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Lardeau Eagle 1904-07-15

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 FfovincialUbrary tebi<>4
New York Market.
S_LV��t���Bar     ...81*
Lead-^100 lbs       4.75
Copper     12.621
the ,*:agt.e is more widely
(hhcui.ated than any other
newspaper in north kootenay���it will uk pound an excellent advertising   medium,
Vol. V, No 13.
Ferguson, B. C, JULY 15, 1904.
$2 a Year
David Morgan Has The
Smile on His Side.
i ���:���
Average Lead of 8 Feet Stripped
for 700 Yards.
Everybody has been wondering
why the town sees so little of the
popular secretary of the local branch
of the Miners' Union these clays.
We doubt if anyone correctly surmised the cause of his too tew visits
to camp ; and il they rightly conjectured of his whereabouts, no know-
lege leaded out as to his actions.
!).iye js ever ready to praise the
Lardeau; always anxious to take up
lhe cudgels on its behalt ; and ,n<* ��
great traveller and expert miner, his
unbiassed opinion on local properties has eagerly been sought. But
when personal interests are involved,
flattery gives place to reticence, and
his lips are sealed. In this respect
the characteristic trait of his nationality asserts itself ; he retires when
he has a grand opportunity to crow,
���and so the Eagle has failed in all
its attempts to draw the downy
David to talk of his own properties.
It has been noliccd by the Eagle
that Dave appeared anxious to unburden himself of something of late,
and we were of the opinion that
mystery was in the air. But while he
himself has failed to give us one jot
of his good fortune for publication,
the searching eye of the writer has
detected n " something," and being
alert to the needs of his readers, has
liberated the hounds to scent out
and follow up any clue.
On the North Fork wagon road
between (our and live miles from
town Surprise creek may be easily
reached by pedestrian or horseman,
and Dave Morgan has staked out
and is now developing three claims
on that creek. There the luck)
Welshman has been putting in every
minute Irom early morn to dewy
eve, and the resulls of bis labor
reveal a lead of clean ore of from
8 to 14 It. wide. Tho splendid
lead is right upon the surface, and
ordinary pick and shovel work has
been sufficient to trace the wide vein
for some considerable distance,
2,000 feet of which has been
stripped, and ut present tbere is no
knowledge of the length of the fissure. Near the hanging wall,
whicli is cut off by the creek, Dave
has sunk a 20 ft. shaft. There is a
splendid trail right to the claims,
and an abundance of water
is to be had. Splendid timber is to
found on the spot, and one of the
finest properties it has ever been our
pleasuie to write on will become
a household word in financial circles.
Wc extend to Dave Morgan the
congratulations of the Eagle, and
thc whole country side will join with
us in the wish that his exchequer
will henceforth be in a flourishing
ill School Exams.
Ferguson Stands Out Prominently
With Other Schools
Of its Class.
The results of the recent High
School Entrance Examination show
that Ferguson school easily ranks
first of its class in the Province.
Two pupils went up for examination, and both passed with very
creditable marks, as the following
results show:
Robert A. Kirkpatrick, age 13:
Reading 04, dictation and spelling87,
writing 57, English literature 58, arithmetic and book-keeping 05, geography
(11, Knglish grammar and composition
59, Canadian history 72, British history
48, Nature lessons and hygiene (I-,
drawing 50.   Total 7111.
Champion M. Nesbitt, age 15 : Reading 60. dictation and spelling 85, writing 70, English literature 118, arithmetic and book-keeping 57, geography
117, English grammar and composition
01, Cauadian History 00, British history
02, Nature  lessons  una iij*���!fu.e  00,
,l,*��-.ingtit>.   Total 680.
The totals as given by the Department omit drawing in the case
of Robert Kirkpatrick. It seems
that his drawing book was lost,
either by the inspector or by the department, as it was handed in to
the inspector alright during the ex
This was the first occasion that
Ferguson pupils have taken an en
trance examination, and both boys
deserve credit for the manner in
which they upheld the honor of their
town and school.
Everybody in towiuvill be sorry
to learn of Mr. S. Shannon's resig
nation. A popular and painstaking
teacher���he has brought our school
out of the rut, and placed it in a
proud position. Mr. Shannon finds
that with the growth of the camp,
and th* great demand for his services as an assayist, he cannot do
justice to himself and his pupils.
The Eagle wishes him all the luck
he wishes himself.
Getting Better Right
The Eagle paid a surprise visit
to the Rambler claim, near S-mile,
early this week. The bird hovered
there lor some time���fascinated by
rich surface showings of clean ore.'
Jim Livingstor.e has greatly augmented his dump since our last
visit, and the ledge in the hanging
wall is widening out, The stringers
to which he has been devoting his
attention are yielding better resulls
than anticipated a week ago. On
looking around, the Eagle was
greatly struck with the favored
position for a mine. An abundance
of good timber, a 18 ft. waterfall at
the mouth of the tunnel which he is
cutting, and a good wagon road
within 15 yards of the dump.
IN llio mutter of nu amillcatlon for ft ilupll*
caie ol 11 certificate ol title to Lot 1, Muck 1 j
Lois .-> und LI, Mock 2 j Loin 7 ftinU, Block r,
nml Lot In, I'.lnck '''J, ull in tlio Town of for
jrUDOn���Man, 071 nnd 071A.
NOTH I*; is* hereby Riven tlmt ft is ray Intention to Issue nt the exf-Iralloi! of oiictmmtii
from tin* Ilrst piililiriutun hereof n dujilli'iUe,
of the CertllloHU'i*. Title to the above liu'Uttim-
eil Ioih in the muni* of nny Alexander Laflerty
whieh icrtllicnte is iluteil the '"Jill day of
.Miiri'h.liHll.niul numbered 101A.
District Kcglalrer,
Land Registry oitlce, Nelion, B.C.
The football match on Saturday
night between Ferguson and 5-Mile
will long be remembered by everybody who witnessed it. The match
was played at Ferguson, and the
destinies of nations were small fry
in comparison with the issue at
stake. A defeat for thc Ferguson
team meant disgrace and loss of
prestige, while to Ihe Bullionists
the glory of a. victory would mean
the highest honor in the football
arena���at least locally. A great
crowd of admirers, and others,
assembled to encourage, criticise,
cheer, howl and rattle, as occasion
demanded. Captain Bob Margraves
had his men on the field in good
time, and they looked in the pink
of condition. The betting ruled at
1 to ��� nfrainst- ike Scramblers, and
it looked at ioo's. Frank Barber
marshalled his team of hotel wreckers, and amidst breathless excitc-
the coin was pitched tor choice of
ends. The Bullionists won the toss
and elected to kick towards the
cemetery. Betting : 10 to 1 on the
Silverscrapers. Referee Wilkie
called the men together, and alter
administering a caution, and allowing the men chewing time, tucked
his trousers in his socks and tootled
the squeaker.
Hargraves kicked off and passed
the ball to Peel ; Peel snicked the
leather to another Peel ; this Peel
boshed the sphere over to the right
wing where another Peel jockeyed
the bouncer to Peel No. 4, who w��s
laying offside, and an appeal relieved the pressure. From the free
kick, Cummings passed the globe
to Barber, Barber passed to Hadow,
who passed to Alec Cummins, who
passed to Bill Leiper, who gave to
Johnny Macdonald, who pushed Boh
Hargreaves in the mud in pushing
the ball to George Howard, who
canted it to Cassy Edwards, who
punted it to Paddy McQuorn, who
headed it to Peler McPhail antl
Pete took a mighty shot from at
least one yard from goal and���
missed I But tbe ball struck the
post, and as the boys rushed to embrace Pete, the ball got accidentally
pushed through. First blood for
Ferguson. Betting : 2 to i bar
1, Bob Hargraves looked as stolid
as the sphinx as he footed the ball
for resumption of hostilities. A
neat bit of passing hy the Peel boys,
who were playing a sterling game,
resulted in the leather being safely
lodged on Dad Black's verandah.
After a delay ol a few minutes the
ball was in play again, and seized
upon by Ferguson, who did the passing, canting and punting act once
more, and the trick safely accomplished. Half-time. Up to this
period of the match, everybody had
played first-class football, and the
spectators were thrilled. No betting. On changing ends the Ferguson team had everything to favor
them, but it is to their everlasting
shame and mortification that they
allowed the Bullionists to completely
outflank, out-manceuvre, and outgeneral them. The 5-Mile footers
rose to the occasion and handed out
the medicine right and left���and
from a scrimmage in iront of goal, a
daisy cutter was sent in, whicli
easily beat the goalie's daisy roots.
One yell from the multitude, and
���one bet struck. OIT again���and
the ball was taken to the Ingotecr
citadel, where the Mustgetthere's
hammered at the goalkeeper for
ten minutes, and completely hemmed the opposition in. Irish Mac
screwed a corner across the portal,
Cassy Edwards knocked for an entrance, and Pete McPhail escorted
the ball across the threshold. The
referee then sounded the siren, and
the battle was won���and lost.
r~     I
Cummings l?*''1'��''
H-'i-i"      Cuin'n'ns      Leiper
hincdonald Howard Edwards McQuorn
Peel 1 Peel 2 Hargraves Peel :i Peel 4
Wright       Ruttan      Porteotis
Graham       Lauder
.ie Wimslow Grou
Referee : O. B. X* Wilkie.
The Free Gold claim on the Wimslow group has had many visitors
this week. Mr. Frank Barber, of
the King's Hotel, Ferguson, made
the trip on Tuesday last. He
said, in the course of an interview
to our representative, that he had
seen more gold in lhat visit than
ever before in his life. Davie,
Grant and Murphy were proud and
willing to show visitors over thoir
claims, aud while Iherc they panned
12 shovels full at the request ol the
visitors, and a trifle hiore than one
I dollar resulted. The lead Ins now
been stripped lor 50 feet, and tbe
ledge as it rises Ih increasing in
value and width. Mr. Barber said
that the ledge at its widest point
was not less 8 It., and a loot at the
lowest. He considered the claim of
a 5 ft. average a fair estmate, Gold
was easily discerned by the bare
eye. Mr. Barber says the road;
are now in good condition, and that
the summit is clear ot snow.
No. 1 Tram Silver Cup
Is at Work Again.
After a spell of several months'
idleness necessitated by the disastrous snowslide which occurred at
the Silver Cup last April, Xo. i
tram is again carrying ore from the
mine to the mill at 5-Mile, where
two shitts are operating. The tram
is working splendidly again.
A Specimen trom Poplar
There is on view in Mackinnon
& Sutherland's store, a fine piece oi
quartz, the property of W. Schnell,
who took it from a claim on Poplar
creek last fall. The specimen
weighs about 12 ounces, and is permeated with Iree gold, which is estimated to be worth $,. .. A veritable nugget. It has lately been
returned to Mr. Schnell, after having travelled the length and breadth
ot the continent.
���Mrs. N. Abrahamson and Miss
Short, of Trout Lake, were visitors
to Mrs. A. C. Cummins, yesterday.
Messrs. Carter and Nesbitt have
finished assessment work on thc
The Nelson Weekly News published in a recent issue the Eagle's
trip to 5-Mile.
That Jno. .T. Atherton works SOU days
and half that number of nights in a year
producing the Eaiii.i*.. The circulation
in increasing so rapidly that ho has
no timo to pull impressions and mail
them to delinquent subscribers. Ho is
not referring to you, dear reader, but
to tho other fellow. Anyhow, all will
he t"oated tlio same, so kindly take
notice, that, if you are anxious toub-
tain reliable news of tlio Lardeau, all
subscriptions in arrears must be paid
by.1 ELY 80TH, or the paper will not
reach you. lf you glance at, the figures
on the address slip of the wrapper covering this copy, or at tho loft hand lop
corner nf this page, you will notico
to what date your subscription extends.
Tho subscription is $2 por annum, payable in advance, and tho final figures
should read '04 or '06.
A New   Hydraulic   Air
Jno. II. Alexander, of Ferguson,
has invented and patented a very
useful and economic air compressor.
We have no doubt of it commanding a great sale. The combination
is an air-compressing apparatus ol
a pipe for conducting a falling column of water under due pressure,
and having an outlet to atmosphere,
a separating lank into which said
pipe discharges, a storage tank and
a supplemental air-compressing
mechanism, comprising a hydraulic
cylinder having a piston arranged
for operation bv the water discharged under pressure from the
separating-tank, an air cylinder
and piston, the air-piston being connected with said piston cf the hydraulic cylinder lor operation thereby, and a pipe connecting thc supplemental air-compressing mechanism and tiie said vertical pipe
leading lo the separating-tank,
whereby the air compressed by said
supplemental mechanism is conveyed into said pipe, and thus into
the separating tattle.
C. M. Xesbitl was at Trout Lake
Jim Comerford went up to the
Wimslow on Tuesdny, and while
there he saw lhe rock being broken,
at St'50 per pan.
1-jHE School Trustees for Ihe town
of   Ferguson  are  prepared to
receive    applications    lor   the
position of Teacher at the Ferguson School.
Applicants (Male or Female) must
be prepared 10 commence duties on
Monday, August Sth, next.
Address : Secretary,
School Board,
Ferguson, B.C. Lardeau Eagle
l rime,)   nml  I'nlillshcd   orory   FHIDAV
:, ���.������.���������I,., n. i;. nv
J.   J.   ATHEHTOr
I Hill)
11 tie mtiili"!
Suuscrfiilinii R&tos: |2.03 por annum, to
nay address in Ahierlca: ti.tifi fur six month*.;
$_.__a*'0ftr io foreign -uldrcssos. No pny, nn
Advertising Bates: Uisplay nds.,n.oo per
Elngle column ineli per in on tii. Legal ads., IL!
eouis per tuunparloi' line lor first insertion; H
i* *nts per inn* for ���ituli adilttlnnal Insertion,
Heading nnfiecs II) rents per line eaeti Issue.
Ninety nay legal notices, $10,| sUty days-, 17.60;
triirly days,?6. No mis. iieeepteil atlessthan
loese rales.   No room lurouack uds.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
���TJD.'.Y.   JULY In, 190-1.
There are many object lessons for
Ihe prospectors who are pounding
away on our hills to take to heart.
The prospector has to stay with
it when lie stakes a good claim, and
too often his financial resources
nre dead before his hopes are
realized. Rome was not built in a
day. The Slocan country passed
through much the same experience
as is now before the Lardeau
There was quite a stampede lo that
country belore lhe railway got in,
but no " boom" was experienced.
The railway came along, and a
few shipments of ore were made.
But as lime advanced, the camp developed, and prospects were turned
. into shippers, a pay-roll was established, and at the present lime it is
ii; a nourishing condition.
The Lardeau has the shippers
now, nnd that is where we possess
an advantage over the Slocan in its
earlier days. The Lardeau district
is all that is claimed lor it, and the
average prospector will aver that
lhe tidiest mineral belt in Canada
'.*>:i*>ts here. But time and money
is necessary for development. The
man on the street who has carried
his pack across mountains and
deserts in foreign lands in search ol
hidden wealth sitstightin Ferguson.
Tiie reason is not f.tr to seek. The
mechanic will not search for employment on a barren island ; the
storekeeper will not display his
goods to the birds of the air ; neither
will a prospector stay in a camp
with no ore lo dig. There is not a
day passing without another rich
strike being recorded in Ferguson,
and Ihe pioneers sit tight.
When tbe investor and the financier have tired of " wild-cats" their
sleps will he directed here. We
shall see the prospectors sitting
lightuntil such a time occurs���asall
have a great faith in the camp.
British Columbia, generally, has
suffered terribly from the rash
booms of unscrupulous company
promoters who sought something
lor nothing from the'pigeons they
plucked ; the Lardeau inthe natural
order ol things, notwithstanding its
vast wealth, has been greatly
affected by lho reaction, but B.C.
has lived it down, and now proudly
anil justly proclaims herself "the
keeper of the keys." The Lardeau,
at the present lime, has Ihe eyes ol
the universe centred upon it. What
edict shall go forth to all the world
and his wife. We hope the truth
will cut deep. Our banner is nailed
to the wall, and on it is inscribed
" Second to None." We would
say to the promoter of companies
who is looking for phantoms to
finance: "Stand off."   But to the
level-headed man ol business we ex
tend a cordial and honest invitation
to visit Ferguson, the pay-roll centre of the rich Laadeau���and investigate.
This week the Geological Survey
Department publishes its Report for
lijoj. R. W. Brock in his report
on the Lardeau district has a great
fund of interesting and instructive
matter lo impart. Truth is stranger
than fiction, and the following comprehensive paragraph appears on
page 64:
CREEK. The mineral zone Irom
Camborne crosses to the Lardeau
slope from the Beatrice, and continues over Great Northern Mountain, over the spur of Ferguson
Mountain, between the forks ol
Lardeau creek, and up the north
slope of Silver Cup Mountain to
its summit. ON THIS BELT
these will be described as illustrative of this section. The most
important mining operations yet
carried on in the Lardeau district
are those in connection with the
Nettie L. and Silver Cup Mines,
conducted by two English companies."
If we take the map accompanying
the report, whereon the rich mineral
belt is marked off, we shall note
lhat it extends from Menhinick
creek, across Pool Creel', through
Camborne to Mohawk creek, across
the North and South Forks of the
the Lardeau, and continues to Poplar and Cascade creeks. We shall
see that Ferguson is almost in thc
centre of the !*.one, and that the
scale of eight miles to the inch gives
us a belt 43 miles in length by 4 in
width, bearing amazingly rich
quartz and large quantities of lree
gold. We are proud of our in-
heritage, anxious for the world to
know ol our good fortune, and wil*
ling to advise the investor or capitalist.
MR. HARPER, ono of tho I. C. S.
Representative! for this district, will
tie in Ferguson in a fow duys. Anybody wishing an interview ro any ol
lho following courses, will find hlmlat
tlio Ferguson Hotel;
Meeiiimiea! Engineor.
Mscliino Designer.
Mechanical Draftsman.
Foreman Machinist,
Foreman Toolmnlter.
foreman Patternmaker,
J'Oreman Blacksmith.
Foreman .Moliler.
Has Bnglnoor.
Kefrlj-omtlon Engineer.
1 ran inn Engineer.
Electrical Engineer.
Electric Machine Desljuio-
Electrician, "
Klectrfc-I.ighflng Sunt
Elcotrlo-llalliyay Sunt '
Telephone Engineer
Telegraph Engineor.
Dynamo Tinnier.
Ktoara Engineer.
Engine ftiuiner.
Marino Engineer,
Civil Engineor.
nydraulle Engineer.
Muntcinal Engineer.
Uri'lire Inducer.
Hatlr ' linglneor,
Mining Iviigineor,
Mine Purveyor.
Mine Foreman,
Cotton-Mill Sunt,
Woollen-Hill Stint,
Textile Designer.      >
Contractor anil Itnlliler.
Arohtteotural Draftsman.
sibii Painter.
Show-Card Writer,
Sheet-Metal Draftsman.
Ornamental Designer
Perspective Draftsman
Ad Writer
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
French.      ' German.,      Spanish.
Start now on tho road to success over
whieh 000,000 students havo travelled
and are travelling. What It has dono
for others it will do for you.
S. H. KRUGER, Rep.,
Box 416, Nelson,
���VTOTIOE Is hereby given that licences to
JA prospeet for coal anil petroleum upon ami
Undor llUliJs.sltllllie I within llloel; ���l,.-i'.l{ Sonlli-
East KoiKenay, will ne Issued forthwith to nil
persons who have tnnde proper application,'in
pursuance of lhe provisions 01 tlie " Goat
.Mines Aet" ami amendments.
Tlio fee for each licence will lie ?100, and al!
appheams wlio have not deposited accepted
hank cheques to cover Hint anion ut nre hereby
required to do "0 without furtlior noliee.
Licences will t,c Issue.! in the following
form, viz.:
" Ih consideration of one hundred dolia
now paid tinder tlie said Arts, and subject to
the provisions, thereof, 1, W. s. Gore. Deputy
Commissioner acting foi* tlio Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, licence
10 enter, prospect, search
anil work for cnal und petroleum (but no otiier
metal or mineral) upon, iu unit under all that
piece or pateel of mineral lam! situate in ami
forming part of Block 4...H8. East Kootenay
District, and described as follows :���
aud not exceeding in the whole six hundred
ami forty statute acres.
" Giving to tlie number of applicants for
licenses to prospect for coal and petroleum,
am! tlie peculiar clruunistauces surrounding
tlie application for and Issuance of these
licences, ami tin; well-known fact that the issuance has been unavoidably su-peiiilnil fur so
many months, lho Government of Hritish Columbia liiuls it Impossible to determine the
equitable rights of ttie numerous applicants.
Therefore, for Ihe purposo of onabling all persons to -jo beforo ihe proper tribunal for the
determination of their respective rights ami
priorities, this licence Is issued and accepted
subject to sueh prior rights ol otiier persons as
may exist by lair, and the dale of this licence
Is not to be taken or lield as in any some determining such priority, ami funlie,r il shall nol
lie taken or lield 10 waive enquiry by tile
Courts into the proper performance of all conditions precedent as between adverse claimants ; aud further, on ihe understanding that
tlie Governmont .shall not be hold responsible for, or lu connection with, any oonlllot
ivhich may arise with othor claimants of the
saraoground, and tluu undornocircumstances
nil! licenee lees be refunded.
" Anil ihe holder hereby waives any claim or
demand against lh" Government', aud expressly agrees not to ink,* any slops or proceedings, or present anv petition, to onforce any
alleged claim or demand against the Government oi the Province of British Columbia
arislngottt of the Issuance of this licence or
of auy other matter or thine; appertaining
"'the lam! tiew undor reserve from preemption ,uu! sale tins ii...,,1Pe ,iUes not inoluile
any right other thun tin' nun.to piospeei ,**.
coal ami pen.ileum.
" 'the duration of this licence is for one year
from the , 1 JO   .
" Bep'.ttv Commissioner of Lands & Works
" Lauds and Works Department,
"Victoria, ti. C , 190 ."
It. F. GREEN',
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works.
Lands anil Works Department,
Victoria, II. 0., em June, 1004, Je9
Triune, Silver Chief, Enterprise, Kamloops
an*! Kamloops I'laecional minoral claims,
Situate in the Trout Lako Mining Division of
West Kootonay District.
where locatud ;���On Triune Mountain,
TAKE NUTICS that I. Geor.c s. MeCarter,
acting as agent for Andrew Ferguson, Free
Minors' Cerlilieato, No. BB3552, Intend, sixty
days from lhe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, :':ir the purposo of obtaining a Grown
lira.tt of the shove tlaims,
And further taku police tbat action, under
seetion:!?, must he commenced before the issuance o! .no h Certificate of improvements.
Dated this isth day of June, A.M. 190-1.
There nro some hundreds of thous-
anda more men thun women in tho
Central and Western Stales of America
and Canada.
As a result, thousands nf honorable
men���Farmers, .Minersand others���living in thoso districts cannot get wives
within their own circle of acquaintances.
But in England, Ireland, Scotland
and Wales thoro are a milium more
women than men, and thousands of
good attractive girls��� many of them
daughters of farmers, nnil all of them
qualfded to make excellent wives���who
liuve no desire to become old maids tit
home, would willingly emigrate to
America could they bo assured tha!
they wore going to moot worthy men
as husbands 011 tho other side of tho
We are ablo to give Jfood men introductions to such girls.
If you wish 1.0 get. an introduction
please write us with sum particulars
o( yourself (age, nationality, occupation nm] circumstances as a sensible
girl would reasonably expect to get,
and wc shall at onco write you in reply.
Toll ns what kind of a wife (ago,
nationality appearance and disposition)
you wish to got. '
Vou will also enclose onr fee or 5
dollars. A further fee of 45 dollars will
bo due to us within one month after
marriage, thus making 50 dollars altogether.
It is not at all necessary that you
should bo a wealthy man.
But it   is necoBsary that you are a
man who would make a kind and good
usband to a good wife.
If you are not sueh a man pleaso do
not write us.
Anglo*American Agents,
01 St. Mary's Road,
Buy Lots
in   Ferguson,  the Pay-Roll
Centre ofthe Rich Lardeau.
lis the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
pbcnominally rich
camps   of  Poplar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
���Revelstoke. B. C.
Is Our
For The
I Handle
Only Tho
Best Quality
Of Goods.
Scud Orders To"
ro* Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Watches $c
Note the Address
GM#^'b��M"S'Z>iM>4'**>iSi-<l4*>*-G+t**** ��� �� f t&Q*4<M*Q����i>H&&Ht
The Balmoral
iif)T.^l   Vnder the Mana8ewent ot s- Slinger
Everything of the best
Read Tlie Eagle 4.
C_.rtincRte of Tncbr|ior'4tl��H1
. \ tolifcEnv   (,I_UtlFV,  that  "Tlio fireat
fl'orthcrn Mines, Limited." haa thia day been
nuornorutt'd umJcr lhe" Gompanit-i; Act, 1637,"
as a Limited Company, with a capital of one
million five hundred) thousand dftliars, divided
into one million five huudrad thousand -Sharon
or one dollar (fl)eaoh.
Tlie time of tlie existence of lho Company in
fifty years.
(iiven under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia* tills 7th
day of November, ono thousand nine hundred
ami throe.
IL-H.J ft, Y. WoOiTON,
Keglstrar of Joint sioi'n cotupatttes.
Tho following aPo Um objects for which the
Company 1ms k't-n incorporated !���'
1. To purcbase the property of ."tht! Oi'hif
hade Minim; .'���vndic.ui'-.. Minted ;" lind to purchase tht) lolloWJnft mineral clftiiiis, Viz., tho
'.'���.s'tnUhc.ofta,'   "Titinitj   -SPraettou," ���' Luoky
���'fr-i'jt,' ���'Iiiicky Tliree," " Little 1'liil," "Luoky
all situated in tlie Trout Lake Mining Division
of West Kootenay District; and also to purchase) lease, bond, locate or otherwise acquire
any mineral claims, minoral lands, mines, pro-
Iiertlos find any real estate iu the Province of
IrltiBh Columbia ot elsewhere, and to pay for
thu same either in money or in fullypald-up
shares of tiie Company, or partly In money and
partly in aueh shares, aud lo sell, lease or other*
wise alrtpOBB of the aamo or nny of them or any
interest therein .
2. To din for, Dulse, oruuhi tyftslli stuelt, iusajr.
analyse, reduce, anmlj,rrii.int.j mid otherwise
tfentcold; .iilvi'r, i-opper. lead ores ur deposits
fend oihUr minerals and metalllo substances
Rnucomponudsof all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or hot, and to render tho
siLiue merchantable, and to buy, sell arid deal
in the flume, or any of thcin :
;i. To carry on the business of a mining,
smelting, nulling and refining company in all
or anv of its branches :
4. To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise such tint livr lands- or leases,
timber claims, licenses lo c*ul timber, surface !
rights and eights ot way, water rights and privileges, mills, fneturies, furaacos for smelting
and treating ores and rofliillig metals, ImiUi-
tngs, raachtneryi plant, or othorwlso real or
hersohal. property as maybe necessary for or
fcyhdliPlvo lo the proper currying out of any of
the objects of the Company ;
o T<v construct, malntaiu,alter,makei work
and operate on tlie proporty of the Company,
any canal'., trails,Toads, ways, tramways, bridges and reservoirs,dams, flumes, racoand other
ways, watercourses,acqUOduCts, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
smelting .forks', concentrating works, hydran-
lle works, electric works and appliances, ware-
Housos, buildings, mnohinorj*, plaut, storeflian*)
otiier works and conveniences whioh may seem
conducive to nny of the objects ofthe Company, and with the consent of the shareholders
in gcncrid meeting, to contribute to, subsidise,
or otnerwiflo tutl or take part in auy sticll ojhm'-
httons, tnotlgi) constructed and malutalnod hy
Kny other companv or persons outside oi the
property of thu Company, and to buy, sell,
manufacture and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores, Implements, {provisions, chattels and
effects required by the Company or Its workmen and servants:
fl. To take, acquire, own and hold as the con-
side rati;'*,! for ores, metals or minerals sold or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied
Smith * Co.
45 Bleury St,
����� Montreal
Will be represented in
Ferguson threo or four
days eaeh month. Any
orders tor clothing will
receive close attention
and wb
Running botwoen Arrowhead, llea-
ton and Comaplix, eommonoini, October llth, HKiil, will tail as lollows.
ivoather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and ole.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily -- 7:lf>lc and
12;46k. Malting close connections
with all C* P. lt. Steamers and trains!.
Tho  ownors rosorvo  tho*_rlf-ht to
I change  times   of   sailings    without
Our representative: notice.
S.   A.    Seott    is   ti!     .
practical   tailor and , Tl" Fred Robinson Lumber Co.Ltd
will   make   clothes j
lit.       Hold      your 	
orders for him.
*........ ... .......... ... * . .*.
I      IRON BEDS a Specialty       j
I $5 and up. t
......... 4.4.4,.........4....+
Goods can   1-e furnished to nny part ol Lardeau on very shou notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  ....... *...............*t4,%., .....
i............................ 4*
Ithe new and only
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Situated, midst scenery unrivalled for
grtindeur.' Tlio most complete health
resort on the continent of North America,
its baths cure all Nervous and Mus-
OUlai' disease.-!. Its waters hen! Ml
Kidney, Iilvorand Stomach ailments.
They nre a never tailing remedy for
nil metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TJSBMS-rtlfi to IIS per week, according to rosidenee in Hotel ur Villas.
Funeral Directors and   I
Embalmers. ���
[Graduate of Uyer'a College of Embalming
4     Can attend caBe at Ferguson at ten     i
+  hours notioe if advised by wire. *
�����-���-���   ����������� ���'�������������� ������-�� ��� ������������� �� ��� �������� ����������������� *
D. J.  Robertson <f Co-
nelson, B. C
flatters of North Araeri
..THIS    IS    T1U_
tlio United Flatterr
if North  America.
��� ��� hon you are buv-
.   .;   ft FUIt    HAT,
,  ��� her soft or stiff.
���    e to  it   Unit   the
���ermine    UNION
Label is sowed In It.
If   a   retailer ; has
loose  labels In his
r-fHHOSSion  and   of-
tera to put o"�� '������ a
Unr   fo-  j OU, do UOl
patronize him.   He
othi-r I
urltlesolor in
s of which are
, imd lo sell or
debentures, bonds ur
any otber company,
similar to those of thi
otherwlso dispose of t
7- To enter into any arrangement for shorinit
profits, union of interests, or co-opuratlon with
any other person or compnny, earrylnn on. or
about loamy on,any business ur transaction
runillar to that which this Company is* authorised to carry on :
ti, To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any of tlie assets, business, property, privileges, contracts, rights, iibligationa
and .liabilities tu" any person or company oarrv-
ing on any part of tfio business which a company Bpecially limited under Bald section is
authorised to carry on, or possessed of property
suitable for tho purposes thereof:
8, To borrow or raise money for tho purpose
of the Company, but so that tbe amount s�� borrowed of raised shall not. without the sanction
ol a general meeting of the Compauy, exceed
one quarter.ol tho amount of the paid-up capital for the timo being, and for too purpose bf
securing such money and interest, or tor any
otherpurposo, to mortgage or chitrge the undertaking or all or any part ofthe proporty of lhe
Oompuny, present or after acquired, and to
create, issue, make, draw,accept and uotfotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or do-
bentnre stock, promiast ry not*8, hills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of tho property of thu
('ompnuy Hiiiour-t the members in specie :
11. Tu sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with tho undertaking,
or the- whole or any part of the property nud
rights of the Compnny, with power to accept as
the considers,{ipn any shines, stocks, or obligations of any company the objects of which are
restricted us aforesaid or otherwise :
12. To do all such other things asaro incidental or conducive to the attainment ol the foregoing objects.
Dec. 19,
'-.nt-res I uas not. any rignt to nn\c loose labels.   j_uua-a
���*-n     '��� '   labels in retnil stores nre counterfoils.   Po Wt
listen lo nnvexi'lanatiun un to why the hat
has no label. Tlie Genuine Union Label is
perforated ou Ihu four edges exactly tlie same
as a postage Blatnp. Counterfeits urn sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers aro using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John It. Stotson
Co. of Philadelphia- Pa;, Is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOI-l'ITT, President.
Orange, N.J.
.iniiN PHILLIPS,Secretary,
11 Wavorly Place, RriOin 16, New York City.
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper Dunem Hiver section, compiled by A. P. Cummins, P. L.8., ami S
Shannon. Ii. A., is now on sale at this
oltice. The ready sale of the map is
proving all wc have said for it. fho
Trout bake division is lithographed in
black,the Lardeau in rod,and the Ainsworth in blue. liven a tenderfoot could
lake a copv of this map nnd lind any
claim recorded In the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
ro.ids, trails, surveyed railway routes,
und the location ami name(byaunlque
hides) of every mineral claim in the
district is shown.
Next   to   vwtlnu   tht*.   country   In
Person  This Map  Takes First Pisce.
m of mm
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold Hill and Goldsmith Minoral Claims, situate in thc Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootennv District.
Where located���on Poplar Creek about one
inllc from the railway,
'fake Notice that! Robert Hodge, acting as
ngont for W. M. Pool, Froe Miner's Certificate
���No. li. 71717, Intend, sixty days from (he date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Keeorder for
Certificates oi improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the at-ove claims,
And further Nike notice that action, under
���section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
)aiod this tith day of January, A.D. p.mi.
Itoirr. HODGE.
Two Bargains.
For price, terms, etc., apply to J. Edward
Hint, barrister, Vancouver, or to E.G. Woodward, Fi rgUson,
riuiAT comfortable little Dwelling House oo-
_i copied by C. M. Ne-tbltt, and two well cultivated lots, nicely fenced, situated iu the best
���rosidenee part oi Ferguson, fur sale cheap.
Tl)is is a snap.
rpH-E Kaglc Block, occupied by the Lardeau
1 Kngle ni'.'sw.pcr aud tho Methodist
Church. Tho building draws a good rental
und tho Hale price and terms will surprise you,
Locals With n Pnystrcnk.
Ic pays to use tho telephone.   A trip
cnn often be -saved to Trout Lako, Hen
ton-) Arrowhead or Comaplix by-using
u the 'phune.   Olilce In Cutuiuius ife Co.'s
. j? D, J. Uobertson, tho Nelson furnitue
dealers tire funeral directors and utn-
t aimers.
Tho Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy (roods, ��atueB of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain nnd mining
views.   Give them a mail order.
* Smokers: If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
OIGAlt seo that "Union Cigar Factory"
s stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H, A. Broffa, Keyelitoke,
Tradx Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyoneaenflthjj a -s!;otHi and description may
qulflltty iiHi-iirtiilii cur nittuioii free r.*fi-otlitn' fin
lnvniLt_-.nl i* prfii.ni.:.' nntoutablo. ConinnnUciv
t.loii3-strict lycmit.rlonMA1.. UnndbOOkon I'at cuts
sent froo, Okloit nuBncr /or..{u'iiring pntontn.
I'utmits tnlioii tlin-.iiiili lliinti ,t Co. lecetvo
tptclat notice, without charco, lutho
Scientific JSssterica-t
Si hnnd,ie:Tioly lllnitrntod frepklr.   I.��ru'wt clr-
(iiiliil.ton of iiny iiRiotiMiln tnnnii-.l.   'J'enna, ?:i a
runr: four irumthc, ?1.  Solilb/rll nv-.Bd'Valnri..
MDNHgCo."8""-''Hew York
llttnch ORlcfl, CJ3 V St., Tf Ji��hJui;ton, D. C.
Jn fuet evot
feuture is so well dorii
���Seoul uglanoe tliennlureo
nml the trend ol the ub
Hivea mi Intelligible Idon n
bolts running through th-
thai one can
The    Best    Worth    iior   One   Dollar
ever offered in tlie milp lino of a mining
pimiii. It is the tirst ooinplotu map ot
the district and is soiling well. His inst
whatyouaro looking tor. WE Ai.^t>
Address ynur order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar bill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Trout Lake Branch���A   Genera/   Banklnp,   Easiness   Transacted.
Capital  Authorized, $4,000,000 head OFFICE:
Capital (paid up)    ���    Il.Ono.OOO ��� -  ,    .
Rest - - - - - - 2,850,000 loronto, Ontario-
Branches in tbe Northwest Territories. Provinces   of British Columbia,  Unci*
tobu, Ontario and Quebec,
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. H, WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gt* Man,
E. HAY, A��eistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inb^totor.
Savins;!' Department���Depoaita received and Interest allowed.
Drafts Sold available in AU par�� ol winn'iu,
United .^tute- ��'"' Eurnjip g��nin t��__c_c
Hpeclal attention Riven to coUootlona nud **��� ���'t, bOuLTdee
Mining Uoadii. Munhp^r
rke Union Cigar Factory
Munufnctures only Union goods, and bo- ;
sides, they ore t'.o best nn ihu runt-kot.
They lire madeo! tho best Havana tobacco,
and their exoellonco Is undisputed.   Insb!
r,ti getting
Ferguson, LLC.
Mining companies orolbers ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will bo supplied at 50 cents each.
���A Snap I Got after it quick.
Tbis incubator is "in lirst-elass
condition. Hore is a chance to
make a fortune for
A 12 oz. Duck
12x8 TENT.
With 3 ft. Wall. Nearly new.
Owner bas no further use for
It.    l''oi- quick sulo, will accept
Ileal Estate
I have some of the finest blocks
nnd lots iu Fei'tfiiaon on my books.
Tiny ut once before the crowd gets
This week's special :
A Lot on Victoria Ave.
100x33 feet.
adjoining tlio   l\'st-Ollic.  in
Block 1.
This is tlio linost. location In town
and will b.j worth trflile shiiilly.
���jPo yen wish tn buy or sell any-
'..thln'ir V  Drop mc u line and I'll
worry you.
tl. A- BROWN,     --     Proprietor I
Union Cigar Factory, REVELSTOKE, B.C. |
��� ;,>'/- ���*'- *5�� ���-.-' **.** ���/��� ',*���->��� '*-��� '-;���-:���-;- 'J- ���;* -.** <-;������ *:���- -'��� *;- *:��� ���;*��� ���:-
We try to give satisfac- ��
tion to our   guests. ffi
T     Laughton Bros.
a. Proprietors. Sk;
J^'^-^k-k^^^-^h^-^*^^*^*!^ y''.;.;,,:*.;.-:^:
11   nn f
! Cdl
Apply to
Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C,
Use Wm
Steam Lannf1n'
p     i , rci, iii
** ___________________
��� ,...*
Either Machine ur IT.uul Wi rl:.
t) HI IK \\ 2 M W 2 ffl I       We Guarantee Onr Work
iCliillO 11 (I f Vi Hi U II      To ne Flrst.Claas
Thoro is only ono ini.t mining journal.
Tlmt is
Mines and Minerals.
II lu-is" n largGr filrtndntlon UitmAtty twtjother
Vrntsrlciin intnlti}. Journal}. U-crtiiM' ii Is ttif
bent, it is tim l��rg����t, imst tUi��tr>iit'il hh.i
ittiid>om.oat minium Jnuriml In tin. ��*<> -it. h
-11 miiiltitf p|ip��r for nttulnj, ttit'ii. Suliccrln
ttOU plitte fllK) p'T vvar. tji-tld !ni' t: ���> muiii 1,
0 ipy AddrdMs MIS" KM AND M 1N ICUA l.3,Srran
ton. Ph., U.S. a, hnivtr uQlddb, tiiiiili llldu;,
Ueuver, Uolurado.
Any oomplftints nifty '"��� lodged
witli out* Agent,
F-  7. ABEY.
Trrvt Lake.
Tho rrightoet, Newsiect Feper
in the District, .������ ���������--������������������-���^ *--*^-* ���*���-**-���.-**���-*���-������
* j
. Local and General.   .
<��� ���
���*.���** ,,,,,,>*', ���������������������������������',-f
Advertise !
Koop your eye on Ferguson.
11 njjh MaoPberaon is in town to-day.
('. T. Cutler, of Poplar, wns in town
lu-*t night.
I'leiselminiin, the Jew,  bas bid Ferguson adieu !
Geo. V. Howard tripped to the Nettio
L on Wodnesdy.
Hugh Macdonald is progressing favorably in tho hospital.
A. J. Booker, of Black Prince, wus
in town last Saturday.
Ferguson advertises iu tliis issucfor
n teacher for tho school.
Paddy Cantwoll has built a cabin for
himself on the Nottie L. mountain.
The Town Band discourses sweet
music in the Ampltheatre every eve.
Jack Laughton roturned to Revelstoke on Friday, and wo foel a draught.
Mr. S. Sutherland escorted Miss
Horn to the Nettie L. on Wednesday.
.1. Morette and IT. Sann have resumed
work at their proporty ou Short creek.
E, G. Hadow, secretary of the Silver
Cup Minos Limited went to Calgary on
Devotees of the light fantastic who
tripped to tho Lakeside last night
report a grand time.
Colin C. Brown, J. L. Duncan and G.
Jesso, all of Vancouver, were visitors
to the town last Tuesday,
Mrs. J. Bunco and little daughter
Myrtle, from Enderby, have been visiting Mrs. A. C. Cummins this woolc.
The return match between Ferguson
and 5-Mile is billed for tomorrow (Saturday).   The latter are after scalp-).
F. L. Beek, late superintendent of
tlie Kva mine, paid a visit to Ferguson
on Tuesday accompanied by .Mrs. Beck.
Mrs. J. B. Manross, accompanied by
hor little daughter, walked to town
and back to tho Nettie L. ou Wednesday.
Mr. R. H. Battey journeyed to Minneapolis last week end to attend tlie
general meeting of tho Metropolitan
Cold and Silver Mining Co.
The banquet given to the visiting
team on Saturday night was a sump
tuous ono. Host Barber excelled himself, and has made many friends.
W. A. Skinner tried to stop a 2000
voltage falling pail on his probo.bcis
on Monday last. After Ed. Williams
had tacked tho skin-loss Skinner togethor, what was left of him took tho
boat on Wednesday en route for Poplar
ereek, where he will resume operations
on the Big Five. J. W. Chism is building a trail to the property.
About the worst specimen of a Chinaman Revelstoke ever suffered struck
that favored spot last Tuesday. He
was searching a job at a hotel, where a
bulldog eyed the Oriental attentively.
As soon as ho got to the kitchen door
the dog mado a rush and grabbed him
in the usual place. Almost immediately tho dog let go again with a
howl of disgust, and held his paw to
his nose.   Fact.
A wedding epidemic has struck the
town. When a prospector i-takos a
rich claim it is only natural that tho
queen of his heart should reign over
his homo. If wo havo many more rich
strikes the town wlil have to invest In
a ready-made rainbow climber. Wo
have caught the wedding fever, so
pardon us toasting the happy ones : May
theso bo thoir dullest moments; may
their joys be com pleto ; may their offspring be as numerous as tho stones
on the street.
A town cannot grow without the
assistance of a newspaper ��� and it's
dollars to doughnuts on a paper chanL-
ing its requeim without tho assistance
of thc locality. I'm here to print ���and
get rich. Everybody should support
tho printer���not with charity���but wit h
job orders, advertising patronage, and
paid-up subscription. Don't wait till
you get rich. Your riches will increase with the sucoess of the printer,
who voice* tlie wants of the people and
the [requirements of the country. Re
that back sub: Don't squeal if tho
Eagle fails to flutter into your box in a
week or two. A printer cannot livo on
''pie," mountain scenery, and broken
pledges, and it others have gone broke
trying to do it, there's no reason why I
.hould,  'NuSnald,
Joe Dupont is gracing the Ferguson
Hotol bar with his presence.
Tho Rossland Evening World is now
defunct ; it breathed its last on Saturday.   Rossland on the brain killed it.
Ferguson 3.   Five Mile 1.
Next please I    Who wants to have a
go at Ferguson ?
Lot 'en, all como I
McQuorn plays a great game.
Ginger is a fast color.
All tlio players played
the other fellow.
u-Miio can play football, but they
must learn tho gentle art of squaring
tlie Bird.
one goal.    Tho Bird's a
ie bull
One shot-
ra arvel.
No truth in report of Eagle accepting
a brick of bullion as a bribo.
Pete McPhail was always on the spot
when he was'nt on the ground.
Tho Peel Brothers were shiners.
Like wise the others.
Bob Hargraves chased his shadow
around the telegraph pole.
All the stores nailed up their windows for obvious reasons.
A lady who had novor seen a match
played, was being initiated into the
rudiments of tho game before itstavtocl.
Said   the. tutor:  " Tho eleven lpffn
from 5-Mile will try   to pats thc 	
between these posts."
Said the Lady: "What's to pre
them ? "
Who rattled the 5-Mi!c custodian ?
Cassy Edwards worked liko a horse.
So did tho others.
Hadow is a star player���but that's no
excuse for Hargraves trying to put his
light out.
Robertson would have succeeded better plus to,, big feet of the opposition.
Graham and Lauder have a great regard for the city forwards.
Tho Eagle looked liko 30 c cuts when
the bouncer beat him.
It pays belter to be a goalie than a
'Rah foi' Everybody���and the winning
team. 'Rah for Frank Barber, who
gave tho boys a feed of a lifetime.
'Hah for tho losers���who had sand
enough to tackle the premier B.C. team
and are anxious for another go.
Everyono was busy dodgiu g the
editor after tho ball was over.
With the exception of the banquet-
Champagne to the left of them, champagne to the right of then, and CHAMPAGNE in front of them.
The duko's motto : " I'm horo."
Robby is great on a speech, but aftor
tho defeat of his pets���too full for
Wo are asked to contradict the
rumour that Ferguson is to tour the
��� P. L. S.
Ferguson and "fro .t Lake.
Surveys mado and Crown Grants
Trout Lake...
B. C.
Survevsof Mines, Mineral Cliiimn and
crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained mid Assessments Munayed
for Absentees.
Offices;   Camborne and Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
^ 1.   .   T_I_T_2'l��l.-Il VI
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
Of Canada
The Great Northern Mines,
5>7_-(C*; s*tf_rtz_sto_riz jftLv.ijta.tS.jw ri-;jJ5
! Tonsorial   -   l
5 FERGUSON, 11. C. ;t
4 Shaving.      Shampooing, ft
��        Hairdressing,      Singeing, k
�� Dyeing,      Baths, hot nnd t.
>        oold water. J
% [V
i.      I have tlie best appointed ihop In Ilia C
i,   Lardeau.   Often from 6 a. in. lo 8 p.m. If
6 Schnell & Hooker, ���*,
^       Ferguson and Trout Luke. ij.
jkvz-j* ios-j-jTjr*}*. _-j !_*-___-.__-*.-_, _j_-_^
And Read
11. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Offices: lUvelstolcp; iio.lden,RiiflFerguson. Solicitors for Impc'rial Bank
of Canada
Goo.S. MeCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A.M. Piu-bam.
We ourselves the better Serve
by serving others
Of a quality that you CAN Kick
And at prices thai you CAN'T.
i     ���    ALEX. CRAWFORD, Propr. L
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Whore ho keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of tho stage route  running between
the abovo points, making tnree in*�� wookty.
The Best Place To Put Up At When In Ferguson :
The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tit-*
bios aro provided with lhe best that money eun buy.
Tho rooms aro well vcntllatod and always clean.
Rate by the Day
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
���        TROL'T LAKE CITY B. C, AND
E. M. Allum.
Mall order Bum tne*.. Receives
1'ronii't Attention.
Novelties air! -imvelry in great
"Koto llic AddrcKs-���"-""���'"~~
Hemti-iirirters for AMkyer*, Mining
* .illll supplle-i. Solo agents III li.
c. for MorAan crucible Co., Uattersoa,
England; I*'. w. iirniin & co.'s Patent
Caiyl'urnnces. Burners,etc.; IVm.Alna-
���vurili ���>; en's Hue Balances etc,, etc,
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and Ferguscm Packi:,g
Contracts  entered into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Perguson Hotel


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