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The lardeau eagl
VOL. III. NO. 12.
$2.00 A YEAR.
basin. Such a trail, which would be
about three miles long, could be built
at a small cost, and the district richly
deserves a grant from the government
to assist ln the building.
' Now that it is assured that the C. P.
R. are going to build their Lardeau'
Arrowhead road, to the foot of Trout
lake at least, this coming summer, the
Lardeau country is going to come to
the front as no other district in British
Columbia has done In years. In the
case of Rossland's boom in '95.-'96, tt
took months before the prospeots were
in a position to ship ore, whereas ln
most pans of tbe Lardeau the prospects could be shippers from the
grass-roots. One notable example of
this is the Triune. But the Triune
will not be the only one. It is quite
safe to say that beforo the summer Is
over thore will be many other prospects tout wilt develop from the prospect to tbe shipping mine stage as
quickly as the Triune has done.
One district that very little is known
of at present is tho Johnson basin,
situated between Hope and Lake
creeks. In this part there are many
claims that have as good showings as
can be found ln any seotion nf the
Kootenay. There hns not been much
more than development work done on
any of the claims, Although the show,
lngs warrant much more; but owing to
tho uncertainty as to when the rail'
road would be built, the owners could
find better use for their money in more
accessible parts.
Among some of the claims located
here are the Three Lakes group,
owned by Robt. Green, M. L. A , of
Kaslo. Mr. Green has kept bis work
done for the last number of years, and
will no doubt be pleased in a abort
time that he did so. Then there is tbe
Cranky Jack and Porcupine, owned by
Jack Rudy and Ben Ramey, on which
two assessments have been done, and
this work has ranch improved the property.
The North Star, Justin and Blue
eyed Kate, lately owned by John
Irving, adjoin the Throe Lakes group
on tho north. Very little work has
been done, but several good leads haye
been uncovered.
The Second Trial group, adjoining
the Threo Lakes on tbe west, Is owned
by H, A. Mills, W, G. McMorris and
W. J. Hill of Nelson. This group
consists of four claims and is about
two miles from the proposed right-of-
way of tho C. P. R. One assessment
has been dono on tho Second Trial, on
which there uro three distinct leads
carrying gold, sliver and lead, giving
an average assay of $23 on the surface,
On tho White Grouse, nd joining on the
north, there Is a good four-foot lead
With an 18-inch pny streak.
The Gladys^ whioh adjoins the
White Grouse un the north, has a
good lead which assays well ln gold.
The Ophir und Cripple Creek, two
adjoining claims owned by T. Plerson
and J. MeMahon, of Trout Lake, aro
situated on a hog-back running parol
Id to Mr. Green's claims. The Ophir
has a very fair showing of ore on the
surface, which has been tracod for
about 500 ft.' This lead is 0 ft. In width
and the payotroak varies in width from
6 iu. to 18 in., and assays S3 ozs. silver
and 49 p. c. load These two claims
were grouped last summer and several
crosscuts woro driven on the Ophir
which showed up remarkably well.
Tho Toronto and Black Prlnoe, formerly owned by W. Anderson but now
owned by Mr. Haines of Nelson,, have
good showings and aro situated about
two miles from the Lardo river.
��� What this district most needs Is a
trail from the Lardo valley to the
A letter received by tbe Eagle on
Monday evening from a prominent
Western Ontario mining man gives intelligence of a Lardeau mining deal
going through this month which will
bring a few thousand dollars mure for
supplies and labor into Ferguson. A
contract will be let for over 200 ft. of
tunnel Immediately the deal is closed.
The present owners of the Rob Roy
group have voluntarily extended tbe
time of purchase to a new company to
July 1st, as It was Impossible for an
examination of the property to be
made before June on account of tbe
snow, but it looks to have every probability of going through satisfactorily.
If it does there will be a lot of money
spent on it in further development this
season, as one of the clauses In the
purchase agreement is that the company must spend not less than 81,000 a
month in actual development. This
will help to swell the pay roll and supplies account of Ferguson, and also
prove the known worth of the great
Horn lead, with the splendid chance of
adding another shipper to tbe list by
tbe time the railway reaches bere.
Nearly $40,000 for This Riding���
Items of Interest to Local
$32,250 appears in the provincial
estimates for Revelstoke rldingj for
general construction and repairs, $26,-
230; construction of trails, $3,500 ;
steamboat service, Revelstoke to
Death Rapids, $2,500. The, supplementary estimates also contain an
additional item of $7,300.
$7,483.97 was tbe exact amount expended on the wagon road between
here and the Landing under the juris'
diction of Joseph Martin, last season.
Salaries in the government house at
Revelstoke amount to $3,840 per an'
$��00 has again been placed In tho
estimates for a resident physician in
the Trout Lake district.
$4,000 appears iu tho supplementary
estimates to pay for river bank protec'
tion just finished at Rovelstoke.
$70,500 Is tho amount set aside for
the construction of public schools
throughout tho province, $5,000 of
which is for the purohaso of furniture,
Another chunk of thc people's
money Is to be spent on the govern'
ment house at Victoria, ln addition to
thousands of dollars since the first
immense cost of contraction. This
time wo are let down light, only
$tf ,000, It is supposed, will settle for
road superintendents in tlio province
this year. It comes high but we must
havo tbem, supposing they are not a
necessity in most eases,
$217,770 for salaries nud $16,137 for
residential expenses, is the calculated
amount required to keep up that part
of our provincial educational department.
Revelstoke, under the new sohool
system, will receive an approximate
per capita grant ot $2,35C (rated at $20
per pupil per annum) for tbe next six
months. Salaries for tbe same period
amount to $2,070.
There are several very poorly paid
offices under the government regime,
and many over-paid ofiiolals.
Thirty-eight members of tho house
receiving $800 indemnity apiece, $30,-
400, and $5,200 for mileage, is a portion of the money extracted from the
provlnolal treasury,
The total appropriation for roads
and trails in the six mining constituencies of Kootenny is $1811,408.19.
* Do you desire anything in tho line
of rubber stamps? The EAGLE has
secured an agency and will be pleased
to take your order.
A Party of Engineers and Laboper
Are Now Laying Track
'Bound for (lie Lardeau" 11
On Thursday week the s. s. Kokanee
made a special trip from Nelson down
Kootenay lako to Lardo, the southern
terminal of the A. & K. railway. A
barge load of steel for tracklaylng the
slip and yards, and engineers and
laborers to do the work were taken
along. A locomotive will also be
despatched to Lardo next week, so that
tracklaylng on the thirteen miles
already .graded will be pushed along.
The contract of grading to the foot of
the lake was let on Monday last to
Poupore & McVeigh, but of course the
tracklaylng wi be dono by the company. General construction and the
certain activity preceding a railway
into a eamp of such wonderfully rich
mineral resources as have been proved
to exist here, should be in evidence
here this and next month. The season
being unusually late may somewhat
retard the progress, but a few weeks
more will seo tbe beginning of the
realization of our fondest hopes.
W. H. Jaokson  Expects  to  See
Croat Activity This Season
W. H. Jackson, one of tho most
widely known mining men operating
in this district, in renewing his subscription to tho Eaule, writing from
Toronto, says: "I expect to be in B,
C. again the latter part of May. I believe your paper has given the public
valuable Information in regard to the
richness of the Lardeau country in
general. There seems to be no doubt
about the railroad building. I look
for a great boom in Lardeau this coin
ing summer. All the companies I am
conueoted with expect to pu6h develop'
ment this year."
R. Leolde-Ewlng Doing Much To
Spread tbe Camp's Fame.
R. Lockle-Ewlng, local superintendent of the Empire mines, situated at
the head of Cariboo creek and upon
which a great deal of work was done
last season, will return from thc Old
country next month. Mr.*Ewlng hns
been doing a good deal of missionary
work for tho Lardeau as can readily
bo seen below. While It seems unfair
that private Individuals must bear nil
the expense, and troublo necessitated
In exhibiting ore samples, it is such
men who generally succeed. The uncertainty of the Duncan river rond
building this your may result in vory
little work boingdone upon the Empire
this season, but ns yet it would be pre'
mature to mako any assertions as to
the company's intention.
In a private letter to the Eaule
dated April 10th, Mr. Ewiug says:
"With reference to the Glasgow exhibition which opens here on May 2nd
it may possibly interest some of your
readers to know thatol have just secured an excellent position in one of the
Canadian ore cases for the samples 1
brought ovor with ttio from tho Lttr
deau district. 'Some splendid spec!
mens represent tho country, and I
notice a fow from Trout Lako district,
which havo come over from Paris,
Willie my samples are line onos, they
aro small In comparison, one or two of
whioh are absolutely solid galena and
weighing over 400 lbs. eaob, I bave
also been awarded u favorite site for
some two dozen of my Latdeau photos,
amongst which figures thoso I took ut
tho Triune, so that our littlo part ol
the globe is not quite forgotten."
The following are the names of the
pupils in thoir classes arranged in order of merit:
Sen. Ill-Ray H. Wilson.
Jr. Ill ���Robert A. Kirkpatrick,
Ethel M. Batho and Louisa M. Batho
(equal), Percy M. Wilson.
I Reader���Mary L. Wilson.
II Primer-Harry G. W. Batho.
I Primer���Albert Mclntyre, Clarke
W. Pettiplece.
The following were neither absent
nor late: Ray H. Wilson. Percy M.
Wilson, Ethel M. Batho, Mary L. Wilson, Harry G. W. Batho.
LET I'S HAVE A IA.. ,:, t!i��
By 25 male residends ol this community forming a committee and
appointing a trustee, a free library
may be secured from tho provincial
librarian, E. O. S. Schoulfield, which
will remain six months bofore being
forwarded elsewboro. The C. P. R.
make no charge for transportation,
the travelling library is pronounced a
good ouo, and thero is no reason why
Fergusonites should not have one.
Further particulars may be bad at the
Eagle office.
Long Base Tunnol Being Completed
���Will Then Raise to Upper
The Nettie L. will bo taking on men
again in a fow days. Work is being
pushed in the long base tunnol, which
Is now driven over 801) ft. When the
development work outlined for this
summer Is completed, tho railway can
extend Its system to Ferguson as
quickly as it likos, for tho Nettie L.
cun work as many men and ship as
much ore as tbo owners choose.
Beautiful spring weather.
Mrs. S, O'Connors Is suffering from
the effects of a sprained ankle.
Townsite agent Floyd reports real
estate sales very brisk during the past
two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Daney will movo Into
their comfortable new residence on
Monday next.
James Lade returned yesterday
afternoon. Tlio Lardeau boys are all
gradually returning to tho pay roll
Old Sol Is punishing tho snow very
rapidly. Thc streets aro drying up
fast, and n, couple of v, neks moro will
see the roads clear of snow.
The local saw mill Is running at its
fullest capacity, endeavoring to get
onough lumber ahead for the summer
building operations lu town.
Lots l.'l and 14 in block 39, upon
which a house Is now boing built, were
sold to Miss Minnie Davis this weok.
C. lt. Scott has the work in hand.
Preparations for gardening Is the
order of the day. A lot of now ground
is being broken up this spring. Several new homes will soon beautify the
Lardeau metropolis.
The Fred Robinson Lumber Co.'s
boat, tbe s.s. Archer, is now making
two trips a day between thc Landing
and Arrowhead, leaving tho Landing
at 7 a.m, and 1 p.m., and Arrowhead
aftor tho arrival oi the north train in
tho morning and the south boat In the
afternoon. This service should be
satisfactory to the travelling public,
James Otto and brldo returned from
Waverley, N. S., yosterday and were
given a royal reception by the boys,
among whom Jim is it favorite. Mr.
and Mrs. Otto will tako up their residence In the handsome houso now near-
Ing completion on Knob hill. It Is not
too late for the Eaole to join with
their many friends hore in wishing
tho happy couple a long, happy and
prosperous wedded life,
Tie Many Promising Nellie L. Hill
Tliis Point is tlie Turn-Table For
All tbe Slipping Mines
This spring will witness a great
deal of 'development work on what is
locally known as the Nettio L. hill.
Tho Doublo Eagle Mining Co. will
commence active development in tho
courso of a few days with a full force
of men.
Lembke Bros, intend to continue
work on the Brow, having driven a
long tunnel last season. This adjoins
tho Ajax, one of the Nettle L. group.
Tho bondholders of the Gloosecap
are now making arrangements to carry
out the contract of their bond. Last
fall the cabin aud trail were built, and
about $5,000 will be expended before
the bond matures.
Considerable work will also be dono
on the Lono Star group. The ledge
carries some gold values besides silvei
und lead, making It ono of the raosc
valuable properties oo the hill. A
deal is now pending for tbis group and
will probably go through In a few
weeks us both eastern and Rossluno
men are after It.
Tbo owners of tlie Black Eagle group
intend doing considerable work on
thoir claims.
The Union Jack group, the Jumbo
and Florence, upon which considerable
work has been done, is now under
bond to Minneapolis men, and an engineer will be here to examine and
report upon tho claims about May
20th. If the deal goes through several
thousands of dollars will be spent in
development work.
The I. X. L., Little John fraction.
Raven, Lardo, Lardo Kootenay group,
Gold Bug, Canadian Boy, Sunlight,
Annie, Royalist. Pittsburgh, Vancouver and Morning Star aro also olaims
on this "backbiuio of Ferguson upon
which assessment and dtweloprnent,
work will bo prosecuted this season.
An important amendment to tbo
Minoral Act deals witb the recording
of claims in tbe names of free miners
by agents. Heretofore prospectors
carried about the numbers of freo miners' certificates held by friends and
freoly used them for the purpose of re
cording locatloos in excess of tho limitations of tho act. Tho amen.linen:
proposed sets out that before making
any such records as agent a power of
attorney must be Died in tho olHce of
the mining recorder for tho division ih
which tho claim is situated, and po
such agent shall locate or record more
than ono claim each for two principals
on each separate vein or lodo.
Another amendment provides that
work done ou trails, to tbe satisfaction
of tho gold commissioner or mining
recorder, may be counted on certificates for work.
J. C. Kirkpatrick has just received a
beautiful certificate ongraving of thc
Grand Prize Diploma awarded to the
Lardeau exhibit of ores at the Paris
Universal Exhibition by tho Interna
tlonal Jury. The samples furnished
by Mr. Kirkpatrick wero taken from
tho Little Robort group, up tho north
Tho freight teams, with wagons
reached Trout Lake yesterday, and us
tho bulk of freight stored for th^
Landing is for Ferguson, tho teams are
expected to brouk through tlio roan..
to this point on Monday. Advertising Rates: Display mis., (1.50 per
rnlu.mii hull per month. Legiil hc]k, l'J cunts
^>er (nonparielj Una for ilrm Insertion ; Scents
orcHi'li additional Insertion, KuHilini* notices*
tUeeuts per line each Issue. Ninety flay legal
lotlces.flOj Blxty days, 4*7.60; thirty dayi, 15.
Co ads. accopted at less than full rntua,
Subscription Rates: By mail or carrier. W.OQ
���i t milium ; fl.OO fur .six mouths, To foreign
mldrossus $2.S0.  Stopped ��t expiration,
,(ob Printing: The Baglo lob department la
(ba best equipped olllco in North Kootenay,
iinl ii* prepared tuexeculeall kinds of printing
nt lione.it prices.
Address all communication)! to
What    company   or    individual
would not accept a gift of one-third
of any  townsite?    Why not?    It'
a good thing while it lusts.
"Therefore be it resolved, that
this house has no confidence in the
government because of its failure to
build said railway (Coast-Kootenay)
as n government work." This is
an amendment motion made by Mr.
Curtis a few days ago, And is this
the same Mr. Curtis who wanted a
"competitive" line a week or so
ago?  'l_ '
To a recent visitor in Rossland a
striking change in the general
make-up ot the city is noticeable.
Since the Eagle's last visit the B.
A. C, an English company, have
secured the famous Le Roi mines,
and as a consequence only one
dividend has since been paid.
There are enough officials connected with this big mine to break
a mint or govern the Dominion.
1'he War Eagle has either very
little ore, too low grade ore, no
ore, or is being badly mismanaged.
Other properties are working along
slowly, but just think of it!���not
one single dividend-payer in Rossland. And the Eagle is ready to
say that officialdom, red-tape-ism,
etc, rather than any other, is the
true cause. When these same
mines were under American control
and ownership (practical mining
men), they were dividend payers in
most cases. Rossland is soon to
be a cheap town, judging by current   events,    Chinamen,   Italians,
C .     *. '        ���
I'jnns and Austrians fairly swarm
in  the  place.    White   men, union
miners in particular, are gradually j
being let out by the mine managers,
and the Eagle predicts that as soon
as two ot the managers at least are
ready they will  endeavor to lower
the wage scale and put the  Rossland Miners' Union out of business.
The mine owners or managers apparently   think   they   must    have
cheap  labor, and'to keep   such a
herd of useless clerks, etc, around
the Eagle certainly believes so too.
For  there  must be a reduction of
expenses  before   these   mines  are
worth  two   bits.    The   means the
present managers are taking for so
doing are unfair to the shareholders,  unfair   to   the   province, and
unfair   to the working  classes of
British Columbia.   The real change
needed is in ownership or control.
Fewer   men   above   ground,    less
manipulation of stocks, more men
rejovv,.  hence   more   tonnage,    is
what Rossland sighs for.    Had the
former owners of Rossland's mines
remained in control Rossland today
would be a city of  15,000 inhabitants.      A   city   which   lies at the
mercy of a few mines operated by
nn   English   company is  in a sad
plight.    They may learn the art of
mining some  day, but  God help
those dependent upon them in the
meantime.      The    Eagle   would
rather be in  Ferguson  today than
Rossland.   The chances for betterment here are greater.    The  Lar-
I'eau  possesses a few  of the right
c.'.ts'i  of   mining   men   to make a
country forge to the front,
Is any one crazy enough to suppose that' the C. P. R. would run
two survey lines in mid-winter tip
Lardeau creek to Ferguson and the
mines, if; they didn't intend very
soon to come up and get our ores?
It's ore and tonnage the C. P. R.
want--not beautiful scenery and
lake water. Somehow or other the
former is more substantial.
The Eagle desires to direct |
Thos. Taylor's attention to the fact'
that men employed on public works
ut this time are only paid $2.50 a
day, 50 cents less than the going
scale, and 50 cents less than was
paid for a couple of months last
summer just after the elections.
Laborers in the Lardeau would be
pleased to hear from Mr. Taylor at
Of a total number of 877 employees of tho Union Colliery
company at Cumberland, B. C,
363 are Chinese and 102 Japs���
more Mongolians than white men.
This is a disgrace to the white men
of this province. If you don't like
it why don't you select and elect
men who will exclude them. But
this is bringing the matter too near
home. What has Tom Taylor done
towards bringing about anti-
Chinese legislation?
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
I am prepared to fill ordets for
any description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
and keep a full stock on hand.
The Herald, of Revelstoke, is of
the opinion that the best policy for
the government to pursue with regard to the particular line which is
the chief bone of contention, the
coast to Kootenay, would be to
build it themselves and lease it
it yet despair of seeing important
modifications made in the bill in
this direction before it passes the
From information at hand it is
quite evident that there will be a
whirl of activity up the north fork
of Lardeau creek this season. Over
a dozen properties will be employ'
ing forces ot men in the course of a
tew weeks. Considerable new
capital interested itself up tfaat way
last fall, and this season many new
persons will be among the,treasure-
seekers. Every dollar's worth of
the supplies consumed will, as was
the case last summer, be purchased
in Ferguson.
With the Nettie L., Silver Cup,
Cromwell, Triune, Metropolitan
and other 'Ferguson properties
ready to commence shipping ore,
we may soon expect to see the iron
horse wending its.way "up the
gulch." The reason the railway
built into the Lardeau, was to get
our ore. Does it seem reasonable
to suppose that the C. P. R, will
remain from four to ten miles away
from the mines which produce the
ore they are after. Ferguson's
geographical position makes it the
turntable for all the mines, with
spurs in every direction.
While the Eagle has always
been entitled to the use of the
Typographical union label, it was
necessary that the office be put
under the jurisdiction of the nearest
chartered union���Rossland���before
we could use it. This has been
done and the Eagle bears the label
today, it being the only newspaper
in North Kootenay which can do
so. The Eagle hopes that soon
there will be enough printers employed in this district to support a
chartered local union of the I. T. U.
In this way our competitors would
have to pay living wages or go out
of business. Believing that' the
label means the best workmanship
and protection to both employer
and employee, and the best being
none too good for the Eagle, we
have made this step of progress in
our newspaper career.
The Eagle understands that the
employees in .1 mine in this pro'
vince have a right to appoint one
or two of their number to inspect
the workings, every shift if need
be, and where danger exists, upon
reporting it to the manager he
must forward Same to the,, provincial inspector. With all the men
who are'killed in the Le Rbj mine
at Rossland, it is evident that the
employees themselves are much to
blame. If they know the workings
to be unsafe, why, all they have to
do is to report it in the routine way
outlined above. If the inspector]
fails to do his duty the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council is .empowered
to remove him from office. One
reason why underground toilers are
not protected more is that they fail
to make use of the laws already on
the statute books.
While Thomas Taylor, our local
representative in the provincial
legislature, may have been rather
silent upon questions concerning
the general welfare of the province,
and not have assisted in introducing more progressive legislation,
the amount of money he has secured in the annual appropriations
for this riding will do much to I
neutralize his' inactivity in other
matters. Mr. Taylor's continued
presence in Victoria may have been
of sufficient importance to offset
anything that would have materialized had he beeu with' US'. Apparently his efforts have induced the
Thero government to bcroiiie fully alive to
will be too many mines surrounding us to ever be at the mercy of
an ill-tempered mine manager. But
this element has as yet to hit the'
camp.. How happy Lardeaultes
should be! We don't value or
appreciate our enuable position
half enough,
the importance of our section of the
province, and a very liberal spirit
in the consideration of our grants
for public works is evidenced.
Available money for assistance in
the opening up of our new district
covers up a multitude of omissions
in other respects,
The rich people are wise enough
to see that competition  is expensive, destructive   and   vicious, and
they oppose it and cdmbtne.   They
co-operate for the benefit of themselves.   The working people compete  with  each   other   in   labor,
politics  and    methods,1   and   thus
divided are the,easy victims of the
co-operated  efforts  of   the  rich.,
They should not condemn the rich
���they should ,co-opei;ate for their
own   good.   Nationally conducted
industries will be the highest type
of co-operation and will benefit all
alike, as the limited co-operation
of the capitalists benefit the few.
As the workers refuse to co-operate
for themselves, the rich do it for
them and take the profits.    It is
the fault of the workers���not of the
rich.   Whenever the workers comprehend   the  principle involved in
the action of the rich, they will use
it and become independent and free
from the dictates of the capitalists.
Each will then share according to the
capital (labor) each shall contribute
to production.
Now Ready
for Sale
BK8IDKNTIAL       ..'
I,uts 1 to 14 In Block 39.
Lots ,'t iiup: 4 iii ljlock 38,1 ..
LotsStgOinBI""V'to;    '
, , Jj '   (I'JSTNkSS ���    "V
Lots f to 8'In   Block 8 on  "ictoria
A snap at present prices.   Write or
call at the Eagle Oflice.
Are you satisfied with ^
4 p.c. on your money ���
You may not have a large bank account, neither have I; but if you have
any amount, from $75 to $500, or even more, which you are willing to
invest, and perhaps take a chance, 1 can place It for you to better advantage than yoir'cah yourself, because I am in touch with the Lardeau
district and its people. When there is a snap going I am generally
aware of it. I.have made money for others during the past year by
having a little ready cash at my command. In some cases I have more
than doubled my client's money In three, months. If you will stake me
to what ready money you can, I will Invest it for you as I would my own
money. If you want to help me to help yourself, let me invest some
money for you. So far I have my first Investment to make whioh will
not prove a winner.   Write at once to
R. P. Pettipieee, Perguson, B. C.
Reference: Imperial Bank, Revelstoke, B. C.
j Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of',
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Itate. S'J.OITu day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
^ &*;h!^$-$'5^'H'!^
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Our Special
The Union
They arc all Union made nnd of the
best Havana Tobacco mouey can
buy. Try one unit satisfy yourself
as io tlieir quality. /
Co., Revelstoke.
WholiDiili:  llmler   In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Heat (load. Only.
Stock lara'e and Coinpl.*...
If you wish to purchase
The well known Singer Sewing Machine,
an Edison Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have your
clothes cleaned or dyed by the renowned
dyers R. Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
J, W�� Bennett, *Z maccomat,
Revelstoke Station* V.
Sol lollop* of Amarioanand Foreign Patenta, Deelgna,Trademarlte,Coey��
right..   Will ratum fee If Paftant la not aeeurad.   Sand far
Invanter'a Gulda, or Haw to Gat ��� Patant.
���WMontion this Paper and secure special rates."Wt   t\ \
The pluco where the  mines aro ia
tho placo where the towns are.
When a man becomes true to himself ho at once becomes true to all
As might be expected the legislators
nt Victoria did not voto themselves
out of a job over the railway or any
othor question.
"Is tho Lardeau in Ferguson ?''
asked a stranger of tlie Eaole man
last week lo Nelson. Reminds one ol
tho good old Kossland days.
Some mon will have a hard time to
quit growling whon they are installed
below terra firma. What are you doing
to make your community prosper?
*' Sweet peas and lawn grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at tbe
Canada Drug & Book Co., Kevelstoke.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew P. Kosenberger's advt. in this
isBue. No stocks to sell; a strictly
legitimate mining bureau. Write him
at onee.
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
wines, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
The Eaole ia tho only newspaper
in North Kootonay whioh can supply
the union label on its printing. Send
your orders for stationery to us. Tbe
label is a guarantee of good workmanship and fair wage conditions.
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
1.. E. 0. V. ,fc S.   IQucen's University.]
Provincial coroner, lite.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
When merchants begin to buy supplies iu car load lots it is a fair indication of where thu business is done.
This is what is being done in Ferguson.
Walking up and down tho floor,
grousing, beefing, knocking, and bellyaching about your hard luck doesn't
put any money in your pocket. Life Is
what you make It.
When things don't go to suit you,
tako your advt. out of the local paper,
borrow the other fellow's paper, pre-
pare a tombstone, and pick your choice
of a burial ground.
If any one wants to see where the
wholesale houses are shipping the
most goods to in the Lardeau district,
let them peruse Nelson and Vancouver
newspapers.   Ferguson is a winner.
The man who does the most kicking
about the country going to pieces is
generally one who comes to the camp
with a paper collar and his nerve and
clears up more in a year than he ever
had in a life-time.
The country lass with nothing better
than a calico wrapper to hide her
charms from the admiring' gaze of ber
uncouth lover, may be richer by far
than the society belle adorned in silks
and deoked In jewels.
Don't tell your troubles to every one
you meet. You're not the only thing
ever happened. If you don't like the
camp, pull out, and let those who are
satisfied have a few minutes tu look
after their own business.
The Lardeau district and tho Trout
Lake district are synonomoi -i terms in
the local miners' parlance. Call It
what you will, it will be the richest
mineral producing distriot in British
Columbia iniide of five years.
A number of things during tbe past
winter have furnished the chronic
croakers, who infest this district, with
unstable logic with which to bolster
up their gloomy forebodings of disaster. Ninety days henoe they will look
like thirty cents.
The successful development of a
mining property and its establishment
as a producing and paying proposition,
as a goneral thing, Is an undertaking
requiring the investment of consider
able capital In systematic work before
any returns enn bo lookod for. Share.
holders should bear this in mind.
It Is not necessary for the Investing
public to believo all thoy see in news'
papers. A newspaper that wouldn't
stick up for its town would soon bo re'
legated to oblivion. But ull the Kai.i.k
asks is a personal investigation into
the morits of Ferguson as the natural
supply point aud pay roll centra of the
The Topio those days is full to over
flowing of the many things which are
going to take place. Thousands of
dollars float before its mind's eye, but
not a two-bit pioco can it bring forth
out of its jeans. If the Topio desires
to see Ub day dreams of prosperity
realized, let it come to Forguson,
There would be lots of room for its
little outfit in a corner of the basement
of the Eagle block.
Mr.n does not "go to" Heaven, but
ho creates his own Heaven and enjoys
the happinoss and hurmony associated
with tlie toriu in oxact proportion to
tho degree in whioh he has created
thorn during his life on earth. Many a
man still dwelling horn experiences
dally more of tho joys of Heaven, so
called, than many others who have
passed through the changes wo call
death,���Margaret Bottom*, in the
May Ladies' Home Journal.
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter # Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank ot Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J, A, Harvey.
A. M. I'inltham.
J.M.Scott, B.AoL.I.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Showing tho position of the
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in the
Trout lako mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for the purpose in the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, 13. A,, both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
The map is to be beautifully
lithographed in five colors and
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x -10
has long been felt by all persons
interested in this district; and it
is a pleasure to note thut two
such able men havo decided to (ill
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been plaoed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You  Want one or Moro
Send your address at
once to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. O.
A.H. Holdich, M'.C.M.I.,
RevelsMe, B. C.
Methodist Church
Little Tommy, Drath on thc Trail, Morning
and Midnight, situate ln the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootonay Dl��trlct.
Where located:  On tho Lardeau Duncan
Divide at the head of Hall Creok.
Tako notice that 1, P. A. Wilkin, acting ns
agent for (feorgo H. Bayne, Free Miner's ('er-
tincate No. IJB09&1, and Cutler T. Porter, Free
Miner's Certificate  No. IIHI4IM, intend, sixty
days from thc date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cert film to of Improve*
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a crown
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that nction, under
section 37, must lie commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of improvements.
Dated this 26th day of April, A. T). 1P01
11 P, A. WILKIN.
Take notice that 1, the undersigned co-owner
with you of the I'karv mineral claim, Minuted
at tho headquarter*! of Lake crock and Haley
ereek, ln the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootonay, in tho province of Itritisli
Columbia, have performed and recorded
the assessment work and made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on tho
abovo mineral claim for tlie year 19U0, under
section 24 of the Mineral Aot, and Ihe year for
which work was done and expenditure mado
having expired, I hereby give you notlco pursuant to section 4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure for the vcar 11)00 within
ninety days from tlie first publication hereof.
Dated ut Ferguson this 11th day of March,
A. J). 1901.
Per Agent, Itbbt. Foran.
Take notice that we the undersigned co-
owners with vou of the Little Hubert and
Littlo Kobcrt No. 2, mineral claims shunted ut
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
creek In the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay in tho province of
Hritish Columbia, have performed nnd recorded the assessment work and made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on tlie
Above mentioned elating for thc year 1900,
under section !M of the Mineral Aet and tho
year for which work was  performed and ex-
E end it ure mado having expired we do
ereby give you notice pursuant to section 4 ot
the Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900, to contribute your proportion of sucli expenditure
for the year hereinbefore mentioned within 90
days of the first publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this '28th day of January,
A. D. 1901.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America, situated midst scenery
unrivalled for irrantleur. Uoatliitf. fishing
and oxcnralons. Resident nhvsloinn and
mtrgo. In telegraphic communication with
all partH of the world. Two mulls arrive and
departeverv day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases. lis waters hoal all
Kidney, liver .and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure romedv again**
all argentiferous iwlsons. TKRMri: 11,1 to
118 per week, according to residence in hotel
or vlllai.
Ferguson: Service*" in Eagle hall every
Sunday at a p.m   ^unday school at 11 p.m.
Trout Lake Cltv . Services in Forrester's
hall every Handayat 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:;10p.m.
REV. S. 3. GREEN. Pastor.
Vislblo Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to serurc
it for public purposes. For prices, etc.,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
tbat the producers thereof receive fl fair
rate of wages for Its production.
Insist on having the label.
See that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the w.ue laded.
It helps manufacturers to seethe force
of paying fair and honest tvagos.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending a eketch and tlenerlpllon roar
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
intention la probably patentable. Communication! strictly confidential. Handbook on Patenta
lent free. Oldoit agency fornerurlniipatenu.
Patenta takon tbrouab Munn A Co. receive
tpeelal notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A hand-omely .llnitnt*. weekly. Lanmtdr.
eolation of any iclentino loaniaL TerMi, IS a
year t four months, f 1. Bom by all nawidealeri.
Branch Office, S!4 K St., WaiMmrlon. I), c.
ian Pacific
East and West
from  Vancouver    to   Alaska, Cape
Nome, Australia, New Zealand, China,
Through tickets to and from England
I and the Continent.
I For time tables, rates and full information apply to local agonts.
Contracts entored into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point iu the district.
Good,   prompt service, and  any   work  undertaken  guaranteed.
���   Freighting from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ^ff S. Daney, Proprietor.
J, S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
B. I'. A., Nelson.     A.ii.i'.A., Vancouver,
i, The Supply Point
for Lardeau's
Richest Mines:
The C. P. R. are now pushing- construction work on  the  Lardeau
branch, which will be completed
as far as the foot of Trout lake this summer.     Once   the   railway  reaches   this
point the producing' mines  right around
Ferguson will only have to  haul  their
ores to a point this side of the lake, and   t
it will no longer be Thomson's Landing,
Which   is now so   familiar, but   Trout  ,
Lake Landing.    From the  point where   i
loaded our ores will be barged to Selkirk
City, and for the present, at least, sent
out to Nelson or Kaslo.
While construction is going on, the
many mining companies now operating
in the camp are making ready to ship
ore this season or as soon as possible.
These mine-owners need supplies, and
those supplies arc purchased in Ferguson. And why not? for Ferguson is
the place where thc mines are, tl-. e pa)'
roll centre.
The building activity iii Ferg uson,
and the rapidity with which lot. s are
changing hands, shows very ci learly
which way the wind blows.
Towns may be moved, but mines" cannot ; thai is one reason why an invi jstor
in Ferguson real estate is secured. All
who have seen the Ferguson towr isite
aver that il is the natural centre oi
Lardeau's mines. Its neatly laid out
appearance, its unique position at the
base of the Great Northern, Nettie L.
and Silver Cup-Triune hills, all tend to
increase its certainty of becoming t, be
Rossland-Sandon of the Lardeau.
Lots range in price from $75 for iftsk 'e
residential, $100 for corner; to $150 fc 'r
inside business, $200 for corner.
For prices of Lots, etc.,
apply to HENRY FLOYD,
Sole Agent, Revelstoke^ B.C. fire has occurred in
Loss   estimated   at
Another big
Dawson City.
British Columbia Is to be allowed
four new members In tbe federal parliament.
The 2ith o( May has boon mado a
permanent holiday in Canada, to be
known as Victoria day.
Owing to tlio change in tho mail
service the EAGLE will be issued on
Thursday morning hereafter.
Jas. McLean, plasterer, is down from
Revelstoke to plaster the residences of
Vincent Lade and S. Shannon.
John Bielby and Mrs. Bielby, of
Fletcher, Idaho, arrived in Ferguson
on Saturday evening to take up their
residence here.
The population In the constituency
of Yale and Cariboo, as shown by the
census of 1890-91, was 19,180. It should
be more than double that this year.
The appointment of George Brandon
Batho, of Ferguson, to be a notary
public in and for the province of British Columbia appears in the B. C.
Gazette of April 25.
Percy Chapman, of the A. Macdonald Co., wholesalers, Nelson, was in
town this week. Orders wero placed
with him by local merobants for two
carloads of merchandise,
The Comstock Gold Mining Co. held
a meeting of its directors In Cleveland
huely, at which A. E. Welch, ��f London, was present. They have appliad
for a charter under British Columbia
Jas. Grant la in Rossland enroute for
home from Spokane.
D. G. McNeill went up to the Cup on
Wednesday, taking three more men up
with him.
E. Waterson of Revelstoke is in
town, engaged with Jas. McLean in
the plastering business.
Townsltes will soon be as plentiful
In this district as in the Simalkameen
and boundary. And that's saying a
good deal.
Last season the merchants of Ferguson sent out ovor 200 pack horse loads
of supplies to the local mines, outside
of the Nettio L.
If you intend to do any work of any
description on any property in thiB
district this season, let the Eagle
know of it. This is the kind of Information that counts with the Investing
The Mining Record Bays: "To British Columbia's present productive
mineral area will shortly be added, by
tbe completion of the railway into thc
Lardeau, another territory of unquestionable richness."
The postal department deserves con
slderable credit for the efficient manner in which the Lardeau mail is now
delivered. The service, considering
the condition of the roads, is commendable to courier Ed. Hillman.
Smith Curtis, M. P. P., has succeeded in having an "old age" clause
embodied in the amended revenue tax
law of the province. Under this
clause a man is exempt from revenue
tax when he reaches 60 years of age
unless his income exceeds $1,000 per
'The Big Eddy Saw Mill Co., of
Revelstake, has been organized, and
thoy hope to have their plant in operation in Revelstoke in August. The
promoteia comprise many of Revel-
atoke's business men.
r Tho Industrial World, official organ
of the miners' union, Rossland, appeared as a daily on May 1st. The
Evening World has a Hold of its own
and should be a success, if given the
support it well deserves.
When you Btrlke tho pay roll centre
stop at a hotel that advertises. Sr-e
their arlvts. elsewhere. A business
man who doesn't advertise hasn't got
anything worth having or seeing. He
is asleep to his and tbe camp's interests.
H. J. Moore, representing Thorpe &
Co., wholosale manufacturers of terated
waters, Nolson, was In town on Tuesday. Mr. Moore speaks very favorably
of the Increase in business in this
camp. Ho left (or Camborne on Wednesday.
The Golden Era is now a vory creditable, all-home-print production. Ed.
V. Chambers, the new owner, appears
to be a' rustler from the drop of the
hat. Advertisements on the title page,
howeye-, mar the appearance of, Its
news columns,
"Received Lardeau Eagle this
morning, with my advt. inserted. I am
much pleased with it; could not be
better. I enclose amount of your account. I like your paper first rate; it
Is Well gotten up and gives much Instructive news of Lardeau's mines. I
expeot to become interested in your
town and mines In the near future."
So writes a Rossland mining man.
"Enclosed please find three dollars
for another year's subscription to the
Eagle and one of the maps that are
being published of the distriot. We
are all much Interested in the development and advancement of the mines,
and your paper is the only one we have
to keep us posted, so it Is no wonder
that its arrival Is anxiously awaited.
Wishing you continued success, I am,
yours sincerely, Dr. J. M. Turnbull,
The Revelstoke Herald, established
in Januar', 1897, by Messrs. A. Johnson and R. P. Pettiplece, and
later acquired by Mr. Johnson,
in evidencing a ehange in its career.
A sub-head "and Railway Men's Journal" has baen added, the new owners
are the Revelstoke Herald Publishing
company, and a new plant In a new
office, with all home print, are among
the changes. In .'act the Herald is
fulfilling a miBBion long needed in
North Kootenay. And as might be
expected of any newspaper keeping
abreast of the times, the Herald is to
pursue an Independent course ln the
political sphere. The Eagle wishes
the Herald the success lt deserves,
From what a correspondent at Cam'
borne says, the Eagle is led to believe
that the lot of a policeman at Comaplix
is an unhappy one, particularly so
when endeavoring to collect poll tax so
soon after surviving the long winter,
Duty calls, and a policeman must do Its
Notices have been posted around
town warning laboring men to keep
away from Simllkameen district, as
there has been a cut in wages and en'
deavors are being made to Import
cheap labor. Especially Is this so of
the Nickel Plate mine, situated at 20-
Mile creek, Simllkameen river.
The C. P. It. shipyards continue to
be a busy spot, although the rush of
work is over for the present. The
mechanical department is busy with
thc repairs to the steamer Nelson and
the carpenters are working on the
pontoon for the Lardo wharf. The
latter will be launched shortly and
t'jlton to Lardo at once as the slip
there must be got into working order
as early as possible.���Nelson,Miner.
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United States and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface showing,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
Yours respectfully,
Rossland, B, c.
Imperial Bank
i���    of Canada.
CAPITAL $2,500,000.00.
REST $1,725,000.00.
General Banning, Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
0 Department at current rates.
a. eThiipfs,
Wines and
Agents por  Calgary Beer.
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Vuiertaker, REVELSTOKE.
H. Edwards**^
Deer Head*: Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third street ^Revelstoke
Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Sundries, etc.
**^>1.  F.  R^ANKINE
R. S. Wilson.
In tbe Lardeau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   of   Legitimate   Mining
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and JRetail
����   General Merchants....
Revelstoke and Trout Lake
Spefcialties for Next Week: White Crockery Ware, W all Paper.
Call in, write or telephone.
NO. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. ('.
Gold. Silver-Lead and Copper Minos trained nt the EXCHANGE. I'liEB
MILLINO GOLD properties wanted at once lor Eastern Investors,
^Parties having mining-^ property For Rale aro requested to send samples
prepaid,     Correspondence
Hotel Property
A large .hotel, including Jnrninl.ii.ps and
stock (mmthly receipts last leaiion, flfiOD), in
good mining and lumbering town for sale at
big sacrifice. Good reaaoua for selling. For
further particulars apply at once to
It, T, BURY,     ,
Ferguion, B, C,
All samples should be sent bv  express
solicited.  Address all communication to
t. (I. Box 700,   : NELSON, BK'.
Before buying Hardware for building l'tu'poses
drop a line for quotations to ... .
" j*
[ti, B. 0.
More than freight saved  by    buying   your
requirements   from   the Departmental. Store.


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