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Lardeau Eagle 1904-08-26

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New Vork Mjrsrket.
Silvbr���Bar     _57��
Lead���1001b��       4.3S
Copper     IS.fO
ut 3  i.
...;  ���
Vol. V, No 19.
Ferguson, B. C, AUGUST 26, 1904.
$2 a Year In advance
Billy Pool Is aa Uonvinoed as ever
of the Wealth of Poplar and
the Lardeau generally.
W. B. Pool, the well-known mining magnate, and popularly described as " King of the Lardeau,"
has been visiting Rossland, and
the Miner man thus speaks :
Mr. Pool is as emphatic and enthusiastic as ever concerning the
extent and value of the free-gold
deposits at Poplar Creek, The
Great Northern Mines, of which
Mr, Poo! -is president and general
manager, owns most of the valuable
claims in the district, including the
famous Lucky Jack and the marvellous Swede group. The company's operations have been seriously hampered by litigation that
arose over the validity of some of
these locations. The result is that
Mr. Pool has been put to great
trouble and expense in protecting
the interests ot those who are associated with him. It would seem
from what he said yesterday that
his pluck and determination have
swept practically all those difficulties aside, and he is now on the eve
of reaping a great and rich reward
for his persistence.
Had it not been for this passing
trouble, lhe Great Northern Mines
would have expended a large sum
of money this summer in a comprehensive system ol development and
in the purchase of machinery, including st.-.mp-mills and tramways.
This would have resulted in great
activity at Poplar, and a corresponding amount of development
throughout the district. Now, how.
ever, that things are shaping out
satisfactorily, this will be done without a moment's unnecessary delay.
��� The values found in the Lucky
Jack and Swede group are said to
be nothing short of phenomenal.
The size of the numerous veins is
not strikingly large, but the pay-
shoots exceed in richness anything
hitherto found in western Canada,
It is no unusual thing to get specimens that contain more gold than
quartz, while the average assays
run into high figures. Those who
have seen th6 properties declare
that handsome profits couid be
made under the crudest methods of
work, but with labor-saving and
the best machinery, there is an opportunity for tremendous profits.
The Oyster-Criterion at Camborne
is also owned by the Great Northern
people. This property is unhampered by litigation, and as it is
-quipped with a ten-stamp mill
tramway, antl every feature of
modern machinery calculated to expedite mining and reduce costs to a
minimum, it is in a very satisfactory condition. The Oyster-Cri-
'.erion isi turning out two big gold
bricks every thirty days,
Mr. Pool says his belief in lhe
richness ol lhe mineral wealth of
til? Lardeau increases as time goes
���jp. '"He considers the district without an equal on the American con-
The Triune Mine is situated a
short distance south-east of the
Silver Cup Mine, only a small ,'ridge
and the head of a gulch separating
them. It is one of the most picturesquely situated mines in British Columbia, The tunnels run into the face of a cliff under a small
glacier, a rope be\pg used to assist
in the ascent to the lower tunnel.
The upper tunnel is reached through
an tip-raise from the lower. A considerable amount of work has been
done; the lower tunnel has been
driven in 360 feet, the upper tunnel
150 or more ; thc total amount of
work done aggregating possibly
1,200 lineal feet.
The country rock is slate with a
strike of 172 feet and a dip of 70
degrees north, but suffering local
disturbances, With it occur a
large number of dykes of the diabase schist. The main lead is a
strong vein of somewhat variable
width, in places as much as eight
feet wide, but usually not exceeding four feet. It is found in
the slate with a diabase dyke near
the footwall, the vein even some
times traversing the dyke. A second parallel vein occurs in a band
of slates on the south side of the
dyke, with the dyke as a sort of a
hanging wall. The lead consists of
solid mineralized quartz, or stringers
and veinlets of quartz reticulating
through the country rock. Hence
there are often small horses with
veinlets running through them. As
the ore is not abundant on the surface of the lower working, it evidently occurs in the form of chutes,
as on the Silver Cup. In other respects it is similar in cha.acter to
the Silver pup. The upper part of
the vein is possibly somewhat richer
in grey copper than the lower, but
is also richer in blende and lead,
The Triune has been shipping ore
four seasons, and about 60 tons
have been shipped this season to
the Canadian Smelting Works at
Trail, B. C., the output being
somewhat over one ton of ore per
day. .The feturns from the first
and second carloads shipped this
season are as follows *
1st Car.���19.58 tons of ork.
Gold....  113.47 per ton
Lead    12-70   ���'   "
Silver    06.31   "   "
Combined values 1122.48   "   "
2nd Cab.���18.02 tons of ork.
Oold.....  W4.24 per ton
Loud    11-87   "   "
Silver  100.45   "   "
Combined values $135.S�� " "
. .A condition rather uncommon for
this latitude js found in the upper
workings of the mine, that is approaching the bed of the glacier.
The ground is here saturated with
water in the form or ice, The temperature must remain below freezing the year round, for in midsummer the ground remains frozen.
The water travels downward by
melting and freezing, (or if a tunnel
is not use in winter it fills almost to
the top with ice, and stalactites and
stalagmites and pillars of ice are
formed,   When tht frown ere is
taken out of the mine ane melts, it
is stated that it loses 50 per cent in
weight. It might be mentioned in
passing that a dyke of diabase near
the Triune cabin is somewhat niiner-
ilized with quartz, siderite, galena,
copper, ele. Tl'e Triune is situated
on thc south-eastern continuation of
the mineral belt on which the Silver
Cttp is situated, and on the same
general lead. As the Triune is at a
higher elevation and the dip is
northward, the lead outcrops farther south than at lhe Silver Cup.
It is not to be inferred that ore is
necessarily developed throughout
the whole distance, for it has already been stated that it is localized
in chutes. This mineral belt extends over Silver Cup mountain,
Ihe Cromwell and olher claims being
situated 011 it. It probably runs
along lhe range past the upper part
of American and Haskins creeks,
but on account of the snow it was
impossible to trace il up. A number of quartz veins occur on this
mountain, some showing free gold.
Some quartz stringers occur containing feldspar as if they were an
acid facies of pegmatite.
The development for this month
at the Triune consists of grading
new wagon road from a point situate it few rods this side of thc
lower cabin to thc lower tram terminal. A bridge has been erected
the past few days across Triune
creek ; it is intended to utilize this
new road for the purpose of transportation from the terminal to the
lower cabin. This road must
not be confused with the recently
acquired wagon road from 10-Mile.
Two more No. 17A ore cars, each
with a 1,000 lbs. capacity, and a
ton of T rails have been installed
the past fow days, and tunnels 1, 2
and *** arq now fully equipped with
self-dumpers. A new tunnel will
be driven commencing Sept. ist.
25,000 feet of lumber is being
shipped to the mine this week, and
the bunk-house is to be completely
renovated and tunnels made absolutely safe.
A Conservative Victory.
The LillQflt Election Eesulta In a
Majority of Eighty-Four
for McDonald.
Revelstoke, Aug. 19.���The final
returns of the recent bye-election in
Lilloct are to hand, and those wiseacres who prognosticated a forfeit
ure of deposit by the Government
candidate have received their
quietus. The results for the eleven
sub-divisions into which the con*
stituency is divided are as follows :
McDonald  Stoddart.
Lilloot    53 82
Clinton    25 20
115-Mli. Houso    10 23
127-Mile House    11 3
HatCreek     '��� "
Alkali Lako     7 G
Bijj* Dat*    Jo 3
Empire Volley    10 5
IJojr Creek    IS ���')
Pavilion      " 6
Gun Creek    13 0
Total  101 110
Chris Hanson and S. Underbill have
obtninod a lease of the Black Prince
from Tony Booker. Supplies were
packed to this steady shipper on Tuesday.
Every camp in the history of mining has suffered (rom the hammerings of the "knocker." There is
such a one at large whose every
effort is to cripple the country ol
which we are inhabitants, and to
villily the Lardeau district generally.
His latest "knock" is at the mill
at 5-Mile, near Ferguson, and great
as is our respect for The Mining
Reporter, wc cannot allow such a
slander to pass unchallenged. The
following appears in that journal,
August 4th issue, and if the reader
will read between the lines, he will
note the main object of the contribution, which is written by the B.C.
correspondent to the Mining Reporter :
I have received from privato sources
information which, if too true, b vory
serious, that the combination silver
mill installed by the Silver Cup and
Great Western companies near Ferguson last year is not a success, in that
quite 50 per cent uf tho silver values in
tho ure are nut boln*; saved. Some
time iiyo a well-Informed cot't'espon-
dsnt in this dietrict told me that the
decision to install this type of mill had
been most hastily arrived at, before, in
fact, careful experiments hud been
made to ascertain whether or not the
process was a suitable one for the re*
auction of Lardeau ores; but at tlio
time it was hard to credit the sugges*
tion that a company whicli enjoys a
reputation for business-like conduct
could be gujlty of1 such culpable fully.
The facts aro bonnd'to come out in the
near future, one way of tho other, and
for the present one can only hope that
the report is without foundation.
We respectfully submit it would
have been honest were the Mining
Reporter to have refrained from
comment until " the facts came out
in the near future one way or the
other." We herewith challenge that
journal to substantiate the statement of its "private" correspondent that "quite 50 per cent of the
silver values in the ore are not
being saved." If they can do so
they will be conferring a lasting
favor upon capitalists who are interested ir. the project by proving
that the mill is 11 failure, and thus-
warning them against undertaking
any similar construction. Half a
million dollars or more has been
spent in the erection of the mill at
5-Mile, and the time has not elapsed
for what may considered a fair trial
of its capabilities, and a correct percentage of loss of silver arrived at.
We fall to see how a correspondent should be able to obtain such
figures, when we here on the spot
know that the loss of values ate so
minute that we withhold publishing
the exact figures until a year has
passed and an average obtained,
at which time we hope, us we have
every reason to, that the mining
world will receive a wholesome lesson in practici"l economy and dearth
of shortage.
The article above quoted was
written with one purpose only, and
that to "knock." The writer's object is evident. His aim is to
sling mud in the hopes of some of
it sticking. We venture to suggest
that the writer is the individual
who has been throwing the hatchet
at the Lardeau for lhe past year,
and he all but admits Ms_ jdentity
when he goeu out of his way to cast
aspersions on the management, lt
he knows whereof he speaks let
him disclose himself, else for ever
hold his peace,
If the writer knew the first principles of the mill, or the publishers
knew the principle of the said
writer, reports other than good
iu the first instance and shady in
the second would be dishonest.
No honest man would ,have penned
the statement that "quite 50 per
cent of the silver values in the ore
are not being saved," and we nail
the lie down.
No sane person would imagine
that such a gigantic mill with a
combination of concentration and
chlorination with ponderous weight
on the one hand and delicacy and
scientific minulto on the other operating under one roof and governed
by one motive power could be installed without mature consideration, as the report would have us ���
believe. Who is there might like*?
such a mill to a watch, to be built
and guaranteed ?
We have said that time will tell.
The best answer we think we can
give lo the lie above quoted is
this : That since the installation
has been completely established,
the past few weeks has been devoted to producing, July 13 last
there was shipped from this mill lo
the Trail refinery sixteen bars of
gold and silver bullion weighing
26,000 ozs. Early this month
a further shipment of 21,000 ozs.
was made, and this owing to the
recent water famine, was obtained
with but half of its quota of stampji"
dropping. All we can further aSSf
is that lhe current shipment will be
in advance of its predecessors and
that an average of 2,000 ozs. per
diem is confidently anticipated.
Add to this il you will the " 50 per
cent" they "don't" lose, audit
will be transparent that Mr. " Well-
informed correspondent " has unconsciously paid a tribute to the
wealth of our country. In conclusion we will remark that Mr. H.
J, Baron, staff representative of the
Mining Reporter, was in Ferguson
this week. He paid a visit to the
mill on Saturday, and in conversation with the Eagle man admitted
the success of the mill. Mr. Baron
informed us that thc " Mining Reporter" aims to give unbiased
reports and that it docs not indulge
in paid " write-ups'." We trust the
"Mining Reporter" will enhance
'its repulation by sifting the matter,
and naming the slanderer,
The Mining Reporter of Aug. 18
is just (0 hand, and the same writer
again says: " I am privately informed that the new combination
mill is not working satisfactorily, as
it fails to save an unduly large percentage of the silver in the ore
The object of the writer is now
apparent, and his continued pinpricks prove to us that the game is
being played crooked by certain
writers on'the Mining Reporter. I I
Lardeau Bagle
..Tint!*.!  anil rnMlshefl   tvery
Ferguson, II. C, bf
J,  J. ATHERTON.  Pr)'o��.
to whom all correspondence should bt milled.
nobsorlptlon Kttei: 12.00 P�� annum, to
>.; aMMMli America ;t)l..�� lor ll* months;
ri.so��T��" ><> lortlftn addresses. No par. no
advertising Rates: Dltplay ade.,11.00 per
dul, column Inch per month. Uf M ���������������
������ats p�� (ncmuerlel. lliu 'or first Insertion: s
.��" p.r lln. tor iut, additional laiwlion.
Ktadlnc notice, 10 vent, per line each litut.
"met, Say ieial notice,, |l��.: ttatl ��V___!ffi
talrljctejs, V>. No ads. accepted at lee, tnsu
ihu, rates. No room fortjuaok ads.
!����������� waekly Insertions coastltafs one
month's airtrthlag.
The time has arrived for every adult
In this street little hamlet to get right
down to oonberteh action. There are
knockers abroad who will have to be
annihilated. On our part our politics
at the present moment are " LarJeatt
First." We have not much sympathy
for a newspaper of either color which
devotes columns to twaddle relating
disasters likely to accrue to tho coun
try if the party they represent are not
speedily installed and tbe others
ousted, and at the Bame time neglect
to extol the virtues of tbeir burg.
It's  all vo-y well to know that tbe
I .ardeau is the richest mineral couuntry
ia Canada, but what does the world
know of It ? What do you Intend doing
when the  knockers have  had  their
II ing? We are out after theso parasites���it is your duty to bank us up.
Don't get discouraged. Hundreds of
towns have succumbed just because
the people of the place were penurious,
easily disoouraged, pessimistic or disgruntled, and were lacking in enthusiasm, public spirit and confidence in
in themselves, in tbeir neighbors and
their town. Lots of people are altogether to willing to slide down, give
ii), and feay, "Oh, this towu has no
luck, couldn't sell a gold brick for 50
c?nts; the town is up 'agin It." And
1 ich men Blake this unworthy belief of
.theirs an excuse to themselves, at
least, for declining to participate in
any public enterprise or movement for
the betterment of conditions or lor the
general good.
r'nthuslasm   and   enterprise   were
never   wasted*,  they  are contagious.
Hundreds and thousands of towns have
beet, made and built up into trade and
industrial centres of Importance by the
enthusiasm, public spirit and enterprise' of   a  comparatively  few men.
. Kntba-siasm, bubbling over, and enterprise unquenchable, is what is wanted,
and the more that any community has
of these cardinal virtues/the better oft
that community will be, the greater Its
prosperity, the moro certain and rapid
its growth,   and  the less keenly Its
periods of depression will be felt.   It
is the people that make a town or build
up a city. Everyone knows of Instances
of towns and cities which seemed to
bave excellent natural advantages, but
whieh, for aome reason or other, failed
to move forward as they should have,
Aad we all know of many towns without any particular natural advantages
which have created  advantages  and
grown Into thriving cities.   Fortunate,
indeed, is that town which has a large
body of public-spirited, enterprising
and  enthusiast!,   basinets   men and
cltizerfJ." '"-'     '���'    ���������'��������� \" ��� '���   ���
So stand up for your town.   Knock
tbe knockers oil the map and advertise
yourselves. Extol this favored country in a manner which will one day redound to your credit. Tell the truth
and fear no criticism. Merchants,
business men, look to your interests;
got together, pull together for the
good of vour town, Citizens, be loyal
to your home merchants. Prospectors,
minors, citizens and tradesmen, it's up
to YOU���Crush the knoekor and buck
the printer.
It Is a clear rule In modern international law that in the case of-bom-
bardmont due notice should be given
to the defenders. So take notice,
Trout Lake, Camborne, Comaplix,
Beaton and Arrowhead,1 tbat the Eagle
is .about to storm your castles. Get
���your'raoney readyantl your ads. penned.
NOTIOE I, hereby riven tint the METRO
tende to apply to the Assistant Commissioner
of Lands and Works, under provisions ol
Chapter 113, known a, the Land Act. for per-
mlulon to purchase the following described
unreserved, unsurreyed and unoccupied Crown
Commencing at a pott on Sliver Cup Mountain situated about tw test from Triune Oreek.
and near the lower terminal of tho ltsllliiic
Tramline lnillt to the Triune Mine ln 190.,
said post being marked as " Tim Metropolitan
Hold end siivit Minimi Company of Lurilenu,
B.C. Limited'* S.W. corner Post," theuoe eatt.4tl
cli'iln-H nn to Triune Mountain, thence north
along Triune Mountain 100 chains, thence
wet 40 chains, thence south 100 chains to tho
point of commencement, the ,ame containing
about 400 aires. Said land was staked for the
above named purpose on the.:trd day of July,
1904, at 2 o'clock, p.m.
The Metropolitan Oold and Silver
Mining Companv of Lardeau,
B.C. Limited.
President and Managing Director,
Ferguson, Il.t.'..
July 13,1*04.
A Shipper of
High-Grade Gold and Silver Ore.
QEABERS ot the " Lardeau Eagle " note the
���V following concerning one of our Leading ProdUC-
Ing Mines near Ferguson, B.C., and which has had a
great name from its discovery five years ago. Situated 9
miles S.E. of Ferguson at the head of the great mining basin
at the source of Triune creek is the property known as The
Triune, consisting of 200 acres now owned and nearly
paid for by the Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining Co.,
Ltd., whose head office is at Minneapolis, Minn., and
mining office at Ferguson, B. C. The Company already
had 400 acres 9 miles north of Ferguson on the North Fork
of the Lardeau, also a good mining property, when it
sought and purchased The Triune in 1902, the same year
mining and selling over $9,000 worth high-grade gold and
silver ore from The Triune- In the 90 days' summer
working in V903 we mined and Sold to the Canadian Smelting Works, Trail, B.C., $16,060 worth of ore from The
Triune, running $9.50 per ton in gold, $10.50 in lead, and
$123.00 silver, making an average value of $143.00 per ton
in 20-ton car load lots for the entire season. We are now
operating The Triune with io men mining and delivering
ore to Trout Lake City, where we load on the Canadian
Pacific Railroad's boats and send to the smelter at Trail,
B. C. We now keep two-thirds of our men on new development work : extending turinel No. 1, and on new tunnel
No. 3, while we also mine and ship a little over 7 tons of
this high-gfade ore per week;
We shipped frorn Trout Lake one car load of 20 tons
July go, and will ship another car of same size about Aug.
16. We have let the contract and have partially constructed
a new Double Wire Standard Tramway at The Triune,
costing tis $20,000, to enable us to handle larger amounts
of ore per day, as the mine demands larger output facilities,
and we want the tram done this year to enable us to ship
from s to 10 tons per day right through the year.
We need more money than present ore-shipments furnish during this month. Hence the Directors have now
put upon the market a limited amount of treasury stock at
below par. Par value $1.00 per share. We now have over
1,400 stockholders.
Shares of our Treasury Stock in amounts of from
50 Shares up will be sold if bought and paid for
during A ugust for 50c. per share until such funds
sufficient to pay the unpaid Tramway payments are in
hand, when the sale will be stopped, and Funds or
Orders coming too late will be promptly returned to the
References i
McKinnon $ Sutherland, Merchants, Ferguson, B.C.
McDermid cf McHardy, Mine Brokers, Nelson, B.C.
Imperial Bank of Canada, Trout Lake City, B.C.
Ji a. Ashdown cf Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
. J. S. Morris 4 Co,., Pitsburg, Pa.
Ponton rf White, Duluth, Minn.
First National Bank, Marshall, Minn,
Germania Bank, Minneapolis, Minn., Etc., Etc,
Send orders for Stock with Remittances payable to the
Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining Co., Ltd., to
Ferguson, B. C, or 702 Sykes Block, Minneapolis, Minn.,
addressed to the Company.
Preside.! and Maaaglag Dlrtctar,
Ferguson, B. C,
August i, ,1904.
Ferguson, b. C,
Groceries, Provision*, et*.
Froth FrulttIn Seaion.
Smoker*' supplies.
Canned goodt.
-R_r_ri7   I _r��_h_-��     in Ferguson, the Pay-Roll
BUJ    LtUlb     Centre ofthe Rich Lardedu.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguion lie tha
phenominally rich
camps   of Poplar  aad
Rapid creelci, and -
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fi��h
creek, where fret mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
'������^���t-t'V'VS^^F V W W W
For Farther Information Apply to
Oeneral Agent,
���Revelstoke, B. C.
Geo. B. Batho.
Agent /or
Giant Powder
Fuse and Caps
Manager Alexandria Hall, P.Oi Block, Ferguson
Second Annual Exhibition ofthe
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Exhibition*
September 28 * 29
Write for fee'list,    |^. j* ^^-^Ip;
',���'   """'        Sec., Nelson, B.C-
W-- ���
B. M. Allum.
Mall Ordsr Builneil Receives
Prompt Attention.
Novelties and Jewelry In sreat
*.--.__, Mott the Address =��� =
And Read
Trout Lake City Hotel
When you
are tt the
Lake, call
on Jack Simpson. A imlling (aee and
good liquors, wines, etc. are found behind the bar.   The Eagle It taken here
Certificate of Improvements.
QoM BUI ind Goldsmith Mineral Claima, situate In the Trout Lake Hlnlni Division of Wtst
Kootenay District.
Whtrt located���on Poplar Crtlk about ont
calle trom tht railway,
rut Notice that I Robert Hodge, actlns w
ajent (or W. B. root, Fret Miner's CertlBcate
No. B. 71717, Intend, slit, dayi from tht dat*
hereof, ts apply to tht Mining Recorder for
Certlacitos of Improvements, Ior tht purpose
of obtaining Crown Orants ol tht above claims.
And fnttker tiki notice lhat lotion, undtr
Motion ST, null bt eommtnotd before tht lies-
���so* of inch Certificates of ImprovtminU.
uattd Ihlseth day oi January, A.D. ISM,
Two Bargains.
�����* Mies, terms, ttc, ippiy to J. Kdward
Bird, barrister, Vancouver, or to (.0. Wood,
wat*), Ftriuaon.
fpUAT comfortable Hull Dwelling House to*
1 canltd by C. M. Nesbltt, and two will tal-
Uvattd lots, nlctlr fence!. altuattd In tht bast
t-teldtnct 'part of Ftrsuson. For silt cheep.
Locals With a rayatreak.
II pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Boa
too, Arrowhead or Comaplix by uslnf
the 'phone. Offlos ln Cummins A Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, the Nelson furnltut
dealers are funeral dlreetori and em-
The Canada Drug _k Book Co., Ltd.,
ot Revelttoke, carry an Immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, tbe latest books ahd magaslnes,
rabbsr goods and mountain and mining
.lews.   Give tbem a mall order.
* Smokers: If jou want tha omd-
I14I "Union" slid "Out SbaoISl"
CHUB see that "Union Cigar Factory"
a stamped Is (lit letters on eterj box.
���H. A. Brown, Re.elstoks,
Smith & Co.
48 Bleary St,
���* Montreal
Will be represented In
Ferguson tbreo or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and we
Our repreaentatlva
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
lit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .  .  .
91tnated;mldtt scenery unrivalled (or
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on tht continent ot North Amerlci
Itt bathe cure all Nervont and Hue.
SP.l" dlMites. It, waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and stomaoh ailments,
They are a never falling remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purify.
Ing the ayatem. '     '
TKBMsUlB to 111 per week, accord.
Ing to residence In Hotel or villas.
United Batters of North America
the United Hatters
ol North America.
'then you artbu
��? a FOB BA'..
���'her toft or alia,
��� �� to It that tht
enulnt UNION
Label la eewed In it.
If a retalleOtee
looat labela In his
���-ossesalon and I oilers to put ont In a
hat for you, do not
patronise him. lie
has not any rtgoi.o nets looat labels. Loose
labela In retail stores art counterletta. Do nol
lltttn to my explanation aa lo why tht hat
hat no label. Tbt Otnulnt Onion Label It
perforated on the tour edgei exactly tha aama
at a pottage itamp. Counterfeits ara aome*
timet perforated ou three ol tht edits, and
aometlmea only on two. Keep a aharplookout
for tbt counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturer! an nalni them In order to set rid of
thtir scab-made hats. Tht John B. stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, Fa., lo non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT.Freaident.
Orangs, N. J,
11 Waverly Flics. Boom 16. New York City,
Aayooe ending a sitttb and deeorlpttoo may
Salekly eeoerttln oa, oetnlon Jreo whether a.
neanoaje probably eataatable, Coamealea-
Uoot autetljr eoDOdtatw. Handbook on Petals
Hat fret. Oldest SMey for see-aril
:U taken tSroagh Uann
i a Co. re*
Patent! taken tsrougl  _
-fecial tw����, without Asm la tit
Scientific American.
AhaattosatlyIlloitraUd weekly. Una**,.
ealaUoa of any teltause ioaiuL Terms,Ha
yew: (oar Bonus, II. _kildbyilla��idei__nk
tar itonr month!, |L Soldbytllaiwidis
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 11(03, will tall aa follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and Ok.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice dally��� 7:16k and
12;46k. Making close connections
with all C. P. K. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
ehange times of sailings without
tba Umpire Lumber Company., Ltd
Includlni th** Flih Cmketmp
and Upper Dune ma River section, compiled by A. ?. Cummlni, P. L. B��� *nd 8
Shannon. B.A���U now on uie at thu
office. The ready uie of tbe map li
proving ell we here ��ld (or It Tbe
Trout Uke dlvliion Is llthosraphed In
black, the Lardeau In red,and the Aim*
worth In blue. J. ven a tenderfoot could
take a copy ot this map and 0nd any
claim recorded In the three division!.
Tke mountains, lakes, creek!, waton
roadi. trails, turrend railway route*,
and the location and name (by a unique
Index) of every mineral claim In the
dUtrlct li ihown.
Next   fo   Vtsttlat   tke   Country   fa
Ptrto* Tkfo Map Takes First Place.
In tact every geographical
feature te io well defined that one can
tee at a glance tbe nature of eur country
and the trend of the claim location!
���Wei an Intelligible Idea of tbe mineral
belte running through the camp, *"
The   Best   Worth   for   Oue  Dollar
ever offered tn the map line of a mining
camp. It la the flnt complete map ol
the dlitrlctand liaelllngwell. Itlifuit
what you are looking for.   WE ALsp
Addraia year order, with an
encloiure of a one dollar bill, luo
cheque!, or den, etc.) to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 60 cents each.
For Sale
A Snap I Get after it quick.
This Incubator Is in Brst-clnss
condition. Here Is a chance to
make a fortune for
A 12 oz. Buck
12x8 TENT.
With ii ft. Wall. Nearly new.
Owner bat no further use for
lt.   For quick Sale, will accept
Real Estate
I have some of the finest blooks
and-lots io Ferguson on my books.
Buy at once before the crowd gets
This week's special:
A Lot on Victo
100x33 feet.
ia Av.
adjoining ths Poit-Offlce in
Block 1.
This Is the finest location ln town
and will be worth treble shortly.
Do yeu with to buy or sell anything ? Drop tne a line and I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Bagle, Ferguson, B.C
Triune, -silver Chief, Enterprise, Katnloopi
and Kamloopi Fractional mineral claima,
���Uuate In the Trout Lake Mining Dlvliion of
Wait Kootenay DUtrlct.
Where located :-On Triune Mountain.
TAKE NOTICK that I. George B. McCarter,
acting ai agent fur Andrew Fergunon, Free
���������    --��� 'tofliMt.  v��  BSI662, intend, alxty
Miner*' Cerililcate,
dayi from the dute hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder (or a Certificate oi Improvement!, for tho purpoio ol obtaining a Crown
Oram of the above dninn.
And furtbur tiu- notice that action, onder
ieeiion 37. must be commenced before tbt: li-
lUanct of inch Certificate of Improvement!.
Dated tbt! llth day ol June, A.b. wm.
0 MM Ml III III I Mill MM Mill II
UoldorSllTer I1.C0        ;
Oold end SIlTer 12.00
Silver and Load I3.HS
Copper 11.01
Zinc 11.60
. S.   SHANNON,   B.A. :
In ii iiiii iiHMMaasiiitimtt
If you earn a FREK
DKINK by paying
your subscription
to the 0"
Thorpe & Co
Read thc Eagte.
Traat take Braack���A  Geatral  Basting   Hoists**   Transacted.
Capital Authorised, 14,000,000 nau> OWICB*
Capital (paid up)   -   3,000,000 -______,__,   #-_.��_._-_,.
Rest ...... 2,850,000 Toronto, Ontario
Branches In the Northwest Territories. Provinces -ol British Columbia, Maal-
' toba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. It. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gar. Man.
E. BAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inss-ictor.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Bold avtUablt la All ptrtt of Ctntdt,
United St, tea end Europe.
Special attention ilren lo oolltotlona tad
Mlnlns Bonds.
E. K.
Are You
A Union
Union Cigar Factory
Manufactures only Union foods, and besides, they are the bost oa the market.
They are made of the best Havana tobacco,
and their excellence Is undisputed. Insist
on getting
Prop leto
Onion Cigar Factory, RBYBUTOXB. B.C.
When Visiting
* Lardeau
Laughton Bros.
The best place
to stay is the
We try to give satisfaction to our  guests.
House and Lot For Sale.
Without a doubt tbe flneit
Ketldence in ttie Lardeau.
Situate: in Ferguson, the
property containi 11 rooms,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah In front.
Water laid on. Thlt very
desirable property would
make a first-class boarding
down ���""-'the "9t 00 *ery
.���"Zlir easy terms.
Apply Jno. J. Atherton, ' Eagle' Oflice
VANCOCVP.lt, 8. C.
Headquarters for Ataajrira, Mlnlnr
��� MIUHupplltl. Volt agents In E.
C. tor Morgan Crucible Co., Uatter.ee,
England; F. W. Brtun *. Co.'s Patent
Cur rurnaoet. Burners, tto.; Wm. Alna-
worth 4 Co.-s fine Balances, etc., etc.
The Brlghtoat, Newtdeot Paper
tn the Dlatrlot
Tltert Is only one best mining journal.
Tbat It
Mines and Minerals.
It hat t larger circulation than any two ottatr
American raiolM Joanitle btcatut It It tht
beet.   II It Ibt until, bell Illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal In Mia world. It
lttmlnlnfp��iiertor,(iilnlM nn, Subscrlp.
Hon prlot VM P��' i��" H����4 '�� fee sample
war* AddmlllMHAIIDMlNIRAU.IIchn.
tot; ?a��� 0.1. A. Dtartr oBltee, Bartb Bldg.,
Ptavtr, Col-Hada.
Doet All Kindt Of Work In
Way Of
Either Machine or Hand Work.
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaint, may be lodged
with our Agent,
Tram Lake. ; Local and General. 1
-,��� ��� e ��,M>u��i,,M,,,,,,,,I
The reality waB tttnyth.
Road the Revelstoke Labor Day ad.
Arthur (loodenounh ivas in town last
James Burns, Beaton, was in town
Hugh lloss is placer-mining near the
A masonic banquet wns hold at tho
Lake lust night.
Mrs. Chamberlain and little son nr-
li'.'od Irom Sandon on Wednesday.
Mrs. lianltiue returned to town on
Weduosdny with tho heir presumptive.
Charlie Hillman, of tho Hotol Ten
Mile, paid us a visit last week end.
Alex Laing- antl Will Shannon are
prospecting on tho west fork of the
What women and dry goods clerks
don't know about babies isn't worth
Tho third of a series of dances wa��
held in the Alexandria Hall, Ferguson,
last Friday evening, and was well patronized.
The football boys of Ferguson are
coveting the fftSO purse put tip for open
competition at Snt.don on Labor Day,
and negotiations for a go are pending.
The Lardeau Smelting and Refining
Co., ownors of tlie Ferguson smelter,
sold four tons of coke to the Silver
Cup Mines, Ltd., this week. The
smelter has some 25 tons of coke on
A society for tho extermination of
" butters-in " was started in town tbis
week. Several members have been
initiated. It has bean our experience
tbat the more we chip in the more we
have to shell out,
Mr. Fred. Little dropped his pocket
hook containing a sum of money on
Monday evening last. The finder is
kindly requested to return the samo to
the owner nt the butcher shop, Ferguson, and receive reward and thanks.
Tony pecker has left to manage the
Idaho mine near Sandon. Mr. Becker
was the owner of the gold charm ana
diamond ring found on Victoria Ave.
by the Kagle man and advertised in our
last week's issue. The jewellery has
"ueen roturned to the grateful claimant.
A farewell dance in honor of Miss
Hettle Higginson, wus held at Trout
Lake on Wednesday evening last, and
was well attended by friends and well-
wlshers from Ferguson. Miss Higginson, we understand, leaveson Monday
for a visit to her parents in Washington.
Clifford Edwards, brother to CasB o'
Ferguson, arrived in town Sunday.
He started from Olds, Alta., at 3 p.m.
on Saturday, arriving hero 5 p.m. the
following day, a record. Cass is about
to return to Alberta to comply with
the Homestead Regulations,
Shades of I'ncle Sam I The Washington government has decided not. to
protest against Canada's immigration
proselytising because the Yankees are
so contrary that it will only make them
tlie more determined to oross the line
and see what all the racket is about.
Its like a letter from home to see old
man McGirr among us again. He
came in with a light lieiirt and a cleat-
conscience last night, which Is more
thau he left with Ui-tiay. Mr. McGirr
is a most original cliaraoter, and his
stock of stories are always appreciated.
He's still travelling for pleasure and
the Kurtz cigar.
W. Drew, R, Rogers and II. It. Barnard aro doing somo good work placer-
ing on Lardoau river. Tho Topic sayB
nuggots worth from .2 to ,3 aro being
taken out in quantities that surf rise
some ol tho old-timers, Ono man Is
reported to have taken out throe ounces
in a week, nnd in another case half an
ounce was washed out of throe pans,
Two local protpoctors agreed lo
strike the hills together ono day last
week. Said Alfonso: I'll rustle the
horses and you'll rustlo a week's provisions. Gaston rustles and returns
to tho rendezvous with 1 loaf of bread,
.1 bottles of Johnny llewnr, 7 bottles of
Seagram, 1 bottle of absinthe, and 5
bottles of Canadian Club, Ho proudly
exhibits his purchase to Alfonse, who
in a voice of amazement cried: " What
in the name of goodness made you
buy ALl. that bread?" *
The forest fires were somewhat
checked by a ooplous rainfall last
In response to the application of tlie
town of Ferguson for ]00al justices of
the peace,  VV.   E. Newcombe. M,D.,
the ucaoe,  VV.   IS. Newcombe, ��M-'.,
and S. A. Sutherland havo been apPuiu-
T.P.la in nnA tn,. .\.a �����������:.,������
E. Newcombe,
�����u ... o. *^u,i,,;, land havo been ai'i
ted J.P.'s in nnd for the province.
Rev. T. Mc.D. Kerr, prof, of Columbia College, conducted divine service
in the Kugle Block on Sunday evening
Will Waller and Lew Thompson
have concluded assessment on tho Big
Five on North Fork. They report
that this property will bo a high-grade
shipper ns soon as railway transportation Is established ; but as it is now
they doubt, if capitalists could be Induced to visit so far up tbo mountain
However, thoy aver there are thousands of tons of ore on sight.
Mils Isabel IJenderson arrived ln
town on Monday morning to take
charge of the Ferguson School, which
reopened on the same day. Miss
Henderson comes well recommended
and has a second-class certificate and
a pair of mischievous hazel eyes. We
understand now why most of our "boys"
are attired in their Sunday best each
evening casting furtlvo glances at the
Dave Orr writes us from Camborne to
any that, he has not received tbe Fagle
since he paid his subscription. Oh 1
David, David, thou art indeed a dandelion. He further adds: "You may
keep my money, but give me the Eagle.
Life has no charms for me without the
Fagle. How do I know what (here
insert two local celebrities) are doing
if I don't get my Eagle ? They may
have gone over to the Russians, as
vodki is stronger than Scotch; but
anyhow, send me my Eagle, [He has
won a year's free subscription for his
monumental try-on.���Ed ]
A man ln the neighbourhood bas for
some time been troubled with pimples
on his nose, and concluded lt was time
"to do "for it. So he looked around in
a pantr/ and found a bottle of liniment
wblch ho applied twice a day for several weeks. In the meantime his nose
began to assume gigantic proportions,
At last he consulted his wife about
tho matter and asked her advice. She
asked him what he'd been doing for it,
and he told her be had been using that
liniment in tho pantry. "What liniment ?" she asked. So be got the bottle
and showed It to her. " Well, of all
the old fools, you do beat all!"
screamed the wife. " That ain't liniment ; that's a bottle of " Bust
Developer " that Mary Ann sent to
Nelson for."
That imoklng may steady a man's
nerves under tbe most trying circumstances is exemplified In the case of
Samuel Holden, who was executed at
Birmingham on Tuesday last, Holden
went to tho scaffold calmly smoking a
cigar. This was commented upon as
showing that the murderer was callous
and unrepentant to the last. But the
priest who attended him statos that
tlie condemned man merely did it to
steady his nerves, tbat the cigar had
tho desired effect, and that he died
with a prayer on hit lips, We have
yet to learn whether the cigar was a
"Union," "Royal Squeal," or a Kurtz
" Spanish Blossom."
To a Friend
SEAMS!) TENDERS, endowed " Tender for
ScbooMioiiio," will be raceivod by the un-
dttrnlKncd up to noon ot Monday, the -Jth
of September, 1.KH, for tho erection aod completion of a one roomed frame ichool-hoiue at
Trout Lake, Kootonay District, II. C.
Plane, ��� peci float ions, forms of tender aad
contract may be seen on and after the 2_.nd
Auguit, l'.i04, at the office of tbe Mining Reporter, Trout Lake, and at tbe Lends aod
Worki Department, Victoria, B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unleM made
upon tbe printed forme supplied forthe purpose, and the agreement to execute a bond appended lo tbe form of tender Is duly ligned by
the contractor blmnelf and two n-tponaihle
���urctles, residents of tbe Province, In the penal
mi in nf *;ioo fop the faithful performance of the
Thc lowest or any tender not necessarily
w. a. GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Workt,
Lands and works Department.
Victoria, 2. c��� HHb Aug wi, MM,"       eflU
^a^^.aa^^^Aa\f**��\\i    j^^Kj^^^,jt^ap\
SEPTEMBER, 5th and 6(li 1904
$800.00 /f| Prizes
Programme Includes:.
Labor Day Parade
Lacrosse Match (Nelson v. Rovelstoke)
Firemen's Races
Rifle Shoot
Gun Club Shoot
Football match
Tug of War
General Athletic Sports
Horse Races
Entertainment by Dramatic Club,
1st evening.
Fireworks display second evening.
Fare aod Ooe Third od Railways
II. A. Rrown, H. Floyd,
President. Secretary.
i Tonsorial   �� If
Parlors.,   iff
Shaving.     Shampooing,
Hair-dressing,     S|ngelng.
3 Dyeing,     Bathe, hot and
J       oold water.
J     I have the best Appointed shop ln tlie
-ft Lardeau.  Open from s a. ui. to 8 p. tn.
L Ferguson and Trout Lake.      &
Wip-iic-ap tjs Jjs-_*>r7-i*rjjr /$n*&
,  ���������������������##������������ -"J
!        CARDS.        J
��>, >,���� >,,�����->
V",# P. L, S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake,
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Ollico:      ���      ���      Trout Lake.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claims and
Urown I-ands. Crown Grants Obtained .ami Assessments Managed
(or Absentees.
Offices:  Camborne snd Vancouver
p. i.. s.,
ER. .
n. c   t
Office,     ...     -     Iteaton,
Uurri-itcts, Solicitors, etc.
Ofllces: Revelstoke, Golden, and Forguson. Solicitors (or Imperial Bank
of Canada
Geo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A.M. Pinkham.
i Banister, Notary Public etc.
���        TUOl'T LAKE CITY B. C, AND        ���
t FERGUSON,  B.   C,   1
Umbrellas I
and      '
A splendid variety, at Bed-rock Prices.
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Whore bo keeps light anil heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of the stage routo running between
tho above points, making three,trips weekly.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at tile Queens.Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and Ferguson Packing
Contracts  entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district,
Good, prompt service, and any, work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ���   S. Daney,Prop.
Is our business. VV��
bave .the facilities nnd
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In our Line Turned out Promptly.
iy   Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim   jj
H   Blanks always in stock... s*
The Lardeau Bagfe
��� ���rergtsott, B, C, !���*
���*. ���.-���a-ft'SJS&i-,.


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