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The Armstrong Advance 1906-04-27

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 '        ,. ■■'v',ul,V,;   ^S
ij-'S    APR 30 1901
</£to ni a. ^
Armstrong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.	
MUM ii nc Mentis M ftrasirMg hi Mtirici, Ut CMccsi Hrttu M He Mnu Hau§u van*
NO. 2.
How Do You Do
Without the Goodi You Should be Buying Here.   Don't
Without the Goons You Should be Buying Here.   Don't
Get the ides that the
Warming' Up
Of the Weather U Going to Cause any Lessening of Our
Efforts to Provide for Your Comfort * Welfare.
Lots     ot   SPECIAL   WANTS  In   Summer
Here Is  the PLAOE to Have Them  FHted
To our style of Hats & Cap* In all the latest shapes
By Wearing  our Special tines of fine
Nedllrfe   Shirts
Ties.    Gloves,   Hosiery, Shoes
Clothing to Suit   the Very
Get   your  SUMMER    SUITS  made
Now and be in the Majority
The Oholoaat Assortment of TWEEDS and
Worsteds to Ohoose from.
Get them at
§     ^^flrmitage $ Paul's,
M   The Leading Gents' Furnishers JM
^ooBssa i—i ii iQOsty
OK Big
-^^ win soon se Here I
And everybody will require to shed their winter garments
and procure something light nnd CHEAP.   So the
place to get them is nt the
Big Store
Ladies Corsets,   Drawers
Night Dresses, summer
Corsets St Canvas
1 Mens & Boys Balbriggan underwear per suit
Flannel, and   extra  light
Tweed Suits, White Flannel
Yachting Shirts Canvass
Shoes & Dusters.
BECAUSE it helps to advance your district.
BECAUSE it is tho only means to get the news;
BECAUSE it is owned nnd published in Armstrong
Despite the Awful Destruction of Earthquake and Fire, the Golpen
Gate Gty Is Already Rebuilding.
The great calamity to the city of'thirds of the city Buffered destrne-
San Francisco reported in our Inst tion.
issue proved on the receipt of morn, The loss of life is variously esti-
| complete details to have been quite \ muted, but reaches into the hund-
' as bad as originally reported, and t rods, while the property losses will
I goes down in history us one of the' amount to in the neighborhood of
j worst cntr.stropb.es of tho age.! 1400,000,000.
I The damage by tho earthquake I The people of the stricken city
| itself was not perhapB as great as were rendered practically homeless
'at first reported, though in this re-1and in ninny eases untold sutTer-
| gpect very great havoc was wrought ing ensued.
I to the city. While not nil the The famine and suffering has
i business blocks were destroyed as j been quickly relieved by the gen-
j originally reported, a large percent-1 erous manner in which relief has
age of them were to n greater or j been given the unfortunate city.
less degree badly damaged by bo-' Congress at once voted 11,000,000
ing completely shattered or partial-. for the relief fund, which haBbeen
(ly shaken down. The greatest very generously augmented by
' damage to property, however, was' donations from other states, cities,
1 occasioned by the awful lire that and philanthropists of the country,
i raged throughout the city. Fires j while our own country has re-
| were started in all portions of the j spouded to the call by generous
! city by the turning oyer of stoves, ■ donations from all Bources.
gas jets and from various other Hardly had the tire been got
I Bources, and for many days the under control until from the
I flames raged throughout the best' smouldering ashes of the once
! portions of tlie city, dealing denth proud city began the work of re-
! and destruction in their wake, construction, and already nil efforts
| The water pipes having been de- are turned towards the rebuilding
| niolished by the earthquake, the; of a greater San Frnnsisca than
| Bremen were helpless in their ef- ever. All available idle men have
j forts to check the spread of the been given work in^tlie quarries and
i tire, and many tine buildings were in clearing away the debris, and in
| blown to pieces with dynamite in spite of the terrible calamity the
1 the endeavor to stop the spread of city of the Golden Gate will soon
tire.   When finally got under con- \ rise again to its former position
trol it is estimated that at least two-1 as the greatest city of the Pacific.
flrtKiroitflfjf Pharmacy.
We have been appointed
agents for the Celebrated
Cowiey's Chocolates
And \ym on Display a Complete Due. $
3fte Ctrmstreng Pfiarmacy, *
R. R. Bums,     -        -       Druggist.
New Era for Forestry.
Monday night proved iin eventful one for the order of the Independent Order of Foresters in the
Okanagan Valley. On that night
the Vernon court admitted forty-
two members to its number, there
"Anti-Graft" on the Road Loan.
To the Editor tlle ADVAKI B:
Within tin1 last two days  I
have hail a petition put under my
nose with the request  to   sign  to
raise $2.*>.(KK) for roods.       Sir, I
being included in this number six  think this  a rank Imposition
Demented Man Leaps from Steatter
Aberdeen and Drowns.
As the Advance  goes to  press
All Berry Boxes Must Be of One
Uniform Size.
the part of the large property hold
ers and savors very much of petty
graft on the part of the  men who
came in early ami got large pieces
of land for nothing.
I hnve a small piece of property
near town. Why should I or others
Indies—Court Okanagan thus being the Bret conrt in the province
to more than double its membership in a single evening and the
first court in the valley to admit
within its ranks Indy or companion
members.   The handsome addition
to this branch of this recognized, [ft,. „,,. be forced   to pledge that
insurance   and   benevolent order for the sake of the large farms?
\vas the result of two weeks work j    jjije ure .,u uwimj tiiat the town
of Deputy Supreme Chief Ranger i col,i(i not ,:xi8t without the fanners
  ., Irvine, assisted by the enthnsins- gnt hardly a mail  in  town   is in
following statement for ti0 members of Court Okanagan. i the position that he could not
(Thursday afternoon) we hnve re- j publicationhas been received from m which is included the present! move his stock. The small land
ceived news of the burning of the Mr. Maxwell Smith, Dominion High Chief Rnntrer R. W. Tim- holdings would not matter H
Kelowna saw mill last night.    No; Frnit Inspector: ' miiis.   Mr. Irvine has spent theheft them,
particulars are available. ! "As there seems to be considerable pa3t month at Vernon and Kelowna     Wejalso know that a farm is not
We are also informed that aialarm and-some misunderstanding'mui during this time has proven north a cent if yon cannot market
mail by the name of White, from as to the Dominion Government's, himself unquestionably a most the crop. Such being the case let
Penticton, being taken to the in-' intentions re the enforcement of successful worker in the interests the big landowners who nse the
sane asylum, gave the officer in the existing laws regulating the'. 0f the order he represents. A roads pay for them. Any man who
charge the slip and jumped from. fruit trade, it might be well to say number of the members of Court oniy owll8 a town lot or np to 10
the lavatory window of the steamer; thnt: In addition to my other ( Armstrong availed themselves of acres who sign the petition is crazy.
Aberdeen today, between Kelownn duties, including the enforcement !m jnvitition to attend and witness They are simply providing roads
and the Landing, Being heavily; of the Fruit Marks Act. I am in- j tlie CL.remony of Monday evening. for the heavy loads of the big
shackled, he sank never to rise. IstrnoWd to enforce sections4audi5. mmnt, those attending from here, ranchers. Whereas any ordinary
Religion is given ns the cause of of the '-Act respecting the packing oe;u>, p.e, Wolfenden, P. H.C. R.: rou,i would do for the small land
the unfortunate man's condition,    j and sale of certain staple commodi- j ^y .christian. P. C. R.;   C. L, j owner witn  his  fruit   and  small
—  j ties   litOl",    as   amended   1905.; christian, C. R.; Rev. H. .1. King, loads of garden truck.    As for the
The Promising Okanagan. Section fi of the said Act states j w -r .Holtby, Geo. Murray and town people if they do not sign
j that "Every box of berries or our- j Eugene Rhinn. A very enjoyable against it to a man it is queer t o
Rosslnnd, April 24.—F.A.Hewer j rants offered for sale and every Lining was spent by the local me. They have every chance to
has returned from the Okanagan, berry box manufactured nnd offer- membere and there were evident make it n beautiful spot and could
country, mid is full of enthusiasm, ed for sale, in Canada, shall be j m(mv instances of the spirit of (U) it ou all average outlay of $.1
concerning the prospects of that j plainly marked on tho side of the fraternity that exists between the per lot and nsk no big land owners
Bection from a fruit growing stand-, box. in black letters at least half an j hrethern of the courts of the two to help them. Not om
point. Mr. Hewer says it will be I inch square, with the word "Short' j toWn8; Mr. Irvine expects to
a section where people who have unleg8 it contBiiis when level-full i spend some time here next week,
mnde considerable money will set- j ^ near|y „xuctly as practicable
tie down on twenty und thirty-ocre' („) at least four-fifths of a quart,
fruit forms, on which they can get
a good ami steady income from the i f^U will allow
Bale of the fruits. To show what ^^ fo^ m hnm]
good profits there is in fruit, he ol. importing berries
snyB thnt on twenty-eight acres on; which (lo  ]|ot comply
or (b) two.fifths of ii quart."
those   having
or who may
in   boxes
with   the
the ColdBtrenm ranch *21.(XK)worth n^o regulations "to"dispose  of i vince.
! of fruit was sold. lgame by" sim,,|y  m:irkinK them
"Short", but 1 strongly recommend j MAMl. ■ 1/
that no more illegal boxes or  bas- |f|vliVrtI
in town ever use tin- roods and it
_^^^^^^^__ is a matter of perfect indifference
when it is expected several new to most 0f them how a rancher
members will be added to Court get8 i„ s0 [ong „s he does. The
Armstrong. The I. O. F. is one of roads do not worry them as they
the leading fraternal insurance £now Wl. m,]8t got tl, town with tho
companies of the Dominion and stuff or starve,
its membership is quite justly Thanking you for space, 1 am,
very rapidly increasing in this pro- Yours truly
Public School Promotions.
The following promotions were
mnde in the Armstrong school nt
ToSr.4th-B. MePherson, A.
Patchett, E. Simington, H. Murray, R. Hunter.
From Jr. Class to 1st Primer:—
Alfred Watson, Edith Gray, Don:-
tha Bourne, Elsie McDonald, Vora
Batho. Pearl Reil
The high school department haB
just received a small set of chemical and physical apparatus and
drugs from Toronto. This was
much moled in both high school
and entrai ce work.
kets be purchased or manufactured.
The justice nnd convenience of
having uniform standard packages
must appeal to all fair minded
persons and no undue hardship
will be imposed on those who endeavor to get into line as quickly
as possible. I shall continue to
exercise the same discreet moderation as has characterized my official work in the past, bnt there
must be steady progress toward
full compliance with all the fruit
regulations in order to insure the
fullest measure of harmony between growers, dealers, consumers
and inspectors."
April 3D. .15 ••cite*
—under the auspices of-
The Armstrong Lacrosse
madamme      j
The Australian Operatic Soprano
miss tielen munroe,
The Great London Concert Singer, j
TtOKETt 7Bc and BOo
Tin- public is hereby notified
that the Blacksmith Shops of the
undersigned will be closed every
Wednesday nfternobn during the
,-r b(
ginning on
-ors '
. N
CLAYTON. The Advance
AfiMBTRONG IS. C. tennis club is being talked
  among those who indulge in this
exhilirating game.
Subscription fll.fiO i»-r yeur in advance,
it not raid in sdvsnoa fcl.uu.
Advertising rata given nn application
Mrs. C. Gonlon, of Vancouver,
\ has been a guest of Mrs. T. K. j
! Smith during the past ten days.
j    Mrs.   A.   McCulloch,    of   Sic;
ainous. BiK'iit seveVid d yB of the
past week as the
L, J. Crozier.
guest  of  Miss
Not ins ol ohuroh B&rvlo
Tin. Ailviini-i- in published In the intor-
•-•.tn ot tbe town and district In which
it pxistn ;unl cnniiiilly solicits the I'iit-
Toniii;,' of the public.
John Winslow and   family re-'
tolninentewherenondnjleaion is cljurgcd turned yesterday to again resume
Inserted free.   Other botes st usual thejr r(,si,,(,„w, in Armstrong after I
rates,   ('urns ot thanks ai. ....      . ,      , .       ,     1
1 spending the winter at .Vrowheau.
F". T. JackBoti has recently
greatly improved his newly acquired resilience by new painting,
With other contemplated improve.
ments Mr. Jackson will soon have
hisdwelling among the ranks of
the most attractive of the town.
Rev. .1. Pernio arrived Wednesilay from Cascade for n visit with
his daughter, Mr. R. H. Bourne, ]
and family. Rev. Fertile reports
that he is enjoying his work iu
his hew field, though from the
of climate he has found
nothing to exceed   the Okanagan.
All Oddfellows ore remindod of
the anniversary services of that
order to be held m-xt Sunday..
The inarch will start from the hall
nt 2:80, and proceeding to the St.
.Tallies' church a special sermon
will be delivered by Rev. King.
Every member of the order is invited to join in tin? march, ;
A treat is is store   for   all   who
The petition asking the council
to submit n bylaw authorising the
borrowing of the the sum of !?-•">.-
OfeO to be expended on tin- roads
throughout the municipality in point
conformity with the report of the
commission as published by us
last week, is now being circulated. Whether or not tin-
petition will receive the required
signatures to make tin- bylaw a
reality remains to be seen, but
since the report of the special commission it is evident that the proposition is looked upon with much
more favor than nt the time the
scheme was lirst mooted. That
the sun. proposed to be borrowed tnrn mi to norc Madam Glonden-j
will place twenty miles of the ning and Miss Helen Monroe next j
main roads of the municipality in IMonday evening. Not often anil state of practicdly permanent j Plaoes the B1Z1'of Armstrong favor-
repair, now appears to be reasonably certain, and many who were
opposed to the suggestion be
cause of the belief that comparo-;tho proceeds go
tively very little work could be ac-! lacrosse club,
complished are now inclined to Fencing and otherwise improv-t
favor the petition, As there is to; ing their properties appears to be
be no increase of taxation occasion-1 the fad among the residents of]
ed by the borrowing of the amount. Rosedale and Eastview suburbs.:
since interest and sinking fund is and along with all the other por-1
u_ | ed by n visit of artists oj the rep-
I utation of these two  ladies.    The
' admission  is 7ii and M cents and
the     proceeds     go   towards   the
to be paid from the current revenue,
there would appear to be little room
tions  of the   town   constant improvement is to be noted day by
for any valid objection to the pro- day. Faith and confidence in the
posal, inasmuch as by so doing.; future of the town do not appear
the ronds would at once be put iu to be lacking among the residents
a good condition, the people enjoy-1 of Armstrong.
ing their use during the time in. Dr Vnnkleek has indulged in
which the loan was being repaid. |llblIgh ianohing.. the p,19t col,ple
— *  * ! of weeks to the extent of clearing
Arrangements have about been ! his rive acres just south of town,
completed by the members of the; With stumping powder, Hunk
Western Canada Press Association | Martin's engine and the element
for making their annual excursion j of tire a great change has been
to British Columbia this year. It j wrought in the appearance of the
is their intention to make trips j tract, and its real value as a resi-
through the Kootenays, Boundary dential site can only now be np-
nnd the < Ikanugun, stopping for a
short time in each place.   It is ex
preciated.   It is understood that!
it is the doctor's intention to erect
pected that the trip will lie taken J a line dwelling in the not distant
early in August  providing satis-; future
factory arrangements can be made
with the C. P. R. The most of
the editors comprising this Association reside in Manitoba, Alberta
and Saskatchewan and their visit
to our province will not only be a
pleasure to them but cannot but be
a material benefit to the country.
After their visit the 120 members
will undoubtedly    write   up   the
country which they visit in attractive, and illustrated form for their
respective papers which will be
read by thousands of people, and
in this way will be reopetr-a direct
benefit to the province. We heartily welcome the "boys" to the
Okanagan, and trust their visit
may proven pleasure to all who
avail themselves of the pleasure of
visiting ns.
The glanders is again a live issue
among the horse owners of Vancouver as well ns in other portions
of the nrovince. In an action before Chief Justice Hunter on Saturday by K. Kuppelo, solicitor for
•I. Brooks, an injunction was
granted restraining the authorities
from shooting horses belonging to
the latteruntil after May 16, Mr.
Kappele's contention is that the
Act under which the veterinaries
linve been act'ng is ultra vires and
not applicable to British Colombia,
nnd he has been given until the
afcove date to prove hie case.
R. S. Pelly returned on Tues- J
day from his trip to Kelowna,'
Westbank and other Okanagan J
lake   points.   Mr.   Pelly   reports!
' that Westbank is coming to the
front as one of the important points j
! on the lake.   The C. P. R. has al-!
ready constructed a   large   wharf
j there. J, M. Robinson, of Stun-!
'| inerlnnd, is investing in large
tracts of laud near that point which
will be set out to fruit and sold in'
tracts similar to the plan pursued
at Summerlnnd.
The lirst regular meeting of the^
Armstrong branch of the W. A.
was held ill Sf. .Tallies' church on]
Thursday afternoon, April 19th.
A celebration of the Holy Communion was held, together with nn
interesting and instructive address
by the vicar and music appropriate
to the occasion. A meeting for
business was held after the service I
nt the residence of MrB. Morgan.
The ladies feel a great responsibility rests on them this year if their'
ell'orts to assist the church wardens
in the building of a new vicarage)
and possibly now church prove
successful. The next meetingwill
be held at ;( o'clock, Thursday
afternoon, May 10th, at the residence of Mrs. Becker. A cardial
invitation is extended to all the
ladies of St. .Tamee' church to be
That wo are agents for
De Laval Cream Separators
That we have on
A. I.
Block    of   **>**• GREASE ETC. ETC.
than ever
That we are selling all kinds of  Hardware cheaper
Get Prices and see for yourselves
Armstrong - Dwringwii.
Our Trimmed A
Ready to Wear
Now Ready
5fie tatest Styfe in Veifings
♦Swerytning Heat in laces & Hecftwear
* "Land of the BIG RED*^
Confidence in tbe Growth and
future of Armstrong?
Tf bo, make money on your Confiibnce by securing right
now o few lots iu the new
Fairview Addition
These lots are offered In-low their real value, they are
exceptionally well located, and have splendid drainage. The
soil is the beet adapted for fruit and gardening of any addition that has yet been opened up. We are iiBsured by Conn.
eillor Murray that a good street will be opened up to FAIR-
VI EW within the next month.
(HrWatbll and see if our predictions are correct.
Money to
Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks and roasts a specially.
Fish andgamo In season.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
All Kinds of Carpenter Wort  at
sash, Doors. MOHMtegs ail Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAM1NB.
ISTPlnns and Specifications Prepared.
■   a.n.>.>.a.f.a-f.f-f.|.->-f.P.f.i
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, nil paid up $14,000,000. Rest, 810.000.000
Balance Profit and Lobs account. Sit7it,tt!StS.
PRESIDENT, RlBhi If an.  Lord ilralhcoa.  and  Mount Kor.l,
VICE-PRESIDENT. Sir Cm. A. Drummond, K.C.M.O.
j Spring'...
I Housecleaning
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:-■ London. Eng. -. 22. Abchnrch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,59 Wall Street: Chicago. 188 Lii Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.: St. John's Newfoundland:
BnnkerB and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Ljnen Co's. Bank and Brunches.
A general bunking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
nil points in the United State*. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from  1 upwards nnd interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
Withdrawal   em   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and sohool
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to tbe
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mnil.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
k j ARMSntOMO r. A. Taylor, tub. Agent. KELOWMA
k \C. t. V.iMeOllntock, tub. Aganl. P. Duntenlln, tub. Agent.
Vernon, H.aa|W.
Finds us prepared with
all the requisites to make
the home pleasant	
< -^^Contractors and Builders.
•▼•» ****w*********m,
i Builders.    P
Spring Harness.
• •
Bakery, confectionery
AH kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near 0. P, R.
I havo jnst received tny new stock
and can supply you with anything
you need for Spring Work.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
Patronize Onr JMwmers and Sane money.
=—wiioiesale & Reiail==
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray„
Poultry Wanted PfOp. fi
L.tocai and General..
W. T. Holtby, contractor, was
n visitor to Enderby Monday.
.lay Becker has taken a postion
ns assistant to Station Agent
Kelly in the station.
Armstrong & Leverington's hard
Remember tho concert Monday
.1. M. and F. J, Bird, contractors,
were visitors to Enderby Monday.
Mrs. R W. Kelly nnd  Mrs.  V.
Dickie  viBited   Vernon   between
C. B. Hardy is building th. |
foundation for his new rnmktnc.«|
in Kairview.
Apple ami other trees continue
to arrive and fruit setting is still
in full swing.
A fine warm rain on Wednesilay
wiib just what the fanners and
gardeners hnve been wishing for,
und now vegetation iB making a
very rapid growth,
R. B. Burns started his ice
cream sola department lost Saturday and bos since enjoyed n
goal patronage in this line. He
has made arrangements with G.
Moberly to hnve his freezer turned
by power.
Wm. .lames is treating the Oka-
ware store is being treated  to  a trains Friday.
new coat of paint at the hands of,    John jj.,, ^^ from pentic.
A. J. Lapworth. ! ton Tuesday, where be  has been
O. R. Warren writes to hnve his; working during tho winter.
Advancb Bent to Rnddissn, Bask.,:    Q ,fenBOI] th(J Hlil,.g wlfe mun
where we presume he is temper-1 „„„ U,K tMg wfiflk |ook;Mg ft{u,r ^^^
nnly located. I y^, j,^,,^,, of the company he j pagan Hotel with a new painting,
I With the improvements made to
' both the interior and exterior this
 !<7kal'mgan'.pisB«it^ronghlHhftBont,,,, OkraftgftB >* «le«tinotl
town.   Here's wishing buccosb to Fri(]uy mwnU: ^ fwm      ^ to loss none of its well known at-
the "Red Apple Boys". to tll() (,0)Ml, tractiveness.
Mrs. 0. Latrnce left Monday for I    qji   irnikluiMl   F.  Warren,  of     Mndim  Glendemiing,   the  renowned Australian   soprano, and
The Lacrosse team goes to Ver-1 n-presents.
non next Wednesday  to play the     ,,„,,„ Kmwhy<  „Utor  of   the
return game with the team of that' y,,..,„„
Winnipeg   to  join  her  husband.
Col.   Fnlkliind
Victor'n, came in on Monday for a |
after an yxUM«i«. visit with h«r | visit"with ills sVii at his 017 h"ome|1?lw H^,|''",1Mo,nr^u'„of1 ^°*,Um'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Nor- j i„_stlii.ioH rivor valley
man.   Her br ither, Albert, iiccom-
punicd her ns far as Kevelstoke.
E. C. Watson is making u noticeable Improvement in his suburban
property south of town by the construction of win- fencing, setting
out additional orchard and otherwise milling to its value and appearance. eem.«
1 enjoyed  a good
nplieiir in  the  1. O. F. hall Mon
day evening.    Their  appearance
H. Harding hai decided to sell | h„r„ iB uml„r tllH nUBpict,s of the
off a portion of his tract to "'"llucrosse club und a good attend,
south of Enstview   addition «•><> i aB0B .honld be ont to hear these
some fine residential tracts are now two ^.brated artists,
aviiilable then
Our Stylish
The ice cream season was formally opened last week, and since
then the vendors of this delicious
lish have enjoyed  a good   patron.
' age during the warm days of the
W, H. Tucker was made  happy
C. T. Daykin had n large gang
of men engaged ou Wednesday
in burning his tract west of town.
With the amount of clearing thnt
has already been done, Mr. Daykin is rapidly bringing his tract
of land into subjection, and will
no duubt in time have transformed
attractive fruit
J0hn    HOLWills PRICE STROE.1
\New spring Goods
Are being very much admired.    The ladies declare they
are irristible.   Added to this
they are priced moderately as
is our usual policy They cover a wide range both in stock
and price. In fact there is in
our collection something suitable to every age, figure and
purse. We shall be happy to
show them.
Come in and make your
selections early.
l0tn.8sT>atfttlt«lttSS     Official Direaory
We are pleased to state that the
10-yi ar- ild sen of Mr. and Mrs. W.       .       v
Harry, living a mile soath of town,
is recovering very  favorably from
the effects of his accident of last by the arrival last Saturday of his | it into one of th<
week.   Through his ptny falling
with him  he sustained a serious
injury and fears were at first enter- of Armstrong, nnd nre improving I <Jitlong and  improvements ill
plant that will  insure the jioople
WedneB.|of Armstrong an even better paper
The ADVANOE and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only |1.7o,
tained concerning his recovery.
Master     Harry      Armstrong's
genial  presence
Railway Time Table
(Shusw.m- A. Okanaoan Railway)
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Arrives from Nortb dally except.
The ADVANOE and Free Press for | ajj^ni Booth daily except * "''"'
family from Lacombe, Altn.. nnd I farms of the district. j» yeM for $1 -7B' , B""d"y  !ISi "''"'
they are now full Hedged residents j    The Advanie  has in mini ad-'    Buy n lot nnd build a house of MUNICIPAL COUNCIL,
of Armstrong, and are improving ditions and improvements in the! l'onr ow" in Fftirview
their Rosedale property.                 j plimt tnftt will  insure the ]icople" rent and mnke money on
J. K. Smiley returned "' '— Lf **" ""- u " -■—''» volnes
fnniliar and
j*g diy from Salmon Arm, where he; than we have given in the past.
Fisher & Sage.
been missed from the streets and Ihlw l)e,,ll husy the past few weeks With our large amount of niiver-1 Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
business liloces of the town dur- i making delivery of nursery stock tismg we are compelled to arrange Larkin estate lots, now owned by
ing the paBt week,
Save your  Reeve—A. Schubert.
il»,»  .tan' Clerk nnd nHsessor- 1... W.
int.  rise Tn,,lslm,r |lnd coliect<,r_j
Cieo. Murray. W. Hiillnm,  ,1
Hartwell, tt. It. Main.
M. Wright.
news de-1 Marshall Lucas-
which will not bo allow-1 able lots in town
ed to suffer on account of increased
-the   most desir-
"we'r.^ret"to'Bol(lbyhinl-   *he lnrKfi   number I for added space for the
note that the Armstrong home  is ! of trees being set out at Salmon | partment,
mmin nlaceil under miarantine bv'Arm thU Beason sPenks very cre<'lt     ,      . .
TZk of scarlet fev/r I that - able -* the future of that district advertising patronage.
Harry is the victim.   The attack, «8 n frnit producing section. j    E. J, Gabourel, late   of Stone-
however, is. in a very light form. MePherson & Holtby have been wall, Man., arrived Tuesday, to take]   ,       (^ |(. ^    - lm QJ
BarueB late of Winnipeg ! ■"««** the co,,tract for the '-rfic-! "P "" re8iden0R hfirfi'. Mr' ('ab:: 70 cts per 100.
nrrivedhere he'lal of jKB *»»«*• ,,pw reMmc° to be m.rel, was here some time ago and ; TOct9'^rIW'
Z afarne^btn in trcft I ««cted by F. R; (Jlover on hi. ftne | purch»ed   one   of the Morgan-1
a suitable location where the climate was more agreeable to him
and ofter spending/n  few  days
Circle, Xo. 372,
Order of Cumtdiun Home Olroles, mseta
in tbe I.O.F. hall, st Monday in i-aeh
month,       F. X. DANIELti.teader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
Mail AllRIVBB—
Nortii daily oxeept Sunday     Q18O a. m
South    "      " " 3:90 p. m.
Mail I.kavkb- -
North daily excopt Sunday     .1:t."i p. m.
South     "      " " »: triii. m.
Gleneniina and Falkland every
Monday o:01) p. m.
Spnlliiineheen nnd Hull far on
Mondays .V00 p. m.
Fridays. U-:I0 a. 111
.1. M. WmiiHT. PtkitmastSR
Strawberry Plants.
A large number of Clyot, Mngoon.
Belt nnd   Henry  strawberry
E. Winkler,
Divine Service will lie held every Bun-
day as follows: Armstrong, 11 n.in.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.: Knderliy, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at !i.:W p.m.—Hev. A. N.
Miller, Pnstor.
here wired his family to come.
He is well enough satisfied with
the district surrounding Armstrong
that he has decided to invest in
land and establish his home here.
Jackson tracts, since when he has
had a substantial dwelling erected
and is now here with his family;
prepared to make his future home
amongst tis. He is only one of the!
numbers that nre being  welcomed |
property overlooking the town
from the west. The new residence
will be built according to the original plnus And when completed will
make n dwelling costing near
18,000. ^^^^^^^^
,.,   T   „   .       ,       ,   .      .,    from the prairies.
C. J. Becker   has during the.
past few weeks made 11 most notice- We call special attention this
Simington & Barnett have been j »&* improvement on his 10-nore vveektotheannoiinceuie.it of the
awarded the contract for the property just south of town, by I real estate firm of Elson, iv Kirby.
erection of the new Presbyterian I "Wing the same cleared, stumps 1 The new rjrm was formed the Hrst
church nt Enderby The new I taken out and neat fences erecteil. of the week. While, as they state |
building will be 85x70 feet, built of \ Mr. Becker expects to soon begin; in their announcement, they may
solid brick and designed according j the erection of a commodious; be comparative strangers ' "
to the latest models in church arch-1 dwelling on his property, which is people of this district.
itecture. making when completed j nice|y locnt«1 to* residential pur-
one of the best church buildings | P0^8-
in the Interior. The work is to I A. S. Elsom was one of the first
be begun at once, excavating for j purchasers of the new lots put on
the large basement being already; the market by R. Ferguson, he
under way. The total coBt will be j having purchased four quarter-
about |5,000. I acre lots in one of the most desir
able sites of the pint.    He has ^^^^^^^
Ernie   Root, for    some    years
      branch, has received  a promotion to a train on
^^^        Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, nt
Armstrong.! H a.m.; '/Mm Church, Armstrong, at
•  17:30 pjiu. every Sunday .--Kev. P. Camp-
 --  ■ ■    ■ ' bell, "Pastor ^^^^^^^^^
To Rent—For Sale.   ;         „ 	
Cottage to rent,  also  2 dosien [fXHURCH OF ENGLAND
apple trees for sale, Jonathan and,^
Spitzenberg.   Apply '   St. James' Church.   Morning Prayer
1               "         Tr tr       ' .a        i "n     u'-v Oommunion nt 11 11. 111. and
n, rJAWKIKB Evening Prayer and Sermon at 7:;W p.m.
    -             .every Sunday.
For Sale Cheap.      !
1 Mellotte cream Boparator, good | -—
us new.   Apply to TJOMAN
Sundav se.hixil at 2:30
H J Kino, Vicar
Mauk Hill.
W. O. Nutter, who last fall pur-
to the
both members of the firm are real estate
agents of experience, and hope by
fair and honest methods of busi-
' ness to gain a fair share of the
business to be done iu their line
at this place. Both have invested
in property here and intend to
make their home in Armstrong.
Cabbage Plants.
Early or late cabbage plants. 7iV/1 .
per hundred. Cauliflower $1.00 perj
100    Wood strong plants.
 W, T. Hayhubst.      I JAS
Holy Mass in I. O. P. Hall,
"         h
F thkb Dorval.
Third Sunday in ench moth at. 10 o'clock
Barrister and Solicitor.
Eggs for Hatching.
Single combed White Leghorns, j W0QU VAmihlj BUJCK
Pure  bred.    Setting of   thirteen
$1.50.   Leuve orders at C. T. Day-; -m   TEMPLE CORNWALL.
kin'B store. •*■ •
W. Winkles.       i Barrister-at-Law.
Armstrong MarRets
The following prices are lieing
paid for proiluce by the Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
Carrots,       "
Parsnips     "
Beets "
Turnips      "
Apples, per 40 lb.   -
Celery, per 50 lb.   -
Poultry, por doz.
Butter, per lb.
Synopsis of Homestead Regnlatiou.
A N V available Dominion Lands with-
chasetl eighty acres of the Ronnd I ftlrea(1y oleare(1 them mul haB en''.    . „
Prairie fruit lands, returned here!Rng^1 in farming to the extent of waKennm on tlie.
Wednesday.    He'hasBpent  the!PlantinK the  acre   into  "»P«ds!''l,        ...        , t.     „ _ ..   .
: Mr. Elsoin expects to soon erect thl'nml"lllle-   Arthur McCulloch.
! a rtwidence on his property. the popular head briikeman. iiIbo
.        . *• .       .    .       n. ,.,.,.. expects to be plnceil in charge of 11
ber of   prospective emigrants to     The wardens ol the St. James   ^ ,„ thp ^ Mxm
wport on whnt he considered a j church hnve purchased from John
suitable location
winter in England, he having previously been delegated bv a nuni-
As a result of | Simington four acres off his tract
his extensive travels and investi-! half a mile west of town as a vicar-
gatiou it is expected that a 1111111-! age site. Steps will at once be
ber of these people will now find , taken toward the erection of a vic-
homes in the Armstrong district, jarnge and when this is completed
since Mr. Nutter expresses him-' Rev. nnd Mrs. King will possess 11
self as especially well satisfied j most desirable dwelling place, the
with conditions here. i site overlooking   as   it  does   the
L.W. Patten is continuing his jtown an«1 a ^oocVy portion of the
research for  every   man   in  the j enrronnding country.
.ssssse.ssssesse.wa.ssB Wh'lP
those who have   occasion  to do
business iu connection with the
railway will regret seeing these
boys removed from this line, their
many friends unite in congratulating them on their steady ndvauoe
toward the highest positions in
modern railroading and trust they
will continue until their highest
ideals are attained.
Girl to do light housework and
to assist with children;good wages
to competent person. Apply immediately to
A. A. H.—The Aiivanijk.
Cottage for Sale.
A neat and comfortable cottage
and half acre of ground in desirable locution in Enstview. All the
ground is planted to fruit trees,
  T   G. L.. No. M>7., meets in the
shrubbery and garden plants.  For | ^rdJfp- Ix,d«e Koom' th" HHX,nd
particulars inquire at, or address
-Box H.." the Advance
in the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may lie homesteaded by any
person the sole head of a family, or any
male over IH years of age. to The extent
of one-quarter section of 1IW) acres more
or less.
Entry must be made personally at the
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
11) At least a six months' residence
upon nnd cultivation of the land in each
year for three years.
I2,lf the father lor mother, if the father is deceased) of the homeeteader re-
aides upon n farm iu the vicinity of the
land entered for. the requirements ns to
residence may lie satisfied by residence
u|.ni said hind.
I3|lf the settler hns his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by hint in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence may be
evening of each month at'8 satisfied by residence upon tbe said land
Visitinif brethren cordially invited. Six months' notic.i in writing should
A. SCHUBERT, 11„. given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to ap-
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -   B.C.
Wood Cargill Block.
Cffice Hours: 9:30to li! nnd 1:30 ton
Fraternal Societies.
r*'. N. DANIELS,
miimmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOTICEl
We are requested by one of the To Water CoksumbbS:-
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory. !'■>',or l',"«,"t-
Meets in the Foresters'Hall, Arms-     Coal lands may be purchased nt $10
municipality who owns anything!    R. Francis, of Cromwell, Wis.,'good humanitarians   of town   to:    street sprinkling and lawn taps
li- —a . - attention   to   the  matter of can only be used up to 9 o'clock,
j trong, on the Thursday, on or before the
upon which the council can collect j arrived Monday for a visit of in-
any taxes  for  the  coming  year., definite   length to his daughter,
Although it is necessarily a some- Mrs. B. Francis and family.   Mr.
what lengthy nnd wearisome task, Francis was hero some two years
Mr.  Patten is  making splendid ago, and at that time became very
headway and will soon have the '■ favorably   impressed    with    the
job completed.   It is needlesss to! country, and may now decide to
■ay that many revisions   iu  tht (make his future home here.   Onr
assessment list  of  former  years tine weather is proving very accep'- __ _       —„„,—
are being mnde  and   it is  fairly *We to him now, since the sprinjr j selve* are possessed of  a keener
call _______
teams being left on the streets for
an unreasonable number of hours,
one case in mind being that in
which n team stood from midday
to well along to the next morning
without     feed   or   water.   Such
a. m., between 1.2 o'clock noon and
2 o'clock, p. m., and from fi to 10
o'clock, p. m., daily.
In case of tire all taps shall be
«t once shut off.   r»ere of water
practicss   have   long  since  been j whether inside or outside the town
stopped in the more metropolitan j limits will be governed by
places and unless the owners them-
oertein that on equitable nssesC *•»   ****   «**    backward    all
—?■_-«!-_: 7- IWAT^i-A^
vasees— much more so  than Has weather this spring as we are now
formerly been obtained. enjoying.
sense of regard for their animals
it may become necessary for the
authorities to take the matter up
nnd forcibly pnt a stop to such
cruel treatment.
rules anil infractions will ke dealt
with as provided for by the bylaw.
Geo. Mvbbat,
J. ilAMIMs
Water Commissioners.
full inoou. at 8 p.m.
cordially invited.
Visiting brethren
CORONATION Lodge. No. 48';
I. O. O.F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, CurgiU
k (Vs. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
B. FRANCIS, Rec. Sec.
3»».        i. o. r.
Meeting* at their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   II. Hawkins, li.H.
per acre for soft coal and 820 for anthn.-
cite. Not more than.TJO acres can be
acquired byone individual or company.
Royalty at the rale of 10 cent* per ton of
2,«Oll pounds shall be colleoted on the
groan o itput
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. B.- Unauthorized   publication of
his advertisement will n.it b-: paid for.
Poultry. j'S
horn and Plomcuti  Kc«k Pi ultry and
Some ftxeeptic ui.Uy gx'd young
Era ^^
Cockerels now on band
L.irB.'.'«ne. T. W. MARSHALL. Jas. TEWARD Nami
Stone Mason.
Brick Layer.
I inn prepnretl to do all kiwis of
work in these lines  and guarantee
BsstDBMCKi BpringhiUi half mile north
of Anuatroiig.
Orders inny be left with 0. Addison.
1 have jnst received a Cur Load of I S
tlie Famous
wall Paper..
Wiici art Jcwcffg
Repairing Jj
Leave your (Mere with....
Agent for
Jeweler, Vernon.
1 have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
j. H. warren
Sign Writer, Painter and Decorato fttfnlt NllCS-Brgllt SCBWl...
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave- lac.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
On the
for Salem
160 flcm
1                       CANADA'S
1 mil now prepared to receive I _ .      aa. _i_-
orders for piano tuning and; Greatest    Nurseries
Of Choice land  in Salmon;
Arm Valley; 2 good houses and j	
outbuildings.    Will sell iu block (JJAAll
or in tracts to suit purchasers. ■._ • ...wji
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply on j 45"ACrv
the premises to  i ^^™
Address me at....
3*o. 01. Armstrong,
Salmon flrtti, B. C.
Only half a mile from Arm
strong. 10 acres under cultivation
■ balance good  bottom  land  easily
cleared.   Good frame house, stable
id other buildings.       With  the
I land will be sold  one  team,  three
Nurseries, Greenhouse & Seedhouse; cows, one steer, one brood bow, il
| dozen chickens, and full equipment
Vancouver,    -   B. Ca firm machinery,   Price JoOOO.
Head quarters for
Pacific Coast Grown
Garden, Flower &■ field Seeds
!New oropnow in stock and on lest in
•our Greenhouses. Ask your liiereliant
ior them in Healed packages, if he does
.not handle, them we will mail to you
MOAaaprtod packet, of Vegetable or
Oerden aeede for $1.00
This is our special selec.lon for II. (...
H|a-eial prices on your bulk  seeds.
B. G. Grown   Fruit  and
Ornamental Trees
Now ready for spring shipment, extra
nice stunk of 2 & B yeur Apple trees at
810.00 tier ICOl SISO.IKI per 1000
Maynnrd plum 81.00 each. Itulian
prone, 2 year old fine 825.00 [«-r 100.
Sugar prune 2 year old tineSHO per 100.
Ktill list of other stock at regular prices
Jjet iin- price'your list before plnoing
your onler. Greenhouse, Floral work,
llis. supplies. Fruit packages, Fertilizers, etc   Catalogue l-'ree.
S010Westminster Rd. Vancouver.
.ff you will call nnd see the
Cream Separator
I;  llllillcsl Aw.lld
f WORI.D'.S [All?
i'^v SI. LOUIS :'
Recently Enlarged
25,000 New Words
New Gazetteer of tho World
with more than 8S.0CQ titles, based on the
latest cousua returns.
NewElo«raphlcal Dictionary
eotttalnlurt tho names of over 10.000noted
pontOUB. U.itO Oi'tmili, tU'itili, lite,
Edito<l hvVT. T.HAm.M. Ph.D., LL.T).,
2380 Quarto Pages
NwrKOs.       C00O llluttritions.      Rich Blndbst.
Needed in Every Home
! -FOR
' To sell High Class Nursery Htook in
| l-'ruits and Orniiiuentnls.   Largest list
! of NEW SPECIALTIES ever offered,
START NO W at boat selling season.
Licensed by B.C. Government to srll in
tbe Province.    Big Inducements, Liberal Pav. Handsome Kroo Outfit", Territory Hescsved.   WHITE  FOB TEBMS
and Catalogue, and send 2.y fl)r our:
ALUMINUM    POCKET      MICROSCOPE (magnifies i% limes) and :K1(- for
our HANDY SAW, just the thing fori
trimming trees, outs iron as well as wood
Stone <a Wellington
Foothill Nurseries,
lover 800 acres)
Toronto       - -       - Ont.
If so. it will pay yon to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. Simington
Hive supply store
Is still offering'
Untold   Bargains
To the People of Armstrong'.
stt» wtt* « SUMMER GOODS!
VICTORIA   LAWNS I2J-/-, 15(Jtvutl 20(Jper yil
FRENCH   ORGAND] E', white nnd black 26ff und :!<)'/■
D(1TTED   SWISS   MUSLINS 25ji awl 80j!
COTTON   VESTS 12if, 1S(J, 2<ty and 2lf
UNDERSKIRTS Lace trimmed $1,50, embroidered $1.25
NIGHT   DRESSES J1.25, jSl.BO nnd JS2.00
CORSET   COVERS :i:></, 5<ty«tnd Vxf
and note bow few parts
lit has, how perfectly
simple it in. how easy
it turns, bow perfectly
itskinw, hnw easily it
ia kept clean, tint! how
♦ftrtifiK and durable it
bm, you will at once decide it is the separator
for you. No separator
*ver made such rapid
strides in popularity
sis the Empire. The
■ reason Is that it satinet* every purchaser,
liwk the privilege of
afibnu'iii!' it to you.
Alii-) Webster'* CoIlesUttt Dictionary
ins rases, uco Ultutntlom.
Regular Edition TilOiVj Lv-oi. SLlndinpi.
Da Lu::e Edition B^iSJjx.f; Is. Pi-Intel from
>amei.:-.t-i.rt.tiilil» paper, 2 beautiful Mailing*.
FREE, ''l)ictiotitvrirWr.nk-js.''i:iiutr):jupiiaipUirja.
• G. 6 C. MERRIAM CO., *
Publisher.,,      Spring field, Mass.
Shop next Francis'
There urn two great clawo* or out-door flower-
Ink ulmitj; tha ANNUALS whirl, are grown
train noetteset. ieiuon,and the haudy hkk
UACEOL'S iiiuntu ivlilcli live from year to year.
Wi-are lnrire urowern anil i>ol lectors of both
elssses—U year* experience---and we offer ail
the best HARDY varieties. Bend for our MM
HEED OATALO0, which Includes also TESTED
VEOETASLE SEED. Remember we are tbe
largest growers of HTHICTLY HARDY fmlt
mill ornumentiil tret'n nntl plants In the United
rjtitttw. EBtitbllHbed 1MW. 1!M Acres.tVH E1UEE
CATALOQB. WHeUabloAaents Wanted.
. Tbe Jewsll Hsrierin, Boi 61     Uke Cilj, U\n.j
J. W. Christian,
Bnttermoker at Creamery.
1 MoCormiek Binder, 1 Bmntford
Mower, I Funning Mill, 1 Strnw ('utter.
1 tiorso Power, I Hot. Trucks, new, 1
Top Buggy 1 Set Logging Sleighs, I
Skidding TongB, Corner DinclSj Double
Trees, Cftnthook, 1 Ctiltivatcr.
Cheap for cash or on approved notes
at three months.
Okanagan Fluur
Mills Cn. It
B. C.
millers of a flour
Deering machinery
Feed Grains of All Kinds
to the Public that we
have opened a ...
Real Estate Office In Armstrong
Thoboh We may b« strangers to the most of the farmers who liuvi- property
tor mile, wu are not new at the Real Estate business, anil we wonlil ask you to
oonsiiler the ailvisibility of listing your lands with us at once. We have many
clients coming to Armstrong within a short time anil we desire to have prepared ns
large a list us possible from which these clients may choose. We are here for
Business and intend to hustle for it.   List your property with ns; we can sell when
others fail.
We Have Private
Funds to Loan en
first «   «
Come in and See us.
* Office in the *
Agents for—


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