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The Armstrong Advance 1905-12-08

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 &he ARMS"!
(J>n    /£^f"
^fa* &.
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
PNhiishcd In lie liicrests il Armsiroitg ,ri1 District, Ike Choicest pgriloo tl tie fmms Okmgaa vaiicif.
Sub.crl.llcn SI.BO In Adi.nc.
VOL,   I.
NO 84.
now to avoid Playing
... Second fiddle.
£0 Us Calk it Over.
We are illicit ask. .1 how it iH we sell our Goi .Is so ( h lip.   < >ur ready answer is "Wl
buy onr goods right, thnroforu patrons reap tin- bi in-lit." "n.
We are Stocking for the
ami show Swell Lines ill Ne:-kwc,ir. Mulllois, Kerchiefs, Suspenders,Gloves,Shirts,SBBOS,
Slippers, etc.   nil suitable for Xinns Presents. \
Here is will re you "gel nest" to all necessaries for the comfort of Men und Hoys at prices
that will astonish you.    No liood to go elsewhere when you cun secure them ut
Avmitailu A Mel,cml's    Call ami your trade is assured.
Remember ine <m mm9 for $12.50.
■    The Leading
1\ Gents' Furmishers
Get them lit.
flrmitage $ -mcCeod's.*
==aoc \oty
Armstrong Pfiartnacy
R. R. Burns, Druggist.
Christmas Goods!
make your Selection and we will bold tbe Goods
until Christmas &t
OUT GLASS that would niiike a Royal Flush dizzy with brightness,
TOILET ARTICLES that the Queen of Sheba would have hod dreams over.
PERFUMERY the odors of which simply compel you to think of the beautiful.
We simply request the chance of showing yon ear
Stock, which in tho most Complete Stock
of Drills and Drug Sundries
in the Valley.
John Hum ill
Goods at "Live and let Live Prices."
 Don't get NEXT
***'      But get FIRST        *
To secure our new Muck
Other new lines just arrived.
Special lor a Short Time only—-*.
We lira clearing out about 70 pairs of LADIES' FELT
HATS ut half price.   No two alike.
John Hamill, Armstrong, B. C.
Our Exhibit Wins Gold Medal at Okanagan Becoming Widely Known
London Exhibition. as Future Fruit Country.
Victoria. Pec~~6.—Hon. P. J. I
Fulton, acting minister of ngricul-1 Tho reputation of the Okanagan
ture, this afternoon received a en- jus a fruit growing county is grow-
ble from R. M, Palmer stating the pg rapidly, and it must now be
gold medal of the Royal Horticul- j known over the greater part of the
inrnl Society of London hud been Northwest and Manitoba, as a (lis-
j awarded to British Columbia over '■ trict so favored by nature in regard
lull competitors. to cliinntic, soil and scenic condi-
 .   _ 1 tions ns to offer an ideal home for
.    OKANAGAN PRODUCTION.    'i.t!vo>nnn of quiet  tastes,   who  is
_____ content to earn   himself it compct-
B- C. FRUIT OK TOP AGAIN.;OUR GROWING  REPUTATION. ©«_^)(!®«©(_^)a©(jS)<!^)e©(sS)(_J®«!®«!®0
Fall andWIMcr!
DURING tho Inst two weeks over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of New Goods have come
into the store. Y'ou see to take advantage, of a rising
market we have to place orders ninny months ahead. Since
contracting for our stock the advances have been very notice.
able, particularly in WOOLEN HOODS and COTTONS of
more recent date, but we are illy protected on nil our gt»iils.
Bv the wav. we almost foig.it to sav that in less than a
year nearly every kind of FUR HAS GONE LIP FROM
TEN TO FIFTY PER CENT, vet strange to say, we will
be able to show you BIGGER VALUES THAN' EVER,
J. R. Anderson Comments on
Few Examples of the Valley.
.1. R, Anderson, of the department of agriculture, has had nothing but most fuvorndle comment
for the Interior of B. 0, since his
late trip ns farmers' institute lect-
ence on n ten or twi'iity-ncro fruit
farm in nn occupation that is never
without interest, but produces
good returns without demanding
the severest forms of hidor.
The lnrgo influx of people into
the valley in the past two yours has
given a great impetus to the inten-
xmas Presents!
tn Drgest and Best Assortment to Choose
from in town.
CHI n< pick wl what y«u wait aid we will Keep men far yau.
Hammered Brass (Indian
French Limoges, Hand Painted
China,   English    Glassware,
Work)   Japanese Inlaid  Ware, Albums, Purses. Chatlaines. Music discs. Secretaries, etc. in fine
Leather, Out Glass. Silverware. KmimelwiirePiiis. Belt Buckles,
etc. mid n host of other'Beautiful (lifts.
The Only StocK cfToys in Town.
Stationery and Fancy Goods.
urer, und the Okanagan seems to slv" s.vBtcl" of horticulture and the
have come in for un exceptionally i immense amount of orchard laud
1 large share of his praises. 'tliat lllls D,'l>n set 0,lt m tteeB B'v<-8
In the course of a reporter's con-, promise of a tremendous expansion
versution with Mr. Anderson he in tlu" industry in the near future,
was told of one or two instances of The nS"res representing returns
remarkable returns received by actually received, which nre iniule
Okanagan fruit growers for this l)ublic from time to time urcdecid-
season's crop. One case was that, '*% encouraging. Some time ago
of the Coldstream much, Mr. tllc provincial press chronicled,
Ricurdo, the manager, having told with wondering comment, the fact
the visitors that from twenty acres thllt Joh" Suuimnn, of Penohland,
of Northern Spy apples over 812,- h"9 received over $!«K) nn acre for
000 was made. Another instance his peaches, the purchuser, pick-
was  that  of  n   fruit  grower   in '"« ""d packing lit his own  ex-
p„„„i,i„., l „.i.„ „ 11 i pense.   More recently tin-  Cold-
reach in id, who sob  one nnd one-   , , J        .,   .
. stream ranch  announces  that  a
half acres of poaohos on the tree twenty-uoro orchard af Northern
for $700. Again, the wonderful Spies has given them not returns
productiveness of the soil of thutj°f about $11,000, while Mr. T. VV.
section was cited in  the case 0f Stirling, of Kelowiiu,reports$5,000
.,    /,  „ ,,    .     , ,., Iroiii   il   sixlceii-ucre   ore hurt     of
.Mr. In- allt-v s ii ui-eoii Okuiiiiuiin        t i      i i..,
. •    l K apples, pears and   plums.    When
lake, where  from  three  to  four results such as these become widely
ueres phnit.iil in tomatoes hud pro- known as possible in tho Okanagan,
Cbe Dew Arrivals are:
    tians, Henriettas, Lustres,
FI'RS; Stone Martin,Sables, Black Opposum. etc
STAPLES; Flannelettes, Wrapperettes, Shirtings, Flannels.
BEDDING: White English Marselles Quilts, Flannelette und
Wool Blankets.
A Generous   General   Assortment.
wood, carp co'y i
Mr. (I,'Hat.
lier  pound
liibcrtil coil mir*4,oti for Bales of...
I inn ('uuuuissioni.l tn sell these at TEN DOLLARS EACH fnr IS months.
These Bolts are iini.b- by the ,J h Stevens Sons, London. England, nnd
lire giummteSd equal to it MO belt und lu 'times lletter than u JO
i-i-l iilnr price isfjaciich.
R. R. BURN"..
Armstrong Pharmacy.
Remember the
Dance Tonight
thole will be no trouble in finding
settlers for the vulley.  -Tbe Week.
Main Loses Suit vs. Hear/.
Ill the Main vs. Henry   dilluiige
Buit concluded ut Vernon yesterday
decision was given in favor of
Henry, each party to pay his own
costs. In this case R. W. Alain
sued for $1000 damages claimed by
reason of the failure to germinate
of ii carload of liotutoeo purchssed
from the defendant lust spring.
C. P. R. Heads the List
In the month   of  October  the
I m the home city but at every Cuniidiun Pacific Railway company
point along the Crow's Nest Puss showed greater earnings thiui any
rnilwuv right  into  Alberta.   The ot'mr railroad in America,   Its in.
industry proved a profitable ven- ""' BS&f!,fo5, th{? "v"1.
..•;,,.* .       was S!liH.000, while the New York
tare to thosa who have gone Into Centrali whi(,h „,,„,„ mKOntl show.
strawberry culture.   The markets ed an increase of 1(191,658.    3, J.
are near at home; prices, partieu- Hill's roads took, third and fourth
larly in the eoiil mining towns, nre places, and the "Sao" u (.'. P. R.
excellent, ami the climatic con.li- •*««*»«• ■!*«»■ /['"' {*'*•*■
.. |  ,,',,. .        ....    was seventh mill the (. ,\. K. touth.
ions such that the growing ol this Tni(, j. &M ,() ^.^ ^ 9howinf,
berry has been tlemostrateil a sue tl„. Canndiun railroads have ever
ceBB." made.
tliicetl $1,500 per nere,
ley obtained  III   cents
for early tomatoes nud also Inform-
I'd the visitors that from one vine
alone 420 tomatoes had been harvested. --One might go on recounting instance nfter instance,"
Mild the deputy minister, "of this
kind. Over in the Kootenuys, ill
vicinity of Nelson, the strawberry
1 business is assuming large proportions, and this past season quite a
: considerable quantity of these
| delicious berries were marketed at a
good figure to the grower, not only
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
«   *
«   «
millers of a flour
jjgrjjjjj machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
AND SOLD. The Advance
Mitlldnti-s   for   the   respcctiv
!•    K'-ve Schubert  has  ei
'     t.-i'li.-.hi.l   .in  exceptionally   gooil
record for the sutisfactory  iiuiniu-r
in which he has officiated as   heiul
EUGEHERHIA*.     .      .      I«»*ft^.   of the council, lll.d We should   like
' Subscription 81.50 per year in mlmacc. '" M''' him re-elected to  the  posi.
If not piiiil in mlvnnco 82.00. tion for tho ensuing year,     As i"
the   remaining   members  nl   the
Advertising ini.- civ. n ..ii application, ctnm.-il some good ,-ili/cits have
boon mentioned, and it   is sufc to
.lull PRINTING A SPECIALTY, ,i   ,   ,i      i ti   i
assume thai   the   honors   will   lie
ouferred ll]  citizeus  who  will
For file Home...
Notices .if cliiiii-li Horvtcoi
ititllili-llls u lit-ri' iintiiliiiissit
ii- ri"l liv. Other nntii
ntus.   Ctirils or thanks SI.
I""' ""''', lake nn active interest in theiiffnirs
-in iisiiul "' ''"' niunicipality   as   a   whole,
Il is must salisl'aclnry In nolo that
 mi far thoro is no sembliiuce of any
Tin- Vdvnncn ii published in th.' inter   spirit of scctidlfldisui shown in the
osta ot tho tow ill  liistrici in which selection of candidates for nuiuici.
it csislmiml runlinll)  solicits lint |ml    |n| | ,,.    That every ratepayer,
whothci in the town in in the ruml
sections tnkes nn oi[iial interest   in
—LSJ itsall'aii-siis ii  whole angora well
! EDITORIAI NOTES. J] f« r,.imv.,i.i,- ttieii»uty.
JK Tin- success nl' all Spiilluuicheon is
-'^ the slogan of all «ood citizens.
ronogi-ol tii.- pi
Home should In- tin- Buot most
desired by every honornblo man.
To help make it so the home must
In- pleasnnt ami comfortable, Von
c.-iii make your home attractive nt
small expense witli ouruoW lines of
wall Papers, carpets, Carpet
Paper, Pugs, ete.
Have you seen our Japanese Goods? »
iSci-eciis. tiibleB, und othei of tho latest novelties) ►
A whole case of Toilet Sets almost >
at your own Price. »»3iSTSifi^m {
Sewing Mac.h.iric-v.       Orj;at;t\!;.       Talhophones. Z
j     fill UNI tlNlllliltlHiraSOODS W SUPPLIES,    j \
^^TfiiECCaD :JgTTu,   SUM CSQE1 >SBIC7!CHBfK>«
Insurance V*      ^1 Estate
~      Agents j&   ■
^" Con.tractors and Builders.     P
The Real Estate
Harvest is on
I to be born  vn j • -j-i -i      i       -rr   i-i HeiidOffice: Montreal
, |;(,0|,i,. ,„ Connections with  whole Valley,   capital, nil pah mmum. Rest, sio,ooo,ooo
-ww      tt>.     »   -bV-wV    _'"   . „                                                       EJalniii-e Prollt and Loss account, SH78,HHtt.
H.   P.   LE£, Real Estate. __	
- PRESIDENT,   ItlghC  JSoii.   I..i,-cl   StrothconC   ;>n.l   MourS Royal,
Vernon       -      -     and      -      -       Enderby       vicr-rREsiDtNT, .ii^^'i-x-n^,,,,,. k.c.m.c.
Ii hns been heiiril among certain The election of Bchool trilBtcea
purties in discussing the Midway falls on January 15, For members
and Vernon railway that the rond, 0f the Armstrong bonnl the An- •▼'
ns ii were, started nowhere and van ce respectfully moves the re-
ended nowhere, and in view of this election of tin- present members,
certain influences have been ill p, (J Wolfenden, W. J. Armstrong
work endeavoring to destroy the mid. M, Wright. The two first-
confidonce of eastern capitalists in named have now had uxtouded ex-
the project       We do   not believe  perience and we believe their ud-
anyresident of the Okniingnu  will  ministration bus been as free from  r*t Al ;„   T i-v-.^, onrl   T iof \Tr\-r\-r   TPnrmct
fail to sec that the rond by forming oriticiBUi us school   trustees  ever G^ 111 Lllie and  LilSt yOUr   J? arillS.
a short route  for Oknnagau   pro- are   for the limn is yet to be bor
dnctB to the Boundiiry and  to tho who can please all  the  peoj
Kootenays will prove n   most   im- the capacity of member of n school
portmit riiilwiiy-connection and se-  board.    Mr. Wright Iiiib served on
cure a very largo umont  of traffic, tin board only a  short   time,  bill
even should tbe system not be ex-  his interest mid   abilities   in   the
tended beyond these  two points, discharge of school  matters  are
For the good of the Oknniignn   it- :WUU known and recognised, and he ^ a%AvmA\ma\*
self the advantages of the roud cii nkeB an efficient and capable sec-    •*-f-*A*A-'»A*A-,*-*-'*Atf!'''*va'A*   m   m
hardly be over-estimated, as there rotnry of tho board.    Let ns protit
will be oliuiinnted from the menus by the old adage of "letting   well
of reaching tho important and over enough alone,"
growing markets of the   Boundary ——*•■*-—
and Kootenays the long haul  via      YTo believe Armstrong   has  ar-
Bevelstoke- '   It will also   be   the rivw1 ;l1 tlm1   st,W '" its Browth
means of replacing much   of, the when active stops should betaken
A i-i.-aii   products now pouring tow[ml oity incorporation,     The
into the mining country with Oka- municipal government at present
nngan products,   At  present  hnylin vngno is in ninny ways very sat-
ennbe laid down   in Greenwood ^factory, yet not only the town it-
niul Phoenix from the Colvillo vnl- seUbut tho rnrnl community have
ley in Washington from  82 to $B reached a   development   when   in
per ton cheaper than from the (Ik-1 v»™»8 respects their  government
luuigun in spite of the duty of  -so1 would be better if separated.     It
per ton.   The rate over the   M, &; does not appear that   the  cutting
V. from the Okanagan will   be no mniy of the town would affect the
higher than over the Croat North- oontinued ndvaucoment of the re-
ern from Colvillo to the same mar. lll,lim'"K l"'rti lf tlle municipal.
kel.   AH classes of Oknnngaii pro-  i,-v' ^course itis the desire of all
Y, .   i .    ,v      . .    i that the advancement of tho whole
mice are requin d in   the   mining . - .
country in  increasing  quantities, \ '-"""ioipality sliali i sorvotlon
and with this market right  at  our ''"' lm'sl'"t agreeable terms   be-
door the people of tho Okanagan twMlthu town and country.
"Land of the BIG RED
Rememberjwheu plat-inn your  Ordur for  Fruit  or Ornamental Trees that WE SELL
We sell im CHEAP as GOOD STOCK  can be   produced
Place yonr (Irder early and il will l«- filled complete,
We tiro now Agents for tin  L-&rJl;.n   Estate Lots.
Call nnd look them over with us nnd get Prices.
*4j\J i\\yl\AwJ miles from Armstrong.
All Level and Good Soil,   This is a Bargain and will   lot   be
mi  the market long,
Insuiance written.
Appropriate cioiiies!
It is not the "hot nir" in the advertisement but the hot air 11 good
warm suit will keep,about you that
you want for winter use. Let us
show you our goods. No lalk necessary.        Siinpls examine them..
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
A - Trial - order - sonenei.
\ ^lerchant Tailor j& \
Branches in nil tin- principal cities nnd towns in Canada,    Also in
the following cities:    London.  Eng.: -■'.. Abchurch   Lane.   E. 0.
New V.irk.-V.) Wall Street : Chicago, LS8 La Salle Street : Spokane,
ft W'i'sh. ; SI John's Newfoundland.
p\   Bankers and CorrespondentB : Liverpool,Bank of Liverpool,   Scot-
| land, llritish Linen Co's. Hunk nnd Branches.
r] A general blinking business transacted. Drtifts sold available at
ft:  all points in the United Stales. Kuril]!.-nnd (.'uniiilu. including Atlin
V nnd Dawson City.
i        Deposits received from 61 upwards and Interest allowed at ciu-rt-at rates.
lnt.'ivsl i-nti-retl 30th June, ami lllsl December
Withdrawals    en    demand   without    delay.
Ranchers nnd country business given sr.ecinl tittention.   Municlpnl nnd schcol
; district, necounts received on favorable terms,   Speoflil attention given to the
handling .if niunicipal and other debentures,
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts reoelve
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Ag.nl. KELOWHA
: £ S. V.IMcCllntock, Sub. Agent. P. DnMcnlln, Sub. Agent.
.boiild in every possible   way   aid
and eucoui'lige the liuililiiiu;-  of II
The   Okllllll
Midway itiVerm
dovelopmeul by the luck of sufficient transportation, and to furlhei
the   present development   of tin
Chinamen    and  Japanese   an-
the subjects of much   seven-   ecu-
 along been hindered   i'n'its T' beC,U,f, °,£ 'heir ^.gilowii g
.-.J.  i... .,    the price of labor,    tn this respect' II
the Mongolians are no  doubt   undesirable, yet of this objectionable
,, trait they hold no monopoly,   Men
valley re uet-t    freiirhl   rales  ami    r iii    i
^ """ of our own race and blood are some
ll"rl1""  v'il1' times known to nccopl   less than
one half standnrd prices   in order
IIoh being that  to
In get froi
which one
In such cases there
icstion as to which belongs
gruntor    coiisiduration   llu-
more  immeiliiiti
markets are needed.
Application is to I-,- unide to th
provincial legislature for n charter ' ."", ," ", a  	
authorizing tl rlension  of the "  ' ' ' 'ml
Midway A-  \'onion   to   KamloopB
h'"1 to build ii branch toPonticton.
It is not   mireasomiblo   to  csn,-ci • _»_
from this that it is the intention of '8','°r"     :"     ilow"tro(1,lel1   •^1""'
thecompatiyloiiinkotlioirline   „ f!'"" '"' ""' "80,lb" ot '""' """
llin,o( enmu'ctingllnk to the const  ' _ <^.
ill"lll"■  Ifeiindnry  -„„| |< .nay      Prospects are now favorable for
C0"'iM"8 ih,-  establishmunl   of   the   high
To eiicoui-age the  company   to school ut    Armstrong  and   every
Pro»|,c,Ul Un-work ofi sti-uotioti oitken of tho community who Is
1,1 "'" l;  of opposition  ami  the interested in the iidvancemenl  of
r"l.""'ls,!l''" 'h-mnd   will  not   be the children or the district owes i I
" '"" '"I Bliccoss, it l,llfl 1 „,,„,,. (old, |fl„i,Hotllofl,turecitiZe„.
K°f<l thnt it would bo ,,K Ipl,,,, shipofthe ,- -y  to en, rug,,
to have reprosontiith-e oomnij  il I I and assist in  its ostab.
•Il u«'ry shipping p,,lh| j„ ,|„., ,|(. |j8hment in every way possible.
nnagaii toeolleel tonnagestutistios —» *—
and    reliable  data   lowing   t]u.      At the next meeting of tho mii-
prospective business to bo supplied ""''Dal council ii it
Ipected   Unit
the bylaws grunting the   franchise
to the  electric   light   and   power
company and authorizing the con-
tho now road    There conli
tQb idoubl of the Hnuncial sue-
oess of thu   road,   tapping,   as   ii
does, the rich mineral country of slri"':i"" "r ll"' agricultural  hall
the Kettle  river  and   the   fertile ui" '''"''' '' '"' il:i   ',l'i'   roniliiig,
Okaiiiigun, thus forming ii  lovicul "ttfr which will bo taken the pre-
Jink of transportation between twi '',n'"l,r>' S'UPS forsubmitiing them
tlistricts the products  of  one  ol '"''' "''" "'' ""' I"'"!1'1'-
which in-,, so   dejietnleut   on   tin —" J'	
1.. Leadiitf Hardware
Because we handle the best goods in
all lines of Hard-ware.
Bakery Confectionery
Bread and Pastry always in stock.
Careful attention given to Special Orders.
Fresh Fruit,   Choice Candies and Confectionery
Tubman's nntl Cigars.
Ice Cream Parlor In Connection
Meals at all Hours.
X, :.('. I'. "R.
ftfow is ifos time to get your
stoves ready for winter.
J. M&Bonald
rmseaoa wewmox
Wholesale and Retail
Tho best steaks and roasts a specially.
Fisii and game in snasan.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive   most   particular citteitlion.
Lord Siiaihc'iiia has resigned as
-_«fr ^_ ' president of the Bunk of .Montreal
The election of roevo and conn- but has I n  appointed  honorary
cillors of the municipality is now president of this well known
not fur distant, and soniu specula- financial institution. tSir George
tion is beiii:; indulged Ji ns to who Drtitlnncnd is to sue nl to the
will be brought bef( re the people | pr isidt u -y.
riiE Ladies i r Adiibtrokii and District -
I take pleasure in unuonning that I uni bacfe in
iriiiitrong. und inn auain prepared to (to Dressmuking in
ng all its lirnnclies und neeording to the latest styles.
O    I solicit the pntriiiiage of mv old eustomors also new ones.   A 2    n      i.      %wr      +   j
Shop iKXt floor toTisber $ $*g«'» Rmi ttwt* ohm.        m '   rou"ry w Bnlea
i. 13 Awiffl MEAT MARKET, f
"tJIJ -^Wholesale & Reiali== [
A. BLANCHARD K'j    Ulkl, "r""-- *M""-
^^^        Wi 4 All kinds ol Fresh and Cured Meals nlways in stock
Dressmaker. flij Pish and Fowl in oeason
BestPrices for Fat Stocll and Po-utltry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray.   I
ji-   .wultry Wanted Prop.   \ 10
Deal and general * *
^~ items ol General interest.
Have you paid your (Hill tax':' Mrs. A. Gourlny has been on
Bert PninoiBhns taken Bposltionjslck list ,lllri"« ""' w,,,'k'
in the Big Store with Wood, Cur-,    The   provincial  legislature
gill Co, been called for January 11.
The thermometer Clime   within,    Several couples   from   here
two degrees  of   zero   Inst   Friday tended the hockey  club .lane,
night    the coldest so fur this  sen-  in Vernon last night,
snow and th.
it will come.
Wadnesdny was a day of bright
sunshine the most of the day ami
snow thawed rapidly, More snow-
is badly n led on the roads,
Burnett made n bn ilui
'omen l-'-.-,.|.i\
Smith left Monday to
holidays at the old home
w, Out.
I!. Francis bus disposed of his
supply of cutters and the  demand
for tliein still continues.
K. it.
p to v
end 111
as th
slat it
'•! F.ityrc who '-. ill spent tie
limner in Husk ileliewnn. re-
I to Armstrong Tuesilay.
itiuii Agent K. W Kelly's
y arrived Friday and us soon
■• repairs are completed at the
hi    their   residence   will   be
13 3&£ 3£sS
FT-,    -r
oily nainiware
""'      Len   Farr  and  0,  MoPhorson
have been appointetl official audit-
has ors of the municipal books,
l nre good   tor  more
farmers   are  hoping
Peter Oriinl was a caller during
the pasi week. Though still I'll'
from well his broken limb permits
of his   walking   with    Ihe   aitl   of
John   Winslow   and family left
at- Saturday for Arrowhead, where he
in expects to open a jewelry store.
P, ('. Wolfenden s|ieiit  n   short
Arrangements ore being modolfor time in the lower end of the valley
a grand New Year's ball under the on   business  tor  tho   Okanagan
auspices of the  ID. P, Flour Mills.
John Daykin is now steadily re- The public is invited to benr  in
covering from his relapse  and  is mind the anniversary sorvicos of
now considered safely on tho roud the Methodist church next Sunday
to recovery.
('. .1. Ptltten's baby was quite
sick for ii few days, lull we arc
pleased In note the little follow is
again recovered,
t up there.
H. (I. Wyatt. L, Fan-and Sidney
and (ico. Holtby have jointly purchased a quarter section of land
from tie,. Parkinson, six miles
northwest of town.
Hubt Bourne, whose illness was
recorded u couple of weeks ago, is
now improving after quite u serious
seige und indications lire favorable
Inr his recovery to his usual state
of health,
..Plumbing works..
Robt,   Fergus
'has. Hardy and
Several young people were very
pleasantly entertained at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Thus, ('iiiniiiiiigs
('bus. Hardy mid I-
Vernon on Monthly
Armstrong masons an
work there.
Drnggl&l U. !i. Hum:
morrow for Vancouver to  attend a
meeting of the council of the British Columbia   I'h.'iimuceul.icul   Association, of which In' is u member.
T. \V. Stirling, of Kolownn, passed through last week on his way to
Scotland, when- he will probably
spend the most of th winter, Mrs.
Stirling accompanied him,
The Minister of Justice has
confirmed the sentence of Wild
Alex and the murderer of a brother
Indian at Okanagan lake last July
will accordingly hung nt Kamloops
on January 5.
Mrs. E. R. Sage, mother of our
townsman, A. E. Sage, arrived
Monday und will spend the winter
here.   She is
,\. Norman to Saturday night.
so that   Hire
nt   H.   If.
charm'   of
and Monthly.
Miss Marie Hanghton left Monthly for Lothbrldgn, Altn., where
she will spend tho winter with
Mrs. .1. I-'. Pringle.
Frank Clayton   has   purohiised
the lease of' the Wallace black-
smith shop from ('. Ilein/.c ninl
is operating the same.
The government   veterinary  Inspectors are continuing their  Investigation of   the   prevalence
glanders in the vicinity of Vernon.
A. Ford. F. J. Muggins W. S.
Burnett ami 11. Curtis were among
the number who attended the case
of Main vs. Henry at Vernon on
M. J. Henry, tlie Vancouvernurseryman, who appeared nt  Vernon
in the damage suit   institute.
11. W. Main,   spent   u   conpl
An altercation among the Celestials at the Sum Wee laundry
resulted in the arrest of Sam Wee
for nssult on the person of another
Chiuumiin. Tho case was tried at
Enderby Monday and Jus.Murphy
succeeded in getting the accused
oil' without a line.
School Inspector Cordon spent
severnl days here ami on Saturday
mill the most of the trustees of the
schools of the municipality on
matters In connection with the
boundaries of th.- districts. The
0f inspector Stated that the schools of
this municipality were among
those (if the highest rank in the
province. With regard to the
high school, the inspector favors
the project and stilted that he
would sond in a strong recommendation for the sumo to the
During tin- nbsoiico
Burns nt the const the
I'linrinney will be in
Ur. P. I)'. Vnitklcek.
' l. l.nTiu. e returned from
coast on   Saturday ami  says  In
prefors   tho   Okanagan    with   it.
snow to the cold rains of the coast
•I. R. Linton now has .several
thousand ties cut in .1. W. Christian's timber, and the work is being continued favorably. Thost
out are being hauled to the   track
Artist Lapworth has completed days at Armstrong.
a handsome painting of one of the Miss Pearl Craiikshnw has reviews on Davis creek, The ninny signed her position ns teacher at
beautiful scenes in this section fur- the Knob Hill school, owing to ill
nish abundant scope for the exer- heulth and her place is now filled
cise of the artist's talents. by E. 0. Wood, who arrived from
Druggist Burns is treating bi. Salmon Ann on Tuesday, ^Jf J«£ «*■
customers to u new and acceptable'.    The warm days at the first of the l()0(i
keeping' "house "for B0Uvenir '" tne 8hal)e  °f  picture! week which caused a considerable
Common Sense Business
Buy your Hardware ill a Hardware Store,    It
will pay you. I give all my time to the Hardware
business and what belongs to it. Noonocan know
three or four trades or businesses. I make better
Tinware than you can buy at any General Store in
B.C. I have the tools to do ii villi. There uru
lots of people trying to start new- industries in
Armstrong or talking of doing so, but what is the
good of doing so. when the general run of the public will go to one of the so-called general Btores for
all their goods in every line'.' My advice is to gel
your Dry Goods at u Dry GoocIb Store, your Groceries at a Grocery Store, your  Drugs ,tt   n   Drue
Store, and gel your Hardware  nnd   Tinwnr
you will make your town  one   t
By tloing
best to tli
al in.
stock tt
ill then ha
use from.
Special   Notice
No more tools whatsoever will be loom d from
shop to anyone, 1 have been compelled to mnki
as some think that once they have toils outside the
belong to tin-in
at a
^Locals That Get Business
rmstrong, g
line stock
W. Wolfenden bus :
of Christmas cards.
Get into our §12 to $15 suits
while going at $1.00. Armitnge &
her son and F. J. Bird during the' %°']""* ^Tl»** ^ °f I *»** °f''"' S"°W °f j"? T' to*7u<tZ X£5£5
h        the Armstrong exhibit at the lute have been the means of forming s"°18' **'uu'   &e,! tne assortment.
Armitago & McLeod.
absence of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bird,
Geo. Armstrong und H. C. Johnston were down from Silver Creek
Saturday. Some new settlers have
located in their district lately and
that part of the country is steadily
looking upward,
Dominiom fair.
It is encouraging to those who
The V,
Vernon papers last week lnSt year,
contained glowing uccounts of the
miraculous escape of a lonely passenger during an exciting runaway
of the Vornon-Kelownn stage team.
This same "mysterious passenger"
who escaped death by grabbing an
overhanging branch, was none
other than J, K. Smiley, of this
n good bottom to   the  roads   and
with more snow teaming and  log-     Blacksmithing of nil   kinds at!
are striving to make the Okanagan SH *ill b(' »Klte««I satisfactory, lowest prices.   WnlWs old shop, i |"
creamery the success that it should     Considerable interest was creat- F- ^Inytan
be. to note that the output for the ed by the turkey shoot given ill Something warm for $1.00 to
past month is just nbout double town by Albert Evans last Sutnr- 81,50 per suit in underwear, both
that of the corresponding season day,   A   large   number   of  locnl winners nt sight.   Armitnge & Mc-
nimrods participated and some ex- Lend.
collet   scores      were     recorded,      The late Larkfn estate lots, now
Some of the more fortunate carried mag& by M(mMl j^ m ^
uwny two and three turkeys   ns   n m, th(, mllrket_Bee pe],   & p(>,|
reward of their  good  marksman- ftgflnts for th(,m
shin. tt       ,    .
Horseshoeing u specialty.   Sat-
()ne of the most successful rurul isf,lctio|1 gllnTOntoecl,
Cold weather ',:> coining.
You will need something in Horse
*   C. L. Christian g
Several of the youths ibouttowu
live bunded themselves  together
Snnford B, Snider, general agent
.of the B, C. Permanent Loan and
Savings Co., spent n few days here
in the interest of his company.
Fisher & Snge nre the local agents
here. As significant of the gaining confidence of capitalists in the
Okanogan, Mr. Snider stated his
company were In n position to
place as much of their money us
possible in this section.
Thos, Hardy bus completed bis
contract of enclosing tho school
grounds by putting lip ll fancy wire
fence on the front nnd 11 portion of
the side facing tho road out of
town. The fence is of one of the
latest designs of galvanized wire
fencing und adds very largely to
tlle nppoitrnnce of the school site.
The trustees are t-i be congratulated for the successful completion ol
this needed Improvement.
The presence of the revenue tux
or i«ill tax collector has occasioned
some discussion among tho later
comers especially as   to   who   arc
and who ant not liable for the tax
nnd the manner of collecting the
snnie. The Act is very plain,
Every mail between the ages of IN
as a miitnul entertainment club
nnd have leased a room over the
Big Store, where reading matter
and games nre kept for their nightly entertainment,
Friends of Senator Bostock, of tliat at tlu' r;,Hil^.'"
Shuswnp, will regret to learn that BroB' flt knob Hl"
Dr. I. Glen Campbell has operated
on Senator Bostock by removing
an eye, this having been found
absolutely necessary to prevent
consequences which might involve
total loss of sight. The operation
was entirely successful.
Reports from the oust show the
weather to be cold throughout the
Northwest, At Calgary the first
of the week 2o below zero was recorded with a heavy northwest
wind, Other points in Alberta re-
|Kirt. u corresponding cold spell. At
Edmonton -Ins. Patterson was frozen to death while walking from
Fort Saskatchewan.
— & SONS —
Blacksmiths and Plumbers
^       Horseshoing our Specialty.
Pipe & Pipe Fitting's & all Kinds of  Plumbing.
Agents for Celebrated Chatham Incubator.-,.
dances yet held in the district was
of Wilson
last Friday
night. Severnl of the young people from town attended and bring
buck only the highest praises for
the treatment accorded them and
tlle enjoyable time experienced.
About thirty couples were present.
Donald Graham, -lr.. left Monday for Lnggan, where he enters
the C. P, It. station for tlie purpose
of learning telegraphy, This is
Don's lirst trip from home and bis
friends wish him the best of success in his future endeavors, As
he is a Ixiy of exeinpliary
F. Clayton
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
Lnrkin estate lots, now owned by
Marshall Lucas-tho] most desirable lots in town.
Get in lines they are all coming
this way for hardware and stoves.
Which way? Why, to W. J.
Armstrong's I
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
Arrives from North .Ittily except
Sunday      .        .       .        9:25 a. n
Arrives from Smith daily oxcept
Sunday      .        .       .        3:25 p. n
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets in the
•   I.O.K. Lodge Room, tho second
Saturday evening "f ench nn'tifh ar s,
p.m.   Visiting brethren oordinlh Invited
Secretary. \V..\[.
Meets in t
and marked  intelligence   we  can
but hope to bear of his success in
his chosen lu.c.
nin now prepared to do a
kinds of bhicksriiith work. Brin
your sleighs to me.   Horseshoeing
II speeinlty.
F. Clayton.
Gowan's Kent genuine cut glass,
habits Standard silverware arc th.
Mrxicii'Al, COUNCIL-.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor   L. VV. Putton.
Treasurer and collector  J. M, Wrlj
g. Goo. Murray, ('hns. Crozior,
I 8. liurnclt. K. .I.'oiI'-iIiiiiis.
Bluck Preceptory,
1 tbe Foresters'Hall, Arms
trong, on the Thursdnv, on "r before iht-
lull moon, nt 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
iter, laity Invited.
W. '!'. HOLTBY,      .1. HAMILL,
eptor Registrar,
'. I-
A number of deer have been
killed in the vicinity since the
snow. T. Leduc has killed three,
this being, we believe, the largest
number for any one hunter. The
writer went out with Tom Cuin-
mings the lirst of the week, confidently expecting to bring back n
large buck if Tom shot him.
but got no nearer a dear than the
pleasure of following several tracks
deer tracks, though.
Ml'S. L.   D. Scott   received   till!
and no years, except  members of sad rifrtrs.Saturday that announced| arrived   here   on
active militia is liable for the $8.00 the denth of her mother at Snoho-1 Ci-niikshnw's visit
tax, which becomes payable on the
2nd day of'January in each year.
Owing to the growing demand
for his product, E, II. Burnett, of
the Sp"ing Luke celery farm, has
disposetl of all bis past season's
product und is now compelled to
turn uwny many orders. The
scope of the district supplied by
the Armstrong product extends as
fur eust ns Edmonton and Moose
Jaw, nnd the excellent quality bus
won a large demand for Mr, Burnett's product.
Mr. Crnnkshaw, of Chilliwack,
Monday, Mr,
ere was husten-
Divino Servlca will ho held e
<Uv ns follows: Armstrong,
Knob Hill, 8 p.m. I Enderby,'
_,_               .           ,  .              . Sunday School nt 2.30 p.m.   1,
goods are up-to-date OWUlOprions Miller, Pastor,
are right at W. J. Armstrong's.       	
best Christuii-is goods in town; cull
and see;   it   will   pay   you.   The
.- Hun
ii.in. :
A. X.
I. O. O.F.
Meets every Thursdnv evening In the
Oiltl Follows' Hnlbovcr Wood, Cargill
.t (Vs. Store, tti S o'clock, Sojourning
brotbron ar trdinllj Invited lo nttontf.
Il.c. U'VATT.  X. O.
\V. .1. SMITH. V ■:.
II. FRANCIS, i:->. Sea,
From my premises sonic time in
August, a Jersey cow, black head,
brand Wl.    Suitable reward.
I-.'. WlXKI.EH.
Anniversary Services.
t. Of
71 nt
ir ball ll
i-l Soti
ll   llll
|sili||c l,|-i
■tl rem
,   II
ivldii-. 1!
Sorvicos in K. Andre.
11 ii.m.: /inn Clnti-i-li.
7:110 p.m. ovory Sunday,
bell, Paster.
'-. Enderbj
Itnv. D.Ci
Order of C'nnndiiin Home Circles, m
in ih- I.O.I-', hull, -i Mondiii in t
month,        I-'. N. DANIKLLS, Leo
Mrs, FRASER, Secretn
Anniversary services will be
held in the Methodist church,
Armstrong, on Sabbath next.
Rev. 0. H. M. Sutlu-rtaiKl, of
licvelstoke. will preach in the
morning ut II o'clock and in the
misli.'Wusli. Mrs. S^ott took the; ed somewhat by the the illness of evening nt 7:l» o'clock. On Mou-
afternoon train expecting to" reach his daughter, teicher at Knob Hill, day evening a program of mnsic,
St. James1 Chit
Evening Prayer '!
2:30 p. ni.-F. V.
Ii. Sunday, Dec.
o. Sunday sehi
enables, Vicar,
Employers may be held responsible Snohomish in time for the funeral.'although it was his   intention   to recitations and speeches will be
for payment of thajtax of their erb- but upon reaching Mission Jnhfc. visit tho district anyway with n rendered  in   the   cnureb, after
ployes, anil are subject to a tine of tion on the main line train  which ' view of purchasing hind here.   If which refreshments will be served.|
1200 for refuoitig to pay the same, was two've hours Into she learned j he 'finds a place to his liking he .Talent from Enderby nnd  Vernon
•Property holders arts required  to she could int reach there leSB than expects to invest in a farm  here, will assist local talent on the pro-1
pay   the  same   us    non-property, two days   lute,  bo   she  returned He found his daughter much im- Krnm.    Addmission to entertain- j
owners home from there. ' proved in health. i ment, Including refreshments, 26c. I ATMSTRt ING,
Barrister and Solicitor.
Dealer in
TXT   F. FRASElt. D.M. D
Wim.1 Curgill Blook,
Cfliod Hours: Ili'lOt.t IS and ftllfl u,r,
-   -   B.C
• All
kinds  of farm   implements,
wagons, buggies, otc.
j ^ The AnvANi e and the Winnipeg
Free Press one year for only |1,76, fr
1 't*'-**- "' '
r-*-    ^**>-,- "H«i^>.-'''<*«EB^''''Viii¥8*-'*8»;^.-,-. ■■*.-:••■     ■ rfu.-"--- ^w^^k^irsv'--flfiBi 1  :"" '*>^aa««v-v
ttWPM       .^r-fn^: ■  ffmm:-'-   t&r**m?- ,-.-*»^WSt,. <sW*«"-\..y ■ ■"■"*,-';-. ^SiSS^.iSffilS^.dfflSft''': .  ...      •   ..^.-.i''*--
T   «^
Sic at The Bee Hive Supply Slit.
C. T. DAYKIN, Prop.
Infants' Wears.
Fancy Wool Bootees and .Mill- lis, [)ei p! 20c llll.l 25c
White and Colored Hoods nt  Oo, 7uc and ilOc
.Fine While Toipii-s. tnilv       c
Eidenlown Coats in White and II        81.75innl r.'.2ii
White Swunsdowne Cui-ringe liobes       50
N'e.-k Furs Ill,
Cotton Hibs. luce trimmed Wo. H for 2ne
euibroi lory trimmed !'<•'' for Sou
Silk Bibs, lace triu <1, each 2.1c
Extra Fine All Wool Knit Vest ■   rid '.' ni .1 1, en '  iiUo
Ladies5 Giov«: -
Fine Kill and Suede (Iloves ill Bluck und Tim, gniirniiteed at... .81 SO
Mocha Gloves, Fleece lined. Elastic wristband    1.00
Now Suede, Fabric lining, only 50
Wool Gloyos in Black and White >ii
Pint! Elastic Double Mills ' :in
Girls'Wool (Hove:-, in White, N 11    111   Ke,l     30
Underwear Dept
I,adieu' K'nil I'lidel'Weiir pel gam ent   	
Wool Ciiilerwoiu- in uatiiral and while per garment	
Knit Underwear, fleece lined  white       SltJc
"   Natural wool, guaranteed 1111 ihrinknblo 81,50
Children's Knit nndorwenr, per garment 20c. und MOc
rncticallv all wool, ribb weave 50c
store if
'&$■ &'^shf?-t:'-■■■ Tt V^t jvil?
Armstrong School Report.
A New Institution.
J. M. Wright Replies to Statements
of W. S. Burnett.
To Editor Armstrong Advance,
Dear Sir:
In reading over W, S. Burnett's
letter in your last issue, there are
one or two statements made which
I think should not be allowed to
pass without some comment. I
refer more particularly to that portion of his letter where he talks
about starting a one horse high
school and saddling the greater
part of the debt on the rural community, 1 don't know where Mr.
Burnett got his idea about n one
horse high school, as that is not
the kind of a school advocated, but
one that is up-to-date in every respect is what we require, and only
by the help of the whole of the
rural school districts in the municipality can this be accomplished,
Now with regard to the middling
part of it. perhaps il will surprise
Mr. Burnett to know that the Armstrong Bchool district will payout.1-
quarter of tlle assessment of the
whole six districts,  leaving three
quarters to I itributud by the
other live nut much saddling
about that, ll may further surprise M r. Burnett to know that ill
the present time mil of tlle eleven
pupils who are now taking high
school work lour are from the
Armstrong district and seven from
ih tsitle districts, That. I think,
completely knocks out his theory
that it would be of no more advantage had it, been located in
It might be as well to say that
the starting and erection of a high
school for the municipality would
be no detriment to the consolidating of the public schools, as they
would still be distinctly different
schools, but what I contend is that
we are ready and want the high
school and cannot afford to wnii
until we have 11 consolidated
It is a certainty that unless we
can get the high school established
either by renting   or   building   it
will have to  cense after  the  holidays, as it cannot be expected that
the principal shall devote so much .,           ..     ,   .                           ,     , , ,,-, ■ ,-.,„,.,„,,.,
,.,...,..,       ,    .        , the pupils of tbe Armstrong school vogol Collego of Vancouvoi
ol Ins tunc to   high   school   work .     '            .,     ...         , s     r.„ ohnsod In Messrs, Sprott nn.
., lor the month ol November.    The ,„       .' ...       , ,.
Stove wood!
Armstrong Markets
Colli weather may come
at any time. Order your
wood now and bo prepared
The following is the standing of     Only fourteen months ago the f.irinoi
1  V.'ic-l Collego ttf Vancouver  was pur
and Shaw, of
... lilt , ,1        '"t   ""'  tiii'iillt   "i   .MMCllluei.       ill.'   „, , -,. .   , . ,.        , .   .
which   should   lie   given   to   the  ... . [oronto,   Since biking over the old in-
ord ry work of tho public school, ^t three names in each class are slill,lin„. „„. „„„. „„„•„„ ,„,„,,.,„„.
I would therefo,-,- askall these who "Tg.    "' ',"''-     ;""?f' lately ohnnged its nature by (..filing to
.,,,..        , Registered pupils to date, 132. us courses of study such subjects its hre
are.inferos , ,1 in me niiynncomont     Ay for Noven)b     .   ,,,, calculated to lay sound foundations for Dry wood $1.50.        Green $1.25. -,-
ol the children to give  their  vote1 " ,, good Connueroinl,  Shorthand or lei- ,,     ,,- , ,      ,, tlirntps
. .,        ,11      ,-     f     .1       High bchool 1   ii, hi.  Marshal , ,, .       ,,.,,■ Per Kick, tiny length, ()-il,lui»-o
at the next school ting lor the      . x, , egrophy courses,   ft Is needless then to -       b uaoongi
establishment of a high school   in"'""1   K   '•   lrmKloi    eclml<   S'-say that tho Sprott-3Iiaw   Business' Bonso state length whon ordering       ™.v "
Matheson, A, E, Hamill University, ,130 Hustings St.. W., Van- .....  TERMS CASH     Apples, per 10 lb.
... . Sr.    -1th:-   Beatrice     Hnuiill, oouver, hns mora than doubled Its at- j tJmT    f-f    ITyHITTlT T>i'are i', ,1
YTlUty Bertha Ball, Prudence Becker,        tendance in tho past year, and it is the   VV . O. WOi 1 BL.      £«"».»■*» lb
•I M, Whuhit. .,.,„    ,        .,   ,   ,r T,     ,,   desb f tho principal, R.J. Sprott,B.A„     E. 0. Brown Leghorn cockerels     Uelery. per ou lo.
1 oull.ry. per tloz.
The following prices   arc  being
paid for produce by the Armstrong
Farmers'  Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton'  -    -   811.00
Carrot s.       " -     -      12.00
Parsnips     " -    -     25.00
Beets -     16.00
- 10IH)
- 20.00
- 12.S0
Where to Find It.
I    3rd  Render:   Aleck McDonald. ' ...... ,        . ...       , ,.     ,,  ,
..„   .   ,      .,,,..   ,, ,,    ,t. • to announce that It is Ins intention to tor side, or will exchange tor It. •
Christina Patchett, Beth   Wrigut. m«ko a number of othoriuiditions, which Black Minorcas. £Sg< .,
1    Sr.  2nd:—   Mary   Williamson, ,villputthesohoolonapiu-withthebest! I.utiei. p.-i 11,.
The story is told of Helen Hunt- Bertbn Williamson, Cecil Watson. Eastern institutions.   Watch this paper
the famous author   of   "Blimonu"      dr. 2nd:-- George Patchett. Vio- for further particulars. 11/2111    1121flPI>        , Leadline;   Business    Firms.
that one morning after churoh ser- let Hamill, Jessie Swnnson
money, and told her pnstpr  about Earl Liimsden. Grover Burnett.
vice she   found   11   purse   full   of 1st   Bender:       Mable   Hoover. (|AA(1
it. 2nd   Primer;       Alta   Hassurd, 45'ACPft
"Very well." he said, -you keep Vernii .Murray. Marguerite Armit- '
it, Olid at  tho   evening   service   I age.
will announce ii." which he did in 1st  Primer:   George Campbell
this wise: Doris Moberly, Myrtle Loud.
"This morning there was found E. Wilson,
in this church a purse  flllorl  with
wall Paper..;
j   Tin- Advuneo commends tho following
business linns of Armstrong In tho poo-
-^^B*to""' pie of tho surrounding district.   Their
announcements may bo soon iii'.nir utt-
l have on Im nil a complete; vortlslng column!
range of... Armstrong, \V.   J.,  Hardware   and
«r   11 t» Plumbing
Wall Paper AmUnfi, L ,,.,,. ,„ls tui.„i9hillg
Only hull'a mile from Ann-! Samples Burns, R. R,, Druggist
strong.    1(3 acres under cultivation  „ , . ,   , .. Muni-hard, A., Drossnuikor
balance good  bottom  laud  easily  bom wll"'h [l '""'" <"     Uir.l, ,1. M„ Contractor and  Builder
I'ineipal,     cleared.   Good frame house, stable Hll orders oil short notice. Christian, J W, Cream .wipnrators  .,
With  the      A      -r   t  j_i Christian, ('. I..  Warness and Sad-
money     If the owner   is   present  '■ nnd other buildings,       <,mi  me      •      -r  t j.t
ho or she can go to   Helen   Hunl NOTICE. land will bo sold 0110 team, three   A.. J . Ll&QWQYbU.,
cows, one steer, one  brood   s.
And the minisler wondered why
the congregation tittered.
If ymi will cull und sen the
Cream Separator
und noto howfow I'uris
it litis, how perfectly
simple il is. how otisy
il turns, how pnrfuotly
it skims, how uuaily it
is kept oloun, nnd how
strong unci durable it
is, you will at onco iW
cidc it is the separator
for you. No separator
ever iinult' such rii|ji(',
strides in popularity
as the Kmpire. The
reason is thai ii sattst
fles   every   pnn'ImsiT.
1 ask ihc privilege
■bowing if Id you.
Ail [Jitrtics owing book nccouuts dozon uhickenB, ami EnJ! rampuiotit
,to (.In' Armstrong Ment Murkel or '"n" mnohinory.   Pric<» 8»i0Q0.
to tho Armstrong Livery Stnblu . ..D. MITCttELL.
are reijuustetl settle the sjiimc  by  ■ —■—
l> ruber 15.   All   nccowita out- l^f    ¥    FflTIWRY^C
Htnmlingnt thnt date will be phieetl £-*•-"!_• «*ff^*^*   *>
in the bunds of n collector.
Geo. Mchray.
Siffii Writer, Painter and Decorator
Daniel*. F. N.. fnculml irar.n 1 Plumb-
G, Moberly
If so, it will pay yon to see me
Estimates given.—
J. Sbningion
liii.vliin. C. T„ Gonoral .Mci-.-litiiit
Kishei-.'.- Sic.r. Raul Estnto
fiu-llois, 11.. llUpliilli Ills
Z... '    11,'iizie, (lliti-i.. Blnoksmlth
Ilnmill, John, Gonoral Moi'chiuit
y*5>   vumretiur     llu.vliia'ti Hi-.m., llnti-hi-i-.-i
My    &  Builder Lniip«tHgi. J., Pnintor
......      .. ,, , Moboi'ly.aS-Ciii'pontoi-
SS :A" k,ll,ls "' tnrpentor Work  at    MoPhol.son k „„llln.   purn|turo and
VPTIPnilTTftr   "R   P ' Reasonable Prices, Undortaliing
vdiiiouuver, a. \j.     piotnre.Fran)ingi ,Um{    m lUDoudd, j, bmiJ
~"^" 1   M,,rr"5'- fJl'"" Mont Murknt
Br*    r.«<n. P-.u i L o r. Okanagan Flour Alll, Flour, otili
. V*. brown Fruit & I Plans and Specifications Phe-    PauV J. M„ Tailor.
Ornamental Trees. I PARED' Ratiedgo, a. n„ Barbor
.    ,„,.., I  ESTIMATES    FITR\ISHF1)        Baary, A., Bnkor and Confootfailflry,
p-i r';«r:,!:;,Li?iVn,r?1.d" wr;ito    ■ am^, j, (;.,n.r„..i,,r„„,i iiunL
yearolds,4toDf««t,«10to«2i.erl(Ki.  ^.   ^ APIIIClPAIUI    -'   Zu    ,mt»r ^on,ori,1'"erohants
.<=*.   ^       ^   /HHIMrOliy        WoJIenden, V W, stiuinni-rii, etc
Shop next Fronds'
J. W. Christian, =
ii-.;il 'I'l'i.-ilier at On.'ltniOl'V.
Lur«o iniiKirtnttnii of Uullw from ,1«|i-
nn, IlnUiintl and Frnnoo.
Extra nice stuck of ICkerrj-, Pouch,
Plum, Apricots, etc.  now growing  for
fall iinlors.
So expense, lessor iletuy at fumigation
or inspection.
' L.I nio price your  list  hcfun- pboing
Advertisprst'taviS' you attytliing >'«>«»order:   Catntogfree.
        '       "      " ' o "IV. l-I-i the people  of this  'lit- "~""""'
A few lomls of wood '.'.'ill ^ I..' i-..- trkt f   The Advance in your only M. J. HENRY,
ive I on uttbBcriptioa Ijy the rfloaa'S of reactliiilfj the peop'e. ."f.Mi'.Vcslmmst.eii Bit. Vancouver.
Au.'.iai; '
h Barber      It-vou  Wlllltt"  acquaint  your
|i| friends in the east or in the states
■~       ...ShOO u'i'1'  ,Ih'   (,|i"»»*'"'   vnlley, send
 ^ rh       '"WtMVBV t,1(M1| the A|)VAN,.,, [op „ yfl^     At
,.j ttsillafi-l Hall   ''"' t'liclof that lime I hey will have
and Bimaiti Hall.. h,.t.0I1I(. jm.Uv „*„ ,l(,|m'lillt„(i with
The smonthest slinv'-s. the neatest   Ihc ctnintl'.V you live ill,
llllil'dBS'(J»nl the i-leanest , ,     f.
' W'KT' ('"l"Vs of ""■ ArhiStrWg booklet
Slmve'.-lfP    Haircut 23c. for.soiiclltig to your friends may
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor. * «eeured free at this office.


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