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The Armstrong Advance 1906-05-11

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■I--2,    KAY U1906       - /
S/te  Ar«S_#ong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
MHsM li lie inert$1$ «i AratirHf iM Msirici. lie CMctsi MNlii if He Mm Hm*H vaiicg.
VOL. 11.
NO, 1.
% CIk Leading Gems'furnishers ^
Buy ^our
Qrin stage
& Pau(,
and dfaiCors.
!Tuesday Night's Imperic.1 Limited Robbed
at Campbell's Ranch.
Through Mistaken Calculations, the Bandits Failed to Secure
Express, Also Valuable Mail,
Armstrong ft Pharmacy.
^Armitage $ Paul's, |
IjL   The Leading Gents' Furnishers M
^ooB-aa Trill—mi n noogy
Tho 0. P, K. Ini|:cri.-il Limited \s\is h.-Id up about 23:80 o'clock on j
Tuesday nielli n I'csv miles cast, of Kun.loops, by tsvt, masked nton who;
wore joined nt tlm point of stoppage by nnotlicr. Tho men hml tho
iniiil car uncoupled, ninl forced tho pngineor to run it about n mile
from tho (.ruin. Tlnty rilled tho innil cur getting seven-registered let-
furs belonging to Vietorin people, They then hml the i-ur run another
milo nlong the trnek mill then lefl it. The robbers in cutting off the
the two forwnril curs uviilently lliouglit Ihey were getting both the
express ninl the inn i I "which in tin- ordinary [course of events would
hiis-i- been the case, hut owing to nn extrii lieiiyy innil the combination
conch wns on Inst Tuesday lilit-il with mull only. The innil clerks remained exceptionally cool throughout tho procncilings of being held
up mid succeeded in milking the robbers bolievo ,-i vnhmblo stuck of
registered innil win, only ordiiini-y innil thevoby preventing them from
getting nt lenst JiO.COO in the forwdrd end of the innil cur. Only seven
registered letters were taken nnd it is thought only a fow dollars wore
in these. After completing their jop, which they frankly admitted to
the bnggnga clerk hud proved n dismal failure, the bandits disappeared
in (he darkness with a calm "so lung boys."
,    Tin- Dominion Government has offered !?.".(K:i). the C. P. R. #5000
.-Mid ihc ['rovinciul Government §1500 reward for tho apprehension of
tin- bandits.   Indian trackers and the police are scouring the count.')
nnd it is confidently expected the robbers will be caught.
MAY UK GANG OF l!)(ll.
This is the second train robbery to occur in Cnnndii, that at Mission
Junction two years ago be nj; flu- lirst, and from the description gi\-eii
of the leader it is believed to havo been perpetrated by the same gang
ns that of 11)04.
ffRevolstoke, Jlny '.:   This morning upon lln-arrival of the Imperial i \n„sfr,in„ 1st division
■Limited Chief Haiti arrested n man on  the  blind bnggnge answering 2nd dlvisioi
fully I he description given of nuo of lln- robbers.       Kngineer Callin, \ 3rd division
win. was ..n iin- engine when the robbery look pluce, will arrive tonight] Pleasant Valley
to identify if possible the man uosv iu custody.
We have been appointed
agents for the Celebrated
Cowncys Chocolates
And \)m w Display a Complete fine.
3f.e Armstrong Pharmacy,
R. R. Burns,      - -        ©rugejist.
Table Showing the Number of Pupils and Average Attendance of the Municipal Schools.
School matters in the municipality of Spnllnmcheen  up- I, ing
conducted so fur most Bntisfactorily under the provisions of tli  i
Act. ninl the fact thnt the six Htthool districts of lln- municipality ho ft
been merged into one does not appear to hns., detraoted from lln- piln-
cntionnl standard of the district. The following information taken
from the secretary's records will no doubt be of inter, st to th,. school
patrons of the municipality:
Nn. I'i'i'ii.s
Av. Ai Ti si.
Atti;m.-m i.
I Otter Lake
 jDeopCi k
Knob Hill..
Scarcely adozen' Lnnsdowne.
I Cbe Big
«©_3>C-S>_3)© THE 'FRiiC0  0F  TOMORROWI now in progress
i iwildiiigs in Ih ■ business section |
Mayor Buscombe Speaks of Striken: escaped  the enrthqnake and lire.!	
City and its Future. ; '1'hoy of course ss-ere modern steel 'a     . n /   . j .     r .  .
♦ ♦ Q) skyscrapers,     The old   style   of,   rmS,r°"g Defeated by  Enderby-
Moyor  Buscombe,  of  Vancou-j »>-?* will never be seen in the!    Th(,  ,,„,,.-,,y   j^,,
ver, returned home Iron, Su..Frnn.|b»» t"»io.sco of to-morrow. Every I ,.,,„„. ,lmv|, ,„, Wednesday to meet
ii 5
le. I'
1        la
1        l!l
ll'. T'i
II 21
1        --1
1     240
21 K l.'.l.'l
I Em i:\ r.i. e
Atte: dam e
'ell -jl)
t I I in
-2 It
75 11
cisco this ss-
chnrge of Ih
•ek, where he went in
chimney from one end of the city
club     which     they    did     tn
Amur's cart
of iv.
the ill.
il." '''" ,1"/.,,l'"r "Y"™1-   H««."t|,„irov,, ,|g|1Bj ,,,„,,    T)	
'factory chmineys of brick brokeolf, ,„ „„. ,;,,, „% £M ^ J
Morgan Bros, has-,, lately
   ..   put 111
'line .      .. .
a slock ol   general   merchandise,
like pipe stems.   Chinatown, a re
terestingnntl the old time players
which will prove ofgreut conveti-
ience to the district.
will soon Be Here!
And everybody will require to shed their winter garments
and procure something light and CHEAP,   So the
pine,- lo fret them is ut the
Big Store
j lief stipblies,    Speaking of
j fated city he snidi
|    "The portion of the city  which *°« "sited by every visitor, is nol whoc,„ , „,,. AmeUon   ,,,,„„
TS I»:,"S""' r"1!11!" m"l\ 2 ■ ' <>   W';Sf;V"K    I"1 °f 6Xist; h",,wl «-«ter.ni.„d to   show the Tim district is  filline   „„     V
04 New Westminster    Tholoss of «          -°   »" "™ reseu«dLlc,mv „,,,, t|„    ,„„, „„, f ,„ss tl|iin ,- ,„ ,™'^uZ I,-"
hi,, was very extensive.    Theuct- £   •       «    a    as n huge turtle. ,,mv   „, ,,,      ,      ,„ U|(, „„,, nrrived within the In     week and
1 ual number will never be known as     '"   Wostinl. who intended it for ,„„,„_„ „„,„,„ of bml „n,,rH ,„„. |(,(,lt(1(1 MM                  «   ^ and
'r™-"f I "i",:<"'" "mmM-     JT!'    I      "rn  ^'Hthotucknllontoftho home  team miles  of  the    ...      t,  "
.S"" Vr""T Wi" " ' MteilllL UW    ,K"T '" •    "! H''""1 '-Hh-'^'e rapidly rose have located Han     near i?
nssistnucefor many tla.vs: in fact «««.Mr.Simpson  brought it L 7 2  in   ,,avor  of  the   visitors, mo,, creek so    ,         '     . ' S"'
- one who has not seen tho ilestrno.,  °      vith   hi,,,.     He intends ,,„, S(im„ s|l|,„|lHll   ,                   ,      .,     . '        {Tr  y£u
toMvroutrhtbyt snster cm,- P"~»»_" to tho City .'ark  Com- tno ..oM boys'   onm of who... hnve "here is room SirLm    •
'resident  Roosevelt's   notion   in
•Nurses are not needed in   Sun
declining foreign aid   attained  tol 1'1'lllll'"",o." said  his Worship in
Ladies Corsets,   Drawers k
Night Dresses, summer
Corsets & Canvas
nol'plny.-d  for several  years and Isearch of good farms   ssill   fjmi
with ii little genuine prnctloo Arm- hearty welcome to this proniisiiu
strong can easily recover the  posi- district,
tion in bnBii Inill she lost last year,!
have  been   sevcrily i rilici/.ed.    ll  ''"" "■■""'•      <*>• in.).uiruu.miui  oi , ,,,„„ ,,, ,,.„.,, „.,,, M„, IIIK, ,„„,
will be weeks beforo building op- lh"1 himl liuvr h.-..„ tin,.,)   Things - ' '"' ,l"'"1 Nitlcltmg aro becom
.•i-aii.ins will be   in    full  swiiig.|ot 00,U'8U »"»™U in ttohaotio con.     ^ . _. Ing active   presumably getting in
Meantime my advice is to keep ,lili,m-   Tho.buiikaJuM]notroaitm.    J-Hipire —lay       rendlness for the urovinclnl ,.|,..
ass-ay from Sun Francisco.   Thnt "',] biishinw up to tho tlmo wo InftJ    Tho Armstrong  Public School """' -  ')t Lllmrnl ""oclation   was
thocity will bo inbuilt oiinlnrgur  rl"' «*«'»H*l •• of business u Ib will oolobrnlo   Umpirii  Day (Mnv ?[:<"l"z'"1 lnsl Satnrtliiy  ivitti VV.
nnd grainier seal,-th„„ ever I do "'^"''it-ional.   From Itsnshes will 211) by nn appropriate program ,,'f'    ""''" "" l"'"Hi''''"1- •'■ Knollnras
  u»t entertain the slightest doubt. ''""'• P««>jiix.Ilk». n grantor and nddreesiis, singing, etc  to be ran- ITa''',,   V" ''""   tmu>™r  anil
© MenS & BOVS  'RalhriD'cyQT. ■>-,■*    SITh" cheory °i)t,s f ll"' ' («"""'"rS»" •Wis,,," idered in the i.o.k. hall at 2:(Hi  ,J,',"" 'j AV^"Wiioii. f. Hamer,
^ J.„eil» CX JDOyS   .rSaiDnggail UI1- ftL8f,  !«»„■ will over ,e  owryl o'clock.   The public cordially in-        ■aioKp«l»ni.tltror.1oiiFiBiioh
ffi derWear   per SUit % ol.nti.ulo,   Their pluck ,-n„| cur. in Critita! Condition. vital to attend,
5* <J}# Oft J/f age under such t-ondilions  is  be- K. Wu.sox. Principal
9>t.UU " yondiill praise.  With true Yankee     ll, is with regret Hint wn have to! -—•■ —- -
K Ingeiuilty they have built tumpor- chronloto ihe pn curious condition Uf% .-■
Xlnryshncka in the middle of the of MasterTrovera, the 10-yenr-old   — O   tliC
Doors nnd other ninteriiil' son of Mr. and Mrs W. Hnrry.   It
Flannel   and   extra  light
Tweed Suits, White Flannel $IS|"",M 	
i»       Yftph+inc,    .QlTivfcsrioT.TT«« SI hnve been ntiltel.   The apiril of I will be renieinb.iri'd thnt two wooka
*Q I aCnbing   OilirtS L-anVaS W the people is best Illustrated by tlle ngo he was th-   sinim of an nn-
Shoes & Dusters.
execiitise coininillee. \V. Warren
and.I. ('. .McK.-ietie were chosen
us delegates to tho convention to be
called for the purpose of eoleoting
a emi,li,late at tho next election.
After the business meeting Col,
Wnrron favored the meeting with
nn able nddress, for which he was
tendered n hearty vote of thanks.
The public is hereby notified Everybody in the district was glad
' liicksmith Shops of the toseti the colonel, who wns one of
'] got a fair aliiike;''Cook sviint- getting nlong fnvombly.     Lntorl
'0 the col. nel.
pioneers of
(*, I .-.igns which   surmount   sin ,1  fortunate    itcoidtnvt   through his
J/ j those structures.   Heron few o( pony falling with him, from which I that tin
11  Ihc wns for n time thought to bo '"w'orsigned will bn closed  every
I Wednesday nftermion  during  thi   '""   P'outi'iu oi   our   valley
■Bumntor begiuning on ■.-•     ,, ,     ,.    ...
'nt'  < oltin.bin   Ids-, r   Lumber
provisions:    -Jlvsted, but   nol  furless fuvorable, mid    the little --lAaaaaataffa^m   Mtaiir «i   ^-'o-'s drive lies reached as fur as .1
fellow's life is now dispuired of
—' cnishftd',
SHOULD YOU READ THE ADVANCE? "Sun Fr is,-,,  „  f.-sv months As wo go to press thu littln fellow  Positively no v
,'   .','.''  '"'I|M to ndvanco   your district, hence will oll'er excellent   opjior- lies   iiiicoiisoions,    his   utronuth
BECAL'SISlt Is thotnly moiiiis to got tho uows, tuultlea to   business  men.    Thelgmtlnnll)    fading nwny,   and   nil F
I'.IA'.M SE it Ib owned and published In Armstrong ''■"l'1'' ol clearing nwnj the debrisin hopes of recove-y are abnndouod.l K
k dom
Melt', ,,,-!-■'„. but higln |- ivnli i-
and more men arc bntlly m i ded.
The fruit outlook is r, ry hrighl
In this lisli •■•!. ,' ■- (reel nl | ;■- sent
being ., unit a of blooms, 1 lie    nil. ,if tin-anuiiai uiecline
Iris been set early  ill July so that
PI 11 ISIIKLI   i:\t-!.1    r-RIDA.  AT all particulars for assessmeiil „:.,)
AKMSTKONG, H. V. u. ;„ ,),,. ,,,,:,.u..r the assessor bo-
————————__— rum the closing of the nsseosment
Publisher,  roll for thi year.     The meeting is
also thus  hold aftei ihc  close of
■'.WlWini   waiaaT.
lUCfkt RHItU
cn|-'....u $l.,rjO per year in nrlviince.
ll in I |...:,l ill i.e.in.ci 82.01).
the sohool scar so tin.t accounts for
the past year can bo   passed upon
AilYortisinu runs ".-..-.. .-.. :., |.li.nit....  "I" peopleiH'tterable to arrive
_______________   lit ill. estimate of the cost   fur   the
next roar than when   the nioolitui
,11111 PKlN'l ini; A Bt 111 M .TV,
  svas held during thotorm.
Notions ot cliiiivh s.-nici-s iiiiiI .in.. I ii • i.li-r In overcount  the  ditli-
timiiit.-nls svli.-i-e..,:.,I.uissj. u :s ;-ii.i,;,.,-.i cnlty   ,f   pjnvidi.ig  for   any   iuoi-
i,,.,.,i,,lf„,-.    Other maii-i-sii.  usual ,1,,,,.,,  ,,,„.„,,,  ill.l,l,«snry   p    be
J_l___J_lJ-L__!_l______._  I i-e|,,ie  tlle  I'isi   pnymenl  ou
Tin  s.,ii....,-.- is i„ii,li-i.,,l iii tin. n-.i-r necouiit .-I collection of taxes, pi...
osta »t tin. Uiwn iiml  tlislriul  in which  viuions I bee le  by  which
il , l-imsilll.l t-l l-llillll)    S,,|il ilf    -I .    I 111
roniupi uf tin-imlilir.
   i-iuii-i'to rural school districts n pi r
3B| tionof the   funds  decided   III   thi
Thai we an agents tor
He Laval Cream Separators
tlit* miiiist' r of  HittintX) may i.*l-
nssessllu'iil, i his pr.'S is:,hi ci. rs
only the rn-sl hull ol liltlli, nn 1 my
inu'ii s  so ,, lvanee.1 u ill be   repaid
The provineinl   edut-uti tKce to the treasury from  the amounts
has issued n circular ssiili  n i-ievs  remitted le, the assessor for taxes
to expliiining  to lliosn  interestiil collected in any district   to  which
That we have ani    f    PAINTS. OILS. BRUSHES, AXLE
st..,k    of   ™#  ■• cliKAsK ETC. I3TC.
Willi.. HARDEN   and   FIELD   WIRE   UATES,
That wo are selling all kinds of  Hardware clii'npei   than over
del Prices in -! see [or y -s, Ives
—Armstrong s Emringteti
cert,un important an eiidmeiits  re-
centlv u .nil-  In  lh,   Bel I  net of
such a I.
ide.    This,-ul.
ce of course, ssili be mnde only
to such districts where the people
lilfil .'"'"' ',:"1 to further assist hli. |(Vi,|,,l tf) miBl! f„„d8 by ass.
trusties in rural sections of the essmont. Application for any nd-
province in the nppljcation of the vauce should be made through the
provisions of the act in their re. education office, iieeoiiipniiii'd with
spootive s, 1 nol listricts
The   princioiil   features of the
f "Land of the BIG RED
gcnfidotice m the growth a
future of flrtnstrons?     B
If so. make money on your Confid nice by securing  right
n.'sv a few lots in the new
Fairview Addition
Those lots iin otfered below their real value, tl: s    to
oxcepth Ily well lix-ntcd. and have splendid drainage,     The
si-.l is the best n Inpled I. i fruit nnd gardening of nny  n Mi-
tion that hns yet been opened up.    We nre iissured by (.'   "■-
oillor Murray tlial a good sired wiiI I pencil up to !-.'.' II-
VI EW ssiil.in the ui'xl month.
I,,-.--  \\ nti'h iiiiiI see if our predictions nre correct
"r.r,u ^FISHER*. SAGE.
——1 —1—— emam ———0 C c.t>
.. detiiiled  Bliitement   of Hie items
for which il  is  n- |iiii,-.|. and dntc
ailiendment are in lit,- making ii|
of the assessment roll, chungim
date of inn iiiil meeting., lim'natiiig
income ii, ii-
I,- propertie
on which the iicconul or  nccounts
svere incurresl.
Section 10 of the in t with regard
lo ri    gnat-   i or I :■: s..-.-.I ci ten, ;i-
hns also be.
making payment of supplementary
griuil lo teachers monthly  insteiul  "llow c,i the teacher resigning only
of  half y.-arly,    and   in   ph. in-.   "  tlu' ''" ' ,,f  lh" u'm 01   willli"
Behouls in rural muni, ipalities un-   U >'s after the close of tho   an-
dcrlhe i-ontrol  oi  one  municipal  mwi """-'I'i'K-   '! ":s l"i,:-   " '■   "'
New provisions  l'"'"' "inde to pre' I   the  closing
:   of school during the t--i in n   ■ -,.- -
BsjK|.   the reiigtniti in ot the I    It'll a-   nil I
a    j.jiij  ,. |  .   inability of trustees  lo  secure   anther  toucher  that   term,   dso  lo
Our Trimmed &
Ready to
Now Ready
bom I
are -lis
uce I   lo iillosv  r.
5'f.e fatest Styfc in Vetfrngs
Soerytfting Heal in HocestS ftecftwear 1
voluul iiy contrib it ion or  oy uss-
oSKiuei.t.  It,   be  decided   iipun  by  '
the peopl ■ nl the  n inn il nieeliiu
il injustice lieiug ,-orKi -I 111
ou 1 ■ tellers by lh ir dismiss il i
the middle of I
Wholesale and Retail
Ihc best steaks and roasts a specially.
Fish and game in s ?j:ccn,
lit-c Sivv'k t.vtight fit '?4t price. .
receive   most   particular atter^iicn.
an I for the a Ivancing to rural .lis- a .
are forced lo remain   idle  for  the
:V...': "oS'-.e £>&fi&&&fiM9
uflflK I   mDmPi/jfl
mk' m 11 al.   W I    i i 1 w 1 s ft b «_o w
I ! Head Ollice: Montreal
|       CAPITAL, nil paid up $M.0(HllHi(). ({est.   It.tj    i   0
i!ul-ince Prolil nnd Lo
nn so that they
trh Is of siicli nl  tlie nn nl  I" be
raised  as    may  be  deemed   to U-  f'""' r-of the tern..
immedialely necessary. With the esc-plion of   the   rais-  »
After ,-ery earel'iil   consideration   1"-"1 "1I|J'<-   ,'1"   regulutioiiB   loi   *
ofrepresenl, ns made by  indivi-  asHist.il8el.ools renin.n   tin-  sauio |
dual  nicipulilies and   upon the "s   l,CTl"1 r"-      IV .lute  ol the »     ■—*- "  "    S
urgent udvice of  the  reeves'  con.  llll»"il1    m<^">*  "»1"1-1"''-  ''""- |    A15 Ki»ds  "f Carpe"*"ccT°rR  "*   'ea'SORuble    '$  '   Bm„ehes in all the principnl'cities nnd towns in Cm '.»«, i
volition held at New Westminster    nnd terms otomceof tnislees.   <.„-,| |      o,,.;,:;.-,i:v,   ,.;,;,,; .    L,,„lo.,.  Eng.:  L>2.  Abel    rcl     i.n.a-,    \:
it wns decided to place run i-  -^ '»•".'«   »     l"1"1""^    "<•'•'»' -ji SSSfe. DOOFS. MO_(_!QS ail € 8SS. I      New York.ni) Wall Btrecl : Chicueo. 1SS'La Salle Stre, 1
$ Wash,! St, .lol n's Xewfoiuidliiud.
f  ■   Bnnkersnnd Coirespoiidenls: Liverpool. Bunk of Liveipen'     Sc.
COKTMCTOe AND WllDlt I PR—T-Ri^ --^^-aES?— — *
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir C-e„. A. Drummond, K.
Tins ol  ec nl tr islees,   en- .': '*■'
'""■s- ■■;•••"" | Sisl. Boors, MdiEp mi Class.
clpalitioB ou prnelicnliy   the  san.i'  l'r;1'' «"'"">' thesnme as hi the case |
foofiiiK ns the cities with regard in ofregiilurly organized rurnl school iv Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAN!IMG.
their schools,     The   assessment
aliotis I ritniiretl.
British Linen (Vs. lln
ImndBofii local   municipal  school •''''''M'"1
board consisting of live members.    f,"v'"«   contributions from   thos,-    1
in rural nimiicipiilitiet ninl   pr
Bioiis for newbiiildingsrenuiinthe ,ll"llL    " ll;ls "nw ' "   provided     <
same as   under   the   original   net  th"« where a majority   ol the resi.    f
I.",. I,ni   payments arc ,l"",s "' ""' locality supporting an    1
nssisted school desires to .'iiise th
necessary funds b\- nssessment in
i                                           i      ,         Iu mnnv iiiHtuuces  il   hns  been ..itP&frfrfcf&fcfi&frp&ffF&fc^ A geiiernl liiinking businesfi ti'iinsiii-tcd. Drafts sok. aviiuil.l     t
levy i.iul collection ol si.liool lilies                -   _ ____ 1 „11 points in the United Slates. Europe mid Canada, including Atlln
in rural..,. -ipalities is .1   by '•epreHentedtothedepiirtiiienttli.il , ami ibnwson City
municipal authorities.  I tench.  Ihc expense oi    maintnining   the     «-_.t._at.-__-__*a«>----__*_t«_ac_«__A.,; SAVINO'S  LANK   DEPAI1TM KXT.
ors'sulnries nnd   incidelitul expeli-!"88181'''1   "-hoolswiis    lilticult  to    J       WkiA     I/All     COEI I Dopoalts roce-ivotl rrraii J upwards anil iiiteri'sl iill..w.«.l i.t ei.ir-1:! ruin..
*w of th .-«■ «-'l-..-ls nre ,-ni.l direct   J*'^'1'  ""■  ''>    •"l»'"»rJ "'      i       Plfll      V fill     ^#I||___ I                           J"':n- ■,'"":" ''"-'»'«l:i'-l-"-'«'-r
,                          ,                -i        -r,      l.llli.,11   ns  lh"   c.sl i.flen fell   ,,-ils      a        1/1—        IVU      VUUtlt ► UllburaurJa    c.    d.mr.,d    xllhc-t    drift:.
by the  milincipnl  council,      I he     '"""'       ',"                   '       ,     .        •                                                           <-» |l Knneli.'rs nn.l piuintrs !„.i-iii.« uiv.-n s|,-i :-l,-...,,: , v..   Muni'- -nl -inl '■■•'• el
control of the schools   is in  th- "'' :| ''"'v "'"" w,'r" sufflcniitly  in-    i | dlstricl uouuiuits rm-ivi-il un rns-uriihli-icrins.   S|winl ntieir... i. • ...n i. nm
t.-resl.-d nnd there  was no                        1                                                ■     InklafVI    BT M  f Ufa M *f_ ► InuHlluieel iinuiici|.-,l iiiui . ill. I -i-.-.,, nliii-cs.
.:.:,,- .enehc-s' s ri,, -hosh ,iH,1pl.,r,these ihIu,, J            •••UllVLLUiTI • i ,)"' ts,,M"""™ ,ttilSr;;,^T;!: """,f ■■ ■'•' ;v"
who lulled lo lake nny  interest   in    |  * nHAWAr.AM nifiTntrT. o,A,arsar,iwo»,
passed iu I'.IOo. bill   |
in. <I - I.,   munieipiil   eorpornti
inste ul of lo the touchers.
T miiiial ninulioii and elec B,,!l"1 "' ,1l'1" '"« "I"'-1 wlnntiiry    4
lion ..I Irustei'H ssill be  .1 the Sllllli
iiitributio.is ih.-v en.i do s...  and
time ns the nomination  and elc tl'« nrrnngi nts loi-asBessiug and
tion of reeve and councillor" collecting such funds will  be the   *
It is n..ss- the duly
or to iiinki  up  the
] Spring... j
i  Housecleaning' ►
Finds us prepared with J
\     OKANAGAN DISTRICT: *&£*aSSi1/.?."
L /ffflf*rpoi»o E, a. Taylor, tub. Agent. mCKKA
I F. K. r.'.ttcCllntcck, Sat. Ancnt.
P.   Hl.tf.OI.'. ,:. il/:. tUrtt.
inonl roll in lh.- lirsl place without
uf|h|11|88eRH. B,,io»s,,,U,ecn I    ,r    schoo     , g.^    ^q    reqUlSlteS   tO   Hiake ►
school assess. l,IB,rlcl8-   (Sections   „,  _n, and    i ** f
J the home pleasant  »
receiving a list,   of   flu-   assessable ""*   ' | ?
persons fro c irusi.-es. mid lo     Wh have received   from  Wnltor    4 Flhll LINE IMURMtM CIMS IIKI SWtUli. '
Hiibmii itiiiiheauuii.il meeting, Ffimry While n reply to our rocenl   I ' _ ' I
-<~ Contractors and Builders.
lifter which l.hatnisleos are to re. , ntlon by "Aull Wraffon
turn it with  ciire.tii.ns null resi-',, ,        ',, , ,,-3
, ,       tlie proiKisilIon ol  borrowinu %%»■    4
Sious ,iinl auv necessary   uilililions i
(seeli„us;,.',„,d .',.'.,).   The  whole "",""r"1 Iclpnl ron.lH. Were   *
of the work of aeBossIng nnd col. this inattor still n live issue, we   f
'looting school rates is done by the would   gladly give space to Mr.   *
provincial assessor, nnd th Hoc White's Ititler,    lint us lln-  prop-
tions nre pni.l over  ipiiirterly lo osition has b Implied and il,.- ©—S^i^-SS^S!©Si?®—®*!?©_®_Sci©_S)_®~
the trustees   by  the  ininisler of Ly law is not  to bo submitted  ul
finance, the present lime; it  is   hardly  lie.
Income   has    been   eliminated cessary to prolong   the discussion
from iibsessublo properties  princi- at tins time,   At, any rate it Is well   _   	
pally lo ninke ussoBsmmii uniform known lo the editor that this letter fl f\
oakery, confeeiionery
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive order.   ,  this line for one ol il.e
NenrC, P. 11.
*\aa.*\tXJ-lZ>.*.«.£. J,
spring Harness... I mm meat markit. !
in   rural nnd municipal districts by"Anti draft" wns written pure.
nnd I.. ns1.,id expense in  collecting ly und simply in a   snliricil   spirit  JJ»       $1
Insignilittiiil nmoiints. and not intended lo have been taken tgl
(issiia,' lo ilx- itnii
iu the collection of I
I havo just received my «ow stock
.-,,„l cm supply you wil.li :«,ytfcii.-g uL  J'
you need for Spring  Work.       w    2
^-Wholesale & Refaih
All kinds of Fresh nnd Cured Ments always in si
Fish and Fowl in Benson
■i.i.l-.l.li- delnv so seriously as apparently hni I u JJ*      ei.'f im/Mwawv. [\ -.,,,.,-,■.„.,■■,.,.-,., . __   B» |J    _      ._  ,          ,      —  . «-,-     .          . —                        P
 .,s.-,ndp,-,s-   liv;1f,-ss-,;,',u„"pn n.-.-i.  „„,-.f    %i^g/wO. L. CHRISTIAN,® \    BestPr.ces for rat itoch and Pot: - ,:■:       >
,                                                                     .....                      f)   _          ^   *•       *» '  n 12                                    .Mailorders -, Speciiillv.                                  V
met by trustees ol the pn,|iortioi, puyc-s,   "Anti-dnift s  inline was ft The - Armstrong - Harness - Store. J* I
of touchers's-ihiries due by lliedis. < f the lirst on the petition nsk- 2_    _ ti) I •
i   Geo a Murray
trict. it I...H I,.-,,] be..,-.- ing for tho submission of the .by. C(^_^(_P_^_^_t»_^S^<^SS2»<^r5e§»©
^hlE^Xt^^^-^^fmm Our Advertisers and %m mency. 1 JP!^1!!^!___1 f
■•—        a*  -I
rvvc veve. w
.Mrs. T. II. Boll and ch Idren.  of
Enderby, an- visiting friends here,  trip to tl
IS!    \V. .1 Clement, of   Kelowna,  is I
Blurting a paper ,-u Pentictou.
Kev.   W.   Akitt    occupied   the.
pulpit in the  I'mshytcriiai   church
at Vernon on Sunday.
Rev. John Pernio occupied the
F. T. .lucksoii left Tuesday for nIpulpit in the Presbyterian church
toast, being on the train , lllat Sunday in the absence of Kev.
ncouvern  relit
lief fund for the tmlt w:lB ll,!ul  ul' llt Campbell's Campbell.
1 K
report Bnow east of the Rookies
the lust of the week. No such
weather in the Okaiiagmi.
i here from  Revelstoke this week by   |), s. 0, I! . is spending this week
tho tiei hum   condition   of   Mauler' ,.,i   lUndorbv.
'I'rasers Harry.
g..:i Frnncisco   sutl'ereis lint-,  now I """' :'- Pontioton   people   are    taking
reached $40,000. |    Mrs. Baird, a former residont of I stops to form themaelveB into a
A line son was bom to Mr. and: Kl"l"rb.v, now of Camborne, was| rwmimmiiclpallty Bimilnr to that
Mrs. Oris Scott of the Rashdalo viB|tinR rriondB  horo this  ymk< of Spalhimoboon.
rn.mli    Inst Rnfiinlnu | while ell leltte   1'rOlll    II  trip to    the I      „„ ,  ,. , . ,
r.tncii. last suturtiny, .... Tho past few days havo been ns
A. b.  Flsom   hns   n  temporary     * ' gentle reminders of the hot days in
residence under courta-of construe-     Mr. and Mrs. C. T.  Daykin  left store for the next three   mouths.
tion on his lots in Koscdnle. Tuesday for Victoria to attend the! As high ns 90 In tho shade was re-
.Methoilist conference now iu   Hits- oorded during the week.
Newcomers   from   the I'm..-,.•■ 1K-„, Umro (w delegates from this     ,, , . ... .
. I! our now mom bore wore initiat
ed into tlie mysteries of Forestry
M is. Smith, sister or  M re.   VV,' at a special moetlngof (.'ourt Arm-
.,,.., ,    ,     , Harry, and daughter wore called Btrong Saturday night.   .1. lrvi—
O, I-,. Ilauser. the local inatingci   ■
for Knight .', Go's meal market, is
inthe ve,-n.in hospital undergoing
treat ut for an oruption of the .•■".'• j   rj,|)0 Misses A mlorBon and Forbos
fnoo. Ivicv hllllaou, M, P. I'., spent  a noooinpaniod by Mr. French, drovt
Idnv her.- (Iu- Ili-sl. of flic ss-cl.    Mr.I,
Enderby ssas visited by  u siiiall
tire last Saturday whioh destroyed
the blacksmith simp of,I McMni
Mr. MaMahoi
worth of tools. " """'"''"' I    lie-,-. Dn.ina.i Campbell returned!
F. ('. Wright, of Kelowna, was on Tuesday from attondaiiee nt the
hen-tin- li-nt of the week. Mr. meeting of the Presbytowati mtniB-
W right is interested with It. S, tars of theSynoil of British Oolum-
I'ellv in estensise real estate hold-  1,in   !mi|   Albortn   at   Vancouver.1
illgs at Westbank. which they are  Kes. Mr. Campbell was honored at!	
'j this season puttiug out to fruit.      : this meeting by the appointment j.      ^   —^ f . ^ ^
Rain is needed in some plaooa M moderator for tho  above synod LvCfflto EMI UCB DuSIIiCoS
throughout tho district.     No raid tor the ensuing term, The position =_,
damage has yet resulted from the is one which carries with it con-j    The Advanoe and the Winnipeg
drouth, but the rains usually  had I siderable influence and responslbi- , Free Press one year for only S-l .7.">.
.yof Miss  Amy ,„ this month are being anxiously i lity and Rev. Mr. Campbell is toj    The Advance and Free Press for
awaited by the farmers. j'» congratulated upon his  having; ,t ymT for $L 75
I Gentlemen!
day here
Slllsotl, :M.  I'. IV. spent    11
the lirst of the sveek. Mr.jup from Vernon to visit friends on
coilBlitllOlltB are pleased j Sunday.     Miss   Anderson   is   an
igaln   enjoying gocul oltl-fclino sohoolmate of Mrs. It. W.
to see   him
11111011 health after a prolonged attack ol'l Kollv
lost   about $200  ,.;., i      •
How are you Fixed for
Clothing' for the warm
We ar now offering oiir customers the advant
age of a I
Summer Suits, Lustre Coats and I
Summer Uest$-        ■
This Clothing consists of Travellers' Samp let: and there arc over 56 Styles and Patterns.
iSlmitigton a) Barnott now hnv.
workmen nugnged on the mason
J.ry work of the new 1'resbvt.criai
church 1,1 Euderby. As the base
mentis to be the full uiee of tht
building, 36 j 116 feet, it will bt
houii time iM'lore the nupci-struc
tiire is begun,
The marriage   occured  lit Van.
couver last M
Dowhurst  Parr   and   Mr,  N.  .1.
Tailloil.    The bride will be remem-
John Hamill, HMSSj
Davis creek with its many shiuly
: been honored witli the   appoint-
OfKcial Dire<Jlory     A
Railway Time Table
(SttussvAi- ,V. OKANAQAN R.-sii.sv.sv)
Arrives fi-iim Mnrl.li daily except
Kim,las  D-.2511. in.
Arrivtis From Bouth daily except
Siimlny  3:25 p. 111.
RMSTRONH Circle. No. 372.
Order of Canadian llonni Circles, -.-    -
in the I.O.F. Ii:-.!l. si Mi nday id < -. i.
month,        K. NT, DA NIKLL. Leader
Mrs. FKASER, Secretarj
bored here,having been in the em-      '  » ......... .......,, . n)(l|||
ploy of the Farmers' Exchange last  nooks and roaring falls continues 11 ,„.„-,,
sn.nn.er and durinc her   residence1tftvorite it^aotlon to Sunday  pic-      Nearly twenty  local Oddfellows | rellt mill mAo money on the rise
nicers.   LaBt Sunday witnessed an attended the Anniversary services | in vft[uog,
iiniisually large number of ladies conducted by Vernon Valley Lodge
spending the heat of the day there. in Vernon  last  Sunday.   Among
those from here were T. 0. Gray
here mnde many friends.
The public school purpose celebrating Empire Day (May it) in 11
fitting manner. The celebration
will take place in the I. (). P. hall
at 2:00 p. ni., when a suitable program of speaking, singing and instrumental music will be rendered.
The teachers and pupils cordially
invite tlle public to attend.
F. N. Daniels and A. Shary left
Wednesday for Seymour Arm  and
;    Buy a lot and build a house of MUNICIPAL uotlNUU..
I your own in Fairview.    Save your j Rwsro -A. Sohiibort.
Clerk and assessor-   l.„ W. I'ul.lt.n.
Treasurer nnd collector- .1. Al. Wi-iclit.
Oouneillurs 1
Geo. Murray, W. Ifulluiii, .1.   h.
Hartwell, It. B. Wain.
Tommy Skyrme went down to'
Kelowna Wednesilay. Tommy has
received a tempting offer from .1.
Pridhmn to accept tin- position of
foreman of his large fruit ranch nt
Kelowna. and went down for the
purpose of looking over the proposition before incepting  the same.
Fishor A. Sage,
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late
; Larkin estate lots, now  owned  by
Marshall Lucas—the   most desir
able lots in town.
VV..). Smith. A. E, Morgan, .loo.
McDonald, O.J. Becker. A. Me-
Qtmrrie, John Hamill. Hugh
Cummings, L. A. Oott, S. MoKee, 1        'Wheel foi* Sale.
0. MePherson, W. Lee, V. Young, nkyc^ Knglish Singer make
M. Barnes nnd Eugene Rhian. The! co.lstw brivke- -m g00a or,iCT. ]„
sermon of the day was preached by I qnire ftt Al)VAN(,K office,
Divine Service will hi. held every Hun
day ns follows: A1-111nt.1-1.1111. 11 11.in.:
KihiIi Hill. :l p.m.: Knil.nl>>. 7.30 |t.lu.:
Sunday Hi-IukjI ut ti.:IO p.m. Kev. A- jN.
Miller, Paster.
j Kev. A. W, Westman of Crmbrook
A meeting of the directors   of j imi| Was an exceptionally  interest-
Tkauity, where, if the srow is not tlie Agricultural Society is to be ing.and   instructive  disconrse   to
held tomorrow afternoon   Business members of  the fraternity    Th
excellent   music provided by thel
■the new hall and fair matters is to
nine   before  the meeting ami   a
good attendance  is urged   by  the
fonud too deep, they will spend a
«ew weeks  prospecting.      Messrs. Iof ""."rUnce in  connection with
Dlliiiels and  Shary  represent -the
ia%terests of a number of  parties.
-ami *apect to make a   careful -ex-
ploration of the country.
.1. S. l'ridham. of Kelowna, was
a visitor to Armstrong this week.
Mr. Pridham is one of the extensive fruit growers of the valley.
his tine orchard nt Kelowna being
■well known throughout the,list-riot,
nntl lie is one  of   those   who are
iboir added largely to the success
of the service. i
Fp Sale Cheap.
1 Mellotte cream separator,-good
us new.   Apply to
40-tf Mark Hill.
Hervices in tt. Andrew's, KD«Uirl»y, at
11 11.in.; Xien (..'liurcli, Ai-oistriiii|r. at
7:.T0 p.m. .-very Sunday. Jvev. D. (tun-.p
ln.ll, Bhsstor,
Cabbage Plants.
•The stationery printed at this!     Kajl>' pr lllt" cilbb;«e Plftnte- 7r"''
(lice lust month is giving the best Per hundred. Cauliflower fl.OO per
100    Good strong plants.
W. T. Hayhurrt.
inuu ami by their aid In-   oollected .
a small fortune.    Two months ago Pif£* for Sale.
reports frem tho various  parts oftm,ui bought of us some fine stn,     puro.Br„d  Yorka,liro pj^ for
the province   wen- to  the   etlect tionory to use when writing to ins:    , -,.,,» ,, .
that.he spring outlook for a good sweetheart,  und   now they  are e-de, re.uly to take from sow Price
fruit crop was promising.   In only™''1-    Another man forged his! molnding pod.gree  fO  each.     II
A meeting of   the  directors   of I of   satisfaction.      Last   week   w
the   Horticultural   Society    was  prhUwl a thousand statements for a
" ,,e..,    .,.,,,    I,,     ll,,,,,'     ,1.1    he        e-,1 lili'l. „ 1
held at Victoria  this  week.     Tlie
8t. ^jluuis* Cburtih.   Morning Prnyur
iiiul Holy Ooinmunioi. at 11 a.  in. ant!
Evening Prayer find Sermon at7:-'M) p.m.
every Sunday.   Sunday nehool atU:.'J0
'li J Kimi, Vicar
name on a  check  printed  in  this taken without  pedigree   $5   each,
office and now he is in   the peni- These nigs are from  select stock.
tentinry,   A young man stole some,
of our paper to make cigarettes
he is dead.     A young lady bought
some of our paper to curl her hair I
so pig
are line ones.
A. W. Hint.!!!.
Holy -Muss in 1. 0. |,'. Hull, Armstrong,
Third Sunday inoaoti moth at 10 o'clock
I'ViuKit Dorval.
Ms ii, Aiiiuvus—
North dally . v.-.-; i Sunday
-.,. 10 a
South    "
3-TO p.
.Mm. Lkas ks
North daily im-ei i .S. nday
3:4.1 r-
It 1." :i.
Glonenimn and Knlkliind es
'  "   1
Snallunich md Hull Ca
* "fi
"■ 1 I' 1
1     1   ;,
• n
,i. ;.i. wi , hi
V -■■..:-
Armstrong MarKeli
The IV [lowing [ ri.-- s
nle   be
■ _;
paid for produce by the
Farmers'  Exchnugi :
Potatoes, per ton   -
■   *-■
.     -j.
.     .»-
- '0
Cabbage     -
1 -
Apples, per Id lb.   -
Cilery, per50 II..   .
Poultry, per doz.    -
Eggs      ••     -      -
Butter, p, r 'I,.
most optimistic of the fntnreof the ft.f(,w i'lstnuces hns any damage re-
Okanngan as the pre r fruit dis- suited from the spring frosts.
trict of the province. Arrangeinents nre   nosv   being
Joe. McDonald bus   now   begun 'perfected by   those   intorestoi , .,„ .,   	
the construction of V. .). lleck.-r's lacrosse   for  the formation   ol a on, now she has a beau. (We have     ^88* »°«" natcning,
now residence.      Mr.  McDonald league to include Kevelstoke, Knm- only a few paoknges of this kind in j    Single oombod White Leghorns,
has bee-1   out of tlm contractinu' loops, Kelowna, Vernon mid Arm-, stock.)    By buying our stationery p,lr,, bred.    Setting of  thirteen I
It is   propsed   toclinrgfi 1'J!"JS!"'."'" !!!'!!''''..!    ...:H'C'nl"nS: l«.aO.    Leave orders at 0. T, Day-
Barrister and Solicitor,
'.VOOD, CAHOltili 13L00K.
Synopsis of Homesfead Rcguiatioas.
ANYns-nilal I,- 1', i in- , Unds ■   tl
in I1:,- ftlilsvaj licit   ni   !.. ■  ..
Oultiinlua. mas It. Iionipstnuled liy any
I-. iv i, !::, sole head , I:. f.,-.  !;-.. r any
mule ,.-,-i i- Is y. :.:•- olnfiit, to thi   • "   il
e| i n, ■ uarl i- s, ■-':. .i - t )■■,,... - -   •    r--
kin's slme.
: husii
«; iv.
less. iiiiiI get elected to
us n cull."
business for a vuar or two but  his ^rem,.    It is   propse.1   to elinrgo a jjorso'i can collect otti accounts, ?|-0
y.,,, hi inn uui his ti I i n t,,|| lovlunes. mill;,-nun, chnnee the
record in this line is well known11"1 entrance feeof $-», which sum: C0]01.0( i,nin ^lvn t0ntli extracted
tlgoughout the district, he having | will be expended for medals to be svitho.it pniu, find out the unine of
done a goodly portion of the build- computed lor by the clubs forming your I'm nre wife or husband, slicing di here.    Mr. Becker hns n tho association
splendid site for his new  residence      "Ardlllie   L'llico"   is   lln-   iilllllo
and It cm I help proving a hand- v,,,-,,,, by Donald (Indium   lo   the
some addition to the Improvements m,w f up tracts which I!. S. IVIly.
of the town nu,I suburbs. p, |,, h.. hns just   completed   sur-
L. A   Hull  has   his   ness    resi-   veying lor hiiti.     The mime in I  spec.ilulii.n ns
donee on his Irani south of tosvn thin will npixuil especially to  all dauu.ee .|„„e I,, the Iruit and s  Cottafjje for Sale.
nf the new settlors have  been  in       A neat and ifortublu cottagi
dined to look ss nil  disfavor upon and half nore of ground  in
such nn occurence al   lids  season.  nblo loontion iu
After careful imjtiiry aiuongsl Hi
fnnnursol   lln-  district'   howevei
while wo nre forced I,, admit boiii
A lighl I'rosl sisile.l portions of
lln- district lisl l-'i-idny night.
Since that time I here hits been much
to  the iiniomit  of
0ill to do light, housework nnd
t,. assist with children;good wages
to competent person. Apply immediately te
A. A. II.    The AnvANc.:.
Solicitor and Notary Public,
ARMSTRONG, - - - 13. C
oil C'nrulll Ulock.
n .: IJi.30Iu Il'iiiiiI 1 .III lo
ground is
doing excepliouully well,   und    his of the hind is   sue
is the ninkinir of one of the many slnto of cultivation,
line fruit fai'tns ef the future of
the district,
We an- pleiisi ,| to note thill   the
lew,    All the
Illlll.-1   to   frtllt   trees.
id garden plants,   For
upiire ul. or addresB
II..'' the Ai.v.sxci;
fra.crnal Soelaties.
N. .  IMt'i'..
I.O.F. Ivudip.  lie.
Satlit-dav eveniiui ' '• en
p.ln.       \'t:-ililte l.l-l-llu.'tl.
K.N. |I.\NII-.I.S.
meets in the
in, i!i,< mvunil
-I nil,  nI.  -
ii-.liiiilv invited
nonce on his Irael south of town thai will nppenl especially to
well und.-r curse ..I'  coiistl'ltctin.i, sous of bonny Scotland  in   senrch
He i xpecls his family   here from of dosirnblo tracts for small   fruit
Calgary during lln- lunumer.   Mr. ranches.   The area Included in the
(loll,     has    his    20-ncro   lrnct,isubdivision consists of 100 ncres,
which    Im   puicli.-is.-l   elf    Murk less tho nutouiil liiken mil   by Ihc
Hill's    well-known   riinuli,    now rollwiiyumlt.liopiiblic.-ondthrough "  '"' ""' -'-' .,....---.."- pm.ticuinrs
largely sol out lo fruit, which is the center of tho tract,    The must tl,lmn«u w,,e ''"""• v'v an" Bl,f"l>' "li"
Bay the damage on the ss-li.,1,- ssns —————
very lighl.  Soiuo of the early fruit
which svas sullluieiitiy iidviiuoe.l in
Engineer Van Antwerp made n t|w bloom wns injnre'd tn ,-, more
spreiul run with "..ii-.' briglil and „,. |(,M ,,,„,,„,     cherries will  be
early Wednesday niorniiig to notify I t|1B most alfectod, apples except in
J      "," ":"s "'' "'!'. h>   M,,r,i l»l«ta 'low., tin- vulley of the tr ; „,.„ il|st;im,„s b()i     M| „„ „v
mi tin spring nre doing oxeen.  |,„l,l„p.   Van lostno time and wo L,vmenl to bt> i,,ji,ro.l.    The cold o'clock „',„   dailv IflOBOUATION L»,
tiiinnlly sv.-li uud  it ih now eviilenl   venture to snv he male lln- fastest , ,, , ,, , '        ■   "'•'.■ ■ i \J l.O.O.r.
that preeticnlly all this large n„m- , r „„ I   the 8.*   O   mt ^Ktnl throng o„  the  vnlle,      [n case of fire nil  taps shall be Moots ov,,,- ,Zfi L„lnf la the
berureliving:     „ i- ,, y a £„„, '^ Kelly of this  p„    ^ffiE^.^I^' 2Tr-f'    'Tm   _ T" ^K^WjSfe
suggestive indication oil,,,-,'„„,- waK hll8,„, ,   rfdr I   in  ^. tXtw^'. in!", TL ^l^t^Z^'iZ^ ^tet^ '"
ol the dislricl   to view  from   the .loubh ink ti  to  receive the late frost in the Okniiagnn il musl '             V                ,,.     ,   ,                     H HAWKINS. V. CI.
main rond this lino young orchard, messages giv tho description of not be forgotten that other pli s. ralos and infractions will be dealt] i:. i i; amis, bv. Sec.
The trees „ll appear.-, l„- perfectly „„.„„; ,„„, ,.„,„-,,',,.,,,,„, lHoita Invou in the seinl-tropicnl climate of with ns provided for by the bylaw. «S 4HMBTHt)N0   Z
planted, und i tun ensily lancy        ,                ,  , ,     „    ,     .,    Califorma,   passed   through   the Gun. iMubray, rimii.   Art.uoi niiiMtt, .\o
J,ho imnionse returns which In stir- ""';'1 Wlla   cwntei1 l!'1'll"-v ,'-y  tl,,e siimu nxperionco und the damage ,1. Hamill.
NOTICE! fYKANAGrAN Black l-'receplorv,
, WaTISII Cfft'SI'MBim: ■ .M.-.-sii,il„-l-'er,st,.,-s'llull..\n,1s-
-, . n IrntUt. "ll  ll'e   I Illll'SllilV. ell i)|- n.-r.H-., I 1,1"
btreut sprinkling and lawn taps (ulln n, nl 8 |i.m.   Visiting brethren
11 only he used up to  11  o'clook, J w,drnl,l¥o t Tl IV'
iu,, between li'o'clock noon and Proceplor
nnd from  ti to lo!
I-:. iii-:\.\i-:'i r.
OCK, n. m..
No. IH.
Katrs- nnisl In- nta.l. i  rn mull   a! I
lueal land ollU:.- i..i the district ir. svl   til
the la::,I is- sit Halts.
Tho lionit-steiidi :■ i- r.-.|iilred  tn ;, r
fori   the ., iittilii n.-i n i ted Lh.i   . ll
,  und, i-, i -■, f -;.i i [loss:   • : Inn*
J    111 At leasl a si    -    . -   ■'   re.id
.-; IJIl :..! I Ollll is'ilti   .: , I the 1 md in I  tell
;;.,arfnr  I n*.year-.
I     '•: II tt    ' -; • .-    i       :;   :.   : •'    fnt ,
or i   ileei:.   ,   -I   the loader r,
I sides u|   ii    fin     in t!     dcinit.v ot  the
land enter. I fur, the i- ■ nil ■-   .--;.■:
e   ;, •■:.,-:■ may I    - ,: I -.   i •
111 till s:.ii! Illlld.
Ill)ll ill    ■  'i -  '       h|    |i. i    mi nl
i-  id..       upon fan linn    hill I c-ss-i    '
: n 111. sieii    y of his h.      -., ..■:.
Il.i ri'ql il-elll :.'   as tnn'H d ..,- • i   ly bo
Hi ifi. I ; :■ n ■ lilenee i p .. -.   .- .:,i   lantl
SiN niun.hs' notle, i    writ ,::■ si - ,i! I
- .      ..     .he s 'uinin ■.-:.:',     ■
i. .. I: i. I   ..- Otlasvn   il   ;.     nti   ,   :..  : ;
I I) I  l' ! lb  ll.
,',,;,! ':..-.-1 - inn;   I     , . i-clii, ■ ,1 nl ■  (I
|»l       rcfnl -,-:.!     lid :-_■■ r, 1- :.   I    ,.:
'■i ■ .    '■>'■-,   ■ . .,, ;HU  -i ■-, i:      be
■     |tlil'' il I... ...-. i , r  , -■:; . :.\
K   .        .:■ ■■ i. i iu,   r 10 n lilt ; r I  nol
•J.'.-i | Illind-,    ■',.:!!   I,.    ,    ||i .-,. ; , i   ;|.,
" ess ,,.,  [.al
v.. yy. com',
1       : - ■ I Ministi r, tthe Inl rior
N   II.    l.'n un -   -   - i   imill,-.;-, n ■>:
!.'-;.'.   -';.-;    ...  ..  :i t- .-  I,     [i . r    '. u-.
lit ui
Jiiisingly short  lime   ssill
a-truirg to tl:,- i.svii.T.
be ao- fact of a real   genuine train  rob-j ,in|u, ],or„   ;, eoniparntfvelv only
bery nitkiii sixty milesof un very small, .
F. ('. VV,:i,ti:xi,i:x.
Wiitei Commissioners.
■■■   .
I. O. F.
M.'eiinn-,- in their I till last Saturday in   ',.
earh month,   VisitiiiK brethreneordfall^
Invltod,   11. Hawkins, 1-1 !J- ' i i „,
■ ■ i
Stone Mason,       .lV^"gf   & ®
BricK Layer,
Plasterer. WtF^ft <?!,.
pr.-j.-i|-i-,' u-,'-    ." ■-:    !-il   3 ©ELt^'tittl ^iV^J-':!*
'live your Onl, is with...
Agi in ...r
work In these line . and guarantc
10 YEARS KXPEHIEMCE. I have just recidved a Car Load of §#      J^t      ASKE.
K.-.-.iM-.,   : e-prinijlull, hall  mi lo north '"'  t'auious
oiArmstronif. Jeweler, Vernon.
Orders ran} In lell sviii.l'. Addii
{.&?%*<»'   9 9)
iii <• on ! mul n   cotni
M':^x . j Barber
B. FRANCIS.  .':• f'..,■'\\ '
a Mi.  If _8 P *~^' t:-,
@|i£ ...Sftep |
__„.   nana .   al-M   ./I
and Billiard Hall.
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,       v   PIANO TUB a
i-       Writer. Pa liter nnd Dec rulo GrAdUalC WitS-BPMnl SCllOfll...
nvi-s, ih • nealest
linirculs nnd the eh nnest
Shave lee    Etnircnt 2-V.
...   s. N. I! VTLKDfiE, . Proprietor
vm for Sale.! i
Jl!1!   ||l i.V   ]in   [Hll'Cll   tl'    I't'i'
..'tiers for uinnu timing
On the
^    Busy
... THE...
.11,%,   <l'i_PPlit,
■    _        —ti-
IS still coring
! arm        |W »—>, 'jyo^ni C& ts
'I! WW ' ti
ll    T*
s-xs 4
1 ';' Choice hind   in
. iibuil Iin„.-.   Will sell in block (nidi
oi ill   : racls   to snil   |
EASY TERMS.   -   -
the proinisi s lo....
3»o. W. Hrmstrong,
Greatest    Nurseries \.s   j     _ Q f,
„ni:.in|ee s.S'i!s|--Ari-n!:s   ss..;;,. V\
lit   UEASl.X Slll.E   PltlL'ES, i
•jopleof Arm!
_ a _&
UO-AddrPSBii              11 Aril $flgHS!KM& Sff  (IIP PlliCf" f'P C^i'e-'/^'if'FB $V#^C?
MlMSTKONtl  HC  « LvVrttl tfrt.LlL«..'Bril1.¥ v"-t    wSJffl     rB IVW3    v>„    %U .'i'-'.lj ■■{,<-'^1 li^   $)j'id'-inMB^ I
Salmon T\   J   -■■—-— ;  —-     -J-JtHV M\ IHL,iW    \;i V \FHF<JP4
1'»'-:''■'■ fc©*I   itom^lh        Armstrong   l/i WHITF MITSI INS*
,,-ch ,-..   ^7,„ Jy-'*#«   11              Toscll  IIU-I, CI,,*, N,u-si'r.v Htnek in \f> W JUL 1  1  Cat    F 1 U O !_/! I H _»!
Vpply  on   I5-1CPC11*'111*'"" ',' id Onmnn-nntls.    Liu-n-sMis.   |T
FAD   ^/JlPF     KT.\HT>!H\V..1Ih-h| :.-llu,e .-.,-.„.      if     I
Stli   WK     *J/Slj-i«     l.icel-.sclbs-n.C.doVI I   III    Sill  ill | ]P,
 ic I'rnviiiee.    Hi« iiuli iieiils, IjIh-i-    if
$alWHjInn,Ii.e. Only h.-df,-, n.ilo from A..,,
Ul ncrefl iindei cnltivnlion
good   :»illoiii   laud   easily
ers- Kesesveil.     V. 1,1.
 I   l'lllil',ii| II -.
M.J.H£NRY'iS r\%1"        ■
_0„ »i...,„.^..,,, .,«^.„„ ,„ „   laud will he sold    me  team,  thr
Nurseries, Greenhouse&Seedhouse cows, on.- sieer. one br I sow.
,;,"";             : ■-'.;:.■ ;■■■'"■•■  AU;J1I\U.\I    I'Ot'KKT      MICIIOS &
« 1th   the   coi'i; ,niiiuiiifi,-.-i i1, limcsi muUiu,   tor <"*
■.:, I >"-.   SAW, insi I he  lliiiti! fur \\
»«*>  I
\ h TORtA    LAWNS I2!,,,\ LVmid „'o. per
FHKXt-H    (JKUANDIK, white nnd bluet .'rf und :I0('
DLMl'l! liS :.'''.',-
' """"■   '""'     i DtMl'l i liS	
. li il; Ti-.l.'.'.i.-   it
,n.l ii    r,n- ..in' f#    "    DOTTED   SWISS   M
i u.
Vancouver,    »    B.C.   ml'm machinery.    Price tj.-.tKJl),
IV.  I' f.U ill-1,
Fac fffc  Coast Grown
,\    l-'icld    ,'-,,, IS
ilellliees. it he does
New cro| ss
our (il hull
I Limit lu-.nill.
snarled packet, at Vegetable on      l$&i:
i-.'.-.'..i'/«na.c.»^a file $1.Oil '        MM
 cinl seleeti n  for  I!. I'. '- ' -
, '     :* '
B, ©.  Grown   Fruit   am!
(Jmanmntal Trees
Nusv .-■■:,.'•.   t'nr -iren: sliipiuent, e.vlrn    ^!,'-i>^
lat.tll   per   11.11:   SISII.OO   per   inuu Iffl-ft',-
StiKiir pi'-iuic'J ,v,-ar old ftnii S'ltl per len. |. j
full lisl , . utlii i- stuck- at ri'ttuliir prices HBmw
Lit   mo price your  lisl before pluoinj, \g-^~'
sour er.i, r.   (!i iiliousu. I'lural  is-orl.
i WO»I05-FAIR 7
S!!l: YOU GO M Id B5J3..0?
I f so, il will pay .vim to see .
Estimnf.es fivers.
rftv -t> «J» al-
^     ""Tlm^jlM
i   I    |    CDTTOS    VESTS	
r ' 	
tStor.® ©, Wellington
.',,,-iie!! Ni,,-.-,■',-.-.   " 'V-        I'XDKHSTvIHTS	
 12-V,', le-. 21V mid 2-1 ■
incd gl,a(), embroidered Si .2.")
 81.2."). SI .30 mid $2,00
sk: « bsg nm urn m iini waists.
k a- kit w lis
Kei.mip|.lies. l-'ruil   paelti
crs.,.:,-.   L'ntiilnijiie free.
Recently Enlargod
     25,000 New Words
MT    a--." 1T"B.T D -v B Now Gasottoer of tho World
. J. HENRY, , | wlllt,noratlurn BS.0M tillei,Liuedoutlte
fit lOWeslniiiiHler Hil. Vancouver.    ] •"'-stcomiu roturiia.
NowEiographical Dictionary
I'e.llililil:,-.-1110 Illillll':! I-t' OVet' 1(1,000UUlL-il
pui-nuas, ilulo of bii-tli, tlciitli, otu.
If sen ssill .-all mul son I In
Cream Separator
ami noli' how fmv pnrta
it. tins,  how  piifot'iiy
81111 |iln ll Ih. how I'.'isy
it turns, how p.».'fpc.'.l,v
itfkinis. how easily it
ih ki'i'l (-Iran, and  how
Hlronj: ami dumhlo it
in, you will til once do-
(tide it is tin- sopnriitor
or yon.   Nu scpiirtiior
vi*r inji'ii' rtuuli  nil id
tridr'H   in    | up clarity
stho Kinniiv.      'I ho
OllM'll I- thai   it.   HIlliH-
«>  ..wry   pun luiH'r,
I asl; iliu |irlv-I1of(iior
Bhowiiiu ii to volt,
2380 Quar'o Pages
NVw rtoHii,      60PO DltH'JHlioat.      Rlih Dlmttnji.
Needed in Every Home
Altiu Wtlistcr's tii'.efciatt Olcttonary
1310 J'nrtD. I.WI IlluRlrulluue,
RegularE(.ltlon?iI5i.   „.. -w, liUmlinj*
DeLuiwEi.Jtlcnc.VnBJtxlJjtn.  I'ptalciUMm
t:i:-.'|.!-.l' s. fliMiili.]...,'-!-, a ln-autif.;! |,::i,:i(i~.
F!lliE,"ti-ciiIjrji.r«-V,-i-iuk.:t't.' Illustrklcd|mtapUtut«.
* G. 6 C. MERRIAM CO.,
Fublldhers,      Springfield, Mass.
SIki;. lioxt Kraiici--''
tm-2aS&mm-2L*S*Am-^^ '
Tiicri' art- nvn u ivnt. i-Ihssi-k nl imt-iUioi- flower-
lliK lilutit.i: Hit- ANSfALK wllli-li live (Tli.wll
rn.iu fi-.-.l .-ui'li m-i.m.m. iiiiiI lla- HAltDY HKIt
H At'lit UK iilmit* wlili-li llvi'i'iom ,vt-nr to ywir.
Wi-itrf liiiift- itituvi'iM titul i'i'llf(tl..|*ti «f Lutll
cliii-K-. -:m vt'iit-K fxiii'i'li'iu-B-Biiil w« offer all
llii-ln-etUAIiliV viiriirtlt's'. Kt'iiU ft.r our IWW
SI'liD CATAI.iMl. «lili'U Iiii'IiiiIvm ftlHOTKSTKI)
VI.UKTA1II.K MKKD. Remember we are thi*
it.rtfi'»t icrowum or hthuiti.v hahdy fruit
uml iirnaint.iiiiiI liet'K ami jilonte In the United
BtHim. Ktttabllslii-illflf*.  1W» Ai-it-p-tOT, PH£K
CATAIXHIH.   ie Hi'llnlile Am-iilM WnnU'il.
l Tht Jewell Nuneriei, Bei 51     Utte Cll>, NtH.
J. W. Christian,
I'uiieiiunl.er ni Criiiiiiittry.
Fa Na
I MitC'oi-nili-k Huiilor, 1 Hrnntfnnl
Moss-it, I I i,nuii!. Mill, i Slrinv Cuttor,
1 Hi i-mil'i.si-i'i-. I S,-i Ti-iii-liH, iu ss-, !
To) I'i.-s- I -, ■ nrelni! SlolKlm, 1
Sklililiiiit Ti - - - , 'ui-nor IlimlM, Doulili
Ti-.-.s. i .unI.,. ■':.-. i r, ith-nl. I-.
Cln-ap tor.-.- li or on apiiios-od notcn
nl tlii-i-i' muntliH.
F. N. DANIELS "fa,.
in Flour
ills Co. Ltd.
ARMSTRONG      -      -       -       B. C
millers of a flour
Feed Grains of All Hinds BOUGHT
to inspect oiif Lists
of Properlis before
■m wimi i.wwr*
Offices: FRASmiS BLOCK.
APiSlPOBg,  - -    B.C.'
The Gray PerderoB RcgMered
Will be travelled for Servire in the District of Armstrong and
Vernon ttovkg the Season of 1906.
See Bills Later.


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