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Lardeau Eagle 1904-07-22

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 I "ft.
Kew York Market.
SBSVHl^BBr..;     .58*
) Lkad-100 lbB       4.3n
.' Copmbv...      12.J0
Vol. V, No 14.
Ferguson, B. C, JULY 22, 1904,
$2 a Year
The geological survey report of
tf.. W. ErOck has been anxiously
watched for by alt mining men interested in the Lardeau, and we are
pleased to' note that a decidedly
favorable report is forthcoming. It
is very instructive reading, and we
purpose, for the next few weeks,
giving a summary of the report
to our readers that they may better
understand the geology and geography of the Lardeau, arid thus be-
corr**      '���'.     cognizant of our* re-
na pointed out in our last issue,:'
the Lardeau mineral belt extends
from Menhiniclc creek to Cascade
creek (43 miles), and has an average
width of 4 miles. Ferguson is situate almost centre of the zone, and
Is the hub of the Lardeau. Mr.
Brock points out that the rocks at
the head of Menhinick, Gainer,
Cariboo and Murray creeks are derived from basjc eruptives, and that
the green and grey schists are in all
probability altered eruptive rocks.
,ln all the mineral zones' (".(-Teen.
yellow weathering rock occurs, frequently schistose and occasionally
developing serpentine. It carries
much lime, and is usually ctlled
dolomite, though distinctly-eruptive
and technically a diabase schist.
Coarse grained porphyritic grano-
diorite occurs up Fish river to the
north.' The oldest rocks correspond
to the Slocan series of West Koot
enay. The sedimentary series is
much cut up by granitic intrusive
rocks and highly metamorphosed
The green schists are important on
the Lardeau river, and below Camborne. The band of these schists
extends southeasterly, crossing
Beatrice mountain, the Nettie L.
and Silver Cup, crossing the Lardeau river at Tenderloot, and extending to Poplar.
The Lardeau country has been
recognized as a mineral district for
some time. Claims were located
near Comaplix on the Northeast
Arm as far back as 1888, and the
Lardeau itself was prospected and
staked ten years ago, From that
time on, prospecting has continued
and the development and opening
up of the district have gone slowly
forward.    But the district has
would warrant. Several causes
have attributed to this. The rugged
nature of the country, isolation and
consequent distance from smelters
have made it impossible to handle
anything but. the richest ores ; prospectors decided that it was a silver-
lead district only, and searched for
nothing else; the depression in the
silver-lead markets had a strong retarding influence on the young undeveloped district'; '���flany claim
owners in view of * the high assays
obtainable and regardless ot the
gnat coit of mining and transport''
ing the, ore, held their claims at
prices that were prohibitive in an
undeveloped district where so many
natural difficulties had to be overcome. However, the district is
now easily accessible and, in many
parts, well opened up with roads
and trails which greatly facilitate
prospecting. A number of claims
are now opened up, and provided
with the means for handling ore,
and in some cases treating it on the
spot. With the successful operation of these and the recent discoveries of rich gold ores on Poplar
creek the past summer, it is to be
anticipated that the district will
soon receive more careful attention
from  both prospectors and mining
Mineral occurs througheut th
l:ngth ofthe Lardeau district, principally along three belts,.a,.southwestern zone on the south-west side
of the valley and toward the granite
contact,, a ceo'"**' ���"�������� stretching-
r.uiii me north-west of Camborne
to south-east of Poplar, its south,
eastern limit not yet determined,
and the lime-dyke zone stretching eastward Irom the Fish river
across the head of Lexington and
Pool creeks and along and near the
Iahde.-.t! Duncan Divide, its northwestern and south-eastern limit not
yet determined. Some mineralization occurs outside1 these zones, but
these constitute the main lines of
mineralization. The ores occur in
the sedimentary rocks, viz., slates,
phylites and limestone, and in the
rusty-weathering diabase schists,
but no important mineralization was
observed in the green schists or
irruptive rocks, except in a few individual cases. The mineral-bearing zones are characterized and may
be recognized by dykes of the yellow-weathering diabase (the larger
more coarsely crystalline dykes do
not produce this yellow coating so
readily) whirh divide the sedimentary rocks into bands of varying
width. The vein occurs along,
near, and in the dykes. The veins
have two principal directions, approximately parallel to the strike ot
the rocks, and nearly at right angles
to it. They are usually almost vertical, but vary in the direction of
their dip. They are of a composite
fissure type. Their direction is
largely determined by that of lis
suring, but besides fissure filling
there has been considerable replacement of the' country rock. In
places, to some extent the bedding
planes or the rocks have also been
utilized tor the deposition of ore.
The veins have been formed by
aqueous mineralizing solutions
which have apparently brought up
their load ot mineral matter from
below. The character of the ore is
not directly dependent upon the
nature of the country rock. Small
horses and inclusions of country
rock are often numerous in the
leads. The relationship ofthe dykes
to the deposits seems to have been
largely physical ��� determining the
direction and circulation of the ore-
bearing solutions, though perhaps
the iron and carbonates of the dykes
may havo been reached chemically
with the ore-bearing solutions. The
Veihs may have a connection with
the? granite intrusion, as some ot
the quartz veins have characters le-
sembling those of the acid series of
pegmatite dykes. The magma Irom
which these pegmatites were formed
became more acidic and aqueous as
distance from the parent granite
was gained, and the gangue of the
veins is often rich in feldspar and
sencite as well as in quartz. According to mineral contents, the veins
can be roughly divided into two
groups, the silver-lead veins, rich
in metallic sulphides, and the gold
veins poorer in these sulphides.
Except in this one respect the veins
are very similar. The silver-lead
veins carry gold vakies and are
sometimes rich in gold. The relationship to the two classes of veins
is not clear : theyj/may be of tho
"-.(same age, and. may have been
formed by the slime processes, On
the Criterion, a galena vein is
youn^e** tlian o"�� quartz vein, but
may be older than a*' second ; there
is some ground for the opinion that
they are closely related and they
may have been formed during the
same general period of mineralization. The vein-stone is quartz with
some calcite, siderite, leklspar, and
a little sericite. The metallic contents are galena, blende, tetrahe-
drite, copper and iron pyrites, ar-
senapyrite, argentite, native silver
and gold. The veins are found on
the highest summits and in the
deepest valleys. The largest number of locations have been made at
the higher elevations, probably on
account of the better exposures.
On the lower slopes and in the
valleys the difficulty of prospecting
is greatly increased by wash and
vegetation. Mining in such locations, however, can be carried on
at a lower cost. The values are
not evenly distributed, but are
localized in chutes. They are often
concentrated round carbonaceous
rock inclusions and along carbonaceous wall-rock and sometimes in
it. Some sulphides, particularly
zinc blende, are often a good indication jof values. Chutes are generally located at the intersection of
veins. Other indicators of values
will no doubt be found when further development has been done.
A particular effort should be made
to find, if possible, a key for recognizing pay quarlz by the naked eye
where the values are in fine gold.
The indications are that values
will continue in depth ; they are
unchanged to the deepest level
reached in t|ie Silver Cup ; the
richest mineral, tetrahedrite, is one
of the first formed, and blind leads,
which cannot liave been affected by
surface enrichment, carry ore as
well as outcropping leads ; and the
horizontal Veins have the same
characters as the vertical ones.
Headauartorjfor Am aye���, Mining
���.Mill Sunullei. Sohi afjents In 11.
0. for MorRim 'CruoUll- Co.*, Uatteraea,
England; V. \V. Rraun & Oo.'a Patent
Oaiy Furnaces, liimiont,etc.; Wm. Ainsworth -.Co.'iHno Balance* etc,,etc.
Rossland Miners' Union
Lose the Day.
Damages to tho amount of $13,(300
havo beon awarded against tho Rossland Miners' Union et al in favor of
tho Centi'o Star Mining Company in
tho latter company's suit in tho
supremo court of British Columbia.
Tho jury arrived at tho decision last
Saturday evening. 'Tho verdict carries
costs in the cause and of the litigation
for tho past threo years. The aggregate of these costs is certain to bring
thc total bill which the union antl
other defendants will be required to
pay to a total of not less than $20,000,
unless tho defendants succeed on
In addition to its local interest, thc
verdict is of far-reaching importance
because of its probable iniluence upon
the conduct of strikes throughout
Canada in tho future. Tho decision
stands as a precedent throughout tho
Dominion, tho point in issue not having previously been threshed out in
Canadian courts.
The jury found that the Kossland
Miners' L'nion No. :18, Western Fedei'-
ation ot Miners. Kossland branch, Rupert Buhner, W, S. McDonald, Prank
VVoodside, W. G. Preston ; the Carpenters and Joiners' union, Peter McDonald, Jdhn McLaren, T. M, Beamish
and James Wilkes, maliciously conspired together to molest and injure
the plaintiffs and oilier mine owners of
Goldfinch Stamp Mill at
Work Again.
'Malgamatin' on the pans
Down the Golden Mile,
Mixers belchin' boilln' sands
Swellin' someone's pilo
Heat and dust and KCY,
Hot mud splashin' in your eye,
Twenty pans rotttttn':
Spin, you whii'lin' devils, spin :
Can't hear nothin' ior the din,
Now the elevator's stuck,
Twisted buckets jammed ;
Never saw such purple luck.
May the job be d d !
For tliis flamin' dust is cliokin',
Might as well in hell be stokin',
" Bash those edges straight in ! II
" Pass, oh pass the hammer hore! "
'Tain't all counter lunch and beer
C'liippin' niudllako off the edge,
Hammer-head went plump!
Close up three pound weight of sledge
Hear the muller bump !
Snatch the clutches out of goat* I
Blazes! won't the foreman rear I
Here's a lovely ratin'!
(Can't lie give it to a bloke I)
Bet two hits there's somethin' broke,
'Malgamatin' I
Boss says, " Cleanup, Number Four !
(Jet tiie tackle to her;
Lift tlie muller from the iloor,
Guess we'll have to shoe her I
.fain the liars beneath the dies,
Put some weight on���up they rise,
Set those cogs gyrittin',"
Pans nn either sides a-stoamin' !
Lord 1 it ain't no place for dreamln',
Lyin' thick beneath tho dies,
Cloggln' up the pad,
Don't ft tempt a fellow's eyes,
Man Is only���man!
Haifa hundredweight in this,
Ounce or two they'd never miss-
Go to blazes, Satan !
While my girl's in me bellevln',
Haven't got no use for thiovin',
The Phodioai*
That Jno. J. Atherton works 305 days
and half that number of nights in a year
producing the Eaolk. The circulation
is increasing so rapidly that ho has
no time to pull impressions and mail
them to delinquent subscribers. He is
not referring to you, dear reader, but
to the other fellow. Anyhow, all will
be t-eated tho same, so kindly tako
notice, that if you are anxious to obtain reliable news ot tho Lardeau, all
subscriptions in arrears must be paid
'by JULY 30th, or the paper will not
reach you. If you glance at the figures
on the address slip of the wrapper covering this copy, or at the left hand top
corner of this page, you will notice
to what dato your subscription extends.
The subscription is $2 per annum, payable ln advance, and tbe final figures
should read '04 or'06,
The Goldfinch stamp-mill, which
has turned out several thousands of
dollars in gold bricks, but which has
been lying dormant since last January, was started again today at its
profitable occupation, under the direction of J. T. Volger
A number of men are working at
the property, operations being confined to a surface showing, from
which rich gold values have heretofore been obtained. The ore now
being taken out is fine looking .stuff
and it is almost assured that the
Goldfinch will turn out a creditable
gold brick at the end of the month.
A. K. Rosenberger, who is in
charge of the property, intends to
thoroughly exploit and develop it,
and prove that the Goldfinch is a
property worthy of attention. Considerably more work has been done
this summer on claims in the vicinity ol the Goldfinch than during any
previous season, and all of them
have shown up exceedingly well.
These developments will no doubt
spur t|ie Goldfinch people to greater
efforts, and it is quite possible that
within a short time, other properties
in that section will be the scenes of
active mining, and the thud ol falling stamps will replace the echo
made by the clash of hammer and
drill as the persistent prospector
progresses hopefully will*, his annua!
assessment.���Camborne Miner.
Little Essays of Life.
It has just leaked out that Clark, the
millionaire western mine-owner, has
been married three years to his ward.
There is an element of looal interest
about Senator Clark, since ho has large
mining interests in British Columbia.
Clark was known as ono of the most
daring mining operators ln the world.
Ho was shrewd enough to make millions in lighting'sueh men as Marcus
Daly, James Flood and Tabor. He
was not proof, however, against thu
wiles of a girl 3.1 years his junior..Miss
LaChappelle, his young wife, U a
French girl. They have boen married three year*,. In accumulating
his enormous lortune he has exhibited
bravery, but lie was not courageous
enough to tell his daughters of his
second marriage. A woman will eon-
tract a second marriage and bu proud
of it, but foi'*">ine roason men seem it
bit shy. Above all other considerations a man **eeins to hate to announce
his second marriage to his lirst wile'!
children. It is not singular thon that
the old millionaire showed tbe lion in
amassing a great fortune, but showed
the rabbit when it came to a second
marriage.���Calgary Herald.
JJtJ&istl rlfcjSutaitljferfz.-rfzj'!? _i__jj.
j Tonsorial       c
I Parlors..
|        MAIN STREET,
| FERGUSON, B. C.     ��
4 Shaving.     Shampooing, _���
$        Hairdressing,      Singeing. SJ.
>' Dyeing,      Baths, hot and C
'       cold water.
J     I have tlie best appointed shop in Ilia U
X   Lardeau.   Open from 8 a. m, to h |t. m.   !?
|     WM. SCHNELL    \
LFerguson and Trout Lake.       8.
\ Lardeau Eagle
Printed and PuMlthed   .tmt  rniDAY  at
FflrgUKm, B. 0��� bf
_!���  i_j  ATH-EflTON,  Pviop.
to whom ail correspondence ibould be matted.
Bubnerlptlon Ratei: 12.00 per annum, to
aiy tddrenIn America; 11.25 lor liimontln;
13.50 a year to foreign addreiaei. >o pay, no
lutes;  ni/ipLj ��ili.,i1.op. per
L*S��l ada., 18*
aeif.a per (niinparlel) line f9r,!>ntln;**rttofl*iS
a pi
B-Mdln'ic notices 10 centa per tine eaeh lis
Ninety day telal notices, 110,| lillr days, ��7.
ttiirly days, |5.    No ads. accepted at less tt
.���outs per line for, eaflj, additional insertion.
,.     _.. per iine _ach issue.
 ,,.,_,.    ���      sthep.'
these rates1.,TNo room lor quae'k ada.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FKIDAY.  JULY 22, 19C4.
Every (nail brings requests lor
information concerning the Lardeau,
and we endeavour, as lar as in us
lies, to answer the hundred and one
interrogations. We wish it go'
forth from this office that we intend
treading the straight and narrow
path, and trust that our efforts will
be appreciated���3s they inevitably
must be by everyone with the true interest ot the camp at heart. Therefore, as confidence begets confidence
we shall dole out the truth, and if
those, who by their questionable
tactics have left the richest spot in
Canada in disgrace, come under
o��r ban, we shall chuckle at them
in the pillory. Everybody in the
Lardeau knows well enough the
reason why the investor is holding
his cash down. But the average
investor must be told, and that
often, that he must know with
whom he trades. There are a certain class of men at large, who
at the first boom of a camp, rush to
the spot, stake a claim, and the
next day a " mine " is sprung upon
an unsuspecting public. Again,
others, too la?y even to stake a
claim, buy from a prospector who is
prepared to back up any assertion
or act of the promoter. Consequently the wild cat is bought for a
mere song���as good properties are
not being sought, and the honest
property, with a honest price put
upon it by a honest owner is left to
freeze out. But' the latter sit tight.
The wrong 'tins have long since
taken their departure, but they have
lelt behind' a blot which time alone
can efface.
With time, lhe trail of the skunk
will evaporate; every day we shall
see evidences of the truism taking
effect. We shall live all that down,
and take our place at the head of
the mining industry. Read the
geological report on the Lardeau
by R. W. Brock, and no sane man
after perusal will wonder at us
showing just pride for our inheri
tance. No one will question that
we have in the Lardeau some extra*
ordinary large dividend payers. In
Ferguson we have three of the
richest mines on the continent, and
the success of the companies opera-
ting is the outcome of a honesty of
purpose backed by the finances of
people of integrity. We have some
grand properties, practically within
a stone's throw of Ferguson, and
capitalists will do well to investigate.
But willing as we are to answer enquiries through the post, it would
please us, and be more beneficial to
all concerned, were the investors to
come right to Ferguson and view
our vart resources.
The following is amusing enough
to satisfy anybody,' but the regrettable choice of Ml*. Fish., will tend
to make Canada the recipient of
many jfcers. We trust the results
of his handiwork have come home
to him ere this, and'that the lesson
has been taken'to heart. Cabbages
will now receive the attention of
Mr. Fisher, and' the military ardor
of the cornstalk will, we trust,
predominate only in his back garden
among the vegetables, where he
will find a more congenial occupation..
Toronto, July 14. ���An Ottawa
despatch to the Toronto World
says:. "T\ko officers whom Mr.
[���fisher was instrumental in having
appointed tp the Scottish Light
Dragopns hav(e turned out anything
but creditable to lhat corps. One
of them turned up at a recent camp
with a pair of gaiters on and small
box spurs fitted upside down. He
also had two swords, one at each
side^ and to complete his pictur-
escjucness, he carried a beautiful
black eyes. He was sent home.
The other had not been long in
camp .--(hen he was fiped 3?o -for a
civil offence,, and it was for these
two officers lhat Mr. Fisher, by his
meddling, got rid of the best commanding officer Canada ever had."
Gold or Silver....
Silver nnd Load..
. .11.%
. .|L,50
S.   SHANNON,   B.A. %
" In consideration o! one hundred dollar!
now paid under the said Acts, and subject to
the provision?, thereof, I, W. 8. Gore, Deputy
Commissioner acting (or the chief Commis-
���lonerof Lands aad Works, licence
" to enter, prospect, learch
and work for coal and petroleum (but no other
metal or mineral) upon, in and under all that
piece or parcel of mineral land situate in and
forming part of Hloek 4,598, East Kootenay
District, and described aa follows :���
and not exceeding In tho whole six hundred
and forty statute acres.
: " Owing to the number of applicants for
'licenses to prospect for coal and petroleum,
and the peculiar circumstances surrounding
ithe application for and Issuance of these
jlicenees," and the well-known fact that the is-
su-wch has boen unav>idably suspended for so
many months, the Government of British Columbia finds it Imposslblo to determine th*
equitable rights of the numerous applicants.
Therefore, forthe purpose of enabling all persons to go before the proper tribunal for the
determination o( their respective rights and
priorities, this licence Is Issued and accepted
subject to such prior rights of other persons as
'may exist by law, and the date of this licence
is not to be taken or held as iu any sense determining such priority, and further it shall not
be taken or held to waive enquiry by tbe
court* into the proper performance of all conditions precedent as between adverse claimants ; and further, on the tndcrstandlng that
tho Government shall not be held responsible for, or in connection with, any conflict
which may arise with other claimants of the
same gronnd, and that under no circumstances
will licence fees be refunded.
And the holder-hereby waives any claim or
demand against the Government, and expressly agrees not to take any steps or proceedings, or present any petition, to enforce any
alleged claim or demand against the Government of the Province of British Columbia
arising out oi t^e issuance of this licence or
ot any other matter or thing appertaining
"The land being under reserve from preemption and sale this licence does not include
any right otiier than the right to prospect for
coal nud petroleum.
" The duration of this licence Is for one year
from the ���   . , 1W  .
House and Lot For Sale.
Without a doubt tbe finest
Residence in the Lardeau.
Situate in Ferguson, the
property contains 9 room?-,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah in front.
Water laid on. This very
desirable property would
make a first-class boarding
$400 down and the re9fc 0D ve|,y
��� ���   easy terms.
Apply Jno. J, Atherton,' Eagle' Office
MR. HARPER, one of the I. C. S.
Representatives for this district, will
be in Ferguson in a few days. Anybody wishing an interview ro any of
the following courses, will And htm] at
the Ferguson Hotel:
Mechanical Engineer.
Machine Designer.
Mechanical Draftsman.
Foreman Machinist.
Foreman Toolmnker.
Foreman Patternmaker.
Foreman Blacksmith.
Foreman Molder.
Gas Engineer.
Refrigeration Engineer.
Traction Engineer.
Electrical Engineer,
Electric Machine Designer.
Klectrlc-Lfghling Supt.
Electric-Hallway Supt.
Telephone Engineer.
Telegraph Engineer.
WI reman.
Dynamo Tender.
Motorman.      \
Hteam Engineer.
Engine Runner.
Marine Engineer.
Civil Engineer.
Hydraulic Engineer.
Municipal Engineer.
Bridge Engineer.
Railroad Engineer.
Mining Engineer.-.
Mine surveyor.
Mine Foreman.
Cotton-Mill Supt.
Woollen-Mill Supt.
Textile Designer.
Contractor and Builder.
Architectural Draftsman.
sign Painter.
Bhow-Catd Writer.
Sheet-Metal Draftsman.
Ornamental Designer.
Perspective Draftsman.
Ad Writer.
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
Start non on the road to succeis over
which 600,000 students have travelled
and are travelling. What it has done
{or others lt will do for you.
S, H. KRUGER, Rep.,'
Sot 4ttt Melton.
NOTICE is hereby given that licences to
prospect tor coal aud petroleum upon and
under lands situated within Bloek 4,593 South-
East Kootenay, will be issued forthwith to all
persons who have made proper application, In
Jursuance of the provisions of the' " Coal
lines Act" and amendments.
The fee for each licence will be 1100; and! all
applicants who have not deposited accepted
bank cheques to cover that amount are hereby
required to do ��o without further notice.
Licences will be issued In  tbe following.'
form, vis.:
11 Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Works,
" Lands and Works Department,
- Victoria, B. C, , 190 ."
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, it. C��� 6th June, 1904.
Triune. Silver Chief, Enterprise, Kamloops
and Kamloops Fractional mineral claims,
situate ln the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located :���On Triune Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, George S. McCarter,
acting as Hgent for Andrew Ferguson, Free
Miners' Certificate, No. 1.-M552, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
And further taku notice that action, under
section 37, must bo commenced before tho Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this 18th day of June, A.D. 1904,
There are some hundreds of thousands more men than women In the
Central and Western States of America
and Canada.
As a result, thousands of honorable
men���Farmers, Miners and others���living In those districts cannot get wives
within their own clrole of acquain
But In England, Ireland, Scotland
and Wale. there are a million more
women than men, and thousands of
good attractive girls���many of them
daughters of farmers, and all of them
quail Red to make excellent wives���who
have no desire to become old maids at
home, would willingly emigrate to
America could they be assured that
thoy were going to meet worthy men
as husbands on tbe other side of the
We are able to give good men Introductions to such girls.
If you wish to get an Introduction
please write us with such particulars
of yourself (age, nationality, occupation and circumstances as a sensible
girl would reasonably expect to get,
and we shall at once write you in reply.
Tell us what kind of a wife (age,
nationality appearance and disposition)
you wish to get.
You will alto enclose our fee of 5
dollars. A further fee of 45 dollars will
be due to ua within one month after
marriage, thus making 60 Hollars altogether.
It is not at all necessary that you
should be a wealthy man.
But It is necessary tbat you are a
man who would make a kind and good
usband to a good wife.
If you are not such a man please do
not write us.
Anglo-American Agents,
91 St. Mary's Road,
Buy Lots
in  Ferguson, the Pay-Roll
Centre ofthe Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where fret mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business: Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Farther Information Apply to
General Agent,
���Revelstoke. B, C.
Is Our
Por The
I Handle
Only The
Best Quality
Of Ggpds.
Send Orders To"
F0�� Jewelry. Silver
Ware9Watches&e \
Not* the Address
The Balmoral
Under the Management ot S. Slinger
Everything of the best
I    Mil, ���-    .   .... J
CarttOctte ur Incorporation,
I HIRKBY CERTIFY, that "The Great
northern Mlnea, Limited." has this day been
inoorpOratW under the " Companies Act, 1897,"
ii I biihittd Company, vrlth a capital of one
million five hundred thousand dollars, divided
into one million five hundred thousand shares
of one dollar <|1> each.
The time of the existence of the Company li
3fty years.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, .Province of Hritish Columbia, this 7th
day of Novembert one thousand nine hundred
and three.
WAT i,, ,, \ a t. wybiWM..
...      RefclatUtoJiMntStdtfafJotdpaai-fiB.
UtaUriS. hi
_ 1. To puvt
--.���- -������ .._���,--...-���-..
[H*lHg -are the objects for which the
. _, has been Incorporated :���
.. .-*> purchase the property of "The Ophir
Lade Mining Syndicate, Limited ;" and to purchase the following mineral claims, vis., the
"Strathcona," "Triune Fraction," "Lucky
Jack," "LuckyThree," "Little Phil," "Lucky
Jack Fraction," "Goldsmith," and "Gold HM/'
alt Bltuated In the Tiout Lake Mining Division
of West Kootenay District i and also to pur*
chase, lease, bond, locate or otherwise acquire
any mineral claims, mineral lands, mines, properties and any real, estate In tbe Province.Of
British,Columbia.b-- elsBwhwe, and to pay for
WiJe-me -cither in money or in fully paid-up
Intra ot the Company, or oartly ln money ana
partly In such shares, and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same or any of them or any
Interest therein:
2. To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise
treat gold, sliver, copper, lead ores or deposits
and other minerals and metalllo substances
and compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the
same merchantable, and to buy, sell and deal
in (he same, or any of tbem '
8. ,To ��:a*_Ty on the bustueos oi a m
Mft'eltlng, milling and refining company
. Jt any of its branches:
Smith & Co.
48 BleurySt,
��� Montreal
Will be represented in
Ferguson three or four
days .each south. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and wo M^^^^^
������inc. ur Miy ot tnem i
| -T.atry ob the business of a mining,
ng, milling and refining company in all
-.--j ot its branches:
4. To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, ex*
change or otberwlsesuch timber lands or leases,
timber claims, licenses to cut timber, surface
rights and rights of way, water rights and pri
......-uu mjuiHui way, water nguts and privileges, mlllB, factories, furnaces for smelting
nd treatiUK ores and refining metals, build*
n-rrl.   m__.nh.ni>*--    ���_.____.*     -*.-   -������= i-- ���   --
and I
_.__.**. ..��.������� win mm rcuuing metais. Duita-
ings, machinery, plant, or otherwise real or
personal property as may be necessary fo-r or
conducive to the proper carrying out of imy oj
the objects of the Company: ' .'
5. To construct tfialntfilu. Alter, make, wofjt
and operfcte dh tlie property of the Company;
M\Vf Cibals, trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and other
ways, watercourses,acqucducta, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
smelting works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, electric works and appliances, ware*
houses, buildings, machinery, plant, stores.and
other works and conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the objects of the Company, and with the consent of tbe shareholders
in general meeting, to contribute to, subsidise,
or otnerwlse aid or take part in any such operations, though constructed and maintained by
any other company or persons outsido of the
property of the Company,' and to buy, sell,
manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
Itnfts, Implements, (provisions, chattels and
effects required by the Company or Its workmen and servants i
A. To take, acquire, own and hold as tbe consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or
Jor work done by contract or otherwise, shares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or In
any other company, the objects of which nre
similar to thoso of this Company, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same :
I. To enter into any arrangement for sharing
profits, union of Interests, or co-operation with
any other person or company, carrying on, or
about to carry on, any business or transaction
similar to that which this Corn pany is authorised to carry on:
8. To purchase or otherwise acquire and un*
dertake all or any of the assets, business, pro*
perty, privileges, contracts, rights, obligations
and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any part of the business which a company specially limited under Bald section Is
authorised to carry on, or possessed of property
suitable for the purposes thereof:
9. To borrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so that the amount so borrowed or raised shall not, wlthbut the sanction
of a general meeting of the Company, exceed
one-quarter of tlie amount of the paid-up capital for tho time being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and Interest, or for any
other purpose; to mortgage or charge the undertaking or all or apy part of the property of the
Company, present or after acquired, and to
create, issue, mako, draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture stock, promisBorv notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable Instruments :
10. To distribute any of the-property of the
Company among the members Iu specie :
II. To Bell, Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to ao.
count, or otherwise deal with the.undertaking,
or the whole or any part of the property and
.rightsof the Company, with power to accept as
tbe consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of any companv the objects of which are
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise ; - i*
12, To do all such other things ag are incidental or conducive to the attalnir.est .*! the foregoing objects.
Dec. 18. aWWWM
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold IHU and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, situate ln the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Diatrict. f
Where locatcd-on Poplar Creek about one
mile from the railway.
Take Notice that I Robert Hodge, acting as
agent for W. B. Pool, Free Miners Certificate
Wo, B. 71717, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of improvements, for tha purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of aueh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated "IhliBth dayof January, A.D. 1904.
1    ' ROUT. HODUB.
Two Bargains.
For price, terms, etc, apply to J. Edward
Bird, barrister, Vancouver, or to B. G. Wood*
ward, Ferguson.
rpIIAT comfortablp little Dwelling House oc-
X cupied by C. M. Nesbitt, and two woll cultivated lots, nicely fenced, situated iu tbe best
residence 'part of Ferguson./ For sale cheap.
This is a snap.
rpHE Eagle Bloek. occupied by tbe Lardeau
JL Eagle newspaper and tbe Methodist
Church. The building draws a good rental
and tha aale price and terms will surprise you,
Locals With a Paystreak.
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using:
the 'phone. Office in Cummins & Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, the Nelson furnitue
dealers are funeral directors and era*
The Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, tbe latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Give them a mall order.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
OIQAB tee tbat "Union Cigar Factory"
��� stamped in gilt letters on every box.
-H, A. Brown, Revolstoke,
Our representative
S. A. Scott is ft
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders (or him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Sltnated'nldBt scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. Tbe molt complete health
resort on the continent of.North America.
Ite bath, core all NetTB-as and Muscular diseases. - Its .waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments.
They are a never failing reRfedy for
all metallic poisons, complete-ly purifying the system. * ;
TERStS��� lit to ,18 per week, according to residence in Hotel or Villas.
ited late of North America
THI 8 18 THE
the United Hatters
-A\ of North America.
'r-AWhen you arehuv-
l\��V**-I * MR HAT,
j��*| ���ibir aoit or Btlff,
tti\ *.�� to it that the
lenuine UNION
II a retailer has
loose labels in his
r-fsaession a** ��(���
���<,*��� ** put one fn a
hat for you, do not
.,, patronise him. He
has not anyrtgnno nave tooae labels. Loose
labels In retail stores are counterfeits. Oo not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on tbe four edges exactly tbe same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits am some*
times perforated on three of the edtres, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the -counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them ln order to get rid of
tbeir scab-made hats. The John B. -Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, Pa., Is non-union concern,
���   , JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N.J.
U Warerly Place, Room 15, New York City.
Tmdi Mam*
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
jtotelfly ascertain our opji-lonkfr.e;wh.tber an
  t agency for eacortngpetL
Patents taku through Hunn * Co. rectfn
���petal aoMes. without charge. In the
Scientific American.
A handsom.ly Illustrated weekly,   lamt cir-
lo.. �� I- St. Washington. D. C
Time Table, i
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comupllx, commencing October 14th, IM, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and 5k.
Leaving Boaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice dally��� 7:15k and
12;45k. Making close connections
with all C. I'. H. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Ths Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Including tbe Fish Creek camp
and Upper Duncwj River section, compiled ny A. P. Cummins, P. L. 8., and S
Shannon.B. A.-;la now on sate at this
office.   The ready sale of the map ii
?roving all" we have said for iV. The
rout Lake division Is lithographed In
black, tbe Lardeau in red, and the Ainsworth in blur. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map and find any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails. Surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim In the
district Ib shown.
irexc   to   Visiting   the   Country   la
'.Si'i     '
Person Tbis Map Takes First Place*
In fact every geographical
feature Ib so welt defined that one can
Bee at a glance the nature of eur country
and the trend of tbe claim locations
gives an intelligible Idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp, ltis
Tbe   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered In tbe map line of a mining
camp. It is the first complete map of
the district and is selling well. It is just
what you are looking for. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar hill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.) to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
For Sale
A Snap I Get after it quick.
This Incubator is in flrst-class
condition. ��� Hore is a chance to
make a fortune for
A 12 oz. Duck   .
12x8 TENT.
With 3 ft. Wall. Nearly new.
Owner bas no further use for
it.    For quick sale, will accept
Real Estate
I have some of the finest blocks
and lots ln Ferguson on my books.
Buy at once before tbe crowd gets
This week's special:
A Lot on Victoria Ave.
100x33 feet.
adjolBing the  rost-Offlce in
Block 1.
This Is the finest location In town
and Will be worth troble shortly.
_)Do veu wish to buy or sell any-
1   thing? Drop mo a line and I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
IRON BEDS a Specialty
$5 and up.
Goods can be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very short notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  **.***.******��**��.i**......*..��*.**
C:-._t-*__>_<���-a ff      _TW-_,<��._���>�� a--��*---       -M-����f
Funeral Directors and
IQrMnata of Myer's folleie.o! Embalming]
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten
hours notice If advised by wire.
D. J. Robertson * G<>-
Trout Lake Bnnch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Capital Authorized, 14,000,000 head OFFICE:       "
Capital (paid up)    -    3,000,000 , __.    .
Reat - - - - - - ..850,000 loroiito, Ontario
Branches io the Northwest Territories. Provinces 'bf British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gat  Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT;'Chlet Ini-.-ictor.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold ar .liable io AU parts of Canada, I
United Str tea and Europe.   ��� _..-����
Special attention gireu to collections and "��� ����� OOVLTBEE
Mining Bonds. '��   ���        Manager
Are You
A Union
Man .
Union Cigar Factory
Manufactures only Union goods, and besides, they are the best on the market.
Tbey ure made of the best Havana tobacco.
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on gotting
Union l'i_ar Factory, KEVELSTOKE, B.C.
I Lardeau, .
Hotel       ~
We try to give satisfac-  ,���
tion to our   guests. T
Laughton Bros.
a. Proprietors. w
Made in
TROUTL*\KE, - - B.C .
Tlie Kootenay
Steam Laundry
There ia only one beat mining journal.
That ia
Mines and Minerals.
Tt lun a larRCT circulation than any tno other
AmericHn minlue Joarnali became it ia tba
bent. It is the largeBt, best illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal In the world. It
ia a mining paper for ruining men. Subscription prict. $2.00 per yenr. Send for free sample
copy    AdrireaiMINK!. AN'P M|NERAl_8,8craii.
Jon.Pa..U.S. A. Denier office*, Barth HM**-..
leaver, Colorado.
Docs All Kinds Ot Work In
Wiiy Uf
Either Machine or Hand Work.
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may be lodged
with onr Agent,
Trout Lake.
the Brightest, Newsiest Paper
in the District. j Local and General, j
***** **** 4-4-4*******444***4-
Blll-Diivie is resting.
Ed. llell has rejoined the camp.
Archie Clillos is on his pins again.
Cjtler Porter was in town Monday.
Jus. Lade lllled in two days with ns
this week.
E. Roche waa down from the Nettio
L. ou Monday,
Ed. Williams hus beon in hospital
for a tow days.
Theo. iiaribeau. Silver Cup, was In
town on Monday.
Ike Robinson, from Poplar, was in
town last tail end.
George Howard left for Phoenix on
the stage this morning.
Alex Cummins has another funnel-
orchestia in Ms emporium.   '
Godfrey Blrtsch, Nelson, spent it
couple uf days with us this week.
Mayor Marsh-all went a-lishlng Tuesday.   Ho got nit and a sore thorax.
Miles Custer and Alex Laing shanked
to the Nottie L. and back oh Sunday.
PatDevine, high cockalorum at the
Nettie L., was iu town on Wednesday.
Will. V. Domarus, or Little Falls,
Minn., visited the miner's mecea on
.I.E. Barr, Johannesburg, Pochestrom
and Trout Lake City, is registering at
the Ferguson.
Grace Williams, New Denver, graced
the town with her presence for a lew
Injurs on Friday.
0. .1. Reid, Ed. Ward and Arthur
Gunn pulled out on Wednesday to prospect on the Duncan.
John Sutherland, Rovelstoke, has
sone up to the Triune fraction to resume assessment duties.
Will Waller and Lew Thompson
came down from the Union Jack on
Monday for a few hours.
Walter Edwards is now presiding
over tho pantry at the Triune, vice
Oscar, king of Sweden���resigned I
A. J. Gordon took a gang ot mon tip
to Gainer Creek on Monday for thc
purposo of doing assesmont work.
Alox. Fraser, Silver Cup, joined tho
boys in town for a few hours on Wednesday, nnd it cost him a ten-spot.
Piefaced'Clarence hiked to tho King's
highway on Monday. At present ho is
suffering from abnormal appetite and
loss of money.
A. J. G. Swinney, general superintendent of tho Silvor Cup Mines, Ltd.,
leaves town to-morrow for a eastern
businoss trip.
Harvey Ross and Charlie Whited
rejoined civilization for a few hours on
Saturday. The boys from the Triune
returned same night.
George Howard has been out drumming for tho Eagle this week. He
carried power of attorney, our sympathy, and a Colt's 45,
f Paul Kruger diod in Switzerland on
the lllth Inst. Permission has boen
sranted to convoy his remains to the
Transvaal for interment.
Mrs. Kathyrii .Leigh, Denver, Col.,
accompanied by her mother, Mrs. H.
C. Neumeyor, Burton, B.C., paid a
flying visit to Ferguson on Saturday.
Joe Sullivan paid a visit to the
Oregon group on Monday. He reports
that Joe Brady has encountered a line
lead of rich clean ore. Ho is engaged
stripping the lead.
Tbe Balmoral Hotol is bluBhlng be_
hind a radiant coat of celestial blue and
oriental green. Victoria Avenue looks
the better for tho embellishment, and
artist Nesbitt knows his business.
General Booth, the salvo apostle, has
boen offered a Knighthood by the King.
Dowie will undoubtedly come in for a
baronetcy, and then the Eagle man
will expect at least an earldom.
The fencing around the Miners'
Hospital is now complete. It's up to
someone to thank all -those who volunteered to undertake the charitable
work. May they never need to go beyond the tence.
T. W. Graham and E. Hillman were
busy on Monday laying in a heavy
otock of provisions prior to their jaunt
to the Elstnere Group, where work of
a development nature will be continued.
Tbey have a good property, and our
best wishes,
Alex. Dodds, superintendent at the
Triune mine, paid a business trip to
town on Monday. Everything will
soon be in readiness for shipping ore,
but development work of a nature that
will admit of a winter campaign is the
order of'the day.
The constant drip of water wears away
the hardest stone;
Tho constant gnaw of Towser masti-
, cates the toughest bone :
Tlio constant wooing lover carrios off
the blushing maid ;
And the constant advertiser is the one
���who gets the trade.
Doukhobors are out searching for
trouble again. A large party of theso
religious fana.tics aro on the march,
and havo reached Swan River. It is
to be hoped they will be marched back
beforo tho mentally afflicted concourse
become too troublosome.
A littlo fellow who occasionally drops
into tho Eagle olilce to watch the
printer, found some free gold while
prospecting in tho Eagle escritoire one
day this week. In reaching for it,
he accidentally upset the gold-dust all
ovorhis curly thinker, whieh gave him
the appearance of a gilded statuette.
When he got homo his mother licked
him for rolling down tho mountains.
Messrs. Nesbitt, Gordon, Burns, and
Lewis last week comploted work on
the extension to the trail wost of Rapid
creek. Thero is now a fairly good trail
extending from tho wagon road to about
a mile south of tbe Morning claim.
Two miles farther would 'Open up the
country as far as the Alhambra Group,
recently located, and thc government
should give some assistance to the prospectors on Rapid and Rusty creeks.
Weather Report.���" Can you tell mo
what sort of weather we may expect in
tho Lardeau for the next month?"
wrote n subscriber to tho editor, and
ye editor replydo: " It's my belief that
tho weather next month will ho very
much like your subscription." The
enquirer thought for three hours before he tumbled to the word "unsettled." Another subscriber writes:
Dear Editor���I owe you 2 dollars, don't
for goodness sake stop sending the
paper. Enclosed lind ten 2 cent stamps
and a brass check for 124 on Cummins.
Remorse bites my conscience very
hard; when remorse bites again I'll
send some more.���Yours, &c.
The world is vory small alter all.
Last Saturday the editor-printer-devil-
financier rubbed shoulders with an old
friend from tho little island off the
coast of France���which holds a village
called London. Walter Edwards,
hunter and trapper, traveller, explorer
and ehof���used tho same doorstep and
found shelter under the same roof
as tho writer while he was struggling
for an existence in the "smoke." Walter has stories (o tell of disturbed
slumbers by tEe midnight squawk of
tho Eaglets, who are now big enough to
offer the old man their left-off pants
and knock the L out Walter.
We had a certain amount of satisfaction in relating a story in a previous
issue of a. parson and a printer. The
printer could'nt pay his debts, as all
bis subscriber were deadheads, and, on
tho aside, all members of tho parson's
congregation. Tho parson prayed for
tho printer, but the parson didn't, know
his congregation wero on the hummer,
and now he's up against It himself. In
taking permanent leave of his congregation, the parson said: "Brothers
and sisters, I have como to say goodbye. I don't think God lovos this
church, because none of you ever die.
I don't think you love one another becauso I never marry any of you. 1
know you don't love tho printer, I
don't think you love me, because you
havo'nt paid my salary; your donations are mouldy fruit and wormy
apples, and by thoir fruit yo shall know
them. Brothers, I nm going away to a
bettor placo. I have been called to bo
a chaplain in a penitentiary. Where
I go ye 'cannot come, but I go to prepare a place for you, and may the Lord
havo mercy on your souls.   Good-bye."
���THE S
1    rec
HE School Trustees for the town
Ferguson are prepared to
receive   applications   for   the
position of Teacher at the Ferguson School.
Applicants (Mule or Female) must
be prepared to commence duties on
Monday, August 8th, next.
Address : Secretary,
School Board,
Ferguson, B.C,
Keep your eye on Forguson. .
The Nettle L. tram is now, doing Its
duty. Yesterday morning, after splicing the cable and spacing \h& cars, a
trial trip was made. Everything was
found O.K.
Can anyono doubt that advertising
pays. The advertiser who uses gumption with printer's ink ii getting there
all the time. For example : " Tako a
drink with tlie Editor of tbe Lardoau
Eagle ! " This invitation, printed in
gold-blocked letters, is tho ilrst thing
to attract tho eye on outering ah hotel
in Ferguson. Thoso cards aro doing
their duty. Enquirers catcb on, my
subscription list grows, and thirsts are
slaked. A drummer in town last week
was evidently tickled with the dodge,
for ho has sent along a three-inch ad.,
which appears on this page, and to
which we draw the gentle reader's
attention. Thero aro no flies on Thorpe
If you earn a FREE
DRINK by paying
your subscription
to the tW
Thorpe * Co
: O  B. N. WILKIE,
*   V^*�� P. L. S.
;: Provincial
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown GrantB
Trout Lake.
B. C.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claim; and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants OD-
mined nnd Assessments Managed
fur Absentees.
Olllees:  Camborne and Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
Beaton, B. C
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
OHIeos: Revelstoke, Goldon, and Ferguson. Solicitors for Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. s. McCarter. J. A. Harv.y.
A, M. Pinkliam.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
as it
' not
Qotft Read this.
fae the men becoming more elegant ?
4 number of years ago wben a man's
pants were too short and his hose coyly
peeped in view, it was of the gray yarn
and ugly enough to make the dogs
bark. Now the fleeting visions obtained
of men's hosiery are more gratifying.
They are wearing pretty hose, as pretty
as worn by the ladies. Sutherland and
McKinnon stock the pretty and the ugly
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of tho staue route running botweon
the abovo points, making three trips weekly.
The Best Place To Put Up At When in Perguson Is
���The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tables are provided with the best that money cnn buy.
The rooms are well ventilated and always clean.
Rate by the Day
When you reach trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Goodaccommbdation
..Best ol service .. Choi"5' wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing andFergusol,Packing
Contracts  entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc, to any point In the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
perguson Hotel
>������ "


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