.
H.\l..tt ll Itc lilt mis tl Arnsireng and District. Ike Cboiccsi prim «l tic Umu Mnigti laiieij.
aUiaSsc/qr/on SI .1/1 ,i,4i.jffi;B
ABMSTRONQ, B.O., Fill DAY. .MAY 85,  190B.
NO. ii.
^oocac-i i ess
jCfte Leading Gents* ?urtti$bcr$
fore ll
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Astonishing' Prices.
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With Every Shirt.
You Can Save
By Be ling Hero.
Favorable Weather, a Big Crowd and a
i Well-Rendered Program.
We Vv'in Over Vernon in Lacrosse and Carry Away Good
Lol of Prize Money.
Our neighboring town of Kiuler* hoth the 100 ynrils nml half mile
hy Bonretl ii umrketl Biiccess in tin- foot nice, nnd George Smith won
celebration of Viotonu   Day  thisIsecond lu the hint,  jump,  broad
Kcroe you STried a...
-*.__ Jlrntitase ^ Panr$.
toL   Tbe Leading Genii' Furnishers MO
nun.       i —i ii iiiiii
Though iliBiippoiutetl on previ-
ouB occiibIoiib by inele.nont weather, even the elements   this BititBon
nee il   to work in hnruioiiy svith
the efforts   of   lii-r   i-iti/iiiK   thai
uotliing bIioi.JiI mnr the success ol
the ilny'B program.
The  townspeople  (purdoii   thi
Ierror; the city folk) hml prepared
- for tin- comfort ami entertainnieut
of their guests in a manner that
left no room lor complaint, nml
I with the generous display of bunt-
ling nnd other decorations the city
presented indeed an attractive hol-
[ klay appearance.
The special train from the south
arrived shortly before noon, bearing six couches  well   laden   with
j passengers, there being aboard
abont 200 from Vernon anil the
generous contingent of  225   from
i Armstrong.
Enderdy's   advantage   over  nil
'other points in the valley lies in
the facilities she has  for atpiatlc
;sportB. and theso were happily arranged to begin simultaneously
with  the  arrival of   the   speciul
i train. These, consisting of svulk-
ing the greasy pole, log roiling.
canoe nutes, etc.. attracted deep interest among the spectators and
were advantageously viewed  from
! the Spnlliinicheeu bridge.
ing In
• loot's
mul hop-Btiip.iind-ji.inp, be-
tlleil iu these only
formerly one  of
s in Winnipeg,
by n Mr.
the best
There wns a good exhibition of
horse racing, in which .losh Black-
biirn carried uff the two principal
Tin- football game between Enderby and Armstrong was arranged
on short uotice ami the local club
wns not in a position to put its
best team in the Held, hence victory was hardly possible. Only
one goal was mnde and thnt by
Enderby in the first half.
The music for the ilny was furnished by the Vernon Fire Brig-
ade band, and was very much appreciated by the crowd.
School Celebration of Empire Day.
The celebration of Empire Day
The Delicious Dainty served at our
Onr Ice Cream Si das are not, d for their rich full flavor.-.
OnrSodn Water is SODA WATER.
Cownty's Celebrated Cbcxeiates in BiHR. 9
" il
3fte Armstrong Pharmacy, ^
R. R. Bums,     -        -       Druggist,   fj
rt2£^r*2^tZ^m*^ \
were s-ery ably renbered and expressive of the spirit of the ilny.
Too much credit cannot be given
the touchers of the school for the
nrrangen.ent'of the program, and
manner in which iu svns executed
i,y the children was very creditable
indeed to tlle training given then.
Ivy their instructors. Exercises ot
the nature of those of Wednesday
cannot bnt be of benefit not only
to the children but to the parents,
whether rendered on Empire Day
or any other time,  and  the  large
by   the   school  last  Wednesday attendance of the parents on this
proved  among the   most notable | occasion   bespoke    the   Interest
manifested in exercises of this
nature as well ns the progress being
made in nil departments of the
education of their children,
"God Stive the  King'' closed a
very enjoyable entertainment.
St. James' Confirmation.
fiL!     In the tield events there   was .-
yj keen interest taken in the baseball
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BECAUSE it  helps to advance    your district
BECAUSE it iB tho only means to get, the ne«-s.|(btorge Wilson and George Sniitl
BECAUSE it. ie owned and publish* d in Armstrong .won lint and second respectively it
events in the history of Armstrong.
The exeercises of the day opened
svith a parade of the sohool children of the town school, who now
number over UK', from the school
to the hull, where the program wns
rendered. With the perfect precision evident the children presented a beautiful   tpectacle as they
tiled into the hall and  into their j    St..lames'church wns the sc
position   on    the   rostrom.   The I of a most  beautiful continuation
children once seated the program j service last Wednesday evening.
of Knderliy vs. Armstrong and the promptly began without tmueoos- j at which time the Rt. Rev. Bishop
|lacrosse of Vernon vb. Armstrong.jS(lry 10SB 0f time.     In the absence-Dart,   L.L.D.,   was   present   and
In   the   former    Armstrong   was „f Reeve   Schubert, chairman of j with th" assistance of   the   vicar,
Iforced to  defeat   through   buingj the board, Secretary Wright very officiated at tho coi.rirniat.ion often
; matched against a team very much acceptably tilled the i»st of chair- j members of the church, comprising
| heavier in weight and thus able to I man,   In opening, the chairman, the Misses Ella,   Knte  und   May
outclass her in staying qualities, culled attention to the honor paid Schubert, Mrs. F.   C. Wclfonilon,
| Some splendid playing was done the great English Empire by the the MiBses Anna and Voilet  Hns-
|on either side and up to the seventh schools in nil parts of the world on | sard, Hiss May   Maundrell,   Mrs.
j innings our boys held their rivals this particular day. set apart iib it I Dickie and Messrs. U.K. Stnrt and
!down in an even game,   bnt   after uw| wisely been, ns a day iu which i .las. Crozier. Tho chinch wns well
this they became winded   nud   al- the school children were privileged ■ tilled with members and others who
| lowed the big mill men a merry-go- to give particular emphasis to the! thoroughly enjoyed the  benntiftl
round, until tin- game ended at 11  teachings of patriotism.   Tint pro-1 ceremony.   His lordship also held
to li in favor of Enderby. gross of the Empire was touched encly communion Thursday morn-
In the lacrosse game, however, upon: and special reference made ing, at which th.-re  were present
jour town lured better and after a t„ the progress of the schools of I about twenty mombors of the con-
hotly-contested game won mil over the immediate district during the! gregntionof St. .lames'.
Vernon by a score of 2-1.     As has |,nsl few years.
j been evident on previous mutches     Mr. Wright's remarks were-foi-    Small Debt* Court EtUbBihtd.
I this season Vernon went into the lowed by   tlia-   singing of  "Bulo,
: game with a confidence of victory Britannia" by th.icbildren.   Other     The municipal- connoil is to be
Lover tho smaller and much less ex. speeches followed- l>y-_»v. Camp- congratulated oil   the  success of
; perie.nced "Red Apple Boys"   this bell, Kev. A. X. Miller. Rev. H. J.i their efforts to secure  the  estnb-
j victory, however, they  have never King, und lit. ttftv, Bishop Dart, j lisl.me.it of a small debts court int
yet been able to  accomplish, und who fortunately chanced to on pro- this place,   The current issue of
even with tlie assistance of a ex- sunt.   The addresses were all ring- |the B. C. Cassette contains notice
I pert player allowed with  the con- ing svith the spirit of patriotism! of   the   appointment  of  .1.   M
sent of Armstrong   Thurssday's that is ever present in the heart of Wright as a magistrate under the
'game added another to their disap- every true and loyal citizen of the "Small Debts Act."    This court
Ipointuients.     This Inst game was great Empire,  of   which  we   am, has been wanted   here for some
from every point of view the best proud to be reckoned  as a   part. | time, and it could have been pinned
pluyed bi tweeil the teams this sen- Bishop    Dart's     address   was   of
son,   There was some good com- speciul interest and dealt with the
binntion play on  both  sides, and greatness of tin- Empire and the
there were no accidents.     Kelly, causes to   which   were  due  that
Barnes and Wilson, of our team, greatness.   Interspersed with the
were "put on the fence"  for short speaking there whs the singing of
periods, bnt   for only   minor of. such anthems ns "The Maple Leaf
lenses.    Dr.    McDonnld   rnfnreed] Forever ","Tl.i. Lund of the Maple".
the gnnie iu his usually satisfmv "The Red, Wliite and Blue". "The
tory manner. Man of-the North", etc, by the
Thh athletic event* wore pulled children. The recitation "Brwtthes
off us advertised and in these Ann- There u Man Willi Soul so Dead"
|strong played n prominent pail in by Elorttnce Hamill, and  Ku.lyurd
I the distribution of prize  money.
Armstrong Preparing for Old-Time
for the past fifteen years, ss th
the single exception ,,. !.-,st _s--,,:-.
Armstrong lias Inl,; celebruti, -
appropriate to Dominion Day and
on every occasion during this loi g
period of years tin- event hi
oil off' in a manner that ha
Armstrong known as ti
point, iu tin- Valley lo ape
million Day.
In that theOrnngi men's
tion was held here, the ceh
of Dominion Day   ssas
given over ti  Vernon nnd  a
percentage of our people ;-;«-
day there.
This season, however, it i
posed to celebrate Dominio
lien- ii. tin- former manner ■
is proposed that tin- observi
tin- day at Armstrong it. I HO
I- .-■Ills -st
nd   Do-
st vt-ar
u lar-,-
j--:,t the
in no better hands tliiin with. now.
Judge Wright.
Saw Mill Accident.
; s  wi-1
own lines
(riis, the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. ('.
Cro/.ier,while at work nt Huntley's
saw mill near Larkin. Inst Friday.
sustained a severe th-sh cut in the
hand by nccidentnlly   falling out,,
the saw.    Fortunately,   no   It, s
were injur,-,! and with care the  in-
I- r  should   soon heal,
to tl-,,- Vernon   hos-
ii t,
He was tnkm
Fletcher | pita! for treat ni
in no manner bt- inferior to that
of previous years.
This decision whs finally arrived
at ut an enthusiastic public meeting held Wednesday evening at
which tin- preliminary arra: _-.■-
ments were made, committees appointed, etc, a:;,I the preparations
for the celebration of .Inly 1st here
nre now actively in band.
■Toe McDonald svas elected gen-
i-ral chairman und Eugene Rbinn
secretary for the celebration committees.
Tin- various sub-committees nre
composed at present of tin- following with the authority vested ill
the chairman for tho appointment
of additional members:
Finance:- F (' Wolfenden, !>r.
Vftnkleek. J.M. Wright, Geo Mar-
ray and T. K. Smith.
Sports: B.Francis,G Moberly,
L. Fair. W. C, Potts, .Ins. Reid,
il.,o. Wilson. C .1. Becker. A. K.
Armitnge, FT. Sneider, W T. Holt-
by, R.W.Kelly and A. E.Morimii.
Advertising and  transportation:
F. ('. Wolfenden, R R. Burns
ami Eugene RhilUI,
It is proposed to have all kinds
of games and sports, including
lacrosse, football and baseball;
special train service will be secured, nml nil mny depend on a cele-
i bration in Armstrong this year
second to none held in the Okanagan. The days program will be
concluded hy a $200 display of lire
svorks followed by a grand i-.-.il
for tho benefit of the hand.
Celebrate In Armstrong,
(iod Save the King.
Wheel for Sale.
:,-;,',-:,. English Singer make
; -r i rait", :•, g « I order, lu
;- al A:,.\ nye oftoe.
ip, The Advance   E !i M,ner w^**™™ Her,.
PUItLlsilhli  I.-,,-..   KKIDA.   '.'i      Heorge Edwards, one of the men
VR.MSTKO.N'd. B. C.   arrested   for    train    robbery   and
RWCWC RHIAH,      ■       .       Publisher.   Svholll tlllt   | o!ire have sssorn li> be
n..i-.-- iti ,, -i ,,-,, r -..-., i- in ndvnniv. none other thnn tho notorious Bill
li nui |.i ,        ... i    .-..ni. Miner, is well known to a   number
Ailvmisini! rules (.'is-i-n on »ii|iliciitiim.   it   Armstrong,  having   for some
~~  time been employed as a farm tub-
oi-er here    While a residttnt   here
in i im.  \ s; 11 I ,1.'
irwi-rtiil r,-,,-.    (1th,,  nutii  at  usual
rah-    funis ut tlmnks *1
Notii-i-s ot i-lniri-li si-rvin-s nml tintur   ho is said to have been  Bomewhnl
toinnx-ii    vlii-n-nou 'is ot»,r»('lJ! of a favorite,   He was particularly
iked by those ranchers with  fain
li, --. because In- vs.is sin-h a fatltor-
Tiu-.\dvimui is, aililisliiiil i „t !„■„,„,-   iv„,| Fp||ow ui,h the children.
ei-ts ot tlle tnsvii nntl   ilistricl   ,„  ssliiel,       .„    , . .,
.. ,,       .   .,    ,,        , Lo-ilav in nianv a   hniiii-   111  the
il ,-xisis .,„,: i-itiIkiIIv sula-its iIn- Hit
ronngool Un- puhlio, v-'lli,'.v the fathers ami inotlierB are
-——^-—-~~-""~~"~~~~ recounting tales ol tin visils ol the
i|,i fellow to their In mes.   lb- svns
!,. ,,-r more   conleul    than  when
rP playing with thu "kiddies."   For
"3 hourB In- ivould Sll mil in il,,- sun
Mrs   •!.   t r,   iei   spent   BPVern, ond romp with them,
dnys of lasl      •■   ,isiting   'I the     Often when the boys nnd  girls
h    ■ A Si! . ;   :t. Sr. lit-,-!   of   the   nctlvc   romp  they
VV,,|ter Wolfe, leu hns lately would gutl.fr around the old miin.s
-, | !,..- 1t -., ii,,,. |„      show cases or '-"'"   I ask to be bIiowi. his "piB-
--'.--,   esme.rto his stationery '"'•"   ( l-»'ituredly the |old fid-
low would produce his gun and ex-
store. ,.,,.. ,    i.   i
plain all its hue points to Hi,- little
(i'"- ''""■ BS has opened a ear- om,Si .„„! to-dny ninny n father and
l»'-! : and jobbingshop in I-'. 0 ,,,,,,.,. „.,„„]„,; if it can nails be
Wiut.-ri ; Iding at ti:,- rear of ,r,„. thut good old Ceorge Edwards
the Armstrong Hotel. is really the man svlioin tin-  police
F. S. Findlay. of Victoria, gave swear to l«- the redoubtable liill
a public !,-:n,i! :.-.::■ it io-i of the svork Miner, tl:-- hero of hah' a hundred
of a fint extinguisher lu; svas s,-'l- dnring sin.;,- and train robberies,
ing Tuesday evening. Tin- tattooed dancing girl on tin-
Bro.   Eraser,   of   the   Enderby rightforearm. the pitted  face, mid
ii:,, other distinguishing 1«- ly
marks, certain evidence now being
gathered at Kamloops Courl of
Criminal Assize will return the
Hugh Ciinimings  has  been  bo- imsWei-to th.i unsnapecting people
»»W«CTW«Bl»YaK* ?
Tlmt sv,
De Laval Cream Separa   tr
That we have mill     |      PAINTS, < MLS. BRUSHES, AXLE
stock    of   "•  *• GREASE ETC. ETC.
That we are selling all kinds ol  Hardware cheaper than ever
ii.-l Prices und see for yourselves
s Lwcn..s,.v.„
Progress, was a visitor to town on
Mon lay, iiu-idei.tally to advertise
tin- celebration oi Victoria Day.
:if the Okanagan.
Jim Christie Free Again.
I,•i-l,-1 by Coronation lodge 1.0,
O. F. as tho local i-opresentntivii I"
thu grand  lodge meeting   to be
held ;:: \ ictoriu ,,,, -Iline 8.
.lames Christie was in town this
Mass was said by Father Dorval   w,ek, having bet-ii  freed   of sus-
hpre last Sunday.    A  good  iitten-|1)1(.ioll ng |mvillK  |„,.,,   com,ected
dnncu of members svero  present, j .^i, ti„, tl,lin robberv.    The  fob
Father Dorval lii,Is interest  in his |„.vin,. ,.lk,,. ,, „   R0Sslnud dis-
ohiirch   svork    inerensiug ut   His n,|ie], conveys un idea of Christie's
point.it and is .iosv evident thai  a  |n.,t |jf(4.
ohurch svill hnve to bo erected   by     Christie lias resided innndabont
Our Trimmed &
Ready to Wear
Now Ready
5fW (citest Styfe in Veitings
Gcerytfting Heat in f.c\ces & tlecftwear
**"Land of the BIG REd"*
gMidence i toe Grm\\) mi
Jxitm of JlritistrcKfl?
If so, make money on your Oonfid-m-e  by  securing  right
now a few lots iu the new
Fairview Addition
These lots are offered below their real value, they are
exceptionally well located, and have splendid drainage, The
Boil is the best adapted foi fruit nud gardening -. any addition that has y, I been opened np.    Vs'.- are assured by Conn-    I
i-illor Murray that n good Blrttet will be ope I up to l-'A I li-
\ IEW within in,- iiexl mo ith,
I't.- Watch ami sit il oar predictions are correct.
air*'0 ^FISHER & SAGE.
%»■_—■_._■—■_> __——' ———■»—■» —■——aw
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks .acid roasts a specialty.
Fish ami game In season.
Live SCcsik bought at top /irice.
receive   mest   particular attention.
 , JJ
the Catholics in the near future.      n08Sliiitcl for the pusl ten years. aw>**M*&&i^^
Marl. Hill  mad,-  another good  being a  rancher,   prospector  and *
inht of ii porlion of his line  ranch  limber cruiser and has coal, timber J
idOJlii-i ■ Montreal
$       CAPITAL, all paid up $] l,l!(itl,Ct'(J,
i] Bnlnuctt Protil and Loss iicconut,
CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. 1 fR™t,«.*.«.,^;;ina»^M™iR.w,,
i] VICE.PRCIIDESIT, S:,   C™. A. ni-itir.mcinil, K.C.M.G.
south of to-.s-u this week.   Tliepur- and mineral interests in different |
chaser was Waller Cuvers. Calgary, sections ol the provi    Twenty- J
Alta.,  ivho puri-hased  seventy-six  live years ngo he wns u s< t iu the j
Ultras in joining L. A. l-tott's trncl Northwest Territories and lias  ;,!- J                                                                                                         j,
...               .',.                            ., ,              i   .:    i   .      . J     All Kinds   of Carpenter  Work   at    reasonable     S                                                          "
Mi  Cavers will as soon us possible svass been n  typical  tiontioisi.  ,;• Prices 5      Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
hnve a large  portion   of  the land and knows the remote portions of \                                                                                                       "
put out to fruit. Hie continent perhaps ns   well  as ;j;
F I    Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
,,     ,.     ... .,     ... ,   ... J      the  following cities:   London, Etig.: tl.  Abchurch   Lane.   K. C,
SaSfe, Mm, R.0_<l_0S aitd 6I3SS. I      ^ Votk,Ml Wall Stveel : C ago. ISS La Salle St,  : Spokane,
S Wash.: St. John's N'.-wfounillaiid.
ii. Mohr late of Penticlou. is'".'-'     "''. .'"'"•• ;j-    Turning, Br.nd Sawing, Picture FRAMING. a-      Bankers and Correspondents : Liv,.r.:.:,.|. Hank of Liverpool.   Scot-
now in clinrgi. of II. P. Lee's  real  «t-llsi'u™1  otmrs- _« xpiojtsl  tin | ^ Pllmglldd Siieeitte«,iOTiB Propared. § hind, British Linen Cos. Bank and Brauclies,
, ii     -si i     -    I I v.uiJic luoiinliiins  in  the inler- ,-, Is-       . i i     , ■     ,     •        . , ,,   ...      , ,       -, i ,     .
esl.it,- i,In,-,- lierit.      .Mr.   Alol.r   is      •     '    , .ww*ti!teii&fi&*!^M A. gi-nernl oaukillg business ll'iliisncti'it. UraltS Bold nvallaole at
, ,, .. ,,     ,., ests of the Seatt e press and  he           	
one ol lh,: pioneers ol the I 'kanu-
■  ,   i     • , and lln- party svith him,  were tin-
gun and   is  well   ucipia.nted   svith '
j, ,-      ,.,| ,        ,. , hsst men. white or red. to oxporu     m
this section ,,l the eoiinirv  which 4
, 1       :,.      ,. tliewiilvastiiessesofth.il   range.     1
places lum ni 11 goal  position  For
, I,.     ,,      ,,    , ...    ,. He was one nl a iiarty that climbed
extolling the lalvantugusol ted s- ,, ,.,.      .     .,' , ,    ,.
. . . . ,.        ... \ ottli     Mas    11  Anskil,       11  is
trict to prospective settlers.
wanderings   he   has    visited  the    4.
Another extensive svater svsl
I im yod say...
,,,n   Pence river country and  lias  been 0
to soon be addndto the credit of the   ns for north in  Canada  as  ss-here <
district is that   being   put   iu   by ,|„. M,rl'of ih,-,-„M Alimitie  beats •
W. II. Neman,. A. W. Hunter 1111.I  .,._;.,j„st the northern shores.    It is 2
II. Harding.   When completed the  thoiighl here by the men who hnve }
system will supply nn  iibiiiid.-iuce |.|10WM  ,,;„,  f01. tw„ ,|,,,„|,.H m„l |
of water to the  tine  farms owned  w|,0 have   never   knosvn   him   to 4
l,y,h  gfi.tleiuen south of tosvn., (,(),nmir „   ,1,-ghonesl   or   unlawful *      ^nrino'
The water  is   being   taken   from  net that the   police  have mnde a I      O'fJXlIlg  . t   •
Meighm,creek, mistake in arresting him. 4
Word   has   just   I---, 1.   received ,„ ,    ,,,.  ,
Womanly Wisdom.
announcing the imirriage of llni-.-y
Buri-tl   to  Miss   IJ'ntti,   •! s o'l
Port Dover, Mr. Burett. who is a
son-in-lnss of li. S, Polly is well
know hi-re nud since his tlepiirlun
fro.u Armstrong 11 f,-ss years ngo,
has been taking a veterinary con.-si'
«  Housecleaning
Finds us prepared with   ►
nt Toronto University nnd recently .,      ,   ■ . "•    -.       1
■   that lo have |,,v one must give il.      1
« j  ___
wiioitei'iisinniiiidti.ata liuie j   all the requisites to make   ►
r,wiL!l»\;tMoUm,mdi'lboti, I:,-,- J   the home pleasant.........   |
nubunds's clothes and his ways,       (  -   -
Win,   has   learned   tlle   pirilllo.X       i
all poinlB in the Cited States, Europe nml Canada, including Atlin
"~ and Dawson City.
, ' l)i>i„isits received from  I upsviirdH nnd inlcri'sl nllowi-d at i-urn-nl rntcs.
^ Interest nnterral HOtli .Tune, und 111*1 Deei-uil i-r
a. WlthdraKlla    tn    demand    wlthe'it    delay.
►     Ranchers nnd eniiiilrj huslness iilven speriul ntti ntluu.   Munlcipnl nnd school
^    district tit-counts receis-ed 1,11 I'livurtilile lernis,    Bijecinl „tt, tiiinii u-isi-n t-, tint
htinuling of iiiniiii-i|',il ii.itl ullii'i- delH'iitures,
Deposits amy In- mnde und ssitliilnissn hy mail.    llii--,,t l,,ssn ticcounts receis-o
^ EKtiEnDr,
9 ARMSTROKG F. A. Tu.rlar, Sell. Anont. KEICtYHA
►   f. S. V.lMcCllntcck, Sub. Ai.ir.l. P. nuntonlln. But. flaunt.
passed with high honors.    II,- hn»]     ,, ,  ,,.
' \\ In, can tell tin- dilii-rouce be. 2
(li'dileil to carry on his  profession', 1     ,-   ,   1-i 1      1 •
, - ' tweeii  her lirst elnlil nudu genius, M
1"l'',rl IJ0V"''' Who, -I    admit.-s  those  eves     \
A,lolphShuryandl''N,D,niels ss-hich belongs to,, „,n.n „«!,„.   i ^"Contractors and Builders.    I
returi.eo 0,1  bull..-day  from then- -.lands her. • ►
triptoSeyinoiirAi-in. whore they      Who acknowledges the nllowmi.   twmwwwwwmwvwv^*^*w*^*^*y^*^*'*'<*rm'*-
weul for tlii'|j,u-posi! of prospecting ,-,- made by her liusbmid by intikiitj
B'im> of the rich   mi.lend deposils nllosviincea for him
then-.     I'pou  their urriviil  there      W
they I,,nnd the suosv   too deep  1,, room 1
Bt_t_s__ __3__B_la?n
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Frnit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
Wenro prepared to receive order-. In  this line for one of the
Neai-C  P
ff   Depot,
©_®_®<^(^«^«^<^(^_®<^«®t3S®a I €-~-»"»-*---*-*-*^*--'---*-^---ai
,, -,, , :n,,:,,E~|i# Dustersl l\ ^^ IHTMARiCT. I
were obliged to return.     Al   least      Who manages to keep  nol  onlv g —1M—M—___s_V_l_a___B___lliar W A n/haixlAaffnlA   _ Hat.m'Atl     .      I
four foot of old snow still  li,-s,,. her house and her temper, bnt he', ft A    djjfiiL ft 4    ' WWiOffiS   « RClfil.-^=    !
the ground there, while about  two servants and figure as well. w        ^ -   ^WiW Mi-iv,-jusf revived n,y new stock ® 4
1,-el fell while Ihey were there.    It      Who realizes thai two husbands Vf       ' WfmW'M »" ] (';l" B"l-'P'y >^': ™-*> nnytning ft 4
can i-iisds he   niaginei    that  I heir    ,- ,       ,    ,- , ,  l,y W. 0 •' iY-1 Mf>. „.,, -.- 61 A
.. ....!•      1   1 , ,  ot tsveitv-tve veurs each   nre no    ,' ,';,   v-i,*;--',,   • you,,,-,... sv I
trip svns anything  ln;l   ,1   liloiHunl '., .        CT P#(*',("fra,i   ' £> 4     „        ^   .
--cessai-ilynsg In. ol   fifty, iff    J'iWlMW]      ™   x      nTT-nTr,rnr a it   Vt 2    BestPnces ff«
wi,,,-,.,, distinguish iietsv,,;,, I   ■kM&JS wC. L. CJaRISi'IAN. |J J m
one.   bul    svith    tl a     conliilenci
,- i ;  li   ins]   ,  -■  one   to   ih,<   , , si
''■■'':': '■      ' "> :',"' ""l1 'I'd the laugh ot mims put, nud the K The ■ Arasivonr.' - Harness - Stove
mtlieir ihl.-imin.-ition  1,   invosii- onl! m(,„„i ta show off a dimple.       j'   _ _. , .       _ , _.__,^    _
fi'V   -    '       '    '   '   "'"   l'"«-      Whogetsr.lf  n   trolley  ,- r  the  ®<^^<^^^<^<^^^@&®il>®PQ
j ,,-ls I, ; wi 11 :!. lo In   ,,;;,, m d  in . ,        '    ,       ,   , . ,
tin. Si'vn tri ■ iindtlievv II r -    ''v:i-''' though she runs the nsl
>   a ti-s-i-i il   ;: |
Hip  ton.it' time of     being    1 rresli il   as .
in si month.
His, m	
Patronize Our jfdvMisers and Uw money, t
All kinds of Freud and Cured .Meals always in slock f
Fish and Fowl iu season »
"or Fat iStoch and Poultry. ^
I Orders u Siieciulty. t
Poultry Wanted p ■.--■. n    \
■mmw w v WWW W^W WW WWV^fTV w^ fi
Celebrate Dominion Day in
Armstrong on duly -.
Victoria Day nml our press day
clashing renders   the   Advance   a
tiny late.
W. W. Wolfenden wns obliged]
to give over tbe gun club button
on Wednesday to Ci. Moberly on a ;
score of ±2.
Elsom & Kirby have moved their
office from tho Francis block into!
Geo. Murray's building, where
they an- prepared to entertain any
iu search of real estnle.
C. L. Christian, harness maker,
is prepared for the hot Weather
with a full in sv Block of dusters
nntl lap robes, which he culls tlie,
attention of buyers to this week.
lien. Murray has purchased the
properly adjoining Ids shop. form,
orly owned hy II. McLeod,of Vancouver,   ll is Mr. Murray's ii.ten.
tion   to  ereet   in the   near   future
a 'ine building on I,is property,
Our reporter has nol   kept very
close track of the visitation of the'
stork and has failed until this
week to report tlie arrival of fine
daughters at the homes of E. .1.
Watson and ll. II. Bourne during
the past two weeks.
II. Ehmke, the side of whose
rami, svns noted last week, this
week purchased of A. Gourlay the
hitter's residence in town, nud is1
now residing in the same Mr.,
Ehmke has invested iu a team,
and svill do work about town this
R. H. Bourne and fnmily are
moving into W. E. Hoults resi-
dencein town. H. A. Eraser ami
family svill soon return from Penticton and resume their residence
in their property being vacated
by Mr. Bourne.
0. T. Daykiu's store is being
treated to a new painting. Among
the usual onlookers the first color
has been one of speculation, but as
this is only the priming coat. Artist Lapworth has not troubled
himself about finding a suitable,
name for it.
Despite the threatening weather I
and even fretpiont showers  during
the afternoon, the members of the
junior   la-lies'    auxilliary   of   St.
•lames' church were not to be dis-,
appointed in the success of their,
garden party Saturday afternoon,
The lawn at the residence of T. ('.
Gray was beautifully decorated for
the omission and all   preparations,
made   for  the  entertainment   of
those  present.    During the   rain'
refuge was taken on the large ver- j
anda. so that even   tho  advent of
rain did not seriously   hamper the
enjoyment of the party.   A  large
number of young people ns well ns
n number of older ones  were  pre-,
sent and from a   social   point,  of!
view a splendid time was enjoyed,
while financially the party  proved
a grand sucooss,
It has transpired thai the three
men arrested for the holdup of tho
('-. P. II. nf   Kamloops  are   by   no,
means strangers to  the  people of
Armstrong   nud   district,      The'
lender, supposed to he tho notorious   Bill  .Minor,   but   commonly
known ns George hi I wards, worked
for some time in  this  immediate]
district.    Dunn, tin-second mini is!
said to have been for some time a I
resident of Euderby. while  Coli]ll-j'
houu,   the   reticent   young   book j
keeper, was in his early days a
neighbor   boy  lo  Rev.   I) Camp,
bell.    In the hitter's sermon  Inst!
Sunday niglit the career of Col.|ll-1
lioun was cited  as  an  impressive
example of the outcome of indol-l
once in young  men.     Colquliouii
was   during all  his  younger  life
a man known throughout his home
district for hia laziness, and who.
was continually endeavoring to find
some uieiniB of existence that did
not require svork.   Thnt he should
finally end np by committing train
robbery is distinctly illustrative ol
the dangers tohe feared   by  thus,
burdened svith the Inate desire l,
live without svork.
R. H, Hill, of the Vancouver
Province, cnine in on Sunday's
freight. He spent last, week at
Kamloops reporting tho trail, robbery case.
A. El Fear reports thut his first
feed of wild strawberries wubgathered Inst Friday This is considered unusually early even for tlle
wild fruit.
-Marshall Lucas and .1. II. Marshall, who nre attending n dental
college iu Portland,Oregon,returned home on Wednesday lo spend
their summer vacation,
Work is being actively prosecuted by MePherson nml Holtby
ot, their new furniture slore. The
building svill rnnk well up with the
other good buildings of town when
Tlie ri sidem-i- of A. .1. Lnp.
Worth, the painter, iu Kosedale.
has been greatly improved in appearance by tin- application of paint
in an artistic combination of
Contractor Bird now has a good
sized cress- of workmen engaged on
the new agricultural hall. The
frame is already being raised for
the main portion oi tin- building
und in a very short time the new
hall will begin to loom up in nil
its prominence.
P. Huff left the first of the week
for Chatham. Out., to bring Ids
own and A. A. MoAlpine's family,
when they will take up their residence on their late purchase, the
Ehmke place. Mr. McAlpine is
remaining here to look utter their
farm in the meantime,
Councillor Murray has hml a
force of men and teams at work iu
town during tint past week and as
a consequence some of our main
thoroughfares show a marked improvement. Councillor Murray is
nn aggressive svorker in the interests of his constituents and considering the limited amount of
funds at his disposal his ward
shows a creditable showing under
his administration.
The death occurred at the Armstrong Hotel Inst Tuesday morning of •!. B. Fulton at nn advanced
age. The deceased wns one of the
enrly pioneers of the district and
for many yenrs owned the line
farm adjoining town ou the west,
sold to W. S. Fisher three years
ago. His health has been gradually failing for some time nnd death
limy be attributed to old age
accompanied by asthma. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon,
conducted by Rev. Campbell.
Fisher & Sage the lirst tht! week
purchased of Win. Hancock, of
Enderby, the lot formerly owned
by him on Oklllll.gut. street, one
half of which hns subsequently
been purchased by W. W. Wolfenden. This lot adjoins the two pur-
chased by Mrs. F. 0, Wolfenden.
nnd sve understand il is the intention of the new owners to erect
good buildings on the same. With
the promised erection of at least
three good buildings iu one block.
the central portion of town is experiencing something of u boom.
There hns been u noticeable
Hurry iu real estate activity in
town during the past week. The
most important deal was the pu-.
chase by Mrs. F. ('. Wolfenden of
Amos Hill s residence nud two lots
on Okanagan street, The consideration was iu the neighborhood of
SI7IK1. Tenders nru already being
called for the purchase and removal of the present, buildings on tint
proportyjii.d it is the intention of
the owner to erect in their stead n
handsome brick block costing several thousand dollars to tie utilized
by a number of business men of
the town. The location is one of
the most, ilnrirablo in town for busi-
ni'ss purposes, and the town is in.
deed fortunate in having the site
puss into the hands of onesvho svill
materially improve tin- business
lection of the town by a good and
.nodol'i. building.
Mrs. Smith, sister of  Mrs.   W.l
Hurry, returned to   her   home  ut
Revelstoke Saturday.
The Armstrong family were re-'
ised from quarantine Monday,
the children having entirely recovered from their mild attnok of
scarlet fever.
Dominion  Day  is Armstrong's!
i ilny   the day he have celebrated
continuously     for    fifteen    years.;
July 2nd this year will be no exception to the previous successful
Jack Hodsoa. contractor, is add-!
! ing a verandah to his   line  house.!
i This, with the   addition   of  other1
buildings  has set  the  neighbors
guessing ns to the name of the full
W.l Steedmuu was very much
I surprised Sunday morning to find
three bears in full possession of
Ids stable hut not having any tire
arms he had to exercise his voc.ll
organs iu p.esuading them to
' vacate their position svhieh they,
dill without any signs of hurry.      I
Some of Vernon's "wise guys''
are joshing the advertising com-'
mittee ef the Armstrong sports for
Dominion Day. The dodgers distributed at Enderby culled the
celebration for July 1st, which is
Sunday. Mr Burns, of the committee, was seen, and he says it is!
not n mistake, as it is the intention
to open the celebration with prayers!
on Sunday duly 1st.
<).   A.   Bntterfield  and   A.  .!.
Weddle, lately of Lacombe, Alta.,
have  spent several  days    of  the
week looking over this  portion  of I
the valley.   These boys  were until lately engaged in  the   publication of the Western Globe nt La-1
combe, but after severnl  yenrs ex-,
perience have   learned that the '
rond to financial  success  via  the
newspaper   route   was slow nnd
I tedious, and have resolved  hence-1
forth to pursue the more desirable
life of a farmer and   have  decided
en the (tkamigan as the chosen site
for tlu-ir location.   They will  in-,
vest either  in   this  district  or at
Salmon Ann.
Kev. E. Miehener. of lied Deer.
Alta.. who visited this section lust
svinter. returned here again on Saturday, bringing his family witlt
him and svith the expressed intention of making his future home
here. When hereon the previous
occasion, Mr. Miehener tried to
close a deal wish Mark Hill for
his tine ranch south of town nnd
still lias a sort of longing to come
into possession of this property.
However, if lie and Mr. Hill do not
make a deal. Mr. Miehener has,
other places iu mind and will undoubtedly become the owner of
some one of the imiiiy desirable
places surrounding Armstrong
within the very near future. Rev.
Miehener comes to us known as a
most desirable citizen and one
whom the district may gladly welcome among its new settlement.
His locating lu-re svill no doubt
result also in attracting many
others from the Northwest,
•I, M. Criinkshnw.of Ohilllwack,
svho spent n short time here lust
winter and svho during his sliorl
stay here became lasorably impressed with this district, arrived
her,- last Monday for a brief look
around. Mr. Grntlk.hnw is an extensive fruitgrower, iu fact owning
one of the !urgesi uml best, fruit
fun.is in the Chilliwnck district,
nud having made a careful study
of the business is in a position to,
give valuable advice uml information to parties engaging in fruit
growing for p-rhnps the firs' tin p
In speaking of the lute frost which
visited Chilliwnck IIS well as the
< Iknnngun Mr,Criinkshnw re.narked
it had been his experience that
spring frosts were seldom injurious
to the fruit crop, at least to a very
much less extent than was apt to
be feared at the time. He remarked that on various ocenssous his
best crops hml been gathered following springs when it svns feared
the fruit had been badly damaged
by frost. Should Mr. Craiikshnw
succeed iu disposing of his line
plane at Chilliwnck he svill locate
in iSpalliimcheeu. as In- lielieves
tlie dryer climate ssill be beneficial
to his health.
1 Gentlemen!
How are you Fixed for
Clothing' for the warm
I We ar now offering our customers the advant
I age of a 1
I Summer Suits, Lustre Coats and
I Summer Uests*
I This Cletiiig consists ef Travellers' Samples and there are over 50 Styles and Patterns.
-John Hamill,PRfcE0mVE.l
For Rent
Good cottage nil join big town.
Apply to H. Hawkins.
Pigs for Sale.
Pure-Bred Yorkshire pigs for
sale, ready to take from sow. Price,
including pedigree $C> each. If
taken without .pedigree to each.
These pigs are from Belect sUic.k,
and are tine ones.
A. W. HtN'iuit.
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Shussvac & Okanauan Railway)
Arris-i-s from Nurth daily oxcept
Sunday  0:25 u. m.
Arrives from South dally except
Sunday  3:25 p. m
Reeve -A. Schubert.
Clark nntl ussi-sHor   I.,. W. Patton.
Treasurer nntl uollector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, VV. Iliillnin, .1.   1.
lliirtwi-ll, R. li. Main.
Grirl to do light housework and
to assist with children;good Wages
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A. H.-- The Advance.
For Sale.
White ami nil cabbage plants]
lit) cuts per KKI; cauliflower 7o
cents per 100: Brassol sprouts 75
cents per 100; kale mid brocoli 75
cents  [ier  100; kohlrabi 75 cents
per KKI. W.WlNKl.Eli.      !
Tenders Wanted.      Q
Divine Service svill In- In-ld every Sua
day as follusvs: Armstrong, 11 a.m.:
Kn.,h 11 ill.:; p.m.: Enderby, 7.H0 p.m. i
Sunday Bohool nt 2.H0 p.m. Kev. A. N.
Miller, raster.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, ut
11 nan.: Ziim Cburoh, Armstrong, at
7:.*10 p.m. every Sunday.- Kev. I). Ciituii
bell. Pnstor.
ARMSTRONG Circle, No, ::7J
I Order ol C'anndlun llinne Circles, meets
in ll„- I.O.I-', ball, si Mondns in -.,.-,,
month,        I-'. N. IMNlELL.Leiuter.
Mrs. KRASEH, Seer, >.,,-■■
I Postofhce
Msn. Aimisiis
I North daily except Sunday     BslOa ni
South    "      "        '* :-:flfj p. m.
Mill. Lkmi-s
Nortb daily excepl Si,,alas      :t|.' p. --,
South      "        " -.1:1.', a. r„
: Qlenenuna and Falkland ever)
Monday .    ... 5:001   m.
■ Splllltltnohccn and Hull Car ,1,1
i    Mondtlys          5:00 |   m
j     Fridays   9-10 a. a,
.1. M. Wan ar. I'- Dtraiurter
Armstrong MarKets
Tlie following prices    in-  l>, ;- g
Sealed tenders will be received
by the undersigned up to (I p. m.
Saturday. .Tune 2ml., for the pur-
i-linse and removal of house, barn
and outbuildings on the Aniosllill
lots in Armstrong, adjoining Dr.
Vankieek's. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
K. 0. Wolfenden.
St. .lames.' Cburoh.   Morning Prayer
and IJoly Ooinniunlon lit 11  a.  in. anil
Evening Prayer nnd Sermon al 7:110 pan.
every Sunday.   Sunday school at2:R0
'll ,1 Kixu, Vii-nr
paid for produce lis ti
,- Aruistr, ,g
Farmers'  l-'soliam,-,-;
Potatoes, per 1, ii
.    .   II'.".!,..
:>i i u i
:;, i, i,
.    .     nn.
Cabbage     "
."., 11 -.
-    -     12.50
Apples, per Id lb.
Celery, p, r 50 Ib.
Poultry, p.-r doz,
.    .       7.00
Eggs '    "     -
Butter, per Ib.
. ii
Holy Muss in 1. 0. K. Hull, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in imcb muth.it LO o'clock
i'YniKif Dorval.
To Riflemen
All first and second class shots
of the Armstrong RiHoAssociation
hurt attend tho tirst shoot of the
Canadian Military Rifle League at
the range on Snturdny. May 2(1, nt
ll a. in. (Ither members of the association at liberty to shoot,
(I.  MlllllSlJl.Y,
Municipality o/S|aa>ll«fKcha.*aa.
(issuers of dogs within the municipality of Spislliiiiieheon are noti-
fleil that the dog tnx bylaw comes
into force on .1 line I, next Any
owner of n dog not having taken
out ll dog license by thut. date will
lie liable to the penalty of the bylaw. L. W. Patten,
Municipal Clerk.
To My Patrons.
Since some persons may have
been led to suppose that the painting of the Oknniignn Hotel was
done cheaper thnn -Mr. Lapworth
offered to do it hi- wishes to say
that, such was nut the case, as Mr.
Lnpworth never gave a price at all
for painting only a portion of the
building, but to finish the whole of
il verandah. Hours and all, nud tn
furnish his own material. When
persons talk of extortion.ito prices
and being robbed etc. they should
remember the old sayingthnt" people in glass houses shi.uldii't throw
A. .1. Lapwobth.
Barrister und Solicitor.
Barrister-it t-Law,
Solicitor and Notary i'ublii
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -   13. C, '„
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
ANV avail,ilib- Donilnii r, Lands ss i-ii
in tin- Ritllss-ny II, It in British
Columbia, mas In- btitne3tcudcd by :'.-.;.
person tl:,- seli- bend ol „ family, ,,r any
.mile over IS years of age, to tbe extent
,-f one quarter section ,,f MO nerca more
or less.
Entry must be made iiersonall) at tin-
luc.il land ,,.li,-i- for tbe district ,n ssliiet,
lln- land is situate,
The homesteader In required t,, per
form lb, iditliiiiHoiiitnected tberewilb
luuf Ibe fullmvliui 11„„-:
■yrr   V. ERASER, D.M. I)
Wood Cargill Block,
Cltlee lltairs: BlDOto IS and 1.1)0 Ier,
Fraternal Societies
I  A: I,-a-t a -,i\ in,„uli-'   residence
upon anil cultivation of tin Innil in each
yenrii r 'in yeur*.
II! II 'l„- lather '"r mother, ilth, la,!,
i-r is deceased  ,,.  tin- boniestender  r,-
sides up,a a farm in tin  vicinity ,,f  the
bunt ,-n,,,red l,>r, tl,,- requirements ru :■>
|)t Q I realdence mas l» «iitl«tlcd li}  renlder.ee
BB_^  „|.,„ said land.
'■■! If tie- settlor l,„- bin perniani nt
' resiili-iiee   „|«,a running    land owned
T   O.I,., No. 1807,, meets in the
by him in ibe vicinity of his bomestcud,
..0>! Wlge'ls-e,,,',',',' tb", second "'" ^"'""""nts as lo residence may I,,.
Saturday evening ,,l enoh month al 8 satisfied by residence upon tbe said land
Ii.ni.   Visiting brethren cordially invited     Six months' ndtlco in writ intr should
•'. N. DANIKLS,    A. SCHUBERT,    '■ .„. „|TOn ((1 „„. Commissioner „f Domln
I b-ereinry. \\_AI_ ,„„ |,ln(|Hlu Ottnw-a of intention to np
O'      KANAliAN Black Precoptory. I'1* tor jmtont.
Meots la tbe ForcstanTfn.il, Arms-j    Lonl lands may be purchnaed nl 110
i tnuig. un the Thursday, on or before the  |ieruere lor soft conl and 8-'0 fur tint lira
lull nuM.il. at s p.m.    visiting brethren ,.jt,..   Not moro than 320 acres can be
"tiHiIJ      E, UUNNCTT.    ' l«lr»dbyoa„fndlvi lor company.
Preceptor Registrar,  "oyult.s at I he rate of 10 cents per ton of
 ,  2,000 pounds  shall i„   oclleeted on the
/CORONATION Lotlge, No. 4H.    giossou	
w, \v.coin.
, puty of Minister of the tnterlo
I. O. O. F.
Meeis esi-rs- Tl,ins,lav evening in the
Odd Fellows'Hall, over Wood, Cargill     «i,    ,•    ,.,
A Co's. Store, nt 8 o'clock,    Sojourning      N'"-   ^niiulhorl I   publication of
brethren iu -dliilly lavltod to attend,  bia advertisement will not bo paid  f,,r.
W.i). SMITH. N.O.
II. HAWKINS. V. (I.  —	
I). FRANCIS, Hoc. So,
 Poultry   ' "">"
Cn-!.H,T Aln;S0"FN(i-   N"'      I- I Plomoutl,   ',„'li  I'va.bry'aml
Maotl'ngsiittbolr ball fruil'Saturday in  ''.'L'-    Some excemioiuillygood yiung
 i ...,       ,.;,;....i il, ,'_!,      ' ''el!  Iin:,',,
inch month,  Visiting brethrencordlisll.
Invited.   II. Hawkins, R.S. iLanidoivm Rubbers Committed.
Tbe three men, Edwards, Dnni
and Colquhonn, arresteil for thi
I ol Inp "1 the (' i' Is . were ut |
their preliminary hearing at Kam-
I Mps last ssi.k committ -i for trial
ut the nexl court ef criminal an
sines. Thu authorities are conti-
deal that tins have the ti^iil men
aid that lh, lea.i.ns il otorions  ' have jusl received a Car Load ol
Hill Miner. the Famous
Leave your Orders with....
Agent .,,,-
S.  R.  ASHE.
Jeweler, Vernon.
locals iftai Gel Business
The Advance und the Winnipeg
Kree Press one year for only $1.75.
Buy n lot uml build a   house  of
your own in Fairview. Save your
rent and make money on the rise
in sullies.
fisher A- Sage,
Polly & Pelly an-selling the hit,
Larkin eslati lots, now osvned by
Marshall Lucas the most desir-
nble lots in town.
Carriages    I
_ B. FRANCIS.  *
J. H. warren
Court of Revision
Notice is, heieby uisen that   tlie
llll'ii",!   si'.-',,.;    of    the   Court   , i
Revision, fi r the purpose , 1 hear,
ing nil complaints against the assessment for tlie year WOO as made
bj the tusessor for the Municipality of Spullnmcheen, will  la-  held
in the Council room. Armstrong,
on Wednesday, -Inly  1Mb. at  IU (|00d
o'clock a. in.   Any person desiring __ ippn
to make a complaint against  their Ttf'rlvfV1
assessiueiit must give tell days notice to tin- ch rk in svritiug  before
said date.
L, W. Patten. C. M.C.
,*j &g+ Armstrong j
Li%fj % Barber j
IL   ...Shop*
and Billiard Mall.
The smoothes! shaves, tho neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
_^^_^^^^^^^ shnmpoos.
Shave 15c,    Haircut 25c.       !
Gramme Nllcs-urpBi Sckiol...
I am now prepared to receive plP-n(.-t     W»n-«i»»-i«»«
orders foi piano tuning ami | greatest    nurseries
it   REASONA1 LIS  Plill US,
Tu WaTISK Cunsi .Mlilis:
** 68,"u\Wrokobc!A LOCAL SALESMAN
AtvMoJ l\l I1NU. II. V.
 ==■*=>—,    ARMSTRONG
Tosell  High Class  Nursery H k  in
l-'rniis and Oriinuientals.    Ijiirgesl  list,
el NKW SPKCIALTIKS  ever offered, I
STAKT NOW a, hint sellin.j season.    :
Licensed b) U.C (loverumi-nt, to srll in
tl,,- Province,    Dig inducements, Lilier
al Pay.   Hun,Is,,nie l-'i-e,- OuiMl,  Ten-it-1
Only half a mile from Arm- '"T Kowsvial.   VslllTK  FOR  TKUMSJ
strong.   K) ncres under cultivation """ Cntnlogue, „,„l send -r,i- ier our
'il.l'.MINt'M    POCKKT      MICROS
times) and .'lot for
1; the thing for
Bee Hive supply store
White Waists!
■HESE WAISTS arc ill from the well-known Crescent Whitewear Co., and are Guaranteed to Fit.
They are Bade in the Latest Designs and Fashions.
Sizes 32 to 42.
Prices $1.40 to $2.75, Lace and Embroidery Trimmed.
Oram's English Print
Thrrr has been such a doiiuu.il for these prints, that our lirsl shipment is Bold,    We
have in aMIothlir lot now, which a:- i display, bill it ssiil lie impossible I"  lirociirc  uuy
more this seas,,,,, so come and bt y now svhile you base an assortii eul 1'- chouse from
.roe sale.
f a mile from Ann-
_            -s under cultivation .,,    ,, , .,.
balance good   bottom   laud  easily ALUM N™   ™CK
.       ,    , ■     11-         i           .ii HOPE ImngnlticH t -; I
c eared,   boot frame house, stub e „,.,,,,, B.w ,,
.   ,   .i. .. i...:i i:          is-:.,,   .i... uur HANOI   SAW, )i
(over 800 acres)
and other buildings,      With tl;, ,,    ..    ,
,     i„;iii        u . .,        trimming trees, cuts iron as well as wood
Street sprinkling and lawn  taps Inuil will be solil one team,  three
can only be used up to SI o'clock, eews, one steer, one broo.1 sow, ii  Stone ®. Wellington
. '            ,,   ■ ,    i i  doze.i chickens, ami lull equipment Foothill Nurseries,
a. n;.. between 1 Jo clock  n and f,lrlll macnjm,ry,    |>,i,.(. .-jSlKK).
2 o'clock, j,. in    and from   H lo   10, _ „   j, |TC)iKLL j ,,,ilK|1NTO
o'clock. ;>. in., daily.
In case of lire all   taps  shall   be,
ut once shut off.    I'sers  of  water'
whether inside or outside the town '
limits will  be  governed   by  these
rules and infractions will be dealt
witli IU provided for by the liylasv.
Geo, Mummy,
.1. Hamii.i,.
Water Commissioners,'
waif Paper
I hnve en hand a  complete
rang.- of..
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Write . Pa nte.a-,,1 Deoornto
FRENCH    ORGANDIE, sshite.o
.ViW, i:
per v
 Illiy. I6j!, 20yl anil 2-lj
 Lace trimmed jl.iit), embroidered $1.25
 S'-l.25, $1.50 and $2.1X1
We have moved our office
next door to the Meat
Market where we are
prepared to do all kinds
of Real Estate business.
1 <^^*££^j£3^/tf£S!!!&
' jss^^is^s^issssa^ js^assaft
jlf so, it will pay yon to see me
Estimates given.
Fa Ha
Fr Sale Cheap.
1 Mellotte cream separator, goo
as ii,"-.-.   Apply to
l(i-tf .M.siik Illi.i,.
j. stalngion«N™ S« oKf pasted
.,   ~, n tt   ...' _____ On Matters That Interest You
Shop %mx\ VrAnvW
On Matters That Interest You
Your local paper 13 a nccMsity
to yon, financially and socially.
,   ., ,,        ,      ,   .,_,.,.„,. ERAL  CIRCULATION,  oontaia-
      1   McOormicK   I'nnler.   1   liranlforii  . '
" M„ss„,', 1 |.'„n.iii.K Mill, 1 Straw rait.-,'.  a» the,,IatMt n8ws of tbe w°Tld>
Tor $alc j!! ■ ""rs"power' : necessar?to you'T!i3
m Jlcres
F. N. DANIELS' "»„,,,
HOUIK i.i; i, no.
by liaying this
reliable, honest,
hlgll |,:-;,cY sewing machlnOi
National Sewing Machine Co., I
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers ef a Jim
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Of Choice Sawl  in  Salmon j It you will call mul in* tbe
j     Ann Valley: i eveil honsi'K anil i       _^« >«*««   w^
oiitbnililings.   Will sell in block       f^l^ "1 f^ r^
or in tracts, li   »uil pnroiiasers.     ~——*■—-—•""camemnm-—-.
EASY TERMS'.   -   -   Apply on1
til.1 pl'elli.i'M-vi lii.. ..
"up to date man" will provide
himself with these two essential
features of progress.
kane, Wash., will be found the
very latest news of the world, its
matter including information on
politics, commerce, agriculture,
mining, literature, as well .as the
3iW. W. Jfrmsfrottg, . mtli „„„. „,,„ ,„w ,„,.,,
HMm nm' ■• e' Himptti it Is, bow cuny
Cream Separator ^cal hawenix]&inthe stat83 ot
it, turiiM. Iiuw iflrfi-cUi1
il pkilllHi tmvv 1'iihilv it
ifi kt'pt clt'uii, ninl hnw
slnuiy mul diimhlo it
| Nurseries, Gr*«nW.« 4 Scdhon.e! fy'% ?,T*™t
I fur you.   Ni- Hnjwrnior
j Vancouver,   •   B.C. «wr niwin wtoii nipiu
 l Mirfuot)  iii   |i()|Mimi'lJy
mmmmbm***m-nHMMM-MIIM~~~~-> , ,ll4 f,|ha» tftlllllre,        Tin*
H ! (it./u>rv for IWMWM is ibnt It Bill M.
Paollle eoaft Grown    ,   , ,wll ,,„. rivil    ,„
lliu-nen.   Hiisvit   ,!i   I'id,I   tin-ilu        . .. ,
Xi-ss- vrt,|, iiusv in fiovl; anil un  I.-8I ill 1 Snowing It to you.
Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and the province of British
Columbia. In addition, its columns for women, its popular
science articles, its short and continued stories, its "Answers to
Correspondents" and "Puzzle
Problems" combine to form a
home newspaper that at $1.00 per
year can nowhero be excelled.     ;
IWIkiii.   .in,,   Illlll   e.,,1. lliiiei    ,n   .,,,,—»
far,,,, a dm,,, fa,-,,, iiiuitlilncry, Vmi „i„y
w,>,l, ,,i ,„,s a,.,lull,,,,,;, -j'llp I,.'-, poM-llilii
.•ny ,,i nnrnilliinlcril. ivllli j,.-n|,i,, who w|m,i
l„ bii>- ,„- ...', la liy niavrtlllll ,i „„,„ll a,J-
v.rtl.oni.iii a, 'riio Sp,sli„Ri!i,ui i:,-u,'iv.
Kiirmara, alorliiiian, luiiilicrmun ami n,ln-
.r. tn,,,' 11,^ -l-SS'ieU-ASVI-a-Ui.
IU Ori'lUlllllllllllnV      \,iil- sssnr llll-nilllinl,: ww.      ^a. Prr- """■ i„-  in ,,-i:-a-w-i-;,,:k.
.rllii-n, in sriil»,! vai-liiiai-n. il In- <li«i< I T      \A/     liVlVia+.Q-n     „ ,'„',.,V,".V."'''"' '"..""ll! ,""-|""»» ","„ „„
ntliaailletliiiin _». .* ill ..mail[to y.ni j *» •      ™ .   OXiriSX/iail,   HroiiiwJfAN,.ii»vii,tt" "'' S,INnA
SU>la,.oi-/.a»p.i«*o.a.r^ V.actable or
-run: twicpi-a-svhpjk iiA-rnK .sum
Ba.acm.aoMa tor $1Hn¥ I Bilttertiiuker at Cri'aniHr.v.
Thin i„ mil' apciiitat -.Ji-i-inti fur tl O, I
Si,i',':.i-li |„".,-'-', et! I'l'f-r I'lilk  wiciIh. 	
_    ..    mt,             w   ma        j ¥           i*-ir"f«tr a\ rfr\   "nt ""'w am, sijndav iiatb i,-on
B. O. Grown   Fruit  and J as. TEWARD        '•™»™"™« ^-»™'»-
OrmantantaJ Trees       ••» -lOlA/^-^r. 	
Nnss-iviaiv  li.r siirin), rfiijinumt, uxtrti Stnnp   Mason. |»OTVOruS
ni,,,-,,'.,,i-k el:!,!.- a S---.S? dplllu In-i'H ul
Slill.tHJ |.'-» H'Ml i,l'A-W', |»r 1000 >
'insiianl   |l:»„ W.M   micIi.    Italian I
Stone Mason.
Brick Layer,
T,'n  ,■",„.  ui-i'  l,,i„  i,,i,..|,  liifurli,,,!
. | ah   wn,',l»  In  ii   lln,.,.
I    11,
:' Illlll,,
:,  lime
' liruiii'iX yciir ,-!il Urn HSB.WI |i«r 100,
Siliwr |i»ane 2 y„atilil line flu |u.r Km,
full lisi nl. ulnar utops nt regular iirloos
l,ei „,e|ri,-,   iu,, I,-.: Iintnro placing     I nm prepared toilo nil kinds ol
; i-:.:',.ul,.;::;r^.(.-';;r.v,;:«;:t;v)!;"i::vi,^.^,i7^- w<"h i",l";" s ' e""miit«'
em. etc.   ('a!,il,',.!i:,'Kve.
•f '•""•"    linn
M. j. HENRY.
'llOlOWostinlsstM Wi'.. Vancouver.
K; Vl-:,\l-:s BXPEHfJIMC'E.
' KkiUhiu.ti: !-'i riisiilell. I,a!: milfl nurth   $,
I of Armstrong, -J'w
, Olllll'll 11,11) III' li'll, SVitll U. Allllit:e,l. [
'I'll,':   SlINDAV
'III!"   M'eIU:„SIS\.|;|;S'l|;n',
Nlllllllllll., SV.isli.


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