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The Armstrong Advance 1906-09-28

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^   OCT l-«06    j
U/>e Annstron^i^^vancef
 and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
Svbacrlalion St. SO tn Advance
Otherwlae S2.00.
we Mill Lead
Anything von Eat or wean
in the
School Days are
Rerc Jlgaitt —
for the
A Few More
Alio Second Death which May
Have Been Suicide.
Kernon has unfortunately during
NO, 24,
Armstrong's Exports Eighteen Cars
tn One Day.
_„ — .. shipping point
tho past few years made a record ranks as the leader of the Okana-
for the town in the number of sui- j gan valley. This Is largely due to
cities that hnve been committed the vast variety of products of
there. The. latest instance, if whioh the country surrounding is
indeed, not a double one, was lust j capable of producing; its output of
Tuesday, when there occurred one ! exports not being limited to one or
ciiso of plain suicide am! a sudden only a few varieties of products as
death, under circumstances which'some other points in the valley.
mysteriously resemble those of | whose product are confined entire-
suicide. The Brst referred to was ljj to frnit and to only certain
the Btiioide of u rancher from the varieties of that.
west sldo of Okanagan lake hy the A significant ami noteworthy
name of Harold C. Thompson, who \ evidence of onr claim as the lending
took his own life iu the Vernon exporting town of thevnlby was
Hotel by shooting with a88-oalibre gjven on Wednesday last, when
revolver. No reason was left for anyone observing enough to notice |
the rash deed. The other death injght have seen on the sidetrack
was that of Alex Duncan, whe was hire no less than eighteen cars
found dead in bed by his young bpihg loaded at one time.
Bon during the samo day. By the; That with which they were being
side of the bed was found a bottle I loaded included products produced
which hml contained a sleeping; from the resources of the limned-
drug, an overdose of which would , iate district and comprised wood,
have caused his death. He was lumber, wheat, flour, hay. potatoes
between 45 and "ill years of age, land other gulden and Held products.
and was a respected citizen of the j ^ne loading was being done by the
city. His wife and daughter left Okanagan Flour Mills, the Arm-
only a few days previous for a visit strong Saw Mill, the Farmer's
to Scotland. Exchange, the   several   business
firms of town and farmers who
were shipping on their own liehalf.
Besides these products shippec
cut in car lots there aredaily largi
quantities of dairy products, poultry, beef, pork, vegetables, etc;, to]
„., ., .,     T      be seen going out by express on
prairies.     \\ hile   away  Mr.   Lei-j ajjjaajjjjnajjj
took occasion to notice some things j
in connection   with  the sale and ,   ,    ■-;,          ,             . ,
,        , „   , ,            , suong during the week amount to
., .      ,    ,          ,          , many    thousands  ol    dollars    we
thing he harmd was that our fruit .,,'    ,             .      :     n           *
,     ra, .       ,              , will endeavour  to give the exact
is  subjected to  nvi-c 1  tough  and ,     .  ,,          ■    c , 1
,,      ,      ,,.          „.,      h amount at  the end ol th
reckless handling.    The fruit   "
In the Place of Blue Stone
a a a TOP mam
*****— Smut on Wheat.
Less,    Easier   to   Handle,
Better Results.
No. 1. $1 per lb.     No. 2, 75c. per lb.
(One lb No. 1 makes FORTY GALLONS solution)
eJfie Armstrong Pfiarmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -        -       Druggist.   ^
Okanagan Fruit Misused.
H. P. Lee returned the last of
thujweok from a business trip toi
Winnipeg and other cities on the
j every, day's
Taken  alto
get her the shipments out of Arm- ^"-es. which  were
The Vernon Exhibition. , Ml] F(.llmvs evCTVwhere
All Toronto turned bnt to wit-
A liberal contingent of the resi  ,„.B9 the proD(] (ligp,     am, ,, .
dents of the Armstrong district wn8 notMng th;|1 th,.c,'tiz„,13 ,.„,,,
Itook m the closing day of the do left undone to show their
: Vernon fair last Friday, The fair appreciation of the sh.w provided
is   reported  as   having   come  off ,,„ „„.,„.    „ „ (||)|,btfll| jf ^
most sncoessfiilly except-that the WI1H ,,,,r ol.„  lntwsti
I sports, such  as  baseball, lacrosse. ,,.„„,„„   ,„ Toronto. and
baloonascensioiis, and other events thera was never one which attraet-
loudly advertised In the entertain-  „,| so ,,„.„,   ;m   ,,,,,„,.„,„.      p ...
nier.   line   failed  to materialise, fonr hoM8 the proceMkm hf>k] thi.
and the amiisemeuls were  limited  attention of the whole city
|to those   afforded by   the  horse!    Theeleotion of t,O.O.F orHcnrs
:h were confined almost
entirely to the horscsof the valley.
T!„. , „l,ibitc
o ten dumped off the cars in "any l]w .Mst.rtkvi th,t Armstrong is at
old way and left exposed to theileflat Ue nM 8elf<Bupportiig
heat, ol the sun for eight or ten ^ ^ t,|nt th(. .„„„„„, of th(,
hours, which must seriously damage a very large proportion of it
maaaaammammmammm'i' ■ HH^H
.Were very good and spoke   most
amount at the.end of thosensonWvorabl?f ot U"' Posirfbilltlt)s   of
the district.    Though the quantity
and it is reasonably safe to venture [,
Another gross injustice done to!
| Okanogan fruit is  the custom of
laiount of  the shipments outward
-quid those of the   conuuoditic.
bhipped in for home consumption,
This is a record  that few places
j displaying poor, inferior fruit from ■ ,l;|V(, ,() t]l(>ir &eS[i m|ll onp* \lm{ part, of th
j otherplttcc-s iu packages from Ok-, nmms - promiail)^ futlm, for th,
of exhibits was not great the quality was in every way most creditable. The lack of quantity may
be said to have been no fault of
t!'--productiveness of the district,
'but rather a lack of proper interest
in the success of the fair on the
farmers of the district.
anaghn points. 1'pon entering a
store in Moose .law, Mr. Lee no
ticed n lot of poor, half-rotten and
worm-eaten.apples exposed for sale
in Chilliwnck boxes. In the same
way some poor specimens of Moose
.law celery were   found in   boxes "f l'embrok.
town of Armstrong
The "Lord's Country."
Two years ago  Win. K. White
Ont., brother of Hon
Coyotte Creek Water System.
The attention of the council at
their special meeting Saturday
night was largely occupied with
the   consideration   of  the   water
t-       i-u   ' ""'"«'«   uoxes    ---•--■•••■•;--. - ""'"-• mr   consideration   of  the   water;,
Irom li. K. Burnett, of Armstrong. I [ "t('r « hlte. tornied a company to'. BohoU)e propo8ecl by the residents w
Bv such lllethndu na   »!,..=..   : -    buv UVJ ranched   in   tllA Olllimi.riin   -a ../ii    ..     .-,  . ..'
resulted as follows: Grand ^ir-.
E, 8 Conwry. Chicago; fepaty
grand (rfre. John I., f? ' . I
ville. Twin,, grand secretary, John
H. Goodwin. Baltimore. Md..
grand treasurer, ft, R. Muckley,
Thilnd. Iphia. Pa.
Thinks II a Gcori Co miry.
The AiiVAXi.'K frequently receives
letters from distant readers snyiiag
that they are Interested in tin-
paper and through it bavebecom
interested and favorably impressed
with our district. We trust our
readers will pardon us for reproducing the following excerpt from
a letter from aroader in Oregon ;
I read your paper with much
interest and have come to feel 'hat
By such methods as these is perpetrated a scandalous libel on the
reputation of British Columbia and
the Okanagan.
The superior quality of our fruit
is shown by the fact that Chatham,
Out., fruit Bells ut Carberry, Man.,
for $1.25, while Okanagau fruit
brings $1.65 in Winnipeg.
To Import English Laborers.
the country through
reading it. From what we gather
from your coltims you have a very
good country and a progressive
Tt is such bouquets as the above
buy up ranches in  the Okanagan ' 0f "Clurk'a Flats".     The
near  Penticton.    To-day   he   is 'interested in this project include
returning home from seeing the Jos. Shiells, Albert Evans, Thos.
property.tor the seoond time, andjMelllsh, Oeo, Payne, W. J. Mont-     ,
is  enthusiastic   about   the   frnit gomery, C. D, Pelly and J. Randal. U™ illt,|liK,„t ri,ulers that make
valleys of British Columbia,    ihe     Several of these men met with 0„„ ,-„., tlm hi8(,tr,irts ar„
Okanagan is the  Lonl s country the council  Saturday   night.   antl|ol(to1 „,„,   „„,,.„ tn„  m of
he-Sttys, and he ib displaying to ploseilnp the business In oonnec elUtm,   SWl„,t(.r,    Bvldelltly   lhe
his   friends   trom   the Last   '"'tion with the preparation of the   '
aluioiid   growi    near   Penticton. <p80,ft|   by,,lv,    wl,ioh   work   th(I
The almond has a green rind ever munjoIpu] 0lerk now hm |n  band.
  it. but it is a real sure enough I The plan by wh(oh the scheme is
F. Richards, of  Hull Car. has almond, the like of which is grown 11„ bo c,lrril.(1 t|mM1(,h fs ono elcni-
lately written a lett.-r to the mayor ill"° other place In this country,    1(|r ,„ thl|t   (m    whi(,h   ,ir„ilmg,.
Aiivaxi K since its coming into existence has done soiiu- goo! iu its
aim to advance the interests of the
district in which it is published.
To be Sacrificed.
The Mi store Always Leads.
(Uood Cargill Co.,
  WAtAaaam.a.ea^kW '
of Victoria, in which he states that
it is his intention to visit England
next month for the purpose of in-
dncingfrom I.(KM) to 2.(XX) young
men and women to come to this
country to Mini employment, lie
asks a dollar a head from farmers
and frnit growers who desire to
hire these immigrants.
Exhibition Entries Pouring In.
It is the greatest country I
have ever Been,'he said It IB u
place of eternal sunshine, and one
of these days u-ill be famous the
world over. Tin- trees that were a
foot high a year ago on our place
urn now an inch thick, and youl-Agg,
can almost see ihein grow. Wn
are putting in walnuts and every
variety of fruit."- -Vancouver
Rates to New Westminster.
ditches have been constructed
throughout the municipality- that
is, municipality will by s|iccinl bylaw secure a loan for the purpose
of installing tlie system on debentures issued for u term of years,
ie debentures to be repaid by u
special assessment against the
lauds benititted by the system.
I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge.
of thi
son     and     .Miss
Particulars of thi
are in rocelpt of the news
"larrlage of Robert David-
Marie    Ihlgle.
vent are lack.
ing, but we understand the cere,
mony was performed at some point
in the Kontcnay on last Saturday.
They are now keeping house on
the groom's farm on Deep Creek.
The great demonstration which
(Xld Fellowship makes to the world
lathe one overshadowing event of
the    annual    communication,    in
Secretary Bird is beginning toi
be deluged with   exhibit entries 	
coming in for the Armstrong fair1    In   connection   with the No*
on the 10th and 11th prox.     Not, Westminster      Exhibition     the,
only from local residents bnt from Canadian   Pacific   Railway   will lhl'   amiuil1    eom"lu,,il
outside points are .entries being re- make reduced ratos from all points wllIch a" the ho8ts of the foreign
licelved.      ArniBtroug enjoys the in British Columbia, tickets to be Ilo(lgt) m"y '°'UL   When t,!" ,hon8-
the reputation of always paying its | on sale- September 28th to October and nitm- ohost'" r,'Pru8e"tatives of
prizes in full and having what is 4th, good to return till October'       0(ld Fu,,0W8 in ",mo8t ,,Vf!rv
J    "   '    ~" 11th.   The rate from Armstrong; 8ectio" of ,North   Am,irica
will be$12.  A nnmberof residents 7rc^,«tl^«h th'' 8tM K«a,   lnl„L,   fr       hl    ,
from   here    contemplate   taking IToront" 'f/"'lay, Torontoniaus, *g        "«   '",»'   h»  ingenin,
advantage of this verv reasonable ""^"H"?1 fo.r tt,H fin,t tim" how , which hiB numerous
ratotoTtottefoi^ t^^^/T^^r, Vhe note       ' "'" V'"]"y "re *" ta
6 mystic three links, which bind the; "oto
   »  ■■■"•" "
advertised. This reputation will
be maintained this season Every
loyal resident will help to make the
fair a success and thus maintain
tho reputation of tho district,
Patent Secured.
Walter (iardner. the well known
horseman of the valley, has lately
received    United   States   letters
patent ou   his  bridle bit which he
invented  some   time   ago.     We
understand that  he   has already
received very flattering offers from
, manufacturers, ami   is assured a
ing through the streets of        ,    .{      ,        hi    ;
tn hurt Frirlav 1W»W-  h h        h
Went The Advance
i;. C.
EUOENE KHIAN,      .       .       Publiaficr.
BubBoriptlon 8)1.50 per year in advance.
ll not paid in advanoe 12.00.
Advertising rates glvea on application.
Notioes ol ohuroh aervioeB an,I enter
tolnments where no admission is obarged
inserted tree. Other notioes ut usual
rates.   Oarda ef thanks 11.
Tin- Advanoe is published in tin- interests o( the town and district in whioh
it exists and oordlally Bolicits the wit
ronsga ef the publio.
Make the Fair a Success.
His tube hoped the forthcoming
fall exhibition of Armstrong will
at least be characterized by a
spirit of hearty co-operation on
the part of every resident of tin-
district. This in fact is the only
manner in which a local fair can
be made a success. It iB alike
unjust and unreasonable to expect
the committees and officers of the
agricultural society alone to make
the fair the success it should b
if to-day is the one which is burked |
by a property giving reasonably
good evidence of its merits as a
potential mine. The industry in
all parts of the province is forging
ahead without music-. Bags or half
page advertisements to boost it
along, and tlie world will shortly
awaken to the fact that British
Columbia as a mining country is
not only progressing but is to be I
reckoned with in future. During
the nine months of tlle present
year over $2,000,000 have beeni
distributed in dividends by mines,
of tin- Kootenny and the Boundary
and 1,133,298 tons of ore have
; gone through ihe smelters of those
. districts during the same time. It
is the magnitude of these figures
when considered in connection
with the fact that tin-industry is:
hardly out of swaddling clothes
which must draw attention to
British Columbia, in quarters
hitherto oblivious of the opportunities which the province offers
for legitimate mining enterprises.
B. C.'s Fruit Crop.
Maxwell Smith, Dominion fruit
inspector, was on an official visit
to the Okanagan Valley the past
week. Mr. Smith is in consequence of his position one of the
most competent authorities on the
Without making any "odious conditions of fruit growing through
comparisons, it may be stated that 0,lt th" Province- , In " fhort «*• ^ _ ^ _ _ _ _ _ »^ ~s-c-a-*~^~
it is hoped the spirit of disloyalty versation   with   him    last   week Q^^K^^^^^t^^^^^Q
to the fair will not dominate here Iwe ,,ske'1   him for n   9t,ltl'l,l",,t
• regarding   the   crop   throughout
/*'   MENT...
To the Ladies:
I take the liberty of announcing to the
Ladies of the District that my stock of	
Is now ready for their inspection. I will
have no formal Opening Day, but invite yon
to call whenever convenient.
^ Mrs. W. S. FISHER.
^1 lOi IQI 101
All Kinds  of Carpenter WorR  at   reasonable
Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Class.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
SsT Huns mul SpoollloationB Prepared.
"The Land ol ihe Big Red Apple"
We Offer a
*\&H*$k sT* ^*csc»-
en 97 Acres
Mile and a quarter from
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once. -:- Hive us a call.
that was evidently manifested in
British Columbia for the present j
season.    As the impression seems
to have gone abroad that the yield j j
1 of fruit this season is  consider-1 (
below   the     average,   Mr. j |
connection with some of the neighboring fairs already held. Busiuees
men of Vernon announced hiBt
week that their fair was far from
the success they should  liked to "   y
have Been it all because of the Smith'8 "tff »"* be taken a8
failure of the people of the district j m0Bt g™«fying- & ™> to th«
to cooperate with the management j ^ecl thut while in many places
in supplying exhibits. This isno!local conditions during the last
doubt true to a very large extent,! 8Prin8 were Buch a8 to render tho
for it can not well be doubted that \oto- in 8ome P"*tenlar sections
the district surrounding Vernon is' comparatively light, this was not
capable of presenting a much more true.ot the Provinoe aB tt
credituble display of products than I TakinK tne
various fruit diatrictB
collectively, Mr. Smith stated that
this year's crop was a very good
one, quite up to the average of
even the best years. While this
is true of the quantity, the quality
this season is generally very good.
There Is a very largely increased
acreage of bearing fruit trees this
season over past years, which will
continue to grow ench season.
With the enormous markets near
at hand, however, no noticeable
decrease in the demand for horticultural products is anticipated.
B. C. fruit growing is as yet only
in its infancy.
The Bulwark of Sanity.
was made at their fair last week.
Kelowna also has the Bume complaint, and their fair was far from
representative of the district simply
through the failure of the people
to individually take un interest in
making the best exhibit possible.
The Courier, of that town, had
this to say after the fair :
Nothing can be said in defence
of non-exhibitors, who had the
material yet failed to produce it.
Better than advertisements at
Coast or other fairs are our owu
displays at our own fair, and if
that display is not representative,
what is the impression produced
in the minds of our visitors.]'
One gentleman stated after the
show that he had asked two friends'
from outside points specially to be j
present, and he was ashamed tot London, Sept. 21.—Sir James
meet them after seeing the scanty! Crichtou Browne, an authority on
array on the tables. Every man mental and nervous diseuses, in an
that owns orchard, farm or garden ^^^ ut Blackpool had something
owes a patriotic duty to the district . . ,  .   ., ...       .
in which he lives ; and if he fails ito 8ay "' r,'«"rd tc the V°mtlon of
to send of hiB best to the annual' modem newspapers in pharmaco-
fair, whether he may win prizes or j poeiu. Sir James appears to
not. he is giving it a stab in the j believe in the newspuper cure
backas fatal as the most strenuous jill9t th(l H9Sentj„ny IIltKU!rn
efforts of jealous critics Irom rival , . .   . ,     .:  , , I
localities complaint of nerve lassitude, as is I
Lot us'hope that no such words ■»■»■* fro»' thfi following sen. |
ns the above will  be applicable to te"ct'8 : , ,., ,      ,
the people of  the Spallumcheen "I   **■    &^fj J*  ftha'   th.e
..   '   r ., .     ,. ,  .     . ,    , newspaper, with ull its faults; is I
after our fair.   Unfortunately the one0| tMe bulwarks of sanity at
exhibit to be made this season will the present epoch.   It ia the antl-l
propable be lacking in comparison dote to   corroding   egotism, audi
to what the district has been cup- gives a world wide horizon to the
uu „« i_ .. .                 . •«  n purblind and shortsighted.   It is
able of in past seasons, yet I al J;ui m,a earnest In its tragedy and
will put their shoulder to the wheel comedy, while a novel is only al
nnd give the fair a lift, there can I make believe.   It supplies snacks
no doubt be made a display of of biography in the form of gosBip.
products of whioh the district will » niaiiuiacturiiB heroes by the
,                             ,     ,,   .      ,         .dozen  and  It  furnishes uneasily
have no reason to feel ashamedU tlble illt(ll|(!CtllH| ^bnlum.
and which will compare most favor. Many a man has been saved from
ably with that of any other Bection melancholy and fatuity by his
of the (Ikanaglin, • daily paper.   Suppress your news-
pii|iers and you will have to en-
British Columbia Mining. large your lunatic asylums."
Our line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
Contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
Your M^ats. a
Will be Best that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
frcsa fjij Tjesdijj and fr-KUgs.
H. Schneider, prop.
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, nil paid up S14,000,000. Rest. $10,000,000
Balance Profit nnd Loss account, t!S7!I.SISS.
I PRESIDENT, Right Hen. Lord Stralhcoiu and Mount Roral,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Gao. A? Drummond, K.C.M.C.
New Stock..
Just Received.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities :—London, Eng.; 22, Abchurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York, 50 Wall Street: Chicago, 1H8 La Salle 8treet: Spokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bunk and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from 1 upwards nnd interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
WHhdrawaht   aa   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business Riven special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.   Special attention Riven to tbe
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONO C. 4. Taylar, Smb. Agent. KELOWNA
t, M. V.tAtoOllntoeh, Smb. Agent. P. Oubtoolln, Smb. Amont.
Your Success is dependent upon two things—
Realization and Action.
If You
Want   to
Tenders Wanted.
British Coluinbin milling enterprises seem to have recovered from
the disrepute into which they were
forced by the speculative elements
which was rampant in the early
tlays of the , industry, and are now
on u  substantially solid conimer-
oial basis.   The few attempts that IJ^    ,„I1]mjl„„,
have been made to recall the boon,      Th(, |owst  w
.lays of the II) s with their attend-; necess(irl)y llooepted,
nut evils   ot " wlldoatting     and! i   w q ('.,,..
paper mining, have signally failed, j   Committee )   PI. Hawkins.
A BUSINESS   we can
lind a suitable location for
Tenders will be received for
buildiiiL' the vicarage in the church
lot west of town, up to Saturday
September 20th.
Plans and specifications and all
particulars may  be ijjot from the
tender  not
Want  to
List your property with us and we will dispose of it.
.tey Remember we are selling the INCH LOTS.
Ym.,,t« f„, J Anglo-Amerloan Fire ln8. Co.
Agents for | Qr%at Weat LUe.
Jill kinds of Refreshing Di$be$ for tDe
Hot Weather
?r«h ■ Trail - now ■ in ■ Stock.
Ihe only successful  promotion j
Revu H.J.Kin
<liyctsge.a.lt.)e £ocal news for $uo a year.
'Wholesale & Reiali==
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Ments always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geoa Murray,   I
Poultry Wanted Prop.   \
v* w*v*w*v*'mr*yr*v*v* tvtvvvtvW 7
.. Local and General..
('. T. Daykin returned the  last
of the week from his Alberta visit.
Condnotor   Powers    lias   been
running on the branoh again for
Sunday and Monday each
brought us good showers of rain.
Sparks Thomas has purchased
through Kirby cS Kirby two of tin-
lots in the Inch addition.
The anniversary services of the
Knob Hill church occur next Sunday. Entertainment Monday ui^lit.
Mr. and Sirs. (Jeo. Inch have
moved to their new farm near
Knderliy.    which    they     recently
purchased from Alex Campbell.
The members of   the   Orange
band received their drums Tuesday,
which now completes the equipment of Instruments for the new
The first full  prac-
llritish   Columbia    at   Vancouver tice was held the same evening.
passed down the line Monday. T,,os L„,,|(. „,„, Hn^h L(,,, Mt
Everything entered in the Ver-, Saturday night with their horses
noil exhibition from Armstrong for the Victoria and New West-
took Bret or second money,   This minster  exhibitions, where  they
BORN- To Mr. and Mrs. A. \V
Hunter, Friday. September L'2, I
Mr. and Mrs. (i. VV. Rush left
Monday for a short visit with their
daughter, Mrs. Kile, at Kamloops.
Mrs. File is just recovering from a
prolonged Binge of typhoid.
The horses owned by H.  Swan- j fllmilJ "" Monday's train.
son and T. Lelnc cleaned up the'    Three of the several   hundred
money in the races at Vernon  last-Hindoos   who   recently   invaded aggregation,
week. In a dead hint run by these
two the time of 2:271 was made.
a few i
this We
.1. Q
ill Car
8 a
visit from
his lirotl
of Ont
, who I
rri red
"What Became of Parker':1" is to
be the question to be solved by the
niateur dramatic company in  the
near future.      It will probably not applies equally well to the exhibits j will participate iu the horse racing
be possible to (Hit the  play on the anil the races.    We trust our friend events, we hope, with good SUOOess.
boards during Ihe fair but   it  will | the Vernon News will note.
be done soon after.
The be
The anniversary services of the
Methodist church in Enderby were
held last Sunday and Monday.
Several of the young peoule from
Armstrong went up to the entertainment in connection therewith
Monday evening, and reimrt having
had an enjoyable evening.
Fifty good marketable potatoes!the medical college there.   Lee'sI
E. S. Olousen, general manager
f trade of Vernon is of the Bunk of Montreal, was on a
arranging to send an exhibit of i trip of inspection to the Okanagan
the products of that district to the branches of that institution this
New Westminster exhibition, week, coming down the lino in u
The exhibit will consist largely of: special car Wednesday and return-1
the prize winning exhibits at their ing via a special train which came
(local show.
Lee  ratten
I Toronto to take
es   to-day for
down for him later in the day.
Tho Armstrong  band gave
ATCH this
Space for
of Genuine, Big'
up his BtndieB in; open air concert Wednesday even-
from one hill is not so bad evenI numerous friends hert hope to
for this section. This is the hear of his success in the medical
record J, M. Bird has for this college ecpial to hfs commendable
season in his garden at Enstview. record during his preparatory
The potatoes will be on exhibition course through Woodstock College
ut the forthcoming fair, at which j    m,     ,    . .
time all may see for themselves L, . ,     ,„      h
,  ,       ,   ■*.       . , j October 18.
what can be done in our soil and .,        .    . ,.     rt. ,
... bia and of the  Okanagan   have
! much that we may be thankful for.
A hunting party consisting of A. \ Peace, plenty and prosperity reign
E. Armitage, A. E. Morgan, F. O. over the land, while good health
Winters and R. W. Kelly left the and the other many favors of
first of the week for the Nicola a gracious Providence should
country, expecting to  be  absent receive due appreciation at  the
Day   occurs  on
We of British Colnm-
a.bout ten days. They were well
armed with everything that goes
to make up the equipment of a
complete hunting party.
Mrs. Rogers and d uighter, after
spending a month visiting her sister, Mrs. W. Harry, and family
here, left Monday for her hotne at
Brandon, Man. Like many from
the prairies, Mrs. Rogers felt herself somewhat "penned in',, as it
were, here, yet could not but admit
that there were many things in the
Okanagan to be admired.
Another family arrived from
Lacombe, Alta,, Monday in tbe
person of Jos. Jamieson, wife and
children. Mr, Jamieson is a
carpenter and contemplates locating on a piece of our farm land
and at the same time working at
his trade. Lacombe has long
since taken the lead over Ponoka
in the number of immigrants from
Alberta, and that town has already
furnished many families to the
settlement of Armstrong,
L. W. Patten was the means of
stirring up considerable smoke the
last of the week. It was, however,
through nothing more serious than
the clearing of his five acre residential tract recently purchased
from G. W. Rush. Townspeople
thought for awhile from the enormous smoke thnt rose out in
his direction thai the tire had got
away from him, but the old gentleman evidently knew how to manage the big blaze and secured u
hands of a loyal people.
Arrangements are now well under
way for the reception to be tendered Earl Grey here next week.
The vice regal party will leave
Victoria on Wednesday, and will
arrive here probably Thursday
morning. Committees were appointed at Saturday night's meeting of the council to make the
preliminary arrangements for the
presentation of an appropriate
address to his Excellency, the
Governor General
Harry Swanson left Saturday
for Vancouver, where he went to
secure treatment for his leg, which
has not been getting along as
favorably as hoped. By entering
a hospital he will receive the
advantage of more strict attention
than he can secure at home. His
many friends hope to hear of his
receiving speedy relief and that
the limb may be restored to health
without the necesssty of amputation.
W. Tucher and Geo. Tellack
are proceeding with their preparations for the thorough working
of their placer mine on Deep creek
mentioned last week. A cabin has
been erected near by and it is
expected that work will be continued throughout the most of the
winter. Hydruulic machinery
will be installed to enable the sue
ing. The quality of the music
rendered showed that the boys
have profited by diligent practice
during the summer. Armstrong's
volunteer band is an organization
of which the townspeople havei
cause to be proud. :
&f>e - Lowest  - Priced - Store.
Official Directory
Overalls in black, gray or blue,
, with or without bibs, 81.00.   Arm-
Wood Cargill Co. havo the past j^g,, & Pa,,],
•"'" : '  ""'"'■" new Btockof!     _       .        , .   ...      .
Come in and see our Amherst
Railway Time Table
(Shuswai- & Okanaiian Railway)
Arrives Irom North daily except
Sunday 9:25 a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:25 p. m.
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. lit
; Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Mondav in each
I month,        P, N. DANIELL.Leader.
I Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
week received their
stoves, heaters and ranges, which
they are this week displaying to | J^™8.*0^'
their customers. The addition of
this line of goods to their ulready
extensive assaortment adds a convenience which will be appreciated
by their customers. The stoves
are of a standard manufacture,
which assures their being of a
satisfactory grade, and they will be
Every pair solid Reeve—A. Schuliert.
leather and guaranteed.   Get them | J**?* assjissor-L. W. Patton
Abmitaob & Paul's.
overalls   and  jackets-
$2.50 per suit at Armitageoi Paul's.
Cap season is on!   We have the
assortment to choose from.
Armitage & Paul.
The Advance and the Winnipeg
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam,  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. II. Main.
sold at prices which will not make j ^ preg8 one        for on,   j^g
their ownership prohibitive to any i
who may be in need of them. Pelly & Pel'y are 8elli"g the lat*
_,.i ,   . , ,,   I Larkin estate lots, now owned by
Citizens of Armstrong and the I MarghaU LucaB_the   most desir-
district generally  will   regret to 1^ lotg in town
learn that Premier McBride was «
compelled to decline tha invitation     8oli(1   comfort!     "Walk-Over"
of the council to officiate at the shoes! You are right buying these
official opening of the new agri-' g00*!8-    Armitage  &  Paul  have
cultural hall at the forthcoming ['hem.
fair.   In a letter received by the!    Our fall and winter suitings are
municipal clerk   Wednesday the iin.   Call and see the latest.   Arm-
premier wrote that had it not been j itage & Paul.
for the conference of   provincial
premiers at Toronto on October
Divine Service will be held every Sunday bb follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.—Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Camp-
bell, Pastor.	
8th it would have given him great
pleasure to have accepted the
We nre glad to note that steps
are being taken for the arranging
of winter entertainments by some
of the fraternal   societies  along'
lines very similar to those suggest-1
ed by our remarks last week.   The j
Oddfellows are the first to take the
initiative in   this   matter.    The'
local lodge is now arranging an
open or social evening, at which
the members and their friends will
have the opportunity of spending
a pleasant evening.   The date is I ALL
to be fixed for soon after the forth-1      -
Working shirts in all  weights
and patterns.   Armitage & Paul.
Collar buttons, cuff links, studs.
St. James' Church, Merning prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:30; Sunday
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays i.n each month
at the 11 o'clock service.
Rev. Howard J. Kino, M, A., Vicar.
Mail Ahhivks—
North daily except Sunday      9:.J0 a. m
South    "      " " :):.HJ p. m.
Mail Lkaveb—
North daily except Sunday     3:4."> p. m.
South     "      " " 9:4."> a. m.
Spallumcheen, Hull Car, Glen
I'linim and   Falkland every
Tuesday and Friday at TsOO a.m.
,T. M. WaiOHT, Postmaster.
Synopsis of Homestead Refutations.
A NY available Dominion Lands with ■
pins!   Get busy and see theiie 1£°!y Mft9Bjn '.- °- £ HM< A™B5r?mI'
1 , ,      * „ _ (Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o clock
ss! Armitage & Paul, j,-..™.. nv.......
Fatheb Dorval.
Sign Writer and
splendid job of clearing the tract I no dont  secure good returns from
of the heavy growth of woods. it.
F. R, Glover left the last of the Charley Crossier's orchard it miles
week for New Westminster, where fro1" tow"' tn"» season as usual
he will be engaged for the next 18«*uk8 distinotly.'of the fruit grow-
two or three months, At the time |'"« possibilities of this part of the
of Mr. Glover's resignation from SpnUumoheen. Mr. Crozier him-
the service of the B.C. Electric j8elf n"s never 8iven tne orchard
Railway Co., it was made one of oare.fnl attention until this season
the terms upon which it was j "n(1 its access in the past has
accepted that in the event of the bwm- "8 U were<in 8Pite of- ">ther
company installing the system ""'" because of. proper attention,
connecting New Westminster and Realizing, however, that his
Chilliwaok within one year he orohllril was 0IltJ of the best und
should return and superintend the I mo8t r(,lillble sources of income
•work. This the company is now!abonthi8 extensive farm, he this
«loing and accordingly called upon j Bea80n 80Ve h'8 tree8 more <lesor-
Mr. Glover to fulfill his part of vel1 attention than usual and there
the undertaking. Mr. Glover's!is Ilow to bfi Bl)e" th" resnlts, His
intimate knowledge of the district tn'"8- oi whioh  ne DU8 " number
{coming fair, and a suitable program
cessful working of the property,,0f entertainment will be provided,
and if the quantity of" color" in _„ ,. . rr
W. W. Clark has spent the past | «S°At Armstrong Hotel.
week iu town soliciting material: «»" ~|-,, PURE-BRED
for a special writenp of the dis- IfOUltPy. Brown Leg-
trictiu the semi-weekly  issue of! horn and Plomouth Rock Poultry and
the dirt proves sufficient they will
in the Railway Belt In British
Columbia, may lie homesteaded by any
person the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of age, to the extent
of one-quarter section of 100 acres more
or leas.
Entry must lie made personally at the
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
(1) At least a six months' residence
upon and cultivation of tbe land in each
year for three years.
(2)If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied hy residence
upon said land.
I3)lf the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by residence upon tbe said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may he purchased at 110
per acre for soft coal and 120 for anthracite. Not more than 32(1 acres can be
acquired by one individual or company.
. Royalty at the rale of 10 cents per ton of
ATMSTRONG, .... B. C. ] 2,000 pounds shall lie oolleotsd on the
                                    gross output,
OW. CROS8, D. 0. V. D. S. W. w. COBV,
• Deputy of Minister ol the Interior
|   Veterinary Dentist and Surgeon.]   N. B.—Unauthorised  publication of
Calls may be left at R. R. Burns hi" advertisement will not be paid for.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    .    -    -B.C.
Wood Cargill Block.
Cffloe Hours: 9:30 to 18 and 1:30 toT>
Drug Store.
to be served coupled with his rep.
titution in connection with the
work of the B.C.E R,, makes him
a most desirable man to see the
jiew work to a successful issue.
of the best varieties suited to the
district, are heavily laden with
fruit of the very best size and
quality and Mr. Crozier is now
justly taking quite a pride in
the Vancouver World, which paper Eggs.   Some exceptionally good young:
-  "   ' ' "i hand.
Cockerels now on hand.
Mr. Clark now represents.    Our
business men have generally taken Lansdowne.
hold of the  project   with   their
characteristic enterprise, though a
few have been averse to the Bcheme.
This week's issue of the World
contuins the  write-up given Ke-   tMM-W _ at        _■
lownu, and  if Armstrong secures]  ^/jf S.9t»CU
unything like the same degree of
justice done our neighboring town. - —•«—
we  have no hesituncy  in saying: ^aa-eyac-mA ™aHaK8T
that   the writenp willl  result in. | PRIOES.
direct advantage to the  town  of I LIVE OR DRESSED.
of Armstrong.     The   Okanagan] 	
Valley as a whole is  attracting I    I want as many live or dressed
widespread attention among people ■ TITR K V VS
who are looking for homes and to1
secure our just proportion ofcon-jiis I can get before OCTOBER 10.
siderution the conditions and ad- 	
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets iu the
• I.. F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening of each month at H
p.m. Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W.M.
OKANAGAN Bluck Preceptory.!
Meets in tbe Foresters' Hall, Arms-!
troeg, on the Thursday, on or before the
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren |
cordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.;
o. it.
vantages of our  particular district
his! cannot be too widely advertised in
I all legitimate channels. '
Address me at Armstrong.
Geo. Maundrell.
V^ I. o. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in tbe
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill,
A. Co's. Store, nt 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
G. MOBERLY, Rec.Sec.
3129. I. O. F.
Meetings nt their hall last Saturday inl
each month. Visiting brethren cordially'
invited.   II. Hawkins, R.S.
1 McCormlok Hinder. 1 Brantford
Mower.Jl Fanning Mill, 1 Straw Culler
1 HorseCPower.
F. N. DANI£L5""$ow 7<V
Season Extended (or Importation
of Nursery Stock.
For the benefit of fruit gfowejs'
the Government has by an order-
in-coniicil  lengthened the season
Armstrong Winners.
Three stallions from Armstrong
were entered for competition at the
Vernon fair last week and :ill three
came out with the red ticket which
gave them, first prise hi their n--i —
TAKEN   UP. Painters Wanted
Two black sows which came to1 I will'pay highest wages and
my place about September 1. give steady employment to three
Owner please call pay damages and '■ men capable of doing good  house
expenses and take the
ami- away.
N. Hates
A. J. L.\.\\VclIiTli.
spectlve classes.    These were the
n     ,• m i .. horses owned by John Phillips in
the   tollowing   letter gave    , , , .,        .,.:
,,.,,,, ,      .       *      the roadster o ass; P. 0. Winters
notice ot the amendment i
Ottawa. 1 Ith Sept, 1906,
U. 11.  Anderson,   Esq..
Deputy-Minister of Agl
Victoria. 11. ('.
My Dear Mr. Anderson, [beg!
to inform you that an order-in-1
council  was  passed on   the  11 th ,
in the
Clydesdales, and W., J, Bur-
ell iii the Percherons    Evidently
the best of tbe good horses which
has mads the Okanagan known in
this respect are to be found at
Armstrong. In addition to those
inst., by which the San .lose Scale I ,ti~6- F- °- Winters took second
act was amended so that nursery I for best  mare with   foal  of lflllli.
stock is -now permitted to enter and T. N. Haves took second in
British Columbia at the port of I Durnam bulls and first in best pen
Vancouver. Irom countries infested i.    ,       , >■ , ,   ,
With the San .lose  scale, from the   lambs ","1 S'',','ml '" *rM BneeP'
1st of (lotober, instead of from the
15th of that month as heretofore.       A Great Newspaper Offer.
Grade Jerseys.
I have six grade Jersey mili-h
cows for sale at my residence on
the  old   F.  E.   Poole   place   near
Lansdowne. These cows are all
lirst class milkers, and none of them
have been   fresh   mole   than
Bee Hive siore.
Only half ii mile from Arm-
two strong.    10 acres under cultivation |
months, while  some of  them  ar-
newly fresh.    Reasonable prices.
S. Mi ■Kick
balance good   Itottoi
cleared,   Goodframi
and other buildings,
laud will be sold  oni
laud  easily
bouse, stable
With the|
team,  three
Jerseys for Sale.
The undersigned offers for sale
15 head of Choice  Purebred -Ier-
.  , BByB, lately Imported, consisting of
until the 1st May.   It is probable \ qq^q HEIFERS andd BULL8,
that some   ol   your   newspapers      mi... -m n   tr     u      nr   n   im< . ,,       ,        , ,
might bo glad to get this inform-.    Th" Fiuml-V HeraW mA Weekly These are „ speoially selected lot,
ation to make a news item of.   The Stlir continues  to  grow in public  bred of the linest strains and will
concession has  been  made by the  favor year after year.    If it keeps  be  offered   at    reasonable  prices.
minister of agriculture on account  on at  the present rate it will soon  Inspection invited.   Apply to
of representations which have been be ;„ ever home in ,.„. Dominion,
made by florists and fruit growers T. , ,, ...      ...
of the province, that such an II de8erve8 ll- to0' for ll certainly
extension would be a great advan- ls il gri'f|t family and farmer's
tage to them iu their business, paper without an equal on the
It waB pointed out that roses and continent.    The  Family  Herald's
new premium picture for this season  is entitled " A Tug of War"
and   is one of those
sees in an art store with a ticket
"price  two dollars."    To get the
Family Herald  and  Weekly Star
and such  a beautiful picture all
for   one   dollar   is   certainly  big
By clubbing with the ADVANCE
you may get the Family Herald
and Weekly  Star and your home
paper for $2 per year.
cows, one steer, one brood sow. II
dozen chickens, and full equipment
farm machinery.    Price $o000.
J.H. warren
some other plants could not bi
forced in time for the trade under
the old dates.
Yours, very truly,
(Sad.) .1. Fletcher.
Dominion Entomologist.
Prices for Electric Light.
The following is the schedule of
prices proposed to he charged for
electric light by the Armstrong
Light cfc Power Co. This schedule
was submitted to the municipal
council on September IS, and approved of by that body, subject to
alteration should it not correspond
with rates charged in Vancouver:
Flat Rates peii Month
on lfi Candle Power Lights
Hotels and Stores— i i-   i   i
First ten lights, each $1.00 ^..h.mlCTb£
Second ten, each	
Over 20. each	
First ten lights,each	
Second ten, each	
Churches and halls-
First six lights, each	
Second six, each	
Over 12. each	
Private Houses-
First three lights, each..
All over three, each	
H-Candle power, each...
(!. A. Love.
Formerly the Mark Hill farm.
For Sale.
One fresh  milch cow; also one
good milch  cow  to  be  fresh   the
first of December,   Both these are
pictures one tirst.,|]lss ,|lilk„r8 „,„, wi|1 mttke
good winter cows.
20- S. Fruno,
Iron Pipe.
I    IIIHKI feet of J in, galvanized iron
pipe for  sale.    Apply  to Messrs.
Pelly it Pelly. real  estate agents.
or toF. N. Daniels. Blacksmith,
17- Armstrong.
Graduate Nllcs-Bryail School...
1 am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
dress me at	
On Wednesilay, September 19th,
r>     i,one lady's Waltham  watch, gold
Based i J .
case, open face,eitner in Armstrong
or on road between Armstrong and
75 Advance office.
Suitable reward at! (lt ,u
Armstrong Rifle Association.
Armstrong, B.C., 17th September.
All rifles must be returned to
the secretary at once. The compulsory annual shoot will be held
Simington &
All kinds of Carpenter work done
at reasonable prices.
 Estimates given.	
Shop nest Francis'
range on   Thursday   and
Farm  Loans.
I  have  trust funds for loan  in I'
.501 large or small sums to farmers to J
enable them to purchase stock
increase their holdings, erect buildings or make other improvements.
Loans made on Homesteads
where Recommendation for Patent
has been made though title is not
i issued.
Approved applications promptly
metres, in  which case the  rates,completed,
will be: i    Pedigree.  Farm.    Dairy   Stock.
Per killowatt hour. ■ Logging and   Freighting   Horses
First 50 kiilowats u,/.: insured against   loss   from   any
Second 50 killowatts lOf cause
j Friday the lSth and 10th of ()c
| tobec-, commencing each day at ii
j a.m.   All members must attend.
G. Moberly, Capt
Consumers may put In theirown |
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.
OTICE is hereby given that Ark- A. N, RATLEDGE. . Proprietor
Third 50 killowatts Ode.
Payment in all cases to be made
by the Kith of every month  and Heal Estate, Ii
Write me your requirements.
20$ to be addi
that date.
dtif  not   paid  by j
and Financial Agent.
ADMIRAL DEWEY     An entirely new variety of Strawberry.
Very lies! for bearing und quality.
Strong plants ut.Sl.0t) per dozen.
00THBERT RASPBERRIES   $2,00 per 100.
ARMSTRONG,      ....      British Columbia,
in Operation.
Notice the ease
and comfort of
the horse.
Dr. G. W. CROSS.
Veterinary . Dentist « and i Surgeon.
I am especially prepared to perform nil kinds of dentistry,
be sure to have your horses' teeth  -'--■'
iaW-14 YEARS'
Dr. C. W. Cross,
Office Bell's Burn.      -       .        .        ARMSTRONG, B. C-
TM.'.'T ,!M. ""■w"-,"3^linT^fiitT,^gajWw..M|Bm
Pursuant to the Creditor's Trust
Deeds Act, 1901, and Amending Acts.
township of Spallumcheen, in the county of Vale, manufacturer of lumber, has
by deed dated the Twenty-Seventh day
of August, Won. assigned all bin person-
ul property, real estate, credits und
effects, whioh may be slezed und sold
under execution, to Frederick T. Jackson, of Armstrong, in the county of
Yule, aooountunt, for the purpose of satisfying, ratably und proportionately,
uml without preference or priority, all
! his creditors. Such deed was executed
by the said Artemus Ernstus Huntley
I and Frederick T. .luckson on the 27th
!of August, 1006.
A meeting of the creditors of the said
Artemus Ernstus Huntley will be held I
■ ut the office of the said Frederick T.
| Jackson, at Armstrong   aforesaid, on
Wednesday, the 121 h day of September!
11KK1, ut il p. tn.    All  pereons having,
[ claims against the suid Artemus Ernstus Huntley are required to forward par-(
ticuliirs of same, duly verified;' to the'
I suid  Frederick T.   Jackson,   at,  Armstrong aforesaid,  on or before the 27t,h
day of September, HXXS: unci notice is
hereby given that  lifter tho suid 27th
day of September, 1808, the said assignee
will proceed to distribute the proceeds
, of the estate, having regard only to the
claims of which be shall then have received notice, und that he will not be
responsible for the assets, or uny part,
j thereof, so distributed, to uny parson or
persons of whose debt or claim he shall
not then have recei veil nol ice.
Dated at, Vernon, this 27th day of
August, 1IHVI.
l-'l!KI)  Hll.l.lMIS,
Solicitor for tho Assignee.
Do you buy
BIRD 1IKOS. beg to inform the public
that they rre prepare to supyly
delivered in town   night; and morning
MILK 121 qts for 81
(.'REAM .Tic qt
For Sale!
80-Acre Lots
Four Choice 80-aoro block four
miles from town will be sold cheap
and on easy terms. Inquire of—    I
H. Scnneider.j
...OFF.. .
Regular Si.10 values to be sold at.
1.60 values to be sold at .
" 2.00 values to he sold at..
Also 2.V/ oir on-
P. C. Corsets.
These Corsets are well known for their  Pit and   Durability.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
-a***^AGENTS FOR -**a~
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Yes, and we also sell the	
20th Century
The Best Machine made.
Wire Cable of all sizes,
Single and double blocks,
Horse Works,
Ohm-ones' Hay Curs,
Champion Mowers und Hakes
Thnmiis Stool Ilny Tedders.
B. Francis
700 Acres of Land
MO Acres Drier cmiviiiti.
Cbe Columbia College.
Building Stone
Best inudity of Stone in the distrust. Will be delivered at reasonable charges. Orders may be
left nt Advance office,
Provides board and tuition for both j
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates.   In the regular course in-!
: struction is given in the advanced
Six miles from Armstrong, suitable Publio Sohool, High Sohool, Colle- j
for Grain, Vegetable or Fruit giate and University work.   The
Special Courses include a thorough
Growing.   Will be sold in tracts
to suit purchasers.
Inquire of—
or ADVANCE Office.
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Techni-j
qua in Music: In Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting ond.Pyrography; Also j
Physical Oulture and Elocution.'
For Oalendar, Address "Columbian
College, New Westminster, B, C,
Scenic Artist.
Sign Writer.
Guilder .House
Painter (EL Decorator.
Kalsomining, Etc.
25 years experience in Europe, Africa and America.
. .Special Offer fn..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass, Ensilage Corn, Mangel,
Turnip. Special quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Son"'
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock of lioju; Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
' matured fur the fall trade.
No expense, loss or delay, of fumigation or Inspection,
Let me price your list before
; placing your order.
We do business on our own
| grounds—no rent to pay, nnd are-
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free.
H010 Westminster Rpad.
Vancouver, B. C.
T^uj Tor Salem
Of Choice land  in Salmon
Arm Valley: % good houses and
outbuildings    Will sell in block
or in tracts tn suit, purchasers.
EAST TERMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises to	
ill. Armstrong,
Salmon pr?, p.g.


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