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 ..��' 3i* ' *���*-'
fi!| >3 Ir MKt.tl. QUOrATlONS.
";| g- SlLVTR-Bar 88-J
''    'Lead ..-til, 6.*., 3d.
Thi Baulk is more widely
circulated than any other
$2.00 A YEAR.
4a Bagle Bepreeentatlve Secures
an Interview Witb ,
(ITS M. P. P.
T*s Brilliant Member for Rossland
.' Visits Ferguson and Incidentally Talks Politics.
Smith Cu.-tis, M P. P. (er Rossland
rldtag, ramo Into fergueon Friday
night last, going out again Saturday
night for Fish creek where bo is interested in mining property, and (rom
thence to Victoria where he will In*
veitlgatc some mineral deposits on
Vancouver Island. Mr. Curtis spent
moat o( Saturday looking ovor aome
mining property near Ferguson, but
before leaving town culled ac tho Eagle
sauctum where tho Eagle editor subjected him to a questioning on matters
pertaining to mining and also on tho
politlOHl situation in the province.
Asked n�� to ibo correctness of Mr.
Jeeeph Martin's self piulso for having
been the moans of getting the land
grant to, the Cauatllao Northern rail
way thrown out us reported In tho
Eaglo from tho .Rossland Minor. Mr,
Curtis sttid Unit Mr. Martin's assumption was absurd fur ho hud nothing to
dowiih.it-* being thrown nut. lint his
action''Tfr-the matior during the past
two sessions nf thei house was wholly
dlffe'i'.'fit. from what he seems to wish
to lead the po iple to believe. N'oti.nly
did Mr. Martin nnttitke the stand ho is
reported to have said lie took, hut none
nf bis followers In the house ever took
sucb a stand. As tn tlio report thut the
elections truly bo brought on boloro an
other S'lssiiin, Mr. Curtis said be
thought It very probable thut the gov*
ernnieot, would urine on a goneral elec*
tion for they I'tinuiit hope with the gov*
orniiioiit, aa now constituted to carry
any important legislation because of
their Biiii-.ll and wavering majority.
Tbe government's actions Inst session
were vory generally condemned, and
there uupears to bt* little confidence
left, fur tbo gnvernniunt, in tbe hearts
of the people.
Being asked il be thought party poll*
tics would be Introduced Into the next
general election contest, Mr. Curtis
���aid bo did nut much think they would,
If thoy woro thoro would be at least
three purties, the liberal, Conservative and L'li'greaslvn. If mis is done
he would certainly support .he Pro-*
Jtresslviw. Mr. Curtis said, however,
It was his decided wish to drop out of
politics and lie did not Intend to run at
next election if he ouuld possibly avoid
It. Mr. Curtis also said that he worked,
bard und conscientiously lust s isiun to
get legislation passed that wuuld bone-
lit tbe whole country, but though a lot
of time wus consumed, littlo was accomplished. He . characterized the
legislation passed and attempted by
the.DutiauiuIr government i\�� -surpassing in stupidity that of any preceding
government What was given away of
the couutry's resources was far ln excess of what the Turner or any other
governmenb.had given.
Some Unexpected Changes���"WY B. Pool Sells Out
of the Nettie L. and Silver Cup-Will Devote His Abilities and Capital to Gold Mining.
Ths two leading features In Fergu-'
son this week were a great gathering
of well knows mining men and important changes in connection with tome
of our big properties. The Brat part
of tbe contingent arrived on Sunday
when F. W. Godsal and W. K Cochrane, who waa accompanied by Mra.
Cochrane, arrived from Alberta via
tbo new railroad, having been detained
two days at Lardo by the railway running out of coal'. On Tuesday Messrs.
W. B. Pool, J. J. .Young, M, L. A., A.
O. Klrby, W. M. Brown and G. S. Mc/]
Carter came in from Kevelstoke. Mes
sr��, Kirby and Walker represent the
London Syndicate, interested In the
(fettle LT, Silver Cup, Double Eagle
and Ophir Lade propertie.. As re-
ported elsewhere Mr. Walker met with
an accident at Thomson's Landing and
had to be taken back tu Uevelstoko lor
medical treatment.
The first ofthe series of meotinge,       ...
Igrants of the company's numerous
wa. bold on Wednesday afternoon, be- j ,���.���,,_,.,]������ a.lld a|80 ������ development
'���"*'  '       " '"'      1""'J       work on the May Bee and Moscow,
-The strike on tbe Canadian Northern
was settled on July 18th. Tho men
fere not recognized as a union, but
were allowed all tne extra money they
asked. A cU c committee look the
matter Ij band.
Carter, Donald G. Forbes. I
After some further discussion the
meeting adjourned.
At a subsequent meeting ol the directors the following offlcers were appointed: 1). G, Forbes, president and
manager; A. H. Holdich, secretary.
sad K. G. Haduw, assistant secretary
and assistant manager.
The meeting nf shareholders of tbe
Double Eagle Mining _c Development
Co., Ltd,, was held nest, wilh J. J.
Young, president, in the chair. A. H.
Holdich acted as secretary.
Alter tbe reading of the minutes Mr.
Pool* presented his resignation us manager, which nn the motion of tbe vice*
president, Mr. Cochrane, was accepted
with regret and a voteof-thanks passed
to Mr. Pool similar to that passed at
the Great Western meeting. Goneral
regret was expressed over the loss tn
the com puny caused hy Mr. Pool's
The directors annual report gave
particulars of tbe operations during
the year which were mainly confined
to surveying  and   obtaining   crown
Ing the annual meeting of shareholders
of the Great Western Mines, Ltd.,
ownors ofthe Nettie L., Ajax aud
othcH properties.
F. W. Oodsal occupied the chair. A.
H. Holdich was secretary and the following were also present: A. O. Klrby,
Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., J. J. Young, M.
L. Ai, O. S. McCarter, VV. F. Cochrane,
E. Gl Iladow.
Tho minutes of the last goneral meeting were read and confirmed.
Thb. following letter was then read
by tbe secretary.
Ferguson, July 23rd, 1902.
"To tho Directors,  Great" Western
Mines, Limited.    ,
''Gentlemen: I bog to tender my
resignation aa president apd manager
of the company, to take offect from
tbis date. Yours truly,
W. 2. POOL."
'- It being understood that Mr. Pool's
decision was final a motion was carried
accepting the resignation with regret
and the hearty thanks of tha shareholders at voiced by Mr. Kirby were
tendered to'Mr. Pool for bis Invaluable
services and able management of tbe
The. annual report of the directors
was then read by the secretary together
f with the yearly balance sheet- Tbe report contained an account of tbe work
done during the year on tbe various
properties of the company, special attention being naturally devoted to tbe
Mettle L., which under Mr. Pool's
capable management bas now arrived
St a point Is its history when it is able
to ship largely and pay handsomo returns to Itl shareholders.
Tho report and balance iheot wero
The following directors were appointed for the ensuing year: J. Douglas Walker, K. C, Alfred 0. Klrby,
Thomas Taylor, M. P. P., G. 8. Mc-
��� Good   Congregation Attended
.   Bervloe ln Hall
Mr. T. K. Flahsr Preachea an Abls
Sermon Luke 2-40-"Y71st
Ye Not, Etc."
_______ E
was mentioned thut tbe company had
co-operated with the Groat Western
company .in-completing the wagolt road
commenced by tho ifoverntrent last
year. Tho eosi to thc companies was
upwards of .1,000 which it is hoped
will be retailed by the provincial
Tho directors report and balance
sheet wore adopted by tbe meeting.
The election of new directors then
took place with the samo result as in
the Great Western company, except
that tbo name uf W. M, Brown, of
Uevelstoko, was added.
Before tbe meeting adjourned the
future plans of both companies were
discussed, somo Interesting particulars
being given from the report of Geo.
Attwood, the London mining engineer,
who recently exumiued tim properties.
It is understood lhat a compressor plant
has. boen ordered und air drills will
shortly be working In the Nettle L.
Mr, Attwood's report confirms (.ho
good oplnlou which has often been expressed In our columns concerning the
Nellie L. aa a great sllver-leud mine.
The force of men will -'bo largely increased.
The goneral meeting of the Ophir-
Lade, Syndicato, Limited, wa* held In
tbe evening and there ,was a largo attendance of shareholders presont. A
considerable amount of business was
transacted, Including tho presentation
of tho annual report and balance sheet
whieh showed tho company to be in a
vory satisfactory condition with a respectable*, balanco In- tho bank. The
work done j-jst. fall on tbo Lade group
was doscribeft'ln detail and the opluion
of the directors was expressed that the
completion ol tbe work now In hand
Would develop tbo Lado properly into
a great gold mine, the ore already
taken out and tho largo quantity ln
sight being undoubtedly tbe richest
tellurlde and free milling ore ever
seen tn the province assaying as it dues,
up into tho thousands of dollars per
The following gentlemen wore elected
directors of the Ophir-Lade: W. B,
Pool, F. W. Godsal, W. F. Cochrane,
J. J. Young, S. Sutherland T. Kil*
Patrick, B. Crilly, James Lade and
Hubert Hodge.
After considerable discussion it was
decided to adjourn tbis meejljhg of
shareholders and call anjpthcr''ln thej. ,, n_,iDi__
near future as soon af the director.11
have prepared ikfAf plans and are
ready to submit it (Infinite policy, their
arrangements hnltig somewhat changed
owing to the shuflle between, the Old
Country and local shareholders. A
large amount of capital has been applied fur in the Ophir-Lade by local
Ferguson men, the majority of whom
are practical miners who know a good
tiling when they see it. The Eagle
looks for great thlagKc from this company.
In conversation with W. B. Pool the
Eaglo representative   secured    some
Interesting information concerning the
important changes which have taken
place.   He stated that the changes had
been made in the Interests of tbe prop.
arties and of kit parties.
"I was tbe orieiuul discoverer of tbe
I Nettie L." su'd Mr. Pool, "and as 1
, hare had charge of its development
'ever since, I naturally take a deep
interest In the mine and wish the new
owners every possible success In mak
ing it tbe great producer which it is
capable of becoming.   After years, of
bard  work  thinking and rustling, I
have brought the Nettie L. to a point
when it ran ship on a large scale.   Ow
Ing to tbe low price ot silver and the
cost of smelting and transportation, I
j was opposed in the past to shipping any
more ore than would pay the expenses
uf  development,   and   this   brought
about one of the reasons leading to tbe
change that haa taken place. The English shareholders bought a controlling
interest In the mino a yoar ago and
wanted me to ship all the oro In sight.
In view of this difference of opinion
and for several other reasons, I decideo
to sell out my remaining interest anu
drop out of   the management.   One
strong reason for my doing so was lhat
I wanted tu be ln a position along witb
my partners, Messrs. Young, Godsal
and..Cochrane to devote all of our
energies to the big gold properties
which we own.   You can say on my
authority that in the settlement between us and tbe English shareholders
It was arranged tbat we should sell
them our Interests in the silver properties and- buy them out ot tho gold
properties. ,
"The deal Includes the Silver Cup
In which we bave sold out our interests
to the English shareholders, and lam
glad to say that I believe tbey .have
got bold* of  two valuable properties,
my opinion ul which has been backed
up by Mr. Attwood.
"I believe this distriot contains tho
makings of several mora Nettle L.'s| toutiaucd rn I'st-** Three.
Rev. T. K. Fisher of Mlnneat s ie
preached a thoughtful and hi.ilj
Interesting sermon in Eagle hall Sunday
afternoon to a largo and attentive .on*
gregatloo. Though tbo day was the
hottest that Ferguson has experie ced
this summer, those present seem 3 to
enjoy what we thought a rare tr at.
Mr. Fisher is a concise and pleusan?
.speaker and is a muster of oratory. He
.evidently has bad large experleneo is
Tbe text'chosen for Ms discourse wae
from Luke 2 and 49. "Wist yo not thai,
I must bo about my fathers buslne-s."
In his inlriKjuctory remarks tho
speaker referred to the lost child found
in the Temple of Jerusalem and culminating In bis memorable words,
which was the keynote of his life.
"Wist ye not that I must he about'my
fathers business." Tbo speaker referred first to tbe great mission of
Christ on earth which wan to rev**al
God's love to man. "For God so loved
the world tbat he gavo his only begotten son, that whosoever believelb in
him should not perish, but nave everlasting life."   John 3-16.
Another mission of Christ was to
bring man to a knowledge of his sinful
condition and the neod of a personal
Saviour. Christ's mission was essentially tbat of a preacher, vlz-of glad
tidings: "I came, says Christ, not to
call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." This wus tho main the mo
of Christ's message. Ho drew men to
Him by personal magnetism. "And 1
if I be lilted un from tho earth wili*
He then referred at bouio length tr
tho "Vicarious Sacrlfico" or the atonement which forms the important even'*
in Christ's work, and concluded by
showing that the mhision of Christ
would bo Incomplete without having established His church on sartb and tho
carrying out of tho Masters comniand,
"Go ye out Into ull tho world and
preach the gbapul lu overy ..mature."
Tbe inspiration which cosies to all
of His followers encaged ip.Ila.ii.rvic.'
is lhe knowledge of His pro.euce.with
them In allot their uiider.u.iug��.. "Loi
I am wilh ytiu alway.:, even unto tbo
ond of the world."
and Silver Cup's, and If we decide to
go Intosilvor mining again, I have no
fears us to our being able to rapidly
develop two or three luqre big shippers
more especially with tho valuable experience we havo gained In the past
threo years.. Our policy in tbis i*o-
speet will probably be guided largely
by the future prospects of thc silvor
"At any rate wo arc right In now for
gold mining. It has been the ambition
of my lifo to get bold of a great free,
milling gold mine and I believe 1 bave
accomplished it at last. I am going to
Camborno to-morrow with tho directors of the Ophir-Ludo syndicate to ex-
amino the Oyster aud Criterion groups
which J. J. Young and I bought re-
___-__. Lardeau Wagle
"uWliheil ercry
Prld.y at Ferguson, II.
liy .
took him at his word and left lor ih.
west. They were inlormed of th*.
correct state of affairs when they
arrived at Frank and over 100 Italians got off the train at once, the
English speaking miners got off at
Michel. The men st Fernie are delighted over the .stand taken hy thr
owhnm ��ii correspondence siioui i u nulled, imported men and do not believe the
' company will be able to get men lo
SubWlption a.tos:   12.00 per annum, to ' work until'the' trouble is ended.
���in** Hd.h_s.* In America; |i.'__ for six months; I
n-S-.jear lu foral|-n addresses.   No per, nu I ssssssssstssasssm
paper. I ~~���
J..b Prlntlnf*:    Tho Esgle job ilep��rtment
UAH ���"��' ".alMf-oS ufSce, sucl tbe only officii
K"!1': t*. 'Jirnlssi  lhe typwuphlc.t union
i.'l-, J?.��. <l>"!l��* '!>��� t>*po��r��|iliic��l union
Mel laHltt-IB kcwt-uiayi a (aarauun In Itself
if good yurlt and promptness,
The Coast, an illustrated monlhty
magazine published s{ Seattle and
Advertising Rates; Display ads.,ti.oo i*r devoted lo the interests of the*west,
���ingle column inch per month.    Legal ads., 12  ��*i|| bei-in the nuhlication ol n serial
"oa..per fnonjiarloj] Uuo for Irstlusertlon; s ".   lne pumtcstion oi a -serial
wnte por line for l��.ch additional Insertion. ...
neatllng notices lo rem. i��r line each Issue.
JUW'J'Wlcf*-* notloel, flO.: .lit. days, ��T.��;
thirty days, la No ads. .ccepled at fen than
Hew r��(es.  No rpom for quack ada.
Pttr weekly Insertions constitutes oae
mania's advertising.
Fttltl'-Y. JULY 25. 1902.
As wjll-beseen  elsewhere, in Ihe
columns ot thi. week's Eagle, great
���hanges have taken place in the four
big mining companies of Ferguson.
What   significance   these   changes
will have on the future ot this camp,
*e feel that it is  premature' as ��� yet
to foretell, but looking nt   the mat-
Ctr generally, the Eagle hardly feels
justified at the present time in commenting definitely.    While on the
me hand we Hfe sorry that die two
i^est  stiver properties of the camp
lave  lost the services of Manager
. Awl; on the other hand we cannot
but  express  gratification   that   the
.re-arrangement probably means the
inl induct ion of a  larger  amount ol
additional capital into the Lardeau,
for it is reported lhat the new capital invested  hy the London  syndicate is to be re-invested hy the'local
men in bringing our gold proper! es
further lo Ihe front.    Mr. Pool wi s
the original  locator of the  pioper-
fes included in the Great 'Western
Mines,   Lid.,  nnd  also ofmo.-t of
tho-e in the Double,Eagle Co., at d
they have been. under his manage*
ment exclusively all   through the
various    stages  of   development.
The Nettie L. wus nut what wou d
be called, in this camp, a particularly promising prospect during the
early stages of its development aid
it required  thc abounding faith and
persistence of Mr. Pool to prevent
aa abandonment of the idea of its
b.ingmade a mine.    Even the Provincial' Mineralogist condemned it
in  its early prospect stages, but
later, after depth had been attained
he pronounced it a very valuable
pro.iWty.   Thus   we   believe   lhat
Mr. Pool deserves great credit for
the enviable state that the mine is
in to-dny ���-and for the good that hns
and wlH -yet accrue to the town of
Ferguson;   The Nettie  L. having
turfed out so good, confidence was
,;iv n to other prospect owners to
persist in the development ol their
story written by its editor, embracing scenes and life in the west,'par-,
ticularly Seattle, coveting the period
of the Klondike exciljSnient and-immediately following, "eSuitled, "The
Triumph of Michael Sears."
mine lo heller advantage in muny
���Mays and will greatly lessen the expense. It is expected that the work
,'f construction will start early in
August.   ''!.'.   .
The annual report of Hon. E. G.
Prior, minister ol mines of B. C.
mr the year ending 31 >i D.-c, 19.11,
has reach.d ihis office, li contains
nuch valuable Information of ihe
mines and mining in the province
The illustrations, of which there are
many, are really beautifully executed
and help to make the report a valuable acquisition to an office or library. What appears to be a very
fair report is given of the mines
-ind prospects of this district. A
very useful sketch map showing the
mining divisions of the province uc<
companies the report.
There are a good many adverse
opinions on lhe Thunder Mountain
mining camp going the rounds ol
the press by parties why. hive investigated 1 he. ground ' on which it
was reported that.rich strikes had
been made. There seems to have
been some ground staked that will
yield fairly good pay, hut there was
nothing to warrant the mad rush
that took place.
William Mi-Adams, editor of the
Paystreak, Sandon, was brought be-
lore the full court nn the 181 h inst.
at Victoria, lor accusing the judges
of the province ol corruption. H.
condu- led his own' defense and in
reviewing lhe circumstances in the
case of Clark vs. Collins, which led
in his ohjeelionahle comment, where*
n he charged lhat one of the par*
ties had a pull with the court. He
idmitted lhat he did wrong and had
no right to make ihe statement,
though a hardship had been wroughi
in one ol Ihe parties in lhe case.
The judges, however, seemed to
feel that an example should be made
of Mi-Adams and therelore semen-
ment and also to furnish four
curilies ol $1,000 each for good
conduct. Failure to provide the
necessary bonds  would   add  one
The Vulcan smelter  is finished      ... ...
and all preparations are complete ced h,m |��  n'�� months jmpnaon.
for Ihe "blow in."   This will occur      "" ' """'	
on the 4th of August, when it is
hoped there will be enough ore at
lhe smelter to keep the furnaces go-	
ing steadily. There area number !>'eMr',*ldlllon'-1 ""prisonment. It is
of shareholders in the Smeller Co.) MP**-r<��d lhat McAdams has wtrec
now visiting Ferguson, lor the |W-1his frle,n?s '���� circulHte.��-petftlgm lc
pose of witnessing the "blow in" "'*' minister ol justice against the
and the treatment of Lardeau ores I *e',,*\nc 1.vvnicn l,ethi��.ks very severe.
hy the Vulcan lyre of smeller will We M":V'! -,le PL,.",on *'' bl
he watched carelully hy mining men ll-rK��'l.v ^ned "ml " ,s P*"��hllbl* ����
all over the district, minister will remit the sentence.   I
seems to be the general impression
through the country, especially thi
press of the counlry, lhat the cast-
did not warrant so severe a sentence. ���'
The, Metropolitan Gold & Silver
Mining company are calling for lenders for the construction af a Iram-
wac one smiJ a half miles .lung Irom
Ihe workings of the Triune mine to
Ihe lo.11. of, the hill���*timber line.
Ihe tram will enable lhe mine 10 be
worxed continuously, no .-.hut down
will he necessary ns in, the past on
acco yil^of snow. It will also en-
ble the_jnanagejnen't .10  work Ihe
Three good carpenters wanted al
once, , .Steady work for summer to
right inen and standard wattes ($4,00
per day) will bo-paid.
1). A, Dunbar,
IHjuly Ferguson, li.C
1   .���    i,. ft>-'i    -in       1
Fsrnie has been greatly excited
���or the past few days about lhe report thdt a large force of men from
t'ennsylvania were being imported
I'y . the company. A big crowd
nad gathered at the station on thei
8th to meet the men who were supposed to arrive oh that train, but
��� mly two of them went through to
fernie, the balance having learned
'he strike was still on got oil at
i'rank and Michel', ' E.'-Rogers, one
it' the arrivals said, the Coal Co. had
wiredlhe'.men to come along, that the
Tike was Over, all travelling ex-
oenses would be paid.   Tbe then
ANDY CUMMINGS, ProfiHetdt., '
Ferguson, B. C, Opposite the Postoffice.
*       "" '	
.-.Liqno _
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
NEATLY FURNISHED,       *��� ��'*���*������ "W	
���*$-*$$$ *���#*���* �� #j-^-%-te^ %<m-tm \
Windsor Hotel-
When eoml ng I nto Ferguson the first hotel to
seo Is the Windsor. If one Jsjouking lor tbe
bost accommodation, i. e. Clean, well tended
rooms, a well furnished table Und choice liquors and cigars, then the Windsor is 'the best
place to stop. Reading rooms', and parlors
nicely furnished.   Every th ing qulut.
Madame1 O'Connor, Propriet****..
'   ' ..ii.* 1, it*      aj. r     IMS t,
A Golden
For a safe, profitable investment there-
is nothing in the Kootenays to equal lots
in the town of *'"'*"'
And trains are now running
to the foot of Trout lake.
'. Is being pushed as never
before and the outlook for
the season is most promising.
Buy a few lots before the
rush sets in for they are
bound to be valuable before
Is the most promising town in
the Lardeau '     ft
Business Lots   Q 1 Eft  and
are held at V> iOU  UDW
Residential Lots
< are held
S 75.00 Md
. Write or call on
General Agent,
Henry Floyd.
Revelstoke, B. C
Gold Ceast a l'ratte.
A eonslderahlp amount of excitement
has been e: eated over tbe West Coast
Of Africa, which during the Boer war
was boomed as "a second Johannesburg." In this connection tho following portion of a letter received hy Gen.
Attwood. the eminent mining engineer
ol London, Eng., from one of his assistants will be road with interest.
Mr. Attwood who has been .engaged
during the past two months In connection with the Nettle L��� Silver Cup,
Qtsjat Western and Ophir Lade properties In the Lardeau, has kindly allowed the Herald to use the letter:
"Axira, Gold Coast, Africa,
16th April, 1902.
"Duar Attwood: * �� �� �� This Is
absolutely a fraud nf a country in every
way, The worst climate I ever was In,
seems Just to be sapping and gnawlug
oas up all tbe time Tbe niggers are
about the moat abominable crowd I
' ever met; for a lazy, lying, thieving,
cheeky crowd they will be bard to beat.
"There Is not a road in tho country
aad not a waterway worth a cent. The
Ankohra river they all talk about I*,
little better than an enlarged sewer.
Nothing but the good old-fashioned
jungle track, winding and twlsiln*.
here, there and everywhere, over roots
sad logs, through swamps, water und
mud, just as bud a. they make them.
"Tbe Sekonde-Tarkwa railway Ihave
net seen, but I havo hoard very funny
remarks made about It.
"All tbe nuisances might ba borne
and overcome, if there was anything in
the country to pay n decent return on
all the capital squandered on the plaee.
but I am rau.h afraid there Is not, alio
tbe people out hero know It. Gtile.
there Is, we have found it In the alluvial In two or three of our properties,
bnt It Is .no patchy and scattered to bt
of any value, A reef I huve not Been,
and from all I can hear there are ulesne-
few of them.
"The whole West African palaver I
just one huge delusion and snare am
this people at home must realize b
sow."-Calgary Herald.
Continued from Pest Ont.
eently with the objeot of turning It
into this syndicate.
"Mr. Street wbo has hsd many years
experience with stamp mills, Is going
along with ua and we expect to he able
to bold a business meeting before dis*
parsing to decide on future operations
In regard tn tbe Fish Creek properties
si well as tbe Lads group."
Speaking further of tbe Silver Cup,
Mr. Pool expressed his belief that he
bad secured for the Sngliih syndicate
one of tbe greatest bargains ever beard
of In the province.
The energetic rustler wbo has done
so much to build up tbis camp pulled
nut yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Coeh-
rauo and F. W. Godsal to visit the
Oyster. The other directors in town,
Including J.J. Young, Berkley Crilly,
K. Hudge and Sam Sutherland followed
later In the day, all apparently feeling
.* reatly elated over tbe excellent pros-
"W. B." has started the new regime
by parting with the luxuriant crop of
hair which has helped to make bim
uch a ladles man. Some, of his old
friends on meeting him bsve to ask fur
in Introduction as he doean't look like
the same individual.
Tbe new manager of ths Nettie I.
D. 0. Forbes, Is s mining engineer who
has had a wide experience In various
..nets of tbe world.   He was for several
years one of Mr. Attwoods assistants
mil with the knowledge wblch be possesses of this district the Fa gie hr*
'ieves be Will doubtless be sble to con*
luot the affairs of the companies with
he same conspicuous success that haa
���larked them in tbe past.
rji-i ��r 1V1 ifttjJr s. sltJVz.J.l.**'.** J*^'
l/rip-t$rivii$rTit vf-ttsrt-v-Ui 4QTU k
j I        CARpS.        | E
3 a_A**fej*Lj(^to-kj��ijhjf��j��^ f
5 *--/*�� P. L. 8. i
a e
1.11. Men In llawcou.
, Vancouver, B. C, July 19.���"The
labor situation In Dawson at the pm*
entttme is set lime, and the market
!��� very decidedly overdone. A im
days liefore I left I,SOU men were at*
plying for the lobs of 211". and many t)
! the men weie pretty nearly dead brok,.
Some of them came out, during the
time of the low rates on the river, bio
I sm sure there are many people sti ���
In tho Klondike who have not inonet
enniH'h to take tbem by steamer up the
i riser."
Tins statement was made this mnri *
lag'by Mr. H. Slbhle, who return,!
from Dawson yesterday, comlnir down
by the steuner Dolphin.   Mr Stlit.lt
'has been a road muster for several
months In the employ of tie govern
ment In the north, and hud a goni
chsneeof observing labor conditions.-
New Copper Smelting Froe..,.
A new metho-i of treating cupper ore
has been devised by William J. Knox
of Edgewood Park, I'a. In the oxide
tion of an Iron-bearing copper matte In
a molten state, lu a baslu-llned vessel,
little or no silica being present, Mr
Knox bus found that there Is formed a
highly fusible compound of Iron and
Sulphur���an oxyaulpbldeof iron. Air
is forced Into matte, thereby generating heat snfllulentto maintain the msis
In s molten statu and causing the for*
mstlon nf Ironoxysulphlde under suvb
conditions that substantially no.llleste
of Iron Is formed. The cupper Is super
ated by precipitation. Tbe process, It
will be observed, Is somewhat nlmlllsr
l�� tbat of making Bessemer steel.
Tracy tbe Outlaw.
A great deal of space has been si
lotted of lato In one Tracy, who ae
csped from the Oregon state prison st
Salem on June 9. Io affecting his escape Tracy killed three guards snd a
hotchusehas been kept up ever sines
for the fugitive through the state of
Washington by sheriffs, military and
citizens. When bis pursuers get at too
close quarters Tracy does, not fall to
make his presence felt and each week
adds to the number of those whom he
has killed or wounded, and his trail
has been marked by blood. There la s
reward of $0,000 offered for Tracy's
body dead or alive and sooner or later
hie capture will be effected,
New line of Children's Hats, dresses
and Pinafore's at, G. B. Batho & Co.
; Provincial
S Land��
I Surveyor
j!    Ferguson and Trout Lake.
iS i,., ..u-
j 8urveys made and C/own Grants
9 Obtained.*   .
P Offloe:      ���      ���     Trout Lake.
i      ... |
lj    IT ���'. -,   _i *.*
r DonAuoi aIsd pkovin-
Nutloe of As.l_7im.nt.
_,iiB.'!,ci,,i" """���������TJl'i'-n ������ Aim, C. cum-
*.'M _"!,'.*,n& ����nrasiis In tlio Province
name and etyle of cnmmlna *. Co.. Utneral
S.'.'-'i'-JJ,"' "*," b/dM-J-tatM lb. llth day bf
June. IK2,uil>ned all ni. real and penumal
_�����������. MOfJit si therein nenll.inc.1, !_> rrcd C
Klllott of Trout Late on, ���*, the HroVinne
elurtaald, Solicitor, IN THDST In, the pSpSiS
.���*?._?'*)���*���**��� "***"*����lsa��j the s��.i Alci.
I._.��-l_"^S'I'-!i*K.l_f-3*,r ���?. "*. ���>'��� Eiiion, us-
.i*" f?������ ."�������� slalm. .g.lnst tho said
ft_a���.____,.,__.,.,l_ffl, "VfT* ���* 'erwanl pa-
i-ffliHftff.l*-''1! slatas, dull Termed, iiir,
M.lil_.._-, _.*.-_���*���'l0. .��?���sw Traatee.oD or
before Ih. lilt, daycf Jaw, ma, alter which
dut iht Trustee ��.�� nrocMdItoilstrlbuTiithe
proceed tn distribute the
KH*i_.**!i"* �����?�������"&��� ���"'Hied thereto, bav*
'S'.iV" ""',-' �� **Sf*S claims uf which ho
shall Save reeefired Seine.
A meeting of the ereditirs will be hold at
!-"S-IPl*-"*M,-*-,'��***'i "��� ������'*. �������� Tuesday
���u>JSl',i',*,.,'.J--,,'1'-tt ���*������ �����*��� "ourof four
e! Ikesstato *""***��� *��� ***��"�����' 'ke ��*"lr��
Dated thiahtba.. ��| June. ,(���_.
.uaeH l-JUD C. kttuoTT, TrwK*.
D. R. Wilkie, Goneral HsBtttcr.
Capital {Paid-up) $3,900,000
Rest  ���  .  ���  . gg.ws.oou
Oranchee la Ontaile, qnetree, Manitoba, .v. H
T. anil British Colafcbls.
Grcat Brltsln-LlordeBtst,lllnltiti      *
United mates-;sew York. Bank ol ��| *ni <*.!
'-    -l hl.eeo. Fits! National li.n t
"       *���    --San Msaelspo^ S%iis Fareo
������    -St. Paul, Soroi* Nat'l lis-,
-   --Minneapolis flrsl^*t'l be.-.
"    -Seattle,Seattb) H��tlna��l li,i -,
BRANCBCN IN D, C,.     *
Vancouver, A. isiw. Mfctiage:
Kev.lsinhe, A, t. riilpp-,
Nelson J. M, Lay,       '���
OuUeu J.��, tilbb,
Fert-asoD,  . .  *  .  w, Macdonald,      "
Interest allowed at current rates.
A jtcneral banking business traosactou.
Surveys of Mlaei, Mineral Clalws and
crown Und.. Crotrn Orant. Obtained aad ASMmmenl. M>��|Sd
for Absentee..
OBc.s:   Ferimon B. C. and Vaneoa.er
"      -        "��� J
\ S.    -
3M-*dd��rttr. far letwaatl.e B��|.rSIS0 f
Lardeia rr.p��rtl... ��
J|  W.lt.f.rl.f.rmatl...
Call l.S ... SaaiplM.
Body of Traor'a Partner Soand.
A special from Chehslls to the Seat-
'e P, I. says: "The body of David
Merrill, who escaped from th.e Oregon
wnltentiary with Harry Tracy on
ftine 9, has been found A bu'let
���mund in the back reveals the nature
if hlsdeuth, and substantiates the stuy
���Id by Tracy about the duel in He
forest. Tbe remains wtJre In a some-
vhal advaueed state uf decomposition,
mt, were still recognizable.
The last time that Merrill was seen
in company witb Tracy was on June
.6 In Tunwater canyon, when both es-
u sped their pursuers. Later Tracy
told tbat he had killed his companion
unfairly In a duel.
Drugs mi Stationery
Presr rintlnns Csrelnlly and
..Accurately Compounded..
t. 0. BLOCK, PtBOOBOM, B. C.
-3 .       BARRISTER, ETC.
I Solicitor for r
$ The Imperial Bank $
k , Perfluson, B. C. a
3 OFFICE-Over the Impert.l Bank. A
i        ���        i
S     Barristers, Soliciters, etc.     k
? Offlre.: ��e,eIstoke,Onlden,aniirersii* C
<6 sno. ���".lieltnra tor Imperial Bans 5
Z       of Canada. ,,
��� Oee. 8. McCarter. 1. A. Harvey. [,
3 A. M. Plntbam. [J
j -{
..   I. RED C. ELLIOTT, ''
Notla. im OndlMm.
lathe natter ol the estate of Daniel Andersen, Uie ol Trout Lake, British *.oluiubla, deceased:
Noilee Is hereby (lien pursuant to the
"Tru-.tee.siid Kieinton Act," that all crodl-
lore and others having claim, against the estate of the said Daniel Anderson wboilMon
ot akuul tbe atli day of January, inn., are ro-
qulreilI on or before tbe laih day nl Julv, i��u.
10 send up post prepaid ord.ll.er to the under*
slimed administrator ol the estate ol thesal.l
deceasC'l at Treat laue. B. 1., tbeir Christian
and auriiaines, addrss.es and doserlptlon., the
full partlealare of their elalaa, the lUteinoni
curltlei, II any held tf then.
And luflher take aoilre that alter .uch last
mentioned date the underclned will proceed
to distribute the aaeeleiif the said dece��s��(l,
amongst the parlies eutliled thereio having
retard only le the claims nt which he shall
ih.B ba.e-aotlce, aad that he win not be
liable for the asset or any part ihereof, to an.
person orjenoneof who., claims notice shall
not have been received by him at urn time
such dl.t-(button.
Sated Ihe llth day of June, 1902.
.    ' ;   ANIlKKW ANDERSON',
Administrator al the estate ol the snl,l de-
c��Hd. JunetlU
Pacific Ky.
W WORLD'S 1-r**-**-1
^ Scenic Route
Notice Is hereby glTen lhat after one month
iSf.,fttMthereof 1 I11te.it tn apply tutht
Chief Commissioner of Unas and works fur
nermlsslon lu i.urebase m an of land In the
District of 11 est Kootenay, rltnsled on the
northeast side of Trout Lake aud being what
s known aa American I'olnt and more 1 aril, u-
larydescribed aa follows: Commen.iiig at ,,
.ost marked "Initial l'���.t Hugh Brown's N. w.
oorneri" theace ��i chains east: thence !���)
i halu. south ttbeiice en chains west( thenco U'
chain, uorth to the MM of eommciiceincut.
Si"**' *">��} Lake City this Mb day of
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ftrguson, B. C.
Notice to Dellnqient Co.Owners.
To C. i. Smith and F. W. iiln.de.Ie or to any
person or persons to whom tLcr may have
transferred their Interests in the following
mineral claim., the "Mollis 1" and "Conner
Key" located at abort creek, south of Pass
creek In the Trout Lako mining division of
Wait Kootenay,
Tabs notice lhat we the undersigned bave
performed Ihe work and worded the assess.
ment on tht above named properties for thc
rears UOSINI and In order to bold vour
Interest In said olalm. under Section it ol iho
Mineral Ael, and llwlthlusodaysof ilioflr>t
SubllcHlon hereol you fall or refuse to con*,
dbute your portion *f such expenditure
toseUnr with the coat of advertising, your
latttnt In tbe said claim, will become the
Broperty of the subscribers under section . of
ie Mineral act ot 1W0.
Dated at JFetguiou, B. C. this 4th day of Jun.;.
Barrister, Soliclter, etc.     I
1. U. 8COTT, A. B. L. L. B. !J
W. de V. lt Malstre, M. A. -.
Nntlne to Dellnqnent Co-owneri,
ToZ Oorden Goldberg or L. Ooldbnrg, or to
any persou or persons to whom tbey may
have ttensferred their Interests In tbe Little
Robert and Little I'obert No. 2 mineral claims
situate at lhe bead of the north fork of Lardeau creek, and a Joining the Black Warrior
group on the southeast, m ihe Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Yta art hereby notifle.1 that I bave .speeded
two hundred and are dollar, and twenty-die
rculs l,20ti.i.i) in labor and Improvements on
the above, mentioned mineral clalma for Ihe
eorren: year In order 10 hold .aid minora
claims under 'he provisions of Ihe mineral
Act. and If within ninety days from tbe dale
e 1 ml. notiw yblffall er refuse 10 contribute
yoiirpropnrtlnn uf aiu'h expenditures together
allh all i*o.t of  ad.ertl.lng.   your Interest
In said clalma will b|tonie the proporty 0: the
subscriber, under seclki'i I of an Act entitled
An Act to Amend tbe Mineral Act. WO.
Dated at Ferguson mis nth day of .Inly, I90U.
June, 1901,
Nntlcp la hereby gliei that the Annual
General meeting of the Soar, holders nl ihl.
Company will be held- tt their oOce In f*
guson, B.C., on Thursday, July loth. IBo. at
p.m. for the transaction of all business, 11
nected with  the company; and the tran-fer
book, of tbe e.upaaj will be closed from Jm
i'tk1 IMl,
A. H. HOLDICH, Socrctirj.
Utalltd LlthUlty.
Notlee li htreby gives that tho Animal
General Meeting ol the hateholdtn In thn
Company will he held at thei-.ifflee In Pergu*
���oa.B. C..ouWt.tut��day,July��th,19wiat 1 p.
m��� for tht transaction of all business eouiio,*i*
ed with IbtCompanii and tht tranafer b���nk.,
"I lhe Company will ht eleaed from June afith,
|ly i�� A. ���. HOLDICH. Secretary.
St. John
Now York
I Westminster
,    Portland
(Ippor Lake  sitesmers
LoavoFurt William ?untlar,
Tuesday. Friday via Soo Line,
HI.  Paul. Dulutb, Chicago.
Tourist Sleeper Service
Lv, Dunranre Jet. daily for
ht Paul. KflUty. Llg. Tues.,
Sat, for r.irontuaud all east-
cru points.
Lv, Rovelstoke ,laily for scat
tie Vancouver and Coast clt-
i...    *
Thrdltc.1, tickets tn I
j via;lill Atlantic "nos.
I   I'ropal.'l   tickets    fro'
point* at lowest rut
For lull in/yrmfltiofl apply to local efenfi
J 3. t'AUTEU,   E. J. COYJA-,
D. P. A��� A. G..1'. A.
NuUon, Vancouver*
J. DONOVVw, Agept, Airpwhcnd,
.�����e ������e��l
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ...
The mo�� complete resori or' Wiocontinent
o( Xorih A111 erf on. Situai*"* midst it*onerj
unrlvnlk**J for Krundeur. Staling, fipliinc
and eSPUri-idim. Kesldor:t f-iivsiclun nnd
nu"��0. In tulegrriptiiv I'Otnniuiiu'utloD with
Hit PHrts of tliv world, T-n ilitiiln ttrrivo nnd
(topHitm-t-ryilay. Its buth-tDllie all nervoim*
ami muftt'uiitr (flneai.es (a wiur.-i lical oil
kklnoy, liter and stomach ftilmotiU, J:i
bath*, awl w n't*r.*���� rem ..ure -femedy Mnin*t
all arKentlfeioiifl pot-vjpn. TERMS : |12 t"
110 i<erwook, wdt'uling to raildeuoo in IkhiO
or vlUaa
Prospectors* Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
������BS8T IN THK MARKKT-��->
���rat cnoicr.PT OFWiSEa.*
������LWItOKS AKII Cl(i*KH*-��
Tenden villi be rnrolvcd up to and including
the Hlblday of Jaly. ��tt, by the underslened
asslifie* of the eatatouf a.C cummins as Co
of Perguson. B. C, for tbat purtlon of thc
assets of tho eatat* eonilsiing of:
Hardware 1 M" JO
uriaierlos    029 fi.
Dry aooils.Boota and Shoes   IW To
More bull-linn, I Ks and futures at Fcr
uuson.B. c:   1.2110 W
Store building al Ten Mile    75 00
Total      |*..2_iu,i
Tenders may lie made eiihtr in a lump or at
a rate on the duller; the highest or any lender
not necessarily aceeptetl.       ..   '
htbcK sheet, -nay be seen at the offloe of the
assl_uecatTro.il Lake Cltv.
Datid Juno Mtb, 1902. Assignee.
u, Correspondence
j Schools, *��-|w��". ���; '
pint blowpipe outll and rr.forenee
library free to thost taking titaursu
la Metal Mining, aend ior lre��
clMtuar.    Addreu Bepn /seutallve
Helta a, B. (1.
��>t B. C*A8SAY 45 CHBMI-
'     CAL"SUPm 10. W-
y-tJICOllVER, B. C. ,     .
Hesdqtartcr,for Aaatyrra, Mlulnr
ft Hill ttuppllua.   fiiUjagonta  In  B.
C. for Mtrgan Cructblt Co., Hatteraea,
���   is r. w. -      ���     	
Braun A Co.'a ratent
England: L. ... 	
Caiy Puieacee, Burners,etc.; Wm. Ainsworth dtCo.'eFine Balasccs, etc.. etc.
When you reach Trost Lake City put
up the Queens..Good scconitiioilutiim
.. Best ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cif-ur*-,.. Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
s mokes
Our Special
The Union
They are all Chlo, mado and nf the
host Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try ono and satisfy yourself
as joMelft quality.
Union   Cioar
Factorv, H.A.
, g r o w n, Prop.
It-Mil- If
If y-iu  arti\ building  or contemplate build ing we will be
pleased ��$> quote you .estimates on anything ' made in oux
Sash and Door Puctory
and we feel confident that we can give you s, ttisfaction ir>
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros,, Revel, uoke, B. C. ����..i,.neete.e.>.,,..������ ���
' And; Cummings bss returned from
J. A. -.Votmbre of tbe Imperial bank,
liald a visit to Trout Lake Sunday.
Dave Ferguson Is ln town agalo slter
boing out to RoVpletolto lor s tTOok.
Sam Mcl'all Ip hard at work scouring
tho hill, in search of free milling gold
S. L. Mcltae, a mining man (rota
Revelatoke, It spending a lev days ia
Ferpuson and district.
Jtuik Doyle, of f*. Bursa it Cs.e' establishment, Revolstoke, paid a short
visit to Ferguson Friday.
Mr. Forbes left on Monday lor a trip
to Revelatoke'. Ho will be back again
to Forguson in a few days.
A small picnic was bold on the mountain north of town by a few of our
townspeople on Saturday afternoon.
K. L. Kinman'a government, road
gang ni e doing good work at repairing
the wagon rand between Ferguses sod
Dr. Lazier came. In to Ferguson Tuesday, r
It was hot In Ferguson last Sunday���
99 in the shade.
Lorenzo Wlsner, returned to Ferguson Friday from a four months' visit si
this Coast.
fix-Mayor W. M. Brown of Revelatoke was a visitor In Fsrgussn,
The Winnipeg exhibition ii la-full
swing. Tho city Is full of people and
tbe weather Is good.
Mr. and Mrs. A Wood left Rovelstoke
Wednesday for a trip to Vancouver.
Victoria,.San Francisco, etfc, before returning to England.       '.'
Hon. J. H. Rots, governor of the Yukon territory Is seriously 111. He bSd a
stroke of paralysis while on a steifker
nnl-- ��_,   tiri.l.K  Dam..       1. ' '
going to White Horse.
Mr. and Mrs. R kelson returned this
morning (rot-p the Kootonay and wont
noi*lh, where, they will visit *ir the
dextfew day6,etCa|gary,Horal(li
Sim Sutbcrlun-t-Atuttiid aatsrday
'ro*i IJelson. He *(JjiortB things on the
cutllde as be|og quiet, but* everywhere
people arc hopeful of seeing lively
'.Im* before fall.
R**-ffl.are going about tbat a rich
strMpMrfree milling gold ore, In quan-
tlty.'tiks WrJc'iJ mode near Wi-.wa��, a
small place en the ArroWbesd road
abtmt ball tray between Revelstoke
tnfi. Arrowhead.
The gross carelessness of a miner by
inking s llehti'd candle'into tbe' mags-
slue of tbo Daly-West and t&turio
mine near Park City, Utah, was tho
caueo of an explosion that resulted in
the death of-35 men.
. The Coast,- a monthly magazine
published at Seattle, will be eent on
trial one year for ono dollar���8 months
for fifty cunts. Address Honor L. Wilhelm, editor nod manager, P. O. box
���M, Seattle, U. 8. A.
J. Laughton of' tK'_>.'.��ardeav hotel
teem* to have coulidenrfe'that tbere are
lively times near at Land for Fergueon.
He has jutt hud put in bur-fixtures tbat
would do credit tu au up-tiii-duie city
saloon and now km. utie oTthe best
equipped saloons in tbe country. Tbese
fixtures were purcbaued in Seattle,
Wiu.h. '
John W. Maekay pf San Francisco,
died on the 20th Inst, at his bouse in
London. Hest prostration, causing
symptoms of pneumonia Wat what
brought death.
Dr. W. E, Newcomhe of Ferguson,
B. C, arrived ia the oity yesterday.
Dr. Newcombe antVMlas Cassia Fraser
of tbis elty will be united la marriage
to-morrow.���Vancouver Province, July
The first cabinet council to be presided over by Mr. Balfour, tbo new
premier of Great Britain, was held on
the 18th inst, Mr. Chamberlain war
present and the premier sought his sd
vice at tbe close of tbe conference.
It Is stated that tbe gold contained in
medals, vessel., ciaiaa and other ob
jects ut tbe Vatican, Rome, equals the
total atdount of gold now iu circulation
on the contraent of Europe. Thin iui-
r.utisc depeeitory for tbe precious metals, where it is effectually .withdrawn
-rota cjrculatlon, is attracting considerable s|U*ntli>B.���Ex. ,
JoaeWiJlyan (tho judge) has evl-
dsntl-t-i Mtune imbued with tho spirit
of the camp aud early every morning
sallies forth witb prospectors' pick and
other accoutrements In march uf the
precious minerals. He has become
bronsed by. tie sun ami altogether
looks the typical mouni alneer. Mr,
Ryuti Is a sturdy walker and" we hope
hd may be successful ln 1, jcatlng something good, ,
li. Sawyer, of Sawyer Bros,, Rpvol-
stoke, whs in town Moi tday ascertain
ing what number of electric lights
Would be required. . .'hey have engaged W. Cowan of tji'i i filCctrlu Llgbi
company, RovolctokD,'"�� bo in Forgu
son August 1st tu begii > the Installment
of the plant. A farce of mon will be
put to work early ne gt weolt to et'wi
buildings, and by Au*i *ust 15th tbo company hope to be able   u, furnish light..
Smith Curtis, iS$,-f(*aantl.s If. P. P..
was preheated with a iieautifiil (?) bo-
quet while ln Per gasou last "Friday
nlgbt, by cno of tikii guests at the
Windsor Hotel. T(io flowers were
grown in a vegetab le^garden and had
attained a height bf three feot, while
at tho bottom was , ���*, ffje specimen ol
last season's hdrt..' U'hil'.splendid bo-
quet, however, o tiy leached Mr. Curtis by accident. , __ w.as intended for
thc purty Who 1 i_d cccwplod tbe roofn
the previous nl ghu but t bis person bau
jiven up the iv ion, to Mr.tCurtis for the
night. Bene # Mr, Curtis' good fortune.
King Edward Is almost recovered
from his recent severe illness. He soil
the queen are on tbe royal yacht off
tbe Isle of Wight The coronation
will take place on the Sth of August
and preparations are .about completed.
We have tbis week tp chronicle the
death of the young son of Mr. and Mra.
Codarstaff of Trout Lstte, who fell off
tbo wharf into the lake oa Tuesday
and was drowned. Much sympathy i>
expressed for tbe grief-stricken parents.
A. O. Kirby, one of the London representatives of the Nettle L-, Double
Eagle and Silver Cup syndicates, J. J,
Yuung, W. B. Pool and C. 8. McCarter
arrived In Ferguson Tuesday to be
present at the annual meeting of the
Great Wostern Mines, Ltd.
Thero was a densely crowded iece|t-
titm at the Royal Academy In London
on July 18th wilh many American ami
colonial visitors. Sir Wilfrid and
Lady Laurier entertained on behalf of
the members of the Canadian goviert -
ment, a large and brilliant company at
iliuner at the Hotel Cecil,
Donit forge* th.18onc.S In Eagle hall
.londajrnlght.    *      f
Tom Russell aol McDougall are pros-
-scting near TenMlle. *
Sir Thomas LI|ton is going to again
���nmpete for Ame-ica's ou*p.
British ColumHs Fruit Growers' st*
soolatton has derided to tend a large
exhibition of B. C. fruit to the Winnipeg fall exhibition
On the road between Ferguson and
Trout Lake a fountain pen wat lost.
tf fln-1-.r will please leave at Eagle
office'tbe owner fill be grateful.
The Eagle extends. Itt sympathy this
week to A. Johnson of tha Revelatoke
Herald and Mrs. Johnson in the death
of Iheir only ton, Robert, wbieh occurred In Ballard. Wash., last week
from a scalding accident. The remains
were brought hack to Revelstoke and
hurpd alongside of bis baby sister who
died a couple of weeks ago. The death
Is doubly sad awing to the faet that
Mra. Johnson and family had just arrived In Ballard on a visit to her
mother when tbe sccldeat occurred.
| McKinnon & Sutherland]
\If E tik-9 plea-sure in -announcing ibut we hnve re*
TV eemlf plHce-i In stock a complete lineof LADlhS,
CHILDREN*'m  -���������*���	
and UENTIJCMENB*' miirnior iM-otln nf up
good* were carefully selected In (be m<vt exrlm-lre luarFcc ��u>l we feel
QH*_>******    '���������'* ������������    ���sam-    nllalnlnuu    ulll     hu    ilullaKtail *
AteMeat It Mr Walker.
J. Douglas Walker, K. C, onsof the
English representatives of the Nettie
L. and Silver Cup met witb a vary
painful accident at Thomson's Landing
white oa his, way to Ferguson. Mr.
Walker was jutt stepping off tbe little
steamer Archer when ho fell on the
comer of the bost with oae teg In tbe
water, and J. J. Young wbo wat close
by caught him or be would have (alien
into the Lake. Mr. Walker was in a
very precarious condition. It was first
thought bs would not recover owing tn
the shock. He was taken to the Prospector's Exchange Hotel and afterwards to Arrowhead where Dr. La_4-jr
wjia called in and found two of Mr.
Walker's ribs broken. He was taken
back to Revelstoke for medical treatment and It reported to be progressing
There will be a big convention of tihe
Knights of Pytblae in Han Francisco
nn Aug. let to Sih, and the Canadian |
Pacific railway will issue tickets from
Kootenay common -.mints st $50 for ihe
return, gund all tail, or via steamer, In*
uluiling meals und berth from Portland,
Victoria or Suattlc. Particulars may
he hud of any local agent of tbe
company. .  .
W. F. Cochrane, and Mrs. Cochrane
and F. W. Goilsul came In nn Bundei
to be present at the meeting of tbi
Great Western Mines, Ltd. They
came in over the new rail way via Gerrard and Trout Lake. The party were
fin-cud to remain two days at the little
station, Lardo, owing to trains nnt
milking cntint'ct/lnns. On Monday they
made a visit to tho Nettle L. and on
Tuesday to the Silver Cup.
J. T. Lauthers came down Saturday
from the Cupper Mountain syndicate's
proporty on Surprise'creek, where he
and others aro enuaged in trail building. Mr. Lauthers told the I'lagle man
that be had only returned about a week
slru'o from tho Taxes mineral clijlm
situated about six miles down Trout
Lake.   Ho considers this a very good
iroppi'tv and lias considerable development done.   Thirty-flvo feet of tunnel
.ere run this seiu.cn, 200 Ieet last year
���md 3(10 In 1900. s ,-
Tho scarlet "blanket" thatoompletee
Miss Pauline Johnson's costume it
Interesting from having been used lh
the ceremony ol conferring the title of
chief on IL R H. Thai Duke of Con-
naught on which occasion two of the
principals, who performed the sere.
mony were Miss Juhnson's grandfather,
who fought fur tho British at Queens-
ton Heights, and ber father, the. late
chief G. H M. Jotinson of the Six No-*
lions IndianB in Ontario. Miss'John-
���on will make ber first appearance la
Ferguson Monday night the 28th Int.
Doors open at 7:30, concert at 8.
Back With a Bride.
Ferguson's popular medico left fot
fee Coast last wejk wearing a new suii
of clothes and a mysterious air. There
were strong suspicions amongst hi.
friends tbat he would bring back with
him a surprise is the form of a blushing bride.
The genial dp-star was married In
Vancouver on Wednesday July 23rd ti
"lea Cassie Fraaer, and arrived In
Ferguson last evening accompanied by
his'bride. They were accorded a hearty welcome, con.luting of the inevitable
uha>acterlstic Ferguson serenade.
The Dr. and Mrs. Newcombe will be
qutle an acquisition to Ferguson so-
iely and tbe Eagle extends cungratu-
UiSuat.   ________
La* at Beit.
The funeral of John, the Infant child
of Mr. and Mrs. A I, ChUolm, aged one
month and fifteen days, which died
oo Monday after'a lingering Illness,
Hade place on Tuesday. The prouettloo
left the house punctually at 2:30 and
proceeded to Trout Lake where a ter-
vice wu held In ths church by Rev.
Mr. Sully, the Eplsoopalnan minister.
Tine prr-cesslwn again formed. and pro-
e.tejned to the Lake cemetery. The
Ragle joins with many other friends In
extending sympathy to the bereaved
Great Beat In Leaden.
On July 27th lb London the tbsr-
murffoter registered 8U degrees ln the
shade and 127 in ths >uo, the hottest of
the' year. Many oases of sunstroke
were treated at tbe hospitals, and tbe
.St, John ambulance men were kept
busy treat!tig prostrations,
The omnibus and iltreet car companies hud large forces of men engaged In
������upplyln'g the horses with oatmeal
Local. With a Payatreak.
Saddlo horses fur sale. Wo havo all
kinds and at all. prices. Wu can lull
you.   Craig & Hillman, Beaton.
All the latest hooks, magazines and
perludloalsfnr holiday reading in stock
at tlwCanadSDrugaBot*1 Co.'s store,
Itevelstoke, B.C. Prompt attention to
mailorders,    -i ���,*������ ���-
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lako, Beaton,' Arrowhead or Comaplix- by using
tbe phono, Oliice In, Cummins & Co.*s
store ''���.,
Call I and seo .our Prints. Ginghams
land Dress Goods. Hew stock at 6. B.
Batho & Co.
* Smokers: If you want the oenC-
1XB   "Onlnn"1 and    "Ourf Special"
tn data Bake and choice material,. 'I hese gmid
fully aeletti d In Ihe mnst exclusive mart eta
confident that our* many euatoiners -.ill  be dellRhted.
Our Udjeo'fhiri WbIhIi are pretty and atrtcltjr-nf the
latest patternH and bent*neM1ii|r muteiiati.   Call and in*
ipect, It ta our pleasure to nbuw good*.
We elaim to have the beat selected and Unrest stock of
Men's and Boy's bats ln llic Lardeau. "Every aatst-UBMd
with tht Onion Label."
We bftT-t the newest styles and patterns in starched aud
neftllee shirt*. Tlie same aa are being told dally to the
best dreiMd nen in eat-tern eitlea.
Remember our stock includes everything that la used in
tht district in tho merchandise line.
McKinnon & Sutherland
���W-^P****^*^^***^-^*'-^-*****"* ��*^P*^LA^^W^*a 49^^^��W^*^^ttW**^K tt~m^am\d
The Post Office Store
The most complete stock in Fergfeson. \
Union-Made_Hats and Shoes.
���Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods,
[f Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries
and hardware.   . )
Try a Pair af Oar Hani-Made Ptasptctara' Shoes.
Q. B. Batho & CoT
CJOAR, sep that
Is itsaped in gl II letters on -every box.
���H. A.' Brown,
Bargains Ih 1
in Ladles Bhln
     Revelstoke; IB. C.
Bargains Ih ljlacfc, Whitwiind Colors
Waists at (J. B, Batho
,-:��� i.^..--,,,    .-->.  _-��s. ���������^-_     -������ lifl
���Union Cigar Factory"
i Packing and ^M^wng
���)( Freighting Transfer Outfit.
tt Contracts entered Into for packing of Mluing Supplies, fl
j| etc., to any point in the district, J J
Good, prompt service, and any witrk undertaken guaran- _.
teed.   Freighting from Thonison's:Landing to Ferguson K
a epectalty. *''{ ���*���
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.'    S. Daney, Prop. K
R. S. Wilson, "SI?r
Everv garment turned out in this shop
will bear this lahel, a guarantee in itself ot first class workmanship.
Drop in and see our slock and camples.
-   -   -    FERGUSON B. C
%idW*^p\44r*^k\~'^m\49*^^^-F^^*kj im^^^A*^*^^t^k^^L*^^*\i^L~^m..*^*mmA\,4f
Perguson Hotel
. Proprietors.
HuCt tftsJt-rtz-sfe *-4i rt-nu'.'-jte.t-.'t *i__ljj
i perguson fiarbcr;.�������
J]   . Wbonyaowtnta ,\'JJ
|      GOOD SHAVE?   ; I
I C.llonl. L. FULMIR. 'A
��      Hot ot Cojil IMtlia In Couuiqtlmi.      Sj
'lose on [.
./    Pitas, get la btftre ataa.
Tbt public are hereby notified that
no at'cotint. will be pal.1 for goods
supplied or debts routrarteil *,n behalf of either the Metropolitan Hold
4 Silver MinliiRl'o. nl 11 C��� Ltd.,or
to the Lardeau Smelttne. A Ilnfinint
Co. of H. U., Ltd., unless authorleen
ln writing by theunder-laned. No
one elso haa autln-rll.vlo purchase or
'orderaupplles or goods of tnyklntU ,
forguson, June 20,1W2.
3. W. McCrossan, Mgr.
If yot( want a.Salloc Bnt go to 11. B.
Batho & Co.
' Fine line, of Ladies' While Under
Wear at G. B. Batho & Co.


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