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The Armstrong Advance 1905-11-17

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Cocal and General *«
^^ llcm M ftieri. uteres..
Mis*  Ethel  Sued   returned   to
Kelownn Tuesday. ,,    . , ,        . , ....
l upnl bus ut last inane Ins long-
Miss Ida Scott left the first of looked-for appearance, and we are
the week for a visit to her Sister in , this week enabled to chronicle the
Saskatchewan. marriage of Mr. V. W. Holliday and
Miss Jennie Ferguson and Mrs. Miss Lizzie Hurtling The happy
H. S. Clough, accompanied by their i event occurred Wednesday evening j
brother. N. Ferguson, visited Ver-iat St. .lunieB' church, the nuptial
non Wednesday, ceremony being performed by Rev.
F. Vernon Venables according to'.
Premier McBride is on u trip to I    Tonight occurs another dance by
the interior.    He visited the lower the quadrille club. ...      ,       ,
Okaniunin this w >ek I B        ^'      "' 'or ""■' P"st two i
b :    S- A. McLeod is recuperating at |mo„ths employed as stenographer *"'       ,...,.,
Druggist Burns has on display the Sunlife Meadows this week.       nt the Farmers' Exchange  left for       k^11""' "tuul-   Abt»>t " drawn
a fine array of cut glass goods, j    j E Qtm6 WM (lown from „„„ j the coast Monday.        " ' ; gjjjj |£ ™*™*»* ^^
prove     popnlM j Car Monday attending the dairy     Adolph  Shnry,  Jr..    returned' " u"""""y
.seasonable Goods.'
the beautiful rites of the Church j I
which    should
among early holi lay shoppers
R. Bowell is just completing the I
addition to his residence at Knob1
Hill, which
painted will  runk as one of th
best dwellings In  the community.
Jay Becker bus been confined to
the house for the pust week with a
sprained ankle as the result of having II horse fall with him. He is
getting along favorably and will
be out in n few days.
Without in, ntiouing niaiies we
may say that something has been
doing in the "BOTOp" line in town
during the past week. A few pair
of discolored eyes have borne test-
imouv to the  break in  our  usual
.     . -—«•- ...      Xeither of the above parties re-
" I Wednesday from   Ponokn. Alto., quireony introduction to the lam.
Jus. Murphy, M. P. P., attended where lie has been putting in time
at Kno1' co„„ty court at Vernon the? Inst of on his homestead,
en  completed  und (,          ,. ...         .    ,
.     the week. A j Lnpworth the  last  of the
Euderby has reorganized her gun week added to his Rosedalo resi-
club. What's the matter with a dentiul site by the piirchnseof one
mutch with Armstrong. of G, Moberly's lots adjoining him.
I). Malcolm, representing the L. B. Hamilton has un nt true-live
Groat West Loan and Investment residence almost completed for
Co.. spent a part of the week here.  Mrs.    Ida    Batho, of Ferguson, on
Several Armstrong parties were
intersted in cases before the county
court at  Vernon   the   lust   of   the
Albert Normun surprised his
parents and other relatives here
by   arriving   unexpectedly      from
strong public. They areninoeg the
early residents of the district and
enjoy the respect and esteem of a
large circle of friends. They at
once take up housekeeping on the
groom's farm half it mile north of
Death of Miss Crankshaw.
here for
einze  sustained  a   badly
wrecked buggy Monday morning
as the result of an accidental collision with Tims Bull's wagon  on
A. E. Maundrell' who for a few
months bus held u position in (,.
.Murrays meat market, left Monday
for Revelstoke, where he takes n
similar position.
Monday's train was an exceptionally heavy one, and Engineer
VnnAntwerp hud some difficulty
in getting old 374 to pull its load
p etui monotony.
The Euderby Orangemen celebrated Guy Fox day Insl Saturday
by holding u degree meeting, III
which several candidates were
raised to the degree of Royal Arch.
After the meeting II buiupiel was
The C. P, li. has just completed
a new spur near the creamery,
which is a great improvement to
the convenience of those who load
wood from that direction, and will
also be utilized by the Okanagan
Brick Co.. when they get started
to shipping from here.
A parsnip sixty-one inches long up the grade hen
is on view in the postofrice. It
Wilis grown by T. W. Hayhurst. and
is only another evidence of whnt
can be done in this purt of the
Okiinngllli. If any of our readers
are dubious as to the truthfulness
of our assertion ns to the exnet
length, Postmaster Wright will be
pleased to show the parsnip.
Fisher & Sage negotiated a real
estate deal Monday by which J, C.
Grinton disposed of 138 acres of
his land to A. W. Hunter, of La-
combe, Alta., who after having entered for ii preemption near Peach-
hu.d decided to abandon this for a
farm near Armstrong. Mr. Grin-
ton will retain possession of the
hind till the tirst of March, by
which time he will have il residence built on his other land, thus
retaining his residence here. The
land purohased by Mr. Hunter is
among the best farm hinds in the
community, the whole of the tract
being level und tillable and nil
under n splen lid state of cultivation. We ur.-i glad to welcome
Mr. Hunter as a resident here,
since h ' is of that industrious and
thrifty class tint will help to bring
about the development of the district, while at the simie time we
lire pleased to note tliut Mr. Grin-
ton's selling a part of his place
will not signify his leaving,
The writer the lirst of the week
took a trip out to Silver Creek John Hnmill returned on Sutur-
settlemeiit, some fifteen miles day from his trip to the lower end
northwest. We found there nu of the Okiimigiin and to the Bound-
industrious and progressive settle-' ary country, In the latter country
inent, who in the consciousness of he Is quite extensively interested
the fact that they have a goo I in real estat - and in mining pro-
purl of the country, are earnestly parties, all of which we are gliid to
building up comfortable homes, note promise to become valuable
Geo. Armstrong, formerly of town, properties. The construction of
hns wrought marked improvements I the .Midway and Vernon will add
in his bush (arm during the past ■ largely to the value of his interests
season, und has the makings of a in the Boundary. Ten miles of
splendid farm. He is engaging to'the road grade is now completed,
some extent in poultry raising und ! and some 200 men are engaged in
has a good start in this line.   The pushing the. work   ns   rapidly
the lot recently purchased from B.
Francis' Bosedale addition.
Thus. Ball, of a   mile   west   of
town, ha* dating the  post season
wrought n  marked   improvement
in his fiinn by the amount of clearing he bus done, mid already is
seen in his farm the nucleus of one
of the best fruit und agricultural
places in the district.
Sir Arthur Stepney, through his
manager, Geo, Heggie, on Tuesday
purchased ten shares in the (Ikiiiiu-
gan creamery nt this place. As
staled lust week the manager of
this ranch will engage hugely in
fruit growing, but will at the same
time devote considerable attention
to dairying, nnd will likely become
an extensive patron of the Armstrong creamery  for next season.
The   new   residence   of   H
Swauson, under th
Simington, hns just about reach
completion, and  now presents
All readers of the Advance liv- a pleasing nppeiinice to the many
ing outside of town are invited to passersby on the road.   Mr. Swan-
muke use of our desk mid  station- son has lately removed some of his
ery for any correspondence they bums and outbuildings to  a  site
may cure to do in town. across the   rond and when  he is
,.,, .,        ,, ,   ■ ,.       through with the improvements of That's the kind of girls we're look
1 he weather, which tor a time   ...*,,, ., ,   ' r
the site  of the  new  residence  he nig tor,
will   have   a  dwelling  of   whic
he miiy well feel proud.
At the coroner's ilnpjcst over the
body of Miss  V.   M. Crmikshuw,
whose sudden dentil wits announced hist week, u verdict of .lentil by
natural causes was given.   It is
stated that the |ioor girl was the
victim of much unwarranted
slander on the part of certain of
I he residents of the school district
in which she was teiicliinn, and!
thai she took it so much to heart
that it was the menus of her death.
If the facts arc its given us by
residents of Silver Creek, near
where she was teaching, the slanderers should certainly he prosecuted. The coroner refuses to give
out to the public any definite information in connection with the
inquest. Her death was n most
snd affair, and the people of
the community are deeply concern?
rry ed over what they consider most _
supervision of unjust censure of an innocent girl. WL
The Girl behind the Dough.
It's not the girl behind the gun,
Xor the girl behind the hoe.
Nor the girl behind the brick bat,
But the girl behind the dough.
Woollen ware
Lumps    Nails
Building Paper
Daisy Chums
Barbed Wire
Fence Wire
Sheet Iron
Sheet Tin
Sheet Copper
Boiled Oil
Machine Oil
Coul Oil
Floor Paints
White Lend
Dry Colors, etc.
Iron Pipe
Pipe Fittings
Brass Valves
Cuttlery Al
Similes. Shovels
Manure Forks
Potato Forks
Carriage Bolts
Miners' Picks
Steel Ranges
Cook Stoves
Heating Stoves
Camp Stoves
Stove Pipes
Row Oil
Furniture Polish
Stains etc.
{Armstrong Hardware
..Plumbing works.
er. whicli for a time
was somewhat cool with chilly
nights. huB warmed up and we arc
now having whnt is called by (ikit-
miganites    typical    November!    There will be fifty-three Sundays
©(^e^^t3^>«S)ffi^)ffiS)(^)ct©s^5^)(2^) a
Cold weather is coining. j/r
You will need something in Horse </
*   C. L. Christian
in this year, tin occurence that will
not happen again   for   110   years.
This extra Sunday enn be utilized
in  attending   church,   calling   on
your best girl,  rending  the  scripture, playing with the children, or
winding up the two-year-old ctty-
use,   One hundred and ten years
from this date  you  will  probably
The municipal council now has'be paying the penalty or enjoying
some seven or eight tennis at work the pleasures of   the   method   in
graveling the roads.   For the past which you  chose   to   spend   this
extra Sunday.
Geo. Smith, whose accident we
chronicled in onr last issue, was-
around the next day, carrying his
bund in 11 sling, otherwise little
the wors ■ for his experience with
the edger, It is thought he will
save all his fingers.
week their attention bus been put
t-i the main rond between town and
Laur's hill, where considerable
gravel has been spread, hauled
from the Llinsdowno gravel pit.
This is the popular season for
predictions concerning whnt the
winter will ba like. A number of
the older settlers have stated to us
"Tell us that advertising
pay and we'll chuck the lie
into your teeth", says the Cheyenne Leader. '-Why we known girl
who spent 11 cents iii advertising
for a husband. She got a mail
within three days after putting in
the first, ml. married him in another
day, and inside of ten days the
that indications pointed to an un- fellow up nnd died  and  left  her
And want to keep in tow;
She's sweeter tliim nil others, j
This girl behind the dough.
To My. Customers :-
Don't, think that because yon'
only owe $2, $4, Iff, W or Sio'on'
my books that you are the only
one. There lire about $700.00
worth of such accounts to date,
which must be paid by Nov. 15, or
something will drop.
W. J. Ar.ustiicixci
stove wood!
Cold weather may come
nt miy time. Order your
wood now- und be prepared
R. tStrathearn,
All Kinds of Watch and Clock
Iff Burns' Drug Store.
inmm meat market.
^—Wholesale i
usually hard winter for this section.
Whether this be true or not it is n
safe plan to prepare for such n
85,000 insurance, A clear gain of
$4,009.89 in two weeks isn't so
worse". But not every girl could
kill u man inside of ten days, without dividing her money with her
Dry wood $1.50.
Per Rick, any
Green $1.25.
Please atnto length when ordering	
All kinds of Fresh and Cured .Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat Stock and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted
! I
first threshing done in the district
was that of C. D. Hoover's machine
ine the past season, nnd now that
a machine will make that district
considerable grain will be grown
next season while
fore hay km ben the
product. The people
are greatly   hnndicuppt
b « ret o-
1 r'ncipul
out  there-
1   by   tin
want of b.ittor roads, and while the
$25tV/exp.miled this season has,
proven of considerable benbSit
there is is yet room for the expenditure of much more of the
government's finances.
possible.    It is expected   that  all
the preliminary  surveys   will   be
made and the plans  of  the   road
completed before the  end   of   thej
present year, si tint in the spring]
j there will be no delay ts the pro-
' Sedition" of the actual w<rk of get-
,' ting the grade ready for the steel. |
Mr. Haurill m ule the tripon horse-'
back, thus securing a good viev; of j
i the country, and is   tlblo   to   giiei
much interesting iiifoi'iiuitiou con- i
cerning th3 country to bo opened!
up by the new road. I
I linvo lii-cii appointed District Agent fur
and commissioned to sell tlicm at TEN IKH.LAliS EACH fur fi months.
Tin-si. Belts nre msdeby the J h Stevens Nuns, LkhhIuq, Bogbod, and
nre-gunrnnteed equal to a.MP belt and 40 times better thm. a IS
one.  Tlu* regular price is|30eaoh.
R. R. BURNS, -       - Armstrong Ph.»rm»cr.
Prop, i
In Raising' Poultry.
If you hiive a Celebrated
Cull and get Prices and Terms.
F. X. DANIELS, Agent.
Pipe & Pipe Fitting* & all kinds of Plumbing.
To tsc Lames c f Armkts >xa akb EniBiet -
I take pleasure in ainiouniug that I am buck in
Armstrong, nnd am again prepared to do Dressmaking in
nil its b 'liuches and according to the latest styles.
I solicit the patronage of my old customed-ulso iiw nnes.
$S»? next food <t ffcfett'« S*»V- RmI t:titt Ofttw.
Chas. Helnxe
SuoomtmcrfoO. '.. WALltr.I
Practical Horseshner and
Armstrong *r
C. T. DAYRIN, Prop.
Our Boot and Shoe Department is the
most Complete ever shown In town.
Below we show a few samples of
some of those we have.
make pur
By    lie-    use   of
Carpet Squares,
Taney Rugs
and Door mm.
We ha.'- ,-. aplelldid lilla ol
these L,r"'"ls in stoc.lt, There is
;i liri;.' range of pries and tin- tie-
siu'ns ..ill suit the iiiii„I fastidious.
dry ift ~4a*4/. 4</ C<m-irtsFXA.A/.
I The Leading General supply store of Armslrong. jj
Boys* "Buster Brown" Suits
For your small boys we have
the very latest thing going, the
"Buster Brown" Suits. They are
the nicest thing you can get.
Bring the little fellow to see them
and we know you will buy one.
Our Groceries are fresh and Clean.
Locals Thai Get Business   Auction Sale.
Get into our (IS   to  $15   suits     The management of the Stepney
while going ut 17.(X).    Armitnge & j tench having decided   to   engage
more extrnsively in fruit growing,
there will be sold nt the said much
.. Readers ™
Portland Cement, plaster  pads
plasterers'   huir.   etc..  ut   W,   -I. tlm'
See our big shirt for working
men, at 11.00, Armitnge and McLeod.
Special price on Sinter's invictus
shoes, $4.00.    See  the assortment.
Armitnge & McLeod.
Something warm for $1.00 to
91,60 per suit in underwear, both
winners at sight. Armitnge & Mc-
The late Lnrkin estate lots, now
owned by Marshall Lucas, are now
on the market see Pelly & Pelly,
agents for them.
miles south of Euderby on
WEDNESDAY.   NOV. 22, 1H06,
the following live stock:
Fifty aange cows in calf to purebred phorthorn bulls. About ten
of these have been milked.
Thirty 2 and 8-year-old heifers
in calf to pure-bred bulls.
Forty   yearling und 2-year-old
One span inntched geldings K
years old. weight 2(100.
One well-matched team, mare
and gelding. !l years old, 2H00,
One well-matched driving team.
t.'ne team geldings H years   old.
Two brood mares in foal to Clyde
We have just completed arrangements whereby every paid subscriber to the Advancesecures the
This is n splendid monthly mag-
uzine. published at Winnipeg.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late stallion "Good us Gold".
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas l.he_ most desirable lots in town.
There is only one line or make
of "Famous" stoves made in Canada, W. .1. Armstrong sells them.
Cull and see them.
( hie ageil work horse Two good
general purpose horses,
Fifty aure-bred Shropshire ewes
in lamb to high-priced rain.
Three pure-bred Shropshire
rams 2 vears old.
Fifteen   pure-bred   Angora does
in kid.   One pure-bred buck.
Two pure-bred  Hcrkshire  hours
2   years  old;      Three pure-bred
Yorkshire hours il mouths old.     1
! pure-bred   Hcrkshire  brood   sow.
Two good Yorkshire brood sows.
——————— ^lH() u |„nl)ii(,r 0f f,irm imple.
__       , _     _  ' ments,    including    cue   12-horse
V anCOUVer, B. C J Pitts power on trucks, binder, etc.
^^"^ I    TSHMS- All of $25 iiiiid under,
B.  C. Grown Fruit 8i,0ttsh.,  On sums over that amount
Ornamental Trees.   a <*&■ wi" be f™ °[thfee
months on approvcil noter bearing
Awte fees, 8 and 3 year olds 115 to interest at the rate of 8 per cent.
ISU par J(K), according In ninety.      One I ■  ■    *
year olds, 4 to Ii feet, J10 to 812 nor 100.' •> Per cent off for cash.
Women's   Imported Uhoviol
Skirls. seven {{ores,  five rows of
Btitchlng round bottom,   splendid  j
wear   in shades of Oxford un\y,
nnvv und blaok, nil bIzob.
Sfifirulw 685C
Spocinl         I0fi
| Send for Catalogue. I
"       Department Stora
Vancouvtr B. C.
Hili-Grade Shoes
$2.50 and $3.50
per Pair by Mail.
FOR two weeks we are going to flood the market with Ladies' and Men's Shoes $2.50
and $3.50 a pair.   Write to us at once if you
wish to secure a pair.
Large inifx ruction of Bulhs from .hip
un, Helium! and France.
Sale begins at 10 o'clock.    Free
j rigs will meet train form the north
Extra nice stock of (Cherry,  Peach,  „j E]1(3erbv
Slum, Apricots, etc. now growing for. ™,v™   .    ,.
fall orders. B. FRANCIS, Auctioneer.
Mo oxponso, loss or delay of fumigation '      . . .
or inspection, m,
, . ,i.  . ,        ,1    Tho Advance  now   has  a  big
Xet Die price your   list   More  placing . '
your order.   Catalog free. I supply of  better paper.   Anyone
mmmmmmm making any ijr.nutity of ilairy but-!
M    I   HIT MR V er will fir.il it i>u.ys to  have their
M.J. ntrtHI, butter put r.p in neat printed wrap-
JOlOWestminstur Bd. Vancouver.. _, _
! jets,
wan Paper..
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
Samples i
from which I am in a position to
fill crdcrs on short notice.
Sign Writer, Painter and Decorator
[000 pairs of Men's best Box Gnlf Lace Boot*, sonic leather lined, some doubt* soles, and
some-with rub).-, s i,.,-!s.       Every pair worth 16.00 to i6.00.
Ota- ftiw *&\80
Men's Kba- EtangolaXacB Boots. Goodyear welted.   Sold eviu-ywhwe for $4.00.
Qtt* Pake 1210
T.    g± J||^«*      sfasT^a^ttS    Ladies'finest Sewed Solo Liter Boots, fancy  prrforn-
M\^^»\MS^^      MM\J%J%&       tions and rubber heels,   This is a bennt.v.
' TU-iffaior $3.00
Lncfia*! iSMELCX )M3£ Slioes—thj best shoe for the money made.     Hns patent leather tips
and extension: sefos.   As nice as any $2.50 shoe made.
ffltw Priee., $1.05
Cry u$ for any kind of slwemado and saw money.
403 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B. C
•1 Armstrong Advance.
No. 81
Speaking of what a newspaper
does for a community, United
States Senator David Davis, of II-
inois. made an address that remains
evergreen in the memories of news'
punor men, who do not have ninny
sucli bouquets thrown at them.
He said: "Every year every local
paper gives from 500 to 5,007 free
lines for the benefit of the com-
inunity in which it is loooted. No
other agency can or will do this.
The editor in proportion to his
menus does more for his own town
than any other.
If yon want to acquaint your
friends in the east or in the states
with the Okanagan valley, send
them the Advance for u year. At
the end of that time they will hnve
become pretty well acquainted with
the country you live in.
Leading   Business    Firms.
The Advance commends the following
business firms of Armstrong to the people of the siirr.tini.ling district, Their
iiniioiinceineiits nuiy he seen in oar advertising column:
Armstrong, W. ,1., Hardware and
Armitnge, A. I-'.., dents furnishing
Burns, K. K., Ilmggist
llli.nelii.ril, A., IIressniaKer
Mini, J. M.,  Contractor and  Bulldor
Christian, ,1 VV, Creiim ..eparators
('l)riHtii.n, C. I... Harness nnd Saddlery
Daniels, l'\ X., Iiic.ilialors ami Plumbing
Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher A Sage, Keul Kstnto
Karncis, B., Implements
fisher, Mrs. W. H.. Milliner
lleiizie, ('has., Hlaeksmith
lli.mill. John, General Merchant
Ilawkin's Pros., Butohers
Lapworth, A. .)., Painter
Moberly, G., Carpenter
McPherson & Holtby, Furniture and
McDonald, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Okanagan Finer Mill, Flour, etc.
Paul, J. M., Tailor.
Ratledge, A. N., Barber
Streathern, R., Jeweler
Shary, A., Baker and Confectionery.
Simington. J., Contractorand Builder
Wood, Cargill Co., General merchants
Armstrong MarKets
Only half 11 mile from Armstrong. 10 acres under cultivation
balance good bottom land easily
cleared. (Jood frame house, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, it
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm lnncliinery.    Price $o()00.
If so, it will pay you to see me
Estimates given.-
J. SimiiMjlon
Shop next, Fronoia'
If you wont n	
Get un
(Without Repairs)
Call and see....
J. W. Christian,
Bntterniuker at Creumery.
Cume to my place on or about
Oct. 20, one rain two or three years
old. Owner please call and pay
The following prices
lire  being
paid for produce by tho
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton    -
-   $14.00
-     12.00
Parsnips     "
-     2;Y(X>
-     1I(.(K)
Turnips       "
-     10 (X)
-     20.IX)
-     12.60
Apples, per 40 lb.   -
Plums, per 20 lb,    •
Celery, ikt 50 lb.   .
Poultry. ]ier doz.
Eggs       "     "
Butter, per lb.
G. Moberly
--> Contractor
JG? & Builder
All kinds of Carpenter Work nt
Reasonable Prices.
I'ictiire-Frnming. Turning.
Plans and Specifications  Pre.
Armstrong   Barber
A. N. RATLEDGE. . Proprietor.
& Builder..
All kinds of Carpenter Work.
Estimates furnished. For the Home...
Home should be the spot must
desired by every honorable man
To help make it so the home musi
In- pleasant nnd comfortable. Yen
can make your home uttruotivo nl
sm.-ill expense with our new lines of
wall Papers, carpets, carpel
Paper, Rugs, etc.
Have you seen our Japanese Goods?
(Screens, tables, and other of the Int.-si novelties)
A whole case of Toilet Sets almost
at your own Price. E35."?'„•£.?£„.,
Sewing Machines.      Organs.       TalKophones.
Millinery at Cost
As the full millinery season is rapidly
drawing to n close, und not wishing to
carry any stock over. I ..ill sell nil	
Ready=to=ttlear fiats in Stock .lust at Cost
This is a rare opportunity if von have not
pnrchysed yon winter hat. Some of the-
prettiest styles in-" yet in stock.
See our Silk Uelvets and fancy Ribbons.
2 ^"Contractors and Builders..
The Advance   fc«cii* .**•»&.
* vJ0   Real Estate I
Insurance Vlf       A    , .     .        _     it
~     Agents j&
"Land of the BIG RED
Iieineiiibei-Jwheii placing your  Order for   Fruit   or Ornamental Trees thill WE SELL
We sell as CHEAP ns GOOD STOCK   ean be   produced.
Place your Order early nnd it will be tilled complete.
euacuc rhiam.
Subscription 91.50 per year in advance,
If nut pilid in advance )?'.!.00.
Advertising rutcs coven en application,
Notices of church services und enter-
toinments where no admission is churned
inserted free. Other notices at usual
rates.   Curds of thanks ii.
The Advance is published in the interests of the town and district in which
it exists and cordially solicits the iat-
ronage of the public.
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Euderby Progress, devoted n whole
column of valuable space in the
last issue to what the publishers
are pleased to call a refutation of
onr statement of fl couple weeks
ago concerning the experience cf
certain places with city incorporation, in which we asserted that our
neighboring "city" to the north
had not pleased a majority of the
btisin -ss men by the manner in
which their affairs had been conducted since that town cast off its
swaddling clothes and attired
itself in the full garb of city uniform. Our contemporary, nt best.
makes a feeble attempt at refuting
onr statements, simply contending
that their dignity lias been abused
and demanding us to apologise for
what they call nn "attackon an unoffending community". In this.
however, uv cannot at present
gratify onr worthy contemporary.
We made the assertion that.a number of the citizens of Euderby
were dissatisfied with the results
of their incorporation nnd we have
no reason to detract from this
statement. On Hie contrary, from
later developments il nppenrs that
th ■ p ipti'iirity of incorporation
does n it be making any material
improvement in that town, Wo
opine that our brother of the Progress would not like us to publish
the names of some of those residents who have stated that Incorporation in Enderby has proven n
mistake—or failure- for we do not
contend that incorporation should
in nny wise be a mistake, but
rather is sometimes made u failure
of by people unable t:i cope with
the problems of city government,
We repeat, "Incorporation depends
for its success largely upon existing conditions'' and if you like
it, the character and makeup of
the people. And in the ense of
Armstrong thereat present appears
no reason why it should n< t bo
made tuccessful.
The Enderby city council has
levied a tax on commercial t ateliers coming into their midst, u
splendid thing for the business
men of Armstrong.
interest has again revived in the
electric light and power proposition so prominently before the
Armstrong public for a short time
some weeks ago. The By-law.
which has passed the Council, will
be submitted to the ratepayers of
the municipality .n, Deceuibe.' 'M.
at which time the people of the
municipality will say, by their
ballots, whether or not they are in
favor of granting to the Armstrong
Electric Light nnd Power Company
the franchise for which they nsk.
The franchise carries with it certain privileges, which are more
clearly set forth in the By-law,
such us an exclusive right for
twenty years to build, equip and
maintain electric light, train lines
and telephone systems. The company is composed of local business
men, and it is maintained that
there is no spirit of graft connected
with their demands. With the
company bound by certain restrictions, which they state they are
willing   to   accede  to, concerning
] charges, option of purchase by the
municipality, etc.. and with a guarantee to fulfill their portion of the
.contract within a specified time
agreeable to the ratepayer, the
writer can see little that should
stand in the way of the franchise
to be granted. We do not, however, want to see the municipality
placed in the toils of any combine
that may in future years prevent
the installation of public utilities
under muiiicjpnl control, and it is
hoiied that before the time of voting on the franchise occurs the
company will make their demands
clearly known to the ratepayers,
so that an agreement can be arranged that will In-of mutual satis,
faction to the members of the company and the people of the municipality.
Il is slated by the members of
the local company that while they
are primarily ut the head of the
application  for  charter, they have
lilt their buck the British Columbia
Electric Light Co. The B. C.
Electric. Light Co. is well known
throughout the province, and in
the coast cities is providing the
public with light and power at very
I reasonable charges.
At the present time coinprelieii-
s've extensions are being made to
the field covered by that company.
C instruction is now under way on
u network of electric 'light and
power lines, by which the farmers
of Lulu Island and Biiriiuhy muni-
icipidity mny obtain cheap power
and light. Although located in
sparsely settled districts the com-
pnny claims these people will be
supplied with power and light at
practically city rutcs. The idea is
most popular among the farmers
th ire, and every farmer in the district to be tapped has signified his
intention of having an electric
motor for running huy-cuttcrs.
cream separators, root-cutters, and
other light machinery about the
What is being done at the coast
is but an evidence of what, might
be done by the company at this
place, providing the tanners of the
district saw lit to grant them the
necessary privileges of uuunt tin ng
their system for the time specified.
The Real Estate
\     Harvest Is
Get in Line and List your
Connections with whole Valley.,
H.   P.   LEE, Real Estate.
Vernon      -      -     and     -      -      Enderby I
We nn-now Agents tor the LarKin   Estate Lots.
Call and look them over with us and get Prices,
"I'V/     Jm.^SM^.M1*\J   miles from  Armstrong,
All Level ami Good Soil     This is a IWguin und will    lot   be
on the market toug.
Insurance written.
Bank of Montreal
Men.l Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14,(XX),000, Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit, and Loss account, $878,1)88,
PRESIDENT, Right Hon.  Lord Stralhcona  and  Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Gao. A. Drutnmond, K.C.M.G.
We beg to remind you that our stock of Tailoring Goods
is now complete, consisting of n fine range of Imported all-
wool Tweeds, Serges, Worsteds in Suiting,  Trouserings and
Fit. Shnpliness and Satisfaction in every way guaranteed
a - urn-mm -matt.
Branches in all the principal cities nnd towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:   London. Eng. : 22, Abchtirch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,;")!! Wall Street i Chicago. 188 Lu Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers nnd Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.   Scot-
land, British Linen Co's. Bnnk and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United Stutes. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
nnd Dawson Citv.
Deposits received fnim 11 upwards nnd interest allowed ut current rates.      .
Interest, entered IKIth June, and ,11st December
Wlthttrmw.lm    an    d.m.nd   without    d.l.y.
Ranchers and country business given sjeeial attention.   Municijal and Echool
district accounts received nn favorable terms.    Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may he made nnd withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
Mkerg confectionery
... Leading Hardware
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Because we handle, the best goods in
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Now is the time to get your
sjqvo3 ready for winter*
and Restaurant
Bread und Pastry always ill stock.
Careful attention given to Special Orders.
Fresh Fruit.   Choice Cundies and Confectionery
Toli.-iec.'i-s and Clears.
Ice Cream Parlor In Connection
Meals at all Hours.
X'   :■.-(', P. R.
The'Lurgest Stock of GUNS AND AMMUNITION—tote
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A Carload of
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"Wholesale and Retail
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Fish aitttgsms In season.
Hub g/itQfr I'nught at top pries.
=MAIL,  PftP-FVPi-q ;," /    ,
receive  most   particular attention.
-? 1
Cocat and General
Hems of General interest.
Eugene RhIan left on Saturday     John Huinill has a change of ud.
for il few days business trip to AI-- in this issue.
B;'r'"- I    Miss  Laura   Hill   was   visiting
Geo. Murray on Friday purchas- j friends in Vernon Tuesday.
ed the property of A. E. Mnundroll
in Enstview.
A. E. Sage, B,  Francis   nnd   S.
T. W. Fletcher made u  business
trip to Vernon Wednesday.
\V.   K.   Truesilalc,   real   estate
Reid were Armstrong   visitors   to .^^ of Kll,i(.rby<   was   in   tow„
Vernon Saturday
W. E. Holtby paid u visit to
Grande Prairie last Tuesday, on
was   in
Mr. McCallum of Vernon hns
taken a |Kisition in Geo. Murray's
meat market.
A dunce nnd bazzarr was given
nt Euderby Wednesday night. A
number of Armstrong boys were
in attendance.
A. W, Hunter left Snturdny for
his home at Laeombe. Altn.. to
prepare for moving hen- in the
W. .1. Twi»* olVancoiiver, man-     >Wm Huykin, who ha* beet, eon-
ager of that branch ctf the Mfttnal ,.„„, tf) t,|(1 ho,lie by m,wm (ot „
Lifetn»«mni*t*.ofOlnmla, <** i „«,,]„ „f »**.,  ft  ,low  „,  the
rustling bminem rn town Wedm*. ^ ^ ermvnlewwiee.
duy,,,,dThnm1.,ofthl.wM,     j    ^   ff   ^^   ^ ^
couver, 8|M>nt n dny the lust of  tin
Mr. F. McUlerry and daugliter,
of Eburne,  were   shaking   hands1
with friends here Saturday,   Mr.
McClorry owns   a   tine   furin   nt
Our local contemporary hud the
misfortune to break their press lust
week, and the ADVANCE heliiel
them out by publishing their lust,
issue on our power press.
week with friends here un route to
Vernon for a visit with relatives.
An item in lust week's paper referring to the departure of Miss
Scott for Saskatchewan should
have rend Miss E. Scott, instead of
Miss Ida Scott.
Miss Sneider, of Edmonton,
Altn.. arrived here the lust of the
J, M. Paul, the tailor, bus pur- week "for u visit with her brother,
chased from doe McDonald, the H.  Sneider  and family.   She is
lot on  Slab street   adjoining  G. j„st returning home from a trip to
Moberly's shop.   Mr. Paul intends Portlnnd nnd other const cities,
to build on this property shortly.     ...      r   ,,   .,.,.  ,;      ,   '
m,     ,   , .   .l       i    i        Miss J, E. Hill, Mrs. Lutruce.
ihe ileal   was   put   through   by •, ,     ,. ....    . ...     ,,   ,, ,
P. ,      .. Q * *       '   late ot Winnipeg; Miss M.  Mul-
FishorcS Sage.-        * ,    .„ ,       ,
riiuey and. A. Norman, formed a
Premier*MoBride  is  schedule/! | m0imtajii'.piirnbing piirty last Sat-
to speak at    Enderby   to-morrow lmiay< nil(] BCaled the heights of
night. (A number from Armstrong tne mountain to the rear of the
will likely go up to hear the pre- Mulraiiey farm,
niier.   He is accompanied by Hon.       , . , .       „ ,
RP   ,. ,. e -.   . A special meeting of the ninnici-
. r. Ween, chief conimissioiier      , .,        ,  ,,_      ,
of lands and works. -   '   t P»l council was jield r,,esday even-
nig for the purpose of considering
Albert Norman arrived last week financial matters.,, A petition ask-
from Cornwall, Ont., on a visit to ing for tile erection of nn  agricnl-
his'brothers   here..     He  reports turni hall was received.   Thecoun-
henvy snow-storms in all the east-; ci[ thnn adjonrhed till  Monday,
em province*, and in arnch pleased November 20
with the coiitt** ot onr climate. I" ,4, .     ......
Be will spend tire winter in Arnr *•**•* to ■"J* *■ tact
rtromJ that Petet Grant while out hunt-
. ing dee* ihe last ot the Wees 8YI*.
By far the most fcuccestrful ot thej tateed ah injltfy to Mg bfokell limb
quadrille club's dances yet BSW whioh wijj iay him up again for at
was that of last Friday night. lengt a month The tendons were
Fully fifty couples participated, ■ broken in the fnlctnred lilnb and
many being in attendance from the injury is very painful. Though
Enderhy and a few from Vernon, unfortiinnte in this respect Mr.
and nil present enjoyed an evening Gr(mt at leagt ha8 the Bnti8faction
of rare enjoyment. With thejof souring a fine deer,
splendid floor space, good   music I
and goal management, the dances: W* ,lre lnformed th,lt the menl-
are proving most popular among >'rs of St' J"me8' church hawi
all who indulge in tripping the been successful in raising a
fantastic toe. guarantee of sufficient funds to se-,
j cure u resident vicar at this place,
J.B. Anderson, deputy conunis-1 ,m(] th()t Archdeacon Beer has'
•loner of agriculture, spent a few promisea to send a minister here:
days in the district the first of the (ls soon aa possible, The good
week. The object of Mr. Ander- L^ of St ,jame8- church „„
son's visit here was to advise the certainly to be com-ratulated on
management of the Sir Arthur thig notable evidence of the lld.;
Stepney ranch on mutters pretain-1varioemejlt of their church work.,
ing to the planting of the large Rev. Venables will in this way be
acreage of fruit to be set out • by reiieve(i pf a portion of his labors,'
them. The management are deter- thougb there is yet left to him a
mined to engage m horticulture fle]d whlch ghollH ^ q„ito Bn0,^h
along the most scientfie lines, thus; for olle mnh ,0 hund,e mp6ttyt
socnring the best possible results, j
and with this end in view are go-i A" in'P°rtw>t ^.fting « th«
ing to eonsiderabre trouble in the 8oh°o1 tnurtew'ol all the school
selection of the soil and the voriet-1 J*?*"™ the m«"iciPillity iB *f
ie* to be planted nnd  such other! led for Monday, November 20,   in
information as can be obtained,the L °'P'hnl1-■ Tn" ""»*">«"»
from the best authorities in the [ called by the'school board of the
urovince ' -Armstrong district at the instiga-
1 tion of the secretary,.I. M. Wright,
The writer last Saturday had the j who „t „„ timeB digpl(lyg an nctjw
pleasure of making the ao<luaint. interest in matters of education.
mice of Rev. Goro Kaburagi, the j The object of the meeting is the
Japanese missionary lecturer. We di80U9gion 0f the changeg thnt wUI
found him to be a most interesting! be made in the operation of the,
mid well informed Japanese gentle-jgchoolg by the provigion8 of the
man. He is the editor and pro-' gchool aot to come intQ etfect|
prietor of the Canadian News, a| 0„ ,IllI1UHrv L l„ order thnt all
Japanese paper published in,-Van- trustees may be familiar with the
couver and having n large circula- new act th(, idea ig an exceuent|
tion throughout Cu.indn. We re- 0M and ghould result in benetit to»
gret that his address in Armstrong th(, gchof)lg ronceni(!d, At thig
was not given ns per appointment meetm wjl, bl( presented an excel-
tor we are mire the people would i,,lt 0plx,i-tunity of taking the pre-
have been highly entertained nnd limiimry BtBpg tew(jrd the jomJ
instated by heating him. This (ioM of Q lm„licipll lljgh gchoo)
was his hrst trip to the valley nnd a] tho.liaes suggested by Mr.
he was most favorably impressed Wright in these columns a few
with our country. - weeks ago. I
British Columbia  Staring in
General Move.
The Winnipeg Free Press in II
late issue published the following
from n British Columbia correspondent:
The first blush of returning prosperity is becoming apparent on the
industries and enterprises of Brit-
isb Coluinbin. The indications of
this are manifest on every side.
The recent history of British Columbia lias been very largely a
catalogue of woe. No sooner was
u rich silver mining district discovered thnn thttBVMMP of silver
dropped out of sight. Still there
was lead at n good price and with
a good market, while copper-gold
und c:jul .-nine to the front to stir
up enterprise. The copper boom
in British Coluinbin bus never
Im'cii thoroughly understood or
fuirly interpreted. Many people
think thnt the people ot' British
I'oftmihin wvre responsible for it.
and ilcmt'iiiled ii|hhi Ihe unwary
east with all joy and triumph that
illumined the Israelite who gnt. nu
opportunity of sp.nling the Kgyp-
tiuns. As'n mutter of fad, British
Columbians are as much amuzed
and dumbfounded ut it ns anybody
else. It WHS really an ott'shoot Of
that specolutive movcmellt 111 the
United States which bus certainly
inspired the pen. if it did not turn
the wits of Mr. Thouius Lnwsou, of
Boston, and was far more largely
a product of- eastern manipulation
than of wester^adventure. When
the eastern movement collapsed,
mining development in British
Columbia collapsed nlsoi TJjeJ
lumber output was still large. Bftt
over production of rough lumber
on the American 'side kept prices
down to u limit, which put mills,
thnt hud credit into the hands of
the banra, and those that Jind tjbne
into the hands of the sheriff.
'•Today an extraordinary change
has come over the spirit of her
dream, It would be hard to assign
a general cause for this. A number of particular causes seem to
hnvc contributed to n general rr-
Slilti The Dominion government:
saved the lead situation by a
j bounty. But a bounty limited in
time add amount could not in the'
nature ot thing* entme much ex.
pniision, or in vestment of capital.
No*, however, lend ha* fclowly and I
Steadily tisen in price till the;
bounty is almost extinguished, and .'
a steady and high world market
.gives security'for all possible expansion and production. Old |
mines are being reopened and old
smelters rehabilitated as a result.
Then zinc.instead of n detriment
has turned out to be a factor of
i/reut commercial vnlue. Hence
activity and a beginning of dividends Then as to copper, during
the Amalgamated boom copper
was ut 17 cents a pound by artificial manipulation. During the reaction 11 cents. Now it is lficents.
For a low grade copper mine 111
cents means starvation, but ltt|
cents large and steady profits. In
lumber the congestion relieved
itself, nnd the demand being still
good, it is to be believed the lumber
men are no longer discounting
notes they cannot pay ou.t of the
proceiils of their business.
"Prltlllfllt.    t_f*-   it, -.vioi^iynt.-*
r»r.- t.t......ii;.^  l*)4 c:i-itil-    This
is seen in the. building of railways,
smelters and mills, the "in-nini; of
new mines and old ones, as well ;ib
in the reciriergeiu-t' ivith nn actual
vain.- ,.f investments long counted
total loss.
But there is another movement
on foot for British Columbia eventually more important tfc.-m any of
those, the movement of ]>eo|ite on
to the laud. This taovomeut is
co-op limit:' with ami partly the result of the rush of immigration to
Manitoba and the- new provinces.
The comparative cheapness of fruit
land compared with the State of
Washington, the huge market, and
the good prices obtainable, have
a w»k»m«l people to the opportunities of intensive farming, particularly fruit-growing.
The meaning of this to British
Columbia is important, but it also
has some meaning tor western
Canadir its a-«/■*&>'. Tho a—i.ut
pcvpnlntMa ft sfsHasI CiiaasWn is
not over a qoartwr of « mitlios. is
chiding Indians nnd Chiacar, Bat
if setttemmit is atMrnl to ibA*
ilevekaMssat tsaa Dm asast be a'
great movement in the Pacific province, a movement which will bring
it into line with Manitoba, Saskatchewan anil Alberta, 'nnd greatly
help to augment the importance of
the west in the affairs of the Dominion, All that development described is confined to the strip
which lies south of the C. P. B.
nuiiii line. What momentum will
development receive when the great
vacant territory to the north is
Spoiled'tip V"* \ .
A "WiM and WoMg" Tmn.
A recent visitor to Oroville,
Wash., says there ore abont 800
men working between there mul
the boundary line, ou the V.V.& E.
in the Similkameen valley, and
good progress is being made
though there is now some heavy
rock work. Oroville is described
as exceedingly "lively", owing to
the ease.with which Indians may
obtain liquor, us well as the navvies on construction, of the railway.
' .St«KHNC«*0dS.
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Fence Wire || Heating Stoves
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, Stove Pijx-s
Sheet Copper
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Raw Oil
Machine Oil
Coal Oil
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White Lead
Furniture Polish
#D*y Oolors.^-
ijtams etc.
I       .. AT THE..
■ Armsiroinj Hardware
[..Plumbing works..
ROMS and MjMjfJS
Cold weather is coming.
You will need' sometfiihg in Hrose
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Is the very best obtainable in this
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stove wood! I
Cold weather any come
nit any time. Okder your
wood now and bv-|)iepared
Dry wood $1.50.       Greta $1.25. |
Per Rick, imy length. i
Plense state length *h.a oidcring	
I have been appointed District Agent (or—
and commissioned tn sell them at TKX DOLLARS EACH for « mtmtfaH.
These HeltH are made by the J L Stevens Sons, Lonii'io. Knghnd,uid
tire ({iiurunteed equal to a fe40 belt and -10 times bi&ter than it €Fi
one.   Tbe regular price is $30 each..
R. R. BURNS,        -       -        Armstrong j
^—WMksaie & Retan=
All kinds of Fresh mid Cured Meats always in stock £
Fish nnd Fowl in senson F
Bes tPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry. >
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Geo. Murray, \
Poultry Wanted PrOO. \
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F. X. DAXIELS, Agent.
Pipe l> Pipe Fittings & all Kinds of  Plmnbing.
To the Ladies or Ahmstwjxu axii Distbiilt^-o
I take plensure in nnSouning that I um owfc in
Aniistfong, and am naain prepai^tl toilo Dressmnkiu>» in
nil its branches and accordifig to the latest styles.
I solieit the patronage of my old customers also new ones.
Stop next im to ?ith« « Sagt'i ReaF tstate Office.
Chas. Heinze
Su.cem.ortoO.I. WALLACE
Practical Horseshoer and
Armstrong I
C. T. D AYKIN, Prop.
Our Boot and Shoe Department is the
most Complete ever shown In town.
Below we show a few samples of
some of those we have.
By   the   use  of
Carpet Squares,
Taney Rugs
and Door mats.
We have n splendid line of
these goods in stock. There is
a large range of prices nad-the design* will suit the most fastidious
Boys' "Buster Brown" Suits
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BriDsSdteKttfe feBow to «ee tnera
know you will buy one.
Groceries ore frcslr and Clean.
t _  .  u
I The Leading General supply store of Armsfrono. 1
Locals That GCI Business    Auction Sale.
, Get into onr $12 to $15 suits Tliemiiiuigenieutof the Stepney
while going nt $7.00. Armitnge* rinch having deeded to engage
McLeod. more extensively in fruitgrowing,
i) .ti., ii- ,,. ,.•   niiicim ris   there will be sold at the said ranch I    _,       ■■,.«.       _   «,
JSS hair    l!  «!    W     I «"*■ *«* «»«• °* Enderby on      ..NtW WCSlffllllSleP, B. C.
Armstrong's. WEDNESDAY.   NOV. 22. 11105. Instruction given in Music.
_ ,.     , . ,   , i-..,,,. i,    •     i-      ,i Art. Physical Culture. Elocution as
See our big shirt   tor working the following live stock: wull ,|s „ M (.(ml,si, for TeBchen<
men, at $1.00.   Armitnge nnd Mc-     Fifty aimge cows in cnlf to pure- Csrtitientes, a Commercial or Bns-
Leod. bred phorthorn bulls,     About ten iness Course, and full course for
_     ... oi i   ■  ■    • .     of tbesp hnvp bffiii milked the B. A, of Toronto University.
Special price on S liter s mvictns or tnesi n.iu oei n iuiim.i.
ipu,i„ O nnrl   4 vmir nl.l   In.if..ru   rnr fuller infnrinatwn write to
shoes, $4.00.   See the assortment.      IhirtyJnnd  H-yenr-olcl  heiters
Armitnge & McLeod.     '» calf to pm-e-bred bulls.
Forty    yearling nnd  2-yenr-ol-.l
Something warm   for  $1.00   to
$1 .nil per suit in  underwear,  both steers.
-ifcMc-     One span   matched   geldings H
SSSLir. j men's NHrade Shoes
at $3.50 a Pair
■hem.. BA..B.D.
. Bursar.
winners at sight.   Arniitnge
The late Lnrkin estate lots, now
years old. weight 2000.
One well-matched   team,
ami gelding, il years old. 2H00.
owned by Marshall Lucas, lire now     ((mj wen_TOwtchtjd driving team
on the market    see  1
& Pi
One team geldings 8 years  old.
agents for them. Twn bro()l] n|.|lvs h| iV,*.,j to Clyde
I'elly & Pelly are selling the late stallion "Good as Gold".
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned by One aged work-horse   Two good
Marshall Lncas-   tho] most desir- general purpose horses,
able lots in town. Fifty euro-bred Shropshire ewes
There is „nly on.-line   or  make in lamb to high-priced nun.
pf-"Fiinions" stoves made in Can. T"««'    P«re.bred    Shropshire
win.   VV\ .1. Armstrong sells them r""is - >''':,,>- "M
Call and see them.
Fifteen pure-bred Angora does
in kid.    One pure-bred buck.
Two pure-bred. Berkshire boars
2 years old. Three pure-bred
Yorkshire hoars 0 months old.    1
(NURSERIES     't-'"-'"! "f *"ir", lmf 6fnv'
■ Two good Yorkshire brood sows.
""~~"""~——~Also a number of fnrin implements, including one 12-horse
Pitts power on trucks, binder, etc.
  TERMS   AU'of 425 and tinder,
B. C Grown Fruit & cash.   On sums over that amount
Vancouver, B. C.
Men's high cut, luce boot)
black or tan, vlscolized upper and
strong sewn durable soles, bhicb-
er out, bellased tongue, an ideal
boot for Miners, Prospectors, etc
A 1. value nl $7.00. ' m pa
Specinl *•*"
I Send for Catalogue.
"       Department Store
V«ncouver B. C.
by mail
We- will place on side KKK) pairs Mens Highest Grade, Box Call'
shoes. Blncher cut, with extension soles at 3.50 a pair. These goods
are made to our Special order and have no   eiptal ill   80.    Some   are
leather lined: some -with rubber heels, and some with heavy duck   lining	
Greatest Wet Weather shoo in Canada to-day. being made with extra  heavy, oak soles
Price to Kvenfftady for one week only ' .'	
$3.50 a Pair.
a credit  will  be   given   of   three
months on approved noter bearing
ah£pploi£,recs' 2 '^ V"'" "^ !lli,'" interest at the rate of 8 per cent.
•20 per 100, according to viim-tv.     One *
year ulils, i to 6 feet, $10 to Sill! per 10(i.  ,'i per cent off for ensh.
Large Importation of Hullis from Jul-!    Sale begins at 10o'clock.     Free
an, Holland and France. \ rjg8 wi]| m(Jt.t tnijll form t)le nortn
Extra nice stm-k ofJCherry, Pem-b,  nf Enderbv
Plum, Apricots, etc. now growing for _'.,..,„„   .
fall orders.        . 11 FRANCIS, Auctioneer.
No expense, tosscr delay of fumigation  ,_^_^—————————
or inspection.
Let me nriee your  list   before plucin,
your order.   Catalog free.
Ornamental Trees.
wall Paper..
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
from which I am' in a  position to
The Advance now  has  a  big.       fill orders. (511 short notice,
supply of butter paper.   Anyone
fcOlOWeatminster Bd, Vancouver.
taffies' Shoes.     Special mail Order Sale.
For One Week Only.
THE WELCOME SHOE, nuide in Boston, with patent
tip and heavy extension soles This is a beautiful line which
■we will sell f< r one week lit $1,1)5 a' pair.
have projecting onk soles, regularly ,sold for $8150. Our
'.price #2.25
.fur trimed, usually sold at $1.50.   Our price i!5c.
"We Carry a $35,000 Stock of
Shoes, Send to Us for
Your Next Pair.
making any quantity of dairy bnt-
er will f n 1 it iinys lo  have their
butter nut. up in neat printed wrap- Sign Writer. Painter and Decorator
A. J. Lapworth, j 409 Hastings St. Vancouver, B. C.


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