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The Armstrong Advance 1906-01-26

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 ^*9     o-y
S^c  Armstrong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
MUSMII OK IlltrtStt MITKITNI IM llSlrlCl. Ik CMttSl ptrOll tl Ik flMH Mtttfll Vllrtf.
NO 11.
Bargains   You  Are  After   q
Why, that's why we are talked about
We are offering while they last
All wool unshrinkable underwear, suit 1.20
Fleece lined per suit at 1.20 & 1.76
WolseyiPenmnns un'sh'kble allwool 8.00
Natural Wool per suit 1,90
Half Wool 1,00
All wool extra heavy per suit 1.75
Mens heavy working shirts from !I0 to 1.90
Celebrated   Horse Hide. Asbestos
gloves anil mitts from 75 to 1,85
Woolen Gloves & mitts from ....25 to 80
Woolen Sox all makes from 20 to 80
Caps all shapes and colors 25 to 60
Heavy Caps, Fur ear lu^s 1.00
Slaters Boots & Shoes 8.76 to 5.00
Overcoats and Boys Reefers   must
cleared at great sacrifice
Tailoring dept. up-to-date, fit guaranteed.
S The Leading
Rjjents' Furnishers
Get them at.
Your Opportunity
The HOLIDAYS are over now, and notwithstanding
the large business we did. we still have some odds
and ends of the better class of useful goods remaining
on hand.   We have decided to have a—
Record Breaking Sale
and to sell them nt about
And in many cases less. We are expecting a large
addition to our—
Dry Goods Stock
And tire determined to dispose of tho above goods
without reference to original cost.  .
John Hamill.
Okanagan Flnur
Mills Cn. Ltd.
B. C
%   *
*   «
millers of a flour
*Deering machinery*
J   Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Leading   Business    Firms.
The Advance commends the following
business firms of Armstrong to the people of the surrounding ,district. Their
announcements may be, outadvertising columnt
Armstrong, \V. J., Hardware and
Armitage, A. K., Gents furnishing
Ashe, 8 H, Jeweler, Vernon.
Burns, K. It., Ilrnggist
Blnnchard, A., Dressmaker
Hank of Montreal, Bankers.
Christian, J W, Cream separators
Christian, C. L., Harness anil Saddlery
Daniels, F. N., Incubators and Plumbing
Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher A Sage, Roul Estate
Farm-is, II., Implements
Hamill, John, General Merchant
Ilawkin's Bros., Butchers
Henry. M.1-, Nursery, Vancouver.
LiHiworth. A. J., Painter
Moberly, G., Cnrjienter
Mt-Phersun & Holtby, Furniture and
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Markot
Okanogan Flour Mill, Flour, etc.
Katledge, A. N., Barber
Sbiiry, A., Bflker nnd Confectionery.
SimiiiRtim, J., Contractor and Builder
Tewiii-d, Jus., Plasterer, oto,
j    Wood, Gargilj Co., General merchants
For  Sale.
I hnve a number of good canary
birds for sale, (loot) singers $2,60'
Mrh. W. Holtdv.
schttcrt, Murray, Clcc
trie Wl an* Agricultural nail win.
Out of about 2."i0 iiunlitied to
vote for reeve 20ti were ctiBt last
Snturdny. Of these 166 for August
j Schubert and 11 for W. S. Bur-
nett. Mr. Schubert thus being re-
tamed by the overwhelming majority of 121.   *
In the PlenBiint Valley ward 181
j votes were cast for councillor, of
| which Geo. Murray received 80
and B. Francis 61,
1112 property holders voted on
! the by-law authorizing the borrow*
I ing of $ii(KJ0 for the erection of un
agricultural hall, 150 being for and
42 against the proposition.
|    On the vote for franchise to the
Armstrong Power  and Light Co.
| i)2 votes were cast against it and
1101 for the granting of the frnn-
I chise. thus passing the proposition
by the Bmnll majority of 11.
Municipal Council Meeting.
The inagural meeting of the new
council for the ensuing year was
held Monday afternoon at which
the newly elected councillors took
the necessary declaration and began their dnties as stewards of
the public.
Several communications were
dealt with including one from the
Armstrong Electric Light und
Power Co. requesting that the
Council so amend their agreement
as to leave the controlling of rates
with the council.
A temporary loan of 830 for janitor work at the town school was
granted pending the repayment by
the government.
The electric light and agricultural hall by-laws were finally ratified, on agreement re rates with the
electric light company to be
formed later,
The appointments were made
for the year ns following:
licensing board, J. M. Wright,
D. Graham; water commissioner, Geo. Murray; cemetery com
missioner, W. T. Marshall; fence
viewers. Geo. Parkinson, P. C,
Wolfenden, E R. Burnett, Albert
The following bills were allowed:
J. Brooks, special constnble$2.50
K.K. Burns, formaline, etc $11.50
F, Hnssard. road work $2.00
T. Hnssnrd   „ , $2.00
Fnrr & MePherson, auditors, $20
Although we built quite an addition to onr Star.; last fal
Foresters' Hall
SATURBAY.   JAN.   27th.
commanolng at
1.30 Sharp
and also In the evening at
Okanagan Booming.
Mr. J. R. Greenfield, Postoflice
Inspector, returned on the Imperial Limited yesterday moming from
an official trip to the Okanagan
district. "It is simply astonishing
tho large number of people who
are going in there to look ut the
country." he remarked to the News
Advertiser. "The C. P. R's midwinter excursions are being run at
a time when the Northwest farm-
er has time to spare, and most of
those who take advantage of the
low rates visit the Okunagan. 1
saw twenty personsgetoff the boat
at Siimmi rlanil the other day—And
t'lis is n very large number tor this
time of year."- News-Atlvertiser'
Armstrong Determined.
Armstrong is determined to have
a high school. The Snperinten-1
ilentof Education is opposing the
scheme as far as on immediate establishment of such an institution
is concerned, fearing tnnt it would
Interfere unduly with the attendance at the Vernon High School.
Price Ellison, M. P. P., however,
has promised to support the
project and do all in Mb power to
influence the Department of Education i u the mutter. Vernon
Bear this In Mind. I
Your friends-"bnok home" are
Interested in the country in which
you live. There is no means ol
acquainting them with your district as by means of the local paper,
Let us send them the ADVANCE,
Only $1.50 ii gear. I The Advance
EUGENE RHIAN.      . Publlaher.
Biilisi-iii.tiiii SI '-ll |»-r year in ailwiui-i-.
If nut |.iiiil in advanre &M0.
Advertising mtss given on  *| lbi-ation.
Ntitiees ot i-liureh BerviOBS ami sntSt
The Slaughter of Horses.
We are now being subjected to
the hardest blow ever given us, in
fact quite enough to knock us out
The Municipal election last Sat- that of very few chartered couiihui-
! unlay clubod a campaign which, ies of the province. That the elec-
while io miigly ccouipanied by ric light part of the proposition
no more than ordinary interest, will be a paying one is admitted
pnvedwithall to have been con- by nil. As to the ipiestion of tele-
diii-trd with more vim than has phones, telegraphs and train.ways
been shown in Spallumcheen dec-, one has but to compare the possi-
tions.      The candidates for reeve-  bilities of the Okanagan valley,and
ship were both men against whosethis part of it in particular, with :of business   the slaughter of onr
I personal ohorooterB nothing what-'' other places where enterprises of' best and all good horses is still go-
ever could be said, each being look- - this kind have proved  so success-1 ing o" and from present indications
led up to and respected not only  in 'fill to realize just whnt the company j when the   government   vets   get
' the ward but in the municipality have to offer intending purchasers ' through we shall have   no  good
hiinments wli.-r.- aoadnussloa is ohargtd' M a whole. That Mr. Burnett con-1 of stock.   No district in the Doui-, horses left in the valley.   It seems
Inserted free.    Other notices at usual siderobly lessened Mb chances ollinion    not excepting that through to be the invariable rule that only
rates.   Cards of thanks *1. election by the stand  he took on which  the Niagara-Hamilton rond the more worthless animals escape
t-hool    question   goes runs   can compare with the Okan- in the the present process of de-
The Ailvam-
it exists and I'nrdially BolioltS the
lonuge of the public.
the   high
is published In the inter   witl|()1|t myjjjn, nnd while he may' agon in its caiiabilitiy for affording struction. For instance, there were
eets ol the town and dlstrlot in whiob ,       ,,,.,              •      ,"                           *     -<•   •' < ■ ■ »  ■   ■        .       u
have had logical reasoiiB for advo- business in an industry of this kind. -tested in Armstrong two  horses,
eating consolidated schools or no< We think, however, that the pros- one of which has been going on
thing.-and every mini is entitled e„t director* of the company should | three legs for the piiBt six yearn
Easssass Ml" his own opinion—yet the earn- ag fOT M poggible endeavor to con- and the other ronnng at the nose
FftlTftRIAI    MITFS      |jMtneM with wn,0B ,m' W\»*' '"'• Hm. the sale of Btock to local inves- for twoyeare so that the owner was
1MIVKIM.   1WIU*.    I Ujred f,10iiiti,,B for higher education tors and guard against letting the afraid to come in contact with it.
SSnaa»SBaJB| to the  gn-it number of waiting franchise and wator right pass into, These homes  satisfactorily stood
pupils spelled ruin to the cause of the hands of a corporation whose the fatal test,    In a neighbor's
any candidate whose opinion was 8o)e consideration would be   for, barn eleven   homeB   that  were  a
glanders not in unison with their own. HiB
is- attitude also on th
h hall by-law, although not clearly cjpa]ity
defined, was  taken to be against j
So much has already  been sail
and writen   about   th
that the very mention of th
ease produces a sensation   whi
must be akin to  that of   nervous
prostration.    But however much rather than for, and as the
for I barn eleven
their own interest regardless of the credit to the enterprising man who
agricultural I interest of the people of the muni- owned them were condemned
we may have had to say in the of the by-law was to advance the
matter, it is nothing to the feeling rural rather than the town district
experienced now that the question t(and not contra wise as was erron-
hnd been brought home to us in j eouBly supposed by some) the rural
was the
.that   has   already   begun   in our
immediate vicinity.   The sight on t Schubert.s   universal   popularity
Monday afternoon  last  of seeing J advanced ideas as to the require-
j The condition of the municipal
] finances as shown by the reiiort
1 submitted to the annual meeting
reflects creditably on the management of the municipal affaire fur
shot. Yet this man took Dr. Tolmie to his barn to see one that be
thought might carry the disease to
tlie balance, and because of the
many symptoms of glanders shown
by this home he was ordered to use
every precaution lest it should give
the disease to the remainder- still
Insurance Uf     ^1 Estate
^    Agents j&
"Land of the BIG RED
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We have several Thousand  Dollars to loan on  good Real
Estate Securities at the usual rate of interest.
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British Columbia Permanent
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Why not make   Your   Rent Bur  a
Home o/ Your Own?
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insured.     We represent four of the best companies.
all its horrors by the work of killing .vote against Mr. Burnett   	
has  already   begun   in our! result.   On the other   hand Mr. the past year and augers well for
*       ^ the   continued prosperity of the ; this animal and one or two others
,; municipality.   When the amount of comparatively little little value
" of expenditure  on   the   roads   is j are left to adorn the stable,
taken into consideration, together     Tho owner was told that those
with the other expenditures,   the condemned might have lived fifteen
ratepayers way well feel that they years.   Now this is a serious mat-
re- ter when they come to a farming
What are the farm-
seventeen beautiful animals, each
looking and feeling in the very
pink of condition, the whole stock
and trade of the only livery in
town, being led out to be shot and
burned, waB indeed a very pitiable
sight and many women and children who happened to see the procession wept as they thought of
the fate to which the noble beasts
were being led. There is not an
owner of a home in the district
who, in the light of the present
drastic measures being taken by
ments of the municipality, and
above all, hie recognized desire to
create and maintain n friendly feeling between the town and rural
population was the cause to a great are Setting most satisfactory r
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up »14,<XJO,000. Rest, 110,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, $878,988.
^V^UJKUUU    ItllD   Lucuuum;   l.l,  <i l^ii 'U' ' ".
extent of his pronounced victory, turns for the present comparative-; community
  ly low  tax  rate.   An   important; ers going to
•   •■ I..       .         ... -.,   .,..   _     with?    I see
The feeling of antipathy against
put  in  their crops
item in connection with the mun-; wit£?   I see nothing for it if the
...,,. government persists m killing our
report  is__ the   Armstrong | |orBeg but niination to the district.
There has never been a horse
the action of the  government  in I waterworkB.      This    department,    _ ,,,„ ITOVC,   „.K11 u ,„,„«.
slaughtering  the  homes  of  the show8 n babance on hand of $1047,; die with glanders in this section
district in the eradication of  nl-1
leged chronic glanders is appar- .
ently at its highest and a few of
and above the amount  paid \ and there seems no way of proving
interest   and    sinkimr  fund, ihow many veBrs ^alleged disea-
interest   and    sinking  fund
more radical temperament would WlthLthe T""'8 "^ '"T?'!mind we mm'r ™nM
thegovernment   for the stamping |££e^^^SfSe|^   ^-r     8
out of the disease, does not realize
the position of complete helplessness in which he will be placed if
the work of killing goes on. Although it will be freely admitted
the government has been very
liberal in the valuation of homes
some   measures  that  will
; bring about a halt in the killing of
that have been killed, the money;the horses.   Whether  any   thing;
received by the farmer is very in- U ^ done  ttt this  mHt)tillg jJ
adequate to meet the great prices doubtM-in fact it is probable1
demanded by those having horses that any action it can take will j
to ship from the western prairieB have no effeot] gjnce the same at-1
or the Pacific coast and the Oka-! temp8 hav„ pr0V(l(1 Mh ;„ yftn. \
nngan farmer thus confronted |couver, .The government veterin-
might well be said to be between .,ry department litis every confi-
the devil and the deep blue sea. dence in the reliability of thai
What is even worse, the question milUein tegt mill is perBjjtent in itg
has ceased to be one of dollars and determination to-destroy all hni-l
cents and is a question of whether- nlMl8 that fail to pass this diagnosis.;
other horses can be had at any; Certain it is that the present
price. At an impromptu indigna- Lethod will have a serious effect1
tion meeting held on Monday last, onthe country. If horses which.
ut which a very large number of Lro to all outward appearance in!
fanners were present it was clearly , ^ health and are able to work \
shown thnt unless the government|for years are to be slaughtered''
took immediate steps to mitigate-y^ the farmers have no means I
the loss resulting from the killing16lreplacing them, or would not b
of horses the inevitabl
would be the ruination of
 _.   _ ...,   conditions would
checking of the present course of appear to ^ fav0rable for putting
the authorities.   A public meeting in an enlarge(1 main ,„ the not diB.
has been called for tomorrow after- tint future, in which  case  there
noon nt which  it is proposed by wiii be even many mofe'cpitoionsilJoVseB
the  anti-destmction    element   ■»: m(Mle with the system
adopt    —■   "--'   —'"
have known
anything about it had the authorities turned their attention to some
nobler pursuit, The owners nre
not afraid of catching glanders and
I think some steps should be taken
to   stop,  this slaughter  of   onr
Rig-Ht Hon. Lord Strothcono. and Mount Kor»l.
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Coo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
For the Home
Brunches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
the following cities :-London. Eng.; 22, Abchnrch   Lnne,   E. 0.
New York,f>i» Wall Street: Chicago, 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.    Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from tl upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered ,T0th June, and 31st December
Withdrawal   an    demand   without    delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.    Municipal and sctcol
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention gives to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits mt.y be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
DuMmnlln, Smb. Agent.
AAMSVRONG E. A. Tmymr, Smb. Agent.
. E. *, VAMeClhttmoh, Smb. Agent. P.
Kml"s of replacing
result;„.,{,, j„ doing so. there will result nl
ti major- diB,|Stroiis effect to the production I
ity of the ranchers of the district. I ,)f th(, district for the
Even with the most promising remedial legislation that might be
suggested it will be several years
before the bad effects of the horse
killing will have passed away. We
are not in sympathy with the tire-
eflting friends amongst us who favor retaliating drastic measures
and burning members of the government, but we are in accord with
any steps which might be taken to
impress upon the government the
urgency of taking some action ,n relieving the existing evil. We have
no horses of oer own. lint if we
might be permitted to offer a suggestion we would B.-iy let the government pnrchnso good sound
horses i:i the provinces where the
disease hns tl i stamped out nnd
giveth.-m as substitutes for-the
hoj.ub-iiig slaughtered in this
province, Thnt the government
would be in ii position to do sn
will not be doubted, ns the expense
to the government would not lie a
third of tho expense it wool I pul
the individual buyer to, We have
no whntovi p thnt the government would In-only ton willing tt
stamp the glaiiilets out of tl ('..
disinfect the province, putn brand
new stock of horses In, and thus bj
n little extra expenditure at tin
time being save more iu the einl
und it. only requires that thi
ranchers go the right way about
asking the necessfiry relief to secure snme.
he coming sen-|
son and many people will be rob-
bed of practically their only means!
of support. It is to be earnestly I
honed that some better method!
may be established, if any such j
Home should be the spot most
•lesired by every honorable man.
To help make it so the home must
be pleasant nnd comfortable. You
can make your hoine attractive at
small expense with our new lines of
wall Papers, carpels, carpet
Paper, eiigs, ele.
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at your own Price. KStfMlWs,.
Sewing Machines.     Organs.      TalKophonei.
-•^Contractors and Builders.
The Real Estate
Harvest Is on
H.  P.  LEE, R«*l Estate.
Vernon      -      -     and     -      -      Enderby
Three yenre ago a few citizens
with perhaps more enterprise, and
certainly with more confidence in
the   future of   the   municipality. ____.^__________________^___.
than tho ordinary citizen, formed1 ™"™"^^^^™"™'
themselves into ,,n electric light Get in IAtiq and List your Farms.
,-inil  power   company,    After a ————
thorough invesiigation of tho pow-Connections with whole "Valley.
er which ran   be developed  from'
the water of  Davis  creek, steps'
wen- taken  to   record the water;
rights nnd procure a charter whereby the company might be enabled
to curry their ideas to a practical
conclusion.   The franchise granted i
them liift Saturday by the n-iuniei-
pnlily was another very important
step toward the completion oftheir
arrangements,     With  an   almost
unlimited  Jwater    power   right,
backed tip by a franchise granting!
it rights ami  privileges   the value j
of whiob is inestimable, tlie com-1
puny is now in a position to place j
its stock on the market, together
-,'ilii   a pna;ec'.iis titiaiii-passed by I
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
p —...  --
aiicy Pastry.
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receive  most   particular attention.
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Fancy Sewing
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estPricest for Fat Stock and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted
Prop. I
w v% ww wm ► Ill
Forester's   Hall,   in   Armstrong
Sadrdaj, JuD'rj 27,1906!
at 1.30 and 7,30 o'clock.
Dry Goods, Clothing, crockery, tools and Shoes,
and Groceries.
Me 's and Boys' Suits, Overcoats, Shirts, Underwear, Hats
and Caps, Socks, Ties, etc.       Dress Goods consisting of Cashmere, Ginghams, Prints, Muslins, Cottons, Towlings, etc.     Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, Blouses, Wrappers, Skirts, Collars,     ki
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Cups and Saucers, Lamps, Flower Pots, Fancy Dishes. y ,
Free Lunch will be Served. Everyliny put up must sell.
WOOD CARGILL C0.,lm. -  - The Big Store.
B. FRANCIS, Auctioneer. 3fie Song of Sftavoondasee
Qdapted from K. W. £cngfeCCow 6y
a Sfiortfeffovo.
I     H -si,-,-!iiilly Dedicated U>thn Newly Elected Municipal Re
Should yon ask mo whence this legend
Of a land of ruin anil sunshine
Of ii laud.of hills and valleys.
Laud of forests and of prairies,
Peaceful lakes nnd mountain riv'lots,
Land of plenty und of pleasure,
.Massive grninrlelds Mill of orohanls,
Of gooil mails and trusty bridgos,
Of strong mon mid pretty maidens.
Men famed for thoir careful farming,
Famed for wisdom in their councils,
Fumed for keeping down tho taxes,
Spending wisely hard earned mouey,
Entrusted to them by their peep!,-.
I should answer. I slnmlil toll you
Thill tho sunt; is nut a legend
That it  is a truthful story.
Of ti certain rural district,
In tin-Okanagan Valley
Land of tin- great big red apple.
Land nl' prunes and pears ninl porihes
Of ,-i districtltllg - ami wealthy.
Rich in fruits ami other produots,
Rich in land anil other specie.
In (Itter Lakes ami Pleasant Valleys.
Salmon River anil mighty Deep Creeks.
With town of .Armstrong for its centre,
Where tlie people do their trailing.
Where tlle council hold their pow-wows.
Where tlie big chiefs are elected.
In this ilislret that 1 sing of.
Spaltimelieeii. tlle banner district.
Banner distribt of the Valley.
Lives tin- chieftain of this story.
Lived this chieftain from his childhood,
Shawonilasee.  the warm south wind.
In tlle first years of tlle sixties.
Slitih-Sliah. years long since  departed,
Came the parents of this' chieftain,
Parents of this Sliawoinlasee,
From the country of tho Mohawks,
From the land of Brants and Hurons,
Through tin- land of Cree ami Blnokfoot
Through the land of Sioux ami Sarce,
O'er tin- Manitoba Prairies,
O'er the Rocky Mountain ranges,   '
O'er the summer snow capped  Selkirks,
.Down the madly rushing waters
< If tin- Fsaser and the Thompson
Came tlle papoose with his parents.
Came this papoose Shawonilasee
From the land towards the sunrise.
To the land towards the sunset.
From  the land of the Algompiius
To the land of tho Nic-ko-his.
To the land of the (Iknnngans
To the Okanagan Valley.'
To the Spallumcheen, the banner distiot
lien- was cradled Shawondasee
Known at that time as Augustus
Cradled In n cot of birchbnrk,
Peeled from birchwood in the forest,
Cradled same as Hiawatha,
Here from childhood unto boyhood,
drew the strapping youth Augustus,
Grew the chieftain Shawonilasee.
Here tlle youthful Shawoilailsee.
Learned the customs of tho people.
How they made their homes to dwell in,
Built their cabins out of pinetrees,
Covered them with shakes of cellar,
How they cleared  the  fields   from out
the forest.
Fenced them round with mils of cedar,
Planted wheat and oats in season,
Heaped the golden grain in autumn,
Reaped the liny from off the meadow,
Stored it safely for the winter
Learned to get their food from nature.
Make the rivers, hikes and forests,
Contribute to the well-stocked larders,
Hunted in the woods for roebuck,
Staked the larders well with inowich.
With the rabbit, the wabasso,
With the back bear, mishe mokwn,
Used their lirs to stock their wardrobe,
Trapped the otter, fox and beaver,
Used llieir furs for making headgear,
Used their tut for making candles:
Shot, the great wild goose, tlle wawa.
Shot the grouse, the muskoilasa,
Shot the lioroii. the shii-shu-giih,
in the miiskoilay. the inendow,
Shot tin- elietowaik. the plover.
Shot the sllesllebwug. the duckling.
Used the feathers for their pillows.
Thus was taught the young Augustus
Taught the use of things surrounding,
As unto tin- bow the cord is,
So unto tho man is the woman,
Though bIiis bends him, she obeys him.
Useless each without tlle oilier
So thought youthful Shnwondnsue,
Shawonilasee, the warm south wind.
Plllillg for the love of woman
All the same as Hiawatha.
Through tho honius of the Nic-ko-lus,
Through the cabin of the stranger.
O'er the the trails to the Grand  l'niirie,
I'll the watersof the Deep Creek,
Down tho shores of (liter Lttklot,
Went the pining youth Augustus,
Went in search of com -ly maiden,
Who' would share a cabin with him,
Came Into tin- Pleasant Valley,
Pleasant vale of Okonilgun,
Where like pining Hiawatha,
Shawondsea found a maiden,
Found her living with her father.
Near the edge of Pleasant Valley.
Near the Knobby Hill of Ful-ton,
Found her walking through the meadow
Through the nmskoday. the meadow,
Where, the robin, the Opechee,
Where the blue bird, the Owaisa,
Sing their songs and do their wooing.
Woo thoir mutes and feed their nestlings.
[il the Wile of birds and (lowers.
Walked this youth with comely maiden,
Walked the youthful Sliawond'asee.
Willi tlie comely .Minnehaha
Shawonilasee. the warm soiithwiud.
Minnehaha, laughing water
Like the robin, tho tlle I Ipccheo.
Like the bluebird, thoOwaissa,
Built their cabin iu tlie meadow.
Iu the mttskoday, tho meadow,
In the meadow reared their children.
Taught them iu the art of ranching,
How to i-jdeaml drive the mustang.
When and how to milk the cattle.
How from milk to make good butter,
Sent thuin to the country sohoolhonse,
To the nearest village church.
There to got an education
111 the higher realms of learning.
* *
Thus the childhood, thus the boyhood
< )f the young chief Shawonilasee.
Spent in pleasure, spent in learning.
Spent in wooing and in working,
Found him strong and wise in manhood,
Found him chosen by  his people,
Chosen by them for thoir ohlottuin,
Ohoson elderly for his wisdom.
For his wise and honest actions.
For good judgement in  the councils,
For his strict impartial rulings,
For his peaceful patient labor
Of drawing all men close together.
All the people of his district,
Of tlle town and rural districts.
Tims was wise old Shawotulasue,
Honored much by all his people.
w "' *
As all good is fought by badness,
As nil light is fought by darkness.
So success is fought by envy.
Thus it was with Shawonilasee.
Tho wise chieftain of the people.
From the Manitoba prairies,
From the land of snow and blizzard.
From the home of Sioux and  Blackfoot,
Like the lierce Kabibonokkn
issuing from his lodge of snowdrifts.
Came lagoo, the great boaster,
He the marvelous storyteller,
H-- the agent anil the talker,
He the mighty wagon-seller.
Clime lagoo the great boaster,
To the land of rain and sunshine,
To the Okanagan Valley.
To the Valley's banner district,
To tho home of Shawonilasee.
The wise chieftain of the people;
Came and  lived among the people,
Sold them wagons, plows and harrows,
Told them how to plant moiidamili,
Corn, the friend ol man, niiiudininj
Told them how in the great west   land
On the Manitoba prairies,
He and Hiawatha planted
Many bushels of niondamin,
Told thorn Hiawatha's story.
How he came to get the patent
On the corn and on the planter.
How the patent was disposed of
To the Massey-Hnrris company.
Tims he boasted of his greatness,
To this simple minded people.
Boasted of his mighty knowledge,
Of his wisdom in the councils,
In the councils of his people.
Gitchie Munito, the mighty,
Had sent him to be their chieftain.
He, lagoo, the great boaster,
Would slay this Shawonilasee,
Be to them a mighty chieftain,
(live them wagons for to ride in
Through the yulisiidcs of pinetrees.
Build them roads of sand and sawdust,
Koads on which to do their hauling.
Thus he turned their hearts toward him,
From Sliawondusee turned thorn.
,   *  .
»      »
Then the chieftain Shawonilasee
Made him ready for the encounter.
Took his war club, puggawauguii,
Cried aloud and spoke in this wise:
"Hark Ye men of Okanagan.
Voir who from me have departed,
I will thresh this boastful talker,
Tl r ish him till his legs wont hold him
This lagno, the great talker!''
Then he took his trusty war club.
Wiped tlie earth with Ill's opponent.
Turned disdainfully upon him.
Spake disdainfully iu this wiser
"lagoo, you are a eowaad!
And 110 brave an yo'.t pretended!
In street corners you go bragging,
Do your talking in the wnrerooriis,
In the wai-erooms of the village,
Viiii disgrace our tribe by talking,
Liken wretched shlitigodnyti,
Like a cowardly old woiuiut!
Big words do not smite like war clods,
Boastful breath is not a bow string,
Taunts are not as sharp as arrows,
Deeds are better far than words are,
Actions mightier than boastings!
Ha8ton[bnoK < I Shaugodnya,
Hasten back among your wagons!"
"Hi-aw-ha!" replied the people,
"Way-a-way!" replied the chorus,
"We are tired of old lagoo,
Tired of old Iagoo's stories,
Honor be to Shawondasee,
Cried the young men and the old men.
With a shout exclaimed the people,
"Honor be to Shawondasee!
Call him no more Shawondasee!
Call him big chief lius from Ciuuibu!
And hereafter and forever
Shall he hold supreme dominion.
Over nil the municipality,
Over all its wards and ilistricts!
Call him no more Shawondasee,
Call him (ius from Gumbo Meadow!"
* *
Thus the hearts of all the people
Were once uiorejwith Shawondasee,
With their wise anil honest chieftain,
Shawonilasee. tho warm soiithwiud.
Till a great ami learned councillor.
Set himself up as a leader
From his wigwam on the hill side.
High above the Salmon River,
Hailed the people through the Valley.
Through the Salmon River Valley,
Told them ol his mighty wisdom,
Told them of his college learning.
What be knew about a high school,
Of a graded school for children.
How a people should bo go Yarned,
Govomed by the district rulers,
How the children could be learned.
So that they could be great scholars;
How that ibis could be accomplished,
Without siieudiii!' haril-earueil dollars.
How that he would build the tiiinkrimds
With their many  branching side  rials.
How that this could be ell'ected
Without paying any taxes.
How thai he. the mighty wi-st wind,
Mudjckeowis, the great West wind.
Could perforin these mighty wonders
By the use of his great windbng,
How the G-itcllio Manilo. the mighty.
Had selected him for chieftain
(iitchie Manilo, the mighty.
From his hill oil Otter lakelet,
(iitchie Manito. the father
Of this simple minded people.
Father of all tin- winds of heaven.
And on earth all tint is windy,
Kven the great and mighty whirlwind,
(iitchie Munito hail granted
All this power, to Mudjekweeis,
Mudjokeewis. tlle great west wind,
Bestowed all his heaven born virtues.
Thus was turned this simple people
Once again from Sliawondasee,
Shawondasee, the mild soiithwiud.
Who had heard his people murmur,
Murmuring for a stronger chieftain
Who would blow away all taxes
And remove from them their burdens.
* * *
Then the old chief Shawondasee
Called before him all his people,
Called tin-in from the many districts,
To the council chamber culled them
And ill this wise did address them:
"0 my councillors, Omy people!
Ihave heard your mournful groaning,
Groaning under heavy taxes,
Heard you calling for tt chieftain
Stronger chief tain who will lead you.
Who will eass your burdens for you.
Will lagoo. the great boaster,
Who still talks of his great prowess.
Will ho come and touch my war club,
Touch my war club. PuggawiigunV"
"Kiigo! Kago! do not touch it"
Cried his true friends to lagoo,
"Akaween! betchor life 1 willnot!"
Prdmp'.ly answered old lagoo'
Will the Mama, tho rod-headed,
Red-headed wise old butcher,
Touch my war club, Puggawauguii,
War club of great Shawondasee?"
"Ka-go! Ka-go! do not touch it.'"
Cried tho true friends of old Mama.
"Akaween! no indeed I will not I"
Quickly answered the old councillor.
"Will this blower, Mudjekeewis,
Mudjokeewis, the great west wind,
Dare to touch your chieftain's warclub,
Touch Shawondasee's Ptiggawiigun V"
Then the mighty Mudjekeewis,
Mudjekeewis. the great west wind,
Said,   "Maun! Oh   Maun! is th s is  u
To n great and wise magician 1
I will tight this Shawondasee
Fqr the goodwill of the pjople!"
Then the old cMefaiii Snnwondosee
Took the west wind, Mudjekeewis,
Bounced him npnnddowi on Knob Hill,
Ducked him in the Otter lakelet,
Dragged him up the, Pleasant Vulloy.
Threw him on his head in Deep  Creek,
Then returning to the Valley,
To the chambers of the council'
Shawondasee the old chieftain,
Received the homage of his people.
# i
* *
Thus the power of Shawondasee
Was forever now established.
* *
Pi;rlia|s tl.D ion,' of ShnWcndisee
Will to seme be oitite familiar,
How his wfsdomiitiil Ins greatness,
How his pleasures and his sorrows,
How his enemloBOiid his true friends
Are but the same as many others.
and t bi-
Free Press
for one year
-^ONLY $1.75
The Okanagan creamery
Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Prospects favorable lor curat year.
The annual meeting of tho
shareholders of the llkanagaii
Cri aniery association was hcl 1 last
Saturday afternoon in the office of
the Okanagan Flour Mills and notwithstanding the contra attractien
of .the municipal election ll good
attendance was present, The
usual reports were presente I and
inlopted.Hhowing the institution to
be in a more pipspcroUB and encouraging condition thnn at any
previous   time   of   its;    existence.
While tho output for the past
year has not been as large as it
should have been yet it showed a
substantial increase over that of
of the previous year. The product
of the creamery hud found a liberal
demand and at times the company
had been unable to supply all
customers. No complaints had
been received against the quality
of the butter with the exception of
one churning which was tainted
with turnip flavor, which was accounted for  by  tho condition  i I'
OrOltlll  delivered   by   some   of   the
patrons.     Bultertnakor Christian
suggested certain improvements; iu
tlle cold storage system which iu
his opinion would enable him to
hold the butler for tie- higher
markul in a moro satisfactory condition, It was voted to have the
suggested improvements made in
the plant.
Discussion of mutters looking to
the interests of the cromiery were
freely indulged in by a number of
the shareholders, including Geo.
Heggie, A.   L.   Fortune.   Donald
Graham, Chairman Parkinson,
W. P. Horsely and others. Tho
sentiment expressed by all was for
more unanimity among the people
of the district in a determination
t i make the creamery the success
it should be. Under conditions in
the past the output has been too
small to enable a surplus to be
realized over the expense of operation. This could be overcome by
an increase in patronage, Present
indications, however, are favorable
I'ora realization of tins : conditions,
Many new patrons are iu sight for
the coining year, while the present
patrous are largely increasing the
number of cows.
An expression of tlle highest degree of satisfaction with the present bufterinuker came from the
shareholders present, and I'litter-
maker Christian was complimented
for the excellent showin ; he had
enabled tin- creamiiry to make
il iring tho past, nine months in a
Hnnnoial way, while the quality of
the butter turned out had met
with no complaints.
The election of director:-, r -se.llel
ill the choice of GOO, Heggie,   Mel
Mi-N.-i ir. August Schubert, iM.
Lovnr, W. P, Horsely, Willi n
directorate of such representative
and enthusiastic shareholders tho
creamery should make nil even
better showing during tho onsuing
The following is an extract from
the auditor's and secretary's statement for the past year:
i-Ji^Cy -1* ■ JffPM!»"F'i,a
| Total amount of butter manufactured, pounds
Total number o: inches cream bought
Increase over receipts of previous year, (8 per cent) pounds .... 1,822.
Cost of gathering cream $ 576.BO,
Paid patrons of creamery	
Butter milk sold	
Salaries paid to employes	
Average price of butter sold during the year	
Average price per inch paid for i r -am	
Total cost of manufacturing 28,989 pounds of lu.ter	
J. McDonald
atm ll
Weather more like April than
Enderby Orangemen are giving
a regalia ball on February 2.
Mrs. T. Hill, of Kelowna, is a
guest of Mrs. J. and Miss L. J.
F. B. Whiting left Saturday for
a few days visit to Victoria and
Wedding bells ore expected to
be ringing in our midst again in
tbe near future.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Stewart re-
W. J. Risk, of McMaster & Son
spent Sunday here.
All dancers ore reminded of the
ladies guild ball next Wednesday
George Smith returned on Friday from his visit to the old home
at Renfrew, Ont
The town band has revived after
a lapse of a few months' reBt. It
is expected the blind will be better
than ever.
T. C. Gray, John Hnmil,  0. T.
Daykin and  B. Francis  were  a
tamed on Tuesday to their "home |wtet°* merchants who visited
in Vancouver, after spending some' V"n°» on hm"™° T»CB,u,y
weeks here.
R. K. Wheeler and Basil Gar-
dom were among the Enberby contingent down to the
ball Friday night.
E. 0, Simmons nnd  Basil  (Jar
The Armstrong hockey team ex
peots to go to Enderby to show
the "boys" of that   town   how   to
Oddfellow's lllny the game soon- providing the
i ice does not get too soft.
I    The balmy weather of the past
, ■    ■ i        .ii -, | few days has been very like that
dom, provincial constables, were m]    "    / ......
.       u_. i     ,    ,. .,.,.   of spring.   Onr sleighing is threat
town Friday looking up some mat-       '     H H     h
tors in connection with the death
of Johnny Nicola.
a   n «...    i. n .   i _•*     ..:..      A   surprise dancing party wns
A. m, Maundrell and Wife arnv- r "L *     J
ii   _ ii     i , ,     »,     ,. i he d at the h oine of Harry Hani
ed from Kevelstoke Monday, anil . »
... ing, east of town  Tuesday night,
ot which a large number of young
ened unless another fall   of  snow
comes soon.
are   this   Week   taking
residence on his recent ,....,.„.„.. ,,,,,. •      ,
thePickford place. P80^,0' tne,  ,llBtrlct  e,W
; very pleasantly-spent evening
Mrs. E. R. Woods and daughter,     T    „,     .  , ,„,,.
■«,.    ,,   .    ,     , /,      ,   .j   ...   :    Joe Cass is fulfilling a contract
Miss Gertrude, of Grande Prairie,   , ,. .  ,    .    ,    .
,   .    , ,,   ' of something over  forty  head  of
dressed hogs for Pat Burns at
|RevelBtoke. Among those brought
I in the past week was one which
Jamieson, of Lacombe,! areBBwl 447 po,,,,,^ the largest
Alta., came in on Fridays train jhog to 01]r knowjeage shippeA
for a short time to be spent in! from here this season,
looking   over conditions,  with n
.view of settlement here. H'P'Lee-'lhe Ve™n ren> e8tntf
!mnn,  was  here   Wednesday.   A
A few comparative cold days the little excitement   WBg occasioned
spent a few days the
week visiting friends here and took
in the Oddfellows' ball.
J  A.
latter end of the week was followed this week by a period of very
mild weather, and we are again
enjoying typical Okanagan temperatures.
We print six pages this week.
This is what we hope to do regularly when—when the Advance hns
during his stay here by his horse
getting away, taking with it a log
to which it was hitched. The ani.
mal was captured before any dam.
age was done.
At the request of a delegation of
fanners, who waited on the council
Monday, Reeve Schubert has called
the whole newspaper support of L public g^^g for tomorrow
the town. We will then give the j afternoon for the purpose of con.
people of Armstrong the best local siderillg meaM  of  in(lucing  the
paper in the Okanagan
Geo. Bowness returned Friday
from Morningside, Alta.. where he
government to discontinue the
present crusade against horses.
The meeting will be held  in  the
has spent the past three months j lower portion of the I. 0. F. hall,
looking" after  business   interests, at 2:00 o'clock.
He has now disposed of his inter-1    w T .Tnck8011) travelling agent
ests there, however, and will hence-1 of th() Vancouver  Province, spent
forth apply his  energies   to   this i
in town, spending
section, where he is now deeply gun(lay iu,ro ftn(l   taking  in the
interested. | municipal    elections     Saturday.
B. Francis Monday mcrning with i Mr. Jackson expressed himself ns
a < rew of men, began the construe- surprised nt the large gathering
tion of a new business block on his
property.   The dimensions of the
of farmers and the unusual interest
taken by them in municipal affairs,
new building are 20 x 50 feet and i He also expressed himself as
will be used as a jewelry store. j charmed with the climate and
Thus does the town continue to ■ other inducements this particular
grow and prosper even during the! part of the valley offered intending
quiet winter months. : hindseekers,   If Mr.   Jackson   is
Johnny Nicola, or Johnny Cub- tak(!" "P wtth om* district how he
baee, as more familiarly known, a Bho,,1<1 ** !t'" B'"inner.
well-known Indian of the district,' Jasper N. Hughes, who recently
died suddenly at the home of I disposed of his ranch and cattle
Isaac Harris near Larkin last in the Eraser valley, lias completed
Thursday evening two hours after j all arrangements for building on
having been in town. The Indians j and stocking the well-know Norris
had been drinking freely and in a j ranch near town, which he pur-
little scuffle that ensued Harris is; chnsed Inst week. Mr. Hughes
Mid to have struck the deceased a: wns born and raised in Wales, but
eonple of heavy blows over the! has up to a year or so age been en-
heart, shortly after which his death ;giiged in the ten raising industry
occurred. An inquest was held in India, During his brief so-
Saturduy, the verdict being death ; journs here he hns already formed
from heart failure. j a large  acquaintance  of  friends.
Miss Ida, Gamble and Miss Tat- ^"8 ?f tk« c'"lny Koi»K Welsh
low, of Vancouver, sister and niece i ki'"1' he took llis »w" time In
of H. B Cambie, of the Bank of (lrivln«   throughout   the country
W. Warren, of Trelierae, Man.,
is a guest of his relatives here.
Our weather conninueB typical
of the Okanagan; cool and bright.
Logging is temporarily stopped
on account of the breaking up of
the roads.
Walter Robinson, of Enderby,
was here yesterday,taking orders
for tree pruning.
A. E. Armitnge has been confined to hhi room tho past week by
a severe case of grip.
Dr. J. G. M Sloan and A. Blj
Agar, of Owen Sound, Ont,, have
been among the prospective settlers in tow of our real estate
agents the post week.
The report reached town the
first of the week that small pox
wns prevalent ut the head of the
lake. Upon investigation the report was learned to be without
James E. Stephens, Gnult Bros.'
popular traveller, was among the
commercials in town this week.
Jinimie says he has no girl here,
but likeB to spend Sunday iu Armstrong whenever he can do so.
The OtifeUws' Aunal Ball.
The fourth annual ball of Core.
nation Lodge No. 4S, l.O. (). F.,1
last Friday night proved one of the
niOBt successful functions from a
social point of view yet held in town
The attendance was not bo large
as on some previous ocassioiiB. yet
what was lacking in numbers was
made up by the added enjoyment
rendered poBBible to those preBent
by the hall not being overcrowded.
About ninty couples participated !
in the dance nnd the spacious dancing Moor was the scene of revelry
from the opening dance at SI-.001
o clock till the twenty eight dances
on the well arranged program had
been gone through with. The
hull was exceptionully well lighted
by means of gasoline lamps and
appropriately decorated and with
the many and varied beautiful cob-
tumeB of the ladies as they swiftly
glided the floor the scene wns one
much to he admired. An important feature in adding to the enjoyment especially of the strangers
was the manner in which the reception committee attended to their
duties in seeing that nil, who de-
i Armstrong Hardware ■
.. Piumwng jrVorhs..
i- .iM — a        11—    ■ i ■     ■
In future this firm will be known us tho firm of:
Armstrong &
01. ]. Armstrong.
sired to engage in the dance were I
Two young men of the district enobled to do so, while those not so!
report having encountered n cougar i mclined were made to spend the
one night the past week-they tllne plensa„tly in friendly chat
avow too that they were not gazing nn(1 gooift] intercourse,
down the neck  of  a  bottle and
could not have been mistaken.
F. E. Hand, D. H. 0, R., of the
Independent Foresters, was here
The music furnished by the or-
ohestra was freely admitted to be j
the be3t ever provided in the town
arid even pronounced by some to |
on un official visit Wednesday' be the best given in the valley,
night. A good attendance of the [ The supper, catered to by MrB. j
members of the  local court were Shary, met with the satisfaction of
all, and none were Btinted in their
supply of the good things provided
for the occasion. Geo. Wyatt as
prompter and manager of the hall
did his part in keeping the dance
going, and it is signiticent to say
that nothing but the best behavior
prevailed, The desire of the members of the lodge wns to make the
affair one of pleasure to all present
without regard to the financial results of tbe event, and in this respect they may surely feel that their
efforts were crowned with success.
out and enjoyed an interesting address by Mr. Hand,
Sixteen Horses Shot and Burned.
Veterinary Inspector Jermaln,
working under Inspector Tolmie
in the present crusade against
glanders, arrived here last Friday
and proceeded at once to an inspection of Murray's livery and feed
barn. Out of fourteen horses owned
by Mr. Alurray eleven were condemned on the first test, while the
remaining three were placed in
quarantine, to be retested at the
end of a couple of weeks. On
Monday afternoon the eleven
horses from Mr. Murray's bam, together with five brought down
from Enderby, were led out to his
farm and there shot and cremated.
The horses destroyed included the
Cold weather is coming.
You will need something in Horse
*   C. L. Christian
For Sale
One up-to-date Newcombe piano,
good as new. Cost 1473, will be
sold for $285. Enquire at this
 & SONS	
1 MoCoraick Binder,  1 Brantford Mower,  1 Fanning Mill, 1 Straw
Cutter, 1 Sewing Muchine, 1 Horse Power, 1 Set Trucks, new,
1 Set Logging Bleighe, 1 Skidding Tongs, Corner  Binds,
Double Trees, Casthook,, Set light Sleighs. Cultivator.   For sale cheap for cash or on approved notes
at three months. For information ao ply to above
Official Directory
,    .     .    ,   .    .,     . ,       .,     One yearling   heifer,   red  with
best animals in the barn, to all wnlte g^ts, marked with notch
outward appearances in good! above and below on right ear, also
health and feeling good, and one three-year-old steer, same
naturally there was  a  feeling  of i marks.
deep sailness nt the sight of their , John Christian.
being led out for slaughter.   Be- ■ _
fore allowing them to be killed the j BStray.
"boys" of the bam  lined  up  thei    Came to my place in November,
faithful animals and secured a good IliK)5' one yemimZ helfl'r- P"* Jer"
photograph  of them.    Inspector! »*• no b™111  or  ear  "»«*■'H
Railway Time Table
(Shuswap & Okanaiian Kailwav)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday      .       .       .       9:2.1 a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday      .       .       .        .1:2T> p. m.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, Chus. Crozier,  W.
S. Burnett, E. J. Offerhaus,
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L., No. IbOI., meets in the
•   I.O.F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening of each mouth at 8
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W..VI.
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall. A rras-
trong, on the Thursdnv, on or before the
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
cordiallv invited.
W. T. HOLTBY,      E, liEXNE TT.
Preceptor ke^istrir.
Jermain is now working at Enderby, where he is rinding a large
number of infested nniinnls, and
will return here in two weeks to
test the balance of the horses of
the neighborhood.
not claimed within   thirty days,!
will be sold to pay expenses. '.
D. Matheson
Name Wanted.
If the party who wrote for quotations and information on nursery
stock from Hull Car, under date of
, January Kith, and mail the letter
LOCalS Tlial Gtl BUSlllC$$  >t Armstrong,   will   kindly  send
his name, we will  bo pleased to
answer it.
M. J. Henry,
I Divine Service will bo held every Sun-
j day as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.:
, Knob Hill, 3 p.m.: Enderby, 7.30 p.m.:
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.- Kev. A. N.
I Miller, Pastor.
CORONATION Lodge. No, 18.
1. O. O.F.
I Meets every Thursdnv evening in the
| Odd Fellows' Hull, over Wood, Carnill
! & Co's. Store, at S o'clock. Sojourning
' brethren are cordinllv invited to attend,
\V. .T. SMITH.
1). FRANCIS. Rec. Sec.
The ADVANCE and Free Press for
ii year for 11.75. j
Start the new year right  andj
subscribe for your home paper.
Have yon soei^ those knife and
Notice tO Boys
The boys who disturbed the Ep-
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.: Zion Church, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday,—Rev. 1). Campbell, Pastor.
3429. I. O. T.
Meetings nt. their hull Inst Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   11. Hawkins. R.S.
St. James' Church, Sunday, Jan. -S.
Morning Prayer 11:1X1. Sunday school,
2:30 p. m— V. V. Variables, Vicar.
scissor sharpeners at Armstrong & worth League meeting on Wednes-
Leverington's himlwiire storeV       ', 'lay evening of this week are here- _
Sprayers' attention !   Good oak by miiiM *h,,t,th" '"W in,P?M * fen*8 ,in T °' S ",l1!' ^-TK' Q'm T* """ ^'^ "*"
*         "                                                                                                      ,....... a..   ...... nl A.,   f..-    I.     ..-.   ..if        Tli ini   Hi i tlilu v  in urn ill   Mini li ii 4 111 ii M , if, M-. i-
ARMSTRONG Circle, No, -V.i.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, tni-.-ts
in the i.o.l". hull, st Monday in each
month,       F. X. I UN I ELLS. Leader.
Mrs. ERASER, Secretary.
Mail Asrivbs—
North daily except Sunday      l)::)0 a. in
South    "      " •' .1„-!U p. in.
Mail Lsavki—
North daily em-pi Sunday     .'1:4." p, in.
South     " 9:i.'ia. m.
barrels at Armstrong & Leveriiig-
ton's hardware store, Armstrong,
B. C.
Montreal, are registered at the
Okanagan, as guests of Mr.Cninbie.
The young ladies are delighted!
with the snow and the opportunity
.for sleigh riding, Needless to s:iy
Harry's driving horse is working
full time but then it Is already
pretty well accustomed t
of thing.   The worst  feature for
and seeing for himself the different qualities of the soil and choos
ing that which was best adoptee
for the purpose for which he desired it- that of dairying anil
fruit raising. That he exercised
good judgement in choosing tlm
that sort 'atl4 ll'lJ°inUig Davis creek will be
freely    admitted,     and   aa  Mr.
severe iienalty for such an offence,
Although some of the boys are
known no notice will be taken of
this, provided no further disturb-
Pelly & Pelly nre selling the Into „IU.(,  occurs.     The   disturbance
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned  by referred to occnreil outside of the
Marshall Lucas—the^ most desir- church.
able lots in town. j President of the Leaiuik,
bargain and Jewfrg
Of Poultry
Third Sunday in each moth nt 10 o'clock
Father Dohval.
Barrister and Solicitor. |
Monday 5:00 p. m.
Spnllumoheen and Hull Car o:i
Mondays      -      .        .      ,r,:00 p. m.
Fridays      .       . 6::10n. m.
,T. M. Wbioht, Postmaster,
the ladies is that the
■uuinai always
a theoret
in a practical, rather than
wantf-togo in cne diiection, thus " weoretioal farmer, we may ex.
preventing the visiting It dies from (l*ct to Boe tllu ol(1 rnucn loo»> "P
seeing the whale of th.i i.tirrouiul-jns it always has done, asonebf the
tag country, ' best dairy ranches :n tho district.:
A Trio of R, 0. Brown Leghorns.
A Trio S. C, Brown Leghorns.
A Trio White Plymouthrocks,
About 50 hens, common slock.
To be sold cheap. Write for prices
Leave your Orders with.
Agent foi-
Wood Onrglll Blook,
Ctllco Hours: 0:80 to i'l and 1:30 toO
ARMSTRONG,   ....  B.C.
Dealer in—
farm   impl
buggies, ote
Jeweler, Vernon.    ILutsdowno
For Sale/™.,
horn unci Womotitli  Rook Poultry and SLEIGHS NOW IK STOCK.
Ktfp*.   Borne exceptionally good young  ,
Cockerels now on bund.
T. W. MARSHALL, r.-.
ivanoe and the Winnipe
- year tor only Election  Qftermatft
CI 3evp Random ©6sen>ations on tfie
£ate fflunicipal Campaign.
The election of councillors, from
the fact that those in the rural
wards were returned by acclamation, may have seemed to be unattended by euthnsiasiui. Such,
however, wus not the case, as In
each ward was great interest shown,
and although no jmiII wan required
the   choice of representative in
The expression on the face of
some of the ratepayers at the close
of the poll reminded us of the
"There's a week'B wageB gone" look
we have often Been on the face of
the man who thought he knew just
which shell the pen was under.
•      It is now in order for C'niiiii-illi-i,
Murray to enlighten ns as to what
he was going to do with the Swan.
son lii!!   ifthesnow hadn't come
If Councillor Hallnui will try to
put all the gravel on the old trunk
rond between Hawkins' and
Young's ranches he will turn Gray
in the attempt.
Docb anybody ever stop to think
how precious is the vote of a
woman V Of course shecauseByou
to looBe a little more time than you
care to loose waiting for her to just
throw on another skirt before being
driven to t|ie polls, but then, bless
her dear Bweet soul, does'nt bIh-
more than make up for that by, put-
I ting an extra cross after yonr name
, and Informing you with her own
| rosebud lips that she voted twice
I for yon because yon nre so nice'.
•Dad" Leilitc. may possibly think
he repective wards was made only ; he has been relegated to the camp
after the merits of each'were  eon- j of the "hasbeens" but we hope  he
sidered lo the fullest ami the nam-1 may attend the annuel nominations
OS of tho best men submitted for ^ for many years to come.    Wisdom
election.   If, however, any lack of Unaj oomeg 0f \on.^ experience is
interest was observable in the se-1„ virtlle highly lobe prised, and if
lection of representatives from the  iin. influx of asnirini.' orators nec-i     ■, ■         ,,      ,         .,   ..,
,       ,    ..                .,    mi. mini* ui .injuring ur.iwin mi       It is need esB to say that the peo
rural wards. It WHS more than com-1     . fil   y   i(  u    tj f     Bpi>(lk.;                                '
.ii-    ■   .1    i    ..I .-...i-i:..* I pie ol the town wi
pensnted for In the heated confliot wgat pnylo meeting it is not tolr
waged   between     ex-CounciUors kg ag8nmedthat the time cannot be
Murray and Francis to carry the.
town wanl.   Each  had served in
the council previously 'and consequently an opportunity had been
the people to judge the merits
given in listening to the opinions
of those whose long residence in
the neighborhood has well fitted
them to judge what the require-
now get electric light. The tramway will materialize later.
Should the councillors see fit in
the distribution of gravel, etc. to
act on tho spoils system the back
be the Main road to Ver-
So great was the surprise of -hi
given tne peep,.- to juuge w. ««««., mJmtg rf ^ neighborhood (,e,.,and I road wi
of each.   Mr. Murray it would ap-| „ I
pear had made thebetter impression ;    ^ ^^ ^      ^ non'.
from the result on polling day,   It ,eontbe ^.^ j. ^ fmchiB(J
wn.u.l le   iintair  to  Mr.  Irancis hy]m  ^M  .^.^  ^ th(iy ^ the (Ikanagan or Leduc Ward peo.
are not yet prepared to accept the, pie when theeleotrio by-lawoarrled
advanced ideas that must Inevitab-: that they were prepared to accept
ly follow in the wake of settlement anything as possible. Several that
and growing population of a com-1 we know of stopped o n the way
munity. A few years ago the sight i home every now and again as if fa
of a vehicle being propelled along let the tramcar pass, only to rind it
the bush roads by other than horse a case of nervous shock occasioned
or ox power would have created n by an over application of electric-
feeling little short of consternation ify.
,   ,.        ,. , I., and even at this date it is difficult I j
ply lit on his ear and roosted there. ,     , , President Roosevelt s and  even
1 ' -    to persuade the average rancher i     .,._,.,,,.
r    fighting Joe   Martins letters are!
  ,.„„...,    said to have had their influence onl
and voted accordingly.   We   can
We wish to express our hearty appreciation to our many customers for the
liberal patronage during this our first
AMuai Clearance sale
which has proved a great success in
reducing our stock of winter goods.
however, to say that the vote was
a true indication of the personal
popularity of the candidates,  for
unfortunately the town   "Jonah"
had [espoused   his candidacy for
reasons actuated purely by spite
towards the other candidate.   ''He
who lies down with dogs gets up
with fleas" and while Mr. Francis
avows that the flea uninvited sim-
1 there
the fact  remains that the  people;      ..,,-, ,     ,      ,
... , ,    ,,    . r -   that the time has arrived when i
were influenced by the impression i ... ,        ,   . • I
* -A. ; may step into a palace electric car. .
, ,       . .        ^e  C,m pile his potatoes on the back plat-' th° °ll country elections Perhaps
only regret the existence of possi-; form ^ ^^ rf ^ that letter sent by the Marquis of | of this kind   as no matter, ^ ftj) ^ ^.^ ^, Eastview to the council may have |
how much personal ill-feeling may ^ M] ^        ^ jn! had something to do with the elec-
exist between a man and his fellow, ft fgw ^^ ^ h ef t.ons in Spallumcheen.
man he has no right to introduce    ... ,.  ,            .    ,,         ?      . *                        .
. .    .j.,      „              -with his baggage in the centre of HllHr          - „     .    ,,     ,,      '
the same into the affairs of acorn- ,.          ,  ..             ,,     T-i.> Hail Murray fallen in the light,
...        ,             ..,     ,         his market town.      Mr. Leuncs .,    «.   ,     ,            ,,   ,        ,
inimitv of people who neither know I              ....            ...       ., the tire wardens would  have been
nor yet carV about their persona! I ""P™™.1 " .'"' »™»« "». ,th* ] the next victims. All the o^dothes,
' . , I points of which  were well taken, ...     „„ ,      .   ,
squabbles, ,    ,  .  ,.   .  , ,.   . .. ..    't'11    pans,    or  even   chemicals,
1 * clearly lnmcated thnt the granting i.. ,, . .. '
* !,.,«,. .,     , they could have   thrown   on  the
■ of the franchise was not considered I     .      ,. ,,   . ...
The »lm-tinn  hv acclamation of V   .,. i-. «.   .•     .u. ■   Wilter •'ing would   have   had Jno
j ne election oy acclamation «i by therurahtes as affecting their       .. '
the same water commissioners as lmmeainte interests but rather the ~	
in 1905 was no doubt  due in a jnterests of thoBe to whom they   T X1T A317 A W Fh
great measure, to   the eagerness| W011jd beqneath the rightgatlA pri.| J »»•   1 ML, W /*Xk\.MJ
with which the above mentioned i vilegeB now heU by themeelveg,
"Jonah" wished to seethe cam- The by_kw carried fay the narrow
missioners opposed. majority of nine, and when it is
* considered that the people of the
town, who are annninious in wanting electric light, would naturally
vote for the by-law it is evident the
rnralites   took  the view
Spring Goods
Are being placed on display as rapidly
as possible.
C.   T.  DAYKIN.
Vancouver, B. C.
Messrs Armstrong
Armitage were elected
unopposed. That the
wise in choosing these
Burns and
fire wardens
people were
three mor-
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
chants whose all is wrapped up in
their buildings and stores, ami who
from a yersonal standpoint are directly interested in protecting tbe
•property of the town will be acknowledged by every elector.
Not the least, amusing of the elec-1
tkm happenings was the univer-
sal surprise expressed at the result
of the vote on the electric light by-1
law, and that too by men who had
voted for the same. Our towns-j
man, Ceo. Wallace, who was one of
the number, explains the whole
thing by telling the story of a Jewish Rabbi and his congregation.
An agreement was arranged by the I'.'
members of the synagogue whereby each was to bring a bottle of
the best wine and empty it through
the binigliole of a cask arranged to
to receive the precious liquor,
When each had gone his way and
the expootant Rabbi had opened
the btirreljhis expectant gaze was
turned to one of surprise, for the
the barrel was full of the ^purest of
water,eaohdonator having'evident-
ly thought Jthntjono* bottleful of
water would 'innke no perceptible
difference in the taste of the wine.
As was expected, the agricultur-
'al hall by-law was carried by a
j very large majority, nnd the much
j talked of hall (or as some were plea-
! sed to term it, skating rink)is an
assured addition to the real estate
of the municipality. The building
will be welcomed by the people of
the town as much as by those in
the country, for who is there iu the
town who loes not realize thut tlie
interest of the ranchers are identical with those of his own? It is
hoped time will be lost in
carrying the plans to completion
anil that the agricultural association will at once take steps to secure
a show for the coming fall that will
not only be in keeping with the
new hall but will prove a standing
advertisement of the riches of the
Okanagan valley, and of this parti
of it iii particular.
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
already I satisfaction.
I Springhill, hull mile north
of Armstrong.
Orders may he left with 0. Addison.
B. C. Grown Fruit &
Ornamental Trees.
Apple Tn-ps, 2 anil :1 year olds S15 to
821) per 100, According to variety. One |
yenr olds, i to 5 feet, S10 to $12 per 100.
Lttrtfe importation of Bulbs from Japan, Holland and France.
Extra nice stock of Cherry, Peaeh.
Plum, Apricots, etc. now  growing  for
fall orders.
No expeiiBe, loss or delay of fumigation
or inspection.
Let me price your
your order.
list   before placing
Catalog free.
... Shop
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the lienteBt
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 16c.    Huircut 2.K-..
HOlOWestmiiiBtnr Kd. Vancouver.
If you will call nnd see the
Cream Separator
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high grade sew.
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co..
The Ladies ol St.
James' Guild
invite your presence at a Grand Ball
to be held in the
I. 0. F. HALL
Wednesday Night.
Jan. 31,1906.
Reeve Schubert will soon have
I filled the position so long thnt he
'i will consider himself a permanent
I fixture in thecouncil chambers.
All's well that ends'well, and
H-irtwoll will do well if he looks
well after the interest of his ward
in the proceedings that will soon be
taken to end the controversy of the
Bennett creek ditch. In which
casencertain dry goods clerk will:
exclaim "well!well!"
| Strange what a unanimity of feeling there is in thesubnrbof East-
Taking the elections all around
the municipality is to be congratulated upon its newly elected officials. Lot tie express the hoi*
that the propitious start for 1906
is but the beginniny of n new eri;
of good government nnd prosperity
for Bpulliuiicheen.
and note how few parts
it hiw, how perfectly
simple it is, how easy
A. N.HATLKDdE. . Proprietor j "turns, how perfectly
I it skims, how easily it
- is kept clean, and how
strong nnd durable it
is, you will lit onus decide it is the separate*
for you. No separator
ever made such rapid
strides in popularity
as the Empire. The
reason is that it. satis
lies every purchaser.
I ask the privilege of
showing it to you.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Postmaster General, will be received in Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the
10th February, 1006, for the conveyance
of His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed
contract for four years, twice per week
each way. between Armstrong and Falkland, from the 1st April, next.
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of promised
contract may lie seen and blank forms
nt tender may be obtained at the Post
Offices of Armstrong, Spallumcheen,
Hull Car, (rlenemma and Falkland, and
at the office of the Post Office Inspector.
Vancouver, B.C.
fith January, 1906.
Pout OUloo Inspeotor,
♦J. W. Christian,
Bntterniaker at Creamery.
To make room for a new stock of mouldings, I will do
At a Big Redaction fee §m Heath
A good luaturlroent el
mouldingu lo wteot from.
G. Moberly
waH Paper..
I have on hand a co n.p.'et
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decor ato
Armstrong' MarKete
The following prices are being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton    . -   $14.00
Carrots,      "         . -     12.00
Parsnips   ' "         - -     25.00
Beets          "          - -     10.00
Turnips      "         - .     1000
Cabbage      "          - -     20.(10
Hoy           "         - .     12.M)
Apples, per 40 lb.  - .1.26.1,85
Pears          "          - -       1,76
Plums, per 20 lb.   - -        .75
Celery, jier 60 lb,   - -    . H.(X)
Poultry, per do;:.     - -       0.00
Eggs      "     "       . .        .40
Butter, per lb.       . .        80
If so, it will pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. Slmingion
Shop next Francis'
Only half a mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom land easily
cleared. Good frame house, stable
and other buildings. With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steej, one brood sow, 3
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.   Price $oOU0,


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