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The Armstrong Advance 1906-07-06

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 &fye  Armstrong*
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
aicemi hh am.
Published at Armstrong, in tlie Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
Subazr fytSan S1.5C tr. Adtarxc
VOL. il.
ARMSTRONG, 13. C. FRIDAY, Jl'LY   (i, lilOO.
NO. 12.
Armstrong's Fifteenth Annua! Celebration Most Successful.
ARMSTRONG'S fifteenth an-
nun!celebration of Dominion
[lay held hint Monday in no
way proved an exception to the
list of successes on similar occasions for the i-act number of years-
lu fnet, from many point* of view
this year's celebration provided the
moHt satisfactory day a entertain-
meiit yet given in the town.
From the BtirKn.niH.ig district
the |MM>|.lt> began gathering early.
anil by' the time of the arrival of
thu largw crowd on the special excursion train at IhiiO the town wan
literally (warming with the hundreds of holiday-makers, The regular daily train half an hour later
■till further swelled the crowd.
among its passengers being the
Salmon Arm base ball team and
its liberal contingent of loyal sup-
porters from that town.
The first event on the program
was the base ball content between
the Salmon Arm twirlers nnd the I
home team. In this event lovers
of bast! ball were treated to a splendid exhibition of the national American game. The Salmon Arm
aggregation is composed of a mix-
tore of men of varied callings-
engineers, clerks, operators, cow-
pnneherB nud farmers—every one
of whom know something about
base ball, and who unitedly comprise one of the most jovial and all
round good lot of fellows that is
ever met on an athletic field. Ab
the score shows the game was easily anybody'sgame all the way
through anil the final count- 8-7—
gave the game to the visiting team
by only a small margin. Several
errors on the part of tho home
team dne to the lack of efficient
practice cost them the game. A.
K. Armitne/e officiated as umpire
to the general satisfaction of the
The spsrts of the afternoon opened with a game of nobbies by
tho boys in which teams representing Lnrkin and Armstrong were
matched. This game is a comparatively new one, played on the
same principles as lacrosse, and
furnishes a good means of recreation for the small boys as well as
splendid training for the playing
of the greater and more national
game a few years later. The little
follows go into the game with all
the energy they possess and create
a lively interest among the spectators. The game ended in a score
of 2 to I in favor of Armstrong.
The athletic Bports were run off
in tlle order announced and without a bitch or unpleasant feature
of any kind. I'ln tries were lacking
in none of the events and all met
with manifest interest on the part
of the spectators. The following
is tho result, in tho various event*:
Boy's hose nice—-In this two
teams composed, of boys captained
respectively by Freddie Murray
and Harry Armstrong engaged.
The race, was won by the latter, the
time being 2fi seconds.
Men's 100.yd. race- 1st, Geo.
Smith, 2nd Watson Jones.
Boys race, 17 under Watson
Miller 1st: Freddie Simington '2nd.
Men's relay nice Watson Jones,
Frank Motl'et, lrn Jones and Mohr
lstjQeo.Smith.il, Main, Frank
Barnes und lrn Daniels 2nd.
Obst.-dile  nice, boys under 17—
Fred Simington 1st; Orphy Jones
Boys' race, Id or under-Harry
Daniels 1st: Alex (Irnwford 2nd.
Fat men's race H. Schneider
1st; O.J. Becker 2nd,
Boys, race 12 or under Charley
Shary 1st; Percy Kuid 2nd.
Men's .'i-legged race — Lou Farr
and Sid Holtby 1st; Geo. Smith
und Watson Jones 2nd.
Girl's nice II, or under Florence
Nichol 1st; Hester Bradley nnd
Maggie Watson tied for 2nd.
Men's blindfold men-Arthur
I'ntcliett 1st; Robt. Main 2nd.
(-1 iris' race l-l or under- Hester
Bradley 1st; Kdith Christian 2nd
Girls, rone 12 or under Kiln
Lynn 1st; Tena Patchett 2nd.
Boy's sack race Harry Daniels
1st: Kussell Hunter 2nd.
Men's sack race - F. Simington
]Bt; Wee. Smith 2nd.
Boy's il-legged race—H, Daniels
and F. Simington 1st; Alex Crawford and Charley Shary 2nd.
Girl's egg and spoon race- V.
Daniels 1st: Anna Patchett 2nd.
Boy's wheel barrow race— R.
Marshall and Alex Crawford 1st;
Harry Daniels and G. Lynn 2nd.
Men's running long jump—W.
Jones 1st; Geo. Smith 2nd.
Men's running high jump—Art
Patchett 1st; Geo. Smith 2nd.
Standing broad jump-W. Jones
1st; Ira Daniels 2nd,
Standing high jump—Art Patch
ett 1st; R. B. Main 2nd.
Running hop-step-and jump-
W. Jones 1st; Art Patchett 2nd.
Pole Vault-Art Patchett let:
L. Farr 2nd.
Girls' race (special) - A.Patchett
1st; A. Bradley 2nd.
Pie eating contest—Dan Crozier
1st; Andrew Fruno 2nd.
Diving contest for 25ft, pioces-
W. Ehmke 1st; A. Fruno 2nd.
At 4:00 o'olook the second base
ball game of the day began- Sal
mon Arm vs. Enderby. From the
beginning it was evident that the
Euderby team, who hml treated
Vernon to n sound walloping 22
to ll in the morning, were to be
too much for the Salmon Arm foi
lows. Billy Mack's cannon balls
seemed swifter and his twisters
crookeder thnn ever and it whb
with considerable difficulty that
his opponents struck him at all,
while the fellows from the Arm
failed to do as good work iu the
field ns they did in the morning
game. It was. however, n nice
game from a spectator's point of
view, although one-sided, and was
characterized by the good-nature
and friendly feeling bIiowii by all
the players. Walter Wolfenden
umpired in his usually satisfactory
manner. The score was 14-7 in
Bnderby's favor.
The junior lacrosse game between Enderby and Armstrong was
anxiously awaited by the spectators and did not prove disappointing as one of the interesting attractions of tlie day. The learns
were evenly matched in point of
size, and gave a good amateur exhibition of tbe game. There was
a noticeable absence of rough play
and no illfeelings were in any way
incurred among the players. Bert
Francis refereed and in that capacity gave general satisfaction to all
concerned. The score was 11-0 in
favor of Asuistrong.
The mounted sports proved to
be among the most interesting of
the day's attractions, A lnwe
number of entries were made und
the contests in the various events!
were so close ns to  necessitate the I
running off of sovreal lies.    The'
mounted wrestling wub especially
prolonged by the evenness of the
contestants. The following were
the winners:
Potato anil Bncket race on
horse back Josh Bliukbuni 1st;
Gus Swansou 2nd.
Mounted wrestling match - Fred
Lednc 1st; Harry Logan 2nd.
Victoria Cross race    Harry Logan 1st; (Ins HwaiiHon 2nd.
The conclusion of the sports was
the foot ball game between hinder-
by and the home team Practically the whole of tho crowd remained
and watched the game with a deep
interest. Considering the lack of
practice on the part of both teams,
some good playing was done And
tho contest was closely waged, the
game ending with Khilerby having
to their credit toe only-snore mode.
The ball given in the I. O. F.
hall in the evening by and for the
benefit of the town band proved a
most successful conclusion to a
successful celebration of Dominion
Day. The music was furnished by
the orchestra and this together
with the spacious dancing space
afforded in the half-maintained the
reputation of Armstrong among
those who revel in tbe dance as the
dancing centre of the Okanogan.
About seventy-five couples participated and continued the revelry
till well into Tuesday morning.
The supper was catered to by Mrs.
Shary and was a most satisfactory
feature of the dance. Financially,
the band boys did not clear a large
sum, but at least have the satisfaction of knowing another successful social function is added to their
* *
Prizes were paid in full and
promptly as fast as won.
* *
According to the best authority
at hand there were in the neighborhood of 1200 people in attendance.
* *
The band created a favorable expression of opinion upon the selections of music rendered during
the day.
* *
The best of order prevailal and
the municipal coffers were not replenished with the results of any
holiday over-indulgences.
* *
Joe McDonald as chairman of
the day put in a hard day's work
and to him is due no small portion
of the credit for the success of the
» *
A. Shary, Asnhel Gray and Arthur Armstrong, and Fred Murray
and Frank Hassard had booths on
the grounds and did a big business
during the day.
* *
Duly ten tickets were Bold at
this station for Vernon hence only ten people were disloyal to their
own town and these we believe returned on the afternoon train.
« »
Andy Curry is nn important adjunct to the Salmon Arm base ball
team, mid his inimitable "rooting''
should certainly lend encouragement to their operations on the
* *
Red and white ribbon- Armstrong's colors were everywhere
in evidence and the attractive souvenir badges vended by Harry
Armstrong met with n ready Biilo,
* #
Drnggisl  Burns furnished the
crowd with nent nnd   useful   fans.
Besides nu efficient means of ad-
vsrtising, the heut of the tiny made
them most  acceptable   and much
appreciated by Ihe recipients,
» *
Trips, Onmmlngs took In the nd-
mission at the gate, while Sandy
Grant and John B. Bird officiated
at the grand stand. All three
made trusty and careful officials
and stayed at their (lostB nlteuta-
tively throughout tbe day.
* *
On future occasions the towns-
|xx>ple should give more attention
to the decoration of their individual properties. A residence nicely
decorated on the birthday of the
Dominion shows that the owner
possesses a pride in his country.
* •
The weather of the morning opened to perfection, although toward noon it grow very warm.
The heat during the middle of
the day was almost unbearable, yet
with, the mercury at 100 in the
shade the program was carried out
without cessattau.
* *
Salmon Arm and Silver Creek
settlements furnished the most
liberal quota of the attendance
from points outside our own district, nnd the Armstrong people
will feel themselves under obligations to them on the occasion of
future public demonstrations at
that place,
* *
Taken all in all, the day passed
most successfully; without a jar or
hitch of ony kind. The committees in charge had matters well iu
hand and the various events were
palled off in rapid succession with
no tedious delays or waits between.
In this last respect Armstrong has
long since stood out pre-eminent
among the towns of the valley.
-« •
The business men of the town
ore to be commended for their en.
terprise which so generously assisted, to. make the celebration a
financial success. Public-spirited-
ness is appreciated by the general
public, and while some business
men may not realize the returns
for their donations directly the
most generous giver will indirectly
profit by his liberality.
* *
The energetic ladies of tho
Methoilist church recognized a
golden opportunity and arranged
for the new agricultural hall for
the serving of ice cream and fruit.
This made an excellent place for
the comfortable accommodation of
the public and the ladies were
kept on the jump. Their receipts
reached the magnificent sum of
$146, out of which is added a very
creditable sum to their treasury
» *
One thing the celebration settled for once and for all -and that
is that Armstrong is no longer dependent upon other town of the
valley. What we mean to sny is
that, while we are glad to have the
other towns of the valley celebrat
with ub and abow Armstrong the!
day exclusively as in former years.
the mere fact of other towns
breaking away from this rule and j
I celebrating on their own hook by
no means handicaps the success of
Armstrong's undertakings.
* •
!    Dominion   Day thiu year com-
; memorated   the  30th anniversary
of the founding of the Dominion
' of Canada. < )1 the Fathers of
| Confederation, or those men who
drafted the terms of the treaty by
j which the Maritime Provinces and
; the remainder of Canada were
joined in tne formation of one vast
Dominion, only two are now living.
These are Sir Charles Tapper and
Sir Hugh John Mcdonald, two of
those time-honored statesmen having passed away during the past
I year. The progress and achievements of Canada during the first
| thirty-nine years of confederation
are not only known to the people
of tho Dominion but hnve placed I
j l,er alongside the most pn gressivn
I of the liberty-giving countries of
the world.
A Fresh Supply of...
Lemon Kali,
Lime Juice,
Grape Juice, etc
Remember that on the Hot Days onr store will be the
best place to buy and enjoy
fttraty's etlefrriM Cbocclates in Bulk.
eWte Armstrong Pftarmocy,
R. R. Burns, -       Druggist.
CEHT mam
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MIDWAY & VERNON  AGAIN.!    Municipal School Attendance.
Reports That Construction It Soon
to Begin Again Rife.
Dispatches appearing in the
daily papers during the week state
that it is now an assured fact that
work on the Vernon iV Midway
railway will be resumed this year.
It is definitely stated thut the
charter has been disposed of either
to the 0, P. K.or the Great Northern. It is understood tho details
of the agreement will be made
public in a few days. To either of
these grent railways the Midway &
Vernon would be a most lesirnble
branch. This would be especially
so iii the ease of the 0, IM!.. ns il
would give them a direct route for
the rich agricultural products of
thaOknnngnn to ll,,- mining ills-
triels of the Boundary, The residents of the Okanagan hope the
mad will be constructed soi n,
The following is the attendance
of the schools of Spallumcheen mn-
nlcipality for the month of  June:
a <r
*• r
C £
ar j.
r P
a: --
ii h
K  X
< <
fi. L>
Artiutroriffi .ircl div.
r*angdi wne	
A rtnt.tror.ft. 2nd div.
Deep Creek	
Knob Hill	
Armstrong. Ut div.
Otter Lake	
Plcnmnl Viilley....
The total number of pupils v.-ho
hnvu attended ll e municipal
schools during the year just closi ,1
is "I I To encourage thi r, gnlnrity
oi attendance and punctuality the
trustees v. ill during the comii g
yem offer an attendance shield to
be competed for ly the various
schools to le retained alternately
by tin   v .nm i for il.re,   months, he
Ai «'?^Ta.1plCC      ricfsncg for Coming tvir.
A meeting of the directorate of
the Spalluuichoen Agricultural
iSociety  was held   last Saturday.
principal business before tl
Bubscri] tien:     ,; .■ i year in
If uut .. . ' il  udvknt» $2
. sgivi ii en   :e,i|,lieal,i ll
| moeting was i:i connection with the
lappronohing lull  lair, which  lie
directors now  have well in hand. I
Tho most important matter Tinder
oonsidoratioa was that of sheds for I
the accommodation of live stock at J
{  We arc now Offering Cur Entire Stock
|the exhibition,   The matter was!
Notices of elieiel, service!, uml  enter
toiniiients whoro no admission isohargod I    „.,,,,.. ,
insortodtree.    Othot notices at usuol 1°" in the hands of the gronndB
rau-s.   Cards of thanks 11. committee    whose  members  were I
-^_———^————Ianthorizetl   to    provide   suitable;
The Ailv.mee it, i nbllsheil in the inter- sheds before the .late of the fair.
out,! of the lew,i uml
it cxisin ami coi'illall;
ronago of the public.
district in which
Selil'itS   II,«'   Hit
Principal Wilscn Retires to High
The town school closed last. Friday with titling oxerclsos. The
forenoon was occupied with tlie ordinary school work, during which
time the various rooms were visited by a large number of parents of
tho children and other friends of
the school. In the primary and
intermediate rooms the parents
were enabled to witness the methods employed by the respective
teocherB in the thorough teaching
of the various branches included
in their curriculum. In the Benior
room Principal Wilson employed
tho forenoon in making some interesting chemical experiments for
tho purpose of impressing some of
the lessons taught in the high
school course. "All work and no
play makes Jack a dull boy" has
long been recognized among the
heBt educators as a true and trite
saying, hence the afternoon was
given entirely to the enjoyment of
the children in their various sports.
That they took full advantage of
the opportunity offered them may
easily be imagined nnd a long list
of sports was heartily Indulged in
und ipiite as heartily enjoyed by a
liberal attendance of older people.
With the closing of this term
ended the BerviceB of Principal
Eli Wilson iu connection with the
Armstrong public school. For
with the opening of the new school
year he takes up his duties as
principal of the lately-established
Armstrong high school, in which
capacity will be given greater opportunity for the exercise of his
abilities as an instructor in the
higher branches of study. During
tho three years that Mr. Wilson
has been at the head of the Armstrong school he 1ms established a
Tocord for the school that not only
reflects most creditably upon liis
abilities but hns enabled Arm
strong citizens to point with pride
to their public school as one of the
■best in the province. The success
of his labors is best shown by the
•excellent percentage of his pupils
thnt have yearly successfully
passed the entrance examinations.
Prompted by the desire of a number of young people of the com.
inunily for tin
The matter of judges was also
taken npniid the secretary instructed to arrange if possible for livestock judges appointed hy the pro
vinciul government. That the
directors have in so good season
taken up details in connection with
the fair augers well for the successful management, of the affair and j
with the proBpectB for opportunity
for representative exhibitions ofj
the various products of the district
it is now only reasonable to pre-
diot that tho fair on the 10th and
11 th of October next will be the:
best exhibition that has ever taken!
place in tho Okanagan. And, by ,
the way, this success can only be
obtained by the united cooperation ;
of those who can possibly assist by
bringing exhibits, and iu this connection it is not now too early to
begin collecting for the Biime. |
Grasses and early garden products j
Ready-to-Wear   Hats    at
Call ■ while - foe - Stock«is * Complete.
See our Veilings, Jtaces and SFancy
IKrs. W. 8. SFisfier.
.srvfir-racsv *-»-*« wirarmr- a
The imt ci (He Big Red Apple"
List Yeur
Our'Mr. Fisher will leave on  an Advertising Tour to
and other Alberta points next we:ik.       List your lands with
us at once if you want to make a qtiiok sale.
All Klnda  of Carpenter WorK  at   reasonable
Sash, rnVm. Mouldings and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
tyPlann ami Speolttontions Prepared.
should now be gathered and pre-1 •Lt^™*^^^^
Berveu i'or the coming  exhibition.;   	
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once.
Give ns a call.
Armstrong School Report.
The following is the standing of j
the pupils of the Armstrong j
school for the month of .lima, the!
first three names in each class be-1
ing given in order of merit:
Honor Roll- Proficiency, Beatrice j
Hamill; Deportment, Laura MoGie; I
Regularity and Punctuality, Aleck Me-1
Donald. j
Jlijjh School, Sr.- M Daykin. 1st Jr.
—EPringle, K Marshall, SMatheson.;
2nd Jr.-  G Harris,  h Hayes, M. Moser.'.
4th Sr.- P Beoker, h McGio, A
4th Jr.--N Watson, W McDonald, W
8r. 3rd-Z*lla Leverington, Ernest
King, George Taylor.
Jr. 3rd™ May Davis, Mary Williamson, Cecelia Watson.
Br. 2nd—-Frank Hassan!, John Me
Donald, Edna Francis.
Jr. 2nd Harry Batho,Grover Burnett,
Willie Ebmke.
From Jr. 4th to Sr. 4th- -N Watson, \
W McDonald, W Daniels.
From Sr. .'Inl to Jr. 4th - (lassie
Hunter, Ernest King, Mary Williamson,
Richard Ferguson.
From Jr. 3rd to Sr. 3rd—Maggie Watson, Cecelia Watson, May Davis, Nettie j
Schneider, Hertha Williamson, Gordon ,
Gray, Ernest Daykin, Willie Ferguson,'
Russet Watson, Frank McDonald, Ethel j
From Sr. "nil to Jr. 3rd Kdna Fran-,
cis, Violet Hamill. George I'ateliett, I
Beatrice Leverlngton, John Mr Donald,
Frank Hassard, Charlie Shary, Ilia-
MePherson, Vernon Daniels.
From Jr. -Jnd toSr. '2nd- -Harry Batho, i
Charlie Watson, Willie Ehmke, Herbert
Bird, Grover Burnett, Dorothy Smiley, I
Onr line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
Contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
Your Meats.
Will be Beit that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
frcsfc Hsi TksHus nt frWijs.
IL SCllKMcr, Prop.      ""5..
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up *14.(XXJ,tX.X.). Rest. SIO.000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, f37ii,fllj8.
PRESIDENT. Rlo-Ht Hon.  Lard Jlrathcona and  Mount Rcral,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Coo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
Lap Dusters
K:irl LuniHcten, JVulliu Kohwt'h,
iv,„,i,W!sofi,iKiijltKrom,l8' Ki"id:;r * •"•• *»' Alm
... I luvsaard, Marguerite Armitiifre, Versa
school instruction his untiring en- jiumw  n
linn  to
up   nlgn
school work in addition tohlsreg-l
ular labors, This work he Iiiib'
dona initside the  regular school
hours, so thut Ids duties in the public school Acre not slighted null
while his regular work has been
successful liis speciul luliors have
proven none the, less so, nud it tiny
truly he snid thnt it. was through
him that tin- need of a regularly.
osUiblished high school w,is made
apparent. While tin- public sohool
will regret the loss of Mr. Wilson s
BerviceB, the high school will profit
through having his undivided attention, while porsonully his physical condition will be materially
benefited by the relief from Ihe
heavy strain of double duly.
Tho suooessor to Hie principal-
ship of the public school is lo be
Garfield A. King, whom the trustees hnve engnged niter direful
investigation ns to his qualifications. i\lr. King's Inst bchool wns
nl Cranbrook, where, ns elsewhere
he proved u most successful in
Btruotor, There nine ont of lei
of his leaving class passed the en
trance examinations,
Murray,  Harry Armitage, Olive Levur. I
May Daaluls, ■
Krom iinil I'riiner In 1st Hender Geo.
Caniplioll, Doris Moberly, JamesNeod-i
liiun, Gladys MePherson, Percy Kekl,
fjriu-e Mnnsell, Loiipllni! Piitchntt.        |
1'Vtun 1st Primer (a) to 2nd Primer- '
Gladys Hardy, Winifred Wright. Thel |
nm Kelly, Thus, l.iimsileii, Edna Tuck :
er. John lliunill, Nellie llunler, Pearl
l-'riini 1st Primer (h) tolst Frimerla)
Rose Met lie.   Edith tiniy, Pearl Keid, I
Elsie MeDiiiiiilil. Hertha Vollintbl, Vor»|
Batho,    Dorothy   Bourne,     Geoffrey
Prom Junior Class lo 1st Primer (I,)
Hev.aril Wutson,     I'Veil  Keid,   Dudley
Schubert,   Arthur King,  Minnie Hut-
ledge, Kriiest HkiiUt.
1 hnve just received my new stock
and enn supply you with anything
you need.
Brunches in nil the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities I— London. Eug. : 22. Abchurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York.al) Wall Street,: Chicago,188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bunk of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's, Bank ami Branches.
A general banking business transacted, Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from  1 upwards end interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th .June, and :11st December
Wlthdrawala   en   demand   without    delay.
Ranchers nnd country business given special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal ami other debentures.
Deposits may lie modi and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
everv attention.
OKANAGAN DISTRICT: $■.%?£&.%.)&!'•
ARMSTRONG E. 4. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. S. V.lntcCllnlocb, Sub. Agent. P. Duntonlln. Sub. Agent.
The - Armstrong -
Harness - Store, iff
Do you buy
BIRD BROS, beg to inform tho public
thnt they rro prepare tu supylv
1 deliverocl in town   ni((bt and rooming
Ore coming in at a
Food Pace How.
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witl. us,        (Tnis Is aft we asft you to do.
forget our office is in  the
next door to Murray's M,
nit Market.
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Hot Weather
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^Wholesale & rci#
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Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
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Geoa Murray>
Poultry Wanted PrOSS, ^
.. Local and General. J
Mrs. J. \V. H.-.con. of Enderby, Miss G. A. Wilson, of Vancou-
haa visited her sister, Mrs. M. ver, iB visiting at the home of Iht
Levur, several days the past week, cousin, rrineij.nl Eli Wilson.
Miss Mable Goss, of the prim- J. P. Tapper came tip from Penary department of the local school, t-icton to celebrate Dominion Day
left Satuiday to spend her holidays I and to spend a few days visiting
at tho const .       I friends lure.   He returned Wed-
Gco. Ai-mttrong was down fioml '•
Silver Creek Wednesday. Haying I H. Swunson was down town Satis now the order in that locality, arday for the tin-.t time in tivo
for which that district is especially, weeks. His nuuiy friends are
adapted, The crop this year is a; glad to see him so Dearly recovered
very goal one. froui his trouble with his lug.
W. C. Potts, tin- needle artist in I All first class shots must attend
Armitage A; Paul's tailoring de- rifle range on Saturday, 7th inst..
partment, left Monday night on a at K o'clock, n. in., as third shootof
three weeks' holiday trip to the Millitary League takes place. A
coast cities. It is rumored that rig will leave town nt 7 a. in.sharp,
when Potts returns it will not Wi H T|K.ker ,hrough K1(jom &
boulone.   Congratulations? Kirby, this week purcliused of A.
T. C.Grny, the gonial and ever- Kouike the ton-acre tract recently
pleasant manager of Wood,'.'Ota-Ipurchased by the latter from Coo.
gill Co., wore an unusually brood ) Buwiiohb on the Jackson-Morgan
Minile on Dominion Day, caused not! tract. Mr. Tucker will improve
only by his inward pride in the J the same with a dwelling in the
celebration of the birthday of his near future,
country, but principally by the Tno W(,utm,r a|] thig „wk Hp to
birth at hiB house that morning of yjghirdajl has been very hot, RX)
u fine big daughter.    Mother  and|degreee  bein(,  r(,Ki8tl,m]   i„   th(,
shaile on several occasions.   Haying has been going on "while  the
child are doing cicely.
The local lacrosse players are
glad to note that Ceo. Wilson is
reported as having played a star
game for the Vancouver team in
the great match with New Westminster last Monday
sun shines". A clouded sky yes-
ten lay brought a pleasant respite
from the beating sun.
Over 1000 candidates from the
Although rnrn| .lml cily 6cnoo]8 of l(le pro.
Vancouver went down to defeat by j villce wrote on t|)e ^ h]gh school j Armstrong baBe   ball
" '"' over to play ball.    Spallumcheen
Sn     Hot!   Good weather for crops
■mil hay.
Win. Ratledge returned S itnr-
dny from Hedley, where be spent
the winter.
Amosllill hns his now residence
nearly completed. The new building is two stories nnd will afford
ample room for the family
1 One! lake has proved attractive
to the young men and boys of town
and swimming parties have been
popular to that body ot water during the week.
J. Rcid. for some time employed
in C. T, Doykins store, has severed ids connection there and expects to again take up expert
machine work.
A meeting of the board of directors of the Okanagan Flour Mills
Co. was held on Snturdny at which
was transact* d routine business of
Interest to the mill company.
.1. M. Bird is building a temporary residence for 8. Reid on his
recently purchased 40-aore tract
off Donald Graham. Mr. Reid ex-
pects to give possession of his
farm near tlie creamery to John
Phillips next week.
The next regular meeting of the
W. A., in connection with St.
.lames church, will be held at the
residence of Mrs. Hiunill on Tuesday evening, July 10th. at 7:30
o'clock. All the ladies of St.
James' church are very cordially
invited to be present.
The special train to the Salmon
Arm celebration next Thursday
leaves Armstrong at 7:45.    The
^m —■—9 asm —p——g » V--.:.:,'; - arrr, g& '
Big Specials for July mil!
White Duck Pants at 75c per pr.
Moreno Coats at One-third off.
Ready-Made Suits at 20 p. c. off.
I Call and See Other Big' Snaps.
.John Hamill,m%\¥s%m*E.z
Locals n»i Gel Business official Direaory
a score of 0-8, George is reported Lntrn,ice examinations.    Judging
as  having done some excellent.from this number ednoation is in
stunts on the field. , a healthy state in this province
Persons interested in fruit grow-, and foretells a continued demand
ing or floruculture should boar in
mind the meeting to be held in the
I. O. P. hall tomorrow evening, to
be addressed by Thos. Cunningham, Henry Kipp and W.J. Brand-
rith. As the latter gentleman will
deal fully with the growing of
flowers the meeting should be attended by u number of ladies as
well as the gentlemen of the district.
W. S. Fisher left Saturday for a
trip through Alberta. Mr. Pisher
will, besides attending to matters
of private business, spend Bome
time in endeavoring to enlighten
the people east of the Rockies on
some of the advantages to be gain-
fid by coming to the Okanagan and
will no doubt be instrumental in
attracting the attention of some of
the prosperous farmers there in
this direction.
Donald Graham, Jr., arrived
Saturday for a two weeks' visit
with his parents. Donald iB now
engaged in the C. P. R. station at
Laggan where he is learning the
many  arduous   duties devolving
for high school facilities,
The schools of the municipality
are now all closed anil teachers and
pupils  enjoying a  well-deserved
lodge will likely be represented by
n goodly portion of its large membership.
A.N. Ratledge, barber, has disposed of his billiard equipment to
W. C. Potts, who will operate the
billiard hall after the removal of
holiday. Four new teachers will I the barber shop to the new brick
be employed in the municipality I block. The latter will be improv-
at the reopening of the schools— | ed to make it a strictly modem
at Armstrong for first division, at I barber shop, with baths, massage
Knob Hill, at Deep  Creek and nt
Pleasant Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Bums  returned from their trip to the coast
Friday.   While in attendance at into 80-ucre tracts the 320 acres
the meeting of the B. C. Pharmaceutical Society, Mr. Bums was
honored with the position of vice-
preBident of this society. His well-
known activity in matters of interest to the trade will no doubt
make him a valued official in his
new capacity.
The instruments for the new
band being organized in town by
members  of  the  L. O. L.  have
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only $1.75.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
team noes \ Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas—the most desirable lots in town.
Buy now, our celebrated King
overall—one dollur at Armitage &
Keep cool, by wearing a cow's
breakfast straw- -25,1 at Armitage
& Paul's.
Summer shirts, all styles and
quality—oOjf to $2.00. Armitage
& Paul.
Try our 25^ cashmere hose. Get
them at Armitage & Paul's.
Our "Harvest Shoes" at $1.75
ore "cracker jocks". We have
them,   Armitage & Paul.
Boys Pants, 50)* to 75c' at Armitage & Paul's.
Remember we are it, for stylish
li""" j*   "" rnT'"  I!"  J"*' i and up-to-date made-to-order suit-
reasonable prices.    J hey lie four . ,, , .,
.,         .   ,'               *                ings.   You need a summer Buit.
appliances, etc.
H. Schneider has hud R. S. Pelly,
P. L. S., engaged during several
days of the past week in surveying
formerly comprising the John
Glansser place which he purchased
last week. These parcels of land
will be offered   for  sale   at very
miles east of town,
Passengers on Monday's northbound train might have been the
victims of a train wreck south of
town but for the careful attention
to duty on   that  duy   of   Section
upon a railway station agent. We j tion on the present town band,
are pleased to note that he is meet-, do they intend to take ony action
ing with success and promises to j that will in any way militate
finally come out as a successful | against the success of the present
railroad man- we hope a second j town band, the new band
been ordered.   We are requested' Foreman Lary Long.   The exces-
to state for those taking the lend sive heat of the sun on that day had
in the matter that the organization
of the new banil is not in any way
desired to be taken as any rellec.
purely ti lodge organization.
Eli   Wilsoi
Shnuiiiiessy or Jim Hill.
John Ratledge arrived from
Morningside, Altn.. the last of the
week for a month's visit with his
son, onr genial tonsorinl artist,and
a look at the Okanagan, Mr. Ratledge was naturally somewhat surprised to see tlie advanced stage of
vegetation lure as compared with
conditions in    Alberta.   Here he
found new potatoes in general use I should render him an able assist-
for two weeks previous to his ar- ant to the governmental stair and
rival while at his home potatoes his outing  will   no  doubt  be a
were    only   a   little   more  than
through the ground.   He may decide to locate here if he can dispose
of his Alberta real estate.
Get it nt Armitage & Paul's.
For values in all lines of gents'
furnishings call and see us. Armitnge & Paul.
For Rent
Good cottage adjoining town,
oansed a largo bond in ono of the! Apply to H. Hawkins.
rails which was discovered by thej  ,   , 	
section foreman just ahead of the Pig* for Sale.
approaching train which was held,    pure.Bred  Yorkshire  pigs for
until after repairs were made.        ! ^ reudy to tnke from B0Wi Price
The Entrance Examinations.
1 including pedigree  $li  each.     If
taken without pedigree  |5  each
  j These pigs nre from select stock,
The record made by the pupils and are fine ones
of the °' P'raeipt.! Wilson, of tho Arm.
A, W. Huntek.
Elsom & Kirby negotiated an
important real estate sale on Saturday in the transfer of the Wilson
BroB. farm on Knob Hill. Tho
purchaser was Thos. Gordon, late
of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.   Mr.
in,  principal   ,„   me,
Armstrong high school, left Sntiir-, strong public school, in the recent I _ ,—,— 	
duy on his holidays, which will be entrance examinations  is one of 1
spent in the service of the Domin-  whioh ' '"> justly feel decidedly Jm   gm    RRAVETT
ion department of Geological Sur- proud and one very creditable to ———■————————
veys us assistant to Prof. Lamb to ,,is abilities as an instructor.
the south of Kamloops, Mr. Wil- *rom ^w town school thirteen
son's knowledge of geology and his Pnl'il» Wl'"t "P to the examination
speciul liking for this clnss of work |out <)f wllk'h t('n V~-*-- wit,> mark-
iugB as follows:    David  McNair,
095; Beatrice Hamill. t',72;   Benj,
Harry, IiiiiI; Steele Fisher, (168;
pleasant one and very beneficial to Bertha Ball, 604; Freddy Slming-
his somewhat exhausted physical ton. 5H5; Albert Barnes, 577; Mag-
condition caiiBeil by overwork in gie Lovar, 5li9: Elva Young,5IK);
the school room, | Annie Levur, 552.   Those   three
I pupils of the town who were sub-
Railway Time Table
(Shubwav A Okanaiian Railway)
Arrives from North iliiily except.
Sunday  Dr25 a. ra
Arrives from Booth daily except.
Sunday  3:25 p. m. i
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. 372.
I Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F, hull, st Monday m each
month,        P. N. DANIELL.LeanVr.
Mrs. FRASER; Soon-tan
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor— L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—.), M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, W. Italian),  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. B. Main.
Divine Service will bo held every Sunday as follows: Anmitioiig, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.- Kev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in 8. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Churob, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Campbell. Pastor.
St. James' Church. Merning prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:30; Sunday
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays in each month
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
and forth Sundays in each month are
Early Celebration at 8 o'clock.
Ksv. Howaku J. Kinii, M. A., Vicar.
Holy Mass in I.    . F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Barrister nnd Solicitor.
Mail Aiumvks—
North daily except Sunday      930 a. >>,
South    "      " " 3:30 p. m.
Mail Lkavks—
North daily except Sunday     3M p. m.
South ' D:40 a. m.
Spnllumohoen. Hull Cur. Glen
omnia and   Falkland every
Tuesday and Friday at "i'C a.m.
.1. M. Wbuiht. Postmaster.
Armstrong Ma
The following prices
paid for produce by the
Farmers'  Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
Carrots.      '.'
Parsnips     "
BeotB          "
Turnips      "
14 Mi
Cabbage     "
Apples, per 40 lb.   -
Pears         "
Celery, per 51) lb.   .
Poultry, per doit.
Eggs      "     "       -
Butter, per Ib.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -   -   B.C.
Wood Cargill Hlock.
Cilice Hours: 8:30 to 12 ami lillOtoB
Rev. Duncan Campbell, moderator of tho synod of B. 0. of the
Presbyterian church, returned
home Saturday from London, Ont.,
where he lias been in attendance
at the General Assembly of the
Gordon left this week for Rosslnnd | church in Canada. He reports
for a brief stay before taking up j the meeting as having been an ex-
his residence here. Mr. Gordon oeptionally interesting one. Brit-
represents severnl other Scottish j8h Columbia was separated from!
families who are looking for suit-: Alberta and now constitutes a new!
able locations ami hopes to be in-! synod of itself. Among other unit-j
fhienthil in bringing in quite a ters of interest to British Columbia
settlement to this district from Ins; was the appointment of a commit.-1
old home.   The 'Wilson's will not,'tee to "report on the ml visibility 0f j Armstroi
Polisher and
15 Yenrs experience.
Furniture finish a specialty.
BteiTAt Akmhthond Hotel.
leave the district, but will reinvest the opening of a theolsgical col-j Enderby
hem. I lege within the province. (>(!%.
jected    to   disappointment  were
Pearl Leverington and   May and
Wilfrid Hardy.   From the Glen-1
omnia school Pearl Ferguson was I
the only candidate and passed with
550.   From Pleasant Valley school;
Ada (Iraham   nnd Tdu Schubert
passed with til7and.iSilrespectively.   A comparison of percentages
of the   Armstrong   Bchool    with
other rural schools of  the Okanogan places this school at the head'
of the list, the percentages beirig
70%;   Kelowna 70%j|
we Give
Pleasant Valley;
- But only for
We leaye paint throwing for those
who can do it beBt.
PAINTER —.«tft«E,
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L., No. 1807.. meets in the
*   I.. F. Lod|ie  Kooiit. the second
Saturday evening of eueli month ut S
p.m.   VisitinR brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W.M.
OKANAGAN Blnck Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hull, Arms*
tronfi. on the Thursday, on or before the
lull moon, nt 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
eordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hull, over Wood, Cargill
,fe Go's. Store, nt 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
(i. MOBERLY, Roo.Seo,
Synopiii of Homestead Regulations.
A NYavniluhle Dominion Lands with-
■«■*■ in the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, muy lie honiesteuded l,y any
person the sele hem! of a lamily, or any
mule over 18 years of age, to the extent
of one-quarter section of IHOaeres more
or less.
Kntry ir.ust Ik- made personally nt the
loeal land office for the district in whioh
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required tr per-
form the conditions connected therewith
under em- ,,| the following ['bus:
(lj At. least a bIs iiiniiilis- residence
ii|K,n anil cultivation of tbe land in eneli
yenrlur three years.
(Sjlfthe hither inr mother, if the father is deceased) of ih,- homesteader resides n|«,ii ,i Inrni in the vicinity of the
land entered for, thi requirement! Oslo
residence may bo intlsHod hy residence
uj.'n said Innil.
' (.'lilt the settler has his pormonent
residence ii|«.ri farming land owned
by bint In the vicinity oi his homestead,
the requirements ns to residence muy be
satisfied by residence upon the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands ut Inlawing- intention to apply f,,r patent.
Coal land" may be purchased al tiO
per acre Ier soft coal nml fib f„r anthracite. Not more than .'IU0 ueres can l-e
acquired by one Individual or company.
Royalty at the rate ol 10 cents p-r ten of
2,000 pounds shall be collected on the
IIIOSS output
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. B.   Unauthorized   publication of
his ndvitrtisoment will not be paid for.
9.29, I. O. F.
Meetings nt thoir hull last Snturdny in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   11. Hnwltlng, U.S.
horn ni
Cocker, Is n
La list! ..win-
,1 Plomouth  Ro
Some exception;
Brown Leg-
I: Poultryjnnd
good young
IW on hand.
Men of the Compfis and Square
Enjoy Flatmate Banquet.
■•News' and'ourselves always had
sense enough, (perhaps we oiay be
allowed to say breadth of mind
enough) to remain as we hope,
, fer on terms of lii^h regard.
, & A.M.
Bro. J,
i last.
No. ::.
The oighteentb ;
tion of officers "1
Lodge   Ni, 13,   A.l
held   on  Tuesday
Right Worshipful
mun, 1). I) CM.
The following officers Wore in
stalled; VV. M., P. 0, Costerton;
S. P.M., J. B. Bird;Si.W.,T. K.
Smith; Jr. W., R. R.Burns;Sr I)..
K.N. Daniels; Jr. I), W. Smith
In.G.,T. Clinton;  Tyler, J. Bird.
After the Installation tin- broth-
era adjourned to Armstrong Hotel
where a sumptuous bamiuut had
been prepared. Al'tur enjoying
the good things prepared by "Mine
Host" Will lore, the toast list was
proceeded with:
"Tlie King anil the Craft" -
Musical honors.
"Tne Orand Lodge of B. C."-
Proposed by W. M. Costerton;
tosponced to by D. D. (1. M. Bro.
J. Highmau, and W. B. Burns. G.
"Visiting Brethern" Proposed
by W. M. Costerton; responded to
by Bro. J. Pringle, Bnderby.: Bro.
Niven, Koslo; Bro. W. Bams, Enderby; Bro. Weeks, V*rnoa,
"8pallumcheeii Lodge" — Proposed by. Rt. W. Bro. Highmnu;
responded tc by Bros. Costerton,
Becker nnd Pelly.
"Retiring Officers"— Proposed
by W. M. Costerton; responded to
by Bro. J. B. Bird, Bro. H. Sturt.
"Incoming Officers"— Proposed
by Rt. W. Bro. Highman; responded to by the offi'iers-elect.
"The Masons' WiveBand BairnB"
• Proposed by Bro. Costerton, responded to by Bros. R. S. Pelly
and R.W.T. Kirby.
"Our Host and Hostess"—proposed by Bro. Costerton, responded
ro by T. Skyrme on behalf of Host
"The Junior Warden's Toast"-
by Bro. R. R. Bums.
The toast list was interspersed
with songs, recitations and monologues by Bros. Clinton, Weeks
and Tucker.
The Masons present speak in the
highest terms of praise of the excellent arrangements and tbe elaborate menu provided by Landlord
A Worthy Tribute of Ettecm. f
The following taboo from the
Alberta Advocate, published at
Red Deer, Alta., is the high tribute
paid to one of onr recent settlers
by his friends of his former home
It is with regret that we have to
announce the departure from our
town of Mr. G. A. Love and family
who will reside from now in th,
Okanagan Valley, where Mr. Love
will engage in fruit culture.
Mr. Love wns our rival editor
anil established and conducted the
Conservative journal published in
Red Deer We hove had occasion
from time to time to cross swords
with Editor Love, but neither on
our side nor on his was there any
vemoin on om swords' point.
Our friend has lived a number
of years in this town and district
and has been closely identified
with the town's growth and upbuilding.
Some years since he was elected
to the honorable position of mayor
of this town nnd has been president
of the  board of trade for two years.
We are glad to place on record
onr appreciation of Mr. Love's services to this town.
As president of the board of
tradi' we have been closely brought
into touch with him. Ho mode an
admirable chairman and was must
regular nml punctual in his attendance.
Mr. Love is personally greatly
esteem «l by a large circle of friends
aiidai',|uiiintancesuiid his qualities
of both head and lieurt lire such ns
to end,'iir him to many nud give
him favor in the sight of most men.
The town use whole; the church;
the board of trade, und other in.
stitiilion whioh are for the advancement utnl elevation of mankind,
are nil Ihe poorer for the departure
of George Albert Love.
Mrs. Love tho bright, sympathetic, genial helpmate of our friend,
will b," greatly missed, iih she was
greatly beloved for her i]iiiilities of
disposition and her work for others
in i bnrch,8cliool ;,,,<! philautrophic
endeavors,     Knowledge    of
Miss J. S. Johnstone is prepared to ui'i'i'i public stenography or
typewriting, or to teach same
lo any parties wishing to take it. ap.
Muy be seen nt Farmers' Exchange
For Sale.
Good buggy or saddle horse. 6
years old,   Price $-15.   Apply (<>
W. Winkles,
Knob Hill.
iv itiiiii can throw paint on n
| building, but if you want afaoure
PAiNTRD yon must go to it trades
iiinn. I navo liml over 26 yonre1
experience and oan rive perfect
gatisfaotion in Painungi Paper
banginiCa. Knlaomining. nignateto«
furni^hetl lot  imniun/ lu.iMiiij's
or throw.ru; |iain. nn them,
Land Registry Act. \&**^&*aT^
•  • a    A. A.lMlm' a   a   a
Tartu Neiil'K that er. ll e'.'"ril ilny el i
July, 1808. 1 will Issue a ecttificste oil
in-'i'b -i-el.le I ll" in th" limn" if l-'reil
wick Taylor Jackson ot lot 1, Mock 14,1
ni.ip 108, Townet Armstri■wi. unless in|
th, meantime » valid objection in writ |
Inn in mnilo to run by purtles having al
lftliil interest in suiil lot
Dale.! 1.,  .'.»h June, 1906.
\Y. H. Edmonds,
District Registrar ol Titnjs,
The party „r parties having la their I
custody or possession oonveyanoe in le*'
ol said lot trora Robert Wood l« P.
Elliott, iliileu Ulth August, 1888, nre re I
quested U> dolivot the Same to the
underaigned. . ,,
Havkis & Hull,
BoUotvOIS for the Applicat.
Committee Meeting.
A gen, nil meeting of the committees in charge of matters in connection with the Dominion Day
sports is heri'by called at the sportB
grounds, at H<X), Saturday evening, for the purpose of settling up l rph
all matters in connection with the
late celebration.
Joe McDonald,
Painters Wanted
1 will pay highest wages and
'give ste#dy employment to three
men capable of doing good house
(Hunting. A. J. LaawobtHj
Girl to do light housework and
to assist with children; good wages
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A. H.—The Advanoe.
- smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircutB and the cleanest
Shave luc.    Haircut 2i>o.
N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given thnt the
animal sitting of the Court of
Revision, for the purpose of hearing all complaints against the [assessment for tbe year l'JOC, as made
by the assessor for the Municipality of Spallumcheen, will |be held
in the Council room, Armstrong,
on Wednesday, July 18th. at 10
o'clock a. m. Any person desiring
to make a complaint against their
assessment must give ten days notice to the olerk in writing before
aid date.
L. W. Pntten,C. M.C.
..speeM Offer to..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass, Ensilage Corn, Mangel,
Turnip. Speciul quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soap.
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock of Home Grown
Frnit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, Iobb or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let mo price your list before
placing your order.
We do business on our own
grounds no rent to pay, and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free.
liOJO Westminster Komi.
Vancouver, B. C.
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acroB under cultivation
balance good bottom hind ousily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings, Witii the
land will Im sold one team, three
cows, one steer, ono brood sow, 8
dozen chickens, anil full equipment
farm machinery.   Price $5000.
To Wati-.ii 0OK8OMaR8; -
Street sprinkling and lawn tap»
can only Is- used up to - o'clock,
a. m., between 12 o'clock noon and
i o'clock, p. m., and from li to 10
o'clock, p. m.. daily.
In case of tiro all taps shall be
Ut onoe shut oft. Users of water
whether inside or outside the town
limits will be governed by those
rules and Infractions will be dealt
with as provided for by the bylaw.
Geo. Miikrav,
j. Hamim,,
{?, C. Wlll.FENDEN,
Water Commissioners.
Fa Ha
Att ¥•!) CO Nfi T« MJIM?
If so, it will pay yon to see me.
Estimates given.
X sminglOB Tarm ^ ^
Shop next Francis'
If you will call and hcc the
Cream Separator
nntl uute how few parts
it has, fauw ptTtefily
wimple it is, how naay
it turns, how [wrfeotly
it skims, how easily it
iu kept (tlran, and how
strong ami durable it
is. you will at once decide it is the separator
tor you. No separator
ever made such rapid
stridis in popularity
as the Empire. The
uist.'ii .(■■ that it satisfies every purchaser.
1 ask the privilege of
showing it to you.
J. W. Christian,
Buttermaker at Creamery.
1 McCorraick Binilor, 1 Brantforrl
Mower,! 1 Fanning Mill, 1 Straw Cutter
1 Horse Power.
160 Acres
Of Choice land in Salmon
Arm Valley; 2 good houses and
outbuildings.   Will sell in block
or in tracts to suit purchasers.
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises to,...
JiiCa Ul. Armstrong,
Salmon Mm, B. C
Bee ive store.
special sale oi Odd
lines ol Shoes:
LADIES' DONCOliAS   llrices range from *1 76 to $8.80,
will bo closed ont nt $1,00
INFANTS' SHOES   Button and lace, Special $ .76
INFANTS' SHOES - Button. Special ,. ,.$ .85
YOUTHS'   Buff and Pebble Bals. sizes 11 to 2. regular ft.26
to $1.75, will be sold at $1.00
BOYS' -Buff and Pebble BalB, sines 3. 4 and 5, romilnr price
$1.25 to $2.00, Sale Price $1.00
MEN'S SHOES- Prices from$1.25 to $1.75, special. .$1.00
MlfiN'S PEBBLE  $1.75 to $2.25, to clear at $1.50
we sen gages.
Yes, and we also Bell the....
20th Century
The Best Machine made.
Wire Cable of all siiwjh,
Minnie and double liloi-ks,
Horse FnrkH,
Churches' Hay Cars,
Champion Mowers and Makes
Thomas Steel Hny Tedders.
B. Francis
J. it warren
Cbe Columbia College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Lmlii's and Gentlemen iitvery low
rutcs. In the regular course instruction is given iu the advanced
Public School, High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Sjieoiiil Coitrses inblude a thorough
our I practical Business triiitiingi   Thu
I ii id now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
guarantee satipfactobv work
Address me at....
friends gives   lis   cause   thus   to
write iii"l we are glad  lo  know
that as our duty is toward worth;
citizens, bo also is this onrpleosart,..
ami we are glad to know that in nil Physical Culturound lilocntion,
tin- strife of political life or trade For Oalendnr, Address "Columbian
i-.oiiipetit.ion tin- lull- editor of the    College, New Westminster, B, 0.1
Vocal, Instrumental, und Techni-
!ijnniii Music: In Art: Sketching,
1 (111 Painting and Pyrogruphyi Also
Team Work!
Having taken up my residence in
Armstrong, I solicit all kinds of work
with   team nt  LOWELT PRICES
H. Ehmke,"™-
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
^^ AGENTS FOR --****>
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high grade scw>.
ir.-,r machine.
National Stwing Machine Co.,
6-Inch Felton. Motor.
Illustrated EooRiet Free.


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