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VOL. III. NO. 43.
$2.00 A YEAR
Both Required to Turn Prospects
Into Producing Mines.
Investors Must Expect to Take
*   Ordinary Chances; and Engage Practical Men.
The Montreal Witness recently published An article on mining ln Bi-itlsh
Columbia, during which it alludes to
the disinclination of capital tu invest
in this province in mining properties,
says tbe Nelson Miner. It quotes a
Montreal mining engineer, who declares tbat the chief reason why more
capital does not Invest in British
Columbia mines is simply becauso of
tbe lack of development, and when the
claim owners appreciate tbe fact 'hat a
developed mine can be sold, while a
prospect cannot, and appreciating tbe
faot, buckle down to work, outside
capital will seek the province us a
field for investment. The Province of
Vancouver reechoed the sentiment
alleged to bave been given utterance
to by the Montreal mining engineer
The engineer wbo is quoted by the
two papers must be tbe veriest tyro.
When a mine Is developed in British
Columbia of a meritorious character
usually those who own lt have no
desire to sell it. If it is one that will
yield good profits they know its value
and are loath to part with 1' unless
thoy can obtain a big price for it. If,
then, Eastern Canada waits and only
invests in developed mines the purchases made by its investors in tbis
province will be exceedingly few. The
mining engineer talks glibly about
"whon elaim owifers appreciate the
fact that developed mines can be sold
they will buckle down to work ami
develop them" which is bosh, pure and
simple, ns no community knows or
appreciates the value of a developed
mine better than the miners of this
section. The history of nearly all of
the paying minbs of the province is
about tho same. They are staked by
prospectors, who are usually grubstaked by someone who mav be just a
little better off than they are themselves, who are given an interest In
whatever may bo staked during the
season. When a prospector ia driven
into town at the end of a season's work
ho Is usually as poor as It Is possible
for a man to be. His only assets ar"e
his interests iu the claims whicli hu
ha�� taken up. It costs from $50,(XH> to
$250,000 to develop a prospect In! ��� u
minn. The prospector has not thin
sum neither has the man nor the set o
mon wbo grubstaked bim. Tho pros-
peotor must live during the winter and
he I-"(tun compelled to part, with the
interests which ho has ucquired during
the summer that he may live during
the winter- Why does he not develop
his claim or olaims ? the Montreal
mining engineer wuuld probably ask
If lie rnd bis companion wero in do
this what would involve ? Trails must
be rut to the claims, shelters bull',
ponder, tools and supplies packed.
Even wbon all this is done, bow lorn:
would It take two or even three men
to develop tbo average prospect into a
mino 1 If they devoted years to the
ta-k they could hardly accomplish it.
Ultimately, therefore, tho prospect
finds Its way into the bands of some
capitalist or company aud after the
expenditure of an amount, which varies
according to conditions, a mine is
developed. This is why ot\tside capital
is needed in Britith Columbia as web
as in other now mining .district ano
why prospectors and elaim ownors di
not dovolop their holdings, so that
Montn a! may como ��� in and bu.i
developed mines.
Oncol tlie principal reasons whys;'
many companies in Eastern C'anadu
wore failures wns due to the fact that
the  i. aniU'Ciiiont  in  most   instances
were tiev./iii of mining knowledge.
Tbey sent olerks, bookkeepers and
men of every known occupation out to
look after tbeir affairs. The result
was tbat poor prospects were often
purchased and little or no skill was
shown In tbeir development, and the
outcome of such management was always failure. Thore has never been a
paying mine developed in British
Columbia except by experienced mining men, and there probably never
will be, except by accident. Occasionally a man probably of the same
kind as the one quoted by the Montreal Witness would come here fresh
from tbe schoolroom and take charge
of a mine, and be was usually as
ignominous a failure as the clerk or
the bookkeeper, because of a lack of
praotlcal mining experience.
We have always understood tbat we
could sell developed mineB, and bave
no trouble in that direction whatever,
even before the learned Montreal
mining engineer told us that such
was the <��ot. '���., What is wanted is men
with capital wbo have sufficient courage to take bold of promising prospects and by spending money upon
them develop them into mines. The
investor who wants a sure thing in
mining usually bas to wait a long
time for it. It is tbe man who takes
some chances in mining who wins tbe
largett returns. He must use the
same oare and forethought that he
would In any other line of business,
and if this is done tbe ohances for
making a profit is greater io mining
than in any other form of enterprise
that can be embarked in.
The day, too, for asking high prises
for undeveloped prospects has passed
away, unless they show unusual outward signs of Inward merit. Hundreds of claims can be bonded for a
sufficient period to demonstrate their
worth and all tbe owners ask in return
isamodest sum or an.interest in the
property so -developed. ���Capital con
secure good properties on its own
terms, almost, and this should be an
inducement for it. to came in and take
a hand in our mining affairs.
The districts hitherto opened havo
not been of such a character tbat the
properties ln them could not be opened
by men of limited capital. The
copper-gold deposits of the Boundary
and Rossland require the Investment
of large sums to place on a paying
basis. While the silver-lead deposits
do not require quite as heavy an expenditure, still it is necessary to Invest
sums which are beyond the reach of
moderate circumstances to make them
dividend payers. There is a district,
tbe Lardeau, which is now being
opened up by transportation, which
has some ledges of very high-grade
nro, which, owing to this fact and to
the further fact that the ledges can be
easily opened by means of tunnels,
Hint can be developed Into paying
iiiiiposltlons by men of moderate
meiins, or by combinations of men
oaoh having a little money. Outside
nf these the capital for the development of our mines must come from tbe
outside. Judging by the tone and
.spirit of t)ie press of Eastern Canada,
which suction has Inst money in British
Columbia mines by reason of inexperience, but principally through stook
manipulations by consciousless Individuals, we need not expect much
canltal from there for some time to
come, Tho industry, however, Is
gaining ground each day and capital
continues to come in from Great Britain and the United States, The results, in time we believe, will be
renewed Investments by tbe capitalists
nf 'I at seotlon of tbo Dominion, Thoy
shouM, however, take little stook In
tho utterances of such poorly informed
individuals as the mining engineer
quoted by the Montreal Witness.
Sooialism  as Viewed  by Those
Who Are Studying it.
Their Aim is to Convert Our Political Government Into an Industrial Government.
suoh a sweeping victory for the socialistic wing of the party that those who
were not members of it declined to
accept nomination for any of the other
The Kootenay Mail gets off on the
right foot when lt says: There Is no
organization whose principles are
more lav abiding than those ofthe
socialists, and there is no teaching
which Is a greater fne nf anarchy,, and
all that pertains thereto. Socialism
gains strength from tbe fervent belief
of the workers that in It lies the solution nf grievances for which they are
constantly struggling. Trusts are
regarded as affording an example of
the recognition of socialistic teach inc,
eliminating all waste energy, and by cooperation inereaslng production.
Prom trust to state ownership and
organization is only a simple transition, depending on the will of the
people through the medium of their
legislators. To onr mind the only
alternative ahead of the existing condition of affairs in the United States is
socialism or civil war. A great mis-
take is made by many in supposing
;that socialism means equality in all
j respects. Tbe socialist recognises thc
difference in ability and earning power
of individuals, and all that he asks is
I that ln the struggle for human existence humanity shall have equal
opportunity, and that the present
Insane competitive system shall bo
done away witb, and that, in the socialistic state, all shall have fair value for
their services to the state and to each
Witb tbe dull condition of the silver
and lead market, owing to over-production and trust manipulation, minim
men will feel like looking for anothei
avenue of trade in the mining world
One of these, even in the Lardeau, mm
be tbe production of asbestos; but like
other minerals the present excuse for a
department of mines seems unlikely to
issue any information first hand to
thoso now struggling with ordinary
mining puasuits. Speaking of the
possibilities of asbestos mining tin-
Nelson Mlnersays: There has recently
been quite a rise in the price of asbe-.
tos and it is hot likely tbat there wll
be a fall soon. A fire last year in the
principal asbestos mine In Canada cm
down the supply several thousand tons
Last year about 50 per cent, more
asbestos was used than in the previou-
year. Most of the asbestos used came
from Canadian mines, as that which is
mined in Italy and other places i
Europe is too brittle for ordinary purposes. It is already known that there
is considerable asbestos in Kootenay.
It is a mineral which is unaffected, and
is a variety of hornblende oyroxene,
occurring in long, delicate or fabrous
masses or seams, usually of white or
grey color, but sometimes greenish or
reddish. The finer varieties have been
wrought into gloves and cloth, which
are incombustible. Asbestos cloth
was formerly used as a shroud for dead
bodies and for firemen's clothes and
drop curtains in theatres. Large
quantities of tbe metal is now used as a
covering for steam pipes as it is a nonconductor of heat. Prospectors should
be on tbe lookout for deposits of this
pecutiar mineral as a good mine ot it is
of considerable value.
Unfavorable Conditions Still Prevail in the Lardeau.
Perhaps there is nothing else so
utterly foolish and unprofitable as a
habit of worrying. It saps the nervous
energy, and robs us of the strength
and vitality necessary for the real work
of life. It makes existence a burden
and weariness,, instead of a perpetual
joy and blessing, as it should be.
I Poise and serenity are necessary to the
complete development of character and
' true success. The man who worries
is never self-centered, never perfectly
i balanced, never at his best; for evory
I moment of mental anxiety takes away
vitality and push, and robs him of
manhood and power. Worry indicates
a lack of confidence In our strength ; it
: shows that we are unbalanced, that we
jdo not lay bold of the universal energy
' which leaves no doubt, no uncertainty.
The man who does not worry, who
believes In himself, touches the wires
of Infinite power. Tbe habit of worry
Is largely a physical Infirmity; it is an
evidence of lack of harmony in tho
mental system. Tho well-poised soul,
the solf-centored man, never wabbles
or hesitates. Tho infinite balance
wheel preserves him from all shocks,
and all accident or uncertainty.
Enough vital energy has been wasted
in usoless worry to run all tbe affairs of
the world.���Success.
C. B. Scott came up from the scene
of railway construction last Saturday.
He says about 300 men are at work,
and that steel is laid within seventeen
miles of Gerrard. He thinks the road
will be completed in January. . It is
reported that the right-of-way on tbe
west shore of the lake is being slashed,
which looks as tho construction might
be completed to Arrowhead ���before the
company lets up.
The provincial government Is calling
for tenders for tho construction of tho
Fraser river bridge,
As an indication of the growth of
sooialism ln Nelson the Eagle reproduces the following news Item from
the Nelson Tribune: "The meeting of
the Nelson Labor party, which was
held In the Miners' Union hall last
Friday evening for the purpose of perfecting organization was attended by
upwards of thirty-five members. So
far some eighty-five men bave signified
tbeir intention of joining the organization by the purchase cf membership
tickets, but of these less than one-half
attended last evening's meeting and
the majority of those who did attend
were members of the Socialistic Club
and they had no difficulty in capturing
tho greater number of tho offices.
There was just one tost of strength
betwoen tho socialistic members and
those who were not connected witb
that organization. This resulted In
the vote for president and recuited ia
Thero is one steel trust in Uncle
Sam's domain. If a person is a tradesman in that business and goes out on
strike, who else will ho apply to for
work ?
The new socialist party in B. C. will
have a live clear cut socialist weekly
nowspapor, at some convenient point,
about the first of March, to assist and
spread their cause.
The Eagle begs to acknowledge the
receipt of a unique combination advertising rule and letter opener from E.H.
Macklin, manager of the Manitoba
Free Press.   It Is a very useful article.
The Kootonay Mail is busy selecting
a candidate to contest tbis riding at
tho next provincial election. The
Lardeau labor and socialist forces will
have something to say of this 'later on.
And for the benefit of the Mail the
Eaole may say that be will prove a
The commercial use of metallic
platinum is being so widely extended
at present and the consumption increasing at such a rate that ingot
platinum Is now quoted <at $21.00 per
ounce, platinum in the oro being worth
about $17.00 per ounce according to
assay value.
* Smokers: If you want tho GENU
i.ve "Union" and "Our Special''
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
* The Canada Drug & Book Co.,
Revelstoko, have received a large and
excellent stock of Christmas goods,
cards, souvenirs, toys, etc. Mall orders
receive prompt attention. Order while
you have first choice.
Twelve hundred working girls and
women who aro employed In the
industries of Sir Thomas Llpton, in
London, have organized, and are prepared to strike for higher wages
Thoir complaint is that the "Challenger" has spent a million or more in
trying to "lift the cup," and in making
presents in America, while they are
refused fair wages, although they havi
asked for them. Sir Thomas appears
to bave fallen into a current of bad
luck,���Dallas News.
Happenings    at  the  Silver  Cup,
Nettie L., Kathleen, Horseshoe
and Other Properties.
The past week has also been rather
���i nfavorable for mining operations In
this camp, thru lack of sufflcent snew
for rawhiding, alack, however, which
is being supplied in bounteous quantities just now.
Probably the most important event
in tbe camp this week is that the i re
b idy has been tapped in the American
group, which is working along steadily
uniier Foreman Hugh Brown. The
operators of the American have much
re ison to feel jubilant.
The Nettie L. have not put on their
w nter forces as yet, tho some ���' 0
men are working. They are pushhg
w irk In the raise from the long base
tunnel to tbe upper workings. Tne
Nettie L. pay day last Monday sh'ws
tht wo are still without bank ng
facilities, tho this will soon be remedied
lance Hillman was in town on
Thursday night for tlie masquerade.
He says things are looking o. k. at ihe
Charlie Short and Pete Cameron
were up from the Kathleen, another
Trout creek property, this week. They
are getting a littlo ore and the chances
are good for more. Four men are
Supt. B. K. Warden of tho Cup, was
down the hill a day or two ago. The
rawhiders expect to rc-begin work
today. The contract cr.lls for 800 tons,
over 2(10 tons of which is now (ready for
them. Tlie force consists of about 35
From ;he fact that both Messrs.
Daney and Craig & Hillman are bu ld-
ing ore sheds at tbe Landinc, aid
other indications, it is the eemra!
opini* tbat nearly all Lardeau ore
shipments this winter will be taken
out over the same old road, via Thomson Landing. The returns would be
too long in reaching the companies'
treasury otherwise, probably not before next mid-summer.
J. W. Westfall of tbe Old Gold
camp, has gone to California for tho
S. Shannon intendsgolng over to the
Black Warrior this week.
The Sandon correspondent to the
Nolson Tribune says ho has positively
authentic Information that a big lead
smeltor will be built at Kaslo. Maurice
Glntzorgor of the Monitor mine l> tho
promoter, and ho has a Glasuow
syndioatu with unlimited capital to
undertake tbo work. It only reran ins
fur tho expert, who is now on the way,
to pass on the feasibility uf the un er-
taking, and construction will b" commenced immediately. This announcement will undoubtedly come as
somewhat of a surprise, even to Kaslo
people, who supposed tbey were on;
hut Glntzerger has a method of carrying out business o'i tbe quiet and
accomplishing things without much
noise. The company which be has
interested in tbe project 1b composed of
men already interested in the Monitor.
The Monitor was purchased by
Ointzerger for the present owners
i bout a year ago for $130,000, and is
. I ready on velvet with a half a million
lollars worth of ore lo sight. This
-vndicate is prepared to invest any
imountof money in the enterprise,
and have secured the services of ono of
he best smelter experts in England,
wlio is now on bis way to Kootenay to
investigate tbe conditions existing at
(Casio. If tbe result of his investigations are satisfactory, work will be
commenced immediately. Advertising Rates: Display ads., 11.00 per
column inch per month. Legal nils. 12 cents
per (nohparieQ lino for tlrst insertion ; 8 rents
lor each additional Insertion. Reading notices
10 rents per line eauh issue. Ninety day legal
no tires |10; sixty dnva.J7.riO; thirty days, f;\
v., ads. accepted at less than lull rates.
Subscription Rates: Ry mail or carrier. I'-.OO
; -r annum ; 51.00 for six months. To foreign
addresses Si'.ro.   Stopped ul expiration.
.'oli Printing: The Kafrle Job department Is
Iho best equipped oflice in North Kootenay,
aud is prepared to execute ull kinds ol printing
ii : honest prices.
Address all communications to
riiURSDAY,   DECEMBER   0,   1901.
A question which will at no distant date occupy the attention of
the Canadian government���the
acquisition of our railways���is well
put by the Spokesman-Review, tho
applying to troubles of their own.
The Review remarks : ���
"A member of the Harriman syndicate naively says :
'Some people have made the
point that the government of the
United States ahould take over all
(he railroads after they have been
brought as close together as possible. For our part, we would be
willing to turn over to the government the securities of all the rail-
loads we control on the same terms
as the government now buys its
own bonds'
That is to say, at the market
price as the market is manipulated
on Wall street. In other words,
Harriman, Hill, Morgan et. al.
would be willing to exchange their
watered and inflated railroad bonds
and stock tor gilt edge government
No doubt they would be 'willing.'
They would be 'hot-foot' to do it.
For well they know the impossibility
ot maintaining indefinitely a bubble
blown to the breaking point. And
there is danger in their desire���
danger that these masterful
schemers may employ their vast
power to grind and oppress the
people and their industries until the
longing (or relief may develop into
a demand for government ownership on' almost any terms that the
trust might lay down.
There is a fairer basis of transfer
to the government than tahat, advanced by Mr. Harriman's friend���-
that ot the valuations on which the
railroads pay taxes in the various,
states". For illustration, if property
in general is assessed in the various
states-thru' which these consolidated
railroads run at 70 per cent, of its
true value, the government would
buy the'railroads at that ratio. If
the aggregate assessment were
���370,000^000, the government would
pay $100,000,000. If $140,000,000.
the,government .would pay $��oo,-
000,000. .
This method would be: fair. The
plan suggested by the Harriman
crowd would not."(
The sater plan pointed out by the
Review should be borne in mind by
Canadians. '
Moke knowledge wanted.
There is evidently an office boy in
connection with the New Denver
Ledge office. And the office boy
has a slight conception of socialism.
While Mr. Lowery is busy on his
"Cra m" his assistant proceeds to
tell us all about it. So long as he
stuck to glittering generalities he
made no bulls ; but he got beyond
his knowledge of the subject last
week.- First he says: "Socialism
is a good thing, and anything that
will lead the masses of working
people to studying it and practicing
It is a good thing, This is the object of the new party. Like all
such movements it will do good."
And again in the same breath he
announces : "But to suppose that
the present generation will ever see
socialist government in power,
either in Canada or the United
States, is absurd. The money
power is too well organized and
generalled." This writer is apparently one of those "good in theory
but not practical" socialists. The
bush is full of them. A man may
have his leg broke but wait till he
bleeds to death belor? calling, in a
surgeon. It sounds just as reasonable. If this writer will but pause
for a few moments he can see, tjiat
socialism is not a political movement at all.   Its aim is to eliminate
j politics from government entirely.
Socialists want an industrial government. The trusts are proving
that socialism can not loom, up and
fall. Like the trusts it will go on
and on concentrating wealth until
I all the people own all the means of
DO YOU . j production and distribution. There
It can icareely be said that the, will be. no commercial competition.
Western Federation of Miners is not The trusts are proving the folly of
through radical changes in our
present governmental institution!,
we respectfully submit the following
as a statement of the now vital
principles which we believe should
receive the thoughtful consideration
of all who toil:
First���We believe that the wage
system should be abolished, and the
production of labor be distributed
under the co-operative plan.
Sixth���We believe the representative form of government a failure,
and regard direct legislation as the
first step necessary to enforce
legislative reforms, and therefore
demand the initiative and referendum in making of all laws, national,
state and municipal.
Seventh���We regard public
ownership and operation ol all the
means of production and distribution as the logical solution of the
industrial problem, and respectfully
urge all working people to give the
subject the thoughtful consideration
its importance deserves.
Twelfth���We believe the time has
arrived when all labor unions should
study and discuss economical and
political subjects with a view to
supporting candidates for office best
calculated to inaugurate the reforms
for which we stand.
Thirteenth���Wie recommend that
when a member of organized labor
is available for public office, he
should be advanced and supported
in preference to all other canditates.
Fourteenth���We recommend the
full and tree discussion of all economical and political questions by all
unions of the federation."
composed of intelligent and prpgres-
,.ive-lhin,kiiig men. Herewith we
reproduce sis extracts from a
declaration of principles, setting
forth what they want, which the/
competition and the benefits of cooperation���for those who are co-
operators. The trusts are bringing
about socialism more rapidly than,
we are preparing for its  reception
are sending, broadcast throughout'So that it behooves us to think,
the land. This- powerful body of educate and act. For the same
union men realize-' that their ends reason that men nor laws cannot
must be achieved by tht ballot, not break or disorganize" the trust,'
ihe strike. . Read what they say : I socialism will stand the test. It is
"To organized labor throughout the i not a matter of choice ; it is a mat-
land the Western Federation of ter of dealing with new conditions
Miners send greetings : I as we find  them.   ' A seventeenth-
its to a period of civilization where
we must have an economic system
becoming a civilized race. And
commercial competition and present-
day politics are certainly not a part
of that system. The first duty of the
people is to acquire the trusts and
thus break the power of money and
banish the money-god of today.
Then business methods by business
men, chosen by a direct vote of the
people, the same as the trusts choose
from their numbers, will usher us
into a new period, an era of science
and humanity. It may not be
heaven, but it's nearer than we'll
ever get to it by any other route or
We often hear the expression:
"The farmer is the most independent man on earth." Maybe he is
says an exchange. Everybody says,
so, and of course everybody knows
it. Most independent life there is.
Let's see. The plow trust prods
him on plows; the twine trust,
twists him on twine ; the implement
trust imposes on him for implements ; the wire trust wallops him
on wire ; the lumber trust lampoons
him on lumber; the leather trust
larrups him on leather ; the sugar
trust socks him on sugar; the
transportation trust takes terrible
toll on traffic ; all the other trusts
take a slice out of him. And they
not only skirt him on everything he
buys but they put the price on
everything he raises and sells ! O,
yes, the farmer is independent!
See how he takes his family to
Europe every year I If you don't
believe it get a microscope and look
at his prosperity and independence.
Under socialism public questions
would be simple. No private interests would be served by making
them obscure or complicated. All
public questions would be a matter
of the seeing how many good things
to please the people a given number of hours of labor could produce.
There would be no money question,
no tariff question, no imperial question, no anti-trust question,., no
labor and capital question. None
of these things could have a place
in the public affairs.
A Belleville magistrate has decided that the Lord's Day Act does
not apply to corporations. Why
no, of course not. Let their employees work, work seven days a
week, 365 days a year, and as many
hours a day as possible. There's
no idle men who would be pleased
to give them a breathing spell. And
let them all, whether slaves or idle
men, continue voting the good old
way. It's good for them. And
the trusts need the money.
No change in our economic
system will ever be voluntarily made
by those who profit by the competitive system. And thus socialistic evolution must eminate from
what some money-chasers are
pleased to term the lower classes.
'Tvvas ever thus.
Socialism will produce harmony
among all people by eliminating
competition and making all interests
mutual, like partners in a business.
Impressed with the righteousness
nf labor's cause, ant! believing that
beneficial reforms in industrial conditions can be accomplished only!
century economic system will not
fit nor regulate twentieth-century
conditions. .History is not repeating itself.    Bvolution has brought
the United Hatters
ol North America.
(���  ,   , --���   ���       ,, Whon yon are but-
*"/ ,/V.t "��� .���-:'��'   '       Ine   a FUR   HAT,
X'<���'���: ;      either soft or stiff,
lJ *->'&;������-���'���-,;-" *   ��� ���      suo to lt that the
).\','���'..    ��� genuine   UNION
V"vS'l���. -'.'.   - " Label Is sowed In lt.
XOi'-it-'. "  *  *���'**'��  has
V';' . loose labels In his
possession and  offers to put ono In a
hat for you, do not
^^^^^^ patronlso him.   He
hns not any nent to nave loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why tho bat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on tho four edges exactly tho samo
as ft postago stamp. Counterfeits aro,sometimes perforated on three of tho cdtres, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers arc using thorn in order to ret. rid of
tbeir ecalHnnde hats. The John B Stetson
Oo. nnd Henrv If. Roelofs Ac Co., both of Philadelphia, Fa., are non-union concerns,
:' JOHN A. MOFFITT.-rreiidont,
Orange, N.J,
JOHN rlllLLlrB, Secretary,
787 Bedford Are., Brooklyn, *.Y,
For the beat Christmas presents
write or call on
J. Guy Barber
The Revelstoke Jeweler.
All  work   warranted  to  give
LOTS will be on tbo market as noon as tbe surveyor had finished platting it out.
(tOLDFIELDS is thc coming centre of tbe famous Fish River free-gold camp.
For further partiflularaupply or write at once to	
Wholesale Liquor Dealers^Jlanufackersof Aerated
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Everybody  Our Special
s mokes     AND	
-  The Union
They aro all Unio-j made and of the
bent Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
B u o w n, Prop,
��� *��������.�����      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
smoke union- t   There are Cheap and Good
make  cigars.?   y���ion,Made Cigars, hut. the .
Enterprise and Selkirk
' Brands, manufactured by the Enterprise
s Cigar Co., Hevelatoke, are unequalled tn
< the province
MAKE    CIGARS.   * ���For �����*��� *�� ^"'St'thlS^M "9W'''   I  MAM' C,GARS
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
J*****��1. J^^.^F^J^^K'4*V^Jff%%,j^E^J^^^^^^J^^^^^^JH^9^
Sash and Doors
James Anderson
Ferguson Saw Mill
I air. prepared to fill orders for W
any description  or ,quantity   of -
Lumber  on the shortest notice.
I am agent for.........
-Sawyer Bros.' ���
 Sash and Door
and will be pleased to fill orders
Hotel Ferguson:
The bar is supplied with thi best brands oj
(Pines, liquors and Cigar's.
Headquarters for Mining md Commercial
Men.   T\enderfeet comforted.
Bates ���9.00 a da? and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.:
j �����t*����������*4����**>��**e*>��**>H*H��������sHi S��i444&QMW&&&��M&MQQ4> t
''������'���     ' BEBT t2.00 A Di 4Y HOUSE
Hotel L^rdQBu
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
7Jrr~ -
j^iSH^^^ivt-^^'^H^H JHjHfe^^-ft-JjHvr^;^ >
Have the trusts made you rich ':
Under Socialism there will be so
."charity" societies. There will bo no
need of them.
As long.as hope lives in, the human
breast tho story ot what sooialism
would do for humanity can never grow
Fred C. Elliott.
Ferguson, B. C.
Socialism is spreading in this
province. It will be an important
factor in coming elections.���New
Denver Ledge.
The day of strikes is passing into
history. Wage-earners and slaves to
the competitive system must attain
their ends with the ballot.
lf it is the custom to tar and feather
a knocker down near the 40th parallel,
the editor of the Eagle would feel
rather shaky were he in the Rossland
Miner editor's shoes.
What the trades-unions and secret
societies do for their brother members
in sickness or distress today, the gov>
eminent will do when socialism is
adopted by ttW people.
Socialism will tin a great monopoly
but all tho people will be in it. Mono
poliiw beinga fund bhinrx fur those in
them, il follows that it. will In* good foi
all tho people to have an equal interest
in them.	
"I am in favor of taxation of all
church property. If that property
belongs to Gnrl he is able to pay the
tax. If we exempt anything let us
exempt the home of the widow and the
orphan."���R. T. Lnwery.
Japan,tired of paying tribute to the,
steel trust.has decided to erect a steel
plato plant and build Its own battleships. After awhile that country will
learn that tho same plan will work in
other lines���fond, clothing, etc.
A thinking mechanic invents a labor-
saving machine; a capitalist gets hold
of It; a school-age hoy or girl is put to
operate it. The Inventor can go
hungry, the capitalist gots richer, and
the operator becomes a slave, It's
going on till 'round vou.
The merchants of Fernie, B. C, are
franile because the Crow's Nest Coal
company are putting in their own
store, so as to get two rake-offs, a profit
on th lr employee's labor, and also
a further profit on what littlo the
wage-earners do get. But the foolish
merchants and employees continue to
vote the good old way, so that such a
system may be perpetuated.
"Thero Is one editor in heaven,"
says an Indiana weekly, "though how
ho got thero the Lord only knows, but
it is supposed he rode In on the blind
baggage or got a pass. When they,
found him, they tried to turn him out,
but he refused to go. They hunted alt
over heaven for a lawyer to serve bim'
with ejectment papers, but they could
not And one, so tho editor held the fort
and is there to this cay.
The measure of the advance of civilh
/.atlon or society lies not In the culture
or education of a class or box, or ln tbe
number or completeness of material
Inventions, but in the equality with
whioh theso things are distributed and
within tho reach of all. The claim
sometimes heard tbat equalization of
women with man politically and
economically would bo detrimental to
hor performing the function of mother
Iii the race and is unnecessary for the
advance of society, can no longer be
. uOBnIderod by the fair minded Ar Intel
The best thing about thc trust is,
that It enables you to regulate the
profits; not to any tho law and th
profits. It Is done in this way. You
buy out tbe different concerns and pay
the owners in stock In the new concern,
tfhtch is the trust. Thus the owners
of tlio small business become shareholders In tho large pne, Then you
make tbo stock, which is supposed to
bo the paper representative of the'
value of the business, represent a value
far beyond the true value. Then you
(���an regulate your scale of prices so as
to pay an immense per cent, of profit
on the roal Investment. This is called
"watering the stook," and (his stock Is
capable of absorbing nidro water than
any other kind of stook on the range.
You must learn this trick. It it one of
the newest aud finest trloksof tihe
game. It beats tho "card up your
sleeve" trick all hollow. But the
people will 'grow wise some of these
days. The trusts are merely oducators,
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Haney.
A. M. l'lnkbam.
=��� I
-The Townsite oil
Revelstoke, 3. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
, Chemist.
Els Now on the MarketE
I    I     I    I    r
I    II    I   I
Christmas Sailings
to 17""11""1 i���
Parisian. Nov. 23.
Ionian, Dec. 7.
Nutitlalan, Nov. SO.
Tunisian, Dec. 11.
Dominion, Nov. 23.      Cambroman, Nov. 30.
Vancouver, Dec. 14.
IvornU, Nov. 23, Saxonia, Dec. 7.
New England, Dec. 4.  Ultonta, Dec. 21..
Celtic, Nov. 20.
Ijerraanic. Nov. 27.
Majestic, Dec. 4.
Ilyinrlc, Dec. 10.
Oceanic, Dec. II.
Teutonic, Dec. IS.
Etrurla, Nov. 23.
Campania, Nov. 30.
fimbria, Dec. 7.
Lucania, Mcc. 11.
Etrurla, Dec. 21.
Campania, Dec, 28.
Hayortord, Nov. 27.      Philadelphia, Dec. 4.
St, Paul, Dec. 11.
St. Louis, Dec. 18.
of North German Lloyd. Hamburg Packet Co.,
Holland, American, Red Star, French and
Anchor Lines   on application.
For reservation oi berths, rates and complete
information, call   on or' write neatest
O. P. R. Agent.
.1. S. CARTER,      eT3\ COYLE,
D. P. A., Nelson.      A.G.P.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agont, Arrowhead.
Corner Lots, $125.00.
Inside   Lots, $100.00.
Bal.j 3 and 6 months.
CmcfcE City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the
base of the Lardeau, Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks. (See map of the Lardeau.)
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining properties now under development.
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
, Circle City presents  business openi.ngs.
Send for full
particulars to
the General
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .
The most complete reaort on thc continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur, boating, Ashing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world, T'vi* mails arrive and
departevery day. Its baths cure all nej-vous
and muscular diseases :s waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments.- Its
baths and waters are a dure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons." TERMS: |15 to
|18 per week, awarding to residence In hotel
or villas-
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work  undertaken guaranteecV.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***J)f S. Daney, Proprietor.
Is the Coming Solid Town of tne
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat br-nch, at
the' junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and many test
ore shipments are exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the.
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway readies
the place where thc mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the buildinj j up of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geoj graphical location, $he supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water power for all
purposes; antf the right kind of people to make a town. The ore shipments, inc reasing
business, and money and enterprise will do the rest.    Come here and see for yourself.
From $150 up
Ftom $75 up
Henry Floyd
���%����2������i ^mmm$m*fn���
Have the trusts made you rich ?
T. W. Grahame, of the Prospectors
Exchange hotel at Thompson Landing,
Is advertising his place for sale or rent.
The Alexandra mine strike has been
settled. The men were granted all
they asked. Coal consumers will have
to do the rest.
To Rent.���Quartors suitable for any
commercial purpose. Will be altered
or enlarged to suit lessee. Apply at
the Eaole office.
Prof. Perry has discontinued his
social dances. A local quadrille club
will continuo them, beginning this
(Thursday) evening.
It is reported tbat J. H. Needham,
of Thomson Landing, has the contract
for the winter mail service to Trout
Lake and Ferguson.���Mail.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Chisholm, (nee
Miss Alice Padmore), are expected to
return to Ferguson, from their bridal
tour, this week. A real warm reception Is tn store.
* This is to remind you tbat the
Eaole job department is at your service when you need PRINTING of any
kind. Prices correspond with quality
of work.   Mall orders solioited.
R. A. Upper of Revelstoke, chief
license Inspector for this distriot, was
in town on Friday evening last on
official business. He left the same
night for Gerrard and Tenderfoot
Billy Pool says you can't run fast
enough in the lower country to catch a
man who wants to buy silver-lorn] mining properties. Oh nol B. C. doesn't
need a government smelter and refinery.
There are lots of peoplo who.when
they have one meal,believe tbe country
1b all sunshine.even if they do not know
where tbe next meal is coming from.
They make good voting machines for
the rulers.
The Topic in sore on the tinhorn.
Its editor was in town last week. All
same R.T. Lowery who oft times visits
Sindon. When he. wins Sandon is
lauded to tho skies, but wheu ho loses
���likewlso Topic.
A Missourian working at tho Josie
mine at Rossland (taking tbe place of
strikers) wae killed last Friday. Tho
' body was hurriedly shipped away beforo an inquest could be held. No one
can find out apparently how the unfortunate man lost bis llfo.
Though the good people of Ferguson
will have to continue to donate to John
. D. Rockefeller this winter, the Eaqle
Is pleased to ohroniolo that the Lardeau Power & Light company intend
installing their plant early next season
without asking any guarantee for
A Socialistic party hu heen organized at Northport, Wa6h., which will
put a tieket in the field for municipal
honors. The organization is expected
to have a membership of 100 before
election. The smeltermen's union will
join forces with the socialists, and by
so doing expect to elect men who have
tbe cause of labor at heart.
L.A.Fretz ban been engaged by the
Imperial bank to undertake the de-
liveryat Forguson and the placing In
tbe new offloe of the bank tbere of the
big safe ordered for that branch. The
safe has been transported from Arrowhead to Thomson Landing where it
will remain till there is sufficient snow
to allow its being taken to Ferguson.���
. Kootenay Mail.
The masquerade ball last Thursday
night was a most enjoyable affair. Tbe
masqueraders, many of whom were
skillfully disguised, bad a jolly time
and the onlookers plenty amusement.
Tho muaio, furnished by Mr. Taylor,
Mr. Fowler and Miss Edwards, was
excellent. And the sumptuous tnrlrey
supper served by Andy Cummings at
the Balmoral was highly spoken of. by
tbe participants.
There -are 60,000 members ol the
Western Federation of Miners, and of
this number about 3,000 or 4,000 are In
British Columbia. When there is a
strike funds can be drawn from 60,000
members to carry it on.whereas if the
miners of the province Were to form an
independent order they would havo
nnly 3,000 to draw from in time of need.
Tbe miners say tbat in an international
uuion tbtr* li mora itrtPgtb> And tht
tsloan ��**��� rirrht,
The following **' a iisvaf LarAe4u..o�� producers, amount shipped and tbe gross returns,
reports of whicH fi'/ive-to be turnHWd ratmtnlj
by mino owners to the provincial government:
Nitme.          :'   Pounds, !    Gross Val.
Silver Clip  2,400,000
�� Nettie L  2,500,000
Triune    CA9.776 ....
Beatrice !..   ��2,000 ..:.
Great Northern.... .io.ooo ....
Broadview  ,   52,000....
Kthel      HMO ....
Cromwell      28,289 ....
e Onhlr-Ude     12,000....
St. Elmo      12,000 ....
RuffledGrouso       11,770 ....
Llnson view         868....
{Old Gold	
i Horseshoe  ���
$ Metropolitan	
I Black Warrior	
$ Kcturhs and corrections asaed Ior.
As soon aa tbe Eaglo receives further infor.
matlon thia list will bo made complete and
corrected weekly.
* The Revelstoke, Big Bend and
Trout Lake Telephone Company have
installed powerful new Instruments,
and connection between Arrowhead
and Ferguson, and Intermediate points,
is perfeet. Local office at Cummins &
Co's ��tore.
Irons' *"**a#jl ���
Tbe following applications hare beon received for Liquor Licenses in the Ferguson district :
James Cummings, King's hotel. Ferguson.
Mrs, Sarah O'Connors, Windsor hotel, Ferguson.
Andy cummings, Balmoral hotel, Ferguson.
Ferguson Bros,, Ferguson hotel, Ferguson.
Joba Laughton, Lardoau hotel, Ferguson.
Wm. Baty, Parle hotel, Trout Lake-Ferguson
F. F. Fullmer, hotel, Green Slide Mountain.
And further take notice that the regular
meeting of the Board of License Commissioners will he held in tho Lakevlow Hotel at
Arrowhead, on Monday the 16th day of Decern*
ber, 1901, at the hour of 11 o'clock,
Chief License Inspector,
d0e5-lin REVELSTOKE, B. C.
To Z.Gordon Goldberg or Lt GoldberR.or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred their   interests In the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral cluiins situate at thc head of the North
fork of Lardeau creek, and adjoining the
Black Warrior group on the northwest, in
tbe Trout Lake Mfning Division of West
Kootenay Distract.
Youjare hereby notified that I have expend*
ed two hundred and fivo dollars and twenty-
five cents ($20!>.25) in labor and improvements
on tbe above mentioned mineral claims In
order to hold said mineral claims under tbe
provisions of the Minoral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure.*- together with all cost of
adverticing, your in'teiest in said claims will
become the property of thc subscriber, under
section 4 of an Act entitled Au Act to Amend
tbe Mineral Act, 1900,
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December.
dee5-3m        JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK.
DruggistAIfD Stationer
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. eTFhipfs,
H. Edwards>��s
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted.- Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
Ed. BelVs
pack train
(Form F.)
NETTIE L. and AJAX mineral claims, situate
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.     Where located:  On
Nottie L. Mountain, between thc North and
���South forks of Lardeau creek.
TAKE NOTICE that X, A. P. Cummins, as
agent for The Great Western Mines, Limited,
of Ferguson. B. a, Free Miner's Certificate No.
81850, intend, sixty days from the date hereof;
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the  purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87. must bo, commenced before the
issuance of such Certiflcate of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of November,
A. D. 1901.
dccS*-2m A. P. CUMMINS, P. L.8.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date 1 Intend to apply to thc Hon. the
Jhlef Commissioner'of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following tract of
land, consisting of 120 acres more or less, in
the Trout Lake mining division of West
Kootenay district, and described as follows :
Commencing at a post planted about 400 feet
north from the wagon road along the south
fork of Lardeau creek, approximately half way
between Kleht-raflucrceic and Ten-mile creek ;
thence GO chains east; thence 90 chains south ;
thence 60 chains west; thence 20 chains north
to point of commencement,
Dated at Ferguson, B. C, this 27th day of
November, 1901. f
I Form F.j
HILVER CROWN mineral claim, situate In the
tardeau Mining Division oi West Kootenay
District.   Where located :  On Kidd ereek.
a tributary of Boyd creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hector Poiror, F.M.C.
B60278, acting as agent for myself and George
Johnson, F.M.C.B4S728, intend, sixty days from
tbe date hereof, to npply to the Alining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim.
And further take notice thataetlon.nr.dor
section 87, must be commenced bofore the
issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 7th day of November, 1901.
Nov 7 2m.
[Form F.]
MOUNTAIN BOY mineral claim, situate in
thc Lurdouu Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.   Where located:   Mohawk
creek, a tributary of Pool creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, William A. Bauer, acting as agent for,Tames A. Magee, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B.l-JTOO, and W.G. Girard, Free
Miner's Certificate No. Ii. lfiwffl, intend, sixty
days from thc date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for tho purposo of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above clulm.
And further take notice thnt action, undor
section- "7, must be commenced boforo the
Ibauruqo of such IfcrUflciiU* of Improvements,
fjfttbd this IDIh day of ootobar. lwi.
Stables at Ferguson]
and Trout Lake City
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper Duncan River section, compiled hy A. P. Cummins, P. L. S��� and 8
Shannon. B, A., Is now on sale at this
office. The ready sale of the map Is
proving all we bave said for it. The
Trout Lako division is lithographed ln
black, the Lardeau ln red,and the Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map nnd find any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim In the
district li shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Mop Takes first Place,
In faot every geographical
feature Is so well define . that one can
see at a glance the nal ure of our country
and the trend of the claim locations
Sives an Intelligible Idea of the mineral
olts running through the camp.  It is
The   Best   Worth   Por   One Dollar
over offered in the map line of a mining
vamp. It Is tho first complete map or
the district and Is selling well. It Is Inst
what you aro looking for.- WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosuro of a ono dollar bill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
To Mike Dyvyor and Patrick Nicholson, or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred thcli interests,
TAKE NOTICE that I, the undersigned, co-
owner with you in -thc J. C. mineral group,
consisting of thc Smuggler, Lono Star, J. C. and
Bushwhacker claims, situated on the head of
Lake creek, In the Trout Lake mining division
of West Kootonay, In thc. province of British
Columbia, have expended four hundred [Wool
dollars in labor and Improvement upon thc
abovo mentioned mineral group ln order to
hold snld group under Seetion 24 of the Mineral
Act, nud if within ninety days from the first
publication hcror-f, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, to-
get her with the cost of advertising, for 1001,
your Interests in tho said group will becomo.
tiie property of tho subscribers, under Section 4
of tho Mineral Act 19(H),
Dated at Ferguson, XL C��� this 29th day of
October, 1901.
octal h w, chism,
Our Immense stock of
Come and See Them. I
McKinnon & iA
*^*aaa**    *   a   a.    j
��� V ��� V ��� ��� ���   W   W   WWW *.
Christmas Goods
We beg to remind you that this season we have placed in
stock for the first time, so that all our goods are brand new,
a splendid line of CHRISTMAS GOODS and CHRISTMAS
FANCY GROCERIES. You should waste no time in
making your selections. Never before was such an enticing stock of this kind placed on sale in Ferguson. Our
choice lines of fancy confectionery, nuts, etc., is already
finding a ready sale. Don't fail to call at once and see our
Christmas goods.   No need to send out.
G. B* Batho tf Co.
Established 1896
C. B, Hume & C6-J
 Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants
Tbe largest importers in North Kootenay.
__ I
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake. City, B. C. f
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall j^,
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
t   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. j*^ j-*J��V
Citizens of the Lardeau District
Whon you come tu Revolstoko to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
liavo the  largest and  host assorted  stock in North  Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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