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The Armstrong Advance 1906-07-20

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 o Ct_, .       j    i
Sfte  Armstrong    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Published at Armstrong, in the Garden Spot of the Famous Okanagan Valley.
NO. 14.
Our    Great
■ ■
• •
• •
and lasts lor
30   DAYS!
25 per ecu
The  Lines Includes
Ladies' Bilk. Linen and Cotton Blouses.
Chemises, Night Dresses, Drawers, Skirts,
Vests; White, Cream and Black Mohair Skirts.
Muslins, Laves, Zephrs, Dress Ginghams,
Prints, Ties, etc.
Girls' and Children's Dresses, Pinafores und
Night Dresses.
Girls' and Boys' Linen Tarns.
Babies' Cream and Cotton Hoods and Bonnets.
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cotton Hose.
Men's Boys' and Ladies' Linen and Straw
Men's Ladies and Misses' Canvass Shoes.
Boys' Linen Suit*.     j
Men's White Vests, Linen Coats and Summer
Suits. Men's Ladies' and Boys' Balbriggan and
Cotton Underwear, ate. etc.
b fad, Everythiat to tie Summer Liaeswitjo.
new ii tbe time to get Cleat flttfs
and prepare lor tbe Rot Uleatber
_ miner, it wit ic utt tor tlw w»t two mtrnlw.
Tftt nig sure Always lea*.
mood Cargill Co.,
 CMfttl ■—  -
Fathers of the Municipality Spend Busy
Day in Routine Work.
The regular monthly meeting of
the municipal council wus held
last Saturday, at which all members were present.
. Under the head of communications, a letter was read from T.
Kilpatrick, superintendent of the
C. P. R.. stating that he bad
authorized the rond boss to put in
a level crossing at T. N. Hayes'
Re the extension of tbe water
works system so as to include
lands adjacent to Liinsdowne. F.
Temple Cornwall gave it as his
opinion: (1) The council has the
authority to extend or cause to be
extended the water system as required. (2) Such extension may
be done under the sections of the
Municipal Clauses Act dealing
with the bylaws regulating local
improvements, (ii) The cost of
such work may be levied ns a
special rate on the lands benefitted by such work. (4) The rates
for water can be regulated the
same as other rates, tuxes, etc.
Before the council can proceed in
the matter it will be necessary for
the parties desiring the extension
of the system to petition the council to that effect.
F. Temple Cornwall, solicitor for
the municipality, reported that the
difficulty re the Bennett creek
drain assessments had been settled satisfactory to all parties
H. C. D. Pelly, noxious weed inspector, reported as follows: He
hail been over the most of the main
romlB of the municipality and hud
found the Canadian thistle in
many places which he hud destroy,
ed and ordered those cut on private property, hail found the
tumbling mustard on the lands of
theC. P. R. near Larkin and ball
mustard quite general throughout
the municipality; also' desired to
call tbe attention of the council to
the presence of bull and Scotch
thistles in the municipality. - A
letter was received from E. .1.
Trcuson iu reply to the notice of
the weed inspector stating that be
would have the weeds on his property destroyed soon.
•I. M. Wright, secretary of the
municipal school board, called the
attention of the conncil to the
bad condition of the road in places
leading to the Pleasant Valley
school. The sum of $10 was appropriated to repair the same.
The assessor made application
for a remuneration of WO for extra
assessment work under the new
school act. The request was
A proajst having been Kl.nl by
Geo. Levins against the closing of
the old Lansdowne road by .1
Taylor, the mutter was placet) in
the hands of the board of works
for investigation.
It having come to the notice of
the council that there were several
parties who had not yet paid their
dog licenses, it was moved thnt'iill
parties who have been notified to
pay the same and have not done so
be served with summonses forthwith.
The bylaw re the Steedrauu rond
is to be prepared at once.
.1. M Wright. C. .1. Becker and
D. MathuBon were appointed us
trustees of the recreation grounds
and agricultural buildings.
O. Moberly was grunted the
privilege of conducting the waste
water from his factory.
Councillor Hallain was granted
$7."> for general repair work and
'; Councillor Hartwell $10 for repairs
j on Deep Creek bridge on Lans-
jdowne road.
;    The following list of bills were
passed for payment:
O. Pelly, weed inspector, t   8.75
R. 8. Bourne, nmrl word  11.25
Boyd, Burns 4 Co., water pipe 12.50
V. P. R., freight,  1.85
School bills  «a.71l
Armitage A Piiul, blankets for
jail  9.00
ArmstrongALe verington, nidse, 11.85
T. K. Smith, lumber  10.68
Armstrong Advance  25.50
L. A. Sharp, road work  11.00
W. Wolfenden, mdse  11.65
F.T.Cornwall  18.00
S. Fruno, road contract  118.00
A. Marshall, mowing cemetery, 5.00
R. Thomas, rond work,  5.00
J Christian,       "           20,50
HRSturt,         "            52.00
WMcKendry.   "            15.00
G Flack,            "           15.00
J W Christian, graveling,  40.50
W Mason, constable  17.50
F Hassard. road boss  42.50
T Ball, graveling,  25.20
The Seven Sutherland
beg to announce that they have made arrangements  with
R. R. Burns. Druggist, and will give daily demon-
stratione for one week, commencing on
MONDAY.   JULY   23rd. 1906,
Regarding treatmant ol the Hair and Scalp.   They respectfully invite everyone to call and consult with thein.   Gome and see
tbe Lonp Beautiful Hair crown by the use of Seven
Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.
3fie Qrmstreng Pfiartnoicy,
R. R. Burns, -       Druggist.
Miner Still Hat Hope.
Wait and See.
0 Crozier,   "      12:00
WHarry.    "             28.10
J Warren,   "            27.80
J,.W Warren,   "           29.40
J Hudson.    "            42.00
G Patchett,   "         81.80
B Wilson,     '•            1S.U8
TMallish    "              2.00
JCGrinton,   "         80.80
(J Levins, grader work  167.50
Armstrong Advertiser, - 811,75
L W Patten, extra assessment,   60.00
j. Mi Wright was authorized to
collect from the Armstrong Electric Light & Power Co. the sum of
$20, cost of advertising bylaw.
School   Building   to
Raited at Once.
J. M. Wright, secretary of the
school board, received an official
letter from the department of
education Wednesday with refer-
I ence to the addition of the second
story to the Armstrong public
school building, which has been
subjected to considerable apparent
delay. The minister of education
states that the public works department has been instructed to
proceed with the work at once, so
that it iB probable that the work
on the new story will now be begun
shortly. With the addition of the
second story to the present handsome brick structure Armstrong
will boast one of the best public
and high school buildings in the
province. Nor is the improvement to be made any too soon, for
with tbe very large increase in the
number of public school pupils
and with the addition of the high
school the additional room is badly needed, and will be utilized in
u very short time.
Monument to Maple Leaf Author.
The Toronto News has opened
a fund for tho erection of a memorial in Gladstone avenue school
to the memory of the Into Alexander Muir, author of "Tho Maple
Leaf Forever", whose death occur*
red so suddenly a couple of weeks
ago. The cooperation of nil Canadians, especially that of school
children is asked. Mayor Coats-
worth. Chairman Shaw, of the
board of education, and Inspector
Hughes will be a committee to
carry ont the movement. Newspapers throughout the Dominion
are to cooperate with the News in
this tribute to the nunnery of the
mun who did much to unify Can-
ada's nationhood. Any donations
handed to the Advance will be
properly forwarded and acknowledged by the News.
., cm     j        ,!       Ti-i, I   A groat   surprise  awaits you.
George  Edwards,    alias    Bill--,,   £       c   '   .    , _.      ••
,,. mi. .    .i       ,.. 1 he seven Sutherland Sisters  are
Miner, still hopes for tht- ultimate: .   _ ■_ _       ,      T ,    ...
... ,        , ,-       coming to K. tt. Burns, on July it.
success of hiBlawyers appeal for a „„      , ,.     , ,   *
...      ..     y, I. A   .   ii      ; they have the  longest nud  most
new trillion the   ll. r. it,  hold-up i,     * , ....    ,         ,,
„    ,, .              .           ..     beautiful huir in the world,
case,   ror this, reason he   contiu-1	
ues to deny his identity as  the
notorious Mirier.   He is not to be ■     A Conundrum.
caught napping either: lust week■    What is the difference  between
George Hoben, of Oregon, came tola bald head and the,Seven Suther-
New Westminster, to see Minor j nnd Sisters?   It is before ami st
and plead with him for his young
brother, who is doing) time in the
Oregon state penitentiary tor, his
part in,the Oregon Short-Line
hold-up of three yeare ago. Young
Hoben. who was then only 15 or
Hi, got. a ten-year sentence for his
part of the hold-up, but Miner,
who wns ulwayB credited with
having planned it. escaped. Hoben
citiims that his connection with
the robbery wub solely due to |
Miner's persuasive abilities. He
Would never have been near the
place but for the.glowing get rich
quick stories told by Miner. His
brother hoped that if Miner would
admitthathe had influened the
boy, the authorities might be persuaded to reduce his sentence. He
relied on a worthless hope, however, for Edwards is not admitting
I.O.O.F. Installation.
The ninth semi-aunual installation of officers, of Coronation
lodge No. 48, I. O. O. F., occured
tor using Seven Sutherland Sisters
Hair Grower and Sculp Cleaner
it. R. BfitNs. Special Agent.
To Firemen.
A ttjeeting of the tnemders of
the Armstrong tire brigade is hereby culled at the tire ball for Monday evening. July 23rd.at 8o'clock.
A full attendance is urged us there
are many matters of business to be
attended to.
L. E. Fabh. Chief.
Watch for Them.
Watch the window at Bnrns'!
They are coming! The ladies with
the longest mid most beautiful hair
in the world the Seven Sutherland Sisters   July 28.
Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair
Grower works wonders when yonr
head iB bald or nearly so.
Painters Wanted
I will pay   highest   wages  and
give steady employment to three
in their hall last evening.   8. A.!""™ capable of doing good house
Shatfonl, D. D. G. M„ of Vernon, j painting. A. J. Laawobth.
was the installing officer and with 	
the assistance of the late District,   PUBLIC NOTICE
Deputy, 8. 0 Smith, and other |
prominent members of tbe order  	
did the work in the most approved Xo Wateb Conni'mebs:
manner.     After   the   installation !    Water for other than household
refreshments were served and the' purposes can only be used us foil-
local members of the Three Links, 0ws:
Municipal   MTatar   Work*.
with their visitors, enjoyed a
pleasant time iu talking over the
principles and work of Oddfellow-
ship. The officers of the lodge as
initalled are: W. J, Smith, ,lr.
P. G.;H. Hawkins, N.G.;0. MePherson, V. G.; secretary. G.
Moberly: financial secretary, A. E.
Morgan! treasurer, O. J. Becker:
conductor, Joe McDonald; warden.
Hugh Cummings; Chap., H.
Fletcher: R. S. N. G.. J. M. Wright:
L. 8. N. G.. T. Lowes; R. S. V. G.,
Geo. Wyatt; L. 8. V. G., Eugene
Rhian; I. G., 8. McKee; O. G.. N.
Ferguson: R. S. 8.. T. Marshall:
L. 8. S., H. R. Slurt.
The Oddfellow lodge enjoys the
reputation of being one of ihe-
greatest fraternal societies in existence, and their work of relief lo
distressed members and families
during tbe eighty-seven years of
their history tniitle the orde-r to
the tlatteriiig tributes
upon it.
Residents of Town
Between the hours of rt:80 and '.»
a. in.; 1 to 2 p. m.; 4:80 to 5. p. m.
(for stei-et spriuklingjunly) anil 7 .ltd
to D p. m.
OutBide Consumers-
I a. m. toli:SI<)ii. in : 12 o'clock
noon to 1 p. in. and ll to 7:30 p. m.
The Constable has positive orders to   lay  information   against
persons infringing these rules.
Gbo. Ml'RHAY,
J, RlMtlL,
Wii, r Commissioners.
X»'   -wa. ua   tar l(y
SO-Acre LoU
beetowi 3 a'^
i cu 1 >wn will .   i
>asj terms  Inquire of
H.  '•' :, lei .-;-■ The Advance
Subscription 11,50 1* r year in advance.
II not paid in advance I2.0U.
Advertising rates given en application.
Notices ul ctiurch services
toinnient.s where nn admission
inscrletl Iri-i-. Ollu-r notice
rates.   Cards of thanks tl.
md enter.
is oharged
at. usual
Tbe Advance is published in the Inter
etts oi the town and distriot in which
it exists ami cordiallv solioits the patronage el the public.
Our Water Supply.
During the summer season the
necessity for tho enlargement of
the present waterworks system is
made most plainly apparent. With
the present small main the supply
is entirely insufficient and the result is a deal of dissatisfaction
among the consumers.   The water
thai the farmers of tbe community
are satisfied with the prices obtain,>1 through this ohannel and
the treatment accorded them by
the management is best evidenced
by the fact that the Exchange is
now the only medium through
which produce i6 handled outside
of the small amount dom' by the
general stores at this place Thnt
the farmers are enabled to sell
their produce for cash creates a
condition highly satisfactory both
to the producers ami to the merchants, and one which should be
taken into consideration by parties
who contemplate embarking in
agriculture or fruit growing iu the
i     A Good Time at the Arm.
I    The Armstrong contingent io the
Salmon Arm celebration of the 12th
j were most generous in their commendation of the milliner iu which
they were entertained.    101, tickets
, were sold at this station,   whil
many more drove over.  Thi
ant groves, the beautiful Shuswap
Stock Owners.
Having secured the services of Mr. Geo. Maundrell,
of Armstrong, to represent us in the Okanagan, we are now
prepared to buy all kinds of Live Stock at the Highest
 Market Prices.	
Owners nay leave word at. tbe office of Fisher k Sage or notify Mr.
Maundrell, when he will arrange to c ~"
isage o
P. Burns ®> Co.,
GEO. Maundrell,      -     -      Agent. Jjf
"mUHdHeW! *+*•**» I
pleas- i,
lake and the excellent recreation • J
grounds make the Arm   an ideal
' spot for an outing such as was en-
commissioners have dealt with the;.   ^ ^.    |h|>, ,„,„ an(1
matter carefully and have arranged; their friem,B lftet week g^
the hours in which the water may : cpn(,llctej b the vttriouB churcht,B
tensed for lawns and for street providedam^accommodation for]
sprinkling so as to as nearly .is "
All Kindt   of Carpenter  WorH  at    reasonable
sash, Doors, Mouldings and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMINB.
J3T Plans and Sjiecirieations Prepared.
! ac^c^^^^frst^.ot&^^^^cqii^^t^tTfr^w^ft^^^c^^^^
of 1-2,
18! the feeding of the numbers, esti-
possible meet the requirements of; umtt>] ft,   |200 „     Th(!re
consumers both with,,, and outside | ^        i(](„, ((        , rf
the .townsite limits. Ihe extension,       ,,        .      ,_• l    -.t   .x.    i
,     , ! small sports, which with the base
of the Bystem by the putting in of ,,,      ,.   ..•,, ..     • ,   ,
,. .   ' '       v """is      ul | j,.,)) .|,1() toot bull games furnished
a lu-uich main as at   present pro-1 *. .   t .v     i un..
,.       .     ,,,,,'      the amusement of the day.    the
iiosed is anxiously locked forwardu.      u n u  i • '    i ,*,.,.
* ,       ,    - | base bull game resulted m a detent
to, not alone by  the present con- , .        u
,      ,   J *       , for onr own team bv a scon
Burners, but by u numberof parties .   . .   ,-     .,'
, ,,   ,.f , , i but except   tor   tlle
who would    ike  to  be  connected' , , ...
...  ., ,„, "'v-"."  proV1.,| „ Vl,,.y dose nnd interesting
with the system.    The application „,, '      ,        ,- „»-
, •      . .    , game.       I lii-ough n   ilisiigreeinent
tor the extension ot the townsite i ? . ,.     , ,   v I
,.   ... ,   ,.       ,    ,. 'between    Kamloops  nnd   \ onion'
limits is now betore the lieutenant . , u  i
, i tennis, no Inerosse game wns   had.
governor and ns  soon ns accepted It,... •,    .,     „, t
?   ,.     ., .   ,        , ,, .,F.„lBoth    teiims   were   evidently   at1
by him it is hoped the counci  wi   i .    ,,       ,  ,.,     .,      ., u„„„
, ,.      ...       , fault, ninl. like the   Vernon   base;
lose no time in having the mutter ,   ,, . •    . •
.   , ,    ., ,        ,, ball  team jnst   a   year   previous,
voted upon by the people uml titer , ,   .'    „ '     .       ,
.,        ,   ,    '     .       , , ! wrought   insult,   upon   the   town!
the lu-tunl extension of the system I    , .,
, ... i whose guests thev were.
Begun as soon as possible. i    ,„,      , ,    ,.    ,    .,     , .   .
' i h., ....!..,,rM,I,,,, \i.r ,h..  interior
The celebration for the
; next year will probably  be hi
Id at.
Excursionists to Okanagan.
R.  excursions   were run
■ prairie provinces to Brit-
Re Public Swimming Tank.
A public  meeting is  culled by j
the water commissioners   for  tonight, for the purpose  of discuss-
ing the suggestion of erecting a
public swimming bath on the recreation grounds.     Such a convenience would no doubt be of great
value to the community, and the
proposition of the commissioners is
worthy  of   careful   consideration.!
The cost of a suitable tank is esti-'
mated at about jtl.iXHI.     This thel
commissioners   pro|iose could be
provided from the surplus accumulated by the town waterworks system,   the   expense   thus    coming
equally upon the   public  and  in-
such a manner  as to   hardly   be
noticeable. Beside a small revenue
that would he secured during  the1
slimmer months  it, is   suggested'
that during the   winter the   tank'
could be utilized   for   freezing   ice
for the town, thus assuring a  substantial revenue for this necessary,
though scarce, commodity,    It   is
urged that a good attendance  will
turn out to  the meeting that, the
matter may be freely discussed pro
and con,    Other business  in  coil.
iiei-tion with the   waterworks will
iilso be considered.
At the Farmers' Exchange.
That the shipping season from
the Spallumcheen is actively ou
may be steadily seen by the activity around the  warehouse  of  the
Farmers'   Exchange,      Potatoes,
cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, car-1 rocky ponds.   Our aim  is to se-
rots, etc. are now coming in  from | cure a representative collection of
the many beautiful wiltl Howers
und shrubs native to this province. We now uppeul to anyone
who is interested  in  the Horn of
'    0. P.
I from th>
' ish Columbia this week, and us a
' result many visitors have been in
the Okanagan the pnst few days.
many of whom have been shown
some of the line farms of this district at the hands of onr genial
real estate films. As a result of
the opportunities ottered by
periodical excursions by th<
R.. the people to the east of th
Rockies are enabled to secure practical information concerning t
I'ac-itic province., which in.turn is
attracting a widespread interest
among those who are looking out
for a location in a milder climate.
Almost, invariably n favorable impression of the' tkanagan is carried
home by the excursionists here.i
and many of them who do not lit
present locate will keep an eye on]
the development of the valley us|
the ultimate scene of their Inter!
Wild Flower Collection.
The Natural History Society!
has under taken the work of establishing a Wild Flower Garden |
in Victoria. We have secured a
most eligible site in Helicon Hill
Park, and the city authorities have
promised   tn make  us  two small
Our line of Furniture is now more complete than ever and we  will supply  with
anything you want in the way of	
Full Line Undertaking Goods.
contractors im MMere.
Contracts taken for all kinds of
Carpenter Work.
MePherson* HoiTDg
Lap Dusters
have just received my new stock
ind can supply you with anything
V'OU need.
Armstrong -
Harness - Store, jtt
the farms of thu district and being
shipped to points eust, where there
is afforded a good market for this
class of products, A large proportion of this class of products goesI his particular locality to help ns.
to supply the mining arid lumbering districts, while a large business is oIbo dono with points farther east where the season for
iiich commodities is several weeks
We want this fall only those sub-!
jei-ts that will thrive on rocks and!
dry institutions, as we shall not;
have water until next season, Ouri
funds are limited nnd  we cnuriotI'
Everybody mork$
but father?
Ilcciiusi'afi'w diiys i,i>i. he listed liis litrui with KIRBY
I'XKOM .< K IKIIV unci they did the mst
Remember we are selling the...
A few Choice Locations left.
Agents for Great West Life.
Heal estate
later than here. Already ten cars utter to
have been shipped, beside the large
quantities that have been shipped
in small lots. The volume of
imsinesB done by this enterprising
concern 'luring the present season
promisee (■ bi the largest yet in
the history c{ ,;s organization, nnd
pay lor plants, but. will
gladly pay freight charges. It is
a labor of love on our part, and we1
Khali be glad to heat from anyone
able and willing lo help us in the
good work. ;
Edward Albx Wallace,
Victoria, President.!
BECAUSE it  helps to advance    yor.r  district,
BECAUSE it is thejonly means to  gel  the news,
BECAUSE it is owned and ublishedin Armstrong.
yougetalltbe Cecal foews fcr $i.so a year.
List Your
Oar Mr. Fisher will leave on   an Advertising  Tour
and other Alberta points next weak.       List your lauds with
us at once if yo-i want to make a ipiick sale.
We have a few thousand dollars to loan on
Good Real Estate Security at reasonable rates.
We wish to place this at once. •:- (live us a call.
Your J|fgate
WiH be Best that Ibe Market affords
if they arc bought at the	
Okanagan   Meat   Market.
Retail Meat Merchants.
Live Stock and Poultry Bought.
fresh Brt TitsjiM im FrHais.
H. sebnditr, rr»».     ""•*«,.
Bank of Montreal
Head office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $1.1,000,000. Rest.-$lO.O00.00O
Balance Profit and Loss account. $373,988.
PRESIDENT,  Right Hon.  Lord Slrathcona  and  Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.C.
Brunches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.     Also in
the following cities i—London, Kng.: 2-.  Abchiiroh   Lime.   E.G.
New York.ol) Wall Street,: Chicago",IM La Salle Street: Spokane,.
Wash.: St. .lolnfs Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Livefpool.    Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States. Europe and Canada, including Atlin ,,
nnd Dawson City.
'  Deposits received from   t upwards and interest, allowed nt current rates.
Interest entered :10th Juno, and .'list. December
Wlthdrawala    on    demand   without    delay.
Ranchers and country tiusincss (riven speeiHl attention,   Muniojpal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special nitentiun iriven to the
handling of municipal snd other 'debenture!!. '
, banking! by mail.
Deposits muy bo. mnd« und wiLhdniwn by mail.    Out-of-town aet'Oiints receive,
every attention.
ARMSTRONG '    E. A. Taylor, Smb. Agent. KELOWNA >
E. S. V.tMoCllntock. Sub. Agent. P. Duhtcnlln, 3ub. Agent.
Varnoa, Manager.
All kinds of RefmDing Dishes for m
Hot Weather
Troll ■ Trait ■ now - in ■ Stock.
Wholesale ft Retail
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Ments always in stoek
Fish and Fowl in season
Beat Prices for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specially!
GeOa Murray,
Poultry Wanted
• n> -i, a*. *f,'*Mfi -vy ^j
I ifi
Jns. Reid has taken a position j
as clork in John Hainill's store.
A. Shary has leased the Schubert residence, at present occupied
by C. J. Becker and family.
H. B. McElhinney is having his
residence painted in Eastview. W.
•lames wields the brush.
A. E. Huntley has moved his
saw mill from Larkin to tho Morgan-Jackson tract, where he is now
setting for a large cut of lumber.
J. H. Currie, of Vomon, spent
8unday with his wife horn, who is
a guest of Mrs. Eli Wilson. On
Monday ho left for a trip tit rough
the Kootenays for tho Okanogan
Produce Co.
Harvesting has nlre:idy begun,
those who had/fall wneSt already
having most of it in the stock.
Tho fall wheat prop this season is
perhaps below the average, yet is
of excellent quality.
Miss E. Ellison, .lnughtnr of cur
local M.r. i''-«*t;r"l'tl"1 at thp
Htation by several friends Wodnes-
,l;iy morning on her way home
from Toronto, where, she has been
a student of Havorgal College.
A .1 Weddlo drove over from,
Salmon Ann Wednesday to fetch
his daughter who has boon visiting ■
friends here since tho 12th. Mr.;
-Weddlo and his partner, 0. A.
Butterfield, are so far well joleused,
with their recent location at the |
Arm, and prefer this part of B. C. j
to their old home in Alberta.
The enlarged ad on our front
page announcing the annual clear-
^e sale of the Big Store is
worthy of the notice of  the  pur-
chasing public.   They are making 	
more room, for the accommodation Woft .g ^ ^.^ proBecllted
of a complete stook of hardware, on H Maltin,g new jeaiaence in
stoves, ranges, etc. Eastview.     Robt.   Ferguson has
McDonald & Hardy on Weanes- charge of the masonry and Geo.
day completed C. J. Becker's new.Bowness of the carpenter work,
cottage south of town. This cot- j an(j the well known abilities of
tage i6 one of the best residences j these two men in their respective
of the town and in its beautiful i ijneg insures a good job of work-
situation presents a most attract-1 manship. The dimensions are to
iveappearance. Mr. Becker and! be 18x28, two stories, with ell,
family will at once move into the j^on Harrison, of Re
same where they will be comfort-1 g^ ft brother Q. ^  ]ate
A, E. Sage was a business visitor to Revelstoke Monday.
R. W. T. Kirby returned Tuesday from his trip to the coast.
Mrs A. 8. Elsom left on Wei-
nesday for a visit to relatives in
Moose Jaw.
Mrs. A. E. Huntley returned
Friday from an extended visit with
friends at Kamloops.
Mrs V, Dickie has been confined to her bod the past week with
an attack of bronchitis.
Goo. Maundrell has been appointed the local representative of
1'. Burns & Co., and advertises for
the purchase of all kinds of live
T. Skyrme for some months employed at the Armstrong hotel, has
sever »d his connection there, and
is temporarily teaming for T. K.
Smith. His place at the hotel is
succeeded to by P. B, 1'elly.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Hardy left
Saturdny for the Halcyon Hot
Springs, Arrow lake. Mrs. Hardy
expects to tako treatment there for
a month, while Charley will return
next week.
Al Wells, the Inst of the party of
four to leave here last fall for the
Nechacho valley dropped in Wednesday morning. Al says the
weather in the north country is
even hotter than the Okanagan.    |
A cucumber twenty-three inches;
long is not bad for this early in
the season. Yet this was the
measurement of some picked out
of Mrs. A. J. Lapworth's garden
last week. Only another evidence
of the productiveness of the district.
$25 Reward!
The above reward will be paid
to the party or parties living information leading to the conviction of
the party or parties ringing the fire
alarm on night of July, 10th. 1906.
By order
ably domiciled.
Among the excursionist* to this
part of the valley the past week
was a party from Moose Jaw, Sask.,
consisting of Alex Wilson and
-wife, Dr. Sisse and wife, Wesley
Mitchell, J. Dennis, and Miss
Flossie Arnold. They were all
taking a look for the first time over
the Okanagan of which they have
heard a great deal in their prairie
home, and so far as they had seen
it when here were most agreeably
impressed with the appearance of
the country. At. least some of the
party will no doubt make invest-
ments before returning home.
Last Saturday was perhaps the
most quiet Saturday that has been
experienced in town for the past
year. This is easily uccounted for
by the fact that the farmers of the
district are universally engaged in
the hay field, Hundreds of tons
have been put up in this distrist
the past week. The crop is
heavy one and the dry weather has
permitted its being put up in excellent condition. Except that of
the higher uplands the hay is
now pretty well up and by another
week will pretty generally be in
the stuck.
GK A. Love returned Monday
from his business trip to Red
Deer, Alto., where he succeeded in
disposing of a portion of bis pro-
party interests, whioh will enable
him to apply further energies to
the improvement of his tine fruit
farm south of town. Conditions
in the prairie province nt this time
are most, favorable, the weather is
warm and prospects for a good
harvest favorable, and the country
fast tilling up with the now immigrants from the western states,
Mr. Love was accompanied on his
homeward trip by H. L. Gaels,
druggist and poBtmaster oi Red
Deer, who cams out to see some
of the Okanagan.
 ^^^   pur,
chaser of W.'Gregory's farm, has
located adjoining his brother by
the purchase of forty acres of land
from E. M.Chambers, upon which
he expects to make his home. Mr.
Chambers sold forty acres only to
reduce his holding, as he has no
desire to dispose of all his fine
ranch on the east side of the valley.
The sporting element of the
town was revived] Saturday night
by the pulling off of a horse race
between horses owned by Josh
Blackburn and W. Needham, for a
money stake. Blackburn's horse
had considerably tbe belt of the
race all the way through and came
in several lengths in the lead, A
large crowd of spectators turned
Albert Norman presented the
Advance with a sample of vegetables from his father's garden this
week that would open the eyes of
some of onr eastern friends if they
were to behold tbem at this season
of the year,    A number of onions,
Mrs. W. Harry returned Tubb- I
day from a visit with relatives at
John Daykin left Monday on a i
two-weeks holiday trip to the|
qpast cities.
MePherson & Holtby are putting the finishing touches on F. R. i
Glover's residence.
Armstrong's fall fair Oct. 10,
and 11. Bear this date in mind!
as a fitting time to visit the Spal- j
Some of the Armstrong owners i
of the Cotton Belt gronpof mines j
leave next week for a trip of work
and insertion there.
It is currently reported that the
government veterinaries will soon
resume their work of testing for
glanders among the horses of the I
The residence of T. W. Marshall at Liinsdowne hits lately been
materially improved by the application of paint inside and out.
A. J. Lapworth was engaged in the
The annual sitting of the court
of levision for the municipality of
Spallumcheen was held Wednesday. Only one complaint on the
municipal assessment was made
and this one was disallowed.
A. Hooper, employed in G.
Moberly's jobbing shop, has purchased three acres of land in East-
view adjoining Thos. Holiday, up.
on which he will shortly erect a
dwelling and establish his residence.
Mrs. Jas. Reid and children and
Miss Ida McDonald went down to
Okanagan lake Tuesday where
they will spend a short time camping in the hopes of benefitting
Mrs. Reid's failing health. The
men folks accompanied them down
just to get the camp established
Basil Gardom, the well-known
provincial police of Enderby, and
Miss Helen Nunro were married at
Victoria last Sunday. Miss Mun
ro will be remembered as having
sung here with Madam Glenden-
ning during the winter. Mr. Gordon's friends in the district extend
Mrs. L. B. Stokes, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C. T, Daykin, arrived Wednesday morning from
Estevuu, Sask., for a visit with
her parents here. She is accompanied by Mrs. (Rev.) A. Cairns,
also of Estevan, who came along
for a visit with former friends and
a look at this part of the Okanagan.
This district has long been noted for its success in tbe production
of garden vegetables and the gardens to be seen here at this time of
year are freely remarked upon by
visitors from east of the Rookies.
Vegetables of all kinds have been
shipping through the Farmers'
Exchange for several weeks now,
and no doubt many tables in the
prairie provinces are being supplied with vegetables grown in the
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Railway Time Table
(Shuswap & Okanagan Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday  9:20 a. m.
Arrives Irom South daily except
Sunday  S:S.r, p. m.
!-<=!-       HOME   CIRCLE.
I Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in the I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELL.Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary
Reeve— A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor— L. W. Patton.
Treasurer and collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray, W. Hallam,  J.   L.
Hartwell, R. B. Main.
Divine Service will be held every Sunday as lollows: Armstrong. 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 >i.m.;
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.- Kt v. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
For Rent
Good cottage adjoining town.
Apply to H. Hawkins.
Pig* for Sale.
Pure-Bred Yorkshire pigs for
Bale, ready to take from sow. Price,
including pedigree $6 each. If
taken without pedigree $5 each,
These pigs are from select stock,
and are fine ones.
A. W. Hunter.
of this spring's growth, meuured | Spallumcheen  weeks  before  the
from 11 to 13 inohes in cirouni
fcrence, the largest specimen tip.
ping the scales at a trifle over
three quarters of n pound
Frank Young, Jr., and Tommy
Greenhow returned home Wednesday, after an absence dating from
tbe first of April. Since that time
the boys have spent the time in
travelling around and seeing some
of the western conntry and have
traversed over three thousand
miles, taking in nil of western Can-
arid a good share of the nortwestern
states. When accused of having
struck home because of being
'broke", this conclusion was
quickly dissipated by their display
of five one cent pieces between
them. They have ut least, made
expenses during their absence and
have the advantage ol having seen
a bit of the world, which will prove
oi value to thorn in later life,
bome product, begins to be fit for
The newspaper is for everybody
and hence must publish something
for everybody. If you see boihu-
thing of little interest to you
remember there are others and
that the entire paper is not for you.
The very little that is dull und
uninteresting to yon may bo the
very best thing in the paper for
some other reader, and other readers have just as good a right to be
pleased us well as yon have. There
are whole pages in the daily papers
that are of no interest to us but j
they are to others. A paper which'
contains only such mutter us would
interest any one or other of us.i
would have a small number of
readers. There are many iieople
of many minds and the paper
should "have have something fur nil!
of them.
Services in S. Andrew's. Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. JJ. Campbell. Pastor^
Mail Arrives—
North daily except Sunday      S-10 a. m
South    "      " " 3:30 p.m.
Mail Leavkb —
North daily except Sunday     3:45 p. m.
South     "      " " 9:10 a. m.
Spallumcheen, Hull Car, Glen
emma and  Falkland every
Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 a.m.
.1. M. Wbioht, Postmaster.
St. James' Church. Mnrning prayer
11:00; Evening prayer 7:311; Sunday-
School 10:00. Communion services on
first and third Sundays in each month
at the 11 o'clock service, on the second
and forth Sundays in each month are
Early Celebration at 8 o'clock.
Rev. Howard J. Kinh.M. A., Vicar.
Holy Moss in I.   . F. Hall, Armstrong,
Third Sunday in each moth at 10 o'clock
Father Dorval,
Barrister and Solicitor.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    • ■   EC.
Polisiw and
15 Years eiperience.
Furniture finish a specialty.
Mi" At Abmktronu Hotel.
we Give
But only for
We leave paint throwing for those
who can do it best.
PAINTER »Vk-,bt«.
W»ii Cargill Block.
Once Hours: 9:30 to 12 and 1190 to 5
Armstrong; MarKets
The following prices are Vint?
paid for proiln,-,- by the Armstrong
Formers' Exchange:
PotatwE. per ton   - -   S'25 W
Carrots.      "         - -     20.00
Parsnips     "         - -     30.00
Beets         "         - -    :».(»
Turnips       "          - •     14 00
Cabbage      "          - -     50.00
Hay             "          - -     12.30
Apples, per 40 lb.   - -       2.00
Pears          "          - -      3.00
Celery, per 60 lb.    - -       &\00
Poultry, per doz.    - -      7.00
Eggs      -     "      - -        20
.Butter, jier lb.        - -         tf>
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets iu the
.   I.. F. Lodge Rbom. the second
Saturday evening ot each month at 8
p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. W.M.
/"kKANAGAN Block Preceptory.
pa* Meets in the Foresters' Hall, Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or belore the
full moon, at 8 p.m. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
rtOHUNATION Lodge, No. 48.
V» 1. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ,n the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood. Cargill
at Co's. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojourning
brethren are cordiallv invited to attend;
H. HAWKINS. N. (i.
O. Mcl'HERSON. V. (1.
G. MOBERLY. Rec.Sec.
Synopsis of Homestead Regulations.
ANY available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in Briti.h
Columbia, may be homesteaded by any
person the sole head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of age, to the extent
of one-quarter section of 100 acres more
or less.
Entry must be made personally at Ih*
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The humesti-iidcr is required to perform the conditions connected therewith
under one ot the following plans:
(1) At least a six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the Und in each
year for three years.
(2)If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon i, farm in the vicinity of jtbe
land entered for. the requirements as to
residence may Is, satisfied by residence
upon said land.
Illlll tbe settler hits his permanent
resident.-,, upun farming land own*-d
by him in the vicinity of his homestead,
the requirements lis to residence may be
satistled by residence ii|»n the midland
Six months' not.it-., in writing should
be given to the Commissioner „f Dominion lundsut Ottawa ,if intention lo apply for patent.
CobI lands may Is- purchuscil nt 110
per acre for soft coal nntl SIX! lor anthracite. Not. more tliatiTrjO acres run be
acquired byodoIndividual or company.
Royalty nl the rule of 10 cents per ton of
2.000 [Hiunds shall be collected on '.be
gross output
lJt-pul, „f Minis!, r of th.' Interior
N. II Unauthorized publication r.f
his ndvertito uant will m-l be paid for.
Meeting! st their hall last Saturday in,
BftChmoirth.   VieitiiigliitUireiiiniiemUy  J.j.,.,1.1 -,
invitee.   JJ. Hawkins, h.8.
 I   ri.rown l*g-
cd Woinouth Rock Poultry*aid
t _  | v
Ell'-""":'.""" \i'~. '      , :'.'
Ooctteryle ii* w . i, Land.
T.W.MARSHALL Revelstoke Wir.s Silver Cup.
The in, mb, re   ;' the   irmst
gun olnb and theii guests • I
u vi-ry please it i id successful
day's shooting "ii ti. - occasion t :'
thu tournament here o i Wednesday of this w ok Te ims "-■•> re in
attendanoe from Revelstoke, En-
derby an i Vernon, each | lace having Bent its best "crook" shots to
try oonoluBions with the keen eyed
gunners oi our own town The
looal shutB, however, did n I i in-
tain theii general ovoragos in the
leani shoot and lost the Bilver i .>i
trophy to Ruvolslolie. 'Thefollow-
ing were thu results in the several
events, the winner (inly being
named in eaofa case:
Event No. 1- 10 Birds, 1st Mo-
Bae and Wolfenden, divided, 8
Event Nd. 2 Team shoot, 4
uiom, 24 birds; Revelstoke 70,
Armstrong Ofi, Enderby 61, Vernon 54.
Event No. 8—10 birds, MePherson and McDonald, divided, 9 birds,
33veni No. 4-
Miss J 8. Johnston, is prepar-1
e'ed tt nit. blic st, aography or;
t\j writing, or I •■ ach s.-iuie!
to ;my partii s tishingtol ike it u]>.l
May bet i■ t "... n i rs' Exchange
Do you buy
that tlH-yir
tiiri to lo ight i usework and FRE8B MILK
to assist with children: good wages delivered in town
to ooi petent j • rsop. Apply im- ]
mediately to
A.A.H.     TheADVAHl-K. MUaKL-lqU
■l! It. il
the public
nitllit uliil morning
lor a
C REAM 35c qi
CIk Columbia College.
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies und Gentlemen ut very low
rates.   In the regular course instruction is given in the advanced
Miss and out, Mc I Public School, High School, Colle-
Donald and Vankleek, divided.      I ginte and University work.   The
Event No.   5—3 pair doubles, j 8peciftl Courses include a thorough
MoPherson, 4 birds. | practical Business training!   The
Event No. 6-10 birds, McDon-1VocaL- Instrumental, and Techni-
ald and «irdy, divided 1st, 10
Event No. 7-10 birds, McDonald, K) straight.
Event No. 8—Consolation match
JO birds, Wright, 10 straight.
Shirdy won prize for highest,
score in team shoot.
A Pleasing Concert.
quein Music:   Li Art: Sketching,
Oil Painting and Pyrography; Also
Physical Culture and Elocution.
For Calendar, Address "Columbian
College, New Westminster, B. C.
*\ SON
1 McCorniick Binder, ] Brantford
Mower,|l Fanning Mill, 1 Strew Cutter
1 Horse Power.
F. N. DANIELS"*,,,
The Armstrong pnblio, who
previous occasions, havt. learnec
Keep Posted
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But a NEWSPAPER OP GENERAL CIRCULATION, containing the latest news of the world,
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admire the KingiiiL; of Miss Queenie
McCoy were in no way disappointed with  ht.r appearance here on
Wednesday evening, for if Miss!himself with these two essential
McCoy has sung well  on   former i features of progress.
occasions she did exceptionally so'    *»   ™"    ™l?£" A "WEEK
a., j au    .1 _*  i SPOKESMAN - REVIEW.     Sno.
on this occasion, and the hearty,^ Wa,h   ^ be tn'md^
very latest news of tbe world, its
applause accorded each of her Be.
lections showed the favor with
which she is held by her hearers.
Miss Maude Underhill, the companion of Mi6B McCoy, appeared
here for the first time on this
occasion, but won flattering
favor among the audience at once
as a talented and pleasing reader
and impersonator. The manner
in which she could adapt herself
readily from the humerous to the
pathetic and visa versa in her (liferent selections showed a careful
of her natural abilities as an artist
in her line.
matter including information on
politics, commerce, agriculture,
mining, literature, as well ss tbe
local happenings in the states of
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district, and for the improvement
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are called upon to live.   Every act
of daily life that tends to bettering
one's surroundings makes directly
of indirectly for the improvement
of society generally.     In all this
the local newspaper plays an important   part.     Among its  local
readers it stimulates un increasing I
interest in their home  surround- {
ings, keeping them posted on local |
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come weekly messenger.     Among i
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able advertising medium, making |
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list'riot.   it. is tin
its full and coin.
upbuilding and
Armstrong and
only paper that
If bo, it will pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. Simingion
Shop next Francis'
P.rhapa   you   have   aomethlns   to   a»ll—.
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_. .   ,.       ., ,   ...        .    W "> commuuloMa with people who wlah
Financially, the concert did not   «• »W « ■•"  la by In.irtln, a .mall ad-
,, '.      , .. ..' ' WearaeM lo The Spokeaman-Re.lew.
receive the  attendanoe   its   merits ;     rtnnere, attiekmen,  lumberman and aala
. , mtak. tho TWJCB-a.wee™
deserved. !."»•» -~- «• «»»» bu.in.a. „,.„ .„.
\ maZaTieTueV "* ,""",m   C*"'
Bank Manager in Difficulty.
Miss Emma dishing, of Montreal, has instituted an action for . q **, , ,
breach of promise of marrugej sO vTOfuS J
ngainBt K. M. Christie, formerly of ] ra.. an/ <- i
the Canadian Bunk of Commerce,j aVK TT OfQS •
Montreal, but   now  stationed ut | the svndat
the branch at Penticton. Miss
Cushing claims damages to the
extent of $32,000. Among the
.afcms in the account for damages
.is one for $15,000 for Iosb of snp-
jaort for an estimated life time of
9,b yenrs; $2,000 for presents, S10,- j
000 for medical attendanoe an tho
direct result of liis refusal to
marry her, and $5,0(10 for lacerated
1 lime...
tlm«e ..
tlmee  .,
lime .
If you will call and sec the
Cream Separator
V** Mat* per lln* «ach inawrtlon. (.'•■■$
tax vvrli 1- a Ha*.
0pokan«. WjMfa. I
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fsMrtlont deilred, and ntnte whether «v.
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breakfast straw— 2;jfS al Aimitage
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Here Pants, 500 lo 7.'.}! at Arnii-
taee & Paul's.
'JTul   tLtU^u^aW      '.i
W. Christian,
Buttermaker at Creamery **£
is owned .-irnl published here, hence
the only medium devoting its every
energy to tlie interests of the district -. it is in no way handicapped
by any restraining obligations to
any party, clique, creed or corporation, but has ujperfectly free hand
to at all times promote the inter,
ests of tbe town and community in;
in which it gains its existence.
No efforts are being spared to make
the Advance the class of paper the
people want—a good live local
paper. Special attention is paid
to chronicleing every item of interest to the local resident and to
the publication of such artioles as
will attract the interest of outsiders
to our district. With this end in
view we aim to have-
A Subscriber in Every
Home In me District.
The exceptions of the homes
where the paper is not read in this
district are now very few. which
fact shows that the past efforts of
the publisher have not been in
vain. In our advertisiug department every effort is put forth to
protect tbe home merchant. Foreign advertising in not solicited,
nor will it be uccpted from firms
who seek to compete with the local
business men.
Okanagan Flour
Is Co. Ltd.
Be    C.
miners of a flour
jjgrjgg machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
J. n. warren
by buying this
reliable, hbaeste
high grade sew-
iiijy ;,j,n:Liiut'..
National SMyimg Machine da.,
Crrtwic NHu-Brnit SCUM...
1 am now prepared to receive
orders for piano tuning and
guarantee hatihfactoky "wokk
Address me at....
Land Registry Act.
T.kk Notice that on the, 2,'jrd day ot
July. 1900, I will issue u f.irtilifiiin of
indefeasible title in the nunic. of Frederick Taylor Jockaon of lot, ], block IJ,
map 408, Town „f ArmHtront;. unlnnH in
the meimiinie u valid objection in writ-
inn is made to me by iiartiee hiiviiiK a
valid intert'Ht, in Maid lot.
Dated the lllth June, 18011.
W. H. ElwoiniB.
District K,'atiHtrur ol Tituls,
The party or iiartieu hnvini; in their
custody or pewgen-aion conveyance in fee
of aaid lot from Robert Wood to P.
Elliott, dated tilth August, 1803, are requested to deliver the same to the
H.i'-iiir & Bull,
Solicitors for the Applloat.
Yes, and we also sell the	
20th cemiiry
Tbn Beet Maohinfe niadf>.
Wire Cable ol all 8jz«h,
Hin^'lt und douhlri bJockH.
Horae Porka.
Ohuro'hes' Hay Oars,
Ohdjnplon Mowers and Ratfes
TboiuaH fclteej Hay Teddel"fl.
B. Francis
Building stone
Best quality of Stone in the district, Will be delivered at reasonable charges. Orders may be
left at AtiVANcnt office.
Only li.'iH .-i mile from Arm-
strong. 10 aores under cultivation \
balance good bottom land easily
cleared. Good frame houBe, stable
and other buildings, With the
land will be sold one teanij three
cows, one Steer, one brood sow. 8
dozen chickens, uudlulj equipmeni
farm machinery.   Prioe |6000
...1). MJTCtUai.
Sceniir Artiisit,,
Siigto Writer.
Guiitlider .Mouie
Ptuiirttter (® Eftec^-
nalsontiining, Etc..
26 years eipurienoe in Etu--
opa, Airier, und Amerloa.
..Special oner in..
BEE SUPPLIES, Buckwheat,
Fall Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Glass, Ensilage Corn, Mangel,
Turnip Special quotations in
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soup,
Vegetable Plants,
Large stock of Home Grown
Fruit nml Ornamental TreeB now
matured for tbe full trade,
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before
plucingyonr order.
We do business on our own
grounds—no rent to pay, and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Catalog Free.
3010 Westminster Rood,
Vancouver, B. C.
— ».  	
t for Salem
m Acres
a V-alleyl
ats !■
Inud ih Salmon
(rood houses and
Will b,11 in bloek
i suil purehaserH,
.   .,   Armlv "-


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