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���Haw ����rk IJI.rket.
Silver���Bar 474
Lead���100 lbs    $.1.50
COPPEB .  t li.oo
The Eagle is more widely
circulated than any other
newspaper in north k00te-
na _������ it wit.l be foun d an' excellent advertisinq medium.
M^riSf 1L____#
Vol   III, No   56
Ferguson, B. C, March 13th, 1903
MMaMBWMB___a_B__B__M___a_Ha ���������
$2 a Year
How    Miners   Met   Death
by Asphyxiation in Winze B
on  Saturday Night Last
Ehsh ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A shocking disaster occurred at the
Nettie L. mine a few minutes past 7
o'clock Saturday night just
as the night shift were going
on duty, causing tho immodiate death
of four men from asphyxiation and 20
others were overcome but have all
recovered except one. This man, Otto
Blohtn still -Hog in a pecarious condition at the Miners' Union hospital.
The names of the dead are: Pat
Crilly, foreman, age 24, single; Robert
Savage, miner, age 38. Ed. Gagnon.
miuer, age 40, has wife and family
living 18 miles from Quebec City;
Allan Calder, age 18, single.
News of the sad fatality reached
Ferguson over tho telephone only a
fow minutes past seven, for tho mino is
close to town, and Dr, Newcombe was
not long in rouching the level of the
mine where the men lay as they were
taken from the shaft. The doctor
assisted by assistant manager Hadow,
Supt Crilly and others worked on the
bodies until early morning trying to
resuscitate them. The wounded were
taken to the hospital soon as a conveyance arrived and early Sunday
morning the dead bodies wero brought
to Forguson, The DO employees of the
mino following the sleigh on foot.
The bodies were taken in charge by
the Miners'Union and tbiee ot them
were laid out in Miners' Union hall,
while P. Crilly was taken to his rooms
at Mrs. O'Connor's
Coroner's Inquest.
The coroner, Dr. W. E. Newcombe,
summoned a jury to meet in Miners'
Union hall at 10 a.m. Monday when an
inqueBt would be held.
On meeting, tho coroner read a
telegram from Fred Fraser, gold commissioner, to have the inquest postponed till 4 p. m. when he hoped to
be present. From 4 p. m. the inquest
was further postponed till 7.;30 to be
held in tho sitting room at the Windsor hotel.
Promptly at 7;30 tho coroner announced that court was open and read
names of jurors who answered
as follows: A. J. Gordon, foreman;
A. C. CummlUB, H. M. Carter, D.
Burgess, J. Dwyeer and 14. Laughton.
The coroner then Instructed the jury
tbat thoir duty was to inquire Into the
cause of death of the four victims of
accident at the Nettle L. Mino on
tho evening of March 7th.
Kobt. Hodgo, solicitor, representing
Tho Great Western Minus, aud the
Employers' Liability Assurance
Corporation, Ltd., asked if tlio
cases were to bo taken up separately.
The coroner replied that they would
bo takon colloctively.
TUo court was asked by Mr. Hodge
lf tho jury had boon sworn tn, and
when, also, had tho bodies beon
inspectod by the jury. Tlio reply was
thatthojury woro sworn in Sunday
ovoning and thoy had formally viewed
the bodies the same night.
James Snell, provincial constable,
conducted tho examination of wltnosses
for the crown.
Tho ilrst witness oallod was Donald
G. Forbes who swore he waa general
manager of tho Nettle L. and Silver
Cup mlneB'. Was not at mlue when
accident occurred. As far as he knew
Savage was a good machine miner but
he had gone down shaft without turning on air from the two valves that
were about 15 feot from top of wlnzo.
He did not attend to working details ot
nine! Mr. 15. Crilly aid that,  Turning
on tho air was the duty of the machine
man who reached tho shaft lirst in
going on shift. Tho witness produced
a plan of tho mine workings in neighborhood of winze B. for convenienco in
arriving at a clear understanding of
evidence adduced; this was marked
plan A.
Supt. Barkley Crilly was called and
sworn. Ho said ho looked after the
day shift but the night shift boss took
his orders from him when necessary.
Jack McLeod aud Bobt Bates, worked
day shift in B winze and Kobort
Savage and G. Groshans worked night
shift. Ho considered Savago a good
miner and he being first to arrive at
winze on Saturday night it was his
duty to connect hose to air pipes and
turn on air to clear winzo of gaB before
commencing work. Turning on the
air was very simple and could be done
by any ono. Tho day shift quit work
at 4 p.m. and fired two rounds of holes,
21 reports were distinctly heard and
air was turned off at 4;30. The
night *. shift go on duty at 7
p. m. No one is supposed to touch air
valves oxcopt the men who use the
air. Tt is supplied for their use together wilh proper conveniences for
regulating same and there is always a
full head of air ready at 6;30, one half
hour beforo men go to work and the
full pressure Is kept'up for half an hour
after men quit work. About double
the usual quantity of powder was used
in B winze at 4 p.m. for the
reason that an extra machine had been
put in this place tbe previous night
and double the number of holes were
fired. McLeod of the day shift told me
he had warned Savage of tho number
of shots fired. Did not know that air
was not turned on till I reached winze.
I immediately descended to the.bottom
and found tho air not on. Then I
shouted for tho hose and to have the
air turned on and this was done. Air
was never bud beforo for tho air was
turned on to clear winze of gas aftor
shots hud boon fired beforo beginning
work. One could have gone down and
connectod hoso and turned on air with
safety. The valves where hoso is connected are about 15 or 16 feet from top
of wlnzo and winze is about .li feet
deep, vortical for about 12 feet then
inclined to bottom. There is a drift at
bottom of 12 feet towards
main manway and ten
of tho holos fired were in opposite wall
of winze to extend drift in opposite
direction. When 1 reached bottom of
winzo a number of men wore lying on
top of ouch other overcome by gas. I
recognized Johnson wlio was lying on
others, not in drift but in bottom ot
wlnzo. The next man I recognized
was my brother. I tin-nod Johnson
over and then tried to pull my brother
to one side but anothor body held his
legs fast. I felt then that I was getting overcome attd started up ladder
and just then felt the alt- turned on
and noticed it was working well. Had
air been on 10 or 15 minutes with hose
attached it would clear gas sufficiently
to enablo mon to work with safety in
winzo or drift. Thore had boen uo
change in compressor of lato except to
movo a second small machine drill to
wlnzo B. Have had exporlenco with
compressed air plants in other mines
bosides Nettio L.aud it is customary to
stop compressor between shifts,though
each mine has rules suited to thu
peculiar conditions found therein.
Nover hoard any  complaint ef and
never noticed bad air in Nettie L., but
In the Ajax tho air was complained of
and I instructed men to always wait
till there was plenty of good air before
going to work and then work harder
to make up the lost time.
To tho coroner: When I camo up
out of winzo I asked somo mon standing in Intermediate lovel to go and
aBslst in saving tho men below. Tho
air was turned on then. Savage
never neglected to turn on air before
to my knowledge.
To Mr, Hodge: Winze about 32
feot deep. To clear gas and smoke
from below h03o was attached to pipes
at lower valves. Theso hose two in
number, wore kept in level at top of
winze whon holes were being lired
to avoid having them injured. Was a
very easy matter to attuch hoso to
pipes. One, except highly excited,
could not avoid discerning
it air was turned on by walking
down intermediat. level from manway
to B, winzo, for, If turned on, tho air
makes a loud noise as it is forced
through pipes, especially when hose is
not attached. I never worked auy
placo where a man was kept to turn
air on and olf. It is bost for the men
who use tho air to havo full control ol
valves. Valves were never left open
except in case of a missed hole.
Savage had to pass close to valves
going down winze and could hear
plainly if air were turned on. Machine
men ussd tbeir own discretion about
use of air whero they worked. Engineers had instructions to have full head
of air ou at 7 morning and evening,
but the rule was to have full pressure
on at 6;30 and continue till 4:30. Tho
practice was to tako hoso oil before
shooting, If close to holes, und if a
missed shot occurred the hoso was
attached again,
Hugh Forsyth, on being sworn testified that he was an engineer employed
on Nettio L. compressor working
night shift. Ou March 7th lie relieved
day engineer as usual at 0;30 p.m. and
found evorj'thlng satisfactory, He
started tho compressor sharp ut U;30
with a full head of 90 lbs. pressuro, the
usual quantity carried when all
machines aroTunning. I always have
full head ot air on at 0; 30. Have beon
employed in presont position sinceDoc.
0th last and havo had many years
experience running engine for compressor in other mines and havo found
it to bo tho usual practice to close
compressor between shifts unless thoro
was pumping to bo done. Can detect
when air is being UBed in mine by a
gauge that indicates the amount being
used but the <gaugo doos not indicate
the location in mine where air is
turned on. I start compressor at fl;30
p.m., run till 11, close down for half an
hour for lunch, start again at Il;30 anil
run till 4;30 a.m. Same routine is followed by both shifts and thc compressor is run tlio extra half hour In
case air is required to blow out smoke
or foul gases.
W. C. Held, sworn. Ho testified as
follows: 1 was employed at Nettio L.
mine compressor as day engineer on
March llth. 1 shut off compressor at
���ll.'lu Nettio L. timo but romained ou
duty till 0 o'clock, then went to supper.
I returned to compressor at 0;80 when
[ 1 wits relieved by night engineer and I
wont olf duty. I. heard Mr. Forsyth's
evidence whioh 1 fully corroborate.
At 3;30 p.m. tho pressure stood at 85
lbs and at 4:30 it stood at 100 lbs., tho
highost pressuro wo are pormittou to
carry. 1 havo had 10 years oxperionco
at this work and found it usual to close
compressor between shifts, especially
in mines tho size ot Nettie L. I got
my instructions from Mr Balfour, who
iustalled   the  compressor  regarding
Heroic Attempt of Miners to
Rescue Comrades in Peril of Lives.
Story of Accident told at Inquest.
between thc compressor and mine
Geo. Groshans- sworn, said: I was
employed as miner on small machine in
B winze of Nettie L. mine and worked
opposite partner to K. Savage. The
night of March 7th I reached the top of
winze probably seven or eight minute-i
after 7. o'clock. I had gone to get my
oiler filled and when I was walking
down intermediate level between man-
way and B.winze I heard Savago shout
from winzo for help. I went down and
met him about ten feet from bottom
standing on short ladder. I put my
left arm about htm and carried him
between 15 and 20 feet up ladder to
within about six feet ot top of winze
when his body became limp and he
slipped gradually from my grasp. I
was getting weak but held him with
my foot against the ladder and shouted
(or help. Before help came Savago
dropped to tho bottom und I went
abovo and put ou windlass and rope
alone, having asked Adams, who came
along, to go for help. When I got
windlass on, foreman Pat Crilly and
Allan Calder came up and I explained
that I dropped Savage, etc. Allan
then went down followed by Pat, and
wheu the latter gou on tho ladder he
said ''George get help!" Before I had
gone many steps Pat shouted, "George!
Allans' knocked out." I hurried to
ladder and got about half way down
when I called ''Paddy" but no answer
came. I remember no more being
overcome and my next recollection
was when I was lying in tho level
Tho air worked all right when it was
turned on. It is the duty ofthe lirst
man who arrives at work to turn on
air; everything was handy. I had my
Ilrst experience ou compressor In this
mine. lam a pipefitter by-'trado and
put in all tho pipes in connection with
hho Nettie L* compressor. I had beon
running a machine on Ajax until Friday, tbis my second shift hi IJ winze.
I hud never been told   there wus bad
winzo before losing consciousness. !
told Savage- hose was taken off and he
had to walk over huso to get to winze.
One might have attached hose and
turned on air with safety. I consider
it an oversight on tho part of Savage
to havo gone below without attaching
hoso und turning on air.
John McLeod, sworn and testified as
follows: I am employed at Nettie L.
mine* I worked day .shift on a small
machine in winze B. About 4 o'clock
on March 7th I loaded and lired IU
lioles and my opposito partner, R.
Bates fired 12 shots. We uncoupled
hose and took it above before firing
and also turned oil valves to prevent
candles being blown out. It is customary to turn air off on leaving shaft.
I. told both Savage and Groshans about
our having lired 22 holes and having
heard 21 distinct reports, not that 1
thought tbere was any danger but I
felt proud of the result of our work. It
was certainly the duty cf tbo lirst man
going to work to connect hose aud turn
on air and I consider it carelessness of
Savago to not have dono so. Thu powder used was good and same us was iu
use all along. I did not expect bad
air, but with the number of holes
fired the smoke would certainly bu
thick. There wus no danger in connecting hose and turning on air. Ono
did not need to go below valves to
connect hose. I think It would havo
done uo good to turn ou air without
attaching hose; it would have a tendency to keep gas below. It is customary to turn oil'air in quitting shaft in
other parts of mine and also in other
mines whero I have worked. When I
got to winzj after accident I met
Supt. Crilly coming out of winze. Hu
said to Sweeney andiothers: '-Any of
you who have not been below, t;o down
and try to savo those men." Ue, tbo
Supt. tuou attempted to descend again
but ho was already about overcomo so
I held him back. I went down with
several others and found rope not long
enough  on  windlass.     Another rope
air in this place,    Never  uotlced bad! was tied to It and I tied ropo  to four
air   before.     1 believe    that   Savage \ bodies one at a time while the men
should not havo gone down in that ga
and that h e was at fault in not turuin
on air.
Court adjourned-] till Tuesday at 10
a. ra.
Tuesday Morning.
Tho investigation was resumed
Tuesday at 10 a.m. Robert Bates was
sworn and gave evidence as follows: I
am a miner employed at Nettie L. On
March 7th I worked as usual on small
machine in B. winze aud the air was
good. I fired my round of holes ami
quit work at 4*15. I think if the air
was turned on without thc aid of hose
attached it would not have much
olVoct in driving out gas. Had hose
heon left connected it would havo been
ruined on account of McLeod's round
of holos being so close. We thought
of removing tho pipe connections but.
did not. Have worked in this winze
since it was startod and never thought
it a dangerous placo to work. The
valves were left closed on account of
the holes fired in drift, started at bottom of winzo the day previous, I told
Savage wo had fired 22 holes and heard
21 distinct reports. He was therefore
warned of a possiblo missed hole. An
average of 3 sticks per hole and 4 for
lifters was used or about 70 sticks iu
all. It was I who connected hose and
turned on tho air after accident occur-
duty. I beliovo there was nodift'ereuoo|red and had juettimeto get to top oi
above hauled them to top. I went up
ladder with each man to prevent
injury to bodies on account of incline in
the shaft. I tried to help tie rope on
the fifth body but was too much overcome.
Wm. Adams, sworn, said: I was
employed as mucker for B. winze iu
Nettie L. mine, on night shift. Ou
March "th I got to top of winze just
ono minute to7 p.m. Savage was just
going below. I asked him if hu wanted
mo to go down and help set up machine
He said hodidu't know. 1 said, "call
me if you want mo I will bo working
close by." lu a short timo G. Groshane
came along. I heard Savage remark
from bottom of winze tbat tho gas was
pretty bad. I think his candle was
burning. I knew air was not on at the
time. Geo. Groshans wont down
wlnzo aa far as tho valves and asked
mo to hand him thc hose. 1 handed
down the connecting ond but just then
Savage said 1 am coming up. Uo appeared to get up ladder where Groshans was. Groshans then called,
"Como Billy quick: Savage is played
out." Groshans hold Savage as well
as he could and I hurried around windlass to the ladder but just -rot thetc
when Savage fell to the bottom. Groshans yelled to mo, "Run and get help! '
When I got to tho main manway on
Continued on PagoS, Lardeau Bagle]
Published ovory
fc\ Cf.
to 'VhOTD fill corn
Friday nt Forguson
gpondonce slioul 1 bo i
Subscription rtntoa:   K.OO |n*r ii'itimn
iv lulttrona in AlnorlcHi $1,115 foi
���mi 11 ymir to forolgu tiddrossos.   No pay
ing B. winze to investigate tho Mia-,
hap to Mr, Savage.
3. That Mr. Calder came to his'
jdeath by accidental asphyxiation in B
jwinzo while assisting in tho attempt tu
eseuo Mr. Savage.
4. That Mr. Gngnon's death is due!
|to accidental asphyxiation whilo try
Ing to recover his fellow workman in]
B. winzo.
Tho jury oxonorates Mr. Savage, the
iGroat Western Minos, Ltd., and its
employees from actual Ultimo in tilt*
matter and lind that it was due to an
^unexpected, extra amount of gases in
nix months'fiB winze due to tho day shift loading
and discharging a doublo round ol
holes. (Tho foreman explained thtit
the jury wero unanimous   in finding
Job Printing: T be Euglo Job department!;-.-*,,j.-,, .���nl .lnnt.nl nnd thut nn ll.lno
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faaV^ToiaV&ilS&Sau 'e5Stl""f��" to the men but that a fully com-
jpeteLt foreman or shift boss should bel
Ion tho ground to see that all is safe for"
{[the men.
The jury wishes to express Its ad
imiration of tho noble manner in whieb
the miners of the Nettio L. rushed to
tho assistance of their fellow working-
men and attempted, at tho risk and
and even at the loss of thoir own lives,
to  recover  thoir  fellows  Irom theii
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FRIDAY. MARCH 13 1903.
Conllltue.fl From Page 1.
same level as B winze I met nightj
foreman Pat Crilly and Allan Calder,
I explained that Savage was knocked
out at bottom of winze and they rushed
past me toward the winze. I wont lo
stopes above and below and summoned
help feeling nearly overcome several
times.    Savage was in the  habit of
[untimely death.
Service and Burial.
Never before in Ferguson's history
jhavo the residents assembled on so sad
[an occasion as that    of  Wednesday
tting up hismachino without turningHwij0n Rev- g   j. Green conducted theH
memorial service of the deceased men
who met such a tragic death  in the
..Nettie L.  mine on  Saturday  night.
d   all 0fB*-^ear'y    "le   w'10'e a''u*t population|
air turned on as a rule after shooting.'
Tuesday 3 p. m.
Inquest   resumed.      A   number
other  witnesses
were call
whom wero in the winze helping to|showed their sympathy by their
<.et the bulies out and to save thoseaence in Miners'Union hall
who were overcome. These witnesses^ Ti.e service was opened by prayer,
had also been overcome as well asE*,*,;.., tjle beautiful hymn, "A Few Morel
others who had not been called toaYoars Shall Roll," was sung. Rev,
testify, and several of thorn had to beR-jj,.. QreaD then read tho 00th psalm'
helped out themselves. On account ofBa.*a af*-er singing "Load Kindly Ughf
space getting short and that the evi-Ha 6*.(*rt but appropriate diseourso was
dunce given from this stage on WMHclelivered, then a hymn was Bung foi
for the mist part a corroboration ofjj*owec*. by thedoxology and the servicej
the foregoiug further evidence will begoonciude(i
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THE  EAOLE.   Ferguson, B. C.
omitted. However, the following!
employees'gave evidence confirming]
tnnt reported above:
Jack Chism, Blacksmith; JJ
Sweeney, machine miner; Chas. Hamilton, miner; I). Barcelow, mucker; J.
Hendricks, miner; ��� .McPbail, mlner;|
Miles Custer, miner.
Court adjourned till 7. p.m.
After  Supper.
At 7 o'clock tho inquest was resum-|
ed.   ,1. Sweeney a competent machine
hand working in anothor part of tr:
wus recalled and swore that tho vnlvet|
wero properly placed.
General manager Donald G. Forbetl
was recalled and testified that thei
valves were properly placed and that!
valves wero similarly placed on all the
other branch pipes in the mine. Tbe
powder used was tho ordinary (iOp.c.
nitro glycerine. This powder in it.
combustion would produce nitrus-acid
gas, which is   u deadly poison.
Tlio coroner remarked that Mr.
lllohiii who was taken from the
winze ar.il is now lying in hospital, was
plainly Bartering from poison.
Mr. Forbes said tills was duo no|
doubt from thc sufferer ha.ing iubnledj
nitidis acid gas,
In reply to juryman Cummins as to
whether he thought his shift boss a
competent man the wltnesB said he
boliuvod him tn have been a thorough
l.v competont man. Ho found him lul
lhut position when he came and lie saw
no reason whatever to rornovc him.
This concluded tho hearing of evidence and the coroner rose and delivered his charge to tho jury, touching on
eaoh man's evidence and carefully
summing up.
Tho Verdict.
Tho jury" retired at 0;15 p. m. and
returned at ]0;li> with the following
1. Mi" Savago came to his death by
accidental asphyxiation while in dis
charge ot his duties as a miner in B,
wlnzo of tho Not.to L. mine.
2. That Mr, P. Crilly came to his'
death by accidental asphyxiation!
while discharging his duty In descend'
The cortlns were arranged near thei
pulpit and on each were wreaths of]
A large procession formed and drove]
to the cemetery between Ferguson)
jand Trout Lako. The bodies ofP,
Jcrilly and R. Savage wero interedl
here. J. Baldwin read the Roman]
Catholic burial service at the grave ol|
1'. Crilly.and Rev H. A. Solly read the.
Episcopal service ovor R. Savage's
grave, after which the Miner's Union!
took charge of the burial in each|
Tho other two bodies wore takenl
through to Beaton by a volunteer com*
mittee of 25 union men. From Beaton tho bodies were hauled across the
lake 12 miles on sleds, the ice being
too stout for the boat and too thin for
safe walking but tho brave union men
from Ferguson waived the danger in
order to deliver tho remains to the
brothers of the doceasod who were
waiting at Arrowhoad but woro ad
vised to  not risk a crossing.
Tho body of Ed. Gagnon was taken|
oast via. Nolson for burial and that of A
Calder was taken to his home in   tlie|
east via. Rovelstoke.
Guards, and
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stock at Xmas time and
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General Agent,
���Revelstoke, B. C.
1 Notice.
Notice is herein- given that 80'daya -after
date I intend to apply to tho Ohio! Commis-
s.oncr of Lands mul Works for u special license
to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands in West Kooteimy, com-"
menciiiK nt u post situated about 80 chains
north ofKlght-SIilo Bridge on tho south fork
ofthe Lardeau rivor, thence 40 chains north,
thenco 160 chains west, thenco 40 chains soutli.
thenee 160 chains east to thu point of eom-
Dated StfltU February, looa,
Erland Ci. Ihidow,
Notlee Is horoby (.tvoit that B0 data after
date I Intond to apply to the Chief commissioner of Lund.-, and Works for a special license
Heut and curry away timber from the follow-
irta; described lands in West Kootenay commencing from a post situated about M chains
north of Elght-Jttlo Bridra.pn the South Fork
Of tbo Lardeau Klvor, thenee 40 chains south,
theme 100 chains lYOsf, thence -10 chains north,
thenee 160 chains oast to point of commence-
Dated 20th February, 1008.
Erland U. Hadow,
Notice la hereby given that 30 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and works for permis-
ion to purchase WO acres of laud situated on
thc south side ofthe Ferguson townsite com-
monclng from a post situated near the southeast corner of same; thenee40 chains south
thenco 40 chains west; thence40 chains north,
thence 40 chains east to point of commencement.
Ferguson, B. C, February 22nd, 19U3.
Notice Is hereby given that80 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special licenso
tocut and carry away timber from thc following described lands in west Kootenay: Commencing from h post situated about 40 chains
east of the Ferguson townsite. thence HO
chains south, thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west to point
of commencement.
Dated 23th February 1003.
Notice i�� hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land., und Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from the following .described lands In West Kootenay: Com-
monclng at a post planted about 10 chains
east of Ferguson townsite, thenee 160 chains
north, thence-It) chains east, thence 160 chains
soutli, thence 40 chains west to point of com-
Dated 25th February, 1903.
feb27 A. II. Holdich, Secietarv.
Notice fs hereby given that ,10 clays-after dnta
r intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lanes and Works for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kootenay, commencing at a post about 40 chains east ofthe Ferguson townsite, thence 100 chains north,
thence tt) chains west, thence 100 chains south
thence 40 chains cast to point of commence
Dated 25th February, 1903.
A. H. Holdich, Secretary.
Certificate of Improvement!
Nottie L. Fraction, No. 1 Fraction and Copper
Reef mineral claims, situate In the Trout
Lake mining division of West Kootonay district.
Where located.���On Nettie L. mountain.
TAKK NOTICE that I, George S. McCarter,
acting as agent for thu Groat Western Mines,
Limited Liability, Free Minors* certificate No
I). 48174, Intend iii) days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Keeorder for a Certificate
of improvements ior the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
under* Section 87 must be commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 23rd day of January.A.D., 1903.
Groat   Western   Mint's,     Limited    und
Double Eagle M. & I). Co., Ltd.
Notice is hereby plvon that any written
transfers of stock In either of those companies
that have not yet been sent in to thc office for
registration and thu issue of proper certificates for them, must bo sent In by the last
day of February, 1008, as thoy will not be
recognized after that date.
Ferguson, II. 0, Jan. 20,1903,
A. fl. HOLDICH, Sec'y
Certificate of Improvements.
"Culbert," ������Handy,"   "Handy    No.    2.
���Lynch,"       ."Low."     [."Low      Fraction
mineral claims,  situate ln tho   Trout   Lako
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
������iWhoru located:���Near Lynch creek on Lar
deau river.
Taku notice that I, A.R. Hcyland, agent for W.
N. llruyton, Freo Miner's Certificate No. HAMMi
Intend sixty days from tlie dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of tho abovo claims.
And further taku notice that action under
section ,17, must bo commenced before tho
issuance of suoh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of January, A. D��� 1903.
-Certificate of Improvements.
Two and a Half
mineral claim situate in tho Trout Lako
Mining Division of West Kootonay District,
Whcrc;located:-On Ladu mountain near the
Badshot mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B.N. Wilkie, acting as agent for the Ophir-Lade Mining Syndicate, Limited, Free Miner's Certillcate No. 1),
4-S17J, intend co days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
n Crown Grant of the above claim.
Aud further take notice that action, undor
section 37, must be commenced beforo the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of Docembor.A.D. 1902.
Notlco is hereby g ven that tho undersigned
���������"��� not be responsible for any account except
..in.l...i,lim     nf   a   ivrlltiMi   nnlnr   siiMlci)  l.v
Will not beresponsiDio ior auy account exc.
on puoduction of a written order signed
the manager, Superintendent or Secretary.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner.
To William Howard or whomsoever he may
have transferred his latoreat in tho ���'Clyde"
And "Clyde No. 2" mineral claims, situated on
Silver Cup Mountain adjoining the- Lucia
mineral claim and 4^ miles from Ferguson, in
the Trout Lake Mining Division, West Kootonay district of B. C.
\ouare hereby notified lhat I have expended
$220 iu labor and improvements upon the
abovo mentioned claims since Oct. 7ih, 1901,
under the provisions of ihe Mineral Aot, and
if within IK) days from tliu date of this notice
you fail or refuse to contribute ynur proportion of the abovo mentioned sum whicli is now
due, together with all cost of advertising,
vour interest in the said claims will become
the property Of the undersigned under section
4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act 1000.
Dated at Ferguson, B. C, this 12th day of
December; 1902.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner,
To C, J. Smith and F. W. Hinsdale or tofnny
person or persons to whom they may havo
transferred their Interests tn the following
mineral claims, tho "Mollie A" and "Copper
Key", located ut Short creek south of Pass
ereek in tho Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay.
Take notice: that we the undersigned have
performed the work and recorded the assessment on the above named properties forthe
years 1900-1901 and in order to held your interest in said claims under section 24 of tho
Mineral'Act and if within 90 days of the first
publication hereof you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure
together with the cost of advertising, your
interest In tho said claims will becomo the
property of tho subscribers undor section 4 of
the Mineral Act of 1900.
Dated at Ferguson, B.C. this 19th day of Dec.
doc 19
Siened     (HfiNRYSANN
���signed    IJ0E moretT
Halcyon Hot Spings
Sanitarium   .   .   ���
Situated^mfdst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments,
They are a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TERM8-I15 to ?1S per week, according to rcsldcnco in Hotel or Villas,
Schools. SUKAPrN'
Gives instruction by mail In the following subjects: Mechanical engineering*
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineer-
ing,telegraphy, telephony, sauitarv plumbing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, architecture, architectural drawing, sheet metal pattern drafting, lettering
und sign painting, ornamental designs,
book keeping, stenography, milling, smelt
ing, metallurgy, liydrometullurgy, elect ro.
therapeutics, French, German, Spanish
Send lor free catalogue.
10 per cent discount bv cutting out this
ad. and enrolling beforo end of month.
W. H, McDOUGALL, Local Agent.
Nelson. 11. O.
Smith cfr Co.
45 Bleury St,
��� Montreal
Will be represented in
Ferguson three or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing* will
receive closo attontion
and v>o
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for lilm.
IRON BEDS a Specialty      |
$5 and up. . i\
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 1001, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Loaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���101c and 16k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twico daily��� 7:15k and
12;4ul;. Making closo connections
with all C. P. 1.. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
Th. Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
The B. C
Headquarters for Adsayer-*, Minlno*
& Mill SupplleH. Sole agents iu It.
C. for Mowan Crucible Co., Ilattorses,
England; F. W. liratm & Co.'s Patent
Oaty Furnaces, Burners, etc.; Wm. Ainu-
worth & Co.'s Fine Balances etc., etc.
JDited Batters of Nor.lii.iiiei.ca
tlie United Hatters
of North America.
When yuu are buy-
ng a FUJI MAT,
itlier soft or utl-ff,
ceo to it tlmt tlie
genuine V s I o n
Label is sewed lu it.
If a retailer hai
loose labels iu hie
possession and of-
tors to put one in a
l.at for you, do not
patronize him. Ho
hasnotanyn-gntTona\e iooso labels. Loose
labels in retail stores arc counterfeit;-?. Iio not
listen to any explanation as to why tho hal
has no label. The Genuine Union Label if
perforated on tlie four edfjes cx.irtly the same
as a postflge stamp. Counterfeits am sometimes perforated on three of tho edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep o sharp lookoitl
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John II. Ktets
Co. of Philadelphia, I'a., Is non-union conce
JOIIN A. MOFFITT* President,
Orange. N. J.
14 71)7 Bedford Ayg,,Brooklyn, n.y
The three claims owned by the company are tho "Lardoau
Queen," the "Lardoau King" and tho "Lardeau Prince," all abutting
end to end, through whioh throe leads pass tho ontiro length, situated at the head of Lexington creek, in the Lardeau mining division
of West Kootenay, British Columbia.
These three claimB are located on tho western slopo of Goat Mountain, tho lines being north-westerly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral land of about 150 acres. They iio cast
less than four miles up from Fish river.
The group lies in the "Sitting Bull" and -'Wild West" belts,
two of the strongest and best known leads in that district, and worlc
already dono on apjacent extentlons lias givon most satisfactory
results as to extent of ore bodies and increased values with depth.
Tho formation is slate and schist, lying In an immense limo
dyke, and the cropplngs of the lends are generally topped with heavy
iron capping lind quartz, which gives assays from $8 up on the
Exploitation consists of two open cuts along the surfaco for a
distanco of twenty feet, which exposed a body of argentiferous
galena over 8 Inches in width. Thu value ot this ore body was .if*.(it)
on the surface, but at a depth of less than three feet it has iucronscd
to $40.60. To tap this ore showing antl the massive Iron (tapped
ledgo close to which lt lies tho present tunnel was commenced and
is now in a distanco of 82 feet. Anothor 85 feot of orosBOUttlng
should roach this ledg3 at a depth of about 125 feot. When 01 feet
had been driven, an almost'solld body of iron nro three feet thick
was oncnuntored in the tunnel lying against a wall of slate. A
sample at this point assayed $77.00 in gold, silvor, coppor and lead.
At a distance of 14 feot from this lead a lino body of ore has beon
encountered which, whon crossed, proved to be seven and a half feet
wide, carrying tlio finest looking mineral yot found on tho proporty.
A third ledge which contains tho richest oro and widest surfaco
showing, will be roaohed about Fobruary 15th. This ledgo when
oncountored, will be from 12 to 15 foot wido and great results are
Tho proporty has an excellent surfaco showing. The average
assays aro most encouraging, considering the great width and con-
tinuancy of the lends across the country with such great width and
prominence of tho surface judging from other properties In the near
vicinity, some of which are on the same lead and have developed
very rloh oro bodies,
In conclusion I would say that the Lardoau Minos are ns good as
any, If not the best, in tho vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividend paying iu a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end.
It. O. McClymont, HI. E.
Goods can be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very shoi I notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing   <���������>������>���������>������ ��*.��-�����*-�����-��*.�����-*.*���*
-������������**���-*���*�����**�����������*.-���-���-��������*������ ������.*>
Funeral Directors and I
Embalmers. ���
[Graduate of Myer's Collegoi'.of Embalming]   I
For Further Information, price of stook, etc., addross
*'.    , ��� ��� -,. ...     b_ Noi'bert Ouimette, oManager.
Bank of Montreal Bldg,, ROSSLAND, B, Ct*
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten  .
hours notico if advised by wire. t
D, J. Robertson * O
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice.
Send the EAGLE io your
. Friends in the East
Everybody     OllT   Special
smokes     ANT)	
-   The Union
They are nil Union made ami nf the
hunt Havana Tobacco money oan
buy. Try one nnd Batlflfy yourself
as to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, II. A.
B r o w N, Prop.
%$ $-$$-$$ ^H^-^^^^f -$-$-$$ $-$$$$
���f< BEST $2.00 A HAY HOUSE
Hotel Lardeau
[J. Laughton, Proprietor.
_J?**# i&HgHH* SjHjHjHjJ -^���^^t-^-^-^^^^-^J-llt-
* 3f-A-^-^i-^-^ t^^s^iOasi^i^ i&m
prospectors' Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
fH      , ���REST IN THE MARKET****
^UVUVW^WWWWTfK and General
���al. j
��� Local
$44��� .���<���*.
Messrs. W. Macdontild nnd W. B'
Fool left for Revolstoko Friday evening last.
Mr, and Mrs. Kirk-patrick and Mrs.
Ward wero visitors to Trout Lake on
Friday inst,
Owing to tbo sad accident at the
Nettie L. the Fchool concert has been
Jus. Lawrence, hardware merchant
of Nelson, is in town this week and
registered at the Windsor.
Frank Holten returned from attending tho Miners convention at Victoria
Monday night.
A largo number from Ferguson
attended the dance at Trout Lake
Friday  night last.
A social was held at the Lake
Saturday in aid of the building fund
of the Methodist church.
A special meeting of the MinerB'
Union was held in Miners'
Union hall on Monday at 2 o'clock.
The Bchool children were given a
holiday Wednesday aftornoon in order
to attend tlie funeral of the deceased
S. Danoy broke tlio trail to Nettie
L. witli his snow plow Thursday morning, "after our recent heavy snow
storm," with a four horso team.
Mrs. Gunterman, formerly cook at
thc Nettie L. came ovor the almost
impassable roads from Arrowhead
Tuesday to be present at the funeral
The smoking concert and entertainment, announced last week, to be held
tit Eagle hall on St Patrick's Day has
been postponed on account of tho sad
accident of Saturday last.
From Saturday night until Wednesday morning enow fell heavily and
continuously. Consequently another
threo feot of snow has boen added to
the already unstinted supply in t'er-
Tho Victoria Colonist ot March 1st
contains a photograph of members of
tho 15. C, Mining Convention taken in
a group also the delegates at Foul Bay
in carriages enjoying an outing.
W. McDougall representing the
Scranton Schools, was in town for a
few days this week. Ho paid a visit to
somo of tho mines, a goodly number of
tho miners being- Scranton School
students and several new students
woro enrolled during Mr. McDougall'*
Tho following registered at the
Ferguson house tbis week: John Mc-
Sweonoy, Lee.Chism, N. Morrison, A.
Ericksen, D. A. Williams, Bollard
Barsnlau Duke Champagne, Miles
Custar, Arthur Hendrickson, Ralph
Nordenson, Nettie L; W. H. McDougall, Nelson; Gillls, Currie, Hillman,
Trout Lako.
Mrs. Esteb who has beon spending
tho winter with her daughter, Mrs. H.
Cartor of this place, left for her homo
in Walla Walla, Washington, Saturday last via Seattle During Mrs.
Ksteb's sojourn in Ferguson she made
many friends who regret her departuro
from our town. Later���Mrs. Esteb
had to roturn to town owing to the
lake being impassable.
Arrangements aro being mado for
tho mombors of tho House of Lords
and Commons lo visit Canada at the
ond of August. It Is probablo that
two special Btcamers will bo chartered
The plan is to arrive In Quebec and
visit various oontros to the l'aciiie
coast, and back to Halifax. Tho project Is endorsed and supported by
Lords Aberdeen and Strathcona, who
are arranging for members of both
houses to join tho party.
A college for farmers Is to be started
at Region, N. W. T. Tho stall will
comprise professors ot agriculture,
chemistry,veterinary solenco,dalrying,
horticulture and natural history and
anatomy; a lecturor on domestic
science and cookery, and a bursor and
librarian. Dr. Coard will hold the
professorship of agriculture and the
lectureship on entomology. The names
of the other proteBsorB and lecturers
have not yet beon announced. The
college Is being established under
lubitwtUl patronage*.
J. Howard 'of the Silver Cup
mine spent Thursday night in town.
Dr. Newcombe loft today for Thomson's Landing to visit somo scarlet
fever patients.
Several men wero down frcm tho
Silver Cup Wednesday to attend the
funeral from Minors' Union hall.
A concert aud basket social to ond
with a Bocial hop will be given in tho
hall on Friday night, 17th inst. The
proceeds will be used to pay outstanding accounts in connection with tlio
school building.
Sinco March Ist Batho & Co. havo
shipped from their big store, to tho
Nottie L. and Silvor Cup mineB, goods
as follows: Groceries and vegetables
27,100 lbs.; dynamite, 5,700 lbs.; beef,
0,000, a total of 19 tons. Not a bad
beginning for spring.
Locals With a Pus-streak.
AU the latest books, magazines and
periodicals for holiday reading in Block
at the Canada Drug&Book Co.'s Btore,
Revolstoko, B. C. Prompt attention to
mail orders.
Ib pays to uso tho telephone. A trip
cnn often bo saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phono. ORice in Cummins & Co.'s
* Smokers : If you want tho genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cioar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE���A four roomod dwelling house and two lots on one of tho
best corners in the residence part of
Ferguson for sale ou easy terms.
Apply to Eagle office.
A. M. Craig still conducts tho feed,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses and light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stage for Goldflelds
and Camborno moots the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
INFANTS THRIVE on cows milk
that is not .subject to any change of
composition. Borden's Eagle Brand
Condensed Milk is always tho same in
all climates and nt ull seasons. As a
general household milk it is superior
and is always available.
Wants Your Washing.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First Class.
B.   U.   SMITH,
Victoria   Avenue.
Capital Authorlied, $4,ooo,ooo
Capital (Paid-up) $2,(16.1,932
Rest    -   -   ���   -   f2,43U,S95
1), It. wilkie, tumoral Manager.
Brandies In Ontario,Quebec, Manitoba, N. W,
T. and British Columbia.
tlrcat Britain���Lloyds hank, Limited
United States���New York. Hank of Montreal.
" "    ��� Chicago, First National Hank.
" "    ���Sati Francisco, Wells  Farijo
&Co'a Hank.
'���       "   -St.Paul, Second Nat'l Bank,
"       "   ���Minneapolis, First Nat'l Hank
"        "    ���Seattle, Seattle National Bank
Vaucouver, Revelstoke,    Nelson,   Goldon,
Forguson Victoria.
Interest allowed at current rates.
A general banking business transactod.
Local Manager,
Wi P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Survoys mado and Crown Grants
Oflloo:     -      -     Trout Lake.
Surveys ol Mines, Mineral Claims and
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Ofllces:  Camborne and Vanoouvor
H'', "quarters fur Information Regarding
Lnrili-.ii* Properties*
W.ltefor loforaiatlwa*
Call and see Samples*
Solicitor for
Thc Imperial Bank
Perguson, B. C.
OFFICE���In tbo Ophir Ijido block.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Ofllces: Revel, toke, Clolden, and Ferguson. Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank
of Canada.
Geo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, B, C.
do V. lo HA1STRE 4 J. M. SCOTT
Barrister, Solicitcr, etc.
J, M. SCOTT, A. B. L, L. B.
W, de V. le Maistre, M. A.
Having purchased the
Forguson Meat Market we
aro prepared to Hiipply our
customers with all kinds ot
Fresh and cured meats. A
good supply of Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausages, Hams
and Ilacon  always on hand.
3 Do You Know $
& That a man Is moro &
2 manly when ho keeps C
% his taee cleanly shaven 8
S his hair neatly trim- k
J mod and uses tho |j
"B bath frequently. 8
A All the require- k
2 ments of a Hrst class P
V barber shop supplied f?
i ���������������� &
����� Roy Jameson 1}
i^njv j}.\-ijs-rjs-_*>r 7$s _}-r_$ir7j5ijs7$*i-z{.
For Men Women and Children
the Home, the Camp
and the mine.
At the big Retail Store
Call and Inspect our new stock
of Neckties.
We have in stock a good supply of Borden's Eagle Brand
Condensed Milk and Cream.
Once tried you will use no other
McKinnon cfc Sutherland
The Post Office Store
We have moved into our New Store Budding
and have plenty of room to display goods.
If anything is wanted  in the  Mercantile line
we can supply it.
G. B. Batho & Co.
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
,_��___ Rates $1 Per Day jA*
JAS.   CUMMINS,   Prop..  Ferguson,   B.   C
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and Fergus^rackingr
.Freighting    ^^L2^fit
Contracts ontorod into for packing ol Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in tho distriot.
Good, prompt sorvlco, nnd any work undertaken guaranteed. Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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