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The Armstrong Advance 1906-02-23

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Ghe  Armstrong'    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.	
1   EDO     «£
rMSki II Ik IllltcSlf M iTMlTfll IM a^
Im SI.SOImAdwammu
NO 15.
»*What You Pay
nam BNOe a *
VY/iaf row Get
These are Important Points for you
to Consider
We provide GOOD THINGS nt LOWEST PRICES in return for your good
money. We give yon Value for Value every time, That's the honest way to do
business that's the way we do business. A perfect Collar, ivsensonable Hat, a Shoe
for Stylo and Fit. a Suit for Business, Working or Evening—at prices tosnit the pocket.
Special Values this week.   Regular $1.50 lines for 75c and $1.00.   Get your pick.
Waterproof Rain Coats *2.r>0
Waterproof Overalls  2.(X)
Boys' School Shoes  1.25
Men's Working Shoes  2.25
Men's Heavy Working Pants  8.00
Get them at..
The Leading
VLGents' Furnishers
jmxw tf Paul's.*
ftle Iwe secured an exceptionally fine
line ol Traveler's samples
in ladles' and CMMren's Hosiery art! Underwear,
cents' Hosiery, underwear and sweaters
These Goods were purchased at about:..
<■■   -and will be sold accordingly.
Come early while (be Bargain i$ open.   Jill Goods Absolutely fiew.
John Hamill, %&,¥%%£.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C»
* « millers of a flour * *
-0^ AGENTS FOR^um-
jeejjng machinery*
FeedlGrains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Leading   Business   Firms.
The Advunce commends the following
business firms of Armstrong to the people of the surrounding district. Their
nnnouncements may lie seen in our advertising column:
Armitage, A. K., Gents furnishing
Ashe, 8 K, Jeweler, Vernon.
Burns, K. K., l.lrnggist
Blanchard, A., Dressmaker
Hank of Montreal, Bankers.
Christian, J W, Cream   n |»mt i is
Christian, C. L,, Harness and Bad
Daniels, K. N., I ncu nature and Plumbing
Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher & Huge, Heal Estate
Farm-is, H., Implements
Hamill, John, General Merchant
Hawkin's Bros., Butchers
Henry. M J, Nursery, Vancouver.
Lapworth, A. J., Painter
Moberly, G., Carpenter
MoPherson 4 Holtby, Furniture nnd
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Okanagan Flour Mill, Flour, etc.
Ratledge, A. N., Enrber
8hnry, A., Baker and Confectionery.
Simington, J„ Contractor and Builder
Toward, Jus.. Plasterer, etc,
Wood, Cnrgill Co., General merchants
Klin Island Deal Off and «.T. P.
j  Will Not Build West for Years.
Tho Vanconver Worhl on Tuesday pnblisheil the startling announcement that the deal for the
Kiiit-n Island terminus between
ItheG. T, P. and the Federal gov-
eminent had been deolared off ami >
, that owing to dlffloulties of finance
the ti. T. P, would not build west|
■ from Edmonton forseyernl years.
I In tho nieantinii! the Canadian
Northern, backed by a strong American syndicate, will push their
i line into Port Simpson.
Since the publication of this re-
' port, however, a denial has been
Imade by Sir Wilfrid Lanrier, who
! slates that the Kaien Island ileal
! has not been declared off, also from
' F. W. Morse, vice president of the
}G. T. P.,sating that the road will
j be completed within th 3 time called
j for injthe contract,
The V. V. ft E. Progressing.
Many of our readers are interest-
iia the construction of  the  Gretit
Northern Railway into the Similk-
nuieen.     The  latest   information
nvnil able concerning the new rout'
is that construction work is being
pushed forward as rapidly as possible.   Both day and night gangs
; are being employed and the nuni-
' ber of men  has  been largely in-
J creased.   Every effort is being put
forth to facilitate the work and it
j is expected that the grnding and
; tunneling  will   be  completed  to
, KeremeoB by .Tune 1st.   If this is
I accqinpJiBhed the steel should be
laid soon after and the road open
for traffic by early autumn.   Mr.
White, who is in  charge  of  the
i work at Midway, is doing all in his
i power to speedily finish the road.
It is expected that the  C. P. R.
will start  grading  on  their  line
! from Midway  west  in  the  near
The Switzerland of Canada.
C. B. Schmidt, the Pueblo agricultural expert who wits commissioned to examine and report upon
the Oknnngim district for the
Midway & Vernon Railway, has
written n letter to Trice .Ellison.
M, P. P., in which he gives this
province great praise, from which
the following is extracted:
"If there is a Switzerland to be
found on this continent, it is
British Columbia, with its mountains, its lakes and streams, its
navigation and its climate, only it
is ten times larger than Switzerland, nnd has in nddittion to scenery- which practically constitutes
the only resources of Switzerland—
a great variety of tangible resources, which make the country
attractive, not only to the tourists
but also to the investor, the merchant, the manufacturer and the
farmer. The magnificent foresls
of merchantable timber, the prolific soil of its valleys and mountain slopes, the undeveloped
wealth in precious minerals and of
bnser metals, the wealth of sea and
fresh water fish, and the great ad-
vantage of its geographical location nnd harbor facilities for the
coast and orientnl trades. In short
British Columbia, in my opinion,
holds within its lap such a future
of affluence and international influ-
encn which only the most sanguine
can concieve for a new country.
I envy her people and all those
who may embrace the opportpnity
to anticipate and participate in
the future of British Columbia.
Would Iwere one of them,"
One yearling heifer, red with
white siKits, marked with notch
above iiini below on right ear, also
one three-)-ear-old steer, same
.Torm CnnisTiAN.
Our Future Market Prospects
With the rapid developing
prairie provinces of Athabaska,
Alberta, Saskatchewan and Mim-
I itoba, containing 3^5.000,000 acres
i and capable of supporting untold
j millions of people lying between
[the Rocky mountains and the
Grant Lakes, surely fruit growing
' in British Columbia has a bright
I future and over production is.well-
nigh an impossibility with siieh a
market at our very door— Fruit
Inspector Maxwell Smith.
A Cold Snap
Is Now
Coming!   %
And we are going to give
our customers a chance to
buy anything we have in the
Mens', Ladies' and Childrens
Overshoes will also be cleared
At Cost
A few lines of Flannelette to
be sold for 10 cts. a yard.
1   Formerly 12 1-2 and 15 cts.
I Ladles* Trimmed Hals.
1 The greatest chance ever
[ given in B. C. to have your
l head covered. Your choice for
1 $1.0 O
f   Cost from $2 to $10 each.
[wood CARGILL CO--
Last week we gave the GENTLEMEN a Bargain in PIPES.
This week we are giving the^"*
a  Bargain in Perfumery.
Any of the Sovereign Mfg. Co.'s
■^•"■"■"""at 25c per oz.
CURL1NE, MENTHOL COLOGN, ETC. at similar reductions
The Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R. BURNS, Bruggist.
I 1
Bear mis in wind.
Your friends-"back home" uninterested in the country in which
you live. There is no means of
acquainting them with your district as bv means of the local paper.
I Let us send them the ADVANCE.
Only $1.50 a year. Tlie   .Advance Municipal Amendments. Q]
Subseriiitien £}..",0 jit your in ml
If not i-itlil iii advancs 19.00.
Notices or Ainre-b services unit t-nt.tr
tiiinmentswliVre no admission, is ebArgod
inserted free. - Other notices at' Usual
rates.   I'nrria ol ttmnks 11,
Thi- Advance is published in the inter-
sets ot the town and district in winch
it exists nnil obrdiaUy solicits the jutt
ron&ge ol t he-public.
Delegates from seVerd of the
city and  rural municipalities of
__^___ the province last week waited on
Publlener.  fag> municipal  comiliitti-e   of the
provincial    legislature to present
! representations of the B. C. Municipal Union  re certain  proposed
Advertising rjtee givon oti application, | changes in the Municipal Clauses
Act, The deputation consisUnl of
Mayor Boll, of Kudesby, en-Mayor
Stephens, of Kamloops. and Mr.
Mann and Aid. Fell, of Victoria.!
The committee supported the. following rhangt-s suggested, by ,the
That trade licenses, other than
those relating to the sale of llqn.br,
should be based upon rental values.
It is not asked that it. should be.
on rents, but the assessor should
is the rental value of the business
! places. ■ i
That the mayor  should be the
inirman and that the city council
should select an alderman who
should act on the licensing board.
That some of the municipalities I
hud desired that the license com-;
missioners should be elected by I
the people. Tho meeting of the i
union compromised the position i
and decided to ask for the council,
"You have no agricultural laud"
lias come to be a familiar phrase
from the mouths of strangers to
this as well as other parts of the
Okanagan valley. To parties coming from the prairies no doubt the
extent of the land available for agriculture does appear small and it
isnotsnrprisi..gthatsomeelement|havinsr(;rtllytho  ^^   (if   t[)i
of disappointment is encountered. \mhction_ tnu8 gWng locnl contr0l
i to the board.
less prairies are driven to some ex.
J. McDonald
,ja   Real Estate
,nsu"nc2_jT_JAgents >
"l*nd of the BIG RED
Do you Need
We have several Thousand  Dollars to loan on" good  Real
Estate Securities at the usual rate'of interest.
We are also Agents for	
British Columbia Permanent
Loan &t Savings Co.
and can make you a loan on your home on easy monthly terms
of payment.
Why not make   Your   Rent Buy a
Home of Your Own?
This is theof year when tires are apt to occur.       Better get
Insured.      We represent four of the best companies.
That power should be given to
reduce tbe number ou the council.
The deputation was informed that
the committee had dealt with th at
phase of the question.
Amendments to School Act.
Even after residents of the boundless prairies
tent from the railway which is
absolutely necessary for anything
like a true conception of the country—they are still often inclined
to the opinion that the country is
not of sufficient extent to permit of
any great production of those pro- j
duets on which the populace rely, i tphe following are the proposed
In this view, however, there is nl-1 princjprti changes in the School
together lost sight of the amount j gill for this session. As will be
of the production per acreage of 8een they involve some radical al-
which the climatic and soil condi- j teratlons from the law of last year,
tions are capable. It will be gen- As thoy nre glven below they ,,):.
era] admitted even by the casual ] p](lin themselves:
observer that the amount of land j l. Schools in rural municipalities
ns yet under cultivation in the Ok-j to be under the contrcl of one
anagan is only a small percentage' Bchool boar(1 eiected for the whoie
of the whole.     The volume of the mllnicipiility, and the municipal!-
\ _____
| Iron Beds* Springs $7.25.
i '""""" "  '""
present production may therefore
be taken as only a small indication
of that which is within the possibilities of the future. Taking the
past Bens 111, which is known to
have been hardly an average one.
there were shipped from the Oka.
ties to be classed with cities under
the style of "Municipal School
Districts." In Biich caBes the assessment, collection nnd disbursement of school rates to be in the
hands of the municipal councils.
2. In rural school districts out-
30b lots in mall Papers per roll   sets,
toilet Sets at Cost.
Cuban Bed Springs, tbe latest in Woven
Wire. Prices $5.t07.5o
Bank of
Head Office; Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid tip 114,000,000,
Balance Profit and Loss account, 18
Kest. 110,000,000
PRESIDENT, Rig-lit Hon.  Lord Jlr.lhcon.  and Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
'Contractors and Builders.
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canndn,     Also in
the following cities s- London, Kug.; 22, Abehurcli   Lane,   E. C.
New York, nil Wall Street : Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.: St. Johns Newfoundland.
Bankers nnd Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool,   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
anil Dawson City.
Deposits received from $1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
Withdrawal,   en   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Ont-of-town account* receive
every attention.
Vnnw, M»n.f>r.
nngan valley 2,724,000, pounds OTigi(jeof municipalities assessment
68,100 boxes of apples alone. Of M(1 collection of school rates to be
other fruits, not including the vast inthe han(iB of the provincial
amount of vegetables and other I llg8eg8orB, who shall make draft
products, there were shipped -out assessment roll to be submitted to
1,084,000 pounds. From Arm- the trustees, instead of trustees
strong alone there were shipped' mnkin, np liet of nam(Jg m finjt
4i)2,(XX) pounds, or 12,100 boxes of pln(.,.
apples, and 30,000 pounds of other j ;j. Government supplementary
fruits. When it is remembered L^t for teachers' salaries to be
that the adaptability of this -lis-1 j)ai(1 qnarterly in municipal school
trict for the production of fruit districts and monthly in rural
has only recently been known, districts, instead of Half-yearly in
and that very many of the orchards; ^oin cases.
so far planted have not yet come j 4. Provisions for establishment
into bearing the immense volume io{ high Bchoo!s on|v in municipal
of products even from the land atj Bchool districts, and not in a union
present under cultivation should at I of outside rural school districts, as
once become  apparent.     Winter formerly.
apples are henceforth to become; fl. Income of regularly employed
the leading product of this prrticu-.[teachers, and salaries and wages of
lar section of the Okanagan, and persons under twenty-one years-of
mthen-ar lutnre the   volume  of 1^, exempted from assessment,
<i. Mines nnd minerals, unwork-
ed Crown granted mineral claims
and railways to be included with
I assessable property under the Act.
I 1. Seperate qualifications given
for voters and trustees in assisted
Bchools, and provision made for
AT-mSTRON* E. A. Tayaar, Sub. Agent.
E. *. V.lMaBHatoah, Smb. Agent. P.
OuNlenlln, Smb. Agent.
What Is Success?
shipments from this point alone
will be reckoned by the millions of
pounds, all of which owing to tin
excellent (|tiality and the ever-increasing market will forever com.
main] good prices.
One of the most convincing evi
deuces   of   the  increase   in   the • ,ina|ificution   of  voters Tn
amount of  ll,,-  products of theUrtrJota before assessments list is
Armstrong district during the past1 mM]9 np
two or three years is furnished  by|
the volume of business transacted
by the Armstrong  Farmers'   Kx-
ehang-.   Three years ago the ex-!    A Kansas woman,  Mrs.   J,   A.
change was firs   established and gtanl       |)f   Linooln)   hnB  been
the first yews shipments amotmt.|awnt(led a pr]zo 0f *250 by n Bos-
t °     '   1 ,::''""■,'": >n ** for the best answer to the
had reached *29,0QO, while   astI      tion< „Wh(vt C0;lstittH„s snc.
year, or the third year of operation, ce89„    gho W)t|,; Hfl , ;m ^
theBhipmontsnmount«lto*55,000,LaBnBceBB  ,vho  hng  |iv(„,  we])
while there was a demand tor even ,     hed oft„„ m] hw] ^ y fc
much more produce could  it have h       jne(1 t|u, n{ ^
been obtain,.,, winch is plainly „;„n nn,ul,f, lovo.of Uttlo phikW j
indicative that there need be little „,u, 1 , an 11 • • 1 ,
or no fear of an oversnpply of the w." '" *'.'" "' ls ",lch1"ant af00mi
ma.ketfor sun- years yet. As, ',1;Baed his tusk; who has left the
tieaitountof produce increases, world better than he found it,
so also iu the market growing In whether by an Improved poppy, a
like proiortlon. and with the al-'perfect poem, or a rescued soul,'who
b'.e population to: has never lacked appreciation of
ttity or failed to express
for the
the best
T?^Cand for Sale?
If so, I can SELL, IT.
Realizing that the Armstrong district is especially adapted
to the growth of certain of the Okanagan products, I
have decided to open'nn office here.
Tf m wot to sell »y of voir lam I'll «tt yon i Buyer.
"    ■       kmmaXmmaVlm, ARMSTRONU.
All kinds of Plain and
Fancy Sewing*
CtasMM.it Prices. Ml wirk curaitccl
SDop next door to TisDtr * Sage's Real tttate Otflte.
Seattle's Great
tlKSt    HlllUlllel'
take up residence  in  tin-  Northwest tl e products of the Okanagan
will find a growing demand that
B«lr»P»st-:ntel!lleiiar,^2ts 20 Pates \
Pub isiwa    th.    lull.it   ttlegrepUe j{
yCr  new from all parts oi th. world.   All 5
I J\ the itata and looil newt. Daily and $
Sunday aditlon, 75o per month. ''
Suniay Post-tntntllinncr.r, 4) U 56 Patss      'i
Th. Icrgeit imi moat complete Sun- £
day piper  north of  Ban   rrancinco. V,
Epsciil clerar mantj ol literature, cf 3
f«.ahi:n, of womon'a  nowa.   Sunday Sj
oiiilion, 13.00 per year. /
Twice a Wte'i Post-lntsilifjcns: r g
All th< newi cf tin week in concise, /
dutailed  farm.     THB   TWICE   A £
WBiK    IDiriON   IS   THE   BEST 5
Writo tor «ampli copy a-ad be con- /
vini-ed.     Suicsiiption   price,   $1,03 /
psr year. \
AH kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
Sanplc topics Free
Write for O.ie
Wholesale and Retail
Th- bmmt steaks and roasts a speolaMy.
Flab and game In season.
Live fttoo* nought at top price.
receive most   particular attention.
All Postmaste-sWW Take Sii&scrllrtloni
POST.'.rTfEUSeEWEK Cft, Seattle,
s. V. WILTON. liUiltm. M.HU.r
earth's bet
it; who has always looked
best, in others and given
Wash, ';
v*    J
will  forever  secure   a   profitable he had: whose I
market for all its produce.
wliose life was an inspira-
I ion; whose memory a benediction.
Do you K«ad tbe Advance?
All kinds of Fresh and Curi d Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl .in season
BeatPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty,
Geoa Murray,
Poultry Wanted Prop,
,. ►
******f tf
Miss Pearl Murray is assisting
in W. W. Wolfenden's book store
0. T. Daykin left on Monday for
a business trip to his former home
at Lacombe, Alta.
We are glad to note that W. E.
Pickford has abont recovered from
a two weeks illness.
Boys playing marbles in the
streets is one of the evidences of
the beauty of onr weather.
J. Robertson was np from Vernon for a visit with his family,
three miles west of town, the last
of the week.
Already preliminary arrange-
| ments are noticed for the spring
gardening— such as the prepare
tion of hot beds, "starting" of
plants, etc.
'lay- |    Dr. S. F, Tolmie, veterinary in-
Two rinks of Kelownu curlers | spector for the province, is this
journeyed up the line Thursday week looking after horseB in the
and played two games with Euder-i Kootennys, for the purpose of
by in which the latter won by ascertaining if glanders exists
eleven points. ' that portion of the province.
W. H. Murray has restocked his A great many cnrloiuls of ice
livary bam with a number of new from Banff have been Bhipped to
horses.   Even after the indemnity | points down the valley during the
B. F. Young was a passenger to
Vernon Wednesday.
Wild geese flying southward is
a common forecast of the approach
of spring.
Mrs. Myles McDonald and Mrs.
Arthur Young were passengers to
Vernon between trains Tuesday.
The sweat melodies of the meadow larks during the morning of the
past week remind us of the advent
of gentle spring.
The rifle club met ins business
session Tuesday night. Among
other business was the decision to
provide a new and improved range.
We were treated to a gentle reminder of the weather experienced
at the cast by a copious rain during Saturday afternoon ond.Sun-
paid by the government they will
suffer a heavy loss through the destruction of their horses.
Mr. and Mis. FT.
taepastweek  in  a trip to fa*
This district was visited by . a
heavy rain which continued most
of tbe day Sunday.
The Farmers' Exchange loaded
a car of potatoes and other vegetables this week—th* first of the
spring shipments.
W. T. Holtby left Saturday to
be in attendance at the grand
lodges of the L. O. L. and R. B. K|
of I. at Nanaimo this week.
Mrs. Bedbiun and children left
Satunlay for her home at Dauphin,
Man., after an extended visit with
her sister. Mrs. Herb Warren.
During the slack period in
freight and railway circles. Station
Agent Kelly is left alone, J. S.
Asson at present being off duty.
He expects to be transferred to
another point soon.
A number of the youth of town
journeyed to Enderby Monday
evening, where they expected to
play a game with the boys of that
town, but were disappointed by the
non-appearance of the Enderby
hockey players.
|   t. O. Winters is an a Bounces.
trip to ttraude Prairie.
Leonard Norris wss a bnsiness
visit to town tbe first of the week
Fire Inspector Reid was here on
official duties the last of the week.
T. B. Winters has been suffering, a prolonged siege of quinsy the
past two weeks.
The weather still conveys every
indication of the approach of
spring, though a cold spell may
yet strike ns. '
Through Fisher & Sage, J. Main
on Tuesday purchased lot 8 in block;
14. Mr. Main is a recent settler
here, a cousin of Leslie Main.        j
Ira Daniels'hns been off duty a
few days as the result of having
got the worst of a straggle with a I
| vicious horse which he was attempting to shoe.
Rev. Campbell went to Vernon
Tuesday, where he attended the'
regular meeting of the Presbytery'
held there this week. Several
other ministers were also on board <
the same day.
J. D, McCann and wife nnd Miss
Cross  are  new immigrants fromj
mYmt JUicMtoi Please'
Western Home Monthly
An Illustrated Monthly Magazine for home reading
published the first of every month.
We make a special offer to readers of the ''Advance"
just to introduce car Magazine into the homes of the people of B.C.
There is nothing cheap about the Western Home
Monthly bnt tho price. It is easily the best value in
America for the money.      Subscription price 80 i
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years subscription
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A high class family magazine
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special interest. The lady of
the house will find our fashion,
pattern, of invaluable value.
Each number contains suggestions and ideas well worth the
price of a years subscription.
Winntpa* ..... . Naaltaba.
week.   The ice is nearly three feet
thick and of splendid) quality, but
by the time churges  are  paid   it
_, ,„        .•      l  •.  „„- will cost laid down here near $1
Tho snow fall mentioned  In our .
,   . .        .. - , ,     l I per ton   pretty expensive for next
last issue did not amount to much, r ,  , .
„,'-.. ,       i • .,,• ,'summers icecream,
not sufficient to   make   sleighing. |
The ground is practically bare, andl    Rev. T. J.  Robinson, stationed
sleighs have been put aside—it is, in charge of the Presbyterian work
generally thought, for this season.' in Salmon river valley, came down
™ ... , i~, i     u-   • v. _„„'the last of the week, and held ser
British Columbia is by no means,  . »
,       ...    , «   l „„„   f.™ ; vices at Otter lake school house on
alone in its loss   of   horses   from -     ,
.    , m   . ,   •   „ „„..:„i i ounuay.   Mr. Kobinson is only re-
glanders.   Tests are being carried ' »
.    ,, • • ..!„»„„   „„,i cently from Alberta, and like   the
on in the  prairie  provinces  and      . '      .      ,      •
many head being destroyed.   i„; rest of us is enjoying the mildness
one Manitoba exchange we read of j °f •» 0kana8an wlnter-
twenty head being destroyed from |    a unique surprise was perpetrat-
one barn. ! ed upon Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Pelly
The good people of Knob Hill I last Friday night when some thirty-
have been both entertained and I live of the. young people of the
benefitted during the past week by | district and from town nssenbled
the operation of a new and unique in masquerade costume to spend
method of stump pulling. By the! the evening at their home. Need-
time  Billy  Bell gets  his steers less to say a.jolly good time was
and Miss Maud Murray as Little
Red Riding Hood, and Miss Nellie
McDonald won first and second
prizes respectively.
J. N. Kendall,  agent  for  the
Capital City Nursery Co., states
1 Harness Rcpairhig... |
i Lancashire, England, having arriv-1, __
Again have the  prizes for the ed here Monday.   Mrs. McCann is QC@G®€^C®C!©Git3G@G^G®Gi®GSt$tl^B
best costumes ut the Enderby car- j a gigter of H. Turner, of Otter lake,
nival come to Armstrong.   Several j njid they expect to secure a loca-
young people from  here attended tion here.
last Friday night's carnival there     ~.        _, ,,,
1    Dave  Cameron,  well-known in
this district, and F, liottfriedson
passed through here Tuesday in j
custody of Keeper Bell, of the provincial jail at Kamloops. These
men have been sentenced to two
anVI   five   years   respectively   for[
Spring work will soon be upon you
und should find you with your liar-
ness in good order. I will overhaul
your old or make you a new set.
broken it is declared that settlement will have little need for
stumping powder.
The members of the municipal
council, composing the municipal
board of health, last Saturday inspected the ditch between Ann-1 Bold in the Okanagan, has tendered
strong townsite and the suburb of his resignation ns one of the staff
Eastview, which has for some time j engaged in testing horses of the
been in an unsanitary condition. | valley.   In this event the Dr. may
had by all and that Mr. and Mrs.
Pelly did their part in the hospitable manner in which the guests
were entertained.
Dr. Geddas, of Kelowna, who is
at present purchasing horses to be
Steps will at once be token to have
the matter attended to.
J. T. Bardolph, of the Laving-
ton ranch, White Valley, has lately
added a car load of Shorthorn
milk strain cows. It is Mr. Bar-
dolph's intention to test these cattle along with a like number of
Jerseys, He is going into the
dairying business in the interests
of the White Valley creamery and
is thus setting a splendid example
for residents of other parts of the
Second Vice - President Wm.
Whyte and a number of other of.
foists of the C. P. R., including
E. J. Coyle, Asst. Pas. Agt„ Van-
eoovst, made a trip down the lake
as far as Sunrmerlnnd the- last of
weak, where they viewed the fruit
ranch owned by President Shann-
nessy. Their visit is also supposed to have hail some connection
with the improved boat service of
the coming summer.
AU preliminary arrangements
have now been made for tne establishment of a branch of the Armstrong Farmers1 Exchange at Enderby, 110 shares of stock have
been subscribed, of which about
90% is paid up, Negotiations are
Tinder way for a site along the
0. P. R. track and it is confidently
expected that the exchange will be
ready to handle the crop of the
coming season. So successful has
the exchange been at this place
that the extension of its facilities
tot handling produce to Enderby
should prove very beneficial to our
with propriety seek to sell horses
to those who have had their animals condemned, though while engaged in condemning the public
would hardly approve of his seek,
ing to replace horses which he
alleged to be affected with glanders.
Two Chinese' missionaries from
the coast were at Vernon the lost
of the week assisting the local
churches there in their work among
the Celestials of that town. We
are informed that some good work
has been done in this quarter and
that a number of the residents of
our neighboring town's "China
town" are becoming quite civilized
and to a certain extent educated
There might be room for some
effort along the same line in Armstrong. Possibly some of the local
Chinese gambling would then be
dispensed with.
That the C. P. R. will very
materially improve the boat service on Okanagan lake during the
coming summer is now practically
assured. The arrangements are already being made for beginning
work on a new and modern boat to
be used for daily passenger service
on the lake. The amount of traffic
np and down the lake in previous
years has not been sufficient to
warrant such accommodation as
the company now proposes to
establish, and the company is en
titled to considerable credit from
tbe people of the valley for now
recognising the increased demands
of the lower portions of the valley
and this-early providing for their
that this, his first season in the j breaking into the Hudson's Bay
Okanagan, hns been so successful i Co.'s warehouse, Vernon, Jan. 18.
that he will arrange to spend, at The residents of Rosedale sub-j
least, six months of each year here j OTbhave con)e nigh being Bub J
in the future and has abont decid- merged in a lnke of water dnringl
ed on Armstrong as his head- U t week) 0Fmg to the j^J
quarters, this point being the i conaition of the drainage of Rose-
most central and most easily acces-1 ia[e
■ Armstrong - Harness - Store.
sible to other points of the valley.
J. M. Bird, recently returned
from a visit to the States, says the
interest taken in Canadian lands
there was plainly shown by the fact
that the first thing to catch his eye
upon getting off tho train was a
large sign advertising Canadian
lands.   Although the main interest
s avenue. We understand that!
in the event of no other action being taken by the council a requisition is being made for a steam
launch to ply in thnt suburb. No
doubt, however, Councillor Murray
will look to the interests of his
The directors of the Armstrong
and    Spallumcheen    Agriculture
there now centres in Northwest I Society "met last Friday. The most
lands, British Columbia is also i important matter of business dealt
reaping a certain amount of beni- wjth was the erection of the agri-
fit from the search for new homes! cultural hall as authorized by the
by the residents of the western; vote of the ratepayers of the municipality at the recent election.
Directors J. B. Bird, Joe McDonald and D. Matheson were appointed a committee to wait upon the
council at their next meeting, and
present plans of proposed hall and
arrange to have preliminary steps
leading to its erection taken immediately so that the construction^]
of the new building may be gone
forward with as soon as possible.
A prize list committee was also
appointed who were instructed to
revise the prize list and have same
printed and in the hands of intending exhibitors at coming fair not
later than April 10. The committee met Monday and revised the
 & sons	
1 McCorrnick Binder,  1 Brantford Mower,   1 Fanning Mill. 1 Straw     a
Cutter,   1 Horse Power, 1  Set Trucks,  new,   1  Top   Buggy
I Set Logging Sleighs, 1 Skidding Tongs, Corner  Binds.
Double Trees, Ciinthook,,  Cultivator.
For sale cheap for cash or on approved notes
at three months. For information apply to alwve
Official Directory
The Revelstoke Mail-Herald
says that a ruling by the postal
department that curd parties in
which prizes are won at euchre,
whist and other games are in the
nature of lotteries, and that the
publishing of drawings or winnings
in the newspapers is a violation of
the law, subjecting the offending
publications to exclusion' from the
mails seems to be a little hard on
our good church and society people, who have been accustomed to
give interest to their .social gatherings and societies or to bring
money into the church treasury by
such games, even if it be not en
interference with the liberty of the
J. M. Wright, treasurer of Spallumcheen municipality, attended a
meeting last Friday of the residents
ef Mission Valley, Kelowna, for
the purpose of giving them. some
light on municipal organisation
and the workings of this form of
civil government in Spallumcheen.
Mail war Time Tabic
(Shuswap k Okanaiian Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday  0:25 a. m
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:35 p. m.
The wedding of W. Hawkins and
Miss Edith Horeley last Wednesday was made one of the prettiest
events of the- kind held in town
for some time. St, James' ohmrch,
which «ss most beautifully decorated for the occasion, was filled bc-
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray,  Chas   Crozier, W
S Burnett, E   J Offerbaus,
Divine Service will be held every Bun-
day as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.-
Miller, Pastor.
Rev. A. N.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
1:30 p.m. every Sunday.- Rev. D. Campbell, Pastor.
IM. Jams' Gauma, Sunday, Pea. M
Morn im Prayer 11*0. Sunday school,
8:30 p. m.- V. V. VssseJw. Visor.
The meeting was  attended   by  a! yond its capacity with friends who
representative  gnthering   of  the j gathered to witness the ceremony.
ratepayers of tbe area proposed to
be included in the municipality,
some sixty persons being present.
Mr. Wright addressed the meeting
in a very comperhensive statement
of the experience of the ratepayers
of Spallumcheen, paying particular
attention to the matter of finances,
the assessment, collection and expenditure of the local taxes. The
many questions put by those in
attendance showed a keen interest
in affairs of local interest. Before
the close of the meeting it was
unanimously voted that the residents of the proposed municipality
apply to the government for incorporation, and . arrangements were
made for the «i*culation of the
necessary petitions.
The service, according to the ritual
of the Anglican church, was made
especially interesting and pleasing
because of its being wholly choral.
The bride was given in marriage
by her brother, W, P. Horsley, the
Misses Emily and Lena Pelly acting as bridesmaids, and the groom
being supported by W. A. Warren. As the happy couple marched
from the church ^they received the
usual token of good wishes of their
friends amid showers of rice. After
a reception tendered to invited
friends at the honw of tbe gjossa's
brother, Mr. and Mrs. Bawaisuj
took the aftemeeii train for Xssn-
loops, wassate.tSBST-ji; Dt'timi iso;
the groom's ranch at Nicola.
Holy Mam in I. O. V. Hall, Anrotkrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Fathkk Dokvai..
Barrister and Solicitor.
Wood Cargill Block.
Office Hours: 9:30to 12 and 1:30 toS
-   - B.C.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L„ No. 1801, meets in the
•   I.O.F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening of each month at 8
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W.M.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the ForeBters' Hall, Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or before the
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
oordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
i. o. o.r.
Meets every Thursday evening is the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
t Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
 B. FRANCIS, gee. Sec.
Boo.        i. o. r.
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
ARMSTRONG Circle, No. 372.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELLS. Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary.
Maii A rrivks—
North daily exnept Sunday      9:30 a. sa
South    "      " " 3:30 p. a.
North daily exnept Sunday 3:45 p. m.
South    "      " " (l:t:.s. m.
Glenemma and Falkland every
Monday 5:00 p. m.
Spallumcheen and Hull Car on
Mondays 5:00 p. m.
Fridays 9:30 a. m
J. M. Wricht. Poftmaster.
'wT'mmlam    G»U  PORE BRED
f or dale. Br«wn m-
hem and Plomouth Reck Poultry and
Bnme oxcoptiounlry good young
Ito new on hand.
Lsosdowne. T. W. MARSHALL.
Dealer in—
All  kinds of fonst   implements
wagons, boggles, otc.
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only 11.75, "NAN THE MASCOF
Local Talent Company Makes
Splendid Success in This
Popular Comedy.
few touches of originaiity lent interest and effect to his p;irt
To the credit of Mr. Lapworth,
us stu^e manager, it may truly be
sail! that everything in connection
with the presentation of the play
passed Off without a hitch, and the
Locals Thai Get Business
The presentation of -Nan the 1 mfmy p)eMant „<„& „f
Mascot" by the Armstrong Am- trom |h(, mi(li,.Ilce went
nteur   Dramatic Co.    Wednesday
line of   hoes, rakes,   spades,   etc.
Don't overlook them,
Armstrong & Leverington.
The ADVANCE and Free Press for
evening proved an exceptionally
gocil success, and too itun-li credit
cannot well be given the members
of the company and Mr. Lapworth
fur the excellent matter in which
the play was presented.
The play itself is one full of interest throughout and with excellent scenery so fittingly provided
for each scene   it at ntiee   proved
very popular with the audience.
The dramatization is that of  it
prosperous rttrnlite whose wile lie-
oauseof the Buddeu acquirement
of wealth aspires to the alluring
life of the city, where sin- may be
enabled to enj ly the pleasures of
society. As is often the case the
coveted society of the city Bought
by the would-be fashionable wife
and mother against the desires of
the husband and daughter, the
"Mascot", does not prove so sue
cessful as hoped and the speculation of Caleb Baldwin, together
with the doings of tlie influential
and. once jilted. Ben Flood, bring
abont the financial ruin of the
family and they are finally glad to
return to the old homestead where
their happiness is again  restored.
The leading role, that of Mr. and
Mrs. Baldwin, was played by W.
Wolfenden and Mrs. Violet Dickie,
both of whom did great credit to
their respective parts. Mrs. Dickie
especially carried ber part well
through all the varying stages of
her aspiring position and later as
the reconciled woman of the farm.
In Nan. the father's ever present
Mascot, Miss Ruth Asson proved
herself most efficient in her capacity as the confidential adviser of
her father and the manner in which
she scorned the attentions of the
stammering English dude, to whom
her mother sought to marry her, in
order to remain true to an early
lover of their rural home.
Mrs. Van Spread, the New York
Society Belle, a difficult part, was
filled by Miss Opal Fisher. The
captivating widow, Jehonnet. was
also impersonated by her. in which
part she made a splendid appearance.
Ben Flood, at first the tramp and
later the prosperous New York
financier, was ably taken by Joe
McDonald, who made a strong
hit with the audience in the manner in which he acquitted himself
in this role.
The stammering English dude,
the would-be suitor of Miss Nan-
nette, was taken by R. H. Hill
nnd was very well presented,
(). MePherson is deserving of
special mention for the manner in
which he filled the part of Deacon
Smartweed, and while all the parts
were well plaped, it is perhaps only fair to say that -Mr. MePherson
ably proved himself to be the right
person in the right place and fulfilled his role the best of any member of the troupe. His attentions
to the widow and his rustic manner on the occasion of his visit to
the city, together with his cautious
regard for "what'd the parson say"
provokes! the hearty applause of
the audience.
Arthur Sherwood, the lawyer's
clerk, and the gallant lover of Nan.
was taken by Jus. Held and the
reputation of the troupe well bus-
tnined by the manner in which he
fulfilled his role.
Dr. Windsall and the slippery
lawyer. Uriah Fox, were supplied
respectively by A. ti. Armitage
and R. W. Kelly. While the crit-
icism has since been mnde thai
both appeared too much simply as
their everyday selves, their parts
were admirably suited to them anil
we doubt if two amateurs could
have been found to do better justice to these two parts of the caste.
The humor of the play was provided by the Inimitable backwoods
lad, Jimsey, represented by J. g.
Asson in a truly humorous anil bi -
coming manner,
A. J, Lapworth took the part ci
John, the servant, and with just ti
to show L year for 11.75,
all sizes: A good line of bird cages
in stock.
Armstrong & Leverington,
Get prices on iron pipe, pipe fittings. All kinds of plumbing
done to order on short notice.  Tin
that the efforts of the troupe
found hearty appreciation among
the public.
By no means the least pleasing
feature of the entertainment was
the music furnished between the
acts by the orchestra. In this was
sustained the already flattering
reputasion of the Armstrong inn- and sheet iron work done to order,
siciaus as behlgamong the best of It' Armstrong ifc Leverington's.
tlle vn I ley. Have you seen those knife and
Financially the affair was ex- scissor sharpeners at Armstrong iS
ceptionnlly successful. All the 1351 Leverington's hardware store?
carpenter's tools,  building   hard-
\ll the 185
reserved seats wen- taken, while
the general admission seats were
insufficient to accommodate the
crowd. The receipts amounted to
$142. After paying expenses the
funds are to be given toward some
public or charitable work.
Okanagan Liberal Meeting.
The coterie of local Liberals
who attended the annual meeting
of the Okanagan Liberal Association at Vernon last week, .consisting of T. W. Fletcher. R, R. Burns.
Joe McDonald, Dr. Otferhaus W.
T. Marshall, and Geo Murray report a successful and enjoyable
gathering   held. Resolutions
were passed expressing confidence
in the government of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and expressing satisfaction
in the manner in which J.A.Mao-
donald, the provincial leader, wns
currying on the right for Liberal i
A resolution was ako passed con
gratulating Hon. Mr. Templeman
on his elevation to the Cabinet.
and on British Coluinbin being ac-
corded full Cabinet representation.:
Matters of importance to the
Okanagan Liberals, and the peo-
pie of the whole province, were
discussed and certain stands adopt-'
ed in connection therewith.   There
ware, all kinds   the right place.
Armstrong & Leverington.
The New Improved Low Down
U. S. Cream Separator, oapaoily
450 pounds per hour.     Price |90.
Armst-ong it Leverington.
and Churohe's Alnbastir.e in  all
shades, paint brushes, kalsomine
brushes.   A good place to deal.
Armstrong & Leverington's.
Sprayers' attention ! Good oak
barrels at Armstrong & Leverington's hardware store, Armstrong,
For Sale.
1 Bicycle (Redbird), in good
order; 1\ in. tube frame. Cheap
for cash.   Apply this office.
I would like a good active '-id as
an apprentice to lenrti bricH y.ng,
plastering nnd stone work
Jas. Teward.
For Sale.
One bedroom suit, consisting of
iron bed, and springs, dresser, commode, and toilet set;  one   Singer
was also much  business disposed sewing  machine;   one  extension
of in connection with the work of j table and one  8-day clock.   Will
district Liberal association.   The be sold at a bargain for cash.
election of officers for  this year: Mrs. L. D. Six>tt.
took place near   the last of the 	
session and   resulted  ns  follows: For Sale. -	
President,T.W.Stirling,Kelowna-,     An oU egt!lbiiBhe(, bll'teher busi.| Head quarters for
1st vice-presulen .   Jas.  Ritchie. ^    A rivre opportllnity f or Bome. j    PaoHlqOoast
Summerland; 2ml   vice-president,-
Misuns.som wlft ailHiB paBtras 12 i-m w> jot strjt
stylish zephyrs and
They come in extra fine qualities and patterns PLAIN, CHECK & STRIPE effect.
PRICE IO. 12 1-2 A ISols.
cram's English Prims.
guaranteed {fast Ceters.   3fte Sfiaaes ore Pin*, Bfne. Reft « Dfocn
Brown   ana   Jlifac  In    spots.    Stripes   and  Sferaf    Designs.
PR10EI5 cents a yard.
Saturdays special sale.
Tills week it will stu omt sutttinf n i Discorot.
Plata white Sheeting J KeKul.tr Price WllsSO cts Sale Price 2h its.
Plain White Sheeting J Regular Price was 1(1 cts. Side Price SUots
Twill Bleached Sheeting, Regular Price 25, 80 & 35ots. Sale 20, 23&27J
Plain Unbleaohed Sheeting, Regular   Price HO ots Sale 2.ri cts
Twl| Unbleaohed Sheeting, Regular Price 40 Sale 88 cts.
These sheetings are run wiiim. n & so ins
i  C.  T.  DAYKIN.    .
Armstrong MarKets
The following prices   are being
Nurseries, Greenhouse & Seedhouse paij for produce by the Armstrong
j»   £  | Farmers' Exchange:
I Vancouver,
For particulars apply to
H. Hawkins,
Armstrong, B. C.
G.H.Muller;treasurer, S.C.Smith;..   ,,     , ,,,
, , ' in the famous  Okanagan
secretary,  A.   Bridgeman,     The^
executive is to consist of the pre-1
sident and secretary of each  local
association, and a representative
of   each  polling  division  where
there is r.o organization.
After the meeting the delegates
were tendered a banquet at the
Coldstream hotel.
,    ,  Jnrden, Flower   .t   Field   Seeds
one looking for a business opening I \ew crop now in stock and on  test in
our Greenhouses. Ask your merchant
for them in sealed pta-kimes. if he does
not handle them we will mail to you
Two stray steers taken up by the
undersigned at Silver Creek,
Branded on right side and cut in I Maynari
" nrn,i«. 2
right ear.   Owner requested to pay
charges and take same away.
Ueo. Mooije.
Agent for
S.   R.  ASHE.,
Jeweler, Vernon.
Railway Men's Convention.
One of the most important meet-
ings in railway circles thnt has ever! Waif h nnd JfUfflpil
taken place in the   west  was  the  M_
convention held at Field last week,
called by Wm. Whyte,second vice-
president and genend manager of
the western lines.
The meeting was that of the j Leave your Orders with,
general officers of the western lineB
of the C. P. R„ that is, of all officers
of the road from Fort William to
Vancouver, embracing all the officials under the jurisdiction of
Mr. William Whyte, second vice-
president. There were present
about sixty delegates, and every
department of the service was
The convention opened at 10:30
o'clock on Monday morning and
closed at 11 o'clock on Tuesday
night the assembly being in session up to 10 and 11 o'clock each
night respectively except during
intermissions for meals.
PnperB were read by the chief
officers on subjects, pertaining to
their respective departments, and
full nnd free discussions followed
rendi ng of these papers, Excellent
results are sure to follow this convention, both to the advantage of
the public and the employees of
the company.
1P__    •?_ 1—   PUREBRED
* or oale. iirown Ug.
horn and Plomouth Rock Poultry and
Eggs. Home exceptionally good young
Cockerels now on hand.
Innstlowne. T. W. MARSHALL.
Pelly A' Pelly are selling the late
Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas- the] most desir-
able lols in town.
"Bill Inside."
A western Kansas papor tells of
a local merchant, Bill Jones, whd
came to Kansas City several weeks
ago to buy a new stock of goods,
They were shipped promptly and
reached home before Jones did.
When the boxes were delivered at
his store his wife happened to look
at the largest, and uttering a loud
cry, called for a hammer. A neighbor hearing the Bcream, rushed to
her assistance and asked what was
the matter. Mrs. JoueB, pale and
faint, pointed to an inscription or
the box which read, "Bill inside".
SOAaoortodpaohetaot £•*•«■»<• •'
I     Garden aeodo tor fl.OO i
This is our special selecton for li. L.
Special prices on your bulk seeds,    j
B. O. Brown   FruH   and
Ornamental Trees
Nowreiidy for spring shipment, estru
nice stock of '2 & 8 year Apple trccH at
820.00   per  100:  S180.00  per  1000
d plum 81.00 each. Itnliun
prune,-2 year old tine S'io.OO per 100.
Sugar prune '2 year old tine 830 rer 100.
Full list of other stock at regular prices
Let me pricel your list before placing
your order. Greenhoime, Floral work,
Bee supplies, Fruit packages, Fertilizers, etc.   Catalogue Free.
Potatoes, per ton
Carrots.      "
Parsnips     "
Turnips       "
Cabbage      "
Apples, per 40 lb.
Plums, per 20 lb.
Celery, per 50 lb,
Poultry, per doz.
Eggs       •'     "
Butter, per lb.
- $14.00
. 12.00
.     25.00
- Ki.00
.     1000
- 20.00
. 12.50
If so, it will pay you to sec me.
Estimates given.—
J. Siminyioi
Shop nest Francis*
HOlOWestminster Rd. Vancouver.
If you will call and Bee the
Cream Separator A
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.        |
N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor j
Only half a mile from Art
strong. 10 acres under cultivati
balance good bottom land eas
cleared. Good frame house, stal
and other buildings, With t
land will be sold one team, tin
cows, one steer, one brood sow,
dozen chickens, and full eijuipnu
furm machinery. Price S5000.
and note how few parts
it has, how perfectly
simple it is. how easy
it turns, how perfectly
it skims, how easily it
is kept clean, and how
strong and durable it
is, you will at once decide it is the separator
for you. No separator
ever made such rapid
strides in popularity
as the Empire. The
reason is that it satisfies every purchaser.
I ask the privilege of
showing it to yon.
W. Christian,
Buttermaker at Creamery. ZS,
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
Rksidknck: Hpringhill, half mile north
of Armstrong.
Orders may he left with C. Addison.
G. Moberly
All Kinds of Carpenter
Work at reasonable prices
Band Sawlnng
Plans ©.Specifications
Estimates Given
wall Paper..
IJhave on hand a complete
range of...        (
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Dccorato
y-       t
must win*uponJthei
merits. Thelnternatiom
Dictionary has^won
greater distinction] upo
its merits and is in mor
general use than any othe
work of its kind uvth
English language/' • t
* V
A. H. Payee, I.L.D., D.D.. of Oxfoi
University, England, has recently h
of it: It is indeed a marvelous work; it
diflLcult to conceive of a dictionary mo
exhaustive and complete. Everything
In it—not only what we might expect
And In such a work, but also what few
us would ever havo thought of looking f <
A supplement to the new edition h
brought it fully up to date. I have bet
looking11 firougn the lattor With a feelii
of astonishment nt its completeness, ai
the amount or labor thut has been pi
into it.
fthe highest award) was given to tbe I
U-matlonaJ at tne World's Fair, yt. Lou:
r,RlE-*'ATettln Pronunciation," i
FtruciTve and entertaining   x^TtN,
for the whole family, Also /  mm
llhutrated pamphlet. / waSsrati
Q. & C. MERRIAM CO., Inrrmxnciu
Springfield, Mass. - Vn 4


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