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The Armstrong Advance 1906-09-21

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S6c  Armstrong    Adva
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
m-   wfaaaa%e*ia
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
Smbaarhttlon St.SO In Ad.anoe
Othorwlaa S2.00.
XO. 28.
we soil Lead
Angihlng vou e«i or wear!
We Sell
r   Made
V> Clothing
in the
School Days are
i fiere Again.♦ •
for the
A Few More
To be Sacrificed.
The Big store Always Leads.
(Uood Cargill Co.
Enderby Farmer's Wife Missing.      Prices for Electric Light.
A dispatch to the Vancouver
Province from Enderby, dated the
19th says :
Mrs. Daley, the wife of a rancher ut Mara, disappeared on the
night of September 16. She was
traced to Sicamous, and it is not
known whether she went east or
west from the station. A family
of children iB left. She had
threatened to leave several times,
and suffered from Strange nervous
BUells occiisioniily. It is probable
that her mind is unhinged. At
the time of her disappearance the
woman hml a largo sum of money
with her.
Ralph Smailes on the M. ft V.
Ralph Smailes, promoter and
business manager of the Midwuy
und Vernon Bnilwuy. arrived in
town Sunday from Greenwood.
For some mouths he has been
absent iu New York, Scuttle and
the Canadian coast cities on a
mission in connection with the
new road. L. M. Rice, formerly of
the C.P.R. engineering stuff, and
8. T. Toinlinson, un engineer
representing an eastern corporation, are also iu town, having
coine over the route of the Midway
Vernon. These engineers are now
engaged in detuils iu connection
with the road.
Mr. Smailes refused to stute to
a representative of The Okanagan
that the charter had been sold,
but seemed confident the road
would be built.- The Okanagan. ,
The following is the schedule of
prices proposed to be charged for
electric light by the Armstrong
Light & Power Co. ThiB schedule
Wiib submitted to the municipal
council Tuesday night and approved of by thnt body, subject to
alteration should it not correspond
with rates charged in Vancouver:
Flat Rateh peh Month—Based
on Ui Candle Power Lights.
Hotels and Stores-
First ten lights, each $1.00
Second ten, each 75
Over 20, each 50
First ten lights, each...
Second ten, each	
Churches and hulls-
First six lights, each...
Second six, each	
Over 12, each	
Private Houses—
First three lights, each 75
All over three, each 25
H-Candle power, each 15
Consumers may put in their own
metres, in  which case the  rates
will be:
Per killowatt hour.
FirBt 50 killowats lit*.
Second 50 killowatts 10i/.
Third 50 killowatts Ollc.
Payment in all cases to be made
by the 10th of every month   and
20% to be added if  not  paid by
that date.
I formalin]
In tke Place of Blue Stone
gamfOPa a a
<•***-—Smut on Wheat.
Less,    Easier   to   Handle.
Better Results.
No. 1. $1 per lb.    No. 2, 75c. per lb.
(One lb No. 1 makes FORTY GALLONS solution)
3fie Armstrong Pharmacy,
R. R. Bums,     -        -       Druggist.
Progress of Electric System.
Special Council Meeting.
A special meeting of tlle municipal council for the transaction of
general business was held Tuesday
evening of this week.
Re the extension of the townsite
cf Armstrong, the petitions from
the residents of the present town
and those of the urea proposed to
be included were formally accepted
and the maps and plans of the proposed new townsite ordered to be
sent to the registrar of titles for
F. C. Wolfenden, on behalf of
the Armstrong Light and Power
Co;, submitted the lint rates proposed to be charged for light.
After comparing them with the
metre rates of tho city of Vancouver, and finding that they
worked out to practically the same
Bchedule the council accepted the
same subject to any changes that
may occur in the Vancouver rateB
in the future. The schedule will
be found in another column of this
issue. The company, however,
agrees to make a reduction on
these rates after a period of six
The Coyotte creek water scheme
was laid over for consideration ut a
Postmasters to Have a Raise.
Ottawa, Sept. It!.- It is understood that the PoBtmiister-Genoral
will shortly announce an increase
in the scale of salaries paid to
rural postmasters, for which the
latter have been clamoring for
'* years on account of the increased
cost of living in almost every part
in the Dominion.
"Yankee Panky"
Referring to thi
ing reform  In th
proposed spell-
i United  States
is of easy access. The dam will be
about fifty feet 111 length and sottu*
The writer lately took occasion I twenty feet in height,
to visit the scene of work beinul As soon as the dam is completed
done by the Armstrong Light and I the laying of the pipe will be
Power Company for the purpose begun, whioh is to be done by th-
of being in a position to verify our company furnishing the same,
occasional reports to the effect: while simultaneously with this im
that the company was proceedingi enlarged crew will beset to work
as rapidly as possible with the setting the poles and clearing kite
installation of the system, Our right-of-way to town,
visit there had the effect of con-; The preparatory work, now well
vincitig us that tho company is nigh completed, is by far the bug-
doing all they claim in the way of lost portion of tbe undertaking,
work and more. During the com-1 and with the work now to be don*!
paratively short time Joe greater speed can be obtained, and
McDonald bus been engaged with it is now only a matter of a few
his crew of men-ha has dorrs a •-.weeks-wh«n.th»company will ouvb
surprising amount of work. Nat-! overcome all difficulties and be in
urally the work so far has been a position to supply the town with
largely, in fact almost entirely, of both light and power,
a preparatory nature. The lirst " How much are they going to
work necessitated the making charge " is a question often asked
of roads, building of bridges, erect- and one which unite property
all of interests those who contemplate
taking advantage of the  electric
endorsed by   President  Rosevelt j iH« " bunkhouses "   etc.,   all of
recently, tlie Torntito Globe, under. *ni°h required considerable time
the above caption, says : land labor.   The next work under- light.   According to the agreement
" .....     with the municipal council, upon
which   agreement   the  compuny
We really think Rnzvelt mid, taken was th.
hiB friends mite love us us our own j ror the power
clearing of the site
house, which had to
be made in a dense growth of trees sought and obtained their franchise
and huge masses of fallen timber, the charges are not to exceed those
Following this came the making of charged in the city of Vancouver,
the trail from the   scene of the Elswhere  in   this issue will be
power house to the point where the found the schedule of rates pro-
dam is to be situated.   This trail; posed to be charged by the com-
is  tirst to be UBed in getting the pany, as approved by tho council,
material up for the dam and later It is expected the light wi 11 be
is to be used to lay the piping in,
over which will be placed dirt to
langwige.   They have not' left us
much else.   In sum instances it
muy be puzling, eBpeshuly to a
former and an  imatnre skoolboy,
but its orthogrnfy has a sertin his-
torikal vain and we do not like to
part with it.   Of kors, if Ruzvelt
backed by Karnegie, sez we have
got to reform our speling we shal
hav to, and that wil be the end of
it, for Karnegie has awl the dollers I Protect >t horn frost. The distance
und Ruzvelt hus awl the branes, Iirom the pewer house to the dam j
but awl tho same it will be dashti» thrBe quarters of a mile, the
hard lines." ! whole distance of which the trail |
available   about   the   middle
St. James' Vicarage.
As will bo noted by the call
A Washington Immigrant.
steep bank with pick and shovel. I of a vicarage in connection with
  | In this distance is obtained u rise; 8t. James'church  is to  be   pro-
....„.„... „„. .„„„„„     New arrivals to the district yes- ■ o{ 450 fcat) which to 80UU) extent oeeded with at once.   During the
special meeting to l»Teid*onl;he|terftty Were Mr' andMtfSl W' ^"'-indicates the ascent necessary to Period of his oharge of the church
22nd. jnor'of°80'VVash-wnoare sh'P-! reach the location of the dum.   In here, Rev. Howard  .1.   King  has
W. W. Clark, of the Vancouver P"lg their etfeots her° for the pnr" I one place the ascent is bo great been an active worker in its behalf
World, submitted   a scheme for | P°9e °f "'aknig this their future th(lt it ig made by meml8 of „ 12B| and through his efforts  and   the
advertising the   district through
They   have temporarily {{oot [U(i(]er    At miother point the able assistance   of  tho  energetic
that   paper, which   scheme
endorsed by the council,
F. 8. Harding was paid 940
work done on the Young-Schubert
road and his contract cancelled.
The road boss was instructed to
enguge men to complete the contract.
H, Swiuison wus paid $275 on
his contract for the work on the
Swunson-Burell road, $50   being
leased the building next  to   the j tra£l [„,„!„ llrouml a   grent rock I wardens the church
has reached
| Wolfenden brick block, owned by j preoil,ioe wDere iB llm,ie necessary the present satisfactory
{or Fisher & Sage.   Mr. Connor has j „„ jlnmeri8e cribbing to enable the =
for some time been interested in | laying of tb» pip.-.   The 450 feet     T        . w       .     .
Okanagan valley, and a few months |agoent from the power house to the     * enaers Wanted.
dam represents tho head that will Tenders will be received for
be given the water which will afford ; bulldlm? the vicarage in the church
a pressure of IDS lbs. per square in., lot west of town, up to Saturday
The water will be taken from the. September 2!»th.
dam in 16 inch pipe, reducing j Plans and specifications and all
alternately to 14,12 and ten which j particulars may be got from the
will be the siz.^ of the pipe at the I building committee,
the work, and Mr. Swanson beinHrrri'^TT""" """ 10H',lT)","3r|power house. The lowest or any tender  not
given three weeks to complete the I8**™ with the appearance of some,    This        ^ ^ M(] d   fa necessarily accepted
0f the """timber to be seen here, j Mr ^^^ ^ has ^^
Another Realty Deal. < completed, and this together with
all the preliminary work has been
ago subscribed for the Advance, ot
which he has since been an interested reuder. Through it ho hus
become familiar with the Armstrong district und has become
convinced thut he will like our district.   Mr. Connor is an expert
held back until the completion of ""m\ .""' ^"",l"   " u" oif"'
,   9 l-i„   enced lumberman and is especially
The clerk was instructed to
extend formal invitation to Hon.
RTMcBride to open the new agricultural hall on October 10,
M. Lee was appointed municipal
constable at a remuneration of $20
per month.
The bill of C, Pelly for repairs
on (Itter lake ditch was passed at
Harry Schneider would not be
at home if he was not '-doing something". His latest deal is to trade
eighty acres ot the Glanzer farm
to H. Hawkins for the property
now occupied by the former's
butcher business—apparently a
good deal for each.
done with a crew averaging only
ten men. The work now in hand
is the construction of the dam.
This is to be located at a point in
the creek admirably suited for the
purpose, for on either side rise
almost perpendicularly high banks T.S.D.
of solid stone, while the bed  rock o'clock
T. C. Gray.
H. Hawkins.
Revi,. H. .1. Kino
High Mass.
High muss will be celebrated at
the head of the lake, Sunday, the
30th of this month at 10.:|0 o'clock
Sermon   by   Rev.  Dom.   Dorval
Evening   service   at   il The Advance
H. V.
the support ot an increased niim-
ber of families on a given acreage
of tillable land. This fact has1
made the district become the homes
of innumerable new families during |
the past few years, and yet offers
inducements for many more settlers.
Watch the town and district of
Armstrong grow, and within the
Advertising rates given cm application.' space of a few years wo shall have
  _^_ proven our title to the claim of the
Notices uf church services Anil t-nt.tr-1
toimuents where no iiilinisBiun is charged!
Inserted In*. Other notices at usual
mli-s.   t'anls ol ttninUs 11.
EOCENE RHIAN,      . Publleher.
Subscription S1.S0 p&r year in advance.
It not psid in advanoe £l.uo.
garden s]iot of the Okanagan and
of British Columbia.
Winter Entertainment.
Ab the season advances the quoB-
* j tion   of   winter entertainments
i becomes the more prominent. For
i these who revel iu the dance there
is certain to be plenty of amuse-
'incut in this line and perhaps the
best to be found iu the Okanagan
There are, however, a certain imiii-
The outlook for the future for .ber of the young people whose
Armstrong as a town is at present' inclinations do not lend them to
most promising, and business men.th'6 sort of pleasure, for whom as
and residents generally are justly well as for the middle aged and
hopeful. Armstrong's reputation older there should be provided
among  the  travelling public and some form  ot amusements during
Tbe Advance is plihlislit'tl in tbe into
eats ot the town and   district  in  wbii-h
It exists and cordially solicits tbe |«il
ronage ol the public
Watch Our District Prosper.
i*>   MENT...
> To the Ladies:
I take the liberty of announcing to the
Ladles of the District that my stock of	
Is now ready for their inspection. I will
have no formal Opening Day, but invite you
to call whenever convenient.
„ Mrs. W. S. FISHER.
well as for
older there   shoul
some form of
casual visitors is such "as to make the long winter evenings that will
it one of the most popular points Prove - somcc ot pleasure and yet
intheOkunagati. This fact should ! be profitable and elevating in its
be especially consoling to those of i nature. By our exchanges it is j
us whose interests lie here and' noted that in a number of towns
who have much dependent upon the fraternal societies are taking
the future of the town und district the initiative in this matter and me
Visitors carrying away a good im- j already making arrangements for
pression are bound to advertise the ! the winter's entertainments. Arm-
town in outside pieces, which in | strong  is noted as a town of fra-
turn will assure ub a liberal proportion of the new residents who
are gradually finding new homeB
in the Okanagan—as an exchange
puts it " taking refuge in the
mountains "—where they are finding a climate more congenial than
that of the prairies and a country
of promises that are not far behind
those of the   great   and   widely
ternal societies, where nearly
every one belongs to one or more
and where all the members are
loyal to the principles inculcated. In view of this the lodges
might well take up the matter of
providing entertainment for the
winter, either conjointly or each
organization on its own behalf.
It is to be hoped that some steps
mjr 9,}!/^/afi&AATty&Arty&&lAT^^
Kinds  of Carpenter Work   at    reasonable
Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING. |
S^rr1 Plans und Specifications Prepared.
"The und of the Big Red Apple9'
We Offer a
on 07 Acres
Mile ami a quarter from
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once. -?- Give us a call,
FISHER t* sm&sss
advertised provinces to the east of' will bo taken  in this direction ere
the mountains. ' the 6eason advances too far.
Armstrong during the past year | ~	
has   experienced   a   steady and Armstrong Fair Near at  Hand.
healthy growth, which promises to
be continued throughout the coming years until it shall have become
a town of several hundred population larger than at present.
Building operations are steadily in
progress the year round and new
residents are forming new homes
and new business enterprises being
established. One of the most
tangible evidences of the prosperity of the town lies in the fact that
at present there is not a vacant
house in town. Among the new
buildings in course of erection is a
tine two story brick block, which
is to cost several thousand dollars
and which is to be fully occupied
by business enterprises of the
Among the public utilities too
Armstrong ranks ahead of many
places of larger population.   An
The dutes of the Armstrong fair
are drawing nigh and everything
points to a successful exhibition.
In addition to the generous prizes
offered in the regular prize list and
the special prizes previously advertised, several more specials are
being offered, in which are included the following:
By D. Matheson.
For the best yearling colt or filly
in the roadster class.. .$4.00 $2.00
BeBt foal of 190(1.... 8.00   1.50
Best specimen of penmanship
by any pupil under 111.$1.50
Best specimen of penmanship by
any pupil under 10 $1.00
By Fabmebs' Exchange.
BeBt collection early potatoes $5.00
Best collection late potatoes.. 5.00
BeBt collection winter aplpes.. 5.00
enlarged water works" system soon IBest coll«otio11 fall apples... .5.00
to be installed will replace our! U is up to the directors of the
present excellent system with one If(lir to Bel1 everv individual possi-
that might easily do credit to Ple membership tickets and they
places of several times our popu-' Bnoul(1 8et u niove on and hustle,
lation. This will be a system with Ilt is also absolutely necessary that
ten-inch main.nnd in addition to' th" directors see every farmer and
supplying an abundance of water; m"ke arrangements for exhibits
for domestic use and for gardens'11™1 not lettve everything to the
and lawns within the limits of the lll8t moment. Then- should be u
townsite will be extended to supply splendid exhibit considering the
water to many of the ranches adja- Lieutenant   Governor   has   been
cent to the townsite within a
radius of several miles. An electric
light und power plant is now being
put iu by a company composed of
local eapitalists which will make
thti town equal to its most modern
rivals in this respect. Our streets
as well as the dwellings and business places will Bhortly be electric
lighted while power will be fur-
nished for the several local industries of the town.
For some time the lunds of the
district surrounding have attracted
attention by the quality of the
fruit grown. Though formerly
grain growing occupied practically
the whole attention of the farmers
of the district, it has of late years
been demonstrated thnt as a fruit
growing section the Spallumcheen
is an equal to and in some respects
a peer to other parts of the Okanagan, and horticulture is yearly
receiving increased attention,
which is proving more profitable
to the fanners and makes possible
Lieutenant   Governor   has
asked to open the new hall.
Provincial Fair Dates.
The dates of almost all the annual
fairs in British Columbia, all of
which are held at some time during
the months of September und
October, have been announced.
The following is the complete list:
Vernon- Sept. 19,20,21.
Kamloops —Sept. 211. 27.
Agassiz -Sept. 8,
North Vancouver   Sept. il.
Kelowna    Sept. 12. 13,
Mission—Sept, 17.
Nelson-Sept. 111,20,21.
Chilliwack-Sept. 20, 21.
Central Park-Sept 20, 21, 22.
Surrey Centre   Sept. 25,
Langley   Sept. 26,
The Islands-Sept, 28.
Eburue—Sept. 2(1, 27.
Victoria-Sept. 25, 26, 27, 28, 2!)
New Westminster—Oct. 2, 8, 4,
5 and li, |
AKMSTRONG-Oct. 10 und 11.
Our line of Furniture it now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
MePherson tSllollby
Your Meats.
Will be Beit that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan    Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
frcih FISH TlCSiljS jjj FN(H|S.
c. i. nousa.
H. Schneider, prop.
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid np $14,000,000. Rest, 810,000,000
Balance Protit and Losb account, $378,988.
PRESIDENT, Right Men.  Lord Jlrathcona and Mount Kerala
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Ceo. A. Drummond. K.C.M.G.
New Stook..
Just Received.
Armstrong - Harness - Store.
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities :—London. Eng.; 22, Abchurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York, 59 Wall Street: Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers ami Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and DawBon City.
Deposits received from 1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
Wlthdrawala   am   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and schoo)
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention Riven to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail,    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONG E. 4. Taylar, Smb. Agent. KELOWNA
K S. ..latoOllntock, Smb. Agent. P. Oubtonlln, Smb. Agent.
Your Success is dependent upon two things—
Realization and Action.
If You
Want   to
A BU8INE88 we can
rind a suitable location for
Want   to
List your property with us and we will dispose of it.
BaiTRemember we are Belling the INCH LOTS.
\ rents for J Anglo-Amerktan Fire Ins.
Agents lor j g^ ^^ £|fe>
Real €$tate
Jill kinds of Refresbiig Dishes for the
Hot Weather
Troft ■ fruit ■ new ■ in ■ Stock.
<«■■■■■■. a
IVoudetalltbe Cocal news for $1.50 a year.;!
j Aimirong M|AT MARKET.
——-wiwlesaie & ReMl==
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geoa Murray,
Poultry Wanted
revs f»TT»v»»»vifT»7«T7»7n
PrOp.     a
V*-*r*'ar*f 11
.. Cocal and General..
Born- To Mr. and Mrs. Thos. \ Born- To Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Skyrme, a son, on Saturday, Sep- j Lowes, on Friday, September 14,
teniber 15, HKMi. 1806, a son.
Miss Ida .McDonald left the first j Mrs. C. H. Hardy returned from
of the week for Vancouver to enter I the Vernon hospital Tuesday. She
ll business college.
Thos. Holliday is beginning the
erection of a new residence on his
property in Eastview.
The stork was kept well engaged at Armstrong last week. No
It-sB than five births  occurred  in
is somewhat improved in health.
E. W. Keenleyside, representing
the North American IiiBurance Co.
spent the last of the week here.
Bring something to the fair.
Even though it may not appear to
you to be anything extra, at least
help to make a good show.
Mr. and Mrs. H
town within as many days.
Miss Constance Daykin and! Mr,and Mr8' H McCann, of
Mrs. Bert Fletcher arrived from'0tter lnke' monrn the lo8B ot their
Vancouver and New Westminster infunt chll(1- wht>B0 ,leuth occurred
on Monday for a visit with thoir [ Monday morning at the age of
parents. I four months.
The Bee Hive Store and   Binl
Mjbb Jean, eldest
Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Monday   for  New
where she enters Columbian
u       ,, , „  Bros, each sport newly covered de-
Burnett, left I ,. . . ,     ,,
«,._.,,      livery wagons, which add consul-
Westminster,     ,,  .  ?,  . .        .   ,,  .
i>rably to their prominence m their
,       ,.       ,, . daily stunts about town,
lege- for a three year s course.
Marshall Lucas returned from
Field Tuesday where he has been
operating a barber   shop during
Notice is given in another column of tlie compulsory annual
shoot of the rifle association to be
held on October 18 and 19, Members are also notified to return all
rides at once.
Wm.   Stevenette,   who  arrived
the Bummer. He leaves the first
of October for Portland to resume
his Btudies in the dental college.
Bert   Francis,  who  has   been
working  in   Revelstoke   for  the
from Lacombe, Alta., on Tuesday L,^ few weekB) oame ln on Mon
purchased the three-acre residen. day>„ train and w(,nt th      h to
tlal site ii«Enstview formerly owned j Veru0I1 wh„re ho hag ^ ft
by F. J. Bud.   Mr. Stevenette has j gition as bllggageman in the c, p
begun the erection of  a residence j g station
on the same.
A meeting of the directors of the
A large bear was seen in the
timber to the east ef town on Sunday. An organized bear hunt was
at once talked of. but bo far there
Farmers' Exchange was held Saturday afternoon, A good attend-
ance of the members of the board
was present.     The business
is no report of old Bruin having,    ....     ,
„,,       ? | principally of a routine nature in
been brought to earth,
mul is said to have been  seen  in
the same locality on several previous occasions.
C. T. Fenner is on a two weeks'
holiday to Alberta.
Born-To Mr. and Mrs. John
Winslow. a son, on Saturday, September 15,1906,
Rev. D. Campbell will preach in
the Methodist church next Sunday
morning at the usual hour.
Mrs. J. T. Bardolph, of Vernon.
wiib n guest of her Bister, Mrs. E.
S. V. McClintock, this week.
Work on the Wolfenden brick
block is progressing favorably.
The brick is up to the second story.
W. J. Robinson, of Vancouver,
is here for the purpose of wiring
buildings for those who contemplate putting in electric light.
Special services were held in the
Seventh Day Adventist church
Wednesday evening. SermoiiB
were delivered by Elders Stewart
and Young.
W. S. Fisher on Wednesday
purchased of Geo. Levins the hitter's farm north of town. Mr.
Levins expects to engage at work
in the lumbering woods.
George S. Polly, youngest son of
Mr. S. Pelly has accepted u poBi-
tion from the C.P.R. on one of
their boutB on Arrow Lake. He
left last Saturday to take it up.
The many friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Ceo. Heggie, of the Stepney
ranch, sympathize with them in
the loss of their infant daughter
whose death oenred at the uge of
four months last week.
TT^ATCH  this
Space for
of Genuine, Big'
E6c - Lowest  - Priced - Store, a
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Shuswap & Okanaoan Railwav|
Overalls in black, gray or blue, j A£uvne^°™ North.dHny.e.,oe,9:2r, a. m.
Arm-  Arrives from South daily except
!    Sunday  3:26 p. m.
j the interests of the Exchange.
i    Wednesday's train hud on board
1 a trotter for W. R. McGaw, of Ver-
The residential suburbs of East-:non-that'B by fftr th« f»9<f * !*»
view and Rosedale are just now ex.' °f .^"f? Jet ^ou«h* 'n^
periencing somewhat of a boom in I Bntish OolmnbiB.   The animal is
the building line.   No  less  than "^ m. *°^ **** to Dnn
Patch, having a mark of 1:69.
six new dwellings are in varying
stages of construction in those districts at present—viz: Dr. Vank-
leek's, 8. McKee's, W. Gregory's,
Vernon's annual  fall   fair and
race meet opened on Wednesday j with or without bibs, $1.00.
and closes today.    A number of I itage & Paul.
the people from   Armstrong are!    Come in and see our Amherst T        municipal council
taking advantage of the excellent I working shoes.     Every pair solid Reeve-A. Schubert,
weather and attending  the  fair.!; feather and guaranteed.   Get them
A young  lady explained to u|nt Armitage & Paul's.
printer the difference in printing;    Light  overalls   and  jackets—
and publishing and in conclusion | $2,50 per suit ntArmitagecfe Paul's,
said : '•' Now you may print a kiss
on my cheek, but yon must not
publish it."   With that he locked
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. M2
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.K. hall, st Monday in each
i month,        F. N. lUNIELL.teader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
Cap season is on I   We have the
assortment to choose from.
Armitage & Paul.
j    The Advance and the Winnipeg
; Free Press one year for only $1.75.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
| Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Father Dorval held his regular
monthly mass here lost Sunday.
As a special feature of last Sun.
W. Stevenette's.
Drs. Miller and Knight, working under the direction of the veterinary department of the Dominion government, this week completed their task of testing for the
prevalence of glanders in this district. After an examination of
practically all the horses of the
district they found no presence of
glanders here. According, there.
fore, to the diagnosis of the Dominion authorities horsemen may
feel with reasonable assurance that
the district is free of the disease
H. Martin's, Thos. Holliday's and j day's    service     Father    Dorval
brought with him several members
of his choir from Lumby, whose
assistance to the service was very
much appreciated by the members
of the church here.
H, B. McElhinney is in receipt
of the information of the death of
a little niece in Vancouver last
weak as the result of being thrown
the fuir form in his arms and went
to press.
W. W. Clark, one of the well
known   newsppaer   men  of   the
province, was in Armstrong a iBwIJi^Ji^^",^"^
days this week in the interests of aWe lott ta towili
the Vancouver World, which paper
he now represents.   Mr. Clark is1    8olid   comfort!     "Walk-Over"
spending some time in giving a'8hoeB! You are right buying these
comprehensive   writeup    to   the goods.    Armitage & Panl  have
various parts of the Okanagan.     'tnem-
n   .liiTL-i ■   :      j   lmj     i    Onr fall and winter suitings are
David White, wife and children .      „ „     ,       ..   , .   .     a
. r.   „ , ... .       ,   in.   Call and see the latest.   Arm-
of Banff, have spent the past week I..       „ n   ,
•    a      * d     i <      I itage & Paul.
in Armstrong.   People even from i
the great   national   resort  grow     Working shirts
Clerk and assessor— L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam,  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. B. Main.
Divine Service will he held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday Sohool at 2.30 p.m.—Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Maii, Arrives—
North daily except Sunday      11-10 a. m
South    "      " »    '     330 p. m.
Mail Lkavks—
North daily except Sunday     :t:l."p p. tn.
South  9:|.-, „. m.
Spallumcheen, Hull Car, Olen
einma nnd   Falkland every
Tuesday and Friday at 7:1X1 a.m.
.I. II. Wright, Postmaster.
_' Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
j  A NV available Dominion Lands with-
j. ! ■*-*■      in the Railway Belt in  British
Services in S. Andrew's,Enderby, st Columbia, maybe homesteaded by any
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, atj person the sole head of a familv, or any
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Camp-1 ni(liP ove, |n y,.lir8 „,^^ to tne eIt(,n't
maammaam   .... .     .          of one-quarter section of MO acres more
CHURCH OF ENGLAND       I"''''8.8;        .
|    fcntry niiiBt lie made personally at the
and patterns
Collar buttons, cuff links.
in all  weights
Armitage & Paul.
St. James' Church.
11:00; ...
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays in eaoh month
at the 11 o'clock service.
Rsv. Howard J. Kino,M. A., Vicar.
tired of the beauties of nature to
be seen there and long for a trip
through the Okanagan.   This waa
from a wagon on to the pavement.! trna in Mr. Wnite.8 cag0i and heI a^
Only a Bhort time ^before Mr. Me- gtateri to the writer that the trip
here was enjoyed immensely ami--.       _    «   ^.^T^ CX
thnt he found the Okanagan even] yflf .     I /\ &m l^a,» ,
tie pins!   Get busy and see these | g&^Jv';°Jl, 5S ASSSS
Armitage & Paul.
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
i Father Dorval.
Elhinney received news of the
drowning of his father at Van-
Mayor Keary, of New Westmin-
Duncan Robs, M. P., whose visit **'' Wa° ^T^J** ."' °f
to town we announced last weBkJ ^ W«^/V\ h.le Mr. Keary's visit
was unable to spend as much time ito th''.™lley WU8 pnmanIy m his
here as desired owing to an urgent ;C,lptt0'ty "" 9fiofetary.manager of
call elsewhere.   He expects to re-
turn here  on   next  Thursday, ut
which time he announces that he
will be pleased to meet any of his
<»nstitnentB.   If any of onr read- , ,    , •       .
crs have errors either of omission !tate' h,! ooon»m» tho  P°9itiou
better than he expected.
the provincial exhibition, he has
private interests at
whioh received a share of his at
tention. Besides owning a line
tract of land on the Swanson «b-
or commission charged up against
the official conduct of their repre-
sentativc- in the Douitniou House,
they will be privileged to per.
eonnlly present their case to  him,
Armstrong h-.ifl been the scene
of a small bit of mining excite.
nent the pimt couple of weeks,
caused by what Ib thought by the
discoverers of a placer mine on
Deep creek which will yield sufti-
cient gold to make it a profitable
proposition.   W, H. Tucker and
president of the Armstrong Light
& Power Co., which is now making good progress with the instoll-
ation of the eleotric. light and
power system here.
Another splendid opportunity iB
offered to the people of Armstrong
to patronize home industry. It is
to be found in their purchuBes of j 'or.
soda biscuits, fancy biscuits, social' desire
teiiB. wine biscuits, gingor snapB
and other dainty products of the
biscuit faotory. Wo have this
week hud occasion to test samples
The regular annual harvest home j
services at St. James' church were j
held last Sunday, both   morning j
and evening.    The   church was
I beautifully decorated for the occas-!
, 'ion, with the various products of!
, , . * I field and garden gathered from |
the district. The evidences of1
plenty everywhere present lent an
inspiration for thankfulness to nil I
present for the bountiful mercies;
of ii kind Providence. The service
wiib especially suitable to the
occasion, both the music and the
addresses by the vicar.
The Armstrong Electric Light
■uid Power Company, Ltd.. now
have their subscription list open
Sign Writer and
IKg"At Armstrong Hotel.
Municipal   Water   WorKi.
Morning prayer l00"' Uln<1 "A*06 'or the district in which
Evening  prayer   7:30;   Sunday i the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
(1| At least a six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in each
year for three years.
(2)If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for, the requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence
upon said land.
I.'ljlf the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements ns to residence may be
satisfied hy residence upon the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner nf Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may he purchased at SIO
per iiere for soft coal und 820 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres can he
acquired by one individual or company.
Royalty at tho rate of Hi cents per ton of
2,0(10 iwunds shall be collected on the
gross output
Deputy of Minister olIhe Interna-
N. H.~ I'nnuthiirized publication of
bis advertisement will not be paid for.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -B.C.
•yy   F. FRASER, D. M. I)
Wood Cargill lllock.
Cilice Hours: 8::K) to 12 and 1 :J!0 to r,
W. CROSS, D. (). V. D. S.
Veterinary Dentist and Surgeon.
Calls may be left at K. K. Hums
Drug Store.
Geo lellack are  the  discoverers , y th(J9e umnufllctllred b   fte M, R
who quietly stoke, the claim ""d Suuth Co., of YWin, made from
have already devoted some time to flour nmlmfaotur(i(1 by the okmm.
it.   Sluice boxes are  being  con-
structed and the mine  is  to  be
worked steadily,   The latter of the LY'",       v   t
above named parties is an old and I        ,     ,  •
experienced miner and prospector,
and is very Biinguineof the outlook
of the new discovery. Should it
turn out us well us expected this
find will confirm the belief often
.expressed that gold exists in paying quantities in various parts of
tthe distriet,
gun Flour Mills Co.. of Armstrong,
and can truly say that they are cif
some instances tin
Tn Water Consumers :—
Water for other than household
the sale of shares to all whol purposes can only be iiBed ns foil-
to become members of the'ows:
company.   It will be remembered     Residents of Town—
that the company at the time of     Between the hours of Ii:il0 and il
applicationfor charter stipulatedI{££*»JSjftJgig£ftf
that in order   to encourage tlle ■ to <( „ mi
investment of the capital stock by !    ()ut9ilu) Consumers-
local parties as largely as possible;    4 a, in. to (i;ili) a. m.j 12 o'clock
every person in the municipality noon to 1 p. ni. and li to 7:i!0p. m.
would be given the opportunity of'    The Constable has positive or-
purchasing shares.    This portion,; <«irs to MY. information against
fraternal Societies.
T O. L. No. 1N07., meets in the;
.LJa I,, y. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening of each month nt 8
p.m. Visiting brethren cordiallv invited
Secretary. W.M. !
80 OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
V>» Meets in the Foresters' Hall. Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or before the
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
cordiallv invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
unite the! °^ t'U!'r agreement the company is
I now fulfilling to the letter and if
I peer of anything turned out by the
local capital
persons infringing these rules.
Geo. Murray,
•f. Hamill,
not interested in F. C. Wolfenuen,
eastern factories.     They are for!tne   °°n>P»»y   "will not be thei ^ Water CoinmiBsioners.
sale by the several grocers nf town, i f,u,lt of   tne    Pr,!8ent   members. PUREBRED
Why buy eastern-made goods when jTh'; ™Pital 8tonk of the «>mpa.iy I FOUltry. Brown Leg-
you can get just as good an article is *26i000 divided into 25,000 hotami piomouth Rock Poultry and
manufactured in B.C. from flour- shares of 11,00 each. The shares'Eggs. Somo exoeptiounlly good young
eat grown I nre being offered at par for sixty: Cockerels now on hand.
I. O. O. F.
[ Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
& Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
(i. MOBERLY, Rec.Sec.
made in B.C. out of
in B.C. 1 days.
Lansdowne. T. W. MARSHALL
3429. I. O. r.
Meetings Bt their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially'
invited.   II. Hawkins, R.S.
1 MoCormick Binder, I Brnntfi
Mowor,|l Fanning Mill, i Btravi t'nlti
1 Horso.Powor.
F. N. DANIELS»»s-0'n — ■»     ;!.   Thou Bhalt employ thy own
Correspondence,     mechanics that they may not^bej
V      J driven from their homes to line
bread lor their little ones.   Them
shalt also  consider   him   as thy
'". I neighbor, above all of them that
iwelleth in a strange town.
1     Then shalt nol ask for credit
•I. Bull, Thomas Ashdown and ;as the goodB cost mnoh money nud
WilUam Ferguson hnve beonona|the merchnnt'B brain Is buHbned
gooseandduck hunt in tho Fish I with bills.   His children
Harry McLeod opened the shoot-
ing  Benson with a  buck  and
grouse and n wounded black bear.
Two black sows which came to I
my place about September 1.1
(Iwner please call pay damages and
expenses and take the same away.
T. N. Hates.
Painters Wanted     t?i»*^$555^$*5^00^5^^
I will pay highest wages and
give steady employment to three
men capable of doing good house
painting. A, J. Laaworth,
Grade Jerseys.
1 have six grade Jersey milch
lamoiir cows for sale at  my residence on
•   •   •     M.  A la\Zf •   e   •
Bee Hive store.
lake  district,     Tiny    were  a bit
too soon iu the season 1'orthe main
flight, but Beoured one goose an I
about forty ducks.   They report a
heavy frost while there.
Pierce  Bros, have sold  part  of
tlu-ir valuable property to .Mr. Mo
Duff and he is having a
erected thereon.
daily for bread, and liis wife nbid-
>-1 li at home for lack of suoh raiment as adorneth her sister.
Blessed, yea. thrice blessed is the
man that pays cash.
5,   Thou shalt not ask  for reduced prices for thine " influence"
house i f°r behold  guile  is in thine heart
and the merchant readeth it like
.. ,.     ,     an open book, he laugheth thee to
\ alley  lias - ,    ,     .,,:,.      ,   ,
... .      . *. scorn  and shouteth to  his clerks
Bettlccl here and is busy erecting a
a good frame house thereon.    He
expects the  arrival of  his family |)t
shortly.    Mr. Funk has a splendid
bearing orchard in Fire Valley and
is going into  the  fruit  business
here, ,.     ...
I voice  of  pride to overcome
(!. Funk of   Fire
•ha. ha!"
(j. Thou shalt do whatever
lieth in thy power to encourage
and promote the welfare of thine
own town and thy people,
7. Thou Bhalt not suffer the
Mr. Ferguson has gone east on n Bmi if 0thi;r towns entice thee.
holiday trip which he well deserves, j consent thou not, for thou mayest
he is one of our pioneers and a j De deceived,
hustler too us he has cleared  up     8    Thou gbaU Bpemlthy earn.
and has m crop, of over 101) acres j .^ ,,t hom(, that t,u,y may Ktmn j    i me ires
here- ' from  whence they came and give 18owl miJ°h
One of our settlers was recently j nourishment to such ub come after
asked while in Vernon what the;thee,
prospects were of   irrigating   the j    9.
the old  F. E. Poole place   near
1 Lansdowne,    These cows are all
lirst class milkers, and none of them
have been fresh   more   than  two
j months, while some of  them ar"
newly fresh.    Reasonable prices.
S. Mi-Kee.
Jerseys for Sale.
The undersigned offers for sale
16 head of Choice Purebred Jer-
' Beys, lately imported, consisting of
These are a specially selected lot.
bred of the finest strains and will
be otl'ered at reasonable prices.
Inspection invited. Apply to
G. A. Love.
Formerly the Mark Hill farm.
Only half a mile from Arm-
j strong. 10 aores under cultivation |
: balance good bottom land easily j
cleared.   Good frame bouse, stable I
and other buildings,      With the I
| land will be sold one team, three
[ cows, one steer, one brood sow, il
[ dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery,   Prioe SoOOO,
...I). M1TCHKLL.
j. ii. warren
For Sale.
One fresh milch cow; also one!
cow to be fresh  the
first of December.    Both these nre
first-class milkers and will make]
Thou  shalt not bear fulse, good winter cowb.
land around Vernon with the water witness against the town wherein
from Salmon river, with reasonable ; thou dwelleth, but sprak well of
capital to back it this is   quite it to all men.
possible, and   indeed   should  be ■    10.   Thou shalt keep these com-
miule very profitable  both  to the uiandmonts and teach them to thy | pipe for sale.
farmer, horticiilturalist   and gar-
S. Fruno.
Graduate Nlics-Bryant school...
I am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
guarantee satisfaitiiiiv woiik
Address me at....
children to the third
Iron Pipe.
8000 feet of ^ in. galvanized iron
Apply to Messrs.
id fourth! pe"iiy & peijy) Kn\ estate agents,
dener, and for a company putting j S™oZrish ll grow B"S| « to * »■ D™' ™«°^<
a goal system into operation, even wm,„ tuon art iujj to   rest with
in the drieBt years the amount of thy fathers.
wuter in the river iB ample for the — —
purpose in fact a thorough system I LOSTa
taking in tne country from   the     On Wednesday, September 19th
upper  bridge of Salmon district, om,  |luly-s Widthum watch, gold      All rifles must be returned to
und parts of Armstrong,  Larkin ease, open face,either in Armstrong the Becretury at once.   The com.
und Veruoii, should prove profit- or on road between Armstrong and j pulsory annual shoot will be held
able, ub in a dry year four times ttml Enderby.   Suitable reward at hit the range on   Thursday   and
Armstrong Rifle Association.
Armstrong, B.C., 17th September.!
Simingion &
All kinds of Carpenter work done
at reasonable prices.
 Estimates given.—
Shop next Francis'
the amount of crop can be grown ADVANCE office.
off an acre of laud irrigated, as -        — 	
against the crop grown on an acre: FfihrUT     LOSERS.
alongside   unirrigated,   and    the _ .   a.	
extra cost should only amount to i    I  have trust funds for loan in
from 25 cents to 50 cents per acre large or small sums to farmers to
...,,, .,   ,       i, enable them to   purchase   stock,
extra besides the price that would ; .^^ iW]t hM^ ^ ^
have to be paid the company for | |n™ or n|ak), otller improvements,
water. I    Loans   made   on   Homesteads
! where Recommendation for Patent
The Commandments Revised.    ". has been made though title is not
1 issued.
Friday the lNth and l!Hh of Oc-
tobec, commencing each day at 9
a.m.   All members must attend.
Pursuant to the Creditor's Trait
Deeds Act, 1901, and Amending Acts.
1.   Thou shalt not go away from I    Approved applications promptly MOTICE is hereby uiven that Arte-
une to do thy trading, nor thy I completed.                          D1   ,             m,,s ErastU8 Huntl"}'' °' the
lh    1     A t Pedigree, rami.    iJntry   Stock, township of Bpallunicheen, in the coun-
n, nor tny uaugliter. Logging and Freighting   Horses ty nf Vale, manufacturer ol lumlrer, has
Thou   shult  patronize thy  Insured  against    loss   from    any, hy deed dated the Twenty-Seventh day
and Billiard Halt.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c,
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
Regular SI .10 values to be sold at $ .88
1.50 values to be sold at SI.25
2.00 values to be sold at SI .60
Also 25',;. off on
P. C. Corsets.
ThoscCorSotS are well known for their  Fit and   Durability.
home   merchant, and   thy home cause.
printer, for yea. verily, cloth not     Write me your requirements,
thy home printer spread over the!      £. Aa  HAGGEN,
glad tidings of thy goodness and Real Estate. Insurance,
greatness and they shall patronize and Financial Agent,
ADMIRAL DEWEY     An entirely now variety ol Strawberry.
Very best for bearing ntui i|iitility.
Strong plants nt i?1.iki jwr dozen,
ARMSTRONG,       ....       Itritish Columbia.
in Operation.
Notice tlie onse
and com fort of
the horse.
Dr. C. W. CROSvS,
Veterinary : Dentist : and : Surgeon.
I am especially prepared to perforin all kinds of dentistry.
be sun- to have your horses' teeth examined.
Dr. C. W. Cross,
Oili.-e Bell s Barn,      -       .        .        ARMSTRONG, B. C.
of August, 1008, assigned all his personal property, real estate, credits and
effects, which may he siezed and sold
under execution, to Frederick T. Jackson, of Armstrong, in the county of
Vale, accountant, for the purpose of satisfying,   ratably   and   proportionately,
1 and without preference or priority, all
his creditors. Such deed was executed
by the suid Artemus Krastus Huntley
i and Frederick T. Jackson on the 27th
| of August, 1IKK).
A meeting of the creditors of the said
Artemus Krastus Huntley will he held
■ nt the office of the said Frederick T.
> Jackson, nt Armstrong aforesaid, on
Wednesday, the 12th day of September,
19011, at :i p. in. All |Msons having
claims against the said Artt-inus Eras-
tus Huntley are required to forward particulars of same, duly verified, to the
j said Frederick T. Jookson, nt Armstrong aforesaid, on nr before the 27th
day of September, Hkki: and nol ice is
hereby given that after tbe said 27th
day nf September, Won, the said assignee
will proceed to distribute the proceeds
of the estate, having regard only to the
claims of which he shall then have received notice, and that he will not be
res|K,iisible for the assets, or any part
thereof, BodiBtributod, to any person or
I persons or whose dnhl or chum he shall
nol thnn have ri ived notion*
[ Dated at Vernon, this tiTth day ol
August, Hum.
l-'liKli   lill.l.l.Mls,
Solicitor for the Assignee!
Do you buy
BIRD BROS, beg to inform the public
that they rre prepare to supyly
delivered in town   night nnd morning
I MILK L'l i|ts for »1 t !REAM 85o i|t
For sale!
1     LAND in
80-Acre Lots
Four Choice BO-aore Block four
| miles from town will be sold cheap
and on easy terms. Inquire of
H. Scnneider.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
Peering Itiacbinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
we sell Buggies.
Yes. and we also sell the....
20th century
The Best Machine iiiacle.	
Wire (.'able of all sizes,
Single and double blocks,
Horse Forks,
Churches' Hay Cars,
Champion .Mowers and Rakes
Thomas Steel Ilny Tedders.
B. Francis
Building stone
Best quality of Stone iu the district. Will be delivered 111 reasonable charges. Orders may be
left at Advanoe office.
700 Acres ol LandCbe eol""",la Mw- JUUHWn.
450 Acres under cultivation.
Six niili-8 from Armstrong, suitable
for (Iiiaix. Vuiietani,u or Fruit
GROWING, Will be sold in tracts
to suit, purchasers.
Inquire  of—
or ADVANCE Office. I
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen lit very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given iu the advanced
Public, School. High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Special Courses include a thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Technique in MtiBic.i In Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting and Pyrography; Also
Physical Culture and Elocution.
For Calendar, Address "Columbian j
College, Now Westminster, B. C,
Scenic Artist,
Sign Writer.
Guilder .House
Painter®. Decorator.
. .special oiler in..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass. Ensilage Com, Mangel,
Turnip. Special quotations in
Spray Pumps. Whale Oil Son"'
Vegetable Plants.
Largo stock of Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade,
No oxpoiiBo, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your lisl before
placing your order,
We do  businoss on  our own
grounds    IIO l-nilt to pay,  and  are
prepared to meet nil competition.
Catalog Free.
8010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver, B. C.
Tor Sale \ 11
Kalsomining, Etc.
25 years experience in Europe, Africa nnd America.
aa—   tM     HfW«
»VV      afaS^W
i If Choice land  iu  Salmon
Arm Valley; i good houses and
outbuildings,   Will sell In block
or In tracts to stilt purchasers,
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises (o....
Kl. Jfrmsttong
r>. si


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