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The Armstrong Advance 1906-02-16

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 i„- &
.<0 V-
57?e   ArtfSfr&ng    Advance
and Spallumcheen Advocate.	
MUsftN Ii nt UKtciis il msirtii ul Msirlct. lie CMccii i»ril.i if itc fmms mu*h viK|.
NO 44.
° What You Pay
What You Get
These are Important Points for you
to Consider
We provide GOOD THINGS at LOWEST PRICES in return for your good
money. We give yon Value for Value every time. That's the honest way to do
business that's the way we do business. A perfect Collar, a seasonable Hat, a Shoe
for Style and Fit, a Suit for Business. Working or Evening—nt prices to suit the pocket.
Special Values this week.   Regular $1.50 lines for 75c and $1.00.   Get your pick.
Waterproof Rain Coats ' *2.r>0
Waterproof Overalls t 2.00
Boys' School Shoes J,  1.25
Men's Working Shoes  2.25
Men's Heavy Working Pants  St.00
a The Leading
l\Gents' Furnishers
Get tin-in at..
Armitage $ Paul's, J
me baw secured an exceptionally fine
line ol Traveled samples
in Ladles' and Children's Hosiery and underwear,
•a********-****»****>a^aWeeaeaWalMaVaMeMMa^lMljsayaaj   .   „,   a^mNomm**mmm*MmhWM
Gents' Hosiery, underwear and sweaters
These Goods were purchased at about...
*■   and will be sold accordingly.
Come early while tbe Bargain i$ open.   Jill Goods Absolutely Hew.
John Hamill, SBEBSi
Review of the Industry in Province
for Yen 1905.
The B.C. Fruit Growers Association held its annual general meeting nt Victoria last week. Some
good papers were rend touching on
the rnpidly growing fruit industry
of the province.tind a lively interest
shown by the members in the very
proniiBing indications for the
future of horticulture in B. C.
From Secretary Brundrith's annual
'report we glean the following In-
: formation on the crop of the past
"Taking the fruit crops In their
order:   The   strawberry  crop  in
! some districts might be called a
light one.   There were two causes
! which led up to it, viz: an extreme?
|ly dry   summer   in   1!K)4,   which
; weakened the vitality of the plants,
Land a sharp frost which  heaved
I the ground,   breaking the roots.
In a few places where mulching
I had been resorted to the result was
nearly an average crop.
'  "Raspberries too, suffered from
the very hot dry weather, and (iO
per cent would be a fair estimate
of this crop.
"The early cherries on the lower
Fraser suffered as usual from ex-
cess of moisture. Elsewhere in
the province they were nn average
crop, and satisfactory prices were
obtained: the demand being greatly in excess of the supply.
"Plums nnd pruneB were a goal
average crop, and with th.c exception of the lower Fraser, where the
brown rot prevails, were remunerative...
"' Peaches where grown commercially, were good considering the
age of tho trees, and were profitably disposed of. The pear crop
was about 20 per cent below the
average, and the apple crop was
not ti full crop.
"As an idea of the way the work
of the secretary is increasing, I
may mention that last year 1 re-
j ceived and answered li-17 letters.
"To give you some idea of the
'growth of the industry in tho pro-
| vince, I may state that ii: 1902 the
[ Dominion Express Company car-
' rieil 51.205 packages of fruit, weighing 074,706 lbs, while in 1905 it car-
rind 96,988 packages of fruit weigh-
imi 2,351,416' His. an increase in
i three years or.' 55,783 packages of
fruit, weighing 1,37(1,707 lbs.
Where Canada Leads the World.
A Cold Snap
I* Now
And we are going to give
our  customers a chance tot
buy anything we have in the
Mens', Ladies' and Childrens
Overshoes will also be cleared
At Cost
A few lines of Flannelette to
be sold for 10 cts. a yard.
§   Formerly 12 1-2 and 15 cts.
I Ladies* Trimmed Hals, i
The greatest  chance ever
given in B. C.  to have your
head covered. Your choice for
®    Cost from $2 to $10 each.
Okanagan Flour
Mills Co. Ltd.
B. C
* * millers ot a flour * *
^Peering machinery*
Feed Grains of All Kinds BOUGHT
Leading   Business    Firms.
The Advance conunonds the following
liiisini-sH firms of Armstrong to the peo-
I pie of the surrounding district.   Their
i Announcements limy lie Been in our ad-
, vertising column:
Armstrong, W.   .).,  Hardware   und
Armitnge, A. K., Gents furnishing
Ashe, H K, Jeweler, Vernon.
Burns, ti. K., Druggist
Uliinelinrd, A., Drotwmuker
liuiik of Montreal* Bunkers.
Christian, .1 W, Cream separators
Christ inn, C. L.,  Harness and Bad
Daniels, F.N., lnciilmtors nnd Plumbing
Daykin, C. T., General Merchant
Fisher &. Huge, Heal Estate
Fnrncis, B., implements
Hamill, John, General Merchant
Hnwkin's Bros., Butchers
Henry. M.I, Nursery, Vancouver,
Lnpworth, A. J., Puintor
Moberly, G., Carpenter
MePherson & Holtby, Furniture nnd
McDonnld, J., Hardware
Murray, Geo., Meat Market
Oknniignn Flour Mill, Flour, etc.
Eatledgo, A. N., Barber
Shnry, A., Bakorand Confectionrry.
Simington, J., Contractornml Builder
Toward. Jns.. Plasterer, etc,
I    Wood, Cargill (Jo,, General merchants
V»i7/.f»/J" I
For  Sale.
I have a number of good canary
binls for sale, Coed singers $2.50
Mas. W. Holtbv.
Canada has the largest eontin-j
nous wheat field in the world.
Canada   produces   the   finest!
wheat in the world, No. 1 Manitoba
hard setting the world's standard.
Canada's average wheat yield
.per acre for ten years was the
greatest on the American continent,
Canada leads the world in dairy
Canada's trade in ten years has
increased more rapidly than any
other country in the world.
Canada has the most valuable
white pine forests on the American
Canada has the most valuable
nickle deposits in the world.
Canada has the greatest system
of fresh water navigation in the
Canada has' a greater water
power than any other country in
the world.
Okanagan Valley Produce,
APPLES        PKtllT
Armstrong....   492,000     80,000
Vernon 1,800,000   80(1,000
Kelowna     558,000   5(ili,000
Other points .. 874,000 Ki2,000
The following table compiled by
the Vernon News shows the amount
(in pounds) of produce shipped
from the Okanagan in 1905:
Last week wo gave the GENTLEMEN a Bargain In PIPES.
This week we are giving' the ^v
a   Bargain in Perfumery.
Any of the Sovereign Mfg. Co.'s
"^^^^at 25c per or.
OUBLINE, MENTHOL COLOON, ETC. at similar reductions
The Armstrong Pharmacy
R. R. BURNS, Bruggist.
Bear this in Mind
Your friends-"back home" tiro
interested in the country i-i which
you live. There is no means of
acquainting them with your district as by means of the local paper,
Let us send them the ADVANCE.
Only $1.50 a year.
IBSHHIIBBB SSSSSBHBflHP Tl\e   AdvanCC      Municipal Council Doings.       O!
EUGENE RHIAN,      .       .       Puhllehar.
8ubscriptionlfl.50iiiT}i'nr in advance.
If not linid in ndvanee J'J.OO.
Advertising rates given tin application.
The municipal council held its
regular monthly session last Saturday afternoon with all members
of the council present.
Under the head of communications was received a request from
the treasurer and collector for an
increase in his remuneration owing
to the increased work entailed upon his office by the new Bchool act
' and the marked   increase   in   the
j c
Noticed of church services and entertainments where no admission in charged
inserted free.    Other notices at usunl j assessment and the number of rate-
rates.   Cards of thanks It. payers.    The  request  being con-
it exists and cordially solicits tlie
lounge of the public
1    reasonable    the   council
The Advnnee is published in the inter-jvot(H,  ^   .^^  ^  ^^i,
ests of the town and  district in which I    ,       .        .,,,,.      -,...
salary from fllK) to $1.k) per year.
His salary ns collector of water
rates was also raised from 150 to
A petition was presented from a
number of the residents of Spallumcheen ward praying for a grant 11
of t'li'i  towards   making   a   new
The proposition of the organism-1 „,,„] froln j  yj Christain's to E.
tion of one general exchange in- R. Burnett's and for  building  a
eluding all the points of shipment bridge over gulch near F.E.Pooie's.!
of the whole Okanagan valley is.! The petitioners   agreed to supple-
,  ,. .,   ,    ,     ,,        , ment the grant from the council
we believe, one that should  meet m ■    . , ,      . , .
with sufficient labor to complete
with the approval of every resident ;the roa(1   tJw eBtimnted   C0Bt  of
of the valley, and we hope the day j which was $400, the petitioners j
is not far distant when the whole
Okanagan will be unitedly rinding
a market for its products under
one. management. The advantages
to be gained by such a course are
obvious. In this way a more remunerative market for the producers will follow as an inevitable
result, while not the least profit
gained will be in the united and
friendly relationship that will exist
between the various towns of the
valley. The whole of the Okanagan, as has been well said, is goal,
some parts of it only being more
particularly adapted to the production'of certain products, and
there is no reason for the existence
of anything but a wholesome and
friendly rivalry between the various districts, and the policy of
backbiting and endeavoring to
undermine another section should
be forcibly discouraged by every
district of the valley. The success
which has crowned- the efforts of
thoBe who first brought about the
J. McDonald
agreeing to count their labor at the I
rate of $1 per day per man, and to
complete the work under the super-1
vision and direction of Councillor
Hartwell. The petition was granted with the understanding that
the grant be considered a portion
of the municipal funds to be tippor-
tioned to that ward.
Dr.    Vankleek  was   appointed
medical health officer.
The drawing of the agreement
betweem the council and the Arm-;
strong Electric Light nnd Power
Co. was tabled for another month.
An application wns received
from Geo. Levins asking for the
appointment of road supervisor:
and tabled till next meeting.
W. R. Bell appeared before the |
council requesting a change in the
location of the road running
through his farm. Councillor
Hallam wns authorized to call for
tenders for changing the same.
Councillor Murray, of Pleasant!
. Valley ward, gave  notice  of   his)
organization of the, Armstrong Ex-1 gppijoatfon for a redivision of the
| Household
j Iron Beds & Springs *7.k.
| Jos lots is Wall Papers per roll    sets.
j Coilet Sets at Cost.
i Cabas Bed Springs, tbe latest is Ulown
i mire.Prices $5.»7.5o
change is the most conclusive
evidence of the success of this
method of marketing the products
of one section, and what has been
done individually by Armstrong
should with the same capable
management result to a larger degree in the success of a united effort on the part of the several
places.       Amalgamation   would
<   mcpiiibsow & mm,
4 -^"Contractors and Builders.
sm   Real Estate
insurance >■»    Agents *0
"Land of the BIG RED
Do you Need Money?
We have several Thousand Dollars to loan on good Real
Estate Securities at the usual rate of interest.
We are iiIbo Agents for....
British Columbia Permanent
Loan la Savings Co.
ami can make you a loan on your home on easy monthly terms
of payment.
Why not make   Your ,Rent Buy a
Home of Your Own?
This is the of year when tires nre apt to occur.       Better get
insured,     Wo represent four of the best companies,
l_—  k
Bank of Montreal
Head Office: Montreal
CAPITAL, all paid up $14.(XXI.(KX). Rest, 110,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account. 1878,988.
PRESIDENT, Right Hon. Lord Ilrathcona and Mount Royal,
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sir Coo. A. Drummond, H.C.M.C.
wards on the basis of valuation.     i'
1'pon report of Councillor Hart-
well on the condition of culvert at
Isaac Heard's he was authorized
to have the same repaired at once.
Complaint having been made as
to the unsanitaiy condition of hog
pens near the road the clerk was
instructed to notify H. Hawkins
that his pens must lie kept in bet-
Branches in all the principal cities and towns in Canada.    Also in
the following cities :— London, Eng.; 22. Abehurch   Lane,   E. C.
New York,69 Wall Street: Chicago. 188 La Salle Street: Spokane,
Wash.; St. .lohn's Newfoundland.
Bankers and Correspondents : Liverpool. Bank of Liverpool.   Scotland, British Linen Co's. Bank and Branches.
A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold available at
all points in the United States, Europe nnd Canada, including Atlin
and Dawson City.
Deposits received from f 1 upwards and interest allowed at current rates.
Interest entered 30th June, and 81st December
Withdrawals   am   ttamand   without    dm/ay.
Ranchers and country business given special attention.   Municipal and Bchool
district accounts received on favorable terms.    Special attention given to th©
handling of municipal and other debentures.
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.    Out-of-town accounts receive
every attention.
ARMSTRONG E. A. Taylor, Sub. Agent. KELOWNA
E. S. VAMcOllntecb, bub. Agent. P. OaMonlln, Sub, Agent.
certainly result iii a reduction of Ugr sanitary condition or the cotin-
exiienses over those, required in oil would be compelled to request
separate organizations and thus their removal.
assure to the producer the benefit Councillor Mnrrdy reported that
in the way of higher prices for j the ditch between town and the |
produce, We hope to Bee the day suburb of Eastview was m a very,
hastened when the Okanagan willlunsanitary-condition, The board]
be known simply as the "Okana- of health was requested to investi-
gan", and not ns a number of very gate the same and report at next
small settlements, none of which meeting.
with any   considerable  scope of     The bylaw Imposing tax on dogs
territory, and a united farmers' ex- was given   its  first and  second
T? ^r Land for Sale?
If so, I can SELL IT.
Realizing that the Armstrong district is especially adapted
to the growth of certain of the Okanagan products. I
have decided to open an office here.
If yon wait to «n any of your laid TH««you a Buyer.
Ha. blanch ard
change should if properly conducted, prove an important factor in
the realization of this condition.
The constitimints of Price Ellison, M. P. P., are Btrongly in sympathy with their member in his
efforts during this session of the
provincial legislature to secure
the intension of the Vanion & Midway charter. The premie? for
some cause appears disposed to
use every effort to check the passage of Mr. Ellison's amendment,
nntl in this way cause the forfeit
of the provincial subsidy for the
road, which will in tarn mean the
abandonment at least for the present time of the construction of
the road, even after at least ten
miles of the track has been graded
and sufficient capital interested to
insure the rapid completion of the
road. The building of this road is
of almost inestiiniiiile value to the
All kinds of Plain  and
Fancy Sewing
readings. |
Owing to the enlarged work of
the clerk and assessor, his salary
was increased to $800 per annum..
The following bills were passed: j
R. R. Burns, Mdse g O.OOi
W. Wolfenden "           851
W..I.Armstrong "   10.00 ing Monday night for the purpose when under certain conditions its
J.M.Wright, returning officer 20.00 of considering the matter of erect- outward symptoms become visible
BcuMMlic Prices. All warn Ciaraiieet
simp »«i doer to firttr« mo Real fcttau ortlct,
[QC-IOC-IOI     i       101
All kinds of Candies, Cigars,
etc.   Fruit in Season.
Fancy Pastry.
We are prepared to receive orders in this line for one of the
Near C. P. R.
B.CQ-aasette, 5 copies Clauses
E. A. Scott, Constable fees.
Armstrong ADVANCE, print
Harry   Armstrong,   posting
bills       25
E. A. Scott, fees re Siwash
Billy  18.40
W.McKwidry .repairing culv't 4.(K)
J.M. Wright,postage     1.00,
J, M. Wright, cash advanced
constable re Siwash Billy Ki.OO
To Reduce Insurance Rates.
ing  two  brick   lire  walls.   The; and the disease reaches a
2.5() sentiment was strongly in favor of ;«toge great harm results from the
».00 the project and committees now "»•"«•   Who shall say that God's
have the matter in hand    B.Frau- will shall not prevail V
14.00 cis and 0, E. Morris visited Enderby Wednesilay to obtain prices on
25 brick for the walls.
One View el Glanders Epidemic,
The owners and tenants of
perty in block   8,   since   the
Similkameen, Boundary and Oka-: space fronting Railway street has
nngan districts of tin- province, been tilled in by a building, are
and the efforts of our member to confronted by the necessity of
secure the promised subsidy that'paying a very high rate for insur-
■will secure, its rapid construction I ance and are taking stupe to bring
will meetiwith general approval about a redaction in the schedule
and support of the people of this iu effect on that street. A meeting
part of the province, I was held in B. Francis' new build-
It is my opinion thnt if the
authorities let nature and Cod have
their own course in the present
disease among our horses all things
will come out for the best. Just as
every person is said to possess the
germs of cold, pneumonia or con.
Biimption, so our horses may pos.
sesB the germs of diseases peculiar
to them, and yet thrive and serve
mankind for yenrs.
Yours truly
Horse Loveh.
To the Advance:
In the midst of all that is being
said about glanders lately, please
allow me space to express my
opinion on this interesting subject.
In may mind it is (rod's will
that there shall be in the constitution of all his creatures, both
h n man and the lower animals, a
certain element of- disease. This
may exist for years, to all outward : WtSACStfflQ, ftl. 21$!.
appearances entirely harmless, but
Dan the mascot*
IN   I.   O.   F.   HALL
"Wholesale and Retail
The best steaks
roasts a specialty.
Fish and game In season.
Live Stook bought at top prion.
receive  most   particular attention.
•Wholesale & Retail'
All kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats always in stock
Fish and Fowl in season
estPrices for Fat Stock and Poultry.
Mail Orders a Specialty.
Geo. Murray,   \
Poultry Wanted
Prop. *r
L Local and General..
I       items«of«General«Interest
Lent begins February 28th.
"Nan the Mascot" next Wednee-
-day. .
F. C. Wolfenden returned Saturday from a business trip down the
line in connection with the flour
Mr». F. C, Wolfenden this week
purchased the Peter Grant place,
consisting of twenty-rive acres,
northeast of town.
A belated report reaches ns announcing the birth of a fine big
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. .1. L.
Johnston, of Silver Creek, on January 19.
W. Leverington, after several
weeks spent in the mild Okanagan
clime ns a guest of his jinn-nts and
brother here, left for his Manitoba
home Monday.
The orchestra have a dance announced for the night of the 23rd.
Miss Wilson, ot Knob Hill, returned from her Kamloops .visit
Several of the youth of town
were skating on Otter lake the first
of the week.
Miss Edna Evans returned to
the coast Saturday, after a visit
with her father here.
Mrs. E. R. Sage returned Monday to her home at Ponoka, Altn.,
after an extended visit with her
son. Albert.
Mrs. H. Wood returned Saturday to her home at the coast after
an extended visit with friends iu
this community,
W. T. Holtby lenves today for
Nanaimo, where ho goes as a dele
,, . ,   , i gate to the grand lodges  of   both
It is estimated that figuring on 7.    ,   ,\ r       m    « u rr    «t
.,,.., . .   the L. O. L. and tho R. B. h. of I
the basis of the government maximum valuation of f 150. over 110,.     •>"»• Leverington and family en-
000 worth of horses have been do- j<>y"l » vieit of " fpw <lny8 during
stroyed in   Vancouver  since the!'•'« i'aBt wt'»,k from Mre- Levering-
outbreak of glanders in  that city. <<>" brother, W. J. Matthews, of
n r> u .        i  .l    i   .  Reston, Man.
C. D. Hoover returned the last
of the week from his farm on Sal-     An eclipse of  the   moon   was
nion river, where he has just com- plainly observed here by those who
pleted a logging contract of 125,- chanced to be out last   Thnrsday
(XX) feet.   The logs were taken ont n'ght-    Thl! weather conditions
for the KamloopB Lumber Co., and J wer« nl0Bt favorable for its obser-
were taken off his own land. j Vance and from bright moonlight
we were shortly after 9:00 o'clock
•I. McCallnm.   butcher  in   the1
plunged into an apparent moonless
Armstrong Meat Market, is now a l *.   , ~        ...       ..       , .     ,
,       „,   b   ., ... i darkness which continued to about
bonnhde resident  of  Armstrong,
having the first of the week moved
his familv from Vernon into the
Maundrell property in EastView,
now owned by Geo. Murray.
2:00 o'clock.
Next Wednesday evening occurs
the local talent presentation of the
comedy "Nan the Mascot". The
public is promised a treat on thnt
evening nnd the members of the
troupe ate deserving of a liberal
The  Grande  Prairie   minstrel
troupe enjoyed a generous patronage by the  Armstrong  public on.    ,
Thursday night of last week.   The i
performance given by  them  was;    J. M. Wright, treasurer of Spal
easily up to expectations and for lumcheen   municipality,   goes   to
on amateur troupe may be said to ] Kelowna today, where headdresses
have been quite creditable. j a meeting on municipal orgnniicn.
Conductor Larry Doran, of thel"0"' The P80^? there exclusive
branch, is reported as recovering Iof l,he i»«*P°nition of he city of
favorably from his illness. Engi- j Krlowna* T <TtemPlatln« . th,e
neer  VanAntwerp    has  nr*  «,.! formation of a district municipal-
covered from his attack of blood
poison as favorably as for awhile
promised and it is feared he will
not be able to return to duty for
some time yet, and only then after
the loss of one finger,
W. H. Whittacker, at one time
one of the leading barristers of
thejprovinco, is now serving a
three-months' sentence in Kamloops jail imposed by Mayor Bell,
of Enderby, for vagrancy. This
man's degradation presents but
another example of the curse
of excessive drink and might well
serve as a warning to other young
Proprietor Smith, of the Armstrong Saw Mill, has lately made
noticeable improvements to his.
mill that he may the better handle
his increasing business and keep
the quality of his product up to
the standard. Among late additions is a modern trimmer, the advantages of wbieh is especially
notnble in his export trade to the
D. E. McKenzie, of New Westminster, Grand Master of the provincial grand lodge I. O. 0, F.,
paid Coranation Lodge No. 48 an
official visit last Thursday night.
The members of the order present
enjoyed nn exceptionally able and
instructive address by Bro. Mo-
Kenzie on the aims and principles
of Oddfellnwship and the extent to
which its work is being carried out
in all parts of the world, as well as
some interesting information on
the condition of the lodges of this
province, all of which Mr. McKen-
•/ie is now visiting in his official
capacity. Aside from his lodge
duties, Mr. McKenzie finds linn
to pay close attention during his
travels to the varied resources and
advantages of the various portiouc
of the province. He oonsiderr a
bright and prosperous future ic
■tore for the Okanogan,
ity, and are desirous of securing
information on the successful
workings of Spallumcheen.
The directors of the Okanagan
Creamery Association. Ltd., for
the ensuing year held a meeting at
the creamery last Saturday after,
noon. Matters in connection with
the creamery generally were con,
sidered, A new cold storage system is to be installed under the
direction of Director Levar. Director Horsley is to look after get.
ting the ice house filled with ice,
Manager Jackson and several of
the directors of the Armstrong
Farmers' Exchange attended ii
public meeting at Vernon Satar-
day, called for the purpose of con.
sidering the organization of an exchange there to be conducted
along lines similar to those of the
Armstrong Exchange. A good attendance of the farmers and others
interested in the formation of such
an organization there was present
The details of the organisation
were left in the hands of a committee to report at a future meeting. A subscription for stock was
liberally signed, arid the success of
the venture is assured.
The present continued wnrm
weather is certainly enjoyable,
though from many points of view
colder weather during this month
would have been preferred. There
are yet in this immediate district
in the neighborhood of a million
feet more logs that in the event of
prolonged sleighing would have
been delivered to the Armstrong
Saw Mill. This alone would signify the distribution throughout
the district of some 94,000, a large
amount of which will now be delayed until next winter. While it
may be confidently expected that
3ome cold weather will yet be experienced, it is doubtful if any
more snow sufficient for sleighing,
will be had.
As we print (Thursday) snow is
falling and sleighs Are again coming into use.
F. Mclntyre came over from
Kamloops Friday for a few days'
visit with his children.
J. H. Carefoot came over from
Salmon Arm Tuesday, where he is
just moving onto his farm recently
purchased there.
Bad colds appear to be popular
during the past week, and a nam-
ber of those we meet may be notices'
to be suffereing the comon malady,
Mrs. A. McCullock and Miss
White.of Sicamons. came down
Wednesday to visit friends and at
the same time take in the masquerade ball.
J. F, Whiting, of Berlin, Ont.,
a cousin of Mine Host of the Okanagan House, spent a day here
while covering bis field as one of
the knights of the grip.
Zero temperature has not yet
been reached this winter. With
no colder weather this month the
present winter will go down in history as an exceptionally mild one.
Fisher & Sage on Tuesday negotiated the sale of half of Thos.
Ball's farm west of town, also the
Arnold Shary tract, lately acquired
by J. H. Carefoot. both to local investors.
Armstrong offers a good opening for a jewoler. He should be
one with n well assorted stock in
his lino, which with the amount
of repairing to be done would assure him a good patronage.
Some dainty improvements have
been made iu the waiting room of
the Okanngan Hotel the paBt week.
Landlords Whiting & Rogers nre
not to be outdone in anything that
adds to the excellence of this popular hostlery.
H. P. Lee, the Vernon and Enderby real estate agent, announces
it ns his intention to open a branch
office here. Mr. Lee's abilities to
induce people to settle where they
have "Okanagan climate and Manitoba soil" are well known, nnd
with an office here he will then
a chain covering the whole of upper
It is rumored thnt a barrister
from Winnipeg contemplates locating here in the near future. While
none would care to lose our popular
"Jimmie" Murphy, it is generally
reported tnat he does not contemplate again returning here, so
the public generally will welcome
the coming of another competent
person to fill this necessary nook
in our citizenship.
The question of next summer's
ice supply is beginning to alarm
some of the townspeople. Owing
to the mildness of the winter Otter
lake is so far unable to supply the
community with its usual good
crop of ice. Some of those who are
fearful lest we have no more cold
weather have hod a small quantity
hanled from Steele's lake, near
Hull Car, and while the quality
is only fair, the cost of getting it
from there is considerable.
Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Bird arrived
home Wednesday, after a visit of
nearly three months to their old
home in Nebraska. Their visit included severnl places formerly familiar to them, bnt as usual time
has wrought many changes and
there remnins bnt little inclination
after many years absence for any
cf ns to go back to the "old home",
The winter climate of Nebraska
has not the same charms ns thnt of
the Okanagan and for this reason,
if for no other, they nru glad to get
The members of the Armstrong
Amateur Dramatic Co. have put
in considerable time lately in diligent rehearsals of "Nan the Mascot", which they will put on the
boards next Wednesday evening.
Manager Lapworth is meeting
with encouraging success in his instructions of the members and a
splendid , presentation of this
"screaming comedy" assures tho
worth of your money to all who ut-
tend next Wednesday. New and
elaborate scenery is provided to
suit the various surroundings of
each of the four acts of the play.
"Nnn, the Mascot" Wednesday
evening, February 21.
The Advance and Free Press for
a year for $1.75.
Start the new year right and
subscribe for your home paper.
Get prices on iron pipe, pipe fittings.     All    kinds  of plumbing
done to order on short notice. Tin
and sheet iron work done to order.
Armstrong & Leverington's.
Keep yottr dates open for February 21—the date of "Nan the Mascot" by local talent.
Have yon seen those knife and
scissor sharpeners at Armstrong &
Leverington's hardware store f
The-New Improved Low Down
11. S. Cream Separator, capacity I
450 pounds per hour.     Price $90. j
Armst-ong & Leverington.
Sprayers' attention 1 Goal oak j
barrelB nt Armstrong & Levering-
ton's hardware store, Armstrong, j
B.C. |
Pelly & Pelly nre selling the late j §k
Larkin estate lots, now owned by. 9
Marshall Lucas— thei most desir- j 01
able lots in town.
"Your MieRiioD Please"
Western Home Monthly
An Illustrated Monthly Magazine for home reading
published the first of every mouth.
We make a special oner to readers of the "Advance"
just to introduce our Magazine into the homes of the people of B. C.
There is nothing cheap about the Western Home
Monthly bnt the price. It is easily the K.-st valne in
America for the money.      Subscription price 80 cts.
Crabbinf offer
« Will pay for three
years subscription
tl ■UlWiU puy 5
ViwVyenrs sub.
*A Will pay for 8
V'yeare sub.
Get busy. Bee. your friends, get them to club
with you. Send nnines
address, and money
stumps or postal note.
A high class family magazine
printed on fine calendered paper with beautiful colored cover,
profusely illustrated throughout
with half tone engravings, containing new stories, editorial, a
talk to every member of the
family on various subjects of
special interest. The lady of
the house will find our fashion,
pattern, of invaluable value.
Each number contains suggestions and ideas well worth the
price of a years subscription.
Wlnnlp.S ...... Manitoba
I would like a good active lad as
an apprentice to learn bricklaying,
plastering and stone work.
Jar. Teward.
I Harness Repairing...
On the road between Armstrong
and Knob Hill one rifle. Inquire
Spring work will soon be upon you
and should find you with your harness in good order. I will overhaul
your old or make you a new set.
Tenders shall be received by the
undersigned, up to Saturday, February 10th, for 25 cords wood, 4 ft.
long, to be piled at back of school
J. M. Weight,
Sec'y. School Board.
The - Armstrong - Harness - Store, ft
Came to our premises on or]
nbout Nov. 1st, 1905. One redj
j cow, cut nnder right ear, also tip
of ear clipped; left horn broken off;
I calf by side.
42-ii Heard & Sons.
 & SONS	
1 MoCormiok Hinder.   1 Brnntford Mower,   1 Panning Mill. 1 Straw
Cutter,   1 Horsepower, 1   Set  Truck?,   new,   1  Top   Bugjy
1 Set Logging Sleighs, 1 Skidding Tongs, Corner   Binds,
Double Trei s, Clinlhook,,   Cultivat.r.
P.ir sale ehoap for cash or on approved notes
11 three montl 8. Pi r information apply to above
For Sale
One up-to-date Newcombe piano,
good as new. Cost $475, will be
sold for $285. Enquire at this
One yearling heifer, red with
white spots, marked with notch
above and below on right ear, also
one three-year-old steer, same
John Christian.
Two stray steers taken up by the
undersigned at Silver Creek.
Branded on right side and cnt in
right ear. Owner requested to pay
charges and take same away.
Gbi. Moore.
If yon want
c' W!!W. R. WWe.
Early Chicks make Winter layers
watcii m Jcwcirg
Leave your Orders with....
Agent for
Jeweler, Vernon.
Official Directory
Railway Time Table
(Shuswai- &, Okanagan Railway)
Arrives from North daily except
Sunday 9i26 ft. m.
Arrives from South daily except
Sunday  3:25 p. m.
Fraternal Societies.
LO. L.. No. Ib07.. meets in the
•    I.O.F. Lodge Room, the second
! Saturday evening of each month at 8
I p.m.   Visiting brethren cordially invited
Secretary. VV'.M.
Reeve—A. Schubert.
Clerk and assessor—L. W. Patton.
Treasurer »nd collector—J. M. Wright.
Geo. Murray,   Chns   Crozier, W
S Burnett, E J Offerhaus,
Divine Service will be held every Sunday as follows: Armstrong, 11 a.m.;
Knob Hill, 3 p.m.; Enderby, 7.30 p.m. |
Sunday School ut 2.30 p.m.- Rev. A. N.
Miller, Pastor.
OKANAGAN Black Preci-ptory.
Meets in the Foresters' Hall, Armstrong, on the Thursday, on or before the
full moon, at 8 p.m.' Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Preceptor Registrar.
CORONATION Lodge. No. 48.
I. O. O. F.
Meets everv Thursday evening in the
Odd FellowB' Hall, over Wood, Cargill
& Go's. Store, at 8 o'clock, Sojournine
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
II. FRANCIS, Rec. Sec.
Services in S. Andrew's, Enderby, at
11 a.m.; Zion Church, Armstrong, at
7:30 p.m. every Sunday,—Rev. D. Campbell, Pastor.
Bt. James' Church, Sunday, I'Vb. 11.
wmuut Va
£30 p. m.
3429. I. O. F.
Meetings at their hall last Saturday in
each month. Visiting brethren cordial!.,
invited.   H. Hawkins. U.S.
ARMSTRONG Circle. No. 872.
Order of Canadian Home Circles, meets
in tbe I.O.F, ball, st Monday in each
month,        F. N. DANIELLS, Leader.
Mrs. FRASER, Secretary.
Kmu, Prayer     3:30.   Buniiayaeliool, | Nortb <*»''* •»•»* Su
P. V. Vesablrn. Vicar.        , South    "      "
Holy Mam in I. O. F. Hall, Arnwtnmg,
Third Sunday in each ninth ut 10 o'clock
I-'atiikii Diiiivai..
Barrister and Solicitor.
Mail AbxivM-
nday      Bi30 a. m
3-30 p.m.
Mail L«avrs—
Nortb daily except Sunday     3:1.1 p. m.
South    '  9:l!i a. m.
Glenemma und Falkland every
Monday ,ri:00 p. m,
Spalliuni-heen and Hull Car on
Mondays 0:00 p. m.
Fridays B:30 a. m
,7. M. WRIGHT, Postmaster.
Wood Cargill Block.
Office Hours: 11:30 to 12 and 1:30 to IS
ATMSTRONG,   -   .   -   -  B.C.
For tSale.p=r
born and Plniuoiith Rook Poaltry and
Kggs. Some exceptionally good young
Cockerels sow on hand.
Dealer in—
All   kinds  of farm   implements
wagons, baggies, of?.
Uxu-rala sow on nana. Tlie Advance and the Winnipeg
Lanadowne.        T. W. MARSHALL. Free Press one year for only 91,75 Social   Armstrong.
Written 6y W.   W.   Rogers for tne
Vernon flews.
In the settlement of all new countries, perhaps there is nothing that
retards their growth more than the
prevailing idea of the people of the
older   and   more   thickly   settled
communities, that the new country
eon offer little or nothing by way
of social inducements lo those who
might otherwise wish to make it
thi-ir'hoiiie. More particularly is
this the case of British Columbia
when its advantages are sought to
be presented to the people of the
eastern provinces of the Dominion. Even in the comparatively
near by province of (lntario, it is
indeed difficult to persuade one
person in a hundred 'hat the province of B, I'., being so far removed from the great centers of civilization, can be anything but what
might naturally be expected of "
mining country.
And yet a visit to the "wild and
woolly west" would, we venture to
say in every case, not only dispel
any illusion of the kind that may
have existed, but produce ii feeling
• R. H Logan, chief cook: A E Mat-
I thews, sailor; .las Reid. acrobat; W
.1 Smith.-African   gentleman; S
- McKee. advertising Moffat's  Best
' flour;.! S Asson, Quaker twin; F
I Barnes. V S; L  Richards, gentle-
1 man; E Batho. Empire costume; A
Dockstender, special; C L Chris-
I tian and Geo Holtby, coons; Dan
Martin, sailor: R Randall, coon; H
B Cambie and R H Hill, monks; J
Blackburn, sailor; R Waddell, Hussar; J H Wylie, S A constable; D
country members of the Armstrong! Bird, jailbird; T Leduc. wash wo-
lodge do when taking a short cut '■ mnf.; C ♦«*•». F.rft?ci8T £L°roinf
...        ...    ,    , '    ,, ,.,  I in time of Francis I; J W Heard,
through the bush to the monthlyL^. w pKennedy! soldier; Geo
meeting of the lodge. The love of A Smith, sergeant Canadian mili-
David towards Jonathan looms up tia; .1 H Warren, sailor; W F Frn-
like -domestic happiness on  wash ser, sailor;.I Varnes. volunteer; M
days" when compared with the do-; ?ir^'cU,,w":/| 4^°^ Im «
*, •,..,., i    I in Hood: Ft) Winters. Turk: TC
vot.on with winch the country Gray. Huster Brown; Sid Holtby.
member attends the weekly meet- gir|;.K Hamill. Highlander.
Ing of Lis lodge of I.O.I >. F. The, Space forbids a detailed deserip.
iForester an Chief Ranger in his, tion of any of the impersonations,
court at night, forgets "that tired Suffice it to say the costume were
feeling." produced by swinging the ju a|Illost ,,v,,ry ihstonoe most ttis-
ax all -lay in the forest portion of; tj]v designed and made for their re-
his, section. No night 1b too black gpoctive representations awl in
for the Black Knight of Ireland to many onB(,8 represented much ex-
attend his encampment, nor any j pense and careful attention in their
stream too deep to wet the feet of
William the devoted ((rangemaii as
, pense ami
Report  for
ng is the standing of I
of the Armstrong I
month of January,
names In each class
cities, towns and villa;
mining, lumbering and
hamlets, the vast cattl
lodges on the hill tops,
quiet valley homes of the
turalist, social conditions
;es, the
.- range
or the
lre to be
met with that are as advantageous
as those that prevail in the east.
Especially is this true of the Okanagan Valley, and particularly of
the large fanning and fruit growing district in the immediate
vicinity of Armstrong, which latter
town, indeed, might well be taken
as an example of how a small town
in a rural district of the west may
have more to offer by way of social
advantages than places of its own
sine or even much larger in th
east. Situated, as it is, in one of
the most pleasttnt ilistricts of the
Okanagan, surrounded by a net
work of roads affording drives
through {scenery the beauty of
which is unequalled by anything
in the east, in close proximity to
the finest deer runs and trout
streams and lakes of the valley,
and with an unexcelled climate it
is nt once the paradise of the
hunter and the resort par excellence
of the tourist.
Four denominations have church
edifices in the town, the Anglican,
Methobist, Presbyterian, and
Seventh Day Adventist, The
public school with three teachers
and a high school dispense adequate learning ito the young people of the town, whilst every section of the district has its miscellaneous or rural school for the
children of that particular section.
The curriculum of B, 0, schools is
equal to that of any province in
the Dominion afoot that is not
generally admitted by the people
of the eastern provinces, but true
nevertheless, and the fact that
pupils of Armstrong and its district scIukiIb have stood high In examinations, speaks well for the
proficiency of the teachers in
Another feature of uncial life in
the Spulluuichccii iii the large
number of secret nntl benevolent
associations. The man who is
seeking a home, and is being
guided in his selection by Unsocial advantages offered, numbers
among others the privileges of the
lodge room, In this respect Armstrong may well be culled the home
of the "jitter". Almost every
secret association has its devotees
here. The mule residents of the
town are almost without exception
members of some or all of the
orders, and with few exceptions
the farmers throughout the large
district are members of one or
more. No Mason ever trod a
rougher rond   than   some  of  the
in Patchett, Both
he journeys towards the camp of; Armstrong
his   brethem.   The interest dis-1
played by the country membership
of these orders  not  only  argues j    The follow
well for the comfortable financial the    pupils
condition of the fanner but for his ' school for thi
capabilities   of   attaining   to   the the first threi
higher and more essential ideals of. arranged in order of merit:
social life. '    Hl,IH Ni-Himi.   E. 1). Matheson, £
of dissatisfaction with   the more!    Almost every conceivable means ^^tu-Shwle^FiBher,     Bentrle
stilted and conventional costumes of enjoyment is provided for the Hamill, Bonj. Hnrry.
of the east an 1  a  desire  to make j people of the district and  perhaps     Jn, 4th, I.   Hnrold   Murray,  Ernes
the west their home.   Among the the strongest evidonce that could Slmington, Bertie MePherson
be had of the people's appreciation
of the same is the fact that amongst
the neighboring towns of the valley
it is admitted that Armstrong is
the banner place for entertainments. An ordinary fortnightly
dance will bring out   a  crowd 0f jHamilland Edna Whiting, equal; Cbar-|
..   a i      i    ,        ■     '''J' Snary.
seventy-hveorone hundred couples|   ,,,., toD,_Grover   ,;l:rn„tt,    H„rry!
of young people, whilst the annual  Batho, Earl Liimsden.
society balls   can   find   no   walls     I^t-  Reader—Alta Hnssnrd,   Vt-rna
large enough to accommodate the I Murray, Marguerite Armitnge.
crowd.   A lecture on agriculture or i    2m5' P""1'*"- George Campbell, Doris
horticulture will fill the town and j
in no community are matters affecting religous,   social or domestic'
life more appreciated than  in tin
district of Spallumcheen.
Second   Shipment
Is now in and we will be  pleased to have you call and inspect them.
We make a Specialty of Our «j»     .
cpum's English Prlnr,r,,,tt'
Fist CtllfS
Muslins, Lawns, Gingnansand Zephyrs iron, loc a yd. up
Onr Saturday Bargain sales
Each Saturday we will hold
This  Saturday  Our
gten,   Everett
J».4th, II.   Chris
Wright, AlockMoDoi
Sit, 3rd,   Zelln Leverh
Melnlyro, George Ttiylor
Jr. 3rd,   Mary William, Cecilia Wat-1
son,  Nettle Schneider.
Sr. -n:i.   Frank    Unssard,   Violet
ew pneet
Moberly, Grace Munsell,
1st. Ppime»- Gladys Hardy, Winifred
Wright, Thelma Kelly.
E. Wilson, Principal.
List of Wedding PreienU
i Special Sale in one line of goods,
Bargain   Sale will   be
ildfor37Jo CiOo'I
,75o Tweeds will be sold for liOt
All Dress Goods Reduced 0
'weed will bo so!-'; for 50c
Armstrong MarKets
The   Gnn   Club's   Masquerade.
By request we publish  the foi
lowing list of wedding presents re-:
The masquerade ball under theIceived by Mr and Mre- T- Skyrme: I
auspices of the gun club Wednes- i
 « ■ ——;\ The following prices  are being Joe hdd her hlm<]
Nurseries, Greenkouie&Seednoiue | paid for produce by the Armstrong       hiz-n)
As the Clock Struck One.
and  Bhe he
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
nature held  in
music  by the
ten*, net brushes on nick; Geo Smith,
Geo Wilson, Geo Bowness, P Clayton, P
Walsh, rocking chnir; .Ion McDonnld,
set carvers in ense: -Vance Young, silver
bread trny; A E Morgnn, pnrlor lump:
llr. Jerinyn, biscuit barrel; Mrs. R
Stratheran, silver cake knife; A ESnge,
Mr and Mrs P O Winters, building Head l|11Brtere for
i • , , I 'ot' Mr »'"' Mrs Geo.   Heggie, check: i     «•__**«_   «*___#   Annum
day evening proved a success ^ual; Mre Hamllrd an(1 ^ *^ mJ    Mb   Ooast^BrOW^
to the most sanguine expectations f bowl, butter dish nnd knife; Mr nnd Mrs ■ New crop'now in stock and on  test in
of the committee* in  charge, and T W Fletcher,  silver   mounted fruit our Greenhouses.    Ask your merchant
for them in sealed piickages. if he does
not handle them we will mini to you
SOAaaortodpoekotaol £•••*•*'■ or
Gordon .cede for $1.00
This is our special selecton for is. i-.
Speciul prices on your bulk  seeds.
B. O. Brown   Fruit   and
Ornamental Trees
Now ready   for spring shipment, extra
nice stock of i & 3 year Apple trees nt
setof painted cups and saucers:.Mr. and! 820.00   per  100;  $180.00  per  1000
Mrs. E Khian. set silver napkin rings; Mayftard   plum 81.00   each.    Itnlta
iiitinreuti.il  - ,.   u . ,      ,     • .   ,   ,        .   prime, 2 year old tine 9-ii.uu lier   iou.
ipparenien- F Hagglns, set hand painted dessert, feu™r prune 2 year old fine «30 por 100.
joyment of the participants and to j dishes: .Mr. M Smith, silk table spread:   pun ijgt „r other stock ut regular prices
the keen interest and amusement!J Wiley and J MoMorland, cut glass Let, me pr'icel your list before pfnoing
of the many spectators.     The foi- '>Mt <iish'silv"'' "lulmt"11 "*" "tan<1: fc^nfi™ F™if nacka^s0     *'
,    .     ,■/.,, , . and pipe with onsei Mss Op   Fshor, Bee "'PP'IS8* trult-»B01tftg!
lowing istofthemasqueradersand   -,   ,    j L-    ,      «- .
' side   board   cover,   hrankcy   Winters,
the characters represented is as shavingensei Miss i Ferguson, oushlon;|
near complete as was possible to ! Mr. and Mrs. If Turner, dinning room '
obtain: table: Mr.   Kendall,   six rose  bushes:
Messrs Hill and Htiine, wedding cards:
Joe Cass, arm chair: Miss !-' Penington,
table Bpreadt  Mrs .1  V Dickie, silver
added another to the list cf   sue-; disn! E Skyrme. pnrlor suit; Thos Win-
cessful society functions  of th is
Armstrong.    The
orchestra proved
none the less pleasing than on previous occasions, and with the numerous rich and varied costumes in
evidence the hull thronged witl.
mingled beauty totlv
Farmers' Exchange:
Potatoes, per ton
Carrots.      "
Parsnips     "
Turnips "
Cabbage "
Apples, per 40 lb.
Plums, per 20 lb.
Celery, per iX) lb.
Poultry, per doz.
Eggs      "    "
Butter, per lb.
i And then they hugged and we
»JjOO|       tokiz'n.
25 (X) T^y ^ no' know  that  pa  h:
16.00        nzn—
10 001 (Madder than
hops   and  simp
siz n),
And really tiz'n right to liz'n.
But Joe got hiz'n  and  went
ers, etc.   Catalogue Free.
I -lOlOWestininster ltd. Vancouver.
II you will call nnd see the
Mrs 11 VV Kelly, fencing girl; G
MeCleery, nurse; Mrs T VV Fletch- mounted cake dish; W Murray, dozen
er, jockey; M (iass. rococo costume; silver spoons; Armstrong & Leverlngton, •     ^~~~""""~—
K II Etter, red cross knight: May alumlanm tea pot; Mrand Mrs Hamill. CJrQQdH S©'D3,r3itOr
Patchett, sohool girl; Lottie'Holt- setoltiirsandtablespread;MiBsBlanoh-    f • *
• .. i„n... D>nn u, i„i .,   n    a.    ard, Jiower stand; Miss M Patchett, pair and note how few parts
ly, holly   hila hchtifiert, Dorothy;          .           ,             u „„       , it has, how perfectly
  ■ ,,|„,, i,,,;,' paintedoupsano sauosrsi Mr V Esmond, .,',„."„'.,,"  i,1," „„";
Hnwei standi   sugar  bowl  and   creatu
Vernon: T K Pelly, Poudraj May
Schubert, Gipsy; Mrs K 0 Bull,,  ,,,,.., ■   ,    ,     • . ,
looking for lost husband; E Wpltoh"1i ? %**"?' \M" lh"'"l„ Z"
loll, Pierrot; Miss OrawWtl, Jap. I ,V"K"S1 MlisCrow,o,d, cushioiiiOT Day-
mese; Mrs L  I-'arr,  .Inpnnese:  M , k,1"' K,!l '.*' u"'" ,w"r": W™ ^'"^ }'"
Murray, spirit of fire; Kite 8ohu.loU P»ln«ln«»'  lr"»,"t" '""" K|w'"""li
ray .
Is-rt, night; Mrs Wyatt, daisy; L
Olillton, C-hina shephenless; l'To
Marshall, college student; Laura
Hill, venus; H I'en-hird, sailor girl;
8 MeCleery, shamrock; NellieMc
Donald, hunting girl; Mrs ,1 Robertson, red, white and blue; Mrs
Penis, witch; Miss Kussell, Swiss;
Ruth Asson, St, Patrick's Day;
Grade Christian, night; Maggie
Holtby, Japanese lady; Mrs A A
Shary, flower girl: Annie Ehmke,
alphabet; Emily Pelly, Dolly Var-
den; Miss Dayton, Italian girl;M
Ehmke, field daisy; Mjs Schubert,
little girl; Alius Swansdn. fan girl;
Ida McDonnld, night; M Dever,
flower girl; Ida Schubert, St Valentine's Day; Mi-s Winters, the
navy: Annie White, Dolly Varilen;
Nellie Francis, Quaker twin; Airs
A Young, .Jewess,
Basil Gardom, Pierrot; P B Pelly. C M R. Willis Hunter, Spanish.
Gordon; R K Wheeler, Royal C M
kin, set of toilet ware: Win Juines.
I'rt'st-nts from
yet to arrive.
Two Sides of Matrimony.
The IjoiiiIiiii Express prints this |ioeiii
wetti n double rending. Id-ad as it stands
and tlie woman iu highly fluttered, but
read alternate lines (one and three, two
nnd four of encb verse), and the sentiment is very much the reverse.
Sappy n man may puss bis life
If he's directed by ii wife;
If free from matrimonial chains
lie's sure to sutler for his pains.
No tongue is able to unfold
The virtues in woman you   behold;
The falsehood that in woman dwell
Are almost Imperceptible.
In woman's heart you'll see appear
Truth, darling of a heart sincere;
Hyprocrisy, deceit and pride
I n woman never can abide.
destruction take tbe man, 1 say,
Who no regard, to woman pay;
Who make the woman their delight,
Keep always reason in their sight.
simple it is, how easy
it turns, how perfectly
il skims, how easily it
is kept clean, and bow
strung and durable it
is, you will at once de
olds It is the separator
for you. No separator
ever made such rapid
strides in popularity
as the Empire. The
reason is that It. satisfies evory purchaser,
f iu<k the privilege of
showing it to you.
, W. Christian,
(Buttermaker at Creamery.
and Billiard Hall.
The smoothest shaves, the neatest
haircuts and the cleanest
Shave 15c.    Haircut 25c.
A. N. RATLEDGE, . Proprietor
Stone Mason,
Brick Layer,
I am prepared tn all kines of
work ih these lines and guarantee
RKsn>HNCK:8pringhill, halt mile north
of Armstrong.
Orders may tie left with C. Addison.
If so, it_wiil pay you to see me.
Estimates given.—
j. simp
Shop next Francis'
Q. Moberly
-■I.' " ""~
Ayil Kinds of Carpenter
WorKat reasonable prices
I • Baud Sawbtng
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Estimates Given
wall Paper..
rjhavc on hand a complete
tange of...
Wall Paper
A. J. Lapworth,
Sign Writer, Painter and Decoralo
Only half a mile from Arr
strong. ]() ar-res under cnltivatii
balance good bottom land east
cleared. Good frame house, stah
and other buildings, With tl
land will be sold one ttiini, thr
cows, one steer, one brood sow.
dozen chickens, and full eqnipine
farm machinery.   Price (5000,
,,,D, mitchel:
The Western   Home  Month
free to Advance stibscribers,
Than'sr^twtiRNMtt-lMMM nr mit-donr (lower-
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IsMMrt BTitwum of (ITIUITI.T HAHIiV fruit
ssa snsaMOsml Irer* iuul oluits in the Hoiwi
, Cstalillriht'dlMW. tW Acre«.tr& rklX
UATJtbOUO.  t«rHalltJiltA
urnnSt   lebCUf,IlM..


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