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The Armstrong Advance 1906-04-13

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l   Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.
Pikllsfeei Ii lie liltrtsis tl Arasiroia. art District, He Choicest portion el lie intos tttujai v«lle|.
tuboarlmtlon tt.BO In Advance
NO 52.
A Bargain
Onr Great Week of Special Pricing on all goods starts
Saturday Morning, 14th.
anil it's going to be the busiest week of ll big busy season
Un yourself jnstioe by coming every ilny. For every ilny
has its Riswinl nttnietions. <*MW&f^&f*M&s*af^w*ftf'tm
Boys Wnshnble Suits —
1.00 to 2.28
Boys Buster Brown Suits
2.BO to B.80
Boys Suits, Extrs Value
1.00 to 5.50
Boys Pants.   Per Pair
Boys   School  Shoos
All the latest styles and
shapes in straw and felt
hats from	
A lnrge assortment of caps
to choose  from	
We are second to none in
the line of new shirts
many varieties	
75c to 1.50
Overalls, per pair	
Gloves, Dress or Working
till you cannot rest	
35c to 2.00
Mens Suits	
5.00 up
Odd Pants	
2.00 to 6.00
We Know and
Make the Best
.t^flrniitafle t, ?m\\
WL  The Leading Gents' Furnishers M
Yon ought to see onr Spring Stock of Mens, Youths and
Boys Clothing. We handle the best in Canada. W. R.
Johnston of Toronto and the Campbell Clothing of Montreal.
They certainly are up-to-date in Style and  Workmanship,
Fcice im cmckci wire
just arrived in car direct from Montreal, also Nails of all
sizes at right prices.
Direct from Manufacturers and tbe price is 0. K. Dont
moke yourselves old men digging oat stumps but call and get
s box of Thos. Hamilton Stumping Powder which will Mow
ont bom stomps in one hour than you could dig out in six
months.   Fuse und caps also on hand.
1 We can knock the spots off anything in the Valley in Mens
Ladies, Misses and Childrens Shoes.   Jnst call and have a
look at our Ladies and Misses Oxfords in black and tun.
We are also handling this year Mens,  Ladies & Childrens
tennis canvass shoes.
All kinds at rock bottom prices.   Everybody knows that our
Crockery stock is complete and nt prlees within reach of all.
BECAUSE it helps, to advance   your district.
BECAU8E it is the only means to get the news.
BECAUSE it is owned and published in Armstrong
Special Roads Commission.
Five Repreientative Men Chosen
for First Board.
The special commission reoetly
appointed by the Municipal
council consistiiili of Messrs Thos.
MelliBh. E. Pelly, F. MeCleery, B.
The election of the lirst board of p. Young, and Dr. Vmikleek fill-
school trustees chosen in this tii|t,,i t h e duties involved upon
lnnnipality under the provisions of itnem the first of the week by ex-
thnSchool Act. 1906 occured WBtlaVnUiing the various niniii roads of
I Saturday, before L. W. Patten, the | the Municipality tor tho purpose
j returning officer. 125 votes were j0f arriving at an estimate of the
cast, being a very Rood percentage I J,ounf of work thnt could be
I considering the busy Benson among accomplished with t h e $25,000
j the farmers. Tho result of the wnicn the council suggest borrow.
I poll was as follows: ; :„£ for the purpose of mnkiug per-
[ J. M, Wright, 106; A. Schubert,i mUnent repairs to the roads. While
77; Dr. Offerhaus 71; T.Mellish; tlie official report of the commission
7QiGeo. Lynn68; P.O. Wolfenden not yet completed, hence not in
S 60; W. Hnlliim 59; Joe. McDonald j 8nnpe for publication, it may safely
j 47; W. T. Marshall 40. , bo Baj,j that the result of the com-
I The first five named above hav-jmiMioners investigations will be
! ing received the largest number of' more favorable than msy be looked
j votes they were declared elected— \ for by some who held to the opin-
! tee first three for two years and jon that'$25.000 would be, as it
the following two for one year.      1 were not a "drop in the bucket"
towards putting the main roads in
good shape. With few exceptions
it is claimed that with the material
near at hand all the roads can be
On the Armstrong   field   next 	
Monday will occur the first game I jwingood"condition at butcom-
of lacrosse in which Armstrong | Sritively small expenditure. The
has ever taken a part. The teamjfinding8 of the commission will
includes some good players as well | ^ awaited with interest,
as some who have not before par.
ticipated in a match, and we hope
to see our boys make a cretli table
showing against the Vernon team.
The townspeople should encourage the team by a liberal attendance on the grounds. No admission fee is to be charged. Here's
wishing success to the "Red Apple
As the facts become known the
impositions or Rev. J.A.Day.D.D.,
the imposter who effectually "work.
I ed" the towns of B. C. in solicitations of aid for Macedonian orphans
grows and his ill-gotten gains must
have amounted to a good many
  . thousand dollars.    Armstrong has
Obhuary •   'inoje than a passing interest in the
  j punishment that should be dealt
duty  this  week to | to the oily  tongued gentleman if
since a good many of
It is  ou 	
chronicle the death of Mrs. A.'captured
Gourlay, which sod event occured "ns" were relieved of odd dollars
last Friday evening at 6:00 o'clock, j by his pitiful pleas
While her friends had practically j Day's proper name is Peter
abandoned all hopes of a recovery | Allow and he was formerly a rug
from the attack of dropsy from I merchant at Oroomiab, Persia,
which she has been a sufferer since t When coming to America first
last Christmas, the end came even! he persuaded Ezxot Davit, son of
sooner than was expected and to I the Turkish Consul to come to
many the announcement of her j America under the pretext of
death came as a surprise. Ever I securing him a free university
since the first attack of her illness I education, also Mr. Davit's nephew
which came in the midst of appar-' upon the same pretext. Upon his
ent good health, she proved a! arrival in New York he and his
patient sufferer and even to the brother, Mirza, unfolded their
last remained hopeful of a restor-' plans for raising money from the
ation of her health. j charitable by representing the
The funeral was held Sunday | young men as destitute Armenian
afternoon and was conducted byjorPhans and threatened young
Rev. A.N. Miller. The very large | Davit with murder if he did not
attendance of the people of the act his part. Later particulars
town and the surrounding countryJ showjhat during the time he was
together with the many floral tok- j a* college he speedily proved that
ens with which   the casket was! ^ was morally bad and oi a vio*
Armstrong ff Pharmacy,
Head lo Fool.
See Our Window.
3fta Armstrong Prtarmacy,
R. R. Burns,     -       -       Druggist.   Jj
hundreds  of  dollars  in   various        Piano for Sale.
places where   he   stopped   for   a     $450 piimo. used   less than six
while and everything ran smooth- montn6 „„,, in nrBt.ctllS8 condition.
ly till he struck the town of Pella, I price $m oagh    Inqulte o{
Iowa.   There while doing a thriv- ^  g  Elsom
ing business his methods aroused ' ^_^^_^_____^_
the suspicion of the Rev. W
VanKereen, a Presbyterian pastor,
who started an enquiry ns to the
origin and standing of Solyman
with the result that the following
was received by him and forwarded to the povernor of the state of
Iowa, who gave it general publicity:    -   -       •
"The young man of whom you
write is a fraud and nn imposter.
In 1903, Mr. Shedd, whom he
mentioned to you, wrote to me from
Urumians follows:
"In a letter yesterday I received
word of a man who has started a
tour of the world, regarding whom
you ought to be on your guard.
His name is Petros (Peter) E. M.
Shillimon (Solymnn). He is from
I Baz and a graduate of the college,
His behavior since graduation has
been such as to show that his character is thoroughly bad. Unfor-
tunately, he managed, at some time,
to stamp some sheets of paper with
the college seal, and no doubt he
will moke use of them. He is a
Nestorian nnd not an Armenian.
"Two days before your letter
was received I received a postal
card from Mr. Shedd. who has just
returned from Urumia for a furlough in the United States, in
which he says:
"If you should have any inquiries regarding a Syrian whose j **"
For Sale.
A new, fifteen - jewel. 8- iluy
watch. Guaranteed a good time
keeper. The 8-dny watch is the
latest novelty and will attract wide
attention.   Inquire at
This Office.
Card 0/ Thanks.
To the many kind friends who so
generously lent their assistance
and sympathy during the illness
and death of my beloved wife. I
desire to publicly exprigs my
most sincere gratitude.
A. Goielay.
A competent engineer of fifteen
years' experience requires situation in the Okanogan. Stationary
engine preferred.   Address
"Engineer." care The Advance.
Eggs for Hatching.
White    Leghorn    or   Golden
Wyandottes.   Per  setting   of 15
eggs, 12.00, delivered at Armstrong.
Leave orders with Mrs. A. Shary.
E. J. Wilson.
strewn bore sufficient evidence of
the esteem in which the deceased
was held in the commuity.
Margaret Emeline Jameison was
born at Blythe, Ont., March   17,
lent disposition. During this time
a relative and great friend of Allow's
killed a Presbyterian preacher and
was compelled to flee for his life
Allow was soon after expelled from
1862, removing from there at the | college on account of his bad be-
sge of seven with her. parents to
Palmers ton, where she resided the
most of her early life. She was
married to A. Gourlay in 1884.
Besides her husband there is left to
mourn her loss one sister and her
mother, who still reside at Palmers,
ton. To the bereaved husband here
is extended tho sympathy of tbe
hsvior and violence.
It was not long after that Allow
started upon bis lite of fnrnd and
crime. He went to the United
States and landed is Seattle in tbe
year 1903 and commenced work as
Rev. Peter Solyman, D. D., alleging he had an orphanage for which
he was collecting money.
He traveled east  gathering in
Notice to the Public:
the Town of Armstrong agree to close onr respective
places of business and keep the same closed; and not
do or allow any business to be transacted from any source
whatever duriug each and every Wednesday afternoon from
12:30 p. m. This to take effect from Wednesday,. April 18.
11106, and continue in force during the following months of
May, Jnne, July and August. We further agree to close onr
places of business each evening at 7 00 o'clock exceiA nights
preceding holidays and Saturday nights.
Stumping Powder.
Members of the Farmers' Institute will please take notice that
they can obtain stumping powder
through the Institute at $6.05 per
case of 50 pounds,    Cash   to   ac-
gresent name is Peter Allow,
buncil Bluffs. Iowa, he is the
same as Petros E. D. Melik Shili-
mon (PetroB of Baz) and is very
"I may say in a word that he is
one of the many who is preying on
thechurcheB, and the tidings of 1 company all orders.   Apply
whose success is duping Christians ■                         J. B. Bird, Sec.
in America do  endless  harm  inlasBsaa    ■ j aseaamm
Pwii*•" I     To Contractors.
HT.AthVRt    , I !   Sealed Tisdeor will be receiv-
nodfor the beneht  of hi. to-K ^ ^   m,hnigaei, clerk of
tanded victims: ft Municipality of Spallumcheen,
"He that  giveth   to  tbe  poor       ' a . _i      »     1  1.
lendeth to the Lord."- Prov. 19-17.. °P to Doon ou Batnidajr. April 14.
In the Kurdisran Orphanage we 1906. for the erection of an Agri-
have now 342 children from 3 to 15 cultural Hall to be erected ncconl-
years of age who are being educat- jng ro plans nnd specifications on
ed in the English language and L,ew atthe      toffi
Anglo-Saxon habits of  life, pre-' f ... _ _.   .
puritory to adoption in good Christ- \ L. W. Patten, Clerk.
ion homes in thiB country. I	
Subscribe    $50   to  cover  the NOTICE!
travelling expenses of one of these To Watbr 0ok8UMEB8:-
children or 125 to support one in     _.     .      . ,,. , .
the Orphanage for a year. Small-; 8treet sprinkling and lawn taps
er sums contributed will be devot-1 can only be used up to 9 o'clock,
ed to bringihg out little ones for a. m.. between 12 o'clock noon and
adoption by kind Christian peo- 2 o'clock, p. m.. nnd from ti to 10
pie.   Do something to bring bless- ' 0-c,0(?k ,,uil
ing and happiness to children who, ,.      *   . .   „  ,
live in daily fear of the Sultan's 1 In cil8e ot bn "" laP3 shttU be
spear. 1at 0IIC<* s''ut off-   1'sers of water
"Insomuch as ye have done it j whether inside or outside the town
unto tbe least of one of these yeiiimitg will be governed by these
Undone it unto me. -MatthewL^ ^inf,,^, wi]] fc Jeait
Amount contributed $ - - - >ith M ^ovided for by the bylaw.
„    ^^ Geo. Mcbbay,
Rame  ! J. Hamill,
Address  F. C. Wolfenden,
P. 8.—I help to save the children." | Water Commissioners. The Advance i^SSiS^,-* T6.'
  paper published solely m the town
and in the interests of its development that may be looked upon as
a credit to the town and in keeping
with the thrifty spirit of the other
enterprises of the district. To
make the Advance such is our first
and foremost desire, We are
here to stay and grow with the
With a word of hearty appreciation for past favors and with a
purpose single to the future welfare of the Spallumcheen the
Armstrong Advance and Sr-Ai.i.-
i mi hues Advocate hoiies to continue to advance and advocate the
Interests and advantages of the
Garden S|nit of li. C.
tTUeCbT AHIAm,     .      ,      Pmbllahar.
         _ I
Subscription $1.50 |mt yt-ur in advunt'ti.
If nut puid in iidvum-o 82.01).
  . I
Advertising rates given en application,
Notices of ohuroh services nnd *»nt.»r
UtinmentH where no admission is churned
inserted free. Other notii-es ut imi.ul
rules.   Curds of thanks $1.
The Advance is published in the init-r-
est* of the town und district, ill which
it exists and cordially solicits th,- pat
rnmige of the public
As tin- result of the sohool election last Saturday tin- administration of tho sohool matters of the
municipality is now in  (lie  hands
of live of ilu- most representative
men of tin-   municipality,   The
workings i>f the new Act will have
n fair und honest trial here and if
those clauses covering schools in
organized     municipalities    prove
We are now located iu Armstrong and   open   for   business.
We have n few wauts of which the following are some:—
WE WANT   every Furmer in the  Municipality  to  call  at
our office the first  time you ire in town.
WE WANT   to meet you personally.
WF WANT   a list of the farms yon have for sale.
WE WANT   a list of everything for sale in the Municipality.
We WANT   every farmer who wishes to sell to  give  us  a
chance to dispose of your property nnd learn
howiruickly we cun do it
WE WANT   you to come in and  have a chat.    We would
like to explain our method of doing  business}
Office in Francis Block
|"• "y» bmi Esmc Agents.A -g
ONE YEAR old).
With   this issue  the  ADVANCE
casts oil' its swaddling clothes and
springs forth one full yea*   old.,
For one of its age we   are pleased successful anywhere they are pretty
to say the infant is exceptionally \u& to (1° K0 '" ,h
strong and healthy.
One year ago the Advance was
launched upon its career in Armstrong and during the past year,
while it has experienced the- usual
ups and down of the first year's ex
The handsome vote given the
ADVANCE'S nominee, J. M. Wright,
is a worthy tribute to his fitness
for a responsible position of this
kind.   His colleagues on the board:
are also men with experience in j
istenoVof "rurarnewspapersTTt"has,'' Bcho°l matterB and who8e charact"'
we believe enjoyed over an average erB ilre ivbove reProach-
of prosperity usually the fortune of
local newspapers.
The Advance came into existence through the demands of the
business men of Armstrong and the
residents of the district generally
for nn up-to-date local newspaper,
through  which   would   be noted
With the  approaching  advent]
of the hot weather will come a re- i
ourrenoe of the inclination on the
part of water consumers to persist
in u periniscuous use of the town
, water for irrigation and sprinkling
' purposes,     it   is to be regretted |
i i   ,u   i f.i     ii '! that some friction prevailed dur-
weekly the happenings of the  (lis-! f
trict and which would in an unbiae- mg la8t T""" °f'"
ed manner reflect from  week to some, unpleasantness,  which it is
i hoped may not be  repeated this
The water commissioners
week the development of the His.
trict.    How well we have succeed- jBeH8on-
ed our readers are the best  in. W I h,lve taken the nmtter UP  ln 8°°d
Our Trimmed A
Ready to Wear
Now Ready
3fie fotcst StyCe in Veilings
ftaerytfting Heat in taces & flccftwear
1 "Land of the BIG RED^
eonfideme hi tbe Growth and
future of Jtrntstroitg?
If so, make money on your Confiihnce by securing right
now a few lots in the new
Fairview Addition
Those lots are offered below their real value, they are
exceptionally well located, and have splendid drainage. The
soil is the beet adapted for fruit and gardening of any addition that has yet been opened up. We are ussnred by Councillor Murray that a good street will be opened up to FAIR-
VIEW within the next month.
,W Watch and see if our predictions are correct.
Money to
That our untiring efforts have been : 6enson and «l°™b™ '» thl" P«P« j
appreciated, however, is evident ^vertiee regulations which should;
from the liberal patronage received, Prove   "rtMwtory to   all parties
and that the people have realized
It now remains
the value of the paper as a means ithe f™™™™ to •*»* bVih* M*
! ulntions of the
of securing the events of interest! ""lll0,ls 0I lnu commissioners and
transpiring each week is especially | ^ willgownoojhly
evident from the size of onr subscription list.
To advertisers we are now prepared to give full value for every
dollar expended for this purpose.
The attention of the farmers and
especially thoBe members of the
Farmers' Institute (which should
include them all) is drawn to tbe
The efficiency of legitimate adver-: matterLof orderhf BtalDPinS P°w-
tising is no longer a question of der   throT1«h    that  organization.
All Rinds of Carpenter WorK at   reasonable
sash, Mors, MeoMhg $ and Glass.
Turning, Band Sawing, Picture FRAMING.
OT Plans and Specifications Prepared.
By plocing orders with the seere- (•****
tary powder is laid down here at j ~
$6.05 per case, a considerable Bav-1 4T
ing over the regular retail price
i M*j*J*.Mtytfcr>f&frfi*frM*MrM&^ I
Wholesale and Retail
The beat steaks and roasts a specialty.
Flah and game In aoaaon.
Live Stock bought at top price.
receive  most   particular attention.
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14,000,000. Best. $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account. $373,988.
PRESIDENT, Right Hen. Lord Ctratfetcona and Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT. Si. GM^OTuamond, at.C.M.G.
doubt by the prudent business man
and the only aim is to expend his
money in this   direction through
channels by which is reached the m ,        ,
greatest number of  people from | The money saved in this way on
whom  he expects  to   draw  his ^e amount of powder used in thw
custom.   In this respect the Ad- ]^*_ ^i^?^^
vance can now lay claim
purch.ise enough additional powder to clear a good many acres of
to t h e
highest value as a medium for
those desiring to reach the homes
of the people of the whole Arm-j Boost for Armstrong! That
strong district. For it is no ex- Armstrong is destined to become
ageration and a statement that the beBt point in the Okanagan is
may be verified by our books that now admitted by all familiar with
the Advance is read in almoBt ev-1existing conditions. Armstrong
eryhome (the exceptions can be J an(i the Spallumcheen Municipal-!
counted on the fingers of the one• jty nre becoming known and—even |
hand) in the entire district tribn- though net on the maps- the pub- j
tary to Armstrong.   With this fact hjo eye is turned this way. :
prominently before the advertisers a   S»—           !
he may now feel that advertising.     Armstrong, the Prosperous.      ,
in the A uvakce is no longer a mere I   j
act of charity (just to help the| The settlement around the town;
newspaper) but genuine businessjof Armstrong is one of the most!
prudence. I prosperous   in   the  Okanogan.
To give our readers the local I While not vieing with the Bouth in
news in un Interesting and reliable! fruit culture, especially peaches, it |
form hns been mid will continue to Is » splendid aH'arouiiil farming
be onr foremost aim,    We do not country,   The valley is wide and'
attempt to favor onr readers with well watered, ami well cultivated:
any special exhibition of talent the; farms meet the eye in every direc-
editor may possess in literary art—|t-ion-   Just howquiokly a settler
thatlsnot what they ore paying j can get into a prosperous groove;
for.   Neither do they expeot or de- p well Illustrated by the case of
sire (in our opinion) in a local pa- Mr. B.J. Watson, who arrived In
per any extended accounts of events Armstrong only Bix months ago.
happening at far off noints. which. Sinoe then he 1ms secured a twenty
they have read in the daily or city lore tract from C. J. Patton south
weeklies long before the appear- of the town, has built a comfortable j
aiict- of the local paper. '. dwelling, has a good start in dairy-
Politically the Advance will ,re- j ing!UI(1 poultry, and now with the|
main as heretofore— the represent-'arrival of liis family, is in ship
ativeof no party and the. champion' shape to begin residence in their
of no creed, either political, lelig- new location. He has also ordered
lous or cth« rwise. 1700 or 800 fruit trees, to be planted
We enter the second year of cur j on his place this spring, and will
existence with renewed vigor and' soon have mode his place one of
with the firm determination of do-j the most attractive in the district.
ing better than we have in the past.' - Victoria Week,
Finds us prepared with
all the requisites to make
the home pleasant	
Mcpherson & mm,
••^Contractors and Builders.
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities:— London. Eng.; 22, Abchurch   Lane,  E.G.
New York, 59 WToll Street: Chicago, 188 La 8ulle Street: 8pokane,
Wash.; St. John's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted; Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe and Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from 1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 31st December
WMhdrewele   a.   demand   without   delay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and school
district accounts received on favorable terms.   Special attention given to the
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
Varn.n, Maaaga*.
C. 4. Taylar, tub. Agent.
C S. VAAtoOllntock, tub. Agent. P.
DuMonlln, tub. Amomt.
Spring Harness
• •
Bakery, confectionery
AH kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We ure prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
I have just received my now stock
and can supply yon with anything
you need for Spring Work.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store, fir
Patronize Our JWwiiws and %m moity.
—^Wholesale & Retail:
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
BestPrice- for Fat StocK and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,
Poultry Wanted Prop. iff
Goo. Murray was a business vis-'
itor to Revelstoke this week.
Dr. Tolmie returni-d to the valley yesterday to resume his crusade against glanders,
I    Several cars  of   nursery   stock
have been received in the  various
,,     , ,,       ,   . '' parts of the valley the past week.
I Monday,    llurruli for Armstrong! j
a . . ..       ™   , . „ .,        ,        Walter  Trusdiile,   formerly  of I
Sage was., passenger to,    To.(,„y being good Friday, .fi e - ^b„, ^ ^ ?|
  observing the a|) yoBtertlay> train for n ft,w ,i|.ys
I business here.
>'L'S-1     Reuieinber tlle   lacrosse   nintih
(I. Moberly visited Vernon
A. E
Okanagan Landing yesterday.      | business places are
Walter D'Aetb, well known here;' holiday.
Our Stylish
I New spring Goods
returned on Tuesday from a three M , M T. G. Bell, of thej A E Hnvlmr8t wll9 (lown from
months trip to theOld Country. , KlnK E(lwurtl Hotel. Enderby, vis-1 ^^ on Saturday and cnllednt
C. H. Hardy has let the contract, ited Armstrong friends, Sunday.    ; QHr llghopl, im(, ,„„, h|(| imme mU.
R. Bailey of Enderby, agent for i ed to  our  already   large  list  of
! the well known  Frost wire fence, | renders,
has been in town this week putting
up fences sold by him here.
A special
at. the hotni
to-day audi
Easter Offering is held
of Mrs. .T. Mi-Donald
■r the auspices of  the
The Okanagan Sunday School
Convention is in session at Vernon
yesterday and to-day. A number
of delegates from Armstrong lire in
for the erection of his residence
hereto McLean & Wilson, of Vernon.
The service at tlie Presbyterian
church Sundny evening will consist of a ipeoial praise  service  fi r
Boater, Tin- ohptr will have full
ohorge of tin- service.
Next Sunday is  Easter.   T li e
small boy will dig up the eggs  ll
has rushed  during  the   past  1'e
weeks and enjoy a  feast   lit least
that's tho way wedid when we were
a boy. I and heir.
Mrs. W. Akitt nrriv.il Monday i     i{. \y, T. Kirby, of Maple, Out
a friend of A. 8. Elsom, haSBpentlthe  Oregon  Nursery,   of  which
she week here.   He is most favor- i there is a goal many hundred dol-
rirnewreM.leiiise 110|y  Impressed with the district' hire worth,
and expects to  lorate  near Arm-
| strong.
Alta., to join
and  tiny  are
from Morningside,
her husband  here,
now at home in tin
on  his tract of the Jookson Morgan estate.
Geo.Bownoss has in hand the er-1
eetiou of a substantial residence
under the direction of Messrs
Jookson and Morgan on one of
their 10 acre tracts recently sold to
E. (iaberel. of Stonewall,  Man.
The AnvANi ii has been so over
run with job printing during the
past few weeks that the paper has
suffered from lack of proper attention and has hardly been up to
the usual standard. We hope to
be "on our feet" again shortly.
Hugh Fraser this week completed his contract for clearing the
new ride range, having mode a
satisfactory job of the work. The
abutments will shortly be constructed and the new range put in
readiness for practice in tlie near
Dr. (I. S. .Terinyn came up from
Vernon Wednesday for the pur-
liose of testing some more liorses.
All the veterinaries who were culled east have returned and it is
rumored that the crusade against
glanders is to be pursued with
greater vigor than ever.
Thos. Ball now has his new resi-1
dence well under way.    The new;
Aid    of   the    .Methodist,     ,-.,,,..- .    , .     ,
Knight A- Co. yesterday received
I a cur of Hue fat cattle from the
•I    A standard weigh! son was bom Northwest to be sold off the block
■'  to Mr. ond Mrs, Thos, Hardy last i„   their shops  at   Vernon and
Friday.  Tom bos not been in town ArmstronB,
since the advent of the  new sou      TI Tt     , . ,    .      ,,
H. Hawkins hns during the past
week been engaged in delivering
the nursery stock sold by him for
Renewal subscriptions nre already coming in which witness
T. J. Ryan, of Sudbury, was an i the growing popularity of the
Ontario visitor in town during the Advance as the only medium for
past week. Mr. Ryan is looking'securing the local news of the
fera location and informed us that I Spallumcheen.
from what he had seen he ronclud- j Wo regret to note th.,t Mis9 T
ed Armstrong was as good as any McDonald is at present in a very
place he had seen. j pQor ^ of hl,a|th   ghe h(,g be(m
According to tlie provisions of a sufferer from sciatica for some
an agreement published in these months and during the past day or
columns four of the business places two has failed very much,
will begin the observance of  the
half holiday next Wednesday.   All
other places of  business  will  re-
.John Hamill,HtffSKj
Are being very much admired.    The ladies declare they
are irristible.   Added to this
they are priced moderately as
is our usual policy They cover a wide range both in stock
and price. In fact there is in
our collection something suitable to every age, figure and
purse. We shall be happy to
show them.
Come in and make your
selections early.
Special services will be
main open us usual,
St. James' cliurcli. Armstrong, on
Easter Sunday, as follows:- 8 a.m.
For Sale.
One fresh milch cow; good milker; six years old. Apply at Advance
office, or to
VV. H. NoiijiAN.
Strawberry Plants.
A large number of Clyot.Mugoon.
W. Belt and Henry strawberry
plants for sale. ((.' $6 00 per 1000, or
70 cts. per 100,   Apply
E. Winkler,
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Siu-swai- .fc Okanagan Railway)
Arrives frimi North daily except
Sunday  MitB a. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:26 p. m.
Reeve—A. Sohubort.
Clerk und assessor- I... \V. Patton.
Treasurer unci collector—J. Jil. Wright.
Goo. Murray, V.', ,1.
Hnrtwell, !!. li. Main.
ARMSTRONG Circle. Xo. 872.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in tbe I.O.F. hall, st Monday in each
month,        K. N. DANTEIiL.Leader.
.Mrs. PHASER, Secretary
arly communion; 11 o'clock, nioru-
The attention of all lovers of the ing prayer, sermon and commun-
dance is called to the Easter ball ion service; ii o'clock, special Sun-
being given by the orchestra Mou- day school service; 7:i!0, Evening
day evening. Special pains are prayer and sermon,
being taken to make the event a j A meeyng of the jllllior brrmch ]f>
successful one and a. pleasant time of tho Women-8 Amdlaiy of St.
should be the result. James'church  was  held   at   the
H. CD. Pelly returned Satur- vicarage on Saturday last. The
day from a trip to the Nicola val-; following officers were elected:
ley. He reports the Nicola as a President. Mrs. King; secretary,
first class stock and mixed farming Miss Emily Pelly; treasurer, Miss
country and with the advent of the Q ass.   Meetings will be held at
For Sale Cheap.
. 1 Mellotte cream separator, goo 1
is new.   Apply to
46-tf Mahk Hill.
Cabbage Plants.
Early or litte cabbage plants. 7U','1
per hundred. Cauliflower $1.00 per
100.   Good strong plants.
W. T. Hayih-ekt.
Eggs for Hatching.
Single combed White Leghorns.
Divine Service will bo bold every Hun-
day as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.iii.:
Knob Hill. :i p.m.: Enderby, 7.30 p.m.:
Sunday School at -.:iu p.m.- Kev. A. N.
.Miller," Pastor.
Ben-ices in S. Andrew's. Enderby, at
11 n.iii.: Ziiui Church, Armstrong, tit
7:110 p.m. every Sunday.—Rev. D. Campbell, Fustor.
M Ml. Aubives—
Xnrtli daily except Sunday      9:30. a. m
Smith    "      " " 330 p.m.
.Mah. Leavkb—
North daily except Sunday     :i:|."i p. ni.
Sollth       "        " "     "        !.:!.-, a. m.
Gli'iieiunia and Falkland every
.Monday 5:00 p. m.
Spullumohei n and Hull Car on
-Mondays t  5:00 p. m.
Fridays  030 &. in
.1. M. Wbioht, Postu   iter,
making when complete one of tin
substantial and attractive farm
buildings in the district, occupying
a beautiful site near the Knob Hill
road. Simington & Burnett
have the job in hand.
A quiet wedding was solemnized
in the presbyterinn manse by Rev.
Campbell, on Tuesday afternoon.
The contracting parties were J. S,
W. Winkler.
■Stumping Powder.
Members of the Farmers' Insti-
I tute will please take notice that
St. James- Church.   Morning Prayer
and Holy Communion at 11 a. m. and
Evening Prayer and Sermon at. 7:3(1 p.m.
overy Sunday.   Sunday school at-2:30
H J King, Vicar
new railroad great development is the [vicarage every ultimate Sat- Pure bred.    Setting of   thirteen
assured in that district. j urduy at 3 o'clock. $1.50;   Leave orders atXJ. T, Day-
Somewhat cool nights haye been     O. Adamson, an employe in the ■ *ln s store.
the order during   the past week; governmental offices at Edmonton,
,   ....     .    ,,    ,,,,,,   ,   .       .    .     and while vegetation is showing the: Altn., spent a couple of days of the
building is 22 x 28 feet, two stories-   , . . f. . A      l   ■  T i -i • ■ ■' ,.- 'V   .  , ." '
.._, ,     _, __.,_i » ,,     iKlvmices of the spring season, real! past week looking after landed Hi-
spring weather has apparently not! terests here.   Mr.   Adamson  has'
commenced in earnest yet, although j for some time been the owner  rffigT ^ ■££■ rtuaplngT^owder"! ™y $w J» I- 0. P, Hull, Armstrong,
the days are already quite warm,    j two farms near Armstrong which j ,l '    , ..    Tnstuu*p „* jg 115 TOr'Tblrd i=und"i'»" each moth at 10 o clock
he had never vet seen and  he  has g.»,.  '       ,       ',,   ,    ,     ^ Father DoiivAl.
All members of the rifle crab! fte hiul never yet seen and he has | CMe of 50 pounds.    Cash   to   .
are reminded of the shoot to take jnow deolde!3 to lnvest m BtlU more | company all orders.   Apply
place to-day (Good Friday).   The real eBtatc ftt thls Place- j J, B. Bird, Sec
shoot will commence at 11 o'clock I    Editing a newspaper is a pleas-1 —- -_ _-— ■   ■-
on the old range.     The membersliuit business--if you can stand it.}       VOttage lor Able.
huve been divided into three cnlss-! If it contains many advertisements!    A neat and comfortable cottage
AnffT*TV"TT'7.Vr*VT BS{oT M* 8hoot, and u silver spoon! a subscriber complains they  take ftnd half acre of ground in desir-
O Neil of Lumby and Miss Annie .§ offeM - ft trophy jn ^ ^ | ^ ^ much gpoce_    Jf ^ .q _ | able looatipn in E(istview,   A11 the
A social  at   the  home  of R Ilack of advertisements it is unpop. 'ground is planted to fruit trees,
Bowell, of Knob Hill last Friday «lllr imd the **& wo"'t have it. j shrubbery and garden plants.  For
night was one of the plensantest If we «° t("h«reh regx.larly they !«%» ^nqu^^>"
social events   of the district for W° «ofor '^    " ™ stay)     ,      ^ gj   the Advakce
sometime.   It was gotten up for avray from church they say we are! Grand Ball.
the verv landable nnrnose of  rnis   monstrously  heathenish.     If  we;     . ,,   „      ,     .,
tne very luuauoie purpose or rais- ," ,.,.,. ... A grand ball under the auspices
.       .      ,    . .     ., , .   neepTiT. nn iTivirnt.inn t^ n   w.j.l.lm,. -=- '
mg funds towards the purchase of
I a school library and we arc pleased
! to report a snug little sum was
Birthday parties have been free-
Barrister and Solicitor.
Armstrong- Markets
Tlie following prices
paid for produce by the
Farmers'  Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton   -
Cabbage      -
Apples, per 10 lb.   -
Celery, per 50 lb,    -
Poultry, per doz,
Eggs       "     "
Butter, per lb.
Smith of Salmon River valley.
They took Wednesday morning's
train for their future home a t
The tenders for the Presbyterian
church ut Enderby were openod
the last of the week. There wss a
wide range between the tenders—
apparently through lack of proper
plans and specifications- the  low-1
tender being $3400 and the highest 8,;cu^e,,•                                        Ifree'fcketT  I?we a'rese'en on thel Tickets $1 .IK) ladies free.    Supp,-
*5700.   The   building  committee 1    Birthday parties have been free-; str,,et too oftt,„ th      B     W(, m; will be provided by Mrs. Shary at, ATMSTRONO.
has not yet nwanled the contract.  | ly in evidence amongst tho  young1 neglecting 0„r   business    i{'wetneu8nol ohorge,   A cordial invi- j ____	
W. Smith and   Leslie' f°3 durin8 ,th'! 1,1Bt °°U^ of ™ks I "void going on the streets'they say Jt,,tion to thl) ^^MM]ra-.
we don't hustle after news.    If we 	
publish 11 man who has brought
disgrace on his family they never,
forgive us. If we out of gooiliiess
of heart decline to say anything on
the subject, the man's enemies are
disappointed and we are branded
as white livered cowards.—Ex.
Solicitor and Notary Public.
ARMSTRONG,    -    -    -   B.C.
Bird ou Monday disposed of their
nnd mnny pleasant events of this
respective  farms in the  Salmon I "^?^ b""1 he,d\in ,nl1.of
River Valley at prices very satis- which theone honored by having
factory to the owners. W. S Fisher •th," b,rthd,ly h,"s beo"the reo Pf?nt
was the the purchaser  of both,l°Jm^ h?nds?me   u"'1 val",,bl''
thereby in a practicul way evincing "
his faith in the future of the district in which he seeks to induce
others to locate.
R. E. Morgan and T. H. Smith
were visitors from 8almon river
during the past week. Both these
gentlemen informed us   that the
tisement in this issue by the Dom- W8'? the" dl9trlct.WCTe still
inion Department of Agriculture re "n*'°«8|y- and. as P^ntly ns
the contagion of Glanders    T h « P°s8lble- awaltlng the a"lval  ot
Department is determined that the'the rL'9lde'!t en«meer for ,thf P"r'
disease be stamped out as effect- P°Be °f.havlnB expended the
ually and with as little delay as aPP('°P«a,lon io* "°* *"W.
possible and calls upon the public. mon rlwr' The ^°^ are
generally to assist in their efforts I badlyin need of and inBtly entitled
by a careful observance of the reg-1 to this work and it is hoped the
illations covering the spread of the powers that be will  see that the
appropriation is expended soon.
Girl to do light housework and
to assist with children; good wages
to competent person.   Apply im-
I mediately to
1 A. A. H— The Advance.
wall Paper..
I have on hand a complete
range of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writ* r, Painter and Deccruto
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared to all kines of
work in these lines and guarantee
Khidkxck: SpringhiO, half mile north
of Armstrong.
Orders may be left with C. Addison.
Synopiis of Homestead Regulations.
ANY available nonunion Lands within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, tuny be homesteaded by any
person tin. suit- head of a family, or any
male over 18 years of ago, to the esti-nt
of one-quarter section of IliO acres more
or lens.
Entry may be made personally at the
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate, or if the homesteader
desires, h,. nmy on application to the
Minister of the Interior. Ottawa, the
Commissioner of LnunJgrittioni Winni-
peg, or the loeal agent receive authority
for some one to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connootod therewith
under one of tho following plans:
iii At least a six months'  residence
Upon and cultivation Of the land in each
year for three years.
(-J)If tin- father lor mother, Ifthe father is deceased) ot the homesteader re-
Saturday evening" of each month at 8 slde1s "I""1 !l'""" in ,h'' vic'in''-v ot Ih"
p.m. Visitintr brethren cordiallv Invited land entered for, the requirements as to
V. N. DANIELS. A. SCHUBERT, '■ residenco may be satisfied by rasldenoe
 Sycrl't"ry-   W-M- 1 upon said land,
OKANAGAN Black Preceptorv. '?'" th" suta,'r l",.!, his permanent
Meets in the Foresters'Hall. Arms- re8'*"100 "lion farming land owned
trong, on the Thursdav, on or before the by him In the vicinity of his homestead,
full moon, nte p.m.   Visiting brethren the requirements ns to residence may be
satisfied by residence ujun the said land
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. 1807., meets in the
•   I.O.K. Lodge Room, the seoond
cordiallv invited
CORONATION Lodge, No. 48.
I. O. O.F.
Meets every Thursday evening in the
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Wood, t'nr^ill
be Co'e. Store, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning
brethren are cordiallv invited to attend.
B. FRANCIS, Rec. Sw.
3129. I. O. F.
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
esch month. Visiting brethren cordially
Invited.   H. Hawkins, R.S.
Six months' notion in writing should
be given to the Commissioner ot Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at 8J0
per acre fur soft coal and 820 for anthracite. Not mere thnn .120 acres can be
acquired by one individual or company.
Royalty nt the rate of 10 cents per ton of
2.0IM) pr.unds shall be collected un the
1 rose 0 tput
Deputy of Minister of the Interior
N. B.- Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be j.aid for. WARNING!   GLANDERS!
IN tUstriots where the exiatenee of
Citandcrs is suspected and especially 'll
neighborhoods where twtual outbreaks
havoooeured the adoption ot the follow-
Ing precautions bj uwners ot horses aud
others interested will do much tv pre-
vent the spread ot tin* disease and the
establishment of Iroshcentres ot infection.
l. Horses or raulea having r nasal tits
uharge or other suspioious symptoms
should not be admitted to livery or reed
h tables or yards, blacksmith shops,
church or school sheds, railway or stuck
yards, private stables or other places
whore they nre likely to oomeinto direct
or indirect contact with animals of the
equine Species.
3, All stables, yards
the accommodation ot horsos or mules
should  be regularly and    frequently
oleansed and disinfected in the manner
porsoribed below.
Alter cleansing the premises thorough-
ly and burning the debris, thu interior
should bo well gone over with hot steam
or boiling water, adding to the latter ut
least one quart of crude carbolic acid to
each five gallons after whioh the entire
surface should be thickly coated with a
hot solution of fresh lime wash, to which
III. Horse OWUQT8 sliuuU haw
im hesitation in reporting tn tin
Department orto its luspeotora tin
existence of actual or Bnspeoted
cases of (Jlainh'is.     The disease ________^_.
has bt't'ti spreading rapidly of late                  ■■■■■.ssssissasss.i.jsss*
years and it is a matter ol public I Leave your Orders with	
interest that every fresh centre of
iufeotiou should be discovered and
dealt with as promptly as possible.
Veterinary Director General,
Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, March, 1906.
Watch and Jewelry
ft. ft. BURNS, j
Agent for
S.  R.  ASHE,;
Jeweler, Vernon.
Locals Thai Get Business
See our Easter goals.   Shnry's.
The Advance nnd thu Winnipeg
Free Press one jour for only $1.75,
Make the children happv with
some of the beautiful Easter oandy
rshods used for i toys now on sale at Shary s.
tine of   hoes, rakes,   spades,   eto.
Don't overlook them.
Armstrong & Leverington.
The ADVANCE and Free Tress for
a year for $1.76.
Buy a lot and build a house of
your own in Fairview. Save your
rent and make money on the rise
r'l a
and BHHard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, tho neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.       j
A, N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor j
Greatest   Nurseries.
. hot
of a
crude carbolic acid lias been added in [in values. j
tbe above mentioned proportion. Fisher <fc Sage. A 1\. M tSTRONG
Outbuildings, fences and tying posts .„„ »,„___-, .   _,     ,,.,.,   ,,,      », .,*   *   •
with which infected animals havetaenl     CHICKEN WIRE NETTING, T" sell H«hCta Nursery Htoek in
in contact should also, when possible,! all sizes: A good line of bird cages ^*nDd °™™!?*^' U"Vm\ ''?
.     ., u,   •      .   .  , ,_!,,., ot NEW SPECIALTIES  ever offered,
^horouKhly  treated  in   a  similar. m stock. START NOW st b«t sdUsr sssson.
Tu ordinary harness and stable utan- i Have yon seen the lots we are Licensed by B.C. Government to srll in
sits, which have been in contact with : selling in the new Fairview addi-! ">e Province. Big indiioementB, Liber-
. ,   . , ,        • ,   ,  , I.. m, .     i nl Pay. Handsome Free Outfit, Territ-
inlected animals or infoct.-d promises, | tion,    They are great value. loryResesved,   WRITE FOR TEKMS
Fisher & Sage. and Catalogue, and sond 25(j for our
Armstrono- & Leverino-ton      : ALUMINUM    POCKET      MICROS-
Armstrong <v ijeverington,    , C;0?E (magn(fleB ^ tin„,S| „nd ;KH. for
Pelly & Pelly are selling the late our HANDY SAW, just the thing for
Larkin estate lots, now owned by i trimming trees, cuts iron as well as wood
have been  in  contact  with infection  Marshall Lucas—the   most desir- J .Stone A Wellington
should be placed in  an air  tight room able lots in town. ', Foothill Nurseries,
and fumigated with Formaldehyde after; . . .        .     „ (over 800 aoreB)
which they should be thoroughly clean- j     tTpt P"cl'8 on lron P'l*' P1!** nt-1 Toronto
ed. tings.     All    kinds  of plumbing —^~'
4. In stables where outbreaks  have ' done to order on short notice.  Tin
occured or where diseased animals have  ]m(] gne|,t iron work ,Jone to or,ler.
inadvertently or otherwise, been stabled, .       . «, t i     «,...--
' .,   .,     ,      .        , ..   :        Armstrong & Leverington s.
even teinporiirily, the cleansing and dis-1 °
infection should be especially thorough j     Have you seen those knife and
and in such cases it is safest to remove scissor sharpeners at Armstrong ik
SSlV. G.&R
should be thoroughly soaked in
solution of crude carbolic acid
strength of one part to twenty.
Materials which might be injured by
the above treatment, such as valuable
harness,  robes, cushions, etc.,   which
and burn feed boxes and mangers when
of wood: iron articles cun be rendered
harmless by passing them through fire,
or by immersing them for some time in
boiling water. All litter from suspected
animals should be burned or carefully
fenced until used.
5. Farmers and othors should, when*
over possible, avoid admitting strange
horses or mules to the premises occupied
by their own animals especially of the
same yjieoies. It is a good plan tore-
serve an isolated building for outside
horses or mules, but where this is im-
possible they may be accomodated in a
cow stable, cattle not being subject to
Leverington's hardware store?
carpenter's tools, building   hardware, all kinds- the right place.
Armstrong & Leverington.
The New Improved Low Down
U. S. Cream Separator, capacity
450 pounds per hour.     Price $,X).
Armst-ong & Leverington.
and Churche's Alubustire in all
shades, paint brushes, kalsomine
If so, it will pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
J. SimiiH|lon
Bigger and Better than ALL   Others
The size is only one of the QUALITIES
Will fit the biggest man and
is fit for the most
Good Assortment ol Mens
Linen & straw Hats
me Greatest Bargains Ever ottered hi Armstrong.
Be sure to bring your BUTTER AND  EGGS to theBEE HIVE STORE.
C.   T.  DAYKIN.
Shop nest Francis'
From my place, 1 yearling heifer,
red with white spots, marked with
notch above and below on right ear,
and below on left ear; also one 3-
year-old steer, some marks.
John Christian.
glanders infection.    Such horses and brushes.   A Rood place to deal;
mules shoii Id be watered in special pails I        Armstrong tfc Leverington's.
which, together with nil other stable |     _ ......    •-,     ,      i
utensils used on or about them, should1    Sprayers attention !   Good oak
be carefully cleaned and disinfected be-' barrels at Armstrong &  Levering.
fore being used for other animals. Stalls I ton's hardware  store, Armstrong,
occupied by strange  horses or mules j g Q
should be well cleaned and disinfected j *■.»»■ ——^—■»
sad, if at all possible, left unoccupied
for some time.
6. Where new horses or mules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless;
carefully tested with Mullein prior to ■■
purchase, be stabled apart and closely
watched  for  some  time in-fore being
Columbian  College
Provides board and tuition for both
Ladies und Gentlemen at very low
rates. In the regular course instruction is given in the advanced
Public School, High School, Collegiate and University work. The
Special Courses include a thorough
practical Business training: The
Vocal, Instrumental, and Techni.
brought into contact with other animals
0!ri7mnX0ibornein mind that,and we have just what yon wantI£•£*!"*»   j" Art: Sketching,
while nasal discharge, or ulceration, enlarged glands, the presence
of farcy buds, unaccountable swilling of the limbs and general un-
thriftiness often characterize cases
of glanders, the disease exists in
many animals without, for the
time being, any external manifestations whatever, the only means
of detection in such cases being
the Mullein test, and that these,
occult or latent canes are in some
respects the most dangerous because unsuspected. Our experience shows us that it is possible
for animals of this class to convey
infection to others without themselves developing acute symptoms.
It is therefore plain that great caution should be exerolsed in the purchase or handling of strange horses
or mules especially in those districts where the disease has been
H. Tin- circuses of animals dying
from or slaughtered as being affected  with  glanders should,  when | Address me at.
in New
Oil Painting and Pyrography; Also
I Physical Culture and Elocution.
I For Calendar, Address "Columbian
i    College, New Westminster, B. C.
1 McCormick Binder, 1 Branttord
Mower, 1 Fanning. Mill, 1 Straw Cutter,
1 HorsePower, 1 Bart" Trucks, new,.l
Top Buggy 1 Set Logging Sleighs, 1
Skidding Tongs, Comer Binds, Double
Trees, Canthook, 1 Cultivator.
Cheap for cash or on approved notes
at three months.
F. N. DANIELS-i*on.
at Lowest PriceB in the Valley.
•*»s_B. FRANCIS.
J. it. warren
Tor jSsa».*2K
horn and Plomonth Reck Poultry and
Eggs.   Some exeeptioaalljr good young
1 Cockerels now en band.
JLansdowB*.       T. W. MARSHALL
Only half a mile from Arm-
  strong.   10 acres under cultivation
! balance good bottom  land easily
niMaVI/a  TllaVim cleared.    Good frame house, stable
PIANO   laUNtl! m"1 other buildings,       With the
rirllW   ■*»«•*! lm,d will be sold one team, three
cows, one steer, one brood sow, i!
dozen chickens, and full equipment
rice 16000.
GNdutie Niits-Bryaii school...
I am now prepared to receive I fu"rTmachTnery!"'"i?ri
orders ior piano  tuning and DA
guarantee batisfaotoby. work     ! '■'
If you will call nnd sec the
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C.
millers of a flour
jggrjjjg machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
possible, be burned or, failing this
buried at least sis I'eet beneath the
9, Owners of promises where
outbreak has been dealt wi'h should
bear in mind that Inspectors cannot recommend release from quarantine unless disinfection has been
carried out in a satisfactory man-
iierand that compensation for animals slaughtered cannot be  yiiii
Grand Ball.
A grand ball under the auspices
of the Armstrong orchestra will be
held in the I.O.F. hall on the evening of April Kith., Easter Monday.
Tickets $1.00, ladies free.    Supper
will be provided by Mrs. Shary at
until a certificate of cleansinglind j the usual charge. A cordial invi-
tlisinfection bag been received by i m<JJt fo the puWic, J
the Miiistto of Agriculture, I Committee.      '
__ and note how few parts
~~! | it has, how perfectly
simple it is, how easy
it turns, how perfectly
it skims, how easily it
is kept clean, and now
strong nnd durable it
: is, yon will nt once decide it is tho separator
. for you. No separator
ever made such rapid
strides   in   popularity
. as the Empire.      The
I reason is that it satisfies every pnichaew.
1 ask the privilege etj
showing it to you.
J. W. Christian,
Is what you want if yon are
Stock that is \ HEALTHY,
We solicit your patronage for
this kind of stock.   Our stock
Write ns, or Mb. H. Hawkins, of
Armstrong, B. C, for Illustrated
Catalogue or any information.
mm mushy cimmny,
siim, »ref«i.
Muraeriei, Greenhouse & SeedhouM
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
Head quarters for
PaoNIo Ooaat Brown
(iarden, Flower & Field Seeds
New crop now in stock and on test ii
our Greenhouses. Ask your merchiin
for them in si-nled pneknges. if he doe;
not handle them we will imiil to yol
SO Aeeorted packet a of Vegetable at
Garden aaada for $1.00
This is our special seleeton for B. C
Special prices on your bulk  seeds.
B. O. Grown   Fruit   ant
Ornamental Trees
Now ready for spring shipment, extra
nice stock of 2 & 3 year Apple trees al
t'20.00 per 100; 1180.00 per 1000
Maynard plum 11.00 each. Italian
prune,2 year old tine (25.00 per 100.
Sugar prune 2 year old tine (30 per 100.
Full list of other stock at regular prices
Let me price* your list before placing
your order. Greenhouse, Floral work,
Bee supplies, Fruit packages, Fertiliz-
nr.ntr>.    Ontaln^ne Ftbo.
-;010Westminster Kd. Vancouver.


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