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The Armstrong Advance 1906-09-07

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 firs, ^n-
E7?e  Armstrong) Advanc
and Spallumchefeli-Advocate.
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
NO. 21.
in the
School Days are
fiere Again;..
for the
A Few More
To be Sacrificed.
The Big store Always Leads.
Kiwi Cargill
Commission Lays Blame for Wreck
m Princess Victoria's Muter.
Residents of the province in
general as well as those immediate
to the const have been more or less
interested in the investigation into
the investigation of the recent
deplorable wreck of the tug Che-
halls by the C.P.R.V,tino steamer,
the Princess Victoria, at Vancouver The speciul commission
appointed tn investigate the causes
of the disaster, and to ascertain if
possible the parties really guilty of
blame in the matter, brought down
their decision at Vancouver lust
Friday. Contrary to general expectations,^!! commission attaches
the blaui* directly to Capt.Griffin,
of the Princess Victoria, and suspended his certificate for a period
of six months. The commission
during the course of their investigation went into the matter very
carefully and some forty witnesses
were examined. The decision of
the commission was announced in
the following words :—" The court
has very carefully followed the
evidence and the argument of
counsel, We have come to the
conclusion that the collision was
b Promise of a New Immigration
Problem to Meet.
Three hundred Hindus were
landed in Vancouver last Saturday
night. Not being nble to obtain
accommodations at the hotels
through their inability to talk
English and thus make themselves
understood they roamed the streets
laden with pots and pans looking
for camping places. Reports conflict as to whether or not these
people had money, bnt they at
least caused considerable consternation among the women nnd j
children of the city until gathered I
up and furnished tents by a philanthropic labor contractor, who
hopes to be able to find employment for them throughout the
province. The question is now up
to the people of whether or not
these Hindus are undesirable citizens and should be allowed to land
free of head tax. Dr. Munro, the
government immigration agent at
Vancouver contends that they can
not be discriminated against.
Do you Yawn?
After the excessive heat a weary time comes.
Sleep does no good.
Feel tired in the morning.
As tired at noon as at night.
Your system hns made its light and needs a stimulant.
Beef. Iron  and Wine
Made by the MuiBHEAD DRUG Co.
Will take away those nasty feelings and make  WORK A
PLEASURE, rather than an effort.
Red Raven Splits
For the Morning   after
the night before.
3fte Armstrong Pfiarmacy,
R. R. Burns.     -       -       Druggist.  Ti
St. James' Picnic.
Griffin ; that he displayed ignorance of collision rules. We also
find that every care was taken
after the collision on the part of
the officers of the Princess to
rescue the survivors. The conrt
wishes to add by way of recommendation, owing to the fact that
during the sitting of the commision
ers   proved   too   much   for
Revelstoke   teum    all   the   wuy
The picnic announced last week ! through and had their opponents
for Saturday under the auspices of |" K°'"a?   some"   from   tin- start.
I ue.Etniuni.  IHUJCTB   Ulll U1C   visititl^
"tw i greatly enjoyed by a large number team  took the lead  iu point   of
of the members and their friends.
The party gathered at the grounds
nt half past ten in the morning,
..   .. , I and the merrymaking among the
muted ljMle {olks ^aw] gome not so gma|jj j g^jyg of j 0
at once began.   At noon the bas-1    In   the   athletic   sports   I
tien representative or tne district. .  , ,      , „        ... la,,,,,,, „.,„•  , .,
,, .    ,   ,.   ,        . .. ,       ,i kets were opened and from their Smith carried away the prize
United effort must prevail to make       .    . , , si L ,,.. -
. ......t..»tu ennui (, r.mnut  lit  rnr thu
the fair and] thereby further thei_    .       ,-_    .        ,    , . «,,.„„ „,„ i „.   , ,
,     ,',     ,,  '. . .      , . .   St. James' Sunday school proved, Home gooc I work was done by
interests of the district in which - . , '     ,       • p„„„in*„i.„ „i..    __ u ...      •
 ,— ,.-■-,-■   , ,       ■ •,   u       i- • a most successful affair and was Kevelstoke players but the visi
caused solely by the want of care :you reside by making  as many
in navigating the Princess Victoria! exhibits as possible and in this
under the command   of Captain I manner showing  to the  onstide
world the products of which your
district is capable.
The efforts   of only a
number can not make an  exhibition representative of the district.;,^ „„,„;; >rl nni1 (v,„„  „,„,, Smith currie(
scores from the first innings.
In the football contest the combined team won over Revelstoke
in a keenly contested game by n
....    ,.,....    ,,,,   , .,   ,     ,,' contents spread a repast ht for the
of1 the district fair all that it should',.        ..  , .   ..   Z     l\.   v
.. .   - .        .    , ■ ..   . .,,r.   ,, .. king.   And by the way, the King,
it has transpired that on account ba to the community. !.   .? . .
of the increase of traffic in this    %e advantages of a district fuir;"'the 1H!re01"
port, it is of the opinion that the nre obviou8 to all residents of the,        .     t      ,     ,. . „
tune has now come when special  ,.    .        _ prominent and active members of up well
To quote u competent
vacation   is   in the
in and out of the Narrows at the nature of man as   truly  as  the
regulations should be put in force
governing the passing of vessels authority,
foot racing while in other events
the Okanagan   reaped   a goodly
popular vicar I portion of the victories.
of the church, was one of the most,    Armstrong horses also showed
in   the   races.     In the
named race the horses owne,
T. G. Bell. Thos. Lodnc and
Swanson t6ok the three prizes in
district.    .. .,.,.„„ ,, ,»,P-e«vthepartv,   Thr(nlgri his efforts is
due much of the credit for the
entrance to the harbor  at Van-; instinct of self-preservation." And ^plete mannM'" Wth\h f^" ■ t,      , ,    ,-,    ,     ,      „
couver ;and it intends.to reeom-L !urnlshthig necessary reoreation "T"? Ta\ %T been   he order named.   The free for all
mend    to    the    Honorable    the . ,    . *    . made, including the preparations trot   or   puce   proved   easy   for
Minister of Marine and Fisheries; »'*»■ the Ieast mV?™\ func^°n cf the ground for the amusements j Tommy Leduc's fine little mare.
that a commision be apointed to, of theioounty f **^;jHol the children, the  erection of while T. G. Bell secured second
frame regulations to guard against season of the year when nature ' _     , ,,..,,
accidents which are bound to'ocour! herself sets aside the labors of the tables< inches, etc- The «n>P'- \ The Armstrong bind furnish,-, 1
in the future, owing to the danger-18engorl ;8 the mo8t ideal period of '■nonB luncn was heartlly enjoyed,j a liberal amount of the music for
ous nature  of the Narrows, and I tw. .„ m_n | after which were held the sports I the celebration and oreated a most
the great  increase  of  shipping,     ^ district fair is to the farmer i by the children-   These included | favorable impression  among  the
what the various associations are a ba8e bal! «ame' in whioh WM 1orators.   In the playing by the
especially as regards small craft,
which  at the present time have
equal rights with lurge vessels, to the professional or business |creat«a a liwly interest. Owing four massed bands our boys showed
The court suspends the certificate! meu it brings the producers of I to tbe vi8orouB batti'>t?, however,! up well and acquitted themselves
of Captain Griffin^or slxWoiSttts |ihe ^untry,g wealth to„ther and|the ball gave out and the game [most creditably.
• had to be called before its com-!    Taken   all   around the people
pletiou.   After this came a foot | from here   report   an   enjoyable
i dating from the day of the acci- j
dent, July 21." I furnishes them not only entertain-
Off to Normal School.
\a rhe result of thin dpcision n' nient but an opportunity for dis- ,   ,, , . , ,    ,
As the result ot this decision a n ' ball game which was hotly contest-' time and the best of   treatment
number of   lawsuits are now to cussion   ami  an   intercnange or        = *
follow brought bv those who stiff.! "leas, which is recognised as one •J.1*   th«   two ?PP°,Blnf. ■•*"■,bom thfi committees in charge.
erS th    oss offrienL and rel.i of th   most potent features ot ftny! Other sports were indulged in and;
aZs  on   board     he   illfatoli branch of bigness enterprise.     ? helpal to provide an afternoon of (
b   Wi     The Unio,:Sl;sht     In discussion there is light and ■— ^f £ gjj^   „,, , %
Co also intenls to brins action « to only reasonable to suggest■The Blt"lwttB " F' fj?°lea n"^t Three of Armstrong's most proni-
again th C P R for the va ue o that the Armstrong fair has proved i *™°< ^™ ls fum B^ B "I11"™1 j ising young Indies nre this season
toewlkedship jaud will continue to prove one o( frk-like spot especia ly desirable ontering   thl.   Vancouver  normal
Just what effect the findings of the strongest factors in   mllkill(,! for a gathering of such „ nntnre.    lschoo,. prol,irtory to tbeireqttip.
the commision will  have on the this section of the Okanagan fain-1 . "lent for rank among the successful
charge of manslaughter against ous as the producer of some of the ' Wnrernor Oeneral toming. : sohool tenchers of the province for
Capt. Griffin it is as yet hard to  beBt qualities of Btock, grain audi the   near future.     They are the
say. It will be remembered that frnit for which the valley is adapt- j ™e report appearing in some Misses Lily Young. Penrl Murray
the charge was referred to the ed- The opportunity for exhibi-1 of the const pnpers the first of the and Maggie Daykin. nil of whom
attorney   general's department at I tion furnishes an   incentive   for week to the effect that Earl Grey  left for Vancouver the last of the
activity and Improvement in ineth- and party had abandoned their week. These young ladies have
oils such ns no other institntion western trip proved to be without successfully taken the preparatory
will tlo. foundation   and    the   vice-regal! courses under Principal Wilson, of
Residents from outside districts | P»rty is proceeding with the trip the Armstrong high  school, and
are bound to be present at the i as ut first planned.   They ars now enter the normal with very favour-,
local fair and upon the exhibits I"1 the Boundary country, where I nblo qualitications-
shown here will be based to a very several days are to be Bpent.    Oc |
the preliminary inquiry.
The Fall Exhibition.
marked   degree   the   impression tober il is the date   the party is
The Armstrong and Spalliiin-
cheeu annual fall exhibition dates
October 10 nnd 11   are now only a
trifle over a month distant.   The . ,,,,..,
entry forms are now printed and they will form of our district, j scheduled to visit the Okanagan
sent out to all known intending! The sight of the splendid speci- Stebs are being taken to have his
exhibitors. Others who may | mens of fruit, grain and other
desire them can seoure them from: products which the district is
the secretary, J. B. Bird. These! capable of showing must inevi-
forms are furnished with the hope>bly enchatice the already envi-
that they will be used. In fuct, it'. able reputation of our district as
becomes a duty of every person in an agricultural and horticultural
Lad's Leg Broken.
the district to assist the success of
the fair by exhibiting at least some
product of his farm, garden, oi
stock or poultry yard. There are
numerous articles about almost
every resident's premises that
could with credit to himself and to
the advantage of the fair be
brought in for exhibition.   Help
In conclusion, the local fair is
peculiary non-sectarian, non-factional, bnt entirely representative
of the entire district. It is an
institution in which business men,
professional men and farmers are
alike interested and of which tbey
should all be proud,
Excellency stop at Armstrong.
Armstrong Shows Up Well.
An unfortunate accident befell
the 12-year-old son of Mr. and
1 Airs. Hough, residents of what was
i formerly   the   Elimke   place. Inst
  Snturdny afternoon, which resulted
The Armstrong contingent to in his sustaining a fracture to his
the Revelstoke Labor Day cele-J leg just above the knee. The little
bration returning home Wednesday | fellow together with other boys was
morning brought tidings of a lib-j playing in the large hay mow of
eral share of victories for Arm-;G A.Love's barn when he acci-
strong and for the Okanagan. In ! dentally fell through a hole in the
the base bull which was one the'floor, striking the ground twelve
main attractions, Armstrong won '■ feet below with the result above
out over Revelstoke by a score of' stated. The injury was soon at-
17.H.   The game was said to be a tended to and be
good one, but tbe loeal ball toss- slang satisfactorily.
is now getting A. MoQuarrie w-us |l passenger to
Vernon Monday.
H. R, Start spent Labor
with his parents ut veruon.
C. Addison en Monday purchased A light shower of rain Tuesday
two of tli« residential lots in the night brought refreshment to the
.Inch addition. district.
W. Gregory has began the ere?- I Druggist Bums has lately added
tion of his residence on hie proper- to his stock a coniplete line of iew-
ty adjoining town. j e'rv novelties.    He has also added
! two handsome silent salesmen.
The hour of  Sunday  evening'
services in the  various churches     Andy Baird is clown from   En-
changes to 7 AH) o'clock  instead of j derby this week plastering   L.   A.
7:1)0 on the Kith inst. Gott's new residence.   On Monday
W. Hallam, of Knob Hill, sue-1 he purchased a   Unit  new   buggy
ceeded Saturday even ing in slaying from Dealer Francis.
a line large lynx, which wns found     A        , , ( f ,
meandering near Ins premises. .      , , .    .    .    „
portion of the service in the Pres.
The writer was in fcinclerby Saturday eveulng, and while there,
there was brought to town n large
black bear killed a few miles out.
The animal weighed over 225 His.
A new and attractive veranda
adorns A. •). Lnpworth's residence
in Rosedale. j
The  primary   division   of  the I
Armstrong school reopened Tues-
day morning.
Communion service will be held
in the Presbyterian church, on
Sunday next at the close of the
regular service.
8. Real has begun the erection
of his new residence which is to be
2fixH0 feet, two stories high. R.
Daniels is doing the carpenter j
The long expected freight train i
began doing service on the line
this week and two trains daily are!
now the rule under the improved
order of affairs.
Goo. Murray hns jnst completed improvements und painting on
his residence and the former build-
Or. A.  Love
from his trip
Air. Love brought back with him
a car load of pure bred Jersey
cattle, which he now offers for Bide.
byteriau   church  Sunday evening
was a solo ably rendered  by   Lee
Patten.   A large congregation was ing is now hardly recognisable in
present and enjoyed  an excellent its improved state,
sermon by Rev.  Campbell,      Leei     ...    _    .     , ,      , _ ., _    .
wiilsing in both the Methodist audi    M,8B Poole, stater of F.B. Poole.
Red Deer, Altn. j Presbyterian ohnrohes next Sunday I arrived the lust of the week from.
returned  Saturday
T¥f ATCH this
Space for
of Genuine, Big'
'■ The man with  the gun" has
been freely in evidence during the
idnys of the past week, and from
A. Fulton of Enderby, iB doing I the contiguous lulls nnd valleys
plumbing in town. Mr. Fulton i have come tho reverberating
gives careful attention to tinsmith-, sounds of the battle against the
ing and plumbing and   receives, birds.
considerable patronage from Arm-1    R   g. WolvertOn, who for the
strong contractors !pnst  fiftCBn   monthg hns   held a
Simington & Bamett now have > position as compositor in this
the plasterers engaged on the new'. office, left Monday for Summerlnnd,
Presbyterian church being erected! where he enters the newly estab-
by them in Enderby, nnd hope to lished Baptist college at that place,
go up next week for the purpose of j in which he intends taking a com-
finishing the edifice. ' plete course of three years.
F. MeCleery has just completed i Mies Elizabeth Marshall, who is
on his tine farm at Lansdowne one teaching nt Snluion Arm, cnrne
of the largest and most modern I home to spend Labor Day. Miss
stock and hay barns in the district, j Marshall is this year taking np the
Mr. MeCleery took up his resi- ] duties of teacher for first time, and
tlence on his farm here from Chil- j her many friends hope that she
liwack less thnn a year ago and in I will meet with success, as they have
this comparatively short time has'every reason to believe she will,
made some noticeable improve-j Principal Donnan, of the Arm-
ments in his property. | Btrong public school, one day last
England for an extended visit with
friends and relatives   here, after
which she expects to take up her,
residence in Vancouver,
The annual meeting of the local j
brunch of the Lord's Day Alliance
will be held in the Mettiodist
church next Tuesday evening!
when Rev. W. M. Rochester will
deliver an address.
Tho next regular meeting of the
Women's Auxiliary in connection
with St. James' church, will be |
held nt the residence of Mrs. Jackson, Thursday afternoon, Sept.
liith, at 3 o'clock. All the ladies I Overalls in black, gray or blue,
of St, James' church are cordially! with or without bibs, $1.00. Arm-
invited to be present. | itnge & Paul.
Mr.   and   Mrs. H. Turner,   of j    A new stock of stationery and a
£T/>e - Lowest  - Priced - Store.
Walk-over shoes at Armitage &
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
IBhc.-bwai- & Okanacian Raii.w.w)
Arrives Irom North daily except
Sunday 9:25a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:25 p. m.
week suffered the loss of a portion
of his raiment, including a couple
of good hats and a coat, which were
stolen by some miscreant from his
room in the hotel. Steps were
taken in an effort to locate the
stolen articles but so far with no
Dr. Vankleek, physician • and
surgeon, has during the past week
added to the appliances of his
office by the receipt of a new surgical table, The new addition is
one of the very latest nnd most
complete devices of this nnture on
the mnrket nnd is a worthy complement to the equipment of the
doctor's well-appointed offices.
Work is now being done with
the grader on the new Swnnsou-
Burell rond, and soon travel will
be diverted from the present thoroughfare to the new rond which
will puss in front of H. Swanson's
new residence, and which will
prove a material improvement over
the old road which in wet seasons
Mrs. Greenhow has mnde of her
extensive eBtate a game preserve
i. e. no shooting will be done on
her InncU by employees of the
ranch nor allowed by outsiders.
In this way the game will be preserved for future years and eventually good shooting will be obtained
for all parts of her thousands of
acres of land.
Mesdames Nairn and Whitelaw,
of Edmonton, Alta., have been
guests the past week nt the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Graham, Mrs. Nairn is a
cousin of Mr. Graham. This was
the first trip the ladies hnd tnken
to the Okanagan, nnd they expressed themselves ns very fnvor-
nbly impressed with the climate
and the district in general.
The smoke the tirst few dnys of
the week was woree thun it hns yet
been at nny time this senson. In
fnct in the enrly mornings vision
in the lower portion of the valley I
was possible tor only a short distance nnd one could literally taste j is a serious barrier to the large
afterburning pines and firs, Ex. ■ amount of teaming done over thnt
tensive forest tires In various parts j rond.
of the province is given ns the I B. Francis und Thos. Hardy
cause of the unusnlly dense hazel indulged in a mountain climbing
of the present senson. Btnnt ]ngt Sunday to the extent of
Good bags of game are generally visiting the summit of the moun-
reported by those who spent Sat-'tain to the west of town. They
nnlay and Monday in Bearch of were in search of game bnt found
the festive birds. One party of this very'scarce. They did, how-
three, G. Moberly, Dr. Vankleek, ever, discover [a large ledge of
and Walter Wolfenden brought quartz whioh attracted their attent-
in thirty-eight ns the reward of n ion for some .time, and over which
•lay's shoot, while W. T. Holtby each vied that [their days of hard
and W. Ni I'd ham bagged over labor ,were nigh ended, Some
twenty. Still another pnrty to j samples of the ore were brought
Salmon river brought back twenty- down with them and their values
five tine birds us evidence of n will be cnrefully investigated,
K •      '     ' 1). B. Johnstone, of Vancouver,
A Chinese funeral recently during the past week Bpent a few
occured at the Landsdowne oeme- 'lays looking over the district with
tery, and evidence of 'the same are | a view to locating here. Mr.
yet to be Been by the passerby, j Johnstone hns for some time taken
There are to be seen the ashes of some interest in the Okanagan,
the deceased clothing which nc. land through information furnished
cording'to the Celestial custom him more directly by his daughter
were burned on the grave. Accord- since her connection with the Fnr-
ing to unotber peculiar superstition mors' Exchange this season
Otter lake, are mourning the loss j lot of new material has just
of their five months  old   infant [added to the Advance job rooms.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
i Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wrijeht.
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam,  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. B. Main.
child, whose death occurred Monday night, The little one had not
been strong since its birth and
death was due directly to dysentry.
The remains were buried at the
home Tuesday.
Dr. W. F. Fraser, dentist, last I
Friday installed in his office a new
hydraulic dental chair. It is one
of the most modern appliances of
the dentnl profession, such as one
might expect to see in the fully-
equipped offices of the cities, and j Boys'suits from $1.25 to $5.00;
its installation here is a tribute to j odd pants 50jf. Armitage & Paul,
the enterprise of the owner and Our fall and winter suitings nre
his faith in the future prospects of: in Ca„ ftnd 8fie thp ,ntegt Am.
his professional business here.       |.»      & p   ,
Light overalls and jackets—
$2.50 per suit at ArmitngeA- Paul's.
Dress shirts, soft or stiff fronts,
neat patterns—75c* to $1.25. Armitage & Paul.
The Advance and the Winnipeg
j Free Press one year for only $1.75.
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
j Larkin estate lots, now owned by
[ Marshall Lucas—the most desir-
I able lots in town.
a cluck wns roasted on top of the
grave und is now lying there ns
food for the evil spirits, their belief
teaching them that so long us food
is provided for the evil spirits the
body of the deceased will not be
induced to dispose of his interests
in Vancouver with the view of
settling here. Mr. Johnstone left
Tuesday for home for the purpose
of bringing his family here,  he
O. D. Ranks, manager of the
Farmers' Exchange at Kelowna,
was a guest of F. T. Jackson over
Sunday. Like Mr. Jackson, who
holds the corresponding position
ut Armstrong, Mr. Ranks is now
experiencing a very busy time, as
the volume of fruit thnt is being i
shipped out of Kelowna at this.
season is immense, and the Ex.
change is consequently enjoying ni
Iivoly business. I
Ash Smith, of Sanitarium, Cal„
was canvassing for music of his!
own composition, in town a couple!
of days this week. Unfortunately I
Mr. Smith is seriously deformed,
but succeeds in gaining nn honor-! ALL
able sustenance by his musical
compositions and school teaching.
He went from here to Reiswig,
where he will teach the coming
W. Lenkey late of Taunton,
Somerset, Eng., who has been over
only [six months, which time has
been [spent with friends nt Summerlnnd, now occupies a position
ns   compoBitor ou  the  ADVANCE.
Hard to hat heads hatted at
Armitage & Paul's,
Buy from ns your requirements
in furnishings and save money.
Armitage & Paul.
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. il72.
1 Order ol Canadian Home Circles, meets
, in the I.O.K. hall, st. Munday in i-ach
| month,        K. N. DANIELL.Louder.
I Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
Mail Aiiiuvks—
North daily except Sunday      9:30 a. m
South    "      " " 3:30 p.m.
Mail Leaves—
North daily except Sunday     3:15 p. m.
South    "      " " 9:4r> a. m.
Spallumcheen, Hull Car, Glenemma and  Falkland every
Tuesdny and Friday ut 7:00 a.m.
■T. M. WuiiiHT, Postmaster.
Divine Service will be held every Sunday aB follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.-Rcv. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
Sesbyterian church |ANV^ttityt;ttS
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, st Columbia, may be homesteaded by any
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at | person the sole head of a family, or any
7:30 p.m. every Sunday
bell. Pastor.
-Rev. D. Camp-
St. James' Church. Merning prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:30; Sunday
Sohool 10:00. Communion services on
tirst and third Sundays in each month
at the 11 o'clock service.
Rev. Howard J. Kixn.M. A„ Vicar.
Sign ttlri.tr and
jSaT*At Abmrtrono Hotel.
Municipal   Water   WorKi.
Holy Muss in I. O. F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -B.C.
Wood Cargill lilook.
Cilice Hours: 9:30 to 12 and 1:30 to 5
male over 18 years of age, to the extent
of one-quarter section of 160 acres morn
or less.
Entry must be made personally nt the
locnl land office for the district in whioh
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one of the following plans:
(1) At least a six months' residence
upon and cultivation of tbe lnnd in each
yenr for three ycors.
(2)lf the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence
upon said land.
(8)11 the settler has his permanent
residence upon fanning land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements as to residence nmy be
satisfied by residence upon tho said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at 410
per acre for soft, coal and 820 for nnthra-
cite. Not more than 320 acres can be
acquired by one individual or company.
A TMSTPI ,V» Rot Kol">lty nt the mt* ot 10 cents P« ton ol
AJ.MHJ.KUmr,    -    -    ■    ■   P-^-j 2,Q0Q pounds  shall be collected on the
gross output
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. I).- Unauthorized   publication ol
his advertisement will not be paid for.
Q   W. CROSS, D. O. V. D. S.
Veterinary Dentist and Surgeon.
('alls may lie left at R. R. Hums
Drug Store.
To Water Conbumebr:—
Water for other thnn household
While'Mr. Leakey naturally finds | ^'f68 C"" °"ly b" usch1 n8 fo"
some slight differences in methods|   j^dents of Town-
of the Old Country and here, he is j    Between the hours of fiillO and 9
nn ndept at the mechanical division a. in.; 1 to 2 p. m.; 4:30 to 5. p. m
of the "art preservative" and is (forsteeetsprinklingjonly)and7:30
rapidly  adapting himself to thejto/!{p;m
new surroundings.
Outside Consumers—
4 a.m. toli:;)0a. m.; 12 o'clock
J. M. Bird, the contractor of the noon to 1 p. m. and 11 to 7:110 p. m
Bchool house job, is now making u '    The Constable has positive or-
prominent showing in the progress i'l''rs to   '"y. information   against
of the work.    The sides of the
new story are up and sheeted and
the roof is now going on. Next
week will be the shingling, which
will mean the laying of eighty-five
thousand shingles. With all
things continuing favorable Mr.
Bird hopes to yet have the
lors to   lay  information
1 personB infringing these rules.
Geo. Murray,
.J. Hamill,
F. C. WllLFENllEN,
Water Commissioners.
Brown leghorn and Plomouth Rock Poultry and
. - Eggs.   Some exceptioually good young
being well convinced that be would i building ready for occuponcy by i Cockerels now on hand,
like the district. November 1st. Lansdowne. T.W.MARSHALL
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets in th
•   I.. F. Lodge Room, the second
Saturday evening of each month at 8
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Seoretary. W.M,
OKANAGAN Black Preceptory
Meets in the Foresters' Hall, Arms
trong, on the Thursday, on or before the
lull moon, at 8 p.m.    Visiting brethren
lly i
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
& Co's, Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren nro cordially invited to attend.
G. MOBERLY, Reo.Sec.
3429. I. O. F.
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordially
invited.   H. Hawkins, K.8.
1 McCormick Hinder, 1 Brnntford
Mower,|l Funning A]ill, 1 Straw Cutter
1 rlorse'Fower.
The Advance
Knob Hill Piouc.
Buliscrijitiiiii 11.00 per year in advance.
If n
fnot paid in advance 12.00.
Adverthlng rules given on np
The people of the Knob Hill
settlement are well known for the
| friendly and neighborly character
and this laudable spirit is generously emulated by the various
functions which from time to time
draw them together and afford
| opportunity for the social inter-
'licatiun. i course amongst them. One of
- J-     I these functions which   proved  a
4 r
*■'   MENT...
O To the Ladies,
1 take the liberty of announcing to the
Ladies of the District that my Btoc-k of....
Is now ready for their Inspection.       I will
have no formal Opening Day, but invite you
1 to call whenever convenient,
,-Mrs. W. S. FISHER.
io**. r
-.r.r.F-r-, >
*AJa*waagafaq\ t
grand success, was a picnic arranged for and held last Monday,
Nothicsol church services and enter-M»»«'eTCnt    afforded   a    tilting
tolnmfits where no admission Is ohargsd ' observance of Labor  Day by the
inserted free.    Other notices at usual! parents and a uiost enjoyable ont-
ratea, I Cards of thanks tl. .       j imr for the children.   The ntiuni-
'        ., ... .   ..   '..   .'.,'    imity   of feeling  throughout the
The Advance is published in the inter-,    , » " " .     ,
estsofth.- town and district in whiel.' noinhborlioocl wns character!!**!
it exists and cordially solicits tho pat-j by the attendance of either all or
ronage of the public. ! portions of nearly every family in
the community regardlessjof relig-
City Incorporation. !jolls affiliations.   The gathering
  I occured in a handsome grove of
Henley is the latest town in the |)ii„.g on the Pelly farm and " in
province that is moving for incor- t|„. shadows of the pini-s" met the
poratton. Incorporation in other good people of Knob Hill and a
places has proved beneficial nnd number of their friends for a
all the principal towns of the prov- uleasatlt afternoon; The day was
inee are aspiring to this status asl {deal for an event of that nature,
rapidly as possible, (u Armstrong' U„p,.g were bung near the tops of
incorporation is not a dead subject gome of the towering trees, thus
though no active steps have as yet' afforclimr most excellent swings
been taken. This town is In bet- - for the children as well as many of
tor   condition   for   Incorporation the older ones.   Other games and I; '•
than many of the sister towns of 8,x,rts were indulged iu and night i j i ^^^^^^^
the province from  tbe fact  that cjiine only tcxi booh for the numer- iajaf^T>Mafir>i»rVatataVW^
tlie expensive   utilities such  n»'olxs   merrymakers.    In   eatables j     —-—..  . .._	
water worts, lire protection, school there was no dearth of good thingB
facilities, etc., are already pro-' provided by the Indies and a snm-
vided, so that upon the advent of! uous simper in real enjoyable j i
city government there would follow picnic style was heartily partaken j,
no necessity for extrav igant ex- of before the guests wended their |
penditures that would involve the ways homeward for the evening
bonding of the city. Sidewalks chores. Such gatherings are a '
are really the only public utility commendable element in the acl-
not now enjoyed and that would | vaticement of the proper neighbor-
bo forced upon the attention of tho I hood feeling and could with profit
civic body in the event of city Ibe more frequently held during
incorporation. These the town I the summer, especially insomuch i
badly needs and will probably jas this part of the Okanagan
never get until city government' possesses so many beautiful spots
is obtained. The present syBtem \ admirably adapted for a day spent
of municipal government is much among the works of nature.
in advance of that enjoyed by most' •—    	
other parts of the province, and j Made a Good Buy.
"Tic im ot lie Big M Apple"
We Offer a
on 97 Acres
Mile and a quarter from
All Kinds  of Carpenter Work  at   reasonable
sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING,
5STPlans and Spticiticutiunu Prepared.
We hive a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once.
Give us a call.
because of the excellent state of
satisfaction accompanying the
present municipal system city incorporation lias received but little
Geo, Inch the last of the week  I
cIobiiI a  deal through Kirby <Ss
Kirby, whereby he purchased the I
A Growing Industry.
attention, yet with the present I fjne fnrni together with stock,
development of both the town nnd | jmplementB and other appurten-
distriot, the day is not far dis- ttn0(,-g formerly owned by Alex
tant when a division will probably! Campbell, three miles north of
be considered in the interests of Knderby. The farm consists of
b°th- I 21b" acres of laud, while the stock
includes   twenty-eight    head   of
cattle, ten of which are milch oows
nnd three   head of   horses,   the
The writer this week paid a visit! implements consisting of wagon,
to the Knob Hill Lime Kilns, op- j new buggy, plows.hnrrovs.mowers,
orated by Kobt. Bowell.    This is and in fact all kindscf implements
an industry, which, though as yet used on the farm.   The consider-
only in its primitive state,  iB  of Ution in the deal was $8,500, which
considerable   importance    to   the I considering the   amount of stuff \ (8
community.   Mr. Bowell has  for i obtained gives Mr. Inch an uuus-JM
the past few  years  supplied the ally good  bargain.   Mr. and Mrs.
local lime market and at the same j Inch have established nn extensive
time has shipped large quantities industry in raising  poultry, and
to other points in the valley.   The i with the extension of the town of
iiualityof the lime is such that it | Armstrong    their   property   has|
rinds a ready demand in preference become really within the confines
to any other lime obtainable in the j of the town, which of course inter-
province.   Mr. Bowell at present• feres to some extent  with their;
has only two kilns of a combined j purposes,   hence it  is that they
capacity of 81)0 bushels.   The lime \ have decided  to dispose of their
is burned from rock of  a   marble \ property here as residential lots
formation of which there is an al-' and establish themselves on a more
most illimitable quantity of easy j suitable    site.     Their   property
■access,    Mr.   Bowell  lacks  both j here, although on the market only
capital and time to properly dev- a short time has experienced  a
elop and conduct this enterprise to ready sale nnd promises to soon be
tbe full extent of its capacity at disposed of.
present, but  hopes  to  gradually
increase it to an industry that will The Printer'i Troubles.
mean much to the district and will! 	
afford steady employment to a! To run a newspaper without oc-
nnuiber of mon. cnsionally publishing an item that
is wrong or gives offense to some
Labor Day in Town. one is like running a railroad with-
  ! out having accidents or Binnsh-upB.
Worse than a Sunday stillness To do so iB a physical impossibil-
perviuled town all day Monday—! ity. No mnn on earth iB to so
Labor Day. While not many took great an extent constantly at the
in the celebration at Revelstoke, I mercy of both friends and enemies
the residents took advantage of the i as the editor of a newspaper,
holiday and the exceedingly pleas- Pushed continually with work, he
ant day for trips into the country must get the most of information
to divers places ami in pursuit of concerning transpiring events sec
pleasure in divers ways. Many ondor third hand or not at all.
spent the day in shooting, while Frequently statements'are received
not a few went to Salmon river from supposedly trustworthy sour-
fishing. The Sunday school picnic' ces which are subsequently found
at Knob Hill attracted a number,! to be. without foundation. Not
•while others simply drove out to one editor in a thousand wilfully j_
some of the many beautiful farms j injures either friend or foe by mis-
Our line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we will supply with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
contractors and Builders.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
Your Meats.
Will be Best that the Market affords
if they are bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
Frcsfc fish TicsOrjs at frKiis.
it. Schneider, prop.
Rank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up *14,()00,(XX). Rest. S10.000.000
| Balance Profit and Loss account, 8338,988.
I PRESIDENT, Rlrfht Hon. Lord Ilnlhcont and Mount Moral.
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Co. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
New Stock..
Just Received.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store.
\  Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
!  the following cities i   London, Eng.; 22. Abi-hiirch   Lane.   E. C.
; New York,')!) Wall Street.: Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane.
Wash.: St. John's Newfoundland.
\   Bankers nnd Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.    Scotland, British Linen Go's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
! all points hi the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
I        Deposits received from 1 upwards und interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered '10th June, and 31st I leoember
Wlthdrawala   an   demand   without   delay.
: Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal nnd school
!  district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention glran to the
handling of municipal unci other ili-ln-ntures.
;  Deposits may be mnde nnd withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
4RNUTR0N0 E. 4. Tayler, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
j r. S. VAMcOllntock, Smb. Agent. P. OuMonlln, Smb. Agent.
Your Success is dependent upon two things—
Realization and Action.
If You
Want   to
tind n suitable location for
Want  to
List your property with ub nnd we will dispose of it.
U&rRonieniber we are selling the INCH LOTS.
a.„ n,« iv,. j Anglo-American fire Ins. Co.
Agents foi j Gl*at Weat Ufei
All kinds of Refresbing Dishes for tbe
Hot Weather
Real Estate
.of the district.
i representation,
Von get all tbe Cocal news for $1.50 a year.
==wiH)iesaie & Jteiali== [
All kinds of Fresh and Cure,! Meats always in stock Z
Fish and Fowl i:i senson
BestPrices for Fat StocVi. and Poultry       ►
Mail Orders a Speoii Ity. I
GeOa Murray,   l
Poultry Wanted
Prop. j Correspondence. .
Those  "Swimming" Opinions.
AliVASl E,
of    the council
iSSUS   of    Allg.
that " Re th,-
Dear Sit-
in  tin-  report
meeting In your
17th, it is statin
public Bwlmnihlg tank, the solio
tor gave it as liis opinion that   th
water oomuiissloners, had not tl
authority to expend the surplus
the waterworks tor that purpOBB,"
In the report of the special conn
Grade Jerseys.
1 have six grade Jersey mili-li I
cows for sale at my residence on
tin- olfl K. E, Poole place near
Lansdowne. These- COWS are all
lirst class milkers, and uoneol'them
have been fresh more than two
mouths, while some of them ar*
newly fresh. Reasonable prices.
S. Mi Kim:.
A Full Line of.,
Jerseys for Sale.
The undersigned offers for sale'
°» 15 head of Choice Purebred Jerseys, lately imported, Consisting of
oil meeting in your last Issue It These are a specially seleoted lot,
is stated that "F. Temple Cornwall j briil of the finest strains and will!
solicitor, reported it as bis opinion be offered at reasonable prices,
that the surplus acoumulatetl from Inspection invited. Apply to
the waterworks system could,   ac- j (j    \   ij()VE
cording to the Municipal Clauses Formerly the-Mark Hill farm
Act. be expended for the erection i
of il public swimming tank."
Presuming   that both   reports
refer to the same solicitor, we
Bhould like to know how. after
giving opinion   No. 1,  he  finally
arrived at opinion No, 2. f
Did he, after receiving sundry
hints thut opinion No. 1. was a
trifle off, with much pondering
and deep research into the " Municipal Clauses Act," finally construct opinion No. 2 all by
himself ; or did he receive assist-
... Also a Large Lot of..
New Type
•   •  •     M.  aWaVm- a   a   a
Bee Hive store.
For Sale.
'I One fresh milch COW j also one
good milch cow to be fresh the
first of December. Both these are
HrBt-clnss milkers and will make
good winter cows.
20- S. FbuNO.
Try Us for
Job Work.
Painters Wanted
ance of   a   non-professional bnt
possibly better informed nature.?
Also which of these opinions are
we paying lor 1 or is it both t nnd
could we not have gone ahead just
as well without them.?
Or is it
"None or my Darn Business"
Excursion to Revelstoke.
Iron Pipe.'
il(XK) feet, of J in. galvanized iron I
pipe for Bale. Apply to Messrs, I will pay highest wages and
Pelly & Pelly, real estate agents, give steady employment to three
or to F. N. Daniels, Blacksmith,   [men capable of doing good house
17- Armstrong. I painting. A, J, LaaWORTH,
Pursuant to the Creditor's Trust!
Deeds Act, 1901, and Amending Acts.
The excursion from the
NOTICE is hereby given that Artemus  Erastus Huntley,   ol the
ill- township ot Spnllumoheen, In the ooun-
1,0 k"""' ty of Vale, manufacturer of lumber, has
gan to Kevelstoke Monday wns by deed dated the Twenty-Seventh day
poorly patronized. Tn so far ns of August, 1906, unsigned all his person-
Armstrong is concerned this may "' property, real estate, credits and
safely be laid to the lack of adver- ie,rficts' which nm» be sieB'd »nd «°W
tising and the fact that Revelstoke™T7it2 '" PJ-S* T' '''"*,
,, , I son,  of Armstrong,   in the county of
apparently made no effort to secure | yalc, accountant, for the purpose of sat
the attendance of the Armstrong! isfying, ratably and proportionately,
people. There was absolutely no lllld without preference or priority, all
public advertising of the   special I his cr,'ditor9-   Much deed was executed
train, and except for a   brief  an-1 ^l^TT?"^* 5™i&
\ ., ,    ,      and 1' redenck T. Jackson on the 27th
nouncement voluntarily  made by 0« August, 1908.
the ADVANCE Inst week the special      A meeting of the creditors of the said
train would have been  practically  Artemus Erastus Huntley will be held
unknown here.    Yet in the face of ,lt thl" offlc'' ol the 8aid Frederick T.
these meagre details the quota of ^°n' at„A™l"\ng  *f-"
, , ,, , * , Wednesday, the 12th day of September,
Armstrong attendance   numbered hgoe, at 8 p. m.    A11 persons having
over   thirty,   while from   Vernon, claims against the said Artemus Eras-
where the celebration and the ex- tUR Huntley are required to forward par-
enrsion were liberally advertised, ticl,ll,rs of «""«> d"'y verified, to the
only    abont    twenty
Simington s.
All kinds of Carpenter work done
nt reasonable prices.
 Estimates given.-—
Shop next Francis'
§^ Armstrong
■M Darker
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest! to cbronicleing every item of in
In this comparatively newj
country people are working daily
for the upbuilding of the town and
district, anil for the improvement
of the conditions under which they
nre called upon to live. Every act
of daily life that tends to bettering
one's surroundings makes directly
of indirectly for the Improvement
of society generally, lu all this
the local newspaper plays an important part. Among its local
renders it stimulates an Increasing
Interest in their home surroundings, keeping them posted on local
happenings, and becomes a welcome weekly messenger. Among
its outside renders it forms a vain-
able advertising medium, making:
known  the merits, advantages and
prospeots of the district it represents. Iu the upbuilding of a
town or district the- local newspaper
is a most important factor.
the Armstrong
Advance♦ ♦ ♦    j
Aims to do its full and com-
plete share in the upbuilding and!
advancement of Armstrong and
district. It is the only paper that
is owned nnd published here, hence
the only medium devoting its every
energy to the interests of the dis- j
trict; it iB iu no way handicapped
by any restraining obligations to
any party, clique, creed or corpora-
tion, but has a perfectly free hand i
to nt all times promote the interests of the town and community in
in which it gains its existence.
No efforts are being spared to make
the Advance the class of paper the
people want—a good live LOCAL
paper.   Special attention  is paidj
Regular $1.10 values to be sold at $ .86
1,60 values to be sold at $\ ,25
2.1)0 values to be sold at I1.5U
Also 26% off on—
P. C. Corsets.
These Corsets nre well known for their Fit and   Durability.
haircuts and the oleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
lriBBein'crs FradOTl<* T-  Jackson,  nt  Arm-
,       .      „,        ,".   ..  h strong aforesaid, on or before the 27th
were aboard.    Thus  did   Vernon dny of Septembei
reciprocate for the   attendance
ier, 1906: end notice is I
of I hereby given that after the said 27th
Revelstoke almost in a body at the i <% of September, 1900, tho said assignee!
Dominion   Day celebration  there  wi" l,r"°",'d "> distribute the proceeds!
last July.      Enderby turned out,0,' "'" ™h"?*. b™}ng IT"' °"'{ '° th"
u   i      ii        i   ,..,-,   ..     'clmmsof which he shall then bnve requite loyally and about thirty-hve oeived notioe, nnd thnt he will not be
tickets were sold from there. ' responsible for the assets, or any part'
--•      -       thereof, so distributed, to any person nr:
Do you buy
terest to the local resident nnd to
the publication of such articles ns
will nttract the interest of outsiders
to our district. With this end in
j view we aim to have—
A subscriber in Every
! Home in ihc District.
day of
not then have received notice.
Dated at Vernon, this 27th
August, 1900.
I'lIKU   Illl.MMlH,
Solicitor for the Assignee.
700 Acres ol Land
150 Acres aider cilflvillii.
Six miles from Armstrong, suitable
for Grain, Vegetable or Fruit	
Growing.   Will be sold in tracts:
to suit purchasers. Compare the amount of Local News
Inquire of- m ,he Adv(mce ^ ^ rf My
J A.  vSHIELLS,     other paper in the Okanagan.
or ADVANCE Office.  -....    _ .,
H1K1) KROS. heg to inform the public
that they rre prepare to supyly
persons of whose debt or olaim he shall | delivered in town   night nnd morning
I       The exceptions of the homes
j where the piper is not read in this
' district are now  very few. which
! fact shows that the past efforts of
the publisher have   not been iu
vain.   In our advertising depart-
Prices: ment every effort is put forth to
M ILK 111 qts for 81        (!RBAM Tic qt protect the home merchant.   For-
. eign advertising  iu not  solicited.!
nor will it be nccpted from firms
who seek to compete with the local
business men. |
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
For Sale!
must win upon their
merits. The International
Dictionary has won a'
greater distinction upon
its merits and is in more
general use than any other
work of its kind in the
English language.
land m j. h. warren
80-Acre Lots
Four Choice HO-nore Block four
J miles from town will be sold cheap,
and on .
we sell Buggies.
Yes. and we also sell the....
20th century
The 1 lest Machine made
Wire Cable ot all sizes,
Single nml double blocks,
Horse l-'orks,
OhuroheB' Hay <.'iirs,
Champion Mowers and Hakes
Thomas Steel Hay Tedders.
B. Francis
iasy tonus. Inquire of—    L    .   .   .,,.    _       . „ . , —^-^-mmm^-^mmmmmmm
H. Scnneider. *■** "**l"l «»«> • • • ! H=PS==
1 am now prepared to receive DUIIUIIIy 5IUIIC
orders for piano tuning and Best quality of Stone
. .Special oiler in..
A. II. Hiifce, LT,,I>.,
11 vanity» tiiifrlaiiil.
i a i
i r:
, of Oxford
Dwmijy hii ■
nisworki ii i
ii*.v in
usuvonmi complete, isverylnli
-nol only whai wo ro.ghi cvtice
nsucti ii work, but nlsow
upplcmcnt to tho m-w o
rut ii luiiy iii.iu dote. I buvc been
UFthrtiiiifh the latter with a reeling
onnhraent nt its completeness, ami
aniouut ol Inbor tual baa been put
fow I
by buying this
reliable, honest,
hlgli grade sew.
ir.g machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.,
'• liiirtil^t iiivn
natfomil ut inu
pen i<i tho In.
air, Ht. Luiili
tmotive ii
i r the win
'A Test in Pronunciation," In-
lo rumllr. AlaS / BSN
 I I'ninphlef. / wcrara-s 1
G. & C. YERRIAM CO., litrrao«n«Mi.l
Eprinqfield, Mass. *V«. 4r
Address me at....
nt reasonable, charges. Orders may be
left at Advance office.
Cbe Columbia College.
Provides board nnd tuition for both
Ladies and Gentlemen at very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given In the advanced
Public School. High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Special Courses incltul
. . Onlv half a mile from Arm-
i thorough Btroflg,   jo ,,oreg nm]„ nultivution
practical Business training: The balance good bottom land easily
Vocal, Instrumental, and Techni- cleared. Good frame house, stable
quoin Music; In Art: Sketching,I nnd other Buildings, With the
Oil Painting and Pyrography: Also hmd will be sold one team, three
d,    .   ,0 u i £i     .. cows, one steer, one brood sow, ii
Physical Culture and Elocution,      ,,„,.„ cnipkens, and ful, eq,lipment
For Calendar, Address "Columbian fnrm niiichinery.   Price *5000.
College, New Westminster, B.C. ...D.MITCHELL
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye. Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass. Ensilage Corn. Mangel,
Turnip. Special quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Son i
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock   of Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
j   No expense, loss or delay off urn.
i igntion or inspection.
Let me price your lisl   before
Us- j placing your order.
We do business on our own
grounds- no rent to pay. and tire-
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free.
3010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver, B. C.
Scenic Artist,
Sign Writer.
Guilder .House
Painter (EL Decorator.
Kalsomining,  Etc.
25 years experience in  Europe, Africa and America.
t^fiM Tor Salt m
£m«o Acres
Of Choice land  in  Salmon
Ann Valley; 2 good houses and
outbuildings.   Will sell in bine];.
or in tracts to suit purchasers.
EASY TERMS.   -   -   Apply on
the premises lo....
3no. ttl. Armstrong.
Sainton nm, b. e.


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