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Lardeau Eagle 1901-06-13

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VOL. III. NO. 18.
$2.00 A YEAR.
of Men in tbe Camp to
Do tbe Available Work
Too Maoy Officials Empoyed and
Laborers' Wages Too Small
Thos. Taylor, M. L. A., ind Gold
Commissioner Fauquier were in town
on Saturday afternoon. They went up
as (ar as Ten-Mile to make an inspection of the wagon road between here
and there, and found much whioh
needed immediate attention.
Mr. Fauqulor says that work on the
roads and trails will bo begun this
week, or as soon as Mr. Taylor names
the foremen, a list of which will appear ln the Ragle next Issue.
The wages are to be $2.50 a day for
laborers and $3.50 for foremen, who
are also supposed to labor. This will
elicit $2.50 a day men, and less will be
accomplished than if the going camp
scale of $3 per day was paid. There Is
no money in cheap labor, for the laborers savvy putting ln a $2.50 day's
work. Tbe belter policy would bave
. been to pay $3 a day, and then hire
foremen at say $4 a day, who would
see tbat a fair day's work was done.
ThUcan.iot always be accomplished
by engaging politioal favorites, but
this portion of the program could be
'profitably dispensed with. However,
a hundred or more men will find work
long enough to secure a "bill"
���take, after which It is doubtful whether men can be kept at the $2.50 a
day scale.
There are plenty of men ln town to
fill the bill as things are at present.
Men who are seeking employment, and
the tinhorn element, need expect no
rousing reception. If you have a little
money to Invest or want to go prospecting, come along: but otherwise let
the EAOLE hereby inform you that
while the prospects are good, the eamp
at present ,1s in a comatose state.
Bright prospects are all right tn their
place, but as bank collateral they are
"poor doin's."
A. J. Dill, J. G. Miller and R. H,
Ormond, three young Kasloltes, who
certainly needed enlightenment as to
the Lardeau distriot, were in town on
Saturday last. They walked in ovor
the proposed railway route from the
head of Kootonay lake to the foot of
Trout lake, Some eight miles of the
railway grade built In '90 Is to be
abandoned, tbus leaving tho Duncan
City townsite In tho soup, for a more
practical route up the Lardeau river���
Rowing out of Trout lake. Over 200
men are now at work, including
graders, hrldgomen and trackmen.
Fred. Plranl, one of the proprietors
of the Manawatu Dally Standard, Pal-
merston North, New Zealand, writes
the Ragle under date of May 11 that
as soon as the parliamentary session
commences In July next he will forward anything of particular interest
ooncerning their progressive legislation over there. Tbere are certainly
many object lessons which British
Columbians can learn to their advantage from socialistic New Zealand.
About 0 o'clock on Monday evening
a sharp gust of wind from the northeast fcllod dozens of trees on thc
townsite and nffrooted a big hemlock
tree, some 160 ft. in height, upon the
residence ot R, P, Pettiplece, breaking
in tho roof and one wall, and smashing
wall pictures, clock and othor house
furnishings,   Very fortunately no one
was hurt, though it took some time to
locate all the badly frightened little
eagles and gather up the scattered
fragments of the Belgian hare farm.
Willing hands soon cut the tree up
and cleaned the bush and broken
limbs from the interior of tbe house.
Needless to say, Beveral more acres of
trees are now being felled by the
loser, though all standing on other
people's lots. But it al) goes to make
up an experience.
W, C. Morris and associates signed
contracts on June 4th in Spokane for
work on the Republic and Grand Forks
railway. Work was to begin the following day and 1,000 men are to be at
work in a month,
A smelter Is also to be erected, but
until it is ln working order the Granby
smelter will handle Republic ores.
Tbe railroad Is to be completed this
summer. It will be standard gauge
and 46 miles long.
This season is at least a month later
than last year.
* Take your clothes to the O. K,
Laundry,   See advt.
Lots are changing handa at a lively
rate this week in Ferguson.
Isn't it about tim* the school house
site, for which $200 la available, was
slashed and cleared ?
A dentist would do a miniature Klondike business In Ferguson just now.
It's tbe other fellow who has the grievance.
Joe Murray of Klondike group fame
was ln town on Monday. Joe believes
"paying tbe printer" is a noble work,
and governs himself accordingly.
Lew Thomson ii expected in town
tbis week, but as he broke out of tbe
Revelstoke quarantine tbe other day,
he may have to sojourn another few
Fergusonltes are talking of celebrating on Labor day, some .time in September. From present indications tbe
town will bo a warm number by that
Where is tbe company who have the
pipe ordered for a waterworks system
in Ferguson. Isn't it about time they
were doing something towards its installation?
' Arrangements are being made by
Postmastor Batho for the installation
ot a lock-box post-ofHco service, which
will be placed in the annex now being
fitted up for that purpose.
Evidences of the "mill" .appear In
the latest copy of the Nelson Tribune
to reach here. It doesn't hold a candle
to the old way so far as typographical
appearance goes,
R. Howson, furniture dealer, Revelstoke, whose advt. appears regularly
in tho Eagle, Is doing a good business
in Ferguson theso days, as the freighting teams Indicate.
Tbe local hotels are filling up rapidly, but the majority of tbe new-comors
are In search of work, and at present,
owing to the backwardness of the
season, there is little employment
Manager W. B. Pool of the Nettle
L. doesn't go much on the lead bounty.
Ho thinks the St, Eugene mine alone
can produce enough oro In six months
to corral the $100,000, tho grant for
the first year.
The Eaole Is very much annoyed
with tho beastly service rendered by
the American prose association. For
this reason a special clothes-line service bas been arranged for, as tho
"stuff" will be about the samo anyway.
Rev. S. J. Green and Mrs. Green
spent Friday, Saturday*'and Sunday
last in the pay roll centre. Services
are held in the Miners' Union hall
every Sabbath day at 3 p.m. The
choir, under the instruction of Mrs.
Jas. Otto, Is greatly Improving,
Messrs. James Cummings, John
Laughton and B. U. Smith have Installed a waterworks system of their
own, getting their supply from Walker
ereek. Ferguson Bros., Andrew Cummings and G, B. Batho & Co. aro also
re-laying new pipes with a vlow to bettering their sorvloe,
Tbe Camp Must Produce Its
in Order to Sum
Use to
The hope and future of this camp
lies in tbe unceasing energy of tbe
people who bave settled here, and
who, though possessed of little or no
capital, have strength and courage to
back up (he faith in the country
gained by their practical knowledge.
The salt of thk earth ia just that class
of hardy pioneers who now form the
population of British Columbia, and
tbe future of the province and the development of its mining resources is
safe In their hands.
The shareholders of the British
America corporation have agreed to
go Into voluntary liquidation. The
corporation was closely affiliated with
the London k Globe Financial corporation, limited, whose suspension in
December last caused so much excitement on the stock exchange. Too
much ot the English capital expended
In British Columbia ln mining, Is detrimental to the best Interests of the
province in the long run.
D. Mcintosh of Revelstoke is in the
pay roll centre making ready to commence assessment work on tho St.
Charles and Morning Sun mineral
claims, up the north fork of Lardeau
creek. J. C. Kirkpatrick and Mr.
Mcintosh own the St. Charles, located
between Surprise and Galena creeks,
while Jas. Anderson and Jas. MeMahon hold an Interest with him In
tho Morning Sun, situate at the headquarters of Surprise crock. There is
still plenty of snow between here and
the properties, but ho hopes to get in
this week.
Mr, Mcintosh has also purchased
four business lots In Ferguson, three
of which are on Victoria avenue, and
tbe other ono on Walker avenue.
Tom Horn of the well known Black
Warrior group, up the north fork,
struck town last week, buckled into a
pack, and left to re-commonco work.
The Black Warrior group is ono of the
earliest locations in that locality, and
a groat deal of work 1ms been done by
Mr. Horn, a full account of which has
already appeared in these columns,
shewing up a big body of medium
grade sllvor-loud ore. Tho property is
likely to be put under a working bond
this season, as threo different concerns
are negotiating for tho privilege.
There has been enough nre packed off
tbe Black Warrior (for bluffing purposes) by claim owners over tbere to
make a fairly good smelter tost ship-
However, there's lots left.
A. E. Welch of London writes that
the Lone Star people have authorized
the driving of a 250 ft. tunnel on their
recently acquired property on Nettie
L hill. Tho Comstock owners will
also drive a 100 ft. tunnel. Mr. Welch
expects to be (n Ferguson io July for
the purpose of completing arrangements and lookipg after his companies'
Among tho soveral mining companies operating in tho Fish creek
camp is the Imperial Development Co.,
which owns the celebrated Eva mine,
the premier free-milling gold property
of the camp, managed by A. II. Gracey
of Nelson, and tbe Wide West Mining
Co., the Black Bear Mining Co. and
th* Eclipse Mining Co,, all operating
on Pool ereek under superintendent
Darragh with W. H. Jackson of Rossland as general manager. Prof.
Blockberger and A. E. de St. Dalmas
also represent a large number of interests in the camp held In Rossland.
G. T. Lundy, of Innlsfall, Alta., was
In town this week looking after his
mining Interests In this camp. Mr.
Lundy Is a co-owner in the Little Robert group, up the north fork, with J.
C. Kirkpatrick, who is now, with E. J.
Ward, doing assessment work. Mr.
Lundy left for home on Tuesday, but
will return In August to finally deolde
on some definite plan of development,
believing that the property warrants
the preliminary expenditure.
The contract for the Pool block bas
been let to D. A. Dunbar, and on Tuesday tbe lumber order was placed. The
building Is to be 26x36, two storeys,
the first celling 11 ft. in height and
tbe second 10 ft. The front entrance
will be into a ball, with doors opening
into offices on either side, to be occupied by the Nettie L. and Double
Ragle companies. From the hall tbe
stairs are run to the second floor,
where five very iriat offices are a part
of the plans. In the back portion of
the lower floor A. II. Holdich, secretary and assayer for the companies, will
have his assay and sampling plant-
one of the most complete in North
Kootenay. To tho rear of the block a
big shed will also be built. The building will be heated with a furnace and
wires Installed for electric light later
on. The contract calls for papering,
painting and completion in every detail. When completed it will be a
credit to the pay roll centre���the
place where the mines as well as the
mining companies' offices are. The
work is to be pushed right along, as
Mr. Dunbar will engage at least four
men to assist him.
This week D. A. Dunbar completed
the comfortable new residence for V.
F. Lade, uniquely situated on Knob
hill, overlooking the town. The main
portion of tbe building is 22x28, with a
kitchen 14x20. It is plastered throughout, and the finishing work would do
credit to any western city. The exterior is especially adapted for the
deep snow which falls hero In the
winter, there boing nothing to prevent
it from sliding off of Its own accord,
Mr. Dunbar Is no sooner through with
this building than another Is placed In
his hands for construction���the Pool
Cummins k Co., goneral 'merchants,
are to mako a big Improvement In their
store on the cornel1 of Victoria avenue
and Ferguson street. Tho present
building has been moved ten feet west
and practically a new building will be
erected. It Is to bo 24 ft. by 30 ft. and
two storeys in height, with un attractive front and a more modern storeroom
interior. Jas. Mesley has tho work In
hand. When completed lt will be
improving this portion of tho town to
an appreciable extent.
The interior of the Hotol Ferguson
Is now scarcely recognizable as the old
familiar hostelry. Betweon Bert Ac-
kertnnd "Doc" Young they aro making a metropolitan job of it. Mr.
Young Is not only a painter but an artist, as his pretty wall painting and
decoration evidences.
All kinds of Improvements aie being
mado at the Balmoral hotel and cafe
by Andy Cummings, a new bar and bar
mirror has been put in, tho entire
houso is being painted, papered and
decorated, linoleums laid, and in many
ways is the Balmoral boing made
Tlie Nettie L, .and Doable Eagle
People Have Made a Move
W. B. Pool arrived in town on Monday evening, and is now arranging forthe construction of a building, complete with offices, for the Nettie L.
and Double Eagle mining' companies.
Dan Dunbar has tbe contract. Tho
building will be located, on their lot,
between S. Shannon's assay oflice and
the present school house, on Victoria
avenue. The lumber has been ordered
Irom tbe local saw mill, and work will
be commenced tbis week.
Two men have been put to work on
the Ajax, adjoining the Nettie L., for
the purpose of sinking a shaft from
tbe surface'to prove the ledge value at
a point several hundred feet from th'
present southeast drift in the Nettie
L. ground.
Pack horses are now taking up supplies, Including tbo new fan and air
pipe, so that a full development work
crew will be engaged in a few days.
Work will also be commenced in
earnest on the Maybe, belonging tj
the Double Eagle company.
Mr. Pool will remain in camp for a
couple of weeks now until everything
le set in motion. '
Though It was thought thc government Intended to give'Mr. Pool tho
handling of the $2,000 grnnt for thc
Nettle L. wagon road, seeing that thc
companies would have to put up at
least as much more to complete thc
job, such is apparently not the case, as
It appears that Hugh McPherson will
look aftor the work, Mr. Pool merely
choosing the route. By tho former
m-thnd $3 a day would have been paid
and n great deal more work for the
money would have been done than will
otherwise be the case. Be that as it
may, work will be commenced this
week, and in a few days more the town
will be deserted bo far as Idle men arc
Whenever the prospector hns a
location in which there aro some possibilities of a mino, It is best for himself
that he interest people who havo some
business capacity, and should ho have
faith In his location, it is possiblo for
him to make arrangemonts that will
be inoro profitable In tho ond than a
small consideration In cash be may bo
able to secure from stock jobbers. Wo
recently hoard ono of tho most successful operators of tho Northwest say to a
prospector:   "I will not pay you ono
Blnglo dollar for the privilege of exploiting your property; II you will put
a reasonable figuro upon It, to bo paid
after tho property has been thoroughly
examined, I am willing to look Into it,
or you enn take an interest ln tho
Prospectors as a rule would find it
to their advantage if they would not
insist to strongly upon tbe cash payments before an operator has tho opportunity to examine a location. No
first class legitimate operator will pay
a cash consideration withost knowing
what he is buying; indeed, should a
prospector have a good property, In
which to interest pcoplo, he should be
willing and anxious to show his faith.
A piece of good quartz or copper bearing rock will not warrant tho asking ol
a largo cash consideration for examining the property on a bonding proposition.���Northwest Mining News.
Another union has beon found���not
a labor union, but a grocorymon's
union, in Nolson, for the purpose of
keeping up prices and establishing a
black list, a la Vancouver, Now who's
going on strike?
A_ Advertising Rates: Display ids., 11.00 per
column Inch per month. Legal ads. 12 cents
per (nonparief) line lor first Insertion ; Scents
lor each additional Insertion. Reading notices
10 cent., per line each Issue. Ninety day legal
notices. 110; Mxty ���lays.rr.M; thirty days/H.
no ads. aocoptod at less than full ratos.
Subscription Itntes: By mtil or carrier. f'J.00
pur annntn ; sl.OO [or six months. To foreign
aildrcsscH lw>o. stopped at oxplratlon.
Job Printing: The Koglr Job department l��
Ihebesl equipped otflce In North Kootenay,
and Is prepared tocxecuto all kinds of priming
ut houc-i prices.
Address ell communications to
THURSDAY,   JUNE-13,   1001.
Pro!ably the increase in the legislative members's annual indemnity
lias something to do with cutting
wages in the Lardeau   on public j he never bothered the government
When individuals cannot settle
their disputes they appeal to the
courts, and each must abide by the
decision. Hasn't this a smack of
"compulsory arbitration" about it.
Why not adopt a simpler method in
the case ot labor disputes which
will accomplish the same ends?
The provincial government last
year could pay its laborers in the
Lardeau $3 per day, and the conditions in other camps were the same
as now. But this year only $2.50
is to be paid, though there hns
been no change in local conditions.
The government should pay the
going scale in this camp���$3���and
hire foremen who will see that the
$3 is earned. If Thomas Taylor
could wire the authorities and secure authorization to pay $3 last
season, why can he not do so this
year? He has been a faithful follower ol Premier Dunsmuir; his
votecould always be relied upon;
By the time General Manager
Killeen, Gold Commissioner Fauquier, Thos. Taylor, M. L. A.,
Hugh McPherson, road overseer
for this camp, and a dozen or two
other unnecessary officials are paid,
no wonder the men who do the
road work must work for $2.50 a
day. The present results are like
unto an English mining company,
and the ultimate results will be the
The Eagle believes that unless
the government itselt takes action
in the matter of refineries, smelters,
railway construction, etc., the C. P.
R. should be given the whole
works. It would hasten the day,
and facilitate matters, when the
people would purchase them back.
It's only a matter of time any way
until the "people's trust" will own
and operate them all. The next
��� provincial election will rid us of the
domination of the unprogressive
mossback element, providing the
present mongrel government gives
us a.fair redistribution measure. ���
Thomas Taylor freely admits
that the interior is pitted against
in the matter of unfair representation at Victoria, but offers no
hope of any betterment until the
present aggregation of unprogressive incapables have outlived their
term at the salaries recently raised
by themselves, Nor as far as the
Eagle can learn has any of the in
terior representatives made a movement in the house with this end in
view, apparently fearing that it
would mean a new election. How
can the people govern themselves
when a third of them 'are like so
many Chinamen���disfranchised ?
by making necessary suggestions
or introducing required legislation;
and in part payment his constituency was granted fairly good
appropriations. Surely Mr, Taylor's influence, ii he so desired,
would induce the government to
pay a fair wage scale in this dis-
While the Eagle appreciates the
complete reproduction of its remarks
upon  "Unfair < Representation" in
the double-leaded, editorial columns
of the Rossland- Miner, it is exceedingly doubtful whether the motive
is the same.    So far as a fair redistribution measure is concerned every
ejector in the interior is agreed and
unanimous in Its claim for this important  beginning.      But  if the
Miner thinks that the Eagle would
like to see a change of government
which woufcl'tnean giving away our
(;ood money in bonuses it is mistaken.    While the Miner recently
advocated this policy ; it is the one
thing for which the Eagle admires
Premier Dunsmuir.   The Miner is'
becoming  too  chummy  with   the
"blue ruinites" of Rossland for its
object to be the same as that of the
Kagi.e.   We need a more progressive   and  capable   government  all
right, but not the particular brand
which  the  Miner is  catering to.
However, the reasons given by the
Eagle in asking for a change were
tlso a part of the article in question,
so that its circulation in the Miner
Capital is again seeking investments in the west and bids fair to
profit accordingly. It is now time
to exercise due caution in the treatment of willing capital, and protect
investors of high and low degree
from the sharks and imposters who
are ever ready to take advantage of
men of limited experience in mining
matters, says the Western Mining
World. II mining men will proceed
along legitimate conservative lines,
there is no reason why the splendid
opportunities of the mining states
cannot be improved. With so
many promising prospects, with so
much virgin ground, it should be
the first duty of mining men to educate the investor into willingly
sharing the fortunes of development. An intelligent idea as to the
chances for and against success
will lead the eastern investor to
share In the profits and losses of
mining quite as readily as the local
prospector. What discourages the
investor, however, is to have held
out to him the impossibility of failure���to be led to believe that the
investment of his money means a
sure return, only to discover at a
later date that his money yields no
profit at all. In other words, more
candor is required on the part of
brokers and promoters geneially.
The possibilities of failure should
be'.as,graphically pointed out as the
possible success of the investment.
The capitalist should understand
clearly that while the geological
and mineralogical indications may
point to a successful development
of the property, the chances of failure are ever present, and that the
wisest of experts often fail to lift
the veil from nature and peer successfully into the hidden mysteries
of if* rocky fastness,
and discussion. In this young province- of British Columbia the population, (hough small, is energetic,
made up of men with the pioneer
spirit in them, who have come here
to build up homes and engage in
pursuits for the improvement of
their fortunes. It may be that there
is too great an inclination to hurry
in the desire to achieve success,
At any rate it is certain that there
is too little co-operation among the
business interests of the province.
It cannot be from fear that there is
not opportunity lor all���British Columbia offers ample opportunity to
many times the population she now
supports. The great necessity is
for concerted action on lines well
thought out. The result would be
bound to produce immediate and
ultimate permanent progress that
would give cause for pride in the
hearts of those who now make up
the population of this western province, and whose privilege it is to
join in the upbuilding of a great
community. If united action is
taken, first to consider what is best,
and then in the 'successive steps of
row to accomplish the best, and of
actually doing, there will be an end
of the system of waiting for something to turn up.
aJHHj H9L,
The Lardeau District
us a profitable field for the judicious arlvcr*
tlser is unexcelled Iu this province. THE
LARDEAU EAGLE is the only medium
actually covering the district. An ad. In the
EAGLE will reach more people In Ferguson.
Trout Lalu City, Thomson's Landing, Coma,
plix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Tun Mile, Circle.
City and every solitary mine In the district,
than any other paper published. No other
district in Canada otters such splendid op*
portunitles (or good, wide-awake advei Users.
Do you want, more business? Then write at
onco for our advertising rates and place your
patronage In tho only medium that actually
qorers the field-THE LABDEAU EAGLE.
Job Printing
The EAGLE is the only printing office in
North Kootenay which can furnish the
Typographical union Label upon yonr
printed matter. This alone is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workmanship.
Hall orders filled promptly. Lot the EAGLE
print your printing; always neat, clean and
attractive. f
Map ofthe
Lardeau District
This Important map has been the subject of unceasing toll forthe
past few months by Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P. L. 3,, and S. Shan'
non, B. A., and is now in the hands of the lithographers. By June
30th the Eagle will be prepared to fill orders already received,
and any new orders at II each-postpaid. This map Is the only up-
to-date and complete map of this district ever issued. Don't delay,
,,. 1      but enclose one dollar and send your order in at once to
The Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
(1.) This is to certify tbat the "Lardeau
Light and Power Company, Limited," a specially Incorporated Company within the meaning of Part IV. of the " Water Clauses (fcnsoll-
datlon Act, 1897," registered on the third day
of April, 1901, has Mihmitted its undertaking to
the Lieutenant-Governor ln Council for approval, and that thc said undertaking as shewn
by thc documents mid plan filed, has-been <
approved, and that the same is as follows:        I
To fonBtruct a dum across the south Pork of
the Lardeau River .West Kootenay District, at
a point nine hundred feet above the junction
of thu North and South Forka of the Bald river,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
and as a right of way along the line of the
intended flume, to convey the water by means
of the said flume tn the power house, at which
place thc water is to be used for the development of power. That for tho purpose of generating power the Company have obtained a
record of three hundred inches of water from
tbe said South Pork.
Tbe purpose to which the power is proposed
to be devoted is to construct and maintain a
system of electric lighting, to supply any form
of power, and tO:4urnish electric lighting and
electric power trf the Towns of Ferguson and
Trout Lake. yv
(2.) And this is further to certify that the
amount of capital of the Company which shall
be actually subscribed for the purpose of power
works within six months from the date of this
Certificate is hereby fixed at the sum of
(8.) And this Is further to certify that the
time within which the said undertaking and
works shall be commenced Is fixed at nine
months from the date of this Certificate, and
the date when the power works shall be com*
->lcted Is fixed at one year and six months from
be date hereof.
Clerk, Executive Council.
Dated this 3rd day of Hay, 1901.
0. K. Laundry
/���^a^  Corner Viokera Street
^*-and Queen Avenue
Laundry work ol ever; description done
cleanly and promptly.
In other parts of the world plans
for making the most of the resources of the country have been laid
and'worked out on lines which have
resulted in" remarkable advance
ment, says the B. C. Trade Budget.
It is even possible for wise legists
tion to be enacted along lines that
would have a beneficial effect in
up-building industries- adapted to
the natural resources and the capabilities of a trust. Such legislation,
if any is required, must follow a
popular desire1 and demand for it.
And in order to legislate at all on
the lines of inaugurating a general
policy of opening up and developing
the country it is necessary that
popular desire and demand should
take, definite form.   ���'Iri'"di'der:to
Sash and Doors
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
I am prepared to fill orders for
any description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
and will be pleased to fill orders.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE, FREE
MILUSJJ. OOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
ParUea'having mining property For Sale'arerequested to aond-iamplcs
ol their ore to tne EXCHANGE (or exhibition f
All samples should ba sent by express 'prepaid. Correspondence
solicited.  Address all communication to
5 P.O. Box 700,     NELSON, B.C.
I   ��� -*-
il Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
', \ Bates ���* .00 a day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
Office: No. 10 Pii|8T Ave.
:   :   :   P.O.Box;)"   :   ;   :
:  : V. A N. Phonf. 233  : :
Established at Kossland',
! 1890
Promoting of Mining Deals and
Stock Companies a Specialty'
The King's Hotel
Three  Storeys  High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigars in the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built
Newly iRtrnished
Victoria Avenue, East,
'Ferguson, 3. C.
may  prove very profitable to its j feach that stage there must be a
many readers.
preliminary  stage  of deliberation
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United States and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface, showing,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
..,      Yours respectfully, f
Rossland, B. &
BEST tt.00 .A DAY BOUSE -, .
Hotel Lardeau
J. Liughton, Proprietor.
The pay roll centre and tlie place where Lardeau's shipping
mines are located, is situated M miles southeast ol Revelstoke.
From Revelstoke to Arrowhead by rail, 38 mites; Irom Arrow
!""AS���T.!!RH!0^'', landing ty boat, 19 miles; from the Landing
to FERGUSON, br Horse or state, 10 miles. Ooinc straight to
Ferguson. UTMUf atlon canned. u?
No person is bo blind tbat he cannot
see in the other fellow tho faults which
he cannot see in his own character.
.The elaborate precautions required
for the protection of sovereigns in
every capital are directed not against
socialists, but against cranks.���Nelson
The young man who teelcs a society
girl for a wife is on the wrong track.
May God help him that marries one of
them, for ho Is tying a millstone round
his neck. 	
There will be a few more trusts
formed In due time by Individuals; then
will come the "people's trust." The
sooner the last named trust Is formed
the better for the shareholders���the
people. ���'  ,,
With the Ledge and Paystreak on
our exchange table, and Lowery's
Claim on the way, the Eagle is of the
opinion that the only really good, quiet
reading left to the Slocan public Is the
New Testament.
T, A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. II; C. P. 6 8.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
The Union Label
On ererything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Qeo, S. McCarter. 3. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
If Ferguson is like its newspaper,
tbe Lardeau Eagle, it Is a neat, enterprising, ambitious town. ��� Nelson
Miner. How did this bouquet get past
the Trout Lake trades committee
without being buttonholed?
You must be a pessimist Indeed If
you feel that present conditions must
go on for ever add there is no help for
them. I am an optimist, and believe
that the people are going to own
everything, and that private trusts
will not be tolerated.���J. A. Wayland.
Tbere seems to be no limit to the
extent to which financiers can organize capital. But if tbey attempt to
control the organization of labor they
will bump up against the impossible.
Labor may move slowly, but It has a
pretty clear idea of what it wants, and
will eventually so organize as to get It.
It may be gratifying to know that
the expression "don't care a dam'
(not "damn") may be used without
profanity, lt came from British India,, where the "dam" was a small
copper coin, going forty to the rupee.
But care should be taken in pronunciation not to sound the ''n."���Province.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
barrister, solicitor, etc.
offices: Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners'1 Union Ao.
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening,'at B o'clock,
ln the Eagle hall, Ferguson. B. C.   Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.      Recording Secretary.
Geo. W. Corey,
Mining Engineer.
R.Lyman, Jr., B.9..E.M.
Mcmb. A. I. M. K.
Cory. 4 Lyman,
.   Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
^LW. Ferguson, B.C.
Doited Batters of North America
the United lUtteri
of North America.
Wben you are bu?*
ing a FUR HAT,
either 10ft or ���tiff,
Bee to it tint the
genuine I'NION
Label Ih sowed in it.
If a retailer 1ms
loose labels lu his
fioiseNiloti an<l   of-
era to put one In a
^aaFflitvreofcV"        l'��t for yon, do not
*t��8TEft*w patronize him.   He
has not any mm io nave loose labels. Loose
labels ln retail mores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as lo why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using tbem in order to get rid of
tbeir scab-made hats. The John B. Stetson
Co. and Henry H. Roelofs A Co., both of Philadelphia. Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N, J.
14 797 Bedford Ave.,Brooklyn, N.Y.
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Prance, Italy, United ' States,
Mexico, etc, giving entire satisfaction.
Tht Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Canadian Pacific
Methodist Church
Ferguson: Service *n Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m   junday school at2 p.m.
Trout Lake Citv . Services In Forrester's
hall every Mandayat 7:80 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:80p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN, Pastor.
that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
Trusts tbat starve tbe many to make
millionaires of the few may exist in
America, says Premier Seddon, but
they must not be allowed In New Zealand. The state is to clothe itself with
the functions of a wholesale and retail
dealer and it is confidently expected
that the experiment will yield profit to
the state and bring down prices for the
The wife of a Methodist minister in
West Virginia has been married three
times, Her maiden name was Partridge, her first husband was named
Robin, the second Sparrow and present
one Quay le. There are now two young
Robins, one Sparrow and three little
Quayles, and the family lives on Jay
street. That lady surely is a bird.���
Peninsula Methodist. That woman
should now become a paid-up reader of
the Eaole, and thus complete ber ornithological career.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
Tins Label Coju^it^ee, C., Mv{. U.
Reduced  Rates East,
 May 31, June 8	
Pan-American Excur
sions to
June 4, 18, July 2, 16,
...'. ..Aug. 6, 20	
Packing and   ;e^"p"5��!*and
--���- .     ..    *--? Transfer Outfit.
-IH reigntmg ���   ��� ���
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. v**Jrf S. Daney, Proprietor.
Imperial  Limited, June
For time tables, rates and full information apply to local agents,
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COfYLE,
D. F. A., Nelson.     A.U.F.A., Vancouver.
WholeaaU Dealer   Id
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Beat Gooda Only.
Stock Large ��iiri Complete.
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
A man came ln the other day with
what he thought was a conundrum:
"Why Is a newspaper like a woman?"
The various answers were: "Because
it has to have some one to run it;"
"Because both have to be known to be
appreciated;" "Because both are good
advertising mediums;" "Because lt
changes its dress." The correct answer ls.1. "Because every man should
have one of his own, and not be running to borrow his neighbor's.."
upon which is located the old
bakery shop, is now offered for
eale by the owner for
cjoo Cash.
f For particulars apply to
15-18 Ferguson, B. C.
In the Lardeau
For Sate
Working Bond
or Lease
' ROSSI^AtfD, B.C.
Promoters   of   Legitimate   Mining
The Silver Cup, Triune, Cromwell, Lucky Jim, Nettie L.,
Maybe, Metropolitan, Old
Gold camp, and Great
Northern hill, along with
scores of properties in the
prospect stage, will make
Ferguson the biggest and
best mining town in this
Ferguson is so located at the
base of the Great Northern
hill to the north, the Nettie
' L. to the east, and the
Triuife-Silver Cup hill to
the south, that it at once
becomes the natural supply and pay roll centre.
The C. P. R. Lardeau branch
is now on the way, and
must soon come after Lardeau's ore. When it
reaches the ore it will
reach Ferguson.
Investigation is courted from
the many who will soon
take up their abode in the
now famous Lardeau district ��� the land of high
grade ores.
'A new and complete townsite
map now being prepared
by A. P. Cummins, C. E.,
P. L. S.
No town in the district has
made such rapid local progress as Ferguson.
Mining men engage their crews
at Ferguson, and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Ferguson receives the pay roll
benefit from all the shipping mines.
The place where the mines are
���   is   the    place   where   the
towijs are.
Supply Point
for Mines,
Miners and
For prices of Lots, etc., appfy to Henry
Floyd, Sole Agenif Revelstoke, B. C. On the Wing;
Fred. Disjardlne went out to the
main line on Tuosday.
Mi's. R. Foran went out to Revel'
stoke on Tuesday last, for a few days.
Angus McDonald, of Kaslo, purchased on Monday last lots 1 and 2 in
block 8, Victoria avenue.
C. R. Scott is In Revelstoke attending court, having left the place where
the mines aro on Tuesday.
Cory Menhenick, owner of the town-
lito of Camborne, in the Fish creek
camp, was in Rossland last Saturday.
James Cummings of the King's hotel
loft for Revelstoke on Tuesday to attend the county court, which opened
* Get a camera or kodak and enjoy
yourself. The Canada Drug k Book
Co., Revelstoke, B. C, sell them at all
prices.   Write to-day.
A man named Killeen is wandering
over the provinco superintending the
construction of roads and trails, What
a farce 1���Nelson Tribune.
Mrs. T. W. Grahame and family
have returned from Revelstoke, where
they spent the winter, to their home
In Thomson's Landing.
Ed. Perry is giving a series of dancing lessons every evening, with some
twenty pupils, in the  Miners' Union
- hall, for tbe next week or two.
The wagon road up Fish creek is to
. be built on  the Thomson's Landing
side, tbe decision having been reached
. after a visit from Supt. Killeen.
* Speolal attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
After two weeks of wet weather and
muddy roads in this district, a period
nf sunahlne bas Bet in, muoh to tbe
gratification of prospectors and outside
The freight accumulation of the
past three months at the Landing is
being cleared out rapidly by the seven
or eight four-horse tsams now on the
road. Another week will see a clean
If you have trouble getting your
printing done as you want it and wben
you want, it, try the Eagle next time;
the only office in North Kootenay that
can supply the union label on your
If there is nn legal law there is certainly a moral law which should compel .owners of lota in Ferguson to fall
the dangerous trees upon them, especially so when another's property is
Messrs. Geo. W, Corey, mining engineer, and R. Lyman, Jr., B. S.,KM.,
member A. I, M. R, who have opened
an office in Ferguson, are now prepared
for business. See their card elsewhere
in this issue.
M. L. -Nicholson of Sllverton, who
has been in town for a few days sizing
up tbo camp, returned to the Slocan
on Sunday, where lie holds mining
interests. Mr. Nicholson thinks this
camp is one of the best in the province.
Angus McDonald and Dan McDonald
of Kaslo were In town on Monday,
having come ln from Lardo ovor the
railway route. They report that the
construction train was to leave Nelson
last Saturday for the Lardo wharf,
when track-laying will bo proceeded
P. Burns & Co. are now delivering
meat In the place where the mines
are. Thoy have reopened thoir shop
in Trout Lake, and a carload of live
stock waa driven in from the Landing
on Saturday, Geo. Johnson, so well
knowu In Revelstoke, bas charge temporarily.
In order to make close connections
with the outgoing Lardeau mall, the
Eagle is printod on Wednesday evening. For this reason no report of the
ball, undor the auspices of tho Lardeau
miners' union, Is given. However, at
this writing, the affair promises to be
a success in evory partioular.
Fred. S. Kettleson, who has held
cases on the Eagle for some months,
leaves for the main line on Friday.
Fred, with a brother, has a "raunch"
down on the prairie���in Alberta���and
hopes to become a Pierpont Morgan
and preferred socialist in time, which
boats keoping your nose in tho space
box. The Eagle wishes him overy
success. Al. Pelkoy, a Spokane print,
will suooeed bin In thii offloe.
,*Naol' * ,*Ve#fV
A Court ol Revision and Appeal under tlie
"AsHcssinant Act, 1K88," and amendments, will
be liutd at tho Court House, Kevelstoke, on
Thursday, tlie soth day ol Jan., 1901. at the
hour of 11 o'clock lu Ih. forenoon,
Judge of the Court Of Revision aud Appeal.
Revelstoke, Jane 1st, 1101.
Kootenay Railway $
Navigation Company, Ltd.
Mr. J. II. Gray having resigned his position
as Land Commissioner of this company, all
communications ln reference to Kaslo &
Slocan Railway company's lands should he
addressed to ,
Kaslo, B.C.,MarSlst, 1901. 18-22
sixfrfrt*) ���*�����>�����������������������*.����������������?,
When you reaob
Trout Lake City
register at tbe
Abrnhamion Bros., Pro'p'ri
Good accommodation, 'betit sor-
viae, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, Ore proof safe, rates
Take notice that I, the undersigned co-owner
with vou nf the Ukary mineral claim, situated
at the headquarters of Lake creek and Haley
creek, in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay, in the province of Jlritish
Columbia, have performed and recorded
the assei-Kiiieut work and made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on the
above mineral claim for the year 1900, under
iteetimi 21 of the Mineral Act, and the year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having expired, I hereby give you notice pursuant to section 4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure for tlie year 1900 within
ninety davs from the first publication hereof.
Dated at Ferguson this Uth day of March,
A. D. 1901.
Per Agent, Robt. Foran.
FERGUSON t ��� t
IirANTEDs-^Loti on Victoria Avenue, In
TT blocks 1,2.8,4,6, a or 7. Bend price,
terms, and particulars at once.
I can get It done for you at from $20 to
?:<(). It improves your lota and the town, and
hiiTi'tines their selling value. If you own lots
here It wilt pay you toclear them. Drop me a
line, giving number of lot aud block, and I'll
sviul you estimates.
Cuirri   WILL   BUY Lots 8, 0 and 10 in
v-JOU block 7, on Victoria avenue, Immediately west of tbe Windsor hotel. Splendid
high aud dry lots; an Al location. Worth
more, but owner must have money. Offer void
after July 1st,  Terms, cash.  Apply at once.
fl-OAA WILL BUY Lot6, in block 1. Part
ijiOXJM cash; balance before August 1st.
This lot Ih on Victoria Avenue, almost cleared,
and hi thu business centre of the town. A
good buy at tiie price.
itOCn WILL BUY Lot 12, ln Block 8, a
���T* & u\f corner lot, located ou Victoria Ave.
west.   Part cash,.-balance by August 1st.
$Qrtfi WILL BUY Lot 7, in blockl.oppo*
OUU site-8, Shannon's assay office on
Vk-orln Avenue. Half chsIi, balance in sixty
days. This offer only holds good till June 1st.
A snap lor a business location.
l��iAn  WILL BUY corner Lot 1 or 4, In
qkJUU   block 89.   INSIDE LOTS In the same
block for null' at S7f> each.  Terms:   % down, %
In \\ uiouihti, balance In 0 months.
���XI'U. WILl BUY corner Lots 11 or 14 In
qlllMI Mock 38. These lots are 80x100.
INSIDK LOTS In same block for sale at *7.">
oaolli Terms: '���, ctiHh.halnmiti lu 8 and fi
months, id per cent, off for cash, Thoso lota
it.' admirable residential property, Innidy to
the proposed" school. Finn mimIi creek nearby.
Kin-oral residences already erected in adjoining
UMAfh WILL BUY comer Lots 11 or 14, In
���pl'MI 40. |76 will buy inside lots 8, tt, io,
12 or 13 In tho same blook. Usual terms. This
property is locally known as Knob hill a
bonon overlooking the town. Splendid rcsi>
(Initial proportr.  Selling readily.
0*1 K A WILL BUY any one of Lots 8, 4, 5,
HPluU <���. 7 or 8, In block 8, sttuatoon Victoria avenue, north side; the only lots on tho
main street at these prices.   Usual terms.
tfijQAA WILL BUY Lots 0, 10,11 and 12, in
ifQvU MotsV SI> on Walker Avenue, just
back oi the Windsor hotel, lot 12 being a corner.  This offer not good after June 16th.
For further particulars   apply to
Spring Tonics
are now in order. I bave just
received a large assortment ot
the .best preparations.
Chloride of Lime
The best disinfectant known.
Prevents disease and promotes
A fine line ol school books,
scribblers, writing tablets, envelopes, etc.
Tooth brushes, tooth powders
and lotions, sharing accessories,
toilet soaps, bath brushes, pre-
fiaratlous lor chafed hands, etc.,
n large variety.
The purest drugs obtainable and
dispensed with accuracy, night
or day.
A. F. Rankine,
Eagle Building.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mailorders
promptly ...attended  to.
R. HOWSON Jornitare Dealer
Imperial Bank
��������     of Canada.
CAPITA!. ���
REST ��� - -
. J.2,500,000.00.
General Banhtag Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits tn Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTFhiffs,
R. S. Wilson-
H. Edwards.*^
Deor Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
T. Gallon & Co.
Ore Bags
P. O. Box 317, Nelson, B. C.
Rubber Stamps
Having secured the Lardeau agency ior
a Kossland firm of rubber stamp lnanu,
lecturers, we are now prepared to take
orders for anything ln this Hue.
THE LARDEAU EAGLE, Ferguson, B. 0.
Halcyon Hot Springs     j
Sanitarium   ... !
The most complete resort on tlie continent
ol North America. Situate* midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. floating, fishing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive ond
depart every day. its hatha cure all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Iddncy, liver and stomach aliments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TKRMB : |15 to
lis per weok, tooordlng to residence in hotel,
orvlilM. j<
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C.
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Leading Store
We are now preparing for the
season's trade.
In addition to the immense stock
of staple goods which we have on
hand, a carload of assorted Groceries
and a carload of Ogilvie's famous
Hungarian Flour are now this side
of Arrowhead, portions of which
are arriving by every freight team.
We are the miners' complete outfitters���no order too large for us.
And our prices correspond with the
silver market.
Try one of our new Stetson Hats.
Just in���all shapes and colors.
McKinnon &
The Post Office Store
Summer Freight now
arriving.   Watch for \
announcement next
..,   issue of the Eagle.
G-eo. B. Batho & Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Ask for our ��� ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton'e Choice
Uand I ���..��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own f
Moss Rose t t
Silver Spray   ���
Manufactured by the consumer*' Tobacco Company. Limited,
im ceo ssurn to Warner-Font on Tobacco Co., lieaminglon, Out.
STABKKY & Co., Nelson, B.C., Ajrenta for tbo Kootonnya
Sold by GEO, B. BATHO * CO., Ferguson, B. C.
j: row n
| C. P. Hume & Co. I
 Wholesale and Retail  %
General Merchants I
I Tho largest importers ln North Kootonay, %
I x
| Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake,City, B. C. |
Everybody    OUT.-Special
They are all Union made and or the
bt-ht Havana Tobacco money cau
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
aa to their quality.
Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
Wben you como to Revolstoke to do your shopping, remombor that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and  boat assorted  stock In North  Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our Roods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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