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The Armstrong Advance 1906-05-18

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 J?   \$$m it,,,  a        V
i ««        .. it 1
AY 211906     -:
O    MAY 211906     ^
S&r--     - * '
£%e   Armstrong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
NMlsM Ii lie liicrtsls «l HrKlruj ail llsirki. IU CMItcsi Hrtlti il lie funs Mutfti vnicg.
Subocrlmtlon Ml. 30 ha Ad.onco
VOL.  11.
NO. 5.
5 Che Leading Gents'TumislK $
Bui,) your
& Perot
and 3aiCors. i
Excellent Work of Police Results In fLarly
Apprehension of Bandits.
THOUGHT TO BE. "OLD BILL MINtR" Giving Name of Edwards Thought by Police lo Be the
Notorious Outlaw,
The three robbers who held up
tlio CI'. II. westbound train near
Kamloops mi Tuesday ui^ht of
; Inst week wore cimlilit last Monday
wgile in enmpone mile from Dong-
las lake. The men ttlve tlu-ir
names nsQeo. Kdwards Will. Dunn
und Louis Colqnhonn.
The men were tracked from
Oatnpbell's Meadows via Fish lake
by Provincial Constable Fertile,
Having his men fairly well located Fornie set out to secure the
blood hounds and during his ub-
jsui'i' seven membersof the Northwest mounted police suddenly
came upon the three men ut lunch,
, When asked what they were doing
the lender replied they were prospecting.   Sergeant Wilson replied
Have you 3ried a...
Hint he guessed they were the men
they wanted and nt once coven d
them with his gun. Dunn rolled
into a nearby ditt-h and begin, tiring on the police In the B'turn
shots u bullet was put through his
The men had with them a regu-
lar iirsi'iinl of weapons. j
The lender is strongly believed
by the police to be old Bill Miner,
who is wanted for several holdups.
New Fire Equipment.
The tire brigade this week made
a notable addition to their equipment in the receipt of two extension ladders. The laddies are now
in good shape for a struggle with
the tire fiend whenever occasion
d 'iiiands.
The Delicious Dainty served al oar
Our Ice Oreiun Sains are noted for tlu-ir rich full flavors.
Onr Soda Water is SODA WATER.
Cowney's Celebrated Chocolates in Bulk.
sJfic Qrntstrong Pftarmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist,   jj
The Leading Gents' Furnishers
mm « paurs. §
.-_^ will soon Be Here!
And everybody will r.-<|uire to shed their winter gnnnents
nnd procure soniethi.ig light und CHEAP.   So tho
place to get them is at the
Big Store
Lwiliss Corsets,   Drawers
Night Dresses, summer
Corsets A Canvas
{% Mens & Boys Balbriggan un-
$ derwear per suit
Flannel and extra 1 i g h t «
_ Tweed Suits, White Flannel §
§ Yachting Shirts Canvas §
g Shoes & Dusters. |
©@»<g-js<gp _3i_3><g?>©
BECAUSE  il  helps to advance    your district
BECAUSE it is tho'only menus to gut the news,
BECAUSE it is owned nnd published in Armstroi g
Many Matters Given Attention in
the Public Interests.
The regular May meeting of the
municipal council occurred lust
Snturdny und it proved a busy day
I for the municipal fathers.
| In accordance svith n communication from S. Fnu.oetiil. Conn-
.-illoi- Hartwell wns instructed to
hnve work done on this rond to the
i amount of $85.
Secretary Wright, of the school
board,reportedtlie receipt of the
provincinl grants to April 30, to
the amount of .$30.
! A legal opinion was filed from
F. to the effect
that Messrs. Heard, Laur and Burnett were liable for their assessment in connection with the Bennett creek drain. It was moved
that the same be placed with Mr.
I Cornwall for  collection.
I    The clerk wns authorized to give
! public notice that the dogtax must
be paid by June 1st.
The third Snturdny in .Inly was
' fixed ns the date for the sitting of
the court of revision.
In response to it request froniC.
- Sclmbort to hnve the road straightened through his property, Councillor Rnllnni was instructed to in -
i vostlgnte the Bamo,
The matter  of   drainage   ditch
I between tlie townsite and tiusl  ;esv
j was tallied until legal advice could
; be obtained,
The work to be done on Young-
I Schubert road was let to F. Hard-
j ing at a lender of $200.
A strong protest wns filed by W.
j Downs against the oponing of the
i rond previously   npplied   for   by
! V. S. Stoedniun.   No notion taken.
A delegation  from   the council
waited uiiou the directors of  the
agricultural society und arranged
i for the payment by them   of   the
1180(1.1)0 assumed by them   on  the
: construct Ion   of  the  agricultural
Upon motion of the council the
clerk ss-.-is instructed to notify Mrs.
I A, S. McDonald that her fence oil
j Swans.,n-liuri'll road must be removed ssithiu ten days or council
ss-ill have sume.iloneat her expense.
It was resolved by the council
that tin- government be petitioned
to establish a provincial police nt
Preliminaries Being Arranged for
Coming Exhibitions.
A meeting or the directorate of
the Spallumcheen Agricultural
Society WHS held last Saturday.
The business before the board
was principally in connection with
the coming full fair and the exhibit
to be made ut the provincial fair,
in both of which the directors take
n deep interest.
In connection with the local fair
a committee was appointed to arrange for special prizes, the exhibition grounds are to be graded,
and suitable shetls are to be constructed for the accommodation of
live stock at the fuir.
With reference to the provincial
exhibition it was unanimously voted that a district exhibit be made.
Attention was called to the injustice done at former exhibitions by
districts whose exhibits were the
products of one or two men and
therefore wholly unrepresentative
of the districts purporting to make
the exhibits. The following resolution was adopted to be forwarded
to Manager Kenry:
That the Secretary send t. h a
following protest to the New
Westn.inst tr Secretary:
That the Armstrong Spnlluni-
cheen Agricultural Society protest
against nil the prod nee in n district exhibit being grown by a few
individuals, as they consider this
not representative of the whole district nnd request the New Westminster Society to make u ruling
that each district exhibit, shall
consist of not less thnn seventy
live sepernti- and distinct entries
from individuals within ench district.
Crop Prospects.
The long-looked for rain has
come mul the outlook in the Spal-
lu.lichfen is now the brightest.
Our spring drouth was broken last
Saturday nnd for several dayB during the past week n warm gentle
rain has fallen. With cool cloudy
weather between times anil gentle
showers at intervals the pnstweok
hns been the most favorable thnt
could hnve been L'iven the community, It is estimated that over
an inch of ruin has f. l'eu. the full
benefit of which has gone into the
ground. Additional inquiry re
tin-frost of last week reveals the
amount oi daniilge not to have
been si-riour und u good crop of
fruit is nusv promised.
Conditions of Entry for   District
To induce district or agrli nl.
tnral societies in the dllfurenl portions of the provtni xhibiting,
the directors desiring lo .assist the
different localities in advertising
their different agricultural capabilities, have endeavored te be as
liberal us possible ss-ith their prizes
ni d trust the districts oi localities
will take advantage of these offers,
nnd use every endeavor to make
ns creditableexhibitB us Ihey have
in the past.
For the best district or agricultural exhibit of fruit, grain, grasses, dairy produce, roots and vegetables the products to be grown
within the district entering the
same for competition:
First prize $500 (currying challenge shield and diplomas presented by Sir Thomas Dewar). This
shield is iii perpetuity and will
hnve engraved each yenr the district ranking first in this competition.
Second prize $400~with gold
medal and diploma.
Third prize $800 with silver
medal and diploma.
Fourth prize $250 with bronze
medal and diploma.
To any district or agricultural
society exhibiting in the competition, east of North Bend, or from
Vancouver Island. $200, and west
of North Bend on the Mainland.
$150 will be given towards the expenses of collecting and making
thuexhibit, providing they hnve
not a prize.
Comparison ns to the highest
possible points thnt can be mnde.
Fruit, fresh HSO points'
Fruit, preserved, syrups, jellies
etc 250 |Kiints
(jruius mul agricultural   s Is
 250 points
Knots and vegetables for table
   2M points
Forage pin.its 250 points.
Dairy products 250 points,
Roots and vegetables for stock
 260 points.
Arrange men t 150 (mints
Total 2.1100 points
One plate of any variety, either
of fruit or vegetables is all that will
be allowed.
It is requested that each district exhibiting in the above coin.
petition should hand to the Se -
retnry ii complete detailed list of
all articles exhibited immediately
ench particular district bus completed its display,
For the best-display of potatoes
from any district (nol less than
12 of each variety) independent of
any   other exhibits nnd   distil   t
from other entries:
First prize   $30.00
Second prize S20.UU
Third prize $10,110
Entries for 1 lis'rict or Agricnl-
tnral   Society   exhibits mnsl
mailed to the Secretary on  or be.
fore August 1st.    N-, el tm i -   I ■
will becluirged   for district  -
Woman's Auxiliary.
Tin- second   regular nt. etii % , r'
The W. A  in c-ii ction .-.,'!:  St
.lames' church was held nt th ■
residence ..I Mrs, Bceki r- n Thursday nft. moon May 10th.
The meeting "i en. ! svith pn y-
i r by tlle |.r- sidetit.
After the minutes of  lust  .
ing mid treasurers report wen disposed of n most  interesting article
from  the   pen   of   the   Rev.   H.
Drnuiuiond wns read by the pr
dent, to  which  the eleven   in.
b.-rs present listened svith pleas  re
and prolit.
Tin- n.-xt meeting svill beheld it
Mrs. T. W. Fletcher's on Thursday
June, 1 1th. nt 7:30 p. m.. the
members deeming it expedient to
hold the meeting in the evening
during the summer mouths
A cordial invitation is ext ndid
to all ladies of St. James' cbnri h
to attend,
Steam Laundry.
A movement is on fool to secure
the incorporation of a company for
the  establishment    of   n   steam
laundry ul  this   pli    There   is
certainly need for such an institution sonie-.slieie iii this perl of the
Interior, ilutl If properly, d
ll modern stenm laundry here
ought to pros.- :, profitable undertaking. Armstrong is peculiarly
favorably located, t.- say noil,ini;
of tin-abundance of available cheap
fuel and the splendid water, and
is conceded by thus.- interested
iu tlie project to offer the greatest
i.lduconiei.ts of any place in the
Valley, A certain number of
shares nredesited to,be subsciibed
to among the citizens of town to
insure the successful fruition of
tlle project, nnd from the present
Indications it is evident these will
be r.-ndily forthcoming among
those who desire to see this addition lo the town's enterprises.
Card of Thanks
For the ninny kind acts of assistance and lh ■ niiini r .us wordH of
comfort and Bympathy extended to
us in our hour ol trlnl mid sorrow,
we desire to express our Bincere
gratitude nn 1 np] ••- ciatii n,
Mb.axuMhs. IV. Barry. The Advance how-i" *■ marl,,,i from *"
WBCMC mttA.,
. ipiveniawBt land if I would go avitd
i settle on that island how (ar wool 1
' it be from wheie 1   would   hnve to
get my provisions and what is  thei
' iiiinie of the city where 1 get of  nt
' to sec that vacant land.      What is
Publiaher.. tin- man's name that will show  nit-
1 that land and what will the charg08
Subscription I1.G0 par yarn in isdvuni*.  '»• is it healthy their what kilidu of
h uul paid in iialvanco J'J.Ol). '. sickness do they have there is the
laud prairie or timber  how many
.,.,<-       , ,. in, .nths diH-s it rain and what time
Advertising ratosffivunon iw,ii    , , . „
  cltKis it rtiiu want kinilu or game is
—~" "~ "   —~—— there and what time do they kill i'
JOIt PRINTING A SPECIALTY,     and what is the law on il.      What
i kinilt- of ssork an- there and  what
Notions ■ I church tun-vices nntl enter nre the prices paid the worki.lgmtHI
tiiiiiii.i-ctss.i„ i.-,,,:,,iii,issiei, is .-li.-m-.-.l are there eny lisn anil what
imicrhil ine.    Other not In -s ni  uscul and is a mini nh.wi-d to ketch tlu-.u
ratos.   Canlsof ttinnksft. and nre ilu-v alowctl  to sell  theut
Tin- Ailvnncu is inililislu-il in lint inter
outs I I till
and how is the price of pells und
inline, are iherc any Market tor the
own inn   diHlriul  i„ svlncu   i-,,   i   ,- i  ,'■    .   i.    .
.. „      , bilk <S Venison tv (tout, bear,  ami
il musts ami,- ;-, mllj  s, in a-  .,-,. |ni
roinsir--, I lii.- public
1    svluil per pound do they Sell  for.
___   \\ hut is lisl, per pound  and what
is the price of bear pelts und   how
ml fur do they h.-it I,, hull Hi,-  luinbet
I foi building purposes nud what  is
,1 is the price uf timber and  boss- far
i_ from the Vacant land Is the school
in,I how is the religions Services,
That we are agents for
De Laval Cream Separators
That wr have mil     f     PAINTS, OILS,BRUSHES, AXLE
stock    of   ™ ■• GREA8E ETC. ETC.
That..,.r stock of BARBED Wl RE, HARDEN WIRE, FARM
Thnt wi are selling all kinds of  Hardware cheaper thnn ever
(let Prices and Bee for yourselves
Armstrong <:d Cc^ritigton.
Tin- numtuur i ilitor ol our  loon) is '• " #""' I '-"'•' ''"' " I-""1' lll!m *
,„„,,,      ....   i   •       i            it is it a lieallliy place,     Plesi  send
ennli in i rury ilesigneil a couple ol ,. , ,    •  ',.
.  .           ' me pi-tlcklei's ot  everything as  .
weeks ago to administer   to the waul to go there for u home nud  i
editor of the the Enderby Progress want, to   know   everything  about
a c liiinii of :. Ivice on hosv to con- thut pince,
duel n newspaper,   As  might   be nddress your letter to
expected our local opposition comes i...      i  _       .   -   ■
..  ,                  '' lilsuwhero in this issue wo give
onto, the controversy with  decit - ,   ,,           ,   ■
,   i  , space to the regulations govorui.ig
i-ihv Hi   ss-crst eutl of the  bnruuin, ,  i-,-        . ., ■         ■         •    • ,
■                           -,       , exhibitions al thisyeai s provincial
as tlie I rogress nst Saturday came ...      ,,    ,,, ,        ,   ,    ,   ,  ,,
,                    ,»        .        , »ur.   It will be  noted  Hint  there
buck at our ser-uppointed dispens- i  i          ,-      ,i          ,
''      ,        ' aresevernlcnaiigesrrointheregiua-
er ot protessional knowlcde-o  in  a .-        ,•,   ,          .           ,.,.        ,■
 B t.ons ot last year, the conditions ol
manner thut svill doubtless cans, ,, ■                   ,   ,   •
. this years event   beiiii*   in   many
him   not   to again   volunteer his '         ,        , ,   .,      .,         ',
.  , ways more tavornblo than those ol
superior wisilom upon older  mem- ,,       ., •        ,
,                            '                         iu your ago.,  One thine,  however,
bers ot the newspaper fraternity.!   ,• ,   i.   n .,           i
,1M    lv             . f.*     t           ■ which should receive the consideration of the directors of the pro-
The Progress said in part
"We have been  mildly  amused
of late by the ludicrous attempts of
vincin! fair is the suggestion niuili
our contemporary, the Armstrong '" tlle resolution passed at Satur-
Adverl is, r. to foist its cheap smart-; 'lay's meeting of the directors of
ness on   the   reading  put-lie.    If l tho agricultural  society   that   is
this suits the subscribers of the the matter o« allowing some ex-
journal mentioned, nil is well, audi,.,..   ,   ,   ,, ,    .     ,.
we arc content   to   let   them   fill !"b"B t0 '"' the Proil«<*> ot °"« or
their  "precious   ooliimns"    with two men'8 garsleiiB.   The fact is
personalities as  tasteless as they generally   known   that  Severn!  of
are ridiculous.     When,  however, the district exhibits at the Doniin.
it comes to  wasting three-fourths i()M f.|ir ,,|st W(,,.,. u bv
of a column in it wandering attack , ,.   ,,       .. . . ,
on a friendly comtempornry,  it is 0,1H or two ""'"   "'   th«    llstncts
evident that the editor of the Arm- making   tho exhibits,   while   one
Btrong Abvertiser felt the field too district winning a prize over Arm-
Btmill for   his   Binni-tness   in   the strong actually  hud  their exhibit
local   columns    nnd   must    ;'^ sp„ciallv «rov,n by a man who was
writ.,- nn article, in which   n  male-      . , ,     ,      ,
vole il turn of mind is plainly evi- ',;l"! :l "''ol s"lm'* tor &mm*  ;t'
dent, It is not difficult to see the  injns-
Our HSteenied contemporary is tice wrought by such a  policy   to
skating on very thiiMce,  howuver.! those exhibits    which   nre  really
when il mentions "tillers'', us up- representative of the district. Our
pliud   to  newspapers.    We   hnve     , ., .. ,   . ,     ,    .
only to turn over its pages to dis- '«hibit last, year consist,-1 ol en-
cover three large ndvertisemeiits of ,ri''s 'rom 1-'" different parties and
tho "office", which are  very  pal- the directors might easily  require
pable "tillers", und  what is worm- future exhibits to contain nt  least,
Our Trimmed A
Ready to Wear
Now Ready
5fie latest Style in Veilings
ffoerytfting fveat in £aces %9> Hecftwecir
**-- MRS. W. S. FISHER
"Land of the BIG RED
Confidence in tbe growth and
future of flrmstrons?
If so, make money on your Oonfidsnoe by securing right
now a few lots in the ncsv
Fairview Addition
These lots are offered below their real value, they are
exceptionally well located, and have splendid draiunge, The
Bolt is the host udnptod for frnit and gardening I any addition thnt has yet been opened up. We are nssiiri ! by Councillor Murray that ll good Btreet ssill be op i up lo l-'Alls-
VI l-.W within the next month.
|,- "Watch and see if our pr. lictions nre ci rroct.
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks ami roasts a specialty.
Fish and game In season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid np i-bl.tW.i DO. Ri st. $10,000,000
Balance Profit and I„ ss account,!-'K.
I ^s^mmmtiw mi) mum.
'':'.■     AH Kinds   of Carpenter   WorR   at    reasonable
* Prices
I     sasir. Mm. mouldings M m$$.
I    Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
8      PRESIDENT, Right Unit,  lord  Jlralhcona  and   Mount Rcyal,
J G.C.M.C.
$ VSCE-PRES-IBENT. Sir G«o. A. Pru-xmond, K.C.M.G.
Kin!, ll i    'nsni - ni'itte- t - leu nt u
half thnt   number  of  entries
rate Cur below that nt which il en.,      , . . ,
be profitable, to the -I  of order to receive r.tcoKnition at the
the home merchant und the pub-  provincial fair,
lishini, business in ituneral,    We
ask. svhut can
Certain "knockers" nre again  in
niitnii-thiiii lo i-luii'Kc the  business evidence.     One     accommodating
men in its own town n higher rate, resident luring the past week bus
by Ihirly p-i- cent., U.: \\ ls"ertisiiig volunteer,-I to t rospective settle™
than is charged  to outside  firms .,    ■ ,        ,,     ,,   , ,,    .,
huiiiliiiiic ii similar line of goods. th" "■■•wnmiioii that the thern.oin-
or iii-ii.iil'aetui-es'r'   01 the reudiug eter nl ten registers (10 below  -/-ero
matter commonly knosvn ns "boiler nnd that  luring his yours of rosi-
plate' . we notice three full columns, deuce here he'l .1 si en frost every
which, no doubt, hnve done duty j molltll   i;l   ,,.,.  v,;ll,    0)   oonr8i;
betore in the pages ol  the Adver- s;,.h KiUmvia ilt the vilificition of
tiser.     We  lieurttly   recoiuineni, ||„, district  hnve   nv   effect   upon
the, htorol the   Ai-nistrong   Ad- the sensible public and only tend
veil -- i-   to   study his ••Pilgrims „, K|,ow the deprnveil state of mind!
"^"'Btr°V:-i!'i ^1-'-'1"-   .m"' "' t,1Mui,lllll|Ki"K '" th,'m-
an i  strive   to   ultnin   that  In in ,    ,,
wide!  I..-is ..s -,-et   very   fur  oil In Meironam.
He   should  seek to sel   his own
house in order before iitlempliiig Mr. and Mrs VV. Hurry have thu
to rend (as he tldnks) a  lesson to deep sympathy of their nunierouB
l. co lemjiorary.   "Do unto othen friends in the conimnnity  in  the
ns ye would  thiil  they should do j (ll)ath t)f M,lgtl   <{\llvon j,vst b;i,,.
'"We 'n'i ologi/e l ,r r, aders foi i ""'"* ni«ht- x'    9,!  lu,'JI'l,,bB l'""'
tho wasting ol so tiuicli ol our "btion wo nnnounoed lust, week,
"precious columns'' over the Ann- For severnl days .t svas well knosvn
B.iongei'itor, Put  we du  not  see I thnt, tho little fellow could'not ru
ff Branches in all the principal cities nnd towns in Ciiuudn.    Also in
* the following cities:    London, Dug.: 2'2. Alichurrh   Lime.   E. C.
I New York.nil Wall Street : Chicago. IKS La Salle Stn el : Spokane,
|  - Wash. : St. John's X foundlund.
V Hankers und Con, s] ondeiits :  Liver] i ol. Bank of Liverpool.    Scot-
V,                                                   i >"' Plnnsnnd SjH-i'itlcaticas iVpaml.    | 'and, British Linen Co's. Bank nnd lira:,el,, s.
oriS'<f'frj'Q'v'rftfrfrfo*'¥tfrf?tfft.*r/-*rs^^^ -\ general banking business transact,,I. limits so.,I uviiilnute ;it
' "    I all points in the Uuited Stales, Europe and Cuiiitdn, including Atlin
~ ' and Dnwsoi; City.
__«A____a»A___«,A_tl„t, SAVING'S BANK DEPABTJ1ENT.
4       »!«..»   n     as, a ^a» ft Dttponits roci'ivi'il li-oin   I upwards nnd interest iillowed nt current rotes.
-       flf.fl      I/tftll      CTillf I li,lei'.-st.llli-l,-il:!lllli.liiti.-. nn.! 111-. |i,,|.,.|ni..i-
4        ill'S SB        ffi lell      Till III » mthdr.KC.lo    en    demand    withevt    delay.
2        VmWL\       EVU     UUUtlt i Km:,),,,-.  ,,..,,.:,-.. 1 v> i,:, --. co ,:-■- ,  .,1 :■.:'.,:.::, n.    M ,„-.ic!|-:,l nr.d scloel
J *^ r district accounts received on I'nviirivlilit titrnis.    Srccinl nitration given to tho
J _   _,^ _   -^  ,_ .       __ _, _^        V handling nl liiunieiuit! mul other rlitlieiitiues.
4 i   l!_fAl   E^IlRJi4-      I DASKINH   BV  .MALI,
A ■    ill   _!_■_    aB    ■   Jtfiffli    r f Deposits nnty lie ii-.iulc mul ssilllilriisvn liy ll-:nl.     Dul-ef-lessn ncc. l::.!-' receive
• •§
j Spring'...
i fiousecleanirig' ►
« Finds us prepared with J
« all the requisites to make ►
« the home pleasant  i
* ARMSTRONG C. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent.
h i e. s. v.
'.IMcCllntock, Sub. /.licit.
P. DiiHlunlin, Sub. Agent.
why be blioiiiu  ,
a sort   of
slitule  himself
cover fro... the elf, c's of his uiifo
..-..I- over, Okniiiiatiiu , . i    ,     ,, i
lunate accident  ol   a   couple  ot
weeks ago, and death  came   as   a
~** "**" I peaceful relief   Li   the  s.ill'erin^s
Tin-   ie,,,,,-.-,,,,,   ,-.-s| tine  ,|„   that must have been his,  The fun.
true conditions in  the (jrei.t   svesl  ,,,-,-,| oecuri-ed  Monday   afternoon
•imoiiit the | ; I the , .st   has from the Methodist  church,   con.
lotiR been  iiBiibjecl  of   ducted by   Rev,   Campbell,   there
This is well illustrated by a  let-lei j being a wry   lnrKe attendance of
recently   reeeiv y   Secretars   the residents of tint town and  dis-
Bnxter of tho  Vancouver Tourist  trict.     Master Travels was a-
Association, which follows: eeptionnlly bright lad jusl past ten
Dear Sir, Well I have under, years of age, whose amiiible dispo-
lslood there wiisaoverninent landh ..,;,;,,„ |„„iwon for him the love of
for hoineseeknrs rn Vancouver his associates. That his protnising
Island, and what terms nre they to |if0 should have been cut down in
be took up on and please send all the very llownr of yonlh snrjii.sses
lh Ierticiu!. rs iibonl the land I- i1Hmlm appreciation, bul in the
l,.,-1 :d iKi'icnltrr land or n . wisdom ol ITiin who said "Buffer
,<es   I   In'" lobedi-eauedorisit   „     |iu|(,    ,„, , ,
o tori  m;,I.      \s Inl  ,;•:.-1  of  ;..-,.        .   ,
d ice rui bo raised and can it be ""' tin-| arcnts rest, infill nsBUf-
riibtd with a success m ! is there ance that all things are done for tin
a iy Mi I'i'-it foi   tin   produce uinl   best.
Contractors and Bis
aiders.     I
w trwrwmrw*.
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in  this line for one of the
Nniu-C.P. R.
©_®(^@»_S_S_®<^_Sti^__i_Si_®ii I••*---'*'*'*—---*--•*-*—*—*■---■*•—**
§ Harness.... | i *™*™i MM market.
St f\    jt jx6j.iL,
™        ^-  .- '-/MttWrn I hnve just,received my nowsiock
sT       /aaW^AJ^W'•'$ ' "'"' '';|n s:i),piy v'-n-/ti:!.. ii-nyHiiiig
,.j -.v  ^amm^ar-     ^     —	
H The - Armstrong - Harness • -Store.
Patronize Our Jfdwertisers asicf Saw mo8«y.;
All kinds of Fresh mill Cured Meals always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.      ►
Mail Orders a Specialty. I
Geo. Maprav.   *
war r* 7* 7 at* r* r* r» v— v* t—▼•▼»▼»▼»►
Poultry Wanted tfl
Colobrato Viotorin Dfty. K. Hume left OH   Snturdny
The hiah school entrance exam-  1>"rt 8lnipsoil
illations for pupils of this district
occur at Euderby on June 8,
Victoria Day next Thursday.
With favorable weather Armstrong
will go to Enderby almost in a
Geo, Inch hns had Hank Martin's saw rig at work on bis property this week. He will base ovei
IttK) cords of stove wood tak.-n off
during his process of clearing.
Polly iv. Pelly put through the
deal this w.-ik whereby I here was
sold il-.- farm belonging to Prank
(lord,.-, on Salmon river to Robt,
Lyu.burner, ul Owen Sound. Ont.
Ill, C. Watson nud .'as. Levering,
t.,., each hnve under way the painting ol tlu-ir residences in Rosodlllo,
thus udding materially to the value
of theii properties. A. .1. Lap-
worth bus the work in baud
W, .1. Unroll relumed yesterday
from Siiskiilchuwnii, bringing with
llttti his gray Porelieron stallion.I,.,,,,
"Go-on" svbich svill be traveled here
tills season, "Oo-oo" is a fine
looking animal, well built for draft
or general purpose horse, weighing
nue pounds.
Goo. Bowness has just coniplet-
etl a tine veranda to R, Ferguson's
residence which adds very much
to the appearance of the same.
Mr. Ferguson will soon make fur-
ther improvements including pnint-
ing his residence, when his will
rank as one of the neatest suburban
properties surrounding the town.
Klder W. 0. Young was present
H. P. Lee was in town y
on business iu connection will
real estate office here.
Byron   Frauds    bus purchased
through Telly As Pelly  n 44-acri
tract of land near Peao
Okanagan lake.
A, Emond returned the last of
the ss'eelt from A. L. Fortune's.
where be has just completed some
extensive burns.
Leu Farr has lately added to the
extent of bis residential property
in loss n by tin- purchase of a half
acre of ground from A. N. Ratledge
Mrs, .Ins S.-hiibert of Pnntlotoil
isspeu,'ine. n few dayssvill, friends
and relatives around Armstrong,
She is noc.ompunlod by her son.
.Muster Bertie,
Miss  Marie  Hcughtoii  nrrivudi
Wednesday from an intended visit
at Lethbrid'ge.
"C. .1. Becker, D, D.G M.. and
.1. B. Bird visited Knderliy Masons
Saturday night.
The Columbia   Flour  Mills Co.
lore closing their mill nt Enderby
sterdav nt least this is the current  report.
his!    11. Schneider is  blacksiuithing,
in the shop of F. N. Daniels & Son
during  Mr.   Daniels'   absence  nt,
Seymour Ann.
on 0. Houser, the looal manager of I
Knight & Go.'s meat market, re-'
turned Mondny from Vernon,
where he has been receiving treatment,
Mr. nnd Mrs .I    K.   I'ringle  re-,
turned the last of   the  week   from!
Loth bridge, Alta.. and  will   now
make their homo here for the present.
j Gentlemen!
is now reported tint   T.   VV.
iber will net establish his pro-
luce l.usiness in Vernon, lie svill
likely assume personal supervision
of his extensive interests in    Ynu-
The   rifle  association   holds a'
league   shoot   on   Snturdny. the
20th.   The cull Btates thai ail lirst!
an,I second   class   members   must
shoot ou thai day.
The enclosure is now mule ou
('..I. Becker's new cottage, There
Is already to bo seen the making
of a one of lh.- most, attractive cottages of the town and a noticeable
iiiiprovent to the Rosedale suburb.
Henry Johnson, the late pur-,
chaser of the Elmer Tilton place
nt Knob Hill, now bus a handsome
residence enclosed. With the)
energy nlreny displayed, Mr. John-1
How are you Fixed for
Clothing' for the warm
We ar now offering our customers the advantage of a
Summer $utt$t Custre Coats and
Summer Ue$t$-
This Gsrlking consists of Travellers' Samples and there are over 50 Styles und Patterns.
Mrs. C. 13. Morris left, last; week
for Lantertou. Altn , to join her
husband thorn. After n short sojourn there Mrs. Morris will take
it trip lo ber old bome on Prince
Edward Island. I son will soon transform this neg-j Apply to
A lawn social under the nnspi-i lected pine
' John Hamill, Vr%^stosre. j
For Rent
Good cottage adjoining town.
_,„„.n H.Hawkins.
into rnnk  with the
oes of the J. W.   A. will be held I neighboring tine rural homes,
nt the   home  of     TO.    dray..    Ten member of the N. W.M. P.
on the afternoon of Saturday. May who pnBgeil down tho line on Mo„.
day for   Pen tic tion,   from   which	
place they  took   to   the   hills   iu i Pig* for Sale.
search of the train robbers, attract-     Pure-Bred   Yorkshire  pigs for
grounds.    Kveryone welcome.        ! e,l considerable attention   nt   th,
The    Armstrong   lacrosse   and station,
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(SnuswAC A Okanagan Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday  I):2f> is. in. I
in the
19th..cotnmenclngnt4 o'clock. Ice
cream, cake and other refreshments
will be sold.   Free admission  to
Lady's  jxx-ketbook   containing I A„|V()B (tom So„th (Wly eJfoopj;
$4.00  nntl  newspaper   clippings.!
To be identified at ADVANUEoffice.
Circle, No. :!7i.
f Canadian Hi,in.- Circ-l.-s, meets
I.O.F. hall, st Monday iu each
F. N. lUMELL.Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, S^.-r, tary
at the Adventists' services here base ball teams will play at Ender-
last Saturday. He has just re- by next Thursday Victoria Day.,
turned from an extended trip into We do not want to appear greedy
Washington, including attendance in wanting both names, but their
at conference, and left again this respective opponents will hnve to
week for a trip to Victoria, after "get up ami dust" to prevent them
which he will resume residence on from carrying home both honors, i
his farm at Silver t'leek. gpr:,,L, poultry at 28? a do/en is
Pelly <y Pelly, Fisher & Sage;not always a desirable breakfast.
and Elsom & Kirby, have all hml delicacy—yet somebody was so un- j
prospective settlers looking over scrupulous ns to unload some of
some of the farms they have lor .their damaged incubator eggs onto1
sale during the past week, and some of our mernliants during the
while sales have not been numer- past week, which in return have
oils there is at least a keen interest. been enjoyed (?) by some of those j
in the Okanagan being manifested who buy pkb,
by people who are looking for new Elsom & Kirtn negotiated the
homes and many of whom will sale this week of one of the .luck- i
locate here as soon ns their inter-'son.Morgan frnit tracts!
ests are disposed of in the east.       than Lewis, of St.  Thomas.  Out.
'e side, ready to take from sow. Price,
They were heavily armed ineltidlng pedigree  p\  each.     If
taken without pedigree  95  each.
These pigs nre from  select stoick,
nnd nre fine ones.
A. W. HllNTKIl.
d carried their own mounts,
loe McDonald and Tom  Hardy
have secured the contract for the
erection of A. L. Fi rlune's new
residence near Enderby, The new
building will cost in the neighborhood of stll.OOO. and will be a modern dwelling, such as is deserved
by the worthy pioneers who will
spend their declining years therein.
MePherson it Moll by have just
placed in stock another carload of
furniture. .fudging from the
amount of goods handle,
firm there must be something doing
Wa ned.
(Lirl to do light housework and
to assist with children;gooil wages
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A. H.~ The Advance.
Reeve- A. Sohuhert.
Olerli and assessor- 1.,- W. Patton.
Treasurer nnd collector—J. M. Wright
Geo. Miirrnv, W. Ilallnin,  J.   L
Hartwell, K. B. Main.
jfi P- ■"■     Mail Aimivus—
North dully except Sunday      !):.10 a. m
South " 3:30 ;.-. iu. LkAVKS  -
North dally except Sunday    .'l i'< p. -a.
To Riflemen
All first and second class shots
by this of the Armstrong Kifle Association
Divine Service ssill In- held every Bun-
day its follows: Armstrong, 11;j
Knot, Hill. :i p.m. j Endui-by, 7.30 p.m.!
Sunday School ut 2.30 p.m. liev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's, Kiidt-rhy, al
11 a.m.-. Ziun Churoh, Armstrong, at
7:3(1 pin. every Sunday. - -Kev. 1). t'auip
bell, Pastor.
South     "
,. ■,   '
i    srldayH..
1,1.", a. :
ul Falkland every
-n iinii Hull I 'iir i -i
, p. m.
.1. ,M. Wl
. ."."i p.  ■-.
-., 30 i     i
Pi -r-  ..-•  r
Armstrong MarKets
The !',
paid for
..    ,4l  j  , i   .   mi i PHURCH OF ENGLAND
MUST attend the Mist shoot of the.^
in the furniture line  the  most, of Canadian Military Rifle League at     Bt. James'Church.   Morning Prayer
.However, with the well the ranee on Saturday,May 20, at '"'id Holj■Ooininiinloii at 11 a. in. and
hiVoninu Prayer anil Sermon tit 7:30 p.m.
F. T. Jackson returned o-
nosday from his trip to the
' with his  purchase
| every reason why
and   there
e should  be
holdup, and;'""1 intends to make of ii  the
i Wed-i^'11' nBW purchaser is well pleased ,.,,,,„],
Mr. Jackson was on  the train at
the time of the   big   holdup,  tin,     ,
being somewhat accustomed tolsl™ble hr,m'J ">\] °™hnrd to which
traveling, readily realized there jjt is so admiral ly adapted,
was something doing ont, of the The high grade of poultry which
ordinary, but after becoming satin-1 breeders' are determined to pro-
tied the"passengers were not to be duee in the Okanagan wis ex-
disturbed, ho with the majority of amplified by the receipt recently
the passengers peacefully slumber-' »)' T- W Flatten of two crates of
oil through the riffle of excitement I chickens direct from England. The
incident to the robbery. - shipment consisted of a half dozen
a      ■       .i    .   „ .,i ..i.e.i,,   l„nl each  of Brown  and  White  Leg.
An  important   real estate deal; ,   ,   •       r   ,     , . ,
was consnmated yesterday through I !>OT,1S- "i'('h bf?. of ,the ,h,Kl»«l
of Elsom & Kirby in **"» of Paction  m  their re-
Ihmko's   fine farm!Bl)wtiw Btr!li"8 i^oetiraljl...   The
ev to Messrs. War-: ™V™S ,llona on tha l,mls umol1Ilt"
'   1 to foii—or $5.00 each.
the ag.-ui-j
the sale of H.
ill Pleasant Vll
reu P.Hnff and
. McAlpin.of:
Ohatliani, Out.   Thooonsid
wits $8,500 for thol (50 acres,
new purchasers have secnrei
of the desirable farms of  the
ration j John Thompson, whose on-hard
The is recognized as one of the best in
onR the district, states that the frost
^jij. of last   week   did  practically   no
trict and one upon which they inuy j damage tojiisjruit trees.    (>n the
depend upon malting a snooess.
Mr. Ehmke will retire from farming and take up his residence in i
Alexander Robinson, provincial
superintendent of education, spent
Monday here. Mr. Robinson is
on a tour of the province in the
interests of educational matters.
particularly desiring to ascertain
liow the new school act is working.
finding out iib far as possible any
features that might require amending at the next session. That the takes an active interest in every detail ill connection
with the school system of the pro-
contrary Mr. Thompson is of th
opinion that the frost came as n
benefit to his apple tiees and has
saved him considerable work Inter
on. His fruit was setting on so
heavily that vigorous thinning
would have been necessary, and
| this the frost helped to do by
] catching a few of the blooms.
Goo, Lynn, of Hull Car, wns
among onr welcome callers during
the past week. Speaking of the
frost of last week Mr. Lynn stated
[that at his place comparatively
very little damage wns done in
fact the only damage to his orcbanl
being to a few early prunes,   All
viuoe is well-known and the per- the balance of his fruit is promis-
sonal contact with the trustees on dig: his grain is looking splendid
this trip will no doubt redound to "«'l Mr Lyi.n  -in his usual optim-
111    ,' .    ,,     . . , stio light, peculiar to the sons of
Ins advantage in  the  future  ad- Erin—looks forward to n success.
ministration ol the duties ef his nl season and a bright future foi
office,                                              i: be Okanagan.
the time. .However, with the w,
assorted stock they now carry and
tlie reasonable prices given there
is little need to go without any I
needs in the horse furnishing line.
The nll-i.nportunt subject of
glanders bus at last reached the
attention of the Dominion House!
and on one occasion a few days
ago a lively debute was indulged
in upon thnt sub ect. The gover i-
inent, however, does not. appear in-i
dined t« sway in its confidence in
inallein as nn infallible test and it
is probable the department will
continue its tests until the disease
is eradicated from districts in
which it exists.
Euderby court of Independent
Foresters ' reorganized Monday
night by J.Irvine, D. B.C. R.,timl
R. W. Timmins. H. C. R The
order has been in a sort of setui-
doriuant state for some months,
but with a revival of interest, the
work starts out undermost auspicious circumstances. Among the
new members initiated nre some of
the most substantial business men
of the town. Not being notified of
the meeting in time, none of the
local mi.'.nbi r, attended to pilot the
initiates o'er the rocky load through
the ilurk und dismal forest.
During the search for the train
robbers several men were arrested
under suspicion of knowing something of the holdup. Among these
one was Jim Christie, a character
well knosvn in Armstrong. Christie
ss-us found ill the bills near Campbell's Meudows by Constable Unr-
dom. When told to "throw up his
hands" Christie showed light and
attempted to get hold of his gnu.
but when covered by the sternly
hand of Constable Glnrdoni he
quickly gave in, Mail Clerk Mc-
Quarrie .vent to Vernon Monday
to see Christie bnt failed to identify
him as one of Ids guests on the
night of the robbery.
'.I a. m.    Other members of the association at liberty to shoot,
ti. Moberly,
For Sale
I )ne sorrel gelding, good looker,
(iood driving or saddle beast, price
$40, Also a ij.yenr old colt unbroken.    Price £."i().
E. Winkler.
every Sunday.
Suntlav school at 2:30
'HiIKinu, Vlon
Point  ^^
Parsnips      "
Cabbage      "
Apples, per i(
Celery, per 50
Poultry, pert!
Eggs *    -
Butter, pei lt.-
'svieg price!
oiluce by th
-. per ti -i
ir    b,
Armatr,   ,
125 i 0
L'l i III
i! I II I
| Holy Mass in 1. O. I-'. Hull, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at L0 o'clock
I'Vrni-ai Doiival.
Madam Albina
Madam Albani will sing in the
K. M. iv, A. A. Hull. Kamloops.
13. O. on Saturday. May. 19th, nud
will be accompanied by five other
artists. This being Album's last
tour of Canada, and only stopping
in three B. C. cities, this is an
opportunity you should not miss
to hear this svnnilerful singer, j
Write at. once 1o W. J. Kerr.'
See. K. M. * A. A..Kiimloops.B.C.
and secure your neiit.i.TicketsjSii.50;
Fare of a fare nntl OBU third on the j
C. P.  Ii. !
Barrister and Solicitor.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -   B. C
Wood (Jaririll Illoek.
Hours;MOto 12 and l.-otlrefi
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets in tin
>    I.O.K. l-mlt'i-  Room, the neenn,
Saturday evening of ,-iii-h month at S
p.m.   Visiting lin-llnrii cordially unite,!
Becretnry. W.M.
Municipality of SvaValtamcIaamn.
Owners of dogs within the municipality of SpaHmoi-heeii nre notified that the dog tax bylaw comes
into force on Jvmel, next     Any
owner of a dog  not   having  taken
i     i- t . «u... .1..*. ...:it, tronc. ot. tl„- Thursdas
out a dog lii-enss- by that (lute will, - •■"
be liable to the penalty of the by-
Inw. L. W. Patten.
Mmiicipiil Clerk.
OKANAGAN Black Precept,
Meets in the Foresters'Hall, Ami
lull moon, ut s p.m,
cordially invited.
r before the
Visiting brethren
Empire Day
will celebrate   F.mpire  Day (May
ill by an appropriate program of
addresses, singing.
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48,
t. O. O.F.
| Meets i-vi-rv Thursday evening in th,*
[Odd Fellows' PTall.over Wood, Cargill
Public. School I * <-'"'s- K,'■r'•■ "' So'olook,   Sojourning
brethren aro cordially invltod to attend.
W. .1. SMITH, N.O.
It. FRANCIS, Rec. See.
I'lc... to be ren-
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
AXV available Domini, n !,-,r.,!- with
in the Railsvaj i; It in Hriti.-h
Colsmibia, limy lie liomestended by ar.y
! person tin- soli- head . f a family, i r t.r.y
male over 18 years of age, to the extent
olono-qiiarter section of lfJOacrea more
„i- less.
Entry must In- niacin personally at the
local land otnee for tho district in sst,!,h
i tl,,-1,111,1 is situate.
Tho hoiiii-steader is required ',- t»r-
form th,, conditions connected ih,-r,-ss ;h
under on,- ol the follosving \ tuns:
(1) Al. least a i-ix  initntbs'   residence
, upon and cultivation, I tin- hind in each
! year for three years.
I    (2) If the father (or mother, ilil.,-f:.i!
or is deceased) of tho homesteade.  r.>
sides upon a farm in tin- vicinity of the
land entered for. Un- requirement* a- to
residence may he satisfied by residence
upon -aid land.
(3)11 the settler !:n- his |« rmanent
residence U|)on farming land ossm-d
lis him in tl;,- vicinity of Ins boluesteud,
tin- requirements as to residence may be
natlstled l,y residence upon tin- said land
Six months' notice in svriting should
he given to the Commissioner cf J.r.iv.iit.
ion landsat Ottawa of intention to
plj f,,r patent.
Coal lands mas In- purchased at i'Q
,i,T iii-re for soft coal and ei'iifor anthracite. Xoi more thnn3*20 acrea can be
acquired byone individual or company.
Royalty :.t il.- rate of 10cents per torn f
2,000 pounds shall be collected on the
u oss on put
Deputy of Minister of the Inli-rior
N. P.   Unauthorized   publication ol
his advertisement will not be paid  for.
di-red i
yited to
, thol. o K. h.-.ll Hi 2:00|pOURT ARMSTRONG, No.
The public cordially in-V('«29. J-O-Jv,.   .    .
1 Meotiiigs nt thoir ball IftatiSaturdn^ n
nltt ml. tHioh montb.   Visiting brethrencordiull;
J,;. WlUBCtN, Principal.| Invited,   il. LtnwkinB, K.S.
I Lans,
ou!!:    ll',-
tin ss-n Leg
t'eullr.s   ,ui,|
.   Son xeeptioitnlb yood yi ung
:i-r,-!s nosv on hand.
T. W. MARSHALL locals mat del Business |\| aiii
The AUVANI i: ',:id the Winnipeg'
Free I'ress one year for only $1,75.
The Ai'S.sM t: nn,| Free I'ri ss foi
a year for $1 75.
Ilny ,-, i,,i -,n-l bnild ii house of,
your own in Fairview. Save your!
rent and make money on tin- rise .
ill sullies.
Fisher A Sago,
Pally tS Pelly are selling .lie Into
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned by!
Marshnll Lucas   tin-   most desir-'
able lots in town,
have just received a Car Load ot
the Famous
watxn m jewelry
Leave your (.rders svith ....
Agent for
S.  R.  ASHE,
Jeweler, Vernon.
Wheel for Sale.
Bicycle,  Knglisli  Singer mi
coastei brake, in good order.
.plire at  AllVANI .: office.
Fr S ale Chea p.
1 Melinite cream separator.good
ns ness.   Apply to
•Hi-il'           Mark Hill.
*^__ B. FRANCIS.
J. H. warren
mm. -sitop
and Billiard Malt.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest I
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave lac.     Haircut 28o.
PIANO TllINtR A   N  RAT,jKn('E'    Proprietor!
NOTICE! Graduate Niics-BrgHischool... j (,ANA1)VS
"      W'''    '""   ,l-,,v I am now preiiared to receive  .r»    __«s__a      1»j..____s^.
Street sprinkling and lawn taps or(ler8 fo/p!^0 t„ning nm1 Greatest    Nurseries
can only bo used up to ll o'clock,1 guarantee satisfactory work WANT
a, m., between 12 o'clock noon and nt beasonable prices,
2 o'clock, p. m.   and iron,  li to  101 .   . A£l||    C.I fCUll IW
o'clock, „, .,   da,ly. ARMSTRONG. P.O. ft lWVftL  *»■*■«'•
In case or hre all taps shall be| I,-())J i
lit once shut off,    I'sers of water!  —-_— ARM f TRONP
whether inside or outside the town
limits will be governed by these QOQi |k_||Al« "" "'"'' 01'W8 N"r"'r> Hi'"'k '"
rules and infractions will  be  dealt   mm  B__ IcAlK. II
with as provided for by the bylnw. 4 5" At PC
Geo. Mriiii.-sv, ■
,1. Hamill, i
F. 0. Wolfenden, ...
Water Commissioners.
l-'ruiis ami Ornamentals.   Largest lisl
of NKWSI'KflAL'I'IKS  ever uttered.
START-NOW nt heat selling season.
Licensed by II.t'. Government to sill in I
Hi, Province.   Ilitr inttueemeiitsi Liber
nl Pay. Haiidsomn Free Outfit, Ten-it-i
Only hull' n mile from Arni-i "r>' Kosesved.   WRITE FOR TI-1HMS
10 acres under cultivation 11"ld tMi>lojrue, and s„„il Sij» fur our j
Bee Hive supply store
White Waists!
■HESE WAISTS are all from the well-known Crescent Whitewear Co., and are Guaranteed to Fit.
They are made in the Latest Designs and Fashions.
Sizes 32 to 42.
Prices $1.00 to $2.75, Lace and Embroidery Trimmed.
Drum's English Print
Threr has been such a demand for these prints. Hint our lirst shipment is sold. We
have in another lot now. which are ou display, bill il will Ih- impossible to any
more this Benson, ho come and buy now while you have an assortment to choose from.
 I2j|f, litynml L'<V per yd
cleared.    Good frame house, stitbl
JAS    TEWARD   bBtal'l* good 'bottom 'innd'ens'dyitV;"1!^^1,. I>0,C¥T      *}*$?
_,<S.   A. Mm* v* J. a^mx—' T   n(J ]( ,  COPE (magnifies J'., times) and Wf for
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared to do all kinds of I
work in these lines and guarantee)
Rrshikni ,•: Rpringhill, halt  mite north
of Armstrong,
Orders may In- left with t'. Addison.
wail Paper..
I Ion,- on hand a complete
rung,- of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer Pa'nla and Doonrato
It von ssill call and s,-,- the
mul other build in
Willi th,
our IIANI.V SAW. just the thing lor
trimming trees, cuts iron as svell as wood .
I land will be sold one team,'three
cows, one steer, one brooil sow. ;i  Stone ©. Wellington
I dozen chickens, nnd full etpiipnienl |,'oolhill Nurseries, !
Ifiirm ry.    Price $1)000. (over 800acres]
."..I). MITCHELL. I Toronto On,
KHKNCH   ORGANDIM, white and black
and ;»/■
Cream Separator
WE AHE the friends ol" the fanners.
Those worthy sons of the soil,
Who when tiny list their lands with
Will cense from further toil.
We nsk (hem. one and all today
To come am! list their lands
With us. who sell will t delay.
Come in. and let's shake ban Is.
We want some heavy timbered Ian-Is;
We want some parcels small:
We hnve some clients now in town,
And wish to suit them all.
 1%', Ine. 20j'and 2-l(*
- trimmed $1.50, embroidered Jl.&i
 $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00
 bV, nlty nnd 7-V
Cm T. DA
' m*2^t-^^&2^r*2X£&
Ill' so. it will pay you to see me.
I - Estimates given.—
J. Simington
Francis Block. _> Armstrong.
Shop next f-Vfuifis'
ami noti! how fnw ptirt-H
it, lias. btiM pi'rfiM tly
flimpiu il h-. bow puny
it turns. Ituw |,itIVi tly
it akiniH, hmv I'tisily it
is kitpt clean, and lii w
strong anil ilurubip .t
in, you \\ ill ni unco do
ddc il :.- tl i- wpiirtitor
for u n. Nf mi |.tirut(i
«vor inadi hik-Ii nt| ii
Ntridi'H in i-iipulnriO
as ih Kinpirc, Tim
rcasun iH il ;ii ii ki in
ll s   - vi i;   | are) anT.
I it.-;; Ihcprivilrpci
showing ji I. yiui.
J. W. Christian,
Bnttornuikiir "l Cronmory,
■!■■ , ——— ■ — — ■  ■ , I
Fa Ha
I Met , rmii'li Hinilnr, I lirimtfuril
Mower, 1 l''nnning Mill, I Straw Cutter.
] Hers.. Pi ss, ,-. , Set 'I'ruclis, nnsv, I
Ten liuggy 1 Hot ogging Sli'lglis, I
Skidding Ti-ii:-. C, riinr Hinds, Double
Trees, t'linlhoiik, 1 Cultivator,
Cls-ap I,,, i-iisl, or ,,„ n| proved notes
at three aiontks,
F. N. DANIELS »"&„.
ikanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C
HlHiers of a Jim
fleering machinery
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
I ')1 Choice lu-iil  in Salmon
Ann Valley; 2 gooil houses anil|
outbuildings.   Will sell in block
or in tracts to suit purchasers.
K.USY T1SKMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises to	
3no. IU. Armstrong,
SsWn Urn, B. B.
Nurseriet, Greenhouse & Seedhouse
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
! Hi-mi ipmrtfirs lor
Pacific Coast Brown
flnrilun, Flower ,V. Piold Sih'iIb
New oropnosv iisstm-li unit on test in
our Onitinliouses. Ask your merohnnt
fer tin,in in waled imeklifies. il he dm-n I
not luiiiiltt-1 lu-iil we svill mail to you I
BO Aeeort oaf packet a of Vegetable or
Garden mceda for AI.OO
This is ear s| inl suluuton lor II. It.
Sj inl |iriites nn your hulk  Hoods.
B.  O. Crown   Fruit   and
Ornamental Trees
Nosvriiiidy tor siirinK Hhipnnmt, oxtrn
niite stock ol 11 it fl yeur Applti trees at
$20.00 per III,: AISO.(K) pur 1000
Miiynnrd plinii el.U0 uneh. Iluliun
prune, ti yeur old lino $25.00 per 100.
Sugar prune i j-eni aid tine Ullti |u-r 100,1
l-"i;ll lisl of other stock nt regular prices
I., I mo price your list tielorc pltieing
your order, Greenhouse, I'liu-nl work,
Ik-osupplies. I'ruit imekngrs, l''i-rtili/
era,etc.   C'liliiloguo I- r,,-. ,
KOlOWostmiiutei- ltd. Vancouver.
The Gray Percheron Registered
Stallion, 1700
Will be travelled for Service in the District of Armstrong and
Vernon during the Season of 1906.
See Bills Later.


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